Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 19, 1845, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 19, 1845 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK. HERALD Vol. XI., Mo. 10S-WfcoIo Ho. *070, NEW YORK. SATURDAY MORNiNG. APRIL 19, 1845. Two OwM THE NEW YORK HERALD. JAM1S GORDON BENNETT, Proprietor. Circulation?Forty Thousand, DAILY HERALD?Every day. Price -J cent* per copy ?$7 ib per aunum?payable in advance. WEEKLY HERALD?Every Saturday?Price 6J ceLta per copy?$3 14} cents per annum?payable in advance. ADVERTISEMENTS at theuaual prices?alwaya cash in advance. PRINTING of all kind* executed with beauty and det patch. QtJ- All letter? or communication*, by mail, addreaaed to toe establishment, must be po t paid, or the pontage will be deducted from the subscription money remitted. JAMES GORDON BENNETT, Proprietor or the New York Herald Establishment, North iv(ft corneerof F-iltnn and Nassau strut* FAKE ?' SO.?Regular Opposition Line ?between Philadelphia aud Baltimore, from the .lower side of Chesnut street Wharf, eve-y Morning, Sundayse*c?pted, at 7 o'clock, through in u hnurs, viz.: 'hesai eakr and Delaware Canal, and connect with oil the lines south nod west from Baltimore. On the DrUware. On Chesapeake Bay. Steamer t'ORTSVOIJTH, Pteamer THOU J^FFEH Capt. J.Devoe HON, ('apt. Phillips. And through th; Canal, a diitance of 13 mil-s only, are first rate picket bo its. In far t the accommodation by this line, both for sreed and comfort, >s equal to any other line betwaen the two cities. 1'l.iladelplua, April 17, IMS MORRIS BUCKMAN, Agent, a!7 lm*m Office No. 30 South Wharves. MORN IN O LINE FOR ALBANY and 'intermediate Places.?The steamboat UTICA. .Capt. O. W. Carman, leaves the Pier foot of Barclay atieet (north"side,)oa Monday, Wednesday and Friday Mornii ir, at seven o'clock. Leavrs .Albany for New York and intermediate land eg, on Tuesday, Thuisdiy aud Saturday Morning, at seven o'clock. For passage or freight, apply on board, or to P.C. Schnltz. at the oU)Ci* on the wharf. nl4 tfee NEW VORkTaLBANY AND TROY LINE"! At 7 o'clock, P. M FOR ALBANY AND TROY DIRECT, s from the Pier, foot of Courtlandt street.?The .Steam Boat EMPIRE, Captain R. B. Macy, will le.vo the foot of Courtlandt street, every Monday, Wed nesday and b riday evenings, at 7 o'clock. Pissenpers by the above boat will arrive at Albany and Troy in a npie time to take the cars going east or west. Freight tak?-o it low rates. For Pmnage or Freight, apply on board the boat or to C CL. ths office on the wharf. eplfitfrc ~~PEOPLE'S LINESTEAMBOAtOoR ALBAN Y?Daily, Sunday sexcepted, through .direct, at 7 o'clock, 1'. M?From the Pier be tween Court I fudt and Liberty streets. f Tlie Mearnboat KNICKERBOCKER, Capt. A. Houghton, will Ir.ite uu Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings, at 7 o'clock * The Steamboat ROCHESTER, Captain R. O. Cruttenden, will I'ire on Tuesday, Thursday aurt Saturday evenings at 7 o'clock.. At 5 o'clock, P. M?Landing at intermediate places -.?from the foot of Barclay street. The steamboat SOUTH AMERICA, Captain M. H. Truss dell, will leave'on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and 8unday afternoons, at 5 o'clock. The Steamboat COLUMBIA, Captain Wm. H. Peck, will leave on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday afternoons, at 6 o'clock. Passengers taking the above lines will arrive in Albany in ample time to take the morning train of Can for the East hi West. Freight taken at moderate rates. All |iersons are forHd trusting any of the boats of this line, w ithout a written order from the Captains or Agents. F or passage or freight, apply on board the boats, or to P. C. Schul'z. at the office on the Wharf. a lire ALBANY~AND BUFFALO RAILROAD OFFICE, No 50 Courtland Street. ?r?ww NOTICE TO IMMIGRANTS. The Subscribers, Sole Agents inNew^^^^Mt JsJgQgfijH Vork, for forwarding passengers bv se^^H ML ? ? coud class cars from Albany to B-<r.u ? ? are eu tided to send them per People's Line Steamboats to Al bany, and th-uce, iter railroad, to Utfca, for S3,OR; Syracuse, $J,92; Auburn, $3,36; Kocheiter, 1161; Buffalo, $5,90. Chil li r 111'roiU 3 to 12 vejrs old, at half pric-; nnder 3 years free;and si'trr the 15th instant, all baggage on the Railroad is entir.-ly free. All information as to different roufs given gratis, and pas senge-s forwarded to every port on Lake Ontario asd upper Likes, at the lowest rat-s. The subscribers would call parti cular attention to the Tact that THEIR TICKETS O.NLY are recognized at the office at Albany. W"LFfc RICKERS, Sale Agts Albany It Buffalo Railroad, 2d class cars. No. 99 Courtlandt street. New York, 8th April, 1845. i91m*er UNITED STATES MAIL LINES FROM PHILADELPHIA TO BALTIMORE. ma MORNING LINE?By steamer ROBT. Mil-i. jaMORJtis. which leaves Dock street wharf X?23GiZ-<Uily (*und?ys excepted) at 7). A.M. for N--?c ?tlf, and thence by railroad to Frenchtown, and steamer CONl*'i"lTUTI' 'N to Baltimore. The above is tne ou'y line that connects with th* lines for the Scuth and West tlie siine afteruoon. Fare $2 CO. AFTERNOON A~ND NIGHT LINES. Through by Rail Roa4 in Sim Hourt. Fate |3 OO. '1 he corn?i 7I*Hi ac3Market itffitt. duly, nt 4 o'clock, P. M., and d%?ly (except Sunday) at 10K P M., or on the arrival of the traiu from fsew York. Passengers leaving Nevr York it4X P.M.,for Philadelphia, can reach Hai ti more neit morning in ample time for any lice leaving for the 8onth or West. TickeU can b? procaied at the Depot. or on bo-tid the at Dock street wharf, Philadelphia. Fare to Wheelioff, $13 ; to Pittsburg, fit. . . A Passenger Car will be attached to the Freight Train, which lesvrsthe Depot daily (except Sundays) at i o'clock, P. M. and arrivis ?n Baltimore early next morning. Fare 50 cents. 0-Korf.nh.^UcuUn^l^o E No.7Wall,or6 N. B ? Freight taken at 5 etnU per 100 lb?. m?l lm'ic NEW YORK AND HARLEM RAILROAD CO. SUMMER ARRANGEMENT. On and after Monday, April 14th, 1845, the can will run m follow,: U"*c!y LeAvp Cty HallTor Leav- CitT Hall for LeaveCityHall Yorkvilte. Harlem Fordliam and Wil- for White Plaint, and Momsi?nna. lisms Bridge. 7 00 A. M. f? M A. M. ? 80 A. M. 10 00 !-??? 7 on 7 f0 J 00 P.M. k 8 00 1* oo 5 00 ' 9 00 J 00 P. M. 10 00 3 ? 1 00 P. M. 5 00 I 2 00 v 3 00 3 }? I 5 00 5 30 ? 30 Le.ive Morrisiania Lenve .Williams' Leave'Whits and Har em for Bridge for Pl?w? for C.ty Hall. City nail City Hall. 7 10 A. M. 7 15 A. M. 7 10 A. M. S 00 7 40 10 10 9 CO 10 40 >10 P. M 10700 a 40 J 10 I 11 00 5 00 a 00 P. M. 4 10 3 00 A 00 5 JO 5 30 6 00 6 30 7 30 *1 r Th? Freight Train will leave White Plains at 7 A.' M., and theCitv ll'll at I 45 P. M., for the present. alt Imm NEW YORK, SCHOOLEY1; MOUNTAIN, BELVIDERJ AND K.AS TON.?Lea,e th of Cofrtlan<1 street daily, atOoWock A.M., by Kailroad from Jersey City t? Morria town, th-nce by post-coaAee through t heater Uer mm Valley. Schooler', Mountain, Anderson Town, PortCal den Wa?h agum, to Beltideie and Eaalon. For, ati, "pply to J.Hll, at the Commercial Hotel,7S Court land ?t^,; funl j.hed at the shortest notion, by applying to Cliarl i ' uluath. at Morriatown. m? Im m NiTwUNE?K LIVERPOOL PACKETS. To tail from New York on the ?th and Liverpool on the 11th of each month. jfe. A FOR NEW YORK. t w Ship RQ1CIUS, Captain A?a BldridrvSKh March. Ship WpDONB, Captain E. B. Cobb. 38th April Shi " SHERIDAN. Captarn F. A. Drpev?ter, *?h May. Ship OARRICK, Captain B. I. H. Tmsk, Mth June. FOR LIVERPOOL. t ? , Ship SIDDON8. Captain E. B. Cobb, llth F?b. , (Ship SH K.HI OaV C aptain F. A. Uepeyster, llth Mnrch k Ship OARRICK, Captain B. 1. H Trask. llth April. Ship ROSCIU8, Captain Aaa Eldrirtge, llth M*V- ? ships are all of the first class, upwards of HOOton,, built in the city of New York, with such improvement, aa combine gnat speed with nuunual comfort for passengers. K v. ' y care ha, been taken in the arrangement of their accom modation!. The price of paesue hence la S100, for which am ide ,torf? will be provided. These ahipa are commanded by esperiem'ed maatera, who will make every exertion to giye ge neail satisfaction. Neither the Captains or owners of the ships will be responsi ble for any letten, parcela or packages sent by them, unless re gular bills of laden are aigned therefor. * "f/'k *C CILilNff ?* Son th street. New York, or to r.. IV. ^v"J^mowNi SHIPLEY k CO., Liverpool. Utters by the rackets will be charged UH cents per aingle she 50 cents |ier or nee, and newspapers 1 cent each. (TV Messrs. E. K. Collins k (o. respectfully request the I Publishers of newspapere to discontinue all advertisements not in ttieir uames of their Liverpool packets, vit..?the Kosciu,,Sid iloii", Sheridan and Oarrick. To prevent disappointments, no tice is he eby given, that contracts f*r pasaengen can only be made with tliem. 2ii. Marseilles line of packets. m, M. M. M. l^??ndermein..t>M*u ships will tw regulatly despau hejl from liere on the ist, anil from Marseilles on the 10th, or eacn month during the year, as follow. ^ y Ywfc Shi (JAaTON. Captain 8. Coulter, April Ist June 10 ?|?n MISSOURI, < apt. J. Svlvester, May lat July 10 2h , HKLLESP(>NT, W. Sylvester, June Ut Aug. 10 New iliip ">50 tons, July 1st Sept. 10 Ne? ^up 450 ,on?? . . A"?- ut, 0,1 10 T>, are ill" sailiim coppered and con^r fasteneil ves ,e'? and eoinin^nded, or to be commanded by men of ?? 'l'h-ir arcommod .tions for p ssengen are all that need w, desired in point of romfoit and eonveuieiice, having elem ent ut."? iliom accommodaiiouv. Puactuality in the days ol sailing fr't?i&aidiffjy to^hef agents will be forwarded free of other eh'nt??th*" ,hm" actually paid. .. For freight PHKLP8, PropHnors. mi ss CI A DOLLAR SAVED tm ISA DOLLAR EARNED. jJL GENTLEMEN who mike it * rule to lay oat their money to the heit adrauttge, ire reepectfnlly notified that they can purchase Hats ntid Csps at HOBERTdON'S PHtENIX HAT AND CAP establishment, No. 103 Fulton street, between Willi m and Nsssw Ms , much cheaper tliau at any other ettablishineat inthecit). An inflexi ble adherence to tne lystemof lame sales, s? nil profits, and cash on delivery, enable* the proprietor 10 offer lite diffeient articles in hiiline at the following reduced rules HATS. Kim quality Nutria For S3 SO Second do 3 0U Moleskin 2 JO CAPS. Kirat nuility men's and boys' $1 50 Second do do 1 00 Third do do 75 These articles are not only quite (qaal, but in some res|>ect? (especially in the style of trirnmintr) superior to any in the city. A comonr son of Inequalities Ji d pr.ces, with those of other establishment!, will snow a deduction of tl to$i 5# on custo mary prices. Ail Hats warranted of the most faahiouable Broadway patterns. M B ? 1'he proprietor's rxtensive arrangements enable him to offer very advantageous bargains to wholesale dealers at a country merchants. alO lm? m ELIPPOLD&CO ?(No. 103 William Street, near John,) TAPESTRY WORSTKDs, Best manufacture and most extensive assortment CANVAB8. Cotton, Linen, Bilk, Worsted, Gold and Silver, of all widths and sizes. EMBROIDERY PATTERNS, Of all Makers and Numbers. CHENILLE, Kor working and Ornamental Trimming, plain and shaded; Flower Chenille, Dtc. SILKS. Plain and shaded, and Chinee. Sticks and Spools; Twist, Floss, do. FRINGES. Silk, Worsted and Cotton, of the latest styles. GIMPS, And Gimp Cords, in great variety. GOLD AND SILVER CORDS. AND BRAIDS, TAS ? ELS, be. STEEL, GILT, AND SILVER BEADS. Parse Trimmings, Steel and Jet Unitous, Hair Pius, be. OILED SI I KS, Assorted Colors. PERFORATED PAPER CORDS AND TASSELS, Braids, Tapes, Bindings, Galloons, &c. al lm ?m VISITING NEW YORK CITY. D. M. PEYSER, oo JOHN STREET, IsiTWItS WILLIAM AND *ASS*U STREETS,) NEW YORK IMPORTER OF GERMAN AND' FRENCH FANCY ? , GOODS, Offers for sale, by the package or to sait customers, at the most reasonable terms, WORSTEDS., Zephyr, German, and Tapisserie Chice and Ombre Worsteds. SILKS Floss, Twisted, Plain and Shaded Sillu, ill Sticks and Spools. CHENILLES. Embroidery, Flower and Trimming Chenille. PATTERNS. Berlin Embroidery Pa'terns, a most splendid selection. CANVASS. , French and German Canvass for Embroidery, of Cotton, Worsted, imitation of Silk, and Silk, Silver and Gold, of all widths. BEADS. Gold, Silver, Steel, and Glass Beads and Buglea NEEDLES. Embroidery Needles, Steel, Wooden, Ivory, Ebony, and Whale bone Knitting and Crochet Needles. EMBROIDERIES. All kindi of commenced and finished, suchas Suspenders, Shoes and Ottomans, be. Ike. FANCY GOODS. All kinds of Paris Fancy (foods, such as Parses and Parte Trimmings. Head Ornaments, Bracelets, Hair Pins, Combs, &.C.: Necklaces, Gold and Silver Braids, Tinsel Cords, and Silver Bullion Tassels, FRENCH M<L1TAKY TRIM MINGS, fcc. Wire Goods, suchas Baskets, Watch Holders, &c., &c. German Rustic Willow Chairs. Baskets, Work-Tables, and Softs, See. OILED SILKS. Oiled Silks, different colors, the best French. FRINGES. Fringes, Cords, Gimps, Tassels, all colon and qualities, im ported and domestic (of nis own manufacture.) f!5 St8tW3m?rc IHE FISHING SfcASON HAS COMMENCED "Let those now fish, that never fished before, And those that slwavs fished, now fish the more." nnROUT TACKLE for the present seasen: also, Tackle for J- all seasons and all kinds of fishing, iu great rariety, at the loweat cash price. For sale, wholesale and retail, by JOHN J. BROWN k CO., mhU lm*rc 125 Fnlton street. tj?lSH HOOK.-, lie.?JOH^ CONROY, sa Kulton, comer ->? of Cliff street inn orter of Fish Hooks, also importer and manufacturer of Fishing Tackl* in every varietT- City and chantry dealers supplied in small and large quantities, on the most liberal terms, and the lowest possible prices. . A large assortment of Eastern made flax Fishing Line*, all sixes, at the manufacturer's nricee 410 Bamboos, and 75.000 tilk worm gut, of varioui qualit-ei, for sale ap41m*ec SPRING W1TH~ALL ITS CHARMS. T?HK SIGN OK THE GOLDEN FISH, m Broadway, A corner of Chambers g? ntlrmec will find a moat splendid assortment of the under mentioned article*, jest re ceived from Paris and Loudon, of the newest fashions, calcula ted for th? present and approaching season, which he offer* at such price* a* will ensure the iiatronage of those who furor him .vith a call. Cravats of every v riety, Handkerchiet* Hilks. aad Cambric Hemmed, or not Hemmed?Stocks and l'iea ol every kind?Collars and Bosoms of all the new styles, for stand ing up or turning over. Glove*?A very extensive assortment; Hosiery of every description; Under Shirts and Drawers for *priugand Hummer wur, consisting of Merino, Silk, Thread, Cotton, and Gauze, or made to order; Itussian Belt*, Money B'lis.and Shoulder Brace*, Suspenders, Umbrellas, Bathing Cv ?.Vorninf Gowns, Purses, Brushes, and Comb*, and in f?c every article that u required by a gentleman for an rntirs on I (for his-wardrobe. I'articnlar attention is paid to the manufacture of Shirt*, ol which a splendid assortment vill alwars be found on hand or made to measure in th* best possible manner. Also, Silk Shirts and Drawers made to order. N. B ?The Golden Fnh will swim from 371 to 297 on the 1st of May. m30 lm*ec JET AND HOKN BUTTONS, rtF all sixes?Busies, Bead*; Hair, Shawl and Breast Pias, V/ Bracelets, Bead Bags, Hair OrnamenU.fcc. Daguerreotype Plates and Instruments, French China Vasts. Also,.Plain Vvnite China. Kor tale by EDWARD HEN. Importer, mhao lm'rn 18aad 20 Liberty street. AtOULSTONK'S RIDING SCHOOL, 13T JitfD 139 MERCER STREET. BMR. JOHN S. KOULSTONK has th* honor to inform hi* friend*, and the public in general, that hi* School for Instruction in Horsemanship is now open renins, as follow* Hour* for Gentlemen, from 6 to I A. M. " " l.adiea 9 A. M. to 3 P. M Term* of instruction made known on application to Mr. ttoulstone. Mr. R. has Juat received from the country several fine and stylish Saddle Horses, which he is ???thorised to sell at a rea ?ciable price miSrrc FOR BALE?A Kast Trotting Gray Mare, 9 year old, perfectly sound, and kind in all harness and un ?der the sadule. SI e has trotted a mil* when out of condition in 3m. 43s Al'o, a Light Wagon with leather top. but little used. App.y at Jonas' Stables, Fourth street, near Green street. apis lw*rc FOR. GLASGOW?The tine fast sailing coppered .Barque ALABAMA, C E. Hanlett, mastor, ?90 tons aaBBahnrihen, will sail in a few days, having most of her cargo engaged. For freight, of bulk of 250 bales cotton, apply o master oa board, west side of Burling Slip, or to WOODHULL k MINTURNB. a?ec 87 South st. FOR LONDON?Keller Packet ofJOth April (?SW ' he splendid, first-class, fast sailing packet ship AHHCTORONTO, Capt. Tinker, will positively sail as above, her regular day. Having most superior accommodations for abin, second ca bin aad steerage passengers, p?r?ou-i wishing to embark o wear* berths, should make early application to the subscribe JOSEPH McMUHRAY, a>ra 100 Pino street, corner of South. LONDON PACKEI-Packet ?Tthe tOth Aprtl? The splendid and fast sailing packet ship 'i'ORON 1Mr he^?gula jTO, Capt. G. Tucker, will positively sail as above, T- regular day. Persons about to .-mo ?k for the old conntry, should not fail to make early spplicstion to W. fc J. T. TArRCOTT, 70 South street. ep13t" corner Maiden lane. New Line?Urgular aeket _ I ton* buuhsn, wjll sail a* above, her regular day. For freight or mssage, having er'endid, Urge anrf "omfortable ate rooms and cabin, apply to the? aptun on board, west side Burling slip, or to iVOODHIICL It MINTITHNH, 17 South street. Price of Passage. *100. The packet ship ttneeii of the West, 1200 tons, Captain Phi lip Woodhuuse, will succeed the Liverpool, and sail on her regular day, the ?ln of M 'V *17 ec KOH GLASGOW?First Packet, to sail on the MrVVWtoih April?The tine fast tailing coppered bark ALA jfifii&HAM A. Capt. c E. llinlett, will positively sail as above Having handsome accommodations for a few cabin and seeond cabin passengers, those sbout to proceed to Scotland should not fail to make early application on lioard, foot of Bur ling slip, or to W. It J. T. TAPBCOTT, 76 South street. comer Maiden la aplJec m thenTjMH. NEW LINE OF PACKETS FOR LIVER POOL?Packet of the aist April?The splendid and fcfavorite packet ship LIVERPOOL, 1100 tons bur ^aut. J. Eldridge, will sail on Mouday, April 31st, lier regular day. Parsons wishing to secure berths should not fail to make early application on boa d, foot of Hurling Slip, or to W. fc J.T. TAPScOTT. At their General Passage Office, 70 Houi h ?I reel corner of Maiden lane. L i> LLV.K^P.?tiIl y?.K ov rACKETS.?Hegmlaf ^ I icket of (Iw ?thof May?I'lie new side.idid, and ifc l gant CLAY, Eugene Nye, lasts,', burthen MOO tons, will positively sail m above, ber regular day. Having superior accommodations for cabin, second cabin, md Steerage HMttwnre, persons sfcont embarking by this sn ra^Bnn splendid I acket, should make early application on .loot of Maiden Lane, or to the subscriber. JOSEPH McMIJRHAY, 100 Pine street; corner of South The favorite and well known Packet Ship Patrick Haary, J. C. Delaao, master, will succeed the Henry Clay, and tail on the ?th of Jnne, her regular day. alOee ""?snssflpiistti1 ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS REWARD. \JTHEREAS, JOHN JEFFERSON, alias John Bland, a na * * live of the Parish of Hethnal (Jreen.LondoD, ton of the lata Mr.Kichard Jrfferson, formerly of Brick line,Hpitalfields,chee se inouger.decr.ised,has not beeu heard of in ft) gland, for mora than 14 years. hut shortly bef'ore.or about that period, he was supposed to or either iu the Government, Masai or Merchant Service of the United Stales. He was boru in the mouth of April, 1801, so that if he be uow alive, he is 37 yesra of age. The last aceoucta were froin himself in the years 183(1 and 1831, the former from I New Yoik, the latter from Bostou. Hia family beige most anxious to receive tidings of hia being alive, hereby offer a re ward of One Hundred Dollars, on receiving satisfactory evidence thereof, or legal proof of his deaLh, and such reward will sc coidmgly be paid,l>y me the undersigned, iu London, or through the hands of WII,LI AM AS. IN WALL, ' -onnsellor-at-Law, No. to Court street, Boston, to whom all commuuieations are to be addressed. ROBERT BRITTON, Solicitor, No. 18 Bethnal Green, London. London. January 29th, 184S. 132 eodi?2w lawoutlOwrc INSTRUCTION ON THE PIANO. ^ IN WRlGHT, Professor of Music, informs "hia friends ?nd the imblic in general, that he lias made arrangements for tfivuia instructions on the Piano Forte. His style of iin parting instruction is perfectly simple and easy, and is not sur j essed, if equalled, by any other style at present taught, com bining all the grace and elegance of eicutiou capable of beiug imparted on that instrument. He has already turned out several very proticient scholars, and the public will be satisfied at to his abilities on uivlug him a trial. His terms are reasonable, and we advise all those iu want of a teacher to embrace the op portunity now offered. Terms, and all other information, made known on application at 173 Grand, corner of Mulberry street. mli28 lm*rrc FOR SALE! A GRAND PIANO F ? > KT E known as one of the most per fect i f the celebrated manufacture of Era no in Paris, which has already been tr;eu in America during the winter season. The price is 1700, instead of $1108, which it would cost if it was imported duectly from Paris. With the Piano, will be given music by thtbeitaucieotandmoderncomposera,valu*d at upwards of one hur.dred dollars. Apply at MADAME I'lLLET, 400 Broadway. al2 lm"rrc iEOLlAiM pianofortes. XTUNN8 & CLARK having purchased the patent rightfor 1 \ "Coleman's A?oliau Attachment to the Pianoforte," Tor the entire L'uited States, (excepting Massachusetts.) announce to the public, that they nre now prej wired to supply Pianofortes wilh this improvement attached, or to attach the same to any modern made horizontal Pianofortes. Iu regard to the durabili. ty of this invention, N. It C. are prepared to satisfy the most prejudiced mind, their own critical examination and experi ments wai rant them in the assertion, that the " JEoliW will remaiu iu tune iu any climate, and it will uot be affected by transitions of r.imosphere. The most satisfactory warrantee is U i veu with each instrument. The public are invited to examine the "Aiolian Pianofortes" at their ware-room, No. 240 Broadway, opposite the Park, where also may be found an assortment of (, 6ft and 7 octave Piano fortes, both iu rosewood and mahogany casas. m26 Cm* re TO BROOKLYN MILLIARD PLAYERS., p ROSSI NU FULTON KERRY?A verr neat Saloon has yJ just beeu fitted up at the United States Hotel (eutrance on Water street, joining the bar of the Hotel,) with three first rate Tables, iron Eagle frames and marble beds?bet tar Tabletlban <tnv i;i this cnuulry, except Bansford s old rooms in Ann Kreet, entrance 149 Fulton. Players near Fnlton Market, and down town, on theea?t side, will flnl the U S. Hotel Saloon well calculated for their accommodation. The proprietor pledges himself to have it kept respectable. For exercise only. ui29 lm*m L.AFAYETTE BAZAAR. 149 and 151 Broadway, earner of Liberty *t. rT^HI9 ESTABLISHMENT, founded the 1st of December, *? 1843, as, a public store for the sale of every description of Staple and r ancy tioods, will be enlarged the 1st of May next. The subscriber having renttd the upper part of thn buildirg, 151 Broadway, will put in complete repair and fit iw> in a magui liceut manner, two large galleries, where the traders, inuufac turers and importers, will be|able to obtain at a cheap rent, a line, and convenient store; aud the ladies aud gentlemen a splendid place of r?iorl and a public and fashionable promenade. MRS. H. SHANK LAND, Daguerrian Artist, has already Tilted the front part of the two galleries as a Daguerreotype Sa loon, where she will continue as before, to give the most |*-rfect likeness for ONE DOLLAR. inch-ling (he best kind of Morocco Case or Frame. [r/*"Several Counters to let, with glass cases?enquire in the Bazaar. T. A. ARTAULT. mli 17 lm*m dauguerreotype PORTRAITS. rF. TRACY his taken Rooms at No. 2J3 Broadway, up ? stairs, second door, where he is executing some of the most besutifol specimens cf the Daguerrian Art in this city. The prices are according to the style of finish, (mm ONE TO THREE DOLLARS. Those in want of perfect Pictures are requested to call and ex amine his specimens. Mr. T. is happy to announce that he has engaged the professional services of N. G. burgess, for a short time, and thoie who wish Pictuiesiuhis peculiar beautiful style would do well to call soon. Plates, Cases. Chemicals, Sic., always em hand, aud instruc tions given in the Art on moderate terms. al4 Imec PLUMBIC-DAGUERRIAN GALLERY AND PHOTO GRAPH1C DEPOT, 251 Broadway, comer of Murray st. (over Tenney's Jewelry Store,) awarded the Medal, four first Premiums, aud two ' highest honors," at the Exhibition at Bos tou, New York aud Philadelphia, respectively, lor the beat pic tures and aiiparatu' ever exhibited. Superb likenesses, of all sites, taken in any weather, on satis factory terms. m27 lm*rc LADIES' AND FAMILIES' DAGUERREOTYPE INSTITUTE, MRt> H. SHANKLAND, DAGUERRIAN ARTIST. DAGUERRh.OTYPE PORTRAITS, including the beat style of Morocco Case or Frame, for ONE DOLLAR. Apply at the Lafayette Bazaar, 149 Broadway, or *35 BROADWAY, THIRD STORY, FRONT ROOM, No. 1?opposite the Park FotuSain. mhl7 lm*m "VOFgTLAENDt;R'S daguerreotype APPARATUS. A RRANGKMENTS recently made wi*h their brother-in 1\ law, Mr. Voigtlnander, Vienna, enable the subscribers to sell Uiose Apparatus ai reduced prices, viz:? Largest size Apparatus, with three inch lenses for full size plates, at $H"> .... Medium size Apparatus, with two inch lenses for half size pUtes, at 978. Small size Apparatus, with one-and-a-half inch lenses for quarter size plates, at $90. Gentlemen sendiug remittance* in accordance with the above prices, may depend up'?n receiving the genuine Voigtlvender Apparatus, and not a worthless imitated ancle, they having 1 rocured the sole agency for the United Stater. Plate* and Chemicals, of their own importation, as well as all other articles connected with their art, for sal- at lowest market prices. Hhiladelphi* Exchange. W A. F. LANGENHEIM. Referring to the above advertisement, the subscribers inform the Dagnerre n Arms in general tint the abive Apparatus and ofer materials can be procuied to th? stated prices, at,their Da guerrmn Attelier, No. 201 Broadway. New York a7 lm*m LANGENHEiM Ik. BECKERS JAMES LACY, DRAPER AND TAILOR, REMOVED TO 154 William Street, corner of Ann, New York, UTAH always oil hauJ a select assortment of the most lathion 11 iiMr style of gooes to be fouud in the market, consisting of CLOTHS?I'.uKlish. Krencii and Arneri an, ot almost every color, from I uwuiuui uualitj to the finest. CA33IMKRKS? VVuol Dl.icks, Plaids, Stripes, Kigured and Elastic. in great variety. VESTINOS?Silks, Satins, Marseilles, Cashmeres, Vel vets. Sic. Also, white Satin, figured and plain, rich light silk Velvets, Sic., for balls, ai.d parties, with a great variety of other goods, too numerous to particularise, suitable for every season. Gentlemen patronizing this establishment,may rely npon hav ing their gannents made up to order in the best possible manner; and ev?.ry satisfaction as to quality. At, and workmanship given. ?7" The Ij0 wkst Cash Pbice will be asked, from which no abatement will hk made; and in order to insnre agaiust bad debts, by which some would be obliged to pay more to uvikr up for the non-payment of others, Cash on Delivery will in all cases be required. Also on hand, a select assortment of Heady Mad* Clothing, Office Coats, Pants, Vests, Dress and Frock Coats, tut., lie., at reduced prices. Gentlemen furnishing their own goods, can have them made and trimmed in the best possible manner, (a good fit warranted in all cases, or the price of the goods returned.) at the follow ing prices:?Pants and Vests $l,7i to $1; Dress Coats $7 to $10: Krock Coats IS :o$U; other garments in proportion. mhl< lm*ec THE CASH TAILORING ESTABLISHMENT OF Wm. Mattlileaeeii, Mid !H. B. Stanford, 1?T FULTON STRKET, PI THK PLACE for all those who wish to supply their ward robe with good fitting garments at reasonable prices. The subscribers can assure their friends and the public that they will let no one surpass them in the tailoring business, as regards the newest style, the neatness of their fits and lowness of prices, having on hand a well selected assortment of Cloths. Cassi ineres and Vestings of every dafirahfc style. Also, gentlemens' outfitting, comi risingevery article thit is usually worn. We have the confidence that we can please the most fasti dious. Great pleasure will be taken to show our styles of fashion and goods to all those who will favor ns with their patronage. He collect the place, 117 Kulton street. _ WM. MATTHIK98EN, in hi I Im'rrc M B. HAN KO HP. GENTLEMEN'S LEFT OFV WAKDKOBE," j'HK HIGHEST PRICES can N obtain, d bj Heuilemea " or Families whe are deniron of c?nver';ng thrir left off ?vrtrinjt arriret into cash. Famflirs or (ientlemeu qmtteig the city or chasging resi lience, having anjr superfluons effects to dispose of, will find it much to tb?ir advantage to seod for the Subscribe-, who will *ttf-id f.t the! - residmci by srr'U?tm?nt. .i t.KVlNSTYN, 4?1 Broadway, up stain A ti?? thrnngh the lost Office, or itherwise, v?illrecaiw prompt atlaauon. m?7 lm*rc QKCONf>" HAND CLOI'lllNG AND FUKIN 1T17RE > ' W A.NTKD?And the highest price given for nil kinds of caftt off Clothing and good second hand Kurniture. Persona wishing to dispose of the seme, will do well to call ou the snb ncribvr, or address a line through the Post Office, which will be imnetnally attended to. B. 1<KVY, 4?X Chatham street, N. V. N. B ?Constantly on hand, a seasonable assortment of gen tlemen'n Clothing, cheap for cash. m29 lm" rc TOTAILOltS. THE Second K.dition of Stiuemet's celebrated work on cut ting ga>menta of every description in a style of elegance un equalled, is now published and re.,dy for delivery. Those who desire to avail themselves of the great advantages to be derived from the use of the imtructions it contains, would do well to obtain a copy without delay. The bonk is 12 to 17 inches square, and contains 17 elegant diagrams of all the v irions styles 01 garments worn at the present day, with full aud ample in structions lor cutting in an easy aud sciae'ific manner. The following are a law of the m ny highly respectable names who testily to the merits of the books :? 1 he undersigned beiLg practically acquainted with Mr. Stine met s '1 r?atise on Cutting Garments, with pleasure recommsud it as a work complet* in its srrangements, and in its practical application to cutting, superior to any heretofore published, either in Europe or America. I*. Henry h Son, Daniel Cutter, Stasis It Banker. Charles Co?, E, W Tryou ? Co., B. F. Horner, James Daily, John llavilan-l, J. H. Banker. The above can be obtained of the author, No. Ill Broadway, New York. ali le'n OFFICE OK THE NEW YORK OAS LIGHT cd" , ... . A pill Hlh, 1143. pHE President and Directors have tins day declaied a divi s. dend of four and a half per cent on the capital stock of tins Company, for th six months ending 1st February last, paya ble to the Stockholders on and alter Thursday, the 1st May The Transfer Book will lie closed from tha Mth instant 10 that date By order, _ splttomylec C L. EVKR1TT, Secretary. QTEAM IDWKH TO LET, at 41 Gold street, with light WILLIAM A. SMETS W>LL open his New Store, 727 Broadway, (under the New 7T York Hotel, corner of Waverlv Place.lon THURSDAY the 17(h instant, with an entirely NEW STOCK of OOOD3, received by the late arrivals from Fraucf? A SPLENDID ASSORTMENT OF EMBROIDERIES Mich Embroidered Shawls and Mantilla. ,, * Pelerines a la reine. ? ' " D?ch?ie d'Orleans. ' Rochelle. EMB'D COLLARS. CANEZOUS, ' Mary tuart, " a Rachel Coloune Point " a U veille , .. * Espatnole apple Urunrlle Garni a Border* " en Tulle grain Cape " a Valencienne EMB'D SCA KKS EMB. FICHUS 3i GIMPES, ;'t? Riche " Richly rmb'd Brod len Coulear " a Revere ?i &*tra Hiche " Josephice rla n Bordure " Celine Extra New " Yaliere RICH EMBUOIDERED LINEN CAMBRIC HDK'FB Very rich a I Barguette <>arni de Valenciene V'tt ette B'guette and Guerljnde rotot Nouveaua Plumetia WEDDING DRESSES, LADIES' CAPS. Extra emVd Mntlin Dressce Thread Lace Cape ? . ' . Thread Lace do Kub'd Muslin do iS . do Tulle Lace do do do with Sowers X hulic k lharlatiue Bobbiuet, do with capettes LADIES'STRAW HATS.VOUNU LADI ES'C APOTTES i^dclift Hicii Straw M (J u impure " Cousu Divers 11 a Drntelle Bois bUnc It Cordon " Toscanes a Agrement 14 Grain D'orge BOYS' STRAW C08QUETTES. Cosquett'S c?eriles Straw Cans Tyrolien* Berrets Crin Toscane RICH SILK PATREN DRESSES Silks Pekin Cninoii Silks Pekin Brocke Parisienne '? Konlard Warned " Pou de Soie Taffetas ?' Pekin B roc he PARASOLS. Ombrellas with ivory handles I mbrellas Marquise . ' with fringe* " Plain with rich gold and silver mountings. PERFUMERV|DE TOILETTE. .. , ,9f R ?uperior quality, import?d to order. I oudre d Amonc * h irioe de Noisettes ^?te do Blanc de Niege Cold Cream Otto of Roses Perfumed Sachets Toilette Powder PERFUMES FOR HANDKERCHIEFS. oau <kPo"nl?l Kglantine Rose Mousne Essence Marerechelle laris Kid Gloves, Bijiuterres. Buckles, and a large as aortment of ^ancy Articles which will be offered at a very reasonable price. a 16 lm?rc SCOTT'S BAZAAR. >7 Dey street, between Broadway and Greenwich] SANDS SCOTT returns his most sincere thanks to his friends and tlie ptblic at large, for the liberal support received since he opened tho above house, and hopes, by the same strict attention, to m?nt a continuance thereof. The qualities of his Ales, Wines, Liquors, and Began, are to3 well kuown to ueed comment The best Oysters the market can afford served np in every style; likewise a lame assortment of refreshments <0 be had at all hours, until 12 at night, such as :? Beefsteaks, Welsh Rarebits, Mntton Chops, Sardines, Fried Kidneys, Cold Cuts, Ham and K'ggs, Buckwheat Cakes, Poached Egcs, Tea & Coffee, he. A good dincerof roast aud boiled meat* for one shilling, every dav from 12 to 4 o'clock. Dublin Brown Stout alwavs on draught. Families supplied with the best Scotch aud Irish YVI111 , key. No house better supplied with Euglish, Irish, Scotch,Welsh, and city pipers?always the lat?st news by the steamers. Good Rooms for Prnate Parties, at all times ready?free gra tii for nothing a4 lm ec HOARDING. MRS. oT FISH, 135, 137 and 139 Broadway, NEW YORK. The Public and 9tkangf.*s visiting the city, are respectful ly informed that the above premises have been fitted up in a su perior manner, for the entertainment of Permanent and Transient Boarders. The location is pleasant and central to business?the apart ments spacious, light and airy, aud handsomely furnished through >nt with new furniture, beds, bedding, he. The table will be abundantly supplied with the best the market affords. Transient Board 91 per Day. m2t lm*rc JUDGE AND JURY CLUB ('2/ter the manner of the celebrated Club of that name in London) number of Gentlemen, residents of New York and Brook 1 y, contemplate firmi ig s Club, under the above title, as soon as possible, with a limited number of memrers; uot It ts for the purpose of enjoying, the wit, mirth, aud humur, which must necessarily abound in such an association?if properly conducted?than for the puri>ose of encouraging a taste far friendly discussions, in a novel form, among gentlemen who are desirous of practising as debaters, or obtaiuiuir experience as controversialists, for exercise in a more ex ended aud useful field. Should this Club be organized as its projectors contem plate, its sessions will be much more attractive, entertaining, end instructive than thse of any Court of Dover, which has ever been known in this city. A preli'niurrv meeting of the originators of this Cut will be h*ld at Wilson s Hotel, 1M0. i Gold street, near Maiden lone, at tt o'clock on Saturds / Evening uext.the 19th of April instant, when the prominent features of the Club will beexplaiued to all geutlemeu who miy think proper to attend. alS Itrc BANK FOR SAVINGS, No 43 Chamber* (street NOTICE ?The depositors, and the public generally, are in -Ls formed' that this Institute will be removed on the 30th April the New (ire proof building,No- 107 Chambers i r et, west of Church street, where the business, on that day, and thenceforth will be transacted. all to30rc R. C. CORNELL, Sec q^HK SOCIAL INSTITUTE, now completed, ready for A the reception or pupil* ii aituated in Sarewabury, three mile* from the celebrated watering place, four miles from Red Bank, where stermeia ply duly from the foot of Fulton atreet. It i> calculated to give a sound, piactical educitiou, qualify the atuileut to {uiaue any btiaineis, or enter any class in college ? Terms, per annum, $100, including all incidentals, except beds and stationery. Wahted?A classical teacher, "native of France. Also, a female. Circulars and letemew with the teacher may be had at 131 Nassau street. ap lit lm*m OPENING OF SPRING FASHIONS, AT THE MAQAS1NDE MODE, 54) Canal Street IVf AD'MK D. BKHKMAN begs leave to inform her friends and the public, that he will open for the season on Mon day uext, the 31st March, instant,; when she will exhibit a splendid assortment of Indies' Paris Silk Hats, jnst received from Paris in every variety, and in a style uupre edented. Also will be eihiMtrd, a'i entire new style of Ladies' Hats, called "AKTOIS HA'l which from tt.nir pcculia and lady like style may rank ai pre-eminent. Also, a variety of pure white fancy Straws, fine double Dun stables, Tuscan and split Straws Paris Ribbons and r lowers, of the choicest styles, and in great varieties. mh2> lm*ec MAK.TELLE & HOLDERMANN, No. 37 Maiden Lame, Iff. Y. MANUFACTURERS and importers of Ornamental Hair ?I'A Work, Wigs, Toupees, Bands, Curls, Seams. Bandeau Hair, and a new style of Everlasting Curls, and all kinds of Hair Work, wholesale and retail. N. B ?The trade suppliedon reasonable terms. a!3 lsa*ec FRENCH~AKT1 FICIAL FLOWERS. AND MATERIALS FOR FLORISTS. ? BRUN LAROSIK.RK ft COURT, 116 William street, have just received by the last Havre packets, a IMS large assortment of fashionable Spring Flowers, of the most elegant and latest styles, and will continue re ceiving th?m by every succeeding packet. all lm*rc French artificial flowers. LOWITZ Jc BECKER, No. 34 John Street. HAVE Received by the last Havre packet!, Utica and Arfo, au elegsnt assortment of the latest and most fashionable styles of French Artificial Klowers, which they offer for sa 1 at moderate prices. mh3? Im'M FRKNCH ARTIFICIAL FLOWERS, &c. HENRY ft KAHN, 73 Liberty street, upstair*, have just re ceived and offer for sale a complete assortment of FRENCH ARTIFICIAL FLOWERS, in bunchee, sprigs and single. M \tenais for do do, and all kiuds of WATER COLORS, . for flower manufacturers' use; among which is a liquid pink color of very imperior qnalit7- Also an invoice of PARIS CAPS, for Ladies aod Children, of very rich embroidery; Hair Pins, of latcststvlee; and a lot of splendid Engravings, plain and colored. iniiH2m?i? STKAW GOODS, too. FLORENCE, BRITISH STRAW, AND LACE BRAIDS AND BONNETS. ALL of the above of the best .fabrics and of the newrst and moat fashionable descriptions are constantly importing, and offering for sale on the most desirable trrtna, by THOM AS REYNOLDS, mhit lm*m 167 l*earl street. ~~ TO COUNTRY MERCHANTS. AI.MOND, Windsor, Roee, Variegated, and everv descrip tion of Fancy Soa| s Cologne Water, in the moat beautiful St; le of fancy bottles. HiuuKerchiafand Toile.t- Essenre* in very great variety. Hair Ow and Pomatnma < f the finest quality, with every de scription of I'erfutnerv and Coameiica. Walnut Oil; Military Shaving Soap, the nt"St exquisite Soap ever invented. It makes h perfect cream lather, wnirh does not dry on the face. Also. Family Washing Soap, of excellent an'litv; I'atent Crystalline Candl?, ftc. mannfactured hy aid for sale at the depot of JOHNSON, VROOM ft ("OWLEH. So. 3 Cenrtlandt st , next door to the api7 Im'm new National Hotel. BRONZE POWDERS. OM1E very best and cheapest Brotxe, in all shades and quali 1 ties, are conauiiitiy iir ported direct from Oermany, and of fered for sale by LEOPOLD KUH ft Co, . nihil lin'rc ?K Wall street, New York. AGENCY FOR THE SALE Of BRONZE POWDERS. .??~..t>er has been appointed Wholeu... _ house in Europe, who poseeea the most extraordinary facili i for the manufacture of li rouse Powders, by which they are enabled to offer the most beaatifnl and splendid Bronzes .it S# rHE snbscriber has been appointed Wholesale Agent fof a house in Europe, who poeeees the most extraordinary facili ties for the manufacture of Bronx* Powders, by which they are enabled to offer the most beaatifnl and splendid Brontes .it 56 per cent lower than former pvieea, and to defy all competition hi this article. Their llronres have be?n tiaed by the largest consumers in thia conntry for upwnrds of two years, who con cur in recommending them as superior to any other for brillian cy and durability. The subscriber lias made arrangements te have a large assortment alwiws on hand, and is prepared to sap ply importers and dealers with the article, in any quantity, at the inai'uInelurer^ prieea, thus saving them the trouble end ex pens* ot importation. J. R RICKETT. Wholesale Agent, ni23 I m*e? [laie Itoxelt ft Co.) II Wat?r_street BLEACHfrifb FoWDER. CASKS Boyd'? superior Bleaching Powder, landiag from uu 'hit' t'aeifle, from Llverpoo^Mdjfy?yby g Men Nm. Uand(7 Nmmafc 1 1*1*1 of Nlchoiu 8. Gordon for (Im Murder of AmtM 8. Npraguc. PftOVIDENCK, April 17, 1-146 The jury in the case of the State va Nicholas 8. Uor dnn, came in this morning at hall-past 10 o'clock, ar.d [tiled through (heir foreman that they hud not agreed, a..d could not agree upon a verdict, whereupon they were discharged. The foreman tells me that they stood nine for acqui'.tal end three for conviction. The mujority, believing it would be unjust to send the prisoner back to his loath some dungeon to await another trial, had stood out against a formal disagreement till they were fully con vinced that no verdict could ever bo arrived at After tbo jury was discharged, a motion was made to release the prisoner on bail. The Court has not fixed upon any clay for hearing this question argued, but 1 have reason to believe that Monday next will be as signed. Our rain storm continues, but it not much of an " slfiir," being altogether too much on the drizzly or '.or to create anything of a sensation. O. W. Theatrical*, dM. The Infant Sisters had a bumper benefit in Mobile on t le 9th inst The Orphean Family are given concerts in Charleston, 8 O* The Seguins and Mr. Frazer gave a concert ia Charles ton on the 14th inst. A new Ethiopian opera, written by a gentleman of Phi" Udelphia, has been ariupted to the beautiful music of the opera cf " Fra Diavolo, or the Inn ofTerracina," of which it is a capital burlesque. It ia called " Black Disbolow, or the Inn of Terrapin a," and has been brought out at the Chesnut theatre, in that city, with great success. Welch aad his equestrian company still continue suc cessful at the National in Philadelphia. He has revived the equestrian drama el " Tekeli, or the Seige of Mon gat/," which has gone off in capital style. At Barnard, Vt., on the oth inst., Praf. Wright was lec turing on galvaninm, electricity, &c., in tae old Univer sjlist meeting house, when the false floor which had been put up between the galleries, gave way, and an audience o( ISO persons, apparatus, lighis and all, were precipi tated to the floer beneath, but no bones were broken, and no body very seriously injured. Mr. Wright's loss is about $200. Some of the spectators supposed the acci dent to be a part of the performance, and one fellow who lay sprawling at the bottom of the melee, sung out, " Well, he gave us a h?11 of a shock that time." Sporting Intelligence. Cahsollton Ricks.?Eclimi Course.? First day? Tuesday, March Sih. First Rac.?Sweepstake Race, lor colts and fillies S years old. Subscription $300?lorreit $130. Mile heats, John G. Coxe's b. f. Victress,*by Orey Eagle, dsm by Royal Charlie 4 1 6 1 A. L. Bingaman's ch. f. Betsey Coodey, by imp. Leviathan, dam by St. Charles 14 1 3 Wm. J. Minor's b. g. Dart, by imp. Doucaster,out ol Jane Grey, by Orphan Boy 1233 G. W. Graves' ch- f. Feathers, by imp. Leviathan, out ot the dam of Geo. Kendall 5 5 2 - Lin. Cock's and S. T. Taylor's b. f. Fanny King, by imp. Glencoe, out ol Mary Smith, by Richard 8 3 4 - Time, 1:52?1:52-1:53?1:57. Track heavy. Feathers and Fanny King luled off, af ter the third heat, neither of them having won ooo. A well contested and beautiful race throughout. Four paid forfeit. Second Race.?Sweepstakes for colti and fillies, 3 years old Subscription $500?forfeit $240. Three mile heats. A L Bingaman's ch. 1. Lj B iccaante, by imp. Ulen coe, dam by Bertrand 1 1 D F. Kenncr's Ha'penny, by Birmingham, out of Pic ayune 3 2 S T Taylor's (John Turnbuli's) ewn brother to Pey tona. 33 Time, 6:47?5:52. There was a beautiful contest between La Bacchante end Ha'penny for the first heat, which was won bye length by the former, brother to Peytona just saving his distance. In the second heat, the Peytona led for a short distance, when La Bacchante gave him the go-by, and won the race easily, the other two straggling for place all through the race. Second Day?Wednesday, April 9th -Association Purse, $300 ?Two mile heats. D. F. Kenuer's gr. t. Blue Bonnets, by imp. Hedge foru, outofGrey Fanny, 4 years old 1 1 D. Keinsohu's br.cRed Eagle, by Grey Eagle, dam by Alfred, 3 years old 3 A. H. Camal's ch. f Oleander, by imp. Olencoe, dam by Bertrand, 3 years old 3 3 Time 8 56-3 64. Second Rack?Sweepstake? Tor colts ami fillies 2 yoa:s old?Subscription $sno, forfeit $150?Mile heats. D F. Kannar and J. H. HidMleston's ch. I. Beacon Light, by imp. Glrncoe, full sisti-r to Bude Light 1 1 J :mee Davis' gr. c. by imp. Leviathan, dam Morgi ana 8 3 Jr>hn P.Miller's b. I. by Boston, dam by Priam. ..63 W?. Baird's b. c. by Grey Eagle, dam by Tram peter ... 4 4 Wm. J. Minor's gr. g. Javelin,own brother to Dart, 3 dis Time 1 61?1 61. Won handily. (iildersleeve and Albert Concklin left New Orleans on the 7th, tn route lor New York. Albert bad the fast pacer, James K. I'olk, along. The whole party had done pretty well out there this season. Lio'slativk Swmmarv?In the SenateSome papers were preeented :n relation to a stone con tract between the agent ot the Mount Pleasant State Pri son nnd the Nary Agent at New York. \,r Claik re ported against the Asuiiabiy bill to incorporate the New York Prison Association, on the ground that the hill con ferred powers inconsistent with our prison system Mr. backus reported the bill from the Assembly, to amend the lie vised Statutes ia relation to procuring abortion, with various amendments?extending the penalties o( u misdemeanor to women who solicit medicines to procure miscarriage; and also amending the laws in relation to infanticide. Mr. Folsom offered a resolution of inquiry as to the receipts and expenses of Mr. Mclntyre, lessee of uae ot tlie Now York and Brooklyn Ferries?which was resisted by Messrs. Lsttand Putnxm.asd laid on the table. The bill to amend the revised statutes in relation to th - taxation ot lands ot non-residents, was also lost?ayes 10, noes 14 A great number of bills were passed. In the House, immediately after the presentation of pe titions, the House took up in committee, Mr. Whitney in the rhalr, the new bill releasing the state lien on the New York and Erie railroad, on the condition that three mil lions shall be subscribed and expended, in good faith?the n lease to be made by instalments. After adopting seve ral amendments, the Committee rose, pending an amend ment pro posed by Mr. Russell, to the effect that the State lien should not b? released in whole or in part, until the entire road shall be completed. A report was received Irwm the Comptroller in answer to a resolution of the legislature of 1844, in relation to taxing rents, quarter sales, and water reservations?ten times the usual number of which were ordered to be printed. The House then resumed, in Committee of the Whole, Mr Whitney in the Chair, the consideration of the New York and Erie Railroad bill. Mr. L- H. Brown moved a section requiring the Comp troller to put in execution the law authorizing the ? 000,000 loan to the company?Lo?t Mr. Hine moved to insert a clause restricting the route between the Hliawangank Bridge and Deposit, within this State?Lost. Mr. Morris moved to strike out the proviso in the 14th section, contemplating, under certain contingencies, the running ol the road into Pennsylvania?Lost. The Committee wont through the bill, nnd reported progress, and as amended, was ordered to be re-printed.? Albany Jlrgiu, April 17. Supreme Court, April 15.?The following mo tions have been decided, which were argued at the present April special term, having been held under advisement by Mr. Chief Justice IJronnon: Warren imp'd, Die , ads. Harris, et ol. Moton to vacate and set aside Judgment, as against Warren, granted. Hnntington et al. vs. Korkson Motion to set aside judg ment, writ of possession, Sic , granted, with costs. Mo Heuch ads McHench. Motion that the attorney lor plaintiff pay certain costs adjudged to defendant, or that an attachment issue, granted, with costs. Waterman mis. Charles. Motion to set aside default and subsequent pro c cdings, lie, granted, C"sts to abide event. The East River Mutual Insurance Company ads. M alloy. Motion to set aside execution, greiti'd, with costs In the matter ol David Bliss, proceeded "gainst as en absconding or con cealed debtor. Motion to set nail" the attachment and subsequent proceedings, granted. Parks ads Outney. Motion tor leave to enter "p judgment on thi verdict as ?t May term, 1M1, granted, vvtisn et |L, Mntat in error, ads. Brown et al., plaintiff in error. Motion to quash certiorari, granted. Towers ct al. ads. Hicks. Mo ti .n to discontinue this suit, granted. Ooke vs. Smith. Mjtion hi set off a decree lor ooets in chancery agaimt '( judgment in this court, denied with costs, without pre judice to a motion in the Court of banc?iy. Oardnir a Is. ( flgnnr Motion to set aside |tidgm< ut, fcc., denied, with costs. Clark imp'd, lie., adi rhe Watet vliet Bank. Motion to set aside report ol relercei and subsequent pro Credings, granted. Thomson ads. 8t> bbins Motion to set nside the default nnd ail subsequent psnceedings, granted, if Thomson appear, an 1 either plead or declare, pursuant to statute, in twenty days The Chief Justice, in a note to the Clerk, rcxiarks that he has in hand seven other motions, some of which msy be decided this n eck, or they may remain until the first week in the May tetm. Dreadful Explosion in a CJuary. ?Two Irish men, namrd Henry Hatnblin and Samuel Came ron, were breuglit to the hospital yesterday, who had been blown up nnd dreadlully injured, on Wednesday af ternoon, in a quarry in which they were at work, near Kranktord While they were charging ? rock the blast prematurely exploded. Hamhlin lost both 01 hi< eyes, besides receiving other injuries, nnd Cameron had his light leg fractured, and was badly burned and contused. ? Phil. North Amuicon Mr Hugh West, a patriot ol the Revolution, died a ft'W days since in Warren, Pa. He was aged 7-1 years, and was a privat-in the 2d regiment of Artillerists, and he longed to the company commanded by Captain Nathan lowsou. Regira Maria Heche, the authoress o( the "Children o the Ai'bey," died at her resid< nee in Wateiford on the 17th ult.,attha advanced ageol HI. Ohio Rivrr.?At Wheeling, Tuesday, the Ohio River hsd tour feet of ? <'er in the < har nel, and was tailing Incidxnts, Sec , atthk Pittsburg Firx?Th? Pittsburg papers of the 15ih iubt. give the follow ing incidents that occurred on the 10th and since. When the fire Ant commenced, the District Court wu it> session, engaged in the trial ol a veiy interesting case, involving the validify of a will: the witnesses and parties were neighbors of Mr. Forward, who waa engaged for tha defence, and when it was found that bis house muit be consumed, they rushed to his aid, and by great exertion pi.ved the largest portion of a very valuable library, no* t inir el which would have been saved but tor their tiaie ly aid. Several attempts have been made daring the last few Lights to set fire to the balance of the city. An attempt v 49 ma !e in Pipetown, and Mr. Scott's plaining aata* blishment was ia danger 1U0. A man or fiend that weald do such aa act wouli deserve to be hung without judge or jury. A servant girl who had lived for some time in thefaml ly of Dr Herion, went to him sinee the fire and informed him that ski* hud saved several hundred dollars, which the wished him to take and distribute among the sufferera. We wish we,knew the name of the noble-hearted woman. Wa have repeatidlv advetted ta the force and direction c tha wind during the la' e conflagration. Wm. Larimer, Jr., has left with us a cancelled check, found on the farm of Dr. John J. Marchand, near Jacksonville, Westmore land county. This paper is scorched and singed at ene end and side, and was carried this great distance?twen t\ -two miles from the city, by the wind, alter beingraiaed to a great height by the intensely heated upward current of air. The very able government of the wife of the sheriff, saved the county jail duricg the fire. Sheriff Trovillo was absent, conveying a prisoner to the House of Re fuge, in Philadelphia, and when the fire got up into that neighborhood, Mrs. Trovillo had the whole harden on h?r own shoulders. At the very height of the danger, she called all the prisoners who were not in tbe cells, to ?be gr%te, and byname let all the vagrants oat. That done, she set them to woih to carry water up to the top, and this only saved it, as th" roof was on fire several times. The fellows worked like horses, and as they me rited, so we presume they received, ? discharge. Thomai-I B?kewell, K-q. had just finished a large num ber of law offices in Urunt street, nearly opposite the now court house As soon as it was ascertained that they were saved, Mr. B. reduced the rates of rent, and gave efficient assistance In enabling numbers of the law > ers and public officers in removing Although his los ses are very great, they have had no < Sect in impairing or suspending for a moment the innate nobility of his soul. In one case we are told that a Pittsburg metchant, who had been to Philadelphia to purchase good*), heard, on his way homo, that his property had been wholly destrayed by the fire, and that; as a consequence, he was a ruined man. Ho immediately returned to Philadelphia, called upon he merchant from whom ho had made the purchases, end begged him to take back his goods, remarking that be was not able to nay for them. The other was evidently touched?but with scarce a moment's hesitation, he step ped to Lis writing desk, and as promptly as it could be done, handed to hi) honest hearted customer of Pittsburg u bill and receipt for the whole amount?more than $1000. Boston. [Correspondence of the Herald.] Boston, April 17, 1845. A new Lowell to be built?Effects of Damming?the Herald't Washington Correspondence?Official Organ?Morton not yet returned?State of the Sufferei s?Ncw French System a la Church?A Religious Symptom ?The English Steamers? John Bull, Texas and Oregon?Redding fy Co.'i Depot?Effects of Cheap Literature, fyc fyc. In enumerating the increase of the manufactur ing business in the old Bay State, in my last, I for got to say a word about a new project of consider able moment, which is worth chronicling. At the Inst session ot our Legislature, Samuel Lawrence E?q., a brother of the Hon. Abbot Lawrence, of this city, and some other influential men, got'a charier for a new company, to be called the Essex Company, with a privilege to dam the Merrtmac river, and build mills there. The slock of this company is pretty much taken up, nnd the dam is to be commenced this summer. The dam will be b lilt Rt Andover, a mile or two out from the cen 're of that town, and will create a water power of creator capacity than that at Lowell. The consc ience will be, in the present rage for manufac turing, tuat a new Lowell will be huilt up there, to rival the city of that name now so celebrated t!irough?ut America. The people who have got hold of the affair are heavy capitalists, and men of great energy, and it must go ahead. In petusing your Washington correspondence, which by the way, is the best that is offered to the ptblic by any paper, I noticed that a great deal is now said at the capital about the official organ. T'te post ol government editor seems to have been established as a regular office, as by common con sent ; and if wc are to have the game of an official organ of the national government, I don't see why v.-ohou!d not have the name also Heretofore, r!n- organ of the government, has been rather a quasi afidir, n? most only semi, and sometimes only I demi-semi-official; but n(?w it appears that things are to be called by their right names, and the editor ot the administration paper is te be regularly in stalled into office, v iih the customary forms and ceremonies. Congress has never directly recog n /.ed such an officer heretofore; but it is to be presumed thai under the new arrangement, there will be some law or resolution pasted at the next session, regularly establishing and recognizing the organ ot the government, and its conductor or organist. Perhaps, in lieu ct a staled salary, the public printing may be bestowed as a compensa n >n for the duties of the office. If the proprietors of the organ will do it as cheap and as well as ano ther. why not 7 Gov. Morton., the Collector in tut, has not yet returned lrom Washington, and great is the anxie ty in consequence, on the part of incumbents and expectants. There nre, I suppose, some five hun dred and seven trembling expectants, whose patri otic desire to serve the government almost unmans them, niul to pay the least, quite incapacitates them f >r any other business just at present. There are ulao some seventy one quivering incumbents who kuow not what tney shall be, but who fervently pray that they may not share the fate of Elijah, and be translated. This state of mind has a con trary effect upon upon them from what it does on ilte expectants, viz: making them remnikably assi duous in the disrharge of their duties, and profound ly impressed with the virtues and talents of the ex cellent Collector that is to be. In view of this pitij ful exhibition of humanity, a disinterested, tnin shoed, thread-bare philosopher may exclaim, as he whiffs his long nin- in his cob-webbed garret, ?* O tempora ! O motetWhat consummate jackasses ' The wonder of the hour now on the carpet here, is Dr. Church, & French g< ntleman of edncation iindr* fined manners, who has introduced a n?*w and highly successful system of teaching the French language He has rooms at the Tremont Temple, w here he lectures every evetiing to large classes of gentlemen, and during the day to numerous fair I (dies He teaches one to read, write, speak, and kuow the meaning of the language at one and the fl ime time ; and by a series ot large lettered dia grams or tables, impresses his instructions most sirongly upon the mind. It is getting to be quite a cjmnon saying among the fashionables,?" 1 am going to Church"?and the unir.itiatec), when they hear it, give glory to the proper authority for the great spread of religion in the fashionable world. I s e your crack sfearru-r, Great Western, nas crrivfd, and the Herald Extra gives us the news, ttcundtm nrtem She has had rather a long pas f >ne, but that is to be expected at this season of ;be year. In the course of a day or two we shall look tor the arrival of th?> Caledonia mail packet nt this port, herday ol sailing being the 4th inst., six tl ys laterthnn the \V- trm. Her news will be aome what later, but probably will not ndd much to the nock you send un this dpv. John Bull rours at the pusange of the Texas resolutions, but does not ahow his horns. The inaugural allusion to Oregon also g'V's him r little fe"er, and if Oregon and Texas had both passed the last, Onngrese together, John might have been mad enough to fight. As it is, the plan of giving Imn homfrF^thf doses, Texas at one ser?ion, and Oregon at the next, will wc rk well, and keep the old fellow's blood from getting above tever heat. Thus the quarrels ol Congres sional politicians sometimes do irood, lor^you re member that it was the vote of the South Carolina Senators that defeated the Oregon bill at the last 'tssion. They didn''liK'- the look" of Polk's ca binet. Your agents here. Redding X Co., are doing a pretty stiff business Their large establishment in Htate street >8 well supplied with the literature of the day tn all its branuies.well attended by obliging sind polite salesmen, and thronged with purchasers The vi ?uibule ol their establishment has become a Mir> of literary exchange, and high'change with them is when the Southern mail atrives with the lltriihi. A man has to put in early to get one, so great is the rush to "see what Bennett says." There are some other good Literary Depots here, including Haliburton & Dudley's, but Reddmg's is the best, as it is the oldest This is a new kind of business among us, which has sprnng up within a few years,in conaequence of the great reduction in the coat ot making books, papers, <Vc ,and the won derful facilities for speedf inters.mmumcations between dittereni parts ol the count* ? The appe tite lor reading has thus been greatly increased, to the manilest improvement ol the body politic, tor when people are reading some good work, they are kept out ol worse pursuits, and, to some extent, heir min<l? ire elevated and enlightened. Bu t i .f . , ?< m I : nvh improve meat Or* Fa OK.

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