Newspaper of Evening Star, January 14, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 14, 1861 Page 1
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I i V?. XVII. WASHINGTON. D. C.. MONDAY. JANUARY 14. 1861 N?. 2.466. THE DAILY EVENING STAR I* rUB US USD EVER T AFTERNOON. (SUNDAYS EXCEPTED,) AT THE STAR BUILDINGS, C?rr#r a/ Ptoirtjylvunia ovrn-ut and llfA rt , T W. D. W4LLACH. Pv#?th ??rred ia p*ckM?* bT carrion it It i ?ear. or ST <x?ot? fff month. To mail subscribers th* prioe is a rw, m? $7 for six month*; 91-for three months; and for leas than three month* it the rat? of 12 oent* a week. Single esiee, omcixt; in wrapper*, two csnts. !I7" ADr?RT;?t**NTs *on?ld be sent to the ofioe feeiore 12 o'ciook otherwise they mar not appear matt! the next day. A WIFE WORTH HAVING. " Wife," said Elward Lincoln, *s he settled himself on the soft, one evening after tea, "we xuost hare some new furniture for the parlor, there's no two ways about it^ ours is getting to .look decidedly shabhv." " Do you think soV' quietly replied Mrs Lincoln. " I thought it looked very oomforta f>ie and nice here,' and her eyes glanced with a housekeeper's pride over the room, which did wear an aspect of taste and comfort, though every article of furnitnre was the same which mtw bought at the time of their marriage, ten years before. Nothing was new; but the ingrain carpet was of bright, fresh colors, and of such graocful pattern that it was still pleasant to the eye, there was a large, well-filled book-oase, Rome pretty engravings scattered about on the walls and fide-tables, and the oenter-table, with ita brightly-burning solar-lamp, its little raae of flowers, and its work basket, books and pa pers, wore the aoiiest look imaginable; while the sofa on which Kdward was lying, though covered with expensive material matched the carpet and pnper, and looked the very picture <'f ea*e tnd comfort. Refined taste and cul ture were visible in the arrangement of every article, as well as the hand of the neat, thrifty housewife; well might Mrs. Lincoln say, "ev ' crything looked nice and comfortable." " Why, yes, comfortable enough, perhaps," rejoined her husband. " Eut bo old-fashioned and behind the timed. There's John Waters has j'lst had both his parlors newly furnished, and I con tell you, Helen, things look elegant there. The carpets and curtains are really splecdid, and the sofas and chairs are covered vith damask of a beautiful pattern. I havn't seen anything so handsome for a long time; ours looked dingy enough when I came home." After a little pause he added, *' I know John Waters isn't any better able able to furnish bis house in that style than I am; and the Brights and Bennetts, too, what rich and oostly furni ture they have. The truth is, Helen, I don't think you are quite ambitious enough about the appearance of things. I have made money in my business the last five years, and we can really ajf >rd now to live a little more like other TM?nn)o T\a*?'* < ~J ? J- ? wu It yy*? icoi limbic luvtllUCU BUU1C" timee^ when callers come?" ' Snot at all, Edward, because I know every * fling is in good taste and nice order; and as we "make no pretensions to elegance, we are not ridiculous if we are plain. But," she said, laying her ha&d sottly in her husband's, "I am ambitious of one thing, dear Kdward?it is to make a happy home for you and the children. If I fail here. I shall indeed be bitterly disap pointed.'* ' O, Helen, certainly our home is one of the dearest and best in the whole wide world; and I know it is your self-denying industry and affection that makes it bo. Xe man loves his home better than I do; bat," he added, laugh "I do think it might be made a trifle happier by soma Brussels carpeting and dam ask sofas au4 curtcins." 1 T flnn'fr think at " mmlA UaUn * ??? ? >u w wvj UVIVU) ttlJU 4 U <? V is why I cling so fondly to thi? dear old furni ture; it is so homelike, so fall of charming and tender associations. Home might be mado more stylim, more showy and brilliant, bat not more happy?I doabt ihat! How oold and cheerless that eleg&at parlor of the Bennett's looks' It is too handsome to be used, and the chairs and sofas, even the very books and vases on the oentrfl table, have a touch-me-not com pany look about them; and instead of having a cheerful sitting room, as they once had, they now keep in that dark, dingy dining room, ex cept when callers oome; and I dare say poor John Waters won't get half 00 comfortable naps in that lounging ohair. u he did in that old chinti-oovered one. No, I really believe their home happiness will be lessened, rather tk.. i... j t _ .1 1 11 ?uau luvioacou UJ lUO UUSUj^t. " I don't want things too good to use; I con fess that would be foolish. But I should use them juit the Mot, if thej were handsomer." 44 AS ould y*u ? Just fancy yourself, you laxy man, stretched out on one of those superb crimson damask sofas. Yon could not do it comfortably to save your life, and you need not pretend you could," said Helen, with a merry laugh " Why, I don't dare even to put it new chinti cover on this old sofi, lest you ehould fe^l a little out of plaoe." " Nothing but your economy, Helen, your awful economy. It has been the making of m#? f Irnn* an/i a tw?f tnI^T should hare be?n bat for your industry and judicious counsel; but we are no longer poor? we bare a good income, and oan affjrd some luxuries " So we can; and I too want luxuries, but what i? a luxury, Edward ? Is it not a great luxury to be cosy and comfortable, more than showy and elegxnt? Is it not a luxury to know that we owe no man anything; that we are laying by something every year for the children; and then," she said, with a tender , tone of voice, and a tear shining in her soft blue eye. *? it is such a luxury to help those poorer than we. 0, what a benrt satisfying fleasure it was to settle the Wot?ds on that ittle farm last year, and to be able to carry flnnsels. fuel, and food to m?r? noor "To enjoy what u really beautiful is a dif ferent thing from being merely fashionable, from having eoetly dresses and furniture, which are uftener in bad taste than good. Still I do not believe we ought to be too self-indul gent even in these lines. The poor and igno rant have a claim upon ns, which should be met before we gratify even our innooent and laudible tastes. Don't you think so?" "Undoubtedly; but where are we to draw the line between a proper and improper in dulgence of taste?" ' We cannot draw it for others, but con science, I think, ts a safe gnide for ourselves. If en the same day we *ee a beautiful pisture, and a poor, siek widow. suiTering for want of necessaries, if we can't do both, I think con science would tell us to relieve the poor, suf * feriag sister first; and if we did, would not the thought of her, made oomfortable by our as sistance, be a real luxury to us, as we lay down our beds that night? Should we not by that means obUm a beautiful, bright pioture to lie soft and warm in our heart*, though we had nose to hang on the watt? I should like whole gallery of such picture*, Edward, and -we should find more real enjoyment in theui than in the finest oil painting*. ' Bat till, Helen. I believe in having pic tures, both kind* if we ean." "So do I; for cultivating one's taste for art la sash a different thing from getting upholv . I do realty think there is something low wlgar in making a display of fine furni ture. and in trying to be smarter than our neighbors. It is in this love of display that the essential vulgarity of Americans, to ob vious to foreigner*, consists: bo other nation baa so much of this foolish rivalry, and so OJoch eourting of popularity, aod it i# /' ? people. Do let us look at things as thej are, *nd not through other pe^les eyos. We don t want more costly furniture for our enjoy ment; it is only that other people mxy admire it, and what a poor gratification is that, com pared with other pleasures money can bring' Why, it was only t?-day I was thinking it eetmed almost wrong for us to be so fully grat ifying every taste and wish when there wus eo much suffering in the world, so many children .m!.. .itk k,.? ? l: : !?i v i j tug n?vu UUU^QI, OV UiAUjr PLll VCTIU^ WHO ?*ld. so many lying on sick bods without the lfttle eomforts they need. and above all, so DkDj sank in vice and degradation, who per haps might be saved by the hand of oharity held to them 0, Edward, those words of Jesus about aelf-denial, must have some mean ing for us who profess to be Uis disciples. When I look at things in this light, it does seem to me that if we nave one or two hundred dollars to expend, it might be better invested than in furniture." "I believe yuu are right, Helen You always see the light more clearly than I do. Still it oannot be wrong to indulge our tastes to some extent, and to enjoy what is beautiful in na ture and art." certainly very ridiculous to sacrifice time, ease, and money, as we do, to outshine our neighbor*. I am disgusted with it, and long to have more simplicity prevail among as; for simplicity is, after all, the truest elegance." " Why. Helen, how do you o?me down on a poor body ? Yoo make me oat selfish, unfeel ing and unchristian, just because I want to smarten up a little; and as if all these were not enough, you oap the climax by making me out vnlrrav #/va Art/) ba T annnniA T im tn k#nnm. ? U l^o I f IW <>UU 17V A ?? J/J/WWV A ?v ?? V* " pelled to live on in the old handram, homely way, looking as old-fashioned as Time in the primer, because my little wife always manages to get the better or me In argument." ''Because your little wife knows you are quite as anxious to do right as she; and be cause your views and hers really coincide. 0, Edward, don't think because I preach so much, that I consider myself better than others. I don't lire up to my theories, and every day I feel reproved, when I see how courageously and cheerfully you go to your daily labor, working hard from morning till night, and the* coming home, so thoughtful of me; so gentle and cheerful, if you are ever so tired, while I so often get impatient and irri table." " " And why am I so cheerful? Why can I toll so faithfully? Because I have such a blessed home to come to, auoh a loving wife to labor!" And he drew the true and gentle wife be side him. and encircled her with an embrace as full of devotion and tenderness as ever lover gave his mistresb; while his eyes beamed with joy and pride as he gazed upon her sweet face, blushingly upturned to meet his gaze. * * # A year has passed away, and we enter again the Lincoln's parlor. It is little changed; the same air of perfect neatness and comfort pre vails; no showy damask curtains, nor velvet sofas, nor tapestry carpets, have been intro duced; there are twu choice pictures added. _ _ J A.% _ * * 1 ?l1 A I L it. f ana ioo air is iragrani who me oream 01 some rare flowers which are blooming on a stand by the southern window. Helen Lincoln is alone, and a shadow rests on her fair, matronly face, as if sad thoughts filled her mind as she sits and sews. But it brightens as her husband's step is heard entering the hall. ' 0, Helen"' he exclaimed, when he had warmed himself by the bright, open grate; "it is a great deal worse than I expected; ev erything is gone; the stock is all under mort gage. so is the house and furniture; and yet the whole will be but a drop in the bucket; there is no end to the claims that oeme in; yes, John Waters is a ruined man ! He can't pay ten cents on a dollar of what he owes." 44 What will become of his family?" said Helen. 44 Poor things, they have been so lit tle accustomed to any sorrow or hardship; they are ill-fitted to encounter them." . 41 Yes, that is true; and the creditors seem to blame him for living so extravagantly." ' But let us be charitable, Edward, they hare but done as hundreds of others have, and what every one, almost, praised them for do ing at the time. Are not all those whose words and actions go to make up a false standard of publio sentiment to blame as well as the victims of such false views ?" *' Yes, they are; and I do wish from the bot tom of my heart, we might learn how to live? live uprightly, comfortably and simply, as sensible, honest men and women should." "Aman!" said Helen. " And if all wives were like you, there would be fewer bankrupts, fewer heart-broken wives and children, and fewer defrauded creditors. It is the love of show that ruins so many, the living ns well as their neighbors, the aping of those they fancy elevated above them in po sition, the running in debt for what does not make any happier?0, it is all miserable, mis erable'" iicieu was reminaeu 01 me conversation 01 the year before, but like the prodent wife did not refer to it. It was uot the first time she heard her husband giving her sentiments as his own. The memory of it perhaps occurred to him, for he said :?" You, tlelen, have been the bulanoe wheel that kept me steady; with out you. my natural hasty and ambitious tem perament would have led me into all kinds of excess, I fear.'' " Let us thank God she replied, "with all our heart, for enabling us to resist temptation, *nd let us be thoughtful of those who have fallen before it, and more earnest than ever for ?tieogth from on high to guide and bloss us." |p-A certain Jean Maclon, peasant proprietor at Belgrade, sold, not long ago, to a wood-dealer of St Etlenne, a magnlflceut walnut tree planted by bis fatber. After a very long baKgltntf between the p a*ant and tbe dealer the iu~ni oY seventy francs wis agreed upon, paid by tbe latter, and the tree was carried to 8t Ellenne Maclon after bis haggling, flattering himself that be bad made an excellent bargain The wood dealer, who held himself to be ''knowing" In bis trade, sold tbe old tree to a carpenter of the town for five hundred francs. Tbe carpenter having sawed up tbe trunk, and finding tbe valuing of the wood to j be remarkably fine, determined to make bis wife a present of a set of furniture made therewith; when a comrade, more "knowing" thin himself, offered him him thirteen hundred francs for the lot, and having obtained the'wood at this price sent It to Paris, wbere It was measured, examined and valued by the Cabinet-makers' Society, and purchased by them for five thousand francs. Jean Maclon learning the enormous rise which has taken place in tbe price of his tree, has be?n doing his utmost to get It back into his poesesslon falling in which attempt, he Is reported as beg. glng for just one branch to hang himaelf upon. Thi Wealthiest Cousty.?It Is not veiieraitv I known, uyi an Arkansas paper, that Chicot coun ty, Arkansas, in proportion to Its population, is the wealthiest county in the world The popula tion numbers 1,700; tbe taxable property reaches 8100,0u0,(j60, or nearly $6,000 to every man, wo man and child in tbe county. The number of bales of cotton produced this year will uot fall short of forty thousand. Dktekmixed Conduct or an indignant Win, la Troy, New York, the other evening, an in dignant wife approached her husband, who was helping a "ladv of the town" Into a cutter, for a ride, and knocked ulm down with a club. 8be also tapped her b .riband's charmer on the head with the Mime weapon, after which she matched her truant spouse off home UI7" A writer in the London Chemical New* ?V.- N.?? 11 ...... I*--*? ? I.U a;? tuut ?u^ ucw IlVUKi VI X *4 UOUICIIV, WHICH are built of magueaian lime atone, are already crumbling t*> decay. He alao state* that the rain which foils In citle* la more destructive to build ings than that which falls in the oountry, owing to the solvent prep*rties of the Impurltlea which are waahed out of city atr by the rain. 117" Mr. David Chadwick, on perceiving that no Larpet had been laid to protect the French Empress's feet on her arrival at one of the north ern stations, laid down bia overooat for her Ma jraty to walk upon, and waa rewarded for thla act of gallantry by one of the fair Empress's moat gracious am ilea. C7~ A very able letter to the people of Texas haa lately appeared In the journala of that State over tbe signature of John L Haynes, showing from olBclal documents. the xdvantage and bless ing that annexation to the United State* baa pro duced, and calculating the coat of secession. ID"Prentice, of the Loaisville Journal, says: ' Tbe anake baa been quite appropriately adopted .. *1? -i 1iJ m ?uv> vu ?uc K~VCM10I1 l/?IIIICI . ft% IV IDF shape which the Devil took to cause the loss of Paradise to our race. 0^The Hungarian clergy have at length been prevailed upon to assume the national hat in lieu of the more clerical headdress hitherto worn. Imagine a venerable archdeacon striding the streets In hussar jacket and wide-awake. HIT" The Palmetto flag was ran up on a pole In Bkoomsbury, Warren county, N. J., on New Year's Eve, and the next day the residents shot It down. IJT'Sorghum syrup Is being manufactured In PoUakt county, Illinois, at the rate of thre* hun dred gallons per aore. One planter there has Jast sold his for 79 cents per gallon. "'"llln?.. wiYTUU'u.Y v 'CliCJE'az -? "?!? ?2fy5/2S2~r ' ? ?f 16. dltv... CM-?" SSTiSS: * ' * \ CLOTHING, &c. pA*ic is&Ss feBSSksfe,iB a.1l??*.0 and Phi adelphm, and owing to the time* they will b? co'.d at almost any prioe ourojgtot being to turn them into oath as soon aa poaaibl^^ L A. BEALL ft CO.. Cfothiflra, No. 439 Seventh at., al*>Y? G. N. B.?Come on?, oome all: now la the time to Suv WINTER CLOTHING at any prioe on Sev enth at.. No. 4 39,4door? above G at. deSB-lm A GREAT ATTRACTION! GRANDRUSH FORSEVENTH STREET! All Stop at S M I T H ' S, No. 460 SEVENTH STREET. "Go tkou and do lUcetrise " (Pitch waa the language ua-jd bv a gentleman who had received aorne of our great bargains) I have Just returned from the North with a T?rT larte atock of CL ?THING. FURNISHING GOOD**. H ATS and CAPS. b?onrh? for oaah at two thirds their net oost,aiid whioh 1 will sell ata small advanoe. Vou can buy a good Overooat from #3 to 97, a very fine on* from $10 to 915, Cape Overooat from $8 to 915, Buy's Overooat and Cape Coat from 93 SO to ?5 Also, SHIRTS. 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Fee* of Btvmttmtk itrttf, btUw Wmr Department. WOOD ireeared. tnr lenrth urf fen anil dirt, COA" EPT W COAL HOUSES, proto from the waather?delivered lr<?e from slate, MM othor imparities. gJto lbs. to the ton. no tft-tf 9?a P>. ?T..'b*^?<riahTu. 12,000 old oa reasonable terms fa orur to naka room Er oar sprt? look. I DYE, fc? >E'8 [1TABJ CARRIAGE FACTORIES. WASIUNBTON carriage factory, " D Strtet, Bttxntn 9tk mmd 10 th Sir nil. We have just finished a number of first mass CARRIAGES?, such M Lit it Fnn.ry~m Watons, Park F\ent<m>, Family rnr-^MC9af9i rimtu, and Bugrtu, trhioh we trill tell at ? ~ ert small prott. Seine praotioa! mechanics in diffarmt hr*n?hM of the business, we flatter oursnlves lit at we kno? the atyiec and quaiit/ of work that will rive s?tis rantiou, oombimni lightness, oomfort and darabili Repairing promiAr and oarefnlly attended to the shortest ni tioe and most reasonable oi arrea. WALTER, XARMANN * BOPP, Coaohraakers, sueoossors to Wa T. Hook. f tf-jfly T HE 8?boeribe?^*nt^ade additiecsU hi ?iry, making it now one of the )arf eet^^H^M. e District, where his faoilitief forU^WK raanoiaoturine CARRIAGE A L1<3HT?S^H5 W AbONS of ail kinds cannot be surpassed, an4 Jrorr. his lont experience fn the b?s:nees, he hopes to ctTo rvneral aatisf&cncn. AU kinds ef Oarriaf et and Ug fct Wacoas kept ee A^REP AIRS neatly ieae.aadall erdara __ See ead - hud Ganlar* sjiie^ljie* ehang e jer m?w 4 1?-?f Mnar ml 14th Afiunnrr j.yuyi;^ WOOD AND COAL. i TO THE ri BLIf! SO WHERE YOU C A N GET YOUR MONEY'S WORTH ^?TRY IT! PROVE IT ! KNOW IT !. TR Y ~WHA T ? Tryhe PIONEER MILLS,utf buy your PROVE WHAT? IL/~ Prove that you can *et your WOOD there o caper than elsewhere in the city ; and then yon KNOW WHAT? ET Know that you get GOOD MKASlTRK.and the very best <>f WOOD for le?? money, Cm Split, and Dilivkkzd Finor Charge. Call at thb PIONEER M ILLS! S/tfiV OF THE BLUE FLAGSTAFF. Bouthwbst Co*nk* Skvbkth St. and Canal (South of the Bridge. >* no 19 GKORtiK PAGE. Aokwt. WOOD AND C O A h Delivered to all parte of the oity, at the lowest possible ra'et. T. J. & W. M. SALT, Office 292 l'a. av., between 11th and 12th sU., ma 17-tf north aide. GAS FITTING, &c. pLUMBERS AND GAS FITTERS J. \V. THOMPSON A CO. Would oall the attention oi water taker* to their ful! assortment of Fixture* necessary to it* lutro dnction,as follow*:?KITCHF.N RANGES.BATH TLBS, WATKR CL<J?ETS. HOT WATER BOILERS, K1TCHKN SINKS, PUMPS, Cast lr?)n, Wruuiht Iron, l ead and Galvanised W A TER PIPES, HYDRANTS and PAVE WASH ERS. RUBBER HOSE, Ao. Ilavini superior advantages, with practical k-owledge, we are prepared to introduce Water into dwollinss with all the !at?st improve* ent*, promptly, and at prioes that cannot fail to satisfy. 369 Penn. avenue. no 24 dtMar 1 het,9th and l?h sts., aouth aide. AWM. t. DOVE a CO. RE Nov prepared to exeonte any order* wltt wnioh they may be favored in the PLUMBING, GAS OR STEAM FITTIN? BUSINESS. inr Store on ?UMt, a (tv doors north of Pa, avenne, where may be found a complete assortment of CHANDELIERS and other GAS, STEAM uA WATER KtXTURKS. taTT It GAS FIXTU RES. E Hav* in store, and are dai.y reoeivinc, OAS FIXTUKES of entirely New Pattern* and Desisn* and Finish, superior in style to anTttun* heretofore offered in this market. We inrfteoitisens generftj l. ? >iJ ~A ? ?- r? ar * ? w if w unn ??<i A mill lie "MI IMJOI VI UU Ikttll > > 1WT Fixtures, feeling confident that we have the beet elected stock in Washington. All Work in the above Tin* intrusted to oar eare will 1>e promptly attended to, MYERS & MoflHAN. mar 5-tf 37*1) street. I SNYDER * Clumber asp gas fitter. Hat removed to th* corner of Twelfth and P sts. He ie prepared to introduce Water and Gas upon the mo?t favorable terms, and fuaranties ecu re satisfaction He has on band a lot of COOKiNQ and other StOVKS, which he will sell leas than cost, as he wishe* to ret rid of them. no 17 OFFICK ?F INSPF/CTOR AND SEALER W OF GAR METERS, W iseimtoh. inlf 18.1880. NOTICE JS fiEREBY &IVE1V, TiKt.'igrt* abiy to the provisions of the ordnanoe of the Cor poration approved May 12. i860, the undersigned is now prepared, "whenever reen: red in writing, and on pre payment of the fen of fifty oenta, to inspeot. examine,test, prove, and ascertain the aeonraoy of registration of any cas meter in use in this oity." Every meter, lffoand iaoorreot, will be oondemned, and another, seated and marked as true, will be setini'* place. If proved to be aocumte in lU measurement of gas. it will be sealed accordingly, and again Tut in poaltioa for use. oflloe No. 610 Seventh street,(near Odd Pel .0*1' Hail ) <2?en from 8 a. m.. to 5 p. m. CHAKLE0 W. CUNNINGHAM, jy 18-tf Inipoctor and Boaler of Qas Meters. [REMAN SIMPSOK'J The above pure WHISKY.Oorrn Distilled noil Maltid 6kain| being superior and uniform in tnatity, and highly improved by a?e, is preferred by oonsumers to all other Whiskios, and particu ? - *? 1?* and a iarly recommended by the best physioians an abemists as possess.r.jt all the requirements of Tru* Tonic In*itorator and Rtmcdtal Attnt. The Sohurlkilf Water oi Phila?" ?e distillation of this Whisky, is | to be the softest and purest we States : and to this may, in a treat decree, be at tribated the excellence of this Whisky. For sale by peekm A si m PSON, . Pherux Distillery, On the Sohuylluli river, Philadelphia OfRoet? 96 Wall street, New York ; 109 South Front street, Philadelphia. nur Flour, buckwheat, potatoes, ap ples, ao. iso bbis. new Richmond Family and Exti a Flour, r iwkA il. u. l. r? j n l l..? . * 0yiw?r i i7B? rreiQ uruuou oueiviif&i m SOD buahela white Meroer Potatoea, l<*t do. Blue do. do. 5 do. Chnatnuta. Received to-day an<l for sale low in lota tomt bj D. L. MORRISON * CO., Horner of TweJmi a A R>t?. an N MERCHANT TAILORING, KW FALLSTYLBS or CLOTHS. CASSI MERS, AND VESTING*. WALL, STEPHENS * CO., 32? Pennsylva nia Avenue, have just received a large variety of new Pall Goods, to whioh they invite Che attention of their friends and nnrtowwi. an 3P-tf HAVE YOU SEEN the SO cut Children's Books at FRENCH k. RICHSTEIN'S, 278 Pa. avenae, selling for 10 oents? Have you seen the elegant 92 Annuala for N%r Year presents, at SENCH fc RlCHSTEIN'S.eeHinii for only f . 1 an-i make your puroHaaea before they are all tone. At FMETNUH & RICH STEIN'S, de 29 'its Pa. avenue. i, |. f. lajcjul ?. *. hot*. 1.1.49*1?. L*? A*, MO?? * *5iRkj? n-4Mif Will practice la the"llit h&C?art of hirrora and Af pealaat Jackson, the FederaT Court, a* Pontotoe, U? Uonrti oi jcdiciM Dtitrict 01 Ml* ?jB&a isss'jfj&ss1'-"" L'sw nyyi ik WOOD,M t?? Iovm DENTISTRY. E PR K rkRS. LOCK WOOD A DARRKLL AR l/Mr?d tj i Mrt TKKTH ob VTCI NATt new and improved mod When made on thia pate they are oom fortab'e to wear and much cheaper than ?ny other. ~ ~ >ld Plate. ~ A lro. Teeth inner ted on G> Id Plate, and all Dei.tal ?perationa of any kind that mar bedenred. (M ?e?Room No. i in the Waafeiafbn Hnildinc,ow ner Pa. ?t, asd Seventh si. ja lft-Sw* M I TEETW. ! LOOM18, M. D., the inrentor and patentee kA Ml WD A I Of ?1?C TLL'TU -? - V* W?W m tt? <nil Li I UA I n I C?n I Il? tends personally at bis offioe ia thia oityMBf Many arsons ou *?r Umm teeth who**11*T' eannut vatr others, and no pereoa oaa w?ar others who oannot wear these. Persons oallint at my offioe oan be ao" ommrHiat**; with any style and price of Teeth they may desire: hot to those who arc partioalar and wish the purest, oleanest, strongest, and most perfect denture that art ean produee, the MINERAL PLATE will be more fnlly warranted. Rooms in this oity?.No. 35* Pa.arena*.between 9th and 10th ata. Also, 901 Arch street, PhiladeJ phia. oc 15 tf C| DENTAL CARD. *R. MVN#ON Um ret urn ?<i and reeamed his profession. Oflioe and hoaee at 4U E ' _ mm I third door east or Sixth. In addition every o'her approved atyle, Dr. M ha? aer**'' "P teeth on vuloamte Baee for the last three rears and, from experience, knows it exoe.a all others and ia one-Uurd lees in prioe than gold. Ria old patrona of W ashinxton. Alexandria, and Beorse town are reepeotlnlly aoioited to oalt. anXeolt TKAVELEKS' D1KJECT0RY. CHANGE OF HOURS. On and after SUNDAY, November ?th, l?6n,the train* will run m follow*: LEA*B WASHINGTON: Firtt train at R.2n * m. Peoond Train at 7.4*1 a. m. Third train ats.10 p. m? Expre**. Fourth t-ain at 6p m LZAYR BALTIMORE: , Fir*t train at 415*. m., Expre**. , Seoood train at 8.35 a. m. . Third at S.1" p. m. Fourth a? 4? p. m., Exere**. : The firet, *e?ond and third tram* from Waah j^nfton oonneoi t&rcugh to Philadelphia and New The *eoocd and third connect at Waahinrtnn , J auction with train* for th? West. South, and Norte west; also, at Annapolis Junction, for An napolis. For Norfolk take the ? 40 a. m. trai . bor the aooomnxxiation of the war travel be tween WaaMncton and l.aur?h a paoacnger oar will be attached to the tonnage train whioh leave* at 12 m. On Saturday the 3.10 p. m. train |oes to Philadel phia'only. do ? d T. H. PARSON?, A rent. THE STEAMER J AS, CUY Will resume h? I t'ips or. TUESDAY, 21 rt of February, lifer. Wil: leave WASH fal Tl i f INOTON every TUESDAY and^ *^"* FRIDAY,at*?fo!ook a.m..and ALEXANDRIA at halt" past I o'clock, for CURRIOMAN and the ictermediatA*. On her return trips, she lineage CURRIOMAN orery WEDNESDAY SATUKI)A^?effiE, Preprint or. NATH'L bou8h. A?'t. Alexandria. f* ? Holiday presents-suitable ME mentos! One s* t Keal S*bl^. One Set Rovai Ermine, At hail their usual price. < mi NK sables! Most elegant seU. at prioea to BOit the titnea. FRENCH MINK, FRENCH sables. H. auiUtr jv*t? from 910 to flS. chlldrkn'S FbRS. Mnffi, Viotonnet, and Capea, in a 1 their r*ne ties, from 15 oen's tn AS b. n. stinemftz. as? Pa av.. de 34 between lzth and 19th ata. D*. J. H. McLEAN'S . 8TB.ENGTHEHIN0 CORDIAL AND BLOOD PURIFIER. THE GREATEST REMEDY tm tk* WORLJ.), and the moat Dxliciou* a>d DELIGHTFUL CORDIAL EVER TAKEN. h U itrictW t iei eliit ?r>1 v?f*u M* CMiftnl, pro carod by tb? diauilt tloe of roott, btrba, *nd belli Y?llo? Dock, Blood Root, too', Btrup* nil*, Wild Ch?ir* Borfc. "id IH&dtliou r>'*n into 1U cam Tfa* tnlirt itti'i rmtdUl prvncipU of tteh tnf rtdtoot ii . , ? . ,? thoroarblyoxtncudAlter t&KlIlf. bymyoow noltodof dU'iliiaf, prt?d?ei?l * xhilarmtlnf ipirK. *?d U? moot infZli*bl? t?r r?oo>iun^ ih# duouod y?c?n>, health and autixftb Mr LEAN'S STRENGTHENING CORDIAL Will tlidull; ??ra U?ll Complaint, Dytpipnt. J?u dice, Chroaie ar Nerroae Debility, DIimhi of the Kidneye. u4 all diuuN erietnf from a diaordered Ufir or ttmtel, iMttlm, Inward Pilw, Aeidit* ar Siekneee of till luaatt, r>ll<i*aa of Blood te to* He?o, Dah Paia or wunminf la tfc? H?ad, Paiptatios of the Heart, rallneee or Vnikt la the Stomach, loir Kntutmi, CWkiaf or afocauaff PaaUn< l*7u,r down, Dryu m or Tallow, oaaa of the Skin and Kyee, Nifki Swaata, Inward Ferere. Pain in tha 8aa.n of tho Back, Cheat, or Hide, Sodden Plaebee of Boat, Dopreeeioa of Bpirita, FrtfhtfW Dreaine, Ur.por, Deauoadeaey or uy aof'on dieeaee, flaroa ar Blat'.hee oa the Shu,, and Fe??r and ipe (or Cbllie aad F*T#,'> OTIS A MILLION BOTTLES hart keen eaU darmf Ike lent eis moathe, aad la to la itaaee baa it fhlltdjp enure tetiafacuoo. W bo, tkea. wiil a afar from Weahneee or Debility whea McLEAMf StKENSTBENINO COBD1AL will care yea 1 Me Unf-Baf e can convey aa adooaate idea of the tmiaadi ate and aimoe'. nuracaleaa charge predated by taking thie Cardial in tke dieeaeed, debilitated, aad ehauered aerroae eyotem, whether broken down ky eiceee, weak by aatlra, ar Impaired ky aickneee, the relaced and aoetrmnf or feu i taboo la raetarad to ue prieune kealth aad *ifor MARRIED PERSONS, at ?lktre, eoraetoao of inability from whatever caaae, will lad MckKAMI BTBKBOTHKHIHa CORDIAL a the ni(i ri[iuinur? iu? yrtini, uia ui in itiif urt id l*r?d tl.amaalvai by Unpreptr iadalfaccaa will ltd ib Cardial a aartaia and tpatdy ramady. TO THE LABIES. McLIANt fTRENOTaXNINQ CORDIAL la a MY*r aifa ui ?p??dy ear* Ht iaeipiabt CmxampUMi, Wbitaa, Oaairactad ar Dileili MiaitmtiM, iaeoouaaaea af Oriaa ar ltTalanury Dueharaa tbaraaf, Falluif af tha Womb, iddtnata, Faiutinf, ana all diaaaaaa incident to Famalaa. THERE IS NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT hfat m lanf ?r. Take it aecardwf la diracuoca. It will atlaalata, tranf.han, aad invigorate yaa and ca>H tba blear* e< baalU la meant yew chaak afaia. Caary batila ia vuiuud ta |ira uuihiun. FOR CHILDREN if ?ear ekildrto ara etckty, pans ar tll?ud, McLKANI CORDIAL will reaka them health*, fat, and rataet. Delay aat a matt4 r i; us it, and yaa will ba cecviocad. it ia 4a Uciaaawtaka. CA UTION. e war* af dr?ffiat* or daalara whe iaa* try ta fain apaa yaa aama bitter or eareapenlla traab, wbicb tkay eaa baa ehaar, by aaunf it Mjaat aa (aad. Avoed each aau Aek m fc a Irtlriiu > ai?M/? r><kS r"v a _ . r?r mtbuin Bi?A.-iuinuinu ouausiAft*, uo un nothicr alaa. It ia ()> only riaidj that will parity tha Blood thoroaflhlr and at tha mm tin* Hinjlbig tha ayatan.. Oat tiupmhl Ukao arary uwrsiaf httinj la a cartain praraotiaa lor Cbalira, Chilla and Farar, Tallow Ka?ar, or apr?T?iar.c diaaaaa. It ia pat ap la larra bottlaa. hwi r ?1 p?r bcula, or 5 t-Milaa for #S J. H Mi-LKaN. ola propriatar of thta Cordial; atao, McLuaH Vulcanic Oil Liomant Pnneipal IHfM on tat coraar af Third tad Piaa tlraau, Si- Lwa, Ma. XoLean't Yoloanic Oil LinimeBt, (TBS BUT LINIMENT IN THE WORLP ) Tfct aoly aafa and eartain c?ra for Caacara, Pllaa, T*. mara, walliafa and Braachila or Caiuw, Paralalia, Kaa ralfta, Waaknaa* ?f tha Maaclaa, Ckroau or latfuaaMtacy Uxuitlta, f iffotaa af tha Joanu,Oontraclad Maaclaa ar Liffamanta, Ka ack i ar Toothacha, Braiaaa, Srraina, Fraak Cau. Woanda, Cicala, Parar Soraa, Cakad Braaat, Mora Ntpplia, Bona, Scalda, Sera Throat, ar aoj lataMmatioa ar pua, no dif aronea haw at vara ar laar iha diaaaaa gui hart axiatad, McLEANI CELEBRATED LINIMENT ia a cartaio ranadr. Tkanuta af haaaa kainfa kara kaao aarad a lift af dia wapitada and miaary by tha aaa af tiiia iaralaabli ranady. MeLEANS VOLCANIC OIL LIXIMKS'T Will raliava paia almoat taatajntuaoaaly, and h wUI elaac, panfr aad kaal tha foilaat aoraa ia aa iacradibla abort una. JOR HORSES AND OTHER ANIMALS. CbUKlblbHHATKD LINIMENT M tfc* w It hIi u< r?iu4> far Ik* ear* of Iptra, RIumm, WicdrmlU, Sfiinu, Dtulini Lan.po. Node* or Ivillun It Mm htt*d M car* Bif H?*d, P?ll**il, Fiatalo, Old tlB*b( Nor**, or ??t?r, if promri* .pplnd For it. *t prvprij ?j>pli*d. , lemcfc**, Cratkod H*?k, C&?f*(, 1UII* r CotUr Gilto, Cut, toru, ?r Waand*. iti*u infeUtM* nn*f;. Appl; it u dir*cw< uf t cut * Mrtit! ia ?i?r; kMMi TVw trM* * l**nr wttfc lb* awa* vatklm Ikiawii fttrtM paa. Ob?&a * * *!* *f Dm. McLEAlTI cfcLX MUTKPUimm. b will car* *oa. J. H. McLKAll. ?aU Prt^nota. Corntr Third ud Kb* ?u, k. L****, 1 (TOTT, ITS Pv m, *M* inti < Vutaf' taa; R. >. T CUiB..Qf?ftu?? oo Wly Dm FANCY OOODS, I* AT fttlCM TO MJIT THK T1MBB, THE WEEKLY DOLLAR STAR. nil ntnitM ruuh U4 Nm Jwml ? miaiat * (imur vtndr of 1i?iihh r?41? bu m b? fonad is u? etker?u pvMlabetf fni?j aonui* Tnw-QuA, tnr+rulb, 4m *???i. Hi(l? ooff, pm uiim. 01 ? It Inwiably oontaiM th? M WMhinftoc Ntti ' Ui*t hw made TV. D*<it (rniii St? rir?m!?t? o g?MnUly UroastraviUMWMUtrT RT'Sinf,# oopioa im wr?p?*r?i ou tw prowrel t the ooiatar, tf?4i?tar iftar Ut urn of lk? Ptmw-THRKC CENTS EDUCATIONAL. T? _ FEMALE EDUCATION. HOSE PvcBt* who with tkwr MafliUri to r? Mtr* Ikoroncli U< iTitrniUio d?<MUt<>ti. wfc?r? th*ir fin mo4i tivniki will ree*ve 4sll? *ad H?oj> wwiio* axj<j ujTHnitiico, ?r# rM^cusilj ibtiiwi w> nut tb* Daioi Frn?:? AoMtar, romar rose t**f>th at ud N?w \ urk ?t mim> K7EMALE BOARDING AND DAY BCBOOL Mri. R. fcV jk ! r a 1 Th? thirteenth ?nn?*J mmioi of thu Inal The thirteenth mul mmioi at Una InaUtattor. Will eonuMMtoc on September lath. in Uw UouiX" - o^nl.y <x?upied by SjIrMter ?owU, Ch Tba oottrM of Bindy HrM*d w?U aoamrt*a all tka Dranohaa raqmtita to a tho^ nc' I' Kda cation^and Maaio. Praaoh. Latin aod 1)t?wim. U In addition to dav aaholars. Mra. McCormiok to araparad to r??o?ir? a limited namkr of p u pi im mm botneri, who. eonatitatinc a part of b*rv?i faui iij, will be uiiodr bar immediate ear* aad euaerr* ton. Ska will fixltror. a* far aa aoaatble. lb m round than with tha oom/orUaad KiadU iaiaeeeae hlfrrw F *v. Geo H. Norton. In. Dr. b.taa amion, Rar. D. F.flaruri, WiIIimt R Fkwio, Eaa.. KJcar Se?wi.a/ke?if fconoud F \\itmar E?V. Henry M arbor), ha., Lrwii Mol-na.e Eaa.. Rotiert H.llantnr.. Baa . vf D t*a.:.vch ggBSSPBaS# Tnn Board, with Tuition in a/1 th? EnjlUh BtuckM, fW for the annual mmiob?pt)Ol? wau -aiinmaily. id Hh-MO?. Music and Ijukhmm at ProfMaor*' Iljr" No extra chartaa. M Cmre Cmmwk. CtU, Ifomrtmnr. In Jlmnxm any irritation m Son ?''? #r iA? T^rom:. H'lurr tk* H<uki** Cmuk mi ( mi. Bromek'lu, a j*m?, # Catarrh. Clrmr and girt Hrmrt* ( (4? w PUBLIC RPKAIRII akv 91KGER8. F?w are awv? of th# importnno* of ehaetmi a Coach or "Common Coldu id iu 6'it itui; tkat vkink in tk? n ?? It, i/n?>sloot?d. iooo?n*cfct the Laos*. B^tnrm't Brmuktai TV^Afl." oontain'.m <-?m?!oent ingrMl ?nU, allay Puimooary ?nd 1* ooafcia. Irritation. "That tromhle in py Throat, (fm BROWN1 whioh the "Trtk*> ar? a ?^?eifcc) titnii mad* m? oft*n a imt?vui mOCHES jorer." N.T. WILLIS. RIOWNI " I iWMWal thair im to PtraLir TROCHES *KV- K H CHAPIN. I "Great aerTio* la Mbdainc Hoa*'! BROWN'S rim." REV. DANIEL WIPE. rnnrnvn *'Alnoat initut r? lyinth* dn * trMsiBc l?b*?r of braaibiac BROWN'S,10 ABy^v. A- C. EGGLESTON. TROCHES "Contain M 0?nm ' aarthinc injarioae." DR. a A HAv KS. BROWN'S Bourn. "A'imp'tand ?l?a?act toaHu TROCHES | tion for Cor?Hi, La." ,1 DR. ti. F. BIGELOW. DHU VTil P; TROCHE? - BROWN'? I ? ( havtl Trd them ezoallMit for rROCHES Whoppiw# Cor?B." KfcV. H. W. WARREN. BROWN'S ??!?* Ben*(ioi%l vhn som?miad to TROCHES BROWN'S J TROCHES BROWN'S TROCHES BROWN'S TROCHES BROWN'S TROCHES BROWN'S 44 ErrirTtAX Id rtionu Hntrw n?ai ud Irr ><*tion of Ui? Throat. ao ooihtiod with Ud Him KK? " Prof M. STACY JOWWO!*. - n*25? bw*Jt ud afUr rraaghiag. * ? ?r*r?it Botri*B?u. Prom tLeir pwl efrc>. I tMnfc tH?? wVi t>e ?f p TWU|( to m*." ? REV.l;. ROW President of 4tV>a ' r^nwsrat ad JMfcV rRocHE* __4? 1 If TOR STAMPING A PACKET OF PAPER AND ENVELOPES TO HATCH. Id* METROPOLITAN BOOKBTORE. PHILP A SOLOMON*. Agents for Lanrmtt't c*4?tr*r?rf L*mm P?p?r?, "MrtrvpeHtM Mill*," fx., +t. B* V ly 3?8 P%. ?*.. b*. 9t' WU rt? 1861 ?>*?_'? 1861 Commrnct tkt Yerr mtA a Di+rj. a valaahle Pooket CoirH?i->* for regiatoria* moti put, iraMDt, &Dd (star ; ooota.ciac r?tM >f poitace, umiDM, a t><aak apao for memoranda for every dtr to the year, oaoh aoooant for taoli month, annua, ismmwr of eaeh aoooenl M la payable and reoeireMe. Don't be withoat ome of Lbeee aeefal liUJe ecu venire The m<>et ooaplate, Men^nt. ?nd deairableaaeortiaent erer <eaued.o?m ariatof twelve aisee aod ip?ir4? of iftv a*?t?e, at 8*HlLUN?TuN't* Hookaura, Odeon Bundin*. ooraer of.?H a tree* and 4eSB Penn ?*fou*. Diaries: diaries? O I A R I E BT. 1M1. 1M1, 1MI. CHEAPER THAI* EVER. We will take an ext-a dieooaat of ts fr e-at. of of %ll I Marie* parohaaed from aa for <?tk. We are de*iron? oloamr oat the remainder of utr Area took of Diariee of all ki?4e for 1W1. FRKNcn a RicnerRiN. 1*3 91* Penn awaoue. yyATCR REPAI^NG AN OSILVE* W ARK I hare on* of the boat MtahliahiaaBta, aad for niahed with aoompiete aot of tool* for repair injt ev*r> deeariaUoa of fcae Watchee, and #7^ aarticnlar attention irive to the aame, by thoroughcompetent workmaa.aad a v*rk (?*rv> tied AUo. every d?wnp ton of standard SI I.V LB WARE.plainaitd ornamental.manafaotu wi aisoer m? own miperviaion. which my ew^Mri will t>u?i far aupenor in quant) and fcuiah to norther* ware old by dealera in general aad repr?-eei:tac' aa their own manufaotura. H. O HOOD, ee 6 *3* Pa. >mm?, a?B' mh at. 5J2 ?UTTA ^R^PAINT AND 5|2 HAMILTON. BKO. tOO.t, No illdlTIRTIH., ia tb? put to tad the oelat>r?t*d Gotta P ere ha Roofincand Paint Alao,ageneral ?H?1 of House PainttBK Mat*riala. Pain tine ia all ita brn-rhea extent**! with dia patch and on reaeoable term a. Mtxei Patau a I wayi oa hand aad for aaJe. wi'h baokat aad * C loan free of o harm A i o'dera kett at the atore r Old 61astag or Job Work of any kind vuTba promptly ufndid to o? 18-ptttv ib qowh.?jig At frkn^ *tat? put ttml* n viod snbml m hiiktr tit bmh r>e-?, h? Meter La.or, itm.. iw^. mt toy &*L for (lis stmm'i no*-, oa Diet! w< d??ttaf < Itmo, cloth: fljs b? Mil. fifourm)'! ill??tr?*ad pom^ elott (tit; |IV tsfc. f-. on ldw ltao., *iotk portnib #'4^ f?r wil ill of loo(fcliow*s m4 uw M*ry?P? Wo k?. ovr irav di*?<?nt on Books froa tlm mb ll?fc*r?" priOM lo* flmk.; JSJL 'mo**,wf msingb 4 richstein. #T* p*"? mi?? IG. O.'th * CO.. mporters And whoiwafeuiiluiftil Dmi bayana a64*&_ VN WIHA*. H* UIJV*. *e.. NO. ? NtiBTB nUILN t?T*E?t. 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