Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 26, 1844, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 26, 1844 Page 3
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lation to the 8tate debt, is of the moet vital importance to those interested. It fixes the first day of April of the en suing year as the period when the State shall resume the piyinent in cash of the interest on its tionds. The an trial interest on the public debt not secured by specifn phdges is, Recording to the last annual report of tin Treasurer, <0.>0,811. Estimates or Wits end Means to meet the Intebesi UN THE PciiLIC t)K?r. P're t tax, $)!? m brought fmward ?585.l0i Jrc me!,:?*. 40,000 Site of St te, city and r rom litre \\ ntir fa* ether stock*, upon ual, lou.saau loaii. 55,000 piyi. E iut i the treaDividend i n s'ock h- Id sury out ha'f of o?e !!, ,? tumors and per cei.tim, sstimatnhloIlH, 10,000 edtoyiel, IS.""1 B him -re and Sit tjur- T ? which mtv be nddhen la Kit 20,001 ed tax-n bills of esAuctiou duties, 20,000 change,p'rsl-d notes, '1 ax on col'aternl >n ?- s teer plate, wat^h-i. rstasise. b?;ut?ts and imposed by ths dhtribuiita shares,- 20,COO act of Dec 1141, 30,000 Carried up, 585 000 Total, $630 001 Should these estimates be realised, and the committee think they are not extravagant, there will be abundant means to enablo the State to meet the demands of her creditors and the obligations which a proper sense of her own honor impose on her. The principal feature in the report of this committee is the following provision for the payment of arrears of interest :? The committee's plan to provide for the arrears is thus exhibited :? "inese arrears, according to the report of the Treasurer, amount to $1,171,873 87 The hank stock held by the State, and which may now be spared, amounts to... $510,966 66 The ai reai ages of taxes for 1841 and 1843 are 260,704 29 The sums due from from publie officers on the Western Shore, exclusive ol interest, are 95,129 45 Ditto on the Kastern Shore, 28,746 41 Interest due from the Tide Water Canal Company, 167,000 00 1,071,645 81 Leaving, alter the application of these means, a balance of. $100,327 06 In concluding their able report, the committee present ed a hill lor consideration, including tho annexed provisions for the reduction of the public debt and better organization of the financial affairs of the State. 1. Let the Treasurer give public notice in IKurnpc and the United States, that he will on the 3d day of September, 1811, sell at public auction in the city of Baltimore, at the Kxchange, the Bank and Turnpike road stocks belonging to the State,to be paid for in cash or in coupons and certificates of interest up to October 1st, 1844, inclusive, with a view to the reduction of the arrears of interest on the State debt. The sums due from public officers, other than ci Hectors of taxes, to be applied to the same nurpo'e when realised?also the arrears of interest due from the Tide Water Canal Company. 2. Let the Commissioner of Loans issue to each holder ol couponsor certificates of interest, up to October 1st, inclusive, the bond or lxinds of tho State for the amount so held, redeemable at the pleasure of the State, and bear ing six per cent interest, payable quarterly on and after the 1st of April, 1845,at which time the interest of the preceding six months shall he paid. 3 Let all dues to the State ho pnid in money, from and after the 1st of October, 1841?coupons or certificates ol interest receivable until that day. 4. Let the 1st ol April, 1845, be fixed upon as tho day on which tbe State will resume the payment of interest on ail her obligations. 6. In the payment of interest, let the Treasurer pay the general creditors of the State, other than the Sinking Fund, first. Then let him pay the interest on the Sinking Fund to the extent of the means in hand. If there is a deficiency in the interest due to the Sinking Fund, let it be made good at any subsequent payment or payments when there may bo surplus of means in the Treasury. 6. Let the School Fund be drawn upon pro rata, from tlio several counties, district and city, so far as may be nacessarv to make nil anv defieienrv in thn intorosi .ln? the general creditor?, but not for tie interest due to the Sinking Fund. 7. If any portion of the School Fund be uied let it be made up out of surplus means that may accrue in preference to the Sinking Fund. 8. Let all surplus means of overy description go to the Sinking Fund. Died, On Sunday morning, 3Mh inst. of consumption, Ma tilda Archkb, daughter of the late John Archer, in the 3flth year of her age. Her remains will be taken to Monroe, Orange county, on Tuesday morning, 37th inst. from her late residence, 97 Watt street. On Sunday, 35th inst. James Croffikld, aged 38 years. His friends are respectfully invited to attend his fune. ral, to-morrow afternoon at 3 o'clock, from his late residence, 128 Liberty street. At Hoboken, on Sunday, the 25th inst. Harriet, wifeo! Commander Sands, U. S. N , and daughter of tho late Col John Stevens. The relatives and friends of the family are invited tc attend her funeral, on Wednesday, at 4 P. M. from her late residence. Passengers Arrived. Liverpool?Packet ship trdependence?Mr Murphy, B F.a ton, x II dd.J Lu'rack?S3 in the sttrrate foreign Importations. Livrnpont.?Ship Itidei?-ndence ?10 casks mdse ST Jones & en?ISO, tin pi ,te? F. H Jacot?18 ca-es B relay tk Livinu stnn-it ti ns iron S Creaks?1 pkg J Ale* nder? I VV D Mr iviMv?Austin Wiime ding k co?3 McKee & co?3 Tracy & co? I K W I'cmberton?1 R Smith & son?6 Becar. fit co?82 bio e St co?17 J Henrv fit co?10 H Auchincloss & on-?4 WWhi-shead?25 Wight, Srurpes fit Shaw?6 H Baylii ?81 J kcrgu*nri fit ro?21 Bird Gitlihn fitco?10 IurIm fit Scot ?0 F Tom ?? St son?2 ('has Ahr*nfeldt?6 J D Wyckrff?37 H I a\vrence-B faron St Stewart?15 Burritt St Johnson?7 Smith Thurgar fit co?1 D fit S W Paul fitco?1 M Armstrong fit son? 48 Win V n Antwerp fit co?1 Harvey fit Slaps?14 Richftidsor fit Watson?5 A fit li Waller?1 (4 Stoddard?16 Gorton, Hodgt-i It co?4 K Rohbi s?3 Barber Brothers?1 R Patrick fit co?1 J Van Ne\t?I H ed fit Tavlor?3 Humphrey fit co?1 .1 Sparfoith ? I R 8cheP?7 C \ fit O F Everson?1 Vistor fit Duckwitz? 58 Stoke*, G'fbert fit co?15 case* sheathing copper J Macv & so .?6 likirs A fit S VVill-^tts?2 P Hunt fit co?16 Nevina fit cn ?2 Wolf fit Gillespie?17 R fit H Height & co?5 J Reed fit son ?4 F Hteinheil fit co?2 S I) Hnhcock?2 Warner, Catln fit Loop?89 J itihon fit co?6 Hall Brothers?8 E Marshall?4 J R h'nson fit cn?I It T Cross?I J B Elliman?I F S fit D Laihmjv?4 A W Snif 9 St co?5 T Van A rs ale St co?I Mark fit ( hurch?I W R Seymour fit co?15 E Hunt fitco?38 S T Jonn fit co?4 A Van Nest?2 J A fit ft S Lunuer?5 C S Rosevelt?8 C H Kellog fitco?12 Van Wagener fit Pucker?1 R N FnsM ? 1 S ( nchraii?I .1 N fit .1 II Selby ?I L Cook fit co?3 J ()s t ? IK.Corning?1 Gillespie fit Tread well?3 Crirps fit cn- 1 A fii E S 11 iggius? 3 Coffin, Bradley fit co?2 .1 W Tout-1 Thompson St co?2 T E Blis*? 1 E Payion?1 F Stuart 8tco?1023 bn tin plat* 4 pkgs Phelps, Dodge fit co?76 H Farnnm fit co?6 J A Newbo'd? 36 E Hunt?17 Clark fit Oomci*?2 Stone. Swan k co? O B fit J B F.Dgti.?h?I Manning & Journeay?2 J Pelot fit cn?2 B R L?mmis ? co?I T Tucker?3 Richards, Ba**ett k A born?1 (r Hunt fit co?4 Bramhall, Abcrnethy fit Collins? 5 ( b'Velaud fit Mason?5 J Falconer?25 Adam*, Homer fit co? nchss K Pill fit Clark-4 H Tobias?I J Connah?2 Smith, Wngh' fit co?3 B VV H'nchman?14 Berry St Warn?I W Bar ton?129 Tooker, Mead fit co?5 L Atterbury?47 A hotrpson fit Parish?8 l'irs lis, Ciimming fit co?I G W Sands?4 .1 Mo'fimerfc co?8 Kes'ler fitco?3 J W Mitchell fit co?2 J <)wen-2 M Armstrong fit co?I A fit H S Thorp?1 J Hill ?1 T fit J Bates?14 S ('rooks?32 A Mitche'l St co?3 Hunt. Woodward k co?9 B Graham?4 J fit S Leflerts?3 W S Crane?2 (} II Ar!in* 8t co?66 Gardner St co?8 1 Sheldon fit co?6 ( B (*o? nfiiHt Ik. co?2 McKee?40 Wood fit Folger?19 J R Worrell?9 h N rioscn?12 Young. Smith fit co?4 R Hyslop fit on?8 Falconer 6 Wolfe St Bishop?1 C S Hubbard?3 L fit B Curtis?I llaight fit co?4 Peabody, Uiggs fit co?14 W orrell, W.?od fii Coats*?4 Cook fit Anthony? I F Thompson St co?3 H Hsinei fit co?2 C C' ark sou fit co?29 J fit J Stewart fit co?23 A Gray? 6i Godfrey Pat ison fit co?13 Grinnell, Minium fit co?32 W Win few right?55 Reiss Brothers fit co?25 bxs tin plate* 50 torn pig iron 206 pkgs to rder. Palermo?Ship Hellespont?(Repirted yesterday)?I box E Dot:in?380 hhls enrr tu's P82 can far* brims'o-i" 800 bags sumac 8 do bitter almonds 70 cases liquorice paste 10 0 bxs le?? ons 280C do or.i ges S Broom 8t ?o?22 cases essences Lawr nee fit Phelps ? ?n.?B UH i. rniimill*LU JU/UBBHVIB J Uffltfl [0 master. nomentlc Importations. Nnv JfnrtWnicr? 1168 ItMi perk tni rlo lard Sii\d,nn S ore It co?.)0 li'uls pork 2"! tl llotir 12 do I Hit-all. Williams 8c co?10 bal s mtton IVibbc 8c Brook# ? 20 t'o B:tr?" w ic IVpe?49 R I. vinitUnd?85 bMs molasses A Ave.ill ?30 Duck* o th It Sexton ?15 to order. MARITIME HERALD. ~ tisMllitcc l'*jri of tit* Sttmn Vtilpe rani* livexrooi. rnoM amkrk# Hibemia. Jmlkinc March! Guidonir, Mar 5 April I U. Western, Matthews Apr 27 May 23 O. Britain, Hoskea May 25 lane 20 Goiil,;!! littler IJac;.. Hereafter. Getter and Newt pit per Bn?t lor all parts of lite World, will lie tnsde up i t the lit a?i t> Ornrr. iitalttra atiU A)(tuta, V/? tttali Mtevin : a f'tyor, if Captains of^Ve*ato? will ^re port of the Shipping ! 't. at the hort whence they sailed, the V< 1?S Siv hen on their PMsajre,a List ol their ? urijn, aril ar.y nr. isn Newspapers ?>r Nr*i they may have. He will hoard tli"Oi immediately on th?-ir arrival. Agents and Cort.?i'.i.i'l-Dta, at homeer abroad, will alsu eon far a favor bt sending m this Office all the Marine Intelligence they cv obtain Nsnienl lnf< rrnstion of any kind will be ihaJUcfnlh revived PORT OK IV KW YUUK, FKBIIUAII* !d? nr? itnr.i 6 42 I moon sy.Ta." Ill suivsk.t 6 minimi warm Ill Arrlvert. Packet ship I-.depena ncr, Nye, Irom Liverpool, Jan 22, wi ll indse, to Urnmell, Muitarn 3t Co. Mas been 10 days from Malile Island. becalmed B daya Brut Noitherner, Hatch, (..f Portland) 2i daya from New ?',V,l,.v*1'lh roik, kc to mlater. Hrhr l)ni!?e, hnapp, 3 daya fr?in Boaton, with mdae, to 8tnr |ei St I learman. Hchr Seif.yn, Anderson, from Camd*n, via New London with lime, to master. Below Ship Canton, Otia, from New Orleans, with cotton, Ike tt master. One ship, one barque, unknown. flailed. Ship Howard, Callan. Savannah; barque Mersey, Tucker Apalichieolat brim David. (Hw) Odrlniaik llotterdim; Aran di Ho a I lull. Belize, Hont Uemrrara, Blanchard, Neuvitas lybrr, V.c< orioiCK, < harieaton, aud others. illlatellnnenua coHvitiv l.i, Oe r tea.?The packet ships Derrick Trisk. for Liverpool, anal Bnritiindy, Wuton.for Havre, wil sail to d.iy. Their litter hays close at the Herald Koreifi Letter O.Hee. Ship It km.? spotty, Adams, at this port from Palermo renorti ?On ihe i<Hti I.III. 1*1 27 V Ion 2d ,0, raine up with the ba qui 'Ale I I ruwerv.' 'I Loudon, and w hil in company, she w., struck o a squ ill nnii b at inun and iniaeu masts near'the deck luie 'iipm o.t li low tl e slieve lio'r, jibbouin entirely g ne. yy, bore diw n mot supplied her with an old main y aid. being thi onlv spare spar wo h d to spare Bam i arih, Kendall, fr <m Bostsn bound to the River o Tlite, with a valuable cargo.a ehnred off the harbor of St '? rye's, Bermuda, on the Iftth si', in distress, being in a vert eaky sta?e, with loss. of bulwarks, stanchion*, he in a hlivy 4 ?!e (in the 13th. in Ut 37. Ion W. during which was compelled fo throw overboard a p?rt of the cargo. She iterwards went ^boreOil St. David'* Island, end was tot off and towed lino ort, where slie wis condemned. The vessel was to be sold on he 7th lust, and the damaged part ( C the cargo on th?9'h A Wild ? Cat tain Mat son. of the Allen, at Boston from bin liven reports?On 15th ult. 1 t 32 50, Ion 72 35, fell in with he wrr k of a h ig ol'about 200 tons, full of wuer. m<tsr<g ?o#. inwsprit s aiidinf. painted bV k with a wide white streak, stem .laioied gie u with a blue a'ch?<?u hei deck the remains of two urri' ane houses?c uld not dintinguish her namBrio cfmbfrund, < f I'ortl'or near Highland light, ape Cod. has bilged; she lays broad ids to theses, which naies a clear breach over her. The vessel's ina erials were sold Ml the22J inst iu pared# Steamer Dan in left Boston with chocks and ways on hoard to launch the brig, but return d without being able to accomplish the purpose. Hpeken Amanda. (Br) Bricher, An, Caye. for Londou, Jan 31, Ut 18 I.IOH7135 by th. Independente, at this Jiort, who supplied tlif A with provisions . V ,J.,r\of C?rt,.al::,? B< "on ("? Charleston, Feb IS. Ut 31 4, Ion 70 IS?by the Hellespont, at this port .. ywiln'f. Messina for NJrleuas, Jan 13, Ut 32 SO. Ion 14 40?bv tli. same Benj L HWan. Ilinjimin, New Haven for Martinique. Feb 4, , lat 2? 30. Ion62 12 . I'jbt Bruce, 10 houra from Proviucetown, Feb 20, 8 Shoal MVbrN 30 mile.. (Ulvejtou, Burr, New York for Galveaton, Feb 14, lat 29 40, Ion 74 30. Monaco, of Belfast, Havana for Boston, Feb 16, lat 30 50. Ion 79 10. Chamnltiu, Miller. Liverpool for New Orleana, J.iu 6,1st 42 12, Ion 12. Wwn.iw Mnhila fnr Havre. Fsh II. nfT fnn# TTInrula Foreign Porta. MiTANtii, Feb It?In port, Rtirmah, Ford, from Portland rrr loth; Uui.lan. Q rdon, for Button. U davs; Scg, Pnrion. for Philadelphia, l< K; Frances, Laditu. from Providence, juat arr? 01H nthrra. Fort Srait. Trin. abnnt Fab 1?In port. Hriiry Kelsey, li'ay, from Baltimore. to aiiI in a few daya for New Or'eans; Wallace, Wooater, from t lenrgetowu. 9C. arr 2Hth ult. Sid W H Tslnian Mathiaa. of N' Hoik, for Porto Rico, on 21at; Al!eituaali, for La (iuavra. on 38th. Gonaivps, Jan 28?In port. Mazeppa, Colsou, for NewYerk, Feb 8. Forto Cant-n o, Jan 30?In port, Sarah Jane, Small, for N York, keb2; Johu, Coffin, for Baltimore, unc. Horn* Porta KnntniKT, Feb 21?Sid St Helena, Harlow, Havana; Hep zibah, Boyington, Nlatanzas Wiacatar.t. Fab 19-C'd Mary. Bryant, (from Trinidad) for Boaton; 21at, D imariacotta, Howea, Matanza* Portland, P'eb 23?Air Baltic, Wane, Surinam; Geo W Ki>iclit. Boston. Salpm. Feb 23?Arr Thro- Brothera,Conway, Buenoa Ayrea; Nsumkeas. Fatten, (late Towne, who remained) Aracity Brazil Bo-ton, F< b 24 ?4 rr Burlington. Thing, New Orleana; Whiney Harding, Savannah; S-rah. Foater Mttanzaa; Saxony, Scudd;r, Mobile; I allaiiio, (Sic) Falermo; Wolcoit, Ryder, NYork. (JId Camera, (of Boaton, l*te ol Newcaaile, Mr) 'luubar, Havana; Chilo, Lambert; Niobe, Lecraw; Swtu. BUnchard, and 6\ ron, Pearson, do; Mario, Lane, < agliari, datdtnia; Commissary, (of Nalem, late of Glnuceater) Cheever, Fas' ludiea; De'ta, H nckley, Bahainaa; Cordova, Mora*. Bath; 'onto, F.ld'idge, '"harles'on; Magi oltn. Barlow, Wilmiugtoi , N'C; Atlantic, Nickerxon, Georgetown, DC; Gov Bennett, Derrickson,and Marietta, Norria. New York Arr 2'ld. Anita Baker Forto Cnbello; Noble, B.-own, Apalachicola; Stokeslev, (Br) Gnrr, I. ndon; Allen. Minson. Oonah oi: Virginia. Dexter an4 Chickaaaw, Keudrick, Baltimore; Brilliant, Gibson, Norfolk. Hoi mps Hoi p, Feb 22?Arr Chatham, Boston for Baltimore; D *1; In, i ook Froviuretown for Norfolk; and reoiain with ike (iro M'llrr. Sid Stranger, Kauliaw.i Finest and Herald Providpnck, Feb23?Arr Sa'ab Brewstrr, B'bee; Win Ik Henty. Beb?e, and D? Witt Clinton, Smith. NYork. Below, it anchor otf Bullock's Point, Corea. Gardner, fruin Mo' iie and a large full rigged brig with painted por a, apparently com n oade l, supposed the Cynosure, from Apalachicola Also, * leep'y I ideu fore and aft sclir, and Vrlocity, Sim h, from New Yo-k both aground above Long Bed Sid Lucietia Hea, ifor vlobil *. John B. miwer, for Aiolachicoli; Carina for Savan nab; Hazard, lor II-vana (tint Matanzas'; New England, foi .Vl<tanzta; and Commerce, for Mobile, have gone to sea. BuisroL Feb 22?nld Thr. e Brothers, Reynolds, and Willard, Miller, NYork Richmond, Feb 21?Arr Gen Wiltshire, (Br) Leslie Liverpool; Josephine, Kobinaoii, N Orleans; J M Clayton, llarvtat, NYork Apslachicola, Feb 12?Arr Sylvanus Jenkins, Evel?igh, Baltimore; Hebron,Wo dbury; Acton, Lambert, and Alabima, Dudley, NYo-k: Paragon, Drayton, Providence; Indiana Kuan Charleston. Old Gardiner. Fallen: Marv Hi Snun VV>ob.. Wabash Talbot; W L Jon- ?, Tyler, and Republic, ^Jates, IS V rk; Gertrude, Saunders, Soston; Medium, I'-1c)ri<)n?r. Baltimore. Mohilf.. Feb II?Arr Kenshrgtnn, Shumway. and Saratoga, Jackson, NYork; Aberdeen. (Br) VcGrath, Liverpool; lime flicks, Lawreuce, New London; Othello. Ryan, KioJinrrr; Barbara, (Br) Purd -n, Bristol, I1'.. Cld Anna, (Fr) Delarnnr. 'lavre; I'a'estiue, Mutnford. atnl Camil a. Mardeuil, NVork; Kanger, MilUken, Boston; Chattabooch'e, Wh iten, Havana. P1IRENO-MNKMOTKCHN Y . OPF.NING OF A N E IV CLASS! NOW til't the nr a"imoua and fav..rable reports of til'1 Press and of thj generality of trie in tuber wS? alt-nd the piesent Course, have remoee I the former incredulity of the pnbjie upo " the t ue merits ar d practical importance of the System ; And, lso in answer to sereral hundred applictious which C ruld not lie admitted, since the second Lecture l" Ins prese <i ''lasses. lire riurnbrr of subscribers to which 113B7) tills up all the seats in both Lecture Ho m . both up and down town? PROF. FAUV EL-GOURAUD Will open a Nfw Class for the etreiung, and another '!??? in ihe day time, (for the con?e..ienci rf Ladiks and themembers of the Clehgt )as soou as a reasonable unrnb r of subscrib rhail have u ited t form either of the two Classes, or both T7~ At least two T.erturrso week will begiven to each Cla>s? oil Tnrsdny and Friday <o the Keening Class, at 7 P M ; anil on lV,dn,iJn? ?n.l J?. P.. .e.. Is? preci-ely ; thus r? discing t'e I 'ouse, in I inn*, to three weeks hi mot, m then* will lie two double Lectures in etch psrt of iIn Course. N. U ?No other classes will be foimed hereafter on any eonf sidersti'ii Prof G. luvi' g already made pieptralious to lertuv >n Chi adelphia, Bo ton, Washington, anil Baltimore, before the epg li g rf ill.' bu>i e,s season. ICT^Tickets of admission to tli? Keening Course, ' i. eluding the irinied Pi inriples, given at the door v ry . veuiu 10 . ach memb $J Family I ickrti fur twu||f sona 8 K?ch additional m-mbe. i.f the ?ame Fnmil J ir?"Ti-keia ot admission to the l)ny Course for rach individual member, only 3 To be ha t at .Prcfrsior O a ofliie, No 297 Bro idwav, a fen doori abort In* Granite Building OAoa opti haMA.ll to i I'. M., for delivery rf tit krta to lu'iaciibera. P. P.?For the satisfaction of that portion of the publi- wbo i might yet desire more conclusive evidence en the practicability, power, and imvense advnut ges of * li Sy?iem. a PIIKENO-MNKMOTECIINY And F.srer menial PUBLIC INTRODUCTORY LECTURE, 1 For I be benefit of the needy ORPHAN ASYLUM8 OF THIS CITY, l Will be given at t r Tabernacle, on the even ng of the8th March ar prrciaely half-past 7 o'clock (TT^TI e Pbreno mnen.otei hmc experiments of the evening to be m?de by ?.vi r one hunch ed ( Ladies and Gentlemen) mem , Iters of Professor GOl KALIU'S present cl.,ss? Betides several Pupils of the N. V. Blind Asylum, i who will answer to every quest on put them by the nunenre fiom a voluminous programme of the statist', a', historical, mathematical and other scient fie fat ts which tin have levin o by the application of the System, at the end of th> fourth lecture ol the course t'l ickets of admission to the Introductory Lectnre, SO cents, f 20 eo. U'rcMWFM AMKBI AN REPUBLICANS'. DON'T GIVE Ul"l Hi SHIP!?A mee ing of the regular Amencnu Kebulicai ' 1ss< ciat.on of the First Ward, will be h. Id at the Henry ' lay r House, 117 Washington street, on Monday. Feb. .ti, 1844, at j h ill'-lnst 7 o'clock. Address s will be delivered, in which an extose of the ha><r ess and tres.h ry ol tb * "Disorganizing Assoc ation'' will le n ade Savtrv] p triotic snugs wilt be sung by Mr Morrcll and otheis of the First Ward Freemen, rally and defend your light i. Once snmbit to the dictation of the wealthy aristocrat ant' your lib'ities are gone Armrieau liepublirans of tht s iist Ward once more into thr breach and victory will perch upon your b nner. II W MAI 1*14 P.?:J?. James Hn.vr.R i . Join* F. Averill, u*rc POST OKHGE. " New York, February 21th, 18h KNOLI8H MAIL ?T h- L-tu'riisgijei Royal M il Hieamei llih-riiia, wl ich leavea bo-tun o > Friday n< it, th I t Ua> < 1 March, will he clnred at the Upper a..d Lower l'o?t Ollhe n <hi* city, on Thuradav the idMi n >t. At 43 minut i pti> S o'clock, P. M The over viand ponage ol IC*? cenla mi e ich i i <le teller ntnit be | aid The cnm.e tirn heretofore eiiating betir en the Poet Office D lArttnen' ai d Menr*. Harndeu an" o. hai been annulled by 1 ihe P.iitmaater General and an Agent ip cially apixinile I b lie Department, will accompmv etch mnl from thii city to b"*ton. JOHN LOKIMER OIIAHAM, P. M. ' f 28 4trc SPRING FASHIONS. FOR the accommodation of .\launf ct..rrra abroad, th> STYLE of Geutleinen'* Hati for iheeniuing Spring will ' be forwaidej to them by mail on appliC'ti n postpaid, to 1 lEAHY k CO No* 4 and 3 Aator Home, N. 14.?Gentlemen can le anpplieil with Ilalaoflhr. new ilyle, at our counter. New Vork, Feb. 15. 10*4 f28 lai?*rc ' t'XEMPT MEMBLR8 of the F inl and 8i*ih Brigade* N ' ,J Y. S Afi i err, v. ho ban- milled out oi tin i ily and 'ounty of Nrw York any time during their a yen years**!rue, a e r queate i to alte.iu a meeting ,t ha Shjkiix.arn Hotel conp r of Vv i'liatn and Doane at ee on Thursday Kvrnin. neat at half part ?e en o'c take mi mure- to secure the r e,rinpti?n Ir in Jury ou y, which, it i> aaceitainrd. ranm t be 'one ai the l?w past d in latorof ta d Bngaiha n w stand* ? P oin t at ent'ou to ihi ea'l ,1 r> ; nti e. at iiumtdia'e tenon ill tie uecegt r t ' IW>t tlig Otljegt WllN. Mi Jt*? DRU< K3I8TS* FIXTUR E8 AND GLASSWARE. rOmv one w ishing to let up i drug ato e?a number of atand * bottiei, am h aa tuirtute, -alt niuuthi and >.|iec e jara, along i wi'halaa Gla** Gas* and Counters; alto. Sodi t ounter anu ueit of ainall drawen for *t|e cheap. ''V I)li. LEWIS KF.UC'H ' WANGk R 60 Maiden Lane anil 21 Liberie atree*, I2d3t*ec Removed from 2 Wall street. BATHS AT THE GLOBE IIOTKL. 'nil' r ,c. L ? ... . | . .. i>i i or i: II ITI" fllffllilllllll' III WOIIIII III Iorm I III* 1 public anil tin* fiequentet olths home it at lli? IUiIii have brtu cloaed soma 11 ma for lha purpose of lafitti g anil putline tham in propar order, ami thay are now abundantly supplied with the I roton water. g<.?d atta dtuee. and eeery otha .equiti e to promote h altli and comfort, and will open upon file 1st of March nasi Kntranre in Bros way through the hotel, and in New itreet. K. BLANf AllD. fii lm*ro SIXTH .1NNVJII. a. 1TIIF.RISO OF THE OWLS ' I'Ha. Mh. Br.H S OK Till * t LUB aie informed that t e 1 Histli Annual Rail will tsk* place at Trnum my lull , n Toesdsy F.vning, Kebrutry 27 li instant. Tickets can be obtained by apply iag to Mr If W. WHITiM), No. ID h ultou tltart. f2l 2tis SScM'rc PA'"KKT SHIP IHHHI' K KOlFTfVKH OOL-Psss-ngera by pus slnp wiP plaita he on lunrd thn steamb"al llaicuhs, at Whitahill, this morning at 12 o'cl ok, at, whict time (he ship will s < I. Let ar Us.s Will close at th uansl pi<c's at InK pa?t eiavai, i o'cl ok. fHI I ar ROBERT JloPE HART, I upnuTKH. NO 11 NJ18SJIU STREET, CORNER OF PI HE, OKbKIlS for sale. in lots in sou puichareri, Scotch Ala, London and Dublin Blown Hi lit, Sco ch and Irish Wliiik?a, I),irk and Pale llrandiaa, Madriri, Sherry, I'ort, Champaii{"e, Sparkling Hock, Clatet, tic. All of the best quality. , fal ltnia*#c DEAFNESS. this. castle and edwards, aurists. OQ1 BROADWAY ?F.ituct: OOi " | ch-rrfolly comply with the request of Lient. Me" lutosli, to t.-slif that li w. s invilide I home as nnlit for duty, ' i i coi'aequsnce of total drafuets and dischargra from his ear; th?t white tin New Vork on his way to thugland, he placed ni" sel ii d?T th* prufeisional care rf Dis.i astle and hdw.irds, Am ists. Under ineir tte itment he recorered hii hearing, aiicl has returned to his military duty. ; Signed, M McNKVKN. M. D. 1 Burgeon toll. B. >1. Force,, Jimacia. acoustic drops. A sura cure for incipient dr-lnes.,ear che, pains, httzzingi a or tinging sound* in tnt pa'*, collection* ofituru wn* or tuia* tail s-rretions of the organs T e r acnus ic oil hsa been a popu!nr .1* a cun'irr in all of the ears for upwards J i f twrn'y years. Oflicai removed to Ml Br adway, corner . White atraat. f 2i Im*ac p(j^-TU(;UE9H. PEJVIALE PILLS. 'T^HKHk. far-famad and calahratad Pilla, from Portugal, ate ' 1 we pcrceiye, to ha ohtiined iu thiale mBtry.JlHeo adwtitc Mit on Hie last aolnmo, fourth lege. W*NTKD?\ Yours Mau u Culler in a respectable Tailoring Ks'ablishmeut in thscity. None nerd apply bur one hi ly competent ro All the situation ' strictest confidence miy tie lelied on. Apply, etai'nf r al ii'inr 1-<I dlre.s.m A II Herald Orfic- f 24 31*rr \ If A.NT* Li?Boar t by a ? ugh- e-utlemau, ma pnynte mod r p. I rotable f tnily. By addressing a note X., staging "mi, and left at tbeollice ol this | apcr, will meet ? lib alien'ion f23 31' re i'? Rnn^ANTED In our, two or thrre sums on leaseIP^V-JV/Vi h-Id i-ropeity in the? h and 1 .t . Wards, which rents for $1,1-51) per am.Uin, over a-d nb ve all ground I ists and insu-aucea, and is it su ed for $6000, aud uniucumbt rel. t4?re. per cent i lerost Wil1 Le i aid numerly lor iwo or inorevrars. Address C. A. N.. Hmld otfi"e f26li*rc FURNISHED OR UNFURNISHED APARTMENTS. WANTK.D?For two or three mouths, by a small family, in a te reetahle neighborhood, two rooms unfurnished? payment monthly iu advance Terms ino?t be modi rile. Adilr-ss If 11. at Ilia office of this | a|>er, before I o'clock. 120 It* m THE SWISS CLUB TITANT TO HKNT, from the 1st of May nest, Irom a per'* son able to attend to it two or three roomi on the same door-on the seeond Bo. r preferred?one of the rooms having at least 23 feet by 15 -lunation between Liberty sireet ana City Hall. Knquire at 6i Chatham street. f 20 lot*in CO ACHMAN WANTED ? A stout aud he.ilthv Colored Man, unmarried, of good address, aud who is perfect in Ins profession, of u -exrep.ion bis character, is wao'ed as Conch* innn, to r side in a |nirate family III miles f oin New York ApV v by a uo-e left nt this office, to W. A. Ik Co., sta'iuK leferenc.-s from last place, aud terms 123 I wrrc BO A It Is IN(i HOUSE KOK AALE?A lady who has kel t for several yra's a Uoarotng House, in t' e lower part of the city, is desiruis to find a p- rum to whom she may sell eh ap forest. Ii-restablishment, household furniture, tkc Appiy to II Broadwa". I'll Iwrc Atir.N'l'LK.MAN aud Ins w ife or a sum e geiplen an, can he accommodated with excellent Knoms and gents el ilmr I, in a m ill fau lty, and a very desirable loc ill >n. Annlv it 3*>6 Broadway, bttwreu the hour* of J ana ti f. Al. f 23 lw tc AyuUNO h'RKNCHM A N, having ukrn his dexter* iu the llniveriity of Parii, deal re, to lind a reaprctable family to take car* of the childreu'a education He can teach Kreach Latin, Ureek, Malheinal'Ca, element* of Mtinc, tl d generally every thine rt 'iuirej for a complete education. Apply al 98 Iteade atreet f3 1 in rrc <5i 1 0 HKWARD-Stolenfmm the prem tea, iVo. 139 Bow<Jp A \J ery. on the 22d inat., H dogen tei apontia, marked T. I. H.. and one l?r,,eidble aponu, marked VV S. W The above rewariiiaill be gitea to ?uv person who will return a it! apooet 1 24 3t*m TUNIS HAUOIIWoU r, 139 Bowery. LIBEIIAL REWARD. r()ST?Near Kort Waahingtnu. on the K leg,bridge Road, a 2 round Tin (,'a?e about lilteen niche* Ioiik and one inch diameter. couponing the aueciti lalioua of a l atent groueito lamea Hamilton, t-aq , of New York, nated April lith. 1813 : It I* of no "*e to auy one but the I'atentee. A liberal rewud ill he paid to any peraoa delivering theaatne at No. 3Wall at. room 16. New York, January lith, 1814- f 23 Iteod'rc MIRROR LIBRARY, Wi: have long wiahed to have, for our own library, a unirorm edition of our f'avoi ite ru'hor.1 In llua gregariou* wor'd, ten (Aouaiinii limy /lure together what one cannot /tare alone, and we r? to join and five u, our c .veieo library iy having one I ke it tkein*elve* By thia combination we ran hav-ir chee!>? (that i? to a?> a hook of poem, which c lata a hilar here *i d lw d illar* in London, we can have lor a alii I luig)?and ina'ead ot n higgledy-piggledy ahelf of hooka one auui t and one lull, one I t and one thin, we mivlnve the in of -ne ay ni netricil a'a|ie, heitiiifully piinted and bound to ur aid y our li, iug. You will irnatour la te to a-lerttha hook*, and we will llieow yi ii hi, in a |i elace. what ve k ow of I, author, and what we thn k ol h s worka ; and f.,r our trouble ill pronf- e ding, puhliaho g Picking and forwarding we will pit our .elvea out of that l.tU un-iniiaed and feciii d ahill.i g. We i a'e inarnaihly arrived at thia nlev by very bli .d ?iepa Weiried in vain fo liud a pilblither who would uuderteke a new; ed tiou of our p una?'hough they w?re c .mpletely ?ut of print, and tvongh (it reemed to u,l there was a or thnn wh ch nugh' J ' at it y the edition. Against 1(1.ic- w - thought we might at 1e at furniah our frienda co.ita to read, by publishing th, in in an extra ot the Mirror, lorn i rice that would juat nay the exp?naeof p intiur and circulating. To our no ainall aatunialiu.eiil t> c orilata for tliein raw e ii ao rapidly w hi e t ey weie in press, that w- pirilolnd a very large edition, which ia atill aullnig freely, and it th..n or curredt > us very ra orally that one < f two iliiugg must bf true -.-cither the publishers w?re ptrfect cormorants *s t-? the imift's they eiptcied from bunks, or else thev wre n-t always nfallibl- judges hs to what w^rks would sell. Tin n*-t thought was an easy one. Could we not, out of our own het ter judgment and smaller expectation? at to prq/U, pub'ish a handsome at d cheip ed tions of other auth rs, whose works * ere not, now, easily come at 1 " Let us try ! said Kuterpriji. Before arriving at this idea of the Mirror Library, however. we had made arrangements to republish in the same cheap form, other work? of ou? own ihat were as much ctll d for as the Poems?in short all the Prose Works of N P Willis ?yt ur humble servant of this meseut writing, dear reader !)? Oar dear ally. Qawil Morrii, had alio rrtrn-t.laced kisposo larSoNosnnd Ballads, which hare sold with the same electee rapidity as the o hers. Our M Letters from Under a Bridle"* will lie readv in a day or (wo, I and Pencilling.* m rm Way are In prtpart'ioo a??d will btlacaed in n full or two. The advertisements will duly announce all these. We would ? y, en passant,, of "Penr.ihiiiRs," that only one-third f them have ever been re-published, either here or in Kngtaud. I'he first huglish edition (the fifth edition is now sslli g well hi Lot don) was printed from a broken set ^f the ? Id Mirror, which had found m way out ther-, ami the au'hor being absent hi France, even that imperfect copy was irnwh leduc. d bv the proof-readers. The American edition (long go ou* of print) was a 11tt.r?l ropv of (his incomplete Kuglish one, and now, fur he first lime. 41 PencillitiRs by the Way" will he printed in a handsome and comp ete edition. \-#i course, uear reader, we aia n i inrenu me presumption (the General at d I) of putting our "\vii works at the b?*Kio 11 >nic "f a "Library of favorite Authors " '1 his is explained above But we shall so arrange it, by giving you au extra titlepage, that you can bind up t leave out, us or < fliers, at your pleasure, f.ach author w ill be sepa.afely paged, and we shall so irnsil it that whatever yon select 'mm our re publications will bind into an integral and handsome volume. Th *ie are now ready, therefore, t e lol lowing 1?" The Sacred Poemt of N.P. Willis," 12ceuts. 2?11 Poemt of Paction" bv N P Willis," :2% 3?" The lAiay Jane, and other Poemt," by N. P. Willis , 12% 4?4 The Sottas arid Ballads ofii P. Mourns."* *12% 5?' The Little Frenchman arid his Water Lots and other Tal-tof his Timesby O P. Mok-1 lis; Illustrated by Jc bus on, the American L'uihshanks 12% 6?44 The Son^s and Balladt of Barry Conrtv\ all," ad uhle nuuibt r, 25 7?44 If tiers from Under a Bridge" by N. P. Willis. 'I he nlv comoVte ?di?ion ever published, A double r uirber. -25 8?4 The Rncocco, No - outlining thr e < f the inrmt d lici ns P ems ever wiitteu, viz :?I he 4* Cnlptil Fay," bv Joseph It. prakk ; "Lillian ' b W M Prai.d : and 4' St clears1 Eve 1 by John Keats With notes by N I' Willis, -12% 9?4* The Hoc.occo, No. II"?. untuning the entire 44 Poeiii?," of William i oats: Piivk key w tli a biographical Sketch h the laie William Li.o(ii.TT, Km, and Origins! Notss by N P Willis 12% We have four or five gems to follow these, v hich we are sure will eiju.tiiy < -11 u 1?* and surprint otf raid niM toe peblic ire erallv. Wew II not name them low. One or two of ihem -re books we almost made a s-** ret of p >?m*ss ng?ihey were o are, so invnlu hie, an I ?o impossible te replace We ran vrnm e io promise that, (lea u g our own works as?de ) no ser e? <>f uniform life a'urr- n i he langng will be hoicer, or better w rtli possessing at gfiy price-** 1st alone a shilling j To onr subscrib-rs we wish to say that we shall rublixh in ur Libr ry ser es nothing which will again appear in the New Mirror. The New v inor its*If, we are confident wil' ho va uahle portion of the L?u ary?of the same size a r' *ha e sua eonfehitBff of enuiMU tb? b st fbrpiti l te tevnthat we can choos*' r p ocure the New Mirror is our pride. We shall * pare no labor "p>n it, and it shall be woith of the coiiv'ellit on to which it is the leader?if we know how to make it vo. And new reader, let us commend to your purcha e tad presenting the Minor Library?for, sh*lli*fs thus expended without tn^ feeling of sucriftce, you will gradually create w P?r*dis" of delicious rea -ug into whi h you can rer-at when you would he rid of care or wariness. The above woiks hare ust been issued as Ex rat of the New Mirror *u can b" bound ei her w itl? or without it 'I hey are beau i^ully Printed ofaumfo m sire, and may he had on a,e idicition t> the publishers. They r^rent Ay mail to all <juarter of the country,at the usual new paper l ostage Bingle codes '2% cents?ten Copies for one dolla . For sale, wholesale or retail, by MORRIS, WILLIS tk CO. No, 4 Aun str?et, New York. The 44 L* tters from Under flu* Bridge" were written in n se. eluded glen of the valley of the Sui<|"eh*i riah. j he author, ?U**r s ve al years residence and travel abroad, made th re a? bahope', to altar of life-time traeqaitlitj lor h hou ebold gods Most of the letters were written in the full h?-|i#? that he shr uid pssn there the rernaind r ??f his davs. Inevitable mcrssif V dime bun .tuaiu into active mslr ?p 11 f *? hie ml flu* remembrance cl'ih t eucba flux of- v I ?l tlPIM aS<l rural oleasare, seems to him now like litrle boc a dream A? nictnr ng truly th colour of his own m ' ind !i"' itnral flsw of Ms thonghtsduring a brief eiij II..-,I! of (l.H kind ol 11f? < bent suited to hi disposition ns stll si to bit butter nature toe booh h interesting to hiusel ind to tlroru whd lore nim As picturing fait mo I iv the cheftn of nntd u nnd ttclusron years oi intsriitsted life in the yest circlen of the gtyen uitttt if ihiworldttms] curiou t thnrosder, t Mince published?see printed list above, f 2G 2we?:d 2tw* nc fUL- OL'C'C VIL- Oirul IUIIL'm ci oil' fy ' ^yrniv-rToii K , FOB MAB'.Hj lilt?VOLIJMF. XXVIII. EMBELlISHMI1 NTH ;-Ki?t F.ngravingt and teveral IIInatrat'on-i of the ' Id Faahiont. I'-uI and Virginia. Painted by Schotain, F.ngravcd by A. L. Kick. Laurel Hill, an nriymal pietaie, ptinted by t'roome, rturv'd by A. \V. Or 'him. Knar r tenant a d True lie rraentalinna of the Spring Faahiont. h aa'ifully colored. Ancient F?thio-?, live riitu-<-n, Fngraved hy ' . h. Froat. CON CKNT.t-OHlOINAL. Piutand Vi'ginia, (?-ri Plate.) To Iry Mr,. M. Ht Le in Lonil. I nuiel Hill, (t*e I'l te ) The Croat k Itl ahman. by a Trareller. khr|lev, by Williim II Burleigh. The VI an (I-1 fieblt by Mi?a I eili? I.anient of Not it, by Mi Sanh F. Il-ini'ton. T e VInutter and r' c Me ch.t t, by T. S. A'tbnr. To a Flower, by Miaa K. 8. Nor on. The f mi' of llev ill igigejo,from ihe Note Book of a Traveller in Meyien The Fiower of the Family, a tale founded on fact, by Epe> StiK-nf. Jack V-pnu', the Bony Body, a Dutch Story, in two pirta. Laura Bell, by latnc F. Shepard. ('out in I'hil'ip a donuatic tale by MiaaMnlnM. Duncan. The Water Lily, by Alice llcrrey. Fragment. Whupermra. I saw the Sinning Flower, by K. A. Durivate. Miiiic.?Tb - of thy Niiah i* Breaking for Thre, a bal? lid, by O. Linley, F.?i|. F.ditora' Table. Kditota' Book Table. Subucriptiou $3 per annum?Single ntimbcrt !.'i c.entt. WM. 11. C11 It I ST V , Agent, C26 |t*rC No. 2 Antnr Monte. MUSIC PUR PARTIES. MF. Sr.H. (>. WK.'S - tt FR flRAMDSa, I'ratcasura ol Vlotic, leape.Ctl illV announce to tit -ir patroua, ibe btdiaa uid ge itlemen ol New Vo k and iu vicinity, thti ilieir Colli'on Bit id ia prepared to play the moat a Iniired and fatlron l' vlutit, f;r Private I'ar'iea, Motie?., Ac. Or l.ira received and punctually attended to at 20 Delancy at. jil !in*m NOTICK?An application will be made at the preieait Seaaion ol the LetiaHtnre of tie Stale of New York, lor I he incorporation of a it?nevoleni Society in therity and ecuniy of New Vork, to be cilled "The Noah Aaaociation of the Soni of Beuavnletice. jIO Iiaw6w c I AUCTION SALES. TliUMAR BKLL. Auctioneer (fittt No iti Jinn street.) MONDAY, 1 At 11% o'clock, at the sales room, Kitra Si'f of 4econd Kami < I thing. bending and other art clei, used a little hut in g od order, and comi ruing a la ge variety, worthy attr tioo Ladies' and Igentleinena wranue | at'twel ol all de?crt| tinna, j?welry, fi'niture. he., the propeity of a gentleman deceased, who is aus.ous to have hia account closed. TUESDAY, At 10 o'clock, at the auction room. The (arses', most ritensire and valuable aaaortineut of fresh, i seasonable, fancy and tunic dry goods, of a<I descriptions; ; clothing fancy, spleudnl and ntBTi us other articles. Also, clothing, pawnbroker's articles, watched. jewelry. Die. Also, a large and valuable invoice of c'olhs and cassiinerss, de laius, Parri siatasr table liu-u, alpaccas. Also, a large invoice of liueu and muslin shirts, collasa, bo soins. Sir. Also, an eiit're invoice of superior fresh seasonable drygoods, London and French cloths, cassimeree, hosiery, gloves, shirte, d'laiues calicoes, and other articles Also a large lot of wearing apparel, a quant ty of bedding, table linen, Jawi liy.aud various other ar'idea,by order ofauadminiatratur WEDNESDAY At 10% o clock in the sales room In continuation,large sale of valuable furniture of all descriptions. comprising a desirable assortment of everything in tne hourekerpt, g line. aiioi jui> k"i! ii* Liiiuuoa Liock Uiu, ill small packages; on* superior gold wa ch, Also a larxe additional lot of second hand furniture, carpeting, kitchen furniture, g'aaswart, Stc. Als*, a Urge addit ouel lot of second liauil furniture, earpstiug, kitchru uten its. kiasaw ire Sic Also, the lurui'ure o| a famly giving up li-useksepiny, carlie's, rugs, oil cloth, looking g I uses, and all kinds of housekiepink ?"ic es. At II o'c'ock nre-titly, with'lit rese-ve, one gpl-udid piano forte, wi h .11 the improvements mid n mini DeMliUll rn li to. ej organ suitable either for church or inr'or?Mr Hock t will lie in at'rndance to give aileicriptiou of the power, Ike. of the ius! Sale positive. N. B.?Kerry facility will be afforded fnr the disposal ol merchandise of all descriptions. Business will be carried on in a husiursa like mauner. Sales will be regtilnr, and returns prompt, in this establishment, now u ider the charge solely of THOM * 8 lie.LL. 35 Ann street. KM'HAKD VAN DYKE, Jr. Auctioneer EIGHT Valuable BuililiiiR Lots on 28ci sue t, between 2nd I and 3rd Avenues?Anthony J_ Uleecher & Co. will sell at auction on Wedursciy, 28ihuf February, 1844, at 12 o'clock, at lb Merchants' Exchange? All th?e 8 vu'iiibie lets of ground situate on the northerly side of 28th veil, letweru the 2nd and 3rd Avenues. The strrrt is r ttulated, paved, curbed aud it uttered, and lamp posts elected, and ell as essments p til All the nro|>erty in the ii-ighborliood is leitricted against nuisances ; tli" grim id is exc lleul for cellars, aid the improvements in the vicinity are good. They ere ail object to builders for the erection of a block of buildings. Eur lu'ther particulars, apply to the auctioneers, No.7 Brotd street, i ear Wat I street. f2S3t'srrc A CAH1). T HAVE, talen the Store No 91 Wall street, for the purpose 1 of transacting a GENERAL AUCTION AND COM MISSION BUSINESS Cnusigiunen's solicited. Sales guarant-ed cud cashed, or advances made when renuird JOHN S. BETTo. I beg leive to refer as follows :? Mrssm. L. ' lliiltiuaii St Co. Messrs, Thompson St Adams. Mr. Mosei T-vlor ' h*er iinan, Nash St Co. Messrs. SpolTtrd, Tilrston St " War en St Uriutuall. I u Mr 8.T. Nicoll " P. Harmony's Ne Messrs. Uater, Miller k Co. phesvs Si Co " Stuiges, ben net k Co. " Talhut, Olvplnnt k " C. k L. Druison k Co Co. " Th u.VietorkDuck- " Edwaid O F..ile k witx Co " [)e t'evster k Whip " Babcock k'"o. marsh . I f 27 2wis*m Hit HAUL) VA n DYKE, Jit, Auc loneer. pKHEMPl'OltK SALE?I o close a cotce-n with an In k snranceCompiny.?AN 1 HO N Y J. uLr.ECKKR k CO. will sell a1 public auction to thehisihssthid er.ou Wednesday 28t' dav of Eebroary, 1811, at 12 o'cl tli* Merchauts' Eschange? TWENTY-KOl It LOTS OK GROUND, embracing five on 'he - econd Avenue with the crner of 25th street; *nd nineteen lots adjoining, ou the tou'h side of 25th street. bet ? eu the 2d and 3d aveuurs and extending to wi'lun 141 feet of the 3d avenue th lota are about 98 lee; deep. Sewers are extended lip the 'd and 3 < avenues. The street is huh, solid mo'iud, with th* Ciwtou water Hud through the same, and Iratlt mp oa the north fide, oppoeite to in it property. Seventy-five per cent m?v r'tn iiu on inortg'ge or the purchasers may xrra-ge wiih the c\??.,..,o n...i,i i n-? mi ..i-.i? .... - uvitcy and tbiec-foarlhs of cost of building additional ou mortgage. Map* of the Lot* an' Plans of Building to he had a I the Aucti neer's lidice, (attar Thursday nut.) No. 7 Broad s.rset. near Wall street. fl2 to2S'c BY DAVID PARKS, 154 PEARL STREET, THIS DAY, AT ?J O'CLOCK. A I,ARTE luvoic-nt Faney Goods, consisting of fifty p?. S|.ittfiuld Hanilkert liief*.Pongee do tancy sill* Drrti Handkerchiefs, B'oche Shawls. Spool otton, ' o'aet I acei, Bone Suspender Button*, Tin do, Ln.en Co lar*, 8u*pender?, Sewing Bilk all colon, Dressing Comb*, Side Combs, Bead I'lirm, ISrtldo, Hag*, l'a|>er H lugiugn, Cloths,Cassimeres, Diaper,Ike. flT Iin'ec N'KW BRICVHTON PROPERTY FOR SALE AT AUCTION. M THE mansion house and grounds ok ff!?THOMASK. DAVIS, Kaq and the llr.LM'INT and jvjLBRIGHTON HOUSES, at New Brighton, Stateu I lauil, Will ha peremptorily sold, a- public auction, at the Merchant*' Eschange, by I1ALLIDAY St JENKINS, on Tuciday the'.'6thdiy af March unit, at 12 o'clock, if not previously dispose I of at private sate The Mansion House is one of the mad *p!e.idid establish- | ment* i.die United Stales. The main building stands in the centre ol "ouror live acei, a* now It is very eileti?i*e and comnodinns; the main wall* a e built of ina ble, the whole surrounded by piazzi ,and all finished in the best manner. The site cannot he su'paised. It c iiuintnda a view ol the whole of tne B >y of Nea- York, eitenduig up the North and Kast IIivers. Near York, Brook'vu, ihe Long Island Shore, through the Narrows to tiie Ocean, and a I urge portion of taew Jersey. The Belmont and Brighton Houses are both estensive buildings, v ry p eastntly sunned, nearly opitositethe Stram'mal I. oidiug, and will calculated lor large Doardirg houses er hotels. Kor a diagram and further iwrticulars, apply to H CURT 199, flHsl4lll*C0 111 Wall Street. THEATRICAL NOTICE. THE CHATHAM THE A I'RK will open en or ahont the 20th March. All applications lor engagements (post paid) wi'l receive immediate attention, if directed to VV S. Deverua, Proprietor, or J. >1. Scott. Acting Mauager.Boi ;J2 Postofiice, N'?w York. The propu-tor or his agent will lie found at hit office in the Theatre between the hours of It and 2 and 3 to I, to Head to all business relalnr to the opening. During the lecess, the Theatre will he coinii et-|y re-decorated and reunvti ted liy that einiueut artist, O llEILOE, and many alt'ratious tending to the comfort of the patrons of this favorite establish mem W. S. DEVK.RNA, j31 tf rrc Prop letor. FOREIGN INTERFERENCE IN THE AMERICAN BALLOT BOXES. rPHE Kstension of the trmporal oower of the Pore of Rome 1 in the United Slab s, thin gh the mgsinzatinu of IL*|ie il Clubs. V indi-a'ion oft'e l O.NSTITi I ION ol the Uni.ed S'sles, from the assaults >,f D ANIEL O'CONNELL The uiterior object of "II f l'EAL"revraled by an rlncidatiou of its mu st, political and religious t-ndcuci ? A Lecture on the ab sewiil lie urlivered in the TABKIlN'A I I.E. This Eteniug, ilie 2d h insi ,nt, at half past 7 o'clout. b LE VVISC i.EVIN, of Philadelphia Tieset* ol Emission 2'? centa?To be hadal the door on Ih* CTWIBDI "I me k?cmrv. r z? 4 i? ?l rr rPO GLftC 81NGUR8 -Jut psbliiM, Um 4tk Ro.ofJlN * Quartett- containing Glees by Hpohr, Weber. Ike For salr by C. K. Hoyer, No. 301 Broadway, aud If. Riley, No. 29 li lUUMI reet, N. B An Extra number, containing a favorite English irlee, will be shorti v issued for gratuitous delivery to regular nbscribert. |30lm#rre DARK THEATRE.? i he public are re?j?ecifully informed I 'hit thisTheatre will w upm lor Ihiimon ouMotdiy. March 4th. Various are in preparation, and will si?e- dily hp announced f If tftra CROCKERY, GROCERIES, JEWELRY iVr. F'UK SALE 20,000 dollars worth of China.Glass and Earth<iiwae, fiorn ih* shelves and in jack ages, stthe stores No. 1^0 8tn Avenue aud No. 223 B.h Avenue comer 23d stiecr cheiper than ever, part n<.w Ki.di g of the n- went pa term, all cheap for cash. Cou t^y in rchau * ami groc *rs mid rettilers will do well to c til and save 20 |?er cent; .also, cutlery, k lives and forks pen knives, dirk knives tible and teaspoons, 250 brass clock', Oj>en and in ca>es, best of liqu rs. 50 per cent cheaper Man any home in the cit,. To l"f the upper part of the 4th story house corner 23 I atrre: and Rili Avenue, cheap to a good 'fnant, possession immediate v, and no cha-ge to 1st May. Kikjui e of THOM AS Mc?()RLhY, 125 I in m No. 170 8th Avenue, comer 20th street. ~~SALT AND nStFsTORE. ~ A(\(\ BBLS HALIFAX No. I SALMON: I50C Not. 1, 2 *U\/ a,lti 3 Mackerel; 6? 0 h til do, do do do. 103 lib!a No. i Me*s Shad; 50 hJfbbt*. N.i I Sayb'O k Shad; 300 hid*. Cod tnd Scale Fish; 400 d No 1 CiibM Herring ; 1*00 boxes Sca'ed do 3000 lbs Smoked Salmon ; 300 kits Sous d Salmon; 200 do Soundtand Ton/net; 2300 quintals ?codfish suit hie for shipping; 300 sacks Ashtnu'* Salt; 200 bb's American Sdr, 8tc.. 8tc. All for sale in lots to suit porch a ti by NKLSUN. WELLS ?t CO., *0 I m m 81 Dry sum. TO THE PUBLIC, MRH. a H MILLER * CO., TOBACCO A VD SNUFF MANUFAOTI MKRS. NO. 110 WATER STREET NEAR WALL STREET. \T.ry respect In 11 y i n f. ?rm their Ir Bttd OU08OUWU ihut * t ere n a U circulation of counterfeit and spurious T< u banco a <1 Mtiuff selling the. ugr the city and country by y*4 l.irs. representing it as havmg b-en nianuhctoied by us. ? be sttanps are made for deception, the <]uality being infeuor to the genuine article That no one mif be misled by such imposition, or suppose tint we I ck or fail in ou< exerting* to rnauufic.rore ur usual good articles, wc hive b -en induced to gi >> this notice to our friends end customers, as a caution against misrepresentation. We pledge ourselves io spare no expense or "xeriion to man afacure, is heretof -re, the very best arti- les. ai d no orher. N 8.? 1 he only persors authorised by us to supplv our enstomers at their sto en. ire Samuel If Itoger* and Smith Slosne. All goods rn Miufactnred and sold bv us are warran'ed. aud if not approved of, can bt returned ami the money refunded. Sold on as reasouabla terms as any Articles in the ai.ove line, of til* same onaliry, in iuofdctur"d in the United S<a'es. li. MILLER it CO. 110 Water street, 18 lmi?* m near W i'I street. flfe ? i?S NEW YOtu^JlI) HAVRCTACKKTS. Second lone?The Shi pa of this lin<> will hereafter have Now York on tlie Ist, and Havre on the 16th of each month, u follow?, viz 'Know Nr.w York. Khom IIavric. Now Ship ONEIDA, I l?f March. ( 16th April Captain _ < lit July. < Iblli Auymt. J*m?? knock. t I?t November r I6tli Decionber. Ship BALTIMORE, ? l.r April ? Ibth May. Captain <l?tAuKiiat. < I6tli Septi rnber. Edward knock, f lit I>< cember. f 1'itli lanuary. Ship UTICA, I lit May. ? 16th June. Captain ? lit September < I6lh October, h retlerick Hewitt. ( lit January. ( 16th Kebrnnzy. Now ihipSt. NICHOLAS Uat June. ? 1Mb July. Captain < l?t October. < Ibth November. J- B. IVII.f lit kebrttary. ( 16th March. The arcnioinoditioni uf tlw- ahtpi am ant itirpaaaed, com' biniiiR all may tie required for comfort. The price of ca; bill |i?aaa|{e la ft 100. Pn?aetir?n will In' aupplied with every re quiiite with theeiception of wuiea and Iniuori. I looili lutein)' d for th'-no rraieli will lie forwarded hy the inb | criliera, free from any other than the etpnai actually incurred on lliein kor Ireiuht or paiiaitl, apply Pi BOYD VlllNt KEN, A?ei.ti, jeU.6 ec No. # Tontine Building, eor Wall and Water it 1 ItiRP- FOK LIVERPOOL?Regular Packet ol the lit of ltJHWVMarch, the tplendid | aekef ihiu OX e OR I), Cap: hi i JftMHSnRa'hhrine ? ill ml ea above, her regular day. it mi. k fry mrerior necomrnod.iiiotia for cabin, lerond cabin and itcernge peaietrgen, pertnni wiihing io embark and deaironi of leeurtng food berthi. vhould make early application to JOBKPA McMI'RRAY, f2.Y Jtrc 106 Pine itreet corner of Sooth AMCSRMENTS. ! PALMO'M R. Y. OPBHA HOU8K. CHAMBERS STREET. Adniuinn Ore Dollar, to nil pa't. of the llouae. Door. open at T Perform ruce to ermine- ce at hail peat 7 Dayt of I'trfoi matu e- Monday, Wtdntiday, and Friday. KIR ST NlliHT~OK~ LUCIA ??! LAMMERMOOR. MONDAY EVlNlNO, krb <<th the performance wil II commence wilh. I tirat time.) . | LU IA Dl LAMMERMOOR Lucia di Lnir.niermoor, Smer of Lord A.hton Hig'a Bo'ghe* H Lord lieurv Athtou Sir A VaUellma Sir K<Jg-r ol Ha.t-u.wood Sig L P- t] l.ord Arthur UuckUw K Alberlairi Mantioti, I utor of Luc a A Mayer P Norman " N ^ lT7"Kor full particular., .ee bill, ol the 4aay. Boa Ulhce r opcu from 9 lo < o'clock N. B ?The Theatre on the off eight. * ,11 ha let for Concert. . or Lecture.. J CHATHAM THBATHE ANO CIHCII9, tl CONDUCTED BYlTTltTcKVVgCL lit O. it STONE- C BENEKIT OK LEVI NORTH. MONDAY thVENlNli, Kah 2ti, r erforinaucet to , wMh I Swain, and Sweetheart.. , Alter which earing, tcu of lior.rtniu.hip,,Cord* I Volanle, Vau ting, African Drolleriea. itc. kc. 1 t Af er which Leyi North in a Spleudid ActTo conclude witn Royal Ma.<|uerade of Ou.taee Le Ortnd. DIITCHKLL'S OLYMPIC TIUCATHH MONDAY EVENING. February 26 -The performance* wi I commence with CINDERELLA. Keli* Mm Timm The Baron Poinpolino Mr Nickei.?ou Mru Mr. Holland Cinderella Vliaa Taylor To conclude with BATHING BOOTS AT THE SWAN. Jamil) Earwig Mr Mitchell IlilWKHY A141PII IT HIC AT UK. " JOHN TRYON, MANAGER. J. U. P CHAMPLIN... -...jj-TKEASl REK. BEXVFIT OF MRS THORNE. MONDAY EVENING >-'tb. 26-The oeilormuucea will 1 commence wit', (lira! night) (he CARPENTER OK ROUEN. Mr. w. o. Jones MR. MESTAYKR. MRS RUSSELL. MR THORNE. THE DOUBLE SOMERSET, By Mr C'rroll. Horsemanship, Vaul'ing. (lymnu'ic? and Sport* of the Ring, hy ihe Equestrian Company. Tlie whole to conclude wi.h NATURE AND PHILOSOPHY, Or, The Youth tint never u* I Woman. Colin Mm Thome , 1C^" boae* 24 Cent* Pit CuuU. CI .wo to the Hi. e Mr Rockwell Door* open at half pa*t 6? perf rm', re at 7 o'clock. AKIERRAN (ni)?KUBl, AND PERPETUA I, PAIR EVERY DAY A.MD EVENING THIS WEEK. La.t Week po.itively of THK. >OlINO WIZARD OK TIIE NORTH S ONOR EKANCIBCO, the great MAol f modern tunca, who will ap|>ear in hia moit astonishing and extraordinary EOYI'TMS INCANTATIONS I awl QIC/1 NU CHINESE EQULIBRIVMS. MISS BLANCHAlvD, the celehrited and on'y female ,|uggler in America, in enroled, and give* h*r splendid |ietlorm auceaon lli-celrhrahd MUSICAL oLASSEa, in adoition to her g.rat leita r.f niggling. Signor MONTI V? DO, with hia uuivnallv admired ITALIAN MARL >NK TTE8, or DANC ING MECHA.vl CAL KIGURe S. ii e, gaged. Together with Mr. T. G. BOOTH, the celebrated counc singer. 11 G SHERMAN, ilia heaut I'til Ballad Singer, and LA PE I ITK C Et< I I'O, the admi.ed Uluseu'e. TheUIPHKY QUEEN, the moit surprising Kortune Teller 1 in the world, inay he privately cona -lied at all timea regarding ' Pa*t, Pre* maud Ku ure Event*. Perloriuance, every evening at 7){ o'clock, and Wednesday I and "uurdny afternoon* at 3 o'clock. Ticke'a ii rent*?criiltlren under ten yeara 12>f cents. Twento-live cents eitra for private eutisulutioui with ItieO.psey Queen. f tire CONCERT CLINT 0*V HALL. Mil. P. l)E I.E It EE respectfully amionno-s to his'ftiends and the public Ii * intention of giving a Vocal and lusliuiiieutal Concer., at tan Lecture Room, (I lint >a Hall,) comer ol'Nasi ii and Heekman streets, ou WEDNESDAY EVENINO, Feb. 28, 1814. Assisted by tie f Booing inasical t.r ent :? Ml SB M GLOIN. MR. COtiK, MR OLDFIVLD. Anda GENTLEMAN AMATEUR. Mr Ol Jfield will preside at the Piano Ko'te. ? r r o <1 TTa m m e . Part 1 Overture?Piano Fort*. Mr Oldfield Opening Chorus, By the Company So"* ? Pilot on the deep, Gentleman Sour? Brother lonalhau, Mr Cook Hong?Th- apell it bn km, Mitt M Oloin Souk?A lile on theorem w*ve, Mr De I* Kee Sung?Why don't the Men i ropote, Mamma I ( ienlleman Duei?(Jumi brtve the Set with me I >ve, Mitt M Oloin aud Mr De Le R?e Song?The Indian Hunter, Mr Cook Sout ?My Father Land, M as M Oloiu Sour?A Home that 1 love, Mr De Le Itee Part 11. Overture?Piano Forte Mr. Oilfield Opening Chorus By t:.r Company Bong?T^ Wolf Mr Cook Bona?Echo Hour Mis M. Gloin Sour?'' < ill" t?k" tea in the a'bor .Mr l)e 1, llee Sour?IDneethcool -hades rep iiiui; Gentleman Duet?My Pieity Page Mist M Gloin aud Mr De Le Kee Sour?llu/.r.a for Co'uinhia V-. Cook Sour?I ) uld like to intrrv, (by desire) Mit? M Oloin Bong?Our way across the Mountain, ho! (Full man Sour?And wilt th u wheu 1 am low -Mr Ue L<- lies Fin de?star Spangled Banner By the Company tt"7*"Tieketi Twenty-fire cents each?To be h d at the dour Doors open at h.lf uiat ail. Concert to comni*uce at half pan 7 o'clock, precisely. N. B.?No postponement on account of the v> either. The proceeda to he given to the Second Ward Am-rican Republican Association ! -! > 3t*oe GRAND CONCERT, tpo BE GIVEN AT CONCERT HALL, No 406 BroadI way,on Monday Evening. Feb 26th, IHII by the Members of PALVIO'S (late) company. The company consists of the following ladies and gentlemen MRS. PHILLIPS, Mrs. SHARPS. MISS BRUCE, Mil. LYNCH. mr. kavanah. MR. KNKAA", MB. HOL.MAN. PROGRAMME P?P?T I. Savoyard CHortu?Fron Wrlimn Tall By the f'nmpirv IWIad ?Thy ptrting lo k Mr Lynch Hong? Mild as th* vloonlight Mrs Phillips Soef?The wolf Mr Kivuth (J horns ? Young Love triumphant smiling By the Comniiiy Hong?Morning's Buddy Ream Mis* Brue* Hong?Soon I shall behold th** Mr Ho I man Hong?Oh whittle and I'll coma to voa mv lad- Mr* Si.arn* Song?Old Iriah Genii, mm Mr Kaeanah Oiaiil Italian Uurt-ln i lUti in of >igtiora PorPorgiei anil Hignor L impgrecM Mr? Hbarpe and Mr Knrnu Chorut?Stay, prythee itay By the Company PahT II. Quintette from Somnaiabnla-She'i loat->>Bythe Company S uig?TIi" White * rjnall Mr Lynch Song?III i keyed Caroline Mm rhiln a Sour?We're all ruttiiiK Mr Ktvauah Chnrtia?Dandy Jun, wuh original reran, tint time U v the Company Ballad?Kairy Bin Miaa Bruce Hong?William Tell Mr lloluiaii Duet?Cnm'C Mra Sharpe and Mai Bioie Bong?lleill on Medley?B? IVaire By the Company P intle?liond niaht anil tnay each morning briug A health to our pa' r on, we ai g. By the Company TICKKTS DNK, SHILLING?l'o he had at the door. Doora 01 en at half-paat 6?commence at lull'pail 7 o'clock, f 24 2t eod*m THE HUTCHINSON FAMILY ON TIIV.IK KKII'IIN FROM TDK. S ll'TH. reapect fully announce to the citixeoa of New York, that they will "VOCAL entertainment, NIBLO'SASALOON, BROADWAY, ON MONDAY EVENING. FEB. 26. When they will iniroduc* their moat choice produetioaa which hare raceivrd the approbalinu of the Muaicai pnblic. PROGRAMME. tJnarteffe?Blow on. How on, a Pirate'a Glee . Baker New (J artel e??A Life m the Wild Wood Free. Deaern tire Railed?The Snow Storm New ({uaite'tee Mv Moiher'a Bible,worde by- O. P. Monia Quiro-ue?We are Happy and Fine, aubject f oin Kamer Hulchinaon S ilo ? Recollectiona of Hum Qiu t't'e?Land of Wa.hi. gtnn, w.irda bt <4 P. Morrjn, Y *q , arranged as * ({oinrtlr b Htilchiuson New l^uvlflte?K???Itior, winds by Il?nry W Longfellow, Esq. QiMftrttf?The Orare of Bor*r*r'e, arr ng. d by Hutchinson ((iMiyita Pmeefiil ">lum'n ring on the Urwn, Music by Comer Trio?line kaw ay, words by Henry John Shar|ie, Melody by Rnssell Unartstte?One on * Time.nrTh" Origin of Vtn-WS kie Doodle Kmal'-^-The Ulil (jrisitr Statej cnntsininc a Family History of theSons and Daughters of the Tribe wf Jesse," from David to As*. TICKETS FIFTY CF.\'TS. Tickets to be h*d at Atwill's, James I. Hewitt's, Mil letl's. Stoddard's. Dob as*. T. II '"number's, T. Oealtin's, and K'trtu St Mali's Millie Store, at the It inkstore of Mas ton k .Miles, and at the TicketOlhce ol the Saloon on the eveniug of I he ' oncert, (T7" To commerce at * quarter before I o'clock. f 21 It'ec TKNTH ANN 1' A I. MILITARY AND CIVIC HALL or THr. X E IV YORK BRA S S RAX I> rPlie Venitera ol the New Y.ra Iti asa llod r? jiectfully I' lorin t eir f re ds id the jniblic ill l ih ir T*i.lli t... u?l Military and I lnc Ball will n ?i?e., a| it , Ap ill . Si| n on MIIDAk b V EN I NO. March 1st Duting.Ins intermission. I t.e It a will a|i|?ear in full uniform .end |ierf rm the In. lowing l?eces of music, written for ih s uccsiion by I S. Ierafulln, vi* :? Duetto lor '.wo Cornet* IIrafnlla Cavalry Oalnp I.ibitrki (Quickstep. dedicateil to the Seven lb Company ol National Ousrds, Captain Denyke OriHitl* I irkets. admitting a gent'eman a-id ladies, one dollar earn? csn be obtained fr many member of llie Band, al the Almoin IHloon, or ?t N. Lothian's, c uner of Walker and < eiur? streets Military gentlemen are particularly re?i .estvil to appear in iiiulorm. 1 '" HALL! HALL! TIIK re?t Ball (by invi ationI will b< riven onTu-adav 1 nyemng. 2)t|i ins' , at I'lvo11 Msi.ooa rain or .now,? Ticket, in.y lie hallif Mr A I'. IVurr' I9M ansl itresi. Collier's. Merchant,' Eirhange. Hiilrl r tit \t aiimakert. 1 Nasvan atreet; I n.tom Hon c K.vchange; flienii ' oltee House. and I MIM salwon. "" re I7KKK KXHIttTl'D>N OICIT s AL fAINTlNt?S c Vir. -Salvator Hos*. Vrri et Andrea, ueusuo, Ike. ? Apply 21 Walker street, ewv d?v, from 12 to I o'clock. f2.'i3t"m PALMO'S(DATK.M:ONCKBT AND ? I KKKK ROOMS ,A ' b'tllt SAI.K rORVf.'R OF Hn<KII)H-.1Y.I\l) !11.1VI\KR ST eii(i|. h i.V I'liRKM, STOCK ANI) OOODWlLL of tin. 1 important business, ihe most prominent ?ril le>sl st,nd in New York, comer of I lumber stieet an I Br?*dw*y,to be dis posed of Apply an Ihe premises, after It o'clock, A. M. The cans* of disposal is the proprietor I e, Viged to return to England. f IT lw*rc 1 *Y THE SOUTHERN MAIL. Wukingtou. [('orrvd|K>nil?nce of tb. Herald.1 Washinqtom, Feb. 24, 1844. The Senate did not ait to-day. Mr. Pakenhatn has been the rounds to-day, leavng his card with Senators and others. Mr. Iiannegun's speech has created great enthttiasm among the Oregon triends. It is now thought he resolution giving the " notice" will not b? assed ; but that the Bill " to occupy" will be caried. In the Supreme Court to-dav, on motion of tha Ion. Silas Wright, the Hon. E. It. V. Wright of he N. J. Senate, and the Hon. J. G. Clinton, M. ). from N. Y. were admitted to practise. Yesterday was the 'most delightful June-like day have ever seen ia February, but Washington weah< r, like the temjxr mutabile/nmina of Virgil, is rery fickle. To-day is cloudy, chilly and bleak.; Iii the Mouse of Keprescntatives Mr. Dromgoole hail the tloor for the morning hour, on the aubject ot tin- 2.5th rule in relation to abolition petitions; but lie reserved his remarks for a future opportunity, in order to bring before tlxe House a proposition wltich he desired 10 submit in the place of the motion to recommit the report ot the Select Committee on littles, with instructions to report the old (21st) rule, which has been for some time pending. Having withdrawn the is-nding motion, he submitted his amendment, which is, in tact, a substitute tor unreal portion ot ihe rules re|>orted by the majority of the select committee on that subject ; and tile rules of the House were suspended, so that this order of business might extend beyond the morning hour. To secure a iull vote on the proposition, a cull of the House was gone through, and afterwards a vote was taken on a motion to lay the entire subject on the table, which was negatived. Various other propositions occupied the residue of the days's session ; and, at it late hour, the proposed amendment wus ordered to be printed for the information of tiie House, with a tacit understanding (bat its consideration would be resumed on Tuesday next.?Globe. Cotton Market. Mobile, Feb. IB?The market ha* been excessively dull to day- the lew parcels changing hands being at easier prices, and chiefly effected before the arrival of lbs mail-Hiibtcipieutly we hear of no sales. The aggregate business of the lust three days was but little over 4,000 bales, and of the week 11,000 bales. Receipts of the week, iia,S3fl bales. LATEST SOUTHKUN SHIP ?WI. Ri< hmokp, Krb 21?Sid Abby Amelia, Cole?*aa, N York. Nohkoi.ii, Feb 22-Air Warren, Titcomb, Bermuda; Star, Kim in. Hayesweg Chabi.eston, Feb 22? In the oITuie. Devervaui. [Br] and W. hi).lock. [Br] from Liverpool; Sarah Stewart. [8 1 Cork; Valhalla, Bo.ton; a d a Swedish brig. Arr 21st, Skjola,[l)aa J Peterson, Nvwca.tle. F.. Saranvaii Feb 21?Sid Havre, Carpeutrr, Bostou; Ann A Parker, Uiiniilnia;i, Havana; Albert Mogers, Lanlair, New York. Mobile, Feh 16?Arr Platina Manson, NewYork; Brothers, [Br] Marshall, Ueuierara. Cld Mary Klleu, Spronl, NYoik; Uerroit. Aude-snu. do. New Obllans, Feb I5-Arr Virainia, F.sion, Liverpool; Moscow ( ar'er. Ponce, I'll; John Odiin. H*nover. Turks Ial...,l VI A .... A, / ....!.. . i U--L. I I-C.. All Collins, 8t Thomas II I w. coming up Talleyrand, H*aley, ,md Monsoon, Iaine, Boston; Gruniiuu. [Or] Miller, Liverpuol I lit Naihriile, Pembertnn, and Nairag insert. Deslebecho, Havre; Arabian, [Br] Kniury, anil Oregon, (Hidden. Livrrpool; OsrnL, Child*, Huston; Ocean. fiiggioa. Baltimore; Parthian. Ail-u. Norfolk and Richmond; Catharine, Veiper, Near York; Pauline, Hughes, Laguua; Orsgon. Wluea, Philadelphia. Spoken Mary Kimball. Freeto. from Havre, Feb I, lat 28. Ion 52 JO. Mniiumeiil Marshall, l.ivrrpool fur Mobile, Ftb I, off tha North aide of St I) loingo. Heyj-ier. Ilariick, Oiracoke for the Wrat Indies, Feb II, Ut 2'.I 3} Ion 73 15. Mauran, Boston for N Orleans, Feb 13, lat 30 22, Ion 71 IS. Foreign Porta Bermuda. Feb 3?In port Saluda, Waahbnrn, for ''adit, Ida; Dtipa'cli, of I'hiladelphi i, uot auld a? advertised?Captain Tilden will wait orders from home. Hid 1st, Nahmakauta, Tucker. Kio Janeiro, with all her cargo ,.f flour, having compleied lirr repairs; Jan 27, Kosatu, Cook, Oporto. The Saluda will sail iu abuui lOdayr. LITHOGRAPH V. BU.S1NF.88 CARDS and Circulars, Maps, Plans, Machine ry, Landscapes, Architecture Flerationa, ke., he., Lllhographtd and Printed on mooerate terms, at F. JO.NK.S' Lithographic Fstabliahment. f21 lm*rc 122 Fnlton street. New York. LI) WARD L1PPOUL NO. 104 WILLIAM STREET, NEAR JOHN, (UP 8TAll\8.) HAH RECEIVED. by late arrivals, and offer. lor aa's? ZEPHYR WORSTED?Beat Hrrliii quality, in tha moat aranrtment, by ilia lair, or in amafl quantities. TAPESTRY WORSTED ?Real Berlin, for Kanay Knitting, CHINE WO" ST ED?A raw atyle, vari"U. qnalitiaa. CANVASS?In Silk, Coltou,, of all width* and ilea. EMBROIDERY PATTKRNs?Ofall makaa and nnabara, in amira new deaiga. and tha rirhe.t aelaction. Embroidanaa eommauraJ and fiuiahaH. iu neat variety. I'C il.SK T W IS I?S?French. hngli.h and Bnrlio, ahadad tad plain, l Hk'NILLK?For Embroidery and Chanille Cord*. KI.OS8 SI LKB? Kranch and Oerinan Pl'ltSE OR.naMKNTH?Oold. Silvr and Steal Baada, H al I void and S Ivai Bugles, I "rdt. Braida aud Thread, HUNUr.H AND GIMPd? Of all atylaa and colore, ire parted from Ore bait Koiotean inauufietiiraa and receiving 1 lira auppliaa by everv rta.imar. COItDS, | ASSr CK uf Silk, Wonted and Cotton; Larep Tas-?la. Perforated P?|>ar, kc., tic 1 11 !? ? rnx?a The subscriber h*rrhy inform, his frienda and tha public, th it ha iuteuda to comm nca baking Pas?over Bread for the eiiitiiuc holiday., r>u Monday, the 2- til m.taut. lie would feel e.tremely obliged by per.ona .and iuk in their ordnrn a. toon a. ooa.ible Notwnh.tanilintr 'h?t ha has contracted with the enagrrgaI tiona .hiiii Chttt d Shari Shnmaim, and Htlk Itratl, he atlll 1 .hall leal hippy to supply per.oua t? lougiog even lo other coa(legation.. Toe majority of tha member, of tha Kim .tree t I congregation having already .ant in their order, tha au tacriber la I. r oiitiilant that this noble and n.?laian',ant ai mple will bo I followed by other*. who ahonl l be aimilarly .ituat-d in rea?jd ' lo the r rwu com n, who can act aa tliay plea.e withoat being uudrrany laetraitil. M. 8. COHKN. TEKM8? msa of a >n|iarior quality, are to tha pnand at ail canta; inaal eight canta per pound. P s - I Irdan taken for all kiud. of Cakes for tha approaching holiday., at In. U.keiy, 43 Day lUart, orb* Duane tunel 1 ID I in rr WILLIAM PETTET, DRAPER AND TAILOR, OO FULTON STHKF.T, NK.W YORK. IS now pirpared to fnrniah all who may faeor hia. with thaif ordct. For thr chr.ipu*,, an 1 durability of hit work, aad taring thirty |>*r cent, he offrrt for their conilderalion th? follow iiiic 1 tat ot pricet: ? Muintor Drrtt Coatt, from $10 to 10 l|?iimrrr fault 4 to ( Kane* i?lt 2 to 171 Mack Ion 2.50 l> 5.M Frriou, thai' own inatrria't?making and trimming in tlm urate t fiiaiinrr at ti n following nricra :? ' unit from tdtol Pout and Vrata 1 to 1,71 Naval and Military llnifortna madr in tht b??t ttyla. N. B.?Clothing madrf r thr tootiirrn and wra.rrn markrta with it atne<t a> d drapatrh A aham ol thr pub'ir |<atrr,ntt? it anlicitrd. flO lm*?c lii;<ii;i,ATK v< iri: hakkr's hills. Till, BUB4I IllBr U hat oiwut'd a atorr at No 04 Nttian ?trr-t, for thr tale ufhu i;nr Wheat It)' toil Corn I'imd. Alto. I'irt and I 'akrtof all kind* Kamiliot torrod at their dwelling* with Dread, ' tea and Tea Cake* Citizen* generally will lind thia t deniable place for lunch? line fl i* Hot ' offer at ttirrr centaN Pita ol ail kmdi at three out* a p'a'e; ..kea. OttlW ehet lie,, he. All article, are made up under hit [era inaI tuperritioa, and he i ledger the j 1 u> oerult thai I be ea*d the market offe,,. J NO. 1. HALfcY. ' , 114 I in* re ___ UNITED STATES DA<i l/KIIKI AN GALLERY. 17.1 HRCKIDWAY, VP STAIRS. EWIIITr. would lea retiully call the ttieiiiion of rilizeaa *nd atriagrr, via 11 g the eity to I it ?p'rudid Collection ol I) A < ilTK It It KO I* * f K PORT HA ITS. tingle, o" in gmere Imin iwo ta fouireen i ei*"ii* in ih> tame plate, wlueh, in beaoty and accuracy *f delineation, cannot hetnrpiard. Portraitt taken in -II kind, of weather, either wiih oi without colon; the pore,ol which lie hit irdecrd to thoae chtrg d by the mutt inil'nred in the h itliiea,. Tli Atnariran lintimt*, at iu lata ajhihiiion, awarded Mr. W'mta til fuai prrmmm l< r tha ba?t Dagnarrratyi" hkanaaa (I i gmnpi. k and wi.r-ti i-fT-at), ?ln< h ta but anmhar pioof t.f ilia >ti|iarioriiy of hia pottiaita Mr Whita is the tola agant in Naw Kuril lor ilia ?ar? aitparnir imrortad Ihrmu < amaraa; and ai no othar aitabliahuiai.t iu thr Uny or Ulalr r?a iw? ba obtancd !N U ? Imported fbrimn C>maraa; alao Frrurh and Airariaan I.atru.rnnu of tha ?ary br at nullity, with Plataa, Ciaaa,, Poliahing Mat riala, ke , aJwaya on haad, for aala at tM vary lowaat i rtcaa f?< lm'a P K. COLLI NM \ CO.. 50 Mouth atraat, ha?# oa haad aad o nflfcr for aala? 100 C.i?a? Coppar, rnmprniii2 a rnmplata aaaortmanl from Hoi to Muz, iraniifartnr d final thr baat on in tha moat car*, ful mantis. . 100 Main llriilport Hrm? Twina, rornpriiing a fall aaaortinant from In Tllb-, racairad par raaant arttTala. 25 Bain 91b Kail Twin' 100 It In Airi'rinn Pnot Du'k, from ."Vo l to 5, manufartnr, ad in ih' Bin>t rarrful minnrr. and aqual to any in markac loo Bulla I.II h I anraaa from No. Ia5. 50 ' air Parrnt Hh-ytlog Paprr. 1011 BirraL Pin- I.i-al Lard. 200 .In No. I l^afLard. || 0 K'y? "lira Lraf Lard in fina nrdar. 50 Bnrali Man "nef, aauprrior aitiela. 2hi, do Mm Birf. do g dn H"l Itnaiida do 15 do Pii-kl?d H gt Tonguaa. T d I Tallow 50 Tiarcaa Pick ml llama and Hhouldari, handaomaly ca and mgir enrad. 500 Buih'la llliaou Whant. f 22 Strc ITALIAN STN(J1N(J, PIANO FORTE AND FRENCH. Vi II. t'LLMANN, Pupil of Charing Ctrray, continnaa to " taach hinging and tha Piano Kurt* ia tlua city and Brook lyn, on rnodarn-a tauna. k irat rata rafarancat gitan to many dianngni'had familm, whnaa nainaa may ba lanrnad on appltOation at lua raaidanca , 7? h lm atmat, nppoaita tha Araanal Mr. U .who ia the author o( a Kianch 'train mar. tha aacood 'd lion of which lain lha cnoraa of publication, taachaa likw *iaa th? Kranch agd Italian Languagaa, which ha uaaa daring ?IU,,C I'aaaooa, if wiahad. Schoola and Collagaa atlaudad] 0i lin'jgli MTJSIC. IOBKPH K A VMKIIK.H, Profaaanr of Muaie. raaiwatfally ' annnnnaaa to hit patrout uid lha pahlie ia ganaral, th tha haa ratnoaad from 50 i r.nby to Ihl Lnurant airaat, what* all ordrra lor hia oiilion Uaml to |wrfo in at Partiaa fctc. ia or out of town, will ha ri caitatl aad promptly atiandad to. ll.'Cn for I h will aim lia .acairad at Mr. W Doboia'a tluaic Stora, 285 Broadway. ft lm rrc TO AMATEUKS ON TllE FLUTE. MH. BARTON, (pupil of the ata C Nicholaon.) mpaat Hilly l.aga loamiooiica tiit, it it hia iniantmn to gita ia1 ttrnctim on tha Kluta Mr. Barton prtitaaaaa to taack acewj li ig to lha rnathod pnranad by tha calabretad maatar, Cba.. a Nicliolaoa. For t?rm? and pnrtiaalara, application mar ba made at ftirnor ttodona. Muaichtora, Broad way. and Mr fttodart'a Pmaolarta nuMi'i'artorr J17 Im'rc

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