Newspaper of Evening Star, December 20, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 20, 1860 Page 2
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THE EVENING ftTAK. - * WASHINGTON 1TY: ftlURSK9AT jO? 1W0. pint ( the l*l?rat?c f? The CaajittMie* critic!?? Senator Johnson'* fetch, and with its u?ual alacrity ?nuff? a bad motive It Inquires ? What prompted roch a ipfMh from such a quarter * WH It genuine free moiliaDft, or tbe hope of rewaid?" The Cvnu>mt,<m uvi of tbe Republican! ? They are the traltort. . They ere the dfmalon Mi And th? South will be justified More God and man Id rt-foslng to surrender to the tender mercies of such aggreesors " The Iuulligtnttr la occupied with Congres sional proceeding* and news. Asorimt 8t!f?ATio"* ?The able and emphatic speech delivered yesterday by that representatiye imi. Andrew Johnson. In the Senate, has already generated intense excitement among the dls OAlAnists p*r it in Washington. Juniors amoag them are freely declaring that "hanging Is too good for the traitor." Traitor to what, or whom ' To the proposed limited monarchy and oligarchy In the South' To a dictatorship of such states men u Messrs. Keltt, lverson, Wigfall, the Charleston Mercury A Co * Mr. Johnaoa la emphatically the representative of the Uboctag citizens of the South, nod of the ibokiuscIm there of quiet business men In all walks In Ufa, who, while they eschew the trad* of politics and the no less pestiferous trade of HKbuslafteg,?the vocntioas of nine-tenths of the noisiest dlsunlonlsts of the times?are far more deeply interested in the preservation of the many blessings of jjD/ertiment now enjoyed by the people of every section of th's country, than in the reopening of the African sieve trade and a new cat, shuffle, and deal of property, positions, Ac , throughout the United States Those classes spoke hi the Senate chamber yesterday, through Mr. Johason, la lantjsage that made It plain that sm at lannrth a ur oVanlntv rt tKa n o/? ass'. ? r\f protecting themselves from the dangerous scheme* of the politicians and lllbusters by trade In tbetr midst. The Indications of his speech alarm the disunion !s*s p*r ? Intensely. Hence the vehe mence of their denunciations of the orator. They dreaded nothing so much at that tbose whom Mr. Johnson represents might organize ere their schemes be consummated; and they accept his earnest effort against tbelr counsels, as evidence tint what they have thus dreaded. Is about to come to pass The Special Committer or Thirty-three are understood to have devoted tbetr session of yesterday te the discussion, In ten-minutes' speeches, of the various propositions concerning the future of slavery in U. S. Territories before mkui i-mv itsuii was uutainou ** C rcgrei to add, that the disposition manifested by the North (In the committee) not to permit their section to accord to the South what the Supreme Court baa adjudged to be their rights, was much more de cided than we had expected from the outside con versational explanations of th?ir views previously made by many of the northern committee men. Their proceedings make it clear that as yet there ia little hope that tbla Congresa may do anything in the way of aiding those at the South who would aave the Confederacy from disruption, in that labor of true patriotism. P. 3 ? It is nnderctood that to-day the tee will vote directly on what la regarded as the Bouttern proposition with reference to that sub ject; which in substance is believsd to be em braced in the already so popular plan explained by Senator Crittenden in his recent speech. A Xiw Rlmor Evmt Fivt Mixctbs.?Turn as one will In Washington, a new and more ex citing rumor of Important events reaches his ears, each succeeding one more exciting than the last Thus, to-day we were told that a telegraphic di'paUh had been received by the Government announcing that the South Carolina Convention bad passed the ordinance of secession In a few brief moments afterwards we were assured that another dispatch had also been re ww?, uiiiuiiuviui iuc utini; oi r on .Moultrie by South Carolina. In both Houses of Congress to-day, the subject of aimllar rumora formed the actual staple of their discussion while we were in their galleries All thia reminded us forcibly of what history tells of the State of Athens,when in the beginning of the final decline of her power, abe wm aosteely beset by enemies on every side (as aorely as this Government ia now by disunionlata ptr *? on the one hand and abolitionists on the other,) as that all In that city gave themselvea up wholly to the Uah of making each other " What's new to-day ?" Ofiba mrxT Mosdit.?The Italian Artiat Asso ciation will give the opera of Don Paaquale and the last act of Favorlta, on*Monday next. In this city. The troupe is composed of the Waahington favorite, Mad. Colson. Miss Ada Phillips, Signors ttrlcnoli FerH *r.H *?.?eu? *u 5* ?" m , uuua iuc airec?ion of Sgnor Muzlo Our fashionable circles will undoubtedly beer with delight of this opportunity to enjoy the opera The sale of ticket* will com mence on Haturday morning, at the muilc ctora of W 8 Metzerott. Til 8b5a,tb were crowded at an early bear to-day, In expectation of hearing speeches from Senators PugL a:.d Davis, on the exciting subject ?f the Ohm*. Up to the hour the Star's report necessarily went to press, neithtr of them bad taken tbe floor. The brief drbato on the un timely resolution of Mr.Clark, of N. 11 . how?v?ff fed the over excited appetite of the public for Bometblug even more exciting, for tbe time being. Jimi witi.ti tobbImpkachbd.?Tbe House Judiciary Committer to-dav reported In favor of impeaching Judge Watrous. of Texaa, and tbeir bill to Ibat end was made tbe special order for tbla day week nr'-y* N O T I C E.?The member* of Lebanon I \ 3 Lodge, No. 7, ol F. and A. >1., are request ?<fto atleud a regular oommunicattun on FRIUAY EVKN>N?. IVremb^r 21*t, St * o'elock, if being the night for electing oftsera. All MteUr MaaoLS la good standing fraternally invited. By order of the W. M. If H. C OPE LAN P. S*eo. rv^5?SMITHftONIAN L K C T U R E 8 -Prof. Jof Faibvs* ReoB?? wiil d?l v?r the *e?oi.d "Lecture of a oourne oa "Civil Enciaeenni," on FRIUAY EVENING, December Slst. at 7>, p Sehjeot?Road* and Bridge*. The publio are in de a>-af rr^MUTUAL INSURANCE COM llj HA.NY ?NO I ICE?All Policies lwued by this company will expire on MONDAY, December SI. 1M0. tad are repaired to be renewed at or t#lore that time. deSOeotSI 9 CHAS. WILSON, B?e. iv^? O F P I C K O^SLIUHT COMPANY, U*? WiiaiMT?ii. Deoem?>e? ao, Notice litereby given, as required by t ? ?h?rter, that aa electiea for l*e directors to mai a*- tjie affairs of Uue Company darinc the year 1861 will be hHd at lk? off.o? "f iIm un?. No ?14 fcl#T*nUi at. west, aa MONBaY, January 7,1(61, at >2 o'o'ooi ni A i teat: J.F.BROWN. dett IHwtlMT eeoret*i-y._ H I'Nl VERSA LIST PRFACHIN?.-The \JJS Firat L'liiver anat Society of Washington viH so?raeaoe their meeting* for pubue religious worship at the First ConcrMatiooaiist Church (oid Trimtfjoo SUNDAY EVENING next, at ?*. " n'n?k V?- ?= -- ... r ?pa* naa oaen in vttad to dclirai ttia opening diaoourao. Tha pablia arc in v itad to attand. Tfca Cuuroh will bo factod any evening during tk? weak for pubiio ineetinge, laaturea, Ao. do 1? ? PAIR.?The ladiae af Flotohar Chapel will ILjJ Moid a Fatr at No. 27 4, Bevm th atreet. ! ? (vmdL and M eta., from 2"th to Slat December, inoiaeiva ojoy*ourael?e* and procure ar tielea for the holiday* geaaon tieketa, admitting a and My,an ceuta ; tingle admittance 10 Mtti- da 18 lit" ryr^fc ' l- "lTNION." Church, Ninth croat, inteod having aFeatival for tho bene fit of the poreoaago aoanectad with tho church, tn "mm-ncion MONDAY *VKNING next, \hc 17tktn?t.. aod c-.atmna EVERY NMIT *^H1S \\ KKK. in.Tftofta'a Hall. Seventh -- iwusn u im M. Coti* til Md ennourt|e the ladjee. u ttie* ?fi determined the ?ap??r prepared b? th*?. a tan Mit toe appetite of ail. Al??. re SeAmanta and aMfal artiolee of Ml deeonpti. a? >4.e fut Chriumae timee. at low price* to suit tae tuwea. de 15-Tt COLLECTOR'S OFFICE, CITY HALL. k*M, *e., ears, are now a?4e ... are parable at tfua U aU| aad Battle their biila a tveat? dap* lr?m Uua late will ha eailed on kf aatefar aeeretanU, and if tne Oiits are not paid vithia aixty dais from Uia date I ihall proceed to enforce Cite aouacuop ia the manner reeuired Wy A J - * Coif : _ * V M Sbcbshor No. X. duckiokist* South ai?d Abolitionists North mot to be coiuultbd?thb uluoh xbk Noitb and South mnr sat* thb uhok-Tii Bobdbb Slavbholdino Statu xfit as ar riaiis?no ntmitil hatrsd 01 tub Noxth ao ai!f st tbi sotth?G ah ki?of ajttmcbir*: > To the People South and Mbrlk. In considering the remedies for Ike prratat dif ficulties of our country it la e**a?tial to aadrr stand the elementa with whtcfe we have to Aral. There are two clave* of *P*n vrfiom it 1* *oed??* to consult. The first cf these is the South Carolina leadera and their confederate* in other State*, who hare long desired the destruction of the Union, and avail themselves of existing circumstances as a nrvtavt an ftp aa th?v tr* rnnrornA^ tA ao/?Amnl4aV r. v ^ . ? -T -? ~ w.HpitaM their cherished object. Motblnr, m the* mn ppealy stow, wtli deter tbein froin their predetermined course, and if they be consulted at all their policy will he, as it has been In their connection with the adminis tration and their control of its newspaper organ, to prevent all compromise and hasten the dissolu tion of the Government To oonsalt such men, when seeking means to preserve the Union, Is but to take enemies into your counsels. The Other elan whnm It (a mnt nnlw tinnxoinn but dangerous to consult, are the extreme men of the North who would at once rush to civil war for the preservation of the Union, without HStea ing to the just complaints of the Tn ton men of the South. They do not seem to reflect, that secession arguments on th? one hand and Union arguments on the other, are, In the border slave holding States, addressed to men who ars smart ing under* a sense of wrong and outrage from northern interference with their domestic Institu tions, It is but natural, that men so situated should listen with complaceacy to those who promise them relief and satisfaction by means nowever desperate. Keeping clear of the disanlonlsta ptr u on the one band and those who would at once rush into civil war on the other, let the lovers of the Union, North and South, particularly tbesa of tbs border slaveholding and the middle free Statea, on whom the calamities of disunion mutt moat hetvlly fall, coufer together and devise, if possible, a peaceful remedy for existing wrongs. Thla la not a very difficult task If approached In the spirit which gsve birth to the Conatitutlon. To aecure the cordial adhesion of the people in the border slaveholding Statea, It is only neces sary to relieve them from the apprehenalon of per petual Interferences by Northern demagogues and fanatics, with tbeir local affairs. In several of those States, not one fourth of the voters are slave holders; but they justly consider slavery an insti tution with which their more northern neighbors have no business to interfere, and they resent such Interferences as indignantly as the slaveholders themselves Neither class have any interest to be subserved by the disruption of the Lnion, and no men would be more loyal to it, if satisfied that the reserved rights of their respective States will be sacredly respected. It is a great error to suppose that all the north ern men who voted for Lincoln and Hamlin have any disposition to Interfere with the rights of the South A large mass of them are democrats who were driven from their party by the acts of south ern disunionists, through whose insidious lnflu ence one obnoxious Issue after another, culmina ting with the Lecomptou constitution and tb? act relative to the admission of Kansas into the Union, was attempted to be incorporated into their creed. They are as they always have been?the staunch friends of State rights Another mass of those voters were from the old whig party, who, what ever may have been their errors in other respects, had no design or desire to Interfere with southern institutions. And it may be safely assumed that not one in twenty of those who voted the repub lican ticket had the leaat conception that by so doing they were endangering the union of the ritatea- How they now shrink back from *be consequences of their own work is shown by the result of the rocent elections in Boston and aur ivuuumg towns, ana 11 sucb be the reaction In the very hot-bed of abolitionism, what must it be in the l?n excited portions of the North ! In short, Lincoln's election by a minority of tb? popular votes was the result of divisions artfully produced with a view to that result 6y the south ern disunionistt themselves ; and now, for the purpose of carrying out their disorganizing schemes, they falsely assume that there is a settled hatred in the North towards the South incompati ble vrlth ths existence of the Union! Woe to themselves as well as tbelr country, if they shall succeed in inflaming'the whole North with the hatred which burns in the bosoms of a Garrison and a Keitt, one of whom calls our Constitution " a league with hell " because It protects slavery, and the other pronounces it accursed'" because it does not! If these inculcators of popular hatred North and South shall succeed in their infernal work, how long will It be before the North and me south, whether In the Urlon or out of it, will precipitate themselves upon each other In a con flict more terrible than the pen of history has ever yet recorded. Lest this number should be too long, I postpone to another my remarks upon the specific remedies which the occasion suggests. Axos Kxndall. P S.?Since the foregoing was written, the fol lowing additional evidence of a decisive reaction In the North, has come to hand, viz: Bobto*, Dec. 18?A strong address to the peo ple of Massachusetts has been published, de nouncing the unconstitutionality of the Personal Liberty Bill, and recommending its repeal. It la i- a i? * ..Kucu uy miriy-nve gentlemen, Including Ex Chief Justice Shaw, R R Curtis, late Judge of the U.S.Supreme Court, Ex-Governors Lincoln, Clifford, Washburn, Gardner, and other eminent citlztns, representing nearly every county In the State. A GENTS FOR THE HOLE WO?I.D-At FRENCH k RICHSTKtN'S. No 278 Pa. avenue. New Books?Cotton is Kmc, largo 8?o , Library sheep, prioe f6, by mad; Par ton's life of Jacksoa, 3 vois. olotb, prioe #5, r>r man; Conduct of l.ife, by Emerson, Itmo. ototh, price $1, by mail, l'hs usual heavy discount given in all oar bound books. de 20 For holiday presents, Por Children's Books. 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The FreeidlDMjM^er (Mr Foot In the chair) announced thaioHrDonfor taking up the special ordfc had artivedT * Tie first special order was the Baltimore and OhVe Railroad bill, wbl<$ waa postponed eptll to-Mrrow. Tk* Senate then rewfmed the conslderaMsn ef Mr. Job neon's resolution proposing amendments to the CnosUSsUloQ Mr. Johneen resumed his remarks on themolo tioa Of Arc. Powell, continued from Taeed*r. ? ^ 1. - - - - - - A mrn _n nosarruig w ?ao Miiriiiciiiai mr i.ouamer on IM tb?f>ersonal liberty bill of ve State of Varmoaf, Mr. Johnson said It?u o?t altogether satisfac tory Tb* reply of Mr. Collamer to certain In quiries made by bim. (Mr. J.,) aa regards tta con stitutionality, was eiasive. He (Mr. J .) thought the law of Vermont was a gross palpable violation of the Constitution of the United Statrj Mr Johnson then referred to and took ap the discission of the doctrine of secession, prefacing with the remark that "whilst there Is no power in the Federal Government to coerce a State, there Is full nowpr to coeree Individuals who might set themselves in conflict with the Constitution and laws of the United States." It applies to Ver mont, and equally to every State in the Union. Mr. J. quoted from a great number of conrtitu tional authorities to enforce bis position, reciting the circumstances of the purchase of tbe land on which Forts Moultrie and Sumter wee* built by the United tftates, and contended that South Car * a - - onna n&a no rignt to lay ner bands on tba prop erty of the whole country. If the doctrine of recession be true, then California, which has cost the United States one hundred and thirty-one millions, could go out of the Union at her pleasure, and the Union could obtain no redress The cases of the ten millions paid for Mexico, and the sum paid for Louisiana and Florida, were also commented upon, and reference made to the proposed purchase of Cuba. Mr Johnson read several extracts of letters from Governor Gist and Mr. Keitt, going to show that the policy of South Carolina is solitary and selfish, and as hostile to the northern slave States as the policy of the most violent abolitionists Dissolu tion. he thought, would utterly overthrow the Institution of lllvurT. and thatth? ??<it not be merely of two or three, but of thirty-three, petty sovereignties, requiring passports to go from one to the other. He woum prefer a consolidated government to this condition of confusion, if the form of government was to change at all. Mr. Johnson nskea wfast sort of government that of the Southern Confederacy would be ? This gov ernment was quite good enough for Wssbington, Jefferson, and other glorious names that had shed lustre on our history, and was good enough for him. Those very men who now threaten dis union admit that had Mr. Breckinridge been elected they would not undertake to break the Union On that principle, how are tbey justified in doing so because an ?ther candidate was sue ceftsfol? Mr. Lincoln was lawfully elected. Mr. J. declared that if the democrats pleased they still had tbe power in their own hands, for that Lin coln was but a minority President. He was an advocate for * cbange In tbe manner of electing the President, and preferred the sintrle district ayxtfin, which be would have inserted a* an amendment to the Constitution. Let South Caro lina tend her Senatora back, and on the 4th of Marcb next we should have a majority of six In thiabody, which would keep Lincoln from having a Cabinet until the Senate chose him to do ao. Mr J. declared hla determination to keep in the Union and try the fate of another contest with the republicana in 1864. when be believed the repub licans would be defeated Mr. Lane siid if the principles of protection to their property, and justice and equality to the South, are not maintained, this Government could not exist. Mr. Lincoln was elected upon hia op position to these principles. HedifTred with the ocuoiur on me vueory 01 toe union; it is a volun tary association of State* Washington, be said, wai a seceder Mr Lane aald be wai no dl? unionist; if be could not get bis rights In tbe Union be would seek theru out of it He thought disunion prolific of a better future LTnton, with a much better government; since the present gov ernment is a failure. However, he thought nothing bad happened to Indicate man's Incapa city to govern himself. On motion of Mr. Pugb, thet^nateadjourned. Hous?.?After onr report closed Mr. Sherman proposed further to amend tbe de ficiency bill by an appropriation of S9INI,(IUG to carry into ett'ect tbe act of Congress of ISIS*, and anv mhcpnupnt tirft fn? ,<?? 11? African slave trade. Mr Phelpa, of Mo ,objected. Mr. Sherman tent to the Chair a letter from the Secretary of the Interior urging the neceaaity of tbla appropriation, which was read to the House Mr. Maynard and Mr Crawford were opposed to so large an appropriation, as it Involved a cost beyond that contemplated by the act. Mr Burnett moved an amendment to appropri ate $450,only M^ssra. Cobb, Reagan and Clemens spoke at length upon a more effectual mode of suppressing the African slave trade. Messrs Cochrane, Brigbam and Kunkel also made some remarks on the subject. The vote was then taken on Mr. Burnett's amendment to reduce the sum to $460,000, and It waa reiected. The Com mitt** then rose and reported the bill to the House with amendment*, which was con curred in by the House, and the bill passed?yeas 110, nays 60 Mr. Florence introduced the following resolu tion : Resolved, tke Senate concurring, That when the House adjourn to-morrow It will adjourn to meet on the 7th of January, 1861. The question being put, thla resolution was negatived by a rote of 94 to 92. The House then adjsurned. Thursday, December 20. ^VXati?The President laid before the Senate the report of the U. 8. Coast Survey; referred. Mr ifiinur f*t\m ?** 1,1 ..... ..vMi wuuuitiw vi? riuauix, reported back tbe Morrill tariff bill, with a recom mendation that It be postponed until the 4th of March next. Tbe report and bill were laid on the table. Mr Clark, of N. H , called up hla resolution of Inquiry In regard to the condition of Fort Moul trie, the instructions to it* commander, Ac. Mr Lane advocated the adoption of tbe substi tute proposed by h1m. Mr Kennedy hoped that these resolutions would not Interfere with the special order?tbe bill au thorizing the crossing of the Long Bridge by the Baltimore and Ohio railroad. Mr. Lane advocated his substitute. Mr. Hunter Loped that a subject so delicate as this would not be broached at this time. It would lead to an exciting debate Mr Saulsbury believed it would be bad policy to take up tbe resolution. Mr. Trumbull said that as this was a resolution vi iui|iiii)r, ? uuyui 10 pui. Mr. Hunter said the question was one of public peice, and that ita adoption now would grevlous ly militate against that?tbe public peace. Mr. Mason said that In a few days events would occur upon which Congress might act advisedly. Till then. It was useless to consider the subject. Mr. Clark defended his resolution. Hoes*.?Tbe Speaker laid before tbe Ho cue a report from the Superintendent of Coast Survey; laid on the table, and ordered to be printed. Mr. Curtis, of Iowa, called for the regular order of business. Mr. Delano asked leave to offer tbe following resolution: That whereas, by the report of the President In tbe South Carolina State Convention batd on tbe 19th instant, the Hon. William Porcher Miles is said to have stated to this House, "If yon send a solitary soldier to these forts, tbe instant the intelligence reaches our people (we will take care that It does r^ach us before It cat reach tbe forts) they will be taken, because such s course is neces sary to our safety and aslf-preservation There tvrc, Resolved, That tbe President of the United BUte? be requested to eommunirate to this Hout* what Information he haa received, either oral or In writing, on this subject; spd whether the forts of tbe harbor of Charleston if further reinforced will be taken by any force, authority or supra nosey? Mr. Asbmore wanted to know where the infor mation came from? Mr. Msynard objected to tbe consideration of tbe resolution. The Speaker said it was not in order. Mr. Reynolds, from tbe Judiciary Committee, reported in fsvor of .the proposed impeachment of fudge Watrous, of Texas; and his report ?rss made a special order for Thursdny next. He also reported back tbe bill repealing the act establishing the Court of Claims, with amecd nents. WC1TY MARKET. V, Receive weekly toni of the beat ROLL SUTTER that coine? t? Washington, whioh we $g?"a Srsi O'tietri in the Market Line at the lowest pnee. '" ""' Wftmsat:1&>?, <?? ?t? oontr Twelfth and H eia. ! FUR CHRISTMAS. All persona in we* t of e *ood TURKEY,? food air of . HICK HNS, DUCKS, FRESH m ibO?. BUTTKR, or ?ny thing in tfcaZ^^ iseketera* I in?. will do wrtl to oall at UA I. OUNNlNOrfAM'J Stalls, Noa.?ll ,nd 314 Center Market before purchaa- *" 1 ng elsewhere. de20 3t 1861 ?>*?_<" 1861 Commence tkt Year with a Diary. ruoiBi UQI in&vRr&t aonth, annul Omma3Sf\i I?IM?. and dc. tw*irs ItfHi Telegraphed trmm Wtfhla|tn. Washington, Dee. 19 ?Secretary Black hit morning Introduced to the clerk* of the Stat* Department by Gfinal Caaa, who expressed his regret at parting with gentlemen who nad so ma terially assisted him in the performance of his Mr. Cass, in bis letter of resignation to the Pres ident, which is brief, approves of the Annual Message save in two particulars, which be plainly states Conceiving that there should be unity la the Cabinet council, be tendered bis resignation The President, in acknowledging the receipt of the letter, regretsIhts diffTenr* of opfaln, and both genueawn exchange friendly assurances The the thf. insurance COMPANY IN8ltranck COMPANY insurance company fire of virginia Of VIRGINIA the life of the stat OF the stat_ of the state _ ninm.iti OF VIR6INIA Insures acainst loss or 4*MM? by fire upon M rtanennblt term* as any onmpanv of toual rcpqmt bilitv HEATH & KNOWLE8. Insnranoe Agects, Ofloe?Room 1ft over Rwk nt Wwliiiiitn", rie y FUSS! FURS! FUES! I have just received from Nov York, Large Invoice of FURS, on consignment, to be told at reduoed prioes. The above invoioe of Furs are of aaapertor qual ity and workmanship, and ladies in want of a good arti lewill do well bytaliincon JAMES V. DAVIS. late Todd fc ? o., de 20-1 w under Brown's Hotel. rreieiti for the Holidays. AN IMMBNSE~ASSORTMENT. LARGER THAN at ANY FORMER SEASON. Every Article Marked at Panic Price*. HI. W. OALT ?c BRO., Jeweler*, 354 Pbns'a A v., 4 doors west of Brown's Hotel. Ladies' and Gents' elegant God Watohes.Chains, Seals. &c.j FOR HOLIDAY PRESENTS. Rich Jewelry of every dsso'ipteon, in Grand, Fall, ana Ba fSe*?, for V . ?? _ u<av<> a ? nacun M O. Solid Silver Were, embracing *r*rj article of dm r ornament, FOR HOLIDAY PRESENTS. Plated T?a Seta. Cake Baskets, Castor*, Ac , FOR HOLIDAY PRESENTS. Pari* Fane? Good*, in great variety, FOR HOLIDAY PRESENTS. Ladies'and Misses' Chain and Band Bracelets, Necklaces, Ao., FOR HOLIDAY PRESENTS. Goid Pencils and Pens, ?old Thimbles, Loskets, and Beit Buckles, FOR HOLIDAY PRESENTS. Ladies' and Gents' Sleeve Buttons, Studs, and Crosses. FOR HOLIDAY PRESENTS. Infanta' Hold inH Onwl ? J *? -* ? ? ? vw.?m MvuftirMoa tuu auuiok?i FOR HOLIDAY PRESENTS Gold, ivory, and Fancy Head Walking Canee, FOR HOLIDAY PRBSENTS. Pearl, Ivory, and Sandal Wood Eveting Fans, FOR HOLIDAY PRESENTS. Gold, Si Ivor and Fancy Pertemonnaiea and Card (yA#AS FOR HOLIDAY PRESENTS. Shell, Ivory and Steel-moanted Combs, FOR HOLIDAY PRESENTS. Ladies' and Gent*' Dressing Cases and Pocket Companion. FOR HOLIDAY PR F.9KNTS Children'* Silvar Seta?Knife, Fork an<l Spoon? FOR HOLIDAY PRESENTS. Silver Table, Deaaert and Tea Knives and Forks, FOR HOLIDAY PRESENTS. Sliver lee Creaai Seta, Sugars and Creams, FOR HOLIDAY PRESENTS. Silver Waltera, Pitchera, Goblet? and Cups. FOR HOLIDAY PRESENTS. Every artiole of Fanoy Silver Ware, FOR HOLIDAY PRESENTS. Plated Fruit Bowie, Liquor Frames atd Hotter Dishes, FOR HOLIDAY PRESENTS. Plated Waitera, Card Baeketa and Wine Coolers, FOR HOLIDAY PRESENTS. A thousand and one other artiolee, too tedioua to enumerate, FOR HOLIDAY PRESENTS. All of the above new and elegant fooda FOR HOLIDAY PRESENTS are marked down at"PA.nic Paicie." M. W. ?ALT A BRO., Jewellera, 354 Pa. IVm i uoura van 01 tirowa't Hotel ?jpHB CHEAPEST WINTER CLOTHIN6 ! The Beet Winter Clothing CAN ONLY BE FOUND AT WIESENFELD tfc CO.'S ODEON HALL CLOTKLBTO E00K8. Splendid OVERCOATS for a Few Dollar* ! At WIESENFELD A CO.'S. Eleiant DRESS SUITS at Lowest Rates ! At WIESENFELD & CO.'S. Beautiful BUSINESS SLITS atTrifhni Cost! At WIESENFELD A CO.'S Splendid OVRROftATS! Warm OVERCOATS! Durable OVERCOATS! Well made OVE?C?AT9: Good Fitting OVKHCiuw At WIESENFELP A CO.'S. BU811^SiFtoJSte BSfc AfM BUSINESS SUITS for all Af?i At W1ESEN PRLD A CO.'S. DRKSS SUITS for Bact Weu At WIE8KNPKLP A CO.'S. COATS Mr th? Thoncand ! PANTS by Th?u?ndJ VESTS by tha Thonaand! At WIESENPELD A CO.'S. BOYS* CLOTHING for tho VonntMrt! 1 BOYS1 CLOTHING for AU^ixm! BOYS'CLOTHING for lirgar B"J?! At WIESENPELD A CO.'S. Ch?anr than th* Chwipart ! Ar* the Garment* at At WIESENPELD A CO.'S. ?AVE YOUR MONEY^ A VERY FEW DOLLAI8 Will kiv* too a 8PLKNDID OUTFIT FOR WINTER, II ym otii a* WIEBENFKLD A CO.?B, C-oraw of P*. I ALL SNOWED UP , , 5 J o* , tdm try, ttfl. A doo 20 fit |*0 THE PUBLIC. ion of buuneoa, we Mr* determined to at iodneomODt for jurato , and wo mow ?ropOao to i er emt on Ml gart ao'oa dor ? )A\9. in order to reduoe our very large ato oodo, tad retin* the money for thoan, proriooe to wssssBfj^nsn, - a,. tie* will hove m trodi?c vith ma, oa the tei ? pro oeM.Moa examination or oer atoofe om er eoa rill anow for themaolroa whether or aot vo mo laeere ta ?or proa?. Won. and a.a tko t on of our Faucr Block ha? already b< own aiooo the miu boson, vo toot ooi ae extra indmi?ta wi'<r ofer ?t ppreoiatmf fcjr <*rotr ho?rhig _ re at aii (haultor with the pneoa | Wm iviqd kftrdlr mM M o m V m h de 17-10t4eo* M'.aiiw .1 THE PAPER FOR 1961 AND ?*: THE PAPER FOR 1M1 AND '69 ! FOR 1M1 AMD '64 ! STAR. STAR. WITHOUT IT IN Tiurti FAMILY SHOULD BE WITHOUT IT IN V THBML EFENTFUL TIME*. NO FAMILY SHOULD BE WITHOUT IT IN THESE EVENTFUL TIMES. ITS ANNOUNCEMENTS OF WHAT TRAN SPIRES AT THE SEAT OF GOVERN MENT ARE NOT THE RANDOM GUESSES AND SURMISESOF THE SENSATION PRESS, BUT CARE FULLY VERIFIED STATE MENTS, PROCURED AT MUCH PAINS AND EXPENSE. THE SUBSCRIBER TO THE DOLLAR STAR THUS GETS NOT ONLY THE CHEAP EST WEEKLY PAPER IN THE WORLD, BUT THE MOST SATIS FACTORY AND RELIABLE NEWS FROM THE VERY FOUNTAIN HEADS OF ' > POLITICAL INTEL LIGENCE. ? * LOOK OUT POR THE DOLLAR STAR OF THIS WEEK WITH ITS GREAT EXPOSE OFTHESdllEMES ANDSCHEMER8 WHO ARE PLOTTING DISUNION FOR DIS UNIONS SAKE; ITS CONCLUSIVE AR TICLES UPON SECESSION FROM THE PEN OF HON*. AMOS KENDALL; ITS LO vau ocyviij 11 LAnrAL ffrum 1*1 ? QUANT ?OSSir, ITS RICHLY STORED AGRICULTURAL COLUMNS; HOUSE HOLD READING; AND REC1PRSI-OR THE MECHANIC. IT IS THE PAPER FOR THE MILLION ' ! ! de 19-3t flFFiClAL. \J T?ba(<ckt DKp*mr*?irr,( l)(OMlb(r IS, 186m. S Notice is hereby oirsx that sailed proposals will be reoeired at this Department until the ?t*th December instant, for the issue of any portion or the whole of five million of dollars in Treasary note*, in exohange for sold ooin of the United States, deposited with the Treasurer of the United States, the Treasurer of the Mint at Philadelphia, or the Assistant Treasurers at Boston, New Yo<k, or St. Louis', within fire days from the aeoeptanoa ofsueh proposal*, noder the authority of the aot of Congress entitled "An aet to authorise the is?se of Treasury notes and for other purpoM*," ap proved Deoember 17, laao. Such Treasury notes will be issned ?i??" ?? ? eeipt here of certificates of the deposit with thoM offioers to the credit of the Treaaurer of the United StVes. They will be made payable to the order of such bidder or bidders a* thai] offer to make an oil exchange at the 1 uveal rate of interest, and tha Treasury notes will earry suoh rale of interest from the data of such deposit. The proposals mast state the rate of interest without condition, and without reference to other bids, and contain no other fractional rates thaa one fourth, one half, or three fourths of one par oentum. One per cent, upon the "mount proposed to be exchanced must be depoeited with one of the offioers above enumerated, whose oartifieata of suoh deposit must acoompany each proposal, as security for its fulilmant. If ths proposal is not acoepted, immediate directions will be given to re trfVn suoh deposit. ShouM the propoeals rary from the provisions of the act i t Congress, or of this notice, they will not be eonsidered. All proposals under this notice must be feeed and inscribed on the outside "Proposals for Treas ury Notes." They will be opened aad awarded at this Department at 13 o'olook noon on said 3Kh of D?o?mber. PHILIP P. THOMAS, de 18-dt29lh Secretary of the Treasury. a xmrexAM n ? t OA.LE3. By J C. MoGUIRE A COn Atetionten. i^REAT AUCTION sale OF JAPANESE V? Gooot.-On THURSDAY EVENING, Pa cwiitKr 2oth, it wr fMt ?ix o'eloek, we will offsr the entire collection of Maantftoeat Jmoete Good* bow on exhibition at 306 Pennaylrania avenne, noder ttuard'a Hotel, at aaotion. P&rtiea wiahing to avail themaelvee of the molt oomplete aannr'ment now in the oonntry can do eo at le?a than their oo?t in Japan, on aooovnt of the depreeaed atate of buaineaa. We enamerate in Ivork Boxea, Card Boxea, Jewel Boxea, Glove Uoxaa, Handkerohisf Uuxm. Toilet Boxea, Ivory Cheaa Men. Emb'^idered Scarf*, Fire Soreena. Caakeu, Poro< lata Oapa. Sao ?era. Uot?leu, Plate a, Gowla. ick^rCapa, Bott>er, Ac. day J. C. MoGTlRL A CO . Aoot?. By WALLA BARNARD. Aaotionaera. / ^ REAT AUCTION SALE, at No. i9 , north vl aide Pennaylvania aveaaa, between 11th aad 12th etreeta.iby Ca'aiocueiof RICH HOLIDAY PRESENTS. Elegant Bronze Parian Bi*auet Figurea, China and Bohemian U!tu Ware, Ao., k o., Ladiee* Fara,Shawla fccarf6.Necktiea.and G ovee, Fanoy Work Boxea, Odor Hcxea, B'onxe Che?a Boarda and Men, Fanoy Deeka, Fort?moni.aif a and Cabaa. Trav?lhnc Ban*. Card L~' ? ?- " ?? -W. W ?? Vf ?? a w (f? V| ( IK U I 0>| V ftlfp) Clear Huid'ri, Ornamented 1 bermom&ters. Gilt Boheiniaa Colorcea, Motto Cupa. Superior Furniahed Dreaaiuc Cum, Flaske, Jewel Boxea. With man; other Rioh Fancy Goods aaitabie for Hoi lay PreaSata, all Freeh Maw Gooda J oat received from tha importer, and will be aold br oataJoaue and without reserve, at No. 8?6, aorta aide Pennsylvania arena-, between llth and l&k atraeta. THtKSDAY MORNING, 20th 'Deoem lOo'oiookand 7 o'c.ook p. m.,aad continue da It until all are dicpoeea of. Terma cash id current feads at 13 WALL A BARNARD. Anota. ETTHE ABOVE SALE 18 UNAVOIDABLY poe.poned to FRIDAY MoRNiKtt, tfst lastsnt. de ju WALL * BERNARD, Aaeta. Br CLEARY A GREEN. Asotioneera, dot) iVmiik Household and ri tohen furniture at Auctioa.-On 84TL'RDAY morning, December 831 at 1" o'clock a. m , we will ae'l at o?r A action Rooms. No. K>* Mh afreet, a seneral aaaortmeotof Honaehold and Kitchen Purmtara, aompriaiof? Mahonany and Walnut 8of*a, Lounges. Bureau a. BedtWaria, aad Tables, Waahataoda, Wardrobes, Whatnots, Feather Beds, Pillows aad B&latera, Hair, rhaek,and other Mattraaasa. ti -? ?*T 1 "* uv?w u*uouu v* o'ki hk liiuri) Koekers. Carpeis. Matt.rg, and Oiloloth* Cookto< ud other Stores, Ho., Ae. ?*> Bbls. ol Western N*v*Yorfc Cider. 2'trmi cub. . e? CLEARY A GREEN, Aeets. My J. C. MoGUIRE A CO., Aaoaoaeers. Utl CAINJUI 4C" e sold without reeenre, ia the'arte (alee room orer Sibley A Gay's, two doors we* of Um H oons, where they have bees rea.oved kaotion Rooms, where I lor eonveuenoe ofui?, Ob SATURDAY MORNING. Dee. ad, i.JtssmrtA 'is'f? * b. found mu; old Maderia*. Sherries, Rhiiusk and twiety of Fanoy Liquors of Mr. Oa?pane's owe preparation, seek ae Brand? aad Whisky Cook [r. O.'ioti direot importation, rnd many of tfeea Mr _____ isve be^n in oeJl** twentv The abnve aale ia aeran.pUwy, aad proaeata aa >ppori rnut; rutl; offered lor ?oanol?a*ara and wuutn to obtain a aare and anadalteraUd ar Uole of Lieaora, aa thoee aroof Mr. Ca?tana'a priva'e atooka, from which he /applied hia many patrona, and t"> whom ha rafara for a jaetifioatloa The Liauora trill be arranted for eyinn?lion Friday before the aaJe. 86 CASKS Fllfeku*f * ^S^IVED FRL1T8. Peaohee, Whorttabarriea, Plana aluat CaUif, Fraah hat, *a. J. C. MeSUIRE R CO. Aaete. LOTS J*-*! IRON FOR ?trtae of aa TWO LA] Bui n r foanj. tow i ueotod. forrvv* <faa aagf irarreara, ?f Pec aaaoer, |W, at iRo'alook ?. m . ? AtCTIOV SALE?. - this apreli noon To-MqttRoj. By WAI.L * BARNARD. A*ct*oa pHl!*A. c(tSSlfftlflip OTHKR Vv CofUi wui, Ptiux *?t> Hmm Mire ITU, ? C.M Atctw?.~Ot TL MUl? V JIOl .M INO. the l*th fn*t*n,< it W o'olocfc.SIooatio?ia* ?wk wormag M >? o'alooi, u4 at 1 o'on. till Ml it di?po?-<i of. ?? will Mil, at tli* More of Chi*, t. Gr<*n, 974 Pa. b*<w?M ;1U ud l-th at recto, ?*Bt dwr k> thr |i k??od Moa-?, kit teak, eomriiini a larr* w v?nad MWtMH Pr*n9h. *t?a* rhin*. an* ut**r Di?a*r, Br?atta*<. SlMMUOIIkl UMl 'II*. . wMnet. 1 tr * * tihl,1i* 1 ' . Ammoaii O'tatVkr*, Parian and Bia*aat *uUa- Wt, Urnameiiind Paaoh Bowls, >lotu>aa, Sarraa Cap*ami C?rd Kfc'irenaml FrattPtaMa. Cordiai Sft?, Tabl* and W \r*> Oaa tor*. Plat*d 8poou? and Forka ?nd Catiarj. el a larga awortmant of othar Silrar Wir?, i?itp?ra! a??ortm^ut of Aiaaric?*. It*iftu, ami Ergliab War* of avarr daaenpttoa. Thi* ?a;? will t>e found vorthy apaaiai art? tioa ofkMwkw^tri and u?mviaiUM tottrutll holiday praaanta, a? tha g ooda ara o(Ua faaataad Laataat unpnrlauuD*. Term* : 9*? oaah. orw that aaoaat, aaradrt af ? ai)d i*> data, for approrad aadoraad aataa,taai '^la'fa "* WALL * BAlNARP. Aacta. By A. GHbKN. AmDodw. Household and kitchen *ukxi tc u at Acctiom?Ob PR ID AT, <ka n? lOooloolt, am I akali aall Mtktraai dattoa of* faatlaaao dauiiaiag hoaaakaaautt. oa tt atraal, featwaan ttU and IIU atraata, (lalaad.) a food lot of Fariutar*, Tit? Mahofac? 8vna, (TBalra, a?d Tabiaa, Oaoa. Wood-eeat Ckaira and RooMH, Wbatncta, Vaaaa. ata otAar MaaUl Oniiaati. 3ttadataa?ia. Waahaink, aod Draaaing Bo Dining Tabiaa. aad Loan**, Paathar Bad*. Ptiiova and Ho,atar?, Husk. CoUoa tor MittrMM a:iC Comfort*. China, Glaaa, fcnil Crockac? Ware Par l??r R*! iU>r, Cook, and otiwr BIotm, IBf rtu. ftenip. and Stair I'upMi, A ?t of Kitchen Re* matte*. AD'i many other article* t-o cunfron to enuats rate. Tero>?: All aume ol and ander S*1 oaah.awor ft* a eradit of tinny aeti sixty day a. lor ?(|row? ta notea, b*ait?K int^rast * _4e l?-d A. QRBKN. A?I. Br T. POWLINO. Auctioneer. ft> errrtoim, IK C. fROCERIES. J.IQtU"S AND WINF.!? AT xl Atftm-1?'b WfcONESDW B?*t. tt??? i?h met., at 10 o'slook, in front of th< Auction Hooter, for aoootiat of wttom it n.aj o.ccero, t a bail soli without ra?e.*T?? Rar?aa Hro?r* ?axar, ohests "rm Boxes Mnald CVaiUaa, bojtrs Brown Sosp Do Cke?:L? h <W Smokis.* Tobago*, Scoff "0 fltareh, Enaaaoo wf Coliaa (Vl T?r |r m? . T&Klff SftlL I^Aaa BarraJa"<) 1 d~ K1 a, Uib* oa. and Mommfiitfc Wk* Darrela Mrandr. xVt?a l>o Tar. Axl? Qra?? i.*? ay?a. PM* Baaoa. Nii?in. Kaooj 10,880 B?fire A 1 |Ot 2 qaart^r mki T?ry anpci ior Po ' **? I uerepohna o d Ci>f?M Brudr M bott'ea inoold Whiakay r<ar??Mi de 17 Zt T. DOWL.* **? AaeC fETTBK ABO VP PAI.F. I* POSl'fWIRD >u iMNDt of the rain, until FRIDAY, *'? m?I..Miwk<iiir * & Br BARNARD A BUCKEY. Ai Georgetown, D C. LJALE OF THE BEST OLD RYE WBIBKY O is THE Dnimcx - On l-RlDAY. U?a ztat of Dwrni^r, at 12 o'olnek m., we wi'l ofar at pnbito ?a>, at ti*ie wart hoaae of J. A. Mac radar, No. CI Water r,L. boorctt wo? hbtt of aura arifBHr .a<1 W*K.?V? Thi? Wfcink* ha? been in tlie poateeeioa of the ree lit owner lor It? yrara and ia warranted ftire The attoation *>f hotel keerera and Ail paraor a raaUag a pure Wiii?kj, ia leepectfailj sailed t> the aale. A! a?ma of f 100 and ntrier caak; over thai aim a wed it of m day a. for not?a aau^faotoriy a ado reed, de l*-d BARNARD 4 BLCKfcY. AioU. FUTURE DAYS. By THOS. DOWLING. AhoUobnt. Otorftiten, D.C. A DMfNIBTR ATOR*9 HA LB.-Will be mid at t\. amotion on RATI R DA Y. the J2d Deoetnber. wt 1 o'olovk p. IB., OB Ike prwaiaea. No. *4 B'ldjre itreet, ?eor*etown. all the good a and otiatteU of he late Aagvat Khert, deoaaaad. conaiaung of Ba [*r?' To i? and a l?rr? amount of in* Co&feetion n j pnu <ubwhuiu r ormiuri, Tarns euh in buUk1*! i'>n?y. HLN R V lA('K\WAV.A?l?i?iifi. da 1?-K* THOS DdffMXQ. Aaot Br CLEARY * UKKKN. A?oOoMara. io nimtk ttrart. UOUBEHOLD FURNITURE auv EFFECTS Lx at Acctto.v?On THURSDAY MORNING, hs *7U> inataot, ? ahali sail at the rosidena* of a kali j danlininc hou?*ke*ptn*. o? north H ?tra*t. i?t??n6tn ana Tin struts (the Am wtli deeiirnat* he house, > at 10 o'oiook a. m.. a food lot o( *?>! tept Household Kirmtir^coniiitiai ir. **'t of losewood clano fort* of ftaa iniah and ton*, ?1tk Cotm an<i Stool, Rahncany Sofa, apr nr-aa\t Ciaraaad Rocked Do Castor anc Fiujoy Parlor Cbaira. Do Marble-toy Baream, Sideboard and W aihsiak, Do 4? Canter aad Side Tablaa, Walnt B?ditMdi, Loancea. Hut Vaoka, }4a? iMt Chairaand Rookara. WhstxKj, CI awuwuii VII1II1( ug VU?r I IhN, Panther tieda, Bo.atar.aod Pi'.lowa, flair. Cotton .and Shuck Mattre???f. ?araeta, Oilcloth, and Mattmra, 2poktog. Radiator, and CIimiW ftorae. EVardrutxa. Blanket*, '"owiorta, ud Qailta. 2hina. Crook ?ry. and 6.a?awar*. rocether with a general aa?<>rtm?nt of Kitchen Requiutaa. Term*: All cam* under #40 caafciorar #40 a wed it of thirty day*, for ootea aatiafactorily on loraed .bearing intrreat. The Hoaet la for rent. Inquire of the Aaota. da 18 CLKARV t(i? KKN.AaoU \f ARSHAL'S SALE.?In nrtue of a writ of >*l fieri faoiaa iaau*d from *)>? Clerk'aOftoe of he Circuit Court of tha Diatriot of Columbia for ha County ot NVaahtng ton. and to na directed. I rill expoee to pabiic aa.e,for oaah, la front of tha 'oart Hosae door of Mid oouoty, on THL'R"* JAY, the l'th day of January east, 1K1. at 13 ''clock m.. thefoilovi> g deter r>ed proper tf, to wit 'art of Lot No 6. ta baua a No M?. befiaaiac at ha aorthweat ooroer or aatd lot and ru?nmg thenoe aat on Virginiaaveona 19 fee; 1 inah: tbeao* aouth rj aoathwaat the death of! lot lixnM mamt oatbvMt to Ui? aoHthwMt cornar of aaid heoo? nortli br northaaatW foot 3 inobaatovtr .c.a, containing 1.972 t^urt fa#t. totattaar nth ail an<i aintu ar the improvement* tktrww. ia beaity of WaahinK*oa. U. C.. aatsed aad levied yon as the prof -rt? of John MaanakMa. aW wi ' * ao'd to aatufr judioiaia No. < . to Jaoaarr t*rra, Kl, ? Savor of J. F Wo.larc, um of John rardy. de 18 dta W SELDKN. L\S. Maratta.. New mess mackerel, to 5 harre<? New No 1 MKSS MACKEREL, ) t*> rala 1 area New No. 1 >io ^ 50 ha.1 vn. a uk t?r? and euiitlia <arr?la !w Meae and No 1 MACKK?rL. M? pciuntta larra (at codfish. tiaroaa No. 1 SALMON. IkUa do b-aaaSoalod HERRINGS. tObarrela^o 1ft JohiT? ALE WIVES, * do Gibbed HERRING For tale by E. K WHITE * CO No. 63 La ar.. bet Sth and Tth ata.. do 18-?o3t opno. the Bank of \Va?hi?rto?i HANDLES AND OIL ? ca?*e Paraffin? CANDLES, fn boxeeSpenn do S) do Adamantine do 'o Hotel do 1 out COAL OIL for baniuf. Lard, While ard Sperm OIL. J set reoetred and for aa> by E. E. WHITE 4 CO . No. 61 La a?., bet. 6th and Tin ete . de lt-ooSt oppo- the Bant of WaehiMtoa. fULCANITE BASE FOE ARTIFICIAL Dr. WADS WORTH hu made full ameceamti > mtroduoe Use Vmoanite Baee into raotioe, a ad to /oily rereeeweed it to klienta. ^ * '1 " Fu'l ?od partial of T**th eti be iswrUd ia ?? ut trpt+u tod withm trtirtto b*Mtj, ?iaf<>rt and tfarabtlitr lMiiriwitd de 17-eoM* IMo. *6? C ?tr?t. ^OTICE TO ALL OF OUK CUSTOMERS aa n rw UpyoiiH Cantw ^DAPTED FOR HOUDAY PRESENTS. Ont, Two, Tkrt* and Four-Par*d Ska wit Wa offer mora than oar iml utortaMt of riwkiujlCtaiMiiMLuti itm im Ibir iMfd daaicaa. M th? tbon ut?? itftir# a 1 Ua okuin in feakm, mm rraarioh. ?ty lak. and the moat darabla wialar T*ppin* axtaat Oar a tool of all otfcar kia4a?f?li*vtaftatOwtka ill bo foand b(V.doto1. aad axt?aa<Ta Ala* aii oar antara a?aek of Mt Eihaa, Praaa ilka, tad oikor vaat atoak af draaa fafenaa. AU kinli of Dri Good* la ??aor*l aaa. >J*T r1?Z*rmZr& Jirw, mdfnor* no piroiiwi iiovMirfv. Csrprts, drains, Ran. Oilelotu, au2a^u2T^'^aa An axuuaatioa of ator* ud atoak aoliwtad. It pliaa ao ?bhjanoaja tarafaaa*. *SJU?l rcnti r?. 'adkt blue c S22 la ordar to mfwt *mr rto?fc lata ?mk. w f r#ri?f mi ht^i itock a^p/^fc ly r^ysii p.lo*.. mvwm h-ff offmi t* ( r yod wiirr to bavbthkrwion m a fr >a. mini kohmia?t ;,^r.srS^

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