Newspaper of The New York Herald, 29 Aralık 1846, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 29 Aralık 1846 Page 1
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I TH1 Vol. XXI, Bo. 301? What* Ho. 451)4 THE NEW YORK HERALD? IAMES 68RD0N BENNETT PROPRIETOR Olrcnlatton?Forty Thonaand. DAILY MbalALD?fciery day, Price II tmta per copy?T UMiuiun?pnynlilr in advance. WEEKLY HERALD?E?err 8*iutd*y?Price (id cmb P?r cony?$3 1JU cenii i <?r aimuia?payable iu ad?:uiee. HERALD FOB EUKOPE?Eyery Steam Packet day. Price %% cents per copy?BS.#t per annum, payable is ad AlJVERTISEMfcN'l'S ? ?he ?? *! pti'M-alwar? eej? la r.dvanee yilNTIMO of >11 ithu" d witto Iwan 4a? patrb .Ml lettara or coamamer.tinvr, by mail, adJr*?tie<: te he eataMialimrr.', matt be port paid, or the ixntayt ?lf be d* dee tad from the tnbacaitxiou money remitted. JAMES GORDON BENNETT. ( Proprietor of the m *?w VfM Herat r *?, W <*. .. . .. ?. .'I . laJ x .... .. _ !'r? * , 4 K/t % tci.a^r *? %? ?* n t??^ i?m%9 I uprv ~ ' ' ? ?: i / CHAJSGK OK HUUlt.S. Caaft QCSffe WWTItit AKRANGKWfcNT t?n m4 alter Monday, j Dm. tt, 1M(, Traies wilt im >i Wiowi:Llin liduditLTK-M t o'clock A. M \Vokioi. ii*b) far UrwmiMrt. dulMttcrpi Smdayis) ?t? f m ?i K?rntinir<We ana J*. Oronre'a " - %t ">M A. 3(1, daily, for Oreeoport an J intermediate place*. ' " I I* M. f<? Kjirmiitrdale. daily. Lkavk liKitnruiT??t 8!? A. M., daily *a*.oinioodnijoii train for Hronkl) u M " at JM I'. M., (Boston Traiu) or on the arrival o' tne miKt Irt m N,nn h, daily. (etcpt Pcui.-PP.m it St Unoige'a Man ' a?<t rnrmingJ . Leave Fahmi vpuilk ai G>? A. M <UiIy, (etcepf "iinJn-i,) acconMjtndau i trairjand 12 M eudSy I* M / Leave Jamaica?a I n'el<v< A. M , I f. M., am*. 6Jj F M., for Brooklyn, or oa the arrival of Boston traiD. SUNDAY T11AIN8 will h?renfter rua to Thompson Etn ' tion? leave Brook'yn at 9 A M. forThnmtnon Hud intermediate places (commencing Sail la7 the Ith M tvsabtr. return las leave Thompson at S o'clock P. M., Kiruiinsdale 2M. Jamaica JM. Kake to?Bedford, cents; F.ast >?Ytrk fMi Hace Cnnrse, IB1(; Trotting Course 1*M: Janmca, ?S; JrusnvilU. 3'M; Hjde I irk. (I* inilea) 37>*; Clowaville, (during the session of Conn) J7M; Ilempsteaid. 37>jJ; Branch 37M; Carle Flace,44t Weatbnrjr, 44; Hicksvtlle, 44; KarmiuKdale. 62'Ak Deer Park,69; Thompson, M; 8uffolk Station, SI; Lake Bead *- Station, fl lljf; Med ford Station, SI UX: Yaphank, SI 37M; St-George's Manor, Si MM; Rivernead, SI UK; Jameaport, rl MM; Mattetuck, SI MM; Cutehogue, f 1 MM; Sonthold, 1 MM; Oreenport Accommodation Train, SI 75; Boston train, Si 15. Stages are in readiness on the arrival of Trains at the several Stations, to take passengers at very low fares, to alt parts ol the Island. Baggage Crates will be in reidiness at the foot of Whitehall ttin, to receive baggage fi r the several trains, M minutes before the hoar of starting from the Brooklyn siae. The steamboat Statesman' liavei tmenport for oar Harbor on the arrival of the Boston train from Brooklyn d25rh FOR BOSTON AND PRO VlDe-NUE, rT? A^^^XStouington and Long Island Kailroid? Niifht ?Ou and after Mond ty Wth instant, Traiua leave the foot of Whitehall street. South ferry. ria Long Island Railroad, en Mondavi, Wednesdays, and fciidays, at t o'clock, P.M., for Ureenport,crossing the Bound to 8t iiiugton,in the favorite sonnd it earner NEW HAVEN, which baa been provided with majti. mil, and extra ordinary auchnra, and from thence to Providence and Boston by the Kail traina which connect with the steamers Massachusetts and Governor. Fare to Ston'nKion... ' $3 SO " Providence 4 00 " Boaton J 00 "% itnmtr Nnr Hivta hn uw boilers, and will rake y light freights d23 rh REGULAR MAIL LINE FOR BOSTON. VIA NORWICH k WOK- ????% MM 0* CE8TER, without change ZLSKk' { Car* or Baayage, or withoac_^H^^Ez C3L 'crowinganyVsrrv. issengess taking their aeataat Norwich, are insured their ta through lo Boaton- Thia being the only inland route . t communicates throngh by steamboat and railroad. It JiMgrn by this line are accompanied throngh by the con4 tor of the train, who will have particular charge of their b^gaga, and who will otherwiae give hi* attention to their Mi ana comfort. 7 his line leavea aouth aide Pier No. 1, North River, foot of b 'erv Place jlaily, (Sundays excepted) at * o'clock, P. M., ft air. vea is Boaton m time ko take all the eaatera trains he new steamer WORCESTER. Capt. Van Pelt, leaves .-v -j Pueeday, Thursday, and Saturdays, at 4 o'clock. P.M. ' h* steamer CLEOPATRA, Captain Williams, leaves rv -y Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, at 4 o'clock. P M. . >r further information, inquirte of J. H. VANDKK BILT, N? 1 Bwirerr Plaee. North J<iT?r. dOT rf rr ?, UMTKD hTAI KS MAIL LINK. I ',M jb FOR ALBANY AND TROT. VIA . Btiigf port and Hous&touic Railroad. Dur\ ,.:<2>*v9BK>?g last issimt, tbe Housaio ic Railroad InSii be?a iclaid with a heavy H Rail, from Bridgeport to ^3 .V *? Weateni Railroad Through bv Daylight, daily (Suncv t' ( excepted) et 6W o'clock, A.M. te Steamboat MOUNTAINEER, Capt. W. 11 Fraxee, ' es the foot of Mirket street. E. R., for Bridgeport, Daily, ? 4, I (o'clock, A M. No freight taken in the Paasenger Line. r lingers take the Cars srr Bridgeport,ard without change of ot Baggage Crates, arrive in Albany and Troy at i ek, P. M. New Cars and Locomotive engines have been are>d, and the Road is in every respect equal to the best v. England Road. "A Freight Line by Steamers Nimrod and Mohegan, Freight Tariff aame as last year ?For farther par> its inquire at the Office ou Market strret Pier, and iviagston and Welle' Expreea, 10 Wall btreet. 4m re O. M. PERRY. Agent. NOTICE. On and alter Friday, November 20th, the a^jMASbsteamboat SYLPli, Captain Braisted, will 2K3DLmake the following tripe lo and from States laland to til further notice, vtx s? Leeve New York I Leave Stttea lalaad. At ? A.M. At 11 A.M. I ! __ i p. M. u m. IK - ? P. M. ig " m?r FOR CHARLESTON, SC., HAVANA f'SPf NEW ORLEANS?To Mil on Sethe ?th of Janaary, *t 10 o'clock, A M -The new ud elegant steamship MaNFIW ORLEANS, of I.COA ton* burthen, J?hn T. Wright, commander, will aail 11 above, and step at Charleston and Havana, by particular request of Miitnirri. For freight or psetage, ravin* elegant lnrni?hed tecummodatioaa, with atate rooms, apply to the captain, on board, foot of 9th street. East River; or at T. F. Secor ft Co.'a foundry. ?m tj??ii. - ? DRAFTS on ENGLAND, IRELAND, /^ nSCOTLAND AND WALKS !-Pe?sous >^9|K|inK2|Mcsn remit any amount from one pound and upwards to their friends in any part of ureat Britain or Ireland, by applying to the subscribers, of whom drafts can be obtained payable at sight, withoat discount,in all tbe iirmaipal towns and cities throughoat England, Ireland, Scotland and Walea. Those obtaining drafts eaa forward them by the packets of the 1st, 6th 1th. llth, list or nth of the moarh of December, or the Hoval Mail Steamers sailing from Boston oa tbe 16th. and 1st of January. W. It J. T. TAP8COT T, M South at., 46 r 3d door below Barling slip. FOR NEW ORLEANS?Louisiana and New York line first and only regalar packet. To ssil JHHKoon or before 1st of January. The fest sailing packet M ship OsVV tOO, Cspt. Johnston, will sail as above, her regalar day. For freight or passage, having splendid Tarnished ecsomm"daUons. apply OB bo aid. at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall atreet, or to E. K. COLLINS k CO. No. 56 South street ' Agent in Now Orleans. James E. Woodruff, who will Komrily forward all goods to his address. The pscket ship rtelle will seccetd the Oswego, and sail on the ltth of Jan. ber regular dev. dI7 PaTkTt KOH MAnhEILLEU of 1st Janna(flfWrr -The pscket ship NEBRASKA, Capt. James 4pHUHaWsuon, will be despatched for the above port en the ltth January. For freight or passage apply io CHAMBEhLAiN ft PHELPS, - 10 Front sfeet. or to 01/iv H nmou<nt tf7 re No 9 Tontine Baildinga. UNION LINK OF LIVERPOOL JACKETS. ISSxV ?The nplendid fast tailing led favorite paeiaet ?hir JHmKb EMPIRE, lto* ton* burthen. Captain Raaaell, will positively uil ou Tnetday, Dec. Mlh. her if|<lir day. Her accommodatlone for cabin, eecond cabin and atecage peaeeog*ra. it i* well known, are anparior to molt of the other packet thir*. and tit* price ef paaaage it very low. Thuae writhing ro aecart bertha, thould make early applicatioa ua bond, at fier No IS. 2d below Wall atreet, or to, W.kJ.T TAKSCOTT. ' K Sooth it, 2d door below Burl >nz Slip. The packet ahip 8T. GEORGE will tuccred the Empire. Both the aaid packet! will aail from Liverpool iu February. Peraooi wtatuac to aead for their fries da, cau have them brought nnt in either .of them oa favorable tenna, on aprlicatioa aa above. dtT ih 8HH' SOUTHERNER, from Liverpool, ia diarhtr?iog, foot of Dover it. All Kooda not permitted BBfeia f"e aayi will be aeat to Public Suva. . WOODHULL h MINTURN, r\ dJ7 rh 17 Month atreet. ?A "S FOR LIVERPOOL?The New Line?he / iCWt cnlir Packet of flat J?naarjr?The aaperior faal JHjB&aaileaf packet ahip QUEEN OF TH?. WEST, Caftaia Philip Woodhouve, 1.2M tona, will aail aa above, her ramlar day. For freight or paaaa(a. having ipleadid, Iarge?nd comfortable eca'e roema and cabin, apply to the capuio on board, at weet pier Barling clip, or to _ WOODHULL k MINTURN. V Soath it. ?ne# of paaaage $ IM Tha new packet ahip "CONSTITUTION." IM* tona biuthaa, Capt. John Bnnan, will aaccaed the Qnren of the Weet. awdaail oa her rrgalar day, llat Fcbraary. dilr Jtfr . LONDON DlkRRY?Direct?To aa I with WaiVir?t elm rtfolar ptchetshipMA IHKiHION Cipt.M Thompson, will Mil m above. The accommadauoai far cabin, Id cabiu, and aleerage pa?aeagera. are of a very taperior deacriptio.., and renuirei no comment. t no.. a?*iro?a of aaib.riiini ihonld m?kc immediate application o- Wrtl. foot oj rine ?reet. or to JOSEPH McMURRAY, WSoath-at., mam . , , CflntfT of PlO*. P. B-Pmw de*iro?* of Madiac for Oi?,r fricnda is that aeatioa of com.try can hara thro. bro?,ht by th? aboy* v***el on moderate applying aa afc*. dl Mr KOK LIVERPOOL^?With d*am.h-i'hc ??ry at^Kc-ass on bK'd. will hay* deapatah. | ^20rsri^awwBr5t?~ K K COLLINK k CO., N Boath at lit FOR ULAIKiOW-IUcvlaf racket, JSKorJaimarr The An* Bkbark ANN HARLKY, jBHbM tona, (.'apt Robert Scott, will nil u abov*, bar Korfrtight or paaaajre, having apleodid aeeommodationa, apply board, root *r Hooecrelt avert. Raat Hirer, or to WOODHULL it MINTVllN, _. _ T Hnntn aireet. 1 b* r*t?,*r packet ataip Saracen, Can* N T Hawkina, will aaec?ed >h? Ann HaHey.'nd anil on th* let of F*hrnarr rA< KETS KOK II WKK-Second llJCVpacket ihip uiICA, <;ap?. John A. Pierce, will aail -flkMbrOii the fir.t of Jannary, 1147. Kor freight or pa*a5F1 ! 7 BMBBBBHOMBnOKi S NE" NEW VIEW OF i [i^^h pm|^f' * ~_ " 11 -z-trr:~r jl:.:l. -: ~~~: )^--rir* " sr. Jn ' JftjUEtm^hI INTERESTING INTELLIGENCE from the ri a m rvn tit a r* OJ&AI UJP WAK. AFFAIRS IN BEBXXOO. NAVAL NEWS. MOVEMENTS OF THE ARMY OF INVASION. kt. kt. NEWS FROM MONTBKEV, ItC. The steamship McKira arrived at New Orleana on the 30th, from the Brazos, bringing dates to the 16th, and embracing news from Monterey two days later than before received. Among the passengers were twelve officer* and sixty-one sick and discharged volunteers. The steamsMp Virginia left Brazos on the 15th for Tampico, with Lieutenant Colonel Park and six companies of the Alabama regiment of volunteer;. The steamboat Cincinnati and the V. S propeller James Cage left on the 18th. with Gen Shields and stall', and Cant. Shelby's company ef Alabama volunteers, all bound lor Tampico. The Lr. steamboat Oopher was wrecked on the 13th outside of Tampico bar. The pilot boat Ariel was alfco lost, and several vessels were blown out to sea. Two regiment* of Indiana volunteera. and Capt. Taylor's battery, had left Monterey for Saltillo to Join Uen. Wnrth (}(tn Tori oral' division n/aa /\n its marrli fmr Victoria. Brigadier General Hamer had died at Monterey of inflimmation of the bowels, after but two days illness. (itu. Butler (till continued in command of Monterey. Col. Taylor had arrived at Matamorai with despatches for Oen. Patterson. Major Arthur came passenger in the McKim. Me brings despatches from Oeueral Taylor. On tha 8th, 9th and 10th, General Tsvlor was to move in column for Victoria with about laOO men. No further demonstrations would b? made teward* San Luis f'otou until ordara from Governmentwere received. weneial Taylor had imprisoned the Alcalde of Monterey, hia son, and several others, lor furnishing money and horses to desaiters from the American army. Oen Wool was at Parras, 100 miles north of Chihuahua, with 1000 men, and Col. Riley wasatMonto Morale* with a similar force. Oen. Pillow was to move for Victori* an the 14th. Santa Anna had sent a detachment ef 2000 men to destroy all the water tanks between Saltillo and Pjtosi. [From the New Orleans Picayune, Dec. 20 ] Bkaros 8*ntiaoo, Dec. 19. 1844 The Cincinnati did not sail yesterday, as was expected, and I am consequently here another day. Tha C. is expected to leave this evening. I have a little news from Monterey, as late as tha 99th of November. Two regiments of Indiana volunteers, the 2d and ?d, and Lient. Mackall'a (Capt. Taylor's) battery had gone to Saltillo, to jain Oen. Worth. Oen. Twiggs' division is on its march for Victoria. Brig, rten Hamer, one of Mr Tolk's appointments, died at Monterey, a few days ago, of inflammation of the bowels His illness was of v$ry short duration?not more, I learn, than two days. Oen. Butler will remain in command at Monterey. 1 spr ke of this at some * hat uncertain in a former letter. Col. Taylor arrived at Mstamoras two days ago, with despatches for Oen Patterson. Mrs. Hart and her husband, Wells anl a few other actora, are her* on their way to Tampico They have been for a long time the pioneers of the drama, wherever the army morel Since I watlaat here most excellent and mo?t desirable improvement he* taken place in the eitabliahment of a very comfortable hotel, by Capt. Perkins But for this the isltnd wruld be intolerable The hotel, which i* called the "Greenwood Saloon," in kept In a very Rood at) le, and la doing a thriving business By an advertisement in the Matamoras Flag I ree that Rice Oarland I* about opening a law offico and land agency at this place and Matamorai, intending to pursue the legal profession in the court* of Texaa. Br*;** Santiaoo, Dec 13, 1841. I have another marine casualty to reixirt before leaving thi* place, which you will peiceive I luve nut yet done, central y to all my expectations "To-morrow and tomorrow" i* still the word. But to the casualty : About 13 o'clock, XI., to-day, as the U. 8. steamer Gopher was going over the bar, laden with provisions, , bound to the mouth of the Rio Grande, she grounded. The De Rosselt was promptly despatched to hrr aid, but coulJ render no efficient assistance. The O. had sprung a leak, and in about two houis totally disappeared, aim was seen to drift into about three and a half fathoms water, when her chimney, ma*t* and everything disappeared out of sight. Fortunately not a lile was lost? the De Roisctt having taken eveiy person off when the was found to be in a sinking condition. The Gopher bad on board when (he went down 364 barrels ot | ork, 44 barrel* ot bread, 14 barrels of pickles, 84 barrels of vinegar, 6 hales oakum, a coil* io|>e and 3 bundles of cast steel?all the property of the United States. If Uncltfam was a rich man, this would be a pretty place to ' break" him The beach and bar are strewn with wrecks in all directions. The pilot boat Ariel whs also lost at the same time and place. Two men, Capt. King and a sailor, were in her; they were also picked op by the De Koesett. A hea/y Ma nruci ma i?>ai, ana liumuy Or. ..e liar to pieces. I wait witness fram the stud hills, at a alioit distance, of the scene of the I am ofl"to-morrow .? ,t "SKALD C^HSSSSfr*! " ! ^ ' Mouth or^ltAuiivi, Nov. 59/ 1HM. Brazot It Unit?Cap t Iftll?Tkt Hit Grande, 4~c. 1 have juit been reading the Herald, wiiicli, by the way, I always read whan I get a chance, and I was surprised to see that of alt the letter* you publish from this part af the world, none of them notice what seems to me the moat important place, vii: Braxoa Island. On Uiia island iatha depot for all the stores of the army. Capt J. M Hill, a quarter-master United States army, la in charge of tliie depot, and a more indefatigable and industrious officer could not be found ; indeed, I have no doubt that he was sent to that place for the vary reason that he wasene of the most able officers in the Quarter-matter's depart, ment. If you sea any one from Mexico.tik him who of ill hat the mo?i to do, tnd he'll answer Capt Hill. I have counted at one time outaide Braxos Santiago bar twenty five sail, most ot them Itrge ships and brigs, and at the <sms time inside more Uian filty schooners, til loaded with government stores. From this you may imtgine what the duties of thtt officer tre. He works Irom early in the morning until late at night. My duties have called me there often, and I have hau a chance to tee him. He * looks queer. I don't suppose he remembers what t razor , it, but I dont wonder at it, for I should think he had no t in* to use one 1 have told you thus much about him, j for I ki ow you always like to see retl merit praised ; but while otheishtve been tpoktnof by every mouth in the j lend, not one hat deserved more from the country and 1 the government thsn this officer, whose Itbortfrxm the first of May lait have been inctttant. ' apt Ogdan it in charge o( this depot. Stores art sent , hare from the Brazos for shipment up the river, so that they are merely taken from the small vessels that i can croea this bar, on board the steamboats i that run op the river. It the tar at the I Mouth of the Rio Orande b?l at much wtter on it W YO YORK, TUESDAY MOR ' WHITEHALL, AND SOUTI ai the Brazos 'bar thu would bocome the main depot, but aa it ia it cannot. There i* only five feet water here and there about eight. The water in the river ii now very low: the large boaU flnJ some difficulty in getting up. We nave some very fine boata en the Rio Grande, among them the "Col. Cross," with her "bully captain,'' as the song has it, and the "Corretti" with Captain Kennedy. P. II. INCIDENTS OF THK WAR [Krom the Boston Post, Dec. 2H ] Yesterday afternoon, at East Boston, Henry Carney, one of Capt. Webster's company, was married to Miss Almira Bent. Lieut. Kelley, officer of the day, allowed an escort of thirteen men in uniform, with aide arms, under sergeant Stearns, to accompany the bridegroom from the quarters in Pitts street to East Boston, and witness the wedding. A furlough of 48 hours was tlio allowed the bridegroom. In the forenoon, twenty mou of this company, in uniform, attended the Rev.Mr. Taylor's church The reverend gentleman availed himself of the circumstance to discoune eloquently upon Um duties of patriotism, and at the close of the services be praved that the young defenders of their country present, and their brethren in arm.*, might go forth to battle armed with the breait plate of righteousness, and t>e sustained in the hoar of their utmost danger by a sure hope in Christ. NAVAL INIKI-UOBNCK. [From the Norfolk Beacon] On Monday, the Emily Thompson, of Baltimore, arrived here from Nassau. N. P . in eirht dsvs. with oart of the effi ;in, crew and e fleets of the U. S. ifoop of war Boaton, under charge of Lieut. B J. Moeller. Tho officers and drew, with everything that wai laved from the wreck, except guns, anchor* aui! watertank?, had reaclied Nassau, at the date of sailing. The schr. Charlei Allntnim, aailed on the morning of the same day, (tinro arrived,) undercharge of Lieut. Haygerty, for Norfolk, and Capt. Pearaon wat expected to wllaw inifrw data, '. rith the remainder of the ufficert, man and materia]*, L> r the sam? destination. The foliowing is a liat of the officers arrived by the Kmity Thomson Lieut. B J. Moeller , Lieut M. B. Kintxing, Marina Corps ; Aaaistant Surgeon. M. B. Back ; Pitted Midshipman, John Walcott; Midshipmon, T- B. Wainright. t A. Hoe ; Captain's Cleik, J. M. Story . Gunner, Wm. C. Thompson ; Hailmaker, Samuel Rhode*. By the " Charles Ailatrum Lient F. 8. Haggerty, in charge; Passed Midshipman, Pater Wager, Jr.; Midshipman, Geo. 8. King. The officers af the ahip had been treated with much civility and courtesy by hit Excellency, Governor General Mathew, who, on the tirat newa of the diaatter, by letter, and toon after, peraoaallv, in a visit to Eleuthera, tendered to them every hospitality in hia power, even to a shelter under tha roof of the Government Houae, aocouipanied at Ihn same time, with tha bast evidence of his sincerity from kit cellar and his larder-and on their arrival at Nassau, his civilities were renewed in the mint hospitable form, whilst the same sympathy for the tinfoit juate wtt manifested by Lieut. Col. > obbe and officers of H. M. W. India Regiment in barracks at Naasau, in the tame generous and liberal minded attentions, tuch at a-e not likely totbe soon ?(laced even in the " wear and tear ' of a stormy sailer life. The U. 8. tloop of war Germantown, haa arrived at Norfolk [From the Boston Courier, Dec. 28 ] A draft of 100 seamen, for the line ship Ohio.nrrived at Charlestown navy yard on Saturday, from New York it ? nviu nim uoi cuiupiemnii' is djw compieieu, um that the will toon d*|?rt for Norfolk, to await there the order* of government. We looted in yetteHay, ?*r* the Newburyport HeraU, to *ee the new bo if building for government by Maiir* Picket St Ladd It it a -4 oared barge, 40 feet long, 1 -3 feet wtfe. and 4 feet 4 iachet deep, ami will coat about >500 One hu.iJred of thote boatt are building, from Baltimore northward, all to b? delivered the lit January, and the contract* for none of which weie entered into until Uie Aral wwk of December. They are ordered by Gen bc?tt, and are intended to be amply sufficient, in mm ol emer^oncy, to land 'JO 000 men on any point ol the Mexican coaat. AFFAIRS I* MEXICO. [From the New Orleaas Picayune, Dec. 30 ] We learn verbally that Gen. Woll, who wa* for miny yeara in the service of Mexico, und who signalized himaelf in Texat and on the Rio Grande frontier, recently effected a landing at Liguna and had proceeded towardl the Mexican capital. Gen W. it a Frenchman by birth, retired to hi* native conntry a year or two tince wi'h a foitune. and lia* the reputation of being a brave officer. The lHarit dr la Marine it particulxrly well informed in Mexican aft'alia, and we gather from it come item*. The chief of the Mexican difficulties ariaes from pecuniary embarrassment*, say* the Diarit. Santa Anna i* continually calling upon the Government for meant. ? The clergy, being called together liy delegation* both ef the regular and eecular ordera, re luted positively to gaaranty a loan of two millions of dollars; but the government, contidering the atraitened circnmtiance* of t!ie treatury and the necessities of the state ? quite too urgent to b? provided for by general contribution?bad resolved to iasue draft* lor the amount of two million* of dollara upon the responsibility of the clergy, the cleigy to lie compelled to meet the **me within two year*?the Government recognizing the amount a* a loan to be ultimately reimbursed with intaraat at the rate of 0 per cent per annum. To render these draft* at once available, the Government had determined to draw them for amount* varying from $200 to $30,04'), in favor of individual* ol w*alth,an<l according *o their circuaiatanres, and compel them to advance the respective *um* within eight day* Such it the forced lean to which H^nta Anna has driven the Government, and which the letter axcuies by alleging that " the clerical order, both setultr and regular and of both aexei, ha* always shown its*If ready to make the greatest sacrifices ' Wa are yet to tee how the church will digest thi* measure The decree relative to the grant to D. Joie Garay, of of the exclusive privilege of opening a communication between the Atlantic and Pacific by the lithmu* of Tehnantepec, haa been extended two year*, and otherwl*e modified *o a* to laciiitate colonization. Wa have at latt a revelation in relation to the letter which our Government addresand the Mmrin m?nt toward! the end of September, end the receipt of which on the 6th or Oth ef November at Vera C nr/, wi mentioned It wm dated the 97th of September, auJ was isreived on the 13th of November It waf to explain ?wrr the miaunderstanding which the Ma xican Secretary had evinced of Mr. Buchanan'* previous ofUr to negotiate a peace The American Government did not propoec, aa the Mexican Secretary understood the offer, to lay out of the q neat ion the causae, on each tide, whtch led to the war. Thii would be an abandonment of their strongest claims on Mexico. They wiahed, however, to settli- all the questions in dispute between the two Kepublice. Mr. Buchanen's latest letter concluded by saying that the President, persuaded that he had dose hia duty in making propoaala for peace, awaited with patience an I hope tne final decision of the Mexican Government That although the longer the war lasted the more difficult would it be to males a aatisfactory peece, on account of tha continually increasing expenses of it, yet he shoulJ always be ready to terminate the war upon terms of absolute justice And that in the meantime he had no alternative but to prosecute the war with vigor, until the Mexican Oovernment should be ready to receive hia overtures for peace In a kindred spirit. Outhe iOih of November, by order of Santa Anna, a grand mass was celebrated, ail tha officers of the army being present, to implore the Divine aid for the happy issue of the war. Tne asm* night, the termination of the armistice was to be oelabrated by a grand aerenade. The reports from Chihuahua were that the government had organized a force of 1'iOO regulars and 10 000 volunteer*. with fifteen pieces of artillery, and that all were to march against the enemy on the 9th of November. We do not believe the half of it. A communication had been received from Sinaloa, dated the Nth October, atating that Capt Vleres, with a few regulars and som? volunteers, had routed a party of RK I NING, DECEMBER 29, 1 H AND 8TATEN ISLAND F l|,. North Americana. It waa added that at Lo? Angelst thai Indiana had maaiacred one hundiad and fifty Amoiican, aailora action a? aoldiera. ; The negotiation! between Com. Conuer and other i authorities at Tampico are given, but they are not im-% portant, and we are crowded for room I A private letter from Mexico assures the Eiario that a ; good underitandioK oxisted betweon Santa Anna and the ^ central government, but that the necessities of the Oene- . ral were aa<9h that he waa con*trained to insist upon the I forced loan of two million*. Hi* army amounted to about 93 000 men, the beat arm of which wa* cavalry ? General Taylor had aulfered much from ilcknei* and desertion, but the number of hi* troop* waa variously estimated. The Mexican* are coMtlaually.approhenaive of a night a'.taok upon San Juan de Ulloa. An attempt wa* made, they thought, the night of tho lit ultimo, but it reiulted in nothing, having been early discovered. We annex our correapondent't letter : ? Havana, Dec. 0, 1040.?The Britiah steamer i* in to day from Verm ana, and l (end you ail extra containing the new* a* publiihed here. Rumor add* somewhat to these, bat you can judge for youraelf. Santa Anna ii laid to have threatened to retreat to Queretaro if they dont tend him the $1,000 000 that he ha* a*ked for, which great exertion* are being made to raise. Some *ay he will fall back whether or no. in order to be nearer the capital on the opening of Congre**. Proportion* had been made to the Britiih merchant* for a loan of $90,000.000,secured by a redaction of duties on articles now prohibited. The monied and landed interest, it is said, are quite tirrd of the war, and Santa Anna's retrograde movement may possibly be in order to intimidate Congress into peace measures, while he apparently sacrifice* hi* am'itinn and lanrth (to be earned) to the will of the people. The initiated suppose him not to be inimical to peace. At all event* ho won't meet the enemy?if it i* done at all, aome ono slie must do it. The blockade is not considered at all an effectual one; several vesaels tent from here have discharged. An American aloop of war, aaid to be the Albany, from New York, ia Just ooming in. New Orlkami, Sunday Morning, Dec. 20, 1846. Tht Murkrti - General Scott?Theatricalt?The Ballet, 4'tThere i* nothing particularly startling for me to post you upon, except to give you the result of the lait week's mercantile transactions. Business was quita brisk throughout the week. The ootton market closed tin ii)kiu wuu nn? aniinn, ? suguuy auvaucei price*, with sale of 3500 bales for the day, making the ?alei of the week 25,000 hales,principally on Englisb and northern account The following rate* may he considere<l correct inferior, 8 to 8X ; ordinary. 6\ a 0; middling, aO.V; good middling, #X * middling fair, 9\ a 0?<; Mr, 10 a 10M; good lair, 10>? a 10>?; good fine, II tl JH The arrivals yeaterday were 4 831 bale*, making the itock on hand and on ahip board not cleared 146,6M. The receipt* this year, from the flrit of September to the 10th init, ihow a falling off from last year of 04 079. In flour there ha< been a considerable depresmon during the week, caused by the unfavorable newt of the Caledonia. and the high rate of freights, and the tales of the week have only been 32,000 barrels, mostly at from $4 to $4 AO per barrel, the greater portion at $4 )Q%'. During the woek the arrival* have been 40,9ITJ barrels?export*, *10.106 barrels Freights for floor are, for Liverpool 0* ; Havre $1 33ha ; Bordeaux, $t 60; the North, fi6 to 70*-; and for grain to England, 17 to 18d; and to the north, 14 a 16c. 1 ne sugar marKoi sure i nurway, iii? nera preiry lirm, although the week's businesi ha* been only 2300 bhila, at from 4>? a IV for inferior, to tt3? a fl',' for prime, an.l t'.>* a ?V tor choice. Arrived during the week, 3 271 hhd*; cipor'o>1 'J773, hh.ia. In molmas> 'hero iiis l.neti a declinr from iS\ a -26 to 24>i cents, at wIik'h rut* tbo inaiket closed heavily. The aal.nof the week, erubrv.i J,7(,'0 barrels only?(there wu a small sik ye-t ' iy in miing at Si rent* ) Arrived during the week 3 B4 >'; rxpoited a,233 bhls Incorn, the high mte of Iteig'ii . i j ilie >iniiil receipts, have tended to make the ?ai> , |.sht. The lates fluctuated during the week hut cloned fu miy nt and 60 cents. Week'a salua, v7 000 iu k' arrived 43,041?exported 33,813. In wheat there have been o > sule since my laat lettor Arrived during tho w, ck, s.icka?exported, 32,813 sacks. In exchanges cohmJ, i ibie ha* been done during the week? Sterling. 4>< a >?% per cant premium; France, ftf 47lfc a 61 # }><; Mia Y?l ,, ui) days, 9 a 2), per cent diacount; aight, a >? per c ut discount; Treasury note*, V to ,l? pur cent discount. In local new* I h ive hut little to communicate Hen. Scott and atiit arrived m the city yesterday and took lodgings at the 4t Charles Hotel?ho look* finely. Ha sails lor Brozos about the middle of the week. Blangv, that dancing divinity, arrived in towa on Thtiraday night, and i* nt the St Lou Kxchange. She ii to dance, I understand, at the St. Charles theatre. The manager ot the French theatre made her an |f<f, but it was not quite equal to her term*, and relused. She is reluctant to go to Harnna at present, as she would have Trabatoni and the whole corpi it kallrt to contend again*t. That corps return to this city about the commencement of lent. Dan Marble is at the St. Charlet, and Mrs. (Jeorge Jones and the Sable Harmonists at the American. The " Jewess" was performed at the French Theatre on Thursday aud Saturday night, with great effect, and to full houses. The races for the three days on the Metarie Course, last week, have been the feature in sportir.g urewi, >mii oi nu r'vhi iccoudi. leiu-niij, bouitii Jordan, rheanut filly, by imported Jordan, dam by John Richarda, 4 yeara old. took the four mile pur?? ia two itraiglit hnaia, in 7:49, 8:10; Brown Kitty, a Kentucky 4 year old (Illy, her competitor, not baring any (how ut all. She bad previoualy on the (Jarroiton Courte made a very pretty race There |j no telling what Louiae can do, an toe didn't let herMlf out at all. The (team ehip McKim, Cant. Peck, arrived from the Brmzo* yeaterday morning about half pa<t one o'clock, but brought no great new*. It ia all in thi* morning'* paper*, and you will receive it by telegraph before this rearhta you. The weather ia cold?for thi* country, ry cold?but clear ai a bell. Cincinnati, Dec. 34, 1B46. Trait?if ma 11 mi i'#n? Tht*trt$. The pork bnaineaa ia In full operation here, and tome thousands are aarriflced daily for the devotee! in the pig line. Price* vary from %7 80 to *3 per hundred, according to aize, newapaper quotation* to the contrary notwithstanding. Beef, %1 to 13 SO. Thotiien ti of cattle are being alaughtered ; whether for the Hio Ornnde or the Kngllth market, 1* beat understood by the knowing one*. Tbe river fell to auddenly here that two iteamera have been left high and try. and, aa a coneequence, condemned. Bnainee*, generally (peaking, briak. The U. 5 iteamer Bibb, of which I treated in my la*t, made an average of a-j milna per hoar, rn route to New Orlean*. Lo much for Cincinnati machinery. Tbe Meeara. Yateman It Htueld* anticipate another order from Oovernment. w. nocsweu, wno tiss nam a spianuia cir-rs nere, a benefit laat night lor the whra* ami children of th? Ohio volunteers. It wti responded to in a handaome manner, th? building being crowded to exo?se?receipts $1,030, ovary cent of which iu (iron to the committer. Mr. Rockwall ha* l>aon nightly honored with orowded honse It 1* surmlaed hit profit* will pay the coit of the huilding by the 1st of January. hi* company includes tho Acrobats, flarr Cline, Hiram Kranklin, the Tyrolese Hlngers, Mrs. Oornin, the Cannon Bail Man, and sundry others The theatre haa receirnd a sad shock from the opening of the circus. Booth is acting h?re to indifferent house*. He ia himself in erery particular?that is, his perfect if- VORTfcX. II ! Ill 111 II Hill 111 I I " IERA [846. ERRIES. I * , -..J pTMfMFIiBlC? V" if I." ?Li i * rMBfegT^ipT.|)Siij5rfsSMiBpM8^BR^fcs^i^? B Varieties. Mr. Henry Curtii was killed in Ifewbuig while cleanly infc a winter road, by a tree falling on hi* head. U A iran nannd John Chlbortson in Philadelphia, on *Suuday last, while in a fit of insanity, cut his wife'i throat, and attempted to Jo the iame to his daughter, but Vwas in time prevented. 'J The senate of Ohio, by a vote of 19 to 15, have ordered j r to bo engrossed a bill repealing the registry law of the State ? The two democratic papers at Little Rock had so many squubbles, that the legislature of Aikausas elected the whig editor to do the public ptintiug. *" The A'isgara Chronicle o f the 11th instant, suys that n the previous hunday twenty-seven vessels put into that port for a harbor ; thoy had passed through the Welland canal and were bound to various ports below. The steamboat Talleyrand was lost on the Mississippi on the 30th ioit. JJ*r 'J40 ton* of freight were lost. In the Supreme Court of Kentucky, in the case of Mary Copeland. lately convicted of the murder of Ruth uouffuony, uoiu 01 loipeciuuie ldimuon, a now iruu uo> been granted. The deceMcd was the attlicking party. A great row was "kicked up" at an entertainment in Philadelphia, on rhriatmnx night, because the manager did'nt give a gold cup to the author of the belt of 3800 conundrum*. A day's work to read them. A sta^e driver named Thompson was recently killed near Erie by the upsetting of the stage. A boat containing five colored men, capsized nfar j Charleston last week, and all hands were drowned. The New England Society of Augusta, Goo , cele L rated the anniversary o' the landing of the Pilgrims in great style. A new expedition to Oregon i* fitting out from Newbury port. A brig has bscu purchased fur tho purpose of convuying tlioae who go, end their goods. The cabinet shop of J. A Ireland, at Newton Corner, was consumed by Dieou the J3d. Los:, f lt'OJ?one-half insured. A codfish, eight feet long and twenty-four years old, was taken at Albany a few days since?from the steeple of an oid church. The exchange wharf of Charleston, South Carolina, was sold on the 33d Inst to Mr. Charles A. Maywood, for $100,000. In the case of the U. 8. Post Office vs. Thompson, lately tried in Springfield, a verdict was given in favor of the defendant, not department. There are now lying at Albany, for the winter, five sloops, eight steamboats, 3) tow-boats, and 378 canal boats. A Mrs Simonds, aged 81 years, and who has been blind and deaf these ten years, was burnt to death in Boston ou Wednesday last. Mr. 1 noma* u. narnson, a weaitny and raipectanie man in Fauquier Co., Va , blew hii owu brain* out on th* evening of iha 16th imt., with a ihot gun, the load entering hi* forehead, near the eye. Oen. Bennrtt, formerly of tho Nauvoo Legion, ha* joined the Strangites at Voree, Wi*con*in. The Shelbyvillo Rtrordtr hoists the name* of Lewii Cam, and Oen. Wm. O. Butler, as candidate* for President and Vice President of the Union. On Wednesday of last week Mr. John J. Moore, of Kentucky, captured a grey eagle, measuring eight feet between the tips of the wiug*. The noble bird wa* aliro and doing well on Monday la?t, after having one wing broken by shot, and whipping three bull dogs in a lair fight! The Maryland Legislature convened a: Annapolis ye* terday. Bernard K.ikin, a killer, of Capt. Hill's company, was found dead in his bed at Pittsburgh. Ho had been discharged for misconduct. There wan a small wound in his forehead, but whether it cauaod his death or not, ia not stated. New German Settlements in Texas.?We learn from Mr. Johnson, thnt the German emigrants have opened a new settlement on the Llano, about sixty mile* abovo Fredericksburg, that i* rapidly improving. The land in tho valley of the Llano is found to be remjikably productive, and the climate i* considered even moro henlthy than that of New Bratinfel* or Fredericksburg. This region i* elevated urobably a thousand or fifteen hundred feeC-above the level of the Oulf The air i* remarkably pure and invigorating, and it is believed the emigrants from the mountainous regions of Kuiope will enjoy as good health here a* in their native climate. Tho garden vegetables that have been cultivated thrive remarkably well, and the Rettleri, with commendable forethought, prepared garden* for the culture of the moit uaelul culiiiary vege'ahlei immediately after they had built their houtet. The consequence it, that they have a greater abundance of veKeul>iei than moit of the old settler* of our frontier. They have auflered no molcitation from the Indian*. Moat ol the man Hre well tinned, and a* imall partiea arc generally engaged in hunting about the aettlemunta, the tavage* probably fear to approach the houiex, leat they ahould bo intercepted by tame of theae hunting partie* of the emigrant*. It it worthy of notice, that aince the aettlement* have been etUbl ?lie 1 on the Pierdinalo* and Llano, the lettlementa around New Hraunfelt have enjoyed an almoit complete immunity trom the loraya of Indian). VV'n underitand that another new ae'tlrmerit will toon ba formed on the Han Maba, which will bo regarded at the capital of the colony ; and the moat extenaive preparatioaa are in progreu to render it the great paint of attraction of all tho colonist* from Korot*. The fertile and healthy valley of the Man Sab* i* conaidered capable of tuataining a population of at lea it half a million of toula. Wheat, rye, oat*, barley, and all the moat valuable cereal grain* can here be cultivated a* advantageoualy a* in the bent grain growing regtoni of the globe. The apple, peer, peach, and the cboiceat varietie* of grape* can al*c doubtleta tie cultivated in thi* tection to great advan tage. It ia believed, alto . that the Merino Hnd ftaxony heep can >>e ihim<I in the hilly and mountanioua region* toward* the *ource* of the San Saba, at well at in spein or Saxony, and that liiev will yield wool of an excellent quality. German enterprise la opening in the wild* of Testa ourcet of wealu and happineaa, that already bid fair to rival, if they do not exceed thoee of the mo*t floarithing Anglo- American iettlemtnta of the Wett. New firaunf?le, although but one or two year* have elap*ed *ince it wit founded, already rivalt in population and reaoureea many of the oldeat and largeet town* of the State It li till rapidly improving. Preparation* have been made t? erect ? large flouring mill and a anw-mill in the town, and it it not improbable thai in a few yean, the bright leaping water* of the Comal will be turned from Ui?'r flowery bank* amid a labyrln'h of factortea, ami ring with the buav hum of thouaandt of looma and apinning Jennie*.?Hotntnn Telegraph, Dec 7. Ohio Lunatic Asyltm ? From the eiflbth annual report of this institution, we make the following nxtrorta : The building* wrre rommincrit in the &ear 1M6. They conUin upward* of Ave million! of rick*, and have oo*t (including the labor of convict*, which wa? a large item,) upward! of $1*0,000. They cover on acre of ground and contain 440 roomi They ara capable ot accommodating, (beiidea the efllc?r?, a? iitant*, tie ,) n.\0 patiuntr In a aljlo of Iba building* ia in good tante, and doa? good credit to the architect. The inatituUan went into operation in the month of November, 1834. Mince that time there have been In it 866 patient*; 461 male), and 406 female*; 347 pay patient*, 649 itipported bv <he State , 364 have been diaeharged cured, W have died , 420 were recent oa*e*. of lea* than a year'* duration when the patient wa* received.449 were oi l ca *e? of more 'turn a year** duration. Of the recent caaei discharged, 90:V> 100 per cent (or iMI were cured -of the old caae* 37 per cent (or M.) In addition to thi?, a great number el thoee incurable have been much improved in tbelr condition. During the pest year 176 patient* have been admitted , male*, and ?7 female*. Of theee, lOi were recent case*, 74 were old caae* ; 71 iii 11 ?i nsmmaammmmmmmm LD. Mm Tit* Otitfi have bean di*charged eared, 18 have died. In the reoaat cetee diecherged, 9S-M loo per cent, were eared, la the old cue* '-iO-78 100 percent. A number ere atlU improving, with fair proipect* of recovery. Theee remits compere favorably with tho*e In the beet iaetiratloni, both in thin country end ebroed. The na?b*r of petienti in the inetitution at the cloee of the Steal year wa* 991 The *?e?t oMect of the institution ie to effect cure*. Tho expon*?* of the inetitution, it ie ettimeted, dur'nn the en<niii|i year, li,eluding calariti, will amount to $.5,000 The health of the patient* during the peat year ha* been good S|>ortli>K IIlicence. Mr.Timt Juckkt Club Racr*. N O.?Saturday, Dec, 1?.?Jockey '"iub Pur?e, (800 ?Four mile heat*. Duneun V. Kennur'* eh I Lotti*<t Jordan, bv imp. Jordan, dnm bv Julin Itiehird*. 4 viiar* old. . . 11 UeorRe Thomas' br. 1 Browu Kilty, by Birmingham, Jain i>y Tiger, 4 yean old 3 2 DANCING ACADEMY. MU. HAKACCO, Italian Clior.*raphi?. and MV* AN OKLIN A, lirat teacher nt the Pariaian Da eing Aead*in of Mr Cellarioa, giatetul to tl.e American "bean mondt" Tortlie geuerou? |atriwa(e tbey li'.ve met with ia almoat all diatiuguuhol families m .New York, lu?ve< omposed the TAKANTKLLK WALT/. Douce of Naples, now very fashionable in the higher tirclea of Paris ; and AN010,IN A, a new waltz iu fire steps, in order to replace the one invent**! by Mr Perot, whic!i wtu not received iu Parisian "aalena* ea tieiug too theatrical The above Deautiful dances, and also all the most faahioaa ble new Mazuika, and <*iiowa, Waltz Hedowii, Widtzez ia two and three steps, are tlioroitgly uuglit in a few lesions N B ?The music for the above mentioned daneea, recently published in New York, cau be purchased at ttie Ductal Academy, Broadway, corner of Cwual .tree'.. No. M. d6 'in'r b'A?HlONABLE DANCING, 74 I.tnnard ilrul, ( of Broadway M'LLZ PAUL INK DfcSJAllDlNS. of the Acadatnie Itoyale, Pana. rupectfully inform* the public thai her Classes (or fashionable Dane top have commenced, belidei all the usual Daucei taught, will be the uew waits Mazurka, Mazurka (Quadrille, Polkaa, (rsriwus) and the H*> dowu. School* aud fainiliea attended. Terma and hoan made knowu on application. Miss Dwill rive the first bell for the seasen to her pupila, Uie drat week of December. u2l lin?rc _____ _ _____ 76 lXattau it rat, Ct ITY Wholesale and Hetail Kara ly Grocery, Tea, Wlnee, > and Spirit hstablialimeiit, lie The proprietor! pledge thematlvesttixt every artiele ia g nuine, and sold at a uomii .?.i...i;.._ ! ... .r.k.L... -? app-oved qualities: Burara ol every grade ; loffn, Mocha, Java. Lagu<yra and Maiacaibo; Winea, Champagne, Sherry, < laret. Madeira, Port, itc.; Scotch Whiakey.of Olnlirit and Iilny's celebrated brand; London Porter, j Barclay fc Porkitia;) Kdinburuh and Alloway Air; Kru't; Sperm Candlcat Ola; Old jLngliah Dairy Cheese; Krench, Engliah aad American Mnatard; (Jlaagow Spiced llama, a auparior New Year*a article for the table, high flavored and aoand; 8e(in, uaart> rd, nnd of the higheit liar or, 8_>apa, (starch, lie.; Haiaiaa Fi*?, he. i'he winea couaist of aaparior old Londoa Doek Pott, Amanltiladopale ahrrry, Marseilles do, pal* (aidaad brow* sherry. Kaat India Reserve, Madeira. Nawtoa, Gordon, Ma? doch, he. Scotch Herrings now laudiag from ship Am Itarley, (the celebrated Loch Kiue.) 8COTT St THOMPSON, M7 Broadway. A splf ndid branch of the above eatabliahmeut, ha* bMl, at the solicitation of their uptown customers, opened at MT Broadway, alao on the c.teh principle, where an asaortmrat of art idea correaponding w ith their eatabliahmeat down towa, and of the same quality, will always be found?aa asaortaeac tliat cannot be anrivaaard by any in th? eity. All the aboiw articlea will be found there, and goods from each place WlU be delivered free of expeuae in any part of the city for eaab only. d?l Imr | JEeffcltaON INSURANCE GOMi'ANJf. Orricc No. Ml Wall a rnur, orrosiTC thi Mcbchart** Kxcha.ioic. MP HIS Company continuaa to iuaura a|aiul loss or damage I M. br Fin, on dwelling houses, warehouses, buildlnga la general, gooda,warea and merchandise, aad every deacripcia* of iieraoual property ; alao agaiuat loaa or damage by inlaif-rt mm vigation and transportation. _ DIRECTORS. Thomas W. Thome, Kliaha Riggs, Thomaa T. Woodruff, An sea BKer, R R. Robaoa, M.D, Joseph Drake, Thomaon Trice, Joaeph Allan,, Meaea Tncker, Jamea E. Holmes, Johh R. Daviaou, J oh a P. More, Jolia H. Lee, William K. T^mmi, v. AHHia, IIIOBIH inorriUf Frances John C. Marntt, Robert imitk THOMAS W. THORNE, PreeideM. OEO. T. HOPE. Secretary. tU lire O A. bTUTZE'S NEW FUR STORE-Ju* Optntd. THE ADVERTISER would hereby reepeetlyiafom Ma friends and the public, ol his having opened a uw (tor* I at No. 267 Pearl (treat, a few doora from Kaltoa, where ha baa ! constantly on hand a large and aplcndid assortment of Man | and Kan of all descriptions, madcap in the liclteel style, w I which ha is enabled to offer at the lowest prices. O. A. STEIT/Jfi flatters himself to be able ip fir* particular satisfactioa to those who will favor him with a aali. Mi hopes by his attention to deserve a share of tbe pabiic patronage. Don't forget the number, 1ST Pearl at. uM 1 m rrr U. A. 8TVTZE. rarria*. TO SILK MANUFACTURERS AND OTHERS. TO be sold, with immediate poasessioa, the Kaeteriea. Buildings, ?nd Machinery, with watar privilega. aitfafa in Tolland eoanty, Connecticut, two miles from MaaafleU fonrcorners, and equal v diiUnt (twenty-Are miles) Iroaatb* cities of Hartford and Norwich, known a* the Dal ace ille SUk | Factory. The property consists of two factories, oaa lMfeatbyM, { two stories each, of! feet pitch, tha other M feat by M.tae stories each, of I feat pitch, ana wheel hoase beneath, roat larie bo& houses, with sit other teaameaU; two coaamej dioas storea, one of which is now dning a profitable biaiaiaa. Koargne^ bams, and other oat build, and aboatMaaraa m land, wall propoitioaad, consisting of good paatmrage, aaow| ingaud wood. Tbe Feetoriea are now, aad have beaa for eight years, M uccesafnt operation,and replete with conToaieBCaa.poaaaae mg superior dye bonae, with steam apparatna, (new m4 eeaaolete) alao twoaataof machinery, which may betakaa oraoc, at the option of the narchaser. Tn. W.i.r Pn.ilwa i> 11-J i. >k. Ilw. ?ill. never havinf been (topped by the lougeet drought. All ike buildinys have been erected within ! rear*, Um ileeiM pan within 3 yean, at a coat of f 30,000-aad are all in Irat mi re pair and condition. There ia ptnt probability of the contemplated New York and Boston Rail Road passing throngh the I ana of thie aetata, or in its immediate neighborhood, which woald greatly aa haoce ita valve Further and foil particular! may be had by applyiMto d?lm*r VYHK k SONS. 17J Pearl et. NT. GENUINE BEAR'S OIL. THE enormoai number ol Wigs manufactured ia thia conntry must be a conclusive proof that the hair ia greatly neglecteo. It can b? aatufactartly proved thai if punt c*re were taken, a wig woald not be ueceaaary la oae cava oat of ten in which artificial hair ia worn. Concentrated pannratioa it one of the moit eaergetie poiaona to which the roeCa of the hair can be subjected ; and, aa an antidote to ita d*arrnctive >|aalitiea, the (ieunine Baar'a Oil ataada aloaa? There is nothing known to ehemista thar can compare w4tk it. It auppliei the roota with a moat healthfal aoariahnaat, It darkeut the coloring matter within the capillary tabae, IM gives the luinriant locka, which it prodaeea, a tendency to oai I. Purified and perfumed for toilet purposes only by HENRY JOHNSON. Druggist, (successor to A. B. Hands It Co.) 1TJ Broadway, wcat aide, in the Granite Baildiag, corner of Chambers atreet. Hold, alao, at 1M Fultoa street, aad 77 Mat Broadway ; alio it 103 Hudaon afreet, corner of Spring O" Beware of spnrioui imitation!, and be tare aad Mrchase only the nrticle prepared by HENRY JOHNSON*? Price M centa and 23 cen'a per bot'l*. dl li*f CHEA.P MUGARS. CHKAP 8UOAR8 -J. O. Kowlar, *>0 aad 4M OmawM udTI Vesey stseet, has in atorc a large stock of wfcita and brown Hugars, which he is selling at reduced prieae ? | New Orleans Hugar la M and 4s 7 lbs; St. Croix 4a(d| laaat , do ia; Bcusrt's yellow 10 cenU; crushed loaf do ceata; brown Havana 1% and! cents. Oroeers aad Bakers woai/ 1 do well to give him a tail. Also a geaeral aeeomaaat af Uroeeries, Fraita. fce alt lai*r I tSlUHT RESTORtLD ' AND INFLAMMATION OF THE EYES CURED, BY THE KOMAN EYE BALSAM?a HpecrBe Oka*ment for Diaeates of the F.yea. This Balaam will 1 speedily restore weak eyas, remove latlammation aad tare nees from the eyclida, and restore aight where it ia paeaiMa to do so. The weakneas of sight from old ace. or from over j atraimiif by teo liied attention to miuate objects, cm t? cored by t lew applications. In fact, it? ilmoet Biranlau i influence on dieeaaea of the eyes, will astoaieh UT eae who | "prepared only by HENRY JOHNBON, Chemist w4 I Druggist, incccMor to A. B. 8AND8 It CO. 171 Broadway, in the Granite Bailding. Hold also at 1M Kaltoa a tree t. aai 77 Kaat Broadway. I'riee tS reeta. *' w. | TRAVELLING TRUNKS, fltc. JOHN CATTNACH, Trunk Manelactmrer, No 1 Wall street, corner of Broadway, has aow oa haad aad toMMM! ly making. a cook awortmeat of Trnaka, Vallate, Carpet B*cv aad Merehels, wholeaale and retail. Alao, a superior article of aole leethar Tnuks, lainMsfN American or Koropcaa Trayel, aad Fortataataeaa Cm aha 1 French IMallr Put'. O'dera for tbe West ladiea, Booth Aaierioa, Jte., DM ; with ileaptteb <1 la*w NU110K. PHICE REDUCED TO ? CENTS PER BOTTLE.? Cora for Baldn-ss acd LVrer Hair ?A dssirahle artislt for the toilet. The Trieapheroes or Medicated Caipsaad H now acknowledged by all who have a aad it, to b? Mt Mt and moat cert*ia article that haa erer been inreated. 1>siaandt hare proclaimed aad bora witneae tyila ralaeaad eflaacy. It pre*rata batdaaaa. features the hair that haa fallea off or beeome tbta: keena the hair from becoaaleg cey/aad retnorea dandruff, scarf, ke. It la particaUrly riliaaiahi to the ladiea. aa it net only cleaaaea the hair, batCirea aeeM aeea and brilliancy which cannot be sarpaeeed. Prepared aad aolifcy A. C. BARRY, arwat in hair, No. )U Broadway, eoe, n#rol i.topnf ?it?i W< |Wwff gentlemen, notice this. aeed not be a aearceef troeMe te r? aay longer, te know where yoa eaa go MTMW Kieck, D-eee or Over Coata and Puu. either e'laail. irai, I a'tered and repaired aa well aa termed aed refixed with m < uffa, Collar*, Lininga. Battoaa aad *Uu? for little imy M Morrav, eoraer Wuhinrtoa atreet laiHe Place where ye* eaa vet ell yon want doae for the aeaaiac Holiday a, wiltieal diaapp intm?at. Plaaae tire nae a call or aead me a aete, aad jroe will be waited oa at aaytiaae Futa aad Veet mada for tl Ht, Coat #? to i; warranted to At- Ohe?rre the mmber i? M Marray atreet. A COkt IMW. Clothea Dyed are warranted to keep their eolera. dU tw?1 TO OAliUEICUlAN A.KTlS'18. THE attention of artiati ureqaeated te the adTertiaefa peeparatioa of Brotaiae, the beet accelerating liqaid erer aaed for rhotofraphiag. Pietareetakea with it have* nek white tone, ana it woru with eertuatj^aad qtidumafi aA It eaa alae he pleated of T. ItaMl'SXef George Dealer, Albaay. N. B ?Artlata will fled alwaya oa *J Naana Mfeet, Voittlaader aad American laatramentaof all aiaee. Hatee of the Ptaaiened aad Mtar braa d aaaee, chemieala, theme**, ura. marearr hatha, enetiaa beeea. m* he. Bit tm*ee Newtown rirrin APrydU-the >be?nhar he* on head aad offer* for tale MM barrela ol t^aka kM picked Newtown Pippiaa, pat ap etpraeriy M?? the Ja|H I market i alee, tm UrreU of ehotea Lady Apptee, Imm bene, Ore eaa. lie. qaineee and Potateea alwaya ea kiaiai rat ap te order far (hipping .

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