Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 28, 1844, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 28, 1844 Page 3
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State of Trade. A sues--Pot* continue very dull, at $4 #1); pearl* about the same, at $b 06J a b 12J Bcrswas?Prime yellow is in fair demand it 19J a 30] cent*. (Jottox?The tale* to day amount to about 1,000 bale*, one lot of 280 bales being taken for export. Market quiet. Corvee?There ia very little doing in this article. Small ale* are occasionally made of St Domingo at a} a 5}c. Fi ot'r *no Oaxin?Not the (lightest change to day in any description. Western brand* of tlour are still quoted at *4 !>3J. Hay?North Hiver bale sells as wauted for domestic consumption at 68 a 634 cents. Oil?We notice small sales ot crude whale at 86 cents. Sperm is very inactive. We do not hear of any operations. Whiskst?Drudge casks are very inactive at 23 cents; prison barrels ate held at 24} a 2ft cents. There is little doing in either descOption. Cotton Market. Chablestox, Feb. 23.?On Wednesday and Thursday, very little was done; the accounts by the lliberni.i being so near at hand, both parties showed no disposition to operate, and the transactions in both days readied but Ml bales. Early yesterday morning, the mail brought us the account of the steamer's arrival. The particulars were received through the newspapers only. No private letters being received, not much disposition was shewn by pur <lay reached 1,007 bales; in which, for the principal part, , the decline on Tuesday was recovered, and thus the , prices at the close of the market yesterday may be cousi- I dared again a* iu unison with those of the previous week The total sales have amounted to 3,790 bales, at the fob lowing particulars 229 hales at 10 cents; 25. 91; 480, 9]: i 184, ??; 88,9 910; 1002, 9J; 491,01; 840 tlj; '207, 91; 87,9; | 291,8;; 4C,9J; 44, 0}. We quote Liverpool classihcation, inferior and ordinary( 8} a 8J; middling to middling fair, I 9 a 9j; fair to fully fair, 9j a 10; good lair, 101. Our quo- I tatious for freights for Liverpool remain 7-lt>d; for Havre ; J cents for square bales and for rice?thev are, howeever, entirely nominal. No engagements of any amount could he procured at them. For New York $1, slack. No vessel up for Boston. Mobile, Feb 17.?The transactions in cotton have again been quile limited; prices without change. The complexion of the foreign news received to-day has imparted more cheeriulness to holders. In freights a ship for Boston at current rates, 11-1 ?c ? the only transaction reported. Died. On Monday, 2flth inst. Arabella, daughter of Edward and Arabella iiagan, aged 21 years. The friends of her father and uncles Edward and Henry Crummy, are respectfully invited to attend her funeral, this afternoon, at 3J o'clock, from the residence of her father, 110 Laurens street. ijiitest Advices HECSIVBD AT TBI NEW TORE HERALD OFFICE. Anjier Oct. 16 Manilla Oct. 18 Airica Lee. 24 Malaga Jan 19 Autinaa Dec. 22 Madeira* Dec. 1 Areciho Dec. 26 Mauritius Oct. 5 AuiCayea Jan. IS Montevideo Dec. 16 Batavin Oct. 21 Maracaibo Dec. 20 Bay of Islands, N./-Aug. 3 Mansanilla Jan. 26 Bermuda Feb. 13 Matanzas Feb. 14 Buriios Ayira Dec. 28 Mayaguez Feb. 4 Belize. Hon. Feb. I Mntauioraa Dec. 26 Barliadoea Jan 31 Monterey Oct. 16 Bonairt" Dec. 5 Nassau, N. P. Feb, 10 Boinhsv Dec. 1 Neuvitas Dec >0 Cape Town.C. O. H-Oct. 27 Oahu, 8.1. Nov. t Ciicuiia Nov. 21 Para Jan. 20 Cardenas Feb. II Paris Feb. 2 Cliaxrea June 24 Port au Prince Feb. 1 Cleufuegos Fi b 1 Porto Cabello Feb 3 Cape Haytien Feb. 11 Point Petre, (Juad.->-Jan. 18 Carthageiu OcL 28 Pernambuco Jan. 3 t'amrenchj Jan. 3 Payta Nor. 20 Coquimbo July 18 Rio Janeiro Jan. 10 Callao Nov. 29 St. Helena Dec. 14 Demerara Jan. 3 St. Thomas Jan. 25 Elsinore Dec. 3 St. Jago de Cuba- Dec. 20 rjjm Jan. ix m. Johns, r. K. K?b. *? Gibraltar Jan. 20 St. Croix Sept 22 Guayama, r. R Feb. 8 St. Domingo ....... Dec. 2) Galveston Feb. 10 St. Ubrs "Sept. 2!' Oonaives Jan. 28 Suriuam Veil. 2 Guayaquil Dtc. 5 Singapore Oct. 12 Havre....... Keb. 1 Sydney, N. 8. W. Sept. 1 Havana Feb. 8 Trinidad de Cuba Keb. 3 Halifax Keb. 16 Talcahuana Auk. 21 Jeremie .Jan 3 Tampico ."Dec. 23 KiiiKilon, Ja... Keb. 1 Tobasco Jau. 19 Loudon Fee. 4 Turks Island Jan. 24 Liverpool Keb. 4 Trieste Nov. 29 La Guayra Dec. 26 Valparaiso ISov. 13 Laguna Oct. 31 VeraCruz Jan. 27 Lima Auk. 29 Zanzibar Oct 12 Macao**. Nov 10 Paiungeri Arrived. HavnE?Packet ship Baltimore?Kdward Scheitlin, Chat W Cuuui' Kham, Wm C Barney?11 in the seersge. Porto (Jabeli.o?Brig Sarah Jaue?T Morton, J Daley. BsnniUDa?Brig Falcon?A Grant 'am. Passenger* Sailed. Mobile.?Brig Croton?Mrs Henry Roberts and child. Foreign importations Havre?Ship Biltimore?2 pkgs Adamt, Horner St co?7 V Cal lei.x St Son?6 Chauannd. Schli.mpa Leiber-2 Little, Olden St c ?6 J Mortimer?4 Hooka St 1'ownaeud?15 11 Cheviolet?4 lewis St Fai.mann?44 Bonny De Ivernoia k co?16 Lara, Lamsmi it ' o?1 Dav aid?9 Roger, Guillauine St co?8 A Wnii*i?11 WVvse?I Brun It co? 3 H Duplot?IS Pureesu k P A Hena'd k co?,00 A Binniuxer St CO?3 La?s I! ?92 <7 Seiyet?9 J Dnprie?6 A Ho'eliac?1 (J llelarac ? 2 A Almoin- I W S I'hip|,s fc co?1 A Leffe, ta?I A Casclli ?i J A 1 odd?I 8 "ower?1 a (; Curhit?I J Williams? 1 C VV 1'homas?24 J Owen?2Gen Reott?15 Spies, l.hrist 8t Co?1 F Ool'iard?I A Munrose?It K. Codmau?1 D Wood? 15 lUuard Step? 1 A IVcilin?3 L Coli n?8 B-relay St Livin-atoil?I Al hpack?9*lfo.-an St lseli,.?11 H I Ifnni,|iiin?6 S-hoiidt St AsOrea? 1 CF Hover?18 Laeti>ise St Kjnsch?3 liichard U ssoti St Ahorii?4 (? Gibson?5 E Gegnouz St co?2 K Pn.delot?20 Beinr. Oiron Sees? I A Gilbert?I Souteornn &. Penot?I Hill St i'homiwon?I O Varei?14 Mil nazct & Sfititb?8 L St II Curtis?8 L Binsre & co?1 D ApplctO:, & co ?5! Bet Itarfl 4t Ho'enn?3 vv igbt, Sursert St Shaw?1 Wi'ey St ' utiiein ? l i |.a cks?1 C Borang#?1 C Viladr?2 8 Levy? 1 II ichnrdsnn & Buriacc?3 H Tobias?13 W McKee St CO?12 .A K Tim mi son?5 R St Haight?1 C Buckingham?2 W n I ?rv St co?2 It Hysl p St son?1 K Baker 8t on?2 Cumuli ,g St Raick?A T So-wan?J.) E He, dor St co?5 S Dnwrer St co? 3 Hale St Todd?iO (iihsou St co?1 O Hunt St co?13 C rayeu St c ?1 U Moirison?2 Deraismej k Boizard ? 1 A Legoux?10 K CotMnet-2 V B'thon?2 Beou.Laroi isiere k ro?1 O Dord?I Frabrenuritf, Fil St .'locn?2 Buuckrr k co?1 Bcrger k Walter?I It hi pling 2 llnrr B other?I A Holker k co? 30 It Jeffrey? 3o I It II Felix?3 Fetral k Blai'?12 B O Wninwright?J Neviu k ro?42 4>4Te k Melbey?9 T kC W d ead?1 A Seller?2 Edward k Stoddard?2 Deforest?1 1) Boil?I itnnx?I Kent heudal k Atwater?1 H Brevcort?'. C Drue?I A St (J Ki nd-1? I S Co liran?2 Gardner, Colby St ce?5 S K Dow?I 1 Dnssol?8 Ballin k Sander?ijHoirot k Bsdi??7 A Iluet?1 Summe-s? I It Busett?18 Theniou St Ma II iid?6 G k T Cnglish?14 f*ne'?3 Morlet k ScS'llLr?1 F A ilnntington k co?7 A S Pirrot?I E Rabeau?2 Gilbert Frere? 1 L Lpvj Stc.i?1 Berry klt-ese? 2 J Durtod?2 O.cophet 1 H Pool.or?24II Wri er-1 B.chiel k Dreycr?1 At les St Sittier?2 e'e losiugor k H-uschon?12 J A Voisiufcco?3 J G Kvz?1 T Ahr-i leldt?4 S Kohiutamm?1 8 M Douge?I J 11 Robert?1 A Mayor?1 Gagnebin?1 Lntz Freres?2 C H Saud ?1 E M Dtvis?4 Hchuchaidt, Kavre k co?8 Malezieux.Gourd k Co?12 Miriin k L.wson?2 Sini h k Summer?16 L'mher k Dairibinanii?I erl Be. r k May?4 M Brognard?2 DM letter k co?3 July K re res?1P A Bret?I K Tomes St sou?3 11 W Coles?I C'hetier, k c >? 9 O Hossenberg ? 1 |C Payen k co?I J D Witrh us k .on?3 Thors|? cken k co?6 L Conk k co?'2 Loeschlga k Wpendonca?1 C W.iset?16 Krsaler k co ? I II Lruhring?1 K Popi*?I Milton k Slocu i b?t H J B-ala St i o?I T Hu t St co?4 AI my. Paleisou k co?4 C Douchet? I T II ..? I U.' ll.k./... 1 t' V 1 I ' E* ..tkl.ak b.ivis 8c June*?1 Poiner Frern?1 \Vr Benjamin ico?1 P Mur r'V? I Plat' Brother*?t Humber, Chenrry Si. co?1 Colvjll 8c Fleming?80 pkg* 2)75 burr Atones to order. i'ii k i o cabello?Br g Sarah Jene?143 bli sugar 65 do md*r B F Dawson?100 hagr coffee (J B Fojrlic*?88 do cocoa J Durind?27 India (i Whitaktu?1206 do L. S Cotnatock?1 bbl rndae K P Piirnej ?I caie J de U Oranja?28 crroona indrgo Aytnar 8c ?o?UK) bags cnffieO Douglas*?26J MaitUud, Cornr'.e 8c co?65 V Joaeph?8 to meater?281 to order Br.n.MiinA?brig Falcou?500 hidea and akin* Tucker 8c Ligbtburn?8000 lb* airowrout 2000 do old copper Mii'dletou It CO. (Juatamc?Schr Challenge?180 hhd* sugar 100 do molasses t 'ason h Thompson. f < MARITIME HERALD. **" fcllllBg Duff of ttim Htsaui .Ships JL. VKOM LITER TOOL. PROM ASSKSCtC* ifiVuil, Judkins March 1 (.a>"di?t%, Lott. Mar. 5 April 1 yl. Wests*!, Matthews A|>r. 27 May 23 O BtiU'U, Hoskaa M.y 25 June 20 "ptOkali to Arrlv. Pai kelsto Kail. pMm .'.rraaeooL. ms i.irnneooi. b ml liek*. Bunker, Feb. 1 Otl'ord, Hath bone. Mar. 1 ne? k "sk,roBp*r, Feb. 3 Patrick Henry. Delano, Mar. A l.i\ . rj* I, KUridfu, Feb. 6 Virginian, Allen, Mar. II p irym POBVasaOOTM. tor portsmouth. eocrn, Irtawold, Feb. 2 Victoria, Morgan, Mar i mem ha*?*. Quebec, Hebard, Mar. 10 i >or?.kir'iek, Jan. >2 ros havre > ' uthera, . Jan. 29 Oneida, Fonck, Mar. 1 time raid, Howe, Mar. 8 *=sjftwr?. _ ^?-.r77" ~~~?1? flMP MUtr HMI. > _wtinr MMPiewapaper Bi|i Tot all parta or the aa p?a4\ B|t at Uaa HamaLD Orrirr. ' ^flbwlAsra and A^anta. WeaNr tca faea*. if Captaiaa ol Vaaaeia mil give to Cob i arat tfiLyav. af our Neera Fleet, a Heron of rlrf% aa th* rata whence they tailed, the v -i?e'? A' s r fuaam, ILiit of their Canto, and any kitfhtga I V/rvynpwa ? r!|*i ?r?? may hare. He will t>> riftjiem itsmttf lately pa tivtjf y 1- Agenta and Corf-rr>i)#AiBU. at lHfct at abroad, wi) o confer a layor by ariidin* to thie ^Je* ai. the Mam k*I licence they eaa obuin . Ns-ittaM k> erra ^oa of Ut rill be thaaafaDy nam red PORT PIT aUARY 'JS vaeiiri TO t noon ?k jl wjari ai?M W#y 1 t 'r?d. ?i?J5 Knnia. (Bw) N > >jitw#gk *ia Wanm, Rl. Wintv,( ?rroi| ol Ca i. fcrd. d^aile?B*nn i California. Mayhew. Nauvita " k \ oaciAraatea, I nnir. Have .a. II IU*il??d; I aai>cl< ...anttMB, W, ?a<,ot.?Oriaa Aon >jtM. .Vlallorv. Apal irhic. I,,f iHltf'm Fi f'raitklji La A Heaton ?Mi nr? itrnnt. JlfW. Jk. - It Walah. Mary Hr gi.t, n.ight, -iaalUHa 1^\MeCrradr A Co; September, Dawei rortau .\tkeiaoii: Cordova, fuller, B aton. Arriven '' k! W Packet ahi|> llaltimrre, Pucck, from tlaviv. Jk.W. vith m,|,e to Boyd k llincken. * * V? s! Hriliah barque Ulackiieai, Murray, SO ! l,.>k.- f, rpto' w th mdae, to order. Brig tfipaey, H.wlee, 12 diva trim Ova mi. I'M of tad | far Biidne|'-rr ' t. w ith 23} ra?k< molaoet iiNiMrB Wt ora1 ;.e? to Thorn * Co. Bridgeport. Tha C waaY Un yn , it, ol Sandy Hook oa Frid y night, 2id ina' wsaWwWj*'* in tha il l' of Saturday. 20th, fat 1150, Ion 73 i pJheV. Brig Sarah Jane, Small, 23 daya from Porto k ttMuiyl, coffee, ko t" O. Whttaaer. Haa been 5 daya No't. ' '!?> . II11'ri *-i Mra Morgan, a paaiet.ger, died ou board 12|. ia.t lirer c inplaiu . Ilriti ' ig Kalcon, Pitt. daya Irom Be mnda, with 111? , to Tnrker Jt Lightbprn . -ai-11r i li. I nge, Niehnlt, 21 daya from 'Itttyaim, I'Rav ,th ugira niolaaiiea. to Bl "''/. S ' r II vnet Hmtlh. .-truth, frotn Matanaaa, l<eh 14. with 32 hit n oi ? 20 '.?!. n | umiiki, a IIOll 0 i < rtill' lUMk Ittli. hi I!>? Oulf "tream. iV. Long, ?>iinau, I' ll oyerboinl rl rein im d in the water upwards of I all aa I our, v?ha" he war p eked tip in ?n alinnit lifel otata Schr I Juitry. Brown. 2 cl <>a from New Bedford, in ballnit, totnoatrr ? ... . . ... Srflr Protestor, Tent, 2 dayv from Virgtnii. with oyatera, to Schr P R Pennim-ut, Kgba t, 2 daya fiom Virt ima, with nyateia. to inaater, _ ..... . . jchr Wary Lyitrr, NUrtin, 30 honr? from Vir|(in?a, with oy?i1 is ton Hrhr lirniinf, Wooil, 3 J't'* fiont Baltimore, with inu". to muim* I Schr Jumi L. Morris. Van Nam*, from V irgmiawith m<Ua, I to mmer. . . ... Sloop Christopher Poat. Johnsou. from Virginia, with mila*. Sloop ilt-lt-u, P.rry, * days from New Bedford, with o l, Ike. ! to mailer. _ , Telegraphed. Bremen ship Adlrr, It da)s from Bremen, with indae, to E. Nolc uius A Pavcuatedt. Alao, i brigs. BaloWi Brig Deborah, Joins, 19 da)'* from 8t. Thoinai, with mdir, to order. Brig Am< thyal, Anderson, 2(1 daya from Mayagoet, PR. with sugar. Ac. to Aymar It o. Aiao. a barque with loaa of fore topgallant maat, name utiksown. Sailed H. B. M. ahip Vestal, Rio J tueiro, and others. Herald Marine Correspondence. oknrr. ov thk Rhode Islander, I a. ? ,r ... _. NtwroRi, Feb. 26. IM4. | Arr 23d, I. nton, Paine. Rirliuiond f r Boston; Effort, Jenny, Baltimore'fordo Challenge, Knight, Cardenas for I'ortluid; Vulture, Small, Norfolk for Newhuryport; (ieo Mi ler, Swell. i tir , auuuuor, urise, *nu blf^nor. Warfham I'^r do; Nortli America, l'aul, Providence \ ia Kail *iVfI n j Pilot boat Superior, from ;i cruiwe?thi* day. ofl (*ay Head, put a pilot on board the Adelaide, from CieiifueKot lor B a'on, aud kaw her anchor in Miuitneahe Bite pro ? Sid ('olossug, Savannah; Ilarri; Daiuaacua. Apalachicola; Uueen. and Tryall, Bah imurr: Eagle. Fredericksburg: James Barbour, and John Jay. Philadelphia; Mercy, Kichui ud; Am Staudard, Bethel, Engineer, Erin, Aluura, aud Kiaucis, lor Norfolk. Arr 2.1th, Orrgy Taft, Lovett, Providence fur Charleston.? Paxcd ont 1 p in, E ben i reble, l'erkina, do fur Mobile. Sid Vulture, Kffurt, and UIMb miacellnncoiil, A Schr Suit*.?''sprain Martin, of the Mary Lyater. from Viritiuia re|Mrrt? having ten a acltr sunk between Cranberry Inlet and Barnegat, tv tit fo emast ataudiug?supposed to have been sm.k in the last gale iiattitt'k At.t ioth, Simpson, ef Newburyport, out 67 days from Newport, Wales, for B ston, with railroad plate, came to in Murray's anchorage on Wednesday laat, being abort ot pro visions, aiid ha> ing started her In-ad aud loat aatla, spars, Ac in a tremendous vale w hich ah- e, countered on the 29th tilt when in lat 38 20, Ion 70 10 The A. waa towed iulo r t George1' on Prisia> last, by the strain r Gleaner: unfortunately while being so towed, she g'oundrd on a bank of sar.d in the harbor, where he remained until full title on the following niori.i g, without sustaining any dunag >?[Bermuda Gazette, Feb 13. hip Kathsr Mat lis. w. ( Br) which waa wrecked near Key Weal a short tune ago, haa been sold They succeeded in Killing her off and taking hrr to Key Wast, bill in such a coiidi turn, it will he impossible to do any thing with her. - he was I umped out and kept free, in conaetiueuce of the ceiling inside being caulked s tight as the bottom. Barque Primrose, (Br) Irvine, from Limerick, Ireland, ran agiuund at Sasanuah ou the 21st iust on the South Breaker *he waa beating in and ran in rearer than they were awaie of, when she struck. She remaned ou the bar about two hours, when she was got off. Immediately afrer being lelieved from her aituatiou the commenced leaking, though not badly, 1 lis extent of her damage is not yet ascertained. Brio Two Sisters ?Letters rei>oit the loaa ol the Two Sisters, Mnxfield, of New Bedim d, nil the coast of Patagonia, which veasel went ashore on the 21st of Sept last, on a teef at the month of Union Bay, 7 miles from the land, and bet-am* a total lots. Crew saved and had arrived at Kio Negro. No in urine* Brio Sea Biro ?The letters also report that the Sea Bird. B irney, of Newport, put into a port of Patagonia on the 8th of Sept in a si king condition, and had been condemned; oil not sta ed Captains Mailield and Barney hid arrived at Buenos Ayres Dec 22, from wnich port the U. 8. schr Enterprise was about to sail for the crews of the two vessels, who had arrived at Rio Negro. A Wrkcr ?The Trifolium. at Boston from Smyrna, reports ?6th inst. lat 37, Ion 5.'r, saw a schr with loss of foremast, (perhaps a herm orig)?had painted ports, anil appeared to be abandoned. Whalemen Arr at Providence 2Mb in>r knunv Vl.Ka- V117 r'??.? via..; Sept 2n, with 3200 hbl> wh and 300 ilo sp oil, 32,000 lbs boo**. I-iverpool, Slocuui, NB, ou N\V Coast Am 26, with 1600 bbla nil. Good Return, Tuber, NB, reported July 31, lat 62 30 N, lou 149 W, 2600 bbla. A letter From Susan, NB. reports speaking mo date, Martha, Whelden, of and for Hudaon, lull. Spoken L Baldwin, Thompson, Savannah Tor Providence, and a briir name unknown, from Mobile for do, Keb 24? by the pilot boa Phantom. A whale ahip hound for thp Vineyard, aame day?by the same Monaco, Wording, Havana fur Boston, F.-b 21, lat 30, lou 74 10?by the Challenite, at thia port. Diadem, Attakapas for N York, 16 days out, Feb 22, Iat38, lou 73?by the Uipaey, at thia port Eiile, for tjharlestou, Feb 20, no lat, Stc?by the Harriel Smith, at thia port, Lawrence, of Boston, Feb 22?by the aame. Concord, of Boston, standing NNK, Feb 22, lat 39 20 N, Ion 73 60. Neator. Moaea, 26 dava ftn NOrleana for Portsmouth, Feb 23 4,ape Cod NW IS miles. Foreign Porta. i ai atanzas, Feb 11?In port. Burmah, Ford, Irom Portland, arrlllh; Hellespont, Ellis, from and for Now York, toon; 1 Florence, Leach ??; Attica, McLellan. disg; Mnrv Broughton, Chate, f ir Cowes. Idit; Dtinlap. Uordnn, Bo-ton do; Hug, Vario \ acd Sha on, Lncaa, N Voik, do; Lion. Paiten, fom M Thomas arr 11th; Franklin, Patten, do do 12th; Lincoln, Mc L-llnn, for Bath, do; Francea. Ingrahnm. from Warren, dita: Gazelle, Glover, Wilmington do; Carletou, Jameson, for New Vork, Idg; Clio, Marwick, disg; Hibernia, Sawyer, wailing; F.meline, (Jiffnrd for Bristol, neat day, Ark, Johnaon, from Newburyport, arr 13th; Harriet, Woodbury, Guadeloupe, do; Harriet, Andros, for Providence, ldg; Elizabeth, Bro Us. for Philadelphia, ready; Jaue, Drink WAtr, for Boalou, Idg; Swiss Boy, Btaiadell, from Kennebunk lor Havana; Susan Jane. Stanwood. Portland fordo; Richmond, and Cornelia, Kicketson. from New Bedford, dirg; Cyrus. Woodside, and many others, doubtless including Com Hull, Kav; Freeman IKillman; G H Wright, Benton; Gordon, Culls; Grand Turk. Po ter; Gah u Swretser; Hellespont. Woodbury; Mot o, Williams; Orb, Msley; Ottawa, McNear; Pensacola, Kilgme; Rival, Clark; Triumph, Sh pherd: Two Bro-here, Brown, tic Sid 12th, Sarah, Foste-, Boston; Tuscan Coggius, NYork; 13th. James Bailey, Bishop, Philadelphia. Also in port. Camilla. Wellington, tm NY ok. Idg for Trieste, to sail with despatch; Sul'sua Smith, srr 10;It Com NYork; Meridian, Wing, from Key West, disg.? Gat'n, lor Boston, sld 13th Ot'avamt, PR Feb 8?In port, New Haven, Downs, for N Haven, IS days; P nthea N-chnls, wtg cargo; Don Juan, Sariford, do; Rebecca, McGuire, linn St Thomas, for NYork IS; Port Leon, Johnaon, and Jose. h Loring. one; It C Fisher Johnson, wtg cargo; Trojan, Bucknatn, and Viucmnes, Smito. dieg; Rival. Jewetl, from P>>int Perre, jiisi arr; llanirt, IronNew York, do; Ebro, Cnrtis to sail in IS days; Metamora, Luther, do ill 5; Potomac, Idg; Niuetta. (.'lo rry and Lonisa, Mar tin. wtg cargo; Jaa Francis, Paine, disg; Maria Augusts, from St Thomas, in quay; Diploma, Fly, for New York, to sail from Patillas same day; Tadmor, Coffin, for llilif l 9th. BcnMunt, Feb S?Arr John II Step' ens, Hall. NYork. Cld 8lh. Am Penman, Varina, Camd'ti. Me. In port 18th, Charlts Gray. [Br] Duterbridge for N York, 22d Carpknas, Feb II?In rort, II glilander, Mayberry, for Pro vidence. Ids; Kennebec. Smith. for New \ ork ready: Mentor. Barter, from Newport, disg; Orb. for Portland, 3; Eliza do, S. Washington, do. ready; I himpion, for NYork, do; Hudson, ol Bellas!, wtg. and about 20 others. Porto C.sbei.lo, Feb 3?In pott, Pedraza, Hutchinson, and John, Coffin, unc; Constitu ion, Laiiderman. do. Mamii.i.a, Oct 10?In port, Brnokline, Allen for Salem, abt Nov I; Unicorn, Williams, for Boston, abt Stln Mnntgomerv, Constant do, abt 10th; Robt Pnltford Caldwell, for U Sti'es. Idg; Newbu'V|iort, Janvriu, (from Osliu. arr Oct 13) for do, am Nov 25; 'vprus, King from Fesjee Islands arr 17th, with lHMi piculs beech le mer 70 do sandal wood and 200 lbs tortoise ahel I, Macao, no da'f?Sld Prohus, Sumner. Manilla. Fkkjkk Ist.Aisiis, about Aug 22?In port, Gambia, Wallis nuu picu'9 oeech if mFr. bound to New Zealand, to sell outward cargo thFncF to Manilla St John, NB Feb 14?Arr Merchant. Beck, NYork. Horn* Porta Frankfort, Feb 2!?Arr Union. Gould, of Newburypori, far a trading voyage. Salkss, Feb 24?Arr Romp, Laudrr, (late Clark, who remained) Cayenne. Boston, FfIi 26?Cld Otilna'e, Chapman, F.aat Indies; Colombo, Rogera, Marseilles; K.liia Buig?ss, Bowers,Cienfuaioa; Arcturu*. I'luminer, Trinidad; \Vm (tray, Crosby. N Orleans; Louisa, Snow, Mohilr; Mozart, Reynolds, A'e? ndr a; Monument, Vining. Portland, wiih part of liar inward cargo; flarret Dunning, Savanuab: Cinderella, Burgess. Norfolk Arr 2.11 li. Trifolimn, Kcay, Smyrna; Marblehead, Pitman. Miragoane: 2Vh, Itiiss-ll, Lanphar New Orlaaua; Mary. Bryant, Trinidad; I' nif at. M lrsli.tll, N Y ork. Cld 2Hh, Cliaalina. Ilatnor. Mo bila via Kay West; Mar ha. I'arkar. anil Lawia Bruca, Hiudlav, Baltimore, Henry, Nickcrsou; Oscar, Beataa. and Wilcott, Kv'ar, N York Nbw Bedford, Feb 2"t? Sid Bnlina, (iibhi Baltimore; Pam lieo, Stoddard. aupn> aed for N rfolk; Industry, Brown; Corinthian. Shepherd, and Helen. Perry, N Y< rk. Providence, Feb 24?Arr Louisiana. Marsh, Norfolk; Valoci y, Smith, NVoik. Mil Kmerald. Fraue?vil'a, Matanzra: Orlaa- s. Donne. F.litabeth City NC; l.ycaum, Waterman, do; Law it Spicer, Molt, and Rebecca. Wilson, Bat pahnnnock ; Lapwing, Anderson, and Perfect, H icli Norfolk; 2.'ith, Fhen Pre le, Perkins, New Orleans; Orray Taft, Lorett, nud Uaitine, Crosby, Charleston. Nr.w, Feb 2i?Arr Delaware, Howe, Virginia; Lady Fen wick. NYork. Sid H Walker, Walker, Virgim i; Globe, Seely, NYork. Philadelphia. Feb 27?Arr Jamea Bayley, Bishop,; J Cohen jr McFailan, New Orleans; Si|iiireSi Brothers, Sterlmati. Cienfuegoa; Isabella, Jell'-rson, Mobile; l.'es|iatcli, Corson, Charleston. Cld Palestine, Stephenson. NYork Richmond, Feb 26?Sid Oregon, Corson, and J M Clayton, Harvest, Newerg. Charleston, Feb 2)?Arr Deverauz [Br] Ba'ton, Livern'l; Metha^ [Dan] Anderson, Hull, Kng; Victoria, Brown, Attaka pas. Sid Tower, Leslie West Indi-s. Savannah, Feb 25?( Id Adeona, Hill, West Indies; Cotton Plani Rules, NVork St Marks, Feb 16-Arr Iwnnowna, Slimn; Msgnolia.Smith, and J D Novas. Park, NVork. Mobiif., Fell 17?Arr Cotton Planter, Pratt, Havre; Viola, Emerson, NVork; Gloucester, Proetor. Boston AT THE PARK THEATRE, ON FRIDAY' KVKNINO, March lut, 1844, THOMAS BAHKV, Stage Marauer eft' e above eauhl aliment will, at tha tenueat of unm*iou? fnenda of the Drama, repeat hia LKCTUR". on THK uses jinn.'inirses of THE STAGE, WITH A D F, F K N C K OK TH K DRAMA; And a Reply to the attacka of the Rev. Dr, Beechar, and ollien: tog'ther with a brief review of the t hineie, t4reeiao; Roman. Italian, Brilian and other 'I heater ; Biographical Trarta aud , Anertlotei inatmctive and amuaing concerning Acora.Anthora aud patrona nf Dramatic productiona in all c "ntri'e. ' H (J the gre-t code of Chrialianity presented any thirg in | oppoaitiou to the Hiatronic art, I ahnuld not hare had the te- i mtritv to proceed with my pre<ant undertaking " The Lecture will commence pr-ciiely at 8 o'clock Tick-la !IJ centa?T? he obtained at. the p irctpal Hotala, Munc Storci, and at the boi office on the evening of the Lecture fr?8 S'rc st. david's day. THK. Nvtioral Annntl Feativ?l will h- celebrated hy the HI DAVID'S BKNI-.VOLKMT Hot I FT V of the ci'ieaofNcw York and B-o kly.on Vriday, the lit of March ne*t, at th-Tiroli Saloon comer #f 4,'hvrltoii a d V trick a'a. when will a ao be awarded liv- SiAer Mednla to th- aucceaaf .1 competitora in Muaic and Poetry, To d t to the entertatiinten'i of the evening, th" Mlatere Hntihei , the in rivalled < ainbrian Ilirpiaia, have generouily volnn ee red i heir i-ivcm Gentl-man and Ladtea Ticketa to he had at Hf David'a Hall. Wa'Yeratree-j Ca-rn ryi n Laa'le Oak atre t; Mr. 1) I.. Jonei, iWPeir atrert, and Mr. J O'l llnwrry. faM 1t*rc liEAUTIFUE ENGRAVED | TTISITINOijAKDS -A Pla e and fifty t'-a t'a printelfor only SI 5". the fineat enamrlle l t .a'd- printed from ewrrav d platea. at fifty eenta the jack,at JKHVIrt- Original Cheap l Card K'tabllihmeut, erg Broadwav. neat door to the Tabernacle. _ Ihng raving and Pnti?inB ofeverv ,I.. ~-i ?llimi??lr TTI"- * " " ' * '' f*l& \ ^W^rSING. In il. WAKWKR. Ih? Tr?ii??.>,,r of Wrhrr', Tliwry md \ ' I > hnr Mn?ir.*l Woika, will <)|x ,, w < I?-.? in t ? nrt of X-ntint at Sitfk/.on Weonr??i?v r,,?.nlutfi M.irrli 6'h, *? ( l. ?loek. '1 hn * A u* will eonilit ofbotn ' Initlptn-ii mil Lxlirs, ' V II it will bn niwlo op *cltni??l v of I. ranna who |nv'? a mtuiul ni, it will br pailicoUrly . t0 *|| mch. Ti? ih?n? will rirnl wia Uip luUnetion v?,|| hp tho ninth, uo iiliiNo. til Ilrovlwty. SjPJ tnwl'H CU\ I'ON NTARKKT IN Till! I P. i.n. [PRE iV / V M O H V O I' It E W I IJ M . TO THE LOVERH OF FAT lil.'OF. I U'?!IR*rK>/Kl^K HI - - ?> I'., ii.. T- -m M??.of WPfcrrli??t?r , ri*l < tp.l ..n ' 'ifk? . tf l*? Awon.'T ?t ii tor *\l* on Hitur Uv, . o I pf(j? 1 '.nil I ''lint III ?U'Wp'. Oaf friniida .? tV n-iphc tfaptttuuUily M*V,rtV? ! to kiv?* u* a call ' V jPf-El) ? VALKNTIMIft.* tl% FRFKCH ( VKOI.I. I.A "" i W iwe i.u Krnicii Ui n,| |nw? * I I _ H 'Hihririnf mad,' op* kD'.-a, *t |-f ? /'J3W&* * * D. SAX I OS, Amu, I *?ww?4**i?^ jo John itropt | If tf W ANTED AT OORLINO'SAmrrioui ami French Dintnf SMrjdn <4 aod 66 Naaaan s'reet, three raapectabln younf mni u YVai-ar. N'are u?ed to apply but thoaa who cm ha "?JJ rocunrernded Those who aiwtk French and English w>ll he pr-'e?r.d. P. 8 ? No Plaiufield bills received in the above establishment 128 St*rc A 81TUA t'lON aa dressmaker and aer\n,str*a?, in a retpect*ble faniilv, by ayoumr woman wh i ctn give the b?tt of t r f reacra. aud would make h-rself generally u< ful.<|ui*e | at 22t liieeuwich ureal, third tloor up itairs, aouth side n- the tin tiding. Ie'8 It* in NOTICE. . TF MRS ELIZA L. DU POST, niece of John Sunholm. I II. n M Dockyard, Bermuda, will call ou Tucker U j Lig'itb- urn, 16 B-oau str at, aire will hear of som-ihinit to her ddraMiaae. fit lw*ee j LbCTU^lLH ON PHR.RNOI.mi11?Or, the Laws of ' Man'a Ileimr Preaeuted and Applied to the Ota -eminent of . rharectr ; to Self-lmnrotrement; to the Moral Tniuiug and J li eerrmaiit uf Child,en, incrnniuR their l-iP-hcioal Education ; to Improving rhe Mem -ry ; to M vt iin iry, II-military ' Dasreut, Religion. Mcralt, Politico, Temperance, Knitting 1 Evils ard their Itemed,- I,l-II S V, >, i I..,,... II.II .every M *nd%y ami \Vedn ada* evening, in March anil I April ; *t Thalim Hall, every Thursday evening. anil at . H.i'l'. Buildings. BronkUn,every Friday evening, commencing ' at hair put 7 o'clock and closing with public eiammatiocs, 1 and off" wito iiot'iii.i: rtitv Peru to the first live lec itrei frew, aud a contribution l ken. He-bi'ls. ' Professional i?>in natious and book, at 131 Nassau street, ' New York, KVKlsixua. (20 lm'rc 1 WILL BE PUBLISHED OX THURSDAY, BY MORRIS, WILLIS St CO., PRICK i2S CENTS. J MIRROR LIBRARY No. 10. 1 CONTAINING THE LOVES OF T11E ANGELS, J .lit /'astern Rumoiiee. i BY THOMAS NOOKS'. j THE "Irish Melodie." and ill- "Sacred Songs" of Thomas i Moore will be ready in the course of a f. w days. Th'se , Extras of the New Mirror are be.u'ifullv printed on line white , paper, with new type, aud are af a u iforin size lor hindiiK. J I'hev a e senttoall pans of the United Htatei by mail, at the , usual newspaper postage. Single copi's 1>K cents, ten copies tor a dollar. Tlis numbers can be supplied froui the couimeucemeut of the work. MORRIS. WILLIS k CO , ? f28 2trc New Mirror Office, No. * Ann street. > COLUMBIAN MAGAZINE, I OFFICE 3 ASTOIl HOUSE. THE COLUMBIAN LA I) Y' > AND GENTLEMAN'S MAGAZINE. I Edited by John Inman. pONTENTS of the March i ntnb-r, IBM ? yy ORIGINAL. Honor O'Neil; or, the Daya ef the Armada by Ilrnry William Herb?rt Intercession of the Indians for the Charter Oak of Conuecti- . cut, by Mrs. L H. Signurrev I Eyes for the Blind?The Blind Girl, by Miss Frances Jaue r Crosby, a pupil in the New York Institution for the Blind t Geor.e Washington Wilkins, the Man who lived for Ilia , Country, hy H. H. Weld. Song?'"! wfnenot around the aching head"?by Misa Matildav P. Hunt Th? Brother's Temptation, by T. S.Arthur. Columbus and the Egg, by ti.e Editor. False Ethics of the Law. try the Editor. Caught tapping, by the Editor. 1 The Belles of Ethington, hy Mrs. Mary Ann Clearer*, author of a New Home. Hush'. Huh! I hear a voire ! ? by II. S. Recollections of China, by Mrs C. H. Butler. Re?t in the Grave, by Mrs M Hi. Leon Loud. 1 Washington?A Son .et, bv Richard Grmt White. ' H. me Things of l>e Peranger, by Para Benjamin. | The Poet's Heatt, by N G. ' Eria?A Spirit lticoid, bv Walter Whitman. Htnie bv J. Jr. 1 The Voice of th? New Year, by II. S. Night, by Mrs M. St. Leon Loui. Books of the Mouth. No'ice to Correspondents EMBELLISHMENTS. 1 Caught Napping. Eug'a ed sspr ssly for tha Columbian i Vlawszine, by II. S. Hadd; painted t yjoliu Opit. Columbus and the Egg. Engraved eipresslv for rha Columbian Magazine, by VV. L. Ursmby; painted by Fredrick 8. Ag-te ] E s'hions?Coloured, Five Figures. Musi':?" New England Churches, by Miss Augnsta ] Btowrie. Terms?$3 rer annum in advance; two copies for $3, or one copy two years for $y 00. Single umnbers 23 cents each, delivered in any part o( this citv and Brooklj n, and seat by mail o all parts of the United Htites and the Csnsdts by the Puhi slier. Address, post paid, ISRAEL POST, fe28 ltdy8tltwv*pc 3 Astor House I'llE A mNIVKHS AY DINNER of the GERM AN HO1 CIETYofNew Yoru, will be celebrated on Tuesday, 12th Majrli, at the Ast ir Honse. Tickets to be hid of the following Stewards: ? A. Belmont, 5C Wa'l street. O. You Baur. 15 South William street. J W. Scliulteu, 21 Nans,in street. j A. Roriewald, 16 "road stret. . (i. H Ki sal, 46 Ex hange Place. (). W. I'nllitx, 2d Broad street. , C. A. Hi tug, 9 Br >ad sheet. , Juli?s <ll?im.-4 Broadway. Dr. Tellkarapf, 41 Warren attest. C. R. Uegen, 7R Wa'l alre-t. Dr. A. eicheidt, 327 Bruome street. , fe28 tol2Mr MWIki< *m | rIVdE NEW YORK LEGAL OBSEItVER-No. 24 con- J A tains ar'iele I, Historical Outlines?2. Where tenant niav quit during term?3, Where tenant m?y di'pute landlord's title 1 ?I. Equitable jurisdiction of common law, county reports, ' Ohance.lor Walworth's Court, Didier vs. Dawson, rigtit to plead double? Vice Chancellor Saml'tod's Court, Killows vs. ' Aturricsii Lip* Iosntaoce and Trust o.?Usurv?N Y. Su- 1 pre-ns Court, BriuckcrhofT vs. Brinck-rholT, testain -utary p pera, donatio in rtis causa?Common Plea* N. Y., ' a'ki a vs. nd aton?."ale of ti'rsnnal pro|ier(v?V'ndor's lien?Review? Bl de ihnrgh on l's"ry?English ca?ei in Lord Lindnurst's Court?Vice Ch*ocell *r of England's Court and in the Coutt of Ex henuer?Miscellaneous? Legal Lyrics Publishe J semi- , monthly at 42 Ann St., at $3 per annum iu advance | I 26 It*in SAML. OWEN, Editor. | Till: BELL TAVERN. j THE SUBBC KI hKR haviux to en the ceh brated Hom in Ann street, former,y occupied by J. C. Stone dl. Esq., and h ivii.f reuovated the same, and i ut it iq thorough "inn ?ol open tills u?y, ai'O sonciu a snare >o public patronage. steaks, I (.hops and Itarebits, with all the del c >cies of the arason, served up in the nealeit stt le and at the shortest notice. Private I'aitie* ire itnmod ueii. Kebiusry 28, 1841. JOHN H. WOODOATE. i fr28 3fec ARTIFICIAL TEETH. DR. LEVETT. DENTIST. 2fi'J Broadway, comer or Warren afreet, in ca'ling thr attention of tit* public to the gr. at auccr-H tlint ha? attended kb HUMutiM il lttS (.1 in- , setting teeth on the principle iof atmospheric pr*s?ure, ttltea { ihear nevus of una I- I! inure known the great lUtenority and toe atiifacto'y results which attended thia scientific apidication when pr p-rly understood and mechanically cmried out. . It ia inipoaaib * 10 expatiate in mi ad> ettis-inert on all its merits, iherrfoi* Dr. L inti es all those who ate interested in ex- j changit 'it a bid and pair.lul iota goad and uarful net of teeth, w ituius the success that'attrm's hia method. Cer:i(iratea, teatiinonia'a. and recommendations Irom the very first of our j iiitena, aa well a< the ..pinion of thr Nrw Vork|nrii nu he seen a- Dr. Lr veil's ollire, Ml droadway, llllll HWnM i .ireet f2s lin're DR. ALLEN'S BALSAM OK HORK.HOUND LIVERWORT, and I'LEU KlnV ROOT-t ough., Colds, Pa in in the Si r, I', of the Heart, Shnitnessol Ur-ath, <nd Consumption, aetm to vani h utiileil its use. In rrcent caaea it '"ay be said n?ver to I' il Price $1 ill ?? b-rite. DRV IN HA v- BERT 8 RENOVATING < PILLS from Ormauy.?'i h -y remove anil pievrnt those oh- I i rucii-<n> con mon o .ing'e or mi.ri- ' female., and will ill all 1 ca.e- rritore the natural c nditiou. Price $1 |ier box ' WARD'S VEGETABLE HAIkOIE. tor ihe restoration and growth at' Hair, giving health and iirau y, and preventing taldueaa wi I turn ihe liair gr doa'ly d.irk and m?ae it grow luxuriantly in a very tew days Priee 71 rents per bottle. i?R A'/'KI NhiiN'S VEGETABLE I.OLDEN OINT- J ME NT. acerta n cure f r a I .cro/'ulouaerilptio-a. itch chap- , ped l-smis, salt thrum, tetter, ring worm, scild hrad, aoreeara in chil.-reu, sore ryes, ami cracked lipa. Pure 10 c?nta pir . box. HERCULANEUM PILLS?They aaein to have but one miversa! action, that la, to search out di.eiie.and cor* it no utter wherr at-d, or how long it has ranted, whether it tr III abreis Iirevnig upon the lungs, heirt, liver, sp'een, ptnrraa, I or stom.ich, or nl. er or raiicer upon the trunk or limtn Price c i M i r Ip x All the above for.ale at K. M. Ouion'a, 127 Bowery, corner (it and air et. f28 3m*er D<JC'T<?K JORDAN'S PRIVATE SPECIFIC PACKAGES, L^'Hl THE CURE of aeciet direa.ei, offer advantage, not " possessed bv any other aiiverlned remrdy, to wit : 1st They ion'a'11 every thing req liiitefor mterual and external tine 2.1 appropriate rrnirdi a for every symptom Id. Thev nra accrm HUicd by the Monitor, a treetis* u|iou aerr?t nal lilies, witn lull directions and advice 4th. The patient iff-ctaaaafe. permaueut and an ret cure, without co aultalioucr xpoinre. ith. Oue pncsige rff?ct. a cur?; but if in any rate other m-diciuei sr.- n qutr -n, they nre (applied wi'hoot charge. Ml '1 tie patient is not subjected to I ns ol tune, or other inconvenience. And lastly, the Monitor points out tlie only rncda >f pre -ntion No 1, is for the core of Gonorrhoea, Gleet, Snnical weak- I nesi St-. No 2, for Venercsl due mi in all itsstages. No 3, . r... t-m... ah aim:.? The Monitor aioue is 40 cut*. 1 ha packages complete, t'< each. Securely forwarded to postpaid remittances. Sold only at Hint Store, CO Princ* St., corner of Marioa, it few doors nut of Nib o's N. B Private entr nee 09>f Mario * streer, continuation of Centre, where Dr. Jordau m?y be confidentially consulted, f 28 nn*ec MEDICAL AID. ! PRIVATK Mrdiral Assistance. with in<uy people, is & eery 1 important console..vioo. All who may thus desire ' o con>ult a Professional liieud, should ly all means ob'aiu and read t the hook celled the ' Hubicou." 1'lie luurlh*edition, which I i s been recent'y published, is much improved, and enlarged to nrwly ilueu tim's its hirm- r site and embraces many saltject* end diseases not before alluded to tint wil be especially interesting to invilids who for many rejsons tnty possibly happen to eed tdv.ce priv t |y. The woik it writ'eu by I)r flrrgorv, who ia still in the practice of hia profession a' No 11 Barclay stieet m ar the Perk. Tim various forma of bodily and mental weakness, incapacity and suffering, winch come under the head of private maladies, are faithfully delineated, and the best practical method ol obtaining sound health ; it is a work plainly and practically adapted to the use of all those who may unfortunately need itslrienils ly assistance, of whatever age or ses. That portion of the work tre .ling upon impotence, barren' ess. and a certain destructive habit of youthful indiscretion, from whence results "conesp tutioual debility," will bv found both useful and iiistnictine to *11 it i* * friendly yet ailent monitor, when- annaunj or **?nalilchility t,.i? made threatening inroad* upon tin* health I or cnnititutinn, and point* out not only the mean* of uriK, Silt the certainty of matoration. The work I* written hy * . phv*ician of riperienrn, (wh" 11 atill in practice in thifecity) j It ahowi how imnrnti and other* are dnrirrd by thr out . ward phviic il *|m oorancr - how thr attenuation of tin" frame, , nalpitalinn of the heart, derangement ol the nrrTou* *1 atrm, cough, indication, and a train of aymptnm* indicalire of cotnmmptinu, ,ve oft-n ancribed to wrong centra, when in realiiy tliey am thr conaeouencea of an alluring and p* rniriom ' urartice alike de?inirfi?e to thr mind and hod v. | Thr pricr of thr book la thr ?amr a* | heretofore St rrnta. Kor eale by thr anthnr, at hi* matdeiirr, II Barclay at, nrar Broadway, and at the following agrucite, which are drug r atorr* Saudi' pVo. 79 Kultou at, cor. of (fold at. 'a, No. St> William at, nrar MaidrnLanr. No ? Kulton at. cor. of Water at. I)a?id .-an la ScCo.'a, 77 K.aat Droadway, cor. ol Market at. ( l)r Churches' Diapcnuarr, No. Id# Sowrry, cor. of Spring . at-wt Dr. A. W. Wliitt'a, No. It# Urlancy afreet,comer of Suffolk atrrrt. Chilton'*, No 89 Canal at It will be arm in a sealed envelope to tlioar who may drairr * toordrrit. " Consultations by mail will rrcrirr a ahar* of Dr. (fa careful and t romyt atten>io hia chiram am aa ni? n: hi anch caara. * The (Jook will hr aeer by mail on ffeiot ol one dollar, and | the return poa'age will hn paid out of what remains over the A | price of the book. I 28 Im*ec c spring fas moss * ? DOR thr aceommi li.ion of Maunfietareri abroad, the " HTYI.K of I fentlrmrn's H it* *>r ti e ensuing Sj ring will , lie fjrwardel to Ihom on ipli- tini |>? p id, to I lEt'tVkK), * ,V?>* i and 5 Aato> Mom#. N. H ?fJentlmnn can I* *upplpd with Itati nf the new stj/'e, ?t otir counter. _ New V nrk, Keh. IS, Igth fit I -ia'rc \ ROBERT HOPE HART, ? IV POUT Kit, hi VO. 11 NJISMIT STHFET, COIISEH OF PINK, ,* (Af ^ Rd lor aale, in l.ita to anil pntchaaera, Scotch Ale, w Loudon ai d Dnnlin Brown R".nt, Scotch and Iriah tt hit- tv Dirk i ol Pale llrandi,. Madnin, Hhe-ry, I'nrt, Cham- th l I1*'*Spirkling llock C:uret, Ba< All of the heat quality. M I I 21 imtt*ec ?* AUCTION SALES. THOMAB UKLL, Auctioneer (Stere Ho. 35 Ann itreet.) WEDNESDAY At lk>< o'clock in the sales roomIn cntinuat>on,large sale of valu ible furniture of all deacruio'i. coiapnsi ig a desirable assortment of everything io the lousekerpo g Hue. Alio, J00 gal' Loudon Dock tiiu, io iinali packages; one nperiurgola wa ch. Also, a larae auditiooal lot of second hand furniture, carpelu(, kitchen furniture, glassware. Sec. Alse, a large additiouel lot of second hand furniture, carpetnf, kitchen utemils, glasaware, Ike Also, the furniture ol a fani'ly giving up housekeeping, earwig, rugs, oil cloth, loukiug gl.sses, and all kiuils of liouseleepiug anie'es. At II o'clock nre-isrly, without reserve, one splendid piano brie. wi.h all the improvements, and a most beautiful rich oi ed organ suitable either church or pirlor?Mr Hock, t rill In* in atieiidance to give a description of the power, Ike. ol he instruments. Bale positive. 'J HIII18DAY At idK o'clock, at the sales room, Extra Sale of Valuable kurniture of all descriptions, from Itmiliis removing and under othar circumstancea, worthy alten ion. Also, an entire stock ?f first rate sofae, sofa beds, mahogany ticking and parlor chairs book c?se?, bureaus, carpets. rami/ ngs, glass ware, be,lite,ds, and a large variety of choice I'orsiurr, iu tlie upper sale room. N. B.?Every facility will be atfyrded for the disposal of merchandise of all descriptions. Business will be carrieil on m ; busiuesa like manner. Saba will be regular, and return! ironipl. ID this eatablisluneiit. now under the charge tolely of THOMAS bh-LL. 34 Anu atreet. SPLENDID PAlNTIN(tS.-CIlA8. S. SMITH will tell ^ to-morrow, Evenii g, at 7 o'cli ck, lit the Granite Jiiildiug, corner nf i lumber street anil Broadway, ? superb e election o> I'r lord Paintings. by the old mutrri, the property of iV. Krai (juin?*t, Esq., who hai tparrd nop-irs or eiprnte to Hate th?collection superior to any beretoloreoffrri d at public m'e m l"i? c< untry. Nowreidvfur exainiuatinn with c?tao-ue. T^egallery will b- I ghud thia evening for the rtc pion of voitori. Admission fre\ f 2(1 lt*rc I? \UllAo iNtiM at AUCTlON.-LKVY k spoonkH la u.,1 irl| ou Wed Iftd?v,'l Ilia Kve img. tt ?even o'clo k, it I5I Uroadwav.a Urge collection of Eugruvinis,'among which ire unity of liiywartlV, alio, allot of tine animal and other line Engriv ngt, for crap-hooka, portfolio! and portfolio stands, with virions fancy an idea. fM If re FURNITURE SALES rIE SUBSCRIBERS, in addition to their Real Ei'ate Basinets, are prep red to attend to Salei of Household Farinure durina the i-niuuig eamu ANTHONY J. BLEECHKR St Co. Auctioneer!, (28 3trc (No 51) No. 7 Broad it, near Wall str-et. '"NAM ELI AM AND OTHER FINE PLANTS AT ALUu TION ?LEV Y St SPOuNER will tell on Thuraday Horriug at II o'clock, at 5t bro man, , a li'iuliful collncion ol Cameliaa, Ar. t'eta, Orauaei, Roaea of urw aorta, with ither fite Plants, iu prime order. Msleol Plops every Thurtday. I>28 2tB ttl' HAKI) VAN DYKE, Jr. Auctioneer EIGHT Valuable Building Lot! on street, between 2nd and 3rd Avenues?Antheny J Bleacher St Co. will tell at motion on Wedneicay, 28ih of February, 184I, at 12 o'clock, it th-March tuts' Eschauie? All tho-e II va'tiible lees of gronnil ti'uaie on the northerly tide of 28th a reet, I etween the 2nd and 3rd Avenues. The itrert is r gulated, paved, curbed and guttered, and lamn posts reeled, and nil as.rssmeuls All the property iu the l'ighborlinod is leitricted against nuisances ; tlie ground it ei: I lent fur cr| era, a id the improvements in tin* vicinity are food. They ere au object to builders for the erection of a jlock of bui'iliugt. For further particulars, nrply to the auctioneers, No. 7 Broad itieet, i ear Wall street. I'2fi 3l<s rrc A CARD. [HAVE taken the Store No 91 Wall street, for the purpose of transacting .. GENERAL AUC'i ION AND COM MISSION BUSINESS Consigumen's solicited. Sales (uarnutted and cashed, oradvaucet uiade when rrquir-d JOHN S. BETTs. I beg leave to refer as follows :? Messrs. L. '' Hoffman Si Co. Mnstrs, Thompson k Adam*. Mr. Moses Taylor 1 h'er iinan, Nash Si Co. Messrs. MpofTiril, Tileston Si " War en Si Briutuall. (o Mr S.T. Nicoll " P. Harmony's Ne- Messrs. Dater, Miller k Co. phrwt Si Cu. " Sturges. Dennet k Co. " Talbot, Olvphant k " C. k L. Deuisou k Co Co. " Th-o.VietorfcDuck- " Edwaid O Fail? k " De IVrstrr k Whit- " Babcock k Co. manh. f24 2wis*m RICHARD VAN DVKE, JK, Auc ionwr. PEREMP rOKY WALE?'t o close a concern with an Insurance Company.?AN 1 HO V Y J. oLr.ECKEK k CO. will sell at public the highest bid nr.on Wednesday tSt*' dav of February, 1811, at 12o'cl >ck,at the Merchauta' El:hange? TWENTY-FOUR LOTS OK GROUND, embracing five in ihe r-econd Avenue with the corner of 25th street; and nineeeu lots adjoining, ou the sou'h tide of 25th street, between the id and 3d avenues, and encoding to within I in feet of tlie 3d iveuue. the lots are about 98 feet deep. Sewers are eg'.ended up :he 7d and 3 avenues. The street is high, solid rrooud, with :he Croton water laid through the same, and built up on the lorth tide, opposite to ihis property. Seventy-five per crut miy emain on mortgage, or the purchasers may arran ge with the */uiiii?iuy vu uunu, ?uu imifw per cent remain Ol me ptl.cna r norey and thiee-fourlha of coat of building additional on nortgagr. Mapa of the Lou an I Plana of Building tobehadatthr Auctp urer'a Office, (alter Thursday neat,) No. 7 Broad alter I. lear Wall atrrrt. f 12 to2*rc BY DAVID PARKS, 154 PEARL STREET, this day, at ?j o'clock. ALAR ;K Invoicrorhanny (foods, couaialiug of fifty pa. Spiitfe Id Handkerchief*, Tunger do. fancy ailk Drrai IfaudIrrchirfa, B'oclir Slianyla. Spool < ntton, Corart Lacet, Bone luspeuiler liuttoua, Tin do, Collars, Su?|widrra. 8rw ug Silk all colora, Dressing Comlia, Splr Coinhs, Brad Purses. Nritdo, Uaga, 1'aprr Hangings, Cloths,Caasiinrrrs, Diaper,Sir. 117 lin*ec JIUW DBICSITOM UUnUL'UTV FOR S ALE A T A I! V T ION. m thk Mansion iiouhk and oiiuunds ok ffiTllOMAH K. DAVIS, Ks'i and the Br.LMONT and JvAuRIOHTON HOllHr.S, at New Brighton, Sial-n I I n,d, will b? |>emnpt?rily aoll, a' public auction, at the Merchant*' Lschauge, bv HALLIDAY St JfcNKINS, on 'i iie?d*y the 76th day nf March neat, at 12 o'clock, if not prev ional y dispone I ol at pn rale aale The Manaiou llouar none of the m^st apleudiil cstablishmeuU iiLll>r Uniled Stale*. The main building atanda in thr ceutre of lour or live ac es, aa now eucloaed. It is very eitenliveand commodioua; the main walla a e built ofioablr, the whole surrounded bv piazz p ,aud all fioiabrd in the heat manner. whole oftlie Biy of i>ew York. extending up th* North and Last Rivers, New York, Brooklyn, the Lout Island Skate, through the Narrows to the Ocean, and a I ante portion of New Jersey. The Belmont anil Brighton lloum are both extensive buildings, very p eaavilly situated. nearly oppositethe Steamboat Landing, and well calculated lor large boarding houses or hotel a. Kor a diagram and further particulars, apply to H. CURTI8S, flStoMrf6*ec 49 Wall street. tl.OWKK PART of a ir<-i,te-1 House wanted in a mat str-et near Broadway, nor higher tip than strret Toss ssim tale, iinmrdiat'ly up to 'he first of M?y, or bly for the whole nest year The advertiser will prove I good in ant to a family having few or no ehildrru, and of purr tiihili. Addfst by lett?r .VI. L. Hera'dnffie* UH't'm PUBLIC HtiUHK H)ll SALK-CRUMMLf-H , II AI.L, situated No 410 Broadway, an Id rstaliliahed uid w. ll known House. The proprietor havimc another iac , cannot devote hit atteu'ion to this una. Any peraou ariihinic to , lirrha-e, a rood inducement i ow offers. In ,uire in the premises. M. I), WINOHKL. fe?? 2i * rc | ~ O - LV LOOK AT TUT8 ; anTsee the as:T t mushing low prices i,f BOOTa and sHOKSwrtPP^^if M that are selling off at the New and Kuhionabh- oo t d JAt Shoe Store, comer of (rroenwioh and,Murray atrec !, , SrwY, rk,);ciil|enien's fine h re ch and native rail II "la double i <1 all kI solea. fiotn 51 to $:i iO, $i 10 S ' b'J and V> per fiair. Al-o a large osnrtTi nt of gen Irm-n s, tioy s' aud youths lite : ilf and Is11> Shoes, of the l*r~?t siy'e and best materials; there s also a large a,soil . eut >! low priced Boots and Shoes. |e gted snd sewed, for (f p'rnon, boys and youths, aud at prices h?i will come witln i the reach ot a! classes The Ladies of New Yorli and its vicinity will find it to their olvantage to rail at ihia rstvb'ishrnrut and see th most ap eulid assortWivnt of gaiter Pools, Buskins, Slippers and Ties, rif ill the different colors and most fashionilile styles Tlieo* is inV quantity of Dve shoes and waterproof lliokins, gent'enen'a atnr ped, wiih leather hotioms ; Indies'do; Moeessirs mil I ml11 Hii i bers, furrvd t loin ami figured; misses and ehilin n'i, of ill ki ils, in abui dinea aril eIi ap l)o..'t mistake the number, 2M irren ieli street, eorrer of Mii'rav st WRIOHr, CALHOUN It CO. f- 2H Im'ec r PT'ern e lvin -oars- noirn,,, , WILL be received at this office unt'l quarter before 4 P.M. on Thursday, he 20lh i> stsnt. Ponage rm be pan) in advance to any part of Ore it Britain the ("oiitiurt, or to India. PAIiKOTr k UO . ?0 Wall at. Half ths usual rate* only ar<" charged fo: amalt packages to Boston li- otir Daily Kaprrsi. f87 3ti?*ri' TO THE PUBLIC, MKH. (> M It CO., TOBACCO AMD SNUFF MANUFACT HKllH. VO. UO WAT Kit STREET NKAll WALL STREET. Vary respectfully inform their fronds and customer* 'hat t' err ia a la g-' circulation ol counterfeit and spurious T". laeco aid Sunn selling 11>r- tigi. the city and country by f*4 ara representing it aa h*vog been iiianulactnrrd by na. 1 he tamps are made for deception, the quality being inferior to tlie tannine anicle. That no one may herniated h" inch imposition, or suppose hit we I ck or fail in otif esertings to manufacture ,.nr uiiinl ;ood articles, we have Ikcii indncrd lo Rise this notice to our rienda and customers, a* a caulioii against maopi'i'ntelion. IVe pledge nurselvss io a pa re uo eipenae or "trriion to minuaeure, ua heretofore, the v-rv beat articlfi, and no oiher. N. B.?'1 he only | eraoni anthnrised by in to anrplv our ensiimera at their iM et, are Samuel H. Hoitera and Smith Hloinr. All Rood a manufactured and aold by ua are warran no, and if lot approved of, ran he returned and the money refunded. Hold on aa reaa?nabl? term* na any article! in the ai-ove line, ,f tne same quality, inoiufictur'd in the United Sialea. Mrs. O. B. It CO. 110 Water .trwt, ffllmi<*in near W ill street. TALIAN HINGING, PIANO FOItTK AND FRENCH. \AR. ULLMANN, Pupil of 4'harles t'cerny, com nine* to "A teach einyinir and the I'iano Forte in this city and Brook vn, on inodera e funs. First rate reference, given to many lis iiiRUiahed families, wboae naniea may be learned ?n appliatiou at hn residence, 7(1 e Irn afreet, oppovite the Arsenal. V1, It 1.. .? >. r - - . .. v > > ? r irnrn wrHinin ir, the tcrnnd dilion of whirh ia in ihf rnorwol publication, tenchra likeviae the Kreneli and Italian Lan*dage?, which h* naet during in Muaic l.imina, if wialied Aebnota and Co|lrn*a attended, f8 lm*jgb _____________________ ! 1M) (iLEK 81 NfJk'.llS.?Juit publiahed, the 4th No. of the Quartette, containing Glnea by Hpohr. Wfhir, he Knr i ale by C. b'. Hoyer, No. 301 Btoadway, and f. lliley, No. St i ihathaui a*reef, N. B An Kurt ouinher, cnnttining a favorite Kngliah }!* . will he shortly ianned for gratutliiua delivery in r-ui<Inr i ubacribera |30 lm"rrc HAVANA 8EQARS. -ft M1LI.E 8KUAR8, roniimni of La Norma and Pencurell, of beat qnvlity, now lani'mi from baron* Hapid? anal* by C. b\ OHOSIIMM, f2f 3tia*rc 30 Platr atreet. ^TOTIf K?An application will bemad* atth*pr*?*nt 8*?N non ot ili*Louilalnrc of J r Btatn Of Niw If orb. for the innrporatinn ol a Benevolent Society in thecitv and e umy of lew 3 orh. to be railed "The Noah Annotation of the 8om ol l*i,fvolenc*. ',B I'a 'Kw e KOil I.IVKKPOOL? Rrwnltr P?ckrt of the ?ih d.WfVMirch The aplmdid p.rket aln PATRICK Hr.NMmKh tV, ?'at 1 t n Del no, burthen 1(03 tons, will nil na l>nve It, r rei'iil ir d ty The aeenmmodatloni f?r eabin. ier?nd cabin and at* ran* %?a?-iueri lie nnanrpaaaed by any yenil in rort. Peranti* withit to 1 inb rk ahould tnvhe early a p'ir itio 1 on lio rd 'ool of I ndeii Lane, or to I McMIIKRAT, W'j I'ine ?trt?t, enr of South atrer t Pe'tona wuli nt to need f,,f their 'ri nrla ran have them '1,light ,mt by the above ?h,n nr any of the regular packets aail g wiekly, bv applying at aVive, lr by letter toat paid. 1'. 8 ?Draftt ?t aiR',1, f ir laejn or amnll man, are drawn bv e anluer.brr on inn Provincial Bank of Ireland, payable at e r reanetlive IJrar ehea thmnyhniit the Country. Alan, on eurt Mpoooer, At wood A Co., Bankeri, London, piyabl* in ery town 1# <*rn?t Britain. f?i> toMdrc 7~ AMUSEMENTS. I'ALMO'S N. Y. OPERA UOUDE. CHAMBERS STREET. Admisaion One Dollar, to ill parts of th? House. Doom op* at 7 Performance to commence at Kail prut 7 Dayt of Ptrfurrnanct?Monday, IFrdnrsday, and Friday, SECOND N1 OUT Ok LUCIA 01 LAMMERMOOR. WEDNESDAY EVR73TRG Sel7 -8th the performance will cot> inencc with. <2<1 nine.) . J, . LU ,A Dl LAMMERMOOR Lucie ill Lamiurrmour, S.tur of Lord Ashtou. Sig'a Borghese Lord Henry Athtor \ Valtellira . Sir Haveuawood HigLP.rcizi l ord Arthur Bucklaw -. (sir F Alberusti Mitimon, INitorofLuca Sir A Vaver Norman N N. UT^* For full particulars, see bills of the 4aay. Bos Office opru froni 9 to 4 o'clock N. B.?The Theatre on the off nights will be let for Concern or Lectures. CHATHAM THEATRE AND ClltCUH. CONDUCTED BYH~R(JCKWEr? A O. R STONECOMPLIMENTARY BENEFIT TO HIRAM FRANKLIN. THIS EVEN1NU. Feb. 28, . erformauces to conusance with Rural Co1 tre Dance After which various acts of Horsemanship, Oymnaslics.Coriir V/ktas.f* Vass lino Aleio... n.r,llu..u. lie AI er which John Sinuh will I) iuce and Sing, To conclude wiin Royal Masquerade of Gustave La Grind. miTOlIUl,C'S ULV ittl'M T11 J? ATUL THIS EVENING, Fehru ry 28?The performance* wiJl comnirune with CINDERELLA. Felii Mr* Timm The Baron Pompolino Mr Nickeusoii Pedro Mr. Holland Cinderella Mia* Tay lor To conclude with NKW KOOTMAN. BOWK11Y AfllPIUTHKATKK. BENEFIT OK MR. THORNETH1K EVENING heb. 28?The performance! will commence witn RICHARD 111. A'ter which, CARPENTER OK ROUEN. Horsemanship, Vaul'ing, Gymnastics and Sports of the Ring, hy ihe Eqne-trian Company. The who'e to conclude with blue jackets. (T7~Boiei 25 Cents Pit 12)4 I ant* L>onri open at half pail 6?lerf.nin . re at 7 o'clock. AJHkCltlCAN A1U8KU1I1, AND PERPETUAL FAIR EVERY DAV \>D EVENING THIS WEEK. Laat Week positively of THE VOUNO WIZARD OK T11E NORTH, S.GNOR KKANC18CO. MISS BLANCHAliD, the celebrated and only female juggler in Aineiica, i* engaged. Siguor MONTI V EDO, with hia uuirrrially admired ITALIAN MARIONETTES. Mr. T. G. BOOTH, the celebrated comic singer. H G SHERMAN, the beautiful Ballad binger, and LA PETITE CK.M ITO.ihe niimiied Dm,sense I'lieGlPSEV QUEEN, the mo?t surprising Fortune Teller in the world, may hcaprivately consulted at all times. Perl'oruiauce, every evrmug at 7>4 o'clock, aud Wednesday and Saturday afternoons st 3 o'clock T'Cke's 25 rents?cnildren under ten years 12>? cents. Twen tv-livecrnls extra for private consultations with theGpsey Queen. fllre ~ GRAND CONCERT, ipO BE GIVEN AT CONCERT HALL. No 406 BroadJ way, on Thursday Ev'ng. Feb ?9ih, IM44 by the Member* of PAL wO'S (late) COMPANY. The cumpauy consists ol the following ladies aud gsutlemen MRS. PHILLIPS, MaS. MlARPE. MISS BRUCE, MR. LVNCH, MR. KAVANAH, MR. KNEAS?. MR. HOLMAN. PROGRAMME Part I. Solo and Chorus?Young Love triumphant smiling By the Company Song?The Maniac Mr Kneass Suns?The Sailor Lad Miss Bruce Song?A Brave Bold Cr * Mr Kavauah Chorus?Away to the Mountain By the Comiwny Hong?To the V ine Feast M s Shari a Ballad?The Maid of Llangollen Mr Lynch Song?Woodman Spare tint Tiee Mrs Phillios Duel, C omic?Tea aud Turu Out Mrs Shaipe and Mr Kneass Sung, Comic Mr Kavauah Churns?Yes, Brothh-s yes, it is the Miduight Druin B v the Company PaTTh. Chorus?Now Prepare, from the Opera of John of Paris By the Company've Wandered in Dreams Mrs Bharpe and Mis Phillips Bong?I have Fruit I hare Flowers Miss Bruce Kong?My Bister dear Mr Lynch Song?I'm Siity-two MrsHharpc Chorus?Daudy James, with original verses- -By the Company Favorite Bong Mr. Phillip* Bong, Comic?Take Tea in the Arbor Mr Kara- ah New Comic Duet?Second time Mrs Btwrpe and Miss Brace Finale?Stay, prythee stay, the eight is il-rk- By the Company TICKETS ONE BHILLINU-To be had at the door. Doors ooen at half-past 6?commence at half-past 7 o'clock, f 28 Jt?rc CONCERT CLINT GXN HALL. MR. P. DE LE HEE respectfully announces to hiiffriends and the public li's intention ol giving a Vocal and Instrumental Coucrri, at the Lecture Room, (< lint 'u Hall,) corner m.?, ?.?, Assist -tl by the f llowiug innsical la eut :? MISB M OLOIN, MR. CuoK. I MR. OLDFIKLD, Anda tiENTLEMAN AMATELR. Mr. Oldfuld will preside at the Piano ho-te. PROOKA M M E. Past I Overture?Piano Forte. Mr Oldfield Oieniug Chorus, By the Company So' g?Pilot oil the deep, Oentletnau Song?Brother looathan, Mr t;ook Hong?'I h? a|iell it bp km. Miss M Oloiu Souk?A lile en theorem wave, Mr l)e Le nee Hong?Why don't the Men impose, Mamma I Oentleinan Dnei?Corns brave (he Sea with ine I ve. Miss M Oloin and Mr De Le Rec Song?The Indian Hunter, Mr( ook Sons ?My Fattier Land, Miss M Oloiu Song?A Home that 1 love, Mr De Le per Tart II. Overture?Piano Forte Mr. Oldfield Opeuinv Chorus By t!.e Company Hong?Th? Wolf Mr Cook Hong? Echo Song Mia M, Oioin Snug?' nine like taa ill tl r a'bor .Mr De Le Bee Hong?B-i.exth cool hades reposing Oentle.u. tl Duet?My Pieity Page Miss M Oloiu and Mr l)e Le Itee 8-ng?Huzza for Co'umbia M . Cook Song?I ilioulil like Ij marry, (hv dmre) Miss M Oloiu Hoiu?Our way acroas the Mountain, ho! Oentl-man Song?And will th*u we-p when I am low Mr De Le I tee hiuile?etvr Spangled Banner By theCumpauv (T/'Tirkets Twenty-five cents each?To be h d at the door Doors open at kail' out ail. Concert to coiiiinmce at half paat 7 o'clock, precisely. N. B.?No loaiponementon acronnt of the vreallier The proceeds to be given to the Second Ward American Republican AMQciatiou Ir2? Sitae ~ TENTH ANNUAL " Mil ITAUV AVIl CIV'IP Tl A f T N E IV Y O R K 'H "li ASS BAND. '"Phe Mfrnbfn of the New Vork Brass Baud re |H*ctfully inA form their friends nd the public ill t th ir Tenth Annual Military aud t'ivio Ball will t>- given at the Apollo Saloon on FRIDAY KVRNINO. March Ist During tM imenniiaiou, the Baa* will Appear in full utiifoim,and perforin the following pieces of music, written expressly for ih s occasion by C. 8 Urafnlla, ttu Duetto for '.wo Comets (irnfulU Cavalry Galop l.ahitzki Quickstep, dedicated to the Heventli Corapiny of National Guards, Captain Denyke Urafulle Tickets. admitting a gentleman and ladies, one dollar eachcan be obtained from a??y member of the Baud, at the Apollo 8a loon, or at N. Loihia ?' , corner of Walker and t entre stieefs { //" Military gentleineu are larticul&ily reqseated to appear in uniform. f26 5t*ec FMiKK EXHIBITION n- ORIGINAL rAINTlNOS V17, Sal valor Rota. Vernet, Andrea, ?>uerisno, Sic.?Apply 2f> WalkeT street, every day from 12 to 3 o'cloek. f26 3t*m .. .... w IJAtik l llhATKh -i lie pttidir are rrspecituliy informed tint this Thoalrt will reopaa the action on Monday. March 4th. Various are in prei aratiou, aud Will speedily lie announced The Ladies sad Osttl?m si fifed *t this est ibliehmsftsro veciMted to meet Is the Greta Room, on 1 harsday neat, Feb. fgtfi al II o'sloefct A. M. TH08 BARRY, i f? totf re 8u*e MsMpsr, THEATRICAL W( ?IK h TIIK I HATH A M TIIKA I Kfi will op< n on or about th* 20th Mlfch. All aprhcntion* 'or eugtgeiuents pan!) will receive immcdiate attention. if difrcted to W H. Deverm I'roprotor, or J. M. Scott, Acting M linger, Bin j32 Poaloffiee, I New Vork. The propiietM or tin ay.i.t ? ill lie (. at hi I office IQ the Thee Ire between the hour* of IU and 2 end 1 to V I to ttleid toall t.U'iuena relatiir to the nitening. During hr la.eaa, the Theatra will be enmit etely re-decoraied and reuova led by that einioeiii, G. 11KI L(?X, and mauy alb ratiom tending to the comfort of the patroua of thia famine eaiabliah ment W s. DKVkKNA, jlltfrir Prop letor. palmo's(latK)?;o><;kkt and tOKKtic rooms FOR BAI.K. CORNER OF RROJiDWAYANT) CHAMBER ST. rrilK FIXTURES. 8T(H K AM) GOODWILL of thia X important buiineaa, the in at prominent a'd l>e?t aland <n New York, corner oft lumber .tieet an i lirea'way, to be dla poaed of. Apply on the premiara, alter 10 o'clock, A. M. The ciuaa of diapoaal la the proprietor I ei . '':ged to retnrn to Kmc land. fIT |W*N MUSfcT KAMMKKF.R, Profeaaor of Muaie, reapectfully ' announcea to hia lulrona and the pnblie in generil, tli l ha Inta removed fioin M t imb) to Ik'. Laurena atreet, where all ordera for hia Cotilinn Uand to iierfoim at Patten klc. in or nut of town, will be receiredand promptly attended to. Ordera for J K. will alao be leceiyed at Mr. W. Dnhoia'a Mnaic Store, 28V Broadway. fit Irn'rrr T(? AM ATKURS ON THE FLUTE It. BARTON, (pupil of llie late C. Nicholaou.) reaiwet lully beg a to announce tliat it la bia intention to give int atrnclieo on the h lute. Mr. Barton profcaaea to teach accn'l It''* to thr inrUiod pnraned by the orlehr.iten inaafer, t;ha.. a Nicholaou. k ,.r terina nnd particalara. application may be made at Hicnnr Oodont. .Viatic. Store, llroadwav, and Mr. Sindart'a Piannfnrir mneolaetory jiT lm*rc MUSIC FOR PARTIES MES8R8 O. WF.ISS It KR. <IRA MUSS, Profear.ira of . respectfully announce t?? their p*trou?. in' Isdics u?d gent If mm ol New Yo.k and its vicinitv, fhn' ihfir OofllIon Band is pvt|>an>d to piny thf in?>st adorned and fuhionst Matte for Private Parties, flofiffs, dir . _ . Orders rftrived end puncfnully attended to at 2$ Uflaney tt J14 1 in *111 X EW To r"|Tv~OC A L S Ol' I E T Y , , F. C. TUCKER, F.SQ. PRESIDENT. rrilK suns' RIBKRS .ire reap?ftuillv .nforined thit in ^ eonieuu nee of a bere lyment In tlw famil y ol ihe I'reaidene, thr Second ? om rt a p. alponed until I bui?day.7ib M uch, at Ihe \Va.;iin?i o lliitel.wbee (lor Ibe drat time ? tin. money) will 'a I rfo .ned a I'aal'I K';"1",. r two < horn aea; the 42,1 t aalrn and an A> Mam by Mendelai.Um. kc, fcr. hull latin ra m aintll hilla. Term, of S bacrt| tioo lor the remaining three C unrertaufthe at-aton ill), entitling Ihe auhacriber to hoot Tit k?l? to e?ch I t.ta fir rutin-* -l 'he Mtuic atorea of Meaara. Aiwill it Co ' Otlboiak Co., S I I't k ' o 4 H^t'ltlit a. d at the re.ntence 0f F. W. HuHlf.R, Secretary, f27 It'ee. SIKranhlin atreet. PORTUGUESE FEMALE PILLS. THF.SK far fainad and eelahrated 1'illa, from Pnrtngal, am we perceive, to be nhtaineil in thialeooilrr. Sea ad??tl>aa m-et on tiia laat eolnnaa* i? jggasBa BY THE SOUTHERN MAIL. POSTSCRIPT. Important from Wuhlnfton. Dy our private intelligence last evening, we learn that some singular rumors are prevalent at Washington, relative to certain defalcations discovered in the accounts of some government officers is New York. We wait for further particular*?but such a finalt we expect just aa certain as that banks breaa and defaulters are respectable men. Several distinguished literary, philosophical, polineal, und religious characters, from New York, are figuring at Washington. Among themare Ma|or lack Downing, Levi D. Slamm, James B. Murray, Barnabas Bates, and Jonathan D. Stevenson. Things must lie coining to a head by and by. Washington. ( 'orreipondence^ofthe Herald.) Washi.noto!*, Feb. 26, 1844. Mr. Dayton finished his speech in the Senate upon the Oregon question. He called particular attention to the fact that the original Convention lor the mutual occupation of the Oregon had received the sanction of the Western membera almost unanimously. Not, however, of Mr. Benton, . who was not then a member of the Senate?but it did receive the vote of one of the Senators from Missouri. He however, paid the merited compliment to Mr. Benton, that his course for twenty-five years in the Senate upon this question, had been uniformly consistent, and always in favor of oecu pying the territory. He repudiated the idea that the opinions held by New England upon the subject of a war with England wus tlie effect of cowardice. Their deeds in former wars sufficiently proved their character.? But lie said that in the event of a war it would be the cities of the seaboard and of the East which would suffer, and not the cities of the West. The West would be but slightly injured. If war comes on account of Oregon, that territory will not be the seut nor the field of the war. He called special attention to the fact thai England now has in those waters and the Pacific, a far greater naval force than all we have at disposal. f?he has two line of battle ships, seven frigates, twenty-eight sloops and five steamers, all ready to light lor Oregon. What could we do against such a forcef Admitting, as Mr. Dayton says he does, that this Territory belongs to the United .States,this is a most extraordinary argument, that we must not legislate to protect and defend our own soil because England has a greater naval fores in the Pacific than we have. The principal objections of the anti-Oregon friends, when summed up, are, that our title to 54?, 10?, is disputed. That the territory is a great way off, sterile, and of little worth?and that our geographical limits are alreudy too far extended, und it is inconsistent with our iorm of government to extend them farther. This latter position will be strenuously contested by the other side, who will .maintain directly contrary ground. Judge Breese has the floor to-morrow in reply. Messrs. Benton and Buchanan are laying back. The matters pertaining to the Judgeship, and the missions to Mexico and France, remains in ttatu quo. Nothing done. The weather is very fine and spring-like. The trees are very generally budding out, although it is thought to be premature. fcMill 1 hear to-day that the siiad are beginning to appear in the Potomac, which for some time past has been covered with canvas backed ducks. S. B. TWKNTY-KIOHTH CONGKB1I, FIRST SESSION. Senate, Washington, Feb. 26, 1844. aainijivl* awariwuur. The bill authorizing the Secretary of the Treasury to innke a compromise with any of ths sureties of Samuel Swartwout, on any bonds, fire., w.s ordered to be engrossed and reau a third time. georgetown college. The bill incorporating this institution was ordered to be engrossed and read a third time. oregon debate. Mr. Dayton resumed his speech upon this question. He admitted that Great Britain had extended the jurisdiction of her laws, or of the laws of Canada, to some extent, not only over Oregon, but even over the Russian and Mexican settlements. lie thought lite g.-tt' i~! taiifeiiagr of thin lew Iextensive. He would hold Kngland responsible tor Iter acts under this law. This law has been in extcncc |o' 2") years, and be had never heard of any practical exercise ol this jurisdiction. The whole aggregate of her citizens in Oregon is only 1000. Kngland does not want Oregon lor settlement. It is not we, but they, who have cause to dread delay. We have every thing to gain by delay. Our population is pouring in there like a flood?she is not sending thither a man. He said he ielt that this ought to be spoken with closed doors. Kngland does not protect her traders there?they protect themselves. There is nothing in sound policy which requires the hasty settlement of that country. Here Mr. Dayton read another extract from a newspaper, holding up the sterility of Oregon to ridicule. Hons* of Representatives. Washington, Feb. 26, 1844. resolution dav. As soon as the Journal was read, the Speaker announced that the presentation of Resolutions from the various States was the first business in order. Mr. Dromgooi.e hoped there would be a general consent of the House to allow the Executive Communications, Ate., on the Shaker's table, to be read. This was agreed to, and the Clerk read a Message Iroui the President relative to the recent Kill that has |iasscd both Houses directing a transfer of funds from one branch of the service to another; hut stating that thr last clause rendered the Kill inoperative, on account of the emptiness of the Treasury ; hut lie congratulates Congress upon conceding the principle. lie also recommends the building of more vessels on the plan of the Princeton, hut of larger size. A communication was also read from the Secretary of War relative to all the contracts made for the last four years for clearing out the Mississippi. The resolutions from the State of Ohio on retrenchment were reported to the committee on retrenchment. The States were then called over for the follow ing resolutions : By Mr. Hkrrick.?Call on the Secretary of the Navy to know w hat hospital money has been paid tinder the corporation laws of the city of New York hy seamen corning into that port, and what legislation would be necessary to protect seamen from this tax. Agreed to. By Mr. Halk.?That West Point be abolished ?that the military committee report a bill to that effect ; and that the appropriation be used tor military instruction among the States < >ii thiH the previous question was ordered. Mr. Holmes moved to lay it on the table. Mr Wkmwokth called the ayes and noea. They were ordered, and resulted?ayes, M , noes, 70.? So it was lm>l on the table. Bv Mr. Hi hue.?1That the Postmaster General inform the flovier <it all the contract* held by Isaac Hill for furnishing different States with Tost Office Blanks, and also how much money has been pad to him. Agreed to. By Mr. Hsnnisn.?That no intoxicating liquor* ba sold in or about the Capitol, and that the restaarata he removed therelrom. The previous question was ordered on this. Mr CsrsiN called for a division of the question, so s* to exclude the diInking liat not the eating Mr. Hsasi.aox.? Yea, Mr Speaker, I wi?h it so divided as to leave the oysters. (Shouts of laughter ) Ml IIsmmktt moved to lay it on the table This was lost?ayes 3d. noes 131 A Missies -Is not the tint part of this resolution a repetition of the 10th joint rule? Clems.?No; one reads 'spirituous," and the other "intoxicating." (Cries of "Oh, <>h. oh," and isaghter.) Mr. H< he si * ? Something has t>een said about exhibiting Does it extend to the exhibition of the effects in this Hell? SreAXia.?Every gentleman ran put his own interpretation on the rule ' J he gentleman from Ohio is as well qualified lo judge of the effects of liquors* the chair ia. (Laughter.) The question was taken on the first pert of the resolution and carried (In the second pert, that of abolishing the rrilmnali. the vote stood ayes HO, noes flO. So the oysters have it. By Mr Aimms That the Secretary of State inform the House how certain gros* errors came to be made In compiling the census. Agressl to. By Mr. Sstmocs ? 'I hat the Military Committee inquire into the e*|n-diency of almlishlng West Point. Tdiera was not n second, and it giving rise to debate it had to go over. By Mr. Sivtovs.?That after Monday next, the House meet at II o'clock, A. M. On this the previous question was calli d, and resulted ayes 68, noes 70 ; so there was not a second, and Ihe resolution giving rise to debate, went over. By Mr Miiuiiv.?That the Committee on commerce be instructed to inquire aliout apjwinting an assistant Collector at Brooklyn and Jersey City, who shall he authoi ir.ed to enter and clear any vessels Agreed tr By Mr. Patterson That f ongrrs* adjourn on the 30th of May next, at H oVIork, P M Mr. Wei.i.e.a ?I move to lay that on the table. (in this the yeas and ns) a "were ordered. Mr Weiiim I have no drsue lo avoid voting on this, but I'm op|>o?ed to all humbugs of the kind. I wltl dtaw my motion, to save tune. (ill the second to the previous question, the vota>tood, ayes 61, noes 74. Bo there was not a second. end M Mr. Adams said he wished to debate it, the resolution went over. By Mr That the Committee on Comsnerce report a (tilt to continue the improvement* in the Hudson Riv *r Thl# giving riae to debate, went ot#t By Mr H?tunc*?' ?ll for the names of ell she army

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