Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 5, 1847, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 5, 1847 Page 1
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IT I TH Vol. JUfl. Km. ?T3.WM? ?. M70 [ f THE NEW YORK HERALD ESTABLISHMENT, Hartb-WMt cobiw orValton aad ROM Mi. I JAMES GORDON BENNETT. PROPRIETOR. coicvuiioii-vmvrv thociaio. I DAILY HKHALD?Ev?ry Aiy, Prie? 1 emu r?r ?o?r?f1 Mper ajnium?uuyiibl* in ad?nuer I wEKICLY jtfERA LD?fc>eiy B?(ard?T?Piie? *h ??M* "iiX)'??i ''a eim j>sr anuuir?|?tyable id vlraao. HERALD KUR EUROPE-Bvery 8tnu Paek?>. dif~ Pfite >;J< cents par copy?J5 per annum, iucludiau lostafe. or H 'U, eit lusive of poatage. payable in adnuir*. HuD?r|p fotia and ldvertis* menu will be ttcuttd by Me?-I. InJia n.un. Urue Viv.euue, Pari* ; P L iiDiooda, 18Cornhill, John Miller, the bookseller, Lonriosr ANNUAL PICTORIAL HERALD?Pablitheu om tht Ut oi January of each year?single copies siipeuce ?-".ch. ADVKRTisEMP.NTS, at the usual price*?always cash ia advance. Advertisements ahould be written ia a plain, lagibis Banner. The Proprietor will tot be responsible lot error* Uat may oacnr In tbem. , PRINTING of all kinds exaetuad beautiful!* aad wo* despatch. All letter* or oauaoaiaaooat by bmU, aidraasid ie the proprietor or the esvbliahrasat, mm be post paid, or the pact are w-11 u klhmtmiw ?hmt waiim P\tm I'M ?.A lit ?'Tuesday If.venina, October 5, will ba performed the Opera oi the F A V 0 RITE?Leonora, Miss Eliza Brienti; Ferdinand, Mr Maavera; Atfouu 11th, Big r A Oiobilei To couciu'e with a new farce entitled LOVE IN LIVERS ?L-rd Sparkle Mr. Hield; F/ani Howar'. Rae; P->ul Patent W B. Chapman: Violet, Mrs Abbot; Louue, Mrs. Dyott; Mary, Miaa Smith; Sustn, Miss Fl.nn. Doora open at a q-j irter before 1 o'clock. Performance will caiiiw..',. n?ciwly a qua-trr oast 7. BOWEKVr" THEATRE.? W. lacxsois. Maaa?'r; ?uM Manager, Ma. 8tkvbns ?'Tuesday Evening. Oct sb, will ba peilorm-d a grand patriotic drama in 3 part*, entitled THE SIEGE OK MONTEREY, oa THE b TRIUMPHS OF ROUGH AND READY. I General Taylor, Mr. W. M <rihall; Jake Daxaobary, (Yankee pedlar, Mr. C. Burke; Geninsof Ame-ica; Mrs. Jordan. raoflaaMMic ok scKircar and iiscidihts: Scene 1st.?fort Brown by Moonlight ?Chorus of Soldiers.? Our flag float* Proudly?Taylor inspects the entrenchments Ue..eral Taylor's Dream: lit rision?The Kail of Matamoras. S id vition?The Capture oi Monterey. 3d rision?Bombardment of Vera Crux. 4t'i vision?'The Battle of Buena Vista. The inist disperses and discoser Koit Brown at break of day* The Gillant Soldier aroused by the Reveille?Hisdepartaca for Point Isabel?Bombardment of the Fort, and Death of M?i >r Brown. | The Plains near Palo Alto, at the termination of the first day^s Victory.?The Battle of the Resaci d? la Palms: the American arms triumphant in the aecoud contest?WalnutSprinfa; Rough and Ready Eurampmrnt The entire of the vast Stage will be thrown open to aid in the Beenie Effect Termination of the carer to bo forgotten Three Days' Fight Gorgeous Tableau. Previous to which will he performed THE RENT DAY? Martin Hey wood. Mr. W. Marshall; Bullfrog, C. Bnrke; Rachael Heywooa Mrs. Phillips. * L?our* win DC oi>cu ai o cioca tuauit curiam wui rue f ftt 7. lintra t5 Ceuta; P.l nnd Gallery, UK rents. ? p HATHAM THEAT RE ?Under the of Mi. 1 V-'FLETCHtdL?Beurfitof Mr Auderiou.?Tarxday E*euf iok, October Jth, tlie performance will commence with tlie f LONELY MAN OK THK OCEAN, or the Peril* of the f flat tit tuid thi- Breexe?Lieut Adam Bathford. Mr. Neafia; Windham Bowyer, Mr. Snllivitii; Jack Julie, Mr. Braudoa. I After which the TOMPKINS BLUE-Toinokios. Wnleot. To bo followed by the SAVAGE AND THE MAIDEN ?C'uininlea Mr. Walcot; Ninetta Crummies, Mitt Cluke. Likewise the comedy or the DUMB BELLE. To conclude with BRIAN BORQIMHE?OldTerrence, Mr. Auderson; Princess Erina, Mre. Nichols. jr ^ IKtUS-BO W* K V AMPHITHE VlttE^Juhn Trvuu v/ Ma natter ; Isaac Burtiu. Leuee.?Second Night of the Mexican Meek Heroic?dtapendook and Overpowering Attrauiou. Tuesday. Wednesday, an I Thursday Erenins;!. HOLLAND FAMILY. sionou i;arlo, Iu liia Elegant and Wonde ful PerformaaMa. Repetition of the Mock Heroic, entitled, ?A>Ti ANNA'S RM'RKAT. Boxes. 25 cent*; Pit, 12>a crnts. Children half price. o5 3t"iC ______ _ P\L WO'8.?Monday, October 4Ui, m<7 ?Open every Might. First week of the celebrated ETHIOPIAN SERENADERS. German, aiaawood. Ilarriugron, Pell, While and Itowtrd. aince their retora (ro:n Europe, where they hid the di*tingnlthed honor of ar>i earing before Her Mtjeny the Queen H K. H Prince Albert, the Royal Family, and Nobility and Gentry of England. The Bereuader* re?i ertfally announce to the lad-ea and ctntlcmeu of New York thut mey will commence a aerie* of entertainment* at t?<i above Uouae on Vtoud y, Oct. 4th, which were received with entbmiiiti' applanie by ttionunda who vuiied their perfo maucea at the St. Jamea'a Theatre, London, daring a period of It month*, consisting of *oue*. glee*, ch?rn*ea, kc t aeeotni> <nied with their unique instrument*. For particular*aee amall bill*. Under the direction of Mr. J. A. DUMBOLTON. Admiuion tJ cent*. Door* oren at 7K o'elock. Concert at g nVtnek ?M H rc V \f tCHA.MCb' llAtL, 472 Broadway, between Orand 1*A aud Ur?om* ttre-u, oimneuciug MON BAY, Oelobar 4, aud every uigh nutil lorther notice The original CH?ISTY'd MINbTRELS, E. P. CHRISTY. Q. N. CHRISTY. E. PIERCE, W. PORTER. T. VAUGHN and E.ABBOTT, hare the honor of annouiu in* to thelidie* and K'ntlemeu of New V'ork. thit they wilisive* aenea of their original and popuUr CnuciU, wnicli ?e<e received with audi ili*tingui*h edl-vorilu uu their previous vii tto this city, having been for a ?ucce*iion of lour uiooth? uigrtly crowded by nighly re*pe.table aud faihiouable ?udente*. _A. mit ance J5 cents: to commence at R o'clock. ol tf rc Mltf* ISIDUKA E. H ANbEN't (Jt >\CKKT Ai i llio TABERNACLE.?Mia* laidora Esprit Hanaen hi* the Imior ol announcing that *he will give her lirat?.oncert a', the Talieruacle, on 1 ne*day evening. < let. 5. IS47, at which she will have the valuable assistance of .S1DNOR R.4 PETTI (leader of the Italian Opera), together with an efficient Oichestn. Mr TIMM and Mr. J. A. KYLE have also kindly volunteered their aervicei. PROGRAMME. Pabt I. 1?Overture. J?" lo t'atu ' Rouiaun con Variarioue, with Qu rtette 'ccompiniment, composed txpreasly for and *uog by Mia* Isidora. 3? Conc-runte?I" nte aud Pianoforte, Mess.s Kyle Ic'i'itnm. 4?The Dream?oy Karl Vluller Miss Uidora. 5? Spa *h Son*, Mariano*, with variations h'i ipurteilo accompaniment, composed expi.ult for and sujg y Miia Iiidora. ]'?* r II. 1?Orertn'e. S?Scrnae K nran-Ohnel luggcnte nurolo, wiili ii'iaricttr accomptinmei.t, from the new Opera of" At i la '"by Verd> Mist laidora. 3?(Jraud Coi.certantc?Due;.Klme, and Piaorf.irre. |>Uy>-d \v>ih di?tnitf unlied nplnnie at the Concert uf the Plulhaimonic B.ciety Meaar* .*yle and Timm. 4?tails * Miaa laidora k?'" Tra (mipo i me r'C'irero"?from " Lucia di I atniamnoor," with icraud variation* mid <|Q itMieuc<*ompaiiiuieuta, composed * cxpreaaU for and mif by Miu laidora, C Hi' rrt tn c>11)111*1106 at 8 oMoek. Ticket! one d liar each to be at tha music at ires and at the do"r. r>5 It*rc H*KZ ANUSIV'OKI i Wrdnraiiay, Oct Sih at the Tabernacle. OA "I L.O 8IVORI AND HENKI H It/. will ???e a Orand Joint Concert oa Wed .eaday Evcning, October 6th. asaiatrd by the celeb atad hinger MADAME KLKURV JOLLV, F'riini Donna from the Ur-ud Theatiea of Paria and New Orleans, (who h?a r-c >vered from lier indisposition,) MON8. DUBREUIL, I'irst Barry tone from the 0|>eras of Kran e nid New Orlean*. A UK \ND ORCHESTRA, carefully (elected from among the be?t Professors by MONOK HAPETTI, Ijrin of the Italian Opera. They liaTeAa>oiepv?(,(lM MtiifjictioD to aaaounce that the Lir.i<r.nMti auiiuiiK 01 ONE rfuNDnKD MALE VOICES. ITndar tli' d rcettou of MON#. HECHT, hu kindly conaented to aaaiat them on ihia ot-eaainn only. riKCEH TO BE PERFORMED. HENHl HEK/. Lucrexia Borifia mid the Second Concerto, with the SWISS RONDO, ny leqarat MAD. FLEURY JOLLY. Or&nd Ariaa from ll Parliirre .11 SeviK'ii and LaUazza Ladra. | CAMILLO MIVORI, II Caaipaue'lo (The S>!ver-Bcl ) ai d the CARNIVAL OF VENICE. By the L1EDEUKIIANZ. Two Ch>>rn?ea by MendelaoSn a d , numbering upMarill of One Hll drrd Mile Voice*. Km Diavolo?Oiaud Dti't, fi'?t ti > ? by HKKZ, 81 FORI. All the ueeompasimrnt* aud two Orerlurea, by the Orchratra Ticket! Oae Dollar each, to be had at the muaie itorea and the door. To Atoid a crowd at the B^i Office, the pnblie are urgently requested to take their ticket*, io prrlerence, at the mnaic (tore* Concert to commence at t. SI IJ N 1' It 111.IT/?Coun lie. hie aMUHIMW. a.NTe.F[ T \ INI NO. HUMOHOUS and DIVERTINO PER. )>ORMAN'?E9. MltM 8o :iety Library. corner ..f Leonard atreet a id Broadway, e?ery ercni> ( duri g tiie week, cobi{ mencing Monday, 0 t 4th. Change of programme nightly. Door* oi<eu at 7 o'c'ock?commence at . Admiaaion 2J ct', children nuder 10 veara of ate, half prier. Alteruoon periormancea i'B VVedneaday aud fatnrday, i .,'.1. ?L nlTr?re Apollothil'.vii*hant. at'ih*.a poll . ? i ill b o*dway, every even nf ihi? wffk?Kutiri ch'iii? of Programme.?Dr Collyer'a lirmn embodiinenta ol the Fine Arts, by th? Model Artiates, will continae for another week at the Apollo Hootna. Tl?e entert-ujim-i.tft for Monday. Tuesday a^d Wednesday, will comprise an entire uew series of groups, from pointing end sculpture, which are superior to any hrf ?re offered.? There will be ch*yge in he p ogramine* every evening. Tirhers of h mixtion, 50 cent*; lady and gentleman, 75 cent.* ?tobe obtained at the toot A limited number of aeaaon tickets may be had on application at the rooms D'iora open at 7; personifications commer ce precisely at 8 oVJock. 1.4 3tjs*rh THK QUlUOK C'OLLKC/TlOiN.? I'heii at aerieaol tnii in*g tliceiit coll<cti< n, consisting of three figatitta rtcriptfrtl Painting#, ?iil~Christ Healing the 8ick in theTemufe, C hrist liming Lataua from the Dead, and Death on the Pale Horae, lintshed in th<i highest ?tyle of the art, ia now open for evhibirion from 9 A. M to It P. M. at the ^atioual Academy of Desiga. Adniiaaion 35 cents; Seaaou Ticket? 50 cenre. N. 0 ?They are admitted by ?ome of the first ertisu to be superior to Paintings on t'?e same butyecta. and the beat collection cf historical anhjecta erer offered t* the public a*3 Utia' m THE Extraordinary Fear of wtlk<r| 111U1 "i'ii mi com* teeniive honr,. at the houae of KawiH MtOnTiru, No. |7<M'herry a'reet liiJa fmr ro be arc mpliahed?the pedeitrian tmviric eotnp'eted over 4*0 rail**, ?uH look, u freah u when he Ural eame to the imirk. The difficulty <7 thia feat con i*t? in iti h?m? performed oa a platlorin II feet in length, by I feet 6 mchea m width Hia tun* will eipire 011 W> duerd -y. Oct fi'.li at II o'clock A M. The public are in? ted to call, f ?e nl eipenre. nl If re MAUAMfc T. flMlCL'U AOKN r. Broadway. eliTner of Uraid itr et, enlnure, lit (fraud attest. will open on fbnraday, 31th i ut., bet aaaortmtnt of Pari* rait MilliB#ry, he. ,^a ll* ? , I a??mil i'ibi i" m\ gadto E NE NI BUINUM'* AMERICAN MUSEUM. corner of Urnad?>r mil Ajiq street, opposite St. Paul's Church ud the Astor llotnt. t. T. biiNuu,.. . Prop-ietor?P. Hitchcock Mauager. Pp' formancei this morning tt II o'clock, this sltaruoou at 3, and this evening ?r 7, and again it h*lf-|??t B Poair-vrlv u<> *ree List earept rhn Press. UEVKKAL TOM THUY1B, The smallest mau in minatnre in th* kuowu world, beiug fil't'ei) year* old iwcntvift; iaches huh, and weighing but Afceea pouuils. I" no<v I o'ding h>i FAREWF.LL LEVEES Everr Doming nil. every afternoon at 3. and every evening at 7 <.'elO' k. at each nrwhich 1-e fivea liia va'inus re-formwees ud exhibition* The li tla <>?ueial aoon starts South on his winter tonr through Chariest ?, A'guui, Columbiia, Mori gomery, Mob le, Orleans. kc . fee., and immediately alter hie retarn. be r*ti es to private I'fe, nod this is positively his LA-'r \p earavoe in new voRk Ai>d thoae who fail t > ace him now w>ll never have another opDo'tuni'y He ii lerl'eellv symmetrical iu nil bis nroDor tinnti mtelllgeut lud vrtn-eful beyond belief, and smaller (hnu on infant that ever walked alone ! The munificent Presents, Jew-ls, kc , received from the K ors Queens, aud NnMlj'v of Eu'<.t>e will be exhibited. His b^utifal MINIATURE. KQtJIPaGEJ will i-ormnbnUte the street! July, and be teen iu froM oithe muifoja at intervals GREAT WESTERN, ih? rube< Comedian, SIO VTTO'3 jfANTO. ?MN|. PKTK MORRIS, Miu BERNARD. kc , kc. Aduii.vion ro the who'e centt; children uuder ten yeare of ?gf and oM enough to we k alone. cen ?. o5 MITCHELL'S OLYMPIC THE *TRE.-1 uesday ?ve?in(. Oct. 6lh, the ifrformnuce will commence with LUCK'S ALL?Pierre (iobemouphe, Mr. Holland. After which. THK JA' O nITE?John Duck, Mr. Holland; Pauv Potlle. M'?. Timms T> be followed by t''* laughable farce of THE GOVERNOR'S W It'*?Hickory Snort, Mr. Holland To conc'ud' ?ith? new ffce entitled WHO DO THEY TAKE ME FOK!-C?l. Templet'n. Mr. Chanfrau. Urea*circle. 60 crnta ; Upf'er Hole*, l'j ceuta ; Pit, uue shillin> : Private Hou< t'i s Ore.hestra B->xe?. I! Bkd\UWAY THE A I' KK-lunu IV nmiuj, OctDbf 'j The eare'taintnents will commence with the play 'tfthe HT'JM HBACK?M ster Walter, Air. Vaudenhoff; Julia, Mi?? Wnllack. After which. Professor Hi.ley and his Sons will g3 through their po'ular exercises. To conclude with the farce of the CAPTAIN OK THE WATCH?Virc-unr de Ligny Mr. Lester; Baron Vanderpotter. Mr. Vathe; Kristina, Miss Helen Matthews; Katryn. Mrs. Watte. Dreia circle and parquette. $1; family circle and upper boxes, M cents; gallery. 23 cents. I)oora open at 7: performance to commence at half pa?t7. i MEET THEATKE,Tl{ILADKLPHlX^ Leasee, K A. Marshall; Vauaper, VV. R. Blake?Reengagement of MR COLLINS for six nights only?Tureday Evening. Oct. 4, will beperfotmed the drama of BORN TO OOODTLUCK?Pandeeu O'Rafferty, Mr ? ollins, iatrodociim sereral Irish Melodies Alter whirl, I HE IHISH POST Terance O'Gredv, with sougs. Mr Collins To conclude with M Y WIFE'H td F LOOR ?Jacob Close, Mr Chapman; Mrs Topheavv, Mrs W. R. Blake. Box and Par<|uette. AO cents; Second and Tliird Circles, 19 cents: Orchestra and Private Roxes. 71 ceota aLTIjtiOk E, IHOLLiDAY ?T ,) AND RICHMOND VA., THEATRES, now undergoing impr veaienta, redeenration, kc , kc., wilt shortly open in conjuaetio . Ladles and gentlemen of established professional abi'itf. deairons of engagements, will please apply by leuef (pre paul) to siJ l? W. R. BL AKE, 114 South frmth ?t Philadelphia. CRICKET?William Comerey having challenged any per son in the United Htates to play game at single wicket, for HMjMde, t, James Same, hereby accept the sua-, to Swit?!f'tmo**y '* rt*?y the office of tlie Divid Winkworth ?nd William Comerey,having challenged Samuel Wright and Jamea Haras, we, the let'er, will pTay them env day ? itliin tin days, for $300 to tMO aside. Both matches to be played on St. George*s grouud. New York, October 4.1?47. oi lire RlcKfcT.?There will be a giand play ol i rickcl between W the meraben of all the respectable Clabs at the Red Home this w\y. _ oi lt?rc A 1 UN ION COUK?E7I.. I ?KIRST A-Ti DaY'W RACK?Tiiesdir, Octith, ^SfiC~ 1817.?Sweepstakes fur 3 olds. entraj.ce, fJO forfeit, closed with lour subscriber*. O. P. Hare'* <h f Palmetto by Lev athau. out of Ann* Maria. Samuel Laird (Wil iatn Gibbon*,) bay f. Whiijier, by Mariner dam. br Henry. W W. Barber, br f Fancy, by Hornblower, nut of Stanley Eclitre'?d*m H. A. Couover, b. c Traveller, by Mercer, darn by Monmouth "H&TEL TV"8E. two?THREE MME HEATS O P Haie'a fr I'. Boatoua.M yr. old*, by Bostou, out of And'ewrtta ?airuel Laird'* (William Gibbjo'?) b f. Whisper, 3 y*. old, by Mariner, dam by Hmry. 11. A. Lonover'* (Col. J. H. Co-ter's) br. e. Willura T., 6 yr*. n d, by Lanffurtf, cut of Mir.s Matlie The horses will start precisely st 1 o'clock, on each day of t?>e fates To-morrow. Wednesday, October 6, the great rice between Fashion and Psssemrr. The car* will leave the Hi>uth Ferrv every half honr, from ? oYlrwk. A. M., >? 12 M l r iu* int ? oS If rc m - rr UKNTR- VILLK" Ol/n?E L. WA _ I ?PACING?THIS DAY, Oct. 5, P"r,c ?ano- two nil* heats, between (ha follow ids celebrated hone* : A. Gonkitu enter* ch. [ Ju. K. Folk, to go ton 130 lb. wagon. ( use Woodruff enter* r. g. Roanoke, to go to a sulky M. McOuire *ut*ra b. m. Orrgon Maid, to go to a sulky oi lt?je ?<i- . . MKW * OkK HORSE BK7. *.AK. No 31 ISf^Cinhr. street?L. t hOUOH, Auctioneer.?Thr liZXntu regular suction S\I?S wi I take place on Wedneedty, Oct. 0. at 11 o'clock, "irh ('aniages id Ha>rr*a, and at 12 o'clock witli a catalogue of Horae* Uentlrmen having horses to offer for this sale will pleas' regiitei before r.ri o'clock on Tuesday, or they Cnnnot tie offered by catalrgue. J NO. H O iTFIKLD, Proprietu. o3 4lis*rc WM I OWAV Mxinger Ki Kp LI<iK(?r.h M Lisi> r>l wll heal sines ll*y^ upon the borse's hack or breast, and work the collai or saddlenpou tlirm in nfe* days soundly, alio, cuts, bruises, scratches, thrash and all manner of strtius soavins ringbone, curb and Sjileuta (in their earl v stages.) It is used by all liie best stable keepers, our mint distinguished horse traiuers, and the stage |?r? |>rietois of New lork city ; by ell the large sod i water manulac'nrers. Newton, Ormsby, Ueiirbo n, ltc.,*s the bcttand chrapcxt in market It can be hadalways genuine at our principal <!ej>or, 8. Ingertoll St Co., No. 230 Pearl street, of Messrs. lla mrr. Hays Hi Co. 2*3 ''earl, of John W. Towt, No 6 Old a'ip, of Win. Kt'liuger, Bushwick, L. I., in any (jnsntity. at lie lollowiii* pliers :?One doxeu, 94. one g.oss, S42. 10 gross at the rate of $36 per gross single bottle 10 cents The streigth and quantity renders it teii times cheaper than an>' article ever offered to the public. One bottle with care .wi'I last in a stable two or three years, if usei a'cordingly Tlis most astouudiag cures upon record can be aMii rt our principal depot. It cm also b? had of druggists, saiidiers, stores and taverns, throughout the city and countrv neutrally, ''or farther particulars, sac advertisement in the Rpiri'ortheT'mes. a!4 30 '?! BFOR UNiON COUR8IC RACtS -Long l.lsnJ Ktilroad Company.?Trains will learn Brooklyn for Union Course on the 3th. 6th and 7th October, as fol lows: V 9 30 10, 10 30, 11, II 30 aid li A.M.; aud more frequent trains will he despatched. il necessary?Returning to Drocl.lyn afler the races ?re over. o'l 4tn* tr FOR T11K ORKVr H|i I'l TI RAL FAIR \l Wll TK PLAINS, Tursda' and Wed. e.dav, 1th ?>id Sth Ocober? I h? llar'etn Railroad cars will New Vork lot White Plaius at Sand 10 A M , 2 30 and 4 30 P. M. R? turning will leave White Plaius at 7 30 a ?l S 30 A.M., and ?*nd 4 P. >1 i.rave Crotoo Falls for White Plains at 8 30 A.M. and 3 P M. Lexvr VI lute Plains for Croton Falls at 9 30 A.M.and 4 P.M. oS ltrc 4MIUTIA MUVIUB?(jltltSSS betwren the agrs ol II and 41, liable to Militia duty, are herrhy notified Uial they are en oiled in their several wurc'j mil that they are required to parade on Monday, October 4th, at 10, *. M , in accordui.ce with a notice published in the 9nn and Hera'd? Those desirous of ciimin'itin , invr do so at the office of ihe tlrceirerol txies. Aim* Home building, lictween I A. M and I P M., dsilv, during this n eck. He order of the Board of officer*, lit Divisioa N, Y. Stato Militia. WILLIAM DODOK, ?t Hth. 1MT?s?7t?m Hecretury. ?TO IHOSfc. THAI' WISH lO IOIX i'Hfc 1ST anor. OK U. H. ARTILLERY.?Wanted for the Ut Regiment of Artillery, 40* able bodied men, between the aaeaoflland 30 yean, to winch good pay, ratiooa, and clothing will be riven. Apart (#um the above, a farm of ll>? acre*, or $100 Treaaary Scrip, and (la bounty. Apply at the reudeivon* room*, at No. UMf (Greenwich, No. 9?J< Washington, and No. M Chaibam eueel*; alan at the Arsenal V'ard, corner of White ?nrt Ontre ata . New York. * ?!>? re MTO LfcT KUH THK WInTKK ?Two *mt ol~handtome apartments. C"u*itt'iig of two ;iail>rt on firit floor, wi ll thre" bedmom* witli eltitt* aud pantric, and one panoraud two be! room* on (econd floor, with pantries and j cloaet*, with (irirale l*bl?* and attendance to earli The hou<e l* replete vw.h modern im< rovrmriiti. with hot, coIj, aud shower b*tht,nud lighted with ga* throughout The altuatum it pleaiaut and ie?pectaole. being but the second block fiom Prjadwty. east title. Kootns now leady for inspection. Knat M7 II in?i"ii street < i 6t* ic M LOUSE TO Lhl. AM) HI lift I JURE KOR HAlK?V new and detirible small two ?toiV and attic dwelling h' u??, with btsetnent and tub-cellar, ill a kl*u<? Inration on one of the be*t stage routet in the upper part of the eity, on the Eastern tide The h?nae contain* erery convenience lor a tinnll f mily, with Crolon water, Bull Room with hot aud cold water, rauce in tl.e kncheu, tcc itc. The entire furniture ianew, and will be sold low. P??ie*fion on l*t November or mmediately, if do*i ed Kor pa ticnlar* apply at tha freed Store, li John itreet o3? ?_ MFOK Htl.K-A Biiu iiert nhop, liaoilioinely lilted up Apply no the preini>e>, corner of i^a*t Bmadway and Market ttreet. Now doiyg a f,rat rate buiiuet*. oj ii'rn MKOH saLK OH TO Lh'l' ?Ihn Oreeuwich Tlicatre *ud r*ra t lots, corner Vanck and Chttlt m streets. Aptdv io JOH N T. F *RI<H. 7S Br -ad *t. "i 6t*m FOH SALE OR TO LET?The m M'ern three ma-ory Dncanwe una hnnae, Wo. 133 (Jliatun I'lace, beIwrru the aud Such Avenue*. Apply to w. B LAURENCE, Jr , o5 Jtn* rr It Wiillwwt M > PAKTME~N J S TO LILT - t'arnu hed or unfur niahed, at No. II North Moor* atreet, amiable fo? urnJ'eroen ni (||-rr M CLIFTON PROPKRTViKOR 8Al.E-T?o Cottage rr?i dencee ou -taleu U'aud replete Willi ? very convenience, well aitnated. grounds handsomely laid out. clu . will tie acild on favorable terma, payments eaay and 01 cupatio i given ill a fall or i.eit spring. The |>n>|ierty< ffuitd la worth, the attention of 'hoae ?eeking a country ictidrnre, nutficiently Lear the city to make a hou.e the \ ear round the communication being regular and id pitiut of diaiauce. aa convenient to W-ll atrf?i aa Union tqutre. Ala" for aale, elig.bie sitea lor villas and cot. t'l and p-0|.erty for iuveiimmt, the tenia of which will afford amide returns for thei amount of pun haae money, while the pr perty a ? us anily incieftai- g in v-lu?. i.| 5 0 3t*rr CM AM I DON'H FALL HATS Gentlemen about 10** changing their beaveri ire invited to tiamiue the apleudid article now ottered by AlMIDON, 177 Broadway, o2 ?tia*.e opi>oaite Howaru Hotel. dai!oivu h \su piano ???hik?? Heveral very auperior aecoud hind Piano K. rtea fo sal* cheap for caah, at ihe fIS I Korte Waie Home, ?M Broadway, en ii nice iiiBrnome ?rreet o< 3 * T T PIANO KORTErt.?IAMEH PIRH80N, *? Walker street, has now on; hand and la daily wrv "? flli.nsln g, Piano Foitea of every daecrmliou, ||S I | lliom hi* very auperior hor iranda owu to plain ?,*< ocuve iqu.ire. combining > II the imiirotemema of the day, with many oihera au?ge.ted by hia own eiperience in the hnaiaeu. .til hia luatramenta are manafactnred for the city trade, aud no paiua or eipenae la apared to render them at leaat enunl to thoee ol any outer inanuiaetartr u Uie country. lUM'n mmmBmmammmmmmmmmamm W YC IW YORK, TUESDAY M' AFFAIRS IN THE WAR QUARTER. IMPORTANT DOCUMENTS. , Interesting Intelligence. THE FAILURE 07 THE NEGOTIATIONS. The Demands of the Mexicans. Ac. die. die. THE FATLIRE OF THE NEGOTIATIONS. [Prom the New Orleans Delta. Sapt.-.'ti ] Oar anticipation* of tl.u utter futility ofuy attempt to negotiate with the Mexicani In their present temper [ and oiroumstannes have been more than realised. The terms proposed by them indioate a haughty pride and obstinacy, utterly inconsistent with <ho character or thair defensive operations. They are the terms ofviotors ratherfthan those ofoouquerud suppliants. The term* proposed by Mr. Trlat are far more liberal than the popular sentiment in this oountry would approve. The manner In which they were received by the pompous and pretentious enemy, must oonvince avery citizen of this Union of the necessity of our government pursuing the course whioh we have all along advocated?to wit: to ocoupy. possess, nay. if it be expedient, to absorb Mexico In theU. States. Let there tow be no longer any opposition to this war, from idle Unpen of an honorable peace hj the will of the Mexio ins. We are In it, and mint fight it out gallantly, and to the end. Let the government throw all the energy, resources and power of our republic into the prosecution of this war, and the complete sutijugaliuu of the oountry. The deliberations between the commissioners of the two nation* commenoe with the reading of the corruspondence between Santa Anna and Oen. Scott, whioh led to negotiations, and the Mexican appointment of commissioners, whioh documents hare already been pub lisbed. INSTRUCTION! OK THE MIMITtRIAI. COlKCIl TO Tilt MEXICAN COMMISSIONERS Condition lor Points) on which the Commissioner oj the United Stales ought to he negotiated with, and which should serve as a basis to those of Mexico, proposed to the molt excellent President by the Minister of foreign Relations, and approved by his Excellency in a Council of Minishrs : ? Provided, That the place of conferenco ought to bo Intermediate between the two armies Provided, equally, That before qptering upon negotiations. the American commisaioner should acknowledge the right of 4 Ub.ration on the part of JUxIco, that la: whether the Intention of the United Cfljkt hat beun t? aggrandize its territory?why do theaESot remain contented with that wliioU they alread/Jfcupy.' If that wUofc be haa oome to seek In the capital la our consent and sanction to their demands, they ought to desist from what cannot be conoeded?in any other event, they oan proceed aa they have begun, and the war will oontinue i. The Independence of Tbxsb shall be acknowledged upon consideration of au Indemnification. J. It ia understood by Texas, the territory known by this name after the treaties ot 1819, and when it formed part of the 8tates of Coahuila and Texas; and by no means the territory comprehended betweon the Nueces ..~A Dm.a wlw.M ak.?l. rAt.???aa ?k. l auu * ? * ?* o, wuivii tun i>vu|)i?gR wi uio povtuucu Texans declared belonged to it. 3. The evacuation of all the Mexican republic of whioh they are in occupation, aud the raiting the blockade, leaving free our porta, ihall be a couditiou of treating upon any other portion of territory. 4 Upper California can be a subject of negotiation. 0. In no event shall the parallel of Q6" be made the boundary, which would cause the Itepublio to lose all Now Mexico, almost all of Duraugo, all of Souora, part of Siaaloa; and almost all of Upper California; the concession of a part, should it be Bkn fr'rancUoo, shall be yielded as a factory, never as a boundary. 0. A settled lademalOoation for the port of Ban Kranoleeo, and a way of communication to Oregon. 7. Th? same for the iujurle*. prejudices. and extraordinary expenses of this war. made iu the territory of tbe Republic, uk it is tbat for which they oome to negotiate, and which has brought them to the capital 8. l'lie same for that whioh the families of Matamoros, Monterey, Vera Cruz, and other cities, towns and villages of the Republic,have suffered In consequence of the war. 9. The same for the depredations committed by their troops 10. The same for those committed by their bands ef foragers, whose licentious conduct has violated the laws of nations. 11. There shall be presented for payment as well the cost of liquidation as that of the reclamations whioh have been made 1-2. The United States shall recognise the legitimacy of th? titles of owners o? lands In Texas, under grants given anterior te it* declaration ot independence, as well bv the General Government, as by that of the State, aud snail leave to them their free use and protlt. 13. The_ United States shall eagage not to permit slavery in any part of the territory acquired from Mexico. 14. The negotiations drill be upon the basis of reciprocity. and du? regard shall be paid to the respective conditions of the people of tbe two nations. I'">. Less than a year for carrying iutoelleot the definitive treaty, cannot be agreed to 16 The guarantee i.f its observance must, by agieument, be sought in u Kuropeau power, or in a Continental Congress. 17. The ba?is of this will be the Republican p>st< ji upon the whole contluent, excepting lir..*.l aud Krei.ob Guiana. 1H The treaty which may be formed, shall not prejudice in any manner the principle of tbe most favoreJ natiens,' which the Ilrpublln has conceded ta the most of the nations wilb wblch it has treated. 19. The restoration of the toreigu prisoners shall be demanded, and none of the American army shall enter tne city. The return of the ships and trophies. 21. And as a general basis, to treat of poaoeas if we had triumphed, aud as If the war could be proseouteJ with advantage ANTONIO LOPKZ DE SANTA ANNA, i it ! *< in-rn V. ROMKKO, ALCOHTA, RONDMU). Mexico, August 44, IH17. Tacubava, August 45th, in 17. The undersigned, Conuniii-innir appointed by the I'nited statis of America. nesr the i oiled Mexiaau HtaUs, invested with full power to treat and coufer with whatever persons who m*v be ?<|tially (authorized by the Mexican government. and to negotiate and conclude with them a lasting treaty of peace. friendship and boundaries between the two republics, takes tlie liberty of calling the Httenticn of his Kxcelleucy, tbo Minister ?f Relations of Mexico, to the military convention concluded on the '23d, and ratified on the 41th inst, which establishes an armistice, and has the honor to inform him that he Is ready to treat with the eommissioner or commissioners on the part of Mexico, begging that au early day iu?y be designated for the meeting at a point convenient to both parlies. The undersiguci offers to his excellency the Minister of Relations, tne assurances of tiis most distinguished consideration. [Signed] N. I THIHT. r A LACK, lie., August 46, 1817. To Sfiior tficholm P. 7Yill, Qc., 4'C-, 4-'-. The undersigned, Minister of interior and Kxterior Relations, has bad the honor to receive aud lay before his Kxctllency the President of the Republic, the note dated yesterday, in which, in consequence of the armistice coucluded with the Oeneral-ln-<;hief of the troops of the United Stated. Senor Nicholas P. '1'rint, commlnsioner of that nation, lntimatee that ho la ready to treat with the commissioner or commissioners of this republic, concerning tlifl propoaitions of peace which he in authorized to make, aeking. at the same tlnio, that un early day may be appointed for tho meeting, at a place which may be considered convenient by both parties. The undersigned has been ordered by the ('resident to *tate, in roply to Senor Trlst, that he Is now occupied lu appointing commissioners to boar tho proportions which reuor Trlst has to make, and who will assemble at 4 o'clock to-morrow evening at the village of /VUoopozalco, it being an intermediate point between the two armies, always providing that this appointment may not be inconvenient to Henor Trlst?to whom the undursigut il offi rs the aMurances of his most distinguished consideration [Slguud] J. R PACHKCO. Taci-biy*. August 'J6, 1847. The ucdersigned, Commissioner of the United States of America, ha* the honor to acknowledge the receipt of tb? note of the most excellent Henor I'aoheeo, In which he iuforms him that the commissioners upon the part of Mexico, will meet biui for the purpose of negotiation, tomorrow at 4 o'clock in the evening, at the village of Atjscopoialco, that being an Intermedlate'point between the respective force* of the two nations, if the undersigned should not consider it Inconvenient K The undersigned has the honor to state, in reply, that he accepts with pleasure this Invitation, in the confident hope that this first Interview will be promptly followed hv the satlotactorv arrangement of all the differences te tweeu the Bister republic*. lie hai the honor to reDew to Senor Pacheco, the aanurancea of his distinguished consideration. (Signed] N P TRIST. To 8. E. D. J R Pachkco, Minister of Relations of the Mexican Republic. Sin I'mmt nf the Mntt Excillrnt Prttidfnl in a Miniiterial Cuuncil. Au?u?T 3ft, 1S47. The armistice ml ich the General of the enemy nuked, having been agreed to, and it being necessary to ap point upon the part of the Mexican Government, coinlnissiooers, who should hear?nothing more?the propoRitiona of peace which the commissioner of the United Slates might wish to make in the name of hia government, Don Jose Joaquin de Herrera, Deputy General ; D. Antonio Monjardin, magistrate of the Supreme Court, and D. Antonio Garay. were a[ pointed, lending tbem at the name time the notlfloati'-n of their appointment, in whiah thay wara notified to meet to-morrow at 11 o'. cloak, at the Mlniitry of Relations, to prooeed with the Miniatar to the reefcieuoe of tba Praalrtent, In order to receiva their instructions, agreed to in Ministerial Coun U. The Mlnlater of Relation* will form a memorandum, which the oommlaalonara will take with th?m. and which ttaa ('realdent will place in their band* By this they (hall bareatricted to their true miaalon, wbiah, lor the preaent, i? ao other than to hear the proposition* of peaoa which the government of the I 'nited States pretend to make to the Mexican government. immediately making known tolt (tba Mexican government) the content* of the proponitlone, that they may be duly exain| load, and U?t Uu rraMut ami hit nlaliter* may act ??? IRK I ORNING, OCTOBER 5. IS upon thfcta. Tb* k'ivituiuudI will rtttrrt to itMlf to giva to th<? comraii^ionen lufflotcnt instructions to<*nt<*r upon the prelimtmriea or thu negotiation, consulting the Minister of KvUtion* u fur hs may b? neoitsiuiry t<t the | discharge of tbeir orminl-slon, and certainly not agree- I if, -ujrmiuj wnimui me previous approbation or tM government Aim'it 2Mh, 1<M7. Moil Excki i.rn 8> noa?The armistice ..sked by the | <?euei?l-ln hief of the American troop* beiug entered 1 into, Commissioners ere now being named to hear thu I proportions of peace wtiich that nation wishes to mak? I i throiwh ita f ommiesioner. an J the iu?>?t exeelleut Presi- ) ; lent baring full knowledge aud confidence in the patrl- i otif m and other ijood qualities which adorn you )>** I name I you. In onojunctlon with D.Antonio Fernandei i Mopjardin and D Antonio Oaray, who ara known to possess the highest qualification*. ! A* in the critical circumstance* in which the country ; ii at present placed, nojje ef her sons should be deaf to ' her calii, the President does not doubt that you and the above designated Kent lemen wlil lend yourselves willingly to the discharge of thU interesting service. and there are hopes that at II o'clock to morrow morning, you will assemble at the Ministry, from which you will proceed to the residence of the First Magistrate of the Republic, who will commuuicato to you the instructions which j have been agreed upon in Ministerial Council With this view. I reiterate to you the assurance of my | consideration God and Liberty: PACHKCO. | To the mptt excellent General Don Jo>k Jo*qi'i!? ne HtKltli. Mkxico, August *5th, 1647. * Moat kxi-.ellHut Sir lly your favor of to-day, 1 have > been Informed that the most excellent President has bneu pleased to ippoint uie in connection with I) Antonio Fernandez Moujardin and 1). Antonio (!ar*y to hear the propositions of peace which the commissioner of the i I'nlted Males uay wish to make. As a Mellon desiring the Rood of my eountry, I shall state to you that finding myself at . the head of the government In the year 1844, when 4h? government of the United Htates seat oosumlasiMer to arrnnge the differences which, j through Use Tftfcf) question, disturbed the harmony which ahould h?v?k existed between the two republios, ' for tho single act of being willing to listen to his proi positions my administration waa calumniated In the most atrocious manner?this act alone eaasing the revolution which deprived me of the command?and to 1 take part in the same question at this day would oauie a renewal of the oalutnuies which then assailed me. Other reasou.t could be given to excuse me. but it apj pear* to me that this exnoeition will be sufflaient to aa?e tho most excellent President to admit mv declension of the honorable eoouuiulou which he Las been pleased to Impose upon me 1 have the honor to assure vou of my appreciation and consideration, (tod and Libertv ! J08K J. du IIKRHKR.V. To} the inoit ?*n?ll?nt Miniater of Halations, D. Jot k Ramon Pacmkiu. The two letter* which follow are frum Antonio Kern an tit /. Monjudin and Don Antonio Gar>.y, both of whom iK'olipo the office of oommluloner, a'jlch had been offered to them by Sauta Anna. j The following letter again pre idea Herrera to the commission:? Nik*ico, August96, 1847. Moat Kxoelient Hir?I have laid before the moat excellent President your favor dated yesterday, In wbiah you excuse yourself from accepting the ollce of commissioner to hear the propositions which the government of the United Htatee wished to make through Its tornmissionur, and he h*a couuuanded ma to nay in answer, I which I have thw honor to do. 'hat the name reaiona | which you urge lor your refusal were Ihotto which he himself entertained for appointing you. It is proved by ! this that two distinct administrations, in different clr! cumstanoes, have come to conour in an essential point, | which is, the propriety of bearing propositions which ! are offered with a view to termlnato the evils of war. His Excelleucy continues to insist iu his desire that you 1 will take upon yourself the conduot of this most grave I and delioate negotiation, for which he invokes your well : known patriotism, and tiio good disposition you have always manifested to serve the republio You will see liy the subjoined communication, which to day 1 direct to Don Nicholas P Trial, that the meeting ought to take place at four o'clock to-morrow evenlog, at the village of AUcopozalco, and the President wl'l deliver to you the Instructions by which it should ' be regulated I reiterate to you tlie assurances of my especial consideration God and l.ibvrty ! PACHKCO i To the most excellent General of Division. D. Jese Joaquin de Herrera. The next letter U from Herrera. accepting the commission. The one which follow* is from Sr Pacheco to Sr. Don Ignacio Mora y Vlllamtl. offering him the office declined by those to whom it had previously been offered. It id couched in the asms language as th? previous letters of appointment The next ia a letter ef acceptance from D Ignaclo Mora y Villamll. The followiog la the order appointing the commissioners ? August *J7, 1847 'The following persons are to-day appointed comniW-neia D Joae IJuruardo Couto, and f) Miguel Atrlstain; ao that the commission will be oomposed of t tie following ptraoua : The most excellent Gen of the Division; P Jane Joaquin d? Herrera; D. Joae 1 onruitrti" '-uuwi; ifph hi ina urmun. uon ignaoio j Moray Villamll; D Mijufl Atristain; Secretary and In- I terpreter, D. Jose Miguel Arroyo ' The two letters which follow are from Don Jose BerI nardo Couto. an J Don Miguel Atrintain, accepting the offl :? of coioujlshieiier. The next two ant alto Utter* of ! offering and acceptance? from Pacheao to Don Jope | Viguel /.rroyo, and from thu latter to the former Then I 'otlow ihe luntruolioiia to<he oommtHxioiicrH, which we I nave before given, and th orcd-Mi il? of tlncommission[ I'M, signed by Santa A una and Petfheco i ItMci K Pol.k. Pmiihnt ?J the United Slntei of jitntrien, In all those In whum Ihete pretrnll may comr, Grritiiitf: Know yc, That, desirous of reestablishing peace, harmony and ifonj relations between the United Statu* of America tnd tbo failed Mexican States; to remove all ground)) of disgust, having especial oonfldeccu in the integrity, prudent*, and talent* of Henor Don Nicholas P. Trlst. wo have named bitn commissioner of tbe United States to the Mexican Hrpublie, uud invested him, iu tbe fullest and mcft complete manner, with ample power and authority, iu tbu name of ihe United States, to meet and confer with any person or persons who shall have similar authority from t-ie Hepubllc of Mexico, and between them to negotiate and conclude an arrangement of tbe difference* which exist between the two countries ? a trea'y of pence, amity, and lasting >-oumlariet) between tbe United States of America and tbe Mexican nation? for the deiinitive settlement of all reclamations of tbe citizens and government of the I nited tates against the (Juvcrnmont of that nation, and of all reclamations of that Government and Its citUens against the I nited States, and in like manner to determine the limits and boundaries butween the United States of America and the United States of Mexioo. and all other matters and things suitaUe for negotiation, and bearing upon the Interests of both nations, transmitting and delivering said convention when It Khali be concluded, for ratification, to thu President of tbe I nited States, by and with the ail?iOH and consent 01 lint senate [ In testimony whereof, ihis Jooum-nt l? sealed with the j seal of the L nilfJ States. Dunn and executed under 1117 hand, in the city of Washington, on this (he l.nh day of April, in the year of our Lord IH47. uud iu tho Tint year of the. Independence of the Uaittd Statu. JAMKS K. roi.K, President of the United State*. Jahi.s Bi'chi.ii^ Secretary of State. Project of a Treaty prtt'nled hy the American Cam miniiontr on the '17th, at Jltzcopozalco. Art. 1. There shall be a firm and universal peace b?| twern the United State* of America and the United ! Mexican States, aud between their respective countries, territories, cities, towns and Tillages, without exueptlon of places or persons. All hostilities by sea and land shall definitively cease, as soon as the ratifications of this treaty >11*11 be made and exohanged by both parties. Art '2 All the prisoners of war made by both parties, as well by cea hs laud, shall be returned as soon as practicable after the exchange of (he ratifications o? this treaty And, further, II there be at present anv Mexi> can citizens, held captive by the l ainanches or any i other savage tribe of Indians, within the limits ( f the United States, as the tame are d'tlned by this treaty, 1 the Government of the United States will require the ' restoration of such captl vi s, and their liberty to return i *~ ..i_ v. 1 1 Art. 3 So soon m tbl? treaty nhall have been duly rati| fled by tha United Mexican State*, it (ball bu made known with tha leant delay to tha commander* of the : force* by *ea and land, of both parties; and in oon| sequence there ehall be a *u*peuaion of boatilltiea a* well by aea an by land, ai w<>ll on tha part of the military and naval IktM of the lotted State*, a* on thoee of the I I'nlted Mexican State*; and the aaid *u*pen?ion of hoatllitie* shall be inviolably observed by both punier Immediately aft?r tha exchange of ratification* of the present treaty, all the forta. teriit< rlea. piaoea and poaseealons, whataoever they may be, which hare been taken by the United State* from the United Mexican State* during the war, except such a* are comprehended within tha limit* of tl>e United State*, a* tha same remain defined oy Art 4 or tm* treaty, pdhji d* returned without delay, and without caunlnn any deplructlou or en traction of artillery, or of any other public property whatever originally captured in Mid fort* or place*. and which remain In them when the ratification* ol thla treaty shall be exchanged; and lu the name manner all the forta, territory a. &c Art 4. The dividing line between the two republic* phall commence In the (iulf of Mexloo, three leagued from land, In front of the mouth of th? 11 to Grande ; thence eloDg the middle of Paid river to the polot where it touohe? the southern line of New Mexico; thence watward along the pouthcrn limit of New Mexico to the pouth-weat angle of the name; thence northward along the weetern line of New Mexico to whera the pain* In out by the tint branch of the river Oil*; If It be not cut by any branch of aald river, then tea point la paid line neVreat the eald branch; and thence In a direct line to the name, and downward by the mlddla of paid branch, and of the paid river (flla, until It einptiea Into the Itlo Colorado; tbeno* downward by the mlddla of the Colorado, and by the middle of the tjulf of California, to the Pacific oceau. Art. A In consideration of the extenplon of the limit* uf the United State*, a* tbev are defined by the preceding article, and by the population* which are turthar contained in Art the United State* abandon for ever again*t the United Mexican State* all reolama nation on account of the coat* of the war, and beplde* agree to pay to the United Mexican Htatr*, In the city of Mexico, the rum bf Art B In full coualderatlon of lh* stipulation* con Ulned In Article* 4 and H of tbl? treaty, tb* United : State* agree to a**ume and pay all nuni* at pre*t*ut due | to claimant*, and tboae wlnoii may be hereafter f*t*t>Unhed, according to the couveuliou oouclud^d btlwciB ITX1T-?T ' 't ! I ERA 147. the two republic* in the city of Mexico on the JOth of January. 1843. to provide for the payment of what shall i be decided In favor of the claimant*, a.*cordiug to a convention between the United State* and the M?xloan Ke- | guhliu, on the Uth of April. 183U And the United i tate* equally agree to awuine and pay all reclamation | of cUixen* of the United SUtee. ai?aiu<t the government of t .a United Mex'.cau States. not previously d?'-ided, t<> an amount not exceeding throe million! of dollar*, which hM? arisen prior to the 13th of May, 184b, aud I wLich *hall be adjudged to be due by a commission i eu i Unhid by the government of th? United State*, wiiuee iWibiouM t.hall be definitive, aud uouclusiie. provided always. that in decldiug on the validity of the I aid demands, tho commission shall be rulded and gov- t eined bv the principles and rule* prescribed by the I first and fifth articles of the unratified convention, con- 1 eluded lu the city of Mexico on the ?Oth of November. I 1443 aud in no r?ta Khali they give judgment in favor of any claim not embraced by tnose principles and rul?*. I And the United States, for the prv nt aud the future, exonerate the United Mexican S ates from any of the said demands whatsoever, which may be admitted or rejected bv said board of commissioners Art 7. If, In the opinion of the said board of commissioners, or of the claimants, it shall be oontldered necesdaiy for the decision of any of the said claims that any books, registers or document*, which may be In the possession or power of the United Mexicau States, should be examined, the commissi, nersor claimant*shall make, within a ptrind to be fixed by Congress, a petition to i that effect to ihu Mexican Secretary of borelgu Affair*, which shall be forwarded to him by the Secretary of | Slate of the t nited States, and the Mexican government . agree to remit, wlr.h as little delay as possible after the receipt of said petition, whatever of the ssld books, registers, or documents inay bn In IN possession or power, which may have been asked for from said Secretary of I State, who shall immediately lay them before said board of commissioners. Provided always, that when paid pe' tttinn shnil be mail" by any of the claimants, the facts I which they expect to prove by such books, register* or j documents, shall have beeu first stated under oath or afI Urination. Abt. 8. The government of tho United Mexican | States hereby forever concedes and guaranties to the 1 government and citizens of the United States, the right > to transport acrosn th? Isthmus of Tehuantepec, from ' sea to sea. by whatever means of commualcatloa may at the time exist, whether by land or by water, free from all tolls or charges, all articles whatsoever, the natural producU of the United State*, or the products of Its manufactures, or the products and manufactures of any country whatever, belonging to the government or citizens of the United 8tates as well as the free right of paaMgu to all citizens of the United States. The government of the United Mexican States equally concedes and guaranties to the government and citizens of the I nltcd States the name right of passage for their merchandi&e and the articles aforesaid, as it grants to its o * u citizens, by any railroad or canal, which may hereafter be constructed across said Isthmus, whether by the government of the United Mexioan States, or by its authorization, paying only such tolls, as may be established ; aud no other or more onerous shall be imposed or collected upou the ariloles or merchandize inentionud belonging to the government and oitiiena of Uiu United States, or on the persons of said citizens, for passage over said railroad or caual than shall be oharged or collected for the same articles and merchandise belonging to the government or citizens of Mexico, being the natural product*, or tho products of the mannfacture* of Mexico or whatsoever foreign country, or the Mmiu -f ug citizens. None of the said articles, be they what they ma^, ^hlch may pass over said Isthmus from sea to iea, in el the. ,jirec. tlon, whether by the preaeht communications, or by a' , railroad or canal which may hereafter be made, with the otject of being transported to any port of the United States, or of any foreign country, shall be subject to the paymeut of any duty whatever, whether of importation or exportation. The two governments, by this article promise, with as little delay as possible, mutually to agree upou and establish sflch regulations as may be deemed necessary to avoid fraud and smuggling, in consequence of the right of way hereby granted and perpetually guaranteed to tho government and citizens of the United States. Art All the effects, commodities, or merchandise, which have been introduced during the war, by whatsoever port or place of either party, by the citizens i of either party, or by the citizens or subjects of any neutral power, while the same ha* been in the military occupation of the other, shall be permit ted to remain free from confiscation or any charge or duty wbloh there may be on the **le or exchaugeof them, or on the exportation of the said property from the country; and the proprietors are hereby permitted to sill or dispose ol said property in thesamo manuer io ' every respect ss if the importation of the same had uuvn maun in uuie oi poate, >uu nua paui Too duties according U> the laws of each country respectively. Art 10. The treaty of friendship, commerce and navig*tion. concluded in the city of Mexioo, on the dth of April, in the }cur of our Lord 1H3I. tytweeu the 1'nited states of Amerlcaand the United Mexican States, and each of it(article!, with the exception of the additional article, are hereby reuewed for the term of eight years, from tha dsy of the exchange of the ratltlaatiou* 1 of this treaty, witii the suuie etfect and virtue as if they formed part thereof, It being under*tood that oaoh of I the contracting parties reserves to itarIf the right, at 1 any time after the ?uid term of eight years, to terminal! i the lame, giving one year's previous notice to the atbi r party. Art II . The treaty shall be approved and ratified by the President of the I'ulted Ht^tesof America. with the approbation and consent of the Senate, and b/ tlm Iresklent of the United Mexican .St.ites, wuh the previous approbition of tne general CongTrss; and the ratitlea tlons shall be exchanged In the city 01 Wadii Jwtnu, withlu the period of months. Irom the date of the signing the same, or soon"r ll practicable The vrojrt of u treaty having bicn submitted to th? council id Ministers, they issued on the '.illlb of August, 1 not her set of Instruction* to the Commissioners, which 1 are in 'eneral, a repetition of those already giv?o. except the two 1'nlloinrg articles :? 7. In relation to the privileges solicited by the government of the L'uited states to navigate the r Ivor of Tehuantepec or to trafllc by whatever rund or way that may be ?stauli?hed between the two seas, the Mexican government rafusi f absolutely nil concession in this particular ; and in the last resort, can oiler, at most, that the Mexican government will take into consideration the friendly rei lalions which msv be maintained Lv the l'nitml Htntcn with the Mexican government; imd with reference to tbe confidence which its conduct w*y Inspire, it ought not to doubt of tho reciprocity of the .Mexicans oo th? i.amr terms as other nations. H. The M> xican government can in no manner conBent to exempt from tho payment of duties, all the ef. f'ects introduoeil into it* porta, proceeding from (he United hutes or any other nation, since the occupation of the "aid p'rts by the said I'nited States ; and It. slmll be a nerissary condition to their transportation into the interior, that the duti?s be paid areording to the actual tariffs of the nation. In case the I nited States are compromised with th-* Importers, the I nited States shall pay all the duties of importation according to the tarill, and ilie merchants those of lut'-mal trausport, consumption. fc.0. These additional instructions, on teini? transmitted to the Comissioners. with instructions that in no ra*s were they to treat contrary t? their express t-nor, they returned the following answer: To thk Misinta or Kohiok Ai kaihi : Kxcellent Sir?Having examined tbe bases and in! struotlons transmittod by your Kxeellency on the norning of to-day, for tbe purpoea of prooncuting the negoI I..- U... .......... I I... lll.l.t.. - < Ik. lulled Stntn*,we deem it our duty to nianifeiittothaHupreme Government, with th? franknoaa of hone?t men, tbit upon those b*?# and instruction* It ia imprxsibln to take upon ourselvea the negotiation, m we shall find ourselve* without the capucity to diacliarge the duty u* we ought. We beg. thi n, that the supreme government will hold ax not accepted on our part, the power* with which iti favor would honor us. (lod and Liberty. JOSK J. IIKK11KRA. hkiinardo couto, IONACIO UK MOKAVVlLLA.MIL, Mltil.KL AT HIS TAIN, JOSK MlOUtL AllROYO, Heo. Mtnco, Aug 31, 1817. Want of room prevent* un from giving the oontinuatlon of tbo correspondence to-day, but wh nhall do so in our next Our readera, however, will perceive the attitude assumed by Mexican madness. and they are already aware of the unfortunate termination. [Correspondence of the N. O. Picayune j Tacl bata, August .1'), 1 w 17. Since 1 wtf'te you yesterday we have a thousand conflicting rumors from the city Santa Anna certainly haa lomt 16 000 troop* under arm*, but Is a* mucn In favor of peace aa ever. lie haa opponent* In every party and every quarter, many of them, too, warmly In favor of peace. They perhap* may overcome their ar.rupleato the man for thsaake of the measure, but of thle we ahall know more anon The Cougreaa of the State of Mexico, in session at Toluoa, bas come out against peace measure*, and the Governor, Olaguibel ha* also issued a manifesto on the aame aide. 'i he peace commissioners, after being In session two or three day*, have adjourned until the 1st September, Wednesday next Of their proceeding* no one known any thing, but it I* rumor, 4 that both tien. Scott and Mr. Trlat express hopes that a treaty of peace will be slimed "Valencia 1* at Toluca. endeavoring to wrltw hliniu-ir out of the acrape hta (trot lack of tl^btlng propenHitlm got him Into at Cnucreru Santa Anna, meanwhile, losdi all the blame upon Valencia bin insubordination, he aaya. loat everything With thla I aend you 011* of the intercept"'' lettera, raptured on th? ThX lout. by our dragoona It ia rich. and probkbly aa true a* It i* rich. .Maria1' tpeaka her in In 1 freely. and If the valiant rolkaa can find any thing complimentary In wbat ?he rmyn it la mor? than I nan. I have thw promise, iu nonepauy with another rorra?pondMit, or being allowed to eo| y all the beat of the letters. tC*py,J Wkxito, Aug 21, 1047. Mr Mi f m L<o? tu L'!?cl>.?Considering that you would ' be UDeaay oi our accuuut, under present clrciimatauoet. I write to relieve your mind Kverylbinff la loat. and I believe there I* no hope for ua bay before yeiterday Valencia had a fight with the enemy near < ontp ras, and It wa? auppoa?d ha waa victorious, but tha nait morning be lo?t everything Veaurday aooie Natlo?nl (iuarda that war* at San Antonio had a amatl fluht, and the battalion! of Hidalgo and Victoria , Tolaa lr?v [> ? Oeiitlemen aohlleral ran like cowarda-a* did alao the cavalry of the nth and the .Id light Infantry Thia If a trange fatality, and It derma our truopa urn g k?I for nothing but to boaat. I only heard them cry " Hera com* tha Yankee* "nveroonie with uirror, and runnli g a whole league without stopping, from which fact I have | no bop? that re?Utauc? cau b? made at the gaUi, at L* '"-V L.D. Mm Vm Canta. intended, you will mm ?b?t will happen If a 1* attempted They will all run, and their hlatory will end. Rupert o MTOil hliQM'i m h* had th? look to raa away in company with the Vioto iai. an! he L1 now tafe with hl? dear aunt. *n 1 fimu tr*n<juil It idmm quite lmpoe*ib'.e that l'J OuO m-n. uud.r ih? command of Soott abnuld h?re put to ai*ht mad entirely oowed a-i 000 of our men. It ooaf.iuridi r??v>n~th? fact la oapoeed to r??B. and almon Incredible; y.t itrangtto pay. It to trua. Thto mlafortune haa no remedy and the affair nuit aeon and. and ? c?n do nothing ' Do not l.-liere tba thouaand Ilea oar tro >\* m?y tell you tad of which thoy boa?t Yom know that here (In Mexico) a thouaand Ilea ara told froo oar next door uutgh>)ori thuyfort how muoh mm* exaggerated thay will b? when travelling to you Do not 1m aflictad. but hold ail tou hear at quarantine Hawwd youraetf to fiod and Lruat In blm, and he will take eare of ua MARIA P S ?Mr Data I'kclb?I refer yon to By tlater'! letter fir the newe. 1 can add nothing to It bat that wo the Mexleana are * * [ rhia poetaoript, although not aigned, waa probably written by the brave and chiralroua K aperto, who lert tranquility and hia dear aunt for a moant. la ordar to prove to hia unele that ha waa really qalta aafo.] Gen Scott to Santa Anna Head*i'*btkb? Abmt or UffiTca Statu, \ September 6. 1M7 ) 1'u hit Excellency tke President and General-in- Chief of the Hrpnkli'- of Mexico. the 7tii and 13th artirlra of tho armiatic or military convention wnirn i naa the bonor of ratifying talu changing with jour Excellency on the 'i4tn ult , stipulate that the army under my command ball have the privilege of obtaining supplies frtim the city of Mexloo There were repeated Mutton* of them article* mm after the armiiitlre wu slgiiud. and I hare now good rations for believing, that within the laat twenty-four hour*, if not before, the 3d article of the name oonvention wan also violated by t he name parties. 1 heee direct breaches of good iatth give to this nriny a Ml right te rommenoe hostilities uguiu't Mexico wllhont giving My notice. However. I will give the neceaaary tU*e for an explanation, satisfaction, or reparation If theaeare not given I hereby formally notify you that if I do not recelve the most complete satisfaction on all thane point*, before l'i o'clock to-morrow, I shall consider the armistice a* terminated from that hour. I have the honor te be, your Kxoellancy's obedient servant, WIN KIEL D SCOTT. Santa .9nna to (Sen. Scott:? Ilfc.i<j<ti'artkni Abmy or Mexican Rt.rrsuc,) Mexico, Sept. 8, lt?47. J Tu Hit Exct llency Gen. Wtr.Jietd Scott, Commanderin-Chief of the Jirmy of the United Slatei Sih,- By the note of your Kxceliency under this date I learn. with surprise, that you oonsider that tha etvil and military authorities of .Mexico have violated article* 7. 1.' and 3 of the armistice which I concluded with your Kxcelienoy on the 21th of last mouth. The oivil aud military authorities of Mexico have not obstructed the passage of provisions for the American army ; aud if at times their transmission ha* been retarded, it has been owing to the imprudence of tha American ugents, who without having a previous understanding with the proper authorities, gave ooeasioB for popular outbreaks, which it baa cost the Mexican Government muoh trouble to repress. Last ni^ht and ?V M.Q-o -V.v.w ??? *rvv?w? I?t III" jirUTIWUU UVIQ Wirt ready to (tart, an J ?<er" only ,i . Mined bMtUN Mr. llar^oua, the ag*ut,i!i --in -1 i . '1 hr < rdenfgiven to impend the Intercourse bel?uuu ILc two armlnt were addressed to pririitu individual*, and not to the agenta of the army ot the United State*, and were intended purpotely to expedite the traiuiataaion of provUlocn to tue "-my, and to couflne the Intercourse to that object ixcludivny. in return for thin oouduot >our ExeuUener bu prevented the owui?H or mioicon of tbi fjii mIUii Id the vicinity of the city r-om f ornithinic ui flow to the eity. which la a true brea s 0f the good faith your Excoilenoy had pledged me. It la false that any new work or fortlfcokt. bama undertaken, because one or two repair* have only ?. to plaeu them in the same condition they were in on tbo (11 v the armiattCH wu entered in'o, accident or the oo?veiiienre of the moment having oauaed the deatruotion i tun lunu K&iiviiig huiih, I uu U>T? UftU BU1JT DOIIO* of the establishment of the battery covered with the mud wall* of the house ot (tarry, iu this city, and did not remonstrate, because the puue.o of two great Republics ocnld not be m?J? to dcpeud i pun thing* grave In themselves, but of Utile vulue cimi pared to the result In which all the friends of h atnsuiiy And of the prosperity of the American cont nent tntiJ eu great an interest. [There Is some obscurity in this Minteuc j. wbieh it Is probable, 1h owing to typographical errorii ?fiJiton J'icayttn J It Is not without grief itiid even indignation thai I have received communications from the citius an J villages occupied by the amiy ot your excelb ucy, in relation to the violation <f Ihr ti tuples consecrated to Ut? worship of tiod; to the plunder uf the sacred twiMml to theprolauatlun of the images wuerated by the Me?lcau people i'lofuundiy have I been alTectud y the complaints i lathers at.d husbands, of the viol to* uffsred lo their daughters aud witus; and tikes* tatui ctlee and villages have been sack'd uot only m violation of the armistice, but of the sacrcd principles prooiaimed a?id r?speotud by ctvllistd nations. I have observed sileuoe to the present moment. iu order nut to obslrant the progress of negotiations whicti held out the nope of terminating a snaiula oiis war. an-i one wbioii your excellency has c Us rac tensed so justly as unnatural But ! at all duplet. olTeriug spjlogier. o.osune I cannot ks l>Ua4 to ibe truth that the true chum ol th? threats or renewing hostilities, cont?iu?d iu tne note of yoar exoelleuey. is that I have not beeu willing lo stgu a tiuaty which would lessen o?us>der?biy ihe tenitory of repuolle, and uot ouiy the territory if the re.uuiio. but thnt dignity aud integrity which ?L nations deit nd to the last extremity. Aud il these eousideralions have uot the same weight in the mind <>t your Exatlienoy. the responsibility before the world, who oau easily distinguish on whose tide is moderation aud justice, will lad upon yea I (latter myself that your Excellency will bo Aonvinaed. on calm i election, of the weight of my reaaona. Bat if by mlsfortuns, you should seek only a pretext to doprlvo the first oily of the American contluetof an ofpor t unity to free the unarmed population of the norrortof w?r, there will be left me no other mean* of salvation, but to repul force by force, with the decision and energy which my high obligations impose upon me. I have the honor to be your Excellency's hnmbl* servant. ANTONIO I.OPEZ OK 8ANTA ANNA. [Kroin the Washington I'nlon, Oat. 2 ] Among the papers wnlch have reached Washington this evening, by express msil, are two small printed sheets, of four pages tunb, headed " < <>iit>stacioneshabl das entre el supremo gobierno Mexicano, el General sn Ctsfe del ejerclto Amerlosno, y el ( ouitsii-uado do loa Estados-l'uldos." (Tbe gotlatlon held between the supreme government of Mexioo. and the general In-chief of the American nruiy and the commissioner of tha II nlted State*.) These el'ht pages contain notes from General Moot I and Santa Anna, the various details of the negotiation, and the project of a treaty submitted by I Mr. Trlst. ,llut wn must defer then* details till Monday. It appears trout this i.tatonient that the Mexicans Insist upon a world of indemnification*?for what our army has don? In their towns and villwgee.and for lo?s<* sustained by the people in thecountry Kveu th* inirehiei* perpetrated by thrlr ?wn guerillas we are to make good ' A* to territory and boundaries, they are equally short of the mark. th?v f>rnt. ,l??miin#1e(l that. iu? iurt t>f th? Iu. twnen the llraroand the Nuwn was to be oonalders4 a? a part of Texa*. Then th?-y appear ?o far to hare noaifl-'t their propoeitiona, that after running a line a few league* from the eoa?t from the Bravo to tba Nu*hk, they run lip the middle of that river (the Nueoei) till tli*y atrlke the 37th degree of latitude, and thenoa to thrt I'ttoillc o<*ean M/ Trlxt submitted his project, after which follow the coiinter-lnstruetion* of Manta Anna, embracing the boundary proportion we have just stated,of the Ath of September; and thara the matter seems to bare ended. There in no account of tba final rejection or disposition of tbeae several prnjttt. Whether the nrtcotUtlon died away of Itself. or, tba armistice belon broken, the matter tell with It, does n<>t appear, as lar an we are advlcd from the printed sheets before us. * >d? impression i? i?*ii upon us, irom mi wnoie 01 tne letters and papers before us -and that la, that they do not contirgi tlic report* that we have heard of the violent resistance made by the Mexican*, or the great loas on our side, or (ien. Worth * wound. The leperoa and the women figure more In thene account* than their regular troo|-, or even their guerilla* [Correspondence of the .New Orleans I'alta ] Vic a* I'iv/.Mciico, 8<pt. 14, 1817. .since my lout the parties In the Quartermaster's D?partuieut hare been kept rather busy bare In sending up ' train*, troop*, fco , nut only to "clear the traok," bat to keep It clear between here and tha National Brldga, In order to prevent tbo?e frequent and Texatioua anuoyances which bare *o constantly been mat with by oar late train* going up. and etpecially by tha reinforcement which was on ill way up. undrr command of Captain Well*, for the purpose of fulfilling a requisition made on the (Governor by Major for help. The first tralu I mentioned a* having left, In my advice *ent you |>?r the McKlm, the train (under command of Lieut, ( ol, Hughes) to<.k complete poaaeaalon of tha National Bridge the great stronghold of the guerrillas, and the soene of father Jarauta * great generalship, In the matter of Capt Wells, Jarauta had 40<)0 men and Wells liad not niore than one-eighth the number. Col. Hughes'command, which ni xt came up, took poMepsion of this point after firing twenty-four rounds shot anil shell Into the enemy's ranks. which were immediately after scattered with confusion and dismay. Tha minutia oi this little skirmish hsve not ? "yet transpired, hut they are such a* doubtless will red ct honor on tha command. Col. Hughes' command - as composed of tha mounted voluni*?rn and li^coa'* K angers. In all about 4<H> men. Tb?u*xt train which w-ut up cn'alatad of 47 wagoua, on'- company of tin* - J llliin ia volunl?ar* i"l> dctarhro>>ot of iba mounu d lUaftvraJn roinnii i of Captain Katrrhlli; tb??y rracl.'d tbu National Br. l/n (Falrehitd holdln* ih? I?ont ol e tmmaadar of tli* adTiturn gu*rd 11 thf way KolDff ?oJ ooniiog) in imrfrnt <afa ty. Colour I l oltluo h*l tb?Mmuu<l of tniit train. mi! mtprnurd hiiut^lf rathar In high curiplluo:,tary tern* of Capteln KairoblH* conduct on theoacaaton. Tb? Uil?d train want up ?ti Friday butt, and b?< ??t jrot r?t urnml It r jnatatro of y.i wagona and i i eort of about Sjo troofa; tbiy w?tit up undar th? m funand ?>f Capt ll?tt??im?n, ind b -rn uoi ywt raturaad. Atntber train, tt la aip?ct*<). mil !. ** h?r* Uvt? >r row or ii8*tday ai.d It la b?tll?*?d that the Qnar>?rJ maxtvr Intanda to n*tabh?h a dapotfor foraga, mula*, kc., at Sau Juan about tlx l?*tfu-a dintant from tirraa J pr?a?nt?d u b-tng a moot diltghUul altuatlon. writ waurad.and *xtr*u?Hly haaliby Onr of Pant* * hactonda* la a jacMit to Ihn plaer and ia i>pr*a?r t?4 t > m? aa t.ilnac a *?ry d> ligbttul dwrllinfU'laca; tbadw*li.?< itaalf baing, although alu|l? lo dttlgu. of alagulaf beauty Intta app?araui?v It w?a thara. wlirn tna ?nabailment of Vara Crui waa waging by Oeuaral JKoH

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