Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 23, 1844, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 23, 1844 Page 3
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% JU! Ill I ! I I I IXJ- RHEUMATISM.?How important to those wh have rheumatism, gout, contracted cord* and muiclea, I the lnd?an Vegetable F.lixir and Liniment, which he never been knnwn to fail in a single caao to euro thee complaint!. At 41 Cnuniandt street. MONEY MARKET. Saturday, June ?4'4?<5 P.M. block experienced a further decline to-day. Lon leland fell olf 1 par cent.; Canton lj; North America Trust 1;; Vicksbarg J; Norwich St Worceater 3; Htonin; ten 1; ltead.'iig Railroad j\ Karmare Truet 1}; Ohio 6'e 1 I 'iDsylvtaia.ft's IJ; Illinois*.!}. Kentuc ky 8'e ciueed fln et yesterday'! prioee. The sales at either board w ere nt very large ; and the marU.-t it daily becoming mora an' more depressed. The boar* are getting 'he asceudancy a- we h"v j no doubt a much lower 1,.vol will bereachet 'i'he :i .fket is overrun with all kinds of atock, many c winch are in. weak hands, and are dauy forced iDto lb boards far sales. The report of the National Bank of Ireland for 1643 an 1643, does not show a vary favorable state of the institi lion. The depression of trada and low price of monev had induced the directors to reduce the annual dividen irom six to flvs per cent, which would hereafter lie th tegular annual dividend until some improvement too] place in trade aud commerce. The undivided profits ii ' Decemhar 1MI. were AMiaifi lis tn u.-l>ial< mn?? hi added the net profits for the year ending 1843, ?18,319 ti 4d., together ?19 336 3* 4d., from which the two hal yearly dividend* of 1SI3 being deducted, amounted ti ?19 330, would leave the amount of undivided profit ii Jjacembsr, 1843. ?30,366 3s 4d. There was an insurance on tho ship Macon, of Nov Bedford, lost at aea, ol $6000 at the New Bedford Mutua Oftice, on tho cargo, which will l>e partly saved on vci rl nnd outfit*, $3000, at the Whaling Office, and $ll),00i at offices in this city. The vessel would bea total loss. The decision of tha Chancellor of New Jersey in rela t ion to the Morris Can d stock, is anxiously looked for. I is supposed it will ba favorably to the receivers, as the; have acted under orders Irorn tho court, and it would b unjust to pin othe rcspon<ihilities of their movements oi thrir sho Tiers The contracts laying over awaiting thi , decision, are to a very large amount, and it is presume* they will be all cancelled, and the stock in the market is aued by the receivers withdrawn. Several influentie gentle .ten are making great efforts to revive this work and settle the liabilities of the company byfeompromiscs The Paris banking house of Messrs. Caccia Ik Co. hai declared its insolvency. The debts are said to amount t( several milliena of francs Several members of botl chambers, who had deposits in it,will sustain consldorabli loss M. Caccia was banker to the Pope. The canals of Pennsylvania have, so far, been mor< productive this year than lest. Up to the 13th iust th< ecipts of tolls at Pittsburg were as follows Tolls received in 1844 $34,113 7) do do 1843 17 938 0( F.xcess in favor of 1814 $6,133 7( Whole amount this year from the opening of navigation to June 13 $30 167.40; Same time is 1843 49,0:13.64; Excess in favor of 1844 $I,I31,o6< The excess of tolls this year shows the difference be tween the rate of tolls this year and last. The scale o iharges is t.tuch larger this year. The canals of thii State show a greater increase than those oi any othei Sta'o in the Union, Those of Ohio come next. The in tenial trade of the country is represented by the move meuts of produce, 8ic en the internal l tin-pros perity of one, is a criterion oi the productiveness of tht other. Our railroads have increased their receipts i much larger percent, than the cauals, shewing the bene * ts of individual enter prize, compared with those resulting from tha movement* cf governments. The Cotton markets remain very much depressed Quo tationa have not fallen off so much on this side of thi Atlantic as on the other, but operators here are afraid t< move in the market, and are striving to sustain prices bj keeping quiet. Ql.'Ol at ion s IN this MaRKKT?llvf-h-TOOI, classification r?? Vliiv ' . .?? I us ' > ,? J a, * 22? V 4-F A O d-M. 17 4-r x o 4 I| Upl NO,f-?i Inferior. (< ,h>4 0 a (j.'4 4J,. )34 3)?a r> ijtg 3 (?id n- v.?l>sr.S4 6ka 7 6 6? 6ta R ' V.k Triry Jllhany. Tolls $71,163 70 $74 004 61 Flaur, l)bU 84.034 197,966 Wheat, bushels, 41.184 11335 Corn, <lo 9 919 13 761 Barley, Ho 3,71# 3,611 lb44? Canal oral* Aran. 18. Tmy. Jflhnny. Tolli, $94 683 07 $111,707 44 I Flour, bbu HI 861 373 698 Wheat, bushel* 149 443 66 ill Corn, Ho 7M 3,611 Barley, do 3,404 6,636 Covrots?Sales'o Hay 1,400 bale*, at a decline of * cm from price* previous tothe arrival of the steamer. Tin shipper* will not operato u that ra'o. The whole of to day * business was for accvunt ot spinner*. II w? North Kivei hale 'a vory inactive, and commoi qualities sell at 30 a 33c. Mohmm-IVs notice sale* of Poito Rico at 30 a 31 Jc Cuba Muncovadoe* at 2Slc. The market i* lolly tup pi wl. d; (,sa?Thia articla is very dull, >nd it i? with dillicnl ty prices are sustained Sinsll salav have been made o brown Havana at 6} a 7jc; Cuba, at 8 i?ic, and of Torti lllco at 6J a 74c, 1 Wintaar?Drudge casks ore firm at Xr.. Western am > State prison barrels command '13 a 33Jc. 1 Karelin Murk eta. Hio o* .Jacaiao, May 8. ?Imports lrom L'>|ted Stale were 4 79(1 hhls. of (lour; 460 hags of bran; It package domestics; '173 do tea; 31* do tallow candles; 30 l luinbei U(MI hhls. roam; 100 do beef, 4(1 do pork; KM) doz?i chniri v 610 t..ims; 160 kegs laid; 600 hoxea soap; l| hhiti co; 64 tioaes do; 160 Kega crackeis; 10,700 Ijr. w tx an , sundries. J7i>ur-The sales the past month have been v-,ry m0(j, rate, amounting only to 8,100 Mils, about 4 rag ;,,,jn Richmond at 161400 cash, and 16 >"0 credit?net $i? ij, ?' "."^'asore.lliloOO, and 13 credit?net $436 a 4 6i?;. M Fredaricam|gji tn(t hi| credit-net $6 40 a 0 90 ; 'o, Trieste, 18;,K)0 pe, uiqueire?net 37 J cents. Holders* nerally h .ve been Sim, hut the bak- rs show but little <1 r position to buy, ia expectation of further supplies fro the United States. Wc iherelora conri'Jer the market rs her lower than last month, rhielly owir,^ to the arrivi of.tue parcel* from Valpaia:*o,Vthice anUBueno* Ayr M 1(1.1 's T <oy? 73i? 7% 634n/ 7 a 7)4 6V7 7 <7H Mi ??.r,7X?7? 8 a 8* 7Vk7>; 7!4a 7V4 7)4 7)4 7-??7> Fair B aOv? 8>4a 834 7?4a7Hi 8 a I1? 7)2.8 834d)l O <id fr, 8)4i8S 9 * 9)4 8fcu8>4 9 n 9>4 8,V8)4 9 ?.!. F.n?, 9 ..9/? 9)4,10), 9 fc*J>? 10 all *34 dl 19 a These quotations show hut very little variation withii the past two months. On the lower grades there nppean , to havo been a decline, while on the higher there appear: to have been an advance. The failures that have occurr ed here, have been caused by the great decline in Liver pool, the stocks being in that market, and subject to th< current prices there when brought up lor sale. Vorj large speculative purchases have been made in this mar ket, but as the greatest fluctuations have been in the mar ket where ojierations are realized, the losses hare beei exceedingly heavy. The city Comptroller hat given notice that tho intcres on the tity stocks oud temporary loan, due on tho 1st o August, will be paid on that day, by the city Chamber lain, at his ofllce, liank of the Slate of New York, Old Stock Ezchsngc, 5'j 7 <''4 1! o 5'i j B'.-'n-.rrs'Ln 79 gr-tt Ohio 6'? f 'a 60 Del Slid Hudson 1151, 25001 do 97 10 N Am Trust I'h toon do ?30 97 25 do it KOOO do 160 96'4 AO N O Canal 39 r.000 Kentucky 6's 101)4 50 Canton Co 39 2'01 Illinois 6'S 19 250 do 10 25000 Ohio 7's 102 75 do :9Jt 5000 IndisuaA's It 25 do loi, 200shas 1' S Bit 8\ 25 do *3: 50 do 134 90 Erie UK b20 20 100 do 134 CO do 21 75 Nor and Wore 55 35 do 20k 325 do 5il? 25 Mohawk RR 63 35 do 51)4 25 do 625. 1110 do 51 25 do 62 10 do 51)4 25 do blO 62 17> do 55 350 L Islsnd RIl 83 5> R?di..f HR 5 34 1>0 do 110 81 125 do 51 f05 do 82>| 100 do b60 52 100 do fc60 8j 2 0 do 50)4 500 do 85 100 do 50 >4 55 do 85) 59 Vick.tiurg Bk 8 lu New Jersey 953i 75 do 734 50 8tiuing:ou RR 15 Second Donrd. 108 ihss L Island RR s3 81 75 she* Canton Co 103 2> Earners' Loan 1' 5(1 Mo iiixton HR 151 2> no 3934 50 vorStWorc 553) 25 do 39H 50 Kradu.f KK baw 51 New Stock Exchange. $ 090 Ohio 6's h3o 9734 59 shas Nor St Wore 55 SoO'i do cps 97 25 do nw 5)3 lliil) rt.i .15 07 91 a.. d . Hi inn 5'i L Island Rtt "?J ?JA 3MW bonds 46 60 an 83 l'li?hi hAimers' La 40 6) do b38 81) 286 Vicki urg 8 75 d > bl 81 50 d j SOd -?i 2, M h wk HR b30 60 25 Tr t -t In tlO 6;>? 75 Uirlein ItU 7) 12) C's-tou Co 4"'fc 50 do 76) 50 uo tj 40 Siurs or Stocks, Bosto.v, Jvr. 20. 3 shares Charleston Branch Railroad. 07 ; 20 do Ailburi and Rochester, 107} ; 25 do lieu ling Railroad 35 i 200 do do, 24J ; 76 do Western Railroad, 72 ; 10 do do 71 jj; 100 do do, 71J ; 60 do Kust Boston Company, 11}. Stats of Trade< Ashes?Pots continue very dull, and we cannot yc quote otherwise than $1 IS'a 4 25 Pearls we quote firii at *4 50. BHEioftTi'rrs?We give a tiblo o( quotations ctirren to day. It appears that prices aru pretty well down :? Flour, per bhl Drain, ptrbtuhrl. Oene ee, $1 38 a 4 44 Wheat, Ott a 97 Ohi o, 4 32 a 4 44 Rye, 60 a b7 Michigan, 4 32 a 4 44 Corn, 43 a 47 Baltimore, 4 60 a .. Oats, 30 a 31 The receipts lately have not been very large. We havt however, rather a large stock for the seusou. In connexion with tins tia le, we annex a statement r the flour and grain and toils received at Troy and AIban; froiu the commencement of canal navigation to the clas of the second week ol June, in IH43 and 1844 :? 1843?Cami. orKxr.o Mat 1. 0 The stock in first binds is U.00U bbls. and in sooond do I about 3 300?total, 70.000 bbls. Coffrt?The arrival of the English Packst on tho 13th * ult with advices of the advance of colfee in Europe caused large puichasee, generally at 300 a 340 reila ad vance upon previous ipiotatiouN, reducing Ibestock to n about 10 ooo bags, mosiiy ordinary. The arrivals are now > very limited, and of very ordinary qualities, end will I continue so lor some time Prices are therelore likely lo 7 K be maintained, if not advance more. Superiors may now , i, be quoted at 3i|100 a S'jiunon board, i>J a lij ceuts, good firsts, 3|{S00 a 3||000, 6 ( a 5$ ceats. Sumo small sum pics C > of new coffee have made tiieir appearance, but until July s 1; and August no good cat goes can be obtained. 1 he new ' u crop promises to be abundant and of pood quality abc ve ; t the n below, it :r short and of ,*)or quality. ' Fr? igu have .idvauced rapidly, and no vemei- aie now | 1 unena tg. d. The last raUs paid were ?? 10 a JtJ 18 loi , Europe, $1 30 a $1 at for the Uu.t. d abates I. Rio O indk, April 3&?J-Vor/r?Not loss than I6M bMs have come in. since 1st January?Hie greater quantity r however, wa* in end ol January to nuloio oi Kcb.uery, e when ovt.- 9 000 bbls. untied Prices loll so low alerut 1 middle of Februarv, that no correct qiiotatiou could tie j viven In beginning of March 16 a 17|;900 Richmond City Mills was worth, and Baltimore i4[ uou per hbl., and has v l" been regulating at aliout these prices. 1 this day quote t r Gdllego and Haxall 17l|000 per bbl. to net $6 41; Baltiq more I J||50o per bbl. to net %b 3d. 2 Cation Good* have not tern in much request, and , e a. corresponding rise in prices hai not taken place here E k when compared with pi ice* in I). States. I quote 38 inch 160 per yard, to net 6 1.4j 30 inch 170 per yard, to net ' 6| ; 33 inch 190 per yard, to nett 7 ; 37 inch 300, to nett 7J ; , E Brown Drills 330 per yard, to nett 8 3-4 ; B'ue Drills 300 i i per yard, to nett 10 0-7 ; Denim* 360 per yard, to neit 14J ; ( Blenched Drills 340 per yard, ton ittOJ; Stripes 300 jiei ( yard, to nett 10 110 -but they are in more demand than ' 3 for a length of time past. l i Hiusi. Juno 9 ?The following official notice, just v promulgated by the " lutendunto," is of groat importance ? to u* here, and will have a hearing on your ariicba :? L ' " Noticv..?Our Intendent in coiin. leration of the cala- r i mi ous consequences 01 too tirougut wnicii until luteiy i hus boon experienced throughout the island ha* decreed : Firstly?that from llie tenth of July until the end of the present year, the following article* shall he admitted upon paying half the pruaent rale of duties, viz :?Maise, l# Corn-meal, Beans, Potatoes, and Hire?and that Sweet Potatoes, Yams, and Plantains shall be free of duty, be condly?that the ports of Cardenas, Muriel and Magna la f Grande shall be open for tho importation of the above arv tides, also that Jerk B-rf utul Salt Ki ll may be imported it said port* upon paying duties specified in our Turifk Further?that Batubauo upon the south coast, directh s south of Havana, at the termination of the Havana Hail ] (load shall he open for the importation ol' sweet Potatoes, Yams and Plantain* " l /Vires of Export$?Coffee, first quality, tier quintal, 1 none, second do. do. fi a 8, Triage do 3 a 4; Hides, tach, J , $2; Molasses, per keg, ft A callous 3 a 3J, scarce ; Sugar* ' assorted, hull white and half brown, nee arroha 4 Bnu 7 a f S and ?. while alone 7 a f).j, yell >w, 4J a 8J; Cuciirucho. 3} \ " a 3'; Wax. white, per nrroha, 9, Jo. yellow do. 8, scarce. rj > Exrhanges ? London 9} a 10 prem, New York and Phil- c , adelphia Ij a 2 discount; Paris 2j and 3 a dis. ' Fr< ighta ?Baltic ?3 1ft a JJ3; Hamburg and Bremen ?'2 L 3 10 a X'2 12 6; II. St ites f.1 a $1 j )? r box Sucsr; 4 rials per hag Coffee; f>IJ a $2 per hhd Molasses.? Phil U. S. G'u- ,| , zelle, June '22. 4 t j -mKmmrr?rrraKT-?u_ - ?An?rj Died, j On Saturday afternoon, 22d inst. after a short illness, of 2 ( inflammation of the bowels, Chaiilcs K. Grimm, in the 27th year of hia age. . His friends and relations are respectfully requested to attend his funeral, this afternoon, at 4 J o'clock, trom 122 Fourteenth street f _ 1 hntest Dates , rrceivko at thf iskw vork hkralo ovvitl Anjier F?b. 29 Manilla F<b IS Africa Mry 9 Malaga April 8 f \utigua hell 19 Madeira May 4 U Areciuo May 5 Mauritius Fe:> II i VuiCayes June 2 Montevideo April I Augustu.e Bay May 16 May 21 dalnria F?b 8 M.uiaaiulla V"av HI i: . day of Islands, N. Z-April 21 Manillas June II Bermuda Jim* ? Mayugnez Mav 3i Buenos Ayres April 28 Mat a mors* Mav 3d tlelue. Hou. April 6 Monterey April 2 Barbadoes M 7 J9 Nassau, N. P June 11 t > B.igot Jau 21 Neuvnas Mav 3" . rlou, ire April 26 Oahu,8.1.>?> L>ec 28 ? U unbav April I Para M*v 2u . Cape Town, C. O. H-A ril 15 Paris June 2 , r Calcutta Mir 2i Port an Prince Juu? i j* ' Cardenas funs 11 Porto t 'abello May 3! , l iia.rH. I.n I P.,i? IJn?l ...t.,,1, H ' Oieufuegos Mr/ 31 Pernarahuco Mav IS Cape ilayfieu June 7 Panama May IS r s Cartlingena April 7 Payca aph12? Campeacliy- Jan. 3 Km Janeiro May 8 ? ' Coqniinbo July 18 Kio Oranre Aprils'! ,, , Callao April 23 Ben Jam Keb. 25 r. Oernerara April 14 St. Helena May 10 ,] t'.laiiiure*? Dec. 3 St. Thomas June 1 * Fayal Feb. 2b St. Jago de Cuba* M n 21 .. l+inrnltar May 123 St. Johns, I'. K. S ay 38 .7 ' (Juayama, I*. K Juno I St. Croix A mil 2.1 . liaivetron June 10 St. Domingo April 2 ,, (Jouaives Mar. iO St. L'bex Mae 11 , ( Ouiyaquil Dec. 5 Surinam Mny 2i r Oallipigos Island* May 4 Singapore Jau. 23 n I liuvre.. Jn e 1 Sydney, N. S. W. Jau I , Havana-** June 10 Trinidadde Cuba May 20 , llnlila* Jn'.e 18 Tnlcahuaua Mar 29 ? file of France Sept 27 Tah-t Dec 11 ! 1 Jerettiie April 9 Tomb z N'<? 4 Z. i Kingston, Ja. May 29 Tampico May 3r London June 4 Tobasco Ma, 19 , s Liverpool Jure 4 Turk* lilaud June 9 |j . LaUuayra April 29 Trieste April 21 I Lnguna Oct. 31 Valparaiso keb. 5 iiima Fab 23 VeraCruz June 3 r Vlece.o Feb, 27 Zanzibar Mar. 20 J : MA R1 TIME ~H E11A LI). ; hulling Daya of tdte S'enm Sltlpi. 1 1 STEAMERS. FROM liverpool. from am.'ril'A. Acadia, Jndkim only l f . Britannia. Hewitt Line "> Jul,' I ft ' O. Weaiera, :",attue-a Juoe?2 In > 20 1 f Hion.ij, Jl .ruly 1 Aug. J 1 (a. iSiitain, ilu-tten- July 13 ........ Aug 8 t " Cal'douu, Lott*.. July 19 A'g. lb Acadia, Judkiua Aug 4 Sept. I (}. Western, Ma thewa Ana 17 S"". 11 Uriieuu.a, Hewitt* Aug. 19 S Pt. 1C I lr. Britain, i'. >?Lea A g.71 ,8ei't. 28 ' Hiirtsh, K>rie>* "Sept. 1 Oct. 1 \ (J. V.eitr.j, .M.Tti.etvs Oct. 12 Nry. 9 1 ? U. Briiain Ho.keu Oct.. 19 Nov. It v ?? _____ ________S Facxeta to Acrivfl. Fccketi to 8alL \ FROM LIVERPOOL. FOR I,TVER POOP. i S. Hicks. Bunker, May 20 Rochester. Brlttou, June 21 a > New Voilt, C'cpper June I ( irrick, Tre-k, June 28 > Liverpool, in Unripe, June 0 Oxford, Ha'hbone, July 1 t from pona smuUTH. yon roK tsmouth. Toronto O'iswolil, Jn-.e I Quebec, Hrbard, May S3 i VVeitiniusier, Hovey, June 10 Victoria, Mort an, July 1 MIDM HAVHA. KIN HAVRE. I i Argo. Anlliony, May 25 Burgundy, Worton, June 2 J Francis 1st,Aini.vorth, June 1 Oneida, ruuek. !*uly 1 s Ship Master! nurl Agcirts. i We sha'l esteem it a firvnr. if Caiitaini of Vniel* will give to Commodore KonrHT .Silvkt, ol" our Newt (fleet. a llrp nt of the Shipping left at the Port whence they sailed, the Ves.eli i Spoken on their passage, a Lutcl their CulO, ud any KO? ' t eigu Newspapers or News thrvinay' have. Me will board them immediately on their arrival Agents nd Correspoa ruts, at r h m* or abroad, will also confer a furor by sending to this , office ji| the Marine lute'ligeuce they can obtain. Nautical ? Information of any kind will be tuaiihiullv received. * Passengrrs Arrived. 1 Dhcmkv?Brig Lr.uum-li V?u Ulouaz. . r'OwiOii ite.W tlliltx June 4). 4 4 ICI < lllNVon 114# J. saw ll-TI 7 J# I Mil. H ws H j . s Cleared. t bhipi Hannibu!, (Br, Or h.m. ,'tJ hn's. NB, W It J Tap. , cot; to gundy, VV .t on lite.) Liunait m. B r un t * H Ira, i\?a idrT (*w) .in ter,i?i... W Wei s"'; In anuui, | Shinn ti ' d ant, liar *'.c it o; ti /.-lie, A1 , I. s .o and ; Ma ? i lOI K wl u it Co; il. li int , ( a ) 1' le, Li bo , i I a r>cli i l St ft. rchun; trl ,S -roii.t'l in) tVe.h Idl ft in | 1 h rg dull} \ troriar. (H ?m) Blake '1 bug d .t 1. B gi ' 1 ' Pst-e B ilouu . H w , Honduras, ft B ic ; J VV lluuii. c I ton, U .ua-ti, VeruCrii, Il l)e Zildn; IV (j rr.son, oiui h, r S.gut La Oraud. N L Mc nuuy it C- ; I'jtotnac, Leu e, 1 H s 11 Bailg-i (ft ' ecb; Jju queht u II. .M lit I p, -lollgut, ' artwrignt in Ha rito. ; lieu <V mtf . d, Coni.ny, Philid-I* , phit, Nesmith it Wash, bchrs Miilidint. toe oukiuore, J ihnsoii it Li wiau; l ep at r h'rtiicii, vV I in 1114 to 11 Nt , N L J I II Met n-nily; M.nv Jan* l'u.ell, Nur'o k S u-ge, K Cleaiui'n; ; f Lo>er, Curtis, Juc el, rt VV L> wis; Csruli e, Ntrg re, Pnil.-,i t de I h a, J Luia d it' o; I c e,t r, K unu.11, sltlfe. e. J at 1 N Ri?er.; LSait, Joh. s n, H .vainan, a.u get it G earuiui I Arrived, 1 Mriican War Str'uier li.u uh.upe, Kipio, 4 d'ya from |, Chute i ii. I Mil can War Steimrr M nt luti, Miriu, 4 da a Own J Chtrlealoa. j Br Ua cj ,e lui'ha, poi"e- from Lou loaderry, via Liverpiol, 33 ilty , tv t i 1 7 pa aei.g n tu or ? . II uif.urg >'an|U" Wan <i gtm, Krng-r, 4'Jdiyifrom Hamburg. .44 pt?>? i era a ri, Ii i i Si If. letter if IN rwegiaii Barque III B u rli . W di)i from Berg-n, 1 . wi h Ml ti-racu. era. to S hinnlt St if .It li r. ' orcm n Br g Loin na. u.i-iker, tl d.i>? from Bremen, with mdze io O-lncht V. Kruge.' 111 ,'eerw p i a ugera. nam rerun itr.g na <n, N > . iii 4ay> f oin L-g lorn, with 25n I i.a marble, M Augnttua Nt , . Bur Ar.n a, 14 uaia from St Thom&a, in ballavt, I It htN I'll, t B at Mary Anu, llicia, 3 <t i, a fr .in V.rgiiiia, wit'i naya' ?inr ?, u> mna'er Bch- Henry Clay, Millinor, Fully Landing, wi.h corn, to maati-r. bell. JihIr - Hi chcock, Hv,he-way, Wa.hi-.gton, NC, with nav .1 at rea belli Lo.ey, Harriaon , Iliekman. Fully LaLdiug, wi h weed DelOWa One Brig, unknown. Miscellaneous. I.RTTaa Orrich?(lie (Quebec, fir London and t Rochester, fur Liverpool, will sal at teu o'clock th I a * m iruimg?1 avinr been d*t ineJ WmiJia ?A letter reeeived at the Merchants' Insurance Ornee tfoa on. di ed Portsmouth 2t)ih inaaui, atatra tint Mr j ll-dae, a fisherman. had nrnv-d 'h ie from boon Ulan.I audit.lorn el tint a liigorbtik from O.'asguw for Huston, airnclt on loon Ulead R ca, on n.e I tit aud anuk ; iliti ill* cr-w aud ! aiieiiRera were aaved : that the crew told him llieie wrre thirty pvt niters. and lint the veae. I ?.a load d with iron [Hi' -lyrn ?. Seely for lloaion, aailrd linm fin Clyde, May 3, aud brig Vol nt, Frve. lord . April iO Both are Br Hull ?. ae.a, , hut we du not k .ow ihe lig of the B '1 l.ey hue in n, on INew Vo'k arcouut ] 9 Tvea o e vtatel prnyet to he bark 3-riut, Betlev, from (Ilea guw, 8-1 ult for Button. She ha I 30 p isse ,gers who wi.h ih J ufHrert anil ere v were a V'd, a..d ai de I ?t Yo;k, Me. i lie caiuaiii ai d rrew rue i i tliia c ty laa. night. Si hr F.cho. Uavia Button l .r I'. rtU d.gotaali re on Rirh- i m nd't, about I o clock, night of )9th, d i.i g a thi k I g Assistance was sent in her lu the morning, a d it wa. a h iir t >h wojIiI h>-g luff] k I'h thip Annual t e|Hiria? lhat ihe Bn'ith barque Thk Of a I ?eut e?h .re on t e II).h inut, to hewealw rd of In 'uit Banks,al er being o end to aea and had been lu the olfini ' two data. On tin Uth inai, at iO P. M. aim waa a ill hard 5 i ground. ii Wlualemen. Arrived r.t Mattapuia. tt,, Joa twiga. Tab r N W Cots ,. vii /eit nt a d P- i. wi h 3K0 l> l> (6'K) ?|i)uil. lepurt , Fib 23, lat 31 J? n. Ion 82 4 W. N-p u ,e, Cupti.h ?e , 910a' a out, el in, ti d I. at two ho-vta off e Horu i- aaiiL.II; MtriliD lat 41 J,I B Ion Wi W Hector, Vlailler. NH 30 ap. hau t a !R ire wh tl ron aionuaul Heard Ir m Hope, I ueaei tl Na. I iBig whale; April 9 UtSSB. Ion 59 W. IVIt Verm n I* imiitt, ol a'd fir Nai t Sun n. iutOap; 18th, lat i'l 3 Ion 45 IV- iO W. .Nile <', ii k of and fur mil 8200 ap and whs May I , la. m b l B Ion 31 50 W. Albeit, of Boatun, C dn I'm ilahin lor I naa' n> 'rca. SiiiIhiI tin ren.arnhuto, Mav 18 iylnh, for Bmto >! l',t!,i h'aet'jr, Ilow'and, ol end for I'oi ghkeeptie, ISol) ti rri ' *"'* I dm ,, |,,1,; g.?d Punucn I',.eke'. Bumpton. ol a.u for ft*, " ?Pi Aaerica,|HichmoLd, of aud for t>rialol,500 ap COO wh. | Ml at P. bark N???rr? lllh,'at t? M N to# ?4 W l*>k# Factor; IS h. Jaia* Abb, V da In Bnau'ort. SC bdu>8t *ar holoin#" ; ?aine day, Brtaey. I rta] a fin N Yoik; May U I If ? ate St Riqur, Ptruriaa, Aithir, of and fur Nut. M ip M?h Nut Lnsicof, Jan# 19.? rr Cluitaa, Wa't1, fnmWiliu;to".N. 4.; 2i?l a?r Safe i"r, I op, 81 dat a Ir ui >?? . 27 0 < .90 ) liliU oil. 7.100 Ha bote Spoke J iu 221 '41 ";0 c>. on i7ii IS W. M'uii r; Swtet. N. L, . moi < ul " 00 ( 80 i. } bul<. fin N w Com;; k'e Il-h Black Wi-rior i'aiu. N. L. 10 in a out 7'0(l?o ap)fr is W i <ait; M ic' ' 4th, Uowau. Ba kcr N. B. 21 ui a out, J3C (flOap) hi la. I'r m i>ui? lit Apri ; J-inuari lllh. I 117 A 'ru 08 70 W Tiid*ut, " Hick Mb. loo la, T' N tv Coa-t. Off N Z*aiauu. M >rch 19 ? h Oidro'i Hi wla d., Qr?. N It. 28H0 (a at ) wauluK 100 lo till, l 1 rr at Mlalic. I i Ir >uat. Vetcor, Bur owa, 38 da f :i H H?l-u?, 1 (Oil bb'a oil, '7.0011 I' * Uoi.e, Ar St lUltna M IV 10'h, I'einir k , 'I'h *. .V-, 7 wia'ra lor #i ast of Br ?.il i" S or 4 d.; tin- b ifrvi', S!t?a oiuii, Biiatnl, 141, 4IHI Ijt.U loi \l'u.t n lalauda; .rw>i, 'I all.i.a;., NH 7.0 bbU, f r home; b-iUd J he 2d?n L lugio Steel, fcr M W cnaat Spoken. Tenurca.'#. Wi?# from I1 k*. . I r S'eor Orlemt, 17tb iuat^ Ju i# I' h, I 30 31, 1.i, i?o AV, e* hsi k u coioia with a fall c illl'd A"i-nc?u hiik. With & wh i# nre.k, a long trunk or J <<|.|> aixnul Pit, ?rh It# all J blue, air |>ea up aud dona, |, etler N iu til# while, .'erring K by W. |, Foreign Ports < Bt'irios Ayrei, Junt 21?Iu t ort, t oriolanua, lr"iu Boitou i :u Mout'vid o, i r lllh; Hobirt, ollie , one; All W.llistm, I raiika.f r llaatoii, aoou; Maa>a B-r iey ,8cott, f if New York, ,, o; Ol od i. fur Sil#m, 14 da; P-?mi uu, l'luraincr, unc; L)' mil!, I'.ir Philadelphia., i o; Whig, Ba'dwiu, fm Valpa'a as. ?r T ith; Maiia j ItT#aa, Clara. fr< m Ba'dmor#, via Motlreid'o, a. rr2.'>tli; Venezuela. K#uil#ll,from Malaya mido; Caeoli-i u. b IradaHtw. uuc; Tie'niut, Kds?rlv. <1. ; J?r ey, Sierrnaou. d >. qi Mo.ntrfai . Juue 18?Arr, Drormhair, Pine, fin (iltscnw; 'rowu, l. oyhtou, hu 1 i9th. (ireal Broaiu, M uig?>nierif jiv#rpoo|. (ieor.e Keifiiiiy i'mrua, Loiolou Cld J>au< ir J-ana, Millar, iila>K>? ; Kaol#, Krrr. Lir#rpooi; P-oiiuir, I d'K# <ne.l, Liy#i(hio ; Oeo'uiaaa, AluTiy, W a #r'ord (|t,riin' Jute is?Arr W a ker, Co. ton. Nrwcaaile; (7cr.n, a' ,y. .vlarr |uit. |7ih, Aku a-nd Ai n Uo<v", Srnry; lima- " ?r, " Kale too Bord'^ni; Clu li\ Uu call, Louden . r#d?- 1,1 out. L'Vie; Con'iua. (Jrav I n line I', i.,. I ui *i ici-uU, I ate, < a'it; nhydi I. Hui'il , Aler)?l? .lh, "i.- ' eivstnr, Uro-n, ntuck'oii; United Ki xdom W?|r e, Al ] ir i Jan.e. Si Auu, Br mi. Neitit.lle; Lord Ur u^I> in j ujhiiii.dn; John It Mary Oliver, P?datotv; Hifcliliud M ? V, i y, Liverpool; I ryluu, I ill, Bella-.; t- )>z Auu, 8 Japu'her,. Win ehav?u; Bi >. ni, While Mobil ; fca?le, Kd- Vj varil.. Halifax; H-Wfou, lievwoo, rseurcae' l>; l'r u ad. ur. o Joxudl, Li ripici; .nary, R*in,v, Lord n. IU,li. lo in, Jot- l>< I'iuT, HHi May, Liverpool; Hop*, i.i hurduou, L veryo ! ? n una >5?* leer d, bareh, far ay, Livi rpo I; r*i ernii c -Hi, I do r, 11 >in m li; He.calm, t ixhll >ot Loni'm ; Vlaria, ? v?n?, ~ ardilf; Pbininu, Kil't i Li-.erj ri; Uriti-h O ?,,, f foioiil) il 'oi e?, Shiley II .lirir.d*. ; I. a . Ktiiiiry, Simp v in. Hiir;' 'i , I'.r iwii, P lUalovt ; I'ari 1.t Home, Jim, bal- ' Wil li; Iivl ud Minhail, Gia.i.e.ter; >ir eva'tr rcoil. hi Ira a L iiilnn; Tinmni ni. Ilnn ali, ark Mald>" ; I'1111?' I liter.. v,uir. Vo chail; Ci y ol at iford, I n) lor, Liver- V. ni; Oi, (J I'xlnlv, "undtrltutl; Aitho y and Ann, 14 irr iMMi'ith, l.o don; Labella loinann, Kye; Maria Whit l'd Wood l.y u; St Oeniue. Poult Marvin it; laidi, Var a, ? uihtnplo ; Hove', vn-. n S'u d- I u ; Pemhe , mart, full - I7i i, John, M L'a tht, V'ileo'1 ;(J,n, ei lit Hi, I ,iv i|i -'I; Pvkea, hull, Aliripm; Prsn'lu l'a I ir r y * urn ill; Ci ,< Ivuu, Muiihe d, I, u'ou; li.ith Prim e iThom- a an L Vcrp . I; ( ire Hi.uri, Loivtnr,, Uri.tol; Sill , C u io?, Jew|imt(Aj x Cuter L 'oilou; "eury sud A u. Lo'naiall. ? luiuut'i; ltl ry and D rotliy 8' ley, Vuniuuih; Surope, mob. Loud u; Kmji rur, roomni, St tit to. ; ruu..a 'err.ll. Carina.the..; i_ a.udeii, Arin.l' nr. CnatiiaiP; Cm.lit- n imi, l-eiiyenat.ill. L niilue; Win a <1 J.sph. , BiJefuid, J ' o| iniv.n d, Outline. Air; l.roada e. Hall, HuLs fcveline, [| hi.-weu Co.dirt; Indus, S*in>tU, Liv rp ol; Warn, St rer u( i u.Idi. ; (Jeorae Wilkioann. Brns-n, K. month.?18th, Nt?r- o ist-f >'i rm.tuby. Loci lie rr, Liverpiol; rcrooia. .;?n* II, to riatnl, Fampi n. (ira'iam, tirni r> m..utli; C raa. Hie Lonuui Biiiliter, Ken, ?uh| u; INnui lui, II ifa-ou, Sunde a.d; ? .fell mist, Hill, F.lin u'.hi C'aly |wu, (>lns. IV xiuee;Crdu, 1lumih e a, Ali-iysteith; Asttea, Lettis, Weyuiou li; V icto- , la Dm i I Ht 're,. 't John, N B. June 16?Arr Wave, WheHer, N York. ^ ;S r ' i lv n s. ,\iav 10-Iu p.irt, Alfr d Mauimuud, O Sp*?r, d, N Yolk, fur ltio O'a'i' * in a f tv days. P tiake Forts Bus'Kalis, June 10?Arr Rich Stir, t'hiraji; Indiana. Vn nil; Ind an Queen, K'ie; Knit u Detroi iriuo, Clevela.-d; tommudnte d ; Mirca, Ohio li' ; Mauli tl', < level ud; '1 ,-moi, Vli nroe; V ct ry. d i; H Huhban'. do. < U Statea T letrvn; Or at rn, < hie ? ; Ldiau Queeu, trie; Uuriibg* i. in, C eve*.ind; Ruagl*s, do; l\ Crook, Leir nr.. hi ('lkvxi.and, Ju e 18?Gixet e ulfilo; t' es'e'n, O d ie w irKi; ni.k Hu ron; Ch'i'l'e a, Lhitroit; Kc'irae, S.i duo); i li e , t < al'eriur,; 'J ipi rctm e, d >; W Ki a'er, Muur r. ,( 11, H lier.dthip, I't -ta lev; W'e'ern, O we< ;lau Im.ea.du; laUiinore. do; G J Ma shall utilTil ; Aur nu Boiealia, do. f Home Forts. B iNiinn, June 19-A r-tlvaiio, ar-, f n N Ynilt. ^ cj ( atiusN. Ju. e 7?A r ui ly Kni. li , Mclutyre. andCord- B a Pen 'l< tou, NYori.; Cth, N eg imic . k, J ri>u. do. p| ttAt II. JIIlie 19?Old I or el ?. S ii.sou, liu i'nl up*. I'oi.tljnd Ju e ;9?Ari Lit le Miry. l), >Y. rk. ,N v mbl'iivpo t, Jnue id?A t L t le M r , f o <>a. NYo'k. ? a i.i at Jiii 2b?Ar Wtit hclir.d. r, ?iia Bury pun; it.tneve, (; 1*1,11 :d* Iptlia Bo?r n, J iue 2,?Arr Hirarn (Pru )''iu nn. Bueno, Ayrei, i |tri ea\ iuiuih, imvi* mi'nn<irfi i nai 'it roo'*e 1, iVIiriri, li 11 x; I ti i. Ui un, Htv >01. It. iu>t> fr Miroi ea, rut in la i< pui'r(? ; Licurt,', Thil .I'cli'lii ? igu I f ir 3 j r iti t Id Bil ic, Airy. I'll I lie ; ill win ii Ballard, ? i iiatimu. o< ; ejliz u< 'li. Bour e Unit inure? 20th, nrr \i- 3, ii'liii. Mho r, K h .11 anm c ; aurphu Nutiola, 1 iiUiPI, h a j Plymouth, Juue II?Arr Fori llill, U ay, lm Philadelphia ' >r Stfatn 1 J) I'Rovim.Nce, June 17?Art" T'ken, Mobil'; Albany, liibba t| tin n ,: monarch, Tyler,do: Vat Bum 1. Citwiu, Hon, out; Tool u'ais. Blvlen' ii a, ' I'd Ii. U*'ow ?Lmiia una, Kildy, oin NO, nui. Sl'd, Harriet. (uie Ir K o' F eetnvrn, h>te of <ia pint) L)u 'ee, luill.D D un in >.t Hope B.i ; IJoii'iuu, , lern low, I'll Uideiplila;N \v Vmlt. ,V;err)mai, B?th;(>l .be, ( 'ib iti., a.> I'- irl, H'ii..,in. r. Fhilid. l,Ina; VcaU. Lml am, . ii; 1 e'o ity. Jt nilont li'aLl, 111vkB. J li e 13-An F A Seward. nnil Iimreve, Fhila- ' -'ptin; lali 10'., Kldridg , do; Omrga, Kind, lh 1H1 icn Pun aiir.i.rm t. >u e 22? Arr. V.lijili Purgot', O'ht, New v n; .loii. Si it, N,w Vitkj Mill, Vloil-V. lliul'o I; L i.a, 1 iniitv'w !, d . UiwI rail ranr. I mae I in N Of Matt (ail- o m, 'iMim; aon I'mn <"ar on; ul o, a bani ie aid thr e b-iga, ki; > ?11. ('.Id, Or.on, Wi lima, I.hruayi.i; Ami". Hill', ,li Ii oh , N '1: Mary Helen, Hay n?i, 81 ein iVIaia; Koatcr. L 11n e . U at-u; 'lltuin 1, Char*. d 1; Ch 11'a. Berry, do; Ulll Uiii, Fitzuerild. Havana; Tin m n burner, tSiekrraeii, IVovieuce: L'dy CtidH n, Cianiuer, M York; Ue'awiire, Mnoa 11, ti o; Fair PI ay, Smith, IV, kikill; Jamra, llall, Boatou; Hen.e r, Bni katon, N?? York. Noiifoi.k Just 19? A r. Wa-anw, Herbert, New Orlean-; 1 ,igu r, ,'ilu too, ot Mount Drie.t, Allah .pta. '1 ha Hovel J "i in, i <'uuK lrom . ooni.ti i > I) ininoi-, went i r ( li luy it m.iruinjr. Op. CI ri t, At wood, Naaaau, i il*. ^. .1 AV Ktu.p'on, Oiporue, N Yoifc. C KichmdNp, Juneau?Arr HMfT, Hmilfurd, D itcg; Meta'ic, ei.nmontou, Tin inuton; Kllen, Chapronn, Work, bill lom-t,Crocker, N rfclk; tiitwrn, rmck. NYoik, Sarin t V? mil. 1! ikti, Newark. F i ii aklmtun, June 111?Arr Magnet, Ilobeita. Harbor Mmd L :lil CJen.-ni i *, i i. . L > pooi; .'ill-oil, LU.kman ISYork; I s<i?li Col , Mot i ; <'niobii I je, (T ) Itu-wn, Liverpool; I I nil uth, .' 'a'1 ewi, u ; Jmi u 11. i o. (llnm) Wi tir k. t ,'c muiiJ; oul nan. Wane, IN Von,; Myiu.Atwol, Balti i.oro l'I-Arr fimi.y, rtli.rwo o, .Work, .1 mil 17?r* 1.1, Ritthie, Oovma. f obilk. June II?CM H"mit ?e, h* r r. I'or nav.e. i Naw OMjUri July IU?* Id, PeuniyiruHi, fcmeraq", | .ivrri'D 1;, ' nine, Ainitr ,-oain; Lnropeau, I\!c,el|?'i, La.d.x; K linar.. .. McC rm, Mobile; LncvAmi, Vli'te, ooaten; Harriet, Hioprr, llio in Janeiro; Oleei.or, F lo.tier Carlhiae a. Arr, Aun'-n i, 1I>1 y, Gioralo r; K. k- ? reod, Martiu. V<ra Crsx; tuiMin, Kenny, Matauior. a; itraauhinN mimilltlluiiOuivaMi. Below eoouaiop? . .rrROB, O.iHiitn lui L.ierpoo; and two aci.oouera, nam.-a uc- ( uown -- n iTAN'LCA BKAN9-K eah lmpor.ed, of a iperior iiuali'r ? lor ico < roam, jmt re eivd and fur aa.e rheap wholesale ud ntnl, by JOH * C MOltRHON, D vler in limgs, I' Oi'a Uyewonda, j?2)lw*rc Uiocei'a Ailiclea, kc., 1#U Greenwich atre?t. L) VCKKT Sil t' HOI HKSTKUT KOll l7l VKhPOoT", L >v .1 11.1 tlm .no l.iri. l\s,r< v r. will pie new u teinboit Herr.a!*i at wbiteMII, at IV v'ttock. J2i it <: R EM OVA "j~ I VMil8 H. BRl'.aDAljK, T'lcoit, haviuit m*da ar' id Keinrnti will .Mrasr . bulti.n ft Miiei has removed i.m .No. lii Protdway, up a air.,'nth ?r,or?-.eoaped b? hein. .No. i 1 Il.ouJw.y, in j mi 'iff To I y Chur h V.i.d, ?here he w. ul.l D luppy lo ae h a I fulls and c.a omen J II U avail hiliia'll of tl.ia oppo't iui V lo 'e u ., thinks or the v ri I biril ahareof patron a e l.e ha h rrlnlo erre-vei, u. ho ra by nr.. t at e i'.ion to t.u iueia 10 innil a Oouiinua ICO l ihetr i?v ra. (jen leme.i who are pane Iar abont t e fit o' their |anta ooua. c u.r-ly on li.vinr h ui in ade iu a very aup rior a( .eat i.ii. t'llllithlT#.. -i r Hue .In i e. ?- 'I B INDhi-UXDhNCE HOTEL, b 9't BLKKCKKK 'Tlitpj *. N' AK > cuv^GALL S I\ I lih. ." U13M III KR would ' j?' e iful?\ iu'o.di ? f tenua " *ud the t ub ic iut?< era , the' hit ?.a? ak<' the ~Love H u?e, fjrioe ly Uuoaii n% Van Zrii'i HoeJ,)auUh vil g mIiik at . ..cry ct'.M.uli d it *ou.d be lia,py to it-ceive ihufcr wlo b na. lav or li m wici a c I . The *Vi.i? a d Li<inun h-.? bten cireful'y fteitcte *, and <ub c f mo c !i icei cj?i * i v. ' li e.k* P ached w gk?, Ilirvb ts, and ot .er p li beg f e'( ed up at 11 : burp rtt n-tic ' l<o in* c .i b?' iu uikt" d t >r Pr> t* Pi i ? lie. A %arirty f |? r* ud l e.iu ic .ig if the uu* t dates. Will ?.* I t.inl on he the At ah d to i e H .me it a Public Gardtc. wh eh wil' bjrpt O e (lur -g he ft alO I, *h T- the heitof |r^l reft fr,| ' ? i It rr Ir i in i.ti can hr obtn* e I L d;ct and G*ul!eti en ?.e tc| <eti 0 io 1: a d idt.ify iheinaeifcs. t j 21 4i n'ec A. >1 SWfe.KT. , MUHAMVIKDB^AN \ N NI ?Tu k, from l -outta tur-p e j Imp* -e ol T ikuh l goods, r ? ec u ly i it n??? ce i | La! e. i.d ?.entlrni nut -w Y ru, ihat be hi* tik?-n ?o in. f i(4 7 1-1. d ay. Ik* to H"?ru'i I'r G r?d Mo e lorl eiale . ft e folio i i/ ar c a v,*:?Ue nt?f?l Hr r*1 u an. it 'J' ,v iei?, - c , f t n v a *ml a.hi -; Note nd Pu? k t I) oke, ein- ? iro'deie iu Eold; I) to G rd < >.ne? for Lad eg, W i'? h (iu . iIh or Ld' iet a d eutie-ie.i. e ubroi i* r d w'h j kau' uolo; # 1 a-fc- o-r <?> i'a aiie ; Ott of K nea u (J tie em ?. id*re I f t k l?l;.%ceut li mis; l)?c n lii. a f rib* o k-i;?\efi u?e?; t lii'o * a d < ai a m.i r ir in ft?L; li m lo- o <ae o, in tin a d ' Id; H ad i u 'i nd 11 s ; 11* u e? f 'II *o . Cx tmi. 3 . c e? and r.ur IM.igr o. vr.uur kii.llfkc I Jt / ( ilu c ONE HUNDRED t)OLLAKS H KWaKH! c >. a* k ? i rr.i : > <* ? York. ln<i> <! ?i 1811. ' IWH-HKA*. iUi u rail ?'r Iwnm'il'i i mf, ,hat o.i the | ? V 411> <1 y u' Jm.F >uit , n V"' C w ni?'i rrtitii i> wil l a r iprciali p I a iii y hi .'>01 if oniF'Ci f. i.hfh g h. fi tent on *n ' rami, l <st f ? r.init ni upfed v? ut tl> ci i <I l> . avwu 1 I tii' SoM ck, I'. 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HIT ? |)P K/> D n I A^Sf ab >?.* m- niitotd petion, of fir n Ii it formation aa wi'l I ad to lit a fit?t .id f 0 .i i to he inid bv ire t'?n the c ir",r. mu "f uid .,(1 -nd i t Iif I oiam iii ( nricil ol the City of Vtw York lhall D"! think pr?i|WT to ra'jfy thismv act. I la w.iiipii wlirfof I liar - lirfrui 11 ict my hand and i cm-'d the >cnl of VI ?y r-lty of svd e ty to be if- , I.XFd, the oav and yrar ft it .bur written t jJ2 lt?fC J .?Kb HAltrK.R, Mayor. TEETH ! TEETH !! TDETIMT' UNTRKCt,L>KNTTi) H YliiJUTI ?iN m-de m Oaclirtry. ny N I'AVi/Oli. burgeon Djutisi, u but Broadway, riiecicr to W 'I ho l i y ilht-g Teeth with finagold foil $l"0 j ' iu f oil VI I Ilu justly ralrbr.itpd Minaral 7.V To to ict i n PiTut T'i c-ois; on Si'rar plata. Si, 'fold, SI. j It IriFii. c gi' FU or Ipccin.eui can be seen, By ai pit i n a t'f ( DiTiif. j- 21 .ii * i*c POISONS! POISONS! I'OISON8! A1IK yoo troubled with Vrimul Th- following preporn tii m arF warranted to Fii -rmmatF bedbugs, cockroaches , no'hi, nuts, wi. mice, tln-a. th ns, maniuitoi-a, and all iniecti -tlac-iiuc he ?Fgr;ai,If kingdom The bed bug poison maybe ated without injury toleil tea'la and bedduig, and .nsariahlv sucFeisf'ti The I'atrhonlly coai|aiU'd (or dei rucli' n f the mollis i' 1 it.i ela wi oIifoi, cl.ttnng, fur.r. chain, cushioi.i, Ike., an ni vlua i f fur cl ''Ii, fu' and ft .uuel deilrn. The omn .ui.d haiiiicnl whale Oil Soap krepi tke me ngt, cuiculio, coccus and oliier inaeeta ftom tin m-ei, plain, ad vegrtabl'i. The r.elrbrated fly Taper will diipel flies and mai-'.nitOFs el actually. There it no agency in this city, and only to he had from th yen tor. DR. LK.W1C. k EUCHTWANOKH, (0 \iaid.-u lane, 2d door fioin Will on itrn-t, Krilkimi fro.n 2 W? litreet M D. Be rmtiotn not to pr rchaae any whair rl.e, purport,n. to be tuy preparatiuna -ulJJuw im'ec AUCTION SALES. BY H K WILLAKD, Store W Broadway, eor. Dnaae it U.K. W will (>n hit prri^ril <t|ruiiuii 'O out door i .la ul outehold h'uruiturr, Dvv tioodt. Groceries, kc , fur per tout lit juithii | houtekeepi g or butmnt. St" t temed i.< *M caaei u loon u the good* thai I have been ?! ' aud delivered Liberal aah Advances made, if required, on uierehnrdne at rerv d. friction consigned I .r eale ttidl lin'm IT > N'J'ti)?A Wet >i *w ttkv cvj? of atc-ml child; one v who retii'ea o'lt ol ilw city, wi luu s shore iliit icce wou'd rpreler'e , and mas'come well icuuuiiuendr.t. jiqiure t J37 ray up it. tia jtiW i?v*tc i i TABLK YOT'NGMAN wish**fortei'natMH a- in a ? eich-?u' ffi" ,?r a Hiy Goods ttto e. Aline a nmm T, S . olfne ol tnis Taper, will be puuctually at r dvd i j-1< J'* re PO W*a I'' II' !.1 KKttS AND J-. WLLl.KIl8~\a ie~i 1 ?.tu > rm by hii ra; enenci d wathmakei, wliow.uld vve no i tjaetioi,, to go to the ? nt*> uuje aneugigrin u* .* tie aaidre t-d X '/. X. can of Mr. Chainlets. 2" Onitlundl leet \vi I n on. with .Upon . n Jaij 'troll* ill J yyCt T blllP OCONlfK, KKOM !> KW OILKANS, is uncharging at pier It K. H. ''outigiires will rleate to the recei .t of ihrir gunds immedut'ly. je22 Jtrc JOAKDI \G Ad-?TT olTrTL ANirr STRKKT?Singl* ' grullrui'ti r gent-el families cm he aicoinmotla'ed wilt 'aid anil comfortable ru nn. Coutnting ol parlors aiul. frured bud r joint adjoiniug, at 27 Couriluudc ?liert, N \o.k. , -VIIA UKItt, The t rench Ivgusgela ?p k. ,i III the lainily j il I nr il-?m )IK/Ma"\vTTl! PA.N I'ltle.8 AI TACI1Kl7 TO l.r. l" a ?With oi without Board, iu a hrahliy at.a elnhllul pair. I the nty. urar a ttaae route. * itliiu (Inrtv or f, itv ro ol 'WIN I ?iO'i but-? U i "port Mmiu'.ic rv, I r- 5)4 'O .tO ih. lUMUN lJUl K? Mw fill-* tool, from No 1 id i; do do do fcstra, No 1, 2. 3 and 4. rsure sly for pilot port. 'VLT?50 bales of the patent Sue tlno.1 I'apvr or Kelt. 'O It It?500 bar-els I* xliu I leai ; 1 000 do aiess; 501 do Prime, i.wtu?von barrels No. 1 Lrn" Laid ; l,5>10 kr^s Kt'aLril'. .AM) OIL?300 btd'U No I, tery sup rwr; 40 do No. J. Utl ' S?234 dr. suit-d Illinois Oi ilidis, LoUlt?"Hi bdrr-o S K. Oh o. 200 do do fc. .ale Mill*. Quiocey. 2nn uo do IJ. ion Mills, do 210 no do Washington Mills, St. Loan. VHf'AT?I.U'O bushels Prime llii mis. UlitNUY?iu htlf pites " Oiitro, Dunuy 8t Co." Ill (' .e-'vlirn do do v.ry superior *r t.cle, un-er custom boast* lock. IKF.K KPUNHH-JO : r els tKhK TONOUriS?lUO dozen well eu'ed, and in fins order, je|9 re ^aO'7. .MILAN M Itin/INK OKKICK. 3 Astor House -> '1 ji* Columbian M it,a/.iu?, k.d.led br John Ionian. Coj.unceuient ol a uew sol Contkn r? of the July No. 1144. Vol. J, N . I : On 'iliaI Art c.ei, snd written tntueiy by the Ldilor. 'I he h.dilur with so enirisving; 'J'i.e Jots of Absettc ; Talking of Birds; Th* Key Konnd; Oranihur; Hom o and Juliet in i heip*ide; Town and Country. Kneuoly Dialogue; N?w?i Se?d'ie|ii; A Lost Child ; Lu.lluu: Ju icidl Murder; 'i ti Oniuibas?<s; Frigid i Mors; Washington; The Kmewel ; I lull riu's Dance of Death; Wtnns'i; A "-c ndalout Apostmrh*; L * C .mp e Dr Oabilis; I lis Wuil of the Jilted; A tine ato y of Lave a d Letth; 'I he d t j '? Daiigh'er. with an nigra* 1H(; r,.? t?...n l ; \ lew iiMf i>oM Spring. wuli iq en?nving; 1 u ill- Cuii ifoui Header; boom t( ihe .tljnth, Ike. Notiej to lyOh**?p Km B ?.|.t.|*M MF.TT * The Editor e glare ty 11 a. o*ud, t.oma Daguerreotype niu a ur?- by Moai <1 r.diior n Ua'i,. liter, engraved by W. L. Orm?by; tainted y lie .try lutn <u V ie w i e r i^*:d Spring, "ngrared by i. C. Bultrr; detignrd > VV H 11 rt etr K**h oil*, c?'?>ied, fou* (uuv8, Mat.i in - to u r ,.o*iry by Mri. Em*na C. Emmy; >:ii ?' b? Mri <J L Hull i viin?? $il r*r r iiin m hd.auCf; two copi-*, f ir $5, nr our jpy r wo \r .i? #or %'j ; ??LkI- >o?. d coll at K, del.ver'd in n |) . oi* (tut city olid lira Klvn, and ten by mai fo all a f.of'he U r<d ji'aits d ton C ni?dii, by i e pntPubrr. i d ?st, i p&id ISIl iKL i'Oat i , J Aator li* we i i' it c FlVK DOLLAKS It E WARD. VIOUITION Ob THE GAME LjilVS ril1 N ?V VUi?K M'*?KT?M V.* Ch li In lehy offer $> li ward *? any p no.i h? wi" g wf? rm tmij ti h Sc e ary ?,f ih tudlduh, at hit t-fFlce No 20 1, iv?iii ei li. et. -ii the t. of >e' York. oi a > |? t >u killi u u' lu% i?tj in hi ?? r?e.?iio ? nil. Wo dcuck betwee t h :,t (Id'. "I Ybruarv an ) ?he l?t day of 'nly, hi a v y m, or of i y * ? too nil tug o* ha? Lif ii h:i p ts-* tin- any part'idg* or qn ill b '? the i.ii of Jnnu?i> a d thi 2jihdi, i?f iJet be., ill au\ m ar fiiid iufdMnitiixi to be -neb at will 'bun ?h*ro victior Hid eul*?ic- lite tol ri hrr of the Till i '/ p- altl^*: ? Sec I |?eii 'ii ah-h k II any Qu >il? or I'a tridces u > t.-rofth-c Ui.l e. ( N w York, M. k* Que and W-?r h, b-iw-f lite .'>th of Jauu<uy atu ih ' 2j h day ? f u* Up m Sec. 9 ys li?w *r ih II off ud giiutt 'lie priej tiom of fhe t?i pftliK ?ertion?, itt.d kill uy P- tiid^e or Q mil. *ht.l briei to a * Q i.|il or P?r. ndge killed, th* until $? > i! 3 Auv . r t'Mi who n t.l eipoae to le any ^art'ldg* k Qu il i *?therol h- arl i .i fea r.-t^eonvety, or ?hall ? ur? :b or pfo ure or ana I have ii hi* po? e??.i ?u auv of t.i?? s i I tin*, ii ei b r f 'he *a?d c u .lie* Htfii oe wh?ii t e 1111 ir of r r g t-M# i? pi oh.bite u> law, all I e de meJ ifu ry ? l-i ling 'lie ni l '*1 *, tud liabie t.? ill p-.itll.e* raiitul i.hed, v t* ill ti.e tune prohiti t?d Jji-c i I e ke.,^ ly t ?r Li lire Woodror't wi bin tin? rime imliib't* d by I iw, it ncei? -d to $5 ora.y Wnoilmrk killed, nd ihi i? im ty '* imp *e i n .o<i -eery \e?*on who *h ill nil o. pure - ?? <>r i a e in h.s | 04.<ttiou a vVoodcotk Wiihin h - run i iio lihrd tiruioii'i Lini, 18 7 i'hapt#f 21 J McOA Y, Attorney ?t Ltw, 20 i hauib-m ?tte t j?22 lt*re Hicrefary to the N. Y 8 mrii'^e 1 * 'uh. rilfc. NEXT sl'EA vi 81111' Kkovi ..nglanu W1ULA1EK ft SMITH'S EUROPE A M TIMES 13 Y'h?ti**t ma lit in atop t U? I in, *ill mch Ihii eitl l>T ' xpirii Ml lw ?lit iiuinaji .trly, htVr-Mi hniim in advaaca >1" tit null*! at IJ^ ' Vnti I'rrC'oi y.or $1 10 lor 13 < o|i **. I' liu ilmlr il'iii ml ? nrv I'uli cnra lar mil ml, mill :r*at ir.iprirtv. baaiid t r hi'mh lh? bit pr e-a Curiam ihi a.i Snpm r Li?i. au'l ? tba h -I K- ii urn Ea\"P -on .N.wipaiar wli rh raaehaa thi* r. uuirv f nm fur i' ennipnin ii an i dama-l form of'l eo'umua ?? ry . nam p inj ofnr?i I i.taraat t? Am'r:ra, v Inch li?a r nrpnad in If, aUn.l ami otri'i ' rai?n paflt. I'liim lb a.Hiigoftha pr n tilh'h nri.l l-parnrif Up tieam ?hip winch convayg tha f>r liromuia iU b*rA mo git nilii r niim-rina ard flilfriDg traumniiiala, ilia ' tin * t nil Morning Pnai"?i"i. VVa ar> g aily i tlehiad to ?hn nawaprpar lomnr 'orrigu, n:i<a!l ii PnM?, and cum m- rcitl nawa On-a ntimhar nl Wil in-1 a hnnth't f.a "paao Tiim-a laworh a nhola lile of aoy oihri hiighih p-y*r." !\aw>maa, >e*ribnr?, and dan'an M Periodical*, may ba iupI iad -t wholeaala, by Mr. Ba.cli. S ni oincr, alio byapplici"'wiLLVKII k SMITH'S EUROPEAN TIMES Oirie-,7 VV.11 (tip t. ' ?* toiU Hold alio by Alaaara Bur an k Attn far. M un. Maion I Inula, Mr or y, Mr Oralum. And all ntliar ntwipaptr anil r mdir I i a la>a Travel !i waupd. jlS JtSltMkltWrc Bl OHDJ&R or AARON vaniTkuVoel". Jmoopof i lie Snpainr C uit of the Uity of Mr.i Yorlt, Notice i* I araby given, pnrauaut ti tha piovmmiinf thi a m'li riaiBd nttnchliiai ti agnitiit unu-ieaidr. t oabtma i.i- v MllM t lim i?au J an n ?? Ilia ratal* ofCttAJtLK' viUllttl.A a raanlpnl ol Ainxrii', n,in IInlUuri, and <hal tin i.ia w 111 l>a a.'Id for ilia Pamaul ol lua dehia unlaaa ha apir-n ml dioiharge auch lUichitieM, scro lling to lam within him nun ha from ih? linn publication nl tbl( untir.a; an I lint U? II n anl of inv drbta due to hun by reaidei la of tin .< aiala, ana I,a d. Ii?ery to nun or lor hit n- ol aoy propeit, witlun tbn UlabHnugine to bnn.aud tha ! ran a far of any aucU property by iin .are foibiiidan by law . aud am void. Daiul lha7cii day of K'bmary, 1M1 WESTERN k EDWARDS, Auoriiry* lor Attaching < raditor. inrll ltawVia're e W ahiag'ou t'a ad? <*r? uncl Alto, Oiw or four gentleen can b- hi cumin with lizard au I ii? d Roorua ? er i.a o?V at?* AMy .it ?!> Vnio< >tr ft. jll %*irc l O 1 ill\Tk?v>.?0???* ?rco?.? Iia u A cn? re ? (double I medium iiza) iq ioic<|il?*ie ordrr, fir *!?>* ? ipply ?o jelOtro t> ti<> Sc CO 1'jan.l Jl (Joid it AOK KWARD wtllbagife for tilt tMovcif ofim t ty I V'anry Giul.i.auch i?? bra tl**U, al?d?M, b i - i?i a. tir test tat e.a, .u u pimet Aid bg. ? k em1 r > <1 r dau??? d^, iu *t- rtud baij ct .? ? , v Iv?*L, ?. nt'f nt-u'a mibio u ir I | i lu*?, at l ula i ..light 9 ii lust. f oai the a: re f L) M r. &w ' * I < 9 li a'way jjl 2 ?? "1, il'I'Kii.?2' ft cnara Kiijj'i h She*: lung O* birr, c impiisi g J a lull as.oun ut, fro i t < *.12 4? '""iiufc itr?-i luui il.u si rr and 1 v. i) iap * > r icL i i I . -191' c. t K I Ol UN* H, CO 'j6 H. u'h ?trret ilUT ON UUCK ?3 'i bi)w AflNNic n 11 Di k [rwi S i\ > l to .0: /.Is 1IM No . J null I, "tj I ??'v f*ir pilot ats; UMtie fr? in the be it ni."Uei<*l aud iu a su vnu uuuber. ?r mile 111 lot to aui 1 u?c!i ra by je 19 i' tc. K K COLLIN'S It rQ S6 ^on'h at 9 r. L f ? A3 btks of tod fff) ?? 1 - iof I' 11 1 809 1 In uK w II aiiir <i or vt-B" a eintloy.d 111 a low U itu It; alto well i"i't il f r cove .114 r ?(* ? f <o u K?rai'r by je 193 ?c K a COLLINS at < (I . V*. S >u'h TRBNTON PALLS. NEAR UT1CA, NEW YORK. HUE SLDsrK BKh hd"< uucfi t tlMpvbli'.ilutiffrikn I nbaence of ivsn aexaon*, he hat r? huiiwj the direction of the >"?l ar the nbovr place. ' Is*- h"U*e baa b en tho<?>U4hlv refurahed and pot in com le*e order, and he iroata by H;a attenti u 1 IIMI 0 mf'rt Of hia Kinsta to na? r t n ictum ol thr pd.ioiiuK*' i tibe'riily I eauw.d ou litin iu former v? j *.4 2w eo 11 a ic M MOOHK. JAMiL fON HOlfs -hOlir HAMiLIONT'LUMi i- ioLaNU?Tnd sdbidriba' b Ivivo to impuiitkit ! hia imde ar.^i 11 inputs wi'h 11* 81a eu Lluid 8?enmb at omp-niy t? run th b ucj, o ao<l af'er Monday the ?7ll? mat. 1'be db veplice, and f. r the ap-cuil ncc^mtuoduliou of die itroua and fa to>a o tlna ravo .t- a pot Lr.vte Ne?v York, f?oin Wbit-htll ai6 A. M. and 3H| P. M Leave Hamilton House, leturLiuU 10 the cit*1 at 7s A M I'JtH I' M ALU.N/O KKKD j 9 Ji.iwi tf rc )IAN(> KO?<TI he fcuecriber ii for "a the public hat h* ha? on h nd ? ru? a.perior t'ia* os, of the be. 1 i|utl>iy .d Rood woilniM.s ip. ,?t the lowest inluttUcturert' |?ri ea, amuied, vnu It ;>t iu t n* for oue yea-. N B. Pi iiiua tuueU, tri a:ml a d ridi v iced ?t the mut realiable teiina ' \N, i30 eutreat. j 2 1 I w to iwe-n Walkr ran I VVIiKrsis PHK AMERICA^ LKTTr.R MM!. < () ceattato to i- cur l?*;t m ?0 Phi'ld Ip i . t? A" I the n.iii-ru iti?*a Thyh'V-lik- iae lavly esub'ishd ?.fli iiAl ay a d I w. nn.i *ii| e?rry I rt*r? to uy I th- wiove uuined iacea nr 6^c nt?? t vp. t s i uoa for one uo l r V rti u ai xtte i' ou paid to foiei m l-tt r?. The ti e. t dec si ii- ?f 'u l^e? Story an I 8rrurn* eit^bli h1th ru'to 1 dtvidtt I ro tfnp rt le"i?u, Ate, at.d tl.o ? I, u ? tt e ptt'il c * i viippoit tne ? uViprue. j Z23"f3 K J ACKu? V. ' K'nt f?r Tro-ri-1 ra i JAVASA AM> PHINriPK CIO H?-20 LO'I Noriega 1 -e an, fuivnor; in too li<- ; iV'Ul) La N?ri<i ?; i.1 ".I K cna iO?: lOU'lOlnd ''>Ztdir?t: .'U,,iiti Li Union i OOi h.?i?rn.zi. *?:y h r ; tOOfl Fi < ii'tiu; td'O - III m ia ; tl(lL?uril; o illO "I a P- : ?," mil* mr ; '40,00 i Cma *Fi-.; 50. (i Ju in S 7. * rinaip , IHu ' DrLt roz'?? oiih Lh*~r boici* bianda in kiug * c mi I l<* *!? tin lit?fur iu ' heap for, by ?h? i|a'fef buz or ih unuil l>y ISAAC II SMITH 205 l-'rn rattee!, jt2 2 w ju w rc oppoelle Kiilion Maikat Y-l) OI'ARD, DUPUy k CO BKANDY-Ii half a d J i iutiih |>.i> ?, vi iiiiii .1 iljl, 'J2. Ji, AC. 'J9 '<0 anil *tl? iQiiinR t'lon ill-Amer ki. C i l Si pauim, 1 m lliiide.iix, lo ltd dueci fr mi ilia huua*. ( luner u? oin-i.uu.e lock) 1 I I n kale i. qjiiutHi"* I iu i pjri'liat -r*. bv Jttftte K K. C'LLINS It <-ii . 5t South atrert. ; HlttT MAN up ACT lib Y AND UbN I LKMf.NM 5 t'L 'THlNl* VTllHK G'J Maiden Lane ? Sbir innle to r ler Iter the hM nil in ? tfimM ? r irh pa|0 rn? < lo'lung of all t'ncriplioiia wide to ord r at the iir it c a, ??*: Lren a d bioek Coata muteaod trimm'd from $7 to $0 05 Von! vooiu and Ve? a ' I 50 t > $ 75 (tiitral jaenitroent of li'Dtlein*n'a cio'binl. of ull d a Hy a. roi atit'.tly on haui. \VM CoLlIaU. j *22 l'n*rra 7DWAHO K. COLLINS & CO, 5* fcouth atreet, bare ou J Ii. lid. and lilt' r fnraile on reatouaule lerma? if? nr. . .... v.? i-i. - ? ' AMUSEMENTS. PARK THKATRJC. Boil SI cent* i Pit j c-nt I ?lf f '??ii MONDAY EV* N|% Jui) fitn Kill Ik per ?w ?THE F Al ONE WITH TH.. tiOLDE.N LO KB-O .c 'ill, Mm II llnut Affr L \ " \VAi>*"l?F. I'o c nc ?'' ? i ll F"R ! IIM 'O ! NluLo'S UAilOKN. OPEN FOHTHrSU^TZH SEASON Thn en lei tain meuti will b- un:'er th- direction of M U M I T < H ?. 1. L .VlONO \V KVf.MNli Jimi- Vl h, 'I.I w II b- produced thr Knu ktiion .a I Sub n unit diii' t a f t >1- A tvllCHU A.? S -A 8;.KI E T Ne| t it- >'' Fruto Andromeda Mis* Mu.w.od A.i lottrtrutiou I'tl'iit ri Uuiil K lb? rf III g lh* Ofntlitai t) /tti'tu Aub'r 1 LiCnlport by Ou.IjW To coaciuii' wiih th-('<'m" a ecu led ALI I ' E M Alt) Swig Mr Holltdd "-^-TICKETS FIKTY CENTS-iJ NO POSTPONEMENT at tbm EiUbl thuirjt oa account of wceiher, at ilw Gran I Eutrauce from Bioa 'way to thr Ha loon ii protected, and the Nc * St ..on, which i* Ventilated . from lb- r^p and tnl.-t, e p- be eur'n.ed a' a inimical'* notice VAtXIIAUET" ! Acti .f Marm-cr ''n Tui.n | >Mn> Mnmwrr..Mr. Walcot 1 MONl) VV KVK^hU I nc ?ltl. In- nerl 'miner will c mm u wnJi A ROLA CUt AN U1-lVh.K. At ? Inch a I i.c b v vi.\l)'LL.r. CELKHIK ln[e in ?.i .u ol-h* i null ur, To e n In-? wuh ih? I I K-tree called A NTO -V AN1) t'Lr.Oi'A TtA. 8*7- No f > IHinNWkt ii etc u t I ill - > tatlirr AUUItlCAN JJIJ S??C Ji. AliiiaL GARDEN AND P t K t L i U A In PAIR, Corner ui Broadway and An- mrret. P T BAR' UM I'UOIRI-TOK. V HITCHCO !\ MANAGEMOND li A D TL'ESOAY. UNE It AND 2J. ojiAnD Pr.lih OU.IIA.M ? S> Elery afternoon, rt hal-p ill o'clock olid * io theeyeaia* THr. til AN l* AND GIANTESS! Am to br t?ru evriy day fiein III o'cl ck A M till I P. M., Iroiu J till 4 a, nun finin 7 till 10 o'clock. P M ORPHEAN AMI L V Ok' VOCALI9TB! O. e i I w iioiu it a LITTLE Miss UK ONt,Y SIX YEARS ! arc re rn. n?ej b, imirrruil ilrnre. .M a Wencru, Utrat Wriieru, Li Petite Cento, and otliera are e.gaacd. THE INKANT SISTER. Celebrated all over Kurcpn hi ilie moit > cc. mpliah'd Juvnuile j D Mrti auil Siugm, wilt ap.ear u a few day a. IL/" Adminamu to Lie whole tj e.-uia?-tuildren nndrr tea yea<?. halfprue. O- On iV ED VEHDAY, June 3fth. LA PETITE CERI- ] TO wi I hrr KAKK .. ElL BENE KIT JrJJ i? | PlfiALK'8 NEW VURK UlttKUHL i AN!) ncTOU GALLERY. BronJwi.r, oi>Dniite the City Hull. MR. II. BENNETT, MANAGER. ULYNT BOY?Hi YEAttSl OLD. SEVEN KKET HIOH ! 1 DWjtllF'. THREE INCHES SHORTER THAN TOM THUMB !! AN D A OlANTEHh oiX KK.ET SIX : T W E L V E P E K K O ft bill)! AL KOtt ONE SH LLlNti The ci |nb*ved POKER M \NIA, by tin- (liieMaw Kamii.t. 'I h- r al 1'OivER D iNLt; e.cil |wri'orii>rr beiun up. li d with a red hot oue. Euit Itetnent of MONH. AND M iliKMu S-LLK CHECKINI, Who, with ill H?lit-tceof a Bal'rt Cn'ia, w.ll introduce a OitANu Ltl V EH'II SEME NT. C-.nairtiuK nf h Tiri'iy i.f D ui.-ea, irin-un and groteniiur. The perf..nntuce to conclude with a CoMlC TaULEnUX Hk THE WH<>LK COMPANY Mian K'lBlLl'- C 1.1 N I- , the .,cc >mpl.?hrd Sin gaursa and Hai-eiiae, LA Pl-.T'T.i MC'?ii k <loua Ch-ckiui hii-I La Prtitr ELO BE Plli-l Kl.NI. Oi, IVuuy l K ilm?titl Who t:n<> hither *i.d l?wrr ih u ?uy ut iMi-lodim in Amrici, at oils ul mem ?UuiU r.r . i l.rr ' ? lAll i 11? ' I. a (T/* Afternoon Perfuriv. -nc W *<lav'? ? d 8\tur?la\ 'i w S'trHo U I i ihriobvvh v. i; no i cU o^ f? r i u ? u.... iw Ji<* e%<*uiuK nt *?>4 0 ? Admi 11 non > . I i f Jj of.Vi>iim ;7nla >LO W\Tk H'- (i l7f> VV A I Kit ? ? OLD WATK't.' ( in* i ?*. vim-* It, i d.e r ?-iv?d >eiu?. is r^li viik?.1 1 ili ki>?u- i f?* t mi ileta \ . o >! d. u tr ?v r atU-inpie'i I u'ldrciN .ir- f tlv pu*7 A.t- i.U iha NeOfOinit.c r b Trin,*ltf cf l* ntn * t ii ?V 11 li it? * m#?Tni ? M ifl 21 li i .<1 ev rv e? Kg diritif tbv WftlL hp i ?iaMi| 0 iri V-miii" : l'sm, Vc T. ib u?i 1% e1 i?*. ui. m-ut *n) to c Mil* wth *v ui l V/.r " Do ?r? op< ii at al !?.? i r J? r,,clr ok p ecii'?l> Low r H -i.vB d'ictutB ; 1 Pit 12j>?; ? lii.iiieu liilt-piice o owrr t-oie*. *4 r?tch Bob utfi e ??iH*ii iiBua* e m n jeV3 iw * rc CA-TLE LAUiiEN* THIS k VfcMMrjuW 2 . GREAT FESTIVAL AND GALA! LO DlW'^SiOO UuKfc.rtAb ! u ii.e Kire Kiend, for til* ur?t liu.o. tilli.NOil Hi* NlllCC) u tli? Ppmiah P-t r Wilk n?, or Air CH'ht. r l'ogi l .er with >? in Uj I'i :n t tli-imy of Kltih WO.lKS 1 A r>|>lmoiil Pi'f" tAihil ihf ftUi < ! I\?lt Pyroieciuiic Aiti?l? 11 the l> .ttl -n, lute -tlgr.J.. slid Win. htanimi. Exhibition will commence at 9 o'clock prreiely. INew ?oik litdtt Utud will x rrau 11. tiuimi.t :i Concert. HimNHICO, iinuiiicil hi Jtlw, uti th c rue Jlor.i, will ?e D unruled Quiri.u, te'iceo m M.aiua d Italy ll l iuolii il?l Su no, in wmcli lie will a.peir attired h the hue h ieud woi inn nt lite vudol bilClnJ.ued hole two (i.oD'i o: Uj|evUl -liiU-.l ruck"!, w.ll be find at fUidnwn auucoaiiiioi <1 till'J o cl cU, wlie.i'lie it nbi i.ju wil Cain w cwritn brilliant All.ciauu jail Lonhli, Al?ti*-e i l It ic.rii, with Uold llaii, . t.r.ul I'oiiuui.p .rms ofMolu, am al 'wo i'ouud KO'biti, Willi Streetli nnd Milvtr u>i.i i. 'in "l I tx u, (wo pound llockHi Vila br'iouo, one pound roCktU Willi St .in. Admittance 25 cuti?Children half puce. '.Mil, DEMPSTER'S LAHT ENTERTAINMENT. NY. LUllAitY. L>. nl i i, a il L-eouard ? Mi Uempil r huth-h.:i r to a.iu u ce I .el me mill null Uat viioil e..a-riai nn-ut will be khi i at l?e hocieiy mi'iraiy ou MONHAY S.V fcN I.a l>, Jum-ci h. a. hen he will (UK toe Inline lag ioun* Ud lailjua. vix:?The a |.ot where 1 w.auoni; Wlieu the uniht wind biwnilet >; Joiiu Anderaou ny J 1} llulo eiy it'llwife; ih' loveuo.ewae lint ther-; The blind ny, L ... ml of ilie Ir *h enii|(i'aut; Jean: i .iioiriinu; Let t>a lo\e one an other; .Vly .Nannie, u; A home in ll.e iie.irl, I'm w I II y n ouce a. liu, and 'i h d.-illinl Woi.tu B.l a nieink fnr.ner parucilara may ce h.ul at the uij.iu atorej and at ill a O Libr.ry. I icbeta SO Ccota? to be had at the door. Doora open ?t h-lf II 1 7, io commence at 8 o'c on*. j8 M tilt.VI UUANJ) CONCERT AT THE brlOADWAV 1 AiimllNACLE. MI.iOaV, IUcAUAY, aNIJ VVr.DNc.bdA*. June Kith, Itoth and 16ih, T iiK OHU'INAL ETHIOt'lAN -ae Ite.iV.D' R9. MESSRS. GERMOX, Sm.MkOOU, IL/IRRINGI OX ? PELHAM, liaxinK beea rvTltoM iod u.e r.Lia a of ihe uiffrtent c t e? lu wtncii tney lure h.d llie h uui o aipoilua, lit I 11 alou, l'nliatieipliia oa.iiu.r and aVaal.iua.uu ie,|rciluliy aouuueca 1.1 the b.aUif.S ami (Jr. a > Lr.Mh. a Ur NL.W VUlaK, th't 'he, Wi'i Kive Ihrit of 'heir INiMI I'AEl.E Ei\ Tc li TAINMEN'IS A l TI1S. liitUADVVA V i Alir.ll'VA'.Lh, Cnninri cm uu Mu.iuAi oVoMau, Ja eitiln, end continuum tune ccn?eeo ive mvanuiKa. I lie r.. ir.hi.a.eni couaiaiii.K ul Mount linrt, Chi. u..e?. Coiuic Demur, a, eic e.c tue mucie Iroiu l..e icat p. put ir, . c mpa-ird W illi ihAacldeou, ii.ijoj Couno mini" and Bone l uallceUa, ,n all L.Niv.V LLEO IN 1HE WORLD! ( 'or pwt.< uLra t?e cm ill U il>. 'i'lcknh i> . f.u liuior u Under 10 yean accompanied with ih-ir |)irruU or u.ifdiAju liail i*licr> iluori op-.'u .1L 7>,, Uoi.Mt .ii I I i ll jietl bl N '111K lOWArt ARE STILL AT HOUOK.LN ! OWlNU to clir gieat curuait* iinnilr?utl by ti e .?w Yoik t'Uiilic to turn no., its fcytcnneu* of the unC.vmied iuUiin bom fh* vaf kmw >itf??unbn weemer lus> ;,ivf n tl f r a liiilay cf their MitonwAiiili, the, lidVe b?tu Induced t, I'foiOLK i cr Vti'l at liob.k i* lor our Uime Wii'H luey w ftl r m in in rf eucatuprd until u*il Iumuiv, June 25th, ami wlme the.* will p-eaeni * |?erle,t I ?< Minnie of u.d.aii lilt* hi the luirii by l MsiforuiauC* oi ih ir v?riuua clnuanieruliC Un Kite* ? rftfuio im, kc , Sc: tie<w?e. ill inur?oi four a d ?.* ia lh* aft ru ou; Vary.un ?lie?r i?ertoi?.&iue<i e .erv uny. " W Inlr (yloud" it llm moat c I bratod ludi<ta Chief *lioh<u b'?u iu New ? ork iuc*> Uie llineoi i> nek Hurt, * U i au*o. n 1 theuuinb r of ttio e whoie i>o.irnta af mi '.oiialjieo by ( -ntin, who alt > uia.e* worthy uikutiou oi lit.* Chief iu hu worn ou the Ab ngiu*-*. ^New-imui-y i. ( Walk iu tl e IUm.) fh third Chief of the Nb1 lion, a d S -uuMi- y v *li (lir at Medicine ? ?o u low* to thri.n*K<i lot. ma have every hlii'ii1 a Imi lei: n?u< Ii itUut'Uu 1 Ttiea' "itrii'iri u on their *a> Ui t urope, l.oui their hUul HI* KtuUMia JVV II II ? ttt illil II- Iilllirii l'i<l I'll- <*rr>b aia ,r m liitfcm>, Usual hi i Uiir.ito, hrr atraeta Uu I Wit 111| HP ynrds 0' ill II mi ilill|'lll?iit 'I hi* r.?h bit mi i? I i*f j II l?*fr JUST ARRIVED IN NEW YOKK, THE REAL TRUE VALENTINE VOX. SI. J - i ill Olf I 3 P r V i\Lfc h'li.Ni (ISiiiTi-of Vi-nii*1 hr first* d nly Vr.N ThIUO <UiHT of heoay, wh w |i war in t ? .in > ? iili-iii at -null il not iitily i r iiihiiii m . tpiirt i n th-*a mr I*- foiHiaiirc. < in rv n rclipip I -ill Pru'iii ri ill it, in r? y i-Hiiitiy, whrip ha tiaa bptn h M ly patro i?.pd? v 7 in r. nl II I by ill It n .l h irm y anil, ; Uitt in Itpiuud, A,; tanil.?id I . at llmi-bori tin v ip *mj lilt 11 V will, hi Mlaiuon to liii unriraOd Pnw?rn(Vp ir !o 111 iin. k r' hp of h* muat iuC'p linlr pi caa b I perf imiaocp vpi li a o m ill- w rid which, ?lib llip aid ot hit titular and VoiCp * ?> a ptrlpct if a M.LlT illV HitNil Thj? T)'ifn'tntn"? mm' ird v p hpird t'i b? bal p?p?I, hiiinum u VALpNIINI in' a. rPt'ipct'uliy ami tinea to tl p mbaliit .nti 01 >pw Vmli anil Ha ?i inity that h?>h ity lutn >.i||ipirini h' rr thp pub'C ; to. p liar wi.hlnalat'.Pr, f? d1' r .ie? V?'Poliai.i*ro|pa o of .Vlune a d-*iupii g For i artii u au, in- ady?itia mens j'Sit'rc STRAW GOODS?STRAW GOODS. <H L illUban i?n tn'ii'l mraw lim ill aa ran bp I nt III lb- P'ty ?.-y . h-a(. at Y luint'a Kirat PreiFZ imam At aw Mat Mmi faeto ?. 9t B .wrr/ ; t omn i * a I t?e est ate of nm a d ea r A ip ai.lit A raw*, do d . Tmmra Hi. do. Nwapniiti l.aee, frmn the Cimmiai'al ui th? ?ny be.t inr.p iitcd aitic pa, at whol. tale and r-la.l, jp 19 J ire DAY A- MARTIN'S BLACKING. rPHE Or.h? 1 hK OAY U. MAnllh'A BLACK'NO. A im|i Hied Lo don, may b* fouud at thr M-.m B ackn g IV rehoua*, Iho. I J hn, r rnpr nl Broadwav. ? h ch it kept fi.r <alp to ai:eninniod.<te those gen Iph pii " bo prtlei the r.nviitli af i Ir Lp limn and *Uain Bi ckn g nn,.i?-i?' I v a- ni lt d to ip ibp hp.i hia- kiiiit mianficiuiid inih* Unit u At?tiri*. U. Ipahaa m nuint lured hi. rki a in lint city furl. ??ari; hat mails inor- in ijui toy, inn bp.t r hi ij al'iv t'mn ",n? o. h r pniitj in ihia o.mfiy. a'd i? tip oh e-t imnufnc n pi in iIip I'mtPii Ataba The im mail al? m h'a kiuit h u i n I i i uu lit, to ihp English, and i" |ipf e nt p.a in liripr l)p Irra i th? a lit p. ai d uer.i/eineti who p p'pi a au piioi uabty, are 'aspen1! full y wliti'"! nralll>ifurp|ur ha - -ng pi.p whpip, trh* ipam BI c.nig Wa.ih n p. Ao i John aima f corueiof nay. , _, , _, , , 1 NBA ?rr. ?i?i p ior a-fic'e of Black and BIiip Ink am Bl irk Vermeil mauu saurcd at above jM|,a,c I HAHL'.A lihb. _ Or?'i' i op thp llo'-aaT-aic H II I o J Ha I hi. a p R I Ju p 7, I 41 $ RV RF.A^IA'TION of I1 r Pint Ills n A?- ny lot ill Trin?'f*r t fihp AturkiflSe II <| ?at--u e Hall it inn a hit hpp'i a abli h din the Cite ol V* v,r?, ,| ib . ffi p i I It <1 I. Mii'ii ia, N'i < Hantie r ird Sm kbld wi lung "hpirit ick I hp plan d i)? iIip bn ,ka of tlin ? liet anil ttantf f O il ibai iltir , n?p rpi| in?d lo .ra.itl t tlip >t r. ttbP B.idgrp.rt i-lficpfor in,a ?OLH> Trnunrw 'i'h^ B ftff now open ftn*t n?*y rin<lIit.qii ol ItM.nndli' M .1 31 3t i?'t c DR. E. LOVE JOY, T ATK of Owrgo, wubpa to inform tut fr.radi ibai h? ha Lt rpmo.p I to thii city, and baa lakra an Oh KICK at an BUOAUW'AY. jpli imdllliw re* I I tf??? BY THE SOUTHERN MAIL L?tmt fhom Uio L)k J*v km -13/ the bn* Mary, ?i ihia |?>>ri yeaterilny iroin Fio, advic. * ti men rfrividnf ? *-iy lain data. He ?ul join au ix'raci font * Utter *?th ?n rliw' Imt.. baeti klu<tl) '? Tared : Riu dk Jxtlk*. .'da) II 1144 Wk Iky* iin't.ii.p nr* to c-'lti! reu""Hi to our majket. The o-k ol Hour 4? ? * <" 7J WHI bb mihI thru b-inn no outlet lor our tn ? '?tnrk ?i??l r?c?iii4? cuntinuii'k to |iuur in ?? feer irrt will jit? way. Sil* i,i Hi'-huioiid m- l'>i|10O a letiWO. Bal'imora I.'ijOO m I W * i. a v? 'run rmtiibnno, Balni Km Untitle, Moi. * ? <. # i u llo? Atrti. At \1oiite*iiUu ll.e ? i i I o. ir' ?1, ? v. r> h'tle hope of .? rjii e.l) tf r*niii4' i-i. t> n-. v ,r. The Im\ i" bio ut r. u , lioat mi. ilia p' Fluropoar, metk.-'t h i' e . 1 - t?r .. if.-, ?i. i tha pricr? 11mv adv , .h. n . ,,, 'y maintain <1 , itMent 111. ? . if. 4 ?.| , I ,.... r ?# lectinri VV * quid*' m i?* tior jmI ifoml ti a. I. .It 3' I'laAri.-O, goo.l J /JOO a i Tin . 1 iri ? tiie m u..o of April wrrr '10 Old lari in New V 01 U i l til tu ilslimore, 77CI to Bji.'?ii ATii 43tfi to Nie.v O ljeua ? UuUimtre *1mrrican, Junr ii Sunt'Kino Affair.?On Thur*dty afternoon at fU(ioD't) .Machine rfiop, in ItuiiMmi etreet, Kensington. * \ oung iii8ii named William Fai nin, in a lit of violert ptssmu. threw u turning ins'rument made ol a file, at one ol the workmen named John be Haven Ibo pom' ol 'he instrti nnnt entered the aide and je-nefratnd tbe Inn? De H iven is n"t expected to live Fannin wai yesterday nrreated ami hill to bail before Alderman Boilt-au ? I'hitad. Gus Jum '.'J. Kali s of Stuck* at Philadelphia. Fihit Bosun. June aj - 2.)0 shares Oirard Bank, ft da, 11; 100 do do r w, II. inn do Wilmington KK 6, 33; 174 do 4* a d 31; ion do do 2d; 300 do do s A 31}; 000 do do a 6 911; ion do do&d 31}; 13a d i do 31}, 34 do Heading Hit. oasn UAj; 1'I0 do do lil )} County fives c It p Ml; 1799? Sidle fives. Il A 7ri}. 10 short I IJ S Bank, 9; AO do do, 9 ds, 0, a do Louisville Bank. SO; Ado Union Bank. Tenn, 99; 300 do Wilmington lilt. 31]: 103 do Heading HR 36}; $1000 Kentucky Loan, 1II4|, Sr.i;e\D Bdahii. June 30 ? '300 shares Wilm KR. A d ?, 33}; 100 do 931; 35 NO (iiu, c * p, 33; 340 Oirard Bil k, lit; 100 do a d ?. Ill; $*W0 Stale A's, cash. 77; $6000 do 77. $ 'IMHI do, A ds 7? ; 4 shares ( lies k Del. Can* al, 38 ; HI do Farmers'and Mechanics' Bank, 43} ; $1409 Wilmington, IdAd, 85 ; $30n0 Headiug Loads, A ds,7A. Ktlie NKWl By This Morning's Southern Hall. PMii.sDi.LrHia, J'i-i? at?Arr Suo tltydsr Boston; Fame. f mwrll Huston t'lil A-mix U.-youlds. Mattuews, Bostaa; Ileue U line. Th mis. K uti "a, Jam; Pxlm. Fldridge, Hsi too; fa reney 11 cliimiad, West Indies; P ssnJsal. t oasf. < lis lesion; Klia h l'i l?ta DuSss, U.Jtincra; Ann, Met lean, i rx-tulria. lUi Tisioni J?i e U ? \'t Msry, L'ufri*. ll-o ds Jsneiro; Use i I Boat, Blithe s. " Urban*; *1 hrsi Willisiaa Uib-ioa, ihvtsdstinrr. Id fn;?onicus, ( Bfeiren) Hueslop, Bremen; ' e rietta. (It inn??ns"> ( Ri m?e; Aixtmedar I'sel e*. (Ltui-h) If tniae' f.?p? de Vcds; fhdse, H |>k si, ( tnrleslou H d W* rr Witch, L* Bioa, St Stomas; Kale I'ru-'e *? '. B' rum. I'o t xydn. > naiot.K, Juue ti?Arr htsimsr Jewess, Hattoo, Baltimore; do II is no. H 'ifflti. B I imore BEACON CC)URSE?TK?>TTIN<? rpill'H.>l) \Y, Juuv k7ih st I 1' M ? Pn it ?t(0 three mils 1- heirs inhume* * H Woodruff en'eis b V Colamb s II Biy.uit ' it. in Lsxt Suffolk. IJ S i er, " b it Am- i u- Jrtl9tis*'C (illANlTFlxllINO AND~0THWI KXfl' R KIO N S ~ ^. jsssv* t .eta I II ^rramixi t HO MAR BAl d('>0. Stracr^iJsBfJ*' "i 1 th .In v.ii ru'i to ihe Kith* *fi? .WL.11.U Ua U? liirinK t1i?- mnaor Monday*. i neadtv* WV Iiuj4a-?, iiuit'i ?y?. mil h t i ye flaCr. of 'opium.? Mil *'t"*-t 8 ; (.' II | it e I fcV i 0?th*riie K ITf. Hn ok I v ii 'j , I'ike ?ir et, 9'-4 ; rnr N i I, N l< , }* ; and Fori Hamilton railway,all wn K tin a ?o n .1 ihe Ft rti.Vmf >io. r uruii'K aimI la ii . i thr . anie p'ace I ii ml. rutmila la rttfuda Cm. A anil .if m nc aril nccnmpativ tlm b'fit daily. \ I era n pn ri.lea tine* at a aina I clunge?bsit foruiai a.i Int l. I hour wli.i In ink If l* in1at brut ill m to P'fi No I, Nuilh Hirer. No ihiry f ri wi |[ Dinner and icfrreliineoU oo board F re In' ihe t *cur. inn 5# t* n'? fiaTUKUAY AK I cliNO??N I- XOUR'IONS for Chil ilraj, Knnilir* and Silio il?. in Fort Hunit, n and l.onetr Bay. er*ry SiIiMiiav dnugilif hmmib ?'1 Ii- boat wil' lean* Aim.a ?'r?a',at 1 I' M ; Canal atiaat 1*4 ; Ha.harm' Kerry, BrrxikIVII IH 'Me <tia I. I'll , .ni l t'.rr Vo I N. 11 I lialor in| I ml at ll<e a .ma iilarc I Ii inibr'tntiria in attendeue*. He. fr, all mi uti i ii board. Kare fur the ra uraiou, only UN ?. SH1Llimi Ht> v DAY VX'TIIHIONS TO TUBTLK BAY. WAUI) a ISLAM), illltOt.'A Nfc) K AND NEW IVUt II ELI. r ?a? r? ?? da' <lur. a th- aaa-on Laavi < A moa III rt?u I ll . I mil Mia | ? < ; Tier No. 1 North Hirer , 91% ; i f in tor k'y 1'ika street, IQ and lie Ii if tiai,|i>'? Willi ? e N-?? at 4 r. M ?m d iao.i ?t t niif 1 ' ea ttefrraliuiinta cn .) ir.rd. Fare each we I 'I I 1 e. 14 Nutln-TI" ito" ta iher alio lie* rharlrred this boat if aliiue ira.'oi .itoif ' r I hi I. .mi 4ebla contracted to-he? *t c. II t Iro n ihe i<ie?e I :nna to th* ifh .lay nT ! e| vmbtl n ft u ir?i i y w rimn nruri Cap W > . i.uln HE.wxt K. 1MF.I L. Ju*g II. Hit jt II 71 ,a? m it ca m i>/\n ui j ucj I iv,*. OM F. KM*" ' INr. /?T ac.VF.N o'ci.K 1 II* 4 Al.BA.NY. Lar.c.iug ?Caaiu ' I ' In g 2j; Or,k.'i4 'nil; B rtl ? frae Tin" n.e mi at PnuTSMnUTH, ( jpt.iu O. Hnuae, will I lnaae ilir P.- f ii uf Gft'r? iitt. | lingular (1 tvi Ir hi New Voin, Mot day, Wadi'e-day and ( Fr il.T, Kr iii ir.uiv In -d-y, Tho-aday ami eun'ay ? i I'hi >ioit iiu bieu lerg-l r ,-d end fitted .p in a reat and e-ini fnlibl' ?ilh '?? l,eddiLg * J lor I'U" through ? ? S'e n a * i n ,ib-r -f l-gant Ma" i.ocw tod n i I'C.rai) il-il- (iom A lo 3i 0 p ?* i-gerc H *u i I'l' Un uM o( wv ti*i,aln- will nut letcu .? oa any or the hnr* O ' jUSK Gerr ral Agent l'?*?ei:ger? inl i>-*' 'i nrure m A i-mv iu ample t in- t - t<ke il,i- ... in' a main ?.!' c-i? l\i[or watt Eo? fieight "i p .i,ag a |>', 1t, bna'rt jell) lm*rc KARL REDULtD !?iMIK BO* H vTiTTvLWTURT AND I'll > IDK.NI'.y. .MM mm FA UK I O BOsTGN *2 M ; Deck Far* (jL | "*r>V|f *' ' >" I" Ne?p > m i oriitene* $i 1 i.a M mf Or " "* ."til a, le. did Meawboe N r IV JLnSKY, In, i K tl Fu-ey, will l>a?e'ha , i -r fiot if Ba c'*r air-rt, nor.h aide, Una Afternoon, ,t I o look, Kridty Jul* sue. Pnrpitiage or freight, app'y to 8 BENNETT, atlha-lfi-.o OB the wlm f ml.)m*re - ?? l-Ull II LIMXANUliVihPOOL. ZpUaaMel Tin- Ho nl Mail Si anohip* AC A Dl A and BRITAN NlA ? l ler?e B atm f,r tkt toru, a* Ml^w. : A' .vieudiy, Jn'y 1, IHI. BRITANNIA Tueady, " It. l',taa?4" fori, eerpool fit " " lialilar 10 Apply to U BRIUHA.M, Jr. Agiut, I Wall at. j-21re NEW kOHK, A Lb ANY AND TROY STEAMBOAT LINE. -WWl aOJ FOR ALBANY AND TROY?Morning ^_u^VC3*Liur Irom the foot ol Barclay atraat, landing '* * " iiite-medinlr place*. '1 tie ateaioer EMPIRE, Capiaia 8. R. Roe, una mamma at T o'clock. Tim a tenner TROY, Captain A. Gotham, to-morrow morning at 7 o'clock. Evening from the foot of Courthndt atreet, direct. The (learner SWALLOW, Captain A. McLean, thin at T ? clock The aieamer ALBANY, Captniu II. B. Macy, to-morrow ereoiaa at 7 o'clock. The, of Una Line, owing to their light drangbt of water. are able at ill tunea to pnaa the bare, and reach Albaay and Troy in ample tun* to take the morning train nf car* for the eaat or weat. For pnaaaae or fr-ight apply or board, or at th other* on tha I whanr-t. jeil rc "T*-& ' F^ll"l.l V KR' OOL-Thn ahip ATLANTIC. af^MpV'"*1 tai l Y aile't, will na d vp,tc'ed no me Cat Jniet mUfolr eglilnr I'-etei ah,p OA lib Ii K, ( ip'nn Traak, i, i, 'i n Im e, her r g la oar; and ll>* regular racket ahip < X Oil I) C i l.ii l< thliooe, on the l<t July, her tegular day. For l" aa'a-e. whs hail, b- a- h -'ow?a> rttea, apply ?.o J. IICIlDMAN, ?' SoMh atreet. N" I) -Nn g> frrm Gr-#t Jt'it in n>.d Irel on cioataM time* h- en, geii ',y I,, r. gular p c e< ahipt (r a I. vcp .ol,) till-g ere,y li e d > ill ftj Cm ha turuiv al f ,r any ai, un' |m i ehl * ar ,.|l 11 ? irnii.l Innki g inttitutioua I,... I I rl.e If. K ...I III 1,' |-J|<.ill ?h.>? "j'? c" _ " "" ^. ,-OI? L1VKKMIOU?Tl?? ' '* Lio.-lt~ni7f Packet 2l>i lult-?Tha yonnoiil Nrr Vorh nnilt *",Wi!llC*''rhai thip HOT!' NMI KR Ira Buralry, n-.aaMr, 10 (I '?n? '"'than, "ill ml n ?' 01 arr rat-nun day > or f a ?lr o- |im? > mam, ?ar> mp*nor accoiuinodntin** auai.rpA.a u by any ahip hi |ort, fplv oa hoard, warn aid* llorlmr ilip. " ' """""H I I * VINTUKN8 r Sooth it Pnea o| tiaaaait* ftliio. I'll* fi r ra ? * tin Lia. n o I. J hn Klilridrr, mn'rr, Ilib ton , ?il ileii H *i d tail h? r r| day, ll<t uk ia~. j:2 it it adiJP H OK LI VI.ItrOOL?Ma* L.o?-K??uUr Facket lHfW"l2*ih J n* ?'I haap'andid nackat ahip UAHRIUK, MMbi apiaiu U J H Tiuak of IMS mna, will aail a* anova. "ar ragular day Korfraiiihi or pnaaaita, havmu art iinrm-daliora no-ooallad for apt'odor or comfort, apply ou hoard, aa Orlaniia wharf. lo? if "'all alraat, o> to K. K. COLLINS ft CO. M Sooth at Price of paaaaita $i(Ml 'I lia piraai aliip Kotrini. Capl J Col'ina of 100 toaa. Will toraaad i ha tJirriah, aad tail tlia ??. th of July, hat rnualar ilaf. irJUtojiiJf.rr hi ft 'H* OUi.r.A NS.--LOL iSIA* \ A -L> Jr?fW\KW V (I It K LIN' -K*k lar i-ackn of Jt - J?1?. VSUw 1 "a faat tailing packet al i(, ?. IS"f*8IP|'l, I ay urn 0. Hilliaru. will aail aa ahoye, hrr regular day Ho- iraigutur iwaaaga, hatipa haudaoiua loruitliad 'coaimelatioaa, apply na Wharf, loot of Wall alraat, or to K. R. COLLINS ft CO to South meat. Axanta in Naw Orleant?Maaara. Hnllin and Woodrnlf. aha i will promptly forward all goody U> than addraaa I Hh ppi-rs b? thia Lina rray rrly npon hatini th ir iood- eori ract y inaa'U-ed |a|*re i ~~2AiL- r"R hAI.K liiwri IVH.I.Y? locloaa a cont.7#yVe*rn, 11 lha Vterchanta' H geHnge, on 'I haraday. ?7lh na' at I o'r'ork hy L M Hoffman ft Co , Hie tarr i ,41 .-hi .4 a ip LOI loVILI K.Slf toutbnrhan, hnilt in thia rity 11 iha vary halt m'QLar, ol whit" oak. loanat and eedtr, rot |arr I aiiuaopi-r fialauad. With hatidaoma (arili.had te omiriiltt oca J.) paaaaimara Apply or. board, at Pihaat. Wh"'.n to K K COL' IMSft' O Mfrmhat jll Xf J. HOK LONDON?'acket ?f t),a l.trnly-lbe CTjMFWiplru id I at aailiiiK paebet ahi VLTORlA, CapdSPPHlfaa no H H. Morgan, ?i I toil pauatnally aa i hyr r ui in, Thia a-per. or pick-t hit far/ lu.a tceonunodai ii forca ij , tacor J cabin niid average caraaageri. *h i wll af ken at fry raaiouabla M'-a, .f 'fly apolicnti n 1 a mad* on'. or to W ft J T. 1 Al l* UTT, iifttlipe 7r? Honth at. ci.rnar Maidan I.ana AA*- H (i H I 'M D i'M ?P. r krt lit Fit -I' ?rTt kTlMSk hip VI' '11 >H'A, ( apt iV'o ya'. will a . ( " L 'nkjuwaa 1 ii na ?bu*a. I af' day. H ' ?a*a, kayins i .. i.< ai'comiM'Hlatiuiia pi ly Jirn HKI' HVAM.CI P' O"1 at. N R IMaa ua fr m Liarr oo| and I ord'itj e u t al tirura i aigiya-i at th lows.l lafta I y th? r-fii ar im > pi.atiou - a a ??y* J " 'c ASHAtiH. HKt-M H M LANL ..?V A> ! ?f OT LAND A N i' h A I. ? VIA I V H.f'Pi ' L , ay H .iii'acntai hia t'lida nu ,n? Iril arm |- mtu J'MfWfor hriugi. k "01 aipiar*rta thi. y-nr. 1144 Thoa* MMfcari.dll.u lo. th ir f* -null would do wrll to n| ply at ha old ratablialiad pnaba' ill' ol JOMM ' Kr.rMAN II Roath.t N 0 ?Th( thiot ol thia lira >i? Iti s Lirarporl *ararr fl?* art. and dr-Ra ran ? n-n .1 fu-.uak- J for any nmi nnt, pay hfa at al I tha prinritatl hiukinK artitntioui throughoot til* <*il*d kingdcn -"ply ?* . n?*l m

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