Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 29, 1844, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 29, 1844 Page 2
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al lAliiUiJLUA Hew York, Sunday, Oeceuilior <9, IM44. ? .V >uirt Singular Keil^Wtu* Movement In # Ibc Ku?t We gi?e ?>a till- first page i f our paper this morn ing,an account of a very curious Hew religious reve- i lation which has just been made in Bunion by the Rev. Theodore P.rker Mr. Parker is the Unua rim clergyman who, some two or three years ago, by a sermon pre?c:ied at Roxbury, so alarmed and ?hocked Ins brethren, by a loo candid annunciation of his creed Now, howe/er, he at last comes out boldly on his own book, and gives us, wiihout any ridiculous disguise, and in all its broad outlines, tht entire confession oi hit* faith. Mr. Parker, it will be seen, regards Christ us u mere mau, but of superior intellect, and, aided by the special inspiration of 11--" Supreme lb in^; There are yet lo como "other Cnrists " ?>.r. Parker holds, and he juobably re^aida him* li i one of them. In this hia tr< ed resemblen a good deal that of I he great Aioalle of the Mormons, Smith. Joe described his revelation a* a conti nuation of that given of old, ami himself as a legi timate successor of Muses and the Prophets, and the Evangeliwis. The doctrine ol the atonement is of course rejected by Mr. Ptrkei, and the mission of the Saviour, according to him, was merely t^r the purpo e of teaching men a pure and salutary iiystein of morale, and exhibiting to themapracti < al example of n virtuous and blameless life. What the''other Oliristt" are to do, Mr. Parker does not ns yet fully disclose. This creed is not maintained by Mr. Parker alone, nor is it by any means new. But the credit of its unnunciation, in all its bread,h, and without any concealment, belongs to Mr. Parker, lie In. thrown off the metaphysical cloak, with wh'ch his Unitarian brethren in Massachusetts have hitherto partially concealed their creed. It is now almost thirty years since Unitarianism began to mutilest itself in the orthodox pulpits of New England; at first very CHUtion !y indeed, or-l gradually with more bolJuess, but never with the win- degree of candor as i.- now manifested by the Rev. Mr. Par ker. TheTranscendentalism?the Pouricritea?and all th> numerous euthusi <t.?t* social reformers, an>l moral philosophers who flourish on the soil of New Krigland?prolific, at all events, iii these growths nil entertain pretty much the same religious belief as that now so clearly revealed. This belief is also identical with that ot the German philosophers, who arc now rapidly overturning the old notions < f the Christian faith, and substituting for them whn' they call a "rational" system ol belief. Thi Tranecendenlaliats of England, also, those who admire and follow Carlyle, agree, in the niui", with Mr. Parker. Altogether this is rather a curious movement in the Ea-t. Mr. Parker is now determined to L. free from nil restraint in the publication and de fence ot his creed ; and as the time is quite auapi cious for new religious movements, it ia not un likely that he miy niAe quite a respectable noiir Bishop O.NDsnooMt's Trial ?The evidence i.i this trial, as we have already stated, is closed?atiu the counsel commence summing tip on Mon day. Much anxiety exists relative to the it sue. We are confirmed in our beh^f, from wlut we have heard troin many quar ers, that what we stated will turn out quite correct, thutthe evidence will not sustain any charge of gross immorality against the Bishop; end that nothing more can he proved thau what was stated, that he had " taken improper liberties wi'h females " P.ut the explana tion I'as also come out in evidence. Five witness* s have been examined for the prosecu'ion, and test. lied to the " iiocrlies" which it is now to be set u whether they were " improper," or harmless pie. ? santry; and ten or more witnesses have been e; amiued in favor of the Bishop, in explanation < t the "liberties" The Bishops, of w hom there n< seventeen in session, v. id take some dayti to consi der before they come to a decision. Ol that dei i sion there is a great deal of doubt. It is siti post that the vote will stand according tothe preference s of the Bishops for Puseyism or antiPuaeyism. W> have 11.. doubt, alter the evideuce comes out, th .i all the charges against the Bi:hop will be found to be entirely exploded, and very much resemblit g the story of the three black crows. Such is the opinion entertained now. In the mean time, while these secret proceeding ire going on, some of the journals are making t:i sorts ol indirect attempts 10 influence the ii.inds e1 the Btsnops. The Courier Enquirer was the fin-i at them, and the Churchman, the Hit-hop's paper, is out in reply. The 111 timer in which they "put i into each other" is quite amusing. The Churchman calls the editor of the- Couiicr a " political fn qu< it er of t?ur-roori>s,aiid intemperate in fas habitr,"anii ?if' course vcty to be the "head of u churo'i party;" and the Com* ur returns the compliment by calling the editor tif the Churchman a "reckle.a and unpiincipli d Jesuit." Thih is merely the com mencement of the war. Before the business b ?iided, the licentiousness, lolly and bittermas of tiiese newspapers will tqual anything we saw in th< party journals las' summer, tiUMig the coolest b iween Clay and Polk; und this too on such holy, christian, quettion as ihe character ol . Bishop! The subject is, we perceive, beginning to utlrut the a't* ntion of the country papci*. The locun tment oi Thurlow Weed, in Albany, lias (hi? it lowing article i? Ui.Mor 0.?n. ?i.o>k'i T?iAL.--We have pttrpotely i,I Kttuiiid tiom uny comment* uouu tho trial o( Una prelate, believing that lit was inti: 1-^ to what should ht; occur*, td tuever} p<-raon, high or low, u mir hearing und an n ltnt*??!'i ver nct. The time to gpeikof till* ?innulur tiiul, ami ill.: niotiv-M bluett originated if, ltan not yet com We art) willing '.o bide our turn, and ' juiife nothing In lore lb't tirnn " Uubop O. i? in tin; bnod* ol a 1 mm ilu will d j lull jiuticu lo Inui ><nd to the inten ts ot 11. i i burch. .ind their verdict should not bo pr? judged n i ioreatslled, by private malice or personal pique It th nccufd ia ijiiiiij, hi: wilt Iw no prjiionucci, ?nd no ooe will obji ct or isy uught again*t the verdict. " hiatju* tihn, i iuiI ralum " In it more t<)ir thut a vt tan t> I iiequittai ihjuld r.-e^ira the sarna meed ot Juitiee f And jet. Ihniigli th? tiiai i>< with i'.IoklnI i'oorii, iind thndi-v. iopnuuiti sntirely nokiiown, them am at least two cdt tor* in Nhw Voik city, who iiavc been tince.itlng i. ti.eir ett' rt* to tureniall tlie verdict, and to mannldctui pilMie opinion ^g.i.ihtihe Ui< hon, l uat thus, guiii) ur > < guilty, tlie re*nit may tie the name, the rum ol the ac onset] Need wu nay that tttene two editom are ihtu who reside tiver th? tleatiniei of the 7Vu? Sun nd tin; llnaltl' Oi this last, nothing else could hsve ht en - xik Cied, hu we h>i.l tnppoaed that th't otht r ha I rot limp !? a:ueu tl<. golden rnle * >1 course "nothing else could be exjiccted of the lltralA." But is it not aniuung to see how Ihep journals and jmirnalista cannot .-peak the truth cvn, by accident T Tne only paper that we have seei condemning the Birhop in advance, was that of hia own particular friend and j istol, the Courier ami Enquirer If any journal has been impariiul ii, the ca^e, it has been the Herald; for we have con sidered, that instead ot its being ? question efTec! >ng the moral cherac'.er of the waa inert ly a squabble betweea two iliqwt, for the manage ment of the inimerise funds ol the Trinity Chure ? <?rpuration. We will unravel thin whole busiin i from top to bottom one of these d>iys. Some ?>i the distiriffiiiahed financiers, who have given evi dence of their talents in that way,.in recent ex ploded banking institutions, want the inanagerneti: of the Trinity t'hurch fund?, in order we suppose, to repeat former experiments; and this ia the wh*le origin of the hubbub, first about I'useyism, mr now about the character of the Bishop. (icy It will be seen by the report of the U.ipcnor Co ' t, in to day's pajier, that in the case of Roge^ vi Thompaoa, thejury rendered a verdict in favor ?'l the plaintiff, ol six ecnts damages. The Benefit to Mohhibthe Poxr.?Thia b-ne fit in to come ofl'about th< 90th of r? xt month A number of gentlemen in the city, with Ins Honor the Mayoral their head, have signed the piper at, Bouncing it, which will be published immediately. Navai..?'Ihe !/. S. brig Oregon, Lieut. Sinclair, -atlerl from King*;on. Juiri , on the l!),h nisi , for C'arthagena iauan Ofkka?I Pi/*itawi?Two tfrfnohK? and a Skriocs Accident?The opera waa diVtrgi 1 ill the course of the evening, between the first and second acta, not by a billet, but a series of laughable event*, comprising two speeches and a serious accident?inftch turned out 10 be no acci dent at all. When the curtain rose, after the first ac, some delay took plnce. Antognrni was ex pected on the stage, but no Antognini appeared. Seine noise began to be made in the pit-then in <he boxes, winch increased. A pause whs ail at once observable, when immediately from the right ?mud side ot the stajje, a young man with the ai. pearance ol a proctor, tolerably well shaved, came down to the loot-lighis in true democratic togg.ry. Every eye was turned upon the strauger?every one expected something curious?he stretched out his riidit hand?leased forward with considerable grace, and thus commenced:? La ant and Glntuemkn 1 om ?urry?very ?orrv to S *TkA.1j^UUi1 w,U uot ioV }, ? * 'u* k-tn s ubbud behind the tcintf bt onti ci s^rrr- 1 rB d,r*iud 10 rj. "'1' 8,S it)r 1'erozn IV 111 Uke lm plane, aud znaJi? pri/,PJLd.en^llTa" ^ l0'ea, i in- speaker here retired, making two bows and three quarters. A general talk commenced all "v< r the house ; the curtain wan lowered, and all iiie spectators prepared to await the appearance of Signor Perozzi. Murmurs ran round the house? "Who was he wounded by? js it a dangerous wound ? ts (here no doctor here 1 Poor Antog Mm? I wonder if he will diel" In the niidat of i ? ??. exclamations ol wonder and sympnihy, the curt,in cgain arose, and the h.nie interesting vou'li, with the sime drapery,* and the sdtne up Pt a ranee, came loiward to the foot lights a second time. A greater wnsatiou now spread over the .louse, every one inclining forward to hearwh?t wa' llls "'port Irom the wounded man. Some ndly depretsi d, waited lor the announcement ol his death, and conjectures as to the day lor his rh' u"' C0',l'i a,n ,r" what of it. cJdl'hr " ?p' 'u'i ,u;moulh. ?ud pronoun C'*n as tohowc, speech No. 2: thVih'" i!,D ?m happy to inform vou si ri..o. It h?^ h 5n lVO""'lol18ii,?or A? ?l?ninl?r < not anrf h/? { k j f**"'10?'1 and druwed l>y a doctor, un 1 hp, will bo r?rit<Jj' to appear in a lew iiii-nm* M ?t latioa of delight all over thu houie.) miante$- <*?' afewni nZTth/i' y?u,'i again retired, and in s. n? ,,c'ra wt"nt 0,1 ? UflU'11- Ho'Khese t^J'nuJ,0". rW"ew**???!"vvnh ail the delicu 1 Won Jo*"hertlie admiration ol U e / c , It ,w', ' JV auri,aiwedL her8e" throughout tlie second act. It report speaks tru<>, New York which has been her nutria during the last year going to lo.?e her. frhen we shall hear of hef triumphs in other places, she will, of course be j/ruvfrb,say8: ,,jvcm? coSrf W ""d l',r0verb8 a'^aye true and c-iir?.ct. I ico certainly is a capital mimer nn.t |Tresent^hLert0m^ihUrw 'iUallV"; bl'bl ??ntralto ;-t L.?r lin?.. . 'd ,18 good' althoBgh not verv s ne. But unfortunately there are only a lew olil newer onop^thf^1 7,?'?' * ttnd *'"ongst the wer oiiop, thf re are liardly any. for II i?u.irti mento and Lucrrzia Borgia, can v^ry' easflv be transposed lor higher voices. To transpoke h?w e ver, soprano parts for contraltos is [njun-us t ,Te ainger, who runs the nek of exchangu^r aood acter ofThi f"r l,Hd hi8fe on^-<"juriou8 to the char. slnhtr hrV, wo?'d t'ke hU Place ojpntr, the celebrated cr> of Vienna smvm ih?t fT "?::,h" ami's P ill! ? ,d"ys Wlen t V('y thing will go j' ' ? ? P,i"no ^ !healre had such a "freckled ri. ? in'Ui -dve g,Jt u?' 'ir6t with the left foot rhe w hole <hapurt ,in acci+ms was exhausted tint uCcouidUconw ho"T vvaa8? ,",?? r?|?|y -?Si'ESK I 2.y r ral '"^'l^es were received? we ai" im w hat di posed to think t iati?/cr?tP24os ?.f n>i? ,^h.. piquancy, and prove adv.intHRe?u* opera ; and it they should now and then art up ti .j rarrel, or some serious atiair behind fife ? - iks, and regularly report the progress ol even* evening." *?"< -<?.?<??? SSSA'SIC tun fHEATRBs Last Nigiit.?The week closed rather heav.ty with the theatres, and there wa l' enty of room last evening in ai y < f them. Thi 13 not to be wondered at; for, although there never was a greater dispofcition on the pnrt ol the public o patronize the drama than at present, yet .he en teriainmenlH are, generally, of so meagre a char acter as to keep hundreds away who would gladly be atnus, d, ?r:d freely pUy rhfjr money for it. .. n i" ,?lymPic had I'"'tolerable house - Don Cesaf was laid aside to make room lo, a new burlerque, entitled ?'Tclemacus," of which we can s-iy very little. Ai the Bowery tliry were playing to a middling house, the spectacle oi " Putnam," with "Don Cesur dt: Bason," and the Chatham hud a fair at tendance to witness the " Chiiuiro** Carol," nn<f aflcrwsrdsMissReynolds in the" Barrack Room." But at '.he Park, the di panure of Anderson has left a vm uum in the house large enough to contain fiv ersix hundred people The performances were the '? Christmas Carol," and the comedy of "A Curt for the Heartache"?both well don^. Everything wi-'.i oil' very tamely, however, and the thin hou e lo? ked melam holy in these holiday times. The only novelty we hear of is a new drama shortly to he produced i,t the Park, entitled "Ausu rlitz."? V 'o not know ia like. ? 1 uiv die paucity of dramatic, material we Hi ntioii ihat there have beeu, tor some time, theatres, thrte pieces try ing to draw au<t I ..>?<? run, stolen and patchedun from the London minor theatres,and produced at the diflerent houses here. "Don Cesar de Baaan," it pleasant trifl ?, well enough in its way?Dickens'. " Christmas Carol," and a new farce called " Wi! tul Murder;" these seem to have been seized upon l>y all the managers at once as perfect god-sends, while in truth the \* hole three of them do not con tent actual dramatic merit enough to make a good, sterling play. One wow Id think that here is a fine opportunity lor plavwrightt? an.! so tiieri- is, it there aic any authors sen sibl" enough to see the true want of the stjjre?to step on in advanceof the muisty i>ue rilnii s ihat now usurp it?to seize "the very form uufi pressure of the age,"and to produce something stirring, energ'tic, original, and iu keeping with the immense revolutions in public taste, the -.pint of society, and the broader and more practical view* which men now take of each other, and of the field of human interest emotion. Mn Dkmpstek's Musical. Entertainment. List evening was the third of Mr. Dempster', itgteeable delineations of the prtuli.iriiies ol Scot tish song. Not near hp many attended as we wi r? led to expect; but tho<!e who were there seemed well pleased. Mr. Dempster's manner, as n vocal ist, is altogether unpretending, und devoid of artis tic*! device. Probably Mr. Dempster correctly judges, the intrinsic merit of the subject can not be enhanced by such means. If so, he is right. The beauties of Burns, and the sweeiuees of the melodies of his country, are well known to all per sons of musical knowledge Among tfie songs sung last night w*re *'My Nannie, 0!M and "A Man's a Man For n' That!"?the first remarkabl. for its exalted fervor of patsion?the last for its im pulsive expression of independence and manly en ergy. It stnkes us that the airs, as sung by Ml Dempster, were not equal to other versions of the same we have met with, particularly the last Th-y aro both eminently beautiful; but a sliglu litw will mar the beauty of the musical gem a well a? the gem of the lapidary. All the othei nieces wi re given w ith good taste and appropriate feeling, and were received accordingly. N'avai. ?TIip U S steamer Union, L'eut. Com mi tin* Dull, s&ilcd from Pennacola 011 the Uih muuit tor Nmlolk Th?i U H li^anier Col. Harney, Lieut. Commaniiii.g L> nc , in il 'it Saviinnati ouilu 'iOih nut. from Norfolk < uin odoib Ksurrey, an<t i;?ptaiu( Wym?ii, Talout and Singtrarr .it I'anaacom, crimmifxionH 10 m-tke a mirvej oi tha' haibor, in reference to it* limes* lor the eatnblislf uin. t of .1 in y Dock ( nuootiorn f.vvaiefte, t'ommiuifaat of tlio Pennscola ''try, lit,* Ui'ii lrfirme<? liy the Heeretnry ot the Mivy i'is lliariiSrgra mile ngaintt htm hy Li' ut. Wm \. Ion. v, uhi 1 recently luveitiffated by a ( ourt of In pnry, i.ove Wn a?imi*ed | nr.d thtjf he it tally (S ouerated hum ait Centura growing out o( them. Latibt tsoic th* North?Mors *rom th? ti* fbcteb Districts, 5ec.?Th? northern mail, arri vfd ytsterday, gives us further particulars of the af fairs in the insurrectionary counties. Our Albany correspondent iuf<.ruiB us of a few laots. Oilier matters, equally interesting, we take trom the pa iWT" ALRANV.Dec.26, 1844 Probable Conftaion of Big Thunder-Political Movementi JamksG. Bennrtt, E^Q . ? , Th? Knti-rern difficulties are the general topic ol co..vernation here, as well they may be, tor their importance takes precedence ofall other matters of State and private interest. 1 he Attorney Ge neral, ou his return from Hudson, announced, that ihe three miscreants arrested in Clnveracb, anil now confined in the juil in Hudson, must, withou the chance of an e.-cape. be convicted ot mur<y:' The man known as " Big Thunder, alias Dr. Bouahlou, is the ringleader ot the whole move ment. He was one ot the first who raise^f the standard ot rebellion, ai d has been the paid nils stonary ot the or, .inzed societies tor two years He litis, it is said, receive d a per diem ot six dol tors, and has lectured and spoken in Albany,Co luinbia, Rensselaer, Schoharie, Delaware, and Ulster; and has drawn up the constitutions, by-laws, and resolutions ot the societies, and was the lob.ry member in behalf of the anti-renters before the Legislature, for the lust two sessions. Since his arrest, he has, to use the language . t an othciul, ?? blubbered like an overgrown baby, and I hear this morning, that lie h*s offc red, to use the ordi nary phrase, to turn State 6 evideuce. In oth? r words, he is willing to confess ihe whole matter to name all tlu- Indians, detail their plans, and give H|1 other required information. Ihe conditions are ot course, the u^ual ones, with. all such era vers, cowardly, villains, complete immunity from pun sh men I tor himself. What tie course ot he pioseeuuu;,' attorney will be, ot course, is no known; but n is to be hoped, tlmt Houghton, a wilt suffer for the cnnWR he has nirnaell committed, sis well as for those that lie has per ? u idi d others to commit. The conduct ot in sheriff ot Columbia deserve all commenda tion ; it has been prompt, efficient, nut, brav*; whilst that of the same officer in Rensse I ier has b<*eu the reverse ol all this Up to tins time the latter h is taken no at. i?b to arrest tn? murderers of Smith, at Grafton, and his faiheir^he ilia till avow- u unti-retiter,audfii??;wnconduct,giv< strength to the general help 1 that hehimacll favot the- traitore Some twenty-five members ot Ui' Burgess Corps of thif city, went to Hudson >ester day at the- r- qur.- t ot the Common Council . t thai city : some ?f them returned tins morning, auo nearly as many more left here to-day. All w?v quirt, aiid evidence ol ihe propemtd or runiorto reecue, was not visible. There is rather a deurt'- just now ot political Uews. Governor Wright has at length chosen its residence; it is on a small iquare, or park, calleO Clinton Square, a house formerly occupied by Mr. Cvreous Sievens As to the intentions ol the Go vernor, little is truly*kno\vn; he is a quiet, cau tious, long-headed man, and will not readily com mit hi in sell to either party. Your judgeship will, 1 think, be lett by Gi.v. Bouck for Mr. Wrighi ? action; but ihe White Horse may yet net on i??i. he does, Mr Cowdrey will not be the judge, lne clerkship of the House lies now between J?in?*s R. Rose, of tuis city, the present cleik, and Mr. N. , Hales, ot Troy, the cleik ot the previous year Thev were the only prominent candidates last vtar lioae's chances look the best. The Speak ership ift between Mr. Seymour, (old hunkei) ot Oneida, and Mr. Crane, (barnburner) ot HerU' mer Mr. C. was a member two years sun e. Mr S , as 1 have before stated, has been a membet some years. Yours, &c. Hamilton. [Krom tliu Albany Argus, Dec. 27 ] An able and weli-tiKiea appeal to (lie anti-rent people, signed by a lnrge number ot cit ?/.' ns ot Co lumbia Ci unty, of the highest character anu dts linction, will be found among our extracts to-day ft will produce a salutary e fleet we do not doubt. - Tlie excitement at Hudson, at the latest dates, hat; subsided, although an efficient corps of citizens, aided by volunteers from Catbkill and the Alton} Burgesses corps ware < onstantly on guard. Tin Burgesses coips, und-r the command ot Majot Franklin Townsend, who formed ihe escort for th. arms and munitions furuiehed by order r>t the1. Go vercor, proceeded in ihe morning Irani of Wed ties day agreeably to arrangements, and rcached Huo son without obstruction of any kind, although ru mor hud lollowed them with all geil dct< ntionsatii attacks by the disaffected Little doubt was entir tuined that the pcrsoi.s arrested were concerned n the murder ot Rii.henburg; nor was it feared thij 1 ihe local authorities, with their uuxili ines, won't not be able to maintain their ground. It is reported that the nti-rent convention,somewhat numerous ly attended, held atC'.avi .ack 011 Thursday IKrom All>uny-?ouinal, Dec. 26 ] We have been informed upon credible auiho rity that" Big Thunder," alias Dr. Boughtoa, list made u full conlession to the Attorney Genera), implicating hinuelt ns on? et the principal insti g itors <>f the Auti-Rent rebellion in nearly on* half of the counties of the State. We are alst told thai lie hm revealed the namesol all his coad iu-ors in ihis evil work. Further particulate we have not receivi d, but of the truth ot this infornia tion, there can be little, it any, doubt. [Krum AlbJiiy Argun, D c. 27 1 We learn, wiih great regret, thai Kk Gov. Se ward met with a serious accident yealetday moi niri? Gov. Reward took passage at Hudsou in tie stage for ili.s city, which came up from the steam ul fouglikeepaie Wbile riding outside with the driver, and wrapped in his clonk und overcoa', nb.ait four miles this side of Hudson, ihe bacl axlettee brok<, ai.rl ihe suddenness ot the tall up s r the a'tise, and threw Gov. Sew?rd some liiteei. i et 0pou the fro7.en gn und. As soon as the p sengeiscould extricate thtniselve> (none til whom were hurt,) they proceeded to ihe relief ot Gov S.,iiiid Vonveyed him to the farm h?use ot Mr. r. Butler, near the scene of th ?? accident. H's suoul der was found to h<* rlisloc i'ed^ and his body arc limbs much brui-ed, though it wun believed no boots were broken A m< wenge* was despatches. t.? Hudson for medical uid, and two physicians were in attendance in the course ot an hour o. two; meanwhile the physician ot ths faniily liar' succeeded in reducing ihe dislocation. Every ai tention wns paid hy Mr. Butler's hospitable^ la inily ; and the passeitgets, aller remaiuiDg ihrei hours, at their dip^riure left Gov. S. in the hundk ot the physicians. , 'X hiw was tiie ?' roiid bta^rt breo.U down tlidt belf l the pass-ugers on th ir route from l'oughkee|*ie, and they complain of the line. The Hon. Silas Wright, governor elect, arrive ? it town in the western ti.tin vesterJay uiteru ion, and is the guest of the Hon Erastus Corning Wi understsnd that the residencc oi Cyrus Stevem. Esq , Clinton Square, tias been taken for the Go vernor, and will be in rcadinesa lor his tmmediati posserston. The l.on. Aii'ltf.on Gardiner, Lieut. Governo' e!.'ct, nrnv.d in i tun cuy, from Rochester, on Wednesday afternoon, and has rooms at Congrest Hail. ItcllglouH Servlwi. The Kev. B F. Birrett's third lecture will be given this evening, in the Society Library Lec ture Room, at 7 o'clock, lie takes tor subject, Swedenborg's peculiar tenet of an intercourse willi thp Spiritual World, which certainly admits ot much originality on the part ol ih preacher. P.P. Pratt, from Nauv o, whocUimsthe honora ble designation ot "u Iriend to truth," delivers three lectures to day, at the meeting of the "Latter Day Stunts," No. Canal s'. The Right Rev Bialiop Eastburn, of Mas?tichu setts will preach this morning, in Christ Ciiorch, Ariihony street, and the Right Rev. Bishop Jree man, of ihe Southwestern Diocese, in the after noon ut the same place. Right Rev. Bishop Chase, of Illinois, will preach thiscvening, at 7 o'clock, to the young, inSianton Street Church Krv. Charles G. So .i< rs will prtach a sermon, this n orning, in the Bspiidt Church, Nab<ati street, fur ilte ben. fit of the Sundnv School connected with the South Biptist Cliarch. There will be i. l uce nttendiince of children. Ai 3 K?d 7 o'clock, P. M , Margaret Bishop will Hildr' 5s the taiihtul, on the restoration J th- S? n nd Advent, itc., in Military Hall, No. 1!>? Bowery. ? A p ile.iiieal reply l?> a si rnion ol Rev. /.Covin against Uuivers lism, will be given at, ihe Broad way House, by Rev. Mr Hallock. to which the public utieiition in invited, at 10% o'clock, A M. There will l?e a meeting of tin* Subbath Scholar. Missionary Association iu the Pearl s'ri et Church, this evening, at which a number of fcuitabte ail* dresees will be delivered. , . . Hi v. M W. Jicobus, ef Brooklyn,holds forth in ih. Market etre/ i Church ui the treeing m . the Bible, at. the foundation of knowledge in sntiqui ties ihe arts, natural arid moral philoc.ophy, *e. And lastly, Rev. Dr. Pise will deliver another of liis eh qtierit controversial discourses in Si filers Church, this evening hi 7 o'clock. Subject, the Cross. __________ Latust fkom Arkansas.?Yesterday's mm! hroughtthn "Arkansas Inte lijincer front Van bu i en ot th. 7tli in t The r.ver wan low-the State Legi. Isture active, ntid cegagsd In incorporatir g institution, ol Th'. 'iherokeo rht?f, Major R'um, hn<1 dellrerjd b inej?8.'o to tho Council, which bixly had Sftjourned ??er i. ) nttMi'l Oov.rnoi P M flutter's Council, st ths mooih vf h" litiuot', on the 4:li innt. ' ottou ws? Of"1'11*1' ? titiftilly. i ora wan acarcw, ?nti Commanded lo ? cih. u.t busUet The weather had been i < markably pleamut, nut snow had fallen ot Van Duren on the flth hut. The Snow SroaM aiwj the Maii.s ?We had ft small enow storm on Friday night, and it interfered a little with the malls. The southern mail due here that night, did not arrive till yesterday alter noon, and brought nothing from beyond Washing ton. We suppose that the storm south of us wa more severe than it wus in this city. Here w< have had just enough to make sleighing for one day. This has been improved by every persoi. who had the power to do so. We find that at the west snow has fallen to e considerable depth, while at the east freshets seem to have prevailed. [From the Philadelphia Times, Dec.38.] A snow storm was commenced in this city yes terday afternoon. At this present writing (at night) the snow lies about half un inch deep in the street and is falling thickly. Now tor the merry sleigh bells. [From the Green Day (Wis.) Kep., Dec. 10 ] Last Tuesday evening it commenced raining vio lently, and raiu continued to fall through the night Oa Wednesday it turned to buow, which continued to fall without iuterrniesion, day and night, until Saturday ; the wind blowing a gale from the north the whole time. The river became impassable 01 Wednesday, and remained so until Saturday after noon, when it ceased snowing?the wind shilied to the west, and commenced freezing. During th? whole Morm the thermometer stood at 32 above zero. We presume that from twelve to liiteei inches of snow felt on Wednesday, Thursday ano Friday, which, in Wisconsin, is considered a heavy fall. We never knew a greater fetoim in this sec tion of the country; but this is an eventful year, und we are not much surprised to see it continui snowing three duya in siucession. One thing if <.< uau!, Prophet Miller will require a goodly qoan tiiy of kindling wood before lie can make ablaze. The xity cleured up 011 Saturday, since which liint it lias been beautiful weather. The thermometei stood at zero tiiisCMloiiduy) morning. [Fiom the Cattaraugus R?p., Dcc. 23 ] Snow two fert deep, and inert coming everyday An excellent time to comc in and pay uj? printers' bills [From the Haitfoid Timet, Dec 37.] Onn of i n' unusual occuirencea of the season it the breaking rp of the ice in our river on Christ mis Til' niilU w, other and ruin of Monday res; the rivf-r m. that the ice started on Tuesday; but i soon blocked up near Oiastonburyt and then cam< a most sudden rise c 1 water, inundating all el tht whams, es well as the store-heiises and residence! on the hanks of the river, and flooding Couirntic> street in several places. The ice again broke tiwaj yesterday at noon, at which time the river wn> ttb?ut twenty feet above low water mark.? 'I he ice appears to have come from a long distanct up the river. We have heard ol 110 seriousdamac resulting from the flood, ad yet. Some ol the roue! east ol the river are much flooded, and rendern nearly impassable. Steamship Acadia, lor Liverpool, will leav* Boston next Wednesday. Winter, in thk West.?Tliey have got fifteen inches ol snow in Michigan ForioiiRl Movement*. Mr. Thomas Dunn English, in a letter to one of the edi tora of u Phila-lelpliia paper, denim the authorship ?I '? nt-w work entitled "The Knights of the Seal," a produc tion in the style of tlia ' Quaker City." The Jury in the case of Wesley Flavel, indicted for shooting hit niece, Eliziboth Murray, in Philadelphia came into Court ou Thur;day m rning, an! returned i verdict of murder in the second degree. The jury ha been out a week, and spO't Cbristmos day lockt d up. Tho Clergy of Albany aro taking up the subject of th anti Rent disturbances. Tho Vr. Harrington. Uu> tarisn, leads off in reprobation of the anti Rent outrages The Nauvoo Timvs and Seasons gives official notice th? Klder Parley P. Pratt has been appainted by the CouiCi of the Tivelv.! to go to tho City of New York, to tak charge of the press in that city, to regulate and courts, the emigrants that may cor.:e that way from Euxope, au I to take the Presidency of all tho eaitein Moimoi I chaiches. At a meeting of the Directors of the Vermont and Mat sachusc'.ts Railroad Company, on Thursday, John Re I gers, Esq., was unanimously chosen Treasurer. The Rev. Co:tland Van Rensselaer, a son of the lat Palroon, has written an tble article on the subject 01 tb I Manor difficulties. I Among other legacies tha lnte Judge Prescott b.queutli n five hundred dollars to tho Boston Asylum lor Femui I Orphans, and three thousand Collars to tae Corporation t I Harvatd College, for the purchase of books toi tho LI I biury. Wo understand that the Directors of the Worceste Rallrond have voted to reduce the fare between Bostoi I and Worcester to one dollar and twouty-five cents. I The publisher of the Siiota Gazette, Ohio, is about t. I ninkctno experiment if the publication cf a daily paper. Joshua Hartshorne, Esq., the newly elected Canal Com I mix ioni r. in Massachuseitr, assumes the duties ol tii I office on thesecond Tuesday of January, 1945, and hi I term ot service is three years. Mr George Fry singer has rutin 1 from the I Courier, and that pap?r is now editel and published t>y 1? I Biower and T. T. Worth. Somecoanterfeit half dollars are in circulation, data I 1838; face ot liberty will done, reverse not so well I Lighter .11 weight than the genuine coin. I Hon.Thomaa Burnside, it is said, will succeed Judg' 1 llmton 011 tlx i flupieme B. nch. Alexander, the cel.bratcd French writer, hat I been engaged by the Paris journal LaPrtne, it a J ear.) I salary 01 80,000 Irenes, \v:tU tho understanding that lro;> the 1st of January next, his fertile pen isto be used txolu I clusivcly for its columns I A daily paper cow hails fiom Milwnukie. Tho " Datt) I Sentinel" is its title?edited bj C. L McAithurand D. M. I Keuler, Esq. Mrs. Higoutney, the American poetess, is about to pro J duce a new volume 01 prose and verse, upon Nativ< I Scene*. I Gov. Porter has appointed David M. Bull, Esq to be as I ,?ol iat? Judge of Bra'.lord county, vice Mr. Goodwin, re I signed. The celebrated iectur <r, Mr Giba, has been prevontei J from lecturing at Boston, in couaequonce of ^disposition Chi?f Justice Lane, of the Supreme Court of Ohio, hat I tundeied his ipsignution, to take 1 fleet Febiuary 16th I The State Ivunial stales that his leaving tho wil' j I dc univei sally icgnttsd by the bai and suitors, and ilia I hit will cairy with him the lave and confidence ot all win I have had professional or personal Intercouise witli him In the Legislature ot Illinois, resolutions are now jh n< ing "calling upon the Judges ol the Suprema Court tni 1 Governor, to temit to the Htulo at lea.t one-fourth pott of I then mlB?ie?, or to resign, aoua to enable the Legislaturi I to re !uco sh ir ru'.urics. J G 1 Demirg, tho Sheriff of Hancock, in his rectnt I official visit to Wait-^w, had his horse shaven and shorn I ot its mailt end '.nil during the mglit ol hi* visit. | 'j'lientrlcnl, <Vc The Ilarmonoan Family ore at Newburypoit, givin; I concerts. I Mr Brougham was announced to take a benefit at thi I National Theatre, Boston, on Friday evening. I A play is ?oon to be brought out at the E iglc stre?-; I Theatre, Buffalo, possessing much Interest? a descriptiov I of Southern alavery. as exhibited in the capture, impri I -onim fit and mile lu New Orleans ol a free colored una' fiom this Blute, together wfth other Incidents connected I therewiih. It was Written bv D. Paul Brown, K I htirber of that ci y, and is said by those who have read it, I to etr body much talent, strength ol plot and dsscriptiv. I 1 nergy. I The lectures and enpetimonfa oi Madame and Prof I Do Bonneville, ot Buffalo, have been fully attended du I ring tho past week. I Mrs. Vernon had a bumper bane At at the Mobile Theatre, I on the 19lh inst. I Measis Howe and Mabiu opened their circus in Mobile, I on tho 17th inst. Mr O It Gliddon is about to deliver his lecturts on I Egypt at Charleston. The Congo Sorcnaders gave their first concert at St Louis, on the 17th inst. 1 Mr. Webb, who is said to be an exceedingly chaste and I clevsr triiacdlan, has be n added to the bt Charles com I pany. On the fir* night of his nppearance, he wa? ri t> I successful as Virgirtms I Miss Moore, the dancer, is eugnged at the circus In New I Orleans. She dances the Cachuca there Ludlew h. Smith have brought out the equettriin apec I ?a loof "Putnam," at their theatre in Mobile. I Mons Lo Tort, the celebrated French ?i|UP??rian,is rer I forming at the National Amphitheatre, New Orleans. I Messrs. Covert and Dodge, the vocalists, aro at tho enm* I establishment. I The Erglish Press aro excoriating Klrby, the ' Ameri I can tragedian." for his ridiculous performance ef Richard the Third. No wonder. By the way, ho Is an Ei glhh I man. I '<We saw," says the correspondent of the Frane* Mn ticale "two la ies ol quality struggling with nech other I t? bosaeis themselvi s wilh the Kuss which the inanistji I h id touched with his lips. The most tervant of the a ! I mirtrs of his talent were astouuJed to sen one of these 1 Udfex, the Countess of S, the victorious one, clahpinp I convuUively the precious relic, ai.d searching, in her in I .-xpressibla delirium, to find wilh hor llpa the place j whero the celebrated artist had placed his." ' I MiaaaTtowToTaXAS.?The Northern Standard. pul n-hul 111 Ked River county, statrs that large numbers of wagons loaded wilh emigrants are on theii I nay to Texa<, throuph Arkanfas. A Galveston pap< 1 I adds t?We regret to learn that many emigrants to the north-snstern Irontier have become discouiag'd and re I inrned t-> the United Stat<s. '1 hese persons had not I coont'd the difticnl'.ies of establishieg setth mcnts where I in r. ? ha l been 'o pr pare the way, and shrunk from the J hardships and privations th? y ha.! to encounter. It wo aid ? Iim well for other-, before .migrating, t ramember tb?t I the Unds which are given to them are wild andI tinculti I 1 t. .| mid r< quite to be improved iir.d ti'led bffoio the y I . - become piodnetive, encept in wild gunie. In the ?t I tied pot-tlona i f Texas provision* are cheap and abundant, I and Sands may be had at prices almost nominal. Cltjr Intelligence, Police 0?ce?Ddc J8.-acai??s at the Police? ??'"?o A Captain or th* Watch.?A tew moraines U k raturiu ot the ma eh were wry large, ami a ares number ol prisoners, male and female, black end white wete parad.d around in the Lower Police Office uw*itin? the comui({ ot tho Justice, whose duty it was to mete out te them iheir mi J? breakfast of punishment Eter punc tual, Haskell was at the prescribed hour at hi* pest, and made known his presence by e rap upon the desk with hi? ruler, and a call for the morning officer. Mr. Oechkll, holding that import ant'irituation, immedi prUo a landed magistrate the llat ui ,?^40,*T,UT??(Kt-adiugJ-How's'a this?John on^,?^e?i''' h,s *?fc-2achaiiab J?ck?on. black, A B tnls?. rf. m^?rP*ter Wt>lte lBUQd secreted in the pre forth* ? n Thompson (1'he reporter does not Touch Mtol cS^iW ?f X\"met) Mr 0,:rhe11' * here's th* 0?r-,.P. . ??pper'? prisoners. I dont see 'em all 7 leave the gate. e 'key"18 aU here> "r. I can't Hopper! edges towards the gate ] A pr"0Mr *eU UP ^ dsru^votTaUemnMn'ricome fc*?k. von, sir (Rap.) How O? He ioya he can't come up. ?Zu??Jr'~uM??l'Jg,'KCJ hm'? ss""' cwTu{ U?Prikoan gone, sir?I'll letch him back. (Kxlto. Ur-Then exi?ts drttgg,D'? a P^oncr by the col' m l? deliver message. A pause-reenter O ) Magistrate?Well, Mister?Mister (ieciiell ? ? (Agitated ) He says, sir that?that-that he?that Judt?f?m* up,.f'r (Astonishment ou the face of the festtd by^the prlsone i^f by ,he ^ *Uid de"?,lt i-.%ilUl!r"*T"rW.hat UnM he *?* ' Wf)l. we'll are ; I'll h?r V! "gw i. am a magistrate, that I am appointed here to ac. ns such, and 1 will maintain the digui.y of ihe dunmai M delta mined (wrltiug) ; here, toko this litth h?mTmV " T * C'a,',? H"i'P??-"Pi I'll commi* 11?.' 21 ,,0j triat,nK <fc" Court with dure. ?Dec. I he officer retired, and boon returned with Capt ?i |?p3r, and utter conbidei able talking on both side* tut tumtc whs amicably nettled, and the prisoner. <lifpo*ed of according toV.9 character off he charge* airalrntth in whh '""J?''*'* o!; ?h" ?.?? tempered with mercy us humanity, honesty ,ui,d integrity ol cliu reu er om qualifications jxisnsacd by Justice Haskell however limited his knowledge of the nice questions oi the In w may be, and he never will oj press the peor. A Lab Wire - No Surma?Pbotechon to the Labor 5*. ,?W!!,A rV? A M*01*! bate?Yoster lay morning o decent looking laboi log man appeared at the Ponco otlic. ? ith rtgocd looting, tidjiy dressed womsn, barrinc a lit !.C!.*","*'?* , disarrangement ot theaitire hf ? i . Hu"k,el1 t,ia' 5''C was his wife, and he w i he<! to mtke a complaint against her. Mai.isthate?Well, sir, Jet's hear th*J story, and we'] see what we can do for you Complainant.?Yea, sir, thank your Honor. Well, su ye aoe mywifu there, that s walking backward nud for. M?rv ? w n ye' l!L're' ai'at y? chained o' yerieli Mary IWtil, sir, she is a very nice sort il un ould w- ? man whm shehasnt got the grog ntiout yer Hoj or, but (hen she will tako u little drop now ai.d thin, yer Wouor, and then *he s the ould dinl himself, axing your Honor's pardon for tlio SBmo. Mary, see what yVve brought tm to. Well, yer Honor, she takes occasions we ohs< iva to kape drunk the wuole blesaed time, yor Honor, an t spends all ones lmlv arnings lor rum, yer Honor, an'J want yer Honor to make her stop such conduct, which is ? duhgrace, yer Honor, to a dace.ut ni'in uian^ii'sbamelul ^ ^ 'UcU C0Ilduct in a *'? Co?iri.Ai>A-? i Yes, yer H< nor. Well, sir, last nighr, LKH ^A?T.a!";r?my hard ldbor. ^'lexrettiu nud a nic hit of file, and a good warm dinner to ate, bu not u mouth ul had fhe, yer Honor, exevpt rum, and th< was as drunk as a hustc, ^ er Honor. r "trr?"? ~w ,iat ^0 yo" *aJ" to this, weman? Sue! conduct is disgrncelul. Yuur husband, here, alter wot king .iard >?il day to get money lor tku . upi ort ct hts family, comos home, and, instead ol lindirg a good cunt lortable dinner, finds you drunk. It is your duiy to takt care ofhim arid your family, aud provide his dinner for hiuij and, instead ol that, )ou t.ike his money aud bu\ rum wnh it-it's di graceiul? I'm .-stonirhed that a de cent looking woman, like you, should be guilty of such conduot; 1 vc a great notion to send you right up to do^it * -lanl lor six uo.'iths?I've a great notion tc Woman (Impudently)?Oh, bother !. Who care.i for you-you cant do anything-l've committed no ottinci ?noi' er: Magisthatr.?What's that you say ? Woman-(Putting her armsakiinbo, and shaking hot huid at t.;? Just.ce.j?I telly*!, yecan'taund mc to pil'on, for I haven't committed an eff nee;^ ye needn't throubl. yours(dl about n.e, but Just let me go where I like, an nUnJut ?Wni^U,1!le,s~m,u I'U'band's me husbacd, an' 111 lake cue ol him just ns 1 pluze. MAoi.rnATE?atjpp'iig on d2fk.)-Silence ! Now hoar me, and stop your noise. Do yousio this little piec? of paper here that I hold iu my left iiond-just look it it / -(tapping it with tho ruler.) Well, now, I've only k<m to put mv name to this little bit ol pop. r, uud I can^ei-d )t>u to piisou for thirty days?thirty days t hut il you'] promise to be nve, and sign the pledge, I'll li t you go Woman _! m not giin'to s gu t'er a pleJge. I'll drinl when 1 plaze, an' as much us I pjaze h, "iT K?WcU' >,UU,'J ,bl t,er la,tu heih ->me, and let y j .f!? and ' ,ho doesn't, why bringhci Oaok, uid I ii send her to prison (iixit partifr.) Kobbiro an Kmh.oyf.h_ $3,000 Wokth or Ccrrki. the last lew months Mr. E. K Ceiiios a wholesale dealer in copper, had and iron, has mi sed irom time to time, anirumeiise quantity of copper, valued at nearly $3 000 iu all, und ho imagiued that his place must be burglariously . ntered ut night,but no trace ot jr.i burglars couid be foued;and kecould not account for ihi manner in tvhfch his copper was stolen. He fat lust ap Piled to the Poll e, and the m.itter was taken up by cffiacl. . uthwafte and L)lor, who imin^ tia'i ly . tr (ained that tu o negioe* had hdtu iu the habit cl m 1'ii s oopjier at various old junk slops about the city. They ui once 01 re* tod a biuch h-llow named Geo. Mason, who ho been in thetmploy cf Mr. Collins, who imagined i im a. iiom-st and tiuo ??' the siiu, and another black lellow. i crony of Miuou j They then discovered that a pouion o the property had been acid to a man named Hu.ison, who keeps ? Junk shop in Maiden laue, and he wus arrtstcd and held to bail on a charge of receiving stolen goudi. Buroi-arv.?The toiler's shop No. ?41 Bowery wm entered on !? ri lay night, and about f,m woith of pro perty stolen. ? ATTtwfT to Kin ?j black fellow, named Robert Johnson was orre.ted this af.ernoon lor stahhinff unotbii n?gro in the arm with a fish knife, at the stall of Mr. Mott in <.atharine .Vlntket. Ho made a plunge at another iK-r.' son also. Ha was committed Coroner'* Oillce?Saturday?Morals at AULLTKar, Hum and Lauuanbm ?The C loner was all ?.I to liuld on inquest yesterday, on the body tf an Koe lish woman, named Sarah Oawthrop, 39 years ot i?k? Tim.r0 j" ? ,wlh;?P' u ho lives in Chailes street. ' l> T.r* """ mollt c,lrioU11 one* that has come before tbe Coioner far a long time, and shows hvw .l pravedtho human nand will t^cotne Robebt OAWTHR.r, the hu-band of the .lecaned w..? the fiiAt Witness ceihd. He testified tliat a little Lri 11an two weeks ago she left his house, and that he h .o seen her hut. once since, which was ou Sunday last when 8,", ,Pmn"'e'' Hll aJul 1 V . ft? lliat'! ?l>? remalnt d thert longer Joseph Mills would break th ; window iu n ? .?>, vY e Jnefcday, two wrckti wont tn*tn> ?L iotht't ,lloP "I Josrph Mills, corner ol N,h Av. uum and !h? she'wnV1 H ".W i!'* W'''! ' de ,).^ that she was therr, and threatmed that if wittiri < came on Ihe stoop I c, would str.uh him up; he then adm^ted ha. she wus there and let hint in,are. they ail thtee walk Xu !!u! u'lt'J"r WUn,'*?* wa ' u,ra"' io refuse to allow MiUa to ualk home wnh them, b. cause hewn, a i9r-re? man than witness; ohout sxm<nths nKo deceased lei witness and went to live with Mill-, and ultneu w.nt o 5**i hnd^l ' "r lid ?xh,hired bruins upon i L! !y', , il"'1 ,ht*y made by Mills, who hem ww if i WI,K a v'!,y intemperate woman. M il. I .!^,f.JLJU.,2fyman in lhe ?mplov rt thin sam' Mills, tvs'iflnd tha the e'eceased came there v< ry often when ihe was drunk, ond went to bid with hu ei^.lovei a'joini,!f? um: ,b?i\ ??? ?he t ifL.., ? ept there nil night with Mill* Ou Thuisdjy mornlue she came there pretty diuuk.aud c?r.i| lained teat she bM n^re ^ J" ' W""ted KUm? .' d ir' p< ?re, and ??.Ued witness to go and get it: she exh'bit ,1 Nmsea upon her hip to witus?g a id siid that Mill* ma I Infl^nu / f*4 txiught three cents worth of laudannie and one of saltpetre, und carried if intq her; MilU and h were together j after he he came out he henrd MiKh \ ,here ,hen < ' uei k ^ i ,'?.h b''<?"rl to snore: Mills laid th. re til, about dtifk, ond then came out; soon after witness hpar ,n'a :rlun r"\ha"1, ??1 ?n,?oi"? i" r??TL? JStty '",a,|"P?r >rom the iffacts of the laudanum and li a , " ""'ertunRte and guilty woma. died on Fndav ,,i011 WM* made by order of th - I,4,y, at'd in const quetir.n ol Dr. Milielt'a expresses! opinion, the Jury rendered "that the deeme d fatXinm ; .fi?^ ?' KrrscTs er Rum-John WatFon, a young man about "J i??iding ot 101 Gold street, fell down ?ta n on fr day night, while in a state cf intoxication j"f?C ri.*! r"''0'"V"",01 br,,in w'?'ch caused his ,' ta- ^',J Coioitvr hpld aa Inquest, and the jury n> Miru?\l an approjirlattf *erdict. ^ H^M."#Ma!,C*I;D- A liU,e Kt named Frn I'rick 3TX ktr?.r?imK .r" 2 **; rMfdln* *'??> hi? parents, in .... .o X.V 'iatTiSJ "r Superior Caurt, r? M r 'ii!e Ju *?'Vondrrpoel. , *: " Tlioici, rt. John Thomtiton ? Cttlr Ioj '" f'i"; ,?!'"? "fter u ?hort deliberation, retidorads viidie lor plaintiA, rt cents dimagm! ! ! Th.s dtcitior compels p?ch party to P?y ,hpir nt n c??. fl*LiU0, in Ctiio.y. llamihtn ,t ?/ v? .h'kmt, tl al - Certlornro irom A'siktant JustiT and Judgment iever-ed Ordered that this out ,Hri!,n v" r?tuc 9. Hnve ?Judgment for d endtnta, with liberty to ; laintifl'sto reply dr noroon tr.v. ? 1 c^* w,,hi" ?" ''ay* after notice of this nth fl,"h"vkvn Toe Jury in this ca?, rendered a ^frdict for plmntiff, $600 damoges and 6 cents coit Court Ctleiulnr-lioiiclny rooBT-W'A 41 48' 40- a". ?l, M,*3, SSI, 332, Common Pi ras-4a, 49, 61, 6:1, 6^, bo, I, 4, 31 40 44. Circuit Court Before Judge Kent. Dae.98?No Jury cases havir.e beon ready lor trill, liter disposing cf some unimportant inquests fliet'omt adjourned. S >me of thn planters in Misni^sijipi appear 'o he nwak ?ning to the necesnl'y of not longer rel) ing on cotton ns the anly product of their State, and they have turned their attention to the raiting of wool. Common Plea* Before ? lull Bench. Due. id?John Stuffen v*. Abraham R Suytlsr?la this chum, by a rule cf turn Court, three persons wen made referees without their knowledge or approbation, u-id for thi ir service* and expense* were paid,$3 That sfteiwardi, ucoidingto the rule* and practice of thisCou:. they were required to make a lull report of the uroo ding* and evidence on the reference. Said draft, o being wjitten out contained 169 folio*. That by reqvet t of de fendant'* attorney a bill of coit* won made out, which after being tatted, amounted to (71 as From thi* taxation dtfendant; ppealed, which appeal and motion the Court deny with coats, but atay p amtiA'a proceedings, *o a* to allow defendant to appeitl if he I* advised to do *o John Mc Confine ad* John O Nelton.?In thiicauie an ohj. ctiori iva* oflered, that if the defendant'* evidence gi ven in, vati?d from that endorsed on the narration, It i* o no avail. The Court decided that where tuchjrariatiou could not mislead the defendant the objection waa not valM. Jotrph J. J P>?< ad*. Bloomjield Rouidolfih ?Id thi* oauid the Court decided that a new trial (bould he ordered with coit* to abide the event of the suit?and in the meantime confirmed the former verdict Jldalph Wrnlz \ Ootlhib RoienUcher vi. Chat. L. Stew art?la thi* cause the plaintiffs who are merchant* at Havre advanced to defendant $1788 80, upon a consign ment ol .VI bale* of hops, which were shipped at New York, tnd were ?o be told on defendant's account. The advance v. as made by th<- agent of the defendants at New York, who, ut the same timo purchased for the plaintiff! fifty additional hales, and sent the whole to the plaintiff* in one shipment. After the consignmant reached Havr., the ftity bale* of the defendant were mingled with th-?se of the plaintiffs. end the whole sold In four lot* at d.fferent periods and different pries, and no distinction was mads between the hops of the defendant and those of the plain till. Af'?r deducting expenses. Ike., upoa the whole, the plaintiff, credited the defendant with hi* proportion of the net proceed*, estimated according to the weight of his flfty bules The defendant was then debited with the draft given hy the plaintiff'* agent at New York for the advance, which exceed* hi* pioportion of the net pre. ceed* $*BS 31, and for tbi* balance, with iutere*t, the pro soot action is brought. Defendant* moved for a notunit on thi ? ground, that the defendant'* flfty bale* could not b? distinguished in t<ie account of sales, that it wa* sim ply on account of tho sale ol ino hale* at different prices, end as t did not show the prices which the defendant'* bale* had brought, it was impossible to determine the amount cf the defendant's inde tednuss T> e mo'ion for nonsnit was grnnted The Court decided that the enly ? ff-ctof rendering such au account is that the plaintiffs ni t* thereby compelled, in order to recover, to allow tho defendant tho highest price for hi* fifty halo*, and, inn ?idetlng all the circumttances, too Court confirm the noneuit with cost* Nkw Yohk, Dec. 29th, 18-14. Mb. Editor I noticed in your paper n few days neo n communication in which it was amttcd that the whip Alabamian w*h well provided with boat*, and that she lost her best bout a few days after she left Leghorn. I do not with lo cast unmeet siry blame upon any one, but as rny life was en dangered in consequence of the miserable manner in which she was found in this respect, I do not hesitate to declare that no boat was lost shortly after leaving Leghorn, nnd that the only boat beside the surf boat, calculated for four men, and the " pig pen," in which twelve of us were saved, and which was in ho peifect a state of decsy that Capt. Ray mond declared it would not stand hoisting into the Atalnntn, was an ordinary small boat,such asa cou ple of young men of New York would amuse them selves with on i fin'* t.fiernnon, and which would not have lived five minuti s in such a sea as we en countered on the 12th itiBt. That there was culpa ble neglect there is no doubt, and lr?m various cif cuo!Biws 1 am inclined to believe that tho owners k w*w the whs badly provided with boat* when ihe left New York. Besides the boats of the Atlanta presented somewhat of a contrast to our*?she hue! a new long boat, two quarter boat*, and the life boat which had preserved every soul in the wreck of the Clarion two or three years ago. I trust that the travelling public will,for the future, show their senne of that parsimony which risks the lives of human beings, by refusing to patronise any lire or any owners who neglect to providethe re quisite boats. One who was on board of Thk At.abamtan. ExruLsroN of a Statk Senator.?'The " Ra leieh Register" of Tuesday, contains the proceed ing* of the. Senate of North Carolina in the case of Wm. Knnett, u Stnator from 'he county of Onslow, who tock hi i septa? the beginning of the session upon the evidence of a forged certificate ?>( election. The f^c: of the forgery whs i,.oii established hovond all doub*, by tho arrival of atiuo ctrtificu'o from the Shrriff of Onslow. A commit tee of the Senate was appointed at Mr. Ennett't request to investigate tho matter; and upon hi* failure to nppear be foro the Committee, or to procure evidence oftxculpa lion, a report w?s nnde to the < ffect that he ought to be expell'd. In the discussion of the ca*u before the S.nate, Mr Knnott won detendfd by coumcl. The vote of expul sion was pai-ped by the ( usting vote of the Sneaker, the political friends of Mr. Ennelt all voting for him, and the | whig* votitg to expel Hm It is said by the " Register" | that tho signature to the forged c itificato was in a hand very much like thnt of Mr Enne'-t himself. Nothing cor. | elusive hnwwcr, was c*tnbli<hed a* to the perion or per lions who forged Ihe certificate Bat the circumstance* I of the cose to ttrongl> intimated that the pnrtv n*mg tho | forfed document knew it to be lal'e, even if he did not exi cute it himself, that there teemed to b.' slight ground indeed for doubting ihe guilt of the expelled St nator. Affairs tit MAS.itcnuarrru ?The Legislature of I that State will mumble on Wednesday next. Jan 1, for business. The addrem ol Ouv Briggs will be lo< ked lor with r-nch interest, particularly that portion cf It in re. . fi'rwno to the South Carolina affjir, and Ihe miision and I tr.'a'mnnt of Mr Hoar. A host of ttape'table iinmc*, all bearing I test into y to tli ? soven ign re t reti?c p'werufDr Bheruis's | < imi>'fir or lle td ehe I.orenges, imnIi. 1> ? sdtluceJ?mlian few i i simple The Her. Mr. Choiwkli., of lh? Kpiseopal Church, Aol>nru, I. Y., always, keeps S'eimui'a Camphor Lore.g-s by him: thry aevr to relieve him of his head<clm or trie falifne of uiuch mental oercire. Mr. A. Kihuth, oae of the proprietors of the Snoday Mer cu'y, N. V , has for years been sul'jrct to |K.'riodicil ? ttacksof h ?(uclies. no ver.' had as to confine lijiu to his led. Sherman's Camphor LozenKes invariably relieve him in less thuu fifteen miMi es. Chivy men nud lawyers, who are obliged to undergo grejt mental exe tions, ninidtt mxch eicitrineut, will find an oeea sioitnl n?e of a Lnzeiue of iucilctiHIde Iwi efit, preventing ihe ii ual concomitant, ahead ehe *nd sub tqnent depiession. Dr. Shrrni n's v. ..r?h me is 1C6 .Nbsjmi st eet l<anf(ul(I Clreuliitlon ?Ruiealed ehangr* in the l-'mji-ralur*- hsvr a v.-rv had eurct upon thu Idoort; ? sodilen chat |,v fr< m a full, genrrous to a low, poor diet, will )>.? tqiallv nijtarioua to the li-alth as suddeo cbangei of weather. If we w. tiM h?ve l?-ahh. we must ?odeavor to prevent, as for as in as li^. great rxtromes of all kii ds. Evrry/scess of Mat o' cold, of ealiug or drinking, teuds to produce iintuii y of the blood' thu? its circu'aiion li Cumrs languid; the very channflt of life are clog/inl: and the first coiuequence is that the BO W El.Sbecome i OtfriVK. We nie in hit coriditi ui ready to reeriveany disease with wIik.Ii we m >y conn- in coutict; and without any contact with any o->? iffrcted with sicknesn, we shall have headache, heart burn, dizzoieji. a foul tougtie, loss of apiwtite; all the resale of the Mate of costiveoess. When the atmosphere heromes impure and oppressive to in .rkoid, it itqtcres the temi?st to agitate it, to give it purity and life. When ilie bowi ls are coa'iv*, they require the administration of BHANDKhTH'S I'lLLS, which, by exciting a commo li n or accelerated movement in that organ, will oc asii n all morbid contents t^ b>-exielled, thereby prcduc ug purity to ihe blood and h ;nllh to the whole frame. "old at 2J O'uts |>er h.i* at Dr. Brindreth's I'rincipil Of lice, <141 BiO'dwty: retail offices, 211 llud-on streei, and 271 Uowtry and Mrs. Booth's, No. i Market St , Brooklyn. Art: yon In wnnt of any of ?,!*?? follnwlna < leonine Articl-s 7 If s ', you c m procure iliein at the original uep tA7 WHltrrstre t. first store i'om Broadway, iroui ,ud'< I'oudre Subtile, or olebratfd Hair Kradicator. Oourind's It-.lian ^oap for Curiurf all skin blemishes and dis coloration it. (>ourati?l\Snaiii<h Lily Whit for the complexion tlouraudN Hair Dye, warrantetl. Gounod's Liquid Vegetable Itouge II."I'ii II or Restorative, positively the only articl* that never fails to force the hair lo grow on B.ld places and prevents its rjliux off. We have alio ihe following po ulir aitich-s f r the growth . f hair, every < ne of w h ch, however, we are roniirain ??tl t.iia), o ust yield to Bell's .usti/cclebrated H-ir itestors tive. Javnet' Hur Ton;e. Oldridge's ') ric> pherons Ihgein Hair Crcm. Chine-*- < 'cmeiit tor m'mling t hina and Olass, warranted. OdtTi'eri us Pantile# for fuoitsating roomt. Very superior. Dallev's I'aiu Extractor Rai ds' SartKOarills, and a general rssoitaient of 1'rifumary ; Iroryaud Shell Combs, and fincy articles of almoitall Vines. A ladv in ato-iidance Kemember t>7 Wa ker street, first (tore from Broadway. From Rev. H. Adams, Pastor of Trinity | ("hnrcll, Kaugert ei, N. Y.? He?d ihe following " A child, a nephew of alrieu't of mine, ??epped in a vnsel of bo ling watar [ Hod scalded its leg lip to the knee, when Counell's I'sm Exiric or, t'ro Com*t r k'n, was apt lieil, whp-nalo out instautlv gave rebel 10 the I>ttle suffuier, a >d >o i< e< tir iy cuied it. Also, a child of my own huri e I its hand severely, und I u?ed this talve, which ga' e iantant re'i -l, and -<>ou cured it ent rely ; and I, for |u e couhl in t he iudit <1 to bo Willi ut it. I think evert fatni ly should alwa>s k.'ep it ou baLd to u?e in case of ?urh ncei deoi*. H. ADAMS. Sew York, Petob?r II. ""<? It will e.urr any of the following complaints, or no pay taken lor it, at 21 Coaclandt s ivet :? Bur's, Old S re<, Erytiprlss, Arab's, Br< sen, Chafes Chilblain?;, Cold in Wounds, Wouuils, tiall Klieuin, bcrofttls. Tender Fact, kc. lloyeti wish (o have Iteautlftal Black Mali ! ?Use the East Iniba Hair Dye, from 21 Conrilandt st. Thu art'Cle hat obtained a repnt iti in far suriiassing all othe.s in U?e. The trouble atteod iut upon application "f manv articles fov dyeing hair, has sl uie deterred oum'-ers from obtaining this ar ticle. This, however, it etiiuely lemedied in tlie Kasr luittu Hair Dye. lunar (.'oatcU Hills vi l?l*eaae?,>lorc Bvl denc-.?Vr Hii.l, of the firm nf tlirley k Hill, IB? Broadwsy, tayn tCoaled Indian Vegetable 1'ills are superior ti> inv h*' has ever tikfii. Hit wife has fcund them delightful and (llrreii'Ut Mitt OoinLAM corner Wilker and Ludlow ata., hat b an cur d of pain in the Ii ad, dimness of sight, anddiaxiness of long ttandiug, by ilifse ri!l?. Mis. ?iMiM, i fOO Henry street, cured of pains and crimps, of eight vest* standing. ... - Mr. Ai kiss, of 26J Greenwich street, cured of dyspeps.a, or seven year* ktand uk. Mr. Caim.olx's daughter,8 Btapl* strret, cured of Worms in l! eir form. Rev. Mr. Bt u<icTT,cf Brooklyn,curedofbilliouscompla nta, wel lness, kc. We nee I not add more. Evidence crowds upon ui from ail luarters. I'ills eter li?lo * accomplished so much, wi?h to liltie trouble and dmsgr ealii o???,a* Dr.Sinnh't|iiilgarCoated) *'Improved Indian Vegetable IMls.-' fiu'd at Onion's, c nor liower ai d tJrand st ; I If lip't corner Beekman and Wi'liam itt ; ICvereitY ??> lluuton Bt ( Mrs. Hay's, IJ9 t'ulion .'treet, I'rooklyn; ana 2ti8 O eeuwich it. Kx?miue the Itbrl-look for Dr. Ssiitii'i written sigunture. Metlleul Nolle.;?Tlw Artve??l*ementa of tht) We w Vork College of M diciiaand lliaimsc , etiablithid for :Ke Suppreation of Quaekery, in the cure of nil disaaaea, wdl le^-after apiiear <ai the fourth page anil la?t column of #n?? *l?r. W. S UK H VIII)SON. M D , Agen, Office and Consulting lloomtof the College.M Nast?n s'reet. ' iK rhltaiieliiiila SubMilptlnai tg tlla 'Ivesrtti rnn*t be Pain to Ihe .igrnts, Z.ielier k ' n , J Ledger oil Juiifs. Id ?i.d (yhesnnt at*., where single c iptet m y also ba ibtained tUlly at 1 o'clock. In

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