Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 25, 1843, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 25, 1843 Page 3
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pt7?JU8T RECEIVED BYTIIE UKEAT WESTERN an J lor sale ut the Literary 1)- pot ol the Herald Office, a lew copies ot the "lllu-trated London News," and "Pictorial Times." The former contains several magnificent representation* of Katbei Mathew celebrating High Mai*and Administering the Hedge in London. A faithful representation of the Position of the Steamer Columbia when she iva? wrecked on the llalilax coast. The Grand State Ball at Buckingham Pjl.tce. Lauding ol the Queen and Cobourg Enmity at the Tunni 1 Pier, kc., wiih a vaiiety of explaoatory readirg. The Pictorial Timfs is equally attractive and entertaining, illiitttrated by viewn ot the Council Dinner of the Yorkshire Agr.cultural Society. The dinner in the Pavilion Meeting ol that Society tn the Mansion Hiuie. A S| lendid Perspective View ot Waterloo Bridge. Corner rut.on ol the Roman Catholic Cemetery, Commercial Road, with a lull length figure of the great Ai-ostle ol Temperance. Models of Temperanca Medals, lie. Price ol the illustrated London News, 18]. Pictarial Times 18j cents. A moderate supply will be reserved for agents and orders, and to ensure no disappointment, persons desiring to continue these numbers, will be supplied on the arrival ol each successive steamer, by leaving tlieir names ut this otlice. Arrangements have bean made in London and Liverjoiil to supply the Herald Literary Depot with a great variety ol European Newspapers Hnd Pjmphlets. Also received,a large aupply oi WilmerSc 8mith'< Eu- : rojieaii Tiniei.ani Chas. Wilnicr'a American Newa Letter ?both published at the iat< st moment of the packets ' sailing. THE HERALDLITERARY DF.POT is, as usual, sup- . plied with all the modern republications, Irani the best ; authors, historical, literary and romantic. THE COURT OF BEAUTY. ,! When the lilies are dioapmg, and flowerets all fade, Oh blest and reviving's the warm summer rain ! Ho thus to the cheek, where each chaim has decayed, Will the " Water of Beauty" bring ueauty again. 'Tib the ' Water of Beauty " that Oouraud preparvs, 1 Winch loveliness udds to the features of Lave ; Elfjces the impress of time-nourished cares, And makes the angels ot earth like tUe angels above. 1 Ye fair ones, whose faoes are freckled or tanned, Use the "Water ol Beauty," and ye shall be lair ; You'll be courted and kitsed, and in time be wall manned, For the sake of your charms, and the attractions you I wear. i OOURAUD'S "WATER OF BEAUTY," (says the Boston Uncle Sam.) is lar n<ore highly prized by the ladies than aoy similar preparation. Every bottle that is disposed of leads the way to a greatly increased demand ; (or in no single instance has it been known to fail in re moving tan, truckles, and all unseemly blotches and yellowness from the sit in. To be had in New York only, at the original ollice, 07 Walker street, one door from Broadway. $1 per bottle. QlJ- SARSAPARILLA?The wonderful < Meets of this root upon the blood are known to the world ; few persons could have escapad Homo knowledge of its qualities. In all scrofulous complaints, alfcctions of the skin, and all diseases arising lrom (he abuse or too free use of calomel, it is said to net specifically and cute. The small quantity of Sarsaparilla taken in Syrup with Soda Wa ter, is perfectly ineffective ; large quantities must be taken to produce any (fleet. To get it concentrated then and pure is the only safety. Ask always for Comstock's Extract of Sarsaparilla, and reluse all otkers, and you will be sura of all its virtues in the most condensed form. This caution is very necessary to be observed, as there are more than a dozen other persons'extracts, or preparations that have become inert and valueless. Comstock's will always he made of the best, with double the quantity of the real Sarsaparilla in a bottle. COMSTOCK fc GO'S Concentrated Com-ound Fluid Extract of SARSAPARILLA. KOH THE CURE OF Scrofula, Mercurial and ] Syphiloid Chrome Rheumatism, Diseases, General Debility, Biles, from an impure habit Cutaneous Diseases, of body, Scaly Eruptions ol the Skin, Ulceration of the Throat T. iter, and Leg, Pimples or Pustules on the Pains and Swellings of the faoa, Bones, Liver Affections, Ani) nil Diseases arising from an impure state of the Blood, Exposures and Imprudencegin Life, Ezcestive Use of Mercury, tic. The great pupularity of Sarsaparilla, and its established efficacy .render it supc> 11 no us to enter into any encomium ol its virtues, or adduce any evidence in its favor. It is truu, that it has been heretofore subject to frequent changes of reputation, owing to ignorance of the proper modoof extracting its virtues, or to the spuriousness or inferior quality ol the root manufactured. Hence also the inetlicacy of many preparations ottered to the public. The proprietors of this extract asseit with confidence, that it i.. prepared from the best materials, with the great est pharmaceutical cure and accuracy, and in the be^t mode to obtain the active principle in the most concentrated state, answering the desideratum ol exhibiting a large quantity of 8arsaparilla in a small doie. It is also combined with auxiliaries of known efficacy, which greatly enhance the activity of the preparation. In addition to the advantages of a Concentrated Extract of Sarsaparilla, for portability and convenience of admin istration, it supersedes the trouble of preparing a decoction which would requirv almost daily repetition, as it will not keep morn than a day or two in warm weather, and is apt to be inert fiom the quality of thereof frequently puichased, and the imperii ct manner in which it is necessarily prepared. This article, particularly prepared by Comstock St Co., Chemists, has performed numerous and most astonishing cuies of persiWs who have lor years been festering with sores from head to loot, and others who have been bent up with mercurial rheumatism, aud other complaints, with whiehthey have been bed ridden two or threo years. Cau'ion is always to be remembered to get Comstock & Co "s, end no other kind. This puie Extract is put up in as large or larger bottles than any that sells for one dollar, and is as good in every 1 way; the price has been put down so low that any one can ?fford to use it, 60 cents per bottle, or $4 per dozen, and all who use Sarsaparilla, can depend npon having as good an article ever made at 100 per cent cheaper than all others. Messrs- C. & Co. hove been in the business some 13 years, and can make as good medicines as any one else. To be had only in this city at 21 Courtlandt street; and at Branch House, Boston, 52 Corohill. CUT- DR. F. FELIX GOURAUDS POUDRES SUB TILES for eradicating human superfluous hair. Tne above chemical preparation has received the stamp ol public approbation tor some years past, as the most sale, speedy and effectual remedy ever discovi red lor the comple:c t radication e' human hair. It is decidedly an inestimable article for thetoilet, and has entirely annihilated tliuse deleterious, uncertain and dangerous compositions which bnvc htentoo frequently employed. No lovely or beautiful woman, who has the unsightly appendage of a demonstration ot a heard on her upper lip, hairy side ot the face, moles, or a mass of hHir covering abroad and elevated forehead should deiay a moment in procuring a bottle of this invaluable |>owder. When applied cold, this preparation is used by some in lieu ol razor, for removing the beard, which it effects wi h more ease, with as much rapidity, in a more satisfactory manner, and at less expense, while at the same time it leaves the skid soft and delicate to the touch. To uproot the beard it is applied warm, according to dirsctions, (French and Eng1 sh.) accompanying each bottle. Price $1. Nongentat Brooklyn. 0&- PROFESSOR VELPEAU'S SPECIFIC TILL, for the cure ol p.onorikoc* and gleet, are only to bv had genuine at the office oltlie College 01 Medicine and Pharmacy. Fiom the lact ol their being the only remedy now used by the regular medical practitioner, a more lengthened notice is unnecessary Sold in boxes, containing one hundred pills?price $1. W.S. RICHARDSON, Agent. Office and consulting rooms of the College, 97 Nassau street. (fij- NEW IMPROVEMENT?Wc have been shown the instrument alluded to in the following communication, and ure requested to call attention to It : ? M*. Editor ? Sir? You will confer a favor upon tis and the community at large by permitting us to call attentton toanim provement w hich we know has been used with the most complete success in theremoval of disease heretofore ir remediable. It can be seen nt Mr Tiemann'j, 63 Chatham street. A pamphlet entitled Enquiries Retiring to the Use of the Instrument, together with information relating to the cause and more suddenly fatal nature of con sumption, tits, tmlsy, and ether nervous affections, has been published by benevolent individuals, andean behad gratis at the book store, 74 Chatham ktrcet. Information relating 10 the treatment may be hart gratis oy addressing M. 8. Thomas, Pniltidelphia, (post paid ) MONKV MAHKKT. Tluirmtny, Augmt '14 ?0 P.M. A moderate business has been done nt the Board to-day, and prices rather gave way. Harlem lell J; Canton}; Illinois Ohio 6'* rose At the new Board to day there were large sales of Long Island at a decline of}. The Argus ofthe 41 at ir slant, in its comments on the report ol Hie Comptroller, sets down the New York State Stock Security Bank, as one of six hanks that are subject to u fine ol $100, for not having complied with the 3d section of the Law, lPth April, far as it concerns the New Yoik State Stock Security Bank. Thi.i is altogether a mistake, as said section docs not apply to an in4iviiual hanker, who has no msncinles, and liai not filed a certificate of capital stock. The above institution ha1! always been owned by one and the nmi> individual; and Comptroller A. C. Fl*gg,in his annual report to the legislature, January, 1839, gave his reasons at length, why he dnlivered circulating notes til aai.l Iti.llvi.1na1 alllintirli tin had lint ttll'il a rprtific i?n of capital stock, asjrt<|nirrd, of assncinlioni, by the Nth section oT the general It inking Law; and he further states that no report could he required from sni.l individttnl. It is obvious that the only point of importance for the public to know, as relates lo banking i<, that the circulating note* delivered arc fully sccured by the depotite in the hands ol the Comptroller of ample security for their redemption in case of need, and that the bank is actually located where it pretend* to be, that the public may not be cheated in the redemption. We ohallhavc Nome further remarks upon this subject. The lute bank returns exhibit, in Hit eminent degree, ti e fact that the cash nature of the bunincrs now done, notwithstanding the enormous quantities of produce brought torward, gives but email employment to banking in?titutions. When, formerly, it was the custom foi Iioti in this city to nrcipt bills against produce to come (orward, and not, as now, againstihnt already in hand, a large amount of paper wa* cnated, which afforded food f<?r the banks, and made their business profitable, while in (act, the whole welfare of the country wna injured by the peration. Where houses now come under accept nice lor produce to the ritent of 7ft per cent oi the mar. let value ot that a vtually in hand, they are amply coverid, and that paper forma the moat desirable claai for the western bank*, if we take the diacounta and circulation ?f the Rocheater banks, and compare it with the quantity >f wheat and Amur which haa arrived at tide water up o thia date far aev eral seasons, we ahall obaei ve how nuch the quantity has increased at a time when the bank liscctints have din finished. The receipts of flour and wheat through th? canal to the Hudson river, hove be?n is follows ,,, 'V we?.inf*i* Total to 1th.lug. Hour, bhlt. H, hu. / lour. hhls. Wheat bu 1839 7,ll? 331,713 113 118 184(1 32,9\? 7, Ilia Ml, 761 221,Si" l?ll 14,838 6S0.I25 130 928 1842 18,4'Bi l?,99.'? 664,3211 *47,931 HI43 58,2111 32,289 731,014 223,.11(1 The increase of receipts is very large. The following is a statement of th e discounts and circulation of the Ro vneairK umiak i0r i oe same periods Co/w"AT,?r: THr Rochester Bank.. \l'"' i> t "f kochettrr Com- Total. ?? Monroe~ lioihtstvr. City, mercial Inn. 1811 184.147 170.112 240.438" Li604.737 |uly 201,347 129,717 l!t!J 80 178 888.171 Sept. 1811 217,40)1 208,449 299,331 II6I1I 8?lV,'ll Jan. 1842... 144,474 I06.3M tn',400 77.963 *i?S? "* 11.1,061 06,836 216,207 113 100 Y2't2U1 ia"' ISa-1 jS'lil ;,7'H79 7a,'in-? iii'-?or, Discount '' ' "'.IKii 146,118 103,901 674,467 jail. 1841 541.014 582,894 761,324 ? 1898 831 July 621,667 548,282 773,882 127,047 2*070*778 "**'l >t. 617,80.1 469,876 823,404 171 707 2 '000*789 Jail. 1812- 520,207 464,698 700,947 141 449 I StT' >I t Sept. 1812 40,641 419,336 469.028 I *3.374 1 431 J7'l fan. 1813 465,94i. :i.')2,437 410,141 149,970 1*487 601 A.UB. 408,74.4 310,087 390,469 164,472 1,3831887 We guthnr thu following te.ulU from these two table* :? lVli#m & flour, recVl from Jan. to 11,43 Auguat, bbU. 676.310 601,8C6 774.712 lncrt>a*f hank loan*. 181,'J44 _ ' _ Decrease " ? 304,832 103,717 circulation. 9RJ.QV7 I'J iy?u .la.'ai! The receipts of flour are 100,000 barrels more than in 1S41, and the bask louns $700,000 leia, allowing bow much less business the Banks derive from t he same mount of trade than formerly. Hence it it that in thoie parti of the Union, where the great? it reduction < an taken place in the amount of capital employed in banking, the more safe and profitable muxt be t a at which remains. On the other hand, where the ban.ks have held on, and not materially reduced their movements, they have yet to go through great difficulty. This is particularly the case in the btate of Virginia, wljere there has been less reduction in the amount of banning than in any other State The banks have sustained hitherto a sickly existence, and are now less Eound th in the banks of almost any other State of the Union doi,ngibusiness. Their comparative polition is as lollows ? HANKS ok- Virginia, July, 18I2|&I 1813. 1812. ^ 11| |:t. Loans. Specie. Lonns. Specie. Merchants St Mechanics' TOR, 111 118,895 626,023 !l4,.'>Hi Farmers' Bulk, 4,465,652 1112,355 4,123,057 619,419 Bank ofValley, t,325,610 2115,827 1,265,81:! 287,980 Kxclmnge Bank, 2,664,732 223,913 2,344,240 220,211(1 Bank ?fW., 4,8711,631 803,305 4,527,041 770.382 N. Western, 893,669 166,678 871,210 125,548 14,926,708 . 2,500,973 13.057,147 2,168,lOj Circit. Drpos. Cireu. l)epas. Mercli. St Mechanics, 465,130 78,989 423,760 121,091 Farmers' Bank, 2,152,058 871,695 1,561,655 827,360 Bank of W. 625,171 152,501 587,111 161,93.1 Kxclianue Bank, 611.291 524,181 422,221! 582,72(1 Bank ofVirginia, 2,179,295 633,086 2,027,421 808,26(1 N. \V .ste?il Bank, 308,9110 167,769 219,828 203,2I(J 0,645,225 2,431,221 5,272,033 2,707,8,5 The agg regates of these banks compare as follows Loans. Specie. Circu Depos. Jan. 1838 15,681,118 1,366,782 7,186,130 2,902,212 1839 I6.S62.510 2,3:19,119 8.089,493 3,361,656 1810 15.502,393 1,819,568 6,707,701 2,785,517 ? 1841 15,398,949 2,307,812 7,722,483 2,642,234 " 18-12 15,925,088 2,462,155 7,753,300 2,638.882 July, 1842 14,926,708 2,500,973 6,615,225 2,431,221 1813 13,857,417 2,168,105 5,272,033 2,707,809 The increase of specie in 1S39 wasowing to the start, ing of the Exchange Bank, which procured $600,000 for that purpose. 1839 was a year of enormous inflation; and the reduction of loana in Virginia is but $3,"00,000, while in New York it i* $11,000,000 Notwithstanding the enormous accumulction of specie in the country, the Banks of Virginia show a decline, giving evidence that .their loans are difficult to realize. Kales at the Stock Exchange. S5000 NYork6's,'62 108U 30 Ohio Life & Trust 83 5(H)l? NYSE's, 1861 bl5 102?i 10 AubSt. Syracuse Hit 99 1000 do '61, fa yearly 102 40 do lO'i 23,500 Ohio 6's, 1850 90 40 Utica & Sch RH 116 1000 do I860 91>? 50 Canton Co bl5 25 3000 do do 91% 50 do sl5 25% 1500 do 1856 90 50 Mohawk Itlt s i in 36 1000 Ky fi's, 30 yrs, 1)30 97?* 50 do slim 36 10,000 do 97 S, 10 (lo 37 1000 do 97J>? 900 llarlein RR 37 '/ 2000 Illinois Bonds 3ljk 200 do 37U 30 stirs Leather M Bk 102% 250 do *10 37?, 30 State Bank of N Y 85!,; 50 do |.sl0 37'3 100 Bank of Com scrip 98 50 StonitiKtnn KR 301. 50 do 97X Second Board. 4000 Ohio fi's 91'j 150 I,iinK Island BR 52', 50 Harlem RR 37'.t New York Public Stock Exchange. $1000 U S fi's, '02 1I4W 150 do IrfiO 53 3000 <1>) 1N 3,. 200 do sOO 52'? 5000 do stliw MX 100 do 25s, 1000 do tw IH?, 100 do lifiO 52?, 1000 NVork 5)a's, '61 103 100 do 52U 6000 do 103^? 550 do 52J, VI00 Ohio 6's, 1860 9ljJ 50 do hlO 52k 11000 do 91 100 do h30 52% (000 Illinois 6*b 1870 31 150 do ?30 521, 1000 do Mon :nJ4 150 do s30 52?, 2000 do 34 J4 100 do b20 52'j 1000 do Mon 31 100 do *60 52'., 2000 do 1*20 31% 400 do b30 52'i 1000 do thw 31 289 Harlem RR 37 1000 Kentucky fi's 97?, 125 do snw 37^4 1000 Ind l)iil Bond*, 25yrs 31 III do Ii30 38 25 slirs Canton Co 25Tn 39 do 37 \ 25 do 26 50 do tw 37 150 Long; Island RR s30 52}j loo do li30 37 Second Board. 2000 Illinois) fi's, 70 34V 15# do linw 52U 125 Harlem RR 37>, 150 do bfiO 52 50 do bnw V% 50 do snw 52', 50 Loiik Island Rlt b9 52^4 50 do 523, 100 do b30 52>a State or Trade. TRAUK OK rORTLAJCD, Mt ?CoMrARATtV K d iMroRr OK ftlOLASIES. Ga'lont Import for 6 months, ending June 30, 1842,.... 1,76 j,495 " " " " " 1843,. . . 9 ,ti 370 Decreasaof import in gallani for 1843 809,126 Amount of duty on importation! ot Molasses first lis m >nths of 1812, $56,645 82 Amount of duty on importations of Molasses first 6 months ot 1848 53,869 76 Decrease in amount of duty, $3,776 07 The above, taken from the Portland Advertiser, in in correct as regards the tailing off in the amount of duties, the du y lor 1S43 is the same as 1843, being r> cents a gallon. To place the tacts in a tiue position we make a table of our import : ? Import. Duty. *'lm't of Ihitu. int2 1,764,495 Set*. a gal. $88,274 75 1U13 948,470 4 " " 47,818 40 Deer, in impts. 800,124 Decrease in duty, $10,146 24 Real Eitatk Auction Sal**. Six lots of land* on the S W comer ot 6th avenue and 30th street, which, taken together, contain on 38th street, ISO feet, on the tl'h avenue 94 hB ins. The corner lot brought $ IWK), the others $500 each?in all $3,500 Considerable activity prevails in all articles of trade. The weather has become tlnr and settled, and our business streets are crowded with steameri from all parts of the coui.try. Tai.i.ow?This article is in brisk demand, and sales rule at 7| a t-f C's lor export. Whiskky ?Drudgi- lit in at 31 and barrels at 34) a 35? Sales very limited and coiifiitcd to small lots. Ashks ?Pots have slightly improved. We quote sales at $4 3*|, which, purchasers reluctantly submit to. Peail* rule at $6 31 J, with atendjney towards a small advance. Provisions ? We continue to quote pii i e Poik at 910 a $10 134 i Mess at $1 37 J ; Boots are very dull. Lard is in active demand. Cotton?We do not learn any thing now in the movements of this article. Sale* are to a moderate extent, and at former prices. Flour?The market still continue* dull, and prices down to the point quoted lor fometime past. Genesee (till remained nt $6 ; Ohio and Michigan $4 t>7J ; Ohio round hoop, $4 67J a $5 ; O.iorgetowu $6 36 Very little doing in wheat. We quote $1 Carn is in much demand?sales of North River at 58 a 69 cts weight and mei.sure , southern a 57 cts. measure j Rye is firm at 07 J a 68J cts ; Oat* 38 a 39 cl* Dry Goods?There were fine large sale* yesterday, viz. 700 oi loruigu and domestic manufactures, one oi French and German goods ; one of woolkns, and one package sale ot loreign goods. The above well attended.and lormer prices were tairly sustained- There appears to be no lading off in the spirit that Hist marked the sale* at the commencement ot the *eason. Brighton Market. Monday, Aug 31, 1843. At Market 436 Beef Cattle, 60 Cowes and Calves, 3500 Sheep, and 360 Swine. Prices?Beef Cattle.?Last week's prices were fully sustained. Two yoke wer? probably fo d for romething more than our highest quotation*. A few extra at $4 60a4 76; first quality 435s4 60, lecond quality 375a4 35; Uild quality 3?3 60 Cawes and Calve*?We noticed *ale* at $12, 16 and 18, 33, 36 and 37. Sheep?Dull. Small lot* of Lambs, with a few old Sheep, from 6tlcto $1 50. Old Sheep 1 76, 3 and 3 36. Swine?Lot* to peddle nt 4|j for Sow*, and 6|c for Barrows. At retail Irom SJ to 7c.i Foreign Markets. Havana, August 13?The Webster'* cargo of rico ws* sold, Irom *tore at 11 rls., and the Howell's Just ariived kt same rate, the stock is fair for the season. Lard of choice quality is wanted and would command $13. Box sugan aie quiet and hut littla demand for any description. We quote white 6,'a Oj yellow* 6J a fij; browns 4} a M; encuruchees 3J a 4; exchange is advancing, sterling bill* 1U a 13 prem.; at New Yoik 3 a 3J prem. Married. On Wfdnw.tajr evening, ?<! iu>t; by thn Rev J Lsw Mr. H?*ni?n(t Citowrn. to MIm M??m M, hotho. th is city. __________ Died. OnthelMh in?t. Mr. Tmohh Hkai.t, n nativrof lr?! Iru.I anJ lately ol Min<len, Montnom?ry county, N. Y. Passenger* Arrived- I Livtarooi.?Packet ship Sheridan?P A Hchermerhoru, Mrs P A Schermerhorn, Miss K Schermerhoru, Mastar H Sellertnerhoni, Mrs W II < larke, Mr* Kdmuml Oiluin. Miu Klleii I Qilpin, Mr* Chas K Hovey, Master Chu A Hovey, Master W Hove-- Sereno Mason, M K Daintv, H W Caskin, O A Lan|"Ion, W F Clough, L C Ferrara, Mim Maria l)c Peysier?131 ui (In* steerage Havhk?Packet ship Louis Philipi*? Mr anil MraCharlea Mauley, Miss Virginia Manlev, Miss Sarah Mauley. Philadel lihia; domain Bourgeois, Millie Dolores Brulnis,, Auk Krnger, Prussia; Count rabielo, Charge d'Affairea, Rsaaia?39 in the steerage. CiKJrtTfcoo*?Barque Klleil?Daniel IUIil, Lewis Fowler, Don T0111,1s Acebedo. Pause libera Stilled. Mobilk?Brig More*?A 11 Wallace ami lady, Mt? Carroll, Henry McLiu, Capt Walilron?2 in the ateeragc. Korrlgn Importations Liverpool?Ship Sheridan?23:lll sacks salt E K f 'oilins 8t co ?3 pkgs Ahm Van Nest?49 Garner it co?3 It .(affray Hi, to?II Wight, Siurites it Shaw?3 J A t 11 S I.iitjuer?I Kshwick, Hausrll kco?I Henry B.iyli*?I llussell Sturges?3 Chambres, Johns It. IHser?3 L j Wyeth? I Hulstead, Haines St. co?I F. Stacey?2 H Scliell?2 K N Foster?I Barber Brothers?5 Wood Ik Folger?3 SJkL Holmes?7 Field, Thom|iM>u (k co?35 P?*abody, Kigg* Jl Co?17 8 T Jnnea tk co?3 J Lefferts?7 J B Worrell it miii?10 Worrell Wood Ik Coates?I McKre ik en? M Palou it Stewart?2 S P Williams?1 li W Coil?1 Buruliain it Baldwin?ICS Hubbard?lf> Vanderhill It co?9 Bird, (iillilau it CO?3 Kdw Marshall?."i W W I'linier? 1 Wm wheel wriyht?79 Sami*. Fox ^cco?1 O Thompson?1 W W Host*?8 Stout* it co?3 W it J 11 Keim?3 Fellow*, Van Arsdale it CO? 3 Lewis 6c Fairtnau?3 Kohl Kwing?<i B 11 Halttead?6 Clias Adshead?82 Godfrey, PaUison it co?2 Green it Cramer?-I R L Maitland?13 C A it K F Kversou? lit A M itchell it co?8 Neviui it co?17 Gorton, Hodue* it co?29 Cripps St co?1 Hy Furuain it co?2 C K Hill it Clark?2G Butterfield it Fishar?11 D Oakey it sou?1? J Hudson?5 J Watson?12 J it J Stewart it co?75 J 11 Herrick?1 J Reynolds it co?2 Tooker, Mead it co ?4) Parsons, Canning it CO?7 Becar, Benjamin it CO? 600 G B Morewood?2 H Tobias?2116 Phelps, Dodge it co?20 J H A bee I it co?6 Wood it Johnson?5 \Vr J Miller?3 Dord St Taylor?2 W G Hunt it co?2 Bramhall, Abernethv fit Collins ?2 Cleat eland it Mason?1 Manning it journav?I Coffin.Bradley it co?2 K Boker?I A T Stewart it co?I Richards, Bassett it Aborn?Thatcher it Tucker?17 Stone, Swan 8t co?5 Thoi Hunt it co?5 Hunt Brothers it co?(J Benjamin it co?15 Smith, Tlutrger it co?14 Hoyt it Hunt?in J Ferguson it co?10 Hugh AitchincloKs it sous?27 John Gihou St co?1 K W Pamberton? f> J Robertson?34 J Nicholson?30 .1 A Rea?18 Watt it Rosenc rant 7.?2 J Horscey?23 W Whitewright?1 And Mitchell?59 Richardson it Watson?1 F Tomes it son?2 Thos Reynolds?1 Hughes, Ward St co?2 J Mortimer ir it co?1 Wilkin it Townsend?1 R V Gilbert? 50 liars iron Beuj 11 Downing?200 pkgs to order. Hatri.?Ship Louis Philippe? II pkgs Don it Alien?1 Oscar Varen?18 Morlot St SchafVer?20 Caffe it Melber?1 Cerf. B?**i it May?4 Mitchell, Broguard St co? 3 C Ahrenfeldt?8 Martin it Law son?2 J Napier?1 Ben a id it Mondon?14 Benkard St Hutton?3 Brustb'iu, Koop St co?5 A Hewett?5 C F?y?35 J R 8t Felli?64 Umber it Damhmanu?19 M Gourd it co?17 Lachaise it Fouche? 1 Bourry d'lvemois it co?1 C M Davis?1 Harrison it co?22 F Cottenet?11 Spies, Christ it co?3 A it K W,L' m.... ?i ? ... uuih-j r mt-nnicii?au \t ilfsseiimira?1/ l.oescniKK ot Wisendonek?8 Kessler it co?2 C Voiien & CO?23 Malma/.et it Smith?2 Herk>-nraih it Van Damme?3 Deraismes it Roiunl ?0 F Colliard?I P A Bre*?2 A Bailey?I G B ii J I) English ?4> E B Strange?3 II C Corbett-3 W B Draper-l.1 K Hyde? 2 K Fiedler?126 Schmidt it Vogel?29 E Pa yen?21 (.' Giguoux ?10 B Gacow?10 11 Guillaume?7 Moran it Iseliu?1 L B Binsse?3 A II Ward?I J Bourry it c<??I K Fabreqnctte's fils & Morrn?5 11 Weimar?(I L Strnller?5 W D Cuthbertson?2 Henry & Rahu?2 G F Meyer?17 .J A Voizen & co?I Young, Smith it co?2 W Vyse?6 C Dord?2 B Batime?3 Brun it co? 1 Didier it co?I R J affray?3 Schucliardt, Kay re St co?2 Brim de lo liossiere?55 Lane it Lainson?5 A Caselli?1 E Bruce?12 Underwood. Teterel it Blain?I VV llobbe?4 F A Huntington k co^-2 J B Murray?20 Chevrolat it co?-3 llenard it co?10 Berri it Keese?8 V\ ig lit, St urges it Shaw?2 Hahisham it Jones?2 Nevins it CO?5 <' Hunt?11 Cailleanx it son?1 Charand it Schlumpf?>17 E Kaupe?1 Chester, Clark it co?19 Pigot it Gelston? Id Ballin it Sander?5 W Benjamin?9.1 Sheldon co?I A J Stewart?(> G B it J B English-12 T Mai Hard?3 H C Corbett?I VV B Draper?2 S Isaacs?1 E Hossange?5 K Hourdei|iiin?1H 11 Heiinequin?I H Tobias?7 L Piedanna?0 Lachaisr it Fouche?1 P A Bre/.?50 Joel Wolfe?1 V Bishop" 1 A P Montaut?1 P Harmony?2 White it Sheffield?1 Bolton, Foi it Livingston?1 V Gignoux?I VV ( "anon?1 Davis,Brooks it co?1 X Harmony?I 11 Grosclaude?1 E Berber it co?1 I)e ( Kham it Moore?1 Fellows,Wad*worth it co?I R it H Haight it co?1 A Bininger?1 Lanuoy, Sourdenux it Moran?2 Boiceau ' it Rnsch?I F A Huntington?1 A Homer it co?1 Town send, Sharoless it eo?1 VV Witte?1 Dale it Maxwell?1 J Gex?1 L I Cohen?1 Delauney it co?I A L Dias it Warren?1 Schultz it Bleidoru?1 H Esclier?1 VV O Liston?1 G Von Baur?2 E j M Davis?2 S Haskell?1 Eugler it Foley?2 Joly Freres?1 VV de la Forest?1 E Bossange?1 A Rolker?1 Bnrnham it Baldwin?2 G Heskenburg. Rotterdam?Ship Camilla?3000 bdls rattans 900bags 52 cks mdse 16 bbls nutmegs Vietor it Duckwitz?4 c *ses Herkenrath it Van Damme?10 A H Denkler?10 S it T P Whitney?30 pps Kin E Stevens it sons?25 do 200 bags coffee Boonen Graves it co?4 bxs kreosotn E Fiedler?11 casks madder 10 cases mdse to order. MARITIME HERALD. Sailing Days of the Steam Ships. FROM LIVERPOOL. FROM AMKRICA. G, Western, Ilosken Aug. 31 Ilibernia, Judkins Sept. I Britannia, Hewitt Aug. 19 Sept. 16 Ship Masters and Agents We sli:i11 esteem it a favor, if Captains of Vessel* will give to Commodore Korkrt Sn.vev.of our News Fleet, a lteJiort of the Shipping left _at the Port whence (hey sailed, the vesseis spoken 011 their l'assage, a List "I tlieir Cargo, and ajiy Foreign Newspapers or News they may have, lie will board them immediately on their arrival. Agents and Correspondents, at home or abroad, will also confer a favor by sending to this Olfice all the Marine Intelligence they ran obtain. Nautical Information of any kind will be thankfully received. PORT OF" NEW YORK, AUGUST ?5. SUN RISKS 5 21 I NEW MOON 9M SUN SETS 6 43 I HIGH WATER 8 01 Cleared. Barque Wrskeajj, llatloon, Richmond, Stanton St Krost.? Biigs Kate (Br) Cohli, (irenada and Barhadoes, Win. Daw?on; Gowrie, (Br) Smith, St. Ilarts, H.W.Newman St Co; 1. Baldwin. Thompson, Savannah, Dunham St Dimon.- Dutch galliot Venelia, Memieldeii, Rotterdam. Booiieu Graies St Co.? Schrc Hudson, Cooley, Baltimore. Sturge* Si Clear man; Phebe Kliza, Oshorn, Alexandria, do do; Thaddens, Driscoll, Richmond, W. McKee. Arrived. Packet ship Sheridan, De Pey*ter, from Liven*v>l, July II, with mdse. to E. K. Collins St Co. Packet snip Louis Philippe, Castolf, from Havre, July 12, with mdse, to C. Bolton, I"ox St Livingston. Ship Camilla, WatliiiKtou, l.'i days Irom Koiterdam. with mdse, to Vietor 8t Dnckwitz. Sailed in co. w ith brig Corinth, for N York, fltli inst. l it 41 37, Ion MS. fell in w ith a number of iceberg, and a large field of ice several miles ill extent. Neapolitan barque Sarah, Cassieri, 4.'i days from Dordett, Holland, in ballast, to L. Palinieri. Barque Kllen, Cobb, from Cienfuegos, Aug. 5, w ith 164 hlids molasses BO do SMiS bis sugar to Chastelain St Ponvert. Schr N. L. McCready, Barrett, from Swansboro, NC. w ith naval stores. Schr United States, Rich, from Washington, NC.with naval stores. Schr Herald, Harney, 3 days from Virginia, w ith wood, to master. Schr Oncco, Cadmus, 3 days from Virginia, with wood, to master. Schr Letitia, Hollins, 3 days from Virginia, w ith wood, to master. Schr Col. Hanson, Grant, from James River, with wood, to muster. Schr K. P. Horton, Travis, 3 days from Virginia, with wood, to master. Schr Fidelity, Chambers, 3 days from Virginia, with wood, to master. General Record. Packet >ii i- Siphons, Capt. Cobb, sails for Liverpool this morning. Her letter bags close at Gilpin's, in the Exchange, at 11^ o'clock. Hurricane at Sea.?Capt. De Peyster, of the packet ship Sheridan, from Liverpool, reports I hat on Sunday, tlie 20th nut. tMuf-past 7 a. m., Nantucket bearing West, distant miles, lie encountered one of the most severe hurricanes which lie lias ever met with during his long nautical exjierience. The wind blew from the EijE. and with such violence as to carry away all the sails carried on the ship, with the exception of a topsail. The bulwarks were stove, some water taken into the cabin, ami one of the quarter boats carried bv the force of the w ind into the mizeu rutins; above the round top, and wedged fast there. After the gale had abated, the boat was taken down, and found to be uninjured. Capt Castoff, of the packet ship Louis Philippe. from Havre, reports having experienced the same gale on the nth, off the eastern end of George*' Shoals, accompanied with a very high sea?blew away all three topsails, courses, jib and staysail, ike.; shipped fseveral heavy seas, which carried away lee quarter boat, stove in bulwarks, railings, caboose house, Jcc. shifted ballast, and occasioned other damage. Ship Camilla, Capt. Watlington, from Rotterdam, also encountered the same hurricane, between Nantucket and Georges', during which lost several sails, shifted cargo, 8tc. Scim ( oitake.?The Cottage, Gerrish, of Uoston, 67 days from Sisal for N Vork. (which has been s|>oken several times bv different vessels, and supplied with provisions, and crew all sick) loaded with hides, lieuip and extract ol logwood, struck bout one o'clock on Friday night, ISth inst. on Absecom bar, w hen she worked over, and now lira inside aground. A letter dated the 2Pth, states that they were about to unload her, and put the cargo on board of a small vessel for New Vork. The cargo appears to he in a tolerable slate of preservation. The vessel is a good deal damaged. Dismasted.?Capt. Lucas, of the Sharon, at Boston from Loudon, reports?Spoke 21st inst. lat 12. Ion i;7 JO. brig Lydia. Ilsley, of and from Port laud, for Guadaloupe, totally dismasted in a gale the day previous, bound to the nearest Jiort?wanted no assistance. Capsi/.eh.?Sclir Koyal (Jeorge, of Portsmouth, Tuckerman, from Bangor for Roston, cargo sawdust, was capsized iu a si|uall 20th inst. off White Head, at the mouth of Penobscot Bay. Capt T. succeeded in letting go an anchor, which prevented her drifting out to sea. Next morning cut away both masts, when she righted, full of water. Her sails, rigging, &.C. w ill probably be saved, cargo a total loss. Si mi i P. \V aRinij, from Kllsworth for Portsmouth, was capsized iu a squall 20th inst. off White Mead, and remained on her beam ends 21st, when the steamer Charter Oak passed on her way to Portland. Qi EttEi , Aug. 19.?The hull of ship Welsford, now laying on the bank of the river St. Cluirles, wis sold for account of the underwriters, this afternoon, and brought C5fl The materials bale also lav i sold, but we Live not learned for what amount. Dt? D.?Capt Tlios Howes, well known as a steamboat comin,uider between Boston and Bangor, at Chatham. Whalemen. Fon South Seas.?Ship Geo Porter, Capt Arthur, will sail from New Bedford about tin- 7th Sept. All letters forwarded, postage paid, to the Kxchauge New s Rooin, New Dedtnrd, will be forwarded as directed. .Arrat Mattapoisett 23d inst. Kdward.Taher, Western Ground Aug i. with 3<15 bids sp. :io humpback, to blkflsb. Spoke July 0. lat 35, Ion 13, Jnuo, of Westport, doau; 7th, ijuitn, Sippican, t'Ml sp 60 blktish; I Ith, lat 36, Ion U, Pas ilion, Kdgartown, It s|i 7 blklish. Sailed from Sag Harbor 17th, Daniel Webster, Curry, NW Coast; Marcus, Shearman; Crozettcs. Sailed from Green port 17 th, Delta, Weeks, ( rnzet tes. Sailed from New Hcdfoid 23<l, John How land, having ntlimed to port last evening: < aravan, Hutchins, Shoals. Arr st Nantucket 20th, Telesco|>e, Fitzgerald, whaling on Shoals, no oil: Geo Washington, Pinkhatn. 20 bhls. Sailed frotn Providence 22u, Brunswick, Parker, NBedford, to lit for a cruise, Willis, at Matupoisett 22il, sent home 100 hhls sp oil. not included in her report. Octavia. Barker, of and from NB, and a barque incorrectly reported from New|*irt. 13 days out, (probably the Halcyon, tin New London) were sdoken INth inst. lat 37C, lou 5t 10. Flihrrmrn Good Kxchauge, of Marblehead, passed "Hh inst, at anchor on the Banks?by the Louis Philippe, at this |>ort. Coronet, of Kingston, with 19,000 fish, spoken same day?by the same. _ . Suokrn. J < f l'anthea, Pi linn, hence for London, Aug 12. 1st 40 in, Ion Vi 20? by tlw S.irali, at lni? port. llmirll, of Kingston, itecring ea?t, July |f?, Ut 40 27, Inn ?n? hy the Camilla, at thi* port. Hercules. of Boston, ?teering wrjf, sunilut'd .Inly 2.%, Ut (R ( iR.lon 31?ov the nine. , Gnnipns, Rivward, Surinam for Olonc<>?lrr. tint iniit. South SIkmI hearing W 2ft miles?had lost 2 toiwiil* in n gah\ Marshall, N?w Haven for Demerol*, Aug 13, Ut J9 l.i N, lou 69 2ft. Mfilora, Lunt, London for Bottou, 12th nut. Ut 43 t< N, lou Hlnwmnt, Shepherd, from Boston, and Lady Warrington, 1 from Baltimore, Aug <>. "ff "1" i i. Napifr, Sauford, Amsterdam lor Bnltitnore, no date, oi S < iu Point. Tiger, Biker, NOrlean* for Marseilles, no ilue, ('ape n.i veral \V NVV V) miles. Dromo, Doi'rraiii, of Salrm, standing W, passrd lio date, lat m Jn N, lou 7!t in Teunnw-e, Win1, NOrlean* for Rotterdam, signalled Aug 13, no Ut. he " i Joseohim-, MilclieU, Wilminvtoii, Del. for H? f'ruii, Auk IS, lit 37, loll 71, 21 hours out. Tarry Not, Bristol for hi Thomas. Auk 15. Bernard, D<1ih <<II. ol' llitli, fur Boston, boarded I2d iiint. from the Kdward, at Matiapoisatt. British 74 Bellisle, anil Meat" Apollo. Iiotli bound to KiiKla'ld. wi'ic in co. Hill May, in tlir Straits of SiiikU, with tin1 Thoa Perkins, at thi* |>ort. Korcl|(ii Port*. Liverpool, Aiik 2?Sid Rowland, Blancliard, Savannah; Goodwin. Davis Portsmouth; Aulauta, Kaymoud, New York; nil. Oroiiuibo, Marry, NOrleans. Lokdon, Auk I?Iii port, Constellation. Jackson, NOrleant, loading. Cronstaiit, July J2?In port, Duxbury, Glidden, Boston, about 30th. < hhuti ini?m>, Norway, July 1R?Iii port, Swiss Boy. Blaisdell from Hiua for Boston, put in on account of strong heiil winds. Rli;v, July 22?In port. Afiosto, Kabeiis, from Croustadt for Boston, 12 days; Sarah Poker, ('oilman, do, about 20. HtMliilii, about Julv 2ti?lu port, Gilbert,Given, for < adix, soon. , Rottkrd.vm, Aiib 'i?In port, Henry Newejl, Martin, unc; Fame, Madison, for N York, about 7 days, having been detained on aceounl of the arrival of more freight. Bouni At'July 25? In port, Ville de Bordeaux, (Fr) lot N Orleans, Auk SI; Clarissa Perkins, Perkins, for do, 20th; BosIonian, Kinerson, for do, 15th; Clarissa, Lunt, for do, line; Frances, Ladieu, fordo, Aug 15; Eugeue, Drinkwater, and Androdus, Ritchie, for N\ork, unc. MaKs?:iLLi s, July 21?lu |a>rt, Meunuticook, Mayo, for N Orleans. Auk I; Courier, Dugcau. for N V'ork, 5th; Abhy Baker, Pratt, NOrleans, unc; Ksther, Kmery, do, July 31; Importer. Harwood Boston, do. Tkiim i:, July 2<?In |Hirt, Rajah, llaiiKs. f"r Mobile, wind bound: Kffort, lliisse). fur ,do S|d 15th,Dalmatia,Howes, NOrleans; previous to 21th. Karwell, Karwell, Mobile. Also in hurt " * j i ll i ..1,1 ii.,11.., r..r v... v?rt' i ' ii in i ,.ti i ii<1 White. unc; Richmond, Mustard, do; Isaac Newton, 8|>aul- I ding. do. ("iKNU'Kiios, Auk G?In port, Star, for NYork, 3 days; John Murray, do, soon. Matanzas, \uk fi? In port, Bernard, Donnell, for Boston. 2 days, only American vessel. Surinam, July JO?In port. Grampus, Say ward, Gloucester, next day; Commissary, Fitz, do, 12 or 13. Bona vista, Caiie de Verds, about July 11?8ld Tremoiit, for St Nicholas and tlie ( 'oast, having sold part of her cargo. Si Ja<;o, Cane de Veids, July 8?In port, Mary Frances, of New York, had been at Bouavista and sold part of her cargo, and would sail iu a day or two for Hio Grande. The ('ape ile Verd Mauds were wel' supplied with lumber, llour, Sic. Monthkai., Auk 20?Arr Cueur de Lion, Kendall, Liverpool; 21st, Smile, Strickland. Trapani, Sicily. Home Porta. Lvhkc. Auk4IH?Arr Andromeda, Coffilt, NYork. Sid IGth, Factor, Handy, Philadelphia; Vesper, Smith. Richmond; Sophronia. Fountain, and Mozart, McFarlane, New York; 18th, CoiMtitution. Uichmoud; Leouidas, I'inkham, and Otrauto, Treworgy, NYork. Baiii, Auk 17?Arr SatiatUs, Cox, Havi?. 22d, Samuel, Fogg, llonaire; Kmpire, Kellv. NYork. Sid loth. L has Thomas, Cashing, Martini'iiie; 20th, Sea Flower, Hollins, Barbadoes. Bui kspoht, Aug I!)?Arr St Thomas, Brewster, New York. Shi 21st, Hylas, Kustis, Norfolk, Ponri.and, Auk 22?Old Alert, Davis, NYork. Bos ton, Aug 23?Arr Kben Preble, Hinckley, Liverpool; Sharon, Lucas. London; Thames, Prince, Turks Island; Vlary Ann, Stevens, Bonavista, Capede Verds: Cyhelc, Deering, Ma tanzas. [No clearances. Arr 22d, Adeline V hliza, Hopkins, Marseille* via Cadiz; Venezuela, Raudell, Palermo; Rambler, Merithew, Philadelphia. Gloucester, Ann 21?Arr Norman, Shackleford, Boston for Wilmington; 22d, Cadet, Davis. Surinam. Taunton, Aug IB?Arr Marv. Horton, NYork. New Bedford, Aug 2'J?Slil Sachem, Kirby, Delaware Iliver. Nantucket. Am; 19?Arr Planet, Terry, Philadelphia. Sid 22d, Philadelphia, Barnard, do. Providence, Aiu' 22?Arr .las Lanphecr, Keitney, NYork. Sid R Thompson, Buck, Philadelphia Bkistol. Auj{20?Arr Three Brothers, Pitman, NYork via Warren. Sid Commodore, Wilcox, York River; Meridian. Lewis. NYork; Volant, Willistoii, Rondout. Arr 21st, Pacific, Tuttle, Providence, to load lor NYork. Albany, Aug 23?Sid Balance, Nickersou, Boston; Byron, South port. Philadelphia, Auk 21?Arr Harriet Kuller, Ful er, Calais; Berry, Sears, Boston. Below, Emily, Bernadou, StJago de Cuba. Cld Benjamin, Lunt, Portland; N Biddle, Walton, Nantucket; Cayuga, Stuart. NYork. Arr at the Philadelphia and Reading Railioad Wharves, Abbathula, Portland; Fountain, York, Boston; Adams, Nickersou, Providence. Wilmington, Del. Aug 22?Arr Elizabeth, Wasgatt, New Y'ork. Cld Gov Bennett, Greenleaf, Port Spain, Trin. Baltimore, Auk 22?Cld .Water Witch, Le Brou, West Indies. Charleston, Auc 21?Cld Kmtna, King, Antwerp. Nkw Orleans, Auk l(i?Arr Birkenhead, (Br) Brown, Vera Cruz. Cld Chaos, Larkin, Liverpool ; Ontario, Jameson, Trieste. XAT ANTED?A parlor and bedroom in a private family, with ' ? breakfast and tea, below Chambers street. Address box No. 180, Lower Post Office. References exchanged. au25 3t*r PACKKT SHIP SII)|)()\S, K(?H LIVKRPOOL.?PasseiiKers by this ship will please be oil board the steamboat Hercules, at Whitehall, this day, (25th inst,) at 12 o'clock, at which time the ship will sail. Letter Bags will close at the usual places st ll)s o'clock. au25r DACKET SHIP SHERIDAN FROM L1VERPOOLConsignees by this ship will please send their permits on board, at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall street, without delay. All goods uot permitted in five days will be sent to the publie store. auiUr BEEF?By the tide or Quarter, for sale at all times, at the Slaughter House of .John R. Preston, three doors from Third Avenue, (cast side,) in 2f>th stieet, ol a superior quality, and delivered at as low a rate as can be bought in the city, for cash. JOHN R. PRESTON. au2.'i Im'm UOR SAL E?The stock, fixtures and good will of a wholei sale Liquor Store in Brooklyn, situated in a central part of the city, having a good set of customers and now doing a good business. For further particulars address (with real name) L. \1. at this office, stating when ami when' an interview inav be hail. an85 fitis'r OTKAM ENGINE. KOll SALE, of .'i horse nowe-, all new and stronir: mav lie bought a ereat bargain liv a cash cus tamer. .Apply between 2 and b o'clock in the afternoon, ?t No. 800 Rmngton street. au2l3t*r rT?0 LET?The whole of the Id floor, bastmem udoM A room in the attic of the building, No; 38.'i Broadway, west ?ide. Situation excelleut for business. Enquire of ISAAC WALKER. alO IW+CC No. 481 Broadway. TNDEPENDENT ORDER OF GOOD FELLOWS?The following Lodges met at I o'clock, P. M?:? Constitution Lodge, No. I, Tuesday, at 34>0 East Broadway. Washington Lodge, No. 2, Monday, at 300 do do Jefferson Lodge, No. 3, Thursday, at Brooklyn. New York Lodge, No. 4, Wednesday, at the Shakspeare Hotel, corner William and Duane streets. aull lin*cc THE WELL KNQWN SOLOMON HEINE, M. D? 117 HO lias practised in this ?:it> upwards of nine v? ?r> i.s .? ** medical rayiieiu ud surgeon, keeps in. oflee No W Reade st, near Broadway. au25 lm*r NOTICE- it i Meeting of the Committee appointed by the late Insurance Watchmen, held at P. M. Bayard's Battery House, No. II Stat'* st. August 24th. 1813? On motion, Mr JOHN MIDDLKTON was called to the Chair, and BENJ. E. BLYDENBURGII, appointed Se?retary. It was unanimously Resolved, That the Insurance Officers of this city have done the Insurance Watchmen a gross injustice iii reducing their wages from one dollar to seventy-five cents per night. Resolved, That the old tried Insurance Watchmen will not submit Quietly to such an imposition, without applying for redrees of tnei t u i iei ances. Resolved, That we are fearful the Insurance Companies have not only done their Watch injustice, hut themselves also by reducing their pay from one dollar to seventy-five cents per night, thereby causing experienced Firemen and Watchmen to withdraw from the VVatch, and causing the Watch to be vacant. Resolved, That the late Insurance Watchmen have the utmost confidence in their late officers, and do most cheerfully return our sincere thanks to them for their kindness towards us. JOHN MIDDLETON, J. W. WHITNEY, DAVID BAKER. GILBERT E. WHITSON, JAMES ATKINS, ^Committee. A. J. BROWER. SAMUEL PRICE, RANDOLPH c. LAING, B. E. BLYDENBCOH, antt lt?m nUNTERIAN DISPENSARY?Established in 1835, for one class of diseases?No 3 Division street, the only place in the city where the genuine Hunter's Red Drop, a medicine never known to fail iu curing the most desjierate cases of certain diseases, can be obtained. Price $lt warranted to cure any case in a few days. Use the right medicine in the first place, and there will he no half cured cases. After you have read all the Ii(tie books published by Vanilla Cream Candy merchants on this disease, and used all the medicines sold elsewhere,without being cured, try this, and if it does not cure, we will not take your money. if this was not a great remedy would so many counterfeit it? \lhuiiv air^nt Mr Wm It i.*^l I .1 rni/ir i?t \\? l Smith fV.rl street. An "honest lago" in Mauien Lane, Albany, counterfeits tliii medicine and a half a doien otlioi no|i?lar mtdicinri. Boston, Doctor Thomas Johnson. No. 3 Spring Lane. The druggists all over Boston sell a counter eit. an2i lt*r Ka. " There's a delight in smoking, None but imokers know." The saying is true, when ye know where to fimt A segar that possesses the quality ran' Of enlivening the spirits and cheering the mind, And enables the smoker to puff away care. This luxury always your sure to obtain, If 011 SKI A AS in Maiden Lane promptly you call; If you visit him once, you w ill do so again, For he gives satisfaction and pleasure to all. His Segars are the choicest, most exquisite brands, By a comi>etent agent selected with care, Direct from Havana, by special romm.mds, And none in the city with his can compare. llis Col burn, Regalias, La Normas, and Stars, Noriegas, Trabucas, Victories pure ; Principe. Ksiteranzas, Imperial Segars, The li-st in the country that you can procure. Cassadoras, La Normas, and Congress beside, His Dos Comparieros and exquisite brand, With others that have competition defied, For his customers, 9KI.YAS has alw ays on hand. In order to secure a continuance of the approbation and custom w ith which SKIXAS has been so long favored, he has engaged a sjn-cial andcompent agent in Havana, to select the Tobacco ami superintend t?>e miking of all segars that he imports; consequently, he can warrant all sold by him to be genuine. His stock on hand is more extensive and sii|ierior to that of my similar estab.ishmeiit. Reinembei the Number, 3 MAIDEN LANE, Howard's llm |, au23 Ini'r PRINCIPE 8KGARS-A CARD. rpHE SUBSl RIDER, at present on a visit to this city on L business connected with his extensive and well known establishment in Puerto, Principe, having nottceil in several newspa|N*rt under the head of public sales, the following advertisement:? "Thursday, at quarter of 11 o'clock, in front of the store. La ('ruz PrinCllie Segars?100,0(1(1 Principe Segars of the above bi riie brand, in ir boxes, suitable for the southern trade and hotels. Terms, four months, over $100, approved endorsed notes. The above is an entire importation by the ship Norma." Kind* himself in dnt> bound to Caution the public against such an imposition calculated to deceive the public, and destroy the well earned reputation of his said manufactory. The said parcel so advertised with his brand as well as all those which are not imported by his agents, Messrs. John II Lasala V' .... being spurious. All the segars manufactured by bun are exi>ortcd by himself. None are sold m Principe or any other |isrt ot the Island of Cuba. Only these imported and guaranteed hy the said firm are warranted to lie genuine "Crni" Principe Segars. New York, 23 August, 1813. auW :it*m TOMAS ANTONIO DE LA CRUZ. QNUFF, CIGARS AND TOlACCO-Jmc received ner rrceiit arrivals an importation of choice foreign Siiutt'-*, consisting of Lundy Knot's Irish high toast;higli dried Welch, Hirdhams, No. 37, Violet Strasburg, Morton's mixture, Prince Albert do, Copenhagen, etc; together with a large assortment of domestic sliuffs ol the subscriber^ manufacture. On band a prime lot of Havana Cigars, "Moriegs," "La Norma." "Regalia," "Panetela," etc. I avendish 1 ohacco of the most approved brands, Turkish, Herman, (t qualities) Scafarlitti, and Spanish smoking tobai ms;Dutch and English el ?t pipes; I Roj il MW Mats hep; cigar cases; tubes; fancy pipes; snuff boxes, and every article i|iirri iiiiiik i? a w?'II slocKnl tottapi'oiiisl n rstalilialimrnl, lor n!? at wholrvil'1 hid) ref ill liy VIHH. O. NKWCOMBK St SON, mi 21 I in *ec No. I Wall s|. kuhkiun winuanu liquors, No. 33Ann itrwl, N<-w V'ork. I'll K mlvcrliwr li? lor ?|f ilir follow in* ulioico importation* ol flir very brot quality, TintOld French Brandy in eaali and bi III* Holland Oiu " (Hamburgh " " (imported in 1800) Madeira Will* in pi(?i and bottle " |Sliernr, Mmcat, Burdeam, Marville* " " < Port, tkr. Invalid* and otlirra will liud |>ui? li'innr, iniadullerited a> ibo?r? No. :?>ii Ann it. , ,,|9 jm* |n AUCTION SALKS. THOM\l* BKLL, Am :tion*er. BY BfcLL k HOW A Hi). ( Slur** No. n Jinn ttreri ami 116 Fulton strut.) ~~ "FRIDAY , At 11>? o'clock, in lh?- sales room. Law Sill of fleKaot seasonable dry goods, lar.?comprising staple and fancy Bnti*h, French anailopieetic dry good*, hosiery. Itc. in lot* to suit families and purchasers, Sic. Alio tliu stork of a merchant t.ulor. remnants ol cloth, rassimere*. i'*?tiu trimmings, &c. Also, a variety of fancy and plsdisd articles. at". Also, two trunk* ladie,' and gsiitlsmdl^ wearing ap|*arel, * _ Ainu. .1 very tint* assortment of wet goods, w hlcli were dr> on Timikr. SATURDAY. At 10K o'clock in the sale* rooms. Large sale of valuable second liiwl UM ww furuitui* rrom families removing. Altio, a splendid at >>>itinciit of n'w city made cabinet furnl* ture, in fine order. Sale of Farins, Lands, Ike. At 12 o'clock, at the auction room. Also, sever>l farm* in Pennsylvania'JO miles from New l nrk. 4MMI acres choice lands iuWisconsinTerritory, and other choice property in this Mid oilier Slates, of which a fair description will be given. The tales of this kind of property will be regularly Mtn gaiiwi). and oaudactad on sach princi pies as must sin- satisfaction to tin; purchasers. Also, severtl ?p|endid tracts of land in K.a:.l Tennessee. Particulars in the tale rooms. At Private Sate, 171 in acres iu the. State of New York, mmt eligibly situated. TO LKT?Tlie genteel two story house No. 37 Whitest. Rent low. TROW B RI D?IE ?TTi5 , 301 Broadway. q^HlS DA V, at 10 A. M.. at the sales roem, an assortment of ' Genteel New and Second Hand Furniture, consisting of mahogany and marble top bureaus; mahogany .cherry anil hi irk walnut nining and ten tables; hair seat rorkers; and full French chairs; cane se*t and wi'dsor do; mahogany, French, windlass and maple bedstead*; plliasters; mattrasves: sofa liedsteads; gilt and mah ?gany frame looking glasses; hat racks, towel stands; carpets, lamps; pictures; clocks, (k . ike. au?5 lt*r K?Tk S a 1,' T hU?I.I< AU i iu,\ _ MMIE RAHWAY MANUFACTURING CO. will sell at A public Auccion, on 17th August, at their Print Works, in Rahway, N. J., all the machinery;, and moveable praperty of til" company, consisting of printing and engraving machines, calenders, copper cylinders, dye aopimrs, dung and bleaching apparatus, steam boilers, steam engine, 25 horse power, with 4 boiler*, 1 fire engines, 1 patent balances, iron sale, hydraulic and common press, large and small slid" lathe, with complete set of turning and boring, and blacksmith's tools, ail assortment of imported steel, and new and old iron, ariuantity of drugs suitable for calido printers and dyers, tubs, casks, and large cisterns, stoles, tables, benches, icc. i -..1........ ,.r .. i....i. i... i. .1 i ... nr. Ttusilt'r, at th? 1'rint Works, or of FERGUSON U WALKER, ivl9 lm*r .'il William street. TO PRINTERS. UOIl SALE?A Fount of Minion and Nonpareil, which lias 1 lieennsed on the Mew York Herald A|>|>I v ?' t?" <>"?-? AMERICAN FOREIGN AGENCY OFI-'K E, No 4 A?nst . nvw York r I"*11K Piibscriber having completed lii* arrangements (an siicl cessor to E. It. Tuttle, Esi|.) is prepared to supply New* Agents and Periodical venders in towns anil cities, with newspapers and all ill" publications of ih?" day. at publishers' prices, charging a weekly compensation for services rendered. The facilities offered in having their bundles picked and forwarded with fidelity and dispatch is too obvious to need comment, Agents will please address GEO. DOEL. No. t Vnn street, N. V. 1 take pleasure in recommending Mr. IJ. as eminently well calculated to give entire satisfaction. su2i 2ld ltwy *m E. B. TUT'I LE. FOR SALE. A T C. H. DARLING'S 74>? Maiden lane, and 5 Liberty * *- street, the cheapest and liest selected stock of FRENCH, ENGLISH fcGERMAN FANCY GOODS, Consisting of Needles, Combs, Cutlery, Pills. Brushes, Jewelry, Hooks and Eyes, Perfumery, Hteel Pens, Plated Thitflble*, Razors, Strops, Sic. With all other articles included in tne above line. C. H. D. would state for the benefit of Country Merchants, Pedlars and others, who may please to call, that all goods in the above line will be sold on the most favorable terms. an 21 lm*r ".TAMES l,A('V, Draper AND TAILOR, 62 John street, near William, continues to mike up (ientleinen's ntlDNU of sii|>erior workmanship, and in the most fashionable style, at his usual low prices, Gentlemen in want of new and fashionable cloth init, should call and examine his select stock of goods before purchasing elsewhere. A trial will he sufficient to convince the most economical, lliat for beauty of lit, style of workmanship, and at such extraordinary low prices, this establishment cannot be surpassed by any in the city. Bvr~ Gentlemen furnishing their own goods can have thein made and trimmed?a perfect tit warranted or Ihe price of the goods returned. an24 Imr TERMS CASH. BUTTONS. PATENT AGATE BUTTON DEPOT, Patehson, nkw jkhskt. THOS PROSSER, j y25 lin r Patentee. MONEY TO LENU. Abraham j. jackson, pawnbroker. No. sb Heade street, near Broadway, loans money in large or imal I sums, as may be required, on watches, jewelry, silver ware, dry goods, weariug apparel, aud |<enoual property ul every description. ___ jy30 lm?r SPECTACLES.?C. H. PFAUZGRAF, Oculist and Opti cian, Canal street, No. K, (removed from Bt4MV.IV, SM) has constantly on hand a large assortment of S|>ectaclea for short sighted [persons. Also, every kind of Spectacle Glass. auH lm* BEACON COURSE?TROTTING. Thefollowing Sweepstakes are open to come off the third week in September:? Nu. I. 'I wo mile heats ill harness, free for all horses never won a purse over 5100; .Sub. $100, ti. f.; not excepting awful Independence. Washington or Spangle. No. 2. Two mile heats tinder the saddle, free for all horses never won a purse over $100; Sub. $100, li. f.; not excepting Independence or Kate Horue. No. 3. Two mile heats in harness, free for all horses never won a purse over $100. Sub $100, li. f. No. 4. Same as No. 3, under the saddle. No. S. Two mile heats in harness, free for horses never won a purse . Sub. $100; h. f. No. ti. Same as No. 4, under the saddle. No. 7. Two mile heats under the saddle, fret for all horses never trotted for money. Sub. $100; h. I'. No. It. Same as No. 7, in harness. No. 9. Two mile heats under the saddle, free for all horses fivo years old last spring. Sub. $50, h. f. Alto, a purse of $M0, free lor all trotting horses, nule heats, la it three in live, in hsruess, to come off the second Monday in September. Entries for the above purse alid stakes to be made at II. Smith's, 31 Park Row, oil Monday Sept. 4th, at 9 P. M. Three or more in all the above to make a race. au!8 7t"r FOB IIKLIZh, HQNDURAS?The fast sailing hjKMeVeoppi-red and copper-fastened bug JOHN K. liAKASiMilSps'nNEH, .1. Pedersea master, to sail with despatch. I- or passage onlv, having superior accommodations, apply t > captain on board, it Marschalk 8i Stevens' wharf. Biooklyn, or to F. ALEXANDKK, au'J5 :it*m 28 South street. NOTICE TO PACKET SHIP < OM PANICS? A western man,now in this city, on his way to NorJPsWlfinway (his native country) lor the purpose of aioing such i.l ins countrymen as wish to emigrate to this country next year, wishes, if possible, to make arrangements with some Packet Ship Company of this city to take pisseugers direct from Norway. l;'or particulars inquire at store 49 Kerry street, immediately. au25 2tis*r jjjjfT HELL OATK FeRRY HOUSE-To let-and the J* Nf stock, fixtures, boats and furniture, if required, for sale. The advertiser wishing to start west the whole will be sold low. (}. A. LANK, al6 2w*r Hell Gate Kerry House, foot of 86th st, E. R. JB* MONTI ><7M KRY HALL, MONTGOMERY, pT3f ALA.?The proprietors of this establishment, so favoi|"JBL?hly known to the travelling public on the great thoroughfare between Charleston and Mobile, are determined to maintain the high reputation for comfort and liberality of arrangement which it has so long, and they trust, not undoservedly enjoyed. The buildings, which are very mCMM and conveniently arranged, have Tieen thoroughly re|iaired, uid the bed rooms both double and single, have been refurnished with new beds and bedding, also)twith every necessary article for comfort and convenience. l'he parlors, both public and private, ara hr$e, airy. and elegantly furnished. These facilities, with careful anil attentive servants, a cellar well stocked with choice old win'-s, a table supplied w ith every luxury that tlie season and maiket can afford, and the firm determination of the proprietors to omit nothing that will tend to the satisfaction of their guests, will, they trust, ensure the n the favorable attention of the travelling public. Au omuiout will, at all times, be in readiness to convey passengers Iroin the Railroad and Steamboats to the house, free of charge. Montgomery, June 7, 1813 W. TILLEY (It CO. aul9 6m r FOR SALE OR EXCHAN<>E~FOR( 1TY I'll() ( <w PERTY?A small Farm of about sixteen acres, in tin JiJlflLhighest state of cultivation, situated hut five miles from the Hoboken Kerry, leading to the city of New York. This Property has ou it an excellent 2}i story dwelling house, 35 by 25, built in the most approved style of tlie State with outbuihfiuvs arid all other conveniences to inxke it suitable for a tradesman's residejice wishing to retire from the bnstle of the city, and yet he able, within an hour's drive, to visit his counting house, as two staves pass the house uii;ht and morning. It is also suitable to the market ganlner or small farmer, at the same time taking hoarders from the city. Unt above all tltts, what a situation for a roadside tavern, which it has l>ecii known as the St. John's Hall, being situated between Hoboken and Hackensack, embracing the whole of that great trafic that imsses those places to the interior of both those states. New York and New Jersey. The said Karin w ill be sold cheap, the present proprietor having business in England^ VB?There is about six acre; of first rate potatoes; also five acres of buck wheat; a quantity of young fruit tree*, (kc , all in a flourishing condition. Application to he made to Mr. WM. McDonnell, Auctioneer, 171 I'lMthatn street, Kiw York. If more convenient, a portion of the purchase money may remain on bond and mortgage. auti lm*ec jLAND.?Wanted to purchase, one or two acres of land, JpBSllow for cash It must he within a few miles of tlie city, <?Jnn.and near a conveyance, with or without a small house on it. A note addressed to box 531 Park Post Office, stating price, location and description, will lie immediately attended to. latt <t*r _____ ? ?fl STOLEN -"'i Saturday night, August 12th from JJstOtI of Win Ban, Scotch Clams. Essex I o , ^ New Jersey, a Sorrel Horse, MX or 15 hands liuth, .about I>e,irs old. has a white snipin his I .ce, sou ire tail.lately docked anil end of tail a little sore VVru formerly o?nrd by L Rogers. Red House, Harlem, and lately by K. Shepherd, of this city; is known as the Jacob l.orrillard Poney. He has been traced to the city, and was last seen on the Third / venue. Any |ierson returning him or giving information where he i may be found, at the Drug Store 548 Prand street, shall l,e 1 lilts*rally rewarded. su25 2tis*r fi OENTI.EMENS' H ATsTof the~f'?|| Stylefai? now J^^rendv at 214 Broadway, opposite St Pauls. antt Vei.ll* r _______ V AN V HANK EN, Hatter. PARIS BOOTS AND LASTS MADE to ORDER BV E. SUSER, 175 Broadway, (Basement,) one door from Courtlamlt street. ^4 M f>Mt. Buotiiuker, ami maker of last<, in I " Mvc" of Clerot of Pans, I*#h leave to inform hit I , friends and all the amateurs of a gentl* manly M ch a insure,1' I that lie can now make, in N?w York, with th*' l>e*t French ma- I , teriaU, all that u so iwfectly M?itl*. u: Pari#, by hi* kumIm- the I celebrate! hootnnkrr Clercr. whim* numerous cnsftomer* on ( this of the Atlantic are r**i>e<t lully irmred t?> Iry HI'Sr.K'8 boots anil la*ta brfori they <k*sjvtir or being changes u New i ork. after the nicest, latent Pant Vanhion. . Mao the irennii Pai let Din k V rniih hi ' '" boo r v\n shoe srow* JOHN HKAPY rfipectjully informs his menus *n?l th'MMihlir .that he has commenced business in the above lin*, at No. 90 N?s*an street, where he wilt tkanklully ^Cfirf an?l faithfully execute, ill orders he may b?- f?voi**<l with on Iihe iwoui reasonable teiou for cash. sfMt jy3l Jm ec AMI SEMENTs" NIBLUN HAHUKt Director, MH. JOHN 8EFTXN. FRIDAY", Au*.i?t IV UU . . Tlw utoimhing RAVEL FAMILY will ?pp*r i? fo?r ?. tmaintnmu. (Mbrifl Ki*p| in tli? Dal let P?iit?mim? of GODKN8KI, . . ill which will Ih> intmdiir-il the Grand Skitinj Sc?W. hf tlw ? _ Karri Kmnilv. . . Th- N?w S?rioi. fourth lime in N?w York, of th? REVOLVING STATUES. Tight Roi*. ?. H ? . Bf ',w Havel Family. ras Sell 1 by Madame Lonn, lala Miaa Well*. Performance to commence at 8 o'clock wllh Overture to l,e, Unman .)? I. romie, A?b?f Alter which a New Srn of the Kh.ViM.vl.Mi S'l' VTLJtS. By the H.ivfl family To be followed by the I'a? Houl ol ho Cncovienne, by Madam* l,eon Jarelli, late Mitt Wells. After which new and varied performance* on the TIOHT K()Pt By the Kavel Family. Half ail hour's intermission will lie allowed fur prenutiade in4 refreshment in the Grand Saloon, When* Ice Creams. F ruit Ices, and lWreshmetiU of the ch<Mcest kinds, and in great variety, will be found. To he followed by GODKNsiKl. Oodenski, Gabriel Ha??;l I Jules Lovenski, F Ravel < irivotiche, Jerome Ravel Notary, Mons UanyerjY Lovenski, Antoiiine Ravel I Betzi, Mad Leon Jave|Ji M'me Grivotiche, Mad Jarome Havel To conclude with The Splendid Orcheatra will |*rlorni several |x?pular selection! of new Music. Musical Director, V C HDI. IT"7~ A strict I'nlice will be in attendance, and frMt ear* ta Wen to prevent the admission of improper jierioiia. >Cf" Tirketi Fifty Outs. May lie had at the Garden dumitc the day. IT7~ A limited number of Sanson Tickets will be iH* posed of ltT7^No |H>stpoiiement at this establishment on aeeount of the weather, a* the Oraud Lntrauce from Broadway to the Suloo* is protected, and the new Saloon, which is veitilaled from tW top and side,, can be o|ieiied at a moment's notice A. vi 15 li I CAN .VlU -UV1 liihL'E^ rtNL) FERI'KTU *1. F \I ' ORF.ATF.8T NOVKLTIF.8 IN NF.W VOltK I'M IF. new Saloon attached to the Museum, is now opened aa a I PERPETUAL FAIR OR BAZAAR, For the exhibition a?d side of article* of trade manufacture*, the arts inventions, Sic., (lie admission to which is Free to all visitors of the Museum. Among the hundreds of article* nshihitint; (hen*, ia French's Knitting Loom. The whole operatlor of knitting IS PERFORMED BY A DOOI And it kmta thirty pairs of stockings in a day. all whole and seamlesa! Also, a ROTARY CAtfl) PRESS from Mr. Wm. Applegate's printing e*tabliahmeut?prints 2000 carda per hour. Cards jirinted on the lowest terms ever heard of?engaged for thia week. Mm M. E. ADAIR, the charming vocalist from the faatiioa able Concert*. La Petite CELESTE, the admired dansuese?juat returned from Boston. T. G. BOOTH, the comic singer, his first appearance in *i* mouths. He will aiilir several new and original Comic Songs, being capital "hits at the times " GREAT WESTERN, the Ethiopian Orator, and imitator of the locomotive. Mr. COLE, the wiimlerfnl Chinese Nunileacript, andhia educated and SlNtMNO DOG BILLY, this bein* positively his last week. GRAND ETHIOPIAN CONCERT, with all the new and iiopular Negro aougs and duets, <]uartefes, Jio by the Kentucky Minstrels, and others, accompanied with the banjo, bone castinets, tamborine, and other iuatrumrnt* of inuaic used on the Southern plantationa. MASTER F. DI AMOND, the greatest extravsganzist and negro dancer in the world Tlie City Brass Band of ten muaiciana ia engaged. The (tardeu on the top of the Museum ia the inoat cool and delightful place in the city. The Lecture Room hiu been enlarged and thoroughly ventilated. Biloon Ascenaiuus, and |ierformances in the Lecture Room, take place from the Garden every evening at V o'clock, and Wednesday and Saturday afternoons at 4 oxlock. IL/~*Dty visitors admitted the nine evening Free, Adiniaaiou to the Muaeum, Garden. Fair, and Entertainments 25 cents. Children under 10 yeara, half price su20 Iw PK ALE S N EW VORBTMUSEUM, AND GALLERY OF PAINTINGS (Br <i ail way. ?/<;???/# iht Park) MR. H. BENNETT, Manager of Peale'a Museum, respeelfully informs the public of New Vork, that the shove eetablialunent will o|ien on Moud y, August 21st, and with peculiar pleasure announces that he ia enabled to present to their uotice the greatest living CURIOSITY IN THE WORLD, consistintr of a COLORED CHILD! WU is ONLY THIRTEEN YEARS OLD. and of the enormous weight of 405 POUNDS!!!! . An affidavit of her age, made before a justice of the peace, can be seen in the Museum. The following |H>r formers are also engaged: Mr. WALTER, the much admired teuor singer; Master DIAMOND, the unrivalled banjo player and Etheiiiiean dancer; Mr. S BROUWER. the celebrated coinic singer; VI n? S F ADAIR, the charming vocaliat, and La Petite CERITO, the graceful dansense Performance on Saturday afternoon, at 3 o'clock, ana "tnun entertainment in the Leer lire Itoom, to cnmine ice at S [T7" Admission to the Whole only ONE SHILLING Ti'it PAN SYLUM~ PRINCE STREET. FRENCH Si HE1SER, Proprietors, having tendered the use of CASTLE GARDEN, A BENEFIT for tin- Orphan Aiylum, Prince street, will take place on Monday Evening, 20th August. insia it. A GRAND EXHIBITION OK FIRE WORKS of surpassing brilliancy will he given. The whole to conclude with the grand. terrific and thrilling sliecfacle of THE BOMBARDMENT OK ST. JUAN DTLLOA. city ok'veha i.KVZ : the French Fleet iinderAdmiral Bandiil. [t_/-Ticket* Fifty Cents?To tie had it the Orphan A.ylum. corni-r of Prince mid Molt *ts, or at the (rardeu on the evening of performance. au2i 3t*r CHATHAM THRATRB. KTOTICE?Professional Ladies and Gentlemen are respectful a |j- informed the above establishment will o|ien for tlie eusaia(taaaoa, o*or abo?t ijn 2iith 4mat. AM applications for engagements (post pud) will receive immediate attention, by addressing W. S DEVKRNA, Lease*', or .in'' t ttje J. M S< OTT. Actinic Manager. UISBKOW'S HIDING SCHOOL. 4ns BOWERY Mlt. D ban ihe honor to announce that hi* School ia open lor the reception of pupils. dsilv. Sundays eicepted. Kor Ladies, from 'I A m. to I I' m. Kor Gentlemen, from 7 to ! A. M , and 1 to 7 P. M. Highly trained and ouiet horses for the road or |iarade. to let. For terms and oarticulars apply as above sui lm*r TO STRANGERS?Strmgert visiting this cirv will find a new attraction i*> the OAHDE.N of the ALHAMRA, f Broadwav fietween "pring and Prince streets.) which aside from the delicious Ices and f.'onfrct'onarr to he found there, is filled up in a st* l? of Eastern spl*ndor and magnificence never before attempted in this cuntn . The beautiful r ountsin in the tented Court, pared with marble, keeps the air delightfully cool and pleasant, so tnat duri g the hottest dtys no inconvenience is einerienced IV"m the heat. The Ice < reams are warranted to be made of pure unadulterated Cream, which circumstance alone renders tbem a ratity in this city. au2.^ 2tis*r J ' QTOPPANTS BATH, No. 308 Broadway, corner of Walk' er street, respectfully returns his thanks to his friends and the public for th>* liberal patronage with which lv has bern honored for the last 20 years, and also while proprietor of the Arcade Bath, and durinf the enterprse of the Sr. Geoige Hotel, ho|ies in his new establishment, erected at a great expense fr* the espress purpose uf a bathing establishment, with all tlie latest improvements anil comforts, nothing on his part will be negleted to please which have hereto!'ire gained him the e.xtansive patronage of a liberal public He flatters himself that bis endeavors to please will merit a continuance of favors lv reafW from his friends and tlie public. CHARLES O. STOrPANI. Ladies' Baths?entrance in Walker st. Price for a B ith. 2.') cents a!7 2w is'm OHOWER BATHS?Portable Shower Baths M cenu ajnece lur sale uy the manufacturer. ** vv mi . 100 Hudson street. Shower B itlis of every description for sale by the man u lac turer, \V West, IIK) Hudson st s!9 lmis*ec BUOK-Kfc.Ep|NG TXOMA9 JONF,8. Accountant. 183 Broadway, continues throughout the Summer month* to receive pupils who are practically and thoroughly instructed in the various duties of th?* desk Private lessons are given when preferred. Published and for sale by the author as above?" Jooe's Principles ma Practice of BooikfyiM. ivo 51 5# This work li is been adopted in many of the first Academic institutions in this country, and has been republished in Kngland. For a svnopsis of this improved method of teaching, see ait. 2 Hunt's Merchant's Magazine, Dec iri2 Accountantship? Accounts idjusted in esses of dispute, litigation, insolvency or death Books opened or balanced. si I n* re KUM. C. COATKS avails hitnself of the pleasure of inform* iug the Ladies and Gentlemen of New Voii and its vicinities, that he continues to Paint Likenesses at the shortest notice both Portraits and Miniatures. Those who will favor him witn their |iatrouage, are invited to call and see his specimens of the same, at his residence, 387 Broadway, between White and Walker streets. N B. Mr. C. also continues to give private lessons to gentlemen. Ladies in classes Wednesday and Saturday afternoons. Also, LaixWaites painted to order, from the smallest to the largest sr/.e Those who wish to rniks it their profession, can In* perfected in all the above branches, by applying as above. Daguerreotype likenesses correctly copied in water colors in 24 hours. snl? lm?ec A OL' ITALIANI DfcLLAljITTA-E risultata dslla loro ^1 niiinerosi assembles di Sabato ultimo nel Sal out Pal mo, la' dcclsioue <Ji tenervi Lutiedi 2H del corre ite, u*llo stesso locale alleotto in punto della sen, una sedoiida rmn one di tutti coloro sol tan to che desiderano essere ammessl all onore di sppartenere al conn) di Volontarj Italiaui nella inilma della citta. sis come volontarj attiri. sis come membri oncrarj, .iggiuucendo le loro firmo ,ille veuticinqne gia ottennte. Cio fit to, .id ottenutosi 11 uurnero degli attiri voluuto dalle staato dello milizia voloufctn* tn dello stato, ?i dara tosto cminciamento all' organ i nation#. I tigurini dell' tin i forme proposta pe' yolontari attiri e per la musica, possono veilersi nel CutTe del Signer I'alrm*. 10 7t*m _____ THuKN'S COMPOUND bX TRACT oF OAPA IRA AND SMISAPAKH L*. A l ertain, safe and most effectual remedy ever discovered for the cure of Oonorrhcea, (fleets, Strictures. Whites, Pains 111 the Back and Loins, Seniiisl Weakness, Anections of iha Kidnies. Gravel, Scorbutic Krnntiona. flic. The hiah estimation ami enormous sale this mcdiciue nan obtained for ihe last four vears. is a certain criterion of its immense utility ; it has acquired the utmost lame in every part of * urope ; it has been ftamined, approved of and sanctioned by the faculty of medipine, snd recommended by the most eminent of the profsssion Prepared by J. B. '1 home, chemist. London, anu f.?r sale wholesale and retail, by JAMr.3 TaUBAN I , 266 Greenwich street coiuer of W?r*en street. Also, at 2 Pirk How and M8 Brnadw ?y, lt?3 Broadway, 411 Broaiway comer Lis|*enard street, Broadwav comer of W elker mini K EMI )VAL TO M AV V( m TM1K LOSS of Feet, and Legs no hindrance to the ?#ct of wJking-JOHN F. THOMAS, Cork Leg Vakei.Jkr. resjiectfully informs the public that be has removed from Pniladelphia to No. 472 Water street, corner of Pike st, New York ( ifv wlit'in Ik* r<t.iriti.iMflit< 1 uiiMiif^i rurr AiCifciai Limbs, on a plan the m<nt correct ?n<i least complicated. having, through intensity, invented, made, and worn an artificial leg lor lorty mn, anil bwn a rn inul u turvr for thirty-five confident of Kiting satisfaction to all who fall on hi in lor Legi, Hands, Arina, or tlw common woollen keg. _ 'rO~TIIK LOVKlfjt'OK SUPKKIpR BLACK TK.A 1 llowina's Mlninre.?This Mtrvmely delicious and nnpa railed Tea ?o hiiihh celebrated in China and Europe, juat imoortril ri now lor sale at fhe ('sntoii Tea Company'i Onelal IVa r.swblishiiuat, 121 Chatham street. New York, and ll? Kill ton atreat, Brooklyn?in packmen- Price JO centa and ft .,ch )v? lm?r riOAL. COAL.?I'eMh Orchaitl lied Aah Coal, lirat qualil/ ty. will b* sold hy the subscriber at the following low print for cash j freah broken and egg, from lump hi the yaru, i reened. awl delivered to any Rtrt of the City at tpV*' too ; love $1 71; large not $1 ;?0 ; J.i rents per ion leas will he chart il il taken from the boat?weight anil ijnalilT wamiUrd. Pl.TKR CLINTON, j vJ.2m r 171 Oreenwich. corner of King ar. V K I UOUSK Kf.MALh PILLS PHK8E far-famed and ,?Wbrate.l Pilla, Irnn I'"'"**'; I perc?tv? to be obtained in this country. 9? advertise *'iit on the lajt eolnmn '

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