Newspaper of The New York Herald, 24 Kasım 1845, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 24 Kasım 1845 Page 3
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"9 i.iti y. The y ?? III !.e (?? njiflli,! to ej?jn t)ie:r pott to our produce, but before doing ?o, eilorta will he made to obtain as many concessions in our re?tricticns upon the ?Kitty ot their manufacture* u* possible, as an offset, or as mi equivalent for tlie concessions they will ulti. nutely bo forced to make. We If urn that tbo Britannia brought advicos fiom the Itiitish government to tho re sjJent Minister ut Washington,* iu relation to the to.mation of cointnuicial treaties lietwren England and the I ;ited States upon more liborul principles than those now iu eitiiitonce. Tbe particulars of the propo' xsls have not of course transpired, but we presume they havo been made at this time, in consequence of the fact that this govisrtiuier.'i Intend modifying the tariff laws of the Stitns, and r^JU(.|J| if possible, tlie average rate ol ?lutj many p^ cent below the present standard, and in conn?,qu('.4l?e of the deficient harvests in Great Britain '.ntoughout the continent. Should tho government 'Englind propose opening the ports of that country to tbe admission of our grain at a low rato ef duty, upon coudition that we reduce tlie duty upon their mauufac tures, it woul 1 not be refused by the dominant party in this country. We are in a position to accept auy propo sition of this nature. Every interest of this country would be improved and s.rergthened by a more liberal policy on ti e pait of ' : govarnmeut in artanging our commercial lelitior. with the principal marutime na tions ot Europe. Oar manufactures have become sufli ciimtlv well e?ta' lished to coi?]>eto successfully in all thu foreign markets. Our domestic cottou goods tike the precedence in the East IiiJkh, in South America, in the ports of tho Mediterranean, and iu fact wherever they ate in coi.tuct with similar manufacture's of other countries. Tho home demxud for nil other manufuu tared gooltis supplied with a domestio article, so far an suppliri can be furnished, and we are rapidly progress tug in the quality and quantity of manufactured articles Wo .?!??uld not require the pretectioa ma?f interests re ceive fiom tho government, was it not for the inflated com'tttion of our currency, ond the immense periodical expansions, ff* cur currency was ai valuable us those of European countries, it would shut out their manufactures moiV) effectually than the highest protec tive tariff we ev?r h>id. We learn that th#< President will lecommenil in his message, the passage of a sub-treasury law, of the most stringent rhaiacter. That enact similar to the one in operation in 1S41, or one more restrictive than that, will be presented to Congress. H is highly necessaiy that our currency should, be induced in volume, and increas el in value, before we take off any of our restrictions, upon foreign importations; and a sub.trca-ury system compelling the receipt and expenditure of all moneys by the government, iu gold and silver, will do a vast ileal towards checking tln> expanded operations of our ISta'e banks, nnd prevent a|?y increase in the issue of |>aper. With a currency icttleU upon a proper basis, we might have a trade with foreig a countries, almost as free irom restrictions as that bot: ivecn the different States of this confederacy, without being Hooded with foreign manu factures, and without injury to a solitary domestic inte. rest of the country. OU9 Stotik Cxrhiin^e, $l0r,? Ohio 7s 10O?tf tOl.hss Csutou Co slO 43^ 2001 Ohio 6?, 'SO 9SjJ JO do kIO 43^ 21 in# do '60 50 Jo 1611 4Ju iOO'i Illinois 8pl b60 39J* 75 do b30 43 S 2UiO <i? 100 do 4 j i, 25 hIihs Uk Stste of NY 00V? 50 do 4Ji' I 11 Uk l om, fall %'j 50 do ?o 4 ' I ion d ? ?cri|> 'J)>4 75 Molnwk lilt ' '*4 60 f O Csnsl 43 23 do bflm f* 10 Formers'Trust 3' 100 Rending RR ino do 33* 300 do 55 1# Morns Csunl bio '50 do 60 do 100 L III nd Itlt ?'? 55>4 1 o do <g|X 50 do 50 do 22V 450 do ''<? 30 Erie Hit Wii 110 do h?0 75 itifl .>tr St Wore RR 85,l4 160 do 1*K i 25 do l?30 85& 50 do 60 do hlO 8 50 d VilB 74^ Mn anrt lioar slO 74>4 li# alias Mortrii Canal s30 22'^ 50' <!? 60' antnn Co ?30 43'4 * We,r ll Wore Rlt b60 85 60 Nor fc. Wore BR 84* A do 84^ Stor * -do 84>* 50 shs Fsrrarrs' Tr c ' X;m< lu<ii.<e. jo do buw 25 shs Nor 8c W.>re s3 86 160 do sr , ?i jj do biiw 86v 60 do .? 33% 25 do bnw 861 60 do 31 25 do hlO tok 6U do Vil 3t 50 do b4 85 26 do bio 34 26 do b3 86 ? do >30 33U i5 do li'JO 86 115 Mosr sW) 33'J 26 do 86 V6 A Csnsl c 22?a 100 do stm 78 25 4o c 22* j 60 do s tin 80 if do bJ 22?u 100 L Islxnd RR 74^ /CaiitcnCo sow 43'4 25 do 74)4 tf. do nw 4 fi? 50 Hi'ltin Rlt 67"4 W do 43.'* tlurilwl, On Saturday the 3?M instant, by the Kev. Dr. 'H'oin wiight, Chaiilkd 1) Babcuck to M*nr D. Oissinu, all of *!IIS CI15 . Died. tin Saturday evening tho 22d instant, of consumption, i'riKu J .ui ly son of John B. Oauner. The relatives and friends of tho family arc respectful ,- ioviifil to a*tond the ftinorul, from the residence o( ins ittier. No. 14 Mott stroct, 011 .Monday ulteiiioon at three 'c!"ck '11 Milurday evening, the 25d instant, of dropsy in the I:.; 1, AfcMOvn linoeKiiinns, in tho 4Sth year of his ?fce ? 'tin iriond* and acquaintances are invited to attend hi* uueial. nn \io) day alternoon, at 3 o'clock, at his late ?f.iii'i ice. No 2.) Wuueii street. 1 ins v\i> FAS( > UOOD8 ( HEAP ?40 am Toy, l receii J fniiii nucti n, comprising s great variety of cu ri ah*'inl , H?nplr<of which wi l t>* opened tliis aiy, aud f id i i Int. osuit. Alsi fine porcelain lei seta, accordions, llutrs, iiri^i, In t.- i,-, fi:c\ gla* box>-s, cushions, genuine Uan< ui rn'n; , rflil> perlun-'d f'incv ?n<p>, perfumery fcc. AI o ' 0 I rich inlaid ami fiirnisht d riwewoud work hoses Al 11 agie.t b n if .in 111 manth ? LOf'KS, One i c In'onr.e and eile clock, runs twenty-one days, ls?ge a 19 ai d fi '? in vnnents, on-mcnl-d ? ith larse brmiz-* d <g \ tun i! id'siii ? k.nd nr ui t'd with a tiiheimin, coat StiO, r. 1 I r ?<> ii In SM. Also a lit ? >f s Ivtr g'lt mini turr ?'locks, good lime i;ie e? at 92 to #2 50. Also just received, a Urge assortment ? I' TABLE AND POCKET CUTLERY. in m in and <h nn> j ivory, stag. bone .nid ccoa hiiidled knives > ml lork*; iw> a <1 thrt ?? pr- ug foik*: 300 d, zen anil caids oue, t>oi ,dt< re,* llad* pocLi kniv ?> ami tcissors, fromV> cents to (i : < r il z*n. Also h lot ot s.iHonlidl V orn" limited I e Is for lnili?s'* rk tables; with a variety of ??thtr fancy goods, w hi h willies' Id off imm diatelyat 2'ito!ilper ceil, cheap, r th.111 i lu sn-if in the cuv. J3l Pe?rl street, up stairs n2t it*in O SI E< CLA'I OttS IN MA'l'tKAL ? UKIOiITIkS, I EXHIBI1 IONS, fcc-OK.N. TfM THUMB, ethibited it the .,nieruan Museum. New York, is now open f r an engatem nl and nnv parties wish re to treat wiih the greatest curi'>sity row exhibiting lu the Un-ted State , will p e ise i i'd est Ly letter, post paid, to H. 8CERKK, 160 Kulion stieit. Bn'okhn. u21 ll'inr LA"IKt>C\n STILL unite with the rahscribe-'* new rtvsin Vi cal Mu-ic, on the peculiarly favorable t? mi now 1 ft- red, uamely at about half price? tJ, hooks included As ihis cl "s already eontaius more than ai oidinaty piopor tion ui lidiis it is particularly eligible to p*rsOi s ol tIs ir s 1. and should ihe nuniber of members h come lifiy, (as ir w swms 1 roi able,) the cl iss w II receive, eitrs, a ecu me of les sons 111 Ha mony, fthnroutb-b*-", Sir,) gratuitously. The ? I ss ni|i"i on Taisday aud Friday eveuings, at C o rh "k. Room 411 Broadway. J V. WARNER, translator of li?< l'*rh Webe-, autlisr of RndnncnUl t.esaons. &li' . TEETH!TEETH! rfS]i,l?TH inserted without paiu, and warianted gi^j tl ,)ie I nstuial ones, for biting and inasiicatiou. A ci ini let- double set of best miueral Teeth on line gold pistes. tVi 00 A set ol bs-M mineral lovth, on line gold P' for the upper jaw, to be worn by almos^|ltr|j oresaure, ^ $1 uglr Tooth, from *? m t#. 1 I'lnxging T^eth with Gold, from * ^ B, !)r JONKS corner of Canal ltreK Broadway.',? ' rane> in (.anal strret , 2< ?^c g\ r* u 'pukc *?? me AVl ilV ' Actually removed. I tii 'MS treated ? ith great attention and success. I ^etiti c ses of 8TR ABrsNILS, or Njuinti.,*, cored 111 a * niiuutea All I - H'lAL K.YKs inserted that can scarcely be dia fingu ahed from ?hi* usinral Olfires Slid rwiideuci- 281 Broad way?entrance IK Warren sir ci ill lt*r hart WELL'S ?f A S It I iV U I O A H U (J a A , ?4H3 ( heat ii ill (itrrct, ABOVE AfcVtNTH STREET, NEXT TO THK MASONIC HALL, PHILADELPHIA., U.'ioa jual lutr'Kluei^l?Warm '.nd Cold?in ft. e "Hatt ing 1. fn 1 horh isilins and gs nrli*mpn nit 3i*in ALbluN UKK INSUKANCK COMPANY. LOND<>N *ND NEW YORK. ln*t.Uutttl in Cnpltnl One Million stci linu, or |.t,000,0(K). 'I'mS t oiepany has beeu in nccessful operation for K()K 1 I Y years, and I'AYS m CASH to those nsun-d ou the p,"ir oato ? se ,le, HO -TY per cent of ALL the prod s ??erv I ill' l-.r. y?-rsai e?ni|siuud iiite * st. All e.igili'e r sks hat- br ?r?.t ailvnlage of being Confirmed ai o.ite panuiiaiu.g Irom ibe date of their policiea in the brat d vis.on 1 pr< Bta Er-mflti ot Raietfiir inturanet e/$100 Age neit >or me I Km s. sen I Fi.r wh.le life I Kor whole life ImthJ y |e r y ara. Miihoutprufita with profits ? I 9i I I 01 | | 94 a ,7 M | 1 (6 i 1 IS I III 2 4tf ? I Ii I 23 2 V, h 4? I I II I I 14 I S t0 I J J# In ur nee al all ages from 10 to T4 1-em/a, inclnaive, from S',00 U) tl3 OOuon a sills Ir life M-iirnl Km miner 1. J. W Francis. Esq , M. D., No I Bond street. .1 ('. Be.ha, K.?q VI. I)., No J43 Broadway. i'me llng Imita r<ry liberal Prospectus with rates, an nnoiss. kc , anil every information, can be obtained by appli ?nllON .0 the agent*. JOSEPH KOWLER,)., w .. ,|T_ R s BUCHANAN, Ja' Wa" ,trw*' n4 S'awlm'fc A CiiliL). I'<> PARENTS AND GMAKDLANS. \l AI) V < fsuperior t and acquirements, is desiroas ol h 1*1 - a lew m ire pnpils to instruct in Music. Her method ol instinct "ti will befonnil to lie the most cipeditions in pro ni .tiMtile 1 111 the thorough knowledge and theory of the acu n e in any uowlanght, A line dineted to R. M., at the office of this paper, will be duly sitriiited 10. ^ oT Im're fil/V .Hyi> LOCK 8 WITH. LIlOHE, ?hin Smith, late of Catharine strset, has removed s to No. IB < herry dreet. near Market street Hons mails anil.i fd, Loiks reiKirsd, Krys fitted and Belli hung. ?.Ai lt*re n h vth rv MJFERioR TO ANY JpLs EVER UKFORK MADE IV Till* COUNTRY. rpHK Slitt-?CR I BER3 having U ely vtfected. through ih?ir ? ng'Ut io i'aris the purclinse "f the eutire on iti'yof ik I'lmli, ior which the manulictuiejs received the gold niedai, ut the lie furi in that city, are now inaiiufo tu'iug Hus, winch. ui>ou txainiuation, will coneiuce the ino?t kw|tic I, are superior to any ever befor m ide in thii country. \lsr> received, au aaaortmeut ol tin* laitunt Mechanics' Hats, iniiie by the best manufacturers iu Pans, being well adapted I >r travellers nstructed >u as to shut up in a siasll, or formed in a nut in as ?oon tiinn a* a p-rv>n c?u put Ou hi Int. IVdiers Slid u'ln r? supplied ? ith li.- ditft-rnit qualities oi li>u, Ht ai lowprices il uot lowi r thin by any other manufac Hirers. A. HALL ki SUN, 20 i Uieeuwicn strert, i*3t ^ bfc'Wf yii Dnn.'l-<v ami iffeofH. A M'LbN'OllJ SELECTION OF fAKL'Ul PLANTS, CON SIS'] I NO of t.ainill >s, Rosea, Daphne*, Ax ilia JK^L^inoii ;ui'i OriiiiL'c i'rees, Violefa, and a ureal many r Vi4,i'* or *?*'?? cl?- ?i? at the etfibh luneut of boll & lUu*?r, Horuu, corner of With urc*t :ind B notniu^ dale iioau. \J*o, UouqurM, |?iit up for paities. btlli aud W|.(i j|iii:s. tut rf U>* arraiiged with Irish (lowers, delivered to any . 111?if tin-?ity free of expense. Uiners left at Mr. C'.. miera , 197 Wjlkei str-ot.will lie piinctu illy uiteuded to. Or oeis to be lelt in the morning when Bouquets are waited lor ih-ereuing. Bmiqutts in .do of sweat violet only, if ?<> de I uZl Iw'r FIFTEEN HUNDRED DOLLARS REWARD! 'l'HE above Reward i>f Fift-ao liuudrcd Dollar* will be a pdid tor tbe i rcwvry of the sum of Seveu Thousand Nine Hundred Dollari, stole i from Myron Vau ll.ui.eii, o'" the city vl' Hudson, N. V., on the uight of tlie ?ih Oetiher l>t, whle on hi? passage f'-'in liuil-aiu to the city of New York. 'n th* ?te in bunt NiuthAlii ; or a proportion tesiiin i'orsticn ,r: of said inuey n may h ? tvcoveri il mid reatoted to the uhscribers, ou application to eitiier of th in. The money wan contained hi a mi ill carpet bag, which w is tik'ii from the bertb ofiaid Van Ueusen, and f uud the next il .y in the wheel home of t''e boat, cut aud ritl ?tl of its cou 'e'lta. It coiuir-t'd of bill* of rar-ou * danouiiuatioi.a and of at* Y. i ll nv kt. aa be remembered, ailollowa f.l*iO in 'j'* aud I0'< of the Oo?id i Bank. J-1 OOfi in 6'? ai.d IQ'a priucipally of the l\ne Plaiua and Kinder hook Hink. *1000 in billi of rarioiia daiioiiiit.ationi, i.fthe Kiirmera' li ink of Hudson $1000, or ab iu' that aum, of the hills of tlia Plienii B ink of Hertford, and other Kaituru Money. i>UJO ill billa ol the Hudaoii Kivur l)ink, uaarly all in iO dollai bill*. The balauce of the inouay waa iu billa ol \Veatern bir'^. . f thii State. ** Ne-r York, Nov. 2 ?t, 181S. AUO. K. MASTERS. 191 l'e?rl ? t.EOHUK H. KLI.KRY, 6 V' a*f' _ ? THEOPH8. P. HART, 41 C ,l" ' A?aiguee? cf Myron Van P ' C ommittee for ^ n23 lm*r s*litem. US I'?A Pocket bo> k, in ihe atai IU3 I ?/v 1 ncnci uu< a, iu me stmi ? ? . 1 -J H.unm^rely street to Wall ?tr 'v r?l!1,e 'rjm im 11 Memorandum Hook. A 11 ? ' coiitaininit $.i a irt a the owner, ou application at N '",w , '? y ' - J2 Rector atrtet. n23 3t*tn Lost or mislaid-- Tv ". ?? , ? rh*> ?iih.erih?-r? rt,t ??IMvelt St l.aton'i note in faTor of month. VoVouXuH^ N?w York. October h 184., at at. the Mechanic" B *l v'w . 1? u?? doM,V P*ya' fjenr oC Krenrh B' ?' I'*w,,|k, Wation il Ship in II a note 111 at iii mniith" i> i,.8Ur New York, \i..rch6.h, 181i, at tlm M-cna One Huudred and Twele 50-.00 dolla.,payaole P . ?1 c ^ic? B ink, Newark. pantione'" >. uo"* hwliig fleet) atopprd, the public arn CBUtson. ^SigaiuitnegocmtiUKthe aame Nex. v ,w v w J- 81 H- BLANCHARD. _ ' York, Novemhe>. I^-.. Il2? A 4 uiTtr 1 Ttr?M wanted, \ 1. 1 1 ? '?V * respectable young Woman, to do gen in ikT i.? U,B*<ic 'Jrch*iiibermaid. Apply ?t 476 Pearl u.. m **r. n24 lt'mc OUO A PEK^uN V ho can co.mnaud the above ? ? r? """ W'H a U""<l "p|M)rtunity ol iiiTratioK ,V?,Tj.'-7 ?ri..r' " concerning oljecu of art which hia ??ery ?tttinv namv "* Tery ?' AdJreaa L O ,at tint office ?jO j'?, ^ "rPoiuting all interview A KIT " WANTED, J\_ 1: , CATION i? Purler, tr iu auy department whera a Viiol- ?'* k'Kiwle 'ge of iiiturea and writinu mn be requireo. j-/ to T. C., at the office of thia pap-r, when the tnoat ?*4ni ?y teatimuniali at to character will oe given. _ It'rr. \VANTliO. GENTLEMA^ livi-ig ou lli? ?r,u h aide of Long lal^nil, _ wa.iu a nood fair Kilchi'11 O tdeuer; nlsn.a man 10 tak^ ?z re of a pair of lioraea aud a??iat in thu I'ardei* Keutch or Cri-rman will b* |ireferred A hue addret>e4 t.^ompOTr*. 1 -1 ? p. L I H'd lelt at 91 Sou'h atreet. atatieg wngea, referencea. and where to be f..und, will be .trended to. nfc! 3'ic . Wanted. A SITUATION; by a itiau eompeteutI f Color M'xiinr for i* l.alicoe* ?- j OeLiiuea. and haia g nernl knowledge of ihe Duaiueaa- rie baa jutt arrived liom hugla d Pera 11 ? wi-hiug J ' *'gage the applicaut, can aee aampiei of bi? w rk at No j O I 1 Ktreet N" w York. nJ1 Iw'r ______ Subscribers?AttXAitKssi stevan's Free Agen cy and Teiaperance lute ligence, 94 Uuane atrert, weat of Broadway, where they c?u have giod fa thl'ul servant*, with out any cnarge, and nl?o with ?? little del i>" as iKis^ible co 1*1, w aifrs, 4?c , of ev?r? description and of good moral charact.i r. A lirit rate Cook on li.inu at 9s Duanr'street i:20 lin'rh WANTED, FREE TEMPERANCE INTELLIGENCE OFFICE, /IT'tt BRO ADWA V , (betWien Broom and O.ard streets,) 4 On where servmts and assistants, < f every c -nacity.both male and female, are furuisried fkee toemidoyers Tlit characiers of all, offering for situations, will be strictly ri mined brfore they leave the office, and uoue but the honeit, suber, induitrious aud capable ones recommended or all iwril to engage to employers. tVoyieu, men,girls and boys w ishing employment of anv kind who can prove, satisfactorily, th*above chaiacter. c in ob tnis good .titu tions?no others need apply n!9 l-"*in i l.EFi' OFF~WAKL)ROiili AND fURNiriUiE WANTED. ("1 ENTLEMEN and Fimilit-a can obtain the full value lor * nil kinds c f snprrtlunus elfec.s they w i^h to dispose of, m il a-i Ladies and (ieiitletneu's Wearing Apparel, Eire inns, Kurniture, Sic. Oeutiein-n leaving or returning to 1 he city >< ill timl it to their advantage to send for the ? ubsc ih*r, wh ? | l"d^e? llinisell t > ^ive a I ir pri'-e lor nil 'rticles off. ied N 15.?A line through the Post Urtic* will lie iir..mptly at tended to T. LEVENSTYN, "HT I in* 1 nc 46f'i Broadway, up Htii r< J G. HELl,, T A X 1 1) E R MIST, OQQ BROAD WAV. corner of Reide street, up stairi, Ins ?Oi7 constantly on hawi i variety of Ca*ea, Shades, tic .or i ?i|f>r or mantel ? msmeiiTs Also,-a la rue rolleciion of vlcuutvd Uirdi Bird Ssins, &?., for sale or eicliHiiged. Pet Birds, 4ic., ID'anted n a i ery superior mau> er, to o"lrr? Public or private collections supplied at tie ahoite?t notice. ?i?2 lm*r FRENCH CHINA GEKARDIN, 16 John street, has just received on con ? sigumeut tin! oflerj lor a le, .1 ver?- reasonable prices, i splendid asortment of'he follow in* articles l.'ich K.incv Dec rated Dinner and Beaserl Sets. from $75 Ofl to 0f< Rich Faucy Decorated Ten Sets from.,. $12 00 l<j $12} W) " " " 'I o let Seta " " " Tete-:vtete Vu.s , " Muk? and Coffera, with motro-s, and (Cologne Boites, a?e. P! hi White rhma of every description always on hand and decorated to match any i>.ittein. Dinner, Dessert mid'1 en Sen, of erery description, sold in any qnanlit* required OL \SS WAHK. On consignment fr?m m Miolaciurert, and for sale, a large a* sonmeut ol Plain and Hich < ut (?lsse, of every deso ii't.ou, ai F. OKRARDIN, u22 tm'rc 15 Joha street, up stairs. _ BOARDING. i-J.EN rLK.M FN ?nd their I'umli'S and single rentVmen,can VT hud pleasant rooms,with houil for ihe winter, by ar>i l> ing soon ut 1*1 Broadway, opposite Howard's Hot? i. Also day board uai 2tisSlM?r OREENHOW'S HISTORY OK OltEGON. rPHK HIsiTOKV Of OREGON and California si i other a 'l'er itories ou the North-West of North America; accompanied bv a Geographical View ft" d Mi|inf those c. ui tries, and a number ol Documents as Proof.i and Illustrations cftlie History, Hi' ROWEnr GHEESHnW, Tmnslator and L b.srian to the Department of State of the United States; v\dthorof a Memoir, Historical ard Political, on the Northwest (.'oast of North America, published in 18(0 by direction of the Sen ,te of the United States. THIRD EDITION, Rtvittd, Corrected and Enlarged. Ni'W YORK : D. Appletoii k Co., 290 Broadway. . PHILADELPHI A: George 8. Apibtou. I(A Chestnut itreet l?4S. nil lwrc THE GENUINE GALVANIC KINGS MAGNETIC b'LUllJ. I^HhSE ct-leb a'ed article* for the positive cure of Kheiima ti-in. Pal-ey. Fi's, Apopleiy. Headac'e. and all nervous i compla'iit* ire only to be obrained at 134 FultOu street Sun Building, One thousand eertiflc tes are now being published I in the Nrw '? orlc Sun i iid Tiibuue, regarding the remark bte ; ellica y of these uticlei. To th>m the readei is res,*ctfuhy re'er. d or they in*y be seen at the otlice. I Pamphlet. can lit had gratis n19 lw'in THERE CAN BE NO TEACHING WI THOUT A MASTER. 'PHK French Lnintu.ikr, at once the easiest learned and tnu'l I fashionable acquirement of the ilav, is taught bv I'rotess or P Kowalewski ou ihe oral and most rpproved system, idaptwu i his lessons to the cp?ityof his pupils in such a manner as will eusure a kuowledw of the language in a very 'hurt .pace of tune Hehns been honored with pupils from the'ainiliet of'he foilowmn disti, vuiihed g^ii'letneu i<> whom lie can refer Hon. Henry Clay, Hon. Caleb Cnshuip. Hon. Thos H.Beaton, Hon Levi Woodbury, ami other i Louis Mcl-.uie Hon. Secretary Wallrer, (ieruia and Fiench Unnht. Terms modtrale Apply at No. 310Broadway P. KOWALK^SKI o? I in'r i Sl AAiS & BARKER, CLOTHING AND FURNISHING WAREHOUSE, 179 Broadway, DIRFXTLV OPPOSITE HOWARD'S HOTEL, nAVKju-t reeeiv?l a laixe and splendid assort-ren' of WlNTbR OOODB, whichthei will mike np to orik: in thtir usual fashionable style and finish. Also, RbADY iVIALE CLOTHLVg, Overcoats?Super Krench Castor and dt nhle mil ed t-loth $n no to I'.t (Hi do Tweeds, iic., lie .1,00 to |IA 0(> Clonm?... l.W to Itf ?? I>re?. and Frock Coits Vests, Pnnts, Shirts, Uuder>hiit? Drawers Hosiery, bc,irf?, Oravat.i Oloves, Suspenders, 4ic , lie N B ?8 k B. wish to call till s'tention of trivellers anil oihers e*P"?ed ro the weath?r to su|<erior articie ofF.nitlilh double milled Kersey, drab and blue, very heivy, mauufac tnred eipressly for them il I in ' m flMICAP AMI) fAiiHiON AMLH, CLO fHlNii. W. H. DEGlToo r St CO., No. ID*4 li'illtiin "Mi eel, WOULD rcsiwetlally inlorm li t ir Customers and the Pun lie tb?t they are prepared to fnnn?h every article in thru line at ihe following low prices, which aieatleastM pirc>m lower than ' on ln< had it am otner rstahlishment in this city (Ivercoatt ?f l?est mate-ial, maili ami trimmed in the latest style from tl VI ro $w, i l?.^ ol Krei ch and I i*li .b ? loths,from W to $?. Knie Bmcli Blue, Olive ud Drown Dress and Frock Co?ts, frmn ?? to Slti I'nnla of every shad, color, and best quality, from$' Wto Hi \ls ,aji endless assortment ol Vests of i icellent in it i I and iraiJe up in the best manner,from 81 to S5., at: c*teu ive saiietyof ( loths, ( assime-ei iiud Vestings, always on hand, whirl will lie mule to suit the most fastidious taste A lull suit will be furnished in 24 hour, for 'roiri ?tj lojifl. Best of ( uttars ?id Workmen employed. The nlain nian, as well sa (lie most partirnl*T, can be snited at NO. lu',! FULTON HI nt^KT ?Jlmni j? 1.ATHI.H8?fWJO 111. Life (ieese Feather*, receutly re JT Ceived and rot aalifb' F K ( OLLINSkCO, li nj m? M South it I THE ORIGINAL AND ONLY GENUINE GAL VAVIC STRENGTHENING PLASTER. mEIU'IF1(/ATE NO. II?The snnjoiiMtd certificate aelect ^ r ! from n iium w*r. i? from a gentl' man ofuurxcclrtinudblt standing uuii r84|wrt4bi)itfl iium residtat in the city oliii^ok i m, is a strong and u ?eiju voetl I roof of the invaluable ck& r jcter ..f this ruriedi*! * get t; other ???.d???re? of au indisputa* v- **? be mi -td at the office ol thi principal No^ 65 Chamber ntrct-t:? 'I he umlemgu??u having for ?rmc year* suft'r#<! much from i t ?? in the hip, occasioned by ? f*!?. ^feuded with rheumatic auction, does hoc hesitate to give thm public i?*tiniouiiil to the utility and great intrimic value of Sf ./*?? /a Meta line Stn.t^thening Hatter, an I .oaaaert r t% un**i*li(ied jpprobatun of toe iiivtluable properties iucotp uted ih it 11 tvioi? it 'l i t i nutT^r-d so severely >?s scarcely tobe able to ms?? uiy limb, and rt*? dert*?i a)mo?t a cripple, 1 w s induced to try thi? remedy, ni'-i was sur;?riseit io in a very abort ti'ne .?ti ?* aopJicatmu oi the plaster, au a)u*nst instant UJOOU* ceasa lioni of paiu, and my limbs.) uuich relieve** frtat I raised it and walk d \\ ith much greater cane than for two yean l?ri vious I aaithorougnly convinced of its sinful ir < Hicacy and abili ty to elfect i speedy cure in similar cases, ana therefore re* < otumrud it with confidence to my friend*. x. .. *iKu+d, LOSEfc VAN N09TRAND. N'W \ork, Nov. 1 1S4V Letters Intent, and f r ?.ale hy thy importer, No. > William strte'gat the Principal Office, No. O Ch .tubers it , 4uU ' y re^I^ tHble <ti ugi;isU generally nil 2weod*rc ROCKLAND Ql/AKHY. . ?T,? J!.'.?? ?,.vnu ula'ss manufacturers. I 1HOM reapec'fclly informs the i nI>1 rhat b? has ?* MMiird th- Quarry f. rfnerly belonging to ,?i Richard Coe, ?u l t?Ks HotkUnd ? ? where iron mil ghs? luanufac tuiers i- in .>e ium<*hed with stone for buildn g their iuruare* <? the *ery belt <ju vjily. The s on* is well known to the pub nc in tne above line Iteinr used from the tame ouarry up?v*rc?s i! ?*"* ?-k* In ?uh d lilt !?!?? a tate 't finer quality, and more equal color than nay other n >v* in use, md twenty i?er tent cheaper than auy ??'?! I > trie ntyofSew York Architect < -M uuiiucrt I, iv?. j : o|i|>o'Lantty of itiirodacinn ra irv ?tout iiwtiu iui'11 fnMiieaUrn .u-m with tii.i >[une ni a ch?ap?r i ?'<% "J *y ''"'k ?"?" <-?riJ?rin by e- posure, and proof uKaiuat lirr oi \<r, I'.^iviiliul f?u liar.* hi op|>ortuinty ?'l aeeiuE 'h? tame kmu < l 4t,me |,uj|t m f,rm lio"tt-> iu hr vicinity of tin quarry, ?? ^ uow in a ?ouiid ?tate, tUvr beini; ?i|<o>ed to tilt* T\l ? f,ier u'nety v" ''**? Orilers rcceivfil At the qmrry, or aI ?"I. William Voui,ji'< ?tone yftrd.coiucr of Biiroi* juii'WmIi ID,??'H ttrreli, N?w York Oct. J9 3?*rc f iW/.AUViA SCHW t' UH "sAl.k. ,i BOL [ f it Vi<-i kvij Scrip, b^Hring it ver mil intermt IV pit almoin, and oayable iu 17 .juarterly luiUliucnlt, for ?alr 'Vi 1'"** ' w''? i* 'irtout tortuiovt to fcuroi*. Oirerii ived until the IStli October, |>roiiuio, iddrMMt'd ( 16 K. t* , tj'i broad way. ' Ap11.111*t* will liud Mm a protUnlilr &iid v .'tire inventmaut t'ifirlrn IMPORTaT ON OK WATCHES. HAVI.NU ju?t teemed from I'^arope, with a ii>-w iiuortment of fine (jol?l aud Silvrr VV?irh? and Movcmtun, a lot of ladtpaadeut S?coi,d<, m.d double time WjtrW, aud Mew menu, oi aii nitirely new ?tye and of aul'eriorfiainb, ta>e ihn o|'|Hinu i.ty 10 cill the attention ofall pemoiu in liiu watvh , bvaiiMMtO visit our utock. which, i'l every rtkpevt will be foui-d advai,l*j{eoU?, both for price und oualny DLlaCHAU,T MAIRE, No i27 Kultou ?tie*t, New V ork. P. S ?F-ttgased also in the watch maainir bu i' etii, we e in linue to aitend to the repairing ofall kinds uf watchm, aud par UkllltythoMoflaoanddiOcnltworka. nil lm*m THE PUT Mit K NATION ALT *L)AGU EH i< JAN GALLERY AND PHOTOGRAPHIC DEPOT, ?J K I BROAD WAV, upper coruer of Murray, over Ten y>*J X uey'i jewelrvatore, awarded ilie Medal, four " First Pre mi ami'' nud two " lluhent Honori," at the h thibmou at Boston, New V'ork and I'hiladehihia, respectively, for the bett ! pictures and Apparatus ever exhibited. 1'lumbe * Premium Camerai, liutructioua,Plates, Cases, be forwaided to any d> iired point, tt lower lates than by auv i th er m-nnftHOT "23!!rnDK\V*inc .iltHW-W.i' AM) JKWtl.H V.?i'hoae wi.o w ish to pu'ehtse Ool J ?"? Silver VVaiches, Uold Cha ir, Ouid Pencils, Kc<s. b<-., will find it gre 11v ro tbeir aiivaat <se to c?<l ou the subsrnher, who is sebing all descri|> rionaol the ai'ive ar retail u'uch lower than auy oilier house i i the city. Gold Watc ea na low aa$2SauU $2>eacb. Wkti'h es and Jewelry e.chanted or bought All walchea warjanted to kee^j good 11in-, or tbe mc ney refunded. CI. C. ALLEN, Importer of W itches and Jewelrv, Wholesale anil Retail, 51 Wall street, lit lw*re upstairs. ! CHEAP 60AP VVOllKrt. DKrOT NO. ? COURTLANDT STREET, Under (lie National Hotel. JOHSON'S Walnut O I Shaving Soap. do Superior Almond Soap. do Toilet Soap All very highly scented, and at prices lower than anv other I liouie All kinds ol Peifumery for Barberi, Storekeepers, Families, Ur. bold b) C. VAN 8CHOONHOVEN, nJ lin*r No S Courtl.iudt street. A NEW COURSE OF LESSONS IN FRENCH, ON THE ROBERTSON I AN SYSTEM, BY E DU BUI3t>0N, A. M.?An Evening < lass is now bai 'g fo'ined, at No. 147 Ureen street. Hours of ?ttendance ; 6'o 7 and 7 t < 3 o'clock. By tins svstem the student is soouer able to converse with rapidity and ea?e, besides nciiuiring a thorough know ledge of tin; language, with ail its idiomatic pe ou11 irities, iImu hy any other method. Further pariicul ws. terms, kc , w ill be made Wiown on a|> plication at Mr. Bookliaui s Select School, No. 147 ureen, cor ? ? er ol Houston street, beiwecn the hcurs of 9 A. M aud 3 o'clock I'. M. ; nil 2wrc PI A NIO FORTES FOR HIRE, at 411 Broadwav, up .ulrs. ?DANIEL WAi.KKR, Muiufacurerof 1'iauo Fortes, has cou tantl. ou baud an extensive assnitmeii! of elegant Rose | wool and Mahogany Piano forte*, kept exclusively for hire, including Grand and Cabinets, with six and seven oct ives.? . A G ild Medal, the l uge.t pieiniuin, was awnded to him at , the lost Fair ol th- Amerctu lu>titute, f >r improvements in j Pi tao Fortes. N.B An Organ with four stops, iu good con dition, suitable for a small church, or private lamily, for ?ale ? heap or to loau o.itime. Stme IU Broadway, Manufactory 44 West 14th st. near 6tli avenue. nfi lin*i 'c OVERCOATS,'.1.0AKS, kc.?A large assorttneut Mens" a-d Youths' Be.,ver Milled Cli'tli and Pilot Overro ts, Cloaks, kc., for sale reidv, at ? ur u,u il in (derate prices \VM. T. Jr.NNINGS St Co.I'll Uuiadwaw n16 Imis r A j eric u. Hotel MAKTELLE St HOLDKKMAiNN, No. :I7 Maiden l,nur, MANUFACTURERS and Importer., of Ornamental Hair Work, Wigs, Toupees, tti nds, Curia, Seams, Bxiiwi ? llair, Ui -Kuy's c, I-braP d C'niled liair, li inches long, hup a i new sly e ol K>eilasting Curls, aud all kinds of Hair WorL. wholesale and retail. Also, a very I. ige hisoriuient of Flowers. Feathers, Head , Ure??e?, such as Algerienncs, Oriental, Pompadours, Eg j p | tienue, L'uohusn, and all Kinds of Millenary articles. N. IJ ?I'i e ti. de supplied ou reasonablu terms. ORPOttATlUN NOTICk. ol'ult ul' property for unpaid J Assessment ?Public notice i? hereby g.veu that a sale i f , propert, f>>r unpaid assessments, will take place ati u lie anc ' li u, nt the City Mall of the t-it> of iVw \ ork, o i -Mm <l iy ,rhe Ony ul' March litlt. at iw> Ivr o cluck, :<C no ill, him! lie : coutii.Uid from dav to day uu il the whole of aaid propi rty xliail he a ilil, and that the de ailedttaieinent of the properly 10 If ?.old fur u-ipan! assessmen's,~ls published m (he Evening Post,a newspaper piinled and puhliihed in ilie ri'y ol New Voik. Stieet Commissioner's Ouice, ) November lttth, !t?4J. S ELI AH L SMITH, 19 lawl4t ui Strenl 1 uinuii-sumer. CHARLESTON, SOUTH CAROLINA CAROLINA HOTEL, BROAD bTKEET. 'I^HK 81'BMJIIIBKH iltrfflt ilbutpr per to inform lii.? o, 1. friends nrt < utton irs.and the travelInig punlir generally h it he still c ntiuues to cntcrfor thei- cuml[ rt nid atcommn I d.itiou, and would be happy to receive their f?vor?. Tile Carolina Hotel la now lie t?r prep ired I"o th IfW eption of traveller!, espe laliy families, 'h?n at my lormer period. and the close-t aud most particul ar attention will be paid to all who i nnv firor li'in with their |iairou.ige. Omnibus es will be m attendanceat tlie vtrioas thor ugh I fire, to 'onvev pirn iigcs <i> his house, .u.d ready ut all timet' 1 to uke them thence to the railroad, steampaikes, ate. ANGUS STL WART. ' [t_/ "Dinner and private panic* attended to a* oifti lta?4w*r 'i'rmiitpui-talIon of Nnval Mfltti. NAVY AGENT'S OFFICE, ) Nrw i ohk, Nov. 13. 8IA. < PROPOSALS, sealed and endor ed " Fropo?nl? for freight o . Rio d- Janeiro," will be received it thin otliee until 3 o'clk I'. M., .Monday, the I5<h day of Derembe neit; for the trans portation of aiiont 4100 h irrela. more or leas. of 4ioverum?snt Sto e*. from the Navy Yard at Brooklyn, N. Y., toltio de Ja neiro, iu the empire of Brizil Offers muat apecify the price ?<-ked te r barrel, w ithout distinction between wet and dry: loe-snd-n-half cubic feet of measurement goods; und tlnriy gal loin to tli? gu.ige nt all cuks not imij HycalUd bnrrela, to lie considered a* barrels, whatever they tinf eoatain. No other tliau (iovrrunient 3u re* to be tak-n >m board as freight, ai d no primage In be allowed Ten fair we aher working lay days to i he allowed aleach ot tlie ports ol Brooklyn and Rio de Jane iro, for I'iki u in and ducli ^rKincargo. Payments to be nude by sny Navy Agent iu the United states, producing satisfac tory evidence I' the delivery of the cargo. Proposals must stile u,e description, name and condition of the vessel, "ud w iiere ?he is at the time of offe, pig her; and ?he mint pas* tin usual inspection, and he ready at the Navy Yard, Brooklyn, to receive cugo by the SF6th Decern be r, and if not presented for elimination within f ree days after being nonfied of Iter iicc-ptame. the freight will be ofteied to the nevt lowest bit! iter, ccordingto law PROSPER M. WETMORE, Navy Agent. ii 14 Iaw4w r STAINED GLAUS, [/" ARIOl/8 sizes ami colors, coti-ia?'tlv on hind ^nd for sale f by HOO-4K it VIKTOR, nfO 'lii*tiic 94 Peail siieet. "p stair*. * lO l ilK LAUIES!! TO THK LAUlliS !!! | ADIE3 having any kind of cast oft nr supei lluous Clothing J MJ to dispose of, (eittier I,adies or Oentlenieii ) can obtmi a 1 t*1 r i'ash price lor the same, by ?ending for the subscriber, at I her residence, No. Gl Du tne street, h i* n eut MRS. M S COHEN. P. S - A letter throagli the Post Oiftee, or otlierwise, will be ! punctoally attended to. nl9 Im'rc I)H. CASTLK AND EDWARDS, AUIllSTS. Qti 1 B Hi M D W A V-EXT H ACT I ( liei rfully comply with the reT'est of Lieutenant >*h, to stitc ihat he <?in luvilidcd home in consequence f total deafness and <tsd di>clm'k?> from the e .r- ihat win e n Ne^ York, on hi* way h me, he place I him elf u d'i the pro fessions! care ol Drs. C .aile <k Edwards, Aurist. Uudei their -kiif I t eatmeni he lecoven d his he.rii g, and lis* teiurued to his military duty Signed. II. McNEVIN, fargeon to II H. M >orces, Jamaica. A' OUrTIC DROPS?A snie cur cure for i eipie .t deaf ness.p.i * in and discharges liom ih<< ? a<?, b< Zti g- ringing' ii siuan g ou..d, colleciiou* of hard Wi*,or vitisted ?ecie IIO IS i | t eke logins li li I in' tilr ?)tNllcJl.rtV DR.H.(i BLANKMAN, Dentist, lit Chamber* street. N. York, late ol Virginia, offer* hi* profes-ioml ?ervice* n 'lie publi Person* who are desirou* ol having operati i.? upon toornameiiul nnd useful an append igs as the i?eth l?o tar y ntteiided to, are re'|Ut?lxd to (! ill at Ins . rtlce.w heie re lerenceaof the highest respectitiili, y c.ui be h d 1 eru s m > icra'e, aud nil operatioi.* w irranted. uW !2t'i UlLL'o LNKALLlbLK uNGUENT tOR THE HAIR. AN any thing be more lionest ? No'iee the fact th it I S never publi ih ?nv certiflcnie coininei.d itory of the ?bo?? unless it Ims ih? residence ol the individual giving n append ed, which enables vou to satisfy yourselves <b> e quirv ) that ?lie Oiignent IS le.illy what it purpo u to be, .,nd understand y also Mi it it i* warranted in >11 c ises, either youinior ,11, il properly appl ed, Ineffectually s ay aloieCy nr falling off i f the her, restore it to belli pirt* end Cute pityrifii', d*u dm IT, tcarl, .ml all eifilatlons of the cuticle or rcalpi change ? ed oi grey hairs to a bc iutilal da k color, make the li?ir moist, soft, cm ly. kc. I do hereby certify that I have been ser'Oiuly afflicted will ?IkiiiIi uff and falling off of the hair, and in de use of several iriit lei for the same Withou- the least benefit; indeed 1 w is learfnl 'I becoming bald; ftnally, being i,id,iced 'o u?e Hill's 11< In 11 ibl i' OngUeut, I a,ii haipr to siy the r?sult was most sa il.factory, f ir in a slict tune the dandruff entirely di* .ppear. ed, my hair soon commenced growing, and is i o? thicker than it ever was, beitiu nlao soft, moist sud (lotsy I cm strongly rocomine d it for ilie above. Vours, k"-., JAM KS BL AN<' AR D, No ??, Avenue D I,/* li ill's 111 f m 111111 h Oiifurnf can bt* only at Ins principal olfica, mi the eorlhw est corr er of Pine and N'as?an sis , and f the following A?-nMJsrvis' Fancy Store, 6:U? Broad ' ay ; M'm H. Carey & l,o , IM Pe irl st.; I Orshuin iil'.o .73 ;* ater st.',\Vm. A.' rocker.91Msien lane; M-Tlne masSeWill, 17* Oriuid st , New Vorl. A. S|ioourr Si Co., 47 l-ulton st ; Mrs. J. Jordsn's Kancy Store, '9 Atlantic street, Brooklyn, L I ; Mr Koratd>, >o 171 Ornuil street; !?;. Biur.ett's Confectionary, iu lit, le t ween Orsnd and South 1st streets Willi rnsbnrgh ; I) A Hrrnck, No. 1 Del ivan llonse, Albany, Nt w tork; Messrs. Mormnei Si Mownry, cemer of Market *nd ChsrWt street*, Baltimore, Md.; Jo*. E. Trippe, 393 Broad, conn r Market st, Newark, N. J.: N A.Craiv, un Merumic street, Lowall.Mue oM |m*re AMI'SKMKMTS, THE SECOND ANNUAL IlALL* or TH L kMPinF. cr.un, 'T'C Le Ki??n oil FRIDAY EVENINO, Nguuiu*- ziil. IMS ?t Tammany IUI. ? ? 1 COMMITTEE or ARRANGEMENTS: J?dm CouiiOf, tui?j|.ir| B Hut * C Stoiieuil, li X Conipiun, Sheriuui BrowneJl, Aft Wells, Uiao V F>.wler, J C Poller Mw?rd Nifh'iU, veTid H<.?nliu, Henry Chn ifraw, Minus K^llev, jo??i>lt A "iwer, Michael Phillips, John McC'rtiter, J C Algernon, < rmijnl Rich, Win J Kurd, Joseph Cornell, Ootifr Miitinley, 1 lipoma Wliel m Thomas Huriji, James G *mitli, Thomas MeOn<it, J"''" Em mans, Thnrnaa Kleckburn, 1 homaa Mcliivue), Patrick ('loity, flan lord, Ijvvi D Mainm, Albert Walsh, G ?V And-Mon, Bernard Hire, Stephen Hath, Hamuel Long, George GomI.hi, D-ivd J ick? >u, Thomas Couuer, |<ie',>rd S. Haulm, JMKur, ?. Iliwmaa McSpaddeu, ?' Dell, Win Haird, JVtiter Meyer, \V,a Minor. '' A'wood, Abrjin Ilitiield, Mihclu ballon, FLOOR COMMITTER: Jamm Connor, John Riker, Jr. l .iiuuu. I B Hart, Ainu,.us 1'nrtly, Ertwaidi <?all *':?r. R B tJouuolly, SI inns Krlley, M -r'rwi faiicluld. leler (rawloril, llavid Acanthi ii.i.....,, ISAIAH RYNDERS, Chairman, H I)WARD OALL\OHKK, , ? I IIOMAS M'<il> Nr.V, j Secretaries. Tickets On? I)..11 r. ' d23 fis're MERCANI ILK iJIIkARV ASSOCIATION," CLINTON HALL. On Tlu-etlny Evening, Nov., 1843, MR. (JrEOKGL \/\NDfcNHf)FF, Will deliver Ins FIRST LKCTIRE lor the Season, wiih READIMUH AND RECITATIONS Tllfc "pOETS, ^ lllnitratirc of k locuiiou iry Eipresaioa. '>y*To commi'iicft at half-past st-vej o'clock. South* Ticl<>t> !? ifty Cents,?Tickets adu lttu k a K??itleman and two la 'tes. SI. i2t:h*rc GKIUIAS OPERATIC COUPAXV' AT PALMO'S OPKRA HOU.SE, Chambers Sheet. S1GNOR PALMO. and ihe Manage* of the O rinan Operatic ' ompauy, hive ihe h >u<>r to inform rh~ patrons and in im porters ol the Opera mid particularly the Germ n l.adi. a aud Gentlemen, that they Mill open on the hegiuuing of ot? ember ueit, with the Genna' Opera of DER FREISCHUTZ, From Weber, in Three Acta. got up in 'he very rUgaut atyle ai it wis gieen in Amsterdam and Urrlin, without any cut, with new and splendid Scenery, Apparitions and Fireworks. I he following talrn'eil artiata are to he the performers MA DA VI OTTO t'ruria Donna. M'SLE K0H8IN3K'. Con priinaria -Mr. W. BOUCHKK, Ki at Tenor, from the Royal The't'ea, (Jermany. .Mr. F. MKVElt, Primo Bu<u. Mr. RIKSK. Sjecond Tenor. Mr. 8AUER Second Baaso. Mr SCNEPF, Cc mic Baaao. J-ull Orcheatra. eompoied of 34 Mu?ici*u*. Profeaa r?. 810 RAt'K I'TI Leader ofOrcheatn. 8IO. ETIENNE, ) *, . ? ? 8IO A. W ?>KRO S Maeatroea at the Piano Forte. Direct <r of Opera Mr. F MEYER. Sta?* Manager Mr. RIE8E. Ihe Orera will lie supported by Forty i^hnrua Suitfen. Heaaon 'IVk-t? for 11 Kepmaeiitatioiii $?4 H If do do It do 12 Private Bote* for I P'Kona... . A' 10 do do 6 do 8 do do 4 do 8 First Tier and Paruuetle 1 Second Tier JO cts HT- Books open for aubacrlptiona luul to ( cure arat', erery day, from IDA M in 4 P M. n2 (frc CENTREVILLE COURSE, L. J. AMAT' H wiIlcom?tir over this C<ur*r,pu Tuesday, Nov 23th, it 3 o'clock. P M.?Mile heats, best three in five, for f 30, with a i ur?e of $.10. C bartinc enter* b m Aggy Down J D .vicMauu it Peicoelc JJEL CONKL1N, Proprietor. N B ?Wanted immediately, ten or tweu'y lively red foxes fur a ci'nse. A liberal pri e Will be gven. l*or particulars ap ply at Jon<?' Hotel, I'uik How, oral J. Couklin's, No. Krout str*et, Brooklyn. n24 2t*rh CAMBRlBtvR COURSE, BOSTON, Great Fool Hare of Fifteen Miles I^OK a I'Urse of $100?S tl to the second heat, and $23 to the third best t-> come off on Tuesday, Nov 2?th, for w hu h i?entered ih? I ish Peer, from Ireland; C De* mond, tii* Hero oi Ch'li(i; I; Christian, of New York; K. Stacy, I'O't Boy of K*?tri Con ty. New Vork; Ei.hraim H i oolhe.from Connecticut ii24 lt'me novel sport. A FOX CHASE. YIT ANTED TO HIRE?Some Twenty or Thirty good Fo* vv HmniHt. Alio, will he puic>aied, soine Ten or Twenty Sood liv/ly Foxes: for a Chase to cjiiic ofl' iu tliii neighbor ??>d, al-out the legioning of the ensuing mouth. Apply at Jmi Hotel. Park Bow. Tf A liberal price will be given for good animals. n2l Iw It Wf . HASTINGS' COMPOUND SYRl.'P OF NAPHTHA. THE TRIUV1PH COMPLETE !! NOTWITHSTANDING the short time during which thai i .valuable medicine haj bee. before the American public, its a,tecific pro, ertiee and virtues have nnequivoc illy pr veu u to be not only the moat relitbie but alio uuf tiling remedy in all a (fee'ions urescribeil to be witniu iu legitimate c ntrol. Unlike inmy eauuted ancles advertised, the Naph th i Syrup i? not put forth a* a sticcedeuom for every ailment, a remedy l< r eveiy diie .se; but for it* istomsh'ng powers, possessed bv no, other medicament withiu the range of the I'll. jiacniMPia, in all tying tr nation or lutlammation r.f t!ie mucous e -tatiuga, and stimulating the brouihit to action; in its rem irhable virtue* a* an expectorant and an nlterative, and above all ti.r it? wonderful proptrty of ARRESTING THE FORMATION OK TCBERI LE, And bicaking down pulmonary disease when established. All inquirers are ref-rred to uuiner ius rect lit cases winch w ill be ciieerfully furnished at the office of tin' agency. The elj?-rience ol Dr. Hastiuga. and m'jre recently six cases of cu re ( rule I.on d 'ii Lancet) effected,by a r.ealou* fellow laborer. Dr. Hockeu, of London, are sufficient of themselves to convince the rirnor mis or skeptical of thr perfect curability by the above remedial agent of thatiaastly dreaded disease, Phthisis PulmoiiHlm or TabercularCmuuraption. Let nolledeapair. For sale by MOOKE ii t O., the American Aeonts, 41 Ann shoot, and F.lliott, 17.-l DIVISION STREET, op poiite Ludlow, New Vork. Price ft a bottle?Six Dot ilea for f.Y n&lm jo CHEMICAL HALSAM, Or Hair Invlgorator? A REMEDY for bll diseases incidental to the Hair and its restorative, in all cases where Baldness is not beyoud tlie reach ol erf. MicaiT* or thi: Chekici. B*i.s*m ok Hair Issvioortor.?It prevents Baldness. It removes Duidrill andCutaneous Scruff It keeps the Hair in its uaturat color and prevent* it from tnniing *rey. It isnow presented to the world, with a firm be lie), that is a beautiful and healthy restorative of the Hair it v* ill l e found ou trial unequalled Prepared solely by E. Plm lou, No. 211 Bro idway. Agents?O. Fish Si Co., Waahingtou, D. C.; Ayer St Phelau, 7S firoad it.. Columlms, Georgia; Tuttle, Assembly Build lugs,cornel of Tenth and Chesnut sis., Philadelphia; H. Hire, Corner of Court aud Howaurd; streets, Boston ; < 11 Briw er. No. 104 Fulion St., Brooklyn; M. S. Kletcli r, Man-boo, U'siir Co., N. Y ; V. B. Loc row, No M Beaver street, Albany; John B. Watson, Charleston Hotel, Soath Carolina; S. Tonsey, Syracuse, > V.; <i 'tton Anderson, Newport, It. I ; btid No. 173 Division street, opposite Ludlow. N V. o'J lin*mc COALS. I 11 AVE at my Yard, 236 Klizabeth street and corner Hsm * mei sly and Bedford. Peach Orchard Bed Ash Coal, at low prices, vi/.$3 W for broken, $3 73 for ??g and stove, large nut,$3 23 ; Lehign, egg and stove, $3 73 per ton, re-tcreeued aud delie\ered. Also, Liverpool. Blosshurgh. kc. Orili rs receurd at the \ aril OH' lm*rr . KIH HAULEvi nlVbK HO r.h. MTO LET?From now until the firatnf May next, with the pnvilej(eof one or more years lesse, with pait ol'the furnnure for sale The honse is w>ll furn shed aid now iu fu I operation; and, situ led as it is. on the banks of the river and the termiujirion of he Railroad on this Island, m kes It a great pliCe of liU ill ?s th ough the yetr Krterrns, which I he moderate, en<|u re of ihe proprietor ou the pre UK's f> om 8 to 9 in the i. oruirg, or fron 3 to 3 iu the evening. ? 21 I* Vie PEOPLES MMK Of H'l t a vittu \TB 1 (.'OK ALB \N \ ?Daily. Hiind".? Eirepte-i I hrixtgh Direct?At ? o clock !*. M.Amm Om pierbrtw^ei f/ourtlandl and Liberty streets ?< e-\ . boat K v l< KEUItuCKEK, Cajn \. Ilonghtou. will I ave i n Monday, Wednesd.iv and Frnlny etei.iugs. at 6 o'clock. Steamboat HENDHIK Hl'DSON, I apt. It <? I rutt. n deu, w ill ou Tiiesiliy, 1 huraday and Sntnrday evenings at 6 o'clock. At t o'clock P M . Landing at lnlermedi ite Plac s?Fr- m the foot "I BarcUv street ? ttte inbi at SOLTti A ERICA, Capt. L. W Iirainard, ?i:| lea>e on Monday, *1 ednesilay, Friday and Sunday after nooi s, at I o clock. feteanibuat NORTH AMERICA. Cai i B H. FnnTi will leave on Tuesday. Thursday and Satvul i) alternoous, at ( o clock Pa>seiivera taking either of the ihote I inea will arrive in Albany in ample nine lor ihe tnora>ng train of cars lor the east or west The bo ta arc uew and xibstaulul, are furnished ?ifi uew an?l elegant state loorai. aud for speed and accommo dations a'e unrivilledou the Hudson. l-reight taken at mod^r^te ratas. All persona are lorhtd trusting any of the Boata of this line, witlior.t a written order from the Cnptaina or Agents, For Pass ,ge or Fieight apply on board the Boats, or to iiH tfV P.C. bCHIiITZ. at 'he Office on the Wharf. HOSTON STEAM ERS FOB HALIFAX AND LIVERPOOL Tllfc Royal Mail Steam filups BRITAN NIA andt AMPRIA will lei?e lloeton lor ^the ahove ports aa follows, vif The Britannia, J Hewi't.Comui'uider on the 1st Dec. j The Cam ria, C.H K Judkini, Commander, ou the Uth Not. Pnaaave i.i llnlifax ... *' to Liverpool it. $130 For freight or passage, apply to n ftIIIUHAM, Jr , Agent, t Wall * No Berth secured until pa d for. n2J ui NKW OBI.K AjTTT ^k' OK PM KETS-To nil positively on the l&th lust and I t Decemher ? I'he well known fast (ailing -ml ftt orite packet ship V |t -tiit'Kw, (: pt Uerry, will e*11 positively on Wednei ilay '?#! h mat.; and the pack tshipJ'MiN MlNTURN On 1st Dicernber: also, the wi ll kiivWn ptcki t ship LOt ISylLLE, ou 1st L'ecember I'he above pai kets, belon?ing to the only " regnlar line" sailing l>etw-t n this port and New Orle ma, will smI punctually aa adiertiaed; and have accommodations nnsnrpasseii for c ibin, seco. d cabin and steerage paisengeis f ersons about proceed ing to the ibove port slumld inspect the accommod itions of th' se ships. To ecure bertha, apply on board the ships, or to W * J. T TAffcOoTT, 73 South street. nltae corner Maiden lane AMUSEJIKNTS. J'AUH litMiiui. FIFTH OPERA NIGHT Morula y Kvonlnx, November tiltli, Will be performed. DEK *RLIiChL"i'Z. ? Rado'ph Mr F Gardner i ipir Mr Brough Unci-ir Mr S |v?j on Agath* Miss Deicy Anus V1i?? Moil Ps Styrien, by tlie two Mm Vallee'?. To conclude wuh, PECULIAR POSITION. M jor Lucari Mr Blind Champignon Mr Ba*? tountessde Noears Mr< Abbott Price 01 Admission?Box**, Ji , Pit, Jil cn.u , najle:?, Vj cent* * Doors op?n ?t o*1') tsd t!if CtrU'f will.-ise pre"i?? If at 7 Vcloek. '?HIW K. V<% A. W JACKSON... M ANAGER AND PROPRIETOR Mull luy Kviutng, Voveuititr '41 III l he ferfnrmam ?? to cuninrncr with KNiGHI OK iHE GOLDEN FLEECE. 8y S?co Mr UiU Followed by NEW NOTIONS. Major Wheeler Mr Hill Hu??n Mr* Sergeant A'terwhi I, THE MAM LOVER. Mieliul J K Sco't Mary Mrs Phillies 'I (i conclude with THV- MOUNTAIN DROVEH. Archibald I.e.I t Mr Bltni:h<ud Dug'ld McNe.I Vlr<'u?\ Duncan. Mr liadaway Jessie Campb-ll .Mrs Phillips Lower Uot'M 'jOcrod; S<*-<>j'd xud Third i i ri. Ij tu.; Pit and <?.?llerv, I2>? ceiita HiHir? will n;eu ?' lull i?ut 6 the enet im ^tll ?>?-? it 7 BUlVEltV Clltllv Boxes 25 cents?Pit I 'fi crnta?Children half price Tins EVENING, Nov. 24. Beau iIuI Sooes in the Circle Horsem?_sliip, I .<?,ic Game*, Comic Soegs and h.itrsvigai.?ai. Kthop an VTt-l. dies, Sic. To-morrow, EV ACl'ATION DAY. them will be a moat brillmiit fete turn-irnut <f th'j A mi linheatie illuminated. bands III mti? 0 &..? n24 It* in A1.1 ( V >1 It V No. 55!I Rrowiway, (bclwtm Spring and Princt.) GRAND ARRAY OF TALENT ! Mo'itlay Gvcnlnc, Nov. 44th, THE GUINEA ?hRLNAL>EKS, MISS M A KV ST. CI, UK, til * I >l#hr?t* I r.n*li?h Sybil; Moua PHILLIPPE ; ad DR VALENTINE, in hit h'im? rous dilineationa of eccentric character. Performance to coaimeuci' at 7.S o'clock Admission V> ct? Grand preparations for to-morrow. E VA C UA '/'ION D A Y, NOTICE?An entertainment every Saturday at 3 T. M 1:21 It IC PAliJlO's OH Kit A HOIS*.. Dlninli}', November 24 Hi. &J-OPEN FOR ONE WEEK-CO Aiimisii'm Twenty-Five Cents Only. THE ORIGINAL ETHIOPEAN SERENADERS Measrv GEiiMON. 8TAN WOOD HARRINGTON, PELHAV1 *c WHITE, Heir c'fully annnn re m the Ladies and Gentlemen of New York, that tli y have arranged 'or the above house. For a Fvto Eotningi, and will Gommmce a Series ol Concerts oi Mo'day Evening. Nc? 2U*i, oo which Ocaai >n w II be opei ed a Budget of New M.Migs. Giee<, Choruses, Refrains, Pi.tie.j, Burlesque Lec ture*, be Kot iiarticulam ?ee ,'r.xirammes. Dojrv open at 7?Concert atlX o'clock. a21 tlr " TABKUNACL.K. FOR ONE NIGHT VNLY. TEMPLETON WILL cue a GRAND MUSICAL ENTEHTAINMENT at the l'aberuacle, on Monday Kveiling, (Vovcinber 44111, 1843, ENTITLED GEMS OF MELODY. Id the course of which will be iutroduced the followiuir fnrorite songs: " Jersey, t' e Flower o' Uunblaue." * Hilly in our Alley." " Old Towler " " Black Eyed uaan " " The Bonnie Breast Knots.'1 " A Man's a Man for a'that." " The Last Wordsof Marmion." " Scott'* V\ ha' Hae " " The Bay ol Biscay." " I love her, how 1 love her.'' [t"7"TickcU Fifty Ceuts?To be had at the Music Stores and at tli- door. Doors open at 7?to commence at I and terminate at lu. Books of the Words to be had at th" door?price l2,Sj cents. U^7"Mr. Templeton will also give a ConCert at the Brooklyn Institute, on Tuesday Evening, ilth instant: and at Washing ton Hall, Newark, on WeduewLiy Evening, 26th luatiot. ii 19tf r GRAND CONCERT \*R CHRISTIAN Hl'BKR, fir.t Violoncellist and mem lvJL berofthe I onseryatuire of P?ns, In* the honor to an uouce that he willa tiiri* hit fiftt Concert oil Kridny, the 28th iustaut. Notice will be given i . >he uegt adv eitismneiit of the piiice where 11 it to be g.veu, a <111 lite piogrammi. i.2:i itt 111 GERMAN OPERA. PALMO'S OPERA HOUSE. WANTED 1MMEDI ITELY?Some (jerman L_die?, ? >* Hood Singers, capable 01 deserving the C horus 1* it* 01' German Operiia. Ladle us to lie engaged, aie re quested to call 011 SignOt C Pi gliam, at P&liao *, e. ery day lr m 12 o'clock A ^i in 2 o'clock r. M. n'8 lwrc (111 bull, IN gratelul compliance ?i li tie published request of nu merous L idles and Oen'lemcu ol [his city, Will aire a CONCERT AT TH r. TABERNACLE, On Wertricaslay, t> e '-iOth Iinstant. it will be his List Public Appear&uce before he leaves the con try, with a nea-t warm Wi'n gr.itilutde for the hospitility aui. Irie.d.iiip shown hi in ever since ins first arrival. ii2UI rc OUNOER'l>, 5 'IREEff, <Xc. VI H. AND MhS. COLLINS, (t . popular vocalists,) are ivj. prepared to receive engagements fur Concerts, Soirees, See . during the forthcoming aaaaoil. Mri. C. also acta a? Pianist, nnd cau be engaged lor private Cotillion Parties. !? urther parti. ul*r? on application to V1118 NEWTON, Teaiher of the Pi.iuo Forte ||7 lin*r and S- King )"l !?? Grind street. t'ROMENAL'Li >-(? ? ER1>, A I.A MUjARD. MUST CONCERT W ILL TAKE PLACE ON> (lay, i'.Kli Nov. inbt-r, AT NIBLO'3 SALOON. ^HE ME^IBHItS of the New \ oik Musical Association L respectfully lug leave to nnnonnce to ti.eir friends and the public their intention to 1; ve a >eriea of li liniment*! Conceits daring the winter seaaon, consisting of Overtures, Pot Puuiris, Wal res, Quadrilles, etc., etc., by Strauss, L inner, Labiixkj, Muaard, Julieu,Guu|,'l and other celebrated Composers Such musical eute t immn.ts having created in? gieatest e* citemeut iu the tnnsic.1 circles o Europe, the said is&ociatioi'. at the itqmtol uum-rnus iriendsol mus c, have prucaied all the newest and best coinp aitiona ol modern titssea, which are now in rehearaal by a lull ami effective Orclie?tra of THIRTV-THKK> PERKORMERs. In order to secure themselves from my loss winch might oc cur from the large uumher of perlormers, and the heavy ei peusea accessary, it has been thought advisable to issue sub scription lists to the v arious Mu'ie Stores, 111 order tint those who desire to attend the pel formance, may subscribe, and guaraiuee tothe prejector* a certain number of tickets. PRICK. OK Tl< Kit,I 8 OK ADMISSION, THREE DOL LARS, KOM MX CONCERTS, r. lie paid on the delivery of tickets fir the lirst concrrt; extra tickets lor sub?criber? can be obtained by pplying to theCuin mittee, for 10 cents each; at the door on the > veiling of the con certs, 71 cents each. L'o-mmiltrr of Airan^enicntt: , J. K WOLTEH. 116 West i GEORGE SCHNEIDER, ? Broadway. I Crosby at. Jfcmturs of the Orrhirtra: 0. F Briatow, MiloB, A. Reiff, J. Hellenntter, C. Herxog, 8. Knaebel, A. Hell wig. H. Schneider, J. Kehl, IL Otto, J. L-nhard, J. Leia, t . Biuer, E Wiese, J F Wolter, 1 A.Tyte, K. Stier, C. Schntx, L. Wiegers, K. Wieae, H. Konig, h (Jretner, O. tvoeller, ?* Senia, A. Popnenberg, G. Hchucider, H Titnin, A. tierloff, 0 Kallgraff, J. Rebhau , Suhscrii tion list open at the principal Music Stores, ?ill eodto29n r T CHRIaTMAS HOLIDAYS. GRAND HAZAAK AT~THE PHILADKLFHIA MUSEUM. l^hE large Saloon and Galleries of the Philadelphia Muse 1 am will be hanosom-lir deconted and fitted up, for the puipime of h"lduiK tbeiein during the < hri?tin is Hnfid i) s, a (ill, d Ba?.?ar f.,r the sale and exhibition of useful and fsm y tnrlTs^ will be divided into fo-nnartmet'j, which will be l?' to !*toreke per., Trade. ineii. and others, who feel di? rvnedto hive auxiliary e-ublishtneuts the sale if D y Ooods, FaueyOooda, Books, Music, Stationery, Couiectiota fy.Tuya.4ie fcc. Ihe Bsnar will be continti llv en'iven-d tiy a full and eff cieut band of mnsie, whilst other a d varied entertainments ? time t? time be odee?d; ?11 I u-t uoihing sh |l be wanting to rswiler it wh.t it u d ainiiedto be, emphaticnily the "Lion of the Holidays." None will be adm tted as de*| t ers bat sm h'S will vie with others iu the variety and display of their goods. The Buiar will open on Monday,Dec. 221, anil continue day and evening uu il New Years' M ht Peisous demroas of p? ru mg sl nHs wilt please m ke ap plicati n Iwiwetn the hour, ol two and five o'clo< k, P. M., at theoll'ice ol the Museum where a plan oftlie arrangement may be seen, and any further inlorma ion obtained. N'eiaVork de-deis desirous ol compeiii.g with thei'neigh bo s of Philadelphia ? au have au opportunity to 10 ao by ma kiug applic iti in aa above. This uidert iking, so novel in its character, and in the largett nnd most splendid room 111 the Union lor >uch a pur|??e, caunot tail to be profitable to all who en'bark in it. Application must be made at au early period in littler to ensure all apartment or a st old n2l 2w trbz DANCING a"CA17EMY^ ~ SHAKSPEARE HOTEL, CORNER OK DUANE AND WILLIAM STRMv.TS. MR. O. ROBERTSON respectfn'ly informs Ins f lends and the public, that he h a ope .ed dis-es at the above ri'oins for giving instructions in the various mode* ol da> cing Days ol luitiou? Wednesdays and Satnrdavs, fiom J to 6 T M lor ladies, and masters undrr 14 ) andlrom ti to I P. M. for gen- | tlemer. A private class for ladies from 15 to ( P M. As?em- 1 lilies will take place semi-monthly?scholars free ; season | tickets (3. 1 h? above rooms have ueen newly paiuted ,>nd r. ft'ted iu a most elegant atyle ; and Mr R. iusnres parent. ?ud gaardiaua thai every effort will be uied to dd to the com 1 fort of pupils while at school. Those wishing to subscribe 1 will p e ise call as above. Mr. R. will g ve his first Grand Ball of the ae.son on Mon da> , Dec n Tickets $1, for? gei.tlem 111 and his ladies; to he had at the ( las. Rooms, ir at Mr.R.'s, 110 street. ii23 lm*m _ 1 PISTt 'L GALLERY AND SPARRING SCHOOL. J HUDSON having re urneil from the Sonth, innoauces.. s to lus old friends and pupils, that he will be " found at home" at his new residence, Broadway, second floor.where lis will ilevute Ins tune iu gtviug inatrnctious 111 the noble art of Self-Defence. Terms moderate. 0|>cn daring the diy and in the evening. oH lm*rc JW. THORNE It CO., frodace and Floar Merchaut, I t a Broad street oil ee L-i1 .-LI ' ? LATEST INTELLIGENCE BY THE 3LUI.S. Waihlngtun. [CorraapondnnM ol tba New York H?ral<].; Washington, Nov. 21, 1*15 Important Cc/nmer'-itd Movement?Treaty of Rt cipmrity th ?, hind?7/ ? T? i;f? J'he Con tntfir Pui'.i J g?'Ji* .iiitu'wan Luz'i' rout, 4fC. The British Minister was closeted all day yestsr duy with Mr. Buchanan, arranging tli<* prel min&rien ofa reciprocal commtrciil iateicourct betweeni?n? land and the United States. It is supposed thai if Congress agree to the proposed reduction of the tariff to the horizontal li-isia of twenty |*r cent, a similar leduciion upon most of the articles of Amert cin products into the British porta, will be the re sult. As it is, Mr. Pakenham is deeply interested in the Secretary's forthcoming report, and will do all that he can with his government to induce it tu follow in the same line of liberal (olioy. Messra. Z intzinger and Chew were yesterda-. detached from the State Department, to copy the President's Message, -md other documents that ate to be laid by him before Consre**. The specie clause of the Sub-Treasury scheme forcollecting the revenue, will be strongly reconi mendt d in the nics.?asie, together with the maxi mum, or horizontal rate ot 20 |>er cent ad valorum. These two questions, thus going into operation to gether, it is thought, will aliord eutlictent protec tion to our manufacturers, from foreign importa tions, as the specie piymeuts for duties will check nil undue i??ue.-< ol b,ink loans, and, consequently, t>ie desire ol the importer#to introduce large quan tities of foreign articles into the country. Pennsylvania in iy grumble, us no doubt slie will, at such a reduction oi the duties on coal and iron ; but there can be no occasion for clamor there, as th<-y are able now, and will t,e more so every suc ceeding year, to under-aell British coal, and even iron, with a duty of only 2() per cent High duties are ruiuous to the working classes, and only benefit a few manufacturers, who reap the profits arising from the rife in prices of every article thus protected It was so in Philadelphia in the years *36, 7. *8, wh'-n the prices of every article of produce and manufacture, was double what it was in the years '$4 and 35, whilst tin wages of labor remained stationary, ??r only forced to a small ad vanee by the Trades' Union. There was a rumor yesterday, that the President would be silent in his mesaaze on the Oregon ques tion, and leave it entirely in the h inds of Congress I do not believe it It would be fatal to him aud the party,of which he is the head. This is what the whigs want him to do, as it would enable them du ring the next presidential canvass, to arraign I in) ana the democratic party for cowardice, before the country, on ihi-< Question It is now well under stood thit Mr. Polk will be a candidate again for the Presidency. The contest for the printing of both houses of Congress is now to be n^rrowt-d down to the t'nion and United State* Journal, between which, as they are to be the only two democratic organs that will be here during the session, it is only fair to in fer tiiat the party will divide the public patronage in that respect between them. The Con* >'i tut ion is lo be tran>ferred next week to Baltimore .where tts able editors, Messrs. llatt and H irris, will have u wider field of operations for their talents, and where also their cooperation in the cause they have so long aud ably advocated, ih at this time much needed. As this unexptcted, and 1 may say, sudden transi tion of the Conftitution from this city to B;iitimote may give ride to many false tumors and idle simu lations as to its cause, I will state in advance of such being made, that it is done at thi earnest ?o licition ol a large majority of the democratic party of that place, and not only with the concurrence, but, also, the advice of the leading members of the administration here. The uproar?it not open rebellion?which is going on at this time in Baltimore '.->>t tiie reteritu n in the colleciorthip ot Gen. M the must dis graceful that can be imagined ustinguished gentlemen at the head of that torn House, and whom I neither know persons nor have 1 ever seen to my knowledge, wasap; ? d to his present place by Mr. Tyler without su tion ou his part. Previous to this, by the rules of p discipline, he was considered by all classes m ii.i'liinore, as well h.s throughout the Union, one of the most firm and Iiatriotic iriembers of his party; and since then I mow of nothing that he has done to forfeit the con fidence either ot the respectable portion of the ctti zens of Baltimore, or the appointing power liere, (nut should cause his removal. In every Urge city along the sea-board, there is a floating class dt idle,drunken,place-huntinglazaroni. who ure bo li'tle afraid olli.ud lub'?r lor a living, that they would lie down ;il(.ns{ su ?; of it tor a year ?nd ? day, provided somebody would feed them. Tbia they want government to do ; and not beinir able to accomplish this end in any oth?-r way than by get ting the iiih out, in order that they miy get in, they sow the feeds ot disorder and tumult among the jmrty, and .?et the whole country iu confusion. Io addition to tlrs, the heads of departments are an noyed with their endless complaint.', who have no oiher motive lor their operation, ih iu the gratifica tion o( an incorrigible and mercenary lust of office. For several years that I have lived here, at no time wuhin that period has the houor and charac ter of our country suffered so much by hordes of hungry offioe-begaars hanging round the White Mouse and the public departments, as ut present. It was bad enough in '41, when the whigs c :me into power, but then there was some excuse for those who were kept so long Irom enjoying the pleasure? of the public crib ; but to see those who have been lor yea is fattening u|>on the spoil*, jostling each other in their huck and loot races along Pennsylvania Avenue to be first at the President's, as they are lauded from the unloaded trains be tween this and Baltimore, is so humiliating ton sensitive nund, that 1 have no patience with niysell, when forced, as 1 am daily, from necessity, to be the witness of such scenes Jt may be set down as a general rule, for those who are curious to know this class of men Irom all others, that they may be recounted as universal loungers at hotels, and idlers along the public thoroughfares. The built ol all this lies with the heads ot departments, who encourage these poor devils to remain here at un ex|>ense their pockets cannot bear, by promising them, Irom day to day, places tnat they intend never to give them, hoping, in this manner, by appearing friendly to all, to build up fer themselves an inte rest that each is daily struggling to attain. Among the Heads ot departments, not one is more obnoxious to a charge of this kind than the Secretary of th* Treasury. It is time the press should speak out on this subject, and prevent the capital ot the country from becoming a national rendezvous tor idle loafers. It was reported also, that Mr. lliggs, ol the firm of Corcoran J* lliggs, had circulated the stnrv that Fisk & Dow had otfered Hart A: Harris $1600. if ihey would back out and leave the field lor the printing to them and Ritchie. There is no truth in this rumor?because, in the first place, Mr. Riggs would not be so indiscreet as to reveal to the public private transactions that take place in his olfice ; and, secondly, $1500 would be rather u small pit tance to otter the proprietors ol the Constitution for their establishment and interest therein. Washington, Nov. 22, 1845. Jppiintmentt by the President?Public Printing anil the Kan Burtn Clique?The Content between the Faction*. 1 ascertained, last evening, from a source impli citly to be relied on, that the President is gres'lv dissatisfied with the crab-like course of the heads of Departments, in not making changes to answrr the demands of the party that placed him in power So soon us Congress shall be fairly under vay, am, the pressure of business which bears upon him and those immediately around, somewhat mitig .t d, hf is determined to take the broom in his own hands, and sweep the Augean stable clear through, of every thing in the shape of Whig that may be'found fes tering the Democsatie carcass. There have b"*cn a great number ol appointments made since the tm#* tile guillotine was lirst put into action,until it parti; I ly ceased a month or so ago, that have met not only the disapprobation of the active members ol tl.e party, but disapproval, though not ex pressed to t??h.Tn the President. Among those, I niHV mentidh, ? particular, the names of Brook Williams, a brother to Mrs. Bodtsco, wile of the Russian Minister, who is only seventeen or eighteen vears old and placed in Mr. McCalla's bureau, nt $1000 salary Another, Joseph Wmsett, was place.I under Mr. Washington, at a similar income, him) under similar circumstances; whilst another, m quite so conspicuous, though not less objection,i'/* to the barn-burners, a Mr. Thoinas, poet-laureate i?. .lohu Tyler, but in other respects an out and our Clay Whig, with a great many others of a like cnh bre. Messrs. Washington and Mc^aila, when remon strated with upon the ap(?ointinent ol men to otfic ? who were not of the party, and consequently having no claims to place over tlie heads of hundreds who worked tor the accession to power of tho-<> vnv men, asserted most positively that had they !*. oowm them to be stieh, and at liberty to pruvent such ip poiiuments, they would have done so; but that it e were forced upon them by the Secretary of t' Treasury, contrary tutheir will. This little temp -r in a teapot about the distribution of the spoils, wire i occurred in August last, has been gathering ev? r hi nee about Mr Walker's ears, until it is on the i-\? i f bursting over him in a perteel hurricane of h. ? j pent up indignation Tne President, mo, bent upon doing justice to the party, snd hem .

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