Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 8, 1845, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 8, 1845 Page 3
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going on in the political world have very lltfle eftet 1 upon pi ica*. Home of the moit extensive fancies are controlled by large houses iu the street One concern lias a large amount of Canton ; another large lots of | Norwich St Worcester, others large quantities of Ston ington, Long Island, Morris Canal and Farmers' Loan, all able to, in fact compelled to hold for an advance, and fearful of putting much of either of these stocks upon the market, on mccount of the influence upon prices. These thing* induce us to think that prices have nearly I touched bottom. It is for the interest of every one of these largo holders to sustain the market, and prevent, if | possible, any further depression, as several of them heve full as many of these fancy stocks as they want, or can comfortably hold. The Bank of Commerce hat declared a semi-annual | dividend of three per cent, payable on, demand. The Merchants' Exchange Bank has declared three aud a half per cent, payable on demand. The Merchants' Fire Insurance Company have declared four por cent , payable on the 15th inst. The receipts of the Norwich k Worcester Railroad Company, lor the years 1841 and 1845, were, as an nexed ? Norwich & Worcester Railroad. Receipts for June, 1844 $16,403 06 Receipts for June, 1845 10,738 50 Increase in June, 1845 3,336 53 This is a very respectable increase, in the l'uce of the reduced rate of fare, on account of the opposition on the Mound and other routes to Boston. The receipts from customs at this port for the past week amount to $317,100. We annex a table, showing the course of the foreign tiado of the United States, and the extent of our com merce with each nation. This statement shows tbe impor tance ol our commercial relations with other nations. Export* to and Imports krom Each Foreiun Country, amu the Balance ok Trade for and A<;ain*t the United States, kor the Year Endino June 30 th, 1841. Balance Balance infavor against Countries. Eipoits. Imports. V. Stales. C. S. Ruuia $555,414 $1,059,419 ? $501,005 Priusu 218,574 12,609 205,365 ? Sweden St depencics 295,345 415,553 ? 150,208 Denmark St depend'* 9111,150 630,510 352,616 ? Holland Jldependen'* 3,453,385 2,681,492 771,893 ? Belgium 2,003,801 634,777 1,369,024 ? Hunetowus 3,566,687 2*136,386 1,130,301 ? England St depend s, 61,721,876 45,159,122 16,262,754 ? France 8c dependen s 16, 133,436 17,952,412 ? 1,818,976 Spain lit dependencies 6,751,811 13,775,451 ? 7,023,610 Portugal St depended 252,170 257,015 - 4,815 j 1 1 ' ly, Sardanis, and Sicily 1,023,66) 1,559,699 ? 536,038 ] Trieste, Sic 1,426,020 232,089 1,193,931 ? Turkey, Levant, Stc. 283,384 385,866 ? 102,482 Haiti 1,128,356 1,441 214 ? 312,880 Texas 277,548 678,551 ? 101,003 j Mexico _. . . . 1,791,833 2,387,002 ? 592,169 i Central Republic of America 150,276 223,408 ? 73,132 New Granada 124,846 189,616 ? 64,770 Venezuela 531,232 1,435,479 ? 901,247 Brazil 2,818,252 6,883,806 ? 4,065,554 Cisplatiue Republic 462,176 114,763 317,413 ? -Argentine Republic 504,289 1,421.192 ? 916,903 Chili 1,105,221 750,370 354,851 ? I'eru. 16,807 181,124 ? 167,617 South America gene rally 125,938 ? 125,938 ? W. Indies, generally 181,448 ? 181,418 ? China 1,756.941 4,931,265 ? 3,174,314 Eurepe generally .. . 28,700 ? 28,700 ? ?Asia generally 162,662 31,908 427,754 ? Africa generally .. . 710 244 465,113 245,131 ? south Seas and Pa cific 349,379 41,504 . 307,875 ? Northwest Coast of America 2,178 ? 2,178 ? 111.200,046 108,435,035 23,577,802 20,812,791 108,435.035 20,812,790 Aggregate balance in favor of l\ 8tates. $2,765,011 $2,765,011 The balance against us in our trade with Spain and de pendencies is greater than with any other country. The principal articles imported from Spain into the United ?States are wines, sugars, molasses, spirits and fruits, and the articles are exported cotton, tobacco, provisions, flour and lumber. Our trade with Brazil stands second in tho list against us, as we import from that country vast quan tities of (offee, and only supply in return: small quanti ties of flour and cotton manufactures. The trade be" tweeij this country and Brazil is, however, rapidly in creasing, and a few years]will suffice tojthrow.the balance on the other side. The difficulties between Oreat Bri tain and Brazil, in relation to a commercial treaty, are doing a groat deal towards improving the markets for our cotton manufactures. We are entitled to the most favorable terms from the Brazilian Government, in the entry of our goods into their ports. Of the $6,883,806 imported from Brazil in 1844, $5,803,901 was in the single article of Coffee, which we admit, under the present ta riff', free; while tho im]>orta into Brazil from the U. States are compelled to pay a very high rate of duty, and are only admitted upon the most restrictive conditions. The government of Oreat Britain place restrictions upon the importations of the principal articles from Brazil, in many instances, almost amounting to prohibition, notwith standing which, the manufactures and produce of Great Britain are imported into Brazil upon terms quite as fa vorable, as the manufactures and produce of the United States. 1 he recent attempt of the Government of Great Britain to place a higher duty upon slave grown sugar lian upon that produced by free labor, has produced a re taliatory movement in the Brazilian Government, and the duties upon certain descriptions of English manufactured goods have been increased. Thore is a large balance against ui in our trade with China, the importations from which country, we admit into our ports upon the most luvorable terms. Tea is the principal article imp>rted Irom China, and comprises more than three-fourths ot our imports from that country, and is entered free. Our exports to (liina arc candies, naval stores, .skins and furs, ginseng, provisions, flour, bread, hops, leather, soap, tobacco, lead, iron, molasses, sugar a i ill cotton manufactures. We are rapidly building tip markets in China for our manufactures and will, without doubt, in a few years, be able to reduce the balance against us in our trade with that country, but we have little hope of being able, for many years, to create a balance in our favor. The principal exporting staple of China is tea, and it is very doubtful whether wc can build up a trade with the Chinese, to exceed the amount of our annual wants for this article. They are auxious to draw all the specie they can from other na. tions, but are little disposed to part with it, when once obtained. The trade between Great Britain and the Uni ted States is greater than between any other two coun tries in the world, and in this trade the balance in our favor is greater, than in eur trade with any other coun try. The extensive demand in the United Kingdom lor our great staple, cotton, enables us to not only liquidato any indebtedness wc may have created on our impor tations but to raise up a balance in our favor, large enough to ottset our indebtedness to other countries, in our trade with them, and show a very respectable ba lance due us in the aggregate commerce of the country. The exportation of cotton alone from the United States to Great IJritain in 1H44, was almost sufficient to pay for the whole of our importations from that country. The aggregate value of the imports in 1844, was $4o,4.'>9,l J-J, and the value of cotton exported in the same period $ 3P,.'>P8,P06. More than one half of the total exports from the United States in 1H44, was to Great Britain and de pendencies, and nearly one half of the total imports into the United States was from that nation. The balance in our favor in our trade with England was larger than the aggregate value of our exports to any other country. These returns will convey some idea of the importance of the existing commercial relations, betwoen Great Bri tain and the United State*, and how ruinous it would be to many interests in both countries, should they be de ranged or destroyed. Our foreign trade with all coun tries is small compared with the extent of our internal trade, but it is necessary that every outlet for our pro duce and manlactures, should be fostered and increased to preserve our domestic trade in a healthy state. An external demand for our products, relieves the home market and has a very favorable effect upon price*. Old Stock Kxchangc. *4000 I S A's, 'A3 103!.. 100 ratrrnon R R ..son Ohio ?'*, 'oo 2A Harlem R R .. . , 1000 do !?? ISA do ?i'J | Rt.HMO Ohio 7'* 101 2 AO Lome Island R R 71 3000 Pennsyl'a A's 73V, ?I0 do 70?i 1000 III ??tafr Canal :IK 100 do 1)3 7n!\ . to ahas Bk State N Y !I2 100 do 70'^ | 100 Fulton Brule ||A 12,'t Htoningtoit R R 29 40 l??-| tk liud'on scrip 120 100 do *00 29 SO N O Canal Bank ID 200 do 1)90 29k 100 VickslmiK Bank s3 200 Nor k Wore R R 7l!? 2A dA _ 200 do ch 71% 1HA Farmers' Tttist *3 ir.'J AO do *30 7IH AO do 38'^ |2A do ?3 71)2 2J Morris Canal s| 31^ 50 do *10 7IK 37A do 32 M do blA 71?; 25 Krie 11 R *60 20 AO Reading R R jj Second Board. ??jOflO I'enn'a A's *10 713i AO Louis Inland *10 70V AO aha* L Island *3 70:,? 100 do sjO 71 I Ml do *30 70?2 Stock Hschang?. *',00 Texas T Notes IA IA L Uland R R 16 sh* V iekshuni Bk rh ?'?. 100 Nor fc Wore /?> do ch H>, 2A do AO farmers' Tr*st eh 36'. 2A do iru Morris Canal eh 3IM ,'i0 do AO do Ii30 3I\' 7A do ZA do stw 2A 1I1 AO do 31% 2A do jj Canton Co bfiO 44 '4 Died On Monday the 7th initant, Chani ci Paimr-ay, infant son of Oeo. P. Pollen. ? The friends of the family are requested to attend his funeral this afternoon, at rt o'clock, from No. 8t Morks Place, without furtherinv^atjen. In f K W*W,r Of OMtlU. | the city a.d eowy ofKrjr York, from the *xh <uy ?i 38Vfei. tuS* loth.ith day of July, u<4. 8 Meu 30 Womeu ? 68 Boys-60 Girls. -Total 191. UllCtlEI. ?l7d?'?. <; *-'??"<?, 3; ?ul?i on, 2,,; CroMii 3 n'.Ml.rv i'f,nil^"U,Uml'tion'if2; Iwwn, 5; Inttnininaliou of toweU?U](i 'l.'fi 1"",m,,'ati?"1 "f 1 iW1 disease, i; Sprue, 2; Teethinir 2- T?r??i Mi Spinal toslmes , 1; Unknown ,6: Worms ?j u#* !i Wcmtion of l,4. 7#. 5; 70 ,0 80, 3 ; 80 7o 90,' "uSkSfWn 3 * l3i M ,0 M' J; 60 10 Colored persons | CORNELIUS B. ARCHER. city Inspector. OR THE POWEr'of LOVE ,, of Mittouri, nUBI IflMrn "/ Stephen Stubbs. Kmi * No. 303 Brood way atTd fnr ^^ChIj Publishing Hall, poti? Pitce I2>i cent! at all the Periodical I)e ie2Mu,' timber for DRY DOCK. ? Navv Aoevt's Okkicb, ) si I 1(M?0 Spruce or Yellow Pine Bearing Pile* 2', m hi r, ,i I 1 t0?v??ra*ej8feet; to b?lVom 12 towVchw ? rh^? '""H1 ' and not less than 9 inches at the small rutl, exclusive o/hark " 1 Ihese piles must he sound and straight hark. ) 29,300 running feet of Yellow Pine i . j U inches, t# be sawed on two parallel side* to the tliSk 12 '?? 12 niches. A II to he touiiil ?traiuht thickness ol of not less than 25 feet ?lr-"Kht heart timber.and in leugths i 1200 ruiuiiag feet of Yellow Pine Timber LS hu i? s . lie sawed on ull sides, uud 1 1?? i ! i * ' niches; to , Wjde ; all to Be good sound heart Pine, and ".w'ed't" ' thK.dtVen^of'^r"^ WrJ3? i'?he. j I to 15 Inches wide, and sawed to a' iSr.ll ^ -a'J0 a from 10 ?ood sound heart Pine * parallel width. All to be I 'JfOcte before the l.t I I 1st day of January, 1810, and subject tn ifi?"0' before the I ?,cl,k person a, may he appointed fy Vhe" EngSn.erWDry ' ?! bin;?.Whe'^a^?^?af^me r^.t "***< above 1 sucfi |>ortions of a lirouosal nnlv a- !e rijfht to receive to the government, hach proposer "mult' "'?M ,aJviul.,a?T??>Hs piece for the bearing pile, the nrie^ n^ ^ k r ''rlC.e ')tfr , rfmber, and the price per thou.and feet! h^ard meaiZ, for tl the Kind itedfeffir^1 ?>.? ?tered into for | I cent of the amount delivered wiVl T , ""1 'hereof, III per tract ii fully complied with retained until the con <ie^;?c%te^lecien^t>t;,u;dlllb(,o,:l ttl,,,rrd bid. that time, the pro.^alwd lereit'^l ,,,,,, " "0t d.?"e w'?h'? Navy A,e,?. S5 Watch, valuable IXai. tulv'Ii double-cwed silver the basement of 2J9 Koiirteenth ?!r? , stolen from terday, by two hoy, s?n to U.v M'1 o'clock yes reward will be paid to vhorvcr Mnnmi^rei?!%' Tl"' ?bove to 188 Kronl st.. or to 1.17 ,|p I A L' STK vJ'XBf ^ |1'^!"!".??r? held on board the stea'?7^~R. on Monday ' Tbe^th' Jufv^rFnrf exfl"r?'011 to'he Kishing Banks. Maber, n?d the office? o/th^V '? < ?,, ring the trip. tMe b<wt' 'or ,l,e,r ^nid attention <lu. the CBa.Vert*i,,,y tol" j)8 If in J- B- <jHAMP|0N President, HVP(lrHnvni)7T^ ? w't" numbers ol others H from all p^t, !f,b^i,rL,d c",', Ptale'' M"8-""' leiies ol Wiuchell, that IViiii' nf n? ' ?"!"*ss 'he drol for that kind ofdi.w?.?d ^."o mistake ^ i^?.* * \"Ur" cu" heard hlin ! If not. do. V f? I L -i . ei ?lpauer, have you m 12 different characters this w eek '?\lldaml"i? k otJ?ervei we predict, w ill tell iOOO fnrtunl. ,*kj MBdaPle.H .ockwell, too, in our city. lortunes this week, it being her last SHIP 8HKFKIKLb~NOTi7T~7- P ^ U*nl ?hip Sheffield, from LiTerpcml w lufjf'*? t,of K"0'1'' P" said ship is now discharging under ^?!! , i take notice that ver st. All iiot pemi ,id bv fa '^i orrferL fo.ot of D"" unaroidabiylie sent to^he publ.c .tore thl" d,ljr' Inu" " Atu-va.,. W * J T- TAPHCOTT requiring fJom tXtotwelv. ^houn to ,other ?W2?eell?e? will Jg touishing. It was tried vMri.nliu ? hair is truly as Tnr^V^ h\r\^ '"??UanJout! ?Ur 0fflCe< the cha,,^ wall, 06 wSflUm ?rMt^ Jo6ii?Wm' '' '' l0t ^"dwoy ! lane ; J. W. Wright & do. 2 Cedar strew- Tn >,!"{? 81 Maiden druggist* throughout the United States o'r i principal R. & <; a mnmEl ?r ofsole agenu. Ji'8 lm*m. ' w"-IOBT, 8j South street, Bn inn /% ? ? ? Philadelphia. a^omii^la'!ed?w,i?h,fu\^^e^,,1t!^1mf 11 """'l <>' handsomely breakfast and tea, i,. V ,,'rivat" fain i v ^'Vni' ''-,l T""- wi,h tween Broadway and Mercer street, Tl,. , d "I""'1' ,M" pleasantly situated, the family small' .T.iTi " ???*? and s'-" V' I'-'rlor ainl bed-roo,,, adjoin'i^ " r""mS J?4 rr< hIE?AkBAuT HINC' at LONG BRANCH L~ T?oYt^d?o-i;- sas? tvr- ,he " l.eres th ,t a moredesiMMe^ ,^'^- h''",u P"", he lie^ son cannot be found. The convenience? # ,, 'Z ?''"lr"?c,'i,'g sea surpaased. To those who r^A r J V r "ea bathing are un Mrd Jame1' ??re offered. '""' "? pll,Ce caa l,e Red B.Ji?kmro i>::rnP!;:;e,,,:j;rV^!:,.,rwJa /-m W&'Skl'MTWK r H 'italV^by'^' D?Ii? Western Seed, for jy? y *- K" COLLINS Sc CO. 56 South it. received and for aale by lra,,e"- AJ,? 10 tons dew rot, just V- .j^CQLLlNS 8c CO. 56 South W lomo s*V?&'\:r ",ino" wh7^r.,iTM, -ii K. K COLLINS fc CO. 56 South St. L'Oil ?ALE? A large quantity of Irish Oatmeal and Navy i Bread, at a moderate rate. Apply to Jy8-rrc J. HfcRDMAN, 61 South *t. WATER CASKS FOR SALE ? 300 iron bound Water Casks, fur sale low, by jy8-rr J. HERDM AN. 'il South st. AMERICAN EAGLE EXCHANGE AND SALE STABLES , COKNKR OF DEI.AVCY AND CHRISTIE Sl'j". JUST RECEIVED and for sale several drove of ,1? l^Wenter" and Northern Horse*, su|Hrior to any that - ? \ i| h"" arrived this season; 25 pair closely matched; to gether with <0 single Horses, some of w hich are very fast trot ters; also, 5 Virginia blood Horses? w ill tie sold at a ureal bar gam, il applied lor immediately. JOHN WILLIAMS k CO., Proprietor*. 'Auction sales every Thursday. jy8 lt'm WANTED F.Vl MEDIATELY? Two or three Slee|T ing Rooms and a Kitchen, in a respectable situation ? ,Rent not to exceed Sl.'ifl per year. Please address R. E bos No. IlllJ, Post Office, specifying location and scorn modatlons. jyB-3t is*m WANTED? by ? respectable young woman, a situation ?s chambermaid, or to do general housework? Best of re ferences given. Apply at No. 3 City Hall Place. jyDlt'm V SITUATION WANTED ? by a respectable young wo man as cook or to do chamber work and assist at washing and ironing in a imsll family, and who can procure a satisfac tory recommendation from her last place, where she lived six years. Please apply No. iili Suffolk st. jy 8 2t*rrc SITUATIONS WANTED? Two respectable women (sis ters) are desirous of obtaining places, one as cook; she is capable of cooking iu th? Krencli or American style, and is a good washer and miner. The other would be glad to find a place as chambermaid, or to do general housework. B< th can l>e highly recommended from tneir last places, and will give the best city refeiences for years. Would have no objection to go in the country. Address No. 55 Oreenwich, or 110 Twelfth street. jy7 tis'ec WANTF.D? For the U. 8. Murine Corp, a number of able bodied young men. Apply at the Marine Barracks, near the Navy Yard, Brooklyn. j7 fi 3t*m MUSI C . A LADY, who has a thorough knowledge of Music, heing taught by the first masters in Europe, and feeling herself | fully competent to instruct inthataccoinplishment, would wish to devote tier time to the instruction of young ladies, on mode rate terms. A note addressed to A. B. C., at the office of this piper, shall be punctually attended to. jc28 1m*rc WANTED.? A few active, intelligent men, to act m agent* for the *ale of new and popular Publication*, in different part* of the country;. $300 per year over their board will he insured them in writing, with an opportunity of clearing $1000 per year, and more if they are active Some men, now iu our employ, will uo doubt make ?ver $1000 per year, clear of all e* pence*, and there i* about half a dozen places opeu, which must be filled ; each man will have hi* district, and it will be nece* ?ary for them to have at least $25 or $50. to obtain a good fitting out. None need apply unless he ha* that amount, for it is our object to get them started in *uch a manner as will be benefi cial to them, a* well as to us. Apply at 95 Duane street. Letter* mo*t be rost paid. jell lm*rh MONTHLY REPORT or Ttir NEW YORK MEDICAL AND SURGICAL INSTITUTE No. 75 ChamMn Street. CASK* *t.'tTKS8riILLV TRKATKD. I ' 'ostivenes*. I Disease* of the Heart 1 Incontinence of the Urine. < ' ri,m?ry Consumption. 2 I alpilation of the Heart. 3 Debility. 2 White*. 2 Secondary Yenereal. 2 Eruption* of the Skin. 2 Difficulty in making wa ter. 2 Long standing Oleet. fi Gonorrhoea 3 Rheumatism. I Oonorrho', chronic. 1 Case of Midwifery. 2 Cases of Apoplexy. I Dyspepsia. 1 Blur befor.' the Eyes. 2 Fever. 3 Primary Venereal. I Excoriation. I Suppression of Menses. 1 Venereal Warts. 2 Chills and Fever. 2 Epilepsy. 15 Vnccinn?ted. 1 Swelling of the Legs. 2 Night Sweats. 5 Seminal Weakness, I Cholic. 4 Kxamination* of Chest to detect disease. lyCCRII rui- StJRUIflAI. OPI'RATIOna. I Hemorrhoidal Tumors re moved. I Case of Dealne*? cured by an operation. I Amputation of Finger. I Curvature of the Spine? under treatnent. 1 ' jse ol Ulcerated Legs, of '?years standing. 2 Case* do. of rereni date 2 Strictures in Urethra, . ured without cutting or buri. inf. ' Bml injury to a boy 's foot in the True Sun Office I 8?iff shoulder joint cured. I rumor removed from the foot 1 Large \hscess. 2 Operations for hydrocele, i or water in the Scrotum. 2 Ulcer* on the No*e. I Operations for Squinting. I Rupture (Inguinal) I Injury of th'1 Head of child, from a fill I Neer?.?i- . or oar e? of the 1 i!lja or -lli I boil.* I liail ii i n I \ of ihc ankle ol in tile 1 rue Him Oilier. | n boy, fr?n a full. i I'i'i I' i'C l'? r w"' l,r giv" every day, lie H. BOSTWK K, M. D jy. Zw in Attending and Physii N i 'J"1'- AD? About ten ton*," hi barrel* "fo ii,e T JOHN HERDMAN, #1 South street. Iietw een eian. A VOICE FROM THE OH ANT) PRAIRIE. TO the diseased, their iwrt nl* and friends, I addr??? my??H with words ofeucoui igement, wid bid thein hope, thai they ino inay find in Bristol's Sarsa|*rilla the healing balm which I rallied from it* u?e m my family. Three years ago last April, mv ?i>n Motti, then eight years old, was taken with Scrofula ; it made it* lirat app?araiice in hi* light arm, which swelled very inuch, and gave him exce**ive ji*Ui, ao much so that he could sleep ueithrr day nor ii'ght.? This continued for nineteen days, when having gathered it broke, discharged a large quantity of matter, and lie was some what relieved! but it coutiimrd a running aore for more than a year. 80 much waa that ]>art of hia body diaeaaed, that all around the right shoulder the offensive matter waa collected, and by pressing 011 the ahoulder blade it waa discliarged at the sore, mnlway between the shoulder and elbow joint* ; finally it healed, and ?oou after there waa 11 large gathering in the right groin, which waa opened, and discharged matter for about a year. Then another gathering took place on hia back that aoon healed, gathered again, broke, discharged and healed; three liinea lias he had a gathering in the last mentioned place, lie had several other ulcer* on various part* of hi* body ; hi* suffering* were very great; I employed the beat physician* in my reach, but their effort* availed no thing, and the poor sufferer lay almost at the point of death,? In this ho|ieless stale of things 1 heard of Bristol'* Sarsapa rilla, ofits wonderful and almost miraculous power ill heal ing the disease of which my boy was dying; and honing al most against hope, I procured one bottle at the sign of "The Good Samaritan,'' Lafayette, Indiana. The use of that one bottle wncouraged me to get more, and by the time he had taken ten, his sores were healed, hi* appetite became rave jiou*. and our principal difficulty wa* to keep him in doors, fearing that the winter weather then on, might injure the ten der being thu* restored from almost death to life and health. I, hi* father, look u|hhi him a* having been twice given to me, . for before the using the Sar*a|>arilla, 1 thought lie could nut lire much longer. Many time* at night have 1 thought that lie could not live until morning, and my neighbor* told me It was 110 u*e for me to buy the medicine? I should spend mv money for uotbit g ? still, " n* while there i* life there is hope, I was willing to try, although my hope wa* very slight; and what a change! Hut I need say 110 more ? pen cannot express the feelings of a parent on setting his child thus restored to him. Any person wishing farther information may apply to me, and I will cheer fully give nil iu my power. I live 011 the Grand Prairie, two anda half miles we -t of llainsville, Warren county, Indiana. (Signed) JOHN WKST. Warren county, ludiana, .May 20, 1815. The undersigned, neighbors and acquaintances of Mr. John West, having frequently seen his sou Moses during his recent illness, and being well acquainted with the state of the disease nt various tiuies, and knowing what different medicines were used, h?re no hesitation in declaring our firm belief in the effi cacy of Bristol'* Sarsaparilla, aud to that alone inay his recove ry be attributed. (Signed) ISAAC BUI), JOHN HARRIS, BASIL WEST. Warren Couuty, Indiana. May 20. 1IM5. I hereby certify that the foregoiug case of *crofula was under tny notice for some two years? that the disease was progressive ill Us course, as described, until, as I believe, through the influence of the Sarsaparilla, a change was effected. The patient has for the last lour or five mouths rapidly recovered his health, strength and vigor. (Signed) J. W. SMITH, M.I). May 2tl, 1815. I hereby certify that I am well acquainted with Mr. John West, and visited the patient above alluded to 11 few times at different stages of the disease, and believe the above repre sentations in general to lie correct. (Signed) WILLIAM Ci. MONTGOMERY, M.D. t May 20, 1815. Lafayette, Indiana, May 21, 1815. Mk. C. C. Bhutol,? Dear Sik : The annexed statement of a case of remarkable cure effected by your preparation of Sarsaparilla, is, with the accompaning certificates, presented to you by request of the parents of the hoy, in the ho|ie that others may go and do likewise. Very respectfully, yours, Stc., (Signed) R. L. LAWRENCE, Druggist. \FT Bristol's Sarsapariila is the original article, and has stood the lent often years acriitin>. Results like the above are accruing daily, and stronger proof cannot be *u>ked. Kor sale wholesale a. id retail by William Burger 50 Courllandt street, aud all druggists in town and country. jy8 It' in NATIONAL COFFEE HOUSE, ?13 WnxliliiKtoii street, A few doom ubove ll'usliington Market. rilHE public are respectfully informed that the above named X house which has been fitted up wiih all the modern im provements, will be opened for the reception of visitor* on Monday, July 7. at 12 o'clock, at which hour a splendid dinner will be ?erved up. Ill the fitting up of th" house every atten tion has been paid to render it a favorite resort for tho?* who dine down town; the size of the dicing room i* 50 by 20 feet, tieautifully lighted and ventilated. The lied rooms have been fitted up with the best of beds, and it will be found to be a con venient Boarding House, as boarders can have their meals at any hour of the day. Under the immediate superintendence and direction of jy7 lw*ec HENRY LU8COMB. NATIONAL COFFEE HOUSE. NEW YORK, CHEAPEST AND B^ST LODGING AND EATING HOUSE IN THE CITY, 2 15 IV ash 1 nprton st , Between Barclay and Vesey streets, near the. North Rirer and tb? Washington Market. jy7 Iw * in HENRY LUSCOMB, Superintendent. IK Mr. ANDREW PETR1E, n Smith or Ironmonger, now living in New York, will cull at No. 84 Front street. lie will oblige one wlio wants to see liiin, to obtain some informa tion relative to a family who left Scotland ?ome years ngo ? said family now having a relation in New Orleans, very anxious to ascertain their preseut residence. jy6 Iw'in URNISHED ROOMS WANTED, without Board, by a Gentleman and his wife, in or near Broadway, between Leonard and Broom streett. References exchanged. Apply by note, addressed (post paid) to W. W. W., box 481 Post Office, and stating location and terms. jyti 3r*ec "THE CELEBRATED PATE D'AMANDES. ORGEAT PASTE dissolved in water proves a very excel lent, pleasant and healthy summer drink; it can he had at the following places:?.!. Milium, No. 183 Bro.<dway; J. R. Chilton, 263 Broadway: A. B. Sand & Co., 273 Broadway; Gass ner & young, 132 Chatham street: W. R. Ballagh, cor. Cham bers and Chatham streets;!'. Merkle, 383 Grand street; W. Kir by, cor. Division and Clinton streets; Moore, Lent St Co., 83 h root street, and at the manufactory, 129 Attorney st; W. For tenbach, 14 Hudson St.; J 8t J. ('oddington, 203 Hudson, corner Spring st. ; J. W. Bassett, 644 Broadway. ju3 lm*rc IMPORTANT NOTICE TO DAGUERREOTYPE ARTISTS. 1MIE undersigned have made application to get Letter* Patent for their new process to color Daguerreotype Pictures. This process produces an effect not known before, and changes the api*>arance of the Daguerreotyi* to that of the finest (mint ing. This coloring process is done by nature itself, guided only by the hand of the operator, and macluneiy. It can be peformed by every one not skilled in the art ol painting, and will be per fectly understood at one glance. It also can ue com muuicated i:i writing, without difficulty. Artists wishing to procure the Patent right for a City or County, can make pre-engagemeuts therefore, by addressing ( post paid ) to W.& F. LANOENHEIM, jy3lm*rc Exchange, Philadelphia. PRIMITIVE PHYSIC, OR THE COLD WATER CURE. MYSTERY, Mischief and Misery neutralized, by Hydro pathy, being a popular view of the system as practised by Vincent Pnessnitz, of Graefeubergh, a safe, natural and tried remedy fordisorders incidental to the human frame. Here are uo frauds, no quackeries, no nostrums to allure and tnislead.hut a simple natural, curative, within the reach and understanding of al I . Reader , fail not to study and to practise this glorious dis covery, which God and Nature have sent for your preservation; in it you will find a treasure, like the Scholar of Salamanca, profit mingled with pleasure. New York, published and sold at 157 Grand street, and may be had of the booksellers ? price 6*4 cents. mv27 lm*rc KITISH BARQUE ANN HARLEV, FROM GLA8 GOW. ? Consignees per this vessel will please send their 'ermits on board .pier No. 8, N. R., w ithout delay, as all goods not permitted within five days, are liable to be sent to the pub lic store. j> PACKET SHIP SHEFFIELDfroni Liverpool? Consignees by this ship are respectfully requested to send their per inits on board, loot of Dover street, or to the office of the sub scribers. All goods not pennttted in live days, must unavoidably be ent to public store. W. St J. T. TAPSCOTT. New York, June 30tli, 18li. jlrc FELT ? English Patent Sheathing Felt, suitable for roofs of bouses and ship bottoms, a very superior article, and of great benefit not only to the bottom of vessels, but also to the Copper. For sale by E. K. COLLINS & CO , X South st. jeZ7 ec SOMETHING NEW AND USEFUL. AFTER long endeavors, the undersigned has succeeded in introducing to the |ieople of the United States an article thev have long needed. It is in the shape of a Paste, called PATES U'Avl ANDES. (Orgeat Paste, ) while it combines a healthy and pleasant drink for the Summer. While it promi ses these qualities it is at the same tune useful in removing Heartburn and SourStomach, and is a capital drink for diseases of the chest. Its coin|ioiient parts are very innocent, and it can be recommended to females in all stages of life; good for wet nurses, and can be used at sea as a substitute for milk. Prepared and sold for the Proprietor by L. Joachimsseu, No. 120 Attorney street. je24 lm*rc honk at Till* ! SUPERIOR MARKING PLATES AND ALPHABETS CUT. V.Y JOSEPH SIMPSON, ?Vo FULTON. Near to I'kahi. Sthkkt. jel lm*rrc AST IRON WA'l ER PITES, of different sues, constant V ly (hi hand. Also, Amrriran Pig Iron, for sale by WARRINGTON k RICHARDS, mvM 1m "rh IH W>ur st PORTER: ALE ANU CIDER. JOHN J. STAFF'S BOTTLING ESTABLISHMENT, NO. 2 ANN STREET, next door to the American Museum, returns Ins sincere thanks to his friends and the public generally, for the very liberal share of patronage already re ceived, and ho|iea by strict attenliou to business to merit a con tinuance. FIRST QUALITY? Philadelphia Porter Newark Cider, Crotou Ale, Ixuidon Brown Stout, and Scotch Ale. ' .Order* for shipping attended to with despatch. mhtlec BLOOK TIN WARE MANUFACTORY. ,1 GENERAL ASSORTMENT of Planished Tin and ... f oinmon Tin Ware, Cutlery, Hard and Hollow Ware, Wood Ware, Baskets, Brushes, Door Mats, Shaker Seives and I Brooms? in short, every variety o! house-keeping articles. N ? B.? A complete assortment of ( 'offee and Tea Urns, Table < Mslies and ('overs, Itc., Bir. , for hotels tud steamboats, ou hand and manufactured at the shortest notice. JAMES Y. W ATKINS. ]u5 lm*r IK Catharine street. New York. I^AMPS, GIRANDOLES, HALL LANTERN'S AND OANDELE BRAS, FOR THE SPRING TRADE. rjlETZ, BROTHER tc CO, No. 13 John street, are mann er . 'actu ring, and havealways on hand, a complete assortment oiarticles 111 their line, ol'the following descriptions, which they will sell at wholeaald or retail, at low prices lor cash : Improved Chemical Oil and Camphine Lamps. Solar Lamps, Gilt and B routed, 111 great variety. C ornelius Ic Co.'s" celebrated Patent Solar Lard Lamps. Girandoles, various patterns, gilt , silvered or bronzed. Suspending Solars, Doric Camphene Lamps, Bracket Solars, Side do do Solar Chandeliers, Bracket do do Patent Lard Hand Lamp*, Stand do do BritaniaHand Lamps. Camphene Chandeliers, Superior Chemical Oil, Pure S|*rm Oil, do Camphene, Solar and Lard Oil, do Burumg Fluid, Refined Whale Oil. mhl#1md*ee GKif M^iLJUILD,Ar?.U REPAIRS 5. Nassau st., corner u ^Waideu Lane ? AM orders immediately attended to for I T,1*' J lMterin/i, Flagging, tin roofs repaired and paintM, and all other repairs and alterations done 111 the best "lanner. Also, furnaces, ranges, kettJes, steam boilers, ens, and every kind of fire works put up. None but good ?vorkmen employed. Expeditious and moderate charges ?himney tops for coring smoke. Up town orders left with J. tjuinn, Plumber, 544 Broadway m?T? Im'rh E. H QU1NN. WATCHES !- WATCHES AND JEWELRY. -Those who wish to purchase Gold or Silver Watches, 4iold Chains, Gold Pencils, Keys, lie., will find it greatly to their ad vantage to call on the subscriber, who is selling all descriptions if the ahove at retail mnch lower than any other house in the ?ity. Gold Watches as low as $2fl and $2.'> each. Watches and lewelry exchanged or bought. All Watches warranted to keep ood time or the money refunded. Watches and Jewel* repair ?d in the best manner and warranted, at mnch less than the isnal price G. C. ALLEN. Importer of Watches and Jewelry, Wholesale and Retail. M Wall street. mK lm*ec Late 10, cor. William tt., op stair* MONEY? MONEY. SitTft firWI nr more "r %u,'t notes, in blank, purporting (P ' Ojvl/V ui be note* of tlv Bank or Luwtr CutdajM the plates from which they were printed, having been ordered never paid for, will be sold cheap. To any boom person who wuhn to open (he brokerage or banking business in Cana da, the abore will be worth possessing. The whole impres ?iou ? and plates will be sola cheap. Any person wishing to pnrchaae the same, will please call on JAMES 11AKK1S, i8 Nassau street, up stair*. jy3 Iw*rc OFFICE OF THE NEW YOUK EQUITABLE INSURANCE COMPANY. 58 Wai.l Strkkt, ) 3d July, 1846. J IVIDEND? The Board of Directors hare this day de clared a Dividend of Knur Per Cent on the Capital Stock for tlii' |?ut six mouths, payable ou demand. This Company continue* to insure against Loss and Damage from Btirgliry or House Breaking and Robbery', and also >igainst Fire Kinks, on the most favorable terms. LAMBK.RT SUV DAM, President. Josefh Stroma, Secretary. ju4 6t rc D1 W' SPANISH LANGUAGE. A GENTLEMAN late from Havana, having a few hours to spare (luring the day, offers his services as a Teacher of the Stwmth Language to those who would acquire the Castillian liliom, now become so useful, and almost necessary to an American. Said Oentli'inan, who lias for many years lived in the United States, possesses nil intimate kuow ledge of the language, aud fol lows a method ofi ustruction so simple and uatural that lie does not fear to assure any person that he may speak Spanish in three months. His terms are moderate, aud he will call wherever it is re quired. Those who would avail themselves of the Teacher's services may address him through the city mail by lettrrs thus : K.J. O. 148 McDougal street. _ _ ju4 3t^rc Ij^OR SALE 'HEAP? Hir?er's Family UkrUT, complete in 1.06 volumes, uniformly bound aud quite new. Will be sold a bargain. Apply at 91 Liberty street. j4 3t*rc PAINTINGS FOR SALE. i EE W FINE OLD PAINTINGS, comprising Scriptural b. and Historical subjects, Landscapes fee., mnoiigst them a Keuuine Interior by Teniers; a Clepatre by Sutermans, and a Magdalen by Ouerciuo, kc., &c. May be seen daily from 9 till 3 o'clock, at 91 Liberty street. jy4 Im*rc SUMMER GOODS FOIL GEN TL. E MEN' S WEAR. E lisve still ou hand a large assortment of seasonable . . goods, comprising cloths ol particularly light fabrics lb Dress and Flock Coats; Drillings, Nankin, and single mill ed Cassimers for Pantaloons ; Cliully aud Marseilles Vesting iu great variety, which will be made up to order at a deductiv from onr usual moderate prices, in view of the advanced stat of the season. WM. T. JENN 1NGS Ik CO., Drapers and Tailors, ju3 Inn .re 231 Broadway, American Hotel. _____ ONE OR TWO GENTLEMEN can. be accommodated with boardiug hi a small private family, in a healthy, airy aitnatiou. Fur particulars, a line addressed to A.O., this office, will b? attended to. jy4 lw*rc TUITION. A FRENCH GENTLEMAN, a graduate ol the Uulversity of Paris, is desirous of finding in some school or private fa mily, a situation as instructor? through the means of the English, which he speaks tlucntly, orofthe French and German languages, equally his own, ill any of the different branches o a thorough aud liberal education, andalio drawing and painting o either landsciqies, heads or flowers. The best references can be had, and his name aud residence kuown, by applying to the Rev. A. Verren, Rector of the Freuch Protestant Church of thia city, No. 93 ]? rankliu sire- 1 iu4 lm*re SECOND J IAN/) CLOTHING AND FUR NITURE WANTED. AND the highest price given for all kinds of cast off clothiug and good second haud furniture. Persons wishing to dis Sose of the s.'nne, will do well to call on the subscriber, or ad ress a line through the Post Office, which will be puuctually attended to. B. LEVY, 49^? Chatham street, New ^ ork. N. B. ? Constantly on hand, a seasonable assortment of gen tlemen's clothing, cheap for cash myJ9 1 in " re TEETH! TEETH! TEETHfi WONDERFUL IMPROVEMENTS. DR. BROWN, DENTIST, AT THE OLD ESTABLISHMENT, NO- 280 BROAD WAV, three doors above Chambers street, next t? Stewart's new building, continues to iusert Premium Artificial Teeth, from one to a whole set, ou the Scientific Principles of Atmospheric Pressure. Also, his cele brated WHITE CEMENT, for filling decayed teeth, and warranted useful for mastication LOOSE TEETH, arising from medical treatment, or other causes, effectually fasteued by the highly recommended Lotio Odouta. TOOTHACHE cured in one minute, without pain. Teeth extracted Willi leu than half the usual pain. PRICES LESS than any other Dentist in this city. References will be given to numerous families and to the medical faculty in this city, by calling It No. 280 Broadway. my27 lm'rh DENTISTRY? VALUABLE DISCOVERY. PRESERVE VOUR TEETH. WHY will you luffer with the toothache, when by calling ou Dr. PAIGE. 139 Grand street, near Broadway, yon can have it effectually and entirely cured. He lias an entire new preparation, that will cure it in a few minute* without pain or inconvenience, so that it may be filled, making it a valu able tooth for life, thereby obviating the pain and danger of ha ving it extracted. It is certainly one of the greatest discoveries ?f tne age, anil never fails of the desired effect. The mostten der teeth tilled without any uupleuant sensation. Artificia teeth inserted in the most approved manner. je7 lm*ec STRIKER'S SOLUTION FOR TIIE HAIR. WHICH will change grey hair to its original color in a few miuutes. This solution is different from any yet offered and cannot fail of superceding all others. Those who doubt its virtues, are requested to have their hair changed before paying their money. If humbugs would take this method there would be no reason to complain. None genuine unless signed H. Striker, in red ink. The Solution can b? forwarded by Haruden's Express to uuy part of the world. One trial will provtfthe fact. Sold wholes, ill- and retail and applied at No. 5 Chatham street, opposite the Hall of Records, New York, up stairs. jul lm*rc OATMEAL? Irish Oatmeal, a lot in prime order, just re ceived and for sale by JOHN HERDMAN, j3rc 61 South street. 1' U'. ii A. McKNIGHT, Landscape and Ornamen il Gird ers? All kinds of gard n work done, by the ?.iay, mouth or year. Grape Vines carefully trimmed? likewise, Lemon and Orange Trees inoculated, as this is the proper time- jUl orders left at the store of Mr. Grant Thor bnrn, 576 Broadway, or Mr. J. M. Thorburn, li John street, or at Le Roy U Hovt's, 261 Grand street, will be punctually at tended to. jy7 3t*m NO MONO >P( )LV? HOUR CHANGED. The steamboat UNION, for Siug Sing, Q- . jjW.i.^eCaiit. E. Vau Wart, will leave llie pier foot of Franklin st. this day at 3 P. M. touching at Hammond st. Fare t? Yonk-rs 1?; Hastings and Dobb's Ker ry, Is 6d; Tarry Town and Sing Sing. 2s. Returning on Wed nesdny, will leave Sing at 12.' a aud Tarry Town at 1 o'clock, P.M. j)8 lt*m DELIGHTFUL EXCURSION DOWN THE LOWER BAY , AND OFF SANDY HOOK. Affording passengers a fine view ol the -1* Ocean and the Fortifications and Scenery of, our Harbor, aud enjoying the refres]iing_sea | breeze. The new and commodious steamboat DELAWARE. , Captain P. H. Smith, on Tuesday afternoon, July 8th, will leave Hammond street, N. R. at half |??t 2 o'clock; Canal street at ouarter before 3; Market street. E. R- qucrter past 3, aud pier No. 1. N. K. at half past 3 o'clock; for the above ex cursion? returning to the city by half past 7 o'clock. Kare for the whole excursion 2i cents. jy8 lt'm GRAND EXCURSION & COTILLION PARTY, TO VERPT-1NK S POINT, ON THURSDAY, JULY 1()th, 1K15. - The Managers of the THISTLE BENE ? VOLENT ASSOCI ATION beg leave to an .nounce to the members, and those who take an interest in the Institution, that in compliance with the wishes of a numerous body of their friends who participated in the enjoyment of the excursions of last year, they have made lrrsngeinents for a Grand Excursion to take place on THl'RS l).\\, 10th July inst. The splendid steamer WASHINGTON old the Barge PRATT, have been engaged to proceed to Verplanck's Point, thus giving a fine view of the picturesque and romantic scenery of the Hudson. Mr. Isaac Edge, Jr.. the celebrated Pyrotechnist, has kindly offered some SPLENDID KIRK-WORKS, to he exhibited ou the return passage, under his own supervision. To ensure safety and comfort, the Barge will he in complete order, for those who wish to join iu the mazy dance, tinder the direction of Mr. George Robertson, who has kindly volunteer ed his valuable services to lead the eotilions. Wallace's excellent Band has been engaged, and Mr. McKer richer, the much admired Piper to the " Scottish Guard," will ruin en the scene by the soul-stirring piproch. No exertion will be wanting by the Committee to make the ?xcursion one of pure recreation and happiness. . The Boat will leave Catherine street Kerry, East River, at | half past 8 ; Liberty street, North River, at 9 ; Canal street, at | quarter past 9 ; State Prison Dock at half past 9; aud foot of 19th street, quarter before in. Tickets tora gentleman and lady for the excursion SI, extra ladies' tickets 50 cents ? Children lialfprice ? t ? lie had of James l hit, I'resideut, comer Canal aud Hudson sts; Dr. Couglass, Vice I'res., comer Laiuht and Greenwich; George Harrison, "9 Courtlmidt street; Wm. McLaughlin 113 Elizabeth street; John S. Scott, 76 Nassau street; John Patterson, 93 Greenwich Vi enne; Barnard Rice, 16 Bedford street; jaines Espie, 21st ml L'd Vvenue; Win. Richardson, corner of Perry and Greeu wicli streets; John Patten, Commercial Hotel, Courtlandl st; Peter McLusky, 392 Hudson street; V. Clirehugh, 21)5 ? i> ; J. 11. Waistell. 8<i Hudson street; Peter Milne, 17 Centre street; Win Wright,#! Nassau street; Thomas Bell, 118 Kill ton street; Win. Armstrong, 19th street anil Kith svenne; Geo. Dickson, foot of 19th street. North river, \rch. ( Jrieve, 5 John reet, James Dunloli, John street, Brooklyn; James Virtue, Jd street and Broadway: James Grant, \fi Ann street; John ( urr. corner Bleecker mid Hammond; John Martin, i Cathe rine slip. 7" Refreshments on board, as per bill of fare. j>6 .itec A. CAMERON. Sec'y. e l IK SALE? The New V'ork built copper lasten- | em <1 md coppered ship SVI.VANI'S JENKINS, ?burthen per register, 5i7 tons? She sails last, tarries I is well found, \pply to Captain Evelitgh, on board, at pier No. <, N. R ,or to BOYD 4c H1NCKEN, jy8ic No. 9 Tontine Building, cor of .Wall and Water sts. FOR LIVERPOOL ? PacTiet of the 16th Julv? .The new packet ship FIDELIA, Captain Hackstaff, iwill positively sail as above, her reguhr da\ \l>o, tlie siuendid packi I ship ROSC1U9, Capt. K.ldridge. | will positively sail on the 26th inst. For passage, having su perior accommodations, apply to jy8-rrc J. HERDMAN. fil South st. MAG A SIN JAPANA1S, Hit Dunne fftrret. A H. PARKER, Agent, from Amsterdam, most respect ?"*? fully informs his friends and the public in general, that lie has received a magnificent collection of aucient Oil Paintings and Antiquities, consisting of Jaimneae. Porcelain Jars and \ a- < -es, Klower Bottles, Dates, Di-hes, t ups snd Saucers; old | Dresden Porcelain Groups aud Figures, I a|a> and Saucers; an cient Kansof the 16th century; and two E'miuv Wooden Carved Win Chairs, from tlie years 1518 and 1577, 'ormerlv belonged to the Cardinal Ximenies, Great Iikjiiisii I' M|mn, such as never has been seen in this country; of which he can dispose , at moderate prices. Ladies and (inrleiuen, if yon wish to | treat yonrselr call and examine this splendid collection. Also, two carved Chairs, for Catholic t hurches; to be seen from 10 A. M. tiH?r. M. je27 2m?rh OLD GOLD AND SILVER. SILVER Gilt Epaulets, Book Binder's Rags and Silver Smith's Stouings bought, by A. BARNARD, No. 2 Wall stnret, Melterand Assayer of Metals. Jeweler's Sweepings purchased by assay. Fine Gold and Rolled Silver, for plating, constantly on haud, at office No 2 Willi street. Works 1M I. an reus street. je?9 Im'cc TO CAPITALISTS. \RARE CHANCE? To invest a capital of abont $10, MO in a safe and profitable way, by erecting a building for divine worship for the Emanu-El Congregation of this city, and fur nishing two lots, between Bowery and East River, ana between Broome and Madison streets, for that purpose. Kor particulars enquire st Mr. J. Dittenhoefer. 2} Cedar st.; or at Messrs. Stettheimer & Brothers, 87 Beaver street. julO lm*rc PASSENGERS by the packet ship ONEIDA for Havre, will please be on hoard, at Pier No. 4 North River, at 12 o'clock this day, July 1st. 1 771' Letter Bags will close at the usual places this morning, it I I X o'clock ||r(. p \CKET SHIP YAZOO. FROM NEW ORLE \NsTis 1 ilisflmrging at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall street. Con ijjure* will ittrud to the receipt of their ko?mU iinmr lately j, AMUSEMENTS. PARK THEATRE. FRENCH OPERA. Wednesday Evening, July (Hit, Will be performed, for the second time, ROBERT LK DIABLE. liss Julia Turnbull, wlio has been especial I yengaged for the occasion. will iwrform the |>?rt of Helen. Robert, M Arnaud I Bertram, M Douvry Ilairabaut, Counot | Alberti, . , Harry Princess Isaeella, M'me Casini Alice, Stephen Caunot trPiici of Admission ? EiratTierof Boiea and Parquette, SI Second and Third Tien, SO centa; Gallery, Si cents. Doors open at T o'clock , and the Curtain will rue precisely at balf-past 7 o'clock. SIBLO'g OABDEW. Tuesday levelling, July H. Tbe peifnrmmire to commence with the Overture to LA81HENE. To be followed by, 13th time SEVEN CASTLES OK'THE PASSIONS. Raymoud, Mr. Oallaghr r < amche. Mr. T. Placide Alelle, Miaa M.Taylor Dame Ursula, Mr*. Deeriug. [T^ Intermission of Half an llour./'(] To conclude with the new ami wonderful feats of (he ACROBAT EAMILY ! Or the Aerial Susp-nstonists. (H^An efficient l'olice wnl alwsfsfc. in atte&dxace to main tain good order and keep all improjwr prrtoiia out. CO Tickets tifty CtnU.-f%\ All mi ted uumlier of Season Ticket* will be disposed of Q" /"Performance to commence at ? o'clock. Doors open at nalf-iMut T. CASTLE (;ARDE\. (fij- Admls?loii *5 Cm t ?.-&]) froprieuis Messrs. Kreucn ,uid Krusr. Graml Entertainment ! Tncsdty Evening, July 8th, Performance to commence with an Overture from the QUEEN OK CYPRUS. Followed by great feati of the ELSSLER BROTHERS. Overture to the Brigand of Italy. The superb movement of LA MAZOURKA. The Locomotive Waltz and the Comic Tableaux of Philip l^tt irl aud hia Monkey. Alter winch the overture to LAFILLEDU REGIMENT. To conclude with the. FIRST AGES. Between the Entertainments an intermiMi"a of Ten Minute* for Promenade and Refreshment.*. (H7?" Doors open U.fanU'Paat 6 o'clock, rcrfonaance to coin raence at (o'clock. AMERICAN THEATRE, BOWERY. J. D. P. CHAMPLIN, Treasurer. N. 8. SI 1ANERAU, Stage Manager. Boxes. '?> cents, Pit 12)]. Tuesday Evening, July 8. Will be presented the domestic drams of AMBROSE GW1NETTE. Alter which, DEMETRI. OR THE EVIL EYE. To conclude with the Farce of the MAYOR OK OARRATT. Vauxlinll Garden Snlonn, Bowery. OPEN EVERY EVENING. RAIN OR SHINE. Admiuion unly One Shi/ting. TIIE COOLEST S.irOOX IX THE CITY. i Positively no Free List, exept to the Press. rJ1HE SALOON is crowded even evening by the elite of 1 the city to witness the chaste and elegant performances of the talented company now engaged? Miss A. Homer, the American Elssler; Miss Orville. late of Niblo's; Barney Wil liams. the ce'ebrated Irish Loinedia i; Dan Gardner, the una|>-' proachable Negro Wench; J Goodwin, the ( otitic Dancer. Also, tin Ethiopian Operatic Brothers and Sisters? Messrs Whitlock, Gardner, White, Johnson and Bryant. Doors open at 7)^ ? Performance to commence at 8 1 . . An efficient Tolie" in attendance, under officers Martin and Bird. j>7 lw*ec BURTON'S THEATRE, ARCH STREET, PHILADELPHIA. Tuesday, July N. The National Drama of OUR FLAG IS NAILED TO THE STAFf ? Teddy, Mr. Burton: Jacob Adams, Mr, Jervis; Antoine, Mr. Thayer; Mary, Mrs. Burke; Bridget, Mrs. Altemus. The inimitable Gymnasia of the Harringtons? Singing bv Miss Coail? and the larce of LOVE, LAW AND PHY SIC? Lubin Log. Mr Burton; Danvers, M'. Dunn. ELYSIAN FIELDS ? (Hoboken ) Free Exhibitiwi every Afternoon, commencing at 3* o'clock. MR. McCARTY has the pleasure to annouuee that he lib made arrangements for a ?hort time with that justly true and celebrated FAKIR OF ANGELINA, and the extraordi nary and accomplished Prince of all Wonder*, YOUNG I" R ANCISCO, whose beautiful and instructive Hindoo Fes tivities have been the wonder and admiration of all Europe, America and the Indies. Also lie has the pleasure to (uwoonce in engagement with that admired Vocalist and Dancer, Mis* DELIA EMONSS. The entertainments will commence with Young Francisco's wouder-wotrking HINDOO FESTIVITIES, selected from his Magic Cabinet, among which will be found tbe following Egyptian Rings,, Mystic Figure, the Maiden \ Glove, Robes of Endor, Cabalistic Boxes, Divination of Goblets, Annihilation of Balls, and the Fakir'* Outlandish Supper. After which he will introduce the Indian Games after the manner of Indians of Malabar. K7* Intermission of hall an hour. Dancing and Singing by Miss EMONS. The amusements will conclude with Francisco's elegant Me chanical Exhibition of the celebrated ACROBAT FAMILY in miniature, consisting of the following Marronets . 1st, Ko gan, the Graceful Magi ; 2d, Joseph, the Chinese Clown ; 3d, Marvo, the Naval Dancer ; 4th, Gardener, a la Elssler ; 5th, Alonzo, the Equilibrist ; tith. Fyall, the Mystic Girl ; 7th, Great Westorn, as Prieg 8m?*hum. After which, the Burfetta entitled Old Grimes end his Wife, to be performed by several of the figures. O'Connell, the celebrated Tattooed Dancer, will make his first appearance. The New York Brass Band has been engaged, and will play every afternoon. N.B. ? The performances will be changed daily. jy7 Gt*r i HARLEM PARK COURSE. . I / TROTTING AND PACING. TUESDAY, July 8th, at I P. M. precisely, Pacing Parse for $30? Mil- I If it*, best 3 in 5, under the saddle. Col. Bertine enters ch. h. Frelinghuysen, W.Wells " b. g, Archy, P. Arnold " bl. h. Black Joke. Immediately after, Match. S3i0 ? Two Mile Heats, in harness. H. Jones names bl. g. Newburgh. Geo. Spicer " (jr. g Stockto.i. The proprietors respectfully give notice that in future for all purses given here, the horses will be called up precisely at the time sjiecified. jy7 2t*rc PALMO'8 OPERA HOUSE, [Chamlie; s street.) 0T7" In consequence of tlie Ethiopian Opera Company de parting for Philadelphia, oil Monday, 7th, Tuesday, 8th, and Wednesday 9th, will be performed A GRAND CONCERT, a la Musard, with other amusements, with a new compiny, of the best ta lent. Admission 23 cents. In preparation, a grand Er.fiish Opera and Ballet, which will commence on Thursday, July 10th. For particulars, see small bills. jy* 3tr BEACON COURSE. / TROTTING AND PACING. JULY 13th will come ofT a Match, Mile Heats, best 3 in 5 in harness, between the celebrated pacing horse Jnmes K. Polk and the trotting horse John C. < allioun, for SI 000. Also, July 22d,a Match, two mile heats, in harness, for SI, 000, lietween the same horses. TROTTING ? On the first Monday in August, or first fair day, w ill roine off a Sweepstake, subscription S750, hall' ft., for two mile heats under the saddle, to be governed by the rules of the course, and close with the following subscriber*:? Geo Spicer's horse Zip. James D .VI 'Mann's Reality. i* rc Harry Jones' Lady Tompkins. COLMAN'S LITERARY SALOON, AND EXHIBITION OF J BEAUTIFUL PAINTINGS , No. 4WI Broadway, New York. MAXIMILIAN'S Great and Splendid wor^, being h>s tour through the United States, illnstra'ed with Eighty En graviugs, after the 'raiiuer of drawings in large folio? with a quarto volume of letter press, both volumes elegantly lint up lor tlie Draw ing Room. A few copies "rly printed in English. No stranger should visit the City without calling in to see the Great Colle- tio-> of BOOKS, PAINTINGS, AND ENGRAVINGS. which are offe'ed "at greatly reduced prices." The Public Sale Room is filled with books of every kind, in various languages, to see which, and the Print Room, no charge is made. Above the Bookstore or Sale Room, an apartment ia titled up for the EXHIBITION AND SALE OK OIL PAINTINGS, consisting of about TWO HUNDRED CHOICE PICTURES, by ancient and modern Matters? to \ lew which, a small charge of ISX cent* is required. HERALDRY. The Arm* of Individuals whose families originated lu any country in Euro|>e, traced and splendidly emblazoned on vel lum, equal in execution, andat one third ilie charge of the Lon don Hera'd's College*. Genealogies or Pedigrees arranged and illuminated. JUST PUBLISHED, The GENEALOGY OF OEORGE WASHINGTON, with h'? arm* and cre*t. a* worn upon his carriage. Trice onlyfi SO? in colors. A Curiosity. je23eodtfm CARVER Ac MALL, * RCHITECTS, Engineers, Building and Real Estate l\. Agents, 33 Wall street, New YorklM North Siith street, Philadelphia. Plans, Specification* and Estimates for Build ing; Drawings and Specifications for Patent Rights. Real Es tate bought and sold, money loaned and invested; property Uaseil and rent* collected je22lm*re DUR SALE? A second hand Steam Engine, of superior r construction and workmanshiu. The cylinder is 4 inches bore and 12 inches stroke; lias a tubular boiler w ith 160 flues. For particulars, enquire of JOSEPH HEWES, 80 Vesey street, N. Y ,-or SETH BOY DEN, 322 High it.. Newark, N.J. jy I Iw'rh UATCHELOR'S NEW I NVENTED WIG, SO PERFECTLY resembles the real head of hair a* to defy detection. All the old difficulties and vexatious annoyances an? completely done away with. Wig wearers can now enjoy a* ranch ease and comfort as ever they did with their own hair. Citiiens and strangers are invited to inspect this tasty and deli cate work, as it must be seen la be appreciated, at WM. BATCHELOR'S Wig and Scalp Manufactory, No. 2 Wall stueet, near Broadway? Removed from Ito Broadway. je!7 lm*m tTTe " I N V I s i'h l E WIG JO closely resembles the real hesd of hair that sceptics and * connoisseurs have pronounced it the most perlect and extra ordinary invention of the day. The great advantages of this no vel and anique wig is its being made without sewing or weaving which caune* its appearances so closely to resemble the natural 'iair, both in lightness and natural appearance, as to defy detec tion, its texture being so beautiful, so porous and so free, that in ill cases of pwspiratiou evaporation is umni|? ded and the great evils of other wig* entirely avoided. The sceptic aud ronnois teur are alike invited to inspect this novel and beaatiful Wig, mil the peculiar method of tilling the bend, at the manufacturers, \. C BARRY, 116 Broadway, corner of Lih'rty street, up *' Ja3 lm*ec EM PS F.ED ? I JO bushels clean Western Seed, o< superior quality , for sale in lots to suit purchasers, by jllrc E. K. COLLINS k CO., M South street I s If LATEST INTELLIGENCE. BY LAtT EVBNINO'N MAIL. Wuhlngton. [( orreiponJence of the Herald. ] Washington, July 4, 1846. Hie Glorious Fourth ? The Corner Stone of Jackton Hall. To God Almighty, the Supreme Disposer of K vents, be all honor, and power, and glory, forever, ?Vmen. To the memory of the patriots of T6, our gratitude and veneration. Success to tha adminis tration, the independent people, and the independent press. A beautiful day as usual. We have no recollec tion of the 4th of July being an inclement day. There was no general celebration to-day in Wash ington. The Sabbath Schools, and the Temperance people turned out; there were several excursions, civic and military, to the country, and these, and the ceremonies of the laying of the corner stone of Jackson Hall, on the site of that noble edifice (when erected,) near the United States Hotel, are all that we have to report for the present in honor of the Federal Metropolis. There is to be a Texas and 4th of July dinner, this evening, at Brown's Hotel, the proceedings of which, we expect, will be rich and entertaining ; and a ladies fair, in the woods, is now in full blast, which we shall visit, if possible. At twelve o'clock to-day, after forming at the Hickory Pole, in front of the Union office, and marching thence up G street, to the residence of Judge Shields, of the Land Office, the orator of the day, the procession, headed by Gen. John McCalla, Chief Marshal, and comprising the ancient fraternity of Masons, and the several democratic associations, with a fine band of music, and the splendid banner Sesented to the Young Hickories last summer by rs. John C. Rives ana other democratic ladies of Washington, proceeded down the avenue to the site and cellar of Jackson Hall. Entering the cellar, an excavutioiiJlOft feet by 50, the brotherhood of masons formed themselves into a semi-circle, facing the North-East corner. Mr. Kives and Mr. Dunnington of the principal city democratic association, then came forward with two glass jars, the contents of which Mr. Kives announced to be : A copy of the Rible, the old and new Testaments ; the Constitu tion of the I nited States ; the Life of Jackson, by Maior John H. Eaton ; the first Inaugural Message, and the several Annual and Extra Messages of Re sident Jackson during his first term ; his second In augural Message, his Vetoes, his Proclamation against Nullification, and its Defence by F. P. Blair in the Globe, the protest of Jackson against the reso lutions of the Senate denouncing his transfer of the deposites as conduct in ?derogation of the constitu tion and the laws ; his Messages upon the subject of the French Indemnities ; his Specie Circular; his Farewell Address ; a copy of the Globe announcing the transfer of the establishment ; a copy of the lust number of the Globe, and of the first number of the Union -, the Remarks of J. C. Rives before the De mocratic Association, in which he complained of the ingratitude of the present administration to Jack son and to Blair and Rives, doubtless including Jackson's letter upon the subject ; a copy of the list of officers of the several city democratic associa tions ; a copy of the Union containing the death of General Jackson ; and a copy, with Dr. Essellman's letter, of the last days and death of the old hero ; a copy of the Union with the programme of the late city procession, and the announcement of Mr. Ban croft as orator upon the occasion ; a copy of the Union with Mr. Bancroft's oration ; a copy of last night's' l/nipn, with the news of the consummation of the annexation of Texas : a copy of the several pa pers of the District ; and of a iiajier of each of the several States of the Union ; a list of the Presidents of the United States ; a statement of the object of the building, with the names of the architect, builders. Ajc. ; iind one of each of the coins of the Federal currency for 1S45 All of which were deposited in a copper box in the cavity of the stone, which was a square block of granite some three feet and a half by two and two feet. Dr. Magruder, P. G. M of the ancient and honor able order of Masons, then examined th? stone, and pronounced that he found it well formed, true and misty, when the band struck up, by oraer of the chief marshal, an appropriate air. Two brethren of ihe ancient and honorable order then came forward, each with a silver urn, containing emblematically ihe corn and oil and wine ; and then the Grand Master asked the Divine blessing upon the proposed t diiice, with some allusion? not distinctly heard ? l o the corn of plenty, the wine of refreshment, and the oil of joy, when the two brethren emptied the ?opposed contents (for we did not see them) of the urns into the stone. The band then struck up and t^rformed a strand march. And then the whole -<emi-circle of the ancient and right honorable order raised each his right hand three times, bringing it down the third time with a forcible concussion into ihe extended palm of the left hand, and this panto mime was repeated according to three times three. After which ? Upon a stand in the south-west corner of the cel lar, the orator of the day, Judge Shields ? and Father Ritchie, Messrs. Harris and Heart, and Dow, of the ?ditorial corps ? Gen.McCulla, chief marshal ? Mr. Buchanan, Mr. Walker, Mr. Marcy, Mr. Mason, Mr. Bancroft, and Mr. Cave Johnson, of the cabinet ?Col. Medill of the post office, Geo. Plitt of Pa., Col. Donohoo, Col. Gardiner, city P. M., and severe 1 other gendemen, in addition to the band, were "towed away ; and thereupon, after being provided with a box to stand upon, (for Judge Shields is a small man, and required a box to elevate him above the f ront of the stand,) the orator of the day proceeded to the discharge of the duty assigned him. With some general observations u|>on the im mortal anniversary of the nation, and the early set tlers and patriots of the land. Judge Shield en tered into a brief recapitulation of, and an eulogium upon, the life and services of General Jackson, civil and military. He closed with an exhortation upon the democracy to maintain the principles which lackson had re-established in the administration of the government, in its primitive republicanism, and with a delicate and appropriate encomium up on the design and the founders in their de sign of Jackson Hall. And, thereupon, the b:md plaved the national air of the ' Star Spangled Banner," after which three cheers were given to Messrs. Blair and Hives, when the proces sion moved off and the crowd dispersed. There ?vere not more than Hve hundred persons present on ?lie pavement, around the cellar, and on the stand. ? Our people had gone off to other recreations. The si>eech of Judge Shields was chaste, nervous, and well adapted to the occasion? neither too short nor v etjtoo long. His niannerwas aniniated,withoutbeing rampant, and there was just a sufficient tinge of the brogue in his enunciation to give /.est and pungen cy to his anathema againt the tariff, the British, and lie bank. Altogether the a Hair was snug and com - ortable. W. Washington, July ti. 1815. Matters and Things in General. We ho tor the institution of the Sabbath ? we re j ird it as the unanswerable evidunce of the divinity < I the Christian religion. And the President of the I niled states, his pious and amiable lady and fami ly, deserve all praise for their uniform observance, ind the good example they give usevery Sunday of attending church, at least in the forenoon. Strangers coming to Washington, desirous of see ing the President at church, will do well to attend i he able morning sermon of brother Sprole, of the Second Presbyterian temple, on Four-and-a-half street, near the City Hotel. There he can scarcely j.iil of finding the President, the major part of his i iibmet, Mr. Bagby, and Col. Benton, when in town, and others of the upper ten eleven of Washington. Mrs Polk dresses tn a style rich, yet chaste, and becoming her character, her position, and her per M>n. Captain Polk is so "pare that if his clothes were made to fit, he Would be but the merest tangi I le fraction of a President. He has them, therefore, '?specially his coat, generally two or three sizes I tr<;e, which imparts something of a loos? and easy dignity to his Excellency, youknow. We think a visit to the salt water. Piney Point, < 'Id Point, or any other Point accessible or conve nient for sea patning, soft crabs and oysters, would I itten him up a little, and be a great help to htm. He < light to have two or three week* relaxation of the l.ind, the Lord knows. We want him to live oat his i rni, and go home to Tennessee, at the expiration fa successful administration, in health of body and mind, and with the blessings of all the people. It is doubtful whether the trial of McNulty, which was to have commenced to-morrow, will proceed recording to arrangement. Mr. Kendall, the coun t el tor the prosecution in this case, having been su i erceded as district attorney by Mr. James Hoban, iias expressed himself, we learn, as resolved to have nothing f urther to do with the ?mbject. Mr. Hoban having been regularly engaged as counsel for Mc S'ulty, is, of course, not the man to undertake the . his office would otherwise authorise, orne persons want to say that this was a made up ling, but we believe it entirely the result of acci i.ent, if the matter stands as we have been informed "ut, of this, we shall see Washincuow, July 6, 1846 In nc.vat ion ? Mexico ? /Fiir ? Kxtra Se,$sioi% ? At . rival*, $c. Since the inauguration, we have never wholly bnndoned the idea of "Mia, horridu bella," with (fxirn : and a consequent convocation extraor r> i ry of Coiigre These coHft'ingcncie now Bp" ?-ar to be rapidly approximating their perehelion

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