Newspaper of Evening Star, October 3, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 3, 1860 Page 2
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TiiE EVENING STAR. WASHINGTON GITy: wer NESUAY ...Otttkr 3, IW. *1 the M?raU| FreM. The CoMftvtion baa an artt?l? on " The i\?la diction over crime on sbipooara? ueseit**, from tbe merchant service of Great Britain a?d the UntUfl s*tate?." In wbieh it contends tor equality on the part of our Government In al) International arrtnjremrnts ^a the snlject. Tbe l*tillig*+t<T quotes fro'.n tbe late letter ot declination of Judge Edmor.da, ot New York, to bow tbe impolicy of tbe ?ieeBve judiciary system. _ UJ' lea ?I coaaUlcrabla thickness was fouued In tte vicinity cf Boston on Monday. CT The profits of the St. Louis Fair for the last week ware f?,00). ITT The renom return* nt \?? inHL cate tb? populatlou of that city at uot leas than 2UI.0UJ. LET Mr* Governor Edwin Morgan. It fca? been decided to full council. la to lead off In the dance with the Prince of Wales. fp7"" The corner atone of the "I'alnnity of the South'' will be laid with ranch pomp and cereii.ony on the 10th lnat.. at University Place, Pranklln county, Tennessee. {?7" The Jamaica papers are discussing the policy of annexing that colony to the United states aa a remedy for the social and political evils under which it is suffering IfT" The Governor of New York has appointed Thursday, the 25>th of November, to be observed as a dar of tbanks^ivintr bv the Deonle of that ? O O / I ( " * State. 10~ The new Druid 11111 Park at Baltimore, la to be inaugurated on Monday next. Tbe Prince of Wales baa been invited to be present on tbe occasion. fTT" It baa been derided to postpone tbe trial of Jackalow, tbe alleged murderer of tbe captain of tbe oyster sloop Sprav, until tbe January term of the circuit court at Newark, N.J. HJ~ roe roiiowiiiK wu an insertpt.on on a banner Id the precession of republicans at Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, on Thursday, September 27 : "W? revere the memory of John Brown of Ossawatamla." Hon. David D. Wageuer, a wealthy and highly respected citizen of Kaston, Pa., and President of the F.?*?on Bank, died in that place on the 1st instant. Mr. Wagener formerly represented that district in Congrrss. (!TA negro man aim^d Jones was killed in Norfolk county, Va., cn Saturday night, by a hot from a pistol In the band* of * young inan named Benj F. Cloi:d The youngster was in. toxicatod, and it is said that he killed the negro uy Kciucm. fTT" The Havre paper* contain an announcement that the lon^-contf mplit?-d fch^me of French transatlantic st< amers is on tbe high road to realization. There are to be two lines, running respectively between Havre and New York and Havre and Martinique. \rr The Kentucky State Central Executive Committee of the Union party have published an address recommending the Bell and Everett men of Indiana, Ohio, and Pennsylvania to disregsrd their preferences for Gubernatorial candidates in their respective State*, and throw their votes in such manner as best calculated to prevent the success of Lincoln. ITT* I? -# n i-i * i> m iu iuc vuj v/vuii'jui ui niuumcna, va . a resolution bu been adopted to appoint a committee of six citizens and aix councilmen, to act witb the mayor, to present Baron Renfrew an addresa embodying the sentiments of the people concerning his viatt, and to tender blm testimonials of respect During a discussion on tbe resolution. a member violently opposed to it reminded tbe council of Koasutb and Dickers, and of tbe insult efferei to our Minister. Mr. Dallas ID" In tbe Court of Oyer and Terminer, In New York, which opened on Mouday, Judge Int;r&bain remarked on tbe great Increase of crime in tbe c 1 ty. more tbau thirty murders having been committed since April last. He also called tbe attention of tt>e Grand Jury to the violation of tbe election law, tae law relating to lotteries, usury 1?UT an/4 toirMttiu) la* ? 1 ? 1 4U .? , snx> as* uvi? IHVII W lilt B J T"V; 1 a I statues. be was obliged to call their attention to th? various number of homicide rates which would be brought before them. Whether the great Increase of this class of crimes are owing to the recent change la the law relating to capita l paaishment or not, it was not for him to say. At any rate the Increase had ukeu pUc?. The Judge remarked that this change in the statue Lad already plunged tbe Judiciary in great difficulty Th* Elkcttv* Judiciary System is Niw Yob* ?Decimation of Judge Edmondi ?The following is an extract from a letter written by Judge Edmonds, of New Vork. declining tbe *1 -v? nfl.Uk k.J U. a a -* ' liviuiuaiwu ?u?.|i UU UCTU wuucreu IO Dim oy the republican party for the office of Recorder in that cltr, an office charged with Judicial duties: "My teuore of office would be only three yenr*. "While on the bench I should of course be withdrawn from political action, and couid not report to the usual nirtni to secure mv continuance in it; 'while, on the other haul, ambitious aspir inu for the position would be restrained by no such consideration. and would easily oust me long before J eouid give any permanency to to* character 1 bookl aim to give my conrt 44 It is owiag to this cause, doubtless, that, since our adoption of the practice of judlcitl elections, not a single Justice of the Supreme Court has been reelected la this city; oat of fourUen Justices of tne Superior Court, only four have beeu reflected, and a Recorder never I cohld expect no exemption ia my case from this seemingly !nevttah!e fate of the Judiciary in this city, ar.d 1 must calculate on bem/ removed long before at talciuk toe end the proapcct of v. hich could slrme induce ute to take tl>e office. iif-mu'-t iite icorinr-M 01 tne wrm would eoutinually subject iws to the imputation of tiaping Toy decision* Id reference to a reelection. 1 experi eured this at the clc*? of my former judicial career, ind I uad aburiddat cause to knew that I vii thereby morn of aiv iiwleiwudruce, and my unrfuiiifM vraa impaired 1 irlt Una to keenly that I t!,eo reaolred never to undergo it again.'1 P?rwul> Capt. J. W. Doa&ldaon, L*. S. A., la at the National. ?... ii.. i.- r*.? na - n ?t. ?? * . luim urn ncvvnaro. 01 icim; ur jonn? on and Paymaster W. W. Kelley, U. S. N-, at KirkwoodsV Hon John Hemphill, United States Senator from Tnas. bat arrived in town, and is staying at Brown * Hotel. Patli Isin Baltimore. The critics there declare Iter vastly improved since sLe last sang in tut city Stir has made wonderful acquirements according t? them?"power, esse, sr.d fluency of ?xecuiiou, expresaion, U?ue, flexibility, and added ricbueai to Ler melody, and U> all this confidence '* Commander Thornton A. Jenkins, L S Navy, r<t .rned to his residence in this city yester*?T, alter "> tuo yeais'cruise in the Gulfof Mexico, Ui? Caribbean Sea. the Paraguay Kxjedition. Itc , in reuimaud of the Lulled State* alcop of war Frebie Cspt Jenkins's Lung and earnest ?gorts la the formation of our nreaent lighthouse ? _ni ?. >? - ' ?1.1 HOI m lorgOlieu DV IDOM U> whom hi* valuable arrvW* In that direction were kDOWD Fao* Japas ? Datea from Japan to 19th July biv? hern receive* The foreign community wer* fPjo*inj< a comparative a?-aaoii of uuiet?ail feara ct attack fri*n the aativea having ixiurd away. n?,p'* were entertained that no furtbet trouble would occur, and that the d'atroat with wh)< b th? liwveraineut had Wen to treat ail foreigner* hni been overcome. The i-r?-ateat trwiWe f rew out of the currency question, which ww ayalo being agitated?the Umlt of the treaty try which U.e huvt rouu-ui eachanged foreign coin iato Ja^iitnr havlug expired. The value aet ou t<v Mexican dollarwaa twenty-Are paraeot. beiow tta arttiai value Trade had ffciien off considerably within three rruintha, though a temporary WUkneMwwJ raui d by the pretence of the British .and r rencu navai lor. ea la tue waters auine 3.UU) bora?s bad Lceu pofcbaaed feoo> tbe Japj*ie?e Govrrnnient, and were being transported to the peat U wur in t'uliiv Th? new? of tba arrivnl o< tk Japaaaer Kmbaaay In Waabiogtoa bad not yet btti recei Ted . I,. {0* There are about 330 white prisoner* la tbe Virginia Penitentiary at tbf? time. ' All ne^ro convicts by law are nv* blred out to labor on tbe f>uWH<- \vork<. I bjr'?sTTi of M*rklenfrur}r, c^r.l c: wMmetvrd Into tbe Institution on Saoml iv. frr ii 18 Years' residence onconviitlon (t>t majjslaagUter. mcnuiuin, ?i virgiaja, are BtlU In th# fort at Ruatan. Th?- father of Oen Walker was atl.autaville, Kf., on Friday, wbm ha bwil the an inducement of bl? aon*a Mention. QTimMt tU Boston delrgalM representing ward alx in the republics* convention wtfeh nominated Abm P. for Oo*&em. .~i Mr. f. W. Chandler for Lincoln preaJdm-Ul tiecu>r. wm Mr J 8oU? Martin, colored. ID'Thoioai Maa^Uer, of Baltimore, die# on Mood*? from drinking wormseed oil, wbi?h be bad wlatajien (or whiskey. bv Mr Sqneirs, an Americas, that the General was to be shot the next day. Accordingly, on the morn log of the 12tb, the doors ana windows of the prison were all cloeed, but through the port holes the aad spectacle was witnessed by Major Dolan, of the cortege which led the Gf nrral to the place of his execution. He walked between two priests, and wss proceeded and followed by a strong guard The party soon disappeared from the view of the prisoners la lea minutes after they had marched by the prlaoa a volley of four muskets was beard, then a volley of, aad Anally a single shot, followed by loud hurras. And this was all the prisoners knew of the fate of their commander, until the doors and windows of their priaon were thrown opea and the fact announced to them with great glee and exultation on the part of the Honduran officials. The body of tbe Geuerftl was left on the ground by the soldiers, whence it was t?)ien by two American gentlemen and decently burled, with the aid of two Csthollc priests Colonel Rudler was sentenced to four year* Imprisonment, and waa seen by the prisoners rdintf on a mule into the country, under a guard of soldier*. Flfty-Jlye of Walker'a men have been broagbt to New OrlfM* Wm O Grady and James H %.M ? - "* v?l'? i.-ttiujuu tucii hiu. "i uemaiia iii&i you surrender to ine immediately." General Walker replied: "To wbom do I surrender*" Capt Salmon said: "To an officer of her Majrstv's Uovernment." Walker then said again: "Do I understand you to aay that 1 am to surrender to a representative of her Britannic Majesty's Government"' Capt. Salmon replied, "Yes.'1 Gen Walker then drew his sword and formally surrendered, and was taken on board the Icarus. The Delta says: "Walker and Kudler, after being delivered over to the Honduranians, were heavily Ironed and placed in dark cells, aad no Crscu allowed to communicate with them On 111th of September the prisoners were Informed m?i piocui u lue eucuiion or even allowed to communicate with him after bla capture An American, however, who wai at the time In the town of Truxillo. witnessed the execution, and afterwards assisted at his burial, the ceremonies of which were conducted by foreigners alone, the natives refusing to take part in them. This American, who is on board the Gladiator, brings with him a portion of Walker's clothing, and other memorials le/l by blm, which we presume will be banded over to his family. It is also stated that General Walker, before his execution, wrote several letters to friends in the United States, wblch were taken by Gen. Alvarez, and by hlin handed over, sealed, to the English commander, to be forwarded to their destination. Col. Rudler, Walker'a second In command, has been sentenced to four years' confinement in the State Prison at Comayagua The rest of the party, about 70 In number, were all permitted to return to the United States. Eleven of them, however, were sent bom* by way of Havana Of Walker's capture on the Rio Negro we have the additional, front an authoritative source. The parly sent up the river was under the immediate command of Capt Salmon, of the Icarus On making his appearance, he asked for Gen. Walker. Gen Walker tbeu stepped forward and nid he was the man ?!J- -* * " Fcbthss riom Homi'im?Captckk and Ex cctiox of Walkkk, Ac.?The New Orleans Picayune of the 2?th ult , says:?"The British steam s!9bp-<>f-war Gladiator. Capt Hlnckly.before reported at the Pass. arrived at the Quarantine Station yesterday afternoon, where she atili remains, with moat of the party sbe brought up on board They number Arty-seven in all, and art* in excellent healtti. Two of them, Major Dolan and Capt West, came up on the Charles Morgan this morning. The Gladiator will be up with the rest in the course < f two or three da vs. The detailed report of the party on board the Gladiator add* but little to the information wealready have. Gen Walker was shot at 8 o'clock on the morning of the 13th, and buried the same dsy in the public burial ground None of his friends A _A at - *? - Petersburg, Va. cloudy, warm. Norfolk, Va ..cloudy, pleasant. Raleigh, N. C cloudy, 71? Wilmington, N.C stormy, rainy. Columbia, S. C cloudy, cool. Charleston, S C raining, 75*. Augusta, 6a cloudy, damp. Savannan, Ga. cloudy, 7S3. Macon. Ga. cloudy. Columbus, Ga ........raining. Montgomery, Ala. ralninjr Jackson, Ala raining. VftOM TBS WIIT. Frederick, Md clear, warm. Hagerstown. Md clear, warm. Cumberland, Md fogKV- damp. Grafton, Va cloudy, warm. Wheeling, Va cloudy, SO1. Parkersburg, Va ...cloudy, warm. Cincinnati, O clear, pleasant. Cleveland, O clear, 61?, wind 8 Barometer at the Smithsonian at 7 a.m., (corrected for temperature,) 30,199; at noon, 30,190 Thermometer at 7 a. m., iW ; at noon, 07-?. Maximum during 4? hours andlng 9 a. m. today, 82'; minimum 61*. j i oe rraigoauon 01 Acting Miasmpman J A. Comstock has been revoked. Mails mox Charleston to Kky Wmt ?The contract for carrying tbe mails from Charleston to Key West has been awarded to the former contractor, Mr. Mordecai, whose bid was for ?40,000,0U0. He has heretofore received ?60,000,000. This does not Include the transportation of the Havana malls; for such he Is to receive the postage on tbe foreign mails, in addition. Rxmovxd ?Mr. K. J Laskey, of Missouri, ha# been removed from clerkship recently held by hlin in the Bureau of the Solicitor of tbe Treasury Thk Wkatbkk.?The following report of the weather for the morning Is made from the A mm loan Consolidated Telegraph Line to the Smithsonian Institution. Tbe time of obaerratlon Is about 7 o'clock. Octobir 3, 1880. Burlington, Vt clear, calm, 40?. IS--W v ork, N Y clear, cool. Washington, D. C cloudy, wind NF. Richmond. Va. cloudv. ??? port for duty at the Military Academy. Hospital Steward James Howl * baa been assigned to duty at Ringgold barracks. Hoapltal Steward Win. W. Webster baa been assigned to duty at Fort Lancaster. Naval OrrtrsR* Orpkrkd.?Surgeon Wm. B. Sinclair has been ordered to the receiving ship at Philadelphia; Lieut R. II. Pe^ram to command roast-survey steamer Bibb; Third Avistant Engineer H. Faj/an to the Richmond; Lieut. D D Porter to relievo Commander James Alden of the command of the coast-survey steamer Active, Western coast; Lieut Commanding J. M. Frailey, Lieuts. J. M. Bradford, L. A. Kimberly, and J. S. Skerrett, to the bark Release, at Boston, to report on the luth Instant. ? *? ? " * * " iuc airam noup or war Iroquois, Uommar,der Palmer, wu at Naples on the atb September, in which vicinity ?he would probably continue until afl'airs become more settled. Tbe itMm sloop-of-war Narratfansett, Commander T. A. Hunt, arrived at Valparaiso on tb? 4th of August, in forty-six days from the island of St Catharine's. She encountered much heavy weather and strong westerly gales on the passage. The s!oop-of-w;ir Preble having been placed out of commission, after an active and efficient cruise in the Home squadron, her commanding officer, Capt. Thornton A. Jenkins, has returned to his residence In Washington. Army Ixtklliokncx?Capt. John Withers, Assistant Adjutant General, has b?en relieved from ditty In the Department of Texas, and directed to repair to this city. Lieut. J. B. Hood, second cavalry; Lieut. G. A. Williams, first Infantry; and Lieut. Wisley Owens, second ravalrv. have been directed to rer i m* mt i nmm I WilHlNQTON MKWB AND OOUIP. I Naval Ixtklliqknck ?Tte flmg-sblp Suaqueh?nna arrived at Vera Crux on the 4th of Septeml oer, in 103^' daya from New York. InsVuctlona have been sent for her to proceed to the Mediterranean, to form a pert of the aquadrwi there. The board of officers appointed to examlM the tailing veaaeia of the Navy, with view to their converelon Into ateamera, have concluded their examination of the veaseliet Portsmouth, H. and Boaton, and adjourned to meet at Brooklyn yesterday. The aloop of war St. Louia haa arrived at Penaacola from the Spanish main, and 1? under orders to Vera Crux. The practice ahip Plymouth arrived in the harbor of Annapolla on Saturday last The acting mldahlpmen were landed, aiK^ the vessel Is to be sent to Norfolk. ?ru. ?A?? -il m ? Additional F?rdca Ntwi by the Berth ?ar?rtcaB. The foreign Journals notice prominently the struggle betwaen the civil and military leaders of the Italian revolution, and the subject la adverted to la several London papers Tfca Herald says the fate of Italy is Involved In the atruttgle between Cavour and Qaribaidl. Tbe Tlmaa abaai t'? that "both men mean tb* aaine thiag and are endeavoring to obtain the sm?e object, but Cavour recognizes dl thenltiea which have to be avoided, while Garibaldi believes he can rflie over all obstacles, sword In 9 *-? a * * % ? * - - nana uanuaiars inuumre svitem la admirable a?a1 n*t hia own countrvmen, but favour** Will be Indispensable to Italy as an antagonist for France and Austria." The aubmarine eable intended to connect Algiers and Toulon will be lauded at Minorca, to establish * communication between Algiers aad Pari* via Spate. ? * Caookta. Sept. 19?Garibaldi baa appointed Senor ^affl pro-dlrtator of tMclly Baran liremer will leave Naples on Thursday next. It la reported that Mazxinl baa arrived at Naples. Garibaldi will leave to-morrow for Capua. Tckik, Sept. 80 ?After the official publication* of Cialdinl's victory the city was en fit*. The illuminations were general. The Journal Armouia of Florence hits been seized, for publishing aa article Insulting to the Emperor or the French. Lamerleiere's defest will hasten the departure from Gaeta of the King of Naples. Thp f .nnXnn U?m M !> ?! ? -* 4 inn kurmpuaarm informed that a manifesto by the Pope, announcing his determination to withdraw from Rome, is already prepared. The Times quotes i Turin letter of the Pth, "if Garibaldi persists in attacking Rome while the French ana the Pope are there, the Government of Victor Kmanuel will repulse the attack, In concert with its alius, no matter whst may be the consequences." The same letter says complete anarchy reigns In ! Sicily, and administrative disorder at Naples. The battle of the 18th, between Lanio? iciere ' and Cialdiui. lasted six hours. After tiie battle, the greater portion of the pontittcal army capitulated. The foreign troops will ret;:rn to their re spective countries. Lamoriciere, with a few horsemen, succeeded in reaching Ancona. Outside of Ancona there is not a single pontifical battalion There was a vague report lu Paris that Napoleon would attena the imperial meeting at Warsaw. The London Times city article, dated Thursday evening, says:?"On the news of of Lauioriciere the English funds opened this morning at a further fractional improvement, which was upheld throughout the day, notwithstanding the near approach of the end of the Quarter. No gold was bought by the Bank today. The following official dispatch had reached Turin: Jk^i, Sept. 1"?Latnoriciere. with 11.(Mi m?n. attacked to-day the position lately taken by Cialdinl, at Castle Fldaldo. The fight waa abort but desperate, with the following resulta:?Tue junction of Lamorlciere's corpa with the remainder of hia troops at Ancona ia prevented; 6U1 prisoners have been made; atz pieces of artillery and a fl ig were taken; only the wounded, anion" whom was Gen. l'einodeni, fell into th? hand* of Claldini. The loss of the enemy is considerable A column of 6 (KK) men made a sortie from Ancona and took part in the tt^ht. but was compelled to retire, and Is being pnr-ued by the Sardinian troops The Neapolitan fleet ppcutd lire agaiiiat Aiiuuiia. The 000 prisoner* of war taken at Spoleto are Irishmen. The Sardinian Government wished the British ft* inister to take charge of and send them home, but he declined, saying hecould not repnrd them as British subjects. No foreign minister except the French had been ordered to quit Turin. Advices from Turin assort that a letter had been addressed by Garibaldi to Victor Emmanuel, demanding the Immediate dismissal of Cavour and Farini. He also demanded 30.000 Sardinian soldiers to garrison Naples. Garibaldi's letter Is couched in respectful but energetic terms The above conditions are specified by Garibaldi as a .11nt qua nun of good understanding between him and Piedmont The King immediately dispatched a note to Garitaldi, but its contents are not known. The Ministry will communicate to the Sardinian Parliament the demands of Garibaldi and request ita approval of their conduct Should thiaapj>roval b? withheld, the Cabinet will resign If Garibaldi's request is granted, the King will place himself at the bead of his army and march for ar t - .-Ntipm aiucn agitation prevailed at Turin. The Paris correspondent of the London Post telegraphs that the statement of an attempt on the life of the Emperor is totally unfounded Seventy-four Austrian vessels of war. mounting nine hundred guns, are ordered to rendezvous off the island of Ltzzia, in the Adriatic. The Austrian protest against the invasion of the Roman States had reached Paris Austria will not interfere at present, unless Venetia Is attacked; bat holds herself free to choafte her own time of attacking the revolution. Military operations in Syria would commence after the hot weatiier. Achrnet Pacha. Osmau Dev. and Mustapba Bev, who betrayed the Christians at Hasbeya, and Osman Bey, who commanded the troops during the massacres, were hot at Damascus ou the eth A mmAV tif?? * ? n - -A ^ " .. ......... vuncm ill run IU11 ^ouni l*Wsigny will shortly replace M. I houvenel in the Ministry of Foreign Affair*. The Paris Constitutlonnel given a cntegorlcil denial to the report tint the islands of Sardinia and Elba are to be ceded to France a* indemnity for the annexation of Naples and Sicily to Piedmont. Thb Piisci ijv Philadelphia.?We are in< formed that a committee of one hundred of our leading citizens have made arrangements for a grand operatic entertainment in honor of the visit to our city of Baron Renfrew. They have engaged the entire New York Company, and the combination will be the strongest ever witnessed in this city. The first and second proscenium boxes, together with fifty adjoining seats on each side of the balcony, have been secured for the use of the Baron, bis suite, and Invited guest*. The foyer, too, will be handsomely decorated for the occasion. The repertoir* of all the operas suns? bv the Troupe Lb* been tent to Lord Renfrew, who will himt?-lf select the programme, and the British Consul, Mr Cartwrlght, will telegraph ll from Pittsburg, so that there will bo ample time for careful rehearsals It is understood that the Baroa prefers this species of eutertalnment to a ball, and as this will be the only opera be will attend in America, It Is proposed to rival if not surpass the grand gala nights of her Majesty's Theater, when the Queen heraelf attends Kvery effort will be made to vindicate the claims of Philadelphia to being the must cultivated and refined < f American cities, and as this will be one of the most interesting events, both socially aad musically in our history, our citizens, we are confident, will demonstrate their appreciation of Its importance. Excepting the reserved Bents, the house will be open to the public upon the same term* as nn other nights, but we would suggest that if the committee should not think it advisable to Insist upon such regulations as are in force at the opera houses of London and Paris, viz , that none shall be admitted except in full dress, it should be understood that nil who attend wilt adopt that costume In New York the ball committee has formally requested those who have purchased tickets to appear ill full dress, and It would add much to the brilliancy of the bouse If uniformity were to prevail here. The luth of October has been designated as the evening upon which this superb entertainment Is to be given ?Pkiladtlpkia Journal,'29th. F*om Utah ?We have the Deaeret News of September 5th. Companies of emigrants were still arriving across the plains, all in good health, and large trains loaded with flour were fitting out for Pike's Peak. One train, which left Provo August 2?th, consisted of fiXly-tnree wagons, each freighted with from two to two and a half tons. President Brigham Young had been preaching sermons, from which we make the following ex "All the army, with its teamsters, hangers-on and followers, with the judge* and nearly ail tbe rest of the civil officers, amounting to some seventeen thousand men, have bean Marching diligently for three years to bring one act to light that would criminate me; but they have not bean able to trace out one thread or one particle of evidence that would criminate me. Do you know why ? Because I walk humbly with my God and do right, so far at I know bow. 1 do no evil to any one: and as loug as ( can have fhlth In tbe name of the Lord Jesus Cbrtst to hinder tbe wnl*M frnm toirtim ? ?- " -"c ?urrp ana aeTOflritg them, without putting forth my hud, I (hall do to 1 can aay honestly ?nd truly before God and the holy angels and all men that not one act of murder or diaorder haa occurred In thtacity or Territory that I bad any knowledge of, any more than a babe a week old, unUl after the event had transpired; that la the reason tbey cannot trace i>T crime to me." In another dlaroarae Brlgham Young expressed himself satisfied with the present abode of the Saints. He Mid: "I have lived nearly slaty years, and am ae* quaintrtd with many Mrtioosef the United States, somewhat acquainted with Europe, and bistorteally acquainted with many parte of tbe world, but, so far as I have traveled and read, this i| the beet country that we were ever i a or can bow find for raising Saints." Tbe weather has been very favorable for har vmnUK. ma uounuiui crop* bare ' tgn aafely secured. (D^eigbt hundred and forty-two both eh of dried fruit, principally peachti, arrived at Norfolk on Friday, over the Seaboard and Boaaake milroad. V?7"A man named Robert Wine ball, of Hater c unty. ??w York.attainptrdto Imitate Blotalln, but f?-H and broke hi* neck XTT- tfra Hnrdel!-Onnnlnt(hfiin'?Csllfon*lnbu4 bund, li J? ?t4, Uaa run ?way froia U?r % ... ? junn r. cibLtiSt reaMVlvaui* avnue. ooS-Jm* M,LUg^^fe-,^f^ogLV;JNMY! FANCY GOODS.*#. aAj I h*r? juat r?o?ir?i, direct from jEfeagSsaa&S. I* Al?Oj a fine uwrtmnrt of R&AD\* H^DE J sites# %aSbCs^SptiE manufacture of Boie' Ciothini. <*?* wpitfmiuuu I <jooua?v can aua examine our stoot before inakt'f tueir purchases elitewhnre. K very aitu-Le Will be | nold at the lowest market pn?e. WM. R. RILEY * BRO., No, 36 <enU?l !>turu, BatvMfi 1th and 8tb streets, oe 3 eolm Opposite Center Market. H MUSICAL NOTICE. AVING Been intiuee.4 to Aooept th? position of or*auist at St. Moysius Church la this city, tty I have determined to remain f'uriuj the enu-tfgj inj winter, and shall bo bappy to reader m> 7S* prufMwona! scrnooa tr> those who may require them. _ T. N. CAVLF1ELD? ProCtMor of the Organ, Piano Forte, J'L iFwkte .fiJBBtU 1 COE.NXK llTH ST. AMD PA. AV , Will reopen thia afternoon?having be?n closed tbe put two weeks for the purpose of vr r refitting, * o. The Proprietor* tondtrflMCB their thanks to their friend a and th?^CI LI pnb'io for their pant patronage,and so-1 licit a continuance of the earn*. uc3 MARK A P1BHF.R. Dry goods-dry goods; DRY GOODS-DRY GOODS! VV? have now in store a very large and well as sorted "took ( f Dry Goods, of ever* kind and quality NVeoordially invite all persons in want of Dry M-% 1- A- - * ?jrw * n4 f ?| ?/w?w WU ?/WJ MUU IWfl iVfi 9 an 27 tim Washingtox. DR. L1EBEKMAN HAS REMOVED HIS office and residence to No 469 Thirteenth *t, between Pa. avenue and F m. ??c 3 eo!2t* B~ ATCHELOR'S INIMITABLE HAIR DYE. aud a!1 first o ass ToiUt Articles. for ?ue at ? (BBS'S Wig, Braid. aud Curl Uanufaotorr, 342 a avenue, near 13th it. oc 3-*in STEAM POWER TO LET-TO CARPBSTEHS ASD OTHERS.-To let, 8 lo 15 tinr>? power, and partial tine of Circular anl Upright Haws, Sa*h and Moulding Machine, &o. Apply at Mount Vernon Factory. _ oc3-lw T NOTICE. HE Steamer Thoinaa ''ollyer will not make h^r usual tnp to Mount Vernon on JIT** Friday .the 5th instant, but will go on & " T itHi I SATURDAY*, the 6th. inataad, leav-^?"?* "" mg her wharfat lOo'cloek a. m nc3-2t* fMBBS' WIG, BRAID AND HAIR MANUll FaCTOR Y, 242 Penn. avenue, tear the eorner of Thirteenth street.?A very oomplete aaaortm'nt of Braids, Curls. Fri?ette?, Bandeana, to., now on hand; also, made to order at the shortest notice. Hair YVork repaired or taken in sxskaus. oo 3 3m mnR rm r usn u?i ? I J3 - ??*' VUA<? 1UUH IOL1 1U IkT/ I " Li 11< of the Heuderaon Guvda will )> nclit at thrir Armory, Htott'a Hall, on WEDNESDAY EVENING next, at h&if-paat 7 o'cloik. Evory meinb-r ia expeetod to be present, aa liuaintiaa ot importance will be brought before the Company. By order of CapL Hk.Hjkkson nc i-2t* K. PIGGOTT. Seo. rry?dempsev a otoole. 13 WED lilt U AND VISITING CARD ENGRAVERS, Imnortera of fine WEDDING bTATlONERY. wedding envelopes, the moat lieautiful at;lea. 50fi I? A A V o* ? ? IA?L Hull. K. A. Companions in regular (landing are cordial,y invited. _U J. F. I. MoCLER Y,S?o. 1 O. O. F ?ORIENTAL LODGE, No. 19 * ? The mi-mbe;* of thia lodge a1*# teuueateJ to attanl a apecial meeting 1 HIS EV EN1NG. at Hi o'clock, to make arrangements for attending the Mineral of our late Brother, M Chbiktiax Funeral to-morrow afternoon at 2 o'c ock. Alembeis of alitor lod<ea are fraternally in v.ted it Lojute bkaemer.n g. rygB? NATIONAL GUAR l),0?M PAN Y A, AT'1sf TKNTION.?Tha regular month'y meeting of tue oortis will l<e held in the Columbian Armory THIS (Wednesday> EVENING, at 7)4 o'clock Buune^s of linportanoo requires the pretenoe of erary member. By order. Capt. JAS. A. TAIT. BEN. P. LLOYD. Sac. U^_ Rk'fllTt ID L1AMTDI XT j >u<? uiiui ui any vuur ia lot territory is, or will be, In litigation. IO"ln Cincinnati, an Irishman becameangryat a darkey and broke seven or eight brick upon his head without doing him the least injury. The negro, who waa perfectly cool during the operation, exclaimed: "Struck away, white man?dia chile don't mind dem pcbblea no bow! yah!" v""*? MASONIC.?A utated communication of 9 Columbia K A. Chapter, No 15, will be h* d THIS KVENlMi, at7 o'clock.atOmiral \i h~. ? viauirudll^Q pfcaiaiuif. Up to the present time the Court haa bad bat aevea cases of any importance, and ia three of thoae the jury were divided. Everything ia now in the juriaprudence of tbla Territory. The Mormon statue*. which never contemplated the existence of minea, seldom apply, and there being no Congressional legislation. the public are like a ahlp at aea without a rudder. However, the court haa recognized the validity of the miner*' rulea and regulation!, and will adopt therr. <ia tbe law of the land. This decision baa given general satiafaction. The town of Geuoa for the past week has been full of lawyers, litigants, w.tnesaes and jurors, patiently awaiting their turn on tbe calendar. Almost * ?<??" "1 ?4 ?- -* ^ _ _ ... ft"'" "" vuiu wain* r*cr since leaving the Seuate One wai arresied by a deputy, but subsequently escaped. The VVilliammette Valley baa been visited by heavy rains, destroying a large portion of the wheat crop. Mixing New*. Tbe latest advices from the Washoe mines possess little mining news of interest Tbe United States Dlltrict Court has been in session lit ll?nmi 1 ine wnsior* It is probable that the two United Statea Senators will be elccted bv a coalition between the Douglas nr.en and the Republican*. Col E U. Bnkt-r baa received the Republican nomination In caucus, and will be one of the Senators, If there ia any ele<*tion at all. This is generally couceeded on all aides. Both Houses had adjourned till September 17th. As the stage passed through Cornwallis on Friday night, the loth, the Serjeant-at-Arms of the Senate was there with a posse of citixens, searching for the absconding Senators. The latter, on the arrival of the ctfl.-er. had taken to tbe brush, audscattered In various directions to avoid arrtst. Thev had all been ?tnnnini? ?? hi- ? ? I . ~J ?UV wvil?i?%) ?uipwi?* ring the Sergeant-at-Arrr.s to compel the attendance of the absent mem hen, and to call to hia aid whatever force it necessary. The President of the Senate It lion. 9. L El! kins, and the Secretary. Mr. People, both Donglas Democrats The Sergeant-at-Arms. to whom ha* been trusted the delicate task of bringing back the absconding Senators, la of the same political party. The Assistant Secretary and the Enrolling Clerk are Republicans. An attempt will be made by the Breckinridge men to defeat a quorum in the Houae, In order to prevent the election of Baker and Neamith This cannot be accomplished, and the want of a qnornm in the Senate will not necessarily prevent ih? election of Kiuucnu c&naiaaies ior CongrtM,) speaker: T cP. Patten,(republican) chief clerk; Mr Allen, (Douglas democrat) assistant clerk, and Mr. Leverage, (republican) sergeant-at-rmns The Senatorial organization of the Assembly wat regardfd by the Breckinridge members as an Indication that a Dougl it-republican coalition was already formed to elect Col. Baker and S. W. Nesm 1 tli United State* Senator* The Constitution of Oregon requires two thirds of all the members elected to ea< h House to krm a quorum to do bus*ness Upon receiving the news of the organization of the House, six of the Breckinridge Senator* bolted, and left Salem early on the morning of the 11th The Senate was thus left without a quorum, ind in that condition It has continued up to the latest accounts. Tlie names of the Senators wLs withdrew are Messrs Plorence, Monroe. Berry. McHenrv, Fitzhngb, and Shelby?the latter being a son-in-law of General Lane. A resoliitlor wa<i >? th? , w?i irj iiCtU yiPiuru | seventy-six bmbfli per act*. Theae eropa are produced on land cultivated for thirteen yean Senator Latham starts tomorrow with bis family on an overland Journey to New Orleans and Washington, passing over the Butte'fleld route to El Paso, thence going through Texas via San Antonio He has had a splendid easy carriage built for the journey, the Overland Mail I Company furnishing the requisite change of ! bors-a. There Is no State news of importance. The quadrangular political canvas* is progrewlnga tlvely, with no new Indications aa to the probable results I Oawsos." I News has been received from Oregon, ovetlpnd, by telegraph from Ageka, the Northern terminus of the Utah line. The Oregon Legislature met at Salem on the 10th. The House organized by choosing Benjam'.n Harding (a Douglas democrat, who at the last two elections voted for Mr. Logan, the re ?3, Mlngifte highadt point reacted during a period of a?^?* veara. On the 17ib a man rtaowd Waodstde. while digfjing In a bank near Weavaraville, found a piece of gold worth 98U0. On the next day while digging near the aame spot, he waa lnatantly ' killed by the bank caving in upon him L'pwarda of 935.000 are reported to bare been taken out of the Mount Ophlr chain. In Tuolomne, on the ?th inat I Major P- R Reading, of Shaata, haathla year harvested a Urge place of wheat, *t?4d1og fortyI live buanela t*r ?cr? ** ? *??-??* * '* ?* r ? 9 ? Fraa CalUtrait. nr?? I ' ?1 ~* Sa* F*ahcibco. Sept 18?The Mexican and Chilian rea'denta of San Franciaro, during the Ere~nt week, celebrated the annlTeraarlea of lextdfcn Had Chilian tndrmndeace from Spantab dominion, by taking a grand, firing suns, Ac. The wfftbfr has been extreraelr warm to San Kr.incUoo fc>r a week. the thernaam^r - ?in ta 1 r-m -s.1 IJ n"- ' ' *? Chtrlti Ltak'i Farewell U TtkMN. " For sake, tobarco. I I wonV4 do anTtting bnt die! Sv-?ut to mm%rU) thy rich perfume KChlneee art did ne'er prrtumc F o??e Tloteh?but tov? Fo the tfn&ltor tort of bora. Or for litMiii d^naU mftnt? Tbou'rt tbe onlv umlv ?n?nt!?? f*o aang l^mb. la ft:i!al lays, In the clden?gotten dayai ' Lamb? poor I*aat)tbe Doctor'a word All blaauvti fa^rrow stirred. Hp must leave bia darling quid, Br the lawa of health forbid Had be lived Id Goodwin's day,? Seen hla art take all away From hla Patkkt Pbk??id?a brand No Tobacco can withstand,? Seen from must and mould bow free Goodwin's make would ever be,? N ever bad the Doctor broke Tfaoae tweet Honda of wfeteh be spoke Gentle Ella, oa hi* bead Piling bleaalnps, woo Id hare aald " Goodwii, tbou'rt the c hewer's friend ! Twenty dozen plrase to aetul ! WANTS. WANTKD-A NURSE, who cat oorm w?!1 leoominemlrd. A^li immadiaMiy at No M Fi'it' (Ml >' WAN ?KI>-A fir.t r?lf COOI. Apply it Mm. F1T7.UEK ALU'S Board :af Huum. *o.47? Pa avenue. oe S St* %I7ANTED-TWO APPRENTICE!* to loam *? ti?? Toil makinc- App v No. 4TS Tenth at. went ?id?, between D and K ata. it* \J|7ANTED?By areapec abie Vimito.iSITl'A * ? TION aa wet nurae. Good refe-euc*a given. Apply at No. 204 Fourth etreet, l?tvMa K a-d L etreeta. It* 1VANTF.D-By a respectable girl, a SITU A"" TIO\a* chambermaid and nurt?, o aaaiat with washing and iromnr. Referenoee if required. Inquire at No. aouthea.t corner 13th a?d D streets oc 3 St* WANTKD-At No 4*4 K atre-t, between 5th and 6th it* , a WOMAN, to do the oooking. waahiiig.ironina. and ae*i*t at reneral houeew?< t of a family of three peraoes. German or enloioa preferred. Recommendations required?no ae need apply withoat Uiem. oo 8-tf WANTKD- By a youth. IK vara of ate, who writes a Rood hand aad it quick at Ik urea, ? SITUATION a? olerk either m a store or ia any active boMioese la willing to make himaell generally uaeful, and can furm?h the beet of referenoa. Addreaa K. H-.City Poet Office. oc 3 3t* WANTED?A WOMAN toattend to two rooM?, and who thoioufhlv underataada ?e w in'. Apply, on Tenth atreet weat, eaat aide, firet door above M oc 3 tlm IT A XJTCn A urvtran - * - * ma nn r.L>?n II' H rr. Ol III Oil HI III?, With T? modern sonvenifnc??, ulg%t d h?'v*fn 13th ?'id 2'th and F and I utreeta; for which a liberal rent will b? siren. Addreaa A and U., Siar Gfcee. oc 2-tf _ WANTED?Bj a reapeotable woman.a SITl'ATf HON aa oo-k. who Bcderatajnda her bnaiaeaa, and can come w?ll recommended. Non<? but a private family need apply. Inquire at the Star Offio#, Boi 1*?. oo >-2t* ANTED?A white or colored GIRL. thU oaa come well reeommrndad and ia willing to travel, can tenure a p?i manent ntuatioa with an office-'^ family by applymiuromediateiy at No. #* ? F rtrret. be'twoen mh and 18th ata. oc2-lt* YH7ANTED-A PLUMBER. Inquire at MYyy ER9 A McGHAN'S. None but a workman need apply oc 1 WANTED?By a respeotahle woman, a SITUATION a? wet auras, (iood ret'-rences given. Apply at Nq 711 II -.treat, comer of Fi rat at. eaU oo I-Jt* ANTED?Two good MILLINERS. None but the beat need apply. 8. IlELLr.K. 34 Mark?t !*pao?, ocl Botween 7th aud 5th iti W\NTED? H* a young rirl speaking Frenok, Italian and Engiiah, a SITUATION aachaia barmaid. She can do plain sewing ard draaa ladiea' hair. Plcast address Box 14, Star O&ca. ocl 3t _ \mr ANTED.?I would like to puroh*** the hail" of " tlif atock of a well esta'liabed Gr< oecy and Liquor More situaed near the Awnu*. If I oonld not a.:ree upon terms 1 might enter into an acrvalue nt of a per ventage on the gross amount of ?aleo. I have had ?igl t years' experience in the Ixisiacas in this city and am well acquainted with U<e trale. Addrtss, through the city Post Office,''Merchant oc 1 tit WANTED TO RENT.?The aubacriber wishes to r>nta FARM containing from 15 to to aoraa of good land not over 6 miles from Washington. The bouse must be in good repair and o-ntain a So at 6 rooms. For such a place as wou'd suit, a fair rent would he paid: and if satisfactory to all parties. I mifht ha, arldre*? by letter," I. V L> Box *33, Richmond. V*., st&ting lowitt rent.Mie of far*. nuirib*r or rooms in house, distance from Washington. lco., fcc._ ?e 29-4:? %*7ANTKD?To have rybod? know that they Tt ca.n find a fine and veil eelecusl "lock of FALL and * INTFR CLO THING, FUR NIBBING G<??>DS, HATS nnd CArS at the PaoaiM' Clothing Store, No. 460 Seventh ?t., opposite Poet Office. ?eg8 lm WANTED?A SITUATION, by a young man, a- porter inn grocery store, or acy other business where he can male bimealf generally nuefm. Apply Box 4. at thu office. ??3T ?t* WAN fKD-A WET NURSE, in good health, nf good hub:t?,and well recommended. Address to Dr GARNET T, Nu'th street, betwt-et E ami P. tea? 61 Wr vrnt. - ? ? * V 1 r.u?A ULfcKK.vbo i? acquainted with ? the citytrale. for a Jevr-lrv J-toia. Bwt of r*f?reneaa raquired. Add real T. H., No. 4, ftar OIM. a* 14 W'ANTKD?B> * ?teadj and iadu?triou? iuan, a SITUATION a* collector. Beat of rwonm ndanona ?ivt u. Addreaa M. C., ?tar Oftoa. iv 12-tf AMU SlliM EN T8. rjMlK GREAT PART V OK THK SEASON HE MEM H EH LAST NOVEMBER ! SECOND GRAND COTILLON PARTY of tha Metropolitan Clnb, Ho. L Thfl rr?(PrnKara Af ?W.. *-u- ' * _ ? .... *.- ??? \_/iuu u?ho pi^*s'ire in iniortn- | uit tlieir many fnoridi lhatthay will *ive?hau & aeonnd em d Cotillon Fart* at Th?r?'? Hall, J9 on WKl>Ntt?l?AY KVKMNG.Ootob*r3!.M They pledge ikt?inacWe? nailfcar tunalCaB nor expenae will bo ?pved !o maka thia tl?a *arj best pa ty of the nelson. Scbruedar'a oa al?rat?4 ootil on innaie hai t>m>n encaged Tor the occ&?i?a. TicktfU ? centa. adinitti-.* a gentleman and tad tea. Committee if Arramtemruts. Om. ( each, ??eo. Miller, Win. A. Chauncey, Benj. 1/each. oe l-3t* \IXON'S ROYAL AMPHITHEATRE, or Nihlo's Garden. New York, Astl*t/,*t London, and the Philadelphia a>ui Boiton Academes of Mtutc, i/n %ts vouinern i our by tlatlroad. THE COMPANY. M il* ELLA ZOYARRA. The rerowned 8en-ation Lvir Ksueetrienne. The SIX HANLON BROTHERS, The Mijhtj Acrobat*? THOMAS*. ALPRED. GEORGE, EDWAED. WlLI 1 AM, and FREDERICS. Si(. 8EBA8 f I AN, The Dashing Italian Equeetnaa. Mon< DUVKRNEY, The Man of a Thousand Form*. Herr CHARLTON. The Comio Aenal Stilt Performer and Daaoer. Mont,. DE BACH, The Kuuofttriiii Revolving Orbit Parformar. Mr GEORGE ROS9, , _ , To? Dating and Graoeful Principal Rider and Bridge Lea#ar. U? 1 a \f Lia nr ? d n m n.u no ?? xv n l/, Tne (re&: Hop# Su?pf nnonist, a 1ft Blondin, ftttcl Professor of ths Art Mft*i*tM. Mr. WILLIAM K1NCAIDK. . _ , The t*<t Genera! P?rio;mer tft the World. Master FRANK STARK. , _ The Renowned Doubie Somersault Thrower. Matter WILI.IK. The Juvenne Petite Kqueetrian, in hit Double Aotof Obstacle Leasing t>ft hi* Twin Po&iee. Mr. L. SAMPSON. , Tae Herculeftu AorobftUo Artist. The Troupe will be accompanied by the Brftee Band, led b* Herr Kopp. Tin vo^ld'e favorite, the Mar# Zai?i*. the taca. nation of 'questriftn beauty and intellic -noe. The beautful Twin Poniej. ??i?>d and Diamond A auperh start of R'ng and Tries Bors?s, ic ?p!ei. did condition,(Vesh and tiiorous, fta iftilroftdiai sftvos it the fatigue of traveling. AdouseioatO oenti; children under 10 ?a*r* o a* e and MrranU 2 eenu Swti ar? opvarad, and of a width to make tkem Mrfootly oomfortam*. L'?li*r? in attaadauo* The Company vill exhibit upoa tb? (round tor Mr of 12th street and Ohio avert;*, near 12th itr*tt bndce, on MONDAY and TUESDAY, ?th and 9th October, lata. I>o<".r? opttn at 2 aal 7 ; partormano?*>oaauM<raa atfcfraad >? y m y^ASHlNQTOW THEATEK. Sol* Lamm and Mmut 8 W. franm. WU ViU W-o. oa the night of THURSDAY. Norutan Ur. ..JOSEPH JEFFERSON, 3* % w roett withyoaptatfafaon. *)* * RBNr.EWf^ s _ Jc?t OpiaKD, rnoM N. ^ on. sir B. H. STINEJd KTZ, tS5 P? oj| Nwtu.Mi iauiL oft"?, r#0#hr#D. ll * CO1* I Ml wnwr of TviS^*e<S<k| I id rrMt wn?9, and PKhJ front I* ?? I. fci ooru. Vt!wl? Encli?h Mohw? and Hr<*?- I to lM HcK>??d *k?rt?, flower*. Olov. .t Sfe*wl B> raeriog. F%wh,} BUiicu, him* Mi Mi I Brows Sb**tinca. Twv?1iv|?.T?V* Li??*>?* I On/ ttock is 10* very rowp.?t?, fci-d wi C* H M on th? must ?oaumrn(Kl?ti r 'rmr __ ? TAYLOK 4 HUTTBIWH. f from fTAMHoiai I 4 i'ACKFT OF IfUifc*. 1 '"""38? 1 PBLP SOLOMOW^J^^ oc 1-Q A GKKKN. Aft A J^OTICE! NOTICBJI^NC'TICE !U J TW optaing of FRENCH WOODS, Um Ml I. Ttftdc, will be n.rt tfoatUy, il^unbtr Mtk. Tta I i*di? w> rifiBtiully umt*jW imW t*? poyi UM J??t MTlTOdl ? fTWIljUlS, I I?a iv k 9UU J4I Sd NuM SfNfco*. I FALL D* V 9O0D4 I E Ar? low rwMVinr utortmM of I Fuot u< *>(XMII of lk? latMt I i ifiw '! )tii n rn* ?r~? -TTf m I fnfilM! V?k??r OUuaMiM u ?nrtfl fr r?Mh \ Mvuf uQH, n??r?il I'taua S?Un kiuUi*4 * A rinoi, Ciot^mr Ai*l (\c?.k? m crwEnrt MW. irtNII < ! our AUOtlOB Room*. M Ninth oi.e duof ?b<iT? P?. ivnw. aa * ablaut Mtorfwt of *4<?a?*koid iwi KitokM#ar ! it are, coitpna.ut ia p*rt? . fc^. Hidrb axis. Rltmui aad WaaUUndt, I tdotoad*. w *rdrol'M, Looncaaand Chan, U?k| Md ctkar Tab>a, U katnota, I Glaaa. Ct'iM and Crocker* War*. I Catlarj, Bi.?i<r-j!atad Porta and Ppooca.di 'a Hair, Cottou aad tthuok Matlraaoaa. jjWT I Feather K<d*. Capou, Oiio<oU, aad AtaftiM I Tsssiiv- I ? >tt CLKARV k eUBFW. ArW I FUTURE DAYS. a I By A. ORKEN, Aa?UoBMr. I |7> SUABLE CORNKR LOT AT THE NITY I VAKB KAtT AT Atc^ON.-OL THl'RhfAT. Oat' bar 4th. 1 ball sail, >1 Croat of tho ?r?->lata. a? I ' 'oak p. m.. Lot No 12. t?qu*r# haviaf a M Kit on eortk D at'^i "7 ft*t 11 iaal??a, aad aa voeth atraat aaat is iaat Taa aala vul ha worthy of any oaa wiatiiaj.i-> pii-cha* ?rop?rtT ia A thataaotio of um citj,a? it will ba acid ?i|kMt it a. raaarra. Tit* good. Ttrea ca*k._ M?ho|U! a ad We nut ?of??,ChiuaaiMl llhii, I Do D'?m ?nu other BorMDi, Marbl*-U>p and other end f'fcndt. ? Thre* Paiated CutUc* Chamber Sete, one Marble- A top. V t Wardrobei, Waahtiaada aad Cane Feather Bed a, and Mattreae. China, 8'au, C'ookery and Stone Ware, J B aaee and other Carpets, A Cnekief and other Piowi, With a |uo?l lot #f Kitoben Requieitee. Term: All n>eu ?? anJ aader 9& oaek; ever 92i, a ' ed>t ofCti and 90 day a. for approved aueoieed note*. Marine iiatereet. I I?a d A. GREEN. Aaet. Br CLF.ARY k GREEN, Auctioneer*. k H?ST.EffiL.?n?14.ftrnWrXW. I I NO Oeiober 4th, at o'eloek. we will ?eX at M Positive l*l,k op VaLI'ABI f nuiLP- i in* Lor i* U*a*?BTowii. D. C.?Oa WEB I .NfcS*DAY AFT* K NOoN. 3d Oototwr. at *ajf put 4 (retook, we wiil aal'.ia Irooi i f IM rr*?u?aa. ?*rt of Lot 63. fronting 3' faat on the north aiA* \Vatar atr?*t. and ranninf tack 90 twt. batvaaa Jrffaraon am) Washington Title parfaat, and a*i? withoat rvacrva. Tenaa: Oae-Uurd < a?h; the reeidua le &, It aad U months, bwiM interest, eaoared by a daal ot W-u? ?T?'5-5abd t BLC.KV.tA I Bt A. ORKKN. Auctioneer. HH OI'fiKHOI.D AND KITCHEN Fra|ftr** ar A*c?o*.?'hi THl!Rl*DAY.the 4tflfc? of Octobtr. I (kali Mlltattk?rMM?BMof MrMM, I No. 270 bill* itr??t, ntzt to Ua aoraar at JftaL* I at 10 o'oleek a ?.. aa exoellaat assortment ef far- | mtur*. ?i?; u; (uua ! ! ! W?fT MO MUC WMt I ait??tod it got>4 n?tf fefeorfeood tad feo I ji( improvise pvl ofihe crtf. 1 Term*: Oiif third c%?h; ii>? r??ida* in 6,12 i It moDtbi. b?onn? ir terofct, ?xd secured bj a d**d I of tm?t ob the preniiMj. i MtN WALL* BARNARD AnoU ET jN CON?Eql ENCIt OF THE RAJN. t the above ii puat?on*<i l? WtD^b^DAT 1 AFTERNOON, 31 iciL,?ftiur b??r. _ 1 oo I WALL A BARNARD. AaoU. A By BARNARD ft Bl'CKEY. Auetionoon. I | tftorfilvmi. ti. f ~ atrcat, oa the BifMa of Gcorgei^'wa^ 5 C-, ' kit I Xcal'.eLt Hoaaahuril Fun.itare and FiNU, o^r. I KlSoJ my S#ring and Hiir wtt Parlor Kat, ton I iitiDf of 9ofea, Side. Roektr, and Caatur I B'hmi, ingrain and Bt*f Carpata, I Mirror, Marbla-U?p Tablae. , Curtain*, Cormo?, Shade* atd Fixture*, Mahogany Dicing and other Tablae, no Map> and C ,ttage Bedaaada, Do l)raM Bareau* and Ward'ohae, Exoellcnt FeaUer Bad* an* Carlad Hair aad Mack MlttrOIIO T , PilijW*. BoieUra and Bedding, Waafestanda an ' Toilet Hau. Wood and Cat,* scat Chain and Hall Oilaioth, cfngcator. Cooking and other Store*, Wits a food aeeortmant of K itchen FaroiUr*. I trim : 9 u> caah; o ar that etnoaat a credit of l CO and Oar*, for approved endorcad notaa, bear i tag interact. BARNARD 4 BUCKtY. AuoU TUI8 AFTERNOON ? TO-MORROW Bt WALt ft BAINAKD, iMbwan. I GOODTHRBB STORY AND ATTtC BRICK C Rom oa Sixim. itTwiin M ana N ??. & Robtb, ax A tenon.?Ob MONDAY APT BR- W IOON. l.t October, at 5 oolcok. we will aalLia 1 lront of the prcwiaca. Let Ne. 9. m MuaraiM, fronting fact inchea oa Sixtt atraat, an jH nine back 91 feet in?li*a. between M.aad Wooisa cloaks. KootUuTBcvb, I Tieki.Bc, Cottoni aad Shsstia?s, I Maa ib CartaiBS, Brooateilss, *e. 1 A la?ws assort?*a? < ' Miinnsrj Goods, I Pioswoojoa Blaafcsif. frsrs^A^As^ ^ ^ I TofsftTsr with a csasrai assortment of s??k Goads I aauaKy kssttnarsui D'T Uoeds gtora. V Tbs sal* will bs ovntinned from 'sy to dar a BUI m tfes sat) rsstosk is disposed of. T^rw g^||| coVif ' CLKABY A GEKEN, Aw&ks. I Br BARNARD * BUCK FY. Aaetumsers, I (hrr?'?M. D. C. I EXCELLENT HOU8KHOLD PXRNITUiK I 1 a *m> Lrricrt at Arcnon.-Ot MONDAY I ohiKM.No, nth lost.,*t is o'eioek, ?s will ssll, | H tH6 r6lld0A?ai flf H W T?tla? ?- ? ... ... amum hikm, we shall Mil, in mn? to su.tfSffia Corporation of Washington Ri* ft CmU WaarUwlV (Hook.. Tumi out. 008 d J. C. MoGUltB 4. CO.,AMt?. By CLEARS* * GREEN. Aaetionaera. Auctio.% sale of stock or dry Good*. 4 c-Oa PAil'RUAY MORNING, Octuimm 6th, ooitiiaercici at .0 o'oivok, ws wi.l ra I, at aabiie aaotton. the emir# stock of Dm Goods, to., of F. T. Maddox. Ke? . at No. Mi south hJ? Pennsylvania a?eaue, bstvMfU a*4 l<Hh striata, ?impriiint? Fib* Dress Silks. RoIim. Bn iiaata, Lawns, CJhahiea, Ca?hme-ea, Popins, K*r*fee Giag hams a:.<1 Ca.iooas, Tab:* Li?as. Brown aad WhiUlh?Uf. I uls. Cansbrios, . , 1 oo'.a j, Stella and oth*r Shawls, I Lineays, Jeaas and Domeetioa, Silk, Caaabrio aad Cotton Handkerchiefs. I Ptaaaaieofail kiadearddeaenytioee, I Hosier*. Gloves and Ribands, i.aeea. I Braaa<1 Injur, t a-p?u. on Cl. tfc Lr^klM ,Wlt4?w8toJw. ? , u<l VU-MM it?d< MattrMM*. B?Wt?rs and Pillows, l>in'-Qg lod (?th#r Titlei, Toilet CUM. ei~. KM Kltch** funwta,**. rLu.uuis.^r SLL? b?r|?( mUrttt n?K? ? ?* _ J. c MeGnHK * CO.. j..b NoGLIRE 4fc CO. Asotioniwri. fJORPORATfON or WASHINGTON STOCK iVtMA2TCr?-5k?H*A* A#KRNOON. IfOkl Of oar Amo T11T ImTi'' ^ ' ?" ?f ?*?>? It \*i?? ?,? H>f U iM, lndotcB ?!.< and Futj ?.one?, Twmwwi*' Rlbu"w? 4?. J*!""* WAI.I, A BAKNAKD. Aao'a. \ * On.. AimoMwi Korintu and*I,"7f???!.* * IOt * ITXc * *" T ript cmji ?'* wall * ?amnabr*. ami. ?' ^WN \W g. AirtiuiHn DONKEY'orOVF9 !ND mkvuoowat THt;an?AV MO KM**. I ? ? AOOnON 8ALE8. Br WALL * HAR.NARD. AlcIioMmi. i STOCK op A FANCY STORK AT A?cric?F. I OnTHl ArDAY .H'^ SING 4\ ir? t. v? will * !: m tki?tor? Mar lU * ? m of R. tod ?tt t id* yj S.veuta th? ftfe *io*k. c,>u.p ... I i??? CoiofOM F.ttrMti. P^rfmnM ?n-i

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