Newspaper of Evening Star, November 20, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 20, 1860 Page 2
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THE EVENING STAR. WASHINGTON CITY: TUESDAY Iwglg aOt gfc Aftril ai U Trrn. The Cmstilwtiom trraU at length upon the ltleged l*ifc 4 of Mr. Liacoln. The bOtlUi'ncti quaUa what It call* " Sage and PntrwHn- OmimtI ' from the New York ff Cctnmrree, In the present ftata of poUilcai atfiio |^Jat!*e Wayne, of the United Stales Sn A. I Li 1 ^*4 A _ _l J _ I prtOM v "4irv, im> wrnica * icwr v iriena in Washington. sarif!?. emoeg other tfclage, that fWr-CMks of the P *ple of Smauh, 6a , are opposed to Wfmlay. A or Kt a?rciAi RiLirr A number Ql Ui bank* of >itw York city on Monday agreed te untte In the purchase of sterling bills of exchange to the amount of two million* and a half t dollar* TUs purchase la to be made through a Cooualttee, the Lastness of the transmiaa on of th bills, Ac., to be conducted by the Bank of Oomibmtoe.' The same banks also resolved for themselves, aud recommended to the other bank* of Mew York cltyr;*a increase In their discounts during the preeeat week to the extent of fire per onii ory or a receipts. These measure* wm no doatit Uti a reassuring efiect, furnish oieaoi for tto awTratnt of pr 1oc , and, perhaps, tend to beget more coattleaje in the commercial centres of the country. " Pmml. Lady Franklin has returned to New York. ' Jchn >Valsham and Frauds Burton, of the Brttish Legation to Mexico, are at Browns'. Kdwia Fornat ia Hid to have expended ortr 91 -2U0 In purchases at the aale of the Burton library. A brother of Charl^ Dickens (a employed la th * Land office of thf Illinois Central Railroad lie doea a little in the literary line. On Saturday night. Mr P-*ter Richinps, while performing t the Richmond (Va ) Theater, fell, injuring himself badly. 1 he perform* Mee was suspended. ArfA 1*8 in r>T&iA. rue Boston Traveller s Syrian correspondent writes: "The French and Turkish armies are stHI holding the sword ef t-rr#r oy-r the Druses, though as yet no Important Mow has been struck on either side We occasionally Lea:, however, of a brave chief with a huudred or two of bis devoted follow* rs. who bss nit fats way through the ranks of the Turkish army, and made good his escape to the interior, wbere he will And friends in the Hanran " American travellers, undismayed by the horrible enactments of the Syrian drama, are commencing their annual pilgrimage to that country, and several have already arrived at Beirut. While some are rather backward about going to Damascus, tbey feel no hesitation la journeying to Jaffa aim Jerusalem in conolosiou. the writer says: "It is evident that there are traitor* not a few in tbe camp, as tbe great body of tbe Druses have escaped Into the Haurau without molestation from she Turkish troops stationed upon the r ad to cut off thfli r rptr* at Thp t*rvnr K w i s ih 1 ! * <ni his been neutralized by Turkish cunning, and they have accomplished nothing." Excitsxext is Lajciitu Cochty, Va. a great deal of excitement prevails in Lancaster onaty, Va , owing to some revelations made by free negro Tim- Fredericksburg Herald saya: A slave was first arrested for making sundry assumptions of freedom -'now that Massa Lincoln waa elected," but expressing penitence, and stating tualbe wis "in liquor"' at the time, be waa dis h*r^ed Afterwards a free negro made revelations to the c'ifect that the free negroes from the upper and lower ends of the county were to meet at Lanr*rter Court-Ho-iae at - lven time, break open the jail. se'ie the fire-arms therein, and commence an iitdiacnuainate alau^uter of men, women and utoildren, and that means of their escape waa provided by a vessel lying In the creek Ladt Fpanklis Goiao to Brazil. It Is stated that l.ady Franklin is soon to embark for the Pacific coast stopping at Rio de Janeiro. In me capital or Urazll Lady Franklin will be welcoined by the British subjects resident there; but ber warmeat reception will dnubt!e a come 'from the intelligent Emperor Don Pedro II., who lwt spr.njj entertained the second aon of Queen Victoria Mra Fraaklin had n pl nsant Interview with Fre^dent Buchanan and Miss Lane on Friday last fy-=- THK SUNDAY SCHOOL ATTACHEO to the E*st Washington M P Miaftion will rive an KX "IHITtOiV in the Chnrch next WEDN ESDA t EVEN IN( , commencing at 7> o'clock. Admittance 15 cents^_ It* rt^^r*national volunteers, attenUof TION A me-tineof the Na'ional Vo!on terra wilt . l.eld on THURSDAY EVENING. Nnr*mh r d, at 7 o*c!< ck. Those who wish to e ntinue in tti organization are requested to he present, or make kuovn their intention of no doing. b* order r. CLEARy, Captain. J. H. GANTT. 8f>o. no2n at' rylF Sr. MATTHEWS FK Ett SCHOOLS. IJ_3 A Saie f r the henebt of the FreeSciiooIa attached to ?t Mat'hew'j Chu'ch, will i e opeuert at WiKards' Ha!' on MONDAY EVENING, the Jita ui*t,a&<l will he continued during the week. The l&dlfMK in r h P# r naa/ fi !lw L m ~ .. ^vmui i in ' i " vnt? vrtt" tioti of the public tt thm undertaking, h object of which is or such vital inipo-tanee to this community 110 jn^3,24jt0t3Ulh ryf UMON PRAYKK will t* of bolden ever* day this week in the New York avenue Church, (Rev. Dr. (iariev'a) to commence at a quarter paat 4 o'clock, to tie oontinaed one boo r. no 5 rrir DEMPSfcY * OTQOl.B. LL2 VFElmiNQ AND VISITtXU CARD MM RAVERS. Importer* of fine wedding bTATlONEKi, VYLDDINU ENVELOPES, th moit beautiful style*. 326 Pa. A v., between 9ta and inth t* , un-bn waihihsto<i. Thk place to buy the cheapest Sugar. Tea, Colieo, K&iiior. Curranti, Citron Ac., isat the c ji ner of Rut* If JOS.'w. DAVIS. L^OR PHILaDt-LPHIA. The steamer Junei P Jerotre Km a-rived .md will 1-e ^ r< adj for fright on TO MOW li n W g^ ^W .r MORNING Apply to HYDE DAVtDSON. Water it , Geo-getown. no 20-2t W DIARIES, DIARIES! K Ha*e a complete assortment of DIARIE9 for 1861, all sizes and prices. BLAiSCHARD k. MOHUN, iiny 'Intel.' Pa. a*, and Eleventh St. RCOAL AND WOOD ED ASH COAL. WHITE ASH COAL, LY&ENS VALLEY COAL for cooking purpose*, cannot foe ^eat in this market. OAK and PINE WOOD. Fair weight and measure in ail cases. R. W. BURR, no g>- f corner of Seventh St. a*d Mass. a v. Tlieni:d;rsigned has jast rere.ved a larre cupp'jr of the fin *t OYSI'EKSof the ea .>n, and begs leave tu raT trie attention of hi* friends and the public to the fact that he h'.s en arced his Saioon. and is _ I - u* o.<< w> iiigp t nil Tho 111a; favor him w th a ca'l vith RUasI KI)or L(( >1LKD OYSTKR3 at llw uurto't T M. HARVKY, No. 5tSl C t, between l^th and Uth, no y> O^'oiiM TlittMr. 1 SINGING SCHOOL. T Is propoaeu to cp-1 a r npint <c)ioc! for the cultivation of Mimic <n SAlL'RDAY EV KN1.NG, the 24th instant, at 6 o'clock, in the lecture Rfv.m of the New York avenue Pre hjterian rhurch, ( Dr Gurley's.i uiiJt the instruc 1011 of Pr<>f Cuailii K. LUilky, of Alexandria, Va. The School will t>e unrft-r the rator.age ot the Church. . Parsons of every dtuomiration, i both adults and children.) who desire to avail th*m<*elv a of this opportunity of instruct, on, are oordia ly invited io l IS WMOMl to nmm ' ~ < uuiioo ~ me dooic for mitmotion. Terau far tM ooarae of twe re we k . 91. _ o ar>-5t WBn CAN 10 a"*L i.lltvKys? Jut riwivtd i .sr|t sueplyof BLACK FI H, Whl I K FIHH.PLOUNbUlS, CODFISH, aa im* MAeKKflKL. Also, a iuh ly of aCOLl.Oi'S, wi.icn 1. (utnctkiiic new 11. mis market; they make a deltetvue dun vhn served op like oy iMy areietved n> in all the eatisg saloons h N* \ork,a d, 1 Un an doula, they will give MU afacU n to ail who My try them. I am bound to kaye something new always on hand, and pledge Hrr eif *0 fire entire satis faction to all who may raw me with a ali. I will foraish ail the delieaoiee of tke Northers ad Sogtaera markets at 24 hoars' notioo It Opposite the Tbtater. /M A. GREEN'S \" 1 " EXTENSIVE Vfe aflb Furniture Emporium. Ti My fri nda and Ua nMm in f#-aral iri rMHetofavarj daairianoa, which ha will Mil at taa vary lowest arioa. Ha aiamarataa in part-Hr*rj description of MUoftny and Wtlnt Firloiwi Ckwlxr Fanutara, _ Fiaa fainted C'ttara Chan. t>ar Sata, CtrH'i. Kua. ttitxkata, Com/orta. Faathar bad., Hair and fhack Mattrnaia. China, 0>4nuui i rooktry Ware, ftaivaa aod Fork and Tabic Caatara, Bupkata. Tuh*. Waib^>arda. SiftarB, a ad arary othar daaar .ptiou of Wood and Hard vara, to aall Mi axamiaa tor theaaalvaa. no 9b*o4W A.a U and ConaiaawotfwSfit, * . ' v*T Tax r*r* ksMior for the dlaeaae of the timet la not the detlructlon of the Government by revolution, but a determination en the part of the people ri the Sonth to make a few really Inconsiderable aacrlflcea of comfort and convenience only w ly Of a dollar by way of beekl ng the naeoiaoomionlsm That lid* will be UTeetiYeJy checked la a tingle year if (he people of every slaveholdlng State will not apend dollar li. person in any non-slaveholding State, nor a dollar for any northern product ormaauifceture thai they can poMlbly do without. ^ general soatharn convention of delegate* lawfully tlteui by the people of every southern congressional district not of the self-electel windy cock-sparrow demagogues who have for yeers past sougbt notoriety by getting their names in the newspapers as spouters in nnth ri ihvhli rnnfMtioni. Ac . ran fuilv da vise s sfltem of retaliatory legislation againat the interests of Uw people of aboliUos StaUsIs be elected by every Southern State Legislature, not t'olativeef the letter of the Constitution of the United Sutes; legislation which will in a month effectually cut off three-fourths of the existing trade between those States and the South, and as qnlckly pat In full and successful operation the direct trade between the South and F.nrope about which so much has been published for two or threo years paxt. If, when the Southern State Legislatures may have enacted auch a system of legislation extra taxation, flies and other disabilities against whoever may purchase or use goods, wares or merchandize coming from abolition States soberly, intelligently and unanimously framed by a general and authoritative Southern-States convention, the southern disunion lata j r st will only labor as bard to Induce all tbeir fellow-cltiiens to carry It out la good faith, aa they are now laboring to elevate South Carolina Into a revolutionary dlctatorahlp, in a alngle fear any man who darea preach abollttonlam In lla preaeat manufacturing hot beda of the North, will fare aa badly aa if undertaking to do that thing at thla time la Columbia. South Carolina. Tub Niw Loam. We by no m >ana roluclde with the N. Y. Herald in apprehending the general repudiation of their contracta by the aucccaaful biddrra for and other preaent bolder* of the new Government loan. Judging from what la aaid at the Treaaury Department concerning the heavy portion of It taken by the House of Rigga k Co., of thla city, there is little dagger that tbere may be any auch repudiation as the Htrald predicta. By far the largcat portion taken by Riggs * Co., U known to have been bid. fur by them on account of others; principally savings banks. Tbeae latter have promptly met the Secretary's call for the money, and will doubtless continue to do so, for they are not operating for speculation. Riggs & Co. are said at the Department to have actually paid in much mure than the Secretary has called for, on the portion they bid for on tbelr own account It is believed In financial circles here that they (Rings tc Co.) sold the greater portion of the loan they took on their own account, before the recent fall In Its value la Wall street. So, the chances are ten to one that they are gai nera rather than losers by it, notwithstanding It has gone down three per centum since the awards of the stock were made. Patbiots, All or Tnix '. We hear from a gentleman recently from Springfield, that Mr. Lincoln baa already received thirty-seven application* for the Richmond (Va ) post clfice, by letterSo, In that quarter be is evidently deatlned not to be bothered with the labor of finding persons willing U hold office under him. DEPARTMENT NEWS. Tai Nmv Loan The new tire per cent, loan for ten millions was to be paid in, according to the Urmi of the profytsals for the same, on or before th* 22d inst. But so severe is the financial pressure in the quarter where the bidders reside, that many of them have represented that they could not comply with ths terms These five per cents were selling in New York on Saturday at 97. About three millions of the loan have already been paid in. The Secretary of the Treasury, in consequence of the pressure, has ordered that the time for paving in one-half of ttie Won bemtended for thirty days That will nrob>iblv afford sensible relief to the money market, ana save the bidders for the loan much loss. JffMMnuata bttmi PmisinaxT The fol lowing appointments harp been made by the President: Jaines Macfetrldge, Collector of Customs for tbe district of Minnesota; John W. M#rriman. Collector of Customs at (iforgftown, I*. C.; \Vm. B. Morgan, Surveyor of Customs at Harre-df-Oracr. Rbtckx o> Com mi i> ion br <i a kenwood Hon A. B Greenwood, who haa been on a brief visit to hia home In Arkansas, haa returned and resumed, the duties of bis cfficlal position. Orricaaa Dbtachsd Tbe officers of the U. 8. sloop of war Savannah, of the Home Sanadron, recently arrived at New York, have been detached and granted three months' leave of absence. [ 7~ A correspondent of the New York Times telegraphs from Washington as follows ^Information ha* been received here that Gov Atken. of South Carolina, opposes secession Public sentiment seems to be settling down under the idea that Southern States. South Carolina included. will uuite in a demand for an additional constitutional guaranty, which It is thought the free States will cheerfully grant. A coh ventiou of all the States can embody a new clauae la tbe Constitution. iMMirlnv th il * " v . >j k> sganwi lunarr agitation, and fixing a geographical line pertiapa the old Missouri compromise line between free and alare territory. Such Js the aolution of the difficulty by leading men here from all aectiona In addition to tfcis they entirely approve of the suggestion of the Times, that payment shall be mad* for sUves not surrendered under the fugitive slave act. The Odds. Betta were freely offered yesterday through the city, with occasional takers, of two to one againat Georgia and Alabama seceding from the Union On South Carolina, alight odds were offered In favor of accession iV. Y Sun. IP- A slave In Charleston. 9. C , has earned, by over-work, in the last five years, S2,5(JU, but refused to buy his liberty, preferring to live in bondage. The postanaater in Oraage, N. J., Mr. Baldwin, bun deficit of 92,900 in hi* a< count. Hit Mretlea have had Mr. Tethane placed In charge of the otBce. CITIZENS OF WASHINGTON! CITIZENS OF WASHINGTON ! CITIZENS OF WASHINGTON! 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If you would pat a stop to Disunion at the South and to Abolitionism at the North, aid thus ib its aniveraal emulation! If you would puta stop to Disanioa at the South >d to AI olitionitai at the North, aid thu ia ita uniraraal cireo ation! If >ou wou d put a atop to Dtaaaioa at tha South a id to At o'luoniara at tha N rth. aid thua ta ita aoirarsal circulation! i Tho Fmt Number will ia oat on FRIDAY MORNING oast. Tha Firat Nuuiba< will bo oat oa FRIDAY 1 MORNING naxt. 1 Tha First Naaahor will bo oat on FRIDAY * MORNING east. q *> * ] ' A % ' . Qti'k B - - * - 4 VMS Me** M TMK TlXKft. The Louisville Democrat < Brecklnridgr) talks plainly of the disunion auestion. It tells tb cotton StatM tbat they nffd no fugitive slave law, since they aro protectHI by the border 9 atea, and that the latter, which alone have a right to complala, see nothing to be gained by secession, for bf cask a step the Northern State* would be nti rely absolved from all obligations to retina fujrlAl * - _ ' UTC ! . Senator Toomba has publicly declared that ha will, under Melrc m tances. serve In the San ate after the toMguration of Mr Lincoln. He My* the i*ne thjag In ttae following telegraphic despatch to M r Keitt : "Macon, Not. 14,1660. " To Hon. L. M. Kaitt: I will auataln Soctte Carolina In secession I have announced to tt a Legislature that 1 will not icrTe under Lincoln. If vou have the power to act, act at once. We have bright prospects here. R. Twiau.'' We learn from the Montgomery Advertiser that Gov. Moore,of Alabama. "after cousultation with the most profound lawyer of the State/' la of the opinion that he 1a not authorized by the wording or the act of the Legislature to issue his proclamation for the election of delegates to a State Convention until after the Presidential Elertors shall have formally voted In the Electoral Collese iL _ m a * _ m. - on tue am eanesaayin l MBoer. I"be proclamation, however, is promised immediately after tbat date, and the election for delegate* will be held In aa abort a time aa pontile thereafter, so aa to enable the Convention to meet on or about the first Monday in January. Thk Pacific States A dispatch from Washington aavs the Hon. Mr. Otero has written to New Mexico, advising hla conatituenta to connect their destiny with the Pacific States if the Union should be dissolved Californians now in Washington declare their purpose to advocate the establishment of an independent republic on the Pacific side. The Wilmington (N C ) Herald aoys: *' We learn that one of our oldest and most influential citizens, who la the owner of a large number of slaves, received a few days since some 'tracts' from Charleston on th subject of a Southern Confederacy, and the necessity for disunion, Ac., and tbat he bundled them all up and returned them with a note, ssyiug tbat he had not read them, and did not wish to recKiic m more uirh treasonable document*." From Charleston. Chari.eston, Nov 19. It la rumored here that our eitizena will present Captain Berry. of tbe steamship Columbia, with o gold-hradrd eane, for hoisting tbe "Palmetto flag!' on leaving New York. A report la lu circulation that President Bu> cbanan is going to attempt to coerce tbe South, but it la generally regarded as a joke. There la not Ling of interest transpiring in any of the Southern capitala to-day. Extra Session or thk Louisiana Legislators. New Orleans, Nov. 19. Governor Moore, of this State, will convene the Louisiana Legislature on tba 10th of December, to deliberate la reference to public affairs. Excited Meeting at Chablssto*. [Special dispatch to the New York Herald] Charleston, Nov. 17. The people lnaugu raieu me revolution at 11 o'clock thla morning. Our cltizeni are out en maaae. Our leading importing merchants have erected a mammoth pole near the Charleston Hotel, and the holating or the State flag on it has been duly celebrated. Tbe pole was made of Carolina pine, one hundred feet bleb, and surmounted by tbe cap of liberty. Cables were stretched across the streets to prevent tbe passage of vehicles. There was a dense crowd, extending over two squares, on Meeting street The neighboring house-tops were crowded with people Thousands of ladies of tbe highest respectability thronged the balconies and windows, waving their handkerchief^. Impromptu stands were erected, and the principal merchants took seats The flig was then hoi ted amid the tremendous cheering of tbe populace and the greyest excitement ever known here. Speeches were made by Meaara Barker, Robertson, Canneau, Hammond and Nortbrup Tbe Washington Artillery paraded, and fired one hundred gmia aa the flag went up Hells were rung, and tbe band played the Marseillaise Hymn. This flr<d tip the French element of our population. After tbe Marseillaise, tbe band played the "Miserere," fro i "Trovatore," for the'Unlon. Tbe flag ia white, with a Palmetto tree In the center, and beara tbe worda "iaioi'i opibusqve parent " At the aame time tbe Cbarleaton Hotel, tUe Milla House, and other large botela, flung out tbe Palmetto flag. All Vil i- v. *-> - ... .u.o W<4VUIICU ia tuc lull UU26 OI IDC HOOI1day tun, and the people vowed that the atari and stripes should never wave stain ia Charleston. Then speaking began. The addresses were short but stirring, and ail were from persons engaged in business, and who seldom meddle in public affairs. This was emphatically a movement of the people, and not of politicians. The speakers all addressed the crowd as "Cltirens of the Southern Republic," and said thie was a pledge of Southern commerce to support the great movement of independence. During the speaking processions poured In from different sections of the city, with music and can* non, each saluting the Palmetto banner On the dwellings there are bung out banners with such mottoes as "Now or never;" "No step backward;" "The argument ia ended;" "Stand to your arms;" "South Carolina gora it alone her trumps, Magrath, Colcoek, ana Connor with tko-se she claims a march." I The tri color flag was hung out from the theater, and the words inserted Dien et mim droit. Secession badges have become universal Kven children are all adorned by mothers with the blue riDDon. All parties are arming for the contingency of coercion Revolver* ana patent flre arena are selling like hot cakes Mot a skip in the karhor has the Fedtral Jlag flying, tut fat down tk< i>ay it ran still b Utsctrned jlying oter Fort Moultrie. Tbere wai another great demonstration to-night The stand near the pole was beautifully Illuminated Speeches were made by Captiln Thomas, of the State Military Acadrmy, who assured the audience that the Cadets were ready at a moment's notice; also by Chancellor Carroll, Messrs. Mlkell, Cooper, Tennent, Kirk wood and others To day the citlzena are raising a great clamor for the oanks to suspend now. It is supposed it may be done about the middle of uext week. The notes here, however, are as good as gold. The Bank of Charleston to-day hoisted the State Notwithstanding the stringency In money affairs. th# ritv i Hw^lw m *A u* uiiu vuvilICH IJUIIC Drill. The Convention will probably alt a week, but tbe lint thing done will be secession. Magrath la much talkedof ai theCommissioner toaettlewl h the Government the terms of aeciwlon. He la learned, Irm and cool. Public confidence In the suceeaa and beneficial reaulta of the revolution grows atronger daily. Thx Virginia Progiammi. Richmond, Nov. 17. I have taken considerable peine to ascertain what the attitude of Virginia shall be in tbe coming crisis. Her purpose Is to maintain a position of armed neutrality until ahe Is prepared to tender her services aa mediator, under tbe official sanction of tt.e Legislature, or a Convention called by ita authority. It is known that sbe will, meanwhile, prepare for the worst, for if the states now threatening to secede shall adopt her programme, and that shall fall to be carried out by non-compliance on the part of the North, Virginia will unite in the eeceselon movement. She will ask tbe Southern States to go Into a Southern Conference with her, and it is understood that they will go, provided she lap down beforehand th* . r. v6< uoiuir wuicu SQ111 form the basis of action. This, it is supposed, Virginia will do, and from information communicated to me it will be of a character sufficiently comprehensive and exacting to satisfy the most ultra Sputhern men. It will embrace, first, a repeal of the statutes nullifying the Fugitive Slave law by those States which have passed such statutes, with a gnarantee of a faithful enforcement of that law in the future; second, a concession that the Constitution authorizes the carrying f slaves into the common territory, and consequent protection for slave property therein; and, third, that Congress nor the Kxecutive shall not interfere with slavery In the States or Territories, except for its protection in the latter when necessary Some favor a change In the programme, to the extent of a demand for the passage of a law by 'Congress forthwith, for Its protection In the Territories If this programme shall be adopted by the Conference, and the North show any disposition to compromise upon it. then a National Conference will be called to adjust the pending difficulties upon that baa is Should these measures fail to I .w * - uu .u we wiiuuuu oi ne ."North, secession of all the Southern States will follow. Tbe seceding Stales will seek to render the prog ran. me more exacting, to * , If probable, to defeat tbe whole scheme; but In to doing they will defeat their own purport, which to to conciliate Virginia and the other border Btalea to the secession movement. They cannot secure Virginia's committal to any demand of a more stringent character tnan is embraced in her own programme. She will yield her sanction to the alternative of disunion only npon a refusal of tbe demands therein embodied, sad she will require acquiescence In those conditions before she goes into a Southern Conference. Virginia Is determined to exhaust everything la the way of negotiation before she gives her sane* tion to secession, and tbe South will go with her, In tbe hope that her effort may fail, and that ultimately she will be forced to adopt tbe last alternative secession Th* Dmusios Ficiiro in Alabama. Hoi TGOVKIT- Nil* 1' * ' ^...MUieninxoitM citizens of this county was held tbis mornlitc at th* Capitol, to nominate candidates for tLe Con. ventlon All parties psrtlclpaWd. Mr Wa.L Yancey and MY Thomas H Watta, the leader of the Hell party of this State, were nominated by acclamation The Convention will be eompocd of one hunired members. From the Indications given la private correspondence from leading men la each ja|jg " * /.T;Ph I rMitf. at teas* wiwty4w iwbiii < M C t entlon will be for unconditional disunion. Got. Moore replies, in a letter published this morning, to the Baptist State Convention, and thanks them for ths aid rendered by the Baptists to the cause of dlsualon Mr. Yancev will undoubtedly be elected, and will be the ruling spirit of the Convention. NoAoomut, Not. 19. Senator Fttspatrick has written I letter la respoase to a committee of cltlstns of Wetumpka. He reooanr.ands resistance to Lincoln's sdmtnistatloa, but desires a consultation betwoM the fifteen Southern Slates. GtX. S*m HocstoB's srhuti to Ta k MMico The same correspondent says: "There Is a strange rumor afloat here,and salt Is bewhinlng to be talked of generally. I will relate it to you. It Is to the effect that Gen i*im Houston, of Texas. is about embarking again tn the sea of excitement Reliable prraona assert that he la busy at , work In Texaa, getting up a foment that will finally overthrow and take poeaession of the Republic of Mexico, cut It up Uito sovereign States, and then join the Southern Confederacy This looks something like the wild s< heme of Aaron Burr, and for which ho was triad for treason This rumor I give to you as It come* to me. with the assurance that i have myself beard Mr. Ramaoin. a distinguished citizen of Alabama, make the assertion publicly within the laat hour Looking Ahead An offer from New York, of aclob of flftv- even young men, Is made to Gov. Olst, of South Carolina,If their service* are needed. The writer concludes am follows: u Ql. V *- - ** * " -u, uunurauie patriotism must Mrt its reward. Some will be satisfied with honor, other* with pecuniary acquisition; but, lr, 1 went to serve that sturdy republic which shall be founded on 'right, justice and equity/ and la order so to do, I respectfully submit my claim on the generosity of )ftmr Excellency by asking the appointment of CoHful for thit port." Among the letters to Gov. Gist, some are from mechanics and workmen, askiog employment. We have no doubt there will be many more such. South Carolinian. THE PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION. - > . VIRGINIA. The latest Intelligence received from tbe election in this State Is as follows: Richmond, Nov. 19 We have returns from the same counties as yesterday, more however being official. In one hundred and thirty-seven counties, officially, reported and revised. Breckinridge's majority Is ' 23. In thirteen counties, unofficially reported Bell has a msjorlty of 41H, making Bell's majority In the one hundred and fifty counties 271. The counties of Clay which jrave GoKKln41 majority, Wycoming which gave Goggin M majority, aua Webster, a new county, yet remain to be heard from. GEORGIA. According to our figures, says tbe Savannah News in all thecountiesof thisSUte,except twoBanks and Echols Breckinridge is 351 votes behind the aggregate vote of Bell and Douglas. By yeaterdav's mail tbe returns of those two counties came to hand, pivinjr Br c.kinridi/ vo h ii i /f Douglas 125 The difference between theae figures, 4*27. and the above stated, 351, la 76, which. If the return* be correct, la the majority of Breckinridge over both bia competitor*, There are, however, no doubt, numerous errors, In the retnrua sent to the preM. and we conclude that an official count will be necessary In order to aettle the result. Fifty Thousand Krir Nkoroks Coming North ! A Southern dispatch to a city paper says: "It Is understood that the Legislatures of Virginia and North Carolina will act at oace on a proposition to send all the free negroes in their limlta to the North, and perhapa pay thetr expenses tblther out of the State treasury. There are over fifty thousand free negroes In those two States. It la aald otter Southern States will pursue the same policy." And such notices as the following, from the Charleston Mercury, would aeem to show that similar movement Is on foot In South C*roMna: "At a meeting held at Beech Branch, St Peter's rk - * ranso. on me 71D day or November, the following resolution wuttwed, and unanimously adoptecf "Resolved, That we petition to the legislature of our State, In behalf of the t*t. Peter> Regulator*, to aell Into slavery, or cause to be removed from our State, the free negroes, In the shortest possible time. "Bexjaxih R. Boktick, Jr , l'res't. Robket H. tiirroiD, Secretary." Mb. Bkxckixbiikikto be Called Out. Strong appeals will be made from Kentucky, and the conservative Interest* in other Southern States, for Mr. Breckinridge to attend and address the South Caroltna Convention next month As be was the cardldate of that section, snd enton tt confidence, they could not refute to bear L. m. if he should consent, and in that way the judgment of the people might be reached Dy reasons they will never hear IT a Convention 1* permitted to pursue It* own recklcss course. Mr. Hell Is vnderstood to be prepared to give the influence of bis name and counsel to any proper Union demonstration in the South, arfd would doubtless co-operate with Mr Breckinridge in an endeavor to arrest the projected revolutionary schemes of the Secessionists. tn- One man in Virginia gains ?i00.000 on the electoral vote for Bell in his State THEATER. THEATER,THEATER! IMMKN.SK SUCCESS! 1MMENSK SUCCESS! IMMENSE BUCCtiSS ! or TNI BEAUTIFt UCHILD DKAUTIFUL CHILD BEAUTIFUL CHILD OF POETRY AND SONG, POKTHY AND BONO, POBTRY AND SONG, MISS CO RDF, I, IA HOWARD ! MISS CORDELIA HOWARD! MISS COR DELIA HOWARD! \VH > PLAYED A CONTINUOUS ENGAGEMENT CONTINUOUS KN<JAI<KMKN<' CONTINUOUS ENGAGEMENT or THREE HUNDRED NIGHTS THRKK HUNDRED NIGHTS THREE HUNDRED NIGHTS in Moil Tha* ONE HUNDRED AFTERNOONS, Mon Thai* ONE HUNDRED AFTERNOONS, Moss Thas ONE HUNDRED AFTERNOONS, CROWDED AND DBUGHTED AUDIENCES CROWDKH AND DKLIGHTED AUDIENCES IN NEW YORK, IN NEW VORK? IN NEW YOdK.IN NEW YORK ! MI-S HOWARDWI' L APPEAR THIS EVENING, THIS IVKN1NG, THIS EVENING, THIS EVENING, MARY MORGANAvM*RY MORGAN, THE INEBRIATE CHILD, TULMM^UDV&TL' PUI. n TEN NIGHTS IN*A BAR-ROOM ! TEN NIUH IS IN A BAR ROOM ! 7. 8 ARTHUR?T. S. ARTHUR ! . 9. ARTHUR, T. B. ARTHUR ! MOTHERS, FATHERS. WIVES. DAUGHTERS, BROTHER^, alSTEkS, ann , CHILDREN, CHILDREN, CHILDREN, Witxxss This Bkautifdl Performtsn! Out To-Day, AND FOR SALE AT G. G. Evans's Gift Book Store, 476 Pxsxsylvania Avx^cx, WHERE A GIFT WORTH FROM 50 tents to *100 IS PRESENTED WITH EACH BOOK AT THE TIMS OF SALE. Odmhi at Trwth. by Two Brothers, Lake House, by Fanny Levald, Methodism Suoeeufol, by B. F. Tefft, Hood's Whims and Oddit es, by Thoa. Hood, Will He Find Her, by Winter Summertoa, The Union Text Book,-<erery body akonld read l'.j-prioe VI, The Reoreatione of a Country Pirn>n. 07Our Catalogue oontain* the baet eeleetion of Book* for fire-aide readme, to be found in tho country. C7 All are invited to call aad examine for themrelvee. O. G. EVANS, no 19-3t 476 Pennsylvania avenoe. Nkw book by catholic authors juat out and for tale at M. D. RUSSELL'S New Book a<?d 8 ationtry Store, No. *6 Seventh street, opposite the Avmae Ho Me. The Life of r<t Tare/ a. written b herself, traaalatad fro ia the Spanish t y the R t. John Dal ion; first A ate dean aJition, cloth; prioetl. The Hidden Gam, adraaaa in iwoaou, bi H. p. Cardinal WiMvan; do 75 oecta. An Ki ay on the Harmonioui Raiatioaabetween Divine Faith and NataraTReason, br A. C. Bavne. Esq.. a oth; pries 74oeuts. The B'trothed, a romance of the i?tn cnturj. by Alexander Mmz >ni; tew edition, olout p oe 7.1 eeata Christmas Nichta hatertaii m i.te, or the Pastor Visit to tlta Heane of r a! ration, traoalated from, the Spanish of Dm John aa Piala'ox, Bishop of Oima. oloth s prioe 57 eeata. Miasioa ano Duties of \ oaag Woman hjr Charles J .White. D. IX, with theaperot> < tion ofth" moet Reverend the Arafc^iahoa of Baltimore. oloth; yrtoe 37 aoato. Papists MiarepreSMtad and 'raly Reareeeated, or a twefcUi cnaraoter of Popery, by Rev. Joha M- Gainer, oloth s < oriaeanoenu. Uraoe O Hal.eran.orinland ia |ta Oloth; prlee eests, Father Larkin'a |t aaiea to inn will*, a tal of the times, br T. L. Ifiehata, [. D, oloth; prioe tf seats TheMtstlioffcl* WASHINGTON THKATF.JL L> m* Mr. ft.W.Oumi. Firctaypatranae of the Jnrecile Prodigy. LITTLE CORDELIA HOWARD, < A*J Iwr t*Jo*ted parent*. MR. ud MIS. . C. HOWARD. Whow,!!Mr r on (MONDAY and TUESDAY. Id the fraftt Moral Drama of TEN NIGHTS U* A BAR-ROOM To eonclnd* Vlth the Care* of 4.LOAN.Of A LOVER. | RACKS. R ACK5' Trottm* Ma' o e off over the Jnokson Cltr c ar*e. mi e heatx t<> harc *, f ion a at"**. Th ovn-^Jf er name* b. h K.* le ; Curtx * Chadwell cam9 r m Auoie Laurie. Race dome off at 1 o'clock oi THURSDAY. Nor. t d no 19-St* PROPRIETOR*. ODD FKLLOWI8 ~RA1< L! rommwnj on MUM DAY EVENING, ftovwUf 13. POH FOUR "NIGHTS ONLY. George Christ)f Minstrel* I Under the immediate perennial up >rintead*ao* t-f , OKORGK CHRISTY, , _ .. . Auth >r of nearl* all the Lkvict Orm*of Ktkiarum Minstrel*}, whose experience of OT*r ishte E>*ra in the profe ioa, and whoee perfr rmarien r the i^at tweive vc&ra in the city of New \ork fore the elite of Lhat treat rnatropolia, are ataarante* for the exo*Tlenc of the entertainMrnu he Hubmita for public approval. He and his >1AMMOTH COMPANY will open aa above, and appear for poatUTnly Foar Night* only. Remember the nngitral GRORGK CHR!ST> ia hi* inimitable and chant* nntertammenU. Card* of adiniaaioo 25 ot*.; reserved anata 30 eta. Doora open at a quarter to 7 : performaaoe com iwnpirn M a quarter to i. J .NO P. SMITH, O IS KuilMtt Ac nt. BALLS, FABTIES, Ac. The union engine company, no. . Williina M GRAND COTJI.LOW PARTY ft On TUESDAY. Do 11, /A At PlfAIS'KLiy HALL, ror 9tk *n4 Drtt.^k Part ion tar* in future adv rt Hmnt, no ft The second cotillon party of th FRANKl IN ACT1VK A9 <>CIA I ION fl* will Uke piace on THANKSGl V1N fc.VE, M at ffta5klin Hall, D tro t, ae r 12th. Jf^k liekeu 50 cent*, admitting * icntlemai iMi ana i&niea. Particular* in future ad vrtiaementa. U* OUR NAME IS OUR MOTTO! PIONEER ' Tne firatCOTILLON PARTY of tha PIONEER CLUil will take place at Thorn's Ha; l, on oft TUESDAY. November an. Bv order of the l'omm*ttet of Arrangement!. iS Thoa. Bainett, John MoFar and.HHk Sol. Smith. \Vm. I.ewu no 16-4t* i. o, o f. i J3 ODD F E L L 0 W S' LEVEE. Fo OtiiniT or COVENANT LODGE, No. IS. ODD FELLOWS' BALL. Sivejith Sr.. MONDAY, November , 1W0 bo 13-eo2w WANTS. WANTED-STONE-CUTTERS and MA j SONS, at Great Falla, Waahmrton A*ue duct Good wages and steady Mimumt't. no at St* R. J DOBBIXB. \Y' ANTKD-A o'iT.u Bi>Y'. wbo w . aearoetj hi o murr 10 IIU UliQ lO QTIVO OUl ft f[6Qtl9roan dailr f>rexerri e. H m i * he a o<*1 d irer. Addre e " Visitor," through the Poat Office. !no ** 2i* WANTKD-A *ood COOR. WA?HKR. and IRo.NKR. An American girl or lave pre j ferrrd Reference required. Apply at 6*>4 *ixth | at., Island. nol9-a' | WANTKD-A PARTNKR, with a capital of , from one ti.ou>and to fifteen hand red dollars, j in a first-class sr oc ? r y star*. Add rest M. N Washington, D. C. no 19 St* YyAN rED \ WOMAN .ami a MOY, t do Ii'iutcwu'l, A ppiy tl O. M it. IMont ne*d apply unloaa they oftu bribf toe b t recoromendationa. no tl* WANTKO An ASSISTANT ins Drm Stor , one having * knowledge of the baaineeaftaa < can five afttitfoetorjr referenon Addre**. through I th* Poat Office, 1). L., jiving same ud reference. i no 17-3t ( \J|/ANTKD-SKCOND HAND FURNITURE. " Peraona dro mi rig housekeeping or hftviftf f urpu* of Furniture on hftnd.cftn obtain thecftak and fatr pricea by applyin* ftt 3H9 Seventh t. no 17 BONTZ A GRIFFITH. WANTED I MM EDI ATEI.Y Fro f 5 to ln i U IVU U A M I 1?ItO MI * - j. v, r" v ^ - y v .i a* un; v r t1 nt^i TLRK ofali kin la, for which I wiil cuarant) to m th* hiRhe*t price*, and, aa u ual. at the shortest no " _ . R. BUCHLY. De l r in Furniture. f*tovea, fce., 1 oc 9 408 7th tt.. hoc G and II. eaet i<ie. i^ I 'lostInd^ found. LOST Ye ter.! y afternoon IxtvMn Rkci' Bank and the corner of Fourteenth tiMt aid i New York avenue, a circular caifcbrie HANDKKRCHIKF, h*n l om ly ernbroi-terad, and vo. ked in the nvof't name. A libra I reward will be ivcn. if returned to 431 Fifteenth at. It* fl CT REWARD Strayed from the aubaenber %? * about three week* a nee.ared CO W. mJFmM i!. ;* * >mm old, With whit* laoo, hott Ul . pUf cropped on the right ear and a it on the left;bAf i no e ilnfinurrcl b\ a dot. The a' ove reward will hf paid to any one by returning the aaine to P A. Fl rZHl'GH. General Po*t Ottce no 20 NOTICK Taken ua, in the Firet Ward, row the Circle, oq th* 18th instant. aa an iJ| eft*ay.a white COW with nan pot , anil left horn crumpled ; einra taken up.^b^M haaoalvod. The owner will come forward, proro property, av oharge*, and take her away Apply to WM. D SKKKI.Ni, frirat District Polio*. no gft-3t* IOST OR HTOL.EN A wrou.htgoid BRACK I.KT^. rt largo f*v the iiuka fonnec'ad U uiu^rn. A* U IIIA) UC UQ ifVU mr rue. jevtiierii ftM pawnbroker* will ple* e *u>p it abouid it no lt offered, and vidrpsi J. D. W , Bo* No. 364, City PoatJJtfice. no 14-3 tffc ST RE WAR D. 9tr '.y*d * y,on the 15th in t, I a red ant whit* COW, turned in horn* a- d blind in ono eye. The above re- pur^ ward will he p\id if delivered at oorner of&Ae < B atreot ouit and Firet at., Capitol Hil', No. >01. I no 19 3f St'SAN JOYCE. I ACR E WAR D Stray *d f.oni the enbechher. oa i 9" Wednee i y night, the Uth ulti*in,a^H| j red buffa o ici'ch COW, bavin* two loarapuf* i on her aide. The above reward will i paid tn ipt perton retnrninexaideow to the owner, i JOHN ROt' H E. oorner Filth and Ridge eta., i between M and N. Northern Libartiee. * no A C RKWARD. Ptrayed away, on or about tho , 14ih. from m* pft turw. acr>v * the Lour r\ B idg'.onuxrre1 HORSb. shoot 6 or '*1 ^ tears old, with V.p of the left ear tarned^V^ down. Ai o a <"un COI.T. S or 7 month* old I*no , above reward will he paid to any one, by returning . them to me. or Robert Kticej's t ab e, on Kighth , t, b t n D and K iU> no 19-2t* JAMF.A ROACH. J T*AHEN UP. Foom tre*pa in* on my fr*m- ' 1 i e*. n ar the Anno it a Bridge thr entbmM COW?and two HKIFERrt; one Hack.jPU^ with white epot on forehead, two red airaJbiv I while one da k red, and the other red and white. ' mi i - a. A - * a iw two ar heinri. w.thout horu The owiw'h are requested t now* forward, prove prop- 1 ertj>, par obargea.aad take them awav. I no S St* JOHN DOUGLA&. I < BOARDING. _ Boarding. thr*e or four iiui mtimm* ! 3an b* acoomsio.'aleil with Board b; applying at No 313 Maryland avenue. between tH aad t'h . ta , I land. Maohaniea preferred. no l -tf TO THI PDBL1C! I GO WHERE YOU~CAN GET TOUR MONEY'S WORTH! HrTBY IT! PROVE IT! KNOW IT!jQ TRY WHAT? \ \F3o37utI PIONEER b TTO r j PROVEWHAT? tfs: i KNOW WHATf ET Know that T0U |"t GOOD MKA8UU tad the wrr bwt of n ODD for law mommy, Cut, Split, and Dniriin Fxii or Chaise. Calx at iu PlORIKft MILLS! Bias F THE BLUE FLAB- STAFF, y SooTBwssT Coim Itvnrn Sr. a Cabal (Sooth of tho Bridga.) f wu george page. a t, 1 K|I VAM ArrLB Ul- f ijyj DEM. tint day rtotivad aiid for mJ* low. a i. . te.TOW,^i3KjnaSSsa ; i cats . Now ,9_T^ fSSS'^WoAlN.!- ' is? tf geCTSi^Vc^feigawsU!: HATK ud CAPS, t th. Feoft*'. CiotW^Mfr*, t ^jg aw gaiK? i ' 9*# mi ; I ti I AUCTION 8AL.BH. ~ * Mi J. C. McSt'lRK * OO . Aaoti >* er . 1\ DtCtlLUNEOI'S COLLECTION o 1*1 at Avctios. on rHtRSDAY SVtwNlN , Norfubfrai. roumi .c.rf at 7 o'o . k. w ! .: a U.Mtk)AMtM < . r*' .:iMpy >! ' hob or B"ok rub koioi KihHoa!. Ud 0 MLt W rk . Uiu .ri# , N*r la, P rt xii Cl * llTM M t. I P^CttaJcfaM tmly atth* Aaorfra Room W w)*r*d y Mnuu, bo J. McOCIItE * CO.. <* Hy J. C. HOKUM.* k CO.. Aaoti^wn. I^URNITT'WR m HOlYKHOLD EFFECT* r at A*CTiM<-Oa K*ll>*V MfiRNlNW, ^ortmort ta. ciav-Doiai m.1 ) o'aoo* w baJ' Ml! < fthe h arnltore, A .. ooBt ii e4 in tk*h a-e No. 4T Utk atrMt, MVM r m4 <1 V+ 'B. part ofCmnc aeat rk ui. in C"ltM*U>4 Irtx Iwttwti, Husk and Cotton u4 S kBck ?ti u,Pi low iro Bol t r Slips. Coanterranea Comf'VTta, ard Ffailta, Ingram Carpet*. and Floor u lo k. Ga Chan4*it r aad Nu Fixtaraa, Kitchen Reaaiaitea, kt. T rmt oaak. no id J, C. M l'IKK 4 CO . A *U. By i. C. MoGLIRK * CO.. AaotooMara. f Rr TBE'S BALK OP FURNtTLRB AND 1 KrricT or tkm Lifititti Ob MONUAY MORNING. TSorwaher M. m4 e*BUBBlBf from fey to Uy antil tk waola ta ol. by irtue ot two l Wir>| Ua.tto the nlwnbM, duly raoordad uioai the laad record for Waakiac onanty. I ah*11 aal! tha aatira Faraitara aa4 * k r t< ..r>L. i f. * J - it - ' v imvi i nvaw va r 11" V, if ItiM 14th u4 1*U itrwU, MMfrtMi Ur Ferai- j tor* of aooat sixty room* W ';nt ud Muoftif Parlor 9aitM, coHubif of tto.'M. Tft T Ui, Arn, Roekinf, *M Parior CMin, Walnut Bookoaaaa, DmIi. and W ha'aola. Ro ewood Marble top Center and Pofe Tablea, Lnenree, Faaey Chaire, ard TaMee, Wilt frame Frenoh Piste Mantel ami Pier (Imm, OlMik and Laoe Curtains, Cornice and hadee. Velvet. Brussels. and Ingrain Carpets aad Oil. eiotk* throe*hont the Hoik, Atair CarprU. Cocoa and ladia Matting. Wilnal ,wH fVb I\ T-\ . . ., . X'V* ua-fHMuu u Iiiur UIW, Oak Fr noh D.m-r 'haira, Si-J Tab m. Lar q uantttv >>rwkit*tHor< CbinaTaMc War*. SitNwr*, TabU C U*ry. Waiter*. *iiT r l laU l Cm tors, Joe Piteiiar*. Cake BmIiMi, y ooni, and Poikr. RoototI. Mahofaa t.Wa) n v t, a nd Paiatod Dtm>. in< and Waahataads, vitk aad vnkout Ifarbln- u>p>, Bn* Cotta a Solid Oak a d Paints Cottar* K>*ther B** . K-l.torm.wid T 1llow . Toil* Btota. 6 .peior Ct rled lUir and Huk MaUr * Larxe aua.titf of blanket* Coml^rU, QaLU, m4 Rod Linen. .. p n>aek T to)e-olo*J . NMki"* Towel". . Radial r, O^n *#rau. ud Air li(U Stores -* tinouf ho i ti ho . ^ Together witk a large v n*ty ol Rnaaehold ArtleiM not nrtoMWl * wimulM Term*: $ ud ua4o* e 'h; over U*l "Wf 1 Arr^it nf ' " * v.. , * v| miW| u>o iuui nutJina, VIVI intere t, aeourad hj * otkI endoraara. CHaS T. GRIF-ITH, Iruata*. J C. MoOi iNK Jt fco., Au U P. B. Tke House it lor rent; luquire oftkt Abo tionaer. no e FUTURE DAYS. Br J. C. Motil IRfc 4 CO.. Aaataoaaara. | PORPORATION OF W Ai*H I *<STON T v/wi Mali at Adctior On WEI)NE#jiAY | AKTKRNOON.Jlatm-t . at 4 o'clock. at the An 1 Hon Knnmi. wa ah*! aell, in auira to auit V*Corpor 'io- of V^a-hiiigton Quarterly Six par Caul Stock. nnred J. C. McGl IRK A CO., Aucta By WALL k. BARNARD. Auctioneer* South idt af fa ar. aai caiacr of Xmuk ft. Auction *alk of new and good, t*bc"kd r* ii> rcusTTtrai ax HocairioLD KrrErra. On THURt*UA> MORMNO. Mid 1* o'eiook, we will the A otioa R omt, a e;ie' . * o tmentci ti<>uaafcold Fur .i turo and t-.ffocta, oomp iamg t uit o* Parlor Furniture, e nutating of 8olu, Ana and Side Chaira. Mart.,* top Canter T%M% m Matviranj Round and Extonaion Walnut Din in* Tab'e, Dtoiag Cwri, ut frMif Mirror, Dim% k Bud Lace Caitaius, Cor mo* urf Gilt Shadea, Handsome Bronx* Dm Brackets ana Ball Glob#. Vsi ret, Brasses ssd Three-ply Carpet, Oilcloth, Marble-top aad plain V\ a net Buraaae, Do and other W at bstanas, Cettace Chamber *et, Fraaeli and Cottage Bedsteads, Barled Hair and bbaek MaUreseos, roekery and Glass Ware, Cooking and other Storse and Kite hen L'tensllS. Terms: 9 B oasb; orer that aroosnt a credit of jn and en data, fur approved eixioraed do tea, bear lag interest. _nol9 d WALL t BARNARD. A acta. By J. C. MoGl'lR E It CO.. Auctioneers INTENSIVE SALE OF PURNITURE AMD Cj Hvcdbsoii trricTs On THURSDAY MORNING. November aad. at 10 o cook, at the *} spacious eaiee room in * ood ward's baildu , three f doors veato( tha Auction R<M>m . * thaueeii aa t extensive aasortmei.t of Hoa ebold Effects, eo - A pna>ng Thr e excellent Piano Fortes, Stoo j and Covers. Walnat and Mahoraur ofaa, Arm. Rocking aad Parior Chaira, Rosewood and Marble top Center aad Sofa Tables, Walnat Whatnots. Writing Desks. But-frame Miners. Oil Paintings aad Kngraviaga, Mantel Ornawect*. and Vase , # Braaaels, Three j and Ingram Carpcta, Stair Carrot a. Oil cloth. Rod* aad i' m Wardrobee, Vretnag ilimti, Wukitu^i, Toilet Sou. Bedstead*, Ha>r and I!u*k Mattreeaet, I Bol*ters. and Pillow*, Blankets, Con orti, ' China. Gla * and Crockery W are, If Can', and Wood aaatChura. Lounges, Covkicc and other siutti, Kitohen Utensil*. AT IS o'clock, In front of tae Anotior. (Looms, two good Saddle iMNi Terms: and ander oarh; ortr that na a eronit t n and 90 days, for aalilaetoriljr oadoraod notes, beving interest. GEO. W. PHILLIP*. Bailiff, no I* d J. C. McGl lKK 4k CO.. aaota. pONmULK'SsALKOf VALUABLE ft sal V> Estate. By virtue of irevriUo/ oxoonUoa issued t> Joa. A. Pearson, a Juatioe or the Peta* in and for the Coenty ef W askingtoa aad Dtetnet of Colaaibia. en the lata dar of Noraahar, A. D. I86i, ib favor of John J. Bocae against the goods ud chatte's, lends an i tenement*, rights aad credit* of Berr.ard Mate*. and one o.iier writ ofexooabon leaned b Bobert Wmt*. a Ja-iiee of the Peaoe la aad for aaid ooantf.oa the l o of November current, in favor of the aaid John J. Botaa, ileoacainat tfc Ao., of aaid Bernard Matee. I nave levied neon all the aaid Beraard Ma tee's tereat la and to that pieae and aareei of croand known as that part of lot nam be red one (I) iiHiwnvmoi ^itroumMrM Io rteen. ( 4.) fronting twenty It* (Ml feet on street tad , levor'y (70) foot on Peon. *v.. end l l, erooeed to I ie|i thf Mm* to nli'fy eeid ix wriU orexeoetioo , tt pnb1 le rale to the huh t bidder for cash. on tlie + , premi-ee, on FRIDAY. UeSnthdny of November . larrent, ftt 4 u eloek pm. ft Tb rnniH>i will be eoid Mt'jwt to u wwin !*renoe of #.W, petable with interest on tbe l tti lay ofOetober, A. i>-i f ' VoVtl WM T. CRAIG. Co table. I hold a deed of trn t nm the property offeredI fcr | uite in be eb 've ndTertaeewent, wkieh n M deed r i xeoetrd to m in goed f its. and for a mil I . l. 1 !a - i T - i oi ouruimtuon. i ao. nwrMore, protect IfklWt I the Mid m>. bemf witnout authority of tov, I m4 c% tion a 1 pereoaa against bidding M tfc* pf ndM ! . T> " 4r JORW MAOKE. ^ QJKXTLEMEN S ^ MADF CLOTH|M6. Our priMil Miortn nl of fc K NTL EME \ * KK.\DV -MADK CLOTHING ff- r to eitineaa tod viihiii u immadiftU oat It aupeior indaeeme ita, erahraoinc, kt this UM, All ttyle# aod aaalitiea of Drw tad Barmeea Garnanta and OwooaU id ail rarietiaa. Piae Shi rta tnd Under elothinc of ail kind*. Kid and other ylovM of beet qat ity. Soarfa, Tm, Crarato, >to*ka, Hoeierf. A.C., ft*. Ail of vtoak wa are |ff~Ar lBf ft! t mr fti ! ari*a sar*" aolt-tf lMH.ti 1 136 confIctioneey. 436 No. 4M S ri TB^ grUT) &Mfeii?sS S i ol7 VVKNCHiTVl^H^T^fN^ TS r . T. I 0***TjAfdAI{t8. a _ W m* Mlliof ia kuMMM Dmi Quit >pt M'lrrd, l^2w^flyeTleiei^l Y2re322* ieewber*. * CO x'l**7"-**0 wsfegr /OS _ NOTICE. /#\ La ,w JL**.or*LI V I k * iwond my 9 _ ^flwif OFFICE Ml p afe<Mt, Mvm4K ud tth atrMU, mm*mrnij ta tb km o/ tk NthMtl Hotei. wte*r Btayy Id lsta]** fc&VzBtlV 1 nenyttoa 1 r bU r> t: J) kMw N .4 t frH..I>*w^ VmA *1 UMEBEM^W f n

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