Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 2, 1844, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 2, 1844 Page 3
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00- TOT CONCENTRATED EXTRACT OF EAR SAFARI LL A, GENTIAN AND SAR8AFRAS, prepared by the New York College oi Medicine and Pharmacy. m tablished for the suppiession of quackery. This refined and highly concentrated extract, possessing all the puri lying qualities and curative power* of the above herbs is confidently recommended by the College, as infinitely superior to any extract of Sarsnporilla at present belort the public, and may be relied on as a certain remedy foi all iliseasus arising irom an impure state of the blood such as scrofula,salt-rheum, ringworm, blotches or pim plc?, ulcers, pain in the bones or joints, nodes, cutaneous eruptions, ulcerated sore throat, or any disease arising iiorn the secondary effects of syphilis or an injudicious uue ai mercury. Sold in single Bottles, at 76 cents each. " In Cases ot half-a-dozen Bottles, $8 60 " " one dozen " ? 00 Cases forwarded to all parts of the Union. N. B.?A very liberal discount to wholesale purchasers. Othoe ol the College, D6 Nassau street. W. 8 RICHARDSON, M. D., Agent. 00-THE CHEMICAL PREPARATIONS OF DR. OOURAUD have obtained a world-wide celebrity, and perhaps no man of science has been more completely victimized by empirics than Dr. O. No sooner does his skill elsborate some article calculated to assuage the pain ol a deformity than it is instantly pounced upon by the ignorant and vulgar, who imitate it in every point?ex cepting its virtues. The unwary are therefore cautioned against purchasing any of the following articles, except ut I)r. Gouraud's only New York Depot, 07 Walker street, first store from Broadway. POUDilE SUBTILE for eradicating superfluous hair from any part of the human body. Always tested before buying. Proof positive this, and no mistake. Directions, French and English, accompany each bottle. ITALIAN MEDICATED SOAP, for curing pimples, freckles, blotches, tan, redness, sallowness, morpheas, erysipelas, and all cutaneous complaints 60 cents a cake. ORKCIAN HAIR DYE will color red or gray hair to n beautiful brown or black, at the option of the user, without staining the skin. Warranted. LIQUID VEGETABLE ROUOE-60 cents. BLANC D'ESPAGNE, or Spanish White (or the com plexion -.16 cents a box. LUBIN'S, GUKRLIVS, and other PERFUMERY llemember, 07 Walker street, first store vrom Broadway. AGENCY FOR DALLEY'S MAGICAL PAIN EX TRACTOR, at the above number. Agents?74 Cbesnut street, Philadelphia ; 8 Milk atreet, Boston j Ives, Salem ; Hodge, Newbury pert ; Patten, Portland ; Guild, Bangor ; Dyer, Providence ; Green, Worcester; Cowles, Springfield; Fcrre, Middletown ; Myers, New Haveu ; Pearce, Albany ; Tousey, Roches ter ; Storrs, Hudson ; Gray, Poughkeepsie, Ac. 50- VELPEAU'S SPECIFIC PILLS FOR THE CURE of UonocTltcaa, Gleet, and all mocupurulent discharges irom the urethra. These pills, prepared by the New York College of Modicine and Pharmacy, established for the suppression of quackery, may be relied on a* the moat speedy and effectual remedy for the above complaints.? hey are guaranteed to cure recent cases in from three t> five days, and posses* a greater power over obstinate discharges au,d chronic gleet, thnn any other preparation at pyesant known, removing the disease without confine ment from business, tainting the breath or disagreeing w Rn the stomach. Price $1 per box. Sold at the Office of the College oi Pharmaoy and Mo dicine, 06 Naasan street. W. S. RICHARDSON, M. D. Agent OP-COCKROACHES AND BEDBUGS.-Saunholtz'a Roach Bane will effectually destroy and banish these ver min from every house. Families ovei.-un with them, will do well to procure thii article; ita effects are certain. Sold at 31 Courtlandt street. Price 60 and 36 cents per bottle. (W- CONSTITUTIONAL DEBILITY CURED.?Thi Tonic Mixture, prepared by the College of Medicine and Pharmacy of the city of New York, is confidently re commended for all cases of debility produced by secret in dnlgence or excess of any kind, it is an invaluable reme dy tor impotence, sterility, or barrennessj(unless depend ing on mal-formation.) Single bottle* $1 each; cases of half a dozen $6; care I illy packed and sent to all parts of the Union. Office of the College of Medicine and Pharmacy 06. Nassau street W. 8. RICHARDSON, M. D, Agent. |5T{)0- WEAK BACK MAY BE CURED IN A VERY short time by using one of Dr. Sherman's Poor Man's Plasters. They are decidedly the beat strengthening plaster in the world. They are equally effectual in rheu matism and pains in the side, chest, anil extremities, giv ing relief when all other applications fail. Be careful to get the genuine article. Observe well that Dr. Sherman's fac simile is printed on the back of each plaster. None other* are gepu**"-- "i t* spurious articles are worse than useless. Dr. Sher-man's warehouses No 100 Nassau street.? Agents-,!217 Hudson street; 88 Bowery, corner Spring ''??tl ? . 77 East Broadway ; i Ledger Buildings, Phila ilelphi i land 8 State street, Boiton. I teh RICORDMS PARISIAN ALTERATIVE MIX TURF.-For the cure of primary or sec mdary Syphilis, sad all affections produced by an injudicious use of mcr c'jry- T5*e great advantages possessed ly this powerfttl a'.teiative over all other preparations for the cure ot Sy philis, is{ that while curing the disease It improves the constitution, whilst mercury generally leave a much worse disease than the one It is administered lor. The best recommendation we can give of it is, that it is now extensively prescribed by the medical (acuity, who for merly consider**! mercury the only cure for those com plaints. Sold, in single bottles, gl each ; in cases of half dozen, (6, carefully packed, and sent to all parts of the cy^t^SVlU!1? CoU~* * W. 8. RICHAKD80N. M D., Agent. 00- COMSTOCK'S SAR8APARILLA FOR THE cure of pimples on the lace, scrofulous affections, bilious discuses, and all disorganizations of the vital system, sold t-t 21 Courtlandt st Trice 60 cents per bottle, or $4 per dozen. MONEY MARKET. Thursday, August 1?O P. M. Storks are a little better to-day. Price* show tome im provement.; At the Old Board, Long Island went up 3 per cent; Canton 1} ; Norwich and Worcester 11; Stoning ton 3 > Reading Railroad J ; Farmers' Trust } ; Mer chants' Exchange Co 2 ; Mohawk J. Morris Canal de clined 1] ; United States Bank J ; Pennsylvania J. At the New Board, Illinois improved?}] per cent; Farmers' Trust} ; Long Island 3 ; Can\on 1; Norwich and Wor cester 1. Morris Canal fell off }. The receipts at the Custom House for the month of July aro estimated at $2,100,0W). Receipts of the Western Railroad for week ending July 27th 1844. 1843. Passengers $7,005 $9,812 Freight, &c 6,736 8,211 Total $13,741 $18,023 Total rrceipts from Jan. 1 to July 27.$367,269 $276,878 Increase for thirty weeks $90,381 The export ot specie from Boston during the week ending July 31, was :? South America $26,000 8pain 14,700 Total $40,700 EXPORTS FROM MSNTRKAL 4NU QUIHKC TO 25TH IULT.1844 /Vow Same time Montrejl. Quebec. Total, lit J?Total Axhn, bbll 14,057 1,351 15.108 16.875 Kl.ior, I2CCS6 124.301 251,087 40,109 Wheat, bnfM*... 182,985 26 880 209,871 15 4 7 Pork, bbll- ? 1 367 1,919 3.315 3,781 Jl.-ff. do 1,081 611 1,695 623 Butter, ket?????? ? 210 450 690 779 I'atweal, bbls 745 C30 1,375 938 Pins, bushels 43,068 26.656 69 724 24,964 Hurley, do 43.689 7,062 50,751 300 Oats, do 19,158 ? 19,158 2C0 Here we see an enormous increase in the exports of Hour and wheat this year, compared with last. Pork, beef, butter, Ac. have not increased so large a per cent. The annexed table shows the imports and exports of this country for nine months, ending June 20, 1843, the countries with which we trade, and the balances in iavor or ugainst : ? Imports and Exports or thk United Status. , 1843 , Export! In favor Jlgaintt Imports. U. Slates. V. S Russia, 742,803 386,793 ? 356.010 l'ru?.ii, ? 210 189 240,389 ? Sweden, 237,356 31,183 ? 193,158 Swedish Weit Indirs, 51,318 31.228 ? 20 190 Denmark. ? 74 057 74,657 ? Danish West ladies. 485,285 746.698 261 413 ? Netherlands, ? 1,709 932 1,709,932 ? Jims- I'owrs, 920,865 3.291,931 2,371,067 ? Dutch Colonies, 815,451 432,4-7 ? 383,034 J'elicuni, 17.,695 1,970,709 1,799,014 ? Oa> t Britain, 26.311,499 40 342,852 14,529,353 ? British Coleul'j, 2.665,683 6.059,983 3,591,900 ? France, 7,659 680 12,096,151 4,436,485 ? French Colonies, 176.451 376,302 199,851 ? Spain, 161.098 50,340 ? 313,758 Cobi, 5,015.933 3,326,797 ? 1 689,136 Hiiiuis'.) Cclsnies, 1,076,135 576 5)7 ? 499,568 PoilUfal, ' 46,713 60 607 13,891 ? Portuguese Colonies, 18 878 107,900 91,022 ? Italy, 394,561 728,221 333,657 ? Mediterranean Ports, 425 475 848,177 422,702 ? II tyii, 890 447 653 370 ? 245,077 Tex*s, 445.389 142,953 ? 302 946 Mexico, 2,781,486 1,471 937 ? 1,310.469 (Vntral|\merici, 132 167 52,966 ? 79,201 I olotnuia, 1 107 013 745 455 ? 561 558 lirnxil, 3,947.658 1,792.281 ? 2,155,370 Cixplntir.e It'public, 121,753 295,125 173,372 ? Au -iitme Kepublic, 793 488 202.189 ? 531 379 I lull. 857,556 1,049 461 191.907 ? China flBfl 4,385,466 2,408 956 ? 1,976,608 Monili Aui.generally, ? 98,713 91,713 ? Aria, 455,637 521,157 75,520 Africi, 353,74 303.249 ? 50,025 South Seas, 45,845 77,766 11,921 ? Uscertain, 623 ? ? 623 Total, $64 763.799 $84,346 480 30,448,727 10.661,210 This table shows that the principal countries of Europe were our debtors in 181.1. We wero debtors to the principal powers of South America. In connection with this table it will bo necessary to show where the large amount of specie imported in 1943 came Irom. Import of Specie into thk Unitkd Statkj. 1842. 1843. From Gold Silver. Gold Silver 1'ans" Town, ? 1 000 217,804 47.463 KtiuUi d, 203 J?2 159 14,200 368 96,691 IIr Wrsl Indi-s, 37 785 356,247 128,105 516 9<0 llr. N Am. Coloniei, 37 903 730.166 26 145 1*7,100 Kr-rce, 204,3 0 31,081 1,836 678 712,192 ?ha. 83,-56 151,184 211,215 411,624 '!?Xico, 9,819 1,3 8 810 7,435 2 137,29 Urns I, 7,0.6 43 )29 3 0.62 4 7 061 t'lh.-r places, 117,5U 64 5 29 7 226,780 763.242 Total. . $700,929 3.290,264 16,965,682 5,111,6! T-1 I importation for 1043, $1,991,191 Do do for 1844, 22 077,301 $26,068.4! The importation of specie in 184.1, from Kiiglaiu amounted to nearly the balance of trade in our favor ft the ye*r. The'valus.of ipeele imported bom Cub* reach' ed $664,769, and the balance of trade remained agaiaat u*. It ia very diicouraging to look on theae labia*, which place* our foreign trade in auch a favorable light, and not be able to retiit the conclusion that the movements for 1944 will, in all probability, change the whole, and create a balance greater against us than we have yet had in our favor. The twenty six millions of specie brought into this country, through the movements of trade, have circulated among all classes, and become part of tne currency oi the country. The healthy trade of 1843, not only made us, for a time, the creditors of the world, but the payment for the balance due, was made in gold and silver, which was much wanted, particularly at that time, when the banks of the country were looked upon with suspicion, and the circulating medium was very much depreciated. Heavy importations of foreign manufactures not only draw the balance over and above the value of our exports from the country, but it draw* what we at this moment can ill spare. Our currency has, for some time past,been on e firm specie,basis, and the value ol money throughout the Union approached nearer the value in Orcat Britain and other countries, than ever before. This equality was what we wished to sustain, so long as we could do so; so long as we could regulate our importations and keep up uniformity in prices. Within the past year our banks have expanded very much; this was followed by a cor responding expansion in prices for foreign manufactures; importers soon found the advance here sufficient to pay a profit on foreign goods, and tho market has been liberal ly supplied. The exportation of a large amount of specie would induce a still greater expansion of our banks, the currency would consequently become still farther depre ciated and prices correspondingly inflated This would ensure a much greater profit on importation*, and the bu siness would soon be carried on extensively. This result may seem a great way off, but we are of the opinion that it is nearer than many imagine. All that is required is a commencement of the causes; the first Is shipments of specie, and the others naturally follow. Old Stock Bxchsnge, 1500 Ohio6's, '50 97 80 Cora "erin 98 1000 Indiana 50 yrs SI 5 We-lc.-n K H 77* 900 Ohm 6's, 'CO 98* 25 Hi ir K K 22V 1000 do 98* 20 Utica & Schen'y R R 12cS 5000 Illinois a's bCO 49 21U 8 Bank 8} 6000 do 48* 25 do bCO t? 5000 do b30 49 50 Rradiug R R 49} 2000 Ptnnsylvania 5's bio 74* 20 Del 8c Hudson 117} 5000 do b30 74* 5 Bank Com'e, fall 25000 do 74* 5 do 5000 Indiana 5's 441* 50 Canton Co 38* -------- 10000 Iudf-na Sterling 42 50 do 38 180 Long Island *6m 76 50 do b60 39 50 do blO 79 100 Farmers' Loan 41 50 do blO 79* 25 Morris Canal 12* 50 do b60 79* 50 do UK 100 do 79 85 do II 100 do s6<n 77 25 do 10* 100 do b60 79* 100 do 10* 100 Stonington *6m 42* 50 Norwich It Wore 58m 80 do 44 325 do 58* 50 do b60 44* 35 do 58k 20 March ?>C? 24 50 do 58m 175 Mohawk RR *10 63* 200 do 59 Second Bostrd. 50 shas Long Island 80 50 Norwich R R 59 100 do 80* 25 do 50* 50 do b4Q 80* New Stock Exchange. 2r00 Ohio 6*. '60 bnw 98 5 N A Trust 1000 do s3 98* 10 I'miton Co 1000 do b!5 98* ICO Warmers' Lorn 16000 Kentucky 6's b30 102* 250 Nor 8t Wor bnw 1000 do b30 102* 50 do 2000 Indiana Dollar 41* 25 do 9000 lllinoia 6's, W *10 43* 50 do 1000 do H3 43* 25 do 1000 do blO 43* 25 do 200* do blO 43* 50 do 4COO do sl? 43* 25 do 50 U 8 Bank 9 25 Long Island '50 Morris Canal II* 100 do 50 do 12 25 do 25 do M0 12* 125 do 25 do b30 12* 50 Utica It Schen 14* snw 38* blO 41 59 b30 59 blO 58* 58 H bnw 58* bnw 58?2 58* *10 58k 78* 78* 78* s30 79 126* Silks or Stocks?Boston, 31. Jll t\r. Broken' Board.?100 Dividends Last Boston Co., 41; 100 shares Kast Boston Co., 10} ; 100 do do do do, tOm, 10; 7 " Boston and Worcester Railroad, 117 ; 10 Boston and Maine Railroad, 103 ; 60 Reading Railroad, b this week, 24} ; 60 do do, b this week, 24} : 26 do do, s2m, 24} ; 26 Western Railroad. b30ds, 77} ; 76 do do, 771; 26 do do, s2m, 771 37 do do, blm, 77} ; 60 do do, slm, 77} ; 60 do do slm, 77} ; 26 do do, 820ds, 77}. Jit w8uclion.?1 share Boston and Lowell Railroad, 26} per ct adv ; 1 Boston and Worcester, 16} per ct adv ; 12 Oreat Falls Manf Co., div eff, $302 per share; 1 do Coche co Manf Co., $652 per sh ; 1 do Appleton Manl Co., 6} per ct adv ; 10 do Granite Bank, $06 per sh ; 23 U 8 Bonk, $6} per sh. State of Trade. Ashks?We (till quote Pots in fair demand at $4 06} a 4 12} ; Pearls are very firm at $4 37}. BtRswAx?Prime yellow Northern and Southern sellsjas wanted at 29} a 29}c. Cotton?The market exhibited but little animation to day, sales barely reaching 400 bales. Prices are without change. " -KT k\. T? ? ? 1-1. ? w. wt a. maud is very moderate. Foreign Markets. Buenos Avrks, Juno 10.?It is with no ordinary plea aure that I acknowledge the receipt of your eiteemed lavors, andTnot only by all vessels arriving from Philadel phia, but also by those via Baltimore and New York. The Delight, leaving to-morrow for your city, gives roe an opportunity of sending this to you. Before proceeding to tell you our local news, I would say that our markets lor the produce of the United States are dull in the extreme. For Flour I can scarcely give you any quotation which may be considered as ruling, as sales are made by retail solely. Other produce than Flour might be sold perhaps, but at little or no profit. The following are the prices to-day : Doubloons, Spanish '2J0 a 220}, Patriot 320 a 220} ; Plata macuquina 13} a 12} for one ; Dollars, Spanish 13} a 13} each, Patriot and Patacones 13} a 13} each ; Six jter cent Stock .'>6 a 03 per cent; Kxchange on England 3} a 3 13-16 per dol, on France 30 a 40 cent per dollar, on ltio Janeiro 133 a 13} per cent prem, on Montevideo 13} a 13} per cent prem, on the United States 13} a 133 per U. 8. $ ; Hide*, Us, for England and Germany 66 a 67 per pesada, for France 61 a A3, tor North America 45 a 46, tor Spain 49 a 60, do salted 43 a 50, do Mor e 15 a 16 each ; Calf Skins 52 a 64 per pesada; Sheep Skins, common 36 a 38 per doz, fine 33 a 34, Deer Skinii 12 a 14, Goat Skins 35 a 36 ; Nutria Skins 7 a 8 dol. per lb ; Chinchilli Skins 60 a 70 dol. per doz ; Horse Hair, short 32 a 33 dol. per arroba, mixed 35 a 36, long 70 a 80 ; Wool, common, washed 23 a 28 dol. per arroba, picked 36 a 38, shorn from skins 39 a 40, metiza, dirty 18 a 35 ; Tallow, pure 20 a 32 dol. per arroba, raw 10, with grease 16 a 16 ; Jerked Beef 28 a 30 per quintal; Horns, mixed 200 a 300 per thousand, Ox 400 a 500 ; Shin Bones 00 a 100 ; Ostrich Feathers, white 12 a 14 ner lb. do black 10 a 13 ; Discount 1| a 2} per cent per month. The highest price of Doubloons during the week 220} dollars, the lowest price 220 dollars.. The highest rate of Ex change upon England during the week 3 13 16 pence, the lowest rate 3} pence.? U. 8. Oazette. Havana, July 20.?Business operations has not been so great this week, owing to the advanced state of the sea son. In Sugars and Coffee prices have improved, as will be seen below Sugars.?Half and half, Floretis, 6}, 9} a 6} and 10} rs.: fair to good, 4} and 8} a 4} and 8]; inferior, 4 and 7 a 4} and 71; whites, inferior, no transaction; white, good to superfine, 8} a 9J; browns, superfine, 6} a 6; brown, fair, 4} a 4j; brown, cucunichos, 3} a 4. Coflee.?Prime, none to be had: second quality, 7 a 7} per quintal: third quality, 5} a 6}; Triage, 3} a 4} Rice ?The cargoes per brig Hayne and schr. Warrior, from Charleston, was sold this week, at prices not trans pired, but we believe at 11} ris. 60 tcs. per brig Titi from New Orleans, bave also been disposed of at 12 a 13} ris , leaving no stock whatever in first hands. Lard ?The only sale of consequence was 190 kegs, at $12 p;r quintal. Sales from store have been made at 11 to 13, and up to 13 for good quality. Exchange.?London, 60 days, 9} per cent, prem ; New York,2 a2} perct. dis.; Boston, payable in New York, 1 j a 2 per ct. dis ; on Boston, 2} per ct. dis. Freights.?Since our last but little has been done, and we know only of threu brigs having been taken up lor Cowes, one at ?2 17s. 6d., the other two at ?3. A small vessel was also taken up for Antwerp at ?3 10s.?as to the United States nothing doing for want of produce. The number of vessels in port is very much reduced. Pkrnamiiuco, July 3.?I write you in full, not only of the state of our market hero, but also of some contempla ted changes in our Tariff regulations, most materially af fecting the interests of you all at the North. Since then, in consequence of the opposition manifested in the lower houso to tho passage of tnat act, a dissolution of thq Cham bers took place on the 1st June. Consequently, no step can be taken by those bodies for the present regarding the new tariff. Still, it is to be boine in mind that the minis try have the power of raising tho duties if they choose without consulting parliament. A change of ministry may perhaps take place, as it has been found im|K>ssil>le to reconcile the opposing views of the present Cabinet Save the record of the great excitement attendant upon the discussion of this blH at the Capitol, I have nothing farther of interest to communicate but tho market, which I give you in full. Articles of Export?Rum 37|,(>Ou a I6||000 per pipe. Cotton?first quality per arroba 4||9J0 ; and flat, do second quality do do 4i|300. Sugar in cases white 1st, 2d and 3d quality }800 a ||H60 ner arroba; browns in cases a shade lower. Sugars in hbla.?white 2 200 a 21,600, brown l|j55 a l||600. Dry salted Hides per lb ||125 a || 130, tanned hides 117()0 a I 800. Ox Horns 31000 a per hundred ; do Rio Grande 61,000 a ?. Freights ler Liver pool, Havre, Cowes and a market, remain without any other change, save that they are in demand at last rates. For the United States there are no vessels here to offer for freights, and consequently we make no quotations. Exchange?London, 36d per $ I; France 370 reis per franc; Rio Janeiro, par.?Phil. U. 8. Gazette, Jiug. 1. Brighton Cattle Market. July 39?At market, 340 head of beef cattle, 2600 sheep and 520 swine. Faicas?Beef Cattle?Prices advanced a trifle ; Extra, $6; first quality, $4 76 ; second do, $4 60; third quality. $3 AO a 4 60 Sheep? Lambs from $1 25 to $3; Old sheep from $1 75 to ?2 60. Swine?Lots to peddle 4c, half Barrows ; small lots, se iected, 4} a Ac. At retail from 4} to 6c. Philadelphia Cattle Market. July 31.?J,087 cattle arrived, viz 660 from Pennsylva nia, 313 Virginia, and 126 Indiana 300 Pennsylvania cat tle driven to New York Market; also 116 Virginia of a very line quality. Hales were made to our butchers at 4 a 1} ; extra 6c, and a few very fine quality sold at 6}c? tales dull Cows and Calvae?399 in market. Hales at $17 a 24; ex tra $37 a 30 Springers, $13 a 18. Dry Cowa, $6 a 10 i elves, on foot, $2 25 a $3; extra, $3 60. Live wht on the Schuylkill $2} a 3}/ Hogs .-480 offered? sales at 4} a 4J. I Sheep and Lamb* ? 3360 offered?sale* at $1,13J a $3,75 ?extra $3,35. Married, Bjr his Honor Mayor Harper, on Thursday morning at 6 o'clock, Mr. Josrph C. Prkadwell to Miie Cithiuki R Mackenzie, all of thia city. At Mackinaw. Michigan, July 16th, by the Rev. John O'Brien, Chaplain at the Fort, Captain Louil Jamison, U. H A., to Clara, youngest daughter of Thomaa Lee, Esq., late of London, England. At Key West, on 17th July, Mr Chaelrs Thompson, of New York, to Miai Susan, youngest daughter of John Skelton, of Key Wait. Passenger* to Arrive. Liverpool? Ship Yorkshire? Mn Crome and servant, Miss Sarah Crcme. Master O Crcme. Mr E O Roberts. Mrs E <1 Roberts and servant. Miss Mary K Kobers, Master Edward E Roberts, and Mr W E Smith, of New York; Mr R E Ap ihprp. Boston; H L Oooilhue. N York; J W Klynu, Liverpool. Liverpool?Ship Stephen WhitRey?Mrs Meiford and ion, of England; J Walker, NYork, and ISO in thn steersgr Havre?Ship Loreno?Hrv 8 M.izuch'tti. Rev E Ooiqne, Rev 1'Audett, Rev A M Uarrin, 8 S Bailey and >1 in the steerage Mayaoukz? 8chr Julia Telfair?Mr Kinzie, M Conerdale, J Ltndser. J VI Constable. Port Ac Prince?Oris Havti?A Dechanx. Ponce, PR?Brig Black Hawk?W L Trowbridge. Passengers Sailed. Havre?Ship Baltimore?Mrs Burmisi, of New York; Joee Barton, Cuba: D Wilhelms Schrimer, aad J Schneider, Uer many; A Kidanlt end L Jara, France Foreign Importations. Liverpool?8hip Yorkshire?7 pkgs Thompson fc eo?2 J Rhodes?240 llendrick k Broihers?2S Mnran k Iselin?11 8 T lone* kco?4 O B Morwood k co?9 J Nicholson?20 Paton fc 8tewart?1291 Ju Richmond?8 Hesrv k Bwaim?4 Fellows. Andile k eo?2 Stone k eo?4 IfutterAeld Rroihera k eo?2 K W Pemberton?? MeKee ken?4 A Mitchell?7 leglis k Rcntt ?7 John Campbell k co?12 Wn Whitewright?4 White. Stnrxe k co?2 J Warren?4 R Vioceo*?> H?ll Brother!?11 J Gihon k co?7 R Kingsland k eo?2 Welsh k Malloy? 3 K Corning k co?2 K I' Heyei?2 A R Van Neit? 3 K Patrick k co?2 K L Honithtoo?16 Lewi* Benedict fc co?8 B Marshall? 5 Barclay k Livingston?I John Gilt?0 Smi'h Thurger fcco ?3 Haslaek kco?3 Bulkely, Graham k co?87 J Mae* k co? 3 J Morton k eo?10 Beear, Benjamin k co?6 Wm Watt?2 Kobinaon k Mr Aithna?4 Griffiu k Pullman? i Wm Barton? 1 J Kllisoa?3 Israeli k Brother*?1 Jaa M Weid?3 Wood. Kolger k co?7 K Tome* k 8on?33 BaniL. k'nbler k co?lti Hnghet, Ward fc eo?I H Norriafc ec?4 Blnot k Myitis?j C Adsliead fc cn?3 John Napier?2 Wm B Ben ?1 Fellows, Kudd kca-l Tnwr.acnd, Savne k co?3 J T Dolan k Bona? 1 B K llalatead?1 J W 1 out k eo?I Van Waeenon k Tnck?r ? I Mailt* k Church?27 O W Surrel*?1 I R Klliman?4 A Richard*?2 Nevins k co?4 Gordon. Hodge* k co?26 C H lluiaeil k co?3 K 8 Window k co?2 G Halting* fc co?2 Ri chardaon k Watsou?I Thomaa k co?9 John Hobimon k co ll Bird, Oillilen k co?1 Angell k co?5 (J Siacv?4 B I nnant kco?1 Leonard fc Hone?I 8 Smith?3 G W Belt*?1 Lewi* k Meir?4 Freeland, Stewart k co?1 A W Partona?1 Ingo!da by fc co? 2 Wm Sloane-6 A k W A Strong?II Thompson k co?1 J Va" Noel?1 Hminer k Hay*?1 Young k Soiiili?2 Peircc, Mabbettkco?1 Richards, Uanett kco?3 Chitteudsu k B:i???I O Opsykr k co?I J TrvuiDsou?3 Wolfe k Biihop ?73 Garner k co?1805 Kgplestnu k Battel)?41 Criops k co? 14 *a* Leff?rt??1 Shaw k William*?3 Coffin, Bradley k co? 4 Sheldon k eo?4 Gould fc Atwater?9 I H Howell k co?29 With?rs. O'^haughnesay k co?10 L k B Curti*? 2 Meyer k Lion?I I A k R Lmp eer?* Hulat''*d, Harri* k eo?6 8 Price ?4 Worrell k Coa e?8 Wright, Sturges k co?4 Merritt, E'ey k co?3 Harrall k Calhoun?2 Hook k Tewnee.jd? I'Wetmore 4 II Kollcgg k Co?12 Bird, (Lllelao k Co?9 Lockhart k Gib ?on?7 Stuart fc Brother*?I 11 Hal?te*d? 63 Godfrey, P.ittiaon pr Co?20 J k J Stnari k Co?21 bx*. 6 ball, 1 ca*e J Uihon k Co?3 1 hatcher, Tucker k Co?1 T Hnnt?2 J A Underwood k Co?3 Manning k Tourneiy?2 J Kalconer?4 A Haten?2 Richards, Banett fc co 3 M Tobia*?1 L Atterbury k co? 27 Willmcr, Ca'tnall k co?19 J Mc''*ll fc co?9 L Alterbury, Jrkro?2 W Weeelwrighl?20 B K Lnomiik ro?i Wilder fc Bleecketr-U J Rust k Son*?4 Clark k West?2 L M Wiley? 2 Colliu* k Brother*?2 Professor Reuwick, Colombia College ?C Hunt. Brother*kco?8 Chit'enden k Bli*??IOC K Bill k Clark?I H Diion?'6 Benjamin jr k co?I Richirda k Bl?ke? 2 cask* hardware Wolfe k Gil|a*pie?7 ca?e* anp 2 bale* indse Warner Caflin k eo?6 do no Bramhall, Abernethy k co? I c* indie B R I.uinmi* k co?15 ca*?* mdie Adrasce k Strang? I case* Joaeth Hudson?bales,ca>?s, pkgt, kc to order Liverpool?Ship Suyhen Wli inev?41 ca?e* Peabndy, Rigg* k co?4 John Van Neit?5 Wolf k Bishop?2 Robert I St hell? 0 L B Curti* k co?3 Wriuhr a.?:- ? _ t .......n,. ciy m co?o worrell* k Coates-4 C II Rus sell k co?12 Adriaucc k Strange?1 l best r Clark k co?15 Jarare Lefferts?I R Hyil'P k co? 1 Dickinsou k Whiting?2 H Bavlit?I Ptrric, MabSit k Allen?I Coffin, Bradley k co? 2 O uld k Atwater?20 Gorton, Hodgti k co?7 Gillespie k Sttu (well?2 H Sheldon kco?3 Hartnerk Hayes?2 Wm. H. Sevmnur fc co?1 HCro?iman?I Ncnst&difc Bamett?8 Lock art k G.bsoti?15 Stewart fc Brothsrs? 20 J k JSfwar k Co? ICVH Kooseyelt?3 Jame* Owen?6 Hall Brot?rWm Mc- | Connah?30 John Gihon kco?19 John Nieholion?I Phelps, Dodge Co?1821 bxs tin do?I White k HhrfR-Id?2 Tracy.Mn. ver fc Irwin?1 SLHo'mes?5 Richardson k Wstiun?6 Win . 3 John Gihon k co?2 Johnstone k Green?19 Hnghea, W.rd k co?3 S Hatkell?4 t8h-ldon k l'hrlps?5 Smith. Wright k co?I B W Hinehman?2 A U Vin Nest?I t; Bnckinghim?2 William*. Biadford k co?5 I. Alterbury k co?5 J tlreae k sous?6 W Wheel wright?2 H 8 Ballard k co?3 B H Lummus k co?8 Wildsr k Bleeeker?12 I McCtll fc co?12 C Hllussell kco?1 Nevius k co?1 D Haddin'a Hons?'.) Frith fc Spidding ?1 J Rhodes?1 Dorsums, Suvdam k N*ou?12 D Oakley k Sons?12 Joshoa Garied?5 Hall brothers?30 Butteifleld broa cn?230 baa tin J M Brnce k sun?190 do C Urninard k son?2 ft Leech?2 \5 B Bind?36 JohnGihnn k co?27 H Auchiucloaa k son?I0t: M Leurp?35 Bitd Gillilan k cc? 3 John A Nnr bonld?5 J Robinson fc co?5 Mon'e k Baker?6 Kei?? brothers k c >?2 J Reynolds k o?9 W Whitewrigh:?7 H Bay lt??6 Stone kco?16 A Mitchell co?1 J Nicholson?I U McCash? I H l)iq ra?15 Hur?t bros? 1 Smver k Dunbar?3 Chittenden k B'iis?t W benjamin k eo?12 Bill k <^lark? 1 J fc A Petrie? 4 WWatt?1 A Kdwatds k co?3 W.lmei fc Capua!?I Knnk Pltelpi? 2 Bints k Halst'd?71 Godfrey Pattnen kco?6 8kJ Jnnea k co?1 Rend k Taylor?4 F A Huntingdon k co?II J Fergusoi?28 Wright. Slurgis k co?14 Goud?ll kco?2 J Warren?126 bxs Stones Gilbert k co?100 bdls J M Bruce fc son?891 bars IJwightsfc Foster?I Bnlkley, Gralnm k co?4 Hsiluck k co?4 W MeDermott?50 Tooker, Mesd k Co?3 Cameron fc brsnd?5 J B Klliman?28 STJonr* k co?1 Prrssn k Brooks?I Wm Ay mar k co, 19 cli cables do?4 D Apple ton k co?2 Paiinber k Rodgers-18 Gorton, Hjdgea k co? I T Winn? 5 Hiter Piicek co?4 Paton k Stewart?12 A W Parsoua? 23 Garner kco-'J Bramhall, Abernethy k Collins?4 ?fl ^aVuer/Caflin'itVo?2 F &k7nner k co^-4 SVin B Brail? 4 Undrrwocd k Comstock?1 Ingoldsby, Boisseaa fc co? 8 11 k S Tobias?6 F Htieohiel?1 C Ad head k eo?I J Wood 1WM Smyth?I C H Kellogg k Co?1 H Andrew?2 S Smith ?2 W H Hoistman?7 ? R Worreil, jr?6 Field, Thompson k 'In?I J 1 Cox?3 L Benedict k Co?I Frrel*nd, Stewut k Co 70 Binds, h uller k co?1 Lewia Benedict kco?I Charles J I aylor-4 Franei* Jame?, jr?140 llobt Kermit?I Levi Cook k co?3 Lewis k Fannien?1 Bill k Thompson?4 Williams k Be'l?1 G Taylor k son?3 J A fc K 8 8 Lnquiie Havng?Ship Lcreno?10 packtgra T Mait'aud? 4 8 Has kell?3 T Hunt k c?1 Gibscn k co?17 F Sheldon fc co?10 C Tod J fc co?2 Richards, B-aaeit k Osboru?8 Peabody, Riggi fc co?9 McGregor k Wisr?1 M Benjamin kco?300 Noiiemtn* fc Pavenatadt? 1 F Coileuet fc co?J M Oourdon? I F Herr on?2 A Hunt?2 Gonbanlt?3 P R term?16 Mnrlot k Sche'er?8 O Varet?8 11 ll-nn-guu;?2 L Faurhe?2 W H Coir*?5 J Napier?I Creigh k ll-ycecker?1 L B Binfre?10 J Dupre?I A A Ward k eo?4 H Uuiand?3 B Garou k eo?1 Sonusan fc Perrit?C Sti't k Thompson?32 K Cuiitan k Fits? I Gibson k co?1 Hoyt k Hunt?4 Clark k West? 1 G Gibion ?5 8 Donner?1 L Goldsmith?II Bourry, Wrr :ois k co?4 C B -transe?4 N Badoi> U Fus? 1 Cailliui k Fit*-28 to order. Lrvr RrooL ? SI ip Nile?112 tons coil Wilson k Brown? 100 c.k? aoua ash 44 ck* ? lirysta's J B Mar wood k co?lttOl sacks salt 53 tons iron to oider. MARITIME HERALD. Balling Oajra of tha Btcam Skips. ?Ti.agr.Ri. rROM litkrpool. from smkrics. Calrdouia, Lott July 18 Aug. 16 Acadia, Harrison Aug. 4 Sept. I G. Western, Matthews Aug. 17 Sept. 14 Hibernia, Rfrie Aug. 20 Sept. 16 G. Britain, Hosken Aug. 11 Sent. 28 Biitauma, Hewitt .-Sept. 4 ...... ...Oct. 1 G. Western. Matthews Oct. 12 Nor. 9 G.Britain. Hosken Oct. 19 ??Nov. 14 Ship illMtnrs and Agent*. We shall esteem it a favor, if Captnin* of Vessels will give to Robert Silvkv, Captain of our News Boats, a report of the ihippiug led at the port whencc'they saiieu, me veeteis spoken on their passage, a list of their cargo anil any fo reign newspapers or news they may liave. lie will board tliem immeOiaL'ly on their arrivul. Agruts and Correspondent!, at nomvor abroad, will also confer a favor by sending to tins office all the Marine lutelligence they can obtain. Nautical Information of any kind will be thankfully received. onrnsgp"6 ?? ?' ??f^s?e?s POllT OF NKW, AUGUST !4. SUA USES 4 19|M0OtV RISC* 9 8 SUIT SETS 7 12 I HIUH II IS Cl?areU. Arrlwea. Packet ship Yorkshire, Bailey, from Lieerpool, July 2d,with mdse to Goodhue k Co. and C H Marsha'l. Sailed in co with Ohio, To utou, Brooklyn, and others, forNYork The Y. has hud ve y flon weather dnring the voyage during which ti > eshe lias not had a reefin her topsails?saw no lee. 13th, 1st 44 12, ion 17, 9,eichasged siguala with an Am ship showing a white liar, red border, vV k in the erutre, supposed to be the Wall* Kod, bound K. Sam - d>y exchanged signals with Harriet k Jessie, (Br) boind k. 19 b, 1st 3 31, long 43 15. exchiug-il signals with 8ar*h Sheafe, 4iouud W. 3rd, Irt 41 51, Ion 49,1, ixchanged signals wnhan Am whaiethip s'andiug SK, show ir.g 2 red lignsls with the letter M in the centre of the first and H in Itie rentie tf second. 26th, passed Weisacnmcon, of Newburyport bonad K 27th cschsnged signal* with Leonora, bound K. 31st, exchanged a goals with so Am shiptnppnsvd to b" the Nile, b >uud W ? "a'< e day sxchsnged'signal* wi ll Wilhelmina, I Br) bound?same day with Jotinfc Mary, (Br) biiund W. I'tih'.p Stephen Whitney,'1 hompsoa, from Liverpool, J is ie 25tli. with mdte, to K Ksruilt Ship Mary Frances, Hubbard, 18 day* from Charleston, to Sturgrs k (deerman Ship Lotena. Urqulivt, 35 diys Irjin Havre, with md*e to K D lluribult k co. Ship Nile. Juhni' n, from Liverpool, Jucc 10th, with mdse. to Wilson k llr-wn?160 s'eeregepassengers Norwegian brig Kong Pvevre, 8taher. 58 days from Bergen, Norway, in ballast, to Srhmidt fc Balchen?101 stterage passen gers, one born on the passage, Norwegian brig Kagle Goalli, 60 days from Bergen, Norway, in billsst. to Siniili k Balchen. Brig Sea Flo we., Rollins, 9 d*y? from Wilmington, bound to Boston.?pot in iiereon account of the captain cook and one of the reumen being sick. Capt R returns thanks to Captain Scott for his kindness in supplying him with mediciue and 2 hands to enable him to get his vessel info port. Brig Black Hawk, Frisbie, of New Haven, from Ponce, PR, It dtvs. with snsar, to Trowbridge, Sous fc Dwight, of New Haten?232 hhds *ng*r llowland k A spin wall?M do molasses H Trowbridge, Sons fc Dwight. 21d nit, 1st 17, l?, len 71 01, exchanged signals with a ship showing a white signal with a blue cross and letters S 1 in it, steering W8W. Br brig Leone. Lis well, II days from Sydney, with I60chal drnnscoel, io W H IVpham Br brig Wm Bo thbay, Cochtan, II days from Windsor, NS, with plaster to the master. Br brig Virgin, Dovle, 15 davs from Harbor Grace, NF, in ballast to Dnntcombfc Beckwith. Br brig Minerva, Binge, II diys from St Kitts, in ballast, I? J H Braine, , Brig llayti, Cutis 15 days Irom Port an Prince, with mdse, tiACKcstrr. ?ld in co willi M*rch?nt. for NVork I ? Br brig Leon, Linell, 12 days from Sydney, with coal to M (1 Popham Br brig W Bohtclrr, Cockrau, 12 days from Windsor, with plaster, to master. .... Brig LeweUyu, Ramble. 14 davs from Msyague*,' With 330 hhds tuger to P Ha.inony's Nephews Mi hr Volusia, Aikins, 4 dsysir un Scaibna, NC, to Depey sterh Wh'tmarsh. Schr Jnlia Telfvr, Bums, 12 days from Mtyagnex, PR, with u ar, fc? 8 L Mitchell fc Co, Schr Wm II Harrison, Midget, 6 days from Little River, N I c, W< h mdse, 31st nit, 10 mi'rs M of Cape M*y, blowing fresh from Mk, crrr d sway the h- .d'of the lorrmist. Schr: Boston, D.>ar.e, from Richmond, with coal bound to Fall River. Schr Spark. Willi\m?, Hmitffield, with frnit. Schr Doctor Joi ei llerlin, with corn Mehr Volart, Lea, Kluahcth River, Va. Schr Gen Jackson. Miles, Cherrystone, with com.' Schr Rover, Howes, Virginia. Schr J Wsinwrght, Lewis, Richmond, with coal, bound to Troy. Pchr Knnice, Cobb, Uesnis. with fish. Mehr Henrietta, Crape. Maryland, with corn. Itehr fclixa, Duane, Harwich, with fish. Ship* Europe, Fnrber. Liverpool; Baltimore, Funk, Havre: Henry Allen, Hilton, Cher Union. Miscellaneous. Packet ShiEPrince Albert, for Louden, is detained ua til tbii d?r Him- Factor wii eold by anetionon Tharidty lor $13,000. to be retained in the whaling ll-et The Sir Lionel Hmiih w.m fallen in with by the Georgiaaa,ar at Boaton. who took from her part of the standing rigaing. an anchor and hedge. Spoken. Krerhard. from Bremen for Baltimore,24 th ult 12 30, Ion 70? by Stepheu Whitney, at tbia port Adarondick, 31st, iff Montaok?by tame. Adam Carr, Srott. Irom t hia port for Greenock, 111 steer age piaaeugen, 15th alt, let 43 45, loe 42 14?by brig tattle at tbia port. . Ceylon, h?nce fo, Bt Domingo, lat 36 37, long73?by brig Bea Flower, at thiaport. Win 8 Piggott. hence for Waabicgton.iNC, Slat alt on < ape Mae?by Wm H Harnaon, at thia port. .... John Holland, from N*w Orleana for London, and Colchia. from do for Antwerp, llth, off the Double Headed Bhot Keva. Gordon of Biddelord. Im Frankfort, via Boaton, lorCharlea ton, 26th. I at 39 , 30, loo 71, 30. tmerild, 37 da fm Liverpool, for Bt John, NB, 16th inat, lat 41 SO, Ion 40 Nnutilua, for Gibraltar, and 9 laan Jane, for Bmyrna, both from lloatou. 34th lat 42, 33, Ion 66 30 Troy, | w) of Briatol, oil not atatad, jnat ont of Fayal, 6lli ieet lat 36.44. Ion 33. 11 Huron, for Bt Andrews, 29 da fm Liverpool,, lat 43, 23, Ion 44.14 A Bwediah brig, for New York, full of pauengsrt, 33d nit, lat 43 39. Ion 66 19. Ontario, 10 da fin NOrleana, for Liverpool, llth, eff Carys fort Beef ; Macdonough, from Weat Indiea for Norfolk, leaking badly, 19th mat. lat 36 10 Ion 34. Jainea Baylee. ShankUod, fin Philadelphia for Kicgaton, Ja, ? da out, all well, 34th ult, Ut 38, Ion Gl. Foreign Ports. Mavaguez. July IS?In port. William Penn, Coleman, Jiie; Bebinia, Ilopkioa. juitarr; laabella. MrKer, diac; William, Bason, diic; Orbit. Travers, Idg for Baltimore, to fail in ten daya; Hope, Mitchell, Idg for Noifjlk, to aail 34th; Julia Tell fair, Burns. NYork, 30th. Montreal, July 29?Arr Amanda, Andrrion. Oporto, Ponce, PR, July 19?In nort Magnolia, for N lla?eu 1} da; J"aeph of Pa>tland for NYork, iu 4; W J Wataon, juat farfm StiTliomaa; Onecn, tor N York in 4. Peknambuco, July 3?In port, Latrobe, AHen, for F.nrape, in a few da; Globe, fm Prilid. dii; Janet, Richmond. for Rio Janeiro, neat day; Wm Thatcher. Decker, fm Philadelphia for Montevideo, put in in diatreaa.waa condemned end aold; Telle na, Untoii. for Ceara, lew daya. '1 he Young Ph-uii, Sherman, for NBedford, aid Ut July, with 3700 bblaaperm oil. Lake Ports. Buffalo, July 30?Ar Way ?a,Detroit; Owanungah; Wina low; L-xmgon: K Mountain; and lean, CUeaload-. Mer chant. Detroit; King. Conueaut; Audover, Milan; Lumber ?naa, Erie; Dayton, Vermillion?Old Illinois, Chicago; Harri son, Detroit; h*nt, Amheratbnrgh; Grant, Fairport; Indian; Marahall, and Quick, Cleveland. Home Ports. Luhec July 26?Bid Mercy, Smith. Richmond; Charles, Ober. Georgetown; Romeo. Young, N York. Bangor July 38?Arr Eli la bath, Bnow. Guadeloupe. Cld Ariaene, Bermuda. Bath, July 30?Arr Wm Purriugtou, Pt P?tre, Gtud. Portland, July 30?Arr Delaware, Waits, Philadelphia; Little Mary. Drria. NYork; M Elizabeth, Kastport, for de; Teizer. Glidden, Machiia for Philadelphia. NKwHURrroRT, July 30?Arr Bciota, Thompson, Philadel phia; Dingo Albany Holmes' Hole, July 31?Ar T'opie, Boston,for Richmond; 34'h, Rich Tnvlor, from Grand Terre, La Boston. July 11?Arr Hebron, Prince,Tnrks Island; N.liant, Winsor. NOrleana; Ligonia, Hamilton, Philadelphia: Uzrrdo, Miller. Malaga; Ellen, Hadcliff, Wilmington, NC; Col Tay lor, Brown, Havre de (ir*ctt Retrieve, Co'by; Snow, PiHa bury; Isaac Jackson, Tohey, and 4Jeena. Lamphear Philadel phia; Ramon de Eildo, Kingabnry, NYork. Emily, Smith, Bangor; Equity. Edwards,and Premium, Nickerson, Albany; Garden. Hamoi. and Velocity, Montgomery, Uondont; Gre cian. Chaae. NYork; Rodolnb, Pendleton Calais, via Camden. 28th inat Cane Pernoise NNE. 13 miles, saw a batqoe that bailed from St Andrews, abandoned, roaati gone, apparently a D'w vstael. had 1 anchor on her bow - saw a ft.hrrinnn alonraide offer. Cld Ueaton, HoMis, Calcutta; Taaao, h'lliot Libli?y, Cal.fornii; Swea, |8ir) Bsiginai, St Petrisbnrgh: Mencan, Reg :rs, Surinam; Elk, Nicke.son.Philadelrhia: Nnble.Howea, of and for Sag Harbor; Ell t, Wliel den, Philede'phia; Hv Cnr r.ia, Hal'elt, Albvnv and Trov; A Lawrence. Me'ker, NYork; Fancy, Chaie, do; Mystic. Churchill, do. Arr 30th, Leopard, Snow, Havre. 21st ult; Narragane?t, Deatrbecho, Charleston; nutrrv, iiivtr. nitv uit( ' "tvna^tauB^a, a/v-itrurviiii, v. Peru, Bangs, Havana; Waason, Norton, ()po-tn; lieargiena, Davit, Hav.ra, oa 2tit boarded the wrack ol Sir Lie ? Liocel Smi-h; AItl'rtmu, Pierce, Wilmington, NC; Rieczi, Cook, Mexico, via Provincetown; Emetine, Nicho's,Philadelphia; Ornain.-n , and Conveyance, Albany; Homer, Kent; Mvry Elizabeth! auu Brilliant. NYork. New Bedford, July 30?Arr Pacific. Swift, Norfolk; also arr Mainiou, West, Philadelphia; Slat, arr Wm Brown, Bum pus. do. NaNTrcuFT, July 19?Arr Mariner, Adami, Baltimore ? Sid Louisa, Potter, do. Fall River July 39?A-r H Borden, t'hilad. Providence, Jnly 30?Arr New England, Allen. Turks lalaud. 13th inat. Saw an Am bark beating in (probably the Julia of this port) Burgers, fm NYork; Orray. Taft, Loret, Charleston; Washington, Knowltoa, Baltimore; Mrrietta Ry an. Baymore, Philad. New Haven, July 21?Arr Eag Caledonia, Turks Island; Wm Bryant, Mo-se, Richmond; New Jtraey, Bell, Fhiladel; liobt Morri , Sharp, do Indiana do; Ro?e, Tiee,do;N York, Jouer, NYork; Belt, Malthewr, do; Fiankliu, Thomas, New Yo>b. Sid Reaper, Kelaey, Albany. Ri.ui.moni). July 30?Arr Victoria, Pointer, NYork; Samuel C Abbott. Bnwyer. do;. S)d Caroline, Lawry, Burton; Exit, Johnson, f " hnaon, NYork; Lynchburg, Mathiaa, do; Spleudid, Thomp son, Stamford. Falcone, Andrew Kotterdem; Falconer. Un ion, Boaton; Extio, K*lier, Thomaaton; John Polk, FYotk; Pe'tnns, Towurend, Providence. Georgetown, July 23?Arr Julius Pritgle, Latchichot*, N York. Charleston' Jnly 19 ?Cld. K. C. Mitchell, Chadwick, W India. Ar 37th, Southport, Griffith, NYork: Catharine, Tafia; Boaton. Savannah, July 37?Ar Augusta, Sherwood, New York; Cld, Olive Branch, ilagerdaru, Liverpool. Bid, Wilion Ful ler. Ccbb N York. Avlachicola. Julv 30 ? Cld, Morea, Benson, for N York. Key West. July 14?Ar Magnet O'Bhawneaay, from Ha vena; 19th. Albert Garrison, fm do;20th, Taaao Howe, fm N Y. Cld, 10th, Tasio, Howe, Mobile; 30th, Albert, Garriion, He rut kiting, Bilhourne; Orvaorei. l'ayioP, NEWS-BOY CALL AT 114- Naumnti Street, THIS MORNING, And Ret some of the Grit number of the OMNIBUS! PRICE THREE CENTS. Best Paper ever iuurd in New Yoik. ta 2t*ec THIS DAY PUBLISHED THE LONDON QUARTERLY REVIEW, No. 14T?Jnnr, 1844. CONTENTS. I?Children'* Booh*. II? Hhuitleworth's I'honiei. III?Knrbe*'* Travel* through tlie Alp*. IV?Life ofLoid Elden. V?Rebecca. VI?Schism in the Papacy. Vli?Illustrated Publication*. VIH-The Amber Witch. IX?Itailway Legislation. REi.KM'LY PUBLISHED, Blackwood'* Magazine for July, being the Grit number ol a new Volume. Pure 8) a year. IN PRESS?And will b* pnbliahed in a few days? (THE FOREIGN AKTK.ItLY for July, and THE EDINBURGH HEVIEW for July. Price ot the London. Edinburgh, Foreign and Weitmimler Review*?it per annum lor the lour Price of tne four Review* and Blackwood?$10. L SCOTT k CO., 1'nblishers, *2 It'ec H2 Fallon ?'reet, near Na?*aa. THE SECOND ANNIVERSARY OF THE INDEPENDENT ORDER OF RECHABITES, On the 2d of Angut, 1844. THE NEW YOKK DISTRICT No. I, have resolved to 1 celebrate the Second Anuivenury ol the Order THIS DAY, the 2,1 ol Aniutt, and have accordingly appointed different Committee* lor ih- purpose of makinR the uece?ia:y ariange. menu for that evert. The Committee have adopte i the lol lowing programme the order of the day. The District h*v? appoikt-d Brother W. Jav lUskettas Urand Marihai, who will ean?e to be eiecnud the following order* :? 1-t?The Teeta will meet at their reaper tive hall* at half-past I o'clock, and move from Ihfce at jrrecitely 2 o'clock, to ht John's Paik, aid take poiition on ihe lel'i ol the Dutrici, ac ro'diuR to the seniority of the Tejt. 'J lie liu* of uiar h will he formed by the Dutiiet moving to fhe left down Vnick to Laight slr-et, theue? to Hudson, up Canal, down Broadway, through Fu ton to Nassau, to Chatham, np the Bowery to Third Avvuue, and down Eighth street to the went gate of Tompkins Sif taie, at which place the body will be ditposed hy the Urand Marshal, through his Aid*. There the following eaercises will then rake place :? 1?Muiic by the Bud 2?P.-ayer by Rev. Charles J. Hopkins. J?Muiic bv the Band. I 4?Ode by Jimes H. Aikman, En?., (fo be distributed on the J?ORATION by JAMES BURNS, Em ??Mnnc by the Band. 7 ?(fraud Choini by the whole assembly, "The Teetotalers are a-enming " a?Benediction. '1 ha whole body will move from the ground nnder direction of the Oiand Marshal, up Kiihth ilrvet to the Bowtry, thence to Union Park, lid will be dismissed, the Trntsmoriag to their re* ective halls. The invited gnest* will be received in carriage* at their honres at half-peat one. The Aids at -minted by lh* Tent*, and those appointed by the Urand Marihai, will report them**lvei at hi* office, 15 Centie stre-t, on Wednesday afternoon at a o'clock, to receive orders and to be detailed for special duty, wilh?nt fail The Aids will let their time by the City Hall clock, and execute their uioveniect* accordingly. N. B'The Comin ttee appointed by lha Tents will report Ihecntelres immediate y to ihe Urand Marshal II Centre, fur orders. HOWaRD S SCIIENCK. Chairman of Dutrict Committee. W. JAY HASKEIT, a2 It*re (Land Mir.hal, I FOR SALE. All \ NO FORTE?Of *m>erior (une ami workmanship, with the best mod-rn iinprorrineuti. (Jan he seen at No. | 9 Stale atreet. al 2t?ec I REMOVAL. I DERSSK k BROOKS hare remny.d from No. ?! Liberty i to No*. 6i and #7 Nrtsau itreet, between Maiden Lane and i John street. nu2 Imec ! FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS REWARD 'I HE OFFICE OF THE UNDERSIGNED we* robbed X thi* day, of the sum of $2,MO in bill* of the following da nomination* :? 1,700 dollar* in 100'* too 1 in M'n too " in 10'* 100 " ...... in* 5'* and 10'* Of the Leather Manofartnrera' Bank, and about 100 dollars in bills of the Dry Dock Bank of this city. The above teward will be paid for Ihe recovery of the same, or "pro rata" for any part ol'lhe amount. JAUUARD k CLARK, Broken, SJ Wall atre-t. New York. July Mat, 1244. an I 3t?m WANTED?SOCO Empty Flonr Barrel*. Enquire at IS9 Maiden Lane. jj| lt*ee WANTED?An Office lor a Medical Oentleman. between Canal street and Bond street. Apply by |eit?r to M D letier-boa 907 Upper Post Office. jll Iw'rc 117ANTED?At CAFE TORTONI, NoTFuh 7'lsc-, a v* lirit-'ate house servant. He mmt have nneiceptiooable references both for honesty and capacity. Mulatto m-n prefer red Call lie'.worn 11, . hours I and 2. jJO 4lrc BRIT ISH BRIO NILE F ROM^Tf^EF.-This ve.rel will be discharging nnder general order, this dav, at loot Koiev?lt street. All goods not permi-ted m'-st re sent lo pub lic s ore. WOODHULL k MINTCRNS, aire 17 South street. FOR HAL'"'.?The Uood Will, Stock, and Fi*tnret of QBRIan established MILLINERY, doing a business uatur passed by any similar establishment in the cilv; in men i.l a domestic chtract>r bemi the oalv reasoa for the proprie tor's leaving. A line addr'ssea to Mm. J MeD . at the office nl ihis paper, will be promptly attended to. None bat a capitalist need apply. jll 2t*rc a STORE TO LET ?The" four story Store No~V: Liberty street, to Let Possession gives ou the 1st day ot August. Apply to TEKSSE k BHOOKS. jt2# Ida ee tl Liberty street "XMTT3EMENT3: NIBLO'S GARDKK. FRIDAY R V E N I N O. AUGUST 2. The evenings eetertamtiunt will commence wnu a Burleegue Barietta, in two arts, written by (i A A'Heckitt, Esq., entit ?U tn? YELLOW DWARF! KING OK THk'gOLU MINES! DRaMATIS PKHSONAi Feriando King oftha Gold Minn. Mr lenno F itf too ? ? ? lira att"<lu( ??? Misa Clarke Shalt Loojah Beu All } Two Princes ( Mr Dnon Abrehim AbksrKhsn f S Denoison The Yellow Dwatl' Nrekinson Allfair A hanshty Prioress Mia? Tav lor Oneiota.tluecao) Heart liiheutaiaatitllluditifyoneainaMra Watts Beeswing .... -Kairy of the iaasceuable isles ? ?... Hatdwick The Hag cf the Desert Mr. Er?raril An Intermission or hall-on-honr, for P.ouieuade and Kcfresh ineni. To conclude with THE WANDERING MINSTREL. Doora open at 7?Kotertaiiimenu commence at I precisely. Omnibuses will run to and from ilia Garden during the even iti* Tickrti Fifty Ceata. No Poatponement atthiaeatabliahinenloii account of weather, aa the grand entrance from Broad wny to th? Saloon ta protect ed, and the New Saloon, which ia ventilated from the top and aides, can be encloaed at a moment's uotice. PADIO'S OPK11A HOUHK, CHAMBERS STREET. FRIDAY EVENING, Ausurt 2 will b? pteaentad LA FRANCE IN 7?n. Lionarda The Elaaler Rrmh'rs. Gillea Mr Fisher. Piincese laa*<e*n Mrs H Lewis, [C7"Tnterinissit>u of 30 minutes.^ II To conclude with a GRAND TOUUNAMON PROCESSION. IT^Admir'ion to all parts of the house 50 cents?Doers open at 7, performance to commence at 8 o'clock. j2? 2tm CASTLE OAKDKN. A MOST BEAUTIFUL AND ELEGANT EXHIBITION OF FIREWORKS Will take place on Friday Hixcnliifj, August !t, Kv*"Admittance 25 cents tided"into Fi' Thia Magnificent Display will be divided"ia'.o Fire Acta or Parta, each part aided by GRAND ORCHESTRAL MOVEMENTS. PART I STAR OF POLAND After which that moat interesting aud nigeuioui composition entitled the INDIAN PLANTAIN TREE. And for the first t un, a very rare and characteristic pirce POI From the advantage of (he toip'oird slate of the ;,rt, Mi. Eds* ia enabled to p.-eaeut tliia piece to (he public, in all its wonder ful combination of natural motion, in imitation ol the Polka Dance. A Mezzo Piece entitled EGYPTIAN PYRAMID! Or. Monument of 1 luruah. The whole to conclude with a grand Pyrotechnic Spectacle, entitlrd TEMPLE OF LIBERTY, Composed of every great possible effect that lan amaze, delight aud satisfy tha most fulidious, being r ally a peilrct Ne riut Ultra of tn Ait. GREAT AND ATTRACTIVE FREE EXHIBITIONS ELYSIAN FIeWIjS, HO BO KEN. IV/TR. M'CARTY rrarectfully anuouncea that he has made i'l arrangements for two weeks longer, wi'h Messrs. HOOD. RUGGLES and WILLIAMS, to give thair Grand end Unequalled Performances, commencing on Monday, July 29th, 1844. The Exhibition will commence with? Magic Platee by Mr WILLIAMS, the celebrated Plate Waltgerand Balancer, in wliicli he stands unrivalled, aisiated by his son. Mt.ster AVON, only three years of age, who will introdnce his novel end pl'r.aing feats. I Mr. H W. RUGGLES, the much admired Slack Rope Vaulter. will appear and perform bis wonderful ftats of strength aud agility, aud will finish his acta by turning One Hundred Suinineriet?. Mr. HOOD will also appear on the Klmtic Wire.and Dance a Hornpipe, Balaccp on Chairs, and will conclude with the difficult feat of Standing M I on a Barrel which rests on the Wile, displaying the nerfrctim of eqnilibrimn. Mr. WILLIAMS will also perform iome extraordinary feats ol strength by lifting weights, tic , and introduce i n sou Mas ter AVON, in their pleasing acts of Grecian and Prussian Games. An Intermission of half an hour. Mr. HOOD will make a Gieud Terrific Ascension on the Tight Hope, uiiwar s of JO i feet; and return backwards, a feat only performed by himself. The Exhibition will conclude with the Italian Fantocini, by SIOfkOR GARCIA, representing life. A Good Bend of Music in attendance Dart of performance every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. j3t 9 *ec COLMAN'S LITERARY SALOON. COSTUME GALLERY, AND EXHIBITION OF BEAUTIFUL PAINTINGS , IVo. 1103 Broad wny, New York. NO-ADMISSION ONE SHILLING ONLY.?PJ) O STRANGER should leave the rity without calling in to see the Great Collegium of Books, Paintings end En gravings, which are offered ' at prices to suit the times." The PUBLIC SALE ROOM is lilted with hooks of every kind, in various language*. including Prints and Pictures, to see which, and the Jhx'nt Hon, no chariik is made. j26ec BANNER WARD. A N ADJOURNED MEETING of lite Amnion Republt A can Electors ri the Ninth War I, will he held Thit Kern ing, precisely at eight, o'c uck, at tlia ol?l W?t- h Home, eoruer of Hudson and Christopher suets, to ? lect Thtae Delrgvtes, to meet the Convention if American Itepiblicaus, at Military Hall, on the , rend Monday of August, instant By order, D. KttENCH, Chairmtn of the Meeting. JNO., Secretary. aJ ifec Trt PFTIIV THR TRVTH AOOMD. DU. A. C. CAhTLE'3 Eniiinrl Taite for filliug hollow tender teeth, it i h - m i(t wonderful and teit pri-tervhtive for the ieeth>ver dncoveied It it put, while in a sol. stop-. in to til" hollow of the tooth, to matter how huge, irregular or broken away it may he wi'hout any pain wi,h which it nun bines, forming a htrd, eotid, durable tooth, uaeful forallita varioui purposes. ? Aitifici il Troth,from one tooth to an entire art, inaerted on the moat approved ac.eQtific principle a A. I;. CASTLE, M. D al 1th Dentiet, 3HI Hioadwat ? corner of White at. BENJAMIN MOONEY, Auetioceer PACKAGE HA1.K OK HAHDWAKh, CUTLERY, ?T KANCY GOODS, lie -B. MOONEY k CO . will eel/ Thia Day, at HI o'eluck. at the Store No 91 Maiden Lane, a general nutriment of Birmingham Sheffield, German and American Hardware. K ne Cutlery, kc., among which are ICVO Colds a?d dux-us of fire I'm and I'ocket Cotlery, I cask of Bri Uuia Coffee and Tea Sets, I do Table aud Tea Sp.mui. i caiea Violina, Flurcr, Gtiitaia, k:., toL-ethrr with a Keu'-rai aaaort maur of Urnnau and 1' reach Uooda, kc , kc CaUI"g ues are ready. al lt*rc EMINENT SUCCESS IN 1HE TRKAT.MKNT'oK DISEASES OK THE LUNGS AND LIVEK, *DY Dr VONOEKSMI I'H, If,I Greenwich street. New D York. Upwardaof twenty patieuta labeling nuder tluse elllicliona. and who were pronounced aa inrnrable by it eir phy a ciaua, were racomme ded to make trial of Dr V 'a skill. Thia occurred during laat month, and in thi? bri-f period he haa re stored the whole number <o peifrct health by the admiuialrae ticu tf hia celebrated INDIAN COUGH BALM medicire, which atacda proudly pre eminent in the cam of all dueosea ariaing from , ougha, colda, aathmaa, bronchitis. kc, kc Head the followitg lu,neat certificate in the aiinple but grateful isn Suagr of k comph taly cmed invalid, and duly attested b?fore imea Harper, E><| , Mayor of the Cnyof New York (Copy of tha Certificate ) Da. VomiRRaMiTii.?I give yon my certificate Willi th 5 rentes! of pieaanr., now to think I enjoy aa good healih aa I id ten years ago I hava been nuder the treatment of a dox*n Ebyaiciana in New York, and they all nronounred me incura le?Dr. Mott, Dr. Briaioe, Dr. Koie, and the laar phiairiau I waa under waa Dr Kelly; he gave me no rel ief. They all raid my lunga and l.v-r ware diseased. Seven o'clock in the morn ing I wonld ccmmmce conghug. and cough for two hours, a kill ol matter I. had great difficulty iu Ihreithiny I have lived ep,?n br?ad and mi'k for the laat aix inontha If 1 eit any meat it woo'il not remain a minute upon my stomach. I waa reduced to a perfect ikeletnn. Ilelore I wae taken a>ck I weighed HO ibi. Since Dr. Vondeumirh han cured me. I have giini d 301t>?. My huibaod anwonerf Dr. Vonderainitli'a |w lienle, whr? spoke very highly of the Doctor, and recommend ed my husband to lkciI for him. My huaband a-,.t for Doctor Voudereimtli. He avid he c< ul i cure linn per nct'y son id. Af't-r uixg lua medicine thr.e days. I c< m ineocetl epittiog tvrty day a,|nait of matter. Tina couth u-d for th ee days, u ttieu slopped. I grew he.ler ever. day. 'The matter 1 raited in large cvkra, 1 thought it waa a p tea of my lungs. Every oneiaid I could not be cured Thtrk God, Dr. Vondcrsmith cured me piertcclly sound. Yonra. kc Mrs. BUcKWATER. [ Elixvke.h Town, N J , July 10th, 1044. Siate of New Yoik, C?(y and county of New York, aa? Benjtmia Buckwater, duly sworn, drpoaea and aiya?That he liv-a in Ehzsireih Town, N. J , and it the Iniiband of the ahove | named Mrs Bnckwater, whose name ia nibacribcil to Ilia above letter, and that he knows of ins own knowledge, that the etat menls contained in said letter are true, and lurther he uri not. BENJAMIN BUCKWATER. Sworn before me thia dty, Inly 18. |8U JAMES HARPER, Mayor of the city of New York. Prepared and aold only by Dr Vondersmith. sole proprietvr, til Greenwich atreet, N. Y. Call ui>on the Mayor and see if it i una. _ aug 8_lt*er TO TAILORS. WH. 8TEINMETS takes leave to announce to the trade a|th<a Second Edition of hia complete Work ou ( utting Garments of every deicription, will be ready for delivery m a few daya. It is now mom thvn a year since thia work waa first intro duced to the trade, during which tune it haa m?r wi<h the highrat approbttioa by the moat rm-nratof the profession Inth io Eu,up,- aud America, not tu icaiauce having occurred wl etc iu comvlete satisfaction hta not been given to thote who have adopted irn principles. '1 he book is 12 by 17 inches ii|aarr, aud coi.Uina 17 rlfgaul Diagrams, rrpretenpug all the various sty'ei ol Garments now in v< gee, with plain and instructions lor cut ting each in a style of rlegince not to be *arpus,-d, t gether with much other informs ion in the irtde too siimerons to de tail in an advrrtiaeinent. 1 he followirg are a few ol the many highly respectable nanus who alKst to (he incus of th work. The nndersigned heiag practically .?ei|iiainted with Mr Stein met's Treatise on Lotting Garments, with pleasure recommend it aa a work, complrtr in its arrangvment, and in its practical application to cutting, superior to any h-retofjra published either in Europe or Amrrici : ? P Henry k Son, Daniel Cutter, Sutta k Banker, ' haa. Cox E W. l'ryon k Co., B. K. Horner, James Dailey, John llavi land, J H Hanker. The above can be olained of the anther, No. Ill Broadway, New York. s2lm*ee DEACON COURSE. THIS DAY Kridar. August 2nd. at P. M ?A Match for |2en V ile Heats. between the relebrated liar ng mare Kairv Queen and a Sorrel Hora?, name unknown?the Mare to go to a light wagon; the Home to a sulky N B ? for this day, tc all parts of the coarse, 40 cents. n! It?ee BEACON COURSE?TROTTING. MONDAY, Aurnst 4 P. M ? Will come oil Die Pnrv of BIN postponed from Wedorsalav laat?Mile Heats, heat thir in Ava, in harneaa. net ween the celebrated pacing horses KAFRY QUEEN. AOGY Dfl'vN AND tl U**C JOHN C. CALHOUN BY THE SOUTHERN MAIL. Thkamtry Dwat-.tment, July 30,1844 ?The fol Iowiiik ntuienie-nt, published in compliance with the provisions ol th<* i?'h Auction of the set ol congress entitled "An act making appropriations for the Civil and Diplomatic pi^niti ol Government for the fiscal y ear ending the 3tnh June, 1846. and for other purLMM," la made out aa correctly as it can he done (rem the returna received, and it is tielieved will be found to vary but little Irani the fact on the adjustment of the account, for the 3d quarter, 1844. The receipta into the Treaaury for the quarter ending the 3uth June last, trom all aourcea, were aa folfowa, via From Cuatoma $8,471,000 00 " Lands 600,400 00 " Miacellaneoua aourcea 40,000 00 " Treasury Notea per act 1843 96,000 00 $0,040,400 00 The paymenta made during the eame period were t? On account of civil, miacellaneoua and foreign intercourse $1,380,779 60 On account of Army, in cluding miscellaneous $1,316,971 30 On account ol Indian Depart ment 06.349 44 On account ol Fortification!. 146 763 41 On account of Pensions 334,908 76 1,003,978 80 On account of Navy 1,800,481 34 Oa account ol interest and Publio Debt. . . 687,808 66 On account ol Reimbursement and intareat on Treaaury Notea 1,068,038 34 $6,878,080 88 GEO. M UIDB, Secretary of the Titaaury. Sales of Stocks at Philadelphia. First Board, August 1 ? 136 shares Girard 13); $6 000 Cincinnati 6a 1844, 83 ; $1600 Lehigh 6a '46 or '44 46] ; 8 aha Northern Bit ol Kentucky 94} ; $1000 Penn 6's 1st Jau'y 85j ; $1000 do 1st May 86 ; 13 shares Mechanics' Dank 97 ; 1 share Philadelphia Bank 107 ; 8 shares Penn'a Bank 360 ; $600 Ches k Del 6's 641 ; $1000 do 00 ; 6 shs U 8 Bank o ; 3 do Northern Bank or Kentucky 06 ; $300 Lehigh 6's '46 43 J. SHIP NEWS. By Last Nlglit's Southern Hull. pHii.AHKLr.tiA, Ani;nit 1?Ar scbr Dslawirr, MBason, N York. Baltimore, Aug. 1?Arr Hudson, Brigdon, fm Signs Is Gianila Cuba; Anilroscoggin. LarraLe, Hortlasd; Bsrmeda; Tynes, Baibtdo'.; Br-tdoiv. l.sAtitt. I'crtland-, Petumae Co! Ilos, t'nlia.t Pom.,U*, tilu i.uu, N Hartford; Corytonus, Given, Htomngton, Conn. DEAFNESS CURED. DRS. CASTLE AND EDWARDS, AURISTS, OOI BKOADWAY.?Extract? OU L ?? 1 ehrvrlully comply with the ir,usit of Licat. Mc intosh. to testify that lie was uivalidej home as unlit for duty in consequence of total deafness and discharges from his ear; that while in New York, en his wr.v to Euglaad. he placed himtelf under the professional care of Drs Castle and Edwards, Auriiu. Under their treatment he it-covered his hearing, and has irtnrned to hit military duty Signed, H. McNEVEN, M D.. Fu-ceou, H. B. M. Forcas, Jamaica. ACOUSTIC DR-OPS. A sure oare for incipient deafnesv, earache, pains, baggings or siugiug sounds in tha ears, collections of hard wa* or vitia ted secretions of the organs Their acous'ic oil has been a popu lar remedy as a cum'ivein all diseases of the cars for upwards of twenty years. removed to HI Broadway, corner White street. si 1th ' "strangers beware. rf this age of Quackery and Humbng it is most important to choose an experienced physician ?Dr. J Evans has removed his old Galen's Head Dispensary to No 336 Pearl street, corner ol Uerkuie.n ttrert. where he continues his most extraordinary l cures of all delicate diseasi s, no matter how complicated. He apprises the citir.-na mid s'raageraUiar there is no Dr Evans iu his old stand, and that he has no cflMirclion whatever with any oilier office. His charges arc moderate,?his consultations strictly private. N B?Observe the number?mistakes are often dangerous?388 Pearl sfeet QTr" Medicine* and directions sent to any part of the Union, by particularly t a ling the case, and enclosing five dollars, a J It* ec nOi TOK GLOVER is consulted as usual nt his nflte. Lt Hii ow n pr , cip-ricnte and his recent chemic il ei pe iu.cnia Inveiuhl'd him to introduce in'o his practice te veral u?w a lirlea which sre prompt in turing those diseasss to which he d-voles hit atUution. Dr G apprises str*i>g-r* that he has receierda regular iredi eel educ lion, ard his ? evotrd his at cation for the last ten years to a select br uch < f Irs profesiios. His office is No 1 Ann street. Priva'i rntrtece thirl door Pom the Mneejm, through an entry with lamp at the office door si lt*ec TRENTON FALLS, NEAR U T I C A , NEW YORK. rPHE HI.' BH' ill 11EH announces t" the public, that after an A nhsence of tw o seasons, he has resumed the direction of the Hotel at the above place. '1 he house has been thoroughly refqr Dished and put iu cumi-lete order, and he trusta by hii attention to the coml?tt of his guests, to merit n rctaru of the patronage so liberally la-stowed on him in former years jel4 IweodisSie M. MOORE. MRS. GREEN'S AGENCY FOR DOMESTICS, No. IIIHl Broadway, Bast Bide, Br.TWEk!* \V*HlTg ATD Walxkii Hthh.ts, Nlw Y'orx. E8 1 ABLI9I1KD uncri the most respectable patronage, lor the purpo.c ol supply tug families with fulhlnl domestic servants Hours ol business from 7 o'clock A. M. till 4 o clock, I'. M. aul 1 m * m DECOR D'IN'lERIEUR, MO YEN AGE, tec , he. CPHE 8UB8CRI1IEK having juat received from P?ri* a *? very chute and beautiful collection of highly fioisltriJ Kreao Decorations for mlrrior embellishment, respectfully in vites the aueuitnn ,,i lUrunitrv to ihi. v-f ?* own meat l'ne quality nuu carcution of t. ete design* cannot fail to reciinineutl t'-em to roDnoiurnra iu matteri ol art.aud in coiapiriauu with oilier method* ol emoe lialiment they will be funnel in many way* hghly adraufgeous to purchasers. Aimly to UKOKOK PLATT, j >'2f lin * rc 11 Bprace ?treat '"To" S( JuTH bfRN MKK'Th A NTS, TBA V E L EkrF, -I ANI? OTHERS.?A mapnificent and elegantly nuiahed assortment cl striped Shirts, welt adapted to the 8 nihern mar ket, tan be had on very reasonable terms, by applying at M Pike alip, corner of Water. The anpply ta unlimited JOHN CLAY, corner of Pike and Water, jy23 lm?rc lb Pike strcct A LEX A NDER '8~TRICOUAPHE, ANEW ard invaluable disenve-y, being a LIQUID DYE, which INH'I ANTA:> EOU8LY change* In ? UOLOU Or Till-. HAIK to a oeamilnl brown or black. Without in jure to 'he Hivr or akin The Kirat aoperionty ef tint Dye eonnita in it* eiay mod* of application, and ita natantaurona effect?all other dyea requir ing from I* to 12 linura to produce an change. Ita auperior eacehence will be apparent to (very on* upon n ?ingle application h or aale hv Huahton and Co , Druggists, 10 Aator Hocae ard III) broafwav; Jotirson, Moore and Taylor, 13 Liberty afreet and to the trade, by K. aud O. A. W right, Philadelphia. jy!8 Iw* i? in OFFICE OK THE ALBANY AND KUCHE8TEU RAIL ROAD COMPANY. CaieattDaiaua, 9th July, 1644. 'M'OTICE ia hereby given, that the Directum of thia Compa L v Qy have thia day declared a lenai aonaal dividend ef foar per cent, payable on lire lit day ot Augoat next, out ol the aeu profits of their business for the current an moutha. 8 tor k hold ers whose atoek ia regiatered in the City Tranafer Booka lor this Company, will receive payment at the Bank of the bute of New Yora; and thou whotealock ia rrgiatered in the booka kept at Canandtigna, w ill receive iiaymeut at thia oAce. The Book> for the tranafer of slock will becloaed on the liat inatanl for ten days. CIIA8. SEYMOUR, Treasurer. jUtoAl rc Orricx or J r err mow leanaaaca ComraJiT,! No. K Wall it, opposite the Exchange % rPHIH Compaay contiaoea to I am re again* t Lota and Da 1 mage by H ire, on goorlt, war** and merebaodin, tad alto agaian Iota by ialaad dnrgo**. Tbomai W. 1'norne. Eliiha Kirn, Thomas T. Wood raff. Arena Baker. II. K (loosen, M. D., Joseph Drakn, 1 hotnpee* pric*. Jouph Allan, Moaea Tucker. Jatne* E. Holmnn, John l(. Davidira, John P. Moor*, John il. Lee, Jame* K. Whiting Caleb C. To a if, Wm. K. Tlnm. Ifnincia P. Sage, Thoina* Morvftl Job* C. Memtt, Kajrene Bocart. THOMAS W. THOKNE, PraaidaaL OEO. T. HOPE, Secretary. ml m RESTAURANT FRANCOIS. J BONN ARD, 5 Nassau Street. The Proprietor can fwr ? leaaly rrcummen 1 thia etlabliahment to general aRentioa. It ha* lor many year* been conducted in a atyle, that to to* Krench and Koieign residents, ha* afforded universal antufac lian. Hi* table abonnd* with every Inxnry, the most futidion* ran require, whether in the English or Krench atyle of eookrnr. His Wine*, brnita and Liquors, are ol the beat brand* Th* Waiters, Krench and English, peine, aud the general arrange meet* of the table*, in a c ml and airy aaioon, lor private and to rial parti??. not to he equalled. J. BONN AMI), Jv Mlm'rrc 5 Nassau it EXCURSION THIS MORNING WITH THE YACHTS. The steamboat JACOB BELL will make *an rxcnraion up the Eait River oa far at Hiai'a i_.Point, to company with the ipletdid Yacht klotilla. which leave the Battery tnia morning. August Id. on a sailing match f.r (Newport, Tnis ricaraioa will afford t ihore ile-irons of enj iyii g an interesting Acquire Eihibition. an rirellrnt oi po'tunny of wilresamg (be sailing qnalitie* ol theae Leautiful c alt. The steamboat will leive Moatgomrry ?treet W hif. East ltiver, at 8 o'clock; Catharine street, at a 14 past 8, ana Tier No I North River, at 1 o'clock, A. M. F*<* lor the Kienraioii M cent*. *1 U*ec GRAND SAILING MATCH. Eleven Sp'radtd Yateh* will leave Caatle Onden for Newport. Thia Morning, Aug. Id. Kr r the aeeominnlation of thorn peraoaawho take an uiterrat in Aquatic Sport*.th* aieamboat PILOT. Capt. ft Katies, will accompany thv above Yatcha to the Sound, calling for iiatseuger* f'f |ilra?a*t weather) at P>k* street thia irinriui.g at ^ o'clock; Catharine Kerry, Brooklyn, 7>4, and Pier I Kaar Ki?*r at ? o clock; after leaving the Yatcha will re main two nr three honra in lh* B<-?nd. for thoa* who with In fiah. Hare simit espected. Retorting, will land as above A Bind of Muaic will accompany th* boat. Par* lor lb* w I,,lie , ,, urn II only 70 arr.ta. al lt*rc ~ Thetiaomboal THOMAS SALMOND, 'Capt W. r. Shnltt, will ran to the Eiahmg ??uawMwBiiiki, from her uanal placer, on ,1 KhllAvn, 1 Vic, Amo# street IK?Catharine Fer WEDNKBDAY8, Ire. Brooklyn, 9-PiS* ?*. tad Pmr THURSDAYS, and f No | NR. iH-tonchtng al Fort PHI DAYS, ) Hamilton each wav. Fare Vt Crnla rich way. TO CONF.Y ISLAND AND FORT HAMILTON. SATURDAY AFTERNOONS?Will Irave her niaal place* at 1, 2*4. 2*4 2V aud Pier No. I N. H, at 3 o'clock. SUNDAYS, and< Will make two tnpa iroin aaine place*? MONDAYS. ) In the Morning*, leave IK. I?T?, Ilk and Pier I N. R , at 9H Arternooaa. at I. 114. 2>4. lJ?. *"d Pier No 1 N K , ?l 3. Re to rniut, will land at 'he una pltcea. Fare 11)4 cenu each way. j27 7tia*rc FOR SALE. The peak-atern sailboat HTOHM, now Iving off jEBba flrat rate aeaboa, and will bir *old rery low > WM. WOOD, Boatman, al 3;* m Whitehall. the battery hhe n cupiw-faatrned, a fast uatl^^|^d NKW YORK PILOT BOAT FOR KALE? cupiereil and cop|ier lartcncd Pilot Boat VIR N' t will tier.ild low Hor par ir.ulara. laqaire A I A J HOV1KH. 179 South at. j>2S Iw Tb .jry FOR LONDON?PaclMt rf the Wh Angoat? ^^TWTtie aplendid well knowu packet ahip 'l'ORO >TO, 'aptain (rriiwuid, w,ll tail poailively aa above, her I "l "tic accommmlaliona of ihia ahip for cabin, aerond cabin aud Iterrrgr paasengcrt. couaoi he anrtauaed Thoae wiahirg to I, cure bertha should uot tail lo nuke enrlvarp'icntiou oa Hoard , r,Mo W V J. T TAP81 HIT 78 Honth street, c -rucrof Maidea Can* Pcra- na wishing to tend for tleir fn*n>l? can have them . bruiighl out in the abov* packet or aay of -be line on lavomh!* icrma. Thva^denrou* of obtuning D afia, can befnrmahad with any amount, piyabl* on dernar d. wi hunt diaconnt or any .ither charge, in all th* principal towui through**! Ureal. Bn I tain and Ireland. atrg

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