Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 13, 1846, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 13, 1846 Page 5
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'1*. THE HERALD SUPPLEMENT. oltttfgSSI NEW YORK, WEDNESDAY, MAY 13, 1846. {JS^S^ZSZtfSSi.lgSSrXZ* Common Council. Boabd or ALDKaxBN.?This board held ilt regular an nual meeting yesterday. OiOiKitiTiuK or the New Boabd.?At the hour of 13 o'clock, M., the honorable William F. Havemeyer, accompanied by the honorable An drew H. Mickle, Mayor elect, appeared in the Com mon Council chamber, together with the Aldermen elect, to the Board of Aldermen; whereupon, the Mayor, after having stated that the term of hi* office was about to expire, administered the oath of office to the Mayor elect After which, the oath of office was duly administered by the Mayor to the 'following gentlemen, elected Al dermen of the city of New Vork, for the ensuing year, vi*:? H'ardt. Wards. 1. Johng. Oilbert, 10. Bernard J. Messerole, James C. Stone all, 11. Leonard 8. Johnson, 3. Kgbert Benson, 13. David 8. Jackson, 4. George H. Purser, IS. Nathan Roberts, A. Emanuel B. Hart, 14. Thos. B. Tappan, b. John Foote, IS. Wm. V. Brady, 7. Bartlett Smith, 16. L. Livingston, 8. Richard T. Compton, 17. James Walsh, t>. Theo. T. Van Tine, 18. Wm. A. Walker. Aid. Benson, was then appointed chairman, pro lem. Aid. Messebole moved to go into an election for Pre sident of the Board?Adopted. On motion, the election t>y ballot was dispensed with. David 8. Jackson was then unanimously elected Presi dent, and Aldermen Messerole and Stoneall were ap- i pointed a committee to conduct the President to his seat Aid. Jackson being waitod upon to the chair, arose and said?I feel that I should bo doing injustice to myself if I did not express my heartfelt thanks for the honor you have conferred upon me. 1 feel the more grateful be cause it was bestowed unasked and unsolicited on my !>art. He said that he should have to rely upon their as sistance in the discharge of his duties, and after again re turning to them his thanks, he took his seat David T. Valentine, Esq., was then unanimously elorted Clerk of the Common Council, and Jacob Haves, Ksq. Sergeant-at-Arms. A committee of two, consisting of Aldermen Hart and Benson were then appointed to wait on the Mayor, and inform him that the Board was organized and ready to re ceive any communication he had to make. Aid Stoneall and Brady were appointed to .wait on the Board of Assistants and inform them that this Board was organized and ready to proceed with business. The committee to wait on the Mayor returned and re ported that he would communicate with them in a few moments. Soon after, the clerk of the Mayor appeared and handed to the President a message from the Mayor, which was read, and from which we make the following abstract The permanent debt of the city, redeemable from the sinking fund, May 3d, 1848, amounts to.. $14,363,609 00 Temporary Water Loan, in course of re newal 343,479 00 Amount of Croton Water Stock yet to is sue..... 380,000 00 Total authority for permanent debt.. $14,767,086 00 Less. Amount of atock held by the Commissioner* of the Sinking Fund out of the - $1,083,837 00 Bit lane e in Treasury to ere dlt of Water Fund 45,003 91 Of caih in bank to credit of Commiailoner* 03 019 19 Total amount of debt authoriied, yet to be ? ? ? ? ? 12,496,938 90 in addition to the foregoing securities, the commissioners of the sinking fund hold bonds and mortgages on real estate sold by them, amounting to $313,189 38, and bonds and mortgages and property ta ken for fire loan stock, amounting to $264,747 03, making together 467,936 41 Amount of debt yet to be provided for by sinking fund ? ? ? $13,138,393 SI ITiTIHCNT OF THE Fl'JDED DEBT REDEEMABLE ?T Tilt Tlop* Mat 1, 1846. 3 per cent floating debt stock pavable 1847 60,000 " " t " . " 1848 50,000 o building loan stock No. 3. .1849 60,000 J " " " I860 60,000 B " " 1861 60,000 , ,. . . $350,000 Application ha? been made to the Legislature of the by the Common Council, for authority to fund $360,000 additional debt, for the erection of a new alms house and nursery buildings, and a work house, and iron ienco around Btuyvesant square, and it is proposed to make such further issue redeemable by taxation $60,000 in each year from 1863 to 1867 inclusive. Tne estimate of the amount to be raised by tax in the year 1846, is as follows :? For general city expenditure within the control of the city authorities other than for Police and Lamp* $960,103 00 For Police 4-28,000 00 ror Lamps 174 969 00 Total for City and County expenditures, ?ubject to the control of the city author ities $1,663,130 00 Special taxation authorized by existing laws Floating debt redemption $ 50,000 00 Common Bchooli 181,603 46 Deficiency of interest on city deb' 363,000 00 594,603 46 ^ i . .. . $3,157,733 46 To which must be added the deficiency of tax for the year 1845 191,193 83 Making a total of $3,348,936 38 Or equal to 98 cent*, nearly, on each $100 of valuation for tax for all expenditures within the city and county. TSJr bf. *J<l?d the State tax of six cent* on each $100. If the police force should be increased by the-Com nJon * ^unc'' one hundred men,a* would be authorized by the bill now before the Legislature, the expenses for the balance of the year will increase the tax one per cent., and make the aggregate tax for the year 1846, $1 05 per $100 of valuation. In view of these facts, he urges them to seek to reduce the amount, and consequently reduce the sum annually drawn from the citizens in order that the (kith of the city may be maintained. One of the obviou* mean* for liqui dating the city debt and to meet the amount we are an nually required to provide, ia the (ale of *uch portion of the city property aa i* not strictly nccessary for city pur poses, contemplating, however, the reservation of such lands as public health may require when the densely populated bounds of our city may be limited alone by the island on which we stand. The estimated value of the real estate pos sessed by the city on the 4th instant, ox ^ elusive of wharves and piers, was $15,903 000 00 The value of that required under the re servation to be permanently held, is. . . 14,600,000 00 Leaving available for *uch other di*po*i aition a* the Common Council may order 1,303,000 00 Which produced an income during the year estimated at 4* 330 00 Or only about 3} per centum a* its value. He recommend* that the wharve* and pier* be sold un der salutary reservations, which he thinks will produce an income more commensurate with their value. He also recommends retrenchment of the current expense* and a thorough and equal aa*e**ment on the actual value of property, personal and roal, within the county, rather than to resort to new icheme* of taxation, uiuallv of an Inquisitorial nature, and which would result in an inter ference with the freedom of our citizens. He then al ludes to tho law before the Legislatuae to charge wharf age on merchandize, which he thinks would poorly com pensate for the trouble of its collection. In speaking of the Alms House and Penitentiary, he recommend* that the labor of pauper*. Icc., be applied to quarrying stone, that an experiment may be made in the method now adopted in Kurope of street pavement* The above are the principal point* of the meuace ? al though there are many othera which we are eonTpeil-d to omit on account of the great prenof other matter con nected with our relation* with Mexico, and our detailed report* of the Mferent religiou* anniveraarie* in our city. Pending the rMdhg of the message, a committee from the Board of Assistants appeared, and informed this B'ard that the Board of Assistants were organized and ready to proceed with busine**, which was properly ac knowledged. The reading of the meitage of hi* Honor the Mayor having been concluded, it wa* ordered to lie upon the table, and the usual number of copies printed. Aid. Stoweall, of the 3d ward, moved that the pre sent Board adopt the rule* of the former Board for its fu ture government, which was adopted. Aid. Memerole moved that a special committee be ap pointed to take charge of the public buildings on Black well's Island. Adopted, and Aid. Messerole, Walsh and Brady were appointed luch committee The President then announced tho regular (tending committee* for the eniuing year: Application* for Odlce?Aid. Van Tine, Robert* and Johiuon. AsuMsmrnta?Aid. Livingston, Foote and Benson. Arts, Science* and SchoeT*?Aldermen Walker, Foote and Benion. Charity and Alms?Aid. Purser, Walker and Benion. Lilian:e?Aid. Htoneall, Puraer and Bcn*on. Ferrie*?Aid. Me*?erole, Smith and Brady. Fire Department?Aid. Tappan. Purser and Benion. Lamp* aad Oa??Aid Roberts, Tappen and Brady. Laws and Applications to the Legislature?Aid. Living ston, Hart and Johnson. Markets?Aid. Tappan, Compton and Brady. Police, Watch and Priaons?Aid. Foote, Oilbert and Walker. Public Offices and Repairs -Aid. Meaaerole, Compton anl Benson. Roads and Canal.--Aid- Walker. Compton and Tappen Cleaning Streeta-Ald Walsh. Mes.erole ami BraJ>. Lands and Place*-Aid. tWIbert, Livingston and Brily Wharves and Piera?Aid. Compton, Roberts and Ben eon. Streets? Aid. Smith, ( ompton and Brady. Salaries?Al.l. Van Tine, Foote and Stoneall. Ordinances?Aid. Hart, gmith and Van Tine. Joint Committee on ( roton Aqueduct?Alderman Hart Walnh and Brady. Joint ( ommittee on Public Buildings on Blackwell's Island, Long Island Farms and Bellerue F.stabliahmeot? Aid. (iilbert, Walth and Johnaon. On motion, the Board than adjourned to Monday eve ping next, at A o'clock. Osoahiiatiox or THE New Bono or Aiiiitmt a. ?M*Ei?._Shortly after u o'clock. hi* how? Mayor Mickle, accompanied by the Hon. Wm "r thVoiih o^offic?t* Ih?m' *n.d I'r0Se*',?'1 to odnunisi vi*:? member. elect of this Board, 1 Johnn LHB?rrnC' 10 NW 0r?-v. 3 Thom?te" u ?? LewU ?? Dodd, 4 DenUu\JLm ' 19 Tho?- Spofford, t Wllham IUHfnV? 18 8tePh*n H. Keek., ? nZ.W!? U- Kdwin Nichol., 7 Thoow n'martin, U. James D. Oliver, a IrehihVL1MUK,hert);' 18 cl?arle. Webb. 9 Jr' l7- Jame? Robert?on, * Isaac B. Moses VV. 8. Jackson. Cllrk rllUH ,V in5 'e? the room, O. 9. Bartlei, Esq.. Webb t^L the chaj>ar'1 t0 ?rder> and on motion' ^r" nimouTlvt'rKnJ?n'p ?VT' E,9 - wm nominated, and una year hosen President of the Board for the ensuing . ^ldonnen 9mith wd Nichol. were appointed ?o hU ??. TWt Up?vn tho Pr,,?dant and coniuct him ,r;?l JK; ?n which h* mad* ? brief, but appro prifle addrew to the membors of the new Board. 0 8 Bartj.. WM ^appointed Clerk of tho W Wtiilf chapin, A?.i?tant Clerk; and Nichola. ing year rKeRnt"fct Arm? of the Board for the ensu ?<>ved that Wm Denman be appoint ed printer to the board, which motion, after .ome opposi tion from Mr. McKlrath, was a<lopted. P' K I Si81* moved that a committee of five he an 'nitl ,0.r*P?frt' #^ly V P?"ib'?. what action, if any JSC .?i. ,k Jm-U"*1 T"**? wV ,h#n "?ceiv?a from Hi. Honor Ti V't i *nd, on motion, it wai ordered to be printed. mitUe.-? r announced the following standing com Oougherty',ea<">'U^?r ?4K*?Dod- Maclay, and On Aiietimtntt?Messrs. Jack.on, Mullin., and Byrne*. MuUtni ' Se,tnctl>and Stk?b-McKlrath, Brown, and Radford*** Mml~situn- Maclay, Olirer, and O* Finance?Me.ara. Radford. Oliver, an.l Smith, nil p-r7?MeMr"' Dougherty, McKlrath, and Brown. On Fire Department-Henri. Keek., Dod, and Smith, ford Gat?Mei.r., Nichol., Brown, and Had* By^.^I^aW'ac'l0"' " L#X'Wa'ur'-Me"r> On Market,-Messrs. Smith, Nichol., and Gilmartin. and Keeki and Pri*on*?Mes*r*. Webb, Byrne, an^R^he'rUon^"* Nichol., Dod, i^Lton"1'and Can*/'?m*mi* Spofford, Smith, and WebbC'<a",n* Me..r?. Gilmartin, Maclay, and andRfbertio^n<'' PUc'*~*"m- Brown. Oliver, erty\^A\Vcbt)Pl>r* MeMrl- R*lfrrd, Dough On Streets Meur.. Oliver, Jack.on. and Spofford. On Salarxtt Messrs. Spofford, Mullins, and Gilmartin. On Ordmancet Mei.r.. Byrne. Webb, and McKlrath. tob^MfiSartt Kenek.Cr<,^<", On Joint Committee on Public Buildingi on Blackwell't Itland-Menn. Mullin., Robert.on, and Jack.on. The Board then adjourund until Monday evening next City Intelligence. Larueii. The new ateamboat Oregon, built for CapL Day, and intended to be added to the Mobile and New Orlean. line of boat., will be launched from tho yard of Messrs Lawrence and Snceden, head of Cherry street, thi. morning, at half pa.t 10 o'clock. Brooklyn Intelligence. Mv.tkbiou. Occurrence?Probable Violent Death. f ,, e.'t5rd*7 mprninK. the body of an unknown man was found foaling in Wallabout Bay, by a man employed in the neighborhood of the South Ferry. Upon towinir it on shore. it was found to be in an advanced .tate of decom po.ition, the fle.h of the face and both arm. being entire ly gone. On the left tide of the .kull wa. a large wound, trace, of blood .till remaining round the orfflce. The only article, of clothing on the body Were a pair of boot. j-k cravat. An inqueit wa. held' but we have not heard the verdict. The bodv wa. .UU lying on the beach at 10 o'clock thi. morning. Why waa it not dit poaed of in .ome way ? Slave Trade. United Statea Circuit Court. Before Judge Nelson. _, r'?' Davit and Thomat L. Shaw continued Thiri Day?Commodore Ingham wa. recalled to correct! an error in the teatimony given by him on Monday, in! regard to a date. He .aid that one of the .lavera men- I tioned in hi. atatement of the previoua day, waa captur ed by lum in 1811, and not in IrtaO. Lieutenant Chaitdler recalled for the pro.ecuUon? I The be.t mean, of getting a supply of fre.h water for ?hip a uae for a voyage from the Coa.t of Africa to the We.t Indie., i. to apread an awning over water ca.k., in the rainy .eaaon, which continues through the .ummer and autumn month., and let the water run through into the ca.k*. In that way nine or ten caak. would be filled in the courae of one night. According to general re port: and notoriety, Captain Carnot is a notorious slave dealer at CapemounL Crott-examined?Learned the repntation of Carnot I from the oltlccni of the squadron, and from Col. Hick., at Monrovia. The case forthepro.ecution wa. hero re.ted. Coonael for the accuaed then oi>ened for the defence. He .aid ho would arrange the defence under four differ ent head.?the hi.tory of the ve.sel, the hi.tory of Cap-1 tain Davis, the hiatory of the voyage, and tha hi.tory of the crew liata. Under these heads the district attorney f al.o arranged the ca?e for the prosecution, and upon each of them laid great stress, in order to induce the jury to draw an inierence unfavorable to the accused without offering a particle of evidence of any ?ort in connection with any of them; they would, however offer the moat .atiafactory evidence in explanation of all and each of them, which would allow the entire inno cence of Captain Davis of the charges now brought against him. n Rev. John St.e wa. the flr.t witness called and exa mined for the defence?Re.ided on the Coaat of Africa I fir?t went there in 1834 a. a missionary of the Methodist Lpiscopal Church; had the charge of the Methodi.t I Mission up to 1814; knew Captain Carnot from 1843 to l?tt; in January. 1844, when I arrived at Africa, I learn ed that ho wa. .ettled at Capemount, and had given up Jr? ive trad? ,n<l K?ne into other puriuits; I have seen the officers of the BriUah Navy there and with him- 1 first aaw him in 1838 or 1839; he is an honorary member of the Legion of Honor in Krance; rice is an article of merchandize on the Coast of Africa; it is u?ed for food we think it a great favor when maaters going down the coast purchase it for us; they do it in the way of trade, and U is very profitable; the Kroomen are weil acquaint ed with the navigation on the ooast, which is very roughj the climate is such that it is safer for the mas ters ol vessels to employ them than to send their own I men. Witnes. prove, an order from the Rev. Mr. Con nelly, a missionary on the coast, to Captain Davis for some rice. Crr^':<"",n<,'-Ra,id', ,l present in thi. city; wit nea. left Monrovia in January, 1844; stopped at Cane mount, and took in Captain Johnaon, Captain Davia and other., who came passengers with us to Boaton; it wa. commonly reported in Liberia that a vessel had sailed shortly previous from Gaienis with a cargo of slaves- it was also reported at the time that it was in the schooner Atlanta they were shipped; it was a verv general re port there amongst all classes. James Ki.skl. examined.-lt a .hipwright, and one of I the firm of Webb, Brother. Sc Co.; saw the Patuxent in Juue, 1845; defendant furnished white and pitch pine plank, and an entire suit of spars: was requested, to fur nisli them for the deck of a vessel then building on the coa.t ol Africa, of a given length, to be .elected care fully, irrespective of price. < aptain Tinkham examined.?Is a sailor by profession; has beeu a sailor for thirty years; has latterly been em ployed in surveying vessels; surveyed the Patuxent, in conjunction with t.aptain .vierry; his attention was called to her deck; found it in the same condition that deck, of the >ame class of vessels generally are; saw nothing in her frame, staunchion.. beam, lie., different from ves sels of her class; thinks, from his ob.ervation, no changc "?a been made in her construction since she was first built. Crott-examined.?Raw tho cask* which were called palm-oil caiki, in the hold ; saw several palm-oil casks, ootn in Liverpool and here; these casks were of that cnaracter; they were differently made from water casks, or^io? ?W whelher they ever contained any palm-oil >nnfTi!lViV* 8lA1LT' t'amined.?Is a stevedore; the per- ; .n^j,.i- I. "m.P'oy put the cargo on board the Patuxent m.t .h. i!! v wu ,tow??? according to witness' order.; witnes. MunHitf011 ths donnage; ? aptain Davis rated flsuaj "?> i monds s?i!d it .^^lj^e ^u?0?/?? Ji,d?C Kd; the penitentiary on Ulackwell's Islaml tif.t tnn0 ! remained ihi*m u.l. , ., land, that 100 tierson? 1 remained mere whose term of Imprisonment ha,I n?n,nI and no reason ap|>earing why tlicv w^!r. H.,1,1 ^t1 honor directed wriU of habeat corput to be ^ue I d'" reeling to the keeper to the;n before the court tWs morning. The court was then adjourned anfih.n cult went into session. aojournea, and the Cir-1 Lcoiscativv Monday, May 11.?In the .Senate, the Houw bill abolishing distruas for rent, was argued during the entire morning session?va rious efforts being made to modify the first section, which abolishes the remedy in terms. That section was. how ever, retained, 10 to 13. A motion to strike out the third section, the construction of which was regarded as doubt, tul. alter discussion, prevailed, 13 to IJ. A reconsidera tion was moved and lost, 1*1 to IS. Pending a motion to itnke out the second section, the Senate tooic a recess. In the afternoon, the House bill extending the time for the completion of the Harlem Railroad passed. 'I'lie bill to sbolisn distress for rent was ordered to a third reading, with amendments. The House bill to equalize taxation was reported and laid on the table. (Mil In the Assembly, the New Haven and New York Rail road bill passed. Tile vote on the bill to establish an asylum for idiots was reconsidered, and the bill rejected. The bills to incorporate tiw American Home Missionary Society and tho American and Foreign Bible Society, were lost?Albany Arptt. Albany, Miy 11. 184H. Mtxiran .\ffairt?Inturanrt Companiii?Jinti-rtnt Bum ntn?llarltm RmlrouJ Company, fc , <f-r. The astounding account* from Mexico anil the Rio (irande, in the HtraU'i extra, have created a frenzy ] among the populace. There i* a itatement current every | where that Polk will be impeached for incompetency? . England, Mexico and France are ready to crush us if | they can! The fluctuating and vacillating currency, the ? criminal juxtaposition of warring northern and southern i interests, Annexation and Oregon, 'all threaten Jus loud 1 and deep. From these things have sprung this assertion 1 , that Tolk must be impeached--that he is imbecile an.l ef- | 1 ferainate?and that he is not competent to the great ; crisis! " Where is Clay T it is asked. " Where is any i body to save the Republic 7" : Relief will be afforded to tho New York Insurance Companies; they will be allowed to fill up their stock and begin business over. The Long Island Railroad Company must take measures to prevent a recurrence of Ares along their line, as a bill ! with this provision has passed the Legislature A fierce emtuti occurred in the Senate on the bill to abolish distress for rent. The emissary of the landed monopoly made his last desperate sally this morning ! Weep, Minerva '. weep, Pallas ! weep, Juno ! Weep, all the godsThis bill was taken in hand. Spcncer waited until a favorable opportunity, and then opened his batteries. He approached the subject for dissection, like a Bengal tiger in a jungle, or like an anaconda in a patch of long grass ; he is insidious?he is wily as a copper head, and acute as a Blackfoot?his eye is snakey?his form is good?hair iron-gre v, and combed well back arms long?ears small ; his upper lip is of remarkable length?inouth indicative of great decision: he stands six feet and two inches, with an enormous pair of pedes tals, not well mated, however?cause, a malformation of one of the boots. He said he was the friend of the tenant antry. " The friend!" Let him look at the seuso of this word, as it is defined by the heathen poets. Let him not assume to be '* the friend " of these serfs ;? such an assumption doubles his culpability. He said the proposition to pass this bill at this late period of the session was lachrymable; it appalled him; it froze his young blood, and " each particular hair," tic He de precated the perils to which the passage of this bill would subject the tenantry. Before a twelvemonth, he said, if this rent was not paid, every tenant must suiter eject ment ; he said it was " downright disgrace it was in volving the people of this State in interminable litigation. His argument was their* ; it was a heap of uncouth fan cy : it wa* abiurd and weak ; it had not any formation o r embodiment. In cases where the dearest interests of this nation have been the stakes, a kind of stoicism or apathy has characterised the conduct of Presidents of Ca binets and of the whole people. So upon this bill. The honorable senator was allowed to proceed without one at tempt being made to calcino and pulverize an argument so untenable and so clearly at war with the books.? Finally, after a vast deal of " hedging," the third section of the bill, a* it came from the Houie, was stricken out This section reads, " notwithstanding the tenant may have sufficient property, whereof the rent might have been made by distress, but for the provision contained in the preceding scctiotl of this act, the right of re-entry, fifteen day* notice in writing having been given, (hall be and i* hereby preserved to the landlord in all cases where the same now exists by law." A motion was now made to , strike out the second section of the Home bill, but the Senate adjourned to dine before a vote was had. This afternoon the Senate refuied to strike out the se cond lection of the bill. A section precisely simi lar in efl'cct to the section stricken out, and only dissimi lar in its phraseology, was offered and adopted and tho Senate ordered this bill to a third reading. The Senate then passed the bill to extend the time for the construction of the Harlem railroad. At 5 P. M., when we came away, Senator Clark was reading a very voluminous report of the committee upon the matter of fraud, said to have been perpetrated against the State by officers on the Champlain canal. This afternoon the business being done in the House is purely local. Wo have pointed out a stupendous error which renders long sessions almost inevitable. This is the fact, that this immense mass of local businoss should be adjusted in the locality where the questions arise, by officers to be designated by the State. It i* argued that the reform* proposed to be instituted, in so far as extrava gant disbursement* of the public money* i* concerned, will sleep the sleep of death. Stato. debts accumulate with startling rapidity. Infantile and impotent proposi tions are made, based upon Utopian hypothesis, to cancel these debts ; they arc of no effect. Here, then, is a mobo cratic people, which will not submit to taxation, living under a government which is breaking up an infinite amount of financiering obligations. How are they to be discharged I How docs all precedents in the history ol creation and of human governments tell us they must be discharged ? They force the conviction upon us, that thoy will be cancelled by standing armies and the coer cive taxation of the canaillr !! I see in the future history of this republic?so confident in its power, so apathetic in it* pruissant dreams, so listless under the dictation of a regiment of traitors! I see civil war ! I sec revolution'. I see the dissolution of the Union! God *ave the Re public! house raocicr.Dino*. Atmosphere decidedly chilly this morning?barometer ihowing its teeth?sun hid behind a black cloud?horizon without a gleam of light?flowers drooping with their petals all withered?grass gray, (not green)?House boiling like that seething cauldron, tended by Macbeth's witches. On Saturday night at half past 11 P.M., a call of the House was ordered, a vast number of members hav ing gone off in a tangent. The House adjourned at 13 M-, with closed doors, one sergeant (of the regular army) having come back with a report that he could not make any arrests. This morning, as of course, the House met with closed doors, and these recreants were arraigned. The scene was funny; in brief, business in this House is performed without reference to Parliamentary guides; action on the affair was suspended, and the House pro ceeded to the third reading of bills. The bill to authorise the Mayor of New York to pro cure money by loan, to enlarge the Alms House passed. The Senate bill to authorise the extension of the New York and New Haven to the Harlem railroad, passed. The Senate bill to establish an asylum for Idiots, which passed the House on Saturday, was reconsidered, and the bill was defeated. The bill to incorporate the Offing Magnetic Telegraph Companv passed. The House militia bill, introduced by Mr. Fullorton, which fixes the annual fine for non-performnce of militia duty at seventy-five cents, will pass the Senate without doubt. Dot row, May 13, 1846. Cold Weather?Jl Melancholy Suicide and the Circum itancei Attending it?Arrival of Proftnor Espy? Capt. Slurgit?The New from the Rio Grande?More Informntion Retpecting the Cambria?A Small Mittake , ? Decline in the Stock Market, <J-r. We had no occasion for thin clothing yesterday. The weather was cold enough for all "useful purposes,'' and but for the clouds and wind, Jack Frost would have paid us a visit, last night, most unquestionably. It must be admitted, however, that the weather was comfortable in comparison with some we had last week. Cool weather, ! of the right kind, invigorates the system, and makes one feel full of life and energy. It is our abominable east wind weather that is so heartily detested, especially by i all those who are affected with pulmonary complaints, as , thousands of our citizen* are. A very melancholy suicide occurred in this city yes terday forenoon. A young man, named Geo W. Burn cam. a clerk in the office of the Mew England l'uritan, cut his throat from ear to ear with a razor, at his board ing house, in Oouch street. His windpipe and both jugu lar veins were severed. 1 have been partially acquainted with Mr. Burnhain for about a year, nnd have always re garded him as a person of very peculiar mental organiza tion. It is said, that for several months past, his more inti mate associates have observed that he has been subject 1 to fits of deep despondency, though ther knew of no par- | ticular cause for this state of mind, and supposed it to be ! constitutional. On Sunday he attended church, as usual, and spent a portion of the day in writing letters. Yeiter- { day morning he went to the Post Office and took the pa pers and letters from the box assigned to the editor* oi , the Puritan, but as he did not make his appearance at the , office, about 10 o'clock, Mr. Kish, the printer,went to hi* boarding house in auest of him. They had not seen him at the house since breakfast, when he asked them which they thought was the easiest way to die. Mr. Kish then proceeded to his room, and found the lifeless body lying on the bed with its face downwards, and the razor (till in his hand. Coroner Charles Smith was immediately sum moned, and held an inquest on the body?the vets diet being in accordance with the facta above stated. Several letter*, one directed to hi* mother, another to the young lady to whom he wa* engaged, one to hi* employers, and some to other per sons, wore found in his room. In these letter* he said there was trouble coming, which he could not meet, and hence the rash deed of self destruction. He wa* a member of the Rev. Mr. Kirk'* church, and a short time ago he seemed to be very much troubled in hi* mind, because, a* he *aid, they all kept looking at him, a* though they luspected he had been doing something wrong, lie wa* a native of Oroton, Vermont, where his parent* reside, and ha* alway* sustained a good reputa tion for integrity and morality. Professor Kspy has arrived in town, and is to remain ?ome time, to test hi* apparatu* for ventilating large buildings. He I* to try hi* skill first on the Custom House, which needs his serv ices very much. Captain Hturgis and the revenue cutter Hamilton have Anally taken their departure for New Bedford. The go vernment at Washington will gain no credit by this change. So long as our mercantile community and the public st large were satisfied with the services rendered by Captain Bturgis, end the government has been faith fully served, why should the gallant captain be driven olftothe imall town of New Hedford T Echo answer*, why T '1 he news from the Rio Orande, received yesterday, remove* all possible doubt as to the perilous situation of CJen. Taylor's army of occupation. The intelligence from that quarter is now devoured witli great avidity. All eyes ere turned to the seat of war, and not a few arc looking' with some solicitude to Washington, for a demonstration of patriotic and prompt action ou the part of the admin tration. The sale* at th? atock board yesterday were larger than for several day* put, but price* have verv material ly declined. Nerwieh and Worcester declined lj; Long I iland, 1}?and Rut Bo*ton nearly 1 from the last sale.? This tell in the pile* of steck* is undoubtedly owing to the war newt from Ten* and Mexico Varieties. | Scarcity or Li?oiic? m Canada. -The Britiih Whig i says There is a great scarcity in Kingston of trades i men, laborers, and firm sorvauti. Not a carpenter or | bricklayer can be bad for love or money, so much build | k?'nb o" this spring. The government works absorb all the laborers. Removal or the Miama.?We learn from tlie Fort | Wayne Sentinel, that the Miama Indians are about to re move westward from Indiana, an agent of the govern ment having arrived for the purpose of superintending their removal. They will probably be able to start by the last of May. Eiscctivk Vetoes.?The Governor of Michigan has returned the following bills with his veto :? 1. The ' bill to incorporate the Northern Railroad Company. (From Port Huron to Detriot.) 2. To amend the charter of the Troy and Rochester Railroad Company. 3. To incorporate the Hint and Saginaw Railroad Company. 4. The Pontiac and Grand lliver Canal Company, ft. The Pontiac and Genesee Railroad Company." 1 fin objections are given ut length, but relate mainly to the repealing clause. The bill provides that after thirty years, the Legislature may alter, amend or repeal it, on making compensation to the company. The Governor deems this in effect an irrepefelable charter. Death at Saratoga sminus.?Dr. Joha Clarke, well known as the proprietor of Congress Spring, and highly esteemed as a citizen, died at Saiutoga Springs on the 6th inst., aged 73. Making an Odu Fellow.?Some enterprising cliarac" ters were tried at Columbia, South Carolina, a few days since, for attempting to make an Odd Fellow. with cere monies rather diri'eient from those used on ordinary occasions. The candidate was a stupid fellow named Burrentine. The " brethern" told him that if he would enter their order he would not be obliged to do nny more work, as he would be allowed one hundred dollar* a year for his support, as soon as ho was duly initiated?which was to be done by branding. Tempted by the prospect thus held out, Burrentine agreed to the process. The ceremonies were then perlormed by applying a cattle brand, having letter F within a diamond, seven times, a poittriari. On the trial, Burrentine was pressed so hard by tho defendants' council, while giving his testimony, that ho insisted on giving the Court ocular demonstration of his injuries. Tho Judge, however, ruled his evidence out, as being merely cumulative, and under the circum stances entirely unnecessary. The defendants wore found guilty, and they then appealed. An Old Ofkknder Cai-oht.? Alfred Jones, alias Mont gomery, who is supposed to be the person who stole the trunk from the Wnltlmm stage last December, contain ing (3700, belonging to the Waltham Bank, was arrested at South Boston on Friday last. He has been examined at Kast Cambridge, and committed for trial, in default ot bail in (6000. He was detected from the fact of his pass ing two $100 bills of the stoleu money at the Bank. Jones has served three years in the State prison of Massachusetts, for stealing (7000 from a stage in Lynn; also another threo years since for robbing the store or Henry N. Hooper st Company. Lowbll Post OrricE.?The following is the number of letters mailed and sent from the Lowell Post Office since the new law went into operation :?From July 1st to September 30, 1845, 40,880 ; from October 1st to De cember 30, 1845. 44,066 ; from January 1st to March '30, 1846, 40,914; from April 1st to May 9, 1846,20,510.? About an average increase of four thousand letters per quarter. WlCRED DOINGS in New HAMPSHIRE.?The Kttne Republican relates thut Mr G., a transient man, went to Surry and married the hitherto respectablo w idow C.; that shortly afterwards she sont for her neighbor, Mr H., to call ou her on some business; told him her husband was absent and made proposals to him as tempting, but a* coolly received aa those made by an ancient queen to a fine young gentlema i who went down into Egypt; and that the husbapd(Mr G.)then^uddently appeared,Knocked down Mr H. and extorted from him a note for $500, value not received. Mr G. is jugged for trial. Gubernatorial Candidates in Pennsylvania.?The Huntingdonjournal unnounces tho name of Gen. James Irvine, as a'caudidate for Governor of Pennsylvania in 1817. One or two other papers name tho Hon.* James R. Cooper, of Adams. Where is the hero of Mississiniwa I Parricide.?Michael Peterson, of London, Madi son county, Ohio, was killed by his son Elijah, on the 35th ult., as we learn from the London Sentinel. The deed was committed under the influence of insanity in the middle of tho night, whilo tho old man, who had numbered 69 years, was lying in bed. He was aware of the melancholy state of his son, and saw him approach ing with a shovel in his hand, with which ho struck him on the head several times, breaking his skulL The family endeavored to afford him relict, but were unable to drag his son away lor some time, and were at length compelled to fly for their own safety. When they re turned they found the unfortunate young man standing quietly gazing at the moon. he had inflicted Severn) blows alter they left, on his father, and left him only when life was extinct. He was examined before a Jus tice ol the Peace, and discharged on the ground of insani ty. The Coroner's jury returned their verdict in accord anre with the fact Such examples admonish use of the value of and necessity for asylums for tho insane.?Ohio State Journal. THE EYE. r|R WHEELER, Oculist, No.29 Greenwich street, New L' York, near the Battery, devotes hit exclusive attention to diseases of the Eye and Ophthalmic Surgery, and assures the public that there not ainougst the numerous diseases to which the human eye ii subject, any disorders of that organ which cannot be essentially relieved or cured by him- The vast number of undoubted testimonials which can be seen at his office, will satisfy the public that his practice is not ex ceeded%ither in extent or success by that ol any other Oculist iu the United States. HIf~Office hours from S A .M. to 1 o'clock P. M., after which he Tiaiu out door patieuts. Artificial Eyes for sale, and which will be inserted on reasonable terms. A pamphlet containing remarks on Diseases of the Eye, with several instances of great cures effected by Or. Wheeler's mode of treatment, can be had gratuitously at his residence, o the same will be forwarded to any one making application to him by letter, post pud. invl2lm*rc ~ TAKE NOTICE." TO THE CAPTAINS AND PILOTS of steamboat* and sloops navigating the North River.?As complaints have been made to me because the buoys are not iu, set and kept in their places ; I take this method of informing all persons con cerned in uavigatiug the North River, that I have nothing to do with the buoys or lights this year. A man by the name ol Win. E. Oeuuis has charge of them. All complaints should be made to C. W. Lawrence, the Collector. I nope the boat ineu will have patieuce with Mr. Dennis, as he is in the em ploy of the Corporation a* Superintendent of Public Docks, aud liu no time to spare. JAMES RYNDEHS. my 11 3t*m REMOVAL. ~ A GILBERT would respectfully inform his friends, that ? he has removed his Hair Dressing and Wig Making es tablishment to No. 179 Broadway, over Statt's aud Barker's celebrated clothing establishment, upstairs, opposite How ard's Hotel. my 11 3t*m TENNIS* COURT, 23.1 liOVVERY. THE Subscriber, having taken the above-named place, would inform his friends and the Public that the Bali Alley, and the whole of the establishment, has undergone a thorough repairing. To the Alley has been added a gallery, 20 feet by 24, for the convenience of the spectstors. This, with an alley of 120 feet, iu complete order, he trusts will be sufficient to secure the patronage of the lovera of that healthy and favorite amusement. As for the quality of his Liquors, Segars, and refreshment*, lie will leave to the judgment ol his customers. H. WOOLLY. Bat Ball Alley, Directly opposite Prince it. New York, May 7, 1246. my* lm?m G. H. CLARKE, MERCHANT TAILOR, HAS REMOVED from 132 William street to 116 William street, within 4 doors of John.?A rich and fashionable assoitment of Goods will always be kept on hand, and will be made to order, at such prices as must command the atten tion of the truly economical, while the atyle aud finish will, to the man of taste, speak for themselves. As all goods are bought for rash, and, therefore, at the very lowest rates, a finer article will be manufactured, at a lower price, than the credit tailors can possibly furnish. OCffEftal. SCALE or rRICE*. Fine French Cloth Black VressCoat, from $15 to no Black Doeskin Pants S to lid Vests, of Satin, Silk, tic 2 to ? U0 Office ( oats, and all other articles usually sold by .the trade, ?t unusually low iiriees. Formerly with '* Brnndage," of Broadway. mv9 lm* rrc GEORGE KENSETT RESPECTFULLY informs his Friends and the Public, that he has opened his New Establishment, 493 Pearl stroot. next block to his late residence, having a more commo dious place, and byhii lone experience as a caterer for the pub lic, he nofes to obtain a snare of their patronage. The Bar will he iflruished with the best of Ale and Porter. Wine and Spirit*. Good Boarding with clean and comfortable Lodging can be obtained on most reasonable terms. GYMNASTICS. The Room* will b? open for Private Lesson* in the Art ol : Self Defence. A Complimentary Benefit will be given to the above, to | take place at the Snskspeare Hotel, on Monday the 18th inst. when, in the above art. all the talent iu the country will be [resent. myl? 4t?Je ] WINDOW SHADK DEPOT, No,7 SPRUCE STREET. r;iT*ai.isHED ii* UIO. WHOLESALE AND RETAIL, CHADES of alt descriptions, kinds and sues. JO percent. O cheaper than can be bought at any other pi aces. Trim mingSjat manufacturers' price. BARTOL, DE MAUNY It Co., myf lm*rrc Manufacturers ft Importers. FAMILY BOARDING SCHOOL. A LADY residing in the country, has for several years taken into her Umily a number of children, not exceed ing ten, as boarders and scholars. Her time is entirely devoted to them, and no pains spared to render the house a pleasant home to the pupils, and to advance them in iheir studies, (ireat attention paid to their health and morals. The loca tion is very retired snd healthy. No day scholars admitted. There are at present three vacancies. For references and terms inquire at 31 Hammond str??t. my8 2w*r 7(H),0U0 HAVANA k PlUNCli'E SEGARS." 126 Bale* HAVANA TOBACCO, m follows hmulacion, Esculapio, Pressed, Kiouda Regalia, Ban Roman, Rionda do., Esperanxa do.. La Victoria, Lafayette do., Washington do., Esperanxa, Rionda Congressos, Lafayette do., Rionda, Do. Plantation, Principe Steamboat, i Lafayette, Principe Justo Sans, Vta. Jajo Tobacco. The whole entitled to debenture, snd in luts to suit. For sale by B. M. PIC ASIA, my7 lm?r 117 Front *t., near Wall, up stairs. | DR. HULL'S TRUCES. AND ABDOMINAL SUPPORTERS. THE superiority of Dr. Hull's instruments oeet all others is acknowledged by the most eminent physicians in Eu rope and America Office, 4 Ve?ey street, Aator House. A female in attend ance in the ladies'department. my? lm*r . HOOKS BOUUH'f PERSONS wishing to di*po*e of their Libraries, either large or small, will alway* find a ready purchaser and good prices, by addressing a few lines, giving name and HMiber, to J. MVAIB. a4 lm'r 7* Naaeaa, or 1?7 Rivmgtoa street TO WESTERN TRAVELLERS. ^IMfE Public it re<iwciluil) miurincd that (tie recent break 1 ia the Canal, caused by the late freahet, having been re paired, the PIONEER it EXPRESS LINK, via Railroad ami Cwisl from Philadelphia to Pittsburgh, commenced iti regular tripa for the iruon ou Monday, (lie (In of April, leaving I lie Depot, No. 274 Market >(ree(, DAILY, at 1% o'clock, A.M. By thia route paaaengeri will avoid all the fatigue and dan ger of night travelling in coaches, both Railroads being paaa ed in daylight. For further information, apply at the old-eatabliahed Office, 271 Market street, > doors above Eighth atreet. alO 6m?rrc A. B. CUMMINQ8, Agent. LONG ISLAM) RAILROAD COMPANY. EXPRESS MAIL Traiua leave Whitehall, South Krrrv, at 7 A. M , lor Boatou?for all part* of the 1 al iii?l at 7 and 9>. A. M., and I P. M uaily, .excecept Sundaya. ail lmrc PEOPLE'S LINE OK STEAMBOATS FOR ALBAN V. Daily, Suudays excepted?Through Direct?at 7 o'clock, P.M. From the pier between Courtlandt and liberty Itl. Steamboat ROCHESTER, Capt. Alfred Houghton^ will leave on Monday. Wednes ??day and 1> riday evenings, at 7 o'clock. ? Steamboat HENDRIK HUDSON, ( apt. R. O. Cruttenden, will leave on Tuesday, Thuraday and Saturday eveuiuga, at? o'clock. At i o'clock, P. M.t Landing at Intermediate Places. From the Foot of Barclay it., Steamboat NORTH AMERICA, Captain ll. H. Furry,will leave on Monday, Wednesday, Fiiday and Sunday afteniooua, at 5 o'clock. Steamboat SOUTH AMERICA, Captain L. W. Brainard, will leave on Tueaday, Thuraday and Saturday afteruooua, at 5 o'clock. The above boata will, at all times, arrive in Albany iu ample time for the morning cars for the east or west. Freight takeu at moderate rates, and uoue taken after 5>? o'clock, P. M. All persons are forbid trusting any of the boats of this line, without a written order from the captains or agents. For passage or freight, apply on board the boats, or to P. C. Schultz, at the office ou (he wnarf. tnyll FARE ONLY ONE . DOLLAR FOR Deck Passengers (o Providence.?The well known mid splendid a(eamer RHODE ISL AND, I aptaiu Manchester, on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays ; and the MASSACHUSETTS, Captain Porter, oil Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. Leave pier No. 1 North River, at 5 o clock, P.M., for Boston, via Newport and Providence. Fare to Boston, $2cabin ; $1 <".0 deck, rare to Providence, $1 M cabin : $1 deck. Freight takeu at the lowest rates, and immediately forwarded. inylO lm*rc NEWARK AND NEW YORK.. FARE 12? CENTS. The Splendid Steamer PASSAIC, will on and utter May 1st, run ran urther notice follows s Leave .Newark, I Leave Barclay St., New York, 7)4 o'clock, A. M. 10 o'clock, A. M. y2 " r. m. I * " p. m. IL/"Freight carried at very raasonable rates. The Passaic stops at Bergen Point every trip. my6 lw*r PEOPLE* LINE OF STEAMBOATS FOR ALBANY Daily, Sundays excepted?Through Direct?at 7 o'clock, P.M. From the Pier between Conrtlandl and Liberty iti. Steamboat ROCHESTER, Capt. Hough ^ton, will leave ou Monday, Wednesday, iuid SCaSCjBLFriday Kvenings at 7 o'clock. Meauitioat HENDRICK HUDSON, Capt. Cruttenden, will leave ou Tuesday, Thursday aud Saturday Evenings 7 o'clock. ... At 3 o'clock, landing at intermediate places. From the Foot at Barclay street. Steamboat SOUTH AMERICA, Capt. L. W. Braiuard, will leave on Monday, Wednesday, Friday aud Sunday After noons, at S o'clock. _ ? _ Steamboat NORTH AMERICA, Capt. R. H. Furry, will leave on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday Afternoons, at 5 o'clock. ..... . The above Boata will at all times arrive in Albany iu ample time for the morning cars for the East or West. Freight taken at moderate rates, ITT" All persons are forbid trusting any of the Boats ol this line withou( a written order from the Captains or Agents. For passage or freight apply ou board the Boata, or to P. C. SCHULTZ, at the office on the wharf. myrrc THE MOST DELIGHTFUL OF ALL EXCURSIONS. A SAIL across the Hudson riverto Hobo ken, and then a walk to the Elysian Fields, along Ihr exceedingly picturesque shores of the place, will prove the most easily accomplished and attrac tive of all rurual excursions (hat can be made from the city. The grounds now present a charming aspect, the trees be ing in leaf, and Hie soil covered with a rich turf. The walks are in excellent order, having been considerably embellished tlie present soring. , _ . The Ferry Boats from Barclay, Canal and Christopher sts., are completely fitted up with awnings aud seats. Night Boats run from Hoboken la Barclay street until U o'clock. Ferriage'C4 cents. ml 3m*r N J'? W VOriJv, ALbAiNY AND 1 tit)* LljNfc. FOR ALBANY AND TROY DIRECT, from the foot of Courtlandt street. Passengers taking this Boat will arrive in time to take the Morning Train of Cars from Troy west to Buffalo, aud north to Saratoga, Whitehall aud Lake Cham pi nin. The steamer EMPIRE, Captain R. B. Macv, leaves the foot of Courtlandt street, ou Tuesday, Thursday and Saturda) evenings, at seven o'clock, P.M. The Steamboat COLUMBIA, Capt. Wm. H. Peck, will leave the Pier foot of Courtlandt street, ou Monday, Wednes day and Friday evenings, at 7 o'clock. For Passage or Freight, apply ou board, or at the Office oi the wharf. Freight must be put in charge of the Freight Agent, or the Company will not M responsible forjoss. a20 tl The Proprietors of Steamboats wishing Bells hnug, wonld do well to pay a visit ou _^^^MMaea_board the Steamboats Niagara, Iron Wi(ch, Governor, iron boat Jolin Stevens, Wooater, Traveller, kc.. and examine H. Homer's improved style of Bell Haneiug put up neat and strong, and warranted for one year, by 11. II., S5o. 8 Ann atreet. " FOR BTATTEN ISLAND. Ou aud Iiiei Monday, the 20th day of April, the Steiiu boats SY LPH and STATEN ISLANDER will leave New York and Staten Island as follows, nutil lurther notice ' Leave Staten Island at 6, I, 9, 10, 11 o'clock, A.M.; I, 2,1, 4, 6 o'clock, P.M. ..... Leave New York, front Whitehall street, at 7, 9, 10, II o'clock. A.M.; 1, 2,3, 4, J, 7 o'clock, A.M. Ou Sundava, the firat boat from the laland will leave at I A. M-. and the iirat boat from New York a(9 A.M. N, B ? All freight at the riak of the ownera thereof, allrc B1 STATEMENT RK.LATIVK TO STEAMER CAMBRIA. Boston, May J, 1846. ? V virtue of? warrant from WM. KLLIOTT, Her Britan ? nic Majesty's acting Vice Consul, we, the undersigned, repaired on board the British .Steamer CAMBRI A, Captain Judkins, lately arrived at this port from Liverpool, to ascer taiu and survey what damage alie may have received by hav ing been on ahore on Cape Cod : Report. that after a atrict ana careful examination of all parta of the vessel, as far as could lie got at, both outward and Inward, including her ma chinery, &c., could And no signs of her having strained, guaged or otherwise injured herself; and also find tnat she has made no eitra water in conseuuence of (he accident, but remains tight as before \ wherefore, the undersigned survey are of uuanimous opinion that it is not necessary to put her into dock for further examination, and they believe her to be tight, staunch and strong, and capable of proceeding on her intended voyage without detention. J. O. DICKSON. Port Warden. CHARLES PEAJISON, Agent of Asa. Ina. Cos. of Boston. WM. DARTON. Shipwright. ALDF.N OIFFORD, Ship-Master. STEAMER CAMBRIA KU|T HALIFAX AND LIVERPOOL. THE Steamship CAMBRIA having, by ) the above survey, been ascertained to Tie in )good and perfect order, will tail from Bos ton for the above porta, ou her regular day, | ? Saturday, ICtli May. tor freight or passage D. BRIOHAM, Jr.. Agent, At HARNDKN It CO.'S. 6 Wall at. BOSTON STEAMERS, FOR HALIFAX AND LIVERPOOL. THE British and North American Royal iMail Steam Ships CAMBRIA, BRITAN NIA,and HIBKRNIA, will leave Boston ifor the above ports aa follows, vix CAMBRIA, C. H. E. judkins, Com'r, on the 16th May, 1U6. I BRITANNIA, John Hewitt, " " 1st June, " HIBERNIA, Alei. Ryrie, " " 16th " I Passage to Halifax (20 I'mage to Liverpool |IM For freight or passage, apply to I). BRIOHAM, Jr., Agent. fAt HAR.NDEN k. CO.'8. 6 Wall st. No Berth xeenred until paid lor inr2 tl re FOR LIVERPOOL?With dispatch ?The ele- ' ? fast sailing ship ISABELLA, Bricgs, master, ?will be despatched on or about the 20th instant.? hor freight or passage, apply to inv!2 E. K. COLLINS It CO., .Vi South street. I FOR LIVERPOOL.?8T OEOROr. LINE OF L1VKRPOOL PACKETS.?The splen lid fast JMIMH>sailiiig and favorite picket ship ST. OEOUGE, ? ipt. Herris will sail punctually on Wednesday the Uth It.St. ( This magnificent ship can yet accommodate a few more cshin passengers at the reduced rale of $7J, if immediate applica tion be made on board, or to W. k J. T. TAP8( OTT, mylt 7S Sonth street, corner of Vlaideu lane. PACKET FOR M A RS EILL{.S?To touch at kJraVVOihraltar, to land paasengcrs?The new and splen jfikM&lnl Packet Ship ARCOLE, Captain Nat. W. Eve leigli, Hill sail on the 1st ol Jnne. For freight or passage apply to CHAMBERLAIN li PHELPS, No. 103 Front at., or to mvl'rrc BOYD It HINCK EN. No M Wall st. FOB HAVHK.? The superior Ship TAI.I.A >HASSEE, Capt. Stoddart, to sail on or before the alSth inst. For freight or passage, apply to Capt. dart, on board, at pier No. 3, N. K., or to BOYD fc H^NCKEN. my4 rrc No. # Tontine Btnldings UNITEdTFFaTES it GREAT-BRITAIN-* IRELAND OLD KSTABLISHF.D KMIORANT OFFICE ?Tbe Subscribers are prepared to bring nut pasaengera by any of the Line of Packet* sailing every Ave daya ; and drafts can, as usual, he furnished, payable throughout the United Kingdom tor further particulars, apply to JOHN HERDMAN k Co.. my7 61 Sonth street. FOR I, IV Kit POOL?The f'<w Line-Regular WKXsV Market of Jlst of May.?The superior last-sailing JBMfat^hip QUEEN OF THE WEST. Capt. P. Wood house, 1250 tons burthen, will sail as above, her regular day. For balance of freight or passage, having excellent accom modations, apply to the Captain on board, foot of Burling slip, or to WOODH1JLL k MINTURN, a2) re W South afreet NEW LINE OF PACKETS FOR LIVER lMfVPOOL-Packet of Hat of May.?The splendid, fast JHmBmM'Ii'i* and favorite packet ship QUEEN OF THE WM I'. K00 tons horthen, Capt. P. \\ nojhouse, will sail on Thursday, May 21st, her regular day. The ship* of this line being all tons and upwards, persons abont to embark for the Old I nU'itry will not fail to see the advantages to he de rived Irom selecting this line in preference to any other, aa tlieir greai rapacity renders them every way more comfort able and convenient than ships of a small elass, and their ac commodations for cabin, second calMii iuid steenge pasten* ger?, it is we.I known, are superior to those of aitT other line ol packets. Persons wishing to secure lierths should not fail to make early application on board, at the foot of Bnrling slip, or to W. k J. T. TAPSCOTT, myOrC 75 Month St. corner of Maidea lane. PACKETS FOR H aVrE?Second ~L?e.-THe MfllWracket Ship ST NICOLAS, Cat*. John ft. Pell. , JBpMawill aail on the 1st of Jnne. For freight or passage, . ?Pl'ly to BOYD k HINCKEN.M Wall st. m>l. REMITTANCES TO IRELAND, <fcc. m m. m. m. UM)KOK ^ I ciJ H J l) tJr. h 11 rruHTTcT^in oiBc^ono! 46 Broadway. and continue. lu renin money, iu sumt Urge or smalll, to uersous residing in any put of Ireland, iu tlir same Knncr as he and hit predecessor in buaiuets hate don* for lut thirty yean ui<l more; alto, to any |uxt of Kngland or Scotland. Mime v remitted by letter, post-paid, to (he tuhtrnber, or personally deposited with him, with the nmnr <>l the pereoa or persona in Ireland, Kngland, or Scotland. to whom it ia to be tent, and nearest pott town, will be nnniedi itely irantaait ted and paid accordingly, and a receipt to that effect given or forwarded to the sender. a2t lm*r PASSAGE t'KOM GREAT liKi'i A1AN~ A^IJ IRELAND, M M M m By the lii ifk Ball, nr Old Cine of l.ivrrpool Packets, tilling from Liverpool ou the lit and I6tb ol every mouth. The YORKSHIRE >ail, from Liverpool, 1st of March. " OXFORD " " Ifth of March. " CAMBRIDGE " " 1st of April. " MONTEZUMA " " 16th of April. Periont tending for their friends, and forwarding the patiago certificate by the tteanuhip liilieruia, tailing I'roin Button oa the 1st of February, will l.ave plenty of time to come in th* Yarkshire, or iu any one ol the eight packet* of the Black Bali Line sailing from Liverpool ou the 1st and jfith of every montli. Apply to. or adilren, if by letter post paid, ftOCtiE. BROTHERS fc CO., Ji Fultoo St.. Neil door to the Kulton Bauk. MARSEILLES LINE OF PACKETS. M..M 44 hence on the 1st, and from Marseille! the 10th ol each month during the year, as follows Shins. Captains. From N. York. PR'CE ueJOINVILLE, (uew) Lawreuce, April 1 Sept. 1. M188URI, Silvester, May 1 Oct. 1. ARCOLE (new) Eveleigh, June 1 Nov. 1. OA8TON. Coulter, July 1 Dec. 1. NEBRASKA (new) Walton, Aug. I Jan. 1. Ships. Captains. From Marteillee. PR'CE de JOINVILLF,, (uew) Lawrence, June 10 Not. 10 MISSOURI, Silvester, July 10 Dec. 1# ARCOLE, (new) Eveleigh, Aug. 10 Jan. 1# QA8TON. Coulter, Sept. 10 Feb. 10 NEBRASKA, Walton. Oct. 10 Mar. 10 These vetsels are of the first class, commended by men of experience. Their accommodations, for passengers are unsur passed for comfort and convenience. Good* addressed to the rents will be forwarded free of oilier charges than those acta age ally paid. or freight or iiavsage apply to CHAMBERLAIN k PHELPS, Proprietori % No. 103 Front ttreet, or to BOYD fc H1NCKEN, Agents, ml2rc 9 Tontine Buildings. ?? Wall,cor. Water it GLASGOW "AND NEW YORK LINE OF PACKETS. Pm m. M. M ERSONS wishing to ?end lor their friends in auy part of Scotland, to tail direct from Glasgow, can make arrange mentt with the Subscribers, to have them brought ont iu any of the regular line of Packrta, sailing monthly from Glasgow. The ANN llARLEY, Captain Scott, ADAM CAKR, Captain McF.wen, S A R AC K.N .Captain Hawkiui, BROOKSBY, Comprise the above line, and the high character of those ves sels ttiould be sufficient inducement for persons who may ba tending for their friends in Scotland, to make arrangements for this (the only line.) Further particulars given, on application to W.kJ T. TAP8COTT, 75 Sonth street, corner of Maiden Lane, or Messn. REID It MURRAY, Ageau alO r in Glasgow. NEW YORK AND GLASGOW LINE OF PACKETS. m> Ml TfTfTfrom Nr. UrUn the 1st, ?.<? Glasgow ou the lith of each month. From N. York. Fm.Ol'gow. I June 1. i}1 , 8h.p SARACEN, N. T. JUwkiw. \ Oct. 1. Nov M,. i JnFy 1. April IJ Br. Ship BROOKSBY. H. M'Ewen, I Nov^l. Aug.^ U. i AuntI 1. Mey tJ. Br Bark ADAM CARR, . D??f }; 5 t M?y 1. Br. Bark ANN HARLEY, R. Scott, j Sept. I. Oj*^ ,j less bills of lading are signed( therefor. KorlreiKhiorpoMge^bp'j^iLL k MINTURN, r South street, New i ork, or ,4 re RE1D * M1JBBAV. HI??row. "NKW LhSE ok LIVKKl'OOL l'Ai:Kfc^_ M. M. M. Mt T^TTfrom New Yorl 21st, ami Irom Liverpool CiTToieucl. month. fVom Nrw York. JArrrp*?l> t Dee. 21 >eb. ? New ship Liverpool, 11M tons, ? Apnl n June ? J.Eldndge. (August 21 Oct. ? I .Unitary 21 Merch 6 New ship Qneen of the West. > M,y 2l July ft I2i0 tons.P. Woodhouse, J Sr.,tem'r 21 Nor. ? i February 21 April 6 New Ship Bochester, 100 tons. ?junr 21 August 6 John Briton. I October II Dee- ? V M"*h 11 S1**' I Ship Hottinguer, inM|tont, >Ju|y 21 Sept. ft Ira Bursly. f Nor. 21 J*n. ? These substantial, fast sail inc. fint class ?hl|?, J*'1' iha ritv of new YorV. are commanded by men of e*l>erienci? and ability, and will be despatched punctually on the 2lat of ' TW?bins are elegant and commodious, and are furnished wiS wh^t.?? c?i conduce to the ease and comfort of *?N?itherC|S? captlm* norowaers of these ships will be s ponsi blV f:iran v pare el s or package, sent by them, unl? regular bills of lading are signed therefor. for freight or L t MINTUBN, 87 Sonth street. New York^ or to FIELDKN, BROTHERS fc CO., Liverpool. mil re ? . ... . ? K)R, LI VEBPOOL?First Packet 8h.i>s tobe despatched?As follows, vi*.?The splendid, fm?t ?iVliVtV'r?*fa?n!V O Bailey, on .he 16th of M?y. I QuEkN"of1tut WESTT Capufn Philip UAN O. B Comish.on the 26th in.t. ?ersonsabo?t embark ins for the 6ld Country, w. I fad K 1*l?.^LC,*b ' JOllft lllERDM AN k Co., 61 South St. ??T"?in i[ k HAU OR oi.O LINE Or LivMt PO0L PACKET, -Vor I,-V,l.^;.,'h .Uy, Th. new ^??{?<? on Saturday, the lUh "fN^HK BROTHERS k CO., myiom 3i Fnlton atraet.jneit donr tn the (, will ...I ? ?h?Te, her recmlar .&^. For lue, or to JOBKP ( or Pine and S??tV?*??;lll b^hT^?iM. l.oniloii on the lat, 16th. and 2?tn 01 eacii n mr) terms, bv apnlvtnc aa above. ~ ?Tr: - . ?(iLASOOW LINE OK PACKETS?To aul lat "ftni".!,. ~ !..??> ?<??<" ????"?? apply to nH|I, , k MINTURN. r South itrMt. flSsiKS 35 .".Ebm.? an/upwards) j ,u(l the greatest relianee nient than ships of a amallei? c""?i, ? .,in The subaenb may be placed m their p?n t ^ ^ Union Line* of are .W ????;? lJj ?f- ^^"^aace can,be e>l^ I,i?erpool Packet ? tror Lrthrr particnlara, apply to on rea.on.ble terns For TAr?^TT, 7^ South St.. C?r Vaiflen If. ?? 1 ?j? 11 n "aI ti Af * V>' N from GLASOOW.""Cob* PA< ?Milf wHl ?#oa th?ir limits tm to public store. WUUUtivL. ?7 (Wrath ?t. S?" 'TSf .SX^S'XSM i. ??>'? sent 10 public store. ^ R COLLINS fc Co.. M BoiKhsi^ ruJip PONTIAC. KROM L1V?1 - ~^ V*tI, ^ this ship will please tend their Prrm"*/,l' Jarswi ?o 9, North River. All gooda not permitted (| LjjaVile to be sent to the Public Store. ? n MHIP '^"'t permitn ? ignees for this vessel will 11 wlfj,out delay. r. Toot of Roosevelt street. ?.? B-. . mail be sent Llail not permitted in five ujjv . h' lianle to be sent to tbe rnhlic more 1>,\. Kr.1 SHIP It'" wr.air.K. ir??n ^ Vf: ?? IT ( onsicnees for this vessel will pi on board, foot of Roosevelt streei K-. wi muil _ N. B.?All coods LL k MfN'Tl BN. _ to public store. WOODHl L r7 Santk ?t. "*>? ?-??-TiviHPit)OL.?<-on?ifnee? CHIP SOUTHERNER, from UV . foot of Roosevelt O will pleaee send their permits on ?t., E R-, w*hont delar. j ftt dars, mnst he ??"t to Jli'JS!' ^WSBBElL ? att/pXfKTlNoy. . ? -rvr rMnrrtfnlly ?nCorn?t ?4 the HENRY r'*nir w|n r%rTy on the buimfMof Lin tr?d#. fh*l.,n will b?* W?e?tf4(* h?th#Jto) >? thj ?L KNGMAVKH8' h^SS^^b Etpress. Men*fnct?i?dky > ..rk mrn f ? yAy .J. ^OPPF.R-? tsiei kKF* uJX'U

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