Newspaper of Evening Star, October 2, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 2, 1860 Page 2
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Tlit EVENING STAR. . WASHINGTON CtTT: TLttUAV... QcfUr 2. I960 kpint *1 the M?rnlR< i'reu. The Constitution revicwi the record ot the lion Herarbal V. Jounton, to ihow that he la a di* unionist, Mid quote# from a late ape?eh of the Hon PUrre route to ?bow that he preacbea Helper '? doctrine. . The JmtilHgme** quote# what it calla "Timely *-% *_ M - - - 1 J K?t ^1 I OUDVTII, IITOIl ou uru?rn? wy i?vnid "Webster, before tbe New York Historical SociHy, on tbe *23d February. ISM jjjf- Strain communication bu been established between Norfolk, Vs.. and Washington, N. C. J^T" An Infant, In tbe armi of its mother, waa crushed to path by tbe crowd prraalng forward to are tbe Prince at tbe St. Lou's Fair. fET There ta now a continuous chain of railroads from Bant or to New Orleans, composed of eighteen Independent roods, costing In the aggregate, for 3.344 miles of road, SS4) 3tM,U<4, or nearly one tenth of the whole railway system in the United States Niw Mrsic?We have Juat received from neighbor Metzerott two exqniilte ballads, one entitled "Gentle Words," poetry by D. 8 Gallagher; and the other, "Some one gone away," worda by J Carberry Lav; and both set to music by onr popular townsman, Wm. Withers, jr. Try them. ThiOctcki Elbctiohs.?State electionsoccur lu several Stairs during the present month. Yesterday, Stota odcers were chosen in Florida j on next Monday, the 'rth, South Carolina is to choose members of the Legislature j and on the 9th. Tuesday of next week, elections will be held In Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, and Iowa. An election takes place in Delaware to-day, for inspectors and assessors. [fy Much public interest is excited by the trial of Jaekalow, at Trenton, New Jersey, for the murder of Jonathan and Elijah I?eete, on board the sloop Spray, shout the 24th of March last. As v?l no w? 1 m II? j?. ?w iucdmsi atiuu uai iwru uiaur ui lur bodies of the murdered men, and this led Judge <>rier to remark that the doctrine of Lord Manafield. that a conviction should never follow where the bod? was not produced, could not be held applicable aa a universal rule. Many notorloua murderer* would escape under a rigid enforcement of inch a rule of law. Bodiea might be entirely* consumed by lire, or decomposed by rbemleala. or sunk into the deptha of the aes. -when the production of tfie corpus delicti would be impossible, and yet the clrcumatancea might -very clearly point to a murder and to the offender* particularly might this be the caae on the high ea?. worn a wnoie snipa crew might be murdered and ttaeif bodies thrown Into the aea The triif mle wii to be gove'ned by such an array of elrcwmefcinres a* point to one focna. furnishing clear evidence and a strong conviction on the mind that a crime had been committed I'rruaal. BooMr Mai lory. Kentucky, la at Browna'. Hon. John Hemphill,Texas, i?at Browns'. Hon. J. K Moorhead, Pennsylvania, is at Kirk woods' .... Xhe wid?w of the late Maturin Livingston. only daughter of Gov. Morgan Lewis, died on Friday last at her residence in Htaatsburgh, Jjufbrss county, N. Y. Rtrhard H Dana, jr., has arrived at Bos ton after a tour around the world, during which be had some narrow escapes, and has visited some of the most remarkable countries of the earth. Paoemi*? ow the Paisci.?The Prince of Walts, or Baron Renfrew, as etiquette now requires he should be called, is rapidly coming tnts way. Yesterday morning he left Cincinnati, and no doubt arrived at Pittsburg last night. Leaving there some time to-day, he will reach Harrtsbarg this evening and pass the night there. i o-m?rrow ne win leave Harriaburg and arrive In Baltimore, by a special train, somewhere about one o'clock pro. It la understood, ?o far aa tbe arrangements are at present known, tbat be will make no atop lo Baltimore until bia return from Washington. but with bia suite will pass immediately to tb? Camden station, where a special train will be In waiting to convey tbe party to Washington The reeepflon of the Prince In the American cities seems to hsve been, while enthusiastic and earnest, not unpleautit to him or his state For tbe reception in Chicago tbe Duke of Mewrastir has returned warm expression of tUanks. In a letter, and as tbe progress through St Louis and Cincinnati was markra by tbe same manifestations as In Cbicairo. we hava no dnnhi tLe people of tboseclties have equally commended themselves to the pleasant remembrances of the Prince and bit follower* 9o far no preparations have be??n made her?, nor, we believe, haa an answer been received to tbe tender of hospitalities which tbe Mayor vra? authorized to make by tbe City Cooorli Whatever form tbe reception here may take, tbe Prince will be aure of a hearty and respectful welcome, kept within aucb bound*, *o far aa its outward manifestations arc concerned, a* will be to him and creditable to the selfrespect of our people.?BiUttncre Amtricnm. l?7" A correspondent of tbe Steele, Paris, the governneut or^an of France, writes from Tunis, Algiers, as follow*: "Oar roller of philosopher* at home may and probably do accomplish a great deal for the caus<* of sciencc. but tbe American* are the people to turn these discoveries to practical accounts of the modern Inventions In use here are American. mnd one American Chemist, Dr J. C. Ayer, of I.CWell, supplies much of the m edict ne consumed In this country His Cherry Pectoral, PUls. SarsaparlUa. and Agne Care constitute the stspie remedies L*re, becaus* they sre easy of apSllcatio.i. sure la their results, and have the condence of the people. W hile the science of medicine is carried to a higher perfection in our own country (Fnnce) than any other, It strikes a Frenrtman ss a little singular that an American physician should famish the medical skill and remedies for our principal province '* We ars happy to inform oar readers that tbese n per lor medtclnes which the Emperor's orlnci ni province it obliged to get from'America may De bad of onr druggists. RirnLT iiia Psjutkstiart.?About f.irtv of tbe prisoners In the penitentiary at Jacksou, Miss., recently rushed from tbe weaving-room, armed with brickbats, loom weights, Ac., with a view of knocking the guard from the wall, who bad charge of tbe western entrance to the prison yard. He immediately opened a Ore upon them, In the midst of tbe miMil'K which without avail they directed at fciin Almost at tbe sime Instant they were flred upon by two other guards from different quarters Nin? shots were discharged, killing one man and wounding six out of tbe ten who reached tbe j*ate. and were attempting to force It. None f-acaix-d Tbe name of tbe man who was killed Is George Dli. a daring and resolute burRobert Armstrong, out of tbe guard, was I slightly Injured Yillow Fives on Board trb Watbk Witcr ? On Saturday the U. 9 steamer Water Witch arrived at ili? * direct trade twtween Japan and America will be eoUhliahrd. Mr Gallaber, of New York, propoaea to e?tal?!l?h a line ct clipper abipe between New York and Kanagawa, Japan,where he baa a bouae alrctdv NtabliNi?d and doing n Rood bualaeaa Hla drat veaael la to aall aoon. and will carry oat twrntv or thirty pnaeengera, and about n tbouaand toi.? ct freight, raoetly already engaged, and conatatlng of machinery, frame bounce, and aaaorted mero bind tie. He expert* to bring borne a quantity of Japanaae aeed wheat, which la represented aa of auperior qnallty. and ripen* early enoagh to glee j-laee to another crop, while It la leaa aubject to imul than the wheat now cultivated bora. lETMtn Kllzibeth Blair, of Manot-Id, Ohio, bn trade a gentleman of that place pay&Mmi' for ??/lng mat tfnt vbis9 better than abe ought to be. J ..fcJMiHMB j iiflZOT* rtto, I'httadelphia.frim C'.enfuegns. Cuba, with flve of her crew of fifty-seven mm down with t Le yellow fever. The paUmts were removed to the hospital at ttat place, and, In order to relieve the re?t of the crew from the d&nger of infection, they have been taken from the vessel and quartered la one of tlie buildings within the Quarantine y round*. At her waa stated, two fatal rate* occurred just before ber voyage hume. The bold of the steamer ts thought by her coinmandi r Lieut tisrtort, to be to foul that it would endanger the health of the seamen to clean ber out until frost cornea. IT7" The following memorandum is supplied to tbs Csoan OtBre by Mr. Moreno, who took the census of a portion of Florida ''Among the slave inhabitants enumerated I have found but one In ?ny district whose age exceeds 100 years This person is a negreas named Cornelia Leslie. t*be Informs me that she la 125 years of age. She was !*wn In the State of Georgia at a place railed $Mlv<r BiutT; has a distinct recollection of the tI/?. * t? O ** n4r ui iur rv rvoiDiioi; and mnmiberi the ilegf I of Savannah to 1778, when that city wu taken by tLr Britlah Tbla woman, although so far sdra icrd In yeera, la remarkably healthy and ?tr<nur and walk? a half mile regularly every Monday to attend cburch. She la tbe aiavc of her ?wu tua, wt.o 1? a free negro." T. . r.? W.TM j.?." -Th' I "" JCIT Opbvsd, lion N. Yow. never vti ?o r*rie<l u at present. An ewli odl MIWWI^ .... oc j W?*r oopier l*b ?t. i mm ws-*% ueorgetown, 1). C. TV) SMOKERS OF I MANILLA CIGARS. Th? advertiser baa a few thouaand of No. 1 MANILLA C'G *R8 that b? will eell at 928 perthonaand. and about ten thousand of No. X that he will rll at 918 per thousand. The above Cigar* are brat quality Manilla*. ... W. A. BROWN A BRO., o?2 5t* oorner of F and Thirteenth ate. TH HK UNDERSIGNED WILL SELL AT HIS honae a tinn 7-ootave ROSKWOOD^^w^ PIANO of exoellent tone, at a treat bar gain, for oaah, aa the owner ahalT leave the'l * *' city in a very abort time. Alao, a very nioe Black Walnut Center Table and Parlor Cooking Stove can be aeen at any time at 473 Fourteenth at, a few donra aouth of Pa. avenue. oc2?? marcus rebine. /^ENTS' FIN E CALF SHIN SE WED BOOTS, VI 93.75 Gents'Uonbls-solsarul Donbls ?ffe? upper Boots, 95. Gents* fine French Ca fftll fckin Gaitsri, Boot* and Shoe*, equallyfW low. Botb' and Youtha' Long Boot*. Confeasant! >>ao?d Bo.its of every description. Ladies' Kid. M or woo and Goat Skin Buttoned B?ots. Lasting I Aced, Buttoned, Congress and Malakoff Hoot*. Alao. A vary other style of Ladies, Missss' and Children's Boots and Shoes, at . . J. ROSENTHAL'S. oea sotr Pa. a v., between 8th and 9th at*. RENFREW HATS. ^ li /V wsar/i/irnn. riAWU TCftUK AND BEPAIKER. Or>ler? left at U. H. Ridenour'?,(Conf^,) 104 Pa.av., will meet with prompt attention. oc 2-eo3t* r7?OR PHILADELPHIA-The steamer S*. Seymour, Captain Palmer, liai ar- _ m ^ rived and will be ready for freuht for the above port on Thursday?to ?ail^""*?** Friday ntoriuac, at 10 o'olock. Apply to HYDE Jfc DAVIDSON. a* a > on* iu regular aianning are cordially invited to attend. By order. _lt J F. I. MoCLERY, See. y?-THE REGULAR MONTHLY mbktL 5f ir.c of the Henderaon ijutrd* will be held at tnieir Armory, Stott'a Hall, on WEDNESDAY EVENING next, at half pant 7 o'clock. Kvory memlcr is expected to be present, an buaineee of importance will be brought before the Company. By order of Capk HKacaasox : ?c 2-2t* E. P1GGOTT. Hec._ (Y*=?DEMPSEY * O'TOOLE, LL3 WRDUINU AX1> VISITING CARD KNURAVFRS. Importer* of fine WEDDING STATIONERY, WEDDING ENVELOPES, the most beautiful aty lea. 326 Pa. Av., between 9tii and loth *ta , au 3f7-6in Wa*hisotos. Pur" k COUNTRY MILK. Familiea can be aupphed with pure Milk on moderate terma by leaving their addreaaat Box No. 30, ? ar Oftoe oc 2-2a?lm* Th. speir, (Fornurlv with Richard Davis,) papers say tbat such an exodus of the children of laarel has not been witnessed since that out of Egypt. \rr Hon. J. W. Edmonds, of New York, has declined the nomination for recorder of the city on the ground tbat It would be too painful for him to peas sentence on the erring who might be brought before him for punishment. ID-Two prominent citizen* of Baltimore?Hon. Samuel Owings Hoflman and Dr. Chapln A. Harris?died In that city last week. rv-5=?THE REV. MR. BITTiNG, of AlexanJs3 d-ia, will preach in the Baptut Church on TKi'teeuth street HI IS (Tuouiay / fc.VE.NlNG. at half-pant 7 o'clock It FEDERAL LODGE, No. l.-Tho ol&cers O and members of this Lodge will ineetat Gent'iT Masonic Hail, corner of 9th and D street*, ?0-M0RR0W,( Wednesday,) at 2 o'clock p. m , r the purpose of pa? in* the last tribute of respoct to their lat* Brother, R jb t Rkbves. Master Ma great many houses b??e "recently been built by men who hare got tired of attempting to Lire a reapectab'e habitation at a respectable price." IC7" Colonel Klngsmlll, who wai presented to the Prince of Wal?*s at Niagara on the 17th ult , was one of the officers who fought under Wellington at the battis of Bunco, In Portugal, fiftyone years ago, and when lieorge 111 was on the throne of England. !?/"Several thousand Polish Jews recently passed through Posen on their way to the United states, via Berlin and Hamburg The fitian >ns iiiAi E.XCITZXKXT?\ latter dated the 1st ilist . froin Dallas to the Palestine Advocate, says: "I think I can say that peace and quiet have been restored to our county I could not think of telling you In one letter the troubles both seen and unseen, we have passed through. There have been some erroneous statements going the rounds in regard to our difficulties, but Indeed they were bad enough. The town Is rapidly rebuilding; several line and substantial houses are in course of erection; and should the progress of Improvement continue, I think the town will be well built up In twelve months " Rial F.statb is Ha*tf<>bd.?One real estate broker In Hartford hms a million dollars' worth of re-.l estate in his hands for sale The Couq?n t says: 41 It is some years since tenements were so plenty, and stood waiting so long, as at this Una. a uoiuuiuic. pleasant. Washington. D. C clear, wind S Richmond, S'a. clear, 5'2?. Petersburg, Vs. clear, 78*. Norfolk, Vs clear, pleasant. Raleigh, N. C clear. 49J. Wilmington, N.C cloudy, warm. Columbia, 8. C cloudy, pleasant. Charleston. 8. C cloudy, 88?. Augusta. G.a ......cloudy. Sa/annan, Ga cloudy, 76?. Macon. Ga cloudy. Columbus, Ga clear. Montgomery, Ala cloudy, cool. Jackson, Ala rainy. rtoH thx wim. Cleveland, O overcast, wind W Barometer at the Smithsonian at 7 a. in., (corrected for temperature,) 30,113; at noon, Thermometer at 7 a m., 58*; at noon, 71?. - Maximum during 48 hours ending 9 a. m. today, 673; minimum 52'. Amount of rain Sunday night and Monday, fifty-eight hundredths of ah Inch rw sr* tun i? mv iii v/iuz ptkam8hip [,im?We are requested to state that the steamship Tennessee will again be placed upon the route between New Orleans and Vera Cruz, leaving New Orleans with the mails on the 15th of October infant; and that hereafter regular semimonthly trips will be performed, the sailing days from New Orleans being the 1st and 15th of each month. ??. Tn Wuran -The following report of the weather for the morning is made from the Amer Uan Consolidated Telegraph Line to the Smithsonian Institution. The time of observation is about 7 o'clock. October 2, 1800. Burlington, Vt overcast, 44?. New York. N . Y Cloudy. Philadelphia, Pa cloudy aid In tbe construction of a railroad from Jacksonville, Florida, near tbe Atlantic aide, to the watera of the F.scumbla, as contemplated by the act of Congress approved 17th Fetrnary, 1856, making the grant to the State of Florida. Tbe lands included In this list are for aectlonsand parts of aectlona "<?plact," within tbe slx-mlle limits of tbe road, and extend from the principal meridlalt at Taltahaaaee to the western part of the State. Appointment* in thi Tost Offic* Department?Oeo. W. Johnes, of Ohio, has been prolooted to a third-class clerkship, at the pay of SI.600 per annum, in the Poat Office Department, In place of J K . P. Campbell, formerly of Tennessee, who has removed to Texas. R. \V. Gurley, of Louisiana, Is promoted to the second-^lass clerkship, at tbe pay of tl,400 per annum, In place of Johnes Samuel King, of the District of Columbia, appointed to tbe tirst-claas clerkship, at the pay of $I,4U0 per annum, in place of Gurley. V B ? ??* V am ? received and entertained by the President during hit aojourn here aa would be the caae with regard to any other dlatingutahed foreigner who came to pay hla reapecta to the Chief Magistrate of the iNatioo. .The Baron, with a portion of hia mite, will aojourn at thp Executive Mane;on. while othera of them will atop with the Bntlah Legation. Giant of Lanu tqk Railioad Puspoats ? The Cooamlaalont-r of the General Land Ollee, Joseph Wilaon, eaq., yesterday aubmltted to the Secretary of the Interior for approval an abetract or llat embracing an area of avmr AO* n/m /?> ? AmmiYAL or BaoN Runiw ? B*ron Ren-1 frew and suite on their arrival in tbia city, on Wednesday afternoon, will be met at the depot by Mr. Ruchanan, the President's nephew, and SMorted by blin to the President*# carriage*, is which they will be conveyed to the ExecuVW Mansion The carriage* will probably pror?^ to the White House bv way of FRnaylnnlt avenue No formal reception will be had either at the depot or manaion. but the Bwoa will be pROPOSALS FOR INDIAN' 6OOD8. D?F**T*?WT OT TBI IXTXETOl, ( O+tt Indian Afitirt, Oct. I. >80) { f ealIP Pi"rouU< ncdurted " Propoaa!* for Indian f?odi." ICtftto 1,3, 3?"r 4 a* the ou? mar be \ w ill be reo*nreffat the OBoe of I ndtan Affair* until 10?'oipok ft. on \VR?m?day, the twmtyfMS i?T of Oofotii MXt,for fa.niching thafoitlowing- mod iuoalee: <?Li*a No. 1. m*?-I?' ? ?^>1 - ? - - ? ? - r>fniii, rioiAi, i^ry Uoeds. V>w pwi S point white Mackin&o banket#, ?o uy 7S iaciip*. and ?ii h 8 p<>ua4? 3 5 < S -??i ut wilt* Mac ki n?o 6i?u fc uTto 1 or* 51 WvioIim. %n.1 weigh 6 poU*? 1 iWk M-ri 9 Hiklnt %Ll. kit . .1.... ^ - ,,w r? . - r?>? wiiiao m?v>iu(%u man I ? I m?wire 42 by Sg inches, auJ weigh ,5j^ pound 80C pairs IK p?<nt wl.ite Maokinao bianketa, to measure 36 by 90 inohee, and weigh pOUA4A yw pairs t-point white Maokinto blankets, to mtasuro 32 by 46 iuohes, and weigh S>4 ;iOU r.ds. i sirs 3 point eoarlst Maokinao bankets, to measure 60 by 72 inches, and weigh 8 pounds ?00 pairs i/?-poiul *oari?t Aiaostaao blaaneU. to measure54 by 66 inches, ami weigh 6 pounds 25) pairs2-pomt sovlat Mackinac b.arkets, to measure 42 by 66 inches, and weigh i\ pounds 2T0 pairs 1-point scarlet Maokinao blankets, to meature 32 by 46 u.ohee. aid weieh 3J< pouooa ICO pair* 3)t point (treon Ma kicao blanket* to _ Bbttaanre 6C 1>| <1 mohca.and waiiu 10 pound a M paira 3-point |imi Maokinas hlaukata. to IB*a?i!'*W bj 72 inches, and wstkh 8 poll tula 500 pair* 2>,-point jredn Maokiaac t>lank?U. to indaau'A 54 by & l.ohen, aad writ h b pound* ^ W1 3-?-point induo'tlne Mickiuio b'Ai * ?tl to meagure 66l)f 84 inonaa iZit vp.iffk lo pound* 250 p*ir?3-point mdigo-S'uo Mackmo blankets, to meaaure 60 by 72 inobea, and vetch a pound# S5j puraiK p'int indico-blna Maekinan blankets, to meaaur?64 by 66 inches, and wei|h 6 pounds 100 pairs 3.V point fentinalla-blae Mackinaa Diankets. to m?asare 04 bjr 84 melius, and vrfif h 10 pounds 500 pairs 3-pomt getitin?lla-hla9 Maokinvj b'an keu, to muaaure W> by 72 inches, and w?|h 8 pouuds 400 pair* point gentinella blue Mackinac bift.nk?t?, to measuro M by W inches, aud wdi?.h 6 pounds 250 pairs 2 pom: gontincPa bin# Maokinao blanks*, to measure 42 by M inches, and weijfi pounds 200 pairs IX poiiit f?ntine'la-blua Mackirao blanket*, to ro?&*ure 36 by SO inchea, and weigh 4>4' pounds 1CA ...? ? ?TT-f. ?? ? ? -? " ? ij" i"*ir? i-puim gonuneiia time umn k?ta. to measure 32 bj 46 itohM, ai J waif h found* I 4,'W ja. >U lanoj -!i?t blu ^ oiotli 500 * * green oloth 3 hk) " gray-list bine oloth 4,i>00 " saved-list blue oloth s oon " leaflet c!< th 1,'00 " 41 grouu cloth 10 poucds worsted jarc, (3 fo'd) ion dozen cotton flag haudknrohisfj 1<V> ** tanoy cotton " 51 " hlaok atik * luo H 4 jottoa ahawla li?l "64 " " 60 " 4 4 " " Km " 8 4 woolen " 6?0 pnanda liu"n thread 5o grota worated t arteritis ?,(*?> yard* calico 2S.I it j * Merrim&o oalioj 7.S0) " 1 urkawed oauoo J),too " blue drilling lit.ltOH " iianabiirm in,MA " brown drilling! 5 000 " Georgia strifes S,o?fl " b'o" damme 51<00 " oottoDiuia '5,000 " bed tiokinc 5 0 4) " Keotuck) jtsna a,Co " oiitinetta UJK0 " p.aid unaeTS 2.5 <? ' Ll6*?hed ?hirtin? lo^X-o " dome?tio ihirt nt, unble?-u?u 10.i 00 ' ahdtting. " fi KXl " bleJLoh d " lO.i-r o " brown cotton duck lo,i<?t " checks, atripea. and plaida 2,ikio " tiannela aaiorteU 1 ?<*) pound* o >ttou toread " Drown Killing twine, No. ?) boo cotton inaitra 1 >i" flannel aiiirts caiicj alurta 5*i doxen hionorj ah:rU 100 * Madras banJkerohief*. Class No.2. Ready-mtult Clot King. 200 frock ooata, indigo-blue broadc'oth 880 pantaloons, " '* vi ii,digo-b:ue Makinao blanket oa?otes 20 blue aatintt ooata inn " pautaloona )co oadet mixta a&tinett ooata loo " * pantaloona 3 0 gray satinet ooata, (aaok > son pantaloona 3j0 " veata. Class No 3. Hardtcart, Agricultural lmpltmentt, fc. i/i*) pom.dc hrasa kettles fOO tin kattlM, (5 sizes) 150 neiti Japanes* ketilM. (8 in a neat) JMJ camp kettles, (3stz?s.) "J>*) dos*n * quart tin pans 175 " 3 quart V S? " 8-quart * 4?o M tin oapa am " butcher knires 30 " acaipirg knives 7<>,mo inn flints inn cross can w rms 150 " squav a?li " fisbhooss 2*? dozen fiah linea 1 rross needles, assorted 21X1 duZen uiikrM tnnili lufl fine-tooth ocombi 50 " icunuri a*) " shear* *5 " gruohinc hoM -ji> " weeding hoe* 17S drawing-knives, 10 inches .Vi h*uii saws IS> iloxoii haud hiw files, 4>? inoh 5 " shore!* y> " rpudea l,(o>short-hauule fry pans 2*5 dozen taititc spoons S?i " iron tablu spoons 20 " axes, to weigh ?X to 5% p'-undl 12) " half axes, to weigh a pounds, (with handles) isn " xinc mirror* nw ** n *0 Kteon 2 poiii.tin bran wire 5*00 '* be*t Chinese vormillion. Class No 4. KorthwtH Hunt. 1,000 northwest guns, flint look ino " " percussion lock 100 dozen powder horns Proposals will be received fur the delivery of said arlioies at Boiton, New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, New Orleans, St. Luuit, Memphis, or Cincinnat i t ut the o at of the transportation of tho same to their places of destination will Ls considered in ueoiding upon the proposals in cas*s where the same article* ahali be proposed to ha Uverea at diflereni place*. Good* of Amerioan manufacture of the required tylet and quality will be preferred; bat u tiie ainalea of blanket* and olotha are foreign fabric*, it will be neo<*?ary, in prnpoaing & domeatio arti el* uf either of those kinda, that a sample thereof shall aooornpanjr the bid. Sample gun* aud powder horua must also be famished,Troin which tne Department will make a selection; and, la oaae of more thau oue aanuple being furnished by the aame OKlder, the price for each must be distmeilv mm eaiea in U>? Did. The <!oinmiasion?r reservee the right to decline taking any tuna and ?owd?r hern*, or iroie or leaa than are advertised f?r, as he may d-?*m proper. The articles to be fum.ahed must in all re?p*ot? conform to and be equal with the Government samples, which may be aeen at this Ofioe. They wil. be rigidly inspected anu oompartd with those atmples by an agent or acenta appointed for that purpose, Such aa may be unequaled thereto m any particular will be rejected; m which cae? the contractor will be bound to furnish others of th? r'quind Kind or qua ity withia three data; or, if that be not done, tbev will be purchased at hia expease. fay men >a will be n?H? fnr th? . ? oeived or invoices thereof, certified by the agent or agents appointed to inspect them. It la to be understood that tha right wll bo reserved to require a greater or lees quantity ef any of the artieia* named than that spec fied in the above tcnedul*; and all bide for furnishing said, articles may l>e r^iected at the option of the !> -' I partment; and that none from persons who have tailed to comply with the requirements ol a previous oontraot with the United States, or who ara not manufacturers or whsieaale dealara in tha required articlea, will be oon'idered; and the faot k.H^? - ?- " ' miv uun manufacturers or dealers mnit be evidenced by the certificate of the Collector ol the Port where tiiejr reside, or Where it is proposed to deliver the article*. Tbo proposals mutt embrace the articles, with the q uantities thereof, a? they are arranged in the | schedule. with the prices annexed to rash in dollars and ceaU at which they are to be tarnished. , and the amounts mast be carried out ai d footed up for flash oiasa. Said prioes and amounts luast be so civer, withoat any modification or proposer! modification, or variation whatever. They shea 4 be submitted with the following heading: i I lor wsl hereby propose to furnish for the service of the Indian Department, and according to the terms of its advertisement therefore, date'* < October 1st, I860, the following articles at the srloss thereto afixed, [here meert the list aooording ? 1 the olass or classes proposed for,] deliverable in the city of [Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, New Orleans, St. Lotus, Memphis, or Cincinnati. as the case mav t^i h- *? 1 ' _ ?, .i? nil gi; OI April next. or at such time or limes doriog the year 1461 umiy be ordered by the Commissioner of la dim Affairs; and (I or ?] will alao furnish, at tk* aae prioes. such additional qaantitiesoi the same krndaaad qualities ol food a u may be required for the service of tne Indian Department daring the ear 1K1, deliveiable aa above atateo; and. irthia proposal be aoo*pt<y?, [here ineeit the words, *ia whole or in part r if more than one olass be pronosed for.l I I<>r we] will, within twenty days thereafter, exeout? a oontract aoaordingly, and. , five aecanty, satisfactory to the Commtasioner of Indisn Alturs, for the faithfal performance of the MM*99 Each proposal mast be aoooraeanied with a guarantee in the following torn, to be sicaed by two or more responsible persons, whose aaftoienoy must be certified to by a United Btatas jadge or aistriot attorney i "We hereby jointly and eavarallj gnarantee that the above bidder, [or bidders,] ifa contract shall be awarded to him [or them] aooonling to his (or their] bid or proposal, will -x acute a oootiact aaAnr.iin.l ?/ ? I.TOU" ??* ? {* > WllltT for the performance thereof, aepreeoribedin theadT?rtiearaKffa'fflttAftr 1 nre so to do, we hereby H*** * ? oartel?egf our heirs, eaecntore, io4 tuiiu, to forfeit ard pay tne Unitea At a tea, aa damacee. a ean aot ieea than fifteen per oent. on the amonat of aaiabid or ''gZTJZm he required in the amoaatof the bid I i for the ftiftiful perlormance of the coatrMt, With . two or tafre luroUea, whoee udoieooj aiMt bo .< \ * % I win kb won in nftmPSS* APplJf ft* KWu?-i-F?US3,4tk,fa^ : j 65 CHK?^^^A!VDARD^LA (Tt^TEA AIM *" t.NQ ? .O.CHE,.I., i m? Cornf 15th ?LbdH Vfrmontit. DJANO*?Ob* tmt bioa SH o?Ut* P?*no lor V ft 50. Also, on* T?. J lito for 1175. At | th? Muaio Sto.? of W. ? METrEkOTT, 9oi? < Ag?|nt^f^8Uinwsj 4 tea's Bad Kbtbu, <? wvunia nr?N. uiiree door* from Mui. avenue.) where I a hall keep coiMtantlr on hand a rnmifsmsm: T I ?'(' ** **toaiihin( iowprioM i ? F18HMAN. ( RO* 8ALK?A fin* young GRAY HOR8E 1 Began, 4lo. * * m ! SB KT OF CHAMBER FURNITURE ?16.- i Alio. PARLOR SETS in Brooaulle and Hair. Beautiful aaaortmant of BKD-^9V 1 STEADS, Marble toa BUREAUS, TA- H I BI.F.S and WASHSTANnS. SOFAS,I TETE-A-TKTE8, UBAIRS. ROCK-^^ ERS, Ao., Ac. Kxpente* on* dollar to othera* ten; cau therefore afford to aell cheaper than other*, at BROWN'S, 3*0 Seventh at., ee ?-at near Northern Market. ( Notice. removal. INVITATION.?I harabv notifr my euatomera and tho public in general that I have removed to ( ? a 4 A a ? ? Jr? v jtj?v v o\JU I o iniXKbST UST Revived our PALL And WINTER CLOT HI NO. to whioh yoor attention U oalled.aa I am confident that I oan aell good CLOTHING, 1 FURNISHING GOODS, HATS and CAPS At lower prices than any other h?nae in the oity. ? 23-lm SMITH, No. 460 Seventh at. BALTIMORE LIFE INSURANCE CO.-I*D cotroAATSDia? ? Johm 1.DoiAXcaoH, Ptm.; ' M. COTTLTX*. SM'T. M^VWfsw*teFE89.,i,ZB8 "d BUV? ! Deaoriptivfc pamphlets may be obtained at U? Company's Agency for the Distnot of Colombia, offioe of Lewia Johnson k. Co., Bankers. 10th street Pm REMOVAL. ~~ AULSIPOS Beta leave to inform hiacoatomera and the pvl>lic generally that he haa removed hia WINE STORE and LAGER BEER DEPOT fron 4*1 E steet to 44 7 Seventh street, second door above the Patent office, where he wi'l be happy to supply them with every varietv ofl.i?nwi GOOD8 cheap, is ?h*r? rents are low wdttL expenses small. Thai place is Ml brown's, itl M 29 3t JJ608e%*enth il Mcard. R chas. HEPBUKN Most respectfully bejs leave to return thanks to his friends and the pnblio during his time in business. He now has on hand a large assortment of Gibson's XXX Whisky. Also, the agency for good Ate. which can he furnished at the shortest notice ; and a large stock of Cigars and Groceries. At No. 81 Louisiana av? between Mh and 10th sts. s?a 3t? , r^OUGHS, COI.D8, HOAR8ENK88, Ae v> TYLEA'8 COMPOD y U SYKUP OF QVM 1 ARABIC This pleasant and popular Cough Remedy has ! been so long known and extensively need, that most persons have beoome familiar with its extraordinary eficany. It oan b?i had at all the prinotpal drag stores at 25 and ao oents a l>ottle. M28 d8raAeo4m* i T l?irm> trnnniTu 4 Fl.'M KK V,Ac , *o : and hopes. by careful attentioa to business, to obtain a fair share of the publie fMNMM. N. B. Strict perineal atteaUon given to prescriptions. oc 1 2w 1?OR 8AI.K-A PUNGY BOAT called the Reglatnr, now laving in the Eastern Branch. Apply to JAMES SMITH,on I street, tween 2d and 3d street!. se? 3t* LOW HENT8. LOW PRICES' The place to buy all kinds of Fl'RNITL'RE. OAKPETS and HOUSE FIIW mi*uimii? two. ciur customers win creatlv oblige u? if they will ooir.e forward and nettle wi'k ua without delay. CLAGETT A .MAY. oc l- t 344 Pa. av., bet. ?th and lMh eta. Y 8 T F. R 8! O Y 8 T E R 81! AT HCSINESS AGAIaW JOB P. MolNTOSd would respectfully inform Ilia old friend* and customers that he i? y?*. again at hi* old aland. No. 3h9 Fifth^^^ /_ J at reel, between O and H, where he prepared to furniah the very b^st quailtv of FRKSH OYSTERS, (Stewed, Fried, or Raw,) at the shortest notice. Orders soicitt-d oc l-7t_ ^4 F. 8. GAITHF.R t Respectfully informs the citizens of H Wa hinrton that he haatalcen th?Drue I| X and Prescription Store at the corner of Sixths ft uj ami G streets, where he will k*ep a well se-^" looted and assorted atock of pure MEDICINE*, a d CHEMICALS, STANDARD FAMILY' MKDICINKS, TOILET ARTICLF.S. ML ui win ui ilie ainaa ma (or^ana upon which their profoea's ma* be bastd. The succet?ful bidders viif be repaired rifidly to oonform to tiitir sain fM. Proposals will be addressed to "Joh.i Hiut, Superintendent of the Public Printing, Washington," and endorsed "Proposals for 9uppl*ing Paper." oo ?-2awtd W.MRS. A. SPEIR ILL Introduce her new s'jrles of FALL and WINTER MILLINERY on Thursday <>e-^A tober 4th. to which ahe invites the attention of the ladies of Washington and its vieioity.^^T oc l-3t No. 275 Penna. arcnue. A NOTICE. LL Account* on our books are made off up to the 1st Octot>er. and will be rendered in ads* or on r lor rnieor in >re of the elaasea id the tame proposal. % o propnaala will be oonsiderod un'.eaa aoooinpai<ifd l)j tie (u\rantee that tha bidder or hidrtera, if hia or their proposal shal! be accepts, will enter into an obligation, with good and sulioient auretiea, to fa rnieh the artinlea proposed Blank forma for propo*a!a will be furni?heJ at thia office, and one will be taken into oonaideration unleaa substantially agreeing therewith. All the paper in theaeveral classes moat be delivered at such place or places aa mar be deaignated in Waahin?ton eitr, in rood order, free of all ar:d very extra charge or expeaae, and aubjeot to tbe inspect-on. oonnt. weight, and inea*arentert of the Superintendent, and bo in all rospeots aati a factor j Wairsleaof all the paper required mat bo aoen at thia i ffije, hut bidders are roeuired to furnish, witk their propo?ala, aamplea of not losa than one quire 1. 6,000 roams writing paper, 16 by 56 inohea, to weigh twenty-three pound* p?r re*m 2. 1,500 reami writing paper, 19 by 36 inches, to weigh twenty eight pound* rer ream 3 3,100 ream* writing paper. It by 25 inohM, to weigh twenty six pound* 4 100 rearon writing caper, IB by ?2 irohee. to weigh twenty-four pound* p< r ream 5. 34f> ream* writing paper, 18 by '8 inohea, to weigh twenty-two pound' per ream 6 410 ream* writing paper, 12 by t> inohea, to weigh twelve pounds per ream. All the napen designated in c'aaaea 6 and 7 mnit oontain 4t?i perfect sheets to the ream, and no "outtill* ' quires. I'h y are to be made or the beet ma tenals, free from adulteration, finished in the best manner, out to a true edg*. laid flat, and securely and substantially enve.opcd. The papers in claas 6 ara to he white or bloe. and of such weichts as may be required by ths office. Those in ola*s7 are to be white, and of the sites and weights specified in the soh*dnle. The right is reasrveil of n-dering a greater or less quantity of each and every kind contracted for in a 1 the classes, to be furnished at suoh times and in uoh quantities a? the pubho service may require. Each class will ha considered separately, aad be u^j'ct to a separate c-ntract; but bidders m?.? mm 1.0 uupn;? i exclusive ol wrapper*) varying over 01 uuiier five pi-r oei;t from U>? sUndA'd weight will be receivM, and theVo** weirht will m *11 onsen be rejui'eJ. Mixing of v&rion* ti.ickne lM ia the **nie liunJle to male* up t e w.ijiit will t>? considered a violation of the oontr&ot. Cla?* 0. I . 1,501) re.>m? quarto-post writing paptr, 10 by Id luckn. 9. 2,000 do Cap do 13 t>T IA do 3 100 do demy do 16 by *0 H do 4. 1,000 do folio-post do IT b y ifci do 5. 100 do medium do 18 by 33 do 6. SO do royal ds 1# by ?4 do 7 50 do supsr-royal do . 20 by 2* do B. 50 do imperial do 221-4by3l ds 9. 100 do double-cap do 15 byS* do 10. 100 do cslorsd medium, (aassrlsd Colore ) f!i * l\f(TO r?anas fin* printing paper, u'ca'e? dered, to meaaur* 24 by 38 Irenes, ard to weigh forty pounds to the ream of 480 sheeta. Cuts 3. 000 rcama fira printing P*P*r. Mln4?r*d, to measure 24 by S8 inches, aid to weigh fifty aix pounds to Uts ro&ic of 410 alieeta. . Clm? S SO0 reams superfine printing paper. hard-used nnJ super calendered, to measare24 by 32 inches, aad to weigh forty eight pounds to the reus of430 kwta. 2 000 rNKl luparGna printing paper, si fed and super-'al*n4er?d. to miaaartiM by SR inohee.and to weigh fifty poauda to tbe imh of 4*fl aheeta. ' l?" 4. 10C0 ream* aoperfine inas paper, sized and oalendered, of auoh six^s as rray be required, ooiresponding in weight with paper meaturicg 19 by 24 inches, and weighing twenty ponuda par ream of 430 sheets. Class 5. 2-? roams superfine plate paper, (calendared or unnaemlered. aa may be repaired.?19 by M mchee, 4i.d ? t suoti weight per i earn aa may be repaired. '1 he fibre ui the paper of each of the alx>v? rlassre to bo of linen and cotton, free from ail adulteration with mineral and other substauoes, and of a fair whiteness, aid put up in quires of twenty-four sheets earh, arid in >>?ii<Jle* of two reams each; each ream t?> oor.tain 4sn perfeet sheet*. Uniform! ty in oolor, tliiakn?sa,an<i weicht will be required: __ . J _ _ i ? ' ? - Tide for xewfeoc tha >ablioa?ina?," *o., f wand Aurm* 36,lllii,*nd at the 1Mb It.eaotart'tief **An act making appi?pMatio??f<>r the ie?i? ativ-. ezMaurr.tml ju liciv. <txpAnt*? or fjovernment for the year ft ding June 1), 1860,"approved March 3.1859, sea I'd p;op<>?a'? wi.l he r<? reive J at'his offioe. in the Oa>l*o', until tte ftrst Monday (3d day) of Dec*rabsr uexr.atli o'cloalr. for fcrciihing the papar tbat may be repaired for th* public pnntin* tor the year ending on the 1st day of Deoembar. 186>. The subjoined J *t taaciftrt. aa atari* aa oaa ba aao?"rtai?*d. the quantity, quality, and description of each kind ol papar that will be required: o?? ? * # 9 f o*rtift*d by a Uniud States judge ordiatriotat No fropowi! will b? rtotrnd thmt dnw not atrict I It conform, in all pwMcuitrt. to tha t*r?a and diroctioaa of this adv?rtJa*in*>nt. _ CHARLES E. MIX. oo3 2awtOot2t Ao'iBf Coujml??iouer. P'M Orr:c?8*rrMU>T*??tiiarr or Panne VV aArtoD. OotoUr 2, 1 MM. \ In nntanMoi th? uivi. inu, < tka " ???? WANTS. \*7ANTED?A WOM AN totiitwl to two roomi, v? And whr? tteiouihlv underaUittl* pi?m *?w ^rWnth Htwt v*?t. aftot Mdo, ftrat doonby M t rot?t* WAJ?TF.I>-A RWn: mt nwdiom ?i*e. wits r**aern ott?VfniMic^i, tuat -(1 b?'ween 13th **Jj mJ 1* MJ I *tr*?u: for which ft liMrftl r"*t Jtf e?" **dr**,,A ftn<l B.. Xftr ()?< yAKTItp-Sf ft raspeclftW# wonwn.ftSI M*Ar|BN M who aMftratftadi har h,. tmm W'l reeoruaWt'dod. Non? Nut a ?rirSWBKliIy nMOfplj. In?uir??tthc Star orfie?. BoxTy. u? * art WANTKI>?A whit* or e<>lorad GIRL. th-t can conio well recnmiiit-uded and is willing to travel, can secure a permaneit ?itu*tion witk aa ofhoe:'? lamil) bj applfinf immod?toly at Mo. < ? P utreet, lietwwti ftfh and 13th ?t?. oet->t* lVAtN'TKD-A PLUMBER, ln^iur* at MYT? F.R8 A McGH AN'S. Noa* but a firrt -olaa* workman noil apply oc t WANTRD-Vt a rawpactaM* woman. a fffTTAi" TlOX at wet nu'M. Good re f* re nee* tive n. Apply at No. Til H ilmt, ooraar of Firat at. Mat oc l-2t* VI/ANTKIV-Two rood Mn iivm* *1 _ ?'vhc fi tmt the boat n??3 a??1y. 8. HKLLKII.34 lltorkdt*M?% ocl B>?tw?a 7th wjaU? ?toO/ANTED-A food jo*m?Tin?n BARBKR. Gvo<i w*?e? and ?teadj emp lovment Apply at O. B. uHKlhMOND'd, Nu. bote tturuuu ?C, Navy Yard _ oo I it* IV ANTED? By a young girl speaking French' If Italian and Kndiih, a SITUATION chem barmaid. She c?d do i^ain aewiiig andjireM kadtea' ?? vw?v pwav?? DUI If, 3itr unci. oc i a WANTED-A SITUATION by a reapeetabla " middle aged lady as ho??e keeper, elUM?her- i maid or plain aaanutrese. ta the laiiuiy of a f*.iie. man where ?he oou!d make heraell ^nerally ueHul, having beet! accuatomed to the < uti?a l?r aaveial * pars in a large hoarding hou?e in Virginia. Pernona req < inniraRcb aaaiatanre will pleaae a<Mresa Mrs. T H..S*tar IHfioe.for three day a, which will be promptly atteadad to oe I-** WI^B ANTED.? I would Tike to pnroh<ae tba ha'f of the ?toek of a well Mti?.lnfc?i n-. Liquor 8t?re aitnataJ near the At. nm. If I e*nl4 not agree upoa terms I might enter into an n* r?e . | meut of a oer c?nta*? < a the f r<>.? amount of ?a?;?. I I ha\e had eight year*1' experience in th? l.?>iDe?? '"AM* cltJ *nd fP.*6" acquainted wi h t> t??J?. w I " * the eity PoatOftee, 'Merchant." A.N TED TO RENT.?Ttif* lutiacrihvr whii#i ? ? W FARM contains, I om IS to?acrw 1 n?Lover 5 from NVMUinlto^ i rhe houa* must he in gunri repair and uBtafn at~.nt o room*. r?r Buen a place ? wohM rait, a fur rent would be paid; and if *atiaf%ctory to *11 parti"*, I might Hut before tl.e end of the Tear. Pieaa* aid ecu l>y loiter," I. V I) ," Box 33), Richmond. Va,, itating lowest rent.aize of farm, number of room* in honse, distance from Wuhinftou.Jbo., ke. *c29 *:? \*7ANTEI>-A "liddle-aged WOMAN, to take " care ofaamal! chi.d. An A m* i io?a and Proteotint preferrod. App'j at No. .Vi9 F ?t. *outhwe*t corner F and 10th eta. Recommendation* required. ec? 4t* W ANTKIV-To, have* vary bod* kuw that th*? *? cftu nna * fin* ud well >e!eot>d ?tuck of FALL ted ?INTM CLOTHING. FURNISHING GOODS, HATS ftftd CAPS ftt the People' Clothing Store, No. 460 Seventh etopposite Poet Offioe. lw WANTED-A SITUATION,by* young uiftn, a< porter in ft cr?rery utore, or ?oy otherbu*?ne?? where he oan mftk* hunee'f iceneHklly neefol. Apply Box 4. at thie office. m Tl ft* WAN fED?A WET NURSE.i l good health, of good hftbita, ?nd well recommended. Addrnaato tfr. GARNET I\ Nicth fttreet, betwee-, E ftixJ F. te TIH. WANTED? Ht ft aoSer ftnd steady young inftn, *SITUATION ? eoftchmftn. or porter ia ft grocery ore. Be?t ?>f r??v?irineijdft'io ? ?iven. Ple??eft?ldre?? G. H-.Stftr h8 Iw' WANTED?A CLEKK, who i? ftc^uftiuUd with *? the city trade. for ft J??Wflr? '/"? B?' -j f~ fiMMIi required. AliviH T. H., No. 3, vtAr Oftce. *> 14 1*7ANTED?By a stea.lT and industrious man, a ? SITUATION as ool'ecior. B> ?t <>f reuon nidations given. Address M. Star OSoi. if lt-tf ~ AMUSEMENTS n a a? ~~ UnAi^u *- ! ril.l.ON PARTY, to he |i?? by the COLUM H1A ACTIVE A?*OCIA- 7A TlON.No 1, at COLUMBIA HAl.L.up IB itol Hill, nn WEDNESDAY, October IHfi". Ticket* 50 cent*, adiiit'.tng a gentlemaiiUMfc and iadies. Cowimittr*. J. 9. Bootes. I. Manning, J.Dyter, C. Loi|. A. P^McKerna, ? rpHE GREAT PARTY OF THE SEASON t REMEMBER LAST NOVEMBER! SECOND GRAND COTILLON PARTY of the Metropolitan Club, Ho. 1. The member* of this Club take pleasure ia informing their many friend* that they wiil gire'beir % second gracd CotiKon Party at Thorn's Hall, on WEDNESDAY EVENING.October They p lodge themselves trat aeitber laiusl^B nui rijienie win I>e ?p%red 'o m&k* lhiith? v?rj be?t pa.ty of the season. Schro?der"e ce vbratei ootilion niiime baa heen enraged f??r the t ccmiod Tioketa a* crnta. admitting a gentleman an 1 ladiea. Committed of irrMfMMnli. Chas. I.each, lieo. Miller, Win. A. Cnauncey, Benj. Leaeii. ocl 3t* E WILL HOLD HACK NO LONGER! FIRST COTTTLON PARTY or TUB HERNDON CLJIB. The memtMra tate p ea>ure in informing their rrany friend* that the; will give their First ?\ Cotillon I'artjr at !*t rr'? Hall, on Tt'K#- jA DAY EVENING. Ool 2. They pledge them-/PA selves to spare ueither paiua u?.r expenee to(d| make thia the Party of ike i Tnoy need uo reco.nendati n. \\ ither*' celebrated band baa bees engarrd for the occa?io-? Ticket* 50 oeata, admitting a gentleman and adiea. Commute*. E. Piggott, J. ft. Rider, S. B ad;, J. Murry. se 36,28.OntL2* rt BiNii rnTii i <>*i " * ? ?" w iiiuwii i An IT: P?NW!!l^r"iofthe F^NIJL,N F,*K COM1 A? i .J?*?. plt**u e in lajornta* ih*ir & TV OF TH rVL\ LK C9T' LL?^ PaF Ji XY OF THp SKA3i?N will U|iv?giiU)(irj|B MaiSiS?.ciSff 5 V'the 2d ?otoUr- ? A9HINGTON THEATER~ Sole l,e?iee and Manager 8. w. Glinx. THIS establishment Wilt o?*n for til* icjcular Fail and Winter ffntna on t?e xujhtof Tfiu^DAY; NoriiSW uT^ IA41?m? Ii?nnr??.^ iu^r.rn Jbrrt-KSUK, The Coinedian of the Age, will commence an eniucmr?tof Tvtio Night* on MONDAV, November 5th. and will be followed bjthe mo?t BRlIJiUNT STARS It. the Theatrical Firmfcnierit. fTT Communication! if addressed to S. W. Glbk*. "Old Uowery Theater," New York, will rae^t with prompt attention. an tt-tf LOST AND FOUND. TAKKN UP ASTKAY-A ?pott*?t HOQ, ?o?poted to be lost by aoine drover*. Tbe^Vk owner i* requested to come forward, prove property, pay charjet, aed take h?>- dUkM mmmj. nypij >i iiireDiitr'i Bakery, on Ttuth ?t.? [ laud, between D and K. oo a-2t* JOHN W. FOX. RRWAR D ?Rtrajed from the ubeeriber, tJfMJ livin* in Wendail'a Printini Office ev Square, on Frid%v last, a BAY HORsK ;*wn whit* bind lac; star in hit forehead; awiloh^*z^ tail, and waits tender in ths foremost lege. The ibove reward will be paid f.-r bia return to me. oc 2-St* THOMAS WEL8H. I OAT?Somewhere between the Northern Liberia ties and Co!uinbia College on Foartaeatk at .a MOROCCO POCKET Book containing patera of value to no one hat the owner. A award or #6 wi 1 be riran the Under if left at the Star Office, or the reaideao* of Or. GARNETT, Ninth itreat, between K and P atreetn. aa H-St Herman rn^ir, UPNOLSTRRRR, N? 864 O ttrtet, a?ar TVauarr Dqwtaual, in gratefully acknowledging the Ubermi Mtroaaca whion lia? heretofore bean baalowad aaon hiaadcTta to please bia patront, bag; laava to infera the a*titiin nf ** .? awinnvg (MS ktU now ^r?Mr?d to eieeetowith oMtotUMd Ji??4teh kil ordme ?n kii line of boataeee; eaeh ae tMVvinf. Fitting and Ufkittow of utm CumU, u4 the I ajuu Down of oM UvfM; tfce Bmuui of CurUme; the CoT?nn? of Lou mm Sofu, A e ; the Manufacture or Renovation of Mattreeeee, Pillow*, Cuehioae, fto. Mr m-Atr wo*ld aleo call especial attention to hie Patented Carpet B?ral?fcei. wtiinh enablee him to pnt down Carpna with aapreeede?Ud oaoetk nee* and rapid it t. ee? eolra* N?TIC*T'BolilEl'A!?f*,iIot!A,LOR8, The following le a eorreet liet of the employer* who par the bill prtoee oL aad are reooaaiaat br. SjffeT B?tm Wm. Tanker, Jamee l acker, 3 XV. Hintrtn ft Co., J. T. Molntoeh, I oodon ft Co., Thoe. K. Gray. K. M. Drew Vardoran. ertlehn VQ*T CAN BUY AIX IINUB OF 6KNTB' I UNDK.R?**MBNTt*a?tkeWo?ee' Clothn| More, No. 460 9m>tk it, oppeefU PoatOfiea. ee * lm T.v^AMKWJ- . - 1 ? ? ? ? nuivniBuni, f< mBNif, *r?no* reoeiri*? their .took of FALL GOtH*,' I ambraaing aJI th? a?w tnd de?irsb>? il>| a on?? | to which titcordially in viu tit* attautioa jf l>ayra geaantDr- Mn NEW ^'BMRSBPS WU?* AN^Ai?i?fHEs?K&a; M?-at (Coa.) 4?4 Pa ar., aUiCrt [>'J^KiftaraK,4^5S5,t2 , |no??\M w ?u t. 11 la No, 4*4>b?v?j,U aL [ Th? opming of FRENCH WOODS, ? , wtU to MSt mmkm M?K ?anrn??B?falfr u.irtHiaipi't T.syrSiffib ofrAdp , yf^mmm ? ? a mwo... J^.*to8LI"'Jglf* E.jEraA"MN**aB]fc rmy KSa?^*-k"" '" ^ " < t .. GOODS rot THK ??*tOW, 5^Mf tffty *U-~" 8 'U^g MOT1CE! none Br Fio-nct *WB? n M.rm now r?o?ivin* *iMavtini usorttnNit of FM?T G?><>df of tt>? )?t??t ?> M.MItil tb? iMiit Hap*.MIms ; * * ? m PopliM, V?tn?r OttoMM in \fcn?tv. Kr?Mb hi?*r?d tU Ptftia fcui ltM?k4(i Mak riaoa. CImUuu Cloth*. Arab CiM*? u (imt *vjt <*?7KsDtiy Hifkt fM>u, 50 mqu tr #2, *? CilJ iaoe?,IroiB * to 11)6 o*ot?. Fall mxI Wntw! grmt rwnmtj, MmwIiiim and PWm Inw If m c:> a igyjartts'J^^SiS^nk? ?\A M ^Tfi'UfTUirrc-mvr. DOWI1 OKIENTAL BALSAM, BALDN LSS A1*&V&ADACHK, PB1LP A SOLOMONS, Afntt fm Lmrnrme*' ? ?#* *? Pv?n, . "itfftrepo.fca* M?M.* ** ff . #*. mm It lit P*.' a*nl l*di a*a- I fbLD RICH, MELLOW AND PURS 7l \J B L h x 81 D K ' S Z MONONGAHELA RYE WHISKEY, ? CMNiwttuul; dialing it* Mr w of Aliagaar Commit, Pim, in tba old u*ln>MiWl' hoDMt war, frett th? ehoi?*at u4 mmt oaraftiSf locirui Rye, and m no oaaa av*r ofbr?4 forMSb* until adapt** to wtH?l?aoiita m w? a<? It aaat ohm ua norf paiatabla.a* it i? m^aunUMai of (ha paraat barara???a la Ut r?*rh of iba pa'-Qfe To tka InvaUd. as vail ai to U>i>ao in ^ra.tk2 oomiaaoda itaalf p>r ita anrivallfld ?ua itiaa HI atiinulant of tha aafaat. aur?at, and moat bea?SJwY daaartftion. aad many of tb# mo?t dtafeacaiaMP phyaietaaa are uii| it la thatr p recti oa viUU* fiNlts* j# CLKRY * STOCKDAI.R. Proan^ra. ~ 32S atre*t t'iinad?le)dL WM. C. CONOVKlT^ Aiantfortfaa Pro? Irtiwi 811 Pa ar J MSN oyyoaita Wmaid?' Betel. R W- I FALL DRY oooqs. " All oonreyioo** at tL? ?urrba??f"a e ?t lllr tanas of ?ale ai* notmmjmm with vtihio*>4#0 tn?" traatee r^itrvM til rifht to rx?II at parafea^ < ) ooat and risk, afmr I weak pablio aotiea. M0 W*. R. V\ OOUWAHB, Tra-W^W a- 21 *?w*da A Gt^M. ^ut FOR STAMPING A packet OF PAPER. ^ | AND ENVELOPE* I f|0 I TO MATCH. I UtARBU METROPOLITAN BOOKSTORE. My A. URKKN, Aietioatw. ^ ri^Rl HTfcfc.f 8ALE OF VALUABLE PluN) 1 UTV BBTWBBN llTH AH Lf ItTB *?T?. BAIT. A**, HUB PlSS. AVBSCB, WAI11H.IOI CITY ? By tHf _ me of * rteerl ol trust from Jowak CuTllliar. 6ate<T May IS, 1*54, du'y recTdad ia LiWr ).A D, No. 7T. fottoa t7,Jke., wl the land raoorda of Was hi af ton ooanty, DO.I ah all, at tfc? rtqatat of Mm wild aco fcolfier ot the aota tkeraia aoouraC, oa TL liJ t DAY, tta 16th day of Oatabar a xt, at 4 v'oiwok a. in., on the prenuaea, 11, at publia aaatioa. U?e loj -" loaring valuable property, or ao much and ?arh rart* thereof aa i?*? be noooaaary. tis : Uii N?a.' 1,2,5 *,7,1, 1#, 13.14, U. M, 17. ? , ia !?*aare 898* ?T iermi: Oaa tiiird aatli ; Bad the ratxiaa m( 1 and U uioLtki *itli intor*^!. Deed ?tvaa ^4Ai deod of truat taken to i?(-ur? t h.- AmI-?*?* _ -w V m *?-? ?. I I1W WV W1 ' I W vorthr nf Mr ? ? wiehn* to Mrr iu? ?i>paMr ib that aectio oftiie oitj ,jl? it w?:l be mM wilboet rMrre. Tit e food. T?r*? miL oc 1-0 A GEEK*. A?I Br A. UKKKN. AittlMNr. HOC8KBOI.D AND KITCHEN Fmnmi at Atrrioi.?'in THl'ESDA V, iheachdaj < 8otob*r. j ?hall eoli.fttUiereetdeaoeof Mri M, o. 37 0 RilU itrMt. Mil to Ue eoraor of Yd., I at 10 o'clock ? n?., an cxoelteat utortMal of Far aitare, vis: Mftkofftar ??d Wft'nat 8of?e.Cb*iraftad Eoofcara, Do DrM M4 otlMr Hir?n, Mart?e tcp and other Tai.iee and twaada, i*J Tkra* Pfttited Cvtt?|t CkMbof 8*to, om Mubfri tOP, JMI Bodateada, Wardrobe#, Waahatanda aad Chftjra, Feather Beda, Bedding ft*<i MaUreea, Ckiaa, 6'tM, C'ookwr an 1 men War*, 41 B(Maaie and otter Oar peu, ooking aad otkor S*o??, With a cauJ lot of Kite hei En^viaitoa. Terms: All aaaia o' an4 ut*jer %9> naeh: over a ereditofFOand *>da)?,f>r af pioved aadoraed note*, bean ax iitentL aefed A. CEEEN. A act. ^ or viKNAKD ft BOCIBY. twtmwi, vtffitfMM, n. c ?>omtive ?au OF val( ab< k bmlp ft iaa lot ib giomitcwi. d. c.?ob wej> NE^UAV AFrtRNUvN id Ootobar. at ka.f put 4 o'e.r*ck. we will ??ll, in (rout v( tha premie**. ?* rt of Lot V. fronting 3 fe?t on the north aid* Water a treat, and ran Mag r<aek *0 fcet. bftwti Jrfereoa and WmhiciIoi it>Mti. Tit la >>rfm. and ?ale vithoat rf?rT?. Term*: Una-third ca?b; tha reeidce la t, m and 18 montha, bea'iuc inWe*t. aeoared bf b UetU M triret on tba ereiniaea. eefr d wtwnabp ft bpckky, Ancta Br . GREEN. AmUom* Vi al.uable corner lot at the ma v v Viae b*at at ArcTioR.?ob thlttbday,? Oatober 4th. I eha'l aalL. in front M tha er?? ieae at i o'o'oek p. n.. Lot No 12. in Pqaara MS. kiTicg a font on north D et*eet ST faat 11 lccbea.and on Eleventh itroM mmmt t* *-- ?T- * -u.irvuM iraacajuntol Ikimil.Utll WKfilffij DAY, thead iMt., ?? hour ocl THOft. DOWLlWe. A?t. FUTURE DAYS By WAU * BARNARD. AaetaoaMra. Gm OODTHREE ?TORY AND ATTiC BRIC* HoVat OK 01X1 R. IITW IBIf N AWD T5_?T?. IOITI, iT Awctioh.?O* MONDAY AfTF* NOON 1 tOolobw, At ft n'ok.ak. we will II, w tront of ?r<**iaa?. Lot No. I. it i|Mr? 4ai, iroaUM *4 f*et idoKm oft &xta itiMi.u i mn ami baak M f?et 4hi iifWt. bttvMn M ud !1 ata.. Bod i?rprov?d hy a food tferaa ?t"r* and atuc bnek dwallinc. attaatad in a food nHfbborfcoo4 aad tao ??t iairoriii part of lb* oity. Torma: On# tftird oaa' ; tM raaidaa ui ft, U ial M nontaa, baariac |tt?t??t, aad aaaarad by a *aad ( traat oa tka praaiaci. aa? d WALL k BARNARD. AaaU , Cy .N CONSEQUENCE OP THE RAIN.J thVabova aa > la po???on?d to WfcD*E?DAY AKl KRNOON. at inat.aam# h?ar. oa > WALLA BARNARD, A ata. .... -..mi. nusvr niun r.TMK.eOMMtldf O# 4c, 4 a Thit Fa'at tare it tew aid fixx! order Ternia out. oa> ?tt THng. POWUWB.AMt. TH1B AFTERNOON * TO MOKKOW By THUS. DOWLINW; 6aors?l?>?a. I^ENTEEL FURNITURE- AT AUCTION On MoNOAY MORN I NO Ml, Um let Oc ulw, at It o'clock. at tbe oornar of First aa?2 Pot*, aac atr*?U. i al?a'( pell the Farirtara aad pf>ota ofa caattonaaa decticiar houaekeafinf, aoaauuag NahftfiaT SfdeUoard, TaMea, Chaira, Carpet*. Crocker. U?m Wa a, Mtrrora. Cloek, Faatliar Beda, R.dareana, nu-eaa, Mattr aa?s, BadJioj, 4a. Kitchen P?rnit?r*. 9tore?. 4c t?mi of nix: All aaina of aad onder fXaaat. ; oT*r #2t a credit of ? and V day a, for approved andoraod aotaa, beannt interact aaZT-M THOA. DOWL1NO. Auat, fiprTHE ABCJVF. SA^E IS UNA V HID* HI V o-eL^k. 1 'iiuTIjIi. aaUMHtjTraaM lfca*raM nlUind W Outo'.tn , <>* 'h? atraar uf Hjghfci uFirit ttr*ets, Li* ubi? Faraitar*, aea Mfck"??i<T ?oto?, Hid#hoa?d?, TaMaa. Can* mm and Witliwi'toln, iMkwa. Saor?tarj, Bar???i. WardrvMa, Crock#-? and G>aaa W*r?. Ciiiia MitQar. BuditMdi ar.4 Mattrawn. I?. Cliatoa Caok Stow, lt*at><?? Fu-nitura, Ac. '? a'Ur lit abort ta'a. at Uki MtiEZ ?J.^ ? l4J OuahaM^ Uioi*C ird otkmhite' U. 0U?<. UMa? ltd Crock or* \*Vr?. * <. ?tJ?ry,81.r?r-?|*W Fork?*a? p((MM ^z^ss^Arms-^ M.,a? Jhor?.kc . &o <?? ? CI.KA.aV 4 MltPW *T THOi OOTTLTXG ; OeornioVft " ~ G M *?. - % | APCTKpraAupy 1 Br CLKAtV * ?RK|C>j. A?et.o?,w. I? gSirSSKi'.i ?,*?.. Kb*.

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