Newspaper of Evening Star, January 10, 1861, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 10, 1861 Page 4
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THE EVENING STAK. DIRGE FOR THE TPA* bt run 11*111 IHIIUY. Or?tiM fconraptoyw i? dml, Ooaw asd lit h. come and vMp! Myry kflnm, imil* m?t*a<l. For th? y a- ia bat a?le-p! Ff?l it mi'M ?? it i? *l??pinf, Mookiac your ant mely we*pmf. A* an earthquake ro?ka a ootm. In its ootfin >n tb? clay, Fo whit* \V.nt->r, that rough nar?9. Rock* th? dead oo d Yw to dar. Solemn Hoara : vail a>oM, For royr mttier ta h??r ehiosd. A s the wild air stirs and iwjts The tree-*wun* cradle of a ohild. Po the breath of thee* rude day Rooks tee TrAr. Bo calm an J laid. Tramblinr Honrs; ah* wUarits AVithnev loyewil.iin h^r eye*. fray is hero, L k? a sexton by oar fravt; February h?ar? th<? bier; March with griafdotii howl ami rave ; Awd April ?wi,ko ye hoar*, Follow with Slay's fairest flowers. Th* Ahjit Bill or South Cakomxa.?Tbe appropriations for the defence of tbe State, made bv tbe S*outb Carolina Legislature amount to over 02..V0.W0 Tbe various items are u follows : Oeneral offlcera $5,558 Field and other officers for ten regi menta 100,?S Horses for all tbe above 4,1% Ten tbonaand privates' pay, ratlona and clothing *, 130,000 u.itiriini (i- rmn Cavalry horses 298.000 Artillery horses. 10 *260 Total 82.657,225 This doe* not inrlude the co?t of guns, pistols, words, cannon, powder, and other esaential re quisites for \ military establishment. Comxhci or Bo?t?w rue value of foreign goods Imported at Boeton for the year 1960, was thirty nine million eight hundred and forty-nine thousand eight hundred and ninety-eight dollars, against forty-four million aeven hundred and w?ventv-se ven thousand seven hundred and eisrht t?en dollars In 1^69, a decrease in 1USH of four trillion Bine hundred aod twenty-seven thousand seven hundred and elghtet-n dollars. A G*?at Park.?The Central Parkin New York is a "big thing," but the people wanted to extend It still farther A commission was iccord ingly appointed to ass?sa the value of the land embraced in a contemplated enlargement to 110th street The commissioners trnwd the value at Sl^OOjUOO, and chagt-d 973,109for their ex penses ITTA Cincinnati speaker, addressing a late in that city, made the remark tuat there is bo luge city In any country on the borders of another "nationality, predicted that, if civil war enkues. the prosperity of Cincinnati will be entire ly destoyrd Mieni*an?Notwithstanding the position of the Governor, petitions are in circulation In M:rhtgan asking the Legislature of the s>tate to repeal the personal liberty law now on th" statute book They are said to to extensively singed by tfe* Republicans. Death inn Siatiwb.?Buel W. D*an, of Croton. Ct , a young inin who had been afflicted with rheumatism, recovered so fat as to engage In skating on Christmas day, felt unwell when he returned, and was found dead In bit bed the next morning. f?7? A starch factory, located at Fulton, N Y., vu burned on Sunday. Estimated loss, f IOO.IKXj to ,00?); building inaured for $40,000, and the stock for 930,000- 1 be building was occupied by leaaeea li^lt la stated tbat several ships. owned by a So*toi) merchant, followed tbe Anglo French up tbe Pel-do with full <-ari>oet. in order to take advantage of tbe res;nta of tbe allied invasion ip*Tbe population of Maryland la 731,296; number of aU*es, ?o,3><;; number of, 105.567. ir*" f? r?-? tr?1 -? uj ..a-< uuxc < m. niut, ion oi tnancrnoi Kent, of New York, died on Saturday morning Int. ARRIVALS AT TUB HOTELS. WlLLARW HOTLL?A Betu and ladv,?; O A Parker, p?; Col H Brown, L'^A; J B Hall, NY; J H Ransom and family, do; EO LitcbtMd, do, VV J Lmmert. (La; J MoGowan, Pa; Hon J H Reynolds, NY: Hon M Butterfleld, do; B Hollo day, do;"Mrs Holloday, do; VV J Warjen, WT; J P Sanderson, Pa; J Casey, do; 0 F Thomas, NY; Hon O VV Caa, Pa; C V Ha?rer. do; F Siio^di-r. j*. c? t?r At -*? * * - -* - ? uu, r Aigumier, .fla; a u warlord. Fa; )laj G H T bom si *?nd lady, W9A, F W Jone?,NY; M m E'Jonea. do; W L McLean. Knjj; J H Bdck bouae, do; J Ty*on, Md; Dr J C Tbo;naa, do: F T King, do; B H Latrobe, do; J K Byrne, NY; D R Oarriion, Pa: F A Todd and lady, Md; C 1. OoldaoittU and lady, NY; E N Taller, d?; Rev 0 F Knight. Maaa; C R Cobb, do; Hon J T Hi^c brone. NY; Hon O Opdyke. do; H Rawle and 1?|? !?? u?- I v ni_ <- ... j | i ?| iivu < i; r isrncy snci isdy^ Italy, U Col S-'mpson and lady. Cans; G timton sad lady, M a*?; A (?^?ton and lady, do; A Briitnn and lady, .NH; P NobleanrL*on, Me; ti C LH>Obin and lady, Pa; J 8 5*ld?i, DC. NATIONAL HOTEL.?W H Gill, K; JK Rooerta. Md; C O Tayl?r,?;K Ctumer) anuUtly, Cal; J N??wton, Pa; M M Arrloaa, NY; Z Arriosi. do; J Hlo?, do; F Smith, NH; A H Brynton, NY; C A Wastburne, Cal; Mlaa N 9 Colton, Nfl; W H We??ks, Cal; E A Eain??, Vi?;K Wallace,Va; J P Robb, do; J E Hog^, NY; H B Swam, Pa; H M Norton, Pa; F ?tone, Md; W Hamilton, do; F ?ton?tr?et. do; G W; M Whaler and iaay. ao: ur .Martin and lady, do; K L Gardner, do; J S Carlisle, Va; S 8 Fisher, O; H B Ogle,Pa; H Goggell, NY; W Batcher, Pa; J Jones, Del. J Hazard and Mdy. NY; C M Hazard, do; C H Van Wyck. do; C T Ling, do; D bCanch, do; J Var n?tt, Mim; Miss A P Nelson, NY; K (i Wh!l?.dn; *S B Proctor, Mass; T J Jamison, Md; 0 C Burcb, do. BROWN S HOTEL?J O Parrlsh. W Ferris, tM Barbour. E Hut, ton, II Bnrnith. E Hudson, V Daniel. V?: T S Day, A M Hardy and ly, A J ones, Ky: H Wild, NJ, T Penmon, J H SMpen, Mass; T vvheeleck, VV Turn, O; A M l/entrv and lam, T lir*La?u. Tex; E Wilson, L K Paruell, H Abbott. Mr Todd, Md; M McDounell, J Cheno with, J Griffln, Pa; GW Walljng, A H Joum, NY. WASHINGTON HOl'PE,?J 9 Norrit, Pa; W Van Bureta, \V R Schell, H Kirkbam and fsm H Bud and daughter, NY; M Clark, NH; J H Crip pen, Mich; H Sywinton, Rl. KIRK WOOD HOUSE?R W Hugtaet, J Gun ne*. C Tealey. R H Cockuell, T R Dove, Va. VV Price. Md: J Con?gv? D*l, H Gouldlag, B l'arl by, NY; J German. Mo; C B Scully, Pa, OCEAlVS TEAMERS SAILING DA YS From tbb Cnitib Statbs. Sna*n<r|. Lear*. For. Day t. Kangaroo Nrw York... Liver pool Jan 12 V'uited ,i>ew York. Jar. 15 a<istra.aMan Porti?nd ...Liverpool u lo tr?nien. New Yorfc . Bremen Ja.u i9 iov? .-vouau.. P 'it and .... Liverpool Jaa )<? in&cw -,"<ew YorM_.Liverpool J*n 10 New York.-.Laverpioi....Jan 17 ?4.?r ut. liuatoa Li?erpoo! J?u2j Canadian Portland Liverpool. J*n 2fi E4int>urg _.N?w York...Liverpool Jacifl> John U-i....?...New York.. GIm*ow J&j 1* auv Nrr York? Livwpooi .. jan* Tautonia ...... New York- South'pton. Feb 1 Niatanf. Boston.-?. Liverpool. .. .Feb > From Echopb ?. Liverpool... Boat*)/; Dec 89 ? .Sooth pton.-Now York_. Jan i .Liverpool... New York...Jan 2 ? DuuUi'pton . forianU .... Jan ~ ..Liverpool New York. Jan Vnfinp REMOVAL. 6 I h?r? i*dk rid nr O 0 FAWN OFFICE to *31 Q ?treet, t*twe?n 4K*b<] 6th streets. imine diausy lit tae rear of the National Hotel, w.iere the tafiMM vill be eooUnaed as heretof re at the oidetaod. (bo 15-4nil ISAAC HKKZBhlU*. W O O 01 WOOD!! STOVE tod KINDLING WOOD, at the l<nr?e WO O D !!t )OD, at the r" T. J. k. W. M. G ALT, < 9 P?. ? ., bftwN! Uth ud Utk ?U.( IM VJ-tf north FRE8?/AW5^;CiS9' braMkv F?p.~ d*g KINO * Bl'RCBKLL. ft?. ?. umu. a. a. i??. * - * 1 AMA*,MOT*?A?T?Jl aoLL1 8 n-ATLA W SKyeL.'ai jMraftiiftb. .CANTON GINGER a ? KINO k. BI RCH ELL. I TAKE NO', I WILL T?ko ? I kn da of book debU for BooU, 9a Mikiai laJekxod to me wi 1 i p?, or I sii* i bo oomp" led tc Into the tutod* ait o u?o?or. 9 PThOOVEE, lro? Rail, ap a ??.. htwon 9th %cd loth Mr. GAS FITTING, Ac. LUMBERS AND GAS FITTERS i. W. THOMPSON * CO. 117 ? 1.1 '.I . ti. a* .4 A I ^ viiiu ua i mo fciwnuwi ui vmot luora m mrir loll %*?ort?iAMt of fixtures n^ d?Mvj to its iotro BOILKRe. kitciikn ?tnl6?. pr*p!?, Cut ?Tf,"i ?n?B 6?:vmi b<k) wa ter PlPfcg, MYMApm aodPAVK WABB LRj?. RlB 'tR hose.fco. Haviu? fup?rior advantages, with practical k'ow.-vije, ws are prepared to mtrodaoe Water into dwellings with ail the latest irrpruren enta, promptly, aa<l at prioea that oanoot fail to satisfy. 8H9 Penn. avenue, no M dtMar 1 bet 9th and 10th its., sooth sida. WM. X, UUVE & uo. o? prepared to ezeonte any orders witt he mvored in the , ga^ ur k^la.m fittin# itt Store on 9th street, a tew doors north of PL avenue, where mar be fouc i a oomaleW aa^ortmeiil aaaa ^mae1 M"0&- a*Wkl WG AS FIXTURES. R Have in store, anu are dai y reoeavinx, &A8 FIXTURES of entirely Now Patterns and Desicns and Finish. *up?*rior in atyle to anything heretofore otT*red in tiua market. We invite oitii?na general I; to oaH and examine our atook of tiaa and \Valer Fixture*, feeling confident that we have the bMt elected atook in Waahincton. All Work in the above line intrueted to our ear* will be promptly attended to. MYERS tc MO0HAN. marfi-tf 3T?l)atre?t. I SNYDER a * PL UMBER AND GAS FITTER, Haa removed to the corner of Twelfth and F ?ta. He is prepared to introdnoe Water and Gaa upon ute moat i&vorabie terms, and guaranties entire ali (faction He hat on hand a lot of COOKING and other 9TOVKS, which he will tell lee* than ooat. aa he wiahea to get rid of them. no 17 OFFICE OF INSPECTOR AND SEALER OF OAS METERS. Waihimiob. July IB, 1860. NOTICE JS HEREBY (iiTEtf, That,agree ably to the proviaiona of the ordinance of the Cor porauon approved nay 12. law, the underlined : now prepared,"whenever required in writing, and on pre payment of the fee of fifty oenta, to impeot. examine, te?t,j?rove, andasoertain the aoouracy of registration ol any km meter in uee in this oity." Every meter, if found incorreot, will be oondemned, and another, sealed and marked aa true, wilt be et in i'? plaoe. If proved to be aooarate in it? MNNMt of gas, it will be tealod accordingly, and again put in position tor use. office No. 510 Seventh street,(near Odd Fal .ovi' Ha'.M (>pon from 8 a. m.. to 5 p. m. CHARLES W. CUNNINGHAM, jy 18-tf Inspector and Sealer of 8as Meters. rpHE ALL SUFFICIENT THREE. TRIEfEMAR, 1,2 and 3? Proteoted by Royal Letter* Patent of England, and secured by the Sea s of the JOcole de Pharmaoie de Paris, and the imperial College of Medisine. Vienna. No 1 i? invaluable for exhaustion and natorrhea, and al physical disabilities. No. 2 completely eradicates all traoea of those diseases that have beea hitherto treated by the nau seous and pernioi ui use ol oooaiva and oubebs. No. 3 has entirely eupplanteu the injurious u*e of meroarv,therebr insuring to the suJarer speedy relief, dispersing all impurities, and rooting out the venom ofdi?ease. TR1E2E?I*R, Wos. 1,2 and 3 are prepared in th-? form if * ln*?n??- rtnvniil nf t?.f? >^<1 ??! >ud can h carried iq the waistcoat packet. >old m ti" oa?e?, &->d divided into separate dose*. aa ad imuiatered by Ve p*au. Lal'emand, Ronx, Rioord, Ao Price 53 ?a^h,or lour cases for j59, whioh !ar?i 13; and in f/7 oases, wbereb* tnere is a sav in* of 19 To t?e hid. wholesale and retail, of lir. BARROW,of 194 Bleecker t-ert, New York. Iinmejiat" * ?n receivii c a remittanoe. I>r. Barrow wi!I forward the I riesenfar to an? part of the wor'd, ecurely pack*!, and addressee according to the in struct! ne of the writer. The Book, of a". ofh?rs, that ahould be read by men with damaged and broken down constitutions ii numsi faiity.or rnjejolojioa! keaearohea." It ia brautifolly illustrated. and treat* " ontclj of all tb> svnp odh that lu variably develop thein e'vea. aooner or late?r. reaultin* from the f'iwlties and vit ati: t habits or earl > youth, inoapaoitating i the victim from inarm* the T uition of the matri monial ftatrt, and. if not checked in time, decener atin*allte fucotions of manhood. and bringing him. atep by at?p.toa lingering and untimely death. , Sola by Dr. ?a krow, 194 bleecker atre'-t, four doora b?iow MaoUougal, imew York. l'noe 25 o?nt?. Sent free every where. Sold aUo oy S. C. Ford, Jr., Drug Store, Waah ington. d. C. de 29-6m T~ "^proclamation o the CITIZENS of washington, georgetown, jto. W\erm?, m the present season o the year cholera moriftjs, niidduvi "" ""bHOLIC. DYSENTERY, rer*ii to an alarming extent: And rekereas. ftT8MCrel?bBlUT*..^?. FIRST ?ON9EUU SnCE lily to know of to every farniVy to \n * once of Paris, MIRACULOUS PAIN KILLER m the most CERTAIN ANI> EFFECTUAL REMEDY FOR THE A1JOVE COMPLAINTS In order to satisfy THE PUBLIC that no imposition is inteuded in the sale of this Great Vled:ciue, THE MONEY WILL BE REFUNDED m all ease* when the medicine fails to give entire aatiifaoUo Ask, then at any Drug Store for r\D UAW'Hi n rvmo l/ iv iUV 1 I A A UB B MIRACULOUS PAIN KILLER, take m directed, and if uot perfectly aatiafied Return to onr Agent, D. B. CLARK, ESQ.. 4H Street &ud Pennsylvania Avenue, who will refund your money. Prioe? '2i acd 80 Centa por Bottle. For sale at all Dro* Store* everywhere. JAS. MoDONNELL, General Agent, jyll-eotr ___ Baltimore. k7 J. UOVEE lX/D'S IMPERIAL WINE BITTERS, Are now being used from Maine to the Great Salt Lake, anl th* universal vordiot of all who nee them either as a or aa a 6???ra??, ia that they are unrvr*a?*d in the world. Dr. Doda uaed th?m saooeruffclly In hie practice for U yeara before w? pura'iaaefl htm fee co'e r'$ht to manufacture ai.d present tiwia (or aale to the public. For the cure of in?!pi?n$ Consumption, Indigestion, Dye Mlfit- Pi'lM. I* ?"'* ^ ?i v v - v -i ?'? r ouiaio vvUiii and all oin re^aina* atowo, they are b? L05d n?0,t remedy. Aiide from their nndioin?. ?ro*?rt;ae they are a ?ure, whole W aad deiichtfai SrrwUe. frodnoini allthe Sr!Tis n,t??x?ilu>r*tln? f>*00t? of Brandy or Wine nu.nau.ty advocates of temperanoe asatst liable vegetable Bitters .or the tumtrml *na I mum fSStS^JiS ?2VitrLia r?0^^' *rid thereby etf? troa & !?&! Duease and DrunkeoeM UHAKLE9 WJDDIFIELD at CO., _ Pronators, T8 WiihaniBtreet, New Y?rt J. 8CHWARZE. Agent, Washington, 0. 0. DR. J. BOVEK PUDS' IM.PEH.1AL QIX BITTERS. For Dimmn of the Kidneys, Bladder mm Urinary Urjan*, and e^pe-c^allr for Female Obstructions, never fat! to cure, and are warranted to give satis '*?HARLES WIDPJFIELD tc CO.. Proprietors. TS William ? M?w J. schvvarzf., je 7 ly ,r Agent. Washington, P.O. 1~ L.LUS I It ATKD BOOKS FOR PRESENTS. We have now our usual l*rre ana magnihoent assortment o> eleiantljr bound and illu?trated Book* for PreseuU f >r tne Holidays. The new Book* for this Tear are very beautiful. Onr Juvenile Department oomprisesail the lateet Books' ut and a! U e o d oom suitable for chil dren. Tho Di-soU-in* View Pio'ure Book la a new thins f r ti?o little ones. Our aeeortment cf Writ ing Deck*, Portfolio*, Taper Tioe?, Pftpier Maohe Boxe?, Faiio? Inkstands, Gold Pens, Fancy and all other styles Penknives. Paper Folders, Cattera. 4^; , Jcc., i? l<ir<e and varied, and will he mldM cr ces 10 cult tiie tirr.og BLANCJIARD * MOHUN. de 20 cor. Pa. av. and Eleventh ?t. F dTlTMORRfsON 4 CO.. LOUR AND GENERAL COMMISSION MERCHANTS, And wholesale dealers in MILL FEED, CORS MEAL. fe., tc., Corner of 12th ana B street*, \\ anuington oity. fry Caah paid ft>r all kind* of Grain, au aS-6ro HAVE YOUSEEN the50o?ntCbildren'a Bo<-k? at FRENCH k. RIOHSTF.IN'S. 878 Pa. avenue, nelling for 10 cent*.' Have you aeen the *l?a?nt Aunuala for Now Veer present*, at FRENCH A KICHSTEIN'8, ?eUin* for only Call arji make your puro'ia?e<'. before they are ail tone. At FM.ENCH A R1CH8TEI.VS. ii?d 27 8 Pa. avenue. DUPOMT'8 GUNPOWDER, For a&le at manufacturers price*, by JOHN J. BO?l'E. n r> _ , mm ? W WW ** f !/ V/|( Sof< j4fr?/-y for r*? District of Columbia. A larre iopp.r> embracing every variety, always on band, a<i delivered free to all parts of tM Dis t-iot. Orders oan also beleft at theofioeof Adams' Kxprx* Company. WanMngton. D- C. fe S-lawlv C WALT 8' 1TY STEAM FIREWOOD MILLS AND COAL DEPOT. Foot of Sivtnt-'ntk rtrett, btlow War Department. WOOD prepared, any ieogth and sue, to salt the wants <>r e%ch puroaasor GOA -KKPT IN COAL HOUSES, ?roto<?t?d frpn the weather?delivered fr?? frrm slat*, dirt. A?k?. " uuioi iiuiurmN. iJ#1 iM. lo (k? ton. tTj. A W. M- HALT, do 10 tf Pa. a?.. bM*. 11th and igth if. 12,000 ^LrP?LcLHc?gft8-M2 the attrouon of the aublio to oar larce ar.J wall ae laotad rtook of Otiainpaxne km Crab Apple Cider, which we guarantee to ha aura iuice, and wiH be (old oD re^aoiuahie terina la order to make room " "a" 6,*s a: ssyfi"V b t Na. fT SrM ?.. SSriMm. -v M1H0ELULNKUJS. [No. 678.] gY THE I>,lE?1^yK^,P THK UNITED uoui ui uio i/iuimi t'l Aiiifnoft, ao neriDT declare and make known that pubiio saiea wilt he held at the ?nderineatioue<i Land Oftou tn the State or Cah roaniA at the periods henutftn ueeif nated, to wit: At the Land (>flU? at Mast*villi, commenom* on Monday, the ad dajr of J an* next .for tha disao aa. of the pubiio landa heretofore as offered, situated in the following townships and parts of townships, ri*: North of the bast lint and east ?/ tk* Mount Diablo Townships 8 and 9; the .NW* of section fc the N X and the iW of section S; sections 4,5. and Ml township ?; the S w V of aeotion 7; the BR * orMotion IS; itoBWK of Motion If;Motion* ttto 35, moluaive of tnwnrhip 31. of range 1. i?*rg*h'P" of r?oge 2. ThoN kof the NK 3%, the HE K of NKk, the jyP XnJ "i# SE V. and th* W K of Motion < gro r?J)^'L7>and.8; ?*? Vf l~? &i'he ?e * jyl.W 3< of Motion ; the w X of the N\V w tha W * of 9W *. ?ni the 9E *of the SW \ fV.-o Uon 15; ?ector.?7 to 21 ino.mive; the N W v, the N H yj the 8\V and the _9\v X of XW *. of mo t ou 22; the W >* of the NW J* and SW \ of aeotion i7; sections SR to 33 icolnaive; the WW k of the NK k, the N W H, and the 8 K of section 34. of town nip 9, of range 3. Sections 1 to 18 inoluaiva, oftownship 10, of rang* 6. North of the bast line and west of tkt Mount a Di bl meridian. Townships 8,9 and 34; S?\V >? of section 6; the W H of section 7; the 8K of section 13; the * W *? ot leoti >n 18; the S X of eeotion 19; the 8 X of c?*ction20; the 8 X of ero'.ion 2t; the 8 % ol section 22; the N E "* of the 8 )$ tif Motion 33; eeotions 34 to 36, inclusive, oftownship 31: section* 1 to SO inclu sive; the NW J*of section 31; the NEM. f section 33; section* 34 and 35. of townahin X? c,f r?n?? i Sections 1,8,5. and 4; the N & of iM'.um 9: ?eo tione 10 to 15, iuoiimvr; ihe N E ofseotion22; tec tum* 23 to 26. inclusive; E S of notion 35. of town ship 8; *eotions 1 'o 4, inclusive; the N r. V ot Mo tion 6; the SE M of Motion *; section* 9 to 15, inclu sive; tho E K 01 seotion 11; the E X of aeotion SO; sections 21 to 28, inclusive: th*. Nfc \ of seotion 2*; sections 33, 34, ?nd 35, of township 9; sections I to 6, molusive; the N W of seotion 7; th<? E X of seotion 9, section* l'\ 11, ami 12; th* NE^olseo tiun 13; the N W V of section 14; the N X oi ? ction 15: the SX"f section 25; the SK ef section 36; the K X of section 34; section 35, of township 31; the SK hi of section 9; the E X and the SW X of section 10; tae SE X oi seotion i*;the E X snd SW X of seo tion IS: 111A 8 X of seotion li! olinn is- ?? " is of aeotion 17; tRe 8VV \ of aeotion '8; sections 19 to 35, inc usive, of townanip 32, of range 2. Township* 24 find Si; sections 25 to 36, inc'uaive; of township 33, of rang" 3 TheSW l4 of section 7; aectiona 19 to 35, inolu Bi ve, of township 29; sections I to 5, inclusive: sao tions 8 to IS inolusive; sections 17 and ? ? to 29, in clusive; sro'io a 32 to 35, inclusive, of townahip 32; sections 25, a>, 27,34, and 35, inoluaive, of townahap 33. of range 4. Township 29, of range 5 At the Land Office at Hvmboldt. commencing on Monday, the 10th day of June next, for the dis posal of the pnblio lands heretofore nnoffsred, ait uated in the following townshipa and parte of townahips, via: of the base line and wit of tkt Mount l)<ablo meridian. The W)iof section 7; the 8 of sent ion 13; the \V H *1 seuon 18; the N H of ae tion 19; the N W M an ?tne S " * ot saotion 2?; me 8 H of section 81; the S H of section *2; the S >4 of section 33; seotions 24 to 23, inonsire; the E H of section 29; the LH of sootiou 33; seotions S4 and S3, of township w, of range 3. The hW l4 of section 1; the SK if and the W % of section j; tne E H of seotion 3; sto'ious 9, 10, II, and 12; the N H of ??otion i3; the N >? of section 14: the X H the sW V, ana the W >t of the 8K or section 15; the NK \ of section 21; the NW and the W H of the NE cf sections, of township in, of ran* e 4. Section* 1, J. 3 4, and 5; the NE >4 of section fi: the 3K % of seotion >, sections 8 acid 9: tha NW)i of section section 17; the N E 3* of see ion 18. of townst-ip IB; the S W of section 5 tne & S of section 6; sections 7, 8. 9, and 10; the bW >4 of section 14: seotions 15 and 17 to 35, inclusive, o| township 17, of ranee H. The SK of section 1; sections 11,12 13. and 14; the N E % of seotion 23; section 24; the N E >4 of sec tion 25 of township 17; sections 3 to 10, inolnaive; the S\V >4 of seotion 14; seoti jus 15 ami 17; the N E of section 18; sections 2>>, 21. 22, and 23; sect'ons 3b to 29, inclusive; seotions 32 3*. and 34; the N\V ^ o| Rectum 35, of townahip 20; theNW' \ of aea tion 3; section' 4 to 9, incluaive; sections i7 to 2i. inclusive; sections 28 to 33, moluaive; the SW Af of Motion 34, of township 21; theNW if of section 1; sections 2 and 11; the Nl W ^ of imI.od 14; Motions ?7, 2', 31,32, 33, and 34. of township 22; lections 1 to 18, inclusive; sections 2" to 77, inclusive; section SS, of township 23, of ranee 12. ?eot;onn 3 and 4; the NK Atf of Motion ?; section 3; the N\V M of seoiion 10; section 13; the 8K of section 14; the t*W of seotion 15*, sections 2i to 28, inclusive; seofions 33, 34, ana 35. of township 17; the \V >4 of foction 5; sections fi, 7. 8,9,17,18.19, 2<., ar.d 21; tne S \V % of amotion 22; sections 2? to 34, inclusive, of t.>wn?hip 18; seotiona 3. 10, 15,22 , 23, 26. 27, 54. and 36. of towmhintt th? st w nf 12; sections 13 snd 14; the if, of section 22; seo tions 23, 27, and M, of township 23, of range 13. factions 1 and 2. the SE Vt of section 3; t: e NX of seotion 10; soations II, 12, 13.14. 23. 24, 25, fci.d 2b; the 8E ,l* of section 34; seotion 35, of township 1?; tiie N W\ section3: sections 4. 6. and 6; the Nk <>t Motion T; saotious h and a; tUe S VV of section Hi-the W X of seotion 15: t)ie K X of section 17: the NK H of section 2f>; seotions 21 and 22; the 8\y % oi section 23; the \V H of section 2ft; sections 71, 2ft. 33. 34. And 3ft. of township 19; the ^YV fc of sec tion 7; th>* 8W of section 17; s*ctjons 18 to 35, in clusive, of township 21, of ranee 14 Sections 1 to 5, inclusive; the N E l4 of section 6; sections R to 15 inclusive; the N K V of section 17; sections 21 to 27, inclusive; the N K Hi ol section 2?; , L . MI- W e _ ?! ? mg nr.A|Oi secuon:*; soction 35, of tcwnehip 2"; sections 1 t<> 4, inclusive; the N K X of section 5; the K X of section 9; sections 10 to 15. inc.usive; Motions 20 to 2"?, inclusive; the 8K X of section 31; section* to 35, inolosive, of township 21: section 3; tiie K X of section 4; emotions 8, 9, anil 10; the S*\V X of aaoiion 11; ectloos 14,15, and 17; tlis NK X of section 2"; sections 21, 22, and 2t; th? 8W V of section 24; sections 2.5.26,27, and 2H; the SKAfof section 32; section* 33,34, and 35, of toiviship 22, o! range 15. North of the bate line and east of the Humboldt me ridian. The W Xof seotion 3; emotions 4,5.6,7,8,9,10. 15,17, IS, 1*, 2", 21, and 22; t ie N X of section 27; section* 2' to 33, mc usive; the S X of section 34, of township 4, of i&Rge 2. North of the base Line and teest of the Humboldt me ridian. The SW X of section 7; the SW X of section 17; section 13; the li X of section ls>; sections 20,21,22. a nit 23; the W X of section 24; the W X of section 25; sections 20 and 27, theN&Xof section 38; the V! L" I - ?~ !. >.?? O' ? * ? 1 " - ' u v'i v?<vi"u </?| >vUUUI1 ?)3f UI lUWIiSIUp If OI ranee 1. Section* 1 to 23, inolosive; the N /? of section 24; the :* K of *eotion 25; Motions 26,27, 2H, and 29; the : N K of * -lion 30, ' f township ?; eeotions 1.2, and 3, I the N \V H of the N W *, the S K of the i\ \V *, i anil tli? S% of ?ortion4; the NL M of th*NE?, | tha S H ol t e NK 3%, the SE % of the NW if, anl . the S? H ofs*ction 5; the 8 X iftheSE Sf .ftf section ! 6; the :> E 3*. the 3 * of the N vV M, anJ the 8 H of ' n?rtion7; section* 8, 9,10. and 11; tbe N H of rec I tion 12; the MW Kof i?ection 17; rection 18; the N H and the SE of section 19; the 8W of section , 29: the EX of section J': sections 31, ji. aud 33; the I IsW M ol ntction 34, "I township 2. of range 2. The SE >4 of section 1; sections 10, 11. and 12, th* i N Jt of section 13; rotions 14,15, 22, and 23; the 5 H ol secti -n 24; the N H of?eotion *5; sections 26 27, 25i and 14-. theNW * of section 35, of township 1; fractional township 2, of range 3. At the l.ard Office at Stotkto*, oornmenoine on Mondav, the3d da* ol Jnne next, for the disposal of the pubtio lands, her*tefore unotfer d. situated in the following townships and parts of townships. viz : Nortk of the bast line and east i\f tkt Mount Diablo meridian. Sections 4,5,6.7,8,3.17.1?. and 19; the N K of the NE^> the N H of the N VV *, and theS W * of the S*\V \ of section section an, the SE it of the fcK of township 6 of range 3. Townihips 4,5, and 7, of range 7. jYerfA of tke base line and west of the Mount Diablo meridian Townships6 and 7, ol ranse 1. Section 2; tne N K 3* of seotiou 3; the W H of see tl<>n 5; section 6; section 7, ejtoept the S >? of the S VV ii: the N W Lf &nd th? s nf o- w. ^ _ ?? w ? m va atvvviwu Uf niv W ;? cf Miction ft; ttieS J* of section 1"; seotioa 11; the \Y of section 13; sections U a"d 15; section 17, except tb" S ) of the 8W Jf, the EX of the N W u, tho K )? "f ths ?VV if, and the K K of Miction il; sect < ns 22 mj<] 23; the W X of section 24; the W k of seotion 2 s sections 2h and 27; the N K M. th? E X of the N W J*. the 8E \ of the N W *. the N X of the SE M. th? SE J* oftheSE X oi seo t on 2^; the K X of Uie NE X, ai.d the E 3 of tbe HE \ of seation 38; segtions 34 % d 35, of township ?; sections I and 2; the N b X of section 3; the 8E V of seoiion in: seotions 11, to 15, inclusive; the N X of the N E X of section 21; the N X of the N W 'i, and th? K V, of section 22; sections 23 24 2S and Mio K X of iheSW X and the E X of section 27; tiie W X of section 35; of township 7, of range 2. South of tkt base line and raft <J the Mount Diablo meridian. Sections 1 to 27. inclusive; the N X. the N X of the 8>W k. and NX"f th* SE X of seoU'in 2B, the N X. the W X of tha SSV X. and th? N X of the SE X of section 2*; t)ie r, X ?nd the N X of the pc, 01 aeonou au; lue NK .V of section 34; the N S ol aeotion 35 of townchiv 5, of ran*e 5. Section* 5.?, 7,8,?ud 17 to 21, tn lueive; h?NW v.- and th? 8Kot auction 27; aeotiona 2* to 34 inolu Bive; the W H of Motion 3$, of tovnahip 3, of r&nfe6 fractional aeotiona 1 and 2, aeotiona 3,4=5. and 6 the N E H of aection 7; section* 8, <>, 10, and 11; frac tional aeotioa 12: aeotiooa 13,14 a id IS; the ft K 3* of irotion 17; the .NKK of section 21; aeotiona 22 to 27, inoluatve; the NE X of aection 34; aeotion 35, of townahipS; aeotiona1.2, 11,12.13,14, 23, 24, 2), V>. and 35, of townahip fl; *oot.on 1; the NEK ol sec tion 2: aeot:?na 12,13,24, and 25, of tovuanip 7, ol range 7. rf ha dUT 1/ W I'-*** '*" * * M. MD l? *? .* ttUU UIO ?oi me or J? ol aeotion 13; 6?otinn the W X of aeotion 29; seobooi ??, 31, and 32; the 8 W oi moUoii 33, of towoahip 5; township* 6 and 7; aectiona 1 to 5, lnoinaive; the B* of aection 6; anotiona 8 to 15, inoiaaive; the E V of Motion 17; ti* NK \L o( aeotion 21; eeo tiona 2i to 27, inclualv; the ?E J* of Motion S3, aeo tiona JH and 35, oftownahip#, < frame 8. Townahipa 7,8, and 9. of rang* 9. Townahipa 8 and 8. of range 10 Townahipa 6,7. and 8, of ranee 11. ovnahiaa 6 and 7; townahip 8, except aeotiona 31 and 32, of ranee 12 Towuahipa 1,7, and 8, of range 13. *8^ABtSfSMfl222? STOW"" ?i of th, MbUo .^rWtoloT.'t tuat'ed y:Jh? rollowiB* tovnahipa ud pam of South 9/ tkt ban In* and tost of tkt Mount Jhabio meridian , te^r^'fALtt'iAsuyi 17loa -?*22H5? feti.* 17_ to fT, ^olu The 8W* of ctiuo It; U?#W M !*otion? J> to 33. iboiasire; thiSW * toSS, of MCtlOB 9* Motion* atuA iMiumi th? 8 W H of eeeUoeSI of townakipft IovmIiim 10 aad II; ?octio?u? 1 to S incisure, of tovnahip >1, of rang* 19 CCCUOM 7 Ufl IX to at, lHO B?ir?, of tOVlfMp ]?; Motion* 1 to It, ir.oi?TCT?; Motion* 15 u4 17 to 8, iaolnsiTo; Motion* XI to St, inolnaive. ot tnwn*l ip II; Motion* 5. 6, 7,13.13,14, if, and a, ?o ST, ittoU sits; Motion* jr>, 34, im SS, of township 13, ot raa*e3Q. At the Land Ofg? at Visalia, ooanMcoirir on Monday,tte luth day of Jane n# xt, for the disposal of the publ o land* heretofore n offered. litir*! in the following township* and part* of townihpe, TIM' South of thr ban litu mmd mi' of tkd Mount Diablo wtorHimn. Vootion* 1 and 2; the <* R * of mo ion S; Motion* II. IS, and 13; the NE H of section 14; Motion* 34 and 35, of town*hip 17; section* I to 3 inclusive; the N X of section ?; sections8 to 1&, looiusive; the NE A< of section 17; the NE X of Motion 23; eeo tion* 23,34 and 3*; the N E J< of section 36. of town ship 18; aeotious 1 to*, inousive; the NE^ol sec tion 7: Motion* * to IS, inclusive; the Mi X of ^.i L - v u > v ?? -? ? * ? voiiun 14; uv 11 ci ^ vi houoi n? OI lowmmji fii of ranee 15. __ , Townahlpa 17, It, and 1ft; aectiona 1 to 27, inoln aive; the S E W ofjaeotion V; the feE V* of aeotion 33; a?ottor*S4 and 35, of township 9; Motion* 1 and 3; the N E Jtf of aeotion 3; aacuoLi II, 12, IS, and 14. the NE Si of aeo ion 23; aeotion 24; the NK fc of aeotion S5, of townabip a, of range 16. beotiona 1 to 27, inoiuaivr; the NK of aeotion 24; aeotiona 34 and 35. of townahip 21; a?otiona5,$, 7, and >; the 3 W J* "1 etion 9; the * W J^'of aeo tion 15; aectiona, 17 to 22 ino naive; 'he S*W Si of aeotion 23; aeotiona 25to 35, lnolnsive, of townaria 22^aectioua 1.2 and 3: the NE Jtf of pectlon 4; the gbKoi Motion it?; aeonocs II, 12.13. ard 14; the N K ft of aaotion S3, s?ot:oaa 24 and aft; t"e l}? of aeotion 32; aeotiona 33,34, and 36, oi tnwnahiaaS; aeotiona 1 to 5- iuoluaive; tfce N t. fractional \ cf nation 6; the N E of aeotion 8, aeotiona 9 to 15, inolncive; the NE * of aeotion J2; aeotion< 23. 24,2S, and 35, of townamp 24; a^o'iona 1, 2, and 3: the NK \ of aeotion 4; th" Nfi of aeatiou 10; aeotiona 11,12, and IS; the NK If of aeotion 14; aaouon 24. of township 26, of ran*e 17. Townahip 21; aeotiona 1,2,3, and 4; the NB Mof aeotion 5; tne NK X of aeclion 9; Motion* !< to 14, incluaive; the NK V of aeotion t5- the NK AC of auc tion 24: the aW \otaeotion S); aeotion 31; the *W >?' of action 32, of townahip ?2; aectiona 1 and 4 to 9. inolu-ive; aeo'iona It, 13, ana 17 ?o 21. meiuaive; the SW or aeotion 22; ;he*K M of aeotion 23; aeo tiona 24, to35, inolaaivd, rf towuahip2); township 24; aeoMon* 1 to 15, inoln?ive; aeotion 17; the N t- \ of aeotion 18; the NE }i of aect'on 22, aeo iona 23, 24. and 25; the N K \ of fmHoh 26. ?S townahip 25; aeotion l;theSH \<>f aaetion2;th?i*\V % ofaaotion 3; aeotiona 4 to 18, inoluaiTe; the W % of aeotion 19; tne NK K of aeotion 2ft; aeo'iona 21 to 36 inolu rive; the NE \ of aeotion ?7, af townahip 26. of range 18, Fractional townshipa 21,22, and 23; townahip* 24, 25, and 26; aeotiona 1 to 6, incluaive; aeotiona 8 to 17, inclusive; aeotiona 21 to 2', inoluaive; aectooa34 and 35, oftownemp 27; aeotiona 1,2, ana 12, of town ahip 28, of range 19. h motional townahip* 23 and 24; township* 25,26, ? I ?t. ? a- a_* : 1 : *I _ ?? ? ? f mtrtawn. Township 2n ot range 9. Townsnip 21: sections 1, 2 and 3; the E X of mo tion 4; the K X of Motion 10; sections 11.12 and IS; the K >4 of seotion 14; section 24; the NE % of sec tion 23; section 25; the 8E K of seotion 3S; the ?E V of seotion 34; s?otionS5. of township 24; the S W >? nf section >4; sections 15, 2", 2' and 22; the \V X and the SE X of seotion 23; the 3 ^o! section 24; actions 25, .6, 27 a>-d 28; the N E of section 23; the N K of seotion 34; section 3), of township 23, of ranee 10. Township 24; sections 1 to 18, inclusive; th* N X of section I4; sections 20 to 28, inclusive; the N B If of section 29; the SE H of seet'on 32; sections ?3, 34 ard 35. of townehip 25; township 26. of range lL Township 27; Iractional s'OUons 2 and 3: eecticns 4 to Hi, inclusive; fractioca1 sections U 13 and 14; sections '5.17 ar\d lb; the NW \ of section < ; Uie N K % of seotion 22; seotion 23; Iractiooal section* 24 ann 25; the N E X of section 29, of township 28, of nan is. Townships Sis, 2R and 27; sections* and 2; frac tions sections 3, 4, 9 and 1?; sections 11 to 15, inolu si ve; fractional ssctions 17.19 and 2>>; Motions 21 to 2rt. inoiusive. th> NE A* of s.ction 27; the XW X of section 3>, of township 28, of range 14 The IS VV )% of section 3; sections 4 to 9, inclusive; ine v\ , * oi section 10; seot:?ns 15 and 17 to 22. ln oliiti 'P; sections 27 to S4, inclusive; theSVV }? >>( H-otion ?5, oi tovnship 29; towuships 30ani 3i; *ec tions 1 t-> 12, ir.clun vt; tiia > K .V of srction 13, of U>? nrli p .12. of rAuxe 19 The SW % of section 27; the SL A< and the W '? o( Bection 17; section* 18,1' and 20; th? S W of section 21; the SVV J* of section 27: section* 2< to n. . . A. I ?J It 1/ .. r Ot ?f ft ? E\ V- >uu* ?! ? ? UOIII y <i? 1 ? '1 I ttHJtr <u The 8E of secti/>u 17; the sw of section IP: sections 1* and 2n; tne W x >t e?ction 21; the 8\V of section 27; sections 28 to 34. inclnsiv*; the 8 >>f sectiou 35, of township 31; township 33, of range 21. North of tkt bast lin* and writ oj thf Sin Bernar dino meridi-an. Paction* 3 and 4; the N KM of seotion 5; the N E Ko! s?otion9; section 10, of township 8; the \W \ of seotion 5; seotions 6,7,18. and 19; th# 8 W Jj of section ??; seotions 29, 3", 31, and 32; the t?VV Aj of section 33, nt t. wckhip 9; seotion l: the 8 K of sec tion 2; the SXol seotion 3; 'he SE %. of srotion 9; s'otion 10 to 3a, inclusive, of township 10, of range 2? ... - rnni *1, - oiii'n* iu -J* inoiunvF, in? .1 r. % ?>i - ti"B 9); th? N h, 3* ol seotioi 34; seotiun 35, of town ship 28, of range 20. At the 1 and Office at Visilia, commencing on Monday, the 21th (1st of June next, for the di?po at of the pubiio lands, heretofore unoffered, ?itn at?*d in the following townships and parte of town sfcip?, viz: Scnitk of Iki bast line and rait of the Mount Diablo meridian. Tovnxhip* 27 and 28; sections 1 to 6, inclnsre; the N R of seotion 7; sections 8 to 17, inoiusi ve; the 8 % of section 18; *ectiors *9 to 24, inclusive; the I\i%'? of sention?9; theNR**<'f section S3; nection 34, the N W ii of section 36, of township ?>, of range 21. Townships 21 and 22; fractional townships 23 and ?4; townships 25, 26, and 27. of range 94. Townships 21, ii, 23, 24, 25, 26 , 27, 28 , 29, and 9P, of ?? risrA 9V Townships 22, 23 , 24,35, 26 , 27, 28,29, and 30, of ran*e 26. Townahipi 22,23,24,25, 3b, 27, and IS. of range 27. At the Land Offioe at #an Fhaschco, com meociuK on Monday, the 10ih da; of June n?-xt, for the disposal of the public lands, heretofore an jJTered, si utted wuhin the followiuf townshtps and parti oi townships, viz: North of the base line ami west of the Mount Diablo mtruiian Township 6; sections 1, 2, ?nd 3; the NE of seo tiou 4: the W of sootion 6; section 7; th SW of section P; tue 5K ,l? of section >; sections 10 to 23, inclusive; the K X. the N iV JK and the E X of the 9\V \ ?,f section 26; sections 29,30, 31, and 32, of township 7, of ranee 3. South of tht base line and tsist of the Mount Diablo section* 11<> 18, inclusive, or township 9; ttaeSW % of section 7, scatioii* 13 to 36, inolasive, of town snip 10, of r*iige ?5. The Sh X and the W X of section 4; section* 5 to 11. inclusive; section 12, exoept the N K of the NIC *; sections IS to 36, molusive, (4 township 10, of range 36. .... neotionsl to 24. inclusive, the Nt \ of section 2S. of township 10, of range 77. Sections 1 to 18. inolnsive, of town?hip7; the RW If of section 19; the section 26; the SK If of section 26; sections 29 to 35. incisive, of township 8, of ranee 30. Township 11, of range 31. Mentions 1 to 77. inolnsive; the NIC W of section 23, tbe N W H of a?otioD 30; the C Si of section 34. section 35.ol township 10; township tl.of ranged. pinds appropriated by law for the nse of sohools. military and other purposes, or those ooveroc by oocfirmed private land elaims. together with the swamp or overflowed !an?ls, will be exoluded from the sales. No" mineral IniuttV or tracts containing min eral deposits, are to be offered at the publio sales, suoh mineral lands being hereby extressly excepted and excluded from sale or other di?powi . pursuant to tbe req nirements of the aot of Congress approved Maroh 3, IMS, entitled "An aet to provide for the survey of the public lands in California, the g'ant ing of pre emptioa rights therein, and for otaer pu poses " Tlie ctfering of the al>ove lauds will be twin menoed on the days appointed, and will prooet-d in the order in wtiich they are advetised until the whole ihall have been of ored, and the sales ihus closed; but no sale shall be kept open longer than ?sci>, mid nu privsis onirj 01 M? 01 me l&fula will be Admitted until after the expiration of the two weeks. Given under mv 11 Mid, at the City of Washington, this twenty seoond day of Ootober, anno Domini one thousand eight hundred and aixty. JAMfctS BUCHANAN. By the President: Jos. 8. Wilson. Commissioner of the Ben?ral Land Offioe, NOTICE TO PRE-EMPTION CLAIMANTS. Every person entitled to the right of pre-emption to any of the lands within the townships and parts of townships above enumerated, is required to es tablish the same to the satisfaction or tne register and reoeiver of the proper land office, ana mikt payment thertjor as toon ns practicable after teetnt this notice, and before the day appointed for the oommenoement of the public sale or the lands em bracing the tract oi aimed: otherwise such claim will be forfeited. JM9 8. WILSON. Commissioner of the General Land Ofiioe Not*.?Under the regulations of the Department, aa heretofore and sow existing. no payment can be made for advertising prooiam&t ons exoept to suoh publishers as are tpotxaliy authorised to publish by the Commissioner of the General Land 0?ce. ooSS lawlSw.T QLD IllCH, J^JkLOW pPURB MONONGAHELA RYE WHISKEY, ames Burnside, old-fashioned most oarefally oiovtvu njoi auu in nv u?ey OuCrftd f#T ttlt until adapted to wholesome in by Me It is at onoethe moat palatable, as it i? emphatically one of the purest beverages in the reach of the public. To the well as tothoso in health, it ooinmnnds itself for ita annrailed qualities as a stimalaijt of the aafeat. surest, and Most beneEoant description, and many of the most distinguished j?hT?ioiana are using it in their practios with the "clkSVI 8 SSV, A cent for th* H J4-6m oppot balt.?o.Kbu HOD! HI I# Rii 275 ALLRN j C /SON, FLA 275 TRUNKS, BOOTS AND SHOHA UWiS AND TO SUIT mM.^otnrS"all Mate of B and ^HOBo, and oorcttnUT reoairir - * 5?Fjl oi Mitirs made work of E^^KsftteasS hw^olor* ebarcod in Chit wt* for n WALL, STEPHEN* A CO, BUtr SI -tf ?(?KCIAL NOTICE TO CITIZENS AND RftTRANGKRs*.? RENCH A lUCBSTEINTS JJ? Pa tram i? the ^11 > pl&os in tbe oity where dally PM>?r? cu b? fovnd from e*?rj !*ta<eaad city In the Imon. New York. Phi!?d? phi*, anfl BivJti Ro'e pap*r? delivered is the eitr ar>d Georgetown, ^mediately n? th* arrival of tk* trains. AH tke Monthly and tVeakly Panprsand Muiupn. Now in tJM unit to auh*orihs. with th? beginning of the New Year. Sole agents for tka Charleston Mar ?ry. M 9 PHUREOLD RYE WHI8KY -On hand se^a-a brand* of Pure Old Rya WhWky, Cofpar Die failed. ir>ade by the most retiab.e dtafallara in Penn sylvania, Maryland and Virginia, warranted J'nra. A'jo. Imports KniwUee, Heunamy, Otard, Ircpny m. uo.. j ui?f KODir.c, Jta. A.lao. Peaoh and A>*i? Draauy. pur* Holland Gin, old Jair.aioa acq ?t. Croix Ram, *i.d Wrr.ea of every r*r1 ety, all of atandard brand a A ohoice lot of Qrv? and To baooo. YOUNQ * REPHART, Acrata, a? 14-W 4*6_P? a*.. hetw.sth aid lethal*. J HOY FOR THK SICK AND 9UFFKRJNW. LET ALL WHO ARE AFFLICTSD APPLYTHRKBMSDT REJOICE *fy HEALTH, Frisnd. do yon Buffer? Ar? too the notlm of a?> ofthoae nnmerou* ai'meuLa wlitoh ariM Iron im aunty of the blooo? What are they, do 70a aak? Rather aek, what are they not/ The blood u th? aouroe of life and hea th, and it la the ferat eieiceni of our hemj to reapond to any eauae whioh *ffect? the ayatem, aa the pulae infallibly aty?u The ever prevailing Neuralgia, the untattne Eryaiaelaa.tiit aubtieSorofu1a.UieaconixiQc Hhrviaatiim, Ner ?on? Debility. Dyspepsia, Lirer C'inplaint vithitf toraor and dejection, and the nnmbcrieaa l.ntLai fleah la heir to, derive their h*ieoua onein from the blood. Deal kindly thea and gently villi the bi -od I Uae the italizine re?- nroes of nature for lta aid. and a offer ua to ooctmend to yoar ?,nrfcrtenc* aoc ore that trnly va'nahis medicament known aa MRS. M. COT'S INDIAN TZQFTA$LE DECOCTION. .W1 tii regard to th?a a. most iafaJible apeei f.c aolr.r aentiment Iai spoken ia decided term* the evidence.* of tliia *reat eftoacy are bus tamed by cone tart evowaJa of curative efT-cta and Ui* happiest results from !ta uae are after bl\ other remedies and the Keel medioa: skill hare failed. na say. in c-.moluaion, th*t oertlfioataa onrea are nut aootht from the illiterate and euaer fioial, but Uiey are volunteered from ti?? m-atr* apeotable sources aad justify the highest tenna it which it ia posaibie to commend ao valuable a rjfciho to pnb'jo approval. We may add also that tMB cn rati ve properties of the medicine are aallee only by ita restorative e fleets. the BTSt?m recover ing from disease with renewed constitutional vigor. For aale by aii respectable Druggists ic this City, and by the propiletor, MRS. M. COX, None rennine unless her namo ia blown on the bottle and hor sea! on the cork ITT- Pnoe 91 per bottle, aix bott!e? for AS. wkolitali A tent. R. h. T. CI83KL. Druggist Georgetown. D O.. Whoieaale Agent for the Dia triot, and will mppiy the trade at iny pncea au xo-w The above PURE W H1SK V, CofPER Dibtillw from Mai.trd Grain, heme superior and onifonn id quality. and highly improved by age, i? prefer?#i by ooDsumer* to i'-i other Whiskiea, and pfcrtica - billy recorowiended by the beet phyaioiana and ehemuu u /oseeeainx all the i?euirt?ineotB of a TYv* Tonic Inrtt^euor and Rtmtdxal Artnx. The Sotiuyikill Water ot Philadelphia. uMd ia the distillation of Uiia W iuaky, ia proved by analy aia to he the aofteat and pareat water in tha L mtod Statea : end to tiua may, in a great degree, be at tributed the axcallenoe of thie Wonky. For aa'.e by FRKKMAN k. SiBTrBON. Fbetix Diit:ii#rr, /In tlia AaKii?1ViI> ?'? ?- O W. ill ?VV? v>? w.v 1,-vuiiji&ui iiTyi, r uuvioipua 9? Wsll ?<re?t. New York ; 109 SesUi Frort utrflet. Philadelphia. Yrc p7 DiCPATCM I 'x/* Sire thf FieeciI^'X^' At MitiMti itW k*rrtn, t+m im w*U-r*r*im:?d fmmilus, it is T?ry 4e?irab!a to have tome oboay acd oonrMteat v&j f?r repairing Finutirt, Tori, C?Mk0rr. & . IPALSIRfl*! PRKFiRin meete all buoIi cmerienoies.and no household can afford to b* without it. It ie altraya reedy and np to tli* yoking point. There ia no lor.jer a doccb ?itj for .imping oliaira.splintcrr^ ??neere, neadieM do .e, &s<t broken ermTies, it is iaet the article for cone, eiiell, end other ornamental work, ao foptuar Vith Indies of refinement and tute. Thio a^jnirnble preparation la need cold, being chemically held in eAluLion. and poeaeaain*all the rrJuihlo <j".a.;ti?s of tiie beet cabinet ma.ierl' cine. It m?y be need in the p'aee of ordinary maoilare, being TA*tlr in ore adheaive. M IJSEVUL JIf ETJiRT HOWS*.? Prif, U eecti. N. It.?A Bmah aoooopacie* eaoh bottle ITktlttgU D*r?*, No. 48 Cedar afreet, Nrr TrtX Addreaa KEMJIY cTpFALIMN? It CO Dcx No. 9,600, New Y'mt. Pb? m for DeeTe in Cuee eontaininc Pc*r, Kiiht, id Twnlre I loses?a t*??rtif?l Lithorrapfc lo Biiow-Ca:d annoupanyiiu aoh paokM'* \rr A nntle bottle of 8PAI.Pl/te'8 PRE PARED OLVE will nave ten tunes Its eoet an nually to every hou?ehold.^C!l Bold by ail prominent Platloners. Dr?mt?*s, Hvdwsre and Fur mm re Defers, firooers, and F anoy Stores. Country rr *rohanta *hntld make a note of 8PAL Dlffo'S PJiETAHEB GLUE, when makiax n> tb?ir list. It will stated any olimate fe 1<Mt WkliMiZ ff^AROMATJtC' B6ai5SfWSiara!S \%.Ji <6 1 CAUTION. PUROIISFRS ouniiin rc* pad etui ^ ivMtiwaiaiV VIIWVU9 Wk VOllU Wit IN PURCHASING THE VALLEY WHISKEY TO SEE THAT IT IS urn WHIM WITH THE SIGNATURE OF ON THE LABEL All OTHERS ARE AN IMITATION AMD A COUNTERFEIT OF THE ABOVE WHISKEY. WM.RDALY, SOLE PROPRIETOR UMfflMillMH OT urw VMV 19 tWIII W1LUARI 0. ULn IUK.V MXA1XJ JJT WASHISvrpN MY MISCELLANEOUS. My Hi *?4 > utrikU ?*>( ifttrMoi.kul I *???? * iato tfc* h&pnth*o?r im hM'i ??f hi to tk* ipi?, "Om ro? h?i* ? o m ?-Do? u An1*. f?y >m. ?rwl b^oo that * (?r? id* ft nl! kmod >* ? Wr it eiirtd *>* ao ?EMC tMN I "?r*i? r?*Ua?] I'ld'ulu ?i nataraJ (tats ot lu0 ao4 nw III it Mr bo 'Ofked OAUt to fir* ik>om of which at*kt <?J mom attoation, till too late to N> r?>W it* t?dtoatu>aa noald never be BM^eUd MbM m%? ho rutiM udor two oa* fcywjtotnatir ano i Mo^ai** t*yy?tnwat MO is MMMiiilf wmm mmm (i the p uf a irwt ranoty of <iy>m M<>? w Apnplexy. Goat, JtlMftntfUiom mme a! aiMMf*. li its rwroaAr* It la np?U M?c of the stcroaeh ooftetituUnc nci 4oo he?atlO diMM* oonttifattnc W'vmt k*m wi>rm?,(wiiti^tioiiin4otwrdiMinlm oft ll?.MWrl! m renai and ilrruir stf'o-u??a. I of the heart are Tory frroaently attoaded wi aohea; Anvasia a' a MfCbora ara also a wfaioh frequently oooaaioa h^adaoHo. Id ilndttk* i? aiao Tory com mo*. boinc in ft *i?m^ aWa^t Kw tWa aamo - 1?X-.l tiMM?onii|[ a* iwldwir aoand tMftltft kod proitrttini M omutMeti' and pbjaioa.1 enarfie*. and id otliar imIhmm if oomN on alowlj. batldad bj dapraaaion of aytrifa or awNlf ufu?i?fr. la v>oat lOflanefa Lk? aa:' U la frost or tfca k?*d, nw ona cr both *yaa. t?c aomatii.ea provoking vomiting, BDtfar ttuf ?<w m&v 4iio t> DAmfd Afurt/fit, For tba tmtiMnt of atffcar c *Nnf Rfadaokatk* Ophme Pilia hara b??n a aara and ?Jn rMMj, r*linriaj the m?>?t aeata pain* m a fnr uaataa, an<1 br >U aahtia puvar eradiottiac Uta diaaaaa 91 which t.eadaoha ta Ui# unarnax iad*x. wKivwBi.? miOTBv wnaib* Ji?? ?' vmiu RPf of Cepha tc Glue, do. a hotile ?( Pr^Mrwl Ptilt. hut I'm thii-kinc that's not }n?t it tauh?r; bat r* hapa ye'll b* ahiier knwviu what it tm Y?m ehe'a bith d*>ad and gone with the fiok Hefeiach* and wanU km more of that *ai?e aa ratal vwd Mr Mfora. Yoa nut ni( an BfUdins'e CaphaHo Pi II*. Br+ift ?Och ' nri now and n4 it, km't the qua-ther and giv me tie Pill* and tfoa't be all dap about it aiUtar. ( ar CNtlTrafM No on? of the "mm ilia f.*?h ia heir to" ia ae araralert. <> ittie aadrrat<-od. and ao ranch nag .aotod aa Coati venea? Of'ao oripinaUng la car* loaaooa*. or aadestary habila;it l* regarded m a a.i*M dtaurder of loo ittle oonaeqaenoa to exoit* anxiety, hie in reality io? Ihejrftkm and companion of many of tk? fcut and daagar ma diaeaaea. and anieae ?ar)? eradicated ?lt wil' hnrg th- aaflerer to an nniimHy grave. Anton* the lighter avila of which C?>atl> <"naa? ia liie aaaiu at tendant are Hradaohe, C?iio. R heauiaU'Sn, Poal Breath PilM. and utheranf like n*tar?,Wliile a long train of fhchtitatdieeaaeaauch ac Malignant Ferera, Ahcataea. lnaaatery. Diipep* a. Dtwrhea, Apo plexy. Kpi epav, Para'jai*, Hrateria. H?poe??<tn uriMia,.^i?.K'ioaoi7 AIM innnity. fat i LCliaate the*' pr. ?eno? it Ut* jaten t>r th'? a!arr iu ; mptofc Not nrfre?UM)tly tb* rMinl on|iuM U> Const p?ti?n. bat tak* on an independent e*m enoe on.*?? t>>eo?u?e i? ervtxvUed in an ?arly 1M? Froni all Uie*?? ounuilmUoBi it So iow? that U?e divrtler ?houui receive imnediate attrition vkw ?v?r it oooar*. ard n<> p?rr<>n ch<>ald net ieot to frt a box of Cephalic Pi on the fir*t umvumm the oomplaiat. u tb*ir thnrfy mm viC nf*l tkr n iirtui'D* approaehec of iIimim aod daatror tfcu dacfcr^os fo? to human Ufa. A R*al Bli vftctaa.?Wall. Mr*. Jonas, how U that Afr?. Jami.-?om ! Dootnr, all goo*! the p>ill roa red me In jnet twenty minutes, ar.f* I wi?n ?*\A imJ ?v-? 7 > Met oared TOD UMt r?o.>m.rr?n(i tiem in a.. aaana of Mrt Jotut ?1 aha ! ?#ik1 lor a box airMtW, aad hill tall all tt.j sJTaricc frlaoda, for thmy ar? araai tuiitmf. ? m ion? or Doll&b* two nillioaa ofbortiM of hia G'u?it u Ntiuttd that a*s)i (MMt ton douara wi.rtfc of brokfo i. thai m&kinr an ufrtfti* of twawty mlU ^1^1 r^aj mod from tota. Ion hy thin roBtioo. Having mad*biaGluea ko?w> bold word, ha m>v prnpoaea to do tba word ?tiH tr?*ter aarnoa by cuunt al! tha aahinc b**ua with iaCophmhc Pilla. and if th?? ?> ?-- --?J -- '? gliie. Hnadaohea wiu coon vanish a war like anow lb J ily? li^ror** kxcitzmtxt.uu the mental oare and w.v l uiiirivUB OftlWC OI HffVOM HeaJanhe. The diaordered state <>f mind aod bode lDoidonl lo this dutreesln* complaint la * fatal blow to a'l enersT and ambition. Sufferer bj thia diaorder oan ?!??? obtain ejeedy relief from th*ae diat'eeaing attacks by asms one of the C? pbalio Pilla whenever the syndroms appear |t. quiets the overtasked brain *r<l soothes the strain ed and jar not nerves. ard relaxes the tension of the atomach which a'waya aooompatiea and ac gravatea the dieo;der?d ooxuiition of the brain r.ACM WOETH ISO Pilli *r? A <?rUin care for aiastfifa& *uu Hi*- u cf in V4B!' ID? I^f 17!? prWPt lion of Fevere, either of which taa a* re eeecifi". whpee V*CA&U will be expetiecoed by afferinf hnmamty lone aft6t then dieooverera an fortotten. ITT Dt? roa ?rer bare the ^ck Headache f I>~ you remetufrer tfie throbbing ternalee, the wrartd row. the lo&ttat>g end distort at the eight of food. How totally pnfit twi were lor pleatare, oonrerea tion or atndf One of the Cepha Ic PI'.la would have reueTed you from all the mfieriee wbioh riio then exeerienood For 'bta and outer pnrpoeer ??.? -K?H ? ? * ' * TTonrl o ? Br the tie of tkeee Pills the periodic ittuke o< fferr?us er Suk Ht&dack* mar be prevented!; lad if taken at the commencement o( m att*ok tmme diate rehe< from pain and eiekaeee trill be obtained. H?dack* to vhioli f?miM ir? so nkM They Mt |Mt)| ipoc Umtewh, ??g Cm ttVMt*!. For LUtrmrg Jfn, St*4**ts, IVliokta PmmIm, and ?ll r?r*Mi of kabitt, the? *r? ail T*l?fcble m ft Imratir?, improving tb? Wrtvi, |inu< (?m ftad n/r to Uo digeatirc urrmjta, ud rwto. icg the nfttaml *lMtooit| aod *Uon?Ui of tbo who ? mi'mU' h? r.KPUtl IC Di - ? ? uo rmn 01 )oa| larMtitfctton and carefully ooadaotod f x penman U. ka^inc ^<*n ic many yaara, dartn< which Uw Uj*?t have prevented aod ralirrad a rt?t aaoul of pais and aufarinf from Haateafea, vUaUer an*i sating in Ummtvmm ijitworfrta i ateu cf the umul ud MI kt tUu It all Umm intt pmrUmt mJmtj vitknl Mkmur otei|*?( 4m. mmd Urn a* temc* tf ?y 4i*trmmU* UuU rmdtri it l*n M admmittm tlum m thtUrm*. BEWARE OF COUNTBBFBITS! Th* (uitM km It* npMfN at Boarr C. Epal4i?( on ooab Bos. Sold by Drmgrwto ud all othm DoOora la Box will bo Mat by mmb yyaid oa ?* I*BICE, *? CENTS. m w?T? no to ft pnj n| Tf?eiB TO h?r-1 oteM oooasion require*. . _ <%Air h CUR CURE ^07 NervousHeadache

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