Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 29, 1844, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 29, 1844 Page 3
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?pt thorn on the Thuwlayand rritoy pifkts previous; noticed nothing UMll in k?r ipptvtnM JI her <*?? * fi U'lif ?.>r 'n* j ih? served IhtBMW h -likl.i v as i<-nal; aha dreesed my chili's p '.lit ,|n->^iivr aud cr v,r And oiwsiMd oif tho < ? rir-io, ?'i iiiiinMMd - ad Jowkfihen Siich; she * *?. ic<.-tl ?o;no nuts <bi* the children thai oFJweoon; she f?!tfo feattwa kualay evening about nine o'clock, ami pt in tbeaame ro..m wri:h latter -iod mother; I slept in >e sanx: roam, and she aie(t with n w? both went to t togeth-r; I dont know that ab1 nd any occaaiontn * (; up 'hat night; I do not know .vhich a de tho slept; J audi against the wail; there ure two bed* in the * oonf; I ilo not know that ah" cot up that night; ahe alept a usual; can't soy what tfmr.hc got up on Monday morneg, the wu? at breukfftt when 1 went down; I do not ' mow cf her going en* of the house on Sunday, except inch; in the alternop" ahe put bor shawl around her head .ul mIJ eh'-whs gsing over to Emeline's; the came hack je hately niter,having juat time to go thore and back. {?What did Kjie ~*v when she came hack! ? 'execution o^jicted to the question, aa the conversejon with accnsei might havo been alter the act was committed. The Delenco enquired tlie special rcasou for objection, When the pr?secuuonjdpnied that they had fixed any narrticular tifm. for tho edt mission of the murder?that they did not ailege.that it was committed on Saturdiy night, bjt between then and -londny night. The Coubt decided that us the act was not discovered 'Until Monday night the conversations oi accused should bn teceived as testimony up tastlmt hour. That if the defence moved tliat deceased wTOTilive en Sunday morning, ths.i the rule would be changed. The District aTioaisxv continued to urge the exclu aioti of tho testimony. The <"ouht adhered to its first position, and stated that if lite jury decided that the deceased was murdered on Saturday night, then they must exclude ail testimony of Mnvansllnns of nrnised after thnt tinm Mr Whitimj continued to argue the position assumed by the prosecution. on the ground ttiai as soon ?n the ubse i ce of a person from their usual place of business or i vocation is ascertained, who subsequently was found to . have been murdered, no declarations of tne accused can be received in evidence. Mr. (ileus replied, and the Court concurred in their ^ original view, and decided that the declarations of ac, cused should he taken until the hour the body of de* ce ,?ed was discovered. That the question when she was killed wus dehateable, and that us there was no positive testimony tliut she was killed on Saturday, she may have l'ved until Monday. This was a question for the jury alone to decide, and the declarations of accused previous to the discovery of the body accompanied by her acts, were admissible, except declarations to show that the de, Cea?eii was alive. Mr. Whitiho continued to occupy the court for some length of time, in advocacy of the position of prosecution on this point, and concluding, the Court decided for 'he third time in favor of the admissibility of the dcclaraoos of accused as before stated. ' Withfm ?The accused said sho went to the door ol deeased, tried it, and found it fastened, and she could not wink where she was ; she sat down a while, sot up and put on her shawl again, and then said she would go over again and see ii she had got hack ; I told her she had better not go, as Emmeline would come over alter her when she came hack ; I told her I thought probably that she had gone to see Mrs. Rorke, one of eur sisters, and would be hack after a while: she appeared as usual ; from 10 o'clock till 2 on Sunday I was in my chamber and did not see accused ; she was there at tea hat evening ; I saw nothing in any way unusual in her onnePbn Sunday morning ; she did not look out of any - the windows with apparent anxiety that 1 observed Q?When was the last time you ever saw Emeline Houseman, the deceased ? A? Tlast see heron Sunday morning before Christmas . Day-I was sitting at the front window of the house of my father and I saw Emeline Houseman, the deceased, sweeping off her back stoop; I turned round to the accused and said?The prosecution objected to witness repeating what was said, and ho court ruled theconversaion as inadmissible. Witxkss ?My attention was directed to Emeline at that moment; she was dressed as usual ; she had nothing on her head that I remember; the accused watched for Ihe stage on Monday morning in the front yard of our homo and to the gate ; the stage could not be seen from ottr house until near its approach except at the gate ; she had one large basket With her ; it was my basket; the handle rf her basket was broke and mother told her sho hud better take it and get it fixed ; it was very muddy at his time ; Mrs. Freeman is my sister, she lives about hren miles from us ; the daughter of accused was there ; f had no reason to suspect the accused of the murder; the tgreeahle; never knew of any dilticulty between them; I lave frequently known accused to purchase things for the leceasod as also for tho child ; the deceased and acruBed reqtioTitly went to the city together ; they were on terms >f great intimacy ; tlie child was named Ann Eliza offer he daughter of accused ; her daughter in about sixteen ; ny father's circumstances I do not exactly know. Q ? Do you know whether your father had generally a considerable sum of money by him at his house? A.?I do not know exactly, hut 1 know my brother, George Houseman, had a thousand dollars at my fathei's lOtise; my father had a largo sum of money by him at the me; it was kept in a blue cheat in the room where we "ept. Q?Do you know where your brother kept his money? A.?It wax kept at my father's; I was present when >1210 was brought there by my brother befoie he went to Virginia; the accused was also present; he said he would ake $.'00 that wastn hdls and get it changed ho had $500 n specie in a bag, and $.VK) in hills; he took out the $500 paper money, and returning it afterwards told mother 'Could not get it nil changed; the accused made several remit kx- when my mother was nhout t,iking the money Up -tain--; she said she wondered why Georgo did not get in the. way of putting his money in the bank; she said he better k"t a wheelbarrow to bring his money over in; he said this ns ? joke. ?Q~ D>>l accuse t know where this money was kept? A?She saw mother take it up stairs, and stood by the 'oor nt the time, brother Georgo generally kept his money Pt my father*; hi' was expected home daily; I just agV wont over to the lire ??no right tinck: it was out ol .uf the side window of my father's house Irom Whence in.n .f saw deceased. We Oror- ex-tmine l hy Whiting, for prosecution?1 was m I f'm habi'of visiting deceased whenever X went to iny lahn's; 1 lived about a mile from thoic down on the shore; ^6 1 visited mv fathei's very often; 1 went to New York Mi shout a week before this transaction?I went to see Dr. W "hompson. in Brcome street; I was not well, and I went .here to stay a few days; 1 returned to my lather's tho Thursday before Christmas; I had not been there lor hreo weeks before; my brother George is in the oyster business; I have often seen my mother take money out ot hat bluechest. I have known her to take money out of the ;hejt when unlocked ; I have seen her take paper and sil per money out of it ; I have known her to keep paper nnney in a book ; the hag was tied with a string ; I saw he hag with the money in it atterwards; I went up stairs >ne my beiore I won going 10 esew mm 10 gm ?'nimi ny money and I then saw it in a cheat in the garret which was not painted ; there was clothing iu that chest I beJeve; my mother put this money there; she went up there with me ; this was an open garret: no one slept there, Tho Court here took n recess of an hour lor tea. Fhidst Eitoioo Rrsvioix. Witness rtcalh A for cross-examination hy prosecution ? '1'he money was put in the chair where it was first irougnt into the house. I don't knaw how long it was tlei the fire that I saw the money in the chest up stairs : va.s about two weeks alter the fire?this was when i .it to the city. My mother put the money in the chest where we sleep, on the day she took it out?the chest that vaa not pninted was in the garret?there was no lock on th<* doer- it was use.l as a lumber room?I bnve seen ac cused up there ot ditteient times?| put my money in that ?he>t because my mother told mo to leave it there-we . Wept in one room because we preferred it: oneof my children slept with accused and me on Sunday night and one with ui> rather and mother. On the Friday night after the lire I was at my fathers?that was the night accused went away ; I ,u not know the reason she went; I was in the kitchen wittily father and husband when she went out; 1 .an't recollect rvnctly what my husband said to hor; 1 searcht d tor her that ment about the house ; she did not come hack into the house night - I do uot ; know where she got the hood and rail that nigim . | think he had the hood un when she went to my brother ai?,. ham's that alter noon. Q?What's the reason you followed her out' Defence took exceptions to the questions. The Courl admitted it. Witskii.?She appeared to have been in a good deal o trouble all day, and I went to see where she went to ; 1 did not see her afterwards until I saw her in prison here Q?How long beiore that H^il^ did you see Mr Waite Defence objected, and CounVoinitttu the question. A?I saw hut twice before ; once in about two years nd once before about three years since; I never saw him it my lather's house. Q-llow many children has the accused had > A?I never heard of any except the two that are alive and the one she had in prison ; I never knew of her being pregnant except llu-n. Win slept with me the nighl before the Ituieral ; she slept with me every night from the Saturday night w hen she slept with Kmmeline til] the luneial, except Monday night, when she staid in New Yoik ; fh ' came back on Tuesday ahernoon. We went to bed together on Tuesday and Thursday night, and took a light ; I did not know that she was pregnant then. On Sa'nrday night beforeChristmas the accused went over to Kn elim 's about dark; I never knew deceased to sleep muiir; i Bit jH wjiii ii?r aiiwui it y "*tti unime nrraemiij zu Ann,the tliiiikfht>:r of accused, generally slept with deceased when accused did not; wheu K117.a Ann did not ?ep with her, she usually came over to my lather's use to know who was to deep with her; I never knew '-to leave home without letting the old folks know re iihe was going; ahe always brought over the box writing* when shn went out; *he generally left .he key ol the house at my father's; the key wa* not ... ^0 that night, nor the box of writing*; she genet% * ally laid her jewelry in the ' top of the box; I never knew deceased to remain alone on any one day; one of my children asked me to go on Sunday to *ee Km* el 1 ne; I told them they would get over their shoe* in mud; Abraham's daughter di l not ask mo that duy to go over to see her aunt Kmellne; I.can't say that I saw either the accused or ray lather or mother on the Sunday morning before I cauiaio break fast; not a word wui said about Km line that morning at breakfast ; I sat down in the kiich?h alter I was done breakfast near the stove; there i- a vindow on each side of the fire .dace; I sat near the windo v lacing the road withmy haca to the stove; about tluee Vet from the window; the sash was dow n and the panea ? middling size. Q?Wasyos sitting ,|l(.rn wi1Pn you saw Kmmeline sweeping on the hack stc^, y A.?Ye*. I did not loo, j,pr particularly, but I turned round and askei accused a que* tion ; she was out on the stn,^ j1(,r wh0it, person; I asked tho accused a question. ,|1P Wil? cleaning the hlM cages out; the dishes had bee. waghl.,| ?Pi huttthc , dishes stood ; Kmmeline had nothing ou ^tr hf'acl. Q. ? Pi 1 you see tiie child ? A.-No. Q - What did you say to the accnse.l at time ;)er, alluded to f A-I asked her if Kmmeline was coming 0-oi to-dav she sail may be she would she did nox k'y any thing about liar toothache or about Ki 1 linn's lo?th ache, neither of us ma le a proposition to c ill Kmeline tn 1 In eat breakfast; I don't think I oan see the doot of the outer Kitchen or wood house from where I sat; I don't know that I c .11 si n the window shut; I eon],I look out of Uie win-low and see a the ha? k part of the kitchen; 1 don't know that can tell wl i ther the bark door w is shut or not -. I do'ni kiotw wbtuhc Ike c afid had glovri on or not whei b* wu sweeping that Sunday niuiiuiig?she hud ou ? r 4' I cape aud a <Urk calico drcaa ; ] think i* waa figured , she whs standing as a person does when they sweep : I don' recollect of saying 1 could not tell how she vm?aresaod. Q -Did you not say b? lore Commissioner I'helps thai you could not say how she wus dressed ? A?1 ui v have * i 1 so; J ??. . was dneaaediu ?wlf; I ? I i not rheti sav thaf I knew it was her on toe sto p bee use ?' p *-as corah if t?? dio ie at my fi her's; I pr pared some tn Kmc n tie h n.e ro in I rota wtvra I saw Emmtlwe soon *frrr; I did not ttll Mrs. UarHfuk that 1 was tnixi g th- undici' when 1 sew Kti?m*l?ue; ! th "? to? k die /metic an s roou as I hi sick I wen* up Jtfor* and la <1 w'owu . I was not down to Jiuuf that day; tha ac- used d?(l nr.t leave the house after tw?o o cl ck, vh? ii 1 came t'ov. * e*cept to g? over to Kineline's; this was I* f re da'k; 'here whs . o s-arch for the key o' Knie'me's heme, o ei.tpiii f i the be* hef ?r -accused wo? t out; ae?uid ami m vs~'l ereijt t.i he 1 at i ire o'clock thai night; he oid not lear-? the rontn that u:ghi rhat I kuow of; we sat up late on that uifclit, w i'ng for Kiue lii.e to come to ilr* house; w c 'ni th r as she didn't jet us know rhere th had goi.e; thought she hail gore to Mrs Koikes, who 1 ten i! wii th.4 roa J some distance; 1 did ?otpropose 'o no after h*r befoie we weutto bed; the accused did but 1 'bought sh* would be ore ; the reatijn why we diu't g ? at 9 o'clock whs b?-. s?u?t we then: h: she roifcht have come home with s me bod> -1 d " Miobed; tltfie wmsoii tngsritnyfa hnr'a hoiue thai mrrniiig; I saw no person,go to the r.ouie ot Krnur'Une on Mon* day rm.nnne; while I was up talis I he >rd al tUe boy coiue aud e njoin' for Kniirie'ine; 1 oir'tkrow'l at I lo'krtl towordsth | house of fcl nuietiue on Monday; I nude the ieiruik during the ! morning that 1 thought it w is si gulir thu sh* would go cut nd not let us know; 1 sail i His iu i rasence oi accused; I saw h*r get in me stage ?h-t morning; there whs uo other person waiting there with her; 1 d<d urr. notice the house of r,nimelii>f during Sunday to s?'e v heiher the windows were < p.-nol; toe child cou'd a I tile; kmtncliue w s a he rtv woman aud about a? tall 1 ' m; 1 don't rtcollect whether 1 lo* ked gu Monday to see of the windows were open d or u?;t; 1 d d not ?ee (he accused aher she had got iu the stnpe during the day on Mouday oi Mo lay i flu; lani no pivtt ma h nil sifM on Monday night; that w ts t*e nisht of the fire; the daugh <*r < f accused w.-s in bed 1 ihi k at .b ut uiue o'clock w'm u i we. 11 p to go to h u; 1 left my mother up b low; a? i was und es<i g u?v lofher ?* me Ui> sfiiirs .ii.d ir<id to in** "io k o if. >1 I ih w nd w: I ire & lirfi I and it look* a> if it was fr>in G>org< I t oil i dr-asnnd willed th> w oil w a ' uvi Il'iii-s bursting fri in 11>? I 'Or ol Ik Ii i#*I" i f kiiir-line; I nu<J my micOifi ruu to wakr my fithvr up; 1 ti?aril uo noiy uolil my niothf run dowu I tanih and it'Vo th? larni u lira; I w ot over to the house ami I ouir 01 r trv lug to brrak the door in. Q?Did you le'l any on* ou Sunday that yoonw kmim-liui f A?Ve? liwld the accusOc'?1 do not k w thai, i' r turned to look; I think I did uut >ay before Mr. Phi ps that 1 never told any bod The de ei ce ohjrcted to the queitiou t. at procured this auswer nud ricepted it n? irielFvaiit. ntd i u every other ground r>i ludiiiy th t of the privilege < f witr.eoo to refuoe to Miwtr ouch quest inr , V ut tin* (lonrt admitted it continued ?1 th re otated that my taoihrr let the accuoed into the hous- on Mnn.lav inoruirg; she waa alw ys in the habit ( f doing * >; I was bit in the Ii u e ol Ktnmeline ain ut in weeks before the death of f inmeliur; I was i t my fa hei's a v pek .'nd did not (o to see h>r; 1 sl> i>t th re with her a year cr tw o .ibo; I uever iaw l* ese "yalleu*" before. The crois-eraminaii iii by i ros>cuti"ti here closed, and the defence were about proceeding to ark a few i| eitious, whaao e of the jurots e. quired whlh'T ;hey had a right to say any thing about the hour of a: jourutneiir The ourr said they had. Juror ?Than I have to say th-t I'm pre tv much ethausted a dai is u t worth while to p event us from tha enjoymen .ol liberty and happi. erg. Cou rt.?If that is the cai* we had better adjourn now as it i? near 10 o'ell ck The Court was then adjourned until eight o'clock this morning. Ronton [Correspondence of the New York Herald J Boston, June 27, 1844. Futliionable Ball on Board the Ohio, Seventy four? Anxiety of the Beaux Monde on the occution? Drought and Dittreu in Anticipation. There was a brilliant ball last night on board of the U. S. ship Ohio, the 11a,' craft of the Commodore, stationed at this port. The f?te was given by Mrs. lJnwnes, the accomplished consort of tha otticer. This lady is particularly fortunate in he parties; seldom being ut the trouble of giving them in her own house, but having the linest men-ofwar in her husband's fleet at her service lor this purpose. This, while it subserves Iter own convenience, gives unusual gratification to her guests, to whom the novelty of a ball on shipboard is a huge treat. All who recollected, (and few who were there could tver forget it,) the beauty, pleasure, and magnificence of her ball on board of the Potomac, three years ago, were on the qui vive to obtain an invitation to the file in the Ohio last evening; and it was amusing to see the shifts to which many of our fashionable belles resorted for that purpose. Such* a general interest in Mrs. D's health?such a disposition to call upon her? such universal desire lor the happiness of her lamily?such an enthusiastic admiration for her husband's distinguished services ! It was beautiful to see! But, notwithstanding all this benevolent synipnthy in the concerns of the good lady of the Commodore, very few beyond the circle of her intimate acquaintances were invited, nils numoer e/rinracing uie most uesiraoie ot me artstocriicy anil benu monde. Early in the evening, the boats of the Ohio, (which is of the largest class, and commanded by a strict disciplinarian and excellent officer, Gapt. \Vm. Walker,) commenced conveying the company trom the end of Long Wharf and the Navy Yard at Charlestoyvn, to the deck of the gallant ship. The passage from Long Wharf Was very easy, but those who went from the Navy Yard had a longer sail of it?half a mile perhaps, and were exposed for two or three minutes to the slight squall of rain, which, after a day pretty thoroughly imbued with caloric, came upon us abruptly at about eight in the evening. Theludies were a little frightened by the waves, and a little wilted by the wet; but they would, if necessary, have gone through fire, as well as water, rat .er than have missed the ball, and they spurned the. idea of "turning back," which was suggested by a leas rot'olule yunng gentleman, wearing it awnrd, a gold epaulette, and a ehapeau The deck devoted t<> dancing wiui profusely and tastefully decorated with garlands and bouquet* ot vines and flowers, culled troru the gardens of Mrs. Uoni monore joiih rercivui hiiu oilier inuy irirnus of Mrs. Downes. Many distinguished gentlemen were present?statesmen, capitalists, beaux, members oi foreign legations, consuls, etc. ; and an array of female beauty, such as I have not seen for many a day. The blooming widow 0., Mrs. B?s, and Miss G. were among ^the most prominent. Hot as it was in the city, the deck of the Ohio was sufficiently cool to render dancing much more agreeable than the mention of it sounds, with the mercury at ninety. The time, passed very pleasantly, and it must have been us late as two o'clock when the ball broke up. A number of piquant incidents occurred during the evening, of which 1 may give you an inkling in rny next, if, i upon second thought, 1 should think it in good taste to "prent'em." We have another warm day to gasp through, and there is no prospect of relief. The poor earth is . completely parched up, and has had comparatively but a few drops of rain for six weeks. Lay in a large supply of paper, or I fear the Herald will have i to tie printed for a time on some other material, as all the mills which manufacture the article in this section, and further east, are suspending their operations, from (he want of a sufficient head of water Several of the mills in Maine still hold out, b it most of those in Massachusetts have stopped, i The fact, that the ltev. Mr. Fairchild, late ol South Boston, like the late Rev. Mr. Fay ol Charlestown, has been peopling his parish in a method not recognized by the law, still excites 1 some scandal. An effort, it is thought, will be ! iu de by the ecclesiastical council which is to try ' him, to quash tiie charges against him. iVoua vcrrons. 3 P. M.?At last we bave had a fine shower, . commencing at about one o'clock. This will be highly beneficial to the farmers, whose grass has "offered severely by the drought. Ami. ' Ilnllfnx. f [tiorrespondence of the Herald.] I Halifax, June 20, 1844. , Editort in and out of Trouble. You will tierceive bv thin mnmiriir'a nnih> the eelitor of one of them has been completely ex 1 onerated from the late foul charge of having causec the dea'h of Ellen Murphy, by poison, not with' i standing a host of political and personal snemiei were anxious to muke it appear otherwise. I am also happy to inform you that Nugent, the [ late proprietor of the Nova Wcotian, was liberated , on Sunday evening last, having served five out ol twelve months imprisonment, for libel. Some doI ncstic affliction in Ins family was the cause ol this indulgence, which has given great satisfaction ' to all parties. i Ifoth these young meu have received a severe lesson for their imprudence, and it is to be hoped that they will profit thereby. Mokk Abort (?ov. Dokk.?The trial and sentenceaif Gov. Dorr will be looked upon as the most remarkably probably that ever took place in tint country. To throw all the light we can upon the matter we give the annexed. [from Providence Journal, June 27.) On the 2Ath day of June, IS4U, Thoinai VV. borr entered Chepac.het and too* command of the encampment on Acoti'? Mill ?>n the Mtk day (f June, ISM, just two vemn afterwards, he win aentenced to the penitentiary lot life. What strange events and change* nave been crowded into that apace of two year* ! How many dreams have vanished, how many hopes have been destroyed, how -nsny pljus have been overturned ! Where now are the 1. urtecn hun-li t <1 men who pledgi d themselves to stand hy him to the Inst drop ol their hlood ' Where are the men who urged Inn on to treason and rebellion, little ae lie needed urging > Where urn 'lie men o ho defended tii(- principles but who shrunk Ire m sharing his danger I Nkwpoht, Jure jit. IS44 ?A petition has been presented to the Seuste, signed hy Sullivan Dorr, praying that the General Assembly would liberate his son, Thomas W. Uorr or if that could not lie done, that the punishment night he commuted to imprisonment in the county jail In the county of Newjiort, instead ol the State Prison. The petition was laid on the table. Tiik I3i,acr Art.?If any of our discerning public urc curious to get u glance into the hidden mysteries of necromancy, they had belter visit the " Olympic," where Sutton is nightly performing his modern miracles. The dexterity of his feats ii i trifle too much f< r tic cuipr in i-siuu of the learned, ami lite moat orthodox are k-itdiy proo' 'R-unm the impression conveyed by his command over the elements, that thare is something tnori ban hunmn in the agency, "uttnn is a man ol i *reai proticieuoy tu tins occult protewiion. City Intelligence. Jwisk 38.--The Mirti, Alderman i'oueih and the i hewk trroiiil kd l .'leek or thi Folic, e, Mr 9iewakt? i While the above throe personages, with one or two other police functionaries weie returning ilown Broadway last ughl at ID o'clock, alter the Concert .it the Tuheiuacle they heard h noise at the comer of Reade itreet, Called 'lie Helluck House, and on going 111 lound two men lightnig, whom they arretted and while they were taking them to the watch limine, they were assailed hy a number ol persona?and alter a blow was given to Alderman Cozzens and Mr Stewart being badly hurt, the prisoner* were leacued. The Mayor made hi* escape with his other friends, and the matter ao ends. Run a. lie.? Thi* morning a large assemblage of persons met at the corner of Broadway where a building is being erected by ex-Assistant Alderman Pettigrew, by contract. The men had stiuck for higher wages $1 76perJay being allowed them fot their horse and cart and sell labor, ami others went iu and ottered to do the work tor $1 50. This they resisted, and lour of them were arrested, whose names arc Thomas .Vlclllwur, Barney Mct^uade, John Wellington, and John Crossen, all of whom was held to bail to answer. Uuamd Liacrsr. - Nicholas Schuapp, a waiter at Mr Jacob Heiman's iiouse in Thirteenth street, about the 13th of the mouth, stole a gold watch, chain, bracelet, and also f'JO in hank hills, from his master '1 he property is valued at $110. He has been arrested and fully committed at the Upper Police. Another?William McfJermot, stole if60 in gold coin, $13 in silver, and $20 in hank notes irom Bartholomew Sv anion of Prospect Hall, Yoikville. Two were engaged in the robbery, but McDermot being pursued, he tell, and $95 ot the money tumbled out ol his pocket. A Kowor.?Abra' am Uainett, a rowdy, was arrested and fined $15 and $5 ousts for breaking in the windows of Jane M Losee, No. 189 Prince street. He could not pay it, and was, therefore, locked up Olnlrai. Scott It union?While General W.Scott was rnminir down the North river venter,lav. his liocket Was picked of ^ 130. He was on hoard the steamer Troy, and lour men named Oeoige Potter, J amen Wilson, Charles Hubbard, Hinl John Hock, have been arrested for being concerned in the robbery. Tart and the principal of the General's money was in gold, and a large amuunt wan found on Hock. They are all temporarily committed. Coroner's Office.? June 28.?The Coroner was called to hold UI1 im|Ue?t ut the corner of Avenue B and 12th street, on John McGrath, a child 17 months old, who fell from a window about ten days since and died lust night from the injuries. Diiowmko wini.k Bathixo.?Also, on the body of a blacksmith named Hubert ltoss. aged 22, who was drowneil last evening, at the foot of 7th street, while bathing. No other inipiests held. Amusement*. Niblo's Garden.?A tremendously attractive bill is announced lor to-night. Mitchell and Holland, with the whole company, appear in three excellent piece;s and La Polka is to be danced by Mr. Wells and Miss Taylor. All the forces of till-: establishment are engaged in the immense preparations making for the production of the new grand ballet. Madlle. Desjardins, Martin, Korvonay, les demoiselles Vallee, and Mons. Derire and Wills are rehearsing daily. Painters, costumers, machinists and decorative artists without number lire employ ed, so that wo may look forward to something gor geously magnificent The Castle Garden is, of all cheerful and reviving spots itfier tile fatigues of a sitltrv day, the most attiactive and inviting The beautiful marine view, the moon glittering on the rippling waves, and the fanning ol the cool and gentle uir begot a feeling of luxurious happiness to be lotind no where else. In addition to this, we have elegant Spaniards, of untaxing talent, and on Monday two ol the |>opulur Herculeans from Pails Liberality deserves reward, and surely meets it hero, for crowds of elegance and fashion adorn this place. CO The greatest living stage actors are the wonderful Infant Sisters now al the American Museum ! Yesterday they uppeared for thu third time hetore a crowded und delighted audience, who testified their enthusiasm by loud and repeated cheers 'These prodigies appear again to-day at and S P. M , assisted by the Orplieans, Great Western, Giants, and others. To-day, being Saturday, is a rare chance, und none should neglect it. A performance takes place this afternoon at the New York Museum, commencing at 3 o'clock, which in point of excellence and extent we defy any place of amusement in the city to surpuss it. The Dwuri, Giantess and a dozen performers, including Winchell, Mons. and Madame Checkiui, Miss Cline. Miss Barton, Mr. H. Conover, Master Barton and Mr. W. Conover appear. This is truly an attractivo bill lor one shilling, in addition to which the faker dance will he introduced The Dwarf leaves after next week, so make hay while the son shines. Great preparations are making for the 4th. Ohio River.?At Wheeling, on Monday, there were seven feet of water in the channel. At Pittsburgh, ol Tuesday, the river had nine feet ol water in the channel?rising. OO-A. HINT TO THE LADIES?The desire ol pleasing is ot course predominant in the female breast: and that lady's position is iudeed an enviable one who sue cends in establishing such a reputation for beauty as U make her " the observed ol ull observers " And yet how few there are who ere naturally entitled to take rank with the fair Rosamond or Catharine de Medecis ! The busi may be equally good?the stature equally commanding? the neck equally .swan-like?or the eye equally brilliant? but what avail all those charms, unit-bs to them is super added the mure entrancing beauty of a clear and transparent skin I It is related of fair Rosamond, that the clearness of her complexion (especially about the throat) was such, that the course of the ' rnhy wine" might be die tinctly traced through the transparent windpipe ! Now Dr. Gouraud will not undertake to convert every darkskinned lady into a fair Rosamond, hut be does most posi tively assert that a tree use of bis Italian Medicated Soup will produce the nearest approach to that " divine clearness" which it is possible tor mere science to produce Indeed its effects aie so wondrous as to appear alums' niiftjoal _(,n ,ts application, pimples, eruptions, heckles sunburns, fcc. ace , . miat belore tf10 mornini sun ! Be particularly carotin lu r..eehase only of Di Gouraud, at67 Walker street, fl-st store from Broidwnyas a host of quacks and empirics have sprung up with . view of depriving him of a pioition of the well-earner piofits due to his fame. Of?- FOUDRE SUBTILE FOR ERADICATING SU perfluous hoir from any part ot the human body. Aiwa} i tested before buying. Proof positive this, and no mistake Directions. French and English, accompany each bottle 67 Walker, first store from Broads-ay. (KJ- INTERESTING AND EXCITING SCENEV'ester.lay, in a Broadway Stage?In one corner sat u sharp nosed man w hose luce bespoke that know all yet know-nothing, vulgar, cunning look? opposite was a mother and daughter?the latter, whose sylph-like, fairy form contrasted strangely, yet naturally witti the matured yut finely formed figure by her side. " Driver stop at the American Eagle." said the elder lady. "What uuui her ma'am I' "8'2 Chatham street or 3J3 Broadway."? "Oil, oh!" said the man with the sharn nose, 'let me tell you, ma'am, if you're going there, it's a humbug. I ilont believe in these humbugs." The elderly ladv lifted her veil and said, "How, pray do yon know thutT" "Know it," said the rude scamp "hav'nt I seen the putting advertisements in the paper!' "Ahsaid the lady, "I orice had the same, ignorant opinion?but I can give the strongest proof that Jones Toilet articles are really uselul in adding grace, beauty, an l health to our terms. My husband was cured ol icaly alt them anil scurvy on hi* hand* and arm* of year* standing, liy using Jones' Italian Chemical So*|>. The young lady's face has lieen rendered heautifully clear although a week *ince covered with freckles, and rendered disc ilored, brown and yellow by the sun; yet one cake ot Jones'Soap rendered it thus For his Hair Restorative I 1 can spp.ak |?!isonully--my hair was dry, dirty, half red, half grey, and tailing off fast?before I had usad one 3 shilling bottle of Coral Hair Restorative, my hair was fine, dark, soft, clean, silky, and beautiful. I speak thin , openly in the matter in justice to Mr Jones, who should not be clussed with the numerous swindlers and rogues who imitate anil counterfeit him.', Jones' articles are sold only genuine at the sign of the American Kugle, M Chatham st. and 3J3 Broadway, N V; 139 Fulton st Biooklyn; a State stt Boston; 3 Ledger Buildings, Philadelphia-, and I'easo, Broadway, Albany. I would give my name and address to this statement only I should b? annoyed by so many vulgar, incredtilou t persona calling on me. ' {C?- MOUK PROOF THAT CONSUMPTION CAN I be cured by Or. Vondorsmith's Indian Congh Bulm. . Williamsburg, June 14, IS44 ? Dr. Vondersmith, I liavi I been subject to cough and pain in the breast for man; vears. Two of my brothers died with consumption. : ( know il I did not find relief I could not last long, mj complaint kept growing woise, 1 became very weak fron ireqnent roughing, loss of wppetitn ami lass of a grea f deal ol sleep at nigiit*. I frequently coughed a great par of the night. I also spit a great deal ol blood Item inv r lungs I used every medicine that win rrcommendeil lot : a cough, but relief I could not get. Dr. Cole of Broadway attended me, to cure me .ie said it was im|*>Rsihh-. M my lungs'were diseased. I went to another physician ir Grand street who done me more harm than good I went then to Dr. Parker, he recommended me to go South which I did. I went to the Island of Cuba, I remained there three montha, returned with la tter health j hut a month alter I was here I was as had as ever I saw in ? paper the cure of Williinm Anderson, by Dr Vonder smith. I saw(this William JAnderson, nnd Irom his stateI ment I was not as had aa he was I conunenced immedi ately with Dr. Vondertmiih. I found more relief in out 1 day from him than I ever had from any one. I grew bet ter every day. I continued on with him, an I he cured me as sound as I ever was in my life. Yours, kr SAMUEL Y. BOYKD. City and County of N. Y. as.?On the Mth day ol June IH44, Samuel Y. Boyed, came lie I ore me, and being duly sworn, did depnsa, and said that the fact set forth in the above letter subscribed by him were true, and further satth not. ISAA< y FOWLER, Commissioner ol Deeds, fi't st Prepared and sold only by Dr. Vondersmith, No. 161 Greenwich street, N. Y IJfT- WAR AMONG TDK MORMONS?Gov Dorr unjustly sentenced to Imprisonment lor Lile and Presi lent Tyler has succeeded not in annexing Texas to the United States but in annexing to himself the beautiful and accomplished Miss Gardner. All theae things have come to pass during the present week, but nothing has created so great an escitemrnt as the unprecedented beauty and elegance of Tice & Cos. Ilata and Caps, as well as the astonishing clo ap rates ut which they are sold. Infnct it is universally admitted that Tice k Cos. store, No. 9 Bowery, Is the great Emporium of Fashion in everything pertaining to their line of business, and notwithstanding no trouble or expense is spared, as respects beauty uad durability, yet their goods are sold for less prices than at ony other establishment in the city J. M. TICK. A. 1ANCKKR, 9 Bowery. OKf CONNKL'S MAGICAL PAIN EXTRACTOR IS by every fstnily who are acpialnted with hi vir lies always allot kept in the house. It has such perfect coiitri I aver pain fiotn burns, soabU. Ilosh hi uises, end will shvi lite iii every case, if the vitals arc umleatroye I, and hiul without leaving ii scar. No one ran use this salva lor ant utward ache or ailing without receiving benefit To la tound genuine only at No. ill Com Hand a treat. Q&- CUTANEOUS AFFECTIONS. SALT RHUEM, ores upon the face, and all eruptions and diseases arising 'coin an impure statu of the blood, may bu cured by the use of Com-ioch'a Sar>aparillu, at the trilling cost ol i0 cents per bottle, or * 1 per dozen There is no Extract uf Harsupariiia which can equal this - it is more highly roncrutra'od iban any other pren iration. It is -i power ful altera'ive to the system, expelling from the blood all its unhealthy particles and morbid humors ?it give- tone to the stomach ami xtiength to the boa els,promotes digestion, and never leaves the bowels In a costive statu Sold ut.ifl Courilundt street. jlJ- THE CONCENTRATED EXTRACT OK SAB SAr.A RILL A, OENTIAN AND SARRAKH AS, prepared by the New Vork College ol Medicine and Phnrmacy, es tahliKhed lor the suppression of quackery This refiueu md highly concentrated extract, possessing all the puri ying qualities and curative powers ol the above herbs 18 confidently recommended by the College, as infinitely superior to any extract ol dMrsuparilla at present before ill*' public, and may be relied oil as a certain remedy toi all diseases arising Irom an impure sta e ol the blood, such ns scrofula, salt-rheum, ringworm, blotches or pirn pies, ulcers, nam in the houes 01 j nuts, nodes, cutaneous ' eruptions, ulcerated sore throat, or tiny disease arising iroui the secondary effects ol syphilis or an injudicious use 01 mercury. Mold in single Buttles, at 76 cents each. " in Cuses of half-a-dozen Bottles, $3 Ml " one dozen " 6 OP i>aaes forwarded to all parts of the Union. N. B ? A very liberal discount to wholesale purchasscx Office of the College, 9ft Nassau street W H. RICHARDSON, M. D., Agent (&- A NKW ERA IN HAIR OIL?Upon an Entire New Principle -DETTERER'S Magical Oil, lor promoting the growth, beauty and lustra ot the Hair.?The pe culiar propei ties ol this aplendid oil renders it a necessary appendage to every lady's toilet. Unlike any other oils for the hair, it may be applied to any extant in large or small quantities and it will not soil the finest ladies' or gentlemen's hats in the least, but only gives to the hair a brilliancy and beauty unsurpassed. These are lacts, anil if any lady who shall hereafter use this oil, does not find it so, we will return their money. Only at 21 Courtlandt street. ,'rt- VELPEAU'8 SPECIFIC PILLS FOR THE CURK f uonorrhcua, Uleet, and all mocujiurnierit discharger from the urethra Those pills, prepared by the New York College of Medicine and Pharmacy, established forthe uppru'sion of quackery, may bo relied on as the most Speedy ami ellectual remedy tor the above complaints ? They are guaranteed to cure recent cases In from three t ) live days, and [tosses* a greater power over obstinate discharges ami chronic gleet, than any othur preparation at pre* ut known, removing tke disease without uonflnei lent fiom business, tainting the breath or disagreeing wftn the stomach. Price $ I per box. Hold at the OlHce of the College ot Pharmacy end Me dioiee, lift Nassau street. W. 9. RICHARDSON, M. D. Agent CLEAR YOUR HOUSES OF ROACHES AND BHD DUOS?An article for this purpose may he had at til Courtlandt street. Also, the Chiness Hair Kradicator, which removes the hair in any place where it may be applied. rty- IUCORD'8 PARISIAN ALTERATIVE MIXTURE -For the cure of primary or secondary Syphilisand all affections produced by an injudicious use of mer cury. The great advantages possessed by this powerful altei ative over all other pieparation* for the cure ol Sy pf ilis is, that while curing the disease it improves the constitution, whilst mercury generally leave a mucL worse disease than the one it is ndininistured lor. Thi best recommendation we can give of it is, that it is now extensively prescribed by tlie medical (acuity, who for ineily considered mercury the only cure lor those coin plaints Hold, in single liottles, $1 each ; in cases of hal dozen, f>ft, carefully packed, and sent to all parts of thi Uuion. Okice of the College of Medicine and Pharina cy, 9f> Nassau street. VV H RICHARDSON M I).. Sssii (KJ- I*RICKS UK BEEF AND KNAPP'S KNTIKK It has often been said that blacking was blacking, am whence the difference of price? why ask so much mori for yours / We concede the fact, and say that beef is bee! worth 3 to 33 cants per lb ; also, that horses are hou rs worth $."> 11 $MH), and those that want cheap beef or hoi ses will tiiul plenty in the market; but those who wan the most splendid blacking the world ever saw, must pa; in proportion to the quality, and if not found worth th money, we return the same at once. For sale at No. 14 Broadway, and f!H> Bowery, corner 13th street. P. 8.?Orders from merchants, grocers or families wi' receive direct attention. The finest qualities of blac and blue ink for sale as above. fill VATIC MEDICAL AID.?The tueuiDers . the Now Vork College ol Medicine and Pharmacy,! returning tho public thanks for the liberal support the have received in their ettarts to " suppress quackery beg leave to state that their particular attention continut tr be directed to all diseases of a privute nature, and fro the great improvements lately made in the principal ho r pitulsof Europe in the treatment ot those diseases, the can confidently offer to persons requiring medical aid h vantages not to be met with in any institution hi th i country, either public, or privute The treatment ol tl College is such as to insure success in every cuse, and i itally ditterent fioir that ueru r;,m? practice of ruinii L the constitution with mercury, and in most cuse* leant, a disease much worsethan tho original. Ouu of the met beis of tho ?>ollege ,lor niasiy years connected with tl principal hospitals of Europe, attends daily tor a consult Eton Ironi P A.ML to 8 P.M. I ernis --Advice and modicnie, pi a euro giiai unteo 1-asesisni to Countav Invalids.?Persons living i t ic country and not finding it convenient to ..Vend pe tonally, can have forwarded to them a chest co. tainin all medicines requisite to perform a perfect .'ire nystatin tboircase explicitly, together with ail symptom., timoi -i notion and twhmt roooivod etacwhcrc, if an rel enclosing ? -. post oaid, addressed u? W. 8. RICHARDSON. M. D., tmn Office imi ; >:is'Uttng rooms of tho College, tin Naast street IHi- INSTITUTIONAL DEBILITY CURED.?Tl fonir Mixture, prepared by the College of Medicine ai Pharmacy of tb? city of New York, is confidently i I commended lor all coses of debility produced by secret i lulgence or excess ol any kind It is an invalusblo rum ly lor impotence, sterility, or barrenness, (un les s depen ing on mal formation.) Single bottles $1 each , cases ol half e dozen $A; car 1 f illy packed an t sent to ail parts ol'tlie Union. Ot'icu o tha College of Medicine and Pharmacy 'i Nasrar itr.v. W. S RICH A TtDSON. M. D , Agent (g/- ARE YOU SUFFERING WITH THE PILF.St Hays Liniment is a certain remedy, at 31 Conrllan ' street. MONEY MARKET. Friday, June '4H?O p. Itt. ?",! he stock market slightly improved to day. The op rations wero very limited There is very little doing i Wall street. The oppressively hot weather has drive ' into the country those who can leave their business, an , the brokers generally have availed themselves of the d. pression in the stock market, to gut a taste of the uncoi t am in ate. I air of the country. We hope it will have a pi rifyiug < fleet on their souls and bodies, and cool down little of .the lever for speculation, that has so long ru in their veins. Long Island improved to day a { per cent ; Canto Co. 1 , Harlem 14 ; Norwich and Worcester J ; Sbfrnlni ton 1} , Farmers' Trust li ; Vicksburg ^ ; Reading Rai road United States Bank, Pennsylvania .Vs, Kentuck and Ohiofi's closed firm at yesterday's prices 1 The Chesapeake Bunk of Baltimore has declared a div dend ol three per cent. I The Tradesmen's Bank has declared a semiannu 1 dividend of five per cent, payable on the 1st inst. The Bank ol America has declared a hall yearly div . dend of three per cent. The North River Bank ha* declared a lemi-annu dividend of three and a half per cent, a The Seventh Ward Bank ha* declared a dividend two and a half per cent for the laat six month*. The rate* of domeitic exchange In thi* market remi without alteration. There i* *o very little doing that t quotation* cannot be considered otherwise than nomln \ Our domeitic trade 1* now conducted upon a system th / places th* merchants completely independent ol ban J and brokers, consequently the exchange business ha* I t come a very unprofitable employment. Domestic,feiscHAUocs, Jane 17, ISO. Boston, [Mr a M dis Apalachicola, 2 a 2,K dn , Philadelphia par a K " Mobile, 11 sl3 " Baltimore, par a 'a " Montgomery II all " Virginia, 7s a Ja " Tusc<loosa, IS alt " ' N Carolina, 1M a IX " N tl-'-ans, 1 a IX Charleston X a >4 " Nashville, 2 a 2X " Savannah, k a \ " Louisville, 1)4 a 1% " Augusta. k a I " Mr Louis, I a IH " Columbus, I la a IK " Cincinnati. 1 a IK " Macon, l>t a IX " Treasury Notes, lupin, h'lor. 70 a 7J " new emission, par. S. L h Tst, 74 a 80 " Mobile, (specie,) X a I du Quotations for Specie. Per cent. Valve.. Am. Gold, old. .. .106 uiutii Carolua dollars^I 06 a 1 1 Do do, new, ..100 aiooj hive francs. . . o O.ljsO w lUlf dollars par aloof Doubloons . . .16 HO aid i Portuguese gold. .100 alonj Do patriot . . ,1ft mi al6 ( Spanish dollars .. I0.ljal<)4 Sovereigns.... 4 HA a 4 I > Do quarters. 00 uloo Do light 4 92 a 4 ! Mexican dollars. .loofaloo] Heavy guineas A uo a ? Do quarter*. 90 a KM) Napoleon*.... 3 H3 a 3 t The high rates maintained for foreign exchange in th and I hi* southern mm k?'t?, must exert ft wonderful infli ence on thn foreign trade ol the country, ami tend to ri dnce the extent of our lull importation* Specie must g forward to regulate the balance of trade an it now stand even should the tm|iortatiuni be greatly reduced for tb future. QroTATini'isorFoaF.i'Si* k?ch*rtnsta if* this m*bkrt. /amrfnn I'nrii .imttfr'm Ham'g Hr rti April 1' "H ft?S 7.28V* 39V ? 37* 78) ' 6"-8*a8'* 7?8?* 79V ft 37* 7*j IU.--8', * 8tf 7.27 k >|7.9*X 39* a 37* 78' " l3---8?aBV 7,27**7.28 40 ? .ISjZ 78; " IB- -8'Sft BY 5,27* n 7 28 19Y*I0 37* 78' " '8- 8* i ft* 5,27* * 7 78Y 19* s 40 3.7* 78! " 77 --8* *8* .7.27'; a 5.28V 39* * ? 17'* 78' " :i?l..-B**9 5,27V s 7,2"X 1"\* 40 37V 7*1 Via-I7---B*a9 127**--- 39* ft 10 377* 78! " :in- ..8* a 'I* 7,27 ft 7 7< * ft 40 37* 79 June 17- -9V ft 9* ft 5.27 4? ft ? 37* 79 Jon 29- 9* a 9* 7,27 39* ft 10 77* 79 The balance of trade is not only against us through th importations, but the dividends (ailing due on Stat Stocks owned in Europe, are to a large amount, reachin nearly full one million of dollara This amount, in add tion to the usual payments on account of merchandis must he remitted, and unless good bills of eirhange. i ritr ? below n specie point, can be obtained, the pree|ou 1 metals must go forward. The Uttr.uHie* and lossea a tending pay ments'due abroad,we trust,will bare a great ef- I feet in cutting down imporation* tor the future. The pre- ' P' aiature importations for the spring will do much towardi j? regulating the movement* of trade lor a season or two to w c ma Our exports commaud very reduced prise*, end the total value for the year ?ill undoubtedly lull below ' tire average Our import*, on the other hand, have been very large, and foreign manufacture* have commanded very fair price*, (welling the total value* much beyond j an average, without corresponding mean* within our- (J Helve* to pay for them, without taking our *)>ecie to re- o gulate the balances. Our exports ate fo limited, it i* impossible to extend them tieyond the wants of other na- | BJ tious, or their willingness to take them. Not so with , j. our imports, there are no limits to the cxtcut to which , they may be carried l.y speculations or inflations in the j currency. The manufacturer* of Europe stand pre- , pared at any momeut to deluge this country with their | > fabrics on their own responsibility, or that ot any one ' %1 who may he able to establish a credit abroad. These i.' goods are thrown upon our markets through the auction ; ^ houses, payment received, and the s|>ecie sent to Europe s to balance accounts. Thia country has long enough * been used as an outlet for the surplus stocks ot the En- 0 rop s i manutacturers, and the sooner a veto is put upon -| teriheroperations of n similar nature, by restricting our currency and reducing prioes on their goods in our mar- J kefs, the better. The Qrst indications of returning prosperity in the internal trade ot the United States is a signal for movements to commence on the other side, * I and immense shipments immediately follow. We have | no wttv of r?*flru latin or thia huiineMH at homtt flnr l<ar at * and legitimate importers cannot control the importation!. ' Tariffs do not chock the movements of the manulactuiers ] of fclurope, in their relatione with this country in the 1 slightest degree. Nothing will effect them but prices ? This Is the vital point. I no reals the value of the currency?make a dollar worth more in New York than in London, or Manchester, and we then can keep eur markets free of foreign merchandise. As our foreign i trade now stands, a steady drain of specie from this country must be submitted to. Foreign exchange still rules very high in all the southern cities, (food bills are very scarce. Hat li at thk Principal 'tsuthin Cities. Sterling. France. \. 1' tight KY.SDdat Chariest u, une 10, 7)4a8 4 27>6a4,Vi ?i V, ,ij,. Vilfidis " Juue 24. 7fiv8 4,28 a ? ?* H dii fia'Vis Savannah, June 8, 7 a7H Nsimusl. fiik'lis. fill dn " June 22, 7V6h7)J Willi dii. fill dis -iobile, Juue 6. 7fia8? 4,30 a4,33 A*.. Hl'ai ?al dis June 19. 7 Va8 4,30 a4,33 fiikpin fial dis i N. Oris, June 4, 'fill* 5.25 s4 30 X* fit.m fia Wdis 1 Juus 14, 8fii9 4,24 a4,30 )?a)4 pm fit fid is I Domestic bills on the north have not changed within . the dates given, but bills in New Orleans on London have advanced about ? per cent. i The annexed table of comparative quotations for the I principal stocks operated in in this market, presents ' slight decline from prices current on the 14th inst. | Pricks or Stocks in thk New York Market. Redeem- 1844. 1844, 1844. Rate. able. Mag 14. June 14. Jun* 27. United States, 4)6 1844 I00>6?l00j< 100 ulOOfi ? a ? C 1844 101 a ? llill a ? ? a ? " 6 1002 114 all4 II',S.- 113 all3fi ' . 4 1843 103fialOI 104 u 104 102 a ? New 5 ork, 7 1818-49 107 a? 109 5?i 109)6 107 al07>6 i G 1850-44-60 108 a ? 108 a ? ? a ? G 1861-62-67 108 allOW 110 a? lOOfi* ? 4)6 1860-61-64 103 al03)J I03)??103,1, 103 al0i)6 4 1845 100 a IllOk 1 On >? luofi ? a ? 5 1846-7-8-9 100 a? 101 a? 10(1 a.01 5 1850-1-3 101 al81)6 100)6 101 liOfiaiOOX 4 1845-48 101 a ? 102>*a ? 101 a ? 4 1859-60-61 100 alOl lOifit ? ? a ? , ' 4)6 1849-58 ?i a 95 ? ? ? a ? 1 Ohm, 6 1850 96>ia 97H h0 alOOH 9l).a 94)6 u ' G 1856-60 98 a 99)4 98 a ? 96fia i, " 4 1840-46 85 i 86 ? a ? ? a ? i, " 7 1846 102Hal04 104 al06 103 a ? s Kentucky 6 103fiil04 I04)6al04 104 alU4X . ' 4 90A?a 92 89 a ? 8. a ? Illinois, 6 1870 46 a ? 4<> a 50,"% 44X* 44)6 ' Indiana, 4 25 years 43>?a 44 44X? ? 43Ha 44 B Arkaiuss 6 ? 40 a 43 46a? ? a ? H Alabama, 6 ? 94a? ? a? ? a ? " 6 82 a? 83 a? ? a ? || Pennsylvania 4 ? 76Xa 77 77 a ? 74 a 74)6 ^ Tennessee 6 ? 104 a ? ? nlJ3 ? a ? 7 1812 186Xil07 ? al06 109 a ? " 5 i8r 0 ? a? ? a? UUJ6*? .I " 5 1858-7# 100 a ? lOf.&a ? IDoXalOl ' Uk Com'e N. Y. full t 99 .? '->>? loo MOi^Hl alO? 111 " scrip uajja 99 lOt^albl 99 alOn 'J N. Y. LiMm. 8iTru?tCo. 109>4all0 ? a? 110 al Otf . banners' Loan Ik Truat Co. 11 a ? 11 a ? 31Ha 36 at Ohio Life Ins. KTnut Co. 98 a NK '60 a? 91 a |K In Hank of U. S. in I'enu. 6 a ? 9 a 9X 7X* 7}? button & Providence liai'd. lOl^alOU ? a ? 108 .ilOB.'k N.Jnv 11.11. It TBM.I o. ? a ? ? a ? 91 a ? 7 Mohawk It Hudson Rnilroad.761a? ? 61 a 61 19 a 19)i d" I'licui*. Schenectady It. H. 112 a ? I2f>'ya ? 129 aim 11 Syracuse It I tica Kailroad, 121 a? 122 a? ? a ? it Auburn 61 Syracuse It. it. Ill a!20 ll'.'sia ? 120 a ? it Auburn It Kochrsirr It 11, ? a? 106 a ? I07)?al08 The decline noticed in quotations is entirely caused by u the falling oil' in the excitement for speculation. Within y the past two weeks the stock market has been gradually b 1 sinking, until at this moment prices range a* a very low point. The quotations for Ohio State stock, given above, ^ ure at the opening, dividend oil'. This stock is subject to 1 vary great fluctuations comp <red with other Slate secure H ties. (Quotations for Ohio 6's fluctuate more than many ? ot the repud ating State stocks, llthough the State has, ,\ *0 lar, paid its dividends regularly and promptly, notwithstanding its public, works have, this season, been more productive thaa ever belore, the stock has a strong preju uce to contend ugainsi in me mitias 01 CMpiianiiTfi, anon is with difficulty kept up to a point anywhere near par. Kentucky State stuc* is consnJered as good a stuck for 'e \>?rmaueiit investment as we have on the list. The State r debt is small, being only about four millions of dollars, <j and the six per cent stock sella at only four per cent above par. As much can be said of Tennessee stock ? u Since our last repo: t quotations lor I'ennsy Ivauia a'* have t fallen off about two |>er cent. This, however, is no imli cation of any unfavorable change having taking place in ti e financial condition ol the commonwealth within that tn c. There has not the slightest change come ovei the con* exion ot the affairs ol that State for better or worse, - but '.ce have not bad occasion to form a more favorable opinion than wo huve heretofore expressed, as to the ultimate result ol the attempt to enforce the payment ol the e- tax levied by the new law. The financial affairs of Mary, m land are gradually improving, Thu Statu will, in a short in time, realize material revenues from two or three ot the id public works iu which she has a largo interest. Thu R- Susquehanna itailroad Company have already made a t- payment of twelve thuusaii I dollais, out ul the present > yeai eurniugn on the road, on account of interest due the a Stale unit another pay inent is expected before the expiren tion of tl.. year. An Act lor the relief 01 the Susquc. haniia and Tide Water Canal Companies has been loimaln ly accepted, ami its conditions complied with. The Act % takes clfect on thu 1st July next, and from this source the I- ; State Treasury will receive, before the expiration of the y | year, tome '$06,000 to $JU,000, tor interest on the loanmade by the State to these companies. The Bal timore and Ohio Railroad Company have been doing n:i vtcnsive business, and thera is scarcely a doubt oi its l uiity to make a dividend of three per cent out ot Ibis year's earnings, besides meeting all other demands.? x he State is a stockholder to the amount of $500,000 in ( this road, and also of $600,000 in the Washington branch. All thesu thing* improve the financial condition or the I State, and should the State tax be all collected according 81 te law, the Statu ol" Murylaud will assume u more cnvia > hie volition than ahe has occupied for yeari. The ''D 1 Western and Southern delinquent State* remain about aa 1,8 J deep in imolvency as evi r. We sec little hope for the I young States, such as Indiana and Illinois, lor many, . many years to come. ^ Old Stock Kyshangr, $1000 Ohio 6'a 96 JflO thai Harlem KH <6 3H#? do 96X 100 do 06 H 5000 <\entucky 6's 101 100 do 67 I WOO Illinois 6's 17m 1' 0 do 6? .Mm do 17\ l<0 Auli ml Uncheiter 1600 do IB 50 L Island It it 77 S 11000 IYnn\>5's 75 50 di 77fc MOO do 75J< SCO do 7B lcoo City s's, *70 101 5o Stoningtcn KR l?1-, 1060 ludiani bonds lljt 50 do 12*4 2000 do II 75 do 12 20 nhss Mechanics' Bk K6 3 ,6 Nor and Wore 51 150 IV.:in*rs' Cosh 35W 75 do 5l.m 20m do 35* 210 do 5IS , 150 do 16 50 Readi I RR is 150 do US'- 100 do ISt. V do 36V 50 do iaC 50 Cmton Co 37.V l-W U S Desk 76, 07 25 do 31,6, 50 d,. 7jk 4 200 do J'J* 50 Mohawk RR 5'l .,0 25 do h90 36 Ion Virkshu I Bk 7U 75 do 31 25 Merrh k sc Co 25 L_ I 10 Ulica and flrhrn 128 Seconal Iloaral. ? $I?MM Ohio (' 25ihaa I unton '"o 14 if, noil do 87!, 10 do H V, 31 ih/ii Nor and Wore 12,Sj 21 Vtnnniatnn MR 4?w '? 25 d" 12* SO K.rmen'Troal ?- ** ?, . do~. ,J Hetdi | Hit 49k I 21 N AmTrtat 12 200 Harlem KK ? New Stack Kirlimgr. ? noon NVnrkT'a. '48 I07jf SO thaa Karmeia'I.'ini 31 I, IllOO lllinnii ('?, *7t 41 V) do .VlalO 31 3000 do 44 Si 21 Nor * d Wore ilO 1 H * H00 do |>I0 4ik 100 do "30 H>? 00? Ohio?'?, M0 bIS ?s do Sik 1100 do 06K 25 do Sl\ 2000 do iWn 94, V 10 Mohiok HK 60 i 1000 do a3afo 06jJ 25 Hnl'Oi Kit 67 % 45 si Am Kir Bk 01 21 lo "S * SO Bli i.oinmrrre 101 25 d. 69 i 47 Ilk of America 100!, .10 Look l?Wnd bOO ?o '4 00 Miclnnica' Bk iM.% 2) do 77k 4 V) Canton Co 34 k 10 do 70 4 21 do II 2S 8toniii*ton KK 42 4 24 do JJ* j* or Stocki, Boirorr, June 27 Al aliarca Bottoii * nnd Maine Railroad. 104J , AO Wv?tern Railroad 71J;!Portland ond Haro Railroad ftrl ;'JA Reading Railroad 341 20(1 do do 24j : 25 do do 11 w 241 , 100 do do .1 da 241 ,, do do 241 , 111" <lo do a 10 da 2ljf, 3A do Cong Island Rail road 7Hj , 2.1 do do 7n. * ir State of Tretlr. i* I'otr remain without the Iraat alteration AVi , till quote $4 18} a 4 26. f*aiu 1 la an' very dull, but firm ? >t *4 .10. Rvrtwai Prime northern yellow l? in very fair de mind at 2fi| a 30c. The want* am principal!) for r* 1- port Ill ' . Cotton?The aalea to-day amounted to about 400 balea incipally to apinuora, without alteration id pricra llat ommun iju?liiie? Nurtti Kiver hale aell in untall t* at ?t) a 31c 1 lie demand i* vei y limited, cnmj aieil ith the receipts, ai.d tha stock i( ?liatht 1> u.cien-u,g Wmihk? Drudge l oin aie heal at lZc, western and laon barrel! at 33 a U3$c. Cotton Trade. The cotton markets of tlua country are in a very iuac*a, depressed atate. The new crop i? nearly all in the larket and the itjte ol price, n mch u >o forbid operaens to any extent Sh. uld * further decline Uk< pluca n the othi r .ute, apoculat'.ra in our maiketa would no oubt urge utt their stocka and aiibnnt to wbaterei luaa lay he the result. We annex the shipments racupta ml atocha ol thi. Maple at the latent datea. xroHTa or CoTto* eaoia thi L'nitbd States a: ci !'lrii?nh la! Rec'd flock . tnca on k'd To G. Sep 1. at Cleared from Britain, trance Total. IklJ. date I. * Oct una. to lonely 1814. 168 881 107,393 6J7 T,1 SI',*17 76 IS I I.,? lie, to June 15, 18'. 147 50 601 147 hin ijii,?54 19 I 87 I, ri a. io June 8, II.14)1 1 507 37 IIS |?7 ni9 '/ 2 8 le rail, June II, 1H.B37 8.H4 145 948 259 687 80S . I'aridira. '!o Ji7,l95 3 ,335 169 744 380 : 99 !:,Ul > ui?,Ju. e!5, 8 515 'it-iiiia. Ma-eh I 3 330 3.330 11.100 / 3HI I Vork. In Juia 35 I6? 111 57 851 251 033 107 700 Ithe. pur s.Jui.e 8 3.836 3.840 '.til to foreign porta h'lei I 186 6 36 360 810 1,465 647 1 9,6.311 344.527 lam- tit"' laat yr, 1.484,417 33j 53i I 903 607 3.319.730 168,105 lam- I in? year befo-a. 880.901 367,346 1,354 5 1 1.633 560 119,333 The stock* in thi: interior town* tip to the latest dotes, o tar an lieai d Irom. amount to about 60,000 ha tea, rrik ug the total amount o! the stock on hauil 284,0:77 nniei. It will he observed that the total n ceipti for the sen on oaie within a little over fort} three thousand bale* of >eing two niillionp. The receipt* helore the cloie of t lie mason, will without ilouht exceed two million bale* Keport* lrom the touth, giving 'he moit unlavorable hojount* of the growing crop, are plenty enough; but we have little faith in the tiuth of their statements. We are informed by the very hem authority, that more soil ha* been devoted to the culture of cotton thia year than ever before The season thua far ha* been unuaually favorable, and we have no doubt, ahould the weather continue good, that the new nop.will yield more pound* of cotton than have ever before been ruined. Manufacturer* end apeculutori ure apt to place too much confidence in report* of ahort crop*, without knowing from whom they emanate or for what purpose they are got up. We annex quotation* now current, compared with those current prior to tlio departure of the laat packet:? QroTATiun* in thii Ma*xrT? Livmrooi. Ci Ai-iric ati*p< . June 15 , , June 29 , Uplande. NOUp lav *. NO+Mn Inferior, 5H* 5* 5*d 5lf 5 a 5* 5 5* Ordinary, 6 a S* 5Vi 6S 5li< 5 5J?* 6 Mold ing, fiSiu 7 7*7* 6Ka 7 7 a 7W Mid. lair, 7*a 7W 7** 1 7Xa 7* 7*a 7V Fair. 7%, 8* B*a 8* 7Va 8 8*a S.? ' for d fair, ?V 9 9*a 9* 8*a 8* t a 9* Kiue, ? a ? 10 all 8*a 9 10 a ? Nxw Ori.ksns, June 19.?Yeaterday there waa mora disposition ahown to operate, and a few aalea wara made, imounting to 9.300 halca-, but the demand, however, waa by no mean* of a general character In conaequence of the great dtillneas which prevailed on batumay and Monday , the market continued giadually to (ink, until pricea lor all deaenptiona receded about a quarter ot a cent, and we have, therefore, made a rorreaponding change in our quotation*, although we may remark that the market yeaterday seemed to have gained a little more ateadineaa. The supply of Louiaiuna and Miaiinilppi cotton* now remaining Oil the murket is light, and there ia hut a moderate amount, l?r the lemon, of North Alabama, the itock having been conaidemhly reduced aince our laat by ahipment* on homo account. Some purchase* have been made for our northern inarketa, France, kc. but buyera lor Knglaud have operated moat largely. We notice the sale* cf the three da> a, which amount to 4 600 bales, a* follows, viz 90ft hales Louisiana and Mississippi, at7j; 36 at 7. 11H at 74 -53 at 6 II 16 ftti at />/, 27 at 6| 100 at ?, 559 at 7] 61 at fl|. 295at 7 7 16, 1.559 at ?, 254 at 71, S41 Tennessee at 5[. 200 Tennessee snd Arkansas at ftl, 136 Mobile at 7}, 212 at 7, and 190 Texas at 6 cent* per lb. Provlalon Market. rvoirung wnnny or now rnapecung mo ainerem mm market* or idiopi, thii weak The extreme heat causee but ennill rale*. Kish nre plenty, ami at reasonable price*. Thla ought to be t hem-anon for a regular or Handing diah, for at leaat one day in the week. *>; Vegetable* ot all kind*, including tomatoea, abundant. 1'be black, red and white raapberry ha* taken the place of the atrawherry, and they are very plenty, with the uaual variety of other lruit. Prick* ok Protuioni Aprlfa, hbl-.--?1 M *3 UO (jeete--- 30 al 13 Beef, per lb 8 a 10 Hooey, n *, lb.---l8X* Ji Beef, [iercwl-?>$< 30 *6 00 Lamb,per lb t a I Beef, corned 1*7 Lard, |ier lb I a ? Bacon, 4 a 7 Markerrl, fresh, I2H* 15 Blackfiah 6 a 9 Mutton 4 a 8 Rfeti.racb 1 a ? Otiiona, |?er bunch. 6 a 8 Beam, bush 50 a 87){ Pigeon*. dot,* I 86 al 58 Butter, fresh per lb* 10 a 18 Porter House SteakalO a 18 Butter, tirkiu, |M>r lb. 6 a 10 Pork, per lb* 8 a 8 Bm?? lb 8 a 10 Pigs. roaatrra ? a$l 08 C-elery aburch, 6 a 12% Potatoes, bushel 31 a 75 Cauliflowers, dot.,50 al 26 Perch, lb 8 a ? I ranbe'riea, a qrt*. *15 a ? Poultiy, pair 75 al W)W f'rabs, dozen I2>?a 25 K.Hhshes ? a l)% ' hu.keo*...< 50 a 87)% Sh'lsd I a 2 f lams, 100 ...-.25 a 37% Salmon. ftes*?. . 18 a 20 ' aires Head, 8ic 25 a ? 8nlmon,siooked 10 a 12 I/abbage, each 5 a 10 Striped Bass* lb 8 a 12 f'hee**., new 4 a ? Snipe, dozen 75 a ? Uarrota, e?*cli. I a ? Sausages ? a 8 Ducks* per pair *50 a 75 Turuips, per bush- 25 a 81 Eels 8 a 12 Trii** if ? a 4% r'.ggs II for 12)% Turkiea 58 al 58 Fresh Cod 4 a 5 Veal . 6 a 18 Flounders 4 a 6 Philadelphia Cat tie Market. Jtmr 97?Ofl'eril gscf Hie vteik consisted of 900 heed of heel cattle, chiefly Ohio and Kentucky, including 400 taken to New York; 130 com und calves, 9CU boga, and 1 loo sheep and Iambi Beeves have declined in price, and the bulk of the aalaa were i rum <4; a $3} the ion Ibi. a* in qualify?70 left tinaold. Cowi and calvei are fold at $13 a $30. HngM?Hale* at $4 a $4{ the 100 ihr. She. p and Lambi?1 be prices ranged from $1) a ft each. Ha) baa advanced, and good Timothy told at 80 a 87 0 the cwt; pressed, in shipping order, 43 a 00c the 100 lbs. Straw at $3 .10 a $0 30 the too bundles Married, On Thursday evening. 27th inst. by the Rev. Mr Lawin Ki.ias .Marrkns to Mrs. Rusetta Winter, daughter ol M T Kriedlatnder, deceased Of/- Richmond (Va) papers will please copy. On Thursday evening, 97th inst. by th# Rev. D Bellamy, Mr E Hoar t'oas, to Miss Harah M. Shell, all of th ii? city. l.ateat Datss HEiriVEL. AT THt NEW VOHE HKSAAD wPPICS tujier Krb. 29 Manilla Feb li Attii i May 9 Malaga - April ( Antiguu Krb 19 Madeira May 4 Arecibo May 5 Mauritius Feb II Vusf.iyrs June 2 Montevideo April 11 Augu.linr Bay May 14 Mararnho May 21 Uataviu F>b 8 Mansanilla May 10 Bay ol Islands, N .Z-Apul 21 Maiaiiia* June IT Bermud.i luue 2 vViy.uturr. Ju .e II Biiruus Aytes \pril 28 Matainoras Mav JO Beliii . Hon. April 6 Monterey April 13 Barlmdoe My S9 Nassau, N. F. June II BnyoLi Jan. 21 Neuvitaa Mar 34 Bon April 26 Oaliu.M. 1 Feb 24 Bombs Ainl I Paia May 20 Car* Towu.C. (J. H-April 13 Parit June 3 llalcqttn Mm 2! Port au Prince June 14 tlardeuas June II Porto Cabello May 31 < liayrrs-?? tan I Point Petre, (load Feb IS Cirulueuoi May 31 IVrunnibuco May It t' Haytien June It Panama May It lartliaip-ua April 7 Pnyta April 29 Campeachy Jan. 3 Rio Janeiro May U Koquimbo July 18 Rio (iraude April M Callao April 23 Ban Juan Feb. 23 iJemernra Apnl In 8t. Helena Mav 86 K.liimire llec. J St. Thomas June I Kayal Feb. 29 Ht Jayo dr t.'uba*"- June 14 'tibralur May 23 St. Johns, P. K. June 7 liuayama. P. R Jun? 13 9t. Cron April 21 liulv..t/.i. June 10 Hi. Dnminuo Aral S (i onaives Mir. 30 St. Ubes**** * * Mil T 11 (funywjuil Use. 'j Surinam Maf 31 (htlhpagoa Islands May 4 Singapore Jan. 33 Havre. Juie 1 Sydney, N. 8. W. Jan 1 Havana Jane 14 Trinidad de Cubs Jana 7 Haiilai June 20 Talcahuana* ? Mar. If IsleolKranft Sept 27 Tahiti Dec 11 J*rcmi?*?a April 9 Tombes Nov. 4 Kingston, Ja. May 29 Tampico June f Loudon J nut 4 Tobasco May it Liverpool Junf 4 Turku lilud Juno l? Lalinayra Jiiup It Triosto April 21 Liguna Oct. 11 Valparaiso Mar It Lima K.h 23 v?? t'rui Jno. J VI Ma'. 13 /astahar-** Mar. 20 I'Hi ktia to Arrlvo Packtu to tall. raoar i.ivrartoL. yna iivmroot t M rk. Hit fcrr, Miy 2"l Otford, Ha hbotip, Joly I N*w Vn k, < . pivr Jutii* I P Hrn v, D'laoo. July 8 Liv.r <n.I, hldridgp, J hop 6 Virnini*ii. A.ipb, ju'v.ll KkoM rokraaiotJTM r< * roMTtooUTH Torn to (Jritwnld. Jnnp I Victoria, Vlnraao, Joly I Wratininaier, Hoypy, Jour in Qtirbpc. H> bird, Jo y III y mom hum . com Hiroi. Argn. AnthoiiV. May V. <>' aula, Knock. Joly Krancia lot, A mo worth, Juo>- I Km?r.<id, llowr, Joly M A t^l'l IM ! HKKAI.lV :?. u: :?:?=: i i i i Soiling lioya <>r the Hiram Mhlpa. aTotaioi ra?m Liverpool. aatckica. Acadm, Imlkioo Joly I Britannia. Hvwitl Jon* 19 July It II YVpiMra, V'attl.pwa Jona 22 Ju'y 20 Hibpr.iA, II>rie Joly 4 Aug. 1 Hriuin. lioakru Jol? II Aug t CaMiialt, Lntt Jul, It Aog. II trailia, Judkira Ang 4 Sept. I (? tV>?i?ra. Va thaws Aon IT Hrpt 14 triiaiiRia. IIp? itt Aug. 19 Sept. It 'i II-ifain, llo*kpo Aug II ttopt 21 ILL mi*. 1**11 4 (let I (I Wp.tprr, Mi ihraa tlrt. II N'?. i II11U11. Il?..k?r ' rt 19 Not 14 Hlilp .Baatrri anil AgtnU. W' ohall uitm it a favor, if t aplaioa of Viw.ola will giva o I ...inn .k.r- Huorot SlLvgy. of our Nr?i Moot, a Hoport if hip Shipping loft at thp Port whonco thpy oailpd, 'ho Vpaaols 't? ?pu no thru paasngp, a List of thrir <'irgo. and any Kopign \pwa|i*ppra or npws tlipy inay hayr Hp will board thrill mniMiatply on thPir arrival Agpnta and l orrpapou Pnta, at ma or abroad, will also ronfpr a faror by sanding to this ITicp .ill ihr Marino Inip'ligpiicp Ihpy can obtain Nautical nformation .if mv k>nd will 1* thank 'nil, rocoivod .NKW HIHH, Juna 'ili. 4 13 | no *. risks 141 . .. 7 ttk 1 14 Cleared. Ship* Isab'lla. B- *ga, Liioipoal; l.alpl a. VeKw M?yacnpi A Imp A' liaonray ? Bri.a A r'1vp, (taw) B?rg Siotiio, Vn, Wpi,,; Mull von. w .it I a'lo to <?pi.i?p huIiIpv; I 71 bar ay 1 hilakplph.* B g-r k Ivk-Pilna K Ion < ..III Kpii. py. Sua!, A Pal rail.. ; < r,P, I ' ( nod* II. 1 h la. K r k A v? , ruff Bp a d- ar II <i,.|. I. ri N la 1 - , I It.1 1 "? !". " 11 ! >i?km. n. Hi l,m i d. 1 ho an, N.* I,pdior i. r, M Uoraul; i-o ,.r??.. vv. afp B.iI.pi k Tpth. Arrlwert. i i aiiip p'pmp '' .mtnandp'km-loo in * IB. I.

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