Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 14, 1845, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 14, 1845 Page 3
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Um kr*f wurfio Mr a dor.lln?, b (w?,-o thi im?| v*ftr Bad tu? otlrfent ptf.-.r, tin.1 the third raus>>, the ubieti!** of OttUldc operator*. The lift two causes ire produced principally by tua first and prims came. A tightness it the money market influence! many other things, all tend ing to depress pricee. These are the c.usei now operat ion upon the stock market, and until they are removed tor reduced, there will he very little chance for an 1m provement in pricea It la very difficult to tell what th? value of any of the fancy itocka daily aold in Wall atreet It. Never having paid any dividend*, or being likely to pay any, their value depending almoat entirely upon cornering operation* of the brokera, it la impovii ble to tell what the actual value of thoae atock* may be. Suob Steele* aa the Nertrieh k Wore ester Railroad and tht Long I iland Railroad, have an actual value; but other railroad atock* in the Hit are mere bubblea for mveat meat, and the only profit arising trom inveatingin them, is upen on advance a ipeoalative movement may pro duce. The fluetaationa in the market price of Jhese atock*, within the paat few week*, have been sufficient to satisfy every one that the whole thing ii the moit des perate species of speculation. We annex a comparative table of quotations current for each day ef the paat week, with thoae luling at the close of the two week* previous. It will be *een that pricea have been gradually, t at ateadily, declining. Quotation* roa the raiitciraL Stoces in the New Voaa Mabbbt. Sat. Sat.Mm. TuV Wtfy. 7Vy Fr>y. Sat. 29th. Ij. Island 76 76 75* 74 73* 7>X 72.\i 76V Mohawk MX - - - ? ?S - 6I>2 62V Harlem 170 7I""B7IV 69 .6# &? 68* ~~ Canton... MM 46V 45* 44* 43 43V 41 Farmers'Loan.. 38V * 37** 37 36V XS? 38 Nor and Wor... 68 88 6*J< 68 67* 6* 66; Ohio Siiea ? 98 MV 96* MV M 97V 87 lllinoi* Biass... 40V ? 40 39^ 39 ? 38, Indiana ? ? ? ? 34 V 34 V - Kentucky Site*. 101 ? ? ? ? ? 161 (Vun huea.... 7JV 73S 74 72 71V 72 72?f 73V StouiUfUMI... :9V ? 38yt 38 :<7V 38 374% 3*V Krie . 29V 30V 30H 19V 28 27V "V ?*? Vlckubur* 10V II I0V 16 tV 11 10V 10V U. 8. Bans... 6V 7V 7 6V 6V 6V 6fe Beading RH.... 51,'4 51V ? SIM KiV 49 49 61V MurrtaCanal,.. 37V 32 31V 3I.V 30V 11 30.V 32** fcaat Boston... 14V 1<V 14V ? 11V ? ? 143i' A compariaon of the quotation*, ruling at the close of the marktt yeaterday, and tboae current at the clo*e of the nrevlous week, *bow* a decline in Long Ialand of 3J per cent; Mohawk 1$ ; Harlem 1} ; Croton SJ ; Farmer*' Loan 2J ; Norwich and Worcester 2J ; Ohio 6's j ; Illinois 3f; Pennsylvania O's 1} : Stoning ton 1] j Erie R. R Ij ; United State* Bank i ; Readings}; Morri* Canal II ? Price* of Saturday, the i9th ult., and thoae of Saturday, tbe 6th inst, are about the aame. The fluotuationa in the mean time having been quite large. The monthly report ot the Bank* of New Orleans for March, compared with the returns for February, thows a ?light increase in the amount el specie on hand, an in crease in the circulation, in the oath liabilities, and in the assets. The Increase In the circulation is no doubt caused by the great decease in the receipts of specie for the seas-u. From S?pt. 1, 1844. to April 3,1046, the re ceipts of specie amounted to $1,713,480; for the same pe e riod last year, $6,001,231? decrease this *eaioK,$8.877.78fi. This decrease has in a measure been offset by an inciease in the circulation of tbe Banks New Orleans Banks. . Specie.? > .?Circulation?, Feb. 22. March 29. Feb. 22. March 29. Bank of Louisiana...3.631,'715 3,300 878 769,017 926,008 Canal and Bkg Co... 281,097 358.(13 338,485 813 960 City Bank... ...... 621,911 619,448 391 200 431,960 Louisiana State Bank, 1,278,487 1,535,597 279,836 361,615 Mechanics' and Trad ers'Bank 1,149,812 1,250,983 791,030 841,470 Union Bank ?t La... 199,743 163,165 30,645 30,760 If on- Specie Paying? 4 ilize V Bank 37,761 44 399 972.880 960.168 Consclidated Ass'o.. 1,218 3,450 ?26,210 211,255 $7 213,806 7.282,31* 3,799,39T 1,168,596 r-Cath liability?> Bank of Louisiana.. .4,663,009 4,825,369 Canal Baok V?34,4?* 940,309 City Bank 1,316,178 1,533,188 Louisiana State Bk. ..1,324,101 1,581,438 Mechanic*' and Trid ers' Bank 2.436,704 2,721,774 2,862,146 3,198,456 Union Bank 46,487 39,259 417,74* 610,716 Aon- Specie Paying? Citizeifs' Bank.. 7,999,729 7,960,8C0 40J.877 111,613 Consolidated Asshi...3,177,*42 2,109,9)8 1,278 3,436 20,687,669 21,772,*04 14 677,633 The leading features of these Banks compare as fol lows Feb. 21. .March 30. Feb. 22. March 29. 8.108,739 8,?78.9il 7 213,806 7,2*2,319 ?irc illation 2,232,302 3,689,615 3,7*9.397 4.158 595 Cash liabiliuea 17.411,466 18^34,109 20 587,669 21,772.004 Asict* 11,233,172 12.578,387 12,868,617 14 577,633 From Februnry, 1944, to March, 1846, the diminution ii: rpeciti was $->26,411, while (he increase in circulation wa* $1,030,293, in cash liabilities $4 300,649, and in assets $3,344,461. There has been a steady increase in the movement of the Bank* of New Orleans for tbo paat eighteen month*. Notwithstanding thi* increase in tkt o|,crations of the Banks of New Orleans.the receipts a>n' movements in produce have b.?n muoh mote limited thi* cepson ihan l?*t. The annexed itatemeat of the quantit* ol certain article* received at New Orlaan* from 8?pt. 1 to A;nil 1 ihi> j ear and last, shows tbe increase and decrea*.* for tha two periods:? llxcEirT* or Pbooi'ce at New Obleaks. Sept.'*3, Sep.l '44, to to.Jl?r.i,'44. [Jlpr 1,'46.*inc.'45. Dee '45. B*C' n, hams, hhds. tl bis, 12.573 3,953 ... 3420 Metf, bbls 43,899 26,108 ... 18.791 Cora, in ears, bbl* 115,478 80,884 ... 3l/'94 Corn, ?h>'llrd, sacks 199,572 199 493 ... 79 Klour. bbl 310,462 361.619 SI,167 Hay, bardies 21,178 19,051 ... 5,in l.ard, kef < 292 502 179 778 ... 112,724 Mai i* la 97.773 47 407 ... 50,366 Hhd 2ti IC7 ... 4ft L?ad, |i!rs 286,735 300,159 13,424 Per" blilj 31 !,226 157,186 ... 151.041 Hilda., *,618 6,191 ... 2,427 In bulk, pounds 4,319 0(10 3,010 600 . . 1,308,400 Si'Kir, lr<d? 39,076 71.70* 32,646 M lises.hMs 52,011 *7,499 36,558 W heatjbbls. aud sicks... 16,138 8,618 ... 7,728 Applr , Obts 38,689 23,359 ... 15,33* Cotton, biles 718641 7<2.998 54,354 Batter k?^s and firkins... 0 083 I5,:68 6.486 Thbte li>?? bei n an increase in fl iur, IsrJ, sti^sr. cotton, rr.ola ses andbuter, while the decrease In all the otbar nrtirlec en>iMr?<e<1. han. in many instance*, hi en a ve y large per cent. Price* < f produce In New Orleans, on the 1st of April, 1044, were much higher than on the lstil April, 1845. A larger per cent el >he circulating mediun of that section last year was specie, notwithstanding which we c?e that price* weie higter- with a fuu exception*?for all the staples (f that end the Western sec ion of the country Sngtr and pork ato higher this year than last, ?while the |leclin< in quotations for cotton i* very large?caused by the ore pre taction ot (he latter, (cotton,) and the short supply et the former, (sugar) The nbove table shows a decrease Id the r<ceipts from the interior, and ihe anrexe I table show* a decrease in the exports frem .\ew Orleans during the *ama period Rxports raoM N?:w Oarcavs, 8?pt. 1st to MaacH 1st. Flour. Pork. U'en. Lard. Be'/. Is ml Corn Dtitination bbls bbh. hhtU kef bblt. aie? tackt Nrw V or*,... 58,013 4 >.783 825 K7.I97 4,688 1*>1 213 *,*00 Bostrn 57,173 55,'14 23 93.016 4,609 77,051 *52 Phi ailrlrhia\. 3,23* I?,7f5 664 34,655 641 32.543 ... B ? Itiinorp,.. \ ... 11,170 318 19,410 350 8,321 ... Ckarlestoi,.. ? ... 488 832 1,581 *4 Ortuv U States ports 24.0C!) 3 338 1,681 4,9*1 746 78 18.169 Cnbs .. 18.987 439 96 60,931 2M ... 8,996 Othi r fortiiu ports 30,909 6,763 ... 33 864 0,169 27,971 13.498 Total 192,419 138,050 4,449 326,644 17.333 301.219 43,',06 Last season... 123.344 2C6.030 9. <01 603.354 27,664 262.165 106468 Iticreate, IMS, 69,165 J8,8j< ... Drcreaae, 1843, ... 117,?>00 4,917 276,710 10,321 ...61,913 The inward aud outward trade of New Orieana appear* by this, to have fallen ofl', notwithstanding which, ther< ha. laeu quit* an increnae in t <? lnnk movements ol th.i place?an increase uncalled for bv the demand* from an increased business, bu bv extended operation! into aome chinnel bat that ot trade and commerce. 8t?ta ot Trade. Aihic??We notice n alight improvement in pota, and now quote old at MOO}, new at $4 1-2j Peat ta are firm at (4 ? Stock on iumi, Aran. 11,1141. ? Ht tort Puts, bbls 2,136 Kimt s^rt IVar'i, bbls. ?. 3,473 8'iouil do I4B Second do 131 Tliird do 117 Third do 72 C udiiniu'd do lit Condemned do t Total 6.201 HiUAniTUW-KiOur h?? a d.?wnward W?? tenimny nw bo bought H $4 08] b 4 76 Brandy wine ni'J G<o.'getawii continue ai $4 76. Wheat neils in amali lo ? at 104 x ins Corn ij in better demand at 48 a 49 c.ts ft) e b7 u 69 rci ti. i Tic; crops in In.'iana, Illinois, Michigan and Ohio nc v* f xeemrd be'.ter or more promising. There i* not quite ao iaigca quantity or Hour in atore nt ftochester, us we wereinformrd by the forwarders? t! cy having included in th> ir repons flour elsewhtre 1 he following is bel evrd eoireoi IlickHktcr, Apiil 8 b, bbla 400 Pitti!ord. April A 6 660 Mcottuvilie, April 7ih 6 009 Hprneerport, April 0th, 1 418 Total 49.478 There ii wheat in stoto at Pit'sford and Caiteraville, r tflcient to m ke 2 ooo hMs and at ?coU*ville lo make 6.000 but ititle wheat in l4o<"he?t?r e.Hy Ot the s orit of wheat and flour ot O-swego, ot the closing oi navigation, the winter retail trade le*vt? a'out J3 400 bbls*. ol mp^iflne, ot ?h ch 400 bbls. were si ipped ou the 3d Cotton?The aales to day amonut to about I 00:? bales, at ra'es rttihluhing a decline ot r>nn quarter cei l fjr th< wttek. The tupply on the market tills ? ei k been <tuit'>; and buyers gent tally having shown but lit* tie dispootion to upetalo, prices have gradually yielded. There na- been but a cotrparativtlv small amount o! Iiu. (ill ss done, rilber bv puichr.aers lor our home m?ik?t, or foi the French and other Continental ports, marly all of the lar?.? tint sections having again txenon Englitl account. We annex the quotations at which the da) closes : ? Ltvcuroni. Cl*?*ific*tio*. XJpl'lt f Florid*. N.Orl f Muhiu Inferior,. 4J a Ordinary, :>| a Middling 6 a (J.?oil MidHicg. t>l a Middling tail,. , 04 a Fair, ?} a Kuliy f^ir til a Ooo<l fair 7] a Finr 8 a ? Silt* i f the week. HOKi hales Freight*, ft-.61. lor Llvt'ipjol, aad dull; Havre, ] cent, and dull. PiinvmiON* ?Thsre is a very limited demaad lorprovi lion* New mm is h. Id at $11 60; n< w prima at $11? jiol b rs nte very.Arm aMhesn price*. Old mess sells at $11 7'i and old prime at to ?J{ B -ef is inactive aid small a ii>'? at our last qu nations I, ltd is In modi r to request, bit price J arc fit in at 8 a 8} (or prime keg and barrel. Co*.. Thadk? Ai.neaed is a at,tenet t ef the shipment of coil fir lis' week, to Thuriitay everlnj I ? fio-n Pntt>viIIh and Pott Carbon, by II 34,417 " Snliuyikill II ivi n, by ft.ll 70,000 " svillaanl Port Carbon, by CkBal 14 ISA Schijikiil lliven, by Canal 1,17* ? Port Clinton, by Canal 967 Total, 131,69s The following ate the rata* of freights from Richmond and the Schuylkill to ooetern porta To Salem, per ton >2 00 to 2 12 " Boston 1 87 to 2 00 " Poitlan l a co to ... " New Bedford l 36 to 2 4ft " Providence and Fall River, 1 40 to 1 AO " Now York. 0 9ft to 1 00 Cotton Market. New OiLtm, April 4 ?There appeared to be a bettai feeling in the cotton market to day, and the demand wa> of a more general character, which resulted in sales to the extaat of fully 7,000 hales, at former prices. Nearly the whole was taken on English account. Liverpool Classification?Louisiana and Missiasippi? Inferior, 4} ft; otdinary to good ordinary, ftj a 6J; middling. 6 a 8|, Bod middling, of; middling fair, 0]; lair, 7 a?J; goo< r,71 a 8 Exchange is a shade firmer. We quote Lon don 7J a 8| per cent premium; Paris 6fSa St 3?|; Ne? York 60Jdays 1} a2J per cent discount; checks ] per cent discount. Baltimore Cattle Market Aran. 12.?Supplies of beef cattle continue to come in freely, anl prices show very little change. The offerings comprised about 460 head, of which 200 were driven norut and to Washington, and 39* sold in the course oi the waek to the butchers in the olty. The sales were Chiefly at $J a 3 2a p <r 100 IN. on tho boot, equal to $4 a 0 26 net, as in quality. A few, of inferior quality, were ?old at $1 *0 per 100 Iba. ou the hoof. There are now on ly SO h?ad in market unsold. Live bog' have been scarce throughout tho week, and sales hava Seen making at $6 a 6 12j per 100 lbs. The market is without supplies. Foreign Markets. Havana, April 'I.?By the accounts you will have re ceived, you will be satisfied that it w as fortunate for all if us that we did not eut?r into tho rice trade. Our market U glutted with the article; the b-st obtainable fl re. and a stock on hand for three months. Sugar* are firm at 71, 1U to 9}, and some very superior quality ha. been sold at ?}, 13| to 10}?no Mnscovadoes in our mar ket. Molasses has advanced to 0| rs. at which price 1000 hhds. weio sold yesterday, and to day th? dealers ask 7 rs. We see no chanoe at present cf doing any thing to advantage between our respective ports. Antigua, March 20.?Provisions, prime and mess poik have rallied, and are in demand at $1ft a 10 for the former, and 17 a 18 for tho latter. Pitch pine lumber 29 a 30 per M and in demand; oypre s shingles $6 60 a $7 60; butter, cheese, lard, hams, potatoes and bread of all kinds re main either vary dull of sale at our previous quotations, or may be quoted nomiual Flour?Sales have been made of superfine at 0 60 and 6 7ft Meal, B W. 4 40 a 4 AC pel bbl; do per pun. 1ft a 16; rice 94 2ft a 4 37 per 100 lbs; lea1 tobacco very dull at 6 a 7; manufactured do 7 a 8. Thi above are the cargo prices, duties included, in effactivi dollars. Exchange on London, W. I. Bank, $48# Dol lars are at par Bled, On Sunday, 11th inst. at Brooklyn, after a long ao' painful illucsj, John SicxcasO*. His friends and acquaintances are requested to attem his funeral, this afternoon at 4 o'clock, Irom his late ren dence, 144 Navy street, near Myrtle avenue, Brooklyn. On Sunday, 13th inst. ot consumption, HicivaiBTrA K Mrcns, in the 16th year of her age, daughter of Gilbee. Myers, decease J. The friends of the family aro invited to attend her fune ral, this (Monday) afternoon, at 6 o'clock, from the resi denc? of her mother, 122 McD.uigal s rnet. PusMngnrs Arrived, Palermo-Brig Courier? Capt D T Wilcox, late of barque J Emlrm, lost at Gibraltar. St Cnoip?Brig Eliza? V!r Deuherst and lady, M E Duhent Miss J K Deuherst, Mid E Dtuherst and Miss Sarah Utu herst. ^'harlkston?Ship New York?Mr J Veile, lady and child: Vii? L Loyd, HonT J Puttison. Mr M McMahou, C Neesoe, W Pentup, O K Poulton, G W Snydam, J E Suaiei, S Maihu. G F T H Gaiaer, H C Bradley, J O'Bryau, Matter Wightmau and 24 in steerage. Foreign Importation*. Bordeaux?Brig Tuicaay?100 baskets oil 13K pipes 6X 100 pipes br.uidy El Buloid It co?20}i do E Stewart 3c ?on? I0j< J Florence?10 ca?ks L Myers?15)4 Wi J Caswell?513^. 46)4 10 hhds brandy V Barsalow?175 c? M caaka wine 52X pipes 47k do brandy Cazet &. Aelvin?10W d > Sturgtts Benneit?25H MM 21 hhds do Hi Iyer It co? 30 casks aunetto Boenen St Graves? I case Ha'gons It co?31 casks wine Bouchaod It Thebsud?13< cases wine N 8 ?chless>?ger It co?3 casks wine Pealiody Ik KiKgs-38 cases md.e J Du and?33caae< Porcelain & co?5 c 23 casks 1) S St D Hnvilaul?27 casks 33 hf 36 (jr brandy 20 et liirioiice SO cs wiue lo order. Palermo?Brig Courier?2100 boxes oranges 100 do lsmons 50 bags fitburts *>0 d > willnuta 35 biles r<g> Fitch & co. Sam Juai*?Brig T H Benton?1 box turtle shell 78 tons lima , wood 20U0 pouiidt sarsapariUa 941 hhds 3 liner ikira 105 cerooo> * indigo 1 pkg dollars and doubloons H D Cotheal?13 trca Good hue k co. St Croix?Brig Eliza?2C6 hhds sugar B De Forest It eo?2 do H C Whee'er? 1 cs B Lock wood?2 boxes J S Kelso?1 hhii varus 11 G >rdou? 1 box 9H do 6 trcs 11 bags seed G T Tyler?1 himpsr D Whitaker?8 hhds sugar V Kockwood. Cardenas?Brig Caucasian?331 hhds 26 trcs molasses J B Lasaia. Domestic Importation*. Savannah, April 9?Arr Hercalean, Holmes, New York: La <lrarg?. Winched du; Celia. Thatcher, do; Kambl r, Meri ih-w, Boston. C!d, Marv. Richardson, New York; Palmes Vrwustud, Boston. Apaj.achicola?Schr Tiaga?100 b-tl s cotton Post It Phil lips?lr?o do Masters, Mark be a co?9 Parmlee (k Kogers?46 I'e k us It Hopkins?28 Holbroek It Nelson?41 CiAlomb i Iselin. Charleston? Ship New York?133 whole 2r hf ires rice 3) b In cotton is bis masr (J Bulk ley?146 whole 7 half trca rict jpragae, Kobicaou Ik co?373 wh 9 hf do Vi'tor k Duckwitz 100 bis cotton C Burkmyrelt son?3:13 feet lumber 465 bbls nir|> mine G T Andsraon?233 balsa col ton 3C6 pk(s md.e to oi d-r. MARITIME HERALD' Stolpmaotera and Agent*. WeAall esteem it a if Captains of Yessels will give to Robert Siltev, Captain of unr News Boers, a report of the shipping left at the tiort whence they sailed?the vessels ipoken on their raissge?i list of their cargo?and any foreign rws|m|iers, or news they may have. Agents and Corieapoa nts <t home or abroad, will also couler a favor by aeudiiig to his olfic* any Miriue Intelligence they may receive. POUT or N?.W YORK, APttlL 14. .4 HI .6 34 I Moon (ITS 0 49 M HIGH WATER 1 33 M trrim. Ship New York, Hall, 5 dtys from Charleston, with cotton and nee to G Hulk ley. Brig Tuscany, Hoyt, fiom Bordeaux. Feb II, with braady, Sic. 10 J Durauu Brig Courier, Beecker, from Palermo and 49 diyi from Gib ralra, with fiuit to Kirch It Co. Briic Thomas M B-uton. Bob rt?,l5 days from Ban Joan,with hides. tic, to H D Cotheal. Left Sau Jo'e, [Ital] wtg for car go; Prudence, do, sli 4 d* previous for Naw York. At Pouio Arenes, in the Pacific the Leouese, on the ISth February, far Kel go Rng K.I xt, Lock wood, 13 days from 8i Croix, wilh sugar to B DeT(iif?t & Co. Brig Caacaaion, Watts, 13 days from Canhnas, with mol. ? a a to the matter. L-ft Evertou, Mayo, juat air; Alice, to aail next day for New Yok. Brig Oeorg aua, Countr, 4 daya from Savannah, with cotton to J Ogdeu. Pclir 1'ioga, Hallack, 17 days from ApaUchicola, with cot ton, he-, to order Schr Ann, Rogers. 7 dtys from Charleaton, with 1000 fret tiinler to Badger k Peck Sclir Florida, Mutt, 3 diyt from York Hirer, with oysters to captain chr Eleanor It Anu, Buriell, 3 days from Philadelphia, wi'li mdse to miiier. Scht Vesper, ?, from Baltimore, wi.h mdae to tb? mas wr Scbr Wm Knasell, , 3 daya from Westport, with oil to cap'aiu. Below. Brig Unioa, Mitchell, from Matanxaa, wilh sugar to Neamith k Walsh Alio, 3 brigs unknown. Wind fresh from W N W. Correspondence off tfte Herald. Hoi-mes Hole, April II. r, fin Boston for Philadelphia; C l'e phi* for Halifax; Prudence, lor Pre Arr in port, Erie, Baptor... tera, , from Philadelphia - , _ dericksburg, Va: Margrith, I'm Portland for Mew York; Effort. . New York for Salem; Pandora, Pan:on, fin Turks Island 39th March, left no Ameiiciu vessels. '1 h? Wm Crawford,An derson, of Surry, Me. wai loit on the eaat side of Turks Island ?vessel total loaa. Captain A. and crew came home passen gers Arr llth, p m, sloop , from Nantneket for Naw York reports an Knglish h ig from Irela d for New Yora, aah >re on ihe liar, she hid a fail ca'go merchandise, uiderstood she had bilged. Also, a fore and aftachr with t'mber ashore cn the bar. Arr llth, Mary Maria, Ulmer, and Clipp-r, Hal*, New York for Port I n d; Euergy, Cotfin, Boston ;.Trinmph, Nantnckitfor New Turk. 8!d, L Pet-ra, and Ma'garet. In port, t rie; and others rot reported sailed. niict'llmicoui tlccord. The Letter Baga to b?; made np at the Exchange Reading Room and foreign letter Office, for Chagres, Panama, and lh> Pacific, will remain opeu until Tneiday, April 15th, at! P. M. Scarcity <0 Vessels ?Never have we known snch a tcvr* citv of vasaels aa at this time exis:s at Baltimoie. A large quan' lity cf f eight d stiued for Northern and South rn poru, have bn-n lying in oar warehouses for wetks pait, waiting an < ppor inuity to be forwarded m tlieir des mat ion. The Mount Savage Coal Company haie oideis for about llree thouaaad tons of c al, which ordera cminot be filled for the same re.ison?there t>*ii k no v< usels in p >rt ihat aie unengaged. Our metchama and ?h.ppers sh< uld look to it it once, and if vessels cannot be got in thia poit, tecotr.e thniild be hid o Philadelphia and N-w York, when we doubt uot from the superabundance of aHips am) harqn*e, lie . a sufficient number could be obtvined for present purposes. I< this s not attended m, \nd that at ot*ce the spring irace, which has opeui d lu such a lively manner, will be dir, et edroolhem rkets, where purchasers c.a.i receive their goods wiihout delay.?[ Baltimore < Upper, April 13. Opoken. Emtllo, from Hull for St .lo-.n, NB, wiln lose of f.ire top uiast, msiu-topBillset-mast. stove hoat and bulw- rks. Mar 13, lat 4u 30, Ion 4.1 :>8? by the Tuscany, at this poll, James, from Mobile for Liverpool, March It, lat 38, Ion 41 30 ?by the sam?. llose)U, hence for Rio Graude, 4 days ont. sprung aleik, had to throw oveihoard the deck load, lat inst, lat 31 SO, Ion 41 Sti lly the same, Wb'le ship Roaa'i -, (m Pacific for Warren, full of oil, llth iaar, off Mrmauk Point?by the same Newark, from Beaton for Mobile, 3d inat, lat 31 10, Ion 13 13 ?by the Tiog?, at thi< p'tr. Columbus, Collin, from New Orleans for Boston, 5th inat, lat 38 16, loa 71 M. Foreign Porta. llaLirax, April 3?Lightfoot, Sleeper, Philadelphia. nF9 Johw, Nil, April 3?Arr Splei did. Shackford, Vastport Cld 4th, Danube, VIcNsaghion. New York; 5th, Kame. k ran VS'zSi '??? 3d. Olive. Jeffrey, for New York, 5th, WiHMllaids, John,ton, ror Boston; 7ih, Splendid, Shackfoid, Kasiport. IImm Poru. Portland, Aprilill- Art David Pratt, Tarr, Boston. Sid, Portland, Clonah.Pem Rico. mai-em, April II?Ajr Tanjra'a, Shnte, St Thomas, via New port; M ry f a'k, Wilkins Philadelphia. 5j'L;o;- ??-Arr Elviia, Knights, Alexandria. V,,1 JiSs$T?E B.?,h*w. Myers, New drl-ans. Sig nal for ? bnga. Cld Charlotte, Millet, Valparaiso. Oaanw, Watson, HavaMi M'.rd Ro.eque.t. Cronsudt; Chester. Otia, *t Jago; t alhariue tifta, Charleaton. to load for K.arppe L*wtMet, HotM, M'tltimorf ; lUurico, P^lnf. Norfolk T/iiv Point !ind Richmond: SHma, TaIpiiI (of thii twirr late of BarnshMa) Marston New YorV ,?d AlCa; Kr^d' Bacon, New 1 ork; Sp ecdid CrO'ell, do; 9nn Nickeraoo and Turk, Lldridge, do. Koster, Lanceater.wliich cld llth for 6aa g?r, has re-cleared this day for Charhston, SC. Sid, Parker Cook, (new. H4 ITftt hs tonsjof and for Provinreiowa, to fit Tor a whaler Arr 11 h, Alkuiar, Kustis, New Orleans; John C'aig, [Br] Me-d-, London, Keb 31, Downs 34tk?has experi enced heavy weather daring the passage, loat foie topsail yard phi, ' ' ??<?; R Brace. Clossou, Lubee for PhiluM- I M?rtd/.u/'uwi'.jSlji Yoek." Ma""oltl Godfrey, Baltimore; wwii. new rork. Ne- Vork! FbU Kiwf0' laL,0.riDECe"'^ea??Air Adonie, Hawking AI ban v Br w .?. k fj*rr.'.ra? bi'rf'&kSirS L^ifSfSr'sv5t" "5 &zrsi?s: P.rpo*a of acting JEfiWSSi ofcttj w~k' fo' FMQcat^Pi^OrABANNl]?^RJffi j'",- .H*SWl "d Phyeica! THIS JCYCMING.?aq\?i? ?MjaSS"? i?='0? <? Chn?rh, near Broadway,^opT?^Ti'rf? ^ ?7rl.??.?" Affectioni of the Heart and Lonas .it ?! "d '"eipieot proper lorm of body and mechanical . impoiunce of n and remedy Tor the same m*chlnicaJ ??PPort, as a preventive of \ ?r,?~" B?? mgtoa street "itably rewarded ifleftat23) Waah 'Jz^uiPx&se, | T7ITHJKK3N?wLor) FU^71^KK WANTED,""" r HVU1*- "the ?d?ertiVer0|MU justulwii'a in f?' * BoirdinE tlioui house mmr Broad wav . ?Pnciou?, comim. cient to fill the house, wojid like tn^'ir*,mg Bru,t,"e some parson or P^ka du??d ,o ?Tn^5h*?g?MlU wi'h and receive good nnd aeut*.l ""'"I0"" house-ki eping nieation adJWed wifl, reS ?, *'d M Wyment. Auv commS promptattenuou bAdd?,ine A H 1 ? rf!<i*T." 2'" Also, a few -JMgggy.^:A c- office. T? BOATMEN, AND OTHk'RH p~ ^ | A rue quality, wanted ii?tne>diately "y^p|y*o * ?f . .!????? W,^^^ROAy. T'O MHOK MANUKAUTURKHH ii ? ? ^ 1 10? Gold itreet, corner of r?nkiv^!,,G" Broth,k"?. I cemng, peraver* packet are constantly rc ries, French t'alf fttin. .ii l !f '**' Parisian Facto "gErwm-r SSBflBfciwn*** ..." i'iCte: i:""""1'j ?? ?? ?? i'. >i aU lt?m CEBHA k CUMING, I ' 106 Pearl atreet. r rtt?KRHtirni',S PORTRAITS ' .^.T^s^rte ?'!:??? pS ?ciu vi ... 1 sasatejafafe#WBK was would do well to call *oon. Peculiar fceiutiful atyle i ion* gi'ven'iir^lie' Ait* on* m'oSsratV terms *" hM<1, "VlSS?0* rpHK sch^il^ fO COfN l K ACTOHS. T aal* t'omi ontracto'a"''^" h"lby inVtM ^OPO imnrovemeut of die navigation r"l?lJ.e"i f<" the I T !? g?d> tniction of a n#w t?*r^r ? a! ^ ?? the work 'he line, which will require a thrnQ?hout and carrenier work Aaitw,liJf^- unt?f ^'y meiaonry completion, it preamta a flfcToPTOrti^v^/ ?""h1 ??>? earll 'wprivinf contractor*. Plant an(1?? Pk i?2S* th" ^?mpany'a Eur ^ MeB 41 Philadelphia, on and aft?-r tha IlinrV^iii.,. Sanjotn street, may^be addressed ,o Edward Mr^JiW^^t^t By order of the Board of Managers. Philadelphia. Apri|)??.!lMi!> W R0B^RT8. P^iunuL i.'M hardwar^ano cutler^ to 1 ,T'~ - - ?" p."fS'o.['A^"d 'j;k !!??/' i Hand Saw KiJct,... \\i * 7J J And all other goodj at rnaativ*!?? , " V" ?*, .i*> d ? I cash.) PurctiaiPiN wil] ronaiiii h- 's> /WI^ a disconnt for .TlIM i buy nl Also ?k;!! r*k,.c.K ?' Chains, (Jnri !,. VL, V n IWr Spoons, Pad au I Knob Jocks B?l -r" '? andlesiicks. | Pans, Ikc.te. fc, J-"c*s, Bed Screws, Jra Ketles, Sance a!4 6tln?*e? , u- JOHN A.^EWBOULU, P|>iri ~rr. 90 John ii^et, up stairs. N ij '^and paper Boxes"? PUBLISHED ?ND RETAIL. i Uoxmakers 'J 1'"', Bfok-Binder?, Printer*. Paper Kancy Paper, 'will iniil''itlto ?"<' others, wSo use the aobscriber's la ge isaorlment nf'A m?1^" to?*",*n,d '"mine German and China /aj^re of American, English, Kraaeh. ?o??wr .wppliei of fold. silver ??d fducy priuted caJico and n?her pIpeM^jSl00?' H'?1?? m Irhle, m?.t at ma ufacturer-i prlew j?T w ? ,l?f' "hlch h- ?,i|. al ?ioq ofmauuflctnre(; ;nPd'de"lers in A "J, c?,, 'he atteu. Fancy iicods to his Paper Boa Ms.urJctor " ? a"d oth" ?l'l< is3iw4w*ee ... J- KKAKT. ? Fulf"a stieet. np stairs. TIMBER and STONE FOR 1HE NAVY I P fH23&t^5,??". P'owrly eudor^d sSsu.4-. Ssffl I " th? m the n,n'' smaller end. ,"raCT" ?? ">e l?i*er end, and 7 laches at the and PWill^'wfeh.^^'mfasare^TSig^ncKi *2^5??f ,tIai?h, feet long, and tsCfoni' "'CKe*> "?* from 50 lo*? I l> itSr^T^^rol ?f Stone for diameter, andw^ dVli?^d .T^^-S0"' "??,?? feat in packed iu biuns.aa solid, SfiaLa^NnU ?* to 'f """"'ed, ja-' i to the insiiection ofiha Yaid Th^!;^iS!" .'? i!4* V*?.1 ??h subject to the inspection of the Naw v!T . Wiring "n0 M<1 10 ^ in *" ? 0..?^*!,^,^;?^ ,?"i;h0ai,0rthb;fru tb* -<? Au^ost. luck, of fa' be dSfvered'ht T flr by th?,'? 1 imber or 8t?ne to be pa/cli tsed anrf fhl - the time specified. ducted from bills. Two suJetTes w.llhttl^"" ?Ico,uo bfd' | tl ?MtimaiedamnuBtofsupplie. "QBired in oue-third L ror further iLfj.matioa, apply at tha Navy Yard. Brooklyn. N?V A(enf. Offica. Naw York April ,, lg4i. aH I taw 4wrc PKOSPER M. WET.MORE. Navy Agent. WILL( J* sortu JAMES BECK & CO., 350 BROADWAY, , OPEN ON MONDAY MORNING. the richest as sortment of Silks. Silks Damas Pekin Sillu DoriaeMere Dumas Moirr " D'Amaute Pekin Broclie " M'gad re Po?t de Soi Amoir " Jardeniere Af-icaine " CliantiHy Algeiienne " 'sly Durai Blanc " Mazurka Damn Kiyiere " (Ma iiqos Pekin Chiuois " Ecostas Mori-* Bayadere " Plain Pnn de Hoi Pekin Moire " lllack Watered yd. wide Quadrille Camel ion " 40 in.Taffelts.high lusire Pekin Cashmore " 36 in. Psrisienie do. da. Quadrilli' Arc eu Ceil " Mojrnirg Silks Maiquiie " Plain blkSt wht. chan*bl Foulards. ? printed Fou'ardi India Foulards, changeable Plain do. " " Broche Mourning do. " " Mourning. Hoosselln De Laine. RichPirii printed Mousselin Small pattern Striped, forchil l>< Lain* dren Rich Ombre, shaded "mall Figurv's do do. mile. Blur, Pink, Cherry, I a tar and Scarlet Merino and Monuelin de Lainee. Baraifei. Jaconrte, Balzorines, Organdie*, Cambria, Mouslinde Soi, Crape de Chine, Mouelin de Sot, imprimee. Shawls. 8carfs. Algerian Crane da Chena Marociim Echarpe* Mogadon '? " Cento Embroidered Si'k Embroidered Silk Echarpes Taglioni " Cashmere ?* Isly " Baraga " A Palmre Satin Plaid do " C rep* da Chin* ISilk Cravats, Oanfrira, Impemiere*. or MADAME PAYEE'S PARIS EMBHOloERIES. Rich Embroidered Dreaaea Kich Kmb'd Peleriua da Silly Collar* Johannina Pelerine Cardovill* Delieia " Fitvella " Martrlly " Abigail " Balticla " Marquise " Zarali " Rachel " Conde " Rigolerte " d'Albrante* Canezoos O-orgette " Mary Stuart Lavaabaliere Shawls Broiea eu Soutache Ouimpea a I'Eveqnes Ncarfs " " " a Revers Mantelets Regolette Camb. Hdkfs Brodee Souticha 'antelet Veoetien " Zanina Manchta Moliare " " a I'Angliise " Medici* '* " a Lettres " Penan a ei " " a Ec.iaaon . Wedding Dresses. 'I Iread La< e Dresaee AlenCon emb'd Muilin Dressee Embroidered Silk do Point d'Arm d? do Very wide Thread Finance* BLACK AND WHITE. Parasols and Son Shades. Ombrclle* Douavieire Ombrellea Atnericaine* Do Chinoises Do Varqnise Do Anglaiae* Do Otai.e Belts. Buckles. Sashes, fcc. i Shaded Belts Buck lea, Pairs, Gold Narrow Do Fancy Do Steel Do Plaid Do Ar?enteea Ai.kx*>dkh's Paris Made Glovks of the mo*' recherche Colon, I'rin/eint Claire, Demi Claire, Bou ton I Hrevrtr. I be above, with a grea variety of noreltie* and liandsom* (lord.., will be found lo be superior to a-ty thing ever before of fered in this city, having bean .elected by ?* in Paris, with great car*, and which wa now offer at a small advaaca, either ? holesala or retail, a. No. JJ# Broadway. apl? Itis rc BANK FOR SAVINGS, No 43 Chamber* Street VTOTICK ?The depositor*, and the public generally, are in * formed that thia lostitute will b* removed on t?e *ltb April instant,to the New lire proof bailding, No. 107 Clumber* .?reel, west of Church stnet. where the buine**, on that day, and thenceforth will be transacted. all to30re R. C. CORNELL. Sec . MOKNINU LINE FOR ALBANY and 'intermediate Places ?The steamboat UTICA. ?t apt. U. W. Carman, leaves the Pier foot of Barclay itieet (nortMside,) ?n Moaday, Wedaeadiy and Friday M ?rnirg, ?tWTen o'clock. Letvea Albany for New York and intarnwdiate landing, oa TWafer.TM *day and Saturday Morning, at seven o'clock. For pa singe or freight, apply on board, or to P.C. Schultc. at the office on the wharf. aU tfca TO BE BOLD, A STRONG, well bailt Barouche Carriage, in good order, and well adapted for family use, with or without a double barreas. To be Men at HouUtou'* Riding School, and Livery Stable*, 1S7 Mercer street. ml istfrrc AUCTION SALES. RIDHARD VAN DYKE, Jr., Auctioneer. SALE WITHOUT RESERVE OK LEASEHOLD PRO PERTY IN IOth STREET NEAR 8th AVENUE A NTHON Y J. BLEECHEH k CO. will sell u ai Monday, I he 21st inst. ( April J at II o'clock, at chaau' Ezchange? .The two brick Houses, of three s'c auction. on at the Mer s'orieseach situated on the South lidr of lilh street. eommncwi 66 fnt East of the 8th svenue. with the Aator leases of tha Lmi, each M feet 9 inches by 103 feet 3 iochaa, at a ground rent of $M each for <3 yeara. from Mar, 1144, each house It feet 9 inches by 3B feet, finished with marble mantels, sliding doors and sab-cellars ware bailt last rear in tha hast mana-r, and every way conveui ent for small familiaa. Tha pnaisea can be eismined in v da-, antil tha sale, t 3 '5 of the purchase money can remain on mort gage on each house. [No. 1801 al4to2l insrc A. C. TIJTTLF.. Auctioneer. 4#^MI 'PACKAGE SALE OK HARDWARE, Utuiin Uoods. a kc?JACOB 8. PLATT'S Tweoty-Brst String Trade 8ab will take place This Day, at If o'block, at the Auction Room, No. 23 Piatt strrec, corner of Gold?consisting of 330 pultim, cases and lata of new and desirable Birmingham and SheAeld Hardware and heavy Ooods, Onus, American Goods, kc. Also, 2000 dozen table and desaert Knives and Forks, Carvers, Butdiera' Steels, pea and rocket 1. 2, 3 and 4 blade. Congress, Southern and Western Hunting Kaivas, Razors, Scissors, kc Also, Brnshea?300 doz Brushes, consisting of rosewood and faucy cloth, hair, horse, shoe rod paint Brushes Als \ Herman, Staple and Fancy Ooods, comprising a grea' assortment or new goods just landed. Also, at 12 o'clock, pait o<" a strck of Siddlery. apl4 I fee BY F\ i OLTON kCII., Auctionerrs. 5HEBIJPJ SALE of Jewelry, Watches, Clocks, lie.?On Tuksdsv, April lilh. at It o'clock, at No 83 Bleecker st, near Broadway, comprising a large and valuable assortment such as gold and silver Watches, Mantel and Boston Clocks, splendid silver Tea Set of five pieces, weighing 178 oz; silver (?orks and Hpoons, sold Bracelets, Breast Pins. Kingerand h ar Rings and Drops,' lasps, gold Guard and Fi b ( hams; Watch Seals and Kays, one large Regulator, 8. J. Tobias Ik Co., Liver pool. manufacturers; together with a larg" quantity of other Jewelry, ofeveiv description. Also, sever I l iree inah<'g<uy Show Ca?ei, Counter, Desk, Iron Safs, Oil Painting Sic. Also, one valuable Horse. Catalogue) will be rrady on lh* morniug of sile ap!4 lim LARU1C SALE OK VALUABLE FURNITUKE TTPHOLSTERKK'S STOCK, HOU8KLK.KPING ARTI U CLES, PUNO FORTES. kc.-ln South Bnoklyn, oil Tuesday. April 15th, 1845, at ItiJi o'clock, will be sold the en tire yalu hie stock of Mr. Evaus, dmler nod manufacturer of Cabinet Hurniture and Uphols'erv Ooods. and will comprise. First?Cabinet Kurnituie?Wash Stands, Toilet Tabhs. Bu reaus, painud and inihoganv; painted aid mahogany French Bedsteads, Tea. Catd, Dining, (^uir.ette, Pier and Centre Ta bles; 40 Looking-glasses, mahogany and gilt framei; csue seat forage (-hairs, with arm do. to match; mahogany Parlor Chairs, Divaus,Couches, and Sofas, in plush and hair cloth; Hocking do., and numerous other articles of Cabinet Furniture, Counting-house De?ks, Itc. Upholstery Goods?Consisting of best hair and other Mat trasses, best live geese Feather Beds, Blauk'ts, (guilts, Cur tains, Shades, Ornaments, Cornices, Tassels, Itc. Piano Fortes?Thres Splendid Boston Piano Fortes. The sa'e will bs without reserve, as Mr. Evans is changing his business. THOS. BELL, Auctioneer. N. B ?The remainder of the Stock, Toels, kc., will be sold previous to the 1st of May. The Sale will rake place ou the premises, Njs. 49>? and 51 At lantic street, near South Fe ry. al4 2t*rc OUSEHOLD FURNITURE SALES-E.H. LUDLOW k CO , will sell on? Tuesday, April J5(h. at 10Mi o'clock, at No. 284 Broadway, Household Furniture?a large assortment. Wednesday. April 16th, at 10>? o'clock, at No. 40 West Wash ington place, elegaut ros:wood Furniture (br Poniot), mil rors, kc. by catalogue. Thursday, April 17th, at 10 o'clock, st 93 Liberty street, a large, assortment of Household Kumita;e, Pictures, kc., by c&ta logue. Friday. April 18th, at 10 o'c'oek, at No. 85 Amity st, House hold furniture, by catalogue. Monday, April list, at 10)? o'clock, at No ? Twenty-first St., (Chelsea), uear 9th avenue, lushiouable Kurnituie, Silver, kc , by catalogue. Monday, April 2'st, at 10K o'clock, at No. 15 Whitehall it. a large ass-rtinent of ' ahiuet Furniture, kc , made to order by St. Joha.&.Camp, by catalogue Tuesday. April 22a, at 10 o'clock, at No. 29 Fifth avenue, near Ninth street, elegant Rosewood Mahogany Furniture, Mir rors, kc. kc. Wednesday. April 23d, at 10}? o'clock, at No. 65 Amity street, ageurral assortment of fashionable Household Furniture, by catalogue. Wednesday, A pril 23d, at ItK o'clock, at No. 257 West 21st St., near 9'h avenue, (Chelsea,) fashionabla Mahogany Furni ture, Carpeti, Mirrors, Piano, kc. Thursday, April 2tih, at No. 59 Barclay street, corner ?f Col ledge Place, at 10 o'clock, splendid ltowvrood and Maho gany Furniture, Minors, rich Silk Curtains, Milton Car pels. Nuun's Piano, kc kc Thursday, April 24, st 10X o'clock, at 63 Franklin St., House hold Furniture. kc. kc Monday, April 2Sth, at 10Ko'clock, at No. 28Second st., (con tinuation of Boud street,) elegant Furniture, by invoice, particulars in time. Personal attention will be given by E H. Ludlow to House hold Furmiture sales this Spring Civil attendants are engaged, red all the arrangement necesiary will be a'tended to by the subscribers. E. H. LUDLOW k CO., slO eod2w*m corner of Broad street and Ezcliaiiire place. SPLENDID PLANTS AT AUCTION-A. LEVY, will sell ou Tuesday m"rning, at II o'clock, at 151 Broadway, a first rate collection of Fiue Plants viz: 2 splendid rhndoden rons in bloom, azalias, roses ofa'l sorts, jesamines.helilhropes. violets, with numerous other varieties. Also, for the Garden, a Ane collection of stanard, perpetml, moss,and other varieties of choice sorts, pomegranates .and other ornamental shrubs. al2 3t*m NEW YORK portsmenV^ CLUB^ NEW YORK SPORTSMEN'S CLUB. THE Members of this Club are her-by notified that the regu gular m uthly meeting of the Club will be held on Monday Evening, the 14th inst, at I o'clock, attte Woodcock, iu Hous ton street,neir Broadway, (Mr. Sinclair's.) JAMES McGAY, al4 ltrc Secretary to IN. Y. Sportsmeti's Club. VtRY VALUABLE WATER POWER, IRON WORKS, GK 1ST MILL, AND LANDS FOR SALE. M BY virtne of * power of Attorney, the iind.rsiKned of fllBfer for s<le " Ridgely's Fcrges," ? outaioinr 101# acm of ?j|K.LaD(l, situated on the Grea Uunpowd-r Folli. 11 miles from Baltimore by the Baltimore and Havre de draff Turnpike. The itnprovrments cnnsia'sot a stations Hour Helling Mill, filed for rolling Uar, Plate. Hoop aad oiher deteriptions of Iron, with furnaces, Wthes and rollers enough to make a huuil-ed dif ferent desertion* ol bar irou, exrlumve of plate, ili?et, kc.? This ?ill ia under a slat* roof, and cont'ina machinery and fix tures, and stands within fifn tarda of the Btlt moit aad Havre de Giaca Turnpike road. 'I here ,is alio aao'her atone Hollina Mill with slate roof, and ia about 100 raids from the other, and waa built for the.purpote ? f rolling hoops. aimilar to those made from pig iron in refining forge* into sites and formi suitable for tMr rnilu. The making and rolling of these hoopa haa I ten the regular bnaineaa of this M il for many vesrs during the t me it waa carried on. It contains four fires anil i> ?<pahle of contain ing twelve; to the rolling lodges made by them thia Mill ia i?>> adequate. lajfH) In addition to these Iron Milla and situated between them, are a three story Oris- and Saw Mill. The Grist Mill is calculated for thr?e run of line atones, and anrpaaaed by none for run of bu siness. These works are on the Great Guupowd?r Kails, a I irge and powerful stnam of water, always affording a plentiful sup ply of wat'r for all the Milla. The extensive works of Messrs Pattersons are diiven by the same stream, standing on tidewater, and about three-quarters of a mile t iatant. Besides the Iron ana other Milla, there are a atone < nel House, a stone Smith ahop, a large two atiry Brick D?el ius Home, wit i kitchen and out houaes, four large two story Stone Dwelling Houses, (one of which is double )*for the accommodation of workmen. Together wuli rever&l Log Houses used far the sams purpose, wi nin a mil* of the works; and belonging to the tract is a splendid s**t m the same stieam suitable lor waterworks of any kind, having npwards of twenty feet head and fall. There ia here a natural fall of 4 feet oier a bed of granite rock, stretching from one side of the stream to th? other, affording great facilities in the erec tion of a dam. And to this with a trilling cost a good road can be made to the larnpika. The ere of the head waters of the Che sapeake, so justly crlrbnted for the goednesa of its iron, both wrought and cast, may be had ia great abundance and may be conveyed by water to within 2% miles of the wotks. Though in a country abounding in iron and wood, yet the site snd great water power (never failing in all seasons) are suited to the erection of large cotton works, or works for any species of mannfectnring. Mr. William Knight, on the premises, will show them to those disposed to ]> [ft chase. Terms of sale of the above promrty?Forty thousand dollars; (en thousand in caah and the balance ia ren equal instalments, with intrreet thereon, payable semi-annually. Title indisputable. Apply to GEORGE H. WILLIAMS. Attorney at Law, Court House Lane, Baltimore. E T- J. WOUDWAKD, 6% mile* on the Harford Turnpike Hoad, aU lt*ec Baltimore County. GERMAN GAKDENER. A YOUNG man wha h < been niue years in this eonn fA'ry, and understands his business in every department, ^JUkwtieiher vegetable, g.ecnhoute or any foicing, wishes a situation. He is married, but will go single if mora convenient to lu? employer. Unexceptionable references from gentlemen near thia city; his terms sr.* very reasonable; s >eaks Enclish fluently. Pleate apply at the stoie of Mr. Tlioiburn, iu John street. a!3 3t*m M WANTED A COTTAGE.?A n-at Cottage suited to the accommodation of a sm>ll family, either within or in the neighborhood of this city or Brooklyn The latter p.are. if not too diatan from the Fulton ferry, would be prefer red. Addiess M. at this oMm. aW lw're ? WE are requested to eall th< attention of person* in this city and vicinity, to the sale by auction, on the lith instsnt, at the Merchanta' Exchange, of the valuable Real Estate, belong ing to the Corporation. lying on the sh ire of '.he East River between Williamsburg and Astoria Thtt portion situsted im mediately on the bank of the east channel of the East River, has been laid oat in parcels suitable for sites for country residences, and for beauty of situation is unequalled by any contiiuoui to the city Thar portion lying on th? K*?t of the turnpike road, and adjoining tne above, is divided into four in idrraie sized farms The whole property is in a high stale of cultivation, and there are several good buildings on the premises. Lithographic mape of the Property may be obtained at the Comptroller's office. No 3 Hall of Records, I'ark. Sixty percent of the purchase money may remain on bond and mortgage, for Ave years, with interest at the rate of six |>* cent. Full warrantee deeds of the property will be given. a7toli isrre ROULSTONE'S RIDING SCHOOL, 131 AND 139 MKRCRR STREET. MR. JOHN 8. ROULSTONE has the honor to I inform his friends, and the public in general, that his -School for Instruction in Horsemanship is now open ?iy and evening, as follows;? Hour* for Gentlemen, from 6 to t A. M. " " l adies 9 A. M. to 3 P. M Terms of iastraecioa made known on application to Mr. Roulstnae. Mr. R. has Just received from the country several fine and stylish Saddle Horaea, which he ia authorised to sell at a rea sonable price rofirrc PORTER, ALE AND CIDER. JOHN J STAFF'S BOTTLING ESTABLISHMENT, VJO. 1 ANN STREET, next door to the American Musenm, i* returns his sircere thanks to his friends and the public generally, for the very liberal share of patronage already receiv ed, and hopes by strict attention to bnsinees to merit a Continn FIRST QUALITY? Philadelphia Porter, Newark Cider, Croton Ale, London Brown Stout, and Scotch Ale. Orders for shipping attended to with despatch mhllee rvRlIUS AND FIXTURES for sale, together with lease of U premises, eligibly situated. The store ia well eatabliahed, and the dwelling part might be occupied by a phyaician with great advantage. The premiere are located i? * highly respectable neighborhood. Enquire at No. n Frankfort st. a4 lw*ec amusements. PAKK THKATBK First wiiiiiu of Mr. MONDAY EVENING" April 14. Will b? pmruwl tbc Tr???lv of CORlOLANl l/S-' j1." Marcius. Mr. Aadentou. Comiaius, Mr Bury; Volume, Mis* coiclude with GRIST TO THE MILL Prince di ' Boais, lat'uerTScents, !<1 tier M ceuis?Pit 40 ceels?Galleiy >5 emu. PALHO'I OPERA HOUSHi Ltssaa w. D1NNEKOKD. The Lent* ha* groat pleasure in announcing that lie is now eu ahled to admit the public to the usual 1 heaue prices, vix :? Drew Botes75 cents?Pit.50 eeuia?Second Circle 24 ceuts Private Boies %4. _ MONDAY EVENING, April Wtb, 1M5. will be m? sealed. (Seventh time inAmrrica.) the 1 ragedv ofA NT I ? GONE?Crrou, (htug of Theb*s) Mr G Vandenhoff; Anti gone, MissClaraudou _ . , .... Choru?es sung by th? whole body of the Choristers?1.1'rb of Helois. 2 Wonders in Nature. 3. How happy'hey who , blest by fate. 4. liymu to Love. i. Rmal Danae lived ma tower. 6. Hymn to Uacbus. 7. Our Monarch appears. 8 ' ^*To conclude with the Play of the LADY 0> LYONS? Claude Melnotte, Mr Vandeuhoff Pauline, Miss Clarendon. There is no Free List to this Theatre, except the members of '^Doors'open at 7?Performance to commence positively at half-put 7 o'clock The Box Book is now open, end places may be secured. XBflPiilC OK THK nilSBS. FLOATISO THEATRE, AT THE FOOT OF DE LANCY STREET. PRICES REDUCED. Admission to D'ess Circle 25 cents-Pai qoette 1?X cents. MONDAY EVENING, April 14. The entertainments will commence with JACK. ? inl. LAD; or the Pride of the Ocean?Jack Spry, W.O. Jones; Pol lyFiuh night of the celebrated GUMBO FAMILY, who will give a variety of original Negro Peculiarities of siugin* and dafon& followed by the KINO'S GARDINEK?Ferdinand Benwrod, Lawtou; Mad. Oalochard, Mrs. Mosaop. During the evening a variety of Songs Duces. The wnole to conclude with TH& SP1TF IRE?Ben Bob stay, W. G. Jones, i CIKCU8. BOWERY AMPHITHEATRE, THE FINE STUD OF ENGLISH HORSES Will continue to netform during this waek. The following ce lebrated performers will appear. ? Mr D. GARDNER, as CLO WN, and in his famous SERE NADE. , Madame CAMMILLE GARDNER, the Parisien Rider, and the first Lady Equestrian of this country. Mr. WILLIAMS, ihe accomplished Light Balancer. Master W vi. HENRY, the Infautile Phenemenon. Master WALTER AYM AR and a host of others. Boxes, 25 cents?Pit, 12>4 ceuu. Peiform'uces to commence at half-past 7. al4 lt*rc BURTON'S THKATHE?Arch street, PHI LA DEL PHI A. MONDAY EVENING. April 14, The successful burlesque, called THk BWHEAMAN 8 GAL '.?Mister Harn^eim, Mr. Johnson; rnady. Mr. Bu'ke; Hoopincongh Mr Bowers; Kloorstaw, Mr. Kusiell; Ailinfi Mrs. W. H. Smith; Mrs. tiueen, Mr. Stevens. The extravaganza of BEAUTY AND THE BEAST?8ir Aldgate Knrrp. Mr. Barton; Beauty, Mrs. Burke; Queen of %&Kbl?bLeof THE MAN WITHOUT A NAME -Jacob, Mr. Burton; Flinhty. Mr. Thayer; Pippin, Mr Wright; Mis, Mooushin-. Mrs Hughes; Emily, Mis. Archer. " KXHlBM'lON T'HE URAND ORIGINAL TABLEAU, painted by F. 1 Anelli, in New York, on an area of 23 by. 19 feet, rerre seating a grand catastrophe, THE KND OK VVtiRLD, (the ilea was suggested by a dream,) is now and will be exhi bited at the Apollo, 410 Broadway, (which is entirely separa ted fr>m the Coucert Room, in the same building,) for a snort time, previous to its removal from the city, Mr. AneLi having disposed of it for the present. ti% _ . . . . __ [exhibition open from 10, A. M., to 10, P. M. Admission 25 a5 rc enu CHINESE MAGICIAN. TV/TONDAY EVENING. April Uth. at the Apollo Saloon, 1V1 no Broadway, YE WANG will give a variety of Ma gical Feats, of whicn the following are some:? Bhoug-tooUing ? ? ? or Hat<hwg Birds. Ning-Soong ..or........ . Card Steeple. Hah noo or... V reaks of a Billet of Wood. Ool-Ona? ? cr Charmed Balls. Ling-Tsiug-Noo or...... Wjgard's Feist. To conclude with the deception of the Chinese Wizard, and Cutting off a Man's Head! Tickets of admission 50 ceuts. Children, accompanying parents or guardians, half-price. Doors oiien at a quarter past 7, perform \nce at 8 o clock. a!3 6tis*ec A CARD. rpHE FRIENDS OF MADAME OTTO are requested to J- meet at the Astor House, on Tuesday Eveninz. April 15th, at 8 o'clock, to make preliminary irrangements for the COMPIMENTARY CONCERT abon' to b1^ giveu to that lady. ali 3t*rc NEW YORK SACRED MUSH-"SOCIETY, j Incarvoratrd May 1 */, 1829. N coufonnity with the by-laws of this Society, the Annual i . Election f >r the choice of oflicerj for the ensuing year will be held at the Society's Hall in Broadway, on Tuesday evening, 15th instant, at 8 o'clock. By order, aplj 3tis*rc H. MKIlsGS. Secretary. PHILHARMONIC SOCIETY. THIRD SEASON, 1844-45. m rpHE Fourth and l.ast Concert of the Season, will take place i- at the Apollo Rooms, on Saturday,.April 19th lo com mence at 8 o'clock, precisely. ... Subscribers cm obtain their extra I lckets, by applying to Messrs Scharfenberg !k Luis. No. 361 Broadway, ou and betore Aaii Ut!!l9th?tn ByWMr SCHABFEN BERG. Sec'y. TUESDAY, JIPUIL 15. 1)R. HoLLICK WILL Commence hi* Second Course of Select Lectures, cu THF ORIGIN OF LIST; K.-r Gentlemen only?illustrated by the celebrated n teen mo de's of the Maternal Stiucture and the f-iumau Beiog, at ^very stage ofdevelo|>em#L*?, &c . also, the new modelis, now, for the first time exhibited, ?jf ihe Paternal Structure .. Paiuttngs, Na tural Pr*pnration*. 8tc , k., -t FR4Is*litc Hall, two doors be low the Tridesmea's B?mk, Chatham Pquire. , I This larKe and corrmodious H?ll has reen beautifuUv fitted up aod decorated npressly for th* purpose A large platform will b? arranged ?o that >11 ms v" sw the models displayed. 10 be be rrntinued and couirle'ed ou Tharsdsy and rndav, April 17 and 18. Doors open at 7H~Lectu-e to commence at 8 Ad mission, 50 ceuts, single Lecture; or, tl for a ricket to the three, if tak.n the first evuing. No one can be admitted to the 1 ecture ou Friday, who has not been to the previous Lectures ; the subject will be announced on Thursday. The Lectures to Ladiks o*nr, at 3 in the afternoons ol the same days Admission, T5 cents. Doors open at 3X. a'2 lt*rc OILMAN'S t?ALLERY OK OIL PAINTINGS AND L<terary Exhibition, !No. 203 Brosdway.?Just added to the Exhibition, a very beantifol Picture by G. Cole?-in sue about 6 ft 4?being a Landscape view in ( u^nberland, England, lilled in with a wouderfnl troup of Cattle, which have received the finishing touches of Thomas Sidney Cooper, of London, with whom Mr. Cole studied. It was vilued in the Exhibition in London at 400 gniueas This is probably the most d'lighttul effort of art which h->s been exhibited hete in many years. To see which, and about 200 Oil Paintings, cents oely is charged. , , . . Entrance through the Book Store, where no charge is made, nor to the extensive Print Room, where Engravings of every variety may be had, at reduced prices. N, Col man, wishing to close up tr e Book Uepart mentof his establishment, offers bargains to purchasers. al2 tf rc _ KE.AUlNl.v8 AND KLCITATiONS. MR J. E. MURDOCH will give his second Lecture on the Cultu'e of tte Voice,at the Society Library, ou Monday evening. April 14th. Id the cnurse of taeevenir'g, Vlr. M. will teul au<l recite pasaiges from bhaksi eare, V>ilion. and o.her poets, together v uli extracts Irom the Pickwick pipers. To commence a; a <|0 irter before 8 o'clock. Tickets 25 cmts. to b? had at tie door a'2 2t rod is* m OTTIGNON'S GYMNASIUM. CHAS. K. OTT1GNON respectfully informs his frie&ds and the public, that he has recently taken the large and com modious rooms, Nos 15, 17, and 19 Canal street. near Broad way, (formerly occupied by J. P. Rogers.) which have been thorough1? cleaned, and tilted npin a maunt-r that cannot fail ro give satisfaction to the most fastidious. Connected with the Gymnasium, is the Sraaiiiivu Room, where Mr. O. is always ready personally to give instructions in (he noble Art of Self Defence, and tie will likewise state that his pupils enjoy the reputation of being the most skilful amateur spaners in the Wrestling taught by Mr. ff? Prick, who will warrant any puoil perfest, after a course of instruction Fencing taught by an etperieuced professor. Mr. O. would rrspeetfally inform those pupils who liar* formerly exercised at this Gymnasium, and whose terms hare not already expired, that satisfactory arrangements for the continuation of their unexpired time, will be made by calling on him at the rouma. in Canal street, which will be open I rem sburise antil 10 o'clock. P.M. Mr. O. would also state that the Gymnasium and Pistol Gal lery, corner of Broadway and Chamber streets, will be open un til further notice. a9 lmje THK FIFTY-NINTH ANNi VEhSARY DINNER of 1 the ST. GEORGE'S SOCIETY of .New York, will uke plactat the Astor House ou the 23d inst. Tickets, the number of which it limited, mav be had of the stewards. J. It WALTER. 296 B'oadway. WM HINDMAU'GH.l Vesey at.A?tor Hons# F. DIAPER, 3t Wall street. EDWAHU WALKER, IU Fulton, and n6t?3 dh 12SNassau street. LODGINOS TWENTY-FIVE CENTS, AT THZ NAG'S HEAD No. S Barclay Strkkt, uraa Broad ? tr. The Subscriber, having fitted np aad newly furnished several room* connected with this Kstab ishment. solicits a call .'rom his friends aad tbe public. _ JAMES BYRNES. | iB Ini* ec M WAN I ED?In lirook in, within ten minutes walk of the Kulton Kerry, hair of a two story honse, nr two or th-ee good rooms. Address J. F.. Hessld Office stai tim terms fcc. a!2 tijf WANTKD?Wanted to hire from trie first of May, ' two Roomi and two Bed-rooms, with the requisites for 4^for fuel, fce., m a two story hotiae, not over a mile from 'City Hall. Rent not to ex> e#d $170. Address J. E., Herald Office. a9 J* FURNISHED APARTMENTS. I WANTED?Two o: three Furnished Apartments, from the first of May, suitable for a small family. L? nation within ten minute's walk of tlte City Hall.? erins moderate Address X Y. 35. at thu office. m?'i mfrc FRENCH ARTIFICIAL FLOWERS. AND MATERIALS FOR FLORISTS. .vA URl'N ( OURT, 116 Williaa acVy' street, h ve just received by the last Havre packets, a SK large assortment of fsshioaable Spring Flowers, oftrie mott elegant and latest styles, and will continue re ceiving them by every succeeding packet. all lm*rc FOR NEW ORLEANS. ? LoaisiaM and Nrw York Line?Regular Packet, to say l?th inst?The elegant fast aaihnv packet ship ABVllM. Capt. W. Smith, will sail a* ab >ve, l?r regular day. For freight or pas sags, having handsome furnished accommodations, apply on board, at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall street, or to . . , 3 K COLLINS h b0.. S6 South st. qy Positively no goods received oa board after i nesdaysvc A*""?,lu N,w Orleans Messrs. Hl'LLlN * wOODRl. H, who will prvmpUy forward all goods to their aldresa aU ec "&EK: LONDON PACKKT-ftekM of tkeMth \pnl wj^y i lie splendid and fast sailing packet ship IOKON Sftbro, Capt. G. Tucker, will positively sail a? above, her regular day. I'ersins about to embark C i ',c old country, should not fail to raakn early applicative til Smrth^vil W. Si J. T. TAP8CO : T, 76 v ih street. aplJsc c oi' aiden lane. FOR GL '.SGOW-Fir f f ' et. I "til on the l"lt April?The hne fast inil I't* -k ALA JHMfaiBAMA, Capt. C E. R..i.ler I P<"> V a ail as above Having hanosom< acminmori m 'or a cabin and second cabin paasensrrs, those ?l> rM" i ? Scotland should not fail to mak>'early app'ic ''I. ? I ?( B?r lin| slip, or to W. k J. T TAfSi ?'T ? in Kjw, apljec curuei .I'Suli u laue. tn I HE S0U1HEKN MAIL Wuhlifton. (? orreapondence of the Herald ] Washington, April 12, 1846. Hit President and his Cabinet?Cave Johnson's Mttvemttut?Rotation? Visionary V ravelling Monty?Alarm Exriud by its lhscloturt?A. Jarlttun Smith, and the Consulship at Havana The Cabinet are around the President like so many conspirators, each for himself, and the suc cession of hia clique. The fues ot the whig press it the few discharges that have been made, have had some influence in checking the guillotine; but uot half so much aa the difficulty of satisfying the cliques, or any one of them, without endangering the tupport of the others. Now we say to Captain Folk and to Cave Johnson?for Cave will slick to the President whatever may be the combination against him?we say to them, go ahead. You are expected to turn out, and to turn in?you must do it, or you are lost. The work of rotation is suspended almost entire ly for the present, on account of the Virginia elec tions, and because the regular organ aoes not be gin to play till the first of May. Among Cave Johnson's appointments respec tively, Colonel Jacob Medary (brother ol Colonel Samuel Medary, editor of the Ohio Statesman) will succeed Mr. Miller, brother-in-law of Captain Tyler, in the post-office at Columbus, after tha 1st June next, when the commission of Miller ex pires. Now this is a very clever way of killing them off; and a great many of Cave's deputies are to be served in that way. A Mr. Kegau, a Methodist protestant purser, will supercede Mr. Tyler's man at Steubenville, and a Mr. Spencer succeeds to the post-office ut Cleveland, while a Mr. McCorkill, a democratic editor, we belie e, is to take the deputyship at Dayton, in lieu of the present Tyler incumbent. Now, that's the way to do the business. Mr. Dallas is in a tight fix regarding that imagi nary travelling, and the fund appropriated there for. Mr Bagby is in a snarl, and Messrs. Barrow and Johnson are bound to a settlement with their constituents. But there is no hope for Dickinson ?none in the world. His speech on Texas nearly killed him, but this fund for visionary travelling, which lie demanded three times over, will entire ly extinguish him The publication of that matter in the Herald has created quite a sensation here, and will dovbtlees open the eyes of the people throughout the land to a closer vigilance upon the proper expenditure of the people's money. Andrew Jackson Smith, it is said, will, notwith standing the understanding to the contrary, be ap pointed consul to Havana in the place of Campbell, of South Carolina, brother of the Democratic member of that name in the House. Smith is the son of an old fellow soldier of General Jackson, and this circumstance renders the report in the premises sufficiently plausible for a public notice. Mr. Cuehing remains among us as yet. The library ot Congress is open from nine to three in the day, on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. There, upon these days, the late Chinese commis sioner may generally be found, poring over old volumes ot treaties, to see if there is anything comparable with his compact with the Emperor of the Celestial Chopsticks. They are running poor old T. Harley Crawford very closely. If he escapes from these alleged Choctaw scrip speculations, it will be a " tam tight squeeze," as Jacob Fulwiler would say. W. Philadelphia [Correspondence of the Herald.] Philadelphia, April lath, 1645. There Is very little to communicate in the way ot news to-day. The weather is. warm end windy, and the air is filled with clouds ol dust. Burton had a crowded house last night at the production of the Bohea-Man'a Girl," and the place was received with shouts of laughter ? James Reese, knowu some years ago as the anthor of a series of papers called.the Night Hawk, but more recent ly as a talc writer and dramatic author, of this city, also took a benefit at the eircna. The successful dramatic piece of "Anthony Wayne" is from his pen, and it was perform ed on the occasion. He had a bumper, and the house waa honored by the attendance of the Wayne Artillery, under Capt. Murdock, brother of tha distinguished Eloqutionist. Fashion is to be brought out at the walnut afreet on Mon day evening, aud expectation is on tiptoe to witness it - There is com Mr: able speculation in advance SS to its merits, aril its probable success. The concerts of ill* Hutchinson fa.iiily have beeu crowded. So greet wss the anxiety to get seats, th> t many repaired to the Museum an hour or to before the time of opening, and yet were bare ly weeommodated. This family is immensely popular. Next Friday is the day fixed for the execution of Saml. Zephon, the colored man convicted ol the murder of Guff/ Tod. As the time draws near great anxiety is manifested as to the probable action of the State Kxecutive, but frnm conversations with those who have the best chance of knowing, I have every rea son to believe that Governor 8hunk will let the law take its course. People here look with horror upen taking the life of a human being in this cold blooded manner, and, but that this Zephon has a black skin, they would mske the welkin ring with their remonstrances. The Uct is, cspitsl punishment in the city and connty of Philadelphia is practically abolished, except In the case of s colored man. No white man can be convicted in this vicinity, of mnrder in the first degree. A black akin has de cidedly the best chance of the gallows, should a proper case be presented to a court and jury, and indeed it seems that the preference awsrded the colored race in this instance is likely to work out the ends of jus tice Zephon has confessed hia guilt to the Judge who {tried him, and has relate 1 the particulars of the trans action, from which it appears that he and another darkey went to the house of old Tod, in upper part of the county, at the dead hour of the night, and murdered him in hia bod, for th? purpose of robbiar him of aome money, which they supposed ne had upon 'his premises. So you see, this is a fair csso for the infliction of the extreme penalty o it tie law. The news of the Are in Pittsburg has created great ex citement in thia city. /CAUTION ? Lo*t betweeuthe 20th of March and the 12th of ^-y April, I84J, auote of hind, drawn by Graham Polly, for $?00, and endoraed by John S Trott and Exekiel Petty, date 13th of Mar'h, 1445, and payable fifty day* after date. All pe *on* arc hereby forbid negotiating laid note,a< payment has been alopprd. and is of no use to any one but th? owner. A liber*! reward will be given to the tinder if kft at E. Petty'*, 171 Matt street. all 3fm ^ SOCIETY LIBRARY. pONSUMPTION CURABLE.-Dr. ROSE. of Philadel ^ phia, who for several years ha* moat successfully practiced the " Chr ino Thermal System of Medicine" will deliver hia se csnd Lecture, at the Society Library, Lou Wednesday Evening, April ISth. To commence at S o'clock. Tickets tilcy cenu. a!3 4t*ec. pOAHU WANTED?Two gentlemen are dcairoui of ?b D taining a Room and Board in som- tmall family within a few minute* w tlk ot thii office. Address H. k R. at thi* office al3 3tewh BOARD AT 3TATEN ISLAND TW>> GENTLEMEN de*ire to find Board and convenient room* for themtelve* and servant ia a private family, or where thi-re are but few boarder*, at Sutra Isl.ind. for the en suing ?ominer. Stable room required. Address J. H., No. I New street, corner of Wall, Offic* No. 4, lecoud itory. apl2 3t*m XITANTED?A Young French Woman, to take charge of a ?* child three yeara old, and attend to a ladiea' toilet.? '1 here ia a probability of the family viaiting Pari* thi* mmmer. all tfrc AIT'ANTED?A few active young men to eugag* in alight ?" and pl-aaant business. E quire at 293 Broadwav, of C. MERRIFlELD. Now ready for sale, the Knigh'l of Seven Lasda, complete containing 64 page* and two splendid engravinga, price i2.t? eta The Nun of St.lJraula, or the Burning of the Convent?ju*t published &ad for sale at C. MraaiFifcLD's, Pnblishiuk Hall. 293 Bioadway, and at K. OLKason's, 1H Tremont Row. Uoe lon an 12 1teoil? m tttj'J OHO REWARD?The above reward will be paid for ijpOjV'W the recovery of the following aumx of money?or in proportion to the amount recovered, which was stolen from the barge Clinton of Poughkeepsie, at the fooiol Murray street, between t)*> hour* of3 and 5 o clock, P.M , on Monday, the 7th of April inatant, or on th? |*.nage to I'oughkeeptie, via : $10,000 of the b-11a of the Merchanta' Eichange Bank, New York f>.?7 of the bill* if the Bank of Poughkeepaie. 12,MO of the bill* of the Farmer*' and Manufacturer*' Baa of Poughkeepaie $S36 of the bill* of variou* orher Bank*. K. P. BENJAMIN Cashier Karmer*' and Manufacturen' Bank, Poughkaepsie R. NORTH. ( aahwr. Bank of PoughkorMia. Information may be given to the Mevehtato' Exchange Bank, New Yoik all lw*m DEFECl'ORY TO LET, tadStock and Fiat ares Or Sale. I? ?A go4nl chance for a |ieraoa wiahing to engagr in thi* h? tinesa. Thia i? an eicellent at tnd, aud now doing a g >od busi reis, whi<h can be increased. Situated in the third Wa d, near Hroadeay. The ownar is engaged in other business and casnot attend to it. Enquire 17 Water at. a 1 3t? m. M^OflCfc is hereby given, that Piopoaala will be received at the o*ee of the ,\*w York and Harlem Kail read ( ornmay until tha l#th May ant, for the delivery of from One to Throe Thousand Cords nrat quality Virginia . iae Wood, to be de livered monthly from one to three hundred cords. WM. 8. CARMAN, aptttomylO Secretary QTEAM POWER 41 Gold street, with light J.-'gsj "rafts* rcivm"' mhH laa'ee rt Mnldlatraet. New VirV. TEN CENTS PER HUNDRED POUNDS. FREIGHT FROM PHILADELPHIA TO BALTIMORE. PASSAGE tl *. ERICSSON STEAMBOAT LINE BETWEEN PHILADELPHIA AND BALTIMORE T <? Ericaeoa Cine will re eiye Freight for Baltimore d an.i for the South and West! /, which they will forward -t the low rate of trenia er 100 lbs. All the freight heretofore forwarded fmtn New \ ,,rk to Baltimore, has been carried by this line, and ahippera will ilirrefore be careful to Consign aud mark their go?d? to a throve*, Jr , Agent. The Depot or the KriCMOa Line ia near the freight office of the New York Lite, almoit adjoining it The Boats of this Line will lav the npper aide of' heataut ?trret wharf daily, (eicept Sunday i at 3 o'clock, P M , or im mediately after the arrival of the NViv V.irk Line. The accom modations for Passenger* aiv eic> !'? .it, be. tha b- ing provided for them, aid every effort will be m<.il t > I' >mote their comfort and convenience. Pasaengeri reteii ted through by thu Line to Wheeling and Pittsburgh, via Balum r uid Ohio Railroad and National Road. _ ? , . 'I ?"Fare to Wheeling $:t-Te Pittsburgh fll-Meala JS cts Sit Boats compose the Kricssnu Steimboat l.ine, and the ar rapgemeuta are ample to forward evei\ pound ot freight re ceived. A OR'iVh.S, Jr. Aget t, March 10th, IMS. No It South Wareea, Phila. mhlt lmi**ec WANTED?A Hhio to load for a Southern l'o*<% Ot WA^nu-A nbi> to load for a Southern far Apply to E. K.COLLINS k CO.. 56 South at. a Moo

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