Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 26, 1842, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 26, 1842 Page 1
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TH1 Vol. VllJU?H?. lol ...Wliolo WoRAILROADS & STEAMBOATS. POMEROY C ().? ALBANY, BUFFALO AND CHICAGO EXPR1CSB. mm* ' TtTv "l.crlben aiTnow miming a r;;:ul?r Earnee. ?" ?K? Railroad* lo and Iroui Albany and Buffalo, and the niterinedia't* placet, for KORWARDINO, at low rate, with tin- utnott *peed, regularity and safety, choice Goods, Soccie, Bat.U Note* Im|X?tant Paja ri and Valuable Pacltagr.-Will attend to the negotiatiou, transfer, collection or payment of Bills oi Exchange, Notes, Drafts, Acceptances, Accounts, ?tc., at reasonableper cenUgc?execute orders lor the purchase or sale ol Merchandise, Produce and Manufactured Articles ol every dc?c notion ntraonally, in the t?wn* on tlieir route, through acnpuon.^Mooa ,^RND?N ^ CO'S EXPRESS to New York miu BoNtoii.trni Me?m. HAWKEY <1 CO.'S EXPRESS to and from Buffalo to Cleveland, Detroit and Chicago and intermediate places?forming at once the most direct, speedy and lieifect communication to and from the eastern and western cities, for the negotiation and transaction of all mercantile and professional business, remittances, exchanges. Sir. References?Enutns Corning, Thomas \V. Olcott, Waits Sherman, A. D. i'atchin, Noah Lee, James Taylor, Theodore Olcott, Albany. Agencies?Bennett, Backns St Hawley Ltica; T. A. Smith, Syracuse ; A. O. Smith, Auburn; J. Farxo, Genera; J. O. Snephrrd, Canandsigua ; David Ho>t, Roclurster; John McKenster, Lockjtort; J. A. Claik, Butavia ; Thomas Blossom, Buffalo. , POMEROY Ik CO", No. i Exchange Buildings Alhauy. all 3 Wall street, New York. RAIL ROAD LINE TO MORRDJTO WN SCHOOLEY'S MOUNTAIN, EASTON, OWEGO, 1THICA AND GENEVAM.1?cimmeiicmJ July" 2d, Igll'^Lrav* Mnriatown at ii!? A.M., and 2 P.M. Leave Newark at 9 A.M. and 5 P.M. Leave New York at I A.M. and 4 P. M Kate between New York and Morriatown, $1 00. Pastougrrs bv the morning train will he in Newark in time for the 9 o'clock train to N> w York, and also in time for the m minx and afternoon trains for Philadelphia. Office in Near York, New Jersey Railroad Office, foot ol Courtlandt street, where til" Axent, E. E. Jackson, will bo found to take charge of the baggage. Passen-ers leaving New Y'ork by the !1 o'clock train will always reach Morristown lu time for nny of tlie stages going north or west. Stages will be in readiness at the Depot on the arrival of the Cars, to convey passengers to either of the above named places. The strictest punctuality will be observed in the hours of departure aiC arrival. jy 19 Iw'c ______ IRA DODD, Supetintendent. SCHOOLEY'S^MOUNTAIN, . smssmmna EAST ON, jlETIl f Jil I! i.Y], A \'L) A J. LENTO WiV, PENN. Daily, (Sundays excepted,) via?Klizahethtown and Somervillo Railroad. Leave pier 1 North River, it o'clock, A M, by steamboat to Elixabulhport, or leave the foot of Liberty street at 9 o'clock A M, take the Philadelphia train to Elizabethtown, there to connect with the cars for Somerville; coaches from ih.ncu arriving at Schooley's Mountain early the same ,i lie moon, at Euton by 6 o'c'ock, Bet: lehcm at 1% o'clock, and Alletitovv n at 8>a o'clock the same evening. For seats or lurther information, apply to A D HOPE, Merchants' Hoick, 41 Courtlandt stret, at the Railroad Office, foot of Liberty street, orou board the boat. Fare through to Schooley's Mountain, $2,25 " Huron, $2.00 Beihclcm, $2,75 AI1CUMIWU, *J,UV N B?Extra* provided st the shortest notice. P 8?This route on account of the short distance by coaehea commendj itself to the public pxtrnuaKe as being by far the most plesssnt and expeditious. jyti lm?c PKEIOUT AND PASSAGE TO PITTSBIAO. .C|WWiS_ B 1 N O H A M S L I N E7 The proprietor* ef Bingh .m'a Transimrtntioil Line to Pittsbu"g, iftve notice to the Merchants of Now York, and alt other persons shipriux to the West, that their line is now in active 0|m mtior (roous unsigned to them (or sent to go in their hut,; will he forwarded with despatch. Owners or shippers of foods, destined for the Western States, who have no agent or consignee at Pittsbunr, will please consign their goods to William Bingham, Pittsburg, who will attend to snipping all such consignments without 4nUT. All goods should be marked distinctly ou eacn package BINGHAM'S LINE. for ates of freight, which are as low as any other line, apply ? WM. TYSON, Agent. No. t West street, opposite Pier No. 2, N. H. N. B. Passengers forwarded to Putsburgand Pottsville,every day, Sundays excepted. Refer to H. Crooks, American Fur Co. ; S. T. Nicoll. Frout street ; Phelps, Dodge Si Co., Fulton street ; Suydair Sage Is Co ; Win. Rankin, Dnryee 4 Co, Newark. infi 3m RAIL ROAD?ALBANY AND~SARATOGA. Trarellers to Saratoga Springs, L ik. Oei me, Wlutenall and Lower Canada, are informed that they will insure to themselves an expeditious and picas<nt conveyance to the Spriugs by taking the K til Rai t cars at Aluny. HOURS OF DEPARTURE. From Albany. From Saratoga. At 6 o clock, A. M. I At 7 o'clock, A M " 9 " " " 3 " P. M. | " 3* " P M. There is no change of Coaches or Baggage Wagons, or shifting of Baggage from one Steamboat to another on this route. r isseugen on their arrival at Saratoga, w ill find ?t?ge coaches in readiurss to convey tnein to L ike George and Whitehall on Lake Ch mnlaiu; connecting with all the principal Northern and Eastern Stage routes. A Stage (for the convenience of passengers who arrive by the sfle noou train from Albany,) leaves Saratoga at 4 o'clock A. M. arrives at Whitehall iu tunc for the departure o! the ChampUin steamboat of s une day, and brings eastern trav llers to Rutland, Vt early in the evening. N. B. There are baggage wagons always in readiness, at AI I),any, on the arrival of the steamboats and rail road cars, to carry tlu* baggage of passengers direct to and from the de|>ot nd steamboat at the rate of ti'a cents per trunk or package, or 12>g cents for ordinary travelling baggage. The dep.rtuns for the west are fixed for the season at 7)? o'clock, A. M. and 7 P. M. JOHN C0ST1GAN, Superintendent. Albany, Jnne 27th, 1842. je27 3m r RAILROAD NOTICE MARKET AND FREIGHT LINE. rPHE NEW JERSEY Railroad and Transportation Coin I |*ny hare esmblished a Freight Line between New Brunswick and New York, which they intend to run rermabendy. Leaving New Brunswick at 5X A. M. daily, (Sundays excepted) and the foot ot Liher tywtreet, New York, at 2% P. M. _ To oouutry dealers and the above line is very de irable for the speedy and cneap conveyance ot merchandise of every description, and more particularly to Drovers and Dealers in Live Slock, who can have 130 head of cattle convey, d between New Brunswick and New York, die same day whenever required. The rates for the trans|>ortatioa of cattle, horsss, males, sheep, hogs, tic. and all other kinds of merchandise are very low, never exceeding steamboat prices. Merchandise sent by this line is not subject to any extra charge in crossing the North River. The Company have fitted up a large storehouse at New Brunswick, adjoining the Railroad Depot, which will always heopen for the receplion of merchandise. Passengers purchasing their tickets at the ucket offices, will receive ferry tickets gratis. rrr* Freight for Newark, Elixabelhtown, Rahway, Westfield, Plaintield, Scotch flams, Boundbreok and Homerviflr, is conveyed by the above lines, and delivered the same day when ireeived. m W 3in* STATEN ISLAND FERRY. Foot of Whitehall street. Tbe "earners STATEN ISLANDER aud SAMSON will leave New York and Htaten I.laud evrry hour, from 8 A Mtu'PM. All go nil nre required to he particularly marked, and at the risk of the owner* thereof. ?V1 '.VENING LINE FOR ALBANY DIRECT, i%s?l >at? .At seven o'clock, P. M., from the steamboat 'Acr- aScaajPpier between Conrtlandt and Liberty streets. jLmJLJL The steamboat SOUTH A MERK A, Capt. L. W. bramard. leaves the above pier Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at seven o'clock. P. M. The steamboat ROCHESTER, Capu A.St. John, leaves (he above pier Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday afternoon, at seven o'clock. The above boats art new and snbstautial are ftirnished with elegant state roems, and in every respectareu naurpassed among the Hudson River steamers. For passage or freight, apply on board, or to V C. WHIII.T7 At the office o* t)ir wliarl, or on boa.d, taking this line of boat*, will at all limi s arrive at Albany in time for the (lr*t train of cara for the eaat ami Wft. jyt_ ^n 5CKAN II0U8K, Long Branch, Rnmmn, * Pork' Middlgtnwn, Karontown Dock Red Bink, Shrewsbury.?Tin- ateamboat JO LAS, Captain Allaire, will leave New York from K1111 on Market Slip, Eist River, every morning *1 8 o'clock for Red Bauk. (eiceiit rliursilay, on which day (lie boat goes lo Kalnntown Dock.) R> turning. w ill leave at 1 o'clock each clay. The lol*a will run a* above, navigation .and weather ticrmitting. until further notice. All freight and baggage at tha risk of the ownera the'eof. June it, l*i. ) ?) tmc ~ KENNEBEC AND BOSTON. .Mf) ad The n-w and aplendid strainer J. W. RICH?^2^?3a MONO, Nath-.mel Kimball, master, will ^ ' - the north side of T. wharf, Boston, evera Tuerdav and Fnday evening at 7 o clock, for Uardiner and HillowelJ; and rr inning will leave Hallowell on Mondays and Thur?da>s at P. M .landing each way at Bath. Fare Irom Bosto.i to Hal'owell, SI 00 " " " Bath, 2 50 Stages will be in readiness on the arrival of the boat at Hallowell, to convey passenger* to Augusta, Watervillr, Bingor. Bsliast ind Quebec. IVrson* travelling fir pleasure will find fe w- pleasant rr roulea than this one to Quebec, s? it runs through country abounding in beautiful scenery?the roads are good, and the notels well kept? the distance 210 miles. jy 10 ?m*c ta*\ CHKAI' KYrCKSlON to the Firhmg /g_ -J3 ? .ff Bank* every day, raei pt Tuesdays and KriTT ii Wr w-? t3?mU each wsy?The steamer NAPOLEON.'"apt- HanCoi, will run regit! irly toihe shove place every fair davj and leave as follows?Foot of Hammond street at 9 Vein :k, Ctn d street quarter past 9, Market street half post 9,1 vlhtrinc ferry Brooklyn 9*. pier No. I North ri- ' ver at 10 o clock. On I uesday- and Fri lays the Napolrnn will moke afternoon I eacursion, to Couev Isltnd, landing at Fort Hamilton and Bath?(the steanib a at IJcm ral Jackson will continue to run to tl same place every other day in the week)?and leave as follows?Foot of Ham inotid street at 2 o'clock. Canal street at a quarter pail2, Pike street 2Id, pier No I at 1 o'clock?Pare 25 cents each way. The boat will remain at Coney Island one hour and a halt and arrive in New \ ork by 7 o clocl^. jjljm'c b"M ^.K^OL^'lt CO. J* Sooth*. E NB' N WATERING PLACES, &c7"" SHARON SPRINGS. rpHK PA VILLION.?This uew com mod ioo? Hotel will be 1 l?r Ih*' reception of visitors on ail J After the first of June next. dt the Tillage o 1 Shsron Springs, Schoharie County, New York. The clear pure water of the springs, greatly resembling tno?e of the white sulphur springs of Virginia, have been proved tolbe highly efficacious in Rheumatic, Cutaneous. Bilil?a?, i Dyspeptic complaints; and in the cure of F.r>?ipelas, Siitrneuin, Scrofula, Liver Coinplaiut, and general ucoility, ami in many ether rcsnects, i>o*acsH (aa certified by some of the most eminent medieal professors iu the UnitedStales) medicinal :yid healing properties unsurpassed, and believed to be unequalled by any iu this country. Added to theae, the rides iu the vicinity, numerous villages, extensive views, neighboring caves and romantic scenery are among the many attractions ofiered to these seeking in the heat of siiimnt r,either health or pleasure. < These springs are but a lew hours ride froui Sarotoga, 1 roy, Albany. Ate., and are aocestable from Canajoharie on iht Albany and IJtica railroad, where eirrinrn daily await the arrival of the morning cars from Schenectady and Utica, to carry * i*itors to the Springs, a distance of about eight mih-f.. arriving in tune for dinner; also by the Albany and Cherry Valley turnpike by daily stages, being about ibrty-hve milts west of the city ol Albany. Wann. cold and shower Baths furnished at all times, either of Ji, mineral or fresh water, and every attention given to render the star of visitors agreeable. An abundance of the purest mountain snrinvr Ice is stored for th? season. ii W. B. UEDNEY. THE SPRINGS HOTEL.?This Hotel will he opeurd at the above village of Sharon Springs, for tlie reception ol visitors, and combining all llie advantages of this delightful summer residence. JOHN V. ETTEN. a29 10w2taw'r CATsklLL MOUNTAIN HOU?^ at tul' rivr nin'ii a nn _icio THIS romantic ami fashionrble resort will be conducted during the present season under the direction and superintcudauce ol' the subscriber. It his undergone a complete and thorough repair, and is uow open for the reception or visitors. No effort w ill he spared to maintain the deservedly high character which it has heretofore acouired. As heretofore, iu tables w ill be furnished with every delicacy that the New York market can afford; .tiid erery possible attention that can promote the convenience and en joy meut of its patron* will be promptly bestowed. The road leading to this establishment and especially that part of it on the mountain, has beeu rendered perfectly smooth and safe*. Messrs. A. f. ll ach & Co.s excellent line of stages will run as heretofore regularly between the landing and the Mountain House, on the arrival of the boats. 0. L. BEACH, Proprietor June 13th, 1812. jel4 3mr DA'tmiOUsET LONG I8LAND.?This long and~well AJ known ho aiding and sea bathing establishment, having recently undergone numerous improvements, among which is the erection of several eleg* tit sum nor liosu* % upon the margin of tiie ocean, is now open fur tire reception ol company during the season. The great extent of private beach on this shore?ihe perfect security in bsthin?, even for ladies and children, (the bathing houses being within a stone's throw of the mansion)? the shady, cool and delightful locust grove adjoining the house ?the pleasant rides in the surrounding country?the excellent fishing ground* and other sources of healthful recreation and amusement?th- beautiful view of the Art -nlie ocean and the lower bay, almost constantly enlivened by numerous vessels arriving or outward bound, render tlri. situation in every resj**cf unequalled by any in the vicinity. Its accommodations are ample, the rooms airy and the temperature, even in the warmest days of summer, anything hut oppressive. The convenience ol communication and distance, (being hut nine miles from Brooklyn.) the access by stages at hours accommodated to busiuc.s render it peculiarly well adapted as a residence for gentlemen of huait in New York. jel22m*r WILLIAM BROWN. Proprietor. BATIl BUILDINGS, FORMERLY RENSHAW'S, at Long Branch.?This exi tensive and delightful Sea Bathing E<taM:aliment will be opened by the subscriber oil the 27th June, instant. He begs respectfully to iuforta it-s former patrons and the public, that considerable additions and alterations, encreasiug the comfort*, have beeu made siucc last year, and will be iu complete readiness for their accommodation. Wishing to be as reasonable as the times will afford, the board will be seven dollars per week as last year, instead of ten dollaps as formerly. Children of a certain age and servants half price. Horses full led. $3,60. He hopes he maysay without imputation. that his table and accommodations w ill be equal to auy oil Long Branch. Young people not requiring too much room,will find accommodating terms, j. 22 Im*r JAMES GREEN. t NORTH CANAAN. (Conn.) July 11, 1812.?J. G Bennett Dear Sir,?For several days past I noticed in your daily, (which bv the way 1 receive regular) iscription of Fashionable Watering places, and I looked iliem all over but did uot find anv mention made of OUR HOUSE. Now very likely you have never heard of this place, as I built it last autumn just in time to take a small snrinkle of the w inter travel from New York to Albany, and by the wav several geutleineii from your place, thought they would call thi* summer aud spend a few weeks, but as 1 generally satisfy a nran that calls once that he carinot do better than to call again, I doubt whether 1 will see one of them until next winter, then 1 am sure of them, as tins will be about as good a route as they can take, as the rail road will be comn "ted from Our House to West Stock bridge, and that perfects tire chain of rail road from Green bush to Bridgeport. Now, sir, 1 wish you to understand something of the particulars of our location. We are within one mile of the north Jine of the State of Connecticut, sur rounded by the tallest kind of mountains, ami on the top of one of them is a splendid lake, that abounds in fish almost as tall is the mountain itself; we have other very fine lakes. The Housatonic River one half mile from us, and tiie tributary streams of which 1 Inzr.ird nothing in saying for Trout and Pik* fulling. aie not second to any in New England, if in the world. Then there is no arbitrary law about birds iu our adjoining towns in Massachusetts, perhaps a few could b?*ciught, and put a few of them w ith plenty of fish, and we w ill have a tolerable dinner. The way to get from your place to this, is Nimrol, (which by the way is a craft hard to beat) and on your arrival at Bridgeport take the cars on the II lusatnnic rail road, which will let yon off at our f suae at precisely t o'clock. I'. M. Suppose you call up yourself, and ask your friends to conic. There are the falls too, some fifty feet perprndii ulei, more or less, tint might be named, but I am not disposed to tell you all about this section, as I had rather pcoplr should look it over for themselves. By the way, pay your fire on board the boat through, as you savehalf a dollar iiflhe fare, it llieti beimt only $2.j0 from New York to here. The cars leave Our lioute daily, and passengers breakfast here and dine in New York. Yours, with respect, jw 2w?c JOHN BAKSTOW. BOARDING. AT DEAL, MONMOUTH. CO. N. J, LEWIS K. HANKiNSONrespectfully informs his friends and the public that lie has titled up in the best stvle the house tormerly occupied by Jacob Curies, at the above the most heathfiil situation on the sea coast, about 7 miles from lied Bank, and fourteen ftom Higstown. Stac's pais throng slid fro to meet the Philadelphia cars. The terms of hoard will be found very moderate. Also, stabling, Re, for horses, on very reasonable terms. L. F. H. pledges himself that no effort ofhis will he wanting to render thoie who patronise hiin comfortable, and that his lioll.c will I'.. foil lid eipl 11 t > tny along the coast. : !0 I ill r mCDFOHU MINERAL SPRINGS?This well known I' watering place, situated in Bedford Couuty, Pcnns>liania, is now o|ieti lor the reception of visitors. To those who have never visited the Springs, it may be necessiry to any that they are situated near the great West'rn Turnpike, which passes through Pennsylvania from Philadelphia to Pittsburgh, a few of the chief elevation of the Alles4,sn. m... E?ry thing h.u been provided at tlais watering place forrader a sojourn pleasant to those who are jet-kin* health or enjoyment. Amusement will he found suited to all tastes, and a good band of music will be in attendance. A daily stage will leave t hambrrsburg in the morning, and arrive at the springs the aauie evening, or if persons prefer the Baltimore and Ohio Ril Koa.l to Htiicock, will hare daily convey incea from there to 'hesprings. The liberal patronage extended to the subscriber the two last seasons, will ensure the renewed exertions the coming season, for tk e amusement and comfort of his guc ts. WILLIAM REYNOLDS, jc29eodlm*r Proprietor. DRY GOODS, TO THE LADIES. FASHIONABLE MILLINERY GOODS.-Tlie protmieI ties,s, Miss S KING, daughter of the celebrated Cnil King, sff< r? for sale a most select slid choice assortment of Millinery Gooils. for the spring trade, never as s et presented to the fut>lic, bom as regards the quality and cheapness of the articles The assortment consist* of the following :? The celebrated SILK HAT, CALLEb CAPOTTE DT)H LEANS, as worn by La Dnchesse D'Orleans, of France, SHED SILK, ENTIRELY NEW AND ORIGINAL STYLE And Lawn Hats do do?An entire new style o Hats called " MODINE CAPOTTES, ELSSLKR COTTAGE.'" Parisianand English FANCY STRAWS, of the finest texture, in great variety. The Proprietress resper tfully solicits the ladies to favor hei with acall, and examiue Iter elegant and varied stock of Millinery for tlvemselies, before they purchase elsewhere, as it will be a great saving to thrm in price and a great advantage as regards the variety and quality of the goods. MISS S. KING, JVlagarine de Modes, jy? lm?r Broadway. SHIRTS, SHIRTS. TTMTED STATES SHIRT MANUFACTORY,77 WilV iiani street, corner of Liberty, N. V Notice is hereby givrnto Merchants and trailers in general, that the proprietors of lire above establishment have adopted a new method of manufacturing which t-uables tie in to sell their shirt* si a cheaper rai i than any other house in this city. This statement will be affirmed by the list of prices as follows:? P.r Dot. Fine Muslin Shirt*, with Linen Bosoms and Collars, $7,.'>0 Do stitchud in the Bosom and Collar 0,0(1 Do Colored line par--nn, large, sixes 7.00 Also, .a large quanlity of Bosoms and Collars constantly on hand, which wifl he offered cheap for cash. jyi lm?r SUMMER STOCKS. SCARFS, CRAVATS AND GLOVES. TUST RECIVED, a ri<' supply of the above articles, con ' sifting of a very light and'Italic st ick, expressly lor the summer months. Also? Hearts and Cravats, in great variety, A lartff nt of H lit, T', I o'ton am! H?>r?kifi (tlowi-*r thr old putaWli -linu nt,|241 Bio.uiway, Wtwptn lUrk Place and Murray tru *. ? . . , ,m? PARSKLLS, AsmtforJ. A<? ATE. N. B. Coii^.tantlv oo haul, au riienaivp A*4ortmfnt Li??< n ami Mtitflin Shiila, Linen Dresa Fronts, Lilian Collar*, I nnt r itarmenu, stc. sir. jy i? nn-<; IMPORTANT TO THE PUBLIC. ALL who wish to rcnnomite ran oht iin Clothin* of ill* hp?l quility remarkably cheap, at 20J Cunal street .one door ?f>i ot Hudson. Alto, ? lory auortmrnt of Cloth., ' ??iineret, Veal ioKi, ami Summer Gooilt, fnnn which ClothiliK of ?ll ki idi arc m id, to order iu the beat manner at *ery reduced pre., "><)', (' ncl ntr el. je I'l tni * r SHIRTS. CJHIRTW made to order. after the most approved French ki UfthioiiB. (h nth-men'* I varments of all descriptions niado 10 order at the sliorteet notice. jtfej'tirtnen'a Fiinmhiu* Store <57 and 6* Maiden lane, corner of William afreet. JhW I in* WILLIAM COLLINS. T3 ILLl AltDS.?Tin* lubirriber lia>iug h*a$? d the spactotia I' builting No. 119 Broftdw?r corner Liberty a'reet, baa fitted up lie 2d an I 3*1 itnrie* for B'HiardS iloon",with five tahl' i. The room* hate h? rn n^wly tainted and tumUhrd throughout. A balcony (We fe? t wide el tends all aronnd the building, making it an airy and drlifhtfnl resort for thoae fond of thia healthy amusement. fie feels confluent that hi a friend* and the public need only rail on him to become satisfied that he ia entitled to I their sQnport. j>20#t!ni*r JOSEHl J. BLACKLIN. W TO EVV YORK, TUESDAY MO FURNITURE. ! GEORGE W. DAWSON, U 7 pi>M IVTioitamit and Retail Furniture and tirnnal Fur- com nuking IVarehuute, Xo. 07 Chatham afreet, coriter of iJuetnc street, Xcw York WHERK lie keep* for ulr a lunje ass rrctneut of the follow- 20th 1 ok articles, vil.: Sideboards. Bureau*, Bedste ids, Cull, T, Tables, Cluurs, Office ami Portable Desks, Gla** ( use s Book p0.( <" art. Lookimt <)lu?.cs, Dining, Centre. Tea an.I Pier Tablet, nt..( Fiauos, Sofas, Sofa Bedsteads, Beds, Beildju', l'ile I'ttrt, Mat- 5,,, Cresses, Camels, Oil Cloth, Mattini; and hire Irons, >Va?h 0<c|, Siauus, Toilet Tables, caudle Struds, Bureau Bedstead, p, Dresiine Bureaus. Sal',,. See. ...... Also, a Urvr assortment of men and women's Wearing Ap- j * ft; parel. uew and ?ecuiul hamU ii. | Jgj AM tho abo\? articles are offered to the public at very j ; low prices. PrrsouJ iu want of said irticlcs Wuuld Cud it to their adv.tillage to maLe an early call at the above estiotinh- ! Js* me ut. * ' Shipping order* punctually attended to u??1 f-^eked en the ! j ! shortest nonce, ana on reasonable terms. Mattresses, Bedding, j ^ fcc for fitting out vrssels, constantly on hand. I All orders to the above establishment will be t *uctu*])/ at- I ^ati fMSded to and thanKfully receiv' d. fata B.?The highest prices will lie given for Second Hand Kurmturt, snd Gentlemen'* end Ladies' cast oil Cloihiug. a22 6m*r city CHINA, GLASS, AND EAR- P THENWARE. KS ? ASTOll IIOI'SK. : Ler 17 RE NCI I PORCELAIN dinuei sen ices, US rc?, $'-*5 00 'J' T White Granite " " lt2 " 1300 i Jy I French or English Pnrcelain Tea Sen, si " too , .,( , Dinmr Plates French Porcelain per dozen 1 !tl j " " Granite, blue, oi vi hitu 1 oo | ? Soup " " ' 1 00 French porcelain, do* 2 ?o , . i Tea cu;>s and saucers, 21 pieces " 1 M !. "J i Eg* cup* " 37 j OLASS. 1 ' Out wines, per dozen, from I 50 ., , I " Tumblers, " " 2 00 j1-1"'1 Lemonades handled " 2 25 tabu: cvTl.rity, I ?.i : Of th" finest description, iu sets or dozens, at the low price <1 , , ' $12 00 the set. t 5J,ri 1 Just opened a handsome assortment of Toilet ivure, j . It. SfMrSON. n>: N. B. Agent for the sale of Simpson's Est Ooruets, for the ! v reli f of deafness. jfttiin^c ^ox CHEAP HARDWARE STORE, j I'HK Subscriber is now op-nrou hi. Spiiint supply of t to r 1 HARDWARE AND CUTLERY received p. r late ar- ties rivals from Birmitielfeni and Sl>ftfi?ld. Pogether with a gene- A ral assortineui of bometm: uoihis, much he U ptepared to of- rect : fcrafehe very LOWEST CASll PRICES. , 7 0'. ? att' titiou of Country Merchants, Builders, C .billet jy , t Stc., is solicited to an esamination ol his stock and tihe is confident they will lind it to their interest (J r him with a call. .;i.> ALFRED F. LAG11AVE, 210 Grm nwich. corner Bari lhv, Now York. ,, A regnlar supply of FALL RIVER CUT NAILS, and I Coopers Glue. Also?a compUte assortment of Mechanics' h'' Tool*, Jamea' Screw*, fcc. m3 2m ? j'1 I pHEAP tTFffdLSTllV?wVITSTETl sniTBio-dwny. s?- ' ][ tween White and Walker street.?Carpets of every de- p0, scription made and altered to fit ths most intri. at. rooms?Cur- jar tains made and altered to the latest style. Matiuvw s, solas, aud fr011 essy chairs, mids to order to match oiy des. .pt n of furni- j^||, lure. The Subscriber not bavin* expenses of > store to pa;. is 0>c] enabled to make any of the above articles at susii prices to suit |ia|| the limes. Irtt Persons purchasing Carpet* and Oil Cloths can have a word of advice, tvy calling as above. Paper Haiigin,;. Carpets clean- ,ijat cd. Grease spot* eztucfd, Stc. jy 6 lm*?.c \| -, j RE FIN ED SUGAR, WINES, & CT Jl WELLINGTON A. CARTER, Wine and Commission <hl" Merchant, No. 5 Now street, one door from Wall street, ft has just received from th-c refinery a quantity of superior dou- cat i ble and sinle refuted Sugar, in small loaves, which he will sell at hit usual low rates, in parcel* to suit buyers. I ?* W.A.Carter's assortment of superior "Wines cannot fail to I 1,1.. Tl.o f.i.l 1 l inn'ir.i fil* lfll'2. In bottles and in I pines,hhd*. and <jr. cask? of various ages; champagne,claret and fyj other light Wine* o! the choicest oratnls, always on *alc at JN low prices. Orders for any kind shall be faithfully executed. In;s jy7 lm?r |S4ll. GOOD SUMMER WINE. "i T B. STOUVENEL. Importer of Kreach Wine? of f|,rL " the most ayurovt il brand., Bordt-aux Clan t other Wines. He has removed froin his old stand, 61 Nassau straet, Dw to No. 21 Ann ?k-e>-t. (near Nassau) basement. Always on hand, the hest and most rtchtrche Wines, St. Juli a is, Montferraut, St. Eiteve, Lafitte, Medoc, Ac. in barrels, p . half cnsks and cases. Also, Champagne, various brands; Bur- ' m cundv, Hermitaue, Ac.; superior Cognac Brandy; best quality Oi n, Port Win'*, Portugal and Spanish Wiut s. J. B. S. will rtl^o sell by the aczeu bottled Wine for private J*oa families, which Will be sent to any part of the city, also by the gallon or otherwise, to those who may favor him with their patronagr. _ '' No Wines are impure sold by him, as he imports them 10 * diret t. , b J. B. S. has opened 1 boarding house at Hohokeii, opposite Vauxhil) Garden, on the main road, wheie is kept an as- 1,,,,N | sortmeut of the best Wines, Private parties supplied with good u""*' dinners and refreshments. jvl2 lm*c G mm z^mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm^m^mmmmm^m "ol HATS ~~ HATS! HATS! HATS !! ,y BROWN CO'H Ou? Price Hat Store, wholesale and re! T-J tail, 179 Chatham Square, corner of Mott street, where f\A fashion, beauty, durability and economy are combined to adorn y1*" the he IflL 1 '' The proprietors have the pleasure now to offer in addition dur. to their recently improved snort napped HaL a new style, the CASi imitation of beaverr, which so closely resembles that of ail furs the most costly and beautiful, that the difference is not easily S perceivtd. IVic* tim e d .liars. We strictly atf.i rt To ti.? me 5 price cash system, which enables us to furnish a very superior h Hat for the price charged. In presenting thrse Hats to the fcr! public the proprietors think they h ive reached the ultimatum "re 01 beauty, durability, cheapness and comfort. 11H 3m* '7?1 wmmmmmmmmm^mmmammmammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm l'lc - tire M JoUiiLLiAIN EUUci. &a(i SUPPRESSION OF QUACKERY :r, 0C5-.IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT ,,0j,1 THF. COLLEGE OF win MEDICINE & PHARMACY "'/ RESI'ECTFULLY inform thr of Nrw York tlint \ thrv ban? appointed the following 9u?-A<ii:."it? in this ft city J? inst J. \V., CM Broadway, yea Dr. K. M. Uuio*. 127 Bowery. <>u t Dr Kiwo, V87 Hudsonstieet. was L 1'hhi.i.. JI8 Grand st. iiail I)r..N>*m?s IJ2 Cherry street. ami The Preparations of the College may now be had of those A gentlemen. ma' Principal Offices of the College lor New England,at Trrmout flirt How, Boston. tji Piiucipal Office of the College for New Yarn, at 07 Nassau VV street. By order of the College ... jylle \v s. UirilRlisoN. a,-. ECONOMY, ELK GA'NTTE, AND GOOD ?h L17LNG. rPIIE undersigned hat, at a gre t expense. fitted up one of the w . A Urcent and moat splendid (Jotf<-e and Eating Hon*#* in New York, in which one hundred peraona .it 1? ast can tit <1 two i( i| to an excellent and aalnitantial breakfast, dinner,and tea, [Irom 'trri the choicest supplies of ilie markets, with a bill of fare not eicellcd either a* regards quality or number of dishes] by any hotel in th?* United States, and varying in prices from sit cents to one sViilliiij< and eighteen pence |ht dish. The purest Java and M Mocka coffee and th?* very bear fens, and served at only three Oents per cup. And all other refreshments in proportion. The 53 waiters are uniformly civil and polite, and every visitor may he VV. assured of feeling in this establishment quite "at home.',' In 1}^t? fact, every department of the basin -aa is under the superintend yJc,< deuce of competent overseers, whose sole care and attention are I'*'directed to the comfort and conveniences of customers and "" l1, gueats. HENRY GOSLING, V#f*Proprietor of the French and American Katint House, IMK Noa f?4 and 6B Nassau st, between John si and Maiden Lane. I,afj' I". S. ? ( >, i :i Suiidtv s fit? I?re:?hi thf, fliiin? \ 1 ' i 3mr !iU,f TO AMATEURS OF THE FLUTE.-M BARTON, A pupil of the late celebrated Flautist, Charles Nicholson, tati< having recently arrived from Europe ,b<.gs to inform the public ,.u# i that it is his intention to devote a poitiou of his time in giving titic inairuction on the Flute, according to the system of the above mer celebrated master. C For terms apply at 77 Chambers-street, Broadway, from the liours ol 8 till 2. je*4 Imeod'rc cr,.t CROLIUS' oni, BOAT ESTABLISHMENT. 400 WATER STREET, t> FOUR DOOFo KA.sT OF CATHARINK MARKET. yn, THE Subscribe! having in his manufactory, and under his ons owu iminediat stipeiintendence, aome of the oldest and moat experienced! lihlers in this city; and the best of materials for building ever)' description of boats, which enables him to furnish, at the shortest notice, Boats of the most approved model and workmamhip. on the most liberal terms. -rv r BUILDER of the Saltan of Muscat's Pleasure Barge, the J) Wave, (Joxelie, Victoria, Atlantic. Wakona, kc. Also, the jnffl Ami, of Peekskill, Washing ton, of PoUL'hkeejuie, Duchess, of ' ril( Hyde Park, Sylph and Wan, of Mobile, Geo. ItlVVt, of | Louisville, Madame UVIeste <>( New Orlcacs, kc. AlsOj? t||f. The sail boats Wn Croliua, Fashion, Zanonl, Star, and Ed- crat win Forrest, itc., I :., kc. jy23meod*c lliP , T 11 /-v ~ / i i i irn T iw \ \' * ' l \ llOJlN.UAIM - STEEL Ite R ENDERED & RUST PROOF, I FOR ONK t T.XT PI",II POI SI) OWL,V III hrl THE WHOLE IMPORTANT ART AND MYSTERY win OF GALVANISING. ??? Otherwise rinking Iron, Cast Iron, awl Steel, he., made plain ju<L and eiuy to every no, , [with an cnv raving of the Toola '1 iicfdini i rh rw hn,in, ,1 By UKOkOE JOHNSON, All' Kiirnn-rlr fn e Merchant of Calcutta. _ Tim honk is for aale at all |(? Books, Hers. Price H cents P onl>?or ad.lrcssj r 'otter, poal paid, Mr. fieorge Johnson, caie Messrs Butlers, No A Oold at. j< tNS I m* c rFO IUJN DEALERS Oun?, Pistols, and Sporting a* 1 aiticlea:? iVl tllfl Ninalr Barrel Fowling Pieces HO Double Otins, imitation tv. iatrd KlO do do real twisted and patent Breech. 400d Pairs of Pistols?assorted?HMdilferent varieties. E?,j Killed and Kith B i rrls?Locks >nd trimmings i,r,n (?ame Bigs?Powder Klaaks and Percttaaisni Caps S|h>rtinr articles generally. I ali i"' uncles will hf sold unheard of low prices, VT, I,# A. W. SPIES & CO. i>' ivICIm'c mil Pearl street. Hot andcold ?alt water baths." OABWEAO'S Ni ? Hot ?nd f old Sill Water Baths, at rl the font if Dtshrnases street, (thirl pier sonth of Csnri street, North River,) ar> now open for the accommodation of both ladies and gentlemen. Open from sunrise until II o'clock at night. ... .... N. B. The water aut re the baths are stationsd has been deepened, whieli render it as I "re as any other situation in the vicinity of New York. On Tm sda-, 'a the Bsth IS exclusively A devoted to ladies Ul til 3 P. M. A ha nil of muaic'will be in at- TI, tendance every |de savnt evening. Price of a cold hath eta, 11 warm hatha 8.V ____________ ie> 3m* r jqi COAL AFLOAT?200 tona superior quality Scotch Coal T>I for sale by OLOVER h McMURRAY, 100 Pine st. cor, of South. ?'?m iy ttr j> RE H 11NING, JULY 26, 1842. MISCELLANEOUS] s\V I> . \ EXPRESS MAIL FHOM - -V YORK TO BOSTON?With a vie?v to give the grtalnt c ible convenience, despatch and security to the increasing t| muuicaiiou i rtwu-u Bosiou .uiJ this city, tin* Post M u'?r ,, irinl ha* established regularly sworn Mes?seiij;i is ?tt.iclo d * it* Department from this city to Bostou under the iuimd . e superintendence of the undersigned. to commence on the J instant. r 0 carry out t?? the fullest possible eltrut, these view* of the o : Master Ociu ral, letier* lor Boston, Providence and New ford will hi received on board the regular 6 I'clock Mail j t, (and if desired postage can be paidifroin half-past four >ck up to the time of it* 4f|>trture for Boston, iblic nod is th refort hereby in n ol the ibovt umngt* it, and all nnsi n? may it;lv ut-on the increasing diligence 1 which all mail matter will be forwarded a* above in the n test pu-^bible space of time, and with the greatest security, HAHNDKN fct CO. ? General Mail Agents. v ew Vol I i, IK 12. M . r L) siTATKS EX UE8 \\ UL FltOM Sh W YORK BOS I ON.?Post Office New York, July 17, < .?The Post Master General, with a vit w to the acconrimo- 0 on of the public, and to un tcdst'tidesp it h and security,has * blished an Express mail, to expedite w hi eh Messenger* will j mployed under the immediate supervision and direction ot ? Harndcn It Co., f rc ryins the Mail* between this and B >stou, and th nnj.ort'Oi' intermediate places, with 1 clion* to cause the delivery at the earliest possible time. tl ters will be received on hoard the Slouiugtou Line of i unboaU which can i?* the Mail Ma Stouiiuton and Provi- ^ ce to Boston, froin half past 1 o'clock until the time of de- } lire, during which time po*ta*r can be paid.?Letters w ill , eceivotl -it this otli v up to I rclo. k P. M. his mm ingunent will go intooperation on the 20th insf. 1 I!i2wr JOHN LU1UMKK UHAHAM. P. M. \ )8T OFKH't. Nt w York, Jul. 13, IKI2.-I NI i'KD ' si'ATKS KXI'RKxS MAIL brlwnii .NEW YORK, I BANV, AND BUFFALO.?The i'ortmaster (.toneralj I utch *ncl security, has established n Evprt si Mail, to exjie- . which m< ;.,i iiir?Ts hill be employed under the immediate ri!m?i??lv?.?:e ol M . K. Jkromr Hcmphrky, l??r carrying Mails between this city Albany Buffalo, ami the interim - > e places, (including Troy ) with directions to cause the de I ry at inn earliest possible time. f etteis will be received on hoard the 5 o'clock steamboats, ch carry the Mails to Albany, Troy, and intermediate ;es, I ruin hall-past t o'clock, l1 M, until lhe tune ofdeparlure, * iiig which time poutagecan be paid. C etters will also be receive.] oil boird the boat carrying the r 1 direct to Albany, which leave* at 7 o'clock F. M., fiom \ -pa-t G o'clock P M, until the tiro of departure, a letter < bi ing placed on board said boat, under the lock of the do ment. lie Me?s?ncrcrs will go through to Buffalo, and ire instructed 1 xeit lhe greatest diligence iu the performance of their da. The arrangement will eummeuce on the20ih mat. < ,liter the 20 th inst. letters by the 5 o'clock steamboat will lie rived at this office up to t o'clock, P. M., and letters for the clock boat until GoYlock, P. M. 17 tw r JOHN LORIMER GRAHAM, P M NITED STATES EXPRESS MAIL FOR UTBANY AND BUFKA LO.?With a view to give the greatest pm- t c convenience, despatch and security to the increasing coin- i ligation on the great Western Route from this city, the : master General has established, regularly, sworn niessen- j attached to lite department, from thU city to Buffalo, initio i n mediate superintendence of the undersigned, to com- ' ice on the 20th inst. 'o curry ait to the fullest possible extent these views of the i tmaster Gem ral. letters will fw* received oil board tlu- rejru j 5 o'clock mail bout, (and, it desired, postage can ue paid) . it half past t o'clock, P M, un to the time of its departure,for ( any, Tioy.and the iuferineui Ue points; >il o on hoard the 7 . ock bo. r. for Albany and all places West,and for Troy, from ' -past G o'clock, P M, up to the time of its departure. All * ers dep ui ed in tlie Post Office of this city for the 7 o'clock t il, directed r<? Albany and Troy, and to BuiT.tlo and interim- i e places, will he forwarded from Albany by the Express s il, under < barge of the same messengers, nblic nop : i F < re fore hereby given of the above arrangeif, and all |* r*?*vH concerned may rely m*o|i the unerasing r teuce >\ ith uInch all mail matter will bv forwarded as v ve in the shortest possible since rf rime, and with the great- t security. E. JEROME II KM I'll KEY, t General Mail Agent. ew York, July Kith. 1R-I2. jvl7 2w r Watch I ommissioxi r'i Orru i. ( , Old Alins-Ilouse, July 0, 1812. { OTIKE is hereby given, that the Croton A jueuui t < om- * mil.e; .?f the Corporation have requested the Water Com- '4 dinners, for the present, to rent the Croton Water, and ar- c te for making the necessary connexions to supply the citizens c sew York with water. 1 he following are the rates at which the water is at present ^ lis bed A ultra i Charocs. ellings of two stories _ S10 00 n more than two stories 12 00 i 44 on the rear of lots < 5 00 > 44 with workshop or store 12 t > 20 'ilege of washing pavement* 2 00 , 44 b tih (v\ uere there are future*) 5 00 rehouse 15 00 irdiug house 10 to 20 ble, private per stall 5 00 4 livery 44 2 00 ay nit nt to he made in advance for the supply from August 1 r lay 1, next-^ubsequently srinMnnually. ;r^j?' b.nrdiiin* house.*, sublet, bitweriei, tanneries, public is, r icking <t iiltiiiK Douse*, am| %j| other consumer*, 1 ate., will be charged in proportion to the quantity of water ? I. on agreement with the commissioner*. o flfice hour* from 9 o'clock A M until 1 P M, in the old Aim* j ise. Entrance by centre door. SAMUEL STEVENS. ? JOHN I). VVAHD, 1 ZKB'D KINO, it. ISlKDSALL^ 20 2wr W u r_( '.niiuioouer*. SlLK B \WEUS, Vr. ANN1NGTON Ik CO., VO'I Broadway, near Read street, iteipei Hull y inform the Order of 1. O. ol O. F., and their ti l-, rfeueraih , that they nr?? now prepared to execute order# Klaus and tiauiierj in the most nupenor style for beauty, , ability, and economy, having Silk* made for the express oc- ' mi thai a ill malt# rh" lai| si bum ri Iithott diiApring it n a stain. pectin* ns and Desiyns can he seen at their Establishm*nt, Broadway, or tent to any part of the Union, or style, design aud execution of works of the kind, we reto the G'Uy's B inner. No. 11, f, U. of O. K., as also to cowic). No. 10, Hart i , 11.1 >venant,&, Perseverance, ilso Military Companies and Sunday School Banners, and societies St. Nicholas, New Kn*luid, St. Ocoikc, St An- * ws, St [)\\id, &< fitr. t /indow Shades in ureal variety, from %l each to the richest j best, painted l?' the ; uml eminent artists. , raintd Gl **, af'er the manner of the ancients, warranted , er t<? ch uixe color, with many recent imprort ui?mts for rch windows and other public and private building*, steamis, | ackt l *l?ipH, Niore windows, Uc Ike. nif tion. of Stained Gt-'js, painted on muslin for church \ idow.very dos? imitation of the real ?llu,H a very trilling fl ense, ur th' J u? ob*curcd and painted in brilliant colors, j y curable ana cheap. jy 17 r ?ni N(; v\\ .\\|i \ t>f > \ vv. wnedb tin um ? filingof i row boat off Governor's M uni, on Sunday, I7lh (J i x nun wai SO . r? old, rather tbick set, about i feel 3 inches iit height?had t Ift.iir of light grey fcambroon pantaloons, a > dlow vest, and ? iat the pnm without a eo?t. The boy was I years of age, v a ?traw hat lied uuder Ins chin, aud a gambroon frock coat , pantaloons. a liand?ome reward will be paid to anyjienon giving infer ion that will lead to the recovery of their bod ies by their af* ed reittioi a, il 110 WilJi iy >9 lw*< : ATI IIKS AND JKWELKY VEliy LOW.?The tub ' cribcr is filing all descriptions, of gold and silver 1 tches, gold and silver pencils, gold chains, keys, fcc., at re- I lower than at any other pi ice iii the city. Oold Watches i >w as 2) to 3u dollars each. Watches and Jewelry cxchau- ? b ight VV\ itel ? a xari its d to ki rj . - I |ime, ?e moucy returned. Witches and ('locks repaired in the , manner, and warranted, at much less than the uiual nricet, 4 inc of the finest workm* u in the city. G. C. ALLKN. !m? er of W ttcheaand Jewelry, wholesale and reta I, in Wall 1 ft, u 41 a lairs. j\ 11 lm*r 1 DR. MORRISON. " ' , OftTH I1IVKII DISTHNSAs V Itrnatrcet near . Greenwich.?Dr. Mo riaon, Aieu^er of f.'i * i.oyal College lurgeons, London, and formerly ^Tir a:in 1 (British Xacontinues to be consulted dany on all <^ra*e . (la delicate irr, and all those distressing s> mptonru cortse 1 < Dion ii\ju- 1 run treatment, and the imprudent use < J<juac< fccdicines. M. has lud an experience of twenty t wo yeais u- treating ] cate diseases in all their various ami: implicated lorms^ann 1 1 mild. safe and infallible substitute I rmercurf, tradicat- . the venereal virns with certainly , w ithout subjecting the cut to any risk or restricting hiinin' is usual diets or our- I * while fiM medicines are agreeable in taste and smell, Per i ini in the uretiir?. uh ui stin tnrei ind ?1 j ( mentor the prost'ate gland, a-rr rnpani< d with much irri* ] n and dull 1 tin about th? < p ?re some of the c< :c*e- j races of maltreatment. Dr. A,. tieat stlricfvirt s in a scienmanner, promoting ahsori r o of the thickta* aircnltr 1 nbratte without any pain. ONBTITUTIONAL ? KBILITY.?Thonaamie of young ( 1 an- suiter in 1 n?i 11 f i ilgenci v se- t destructive habit, u ilwhoist nerve* arc further injured from j use of nostrums, rt d pretended iiirriAei, which stimulate fi to induce greater dei'o-ssion. Dr. V). treats audi cases on , fly pathological principles. ,yid never fails in establishing a ?rt;. strictest honor and confidence is observed. 1 ? Iters post pud, siid Containing ! suitable fee, will ensnre i correspondent lull advice, and m*diciiic to any part of the on, by his grving a history of hiacaseia detgiL 904H Ful- , treet rear Greenwich. jy22 lm * r C. L IXGEKSOLL'S t BOAT ESTABLISHMENT. I )ATJJ. Dinkey sail boats aud race b<?af?, irieaaurv boats. Stc. j Ulc. The immense Boat Building Kstatdidimerit of C. L. j 1 | 0 Vat Catha r Marki f the t eaten ive in tin United State Here wi re built Um most itiful pleasure barges and club boats that have floated on rivers aud lakes of America. Also the barge for tin Auto- 1 of all the Russia*, several rac boat for Asiatii Monarch* j 1 fancy boat called the John Smith of Atkans ?>, and the f,?Kt ng boat for Mr. (J. F. B Minings. He has recently completed ( e Doftt on a nvw pun. wiiirn lias r>? ? n pronounced i>y iom? , ttr most viperienoed nautical ru d ?onerior to any ever bebuilt. \i thia *Ul?li?hfnenf any Kind of boat \% i 11 be li hed wi'h re?emd bottom, from a mould, in my way to the tsuteof fin purchaser, of whatever form they may be. material^ are all of tin lust |u\Jily, |?me board? b?in^ no rIk'reor. A I r.? Mtortn . fit ofboata < fall kind*, in. luding boats, at. Ionic* quarter, pleasure, \Y aU hail, and race ?, in ay be ajwe.y* found if in< manufict >fy, - t prices much iw wli t pnrch:i4er? bate here fob >re i?*id, aid \ liberal dm* it on the ununl rate* will U mail* t ? fV?o- who wish to sell n. Please call before purchasinjr tUewhore; you tan then of my work?Referenc s. *. W. Hale, Sol Aurnt, 1ft W II if. For adt^rftaemMit of *, fcr., m? < ? "U er St ftrvjuin r end New York ' omm-rrial ertiaer, jy23 lm*r IA VANA A N") PR1 NCIPB SEGA US. RADF.R, 11 Chatham ?tr> ef, offrra for ??!? Iso.fiOfi L. iNniirw Sunn, 50.000 Nnral Principe. 2fi ooo Woonrilte. 25,000 Rinnda. illrd to d> brhtui. . Braido. a full atork of the choiccat I, ,,f II ,\ nn Mil Pi it: I(?-Srifnr?. )v20 lm rixl'e im v rR7)< ?"Rh, fA si LIBERTY S'l'HKKT, lietwarn Broadway and I ' ?i) ?t,??fl'# r fm for ilia in I lUoeka fiiah black marbla. 100 raaki r' till) d b.ukct unit. 300 Caska Boyd'a bleaching pawder. o in Tona aniwrfine aoda aanea. f, 2 ('??? ? ratvnt Iratlirr. 50 Bill-. Ch> atcrficld factory brown aheetinga. '* 7000 German patent fit' hri. k. 20 . 3 and I K E blui .malt., t 2 Bale th'tinmanfting thm and four yarda wide. li 5 B slra Machine Idanketa v II of which will be acid at loweat mark, t |.ric?a, jy 17c f ANQING TAPER?20,000 poniula low priced paper, for t ),*lr b> Pi RARE Ik nROOKS.f.1 Liberty at. LLS on-SiTI parts of Viuland, Ireland, and Scotland, in auma of X5, XIO, and A15, x2o tin to ,iny .mount, in 1 atoauit. Koraaleat S. J. SYLVESTER'S, 8 23c 130 Bioadway, and 22 WalUlreet. [ERA I'. S, Circuit Court. Befote Judge B"tt?. Jolt lb?The Juijr term opened thU forenoon. 1 hi nminal calendar consist*of tune ehtngetol assault with angeron* wes| on*, five cater of revolt, four |ieijui v, 01 < [rami larceny, one intent to kill bv (hooting, one (pott, wili'l' in t? m? c.unity i rubbing tl'ie man. Uut 1.1 Gra n! tirors nusvvereil to their names- The Marshall was illocte.l to line the absent juror* each ami to summon hers loi II o'clock to-morrow. Tke tiuH Ikeeai. jU rue J. Circuit Court. Bulore Judge Kent. .It* lit 25?Solomon k Pike v>. Jucol Acker.?8omc ten, however active, .energetic, and ciiterpri/ing ihcv is) be, weni born to til lurk?such appear* tu he the cue ith plaintiff. He hecumo unfortunate in business mine llleeorfour years ago with thefirm ofCrommelei: , Htohers Si i.'u. w no kept a wine establishment in Pino street, we believe next to the fustoiu House) and one or two tiier places. Alter the tiim had (lis olvcd he removed ti so. 31 Bow ery, where he occupied a alorc and dwelling, lore he w as pounced dow n upon by l.'ol. Jones, the then Jeputv Hherlft', and hit stock and furniture levied %pon or a debt due hy the Arm, it being the lirst notice, as he leclurcs, tliut had over been given to him o! process being ssued. He always signed his name S. M. Pike, so that the voi Id usual!) called liiin " Sam," (for shortness, probabl) is the old term is)- he w as know n by the nameol Samuel VI. Pike, and the execution w as sen ed againsl liim in that i mine. He made affidavit complaining that no declaration ] liul ever been served upon him, whicli atHdavit was filled | ip " Samuel" and he subscribed to it, ' S. M.Pike," hi lion attorney, not knowing that liis name w as Solomon. I n holies of improving his fortune ho w ent off lo Mobile, vhere the capricious goddess had blandly smiled upon lim, and he was on liia return to New York, w ilh a trunk full of rocks," kaving in it,principally in gold vhon trunk, money, and all, was stolen from the house at 'hiladelphin, which he put up at lor the night, uud he iguin leh penniless. This was in Mny last, hut no trunk ir money have again appeared for him. The prciPnt i m action of replevin, it being contended that the property if Solomon M- I'ike cannot be levied upon under process igainst Samuel M. Pike. The defence would probably ,.?ve availed him, as the Court seemed to think tliore wa[ood foundation for it, but the nnlortunato atlidavit, in vhich he only complained of irregularity as to proceedngs, was brought up, and, alter argument, a nonsuit wa . illowrd. 'J'he |urv estimated the daninges to defendant ut H1.VI TOcrnls. l>'ur plaintiff, Messrs. Carpentier and Crist. For defendint, Mr. N.B. Blunt. Ilred \ finy rt Edwin Skinner and Sardif .dllen.?Mi. skinner belongs to Oswego, and came to New- York for he pur|K)ie of " dealing" with some of our merchants, ind obtaining " supplies." lie procured goods to tie tniount of nearly $11)00 from plaintiffs, part of the notes for which were endorsed by Allen, who is also a resident if Oswego, and of the firm of Allen A Marvin. Payment if the notes is refused on the ground that they were enloried in accommodation, and therefore not binding so fur is relates to Allen. Skinner was qualilied in evident' , md stated that hu bought the goods of plaintiff's on hi' mil responsibility, and that u delivery had been made to i lim? they then asked him if hccuuld not obtain Alien is an endorser, and he replied no; they then enquired it hey might not lie permitted to ask Allen to endor. c, us it vouhl assist them in having the paper negotiated, lie as,ented, and in this w ay, solely tor plaintiffs'bum tit, the lOteS were endorsed by Allen. A clerk in the employ nent of plaintiffs, on the contrary, states that the good, vere sold on the express understanding that Allen u so be un endorser; that they were not delivered, and, more ban that, he (the clerk,) was expressly ordered not to driver till the paper had been perfected and paid in. Thn Pnnrr ehnr,*...! It' Ik. -t .( CO, ; itled to credence, the pluintitf-i could not recover, as the tote* had been endorsed alter the deliveiyof the good*, iud for plaintiffs' benefit,hut should the testimony of the ilerk he found the most probable under the various Cirlumatances connected with the case, and they considered sins worthy of belief, then the defendant* were clearly iable. The jury gave a veruict in favor of plaintiffs. (Skinner, at the commencement of this suit, made over ill Ins property, we understand, to Allen. He was arrestI on Saturday on complaint of another creditor, charged vith obtaining goods under false pretences-] For plaintiffs, Messrs. Cowles, Barker anil Webster, 'or defendants, Mr. Norman Bennett, of Oswego. Court of Common Pleau, Before Judge lug n'rim. Jri.v JS.?Nathaniel (' J1/7 A is. Samuel Utter-?The lajntifl had hired of the veneiablc Samuel Brown the tore lielongiug to latin.. No. 435 Greenwich street, which ftcr occupy ing some 'dun.., he islet to defendant, who greed to pay him $100 for Ins "fixtures". Thinkiug be mid fix the fixture- iiioro to his mind than by paying for hem, defendant afterwards refused to make good the mount, alleging that Mr. Brown, the owner had claimed liein as belonging to the building. Action, in c.oneruence, is brought. Mr. Brown, in giving his testimony , enled hat ing made the claim ascribed to him, and the jny gave a verdict in favor of plnintitt ; so that Mr. Ut'i | i ill now find among the " fixtures" a hill for some is) or tin Inlluri . vtru fur e,i?tc_nri bis ,.or( ? ,.r. I.. -~n lec.cssnry fixture. For plaintiff Mr. C. Law ton, For defendant, Mr. C. Sagle. Common Council. Bosun ok Aliif.hmrx,?July 25.?Present Alderman Woodhtill in the chair and all the members. The Committee to whom was referred the subject ofa| Miration to the New York Gas Company to light Ea>t Broadway, asked to be discharged from further consider,-iion of the subject, on the ground that a requisition hid lever been made by the Lamp and Oas Committee to the ompany for that purpose. After considerable debate the Committee were discharged. f'etitions were presented to rrpave Broailwny, and also hut the introduction of the Croton Water be celjbmted iy a display of (ire-works. (Communications w ere received from the Mayor, stating lis objections to the jiowi r of the Common Council as rcised in the removal of James H. Wni-d, First Marshal, md the apjiomtmcntof Walter K. Penny, also vutoiugthi rdiuancc giving jiowerto the Captains of the Watch, an-1, ommiltecs on Police. Watch and Prisons, to remove and ippoint the w atchmen instead ol vesting said authority { Kith the Mayor,as heretofore. This w ill allow those now | n olllcc to keep their places ten days or two weeks longer I it least. Alokrman Oivis moved that the message be published n the New- York American alone. This was opposed by Udcrmell Purdy, Lee. and Leonard, who contended thiit should be inserted in nil the papers that publish th orporation notices, and moved that it be so amended, I vhicli ii|>on being put was lost by party vote of ten to leven. Alderman Ti anv then moved that it be published in the New York Express, Evening Post, and New F,r?. Alderman Daviks moved that the. motion of AUIermnn Purdy be laid on the table, which w as adopted by a party rote." The resolution to publish th - message exclusively in he New Vork American was than adopted, for which tli< public .will be taxed some hundred dollars, the Whig members contending that the contract of the- corporate n papers did not include the publica:ion of the Mayo;'s ICtOlS. A communication was received from Peter A. Cowdry, late cor|>uiution attorney, relative to the suit of Jane s Lynch,one of the judges of the Court of Session-, again-the Corporation in the Supreme Court, which was relet red [o the present corporation attorney. Communications were received from the Comptroller relative to a bill offfeesof 4500, charged by B. F. Butler. Esq., for defending the corporation in the < ourt of Erroi s, in the Mandamus case. R--lerred to committee |on;la md finance, relative to the Hobokcn Ferries. lEe.iilofinn to uaiiit the fence around Washington Pa rn Dround concurred in. The work to be done by r<r ract, given out by the coininitteis on public offices an! repairs. Alderman Davits moved that the hoard meet over;. Monday evening. Alderman Jones said that this was it being the age ei vctoe; these repeated meet, ngs were necessary. The ordinance reducing certain lalnries was then takr.i 'p. Alderman Lr.oxattu moved that the salary as fixed in he ordinance giving the watchmen but $1 per n'gkt, be 10 amended as to read ?1.46 |>er night. He siistainivl li s imcndmunt in an earnest appeal to the good sense of the nemhors of the Board ii|>on this subject, hut it u as debated by a party vote ?1 10 to 7, the whig membi rs all roting in the negative. Alderman Stew tnt then called for the main question, which was put, and the ordinance was adopted, as fol0 ws:? Avrs?Aldermen Woodhull, Balis, Underwood, Jones Tollus. (rediiey, Smith, Carrsan, Stewart, Davis, and A" est II. Nan?Aldermen Martin, l.conard, Ptirdy, Hatfield, Bor.lell, and Lee tl. llerk to the Common Council J1.700 now Jl.Tne Vnntint do do 1,600 d,? l.ot'i '.eik To tie- Boa d of Asst. Aldermen 1.000 do I < jountct to the Corporation l.flflo d" bujioratinn Altnrin> '.',500 do I i-0'i lerk to f'.onusel 'a ll do dork in Attorney >"" d? 1 7?" trror t Commissioner 2,Vtu do I,(lee \-volant do '000 do 1,400 7 Street Inspectors (e,v h) 600 do l.lii >och Msster for IS'b wsril )ther Dock Masters do 6; 1 Mayor's Cl-rk 'l"1 do l,2jii 'irst Married 7j0 'uldie Administrator I,'-'VI ity Inspeeror l,0fln do 1,200 kssrStaiit Insitrctor 700 do llO'i b ry aii'-at-Arm* Board of Assutuits Mn do (,.Vi laptsins ofths ?ntrh per fclghl $' t'i do gt> SO Vssist lit do do I 7i do .4 (10 V.itelimen 1 no do 1 a'. 'rincii si Bell lliniter n the Cits Hall, per day 1 'Ml do I 7"i VII other lb II (lingers 1 do I so 'apeiintrntleiil of Markets $Wnl do J7HU dessenger to thr Common Conueil, I soo lay Police Officers, i er day 111 in forfvsry twelve h"nrs in ti e dry time, snd $i ii for every twelve h The ordinnnre regulating the Water Work> of the ci'y ( New Vork, was then taken up and adopted, with but ?w amendments. When it passes the Board of Assistnts we shall publish itfo> the bonefit ot our readers. Alderman Jour.* introlured an ordinance abolishing he office of First Marshal, and making provision for a irst Clerk to the Mayor and an assistant, the latter of j rhom is to possess the same po wers as thoss now per 01 med by the First Marshal. The ordlnancs was orJsrrd o be printed and laid on the table. A resolution to pay Messrs. Lord, Wood and Foot, the urn of $h00 each for defending the Corporation stilt heore the Supreme Court and the Court of Krrorv, was uloptad by a party vote. , A resolution to make an appropriation to throw ? ' heu L s ?. Two L'tnli, over the centre of Washington Marl.rt, wa< referred to the Msu hat Commilteu to report th< est the: < o|. V A petition was received from UvUry Mrig?, cx-AUermta of the 10th ward, for an appointment to ? 010 publio ufflce calculated for his ahilitiee, and w inch would rot. ?r him a comfortable support. A resolution to change the name el that part el L.ghlh street w est of Broadway, to Cliutou Place, w u' .?.it. A resolution to strike out the name* of Richard J Smith uua Win. 0.1 iall. as iiusuori in certain MsrosBim , end appoint Messrs. Dodge and Phyfa in their stead, w.i adopted The Board then adjourned to Monday evening next, at 111 u o'clock. I lly Intelligence. rim Caotos Wjiti CcLiiiiTlos. - As we observed a few days since, most cxteusivt preparations are making by the Common Council and Fire Department of thu city, I to celebrate tho introduction of the Croton Water, in e | maimer becoming tho important occasion. We accidentally caught a glance yesterday of the splendid banner to he presented by the Corporation on this ocr,uion to the Kua Department. It i? from the design ana pencil of Al* lea Smith, jr., of this city, and w ill he a mcmeuto of his taste and skill while the Croton's refreshing iiieam supplies our city. The front contains these won!. "NEW YORK FIRE DEPARTMENT, I M OVPUHAIsu March JOth, 179H." Tho design convoy s a lull length figure ot Neptie.e, with his trident, borne in his car of state, accompanied by monsters of the deep, rushing onward with the tlood of water; and in the front ground is a female* figure repraseating Victory, with a fiery monster crushed beneath her feet, and who ia receiving the grateful thanks of a beautiful female, accompanied by her three innocents who have been rescued from the devouring element Its Nctv York Fireman, who forms one of the group. Tho banner is surmounted by n large mo gilt eagle hovering J overs fireman's hat and horn, while each end is decorated with a torch, and other implements of use in the department. Encircling the top and sides of the design are two detachments of hose, with tha w ater gushing from their mourns up.i inning 111 drops ni spray on Neptuno's brewmy shoulders. The reverse contains these words :? " PSKSKKTED < V TIIF Cciai-OIIATIOS-." The date und year to be p unted in when the day n positively selecteil lor the celebration. The design is .1 view of the ( roton's pure and silvery stream w ith the dam an 1 uquoJuct, and a lull sire figure ufa beautiful t'roton maid in the front giound, pointing to the magnificent structure, lteiow ist he city arms,with th* space for the lettering of the date of the introduction of the water. The banner is of the largest size, being about 1J by 10 feet, and cost the sum of fOOO. It shoulj be conveyed in the procession ou a vehicle containing the sylphlike boat that passed through the aqueduct. Are not some of our Philadelphia Firs Companies erasing to New York on this interesting occasion? Will the Ledger, Chronicle, and Times, inquire 1 Military Abiiiv\l?-A crock military company, called tho "Albany Republican Artillery ," commanded by Captain Strain, will arrive In this city this morning, fron. Boston, on their return home. They will be received by the '17th regiment, under command of Col. Joues, sod after review iu the Parktby the Mayor and Common Council, with other civilities, will encamp In the arsenal yard in Centre street, on the invitation of Commissary General Storms. n ui'tu iw lortemplation.?i no loilowing challenge wns found in the street yesterday, addressed to " L. T. Enderworth, New York.Where are the police 1 Blood and thunder indefatigable!, lookout:? " Ni* Voaa, July 96, 1S43. " Si*? " 1 having received a gross insult from you do hereby challenge you to tight w ith w hatsoev t r u. upon* y on shall chose 1 w ill be avenged lor the insult 1 rectived from y ou and it shows that you w ho ere a New Yorker cannot impose on any one w ho comes from the hoti'h ai d we mil meet on Wednesday 27 on the Elysian plain*. v hire I or you will lanch into oternitv . "JH HERREY. " Choie your second but eliose a g? ntlemati for to stand against 2 curs is to low for my teli. " J H liritRF.Y." A Captaih r.r the Watch f Turn at i ? V. O. \t, t b, one of the 11 cs m captains ui tin fil1 h i i t i> t \ < h, was arrested and held to bail on Saturday in the sum i f (3< 0, on n chinge ol allowing a person to escape vho was charged w uh burglary . There ?re some eireum'tam ea ntti'uiling this arrest that ?c shall allude to at u future time. Another Naii. to hold Her.?John Honeyw ell, of 99 Bay ard stieet, lecognised Elizabeth Heom ssy yesterday, who has been committed to prison on scleral pie iou> complaints, as the person w ho passed a fi> cviin't . b it note of the Tolland County uj on him last w i et in pay ment for a pair of shoes. This woman is one of them, ami can out lie Satan himself. Bl ROLART AND ATTEMPTED SEDUCTln*.?On the evening O f lh? 91st instant, Mr. Abrnhnni Levi bii.Wc tha hasp of the door of the premises of John "fi yon, at 366 Broome street, between the hours of II and 12 o'clock, and after entering a room in w hich Mrs. Try on an I n servant girl named Catherine Lynch, were"in bed, he attempted to get into the bed occupied by the latter, und was only ejected from the house after the Watch was celled in for that purpose. Justice Gilbert very properly fined this gentlrmitn $26 and the costs of suit, and ordered him also to find security for his good behavior for si* ralender months. He should have been indicted for burglary lor breaking the door in, and for robbery , in attempting .0 | deprive the servant girl of her virtue.' ReMovino Goons akter a Li vt.?On the 21st of April lust, Mr. George Simp en, i city marshal, made a levy on furniture belonging to Peter Bogrrt, w ho then resided at the corner of 7th avenue nnd 19th street, under ? landlord's warrant issued by Thomas Riley, for >21 61, due forrent. At the earnest solicitation of the w i n ot Mr. Bogert, the marshal consented to leave the property on the premises,on express conditions that it should not he removed. A few day* afterwards it w as asceitainer! that it hud been removed, ami not being accounted fin firr, , a warrant was issued or Bcgert.nnd he w as m r?-?* 1 on Saturday, and held to bail for a misdemeanor in tin ; r.i of VJOO. Diichabgcd.?Honorn Shepherd, the woman charged with being concerned in passing the counn ifeit V note* ol the Tolland County Bank of Connecticut, was discharged from prison on Saturday, there not being ant |>crMiu who liad received the note* that could rccogi.i.o her. It ia of little uee for the police to arrea' coiint rfeiter* on suspicion, if they arc to eneopa in this manner. Soma twenty or thirty perrons visited tlio city | ri?un on the three ln?t day* of last weak, who had receit i,! these note* from a woman, hut owing to the laet that wbile in tier coll she was allow n without n bonnet upon her head red other change* in her drew, it was impossible lor those imposed upon to recognise her. Several person* in the reporter'* presenceaaid she looked very much like the woman, hut tliey were not positive enough 'o make an attidiu o to the fact". There is -omctliine wrong in tl. * manner of exhibiting persons arretted fur passing counterfeit money, and it is certainly strange that our police m ..gistrate* do not introduce some method whereby evidence .sufficient may be obtained to secure person* so openly notorious as thi? woman, Honora Shepherd. Nearly the whole family, for twenty years back, have been know n as dealers in reun. trrfeit'hi'lls, and now,wlien they him nil 'nl'eiy locked uj, In prison, the combined efforts of the Police cannot obtain sufficient evidence to hold one whom w? believe is among the most proficient of the gang. This is strange indeed ! Bi.scaoVAnoisM? Three meti, named (ihai le* Thompson, Chartos Johnson, snd John Kreeve, were arrested in Madison street on Sunday mght, for making an unprovoked and maliciou* a-saulf upon Mr. and Mrs. Coffee,of Iti Roosev elt street, who wi re walking in the street in a civil and quiet manner. Judge Stev ens very properly compelled them to enter bail in the sum of $1<HK) ceth. Moss IstrrtBTrn Bukoi.abs.?On Sunday momlntr, about four o'clock, Mr. Robert Bolden espied two m<w in the vicinity 01 uaynrd ntiu Mo" cet,who nppem e-'to he watching for a chance to carry ofT a firkin of butter that nn near the store of John H. Uusch, at the corner of the two nameil streets. He obtained the assistance of watchman Peter Collin", who arrested the rogues, wht n it was ascertained that they hud taken the butter irom the shove name 1 store hy forcibly opening one o| the frmt window s. They gave their names as Wm. <<tow srt. carpenter,recently from Liverpool.and Francis Brown,oyi'cr opener, from Holland, an i lately of Catherine market. Both were committed to answer. Court ( oletirinr?1This Day. CiactJlT Corar.? N'os 31, 90k, <W, ?48. 9 M 930, 9d2, 1-1. BankraBti. SOUTHERN DISTRICT OF NEW VORK Edward 11. Ludlow, aurtloneir (of la'.e Ann'of F.. HLudlow it Co., one of which was Hire nection with J. B. Qlentworth, and the other John A oocock), Sept- 2. Gerard Hoekins, lal?merth'U' . N V , kepi. 2 Pliny F. Davis (late firm o B. M. I)i Wilt k Cej rner chant, N.Y., Sept. 9. Daniel V. Purkf r (rn? inbor of the l*t Ajaincnn i r?n?* | portatlon Co.), N Y, Uriah H. /? la!? (lets- firm Creaimelcut and J tdih, he.) merchant, N' V p?ter Vn ntine, late hntch?r,N \ . kept. 9. | f)jrid G. Muggins Lesing'or. Hreene t o., Sep'.9. Loan VoarsTH ? H.'? Lord-h" " ived here on Ttnaday In In til' I'lln e-s Hots', fr..m K Iff "I.d Is f h. s'?*ii1 after noon, ts ith 'he --up. > inlei.ot n' r.l Irdii.i all" is, for'tie Manfietilin Islands, tm Lai e mco . t" ? i'lH ** tUe.hstribtlt'on ol the Indian presents.- Torn it to T< ft / Thursday. Oiatnc'i Wiut. ?The Hotiic of Rcernmitatites in Pannsylraoie took upthe till I providing lor the trial ol 'ha City of Philadelphia (?l a corporation* for violating th# Trust committed to their carcVt the Will of the late Maphen Oirard ; and after a good .h-al of discussion, the ma passed final reading Veas trj, Nays 9A. The trial is to take place in the County of Montgomery.

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