Newspaper of Evening Star, October 18, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 18, 1860 Page 3
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"local news. Tbnrjfh Taa Sta* la printed on tbs fastest r.mao press In nse tenth rf Baltimore, 1U edition Is iukr|f u to require It to be pat to pvsas at an aarly boor; Advert'semrnts, therefore, should be sent In before 12 o'clock in.; otherwise tbey may not appear until the next day. Notici?District of Colombia Advertisement* to be lnaerted In tbefiALTMoaa Sunare received at tad forwarded from Tax 9tas Oft*. ' , " ?XNfaartsa o? th* Ds*ocaAT?c J\ri?os Associate*?"How to aAisi rai Wtn"-Wfo "9imt<?"-TlKr* wn a apeelal meeting of ibis Association held last evening, in accordance WU& a resolution paased at the laat regular meeting on Moatay algnt, calling upon delinquent members to come prepared to liquidate the amount of tbeir Indebtedness; and also to have all the mnhlin, thoer In "good and regular standing" as Wfll as delinquents. advance the'sum of fifty cents Tbts tbe Chair stated to be necessary, in order ts discharge a debt of some f200 now standing against tUe Association, and meet tbeliabWttaaaf ifcstsw r?malBin<r w^fki af th# ram n? I on After dlaruaaiag virion* propositions, e?rb of wkM ww wfrd by th? originator n the mart expedient and practicable for raiaing funds aufIclent to relieve the Aaaeeiatlon from lta Snanrlal embarraaament. the A?oc:atlon IInatty eonctuded to immediately open a auborrlptloti list, to which all abonld be Invited to aubacrlDe aay amount that they felt tbemaelvta able to give. Mr. Bop*' Uien read the seventh aection of tbe ceaatitutlou of tbe association. providing for tbe elertioa of honorary member* Ttata aection providea that any gentleman being duly nominated by a member of tbe asaoclation. and receiving a unanimous vote, ahall be declared an honorary member of tbe snma upon tbe payment of tbe s?n of 96. tbe amonnt of initiation fee. Mr. Hopo?Mr President. there are gentlemen oecnpylng high positions In tbe Government,who are not member* rf this association. but wbu would fael prottd In being' oMtitut-d honorary members, aua would wuuniriy comoiy wuu tLie r^quirriitents of the constitution In that Aspect. It ttlere names were proposed here, and they be elected u itch 1 am sure, air, that when caned upon they would aot hesitate a moment to pay the %5 required 1 will, therefore, art the wheel In motion this evening by proposing the name of a gentleman who is rot a member of this r-wciatlon?who It la not likely would Income an active member? but would take pleasure iu being constituted an honorary one I will guarantee the payment of lit* iaitl ?tlon fee | propose the name of Philip Francis Thorms, Commissioner of Patents Id rapid succession the following additional Barnes were proposed: Dr Tboe Tail. Postmaster General Holt, Henry St. Ueorgs Offutt, chief clerk of the Sixth Auditor's o?. e a n?itr ?-- i icuiv ui iuuncy. Mr Hope ?We mi^Lt nominate each member of tbe Cabinet I do not think any of Itiem would refuse to pa v. Mr Rnwll.-Tet, Mr President, a very good lira I nominate the Cabinet (t.augbter ] Request them each to pay Ave dollar*. Nva>iuat;ous continued as follows : Mr. Clements, cnief clerk Po*t Ottr-e Department; Horato Kins;, Ftr?t Assistant Postmaster General; SamnelShugert, Ksq., chief clerk Patent UAm. The President.?Not so rapidly, gentlemen, (Pause j Secre^T?Now go ahead, gentlemen. Mr 8osaell.?I nominate Mr. K. M. T. Hunter. Several voice*.?On, no. The I'reaideat.?Ob, no, Mr Rtmell, withdraw that propoa;tlon Mr. Hunter baa been engaged ?aru?atly In the canvata during the c&uip*lga. iird 1 don't think It would be right to tax him Mr Russell ?Oh. of course, sir, I withdraw it. Nominations continued?George C Whiting, Commissioner of Peiiaions; Jos L Wilaan. C>n?tmlssloner of the General l.and Office; A.N. Zeverlv. Third Assistant Poatmaater Genera!; Mr. Fuller, Fifth Auditor; Win. H Donnelly, A. L. Mclntyre, C 8 Patent Office; Capt O. C Ordeman; Mr Smith, chief clerk FiAh Auditor's office; Cbarleaa K Mix. Commissioner of Indian Affairs; John P. Sullivan, Esq ; Philip Clayton, Assiataut Secretary of tbe Treaaury , William DeKraft, chixf clerk General Land Office; Moatt JveLlev. chief clerk of the Interior Department. A Voice.?.You don't get anything out of him. Mr. Holleban ?Mr Preaident, I think we are carrying this tbi"g to* far Men are being nominated here who do not belong to the party, and I thin* It is very wrong to act in this way I am tvppoa^d to electing any but thoae who are known to oe d cm or rata Mr. Cook ?I nominated one or twa; but I don't vouch for their politlca. Mr. Rttweli.?All I nominated I vouch for Tb? Prealdeat ?Before the question U put on the rariojs Is well to know whether nil who hare been nomirioted are with us Mr. Russell ? i do, for my nominations That la, ttwv are all ofllce* holders. Tbe President ?That is not the question Mr Russell ?And they are democrats. I have not? doubt of their being lirecfcturidge democrat*. The President ? One gentleman present says ha thinks some gentlemen have been nominated who are not democrats A Voice ?Name them Mr. HoUohau ? DeKraft it not a democrat. The Secretary ?He is not nominated Mr. Hollohan.?1 so understood. Tbe Secretary ?His name has been withdrawn. Mr Hope ?Mr. Holluhao has said that a nuui ber of gentlemen have been nominated to-night who are sot democrats. I sbonld like know who they are Mr. Holloban ?Mr. Defc'raft was nominated; bat his name has since been withdrawn; ao I understand Mr Ccok ? I nominated him at the suggestion of Mr Mmray? I didn't say he was a democrat Mr Hope ? DeKraft says he is a democrat Mr. Heliobau ?I never knew him to be a demo-rat, and, what's more, sever siw b mat a democratic meeting siuce 1 bave'oeen in Washington, and I have been here no abort while I assure you. A nd I can aay as much about W biting Mr A B. Greenwood was nominated Mr. Spcoule.?Call him a democrat; Mr. Hollohan ?I should like to kaow bow Moses Kelly stands? Mr. Hope ?He says be is a democrat. Mr. J04 C. 6. Kennedy, of the Census Bureau, was nominated Mr Kitk ?1 think we are ruining this thing Inte the gru?ud W e are beggisg the question, lam opposed to having the Association going round ne^King in this way. Men bave been nominated ~h*r?, air, who sti'uk in Uiw nostrils of goud democrats Vt?, air, there are mm ou that list who actually stink. Mr Hope ?Who are those that "stink ?" Mr. Kirk ?1 do not wish to make It a persoual matter with any geutlmnan. I move the whole subject be laid ou the table 1 ne President ?It is the duty of the Chair to receive tite names as tbetr are announced. Mr. Kirk ?I vrlsh It distinctly undemood that I. as a member, am opposed to tiie whole thing Mr. Russell ?I make this motion: That the President. members of the Csblnet, and the heads of the different bureaus be requested to give $6 Several voices ?" Oh, uo " ?Mr Kusvll?Well, uot requested but oomioated as honorary'aiembers, wuleh is the suitie thing in effect?to bring oet the L>r Brodhead.?1 suggest that the list b? nad, and if any name meets with a single objection, tbat it be pvtsedover. Strike out allsuch without tequlriug the member objsctiug to assign aay reason Mr Kirk ?Thialhlng looks too much like levy U/ MtCI-MMI. Or Ursdtte. a ? i Itwnk those ^eotletnen holding hltfb position! tn Washington, ml receiving salaries, cecarieeTrt ?poo the tact-** of tfc? demorxatlc i^rtr, oiwii?Vi ceetribetr something, and Ifcli wo aid be gtvlag the? aa of porta* It y Mr K rk ? I wtH i*toi?(f^ton, with the peruiitrton of ??t>?rv whiffrl thlarwUl rnaet tne approval of msinbrrs of the Association I suggest that a cosnultt?? b? app^lnU-4. whose duty it shall be I* wait upon those g??j>tit?in?-u who Lav* b?ea jyuaiaau-4, ?bew then tbe ?ev. eutb article of tht* cviMtitutio*, and ascertain from ibetP whether they are Willing to besogie *** aoder tLat article If ao, at tor next uirettng tot ttoeo* be sleeted. A'u*I t. U*s way to t?t tb?r "derro* rae* " 4._ Mr Hoje.?i hep* Mr Kick wBl be appointed chairman *< **Ueo?>iulttee, ? r. Mr Rund| ? I do not eoiatter tbl* Ifclng aa at all romputee*> UiM* to pay the money T*T bav? tt>e privilege at dr*ttulag the honorlr tfa?y ptopA. A member -n Pi ? Jia*. I rip to.a Aoint ?>f order I >&oaId tffce to"Wow xf %aj luiu lot beea authorised to aowintfla Him men ?' taocorary I do aot think U is rlflit 0 to nominate ?nr genttmrair la thts association u.u-y be ?uttior'z^ aoiue one to do x> A ?Sir# ?'ft has ,NVM b?-'? (toot ?Vaa ord 1mr> tklotf.* - - 'TT SlIFM \it RumkH ?I do nut nar tronU-ia a to** ?nie u* Um u?eutioued Mr* to-aiglx U'jfelJulijrCt > Mr. J*b* H^art, SiMgerlatsadenl' of Tublir Pri:.U??, WaS J?o?iln*l?d. . g A Totof ?'Tkai * right Hl'f % fo?d mra." Mr Kirk ?Mr Prrtilert, permit at* to iu?ke a 3MCOQ -though I am atatd t pin ofetrudlaa *t upoa the eaurte?r and p?U*to-e # this ?T lion bv oeak'.n-' ao aflen i ... |Jk ' tui U* SMtvtary te c**r tU* l?*? ?f nomine*#, and If Ad object b* rjt*i a* tb* nam* 1a re*d, that aucb mun b? rut!?'d?red a* having b**n duly tl?cM ukono^v uirtilw ?* U?laa*aoctatt*n Bat if ifc*r? b, an ?oj*ct:*a Wt tb* qa**ll*? b* put la r^ard Vu ih. Biwnl nmtVO* H r n Juotdh ?I truat that will net k? d*- |0 the fl at pto^tb* name of no gentleman l?a* u*r? proposed bar* wbo baa b?en consulted In retard U> having his name go brfure the a mo ci*1o<i l id tlwrr niny I* prej.-dte* autlcient on U?e utM of a few of Aw manibrra ber* to vote 4ewu tT" nam* or names tbat U*?* fwpme* TUi? I wuid $?a?idw a wsouf? * " ~r" M ...... n outrage. I don't think the same of any frentlan?n has been aWer&i here *o-?l*bt who would refuse t?fiv?uK I mm HtMN that even Mr. Clayton, who teem* to he the mmt objectionable man whose name baa been mention* tt to-ni.'bt, would wlUinale pay the an. onnt I would guarantee the payment of n k by him ae aoon na 1 would that of any other. Tbe name of Dr. Blake. Commissioner of Public Buildings, was added to the list. The secretary read the llat of those proposed Dr Brodbead ?1 move that the financial secretary be rMUfftfd to Clll UDftii earh of thaf ifpn tl?n*i?; and that for bit trouble be be allowed a comcntnfon of tintMh. Dr. Kin# ?1 am opposed to electing men merely for the purpose of collecting feet from them. 1 think It would be well to these gentlemen loCoraaed flrst of their aloctlon aa honorary mmt*?e sa a aort of honorable distinction conferred upon them, especially; and then, after they had accepted, to have them comply with the provla lona of the constitution, whieb requires so much to be paid Into tbe treasury by reason of that honorable distinction 1 do not wish tlx> association te be subjected to the charge of electing men as honorary member*, fbr tbe mere purpose of collecting fees from theru. That is the only objection I have to tbe proposition. If gentirtBon can ?uegest any other mode by which the association can be relieved from this cnarge, I will withdraw the suggestion, wh'ch I now place la tbe form of a motion as an amendment to the proposition of Dr. I>rod head Mr Cook ?They are all good democrat*, and they ongh' to know that we want the money; that's the object any how Mr Kirk.?Most assuredly; that Is ostensibly the object, *nd for that reason i here enter my moil solemn prni<-? a?atn?i the movement. 'I be question being put na rotlntf on the earlon# name* eollecthrely. ft was carried; and subsequently all th se whose names had been proposed ;u.d not withdrawn. were elected. l>r. Brod heed ?I am glad they are elected. The* in better able to pay 95 than we are the regular dues Tf> question recurring on the motion of Dr. Brodhead, th\t the Financial Secretary be requested to c*U upon these gentlemen and inform tb'tn of their election; .inri that for his trouble he I receive t*n per cent., It was passed The Financial Secretary stated that he would taj^s great pleasure In waiting upon these gentle men; bat would net accept of any compensation. Mr Russell, of Ga., then delivered a spirited address, and was followed by Capt. C. C. Ordero-Ttr-?i man, ui uouiviuia. / Tn HILI AI?T> EvrRXTT AMOCIATTOS ?THAT STAJfPiDt TO THI " \Viowi*."-The weekly meeting of the Hell and Everett Club of tbia city wi< belt! at Tboru'* building last night. Owing to a r hancrc of th? nl?ht n/ th? waaIt ???< ing, and the brief notice given to the members, tbe attendance was not so large as usunl. After the transaction of preliminary business, gentlemen not members or tbe Association, nnd desiring to becoms members, were Invited to come forward and sign tbe constitution, an Invitation of wbieh several took advantage to become enrolled, i One gentleman, after signing the books, addbssed tb? Association briefly. giving in his adherence to the Bell and Everett cause, and enlarging somewhat upon matters of lnb rest connected with the pending campaign lie stated that though he had come into tbe Association at a Ute hour, be felt as though be was already an old in?fnber After speaking of the prospects of the Union nominees, ne indulged In a little good natured talk about tbe republican party, more especially of that portion of the rank and flic of Lint'olnites pertaining to the city of Washington He alluded to tbe rush popularly supposed tu be made nightly to tbe "wigwam'' sine.? the Pennsylvania State election, by parties of enthusiastic place-seekers, desirous of turning up on the right ! side for effecting their ends, after tbe Presidential election ia over, and compared them to a party of fell?*w? clamoring round a bowl of oyster soup, each determined to obtain a share of the invitlnv broth, but doomed, by reason of tbe bowl beitiif so uearly empty, to get nothing but the ta?t*-leM, stewed-to de?th oyaters at the bottom. They were like tbe miller's dog that would go barking round at any door for a bone, no matter how many I kick* he got by the way Tbe Chair stated that he thought It wa* due to the dignity cf tbe Association that a committee be appointed to eiamloe the books and ascertain what number of the members had joined tbe > vigvara." He did not propose to take any detnlte steps In the matter at a meeting *o thinly attended as the present one; but at tbe neit meet ing be should moot ths subject, aud c*ll for the appotutmei.tof a committee to examine and report the umi?* of all ? b* had gone over to the republican party, 1b order that their name* might be expmged from the roll of this Club. Some little discussion followed, when the Secretary stated, for information, that there waa an erroneous lmpreaaion prevalent at to the number who bad left and joined the Lincoln rank* He bad taken iomf steps with refe-enc.e to ascertaining the truth, and whereas, it had been supposed tu*t upwards of two hundred members had left tuts AsMciarion, be would state that so far as he had been able to ascertain, (and be thought his Information was pretty correct,) not more thin twenty-live members of this Association, out of the five hundred name* on the roll, had affiliated With that party; and of these twenty-five not more tfcan five had ever been active members of this Association The Secretary believed that this Association U day, was strouger than It ever had been before The Chair stated that there was to by a large meeting of tb** Georgetown Bell and ilverettClub to-morrow (this) night, at whirh Col Whiteley, of Maryland, and other distinguished speakers would be present; and that an invitation had been extended U this Association to attend In a body. The Cliair hoped tk~ members would turn out In large numbers and swell tte meeitu^. i uc iurctiu)t vucit awjvuiucu w uieci a^iia ntll Tuesday night. Caekibd to WahBixoToii?We noticed s few days since, the arrest of a man named 8)mon Myers, charged with stealing a quantity of cloth lng, the property of Mr W Miller, of Washingtoa.and hit subsequent commitment to jail t.? await the requisition of the President of the United bates It appears, however, from a letter from Diatrlct Attorney (>iild that ovi nv to the failure of Congress to pas* a law authorizing the President of the United State* to make requisition for criminal* escaping from the D!*trlct of Columbia into the States, he ha* no such power. Mr. Miller, however, withdraw Lis complaint, and Jostles Price ordered the discharge uf Myers No soooer was h* discharged than Er vrai taken In charge by officers liarrover of Washington, aud WarAsr of this city, placed on board the steamar ueorg* rage, ua carried if w aabtugtuo to answer toe cOarge ?Altramdrra itatetc. Myers waa brought to* tbe city end lodged la tbe guard-bouse laat night by ot&c?r Yeatmau la wbose custody be waa This morning he waa uken before Justice Donn for trial, when It apCred bv tbe testimony of Mr Miller and bts ther, that be and Myers occupied adjoining .room*. During the absence of Miller, Myers en1 tered LU room, took all tbe clothing be could And and also broke jfito bts trunk and stole frem it about four dollars to money Tbe money and olotblng were found upon him wbf?i arrested In Alexandria He was waa sent to jail for Court by Juatlce Donn ClBCOlT CocBT? Th* Contested Mayorilty Elir It on Ca?<?? Univd State* at relatione of Klrh.n1 VYallach agt James G Berret, Mayor of Washington. Yesterday application was mad* toy Jos H Bradley, Sen., Esq., attorney for relator, for rule to be served on Junes G Berret, respondent, to show eante why a writ of qno warranto shall not issue. Tbe Court granted tbe rule, and S*t | next Monday. ?2d instant, for the hearing. I \leears. Carlisle and Davidge appeared as attorneys for tbe respondent To-day, tbe Court is hearing an application by K.J Brent, Esq , of Baltimore, in behalf of Wm. H Gaines and' others, heirs of Beldlng, for ao Injunction against the Laud Office to prevent the Coinmlsiioner of the nine from cancelling their eatrr of title to the Hot t*pr?ngs of Arkantas, described aa southwest quarter of section 33, township 4. south of range 1<J west, which title thev claim under tbe preemption act of Congress of 29th of 1S3? Counsel for complalaaut R. J. Brest, Esq ,and for respondent Joseph S. Wilson, Cot*minton*-r of tbe Land Office On motion by Mr. Bradligr. Frank M Spencer, Ktq., was admitted as an attorney and counsellor of this court. Tax aaw Odd Pbllows' H ai l recently erected oa Congress street. Georgetown, by Corenant I-odge, No 13, will be dedicated on Monday- afternooa, the tfilh Instant, for which preparation is being made by the Grand aad Subordinate Lodges and bncampneuts of this city Tbf exercises will mnii*t nf A nSA/?<iaj*l/>n Af tlui w I ? - ? " "r 11 dedication aervicea, addrpast-a. *c , and term!ailing at night with a grand Levee at Kvrreat HaU It ia eipodrt there will be a Iw^e turnout n the ecasibrv and that the brethren of the <-mystic tie," and their female friends (and they tive hoata of them) will be prevent In large umbers at the levee ! I Dbtch Flow* Room ? M?n>ra McGuire A ?9 Lav? received several CM?a of genu*.tie Dutch tijbofia roota, from th?celebratea florist* VandrraritAnl i ?^-7 ? ? f , ?- ? ?t vv^MHiiin l c HO ICC TarW of dMbU aid stnute hyaclotba, tulip*, orocao, Ma,>?., Ae j ell ofwhictiv?m be aoId at auction on Frtdsy afternoon, October 19. at 2 o'floct. at the auclltm rm>?n?, tii loU to ault piy> cbaaera . ^ jf AaaivtD at Carter* w*arf (foot of Thirteenand-a-half atreet) acbooner W. H l'owera, Muucey, from Philadelphia, with 1%; tons of coal for Mr. T. 9. Butler / New TANCT aouM, of the moat exqiilalte at y lee, Juat received at Sierena'a, 330, betweea *b and UXk ???. ?t I RacatVkiao MILT, aevr auppilee of fancy good* of tttf latCTt atyirf, *ieYen?\ JX, between 9th and loth atresia. ?! I *1 * iaium *MC|i or new fkney gooda, Juat received at Btevena'a, 29$ Poan. WHM, M??l M P I I I *Jk ft, Ji * ** 0. , . # ,v ? ? i -* , MoMMtmun About MI (Uiipi FHH T*s*t t? DTmA fci. WmtJrimgtm'i Pttfi ?Mr. TbaMm Hyttt, who ha* town in this city for a few din part with a view to pro-; cut* from the Executive a postponement of tbe Ml* of the New York Indian reaerv* landt In Kanm, AroeltiDitlon 687.) on acmnr.t of ttve prraent i*artiitf condition of thf wtllm ih?r*. Ifove* thIt city to-d*y on a to>ir to tbe .?ortb to raiae fund* for tbe relief of the people of Kar.ass Mr. H . after hi. reteaae from the confinement Imposed upon hi an by tbe Senate for contumacy in rrf.ia'.ng to give information to the Senate committee regarding the llarper'a Ferry raid, went to \>w Yofk f?r the pmpoae of collecting from theagenti the proceed, of the aale of the John Brown photograph. with a view to their distribution a moo sat tbe ouaber. of hla family Having aucceeded In thto object be proceeded to North Elba, and atkMrd In pervon to the apportionment of the tnrmey On hi. arrival tb*re he vu waited on by m.nv" people-friend, and aympnthlzer. of tbe Brown f*wily?and incidentally mention waa made of piatol in the poaaeaaion of aome member of tbe Ihmlly Not having any Ides what pistol wit meant in the cautious remarks which had dropped from time to time from several persons, he made no inquiry about it; but at last so much was aald about this pistol that bo t>epMi to tax his mind in relation to it, and flcaUr it occurred to him that during the raid upon Harper *?' Ferry a descent had been made hy Brown's followers upon ttta residence of Col I^ewis Washington; that they bad invaded that gentleman's private armory and taken poasetaion ?f a pair of pistols, revolutionary relics, and of fnettlmable value fa the Washfcjgton family on account of their having been presented to Gen. Washington by l.aft\ette Further Investigation Into the matter ?#nvinced him that the remarks bora reference to this same pistol, tbe fellow to the one that had been recovered from tbe Insurgents at Harper's Ferry. Mr. Hyatt expressed his indignation at the fact of Col. Washington having been tbue pillaged of a valuable family reminiscence, in a most emphatic insuncr, niu ^avr me iamuy 10 understand icai whatever the object of the Invasion Lad been, there wai no excus* for taking advantage of their position there for purposes of plunder. Having discharged bia mind of the matter, he left North Elba and proceeded to Kanitaa On hi? return, ne stopped over a day or two In Cincinnati, ana while ther* a stranger atepped up to him in the street saying, ''Hyatt, have you got that pistol yst,M Having forgotten all about the incident about the piatol at North Elba, Mr H could make nothing of the inquiry, and the man ref rred to what had been said when Hyatt was last at North Elba, and informed him that he would find Col Washington's pistol at his bouse wben he got home. Mr H proceeded to his house in New York, and sure enough found that the weapon had been enclosed to his address in a mysterious box, which bad excited no little apprehension in bia household of ita being an Infernal machine, containing any quantity of death dealing missiles He then hunted up the published accounts of the John lirown raid, and at i?u*iii saiTteuwi in nnauikC address ?r Col Washington, and gave orders to have the pistol immediately sent to iu owner, lie then name on to Washington, and the day before yesterday received a letter from Lome stating that Lis orders had been dnly executed, and In all probability ere this writing the pistol has been restored to Its filace among the revolutionary relics of the Washngton family. CosTBisurtoxs for Syria.?The ladles vrbo accepted the trust recently committed to tbem of making collection* in this city for the relief of the sufferers In Syria, have gathered up forty bundles of new and cast off clothing, consisting of nearly four hundred different pieces, and garments for met*, women, and children. In addition to them tliey have collected several pieces of domestic I cotton, bleached and nnbleacued, also pieces of calico for women's and children's weoriug spI Darel. (one nsrkai'e of wliirh rnal nnt loan tl.o.. I twenty dollars, though purchased at a reduced [price.) also several counterpane* and bed-comj lorts. The if's filled two large dry goods boxes. Thirty nine dollars In money Las also been received, which will be forwarded to Beyrnt to the care of our consul?the State Department having kindly secured its transmission in their regulat dispatches to that consulship. The two boxes of goods have been transported to Boston by Adams Kx press Company free of charge. Thie Revival.?There appears to be much Interest manifested in the religious meetings at I be charcbes where those meetings have been protected during the past two montLs Yesterday morning Rev. A). A. Shermer, of Baltimore, preached at the Ninth-street Methodist l'rotestant Church a sermon that excited a great deal of feeling fnthe very intelligent congregation assembled there At night he again discoursed, mainly alining to Impress upon the minds of his unconverted hearers the necessity of speedy action upon their part His text was the parable of the sick i m BII srirl tha luainraM A ffo? <4 - " ? ' ....... >U? xi*m-i ?uc uiscuuT so, iuc i r* mainlng tltue was spent iu singing and prayer at tbe altar At tbe M E. Church South, Rev. Dr. Gibbons delivered an appropriate discourse; after which, the service at tbe altar was resumed, and one conversion was reported. At both these churches the meetings will be continued. Raxsom ov a S*la>-k Girl ijc Wakhijiotos ? The New York Post of yesterday says : "We learn that a meeting will be held at Plymouth Church to-night, to raise funds to complete the redemption of a fair complexioned slave girl in Washington Charles U. Van Wyck, member of Congress from the Tenth district, nas assumed the responsibility of her ransom, and this meeting is fi r the purpose of assisting In the enterprise. Odd Fellows' Hall ?Tc-nlght will present a line opportunity to the lsdies for visiting the entertain meat to be given by tbe original Wood's Iftnitrelf, who have made themselves so popular amongst the rsaned portion of our cttiiens Their enlevement Is but for three nights. niniwinMitlv those who have nut aeen them will do well to I Improve the present opportunity. A fine bill la to be given to-night. Pm is tbi Fiest Ward.?The stable of Mrun Morjjau St Rhlnehart waa fired thU mornlug about four o'clock, by aome vile Incendiary. Fortunately, the employee at the cu works discovered it before much harm was done, and by their tft'ortf the lire waa extinguished. This 1* the accnnd that haa qccurred in this locality within the paat few days. Cun;t scwaethlng be done to stop this work of general destruction ' Niw Casks rot Pamphlet* and dncrnkxt*. Messrs Philp A Solomons send us specimens of a n?w and improved ciw, which they hsyegot out, made in suci> a manner as to exclude the dust, which wo cordially recommend for holding magazines, speeches, and other loose pamphlets They ?re manufacutred at such a price as to suit the bi UUtiU. CxMTEAt OtT akdhovsk Basis.?Sarah Smith, colored. dea<l drunk; tine and costs, Si 15. Simon Myer, theft; arrested by Yeatman; held for trial. .EUen LIndsey, colored, arrest by Glnnity: ruled for trial before Justice Barnaclo. Seven lodgers were accommodated. Serious Cuakqi ?This morning E. F. Vowels was arrested by Detective Officer Allen for obtainllior nriABAV 11 n<iar tmm *an??aa>< r*t<Ama U - ' p. ..nwwj x MWV> (I? W(l? hd4 to bajl tn WOO for f?rth?r hearing by Justice Dona She Notics In another column of Rteblaon 4 ; Co.'s removal and opening of a large and aclect | strw-k of staple and fancy dry goods, at So. Market space. l.ADitt and gentleman, tbe only sewing machine worth buying Is Grover 4 Baker's It has . b?-en thoroughly tested for years, and found want? in? In n > particular Examine it carefully before miking a purchase. We explain with pleasure tbe great advantages and simplicity of the ma chine at Stevens', 336, between Ninth and Tenth atreeta. 7t LaDIES. the extensive Imnrnmnumti In rav <?? ! bring now complete in every department. 1 shall ' use every effort to keep my stock well assorted with the most choice goods of the season, and offer , the same at the very lowest cash prices, and one price only. Call at once and Judge for your- ' aelvaa. 71 J tmM vour bouneU, hats, ttaU, ribbons, French : flowers, feathers, dress trimmings, embroideries and real lace* go to Stevens* fancy store. 336, between Ninth and Tenth streets. - 7t 9tcvk3s, sole agent in thin city far the pelf brated G rover * Baker ??wing machines, IS*}, be-, tween Ninth and Tenth street!. Price* fruai 8M to $150. , ; , i ' ft Sriviss' dress bats for lidl?re exquisite l>? It once to see them, 33C, between Ninth and Tenth , , . , / 7V.J I To *n* AmirTK?!-B? sure to rwul the advef- . tianms'il id Mel.saa's tttrangthsning Cordialand < bloo4 Punier, in another oulunin. tf 1 M*<?. WiN*Low,an experienced nurse and female ! evatciaa; das a S?otA*?t Syrup for Ch iMrtn Terik I. wtiioh ureatljr facilitate* the proeeas orteethtnf 1 br aaHtntnc the sums, radioing all inflammation? will alia* all pain, a;,J is sure to rs#a!*t* the ' bowel*.-' Menu upnn it, mothers, it will Everest to yasraeivaM, and rahef&nd health to your infants. r^riwity eaf* ?n alt earn. 9m advertisement in n?Uw ootBTBn. . * -/ -o? IJ-lfl buekikdt t*~ { 'At tlie Church of th? Epiphany. on the ICtlrinet., t Dr. UCNUY J. ttARRB TT.ol Marion, Va.,a?d Viae GRORGIE M. DERRICK. jnunieKdaWh tor of Ueiaie VV. B. Derriek,ol Wellington. * DflD, ' . On the 18th instant, ELLEN P. MINOR, * ib of, John Minor. a*ed 44 year*. j Her m<nxle are rMaeotraQ; invited to attend he (unerai, on SUurdaT.ahli instant, at SJh o'oloe*. 'irar.? *" j' N?-"? y-, tL?o rHH8. to wh?h your vtonti"*) it of1 j WAKT8. WAifXfe0- r7 * re^f*fi'*Wi *om*n'? SI+T" V . ''QSl1, mwAl- If. W?rV and *iOn*f. . 9* sroiiit. !>#tw?J'i Sth ?na 6th streets. It* WVTnPriffv*"jHuUhK ??n ?d womm. * or"1 UATION M Iiu'-an *:d chairlMtrmitxt. R^wenje, if r*quire<i ! quira at No 334, ?njihV ??t cmw 13th and 0 >t?. oc18-n* W'WT A W I'f T\ a oi*yn*? * r*iI,\ ft ? ?_ j iiy an bir-n \ oiwmcrmsiu ? or nana, by a r?ap*eraU? n?<>riean girl, who fa* ?*v*1 fee ?merdt!iT". P!ea?? addre?i Box No. la.Btar Office, and ?h* wi) *all. oo l??t V|f AWTED? A oomprtpnt oloml NUR*K?"n? '? that Orrtundi ??win?\ Non? need a?ply I>ih on > iMaMiive the h?m raforoneet aa to oh***oi. r Call >th<>. 10 $quaro It*. U/ANTRD-A MAN and WIFE, or a ? ? Woman, AMMlOIIMJ to Kit IM dMti*a ?/ a dairy farm, * neat coita^o wiIM.e fjrni h d. A ft l?|T?t the n^ntfnM of Mr. El.T.KT, on the fTctiT# of O*or??town. oc 18 at VVA>TFD^A roo<l C(HikT^\VASHKR7-?n<J ?1' l?0*K.R. Mn?( h? an American, German. Knghaii or Jtcotah w<.inan. of good eharaotar aid indijiUrioua babiu. Apply at No. 6 Four aad-* MM! 81 WANTF.i>? By a re*p stable, ?tea4> woman* ?t:oMnl>n?(( the he >4 reormimenidAtion*, a, S^TCATTON as plain eooV, in a private family either in the Fust Ward or Georgetown. Apply at No. K etreet. between ?l?t ar<1 2Jd nt?. ?t* %*7ANTKD-A firrt r*t? WA*II W'OM A\,V>db .the light washinc and'efcamherwo-k of a fam il? roaidink' on the H'.ght* of Georr'town To a competent one a permanent utua iuu ard $1 prr month will he ji^er.. Apply at Tudor Place, on Coflgr^Mjt, Georgetown. or '? *tt* A YOUNG MAN, now employed in a New York hmtse in the capacity ora?i*ta"t bookkeeper f?i? vwii-vvw. wvuiu IIII- "? ninain 1% Rimimr S1III9tion in WaaMneton Can furnish the best r?rommerdationa from Km prt'fut eiuployerx. Pi a-Mro?? \f\ a. SMI I B,2?0 Wufcinrton st. ?w Yor^ ^ %*/ANTED?By a resp<H)t?ble woman, a S|tP??? TION a? w#t nurse. Apply V No SOI 4th between G and H. from 10 till4 o'clock. oc 16 St* _?_ ? WAN TKD?2,?00 PI R0 F1A*KRS.-WantM. Purchasers fo'2,0ti0 oord>?-<?f Wood, standing on the land situated on the Potomac rive., it wil?? from Was* l' zton.anrt can bo brought to market >>> the canal. The wo> d is of the b?*t quality of hickory. oak and pine, and anitable for Itimbei and ship timber. Address C. L. J ? at Star Office oo 13 ei 3t* WANTKD IM.VIKDI ATKI.Y?From *5 to I.I B??h ..I aiVll?ll linn '. nui ? vi ??* giivvilv'l 1 * ' i\ i TUR F. of all kind*, for which 1 will guaranty to pa* th? Highest prices, and, aa n?u*l, at the shortest notioe. K. BtlCHLY. Dealer in Furniture, Stoves, tic , oc 9 40ft 7th tt., bet. G and II, east side. \]{J AN TE l>?AII kinds ot SJKCON D-HANl) FURNlTLRE.for which 1 will pay the cash, at 3*9 Peventa street, b?twf*?Mi I and K. oc ft-tf IK>NT7 A GRIFFITH. IVANTKD-f5,0"<> worth of jiKCON* U-llAN D ? ? PI KNITrRF.. (or which t p hirhest c??h prices will t.e paid Address, or in<]iiire for, C. T. GRIFFITH,at Clear) A Green'* Auction Room, Ninth street, one door from Pa avenue. oc 6-e< 6t WANTK1">?To have everybody Scdow that they can find a fine and well Ke>et?d ?tock of PALI, and MVTFR CIO^HING, Fl'RNISH. INU GOODS, HATS and CAft* at the Penpi*?' Clothing Store, No. 460 Seveuth st, opposite Post Pffioe, i?aim \\7ANTKD?A CLKkK. who is acauainted with TT the city tra!?, for a Jew'Irr t*t?re. Bast of references required. Address T. H.. No. 5, Stftr Offioe. ?e U FOR~SALE AND RENT. [For 0tJkir 44For Salt tnd Kent" adctrlisttntntt, s<? first ; 'ik-1 ] F^OR RK-VT-A. smill nRlCK HOL'SK, situ eted on Niutii ?treet, hetw?en N'ew York av. and I st., west sido. For particulars iuquire one door south . oo 18-2t* FOR RKN1-A HRICK HOUSK. containing It rooms, with all the ir.odern improvements ( Pot >mac water and ga?,> nituated on I street, between i o* i. . ? I i 4 * u ^ *> ?J * linn ??'mi 'mi. "pp?? up r m-i'i'i rHiiiarn inquire ai WARDER a STUART'S Wood and Coal Office, corner H and 12th ?t?. oc 18 tf 'PHREKHUNDRBD AND FIF" EKN ACRES I in Fairfax oount?, Va.. in rxoellent order: w 11 timbered; (ood buildings; a t.rown ?tone quarrv. A rail/ovt oir shop and water statins must t>e erected on the farm. Als.\ a new Steam Mi I in Loudotin comity. A purchaser ca i *ct a ba>-?:*in of(? W. RRAY, Agent, 316 Seventh iI..WmIiinicton, D. C. oc 18 lin* Furniture at private sale and HMl'SE FOR RENT.?The Furni.urfl in house 1*1 G street, between 19th arid ii> ti ttr-^ts, Pirst Ward, is for ?ale at a price considerably below oaiii value; though the larger portion in not soilnd or worn in the 1 ast A grmd Piano m in c'uiM. The hou ? la a dwsirablw three-ntory BRICK, with back buildings, aad was built only two years ago. oc; 16-31* l?OR RENT?A two story WRICK DWGL.L" INfi IIOU3R,or Gay street,* ten rwrs, including a two- t<>ry ki cli??; *'ood cal'ars under the hou.-o; (U and w&tir in tl.e promise*. The k ouse is in cnmp ete ami to a perman r.t t-rant the ren* will be low. app.j to IX K\<JLISH, UeorKfttuwn. oc ISeo^w l^OR RENT?A Uamlwime, first claw R KM r 1>KNCK, No 44*2 E street, 6th and 7th strret ?one nf tKe m ste!i*i hie location* oft hi* oity. 'I he lniUHtt it furnished with all modern iqi provemen??. sueh an htwh-room, hi t ?"d co'd wafer on eash floor, rar.i? first and second lloara hea'e I from liatemciit. 4cn . 4;<?. Apolr next door, to l>r. J A*4, J. W AR1NG, No. 444 K street Iwtwen 6 h audvth. oc 16 eotf FOR RENT?ROO.\lh Nos.3. 3,4, 4. ?.Tl, 14,15, lfi.17 IS. Jt and'23. in the new fivestory brown stone building corner 7th street west ana i*a. avenue, iniowu as "\Vanhinrton Build ing.'' They are well adapted for Offices, having ran, water, 4c. For taring apply at our Htora, No. 4rt7 Pa avenue, or to John H. Homme!! 4 Co , No. 5*^3 9th rtreer. w??t, corner Louisiana av. e 13 iawlin MUKKAV A SEMMBS. FOR RENT?A new and desirable BRICK DWELLING IIOl'SE in a tltMut Umaliiv, No. 396 I. street, near Fourteenth. Inquire uf C. CAMMACK.3l? F at. j?c 10_ FOR RKNT?ros*?s??nn fir the 1st of October The DWELLING HOUSE4io. 43?* D street, at present occupied lijr the it*v. Dr. Hatler, and next door to the residence of tho a4verti*?r. J.M CARLISLE. N. B.?It vill not ba let for a hoarding house. ?9Ig-tf BOARDING. ROOMS and BOaKK? Board, with . fin. Front Ro#?ii, or other Rooms, may h# had at Mn IftM Twelfth ft MtwAiin CI m.t\4 if? airable oca itr. oe Vs-lt* nA.' NOTICE! NO TICK!! ypgd Mr*. HELLER inTna? Ui<* Ifulie* of WaihiiiKton and viciuit? U) her Grand Op<*nin.i of Faehionab.e FaLL and WINTER BONNETS, on Friday and Saturday, 5th and 6th in?tan?, when she wi'l N> happy t<> ha - ? ladies come and examine her .took S? WKhJ 8toclC Oi r BAi uull?5| r l<u ? hKSi UK rjSS TR1MMIN0*. HE\i? DttESSKS, CLOAKS, SHAWLS, EXTENSION SKIRTS. CORSETS of a'l ?is?s aii>l prteea, at.d a very large .took of EMBROIDERIES, Ac , Jto. oo 4 No *4 Market Spaoe, bet. 7th and ?th ?t?. I A DIES', MISfcES, a AND CHILDREN'S HATS. The most e! - ul *r- ? "m*il *roiu'! oc 13-gy comer of 9ixth >t. and P>. >y. RENFfcRW JC?T Openid, VBOX N. \ ORK. KH K" OarUMrtnMtorHATHtm) mk Mm A, for 0?nts, Young Men, H| M Youths, Bbyt, MiiiM.ud Children, pftyar m > u at n??aa. f Ai 0a^^UT?'eoi7cita/ No trouble to ihow footia. - !* B H. BTlNRMETS, -2SJ? Q-^ Pa. ^v-, near oorner lStnU. ICLOAW ^LOAK?H ^ , HAVEJiiet received, direot rroa the manufacturer;, targe and handsome aeaortmenf of Ladiea' CLOTH OLCAKS ?f *11 the new itylae. Alao, hindaonM aitaortni int 01 Stella Bo red ami other new atjrlea af ?UAWU Call early and *?t the ti;at ohoioa. H, KOaV, wmi v , Tth at aad Ml Pa ar. CMRE! FUUS!! FIRE!'! IT . *100 REWARD I will f?re tiae above reward for Hie a*rei?t and OOnvietMUl of thA DirtOH or M?tnm who ?rid thA cypanter's (hop of Beerk 4l Brothr oa th?. Ctrht of tka 12th uxtont. Thoii all wasdwtrojod. Ths ( neroua and ?j mMfthtainc ptblie Wilt bs called on f>r a ?maM smonnt W?b?b1? taara to re?aiue tb?ir fortasr b jsinsss. oo IS " " . . ISAAC r* *HAt# AND CAPS. , ;-j\ ! have nowva kaud a oi?>leta assort roeukol Eutxls in Uss .above Una. to whiou I tarits ihe ftfiWy* of mj paeons aod 14* wUies* of tb? UQ reat J^rT3ivht be*a tat* Ui'Om lectio#, I can present to my customers ths sraaUst vanaty to l*> fbund in tke oilv. Ths stvofc eoaifnsee every itVlfl BOW in VMiuln V?w Va*1t Chudrou'. FANCY HATS ?f . fine ?. Asv^m^l^fn W?w kArnm Corr?*pondr*r? of The Star. fitotMTowii. October 1?. WW Tb* BaUi?rort?? i*od of the PrrtbyVrUt (O.8.) Oburrh. which MMn.kkd is U>* Rridgf MraM Church l<ist ??rerlii?, It composed of uwrr om hundred minurfrt*, representing t*e pr?)>vtrrt?i The prorated!a*i were opened by an elaqti*?* adHrfftt frnin th*? A n?hn H ??u, t tbe Oody pmc-eded to buaiaeaa aad Kev in OfruaDictpon.?f Baltimore, waa?l?-cted Moderator The Mvn?d lift th!? morning at It o'ctark It it influential and dtunifled txxW, and tin prarredla^s arc of tfraat interest It araa raaaivad tbta moraiaff that tbe maetlaga ba held at 9 o'clock, a ?ii t aad 3% oVIark, a ni ; adjaoralotf at i a'cAark and 5% o'clock. p. ?i Alaa, that devotional exercise* to* held eacfc day f r cm 11 to 1* o'clock The revival martini;* continue vrltL eoaaldar* able spirit in the Dumbarton-it M ft Ctaurah. At tbe Congress at M P. Church tbe n?ftia|i under the direction of tbe paatar (Re*. Mr Robe) have been very aacceaaful. aad ^oatinae to lacraaae In interest t Tbe Potomac Lt^ht Infltntrv. Capt MrH. Hotlinpsworth. keep up their drills with urxl.mlaisU-d ?' tivitv and interest. and on Tuesday itaaIne I*at attracted much attention by aeveral n?w movement* Tboae roasted ovaters froai Mr. tke White House. in tkis cltv. Led ua la the ni< k f lifllA lor lliona* laal -??? ? 1--?* ?? . a*w w vvr.a?MU wcf^ 1H gr. | fit. si?4 d -n* to a turo. He baa a frw man left i of the aamr aort (ilve him a calL Trade ia still actl *e wn the canal and at tbe coal j wb^rvra, giving employment to a lar^e number of hands. GEORGETOWN ADVERT^MTS fbr otk* (."jctitffUH, <i4r?rft.w tt tun ftt fa tit y+?t y-5-BFl.L ANO KVKRKTT ASSOCIATION, L3 GKORUETO VV,V.-1 be regular wetkljr ine tiac of the \Un*e a >?ix'iitiua ariii if id <li? hnll cornor Hi^ti tad, THIS r.Vh NINO, at 7', f Hock The nm it| will Yt *< draaneil l>y Col Wn t*T.*y ai.d othara. '1 he pnMic ar* invite*! to attend. It W U THNNEY.Sac rr^-ODD FELLOiVS' LKVEh! LL5 FORREST HA LL, (Utor ertoim.) WON DA V NIGHT, ool5-eo October i?. M FASHIONABLE WILLIVERY. KS A WOLLARD Will oaan An ?atur<te> a f o eet aMnnrtiixnit of Fell and w later BOX NETS, oomjrr.anu all of the lateai atd moa (Ml eie?a.m tt>lea at vert moot-rate prices titiaa^^v BonneU and flat - djf>>1 at a aho.t uO'iee oc 18 St No. 91 B ilge fct.. U orgetown. FM.K KENT-A HOl SKon Fatettc atreet. having been n ttu? uacupauct ol V.I tvr?MC far the laat aeven year*; altout 1W >arJa from Triury Church M'd 3*> f-oin the couv(",t; 8 room* anil cellar; pump ol'th* Iteat water in th* ?arxl; gripe arbnr anil o'.oice truit trees. App'r to T. A N HUMAN. oc lV3t \| PU.f. AND (iOODf* L?IRr4 A. WOI.LARI) H*? ju.-t received f'Oiu New York a ?reat variety < f Wr ter liiKi' n A. French Fiowera,Fta liera.Riltbuna. K uohe* Mlvr VV<>r?ted G"od*. Comix. Ktu?bcc. I'-t-VmM fuiiiery and e- evry article that la u*ua.ijr fouu l in a first-f'ass Millint'T an-l Fancy Store or 18 3t No 9** Bridge *t . nenrg towr. Bonnet ribbons. VELVET RIBBONS, BONNET MATERIALS, FRENCH FLOWERS and BRIDAL WRR>TK??, FEAT HERS. STRAW BONNETS, BE AVER and FKl.T HATS. PATTERN HO\.NKT?, FRAMES and R U^HkS, BON NET VELVETS, SII.KS and BLONDE LACES, ein'raom# i??rr thin* rich and new in the Millinery Li"*, At #* price*. K. GUTMAN, No. 11T auath side Bridge street, oo 16 St ??eerg?towii. D. C. Ij*OR NEW VOR K.-The >acketsch< oner Fairly fax, Cap'ain S Mott, will be ready to re ceivt< cargo for the atw>ve port on Monday. 15th lnaL For fre.ght apply to MoCOBB ft. DODGE, oc H 1.1 Water st., Georgetown. M removal. ISS CLAXTON Ha* removed her plaee of busmen to No. 7 7 Bridge street, four doors east qf tho Farmers and Mfcliainox' Bauk,witere ehe Las received her FALL PL'RCB ASl.S. oouMt-tm* of nearly evary thing nsunlly kept in a Grst c as? TRIMMING and FANCY STORK. She r-qu?..ts an examination of her stock h* t*o?e wi?hi-g to puren\se Trimmings or Fancy Goods for fail an 1 winter wear. Thankful to those who have patronised hordoMi? the p\st. she solicits a conusance of the puhlio favor in the future. oc 13 6t* (VJKW 8T<>RF.! NFAV GOODS! 1 K una %f a ? m i\n, ,?i. Info'Tiis h*r numtroux frie-.d? ai<1 the pnMie *ener*ilj ttint ?h* i>nnw ertaMi-<be<l at h>?r N?vr^\ StOfi No. Ill Bnd*e street. ?ieorret.'wn.QK^) two door* above tne old etanJ, wli -r? m* * bc.^^ fon?<d a< n*na'. a lar<e a*?"rtin ot oi M : L.l.1 N ERV PKVeOODw, HOSIERY.aad EMBROIDERIES, lit the verjr lowest market pncet. oc 12-'m F' I ? H! FISH!! F I f* II!!! barrel? No. 1 Pickle 1 Ea tport HERRING, 3U do do dipped B'irton do .31 do do Rour.d do do 1<?. do St. John's ALK.WIVKS. ?) du pi tine No. 3 medium M ACKER EI., Dnil* ?-xp'?etrd per schooner* Arnoc, J. \V Se%ver, nod \Vm. D. Ca*giu,at>d ft* sale on ??r before I arrival in lot* to suit A *o id store? 13? barrels prime Pickled HhlllNG, l?t do No.l ALKWIVEl c> J- -- ?-l - mi OV. 41'iin B U" *? half barrels no.1 HERRING. 25 bar-en No. 3 tar?e M ACKKRKI*. And a f. w e>tra Roe auJ Cut HKRRING, in ba'rels and half barrels, for *?! unp;>a?inx terms. App'y to HARtVev * BRVrrUKR, 99 and 101 Water street, uc IMw Georgetown, II C. A RA W MANTLK8! A ARAB MANTLES! DIRECT FROM A VC1IO v, P*!C*tt POLLAka. Heine [.cue Than ?'ostof M*te.i*T Also, several lots of R KAt. GIMPURK COLLA R*. at 3', 9', 62,75 ar.d x7 o?, wot til duo J? Coart'naier'u celebrfttod Kid Gloves, allSb^nW* ptfr A rrf che*p lot of Embroidered Trimminrt, Bich si ("ambrio laacit, Dimity Band*, Cambric dgiur h a; d lu-ertiuss, IN F.VULK88 VARIETY. Torethsr aith a sood assortment of Shift Fronts, at IX oerts, whiob is the greatest bar*aui ever offered* i|?A a T sJUJ *> * TO HI liMIOl ITP1I ItOOC. Men * a~<l Boy?* Weir, and ft (rait ruiH) of other goods eauaily a* o oap. ?:*!! at the right place?No. 11T i south aide) Bridzo street, beorgttowu, D. C. (>c ffi 2w K. GUTMAN. HARRIS' IMPROVED VOVBLE THREAD Qouduir he%vlng Machine. Thia Maoiiina,an ir.Brovwjittjr.t on Uu>??-r A Ba kar*^ ia ?imeler than th?ire. and for it? -eliali'it* *ni dii alii itj ia out >u paeard. A ?vlid twe ve yara Wd oar. run it with ebee; yet it will aew from the onaraoat cloth to 'he fiueat 8?;as. There la no trouble of rewinding the tnread. aa u i? taken from the tpoa'a. It has no tx*lt? to give trour?!e,aod will run hackwarda a? ?p11 a* forwards, aud atnl aewa a^a'ly p-rf-ot and without danger of b waking nrfc41a?. It run? by fri. turn,a- J t>? oloaing tt.* bf* over it, it IB thrown ouiof gear, in faot we have no keatijuion in reeormnendin* i* a* th? Best Family SeVio* Machine tn ?.?? 1 Agency at 101 >l'id?eft.,G?o g -town.wheru may beloand LAUIK!*' UKKMS BER I.1N ZEriiVR WOKHTEOH. an? FAMPV ?i. 1 ' R F.TV GOODS of every description. our ra:ortmeU m a* o?mflrt? and van?t< ?a any in tho Dist ict. L.\di e o.iiin-oi-d with henovoient or ' otiiuf imIuUm *i I hod it to thoir ndvartar* to , Oftil r* puich&suig U-*?where. o<i 2 eoja Mr*, g. E JAR_yiJ. ' THE UNDEKJMGNED CARPKNTEB AND 1 BL'UOJEH ofl?ra liii ?rvlu-? m i&epaUic of Gfor^tuwti, Wat.hingtoa. and ncimtv, an?T wi 1 , o.u.tnvot for or suoermtend t.n? ooa&Uu?*ion of public and private tiai.di <??. Plios a* J ?p cifioauani will bo farniak?d at ?h?rt nottwe ?'(fi <e andthop miU-ni'Mi at , Georgetown, unmediately ncth of the Poet Office. au 27 Smeo HENRV WINGATE. ?-?M'l ? FOR RENT?In Georgetown* two Brat cltaa H< >Lt*K3, tituaXod on \Ve?t wtrvet, una ??n ?ainin? te> a^?U??U.a -? - 11?-L v*miiwiwiim,?uu iuwuui"i y. wiin mtnu rainroom* oompleta App<> to H. L. OFFUTT. No 49 High at , Seortetown. * oovlrn . QHEAPEBT STORE! HA V K YOUR TI M K AND MONEY,. ' > AND GO AND PURCHASE YOUR DRY GOODS AT THE CHEAPEST STOKE, 3M SEVENTH PTRKET, ( Km Sidr.t brnvMn I and K. oc 11-1 m MATTHEWS k. GORE. MEDICAL WORKS.' &TUDENTS j till find a rood inoumfltt of MKDICAL tWijigs ... y t oe 13-lw Cornt 3?Trnth ?d P ?t?. . ' ~~t~ b. hai.l | IfcRAt^ifBMINO, ' r>, .KiSiattSVKg 1 ?t??>,fcijuroea Pnnd Lmuwi*?. , got-tf irMlBBS* wi?, HRA1D AND CVKL MAN I'll FACTORY, 5I4S Henn.Mrotwo, teorthoMM tor *ory %??crt l>Bt Of Braid*, Cur.i. fiuniw. mMhu, fto., tow on teodiMoo. n.odc to order ?t the kUorteat Work rot*uro4 fi tftkoo in Mohan*% N0T1QB- HEMOVAt. ! invitation.-i hernht ? fiWWfiSES ?renoe.?wh?>r?I i^l ke^^n?Uj*a?^ j fef f. U " ? THE LATEST NEWS TBLKOB APHIO. - NtTmeaU ( Ik* frt?c? al Wtlw. Amur, N. Y-.Oot 18?!? ? and uit* arrived from Point ? ft Mil* ?rraiu Tb'T war* ma? at tk? riw by the Mnvor and nunbrn of the City CwkIU Th? Karon waa earortod bj the mllttary ta Congress all. Tlili ewnln^ Ui# Trince wllh bta anife dliwd britb Gov Morgan t*i autf. Man %% ?. M #ew rd btio? an Invited gooat. Tha Haron will L*avr at 0 o'clock tomorrow morning for Baalon. He Will be m >HU to U?a depot by the Btiritenara Coepa ot nllltery Bo?tow, tvt 17?Tb* W?r? of Wnltn w*? received at l.engwtwd ?bia aftornoon at tout o'clock by the Mayor and a coAiaittre of tbo city government He wu eocnrted by 'W IAacera and Light Dragoons ta tb* R eveee Hoirar Tkr streeti were thronged. and tb? welcome aeoined hearty though nut u it) Tbe public do? on auction takes place W ntorr?w f r?a Co I Herat* Font Suit*. Ark . OW T? -The overland California *?ell ? advice* to Ut? tfMii ?lt ' -- -? Ueul BmU had arrived at Fort Mag?r?. mm tfce Colorado Fifty dav* were occupied la imhiy that point from v\e?tport, Mo All fb? part* vrw ?wrl! All along tbe roote from about llu mllea of Uie pi bo* of Nri: r?j tb? f ndt*oa *w boatue. l.lem Bit* rtporta tba road ta ?oo<i condition, but. owing t? tbe determined hnatttHy or the IndiMa. bewonld not encon-iqeeaiirranto to go tbat way, a? H<1r atork Would be la danger unt l protection laafiorded by Ooreninaent l> w?a reported at Ian Aiigeka thatttoe indiaiu bad attacked tbe atoreboiiae "f tt?e aettiara at Fat Deft* n re, .<ad be Id (n??i Wl?? of tbe poat fre at *. bo ir?. in the f?r* of fonr eompanlaa or tmopa Operation# were aboot'to commonee at Tb* 11 a ml nee. Mid large pwrebatin of atoefc' hi oorlom lead* iiirr bt-en made brCol Fremont and otMt, irhA hav? (hct nlmmt + <*mA A mm ^ i- - Celltaiea at 0(4raikv|. OCDIXIICIS. Oct 17 -TL* itfimrr OattrU, \rh!le catering th.a port aboutJ o'ciork tlilini.>n,lug, ran Into and auuk the large bark City of QgUcutburg, lylog at anchor outaide. la eighty (art of vfater >be sunk In leaa than thrae uilautaa after tt>? coLiitlou. the crew bavlag barely Uoir to eacape with tbe clothe* which they bad oa. Tba waa light Theateamar auetaiaad oaly a ligbt damage. Fran l eaver t Ity. Omasa, Oct 17 ? Advice* froia beaver Ctty to the 14th Inat have been rveivaa Tba eipraaa brlnya SU,(MMi la gold, bea-dea ume # umu ia U.? hutida of paaaengera Uoidon, tbe niurdarer. waa bang at Dawi an the 6tb He made a full confeaaioa. I be ntMag u?wi la tinim porta ia. > The beveateeaih < tairearteaat DUtrtrt Chambir^bi'Io. Oct. l? ? Mcl'neramTa otBcia! majority over Setaetl. for Cimerea, ia 529, being more than double tbe majority be received two yeera ago rurtir. --? r?? - - - ?? ? ?? ! rumcr in inr yil'TiCt TP m Sf* Hompahire Politics. Coxco&D, X . H ., Oct 16 ?The i?ttle Convention of Breckinridge Democrats mrt bere to-day and nom'naiod the fuliowlng reodideles ?For Governor. R Morrleoi. For CoAgroaa, Pwl ft. George and Ezra J. GHddou A rraimi lute Officers. Notrrtun. Vt . Oct 16 ?la joint ? imbly. tLe State Legislature u>-dar riot ted tbe foliowlny State officers : Secretary of State. B. W Deo*. Aud U>r-Geaeral. Jeptba Bradley Superintendent of Stat#- Prison, 11. Uarlow. The S?w York C'mtmi. lx>r*viLLt. Or*. 16 ?Hon. Andrew Firing and Hon Mill* Bram. of Tenneaare. paasrd thrru^fc thlscltv this afternoon en roatr ftf Mnr VwV, to stump tbat State In firor of the foal or. mor#> ment against Mneoln Frost at the R??tk. Aug vita, Oct 17?A heavy froat occurred ^are tula morning The thermometer waa do?n> to the freezing point, and thin ice waa made lu tt?? neigborbood of the city. Balliatr* Marktu. tiilTiaoti Oct la - Flour ' steady; Howard ?.' 75 . Wt<n actlvp slid UaSc bibber; rrd *1 33..1 4-?, whit* SI 45*1 70 Corn aleadr; mlir* C7c Pfc? ?l#ui ?u?4t and Urta; baron aldaa Ilk; men pork ?1V *jatl? 60; prim* 814 74. W kinky dull at aa %c. Piaaarla). Niw Vori. Octo er In - Stock* ara aUadv; Cli.ccjj# and Rock laiand TOki llilaoia Uaatral ?bar?-? c3\, do. bonda New York Owtrtl 9B\; Ke-dln^ 47: Hiidaou Him R R ?3*; Va. <!*a *).%, Mo G'a7V*. D IJ B A W T ' * ^7 RK8TAURANT f\faj h M.urHA>rukM\il|f ^U|K pi a?ur* in a aurin< th? puhli* ha it at All ? time* prepared to ir#nmmiKial* Utem with ittr iini GAME, FiSH, OYhTbES. MPA 18. and otjaar ?dit>l?a'and with WINES. LIUl'ORf, and Cl G *KS eqnal ?n purity ?r>d flarortii any t*>%t money will buy id %n? city iii tha United tktataa Hia Raatau ant ooabnuoa to daaanro tta high raputa'ion for tha manner in wtuoh a I 11 a*rr<d that anj_ iroeat ni?? -? >! f"' o----i ? " - , uT j mi r,?i i,( KOOM yjj open, ft Ml on often ?u<V5 ending Suudftv until fi_irth?r no.'io* (In Suii'lyi the entrftnea to bia Kfttaw Reomi will be on Sixth atreet, 31# fourth door from Kft. ?v?ri?. fSTw PPLES-APPi.ES, b*r*ftla Appl??, in prim* ImJ?,' * " Naw Kichtftot <1 Kftm'W ft mi RjfTft Flour KeociroU tin* 4*4, ftnd for aftle in lota to km, bv * _??i dTU MORRlHON A Ob. WOOD! W O O 9 fl 8TOVK ftrtJ KINOLIMU Wool), ftt tfc* mm poaaib.a pr?oe. T. J. A W. M. GALT. ?S8 I'm. ?r.. t?tw<wu nth ibJ lfcLsU* _ "** no^iTTI ROUGHS, COL.IM.~HOA RsJKN R?<t^ As. COMPOUND SYtCPOWOVM ARABIC T -is p.pni*f,t ftnd C uih R i..^r >>* be*n ao ,on? kiw.wn ftnd <if?*8ivr:T oreo. thftt ?-,oat punnua hft?e Iieoou^ fumi Iftr with ita nirifi^na r. efeoftrjr. It ou b* bad ftt ft.] tu? *riw pftI .lr?? atcrea ftt 25ftr.<J 90 acuta ft l>ottla. urn it dtaAft*4a* 386 B AJvWvVVr. K 886 Confectionery, Sixth at rftet, bet wmd 0 ftad Hat*, on tb? moa re%iOBihl? terms. * oe 13-lW TI1C 75^^ ~ 1 It K. 1 n^Arti rnAil kuwu >? * - ^*-* took of Gooda for the (-'? i a.nJ Wiwr'fcivrtjuti a full and well rl?ct*r| ??*>rt?nent of CLuiUS, casslmkk l^arni vkstings. with the :?teit uttiee of Material for Burireee Suite, toreUler vita k va lety of GENTLEMKN'i* Fl rnuhmno i*oojx* ?>f Ike best quality, to which tHey re?peut rull> invite the attentive of Uieir laenda tudoMt aud the Military oc 4-eolro No. iia Pa av. . * The insurance company or tn state of vfftoinu. o? r1cbj4qnd. "7_ Capital , - Wm G Vrenebew, trrn ofCrwesbew * do ' Wellington ttoddiu. firm of 9oMl? * An*r?q> ?VV,Mo kD?.lriii ol Daaloa. Homra ? Oo A. Hirlrrfli" ft i in nf"'?"ri-fr fc Hirt^tn irsyfcitoisirTHittmx, * c. John Curri*. Jr , Sinp Owo?r Wa. B Wv?ie> firm Warwick ft "?hti i Ju AnrfdJo'iM, KiloritBf at Lav ? &*aSfc ** J WtV? . >1 . inooiwi .mm "I >. murHN A &OW W. W. Crwj, Atone? tl LWW '[ Jm. !> 4rn? oH**^ i. P. a I"^ fftoo-OTT bV fW4skkStafCpiU. A T *i S T INVENTION: LAUD. WEUTKR * t? ' rJMit^UUh Nwtof MaehteH . atjannev^ '.mL Boot A#v Biros STOKS, 34?PiArut'*. ./ V. T^*y *r? the mo?t *'- ? ? I!"' -*- ** > JSSarZibMKSiw L,? ?wvi,-flBsa? ; IfttUllMU** UKK IWRtRANCIi 00_-*W 13 i?a?? jou A. IwuajMa, Pi? I jswswwi $w*F&e?r- ?u

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