Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 4, 1846, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 4, 1846 Page 3
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'?an? i prattabU one, tod the itNkholdm in many m panic. have, in many instances, once or twice lost very dollar of their investment ; yet there are capital ; 't' ready to fill up the stock* again, with the hope of doing hotter for the future. ?? Old Stock Buhaime. ^hOOf!V 7*' '** "'K 50 sbs East Bo?tou Co W '?? 110 Morris Canal 16 imwohioTt 101 1M do iy, XMOfiEfs. 1*50 si HMt do ben K,ii 1000O do two 60d 91* 150 do 1.4 Ifik* *5? ?j" * 30 ?*<? faW ifiij 1?... 4? ? MX IHHirlfmBR ??o Minion S|>* i m 495 do ? inou Ind.uj. St.f'B 36 60 do ,? 48 V 10006 Peun 5? M lyj ,,, lfi0 4* i? 1U6AQ do .604115 mi 50 do JK '?25 ?}" ?*> 60 100 Reading RII fig'' J525 "jo 6|U 2j0 do 70 ljOOO Jo G8^ M do 16060 Reading Bond. 7i 50 L lslind R R .30 36V IJJ.Iu larmtr.' Tni.t 27 400 do 36V !?,. do,. rv 175 do bJO 37 m ?0 Canton Co 100 do .CO *,V ?" 'J0 '?W 1(w 4o I >60 37f: 2J 4" 39 10 do 36*, 12! 4? ? 450 Nor Ik Wore R R 57 jJ 100 do 1,40 40 25 do 57* * ?o b? 40 25 do bl5 58 9" do bow 3?% 206 do 58 ?? do ijO TOW 50 do bJO 58.Vi 25 do 3?>4 Second Board. AO aha Nor It Wor ?30 58 V 100 L Islnnd R R ?nw 37>? ? do .30 5JIV 100 do b30 38 23 do 5Bi' 56 Canton Co TO'? 30 do >30 58.W 25 do 39j? SO do rm 581., 150 Harlem R R 49 30 do re* 50V 50 do 19 100 Reading RR bKI 71 50 do bCO JO New Stoclc Kxrhmtge. $2006 Ohiojc* IR66 e 175 .b. Morn. Canal c 16 25.1m V ick.burg Bk 7 75 do auw li7i 23 .do c 7 175 Nor *. Wor R R c 57K VI ( anton Co c 39>i 75 do c 58 75 Farmers'Trn.t 27 25 do 5HV 206 Harlem R R b5 49 175 do c 57 V 56 do ?3 *W 25 do bS 57$ 50 do anw iwfi 25 do b3 58 Married. Oj Tuesday evening, 28th of April, by the Rer. Mr. Nichols, Dr. Charles J. Nord<ji'ijt, formerly from Got trnbiirg Sweden, to Miss Harriet Loi isi:, third dtuffh tar of Courter Goodwin, Esq., of this city. Died. On Sunday morning the 3rd instant, after a lone and tertiouo illness, Charles Alfred, youngest child of Hi ram and Sarah Ann Miller, aged 1 vear and 9 months. hm remains will be conveyed from his ]iarenti' resi lience, No. ISO Essex street, on Monday morning at 7 ? clock, to Red Mills, Putman county, for interment.', ,, Pn Sunday morning, May 3, Cornelia, daughter of "? Haughwont, aged 3 years and 6 months. The friends of the family and those of W. Woram, Mar., are invited to attend the funeral, this afternoon at 4onlock, from No. 80 Greene street. ^?day the 3rd instant, Thomas McLeav, late of ' ?cot'a,1('i in the 70th year of hii age. Twe lricnds of the family and those of his sons, David "'J^.^homas W. McLeav, are respectfully invited to at tf*-? his funeral, from tne residence of his son, Thomas ?v., 116 Bleecker street, on Tuesday afternoon at a 0 clock, when his remains will be taken to Greenwood Ccmetry, for interment N. B.?New Orleans ]>apcrs please copy. On 8unday evening , the 3rd instant, of a lingering ill ness, Edwin West Oliver, in the Sftth year of his ?\g?. His friend* and those of his father, James H. Oliver, and father-in- law, John Cuthell, his brother, Wm. H. Oliver, and his brother-in-laws, Joseph 1. West and Tho mas H. Cuthell, are respectfully invited to attend his fu neral on Tuesday, the 6th instant, at half past four o'clock, Irom the house of his father, 61 Amity street, without further invitation. ENGLISH AND CLASSICAL INSTITUTE, AOTw'&roSf AlXJOrilXO MARKET STREET CHURCH. A Mnvnlv ?iv Institution will commence on j i?i.i m.j i ' j Importaut improvvment. have I j! r rery department, and the subocriber take, this I > . terUjR* Pnbl'c attention, with llietirw that I y JC lnJly tried. The Claa.ical De j" n"^fr the charge o( Mr. O. P. Ouackenbo., who r^?l *"^r*1 V*1? "U'Ce at Columbia College, i.e.prri- ! r',|C.l"."J'!?,n'C,or' f,d P?rJrctl? lu^'fied t?V prepare pn Sfra fu?mt^!!Si The Primary Department, Mo dern Language., and special branches, are cntru.ted only to the moat competent hand.. Great attention i. paid to decla ?nation -, the scholars are exercised therein every Krida on which occasions the school i. alway. open i. The location of this Institute is un.urpa..ed, and ita pa a?e ""I0"* ?"? P10'1, respectable inhabitant, in thi. vici '"ty. Ample provision has been made for amu.ement and m during hour, ol intermiaaioa. Thu., w ,,al!' to '"tellectual and moral training, the faiSfit V^Sm are.bV i>o mean, neglected. Circulars con n jt p*??"1"* may be obumed at Saxtou ?L ?, Broadway ; 54 Henry street, or at the school. . , REFEREMCKS. .. A few well-ynowii names have been selected from a long list ol i?trons :-Rcv. Isaac Kerria D. D.; Jo.enh Hoxie, 2l)J -Madison .treet; John Har]>er, 82 Cliff .treet; Iliram Ketch um, Esq., 10 Rntgers street. Mr. Quackenboss, Principal of the Cla??. Dep., refer., among othen. to N. F. Moore, LL.D.,? Pre.. Columbia Col legei; Pnil. Charles Anthon ; James Krnwick, LI..D. ; Tay lorLeWb. Profj.Greek N. Y. Uuiver.ity ; Rev. J. McVick ar, D. D.. Prol. Moral Philos. Col. Coll. : key. J. M. Forbes, Rev. R. C. Shinieall, 90 fourth street; Rev. N. J. M?r.elu?, U.D. i A. D. Patterson, Esq., Editor ol the Anglo American. ... V. DREW, Prin. Eng. Dep., inv4 3t rc 51 Heury .treet, (i B. CLARKE, MERCHANT TAILOR, 132 WIL 1 'A-?t "esr rulton. and opno.ite the new buildiiiKs.? i? calling the attention of the public to an entire uew stock of r asnionabJe Clotna, Cassimere. and Vesting., the subscriber Jiimst be permitted to observe, that as all goods are bought lor sh,.t* ?? enabled to make a finer article, at a lower price, (lisa those who do a credit busiuess. For instance, a very I'ne Frcuch or English Cloth Dress Coat is made for from ?16 to $26, which is at leaat (t le.s than the price chanted by other housea. This is eiplained by the important fact that tne Word credit" is Uever nsed in either buyiiiK or selling, the reader, therefore, is resiiectfully requested to give me one trial. I aliall be under no apprehension of his going else where lor a skilful tailor. Office Coats, lie. kc., always kept I on hand, eady made. ... , O. B. CLARKE, my? If r formerly with " Bnindage," of Broadway. 300,000 IMPORTED HAVANA SEGARS, CONSISTING of an extensive assortment of the mo?t fa vorite brands, well worthy the attention of city and country dealers. The subscribers, in addition to the stock now on hand ? are constantly receiving new supplies by every racket from Havana. The whole entitled to debenture. For sale on reasonable terms, in lots to suit Purchasers, by TRUX1LLO It BARRE1RAS, my I lw *jw IQK Wall street, up stairs. DR. POWELL, OCULIST, AND OPERATIVE 8UROEON, A TTEND8 to Diseases of the Eye and to all Imperfec ta- tions of Vision, from 9 to 4 o'clock, at his residence, 2C1 Broadway, corner of Warren street. Optlialmia. Stoppage of the Tear Passage, Cataract, and Ojiacities, effectually removed. AMAUROSIS treated with great attention and success. Inveterate cases of STRABISMUS, or Squinting, cured in ?lew minntes. Just imported, ARTIFICIAL EYES, of snperior beauty and finish. SPECTACLES adapted to every defect. Advice to the poor without charge. Office and residence Ml Broadway?entrance 1^ Warren street. ml lt*rrc PAVILION, NEW BRIGHTON. F BLANC ARD has the honor to inform his friends and ? the public that the above establishment having been re fitted and pat in excellent order, he is prepared to treat with families and parties who wish to engage apartments during the ensuing season. The Pavilion will Be opened some time between the 14th and the 10th of May, of which due notice will be given. m4 lw*rc LOST or mislaid, within a few days, a smaFfpackige~of Memorandum Papers, of no value to any person but the owner. They were tied together with a newspaper. The finder will receive the thanks of the owner by leaving them at this office. mv< lt*r FOUND, CJTRAYINO, between 57th and 58th street, a brown Cow, ?J about five years old: one of her horns is half broken off.? The owner can have proving hia property and paying 'he expense of keep and advertising, by applying to m2 3t*rr. JOHN WIRTH, 58th st. FOR SALE. 'rilE Stock and Fixtures, and two years lease, of an old X established Porter House, in the vicinity of the Chat ham Theatre ; consisting of a bar room, with fixtures, a sit ting room and a billiard room, with a first-rate table and fixtures. For further particulars, enquire of T. D. Gillespie, 55? Pearl street. my3 2tia*rc DISSOLUTION. THE COPARTNERSHIP heretofore existing under the firm of SCHMIDT It LOUISON, Triors" hM this day ln?en dissolved by mutual consent. Either partner is autho rised to use the name of the firm in the settlement of accounts. P. W. SCHMIDT, _m2 3t*re F. LOUISON. DISSOLUTION. THE Copartnership heretofore existing under the name aud firm of Neilson k Richardson, is this day diaaolved. by mutual consent Wm. Richardson w ill continue the business on his individual account, at 213 Pearl street, where the busi ness of the late firm will be settled by W. Richardson. WM. NKILSON, WM. RICHARDSON. New York, May 1.1KB. ml 3t?r LL PERSONS having claims against HANNAH MUH PHY, formerly at No. Ml Broadway, arc requested to pre sent the same to the subscriber before the first day of June next. ROBERT DECON, 491 Broadway. m2 lw?je J. A. LEDON Has removed from No. 90 Nassau street to No. 100 the same street, where he will continue selling the best Havana Hegars, received directly from Havana; 60 bales Havana To bacco Leaf, almost wrapper, and suitable for the city trade.? For sale in lots to suit purchasers in the above place. in? 3t* re JAMES PERRY ic CO.. LONDON. STEEL PEN8, THEO. RIPKE, Agent, Removed to No. 152 William streeet. THE NATIONAL DEPOT OF WARTON, OF PARIS, I> Removed to m2 lw?r No. 152 William street, New York. SHOWER BATHS. SMITH'S Patent Portable Fleeting Shower Baths, as per u the opinion of the press, is one of the greatest, most ele gant. most.simple, convenient, and cheap articles ever invent ed for the purposes of household or Personal bathing; and no family, no gentleman or lady, should be without one of them in their chamber. It cannot Be denied that cleanliness of body promotes the health, morals and comfort, besides the impor tant luxury of a cool bath in hot seasons. Wholesale and retail at MILLETS MUSIC SALOON, 329 Broadway. MILLET, the Music Publisher, and Dealer in Musical In stiumenta, still continues to supply his friends and the pnblic generally, and on a much larger scale, with every article of Music merchandize, at his well known establishment. Millet's motto is, good and cheap. MILLETS MUSIC SAI,OON, ml 3teod*rc 329 Bi iadway. DAY'S PATENT HOSE.?The experience of ten years in the manufacture of Rubber Hose, ha< proven the utter impossibility of combining permanently Rnblier with fibrous substances, intermingled in such way aa to make a Hose free from the trouble of mildew and rot, consequently mtnnfac tnrers have aliaudoned the business. The new Patent Hose, nf my invention, is free from the objections, and I now offer it for sale, under a guaranty, in such terms aa will be fur nished hnyers on purchase, /.very piece will have the name of the Patentee, and date of the Patent, according to law, imi tsnons of which, is a penal offence under the laws. Price? cents per foot; suitable for Croton and other sizes, in l>ropoition. Manufactured.and for sale, wholesale and retail, Ly llOKACL H. DAY , 21 Maiden Lane. aUrc AAti lit May, H Cvmtlaud it. w ?ANTED IMMF.DIATF.LY-A food, mm4v journey . . man BARBER ; also a BOY. Apply to A.wOnffln, No. I Barclay street, Aineriesn Hotel. WANTED. ONE or two GENTLEMEN can be comfortably accom modated with either a double or single well-furnished BKD ROOM, where there la no family, cxcrpt the widow Ijily of the house. The situatiou is central slid quiet, 31 Church street, comer of Barclay, where further information can l>r obtained ; as alao by refereuce to Mr. Daniel Swee ney, II Ann street. ? , >ny3 3tis*rrc GERMAN MINERS WANTED. TO work in a Copper Mine, in the vicinity of New York. Apply to L. B. HART, Hanover street. ui2 <t * rc YOUNG MAN, speaking the Spanish, French anil Enf lish languages. is desirous of obtaining a situatiou aa tra velling footman or valet to a gentleman journeying to Pari* or l.ondou; the latter would be preferred. References can be had by applying at this office. nilM'rr WANTED. AN experienced manufacturer of wheat starch.One who un derstaiid* the manufacture of " Pearl," and other qualities of starch, can hear of a desirable situatiou by addressing A. B., bo* 1363, Boston, Mass. Post Office. a28 3w*rc A LADY of respectability wishes very muchto go ascom panion; she lias no objection to the country, or to travel. A line addressed to 8. II., at the office of this paper, shall be attended to. aZSIm*rc ALADV who has recently armed from Europe is de sirous of obtaining a situatiou as Governess iu a respect able family; ahe teaches the usual branches of education; mu sic on au approved system. A liue addressed to X., Z., at the Herald office, shall be dMtnded to. Would have uo olijectiou to take pupils at Iter own residence. *27 lm*rc HM. WEHTEKN has removed his Law Oltire troni ul ? Wall street to No. 225 Broadway, opposite the Foun ??i. a29 lw*tc REMOVAL. DR. TOWNSEND'S SARSAPARILLA DEPOT will be removed on the 1st of May, to 124 Fulton street, next door to the Hun Office, aign of the Big Bottle. N. B.?Look out for counterfeits and impostors. Bee that every buttle is signed with the written signature of 8. P. Townsend. Ow ing to the unprecedented success of this arti cle a company has beeu formed to put up a spurious one iu the same shaped bottles. Look out for impostors. * a2l Im'rc hemcwal. A J. CUNNINGHAM has removed his atock of Watches, ? Clocks, Jewelry, Silver Plated and Britannia Ware, from 221 to 172*1 Bowery, (new stores) op|iosite Delancy street.? Oold, Silver and Steal Spectacles from 25 cents to $10; Perifo cal from $2 50 to $10; Glasses of all kinds and to anit all sights, ground and fitted; Watches, Clocks, Jewelry and Muaic Boxes repaired and warranted. a 19 lm*r EDWARD FOX, DRAPER AND TAILOR, INVITES the attention of the public to the most extensive stock of ready made clothing in the city, adapted to spring and summer trade. In addition to the ready made, the subscri ber offers for inspection the most desirable selection of piece goods in the market, of every color and pattern, aud the supe rior skill employed iu the cutting and manufacturing depart ments is such aa enables the subscriber with confidence, to iu vite the attention of gentlemen who prefer to have their gar ments made to order. The above stock having been selected with great care, and bought for cash alone, is a strong induce ment for all to call who wish to purchase at least 20 per cent less than at those houses who are obliged to do business upon the credit system. N. B.?Officers of the army and nary are particularly invi ted to call and examine a large assortment of superior blue cloths and cassimeres, which will be made up at the shortest notice, aud in a manner not to be surpassed. EDWARD FOX, 202 Broadway, near Fulton at., opposite to the Franklin House. CARD. THE Subscriber having become interested in the above house,respectfully requests the lutronage of his customers and frieuds. Orders entrusted to his care will be attended to with promptness. JAMES A. SWAIN. a20 I in ? rc TOBACCO, SEOARS AND BASS. A A. 8 AM AN 08, No. 91 Broadway, up staira, offers for ? sale, a splendid assortment of choice Segars, selected expressly for his establishment. Also, 10 hales of -trirtly prime St. Jago Tobacco, aud a small lot of Bass, I whole sale and retail. ml'.) lin'r IDLE >UR BOOK JUST PUBLISHF.P "lillv Hour I' I.,'' containing 300 pages, with C< avin^ ?| < ml. 17 cents?re plete with fun. Our Comic Altn for 1017, five in numb* will lit is sued iu April. T ill be the best ever got i and cheap at that. Specimen niliers sent b> mail. The subscribers unite the attention of the trade to their unrivalled and large variety of the various kinds of Children's Bool- Song Dooks, Primers, Sic., together with colored Llth . I'htc Prints, the best iu the market?500 kinds. ? n i "rc TURNER 8c FISHER. 74 Chatham st. 'Tit E TO THE PUBLIC IN GENERAL.?The " -uliM-riber, after enlarging his premises, is now prepared I arpets of every description, from 10 to 100 yards, ipping. Ingrain Gl* cents per yard; Brussels A cents I [earth Rugs, Table Covers and Shawls cleaned, rents: Dresses dyed or washed, from 50 cents to l.aneu or dressed, from 50 cent* to $1: P.mts do, ents. T. SMITH, 70 Allen street. 1 cash. iii'J Im* rc Gil ARTIFICIAL FLOWERS. HENRY Ik K A H N, IMPORTERS. 53 NASSAU STREET, UP STAIRS, have received, by late arrivals from their house in Paris, and offer for safe, a very large and choice selection of the NEWEST STALES OF ARTICICIAL FLOWERS, ? iu bunches, wreaths, sprigs, garlands, lie., tic., together with a most extensive assortment of MATERIALS FOR ARTIFICIAL FLOWER MAKERS, embracing a variety unsurpassed in richness and eiteut|by any other importation. Also?Artificial (low ers by the case, imported expressly for < the jobbing and country trade. in'it lm*r ARTTFICIAITFLO WERS. EVOELKNER begs leave to acquaint his friends and ? customers, that his elegant stock of Artificial Flowers, I both French and American- manufacture, has not received the I least injury by the late fire at 120 William street, as the goods | w ere removed in time. E. V. will continue to sell wholesale 1 rand retail, at the lowest prices, at 128 William street, and begs ( dealers to inspect his stock before buyinz elsew here, al Im* rc c FRENCH AltTlFH IAL FLOWERS. AND MATERIALS FOR FLORISTS.-llavingjnst re ceived by the Havre Packets, Zurich anil Francois lit, a fresh aaaortment ol' French Flowers an<1 Material*, of the beat quality and latest styles, at low prices, we take pleasure to luvitc the dealers in the same articles, to call and examine, at BllUN, LAROSIERE k COURT, ml7 lm*mc IIS William street. FRENCHARTIFICIAL FLOWERS. LOWITZ k BECKER, No. M John atreet, have jnat opened a splendid aaaortment of French Artificial Flow era, material! for flower maker*, kc., kc., which they offer to the trade,at low prices. ml8 lm*mc (CLOTHING MUCH LOWER than the General Pricet.?JACOB VANDERB1LT, 36 Maiden Lane, between William and Nassau streets?the cheapest fashionable Gentlemen's anil Bin 's Clothing Establishment in New York. N.B.?Hundreds of Garments ready made, which will be aold who!esale or retail, very low. mill lm*rc SECOND HAND LOTHING and Furniture Wanted.?The highest cash price given for alt kinda of Second-hand Goods, by B. LEVY, <!?)? Chatham street. N.B.?A line through the Post Office will be punctually at tended to. Constantly on hand, a seasonable assortment of new and second-hand Clothing, cheap for cash. mlD lm*rc SPRING AND SUMMER CLOTHING, AT THE CASH TAILORING AND CLOTHING ESTABLISHMENT OF W. II. D E G R O O T & CO., No. 102 Fultoi Stueet, HERE the following (treat attractions will be present ed :?Cloth Coats, from tS to 916; Alpacca Coats, from $2 50 to M; Thiu Coats of Linens, Ginghams and Priuts, from 75 cents to fl 50; Cassimere Pants, from $3 to $6', Merino Pants, from S-' to $3 VI; Drilling, and other Snmmer Pants, from SI to $3; Satin Vesta, from S2 to St; Hummer Vests, from 75 cents to SI 75. Also, a large assortment of Cloths, Cassimeres, and Vratings, which will he made to order to suit the most fastidious. Boys' Clothing, equally cheap? whicti prices are ADMITTED to he TWENTY-FIVE per cent cheaper than any other store in the city. m2l Im'rc CGENUINE HAVANA 8EGARS, of the new brand "E * Judio Errante," (The Wandering Jew.) For sale, hy F. MANCHO. at 65 Fulton street, al lin'rc Spanish Hotel, up stairs. BOYD'S BLEACHING POWDER. 1 fWI Casks 1st quality, just received per ship Orphan, and IvU for aale by PERSSE k BROOKS, ml Iw r 65 and 67 Nassau st. PROVISIONS AND GROCER IKS. Ill OR SALE LOW, in lots to accommodate purchasers, Butter, Cheese, Lard, Hams, Beef, Shoulders: mess, thin mess, rump, butt and Pig Pork ; Sugars, white ami brown Ha vana; New Orleans, Porto Rico, and Santa Croix t offee; crushed, loafand double refined Sugar; mess, Nos. 1, 2and 3 Mackerel and Shad, in assorted pacltages. A very large aa aortment of Tobacco, of superior quality, at low prices, 32s, 16s, lis, 5?, and pounds, in aasorted imckages; 100 packages But ter, for bakers; 50 bbls Leaf Lard, for aale in lots to accom modate purchasers, by ? nil 1 in" r (.'LARK k F1SK, 228 Fulton atreet. W1 EAGLE COFFEE HOUSE AND BATHS, NO. 528 Pearl street, between Centre and Elm? Wsrin, cold and shower B^hs, equal to those in an> house in the city, at 12), cents: Lodgings, with good clean beds, 12}, els.; Boarding and Lodging. $2 50 per week. In the reading room will be foundnewsiia|iers from London, Liverpool, and all the principal cities of the United States. at lm*rh BOARD. TWO or three Single Gentlemen can be accommodated with double or single rooms, in a private family, with breakfast and tea, and diuner if required, on Snndays. in an airy and healthy situation, within a few doors of Broome street, and in the immediate vicinity of Broadway. The apartments are fittteil up with comfort. A line addressed to J. 8., at the office of the Herald, will be answered by the ne cessary references. aCT lw*r CONS T I P A T 1 O N (COST! V EN ESS) D E S T H O Y K I) WITHOUT MEDICINES. INJECTIONS or BATHS. ?Discovery recently made hi Fiance by M. Warton.? Price Thirty cents?the fifth English edition, translated from the 23rd French edition of the exposition of a natural, simple, ajueeable and infallible mr.vns, recently disrovervu in France, not only of overcoming, but als.i of complete!* dr stroymg, obstinate, inveterate and habitual constipation, without using either purgatives, injections "r balhs, followed "J* '. ? (rf" number of authentic documents from eminent physicians and other persons of distinction, certifying the complete efficacy of the means. To each document is sub joined the name and eiact address of the physician or other person who testifies. The authors of the certificates attest, not only that this natu ral means destroys constipation, and that it causes the intesti nal canal to perform its evacuating functions as in its normal states, but also that it cures, as if by enchantment. I. Painful diceatHM, (dyspepsia.) 2. All. or nearly all, the diseases to sshich the bowels are subject. 1. A great number of other se rions. dangerous and long standing diseases, for Curing which medical science is entirely impotent. Sold at the National Depot, of W ARTON, of Paris, 71,',' Maiden lane, New York, and by all booksellers and medicine dealers in the United States. mfilm*r FUME BATH. ~ TO ALL who are afflicted with rheumatic complaints, we would say go and try Dr. Swett's Sulphur Fume rfath, 301 Broadwav. The Peculiarities of it are such, that it cures effectually this complaint, also all other diseases ol a chronic natnre. such as Scrotals, Gout, Salt Rheum, disaaaes of the Skin. Joints, ke. The charges are so moderated, a* to fetch it within the means of all. m2nim*m ASTOR HOUSE BATHS. " Entrance, No. I Veeey street, (Private door Astor House.) THE PUBLIC are respectfully informed that the above Baths are in complete order. The bathing tubs are en tirely new, (copper.) and the largest in this city. In i?oint of cleanliness and attention, the baths cannot be excelled. The Baths are open until 11 o'clock at night, (Saturday night, II.) Trice of a bath, 25 cents. The warm Sea Bsths at Deshrosaes street, are a* usual open from sunrise, until II o'clock, P.M. m2t lm*r HENRY C. IIABINEAU, Proprietor. DR. HULL'S TEl'USES AND ABDOMINAL SUPPORTER. THE superiority of Dr. Hall's Instruments, overall others, is acknowledged by the most eminent Physicians in En rope and America. Office?I Vesey street, Astor Honae. A female in attend ance in the ladies' de|?artment. in' lin'm STRAW BOARDS. TONS Straw Boards, just received, a good article, fur OU sale by PERSSf! k BROOKS, ?It lion and*7.Nassau FAMILIES wishing private BOARD in tb? rountry cm be accommodated at the plealant Tiliac* of N*w Dur miles from Hoboken, Ik milea l'rom the Wetuwken I av 11 ion, on the stage roa<t to Hackeusack. Tbe situatiou " "falthy, and the accommodations (ooi Pnfri moderate. Apply on the premises, of H. F. Perry ; or at Eltou'i, lit Dl? ision street, New York. myJ 3t*rc lToiftMIAN SARSAPAR1LLA, FOR the periuaueut cure of all diseases arising, in whole or iu part, from ail impure, state of the blood, amoug the priocipal of which are comprised, scrofula or king's evil. cu> taiiruus eruptions, unhealthy wpuuds, rheumatism, pimples, pustules on (he fare, blotches, piles, chrouic sore eye*, ri?m w orm or tetter, sciatica or lumbago, stubborn ulcers, ascites of dropsy, all diseases arising from the injudicious us* of mercury, syphilitic symptoms, exposure or imprudence iu life, deafness, paius iu the head, ruah of blood, and pal pilar liou of the heart. I, All chrouic constitutional disorders, dyspepsia and indiges tion, neuralgia, nervous debility, physical, languor, causing likewise general depression of spirits, |iv*r complaint, in flammation of the kidneys, are invariably cured. Ladies of delicate constitutions, consumptive habits, those with aed*n tari occupations. causiug pale complexion, geueral languor, heavy eyes, sleepless nights, violent headaches, feverishuess ami restlessness, auil such also as are debilitated by obstruc tions to which all females are liable, are rapidly restored by its use to their native vigor. For weakly and unhealthy children, troubled with morbid humor*, and their atteiidaut vexatious, troubled rest, uneasi ness of positiou, fretfulnesa and incessant crying, this article will be fouuil invaluable. Being of pleasant taste they tak* it readily, and w ith gradual but uuperccived operation, it ef fects a thorough cure. PRICKS : ... On* Dollar per bottle) lix bottle* for five dollars; thirteen bottles for ten dollars. A liberal discount to country dealer*. Prepared and sold in oral bottles, by Dr. J.O. FAY, Bolie mian Depot, Noa. 134 and 136 Kultou street, New York, in! 3tiseod*r KEDBUGS, ROACHES, RATS, MOTHS, See. TIIK Seasou has arrived for exterminating bedbugs, rats, cockroaches, moths, mice, (lees, Ice., &c.. and the rose bugs upon bushes, plauts, Itc., and for forcing the cro|is by th* proper application of sulphate ofammonia, and for protecting the seed, when planted, agaiuat the grub-worm, crows, Ike., all this doue by applving to bR. LEWIS FF.UCHTWANOER, 23 Liberty street, 2d door from William st. Also, l'rom C. II. Ring, corner Broadway and John street ; iu Brooklyn, from J. Vv. Smith, corner Fulton olid Cranberry streets; in Philadelphia, from H. A. Dreer, tlorist, Chesuut st. a21 3teod*r FURNITURE FLUSH. fl'HE SUBSCRIBERS have received from their manul'acto J. ry an extensive assortment of plain and embossed Furni ture Hushes, of all colors and qualities, suitable for cabinet, coach, and railroad car makers. V. CAILLEUX, F1L8 SULELIAO It CO., al lm*r 133 Pearl street. CHALLENGE TO THE UNITED STATES. THE Subscribers have no hesitation in saying to the people of New York, and the neighboring cities, that they can and do challenge the merchants of our couutry, far and near, to compete with them in the sale of WINDOW SHADES. They have a manufactory in the State of New Jersey,, about 12 miles from the city of New York, and possess avery facility for manufacturing their shades at the least expense. Of their beauty, worth ami cheapness, they will convince the most in credulous by their giving them a call. DUNCKER, It BECK ER, No. M Chatham *t. jN. Y.,one door from the corner of Chambers st. m.11 lm*rc. THORN CHAMPAGNE. AFRF.SH INVOICE of this delightful Cliampagne i*ia store, to which the attention of merchants, hotel keetiers, and private gentlemeu ii invited. The stranding of this Wine is now superior to that of any in this country, and at uo higher price than that of the belt brand*. C. LIVINGSTON it CO., mlliitfrc 10 Wall atreet. NOTICE. DR. VAN ZANDT'S celebrated Health Restorative, Anti Dyspepsic and Anti-Billious Cathartic Pills, are sold at Wyatt &. Kjetchuin's, 121 Fulton itrcet. Price 2J cents per box. mr23 lm*m OFFICE CROTON AQUEDUCT BOARD, ) April 29, 1S46. ) NOTICE TO WATER TAKF.RS?Water rent* are due and payable on the 1st of May, at this office, No. 7 Old Alms House, rear of the City Hall. Water takers who are de sirous of not having it shut off, will please he punctual in their pa ymeuts. JAMES A. COFFIN, President. a3() Iwrc SHEET BRASS. JAMES <?. MOFFETT, No. 121 Prince street, between Wooster and Greene streets, manufacturer of Sheet Bra**, has ou haud, and ii constantly receiving from his mill, a large assortment of all sizes of Sheet Brass, which he will sell at wholesale or retail, at lower prices than anv other place in the city, and warrants it equal to any made in the United States. J. (S. M. will deliver goods mid by him in any part of thil city or Brooklyn, or shipped ou board of any vessel, free of charge. P. 8.?Brass and Copper Tubing of all sices made to order. aJO lm*r THE AMAZON WIGS, OR Gentlenien'i real Headi of Hair, being the lateit and greatest improvement, in the manufacture of Wigi and Scalps ; and the subscriber ii happy in being the first to intro duce them here. They displiy the forehead and temples to any height, a point in wig making never before attained.? They are composed of ventilating or gossamer work. They fit on the head by a mechanical contrivance entirely new; they are put ou in a moment. They immediately adapt themselves to the couutenance and at once become part and paicel of lite living man. Copy the address. E. PHALON, 61 Broadway, opposite the a?8 Im'rc Mlobe Hotel, under Judion'i Hotel. BED BUGS, BED BUGS. WATSON'S BED BUO DESTROYER, is the most wonderful discovery ever made for immediately de stroying these vermin, however numerous, and eternally ba nishing them from the premises by oue application. Beware of worthless imitations. For sale at Apothecaries Hall. 36 Catharine street; Olcott It McCacsew, 127 Maiden lane; and in Brooklny at Mrs.iiiyta's, 1J9 Fulton st. Price 25 cents per bottle. a28 lm^r AMERICA ! OREGON! ENGLAND! TO (he inhabitants of the whole boundless Continent?We iavite you all aud each of you, to consider and reflect for your own welfare, that by calling at the New York Coffee Saloon, No.217 Fulton street, near Greenwich, where you w ill not ouly find all the edibles served up, far exceeding any other place of the kind, hut a much larKcr plate I'or the price. Also, you will find a spacious and airy room, w here you may take your meals with all the comfort imaginable, either break fast, dinner or supper, from six cents up to any given price. A tain we say, at any time on passing by, just drop in and test the totality, and judge of the quantity and price* for your own satisfaction. Open on Sundays. ill lm*r GREAT BARGAINS IN NEW GOODS. PKTKH ROBERTS has received by late arrivals, and offers cheait? EMBROIDERIES. Needle-work Capes from $1 60 to fli. French work'd Collars 76 cent* and upwards; Embroidered Lawn Hlidkfs. from $3 to$20 ; Dresses, needle-work aud Tambour, from S3 to $60. LAWNS AND CAMBRIC HANDKERCHIEFS. Tape, hetn'd stitch, Riviere, Fancy and colored border*. _ , MUSLINS. Book, Mull, Jaconet, Sw ias, plain, striped and check'd Organ die, Tarlatan, Striped and embroidered for Curtain*. _ . HOSIERY AND OLOVES. Blatk and white Silk Ho*e ; do. with cotton top* ; silk em broidered at ts. per pair ; very tin* Lisle thread, open work, SO per doxen ; fine unbleached cotton, open work, $3 to $3 76, (recommended as remarkably cheap;) plain work cotton, a moat excellent article at $3 per doxen, usually sold at $3 76.? A moat excellent assortment of Lisle Thread, plain and em broidered Silk Gloves of all sixes, LACES. Capes, real and imitation, of the latest and most fa*liionable styles | Veils, black and white, in chantilly Brussels point malinea, point d'Alencon and other varieties, Regency Meek tin, Valenciennes, fine Euglish Thread Laces and Eafings ; rich black Brussels and imitation Lacea of every description, for trimming, flouncing, kc., ke.; Linen bobbin Edgingsaaii Insertings. A lot of Muslin trimmings, ladie*' Morning Caps, lace Cap Crown*, Mualut Cape*, received from auction, will be *old 26 rr.a ckmt cnnr.a tin: cost ok importation. No. 373 Broadway, 2d April, IBIfi. a7 lm*rrc MARTELLE fc HOLDERMANN, 37 Maiden Lane, New York, MANUFACTURERS and Importer* of OmamentaHIair Work, Wig*, Toupees, Bands, Curls, Scams, Bandeau and Braid Hair, Danguy'i celebrated Curled llair, fifteen inches long, aud a new style of Everlasting Curls, and all kinds of Hair Work, wholesale and retkil. N.B.?The trade supplied on reasonable terms. mr22 lm?m ALEXANDER'S TRKOB.U'HE. ANEW AND INVALUABLE DISCOVERY, being a Li<|iiid Dye, which instantaneously change* the color of j the hair to a beautiful brown or black, without injury to the hair or skin. The great superiority of this dye consist* in it* ! easy mode of application and instantaneous effect?all other d\e* requiring from ten to twelve hourae to produce any | change. Its superior excellence will be apparent to every I one upon a single application. Extract from the Philadelphia Daily Sun Ai.r.t adder's Taicnaamr.?The effect of the above on the hair is truly a* onishing. It was tried yesterday in our office, and the change from grey to black was MStMttMOM. Extract from the Philadelphia Daily Forum:?Several of our acquain:auces have recently applied to their hair the val uable Liquid Dye known as Alexander'* Tricohaphe, a new and valuable discovery; and it has in uo case failed to produce the desired effect. Immediately after applying it to grey hair or whiskers, it impart* a beautiful brown or black color. For sale by Rusnton fc Co., drugrfsts, 110 Broadway; 10 As tor House. and 166 Broadway, comer Hth street; Aapiuwall, M> William st; Johnson. Moore k Taylor, SI Maiden lane; J. W. Wright k Co. I Cedar it, and of the principal druggist* throughout the United States, or of sole agents. R. k O. A. WRIOHT, 23 Sooth 4th street, aJTllm'rc Philadelphia. BILLIARDS AT ST. LOUIS. A An Excellent opportunity for any person who may wish to purchase three or four new Billiard Table*. TTiey can hire a first rate room, 43 by 24 feet, iu a new Reataurant, just opened (to crowded houses, and doing a smashing business iu mint julaps every day and evening.) by ane of the most popu lar men in this country, who wa* formerly a merchant iu tni* city, and gives the best of New York city reference. The ta bles are now making, and almost finished, by Bassford. Any person who has a cash capital of $1600 to go on with the busi ness, can make from $3000 to $10,000 a year, as their prices for playing are double that of ours. Please call oa Otis Field, at Bassford's cjld rooms?entrance IV Ann or It!) Fulton street, w here specimens of the table building for St. Louis are up for trial. Billiard Tables, Cloths, Balls, Cues, Chine** and French Cue Leathers, kc. kc.. for *ale as above. aZ7 2w*r M XH'oti\.\Y. ROSEWOOD, zebra wooi>. ?*<-: 1.1 OR SALE CHEAP, by E. O. STACY, No, ?6 Wooster r street, between Broome and Spring st*. The stock t* composed of a large assortment of crotch, mottled and shaded Mahogany Veneers, Rosewood Mahogany, Zebrawood, Bird'* Eye Maple ind Black Walnut Logs, Boards, Dank. Joist, k<-., kc., aifd a general assortment of lumber, nsually kept at ma hogany yards inthis city. ml6lm*rc TO DEALERS IN FISHING TACKLE. ALAROEassortmeat oft;hina Grass Fishing Lines, and Salmon and Trout Silk Worm tintt, to suit city or coun try dealers. Every article in fishing tackle will be found at reasonable prices,at CON ROY'S Fishing and Sporting 'I'ackle Establishment, 62 Fnlton st., corner ofCliff. al lm*rh TAKE NOTICE. THE Subscriber having made arrangements, and considera bly e.ilargidhis premises, is now ready to do all kinds of Blacksmith and Machine work in grucral on the most reason*, ble terms, at the shortest notice. N. B.?To Saddlers aud other*?100 seta of harness on hand, for *ale. O. BRADSHAW. a22ltn*m 261 k263 Spring street. NOTICE. NOTICE is hereby given to all persons having bought stone from Laimbeer's Quarry, at Kipp's Bay, formerly occn pied by Messrs. Mot? k Knowton, tnat the accounts of the Quarry will be scttlrd by R. R. Laiinbeer, at the Office at tha Quarry. WILLIAM LAIMBEER. Dated this 16th day of April. I*l?. a23 Im'rc _ MAGIC HAIR DYE. RED OR GREY WHIMKEHS changed to a beantifnl ?mi it instantaneously, by the application of nialon'* ma K'ie.?la" Dye. Country gentlemen can have a bottle forward ed themi ?y express or otherwise, by sending their orders,cash enclosed, to l. Phalon. 01 under J ml son's llotel, Broadway. each'liottVe' with full direction* for use accom|ianying City gentlemen ar^ invited to call it the depot, where they can have a superb pair of black whiikera substituted for red or grey ones, in less than Ave minutes. in2 Im'ic LAP-WELDED BOILER FLUES. 16 ffilubfflf in dUB,our OTto3i.T. AUCTION MOVlCBfl* T W1 H. DUCLUZEAU, Auctioneer. LARGE AND PEREMPTORY SALE OK ELEGANT FASHIONABLE ROSEWOOD, BLACK WALNUT, AND MAHOUANY FURNITURE, OK TIIE MOST MODERN STYLE, TO CLOSE A CONCERN. AT THE LARUE ROOMS IN THE COLISEUM, NO. 430 BROADWAY. UTTLE It DUCLUZEAU will sell at auction, on ? ruesday, M?> 5th, it It o'clock, in the iburr iiwiiii. a larce ?aud valuable aisortment of superior rosewood, blark walnut, and mahogany furniture, comprising the largeU an- ! sortment of the best city made furniture, offered at auction j tliu season?the whole of which will he peremptorily sold to close a concern, and consists of parlor, hall, and bedroom fur- ; luture. of the styles of Louis Al V and XV, and Klizabethiau. The whole of which .will be arranged, with catalogues, the ; day prerious. N.B.?This tale will be found worthy the attention of ; housekeepers and the trade. Terms cash. my23t*rc j ^ W. SHIRLEY, Auctioneers, *LL give their personal attention to the Sales of House hold r uruiture at the residence of families declining housekeeping. Stocks of Crockery, Dry Goods, Grocery, and sales of Real Estate, at the Merchants' Exchange. Also, soli- . cit from their friends and the public, consignments to their SALES ROOM, 151 BROADWAY, um.t Sly i.t, ?hVa they will more to the spacious store, No. 17 Wall street, late Adanu' Express Office. all ltn*m MERCHANTS, DRUGGISTS AND DEALERS IN PERFUMERY. DO NOT BE AFRAID TO PURCHASE IN BROAD WAY?The subscriber offer* the moat complete assort mentof perfumery. Toilet Soaps, Cologne*, Extract*, tcc. kc., at price* :<0 to 50 |>er cent, cheaper than any otherhouse hi the United Statea. lu order to convince younelve* he in vite* you to call and examine before purchasing eUewhere. E. ROUSSEL, Manufacturer and Importer of Perfumery, Soa|i*, kc., lit Broadway, betwreeu Liberty and Courtlandt atreeU. a25 lm*r NEW TEAS, GROCERIES, tteci | ABT WHOLESALE AND RETAIL.. CHEAP KOR CASH?J. O. FOWLER, 250 Greeuwicli *treet, corner ; of Murray, and itU Greeuw icli, corner of Ve*ey, ha* ju*t re ceived from the late *ale*> a large and splendid awortment of fredi Greeu aud Black Tea, and Family Urocerie* of all the variou* kind*, all of which are offered at reduced price*.? good greeu Tea at 40 cent* per lb.; line Ooolong 40 and t>2 1-2 cent*; very line Youug Hy*on at 75 ceut*; beat old Java Cof fee 12 1-2 cent* |>er lb.; Sumatra do. 10 cent*; good dairy But ter 12 1-2 cent* per lb.; bleached Lamp Oil 75 cent* per gallon; Sperm Caudle* 25 cents. Also, a large aaaortment of liue white, yellow and brown Sugar, of all the variou* kinds. a&> lm*rc FANCY NEEDLE-WORK EMA'OMIUM. HENRY LAWRENCE. IMPORTER OF ZEPHYR WOOL, CANVASS, PAT TERNS, BEADS, FRINOES, GIMPS, kc., II JOHN STREET, NEAR BROADWAY.?H. L. take* thi*method of informing the trade aud public generally that lie ha* taken the above store, mid is prepared to offer an extensive stock in hi* liue, selected by himself, in Europe, with es|>ecial refer ence to quality ana novelty; .his arrangements, feels conlideut that liis prices cannot fail of commanding a share of public patronage. He is now opening many article* entirely new iu the market, and respectfully aolicit* a call. m26 1m* rc NEW TARIFF. IMPORTANT NEWS to Shipper* of Grain and other Farm Produce to Great Britain. A new law having paaaed the Legislature, admitting the im portation of foreigu corn aud provisions at a very low rate of duti\ an opportunity will be given to those who are desiroua to ship to the Olasgow market, to open a good connexion with the subscriber, who lu* been fifteen years in the Orain and Provision trade ; and a* there ha* hitherto been none of any importance, or who had any practical know ledge of that trade in Glasgow, a belter opportunity could not be desired bv re spectable houses to form a connextion iu that market. Liberal advances will be given to their shipper*. From the subscriber's loug experience and knowledge of the Graiu aud Provision Trade, and also hi* friendly intimacy with the buyer*, a large and respectable trade may be calcu lated upon. The subscriber begs to refer shippers to Mr. A. II. Finlay, Astor House. ROBERT ROBERTSON, m28 1m*r IIS Union street, Glassgow. TO TAILORS. 1M 'HOSE who wish to attain a complete knowledge of the art of cutting all the various style* of garmeut* worn at the present time, would do well to obtaiu Stineinet's work ou the subject, which is universally allowed to be com Slete?the price of wt(ich i* from 8 to 10 dollars per copy ; the ifference in price being wholly in the binding. To be had of the author. No. Ill Broadway, New York. all lin*r CAST OFF CLOTHING AND FURNITURE WANTED. LADIES OR GENTLEMEN having any CMt off clothing or lurniture to dis|>ose of, can obtaiu a fair cash price for the *ame, by (ending for the subscriber, at his residence, No. G9 Duane atreet, or through the Post Office, which w 111 be pnnctnailv attended to. M. S. COHEN. N. B.?Ladies can be attended to by Mrs. M. S. COHEN. a!4 lm*r NEW SPRING GOODS. ADAPTED TO GENTLEMEN'S WEAR. WM. MATTI1IESSEN, 127 Fulton street, invites the in spection of the public to his choice stock of Freuch Black and colored Cloths and Cassimers, Vestings, of all va rieties, suitable for spring trade, which are now to be sold low for cash. Customers desiring to have ELEGANT AND DURABLE GARMENTS AT MODERATE PRICES, would do well to have their garmeuts cut by the efficient cut ters of this establishment, who are capablc of giving a* neat a filtjog garment a* the nio?t fastidious can desire. All articles ofsinall wear continually on hand, Shirts, espe cially. Remember the number, 127 Fulton street. al6 lm*r WM. MATTH1ESSEN. HARDWARE, CUTLERY AND GUNS. W. SPIES k CO., haviug removed to 91 Maiden Lane, offer a large and well assorted stock of Hardware, Cut lery, Guns and Gun Materials, by the recent importations, at extremely low price* for cash or approved paper. a2 Im'fh THE LONG ISLAND INSURANCE COMPANY. CAPITAL 200,000 DOLLARS. OrricK 41 Fulton *TRr.*T, Brooklyn. CONTINUES to take risks on buildings, machinery, mer handir.e and property generally, on their usual favorable terms. This company has passed through the two greatest conflagrations that have ever occurred iu the conntry : they owe their escape from them with comparatively slight losses to the system which they have always practised of limiting and scattering their riaks. All loases which the company may sustain will be adjusted and iiaid promptly as heretofore. The Company take special care to notify their customers in New York, of all expirations of policies. B. W. DELAMATER, President. a3 2mis*r E. C. FINN, Secretary. A THE CITY FIRE INSURANCE COMPANY. OrriCK No. 61 Wai.i. street, Citt or Nkw York. C'ATITAL STOCK $210,000, all paid in cash, and securely > invested according to the provision* of it* charter. This Company has|bern in business twelve years, and in that time has paid losses by fire upwards of (130,0011. The present assets of the Company exceed its capital stock more than SZ,M>0. Insurance against loss or damage by Frie effected on appli cation, at reasonable terms. R. A. READING, President. al9 Imins'm D. K. CURRY, Secretary. JKFFERS<>N INSURANCE COMPANY, Orrirc No. i0 Wall st., orrosiTE THErMEBCHANTi' Eichakoc. THIS Company coutiunes to insure against loss or damage by Fire, on dwelling houses.warehouses, buildings in ge neral, goods, wares and merchandise, and every description of personal property; also against loss or damage by inland na vigatiou antl transportation. DIRECTORS. Thomas W. Thorne, Klisha ltiggs, Thomas T. Woodruff, Anson Bskrr, K. R. Robson, M. D. Joseph Drake, Thomson Trice, Joseph Allen, Moses Tucker, Jsines E. Holmes, John R. Davison, John P. More, John H. Lee, William K. Thorn, ? slebC. Tunis, Thomas Morrell, Krancis P. Sage, Eugene Bogart, John.C. Merntt, Hubert Smith. THOMAS W. THORNE, President. GEO. T. HOPE, Secretary. a}< tfrc TO MACHINISTS AND MANUFACTURES. LATHES of all descriptions, from 7 to 2i feet lonit. furnish ed at short notice. Also, cutting engines, suitable for all kiuds Of work. Kor terms and description, direct to the sub scriber, Hudson, New York. at Im'rc JAS. T. PERKINS. TO THE TEA, COFFEE AND SUGAR TRADE, fcc. ECONOMISTS, FAMILIES, HOTEL KEEPERS, lie. J. S. SCOTT Sr. CO., No. 76 NASSAU STREET. CORNER OF JOHN, HAVING purchased the first lot of the new season's Teas, possessing that richnrssol flavor so generally combined, and so rarely obtained, offer wholesale or retail, a large varie ty of Green and Black Teas, of the best quality only, inclu ding the old fashioned Souchong and English Breakfast Tea, sucli as used to be imported twenty years ago. The stocks of Coffee, Sugars, tic., need no comineut, as they are selected of the finest quality. J. 8. SCOTT It CO. are also supplied with a stock of fresh imported Glasgow Spiced Hams; old English Cheese of great variety and flavor. All Goods bought will be delivered within five miles of the city free ol charge. And all orders from the country, with en closed remittances, will meet the same honorable dealing as If selected by the parties themselves. J. S. SCOTT II CO., 76 Nassau st., m30lm>m near John st. AMERICAN EXCHANGE BANK DIVIDEND. THE Ameiiean Exchange Bank has this day declared a Di. viilend of three (]) PerCent, payable to Stockholders on and after Monday, May 4th. Transfer Books will be closcd from tfth inst. to Jih May. By order, J. J. FISK,Cashier. New York. April >5. 1116. aZ7 9t?rc GIRANDOLES, SOLAR, LARD, AND HALL LAMPS CHANDELIERS, tec. THE Subscriber has Just opened one of the best selected storks of Lard. Solar Lamps, and Girandoles ,now in the city, at 30 per cent less than the fall prices. Housekee|>ers, hotels, churches, and those of the trade, will find it to their advantage to call and examine the above stock before pnrchns mg elsewhere. JOHN N. MORGAN. a29lm*rc ISI Fnlton st.. first door from Broadway. LANOENHKIM & BECKERS, DAGUERREOTYPERB, 201 Bnoaowtr, relow Fulton Street, having enlarged their Atelier, are now pro vided with the best kind of light?the st) le anil quality of Pic tures they produce with it are like those made at the exchange in Philadelphia, by W. Ii F. Langenhrini. their partners. This new mode of deadening the background of pictures, by sundry permanent colors, is now |>atented, and gives such besnfy of effect to Daguerreotyes, as to be for the public very inviting, at least to examine specimens of this art. LANOENHKIM It BECHERS, Agents for Voigtlaender Ic Snhn's German cameras, and L. BECKERS, Daguerreotype aj lm?r Chemicals. he TASSELS, SUITABLE for trimming hats, caps blinds, shsdes, pic tures, sofas, umbrellas, parasols, cloaks, aprons, sleeves, bsgs, ke. Also, a variety of bindings and cords, fur sale, wholesale, by J. It F. MAYNARD, ml) Im'm 67 Maiden lane, comer of Willinin st. DA<?UERREOTYPE =A P P AKAT 1'3" JOHN ROACH, Optician, S3 Nassau Street, HAS constantly on hand, French, German and American Instruments. Coating Boxes, Mercury Baths, and all the other material nsed by operators, are manufactured under his inspection. Chemicals, Plates. Cases, Quickstuff, kc.. fce. Lenses Ground to order. Thermometers and Surveying Com passes inumfar.tured for the trade. Magneto Klectric Maclnnes, of approved construction, for medical purposes. ml7lm*rc HMIGEON II CO., Ml West street. Re-finishers of ? Cloths Cassimeres and Satinets. The gold medsl has been awarded to H. M. for the improvement in re-finishing Woollen Goods. Refers to Messrs. Woleott Ii Blade, 6J Pine street; William C. Laneley k Co., M Exchange Place, corner of Broad street; and to D. Brigham k. Co., 60 Pine street, where orders may be left. myl lm*r BIOELOWS NEW ENGLAND EXPRESST 1JOR Fitchbnrg, Keene, Greenfield, Brattleboro, Windsor, Woodstock, Montpelier, and Burlington, Vt., and the ( anadas. All Packages, Parcels, and business. t? any of the above towns, or any part of the western portion of New llam|ishire snd Vermont, will be faithfully attended to, if iliirrttd to the cart of L. BIOELOW, I Court street, Boston. N B ? B? sur? to muk l'sck?|s? to cait of "Bigelow'a tivitu " I tiro AMUSCMRNTM. PARK THEATRE.?Mouda* Mar Uk will be ? performed LOVE'S 8ACRIF10 E?MatUie * s-llwore, Mr. CI. Vaudcnhodf; Kutft'iic De Lorine. Bland; Marga ret Kltmorf, Mm. Mosaic; llern?i?ie de V?rn?<>nt, Mil. Ab bott. To conclude with the Kurc^ofMY KKLLO?^CLKRK ?Tactic, Mr. Ci. Barrt-rt. Mr?. Dobiot, Mm. Vernon. Jy* Boies, fir?t tier, 75 centi; second and third tiers, 50 cent*; Pit. 50 cent*: Gallery, 25 cent#. I)oor? open at 7 o clock?jK-rt'oriiiance to commence at pre cisely 7>, o'clock. B OWERV THEATRE.?Monday Eteniaa, May ?b. will lie perforated the GAMESTER?Mr. Stukely, Mr. J. R. Stun; ilr. Beverly, Mr. Davenport; Mrs. Beverly. Mrs. (J. J one,; ( charlotte, Mr*. Phillip*. To conclude with the grand national drama of the TRAITOR? (Jen. U'uliio|toD, Mr. Clarke; Ichahod, Mr. Daven|>ort; La Klrur Saroyl, Mr,. G. Jones; Pally, Mrs. Sargcaiit. 17" Liiwm Boies, 60 cents; second and third tiers, 16 cts.; Pit and Gallery, IV,1 a cents. Door* open at 7 o'clock?Curtain will rise at lialf l>a?t seven o'clock NEW GREENWICH THEATRE.?Monday EveauTj:, May Itli, will be performed the drama called the PEO PLE'S LAWV KR?Solon Hhingle, Vai.kee Hill, Robert Howard, Mr. Duff ; Grace, Slit. >'.. Wood. To be followed br CUT AND COMK AGAIN?Return Strong, Yankee If ill; Betty, Mi?* Julia Drake. To couclude with the TWO ORt.OOKIES?Mr, Gregory, Mr. W. Chapman; John Bull, Mr. dinner; Frnuchette, Mix J. Drake. fc?" Dre?* Circle or B-ilcoiiy, Ml cent*; Upper Bote*, 26 Cent*; Pir, 12,lJ cent*. Door* opeu at 7 o'clock?performance to commence at half pa*t7 o'clock preciiely. PALMO'S OPERA HOUSE, CHAMBERS STREET. Open Every Night.-Christy'a ETHIOPIAN MIN STRELS reapectlully announce that they .will continue, until further notice, their |>opular and inimitable Perform ance*, which are nightly honored with crow ded and delimit ed audience*, continued of the elite and fa*hion of the city. Ail minion 26 cent*. Door* open at 7 ; commencing at S o'clock. Private bote* and seat* may be obtained ou applica tion at the Bui Office, from 10 A. M. until 6 P. M. II /" Change of programme every evening. my3 lwi**r A CARD. MITCHELL'S "OLYMPIC THEATRE.-Mr. HOL LAND'S BENEFIT?On TUESDAY, MAY 6, Utfi. On whichoccasion the celebrated UK.Hit CLINK mill make hi* lirit appearance in llii* Theatre.?The Entertainments will commence .with CIIAHLK8 XII. Alter which. Herr Cline will exhibit hi* wonderful performance, ou the Elutic Cord. A new* piece, entitled DID YOU EVER 8K.NI) YOL'R WIFE TO HARLEM ! The wh.d.i to conclude with the new and popular Farce of LEND ME FIVE 8H1L LINOS. ft Box hook now open. inv4 2li*M&Tn>'rrr * GRAND VOCAL AND INSTRUMENTAL CONCERT. SIONORA ROSINA PICO respectfully announce* to the public that her lir*t Coucert since her arrival from Ha vana will take place TUESDAY EVENING. MAY I2tli, 1816, At the APOLLO SALOON. Signora PICO will he insisted by tcveral eminent Artist*. Ticket*, SI, may be had at the music ,tores. Concert to commence at n o'clock. myltf rc MrHKDWAKD L. WALKER, HAS the honor to aunoiiure that he will give his Fir*t Concert in New York on TUESDAY EVENING, M?y 6th, at the BROADWAY TABERNACLE, On which occasion he will perforin ou hii patent HARMONIC GRAND PIANOFORTE, Made expressly I'or him by ('bickering. He will be assisted by Mua JULIA L. NORTHALL, Mr. W. J. DAVIS, and Mr. GEORGE LODER. Ticket* .VI cent*?to be had at the usual places. Door* open at 7?Concert commences at 8 o'clock. ml 6tis*r M U S I (' A L NI)f lCE. A. P. HEINR1CH. THE undersigned respectfully announces to the citizens of New York and its vicinity that he has made arrange ments for the production of a few of the most prominent coin iiositions of A. P. HEINRICH, IF.sq.. upon a scale of gran leur seldom equalled iu this or any other country. The entire net proceed* to be deposited for the BENEFIT of that veteran Author. The CON CER T, Comprising the following eicellent programme, will take place on WEDNESDAY EVENING, 6th MAY inat, Rt the TABERNACLE, Commencing at 8 o'clock precisely, under the directiou of " MR. GEORGE LODER. PART FIRST. 1. A Monumental Symphony?" To the Spirit of Bee thoven," written for a grand orchestra. An Echo from America, to the inauguration of the monument at Boun.?Organii, Mr. Beames. Pia noforte*, Messrs. H. C. Titnm and W. A. King A. T. Heinrich. 2. " The Maid of Honor laughing at Lov e," a concer taute for voice and pianoforte. Madmc Otto and Mr. H- C. Tiinm A. P. 11. 3. Song? ' The Parting." Mis* J. L. Northall A. P. 11. 4. Sacred Song?" We wander ill a Thorny Maze, ' from the Oratorio of the " Piljrims." Mrs. E. Loder.?Organo. Mr. W. A. King A. P. II. 3. Embarkation March and C4mrus?"The Adieu of the Pilgrims." Solo parts by Mr*. E. Loder. Miss E. Watson, Messrs. Watsou, Masset, ami Leach A. P. H. PART SECOND. 6. " The Wa*hingtnjiiad, or the Deeds of a Hero," an American Festive Ouvcrture, introductory to the third part of the Oratorio of the " Pil grims." entitled " The Consummation of Ame rican Liberty."?Orgauo, Mr. W. A. King A. P. II. 7. " Imoiud.1," au Indian Love Song. Madaine Otto and Mr. H. C. Timm A. P. H. S. " The Valentine"?Duetto Scheriante. By a lady and gentleman ... A- P. II. 9. Song with Orchestra?" Sweet is the Balm." Miss E. Watson.. A. P. H. 10. Coro di Cacci.i, or Hunting Chorus, " The Ya ger's Adieu."?Solo parts by ... A. P. II. For this occasion nearly all the beat vocal and instrumental talent of the city have generously voluutccrcd their valuable services. Tickets, FIFTY CENTS each, may be obtained at the principal music stores, at the store* of Kaaton At Mile*, 206 Broadway ; G. F. Nesbitt, corner of Wall and Water streets; at the door ou the evening of performance, and of myI4t*isr II. ME1GG9, 44fi Broadway. siG. DE NORONHA'S GRAND CONCERT, WHICH was announced for Wednesday last, was, on ac count of the very uuavorable state of the weather, postponed to (TUESDAY, MAY 6th, inst. when it will he given at the APOLLO SALOON. Sr. De Noronha will have the honor to perform several of his own compositions, and will he assisted by Madame OTTO and Mr. H. C. TIMM ; alstfl.y a full Orchestra, led by Mr. U.C. HILL. Tickets $1 each, to be obtained at the principal music stores, and at the door on the evening of performance. my3 3t*rc Atlantic garden is now open for the SEASON.?Dodworth'i Comet Band will perform every Tuesday and Friday evenings, commencing June 2nd, at 8 o'clock. Admittance free. my3 3m*rc WILLIAM ALLISON. Proprietor. COLMAN'S EMPORIUM OK ART AND CLASSIC CABINET OALLERY OK OIL PAINTINUS, WHICH includes his immense stocks of Books, PaintinRS, Engravings, Fancy Stationery, Drawings, Drawing Materials, Music, Sir.., are now to be found upon the second floor, up one flight of easy stairs, (having leased the first floor.) where every thing will be sold at as low prices, and many much below the regular priccs, being desirous of clos ing up aa soon as possible his Book Department. A (.heap List w ill soon be publnhed for those who will buy in quantities. Purchasers are invited to call and examine his New Rooms, No. 2(13 Rroailnay, second floor. alleodexs tfrre TO VOCALISTS, MUSICIANS. AND THE THEATR1-. CAL PROKESSION. WCORBVNj Manager of the Swis* Bell Ringer*, re ? spectrally informs the members of the Musical and Theatrical professions, that he will have fulfilled his engage ment with tne above band in a few weeks, and tenders his ser vices as travelling agent to any musical professor, band or com pany of artists of acknowledged talent about to travel. Having completed hit second tour throughout the United States, the ( amid**. Texas, and the Island of Cuba, during which he has visited almost every section of those countries, and made himself practically acquainted with those details ami statistics most necessary and nseful to professional travellers, he believes tliat his services will prove advantageous to any party with whom lie may engage. Letters addressed to W. Corbyn, Manager of the Swiss Bell Ringers, care ofSol. Smith, Esq., theatre, St. Louis, Mo., if mailed prior to May 10th, and pre|>aid, will meet with prompt J attention at that time. a!8 tlrrc OIL PAINTINGS. HK.NRy BENT res|>ectfully informs gentlemen and the trade, tliat in future he will carry on the business of Lin ing Pictures only, which w ill lie executed (as hitherto) in the best possible manner. References giveu if required {11 Broad way, New York. a23 Im'rc. rIANO FORTE8 PURCHASERS are invited to call at Chambers' ware-room, No. 3D Broadway, for a superior and warranted acticle. *17 lm*r CJHICKEHINO'S FIANO-FORTE WAREROOMS, 273 BROADWAY, NO. 5 AND 7 LAKAROE BUILDING. THE PUBLIC will find at the above rooms a general assort inentof < irand and Square Piano Kortcs, at tne same h>rice a? at my Kactory in Boston. a* lm*r AiODEL UK NEW YORK. THE UNDERSIGNED is DOW receiving orders for views to lie represented u|>on the canopy of his Model of New York, which will he soon completed. These views ?ar> frmn l? to :*l inches in length, and are represented for a moderate compensation. They include representations of public build ings, places of business, manufactories, hotels, private resi dences, *teainl>oats, |iackets, Ike. A number of the first artists, both landscapes and decorative painters, can find employment iby apply at tin* office?also a lew agents, and persons capnble of transacting business. Office honra IVnm Z toti P. M. s14 lm*rrc E. PORTER I1ELDEN.3SC Broadway. CENTRE VILLE COURSE, L. I.?TROTTING. TWO TROTS IN ONE DAY. A (MATCH and Pnr?e will come off over this Course on /a. Monday, May the (th?Purse of $3(1, mile lieats, best 3 in \ under the saddle, will cofce off at 2 o'clock, P. M. for pac ing horses. .1. Van Wagner names br. m. May Flower H. Hortoo mines b.g. Chenango Chief Immediately After, A match, mile heats, best 3 in 5, nnder the saddle, for $7Sfl, between H. Jones'bi.g. Newbnrgh,and ( R*rnne'? eh.g, Maffit. JOEL CONKL1N, Proprietor. Centrevllle, May ?. 1*1*. mi 3t*rc TO WESTERN TRAVELLKR8 K Public is respeettully informed that the recent breaks a. in the ('anal, caused by the lite freshet, having been re paired. the PIONEER li EXPRESS LINE, via Railed and Canal from Philadelphia to Pittsburgh, commenced its regular tripe for the season on Monday, the fth of April, leaving the Depot, No, >74 Market street, DAILY, at 7^ o'clock, A.M. By this ronte passengers will aeoid all the fatigue and dan ger of night travelling in coaches, both Railroads being pass ed in daylight. Kor farther information, apply at the old-established Office, 771 Market street. J doors shove Eighth street. al? c.m*rrc A. H. ( HMMINOS. Agent. CHARLES" SPANIELH-OK THE I received by the latest arrivals from I.on sale by A. Urieve, 5 John street. Also, tare Is, only to he found at his establishment, No. i John atreet. N. B.?Letters from the curious, in distant parts, (postpaid) will lie attended to, by A. IlRlKVE, *17 Imrh Importer and dealer in Birds, ( ages, ke. j Nl.Al't >L1TAN BONNET.s. " THE SI BSC III HERS, Patentees and Manufacturer* I of the Neapolitan Bonnet, are prepared to supply the : trade with their inimitable Neapolitans, for which they | received two ailver medals at ihe last two Fairs of the i American Institute, and which for style and finish sre iinsnr passed. They warrant them to after and elean e<jualy to new. Apply to PATTIBON, NOE k CO., M DeU^/Mo. ?7 luus* r or Y>?a li Sob, tuiMi Tuw ??J ' MKINO pure breed, i don. for sale ible Birds, or LATEST NEWS BY THE MAILS. Washington, May 2,1840. Cute of United Stales v$. Frunrit Thonuit. U pon the motion of Gen. Walter Jones yester day, lor a commission to repair to St. Louis, to take, in writing, the testimony of Mrs. Limi, in this cum*, Mr. Crittenden spoke lor nearly two hours against the validity of the motion, arguing for the bringing of the witness {personally belbrc the Court; and that the ap)>eal for a deposition was constructive ot ;i desire lor d**lav. Mr. Maulsby, tor the d -fence, replied in support of the motion, and arjfucd that the motion, so far from contemplating delay, wus designed to secure the ipeediwt prosecution of ilie trial. Mr. Feudal!, for the prosecution, put in an ela borate rejoinder to Mr. Maulshy, contending from evidence of various precedents and authorities, which he cited, that in no criminal case could written testimony be taken, except by consent. [During Mr. teiulall's argument, a countryman coming into the court, and observing that there was a vacant seat by the side of the two judges, very innocently walked up and sat himself down 1 "as sober asnjudge." His/?w.r /?? created general ; merriment, and when apprised by the Judge that | he was not a necessary attach( to the bench, he disappeared without the least remonstrance.} Mr. Feudal! was closely cross-examined in his argument by Gen. Jones, as he proceeded in it. No ladies were in court to-day, tlieir presence as witnesses not being required. And it may not lie improper to state, that before General Waddy Thompson began his argument yesterday, in which he narrated the unpleasant sort of testimony which the absent witness would In- required to give, the ladies who were present in the morning, had, under the permission of the court, left the court house, their attendance being no longer needed. Mr. Kendall, in closing his remarks, suggested in eloquent terms, that while acftnuch wus de manded in behalf of the delicacy of the absent witness, in respect to her appearance before court, something was also demanded of consideration toward the several ladies who have appeared be fore court, from time to time, in behalf of the pro secution. Was this trial to lie put off from time to time, and they to appear front term to term before this court, and the effect upon their feelings to be counted as nothing 1 Mr. F., as he went along, gave some hurt! hits at the horror of that horrible pamphlet. Mr. Maulsby read several letters which had passed between the parties upon the institution of this suit, in regard to the course of procedure, by deposition from absent witnesses on the part of the defence, which General Jones proposed to use, in his concluding repiv for the defendant.? The letters were read by Mr. Maulsby, because of the weakness of his associate's voice, front an attack of bronchitis, under whicli he is suffering. A couple of witnesses from Annapolis, on be half of the United States, were, on motion of the district attorney, allowed to go home, to return on Monday morning. Gen. Jones then took up his final appeal for the motion for a commission to St.Louis,to take in wri ting the testimony ofMrs.Linn. lie lirst remarked upon the extraneous matter introduced intothe ar guments on the other side; ami then with great de liberation proceeded to examine the grounds of the arguments against the motion for a commis sion, by General Thompson, Mr. Crittenden, and Mr. Fendall. We leave General Jones upon the riloor, to close for the mail. [The motion before the court involves a conti nuance or postponement of the cause till next Octolxsr. The court on Monday next will doubt less render in its opinions and decision ; and the probability is that the case will be postponed to the next term.] pMii.Dr.Ai.rMiA, May 3,1840. Business during tho past week wan rather inactive, and many of tho leading articles arc fait accumulating. Tho main linen of our State improvements may now l>e con sidered in full operation; therefore wo may anticipate a different state of a flu in for tho coming week. Western pot ashes are nominally worth $3 50 a $.1 87} ]>cr 100 lhi. The demand for American cotton or woollen goods is gradually abating, and the stock, which was large at th? commencement of the season, has lieen nearly exhausted. About 80 hhds. first No. 1 quercitron bark sold at $24? Some yellow beeswax, in lots, sold 29 a 30 cent*. The stipplici of anthracito coal are coming in more freely? ! demand active, and prices tending upward?sales by car go of whito ash, at $3 73 a $4; red ash and Lehigh, $4 a $4 12}. About 4000 tiags Rio coffee sold at 7 J a 7] ccnts, six months. Cotton closed more firm with sales on Satur day of aliout 100 bales at extreme rates. Klour has become depressed, ami sales of common brands, on Saturday, at $4 '>0?some holders are asking $4 tiJJ. (train is dull, and prices tend downward. Hops sell slowly at 20 a 99 ct*. Anthracite iron is worth $27 a 29. Charcoal .10 n 33; but little done in molasses or sugar?160 hhdt. New Orleans ?old yesterday at 6 a 6} cents, six months. Stocks were a little improved on Saturday, with sales of Pennsylvania .Vs at 07) a 67j; Reading Railroad bonds at7ftj a 75}; Wilmington Railroad at 31 a 33}: Reading Railroad at 3.">1 a 30 j: Vicksburg 7 a 7j : Giranl Bank toj a 10}; Philadelphia Bank 109 u 110. Money was mor* easy and readily had at 9 per cent per annum. PEOPLE'S LINE OK STEAMBOATS FOR ALBANY Daily, Sundays excepted?Through Direct?at 7 o'clock, PJH. from thr l'ier ocltrrm Court land! and Liberty iti. Steamboat IUH 1IE8TER, Capt. Hough ? 1!H, ? ion, will leave on Monday, Wednesday, and S?9B9LKrid>y Evenings M 7 o'rlock. Steamboat HENDRH'K HUDSON, ( apt. Crutteuden, will leave on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday Evenings, at 7 o'clock. At J o'clock, lamlinK at intermediate placet. From the Foot of Barclay itrert. Sieainhoat SOUTH AMERICA. ( apt. L. W. Braiaard, will leave on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday Aftei noont, at i o'clock. Steamboat NORTH AMERICA, Capt. R. H. Furry', will leave on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday Afternoons, at i o'clock. The above Boats will at all times arrive in Albany in ample time lor the morning cart for the Eaal or West. Knight taken at moderate rates, (J All persona are forbid trusting any of the Boats of tins line without a written order from the Captains or Agent*. For passage or freight apply on board the Boats, or tor. C. SCHULTZ, at the office on the wharf. myrrc LONG INLAND RAILROAD COMPANY. EXPRESS MAIL Trains leave Whitehall, \a I I I South Kerry, at 7 A. M., for Boston?for all parts of the Island at 7 and 9H A. M., and 4 P. M daily, ^^^ff,Hfece|< Sunday*. all Imrc THE MOST DELIGHTFUL OF ALL EXCURSIONS. A SAIL across the Hudson rivcrto Hobo ken, and then a walk to the Klysian Kielda, .along the etrredingly picturesque shores of the place. will prove the most easily accomplished and attrac tive of all rurual excursions that can be made from the city. The grounds now present a charming aspect, the trees be ing in leaf, and the soil covered with a rieh turf. The walks are in excellent order, having been considerably embellished the present spring. The Kerry Boats from Barclay, Canal and Christopher M*., arc completely fitted up with awnings and seats. Night Boats run from Hobokrn to Barclay street until It o'clock. Kerriaue r.cent*. ml 3m*r NEW VOKK, ALHANY An1? TKOV LINE. KOR ALBANV AND TROY DIRECT, from the foot of Conrtlandt street. ______ Paaseugers taking this Boat will arrive in time to take the Mominc Train of Cars from Troy west to Buffalo, and north to Saratoga, Whitehall and Laka Cham e steamer F.MPIRE, Contain R. B. Maev, leaves the foot of Courtlamlt street, on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday evenings, at seven o'clock, P. M. _ _ , The Steamboat COLUMBIA, Capt. Wm. H. Peck, will leave the Pier foot nfCourtlandt street, on Monday, Wednes day anil Kriday evenings, at 7 o'clock. For Pa*??ge or Freight, apply on board, or at the Omen on the wharf. _ . . . . Freight mnstbe putin charge ol the Freight Agent, or the Company will not he responsible for loss. If NEWARK AND NEW YORK. The Spiemfi'd Steamer PASSAIC, Cap. John Oaffy. will cominenea her trip* for thn season on Monday, March 14th, and run an lollows. niitiMurther notice , Leave Newark, I Leave Barclay at.. New York UCTX o'clock, A. M. I 4 o'clock, P.M. Freight carried at very reasonable rates, lor which that* arn store-houses and agents, both at Newark and New York. Tlw Paaaaic has a large and spacious deck saloon, elegantly Innsuh ed, and great deck room both for freight and paaieagen. tnrlJ lm*rc PEOPLES LINE OK STEAMBOATS FOR ALBANY. Daily, Sundays eicepted?Through Direct?at 7 o clock, P.M. From thr tner between Courtlan>U andLiberty ?(?. Steamboat ROCI1ESTER, Capt. Alfred Houghton, will leave on Monday. Wcdnes - day, and ? riday evenings, at 7 o'clock, ?iteamtoat HENDlllK HUDSON, ( apt. R. O. Cruttedden. II leave on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday evenings, atf o' clock. At i o'clock, r. M. Landing at Intermediate Place*. From the Foot of Barclay t(.. Steamboat NORTH AMERICA. Captain It. II. Ferry,will leavr on Monday. Wednesday, Friday and Sunday afternoon*, at J o'clock. _ _ Steamboat SOUTH AMERICA, Captain L. W. Brsinard, w ill leave on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday afternoon*, at J o'clock. . The above lioat* will, at all time*,arrive in Albany in ampin time for the morn ing ears for the east or west. , . . Kreighi taken at moderate rates;none taken after J>? o ciocn, P. M. All iicrsona are forhid trusting any of the boat* of ihis line, without a written order from the ( aptains or Agent*. Kor passage or freight, apply on board the Boats, or to j\ < Sc.htiltz, at the olRce on wharf. _ -Thr Proprietors of Steamboat* wishing r/ii. would do well to nay a visit on. g'-'ii tpfcrSSSg. Ntagsra/fron Witch. irZ ho? WoV35rfei^ FOR sTATTEN ISLAND. , J: *3svt,r.JKiSTMn**., ' 1 r?w'l(fw York, front Whitehall street, at 7, 9, M, 11 o'clock. A.M.; L*.3, 4,1, 7 o'clock. A.M. Oil Sundays, the first boat from the island will leave at * A. V and the first boat from New York at? A.M. N. B.?All freight m the risk of the nwew thereof. agim jOt. KOH ll WRE -The superior Ship TALLA tJfiVk.II\KSEE. <tpt. Sioddart. to sail jXSSfelMh test, k'.ir freight or passage, *pply to t*|t. Moddan.on Ward,at f.?r No. I. N k^'KEN. m>1 ?0 N?j. 9 Toniiae Buildw*..

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