Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 23, 1845, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 23, 1845 Page 3
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ftavtjratlAn of tit* Ohio River. Plai r' Tim' Slate of Hirei Pittsburg. , .Nov. lb 6 loot lu the chaunttl Wheelm* . . .Nov. let 6J feet and rising. Loutevilla. ..Not. li A feet 11 incites in channel Cincinnati,. ..Not. 17, .tij feet on flat* and ban ONKY IIaKKET Saturday, Nov. P.M. Quotations lor stocks fell off to day, and the sales v/tre rather limited Farmers' I.oati declined j per reiit; Morris Canal, j; Illinois li s, Loug laland, ? antou J; Harlem, J; Heading, Norwich and Worces ter |; Ohio ti'scl^ied linn at yesterday's prices, and Erie Railroad weut up i. There appear* to be a very great difference of opinion in the street iu relation to the pro liable eli'ect of the Kurojiean advices upon the stock and money markets. We have no change to report in Dotnestic |Kxchanges. There is no demand of consequence for bills oa any point and our quotations cannot be considered otherwise than nominal. Domkstic Exchange, Nor. 21. 184) Bostni' par a dis. South L Si TCo. .75 a 80 dis. Philadelphia... .|>ar a U do Apslachicola... . 2 a 2>f do U.dlimore para U do Mobile,specie.. .p?r a 1 inn Virginia 1 ? l)a Mobile,St Bk. . .6)6 a 7 do North Carolina. .I'd a l't do Montgomery 0* a 7 do Charleston K a *4 do Tuscaloosa 634 a 7 do Savannah >? a X do New Orleaus... par a >, inn Augusta {i a % do Nashville 2 a 2\k dis Columbus 1% a 1>? do Louisville... ...I,1* a l>t do jVlacou IS* a 1}? du St Louis 2 a 2'* do IJuioii, Florida,. .70 a75 do Ciiiciunaiti 1 a 1>? do Quotations kok Uncurhknt Monev. Uncuirent Mutiry. Uncurrtnl Monry. Kast'u, buk'ble in Bos'u J? Ohio a2}>Z Albany,Troy, 8ch tee.. " a '4 Indiana a2>? Jersey a?, Mii-higau .. . n'i Philadelphia a '4 North Carolina alj^ Baltimore a South Carolina al'? Kifety Fd Si Red Bark. J?a Mobile al,'4 Virginia h1>4 New Orleaus alft Quotations kor SrtciE. Per rent. ' alue Amer. gold, old. .106 a 106>4 Carolus doll?s.$l 06 a 1 07 do do new. 100 a 100l4 Five francs... . U34ia 94.14 Ilulf dollars nnr a lOOKi Doubloons... .16 '??> a!6 50 Portuguese ({old. .100 a 100>^ do patriot. 15 50 a 15 75 Spanish dollars... 104 a 105 Sovereigns .... 4 85 a 4 87 do quarters.. W a 100 do liifht... 4 82 a 4 85 Mexican dollars .100?* a 101 Heavy guineas. 5 00 a ... do quarters.. 99 a 100 Napoleons 3 83 a ... (Quotations for specie are very uniform, and the de mand for export is confined to the wants for shipment to the smaller ports of West Indies and South America.? The offerings for uncurrent money for redemption have for some time past been very large, as the country banks of this and the neighboring States have, during the past month, been extending their issues. The receipts of the Central Railroad Company for the month of October, in the past three years, have been ?( follows Central Railroad, Michigan. l?r. 1844. 1845. Passengers $8,9?6 12,864 13,025 Freight 23,968 19,458 30.474 U.S. Mail 837 552 661 $32,733 $32,174 $44,159 The increase in freight this year has been caused by the abundant crops of Michigan, and the anxiety of for watders to get their supplies to market. A branch of the State Bank of Ohio has been esta blished at Marietta, with a capital of $100,000, to be in operation before the first of December. John Miles, president, and N. L. Wilson, cashier. The receipts of the Housatonic Railroad Company, for October, show a very large gain over October of last year, and prove that when the road is relaid with heavy iron, and furaished with new equippage, it will be one of the most valuable routes in the country. The com pany have already commenced the work of relaying and will proceed with energy. The earnings for Octo ber, this year and last, were as follows Housatonic Raii.koai>. Freight $11,283 03 Pu?sengers and mail 4,334 83 $16,639 8"> Oct. 1844 13,021 89 F.xceas in 1844, 30 percent $3,095 10 The receipts of the Heading Railroad Company for one week in November in the pait three years, have been as follows : ? Reading Kiii.hoad. Business. Coal traniji'lnl Week ending Nov. 18th, 1813 $12,7*1 S6 S.3-17 tons Do do Nov. 15th, 1844 15,417 81 ll,5?5ton? Do do Nov. 15th, 181.) 31,123 35 22,028 tous The business for the month of October, 1843, '44 and '4A, was ad annexed. Hutintss. Coal tranap'ted October, 1813 $58,ICO 34 37,261 tons October, 1811 76,476 59 55,525 ton? October, 1845 131,879 64 92,415 ton? The business for the month was as large as estimated. The receipts thus far, this year, have been as large as calculated upon early in the season, and the quantity of coal transported as large as anticipated. The requited >70,000 of subscriptions to the stock of the Worcester and Nashua road has been fully taken up; the Norwich ard Worcester company bas sold its bonds tor the paymont of its subscription of $i2fl(),000; and no tice lias been oflicially given by the Oroton and Nashua company that the required sum of $75,000 has been sub scribed, according to the terms Of the proposed union of the two companies. A meeting of the two companies, to consummate the union, will be immediately called.? No doubt now exists that a railroad will be built from Worcester to Nashua. Old Stock Kzchan^t. $1000 Ohio 7s 100* 200?has Canton Co >10 43'* 2000 Ohio 6a,'50 50 do slO 43* UUMiO do '60 97), 50 do hOO 43* '0)0 Illinois H|>1 bCO 39*4 75 do t>30 43* 20UCI do 39,'4 100 do 4 3* i5 alias Bk Stste of NV 90* 50 do 4?* II Bk Com, full 96* 50 do >15 43* lull do scrip 93* 75 Mohawk Kit 58 50 .4 O Canal 43 23 do bGm 60 III Farmers'TrusP 34 100 Reading Kit 55* 100 do 33V 300 do 55 Morns Canal blO 22* 150 do b 10 55* 50 do 22* 100 L Islaud KK 74* l'O do 22* 50 do slO 74* 50 do 22* 450 do b60 75 50 Erie Kit 70* 100 do 74* 250 Nor & Wore 1?R 85* 150 do 74* 25 do li30 85* 50 do slO 74* 50 do blO 8 *' 50 do slO 74* Second Board. 100 ahas Morris Canal ?30 22* 50 Nor k Wore RIt b60 85 50 Canton Co ?30 43 * 25 do 84* .10 Nor U Wore ItR 81* 25 do 84* New Slock tCxclmnge. 50 shs Farmers' Tr e 33* 25 ahs Nor & Wore ?3 85 5(1 do biiw 34 25 do bnw 85* 15!l do suw 33* 25 do bnw 115' j 50 do 34 25 do blO 85* 50 do bl 31 50 do l>4 85 50 do blO 31 25 do I>3 85 25 do *30 33* >5 do b30 85 V, do *60 33* 25 do 85 125 Mosri* Canal c 22* 100 do s4m 78 25 do c 22".| 50 do s4tn 80 25 do b3 22* 100 L Island KR 71* 50 Canton Co snw 43* 25 do *71* 25 do nw 43* 50 llarlein Hit 67* 50 dii 43* Married* By the Kev. P. Gordon, Isaac Buchanan, of this city, formerly of Perthshire, Scotland, to Mrs. Maria E. Dunn, daughter of Captain Thompson, of F.dinbuigh, Scotland. Died. On Friday morning the 31st instant, Jam?i Hkn*v McGonaolk, aged 18 years nnd 10 mouths. ^Ilis friends and those of his brothei in law, John R I invis and John Buulcli; also tlie Ocesti Ouarda and the Kire Engine Company'* 15 and 3*2, ire respectfully invited to attend his funeral, on Sunday afternoon, at liaif past 1 o'clock, from the residence of his mother, No. I Birmingham street. On the '21st in?tnnt, Sili.ivak, after a lingering illness, in the Mth ) ear of lior age Her Mineral will take place at her son-ill law's resi dence on Sunday afternoon at 3 o'clock. Irom her late re. sidence No 80 Jones street, I () OF o. F. LUDELITY LODGE NO 87 ?The members of this Lodge I are equested t > attend the Funeral of onr late brother, Nohiniel Wi tts?to assemble at tlie Lodge Room ill Broad way at half-paU 2, on Sunday, Ni v 21. I84V By order of the N (i. JAMK9 Br'.LI., Sec'v. N. B.?T1 e Onler ill g'-neral are requested to attend The residei ce of < nr late brother is 167 Greenwich street. i.2l 11 "in SCANDINAVIA. ?pHK members of this Society are hereby rr<]uested to attend I a tseetiof, to be hsld at rntn Hotel, comer of Biomm ..I,d Kill ridge sirse!s,ou Tuesday Evening, the 25tli instant, at 7 o'i lock. , , A pu 'Ctii'il meeting td the members is m< st psi tictilarly re ?jii's.rd By older, ? 21 lt*rre WM. FALL, Secrefary. II AKTWKLL'S IV A 9II IN O TO iV II O (J SJC, Cliiutniil Street, ABOVE SRVENTH STREET, NEXT TO Tf'E MASONIC H\LL, , , PHIL AD E LP HI A. r, jtf.irlu juit introduced?Warm nnd Cold?in film tiiems?f'W both ladies and gentlerper Ii23 3l*m TEETH!TEETH! 'pLETH inserted without pain, a<,d warranted good as the I natural ones, lor biting and man' 1011. A eoin|ilet.- double set ol best mineral Teeth on line gold pistes, $50 (10 A net of be.-t mineral Tielh, on fine gold plate, for the tipper jaw, to b? worn by atmosiilierie , 3? 110 Piinglu Tootl , from |l 00 (0 <, up Plugging Teeth with Gold, from 75 to 1 50 Hy Or JON KB. corner oil'anal street and Broadway en trance in Canal street d2) lt'm J)ii~ l'O WELL, OCULIST t ?<l> OPERATIVE SURGEON, attends to Diseases of /\ t' r Kye and to all Imperfections of Vision, from 9 to 4 n'cl i-k. nl Ins residence, 201 Broadway, eotner ol Warren at Oplnlialiniii, S'oppnge of the Tear Passage, Cataract uid Opacilir., 1 ITeciinHy removed. AM Al HOSIS ireaied withffreat attention and success. Invelei te c.ises of HTRA BMMI.'S, or Hqiilnting, cured in n low ininuies. ABTIUCIAL F.VKS inserted that ran scarcely be dis lingii sli. d from the nntural. Ofilces and rmdeuee 261 Broadway?entrance 1* Warren street. ________ MW lt'm > as II e. It K V 11 it I'I "K. will l.ectur on neit Manday Kvea I nig, nt St. Pt fer'M t'hureh, Barclay street Service w II commence "t 7 o'clock, every Sunday evening, reiularly, duru g the winter. n2* 2t'rc FIFTEEN HUNDRED DOLLARS REWARD' THK ib?ri> KevvaiiJ ol' Kift'eu Hundred Dollin will be I- paid for the recotry of the nuui ol Seven Thousand Nine Hundred Dollars, stolen from Myron \ ?o Deuseo, of the city of Hudson, N. V., on the uight of the 4th October last, while ou hi* passage from Hudiou ti> the city of New York, iii the steamboat South Am-nc? ; ?r a proportional* sum for such part of Mid mouey as may be recovered mid restored to the subscribers, on application to either of th-ui. The money was couuiated in asuiall carpet las, which wis taken from the berth of?aid Van l)eti?-n, and f uud (he next diV in the wheel house of the boat, cut and nllnd of its Pou lent*. It consoled ol bills of tarious deiioiniuaiious and ol se vers) ba< ks. as near as ran be rem* inhered, ai follows :? SI20U iu >'s and Ill's of the Oueid-, Hmk $H>M in J ? and 10's principally ol the Pine Plaius aud Kinder hook Bank. Sltluu in bills ol various detioinir.atious, of the Farmer*' IIjuL ol Mudso'i. . $1000, or about that sum, of the bills of the Phenix Bauk of lUrtloid and ether Eastern Money SH50 iu bill* of the lludtou River Bank, nearly all iu 50 dollar bills. The balance of the mouey was in bills of Western banks of this Sure. a. New York, Nov. 2'st, I8t5. ALU. t. MASTERS, 191 Pearl st. GEORGE H.EH.ERY, 6 William st. THEOPHH. P. HAKT, 41 Cedar st. Committee for A*si|[iiees of Myrou V ui Deust-n. ni<3 lm"r IrIVK DOLLARS REWARD. LOST, oil Friday evening, a small lilver hunting Watch, L. H. Bauge, mik*r, 199 Siraud, Loudon. Whoever will bring the same to J Smith, 12 Dey street, will receive the above. u23 It* in LOST?A Pocket Book, in the stage, or on the route from Hauuii<-rslv street tn Wall street, containing $23, and a biii.II Memorandum Book. A liberal rew rd will be p id by the owner, ou application at No. 32 Hector street. u23 3t? in ~jTspLENDlDSELECTioN UF PAltLC>R PLANTS, jn/ft CONSISTING of Camillas, Hoses, Daphnes, Alalia. jK^fcLemou aud Orange Trees, Violets, aud a great in my ?4fcB??ther fine Plants for sale cheap at the establishment of Boll & ilauser, Florists, coruer of 50th street and Blooming dale Hoad. Also, Boui|uets, put up for paities, balls aud weddings, tastef: 11 y arranged with fresh llower*, delivered to any l ait of the city free of exnense. Orders left at Mr. Cor miers', 197 Walker street, will be punctually attended lo. Or ders to be left iu the morning when Bouquets are wanted for tin evening. Bouquets mule of sweet violet ouly, if so de sired; n22 lw"r au| WANTED?To purchase or rent, a Country Sear, in 9Mht vicinity of New York, with from twenty to lil'ty ^tfB^icres of Land. A liue addressed to Box No. 1,946, Post Office, containing description and price, will be atteuded to. n!9 3teod*rc tiAO OikO A PERHON y ho cau command the above vj>sum will find a good opportunity ol investing K in an eLterprise concerning objects of" art. which has every prospect of being very p ofilable Address L. G ,at this ollice. st.itiug name and add ess, and appoiutiug au interview u20 3t*r wanted, A SITUATION as Porter, rr iu any department where a li,tie knowledge of figures aud writing may be required. Apply to T. C., at the otfice of this paper, when the most satis factory testimonials as to character will be given. n2l 3t*rc " WANTED. A GENTLEMAN living ou the sou.h side of Long Island, wants a good fair Kitchen Gtrdeuer; also, a man to take care of a pair of horses and assist in the garden. Scotch or German will be preferred. A line addressed. Componrs, Islip, L 1., and left at 91 South street, stating wages, references, aud where to be f^ond, will be attended to. n22 3lrc .1. O. BELL, TAXIDERMIST, QQQ BKOADWAV, coruer of Reade street, up stairs, his coustantly on hand n variety of Ca?ea, Shades, ? c. for parlor or mantel ornaments. Also, a large collection of Mounted Birds. Bird Skins, Sc., for saleor exchanged- Pet Birdf, Stc., mounted in a very sunerior manner, to order ? Public or private collections supplied at the shortest notice. n22 lm"r POTATOES. 1 AO BU4HKLS Pink Eyed, s lected for families. J-VrvF APPLES?100 Barrels, for lauiily use iu lots to suit. BUTTER?120 Package* Dairy Butter, for sale by S. T. ARMSTRONG, Agent, u22 lweou'r 101 Broad street. GOLD BEATERS. WANTED?A Journeyman Gold Better. To a good and steady workmau constant employment will be given. WM. BRADY, ! n212tghz No. 80 North 6th street, Philadelphia. WANTED? A SITUATION by a man eompetentof Color Mixing for Calicoes and DeLaines, and hasa general knowledge of the business. He has just arrived from Engla .d Person > wishing tu engage the applicant, cau see samples of hii work at No 5 Gold street. New York. u2i lw'r Wa ^ f?]j B wwk^himbemor?."or^lnS Rjf '?/? houae n2|e2i'erlfre<,Ulr,:d- Ap',,Jr at ? Snffolk street, New York* WANTE I) ? ? W A N TE D 1 - ^oEbroadwav?,: ,n":llioence office. 478,. ?u,o ^ '4lw'el1 Broom aud (irand streets ) male and female,"e*foruiTned""^o'emfiloyrn^"1^' .??.nVn^" ^,:cf^rrr,^vl^-l,, -,a ^^i,' r0:;. ^ l1 tv.: ro e"t^ "oempfoT, ?ta,'able ?UM recomin-"J^ or "HoweJ LLF1 Of-1 WARDROBE AND FURNITURE wanted j tendf^to" ,hr?UK'' the rr^eEN^rm,,^": " ^ 1 m*m 0 irr D | ' ? Broadway. up amirs. jt\ OKKARDIn! J5 jih^reKji'u ^q'.t received on con g^ndid1M?nmeit oftta fo'ltowing ariic|^^"able a Kicli fancy Decorated Dinner and fiessert ?J* Rich FaicyTecoiiUdTea Heto. from .'.V fu 00 'to |m M i, ,, M -toilet Seta ,, Tete-a-tete i?tt ,, ? M Vases _ ? , . .Mum and Coffers. D,*f'"J,!??Koet, ?nd Cologi.e Bottles, he^,Twm.tev5.T^^d#,Cription alway* h?d??? a??'SferSKrM *"? ?f ev,ry description, told in n , GLASS WARE. b&kssskL.. L~HOARDING. I * fi i i EN and their families and single gentlemen < an soonImST' r"0""^"1' bo<r,| f? ""'terby ?m.i; n* board Br0?<?'?ay, opposite Howard's Hotei. .Tso. dUy ' n22 2ti?StM*r GREENHOW'S HISTORY OF ORFfinv PIspBsliii' oftUeHistoT Bocnm?'>l? ? P'oofs and Illustrations t i . J*Y ROBERT GREENHOW, b> direction ol the fceuateofthe United States i8,10, . THIRD EDITION, He vised, Corrected and Enlarged. n . , NfTW YORK : v. Appleton ?i Co., ?d0 Broadway. PHILADELPHIA: Ueorge S. Appleton. 148 Chestnut stmt. 1)21 lwrc seibbseSS GREAT REDUCTION IN THE PRICES perry/an pexs QUALITY IMPROVED. their Pens, they have reduced the prices to the le?e"of aH n'ih?, gSSL&Kt"'"""?mi&gtSS rlVr^aTf th.*m f" tF f'^^Mtly" mpo?d*i!2)ut u , Keiiuine Perryian fen* ' by *" Stationers and dealers in Metallic Pens, and bv PHEODOHK HlPKK, K.? ,AB?nt for J?mes Perry fc Co.. London. n7 lmeod*re Libeitjr street aud No 71* Maiden L.,u.. i'HE UENUISE "? GALVANIC RINGS MAGNETIC FLUID. T Mt,mll,p(|'el"'r'' articles for the iioiitire cure of Rheum-. ,Bn-t' #;w Tr'ifiC U'' Br" "T poblished I unphlet-. ran be had gratis. nil Iw'm THERE CA.N BE NO TEACHING WITHOUT rnH,., ,, A MASTER. I L.hi.r?,"hi ??ce the easiest learned and most pit ! . ,a,^'e *cnairem? lit or the d ?y, i? tauieht bv I'rofi'uor . Kowalawnki on tlie oral an?! moil npi>ro?pd nyncem Hilaiame "lave^.tr,'"^^ onhe_fol,?wlnI( d^^Xd1 ^Urief.Ti,.l,rS0^|1t.^,"|?,itr: "5yH^n,.,u, \\Z. L'ell'w^llZy. (j Hon. Se^retary^alker, McUn< ,l#oSFV T'rm" S T A ATS ^BARKER CLOTHING . A N I) F U It NISH I NG WAR E HOUSE, 179 Broadway, DIRKCTLV OPPOSITE HOWARD'S HOTEL, II VlN^knTinniU" 'irK'; ,|'!fndi'1! """rtme'nt of H.aTir .. . {. 'V? , ? Winch fhi* ? will III ike opto order in leir u mi ill tii?|iioiiH|jle style nud finish. Also, n HEADY MADE CLOTHIaVg. uvercoau?Super Kiench Castor and dcnl.le do Xw',1?!' "is.11h W. S 'J ?? "> I? 00 rioah.- *C., kr ft,(Ml to In ml Dreas andKrock * v ' V ' ? ? / ? 7)?fl ?o ?2J,00 Drawer* Hoiierv i. * ' 1?.' ,'"d?'r*h''t?, ti, "ery> H^?rfs, i rnvits, Olotes, Him panders, ic.t othei Pelp <mI Th^J" i*" a'tentioii of travellers and double milled Keriev 'V l"n,?r",r ?l Kn*!i?l, lined ripressly for them v,'r'<' he >?v, in "imfar ?? llti'ui I 1 TO THE PUBLIC. HlVh ARTICLES A TRIAL AND JUDGE FOR YOURSELF. I WARRANT them all to l)? a? represented, or the money refunded _ MY KAU LUSTRAL HAIR RE8TORAT1VF. Thii universally approved and admired artifle. free from ar dent spirits, pungent esseutial oil, aud oilier destructive mat. ri>-l? elraua the hair ?xpeditiously, renders it beautifully bright, and imparts in it the delicate fragrance of tile flowers.? Hair washed with this Kxtract soon becomes Pleasingly *"11 and luxnriai t iu its growth - and it will p.?itively bring in new hair mi b >10 he id? by it? use, and I,air that ha* beeu mi ide harsh, and is turning grey or falling out, by the ate of apirit or other improper preparation*, will soon be reatored to its natural co lor and brilliancy by a lew applications ol the Kau LustraL It i? a preservative again it baldness, aud au infallible cure in all affections of the skin 04 the head, a* dandruff?aud for pre venting the filliug off of the hair aud turtiiug grey It is the simple produce and imuied ate extract of some plants salutary fur the hair, endowed with properties so highly cleansing that it disengages the Epidermis and Capillary tubes of the cormiive action of the Perspiration, aud of the ury aud dead particles that it deposits This preparation purifies the hair, and gives to it 11 beautiful gloss aud softness, aud au agreeable and vivifying perfume. KVIDENCE. Nature is an iunhanstible mine, in which experience aud a'tidy will always find room to excavate ; it is that source, alone, which produces all that man calls inveutiou, and which he wonlt* do better, perhaps, to uame adaptations. For sale, wholesale aud retail by JULFS HAUEL, Perfumer and Chemist, No. 46 Mouth '1 bird street, Philadelphia, and by my agents J. U.JJteijueinod, No. 411 Broadway; F. A. Ariault, Lafayette Ujzi-ir, Nos. Hi and 131 Broadway; A. Willard, S. W. coruer of Cedar and William streets. Premiums was awarded at the Fianklin Institute. GENTLFMFN OK NKW YOI!K .Vlv celebrated AMBROSIAL, ROSK AND ALMOND 8HAVINU CREAMS, defy a comparison 111 America or K11 rope No Per son will use auy other after using this Emollient Paste. It is the best, the very best. Give it only a tingle trial. I do not ask auy more to convince you. I warrant it. For sale wholesale aud retail, at JULK.S HAUEL'8 Perfumery and Cluuiical Store, 4C Vouth Third street, Philadelphia, and by rav agents:?J. B. Jaiiueinnd, No. 411 Broadway; F. A. Arttult, l.afayette Bazaar, Nos. 149 and 1511 Broadway; A. Willard, H. W. corner of Cedar and William streets. Pieiniums awarded at ihe Kraukliu lustitute. rpOTHK BEAUTIFIKR8 OFTHECOMPLKXION-Sur 1 prising Efficacy!-MV EAU DIVINF. DK VENUS AN') N YMPHBOAP, composed of .iu eastern botauical discovery ol surprising efficacy for rendering the skin soil and lair, as well as imparting a delicate roseate hue to the complexion. As a creator aud conservator of that most distinguishing charm of female loveliness, a transparent fair skin, JLLFs HAUEL'S Nymph 8oap, or Fau Divine de Venus, may be s?id to exert an almost magical power. Composed for the most part of oriental balsamic plants, to the utter exclusion of ail mineral ndmixture, it is distinguished medicinally for its ei tremely bland, purifyiug aud sootliiug action on the skin ; aud by tic nig ontlie pores and minnte secretory vessels, expels all impurities from the surface, allays eveiy tendency to inflamma tion, and, by this method alone, effectually dissipate* all red ue?s, tail, pimples, freckles, sunburn, aud other uusighliy cuta neous visitations, 10 mimical, to female loveliness. It* use will change the most bilious complexion into on* of ra diant whiteness ; while 011 the neck, hands aud arms, it be stows a delicacy aud fairness which its continued use will hap pily protect, with every appearuuee of youthful charm to tlie most advanced periods of life. For sale, wholesale and letail, by JULES HAULE, Practical Chemist aud Perfumer, 46 South Third street, Philadelphia, aud by rov agents;?J. B. Jaciiuemod, fto 414 Broadway; F, A. Artault. Lafayette Bazaar, Nos. 149 aud lit Broadway; A. Willaiu, S W. corner 01 Cedar aud William streets. Premium wai awarded at the Franklin lustitute. a <awvsmuraam8,s.?gt whiskers. eyebrows, Sic to a brown, black or cfie?tn*t I Vfi,? -lightest evil cuu^i'ivuctii need uot be ftarpu from its W-it w aUogethrr hannleM.. Thi. composition U the only oue sanctioned by the .cience ol chemistry, "o dye, in .in indellible manne'r. the v;r,o?. ^,danoa. of colors without danger or inconvenience, aud h ? jislilteu the liberal' patronage nd.unlimited confidence ofthepubh^. If black is required, u?k lor bot marked N-, U brown, mB^ewarr'ofcounterfeits.?Ask for"Jule? Hauel'a Vegetable Li<iu>d Hair Dye," if yon want the geuuiue article. Korsale, wholesale aud retail, by JULES HAUEL, Perfumer aud Uiemiat, No. 40 South Tlnrd street Philadelphia. . ?... nirenti*?J. B. Jacqueifiod, No. 415 Broadway; r. A. A?L?Tt ?tPavttte Ba?.?r, Nos. 149 and 161 Broadway; A. Will irii, S. $ comer of Cedar and William stieeU. Premiums awarded at the frrankliu Institute. mn tki.' I ADIK8 IN PARTICULAR?MV DEP1LA J TORY POWDER haa been found highly beneficial and of treat use to ladies who have been afflicted with superflnous li ifr principally when it. growth has been confined to the up ? \ . aiVrsiX of the face, giving a masculine tun, to the Whole features. When useci with proper care, aud according Jo the directions, it w-ll be found to be a great additiou to the toilet ,?s the use ot any sharp instrument I* eutirely avoided, and the hair i. removed in live or teu miuutes after its applica "This composition is infallible, and warranted to perflou. lmV, After numerous trials 1 have received Sales of success which cannot be couteated. Kor sale, wholesale "'dreujlHaAUEL,g DEPOT, 46 South Third itreet, Philadelphia, and bv mv agents:?J. B Jacquemod. No 415 Broadway, !?. A. Artault Lafnvette Bazaar, Nos. 149 and IDl Broadway; A. Willard, 8. v) corner of Cedar and Willjami streets. Prem urns awarded at the Kranklni Institute. * TrFNTlON'.iiALL WHO DESIRE PEARLY WHITE A TEETH?My unrivalled ROSE TOO l'H FA81 E i? universally sought after for the nearly whiteness it give, to the Teeth, without the slightest injury. For sale, wholesale aud rewllj"^LFS HAUEL'S. Practical chemist and Perfumer, 46 Soutn Third street, Philadelphia. .?.l l,v mv airenU -J. B. Jacquemod, No. 415 Broadway 1 If A. A rtau It L afay etiu Bazaar, ko.. 119 aud 151 Broadway; A. AViilirti S VV corner ol Cedir and \\ illiam streets. Pr.miumaawarde?l at the <- ranklin Instmne nlu lin'rc * ? .HIST OPKNE1J. COLUMBIA HOUSb:, CHE8NUT STREET. Between Sixth unci Seventh Streets, PHILADELPHIA. BAULEY, MACKENZIE (k CO., Proprietors. ABBEY HOTEL. run I KT?The Furniture, Fiiturei, lie., otc., for sale, lne 1 premises are in good order and the Hotel in successful oper atior. The Proprietor havingjinade arrangements to go South, will sell hit interest ou reasonable teims Vt \r i?IL..U(.r wiiuhi return many thanks for tne hue vrho may wish to enjoy tne same. Blm?un<;daleRoai>, 102d street. N.Y., Nov. l?o. n6llr Highland Cottages, -iriKWS with ground plans, of the Highland Cottages at Y m'K'wV.*t rj: g-^'voTVni>derp?!ir.?nddBoftonl "" V?*L FRENCH, AMERICAN,'AND ITALIAN RES TAURANT r-?i/jvnn PA I MO resrectlully informs his patrons and tne S'pubhc tha^t l?as .n'en-d a wlu^rTe "'^igiior'pj'm^rost^S^'wwy Jlicures?''^ biU of ?aVe*wilf comprise all the cfwice of tbe season, "'N^B^Hot'MdVol^VaVhVsui'p'lied i?h ment as usual. 3T, Chambers at ii 12 lm*r ., . ,-?rrr * FRENCH'S HOTEL, NUltPOLK, v A. H^iir'eVab^ W&SJfrrtSS&TS. the above hAUo,the Furniture, stock of Wines. Liquor., and all the " Amnion' oT^le'rvants tat have bee,, brought up iu the Hojel, will ?l,"j'?ro'^i nd ma(le known to any one wish he liber" m manage this property ing to purchase. r<> a man on 'fins hotel was built in i feWl!f a0JoTnet stock comilny, aud incorporated by an ed'-'aod'tlTe*house*is one Jt the best built aud f,?i.l*Aotels m 'Vh^^est ii^e.I,rT^hot i c^now b^purch .sed at a price making it a profitable investment for a CH,'llJ yyjLl.IAM FRENCH. business requre tliemto be abse hotel, Duane The quiet and heilihy loc . .. i ronrusion of great tlio park, retired from the noise, b stle amiI cmiu.^ roug. fares. //.'"Ses.Mbereiidence 168 Duane st. o,v mgs, prwents the moat aesiin"!? nl4 lin posite Duane |?ark ? hhowN'S INDIAN QPJEEN HO I EL. rpHE PKOPRlK.TOR of this lon^MtaUHhed ^ote^ takea the spirit -'f eii(?'lse uow |irevil ,i^ |)luhmw? thoroughly the hst few months, hsd his s| ici ^ ^ (o |( mi or #1. overhauled thtoughoiit. i h?. , ,ccofnmodatinns another pense, he has added tonysiien ^ front lug on new Ladies Ordinary and !.???* . ^ ,,r(|?lt|y r(rCnted in Penntylvuiia Avenue, liotliol ?h in?K?ifirei.!l? tamislied fresco This Dm - ing ha. elicited i.i every particular iu the m.-st n ^ vi.lleJ n Ad the high admiration ol the huudre,J ^ ^ uJj ,l,.|igh'lul joining this ura*ing hoom. r sudi0trr,ngedthal they chamber., als.i handsomely lur.J.iieu aaa.^ ^?f hou>r can he made entirely privati.fromthat his es With these improyemebts.heconn'len^V^j. (ju(,r<j tablishme..t cannot he elceH. d f(f fhwl T?uafl, and he respectfully soln.H" ntended to "brown s lii which has been for so in n> ^ars jJCnhK BROWN dian Uaeeu." . " ? ult 2w-c Washington City. Nov II. i*'-* HOAKUlN<J. Trii ity Church. . h th eonst.ntly Th French and Spanish langosg ||,e l.est opportunl ?pokeii in th- hause, thus "fi'-'.HR to Mfectthemselves in the ties to .ueh geuiieinen as may wiish 1 . r?iiiiue as above .aid languages. For further partie ilars, pleas, ei.qui n 14 2w'te ? ~ national hotel, ffoffitiigfoft t tty /> t epilK PROPRIETOR of }$'c'olemTn'^l?tiT.Bde JL Uadsby's. bnt now generally f*' . , i<or ?ires tj return 1ms thauks to Jlljl|[r,<,{} t|ir faVOrs which Ae? tion of the commnnay generally. ^ h|t ettahlishment, hare bestowed upm, h.m sin^ he o^ueu ni.^c ^ wdfrh|# and !?? nssare them that he will ? ^ wi,,ch lie haa already rr house worthy ol tfir patrouaue ceived so liberal a share. , .unimer, thoroughly The house having lieei, onnrig , tlie recepMou painted and refuted. is uow 'i. fJ*wiet?r re.p?cttully soli of travellers or residents, anil t. I Vi visitors to ciW a continuance of past r,,Hr' ' ?f Congress, be Washington, or reaidento during the .-|,|e loilgings, ingconhilei.l lhat they will always hni ' k||(| t, allJ the beilt on tne table that the market alio u?.^ (.^| (.,\i J\ N. "'wlshm^ou City, September, 1M5 ' ^udkWUjgb AMtBUMKNT*. THE SECOND ANNUAL BALL Of THt EMPIRE CLUB, TO be giveu on FBIDAY EVENING, November 28th IMS, it Taimnaoy Hull. COMMITTEE OK ARRANGEMENTS: ? lines Connor, Emannel B Hui, J C. Stoueall, R T Compton, Sherman Biowucll A'ei Wells, Isaac V Fowler J C Potter, Fdwsrd NichoN, David Scanlin, Heury Chanfrau, Maiius Keller, Joseph A Dlvver, Michael Phillips, John Mc< Irester, J C Albert sou, Crandal Rich, WniJ For<L Joseph Cornell. George MeKinley, Thoraai Whelau, Thomaa Burns, lames O Smith. Thomaa McGuire, John Knm.ina, Thomaa BUckhuru, Thomas MeGivney, Patrick Closev. Kit ward San ford, l^eri 0 Slatntn. Albert Walsh, G W Anderson. Beruard Hire, Stephen Bath, Samuel Long, George Gordou, David Jacksou, Tliomas Conner, Jjichird S. Haulm, J M Hue, K C Josepl s, Thomas McSpadden, M FO'Deil, Win Baird, alter Heyer, Wra Minor. Henry C Atwood, Abram Hatfield, Malachi Kill on, FLOOR COMMITTEE: James Connor, John Biker, Jr. Kinauiiel B Hart, Augustus l'urdy, Edward Gallagher, R B Connolly, Manus Kelley, Morton Kairchild, Peter Crawford, David Scauliu. 18 \I AI1 RYNDERS, Chairman. EDWARD GALLAGHER, > ? THOMAS M'GI VNEY, J Secretaries. CT^Tickett One Dollar. n23 Gtis'rc "mercantile library association, CLINTON HALL. On Tut-mlay K veiling, ?!>?h Nov., 1H43, MR. GEOKGfcl VANDENHOFF, Will deliver his I* IR8T LKCTURE for the Season, with READINGS AND RE LIT A TlONS FROM THE POETS, rii Illustrative of Flocutiouary Expression. I!.,/ To commence at half-past seven o'clock. Single Tickets Kifty Cents,?Tickets admitting a gentleman and two ladies, $1. ktl 3l*re A LADIES FAIR, FOR THE BENEFIT OF TRA NSFIG URA TION CH UR CH, Will be commenced on Monday, Nov 24 h, At the Minerva Kooiim, No. 404} liroadu ny. THE Proceeds of this Fair are to be devoted eiclusivelv to L wards the payment of the capita] of the smill loans made to the Church oy those whose necessities will oblixe them to urge their clnims in view of the approaching inclemeut sea son The Ladies therefore indulge the hope that a charitable and _-r- l"'b''c will ui,t withhold their patronage. n22 lt*jfb (iKKJIAS OPERFiU' COMPANY, PALMO'S OPERA HOUSE, Chambers Street. SIGNOR PALMO, and the Maua^erof the German Operatic Company, have the honor to inform the patrons and sup porters ol the Opera, and particularly the Germ in Ladies and Gentlemen, that they will open on the beginning of December next, with the Germau Opera of DER FREI8CHUTZ, From Weber, iu Three Acts, 8?' "P in the very ehgant style as it was given in Amsterdam aud Berliu, without any cut, with new and splendid Scenery, Apparitions aud Fireworks. .. 'he following talented artists are to be the performers:? MADAM Ol TO Prima Donna, M'SLE KOH8INSKI, Coir.primaria Mr. W. BOUCHER, Fi st Tenor, from the Koyal Theatres, Germany. Mr. F. MEVER, Primo Basso. Mr. RIE9K, Secoi'd Tenor. Mr. SAUER, Second Basso. , Mr. 8CNEPF, CVmic Basso, ku.l.l Orchestra, composed of 34 Musicians, Professors. 8I<1 VTIVVlJl;' " 'i Leader of Orchestra. SIG! A. \V rtElio. | Maestfoes at the Piano Forte. Director of Opera. Mr. F. MEYER. * Stage Manager Mr. RIESE. I he Onera will l>e supported by Forty Chorus Singers. Season Tickets for 21 Representations $31 Half do do 12 do 12 Private Boies for 8 p*i?ous 10 do do 6 do 8 do do 4 do 6 First Tier and Parquette 1 Second Tier 50 cu. , C7*" Books open for subscriptions and to sjcure seats, every day, from 10 A. M to 4 P. M. n2'tfrc ~~ OLE BUl>L, IN gratelul compliance with the published request of nu merous Ladies and Genrlemeu of this city, will give a CONCERT AT THK TABERNACLE, On Wednciulay, ti.c JiOlh limtuiit. It will be his Last Public Appearance before he leaves 'he country, with a heart warm witn gratitutde for the hospitility ami friendship shown him ever siuce his tirst arrival. n2ltf rc CONCERTS, SuIREES, tec. MR. AND MRS. COLLINS, (the popular vocalist*,) are prepared to receive engagements for Concert*, Soiree*, &c., (Inring the forthcoming season. Mr*. C. also act* as Pianist, and can be engaged (or private Cotillion Partiei. Further particular* on application to MRS. NEWTON, Teacher of the liauo Forte n7 Im'r anil Singing, 4'UH Grand street. SPACIOUS DRILL KUOMti. TO MILITARY MEN. rPHE SUBSCRIBER having leased, for a uumher cf year*. A th* "American Kagle Stable* " cwrner of Uelancy anu Christie streets, begs to call the attention of Military Compa nies to the new and spacious Halls lately erected aver the Stables. The Rooms are light, airy and spacious, being 65 feet by 75 feet, ana are acknowledged to be lar superior to any rooms iuthe United States, with very lofty ceilings and pri vate entrance from Christie street, altoge her reper.ite from the Livery Department. Terms for siugle drills, month or year, made known by application nt the umce. RANDALL SMITH, Proprietor. Horses taken on livery, will receive the best of care and at tention from experienced grooms. Carriages, W.igons, Harne**, Hit., ou storage or sale. nil 3t*m NOVEL SPORT. A FOX CHASE. WANTED TO HIRK?Some Twenty or Thirty good Fox Heunds. Also, will be purchased, some Ten or Twenty good lively Foxes: for a Chase to come off iu tins neighbor hood, about tlie beginning .of the ensuing month. Apply at Jones's Hotel, Park Row. (T/"A liberal pricc will be given for good animals. n21 lw ItWf HASTINGS' COMPOUND SYRUP OF NAPHTHA. THE TRIUMPH COMPLETE!! Notwithstanding the short time during which tliip invaluable medicine has been before the American public, its specific properties and virtues hav* uueipnvoc.ilIy proved it to be not only the most reliable but also unfailiug remedy iu all alfectious prescribed to be within its legitimate c utrol. Unlike many vauuted articles advertised, the Naph tha Syrup is not put forth a* a succedenum for every ailment, a remedy for every disease) but for its astonishing powers, possessed by no other medicament within the of the Pharmacopeia, iu allaying irritation or inflammation of the mucous coatings, and stimulating the brouchn to actiou; in its remarkable virtues a* an expectorant and an alterative, and above all for its wonderful property of ARRESTING THE FORMATION OF TUBERCLE, And breaking down iiulmonury disease when est tblialieJ. All inquirers are ref-rred to uuinerous recent cases which will be cheerfully furnished at the office of the agency. The experience of Dr. Hastings, and more recently six cases of care (vide Lon don Laucet) effected by a zealous fellow laborer. Dr. Hucken, of Londou, are sufficient of themselves to couviuce the timor ous or skeptical of the perfect curability by the above remedial agent of that justly dreaded disease, Phthisis Pulmoualis or Tubercular Consumption. Let lionedespair. For sale by MOORE & CO., the American Agents, 41 Ann street, and Elliott, 173 DIVISION STREET, op posite Ludlow, New York. Prico $1 a bottle?Six Dot tle>'. for f!5. nS Im je HA RLE \1 RIVER HOIEL. ? TO LET?From now until the first of May next, with the privilege of one or more years lease, with part of the furniture for sale. The house is well furnished, and now iu full operation; and, situited as it is. on the banks of the river and the termination of the Railroad on this Island, m.ikes it a great place of business tlnough the year. For terms, which will be moderate, enquire of the proprietor ou the pre mises. from S to 9 iu the n.oruiug, or from 3 to i in the evening. nill lwis'rc TO LKT?To asnnll genteel family, part of house No 3.'i street, consisting oftwo rooms, two bed iri'omi, wardrobe rooms, closet* and basement room.? ?ent <225 per annum. Cau be seen between 9 A. M. and 5 P. M. Possession ou l*t Decembt r. Apply to Browu*ou k Co., 56 Gold street. ii21 3t'rh FURNISHED PARLOR and Bedroom adjoining,iu Leonard street near Broadway, in the vicinity of the Carlton and Athen:iuin Hotels and Society Library.? h- duelling is private, and not a boaruingor lodging house. C'eanliuess mid care may be depended ou? suitable for one or tw.? gentlemen. Terms moderate Please addreai N. N N., at vhe office of this paper. n2l Jt'r HOST ON STEAMERS FOR HALIFAX AND LIVERPOOL THE Royal Mul SteamShip* BRITAN NIA nnd CAMBRIA ^ll leave boston lor I the above ports, as follows, viz'? The Hritaunia, J. Hewitt,Commander, on the 1st Dec. The Cam ria, C. II. fc. Judkins, Commander, ou the 16th Nor. "ass.ige to Halifax 20 P 'asage to Liveri uol $120. For freight or passage, apply to D BR I GUAM, Jr., Agcut.? Wall it No Berth secured until pa d for. n2J m NEW ORLEANS LINK. OF rACKETS-To sail positively ou the 2oth inst and 1st December ? I'he well known last sailing and favor.te packet ship V l?. s-iouhu, C> pt Beriv, will sail positively on W.dnn ih.y 26:h ma'and ih- psrlc I ship J< )ll N MINII'RVon 1st DiCembei: also, the well knpicket ship LOI'lSVlLLE, ou 1st December. The above p*< kets, belonging to the only "regular line" sailing t?etw en this port and New Orleans, will s*ii pune ually as advertised; and have accoinmodatiou< unsurpassed for c bin, seco d cabin and steerage passeugera. I'ersons about proceed ing to the above port ilmuld ins|>ert the armmmodstions of th-se snips. To ecurr berths, app.v ou hoard the ships, or to W- & J T. TAPSCuTT, 75 South street, njltnc coru-r Maiden lane. BAR TINE'S LOTION. NOTICE TO STRANGERS ANU CITIZENS. Itoir is it pnnihlr I ft nl person* will ronsent to su/ler with pam, whrn caused hy Minimalism, Sprain), Brtilies, /'it locations, Cult, Glandular Tumors, Lumbago, Ilrad-*1rhc, Cramp in thr Stomach, fC-? " NK BOTTLE ot the above invaluable Lotion will be sulfirieiit to satisfy the most sceptical, that it is the most to be depended upon, ol*any article now before ?he public, for the elf/dual r*/ir/aud CMtr of any ol th> above afflictions, to which all are liable, more or less. In fact, it is now well es tablished as a Family Mtiiicirtr, and should always he in eve ry person's house, throughout the Country i they will then h <ve a remedy at Amid, which ran hr drptndtd upon in cases o( accidents, Ike. For sale, wholesale and retail,at the Proprietor'! Depot, 321 Broadway, New Vork, and by our Agents luroughout the Uuited States. Price 75 cents C. S BARTINE It CO., Proprietor*, r, , r ,. Broadway, New Vork. Orders for an y quantity, addressed as above, will be pune tuslly attended to. otr, lm eod rc New Invented WIGS AND TOUPEES. Or BAfCHLLOR 8 new inwtittd Wigi and .Sral|?* ??'|*rf?clljr rtHtinhle the nutuml hnir as to defy detection. Jc *? noyr sc arcely ? maiK r of regret looting an iadtttereiil head ol n.iir, wMn a new one perfectly *tla|>ted to the conMenarre ?nd style of every wearer and without any of the vr v.tions dilfietime* ?r? Ioi?k ? \ |ierienc? d by wig weifei*, r m he procured at W \1. BATr!HutOR*H,2 Wall street, near Broadway. RemoTcd from 165 ttrobdway. W , AuruaBMBNTa. *? 'Jiiw&iiuiu FIFTH OPERA NIiSHT Monday KTMlng, November iiltli, Will be performed, DKK FREISCHL'Ti:. Rudolph Mr F. Warduer r?tp*r .Mr Bronjfh Ottorar Mlf Pnr oo Agatha Miu Deley Anna ... . Mim Muh I'm Styrieu, by the two Mim Vallee's To conclude with, PECULIAR POSITION. Mrfjor Laacari Mr Bland Champignon Mr Bam f'ouutessde Novara Mr? Abbott Price o( Admission?luiii, (1 , Pit, Ml cents ; Wallery, tl cents. Doors opeo at #>? o'clock, tad the Cartaia wiilriie precisely at 7 o'clock. uoWkkv TH1C ATHJu A. VV. JACKSON... MANAGER AND PROPRIETOR. Moniajr Ky?nliig, November !44th, The performance to commence with KN1UHT OF THE GOLDEN FLEECE. 8y Saco Mr Hill 1* ollowed by NEW NOTIONS. Major Wheeler Mr (Jill Susau Mr? Sergeant A'ter which, THE MANIAC LOVER. Michael J R Scott Mary Mr. Phillips lo conclude with THE MOUNTAIN DROVER Archibald Leslie Mr Blanchard Dugald McNeil Mr Cony Duncan Mr Hailaway Jessie Campbell Mral'hillipa O"Lower Boxes M cents; Second and Third l ien, Jj cts.; Pit and Gallery, 12>4 cents. Doors will ii|i?-n it half past 6. the curfu? will ri? m 7. ALHAflUA, No. 569 Broadway, (between Spring and Prince.) EXTRAORDINARY~ARRAY OF TALENT. Monday Evenlnf{, Nov. 41th, And during the Week. Tli- manager of the Alharnra has the honor to announce, that, in order to outvie Ins contemporarit s ill the Production of no velties, and wishing to present the public with hu unparalleled and atiractne bill, he has engaged the popular aud highly talented GUINEA SEKENADERS, Who are universally allowed l? be the best baud of ETHIOPEAN MINSTRELS who have e? er et Invited in the United States. MISS MARY ST. CLAIR, the Celebrated English Sybil, h is been re-engaged for one week only?she will be assisted by Mous PlilLLIrPE '. ! the French Magiriau '. DR VALENTINE, will introduce some of his humorous imitation*. Performance to comineuce at 7>? o'clock. Admission 23 cts. TWO GRAND PERFORMANCES, Will biven oil the glorious 25th, ? VA V UA TION DAY, When Doctor Valentiue will introduce hit celebrated Fourth of Juiy Oration. NOTICE?Performances Every Saturday at 3 P. M. 1)23 It*r FAliAlO'd UPKHA HUOStt. Monday, November 44th. COOPEN FOR ONE WEEK-60 Admistion Twenty-Five Cents Only. THE ORIGINAL ETHIOPEAN SERENADERS Meun. GERMON, STAN WOOD HARRINGTON, PELHAM U WHITE, Reipcctfully announce to the Lad in and Gentlemen of New York, that they hare arranged for the above house, For a Ftw Evenings, and will commence a Series of Concert* ou Monday Evening. Nov 24th, on which occasion w II be npeued a Budget of New Songs, Glees, Choruaea, Refraiua, Ditties, Burlexjue Lec tures, See. For particulars nee programmes. Doors open at T?Concert at IX o'clsck. n21 tlr TABERNACLE. FOR ONE NIGHT OjSJA'. TEMPLETON WILL give a GRAND MUSICAL ENTERTAINMENT at the Tabernacle, ou Monday Evening, November !44th, 1845, ENTITLED GEMS OF MELODY. In the course of which will be introduced the followiug favorite songs: " Jessey.t'-e Flower o' Dunblane." Sally in our Alley." " Old Towler " " Black Eyed "usan " " The Bonnie Breast Kuots."i " A Mau's a Man for a' that." " The Last Words of Marmion." " Scott's Wha' Hae " " The Bay of Biscay." " 1 love her, how 1 love her." [T7"TickeU Fifty Cents?To be had at the Music Stores and at the door. Doors open at 7?to commence at t and terminate at 10. Books of the Words to be had at th? door?price 12>f cents. iL/"Mr. Templeton will also give aCoucert at the Brooklyn Institute oil Tuesday Evening. 25th instant; and at W^shinc i ton Hall, Newark, on Wednesday Evening, 26th instant. I nI9tt r I GRAND CONCERT. MR. CHRISTIAN HUBER, first Violoncellist and mem ber of the Conservatoire of Paris, has the honor to an nounce that he will give his fim Concert ou Friday, the 28th 1 instant Notice will be given iu the next advertisement of the place where it is to be given, and of the programme. ? i)23 2t in * GERMAN UPKHA. PALMO'S OPERA HOUSE. WANTED IMMEDI ATELY?Some German Ladies, si* good Singers, capable of deserving the Chorus Parts of German Operas. Ladie? t)esir> us to De engaged, aie re quested to call on Signor C. Pogliaui, at Palmo's, every day Irnm 12 o'clock A. M to 2 o'clock P. M. n!8 lwrc FREE CONCERTS! THIS EVENING, At tlie Recess, 157 Broadway, BETWEEN Courtlandtaud Liberty streets.?TheProiirietor begs leave to inform his friends and patrons thit he has ei - gaged the popular Yocalists MR.and MRS COLLINS, as al so an eminent Proft ssar, who will preside at the Piano-forte. N. B.?The beat of Wines, Liquors and Seg irs cau be had. u 19 20 22 3t*r W. A. FRANCIS. CHRISTMAS HULLDAYS. GRAND BAZAAR AT~THE PHILADELPHIA MUSEUM. rI^HE large Saloon and Galleries of the Philadelphia Muse X u[n w111 be handsomely decorated and fitted up, for I lie putpose of holding therein during the Christmas Holiday!, a Grand Bazaar for the sale anar exhibition of useful and fancy article*. The Saloon will be divided into compartments, which wili be let to Storekeepers, Tradesmen, mid others, who feel dis posed to hive auxiliary establishments for the sale of Diy Goods, Fancy Goods, Books, ilusic, Stationery, Confectiona ry, Toys, Sic. ktc. 1'he Bazaar will be continually enlivened by a full and effi cient band of music, whilst other aud varied entertainments will, frim tune to time be introduced; in fact nothing shall be wanting to render it what it is designed to be, emphatically the "Lion of the Holida) None will be admitted as deal ers but such as will vie with others in the variety and display of their goods. The Bazaar will open on Monday,Dec. 22J, and continue day and evening uu il New Years'Hi'lit. Persona desirous of prrcuting stands will please make a|? p'icatiuii between the hours of two and five o'cloa k, P. M., at the office of the Museum, where a plan of the arrangement may be seen.and any fn11her inforiiia'iou obtained. New York dealers desirous of couipetiLg with their neigh bors of Philadelphia can have au opportunity to do so by ma king application as above. This undertaking, so novel in its character, and ia the largest and most splendid room in the Uuiou for such a purpose, cannot fail to be profitable toall who embark in it. Application must be made at an early period in roder to ensure an apartment or a stand. n2l 2w gbz DANCING ACADEMY. SHAKSPEARE HOTEL, CORNER OK DUANE AND WILLIAM STRKETB. YfR. G. ROBERT"ON rtspectlu'ly informs his fiieuds lTl. and the public, that lie h is opeaed classes at the above rooms for giving instructions in the various modes of dancing Days of tuitiou?Wednesdays aud Saturdays, from 3 to 6 P. M. lor ladies, and masters under 14 aud from 6 to 8 P. M. for gen tlemen.. A private class for ladies from 6 to BP M. Assem blies will take place semi-mouthly?scholars free ; season tickets $3. 1 he above rooms have beeu newly painted and rt fitted in a most elegant stv le ; and Mr R. insures parents and guardians that every effort v> ill be used t9 add to the com fort of pnpils while st school. Those wishing to subscribe will p'ease call as above. Mr. R. will give Ins first Grand Ball of the season on Mon day , Dec 15. Tickets $1, for a gentlem-an and his ladies; to be had at the Class Rooms, it at Air. R.'s, 110 Canal street. n23 Im'm THE PLUMBE NATIONAL DAGUERKLAN GALLERY AND PHOTOGRAPHIC DEPOT, OflLI BROADWAY, upper corner of Murray, over Ten L ney's jewelry store, awarded the Medal, four " First Premiums'* nnd two " Highest Honors," at the Exhibition at Boston, New York and Philadelphia, respectively, for the beat pictures aud apimratus ever exhibited. Plumbe s Premium Cameras, Instruction?, Plates, Cases, 8tc forwarded to any desired point, at lower rates than by any oth er m uiufacrorv i'2>?mP&VV*tnr CHEMICAL BALSAM, Or Ilnlr Invigorates!-. A REMEDY for all diseases incidental to the Hair and its restorative, iu all ca>.es where Baldness is not beyoud the reach of art. Mkkits of THC Chkmici B?i sam or Hsin lf?vioo?ton.?It prevents Baldness. It removes Uaadrill aud Cutaneous Scruff It keeps ihe Hair iu its uatuial color and oreveuts it from tnmmg grey. It is uow presented to the world, with a firm be lief, tliat as a beautiful md healthy restorative of the Hair it will be found ou trial unequalled Prepared solely by E. Phi Ion, No 214 Broidway. Agent*?u. Kish St. I !o., Washington, I?. C.; Ayer It Pheliui, 76 Broad St.. Columbua. Georgia; l'uttle, Assembly Build ings, comer of Tenth and Cheauut sti., Philadelphia. H. Hice, Corner of Conrt aud Howaurd: streets, Bostou ; C B Brow ar. No. 105 h niton St., Brooklyn; M. 9. Fletcn.r, Mareboc, Ulster Co . N. Y : V. B. Loc-row, No 54 Beaver street, Albany; John B. Waiaon, Charleston Hotel, South Carolina; 8 l'ousey, Svracuse, N V.; G'rton Anderson, NewpoH, R. I.; and No. 17tf Division atteet, opposite Ludlow, N. Y. o2> I in'me PISTOL GALLERY AND SPARRING SCHOOL. J HUDSON having returned from the South, announces ? to hia old friends aud pupils, that he will be " found at hoine"at his uew rewdeuce, Mi Broadway, secoud floor where ha will devote his time in giving instructions in the uoble art of Sell-Defence. Terms moderate. Opeu during the duv and in lb* eveuiug olt ImVc CHEAP AND FASHIONABLE CLOTHING, j w. H. degFoot St CO., No, 1U4 Kuitou street, WOULD respectfally inform their ( nstoraers and the. Pub lic that they are prepared to furnish every article iu their line at the following low prices, which are at least 30 percent lower than ran be had at any other establishment in this city. Overcoats of beat material, made and trimm-d in the lateat Style, from $3 50 to $"*1; Clonks, of French and KnKlish Cloths,from $6 to $25. Fine Black, Blue, Olive aid Iknwu Dress and Frock ('oata, from tl to S16. Panta of every shade and eolor, and best quality, from $ I 50to $7. Also, an endless assortment of Vests of excellent in it-ml and made up in the best manner, Iromfl to $5. likewise, an extensive variety of Cloths, Cassuneres, and Vesting*, always ou hand, which will be made to suit the most fastidious taste. A lull suit will be furnished in 24 hours for from f 15 to tJO. Best of Cutter* and Workmen a mplov ed. The plain man, a* well as the most particular, can be suited at NO. 1M FULTON STREET, ol lmm liATftlT INTELLIGENCE B\ THE MUlK. Washington. [Correspondence of the New York Herald] Washington, Nov. 30,1845. The Jack ton " Matty"? (Jncle Peter Hagner'r Subscript tun Analyzed.?The Pottauatamiss V>e Battle nf th* River Raisin?Wah-bun-?eh avtt Op-teekee-*hik?The tierma ntown Pott ma iter- - ?An Editor Trapped?Dr. Davit Prescribed foi The subscriptions to the Jackson bronze eques trian statue, pursuant to the brilliant idea of Mr. O'Sullivan, are being taken up bravely. All the public clerks here, or nearly all, except aucli as con sider themselves secure aad too poor, and such as feel certain ot walking the plank, have subscribed pretty generally a V or an X. Uncle Peter Hagner subscribed five dollars. This was exceedingly libe ral in Uncle Peter, especially when we consider that he has been lorty-five years in office at Wash ington, was moved here with the government from Philadelphia in 1800, at the expense of the government, and lias sopped his morsel in the treasury skillet to the tuue of #114,000. But let us see what is the proportion of Uncle Peter's sub scription to the Jackson statue, to his receipts irom the bounty of Jackson during the eight years of his administration :? Uncle Peter us Third Auditor under President Jackson, for eight yearn, at $3,000 per annum, $34,000 Subscription of uncle 1'eter to the proposed sta tue to Jackson j Balance in favor of Uncle 1'eter $23,996 Or in other words, Peter pays upon the principal ol $24,000, something short of the fifth part of a mill upon each dollar, or the fiftieth moiety of a red cent, in token ol his veneration for the name and fame oi Old Hickory. A very patriotic gentleman is uncle 1'eter ! We think lie ought to have a special vote of (hanks tor that *' five" from the democratic associa tion. Uncle Steve (Mr. I'leasanton) does something better still. lie puts his name down for ten dollars, which, from an aggregate of $110,000 from the government, is doing very well, all things con sidered, you know. We are informed by one of the surviving heroes of the battle of the River Raisin in 1813, that at least two of the Pottawatamie braves now in town, he recognized as having been at said battle on the side of the enemy, to wit: Wah-bon-seh, and Op^ tee-kee-shik, or Half Day, the orator. Wah-bon seh had captured a young Kentuckian of the name of Williams, a tall muscular fellow with bushy whis kers, and huge overshadowing eyebrows. The main body ol the prisoners were undercharge of the British officers at Maiden. Wah-bon-seh, with his captive, was moving off in an opposite direction, homeward, intendirg, perhaps, to adopt the stalwart Kentuckian into the tribe. After a day or two, Williams stole off, and succeeded in rejoining the body of his fellow prisoners some eight miles be low Maiden. Wah-bon-seh pursued him into the camp, aud was given permission to look among the Erisoners, and take away his man if he could find itn. But he was not to be found. Williams had shaved off his whiskers and eyebrows, and other wise so disfigured himself as not to be recognized, his messmates, until'hehad introduced him self. * Bv this stratagem he finally escaped, and got home with the remnant of his countrymen who were saved Irom the bloody slaughter of the River Raisin We do not mention this incident in dis paragement of the just claims oi the Pottawatamies upon the general government. In the last war they fought against us, as they believed, for the preserva tion of their rights, and the retention of the soil of their fathers. They were finally dtfeated. They treated with the government; they have fulfilled their part of the treaties with their Great Father, and he has promised on the faith of the government that jusiice shall be done them, and we doubt not it will be done. From time to time we have determained on de tailing the case of the Germantown Post Master.? Last summer ,the editor of the Germantoion Tele graph addressed a letter to Col. Medill, requesting the retention of Wilson, because of his fitness for the office, the satisfaction which he gave, and be cause of the fact that he was neutral in politics, though rather leaning to the democratic side Ap plication had been made by the democrats lor Wil son's discharge; but Col. Medill, with this testimony of the editor aforesaid, positively refused. Subse quently, however, on overhauling the Granger files of 1841,'Col. Medill found u letter from this same Germantown editor extolling Wilson to the very skies for his staunch whig principles, and the services he had rendered the cause in the campaign of 1H40. It was further discovered, that a good loco had been decapitated to make a place for Wilson; Irom all of which evidence, notwithstand ing the latest exposition of Wilson's opinions by the Germauiown editor, as rather leaning to the demo cratic side, he was made to walk the plank instan ter and give way to an undoubted man. The Ger mantown editor has been brimfull of wrath and cab bage at Colonel Medill, in consequence, and rejoices that he has beeu taken out of tne post office, from the hope that a more deserving man will till his place. Now, if the Germantown editor hadn't at tempted to save his friend. " through hard lying," it might have gone a good deal better with the gen tleman, (Wilson, we tlunk, is his name,) whose politics, since Polk's election, " lean rather to the democratic side." A colleague of ours does injustice to Dr. Davis, of Indiana, in cyphering him out an abolitionist. The Doctor's vote in committee was to test the question. On every vote in open House he has gone with the South, in all questions alfecting our " peculiar insti tution." Fair play is a jewel. Washington, Nov. 21,1845. Tlic Pottawatamics?Another Conference voitii Hie Pretident ?The Door Opened Again?Descrip tion of Half-Day and the Talk. The Pottawatamie delegation, under die care of Col. Elliott, had another talk with the President at twelve o'clock to-day, in the White House. They occupied several hours of the morning in arranging their toilet for the important occasion, and when they appeared, debouching from Fuller's Hotel in Indian tile, their costume presented a most singular admixture of savage and civilized fashions. Moc casins, buck-skin gaiters, beads, leather medals, long (lowing masses of a crimson sea-grass or hair, eagle's feathers, raven'wings, ear ornaments, frag ments of bear-skins hung with numerous stnal| bells, and a profusisn of paints of different colors, were strangely blended with frock coats, tur caps, I turbans, and tVonr mounted walking sticks. Arrived at the President's, they were conducted.^ dozen in number,to the reception room of their Great White Father. An equal number of white citizens I and strangers were present?Gen. T. J. Green, of I Texas; Col. Samuel Medary, ot Ohio; Mr. Hoban.l our District Attorney, and several other distin-l guished personages among them. The President I came in accompanied by Air. Marcy, the Secretajy I of War,and Mr. J. Knox Walker, the private sec-l retaryol the Executive. The whole company,with I a few exceptions, were seated in a circle aroundl the room. A large table occupied the centre,I covered with law oooks, and "Pub. Doc." bound I up in large volumes. In the middle of this table, upoufl a jtedesul of five or six ot these volumes, stood al v ise, in which was a very large bouquet of Howeral from the surrounding gardens. To the west a sidel door was thrown open, and through this cavii)l several beautiful female countenances contemplatedl the now-wow. I The delegation all having shaken hands with thtl President, and those about him, they were egaiil ?rated, and alter a moment's pause Oj>tee?kee-shikl or Hall-lUy, the orator, stepped forward, and shoon hands with his Great Father, and the .secretary ofl War, and stepping backward to an open space, mol Honed to M. B. Beaubien, a halt breed, ami an ml it lligent man, to rise, and interpret u> the Presidenl the speech proposed for his hearing. I Hut before we proceed to the fpeech let us del scribe Half-Day and his rig Op-iee kee-shik is M stout man, rather corpulent, <>! nbout live led 8 inches in height, wiih a full, broad, open counts nance, more expressive of a lively, gay an d volatill temperament, than <>? the usual inflexible stolidity cl the Indian, lie has a line setof teeth, which, whe| lie smiles, are exhibited without reservation Hil cheeks and temples were painted a bright vermil lion, with a zigxag stripe of Prussian blue upon ettcl side, which, lri>m the eoutraat ol the bright grounl color of ied, stood in fine relief His thick suit 9 black liair was docked all round, and combed ovcl his brow from thecrowu. His frown wassurmouifl ed by a flaming top-knot of a red fibrous inateril like hair, in th>- centre of which was a large eaglel lehther fixed upon a pivot, and from which dangl<| behind a fantastically carved wooden skip-jack, I about eight inches by two. He wore mo< camnsail buckskin leggins, and a civilized shirt, stead of tucking into his short bankikin breecbfl he wore over them, as a butcher wears his whl apron To crown this magnificent display ot firiel he had on a blue frock coat, and a black silk craw tied loosely about his throat His left band he rei>tl upon the large ivory head of a sword-cane, and hi ruht was left free for action. His attitude was dl nifie.l and erect?the expression of his countenanl became stern and impressive, his voice clear, del stve and distinct?Ins gestures chaste, approprifl and almost an interpretation of Ins words ; M whole manner was elegant and admirable. I He said, in substance, that when last he talkedl the President it was in this same room; that his il was good: that he had told tlietu (the lii'lmA their rights should be respected, >Vc. They ll been referred to the Secretary <>t War, and be ll referred tliem to the two braves, (Messr- i.r>l and Andrews) but nothing had been done. Til

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