Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 10, 1845, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 10, 1845 Page 4
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BY THE SOUTHERN MAIL. Wuhlngton. [Correspondence of the Herald.] Washington, May 8,1845. Tilt Collector of Xtie York?Mr. Van Ness to be Retained?'Die Valedictory of the " GloU"?In dications drawn therefrom?The Recent A/>point menti i>? Ntw York?IVhat do they Indicate ?? Tf:e Sub-Treasury?Mr. Ritchie and the " Union" ? 'l'he L'alhoHiiiUt and the Van Burenitet? Mr. Ritchie closely watched. I i?rc?ive in several of the New York i>apers, the id?a is held out that the Collector of the port will be removed, and Mr. Coddington, or some one else, substituted for Mr. Van Ness. This I believe to be u very unfounded opinion. I have the very best authority for stating that the President has no inten tion whatever of removing Mr. \ an Ness. The New York appointment? were made on Saturday lust, the Globe having appeared with its valedictory from thw pen of Mr. Kives, the fiscal partner, on Wednesday night. That valedictory has been look ed upon here as indicative of the fact that the li?nton-Van Buren-Wright clique have declared hostility?or at least that they entertain hostile feel ings. President Polk lias nothing to expect from them but that which they cannot refuse without des troying themselves, and Uierefore I think 1 run no hazard in saying that the appointments on Saturday were the evidences of the adoption of a new course on the part of Mr. Polk. Ha feels that it is in van lo attempt to conciliate that clique, which will never be satisfied with less than entire submission, and Ik* has therefore resolved to put it at defiance, lleuce ih_- particular appointments which were made, which are such that, although all the appoin tees are decidedly of the " young democracy," and were ail opposed to the re-nonunation of Van Buren, yet that clique dare not cavel at them, or relume to acknowledge their propriety ; and hence also tue retention of Mr. Van Ness, who is a faith lul otficer, an able and talented man, and a thorough democrat, and agaiust whom that clitjue and its orgaus have launched their bitterest weapons, and used the ir utmost exertions. They have all been in vain, and Mr. Van Ness will remain Collector of the port of New York. In my letter a day or two ago, I mentioned the fact that the omission of any notice of the sub-treasurv by Mr. Kitchie, in the first number of ihe Union, had excited very considerable remark and comment here. Tne Union has been attentively scrutinized for some notice or indication on this topic ever since, but none has yet appeared, and remarks and speculations thsreoii are still more frequent and general. Con nected with this subject there is the fact of the dissa tisfaction of the great cliques, and th; ominous fact that it was on this very question some seven or eight years ago, that Mr. Calhoun and his friends ranie to the support of Mr. Van Btiren and aided in the pan rage of the Sub-Treasury bill, while Mr. liitchie led on Mr. Kives from the democratic track, and the supposition is by no means unlikely or far fetched, that it the present administration should be found tampering with the pet bank system, the Van Buren itej ani 1I12 Calhounites, dissimilar ns thev niay ap pear, may again unite and be found bantling toge ther. It is undeniable that both these great cliques art watching with Argus eyes the movements of Mr. Kitchie, ana while tnc Northern faction are sore a:id exasperated with the recent destruction of their influence in the Globe?the Southern men are very suspicious of Mr. Kitchie, not believing him very friendly towards Mr. Calhoun, and both wings are ready to take hold of anything to his prejudice. Naval Okdsrs, May 3.?Third Assistant Engineer Jas. \V. King, dctached lrom the steamer Poinsett, and wait ing order*, jth?Matter's Mate J. M. Bradford, to receiv ing ship Ohio ; Passed Midshipman Keed W'erden, leave renewed onu month ; First Assistant Engineer John Alexander, detached from Poinsett, and waiting orders. 7th?Lieutenant Theodorus Bailey, to rendezvous, New Y ork, by loth June ; Passed Midshipman C. W. Hays, leave from steamer Erie, one month ; Lieutenant II. W. Morris, detached from rendezvous, New York, and wait ing orders ; Passed Midshipman E. L. Winder, detached from steamer Brie, and waiting orders ; Lieutenant Jas. 11. North, leave extended one month. ArrowTMKNT, May 7.?James H. Hubbard to be a Pro festor of Mathematics, and ordered on dutv at the Hydro graphical Ollice. t>th?Midshipman H. C'rahb, to the Vincennet; Carpenter F. fiagee to the Naval Asylum, Philadelphia ; Prolossor A. G. Pendleton, furlough one Tear. Washington, May 9, 18-45. Another Marriage coming off to-iiiglit?Death in Townto-duy?(Jen. Allen?Pott Office Scale*, tyc. We encountered the pleasant lace of Hon. Joseph R. Ingersoll, in the library of Congress, this morn ing, also J. Fennimore Cooper, und two beautiful au?hters, with several other distinguished persons of this Northern deputation. We are credibly informed that their visit is occasioned by the contemplated marriage, this evening, of Dr. Olymcr, U. S. N., of Philadelphia, to the only daughter of the gallant Captain Shubrick, of the Navy. The union of the young couple is to be solemnized at the residence of the Commodore, near the President's ; and a large assemblage of official dignitaries, heads of depart ment-, officers of the Army and Navy,arc to be pres ent. Mr Cooper,haying dedicated several of his works to Cnntain Shubrick, on account of a long existing friendship?still more closely rivited by the afore ta4d testimonials of the redoubtable novelist?his visit to the metropolis with the accomplished rela tives of the "amiable Mr. Effingham," may be rea dily accounted for. Mr. Ingersoll, we presume, of iiciates as the friend of the worthv bridegroom, in the interesting ordinance hymenial aforesaid. Long life and happiness to all concerned. A word, by the way, in the ear of Mr. Coojcr. You arc a good democrat?a distinguished literary gentleman. .See., couldn't we manage, therefore, with the aid of Ban croft, and our friend Marcy,togetyou a ChargeshipT It would be a good idea (for new novels)to whatever quarter of the globle you might be commissioned. We pray you. Mr. Fennimore, to put this thought in your pipe and smoke it. Dr. Marcus C. Buck, storekeeper at the IT. 5. Mi IitaryArsenal, of this city, died, as wc are informed, this day, of apoplexy. He was a popular, well edu cated, and deserving man. The icoort appears to be too well etlablielieJ to admit of a aoubt of his death, which, it is said, took place at ten o'clock thismorn fien. Alien,turned out of his clerkship in the Gen eral Post Office,will get something to do in the west ha a fjiecial Agent; at least, so says an influential friend of the General. Any quantity of scales are being made for weigh ing letters under the new Post Olnce laws. Some filly men are at work upon scales in this city alone. Among them wc shall certainly get a pair that will do. Bob. Plillndclptiln. Corrotpondenee of the Herald. Philadelphia, 9th Msy, 1843. Thit day hat ss yet been about the rnoit eventless of any for lomt time past. We arc in a state of almost complete stagnation, so far as local new* is concerned, la regard to movements among our literati, 1 neglected to nieution that the Hon. Charles J. Ingersoll has in press, a history of the late war, which, from the charac ter of the writer, his political knowledge, and his ac quaintance with the causcs of the war, and the circum stances of that important epoch, will take plaro at lis place as ono of the most important links in our recordod annals. By the side of this work is announced another of a totally different character, but which, for the tfms, bids fair to creoto tho moft stir among our citi zens ( to wit?a catalogue of our most wealthy citizons, with the estimated r.meunt of their possessions, together as far ai attcinallc, tho political completion of each. This expected work, has already caused consi. derahle flutter. In theatricals the only novelty Is that General Welsh brings out to-morrow (Saturday) night, at the Notional, Hichard the Third, 'vith his entire stud of horses, for Con nor's benaljt- All the characters of any importance nre tobe mounted, and in the battle sccne tho people who go to see the play seem to "<:iect nothing less than regular charges of rsvalry?tho wheeling and manouvring of squadrons ot horse on tho field of battle. As Anderson played Richard, in the appropriate costnmo of the day, an^t made a hit, the Oaliaiit <iencral Welsh has resolved to improve the idea, and, as In duty bound, to mount the king und his great officers upon their fiery chargers. Burton has taken Anderson and some of the best 0f tho Arch street company offto Baltimore. He has also gone Limnelf, but he has left sufficient at the Arch to play some excellent pieres. Johnson Stevens, and Mrs. Smith and Miss Kirby yet remain here. I under stand that Anderson made over three hundred dol lars for the first three nights of his narformtinco at this establishment, and that he averaged $lflO per night lor tho rest of the engagement. Themanagor, al so, it is saiJ, has made a handsome sum, and if ho is as successful at Baltimore, it will be a good speculation tt him. Marshall has an excellen company at the Walnut street an! after the successful run of ?? Fashion,owing entire ly to Ins manner of bringing it out, the playgoing public are on the look out for something clso that will interest tbem. Scott closed hit engagement last night. Davenport is i-till st this house, and he is considerable of a favorite, Mr. Hadcliffe ?akc? a benefit to-niflht The original drama of the fall of Kirkpatrick. is being enacted at the Chesnut, while Hill produces his droll pistes In the early part of each evening. Murdock commences his evenings with Hhakspeara to night. Last night the Native Roard of Commissioners of ?outhwarlt, continued the work of decap.tation hy un ceremoniously dismissing their Solicitor, and their Sur veyor and bis Deputy. The first it a gentlnfian who takes no part in politics, and who will not jotn in the kilter ami prescriptive courts of religeo nstiveitm snd moderate men thought that ha might not bo touched, but the two Utter are uputed to be Catholic*, and of courte, their late wm sealed from the beginning. The only wonder i? that they have not been tuperceded weeks ago. To-day there it a content going on between the democrat! and uutitei of 3d Ward, Southwark, about removing the Ward lloiue. The letult it to keep up the Ealitical excitement, but the itate of the tote will not be nowu until to-morrow. The ttock market continue* extremely flat', though there wui tome blight evidence of a revival in State ;>"*. There i* not, however, lulttclent butineu done to form any accurate judgment a* to the preient market value of Males of Mtocka at Philadelphia. FiatT Bosun, May 9.?$5000 Sute 5's, 72V?; SOUO New annual Stat?i'i,6UK;WU3!{iLehu!hMLo?ii,78: 50 Wilmiu*t?U RR S' ' Lehigh 14; 10 Commercul 0 ink 32V; 100 LT S B uikfiC. mcosd BuiW).?llOiliun Girard Bank SO Wilnnugtoii KR 21\. CEJiTREVILuE COURSE, FOOT RACE. APUH8E of S50 will be given by the Proprietor, for a Foot R 're, to come off over the above Courje, on Tuesday, May 13th, Mile Heals, best three in five. Entries to bt m<de at the Second Ward Hotel, 87 Nassau street, ou or before Monday, May 12th, by 12 o'clock, A. M. $1 eutrance will be charged. Three or more to start to make a race. mIO 2t*je RACES. The Regular New York Jockey Club Spring Meeting will commence, May 13th, and continue lour day*. Tuesday, Match, North againat the S uth; Fashion vs. IVyto la, for $20,000, four mile heats. Same Day?Purse $50, cut. $10 added, mileheaU. Wednesday, 14th?Plate Race, $600, ent. 10 per cent foraU age*, to csrry 104 lbs., three mile lie.'U. Same l)ay?A Sweepstakes or tome other rnce will be run. Thursday, lith?Jockey Club Purse, $300, $30 to second best horse, two mile heats. Suine Day?Jockey Club Purse, $500, $100 to teeond beat horte, throe mile heats. Friday, 16th?Jockey Club Purse, $1000, $200 to teeond best horse, four mile heats. Same Day?A Sweepstake or a purse for mil* heats will be ran for. Entrance to the Enclosed Space for the Meeting... $10. " " Orand Stand I. " " Stand or Track . .30c. A new entrance is made for members and gentlemen intending to go in the enclosed space. All persons wishing to go on the track with horse* and carriage*, will enter from tne turnpike.? Those goinc to the grand stand will enter from the gate opposite the stand. Two small gates will be left open between the track and stands, for persont on foot only. For horses and carriages there will lie no communication between the track and stands. _mp FSt&M F GRAND SOIREE. TilK F.MIR OF AVAH will give hi* first Grand Soiree of I Kxperimental Illustrative Lectures, embracing Philosophic and Scientific developements in the extraordinary Ceremonies of | the Persian and Paean Priesthood at the Temple of Isis, on MONDAY EVENING, May 5th, and every evening during the week, at Franklin Hall, Chatham Square, consisting of IIin doo Miracles, Demonoly, Galvanism, Electricity and Ventrilo <iu ism. Soiree commcnces at 8?Tickets 23 rent*. m31w* rc NEIV YORK SOCIETY LIBRARY. MR. DEMPSTER has the honor to announce his intention of giving a Concert at the New York Society Library, ou Tuesday Evening, May 13th, when he will ting hit latest and most popular compositions, including The Song of the May Queen, a cantata in three parts?Lament of the Irish Emigrant, Kc., Scr.. particulars of which will be announced in smallbills, to be hart at the Music Stores. Admittance 50 cent*. To commence at 8 o'clock. inylU lire T1X1AN'S venus. THIS celebrated Painting is now on exhibition at the Gallery, No. 449 Broadway, in Loudon it was viewed by unwardt of one hundred thousand persons. It is justly considered one of the greatest works of Art?unsurpassed in color and resemblance of aperfectjy formed woman. Open during the day, and brilliantly lighted in the evening. Admission 23 cents?Sea-ion Tickets 50 arnts. m7 lw'rc ROULSTONE'S RIDING SCHOOL, 137 and 139 Mercer Street. MR. JOHN S. ROULSTONE has the honor te i inform hit friends and the nublic in general, thst hit .School for Instruction in Horsemanship u now open ly and evening, as follows:? Hours for Gentlemen from C to 8 A. M. " ? Ladies " 9 A. M. to 3 P. M. I Terms of instruction made known on .application to Mr. Uoulsto.iL'. Mr. R. lias just received from the country several fine and stylish Saddle Horses, which he it authorised to sell at a rear tooaMa price. myTrc DISBR0W8 RIDING SCHOOL, 408 Bowery, on Alitor and I*afnyette Places. MR. W. H. DISBROW has the honorto announce, that his School it ojien daily, (Sundaysexcepted) fur Equestrian Tuition and Exercise Riding. Hours for Ladiet from 9 A. M. to 3 P. M. Hours for Gentlemen from 6 to 8 A. M. and 3 to 7 P. M. fr7"'Terinj made known on application as above. N. B.?Highly trained aud quiet Horses, for the Road and Pa rade. to let. mvfi Inn *rc MR. GEORUli KKNSETT, \tT ELL and popularly known to hundreds of our citizens, has "l opened rjl establishment at No. 473 PEARL STREET, (a few doors from Cliathain street,) where he has provided for hit friends and for the public generally, "any quantity" of the choicest Liquors, mid other refreshments, that can be procured. -Mr. Kensett has also furnished an up-staire Room for the ac commodation of PRIVA'I E raRTitt; and we are glad to learn that on Monday Evening next, at 8 o'clock, his friends intend to give him a ?ibsta-stiai benefit, in the way of an opening turriR the charge for which will lie fifty cents. m9 3t*je TO KENT IN BROADWAY, near Franklin itreet, a Suite of Rooms on the ground floor, handsomely furnish ,td. Also, sundry Furnished Rooms in said house, suit able ii r gentlemen and their wives, or tingle gentlemen. Ap ply at 366 Broadway. m9 4t rc MTO LET?A gentleman, about leaving for Eur.ipe, would let hit house, furnished, for a period of three months, from the 15th instant, upon liberal terms. It it a tw.i story house, tituated in a pleasant and ceutral situation,weat of li roadway. For particular* address E. F., at thit office. m3 3t*in MIO Lc.T.?A 1'oilor and Bedroom, very neatly fur nished, to gentlemen and their wives, or tuigla gentlemen, I it 117 Franklin street. a20 Im'ec | TO LET OR LEASE. A PIECE OF LAND, on the Eighth Avenue and 93d street, containing about 12 acre* of land. There is on the premise* a Frame Dwelling, which would berepiired for agoou tenant. Apply to .ANTHONY CARROLL, 16 1m*ec 25 Naasan st. FOR SALtl OR TO LET?A neat Cottage lj? miles from the Railroad Depot of Rahway, New Jersey, on 'he Blazing Star Road?with Garden, Barn, Stable, and aoi,ut live acres of meadow. The Cottage is handsome, tpneious and replete with every convenience for a genteel family. It vtill either be told, or let furnished or uiifurnished. Apply to MR. BLOOMFIELD, near the premises, or to JNO. B. CAZEAlTk, _m9 3t* m 9 Whitehall street, New York. WANTED?Ten er Fifteen Journeymen Bootmakers, can be warranted steady employ the year raundat good wages, by LOR1N BROOKS, 138 r'ullon street. None but the best workmen need apply. Also, Journeymen who with can have work to take the country. Ten handt can have steady em ploy on Boots and Shoes c.t good wages by applying to SMITH HAYRE, Jersey City, opposite tne junction of the rail road on Newark avenue at L. Brooks' house. m8 3t*re WANTED?For one ofihe mo?t exteislve Publishing houses in the United States, a few active young men to act as ! Agents lor the sale of new and popular works. The nroprieton will insure each man S300 over his board per year profit. A wri ting to that effect will be given them; they will hare besides opportunity of clearing SI,000 per year, and more if they are ac tive. Every man willliave his district. It will be necessary for them lo have ?2j to ?30 at least to obtain a good fitting out. No one need apply uuleas lie has that sum, for it is the object of the Publishers to establish good agents, and give them such a chance as no ore else can o.Ter them. For full particulars apply to 9.1 Duane street. myfi lm'Vc WANTED. TWO Reapeetable Young Woman want situations, one as Cook and Laundress, the otlier .-is Chambermaid and Fine Washer, in a private family. No objection to go a short distance in the country. The best of city referaucc can lie given. Please 1 to call at 218 Mott street, ou the first floor, in the front room. my6 Iwu'rc | ~~ WAITER WASTED. WANTED?A colored man, at No. 11 Union Place, comer of Ittii street. None need apply but such as are well auali I fied and can fnnish evidence of good character. m7 lw*rc TiiiKlUN, MA1LLAKU -Nc GU. HAVE REMOVED from No. 06 to No. 1U PEARL STREET. (Hannver 8qnare.) my4 2w*ec NOTICE is hereby given that Proposals will be received at the office of the New York and Harlem Railroad Company until the 10th May neat, for the delivery of from one lo three thousand cords fust quality Virginia Pine Wood, to be delivered ucnthly from oue to three hundred cords. I alStomylO WM. 8. CARMAN, Secretary. 'I'M (I 1 ouug Women of respectable character, ate desirous JL to obtain a situation,one as Cook, Washer and lrotier? the otlierns Chambermaid and Fine Washer. Can be highly recommended from their last employers, anil have no objection to town or country. Ally communication left at 710 Mott street, for C. C., first floor, will be carefully attended to, ta9 lw*rc FINE WATCHED, JEWELRY AND SILVER WARE. Ric L. S. ROCKWELL, 413 Broadway, a few doors south ? of Canal street, have a good assortment of fine Oold and Silver Duple*. Detached Level, Lepine and other W'atchea, which they will warrant first rate time-keepers and sell at very low Prices. Watches and Clocks carefully repaired by skillful and ex perienced workmen. Old Silver and Oolil wanted, at its full value. mJ 3t*rc TO CITV AND COUNTRY MEltCl IA NTS. HOTEL AND STEAMBOAT PROPRIETORS, CITY AND COUNTRY FAMILIES, lie. E X T R A FINE TE A S ! 103 (ireenwlch Htrect, Nr.a* CorRTt-*!rt>T St., a*v orrosiTr. thf. Pacific Hotf.i., Nfw York. WF. BEO LEAVE to inform yon that we established onr selves at the above place, princijislly for the purpose of meeting our views of our wholesale and large family cuatetrifrs on the North River Sitls. The upright manner in which we have carried on our business for several years past in this city, together with the verv hi*h qnality and moderate nrice of onr fn"ns have earned for ns a degree of reputation anil renown far ryond thr.t ol any similar honsfl in the United States, and we consider these the beet reasons we ca.-. urge to obtain your pv tronage. We hsr?, however, much plessnre in stating, that we have made, with gTent rare and judgment, onr selections from all the >| ring cargoes, and which comprise the fiueat specimens of Young Hv?on, Hyson, Gunpowder, Imperial Oolong fPekoe, .Nlngyong, Conpnu Souchong, kc., which have arrived here this season, which, with an immense variety of Fine and Oood Qualities, we offer at wholesale and retail. We have also true Government Java and other Coffees, as usual, roasted and > ground duly. We continue our operations at our other places ss heretofore, particularly at 171 Chathim at. We are your obedient servants, ? C.ANTON TEA COMPANY, New York?121 Chatham ?t.; 361 Grand st. and 118 Bleecher stree. Philadelphia?99 Cheitnut street, and 4S Fifth street. my*i Jm'm I ONE CEMT REWARD. RAN AWAY from the Subscribers,on or about the 10th of March last, * Boy naaied Patrick Robert Hughes. Any I era .n giving infnrmation of his whereabouts to the subscribers, will receive the above reward and no charges imid. . . , T. N. NEVIN It CO. I , "? S.?It is supposed that he if at work at some stone vsrd in theeitrof New York. Newburih, May I. 1MJ ml Jt*rt & PENSION AND GENERAL AGENCY, No. a Wall MimUJTo. 10 ilk Floor. THE SUBSCRIBER reapectfully offers hi*service* to the public as At;tut for Procuring Pensions, aud as Counsel to persons eugaged lu the prosecution of pension and other claims againstthe Government. All experience of several years u our of the Examiners of Claims. in the I'ausiou Office at Washing ton, havink- made him familiar with the regulation; and require ment* of the Departmrut, it ia believed. ?t,TUU will find it much to thrir advantage to conault him aud thu? avoid the vexatious delays incident to a protracted correspondence ?itb the govern ment. Ha will translate with promptness aud accuracy from the French, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese language*, all docu ments of a commercial, legal, scientific or literary character, aud prepare with ueatiteis instrument* of writing of evary descrip tion. Having for many years conducted leading papers in the city of Baltimore,he will V happy to connect lumwll as chief or assist ant, with the editorial department of a well established journal of respectability. ... ..... For the convenience of names concerned he haaprovidad hiro telf with the forms, with uie regulations annexed, of proceeding under all of the acts of Congress relating to Peusions. He insy always be found at hi* office during busiuess hours. mlO 3t*rc F. H. DAR1DGE. ^ LADIES' ^3 FASHIONABLE STRAW HATS. CAUL KING, tlx: well known and calabrated^ , Straw Hat Manufacturer, begs leave to inform the Ladies that he has for sale a s|>lendid anil fashionable aaaortment of Straw Hats, of every description, at hi* store. No. 17 Divisiou street. He particularly calls tlie attantiou of tlie public to examine his new shape called the Bohemian Gipsey, which for beauty and taste stands unrivalled. N. 11? Imported Lace, Neapolitan Hat*, fashionable shapes and warreiited to clean, at $2 SO each. .124 1 III*re CARL KING, 17 Divisiou street. BARENNE It CO., QfiLi' 114 Grand Street, Corner of Broadway, _ ??**) ?f"v Have the honor to inform the Ladies that tney will make a Summer Chienine on Monday, the ith or Mav, hav ing received from Paris, Dy the packet ship Saint Nicho las, the last arrival, an elegant and entirely new assortment of new articles, and Gipsy Hats, new style*. ml Iwisrc NEAPOLITAN BONNETS. THE UNDERSIGNED, Patentee* aud Manufacturers QKUol' the Neapolitan Bonnets, respectfully inform the trade that they are now ready to supply the above article of the latest style aud of superior quality, in quanlitie* to *ait pur chasers. They warrant that they can altar and clean the Bonnet* to appear equal to new. Buyers are cautioned agaiiut an inferior article of the kiud in the market. The genuine article, for which we received tlie sil ver medal at the last f.iir of tlie American Institute, has our tick et upo.i it. Apply to VVSE (k SONS. 172 Pearl street, or at (lie manufactory of PATTISON, NOE it CO., mvi lmis*ec No. 25 Delancy street. GENIN'S WELL KNOWN HAT AND CAP ESTABLISHMENT, 214 BROADWAY, OPPOSITE ST. PAUL'S. THE SUBSCRIBER, being desirous of maintaining a refu tation for the su|>erior quality and style of his Hats, rather than for the ostentatious and costly magnificence of his store, has diligently confined his attention to improving the material qualities of the article in which he deals, considering such a course much more conducive to the interests of his patrons, than labored attemi ts to dazzle their eye* with expensive ornament* to tlie store he occupies. By these means he u enabled to offer the followiiiK articles, viz :? First Quality of Nutria Hat* $4 50 Second " " " 3 JO First " Moleskin " 4 JO Second " " " 4 00 Third " " " 3 00 The subscriber recommend* with peculiar confidence a very superior quality of Silk Hat, manufactured bv him lor city cus tom, with minute aueution to style and durability, equaling in texture and beauty the fiueat Parisian HaU. JOHN N. OENIN, 214 Broadway. N. B.?Just received per ship Utica, a lot of French Hats, as sorted size*, to which the attention of faihiouable gentlemen is solicited. Gentlemen's, Youth's, Infants, United State* Navy and Army Cap* constantly on hand and made to order. >?26 Im*rc J p J\ A DOLLAR SAVED H ISA DOLLAR EARNED. > GENTLEMEN who inak.' ic a rule to lay out their money to the best advantage, are respectfully notified that they cut pur chase Hats and Cam at ROBERTSON'S PHCENIX HAT AND CAP ESTABLISHMENT. No. 103 Fulton meet, between William and Naiaan streets, much cheaper than at any other e?tablishmcnt in the city. An iutletible adherence to tlie system or large sales, small profits, and cash on delivery, enables the proprietor to ofier the different articles in hi* line at the following reduced rate*:? HATS. First quality Nutria Fur $3 30 Second do 3 00 Moleskin 2 SO CAPS. First quality man's and boy's $1 30 Second do do 1 00 Third do do 73 These articles are not only quit? equal, but in some respects (especially in the style of trimming) superior to any in the city. A comparison or the qualities and prices, with tliose of other establishment*, will show a deduction of $1 to $1 30 on custo mary prices. Ail Hau warranted of the most fashionable Broadway patterns. N. B.?1 lie proprietor's extensive arrangements enable him ts offer verv advantageous bargains to wholesale dealers and coun try mere Iwit*. al0 1m*m MILLS, HATTER, 178 BROADWAY, _ (HOWARDS' HOTEL,) HI INDUCED by the llattering aucces* he ha* met with in J^>tlie manufacture of Silk Hats, in imitation of the French, to call the attention of the public thereto, does eo in the full con fidence of rendering perfect satisfaction u> all who may honor him with u call. Firstqualiiy French Moleskin $4 30 Second " " 4 00 First " Nutria 4 40 Second " " 3 30 Iu addition to the above, there may be bad at this establish ment an elegant article of Nutria Hot at $4 . which for elegance will rival many that are sold at S3, and to which the attention of the public is respectfully invited. A few i asrs of Caiiimere and Silk Hats, manufactured for thr country trade, on hand, anil for sale low. J. D. Totten, (late of tbc firm of Alvord it ('?.,) and R.J. Tiffany, (Ute of Albany,) wouid be pleased to see their Iriends at tli.' ahov,- place. a27 lm^ec CHIP OF THE OLD BLOCK. MAJOR FANCHER & YOUNG BOSS RICH ARDS, No. 4 Bowery, stick to it yet and know that they can sell a splendid article of Freucn Stitched Bouts for S3 _ _ and $3 40. Ladies' Shoes at wonderful low prices. So stop your clack, ye lovers of Bootological imposition. my? lm*rc FINE FRENCH BOOTS for $3 ; City Made, and for [W style and durability they are equal to those sold for $3. at Ml Voting 6c C'o.'s Imperial French Boot and Shoe Mauurae JK t u rinq Depot, at No. 4 Aan street,one of the most Fashiona ble Boot Manufactories in this city. Fine French Dress Boots, made to order, for Si 30 ; equal to ihoee made in other stores for $6 and S7. Boots, Shoes, Gaiter* Jtc., made to order in the shor test notice. Mending, (tc., done in the store. Wm. M. Young k Co , Wholesale and Retail Manufacturers, No 4 Ann street, New York, near Broadway. WM. M. YOUNG, and m7 lm*rc H. B JONk'.S. FAST TROTTING MATCHED HORSES. FOR SALE?The fastest well matched Pair of Trotting Horses in the country, known as Hardware and Apology. Applv to JOHN J. MESSENGER, Km8 3tis*m Lumber street near Rector street. FRENCH ARTIFICIAL FLOWERS, AND MATERIALS FOR FLORISTS. BRUN LAROSIERF, <t COURT, 116 William street, hare just received by the last Havre packets, a large assortment of fsshio ablc Spring Flowers, of the most elegant and latest styles, and will continue receiv ing them by every succeeding packet. all lm*rc FRENCH ARTIFICIAL FLOWERS, See. HENRY It KAHN, 73 Liberty street, up stairs, have just received and offer for sale a complete assortment of FRENCH ARTIFICIAL FLOWERS, in bunches, sprigs and single. Materials for do do, and all kinds of , _ WATER COLORS, for flower manufacturer*' use; among which is a liquid pink color of very supt-ricr quality. Also an invoice of , , J. ^ PARIS CAPS, for Ladies and Children, of very rich embroidery; Hair Pins,of latest styles' and a lot of splendid Engraving*, plain *u colored mil 11 2m*rc ' A WHOLE BLACK SUIT OF CLOTHES FOR FOURTEEN DOLLARS. AT D. OWEN'S BIG OPPOSITION STORE, 332 Grand atreet, comer of Essex. THIS may appear almost impossible, but ?ueh is the effect of j -CASH SVSTE.M, and the small profits charged on roods, that it has become the intereet of every buyer to patronise his establishment. A glance at the list of price* i* a sullicienl Jua rantee of the above (acta. n't made up a very large assortment of those fashionable D Oraay Olfiee and Buame** Coats, of every possible vsriet) of style and fabric, varying in price* from.... $1 23 to $10 00 A splendid Jot of Frock and Di**a Coats, made of fine Saxony wool-dyed English Cloth, and cat and trimmed in the most elegant and fashionable style, from 45 te $11 A beautiful selection of I <uit*. consisting of plain Black and Colored Caasimere*, Tweeds, Drab iTEte, French Elastic Plaid a*d t igured Good*, Itc. tic., from f 1 30 to $6 00 Any quantity of Satinet Pant* $1 30 to $3 40 The greatest variety of veat* ever offered 71 to $4 00 Also, a complete a**ortment of Boy'* Clothing, cheaper than ever. N. B.?Country Dealer* would find it a great advantage to purchase at thia establishment, a* tlie greatest attention is paid to the Cutting Department, which i* all-important iu the selection of (IXC*. Come one, come all, drop in and try them, II they are not cheap, then don't buy them ! D. OWEN'S, Wholesele and Retail Clothing Store, aZ7 Im ec Comer of Grand and Ease* *t*. TO TAILORS. THE Second Edition of Stinemet's celebrated work onl cut ting csrments ol every description in a *tyle of elegance un equalled, is now publialied and ready for delivery. Those who d" sire to avail themselves of the great advantages to bo derived Irom the me of the instruction it contains, would do well to ob tain n copy without rf< lay. Tlie book is 12 to 17 inrlinx square, and coatrtiiir, 17 elegant diagram* of all the various sryfei ol car ments worn at thepre?e?it day, with full and ample imtrttctions for CVUmr in an eiuy and scientific manner. The follow ing are a lay? ol thn manyJtignly respcctablc uam?s who testify to the merits of the b-iok? Theiindcnit^ied b"inr poetically aeqnalnt^l with Mr. Ntine met s Trratisn on Cutting < >arment?, with pleasure recommend ll a* a work complete in it* arrangement, and in its practical ap plication to cutting, superior to any heretofore published. either in Europe or America. P. Henry fc Hon. Daniel ( titter, Ptaats & Banker, Charles Cox, R.W. [rwin * < o., B. F. Horner, Jamc* Daily, Jolui lla viland,.!. It. Banker. ?THe,nbo\ e can be obtained of themtkor, No. 113 Broadway, New York. a!3 lm?ec G. B. CLARKE. FASHIONABLE TAILOR. 132 WILLIAM STREET, T THREE DOORS WEST OF FULTON. HERTMtMCrftof thr. success of thisr4tai>lishment is, first that every thuiR is bought for cash, and by wholepitcc?;se condly, that thereat is low ; thirdly, that the Proprietor is content with small pronta. Uentlemen ordering garments at this.esta blishment will haTjthem finished in a style similar to that of Brnndafe, Tryou ft Co., with whom O. B. Clark* waafora loaf penod connected* - ? (totrnl ?eal? of FTices. Fine/ <Jof.h Dress Conta, from $14 to 20 000 Cassimere Pant* 4 to I 40 Satin Veat* 3 to 4 00 Making and Trimming. Dress ( oat* ?7 to ft 00 1 30 to J 00 VfcWi j - ? ? ? 4; 1 30 to 2 00 Military and Nival L informs as per Iste legtilations. A s(?erimen ('oat always toh?wn. Office coaU of every d# script ion, and sll articles usually fonnd in lane establishments, always on hand, at very low prices. ntt 1 wis&3woa*rc ?IRGINIA TOBACCO ASu STEMh 10 ilhds. Tobacco, 25 Ilhds. htemt, Landinf, for sale by C. E. HABICHT, M gt?m ^ m Went street. WATCHES!?WATCHES AND JEWELRV.?Tliose who wish 10 purchase Gold or Silver Watches, Gold Chaina, t>(dil Pencils, Keys, &c., will tuid it greatly to thi-ir ad vantage to call on I lie subscriber, wliois selling all ileeeriptions of the above at reuil much lower than any other house ui the city. Gold Watche* a* low ** $W nncl $23 each. Jewelry eichanged or hoiialit. All Watchee warranted to keep good lime or the money refunded. Watches and Jewelry repair od in the beet manner and warranted, at much less than the nsual pricr. PAVILION, NEW BRIGHTON THE PAVILION, at Nsw Brighton. is now in ftill opera liou, aud the pr?|>riotor will be glad to enter into ttiuir menu with pertiee who who wish to rnnxe apartments for the whole season or for ? ahorter period. Mr. Blancard will be found at the Pavilion errry day from 12 to 2 o'clock, and at the Oiobe Hotel at all otlwr houra. myl Jwre "" "" REMOVAL. MRS.CARllOLL'8 MEDICATED VAPOUR AND SUL PHUR BATH8 are removed from No. 313 Broadway to 1M Fulton turret, weal of Broadway. Open from t o'clock in the moruing till 9 o'clock at uight. Sulphur Baths require our hour*! notice. m3 ltn cc MINIATURE PAIlfflNS. J A. McDOUGALL haa removed from No. U Park Place ? to 3W Broadway, fourth houar above White aireet, eaat tide. __ mv< lm*ec NOTICE?MR. CLAjRKfc haa removed his IutcUigeuce Office from 330 Broadway to 93*s Duane at, oue door from Broadway, where he continue* to provide proteatant help, both white and colored, of good character, at $3 a year. At !?>, Duane atreet uncuiTeut money bought and exchanged, my4 lm*ec MONEY LENT. THK Subscriber has removed to 433 Pearl, corner of Roee street, wliere he continues to loan money on any amount ou dry goods, gold and silver watcltaa, plate, jewelry, diamonda, fur niture, wearing apparel, aud every ducri|*ioi^r^ro<Mi*l^poper * Licensed Pawnbroker, 423 Pearl, corucr of Rose street. N. B.?Persons may be received in the private office by ring ing the bell at the hall door. a30 lm*rc ~ MONEY TO LEND. ABRAHAM J. JACKSON, Pawu Broker, M Reade street, uear Broadway, loaiu money, in large or small sums, as may be required, on gold and silver watches, diamonds, silver piste, jewelry, dry goods, furniture, wearing apparel aud merchandise, of every description. a30 lm*rc E. LIP FO LD at CO 0(NO. 103 WILLIAM STREET, NEAR JOHN.) FpER FOR SALE THE FOLLOWING GOODS, of their owu importations, by the package, or in lou to suit purchase rt ILEAL BERLIN ZEPHYR WORSTED AND GERMAN TAPESTRY WORSTEDS. Beet manufacture and most exteusire assortment. CANVASS. C'ottou, Linen, Silk, Worsted, Geld and Silver, of all widths and sites. EMBROIDERY PATTERNS, Gf all Makers and Numbers. CHENILLE, For Werking and Ornamental Trimming, Plain and Shaded; Flower Chenille, lie. SILKS. Plain and Shaded, and Chiuee, Sticks and Spools; Twist, Floss, no. FRINGES. Silk, Worsts an oCotton. o f the latest style*. GIMPS. And Gimp Cords, in rreat variety. ?OLD AND SILVER CORDS, AND BRAIDS, TAS SELS, fcr. STEEL, GILT, AND SILVER BEADS, Puree Trimmings, Steel and Jot Buttons, Hair Pins, Sto. OILED SILKS, Assorted Colors. PERFORATED PAPER. CORDS AND TASSELS, Braids, Tapes, Bindings, Galloons, kc. al tm*m EATHER BED, MATTRASS AND BEDSTEAD WAREHOUSE, 136 AND US GREENWICH STREET, Comer of Courtlandt street. Feathers from Is to 4i per lb Hair Mattresses, from (3 to $23 Mom do 2 to 10 Palm Leaf 3 to 0 Corn Huska 2 to ? Beds. 3 to 23 Blankets 1 to I Comforters, from 1,30 to2,30 Toilet Tables ??? 1,12 to 1,30 Was ha tan da 1,12 to 1,30 Bedsteads, of mahogany, blaak walnut, curled maple, plain maple, all the different patterns in use, aud in price from $1 to $30, according to tlie style and Qnish. 1 he attention of the public is asiieoially called to the Patent Premium Right and Left Screw Uedstead. This bedstead mutt be examinedbefore its qualities can be known. They cannot well be stated iu an advertisement. The* have been in aae about four years?have taken the premium (a slver medal) at the Fair of the American Institute, and over 14,000 hare beeu told?what better evidence is wanted of the value of the article 1 Every hotel and boarding houte in the United Statea should have this bedstead?privateTsrailios cannot do without them. Old Feathers dressed and reuovated, and Mattrasses made over as good as new. SAMUEL 8. PARKER. 1 lm*ec CARPETING. 454 PEARL STREET. THE SUBSCRIBERS have just opened the large and spacious CARPtT WARE ROOMS, No. 04 Pearl street, former ly occupied by 8mith, Hewitt It Co., and are now ready to offer the public an entire new stockof Carpetinr, bought expressly for the spring trade, tome of which are exceedingly rich, of new de signs ana colors. Among them max be found? 13 NEW SETTS K1DMIN8TER BRUSSELS, Entirely New. It PS. KIDMIN8TER THREE PLY, Rich Shadiiic. SUPERFINE FINE AND COMMON INGRAIN CARPETING, Of every variety and description. Rugs, Dragceta. Table and Piano Covers, Worsted, Tufted and Jute Mat*; Oil Cloths, very heavy and in great varieties, from 1 to 3? feet wide; together with all other articles usually found in the trade. The public are requested to call and examine ourstoek bafore purchasing. PETERSON it HUMPHREY, m20 2m*m 431 Pearl street. R TO MERCHANTS VISITING NEW YORK CITY. 1). M. PEYSER. 60 JOHN STREET, (BETWEEN WILLIAM AND NASSAU STREETS,) NEW YORK, IMPORTER OF GERMAN AND FRENCH FANCY GOODS, Offers for sale, by Um package or to suit customer*, at the moat reasouable tenni, WORSTEDS. Zephyr, German, and Tapiaaerie Chin* and Ombre Wonted*. SILKS. How, Twisted, Dain and Shaded Silks, in Sticka and Spools. CHENILLES. Embroidery, Flower and Trimming ChanilU. PATTERNS. Berlin Embroidery Patterns, a most splendid selection. CANVASS. French and CVrman Canvass for Embroidery, of Cotton, Worsted, Imitation of Silk, and Silk, Stiver and Gold, of all widths BEADS. Gold, Silver, Steel, and Glass Beads and Bugles. NEEDLES. Embroidery Needles, Steel, Wooden, Ivory, Ebony, and Whale bone Knitting and Crochet Needles, s , EMBROIDERIES. All kinds of commenced and finished, such as Snspenden, Shoes and Ottomans, lie. tic. ' J . FANCY GOODS. | All kinds of Pans Fancy Goods, such as Purses and Parse 1 Trimming*, Head Ornaments, Bracelet*. Hair Pina, Comba, lie.; Necklaces, Gold and Silver Braids, Tinsel Cords, and Silver Bullion Tassels, FRENCH MILITARY TRIM MINGS, lie. Wire Goods, such as Baskets, Watch Holders, &C. lie. ?ertnau Rustic Willow Chairs, Baskets, Work Tables, and Sofa*. Ite. ..... OILED B1LK& Oiled Silks, different colors, the best French. ? . FRINGES. . . Fringes, ( onls, Gimps, Tassels, all colors and qualities, im ported and domestic (of his own manufacture.) fli Stlc\V3m?rc BANK COFFEE HOUSE. EMOVED from No. 39 Pine street to No. 11 Nassau street, one door from the corner of Pine. The Proprietor haa the pleasure to announce to his friends and patrons thst his arrange ments ate now completed for continuing the business of the old Bank Coffee House, at his new establishment No. 13 Nasaau st. He trusts that the improvements and superior accommodations will meet with the approval of those gentlemen diuing dowu town, and begs to assure them that no eiertioua on his psrt shall be wanting to merit a continuance of that patronage heretofore so liberally bestowed. 'Die Eating Department will be nnder the entire eontrol of Nicholas Plicethes, long known to the customers of the Bank Coffee House as one of the best of caterers,and under hia manage ment he llatten himself to rive universal satisfaction. The bar will be furnished with the beat of Wines. Liquors and Segar*.? The dining room will) the best the marketi afford in their sea ion. JAMES FOSHETT, mD 3t*m Proprietor. LAFAYETTE BAZAAR, 149 and 151 Broadway, cor. of Liberty street, NF.W YORK. Tht Cl< rape it and Moit Attractive Store of the City. FOJl the convenience of the buyers, $10,008 worth of Fancy Goods, Toys, Perfnmery, Cutlery, Jewelery and other va rieties of goods, are displayed on the counters .and sold ON AN ENTIRELY NEW PLAN, At the following Prices Counter No. 1 UX cents each articla. Counter No. 3 25 do do do Counte, No. 3 50 do do do Counter No. i 74 do do do Counter No. i ..$1,00 do do do All the Goods are warranted to lie genuine; the prices are fifty per cent below the market prices, and by this new plan yon can buy the goods at retail prices a great ueeJ cheaper than at auc tion. You will also find in the BAZAAR, the moat complete as sortment of Sugar Plumbs and Candies, from 25 cents to $3 a pound; Jujube Paste, Chocolate, lie. Two large Saloons have been fitted ap in a magnificent style, ss ICE CREAM SALOONS. A competent person, Arom a Philadelphia establishment, has been engaged to take the entire management ofthe Ice Crvnm Department, and ladies and gentle men will obtain at the Lafayette Bazaar, a real Ice Crsrn, Phila delphia stylo DAGUERREOTYPE PORTRAITS. MRS. H. SHANKLAND, P<unierrian Artist. has fited the front pnrt of the two nslleries ol the Baiaar, as Daguerreotype Saloon?, where ?|tn will Continue. *s heretofore, to take the most perfect LIKENESS FOR ONE DOLLAR, including a neat Morocco Ca?e or Frntne. For fnrther particulars apply to F. A. ARTAULT, tflefl l-nre At the Lafayette Baiaar. DAGVKR^IECTVTE PORTRAITS. JF. TllACV has taken R?ems at No. fJJ Broadway, np ? (lairs, second floor, wliern he is executing aome of the most beautiful specimen* ofthe Dagucman Art in this city. The ?rices nre according to the style of finish, from ONE TO THREE DOLLARS. These in want of perfect Pictnvs are requested ta call and ex amine his specimens. Mr. T. is happy to announce that he has mgaged the professional services of N. G. Burgees, for a short time, and those who wish Pictures in his peculiar beautiful style would do Well to call soon. Plates, Cases. Chemicals, lie., always on hand, and inatmc tions given m the .Vton moderst terms. alt Im ec DA OUERREOTVPE. JOltN ROACH, Optician, n Nasssn street, begs leave to in form Photographists, that he haa.just received, direct from Vienna, an invoice of Voijrhtlaendcr It Son's celebrated German Tubes, which he is now ready to warrant genuine to purchasers. Prices aa follow*:? Tube with 3 inch lenses for full sire plates, earner* and stand, $145. do 2 do halfsir.e do do do 7B. do 1^< inch lense* for quarter do do 50. Persons at a distance upon Inward inc a remittance, w ill) order, may depend npon having an excellent instrument sent them J. R. keeps constantly on hand an assortment of plates, chemi cals, rases, and all articles used in the Daguerreotype process, of the heat quality, and at aa low prices as tney can lie obtained any where els*. mvfl I in? re D Medical Cant OCTOR FAWCETT, of 19fi Fulton street. New York, Member of the Royal College of Surgeons, of London and Edinburgh, and Graduate of tlie Jefferson Medical College of Philadelphia; also, author of a work embracing the following subjects, vi*:?Matrimony, Impoteucy and Sterility, anato mically, physiologically, and medically eaplained, with s com prehenaive exposition of the nature and modern treatment ol Syphilis, Secondary Symptoms, Gonorrhoea, Gleet, Strictures, Nocturnal Emissions,and all the consequences arising from sell pollutiou. Doctor Fawcett continue* nia private consultations on the above-mentioned diseases, at his lo?? established office, If, Fulton street, where the most aggravated forms ol all *"?'? Hons of the generative organ* will yield to his mode Ol treat ment, without restriint in diet or exereiee, an" without m?r cuiy. Even when the procrertive energies become torpid or mylO lm*rre SPRING WITH ALL ITS CHARMS. BRADBROOK'S. The won of the oolden fish, m Broadway, comer of ChemtMu* itiam Kiilcmen will find I most splendid aaaortmeut of the wider mentioned *jlicit*. justre "l*,? ff?? Paris and Loiidoa of tlx newest fuhious, calcula tod for the present and approacnuig season, which be offers at such Prices ui will ensure the pstronags of thoae who favor him witha call, (reveuof .very variety, HaMdWchief., ?llu, and Ce^bncllemmed, or not Hemmed-Siocks and fries of every kind?Collar, and Boepme of all the new .tyle., for standing up or turning over. Glove.-* wy ?xun,iT. assort Bent; Hosiery of every description; Under Shirts and Drawers to Spring and Summer wear. Ooosutu., of Merino. Silk. Thread, Cotton, and Gauie, or made to order; Russian Belu, Money Belu and Shoulder Braces, Seconders, Umbrellas , Bathing Caps, Morning Gowns, Punee, Brushes, and Combs and in fact every article that is required for a gentleman for ai! entire outfit for hu wardrobe. Particular attentiou is paid to the manufacture of Shirts of which a splendid assortment will always be foand on hand or made to measure in the best possible maimer. Also, Silk Shiru and Drawers made to order. N. B.?The Golden Fish will swim from 171 to J97 oa the l?t of May. m30 lm?ec CALAD OM,?100 cases, of superior quality, in fancy bettiea, O 1st up rM'ieaaly for family use, now landing from Thorn Potre, from 1^-gliora, and for sale in lots to suit purchasers, by A. It B. WALLER. m> lw?m l? Pearl street NEEDLES AN1) FISH HOOKS. Tit J. BATE have removed their Establishment to No. ? 101 Maiden Lane, where they have on sale a large and well assorted stock of very superior Drilled Eyed Needles; Limerick, Salmon, Trout, Bass. Hock and Black Fish Hooka; Fishing Rods, Keels, Grass Silk and tlax Lines, Silk Worm Out Fine, Snells, and every description of Fishing Tackle, which tliey are able to sell on the muat liberal terms. Q^^IOC Maiden Lane, (up stairs)near Pearl street. rnyfl lm'rc FISH HOOKS, tec. JOHN CONROY, St Fulton street, comer of Cliff (tract, importer of Fish Hooks( also imjwrtar and manufacturer of Fishing Tackle in uvery variety. City and country dealers sup plied in small and largequantitias, on the most liberal terms, and the lowest possible prices. A large assortment of Eastern made flax Fishing Line*, all sites, at the manufacturer's prices. 400 Bamboos, and 73,000 ? ilk worm gut, of varioua qualities, forsale al lm*ec SCOTT'S BAZAAR. JT Dey street, between Broadway and Greenwich. CANDS SCOTT returns his most sincere thanks to his friends O and the public at large, for the liberal support received since he opened (he above bouse, and hopes, by tlio same strict atten tion to merit a continuance thereof. The qualities of his Ales, Wines, Liquors, and Segar?, are too well known to need com ment. The best Oysters the market can afford served up in every style; likewise a large assortment of re%shmeots to be had at all hours, until 13 at night, such as:? Beefsteaks, Welsh Rarebits, Mutton Chops, Sardines, Fried Kidneys, Cold Cuts, Ham and Eggs, Buckwheat Cakes, Poached Eggs, Tea It Coffce, Jcc. A rood dinner of roast and boiled meats for one shilling, evary dsy from 12 to 4 o'clock. Dublin Brown Stout always on draught. Families supplied with the best Scotch and Irish Whiskey. No house better supplied with English. Irish, Scotch, Walsh, and city papers?always the latest news by the .(ranters. Oood roma for Private Parties, at all times ready?free gratis for nothing. a4 lm ac MISS MADDEN respectfully informs the ladies of New York and its vicinity, that her French Millinery and Dress Making establishment, 168 Canal street, is uow open. Boring and Summer Fashions, consisting of silk, crease, ribbon, fancy Neapolitan, straw, braid and gimp Bonnets, of the newest Pari sian and London styles, just received per last steamer. Country Milliners and Dress Makers supplied with the newest Patterns at the shortest notice. DressM and Robes of ths latest fashion made to order at the shortest notice. Southern and Western order. promptly attended to. All descriptions of Bonnets cleaned and altered in the newest style. a24 lm*m T~HK SOCIAL INSTITUTE, now completed, ready for tne reception of pupils, is situated in Shrewsbury, three miles from the celebrated watering place, four rnilai from Red Bank, where steamers ply daily from the foot of Fulton street. It is calculated to give a sound, practical education, qualify the stu dent to pursue any business, or enter any class in College. Terms, per annum, 9100, including all incidentals, except beds and stationery. WANTED?A classical teacher, native of France. Also a female. Circulars and interview with the teaclier may be had at 131 Nassau street. al3 Im'm FAMILIES AND GENTLEMEN VISITING LONDON, ON business or pleasure, can be accommodated during their stay with a pleasant and desirable homek in the house of a lady of respectability, where they will meet with every attention. Apartments with private tables if preferred. Apply at 34 BORTON CRESCENT, aX lm*rc Kuston Square, London. PATENTS, SPECIFICATIONS, AND DRAWINGS. THE Drawings may be lithographed without additional sa pense. Inventors would find it much to their advantage to call on the subscriber, and obtain hundreds of copies of thou in ventions, at the prioes usually paid for duplicates. EDWARD JONES. ali lm*m 111 Fulton street, N. Y., Sun Buildings. HP H E^UBSCRIByM .ff^r?UM; 1 gin, made of brat .d.ctS TSJ?,*0rt,nj'Lof ?*" b~n manufactured Hx monthTarin^I ?? colJ*nd h,TinI i^ow?^??low., ei &?&-? La India, 1 400,000 ouumw^mI) M AN ta *-? tease^^ra*,* 'rfeSK; &'""? F.'r.iS!.".""- j'^lnm <'tj?bnd* {to?, ^ "OT,km ! '" l-*" sS??' "s:?*b^i EatieJIa, do T['haco?. N'orit-ga, (?f ?n/?-rior quality.) POr*11"' tallint^daiaCT^Mt^hut^^^/^^1y'f^?t'M do well in and beat quality. COnUla nothlW fet Tobacco of ,h. fi?, m31 lm*re D* M* H^SWTC8. ? 31 Will urn itiyt. FA13 E11 SUGAR FACTOR v 71 DIVISION STREET ' NEW YORK EET' C^oTi'to'V/ ,^V |?S3 KThe ? LAJLboT*d in th?"'S,. My!/?*"*' 8?iori?,W rr^+o s i hey have now on hand, foraale a larrn ii?i ?r u L^liidU 10 dtb"t"*' ^ Noriaro Yr?>d,,UI#' V" Cal>an^ p?rf. cSS^ La Normal Lord Byron, Unman H*;??""' frsusr ferv firttk IJo. Henaanoa. Li Pat ' a?,UIS_bi*'. "P ? .?? 1 New 'trw, corner of U'all. Afi?\ BBL?AhL|T A vD FI8H STORE. ? iton u rb j j J 8?yl>rook Shad. fn< j1' v?*1 *'1<J S^ale Fnh. *00io No. 1 Oib'd Hcrrinca. Mlkega Dutch do . 'ILaSmoked Salmon. fvcaita 8ouied do JO0 do Sou.ida and Tonnea. 2000 qtia Cod Fiah, auitabl* for ahipping. '?? Aihton'a Bait. 50 half and 30 quarura meaa MarlutW. ?00 bote. Digby Hemnc. 100 quarter bunli Salmon. * <.-. AT)!U liiunTTim VVt,s ^.V. . .. J " 1 HPHi: iUBSCRIBkRwiaH S vl ^*^CKERS. leSSaiSaK SSSSHSi 174 WASHINGTON STREET I -^l^rc EPHKA1M POKTER, A LE AN I) C i D E R ?TOHN J. STAFF'S wo. 2 annTt^ ?N Mttu, W,??? ?C7I fki'r A T^Y1 M<vwm. assraf r"",T g ?-?? ? jaB^jaartMr-, E X T E N 8 /gyg TgN?T T . ? ~ wasrfflW 'v 24 % *&%. of choice L. TO wood. A larfn aaiortrnrnt tu- tnci iiZ" w'itV ? pnT*" P"lor,j liofeli, ???smboata. I aln'iv. ^. i j f*^5Tra' ???<"tment or Cabinet Fnrnitrire SfVtal,S&j?& W^ro?m?. No M0^ c": mimiae public u reai<ect(Villy niTited to calf and a?5 1m*ec BUILDING. Jwesffssj i*c mad* for nlani kr and imnf ,nto' thia rm?i no ch?r*a being performed in tlU hut min, f"*' L',,r ,lt'"n l'"! w)?rl11 bil1,'' 'hear entire antiafac Ollaction of daainu'nr "ri*H' roni? "f Amity ilreer, where a my7 lm*m * s)r',0 *e,n> *nd ubundant referencea had. A fcrt KORTK known ? one of the moat per ?teh k. .i 7^ manufacWm of KH ARI> in Paria, ?on TkL r i'TTT ,nt<l America during the winter tea ?jw. Die price ia $700 iiutaad of $1100. which it wonld coat if ?i^n mn.^'1k ,1iTlJrL" ,l'? Ptal10- *0' he CONGRESS COLLAR. BEAUTY OF STYLE and elegance of flniab unequaUed t? Ion.?Our new atyla of Collar*, which havelong been want ing, are now ittued, and ara to be found at the manufacturer^ only, at the old ataiid of M AR8H ALL'S only Troy Shirt Depot 90 Chatham itreet, New York. Ail order* tliould oe *ent at the carliret date, a* thia pattern will in all probability revolutioaiae any atyla ever before sot up in thia market. Remain Iff, at the old aland of MaranalP*, 90 Chatham atroet, N. Y. No tecenu price, ou any cou?ider*uon. N. B.?We have alio manufactured a large quantity cf thoaa new ityle 47 Pleat ShirU, which cannot be found in the city. Aa the pleat* are all towed dowu, it will obviate the difficulty In iromng them. *4 1m*? WILLIAM A. SMhTS WILL open hia New Store. 7*7 Broadway, Uje New York Hotel, corner of )VaT?lv Pli^, m THLMDAY the 17th inatant, with an entirely NL>V STO' K OF GOODS, AC"p1lE^1^D*^A^s7)^V5iENT*UOf" EMBROIDERIES. Rich Embroidered SliawU and MaatiUea. " " Pelerine* a la reuie. ?? Dueheae d OrUuu. " Kochelle. ? EMB'D COLLARS, CANEZOUS, .Mary Stuart, " ? M 1'olouue Point 11 alavault M fr. Dauii M L?pa*noU ?Me BruntUa " aBordure mJuIIi jpainCai* " a Valancmia? EMB'D SCARFS, BMB. FICHUS k OIMPKS, || Extra Richt Richly arab'd Brod ieu Coulaur " a 1 Li vera ' Extra Hiclie " Josephine Plain BortUux M Celine ? 4 Extra New '* Valifxc RICH EMBROIDERED LINEN CAMBRIC HDK'F9. Very rich a 4 Barguett* (iarnide Valencier,e Vigrette Begnette and Ouerlande I ouit Notwiu Plumetia WEDDINU DRESSES, LADIES' CAPS. Extra ?uib d Muslin IhcaMM Thread Lace Cupt ?. ."Wad Lace do Emb'd Muslin do LinbdSilk do Tulla Lac* do Bobbinet do do Willi flow** . TliulicandTharlatiue Bobbinet, dowithcupetj* LADIES' STRAW HATS. YOUNO LADIES' CAPOTTEt Ladle*' Rich Straw " Ouimpure Conau Disera aJJentule Boia blanc St Cordon " Toecana* a Agrrment _ " Orain D'orge BOY'S STRAW COSQUETTES. Coequettee peenlea Straw Cima Tyro lieu* Berret* Crin Toacana ?. ? L, RICH SILK PATRF.N DRESSES. Silka Pekin Chiiwia Silk* Pekin Brock* Pariaieiine " Foulard Watered " Pou de Sole Taffeta* " Pekin Broch* PARASOLS. Ombrellaa with ivory handle* Umbrella* MarquUe " with friuree " Plain with rich gold and *ilver mounting!. .. , PERFUMERY DE TOILETTE. Of avery auperior quality, imported to order. Poudre d'Amend** 1' arine de Noi**tt*a " Pate do Blauc de Niege Cold Cream Ottooflioae* I'arlVimed Sachetz Toilette Powder PERFUMES FOR HANDKERCHIEFS. Ran da Portugal Eglantine Roe* Mou*ne Eaaence Marerechelle Pari* Kid Olovee, Bijouterrea, Bucklea, and a larg* attoiluieut of Fancy Article*, which will b* offered at a very raaaonabla price. alO lm*"rc FASHION. PHALON'S FASHION FOR SPRING 1846, FOR HAIR CUTTING WITH CLEAN BRUSHES FOR EVERY PERSON. PU14 Broadway. Opposite St. Paul'a.) HALON beg* to inform nia Cuitomer* and the Public that he ia prepared to Cnt Hair in the moat appropriate atyl* for the aeaaoti. being a decided improvement to the contour oj^bm penon, and combining comfort with elegance. , ^ Kememher, it ia Phulon who introduced the ayalem .. brushea, by haying a large number, ao that none area f *?? eoud time without cleanuig. Every body feela the neoaUity <,f '* SaloouL 214 Broad.tay, ?btn - - - - - MtK I* a it?and they flock to Plialon'a Saloon, 214 Broad.vay, w every attention ia paid to the art of Hair Cutting, Wig king, lie. m30 lui-pn SIX BARREL, -u " SELF-COCKING AND REVOLVING FISlpLS, BLUNT & SYMS, NO. 44 CHATHAM STREET, ;..t AT ANUFACTURERS of the above article have u-,i a/x> m X'A plate auortment ready for the Spring trade, which they of far at reduced price*. They would invite the attention of m*^ ehanta and daalera to their auortmeut, to the ma ufaetura of which tliey have paid perional altentiou, and from the iucraaaed quantity they ar^maung, can tell tham lower than before o? Alao?Oun* oi their own manufacture, aa wall ea every variety of imported Guna and implemanU in quantitiae to auit pure ha ten, ateieeedingly low pricra. f6 Sm*m Houae, W^e7e .^er?T?.J?m^rr.?u,dw,,ri *>** the Astir u^fi1 for^?? r?due^p^Z tiL^T IU?*"or Fira-Arm* y Horatmaan t W. C,, i.?T kld ? "W. ^fesa^'sSaSS5 ' ft public ui repreaentinr and ?elliu?fflIftr ?" pr*ctu?d upon the paAaffiS^as te^of A?S iL K? ?2K of f raiice, the imaum of Muxmr 11 ^iijcc de JoiuTiiU bwhr.t.t.? of?hem r?y^h\V*em?'l "** ? SJ l>lied with ilicm, and the U S k!?7 ?ud FV "? ?up U, ud the office? hi?7?ulbeen.0pp|,ed wjlh th.? port on Coif, ?MMtt&r' ?" *" U" favorable,* iBsiPBar~ Patent Lard iluidLamna ?,r*c^et do do Jjga^aga. sfcrtts&s MUSNCH china: ~~S *~ REMOVED TO /f^?oS;TY STREET, A DALF*Mr i (U1 STA1RS.) ^vSEw'3'-^ D??ert Wnti? fit ? ch Por<*J?in, u Weil u DinnSr S S?a,^XiC-fsil ,S2?^ra Jte P.r,^VMXw"d0L,1^n^^,tTA0l0neI,He^*S. Tho?. Of |^Aa&EsuttnSF?? Trte attention of priritc croUeraen Hotel krrn... j ,l tnde i* innted to thi* article Hotel keeper*, ?nd the ftr""""* "* ? ; No. 10 Wall .trwt THF f nJu ARMS. tec. THE LOS!S OIriF.HT AND LEG8 Nd HINDRANCE jr, sswtw^Scasasss DETER HORP^ElSJJiED 1822. p D b*04BW*t. "**? CiWiL tTBBir. Nbw r... T'HKBUflSrkl^rR0!:0 Ci:'['; ,UljU GLO'! ' 1 Hwd a? hSJt p*y, ^ h,|f,M*t pric" for ????><? Kx'^asu'ra1- ? -a'^ Aek for Ring's Verbena Cream A I. . ? no 0,"Tr> yp,J woald enjoy tint rreetMt el' all t?-ruli?rlv i7.^3 T'w.V'ir tMn? that approached it In rirttia ?flu ' ^ ^ a . 15HOW m.'icto by th& orifflnai inriuitnr much imnrow-d hoth in nppe,trance andonalitv Tn .tffe"'' rrr^u.d (tiro 2t!d? M ?ow m??rT ''n^ "t to onJI and ^thJ I'or salts by the inretitcrr, a* )in*re ' "AS. /I. JUNO, at 39J Jlroome ?tre?t, I'ftwrn Broadway and Bowery. A r VOND w/ uJaN uRY MERCHANTS. A1Vacated, ?d erery deecrir H?iX.^ulf!l'A.t^ m??'b"*'itifnl atyle Af fancy bottle. II, n3T J n" Toilette hasencea in Tory (reet ninety. ?rIi??L_f y'-^O^'Otaima of the firat otnlity, with arerrdn ?c^t on of Perf' y ""J ???! ?' Military Shaeinif Hoap, the moatexnniaiteBoap HirCthe'f,ce " m"k'" ' p"f" ? "Mm l?h~. Wh?ch ^ Alao^Keniily WMhinK Soap, of etcellrat qnidifv Patwit Inline ' inKorwV^\'h' ^ BANirpok f AVINgR cgw.^,1'""^10* k "ow r"no-1 f No Iff ... ml Imrc rpHE l/NDERSIONKD a.mon,iee to ^pu 1.^1,^^ I larly to the watch merchanta, that from thia da'y thi? lifre fcT^/!" rT.ZT'T nJt? th,> of DBLTc iTirxi MAIKr., lor the trade ol imporut on of . ? thia .aid d\y they hare on h?S and J| Jt141 fron> Bsaa.?na was t&slr 35 A. r>i-laeh?nt?H Maim. N? Kalto" Isigiliilssi N

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