Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 31, 1846, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 31, 1846 Page 3
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ACCTIOM SOTtCK. r VV. Mi l OKMIlK, tAL<. Ok HHMIUE AT A HIV AIL HGU8L ? S3 This D?y, ? H?'e <x-k, at |7I Man street, will b? sold ! the furniture of a ftn |y giving di> buuse-kcepi?g. consisting of mob)* ' !> crntif tables. carpets, cold cabin, J h gany chain, plaed braccbea, utrml lamps to match, giraudo >. bed-room furniture. Ac. Alto, an sssortmeot of Rood kitchen furniture. Alto, an excellent ti)? octave pianoforte and atool. jOI li'me u M. W. SHIRLEY, Aiicunairr. Furniture salk-bv h. e. willard-this I)A V ,Jnlv 31 .at 10 o' 8alet Room.17 Wall atreet, a variety ?l (oo<l useful, kitchen, heil-room and parlor furnitaie ler from hoaie a le on the 2Sth?to be told without re- . B'rve AI?o, three liianoloitea, one iohwu"< coat $*S. 1 J mull. naiiv. with sofas, chairs, bnreaus. tabl-s. refrigerston. card tablet, mantel clocks, girandoles, Bud various other Sfiitl s-sold to pay advances 1)81 If byc. CH >MnEHLAlN, Auct'r. Srore II Sprare street SPLENDID HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE. CARPETS, ic.?On Krid?y, Juh 31?t. at 10 o'clock,at No. 122 West B'oadwty, bein* the property of a family breaking up housekeeping. comprising rosewood snd mahogany solas, rosewood and French mahogany chairs, marble top, centra, and pier rabies, ctid tabt-s, splendid pier and mantel Kinases, 36 by 72 Inches : two sets mantel lamps, with drops ; globe and bill lamps, divans, couches, dressing and plain bureaux, bed room glaatea, mihog and Windlass bedsteada, double mating. waatistuids uiu croevery. niir ninieun. learner otai ana beildiug, large quantity of carpers and English oilcloths, m.iliog wardrobe dressing tablet, cane and rath seat chairs, transparent window shades aud \ enetian blinds, glass ware, 1~ lie Sir. Jy3l Ifrnc W W. SH'RLEY, Aucthr FUnNITURE 8ALE-By H E. WILLARD,?pridav. July SI, at 10 o'clock, at the sales r<>om, No. 17 Wall i net, a variety of Furniture, left from house aale on the 2>th. couni-iing of chairs, sotaa, bedsteads, bedding. table*. China, crockery, lata]*. paintings, carpets ; alao kitchen furuiture, refri/tera'or* ; alao, to close couaignmenta, and pay ad* ancea, t pianofortes, aoias, book caaea, desks, and a variety ol other articles. Hale positive. jy30 2t* r DR. FELIX GOURAUD'S ITALIAN MEDI- j GATED SOAP. THIS admirable emolieut it now by common conaent rated 1 A No. 1. aa a remedv lor blotches, pimples, pustules, trurf tan freckles, su burn, all kinds of eruptions, and every apecies of di?colation of the akin. All competi ion hat be- n 'ompl'tely dis anced by this invaluable compoaitioo, the demand for - h ch, within the last six months, haa incre<- , a*d more 'han five hundred per eent. The clearness and fresh- ' ? ?? which ita use imparta to tha complexion, have rendered ' i? proverbial aa a heautifier of tie Skin: aud no dreating room evi ha c-iiaidered furnished with a proper toilet'hat 1?cks . Gnor ud'a Italian Medica ed Soap. If beauty be, as ia assert- I d. onlv skin deep, it is the more important that the thin cov- j ri g lu which loneliness resides, should be kept in its pres- j ?' and most attra tive state Dr Oouraud's Grecian Hair Dye, for coloring hair, has enmp'eteiysupcrserteu all tne oin and dele-erious preparations | . for that purpose Pourtre Subtile for eradicating hair. j The Lilv Wh te, made by the D etor, it by common con en' allowed to be ihe most excellent ariele for beautifying , the complexion t^at h's erer (raced a lady's or gentleman'* i t"ilet Liquid Vegetable Kouge for crimsoning pal* lipa and cheek* These superlative cosmetics, together witha'large | | stock f choice perfumery and fanev articlea, are ro be had i i genuine only at Dr. F K. GOURAUD'S depot, 67 Walker | treet. first door from Vrosdwav. Agenta?Jordou. 2 Milk ar., Boaton; Carlton It Co , Low- ' el': O e>" t Co . Worcester. )Til lw'mc , A [From the New York Tribune J I CURE. WKLL NIGH MIRACULOUS.?We called 1 yes'eraly to tee a wreck of humanity named Jamea | j Wyckoff, now twenty rears old. the ton of Peter Wyekoff, a ' firmer of Clarence, Erie ?'o.. N. Y. The boy Jamea, when ' /Ire yeart old, being attacked by measles, wai worse th>n Sinrdered by a do'e of calomel preacribed for and aent to ialwi'hout a visit, and probably without a knawledge of , bis^seasr) by a reputable physician. Prostration, paralysis, and avncnp* resulted, followed by the gradual decay of the ! ? intellectual ?nd bodily facultlea He became deaf, dumb, J and l>li"d, in the midst of unintermitted and fearful tortures ; j and at length was deprived, by incessant and dreadful nlcera- J tlons. ol his legs and arms, which finally dropped off from J his agoaized body. His rose, palate, fcc , were comp'e'ely J destroyed. rendering his afflictiona and liis deformity beyond j all possible conception The process of destruction conti- J need through a period of more than ten yeara, during which j lie was Unable even to lie in bed. but wore oat the weary hours aa beat he could in an easy chair. That he longed for i death and lived in conatant expectation of it, need hardly be atat* d ; nor that he enjoved from time to time the attentions : of several of the best physicians in Erie county?ell to no purpose At length, in 1M1, a Buffalo physician, purely as a ; J piece of banter, proposed to two of his Diethien. who had 1 3as. returned from visiting the sufferer, that C. C. Bristol, the druggist, whose " Extract of Sarsaparilla" was sa puffed in ? the papers, sho'i'd be indaced to try its virtues upon pior Wyekoff, as there was no hope of his living many days J at any rite. The proposition was made to Mr. 11., and , though he had himself nardly a hope, upon visiting him of t saving the maimed hoy'a life (he bei"jt then deaf, dumb, blind t f one e> e. three of hia limbs gone, his face eaten awav as we i hate stated, and what Was left of him a moss of ulcer >tio and ] agony,) he yet resolved to make the attempt, and did make it, and at ihe end of a year thereafter the patient was Cured, so i I fat ss it is possible that he should be For the five years fo|. , lowing, he has enjoyed all the health which is compstible i with such a frame He eats heartily, stumps about ou his j fragments cf Irgs, sees with one restored eye, converses by ] Signs, and takes an interest in whatever is going on around a im He has been brought to this city to verily to all who choose to see in him the extraordinary character of the cure t wronuht in his cue. .That the Extract of Sarsaparilla pre- 1 nared by Mr. Bristol, is an exceedingly valuable remedy we \ lave lo-g ago experienced and borne testimony, aud if the ight of this poor victim can but be rendered subservient to c Xhe purpuse of creating or diffusing a more general horror of a the carelessness with which Calomel and kindred piepara- j tious are often dispensed by physicians, his lifs will uot nave i pee i p eserved in vain. We would advise none to look at \ Jiim fiom motives of curiosity only?the spectacle is too i painfully revolting?t>ut those who have relations or friends i offering from ulcerations, be , especially those produced from calomel should not fail to see him ana be assured of the t practicability of a cure We make this statement, necesss lily fioin the representations of others, but they are persons wKora we know, and in whose integrity we have reaaon to place implicit reliance. j311t*mc CKICKET MATCH. THF.RE will be a grand match played between 2 Elevens < of the M Georges Cricket Club, o? FK1DAY. 31st mst. on their new sad beautiful grounds, at tha Island House, 3rd 1 Avenue. I Wickets pitched at 9?play to commence at 10 o'clock. i jjtjo ZIIN^HC COLUMBIA HOUSE, IH LADELPHIA. (Formerly the Mnrthnll House,) IS NOW OPEN ! a ffHELESSE S. BAOLEY. MACKENZIE k CO, have < I spar> d no expense to r?n<<er h s sitacious aud agreeable I Hotel perfect in every dt parimrut, and trust it will be lound < deserving the patronage I lias y >ti)jtctfnllv solicit Tor it. J A K* U AliL> V . lair of Jones' Hotel. HENRY C MACKENZIE, Formerly at the Washington Home. 4 PETER L. H'KUUsON. ? jyil 2n?je I SHAKON SPRINGS PAVILION. THE PUBLIC U informed that this establishment, having been enlarged and improved aioee the close of the last season, will be opened for tne reception of visiters, on the 1st ' day ol Jie- LANDON fc GAKDNER. _>1 ay 1. IM6 iuy23 2m?f I PAVILION, NEW HHHtHTON j FBL AN CARD has the honor to inform his friends and tlie public in general, that the Pavilion is now in fall operariau and prepared for their reception' Steamboats ruu between Pier No. 1, North River, and New { Brighton, at ihe following honrs, via:? ' krotn New Brighton. I From New York. 1 ?, II A. M. I #, IS A. M. ? 2, P. M. | SX, 5,7 P. M. t. BLANCAKD. Peril ion. New Brighton. Jnne 1,1H?. j!7tfre , iVlAN??iUN HOUSL, J MIDDLE TOWN, CONNECTICUT. 1 THE UNDERSIGNED begs leave to announe* to hia ' fnauds and the pnblic, that he Sas leased the above Imnse J for a term of years, aud hopes, by 1 >ng experience and strict attention to business, to merit a liberelsWe of iheir patron- 1 We. JOHN L.MONROE. ? mrf Im'f Formerly of the U. 8. Hotel. Boston. 1 A A. SAMANOS, No. Ot BROADWAY (op stairs). AOF.NT f?r Messrs Menck k Batkrs, late Chemist, of A. . O' lih. offi-rs for s?le/ on accommodating terms? KM) gross large sixe I1 riction Matches. 2<00 " middllug " " ' 29UI " km,, 11 " " ' All iu perfect shipping order, worthy the attention of ship ' pe" to *> u'h Amc'ic? and the W?s> Indies. jviO lw*rrc r A. A SAMANOS I OFFERS FOR SALE-TOBACCO- ? ?3 bales nrw crop, prime 2-J wrappers St Jsgo. ' 17 " superior Havana. ? Olivas? JOO boxes fresh viarseilles. t tsegars?. lui M, general assortment Havanaa. ' 'Jt M new brand Princi|.e. Bass? I hale, 1st class. i ' "J he above arc offered on liberal terms, at No. 94 Broadway, > up icant. jyjo lw*irc ' BKAM H OF" THE PHILADLLPHIA COL- J LEG fc OF MEDICINE. bT IV'aiua Street* ESTABLISHED for Hi* xlr of NAK9APAR1LLA, one | l art ?>l ? huh equal to four of all o'heta now iu uae? at il l>> -lie 0 I m*. for the cure of Scrofula, Hheumatum a)|>hilitic *\Oiptouia, and the train of diaeaaea couae( tut ihi mi iijadieiuui 0H0f mercury aud miakilful medical i'?i>iinrnt I Price tl?or ait bottlea lor $3?packed and forwarded to all P*rt i . PI I.MONABY DISEASES CURED. ! Tlie DKONl HIALS EXPKl TOKANT. approved by the I Cul ece, for the cure of f'onaumptiou, Atihnn. Spitting of , Blind, *vi?ur*B ill f e (heat, Hectic Elnih, Night Swrata * tnd proluae t iperroratioii, l am in the Side, Diarrhoea, , D< aeBtary, Palpitation o( the llrart, kc. Trice t> l*r bot le?or ait bottle* for SV?packed and forwardtd to all luit*. PARTICULAR NOTICE. I ' P.ti.nt. raiding in any part of the Union, by writing a foil >1 lemfi.tnl their aitattK n, let the diaeaee be of what kind it n ?)?delicti# ? f ludelica'e, private or mherwiae, ir will be Couaulted upon by ihe Membera, who meet d?ily for that pnr,-*.ve; a d ihe recesaary remediea, with direciona for- 1 f watdrti immediately In thia in-tance. the fee, ($)) which will include all ipeueet, mu?t he in I'wed, i?ii paid, and n du cted io W K Dl< KINSON. Sole Ageut, f 97 Naaaau atrcet, Herald Bmidmgi. > i Whe one of {he Membera?Dr. McDonnell?la iu cooatant ntiandancc JvM lw*r " PtKKUMERY, l-ANOY t>OAPs, kc. THE Oei.uinf Walnut Oil Military Shaving Soap, highly tented Soapa, Klegant k.itracta Eaiencea. Io- I lognee, T malnm, Hair Oila, kc.; I'ana Label*. 1 iu toil, and ery other an.cle in the line. Coautrv merckauta and dealera in geueial will ftnil an ettcnaive aaaortmeut of the abnve article* at the loweat market ratea, at the il.txii, No. J Courtla.,dl at,eel JOHNSON, VHOOM k fowler, general agent* for Or Koord'a celebrateu Pectoral Syrup, for cough*, Cn|d?. and ill iliae laea <af the lunge, ke. j\Mlwarc GREAT VICTORY !? mUSQUITOES CONQUEREDWho will auffer the bitea e-'d atin(a Of the** annoyinf little hiiita I XXTHEN, by pnrchaaing a boitle ol the VKNETIAN LINYv IMKN r, it wil allay all iniuiiou iu five miuntea and not leave any nmk on the akin. It i* wa, ran ra f ure Rhcu. matiera. Cut* Bo ma, Sealda. Headache, Tooth che Sprain*, Bore*, p ma iu the clie.t, hack and lim a, la one ha'f the time of a v other r- m?d , ?^jhe ' rney will be efnndrd For *?le at 77 and 33 Weat Broadway, 11 Bleecacr atreet, 69 V<nd>m alreet, rovner Id avenue aid Itith atreet, tti *nrt.i Mlth atreet n>d I Eaat Eleve-ifh atru -t j tn-it'r ML.vIHKHm Ot CONOKhSS A Nil PUBLIC HPEAKI- Hrt* SHOULD remember that W'III >ai Ad-ma. No 1 Flliott'a Hnildinita, Pennsylvania Avenue, Waahn.eton city, ia the Agent f/r the adeof frhench'a Pulmonic Syrup. which ia th* heal remrdv lo preventli ( and curmf < 'iianmiHon and Othr- ditenaea of ih- In .(I* and r?.pira|ory "rgana. which I nt-lir ?| ? ker- are lacnliarlv nabla 10 Principal office* in rtiiladaiphta. ? -..uih wntb afreet, 4 I ourtla. dt atreet, N#w ^ork. ?iid Ke'idii K k Co I ht-i:e atrvet, Boatnti, who are tf t-f v the Neaa Ki'ir'and State* iiiJ*Iw*me 1KA\ ELLLNG TRUNKS, fcC. JOHN CATTNAl.rl. Trnuk Manufacturer, No. I Wnll ar aitr>-(. nrnvr <>f bkm-iwiv, h?? mo* .?> hoi i ami e.?n?t int, Iv m king * fii.-d n?nm>iu of Trunks, ViliMt, C?rp?t B?(> < fc?ieh*U, wliolrml* utd *rml. AI?o, anprrmr arncl* o? ?nl? l??th*r - rank*. raiwbl* (?r >moriran ..r EurAMia Tr?rrl, u4 PoitmintMua for th? Jrrnr h Mall? F?*U Ordvrm U* U>? Wwt U41M, 8o?tkA??rte*. k* . AIM with J,?pKk. )yU lw*i | ? 0 I II II I I'iii.l'1'ijm.-i RAtlAOAM. * . -HIM.'. I. _ TO WfcttTEKN TRAVfcXLi.RS. Mil ?* f^lk Public ? re?P??lluii > lul.iruied thai the reec at fere ak J. in tbe Caual, caaaed by the lata freihet, harinr been repaired, the PIOfiKfclR k KXPBKS9 LINfc, via Railroad ud ( aual from Philadelphia to PitUburxh. oonnuenctd iu regular tnpe for tlie ??mi on Monday, 0"- et;i of AjtiI, teaviol the Depot, N<>. Tl< Market afreet. JAil.1T. at lit o'clock, A-lf By th^ route paitfi.^ei- ? ill i*.mi II , iSnrue and iia?. *er of night naeellim .r ro-ebet. hcub Hialr->n.|a i.-eiug paaaed iu daylight. For farther inform ;i >?, |ip|. a: thn u.,l-e?:aMulied OrLea 174 .Market atreet, i dot>ri aborc gijHh alree[. alO te'rrt A. B. (HTMMINUS. Agent. ijUMli ISLAND KAlLlCUAit lUMPAM! SLNMt; K. JiHK.1 V (i E ME XT r?AIN8 RUN AS FOLLOWS. COMMENCING WED NESDAY, MAY IS. l?4?: L?a?i Brooslttv at 7 o'clock, A.M. Boston tr in for Grrenport, dally (eicePt Sundays,) stopping at Fariningilale aud St. Gtone't Vmor. " at 9)f o'clock, A. M., for Karmin >lal* and intermediate places. " " at 3 P. M., through to Oreenport, su r ?i?t both ways at Jamaica, Branch, Hicksv illr, Farmtngdale, and all the stations between Karimngdale and Greenport " " at 5 P. M., for Karmingdale and interne diate places. Like UatKMroRT at 5 o'clock, A. M. Accommodauou train, daily, (eicept Sundays,) through to Brooklyn. " " at 3 P. M., Boston train, or on the arrival of the steamer from Norwich, stopping at St. George's Manor and Karmingdale. Learnt KtlMHiiDiLi at 6)< A. M", Accommodation traiu for Brooklyn. " at IM A. M. Greenport train, for Brooklyn. '* ' at 2* P. M. Accommodation train, for Brooklyn. Leavk Jamaica at ( A. M. Accommodation train, for Brooklyn. " 11 at 9U A. M. Green port train for Brooklyn. " " at s\ P. M. Accommodation tram, far Brooklyn. Ka an to ? Bedford ( cents, East New York 12)4, Race [lonrse 18V. Trotting Course lllf, Jamaica 25, Brushville lljf, Hyderark (17 milas) 37)4, (iowsvillo (during the sesnon of court) 37){, Hempstead 37)<, Branch 37)^ Curie 1' 14, Westbory 44, Hicksvilla 44, Karmingdale ll]k, Drer Park >9, Thompson <S, Suffolk station (1, Lake Road statiou II lt\, Medlord station SI 1834, Yaphank $1 37 W, St. George'a Manor SI 42)4, Riverhead SI 6t)4, Jamesport SI OK, Mattelack S> <>334. Cutcliogue SI #2)4, Suuthonl SI 62)4, Greenport Accommodation train SI 75, Greenport by Mqston train S2 25. Stages are in readineaa on the arrival of trains at the several nations, to take paaaengeri at very low fares, to all part* of .he Island. Baggage Crates will be in readiness at the foot of Whitehall itreet, to receive Daggage lor me several mm. w minutes lefore the hour of startiuk from the Brooklyn side. The it earn boat " Statesman" leaves Ureenport for Sag Hartor twice each day, on the arrival of the trains from Brooklyn. myll rc LONG ISLAND RAILROAD EipreMMail Train, leaves Whitehall street Ferry, New York side, every moraine at 7 A. M., for Boston.? " CBS?Also, trains from Brooklvn side at T o'clock and Ive minutes, and 9>? A. M., and 3 and 5 P. M., daily. The 7 K. M., and 3 P. M. trains go through, the former (topping at farmingdale and manor, and the latter at all places an the pad jfl8 r FARM FOR SALE, a NEAR Westchrster Village 11 milrs from'he urper part of the city, over an excellent road by the Harlem Btidge; and also accessible hy railroad and navigation: under high culture; 130 acre??nry be d;vided into wo or three farms; two apple orchards, and fne of peach? [ond girden dwelling plain and comfortable; bam excellent; will be >old on favorable terms, if applied for soon, wi'h or ivi hout crop, stock and utensils The milk business ni ght >e carried ou couvenitutly from this fsrm,having cow homes or baleing up 40 cows,ana the farm bein, nearly all iu erass. >f which there is a heavy arop It not otherwise disputed >f shortly would be exchanged for property in the city.? \pply at 53 Greeuw ich street. jyll lt*rrc TO LET?Two small new ih'ee story BRJf^K HOUSK.S. in Jay, near York street?Alio, the new 3 O&ttory brick House, No. 92 York street. Brooklyn. Er.|ui * of JOHN JOHNSON. jy29 3t*r On the pr misas. DURE FOR THE SUMMER COMPLAINT? at* BENE PLANT, (Sesamum Oriental* )?The sub Pmlscribers have now readv for use. a fine bed of this valaJk?.uable summer complaint remedy It is erottingat heir garden, Astoria, from whence it is receivea at nine in ;he mora ing and five in the afternoon, at which hours I ersons lendiug for it to the store, IS John street, will not be disap?oi"tea The gTest virtues of this plant it is not necessary to set "orth? its efficacy iu checking bowt-1 comp aint in children is inquestioned. It is equally beneficial whan taken by adult lersons, only that it requires double the quantity?is free rom auy unpleasant taste. and sp-tdy in rendering relief ? Directions for its use furnished gratis. lt)t ceu.t worth is infficieut for a trial A correspondent iu Virginia writes thus on the qualities of he Bene Plant: "I have sent you a few pounds of Been Seed. Itisaninraluable remedy lor complaints comn on to children in sum* nrr, and has been the providential means of ssvmg the lives if tnousauds of cniluren afflicted with the summer complaint ind I myself can attest to iu great virtues inm,'oan family. \ few of the leaves of the plant, when green, plunged into i small tumbler of cold water, makes it like a thin jelly, without taste or < olor, which children will drink freely It s one of the best remedies ever liicovered, and extensively lsed by inedical men in the Southern States. Also, fre?h Oatmeal, K.mblem Orolta, fresh White Musard Seed, Bird Seed of every sort, Saffron for birds during Don I ting season, Maw Seed, lie. jy3l StFSagtM roc J M THORBURN it CO. FOR THE SANTE FE EXPEDITION. 11^ ANTED I MM ED I *TELV?Only three huudred men vT to comp'ete a regimeut of Mounted Volunteers, now j'ganizuiK iu this city. Aptly t the "Rendexvous," at the American Eagle, corner <f Chrystie and Dela cy streets, letween the h>ur<nf 10 A M. a?d It P. M., until Saturday light, the lsluf August, when the rolls will be positively closed j 3 3t*r j.<_> j.xic< ijau r,~> v ici i i.Mi r>r,wruiti, RHODE ISLAND. AMARTELLE k. '"O , respect'ully inform the ltdies ?iti ting the above wate ins pi Ce, hat alter the 1st of August, he ii to be f und at Mrs Itw'i (Tewto?uHhe same tpnrtoieuta orcnp ed by him last senon, where mxy he had a mud ome collection of head d ttits, flowe a. i eifumery, ombk, Itc , lie. j>30 >w*rrc NEW STEREOTYPE FOUNDRY. VINCENT DILI,, JR, STEREOTYPE FOUNDER, No. IT Ann street, comer 3 Thea're Alley, New York. N. B ?All orders executed at this Foundry equal to any in he Uniou iv?> lw*mc AN EATING HOUSE FOR SALE. rHE old established place kept for the last 24 years by Mr. Pearsall, is now offered for sale to clese the business.? nquiie on the premises, or at No. 8 Fulton street. jy28 lw*r CHURCH'S VEGETABLE LOTION. rHIS highly valuable Cosmetic will effectually curc eruptions on the face and skiu, particularly pimples, blotches, etter, tan, freckles and ringworms. The use of the Lotion or a short time, will establish a clear and brilliant co nplexon. Sold in bottles at 75 cents each, at 188 Bowery, corner if Spring street. Also by Mrs. Haya, Brooklyn. revl( Iro'm NEW INVENTED WIGS BATCHELOR'S new invented Wigs and Scalps, made ol the Kuest natural curl hair, and adapted in the most easy nauner, to the peculiar style of each individual. Thry are iptirely a new invention, doing away with all the vexatious lifficulties so long experienced by those who wear wigs. The public are iuvited to inspect a large and well selected tock, contaiuing every variety of size and color; they will hen be able to judge the effect. WM. BATCHELOR, inventor and only manufacturer, } IVall street, near Broadway. Removed from 18i Broadway. Please to copy the address. jy30 lw*r AN Ulh,N 1 AM) MODERN ttUUtvc rHE SUBSCRIBER has opened an extensive establishment, in the large basement of No. S3 John street, for he sale of valuable Books, in every department ol human Lnowledge, art, and thought. He has accumulated a coniderable collection of works, many of which are curious and are; and all, more or less, of great value. He lutends to sell ixclusively for cash, and to nave no rival whatever iu the aiallnos of his profits, and the lowness ol his prices. His tockwillbe constantly augmented by the purchase of priate libraries, or of smaller collections of tooks. He will my every work, ancient or modern, to which value is at<acned, by any sect or party, in every department of literaure, science and art, and in all languages. He holies, thereore, to m.ike his establishment an agreeable resort lor the iibliomaniac, the Antiquarian, the Divine, the Lawyer, the Irtist, and men of letters, and science generally; each of vhom will meet with choice works, in his own particular valk, at the lowest possible price. He, therefore, invites ail iterary persons to pay him a visit, aud judge for themselves. He has, likewise, a large cnai:tity ot foreign and native llasic, foi the Piano Forte and other instruments, for which le will thank any one who may want it, to give him one-half he lowest price charged by the very chaapeat seller in the :ity. It will be sold m any quantity. JOHN DOYLE. Bookseller, mvW lin*rre If John street. New York rO JEWELLERS, MINIATURE PAINTERS, Ste.C. It J. HARTNETT, No. 2 Courtlandt street, near iroadway, wholesale and retail Manufacturers of Travelling. iVrituiK, Dressing and lewelry, Miniature t?iri ami lettings; Klutc, Locket Watch, Kmc, Pin anil pencil Bote*; sea lor ailver Plate neatly arranged to order Also, Trays nade and fitted to Jewellers show curs, to contain watches, hams, rings, keys, pins, tmuibles, pencils, tic A variety of the above articles constantly on hand and Bade to oruer. with neatuess and despatch. No. 1 ConrlJiit!'* treet. New > ork ravlllm*' t JEFKKKSjON INSURANCE COMPANY, Ornci No. SC Wall it., opposite thk Miichikti' Eicharbi. rHIS Company continues to insure against losaor damage by Fire, on dwelliug houses.warthonses, buildings in geeral, goods, wares and merchandise, and every description o wraonal proiwrty ;also against loss or damage by tuiand na igation and transportation. ^ DIRECTORS. Thomas W. Thome, EliahaRigga, Xhomaa T. Woodruff, Anson Baker, R. R. Kobaon, M. D. Joseph Urake, Thomson Pricn, Joseph Allen, Moaes Tncker, James K. Holmes, J?h" ft- Davison, John P. More, l?$\l}.Lg9, Willsam K. TTior*, Caleb O. Tanw, Thomas Morrtll, J? w *** Eugene bnmn, John C. Memtt, Robert Smith. ,.v,n _ iifir? I W THOHNK. President II'" T mirv VnMarr UlTrr Vf D1CAL AND SURGICAL.-NO QUATKF.RV ? LTX Dr.Morrtson lias been engaged for over 24 years in the nccessful treatment or all forma of private 4i?m,?< meimrial aud syphilitic erupuous, gleets, stric nrrs, gonorrhoea and debility, * ismg from a secret habit. Dr. M holds no sommnnion with pretended surgeons gee his Loudon dipotna, with the signatures of the court ol ri .miners of the Hoyal College ol Pnrgrooa, including Sii Astlev Cooper's Sir Anthony I arlisle's, Kic.. kf., in his office JOiX Fulton st! Letters stranded to _ J)30<i*rc NO QUACKERV.?DOCTOR COOPER, li Doani street, meiiioei 01 Hie Royal College of Snrgeous, London, is consulted confi lenttally on all private diseases, which he enres without mercury or hindrance from busi less Recent easrs hr cure- m a few days. A i-ractice of weive yea.a enables Ur C. to cure the most obstinate itrietures without pain. Debility. resulting from a secret habit indulged in by young nen, protracte-l gie?is. - | Tit 11 tie eruption, iud oleers aggrarated by qnu-ka. are tlioroughlf cured by Hr. < . A nerlrct :nra guaranteed oi no charge Dr C is s rrgniarlv tdiiraird >hvaicuui aud surgeon. JVM Jf*'C ILf ARRTiTrTL \T>!K* WIM, FIND MUCH Y<Ti"ter?at "J. and iBstiact 'hem hy i>erii?i g vli.r<1 Pliysi. log , a ?o.,k of 113 pavei,by tt.e II. h R. L) Owen with ilrtilionl and iltcratioiis by It. Olovrr. \1 0 W'?i? t'ns work ea r ully ad by every mirneil person, a. d its advice stricth follow J* ,,n ? 'h it n riifteiriit tt*t* of society from the IfVTJr.?f _ irl'V . mj* Ur,01 of P?v?rtr ?nd th* prnip. ? " 'jyi* t "? !? 0' clijldf ii. which could b* but mvirljr P*n? 'lru<,tBt P }' I'. ?'om iil?rinj th? mi. I . u* " r? ' work lh?t will ttll jcnimuor5"n1 t*A*rh oh' i?t? oil m.h o jr. tioni. For ml* Jr? *** iu mot% 0lk" "OO"""*. STEAM BETWEEN NF.W VOHK AND LIVERPOOL. W*r*. The Ureat Wettero But in Hhip Compi TT^a ny-. Kte.rn Ship the OftKAT WEST 4r\ K.HN, 1700 toa*. 4M Iiixm power, B. K WlfelBA Matthewi. K?q , Coinmaufer; the UKEA1 BRITAIN, 1400 tout, 1000 horse power, Lt Jatnei Hoakeu, K. N., Commander, arc intended to run a follow# i~ OREAT WESTERN. Krom LiTtrpool. _ Kro? New Vork. Saturday 11th April. Thursday, 7th May , Saturday SOih Majr. Thursday &b Jane ' Saturday tilh JmIt. Thursday Kith An*. Sxturday Itth Sept. Thursday..., Ith Oct. Saturday 3lat Oct^ _Thur*day Nth Not liKL.Vi OKI 1'AJ IV. From Liverpool. Krom New Vork. Saturday 9iti May S?tu-day fth Jane ) Tuesday 7th July Saturday 1st Aujr I Wednesday Mth At|. Tuesday ltd gtpi'r KOHi Oct Tuesday I7i|> Nov Kar?- to Liverpool par Great Wesieru, Slut, and t) Slew I ard'a fee. Fare per Oreat Britain according to the iiu and posiiioi of the itate rooms, plans of which may be >e?M any ef thi Agencies For freight or passage, or any other information, apply ii New Vork to RICHAKD 1RV1N, M Kroutat. New York. 27th Feb., lS4ti jyM rrc ^ DHAKTS ON UOJtAT BKITA^ AND IRKLAND?Persona wishing to re mit money to their friend* la ?uv pert o the old country, can procaea drafts of th< ^^^^^^^"subscribers for any amount, Irom XI ant upwards, payable at light, without discount, tt all Rie prill cfpal towns throughoat Kngland, Ireland, Scotland, an( | The snbscribers beg to inform their friends and the pablii . that this branch of their busioeaa continues to ruceive tkeii , particular attention, and they feal quite cattain thai bettei ' arrangement* than theirs for transmitting money to the ole country cannot be made. The mail steamer Caledonia will laava Boston to norrow, by which all drafts can be forwarded. W. It J T. TAPSCOTT, M South ttreet, je30 r a doors below Barling slip. II I NOTlCfc. O lousigueesol goods perahip (. hammagna, Irom Liverpool, are hereby notified thtt Mid sh p n uow ! JBttflfadischargiug under general order, *g Pier No S, N I RTT^ W. k J. T. TAP8COTT. J V 31 in c ONLY REGULAR LINE OF PACEETb FOH NEW ORl.EANS. tfS?- . Packet or the 3d Aarnst?The fast-sailing anc J^Mfy f*rori(e packet ?hip VICK8BURG, Captain d * rr y JHMpfiiWiU sail positively on Monday, AugiutM, her reg ular (lay. The accommodation! of this favorite packet for cabin. se cond cabin and steerage passengers a<e unequalled. Tnos< wishing to secure berths should make early application to W.kJ.T TAfiScOTT, jy? >6 South street, second door below Burling Slip BLACK BALL, OR OLD LINE OF LIVER POOL PACKETS. ???- Packet of the 1st August?The splendid pucke ijHWyship KUROPK, Csmt. hurber, wili positively Mil IWIbin Saturdsy, August 1st, her regular day. Her accommodations tor cabin, second cabin, and stem** passengers,are very superior. Those wishing to secure berths should make early application to W. It J. T. TAPSCOTT. Jv29 mc . >6 South St., id door below Burling Slip. FUK LIVtUfUUL?Nrw Liue?Kegular packfKMfWet, to sail August 26th?The elegant, fast Sailing nHfeaP'ckrt ship SIDDONS, E.B.Cobb, master, of 11M tons will sail as above, her refular day. For freight or passage, having accommodation* weqnalled for ipleudor or comfort, apply on board, at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall street, or to F K C.OLLTNB It CO., M Month st Packet ship SHERIDAN. Geo. B. Cornish, master, will succeed the Siddons, and sail September 26ih, her regnlai day. jyitl PASSAGE TO OH FROM LIVERPOOL by line of Liverpool Packets.?Persons send' JnMKaiiig for their friends in any part of Great Britain oi Ireland, can make the necessary arrangements with the subscribers on reasonable terms, to hare them brought out in any of the above magnificent packets, tlie accommodations ol w hich are unequalled, and the strictest punctuality will be observed in their sailing on the stated days. From New York on 21st and 26th of eacn month. From Liverpool on 6th and lltli of every mouth. Thus preventing the possibility of delay at either port. The subscribers are also agenu for the St. George's Lin* ol Packets, in any of which magnificent ships passage can be secured at a very moderate rate, or in first class transient ships, altogether making a ship from Liverpool every five days. The greatest care will be taken by Mr. W. Tapseott in Liverpool to give all possible despatch to passengers, and the tame will be done by the subscribers in New York. For further particulars apply (letters paid) to W. 4c J. T. TAPSCOTT, 86 9outh street, two doors below Burling slip, or to WM. TAPSCOTT, 96 Waterloo Road, , Jv*2 Liverpool. tfcg- FOR MADEIRA?'1 he fine fast sailing shi[ MjE^yMEDORA, will sail for the above port on oraboul jMUKathe inth proximo, having fine accommodation* foi passt-iiKtrs. Can handsomely provide for IS. For terms ol fVyipplVto"""' *ABRAHKLL IL^NT" j>2? lw?r 117 Fulton street. ^ae- FOR LIVERPOOL?First Packet?The superioi tlflfV fait tailing packet ihip EUROPE, Captain Fnrber Mmmmrn will positively tail for the above port on the firit ol Auituit. The packet ship NEW YORK, Captain Cropper, will meceed the Europe, and sail on the 16th instant. Alio, the packet ihip SIDDONS, Captain Cobb, will tail on the 26th instant. For passage by the above.ships, having, by far, the most spleudiil accommodation! of any veaiela now leavinc port, >P^23tr?rc JOHN HERDMAN It CO. 81 South it. FOR NEW ORLEAN8?Louisiana and New MrjKjrVYork Line?Regular Packet?To sail Moudav. 10th JHphtnr August.?The elegant, fait lailing packet ihip OSWEUO. Jonuiton, master, will poiitively lail as above, her regular day For freight or pasiage, having handiome furniihed accommodatiom, apply on board, at Orleani wharf, foot of Wall street, or to E. K. COLLlNSk CO., 36 South it. Poiitively no goods received ou board after Saturday evening, Augutt Kth. Agent in New Orleani. JAS. E. WOODRUFF, who will promptly forwardallgooda to his addreu. Packet ship SARTELLE, Taylor, master, will succeed the Oswego, and lail on Monday, 31it Auguit, her regulai day. jy? |?|r FOR LOiNDON?Regular Packet of the lit Au ?J9R3rVgusi?The lint clasi, fast sailing packet shir jXIm?i*HINCE ALBERT, Capt. Win. Sebor, burthen lluu tons, will sail as above, her regular day. Having very superior accommodations for cabin, second cabin, and steerage jiassenpera, persons intending to embark, should make immediate application on board, foot ol Maiden Lane, or to JOSEPH M'MURRAY, cor of Pine and South at. P. 8. Those desirous of sending for their Iriends in the old country, can have them brought out bv" the above splendid vessel, or any other of the line, hy applying as above. jy22 rc tfg- ONLY REOUi.AR LINE OF PACKETS FOR l|KkULA-U< >W.?Packet of the lat Aug. The splendid JfifMfaand fast sailing Packet Ship AD AM CARR, Capt Bnmuer, will sail a* above, her regular day. This ship has handsome accommodations for cabin, second cabin, and steerage passengers. Persons about to embark foi Scotland are assured that the ahipi ol this line sail punctually ot. the 1st of every month. Those wishing to secure berths should make early application ou board, foot of Roosevelt street, or to W. Ii J T. TAP8COTT, jylfi H South St.. 2d door below Bnrlim Mlip. - ~ PACKET S ail' S1DDONS, from Liverpool, i* MKy.?Vdischar|ring under geurral oider, at Orleans wharf. JBaUlEaloot of Wall itieet Consignees will please attend to t'>r ier?ipt of their good* immediately. jv 21 PACKETS KOH MARSEILLES?The packet WMrJwship NEBRASKA, Captain Watson, will sail on the JillMlfalstor Augu.t. For freight or passage, apply to CHAMBERLAIN Ic fHELPS. loi ?ront su. or M jv7m no VM h HI SI K V. N. Ml Wall ?tr>e> ^OR LI ? ErF00L?New Liue?Regular Packel iaxlV1'^1!' August -The superior,fast sailing packet ahil JBMmLlI VERPOOL, IIJO torn burthen, Capt. John EIdridge, will lail as abore, her regular day. For freight or passage, having elegant and superior aeeonr nidations, ipplv on hoard, west side of Burling, slip, or to WOODHULL h M1NTURN, ?7 South street. Price of passage f 108. Thr p-rket shin Uuern of the West, 12J0 torn burthen. ' Captain Phillip Woodhonse. will succeed the Liverpool, and sail on Iter regular day, list September. jy22 M|* KOK (iLAMOOW?ihe new. iirst ciaaa snip tXjEYVARVUM, '*0 tons, H. Robinson, maater, having jHBBbmosl of her cargo engaged, will meet with despatch. For b.ilauce ol^ freight or pusage, hating excellent accommodations, apply to the rnj'tain on board,loot ol Dovejr street, or m vvuuunuLL at .vurviunr<i, iTl7 t7 ?rr#et Adhfc- UNITED STATES k GREAT BRITAIN fe jMkfyiKKLAND OLD ESTABLISHED EMIGRANT JMMKaaOFKlCE.?The Snbacribera ire prepared to brine ! oat pa?*eugera by any of the Line of Packet* tailing every Gve day* ; and draft* can, a* usual, be furniihed, payable throughout the United Kingdom. For further particular* apply to JOHN H Eft DM AN k Co., *?v1 ?t ?onth ltr#?t MORNING BOAT AT O'CLOCK FOR AL1.AN Y, J0| AND intermediate landing*?From the pier ^ 17V'ji?a^*f"ot of Rohinton atreet -Landing at the foot W KtmJM-ot Hammond atreet ?The new low P'etaure Steamboat NORTH AMERICA. Capt. Kurey, on Wedne*day and r'day morning*, July ?9th and 3I*t. at CM o'clock. r?ii?gr SI. Breakfait and dinner on hoard the boat. For pa<*age or freight, apply on board. jy29 3trrc TKOY MORNING AND EVENING LINE. MORNING LINE AT SEVEN O'CLOCK j%Mf| j0t FOR ALBANY AND TROY-From the Steamboat Pier at (he foot of Barclay atreet. 3L_JkUC.LHiHl.iig at Peekakill. Weit Point. Newburgh, Hampton, Milton, l'onghkeep*ie, Hyde Park, Rhineoeck, U. Red Hook, Brittol, Catakill, Hudion, Coxaackie, Kinderliook and Baltimore. Breakfaat and dinner on board the boat. The iteamboat NIAGARA.will leave on Monday, Wednesday and Friday Morning* 7 A. M. The ateamboai TKOY, Captain Gorham, on Tueaday, Thursday and Saturday morning*, at 7 o'clock. Ketunxng on oppoute day*. For paaaage or freight apply on board, or at the office on the wharf. NEW YORK. ALBANY ANI) TROY LINE. FOR ALBANY AND TROY DIRECT. From the pier at the foot of Conrtlandt *treet. The low-prennre iteamboat EMPIRE, Captain R.B. Macy, leave* the loot ot Conrtlandt atreet, on Tne?day, Thnraday and Saturday evening*, at ?even o'clock. The Steamboat COLUMBIA, Can Wm. H. Peek, will leave on Monday. Wednesday and Friday evening*, at 7 o'clock. Passenger* taking these Boat* will arrive in time to take the Morning Train of Car* from Troy weat to Buffalo, and north to Saratoga, Whitehall and Lake Champlain. For Passage or Freight, apply on board, or at tha Office o? the wharf. No freight taken after 5)? o'clock. NOTlCE?All gooda, freight, bank bill*, specie, or any ther kind ol property, poaitively at the owner'* ri*k. jWr THE EYE. T~\R. WHEELER, Oculut, No. 9? Greenwich street, New mJ York, near the Battery, devotes hi* exclusive attention to diseases of the Eye *nd Ophthalmic Surgery, and assnrrs tha r??iiL uwi incie nut nuiiHiKii inw numtrnai ui*?i?w la which the hnmw eye is subject, any disorders of that or*"11 which cannot be essentially relieved or cured by him. Tin Tut number of undoubted testimonials which can be ?een <1 his office, will satisfy the public that hi? practice not es ceedrrl Aither in extent or (access by that of say other Ocnlisl in the niiad States ET7"" Office hoars from 1 A .M. to 1 o'clock P. M., after whiei he risits out door patients. 'Artificial Ryes for sale, snd which will be inserted ot reasonable tsms. A pamphlet containing remarks on Diseases of the Eye, witl in.lances of great (Hires effected by Dr. Wheeler'i mode of treatment, can be had gratuitously at his residence, o the same will he forwarded to .ny one making application U him Kr leirer mr'*tm?rr i THORN CHAMPAGNE All KHK8H INVOICE of this delightful Champagne Ufa tor?, to which rh? *trr?tioa of MrchnvU, hot#lk*ei>ert oU private Mtlaa*a is iavitad. Th? Moulding ofthif Wim ia uow tnp?noT to that ot wy in 'kii ooutrr, tad at bo nighai i prioc tfcaa dbataf tka ha* Vraafe. I C. LITINOiTON * CO., wuUimtn ? WtUttra*. "I ' ' n . . ?> ' ?!. w | A Wtf?HJBUE*T9. *o. |' | DOWERY THLATRE ~Fn<Ur EtcdIb|, Jnly 3Ut? I ?> Will k? p?rfor??dTAl L Pl{i-Paul fn. Mr. H,J- * away: Harry Stanley, Clerk*; Wuhertou, Miluer; Uiu, Mr? Phillips; rhoeOe, Mil. Boutli Alter which the Drama " of BLACK Ex ED Sl'SAN- William, Mr. Nealir; Admiral, p Chwlnt; CtlH. Ciosstr-e, Clarke; ?u?;ui, Mrs Phillips; Dollv, Mis Booth. To Co. elude with the thrillirs Dr.<uia : oflhe RAKfS PKOOKKSS-Toiu Rakewell, Mr. I I.ike; Harry Markham, Sutherland; Frederick hlorid. Vache; Sam Slap, Hsdaway; Fanny Moralaud. Mr?. Phillips; Lady Blazon, Mh. Madi on. Doon oi?ni at T o'clock, curtain will rise at hall iuuc 1 ? Dreu Circle, M cant*; Upper Boies, X> cania; Pit aid Mali* ' ry, 1IK cents. GKtt.N W 1CH 'l hCiAl'tli?Corner Vancle and Charlton atreeta.?Fiiday t>euin?. July 31?Will be performed tlie Drama called the WAMJEHINO BOYS? tl Cruut de Croiasy. Mr Freer; Lubm, II Chapman; Mubert, c ' Bellamy; Pan', Misa J. Drake; Justiu.VTiss Crauford After which 'lie Drama of MICHAEL THE FERRYMAN- ? Michael, Mr. Fraer; Old Record, Bellamy; Sprare. Mr. H. ' j Chapman; Imep. Mitt J Drake 'ihe whole to ccnclude with ihe ARTFUL DODOtlt-The Dodger, Mr. H- Chap- U man; Mary, Miss Drake. . I Boxes, 23 cents; Pit, I2W cents. Door* opau at 7?perfor- J > manca to commence at *4 before 8 o'clock. ! /^ASTLE GARDEN, with its extensive Promenades i> E V/ open day and evening? Friday Evening July 3lst, th? entertainments will include a good selection of Music, Iroui Reis<iger. Jos. Ltnner, Kuhner, Strnuss, Auber, t'. Httin;, I Labitxky, and Moxart, which will b? performed bythe Orchestra, under the direction of Mr. C. W. Meyrer ' (T7~ Intermission of half an hour, for refri-ihments, [ and to view the beautiful range of COBMORAMAS, eitrudiug around the whole of the Esplanade, winch will 1 br Snlliautly illuminated with gas. thus giving visiters an ex' c. 'lent opportunity to examine these beautiful Views. Adnu??ion l?K cents. a ; SECOND NIGHT OK THE PANTOMIME OK THE r CONJUROR'S GIFT. d I lWlBLO'S UARDEN?Friday Eveniug, July lUt?The t i" entertainments will rouimence with a Popul r Oveiture. | After which wi I be J>re?eute<l a serfs ot Classic Groupings called GLI WP?E8 OF THE VATICAN ATROMl? < by the Rav? I Family. I Pas Styrien, danced by M'ine. I.eou Javelli and Moa?. * j Henri. j j, To be followed by Oaring and Extraordinary Feats on the ' TIOHT ROPE, by the Ravel Family, Gabriel Ravel and B ' Ch tries YViutlier. 1 To conclude with the gorgeous Pantomime of the CON- ' l JUROR'S GIFT?Characters by the Ravel Family. . n Door* open at T o'clock ; entertainments begin at I o'clock Tickets M cents. ACLANTIC UAKUfcN IB ,>UV\ puik ml ! ^ 8EABON.?Dodworth's Cornet Band will perform *v*ry 1 ^ Tuesday and Friday evenings, commencing June kid, Ml o'clock. Admittance tree. j * mirt 4T.M??r>v Fwimew, , ; j HAKLEM PARK-TROTTING. j BH 1 i FRIDAY. July S st. at 4 P ftL?A Sweepstakes for $10.? I _ Mil* Heats, best 3 in J?in harneas t H W names b. g. Watt Tyler. ? I : D A. H. " bl. g Billy. 0 ' W. R. " b.g. Sleepy David. I j B- K. " *r.t B?gg ge Sma'her. 'iyll lt*mc ' n 1 | <1 _ A BAY MAKE i-OR SALE?*bout liK hands a eoes well in either saddle or haruess. Apply iX2Ju?tb# Franklin street, of n j jCfl /t*m JOHN POLLOCK. j C1 ' i fOIV MLt, I 1 TWO FINE SADDLE HORSES, 0 ?C1 WILL drive also in a carriage. They <1 - i I ISOue Just the right sixe for riding on o 1 ?JL?-X*horseback, and have been loui used to * ) I , the saddle. Apply at the desk of the Herald Once, Tor I further particulars jell tf*jgb 1 I ; ???- ; , SI'KAMIMIA id, ,?U>. I f] FRESH AIR!?RECUSATION!! U A GRAND EXCURSION DOWN THE BAY ! J* (Lauding at Brooklyn.) FRIDAY, JULY 30TIL jMIQ The splendid team-packet ALB AN V, J. T. Hall, will leave nie foot of Har ! r i n in street at hair paat 1 o'clock, Canal, at , t<> 2, Hammond at 2, Delaucy at half pan 2. I'iku at 3, Kul- , R i ton Ferry, Brooklyn, at V past 3, and pier, No. I, N. Hirer, _ at 4 P. M. j ? To accommodate families with their children, view the q Fortifications. land and ocean acenery, passing the Narrows, viewing Sandy Hook Light Home, and return at ha f paat 7 P. M. . lb . A? the Albany is a first claaa boat, of great (peed and exten- > sive accommodations, with state rooms very convenient for I families with children, she will afford excellent opportuni- tl tiea to breathe the pure air of the Ocean, and escape from ihe noire and heat of the city into an atmoaphere iurigorating and n refreshing Fue 23 cents ; children half-price. N.B. Military Companies and Societies can charter this 1 boat by making application on board jv3l ltrrc n J INUEPKN LJKNT LINE FOR HUDaON AND ? r THE INTERMEDIATE LANDINGS. vp /as? THE splendid Steamer ONEIDA. Capt. c ft1 iVt'O"1 O. Topper, will leave the fool of Cedar r BLJ- treet, at 3 o clock, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. 1 / For passage or freight, apply on board. N. B ? Freight taken at the loweat rates. jy31 lt*rrc 1 g ' 481 I'AILV LI?Il OK BOATS Bfci WfcltN ! ft LI M* NEW VOHK AND STATEN ISLAND. I v ji^SUK. The steamboats SYLPH, Captain J. Brais- , tl ted, aud STATEN ISLANDER, Capuin D. Van hell, will ? 1 leave as follows 1 Leave Staten Island at 6, I, S, 10 and II A. M< at 1, J, 3, 4, 5, w and 7, P.M. . .... I w Leave New York at 7,9, 10, and 11, A. M. and 1,2,3,4,5, ?, 7 and * past 7 P.M. All frelffhr at the rink of of rh? owners thereof. At S o clock, r. M., Lauding at Intermediate rlacej 1 pi From tkr fool oj hare lay it., th Steiiralioiit HUDSON, Captain C. K. King, will leave on th Monday, Wedueaday, Friday and Sunday 5 v 1 o'clock. * Sieainbost SANTA CLAU8, Captain Boverbagh, will " 1 leave on Toeaday, Thnriday and Katnrday afternoona, at 3 vi 1 o'cloea. K ! Apply on board, or at the office on ihe wharf. JyIS a, THli MOST DELIGHTFUL OF ALL "f 1 EXCURSIONS. Jtk A SAIL acroaa the Hurt ion river to Hobo 1 1*"" Uk,)>* Klyaian Kielda I , St?Jfc-BLalong the eireedingly pietiireaqne ihorea ol . the place, will prore the moat eaaily accompliahed and aurae " , tive of all niroal eacuraiona thai can be made from the city. Vi I 1 Th* gronnd? now preaent a eharimng aapact, the troea he ing in leaf, and I he aoil covered with a rich tarf. . , The walka are in eacellent order, having been eonaidorably , em'telliehed (he preaent tpring L On every pleaaanl afternoon titer* will be in attendance ai h the ColTfmnade Kl yuan r ield?, an eieellent Band of Maaic l which will perform ?eleetiona from tha favorite Operaa, popn , lar air*, marehea, waltrea, he. I The Kerry Boat* from Barclay, Oaaal and < hriatopber ata li r era completely fitted ap with awuinga and itiu. ?. Nijhi Bmu rta frots Hobokea u> Barclay atreetantll II , | o'clock. eJ ' Ferriage ?H cent* ail taa*r * A stage will leave Vanderbilt's lauding for the Telegraph- H ic Sution every hoar throughout the day. Kare 1JK cents. ? i jv 10 t If GRAND EXCURSION AROUND 8TATEN c' ISLAND, Accompatn iug the Leviathau Steamer GREAT BRITAIN. i t< 0tL_ llu1 splendid steam-packet ALB AN V, AaMSgBi^PCapt. Thomas J. Hall, 01 Saturday After- 1 1 X^XJLp>i i'i August lat, will m'ke ui excursion fc down'hr bay, leiving as lolluws?Foot of Canal street >? I I pas' 1 o'clock, P. M ; Hammond treet,X past 1; Pike street, I r IE. R.)at I; Pie'nut Fulton Ferry (Brooklyn) half past 2; Pier No I, North River, at 3 o'clock I This Excursion affords passengers a fine riew of the Forti- , | ficalions, a-d th_- beautiful scenery of the harbor, Sandy Hook Light House, lie . and also gives them an opportunity i to lake a parting look at tlie giant Steamer. I A Bund of Music is engaged. Fare for the entire Excursiou, l?ifty Cents?Children under i > ?" ?. {r*r- ' J>30 3t*rrc FOR THE FISHING BANKS. ' P FKIDAY, JULY Jlst. ; ol | 081 The commodious steamer DELAWARE i 7*"*' | jijJ* will leave the foot of Hammond street, at.1 I JB-XLoVlock. A. M . Canal 8K. Uelancy V to9? j Pike street 9. Pier No. I N?rth River, #X1 Dingle's Brass and Cotillon B >nd is engaged for the trip. I Liues and b nt at a small chaige. Dinner on boara. Fare 2i rents. jy30 2t?r j CHEAP EXCURSION TO THE FISHING ! HANKS AND CONEY ISLAND. j n jiMQ jOk The Steamboat WAVE will make an ex , tV ? J?ctirsion on Thursday and Friday, 30th and j SC^!KJE-3lst inat. The Boat will leave Barclay i ftrevt at 7*, Urlaucey I, Pike street IX. Pier No. 1 N. R. 9 o'clock. N. B ?The Boat on her return will stop at Coney Island ont* or t wo hours, giving plenty of time for sea bathing and 1 refieshment. Fare for the whulcexcursion 3?K cents. Bait gratis. jy30 2tis*r CONEY ISLAND AND FORT HAMILTON > FERRY. /vat The Steamboats IOLAS, Captain Yates, t B| r~*jT?|3*and PROPRIETOR, t -aptam II. Mallan, i AaJULwill run every week-day on the above Ferry, until lurilier notice, as follows?leaving East Rivr.r?Foot of Pike street, at 9X o'clock A M., IX and J P. M. Whitehall, at and 10 o'clock A. M , 2and iX P. M. Coney Island, at UK o'clock A. M., 3Xand 7 P.M. v Nobth Rivk*?Foot of Amos st it o'clock, A. m., 3 P. m Canal street, at 11)4 o'clock A. M.3)? P. .VI. Harrison street, t: at 1IH o'elock A. M., 3kP. M. rier No. 3, 12 M., and * P. M. Couey Island, IK st'U 6 P. M. 11 Landing at Port Hamilton each way. Fare I2X ctuts. n THOMA8 BEILBV, Proprietor. a N. B.?Stages will be in readineas on the arrival of the boars at Fort Hamilton, to take pa-seogers to New Utretcht li End Bath, also at Coney Island to take passengers to the upper , ouses. Jy? 4tis*mc 11 GRAND INDIAN CLAM-BAKE AT GLEN H COVE. b DR. VALENTINE AND SIONOR BLITZ, tc jiMQ In connection with Wm. M. Weeks, have chartered the new and elegant nteamboat X^JC2.E\n:i,SI(IK, (apt Nelson, to proceed to h Glen ?>ove, L. I., on FKIDAY N t'.XT, July 31, to accommodate gen-lemeu and ladies, and families, who may desire to O attend the SECOND GRAND INDIAN CLAM-BAKE P for the season, which is to lake place on that dav. The New t? York Brass Band, and an excellent Cotillon Band, will ac- c company the hott. Dancing on board and on the "green"'at i the Bake. At the close of the onslaught upon the shell-fish " by the comptnr, Siguor Blilz and Dr. VALENTINE will tl give an Exhibition of ,1 MAGIC, VENTRILOQUISM, AND COMICALITIES, " of thV inost laughter-p ovoking and entertaining klud, which cannot fait to aid in dige'ti.ig quohaugs. h Mors MOYSTEN will mve a numberof Melodies, Songs. V kc. This will be an Excursion of the richest kind, and equal _ anything ever got sp in this city. .. j ivarii it'i 'lie r.icursi'iu, wnicil win aumit to tne I l?mbake ?ud Cold I ollmoa. Cotillon Party, Dunce on ihe Oreen b mid Eiinbition, will br $1: for a gentlrman and lady, SI M? j. for tale at the Oolden Rule office, 30 Ann itreet; J D De- . roe. 107 Fultou atreet; Quirk 8t Fogg, 31 Fulton atrert, and at 11 | the boat si The Steambo?t will leave the fixx of Canal atreet at I o'- ti I Hock. A M.; Pier No I. North River, at 1^; Fulton Farry, Brooklyn, at S%; foot ?f Pike atreet. Eaat Hirer, at ' *"<1 1 1 fo..t of Delenry atreet at 9 o'clock?and IftltiM. leave O Glen Cove at about 3 P.M., reaching the city at an early hour n ] iuthe evening. jy29 3tia*m ^ , PEOPLE'S LINE OF STEAMBOATS FOR ALBANY. a Direct?paily, Snndayi eicrpted?at 7o'cloek, P.M. fVont Slea mboat pitr hrtwrm CovrtloniU and Liberty ill. F 0gk Steamboat KNICERBOCKER, Capt. AlOpMUP tied Houghton, will leave on Monday, Wed- " Sh9DL nead.TV and Friday evening!, at 7 o'clock. "I Steamboat HENOKIK HUDSON, Capt. It. O. Cnmcudea, \ will leave on Tneaday, Thnraday and Saturday evening!, at 1 o'clock. The above boata will, at all tiraea, arrive in Albany ia amplr time for the morning care for the eaat or wait m Freight taken at moderate-ratei, and none takes after iH to O'cIOM, P M. ij " A" ixraona are forbid truatiug any of tho boata of thia line, n without a written order from the captama or agmta. T| For pnaaaca or freight, apply on board tho boata, or to r. C. , Schultz, at the office on the wharf. _ Uuited Statei Mail Line. _ ilmr SBE: . ll TELEGRAPHIC REPORT. > CONQIlRgSIO.NAL I'llOfKKDI!*OH. ? VTaii<*, July 90, liMfl. J In St-iinte. alUTIOM I OH t (it It LI en THI UIL1W1U. (i The Committee on Commerce reported resolution.. 8 bat the *ubject ol' the expediency of requiring vessel* 1 avigating the Dulawuro, to carry light*, to avoid colli- c Ion, be referred to the Secretary of the Treasury, with v irectioni to report to Congreu at it* nest ( ion, upon f i* expediency of enacting a general law upon the nub- ti ct. '' After tomo remaiks Irom Measra. J M Clayton and ^ >avi?, the resolution was adopted. t( THE L*Mi UUBU1TION felLl.. j, After transacting aome unimportant buiine**, h Mr. BarKiK moved to take up the graduation land bill, J nd comider the Hotiae amendment* thereto. Carried. 1 feaa, 36?nay*, 43. J Mr. Baaaow wanted time to examine the bill a* ) mended. ^ ^ ^ ^ C red to be printed. The bill was then postponed until u o-morrow. r thk public rniriTiNa. ' t The special order being the House resolution regula- > I ing the prices and manner of executing the public print. A rig, was next taken up. One or two motions were j ade to postpone the subject until to-morrow, and take ^ ip the Texas navy bill, or the sub-treasury bill, but the lotion to postpone was lost?yeas, 28? nay*, 10 A The printing resolution was then debated by Mesars t V?stcott, Pennyhacker, Kvans, Atherton, Cameron, J. 1. Clayton, and Mangum, alter which the resolution ^ ras passed?yeas, 38?nays, 13. tl thk ?l'u TBEnr*r bill. d The Sub Treasury Bill was then taken up for further onsideratiou. After a long debate, in which Messrs. , kllen, Benton, Calhoun, Lewis, Webster, Speight, ti I. Johnson and others participated, the amend, s lent authorizing the circulation of Treasury drafts c ras rejected. Yeas 12, nays 40. ' One amendment (fered by Mr. Cameron was adopted, requiring the Sec- J etary of the Treasury to publish the amount of specie o t the several places of deposit?the amount of Treasury u otes or draft* issued, and the amount outstanding, at the lose of every month. An amendment was also adopted,requiring the consent j, f the public creditor to his payment in Treasury notes g r drafts before he shall b? so paid. y A number of slight amendments were also agreed to. c 'he hill was then ordered to third reading without a ? ivision; and on motion of Mr. Evans, who designed to peak against it, it was ordered that the third reading 0 ike place to-morrow at 1 o'clock. The Senate than ad- p purmm. < u d House of HepreawnUUlvea, | ? the post office bill. Ii The House went into Committee of the Whole, Mr. 0 :eeil in the chair, and returned the consideration of the w out Oitice Bill. In a short time it was found there wa* ^ o quorum present, whereupon the Committee rote. t| Mr. Hornits now moved a lubatitute for the whale a ill. tl Mr. Rathbun moved to lay the whole lubjact on the S ible, and the yeas and naya were ordered ; yeas M, '{ lays 97. 11 a The previous question was then called for. a Mr. Hamlii* moved to amend Mr. Hopkins' amend- E lent, so as to advertise Post Offlce letters in such news- tl apers as the Postmaster may select, without regard to h irculation. ^ On this, the yeas and naya were ordered, and stood j eas 84, nays 90. So the amendment was rejected. jj Mr. Hop mm' substitute was next put to vote, (ayes \ 1, nays 96) and rejected. A motion to reconsider this y< ote was made, and a motion to lay this motion on the ^ ible, was made, and on it the yeas and nays ordered. 1 ^ 'hey stood yeas 94, nays 84, so the motion to reconsider 'as laid on the table. Thia closed the progreaa of the n ill. n The House then reiolved itself into committee, Mr. iouston, of Alabama, in the chair, when great confusion c revailed on the question, as to what bill should first bo c onsidered. ^ beki!?di?0 duties. ^ Finally the bill from the Senate to refund duties on n >nnage of Spanish vessels in certain cases, was taken ic p, agreed to, and laid aside to be reported to the House tl >r passage. n riERcii spoliation bill. " The French Sjioliution bill from the Senate was next iken up. j. Mr. Giles advocated the claims as just. a Mr. Tiiubman opposed the bill with great warmth. tl redemption of tbeabubt notes. 11 I overlooked In ca?e free fiomconstitutional ohjecon I could not juttiAahlj counteract, by (tort of official to, the general wilL" ^ Hy reference to our notes of the speech, as we 'r eard it in the reporters' gallery, we find that Mr. j alias, in the copy he has furnished for the press, di as omitted ;i very material part of the eliissifira- h' on of the States, to wit:? I ?? " Of the (is States equally divided, wa And that by the '' itest return*, threa are whir. (Ohio, New Hampshire fid Oeorgie.) and three ere democratic, (Virginia, Mi- n liifan end Maine,) Of the eleven N let* again*! the bill, we And there Is only one demo- a 1 lie committee then rose, and the Home took up and j atsed the special bil], making provision for redemption ^ f certain treasury notes that had been stolen, altered, c ad put in circulation at New Orleans. IV Adjourned. c h BY THE MAIL8. U Washington, July 29, 1846. ri Hte Tariff?A part of Mr. Dallas's Sptcch left out c of tht Official Report, her* inserted for the. benefit ^ of old Pennsylvania?The Sub- Treasury?A case a of attempted Fraud upon the Indians exposed ; v not included in the Hoyt Correspondence?Col. " Benton?The old Sub- Treasury denounced as a Humbug ; the new one connected irith a National o Bank, frc. 8t ci " Now tell u? all about the war, And what they killed each other for. Indeed I do not know, mtk ine, 0 But 'twas a famous victory." ? We refer not to tVie war with Mexico, nor to the j' ictories of l'alo Alto or the Palm llavine, but to p lie war and the " famous victory" upoa the bust- a icss and business exchanges of the country. We re as much puzzled to define the necessity here ? s the old grandfather was to give the reasons to ti ttle Wilhclminc for the Battle of Blenheim ; and u ke the old man, we are satisfied of the fact that ^ was " u famous victory," at least for the time v eing. The act was consummated by the House c >-day, and from 1st of December next the new J iriff is the law of the land. The friends ol the jj ill are indebted to Mr. Webster for the excisions <1 f the ninth section allowing a premium of five er cent upon false valuations. And we here ?ke occasion to say, that never was there a tjruer hampion in a great emergency to his friends and is principles, than Mr. Webster has been upon lis tarifi bill. From the first to the last every ay, he came up first t? the assault. He pened the batteries and closed the fight, nd fought like a Trojan to the end. Next to Vebster (although Brans is first upon the finances -the first man in all the Union), but next to t VebMer in lit* spirit ol zealous resistance ol Uie ill, was Mr. Niles. He piomptly took his stand j 1 the beginning, nnd on the last day astonished le Senate with the furous impetuosity of his as*ult. Like the poetry of Ilomer, hisdenunciaons of the lull were a continuous torrent of fire, , weeping all impediments before it. J he results f the act are yet to come. Its friends may justly nticipate, and do expect, a terrible revulsion ; f ut, like John Tyler, they rely upon their luck to vt-rt it. But nous vtmmt. Let us not despair. In rending over to-day the speech of the Vice th 'resident, on his casting vote, our attention was ^ ttracted to a most judicious omission. In the peech, as printed lrom the copy furnished by lr. Dallas himself, wo find the following inter- is' iting paragraph :? q " To my mind ample proof ha* been tarnished that a ajoritv of the people and of the States desire to chance w a great extent, in principle, if not fundamentally, the ^ tern heretofore pursued in ensealling the duties on fo- n ien imports. That majority hai manifested itself in irious ways, and is attested by its representatives in V 0 other House of Congress, by whom this bill has been J? iproved, and whose votes .undeniably indicate the po C liar sense in the large proportion of eighteen out of tr e twenty-eight States. In this Senate an analysis of e vote before me. discloses that while six States (Ohio, p irginia. New Hampshire, Georgia, Michigan, and S| sine) are equally divided, eleven (Louisiana, l'ennsyl- , inia, Delaware, Kentucky, Massachusetts, New Jersey, ? hoile Ulun>), t'onnecticut, Maryland, North Csiolinj, ? id Vermont) are against, and eleven (Arkansas, Mia- rr turi, Alabama, Illinois, Indiana, South Carolina, Missis- p ppi. New York, Texas, Tennesiee, and Florida) are lor -w ie change Peculiarly situated aa I am In my relation ?< 1 the Iil.tional legislature, theae impressive facts cannot c. m* nHr Vttn 'F?n??yW?tn?N whits th? 1<-v?,n nil's* ' is for H, ?rs til Htmosratli'." Tlni was in the sj undelivered by lit. i> ?s. And why did lie Strike it out of the ropy h> urnished for theorems! Because lie bethought litnsell that, ait Vice President ol ilie United States, lie w?b not the mere organ ol the Uenioratic party. But the fact that h? did make this tatenieut to the Senate, shows that lie considered nmselt the instrument ol' the democrats, rather han tlie Vicegerent ol" the people at large?or ruber,that the people are exclusively made uu of the lemocratic party. Again, by classifying Permy 1 vnuia as tlie only democratic Slate of tlie eleven hat voted against the bill, there is "an awful quitting" at reiuiing Pennsylvania out of the hurch; while in the Coast that the eleven States oting for the bill are democratic, Mr. D.illa* bids, and did positively declare, a reason or the decision which ho gave : thus thought?ssly, upon a prepared and digested speech, eclarin? his view of his responsibility to e confined to his obligations to his party, j which Pennsylvania had lost all claims by lielg found in association with the whigs. We opo tlie Doyltttutcn Demixrat, perhaps under iuy to misrepresent the. division of partin upon his tarilf bill, will put this little leift ol Penn-vlania tobacco in his pipe and smoke it. For the i?.?r.i... u... tad intended taking the hide oti' this small con:ern of a Lemocrat, and we now admonish him 0 "tell the truth and shame the devil." We have 1 strong regard lor the truth, and tho whole truth, tud that is why,much as we esteem the intrepidiy of Mr. Dallas, and strongly as we commend ihe jo Id and tearless decision which he made, that ve hare chosen to give this suppressed ex'ract rom his speech in the Senate. It was intended or the especial edification of Pennsylvania, and vr doubt not she will be delightd to And that niter ill she was not forgotten by her favorite sor, the 'ice President of the United States. It's a gnat hing to be remembered in a great emergency. Having disposed ol this case for the present, ire come to the sub-treasury. The bill was taken ip in the Semite to-day, and Mr Lewis frankly aid the Senate he desired it to be passed without lebate. " And thereby hangi a tale." A number of verbal amendments were agreed o, ttriatim. The Vice President came to the 2lst ection of the bill, in which we lind the following lause ;? " And every auch diahurairg officer, when the meant >r hia diaburaement are fumiahed to him in fold and tiler. ahull make hia paymenta in the money ao furnished; r when thoae meani are fnmiahed to him in drafts, AiYA cannot be distuned at par, ahall cause thoie drafta i be prenented at the place of j*yment, and properly aid according to law." The words in ita/ic? arc an amendment rnad?t 1 committee, by Mr. Lewis, at the request of the iecretary of the Treasury. A glance will show ou that they make the Sub-Treasmy a bank of irrulatiou?a sort of nationl machine lor grinding ut shin plasters by the barrel. Col. Henton fell pon this interpolation pell-mell, and denounced le old Sub-Treasury as a humbug, full of cieeput holes As an example of its operation, he roduced two confidential letters of 1840?one om Mr. Crawford, then Commissioner on Inian Affairs, to a Mr. Joshua Pilcher, Indian ^ent at St. Louis, directing him to pay the idians their dues in a lot of notes in iiand f the Pennsylvania U. S. Bank, which it ras expedient to dispose of in some way, benuse they were at a depreciation. Mr. Pilcher onfidentially replies, that he will do no such ling, and substantially declares that it would be filthy transaction. This revelation of one of le confidential acts under Mr. Woodbury, as secretary of the Treasury under Mr. Van Buren, lough made to apply to the "creep-out boh-s" of 3e old sub-treasury humbug, has another and more insidious application. Mr. Woodbury is free trader?Mr. Walker is a free trader, mid lenton in his heart is opposed to these men upon !iis very principle. He believes it as much a umbug as the old sub-treasury. And this elapse >r the re-is?ue i of drafts, as interpreted by Mr. lenton, signifies that the same frauds (lor this ndian business was a palpable fraud,) are us kelv to be perpetrated under free trade Mr. Walter, as under free trade Mr Woodbury, if ou will only allow him this "creep out hole."? peaking upon this amendment lor the 01 rafts without limit, Mr. Benton said it was equal > all the "creep out holes" in the old sub-treasury a large man. (looking at Mr. Lewis, the largest lan, by all odds, in the United States,) a large lan could get out of this "creep out hole," sir. The fact is, Col. Benton is of the old Democray, the Van Buren-Wright-New-York-Democray. Ho believes this present Administration is as purious as William Pitt regarded the dynasty oi lapolcon, and like Pitt he is resolved upon the jstoration of the Bourbons. All these great leasures of the Tariff, Sub-Treasury, lie., h<* loks upon as being in illegitimate unsunctificd ands ; and regards their assumption by this Adlinistration as a species of presumption, which 0 man, who is a regular " in-and-in" Democrat an allow. He will therefore do all the harm he an to the'powers that be without harming himself le approves of no measure,but he endorses them 11; or rather, in his chary support of any great 1ensure, he gives a side blow at the Admmis-ation for presuming a "sparsorship" over that rhich it has no legitimate claim. He never inends to forget the Baltimore Convention He t as no idea that the overslaugh of Mr. Van Buren, onfersa legitimacy to the existing sovereignty. Ir. Polk, like Napoleon, has done all he could to onciliate the Billy Pitt of the " old regime," but e has not succeeded, and will notsuccetd in pernading him that the present Administmtion is sgimately in power. Upon this amendment, however, old Bullion is ight. It will make the sub-treasury a bank of irculation. Mr. Allen vigorously and manfully istained him in this idea, and between these two, 1 opposition to Messrs. Lewis and Calhoun, thefternoon's discussion was monopolized. The Mugs looked on with evident curiosity. The Selatc adjourned, leaving the matter standing at isue. Now, no doubt Mr. Walker desires the privilege f drafts, in addition to treasiirv notes, as a Mlu itute fa^noney, in the pressure which any mnn in foresee is about to come down upon us. He 'ishesto soften the shock?to keep off the day f settlement by paper expedients, which will nly delay the erisis to augment its cra?-h upon le business of die country, when it does come.? I is to come, and Mr. Walker desires to pesttone it by a paper inflation, to be sustained trom in explosion till alter the next Presidential cant>aign, by dralu, and loans, Hnd treasury notes, ["he new tariff is not expected to swim at first ilono?it must have a bladder under each arm ill the waves subside, lint the great misgiving is II the fact, that a revolution commenced upon iaper money, is likely to terminate in a national lebt. Why, sir, we now tell you thert) trill be a deficit in the Treasury in Deember next, including loans and treasury ioteB, and debts of all kinds of not less than 126,000,000, equal to the whole of the net receipts, ipon the customs under the act of '42 No wonier then that Mr. Walker should ask the priviege of paper-money in the form of drafts, when it a par value; of course, as Mr. Allan says, when he bank is broken, nobody will take the paper. Ve don't know what they are going to do about t. The case of Commodore Moore was up for everal hours to-day in the Senate, of which subset we shall write to-morrow. Dispassionately, Thb Doctor Washington, D. C. July 29, 1846. Tighly Important from Mexico? Vera Crux friendly to the Americant?Perplexity of Paredet?Hit inability to carry on the War?Revolutionary movementi?The intentions of the United Statet Government in relation to Mexico?Political Mattert?How the Tariff Bill teat carried. Since I wrote to you to-day, I have gathered om a private source some important intellisnce direct from Vera Cruz, which serves to row light on the present position of affairs in In the first place, the most friendly feeling* ext between our squadron and the people of Vera ruz. The latter declarc they are tired of the tir; and in all their acts and language manifest ie most amicable disposition towards the Ainecans. ?o openly and strongly is this friendlipss manifested, that one of our vessels was sufred to cruise within range of the Runs oi tne astle ot San Juan D'Ulloa without tne slightest lolestution. Paredes, although ordered to the frontier to opose the march of General Taylor, is so mucn Crawl of the "fire in his rear," drat he it still bliged tn stay at the capital, to repress the sp rit f revolution which is manifesting itself more and loie strongly ev?ry day. The only thing that revents it bursting forth oven now, ia the presnceof the body guard of Paredes, consisting ol >nat four or six thousand men, and ev^n this >rce is diminishing daily. From present appearances, General Tayleroan larch from one end of the republic ol Mexiceto ie other, without opposition. The enemy is without pay, and neither P?rebs nor the government can raise fui<ds. The ope of English assistance it at an end. There i no earth!* prospect of their ability to carry on ie war. Will they sue for peaoel There is one reflection that presents itself, collected with this question, and that i?, that the lexioans are still wilful, headstrong, |>erverse. nu ft BCV as 141 rnj WCIU ai wmiifWMv,I

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