Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 8, 1843, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 8, 1843 Page 3
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longer to do it on the ground of the hazard. Nothing * apeolu more pointedly then thin fact,4** to the diacredit attending the miaconduct of that State, and the (hallow disreputable trick* of it* oHlcer* here. New York 6 per cent* are rapidly approaching par, which point it appear* that they obtained through 1880. The plenteouinesa of money in that year, and the high prioe* of atock, was followed by a terrible rever?e. The 6 per cent loan, taken at par, in October, 1839, for $1,600,000, was by the bauk* here jointly, ou a credit to draw against, ami was all that stoodjbetween them and destruction when the U. 8. Bank went down in the fall of that i. iu 10*1 aiucks recovered in some meuure, aim ?? November of that year the bank* actually held a consultation to ward olf what appeared inevitable bankruptcy, when the opportune arrival ol" bill* from the aouth "restored the battle." Money is now again plenty, and stocks, exchanges and prices are advancing with unprecedented rapidity at a moment when the supply ef bills is exceedingly diminished, and every prospect of a domestic demand for specie is approaching. The effervescence of the markets is rapidly increasing, and this is the moment when the banks should check instead of stimulating it.? Ifbuay soon rise above their control with ungovernable force, and carry them beyond their depth. Large and prompt negotiations of stock abroad cannot now be delanded upon to supply funds in thq moment of danger.? They must retain within themselves the principle of safety, or they are lost. There is undoubtedly every appearance of returning r redit to the Amei ican States. The movement of all the indebted States, Illinois in particular, towards settling their debts, removes the worst feature of the failure, viz: the imputed indisposition to pay just debts. There are other States, however,like Ohio, that even now pertinaciously continue|the Diddle system of borrowing, brow beating and juggling, instead of meeting their difficulties fairly. A large proportion of the Ohio debt is accumulating at more than compound interest. To pay a deficiency of $340,000 in the interest fund last year the debt was increased $410,000. Can any State stand such wastage as that? It has been stated that the late movemeut ui uul ivuug,iu iun iDiiiuvi ;iuw iuin, uaa guuciai iu check returning confidence in American credit, because the Legislature did not rebuke him. An evening paper, famed for ita silliness, publishes the following:? Extract from a letter dated London, 18th April. "Nothing of importance has occurred with respect to stocks. Mr. Young's movement at Albany, which only bocame known yesterday, will have a most injurious effect, unless it be promptly checked. It will not be understood here how a man can retain office, or be retained in it, toho repudiate! the aete of the government tohote eervant he it." From another oftha same date:? "The motion by a /few York Senator in favor of repudiation hae created tome turprise here, and will go farther than anything yet in sinking the national character to the lowest ebb. It bespeaks a lurking love oi repudiation in quarters where it was least looked for, and breaks the last link of hope for better things, The quiescent tone of the government also on this point is a bad sign, end shows how low is the standard of national and political morality in your highest places?a natural result of your democratic system I fear." The London papers, many of them, make remarks, equally ridiculous. The facts of the case are, that Col Young's movement was the very counterpart of repudiation; bat the press, some through gross and criminal ignorance,and others through wilful misrepresentation, chose to fasten that construction upon the Secretary's letter. Let us review the facts?When the people of this country became freed from English oppression, they formed for themselves a government on a model guaranteed to them republican by the United States. A republican Government differs from an oligarch) like that of Britain, inasmuch as the law makers are the servants of the people, who are the sovereigns. In England, as aowrosaml in the aWn U?ok nrhioh kao. UolUi.^ tno*,u IU IUC ai'viu nuivu no U*T Q liail^mru t (be law makera are the servant*, not of the people, but of "the government," which mean* the stockholder* and aristocracy. The hereditary oligarchy of England make uch law* a* they pleaae; the representation of the Commons being a farce to humbug the tax payers. They have no rule for the passage of laws, but an unwritten constitution which is construed towards oppression according to the patieace of the people. The people of New York, to avoid this, met in Convention and formed a government. They did not elect people "to come and reign OTer them,"** the white slaves of England did at the revolution of 10#8, but they laid down upon paper,in the form of a constitution, in black and white, what description ol laws should be passed by the servants whom they should appoint thereafter to execute their will, according to the strict letter of that constitution. They not only wrote down upon paper what description of laws should be passed, but they put down in detail the ceremony that should be observed before a bill proposing such legisla lion should become a law. Among other regulations or express orders from the people to their servants, the ninth section of the 7th article of the constitution of the State of Mew York, is as follows :? "Sec. 9?The assent of two thirds of the members elect' ed to each branch of the Legislature, shall be requisite to every bill appropriating the public monies or property for local or private purposes, or creating, continuing, altering or renewing any body politic or corporate." Time ran on, until in 1833-6 a most ungovernable spirit of speculation was engendered all over the Union. The most desperate speculators and their accomplices, the politicians,got possession of every Legislature in the Union, and their combined efforts were concentrated to obtain the money of the people for private purposes. Under this excitement bills were introduced inte the Mew York Legislature to give $5,000,009 of the people's money te private companies. These billi failed to become fates, because they were passed not by a majority of two-thirds, which was the express orders of the people, but by mere majorities. On these defeated bills however, stock was issued and money obtained and squandered among speculators. Here was a palpable fraud and false pretence The foundation of the whole superstructure of Republican government was sapped. The servants of the people had set themselves up in opposition to their written will. If this usurpation was to pass into precedent, then indeed would "Mew York Senators become the servants of government" and not ot the people. In this position ol attain Col.Young with unbending integrity and unflinching republicanism risked the whole burst of vituperation that has been showered upon him, and in a letter to the "Committee on the Judiciary" called their attention to thn Tart of thp frtud rnmmittn! on rnnatit ntir?n onJ that capitalists holding atook under those defeated billi wore without festivity. Here waa not the slightest trace of repudiation. On the contrary, it was to pave the va; for the cnation of security whare none prtvioutly exiiltd This was to be done by a simple, manly, and straight for' ward reconsideration of the affair by the Legislature, avowing the overiight and passing anew by a two third vote the bill under which the creditors of the State hold their stock. The Legislature did not do this. Those foreigners who read Col. Young's letter understood tie ca?o, and were surprised to Qnd that a great majority of the press, instead of advocating the creation of a good title for the stock, attempted by clamor to make the false one pass current. It was this that injured confidence. Who are the repudiators? Col. Young, who wished to give good security where none before existed, or the vile stipendiary press,which intended to leave a door open for future difficulty 1 If a man holds a mortgage on my house In which a flaw exists that legally invalidates his claim, as long as il is not tested, the mortgage is good. If then I go volunja. rily forward and tell him that his mortgage is bad, offci him a new and sound one, is the proceeding dishonest' Do I show any disposition to avoid the debt by so doing Thus it is with Colonel Young, and yet so perverse ar< the vile political hacks in the interest of the Erie Rail road, from the Lieutenant Governor down to the grovel ling press of Wall street, that he Is reviled forarepn diator. The cause of this Is that the miserable specula tors and the political and editorial tools hope to obtain more plunder from the State. This they can never do il the constitutional two-third vote is adhered to. If by ? IUIIHM UIU VUUpCIOUUU IUOJT ' '!? UIHIVI? 1110 ITWJOnty principle work, vho door will be open to more plunder.? It iatlii* which produce* *uch a unanimity between th< peculator* of both partie* on tho aubject. The people will curtain CoL Young. Corn Trade. Tbi* market continue* depretird, and quotation* only rule tor a short time. The receipt* of flour are large, and price* continually changing. Sale* of Oeneaee to a fait amount have lieen made at $4 87$a$6 ; Georgetown $4 44! n*4 06$, part Rupcrior : Southern $4 76a$4 37$ ; Ohio and Michigan $4 7ftaf 4 *7 J Brandy ine Richmond county $4 .'aia4 <17$ ; Alexandria' $4 37$ ; rye flour f l P7J a $3 17$ tor North liver and New Jeriey ; corn meal, Jer. *ey, $9 83$a(9 7ft ; Brandywine $1 87Ja$3 Wheat i" much wanted, and would command quick cale* and goo< price*. Laatjweek a *ale of some liandaome, from Dutch ma county, *old for $1 03. Wo hare heard of *alo* of wert em to arrivo, for milling, at 88} ct?. Corn i* in good de niand ; holder* are not di*i>o*ed to make Mdea, a* the im pre??ion,i? that quite an advance will take place hcfori tne aeaaon i* over ; ftfl ct*. i? the ruling quotation for nor I hern and Jeraey. Rye i* in briak demand, but tho lupph it ahort ; sale* have been made at 08*60 ct*. Oat* are fun at 77aUO ct*. Jl! I'hilatltlphia, the receipt* and aI*o the demand foi flour have been very moderate, but price* continue with Kit oMential change. Hale* of aeveral parcel* for expor at >4 'lft per bbl., rommon brand* lor city nan at $4 7ft good tirand* f 4 37$, and choice at $4 fttt. llye (lour, owini to it*|*rarcity, ha* (lightly advanced. Sale* of aevera lot* at $9 87$, and ?ome at $3. Corn ineal?*ale* of neai '4,000 bbl*. at $4 ftO, with a lot at 9 87$ for renmylvani* and i 76 fer Brandy wine moal- Foreign export this week b< 4,410 Tibia, tlour, 1,31ft bbl*. rye fleur, 84 hhd*. and *4,790 ?' com meal. Wheat ii arriving more Ireely, and price* havo receded 3 cent* per buihel. Sales of fair to good l'enn*y Ivanin red at 96a91 ct* , early in the week, including tw o let* to atarch-maker* at 90 ct*., and iome light A weight at 9l^a904 ct ; yesterday and to day sales at 93 to '? 914 eta ; 3,000 huiliel* fair southern at 88 ct*. The week'a sales reach 10,000 buihel*. Rye?aulea of 4,000 bushels Pennsylvania at 68 to 64 ct*., closing at the latter price. Corn?supplies large and priues nearly stendy ; sales of N 6,000 bushels Pennsylvania round yellow at 66*64, and w flat at 64a63 cts.i 13,000 bushel* southern at 63a6*4 cts. for yellow, and 61*60 for white. The market closes <|uiet. ft Oats?sale* of outhern at 39 ct*. per bushel. Exported k this week 1,009 bushel* wheat; 1,960 do corn. c? At Baltimore there had been a moderate demand lor k Howard street; good standard brands, w*ere, quoted at $4 ^ 18|. The receipt line M,0?i ; City Mills, sales of 600 bbls " j_BnJ '-WOOkbls previously, *4,36, stock smull ; nu?i|uciiuiiuM, iMioiea bi j>4,w, C8*n ; ut which 23UO Mils had been sold; Hya fluur sold inmoderote lota, at $2.62] a 2,75 ; wheat wa? scarce, a few parcel* Pennsylvania have been sold at ?6?. for common a (1, for good ; Cam, Ma ryland white,sells at 65c.; yellow 53c ; prime Pa. yellow H at A5c ; good 63c. (j At Cincinnati, April 29, about 1000 barrels flour sold at C Canals for $3 a $3,06 A At St. Louis, April 33th, flour was selling at $9 70a$2 75. B Wheat was firm at 45oSOc for fair; aud prime inferior lots ? have been sold at 40c. The receipts were very large. The quantity of flour on its way to this city, all along the oanal, lakes and rivers, to the extreme Wast, is larger J* than iever before known. 13,406 barrels of flour, and p 3,446 bushels of wheat cleared at Buffalo for the east, the first three days in May. 10,808 barrels flour left Rochester q for the east in two days, being more than was ever ship- Pi ped before in the same time. The quantity ol flour and meal] imported in this city, for the past three years, has ? been very uniform, considering the many points it comes = from Valur 1840. 3,076,929 barrel*. $10 617,900 u 1841. f J 1,867,456 " 10,359.971 p, 1843. 1,910,380 " 10,033,563 V at Total, 6,843,766 " $30,911,424 ? The above table ahows an average cost of $6 29 per s? barrel for the three year*. 01 The quantity imported for 1843 will not vary much from 3,600,000 barrels, which, at $4 per barrel, will be worth $10,900,000, being less than the value of the insptction* of either of the provieus years, consequently the = additional quantity produced by the farmers, does no (I good, the price being more reduced than the quantity is si increased, A medium crop is more profitable to the pro- = dttcer than an abundant one; ten bushels at one dollar per bushel, is better for them than twenty bushels at cents?the expense of harvest and transportation is only half on the first, and the value received equal. si Accounts reach us from all sectioua, giving the most ' favorable reports of the crops in the ground, but as it is some time before harvest, no dependence can be placed ? on them, for many enemies surround a crop of wheat, as all farmers can testify. B Foreign Markets. ? [Correspondence of the Herald.] _ Buenos Aybei, Feb. 23,1843. 8mi I^The many arrivals from the United States with assort' ad cargoes have made a great impression on prices, and 1 the most current articles have experienced a gradual depression. Lumber, in particular, as Montevideo was the y principal market for the article, before the disturbance, ? has at present become almost unsaleable. As an exception we have to mention Hour. It is well known that this ar- a ticlecan only be landed in deposit, and not be dispatched for consumption, except by sp rial license, granted only ' when the necessity seems pressing. Such a license was n extended to all the flour in deposit in the early part of October, when about 15,000 barrels were found deposited? t In anticipation of this admission, the price in deposit ruled at from 10 to 13 Spanish dollars per barrel, and afterwards ? in the market, having paid 15 per cent duty, at from $16 to $18. The harvest has since proved unsatisfactory, and for a month past speculation has recommenced, and about d 8,000 barrels have thus lar been laid in deposit, purchased at about 6} Spanish on hoard,| or,'.which is equivalent, $7 i in deposit. The price of salt has been very variable, and at present may be quoted $14 to $10 currency per ianega on board. i The importation of Domestic Cottons has recently been 1 inconsiderable; and the stock in importers,hands is small, , though in second hand still heavy, and of British goods of similar description, a good supply exists, even with b importers. We quote last sales as fellows : 30 inch Appleton shirtings, netting, 6$ cents, 30 do In- ' dian head do do 5j do, 33 do Appleton do do 6} do, 36 do . Appleton sheetings do 61 do, 30 do Brown Drills 6| do, 37 do Brown cotton 4|, 7-8 do red striped ticking'do 11} do, 7 red shirting stripes do 10} do. Of blue striped ticks and shirting stripes there is yet a supply in first hands, and no demand whatever. We fur- j therquotoby last sales: Lumber, pine, netting $30 per 1000 feet, aah and oak do ? $37 to $29 do do,Carolina rice in tiercel do 41 centi per |! lb., Caroline rice in barrels do 4} do do, white Havana sugar do 6} do Jo, yellow Havana sugar do 4} do do, refined ; crushed do do 7| do do, gunpowder and imperial tea do 00 d do do, Touchong do 47 do do, black pepper do 6 do do, cassia do 30 do do, codfish do $3,00 quintal; wheat starch (in boxes of 35 lb) do 8 cts. per lb., white wax do 43 do do, 1 furniture varnish do $3,30 cts. per gallon, spirits of tur- . ' pontine do 85 do do, palm leaf hats do $1,80 to $3 dozen, leaf tobacco do $7.44 quintal, candlewick do 14 lb , stout hrogans do $1 pair, 7 8 black levantine handkerchiefs do 9,60 cts. piece, 80 inch damask crape shawls do $4 each, i large size China fire crackers do 2 90 cts. box of 50 packs. , The following articles are abundant and of dull sale Cordage, canvass, ravnnsduck, naval stores, spirits of tar, ' yellow soap, sperm candles, hams, chairs, mahogany voneera,boards and plank, cut nails, tacks, shellac, paints, manufactured tobacco, India matting, 4c. Freights remain continually low and vessels abundant. Nominal rates to the United States $7 per ton measurei ment, and | cent per lb. for dry hides. , Present quotation of our exports and exchanges, and approximate statement of the principal exports from this port and Montevideo for the last five years, you will find at the foot hereof. Respectfully, i Your obedient servants. ' Statement ok Sundry Exports from Buenos Ay res and Montevideo in the followino years. Dry ami 8nllrd or and cuw Horte hides. Horse I lair Jf'ool hides arrohat. arrohas. 1838 1.218,101 64,6% 80,636 199,069 1839 1,262 468 49,798 49,832 76,062 1210 1,318,827 48,8 '4 61,101 96,611 <841 3,5'2,938 177,6 8 177.C96 969 067 1813 J 930,0(0 110,Mi Hi,811 5KL798 [ Tallow and 1 Shtepskins Nutria skins soar stuff Horns, dozens dozens. arrohas. I 1818 i R 981 71.715 314,253 1 030,000 1819 16.804 21,839 407,391 1,199,000 ? 1840 10,3il 12.i4il 37i,4'4 1.112,036 ? 1811 2M.R94 97,904 1,112,086 2,637 9*2 J. 1811 102,421 97,i23 511,735 2,183,919 ' Whereol tojthe United States Dry and Halted i or and cow Horse hides. Horse hair Tfnnl 4 hides. arrobas. arrohas c 1838 178,514 4.084 i,97H 88,629 1839 213 393 7,332 17,872 59,410 1810 97.222 3,258 6 452 30,795 c 1541 027,7*6 23.319 25, 52 481,764 1 1 1842 392,489 6,939 13,217 168,895 ' Tallow and 1 Sheep Skins Nutria skins soap stuff Horns. J dozens. dozens. arrohas. . 1838 33,258 626 108 7 36 159,0'O 7 , 1839 15.280 13,125 126,10 1 246 Obi) , 1 1849 3,633 491 35.551 158 5KI , . 184 1 83 60 1 20 8 8 77,172 4 38,350 f 181 2 18,320 13,216 5,639 585,354 I Married, 3 ? In Sennott, Cayuga county ,on the 18th April last, by 1 | the Rev. Mr Swart, Johh s'Jrnaivs, Erq Counsellor at , Law, to Minerta I'., daughter ol the late E. B. Fellows, c Esq. of the former place. UIC41. On 8unday morning at half past 4 o'clock, of dropsy J in the brain, Wm. Phyfr Gratacaf, aged 6 years, 10 i months and 14 days, youngest son of Gabriel P. and Phebe 1 A- Gratacap. I The relativos and friends of the family are respectfully J invitod to attend the funeral this afternoon at half past 4 4 o'clock, without further invitation, from No.197 Fulton n 1 atreet. ; l ] i^nteat Advlcca R I RECEIVED AT THE NEW YORK HERALD OFFICE. y Antwerp April 14 Macao Jan. 17 P Africa March 3 Madras Dec. 24 lj AuxCayes Feb. II Manilla Jan. 12 'J Antigua Match 16 Malaga March 28 ? Bombay Feb. 3 Montevideo Feb. 24 / i Bataria Nor. 36 Maranltam Feb 20 V Bermuda April 22 Matauzas April 15 c Bonaire April 9 Mayaguei April 15 y Buenos Ayres March 7 Maracaibo March 9 Bahia March 31 Matamoiaa March 13 g I Belize, Houd. March 20 Mexico March 28 n Barbadoea April 1 Nrtmtai April 22 a Boc?ia Dec. 21 Naaaau, N. P. April 12 y Berbiee Feb. 20 Oahn, S. I. Dee. 25 4 ;ape Town, C. O. H Feb. 20 Paris April 13 * Caracoa March23 Portau Prince March2l I I Cienfnegos April 15 Ponce, P. R. April 1 . Carthagsna Sept. 13 Para March 6 * (.'arrccas May 17 Pernamhuco April 2 * ) Chagres Jnly 1 fanama Sept. 23 Callao Sept. 7 Ki > de Janeiro March 19 " Calcutta Jan. 22 Singapore Dec. 9 . Cadiz March31 Syifci?y, N. 8. W.?? Jan. a , Demrrara Apiil 1 St. lieiena March 18 Fayal March 27 St. Thomas April 13 h Gibraltar Match 20 St. Bart* Jan. 3 . Guayaquil (let. 16 St. Jago de t^nba* April 2 , Snayama, P. Ro March IS St. Johns, P. K. April 9 ouaives April 1 St. 4'roix' April 9 tialrrstnn April 1.1 St. Martha Dec. 2 , Mnvrr At nl 14 St. Domingo April 4 ? Himhurg A|?il 8 St. John, N. B. May J f Banana April If Surinam March 18 ^ ayti March 12 TainpicO' Ai ril 13 ? Malitni.... April 30 Tobaaco Jan- 28 j. Jeremie March 3 Titrha laland Feb. 8 j Jacmel March 10 Trinidad <le Cuba- April 12 ,j Kingston, Ja. March 26 Talcabuaua Jan. 7 . London April II Valparaiso Jan. 4 , Liverpool April 18 Vera Crux March 28 j. La tin ay April 14 Yncatau April 3 Lima Feb. 10 Zanzibar Jan. 21 Puungeri Arrived. I CHA*LMTOj?Biig Moses?Mrs Wood and 2 children; Mrs Shuli7., Miss K M Smith. Mm .Ylnrcridpe, Miss tiibha, Mra , I Gibson, M aSpotford; Messrs Smith, Iteming, Walker,Barnes | i Mseinins, Deiatnl, Mr.Koy, McGinnis, Miller?.10 steerage pas- , irnitera. r '. ' BaaMpna?8hii> Miuerra?H K Hiogi, M ('llylaLd. | Btu/r, ( Hon )?Brig Pataey B Blount?H Clarke. Foreign Importation*. ] Bhistoi., ( K.nB)?8arqiie rosmo?19 tea emgr r beer bottles f 900 bis pipes .60 d?i pipe head* 2000 rtrc Clicks (' 8 Iiimss? l.'iOOO / jc.iuiins bricks H Irian?80 cks m se CI Meyer fc son?2 i on b hoilerr ('helps It Dodge?120 cs sliea huu cornier Macy It son? 211m mdse M M t 'hestei 4 bales do A Chalnmcs 5 do S r lluit'c?I bo* do S donitler? 1 do M Teake?I F M.itland? 1 L r ? SiiKiitcr?1 do A Win f 780 bis tin plates 7066 bars iron I hoi mdse to order. . (Ji *?.iow ?llr brilt J net ?">0 tons ron 17 Irrin?4 hdls do Kl bl? aid.r Online *t t'limmii K?10 do Pr.mi tk 1?? s? 24 cks \V ' ' L Ronih?2 A Mitchell?92cbs J Hawing. ' Mtnaolti r, TH?Sehr Kllcii Perkins?2(0 hlids sugar .60 do ; molasses 40 bgs cotlee Alsop & Shanney. r Pom r., Pl??Brig Herman 180 chr inolaasea 20 do sugar T . j Lord?13 do molasses 131 do sugar I' Harmony?6 do mnlaases 4 1 , do sugar 2 do coffee to msner. .... H r Bki nr. ( Hon )?Bug PaUey B Blonnt?73 bales indigo B tr Blanc*?11766 specie 29 tow logwood 1 bi Panama hats J J La- tc >ciaar? I do turtle hell 41 hidei f MM T Alexander?It bales 1 impanlisK Cufflu. tl Domestic Importations^ \ Nvw OlLKAFra?Brig Mary Penuell?37cka harna Howlabd It spiuwall?22 hhdi ?ugor53 tea figured Haven fc co?ft bbla rd J do oil J P Laurie 2 hhdi rnoldaaea I keg lard H Butter- 3 sld?252 hhd? perk Dwight It Joliuaou 22 tea hama 111 do luulUeri 10 hhdi do R do nor k tidm Bru?h It c<??0 rki flftiaeed v Jo pick root I bbl tillow 2 do lard 7 b?? dnrd f??*?ch?? 2 b*? <c<? o ?a bun 3 hhd? tobacco W ('Liwr^nrr??I r*k btundy W I d icholl 24 hhdi fOK?r H Cft'inui?2 bbd? tobacco 557 hhda / brat 133 do haina 17 do 38 balet htinp 199 krg? lard to ordrr. \ ('HAUL* ?ton?Brig Mose*?50 tea tier (J Bulkley?W6 bale* ., It to u Thompson & Adam*?10 do J C M'l'lrr?53 do V ietor & uck* iiz?130 bb1? rice Masters, Markoc \co?-17 bin cotton , ovfru fa KrtcSum?16a lutie* 11 Bartlell?2 bis H Htrybing?I .. Kraukliii Ik Hani*? 1 ba'e J Mortimer, i??1 pkgs J M Datieg Jooes ?1 c? C Mttllrr?1 boi Bruslan, Koop Ik co?3 cases A 1 oatri?3 bit Pasta Ik Main. n /I A R I T I M E H E R A~L dT ? Balling Days of the Steam Ships. ? FROM EIVOLAIVD. noH AMERICA ibernia, Judkina May IC J . Western, llosken April 19 May 24 | aledoni. Lott . May 4 Juue 1 . cadis, Hyrie May 19 June 16 I ritaun>a, Hewitt June 4 July 1 * Packets to Arrive. Packets to Sail. J FROM MTIRPOOL. FOR LIVERPOOL. V arrick. Kk<ddy, April 13 Ailiburton. Huttlestou. May 7 , iford, Kathbotie, April '7 S.W hituey,Thompson, May 13 ] . Henry, Delano, April 24 fob Portsmouth. e from Portsmouth. Montreal. Oriffing, May 10 t uebee, Hebard, April 10 Oladiator, Brilion, May 20 h Oiladelpltia, Horey, April 20 for hatrr. f from hatrr. Albany, Watson, May 8 ally. Barrows, Aprils Silsia de (J raise, May 16 i Ship Masters and Agents. We shall esteem it a favor, if Captains of Vessels will itiye i Commodore Uobeht Silvkt, of our News Fleet, a lie- J art of the ShippuiK led at the Port whence they sailed, the essels Spoken on their Fassaite, a List of their Curio, and b it Foseign Newspapers or News they may hare, lie will 1 aard tltein immediately on their arrival. Aeenu and Cor- I spoiideuts, at home or abroad, will also confer a favor by t ndiuR to this Office all the Marine Intelliitence they can r 4tain. Nautical Information of any kind will be thankfully ' caived. PS 111 r|r liar Mieur vnuw sisv o JIS RISKS 53 I MOOR SETS 121 JR SETS 7 1 | HIHH WATER 29 RrrlTsd. U S ship Sara'oga, Tattnall, 5 davs from Portsmouth, NH. Shin Mary Ellen, Henery. from Macoa, 22d Jen, with teas, Ik, sir, to Cary St co. Left Levant, Foulk, to sail uat day for hilail. March II; 1st 35 4}, loo 23 51, exchanged signals with Elisor, Watkins, fin Canton for L'oool. Hw ship Andrea, Loderbuig 37 days from GefTle, with 1000 diners salt to Booiman & Johnston. Ship Minerva. Brown, ltdayslrom Bermuda, with mdae to S room. Left U States, just arr; Kalcou, (Br) do JJr barque Cosmo, Oatmhridge, 26 days from Bristol, (Eng) , ith mdse to F W It 8 J.n|aes?88 steerage passengers. Br brig Janet. Brown, 33 days from Glasgow, with mdse to arclay St Livivmgatnn. Brig Herman, Davis, 23 days from Ponce. PH, with sugar to ' Lord. . Urem brig Otto, Barber, C7 days from Bremen, in ballast to E * Poppe. Brig I'.itsey B Blonut, Howe, 27 days from Belize, Iloudurts, ritli indre to 11 Blanco. Left n? Am vessels. Brig Mirv Penuell, Given,23days from New Orleans, with attar ai d tobacco to Nrsmiln X Leeds. Brig Moses, Lov-laud, C days from Charleston, with cottou ud r,ce to G Bulklcy. Brig Butiae, Huut,8daya from Wilmington, NC, with naval tores, Ike to Woodhull k Mintum Br brig Exile, Lard, 2 days from Tioiidence, in ballast to the ' naate r. ' Scbr K G Peters, Peterson, 7 days from Machias, witli lain- I er to matter. Scbr Triton, Hall, 4 days from Boston, with mdae to the natter. Scbr Tnrk, Hamilton,4 days from Portsmouth, with mdae to , he master. Scbr D W Kemptnn, Osborne, 4 days from Norfolk, with adae to Sturgcss k Clearman. Scbr Ellen Terkins, Gilpatrick, 23 days from Mayagucx, PR, villi sugar, tic to Alsop k Shaaney. Spoken. An Am.banjne, with painted ports, a billet head, honse on leek, and in light trim, was seen April II, back of the Hock, tecriDg, W?by the Emily Wilder, at Boston from Palermo. Liverpool, Klriridge, NYork for Liverpool, April 30, lat 42 20, on 53?by the Emily Boston. Gondola, Liverpool for NOrleana, Apr 15, lat 39X, Ion ioX? >y Josephine, at Savannah Francs, 3 days from N York, 6th inst, lat 35 43, Ion 72 28?by dary Ellen, at this port. New York, from NYork for Liverpool, 9 da out, Apr 20, lat 1 io, ion ?4 11?Dy Jenet, nt thin port. Star, 24 hours from NYork for Matau/.u, 3d intt, lat T7X, Ion 3 53?by Herman, at thia port. Foreign Porta. Gibraltar, Apr 12?Caroline, Hill, New Orleans, jaat an; am t, Sauneri, N Orleans. dia: Hope. Driacoll, N York. Bermuda, Apr 24?Eut'd, U States, Keaser, NYork; Falin, Piti; do; Spartan, Stubbs, Frankfort. Cld 20lli, Aun Dennan Iiowe, Bait; 2ith, Lady of the Lake, Wiuitood, Halial. Bf.lizk,(Hon i Apr 2?\rr Mary, Penncl, Olaaftow; 7th, D tuveigne, Bradley, Loudon. Sid, rerseveriuce, Lairy, Lonloa. Home f-orte. Pohtland. May 5?Atr Maitnet, Baker, NYork; Anu.Milea, Machiis for NLoudon. Salem, May 4?Arr Richmond, Batea, Mozambique via St. :Ii'Una, March 18; Hidtvat, Cook, Oeonretown; D, Corn, Vineyard; Angeretta, Crowell, NYork. Cl'd, Deposit, KcuIrick, NTork. Boston, May 6?Kirilr Wilder, Brown, Palermo via Oibralar; Ea.rn, Nickerson, Georgetown, DC: Gen Lafayette, Jur'ia, Bait; Gor Arnold, Bacon, Salem, NJ ; Keraide, Liurlrv, SVork; Effort, Spear, do; Wankinco, 'i'aylor, do; Suaan, Bray 'hilad: Energy, Davis, hdirartown. Signal for 2 brigs. Cld, lohn Odliu, Hivover, Havana; Ceivautrs, Tufta, Gibraltar; Cygnet, trooper, Gonaivea; Evtrliue, Coo;>er. M'yagoez; Agica. Hunt, NOrleana; Creole, Wymau. Savannah; Narragaulett, Baker, Norfolk, Citv Point and Richmond; Vintage, Searae, Albany: Grecian, Chaae, aud Page, Taylor, NYork Richmond, M*v 3?Arr Verm'debit, Jonea, Ball. Sid. Dri'er, Taylor, I'hilad; Debrah Ann Someta, Powell, Nlfork. Charleston, May 3?Arr Undine, Cnshman, Greenock; Joliter, Caiter, Havre. Savannah, May 2?Arr Josephine, Malison, L'pool. Apr 6, at 48. Ion 30, pvsed hrtg Exact. Johnson, fji Liverpool for Sianoah. Cld, John Camming, Tharer, Glasgow; Jane Angusa,(Br) Smith, L'pool: Ayrshire, (Br) Mackav, do; Pandora, Pilliuglnst, Roilou; Marion, Studley.dn. Cld 3d, Ventiosa, )ayis, Boston. Shi, Stephen, Gtdsby, Rotterdam. rHE Publi: ar? canto lied aramst tegotiating the followiug Notes, as they I.ave been lost or stolen, viz;?G H Cholvell'a note .dated Nov. 10,1812. at Om's, fnr$l3t>.37 and end irsed \V P Dayton's note, dated Dec. 12. 1812. atom's, lor liar. r; nd endorsed. Stephen Krovt's note to order of end endorsed by Griffiu Wiliainsou.dated January-, 2d. 1843, it Htn's for ti>G.'2 K A Lrse\ Jas Miuot and < has J Orion's joint note, dated July 18, <42, at 3m's, for 1372 15, and end used. _New Y?rk. May 4, 1843. m R 2t*gc rO CAPITALISTS?A gentleman and h.s wife, late liotel keepers, wish to undertake the maniitrment ot a hotel in ny part of the United States. Ttie most uuticeptiouable reerencesas irgards integrity and capability; secuiit? given if eauired?Wc uld not object to the steerardvhip of a steamboat. Vudress C. R. at the office cf this paper, will be attended to. m 8-eo3t*ec 5T. GEORGE HOTEL.?The subscriber's connexion with ? the above-named establishment has this day ceased, and, onstqaently, he is not responsible for its fut?re liabilities New fork. May 8th. 1843. J. A. YZNAGA. N B.?It is respectfully requested, nf those who are to the above-named establishment, to settle their accounts vithoul delay. inR3l*in \ llOUSATONIC RAIL ROAL). LI AVlNO takes iiosb-siion of the prcperty ol the II onsaloII oicl Rail Hoau Company, in purruanre of the laws on h it sutject, with the view o> e ffecliug a liquidation of its notes ppioved by us, the holders of that portion of them payable an emand, are requested to deliver or forward them (postpaid) 0 us, at the Office of the Company at Bridgeport, Ion or befoie he first dry of July iisit, and for the amonnt thus delivered ur receipt will be Riven to the holdeis thereof. I lie holders of such approved Notes as are payable on time, fill in like manner forward to us, at the same time end place, he nun ber, date, and amount by them resiiectively hold-u. Kor the purpose of plrcing bo'b species of this psper upou the sme footing, nothing but carr lit funds will hereafter be revived for freight an. passage on said Road LKM AN CHURCH, )Commis- 1 HENRYDUTTON, Jsioners. Bridgeport, 4th May, 1843. m 8 lt*ec DIANO boK'FES?NUNNBIk CLARK, offer mr bale at 1 their ware room, (formerly 137 Broadway.) No. 2tn Broadvay, opposite the Park, a larae arsottmeut ot rosewood and nanogany Piano Fortes, at reduced pr era. Having receutly mrile very important i oprovemints in re:anl to touch, tone and construction of their Pianos, they inite purchasers to < limine them before pnrchasiug elsewhere. N. <i C. have j nst finished two elegant rosewood seven octave nitrnments, which they offer for the elimination of the public, m Reoiilt* pT/TRo FORTE.?A great hsrgaiu?An elegant mahogany t hollow corner, GX octave Piiao Forte, on plinth and staudrds, made by Nnuna fc Clark, anil said by them about four ears ago for t?50; it is now offered for ssie at a very reduced rice, 'ne owner being about to leave the city. It has hern utvery little usvd, and will he warranted to be in perfect orer. It may be seen at Nunns & Clark's ware room, No 740 I roadway, opposite the Park m <-is2f "tllEAP JIMMY'S twholesale and retail Thread, Needl e J arid variety store is No. 251 Grand it. comer Forsyth, wher" ouulry merchants, city retailer 1, pedlars, dresi makers, he., rill find a general assoitment of ihrrads,needles, spools cotton, owing silk, corset lares, tapes, knit iiur cotton,combs, hut'ons, loves, hosiery, edgings, quilliuits, laces and cotton fancy etls, ate. Ac. cheaper lor ,c sh than at any store in'lhis city, nd uo advau'age taken of |>ersons uot nc.i>i.iiut -<1 with the slue or quality ofgoods. JAMES HI.'YDAM, m 8-Gt*r 251 Grand street. QATBNT PRESERVED HUHL V FLAVORED PUHL TABLE MEATS ANl) SuUPtJ, for ship stores, warrautd to keep any lenth nf tune, ai.d 111 nny clim ite, ni loulactured ud tor sale, wholesale and retail, by WILLIAM MULLANK. myR *r 104 William strert, (heseinrnt ) HELMONT HOUSE. NEW HRUJHTON r*HK subscriber begs leave to inform his friends aud the puh A lie, that he hiu laani the a bo vc writ known limine, which .as been thoroughly repaiicd nud pt>nt?d in tlie best manner, , it-wly furnished thionghout, and will be opcuad on the fust of 1 iy neil. The house is dclnrhtfully situated immediately opposite the J leanhoat landinr, *bJ from its pnr^u coininandi a view (x- J ending up ike Kills mud ovorthe biy aud harbour of New fork. To thosde ((irons of a pleasant residence durimt the unimer months, possessing ike advantages of fine salt water , atluug, together with beautiful drivrs and walks.and coure lent access to the city erery two horns hy steam, the Belmont { louse offers inducements unsurpassed by sny other on the Ismil, aud the subscriber trusts that his former efforts to give ' alisfaction as proprietor of the Pti ilnm, with his renewed de- : -rminatioii to spsrs no pants to render his honse agreeable, , rill ensure Inm the connniution of a psrtiou of the pttronage e has heretofore been farored with. . UEOROE PIKRIB, , Nxw BntoMTQia, April U. IMi. an tlisifr I ALANSON NASH, 1 ATTORNEY AND COUNSKLLOR AT LAW, 1 COMMIHSIONKK OK DEEthS, Ike. I EMOVEL) from26 Beekman, to 109 Nassau St., upstairs.? f l? Mr. Nash will give his careful and p omnt peisooal atten t mufti* all huatness that may he confided to his charge in the c Jnitrd States Courts, and all other conrts in thia city. t tn7-is>t*i _____ ___________ i\OOR PLATES ! DOOR PLATES !-Th< se in went of 1 I' a hands, inr, clu up and dttrthlc hilvtr PUted t I!i 'late, c-uehiain lh" aboTS article at K HOBBRTS' Surer / latiog. Engraving tod Door Plate Eitah ishment 117 Bowrry. IN", Alrialtic Numbers, a n? w anil Oeaniiful article f r uuiu- I emu dwelling houses, church p-ws. ship state r >osaa. Ite J It. ROBERTS, 117 Bowery. ' lir. Im'r Ith iluor above Bnv.ine st., eaat ?ul-. nl(16K. LADIEd who are renovating their dwellings, as * coinpliin-iit to the season when ill is buoyant a..d my. a lay he furnished with Kancy t ut Tiratte I'arer, for the comix of pic nre fiam s, looking*l?r?r?, cr.ndlesticks, rises, grata e l rous. hall l.urp , Stc Ai , which will greatly oenarncnt, at a I err trifling expelia , at Ifit?' inal a -cet, 2J below Vatick. mo lm*jgb I t Kk. W IIKNTLtMIIN of steady habits can be sermnino S dated with good board Slid pleasint rooms in a private fami- I r, st 204 Knllen street Aim a few .lay Imaders can be acccin- ' todated on tlie most reasonable term. A parlor and bedroom i let, with or without board. al ee [I7ANTKD?A capable aud iudnatneui Hrp rterfor a daily ? ? newspaper. Apply by letter adilreaaed to X, to be lell at lie offer. ml 2t? ? .17ANTKD.?A reapt riahle woman u Wei Nurae, to lake ?" a child at her owu rc?iil~ace. AdirraaJ K. office of thM aper. m7-Jt*ee JLT * NTE'l A paKT N KH ?Any peraoa hayibtTfttM to $2000, ami wiihiiiK to no into biiaineai, would fiu4 it ?u ad. antage to joiu Ibeailvrrtiaer. he having a peifect knowledge be fa himueat aud i'a cuetomera that will enaure eucerae. Ad- in: IWM I. .at thi* offire. niB 11 * r lb "IUOK WANTKli ? A Cook ia wanted, who la well ac* J Iiuaiuted Willi hir buuueai A|>ply ai tlita office for the at- ,n lie tut. rtjl* A GENCY WANTKU.-A gLntlemau occupy ins a ato'e ? ('>|ieu to the atieet) In the upper part of Wall atreet, near Iroadwty, ta ileairoua to u der.aae the agency of aome ma Littctarirg, mrrcantile. patent, or any oilier teapectahle buaieaa. Apply to leu No Pii Upper Poet Office. in'? !m*eodr TO LET?An elegantly ftmnahed Home, for an or w r^oW t W# IVI, motillia litiol-il m .kt >k. k..l atMl. A IV fciJLl'W at this office fur the advertiser inO 2f* a TO LET in Williamsburg?The whole or pa t ol a a neat three story brick Dwelling Hour" in snath 7ih c st. m-sr 4th st., rent Very low Apply to W. St J. T .Tapcott, 43 Perk >lip. m 7-?c w%* 3,(WO GREENHOUSE PLANTS?H. M.LEVENUIM' I ON informs Ins fricuda and the public generally, that aak?.hc haa mide aruiug?ments with Messrs. G. 8. Maun k Jo., No. 133 llroadwav, comer of Anthony street, in their liriste aalra room, un ataira, for the pu'poae of depositing and disoainK of at priv ite sale, all of hia large and eitensive surplus th ariely of Greenhouse I'lanta, winch were raised at hia well ci mown eatabliihmentat YorUville.flSth street 3d avenue. Kor ? ?ri?t, beauty and tiniftv growth and laige araortnient, they ei rill be found unsurpassed by any others nurd in thia vicinity, w riiey hire not been forced and will retain their buds end flow li is aa well aa plauta possibly can do by receiving proper rtteo- h; ion to their culture, and for which Mr. L. li liters hnnaelf that tr lis plants ate well known in this market They will be sold b ?? for cash. A daily aupplywid be received daring the season. T Persons purchasing to sell again will be liberally dealt with. b< 0"0 tnberoaea and Malabar viuca will be sold very cheap. hi Ladies are particularly invited to attend. itiH lw*r ci LOUT.-Ou f tidtv evening, Apnl 18th, at the Guadeloupe Concert, at the Tabernacle, a purple morocco picket book L intoning five $10 notes cf the Plunaii Built of toiscily The ~ indcr will be itutably rewarded by returning the aaine at No. P 3 Greenwich at m7-3 r ti O. of G. K.?The breihreii of Constitution Lodge No. 1 ^ Indepc'dant Order of Good Kellows. are hereby notified hat the regular ijuarterly meeting will be held on Tuesday a 'Veiling ueil, Mav 9ih. at the Lodge-room 3"0 East Broadway, riie attendance of the brothers is particularly requested, as bu- t liuess of importance has to be transacted. Uy order of WILLIAM J. PIKE, O. P. ' HENUY HAUHINU, O., Secretary. tnti 8 9 3t*l 'j BEACON COURSE. " d ?V' Ik "pHOTTINO, Wednesday, May 10th, st 3 o'clock, P. M. / J- Match for $300, two mile hen's, in harneaa. V A ViS-i-cr paint a bl. g. Barney. 1 C 8. Busline do. bl. g. Kinuk Brower. b Immediately alter, purie $100. mile heats, best 3 in 3, liar- a ess, $23 to go to the second best horse. c L. C lingers enters roan mare Mary Randolph. Wm. Wheclau enters ch. m Pocahontas. Iaaac Woodruff eti'ers b in. Ktilitou. W. 8. Rred enters b. g. Hardware. r Geo. Bpreerenters h g. Rlaek Hawk. tnO 3f*r ?fl ^-A-HASB5bMgTAlK or riOH?E87gcutl?. , Isin nerlrcilv sound and healthy, not over f, veara oi l. , VJc >? Hud about I' bauds high, will find a purchaser by* up- c ,'lving at the SUble 12!) Liberty street. Tliey must he beau'i - ? fill in style, gait and action, as well as fa?t. None other need ipply except inch ai answer this description. For such, a fair price will he paid in cash. ins lt*r ] WATCHES, DIAMONDS; &c. ~ THK Subscriber havinit retired froin the late linn of Gel* *ton, Ladd St Co. has commenced business at the comer of Broad and Wall streets, opposite the Custom House, for the ale of fine Watches, Diamonds and Gentlemen's Jewelry,at prices in accordance with the times. All Diatnoud Jewelry houitht of the subscriber will be re I urr based by him after deducting 7 per cent; thereby offering to purchasers an opportunity to convert their diatnouds into money at any time they may please. Fine Duplex, Lever nnd Lenine Watches, which he 'can recommend and warrant as good time keepers?also,Gold Chain, Pencil Cases, Watch Keys, Sic. Silver Forks, Spoons, and Tea Seta, of the newest patterns, and very best quality and workmanship at 5 per cent advance on the mauu facturer's prices. All the above articlei shall be einial to the best made in New Fork, Watches and Clocks repaired nnder his personal superintendence, with the assistance of the best workmen. Diamonds, Pearls and other . precious Stones and Silver bought or exchanged, WM. F. LADD, j 12 Wall street, opposite the Custom House. &20 Ins is*m WATCHKB AND JEWKLLEHY lower than ever.?As | the subscriber is eoiirtantly receiving all descriptions ef , gold and silver watches. of the newest styles, direct from the manufacturer*, in Emtland, France, and Switzerland, he is enabled to ofTer a lariter aaaortment, and at much leaa pricea, at letail, than any other honae in the city. Gold watches aa low a* $15 each. Watches and jewel! ery exchauRed or houRht. All watchea warranted to keep Rood time, or the money returned. Watchea, clocka and jewellery repaired in the beat manner, and warranted lower than at any other place in the city. G, C. Allen, importer of watchea and jeVollery, whole , aale and retail, 30 Wall street, np stairs. aH-lm ina'm TJKMOVAL?DR ('ALUWELL haa removed from 45 I** Walker 504 Broadway. m2 61* it r PRINTERS' AND) BINDERS' WARE ROOMS, Nos. 29 and 31 Gold struct, N. York, April, 1843. PRICES GREATLY REDUCED. The hoe printing press machine and saw MANUFACTORY, in conaeoueuce of the addition of new and improved machinery to their worka, aud the reduction in the cost of materiala and labor, arc enabled Rreatly to rrduce the pricea o( their Preascs, and ol Printera' and Binders' maieriali generally, aa will be aeeu by their newly printed circular, to which they bi R leave to refer. Thia eatabliahment ia alitl under the personal superintendAoce of Richard M. Hoc and Robert Hoc, and rhey asan-e their friends that, notwithstanding the ureal reduction in i piicci, all articles manufactured by this establishment shall retain the IiirIi reputation which th-y hare hitherto sustained. 1 It will a'ao be their constant endeavor to improve the (juality j of tliern in every particular. They flatter themselves also that their old friends will not only continue thrir favo.a, but that Printers generally will appreciate their endeavors to lumiali the very beat articles at barely ramnneratiiiR prices. I Ordeta from any pait of the country for all articles uaed by Printeri or Binders, iDcludinR Types, Ink, Paper, Sic , will be | executed with the greatest care and promptitude, and ou the a belt terms. , _ JobbiuK work and rrpairing will be aone at the lowest pot- [ sible pricea, with every attention and expedition. [ N. B.?All artie'es inanuf-cturrd by this establishment will | be stamped R. HOE It CO ,so that persona from abroad may |j not bv imposed upcu with spurious articles, made ia imitation of theiis. \ Printers of uewapapeia who publish thia advertisement, with ( this note, thiee timet before the first of July nexi, and send one t of their papers to ua, will be entitled to payment of their bill on a buyiuR four times the amount of it. apJOiar j <<17KANCI8' PATENT LIFE" BOAT,' otfcee'No. 7 t ^ Wall street. m21 DOCTOR BELL. TVOCTOR BELL He vote* his personal attention (daily, uot-* til 9 P.M.) to the removal of private diseases in every stage. All (offering nnder protracted cases, aggravated or unincceewullv treated by ineiperieuced or pretended practitioners?(hoe, 'shoring under the destructive effects of mercury or ijuaca nostril ins, aud all who suspect the remains of disease lurking in thesyssem, may consult Dr.B. always with a guar antee of a cure. Persons contemplating marriage, who hare been the subiects nf delicate diseasrs, may consult Dr. Bell with honorable roufidence. Past-paid letters, describing the case of persons at a distance, have his promptattentiou Jr. B.'s treatment never exposes to suspicion, and is well known to Le safe aud permanent. 0~Private Offices87 CEDAR STREET. two doors from Broadway. ml lm*r MEDICAL AID. I"\H, GREGORY may he consulted confidentially at all sv hours of the day orcveniLg, at his private residence, No. II Barclay street, near Broadway. He has been eminently successful iu the treatmcut of those "half cured" cases, whicn resalt from concealed causes, or may be from mistaken or cr ro cous practitioners. Dr. G's medicines are powerful in their curative effects, though mild iu their opperatiou. Another important consideration, which has not bern overlooked, is the adapting of remedies to the convenience of patients, who for the most part are solicitous to outain a cure as privately at poasible. m ( Itr* 7 THE PRIVATE TREATISE.?This it a lutie veinme ub certain diseases, in which the most convenient and private means of cure are atated in the plaineit possible manner. And not only are directions given for the more simple and recent cues, but those winch have fallen into improper hands, end continue on from month to month, are particularly dwelt on.? Bach persons will see immediately the difficultiei which impede their cure., whatever they may be, as well as the plan *0 be uursned in each particular case. It is obtained only ol the autnor, Dr. Ralph, 81 Greenwich st. Price f 1. Dr, Ralph slsotakei this opportnity of saying that he may be consulted on the peculiar diseases above referred to, stfhu private residence, at any boar. Aware, however, of the deep and just solicitude which many feel to consult a person of integrity as well as experience in these peculiar complaints, the anthor deems it proper (o giyr the following short sketch of the opportunities he has ' ad to At himself for this trust. And this he is the more inclined to as many have assured him that, for want of information of this krnd , they have selected from a list of advertising people the nu who had hoasiei most of wonderful cores?but not without the bitterest repeDtanre. He therefore begs to state that, be lide his rank as graduate ef Edinburgh, he. he. he. he has 1 bern watching these diseases, both in hospital and city practice, rot more thao thirty years, and has published two editions of a work expressly on them. Also that he has testimonial Inter* from the tnost eminent physicians of Enrope. to the most emi lent in America?as Sw Astley Cooper to Dr. Mott, of N. Y ind l)i. Physick of Philadelphia, and ethers; and farther, :hat he hat the privilege of referring to alinoet every physician of eminence in this city. Nothing can be stated, lie col:eivet, st better grnnud of confidence to those who are ttran [ere to him. Consultations may be made ky poet, aud for inch he has a ittler.rirc.r.e chest, ronlaiuing every thing necessary for a ipeedv ' nd private cure. It in forwarded as may be oirecud Price $1 ). p>51?*r I TO THE LADIES. DK. HULL'S UTKRO ABDOMINAL SUPPORTER. TMI!S new In.I n.Si.l.1 fiw Ik. ? .I.e.I e? re ,,f Pr.,1. I tie r. 1- or Falling of the Womb, by paternal application, auperard tut the ma of the objection*! reasary, i< confidently recoinnended to the afflicted aa the meana of perfect restoration to laalth, it never having failed of performing a core, oven under he inoat aggravated circumstances. The Supporter haa attained a rery high character in Kurope 1a wall aa III Ihia country It la adopted ta the enure drauae nl leaaariea.and all other painful snrgical the Lying j-H.iiritale of London and Paris, and ia uoirersally recommended in Knrope by'medical meu of the highest rank In thia rnuntry i tia auataitied br the leading mernbera of tha faculties if Colleges and Hospitals, and by all tha eminent private putit toners llooma have been furnished exclusively for ladiet, at No. 4 Feaey street, having a separata entrance from the bnanfeaa deHtrtmcni, where a lady ia in constant attendance, to apply I'msaes and Supporters to female patients. .ijlinr |, QllflHTON It <J0*8 COMPOUND FLUID KXTHACT I* SARSAPAKILLA?A remedy tor all ciseaaea of the *" ilood, melt at aerofnla, ulcers, catunroita ernptioiu, Ac., and 'or rtmovingall tbo?ndi teases originating tu the excessive use >r abuse of mercurial rtinediea. It haa alio beou proved to he >f great effietry in rheumatic affections, either chronic or inUtnm ltory, aud in chronic diaeniea ol the livrr. In the Compound Fluid Kxtruct of 8 rn-paHI'a, aa prepared ' ly the subscribers for acveral yrara past, ia contained all the 4 inlnahle medicinal ijnalitiea ol SirsanariMa, uniterl with those if several other vegetable rcmeiliea wnioh have beon found ef Icacioua in similar itiseatea It possesses many advantage! 4 ircr the numeron* t reparations of 8arsaparilla now in me,and lb na been uied wi h the grca'ett auceeaa &7 many physicians in lita city of the highest respectability; alao in the U. 8. Nary, S ehere it has met with the general approbation of the moat em- 1 uctit runrenns ill the service. fi ft iipot np ui bottle* uoiirly doable the tin generally ?ol<J, J n.d i? warranted to be at go d a preparation ai any in ate. 3 Price Si pet bottle ; or 4 liberal ditcnuut made wlienpar baaed by the onsntity. Pre,.nr d and mid, wholaalo and retail 3 IV Rathton St t'o., I>|0| gian ard riiemiitt, I in Broadway, Mid # Attar Home, New York, where may aim he had Mand't, 5 Jrn'rd'i. and Carpenter's b.(tractol Sirrapaiillt. alTlta'oc j E V'L|''en? "'I K>?' Ak"' .upenor nnahey < Lr Ki gliah WloM Lead, lor aal? by tWUODHULL k MINTIJKN8. 17 Booth itroot. AUCTION SALES. _ I imiHFpTpF (BUrtt IfQl.Miwi and 1H Fulhm tlriti.) ' TW? MONDAY, Til At I0X o'clock, in the sales room ?n Kltfuirc sale?Comprising II splendid piano fortes, by the In >t l.nndon, Be* ton, New York, Alnany ami Hhiladelphii Bo: iDnlftnrrr'. Several of these are < eond hand and two are perfn e celebrated rosewood premium instruments. This sa'e will also include some fnrm Mr Rocket's esttbluh- |{ r-nment, he not having room at present to display rlietn. Alsi, s one time, 37 truly valuable ancient anil modern paint- MO' *?, by the best mailers. I)/ Name time, a number of sorer or articles of cleiraut furniture he TUESDAY, W At I0i{ o'clock in the sales room. |?r Moit eiteusive sale of dty goods, clothing, cloths, pledged Thir tides, hosiery, jewelry, 'Uid ell kinds of goods in the fancy jJ,jn WEDNESDAY, At I0>? o'clock, hi the Sties Rooms MO1 Largesale ot new aud seroail hand furniture of all descri|>- lit ons?Comprising as iote rest in g nud valuable a variety ef Ms [iiiiekeepiaK aiticles as has lieeu presented to the public this HI' lason. cln Alao counting rn.'in furniture. counieis, d-iUi 0 > BY C AHTKR imp: topii TUESDAY. May 9th. At half pant 10 o'clock. Last Elegant City Made Cabinet Furniture?By Catalog!! ?at PA le store BIS Broadway, Gothic Hall ? Constating of splerdid 230 mhtoued aud spring arat aofus, with straight and carved h'cks, wil 3-4 and full French mahogany chura, all hair; p rlnr rock- Pai a; ?u|H-rb bookcaies, wardrobes, aid very heautilul French PKH 0 k table, rard aud other patterns, dressiur bureaue, tea aud dei rrakfasl tablet,ot'omaus,divans, mahogany Frrtiah bedatrada, Midsoine bureaus, 4 drawera; elegtut cud aud inarnle (op cm- Miaa c tahlra, none and aewinic chain, piauo stools,ladies work nee; mirble aud mahogany top rnclnaed washstanda, be. F.N4 'haae arliclra ara -II ol the moat clegnut liuish.and tn'de of the The eat materials,and equal to aey iu the city Also superior ivory andle cast ateel kniveaaud forka; China diuuer and tea arte, D I glass dishes, bowla, toniblrra, Ac. Mm Catalogues ready the day previous. mfiJtia*r 1 UCTION NOTICE?Dry Gooda. Clothing, Fancy Arli* clea, kc ?TKOWBKIDOK k CO. will eell thia morning, lay 8th, at I0M A.M. at their tales room, 300 Broad way,a iioatt- Kk ty ot dry gooda?silks, lacer, ribona, _ ladiea and gents waring Xhr [ipatel, cloths, caaaimerea, sewing ailka, shawls, gloves, kc. O c , by order of landlord's wa-rant H Alao, ?u the walk in front of the a tore, a splendid glass show gj see, with which the sale will commerce. ^ m 8-lt*ee m \ UCTION NOTICE?Drug Store for sale?Moud iv, May V B, at 10 o'clock, at No, 420 Pearl street, corner of Madisun- *' irerr, ine iioci anainnirci ni uiiik iiore, cmornciuR s Tsr? i cat Assortment- hud well worth* the attention of the retail I '"51 e. tiers. The fiitur'i cou?i?t of 91 very ?ulterior mahogany I J* rawa iu run of IB ilrawa each, with shelves, biui.dte.; one. I ~ cry eirelleot counter with tna hie tn|> Ine seda water <lo tlo w Jo . Brass scales and weights, one pair ailvsr scales, essential oils, ' c. one mahogany .sofa, sa'in damask seat, nue centre tnble. villi marble top, superior nuke and finish, with a variety of PHI ther articles. SIMONS It CO. Auctioneers, \/f ingislt*ec #7 Will at ivl A Ut'T ON NOTICE?Uahliis iu Pots?A LEVY will ln?H A sell on Tuesday morning, at 11 o'clock, at IV Broadway, , 00 pots of choice dbl Dahlias, many new sorts Thesa Dahlias on re from tlio same Florist, whose collection /lave universal sa- *'lnl1 isfaction the last season, without any exception. Also a utinter of other plants as will be detailed on the morning of sale, m 8 2l* "NaBINET Fl'IlN ITITKE?The public are respectfully in- \ J formed lliat the subscriber intends selling at suction, on t ruesday.thr 9th of May, hia entire atock of Cabinet Furniture, ajll| iciiiR of hit own manufacture, aud is warranted of best miteri- jr, la and wnrkinanihip. Persona wiahtng to purchase will please 0<c|, all and exsmine for themselves. JAB. B. OARRETHON, ml 8t*ec 46 Beekinan street. i Dl rO HOTEL KEEPERS.?The advertiser wishes au ?n- . gagrineut assupciiiiteudair. or head waiter in aoine first p a'e establishment, htvuiii fullillrd the above situation some eais, can give unexceptionable refereucrs as to character and .inability. Would uot object to the couipry. Address O. K. . till ? of tins caper. uiii eoil3t"ec ' j () h n nri i-! n leV7 i iank agency and exchange office, t FOR THE COLLECTION OK BILLS, NOTES. DRAFTS, Itc. lie. itl MONTGOMERY, ALA. REFERENCE W Messrs. Maxwell It Co. 1 " Persse It Brooks, I " Jacob Little It Co. > New York. " Perkins It Hopkins, * " Abraham Bell h Co. J ' St. John Powers It Co.) u?l:. ... Pot Wlutaker It Sampaon, \ Ala. John Whiting, Esq , Cashier ol 1 Branch Bank, j ? . Jack Thirringtou, Esq., > Montgomery, Ala. n. P. D. Saver, Kso. ) g? Phillips It Mumford, J g"' m3 Im s* ec 801 L1 V E R Y HUM A N IIA1 Ills a perfect tube, the imiumerable ramifications of the arteries branch along its inner inr- I u?| lace. Through theae vessels the bland, which imparts vitalry Ari :o the hair, circulates, and when Pom obstructions in porrflof he scalp the anpp'jr of blood and mniaturrs ia cot off. the hair mra its gloaa, becomes diy and harah, and falls off. Now it ia <).. ibvions that unless thr poreso? the scalp be opened, the capilary action of the blood reatoied, and tlie rcurf and da- ilrufT iroceeding from suppressed perforation r< moved, baldueaa mat speedily enxie. JANKS\ HAIR TON 10 will prodace ij_ ill theae rff eta?nay more, it will re-clothe the baldiplacea with 'igoronaarid Insurant treaaea, and euaure a healthful and redunlant growth of hair, aa long aa it ia oaed in coufotmity with the m. .irintrd directions which accompany each bottle, and to which ?re appended nomerona testimoniala of ita rffic icy, from aoine u of our most distinguished clergymen, and physicians. Sold by A B. It I). Hands, druggists. No. 79 Fulton atreet; A. B. Hands fc Co., No 273 Broadway; D. Sandi It Co., No. 77 p. Esst Broadway 1'rice <1. mC fitinar A HE YOU troubled with a feel iug oppreaaion after rutin* I I Tr fa Do you experience a faint and dizzy sensation after taking strong ex* rcise ? Are von afflicted with grilling or apaam"dic paina in the atomach and bewcli? Are you annoyed with aome '] eructation! and other symptoms of imperfect digestion? Hare 8t< you a doll * uf constant pain in your right aide, or between your on shou'ders? Po yon experience uueraiueaa in the region of the (J kidney, accompanied by ahooting pain*of Ihe bic*7 In one word, hare you any of tlie aymptoma which denote a diaorder- ? sd state of the atomach the fcowela, or the norrea ? ff the eniwer ia atTirmaiire. and ycu wiali to change 'it t? a hearty and ]Vf joyona negative, try a bottle or two of JAFNE'8 TONIC VERMlFUUE. aad, unleaa there ia a m tlformarion in your t,m organic atmcmrc, we guarantee a care. ?tyl Sold hy A B lit D. S?ndt, druggiata. No. 79 Fulton street; A. Vat B. Sands JtCo., No. 273 Broadway; D. Sands St t n No. 77 eon East Broadway inG G'insr adr KELLY'S DOUBLE EXTRACT OF .,y,J SARSAPARILLA CANDY. msj 'PHIS MEDICINE has proved itself superior to all othera J- in Rh'umatism, Heroin!u, Swelling or Enlargement of the rlarids of the throat or otherwise. 11 strengthens (he heart, A itomach and liver, absorbs acidities of the atomach, and is an. profitable in all inflammatory afTectiona; and, also, in tnoae re- T axatmna of the body to which females are subject. It stops Dra deeding at the lungs helps difficulty ol the arioe.and ia preva wu ent against the stone in the bladder: it cures dyientary and hnu Irarrho! i by its peculiar action upon all the leeretiuus. A Heme of the advertisers ol Harsaparella atate that they com- I ant due other medieinea with S-raapariPa to insure ita beneficial fTeets. Mr. Kelly ia satisfied to TRUST to the Saratparilla TT LLriva. Let those now using aldollar oottle of pretended Sar- } l aparilla Byrnp per day, uy one twenty-live cent packare of ,, fellv'a Double Extract of Harsaparilla Candy. They will after, . rrsrda save their money and secure their hea'th. f1111 If ever medicine was possessed of a dynamical power, of all -par >ut apiritnsl efficacy, it is contained in Kelly's Double Extract p , >; Hariaporilla Candy. ... Call and be referred to individual! who have been cared by his Caudy. wh?n all other preparations of Sarsai>ari lla have _ been'iried in vain ?" Read the following and judge for yourselves:? Mr. Kelly? UearSir?It ia with the moatprofonnd satisfaction that I hava lo acknowledge the beneficial results arising from your Double Extract of Sarsaparilla Caudy, which I have administered *c- A' sording to your written directions, to one of my childien that '' aad lost the nae of her limbs, and all her body badly swollen, Por from some disease that I could not authentically ascertain?and of ? rom the aiieedv recovery arising from it induces ins to allow cor run to make usa of this as you thiuk proper. the 1 am sir, your obedient servant, Por EDWARD CARROLL, April Hih, 1813. No. 2d Canal at, N. Y. jt I'his medicine can be purchased of Mr. KKLL F, wholesale .^E nil retail, at the Ootliam Con'ectionary, ?4k| {*}] {roadway, and retail at 271 Bowery. N. Y ; John Jackson, ofm dnrtli Second at, WilliainsLurgh; Benjamin lUudley, 15 (one ligli at, B ooklyu. tlj,r Prin 2 i rents per pnrkige, or live for one dollar, nit 3ti?#rr vl|| THE NEW FORK " P?t* MEDICAL AND SURGICAL jW INSTITUTE, "t No. 75 Chambers street, ESTABLISHED TO RENDER TO THE AFFLICT- Ti U< ED sound and Scientific Medical Aid. All kind of dia- .l, | :a?e? will be treated, and surgical MMtNM of every drscrip ion performed ia the most careful and scientific inaoner. One . i if the first oconlists in the city will attend to the treatment of ',ow ill diseases of the eye and ear. Particular attention is paid L-Ur o the treatment of all female complaints. Patients who lesire it will be visited at their hoaxes. Those wheat ?1 neaus are limited will only he retjnijgd to pay for their medi- ln3 ones. Three or foor rooms are provided for private eoiianlta JH ion. The diug department is attended by an apothecary of Fi treat experience, and ail medicines dispensed may he relied on mi is pure and genuine. Capping and leeching will be done|at ^ he shortest notice. Open day and night. Jl ralirnts from (he country wishing to avail themselves of the treat advantages this lustitntion possesses in the treatment f vnll icrofulons affections, cutaneous diseases, and surgical opera- pua ions, can he accommodated with board and ruoms in its inimej eom Hate vicinity. or,, DR. HOMER BOHTWlCK, yj Attending Physician and Hurgeon, -j . 75 Chamheis at. 2d house west of Broadway |ODJ Phis institution is under the (wtronage and commendation o f reu. he following gentlemen f HE V. DR. ED, Y. HIUBEE. Rev. dk. w c. bkownLke. p SJ REV. UK. OKO. POTTS, I UKV. UK. O. 8f RING, ? 16 I mil ee REV. OK. HCHKOKDKR M DOCTOR SWAYNE'S JN COMPOUND SYRUP OK WILD CHERRY, Tt la will acknowledged or pa (o fat eicel all other oa b incoirtnrs in the rait, in the weal, in the north, and in 8h the south, a tr al alwava proret ita virtues for ron,h?, cold, spitting tiaed blood, tirkliag or riaintt aenaalton in the that throat, broach ins. whoo|>inK cough, aath- Ail ma. t*r.oknee< nl the aervon ayatem. or tin- ly fo pa ma COWtaMlira from auy rauae, and to pre- Tl> rent peraona from lallir.g into a decline, thu metlt- Menr cine h\a no ei|nal ; a g.rat uuinher of the vary beat a* tettimoniala ol iti viituea may be aeen by ctiling at Da. H. Swith'i Office, No 31 North Stub H atreet, Philadelphia. Caurt it?All prepa- , from thta talna'de tree, eirept v 11. the above. Doctor SWAYNIC'S COMHOUNl) SYRUP Of ?,kJ WILD CHKRRY m,u, are both ftetitiona -y, "id Rlien eonntrrieit. If.' Kor tale only at nldc. DR. W H. M1LNOKS ?'d,c' Drug S'ore,l!)2 Broadway, coruerof " ihn at. Alao?Swiyne'a fpecific (or (loot and Rheumaliam. inff Im'r AA MONTHLY RKPORT OK THE Jfl NEW YORK MEDICAL AND 8UROICAL rTTii INSTITUTE, Ha No. 73 CHAMBER STREET. Caaaa Cim:ti. early Apop'ety. 2 Deli'inm Tremens. Discaaesol ihe Heatt 6 Diaeaaea of the Wonli, " Under treatment; rapidly 2 Uunder treatment. Brita i cog term, 11 Elnor Albna. ?ny o lii'caara of (Tie liver. :i Under treatment. any* Under treatment, doing 9 Gonorrheal. Kick well. \ Syphilta. Strictnrea in Urethra. i 6 Bnho.t Under trea nielit. 3 Gleet. U nlea. 9 Unlet treatment. above Biltooa Cholic. S CoDatipattoa. Hat Diarrhtst. 4 Kever, Intermitting. bin, a SuanicaL OraaaTtsaa. make Operntinna lor Polypus in I Op. ration for Kialn tr. in the note. Ann. Operations no the Evr.thit 2 Tmn <n Encyated re- Ter* restores heartntt moved. broogl Operations for Hair Lip. 1 Atlipvae. ? . 'MP Operation* for Hetnorrhoi- 3 Oierationa for club feet. dal To mora. ? enna UR H. BUST WICK. A tending Hurgeou. I HI JAMES COLLISBON.IApotbacMV and Seeteury. * wt m6 utt*r AMl'SRMKNTS. PARK TIIBATRK. Benefit of Mr. Hnehetl. * KVKNINO, will be performed. IKINO HKNKY IV. KOI J HTH-fir John Kalauff. Haekett To eonelodo h llh I. AST CMt-t-o'CaPaah-n, Haeh-tt. >unjaI uriihu'l *n<l Vim Walters will dau''? El Bolero ira, Hi eta. I'll, r, ,-ra; < iallrry. IJH eU. Doora open *1 7; i manr*? com men re it hull pint T. HIATIIAM 'I'll KAT' K. FORREST AM) yi?a C|,1 ETON KOR ONE > ?? A V K V KMNI.^'M h' \sr rV,??n?i PATRICIAN'S VUt.ll I CH-Mnr,U N1, v |/i in it I.ST. U?.ly M?ANOEH,rNOMvf'lLLV>L,>TON T" "'th ices ol Ailmwaion?Diraa Circle io e>nts: Second an 1 d Tiers 2V, Pu IJH; Oallrrv 1?H cents. Door* ?i?D re 7?rnrtiin risea at 7H o'rlorlr precisely ~ raVil u li/N OI.Y HIPIOTlil* A 'e M fc VOAY KVENINO. will be performed, [1 Alt HACK IOV1. To be followed by the Traaaily or H A Ml.KT ? nilet, Mr Mitchell. Aftrr which, SARATOGA hINIIS Timothy Tenewrll Mr -e dc with HIGHWAYMAN *" cw" ? l n? Liuuta will b? opened at 7, u< u?? gtaum nence at halt-wax 7. every eveninr. A M is tl It- A It Ml I 'M K tl IfcT" " wfk of'he much admired and MtrniAcrnt MODICL OY .1114, ALL IN CARVED WOOD, covering in are* of i fret, and rerieiemiug every portion of lhat great eigr ih aurh perfect accuracy tl at prrcont who have baca m ri? > au point on' the ver* homo in which they lived. KES90K J. (JARVKY It 10N, will perform their won'ful Kiinihbriuim and Ovmnaatica. Mr HHKHMaN, tha heantifnl Ballad Singer, ADELAIDE CHILI.Il'8. the beat Dinaeaie in Amenra. A LI VINO 8fclA DO(). from New Yonndiand. JUMOU8 SERPENT, 20 fret Ion* Meh>di?n Oalv ante Oold and Sliver Plating! Albino La dy! Kaney Ulan Blowing' and 500,000 eurio.ities. ?y vintera admitted aainr evening Iree. Admission to eum and entertainments 25 rent*?children half priee. PKALKV8BKWlruHK nCIKUB Broadway nppniite the City Hall. Mr H.BfcNNF.TT Manager EDUCED CK1 K.-ADMISSIAN ONE SHILLING. I0.*!!','? ap.mar?Mi-? MART AHWNCI, th- nrcnmi Knrh*ntr?>M; Mr. DICLAUfc.,the unrivalled Mimir; t.a PETITE CERITO. the acefnl Dausena . Mr. H. BENDaLL, the celebrated Coic *iug??r. The SiaineiB Twin a* large as life; a lame ta Dog, nearly 12 feet long; An enormous Henwnt; The elodi'ti playa a variety of Overtures Itaruo'eu entertainments on Saturday at 1 o'clock. Day vi a admitted the aame evrniag Iree ol charge, trformaueea in the Lecture Koom to commence at I o'clock. MONS. BLEY'S jRAND VOCAL AND INSTRUMENTAL CONCERT, VIOU9 TO HIS DEPARTURE YKOM N YORK ONrt BLEY, Eirat Violin Solo player at the Gymaaae Mnaicale in I'aria, bcga to announce a Grand Vocal, and rumenial Conceit, at the APOLLO ROOM. Thursday, the llth instant, arsiated by the following moat nent talent:? MADAME SUTTON. M O N8. E RA K fc M A N, Alum. I I VIM. Ami other eminent artiste*, t the aiiegeitiou ol many friend* Mona. Bley ha* put hi* eu at M rent*, to be had at the Mtuie Store* and Hotel* nt the door. ir programme ?ee imall bill*. Concert to 'commence at "cla. ml Jt r MR. HOSIER'S CONCERT. APOLLO ROOMS. WEDNESDAY, May 10. SBTHOVKN'S Paitoral Symphony, Mendelaohn'a Midininiuer Niitht't Dream, Weber'* Jubilee Oeertnrc.will be ed by a inimcrnu* oreh-?tra. Iiree old Italian and Kngliih Madrigal*, will b* long by nty voire*, he. dir. Kull "articular* in unall hill*. r? C B Horu, Mr Auitin Phillip*. Mr Mayn*rd, Mr Mae, Mr Merer, Mr Heha fenherg, Mr Timm, Mr Alpen, Mr rh?, Mr J A Kyle, 'inductor*, \lniri O Loder and F W Roairr. ickrt* SI each, to be had at the residence of Mr Kocier, Ml rl *treet; at tne principal Muaieitote*, and at the door on evening of performance. m hit* $ JOHN A. KYLE, rOUI.O retpertfully inform his Irieuda and the publkjthat ho will givo hi* ANNUAL CONCERT, AT THE APOI.LO ROOM, On MONDAY EVENING, May 8th. PROGRAMME. PaRT I Pour i for Three Perfotnier*. on two Piano*? Meur*. Time. AI per* and King, Czeray. lit?"The Wanderer,"?Mr*. Horn?Flute Obligato, Mr. Kyle, Litis, re?Cornet a Puton?Mr. Annie. lad?"The Widow to liar child"?Mr*. Loder, Croneh. o?t'ieoo forte? \lr Koiaowaki. Thalbetg. i(t?"When the Moon on the Lake ia beaming"?Mia* Taylor?Computed eipreialy lor her. by Mr, Raymond, o?Flute Air with variation*?Mr. Kyle, Boehm. a from La Sonnambula? Mr. Raymond, Bellini. Part II. md Don for the Piano fort*, from Auh*r'? Opet* of "Lac de* Krr"?Mr*. Wcideuhofer and Mr. Timm, Henry Berlin!, a?Mr*. Loder, Ro**ini. o Concertaute, for Piano and Violin, from ' II Puntaui"?Meaari. King and Mark* Oaborne and De Benot. nnarript 8o#g?"The Queen of May,"?compo*ed eipreialy fur Mm Taylor, by Georg* Loder, l?? Flute?Mr. Kyle?"Creghan a Vene,"? Aoui'nt Iriah Air with Vaiiitiont?(by particular detire,) Clintou. lon-ia-?"Air Nationale," with Variation*? Mr*. Horu. in?Mi?* Taylor, Me??r?, Roiierand Raymond, "This iMauir wnvm Hrarf."?frmn ihi> On'r* of tin "Mountain Sylph, * Bemett. rick ts 30 cent-* each. To he1 hail at the principal Muic ires; Mr Kyle's residence, 41 Forsyth strert, aud at the door _rhe wialai el parwii?aa ~T~ Concert to commence ul t o'clcck 'precisely. i T2tr SING1NW. ADAM SUTTON, having arranged to I etnrs U> Italy lha beginning of August, purposesrerrivrug popila until that gire finishing lessons in the Italian, Fi nch, and English e of Singing Her method is that punned It Bordogni and :cai, the tint masters in Kurope, inensuing the strength sod ipasa with astonishing rapidity. Her pup It will has# the image of her singing with them, which can be panned wasters alone, who >hase been emiaent singers. Ladies dens of availing thetnsalves oCMadam Sutton's limited stay, r ascertain terms, fcc., by application at 77 Chambers street, n 9 o'clock till 2 all tm*r THICATRK KOK KBNT. " rPLICATIONS will lie received nntil the 19th instant,for leasing the Maryland Theatre, on Krontst , Baltimore, his laige Theatre is fitted op for Equestrian as well as for malic |<erformanret, is in good condition, is well stocked li Scenery, Machinery, lie., and will scat aboattwenty-five died persons. pplieations to be addressed to the Secretary of the MaryI J'hcntre Company. Baltimore. mCisttr z. lac?7dentist, AS retaraed to the cityand resumed the practice of hi* profession, at 79 Franklin at., west of B'oadway, where he is |iarrd to see his former patients* and all otheis who need rofestional services Z. LACKY m42w*ee 111 8ALE-THE RACEfBOAT "WAVK." which for iwco ami beauty of model ia probably unequalled, either i lour or 111 oare, length ihiiiy-nine feet. Apply to WM. CROL1U8, the Builder, < 4tia r 400 Water etreet. sc)ylNT)p!V,oT. WEN PRESCOTT, Pilot, take* charge ai maater of riaaelabonnd to New Bedford, Nautncket Shoals, Boa ton, tamouih, Portland, Kennebeck, and OTHER PORTK caat 'Jew York. Office at Frye h Shaw's, 222 Water atreet, ner Reek man Reference to a Dumber ol Memhanti, ana several Insurance Cemoauies ia tliie city, Boaiou, and tland. alt Imiar OLD ?8TABLI8HED EMIGRANT PAS 8AOE OTKI^Kjl South atreet. New York?Ret HKeular Liue of Packeta?The subscriber eontianea to ? ont persons from any part of Ureal Britain and Ireland, > may he encored by their friends here, hy the regular line acket ahipe, tailing every ai* daya 'roin Liverpool. Persi-ndirtgjnr their friends, may rely that jnat care will be n 10 haiWhem deapatrhrd without delay in Liverpool^md alwaya endeavor to merit a enntinoaoee of the public mage which haa been an liberally beatowed for many yeara : and thoee r?nutting money can have draft! payable at all Banks aad brioches throughout the Uaited Kingdom, irforther partienlara, apply fifby letter, poet puidl to Inuah ?c ae anbeeriber haa made arrangemanU with the propnetora of inra of Rai'roada, Steamboats, end Towboat* to forward posers to all the different place* on the Erie Canal and UpLakea, and by steamboat and railroad to all the principal ua on the rnnie, to the Western Stales at the lowest rales. farther partienlara a|H>lv aa above. m t-lu FOR HAVRE?The superior French karqaa I^WAIULE, cop|iered and copper fastened, will be disMbpat< hed immediately for Havre. TfEight apply to A. SEIONF.TTE. ist'm 71 Water street Kg- FOR LIVERPOOL?NEW" LINE-. Regular Packet ol 2Mb May.?The Splendid Packet Skip pBHERlDAN, Captain S. Depcveter, of ltti tons positively sail as above, her regular day. For freight or age, hiving aaccminodaliona unequalled for splendor Ol ifort, apply on beard, at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall atreet. a E.k. COLLIN 8 ft CO. 54 South street, -ice of passage, Si AO. he Packet Ship Oawck, CapL Win 8kiddy, of 1M i, will succeed the Sheridan, and sail the 25th of Jane, her liar day. rttera for the ahipe of thia line will only be received at Gil auJ Hale's News Room. aengera may rely on the ahipe of this line setting punctual i advertiued m 7r MP bOH NEW OHLF.ANS?LOUISIANA AND WftNEW VOUK LI NE?Positively Firet Regular MbPacket?To sail (he 15th Mav ic fast sailing packet ship MKMlTilS, Captain Allaa, positively sail aa above, her regularday. For freight aeage, having handsome furnished accommodations, apply oarit, at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall at. or to K. K COLLINS ft CO. 54 Sooths?. ipiiers mayrely apon having their goode correctly meaaarl nd that the ships of this line will sail punctually as advar. Any gnaiauiee to tlist effect will be given airi fulfilled may be required. -ents in N. Orleans, Hnllin it WoodaUT, who will prampOrward all goods to their address. i* nickel ship Oemaliee, Captain Tret,will ? eased t iphis. m7ec g FOR LI VKKrOOL.-Regular packet of the B? V May.?The vtiy superior, fast sailing packet ah ic ItSTV.l'IlEN WHITNEY, Captain Thoiawon. will Ifely (All U above. tin* very superior accommodations for cabin,seceed cabin ite?r??e Pjusencers. persons wishinc to embark should early applications on board, foot of Maiden Lane, or to JOSK.rH McMUkHAV. . ?k-_. 1. . ,. 'Nl Pine nl., cor. South d.?r.?^ br the iplendil picket >hip den, C?pl. Depeyet* .end ?et' oa tve ?th inet. lout wishing to tend lor their irituda residing in the >ontry, ran hnec them brought not by the eboee ehip, or rtht regular pecketa, by aptTyiag u abera ; if by letter, w"? eiT r ig- I'AMSAOtt Kok LONDON?I'icket ol the 10th ?V Vim?The ettpcrior I .it eiiilioK packet ihip MON brKKAL, Captain Tinker, will telr * abore, he* atjay. e mperior accommodations for cabin. eeeond eebia end Wf nassanirrrs. Persons wiiIi'M to embark should aeeka application to JOHN HE ROMAN, <1 South etreet. 8?Persons lendintr for their frier.ds residing id Oreat lit! sud I eland, ran lure them hrousht out ee usual. hy if the ilea * oiupoeiiiit thi? line; tud drefte furnished for iin mut payable without discount thi'tighout Iha Uailod dnm. Apply ? <0ore. m} r a?. yell LONDON?Regular Peeket of the lOtiTo #?u**'l0r (ft* sailing Mchet ship fjy.VlOM HKAL, CnptAin linker, will tail at her regular day. no* rery rniierior accommodations for cabin, second ca nd leprae- passengers; pereou? wishing to embark should early application on board foot ol Maiden lane, or to _ JOSEPH MCML'ARAY, loo Hne street, corner of South (treet. on? wishing to tend (or their friendi, can ha?e them it out hv the a hoy e ihip, or any of the regular packets, by as ahoye. W by letter, pott-paid. r PORTUGUESE FEMALE P1LL8. ^R?. fat lamed and oelehrated Pills, fVom rortwtral, are. ? parcuira, to be obtained in this country. SaetadTartmu Oh# laM aotaoaa. foottb pane.

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