Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 25, 1846, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 25, 1846 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD ***? 17S-Wkal? Ml. MM, NEW YORK, THURSDAY MORNING. JUNE 25, 1846. lieury THE NEW YORK HERALD. JAMES GORDON BENNETT, PROPRIETOR. Oircalatloa?Forty Thousand. O* All Utter* or coiomiuucatiues, by mail, <Uimm4 to Ehaetrnblishmear, matt be post paid, or the postage wul be deducted from the subecsipuon money remitted.^ JAMtH GORDON BENNETT. Proprietor of the the New Y?u Hiul* EiTiiuiNiuitT, NortlvWest corner of Kulum and Nmu atiei1 DAILY HtrtALD?Every day, Prio* J cents par copy?$7 ?WKW1BK&5K5 par copy??3 ceauper annum?payable inadvance. ADVERTISEMENTS at the nasal pneee?alwaye cash "rRlS^INO of all kia4a executed with beancy an 4 de? patch. NEW LEBANON SPRINGS. COLUMBIA HALL,Maris,1S46?This favorite Plata of reaort la now open and ready for the reception of coa pany, being under the management of it* old proprietor, ienry Hull. Pre*urainf on hi* lone emparlance a* a caterer for the travelling public, ha intend* that the managemaut of the e*tablishmeut (hall be *ach a* to meet the wonts of the ino*t fastidious, whether tarrying for the teasou or a shorter period. je3 lmrc HENRY HULL. FOR sale OR TO LET, The Modem bailt three atory brick houaa, IIS Adam* ??:y * treat, Brooklyn. If notsoM by privnta tale, it will be -''?i. disposed of at public auction, on the lSth day of May next. Half of the purchase money can remain on mortgage,, for a term 01 year*. Application to be made on the premises >15 Adam* st., Brooklyn. af lm*rc FOR SALb OR TO LEASE, IN BROOKLYN. Jot VAN BRUNT'S HOTEL. No. S3 Fulton street, pll (aortheaiterly side,) fire doors from Kniton Ferry, is Jia?L now offered lor tale or to lease. The house it 19 by 45 ten, font ttoriee high, containing t> room*, tod being on the greatest thoroughfare in Brooklyn, is a good location for many kinds of busiuess. Possession given immediately. For particular*, inquire an the premise* of GEORGE VAN BRUNT. Brooklyn, May tS, 1M. my26 la* rc Rooms, furnished or unfurnished. AffL TO LET?In a (mall and most delightfully- situausd |..;B home, ueax the Wa*lvington Parade Ground, one or JSJlBatwe room*, with or without full or partial board. No other boarder* or lodger* are in the house, nor will be taken. The family at preseut cou*ist* of enly three grown persons. To single gentlemen, or a gentleman and lady, desirous of living iu a private family, and in t uleuaut, quiet, and hand some location, this offera an opportunity bat rarely met with. The entire naif of tip bouse will be let to a desirable tenant, without children. Address B. T. at the desk of this ofllce. myHlfrrc i.tKNLVS GOJSSaMEK. HATS, d WEIGHING from ?% to 3K ounce*. Price only $3 SO. It is about two years since the (roatamer Hat was first introduced by the tnbteriber to the notice of the New York public, a* the lightest, the moet deiirable, an J the most tasty article for summer wear heretofore in a*e. The astonishing success attending them, evinced by the extraordinary large amount of sales, and the popular approba tion bestowed upoa them by the many who nave given them their patronage, have net been lost upon the subscriber, who, lo show that he is aver anxious to excel ia his art. aow pre sent* for public patronage the Gossamr r hat, much lighaar and more pleasant than any other ever before offered. They are not liable, like the Leghorn and Panama, to loee either shape 1 or color from exposure to the raia. They cannot be soiled by either perspiration or oil from the hair, so commonly the caae with other Hats, for the much admired style of trimmings, originating with the proprietor, effectually prevent! all Out. This is a decided advantage over all other halt. i The public are invited to call and *?.e tbi* article at J. N. GEN1^8 Hat and Cap Store, myl7 lm*rc 314 Broadway, opposite St. Paul's Church WATTRIPONT & CO., f* FASHIONABLE HATTERS. Jpk 83 Nassau street, near Fulton, New York. THE subscriber* beg to call the attention of the pnblie to thequalityof their varioas kinds of Hats of their own manu facture. They liave just received a small supply of superior moleskin, now used by the most fashionable hatters iu Puis, a sample of which they will feel much pleasure io showing to those who will favor them with a calf. Jke undertignea do not pretend to sell at Si or even 10 per Cent less than any other -stablishment; neither can they boast ot having a splen did store: but they flatter themselves that the quality and finish of their Hats will give entire satisfaction, at the prices charged. They have adopted the French Kyle oi trimming tha sum mer hats, which is a preventive to the perspiration coming through and spoiling the beauty oi their^^earanc|.^ ^ ^ mr 2.1 1m*m WM.'H. JAMES. SUMMER HATS. ECONOMY AND FASHION. fl ROBERTSON'S PHENIX HAT AND CAP MANUFACTORY, 103 Fulton ttreet.?Tlie under tinned bespeaks the attention of the public to the quality ol his Summer Hats, possessing the various properties usually sought for by the man of taste, they have the additional merit ot being IS per cent below the standard pricea. They are es sentially similar in material, workmanship, and finish, to the Saides manufactured by Be more splendid establishments of roadway; and on a close comparison of their respective material difference can be perceived, escept in the tingle particular that the subscriber lias adopted a style ol triifuniug. whieta effectually prevents the penpiration ol the forehead Irom striking through, and impairing the ap pearance. Their average weight it from >% to 3V ounces?being much lighter than tubttantial Leghomi, or Panamas. Persons of taste and judgmeat, who are infliunced in their pnrchase* by consideration* of coat, are invited to examine them, and to establish, bythe test of comparison, their cr^cise value, com pared with the productions of other manufacturers. mvtsim*re ROBERTSON, 1?3 Fulton arrest. OihNTLEMEN'S SPRING tASHlON. BEAVER AND SILK HATS of the best quality and moat approved shapes, are bow ready for- inspection aad la* v M&L.4 2 ?ale ? at tha old established pricea. Be*t Beaver t* 5# Bait Bilk ... ...... ... .4 00 HOWE, Merchants' F.sAsngi 40 William st re a 17 lm*rrc 40 William street. J. FRlOE It CO. FASHIONABLE HAT 8TORE. (1 THE SUBSCRIBERS having opened a HAT STORE Jp?tt No. 110 Fulton street, corner of Dutch street, respect fully solicit the patrouage of their old customers and the pub lic. They will constantly keep on hand a complete assort nut of lists. Caps. Umbrellas, lie., fcc., of the latest style, and will sell at the lowest puces. Single hau made to order *m?,.m?re"'">CiC'- 'jffol wMffhr. EXCELSIOR fl ROBERTSON'S PHCENIX UL HAT AND CAP MANUFACTORY mTFULTON ST., BETWEEN NASSAU and WILLIAM THE proprietor of this establishment has recently added to his extensive stock of spring roods, an assortment of Moleskin Hats, of exquisite finish and superior elegance. The price of these really soserb articles it only $3 SO, being 91 SO less than the same goods (manufactured in the same manner aad of similar material) are sold in Broadwsy. The secret of this gTrat disparity in price may be easily conjectured. The advertiser's expenses being but a tithe of those of the more splendid establishments ia droedwsv, be is in consequence enabled to oflor goods oi a corresponding description at lower rates. an lm*rc GENTLEMEN a SUMMER HATS. Bmt>. CORNER PINE JtND NASSJiU STREETS, INVIr?S the attention of hie customer* and the pub lic to bis assortment of rammer Hsu, consisting, among other*, of white and pea/I color far Hau, exceedingly hght; Panama, Manilla, Canadian Straw Hate. AJao, extra nght, black beaver and moleekin Hau, expresaly adapted to the maimer mm. hitK BIRD, enniw Fine and Nat tan ?ta. h bflLL OK HATS are low reedy for inspection and tale, (at No. in Fulton itreet. Son Building*,) couaieting of Oref on Denver white and bine broth Hau, alarge eseorunenl of gentlemen'* Panama and Leghorn Hau. Ala... a new et> I* ef boy * rammer Hau. Hau mule to order ni ? very short notice. my IS 1 nl ? re ATLANTIC AND ST. LAWBKNCt RAILROAD NOTICE Tt) CONTRACTORS.?Propoaala will be re eeiyed at the Offioe of the Atlantic and St. Lawrence Railroad company, la this city, from the 17th to T7th of June neat, ferthe Grading, Matoury and Bridgingjof a divieiqn o the road, (itenduu from a point at. or naar Portland, te Boy; all's river in North Varmonih, a distance of about 11 milee. Plana, Prutilee and Specification! will be exhibited, and the Baiaitc information given, at the Engineer'* Office in Port 4, on and after the 17th of Jane. femnus offering to contract for the work, who are unknown to tUMiidemgued, or toth* director*, will be required to accompany thoir proposal* with* a* to character ?nd ability. A farther extension of the road, embracing a diauuee of ?erne tiftemi or more additional mllea, will be prepared for, and pat alder contract, abeo? the firat of Aagut next. By order of the Board of Director*. r President; A. C. MORTON, Chief klngmeer. fortlw?4i M*., May 1?, 1M?. my J7_lmr_ TO DEALERS IN FISHING TACKLE. LARGt Maortmeot ^f China One* Fishing.Lines, and try dealers. reasonable |Tiees,st < Karabbehoinut. Wk"' 193 BROADWAY, CORN SIR OF JOHN STREET TO THOSE WHO SHAVE THEMSELVES f AVom |A* Earning Pert.] SPECIMENS of tUNO'f Wiapurpachahle VERBENA CREAM FOR SHAVING.?1 hi* article, universally praiied by tho*e who made*tnal nf it, I ait year too* tne firet | premium of the Institute Kair. Indeed, it i* lully conceded by thoee who know, that it i* impossible to manufacture an article vmial to it. It i* softening to tlte akin, fragrant to the I ?ause, a deatroyer of freckle* and pimple*, and i* *o|d cheap- 1 er than the old eoape. All, therefor*, who woold consult I economy and comfort in sharing, *hou Id po**e>* themtelv** i > rom the New Votfc Ooxette.?The New Soap.?We apeak i from experience, and we apeak from the more professional i kn.>* i r.Ik* of our benefactor and friend. Jamea Grant, No. 4 Ann aueet, who sav* it ia ahead of anything ever yet found j Et in tin* department of modern improvement- It ia not oa an emollient, "but it ia *oniething more." In short, w? it it tlie boat ahaviug uu in the world. From the Evening fklirror.?Riug't Verbena Cream, wi know by experience ?o be the hett kind of (having aoap, and thoa* |?nuun who have troublesome bearda, should not be witiioat it. It has a Muetiatiug way of iu own. and *oft*ii* the ha/deat and roughest beard, ao a* to render the operation nf shat iog perfect! y easy. Mr. Ring ha* lately takeu ihe bu siuess of Dr. Miluor, at the comer of Broadway and John street, where hit inestimable artiele may be obtained; and, likewise^ King's Cough Candy, which it aaid to be a pleasant and certain cure fin that troublesome companion. From tba Sander Dispatch.?Every man who (have* him ?oil thr.nld procure "Ring'* Verbena Cream.* It i* *n ex qnieite article, softening tne beard, and ((laying all imtanon oftlie skin, so that it becomes an sbeoluM pleaeare, fristesd of an annoyaiiefc to u*e the rtcor. Beware of imWations, and observe the wnttaa signature, ?rd*r the direetioiis fm use. of "C. H. fling."1 Prepared, and Mt sale, wholesale and retail, aud for eii>ori*uo*, by _ C. H. RING, Drnggist, HS Broadway, comer ot John street. Roccessor to Dr. Wm. H. Miluor. N.B.?!\fareh*nt? are particularly requested to call and eg amine this artkle, aa now prepared, *n to quality, nuantity, appearance and prico. It cannet be beat?the splendid new ' >el, from a steel plate, engraved by Meter* Rawiloa. right fe. Hatch, far exceediag any thing of the kind before the public. mSlm'r H'O MARRIED LADIES.?A Secret Worth Know log? 1 Apply for farther particular* to Dr. CH. F. MONTEL, lower poet offiM. No Uttaw tit? from the amm unless ihey Ft w, NEW BOOT AND SHOE STORE, AV 69 Maiden font, corner of ITiUiaa ttrttl. MEAQARY k HIUOINS have opened this u.wEju blishmeut with * new and spleudid uiormnot uf U?i tlemeu's Boeu aud Shoes, all new, latest 1'aria and French lashion., mad* under our own inspection and warranted. Sold low.forcuh, wfeolinlt and retail. Weiolicit Merchant*, Clerk* and dealer* to call and ciunioe our new stock before purchasing elsewhere. We do business ou the eaah principle (herelore, we can afford to undersell aay eatabliahmcut in ihia city my*7im*re AAA TO LEND O.N llONO AND MOSf SifcWjUUv OAOE, in sum* u> suit applicants. ou pro ductive neal Est*te,ju thia city and Brooklyu. Applyto S. 8. BKOAl), No. II Wall meet, in the Croton Water Office, baaement. mvWHi'w h_A_NC-'& fATlfiAl fUKiAiiU. bAitLLNu APPARATUS. ANEW and splendid arrangement, by mean* which the Shower Batn U united wwh the Bathing Tub. and can be ased in oooneouoo, ia aay part of the house. The public are respectfWlly inyited U? call and examine it at the store of the Suheenbar, No. 3T7%iwe?y .between Fourth and Fifth streets. CHARLES KANl, Patentee. mytl lmfw Thorn CHam^SE. AFRESH INVOICE of thU delightful Champagne ia ia ?tore, to which the attention ot merchant!, hotel keener*, aud private gentlemen is invited. The stranding of uus Wine is now suiwnor to that of any in this country, and at no ninner price than that ef the beat ^uyING8TON fc co., marl) iatf r? "* Wall treat. HbL) HUUs, BEL) BUOS. WATSON'S B?l) BUG DESTROYER, ia the ?oe? wonderful discovery ever made for immediately de stroy iiig these vermin, however numerous, and eternally ba nishing them from the premises by one application. Beware of worthless imitations. ?, For sale at Apothecariea Hall. M Catharine street; Olcott k McCaaaem, 117 Nlsidcu lane; ana in Brooklny at Mrs. Hayes s, 139 Fnltoii st. Price 2& cents per bottle. a* lm*r CANDS O acqoai aooTT'a HAZAAK.. 74 /Vine* tfreet, ??( of Brwrkeay. SCOTT, late of the Bazaar in Dev street, ben to U acquaint his nameroos Mends aud the public, that he ha* epenen the above houee ia a very superior style, and hopes to merit a lair share of the public patronage. From long expe neuce in business, he flatten himself to be able to please the moet fastidious ; the accomtn.datioui of hie house lor buai neaa aud comfort, be believes cannot ba surpassed by any bouse of the kind. His petrous will alwaya find the houae well supplied with the best of every thiug the market afford* in the way of Alee, Wiuea, Liquors, and Segar*, Steaks, Chop*, Cold Cuts, Rarebit*. Poached Celts, 1 ea, toffee, aud ia fact a large assortment of refreihmeot* at all times until twelve o'clock at night. Plenty of rooms for private parties at all times ready. myl91Wrrc TO JEWELLERS, MINIATURE PAINTERS, fce ? C. It J. HARTNETT,. No. 3 Courtlandt ureet, near Broadway, wholesale aud retail Manufacturers of Travelling. WritiAg, Dressing and Jewelry Boxes, Miniature Caae* and Settings; Mute, Locket, Watch, Rin?, Pia and P?neil Bgxe*; cases Tor ailver Plate neatly arranged to order. Also, Trays made aad fitted to Jewellers show cases, to contain watches, chains, rings, keys, pin*, thimble*, pencil*, kc A variety of the above article* couatantlv' on hand tad made to order, with neatness aud despatch. No. * Courtlandt street. New York. myUlm?rc THE ONLY GENUINE WALNUT OIL MILITARY SHAVING SOAP, MANUFACTURED by our Mr. Johnson, the inventor, ivA late Johnson, Vroom k Fowler, wholesale and retail. Fancy Soaps, Essences, aud every article pertaining to an extensive manufactory, for .the trade and families, at less prices than any other boo** in this country can supply. Also, the depot ol the original and ouly genuine Magi hia Extractor, for burus, and Hay's Liniment for rilae; Kaiydnr, for the complexion; Acoustic Oil for Deafneas; Saraaparilla Extract, Met* par bottle. Oregon Hair Oil; _ , . On tlie moet favorable term* to merchants in all part* of the Bean try. Steam Soap Work* and Laboratory of Perfumes, Patent Medicines, kc. kc., II Courtlandt street, New York. myl? lin'rc CHURCH'S VEGETABLE LO'llUiN. THIS highly valuable Cosmetic will effectually cure eni|r tions on the face aud skin, particularly pimple*, blotches, tetter, tan, freckles and ringworms. The use ol the Lotion for a short time, will establish a clear aud brilliant co r.plex ion. Sold ia bottles at 75 cent* each, at IM Bowery, corner of Spring atreet. Alao by Mr*. Hny*, Brooklyn. my It lm? in WINDOW SHAL?b DEPOT, No. 7 SPRUCE STREET. BITAaUMKD IN I WO. WHOLESALE AND RETAIL, C HADES of all descriptions. kind* and *ixe*. M pnwt O cheaper llian caa be bought at any other PHMi- Tnm niatiM majiufncturev*' |kic(. BARTOLT DE MAUNY k Co., . Byfl |a?nr VtarnifattuKTw it MILITARY EQUfrMETNTS?FIREMEN'S CAPS. THE SUBSCRIBER reepectlally calls the attention ol the military public to hie assortineat of Military fco?pments adapted to all compeniaa; Miltary Cap*, Knapsack*. Boies and Bayonet Scabbard* of every variety. Country aompa aie*, about changing their auilorm, or thoee about loraio# new companiea, A full aaaorunent of a very variety, eoustaatly oa hand, ia? made to order at the*horte?luotiea. fil Jm*irc H. S. OR AT AC Af, W Broadway DR. JU11N ROAKE'S IODINE LINIMENT, FOR RHEUMATISM, SWELLED LIMBS, Sl'RAINS, Bruises. Contractions of the Cords and Muscle* Scrofula, Paralysis or lo*s of the use of the Limbs, Dis ease of the Spine and Hip Joint. Eruptions of the Skin, kc This Liniment is universally admitted to l>e tlie ouly arti cle that will perform all that it ia represented to do. ltis a Scientific Chemical Compound of Iodine that has perform i*d such astonishing cure* of long .taadiug, after every other remedy had failed. Out it would staggrr belief- if the> could not be substantiated by the most retpectable persona who liave been cured. It permanently and e^t^c? _ ter, not ot how long standing ; Sprain*. Bruises, Tumors, Hard Swelling', and Enlarged Joint* yiSd to * few applica tion* of this Liniment. It has been used -with incredible sue ee? in Scrofula or King's Evil, enlarged UI*nd? d..ea.e. of the Spine and Hip Joints, Tic Dolorea*, aud all Nervous invaluable and act* like a charm, stopping the bleed ing of Fle*h Wound* and causing them to heal in a few days. Ithas never been knawn to fail m curing the most stubborn Ulcers or Fever Sores and Swelled Lei??, Pains across the Kidneys, in the Chest, Side, Stiff Neck. 8ore Throat, and Croup, can be iaatantly relieved by *atun?ag a piece of flan nel with the ,OD|NE LINIMENT, and bind upon the part affected. It speedily and effectually eradicates cutaneous eruptions of the skin in the form of Salt Rheum, Krysipelas. Pimnles, Ringworm or Tetter, Barber's Itch, ^ahd Head, kc.. It u? itautly relieves Toothache and Headachy. It extracts the pain and cures Corns, Bunion*. Chilblains, kc. A wordupoa the origin and[???*<>' DISfcASr.S. . , When the hum*a frame receives a shock, either from heat, cold, fatigue, or other causes, the weakest organ of the sys tem suffers most. One person will haves a cough, the lungs being the weakest organ ; his neighbor, rheumatism, the muscular and cellalar tissue being the weakest ; another, en larged glands and swellings, the glandidar system being the weakest, kc. When you have an orgsb thus suffering, the more direct your application to the part* diseased, tne netter *? ,"*1*P*DRf ROAKE'S JOPINE LDn.MEOT. _ produce* a healthv action ia the diseased part, *trengthen*, lovieorates, and restores it to perfect health. It only wants to be tried to satisfy the most skeptical cdthe restoring ]>ower ol this most valuable Liniment. nnivrvm Physicians are daily recommendiag Dr. ROARtH IO DINE LINIMENT, regarding it the_K?g somght for d*?ider stum ; a truly acientific compound of IOD1N r. in the lorm oi Liniment, without color and unpleumnt smell, th*t ti? M used upoa the moat delicate feinala or child with perfect ASTONISHING CURE OF RHKUMA1 ISNt, *ivt> Diseases or Hir joint or tw*-?tt Uantlemen?I feel it a duty to state for the benefit of the Piblic, the astonishing care of myaelf, which i* as followi.? or the last tweuty years 1 have been troubled with rheuma tism ; I could not walk without a cnae or erutch : the l-aiu w?a excruciating, so much so that I enuld not sleep night*. 1 ha disease finally eettled in my hip joint: the the thigh became elongated or pushed out of its socket by the pain and inflam mation; the cords became contracted so as to throw my knee forward, and drew my foot backward. *o the point* "V toe* barely touched the ground when I walked. .My hanlth wa* sfl much impaired, f made up my mind that the diaease was so firmly seated that nothing could benefit me; 1 had tned the very best physiciani aud all of the sure cures, w ithoot relief. I wa. adri.ed by a Irieud to try Roake s Iodine Lmimei.t, which I consented to without faith; but before I had used one bottle I found relief?it reduced the inflammation and ex wacted the p?in. I continued to use it freely for six week*; the cord. I.ecame relaxed, the leg resumed '"farmer apijear .. -v txzuAi.r Fact, are stuhboni every day bring* mare qvidenee vkiiie of Koakefs Iodine Liniment. Feelings ol gjatitude *nd the good of my fellow waatnre* who mav be smicted in the same w*v, induces me to state the astonishing cure of my child, which is as followr: Three vArV^ohew-uattacked with a swell in? upon the s*l. of his neek, ^fhich grew "> large that it turned lis head to an*' side. It finally broCe. discharxing Urge ? .^LelVton kept on discharging until he wo reduced to * mere skeleton. He suffered pain iudescribable. I employed the hast physi cians and made use of * great muiy remedies without benefit I mad* up my mind he must die. I wa*iinduced by ai friaud who knew the healing powers of Roake s Iodine L'Jimeut to try it. I *m happy to *ay that 1 had not used one bottle be fore the sores commenced healinx, and the swelling and sabstdad. aad before I had used the secobd bottle lie wo perfeetlj(weU. ^ ?.8Tqv No. JO Ninth avenue. Principal Depot. 8. INOEK80LL k CO-, *> J?hu street. - Iaa?r mvll KITCHEN KANGKW. HOLMES' TWO OVEN KITCHEN RANGES. THE Proprietor* art now prepared to f.irnuh Holme*' range* to tlir u?d?. or art them up for privitr fnmiliea or boarding hnuwi, hating purchased the right rrom the utentee to manulacture aodael) litem. Our experience in manufactur ing and letting Kitchen Range*, id thia city, for the pail 1( yeari, warrant* ai in marti:.* that Holme*' ?-mi cannot he ?arp.iiued for economy, cou?i-nieuee, and durability. They ?re warranted to perform the porpnae* for which ttiry are pure rhaacd, and if uot they will he removed free of any e*peni<- to th* purrhaaer. Namimui reference* ciui be kit en loi Wirfci'tg to purchase. The price* range lrom?i to 15 d illata fhe pr >i?net<iri ara eoe*?antlv in?iiul*c:nrir>K, aqd are well (applied with parlor, oflW ad?l baii-r<VH> ORaTES, of the neweet pattern*. Alio?TINWARE,bngUt,plait; \cA ja;?aned They have main at rll time* ready 10 **t R*n<??, |r?.t*?, and boiler*? aim, *mok*y chimney* cured ; nn cure, no pay. A. GILHOOLV \ SON, ?III !m*rc 71 Naeiau atreet. 717)",WW HA VAN A It MUNCIPE SLJaKS~ i. 7Wjl 12d Mm HAVANA TOBACCO,*a follow* J? . KmuUnon, Eiculapio, Pre**ed, Rinida Regalia, San Roman, Riouda do., Ejiwnw do., La Victoria, Lafayette do., Waahingtoa do., Eaperanga, Rioada Congreaaoa, Lafajettr do., Rioada, Do. Plantation, Princitw Steamboat, Lafayette, Ptincipe J alio Hang, Via. Jajo Tobacco. The whole aatltied to debenture, rad ia lou to rait. Kor ?ale bT B. &f. PICABIA. my7 lm*r 117 Front*t., near Wall, up Main. intelligence FROM the WAR QUAB TEB. THE NEW REPUBLIC Of RIO GRANDE. IlfBIPHHl. military preparations. 4m. Ac. Ac. Special Correspondence of Um Herald. Ntw uiLtini, June 14 1846 TKt Ktw? from the Rio Grande-Military Dtnemente Shocking Murder, S-c. There is litti* of interest transpiring about town at nre ??' M 4? 1# ?tt#rto * th.t the reiT no nowii i? ia' be anxiously expecting it, I will scnbblo ft few linos. Tho last arrivals from thi? uL allhouph^Vv? fa,1?d ,0 ' papers all publish long letter* from the venom points where the troopi ere stationed written from U?I r*". ,? th,n anything else, although any item* Th?^? V0f-ar m,y b* "*ard.d ?? interesting. There are fourteen companies of Tennessee Volunteers of f*o?'r^t^I|?'*?u0pp0,it" thii cit^ under command mM tw I ii Th?y ? fine hardy looking ... of men, dressed well and under a good state of discipline ITieni are S h"? COUl'' "P*ct*d?f*?entTOp*' I here are some hard cases among them ; how can anv one expect to find all A No. 1, oSt of a crowd of l*i board Tenne??ee steamboat, at Vieksburrh f- i.vnultJ,,oc?urr?<l between the acting Commissary r' C. Miller of the Gaines Guards, Memphis, and Orderly Sergeant Sneed ; and whan Miller waa ordered into the worts hnThlJl" q'ckih!? r*fu,ed to *??nd after some words in hot blood, Snecd drew a pistol and shot Miller through the body. He died shortly after The marderer was immediately secured and brought down to theHtV "* ?LU b\tak0n b?ek P??bably fo? triaL The roverb-' mem has chartered three Teasels to take the Tcnnesseans A r'?m ? y wiU Probab'y "tart to-morrow mn * ?J mounted men, called the Oaines Hang. r*'n?P?,cd ot )ounK "en from Alabama and this city numbermg about twentv, and commanded bv F A Luni ('nadl P:^unt- "?*???? y?terd.7 for theX Grande, on their own hook and at their own expense to offer tl?*ir services to General Taylor Th, oZ of Marcy , increasing the time of volunteer service from six to twelve months, after they had only enlisted for six has caused and will cause great difficulty. It is an insult 'uff *?d outrageous act, and one which could have pro ceeded only from Mr. Secrelrry Marcr. There is not a W?ul'? not ??'he end of ?>i, six monttS! U uie country required, serre for double the period ? but to be told when they arrive that thev mimt mn vlnm . unless they enlist for a year, is coming it " raytlior hard il"?'.*aorican l*?P'e-piUng it up a leeUe too moun _ _ (Corr. of the Mobile Register. 1 ! Fobt Polk, Point Isabel, June 7 1846?We f?5 B,^iU? w,h,w w* ,ha11 <>? stationed fo?a ?hort time and prepare for operations in the interior of Upper Mexico. Troops are arriving dailv, and there is no mere to be feared by famine from the large accumula .J"!?V?ur 0Wn force" th?n fi0m ?? engXerwnt with mi*! ?nemy- The men at the Point are much de bilitated by a severe flux, so much so as to render them almost totally unfit for service; but few will be able to march from here to Barita. They need better water a change of fond, and more exercise. Gen. Taylor will not move into thelnterior until he has cellecL.i W?dro,wa^chlinbtllUhKd 810118 ther?ute of march je do which, in the hurried and pressed transactions of business here, will require weeks if not months It is re ported by the captain of the "Sea." Just from Rio that a P*''y of''?0 Mexican rancheroa crossed to this aide of the river jesterdav, and were now ranging to the east and ??t??Fh?n?,i"r?k P* P/ob?b,? truthol this report '' by tb* f,ft that some Mexican spies were aiTested in the vicinity of this Point two days since and were supposed to be reconnoitering lor some Mexican force lurking near. Should we fall'inwithtoSsefeK oa our inarch to Barita, we may have w A tot w, ?T.V'(De!r/0,?r fhou*wd volunteers. Monterey i. now filled with Mexican troops, and the road to it is through mountain passes that may be defended very succe?fufiv :f rIducL?f v "?>j2Sonyif hVitS^tT ! Ii1 in fine health and spirits. General Taylor has ordered us to consolidate under General Desha, who will until fiKther action command us as Senior CapUin; thourh *!JLU1.P^bfb.17 ??*?Diie a battalion under Desha as "?ftjor such is the desire of General Taylor. The Gencrala In Camp. [From the New Orleans Tropic, June 10. The contrast of the two commanding general* Tavlnr and Arista, in the pomp and citSLS"'^aT%?as characteristic of the different instituUons under which they lived. There was a scmi-barbaric splendor asso ciated with Aruta s, according with the despotism of the Mexican government. A simplicity about that of 1 ayiors, equally significant of pure Republican institu Uons. The marquee of the commanding general of the Mexican forces was bell-shaped, and ot great size The material of which it was composed, was ornamented by parti-colored stripes, giving it a holyday. appearance ? Around it were stationed gaily dressed oSTen who ghstenid in the sun, and were ever ready to pay the most abject respect to their chief. Led horses richlv caparisoned slowly paced in sight Protecting its rear like continued labyrinthian walls, were anWed the equipage of the camp. Pack saddles for SsVYundred w?re tastefully placed for display, and their loads near by, heaped up in prodigal confusion. To the poor Mexican soldier, bivouacked m the open sir, this wealth Vk K^n a '<UM|> and its conventional pos (essor, rich beyond their imagination, and iiowerfulbe J ond comparison. Batids of rude music almost constant lv reat the air with their noisy labor. The furniture of tte marquee was rich ; the cosily figured cheTu oi tbe camp were the ornamental furniture ; upon their tons reposed in ostentation, the heavy silver service of the ? hi.0?ele?a?Uy flnUb*d '? m.iP. ofX. " In thii array, ?at the commanding creaeral. surrounded by lUs numeroas staff?his clothed of g.y colon and laced to vulgar profusion. Visits of ceremony o"of* u f w?r? conducted with pomp and needless dela\s long hnes of officials stared and leered, and were impu 1 i or11c"nff?ng, as suited their purposes best? r '""0 ro'led, sabres and muskets rattle<f. and the bnzzof "f. hol,ow pretence was triumphant r, ? ^T*u >?ctly o{ Matamoras, a litUe dist banks of the Rio Grande, is to be seen (June 1st,) some stuntod and ill shaped trees which tiend their gnarled and almost leafless limbs ovVr a grou? <rf Mmmon .,i?nU' ?^y diff?rent from tho - oi'the common soldier in their rear, in this, that they . t ? hete rogenously disposed of for shads, instead of lumg in a line, regardless of ail else than miliary precision. Tho manvwhL.K?"?d #r*^ilh thousands of tenU, before soldien^ an?ov1!r2.!^rtillery and groups of men and IVB,r.?om6 w,7ed ,n triumphant loids our ?w ! ??i promise of more importance and Ku Ll J k.n0t to which we h?ve particularly ailuiied. We wended our way on towards the d'vaifiih trees that were distinguished, from being a few test higner than the surrounding brush, and for the little group of tents that rested beneath them, for they were jointed out as marking the head quarter, of the command ? ui .. i triumphant American army. Not the "'"kie.loaaark one tent in the group rrem another, there were no sen inels or any milita'v pa radepre eat; a chubby, sunburnt child, ?belonging to arr^^fi'V h" P J ne'r b> ""th* Kr?". temporarily tlHt wM w*P"?"n?? by K>me insect of unusual size ^del!!P* ln ,h* d??t- We presented ourself at ini a^faMM^s ?f U>" Ufore which was stand ing a dragoon s horse, much used by hard service Upon a camp stool at our left sat General , in busy coE *, esrty looking old gentleman, sitting on takanM^u^nlTn l*".|ArkauM' b'?nket, dressed in At 1U>#" roundabout,and remarkable . , ' * P?"P ?l>eut his tent; a couple of roueh blue chests served for his table, on which were strewn in masterly coniusion, a variety ol official looking docu cUil?dr--d persona^ m^e b.a^^^f! P?? h,ann*th* "g^flcant aall ot Ben," sh??n?;,?i u * **Jv#r' conPie ot h'^c*1 bottles and j ' arranf?d aiound an uarthern pkcher of R,o Grande water I hese refreshmenu were depo sited upon a itool, and " we helped ourselves," by invi tation. We bore to the general a complimentary gift he0!|,J?^H0!^W 7 ciuzens of New Orleans, whfch^.hnft hi,',"'?* present, giving at the same itU ?r ^ i ! iij* **""* 'ecture, on uie impropri. j T K ('b'ldren an<J places after men before they " ?r ? i* receiving a present for his services ^before the naypaHf. ?? far as ha was concerned, was I*"'*'j?d ? , ' hl?he?t possible admiration of the *i?piicity oi Ue manner* and character ot Generally tor, as bade him good day, with a higher appreciation ol our native land, for possessing such a sTcIisuicter,1I*n' 1' '** in,tit?tions for mouiaing such ve il I **^of the War. t !t democratio nominee for Conrrets I in tlie fourth District of Missouri, arrived in St Louis , recently, a volunteer ou his way to the Rio Grande. As i the order lor voluuteers to go Sooth was countermanded < he cailo.! a halt und enrolled himself in ( apt tdmond- I son's < u.i,j?aii\ of mounted men for Stanta Ke, and lett the I ( ongressionai field open to col. Birch of the same party. The 9t Louis RtveilU of the 11th states, upon the authority of I oi. ( unpbell. that tlie Hon Hteiiing Price member ol Cougiess liom Missouri, has arrived 1b that *tty Irom the seat of government, with another requtsi tiou for a regiment ot mounted men It is sa.d that Mr. rnte carries with him power to make treaties of peace. 't will no longer be doubted that th* Lnglish havo Deen the principal movers in this war. and that the) have MnldPwi??!SF Mexicans as far as they _-" _- lt*?,lt "t once coming in collision with our fou^?? r 140 *I,t uit ? th* English Consul's ' l.*ud " Ur*e quanUty of Msxican t*k*n therelrom; and yesterday a large aiA,a^[w"1 ww. havVw^?.mfi*1"1"0*,0' 1 f'amargo, nave wailed on the GsaerrJ, with ? surrender of their towns. From present appearances, the ???*?? paien will consist of a aeries of peaoeable n>*rche?? 1 ? take quiet possession of the territory and villages onihi. river which mu.t fall Into our hands It is P^bebly im, po?ible for the enemy to a??embUtnycen?iJer?b!e force on thla frontier for several month. ; thouKhl^oba; bly lone hard fighting will benecessary WoreMexico will be ?atUiied of our superiorityCer. N. O Paper. The Movement to Bitabllik a New Itepub lic on the Mexican elde of the IUo Qrand?. [From the Matamoraa Republic, June I ] To Iht ?/ Tammulifiai. Coukuila, Stw Lton, and Ckikuahua :? The presence of U American army in Matamoras, and tlie adjacent towna of the Rio Grande, la the result of the wickedness and folly of the government of Mexico. The military despot who now holds the reins of power benn by making your territory the theatie of war, for he\new that every blow he struck on the American !?eof the river, would be followed up on yours. Doubt les! he relied upon the force of number* to crush our tmall battalions?but in this he erred After provoking hostilities, and receiving two signal defaata. the OenfiniU of that perfidious government retreat, without evona stipulation for the security of your property, or the M&tv of vour lives. The victorious army peases the Rio Bravo, and, without disturbing persona or property ?without entering the city ot Matamoraa, it encamps quietly around its suburbs. The American fads your hospital. and dwellings crowded with the wounled soldiers, which bis enemy lila ironeroaitvthe surgeons oi his army are directed to attend them. The public property found in the hands of government agents in MaU moras is sold, and the fund thus raised is applied to the personal comfort of those wretched victims of their country s heartlessness. The want, of our soldiers are supplied by fair purchase from the inhabitants, at tho ] m^rke^ rtfes and trade is resumed with renewed confi^ dence The'Sabbath rolla round, and the Catholics of i the American army, free te worship as they please under I Lur glorious goVernmeut, assemble in their side arms, and march unaer an officer to the Cathedral, where they kneel among the humblest around the ahrine of our common *av7or. These are the events of the few past days and they are pregnant with potent meaning of the future. They prove to you thit ao brutal lust of con quest animates this army?that we seek to war only with the myrmiiiont of a tyrant, who is as much your e?eaiv as be U ours; and that your lives and property your wives aud daughters, and your household gods, are sale under the protection of the Vtnenoan flag. The Mexican government pretends to mako war for the integrity ol her territory?that is, for the recovery of Texas- but if she could not reconquer Texas during the ten yoars of her separate existence, how Quixotic to undertake it when, by her recent act of annexation, Texas is sustained by the whole power of the American Union' No?it was not for any patriotic object, howe ver chimerical, that the present dynasty ol Mexico be gan this war. It was not with the idle hope of reoon nuering a department which threw oil the yoke of des potism ten years ago, and obtained the acknowledgment of her independence from almost aU Europe-but it was to keep that yoke still fattened upon tho necks of the people of this valley, and of the departments adjaceut to it that the feeble tyranta of your country, in the wild new of despair, resort to war! They dread the onward urocreaa ofthe principles of genuine and rational liber tv^he abhor the march ef that apirit of equality which lavs the foundations of government broad among the and eives the evidence of ita sincerity in the education amf improvement ef the mass of its citiiena ThMe revoiutionarp despots of a day, who riae to power bv vfolMce-holdit by Iraud, and leave it. steeped in corruption and crime?regard tho government of your wuntfyonly as the prite of their unprincipled ambition You?the people?they look upon with most supreme contempt. * ou are never thought of, except to be torn from your families and draggoJ into their unholly_ser vice-or to be taxed a thousand fold on the of life to till their rapacious cotters. What matters it to vou'whether I'aredeaor Santa Anna, Arista or Ampu diay ri?e. to p?wer to-day, or falls again to-morroml Whoever succeeda, you are equally the vicUm. Whate ver battle cry they raise, victory forgea a new link in the chain that binds you, and widens the disunce be tween the revolutionary throne ot Mexico and the bleeding million# upon whose liberties it i* reared. V period seems to have arrived at last when the victim ?exhausted by unremitted suHering?must have a res nito or expire l our military leaders, alarmed at the ruin of your commerce, and the annihilation of public credit, evidently foresee that a more ?t?bl?orderof things ia necossary to revive the life-blood on w hich these vampires batten. Mexicaus, reflect upon the fact, that your mineral product, almost the only loreign ex port.under the incubus of mi.government has diminish i Ji.pintf vr?iir twenty yewi of civil strife, from 000O00 t/ less than eight hundred thousand an K?' "nd this l^t u ? true, though gloomy ex nonent of your decline in every thing. * our energies Save been peralyied, your property been confiscated, vour trade and induatry crushed, under taxes that would ? ? wuished down a nation of ten times your strength, and your children have been denied even the of education; and now, when these ruthless robbers, who 11 they eould grasp the subtle element, would tax the very air you breathe?these gorgeous Generals ol Division, who dock themselves ia public a poUa-these " time merilot it la Patria," whose only merit is. that they arc short lived as they are rapacious when they find that theso demoralizing causes are ,^5' ' natural result not only in the wreck of the national mo rala, but in the ruin of the public revenue, they^turn from the fr ghtful picture of ruin they have wrought fling off the ill-worn maak of republicanism?and gather the scattered elemenu of government under the rule of some scion of European royalty. Mexicans, is it not trul^?degrading specticle, that the question of mo narchy should be rending your capital, was rishly invading the American soil, and ? WcWmg the outpost* of the American camp. Whom the gous would destroy they fiist make mail. , But rash as these ephemeral Dictators of Mexico are, we kn?w that tliey hive not the temerity to pU.nge .nUi war with the United States without encouragement from aime powerful government, and the present angry rela tions between iSgland and tl.e United atate. leav. u. at no lot* to aurnuse the quarter whence that enceurage ment comes The poUcy of this interference may be verv iudicious on the part of Great Britain, but it is for you the people, * bo kre to be affected by it to consider Sow far it is dictated by a generous regard for_the pros perity of Mexico. When has England ever shown her self your friend J Was it in mulcting your government for lour or live times the amount of the loans whichi bar subjects had advanced you in condemned arms and niili urv equipments, drawn from the refuse of her arsenals ani for which she remunerated heraelf In the full facej ol vour bonds with heavy interest, secured upon your pub {ic domain .rmerely nominal rates; in the pawning of your custom-hou?es, and in the monopoly of all the rem nantaof your onca flourishing trade? Well may England afford to extend a lew slight act* of national courtesy to a country trom whom she relays herself with such solid advantages, and she might, at least, be generous enough to give you sincere advice, instead of making yeu the tool of her own vindictive policy, against a people whom ?he hate* because tftey have outstripped her in the ca reer of national prosperity. Mexicans, beware of the insidious approaches of a go vernment, who, in her policy, has shown herself for cen turies to be utterly sonuees?who seeks in every foreign alliance, only the aggrandizement of her commerce? who claims the police and espionage of the seas, that she may drive all weaker power* from the great high way of nation*, and usurp the carrying trade and com merce of the world?who oppresses 7^000,000 of Irish Catholics at homo with laws that almost deny them the possession of a soul; while abroad she holds out the hypocritical banner of universal emancipation?who opened the African slave trade to her colonies upon this continent, and after they had won their independence from her, unbluohingly denounced them for an e.'il which she herself had planted -who ha* belted the earth with her colonies, torn with rapacious hand from every nation and every tongue, and now makes the haughty boast of tha King of ttpain in kis day of palmy rapine? that "the sun net er ceases to shine on her dominions " But there is one nation on this continent that refuses to bow and cringe to Biitish insolence. The United States of America extorted their independence from her, in their infancy, *nd maintained it in their early unfledg ed power, upon the element on which England claimed exclusive rule. Now, ia the vigor of their manly strength, and the full developement of native resources and material, greater than even that of tagland herself, the war. if it is provoked, will be no idle tournament ? ft he will not And the Sikh* of India lathe freemen of Ataerioa. When nations ol such immense power, 1a this ago of scientific and mechanical improvemeat, meet in rade collision, the world will feel the shook. Who can estimate the recuperative energies of a natioa of twenty millions of intelligent freemen, with all tha sinews and material* of war within herself?eoal, iron, hemp, and live oak?a monopoly of the cotton, without whieh Kngland's operatives would stagnate and rebel in a month ?and lurplu* provisiensenougli to subsist another nation of eur own numbers. Or who oan tell how soon the gorgeous pageant of British power may fade, like a mor ning mist. Her law of primogeniture is tottering now, and when it falls, along with it goes that lorttly l<ingus, the British aristocracy. Kngland, gigantic a* she ap pears, with lur mighty fleets and armies, slumbers u|>on a volcano. When she enters a crusade against republi canism on this continent,*he may find 'ho principle of mo narchy attacked upon her own soil, no ) ti.? war that began for the extinction of the people's right* in America, may end In a**erting and eatablisiung ttieca around the ivy grown thrones of Kuropean despot* The world is too enlightened to be kept in bondsga. Time oan no louger halluw hoary wrong, or consecrate the tenure of a Des pot's iway. The day ha* passed whan tyrant* ruled by 'the grace of God," and the people revelled at the mo narch s gracious bidding The nineu'c :iu century i* awake to the jubilee of universal freedom. But if Mexicn, the neareat neighbor of the American Republic, lading behind the spirit of the age, despairs of success in her attempt at sell guvernmeut, and yields hersulf a willing preyto the anarchists.who Cut exhausted nnd then would sell bur to the oourt <>i ht. James, it he becomes the first duty of the United State* to her institu tion* and to the cause of humun freedom to guaraatee her territory against the encroachments ?( monarchy ? Had \lexico forced thi* war entlnKiand as she has on the United States, that rapaciou* power would have asked no better excuse for conquering the whole country, as she did India, and converting it into a British (.olony, to pay the expanse* of the war. With the United State* it t* different, hlie can make no addition to her population but by the voluntary act of citiienahip. Knowing her own rights, and guarding them jealously from all in fringement. she never invade* tnejutt right* of other* Civil liberty I* tha birthright of the American?he im bibe* it in Infancy?he inhale* it in manhood?accustomed to regard himself ai a unit of the political commonwealth, it is trilUng with his understanding and an iatult to his ! feelings, to tell him be is a freeman. He knots * it. Nature implants, education cultivate*, aad association with tui 1 fellow freemen daily exempllfiea it Thil being tb* character and the requisitesof th* American citizen. it ia a contradiction to suppose that h* is to lie acquired by i oonquest. or tiansferred ? tba spoil of war. No! tha (iovernment of tha United States teeka no coaqueatovar a reluctant people, but she Joe* demand a congenial neighbor upon har bordari? one who will sympathise with the genius of her inititutiona ami the liberty of har lawa. If *ho canaot obtain a republican neighbor, who will reciprocate kiml ollices and beneficial laws, It will become the paramount duty of the United Stataa. to aeek a boundary which the can readily fortify and defend against thejierpetual bickering* of an uncongenial Gov eminent Tha opposite bank* of a atream like the Rio Bravo, dividing a fertile valley, ia tha worat poathle boundary between nations, unlaaa there i* affinity of in ititutiona and of lawa, among tha inhabitanta. Tha L'nitad Stat** of America will never recede in the face of Monarchy, they must greet a kindred Republic across the . RioUrande or advance and entrench tn*inselv*a upon ' tha rugged ateepi and defilea of tha Siorra Madre. The 1 moana which our Congreaa haa just voted, of 60,000 meu, I and ten million* of dollar*, enable* tha President to dictate ] the terms ofnaaco in your Capital, and It now rests with I yourielve*, People of Northern Mexico, to asaunu an at titude which will place you fifty year* in advance of your present position, or hurl you back iimjng the anarchical fragment* ot tho interior of Mexico, Io auL aide and rot, perhaps, under the stagnant calm of despot ism, or perhap* to expire in a feeble and attenuated antagonism to prinaiplea which muit ultimately govern the world. Rise, than, citizens of Tnmaulipa*, New Leon, Coahui la and Chihuahua ! Shake off the lethargy iu which you have slumbered sinco \19, and reanimate tha repub lic of Rio Grande. You then appealed to the govern ment of Taxa* to aid you ia your war againit central op pression aud rapacity; and her gallant volunteer* flock ed to your (tan.'lard, and won battle* in your cat\*e, that ought to be rcwoiniiorcd umong tha brightest in your annals, Has seittn'yuars of submission unnerved your hearts ? I* Paiedes, to day, lea* a despot,than Buataraente was then, or Santa Anna i?ince ? Are you not daily threatened with the sceptre of aotne royal bastard, by the junto'at *'io capital 1 Ut4 are you freemen?are you men to br .r thla in meek submisaion 1 If you do bear it you deter, e to bo swept from the earth you pollute with youf craven prerence?ay* ! and ye will be. i< ye are thus rocmant, fur in the con tea! that is approaching, men are net; lot). Huo then, ai < shou? for the Republic of Rio Orandn Abandon the .VeMcnn vnltuve that preys upon your vi tal*? the fitting aymbot of a government, that haa no deeper commiseration for > *nr sufferings, thau tha vora cious bird upon her crest foals for tho serpeot that writhes in his beak Assemble your delegate* within the Aiiiorican linos, o>gaai?o your provisional govern ment et onco. ttud deilsr* your independence to tae Sier re iiadre At your leisure you can debate a constitution, and arrange tho d'o'aiU of your government. Rid your new republic of that horrid incubus, the Mexican tar.ff, which has ruined her treasury and demoralised her people-opto your pons and trade freely witti all the world?get the most for what you have to sell, by having the worll for buyer*?get what you want to buy, at tho che ?pejtes, by having the world for a*llen? ?duca'e yuorchildreu, protect the liberty of the citizen and the l ull's of property?ally yourselves to the great mother ot r<-(:itillc?, and imitate thoae aualitiea which hare mode hr great. Do this, and you will be great and happ \ ynuraelvr??fail and voar fate ia fix*d forever. Long liva th? United States of America. Long live iuu Republic oi Rio Grand* ! The JlltUary Preparations for the War with .Hi'Xlco. THK UKOULAR ARMY. Company F. 3d Ai Ullary. now at Kort McHenry. intend leaving .n*re during the course of the day for New York, where they wl.l inliurk in tho U S. ship Loxington, for Monterey, on ttij Pi itic. They ar* under the command of Lieut romkin?, und number nbnut #0 men. They take with them ix pieces of can ?.jn, aud are fully aupplied with all nooeisary equipm^ots. We have no doubt th*y will aid in sustaining ? iiigh reputation already gained by our gallant army.?Bn'tinmrt jfrntriean, Junt 23. TEXAS. The New Orleans Tropic say* Texas will send 1,500 mounted men to the army on the Rio Grand*. A gentle man travelling three weeks ago in Washington and Kayette counties, in the course of fifty miles, mot up ward* of 600 men on their way to the army. The above mentioned fifteen hundred do not include seven compa nies alieady on the froatier. Texas haa now mora than 3,400 men in the field '1 ho Tropic also informs ua that on the arrival at Galveston o' the new* that General Tay lor wanted reinforcement*. 160 German emigrant*, who had been in the country only three weeks, organized themselves into two companies, and immediately march ed for head quarters. These Germans understand what is duo to tho country in which they are come to ap?nd tho remainder of their days. They identify themselves with it?as they have a right to partako in the blessings of its prosperity, they flinch not from th* duty of defend ing it against public enemies?they ar* not clamorous for office, while they show themselvea by their action* to be tru* iriends of the country. SOUTH CA&OLIMA. Head QsAHTxas, CmaLtsT**, June 19, 1816. The Adjutant and Inspector General, by order of hi* Kxce llcncy the Commander-in-Chief, takes great plea sure in announcing that the requisition recently made upon South Carolina, for a regiment of infanUy, to aid in the prosecution of the war against tho republic of Mexico, has been filled with that promptitude and de spatch which has ever characterized the State, when ever her services have been demanded for the defence of the country. The following companies have offered, and been ac cepted for twalv* month*' sorvice :? Marshall, Abeville; Moffatt, Camden; Blanding, Charleston; Mickl*, Colombia; Sumtor, Sumtar; Duno vant. Chaster; Brooka, Kdgefteld Williams, Newberry; Kort, Lexington; Butler, Greenville. It is heraby ordered, that the abovo named companies assemble at their respective places of rendezvous, on Monday, the '29th IniL, at 12 M., for th* purpos* of in spection. The in*p*cting officer will ba imtructcd to receive sixty-four privates, eight non-commissioned officers, and three commissioned officer* in each company, th* axact limit fixed by the requisition. Immediately after the inspection, an election for Field Officers, to wit:?one Colonel, one Liout. tfolonel, and one Major, will be held, at which the above named num ber of officers and privates will be entitled to vote. The captain of each company will detail his commi* ?ioned ofheer* to assist in conducting the election; an ' in the absence of such commissioned officer, then to de- ' tail tho n*n-commiasioned officers; and, immediately i after such election, make returns proporly signed and I certified tp the Adjutant and Inspector General, a: Cam . den. By order of the Commander-in-Chief, County Court. Jew* 24.?'Thi* Court convened at it o'clock, when there were present Judge Ulshoeffer, in the chai< .Judges I ng rah am and Daly, the Recorder, and most of thu Alder man composing the Court?John McKeon, Eiq., District Attorney. Caie of Juttiee Drinker?Omrri* Bahkir testified that be had been foreman of the Grand Jury when Jua tice Drinker came before the Grand Jury and gave ?ome explanation in relation to hii course upon certain matton connected w;th his official condact. Jok pii B. Brkw?tt ft t*!wtifi?*<t thit he wai Secretary of the Grand Jury when Justlrc Drinker explainodhi* conduct in relation to tu omplaint which was brought be fore tUein, in the cai.i ot Curwin. Juttiee Drinker'* conduct arid manner wero a little excited on the occa *ion. Justi-e Merritt came, ul?o, before them I Bin not aware thnt magistrate* usually come before n Grand Ju ry unless sent f"-. Sonio ono' in the Jury said that Jus tice Drinker ot>,rhl to be broke. It was said that a reso lution oti^iit to be otfbrod to break Justice Drinker; but it was pivmptl) put do'vn by the Grand Jury. Justice Oraovwt testifle 1 that he was for seven year* in the Police Court, an 5 the practice in ielation to .he tuking of bond* in cb e* of custody, hud been lately chan ,4eJ. ? Mr. WiiiTrwo here put in one hundred and forty-eight bonds, all taken in thi sumo manner, by the oilier Jus tices as that takr a bv Justice Drinker, which has now hi cm charged a^ainrt him as an act of mitileasance in oflii'. Witness lurthor testified that Juttiee Diinker hiinaeli, an 1 the other his'ice*, had taken legal an vice as to tho propriety of a J mtlcc, in taking a bo(w, callng in an associate. ft was n?t the practice, ua'illnel), tu have the nu.iie of two Justice* in taking these Dond*. In tho case jf Comstock, defence proposed to sho* that Justice Drinker, befo a issuing the wnrraut, consulted hisbiottie. magiitiatos, and acted upen their advice on the occasion Jud<e Psi r moved that ne mere testimony be pat in on tiii' branch of* the case. The inetion prevailed. YV iu?v D Jt.Ms.MukK testified he was at the house of Justice Drinker, and had business with him. on a late OCoaaion. It m as a case of theft; and he wished to make the < Uari<e agkii.-t the clerk privately, and uot to be seen at tho o;!i c, for fe r it would be oonveyed to the clerk wh ? *?s accuse j. Ilfn. it. SiHkr ustificl that, in .Vlaroh or April, 184A, v> hen tome di acuities occuned atthe Jewish Syna gogue; one part ? t the congregation was inside, ana the otln r u?s un " . out'ide; this was on a Sunday morning, 1 heard Justt.e Drinker say somothing to Mr. Levy; both appeared to be cxciterf; Mf. Mitchell came up also; Judge Dr. iker .,n.: u> Lev) , "I'll ft* you yet," or word*; I c*u'i ?h u Lev) said; he said they had no right to U?.e,< the Jews out ol possessiou. and ail this occur:ed in reioieuce to what occurred in the Syna gogue; they wei'both talking and walking together; Lev) was c'ouu?e! .nd eating tor the Jaws. John Davis, U'ol ce oflUer.) testified he was alwnys ready togo beioro thu ^ianj Jury; thbt he went to Mr Silverdoor, and .ok h in to attend at the police utfice. to give testimony ivt acaae of robbery, and teld him at the police ollice, to be ca.elui not U? hold . ommuoication with any ouo about the hall, or to gi.e a sum of $'tt, which was asked from hint, in order to enable him to re cover his property j he leit astonished how well the jus tices got through their business in the pulire ?fllce. Officer S.iow lestitteu?ho is elerk ot 'ho police office, : and never heard Justice Drinker make use ol eapres I lions ot ill will toward* Air. Levy) Justice Drinker is as ! assiduous in his business a* any judge in the city, and is coastaut in his attendance. ? '1 he court adjourned to 4 o'clock, on Tne*day neat Varieties. Lioimwo Sr Lot is with Gas.?'The Director* of tho St. Louis whs Light Company h*ve concluded a con tract with Mr. G K. Lea, of I'niladelphia, which there is no doubt will be carried ont, and will secure the light ing of thaigcity within a yeer or eighteen month*. Violkrt To*wado.?A correspondent of the Worces ter Spy, writing from Roy*l*ton, say* that a fearfnl tempest occurred in that town on the ItHh inst. Two barns were blown down end the fruit trees seriously i damaged. City Ljnrtea. i " la ?oTFTiannc." '? " l'ameiimhii." j 7We Pictvrei ef Rare Merit in the Studiat ?/ J. M. Fr$? man and C. I. Elliott. It wan a wild and weird ipot, Where the Oipsey maiuen tat alone, A vault'* groy ruin, long forgot, On an old sepulchral atone; And fiendishly her serpent eye* Olearn with utiang* myiterious Are, Whiio her low blow i* lurid new With cunning'* damning ire. Leaning against a rifled tomb, U itli bluck diihevell'd hair, Bsiiae her, in the gsth'ring gloom, A sou II U grinning there. Hii* i< dnn ?oiue U'thcn prophetess, hi'.n" iiecatc of the wild, W, cm laugh of icorn, i* malioo boa, ?"'horn doriia had beguiled. 'f 1 other face with beauty glow*, I -I lore line** akin to heaven, W ao*e dewy lillie*, with the ro*e, Mingle at radiant cloud* at ev'en. A lip 01 guihiug tenderne**, A f.ugrant bloom upon life'* river, Witu cniuion hue, *o wairn and true, Tbat 1 could gaze on it forever. Vn earnest soul, whose fervent eye* Lxpres* the purest, holiest failing, Like open gates of Paradise, The angel thought* but half revealing. With drapery, a* thadow* fair, Soon floating in the mist* of ev'an; Methink* in thee, Fiyche, I see By zephyr* borne to heaven. Caleb Lreo, or Lvoihdalk. Lynch Law in the Ascendant?Anticipated In* vasion oif Nauvoo?Arm in a of new Citizens fo* Dinner.?We received yesterday an extra, from the Hancock Eagle office, i**ued T hursday night last from which we gl?un the followiag particular* of further troubles in that unfortunate quarter. We fear that aa other disgraceful sceno has, ere this, been enacted at Nauvoo. The publication of the Eagle ha* been luapeod od. The editor says: ? " The anonymous threat* which have rearth ua through the post office we heed not, but we received at day lignt thi* morning, such information a* render* it a matter of common prudence to take care of No 1." it appear* that uiuu sixty armed men viaitod the littia town of ?laoeJoiiia, in Hancock county, one day last week, and threatened some four or five families, aa4 ordered them to decamp They then called upon a BS1 by the name of Fabun, and instructed him to carry a " warning" to hi* brother. He declined, and he waa thr?aieueil with flaggellation. They left hint with a pro mi?e to return, and afier holding a council of war, aea tencei him to 20 lashes, well laid on, with a hickory goad. He wa* forthwith marched to the public square and received 10 of theui. 5 having been remitted, in con sequence of hi* differing*. Thi* company was moitly from the N. W. corner of the county. They pasaod through La Harpe warning all obnoxious persona, and on arriving at White'* settlement barbarouily mangled a man named Taylor. They supplied themselves with nece**aries from the cellars, corn cribs and whiskey barrels of the neighbors, and took up their nun westward, after giving three cheers; whleh were reverberated from one empty house to another ? These men continued their march to other towns, committing outrage* a* they passed aloag.~ " The notoriou* Col. William* and his army of ' Regu lator*^ it ia laid, were encamped at Oolden'a Point, about six miles from Nauvoo, on Thursday night This army offers the alternative to the citizens either to take up arm* and join the force at Warsaw, or laive. Another company, in the direction of La Harpe, have also fright ened off a few peraon* by submitting a similar proposi tion. The ' Regulators' -ay that 1 those who are not with us ore against ua.'and compel the new lettlers either to arm themselves and join their ranks or ' evaporate.'? A gentleman from Fort Madison inform* u* that numbers had croned the river to augment the force opposite that place, and they make no heiitation in saying t^at the Temple muit be destroyed. One of them boasted that bo could put hi* hand upon the powdorthat wa* intended to be used for thi* purpose. If foiled in that, they threaten to burn the town. They *ay they will not interfere with the new citizen* who join them, and a*si*t in removing obnoxious persons. The new citizens of Nauvoo hare no faith in their ability to prevent a descent open their city ; some of the more ham* have packed up thslrgoada, and some families havo left the city?all business Is sus pended. A public meeting, however, was held on Thurs day night, for the purpose of making preparations to re pel the expected invasion?several companies organixot, and other arrangements made for the anticipated attaok. The Eagle represent* the condition of several families, who are trying to get away, as truly pitiable. Since the above was received, we hsve soon the offi cer* of the Tempest, who inform u* that the citizens of Nsuvoo were busy on Saturday morning last in making preparations for defending the city. Committers of con ference had attempted negotiation, but up to Saturday morning no amicable adjuitment had been effected. Some two hundred Mormon*, encamped in Iowa, a few milas from Nauvoo were expected to return to the city and assist in defending it.? St. Louie Organ, June It. Constitutional. Convention?Tuesday, Jane 23.?Mr. Perkins tuked to be excused from earr ing on the select commute, announced yesterday, on Mr. Morris' proposition relative to taxing personal property used in business where it is thus ussid. The convention refused to excuse him, after remarks in opposition by Mosirs. strong and 8tow. Mr. K. I, Backus offered a resolution of inquiry of the Comptroller Into tho value of the Krio and Champlain canals, calculating It as a sum, of which the net revenues would be the interest, and tho like information as to the lateral canals. Mr. Murphy cslled up his resolution providing to (trike ont certain clauses of the constitution?and moved a substitute, which lie* on the table to be printed. Mr. Stow, a proposition providing a new mode of appointing ludges at courts of record?by the Governor and two-thirds of tho Senate such vote to be made up of at least one senator from each district. Mr. Harrison, the kubject of regulating by a Moiform rulu.tUe taxation of real and personal estate. Mr. Salisbury, tb< propriety of fining salaries In tho constitu tion, ana of . ionil>Uing extra compensation in all cases ? Mr. Nhr.w ilio propriety of incorporating into the co? ?Utation tho " People* resolutions." Mr. Russell's mo tko to i -consider tue resolution declaring it inexpedient fur committees to submit written argument* with thoir report*, w as further debated, until'J o'clock. Tho Con vention lduied to reconsider, aye* A3, noes 83. A journal. ?Mlbamj jirgut. BATHING, HAIR DRESSING. SHAVING, AND WIG MAKING. PHALON, No. 61 Broadway, in Judsoa's Hotel, so long known at 214 Broadway, couceiving that ? finely irruf ed kkI well conducted Bathing Department was nagaaae rr to complete hit nrruntrmcut for (ha coaifort aid coavea* ence of hit numerous patrons, hu now the pleasure of mhrm ing them that tuch a desideratum. where ihttiai, luir tins, shampooing and bathing, can be carried oa in style, mmf he lonnd at hia new place, Judson's Hotel, in Broadway. The Baths are unsurpassed by aay in the city for comfort to 1M | A and convenience, and can accommodate M person. Hot. Cold, nd Shower Baths. HatrCntting, with clean brnahee for each penoa, having been a featnre in his business for many yean. he won Id in form gentlemen that he will, aa uaaal, fire that baaaeh of hia business hia personal attention. m!5 lm*r REMOVAL. J. CUNNINGHAM baa removed hia wodt of Wacchee, ? Clocks, Jewelry, Silver Plated and Britannia Ware, from VA to IT2W Bowery, (newatorea) opposite Delaacy ??eat.? Gold, Silver and Steal Spectacles from cents to $1?; Peri I* cal from |2Vitn $10, Olaaaeeofall kinds and to salt all ii|ta, ground and titled; Watches, Clocks, Jewelry and Masir Bosaa repaired ?nd warranted ?Kla*t JULES HAUEL'S VEC ETABLE LIQUID HAIR DYE, WITHOUT STAINING THE SKIN, )H the Proprietor can with jnatice a tale voud anything of the kind ever yet knowa in thea ar WHICH the Proprietor can with Jasrica atate it hr ke yond uiiythu.g of the kind ever yet kaowaiatbis ar any other MMUtti y. lu properties are eery powerful, though very inuoceiit. This ehemicsl result is a wonder, as it eaa blea penont to dye iuatautaneoualy their bair, without da le-tt inconvenience For changing red or frey hair, whisk ers, eyebrows, kc , to a brown, black, or chestnut color. The ali|(hteat rvil consequences need not be feared from its ase it is altogether hirulett. Thit compotition is the on|y eat t suctioned by the science of Chemistry, to dya, in aa awl bl?- maimer. the various gradations of solars, withoat dsnger or inconvenience, and hat jnatifled the liberal patrosMfla ana unlimited confidence of the public. If SUak ia raqairad,ask for boi marked N. ; it Brown, hoi marked t. SUPERFLUOUS HAIR. TO THE LADIES IN PARTICULAR. My Depilatory Powder haa been ft>aa< hifMy tolltiaj and of great uae to ladiea who have been aMietad win saner llu.jus hair, principally whea its grewtb has been Malatt to the upper lip and side of the fact, giving a m sanation tan te the whole lest urea. Whea aeed with proper aara, aad ac cording to die direcrions, it will ha foaad to be a great ai? (ion to the toilet, aa (he oaa of aay sharp laetraaaeat is sa tirely avoided, and the hair is ramovad ia lea or (aa auaatas after its applicatioa This composition it infallible, and warranted te naev* superfluous hair. After numerous trials, I hare racaivac ter ulic.Mra of sncceas which caauot be contested. Sold wholesale and retail at CLlltnVOwl New Perfa* mery Establishment, 299 Broadway, Agen(for Jnlea Hanoi, Perfumer. Philadelphia. n?yU Imar V A P E R HA NOINO. HOWELL k BROTHERS.M?efceeewneai Importer* of Paper Hiniinffi, hiring op*?#a m N#w Ywl wtj ? branch oftneir Philedelpliiaeatabliehmenli woald reapaetralH call the attention of the ritiiens of New Fork sad others w inting Bonds in their line, to (heir egtaasive aaeortmsat M PAPER HANGINGS. Borders. Hire Board I rinu, Cartam Pa pen, aad all other artielee in their lwaoTbaa>aaas. H. k. B hsvs received from the lnstitn(es for the eneoyaaa nient of Domestic Manulactarea in (he ones of New Toek. Philadelphia aad B ?(oa, silvarmedals for (he manafactnre ol their goodt, (latter themselves thst tl*y caa aell better wticlaa for the same m,.ney t>wu cau be purchased elsewhere. lor ti?e sa jT|t J5 S C O PAPERS. The taV'^ribera would particnlarly call attention to their large assoiimeiit of Freieo Papers lor parioea, aad Column Papers for lullt, Public Rooms, tntries, kc., kc. Also, <'n?T*t* Ptrtas, anew article for windows Pairing ol Rooms, Halls, kc., promptly attaadad to bf saietnl workmen. Couatry mercluwtt and city dealers will tad k la (boar ad vantage to give us a call. HOWKLL k BROTHERS, No. 1ST Broadway, %lt Im* ire Two doors above the ' ItY Hotel TARE NOTH.fc. | THE Subscriber having made arrangemesu, aad consider* bly enlarged his premises, is now ready to do all kinds at Blacksmith aud Machine work is general oa the mo?faaaaa? ble terms, at the shortest notice. . fo;v?.c?~To8^,,r, ^ ?M lm?m ?' k ra Spriag straat L^VIUIU huuIR FLOES. 1U FEET LONG, and from IX to 5 inches ia dia lO Can be obtained oalyjof thy "?"riinpikn. t,

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