Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 3, 1847, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 3, 1847 Page 3
Text content (automatically generated) J LJJ LJ? rmmmmmmm Phii tstin*ifc a*t> Cclimbia Ritmoin Motiie Hailway. fowrt. Total Am.Hint u ji?r last re, |K)rt ... 81,Mi 33 69 723 48 150.788 79 Do. mnuili ending June JO, 1817 .16,604 74 12,947 65 49,552 39 Whole amount sine* .Nov. 30. 18*16 97,070 07 82,871 U 180,341 18 8.ime rime list year.. 78,10 4 8 07,300 74 143 417 *8 In leatc. 21,553 59 15,370 30 36,923 95 The increase amounts to about twenty-fl?e per cent A? this is apart of the public work* of Pennsylvania, it will give Bomft idea of the probable income of that State fri>m its works this season The ammiut of tolls recelrud at Albany during the month of June, in 1840 and 1847, was as annexed:? Tolls on New Voaa Stat* Canals.?Rcceim at Albany. 1846. 1817 Ftrrt Meek in Juue $5,927 58 $? 300 87 tiecou l " ... . 6,2 9 01 8.012 39 Tliird " 5,416 80 7,911 75 Funtth " 5.X8 00 10,548 01 $?,931 42 $31,801 0'i 2 < 931 42 lucrease iu 1847 $11,871 63 From the oommenoement of navigation to the lot of July during the year* l?4fl and '47 . 1816. 1847. April $28 423 53 ? M?v 45,748 03 $"9,415 82 Juue "'Jjl M '-J1-8"3 03 $97,102 *8 $111218 87 9". 1112 58 Increase in 1847 $17,115 89 The mnali not being opened until the 1st of May thin year, there were no recalpta In April to offset th?nn for that month last year. The opening of the canal* this yi'ar was so much later than last, that a fair comparison of reoeiptu cannot be made, thore belug fifteen lays in ore of navigation lost year up to the 1st of July, than this. Notwithstanding this, the income from toll* thin year, up to the 1st of July, will exceed that to the name date last, nearly or quit* four hundred thousand dollars, from only sixty days business. Thin Is at the rate of two hundred thousand dollars per month. At this rate, the inorease for the season of navigation this year, will not vary muoh from one and a half million* of dollars. The receipt* of produce at Tide W?tor, by the canals of this State for the week ondlag June 30th. 1347. were as annexed:? COMMERCE Of THE CANAL.1? RECEIPT.' OK PRODUCE. Flour, barrel* 153.865 Allies. bbl? 803 Beet, (In 1.13 Fork, bbln 2.197 Wlie<(, bmli 107,400 Corn, baali 22U.800 Barley, do 4.500 Rye, dti 5,900 Oai?, do 46,500 Pnnnnil belin, do... . 1,10*) Potatoes do... 3,800 Klat seed. Ilia 59,200 Clurer and (irasi Seed. Butter, do... 118,800 lbs I3.7C0 Cheese, do 93,00m I>ard, do 179,800 Dacon aud Hum, do... 99.-R0 As the season advances, the receipts grow larger, instead of falling off, an the bull speculators anticipated, r would have had people beliove. There appears to be no end to the supply of breadstuffs in the western country. The annexed statement of the shipments via canal nt Oswego, shows that the same activity in breadstuffs exists in every shippiug port:? CiSil Commerce ok Os? e<;o?Shitmin ri Third Weer| in Ji-nk, 1817. K|.Mir, bills 33,361 Wheal, biiih 34.031 P irk,do 162 Com, do 71,536 Asli-a, do 143 Nhipatufla, do.. .... 47,100 Butter, lbs 21,069 Btron, lb* 15,475 Cheeie. do 13,517 Wool, do 5,355 Lard, do 3,760 Lumber, feel 313,059 Tolls collected for the 3d week of June, *10,7oh 81, against $1,758 14 received for the corresponding week ol 1340. The gross amount collected irom tuo opening 01 navigation to the 23d of June, inclusive, for two yearn was as follows :? 1847, to Juno 22(1 $07,167 3i 1846, to Juno 22d 41.077 4S Increase. 1847 $'26,079 yo The ehipmenta by canal, from the opening of navigation to the 22d June, of Hour, wheat, and corn, for three J ears, have been as follows :? Flour. IVIirat. Corn. Jiarrtlt. Buthel$. Huihelt. IH47.., 199,374 291,96J 371.704 1816 119,271 61,575 7J.002 IMS ay 160 12,910 3,031 The increase in wheat and corn has been exceedingly large. Tbe shipments via canal from Oswego, are to a great extent, the products ol the western Htatea. The enlargement of the Wetland canal admits vessel" navigating Lake Ontario to puss into l.ake F.rle, and vice versa; and the receipts of western wheat at Oswego from the upper lakes, through that canal, ore very large.? Most of this wheat is manufactured into flour at Oswego, and shipped via canal to tide water. The vicinity ol Oswego, along the lake shore, is an excclluilt wheat growing section of country, and large lots are brought to that market for ssle and for manufacture. The State Treasurer of Pennsylvania has issued another letter, railing upon the county of Philadelphia for tbe nra-payment of taxes, to enable him to meet the interest on the State debt due in August. The letter which we annex. speaks for iUelf. It is pretty close shaving. tsrail'Kr.a's Office. IIahiiisihru. June 30. 1917. Ho*. Ciiakles Omsi.f* I seo by the published usli of your County Treasurer, that he aud the < oaiminMoij. erx are taking active measures to collect the Mate tax. so as t.-> be prepared to pay the quota of your county by th? 1-Hh of July. This is a most important step on their part, and. if will in^nrw fhu navinunt. nf fhn AnailKt inftO ??t. Many of the other ooiintios have uiven assurances, which can Ih? relied on with entire confidence, that their respective quotas will be paid in due time. Therefore much depends upon the action of your county. Hit people b;?v? a deep i>ltere?t in tbo punctual payment of the demand, an whatever impair!* the credit of the State, or r.,-iHten her public faith, cannot fall to be most prejudicial to their int*renia; and in such un event, the reproach would fall more immediately upon them thai' upon any other portion of tbe people of thu CoiUt'ion wealth The effort upon their part, at this important crisis 1a weil timed, aud will be productive of the most Salutary result*. It is worthyof their character for pub lie and privaft integrity. The call of the ^ouuty Treasurer in in the proper tone and I doubt not will meet a cheerful response in tbe prumpt action of every ^ood citizen. It* mflaeuce will bo felt throughout the Commonwealth. aud lu my judg utent, if it succeeds iu yonr county, the paymeut ol ih? interest oti the 1st of August will be rendered certain leyond ail doubt. To prepare the Treasury to meet this demand, the sum of two hundred aud tlfly thousand dol lorn in money will be necessary. If i'biladelphia .will uiake that auiouut of mouey available to the Treasury by the 1st of August, 1 will have uo fear as to the result. Yours. See.. JNO. BANKS, State Treasurer. Stork Kxibange. *J0o3 Trea Notes <U 107'* 25 ?h< Nor fa Wor ?30 J"', WOO -hio Cj,'60 li'U't :? >? Heading KR )>?>, III mIis Vliulia'tmn Bit 'JI 2(H) do sl2m 6? VHP Karim-rn' Trust 4VI I.o.ig Island 33 l'"l ilo Ii90 V>\ 4U0 d > I>C P ion do bill -y,\ ill do It.iO 33^ VI f.oiismia Bk 112 20 Patersoa 120 60 Virkiburg ?f>0 12 210 llail-m CI "0 Vlcrril (Jnnal b99 19 SO do bnw tlM 1'i <lo I US' 100 d> l>|} K4S i'> do 18 k 14(0 no 6(>t 2"'0 Merchant* Li Co 1\ 2011 do bfiO 61 \ 10)1 Cnntou In <R 140 do bJO Hiii K> Nor fc Wore 44 V 250 do 6I?? 2.0 do i.'Z Si d . et>? 40 do* 130 54>i COO do bl.O C4 40 do 5? ]00 do 310 64?* 40 do b"0 44 100 do 120 Ci Second Board #7400 Ohio 6-, "60 99W 50 ilu Harlem RR 1.10 UJ li'O slu iie.tdiiic RR 8:i>a 200 do Tun Ci 30 do to 40 do illl Ci ? do 68 Ml do >10 b'> 1? do 68 40 do 1.10 6'i.U M do rt? 25 Canton Co 18 180 1,0 68 ^ do 48?< 40 Harlrm RR ciTi 25 do >10 ihv, 4?<t do (15 (15 50 Long 111 ind 12?? 1"0 do blO 65 50 Farmer!' Loan i4;vn 100 do C*. New Stock Exchange. 50 fclia K?rtnei?' Lu si 34V 50 ?l? Harlrm UR c 6tSi 50 do e 3S?4 50 Nor h Wore r. 44 40 Hnrlrm RR 64 140 do c. 5 V '.0 do hj 64 40 do C 51'* J5" do f 6i?b 50 do all 4J\ 40 do |3 61S 50 do >30 41S, 50 do b7 64)3 50 do *15 53*4 CITY TRADK RKPORT. Nrw Yon*, F*ii>?t AfTUBfioow. Jvur 3. The flour market preaented very little change since lest report ??! * of Oenesee were m?ile at $7 I3X a *7 18V and Michigan at $7 a *7 UK. Owing to the near advent of another steamer's new*, some large house* were out of the market, and preferred to await Its results.whatever they might be. Small sale* of Baltimore flour were made at $7 a $7 12K, and of Richmond mill* at $1 33 a ?.7 &0. Hale* of Ohio handsome white wheat were made at $1 Mafil Owing to the supp'y of Northern round com being lean abuadant than Western mixed and yellow, Its price wan better sustained. and sales made at Me. 94c. and 9ftc., and Northern mixed wold at 90c Western mixed sold at 80c. 81c. and flic , according to quality ; and Wostern flat yellow sold at 8flc. Bnles of meal were reported at $4 a $4 13KKye waa heavy, and gala*made at 98e. a 100c. Bale* of oats were reported at 47c. a 48c. Sale* of barley were made at 7t)o. 1'rorlsion* continued Inactive, and ?alc* limited, while price* remained nominally the *am? Orocerle* were al*o quiet. without a prospect of much being done till after the holiday on the ftth in*t. rkcrtft* Dd*s th? Hiidioji Rivr.a, .irt* 1. Flour 2J7 bblr :orn meal I 70G ' bushels. Wheat 30,77ft "r?v ' Asur.i?Hsles of Tots were made at *4 67tf, and of JVme st VtM* $0 fW*. BkM*n- Hahs of 9000 !bs Northern and Western yell'.w si Id st lite liar ABsTtrrrs?Flour? Sales of 7.000 or 8.000 barn-Is Michigan and Wenevee were made at H7 a >7 a >7 18X; )?0 bbla Ohio were sold at >7. and 700 do do. at >7 I2K In Southern Hour. there was not much doing; 100 bbls 1 .Itlniore Howard street, superfine, sold at. (7 and 400 do. at |7 l?X; 900 do. Rlohinond acid at J>7 36 iii 11 i i i i I and 30fl do at $7 00. WWf-Sal** of 8,000 a 10,000 j bu?hel* Ohio white w#r* sold at 150c. and *2,240 do. at j IMXa. Cam?Sale* of 6,000 bushels . Northern | round y*Uow war* mad* at 94 cents; 1.900 : a 2,000 do at 95 cent*: 2,000 do sold at 92 cent* I and 2600 do Northarn yellow sold at 90 cents, and 2600 | d? yallow uorttacrn mixed at tUe mid* prie*; 14 a 15.000 I do western oli'd on tbe spot ?old at 40 cent*, and S0O0 ' do, mixed and fiat yellow western ot S2 cents; 2000 do I western flat yell*w sold at 85 cents- 81HHI do western 1 mixml sold to arrive in oepteuiber, aud 20,000 do, teller's option, to arrlv* in Augu*t and September, sold at dO 0 -nts; 2,600 do sold, with tba privilege, at 2 oents per bushel, on it* refusal after steamer's news, at $1. Meal? 400 barrels western New York sold at $4, and 100 do at $ 1 l'JK oents. Ry*?Sale* of 3400 bushels were made at 98 cents, and 2.V00 do at (1 Oatt - Sales were reported at 48 cents, though buyers offered 47 cents, while some ; hotfars demanded 60 cents. Barley?80O bushels sold at 70 cents. Candles ?Sales continued to be made at 31 cents Corrn?fhe market continued quiet, and sales limited. Cotton?The sales moderate to-day, not exceeding 600 tales. Prices contiuu* easy, wher* holders are disposed to offer their supplies. Kish?sales of 100 a 200 quintals dry cod were mad* at $376 a >3 8?'>4. Two parcels mackerel war* afloat unsold. '200 barrels mess. No 3s, sold at $5 26 a $6 37>? FauiT?9 a 300 boxes bunch ratlins were sold at $1 06 1 $ 1 70 omits; -llXiO boxes lemons were sold by auction at $ 1 26 a S3 25, and 4000 do oranges sold at (1 12.4i a $4 IliHr?Small sales dew rotted, were made at former rates Nnico?10 cases Beugal were sold at 30c. a $1. 1-Ciii?We report sales of 2000 pij;s at $4 20, which jXliibiti d a Uecliue. Momiti Inactive; *? quote Porto Rico at 30c. a 31c , and C uba do. at 22u a 23c. Naval Si uhi? - We hare only to note sales of 00 bbls. spirits lurpeutiui) 011 the wharf at 36,'{c , each. ItoiiN ?:il)o bbls sold at 76c.; raw turpentine was nominal Oils?Sales of 1200 gallons city pressed, were made at 85c., and I a 2000 do, Knglish sold at 03c. In fish there wis nothing new PuoriiioNs ? We bare only to report a sale of 60 bbls. clear pork at $18. new mess was quiet at $16 a $16 12>?, aud prime do at $13 50; there was no chauge in beef or Urd. Uultn?We quote Obio at ll>?c lJHo., ana .New YorkSute at 13c. a 150. Chttte?No change. Uice?The market remained quUt,without change in prices. Stroma?The market continued inactive. We quote Cuba .Muscovados at b%a. a tiXo., Porto Kico at tic. a 7n , and St Croix at ?%c. a 7}?. Tobacco?Sales of Cuba were made by auction at 18c. n l?c ; but about 3-26 oases advertifled, were withdrawn, prims not proving satisfactory Wii.ii.kbo.nk wan firm? 3.5th, lbs South Sea Bold at 38c. which was afterwards refused for more ; Northwest was worth '27>?c. Whiskey continued inactive, while '2')c was refused Wool?Stocks ot Fleece continued light, and Bales limited; foreign was dull. f hright*?An American vessel wbb taken up to load with wheat in bag* for Bristol, at lOd, and with flour at 3s (id. To Liverpool packets demanded 3s Ad for flour aud lid for graiu, which were obtained in some cases; AUG bbls Hour were taken on the terms stated. A British vessel engaged 600 a 1600 bbls at 3s. A transient American vessel engaged 1'200 do at 3s; 1 Id was offered for 10,000 bushels ol grain in bulk; 3s 6d was paid for Uour, to Uofk and a market. An American vessel was engaged for a direct port in Ireland, at 10>?c. for grain. TELEGRAPHIC. Markets. New Orleans, June '23. 'hales of 3000 bales of cotton were made,without change in prices, which were steady. Sains of '2000 barrels Ohio and Illinois flour were made at fti 60 a 75. Corn continued to move iruely, and JJsaleB of '20,000 buBhels Western mixed and yellow, sold at 76c. for the former and 86c. for the latter. Sales of 8000 bushels of Western red and white wheat were made at ?1 40 a f>l 60. Sugar remained steady at previous prices. The Cambria's news was said to be in town, but time had not been allowed fur its effects upon the markets to L>* known. B iltimore, July d?I*. M Sales of 600 bbls. Howard street flour were inado it $ts, including City Mills at $7. Sales of 3,000 bushels including Maryland red at $1 16, and Pennsylvania prime do at $1 30. Corn?Sales of 4,000 bushel* wore made, including white and yellow at 80 a 86 cts. Oats dull at 46 a 49 cts. Rye dull at 83 a 85 cts. No change in provisions or groceries. Whiskey dull at 27 a'28 cts. W?ather Una. Boston, July ii?P. M Sales of 1300 bbls mixed brands Michigan and other western mixed brands, sold at $6 76 a f>7. There was no change in Concscc, which stood at $7 1'2>?. Sales of KIW ifununi VI v.ui u BUIU, luuiuuiug WVHIVrU U1UVU, Bl 70c., and yellow, at 89c. Cotton remained inactive, without chmngo in prices. There wan no change in eights. The steamer Caledonia begins to bo anxiously looked for. Weather cool and pleasant. [Telegraphic Correspondence of rhila. Ilulletln) Pittsburgh, July 'J, 1 T. M.?About four feet of water in the channel. The week's business is closing unite 'lull owing to the unsettled prices, the approach of the 4th. aud the anticipated arrival of later European Intel ligeace, which must have a great effect on the American markets. Tue few sales of Hour which are made, am under peculiar circumstances, which offer no liable criterion of the market. In usual business, nothing is doing Wheal is very scarce here, aud is worth 8J to 90 eeuf. according to quality, but few transactions are noted Coru sells iu limited amounts at 43 to 4o cents Corn meal quiet. Oats selling at 'J7 to id cunts. Wnlskey is very dull at -H to 'i-ift cents, in bbls. Provisions dull, with no change in quotations. Cheese Is scarce, and dull at 4)4 to 6){. la small paroeli Lard l? wanted, and would command 8>i The Improvement in rice has oroughl up quotations to 6,3? to a4,, but sales are limited ottou is quiet. Last sales i'enuessee were at II to 1H{ for lufenor to fair Sales feathers at 27 to 28 cts. The uew crop of wool is couink in more frenly. but there is no change in price. Married. In Jersey City, on the 1st instant, by the Rev Mr. Ualch of New Kork, Mr. Ciuslh Pkkaseai'. of New \ork. to viiss Mahv, daughter of the late Jacob bender, v rt. Died. On Thursday. the 1st iu.Maut. in the city of Brooklyn, *ira. OrnrLm L W. Van Pklt, wife of John W. Van Pult. aged thirty throe yean 'J ho lelativuo aud friends of lhi> family are rospcctful ly iuvitud to attend her funeral, ou Saturday, the 3rd instiint. at two o'clock. P. M., from No. 340Kuiton street, Urooklyn On Hiduy, the'Jnd instant. Mihv Jane, wife of Pa trick .wcQuadc The friends and acquaintance* of the family, mid I he,ne of her father, Lilward Muuxon ; also, thoae of her brothers, John and r?d*ard Muuson, Jr , are requested 10 attend Iter funeral, to-uiorrow (Sunday) afternoon, at 1 o'clock, from her Utu residence No 16 Chextuut street, near .viiuiison ana rearl, without further invitation. At ^lbauy, on the 1st of July, PrTF.a McKlrot, sou of Patrick Mcfc-lroy. His f jii* ral will take plane on Sunday afternoon. July 1 tli. at 9 o'clock, from the residence <n, hi* father, No. '^1'J Klizubelh street. J(l? Saturday evening last, Mr. Wm. Li.ovd, son of Sa[*11.1 Lloyd 'i'hu friends of the family are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, this alternoon at 3 o'clock, from the church in Orchard street, between Broome and Delaucy fttreetD. The remains to he taken to the (ireenwood Ce metery. Fun foh the 4th ok july -th* is no pisC? ... the city where this alorioui day cau tie better enjoyed tnail tt lie 'Old Hoyd House," iJ Ui ekinnu ?t. The late?i uew> IP/in the ar ny in Mex co cnu b- seen dally the e. '1 be ue?t of liquors, llie linett irlisliet, all sorts of re fri'*litrieiils, I iUiuJj. mrsli, Ite. and eve y thiuK .hat l.eait aud soul cau .ietire, can be found br applying to j|.3 :n*rc 1- WILSON, SB !Wkinin?t FOUKi'H JUL V ?The visiter* and eititaus of Perth Ainboy will be lurmibed with refreshments aud * public Uuiuer at llie KariUu Mouse, on Mouusy, the >rh luit. Come nue ?come ill ____ l'*rc N"o VA S< i) 11 v MAI ktKfc-L.?A su|i?rior I .i, cowsist line of No. I, 2 and afloat, and for ule in lots to suit purchasers, by KAMU16L R. KELLY, j 3 it?rc ai vVsll ?t. M fti | Hr. >V AHL).?Lost or sioleu ou the niictir of llie 1st ot July, front the home of J. Moorhead.of Brouklyu.a iieav> double caied gold vertical Wstch, and Mold chain ami ?ed, No. I9J, m<ile by John Banco, Dublin. The above reward will be for llie return of ihe articles to *. HAM* viO.N I), 44 Merclt ints'KichaiiKe, ami no questions asked, jy3 If rc COUNI>?In *Vlille *lri-i-l a nurxe roulitliiinir a amitll urn of T money. The loner can liavr it by applying to Dr. DougWhile Mrrrt. Hi A.M. jy3 31*r RK VV All U?Lost. 1st July, in tin; rtpolio Mourns, at Mmr Henry'* Coucert. n 4><>ld Bracelet, adorned withse* >?<al itonea. Bring it to the French (ml Spanish Hotel. J7 Broadway jy3 lt?r PA98INO through Nassau street, we last week observed, with pleasure, the preparations then in progress fur a new Lunch lloom. A viait. mnce the opening, impressed n? so la. vorably that we cannot avoid commend ng it to our fnendswho value neatness in the Preparation and promptness in the serving >f their food. ho less than economy. The proprietor, a very reutlemanly V aukee, has chosen lo designate lux place, No. 46 Nassau street, the ' Yankee Lunch." VV. L. C. J3 !lf*rc T BROWN. STONE SEAL ENORAVKn A^D |7k KALI) PAINTKK, 23.1 Broadway, opiionita the Park ?Coats ot arma, crests, cyphers, Jsc.. engraved on stone or liraaa; diamonds, anelhystn, topazes, tic., bought in the rough or cut to any form; ladiea' aeala engraved with arms, or any ?T<vice. Coats of arms foaud and painted in ,injr style, from $2 and upwards, a?d forwarded to any part of the 1'iuted Urates or Canada. Books of heraldry kept, wit's upwirda of 20(1,000 mint* Any information given in noraldry. jy3it*rr WHITE HOUSE SALOON, N<>. ? MERCER ST? Mrs. J. PUSTLKY. late of Philadelphia, hanug lea?e<l tha above house, and thoroughly renova'ed the loterior with new and costly furnitura, adding hot, cold aud ahowar hatha, for the accommodation of the hoarders, la now ready to receive boarders This house will be lonud a moat desirable residence for tingle gentlemen, being within a few mnmeirs walk of thit grear thoroughfare, Broadway, a d a few doo a above Canal street, in a i|inrt aud retired stret t, free from tha noise incidental to mo?t houi-a of this description To the home there is a bar alt iched. The liquors a.iil segara are not ! to he .nrpast'd by any establishment in ihe cit* ; and Mrs. I I'uailey h--pei tiiat by the untiring eBorts nf herself an I the nuI me roils ai laches of her house, she will he able to give general satisfaction to all those that may favor her with a call. jy3 80i*r _ ABUTCIIKll SHOP KOK S VLKcor??r of Ka-t Broid-* wav and Merltei a rret, n iw doing a lir.t rnte bus iiesa? only reaso.i for selling out la on acconiuol go ng out west.? Em|iiirr on lh? premisa J'lifr I,''. r. . pi kTlb. aot f ai the Ka.l' ii.?lui< Saloon, JT Nn 7 Unai.e s reet, m it door lo the !*hakesp?are Hotel oil next Hnnday. Alio, chowder served up ihia day. AARON A. LKVY. H. l'N DKHIIILL, Jr. N. B.?Li"eh#s mar he fouad on the table every day I throughout the week. jj22t*r CnorLDF.R BTIACF.S, and BODT BELTi.?Agnt?'< 1 k-* Pr- Tiinm Piteuc Elastic 8honld#t Brace, ao highly rec 'Blue', '*d anil patrouised bv the moat eminent surgeons in this couutry, J r children or adul'a, who til iacliurd lo stoop, orere round shouldered, ar ificcttd aplne persona will weak- i neaa. or paiu m ih? chant, those of consumptive or ardeuury tub it. <>r those confined by study, or at the writing deak, aa ; they will find them an invalu ,b a article to brae* tba ih..uld- | era, expand the cheat. theeby givtrg a Iree ?ad bealtt-y actio a to liie lung*. Mechauics aj,d|labnrer?, bywearit g lbi? , brace, will ba able lo do m ,re work with leas fatigue, aa well aa iuiiiroTc the form. To l? liatl wholesale and retail at ,e+s ? j.AOAit,y, Oeutlcmeu'souilittiui; store,237'Broadway, co ner of Park | ! N.B.?Alao a superior Body Belt, or Abdomuiul Supporter, i I Manly recmnrueuded jf Wt*f BILLIARD TABLES.?For sale one nr two Billiard Tables, nearlv uew. Cau be seen on application to VVM. H ihe Crotou Baths, 202 Canal atreet, corner of j Hudson street. Will be vld reasonable, aa the room ia wan'ed j for otlier purposes. jyi 'i?r j STE \M ENCJIN Km KOK 8aLK.?Two, of about twentylive horse power aitch, low pressure. boiler*, if , will be auld low if taken away immediately. H.J. 8ANKOHI), jySCfrc 13} Maiden lane. 1*0 COUNTRY MERCHANTS?Brown and bleached sheetings of eve')* style and width, all the kuowo bru.ds, b tii heary and line?Stark MilU, Lawrence C, Indian Head, Cabot A, Premium heavy Merrim.?ck Eieter*, I.ukoowm, fcc. may be bid at raaiiulacturera'prices, <>o the ecoud tloora of Not. ID and 20 Cedar atreet, half a block above Pearl at eeta. V?rd wide sheetings. 6 can't per yard. als? , batts, wick, twiue, warp and wtdding; al.o, beat Southern cottou yarn, Not. 6 to 11, and 7 to 12 j)3 Ifr T N. CNDERH'LL It CO.. LAUltS' AKU UKNTLhMbN's LtKT OKF WARD ROBE.?The bighvat price* can lie obtained by gentleineu or famines who are deairoua of cou veiling their lelt oil we<ring apparel iute cash. Kaiiii|,ea and geutleineii quitting the city, or changing re?ideuces, having any auperlluoua effects to dispose of, will find it much to their <tdvaut->ge to s, nd lor tlie subscriber, who w ill attend tlicui at their reaideuce, b> appointment. . J. LEVENHT* N, ?66 Broadway, up atairi. Ladies caiAe attended t . by Mrs. J, LKVtNSTYN. jy3 Jt rc Pvl - 1 OKKn K, I I IV UK Nr.W M>I<K, Jl.'LV 1, 1817 ?Piepaid stamps have beeu received from the Pout Olficefl'epnrimeut, ol ilie denomination! of five mid teu cents, and will be aold only at the Poat Office, by Mr. Monaou. the cashier at his oJlite, between ihr houra of 9 o'clock A.M. and 2 o'clock P. M. ROB'T H. MORRIS. P. M. jyistr GCNTLk.VIKN'S LEFT OFF WAKDRuBf., fcc.?Oeutl uieu or families having any superfluous effects, su'h at weiring apparel, jewelry, fire ?tms, furniture, Sic., which they done to dispose of advantageously, h >vc ike beat o| portu uty ill' doing an by sending fur the subscriber, who will attend I hem at their residences by appointment. H. LEVETT, Office No. 2 Wall street, comer of Broadway. N B. Line addressed through tiie Post Office, cr otherwise, will receive prom.'t attention jy2 3t?rc LOSr-On W eiliiL">d<iy, the :)Oth of June, in .Vlaiket .trt i, a HAIR BRACELET, with gold enamelled l?cket, marked C. M. M. The finder will be liberally rewaided by le>viug it at Mr. Tumuie'a, comer of Madiaou and Maiket ill. j yjjltfh IoK REAMS KOH i ME FOURTH !-The"packiiig it up .Hid laying it by for the Kourth, which cornea ou the t1 iith ot July. The America i Patent Steam Ice Cream Company will supply Ice Creams for the approaching ANNIVERSARY of American Independence,at wholesale and reUil, from their tileusive Laboratory, NO. 181 CHATHAM SQUARE. 2. Y~ Their Ice Cream Mine w ill be spiuug at an early hour ou the Fifth jy2 2tis*rc A WATCH MAKER WANTED?Oue who undtrataud his business can ?nve conslant emplnyuieiit and good wages, by immediately applying at J. O. Dansiu'a, No. Ill t orttandt street, upstaiia. jy3 lt*r WAN'JfED.?A situation by two youug women, one as chambermaid, or to do general housew ork; the other as nurse, or to assist with general house work. They can give <ood reference from their last euiployers. Please apply 272 Walker sticet. jy2 2t*m WANTED?A suecial 1'iirtuer und capital, to engage in a regular Mercantile business, in Nortlieru Ohio, where the udvertiserhis a very extensive acquaintance, having been engaged tor a number of years in the retail trade in that section? has no liabilities, aud for his integrity and ability') will give unquestionable reference. Any capitalist ca i treat this advertisement with |>erlect confidence and any communication addressed to "Ohio,7' through the Post Ollice. will receive prompt attention . ]| Jt ' r If* ir E ANL) EAR?Dr. POWELL. Oculist, Aurist, Sic. A 201 Broadway, corner of Warren street, attends exclusively to disiM.-es ol'tlie Eye and Ear from 9 till 4 o'clock. Dr. Powell bus just published a popular treatise on the Eye, with i engraving., 8vo , paper 50 cents, miialiu 75 cents, comprising n | desciiplioii of its anatomy, physiology, diseases aud treatment, willi rules for the selection of spectacles, Sic. To be had as above, aud at Burgess St Stringer's, Berford Si Co., Fowler It Wells, and of booksellers generally. j % 1 'JOt rr DOCT. S \LY10N'S RKMEDV FOR DISORDERS of ihe Stomach, Liver aud Kidneys, accomi>anied with indigestion. loss of appetite, headache, billioiis attacks, giddiness, palpitalion, languor, low spirit', loss of strength, pains iu the back, side, aud Tower |urts of the chest, cosliveness, worms, aud other distressing symptoms This celebrated medicine lits net with extraoriliuary s icce<s in private practice, aud is pri/.cd so highly by all who have takou it, lint the proprietor has been induced to introduce it to the public generally. He assures every sufferer from the above complaints, that it is as it professes to be, a perfect cure, iuvigoratiug the system, restoring appetite, health, color, auu streugth, even to the most debilitated. This remedy cou'aius no mercury nor any preparation of it, aud does not prevent the closest attention to business. Sold by C. H. RlNO, 192 Broadway, jyliOfr Corner of John St., Sole Ageut. GREENWICH SAVINGS BANK, corner Sixth Avenue and Foilr h street?This Bank will be open to receive drposites on Friday and Saturday afternoons of this week from 5 to 8 o'clock. The mteieit ou which will commence from July 1st, 1847. By order. CLINTON GILBERT.) jyl 3tis?rc 'E. N. PIOOT, J Secretaries PaVILIiiN, NEW BKIOH 1'ON, Sl'ATEN ibLANft. ?The Knst ball of the Season will be given on Monday, i ue .1111 01 jni> , in toiuiiiciuuiai-ioii 01 me K""ious ^unnarfry m .... . '1 here will be it fraud display of Fireworks, Tim- services of an eicrlleut Hand have been secured. Tickets can be procured on application at the office in the Pavlioii. jyl it is re AIL) TO IKKuAM U.?"i'he Irish Kelief Committee have removed to the office ol' the subscriber, where subscrif tions ill money, articlei of food, ill be thankfully receiv. ommitt>enf the Society of Friends, in Dublin. J.VMKS KKYBl.'KN, Treasuter, jvl Iwr 22 jowth VVilliHin -treet. Jjn Kt. WAUL) ? Lost. a black I'in Bog, CODtlilll (|? iptfyj persof no value to any one but the nbacriber, all negotiable paper iu the aanie bei g topped. The said hot w.u taken away from the Meich mu' Bank uu Kriday last, ibout 8 o'clock, or on Saturday moruiug. The above reward will he paid lor lU recovery, or the papers therein, aud no luestious asked The owner'a name i> painted vn the front. je30 4t*m WB M \ri L\NU, 27 W.|l at. NO I iu S.HOICr.itlt?4Cta JUL it, 4th JliLt.?lieutlemen leaving the city for the country to enjoy the coi l u;, will do well to call and ex inline the eitemive assortment of Havana and Principe Begars, whirh are warranted lo lie of the fir?t qualify and genuine, always on hand at the lini>orted iiavaua aud Principe JMegar Store of IIK.N IIIQI! h.H IOC Broadway, corner of Pii*? at. N B ?Kire Crackers for sale, whole<al<- and retail. jJ0M*rc "^T U-SKKT~. AND i?l .N."a.?J,UOU Muskeu for shipping, ivj. |,uuO luulile a il suule tiuna. l.jOU pair Pistols, iu great variety. Also, Killea mil Kille Barrels, tiuu Lock* and Unusm th'a >rticles, lor sale cheap and on favorable terms, by til mn?' A. W. HPIKMJk <1 >- <11 Maiden lane. .1 1 1 OTamI U?3~A NO CnVALIU-v?Hie follow '? i lug article* have gained uuequalled popularity fr rn 41?Uie universal satisfaction they give to those who use thein, ill? and are jold oulv genuine in this citr. .at No. Twti.ii. 21?One C'uurtlaudt strtet. 21?Tlir Magical Kiln Extractor, for burns. sores, mid all 21?iiitlamnianoiis, it too well known to ne?l n mark* upon 21?it* excellence. 21?Halm of Columbia, for staying or restoring the hair. '.'I? and keeping tin- head perfectly free from dauilru ft and it?scurl?ilie be?t article ever used. 21?Jiewe'a Nerve and Bone Liniment aud Elixir?Neve' 21?fails to cure any rheumatic alfeetion. 21?H?ir Dye that will color the Hair and give it a bran 21?tiful gloss without staining the akin. 21?McN'air'a Acoustic Oil,a certain cure for deafness. 21? Towur,end's, Sands', and Comstock's Extract of Sariapa rill*. 21? Hpohn's Remedy, nn excellent article for tick oi ner 21?mm headache. 21?I'mk Syrup for conghs, colds, and all diseases of thr 21?lungs. 21? ll.iy*' Liniment will care the most obstinate cases o/ 21?piles. 21?Vertnif- ge for wonni in children or adulta, never fail* 21?vd to cure. Jl?Stove, Orate, mid Iron Varnish, superior to any thinK 21?ever known to give a poliali and prevent ruat. 21?Roach and Bed Hug Bane?will effectually do away 21?with thcic troublesome vermin. 11?Lougjey's Western Indian I'anacea, the beat family 21? physic mi the world. Sold o*lyat No.TVVENTY-ONE Courtlvndt street j?4 Mt'rf rFM) BOOKSELLERS?ruiilished thia da>. lour Alina1 nacs for 11148, all profusely illuatrated with engravings, which are, with the reading matter, entirely original. Kongh <iid Hraiiy, Kiklier's Comic, Davv Crockett, and Turner's ' iiuik Almanacs, tor ItlS. Circulars, with full description, ;irice, kc of all our various publications, sent by mail. Show oilla *ccoin|<aii} iug all orders. In Pmkss. Housekeeper*' Farmers', and Oermau Almanacs. '1 1 ' It V L' >1 kt L-lalllLII 11 I I... W V |r.131t?r and li North fifh afreet, Hill de'phia '|> <? II K> 1? Al Tmcaroru, Si lut > IkiII rnunl y a Koun L dry ami Machine Shop, (will be rented arparate or together) with a ten horae ixivver mram rngiue. nil iu complete irdcr, with nil the ueceaaary toola lor foundry, Machine Shop,and Dlarkainitliing. Pattern*, Kla-ka, fcc. ?nd aome itock to commence. Apply to JACOB AI,TKK, ? . , Tuacarora. N. B ? AnthraciteJ^oal, heat quality, (2 per ton. jeJ/jJOt^r Kl( Wt II A U.K. N < ? Not ire tn gentlemen w Im waul ' their iikl cUithea to look like new. call at the iftilnriiiR. Dyeing, Cleaning ami Repairing KaHabliahmenr, No. 770old atreet, corner of Gold and Spruce, where ordera arill be punctually attended to at the ahorteat notice, and oo the most rraaonable terma, by J. D NOAH, 77 Oold itraet. N. B ?The higheat price given (or Keutlemen'a left off I wearing apparel. mvSS lot n?e LIUUTNINO ' Its''I I TORS.-'i'hi. baiu th? sr*sun of the year when lightning rod? are ahaolntely neceaaary I ev?*buildilig, the ailverriaer dcairea to call the attention of I thr pnWk tu hia ayatnn of condnctora. . The roda made and put up bx him are neater, haudioiner, cheaper, Mid mote comI pact thin*any other in u?e. They are aecured together with coinier joint*, which ia a (real improvement over the I "hooked plan; itgivea > better?tudred a perfect connection. | The jiii'lie can obtain further information on application to I WALWORTH, NASON. k Ol ILU, Engineer*. No 79 I lohnat., N. V. ??' Willi SHOE KlNUlNGfr?HOtK'ANU UFI'KH LEATHER.? EDWARD OODKREV k SONS, No. m I'earl at., imimrtera of anrerior hngliah l?-.tin*.., allk g-illiiona, alioe theada, lioot we ba, Hat in Krancaia, French calf akma, patent leather, colored galloona, ailk boot cord. laceta; a large aaaortmeut of tole leather and calf akina, conatantly on hand Alao a auperior quality of morocco and liaiuga, bindiuga, lie., of every da acription. je!7 JOfr P- kofkisuk ok MUHICz-U. H. SOLOMONlakeathia mode of informimi hiafnenda and the public that he hni moved to 91 Chatham atreet, where he coutiunea to teach Violin, Violoncello, O^ittr aud Singing a* heretofore, either iu e|aa?ea or linglfi by new aud improved method peculiarly hie own, by which fiia prpili are advanced in oue half the tan 0 time. ( reneri Aernrdion l?neht Perm* moderate m< 10t*e MJKK I-'kK.H K8 It It AN 1) IE8~4 Conatantly rec?ived and for aale by the anbacritier, (entitled to debeiiturt) a full aaaortmeut of thr aeveral brauda of the above well known Urandiea. of Cognac, Rochrlle timl Bordeau flivora. o( a great vnriety of vintngea, new and old, ill and % pipea, which are offered at the lowe.t current pricea by tl.e importer. Dealera are invited to call ni* examine aainp'ei. _ , IIENRV LtOKll. my?9 SOt*r Office So. 104 Wallatreei, New York. Parisian in Vi m. establishment depot f.,t I the receptiou and delivery of g?oda, 122 William atreet, New Vork.-couht k DKaiCHAOX dye and Ai.iali in a new and aii|i?rior itvle all aorta of goods aewing ailk and iwiat. either pi tin or anaded; trama, orKaiiama, andapuntilk; /.ephyr woratrd and woollen yarn; aewing cotton, mohair, linen, and cotton yarna, lie. Danirged or faded gooda, ribbona, ailka, aatina, mermoea | Thibet and Caahlimi ahawla, gimpa, friugea. mklMtir tela. Ia<lie?' and gentlemen'i garmenta. kc? dved and cleaned 0? ' i' new arfirlea rn? "Wi* r, Will Kit \ V I.KI Oil M IN . M.I), hai removed kia of fice to 10# Chamhcra atreet (nrpoiite the S?viiii(v' Bank) and hia Iloiiae to .1 Sixteenth attert (ea-t of I n(Tn I Turk.) Otfii Iwuri from ) tal I'M. je<D30t*rc 1 '? * i ^ i 111 m^mrn A r-VT-RTI8B>rEVT* ui duly forauJf J for pnhli cation in the beat New?|*i?r of all cities and urlncipal tow* IB the Liiitmi btai-i Causdi, fcc.. by ina accredited afaat, \-b Pulrner, who la slao authorised to racaira subscriptions. The agency i? iu the Tribune Buildiaga. jaff Mt'r NOTICK.?The (ouiiMi. Mi. J W. Barb*/,"of Tt Dry Hide*. par packer ship Louisville, from New Orleans, wi'l {'lease call aud receive the same immediaicly from the subscriber K K. COLLINS, i-X "r Ml ftxiirh ?f. NO 1 IC K ? i iie suuscribers lul'urin 'lie public that lley I bave just leceived tneir aupplv of Mineral Watera d.rrct I rem (lie Spriuga ruch ii bliaiou, Blue Lick, Seiner, Kti.smger, Vichy, tic , kc , nil particularly benehcial el lliu sestori of iheye i 'lney fulfill, at usual, all orders for the same, wholesale suil retail, at their establishments, No. 2 Park How aud ">81 Broadway, ueat Priuce street UKLLUC k CO.. jc2n 30t*r _ Sole successors to I'lace it Souillsrd i THh I U >i VI ibfeiON of kliaiuraii.'U heieby give uo- 1 (ice to Uie masters aud ownets ol steamboats and other vessel* in which iKisseutters who are not cilixeus of llie United St-tes. are brought to the |?nt of New York froiu any of the United Stales other than the But* of New York, that tliey : will be required to in*ke a report, In writm(, to the Mayor of i the city al New Vork, within tweitv-lour hours after the arrieal of audi veasels iu Mid port,accord uk to rha firit aectiou of the Iswat May J, IfllT, :uiu in rise of uuv tiWN or negleri to male auch repoit.tlie pciulty ofseveuti-five dollars for each ol said passengers in whose esse the omission or ueglect may occur, wil be ritcidlV Cilorced. ( pies of said law may be ontaiued at the Mayor'aoffice IIOBKKT TAYLOK, General Agent of the (. ornmiaaionera of Kiuigration New Vi-rk. Iu e r>. '*47 jr X>lh j IKi. vV ? 1 ne must e&teusite, richest, u illiaiil and r variegated col red eihibitional Fireworks ever offered to the public, is now ready per order, Willi new machinery, I designs moit'ies See. Sic. For luforuiatiju, Apply to.l. VV HOLBLHTON, 75 lane, New York, or 18A\C KDG?,iun. Pyrotechnist, ieiHl*' I.'i Inn :r i ir\ , JelseV IIV near the Kerry. SULPHl R RATH8?Koi EfrttptuiM of the Bkii., Ate , vlrs. M Carroll, IUI Km li onstreet, oi>pos,le Chkrch street, j would inform |ieraoOa affected with Uueases of the Skiu, that > Iter bailia h;ive been in operation since 182) They are rrcotn- I memlud ht our tt rat i Jysioimis, lira. Molt, Steveus. Boyd. ! Smith and others, whose letters Cnu be ?eeii at her establish- I meut. They have effected cures when all other remedies hare failed. Oj?eu from f. A M. to 10 P. M. Shaker's Conceuirnltd Compound Syrup of 8ar**puiHla at 75 rent* per li .tlle ^ jell tllt^re 11 VJ S'S Til It 1J - -i ACTION -I'uichasers ami couJ suairr . of Colt' n '1 hrcds ire hereby cautioned that vi article cf spool thread marked "Coateofc Co.,"uoW offered for s ;le in this market, is not the celebrated sii>cord thread manufactured bv Messrs. J. (it P. Coats, of Paisley, Scotland. 11UUH AUCillNCLOSS(kSOM<J, ie<)tn>.s?re A^ of I. .V t' ot'Paisley. J^tVPLUeiON 1N8UHANCK liOMPAN V?Ottice_.\o '<0 Wall street, ojiposite the Merchants' Kicliange. * This uoiniiaii}'continues to insure ngaiust loss or damage bv I fire, on dwelliug houses, warehouses, buildings iu general, | goods, warts, and merchandize, aud every description of l??r- I smml orooertv. Losses correctly and promptly adjusted and paid. hikkctokk. Thoi. T, Woodruff, B It. Robson, M. D., Francis P.Sage, Moses Tucker, John I*. Moure, Anson Baker, Thompson l'ricr, Caleb C. Tunis, Ju. E. Holme*, John H. Lee, Elishn Itigfs, Thos. Morrell, John C. Meriitt, Joseph Allen, Engeue Bogart, Ji seph Drake, Wo. It. Thorn, Robert Smith. Thoi. W.'l'horue, Joliult. Davison. MOSKS TUCKER, Pre?ident. Oko. T. Hon. Secretary. ?!< e DK KRA.X is W. HARTLEV'8 Olfice and Residence 08 Orrenwich street, recently occupied by Dr Bolton.? Vwhi V?*'l nimehfil in rh* Kail d(mr roStt Wi*rr CI EN IN, HATTER,311 .Broadway, opposite ot. Paul's.? * The .subscriber has been compelled, by llie veiy liberal patronage of the public toenlaige his liatai.dCap M;uiufactoi y and Hales III om, so a* to make hit establishment the largest and most commodious establishment of the kind iu the United 1 States. The success of the svstem upou which he commeuced j business a few years since at liis prevent location, induces him I to adhere strict!/ to the followitf rules, which were then i laid down, and which have heeu ever since invariably maintained. Every purchaser and visiter may rest as.urt'4 that 1. No effort will be spared to reuder his purchase iu every i respect satisfactory. 2. No imiiortunity will he inade to induce him to buy au uu ' becoming or inferior article. 3. Every article shall lie, as heretofore, of the very best style , and tiuality. 4. Prices are uniform, more moderate than most, and as moderate #s any other establishment in this city or elsewhere. By ob eri nut these rules?keeping his uurivailed assortment always full ami complete,by chfse personal supervision of every branch and st iae of in iiiuracliire (the whole of which is done on the premises) and by careful attendance to the tastes and Wlsoes of his M'tm the subscriber coufideully tiusts not only to inHintK in Ills former standing but also to couduct that branch ofbujiic.s witlia satisfaction to the public hitherto unequalled:?lit quality of Nutria, or Beaver Hats, $1 'i0; 2nd do., VI 50; ( xstor, Brush, Black and Drab Cassimeres, Leghorns, Manillas, Paulinas, Canadians and imported (re- > ccited monthly,) Mole Skins, from the most crlebra'cd maiiu- i factuiersof Pbilk Hats, 1st quality, H; 2nd do., 11; for the superiority of which, he respectfully refers to the pre- | mums awarded to him by the American (institute, for the last j two year". The celebrated Summer Gossamer, invented by | the subscriber, which has iu a great degree supplanted all other summer hits, being lighter cooler, and not liable to be at all . injured oy dust, rain, or perspiration. UcnliL.ncu w hose tastes do not accord with the fashious of the day, caii at all mes he suited from the extcusive assort- ! ment, of almo.t c erv com enable style, always kept fully replenished. Ills stolt ol Caps, comprises cloth, 1st quality, i 12; 2nd do., 11 it); ltd do., ^1. Kur, Plush, Velvet, Oiled Silk, Leghorn, Hair Cloth, and other Caps, adapted for wintrr and summer wear; Army and Nary (Japs, as per, regulations of the service; youths' aud Infants' Hals and Caps of every style, (including beautiful styles from Paris,) as |>er samples and book of patterns, which those interested, are iuvited to examine. Also, Americau aud Krench Umbrellas, Carpet Uu.:, and every other article in his line of business. The subscriber feels warranted in declaring his establishment able to meet any aud every demand of the beau inoode, the economist, and of those who prefer to follow their own tastes, instead of complying with the dictates of fashion. J. N. UENIN, Hatter. me97 0)'*rrr ?H R'rt- rtwae mumMsUl P-tnlY * O.NKI I SI. A N I' i' KltuV.?The luiss* r jJl'i "redid and conimodioiu steamboats AMKKIaaWllMClig CAN EAOLE, ( apt. Power, and lON.Capt. Weld, ruu reaulaily during ilie season to Coney Island landiug at I'ort Hamilton, a< f llows:?The Eagle leaving Catisl i street at !(>?. I'l'i and 3,'i o'clock, Pier No. 1 N. II, at 1(1. I anil I o'clock?Coucy Islaud (returning,) at 11. 2,'.; aud o'clock Tlie Ion, leaking lIsuiMond sheet, lOK. <3j aud t}t | o'clock; < anal stj eclat lt><, IV aud 4.','o'clock?Pier I. N It., at II, land i o'clock?Coney Island, (leturouig.) at aud 7 o'clock. N. B ?The AMEKIC AN BAULK leaves IVr No I,, jv3 7?*j?* H'UKtU OK Jt'L^ KXCLtiftiuV'lo I f ill llll * vl-'1'' BKLL, MkkaRaMSBdii ('iipt. liiclmrd Yate-, will mate mi Kxcuraion id iinleiii, iij unuay. llli Jul/, leat nig ilie Pier flit of Pike Ktrect K. ft., at 2 o'clock, P si.; Grand mreet 2>?; Pier loot of IO1I1 ?tieet, K. It. }? print 2 M. lli'iii.ninL, If n il il? m attt o'clock. P'M. j2t *i?* M.'NDAY KXi X ( 'ION ?The iteainboat ?jHxAcxSANTA (LAI'S. t'aj t U. Overhigh, will leave the font of Coitr'landt atreei, (N'ortli sill'.) for Knu-t in, oil Sunday morning, 27lli, at 7 oV|.>ck. A. M.. landing each way it Hammond street, Hockluud Like. Cald w ll'a. Via Co'tland'a, Writ Point, ('old tt|>riug, Cornwall, NeAburth, Mew Hamburgh, Muton. Pougli?ei|'iie, Hyde Park, Klmorei. and Kliiuebeck. Keturumg. letve* Kmgitou, at i o'clock. arriving in New York at 12 o'clock I|M?HHIM K?ie "uonili'f. r.5 2li?*r'C f1776. nilKTU OK JUL Y am r ..Tl]r_St.XCI'I!SION8 TO illXI '.-1 KEHHY, 4iHtiiHaeTILLlKTUULK>l, and KURT l.r.K, louclii g nt Hammond and Nineteenth meet*. Kara U,1, C'liti The coiuiioiliooui ite'iaho la Kit INK la|>tam Kiac Scott: HuBKIII' ANNt.TT, Ca|>taiu Kredmck Oiy'nrJ. a. d BUFFALO Capt. J. VV llnieui, will rim o>*, July 4th, and Vlo> day. July ith, every hour I" oui i> o'clock *..M . until t o'clock P Sl.of e cli day, leaving New Vuil. a t of < inal Siuji t will he iu remli e?< at Fort I w to eoi?y>v punntn uTHidlwing. j i iti?*r II HI . FuUttTH ui> jC'LV KX' O'ltSlUN? f* a.^H| j N 1 he iplendid ateamhoat VVAKHtN. Captain mBHi I slamell, will mike a pleuanre trip on ihe !i 11 ol .Uly, d "?n the heaunful Ba> of New York, aa far a> I K*y Port, leaving the foot of Ve?ey atreet at a quirter before 11, H <niin<ui't utreet at II, and Pier No. 2, North Hiver at a quarter pait II o'clock, A. Vl , latiirniug to New Yoik, in am?le nine, ao that all may h? enabled to join in the amuiemeuU oi tne evening. Theie will lit- a I2r<su Band on board. I Hcf eahmen's to be had o-.i the boat, f are for the Trip 50 c?ut?. jriiili't mm. Ka< IJudluN To i lli-. HmiiNw I P mA!lj?11 .N B \NKS. I'pTuridii, July th.?The subI imlli^MMMhtdiitiflJ itc m.-r BUKKAlO, ( opt llanrni, will le*ve till- f.Mt nf Ohi'itbcri street at 8 o'clock A. >1., II iminoinl s'reat D'^. Canal street I)X foot of Onmd ftreet 9, ! Pier >o 1, N. 14 .!!;% o'clock. Krlie.liinruii o.i li>ard Uait mil Iiiimi at i hiii ill charge. Iiw 39 WM| JjrSM**fC KVKMMi KXCLRSION A NL> IO !* ji^IU^NTILLON PAKTir, 5th July? The steamer 4?bMHUii ION Capt Weed, will leaie f.,ot of Canal ?t., at 7 ?\ ioi k, 1* .>1.; loot of H mini md atr??t, )4 i'?<i 7; Pier No N. II., K past 7; loot of Catharine stieet, ai past 7: foot of C?ual alieet. at B o'clock, aiid w ill proceed down the nay, returning along the Long Inland shore, giving passengers a good chance to ate the fireworks?returning at l2o'clock A good hand it euga^ed lor the excursion. Kara 50 cents. j 3 :tt?rc .pva*. OHAM) .iXCUKMOM TO OnluUtT^,?U__^PORT, ON MONDAV, July 5.-lhe new, saaMMHlMvtlcgant and last sailing s'ramer MOUNTAINkKH, t;Mpt. W. H. Kraxer, will leare foot of Market str-et, Monday, July 5th. at 6H o'clock. A. M., arriving at lu o'clock, A.M. Returning, leare Bridgeport at I o'clock, I* V| . arriving in New York at 5H o'clock, P M., affording pas- j sei gera ample rime (4 honra) to visit the beautiful and nourish nig city of Biidi(e|Hirt and ita environs, aid arriving in New York in time for the evening eutertainineutj. Kare for the trip one dollar. ' Jyj >t*rc M?w >Tli Jl IV KXI CKMIONS-The s "iVudTd J^*[^^K*l|iid ''"mtnoiliiiua steamboat UKNKVA, Capt. MBMiHMdrurge H uraril, four Eicitraimi* to Toney Island, as follows:?/.eaviug on Sunday, the 4th. I'Jth street, |V. H., at '? A. M. and l>? P. M; Hammond at N.K. !)'?' A. M and \\ T. M; Canal at. 2 P. M; Cli imtur* at !>) A. V|.aud2'4 P M; Tier 2, K. II. 10 A.M. and 2\ P. Ms Coney Island at U\ A. M. anil 4 P. M. A?d on A1nirl.iv the ith, leave Pier?, V. II. II A M. and t P. \1; Coney Islnml at I2jf P. M. andSj^P.M* Lauding at Kort Hamilton each way. fare 12^ Cen a. i 3 ft*rc THOMAS BKILBV. KlMJRTH OK JULY CKLKBHATION. r Tlir urn irmiirr KOS'll'HDO.IIiiii. |)r will make three excnraiona on Monday next. .Inly 1, l??7. In the morning around ttMtrn lalaiid?in the afteruoou down the Buy and outiide Sandy Hook?in the evening ? rotillun excursion up the North River, with a aplendid bund of miliar Kam SO r <-ut? for each ' xctiraioo. Kor lull i<hrticiilim aee tin ilerall of huuday and Monday morning*. jyj lt*r _ _ KOUKTH Oh JULV KXCURijjON^ r r, jSTlie ajdtudtd ateamcr KUVV1N LtVVIS, Mjjj&flBfcMMNBt'.-ipt Haynea, will luakr thel followiiik dr. IIHtiiI Kxciiraion m Monday, July 'DP, down the lower Uiyto f . .dvHo'ik, touching at Koit Hamilton and Coney Hand. Leaving fo r of Vetay itreet North River, 4\ P. \1 > loot of llmmaniid atieetl o'clock; Tier No. I North Hirer li1*; foot of Catherine atreet 5>? I' M. Returning to the city at It) o'clock P M. KanAi(iha Cicntiioa Mcfrtt, jy!3t*r ^fTJtS.r--<. / HAULK^TON-Th# lew and XtBCi) I aplendld ocean ateamahip IRIS, C.iih. Sinn"r^.will leave pier No J. North river, on Wrdne?d?y.7th inat .at 4 o'clock, P. M , for Charleaton, and mum to thia nort Kor freight or paaaige apply to MASON k TIIOV|PSON. J' 3 ^ * r ___ 45 South atri ef. l"OH '' LA St ?U W.? l|ir New Line?UeKiilr JMRJV I acket of liih '"'v?Tin" lire, fnat aailiug Britiih I JpSUfcl'Tk HYNDKHORD, 6D0 tuna. Captain Tho:naa Me Altiis, will anil aa above, her regular day. I Kor Weight Or ii.iatage, havinggood accommodation*, apply | on bond, at foot ol Houievell atr-et, K IL.orUi . WOODHULL Ik MINTL'KN. ?7 South at/eet. \ The A No. I ?hip HHOOKSHY, Cap' l|uKt> McKwen. will attcceed the iljndeford, and aail on tier regular day, the l?t <>l A tig net ' AliTION ?Tlit i"i .| c hi ca uioneH 111 to t ua MRyJV ihe rrew of the Britiah Hrg MAI! I HA, aa no debta JMMifa if their contracting will he paid liy the captain ?,r cOH.Igi.eea p. W. BYRNE# V Co., *1 Sooth atreet. | re .. 444, koh FHMoTTi OilThahIkk i KFjrxVr1\a?, fa't Railing, coppered *nd coi?|?rr ItitllfU A 1 j MMNSaHiitMh hinlr Uru M \RTHA, Mi<liileton, Miter, .... be immediately d. -etched pA($%'vHNrB k I(, Jyl .It rc #1 Soiitli atrret I I"" It II111IIK HI I n M l( BTHBAUOr f. IuIy II I I.I regular KWMtVP 'l"' ' 'k KIM?-?TON, Wu? *<rwe, m?ter, ilWhfawill a*i| from Mill idelt hi-aa above, kofpea.ige, ImViiiK ?un<*ii?.f Inriii' ltt d HU-i* Himij# ?rp?iinin"|liMftii',*I,^ly to 'lilOMA* W/*TT*ON k I J) 3 3t*rc m North troul tiff ft, PhiUdrUli.%. i ?&?*.' apecrfttlly u.form*. the iiablie rUt uu Paimday Kr?nu<, I Jolj Jd, Will b*praaantad Belllai'a (<rvid 0>w? of LA SON' NAMBt/LA?Count Rodolptio, 8ij. A. \ ita, Elviao, Si* Natfle Pern; Ale**io, Sif. Cwdi. Notary. 8m Planum*.,, 1 Annua. Sttfuora tuiuJi de \ it* . uei but *Pi*ajaiict); Lit*, diKutri RnuiPrri: Tere*a, SiiruoM J rodolioi Urrli Ti- kri? lor the *ea*ou m?v be accuraU at the but OXce. Boi'*, $1; Pit. 50 ceuti; Oallery. ? cent*. U'M.rf vycu at a quarter pa*t 7. j.erf jrmiuite to commence it R .VI'.cK. I * OK MHs MAiJlaON BOWKRY THKATRK -A \V. J*cii?o*, Proprietor? H. ! k Sn ten*. Sf**e Mma*er?Saturday tvemut. July j, w.ll be iirrfrruird VVREcR ASHOKK-Milee Bertr*m. Mi UUike; Marmadukr Ma*i>c, Mr Hadaway. Alter which, thr DVMU O1 L OK GLNOA-< orporal Strnu iUo, Mr Ue Usr: Julirtta, Mri Booth Altar which, DON OIO V *NNI?Dou l*ioT\uiu, Mr? i i imm; LeiKiirllo, Mr John Duuii . To conclude witn ith not of ItlCHARD III?Richard, Mr* I Wilkin too. Bote*,8:. cent*; Pit and Oallery, 12V, cent* Door* opau *t a quaiterto 7; ifrlormaiice to commence at haif'imt 7. PALM- -'6 OtXKA JI'?C'?L? >1 K. Bl-kKIT. Sola Lr*?a mid Proprietor. Mr John I'lis, Suite Maua(er. Saturday evening. Julv i d, the i>erforraauce will commiucf with tlir farce or VVILFVL viCkDLR?H>tlia*ora* Syhoon, >lr. W. C tiapinau; frank Keathrrly, Mr. Plirlpi; WLukers, Mr*. Tiutm. To b? followed by LOVt IN LlVilKY-Paul Patent, Mr. V\ . Chapmai.Violet. Mix hobert* To couclade ?iih thr faro of ihe oOVKRNOR'S WIFE ?Hickory abort, W. ?. liapuiau; I ?tty Bn((t. vlia* A Uoorauiieu at lialf|>a*t 7. Pr,formancn rummiuct at ei*ht o'clock. P.irq.K-tte and Id cant*: u|n>er tiei crnU. C's' br. OAUDfcN.?Mr. limik, 9utr .wauager. Saturd.iv Hvei.i... I..I.- i >1. . - .? 51 -" ! - "" 1vAHiiiruu Will Vl<m- ' mtMCe with a popular Ovv.iure by the i 4 After which-the .omedy of * Kl-S IN THE DARKMr. Selirn Pet ibone.Mr. Wolcott; 2>lr>. Ptttiboue. Mm I lark, 1 Miry, Mini Phillips. La rolacca. by Mia* Louisa Wrlli. Alter which, Herr Dime w ill appear 011 the Tight Rope. La Polka, by Mis<ea L- utsa mil Am-lis Wells. Pn du Matelnt, b> La Petite Mary Anne. Admission, 2"> cants. Uoora open al6X; Perform iu?.e to commence at V. COME-BEHOLD AND WONDER-GrandOala DayThree I'rtluimvKH?Celebratiou of the Aumversary at the Minerva Rooms, 406 Btoadway. Mr. ALEX A N D hit, the celebrated Necromancer, will spper hi ln? .tlys'erious and Oiiental Kulertauimeuta, on Monday, July Jth, I8I7. Kuat K?if >im mce commences at 2 o'clock, P. M.s 2d, do. 4; 3nl do t. Adiniaaioii 21 ct ili. jyl 3t*rrc G1 KKtNW 1CH THbATKt ? M>. Pki.ston. of the HM cipal Biitish provincial the*tre?, has leased tint establish* in nt, and contemplates opening it on Monday, with an efficient drain itic company, lor a season of eight weeks. J<3 2t?rc _ AM h. . IC AN MUSEUM?PERFORMANCES both Afternoon aud Eveuiug at and 8 V o'clock. I THE ORPHEAN KA.viu.V On K.ENNEBECK VOCALISTS. The moat talented and popular Band in America aie eugaged at thia home, and will give their Grand Concerts thia afternocii and evening, at hall-|>aiit 3 and a ouarter |>a?t 8 o'clock, wheu alto other talented performers will a|>pear, iucludiug the Chap man homily, Pete Morris. Miaa Juliet. and othera SANTA ANNA'S WOODEN LEO, Taken by the Aine icau Aruiy in Jiezico, way be >eeu here at u]l hours day and evei.iug. The Mauiiificeut Moving Diorama of the FUNERAL OK NAPOLKON BONAPARTE. Will nlso be exhibited at ench and every peeformaree /UaHNN rents jelrc BKO.VL/VVAV THhATKE.?Thia establishment, uow erecting in Broadway, will be opened for Dr uttatic purpose* solely, ou or about the first of September, nuder the management of U. II. BARRETT. Persona of acknowledged talent wishing situations for the season, will pie tse address him (pre-paid) at 109 Leonard street. A. MANN, sole ?roprietor. U/~ During Mr. Barrett's absence in Europe, all letters aud business communications may he nddressed to his agent. jel'Jtfrc W. CORBVN. No. 2 Baiclay street. CI BAND FOURTH OF JULV BALL AT VAUXHALL Saloon?A Ball will be gneu at the above place ou Motility evening. July lili, in comuiemoatioii of the gloriims Fourth, (which will be entirely disconnected from the Uarden Suitable 1nh||| noma Will be provided, and cure taken to make every tiling sgrweable Persons puichnsing Ball Tickets, will be admitted to .ec the performance in the Oanleu w tlmut extra chute. The Floor will be under tin: direction ol Mr. J. Parker. ?Inch is a sufficient guarantee for its respectability, aud good management. In the course of the evcniui:, Mr. P. w ill have iutroiluced all the most fasluouable U'ladnlles, Waltzing, SpamshDaiiciiii;, Vr., calculated to p.ease all patties. Dancing to commence al 9 o'clock, and continue until a lilt hour. Tickets SI. admitting a Gentleman and Ladies. Tickets may be had of Mr. Parker, or at the Saloon. A sufficient poll..' will b? in atfninoe, to ensure order. jyl tfr Gj KA.NI) < O.N< EAT, This Eveuiug, at the < <ifc des f Mlllc Cnlonnus Saloon, 307 Broadway. Admittance one shilling, for which the hest Ice Cream, anil other refreshments, will lie given 1 o commence at 8o'clock. No refreshment tickets taken for billiard playing. J j 3 ,j,6*rc CIlKSNl'T STREET THEATRE, July 2, 18?7?The Original Virginia Sereuader* will perform every eveuiug during the w eek, nt tli? shove ft-ntiihl nhmon PBUFOKMKItl. J. II. Mym, Ut violin; !>'. Solomon, aceordiouiat; A. K. \ Winnemore, banjo; D. Kellev. Chineae Chiinet; K. Ilom, lione caatiueta; J. Hand ford, Umbo and coiigo drum. jy2 2r WALNUT bl'HKTIIfc AT HE, PHILADELPHIA? Leaaee, E A. Mar?hal|?Stage Manager W. R. Blake. EVE OK INDEPENDENCE. Saturday Evainug, July 3. M ill be performed the COMEDY ' OK ERRORS?The two Drouiio* by Menu. Chapman and , lUdeliffe Aftrr which, a variety of Singing and Dancing. %To conclude with the ?f? National Drama of TRIUMPHS ' IN MEXICO?Oil Dudley, Mr Leuian; Oeneral Taylor, Mr ! i Kirliings. ( Oil Monday the Nati >nai Holiday will be celebrated at this l tin itre by the production ol' it patriotic piece, ?plendid trauaparenrieii. Sic. Ike. UKNTHtVILLE COURSE, L.I.?THOTTI N?"i. WEDNEHDA i, JULY *th, *13 o'clock?Match Ivr S'-lxi Mile HtaU uuder the naddle. W. I,mton names cl>. (t. Young Caleb, I if?r> old, l>> Napoleon A Towiiaeud lumei ch. g. < olmnbuv Immediately altei, Pnrte 1'JU. msle heats. t.??t 3 in 4. in liar nen. ). Biidfc- enters hr. g. Rockingham. J. Nodme enter* b tn Village .Maid. ( S 111 r 1111 , ut, i? e ii. ii. U.K. Butcher. *jv3 it* H>MfcW|e My IV E POLL/* KS Kb W AHU-Uuu L(.ia I ? A large White Hhaggy Dog, ahtared on ihc back and hind ijuartcra. Had on a collar with the owuei'a name, la .uwtercwaid will be paid by returning luui to 171 Water iWK. iyt>tms*r j * . /.j MUsIC TAL Oil l?No. 4?>'< Broadway, 3 duora 11 Oraiid ?trn i?M. DU.MSDAY, teacher of the jjd^'Uuitar, Sinning, Piuuol'urtc, Accordion and Vu.Iki.cou^aE^tliiuo to umtruct l-.diea and geullemen ol'New \ oik. l.auiea taught at their own residence without extra charge.? Terb? reaaonahle. limnimiiiU, Mu?ic and firings foi sale ? Ipplv 1.1 4G'> Hroidway. jyS 3t?rr _ Ail,nil ? ill h- I'lA.SU taught on irry moderate terma, by a lady who liaa had eoi. fl a w ? siurrauir njKTieuce in leacnitig. ."?nr prole*12 I I to teach it in a scieutmc maimer, with the theory which ahe undertakea to impart a thorough know ledge of Term* three dollars j>er mouth. A line addre?aed to "Muiic," at the Herald office, shall be attended to. in >27 *ttia?rc K? l Kill OF II L V ?M MM Kit H.\T SJ AND \| PS ? (Jmtlt-meu intending ai.y acutkioa about this uuie, nill need aoiurthiog co?l and comfortable lor the head. Tin* irfici#-nidv bt ftfvna m iflUMUf Tvietlcf at Emmons' newandche p Mslii liable Hat Store, ?ix: White and Pearl, Hiiasia ami Beaver. Panama. Leghorn, Dunstable, Norland Mid fliil Braids; Boys' ami Infanta' Hats, n ipleudid a*?nrt Mil llM Linen and (miflliHin hummer < apt, very U||| Call and examine an entire new stock. EMMONS, Hatter, j 2 1* FUWfC 192 i anal *tr?*et Uf L1UHT HAT! ( LEAR HEAD!?KNOA. a? M JP^ Fulton street, has tome beautiful lifcthl and any Suinmei Flats, expressly ndiptcd to tlie great summer object of "keeping cool." The healthy and vigorous action of the,braiu more or lets <Jei*uds apou the freaoom and alaaticiti of Um hni. Ii tftaafi ore I- Ih?%% ? auinmer hats should be us light aud airy aa kotsiblv. Kiid that an> man can make more money with one ol [nut's lit in wiili any other* Try the experiment jyl 6iis' re ( ! ' RU l- 's NEPTUNE HOI BE, NEW EQ otYwCHELLE eau iceoBBoditt ua ths 4tii ol .Inly, In J^JItffcnteet style, (mm Saturday evening until Tu idt> uio iiitig, oi,e I'titiilrtd viaiter* lr.i aoently with good room*. The steamboat Cr? f- ? w.ll Irave Kultou Market?lip on Monday the 5th mat. at )>* o'clock A. iVl. for the above idace. jy.13f rc C. f. HICK. LONO ISLAND RAILROAD.* KXCURblON TRAINS ON SUNDAY. JI LY 4th, IHI7 Leave Uroukl) ii Hi U1^ A. M. for Grrni^irt ami intermediate I i lacea, Willi llir privilege of returningfruin lireen|>orton Moiiliny, til* 5th, at J A. M. i.r >* A. M. ( are Brooklyn to hurmmg'lalr La k r Road inrlu ?i?r .i'iil btck, $1; from Medford and Manor aud hick. Si 50; fiom River and (Jreenpori iueluuve and hack, $1 74. MONDAY, July 5th.? Lesee Brooklyn at I A. M.. ktcor?ion t am (or Itech.ibitei and Sons of Temperance at Kurinni^dalr. Returning, leave Karmiugdale at6S P. M. Fare fur the trip 62'f rent". Regular tranii run a? nanal, eiceiit tlir I o'clock I'. M. irain from Brooklyn, which will run to Yaphaiik for tlua d.iy*otil> K*tra Train* will tnu a? fol|ow>, for tlir arroinmodatioa ol tho*e vwihiug to witneaa tlic celebration and fireworki at J?inaicg:? Leave Brooklyn at II nVloi k A.M. for Jamaica " O It ;,!/ ,< . . ,, " ' " II " " " i), - P.M. ; " " " 4 " M II II J " " ' Le?ve Jain'if a at 7 o'clock A. M. for Brooklyn ;; ' c " i in P M. " * V *S .V 7J. M >| |g j>3lt*'e PAV1P 8 IV>'9| S'lir.inicndcat. ?l-'Ol RTll <ii JULY 1 KL?B*AT1Q5~N?JJ' YORK AND HARLF.M RAILROAD < OMI'ANY will run thnr can from f *y Hall *< f. ' '* To Harlem and Mm- * ordhim ?;.d W hite riiiaqUt VV .|l.?m.b,,.i|e 5:10 A.M. VW V v i.avT 5 tl i? 10 o'clock, and ' A J | every half hour till J .. r .. .. 7 oYloek P M 1 L- " 1 roton Kill*. 7 o clock n. j fctt 7 A.M. i P. M. IO A. M 5::i0 P M. 4 P.M. ft:W P VI RKTL'RNINO, Leave Harlem and Kordhain and While rial' ?. Morriaia'i'i Willnim?hridge. 1:0J A. M. to ^45 A M. 7:11 A. M ?:u.'i P. M., ?t 7:10 A. M. fctlA.M hort interval*. Ml A.M. Ii:lfi P. M 10:15 A.M. ?:!'< P. M ll:U P. M. J:UP.M lasj v M. 1:11 P. M. Cr<?toii Kalla. 2:55 P >1 7::*l A. M i:M> P. M. 11:00 A.M. ?.?? P. M. 4:10 P.M. 7:li T. M. Panengera lot Lnkr Mahopic and Cro'ou Lake c in tike tl>< 7 A.M. <i d 10 i.rli rk train , i Kit the** rUr.?, ml nuiru to the , i, . by the afternoon train*. 1*1 ItnThh HmSiVl >rc ___ KOR HALK?Twenty rail road carta nnd ail one hone JRftf w?inna, mil ivinc 'wo hor?e w ag.*pa, and ire constantly r making to order, ? here li-ry ran t>r bail at tlm afeotfeal | notice if not on hand, whrrr all knida ol rait*, wait "I li r nra- i an br had a( the moat re-aouablf ternn, l?y Ml' HAh.L Ml LLANK, Wafoii Makrr, No. 11 nnd M MonrcotO' Ir??#? ?v N L Ui? wr LONDON. LIVERPOOL (III nWyCKIW-Th* l i?t i , <w)i"?red, Hrltj<1i bmh MBflBabrm llOI'h . II! mtltrr. linliert Be??iit, im< tri i'Kii be innr'dl itelv df ;.?irhe<t Apl'tv to J*f W. k J T. TAIX'OTT, K Suutb >t. VCTvbs' ~ LATEST MOMENT. I K L KO RAPHTC . iiATBB. FROM ACBXXOO. MOVEMENTS OF GRN. SCOTT. Uu Ueparture for tht City of Mexico. SANTA ANNA STILL IN POWER. AlUirs io the Capital of Mexico. INTERCEPTED AMERICAN DESPATCHES H'BLJ SUED LV THE MEXICAN PAPERS. AC, 4>C Ac. The ?Uaiathlp Palmetto, with Vera crui date* tc :L? IStb, Tampico to tb? iOth. and Brnzo* to ia? U\it bringing au expruM from Puebla by the Cordova twu:? announce* that Gen Scott com iiencM hi* umroii 1r m thence to the capital on the 16th, bi?l *#y? nothl*^ : regard to overture* for pea??. Oni' tbouuad troopa left at Verm Crma on the i.'ui under Pillow, had joined Scott Nothing further from lien. Cad* jllader'* force. The fuck were left at Jalapa on tha lftth, for I>rvt? tien Shields *tn among the number. From the city of Mexico we hare dales to the 9tb. Santa Anna in itill in puwer. HU reiignatiuu ?M withdrawn, though it wait intimated that a majority Of CongreiM were anxioui for hln acceptance of the admJo* ixtration. and in conae<{Uenre of thi* it liM entirely changed it* p*lioy. and thrown itneli uuon hii urmUj Of the l'uros, opinion* are greatly divided. A (juoruin of Congress cannot )>e collected. and ouch oca/Union and anarchy neter tx-ture existed. At the city of Mexico an important tluanoial measure passed by Anaya's administration, been summarily abrogated. Santa Anna, in hit defenoe, says public opinion led to tke resignation of Barnantoa and the nominatlou of l.afra<ina an head of the State Department, causiug dissatisfaction to the l'uros. the result of which is not known. Hen. Almonte it Htiil a prisoner of State. < hlhuahua ha* voted ununlmously for Santa Anna Air 1'resident, but the impression it that Congress will fleet, and Httrrera be chosen, 1'rosldent. No mention Is uiude of measures for the defence of the capital. The paperd state that (Jen. Scott's luteution to march to the capital ou the 16th, wan a boast to keep up thi) spirits of hi* men. The government is urged by letter from Pu'jbl* to f.ill on (Jen. hcotl. now, and meet and crush luin, as he has really but Vooo men. though lie pretends he has seven. (i?n. Taylor in to jolu (Jen. Scott The propositi a Mr. Trist was authorised to tuake, It is raid by the Mexicans, was that each Republic should uamc thru commissioners, to discuss the claim of the Unltor) States, and if Mexico would not cousent, wur must be prowcuted. The UepubUc of the 7 th publlxheh an intercepted despatch from Secretary Maruy to (Jeuu'al Scott, of tha 110th of April, which Informs him that the i'rasldout sup* poses, by the end of June, he 111 have ilO.nw mea, and Oeneral Taylor lO.DOO. and asks tho views of (Jen. Sco't on various questions suggested, an 1 give* directions how to operate with the disaffected Mexicans Static. Suverul other intercepted letters are (rlvt-u. Santa Anna reviewed the tro >ps under Alvafw* on tho 6th; they had not all arrived there, but were eXexpeoted to reach the capltul with eight 'Jtousaad in a luw Jays. Vice (loveruor Ojacca'x resignation ha? Urn accepted. False alarms continue at Tampico, but a party of dra goous who proceeded forty miles to tliu Interior ou the Irith. saw no armed Mexicaus, and the people appeared friendly Nothing of interest from Braros 1SY TUB MAlLIt. Affairs in Washington. Widii.MiTtir, July 1, 1847. Pail Office Ltrpartmi-nt. The I'nioii of Tuesday night .coutiiiu* an article on the post office, aud the adTuuviut: spirit of the country. There could not be a more unfortunate o*B.biuatiou I Us conduct ?[ no portion of our governmental sy?t?w U "o mu<*h at variaute with nocial or national progress, the poet office department. While everything else w sdvsnc'rg .t Is retrograding Conducted on a largo and liber"! scale, it could be erected iuto one of the most useful oi our Institution)-, and be made not only to keep pace with the spirit of enterprise inherent in our people, but ru'u to give an impetus to the commerce and Industry of the nation. As it is, it is nu incubus and a drawback It does not pretend to compete with frlTate enterprise, and yyt endeavors to curb aud ooulrol it. Ob one of the most Important routes In the country, a private express beat* It by twenty-four houri every day iu the year. " Fo*t-ha.ito" i*j in this country synonlmous with " snails-paoe." Peddling slI hucKEterIng with mail contractors seem the ehlef end aud altc of the PoHtmHhter-tieneral's exist' ucc. J be tinio of tke community bo hold* of no accouu*, nu I the saving pi k dollar the extreme of good niaiiN^cn.rut It mutt be confesta'd tbat the I o?t-c31cn lUjw.Lu.n; present* difficulties to be master*' i only by coniunuuxle oouragu. great fnitucinl skill, am' far-reaching en terpriit?- dilP ultle* with which no gr-'Jnnry can (ueoeMiiiiy grapple. But with t?ry row ? . oeptionii, the bead* of the Post Ofllnw I)?*partmec hare all. of late, been very ordinary men. The o?m?. <|uence in, that the Department exhibit* ta?n> work than a beggar * coat The Navy. tlie Army, the Treasury, and the Department of Htate have generally been properly cared for. by the selection of eminent and talented men to preside ovur them; but the Pb.jtmMt?r Cieneral lias almost iuvariably been some party h*ok, promoted for doing the noisy work of the House of ](?. presentatives The present Postmaster (ieueral, though not of this stamp. Is nevertheless totally uutit for the office. Instead of attempting to remodel and to im prove, he took the system as be found it, and made it worse, lie adopted, as far as possible and recommended to Congress, a contracted, miserable policy of high charges and petty retrenchment*, at the same time endeavoring to coinpU the public to Im satisfied with tb< peed made on the pott route*, although business did thereby materially suffer. There could not be a greater mistake If Ike Depigment with to maintain itself, it mutt show, at Uaet. *s much enterprise as individuals. A? long as it does not deserve public confidence, by lerving the public Uiti. fully e nd with" revenues cannot lucres*. \lr Tsve Johnson uisv n.s lit> tliti l**t v?ar exhibi* i?. ereaned expenditure of h*'f a million of dou*r?. bu? i: nu.-h a rnult be reaehed by the *ame mean* u It was rompwcd l??t year, the whole department will *non ? i? to destruction Keonomy I* one thin# -purriinouy au?' th*r The Pontuiiwter < ien?ral will And that the ro,tivn,? of hi* department will lncrea*? uoxt rapidly by b eyeteui of cheap po?ta?e -putting no rextrirtion on th? ?? paying a (rood prii'?to mail eoutruototi, no on to Live iLw mail* curried with, lit lea*t, a* much npeed a* lb?y fin bo carried by private individual or ooupanlee^ ?nd by > mpioyloR efficient, prompt and intelligunt I oat There never bare been m> many complaint* of f?: uri iind dotentlouN, an during the la*t year. Tin r?wi tl obvioux. The evil i? increasing biuu.ieri of tiiu ;r<Maeflt charactor.arlnlug troui careWssaaai ud lailim kion. are happening daily It would be unrea* ua'als to harge all throe immediately on the f rt MMtnQtufftl but nevertheless they unquestionably arise from the odious fy.-t. in he has introduced I WHeve no .jan i ,-.n lio morn conscious '.bail the Port Maxtor Weneral bliMelf. that Ulx management of the department ha* hitherto beeu a great failure, and therefore the praise,* of Ui?< L'nian ran have l>eeu thing but uncivil irony. HI* brr.t ttiug fin Ik a ti*? saving disposition -1 mean, ofeonn?e iu o.Hi-ial lite It in an error ou the aide of wtn!oin. but ctill an error?and in the management of the poct-<r(fite a great one. Mr. Whttbread a very eminent r'nul.-h man was addicted to a like parsimony in the mann meut of public fundi. Unlike him. Kowland Hill, wt) ka* eonferred such a >aat Iwneflt <>n hlf countrymen by tbe Introduction of the cheap porta go system. liaJ ever exhibited the moet literal spirit in bin cffoiis to jr<-' I the poorer claase* the advantage rf more abuiilaut information. aul greater facllitu-a Air correspondence. Tbe result exhibit* In a striking degree the wl*dom of Id* policy. The revenue from letter* ha* lnerta*ed steadily niiioe the syflteo was flrnt Introduced, aud at pnv. iit it far exceed* what It oyer aiu> imlvd to under tbe old system of high portage. fiALVH NfllW**Mi"r??TO!?, iune 5*. I*J?. Important G?i nnmrnt Dttpllc***?S/mial Council. There can be m. doubt. I think, that Import*'. o"' <> Uieilt despatfhrs were reeeired la.?t vulotf. ua i spi'etM cabinet council wait convened this i>."ruii<?. at wut I i d

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