Newspaper of Evening Star, November 2, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 2, 1860 Page 2
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THE EVENING STAR. <*>? * *** W4 ci^P? n? wja U* ?Hiatfjf. ! w4V*W Werti** sr, Ml m Hwai of MeU.wJite. . ?d ?* Ip, general intelligence, ?nrteh4*o#n*^rtre?#?! ,1? d?vm our eoj^ttMfMly iw AeMwvy to tbe p lbHe EmbracodU M??rttrMnM(C0B?abbar? he fbtlowing riltfw' ' Z... .w "n^l Th? Wiunaa-wJth^oB# vmf fciterest ug - fei^It & e. i ; . too 'to rfl arij *Mnare?T6tnl u; Wbat a be * ?a?LSfewlM^ttJNfcgjglg^o ?? HlgDr^w?^ ^tM>; wPlKH-t?4'<v#i*(*tt MM* ? Pemtenttwff Tho Sectional- EoOrtIe?.p?t-^6rtttimenU of $1^ onthem nMi; fcrltfsl^ Colonial Gave/now In "Church a&$tate; brum-*ior J.awaij Hot* tbe / , Ror?i Parly RpH T*>plns; A Sm Affair in Noafclk?a father aeeldentaUv ban bis daughter dend: Tbe Art of Dining et Ti Hotel; Klning the Handsomest C!rl; Not Offtclally Orttik; Tbe New Vorkart in South Carolina; u A Diamond Wrddiog In St. Lout*: A Dead Woman Comae to Life; A Gaelic Settlement In North Carolina; Torching Instance of Matrimonial Deration; The Gold Dollars; Charles D4ekeu*' Country; The Oil Region of Pennsylvania. The Ubiquity of Patents; Operatlsb* of tbe Patent-Office; LI vely Times at ibo Republican Wigwam?afuaa In the family? thev are admonished to take warning by tbe Detn Jack. Ass'n. *c ; Proceeding! of tbe Recent Presbyterian ?ynod at Alexandria; Interestlug Meetings of the Democratic Jack sou Association; 4 St. Joseph's Male Orphan An^lnm?ceremonies of laying the corner sfone; A New Cunfldenar tisiwi?tue dictionary dod^p; R?publican Meeting near Sandy Springs; The Republican Meetlag that didn't Come off; The Dedication of tU Hall of Covenant Lod^e, I.O O. K , Georgetown; The Disunion Cloud, Secretary Cobb and DisM..Un. TM il. r> _ I t ' uuivh, ur i tuirj, .nr. vauirrun un Liiucuiu b Cabinet, If Elected; Douglas in tbe Mouth; Department N?w?i fcditorials; VYasliiu?ton News and boasip; Local Intelligence. ftc., Ac.; Late new*, foreign and domtstlc, by mall ai:d telegraph; Interesting Personal Items; And a great variety of choice literary article*, both proa* and poetry, too namemns to mention This la jnat tbe paper above all others for persons sojourning la the National .Metropolis to end to tbeir friends at a distance. Price onlf thrftf PPnta n*f ^orw nr ftl 05 ru,aann!tm. ff ' ? ' I" | prepaid by stamp* when ao arranged. ftptru ( 1)1# n?rul*| Press. Th? Constitution notes and deprecate the fact thai the republican "Wide-A wakes" are to be brought Into active service on election day. The same paper rais s the question whether Lincoln lathe candidate of the Old Whig party or the Jlepabllran party?whether Seward or Hwint; will control The lnttllig'nrit quotes from the Charleston Mircwry to show "the Charleston programme" o* disunion. P*y The Penaacola Observer emphatically defeles the story of the "crucifixion" of Marines at that place by Lleat. Stark. irT In Baltimore, last sight, the association of ytrung men styled the " Minute Men''?friends of Mui Ewerett?made an imposing demonstration, parading the ?U??U in greet number* with winging La in pa, decorated lanterns, transparencies, bell* oX every variety of fame, and tlorel embellishments A number were oa hor?eba< k. ard altogethe' the eibi'wi lou wai well calculated to front the spectators their admiration and fpliaie. The meat pleasing feature In the aflfeir (savs the Sun) was the good feeling Which prevailed. the realizing of right, equality and Mcnrity, and tbs absence of any deposition )c undae excitement ft wai a harmonious display of political seotlsieat, creditable alike to those who participated Lb it and to the Basses who locked on with pleasure at the scene, If not with sympathy for the cause. rA^Vni NG OATBOLICS' FRIRNU SOCI ll ^ KTY.?Tns mourn1 jr snestisg of the ?ocietj snl> be held * St. Mat'hew'* Church SUN'DA V AFTKR.NOO.N next. NovsmtMr 4th. at 5 o olrwk. no2 it F. J. UoHKNRY. Keo Sec. nf^MASOMl'.-l'.i* Auniia- Communication lit? of the M. W. G'ar.d l.od e of Fr* * and Ac t-eptci >la*uusof tus D strict of Coiuirhia will ie h?lH on T! V?ruV i-o.r - t < ? ' ?win 1/1 1 VM( M ivur o'olock p. iu , at Vuiniv liall, eor^er of U ud fliati; ?tr?w** All brethren in good standing are coritali) LtiW). . B/ i.nter of tnfe M. W. Grand Master, po? * C A. S< HWAHZM A N, 0. S. rv-^?NOTICE.?Ail Ura>-litea of tf.e Di?trict are |L_3 reb?e>-tl?!ly>! to alien. I to agenura! n?<>ri ; to^M- 'ie <1 o: St' N DAY. November ?th, at o'coek f> in , at the First 15-iptint Church, ?>n Tenth n-rre' l< tweet K ai-d K. Dev. f)r H. cuukimi* h ul Uai.'iii.ore. will ?l?!irer a l?- ;luie on the trca<:un It i* J ev ry person will favor us with taeir L. BAK, t'resutent of ao2 t'* VWnMnaton Hebrew Coucr.^a'lon. rfv- MUHT SCHOOLS. . UJ? Notice ia h??-eb) giveu by the Board of rre?!ee? <<f Putin o KcliOoln thai Night *chool?, for the benefit o( appr?n.i.j?a and others, will b? op- d d in th* lev r.t atbo l dist leta of the <%?r* on tt.? evemnr "f Novr-mbr 1st, 1 ?6>\ at tue folio*in# iitenei Firit school d strict, in the public school house corner ot FiiQrtftijtl> ai.d 6 sts. S-oond s hoot district, la the tl-*rr-t pubiic fcliool boat*, comer of Sniii str? et and New Yo k ? . Third scnoi.l di?t lut, pubiie school house E st., near ttixtU st etst. App.ioat o:u 1< r adn i?*iou map be made to the Trvstews in t-i? Pcversl districts. Bjr order of the B<>ar>l. no f at ROBERT RICKKTTti. See rrw*y\c t schools for the benb II St fjt ofjeunc men snd touths wiil he opened XHl'RSUAY EVENING, Nuv?mt)?r 1st,and eontmued roar months, in the four PiiUtet School Uoutes of the respective districts of the citp. These schools wili b* nuder the innfrucuon of tfce principals of the reepecti t. district schools, and in iheqp will be t&uxht all branches ssamnn nr fill Tor TOiiD( bu?ineas men. Trnat a* will be in *tu?4*nce to uiut tickets of admiuion. Come, yoor.e now u your limi f.?r miprovenwt ^c?c31 3U THE TRUSTEES ry-??LMON PRAYER MATING will I* IL? fcoiden every day this week in Rer. l>r. Pi nttir* Cbaro', (German Lutheran) corner E and *Xk iU , First Ward, to oomm?nce at 4 o'clock praoiaely. and to beoontinae one hour. oo 2a fy^DEMPSEY k O'TOOLe! LLS ITEDUIHQ ASD VIS IT I NO CARD FXUHATFRS,, Import. r? of fine WEDDING STATION ER^, WEDDING ENVELOPES, . the moat heautiful etyle* 3*26 P?.Av., t.?tweoa a&d iOCu >ts , aali-Cm WiMfintTOs. nMAT BARGAINS I.V PiA%OS.-Ona very VT eteeieven-oc a e Carv. d Pian? Forte,? kkvili be*n in nu a. ilir> t ?vaar avirg tre cry, for sale for #**> ()t* t*tj m Ro'-ewood ChiokeriKf Piuw far Satlhe .\losic StoeofW .(J. ME'fZEKuT'f, Agency of Steinway k Sons' Uvwitntu a* ? <> 3 PDANCINfi. KOF H J POWlli.!. Woald .ospectfu ly an nu?nc? to lha cit Z'DidW wtiin*toa that ha (A t. a* removed lite Clasa to TlTOK ?'8 HALI-, JH ?n7tb *r??.t.uae d<x>r from toe Odd Peiiowa' Man. Honrs of tnitioo for lathee aod ctuidreny]^ oa \Vecneadar and Saturday afternoons at 3)t o'clock ; ano for &e.:tIeKi?n or Satuida) and M?? lay Bif Ma. at a o clock The hail can o? ranted far Partweatany time. lt*_ Al.lAUI.F. SKRVANT MAN FOR SALE. With a of a good ma tar the otMr would offer great iiidnceinenu to any * ??t . err an deai tag to purchase for Uu own use He is accuatoD^j io the u.a a*- meet of horses and other ooaBpaUona,iir.t] ii }U/ut thirta ita <r ?? itei>*reaoe will '*? my.*ii to hti lo'iMr emplojara aa t? koaaatjr ? ?> Inquire at the ipnnasoo OA?o < f f. M II ANSON, r* o 5ii0 Sareuih a'reot, o-?oaH? ttiP ofticf. no 2 ao3t aXEM AKTICLKft t-'OR THK DE9K.Glark'a t:uatn?o?t Ink K for oauntinc ^uIUk?i,d artial*' u?e. Dua u a vary aimpla aafl lta?uv???rtie!? lor rem><rin? the ink from raper. pat af tl box**, aol<l for 2*> oauta; by mail for *" Tk? rit*ntK?te tflotier; a erw aad eonvani?nt *rpo-tfo'jo Statt*. two an! tkraa ioavan. aaitabi* f r .iMooiariiiiRi ijeounta, various inei N It: A K l> & MOHtN, nor Cw-w Pa. av._j?4.K)"Tcnth it. That atinkmKncV*the hatter. is ainfa tuay udtotWi XmkW2ia t> hoat articM3V >.. i???- ?* ? 1 ui* WWW CKSI1 pncft* ]Mi?m' lOGfc tY HA.TS,Tnnuu*?i ^ CBln7lf R 9. Jv ? _VJ a r HVpUfir - For l*i(M auri children, lay Mw^nMt new ^'^ffffSHwaaysg^.; po 2 !.?. owbM iMnwMkrni^ ;- ' a -t '/ * 1 * ; ' '. L_ ,d< ??vji f W '' ' U, I ? v ) J J ,4 -14,T> ,j< ? :'#*v " ' V. . *?W ?' *? ... -i -?J ? Ult fc 3 I ' % WASHINGTON MWI AND GOSSIP. * "Ttf ^Uf ?/ tkt Stwr- ! am Willing to believe that in your editorial of thla eveuine, (Oct. 31, 1SG0.) under th? above caption, which 1 borrow for this protest, you ire actuated by the beat intentions In a similar spirit permit me to reply ? The burden of vour article (for I need not notice It in detail) ia that Mr Llpcoui, when^lected, should "allay the storul?*AvjflfcodMA4(ffu)e the SSouth that he desifrns^^n^Eg a c^KrVvive whiz administration, tatber t^E the ^Ebl^anabolltlon administration his i^Bhern nbrn supporters demand at bis banc^V AnA' nAt>sary converse of such a proj rBon is,^pat^?e chooses to say bis admlnistM^Hsa^^K?u^Bka one. the !*outh sboul^Uake4^^ M let bim reign over be^ [ Now mv present dn:??n is not to sav what the I South should or should not do, but to tell tlie North, to ibe extent I thus ran. what I believe alwaftl wnta *w~ 8s?th s??H d*i ? ? ? Mr -Llurulu Csnnot.Tor' IfTertI reasons, '"satisfy" southerners. ?? yon suggest. For. Id the tl<*4hlfec?lSbe^*Ul not, if he so promises, beltev* ktat'MNse t&r him to do so would be acting fsi^lj tyj)jsjrlend?; aud when a ma^ao *UuItevTfafrire must prove raise either to friends or to sneakies, common sense dictates the foreknowledge sf4rblch class be will, unless a fool, deceive; and that Mr. Lincoln la a fool 1 have never hearu Urged. But granting you that southerner* were willing to believe that hewn* willing and would honestly attempt to prove false to his friends, still they would not be <-sstlsfled;" for, In the first place, they know that Ms party would not permit him to be ftilse to It,?that tnere Is ever "a power behind the turone greater than the throne itself," and that Mr Lincoln?the nr.n?1? but a float on the tide which may stop itself or be stopped, but wbieh cannot stop or be the cause of stopping the flow of the tide itself. While, In the second place. th?-v care but little whether Mr. Lincoln?the mere man?be true to tbem, for the objection tney inake is not to the individual, but to the principle which elects htm, and which, In its?to them? murderous power, would be augmented a thousand fold by mere success at tbe polls, and ten thousand fold by a victory over the spirit of the South?whether *ueh vietory be won bv the seeming treachery of Mr Lincoln to themselves or by the treachery of the South to Its then pest. But again. Southerners will scarcely at this advauced day of tbe science of political economy br ' latiMtiMl" with lirnmiiM of a istoatiou " even could they trust the promisor; because WAVf means bigb tariff, homestead bills, banks, and ail aorU of trrarlan measure*. Southerners have tired of paying Northerners In steal their negroes; and some there are who are already making converts to the assertion ttrat, even at the b?rt. the South would be better off in every respect out of than in the I'nion. Such being stern facts, he who candidly tells cf them to the North, by way of caveats, is at least as good an I'nion nan In practice as he who by hHfrtng to deceive the North with the f..!?? impression that the South will submit, eudaugers he strives to protect. I totter myself that yon know me well enough to Voueh for the fact that in thus warning the North I am sincere in the belief 1 express. H. We print tba above communication with slucere pleasure, because It ia from the pen of an lage u.uui geuucMian. biiu !>ms xorin me arguments in advocacy of Immediate secession as pow erfully us tbey can be presented. Even as thus set forth, they are weak arguments, Indeed. In reply, we Lave to call our friend's atteution to the fact that while Lincoln is supported by the abolitionists of the North, lirecklnridge Is supported by the d!?unionists ptr se of tbe South. Now there will he no more treachery'on Lincoln's part to his friends and supporters, in refustng to carry out in bis administration tbe policy the abolitionists may prefer. than there would be on Brecklurldge's part in refusing to carry out the policy of those of bis supporters who are advocates of disunion per se An immense anti-abolition vote support Lincoln, as an immense anti-disunion per se vote support n J J DrecBionage. Lincoln, it will be remembered, was noml* nated at Chicago over Seward because the opposltiou dared not trust tbeir cause before the people of the VN eat and Middle States with a candidate known to entertain Seward's extreme views upon the slavery question Throughout his celebrated Senatorial campaign with Douglas, though sustaining the Republican party's views upon the teiritorial slavery question, it ia notorious that he rrpiniaica IOC ]IIU CI SUlIUItr, <jlddingS, IftU Greeley upon all other matter* in wblcb the alavrry queation was directly or ludlrectly involved Now, if elected, he muat tfitber disappoint hia conaervative or hia abolition supporters, as be cannot carry out tbe views of botb; just aa Breckinridge would be compelled, If elected, to dlaappolnt hia dlaunlon ptr j? supporters. or those who, like oyraelf, support him because we believe him to be conaervative, notwithstanding the fact that be kat thousands on thousand* of supporters wno favor tbe diaiolutlon of the Union In preference to its continuance, even though tbe General Government continue in conservative handa We never dreamed that those at the South who dttirt a dissolution of the Union wilt be satisfied with any pledges Lincoln can poas.bly give. Nevertheless tbe anti-disunionista of the South, who prefer to live uuder the Union with southern r.ghts protected ia it, may be aatlafled that it la I.S. a ??-* ? - - - uj> puipvic h> irpuuiaie me policy 01 tile abolitionist*, If be promptly makes known bit intention to that end ?o umnlstakably its that none but disuniouists per te will continue to entertalu doubts about it. A<aio, nine-tenths of the people of the South, however much a Urge majority of them may be oppoatd, as we are. to the policy of the Whig party, will be perfectly satisfied to live under the Union, with "Hank. Tariff, Internal Improvements" 4c., uppermost in its government, until we can overthrow their ascendeucyat the ballot-box Our correspondent and oursel/ differ widely, we fear, in the posltious from which we start out; insomuch as we prefer the continuance of the j Union if Lincoln will make a conservative government, while he probably prefers its dissolution rather than to hare its affairs fall iuto Lincoln's | Latds under any circumstances. | We repeat our declaration made some days since, that, if elected, and it becomes apparent S|?edlly that he is determined to administer the uoTciuiucm upon me view* or bit conservative rather than on those of hi* abolition supporter*, a party will at once grow up at tbe South sutfl_ eientty strong to defeat tbe ends of tbe disunion. Uls prr t*. N?t a Lincoln party, but a live and conquering Union party, bold!ng itself toward* Lincoln1* administration, as towards that of any other party in power to whose general principles and policy it might be opposed We have further to add, that Lincoln was nominated with the f?l_ lowing record of bis aniwci to Pouglas in hit Cetebrated Senatorial campaign of I^A*. before fee Chicago Convention. "Question 1. 'I dtslreto know whether Llncolu to-day stauds, as he did in 1H54, In favor of the anconditional repeal of the Fugitive Slave law ?' I "Answer. I do not note, nor ever did, *<and m favor the uncun.ii ti?na> repeat of the Fugitive I flare law. I "Q 4. '1 desire bin to answer whether he tanas pledged to-day, as he did in 1854, against the admission of any more Slave States Into the 1 Union. even If the people want them ?> "A. / do not note, nor r*tr did, stand pledged gainst the admission of any more Slave MUtes into the Union. "<4 3 'I want to know whether he stands I pledged against the admission of a uew State Into the I nion with such aA^onstitatlon as the n*<iri> tee HI to make" "A. / da not *iand pltdgtd agitmt the tdmillion of a new SUte into itte Union with acta a Com itutlon u ttie people of that State may tee fit to make. Q 4. 'I want to know whether be atanda today pled^d to tlie abolitiou of Slavery In tfce Dlctrict of Columbia?' "A 7 do not itand to-day pledged t? tie abolition of Slactrf in the Dimrirt of Columbia. ' <4. 6. 'I dfilrc taim to aniwpr _ , ?? mu1 K1"'", ' * weuid or would not oupoee such acquliiuon, accordingly ul migktttjlnksaeh acquisition would or would not aggravate the Siavety question entong ouraelvee " t If elected, kit abolition supported wlU haeo r voted for blot with full knowledge tkat sucb are hia f oeitione, a* tbe disunion per it supporter* of Mr. BretM?rid^e will vote for him with full knew ledge tkat k? repudiate* the doctrines uf tke cuartfrton Wirmry it al , m vf.Ay u la tke aa- f iYT i a o n I tT> i-.-U' ' H,u r J - ? , U J'wi:*'" ' , I > _,< < ? .ijtl ? "" atanda pledged to the prohibition of the ilawe-trade bet wren tfce different PUtea A / do not stand pledged to tht prohibition of tkt slmvt-trude btttreem the d'Jf-rtnt States. "tj 0 *1 deaire to know whetLer be ataada pledged to prohibit Blaveay In all the Terrltoriea of Uf I'nited SUtea, north aa wall u aouth of the Mlaaouri Compromlae line?" ?'A. lam impliedly, if not 'xprestly, pltdgt J , Io a belief in the regit and duly of Congress t? prohibit S'.arery in all the United Stilts TtJ.etmritt *H 7. 'I deaire btui to anawer wbethor be la oppoafd to the acqulattion of any new Territory aitlnm Slavery la tlVat prohibited therein V *'A / am not generally opjntted l? any homtst trpiiiiliM of rtrriftMi anH ? * * ' awera printed above, Lincoln repudiatea the docUA??Wgn?inii, qiiiiBUrOiwUxJl Cu *" T We may add,"briefly, that we are to-day told by one of the gentlemen who informed ua concerning the Corwin letter mentioned in yeaterday'a Star. intended to convey to ua the jldea that 1^*1 mplylreated of the compoaltion of Incein s L SDineMppt conccruiny hii Milcy on f?lavm^gg|l^y ^Th?t may en4f MTWb<n It shall be msd^BiblHon r we appflkt^Hpat nfcrmedi^Wi berauV that acrounSiarW blin upon the slaver^yy^tlon preciseU^jta^L be 1 placed himself in bis answers to DouglaWa7%?, printed above. TJIFarimejit NKWI. Ca^aiV sli-'vtVtfnCcap^ A*<Mn finding it Inconvenient to discharge the duties 9/ Ckuel Kn*?ir mi mm WMIilfWU' jWfffilfort, owing to Important duties In New York?the superintendence of tli^iiitricln of two large works tft Maridy flook?requiring hU almost updivided attention, a few days slncf reqneetfd t|e Secretary of W sr to relieve hi m from duty at tie former post. The Secretary has complied with tbc request He will, however, Continue to discharge the duties of this petition until a successor shell be appointed, which will probably be wltbla a day or two. ? ? COMTBACT AWAROID-TmsUtV EXTXJfSTO*. The contract for furnishing and putting up the interior Iron frntfe for the approaches to tbe Treasury extension has been awarded to Mr. T. Duvall, of Georgetown, he being the lowest bidder; and tbe contract for tbe exterior gates and fenr-es to Messrs. Hayward, Bartlett A Co., of Haltimore, who were the lowest bidders for that (ortion of tbe work. < ?: ArPOtJiTMtxTs ?The following appointments have been made by the PresidentMatthew Hettdrickson, surveyor of customs at Albany, N Y.: Wni Bush, postmaster at Bethlehem, Pa.; John \V. Taber, postmaster of Nachitochvs, La ; Augustus Alers. consul at Brunswick. Germany; A. ti Boone, Upp?r Arkansas, Indian a$ent. Tmi Wiathis.?The following report of the ^ *1 I a? * - -- wwyci mi uic uivrmnv is maae irorn me Ataer lean Consolidated Telegraph Line to the Smithsonian Institution. The time of ob?trvatloB is about 7 o'clock Novembir 2. 1860 Burlington, Vt.M.?.j('i..el#ar, 57?, calm. i\t-w York. N. Y hazy. warm. Philadelphia. Pa rainy, warm. Baltimore. Md cloudy, warm. Washington, D. C cloudy, wind NE Richmond, va. clear. 69J. Petersburg, Va. cloudy. 70?. Norfolk, Va clear, 70*. Raleigh, N. C clear. ?rt?. Wilmington, N. C cloudy, warm. Charleston, 8. C raining, 60'. Augusta, Ga.... cloudy, cool. Savannaii, Oa cloudy, 61?, wind N W Macon. 6a. cloudy, cold. Columbus, Ga clear. Montgomery, Ala clear, frosty VSOM TBI WXST. Cleveland, O 65', wind SE Barometer at the SmltMbnlan at 7 a. m , (cor* reeled far temperature,) 30.103; at noon, 30,065. Thermometer at 7 am. 64*; at noon, 71J. Maximum during 24 hours, ending a. m. today, 77'; minimum 62*. The Wide?Awake Procession ! Baltlnsre. Row and AaaxiiTS?Mass Mikting or RkpcbL1CANH AT FHOST STKKF.T THIATII. The Sun of this morniug ssys: "Notices appeared in the public prints Yesterday that a mats meeting of the friends of Lincoln and Hamlin would be beld last evening at the Front Street Threatre, to be proceeded by the unprecedented feature of a procession of a "Wide-Awake" association through the streets of Baltimore Some indignation, accompanied witb threats, were expressed during yesterday, and the committee of arrangements thought it advisable to secure tLe protection or the police authorities. Accordingly i one hundred of the day police (twentf-tlve from each di*trlct, under their respective captain*) were detailed for cpeclal duty at 7 o'clock laat evening, in Ho'.llday street, opposite the theatre, where the. "Wide Awakes." to the number of about*50, formed for tbelr march to the Front Street Theatre. They wore toe uniform of tbelr northern prototypes?green capes, lead-colored hata with red banda, and carrying the common trident torch, and aomegobist-looklng lamps and a banner. A crowd of at least five times their numbers collected around the Wide.A wakes, who were subjected to the moat degrading epithets. bisa*? and groans. Cheers for ail the opposition candidates were proposed and given in turn,and the attempt to ralae a cheer for Lincoln waa instantly drowned by indignant bunts of hisses and groan* The line formed hastily, and. headed by a band of mualc playing "Old Dog Tray," marched through Holiday street to Baltimore street As the line turned Into Baltimore street it was saluted by a storm of groans and hisses, but waa urged forward by the marshals, protected by the police, who formed the hits on either side and acted as a bodyguard The same species of annoyance was kept up throughout the route, which waa through Baltimore atreet to Eutaw, to Pratt, to Charlea, to Loraba'd, to High, to Pratt, to Bond, to Monument. to Gay. to Front Street Theatre. At the cori;er of Lombard and Charles atreeta aome bricks were thrown into the procession, and several of the spectators were struck bytbem. One or two lamps were smashed here, and as many arrests made The march to the theatre waa literally a forced one, and made In the face of much insult ana annoyance. AI trie 11.eatv another rush made upo:i the p occasion as ths member* were entering the door*, and a number of arrests were mud- ol iiartles detected in the set of throwing bilcks and oth?r missiles into the procession. The following-named persons were arres'ed and confined in the uiiddle-di trict station-house, on a charge of throwing bricks and stones into tbe Wide-Awake procession last night, and acting disorderly 011 tbe street: Jacob Hamilton, Martin Hedjan, Henry Fisher, Hugh Kelley, Charles Slssell, Robert McOovern, and Henry Hollcnd. Valentine Lucas, a member of the process ion, was taken froin the line upon the charge of being drnnk and disorderly. Tbey were all held for a hearing. Policeman McCann was struck in tbe joce uy a uric*. utrown miring tbe passage of the procession, and badly injure?l. Win E. Ueale, the cbitf marshal ef tbe occasion in the absence of Wm. E.Coale. was struck in the face on Holliday St., by missiles thrown, aa well at several other persons who were spectators. The procession arrived at the Front Street Theater, and entered about half past 4 o'clock. In the meantime tbe meeting had been organized bv the appointment of Wm. K Coale as prenident, and a number of vie presidents and secretaries The Kev. French S Evans wss then Introduced, and he congratulated himself that be was allowed to address a Baltimore audience; be bad known thrm for forty years. His address was specially mixed up with Liiieolnlsm, black republicanism, 4c. He said that be Stood on a southern soil, tbe blood of the revolution trinkled through bis veins?the blood of Vallev Forge, Brandywlue and tbe Cow. |>ens His address was a lengthy one, interspersed with any amount of huzzas and lilssrs. He endeavored to prove that Uen. Washington, Franklin and others were the founders of their party. His address was stopped by the entrance of ttw "Wide-Awake" clubs, after which he resumed tnd finished He introduced the Hon. E J or Morris, of Philadelphia, wbi spoke ainid murn interruption for acme time He was followed by Air Ewlnjc, one of tke electors, and be by Dr. .. ,? juuk* ?* in L. Marshall, who waa preterit, wai repeatedly called for, bot did not appear. The whole meeting wat one of the greatest confi.k on, e beers and hisses being the order of the alght. About ten o'clock tbe?e wss an adjoorn lent vThere wai a atrong ft dy of police on band at the MaeaWe during the night. Fan* N*w OlAfiM.?The New Vork Tlmea has information that indlcabs the apeedy close of the revolutionary troubles in New Granada. A battle, very disastrous to Mosquera, had been fought ou the lftth ult at Oratorio, and be bad also with 3.000 men been severely beaten by the Antloqulra troops, under Cuao and Posada. Mosquera bad left 300 on the field of battle, and 700 deserted tbe same evening. An arrsngement bad been entered iato by which Mosquera submits to tbe government, bot remains Governor of Cauca. This, life thought, will not be approved by the President . !mt> I ..... uKivvui uu#?i*viTnii.?Ion, of tLe Baltimore Sun. says 1" confirmation of what we Lave already atated, tbat there Is no donbt that 1 enter* have been written from Springfield, with Lincoln's rou??nt, by bis friends, stating that be will be guldtd by conaervatlve councils, that be will enforce the fugitive slave law In tbe nonalftvebolding States, and tbat be will take sucb men as W C. Kivts, Crittenden, More head and Bell into bis cabinet, and tbat be will Ignore and keep aloof from Reward and Weed, and Stunner and Wilson, and Wade and Lovejoy. i ID" A Uceaae to aell opioaa has been told at auction in Honolulu for f?OR BOSTON.?1The regular packet b it An I dov?r Las sr*ivad %ad u now tlikcharf- iiv no t-S( ' 99 and 101 WMnrstj Georj??owa. |H cZTTtJ r BENCH ft RICHiTKIN'a.No 979 Pa.arenae and 'ook M BRr stock of CBIiillRKN'S BtlOKB, QAMEJ|, A? ,.fto.r-o**ran8 naw varie yea, go e>r,yt tne rush. *.? -?/ WMk 11 Qu rOMM*(I*i 13jbo; ojoth. V lea 1 Jn h i i"1. r A ' ' '. , ., II ?i|i " V^r ? >J ? ?/ #?* - W4 | ' ' I 4 &Mt 9h&?.%&)kPi4fi- moramcg bftabli8iimi5nt, No. 462 ^ituith Stxiit orpoutt Center Market n..j. cttrning, i SVCClCftom TO h. w. Hamilton & co. I Uk^his oppacMiniU of calkag thMttantion^f in ths? vio nity, to which w? reapeotfui.y invito the attention of the public. 8AVR YOUR TIME AND MONEY, hf rnrihr*'"ir ?ow H?iHi?j Mamiia* *: tin OUT wtal'liriimapt, Nn: 343 *4??"uth ?t &#t, wnsr* job will get? good artiee ftt ft fftir prioa, I' 1 .. 0* R Coo* j>2i4E#rfl5i*r ' A * lavelatookM with a No 1 artioia of all th? vft premium Fancy Front Doo*a, wdi ih arc worthy th? ftttanuon of tboM about Utnidhif?hftvtfcg dr?WD trr* SriX pr?miam at tfca Panuaplvaaia SUM Pair, ftnd maknfactared at tha Einpira Mills el Mturt. Potter ft Co. OUR 9A8H AND BLIND DEPARTMENT li aW compete with a>l siaas and ?t?iea, to whieh we evil particular attention, ttiaaod Hull oonaiant!? ol hamJ. Hut Bod daah, lnntle Shutters, *o., furnished at ahort notice. OUR MOULDINITDEPARTMF.NT m alao oorap ota with ail the st* lea now in fon?rkl a?r, Woare also prepared tof *rmth Mouldings of any desired pattern. Al?o, all kiada of Tamed Work, Scroll Sawing, Fonoo Po.u, Balusters, Door Frames, Window Frames. < f ali kinds. Al*o on han * a general a-srrtmect oi Glass, fatty, Ao. wh'ch we are offering at low rate*. IfTA esll is aolieitod and satislfcetion given or no aals. xi D A i:k??i J: *- * ? u.?a iiiniw uinuirn lor omit. n. 6. corning, Proprietor or the En.pire Sa?h. Blind and MoulJine F itabluhment, no 2 tf No. 362 Seventh it reel. AMUSEMENTS. jy|U8IC, MIRTH AND MELODY. LKHNE^THOUSE, Formerly Steub'H Houxt, Pa. ?r., b?t.?4 amd 3d s/|. Tlie luauajer of the above named House takne thi? opportunity of informing hit frionda, and ptiNic in *en> ial. that there will l>? a Grand Ethiopian EntertainmentT'? NIGHT,(Thur?ilaj)SATi RD>V and MONDAY, November l?t. 3<f and a li. IB6n. The oelohrated German Ra Mr. CAROL"** P<>HLE, wlio ta? Jo*t arrive*) from Europe, will favor tlie audience with noine of hi* cvoi ?-l?ct out from u>-l<d>rated operas, fto , ?c There wilt l>e no p?<iu? spared to makethianue of the mokt pleis n?: anil inture>tiug placet if *uia?ein<M)t ever n Wa hinrton. The prieu of adiuinaion La* fixiM at >u cent*. The arlmimion in small and the performance in tenui n<\ therefore, come one?co.i * el!. (jio 1 3t* ) h. lehne Proprietor. ()DU P EL LOWS' HALL! V/ OJf FRIDAY EVENING. November 2J? Wolfttenberger'B Mirror or ARCTIC REGIONS! A new Paintirz. by firat-claia English Artiats, llluatratinn the hxplorationa of J*ir John Franklin, Or Kane, and Captain MoCliatock. As exhibited at En yptia.n Hal , Lordo*. for3* consecutive nuhta. to inure than ha f a million < f people, and as exhibited b fore her Maie>tv Qcat* VicToaiA.and the Extikr Coubt at Buckingham Pa ace. I h<>?e I'&intinca have l>een pronounced,bv EcboPKAN AND AMKXICAI CoNKOl USX V K ? . to be the PlUkt enchanting production* of arlintic geniuM in the world, ardaro quite unlik - any aimi ar attempt* of pa- oiam 10 ait. Produced from original *k?tchen, with every attention to accuracy of detail, these Puii.tinjc* may be cotifidently relied on ; whilo the auhject itaetf la iep ete with scientific ;#ma, anU ofTera a rare and intellectual eitertai anient. The attraction oI the Arctiof ul j?ot?the wonderful ftriiatio mer.t -f t'i?taintinxa?the felicity ot il iueir u on?me e eranoe oj diction and el quence of I ought conveyed by the lecture?rarely faiia to enohain ev?-r? ouitivated i t?lleot. The thrilling ?ce>iea of thoee darmc nav>tators of th-? Arctio Zone are portrayed with a vividne a so ta t in? that tfi? audience are led to believe theraaeive? actcally amid tiia aconea represented Kaoh seen' i? adorned in freaio with aathcLUo po traita by Wiuterhaltsr, of th* principil Arctio celebrities. Lecture Ly Alfred Smith, K?qof i ondon. A/1n.f<aion ?5 oei.ta; cUilurec 15 cent*. > iliera! arran. oment* made with achi ol* to rxhibition on Saturday *Aert.o<>nt Sovtiuber 3d. IKxtra open at 7 o'clock; Entertainment oomnrnoea at half pa t7. Sas descriptive IhIIs. nol St* yy ASHINGTO.N THEATER. Lessee. Mr. S W. Glix*. Staze manazer Mr. Humph**t Uuks. Leader cfOrchest Mr \Vn. Witiikhs. The above Eitabliahment will Open (or the Season SATURDAY. Novimbk 3d, 1st), Wi'h the foll.twin; Company of FlftAT CLAf.? ARTIaTKO J M'. I<. P. Roy*, Mr. F. O. Han;*, Mr John I*. Rarmonrf Mr ( u rniim Mr. W H Bartfiolomeu, Mr. D R<au, Mr. T. Brougham Baker, Mr. G. A. Boyd, Mr. D. W Walton, Mr. John W. Carrol, Mr. John T. Mathew, Mr. Jos. L Gallagher, Mr. Humphrey Uland, Mr. S. W. Glenn. M isn Alien Placid? .Ma .n, Miss Mary Shaw. Miss l.ucy A. Cutler, Mrs Kl.aa Mann, Mrs. Humphrey Bland, Mrs. D. Ryan, and Miss SaliieGordon, Miss Ellen Eliocre. SATURDAY, November 3d. The cn'er aiunient wi 1 commence with the brilliant >'omedy. in 5 act*, denominated 01.D HEADS AND YOUNG HEARTS! With au Excellent Out of Characters; And wlI conclude with tho mimical burlesque called JENNY L1ND! In wlreh Mini Mary Shaw wil1 appoar, introducing tton<k and Oanoes. M r. J. T. Kay mond, tUe favorite Comedian, will also appear iu the same piece. ID" Wo* slifiet open on Frlda* from ? a. ir. to 4 p. m., whrn neat* may s?eur?ti fur Saturday, or any uvei iiig of Mr. Jkffek?os'* Kngarement, wliicli will commence Monday, Novembers Ltoora open at 7 ; curtain rues at 8 precisely. RiTii or Admikaios. Parqu -1 aiui U?e?B Circle. 50 cent* O olniter Cnair*. _ ? 1 Private Box**. - #5 No extra charge for reserved eeaU. Ho* Office open ail day. Ticket# lor sale at tli* principal Hot?Ir no 1-31 15AJLL.S, JfAKTlES, &c Fit it in War, First in Pr act, and Pirn in tfu Hearts oj kit Countrymm THE FIRST GRAND COTIM ON PARTY of the GEORGE WASHING TON OUADRIM.K ASSOCIATION vili take jit plaje at Th'?rn'? Hall on MONDAY, Nvt.A 12. Hohr-?*?ler's celebrated cotillon music i?LSM rn<*ged for the occa-ion. For further partioulars s-e future advertisement By order of Committee. ao2-?? IOOK OUT 4 FOR THE SILVER CUP! The member* of the OUR CI,UH give a Grand HAM. at Fqbkkst Hall. Georgetown, on tt%. TUESDAY EVENING. tfov. S A Silver Jl Cup will bs presented to the Club having the/Fj* largeit number of member* present. UH Tick* ts One Dollar. ooSl 3t* ?t? LOST AND FOUND, f OST, or left in one of the ooaohes that run beIJ i?i>?n the Navy Yard and Seventh ?treet, a (URSE containing al>out $.S5) in rold and ?ilver. he tinder will b* suitably rewarded by leavinc it me yrnpiuua mno*. [smvy yam. If V OST?Yeaterilav afternoon, betreen 5th (treat 1 j and th? Capitol, h? the w*? of Massachusetts and N?w jersry avenues, a PORTKMONNAIK oontaining a sum of taoner (about #3* ) The Under will he libertl'i reward** by leaving it at the Drug Store of V. HARBAL'GH, Seventh and U ate. no 8-St r R E W A R D.?Strayed away froin th? aobeonber, on Friday laet. October 36, a saaall r\ sorrel HORSE, wifh three whit; (eot, al?%S nnall white star in hia forehead, and a mre baok. The ?>iwc rcwar.i will be paid for hia return to ms. corner of 6th and M streets, Island, sear ateamnoat wharf. no2 3t* TIMOTHY MoQUIRE r?AMBTO THE SUBSCRIBER. Movember V/ 1st, TWO COWS. ?uppom?d * driven from Prince Reorfe^ county, Hd.w Or.e ii a whit* speckled on?, with crtjrrt-dkfJaM pled home ; the oiher a red, horned cow, with a white etripe down her back. The owner ean get them by comm* forwardproyin/t prftpe'tT. and paying charge*. Inquire of Mr JOHN N. GAT ?8, T>n Eleventh atreet eait, near the Kaatera Branch Bridge. aoS St*_ PARE TO THE PKEM18P.S OP THE 8UBicribT, on Vermont avenue, betwengAi# ?an(l O irreet*. a dark r d horned QOW.Ktr he oaner wil please ca'l. prove property ^ - ? ? ? ? i'?yn v un t ? LOsT OR MISLAID-Two DIPLOMAS, conferred by Georgetown College, D. C., on an Alumnut of that Uni<*er*ity. the one (of A- K.) titled in July 185 , ami the ?ther (of A. M ) July. JU'.I 'I he finder of either or both wiH be <uft*biy rewarded by lea - in* then at No. 3*9 Sixth street, or at the Li*nt-boaee Board, Tr?a?ury Kx tension. no 1 at* . f 0aT-0a Monday, ?h laetaat, on R street, L* Vermont avenue, ur l*afayette Hqnare a Mack laeeVKIL. The finJjfr will be suitably rewarded faiffeitt; s!A- "* M~" ?h-l fairT\ " m> - ?' - - ? * -- - -- - ii'wi ?un murHM, wn intra-1, Mlvtn r, Washington asd B*itiiaor?.a?ia?of MONEY vfcioh the o*n#r can kav; b? juum for *tveni>. ipgton application to \\ M STfCKNKV. oe IN/ IV PINK ASH COAL. .i? ...*! Ty K A"daily ?ip?ctiin two oarioM ?tthia vary < iufarit>r Coal?one egj and the other atove itw .,,ck .. south title Pa. a?rM fcet,fti a?d 4K boI St wharf uul auii v?*i?(4? 4H *. Md Cana . ' . i , u I 11 ! ' I J t.J ?'! ? ' * .69d*?>cift% V.* - V1* : : ?? W^HAXTKD-A rood RF.ST.U RANT rO<fc. Non? bat ttio?? wall acquaiut-d with the ' 1A1nesa need arplt. Aral; at the G ol>e Hotel, 7th at, or*^u<lB?nNo. f. ?t?f Oftce. It m #MiJm wanted, to do vwHmc oookifefamily. Apply at G^auajt, %\,r A^*fclV-*Vi7|^Kanl7fJ?r a air.ali lamilyi a a* liTorjall faMLihed ROOMA, on ^bor. HidMr a^B tha^Bre DO other lx*r<l r? (Mat refrrenael^NtMn]'Ml private mniiie* haA t more oonBhaq^lby reauire might find it to fcr^lfctiiceX^ .rich fV?^*T AV*Ha4jrtJ^[ younf firl a SITUATION La ' chamwrmiid and nnrae. Pie?*e address Box II, Star Office. ooSl 3* ll/ANTKD to EXCHANGK-A aood PiaXo ?js??xxnxj&sijx? r. hot- oc SI 3t"f , /WANTED-An AmenftaW <* FrMrf^GIR .i r f? from 16 to *) year* oW, to nm and ?ew. in toJNwa imtpaGE*S " ConTWtlonery, No. 436 Seventh atre*t,?boTe 5). is the ptao* to |r*t fr*mh Cakea wad other Cot ect ooa at price* to auivUie tintaa. lMlB*nd fortiei fjrniahed with Icc Craem aud ottjer Rafre.*ir.ent* oeM-Vw* WANTKO IM F. DIA T K Uf- F/o? _JM *> f in.?anvwrthm PRCO^} D-lfATID FTRyr TURK of ail kind*, for vhiebf trill r n ara (tf* V fmr the hi(he?t prtoea.auri. a* mini, at th* a*i>rt??t nauca. r. bochlv. Dealer in Furmtura, 8W?n, Jte , oc 9 4 0* 7th ?t., bet. G andH. east anl?. ANTED-All kiwi* of tMCCONlCHAND w FI KNITTR K.for whieh I will pay the eta ti, at SRO Seventh atreet. betweenJ and K. ooe-tf boxtz k griffith. FOE SALE AND RENT. Clinton HOU8K, now f*?cupie<l br P. W. Dorae*, will l>e for rent on 1 at January, 1*61. h?r further information inquire of M?>OitK 4 CIS3F.I?..7'h at eet, Washington. no Mat'm* 17OR RKNT-A fa'at-oiaan HOUHK for r*ntF No. 309 F at To a auactaal tenant the rent will l?e lnw AddIv Ui j T W a ( W VU I u?aW Vfcrd corner l^tTi at. and Can?l. no I?OR RENT?A <1-strain* and well loratnt 6r?u r c ati R K?lJL> KNCE, No. 469 on Sixth street, h'tween Hard F it*. The Hou*e ia furn'e?*ed with all the modern improvement*. Apply to THOM A> l-AHKhU. . nogfUW THO 9l7tOLK.OEMTLTMKS.-A H*epi4tloomta a p<iv*te family, where there are r.e others than the family of the ko???. and no chi'dr?n. Inquire 494 Sixth street, betwe?u F and O. Partial li ?arJ, if re?i Hired. no H CHJRNI8HKD HOUSES FOR RENT.?The r aiiliecriher* orttr for ^ewt the Furnished TTnuee reoei.tiy iKKUjiied by LI J C. Ires, corner *f Wjh:eeutii and I kt* Also, ft dc*irali,?> Ftirninhel Hou?- on New York avenue. l?otween ','tli and lntu ?U. Apply to J AS C, MoGJJiMK Sl CO., Auctioneers and Comuus?i?a Merchants. not It FH OR RENT-The tour-story BRICK HOUSE on Third -treat, between I? and E ?treels, (N<? 3?i > adjotain* the residenoc of W A. Maury, Esq. I'osse^ioii jtiven immediate|jr. Aleo, th? third t >ry of the B own Stone Buildiac No. 403 on P?. avonuo.i south ?i?le. between 4K ard Srh sts For terms, ie , apply to WILLIAM H. PHILIP. At. torne? No. ?0 La. ?venue. no 2- otf COR SALE?A Lew two-etor* brick HOUSE P.inrth ttrAAt K?l.?w V<*w lr 'rw : . ... ... vw., w J* WW I V ? ? VIIHD. I ? liouue is 90 feet front &n<i A^ feet deep ; h*? 5- foot panafe, parlor, d ning-roMr, kitchen, and four ohainbera, with atairwaya i? and kite; en, with tood c liar under the whole hooaa Fn- triri incinir* at 499 Seventh atreet, oppoaite Odd Fallow,' Hall. ! _iio 1-tf J AS P. TOPHAM. FOR REXT-A firat claaa RESIDENCE (furni?hed,)?i Pa. &v*cr)e. near 2Jd ?treet we?t, j No. 31. Inquire on the nreroi?eg. oc3?-<?t* FOR RKNT. ? A threr-atorjr and b*?-?n?nt FRAME HOUSE. near Pa, *v , on Wk. b?tw?en G and H rt*., No. 413. Inquire atSl "I.KV A GUY'S Hardware Sto e. Pa. av oc 3Tv-tf F7>K RKNT-A fi ?t c!ar? Furmalied RESIDENCE, on I atreet northj between 13th a d 14th ata. weat, oppoare F-ankin Square. Inqui-e on the prenuae* from 2 to 5 p m .No. 3 "Franklin Place.'' oc ? t* Fih OR RENT?Two of thoae four new BRICK HOUSES latelr rect^d on P . av. between a A al J c*.L -a- - ?? " - - ?ui biiu **., in mi ri'?i warn. rontai in* room* ??G3, and sepplied with ga*, Potomac wat?r and other oouvebixncea. App'y to L. F. CI.ARK, No 24? Pa. av , bet. 12th and ltth Us oe ^OK K KNT?Ourtii! the >esaion 01 Ponri ? *??? I first-cia-!* thr. c-*t iry BkIOK HOUSE. With Fu nisheJ Room*. ?ituat??i in one <>t trie most desirable and heilUiy locations in the oitr For Wrm>, ftp . apply at 3T 3 tieventh at. oe 27 I2t |>bR RENT-Two new BRICK HOUSES, VM F Sark huil lint? ard cellar*, each having I room*, wth (?>, and aiile allevs, aitut'ed on 1. street. n-ar Thirteenth. Rent moderate to a g tenant. In 'luire of M.. GKEKN, Groe I, earaer of Tkirteenth anJ L ?ta. Thia property )a near Franklin Row, only a few minutes' walk from the Treasury Buildings, and one of the healthiest location* in WaaUingto u oo 87-iw I70R RFA'T- \ fo?ir-story brown-frout DWEL i LI N U. aitnate on Thirteent'i et., between L and Vatseohuietts av.. un? of the moat deaireble locations lu trio city. Th? hopae la furniahed with ma" Le mantles ; \ so. gaa and water ixteree. with bath-room lnauireat WM. P. ?UK01>*9 Faney gtor*. No 50-i lltli at oc g-7t* I^OR RENT?Th? n<nr bnck DWELLINOm HOUSE No. oO Prospect street, George owe The house is two Ktories and basement above ground ;S rooms, including kitchen and servants' room; gas and water in the premises Kent reasonable to a p>rnianent tenant. Apply to D. ENGLISH. 13"* ilridie street. fiinri??iiwn PC ai 2W ~ " ~ FOR RKNT-A neatly furni?h?d HOI'SR in the Firit YVard, on R. Wetwoen 17th Mid Iftth ?tr?*eti, No. 227, containing a double parl<ir. i or 6 eham bers,dint/!{ room. kitol>en ami pmui ; with (?*, ?j|(l or hot wator, baih-roorn, *? . Ao. Apply to l?. I,. LOVING, Fourth Auditor'* (Jfli >. oc 4-lin fiH?R RENT? Po?*C8k>???i on th* ht of Ootoher Tl?e UWF.LUNti Iilll'SK No. 43* Detrvet. tt pretriit ocoupioil b> the Rev. Dr. Hutl?r, and next door to the rnwdwM of to* advertiser. j. M Carlisle. N R.?It trill not be let for a boarding huuae. ?e 18-tf |7"0R RKNT-A bnak d?ei n k HOUSE.ocStk rt i r wt', betv??n Mu<l N ?. north. Not HM, containing S room* and a kixhen. Ter,ns tio4?rate. Apply next door oo C6 I w * THREE HUNDRED AND F1F TREN AC II EM in Fairfax coontv, Va, ia -xc^iUnt order; w 1) timbered; go- d; a .town atoue quarr>. A railroad oar chop and water station nu?t t* erected <>n Ute lirm Aleo, a Hew Steam Mi"! in Loudoun eouiity. A parohaaor ?an g?t a harrain of ti. \V. KRaV, Ageut. 416?ov?nth it.Wmington, D. C. oo U lia* r^AQ d vai-P rni r ???* f ? -< m r-vfi rvr..1 ? in? rod DA1L& HUVBCi 100 Wnt at., Georgetown, at preaeat ooob pied for the subscriber. It has 12 ro.ime, wiUt gaa and water throughoa% ft fine yft'd, stable Ac . *nd { in agood neighborhood. Apply to JAS. A. MACRUDER. oca tf FHOH RENT-A large %ui deairable OWKLLING-H'?IME, No 44 4 Twelfth atreet, l?Ur*aa G and H ata , oontaintng W room*, with all the modern improvenienta Foww>fwi ;iven Nove<rbort. 186-t. for term* apply to JNO. ALEXANDER, No 'i40 Pa. avyiine. oo is eotw |?OR REN 1-A ia?4-rtorf DWELLfNO, on B r atreet .between 5th ftnd ?th ate., nr?r Judiciary t?i)Uftre. The houae is new, in esoeUebt oor.diUee, ftiid, to a good tenant, tprma luftde e*ay. Al?o. for ale, a Houae en C atreet, bolween 11th and UUi at*. If immediate application be made, it will be old on aooMninodattng terms. Apply t> T. W. BROWNING. ?telS otNort I/OR RENT.?Two new three-story BRICK r HOIIKK.A with k^olr > containing I roomi, antlr cm, ple?*'aBtly on 8th fcWeet north, bet Mi M and N rtrorti; real PlW'-i mh and 13th wtreete. o? 9u LTOR 3ALK?A emaU FARM of ? acre*, eKaaM r at the Little FaTi^tMviM a oonJort*bJ*4 wetting-house, oorn-hou*", taNee, *o ; w?D fenoed watered; wiUiln fear mtlee of Washington; IB acueein objuration, the tmlaecei in haodeofliewoodland. It is paoaiiahr^Mirabieaa a aoaatry raai aonpe, being perfect/? healthy and moet romaatioal% tltuatad : excellent Eehing and hantiac. 1mair* m Cl?;.by' |7?OR RENT?The FIRST FLOOR atfh> >M<V inc immediately opponte the vest wmi of the City Ha).,reoentl? oocupied by Chas. tt. \Ta.' aofc sjr.sfa 5s, sa s&riS term, fcpp.j la RICHARD WALLAO0?? L<mi?iana art ana. ifciMI WASHINGTON SAVINGS BANK, * VT 3 UK Niith SX ,?fA? PA. AvMnrm. PROFITS TO THE DEPOSITORS. C pen to raoaivs deposits frott Ntol a'etoafc, * ?? >1 Trustee , . Jacob GM?on, H90.C. AlBM, , , J?uH( H. CtulUn, John H. Htr*tm, K<1 wanl Hall, Aug. E Per- r. Gtorje Burn*, .1 Wja. 6. Daafe T. J. Majruder . . . ; _ JA?OB GIDEON, Prevalent. JdKa II. Bieiow. Treaauier. ' " Tljia luaWtutton vitt to ibe 4*eeeiters at the rat* of four per o?nt ? ( tnuta outof Um ^rolu of MalnefB, aud divide in t^ra? year* the earata* profit* anuci aucn depoaitora WMI Muul(4 tiader the ralea. ^ The Trnfcte#* ooafcdeatlv oMa the hearty 00 of C*1* Cifttuur.! IV-i*.. r ?-<-?Ji^o0,0<rt>, h j-arM n*in?t SoM^y ir?. u jKSneu. 9BFrmcWi!Rd8tieai ^ MAS - lUi.liJ 'V 4-1 LU"f"!f2l2rfl - , ? < ^ M. ' - *- v1" \mm HHinimm??- i Bf BUNTX ft KlPriT**. *?c'i.?wxr? ) FffiSTAfttft.J FT5?Wr.N*A I MOh.MMI,r "ro?t of fa a woUvh tL+mr Ui?w. Mii *<*" tmont officii J???lfT.TH[iinifrj md F*-cj Artitnd Go d gloat W?, 6oid pn aid p?m? ^od,bjrK3-t,u,a:u:?i,*'r "* Toiatkor wnk? ot Fut; Artlalra. itFrs&yflo.v ?li-Woiuuiir I > BAJIMAltp V B^CTE^. ? ~ ? (f.orft^n. 0. C BCfLW?eXO*9 in GKOttfc I 1 Tfc ffBo!S5ST54J^t!5^??ZrTrtrw*7ft3Hrf s^JSsS**6 " * *' - ? T?rna: Ooo-tkird b* ?*> *; ?lt. ir.d li oniba. vt U lUfntl, w?*n4 fey d? ? u| tnMl u? J My. BAK?a1lI> ^ ftl/ClEY. Am**. i By A SKRtNPliglioMfr. J SALF OP ROOt> ANl) HHOt* AT At r 1 r?iMi.-Oa !?ATTKI)fT,'V 51 ti.iUu'. I ii,?.l i ? , M W o' Ook. A Iim frtore, a r. i I ?. a Mwrtamt ?l BOUJ ?n< H*OM. ni 4 Mtra I adiaa' Fox aatl T?? ba un, >i <"o H tin ilu t <1 do Colvrad co ? do B aok ?' do ? ? do a* ptira M?n'a >? 15*i do Uki'drMt'a Sfcosa, S> do Yu?i'k'' BooW. S* i?>?itiva. Tama ottt:. ? ot! d ?. GBFEV. kmr.^ By WAmu ? liARN ARi/i A Aa>???^ r~* -* ? * ..*? - - ? - ? ? p?mpa.mmu mm fiat Qf n lf^ 1 Shoes, hosiery * >. fanptid** uJh i at aii'TKXi -Ob 8*THl)ay m'>v > ixk. Si mat.. at iu o'clock. w* will Mil, in front of%? Auction Kowmi a MpH ac??rtu?*Bt of? I Men'*, womw'i and Boy*' Stocc, ttillm Mi Slipper* and Rubber*, ""omn'i and b? jt Colli*? and \\ lu)m H?u? end Ha'f Hour. ^ UadftikirU. Dravaru, Ribbon*, Fancy Dry Gcodu, i.'onjh*, Bmskeu, Trimming u< Ac., Ac. k T0T Hjd ' WALLA UARNARP.AucU Br CLEARY A UK KEN, Auotiooeeiu. iOt >mi4 ttrrtt. UORIE, Bl'ttGY AND H.*RNK*S ?tM C ^ ii tioji ?On SATURDAY MOK N I NU. u.r *d istmmt. we ktiail Mil ib fmat of our Aacunn < R*oa, 4W .Ninth atraat. ?t 1* o'e'oak. t rnt>d work tad nAing Horn, perfect* j gei.tie, wttl v><rk Well IB nugle or doubi. karceaa, old for ao teait whatever. _ Alao,* goo I a*oond h?.nd Jluggr la good order, and mad* by Book of thi? c:tr. Sale B.*uira oefc CLEARV k 6KHRN, AacU. By A. GREEN, Ami rtr. Administrator s sale, by order or t*? ?'*ph*5?' ComT, or Honu.Cow, Fb*d Wi*w. b'.nt, Ki n> m ora?* im < Wi?OX,P|IIlt)UID. PL tvokm *t4l?b. > Pocitiiii a I'D Ar?A.E*Tca, Ac Ac ,itAtcn?K. Ud UaTI RltAV, lit xl il?? <>' Norniilwr, A *?ii ?!', b? order of the ? ?i!*' Coa-t. ib front of bit Aacuoa f)tnr*, at Wo'e.uct a n?? t>?e peran'-al ( f eu of Pailiie H. Vaoar?da e, d-oeaae?l, ela i J Honn, 1 Cow.l new Feed U'aivu, 1 Btier7. 1 Rbbbibc Gaar. 1 P.alf <rm eealea, S Soda Foantaiaa aad Aw?1 lot of W:aa?d Window fltaafc lot ofo'd Lumbar, Lot Joieta, I tMoeaa. lot Ti? Cana, Ae . Ao AU? tha Mou?e, a?d a ?-'eed tttasa m Ceater Ma ket fronting on Seven In street, vhioh Brill ba a > d rreoueiy at 11 o'u.oet a m Tenaa:A'l ?Biua acder t* ca?k; crar |K? er *dit ofWT and ?? oaya. fur aatia aoUatif eedoread Lotea, bearing mtereat. W.T REDSTRAKE, Administrator. . oeSl-St A. OR KEN, A?t By CLEARY A GREEN. Aaotioaaara. 306 M*rfc urtu. T ARGE SALE OF SECOND HAND CAR Li r*ra, Bbd?tb?d?. Tiim, Cmi*?. Wuh ataxba.Ae.-4*n dATURUAv MoRNlNG, the 34 November, we *t an aell in front of ovr Auetn n Room, No. it>6 Nn th atrec*. at id o'c.oak, a. m , a tana lot of Car?et? ani Furniture from a !a*g? Mi.lai la tkia eity. ooaet?U?c ofat.?ut? 6 o yarda Velret Ta#eatry Carpcu, 3? *'?' 5* Jv -c_' w-* ? " ?j >uvv s nrvc-piy 40" do 104~ub Carp?U. Aiao.a ta'ra ? * ?f? Mi'wiui Si i-board*, fci.?l Waahatar.da, ?o"1 WaluBt TaWea, C Laura. Bedat*ada. Kockrra, L*afTaM>e, T >*"th?r tnth mac? other artio'?a. wTy'feteU) CLE*RY A 6BEEN, A?f FUTURE DATS. By A. GREEN. AboUobmt. TRUSTEED SALE or VALUABLE WILD1 tw Lot* on Tbnth stbbbt wbt, mwm D ASH K itlllTI HOBTM, AT A VCTIOB ?OB bA I UK DAY, Kortmbtr lOt'i.lKO, 1 aba.. a*Jl ib trimt of iha fr-in?aea at 4 o'cloe* p bs , by virtaa of a <|aa4 ?? W? .L^. -? * * iftT ofiXIC TwT,"^ r^d'?<rT^lL5 A*?! No. lfl.Tollol 2T7. A.C., OB^ of ?U* rMiuidt for Wftdhiftgtoa o^unty, m th? Diatuct..f Co uaiu, thafriMrlBi deecrined propa'ty, lying tid being in the ?Ui of \Vaah?n*ton, Cfetriet aforeeaid. vib II that aire* or paro?l ?<1 jrrcand knova laid down on the p:*t of aaid eity aa the nortaaalfof Lot nimbaroo twalv?,(U,) Lheeoath ha f aaabarad tlurtean, OS.) in aquar* Din b*rr?i ihro* h?ndr*d and ***enty ?ight (3Tk,) and compriaad ib the following *? and board*, to wi*: Com mane log for taa aaad half lot bubMbo twt-1 v* Bt the north wet ooraerofeatd lot, and rasning thenoa aoath with the line of Tenth st *et went twentv five f?nt aim and a hall inch**, (25 feet fiK Luoum:) tn*i.e* aut on*hondr*d and ?fv*r, f??ei two ine?.ea <K7 foots l neb**) to tha rasr of Baid lot; ;b?nor north twentyfiva faM aix and a hufinehu its r>*t<iK iccKm > to tao pulat of<*imiOB betwoon *a*d lota twelve and thirteen; at>d tbeno* w?at witn aaid oiviaion lia? oua hun.rcd and eevrn feet two laobeatlin fa*t2 icohaa) to T^tfi vt-aat waat and p>aoe of D'eimo*. %iwt bagimac for the aaid part of I ot 13 %t?h? eonthwjatoornar of raid J?t, oa Tooth atrwot wait, and rBnninctheao* north with tt* liaaufl th atroat waat twent? fiva f>?t. (2j f<*<tj theaoa anat dm hundred and aev*n feet two loci, -a HCf>et2 inahaa) to Uw? raar of aaid lot; thence anuth twenty five (26 nat)totha point of division. iw-tween aaid lota Ii and III and taenoa went with aaid dtnaton line on* h usdrad and a* vea fact two luahc* < i"* !*.? * iu??m > to Tenth etr**t waal and p:ao?ufb* miag. wit* th* improvement*, which ar* a urirh dwelir.e koit*, A e. Terms of aal* : #4,000 oaeh; tM rimtinJr in tlx. twelve, and eif ht?-c axmJb; the piiv haaer to giva note, for the Jeftrrtd pay manl*. bearing iiU'Nt , from day of a t. Adwd ? veu an J a dead of t'uet 4 taken. All oo?*e?anoiug at the eovt of the ear- 1 onaeer 8ho?M the tern.* n?t ba oomplied aiih ia tveuaya the T'U?U? r^etrve* tfc* right to reaall the property at tu? riek ami vf th- euro^a-ar. , E. C. CaRRINOOV fru.taa. ?oai-4XU' A. OKBKW. AB0L By CLEARY k GRKEN. AoeUonaere. AM JViait strut. TRU8TKE*fSAUi OF ??OC?kHOLD AN|> kirm* PrtJiTtii, Baa Room Fi*tce*? and t.iQCOae at Acctio.i ?By nrtnr of a dead of RMt r?MB Jacob ronK.idt te the uBderrignad aa trueiee.l ehal prooeed to ??IU en MuISDaV.w 2th day of Nover. bar. at 16 o'eloek a - all ta* Household uil KHoto* I- uri.itur*, Li^iorr, Hot Krtourfixture* Ae.. boinc is ?u? koM* mm *iklll bunm L??uinun ?v*tuc C ataMt U thooito of W??Mnrtor. l?telr <K>etrju?*i bf )uo( fe?bmMt Mft KMMrMt, ??oh Mh-?iiMr tt*d??n4 ? B^KUafi, Bacdin* a- d Pillov*, WtrdrtW'i Mirrrura. Ttb?i,Ckltta, PtetifN, BTrtt", Ctr^ru. All the Lit?or* and tJar RuOm FixturM, itovn, and mact other ixtioln too biumtom to HM'JOI. T*.Tnia(?l?tr* for ?!| nai< ?ri4*r Mmk; vtr uitaiim a #rr?llt of <1 * -oom. for not** Utislaotoril* crd xaed, l?-?iir.r irt*r??t Tm MA!? W UKKKV.TriitM. Oi.KAKY * ttftfcKN, Aim oolVNev 164.9 lAAdi IVAHA LINK OP NEW FOUR-HORSE \j COACH U* TO UPI'KH MARL HORf ? *L80' HOiL** (Vryw ik7 U 's' mUl . Tk? undrrMf n?d u now rinniif Duljr,( ft T'T" " (Birri fcor?', *??d Twa-horn CotehM b? W !*"> ' tvMi WMfcmcton Md Cbfcptico, ft* Mlow*: Lmm lh? HvMl.cornfr of Sevftjtk treat lad P*. %t 7 o'clock ft. m R?tarni?r Uftv* tpfpr Marlto'o' ?t 11 o'clock ft *mv? in WuhiBnton at lo'clock, in time to oontHt villi Oi?SJ?a m. t-ftinfor BftMmor*. . Tk? tWkM ftr> n?r nd ?NMo?mi, tt* Mum ftrat-clM* 4a Um kmmdrn ofiiwhl tad immmMiB( Urtvars. Uftf?r Mfttlboro |i? WftT Pi?wn(?r* nwl Kreirht in troMrUoi. j*WW??*.Brva _ It J .jCih'Leeli^ellleelrfW Plewi.Hsrper'e Wee*. . tf, Rimr1! Martsio*, God?r*? At* I411U0 lloBtkly, tM ail Um ?oatfcliw wf <Urt?r ? r.??toggganak SALTimOEIt UFt IttfcugANClt OQ.-l? CO??|U TPlMB?J Ml L IMWtlM?, fr?A4 -,tY" tLCftSfei '8 9 ta* '? ^ luSItll * IN0W1M Axwtt. 4?-?-* Ofro% om ?.>?(WM>i?tt'>?,_ UljMWBftAl 1 j?j.i ' ' i*"_l ifojtj&gW * CO.. S??KaH|wl :> i i ^. , V , ?

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