Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 21, 1843, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 21, 1843 Page 1
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TH Vol. IX., Xo. 30U?Whole No. 3531. THE PUBLIC. Position and Proupects of the Herald. We preterit the Ntw York Hkrald of this morning, in a new typographical costume, which for elegance, clearness and neauty, cannot l>o surpassed in thi?, or in any other country. This unit of type was furnished f>y Mr. James Conner, of this city, whose taste and mechanical skill, to nay nothing of hi* high character lor integrity and punctuality, are not to i>e surpass?-d ill the land. With these and other improvements, mechanical and intellectual, which we have recently introduced into our establishment, we believe that we begin a new era in the progress of lociety in this very remarkable and exuberant country. It is now nearly ten years since we commenced the publication of this ioumal?and during all that period of time we have labored to make it the faithful organ nnd representative, not of rliiiuet or factions, but of the very age itself?tho faithful chronicler of the times in which w? live, in every department of human life and real business. By starting with this comprehensive view, and adhering to it, amidst all kinds of om>osjtiou, we have succeeded in giving to this journal, the widest and most comprehensive circulation that any newspaper ever enjoyed. Iiiirimr ihi, ln?t Uui ojicitinL' vearil. the world has passed through (he experience of nearly a century. Society, trade, politic*, rommcrfc, morula, religion, manners?have all been in a state of cfFervesence. Krom this day henceforward, we believe that a new era has dawned?new im. pulses have been caught?anew spirit has come down from heaven. We are now prepared to enter into the field of newspaper enterprise, armed and equipped in every point, and better able to givu a daily history of events than any other paper in New Vork. In traue, currency and commcrce, a new system, and a new race have risen up, which requires different views, and :i distinct mode of treatment to any here toforo in existence. In liturature and religion?in morals and philosophy, a conflict has begun between the spirit or light and the spirit of darkness. In this strange movement, we shall take the fide of light and truth, anil aid iu leading the world into a new and better condition. In jiolitics and public ail'airi, a new nnd extraordinary movement lias just begun iu thia metropolis, called the " American Republican party," which bids fair certainly to produce an entire civil, political and moral revolution before next year ia past and gone. In all these great movements of the age, with all their nnxiliaries, In Washington and elsewhere, we arc prcpar ed to give clearer nnd inoro graphic histories, reports and sketches, than any other paper in this country. Our newspaper establishment, with the changes and improvements we have recently made, and the impulses we have given, is now the best arranged, the most complete, and the most energetic one, in the United States. Our circu lation is now immense, and is increasing rapidly every day and every week. During the last month tliis circulation has increased nearly two thousaud. Our advertising business has also accumulated till it cannot be further increased without additional dimensions, either by the issue oi '? supplement, or a double sheet. With these few remarks, we thank our patrons for their past favors, and shall take care to merit a continuance and increase of the like kindness to our dying day. JAMES O. BENNETT, NEW YOKK AND KINGSTON STEAM FREIGHT AND TASSAGE LINE. ?A* For Kingston, auc Delaware and Hudson AgsaJptt?nJ*Canal?steamboats EMERALD and NOR"53 ?nru The EMERALD, Captain John Kotcham, will l?ave New York, foot of Murray street, every Monday and Thursday at 5 o'clork, P M. Will leave Kingston (Ron.lout landing) every Wednesday anil Saturday at 3 o clock, P. M. The NORWICH, Captain John Samueli, will leavs New York, font.of Warren street, every Wednesday and Saturday at 5 o'clock, P. M. Will have K jgston (Rondout landing) every Tuesday and Friday at 1 o'clock, P. M. EXTRA TRIPS. The EMERALD will leave the foot of Murray street eyery Sunday morning at 7 o'clock. Returning, leaves Kingiton at 4 O'clock, same day. For freight or passage apply on board, or to WILLIAMSON, BARLOW It CO., *21 3m*r 164 Weat street ~?S0c*-?' PEOPLE'S LINE OK STEAMBOATS B? _ if KOR ALBANY?Daily at 6 o'clock P. Thr direct?From tnasteamboat pier between Conrthmdt and Liberty streets, Sunday excepted. The steamboat KNlCKERBOCKER,Capt. A. P. St. John, leave Monday, Wednesday and Friday Evcniigs, at six 'clock. *u*nicboat SOUTH AMERICA, Capt. L. W. Bninard, will leave I'upsdiy, Thursday, and Saturday at 6 P. M. At 5 o'clork P. M.?Lauding at Intermediate 1'laccs. Btearotioal COLUMBIA, Ca|K. A. Houghton, will leave Monday Wednwdav, and Kriday afternoon, at > o'clock. bteamboat NOlt'1'H AMERICA, Capt. M. H. Trunsdell, will leave Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday Evening, it five o'clock. Pi??TK?rt takUg this Line of Hoats will at ail timvs vnn in Albany in ample time to lake the Morning Train of Cars (or the east or west. Tb<" above beats are new and substantial, are famished with ksat ana elegant State Roomv and for speed acd cccotnmodsr tions are uniivall>'d on the lint'son. For Ptwage or Freight, apt'iy 04 board, or to T. C. Sehulti at the r/Ecr <vu the wharf. nllr NOTICE?On and after Monday, Oct. 16th, the boats of this line will leave for Albany at 6 o'clock. P. M. instead of 7. *V2Tl >?3J INDEPENDENT REGULAR OPPOSId^^p?i*TION NIGHT LINE FOR ALBANYyt >lll TTT *T>I rH Direct, without Lauding.?The commodious and substantial steamimat PORTSMOUTH, Capt.O.llouse.will leave N*w York from ihe foot ijf Robinson street, on Mondays, Wednesdays aud Fridays; aim will leave Albany and Troy on Sutidays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. and will continue these trips for the se:u,ou, at 6 o'clock iu the tilei Krmht taken at redored rat's. Apply on board. T. S.?The above boat haj undergone a thorough repair, and ii is fir?t rat* order. "26 !m*r -CM**-* Mdi MX O'CLOCK K.VKN1NU ~LIN1? fili i Zl ALBANY AND TKOV diirct. without 3C?^SS~RL.l i''diii ?theei'leiidid low pressure steamboat SWA I .I.(t \V, Captain A. McLean, will leave the foot of Courtian-lt ilr-ei every Tuesday^ Thursday, and Saturday evenings, at 6 o'clock, for Albauy direct. The Swallow has a large number of atate rooraa.and for speml and p.ccom"iod?tiors ii ?r>t inrpas-ied nu the Hndsor. au8 ec ' **3^ KOK NEW ORLEANS?Louisiana and New fcrjRfVYork Liue? Regular Jacket oi"3(lth No*.?The lait JbUEMmsuIiu* |.\cket ahip LOUISVILLE, (. apt. H. Hunt, witl <ail as above, Uer regular day. H nr Ireight or pestage, hating handsome furnished accommodations, apply oa board, at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall atreat, or to E. K. COLLINS & CO. 56 South street. Shipper* by this liue may rely upon having their goods correctly measured. Agents iu New Orleans, Hullen k Woodruff, who will promptly forward all goods to their address. The packet, Capt Mirot, will succeed the Louisville, and sai> the llJth Dec. her regular day. ?2lr KOR AP* LACHICOLA?'To sail on or before MfTirVthe 1st December?The ship S1I.VAMJS JKN\IN'S. N. W. Eveleigh, muter, will be despatched VMi" ?> <->> freight as may offer prior to the 2#th inst Kor irtighl or paisige, apply to the captain on board, at pier No 5 North River, or to BOYD Ik HINCKEN. til! 11 J ontine Building, cor. Wnll a il Water tts. 4*^- ~KJK8T PACKET FOR MOBILK-WiiII sail KrJMfy To-morrow?Th? ? ell known fast silling brig LINJmUIIvi>i''.N, ('apt. P. Kocpmui, will sail as above, her teg ular day. Having good accommodations for cabin pasiengera, and a roomy lioute OH deck for secoud cabin |?uaer|;rr>, who w ill be taken at a low rate if early app'ication be made on board, at bulkhead, between Wall and Pine s'reeu, or to W. It J. 1' TAPSCOTT, 43 Peck slip, n2t r corner South street. KOR NEW ORLEANS?To sail in a few days? jFWfWTIir first class packet ship KALAMAZOO, Captain CladTm../_.ii k. k...i ^T^^THp has unsurpassed Dccnmmnilutonii for cabin, aeeond cabin and ateeragi pueeugers. who will be taken it the loweat rates. Apply or hoard the ship at Pine ?tn?t wharf, or to u2l r JOII.M HERD.'lAN, #1 South *t., near Wall. ItSL: PASSAGE FOR LIVERPOOL?Sailaon SaturvrVl^dty, 2Jth Nor?The well known, very fait tail ins J# iiittfc-hip CHKSTK.R. Capt. John Wilton, will tail po?i littl) above. The Chntrr ran handsomely accommodate til in the cabin at Terr low ratet; alto, ri^lit second cabin pattengert, in houte on deck, adjoining the cabin; and her ttrerage, which li in the after ixirt of the ship,and la nearly nine feet between decks, cannot but make lie, lor lutaeneen ore of the ino?t eligible conveyances out of this imrt Kor passage, apply on board, foat of fieekin.ui it. or to the subscribers. ROCHE BROTHERS It CO.. n2l r 31 Fulton street. KOK I.I VERFOOL?The New Line Regular KrT^. Packet Htli December -The new and very splendid V ink built packet ship LIV KRt'OOL, John tldridgc, matter; MM tout, will ti;l aa abore, her regular day. For frrighr or passage, having roomy and un-u'paa?ed accommodatinua, apply to the Captain on b ard, wett tide Hurling ?I.P. orio WOODHULL fcSlINTl' HNS, II lotlh at, Th*r??\* nml H??v?nt Packet ahip Qmi of the \VV*t, Philip \\ owtiltuusf*, ii aster; 1250 toot, will *ucc9?d the Liverpool, and Mil on her regular day, 16th J*inary, 1*41. nllr > OH LI VK.R POOL?Regular Jacket of the 25th MrJf#V Sol ember?1 ha well known favorite packet shit JfiSlCuiiSt II A, < apta.n Collins, of 1100 tons, wili ng as above, h?r regular day. II'r accommodations for cabin, second cabin, and steerage passengen are aplendnlly fitted up for the comf >rt and convenience of passengers. I'it,ons wishing to embark should make early application to JOSKPH McMl'HRAY. nl8r 110 Pine street, corner of Sonfh ???- I'M KKT KOR BRISTOL?With immediate well known last tailing bark COSJMNutbiMO. ( apt. Oulerbridge, will meet with immediate despiteh for i lie aSove port. She Ins mod accommodation! for cabin, teeond cabin and iteernfe pav-teiigers. Those about going to 'lie old country will luid this a desirable opportunity. Application without delay should be made to W. It J. T. TAPSCOTT, i?M r 43 Peck slip, corner South itreet. k7 It M A RSI'.I I.LK.S?Ptck. t for 1st December^ WfTMrVTlie ship MINERVA. Captain Brown. Kor freight SmUm?orfor paistge, apply to LA WRENCK k PII1TLP8. or to BOYD ,\t HIN< KK.N, Axentf. n!!) r No.!? Tnntme Building, cor. Wall and Water its. PaCKKT H)R HAVKB?aeciMid" Line 1 lie MjrVSkihiP B ALTIVIOHK, K.dward Kunk, mauler, will <1"* " I'eeemlier, BOYD b IIINt'KKN, 0 Tontine Building*, nRr cornf Wnll and Water ?tre?ta *** V> >u"sXCPi?'rtc tMnT'i* i>iv dhTki.f.a.nh, ICfjW^yl.'titli'n lUltoi.?, reenter; built iu Brmtol, Maine, in <l '>iblr (l)'i'li, coppered ami ropper faatem-d. 111 i tin ?. 27 I.- i lv un, 6 feel between decka, IJ levt hold, will lie mill aa aoon H tin- cirito ia discharged. Lar? at Judil't wh.irf April i*ii boud, ht to 11 ' BOYD fc HINCKEN. nl5er V, i Tontine Ruil'lina. cor YVxIl and \V jter ?fn NEW YORK * BOSTON SOUND PILOT. /AWh V PRK,S< OTT, Pilota, or laket clunre aa muter and V/ |I|I.?1 nr \e..-U bound to New B?dlord, over Nantucket Hlioila, Boa ton, P,,rt? mouth, Portland, Kenneheck, and I't >RT8. OfTire at rye k rtliaw'a Nautical ?tore, Tn Water ? r?'t. corner Beekinau. Helereuce to a uuuiber of ui?rchano and theaeitrtl Inaurauce Comrum i? Una city, Boa log, and Portlud. 'irll 9mi E NE NEW CHEAP STORE. TO MY OLD CUSTOMERS) AND THE PUBLIC. DRUGS, DYE3TUFFS, PAINTS, MEDICINES, GROCERIES, See. No. 1U GREENWICH STREET, NEW YORK. TOHN C. MORRISON oilers for sale, 011 the moil liberal ? terms, a rery extensive assortment of itoods, among them the following, to which he would solicit the attention of APOTHECARIES. Opiatn, Corrosiv* Sublimate, Camphor, Aqua Ammonia, Oneara Tartar, Spirits Nitre Dulcis, Castile Suap, Super Carbouate Soda, Liijuorice, Tartaric Aci?l, Balsam Copaira, Epsom Salu, Rhubarb, Laadanam, Jalap Scuuh, Aloes, Sulphate Qaiuine, Flors. Chamomile, Ail Peppermint, and nil EsmqI tium Arabic, Uil , ? C?jtor Oil, O""' ^>7''U' Quicksilver, MStyrjASuMitb fcriV &7r^JaJk ' Roll and Flour fcltfo* "d MuJ'' teuu'oli^WarTRed Precipitate. rkM'x^?t wJ?D&,hM,#faU,iM SSMrSE:, , dry aud i. oij. < jold ud S,lv? Litharue ' ('opj^r Bronte, Spirits iWpa&liut. pl.ur, Ljm%hR??n Whituis. BpaiiiiU Browm, Verdigra, dry* ad in u?lj Yeu';t!?u ass fe ? ? ? ssswfe. Prnuian Bl'ue, n?? Vermillion, Hoti*n Stone, Teira ac Sienua, ?n?^'K Ess ? k"' *" "*" to T^rai'n-.. tsi?'- ou-fr-"ou^i'.'i?. wiSi, Summer trained ?pemi, NeHateot. Kefined. whale, alL'ux" kit Uurehuad, wbale. Sea Elephant. Tanner.', ^ard OB, DVM 8KILEKS AND MANUFACTURER*. Logwood. Branl Wood Camwood, Ked Fuatie. Uat?i Wood. Nicaragua, JJ*<1 Wood, Barwood, . Sy,Trur-?i' * Ouin Aaphaltntn, E1?? * ? I Sal Ammoniac, Eb?ny Wood. 8?aP*' MANUFACTURERS. u Alum. Fuller*' Earth, Blue V itrlol, , Madder. Dutch and V ?noh.? Coppera*. Eng. and Ama*. lndigoea, of Bengal, 0?rnca Olf Vitrol, and (iuaUmala, Sugar Leal, Whije Pa'^ar i...AU;.*?> o,i?. ^ " uicnviuuH oaiw, i\ru i ai , Cochineal, Glne, Aqua Fortis, Sumac, Nutgal's, Lac Dye, Anuatto. Starch, Soda Ask, Prussiate Potash, Pot and Pearl Ashes, Gum Senegal, Extract Logwood, Powdered Curcuma, Tartaric Acid, Powdered Blue Smalts, Bi-chromate of Potash, Quercitron Bark, Sal Soda, Spirits Nitre Fortis, Uum Shellac, Salt Petic, Cudiiear, British Gam, Woad, Nitric Acid and Grain and Bar Tin, Oialie Acid. Soapa, GROCERS. Vonng Hyson Tea, Pepper Sance, llyaon " Macabov Snuff, Imperial " Scotch Snuff. Gunpowder " Mace, Hyson Skin " Indigo, Klotant, Souchong " Castile Soap, Bohea " Cloves, Frriich Brandies, Caster Oil, in bottles, Spauish Segars. Alcoh 1, Pot and Pearl Ashes, Epsom Salts, Starch, Cinuamsn. Lijuorice Ball, Friction Matches, Bath Brick, Carbonate Ammonia, Saleratiu, British Lustre, Fig Blue. Soda Tor washing.l Powdered Uinger Root, Mustard, London, Alrnn, Caynuue Pepper, Olive oil in bottles U baskets. Powdered Nutmeg, Nutmegs, Powdered Cinnamon. Saltpetre, crude and refined. CONFECTIONERS, DISTILLERS AND BAKERS Cochineal, Oil of Annisaeed, Nutmegs, Ahaynth, Mace. Carrayway, Cloves, Juniper, Ciuimnou, Rose, Orange and Peach Wa Ce?ta Buds, ters. Allspice Vanilla Beans, longlasa, Tonqnin Brans, (iurn Truaunth, Ouriaudn Brrtl, Uum Arabic, Turkey, Carrayway Seed, Onm Gamboge, Annisseed, Oil of ltoses, Juju^jf Paste, Peppermint, Pearlash, Winteigreen, Salerat'is, Cinnamon, Sui*t C*ibonate of Soda Orange, Tartaric Acid, Bergamot, Ginner, while Jamaica, Lemon. Oiuger, Ea?t India. PAPER MAKERS, IIATTERS, lie. Bleeching Powders, Nutgalls, Powdered Blue Smalts, Blur Vitriol, Glue. Verdigi is,Oil Vitriol, Copperas, ('njipfr Calx, SliI Ammonia, Sliel ac. Autimony, Alcohol. Sugar of, Extract of Logwood, Aioea. Alum kc. PATENi" MEDICINE DEALERS. Balsam of I loney, Anderson's, Lee's It Hooper'i Turlington'* Balaam, I'll la, Batemau's Drops, Opodeldoc, Harlem and British Oil. Seeis'and Liquid, Seidlitz Powders, Soda Powders, Stoughtoo's Bitters, Godfrey's Cordial, Extract Sarsaparilla, Anderson's Cough Drops, Cephalic Snuff. Thompson's Eye Wattr. Chemicals of all kinds, French, English and American. All kiuds of Pamta and Colors. Every description of Drugs and Druggists' Articles; and Pa'ent Medicine*, Peifumery, "oaps, kc., a general assortment. All article* warranted genuine. rr/-The most prompt atteolioa given to order* (rom the country. nS Imdyfcwyr ~ "5EGAR8! SEGARS! SEC. ARS! DM HENR1QUES, No, M William street, respectfully informs his fricds and the public generally, that he has constantly on hand the following choice brands ol Segars, for sale whole?ale and ret til King and Queen Regalia, La Norma, Hionda, Cabanas, Esparteros, Nouegas, Y ugenindad, La r'lorinda. (a new brand ) De ,Mo)i, Tauetelas, in 1-8 and 1-lOtK box**. Principe*, of various qualities. eransas, Leatlaues, Caballeros, and numerous othe brands, weM worthy the attention of the public. Any segars purchased at this tstabliihmem, if not liked, will b? takrn hack at any time and the money returned Strangers would do well to call previous to purchasing rlsawhere. N. B.?Order* from the country carf fully and promptly attendrd to. nl8 lm PHUri 8, OKO(.KRlK8, TKAH, WINKS. Ike.-OAsS" NtR k YOUNG, Ut Chatham strew, offer at wholesale aod retail. t??>wn and families? Krrah K orngn Kruita, a general aasnrtmee t Sugars and Coffee of alfkiadsand uuautiee Teas, Uraea and Blaak, of -very d*scri tion ' Superior old Wines and Liquor*, rf various'grad-e Su|>erior Ra*pberr< aod Chrtry Brandy French and American Cordial*, on draftand in glaa* London, ttcutch and American Porter, Brown stout and Pale Ala La Norma, Regalia, Noriara and other breed* Segirs k.a*t and We*t India and American Preserve* and Jellies limey, in small bones, from Ohio Jujube Paste, in 12 and Ih. boxes Bird Seed. Spices, Cocoa and Chocolate 8|>eim Oil and ( and lea, Soap, lie. Saratoga Pavilion; Wa-er, in an >rt and pint bottle*. Good* Id vered to any part of the city tiee of - xi'enae. nil lm*ni UCoL A It LAMPS" "ORKKNA UOH's"! AMP*" and "HORN'S GLASS FOUNTAIN LAMPS." A large md complete assortment ol the above Lamps is kept constantly in hand and for sale at low and reduced pfieea by the subscriber. Persons wishing Lamps or to economise in light, are inrited to call and examine before purchasing, t hemioal Oil and Banting Fluid of the heat quality kept constantly lor sale and deliverd m any port of the city. '' HOOKER, ?JT lm*ee HI Broadway. J. SOKIA'S" SHEAP DYKING ESTABLISHMENT. RIA tiecs leave respectfully to inform hii friend* and the public in generaJ that owing to the decreased state of he timet, he ha* reduced hi* price ? per cent below the regular charge*. Ladiea wishing their mmmer dres*e?, shawls, fcc. dred oi pressed, will find it much to their advantage by paying him * ri?it. (Jeutleinen will alto do well U> call witn >acn %rticlt? if wearing anxurl a* may need dyeing or prosing. All orders ill k. .mm?I*.I ami Ih# article* (fnBf (ID ID thf Wit style at Sorias establishment, No. 490 st. Hi. branch** are ?t No ?J7 Bk*eker at., No 3S2 Bowery, and ?t 347 (irud it. Also a brauch at 49 I1 ulton St. Brooklrt, an* U Newark, N. J., corner of Broad at, and Washington Plat*. Merchants can have all kinds of goods dyad and pot ap la Ch'ironginal forms, and on moderate terms. Principal office49# I'aarl st inW 1m*e? ^ 'T'HE SUBSCRIBERS hare just received from (lermanv * and offer for sale, a variety of WVl'Ktt THOOF and AIR TUJH r articles, called ANIIYDRINK. for which patents hare beau taken out in England and (Jermany, They ue vastly ?nperiorto THOSE in aae mannfactured by the aid or India-niblwr.from which they are distinguished by being perfectly INODOKOU9, INELASTIC, but supple, and undergoing no alteration whatever by change "f temperature, riiese articles are manufactured with wool, cotton, linen, silk, Sic., of which may b? made CLOAK* HUNTlNO JACK* KT8, OAITER8, APRONS, MlLlTARY TENTS. H A V ' '.RS \CKS, AWNINGS MA Hull EES, KNOINhl HOSE Also, HAT AND BONNET LlNINOt, with HOSE AND (ILUVKH for those afflicted with gout und rlien mat ism; AIR CUSHIONS, I'lLLOWS, MATTRESSES. lie. Among th? rest they have an article prepared for WAOON COVI- RS, for the U8K OK RAILROADS, and to cover all kinds of vehicles and boats. Also for BALLOONS and for BA08. whicit may contain watery, gaseous or oily fluids, without any chance of leakape. They have also 'if this manufacture an evcetlcnt article of SAIL CLOTII, which will arrest the pasuge of air, will last longer, be lighter han ordinary sail cloth, and require ? less number of hands to nanage thein. In the minulacture of UMBRELLAS this irtie'e must sni>errede every other material. Indeed, the usual application ol the ANHYDRINK, must he almost tiulimifd. It must not be omitted to stale that this article is admirably adapted as a cover for feather l>eds; the inspiration from Jismsed or even healthy persons so injurious and destructive to leathers, will under its use be prevented from penetrating and aimot citend beyond the eiterior ol thetick. rKEIKER k WISSMAKN, nU lm*?c 2' South William street. LARD?7i0 kegs I'riln# Leaf I>ard, in very iuierior order. Also, 7 barrels No. 2. For sale by . 17w K. COLLINS.Ii CO., ?0 I rath st. W YC YORK, TUESDAY MOR BOARDING PLENCI1 *nd American Boarding llntine, No. 64 Rtade it., a few doora Iroin Broadway. Boarders will find it an agreeable home, at a moderdU j"ice. The French i? generally pollen. Day boarder* taken. o26 lm*m B()AH1>IN(i?Se\i furni?lif(l room* lor g>-nt|eiren iU"' their wive* or aiugle gentlemen. tuquire at 86 White rl o2D lu?*f flOAHD AT 98 CIIAMBKH8 8FRKKT. rPHRKK or four Ueutlrmeu ran now be coinf -richly aecomJ modaird with board, mdjileaianl rooms with iwntres attached. l'eru * moderate?relerenret reluired. nl?eod2wr_ HAVANA MANSION HOUS E"HOTEL. r[MI r'. nnderaicned take* occaiion to lnrorm hii friends aud i. the pablic, that the Mansion Hoate it now loeated in lunuiaidor afreet. No. 67. ill the viciniti of the itramboat land ins and vegetable market, having commodious family apartments arranged in llir ueatest order. A person ii employed to procure permits to land pAssengera, . kc. who will board vessels immediately after the visit of tln> revenue officers. N. B ? Visitors to this Island should procnre .1 passport from the SjMuiili Consul, at llie port of embarkation, to obviate difttculttea uud incouveuiejice. _s2l 6m?c WILLIAM VULTON. MAlJAMK BUTTON, r H O K i; B ? O K OK SINOINO, 56 Vu.'icu street, St. Johua' I'aik. al5 3m*r MUM r~ TObKPH RAMMEUER, Professor of Music, respectfully J miuouucestu his Patrons and the Public in general. that lie has removed from 1? Ci-onby t? I J* Laurens street, where all orders for his Cotillion b ind, to wait on Parties, Uc , in or out of towu. will be received uud promptly attended to. Orders for J. K. willaluo be received at Mr. W. Dubois' Music Siorr, 2jj Broadway. n2 lui*rrc ITALIAN MU8U~?Mil. MANNIN<Mtwenty years rrsi * drill in Naples.) pupil of Pacini and Crehcentini, gives instructions ou temij to suit the times, iu Italian French, an ' English siiikiuk, and iu the most fashionable style of plauo fsrte playing. Mr. M. has permission to refer to the following gentlemen:? J. M. Waiuwrisht, D. U.; Messrs. Howland ill A spin wall: J K. Schroder D. D.; Mr. J. T. Brightm; K. L. Hawkes, D. I). \ Mi. 8 Ward. Mr. M. resides at 230H Hudson street, near Spring st. n8 1m*r MUSIC FOR PAR. TIES ~ TVTESSRS. O. VVEI88 k FR. ORAMB88, Professors of l-'A Music, respectfully announce Uitheir patrons, the ladies and gentlemen of New York and its vicinity, that their Cotillion Band is prepared to play the most admired aud fashionable Music for Private Parties, Soirees, 8tc. Orders thankfully received a id punctually attended to at 26 Delaneev st, also at Mr.Millot's Music Saloou, 329 Broadwiy, or at Mr. Jollie's Mnsic Store, 385 Broadway n4 lm*r HARPS." JF. BROWNK It CO. Manufacturers of the Improved Patent Double Action Harp, by Royal Letters Patent, London?established 1810, (many years witn Erard,) No. 384 Broadway and )3}< Chambers street, New York. J. F. Browne oners for sale at 385 Broadway, the finest collection of lhe?a beautiful instruments iu the United Ktatos. His irrangriuents are such as to enable him to transact business at European prices, thereby t >ring purchasers the high duties imposed by tariff on tliese instruments. I L' ......I.I l|?n. nn the inoit approved nriuciples, with nil the modem improvement*, are unequalled iu brilliancy c f toue, fineness of touch, ?nd perfeetiie?? of mecli<uiisra. Paiticnlar careis taken to tit thein for the extremes of climate iu tail country, in which resKict they will be found far superu i to any of European inanuetnre imported in the utual wiy. These Harpi art patronised by the elite of musical tastt and professional talent m Eurojw among the latter, he would mention N. 0. Bochia, who invariably selects froin this es'ablish inent. The attention of jiro lessors in this country ia solicited List) of prices and descriptions may be forwarded by post. Repairing carefully attended to; Harps taken iu exchange Strings, Ike. o21 Im'tc MONEY TO LEND. ABRAHAM J. JACKSON, Pawnbroker, No. 58 Rende sti?'t, near Broadway, loans mousy in large or small aums, as may be required, ou Watches, Jewelry, Silver Mare, Dry Ootids, Wearing Apparel, and persoual property of every description o2t> Im'r MONEY TO LOAN. Fsums of $1500, $1000, f2000, $1600, $1800, or one snm of $7000, on unencumbered and productive real estate, in the city of New Vork. Apply by note, left at this office, addressed to H. B. o3<>r MONEY LENT, LIBERAI.LT, at the old eitablished stand, 401 Grand street, on g'?ld and silver watchea, plate,j.?wellery and diamonds, wearing apparel, dry goods, hardware, cutlery, musical and mathematical instruments, bedding, and every description of personal proi<erty, by LOUIS LEVY, Pawnbroker. oiJ lm* m 403 Orand between Ridge and Attorney ?t. UUH SALK. with immediate possession, ilie stock and lixi turn of tliat old established honse. well knowu as the Ca ledouiau Hotel, 5 Oold street near Maiden lane. The stock of winrs and liquors is of very superior quality, and the house affords every accommodation for boarders, and has been established for upwerds of twenty years. Every thing on the premises will be sold cheap for cash, as the preseut proprietor is about to lenve for the old. country. For particulars, apply en the premises n8 lui*ec TJASSENOERS?Oomg f om New York, South or to Europe, that have to lay in their pi orUions for the voyage, are invited to call and purchase them of the subscribers, at their cheap cash atore, as they can save from 15 to 15 |ier ceut by so doing, and get as goou provisions as can be purchased elsewhere. Captains of vessels and housekeepers also will be supplied with all kinds of groceries and provisions ?t an equal saving, wholesale or retail, at theslore. No. 108 South St. near Kulton Market. E. 8. k H. HARRIS. o23 lm*t DOAT AN1) OAR BAZAAR?At this ?stablishment canb n r i ? -i ::...... r v.. > , i... ?( m .? can suggest. Look at what he lias done anil theu judge of what he cau do. At his establishment was built the following unrivalled boats, ?i? !?The. Swiftsore. of* Newfoundland; the sixteen foot sailing Dinky Troubles-; the Komp of Hnrlrate, and the Pan! Pry. The row row boats Henry Staik, which won 29 races in 18 mouths; the noble Cimbria; the (i. W. Chapman; the forty foot racer for the United State* ship Ohio; the barge Lmpress lor Florida; the brass mounted gii Neptune for Tampieo Bay, and a host of others eunally great OAR8, SWTiEPS AND SCULL S-I50.000 feet on hand; also 3,000 feet of Lejiard's celebrated Sculls for sale. This new branch of his business is truly worthy of attention ? Look at the prices, only threa and four pence a foot. All the sculls for racing dressed by the proprietors own hands. Those that won the last race can now be seeu at his office. Siity Boats always on hand. Visit hi* Bazaars if yon desire a treat All work delivered fret of charge C. L. INOKRSOLL, 196,406 and 414 Water and 141 Cherry streets?sole proprietor oe84 2m?r \AT ATCHfcS.?The lugest and most splendid assortment ol * * Watch'* in the city, is to be found at the sabscriber's.~Ki he is constantly receiving all descriptions of Oold and Si)rer Watches, of the newest styles, direct from the manufacturers, in England, France, and Switzerland^ he is enabled to ffer t larger assortment, and at much less prices, at retail, than any other house in the city. Oold watches as low as $20 to $23 each Watches and jewellery exchanged or bought. All waKches warranted to keep good time, or the money n-tumed. Watches, clocks and jewellery reiMirrd in the best manner, uri warranted low?r than at any other plsee iu the city O. C. ALLEN, importer of watches and jewellery, "7 lmr Wholeaale and retail. 30 Wall street, op stairs "TW. SUBSCRIBERS are now pn-nared"uTswTWatclie. 1 and Jewelry as low, if uot lower, tlian any othe' house in the city. To wit: 'VM Watches from $11 to $IU0 each. Silver do. Irom ti to $30 each. All watches warranted to keep good time or the money reto-ned. Watches, Clocks and Mutical Boxes repair.-d snd warranted, looerthan any other honsr in the city, becond hand watchei and old Gold and Silver taken in exchange, or bought for cash. THOMPSON *> PlnHP.R imnfirrer* of Witches and Jewelrv. wholesale and etsil. No.'331 Broadway, New York. AMOS K. THOMPSON, n31m*tn RICHARD KISHcK. TO THE PUBLIC. |?1 HA TO $S0P0.?Mr. Francis K Crump. Watch Maker, IplVJVJ 248 Grand street, beg* to inform hit friend* mil thr nblie, that independent of the Watch bu*ine*?, he i* prepared o make advance* in cash ou gold and *ilver watche?.diamond?, liver lea *et?, spoon* forks, and every description of gold 01 diver in any shape, intended for immediate sale. Tash to am u>onot paid for old gold and silver. Watches of every description repaired and warranted. 241 Grind street. *11 Jm*r DLANCARD'B PATENT STATUE WOOD k COAL y* STOVES? lor hills, parlors, offices, stores sreimhoata. xc. r or beauty, comfort and economy are not equalled by any store in the United State* These store* are a Statue of Washington the r ather of our country. surmounting two pedestals, one for w??od and the other for c>al. Tke one lor wood is con iirticted for alive and dumb stove combined, and for a live <tove only. The fire clumber in the pedestal i* ronU'Ucred in such a manner that the fire, by mean* of a revertahle plaic or partition in the stove, causes the heat to circulate throngh the entire height "f the itatue, ivmg a large and beautiful radiating turface. They have also a hot air chamber attached, end ever* thing being arranged ou the most sci< ntilic principle Kor iener?l utility ttiey cannot fail to give satisfaction. The sobicriber invi e? the attention of thnse ahout purchasirg to call ?nH satisfy themselvee of th> above facts. They can be seen in operation daily and for sale only in the city at ill Oiaml street <ue door east of Broadway. JAM KM HINDS oil lm'm I. S< (I V1lDT, flORNEK of B-o*il?ay and Chambers *'reet. bees leave fe V-/ recommi ml Ins Wi .e Depot, I Nassiu str-ei, ? here be sells the following Wim>? in casks, case and bottl- s, sit: ? ed and White B >rdeant and ' ette Wines, Ithemsh Wuias, Madei ra, Sherry, Port, Burgundy. Muscat and Champagne AI*o?Ham, Oin, Whiskey, Brandy, Extract d'Ahaynthe kc. nl6 lm*r HODGE'S LONDON COHDIAL OIN. rPHIS superior article can alway* be ohtaiued at the Wine L Vaults, No 114 Kulton street, one dour froin Dutch street. MODOC'S CELEBRATED LONDON BITTERS. Th?i? bitten are highly rerom",en<ie.i ny ine \ieoieai rami ty of Ka npiu * reitor tire Tor th ai>i ??titr, ml ca> he uinl in id tmre lUir Tin ted with water, wine* or liquor*, and c ti U obtained at all lli* rincipal hotela in the United Stal-t. Hold wh- iMa'eonlv at No III Kulton it. one door from Hutch it Attenft for Boaton, Maj? ?Menr*. Blake & Trumbull, cornei Milk and Federal itrreti For Providence, H. I., Mr. 'I homiu Spencer, No. 15 W?t Water itirel. I'. 8.?The aboye articlea may be had iu bottlei for Tamil) "Alio?8TOUOHTONS BITTF.HS ESSENCE PEP PKKMINT, ?*HILADF.LPHIA PORTER, ALK AND CHAMPAGNE CIDER, of tii|<eriorqatmie?, at NO. 114 FULTON STREET, nlJ lm*ee One door from Dutch itree'. COFFEE WE9T INDIA COFFEE AND SPICE FACTORY, JVo. 64 Barclay ntreet, Near Oreenwich, tf>'w York. pONSTANTI.\ ON II\Nl>. and for a.ile, Green, Hn?,ted ^ and (iround Coffc i; Ground IV|>|>er, Cinnamon, Alipice, Giimer, Clove*. Muatard, Mare, Not in VI, Sic. Coffee It. lasted and Orouud for Groceri, at the ihorteat notice. J C. KINNER. (T7* Goodi tent to any part of the city free of exp?iue. nit lm*m pOAL-Beit Peach Orcliard, Red Aah,Double Screened,from vv the yard 439 Waihmrton itreet. corner of Deahroaiea at, at boat pricri, delivered In* of cartage,; and weighed by a city weigher I.arffP Not ' $< I7W Do 5 ll?{ Broken ai.t En t J 37% A deduction of 2.) ccuu if ukni from lioau, at the fool Featrv itreet, every day. oM im'm PATRICK KERRIGAN. COAL.?Large Nut 8i*e$J.0fl Store fA,l2V and freah hrokea *nd Kfg ft) til per ton, of the l>e*t Peach Orchard A?h, well creened, weighed W a city w*iKh<?r nol delivered free ol fir* aw. A redaction of l"> crnti per t>o il lakeu from thel?atr, .. ^ Ft TEH CLINTON, corner M k .eg III tat* lU UlMKitb MNeb) >RK F NING, NOVEMBER 21, 1 IMPORTANT TO BUSINESS MEN BUSINESS MEN w Ito kivp no l>auU account can have note* collected through the Butcher, mid Drovera' Bauk, auil I rom|>t return* made in Hu'chert airl |)rmers' money. I>V th?ir leaving snch notes with Mr. llohert I*. Perriu. at the Bank, Mo. 124 Bowrry cor Oruid it. Mr. i ernu't reference* are the Cashier and Company i f ihe Bulk. 11I6 Im'ec DiaBltOWS KlUINU . CttUUL, KW BOWERY. tpOK LADIES from 9 A. M, to J P M. daily. f For Gentlemen " 3 to Sand 7 to 8>4 P. M. daily. Lkctukk Linnii). Ku ri hi Kiiuna. (Evening Class.) 12 Leaaout $9 00 20 Ride* $10 0? Biugle do 1 00 | Hiugle do 75 The Drtitmg and Drawing Kooma sre we'l warmed, and eveiy attention il'voted to the -omfort of thou' who may honor us with thtir patronage. Otntlimn keeping their horses on Irr Rt tliia i ?ublis mew- win nave uir |>riviit*ge 01 riuinK ui^ui hi hi ociiuui. n?5 3?n#r ~ FENCING ACAUhiV,y7 MESSRS. ROSAT it ECKERT have the honor to inform (he citizens of New York, that they b'Ve opened an Arab-nay of Arinnl 333 Broadway. corner of Anthoi y- st"eet where lh-'y intend teaching Sinull Sword, Broulsword, ( me fcc. as weP us Sparring. H?> iiii: had long eiiierieuca in teaching the above bunt ies, th-V hope ui sefur* tlie patronageof thine who wi?h to l>ec ?ne tint rate > wordsiavn Tbeee graceful and useful exercises eipaud the chest end c >rrect natural defeos of lormatiou They render the body more vigoroai. supple and active, and live that easy carriage that is always obseived in well educated men. A. r. RO?\T, n6 lm*r CHARLK.S KCKERT. Mi<? PURDY'S PRIVATE DAY-SCHOOL FOR \OUN? LADIES. NO. 98 Hatnertley street.-?Mn. Pnrdy and her two daughters havtii|{ recenth arrived from EiiKlaud, where they w ere engaged in giving instruction In the various branches of Kngliah Education. Music, Drawing ?nd French, are prepared to receive a limited number ol young ladies tier terms are regulated by lite general reduction,in every department, for which, and other particularistic begs tu refer to her card, which will be furniaiied on application at her residence. nl lm*r PHILADELPHIA DAGUERREOTYPE ESTABLISHMENT, KXCHAUE BUILDING, ROOMS X AND V. riE Subscriber hat received a large supply of VoigtUnders' celebrated Daguerreotype Appartus, large and small sires, with achromatic lenses made according to Professor Petzval's calculation Also a new snpplv of b<-st plates and chemicals, which he warrants good and sells at reduced prices. The following gentlemen have agreed to act ai agents, vil? E White, fc^sq-i DS Broadway New York P. Haas, fcsq, Washington, D. C. Dr A. Caspari, Richmond, Va. S. Broad bent, Esq, (or the .Southern States. Win. West, Esq, Cincinnati, Ohio. All communications (post paid) and orders, accompanied with remittances, will be promptly attended to. and should be directed to WILLIAM LAUOENHMM, i)17 3m*r Eichange Buildiugs. Philadelphia NITEU STATES DAtJUEKRIAN WALLKRY, n5 Hroadwav. upstai s ? K. HITE would rasi*-tfully ca'l the attention < f citi'fin mid Strang r?, visi'ing the ritv in hia splendid col leer inn f Daguerreoty ix-1'ortraits .single or in groups from two to fourtwu i? tons on the sauie plate, whiJi lot bebUty and arcursry of delinearion raunot be surpassed Por trails talieu in all Hindi of weather, either with or withou colors. The American ln?titut? at its late evliihi ion awarded Mr. Wh te the first premium for the beat Daguerreotype likeness for grouping and general effect, which is but Another proof of the superiority of his portraits. Mr. White is so e agent ill New York for the very superior imported lierman Csmaras . and at no other establishment in ih>s city or State ran they be obtained. N. B?In ported I'eunan Camaru; also, Krench and Ameri can liiatrume. ts of the v ry teat quality, with Plate Cases, Chemica a, Polishing Materials, die., &c., alway s qn h r,>r sale at he very lowest prices. n7 3 n* m PLUMBIC DAGUKKREAN OALL!.KTF.8 OK ?TTKNT OOLORKD PHOTOOltAl H?251 B*oadway, New York 136 Chestnut street, Philadelphia 73 Court street, Boston Corner of No-th and Baltimore streets, Baltimore And L)ouw's Buildings, Albany ?constituting the oldest aud most extensive establishment of the kind in the world, and containing upwards of a thousand pictures. Admittance free. These Portraits having been awarded the Kirst Premium and highest honor by the American and Kranklin Institutes, res pectively, at their |a?t exhibitions, are thus officially sustained in th* position of superiority he'nofore universally assigned them bv the puolic, as the most beautiful Daguerreotypes ever produced. L'.ttenesses taken every day, without regard to weather. Plnmoe's Premium Apparatus and Patent Kiglits, Plates,Ca?es, fcc. fcc. wholesale and retail. Ii7 Im* m DISSOLUTION ?The Copartnership heretofore existing between JOSKPH LYON a.,d <. ARL KINO, in thjcitv of New York, under the firm of l.yon fc Kiiig, his l?-en di< olred this day by the miiiual consent of the parlies ; ami the said Joseph Lyon is a'one authorized to collect and receive all debts due to the late firm of L>on Ik king, and to use the name o1 the frin iu liquidating and settling the business, and M . Lyon will comilue to do busiuess on his own accouut at the same place. :? D. AN slum ilie late nrrn ol L.tim t Kinc. mast be presented fur payment ou Tuesday, 21st inst. JOSKPH LYON. Nov. 18th, 1843. n 19 Bt'ec m r A ?>!/ I WTI SMS I ll\ A n" U II.? OK Imaluilin* ivr on hand anil it making to measure, the latest style Mack I intomli Coats, of tlx- peculiar preparatiou of Rubber a> practised by Mackintosh iu England. Oent leinri inav rely upon having a good article if they obtain any of those made at oar factory. HORACE H. DAV, Successor to the Roihury I. K. Co., nS lmr 2S Maiden l,nne. A8HBURTON SAUCE?For enriching Soups, Ktsh, Ponl try, Meats, Wild Fowl, < fame. See. This Sauce ii confidently recommended as the beat ottered to tne epicurean. To l>e obtained, wholes-lie and retail, at J. VAN' BEN8 HOTEL'S, 379 Broidway, corner While street, aud wholesalt at Mr. BENNETT'S, 196 Front st, and of the proprietors OSBORN It TONE, o2."i Im*r IS Cnnrtlanrit street TO MILLINERS. LYON & KINO. flAHL KINO, the celebrated Tuscan Hat Mannfactoier vv most respectfully informs his kind friends and pitrous, thai he hasassociated him-slf with Mr. Joseph Lycn, (late frosi Paris) and hare established ( enurlve? r 'Vo t) Joliu street (under the firm of Lyon and King) wI, r? they have a most spWudid assortment of Paris Millinery Articles, suitable for the ensuing season The above stock consist* of an elegant assort meat of Tuscan and Straw llata, ricu Htllt Velvets, rich Velvet Ribbons^ Lu'*?tnng and Satin Kibbou'U, all fall colorsFrench I" lowers, Feathers: an eutire new style of bilks, and every other article iu the Millinery line. Messrs. L Ik K. would also state that the above goods have been purchased for cajh (direct from the iu mnfact irers) and will he sold at a small advanceou cost U> those who may be pleased to favor them with a call. o2i lm*r LVON It KINO. 17 John tf.. N. V. THE FALL AND WINTER. FASHIONS, AT THE MAOAZIN DE MOUfcjJ, Mo.GO Canal Street. A CARD-TO THE LADIES OK FASHION.- IADAME BEHRMAN liega most reapecrfullv to in >rro n friendi and c mlomrri that ihr hu received, by the !aat '.rnalt Irom Paria, her fall and winter fashion*, vr.d ane tl*"eia ferielf that the Mm* will at&ud unrivalled intheci:v Th* aahiuua con*i*t of the followlug full and enure h. w atyl?a Cut, uncot, plain, watered, and ch&nseahle velvet bonuet*, do ilk, taint mode and quilted liata, of an eutireuovel deacriptiou, in ladiea', miaae*', and childreu'a aim. Alao, a complete i? ortment of capa and head dre*aea, Paria ribbona, artificial flow ra, feather*. anil hair ornament* of tw beat art lata id Paria. Madame B. aoliciu the ladiea to favor hei with ail early call uid eiainine for them*elve*. Mac*T.iu de Mode* 6U Canal *treet n7 1 in*?c DAY S 8HEKT RUBBER OVER MHOi.s-ao I?nne. Ki|ierienre haa proven that a leather aole can be atraclied to India Rubber uppen, ao that it ia impoaaible to aenaraie thein in thecourae of wearing Thete Over Shoea,which have already ti ruwu i"to dituae leather overahoea and mocaauna. and W which the water proof boot ia faat tending, aie funnahed by the Roibnry India Rubber eatab'iahmenl, 25 Vlaiden Cane, of a quality turpriamcly perfect, and altogrthei bene. '.han are being made by any other eatabliahm-ut in tl e trade. The paten' qui lied alipper Over Shoe* ana BooU are furuiah'd only at thia eatabliahment Every article appertaiuing to the rubber buaii.eaa for aale or made lo order HORACE H. DAY. Hucceaaor to the,Ro*bnrv 1. R C., aJ lm?r U Maiden I,ane HO WILL HAVE Tllr, fOOTH Al llf.. wien, br callint on W E I ARSONS. Dtntiar, No 2 3 Blteker direetlv opi-oaite Downirg atreet, they cin nave the nerve ieatroyed in a moment, and filled to I at for twenty ye*ra, o- il oo in>>eh decayed ha?e itextr?c?d lor only Ji cent*, treth id>eited on 'be mnat in.prov.d principle* ftlli.if, lie Ur ; all 0| eraiiona p-rfortred in that proportion which cmnot fail tocoim within Hie mean* of?v?ry md<vidiial, and warranted to be do. e in 'lie he<' n.mihle manner, or the ni?>uey relumled. NB Kelerei ce< will b? given to aom- tf he firat familiea ir he imme iafe vici i<ty mho ha<? rxperieiod the benefit* ?l hia op taii^na to their entire aanafiction, and who will reatifi to the above aMfemeiila. nin 'm'ee UNll'hD oTAIha TEA EMPORIUM. 121 latt 12) Chatham utrert, Ntw York. And Hi Kulton itml, Brooklyn. AnENCT, 318 STUKU, iW H () I. K 8 A L K AND ItKTAIL, Till: CANTON TEA COMPANY continue to offer fot Mir new mid (ragrant T?u of every variety and style.? Their assortment specially includes the in(Mt delicious anM piwerfnl grades of (Jnvu and Black. Kv.rv package beari th> iMmp of neatnwi and elegance, and the T?a* therein are m thoroughly secured from li^ht and air, that their <]tlality and power will remain unimpaired in any climate. Their ?v?f-ir >f iirocecntint business is, ivrliai-s, scarcely to Se eieelled ( I founded ui">n the utinoit regard to :lie rig'i't of the custom r, efiieciilly with reject to weight and quality, aud unri failed cheapness All pur'iiasers are called opon tn retnru an\ irtirlt which tail to Kir* them the utmost satisfaction. whicl '.lie money will be cheerfully and promptly refunded. Conntrj nerrliants, public establishments, head* of families, and ship outers Will tilld it a decided advantage to supply themselvoi >om this establishment, (ir.nvifK Java Cofpk* rousted ererr day Orders from all i iru of tht United State* eiecated with or>>mptitnd# and despatch. v>-_ The only warehonse i? America for the sale of Hoolaa's celebrated Black Te< n? |t*t "PATENT ELASTIC SHOULDER BRACE. ~PHK SUBSCRIBERS offer, with fnll confidence In its L ntilitv and usefulness, the above named article. Thu irticli' is intended to brace the shonlders. support the back, and spmd the chest, ijiving a graceful outline to the figure and mil b* louufl mui5|>etu4nir in pfnnni 01 iravnury uauns. I Parents and guardians hit |<*iticularly relented to eiamine this brace; it will be found to pontes* every requisite quality foi , which it m recomineuded, namely?to brace the shoulder* <>l children ami other* who hare acquired fhe habit of stooping, iml retain their fonn in an npright position. They ean he worn with perfect ease, being formed with an elastic hack, and will je found of 110 impediment to the free use of the arm*. The iub*criber? *1*0 offer their celebrated Klastic Spring, Kussia or Hiding Belt. The above articles are manufactured under the immediate inspection of Mr. Pvaella, who hat been engaged in the business for the last fiiteen vara, and may be depended ou is iiiivrior to any article effer offered lor the aamepupoae. Hold wholesale and retail at the old **tabli*hment of PARSKLLSlt A (J ATE, 237 Broadway, corner of Park Place. X. B.?Ladle* will b* *upi>lted uid flttcil by calling at the rsaidence of MADAMK PARSKLLM, 402 Greenwich street, I S'lve?n H .bert snd I s I'M ????? ??I Jm*m I \\rHK.AT?200 sarin prim* llliuois Wheat, now landing ' ' V fr?m baik Ornesee, from New Orleans, for *al? by ,,20 K. K. < OLI.INS h CO * South SU(? AK ?I.M hhds very prime New Orleans Sugar, landing I this diy from bark < hrnesec, from New Orloui?, for ?ale by I nSU ec > K. COLLINS \ CO. 5?> Sonth .t. I [ERA 843. City InUlllgriire. Pollcc*?Monday, Nov. '20.?Mdhf Pt^r-torn \ninci Fhacdi.?a fellow named Heury iii ilea nu urrentwl yesterday by officer John l.ow, charged with forcing ticket* to forward puiniirri by one of the weatern line*, { in the mime of < 'mitre St Co., of Wont rtreot. lie mi com- ' mitted for further examination. Tliis u jm till- (mix nolirn ca?n of interont that tnmsjiir.xl | luring the ilny. Coroner'* Ofllce.?Monday, Nov. jo.?Dclihi <> rr Mt'RocK.?The Coroner wm occupied nearly all ?U?y yesterday in examining witnesses relative to the murder of Daniel Stanley, n young man. a machinist, by another voting man named Peter Williams, that took place in West Broadway, ou Sunday evening. The facts elicited were thut in the early part of the evening a false alarm of Are was given, which lirougli' out a number of Bremen, among whom wax Williams, who afterwards met at the porter house of David Lowu, at 179 West Broad way. Williams had been in tho habit of running with No. 11, anil Stanley hud formerly acted aN secretary of company No. '27, whose engine ho* been taken from them. Some words ensued in the porter house relative to the merit* of the two companies, and several of those inside went out of the house, where Williams says he met Stanley, who assaulted him and chased him as far as the corner of Vork street and Went Broadway, when he turned round and stabbed him with a knife in the ncck and arm. A few minutes after, some persons (Uncovered Stanley in his wounded condition and took him to the apothecary store, corner of Canal and Laurens streets, w here his wounds were dressed. Soon after he w at convey ed to the city hospital, where he died iu about half an hour Alderman Vaudervoort of the nth Ward, Tillou of the 5th, and Nash of the 7th, were all in tin' vicinity in a few moments, and search was immediately made lor the murderer. Immediately after, Williams returned to the porter house of Lowu. in West Broadway, with the knife in his band with which he hod committed the deed, and very deliberately wilted the blood from it on his shirt and suspenders, lie then left, und was found soon alter by Alderman Vandervoort, at a Temperance Mouse called " The Crib," at 184 Laurens street. He immediately gave his name, said he lived at -231 Sullivan street?confessed that he had committed the murder?was d d glad of it, and asked the Alderman to hang him up at once and be done with it. lie was then seurchi'd, but no knife was found on hi* person. Mis clothes and hands were covered with blood, and on lieing taken to the watch house, at the corner of I'rlnrn street, he told some one present to take his shirt and wash it a.) he wished to be hung in it. Me gave no reason for the act of murder, but said he would have killed more if they had not got out of the woy. He was partly intoxicated, and although perfectly sober yesterday morning, still acknowledged the murder find said he did not regret it. He appears to be perfectly reckless in his character, and tip to the present time it has not tieen ascertained that any previous <|iiarrcl or dispute has existed between them Stanley is represented as a very quiet, orderly young man in' hi* genend character, nnd linn been in the employ nf Me sum. Green & Co. machinists, hi Dunne street. Ow. ing to the absence of one of the Coroner'* jury, nt the time of assembling b< t tvening, the proceedings eoulil not be continued, and the Coram sr was therefore compelled to adjourn until this morning, at 10 o'clock. ti rneral Sculoiio, Before Recorder Tallmadge and Aldermen Emmans auJ Nash. J.w.r." it. Wjutino, K?h? District Attorney. Nov. '20.?ami Batteiy ? Decatur Lay man was tried and acquittivl on an indictment for <u?ault and ( ry '.d I? J. Reuv. >k ?n the 4th of July, .\hile the Infer who was u ujt.nm i oi ilohu Carriujit- No. 5, had hold ol the engine rope of No. 13. Jlyntrs Pleading Ouiltu?Kianklin P. Written cnteicd a plea ufguilty to two indictments of i'tir<re,-v in the third degree, in passing cheeks on the Muiitinit ?n Hunk, in the name of Simeon Draper, Jr. The t curt " ntmeed him on the first indictment to the Stale l'risoii :'ji t-vo yeais, and on the second for two years an.I six months By rnoti is considered one of the niost expert m"U of the present age in his business as a forger. Riot awl Jhtaull anil Hattrry.?Lorenzo D. Cnminings and Wm. < astles,impleaded with several others,'we-e trie! on an indictment for riot and assault and battery on board the steamboat Superior, on the fourth of July lust They were found guilty and the Court sentenced them both to a line of each. Indictment of I*itgn, ami *1Uxander ami Mrtinda llosrttr ?The Grand Jury came into Court and presented several bills, among which w ere one against William l.?itga, the tailor, for "murder in the lirst degree," on the charge of suffocation and burning of his wile, and nuother against Alexander and Melinda Ilngue for the robbery of William Sorretl. They will be tried to-day, and it is really to he hoped that tin- cause of justice will not be stayed by any toohnicul proceedings of counsel. David Obmum, Esq., we in riif^ngtvl m coun??*l for HogtlC. and his associate. Violatio>i of the Pilot I*awt.?Robert iVfeNallv was tried on an indictment for misdemeanor in piloting the barque Leo, Brown, to sea by Sandy Hook, on the 19th of April -... ?m._ r?. - r.:n.. i i .... i ? ih?t the accused was not a licensed pilot, although lie hoi) served several years aa an apprentice, the Jury returns! a verdict of guilty. The court imposed a line of $10, as n penalty for tin- o(fence. lHtordtrlu Ilnusr.?Thomas Connerton was tried for keeping a disorderly house at 39 Kim street. The evidence was incomplete, and the jury returned a verdict of not guilty. Grand Iarrrny.?Charles Stewart was tried on a charge of grand larceny, in stealing from the ship " llottingner," a rlork, barometer and pillows, valued nt 130 dollars, convie ted and sent to the State prison for two years und six mouths. The Court then adjourned till this morning, at II o'clock. Forfeited Reroznirttnres.?The following rccognitances were declared forfeited :?Kmily Tucker, disorderly house, bailed by Sam Cunningham. Kllen Weaver, alias Vanderhilt, disorderly house, hailed by James Thomas.? Caleb Godfrey, grand larceny, bailed by Franklin Drown. John Tyler for assault and battery. William Ford, William Parks, and Dominick Crassous, for assault ami hatter) . Circuit Court. Nov. 'JO.?The Court were occupied in hearing short cases of no general interest. Calendar fir 134, 92, 160, 181, 162, 163, 164, 16ft, 166, 167, 16m, 160, 170, 171, 172, 173, 176, 176, 177, 178, 179, ISO, 181, 183, 18-1, 185. Common Plea*. Before Judge Ulshoeffer. Nov. 20.?No case of importance was tried in this court to-day. Caltndar for lo-da\j.?No*, ft, 11, 13, 13, 14, 1ft, 16, 17, 19, 90. Common Council. Board or Aldc.rmi.m, Monday, November 20.?Alderman Purdy, President, iu the chair. Some few Petitions being presented, reports of committees were called for, and then; being none, the unfinished business was called for. Alderman Scoles asked whether the chairman of the special committee on reformation of police matters wa? prepared to report, lie said that the committee had had the subject before them for n long time, and a report should be made for action at the early part of the session of the legislntuse. Alderman Tillou, chairman of the committee, said that he had been most busily engaged in its preparation for the past several months,"and should he prepared in a few days to present them to the committee, when the membors would perceive that mest arduous labor had been devoted to this subject. Mmtort nmi I'ullart -Alderman Lit Mkcl wlMt ha.i become of the report relative to preventing hawker* and pedlars from pursuing their business without n license He said that the members had all, or nearly all, agreed to the adoption of a law governing that matter, and a* legisI lative action/rould be necessary on that subject, he hoped to hear from the committee soon. Alderman Brady said that one report had been made, and another soon would be, with a law on the subject. I'ayuii thr H'ntir Purrri/or't OmruLui >'i<# - The C roton Water Committee reported in favor of paving Wilson I smnll. Water Purveyor, $7 SO for omnibus (are, while in the performance of fiis dut.V. Aldermen Xtsi< and Wooomull opposed it, and the resolution was lost by a vote of 7 to S. Grading Sixty-f rit iturt.? A communication from the Street ("ommmionrr risking for the rescinding ?f a resolution to gr^He street, and till up bulkhead at the foo of it by prisoiia i* from the penitentiary, on the ground that it will eo*t more to 'o the work by this method tj.ui by contract. Alderman Nash opposed r'?cind:iT. Alderman Biif '^nr ?poku lu opposition to reducing the hill liief" 'f, as he considered i' unnecessary, tujd the expense unv alii .1 for. The c> .r'nnn'c Uu.n w"is referred to the Committed on Roads and Canals. Vitrprling Cl>rk't Honm.?A resole'.;.<a rrom Bend cf As?i?tant? to-"?thori/i-the suj, n ' '>'nt of iniair to pnrchi ( ii?>* ftiiu o'l eloth for t'ie room of tin i lerk of tin- < omniuii ( ouncil was referred tot on.mittct on I'uhiic DutkUaga. IjighUnt Unwrrij from Si-I1} tt. fr! I l/ninn .S/i...,A resolution to thiseffu^l front the Bon. 1 of Assistants, wit? referred. Tkr Strrrt Contract.?The report from r">ar>'if \ xistnnts, gianting )>ermissioii *o the ? Uuii 1 of'hi Boar ' to engage two assistant counsel t'> aid him in di ;. iu c of the suit commenced against th t e-poratlon bv Vlessi . Hritton, Cam ley k Townsend, Into contra, tors fur cleaning the streets. " .llflOrmHIl ?? % nni-i .^1 diate neccMity for such a*?i?tance, n* the contractor* hail emfnged most eminent legal assistance. "I'Iih resolution wo* concurred in. Kntint ;W and //"?? il).?A resolution to appropriate 5'.'(K) to tiniali the building for the above apparatus m An.) street?wil* concurred in. .1 i'rrtml from tlxr City of Pain - V communication wa* received from Edward Hotaaiiffe. in connection with a numlier of volume* of elegantly hound public docu. mcnt? on mercantile, literary, and scientific subject*, pif? ented hy the city of Pari*, under the ijntm ot nntion: I and literary exchange* recommended by Mr. Vattemer*They were reeelvwd and ordered to be depomtcd in the public library of the city of New Vork, which i? jet to be collected. Contmtrd KUrlion in thr 16lh Ward.?The Hpecial Committee, to whom wan referred the contested election of i ollector and Constable of the 10th ward, made at the spring election, reported that .lames ? assidjr kh< elivte.l Collector of the ward, and Iternard Mahon, Constable, ">ver their opponent* lleorge B. Thorp and William t h*|? man. The difficulty arose Irom the fact that one of the ln*|>ector? of the 4th district took tlio return* of thui district to the ? oiiuty ( lerk's oflicc, in?tead of taking it to the meeting of the Howd of Ward Canvasser*. hy which nva. * ' the vote of that district wm throw n out, and a tie dee InreU i LD. Prlee Two C?nta< on the Collector Tti? vote of thiit district gave Casiidy ami Million u majority aitd th?* ( ommiueo therefore r>?ported in favor ol declaring Hum ?.lwted, Tho resolution u as adopted. Itesinnatioii of Suori inti nd. nt of S(rtth.~\ communication w as received from Wdi. ftige, Superintendent of Street*, tendering his resignation, ?? the < onurnn Council li.ul refuted to trant him the necessary means to per. form tho duties of ni* olHen. The resignation into take place whenever the I ommon Council desire it Iteferred to Committee on Street*. Report on ('ol. Johnion ?Tho CommittiS# to recelv* Col. H. M Johnson, pren-nted a re|>ort asking for the tiaymeut of for carriage hire on the reception of Col. Johnson. Adopted. Stwrr in Cntar itmt. ? A resolution from tho other Board, to construct a newer in Cedar street to Trinity riare, was concurred in. Cro/on Diy Dock.- The rejiort of the Crotop Water Committee, in favor of granting tleorge W. Bruen tho live uul tile wain i roion water irom tn<'iuuuiuju ui Union Nqii'ire, to apply to the mining of ve**el? in a lock dry dock, to bo constructed by him on the Ka*t river, wa* called up. Alderman L? > advocated the resolution, on tho ground thnt the construction of a dry dock would Rive employment to u largo number of men, anil be aUo ol great banefit to the commercial intereat*. Alderman Tn.i.ou opposed it, on the ground that th? Common Council had no power to maicna perpetual gran' of this waterjfor any purpose. After considerable debate the resolution was laid on the table, and ordered to bo printed in several of the public papers. Wiilininglht I'urk Gate.?A resolution to increo*e th<? fil/Oof the eastern pate of the Park before Evacuation Da) , to allow the military to pass through with more ??? >, WAS concurred in. It was stnted that the 1'nited States troops from Governor's Island would participate in tho procession to be formed on that day. Thanksgiving Day Alderman Pi rdv offend a resolution instructing the Mayor to issue a Than, it giving proclamation in accordance with that of the Governor of tho State. Adopted. Pavini; Lewis sir'it.?A resolution to refer to the Htruot Committee, the propriety of paving Lewi* street to this East River. Adopted. Corporation vs. Huckster of Centre Market ? Alderman Lrr offered a resolution instructing the Corporation Attorney to certiorari a case recently decided in a Ward Court against the Clerk of Centre Market, by a huckster of that market, for removal of her stands and boxoa because she refused to pay rent Adopted. Fining Juror*.?Alderman Bricos offered a resolution enquiring the number of jurors fined in the Marine Court for non-attendance, the quantity ef fines paid, and thedls position of the money. Referred to the < omptrollor. Meat Shops?Alderman Lrr. presented a resolution call ing upon the clerk of the Common Council to servo a copy of the meat shop ordinances upon the Street Inspector* and Health Wardens of the several ward*, in onter that they can be informed of the duties incumbent upon them, to visit and Inspect coch day the several meat chop* In their ward. Adopted. The Work House.?Alderman Watt*van moved that the ordinance relative to the establishment of a work house, be made the order of the day after the reading of the mitui'ps 01 inn next mrcuni;, Anvpin, Stru t Cartmrn.?Aldermnn Ittwion offered a rexolutiou to pay ''irt cartmeu of the Ifith ward $1 "4 per day, in rti"i?1 ot by the load, as they ore now paid. Referred to Ht-ect Tin' IJoird then adjourned till Monday next, at fiva o'clock. ttoAHn or AssliTJINI' AlDtRMB"?Nov. '.M>?liEflt'LAft Mm n""j ?Tht minute* ofthe last meeting were read and approved. t'eiitioni U fmtd?The iipui! number of petitions were ti'Il.i. 1 to tl.e proper commit'e*". John Sioilli, Jr.? This worthy scion of the Smith family piescnt. 1 t'ue following petition :? To thr 1 Tonnrablt, (Ac Common Council, of the City oftftvo York :? The undersigned respectfully sheweth to your honor* We liody, that actuate*) by the same ptinlic spirit, and Influenced by the same disinterested motives which induced tl.e owners of properly around St. John's square, to establish a fountain therein, ptv noses, with the consent of your honorable body, to construct o fountain on his own lot, and pay to the i r-inmon Council, for the use of the neccnsar\ w ater, at the riime rate per lot as the propriotora of St. .lohn's "quale pnv fort) "ir fountain. The lot ofthe undersigred is one of the ordinary size, and charging lor (he Wfctcr in pmj?ortion to its si/e, when compared with St John's Park, the price ofthe water will he about twenty cents per annum, which liberal sum your petitioner will readily pay. It Is the intention of your petitioner to make his fountain a great public improvement--it will be enclosod by a substantial fence, and kIioII br fully as classical as any in (he city, not excepting even the venerable cataract at tlio IJou Jii'ig <ireen. I,ike other great public benefactors, your petitioner ' wishes his fountain to play as much for himself as for others, but in the excess of his liberality, he will permit all n -pectnblc | ersons, whether well ?lresseit or not, to come in and see it ut all time* without charge. In this respect he (latter* himself that ho will l>e a* generous, if not more so, than the'nrorrietors of St. John's square?which is respectfully submitted to your honorable bodv liy vottr humble servant, JOHN SMITH. Jr., No. 600 Greenwich street. It wn* seriously debated whetticr John Smith, jr. was not a blood rt'mtnn of John Jones, jr., but. the absence of I the latter distinguished Individual from the Hty prevpnt[ ed the satisfactory solution of the enigma. The Assistant [ Alderman of the 17th ward, ? ith ? prav itv which became the occasion, made a motion that John ^mith, jr. hav? leave to withdraw hi* petition, which was granted. Site for a School.?The Committee on Public Lands and Place* reported in favor of granting to the Commissioner* of Public Schools, lot N<> firt Flm street, as a site for the erection of a public iichool in the Sixth ward?Laid on tha table. Rrpnrt*.lAnptrd.? In fiivor of paying Robert Lyon tha sum of *ll!i 83, ns compensation for services rendered by him ni acting Aaiislant ( ity Inspector. In favor of making the additional appropriation asked for by tha roller Tn favor of irrnntinir Mr Jennings, of tha City Hotel, permission to build ? newer to carry off the waste water from his premise* into the sewer of C?*!ar street. In favor of flagging the southerly side walk on Fifteenth street between the Third Avenue, and Waverly Place ; also, the easterly side walk of the Fourth Avenue, from twenty-second to Twenty-eighth street In favor of constructing Ja drain in Cedar street to Trinity Mace, with the sewer in f'ednr street. lirpnrli Inid nnthr Tahlr.?The report of the Committer on Police. Watch and Prisons, in favor o( authorising the establishing of thirty additional watch jxjstii, and one hundred and twenty additional watchmen, requiring the watchmen to remain on their po?ts until thirty minutes before sunrise, and increasing their pav to ten shilling* per night for thn year round. Laid on tlic table and ordered to be printed. Rrctption of Col. Richard M. Johmon ?The committee appointed to reccive the old hero of the Thames, reported their proceedings, asking that the sum of #,13 7n be paid for carriage hire, to John Lynch. Jteport accepted and payment ordered. Ivon-Conevrreil in.? The report of the Committee in favor of paying John Cadmus the sum of *40. for injuries received by him bv being throw u from his cab by an obstruction in the street. The report in favor of paying Paul Smith and Hen.jamin Tettit the sum ol +64 G7, a* expenses incurred by them in defending a suit on the raliditv of a corporation ordinance, were not adopted. Thr lalt Otfictr Tompkint.?A resolution authorizing the Tomptroller to pay the sum of ?30 60, the balance due that officer at the time of his death, to hit brother for the benefit of hit family. Adopted Rfmnvine Cnnl /ruin the Strtitl.?A resolution hi? troduced into theother Board bv thoming the Superintendent of Streets to adopt tucii mean* as may be necessary for the removal of all coal - .?? 1 *.. An until nrnvislon shall ba made hy ordinance for thitt purpoie?that the Supenn tcndent shall not in nnv way fr 'nterented in the boat* or rirt* (hi,loved in itch ?erviee?; ind thnt the expeute of said removal he published with the monthly report of tUo romp*roller, of the expen?ct, of c'ennintf the ?treet?. Lie Mill ? r>ry Htrert urilh Gat ?The report of the other Board in favor of lighting Dey street with go?fwa? con enrred in. -Ipjrropriatiovi for Common Srhno'i ? The report ot other Board In favor of #ppropri?ting the ?nm of J13 PCO for the purpoT" of Common School#. w*? concurred in. /fotirr of Rr/iift - An invlf??fnti to Ti?it thf Hutne of I ffefii'e wa? accepted for Friday the 04th in?t F.nlartine Eaitrm Gttr of tht Parle?The petition nf jtrigadicr Oeneral N'ortr"- to have the F.a?tern Gat? I idtng info the Park enlarged, to nerrmmod*le the miliMry. win referred to the Snperintendnnt of Lands and Pln"ee?, with power. Si i. mlh tf'iird lie report of the other Board ' Haring t'vt Jnnira I uiidv ptm', Barnard Mahon were duly i leet'i! 'o thr .nfi'-n.? of Cnller'nr at: 1 < on stable of tlie Sixteenth Ward, w? eorcm fi! I* ColU. :i~t L.y*nu. '' it.?A ?< ?olu?!on retiring tho ' v"?e) if tl f'or|?)-ation to eomnf?iir;ite to tlil? Board vh t!. r 1' hv< any right under the existing law? of tbia 'j lerJt or Correct erroneoi. < taratfin. B'i'4 fl'ta- r ?The ? o?fi.|!tee on \) pli.-at'ona for Oftic* v. rrm directed, hy resolution, to report on the Ca?a : iirrc- Hinip?on. a colored tnan. who lt-i? nppliod for th? ltfi.*" "f rltr fJtuiger .'iHiountn.-nt ?This Board In i^jonrtte,! to meet on M<m rt.iy i . t !n^ vre?k. Thl H<unn of Ca:?va??kr* tnet again last evenii'", and amounted until this afternoonal 4 o'clock, when the canvaas will bo completed. Br? at Saint J-oris.?Nine afeamboaw. laden with produce, left thin p<?rt on the flth for New Orlenn*. nome of thorn of a large claaa and all of them ?.i . ii? -1.1- iv.,m s,iint f.oiil* have In creased rapidly for a lew * eari p< and the imagination can hardly compa<* their pmhahle extent a few yeara l?-nce. "fh? "ttmprena City of the W'eat" will, in Ira j t ar* from (hi*, lmve 11 po/ulatlon equal to Louisville and ineinnati united, and a trade far ouitrippmg both tho?? town*.?ST. Lorn* Ttrm., Nor. 10. Great F'ike in BuixviLt.Kj Ii.l.?A note upon the wnv.bill fr?m B llville. Hlninia, dntrd 9th inst.. 1V??"lfarri*on'? Mill* were I irnt flown last nifcht about HoVlock Th? lira wa? accidental. Loa? about $40,000." .?'? undent and there, were nearly thirty thotnand bmhala of wheat in the mill and ihHl hQolninx. "r which wa* loat There were prut "My between J00 anil MNharnla if flour in the bin*, whi.'Ii wan ofcourie lout. Four or live hiinilriil barrel* were rolled out of the mill and tared. The fire took place In tome of th? upper work*. Th* * hole of the work* and the homea attached n era destroy I Thcra i*, ta we learn no Iniaranrv upon tho property.

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