Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 28, 1847, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 28, 1847 Page 1
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f . : * 1 1 TH ftl. XUI, Ho. Sl.Wkalt la. MM THE NEW YORK HERALD? JJMES GOKUUH BESJBTT, PIMFMETOL Circulation---Forty Thousand. DAILY HERALD?Every day, Price * cent* per copy? $7 25 per annum?payable in advance. . WEEKLY HERALD?Every Saturday-rnce ?V cents per cupy?3 12k centi per annum?p.yeble in advance. HERALD kOR EUROPE?Every Steam Picket day? Price 6)4 ceuu per copy?$3 per annum, payable in i4 auce. _ _ ?... ANNUAL PICTORIAL HERALD? Pubh.hed on tho lit of January of carh year?single copies aupence each. ADVERTISE "KNTS, at the nana! prices?always caeh In edrance. Advertisementsthonld be written in a plain, legible manner. The Proprietor will not be responsible for errors that may occur in them. PRINTING of all kinds executed beantilnlly and with despatch. All letters or communications, by mail, addressed en the establishment, must be post paid, or the pottage will be deducted Irom (he subscription money remitted. JAMES GORDON BENNETT, Proprietor of the New Yokk Herald Kstah/shmcivt, " North Writ corner o( Fulton and Nassau streets ettav BAiLinu AUXUtaoUAVlUJiB. CHANGE UF HOURS WINTER A R RAN UEMENT??Dn ^*nd'\Iter Monday, Dee. IN, 1MB. Trains will rnu as follows:? Leavs Bsoobuv.v?at / o'clock A. M. (Bostne in-ie) foi Gre-upnrt. d.silv,(ereept Sundays) stopping si karmingdala ana St. George's V inor st9Ri A M , daily,for Oreeupnrt and intermediate place*. " st 4 l' M. for Ea/miegdalr, daily. Leave ItnrKtvrorT?et BV A. M , daily aeeotnmodatioii train lor Brooklyn tr 3>i P. M., (Boston Train) or <>a the arrival ot ttir acat tr- in Norwi It, daily, (eicept Sundays,) pping si St. George's llw' u? hNrtningd le I.eaie KASMtajiialk a' 6V A. V!. daily, (evcept Sundays.) sccomw.idau i train;.,nit 12 VI. and IV I*. M. Leave Jamaica-as 8 n'cloc A M , I P VI., and P VI., fur Brooklyn, or on the arrival of boa.os train. SUNDAY TRAIN'S will hereafter run to Thomson Sta tion? Brooktyu al 9 A M for Thompson and intermedial*ipluoes.(commencing Sut'lay theRtb '{ >?eTnber, return lug leave 'I hnmpson at 1 o'clock P. al., Karmiugdale 2k. Jamaica 3XFare to?Bedford, 8 ceuu; East New Ysrk. l?X; Race Si1?'"'.?1 J Ir?R'?* Course 18V: Jamaica, 21; BrnsfivilU, ll)ti ? ark, (17 miles) 37X; Clowsville, (during the sesaiou of Court) 37X; Hemnslead, 37X; Branch 37k; Carle PI ice, 441 Westbury, B; liicksville, 44; FarmiagdaTe, 62k: Deer Park,89; Thompson, 88; Suffolk Station, Si, Lake Road Station, SI 18V; Medford Station, f 1 18V hank, $1 37k; St. George's Manor, f I 62X; Riverhead a; James on, SI (3k; Mattetnck, $1 62X; Cntcliogttr 2k; Souihold, $1 62k; Greeuport Accommodation SI ' " run train, S3 25. 8tagea are in readionaa on the arri .rains at the several Stations, to take passengers at ve, w fares, to ail parts 01 the Island. Baggage Crates will he in re idinnsa at the foot of Whitehall street, to receive bag? r the several trains. 38 minutes before the hrmr ol'itu irom the Brooklyn side. The steamboat "S nan' leaves Green port for Sag Harbor on the arrive1 e Boston train from Brooklyn dSSrh " NEW Y( N~i NKW BRUNSWICK. fltSA mhoat RARITAN, Capt. Isaac BEn^BlsacNi* cominoocs her regular trip* for w , KKs&g. 'ween New Brnnswick and New York, on Al y of March, learing New Brunswick at7 oh iug her usual landings at French's Dock Sou i Amhoy, Bentley, To' ien, nnsiviue. lu'is, , arriving in New Xork boot 10yi o'clock. Returning. will leave New York from the foot of Barclay street, at 2X o'clock, P. M. for New Brunswick, landirgas above Horses and carnages, and all kinda of freight, taken at the nsual I rices. N. B?AH freight, specie and baggage taken at the riskoi the owuers ihrrruf. New Brunswick, 23d Kebiuar", 1247. 125 lw*r **\ TllE^lujf HTETORB of Steamboats C?w??tifl|SvTTirwi?liiiig Bella hung would do well >o pay a pfc?wMW .gjir-. visit on boaid the steamboats jNiagara, I roe Witch, Governor, iron bo?t Johu Stevens, Worcester, Tra ve'ler, Tin tnas Powell, Ike, and texamine ,H HOMER'S improved sty le of Br II Hauginir. put up neat and strong, and warranted for one year, by H. H. No. I Ann st f21 lm*rre NOTICE. jMM jjit On and alter hriday, November 10th, the M1 "it i |MMli"lT fVLPH, Captain B nutted. will ^"i sTrTm " ?* * the following tripe to end from States Island until further notice, viz Leave New York Leave Sutea lalaad At 9 A.M. At 0* II A. M. 10 1 V. M. 12 M S? " 2 P. M. ill " 4H" allr KE'rULAK MAIL LINE FOR BOSTON. VIA NORWICH A WOK- ?a?s? m. (JESTER, without change t |*(%ra or Baggage, or wtthont.^H^^H , TTi 1M . -Lrroiling any barrv. essrngeat taking theiraeata at Norwich, are tutored then a i ta through to Boston. Tina being the only inland route tit t communicates through by steamboat and railroad. Passengers by thia line are accompanied through by the conductor of the train, who will have particular charge of their baggage, and who will otherwiae give his attention to their ease and comfort. This line leaves sonth tide l'ier No. I, North River, foot of Batterv Place, dsily,(Sundaysexcepted)at 4 o'clock, P. M., and ai. vrs in Boston in time so take all the eastern trains. The lew tieamer WORCESTER, Capt. Van Pelt, leases every fuesday, Thursday, and Saturdays, at 4 o'clock, P.M. Th simmer CLEOPATRA, Captain Williams, lesvat tvery Monday, Wednesday, and rridnv, at 4 o'clock, P. M. Kor further inloriuation, inquire of J.H. VAN UK. ttBILT, No. 2 lis'I en* Place. North Itiver. d2J rf rr WINTER A KUAN GEM EN TS.?The <1?r-^k-T^Je Norwich, Worccsterund Boston Hill Road * " 't-*' "e and Steam Transportation Line?The ?ubttanti 0 strain propeller Trumbull, Captain Daniel Havens will run regularly between Norwich and New York, making two passages a week; leaving New York Irom pier 12 E. K. via onp. i-or iremir. win n will ne nmen at summer rate* or passage, having elegant accommodation! apply to the Captain, ou board, or to K. A. BILL, Norwich, Conn.,and to jd Im'r J. St M IlKIGG-t, 40 Souths!. NcwVprk UMlr'.U TAXES MAIL LINE. /*+ KOtt ALBANY AND TKOY, VIA Bridgeport and Honsatonic Railroad. DurTa i iil?i w i last summer, the Honsatoric Railroad hav hten >el ud with a heavy H Kail, from Bridgeport to the Weiteru Kailroad Through bv Daylight, daily (Snnday'a excepted) at o'clock. A. M. Ths Steamboat MOUNTAINEER, Capt. W. H F'razee, leaves the foot of Market street, K. R., for Bridgeport, Daily, at 6K o'cl ark, A M. No freight tiilreo in the I'assenger Line. Passengers take the Cars at Bridgeport,and without change of Cur-, nt Baggaae Crates, arrive in Albany and Troy at i o'clock, I1. M. New Cars and Locomotive engines have been pr icuretl, and the Road is in every respect e<{aal to the beat New Eugloud Koad. (Tt^A freight Line by Steamer* Nimrod, and Mohegan, daily?Freight Tariff same as last year?For farther particular inquire at the Office ou Market street l'ier, and at Livings jin and Wells' Express, 10 Wall Street. let Im re O. M. BERRY. Aeent. BKi'i'18'1 AND NOK'I'M AMKK SA-1; - JfllCAN ROYAL MAiii STEAM SHU'S a 1200 tona aud 140 horsa power each, ua ^<S?^Vh^^Ider coatiact with the Lords of lbs Adrai HIBKRNI V... t7.\ Capt. A. Ryri* CALEDONIA Cap. E. G. Lott. BRITANNIA Capt. J.Hewitt. CAMBRIA Capt.C. H E.Jndk?u ACADIA Capt. Wm. Harrison. Wall sail from Liverpool sad Boston, via Halifax, aa follow! rnora bostsiv. most LivrarooL. Hiheruia Fab. 1, 1017 Hiberuia Jan. 4, 1847 Cambria March I, I3|7 Cambria Keh 4,1047 Hibernia April I, 1047 Hibernia March 4, 1847 ll'astaur. Monzr. from Boston to Liverpool $118 From Boston to Halifax 23. No berths secured natil paid for. These ships carry exierirnci-d surgeons. No freight, except specie, recaived oa ays ol sailing. For freight, pisssga, or any other information, apply to D. BKIGMAM, Jr., Agent. , At HARM hp (x CO.'H, 6 Wail it. II 7~ In addition to the above line between livv ol aud I nil fax, alio Boston, a contract ha* been cntere ri i u.u w irk ler Majesty's governuieut, to establish a lioe betwi-cu Liverpool and New Vork direct The steamships lor this sertico nre now being built, and early neat year due uotice will be given of the lime wheu they will atart. Under the new couiract the steamers will sail every Saturday daring eight mouths, aud every fortnight during the other months in the year. Going alternately betweeu Liverpool, and Halifax aud Boston, and between Liverpool and New York. J6 r UK RAT iJKlT/UN AND 1KELAND. I-ijV* *' . PERSONS wishing to remit money to -?uS England, Ireland, Scotland, or Wales will fc ' ; M; V: /an do well to apply lo the subscribers, at the " shinned passage office, 271 ICarl ^ " " ^^ bstreet, where s rmial drafts are furnished for large or email amounts on the National Bank of Ireland, Northern 11 inking Co. and National Bank of Scotlmd, pays He on demand, at the uunier us branches throng out both rounliies. w it "Qt discunut; also, mi 11 C. tJLYN fc CO., Unnkeis, Loudon, arid ou <" GRIVI8HAW R JfOaAt1***' tool. Apply to H vM'l, THOMPSON k NEPHEW, ft |m*rh Old Established Passage Office, 275 Pearl it. PAMAUl rttOM GREAT BRITAIN AND IRELAND. M. 1- ?T ARKANGI'.MKNIH FOE I?i7. PW. BYB1SE k CO., OF INICW YORK AND Ll VKItfO )|,, being the oldest sod largest estsblished home in ihe emigr iriuglMitiiiess, beg leave to call (heatten: on of the public generally t" their superior arrangement* for the ensuing vesr. I'e'tons desirous of sending through thie hon e, tor their friends -ending in the "Old Country," nmy snfi-ly depend they will have immediate despatch, and vetyinr.ins will lie taken to Prevent detention in Liverpool. The I'acket Ships of this Lne are all of the first class and commanded by inen of acknowledged skill?one of whirh sail every five dips Arrangements can also be made to Ij ward passengers, direct, from Dublin, Cork, Waterford, Londonderry,aud Belfast. Drafts aud bills of Kiehange, given for any amount, payable on demand, without discount, at any ol the principal lawns in the Uni'ed Kingdom From the above arrangements, the subsrriheta roiifnlently ripert that the patronage winch has been so liberally eitrndrd them lor many years pest, w II not he withheld the ruining season or emigration. Should any of the parties engaged for, not embark, the money w ill be refunded a a customer v. For further particulars, if by letter, (post paid ) apply to P. \V. BYRNES k CO.. 51 South street, comer of Wall. N. Y. EDWARD HAUL, Ageut. T W. BVRNKH k CO.. jaA Tm'rfC S? Wa'erloo Road. Liverpool. idar Kirn UVliHi'Ut/L ? The sapeiior. laat aailing NTaIV ' J?**'1 BAV ARIA, Hnwr.maset, having an oat Mkmmmm if ner ca go engaged and going on board, will have iin crut.ue <ta?|'Htcn; K ir re n ind? r of freight or P*??age, Iniriitg vrry I undiomf 0 (I f iteu> * c Atato ncroii?mo(iniio..?, apply on board at ??? "n-r ' ?r ,0 WOODHULL fc MINTURN, 17 Honth ti. p ? *- ) E N E' NEW ... ? - T? T* I r- I? A >1 _ . . . inc. r m (VI i in t | in The above sketch ia from a drawing made on the spot for the London Illuitraled tfewt. It represent* a scene of no unusual occurrence, as appears from the following UNITED STATES AND EUROPEAN EMIGRANT OFFICE. m aaaa- Jfe ^VEsfriCRN AUKMS A >L> t,OMMIS8lON MeIc CHANTS. No 57 So%Uh Street, New York. I^HE subscribers iiavint' h*d lour exnerisuce in the bnsineis.are prepared to offer every facility to those wiahiug Eusage to or Irom eveiylpart of Ureal Britain or Irelaud, larre, and the German, Belgian, and Holland ports on any of which places Bills of Exchange can be furnished, in sums to ssi't. Passage eao also be engage ' from Liverpool to Boston, Philadelphia, Baltimore, or New Orleans, direct. Those wishing passage from New York to New Orleans, Mobile, Clisrleitou, Savannah or Texas, can at all times be accommodated at the lowest r vtes To those emigrate g to the West, the lubscribers hare unequalled arrangements for the forwarding of passengers to the West by trie differeut mutes, vit: to Bunalo.awd the intermediate lnnil'ngs, and all parts ot the Canadas?Chicago, Milwaukie, Baltimore, I'ittabuigh, Cincinnati, St. Louis, Sic., by steamboats, railroads and canal boats, of the lirst class?and great c re will be taken that paaaengera will meet with no delay or imposition on the route. Letters (post-paid) will receive prompt attention. For further particular*, apply to M. P. O'HEKN Si CO., 47 South atrect, (5 Im'rrc hrlow Wall street. my my my my ROCHETRlOTriER^t Co. ' AKR AN OEMENTS. temitunce* to and Passage from Oreat Britain aid Ireland, by the BLACK BALL, OR OLD LINE OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS. Sailing from Liverpool on tho lit and 16th of every month. Alio, by first elasa American ahipa (weekly.) Personaaendiag to tho Old Country for thoir friends, can make the necessary arrangements with the subscribers, and have them brought out in any of the eight ahipa comprising tho Black Ball, or Old Line of Liverpool Packets, sailing from I.ivArnnl nn rhn Iwf nnrl ic*k ? 1? tint din ahipe sailing irom that part weekly, which oar agent, Mr Rocne, Senior, there, will eee are aeot out without delay. The Black Ball, or Old Line of Liverpool priae the following magnificent ahipa, and will aail Irom Liverpool or the tegular appointed day a, aa followa FfDELl'A, lat January, lat May, lat September EUROPE, llth " l?th " 16th NEW YORK, lat February, lat June, lit October. COLOMBIA. 16th " 16th " 16th YORKSHIRE, lat March, lat July, lat November. OXFORD, 16th 16th " 16th " CAMBRIDGE. lat April, lat Aug., lat December. MONTEZUMA. 16th " 16th " 16th *P. H.?The public are reapectfnlly notified, by deaire of the owuera of the Black Ball, or Old Line of Liverpool I'ackela, that no passenger agenta but R. B St Co. have periniaaion from them to advertise to bring out paaaengera by that line, and that they are the only regular authoriaed paaaeuger ageuta ofaaid line in tlua city. We have at all timea for aale drafts at light, for auy nmour.t, drawn direct on the Royal Bank of Iri-laud, Dubliu; alaonn Maura. Prescott Grote, Ames Ik Co., Bankera, London, w) ich are paid free ef diacount or auy charge whatever, in all the principal towns throughout England, Ireland Scatlagd and Wales. Applpor address br lectin? sac paid, e ROCHE, BROTHERS A Co., to Fulton atreet, N. Y , neit door to the Fulton Bank. The officeoi Mr. Roche, Senr., mat 76 Dunlin atreet, o7rc Liverpool. PACKETS FOR HAVRE?SECOND LINE. Mt M. m. Tn^Bntpa of thi^Tin^will aail durtni^me yea^t^h^ol owing order j? From N. York. F'm Havre. ( Jan. 1, Feb. 16. Aliip UTICA, Capt. J A. Peirce, < May 1. June 16. f Bent. 1. (let. 6. dhip BT. NICHOLAS. Cnpt. N. W.j^J; ?? }?; Eveletgb. 1 Oct. I. Nov. 16. Ship ONEIDA, Cpt.Fn.ek, jjft}; AprUlfi. ( Nov. 1. Dec. 16. dhip BALTIMORE, Cp?. J. John-S APj) ?; May 16. ( Dec. I. Jan. 16. They are all of the firat class, ably commnnded. and with accommodations ample and comruodioos. The price of passage in the cabin 11 9100, escinsive of winra and liquors. Apply to BOYD fc HINCKEN. Agents, Nr>. 9 Tontine Buildings No. 8* Wall street. Uooda sent to the agents ! or forwai ding, will be subject to aone other than the expensej actually paid. au2l in MARSEILLES LINE OF PACKETS. i i t ^ Th^nwlerme.. .ioi^Tiipswill be regularly despateheiMrs tence on the 1st, and from Marseilles the 10th ol each moa daring the year, as follows Ships. Captains. from N. York. CR'CE de JOINVILLE, (aew) Lawrence, April 1 Sept. I MISSURI, Silvester, May 1 Oct. 1 ARCOLE (new) Eveleigh, June I Nov. 1. OA8TON, Coulter, July t Dec. I. NEBRASKA (aew) Watson, Auit. 1 Jan. 1. Ships. Captains Kmin Marseilles. I'R'CEde JOINVILLK, (aew) Lawrence, June in Nov in MISSOURI. Silvester, July III Dec. 10 ARCOLE, (new) Eveleigh, Auk.10 Jan. II UA8TON, Coulter, Sept. 10 Keb. 10 NEBRASKA. Warson, Oct. 10 Mar. 10 These vessels are of the lirat class, commemli d by men of sperience. Their accommodations, fur pnsseiiL'ers are tinstir passed for comfort and convenience, tioods ddreased to the aents will be forwarded free of other charges than those acta ly paid. bor freight or passage apply to CHAMBERLAIN k PHELrH, Proprietor No. 103 Erout street, or to _ BOYD fc HINCKEN, Agents, ltre OToetiae Builduies. It Wail.ror W iter st MM, M M THE ONLY ItEC^OTsAH. Lu^^DF (JLAsuuw PACKETS. Wfc J. T. TAP8COTT beg to inform their friends end the public, that they t re agents for the Regular Line ol Ulii|?W racketa. sailing Imm Glasgow oil the l>th. and from Neur York on the I.. ..r . -l I first elaae .hip e o mpr i. et h eL in a:? 1 "e l "")w,"s ! 5nAMKr5Jk ARACEN, ADAM '-AIIR, ANN HARLEY I for.mi. wishing to send Tor their friend. in auy part of Scotland, e?n here them bronjDit out in the shore named Packet! on reaionabl# term.. They .ail from Gla.gow panetnally on the Uth of erery month, and are commanded by eiI perieneed captain, acca.tomed to the pat.eoger trnde and noted lor their ktndne.a to piu.enger.. Kor farther partico ar., apply to W fc J. T. TAP8COTT, t\9r_ it South ItTUt, 2<l door holow Burling Blip. REMITTANCES TO IRELAND, fcc" " Mt tik at GEORGE MeBRIDE, Jr., tin. removed hi. otliee to No. <6 Broadway, and continue, to remit money, in anm. large or mnll, to peiaons residing in nny part of Ireland, in the.ame manner aa he and hit predecessor in bn.iuei. hare done lor the laat thirty year, and more;alio to any partof England or Heotland. Money remitted by letter, post-paid, to the .ub.criber, or per.onally deposited with him, with the name of the per.on or peraon. in Ireland, England, or Scotland, le whom it ia to be aeut. and near eat poet town, will be immediately transmitted and paid accordingly, and a receipt to that effect girea - rnrw.rded tn the iraifn ?/?&? NOTICE.?All peraona are cautioned againat nailing any of the crrw of ihe B-. Bark Adam JHBHtoCarr, aa no debta of their contracting will be paid by either captain or contignee leJ7 w vo T YORK, SUNDAY MORI IRELAND?S KETCH AVEHY.Sfc extract of n letter, received from Dr. Crowley, of 8kibbereeo, dated Jan. 21" Death* here ere daily lncreai" ing. Dr. Donovan and 1 are juat this moment after reJ. McMURRAY'S ARRANOEMEN18 KOR 1847. ^ UULIK.O! rvoi AULilOHEilJ f AS?A(TE OFFICE IN THE UNITED STATES. 'pH E SU BSC III BEK reaper, fully begs leave to fender his I sincere ihanks to nit numerous friends mid the public for their v? ry liberal support lie has received lor upwtrds ol twenty years, and solicits a continuation of their coufi lence. The de>patch by whico his passrngeis have been biought out, and the promp'iiess by which his very numerous drafts have been paid at the different banks, are, he flatters himself a snlficient imariintee to the public for the faithful perloruiun"c of sny future contracts entered into with him. Tho following are the days of sailing of the regular line ol packets to anil from Liverpool, viz 1st,6th, lltli, 16th. 21st and 26th of each month throughout the year. In addition to the above regular line a number of splendid ships, such as the Adirondack, Marrmon, Raopah innock, Liberty, Sen, iiteeuock, Broom, and Ocenu Queen, will continue to sail from Liverpool weekly iu regular succession, thereby preveuting the least possibility of delay or detention in Liverpool. The regular line of London I'ackets sail from New York on tho 1st, Sth. 16th and 2tlh ; and from London on the 6th, 13th, Hst.aud 21th of each inouth throughout the year. l'ersons desirous ol sending for their friends residing in the Old Country, can have them brought out iu any of the above splendid vessels on moderate terms. Auil for the accommodation of |>ersons wishing to remit money to their families or frieuds, 1 have arranged the payments of my Drafts on the fn'lowing Banks s? Armagh, Drogheda, Londonderry, Athlone, Duudalk, Lnrgan, Bantlon, Duugarvan, Monaghan, Belfast. Dungannon, Mallow, Banbridge, Down Patrick, Oinagh, Ballymeua, Dublin, Parsoustown, Ballyshanuon, Enuiakilleu, Skibbereeu, Ballina, Euuis, Sligo, Cork, Euniscorthy, Hrrubane, Coleraine, Kermoy, Tralee, Clonmel, Gal way, Weiford, Cavan, Kilkenny, Wattrlord, Carlow, Kilrush. Youghal. foothill, Limerick, Ekolano?Mesars. Bpoouer. Attwood St Co., Bankers, Lou' eon ; Messrs. Jas. Beckett St Sou, and Mr. Richard Murphy, Liverpool. Scoti.akd?The City of Ulusgow Bank, and all its branches aud Agencies. (Ty** Passages can also bs engaged from Liverpool to Philadelphia, Bosiou, and Baltimore, by the Regular Packet Ships on application being mndr la-rsoually, or by letter, post paid, addressed to JOSEPH Mr MURRAY, Corner of Piue and South streets. New York, Or, James Bkckkt (g Son, and ) No. I Waterloo Road, Mr. Nichaud Muhvhv, j Liverpool d23 r EO R LIV Elf POOL. PASS*1GE HY IILACK BALL I.INF. OF PACKETS, JINi) REMITTANCES TO IRELAND PERSONS wanting rat sag* for Liverpool, by the superior Packet Ship MONTEZUMA, being the packet ol Monday neat, the at of Mntch, will please make immediate apl licitiau to Capt. A. U Lowber, on board, at the fo it of Beekinan stieet, or to the subscribes. Those wishing to r- uii mi in. ., i.huui. ni tiniip irmn i.iverpooi dt the lime, Picket, or any < ue of the Black Ball Line sailing from Liver pool on tie 1st and 6th ot every month, can secure their Blends' passage by applying to ns. Thoae remiltinit money to (iieir friends, can hare drilts lor any amount, payable on demand, ou ROYAI. RANK OF IRELAND, or on FRE SCOTT, ({ROTE * CO., London. that will be paid in the various Banks ("r.iughout fJieat Urttaiu and Ireland. A, ply o HOC UK. BROTHERS Ik CO. 35 k niton street. New York. Passenger agents for Old or Blsck Ball Line Liverpool BH IW OLD ESTABLISHED PASSAGE OFFICE, jJife, til fusil I. STHKgT, SAMUEL THOMPSON AND NEPHEW, AtlRRTS FOR Tils " Buci Htar" Lirk or P*f*r.T.?. 1817. Liverpool to New York 1?47. Slujm. Captains. 2Vis Reg. Tm B'n Lea, T. K. Kieetnan, 107 1400 l.i erty, PI'. Norton, 702 1300 Cornelia, K M. Krencli, 106.0 1750 Ohio, H. Lyon, 7(ig 1375 S intiel H'C.ks, T. O Banker, 859 1500 Empire, (uew) J. <J Russell, 1000 18(10 I'nniliea, W B. Lane, 723 1325 Inilinna, James I). Bennett, ffiti 1300 Huguenot, 8 (ioodline, -eft 1660 Mnrinion, (new) W. Edwards, 905 104)0 Peter Hattrick, J. D. Post, 670 1300 f lizibi th Ueuiston, K. W. Spencer, 8'W 1400 Devonshire, W. T. 'I hompson, 889 1500 Niagara, (new) H. Russell, 730 1350 Alias, (uew) H. Coffin, 790 1400 Chaos, (uew) J. L Wilson, 810 1400 Smdiim. (new) C K.Crocker, 802 1400 America, (new) Weare, 1180 1900 The subscribers would respectfully inform their friends Rtd the public that they have ndded several splendid uew ships to their line of packets between this port aud Liverpool, which lies been I'averably known aud entenaively pationised for a period jf more than thirty yenrs, and have no hcsi'u'on in i.saaring thi-e who may wish to make engagements t> r 'he passage at their Iritudt from Kuglard, Scotl<nd or Ireland, the, tliev will fltH these ships inferior to none i . point of comfort, convenience and safety, one of which will sail fri in Liverpool every sis days, throughout tin veer, inakiuu tlelav. and the eousennent tost,,,. grama *i ili* I'Oii < I ? nil>nrkntion impossible. A Iree passage per n!r mer liom ihe various Iriah and Heotch porta, with biead rtiiffa uid hospital monev paid, may be serurednll at the lowest rati a; and w lien tlime aettled for decliue coming nut, the lull am- out paid will be promptly refunded, aa usual, For furtherparticulars, apply to 1<A.MU?.L THO>lY?ON It NKPHLW, 27S Fearl atreet, or to C. Urimahaw *t Co., 10 Ooree t'lar.xaa, Liv'pl. Drafts or evcbaug? piyable at aifht, are alio furnished lor any amount, on R. C. Olyu fc. i o., II oik era, Loudon; If. Irrimahaw X Co., Liverpool; the National Bank of Scotland; National Bank of Irelaud, and Northern Banking Co Apply as above. fet Im'r FOIL NKW ORLKANB. LOUISIANA AND NEW YORK LINK. 4 A A ^ TofWtrrVKUYffl!HMYA Ship OSWKOO, Captain Johnion. Ship HUDSON. Captain Page. Ship CLIFTON, Captain liigersoll. Ship LOUISVILLE, Capt. Hunt. Slop 8ARTELLK, Captain Taylor Bark OKNK9EE. Captain Mlnot.. Bark J A NIC K. WILLIAMS, Captain Parker Bark HEBRON, Captain Oretg. riiea xave ships are all ol the fi at elaaa, of light draftol water, and comuiandad by the mot experienced eapta<na in the trade. Their cabina are handsomely furnished, and every attention paid to the comfort and convenience i f the paaaengera Neither the eaptama or ownera orthe above ahi )? will be re Pot aihle for jewelry, bnUion.preriona atnnea. ail rer or plated ware, or for any letters, pan els, or packages aei t by, or put on board of them, unlets regular bills of lading retaken lor the >Hine, and the yalue therein eipfeaaed. . 'or freighter paaaage apply on board, at Orl'ana whart, foot of Wall street, or to K. K. COLLINS M Booth atrret. Agent in New Orleana?John WoodrulT. k (Jo., who will promptly forward all gooda to their addreaa .Jilljt KOH MKL*/iB I'1 he laai railing Al ahlji WfJUV JOHN J aKOINK, Joaeph Aampaon, maater, will hate immediate deapntrh. ror freight or paii'ge, having eery good accommodation!, apply on board at wharf, or to W WOODHULL k MINXUKN, 17 Booth at. ftK I GNG, FEBRUARY 28, If OF A FUNERAL A ? ? ?-j turning from the village of South Keen, where we had to bury a body ouraelvei that wai eleven daya dead ; and where do you think I In a a kitohen carden. We had to AFFAIRS IN MEXICOMILITARY AND NAVAL INTELLIGENCE. ?S;c,, <Kc., <Vc. [From the New Orleans Picayune, Feb 19 ] We recur to-day to the eubject of Mexican affairs,with no hopea of interesting our reader*; bat there are ohvloua considerutiena which impart conaeqnenco to whatever ia now going on in Mexico, whan at any other time and under differmit relatione in the United State*, the same proceedings would be passed over by us as dull and unimportant. In all the papers we have examined we see no mention of any puclic action of Congress upon eur propositions lor i>eace, other than referring to them On the contrary, it appears from their proceedings of the 31st ult. that the committee to whom our overtures were long since referred had not then reported. The subject came up on the surgestion of Senor (Jamboa, that the Mini3ter of Foreign A Fairs should reply to "the imputations, falsehoods and injuries donn to >he Mexicans," contained in tho message of the President of the United States. Senor Pacheco thought it the duty o( the administration rather than Congress to manage this matter; that it was beneath the dignity of Congress to enter into a newspaper discussion ol their wrongs; that their injuries were to be redressed rather by arms and victories than by the pen; and that thore was no other escape for their republic from the depths of disgrace. Besides, he thought enough had already been written of tbe justice of their causo. Senor R.ejon spoke next, and suggested that if it was proper to reply at all to the message of President Polk, the present was not the moment. A more favorable opportunity would be presented when the committee to whom the Amerioan overture* were referred should make their rejiort. In repelling these overture* the committee might show to the world that the United States, not Mexico, had been the aggressors. Honor Pscheco rejoined in a hostile strain, intimating that whatever might he the opinion of the committee aa to replying to Mr Polk, they could not report in favor of accepting overtures for peace, becauso the last degree of ignominy would be to outer into such a treaty as could now he made -the termi would necoisarily be most de u'i numunut iur mniCHua llejon rejoined, expressing himielf much of the opinion of tho former speaker na to peace. It could not he made until the whole nation should call for it. We would it-ipect such an opinion, hut would always reprobate uch conduct. Ilia design was to suggest, not that the committee should repott agreeably to thus or that opinion or instruction, but that in making their, report the committee should givo to it tho form of a manifesto, justifying the conductor Mexico in tho war forced upon her by United Htutos aggression. Henor Otero, a member of the committee, closed the discussion by remarking that there waro various documents before the committee, besides tha overtures ef the United State*. That tho committee agreeing in regard to Texas and the war, had already 1 ibored upon the subject, but had not yet been able to corns to a determination upon all the pointi submitted to them. That in order to make their report, they thought It necessary to obtain some further </?(<i, for which they had applied to the proper department; and that as soon us they had received thein.they would prepare their report, by winch Congress would see that the committeo had not looked with indifference at this delicnto and interesting buciness. The suggestion of Honor Uamboa was not, therefore. adopted, nor do we iiud any fuither mention ol the subject in our papers. Among the passengers who came over from VeraCrur. on tha Medway to Havana, was U. Ignacio Cuinplido, at one time the editor of the former celehratod Mexican journal, El Sigln XIX. The high character of th i' paper for political ability, enlightened views end liberality of sentiment, ami its thorough nationality, will be u passport for HenorCumplido wherever be may go. Wo learn that ho proposes visiting the United states. Krom advices receivod by L* Putria irom Tampico, it wonld appear, as we learn from the Dflta, that mi action occurred at Chihuahua on the :tlst of December. This is doubtless an error. The action alluded to is moro probably that near K1 Paso, mentioned by us yesterday, tho news of which came by Chihuahua, hotter* Irom tho latter city, dated the id ol January, are published in the Mexican paper* Up to that time there had been no tight in the immediate vicinity ol that city, which still icmained in tho possession ot the Mexicans Our troops filtered K1 I'nio oil the '27th of Bocember, and there hail not been time lor them to reach Chihuahua up to the lateit advice* thence. In ?ome Mexican papers of on earlier (Into than thane which report the fight noai El I'uso, wo nee mentioned the advance of Inevornl ho<iio?of Ameiiran troop* from Sjntf Ka?no one exceeding 400 in ntimiier- and all directing their inarch by diriment route* to El Pa?o, and thence to Chihuahua. That thi* city will fall, ami probably without any further resistance. we think altogether probable. We fully anticipate that the next arrival will bring us information to thi* effect. II ? >, it would exhibitin a more glaring light the lolly of the original expedition under Gen. Wool. In our lant we apoke of the deatitution of the troop* at Han Lui* Poto?i. We recur to the aubject to show upon whet urgent repre*ent*tiona Han'a Anna succeeded In obtaining forty or ftlty thouaand dollar* Irom tho Slate of San Luia. The Governor of that State net* forth the whole c,a*o. The Americana were at Victoiia in force, and threatening, he *?ya, by their auporior number*, the Mexican troop* at Tula (ten Santo Anna knowing tin*, and nt the tame time seeing the abandonment of hi* army by the Supreme Government?the loldier* being reduced to perish miserably, and tho officer* no longer able to maintain their positions, having exhausted their peisonal mean* and credit, and being wrought to a pitch o( excitement ao vehement that the preservation of the public tranquility wn only to be attributed to the extraordinary power* ol endurance of the Mexican soldiers, and to tho genius of their chief, which ruled at once men and event*, Santa Anna, in view of oil tbia and various other tiling* which we need not repeat, add reused bunno II to tho authorities of San Luia and solicited forty or fifty thousand dollar* that he might send reinforcement! to Tula, whither he could neither send aid nor move with the army, because he bad not nhsnlutelv the means of subsisting the troop* upon the mutch Santa Aura himself suggested the decree, which wo mentioned yesterday, authorizing the raising of the money nt all events, by a voluntary or forced loan. If this picture of Santa Anna a need is hardly consistent with our former representations of his gambling operations on the largest scale, the reader will please recall to mind that during the same man's exile in llatdna, when in the enjoyment of his princely income, he was a continual suppliant to the Mexican Government for aid to supply his urgent necessities. Anuy Hardin's hor?e nover was a greater bore to our Congress than were S?ntn Anna's wants to the Congro?? of Mexico. |T Although letters of the 30th ultimo from Hun Luis, declared confidently that the army, wi'h Santa Anna nt its h sad, would move the next morning in some direction, thero were those in Vera Cruz who suspected tbnt the capital was thair deatination, rather than Tulaor Mslt llo burely tha forty or Ally thouaand dollara they have obtained cannot laat them long. The Mexicans' account of Gen. Minon'i capture of Major Borland's commsnd, is quit* unpretending Tbey say that although it is unimportant in itaelf, it 1a a pre IERA 347. T SKIBBEREEN. : A\m tli* tfrAim/l t>r rathur tho holfl. OUTBelveB : nO 0116 would come near u?, the smell wa? 10 intolerable.? We are half dead from the work lately impoied on us." lude to the victories which are shortly to crown their arms. A paper says that the enlistment of troops to form the ; command of (Jen La Vega, was going on rapidly in the upper country. We And in the Loroviotar an energetic appeal to the government to provide money to buy provisions for the troops in Vera Cruz and the castle of San Juan It enforces its appeal by declaring that during the month of December last, officers ef companies were compelled to go without food u whole day, and first break their last at night , others had been forced to seek their discharge because they could not obtain the sustenance necessary for them ; mil others again wero actually ill from the pangs of hunger. We have a letter, which reached us only yesterday, dated as far back as the 17th ultimo, confirming what we said yesterday of the short supply of provisions in the castle. And the waut of arms at Veru Cruz was felt almost as much as want of food. Kor some : time they have been organizing a national guard in Vera t t'.ruz. and up to the middle of January they had nearly 14,(100 men enrolled, hut bed no means of arming them In Hue, the numbers wiio come forward for the defence of the place, uctually weaken its capacity to rasist attack. A few thousand well appointed and well supplied troops would be far more efficient, were all the rolunte? rs sent off to subsist in some other part of the country. El Rrpuilicano, of the city of Mexico, attributes the resignation of the recent ministry to the difficulty which they found in procuring means to carry on the government by help of the law authorizing the seizure of church property. Vice President Karins at last found himself abandoned altogether by hislconititutlonal advi t era, and on the 'JSth ,of January he appeared before Congress by a clerk, or higher offi :ial, named previaionally lor this express purpose, and avowed to them that he had not besn able to procure a cent by means of the law, and only hoped to do ae when it should be modified in the manner he then suggeated The modifications suggested limit the application of the funds which may he obtained to the expenses of the wer ; regulate the mode of payment for church property?how much must be paid in cash and how much may be received in government stocks ; they direct the utmost economy iu making the negotiations, and declare that in case of exoeeding the powers entrusted to him, the minister who maneges the negotiation shall be personally and exclusively responsible The most objectionable feature in the government suggestion touches the rate at which it desires power to sell church property. It asks to be allowed to sell such property as low ui lorty per cent, on iu value, of which twenty per cent, must be paid incaih, anJ the other twenty per coot, may be paid in government securities. Inasmuch ae govermnont securities can be bought for live cents in tho dollar and under, the reader will see that should thoso modifications become a law, the Administration would in fact be authorized to raise money by stilling church property at an enormous sacrifice?a saulifleo which would require the bulk of their wealth to raise filteen millions. Vet ruinous as this measure would i I s, it seems to be understood that Hejen and others had accepted office with a view te carry it through. Tho I opposition in and out of Congress are more clamorous ngainst the new proposition than the first law. Instead ! ot being less burdensome, it is, they say, vastly more so, I inasmuch as the first law could in no way be executed, hut the cupidity ot usurer* would be tempted by the ' adoption of the proposed amendments, (.'engross was j occupied with this scheme at our luat advices. The | lavorlte substitute of tho opposition fur it, was a direct property tax ot four doUars in a thousand upon private lortunes, and six dollar* upon the property of corpora- 1 tions. I What the result may be, we are unable to say, but | judging from tbn lone of the press, we should think the enforcement ot the plans of Farias and Rejon would inevitably tend to civil convulsions. Indeed, upon the first publication of the law authorizing any meddling with < hurch property, a move was made to apaet the exiatiug order ol things on the part ol some of the clergy, but it failed tor tho want ot a leader. We have aeeii a letter from Havana which says this party offerod to put lien, l.a Vega at the head of affairs, but that officer was too prudent, and preferred to accept the command iu Vera Cruz. F.nough of Mexican affaire for to-day. SANTA ANNA ON THE SUBJECT OK ClIUKOil PROfERTr. [From the New Orleans Delta, Feb. 19] "Private Seeretaey of the General-in-Chief of Hit liberating Republican Jirmy ? To Don Manuel Creicencio Rejon Hsn I.uis Totosi, Jan. id, IS47. " Mr Dx*n FaicnDf-l have received your favor of 30th ult, and am informed with aatiafaction ol ita content*,for the feeling of affection in it aa well aa for the decision to co-operate in furnishing resources to the army, to whom the national defence Is confided. " I have examined, with attention, the means which you I r?|/OH? 1U mil, ami runny , unim y u uirir ? nu uuir-i resource lett (o furnish tho government with the money ao urgently necessary to auatain the independence ao dangerously menaced by tho ambition of our neighboring republic, " A loan of $31,000 00, with the hypothecation of the church property, ia the only thing which, at the preaent moment, alien! I be djacuased in Congress ; any other aubji-rt which should he taken up now must remain undecided, for wc have no time to loso It ia not a new iidair, that the cleigy abonld contribute out of Its pro petty to to the expense* ol the nation. In S|win, which ia quite a reiigioua country, in that terrible epoch in which it wua nt.acked by the gigantic power of Napoleon, the Spanish clergy were seen, among other numeruua , acta of trua pairiotiam, to preaaiit voluntarily even the aaciod vaaea, to assist the atrength and the need of the aoldiera who aacrificad themselves for the Independence of their beloved country. " I have alto had my prejudice* on thia aubject. Kcr tan year* have I resisted, with all my strength, tiie passage of any meaiure againatthe property of the clergy, and 1 have even iutiaiated aeveral tunea to the cabinet, that I would aoonrr consent that iny hand should be cut ol" than sign a decree to dispose of such property ; but at that time circumstances were entirely different Irom what they are now : the nation had then more or lesa resources -more or less means ol laising funds , it wip. not I.* it ii now, tho fountains ol our treasury wrie not exhausted, and ottr nation never loun.l itsolt in tho ml situation whirh ii now manifested, untuning in unequal ? cog teat with a republic that iHCriflr.e* all in order to carry on the war, which ii provoked in order to humiliate in, and rob our country of two-thirdi of it* valuable territory. " Under theso circumitancei, and for atirh roasiderationi, I do not oppuie any longer the proposition to laue a loan by the mi-ini proposed lately, if it should agree with the will of the august Congress I will sustain and support It, as I believe it the most practicable mode of realizing the sum required, and that the clergy's property will bo better insured, and have no further change* to lodr hereafter " I am in despair at this very moment, lor it ia now the aacond day ol the month, and the different chiefs arn almost mad, looking after proviaiona for fheir men. And attll there are aoma writer* who will inquire, why our army doea not move " 'I'llis express has no other objact than to makt known our sad condition, and It the government doea not tend quick supplioa, I cannot any how Ihia will and. " Try to gat information aa to the manifestation I send to day, to the Congress "I enclose to >ou e petition, which I addtess to the legislative body, for permission and for the mssn ol advancing the army, recommtuding you to place it t a LD. MM VW? OMM, the band* of the miniitera, in order (bat it may obtain success. Wishing you health, I am your friend and ob'dt aevt ANTONIO LOPE/ DE BANTA ANNA Anothar communication from Santa Anna, dated the 13th, from Ban Lull Potoai, and received in Vera Cms on the ltfth, addreaaed to the Miniater of War, aaya that ha acknowledge the receipt of an official deapatch to the everal commanding general* of the Btatea, letting forth that the Sovereign National Congreaa, taking into con aideration the exigency of the moment, and the privetjona under which the valiant aoldiary ware preparing to fight for their country, were taking meaanreato ieaue a decree to empower the government to appropriate $1 A,000,000 on mortgage or By aale of the ecclesiastical property, for the support of tho array. "And with thia motive, [the letter proceed!,] your ex cellency will pleaae, with the consent of the moat eicellent, the Vice i'reaideut, to prepare the minda of the subordinate functionariea of the miniatry againat the cunning of the enemiea of our national intagrity, who, a* on other occaaiont, endeavor to dia*eminate maJiguant report', in order to throw diacradit upon the auperior authorities. Your excellency will ha pleaied to assure the moat exceileut, the Vice I'rcaidcnt, that in the army nndar my cuuimand there u not one man who darea, with the depraved wish of levelling it* strength or ardor, to interpret in a (iniiter muijsier the act of the aupreme power of tho State. hut if uxv crirao of thia nature should preaent itself . 1 will take opportunely the neceaaary atapa to oppose niul overwhelm it On no Account whatever shall me puunc tranquility De distil roec). TRADE ANII IIUSI.NBSS OP TAMPICO. I- tirocu lroiu a commercial letter, dated Tampico, Feb A, 1H17 : ? business lor tlie laM I irtnight has slightly improved ? nwim to tint quantity of troops ceming into town The articles in the clothing lino, of a coarse uuture, have (old icadily, ami the sutlr is, generally, bava done a Rood bntinuK. I uiidaretand that noma of tbe letail dry goods nitrcbaiita h- ve joined together and seut one of their number to New Orleans to make purchases ; if so, it will not benefit us much. American fabrics are geni ially s< lling at low puces. Print* have been sold at 9 cents and " pay a lost." Tho interior is not ) et opened, and G.<n. Twiggs, lately fioin Moutsiey, telle uie 'it will not be" Tins is now certain. '1 lie trude, 'herelore. from the interior interiupted, tbe stock of goods here exceeds the local demand, which is now tho only one. 1 cannot think ot any article to lecommend >011 tothip that otters a lair prospect of a remunerating pnfit. Tlie yusiltiinaster is not drawing drafts at present on New Oileans, but (or specie depositee of dollars anil half dollars gives treasury notes. .Many have mado lemittances of this kind, but most prefer sending specie, of which th# schooner Charon llus taken quite a large amount. The Kuglish house, Messrs. Whitehead, have, togethar with two others ot this place, obtained permission from Santa Anna to send goods into the iaterior, but only such as have paid Mexican duties ; but when one bail goes out two will come in. I have from good authority that a German brig, which touched hero some two weeks sines, will go to Now Orleans, and thsnce return hare with hsr cargo i also, there are five other vessels at Havana ladon with Oarman goods tor this market. They ore waiting at Havana to receive news by the British steamer ; after that, will touch at New Orleans, pay their dutiaa, and clear for Tampico. An over-stocked market mutt be the result, (ten Scott has not yet arrived, but la hourly expected. There are 7000 troops waiting hare impatiently for orders, and anxious fore fight. Our city nas not bean so tranquil of late. Flour may be quoted at $7 10 to $8, although 75 barrels ware sold a day or two stnoe at $7. Potatoes are doing better, say $3 00 to $4 per bbl. Ale and cidar >13 per barrel. It ERA!.1) MILITARY C CORRESPONDENCE. New Oai.eani, Feb. 17, 1847. The schooner St. Paul is below, having left Tampico on the 8th. She bring* the latest news from that point. The following order of Gen. Patterson assures us that the system of taxing Americans, to support the war, on tho part of tho onemy, is uo longer to obtain in Tampico. Head id'1 aeters, !2i> Division, i Abmv or OccurATion, . Tamtico, Feb. 6, 1M7. J Osntas No. 63 J 1. It is hereby directed that all resolutions, ordinances mi') l,i ws, which may heroaftor bo passed by the "Municipal Committee" of Tampico, shall be submitted to tbe commanding officer of tlio United States for his consideration and approval, without which, thsy shall not be carried into effect. 2. "Port charges and harbor dues" are hereby reduced to one-half of the several sums heretofore established by tlie (Municipal Committee, and the amount collected from this source will be paid weekly to the senior surgeon of the army, at a umpico, for the benefit of the hospital. I Tho charges heretofore exacted on produce or marmerchandize of any kind, under the name of "wharfage and town dues," being an indirect tax on American cltl7.0iis ami American trade, will cease from this date, to be made on any produce or merchandise coming from or going to the United States in U. 8 vassals. 4. The regulations authorising the charges heretofore made under the name of "ma'ket dues," so far aa it relates to non icsidents, is hereby abolished. Persons not residing in th* town, will be permitted to;come to market and occupy stands on any street.or plata,where thsy may sell butcher's meat of all kinds, poultry, game, unlit, eggs, fruit and vegetables, and other produce, free fiom any tax or charge. I Ul? |>rivncgu Will I1UI liO BJIWUUBU IU pel "WU? inuw in the town, who purchaie from those arriving, to Mil again. They are forbidden to monopolize any article I rought to market, and they (ball lie subject to auch tiixea and charges as the Municipal Committee may think proper to assess. 6 'I'ho present rate of pilotage, viz : ?$o per foot for veuela ariiving, and $4 iter-foot for thoie clearing, l? conaidered exorbitant under the prnaent increase of trade, especially as United Htate* steame.s frequently render their assistance, ft is, therefore, ordered that the pilotage bo reducbd to (7 per loot, in full for pilotage inward and outward. The payment of this sum shall be certified hy the Col lector, before a clearance is given. lly order of Maj Or n. Patterson. (Signed) OKO. A. McCALL, A. A. O May wo no; nojie that it is ihe beginning ol a uew system io this part ol tho enemy's territory, and that eur government is resolved to pursue the good woikl We must ourselves impose tuxes, or at least decide upon those imposed by others in tho conquered places. O P Q. MILITARY MOVEAIBNTS The Boelon I'aul says that Oenerai Robert Armstrong, U. M Consul at Liver|iool, will at his own request, return, end that the President will give hitn commauil of the new Kentucky end Tenuesaue legimeut against Mexico. Recent accounts from Monteiey give rite to serious apprehensions lor the safety of Col. McClung. He is still suffering severely, and the attending physician was of opinion that he could not survive. HERAI.I) NAVAL CORHUrONDKNCK. Cstix Knxo, Mexico, Jan. 10, 1847. Wreck of the Traniport Ship Ondiaka. The transport ship Ondi.tko now lies a total wreck on the coast of Casse Itoxo, about 400 yards Irom the main shore. She wrecked early the morning ofthe'JOth inst. The Ondiaka loft New Orleans on the 10th instant with a detachment of four companies of the regiment of Louisl ana voluntaers on hoard. Most of the men are now ssie on shore. They were got off in the small boats, but not without imminent danger, as the breakers were tremen dous. She had 00 days provisions on board, most of which will be lost. 1 have this moment reached shore, and om dripping with water while I write this. We owe our lives to the gallant conduct and cool consideration ol the captain and officers ol the ship. May Ood bless them ! < lisse noio is snuaieu Rome .? > innca irom i ampitu ? Wo expect an attack ovary moment. 1 nm perfectly exhamteil, ami cannot write now. NAVAI. I'RRrARATIO.NS. [From the Philadelphia 1/ M Uarette, Kelt. 27 ] We have lia<] occasion to notice ?ome lew diya aince, the great activity pervading the various ahip yard* in the upper part of our city anil districts. It ia in our I iwiwer today to give the following particulars The vessels enumerated are all being I in it for immediate ( servies in the tiulf of Mexico, and orders have been re ceived for their completion at the earliest practicable day The names of the constructors and the kind ef vessels which they ore building are as follow s : Thomas Byerly, lour steam propeller honts, averaging about 200 tons each, the engines nad boilers of which nro being built by lleaney, Neafie ft Co., of Kensington, also ane schooner. Jacob Teese, two schooners i Byerly h Teeso ere schooner ; and Brown, of Omdcn, do These arc of the i largest class. { J. Vaughan, one schooner ; Burton * I'svis, one whr, | and Theo. Byerly, one do | Jacob Teese, eight camels or lighters, with frames eovernd with India rubber, lor passing deeply laden vessels over shallow liars, i At the yaid ol lleeney, Nealle h o , are also the U, i 3 government nnitrr Hpencer an I s???ru ptepeller j Trumbull, undergoing repairs Merrick a. Towoe, ol Southwat k, have :?Im> steam en ginea and boilore under w,i? for the tame poipoae At the nuvy yard are tho U. M brig* Terry and Weah 1 ington, both ol which me being rapidly fitted (or their 1 crime in the (ftllf. | From the Ronton Traveller, Feb iti 1 It i? stated that the Uni'eil State" have purcnatod the schooners Wolcott and Howard, formerly New V oik and Boston packets. For the Wolcott was paid $IS,flt30 They are to be altered into hermaphrodite brigs, snf their armn.ncnt i* to consist ol one lung gun upon a pivjt, similar to that ot small ctafts in tliu Welt Indie* Their destination i? tho Oull ot Mexico, and they will. ? probably, make thair rfrAui in the coming attack* upon the fortress of San Jtn n do I'llou, and other Mexican poita, and for which thetr light drangbt ol water will especially recommend them Nkws prom K ft Hach*.?We leam from Captain Vinnll ol the J. A .fennriin, from Kio Haclic, that great tlcknen prevails theie, nearly one thud ol the Inhabi'ants being down w ith the fever The government of New (Merteda have contributed fl.vt.OOO toward eetablishing a line of *teamerii b-tween #*nte Martha, Certhngena, Cuba end tbo United ?ie'e? .tmcnceii veiael* now pay iiO per cent over and eS"ve lislions tor good* brought into po.U ot N?w li.vna e lor | want ol a treaty batween tha two governments.

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