Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 25, 1847, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 25, 1847 Page 1
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T H ] U liuli No. 4(Mil. BOWEHY THEATRE?CHK18TMA8 AFTKHNOON 'E" F OH VI AN' K?Tommecai (J at 1 o'rlock, with the thrilling drntna of JACK HHEPPJCKD. the Notorious Homebreaker 4 ii|t? Ouicei. <k.c dtc Alter which tl>?comedy of I he L VD V THE DEVIL To couclode with the NAIAD QUEEN. Erexiug Performance to commence at 7 o cl ck wifli ihe tragedy ol J AN B SHOKE. Alter which, bouijv Dmcee & .Sic. To lie followed by the ballet of LA t H, aiid couciude with PUTNAM, the Iron Son of '7fi ! _ BlfffKHT THICATMft ?A.W J4CSMM Maaxiier; Slam Mnv?rcr, Mm Krirmi?Mnturdtv Evening, Dee.26. the perform<uce will r?>inmeiiee with the tragedy of JANE bHOMfc? Duke ofUloater, Mr '> ilton; Uumotu, J. H. Hall; Lord llmtiogi, i; W. Clarke; Jme Shore, Mr* Phillip* After which, the burleique extravagmzi of LA CHIHELLE ?' hi-elle, Vlr. Burke; Albert Duck, Mr. Htivena; Mri. Ma tiU<; V!r? Itro^dley. To couciude with the uational drama of PUTN ^ M?(Jen. Wmhimton. Mr Bellamy; (Jen. Putmm Steven*: Captain S'llmii Mr. Borke; Kate Putnam >!r?. Hurt ertnDil I)-x.ra open at ?Uttrtain nsei at 7. voxel 35 canti: Pit i?"d Oallery I2K cent*. ( ^ II VI'HAM THEATRE.?UadariJi* Management of Mt .* k'LK'lCHICK ?Sn?e Maunger, ivir Hielii.?On Saturday Afternoon, Dtc S'illi. 2>? o'clork. the diama of the WHEN JJU Vrt? K<1 wjrd Fit* oy, W. Hield; Emily Bury, Mil. MeLean: ? aihirn.e Bu-y, Mint Hililreth After whirh, the MODEL aRTIiTEb in their admired Tableaux Vivanti T i ronclnile with the inuvn g repie<euta'ioni of the BATTLM.S OK MEXICO?. Suurdiy E?euiug, D?c. 25th. th? jie-f irm.uire to commence with SrATE JJf.UKETb?Hugh JVevillr, Mr. Staffo.d. After which. Model Artntri To he f i'Ii w-d oy the le reient itions of the Battlei of Mexico. To couclnde with ihe fOllTY I'HIKVEH?lluitnc, M . X>?ld Door* open it 6X; performance to coroineuce at 7 o'el'Tk. Koxei 25 eu? Kit. I2X ca. PM.MO'* OPERA HOU8E?Suorday Evening. Dec 2i. will hearted the laughable Fare* of LOVE 1^1 LIVE V?Paul Patei t, Mr < naptnan; Violet, Mra. Abbott To be full wed by the Grand Ballet of N A I'HALIE? Nathii lie, Mile. Aoguita; Ls omie, Modi Krederick. Dating the e??o'MK 8I NU1NO. To conclude with the Karce ?f THK HEViE W? Looney Me I'wolier, Mr. Dyott. Caleb (Quotum Mr ? hnpuitn; Grace, Mri Ahhott. I ncea?Kirn Tier aud I'u'qnette, V) cent*: Secoiid Tier, 23 cent!. d2J BKOAUWAV THEATRl?CHKI8TMA8 NIGHT? Suutdty Evening, Dec. 2). will be performed the tragedy of GEORoE B AHNIVkLl?Geoige Barnwell, Mr. Fleming; Thorcn^hgood. Vache; I ruiaan. Ki gilev: Milwood. Abl Hield; Lury, Mri. Watti. To be fol'owed by Hnin ira 'iocim and Blgnor Morra, in I'tvnriie dancea. Aft r whirh, the fares of VOuNG AMERICA?Col Martinet, * " ' *? -i i,-.. M__ n...v.?i :?ir. V cue; UflSNuwsy, ,*ir I/'HUIU, ,?u?. Mm ."eigeaut; M'?. Smdrr, Mrj. Wiiut.iuly. To conclude with th? Pas Seul I* Uitaua, br S'gaora Ciocca. Dress Circle n.nt I'diq lelte, Kam;ly Circle. (U tier,) 50 ceuU; Upper 11 xes. 2> cents; < Jallery, I2>? cents. Doors open at 6>? o'clock, performance to touiineuce m T ,\1 !'IVUKLL'S OL, VMKICjTHEATKE? Saturde y Eve J* I niUK- U-e. 2}, tiie performances will commence with PUIDE "K THE MAUKfcT?Is-dore K.iiine. Air. Holland; Muouisde Volange, Mr. Arnold; Martou, Mary Tavlor? Atfer wh'Cli. for |iK<* Itth t'me, UP^KRKDW HOUSE IN D13AS CUU PLACE-A la Mode. Mr. Chanfran; Jemie Twitcher, Esq Mr.Conover; Lutestring. Miss MaryTay'or; Bitm. Mis* Pnillips After which the extravaganza of THIS HOU*E TO BE SOi.O?Mr. Chattertou Chopkins, Mr HollipH; Resdem^na, Mist v try Taylor. To conclude with ROB IN 90 N i^KUSOE 2 N U? Marmaduke Snodgrass, Mr Holland: Clemeniioa, Miss Mary Taylor. Dress Circle, SO CU; Hi>p?r Boxes 2*>c: Fit. !2Kc _ AS TOR PLACE OPEKA?Monday. December 27tl>. will be presented Donizetti's Opera, iu three acts, of LUCIA Di LAMERMOOR? Lord Henry A*hton, H'r Ferdinando O Beiievejlano; Lucy ol I.amermuor, Sig'ra Terssi Tiuffi: Sir E Um "f Uaveuswntd 8'r Beuedet.i; Lord Arthur Bucklaw, S'r Felix Uenovesi; Raymond. H'r Settiinio Rosi; Alice, SU'ra Angiola Moia; .Norman, 8'r fellipoo Albertazzi.? M lesrro Duettore. tfiguur Ba-illi. Leader of the Orch'stra, HiKiior Hapetti. Boxrs. Parquet, and Balcony. $1; Amphitheatre, 30 cent* Box Office open m htlf past 8 to 12 o'clock, atrial No 2 Wall street baseme it from 1 to 3. Doors open ?t 7 o'clock. To commence at half past 7 CMRCUS-BOWKKY AM PHI PHEATRE?CHRIST/ mil dav. Three performances. Morning at 10?Afleruooiai 2?Evening at 7. The entire Troupe' of Pauds, Leut, end Co.: the regular circus company ; all the ponies, dancing h isci, Su. Boxes 2J cu. Pit 2}?cU. d2.'< It ?rrc !\ C ?CHANI'-H' HALL. 472 liroadwar. herweae OiMi j* I. and Uridine street*. Crowded to overflowing with the Dr.AUM fui'i r anniun 01 inew ioi?. urin r. v mw NIGHT fe'NABATKD SUCCESS Twelfth Week of the Original ..HRISTY'S MlNSTllKLo The Olde?t Ee tiMwnad Baud in the United ftates A. C CHRISTY K I'KIRCE. -J. N- (JURIST V C. ABBOTT. J. RADNOR. T. VAUGHN. S. A. WELLS, whose original and inimi table cm luertt ar? cinhtty honored with crowded and highly fWpMtMM audmices, and universally admitted to eicel tve'T ainmrmeut ol a similar character offered in thie city Admission 2i cent! Children under 16 years, half price Jim t ' it 2, coic-rt will commence at 3 o'clock Oa Chriitmis l>?y an Afternoon Concert. Doori open at 2 o'clock, C<>n:rr will i-oiniii'Bce at 3 o'clock d 19 7t*rc BitOAOWAY OOEON?Entrance i.t nngh Pinteux's Saloon?Under the in umsement of \lr. E. (J. Gbeklt.? this ".veniinr, December 2). U47?The QKEEK SLAVE will b? presented ih.s evening. Purl I?The KiHIOl'IAN 11AK MOM HTd.wli i will apoesr in a variety of Songs <ilees, lie from, Solos, and Dances. Parti?New IABLE4UXVI' V AN l'H, or Lir uk .Male and Female Kigu-es, by the .Moi el Aitiiti luclu liux, am >ii?otherKroiipiuea, "Messacie of St Bartholomew." \iornitiK Bur, " Neptune Rising from tlie S-. i " ' The Mavpole Dance," and a Grand National Tableau in Honor of the United State*. Orcheitra Box, 50 cents, Pargnett. ?5 wnni Bikn. 12K cent*. al>r AMEBIC IN MUBEUML-P.T. BaKITOM, Proprietor: W. Hitchcock, Manager.?Christmas Day, Saturday, Dec. ti, Koi teen epieaaid M'lormlaMi, the ft rat MMUMMfoc at 10 o'clock in the moi uuz, and repeated every hour, day and evening ? I?he Manager is pleated to preseut the following mifuiOsect attractions to thoM of Ins friends and patrons who luojiii ipcuding a Me.ry Christmas at hie Emporium of all tha' ii Rsre, Curious, and /vinising. CAMPiltLl.'8ETM1OIIaN SKRh.NA -ERS, appear in a choice and inteiesting virirtv ofs > i Ki. cho>u>e'. utrei. dttucej. Stc. A * > euKHired tlut celebrated Va ikee romedun.OREAT YVF.8TERN.who will appear hi an entire New C >mic Melange, iu which he ru t .mi the riiaractrr of an Unpolished Yankee. which cmno*. fill t.i keep the house in n roar of I lughter. Aim engaged lor a hort lim#, ji beautiful |1V0RY CRUCIFIX, from Cue III' the first m uteri m Italy. It mi)' be seen at all hour* ever? tit* evening, from 8 A. M. 10 10 P. M. Iu addition, the following: performers ae engaged: Mri. Monell. Miss Ucnii d. Miis Julien, Misi Whitlm k, Danseuse; Mr. Whitloc*. Mr. Johnson; Midim Kockwrll, Famous Fortune Teller VV '? M d'l ol'the Human Body. to be seen trivately at an czU ' <k r(? of &'i ceiiU. Admission to the whole, tneuiy five cesta; chiMreu urJsr ten years of n?e and old cr.i?n-(i. w v.-slk alone, coats. Reserved Iroat seats. one Bhillint' ?*eh e*lra. d I r U'JMJlV RVKNINO CONCERTS.?NIBLO'8 ALHA iR I ALOON.?The undesigned. Leader of flie cieb atad " Saratoga Music Band," at the requeit of numerous families, lesiiei't'ullv announces th t h? has mide arrangements '"i'li Mr. John Niblo, proprietor of the above elegant 0 labl ihment to give a s*ries of Mundav Evening < oncerts, dnnug the winter leuou?consisting of 8aeied Music, viz ONItrMi PM>ftWlk Arias, OiatlWi Cbonuo*. lie. Sic , f. in he works of llaydu, Handel, Mor.irt, Beethoven. 1 i hi Vltndelseohn. Kauini,end Bellini The generally ** n e seil ip |i a or the public npoa the merits of UIU ve Jla-J, *hs 1 engtged at Saratoga, his induced Mr. Schneider tie ttr into the ab ve arrangements, and he confidentlT trusts th t acorresponding return will be tntde by a liberal . nd disr.-r .i g public Ticket* of admission 2) cents. The grand i i in.miifice t y illiiiuiuaied a d ladies and gentiemeu cm bt i iefresiiin:nta of the h ghe.ttorder, with careful and r sjifctful attendance. To commence at p it seven each Bauds?even.ii.-. ?J SCHNEIDER. d?S2t?rc M Ei.'I DEO N', 53 BO Hr H UV - M E'U!V ( HRM I'M AH i here will he t?nr grand peiformances on Christmas l>iy. fi-rihe icccminod liou of Inilmsand children, coinmenrin . - fo'l wi, i ix : ? Morning, at II o'clock ; two in the after im 'ii, c inmencing at I o'clock and 3 o'clm k ; oue In th" evening, at 7 o'clock. The eiitertiiumenui will consist of Ethinj. a. performance, n w songs, glees, choruses eHempor?neout siyiugi. sr Irs, statue, Negro dancing, Sic, Sic., by the celebrued and jnstty popular Eihinpian Minstrels. All mi-, mii <> .!> sixpence. it-K o. wuii'K, rronrietors. 'Uil'tr H\LL <?K NO V ELT V?Coruer of* Centre and Peail 'reus. Ptif i inancn ut 2 o'clock thin d'!V, t]V the Yirtfiuii Minstrels and the Peatl Bell-ringers ; Mr. 8auson Coui'C nd Sentimental Hiuicr-. Mm Cordelia, and Urau'l .Watch Dntmea by FUnnery ltichards m. Admission 8X n ?. Modal Arth'i in till Iww>|, d2i't*ie AT THE HALL OK NOVKLTV, corner of Centre and j l'cvl irreriii. Every evening, Tableaux Vivants, or the living Viod'l Artiitrs, mule and lemnle superior to any ever offered 111 this ci'y. Al<n, tlie Virginia Minslrels; Mr. 8anj')U, C?ai?Mu(Ofl vtm Cordelia and the Cenl Urli Higners. Ad mission uue shilling. I) jors open at S, curtain rise* at 7, precwely dIS It*re FV?U \ HIInRT TIME LONGER?MRS PEL BY'8 r?lebr?te<l collect on of Heiip'tiral Statuary, consisting of Hi ! I. Mo vuig groups, renresen nig important anil interesting ?nl)jfci?, tlu * i'. of life:?The Tri -1 of our favionr. The Li>t u^pir, Tuc flirtli of Christ, The Moral Hcene of the I 'e* (u?.it? Family?is cow opeu at 411 Broadway, late Willi., i x Musi K'mmi, opp< site the A polio, every day. from II A M to 10 !' M Ailtnitt nice 2^ cents. Ou the Habbaih, aire* tin : >(! ?ei\ica, from ti. I'. M. tj 10, P. M. Children half jjr dM it'rc WLNU'f d i . THE \ PRE, Philadelphia?Leasee, Mr. K. lirsball.Manger, Mr. J. Wallace, Jr.?I'liritinas Night ? Kamtil iv Evening. December J , will be perform, ed lie*,. entitle,I K il AL CURIOSITY?Old WilHint Mr J VV, Walltek; Yomig Wilmot.Mr Wlica'ley; Ran i II, Mr Kicliiuti; Agnes, Mrs J \V. iVallsck fter which the .i;?r.Mir. si '. iu le el THE FAIR ONE WITH TMK tiOLUK.NLt.CK3 Toconclude with YOUNU AMERICA ffViK OR- vr I'HOTTINO MAT" H BETWEEN 1 iPTON AND L\ Y il/KKOLK for $1000, two in 'e hrati. m liarnras will p isitive y take place, cn I ueidty > ex ., 211 h ctt t 1 all pant one o'clock, I' VI , >t the Ui inn ' ourir, L I T?e c riwill be ready at I o'otock, to cnuvey persons in the tiack, ittorniug immediately after the leruim 'Hi.- | .1 dJ3 It *Je NtVi-.l. 1 i INTK&BsTINt).?1The new and Comical (.fxne of IJr. Fn .by, for s.ile, at wholesale, by BKNJ A*il\ I. Vv .'lENCK, Imrariemf Stationery and-ancy Articles, '7 Kultoa st At rci.ii, by all booksellers and stationers. c _ Lt..iK.\ i' AN VKY 01 HUB?Signer AMonio MpiMttOf in now r xhihit r * lilt w on'Je r f it 11 y tiaii.ed birJa to the i ubI No ,'S It oadwav. r.enly opposite the Theatre, over J W Tr t*.v'.1 c-itvet store, a' 10 end i2 A M|ind3,t 7 and 8)4 T. M rThis is a muit be.ntifm exhibition, end astonishes as vp, o pi - ,ses a.l?Tidies in pirueular. Admission ?rente; chile KB kill price J25 6t* r |> l77T> < v'TSt.v "BOWLING ALLKY?Oreat iport for ') -no Holitliyi "ec. I ect 41 V?iey street. between < .linrcli ami < h well. Price I2K cents a sri?g. iiai fit* rc ? |L i O'lXr.* MEijIJUt.U > . A,xl> Ai/oUHUtVI t VMS .?Toe subscriber, manufacturer and importer of J 'n.ica' I straineuti, bai f >r i ile a large assortment of Aeeor<i? .? M?:l )i!eoni, and Miniiil Buei. and nil kindi of Musical i lCrumente. KDWARD BA \CK, 111 f'nlton street. corner of f in d - reel1 dl* Ml*m v>TL_Ni)I ' hose wood forte fob ?' -lAI^.-An elegant finished snri'rior toneil, octeve, G >rhie cue annel and ? and I'iano Korle, made to order, b/ one of tilt first Dukers in Germany, is offered fnr sale at a rery ?, i e -<; bagai", $*MI, being rich 1ir worth over <3i0. The Pinuo i la b? *"?i. r.te.l to be, for tone, touch, and fioiih a < it > tu.isnor instrument, and may beieen at 111) Spring. bet veei. L"irens a1 d Tnompson streets. dl4 I2t*rc PT 'Mil KOUlK-i KDll II IKK ?J V' RTSbEH30Si, itiaaulai lurer of Piano Fortes, i>9 Broadway. |i ? C""itantly o,i hnnd au Assortment of superior rosewood I I .p.'h ga.iy P lino fortes, kept t ipreisly for hire. r ?iv? ni well "elected stock of new and regular Music. ; t.i i ,< i ,i iar Strings, fco , H'.? Broadway, between Hpring ee uneti ,ln Ht'rrc ; jp'i HI3TU n ril MONITOR, FOR CHRIlT1 M V -piesr: 'a to its pifrons i lieautifuI end poefiesl paI . r .*i i ' i:ic ccmv.l nl't liristmas; Criticisms on Mait jo- I! ii, ; , 'l ft? Itsliana; Baltimore Letter,slightiketelies , . I'.lc.t Vtilfiiirton Letter, excellent; Onion iijIiI i i cs'ing, Stories, Tunch undo her matter. BfcRFOKD & CO , No. a Attoi Houit, au 3t* "If II.1!!!!' U JL'liF-'lU' " Jll. l Ji E NE NEW Complimentary Dinner to Lieutenant James Decatur Potter. At (even o'elook yesterday evening, a numerous and highly respectable oompany began to assemble in tbe ant?-room at Rathbun'a Hotel, in Broadway. This was a dinner given in compliment to Lieut. James Decatur Potter, on bia return from Mexloo, after sharing in the sufferings, tbe wounds, aad the glories of our victorious army. A band of musio, striking up its animated tunes, led tbe way to the dinner room, and tbe ooinpany being seated. fail to upon the rioh rep&st The oletb being removed, tbe chairman read several letters received by the committee of invitation in reply to letters of invitation despatched by them. These let-, tera were received in Wms highly flattering to tbe invited guest. Tbe following were some among the names in reply to the invitations of the committee?Mr. Weiker, Secretary of the Treasury, Mayor Bradv. Major Raynes, of Governor's Island. Prosper M. Wetmore, Icaac Molver, W. J. Hudson. General Ewlng, Ueo<-ge P. Morrip, General Storms, Jamea T. Brady. The President thin read the following regular toasts: ? ' The President of the United States," (which was draok amid loud and enthusiastic obeers and hurras ) "The Uovernor o' the State of New York." " The Mayor of New York " " The American Army," waa next toasted and drank, with music and great applause The President of the meeting, John B. Haskin, Ksq , then rose, and after some very happy and pertinent remarks. which were greatly 'applauded, gavo the followin/, which was the fifth regular toast: " Oar guest, J. Decatur Potter?We welcome you? thrice welcome you ? baok to your native otty You left us, a noble son ! ? your valor on the field of battle has given you a prloeless manhood ! May your summer be long, and your evening serene " The toast being given, the muslo played the tune of, "See Ml* Conquering Hero oomes," in strains of exciting melody; whereupon Lieut. Potter arose and addressed the company as follows : ? Grntlrmrn? In rising to respond to the toast just drank, I am embarrassed beyond expression; my feelings, but not my lips, can alone translate the sentiments of my heart. llaving just returned from the seat of war, somewhat disabled, I am illy calculated to entertuin you by any remarks; indeed, previous to my arrival, l bad thought that I would be enabled to retire, to th* privaoles of life, and there recruit my health; but soaroely had I set my font within my native oity, when I discovered that there was no rest for me. Krom the evening of my return, to the present time, It has been oontinual scene of congratulation and joy Scenes like these, have amply repaid ma lor uny little hardship I may have enoountered with the regiment to whioh l had the honor of being attached. During my sojourn m Mexloo. I Indulged In the fond hope, that one day I should return to the home of my ohlldhood, and shake by the hand my friends and acquaintances, but never, in my most ardent moments, did I auticlpate an hour like this?never did l suppose that the friends of my youth, the companions of my boyhood, would gather around to welcome my return in this way?never did i suppose that they would be even rivalling each other in this, their manifestation of friendship. Never did I Imagine that my memory would be refreshed by such an oocaslon, nor the reminiscences of the past, invoked, by the presence of those, who, in bygone days, were wont to join In the j oys of my youth To me, gentlemen, l assur* you, it is a scene of which I feel proud, and never can I, whether in publio or private life, erase its Impression from my memory. Whatever praise may be bestowed upon my feeble efforts while aiding in the defvuoe of my country, in a foreign I Anil mirrnnnHail all |V>. ,1... ,1 it. inveterate enemy could desire, allU truth and justice constrain me to declare that I did but my duty. It was | the late of the 1st regiment of New York volunteers to have suffered beyond comparison, and with truth they oan say. " They came, they saw, they conquered." To the regiment, and not to any Individual member, must be attributed the glory and the pride of having done ltd duty. From Its chivalrlo commander down to the pri- j vat*, all, all have done their duty: to My less, to say more, would be injustice to one, to all. Their glory is the glory of the regiment; It enclrolea its brow; t&at circle cannot be changed without destroying ita beautiful proportions, its truth-like symmetry. They have Hustainnd the flag; they have not disgraoed their State Would that the remnant of that regiment were here, to participate in this banquet of the heart; would that they orere here, that you might behold premature veterancy, 1 the campaigners in the war of Mexico. But enough? their fame is of their country?they require no eulogium at my bauds. But, in conclusion, gentlemen, and to you the afsocialw of my boyhood, whose presence ooojures up the rtooileotions of the pass, accept the grateful and hearttelt thanks of one who can appreciate, hut not express, the impression your ktnduess has made upon him The following toasts were then given in their order, and urank with loud applause : ? '-The American Navy?She o ourts a long odda to develope her power?abe oommanda but a vessel for ever; year of her existenoe, yet laughs defiance at the world " Music?"The Star Spangled Banner." ' Our Generals In Moxioe?Ably Tying with the (toman age." Music?"March to the Battle Field " "The Volunteer* of our Army, fever ready, and 'never surrender.' " Musio?"Taylor's Quickstep." ''The American Eagle? The idol of the warrior's thought, The emblem lii the van " Music?"The Flaunting Flag of Libert*." "The Gallant Dead?A grateful people mourn their loss?their epitaphs are inscribed upon the hearts of their countrymen." Music?' Dead March " " The Yankee?An embodiment of all raoes, 'all sciences, all kinds, all notions-and a very good model at that." Musio?"Yankee Doodle " ''Lord Chatham's prophecy fulfilled?t>ery knee on earth now bows to the precepts isouloated In the Declaration of Independence." Music?"Awake to Glory." "Woman?Man's first, man's last, man's heat support." Musio Let the Toast be dear Woman." Mr. Judion, commonly called ' Ned Buntline," addressed the meeting In some brief and happy remarks, returning thanks on behalf of the Navy for the honor doae them. Mr. Judson oonoluded with offering a tout highly complimentary to Lieut Sweeny. who, with his friend, Lieut. Potter, was, of oourie, present on the occasion. Lieut Swerkt returned thanks in a happy and felicitous strain Colonel Burnktt then returned thanks in a speech which was received with delight, and olloited reiterated applaute. After a number pf other volunteer toasts, at a late hour the company separated, and the honored guest was escorted to his home arid quarters. The Presentation of a SwortI to Major Dyckinan. A select and numerous meeting of the friends of tills distinguished offl-jer, who has reaped a fair proportion of the national laurels in the Mexioan war, met last evening at Tammany Hal), for the purpose of paying a suitable compliment to the gallant Major, and presenting him with a sword, epaulettes, and a suitable entertainment. At ft o'cloc k, P. M the oempany were introduced by General Arcularlus to the apartment seleoted for the occasion In Tammany Mail The company, on taking their seats, were called to order by Mr. Osgood, who aoted as President, who made an appropriate address. Major Dvckmii replied as follows : ? " Sir Accept my warmest acknowldgments for the very flattering oompllraent that vou have been pleased to pasH upon me, and I accept with pleasure, t.heso testimonials of regard from my former associates Believe me, sir. no time can efface from ray memory the kindness I have ever experienced at their hands I am not ablest o dwell upon the subject; my feelings will not admit of it To meet the approbation of my fellow-countrymen Is the wsrmest wish of my heart, and while God spares me. my best energies shall be devoted to the Interest of my native land " The sword is a magnificent specimen of art, on whloh is the fellowlng inscription ' Presented ,to Msjor (?*asrT Dvcrmaw. by hit former associates In the Register's otBce of the city and oounty of New York, In approbation of hii gallant conduct In the war with Mexico Deo 14, 1817 " Col Burnett, Capt H. Knnis, and several distinguished citizens, were present *n the occasion, nod made appropriate speeches. The sparkling ohampagne flew about in all directions In profusion, and toasts were drank and responded to in appropriate remarks. Msjor Dyokman was highly oomplimented hv Col. Burnett for his gallantry and noble service*. The gallant colonel, on the occasion, also paid > high tribute to the prowess of 'ur voluntesr foroe, whtoh be complimented as being a most t ffecttre arm of the service. The oompany then retired. Tiieatrp; kepirnucan.?Washington ?The mani>grr of this establishment, Mr. J. K. I'olk, annoiinces, that It is now open to the public, and will continue to give those entertainments which have so amused the people, subject to the Interruptions of a few balls which will be given to the Mexicans,?who will. In the end. after dancing without muslo, be obliged to pay the piper. The following persona form the administration of the establishment:? Lessee Mr. J. K. Polk. Prompter Mr <1. M. Dallas Acting Manager and Treasurer.. .Mr R..( Walker. Door-keeper Mr. Martin Ranahan Box-keeper Mr. fleldea. Call-boy Mr. Ritchie. Chief of Supernumeraries Mr J Y. Maccn Director of Military Ballet Mr. Marcy. Betne-sbifttr Mr Buchanan Property-man Mr. Clifford Stage Manager Mr Cave Johnson. In addition to the former strength of the company, the following personi have been engagod for the season Kor the leading business. Mr Dallas; for the heavy business. Mr Dixon H. Lewis; for clown and buffoon, Mr. J 1) Westcott; for funny old lady, Mr*. T. H lien ton; for leading old lady, Mrs J C Calhoun In rehearsal. "The Road to Ruin"?parts Lv nil the company; "The I'avll to Pay, ' and ''All In the wrong. ' Nearly ready, " The Tempest," and " DlsagieeabU Surprise " Will be shortly produced, " The Poor Soldier ?the principal part by Colonel Haskell. At the close of the managerial term, the public will be shown ' 9?oreU worth Knowing .??John Donkey. ?mmmmmm? W YO YORK, SATURDAY MOf American Art Uiilon?UUtrllmUou of Plttnie*. The annual distribution of the pictures which hare been purchased by the manager* of the Amerioan.Art Union during the last year, took place laat evening at the Tabernacle. At the time appointed fur the distribution to take plaoe, we found that very ypaoious dlSce very fnuch crowded, probably not less than three thousand persona being present, which number was gr.atly increased during the evening. At seven o'clock precisely,Col. WiTMOir addressed the aesemblsge as follows Members of the Art Union?Ladies and gentlemenIt is a very great pleasure in meeting you at this anniversary, for me to say, that the operations of the institution for the year, whioh closes to-night, have been eminently successful, and when the report of the committee of management will hive been read. I am persuaded you will join me in oordlal gratification in our success in promoting the line arts The number of subscribers for the year 184tJ, is four thousand four hundred and fifty, being an increase on the list of tbe preceding year of one third When the books closed at 1 o'clock this afternoon, they exhibited a noble anicreitate of nine thousand nine hundred and sixty-six members. (Applause.) May I not congratulate you an>l the friends of a national school ot painting, and cry lover of the arta, on this auspicious result* With a vinr to eoonomy of time, I have written down the few observations that seem to me to b? called lor on this oocaaion. A large amount of business la before ua ; the neoraaary burlaeaa of the evening muat oontinue f>r aereral hours, and 1 ahali detain you but a few minutes iu aaying what I intend to nay on thia oocaaion Mr Wetmoru then read ? long document on the affairs of the Union, tbe progress of the flne arta. ko. Mr. Wetmork then said. that in oonsequence of the increaae of membera within the laat five days. ihecommittee of management bad determined to add to the catalogue of piotures twenty-three additional paintinga, which announcement wu reoeivod with much gratification. Mr. Horned thon read the report of the committee of management tor the paat year, from which we gathered, that at the laat annual meeting the number of pictures distributed was one hundred and forty-Ave, and at the present meeting the number will be two hundred and seventy two,and fifty medals in silver.and two hundred and fifty in bronze.aod there will ulso be diftrlbuted a beautifully exeouted engraving Tbe receipts have been fortyfive thousand dollars. Onehundred and sixty three additional necretaries have beea appointed during the year, making the whole number three hundred and three, and fresh correspondents have been established in every part of the oountry. The report gave a very llattering account in cither respects, of the welfare or the society, and reoom mended among other things, tbe purchase of the fee ef the premises occupied by the Union on Broadway, aa a gallery The oommittee of management have exercised their beet judgment in the selection and purohase of works of art, and though they oannot claim to givo general satisfaction, they have honestly sought to disL charge their duty, and not a single pioture of merit, except such for which exorbitant charges were demanded, was not purobased They have given preference to original picture*, and particularly to >uoh as distinguished this country from nil others The report concluded by referrlug to the objects for which the American Art Union was framed, and stated tbat from the progress it has been made, there is no doubt the annual receipts will soou amount to the sum ot lit ty thousand dollars ; and that in the opinion of the trustees, artiets would be Justified in attempting higher sulijeots thau they have heretofore done, and regretted that so little attention had been paid to hlstorio art. (Some big-ing and applause ) 1'hilif Ho*k, E?q , then rose, and said that it was his duty to put the <(uesticn on the acceptance and report of the committee, which was dona, and the report was aooepted. The treasurer's report was then read, from whloh we learn that the rooelpls were as follows : ? Cash from 'J0B6 members $48,330 CO do sale of catalogues 410 41 do sale of 3 India proofs 0 00 *43,761 41 DliBl'RIEMF.NTI. Balance from 1840 $1,616 33 Kspensrs for 272 works of art, 300 medals, to. 34.261 37 I'rintlng annual report, ko 1,000 00 Commission paid to honorary secretaries. , .. 2,217 2!) Kxpenses for freight and advertising 408 78 Commission paid to city collectors 1 016 00 j itenta and salaries 1,668 33 Hoses and freight 760 no rrlntiog and advertising 1.0*8 77 Stationery 224 3m I'ostagH 280 13 I'lsuransn 7#/> Kxpenses for gas, fuel, freights feto 91 Ualanoe In treasury 1,747 67 $48761 41 The report of the committee of nomination for a managing committed for the enduing year, was then read by Mr Houuey. The names of the gentlemen nominated u ra M.nru II.,.... l uairunn.. v.II. < .1.1?. >1.1 11 _ , v?ra?u, v >1 1UUC11. Kruaer. anil Wetinore. Mr. Wetinore theu announced that Mesars Sohxnck and Wm H. Havemeyer bad kindly consented Co ouperiot?nd the distribution, and that two young ladies, Miss Mary Karley and Misa Maria llardell (applause) had likowipe consented to draw the ballots The pictures are to remain on the walls till the thirty-first oi the present month. As soon as this announcement was made, Miss Farley and Miss llardell, Interesting young ladles oi about twelve years of age, were conducted to the platform fur the purpose of conferring good luck on all, whose names they should draw from th? wheels Tfie distribution was made iu the following manner: Wltbin one large wheel, similar to those used In lotteries, were a number of cards numbered, so as to curreapond with the number of subscribers, whose names were entered in a book with a number attaohed. These eards were drawn by one of the young ladies, and the number aunounotd. This gave the person's name. In another wheel were two hundred and seventy-two oards. uumbared from on* upwards, whloh were drawn in the name mauner by the other young lady. The second car4 denoted the number of the pioture, to whioh the person w>.s entitled. The following Is the result of the drawing, and we romarked that whenever an oflleer of the army or navy, or a lady was deolared to have drawn a picture, It was followed with marked applause. ( lie Jolly Rlntboatinau, by Bingham.. B. V<ui Sehaick. N . Y Jauetti Halls, i>?w Jariey, by Uropaey J. 11. Cliff >rd View lieu Frankfurt!I'a.. by II ( n.. N . ri. Kauney L.I t'e.iusylrauia Teamster, by Uatiiey. .J.J. Hayaer, Mew Yurk. View nn the Dry Kuu, on the Miami, Ohio, hy Kyle .J. 8. baufurd, Mew York The lii'liau'i Vetera, by Hurauii. ....C ohaffe,-, New Yurk Hume in ih? V* ooda by Cole G. ijwight, Ma?a;ichiuetU Christ tiiviug Sight to ti.e liimd Man, by brown ...J. D Loch, New York. Bi>noi> Hid ley Denouncing the Princes* Mary, by llautiiitfton I". Towuieni, New York. V*i< w uear I'cekikill on the Hudson Uiver, by Uikiioui Mra. L. Perry, Newport. Lnud?ta|>e, View iu Ulster Ceuntv, New York. by Innei W. Kheiiirin, Jr. New York. View on the Hotuaiouic Hiver, Connecticut, by Jewrtt H.Owen, New York. TlM Youug I'tdlir, byCaffetty J.T. I'roiter, Km it 1'itce, by Wright J. B Todd. Ala Vie w uear Kiankill, N. Y , by VI. L. Vnn Burrn Scene bear Maib etowu, IS. v., bv luuea.,. I), liandill, N. Y. Knns of St. Auiliouya dispel, uear KdinouiKh?t >wu uf Leith aud the iMrth of frorlh ia the durance, by Crop?ey .Si-'.. Parson, I'a. View near Luna, in the highlands of Hcotland. by Cropaey W II. Kirbv, Maine. The Eagle's Nest bvUannev A. 15 hawa. Midi Christian and the Cross, Pilgrim's Pr igrets. hy Talbot H H. Lighter, Ohio. Landscape, by Innei Xanesville, Ohio. View ou the Delaware, by BoarteM, (i C. Seymour, Hudson . View (in the Uatikill, Amnion, by Buntelle, C J. H Biasett, Taonton. Mui Peril* of the Colonists in 1697. by -trams, H H Barrington, Providence Dead game, by Leouuri W. 11 Bennett. N. V . Laudsca, e, by Hoiitelle IS. C. Pickdt, Wateiford. 1 ne Ureal Wriieru iu the irreit xtle, by Bifh, ?. , , ... K.Avenll.N. V. Die t irst Sabbath of the Pilgrim*, by Mtttnon, ... .. . .. ,. . ? H. A. Jenks. Providence. View on the Cstskill Mountain Iload, by BitMelie. J. Johnioa. N. V. \r ftfcli'ngtou 4 MUtlOtt CO Itir uuirni 111 ... '7S3, by H?.iney .. A. O. Carle, Jericho View on the Hudson, near Weit IVint, by Wier W. C, N. Y, View near West Point, by Wier Theodore Beech, N. V H niters I*"nchnik?a scene iu Ontchess Co , by lewett l>r ;K. Deabtch, Ohio. Mahie'a Mill, Huckland Co. .V V. by Wothe spoon J. B. Cashing, Ohio. Pat Kianigau's faun, llockltud Co. by Woiberspaon ... .11. (Jray.lNew York. Spring ? Rurnmg Trees, in a girdled clearing?Western scene Summer?V road accident Thoruville, Ohio, ilirougn an opeiinn of the fureit, Aatqmn?Crossing the Kord. gigacI t.c Sycinjores, Owl creek, Ohio. Winter?Impeded traI Tellers, in a Pioe Forest. Canada, by Harve t, W. Wetherby, Boston Landscape by Cropsev W. Hichtnillen. Sea Piece, by Honlield Mist Se?m*u, CaUkill. Lmdscape, by Crop try L 11 O. Shone. N. \ ork Vie f on the Hudson, bv Oddie henry Wood, N Y ork Windmill near Newp-rt, H. I , by Moore. .? Famed, N. Y The Palisade Hocks. Hudson Kiver, by Harvey, i II istuig's L'uJmg, by Harvey H. O. Hart, N York. Like 8< ?ue, by Alc'.oiikey View near Cape .viay. !*. J , by Hamilton D. W. Talcott. Outside tlis Park gat? of St. Germain, by Harvey, J. K. Walton. The Pa k of Bt Oerin un. by ll?rvey U. B. Herring My lirandmother a studio, by Kowlsr.. . J. Lett Jr., N. I oik. i .-'cci.r, hv Moore A <Jovill. .N. York. Morning, by MeConkey r. B. Clarke, Alabama Uuir> and tulip*, by Harvey K, 8. Smart. N. Y. I aidscape composition. by Audrrvis.W. Hvan, August* B.jya ba'hing, by Harvey C. A. Htevens, Ma?s. Mlranv Kishermtn, by Heade Dr.J.U. Adams. N. Y. On the Deiawa'e river, by Moore... ,C. Oleau, Hto kbridtr Klower piece, by Hirvey E Andreas, N. Y. The Blacksmiths, by Olaas . . M. Rice. Worcester M<u Cromwell eihoitieg huwiptaiii* before the battle of Naeshy, bv Glass S San'otJ luliin boy, by Hhogogue ..BP Barronghi. N .J. Meir the Cliff Copper Mine, Michigan, by Har/r, B Nathan, Michigan Age's Revetis, Whit*. .U 8. Military Academy. West Point. Evening prayer, bv fh'go^oe... J. C. Dann, Rackets Harbor. Agate HarVtr, Lake Superior, mineral regicn.l by Harvey K Peek, Evening at Home,by White K. Carter. Ne? burgh Counnug the chrkena, by Sheg^gne.. W. 8 Wally, Pliilala. The Western Wild Klower, brshrgogue., C. Baldwin, Orange eonnty. Landscape composition, by Willi?m? l.audarape, on ihe Hudson, by Catferty.. W H.MoCrellia, Maine, Lindtcnpe, Mofuing. by Williams.... J. O. Kip. New York. V iew new Peterson ,N J., hr Tnlbot K it, tastman. Old Mill on fire, by Talbot J. Patton, Bath. Marine Shaw. 8un?et,by Talbot B K. Wheelwright, New Yoik. Scene at Home daring the carnival, by Baker, Jr W H Baldwin, New York. I "JJL! RK 1 INING, DECEMBER 25, Sceue la the Campagm, near Home, by Waugh, Win. iloiieau, Oliio. Augu Jt Afternoou. after a Iiower, by Boatrlle. Cloie iu the KaaUkillt, N.V by Hicharda, W. 1 feet, Hudaun Seen- ou the Catikill Creek, N.Y. by Church, , a. T. Berpeu, New York. On the Siucou Creek. Pa., by Urunewald.. B Bradly, Boatou. River 8ccue, by Oddie. Tobit and the Angel, by Fuller M. Harr. New York. Landscape, by Hart ...A.M. r rater. Ohio. Lat.d?cape?Composition, tby Acdrews... N. Cuawell, N Y. Landacapr?Indian Lodge, by Hart U Burroughs, N.Y. Landscape, by Hart D. Wagstaff N. Y. The i ait Shot, hy L/eas ,.K. H Flagg. Klorid\. : Cattle, bv H'lickfev, K. H. Houghu.ii N. V. lied Mtudxoiie BlulTa. L. Superior, by Laumau.K. C. Ha'aey. The Pus, by Uaaa J. W Biuiiham. .X. V betters and gnme, by Hinckley J.T. Prall N. Y. R .fimen pity'in garde, by Bingham....K. Crnawell, Albany. Fruit, by Wi ght W. D. Mitchell, Ala. Wuhiugtou in Miuart'a itudio, by Kyle H. C black born. Still Life, bv Leauori K.O. Hade, Kayetteville Hceue near Caukill, N.Y.. by Richards. .J. H. Ormiby I'rov. A loving ftouple. by Beard S J. Goodwin, Wnterville Landscape with rums by Burford J Burneit. N. Y. Winter Scene, by Birch J. H. Stokea, Clyde. View in W) omiiig Valley, Pa., bv lunea Oeu. Wayue relutnig the last blanket, by Bullard. J II O'llWDF, 11, I, Meeting of the Departed, by Beard L. Kip Yonkera. Laudacai e, by lunes, Miaa Kly, Truv. Catidacdve by bur lord J. H. O. Toinlinaou Syracuse. Madge Wildtire leading Je.'.me Demit to church, by Hubard. A C. Wilcoi, New Haven. Meiienn Newt, by Clonner.. ftephen Bmiuell, N. Y. < aatle of San lnaa d'Ulua, by Martin Brown H iy b> OIm? J. J fc'a?ch. The meadow, by H'chvda Kcene -u the < atakilU. by ijignoui ..J. B Bradford, Mich. Pair ol Lundarapti, bv Beard W.?'. Buel.Tro*. Portuguese Vou Braudea. .J. W Holbiirton N.Y. Landscape bv Krtiikensteiu P. L Mil er, N. V. Ltndtca"e??tndy from nature, by Chapmau.. W. Huuk. N Y. Marine View, by Laue Landscape, by Wotheranooo L. B. Jainiaaon. Nydia ui the street of Tomba, by Smith.8. Tomliua<<ti, Bridgrort Die Vernon, (Hob Roy, Vol. i.Chap. r.) by Horpin. O P heliie. Savannah The Charter Oak, at Bar f <rd, by Church. O. W, Maun. N Y., by Uurl rd H.W Collier, Ala. 'tonn in the mountain!, by Church ' " iC. U. Claytoj '1 lie nrphiun, (crayon drawing) by Colyer ti. Detour. Landscape, with cottage, by Bui lord,... J. 8 B. Thatcher, Natchez. PheaaHiit <hooting, by Brown ... D It. Creer, New Orleans K uiterskill Cluve, Cuukill, by Church, G. A. Nicol a, Meadin*. Children with their pet*, bv Brown, W.A.Ward, Hirtford. Scene from Quentiu Durward, the breakfist in the ?uberge, by May C. K Davenport Taunton Sreneouthe Blackwater liver, Ireland, by D. uglily, H. T. Polttr, Providet.ce. Scene ou the lludaon, by Craucli. Morning Dllerirg. by holler A H Barry, 111inoia The Novice, uy Mouot W. B. Lent, Indiana. Sea sli ire Hamilton, J. C Atcheaou.Wheeling,Va. Landscape, by W illiama C H. Childi, Provideuce. Stiower clearing off?eceue on llie Delaware by Hamilton, _ S. Henderaon, Miaa. View above Caldwell's, on the Hudson,|by Hill,R G Brown, I r V....L Kuiiiug?nu the Sound, by Clonney, J. ]{. Carroll, New York Shylock and Jessira by Bloadell H. W. Onidner, H. I. Beach Seen*. by Oddie C. K. Prtston, Savannah View iu K^ance, by (irain. Tli-Secret Discovered, by Bloadell... .K.T8. Hawley, Couu. Landscape?Scene in the Catskills, by McConktv ? J. W. Clark. Oxford Boy? at the Well, Peele W Van Dvke, New York Pleasure Vacht, by Robertson H W. Baahford, Youkera Kaua *h i Scenery,by Whitbridir?vMrs. K. Kemseu, Lotkport "Our Father who art iu Heaveu," by <Jr?y... Mr*. A. B. Hawka. Canada Mother and Child, by Pipe B. Lyle, Lexington View on the Uenesee Hirer, by Cole. .Mr. Win, New York The Hearasiress, by Peele Mrs. Dana, Brooklyn Hoy KiiIiidk. by Peele A Uurnard, New York Th? li'at uews of the battle of Lexington, by Hanney, J. 8. Cobdell, Chariest* u. Landscape, by Wotherspoon Miss (Jotfield, Manslield. Landscape. by Wotherspoou J. T. Ogden, N Y. Manue View, by Bon tie Id VV. O. Classon, N. Y. Vie* in the Valley of (he Susquehanna, by Boutelle, A.<J H igly. N. v.' k'nit piece, by Cummings. jr ,...Q. M. Spencer, ^ . J. Buuyanparting with his blind daughter in Bdford jail, (Bunvan, a portrait,) br May, J. D. Kipp, N. Y. OU Mill near .Seaouk, by Mason, w. (4. Seymour, Waterford Wiuter-pieee, scene near Portland, Me., by ^eckett, 8. Johnson. Kulton co Landscape, by Mason J. M. Kite View near Haversuaw, New Yoik, by Hill, W. T. Williams. New York. "^Hliaut. bv Moore AT ITiio. Wright J. C. Darn, Kirtiliead lload icece, with cottage, by Williama, J. (J. Mnigrare. Northampton. ! Rocklaud Lake by Hill ,K. H liuker, Jeracy City. Km it-piece. b? Milltiaugli Hnlem, jnn.. New Yo'k Virw uear Nah' flonlield II. A. Levenatyue, I'bila. I.i Maaon U. A. Clark,Naw York. Coait acene. by Moore Mr* Jonea, All.auy View in Delaware coun-y, New York, by Baker. J K. V Hollerman. I.aniliea|ie, by Macfarren New Yo k W.t.r?ion. ...U J-lemeut Hu.hinf, L I. Dr.haliiUea. by Terry J. V an Nn.wich, Brookltu Ito.lin C&*tl?, near Edinburgh, by Wateutnn. W Mill.. New York The Regicide judge. aucccored liy the ladie. of New Haveu, by om'er H. Taylor, New York. lieu Lmnoud, by tVateratoo H C. Huicr. New York. Nuine I Kortrrai, bv Crajch... ,H. Trowbridge, New Havtu. jih'i, by It' iaitrr H. U. Muring. New York. Villa Cenci by C'anch J. A. Higgin., v irvinia View in the Berkshire Mountain.. by Aty ... p B. Will aina. Ka-iuer. Lunching, by Moiton.. J Ko.ter, Utica. I Interior, with figure., by Woodrille C L. Elliott, V Y I Lauilmtape, by Boiitelle U W. Talton, Prnridrnte 1 he Young gport.maa, by Clouuey 8. Liukham, Knathart. Portfo'ioof waer color drawiugi, by y.iriouf. The Nrw Scholar, by Kdmonaa,.. .. ... A. 8. Bond, N Y. ; The Hhei.herd Boy <>f Ceivarro, by Hieka. .T. W. Smith. Me Waterlall, (moonlight) byjTalbott . K. N. Baldwin. King.ton. Kqii.m Inlet, by Boulicld H. K. Tuttle, N. Y. 1 he Valley of the Connecticut from Mount Hulynke. by Havtll H. (Jrifbu, Qreenhart. I.a Kede, a atudy, by Hick* J. She don, N. Y. The Tu.cau dtr \w braider?Florence in the di.tance, by Handera P. Hatch, ^uguata, Oa. Kruit Piece by Ord. ...Ann Augu.taa Beuedier, Tarritown. Tne Kr.ho Lake, by VVotheripooii. .L. Bryan Kicg.toii, N Y. fhe Grand C?nal Venice, by G'guoui.. A. W . Martin, Maaa. Landacaoe, with Cottage, by Andrew* Kruit, (in er you) by O'ube ,. 8. Sloat, N. Y. Lamlarapr?near London, by Doughty K. Uillettn, N. Y. Portfolio of waier color drawing., by Variou?, W. D Walton, N O. Juliet, oy Jeweit T. C. King, Vewburgh. Latd<cai>u byBiro W. C. Burke, New Yoik. W inter Scene. *T liirnum J. II lRr???r I he Past. hy Audrt w? .tin. Gromer, Boston. Stree- View in Lubiaco?a Charlatan eihibi mg ihn Catron Ha>nt, hy Hicka N. Fer i>. New York. View near Lung Branch, by Talbot... Mm Price, New Yo k. Fruit. (iu craaon) by Giube A. Smart, New York. Riyer bcene, by Birch J W. Tuttle, New Orleans. Portfolio of water color drawinga, hy Various.. J W Taylor, Hyracuse. Scent from 8chiller'a'Robbers,-'by W?<daide.. 11. Thomas, Vickilmrgh. The Fount'in of Klyeto, by I licks S_<J C<>rn*ll. Conn. The I'tesent bv Andrews J. Karly, Philadelphia. I andicapc.hy Uaylord J. Abbott, New York. F int. by Ord L Biadford, Maine. Landscipe?English scene. by Doughty.. A. tl Clarke, Florida. A Feasant Oirl of lachia, by Hick* K. Wells, New York. I'air?Interiors, by Ma farren W. Young. New York. Fruit Piece, by (Jiuhe H. M Mansfield. II I land. Oiat Scene, by Birch A. M.Cotxeaa, New York. trening? Monks at their .Deyotioni, by Hicka. J Purdy, Waterloo. Portfolio of Water Color Drawings? Various, W. L Torse, New York. The Dell, hr Richards.. W. L. Corse, N.Ynk. The Ln<tofthe Haee.hy Matteion J. Morbise, Troy. Coa?' Scene, by Bontieid If Milton, I'royidence. View on the Mississippi, by Lai man. .J. H Carpen'er. Proy. Landscape, by Oddie R Reid Coisaekie. View on the s\nnterskill (#reeU,by Gilford.8. Boud.N.Vork Swisi View, hy (iiguoux O S (lillef, Proridence. Landscape, with Fignrea by Kyle...O W. Patterson, N.V. Poitfolio of Water Color Drawings? Various. J W. Oliyer, Penn. The. Carrier Pigeon, (miniatnre) by Officer. E.K Palmer NY. Landscape, hy Oignoux Doctor Undeihill, N York. 'I he White l-'eather. (miniature) by (Tirer... J. O. Handera Landscape, lit Oddie J. D. (' mrilxrfl, New Vork hloweia. by Cnmminga, jun W. F. Smith, New York. The Daughter's Appeal, by Bollard. The lluo'intton W.H Webb, N. Y. Landscape. by Dnrsnd Mra. McNnlty, N. Y. View* in Central America, (portfolio), by atherwood J. Chambers, N. YThe Rhine. Iiy Kenstlt Mis. (Jeo-ge Abliy, N Y. Landscape, by B?ke? Misa Sarah Kelloitg, Maaa Fall of the Chandelier?Halleck's Fanny, by Be^'d C Howard, Detroit. Woodlands, by Hunti-gton W War' Augusta The week, (miuiature) bv Shumway.... F. 8 Vultee.N V Landseap*? <Vit?>fall,bv Richard .Birah Foo'e N. Y. American Scenery, by Duraud F. Morris, N. Y Boya with apples, hy Cogswell Vr SoTdnm N V Landscape t. om osilion, y *ry I?. W. Brown Pro?. Itilian Scenery, bv Huutin^ton... .J. McDowell. Newbnrgh. Landscape, hy Richards W. M. OoMWI*. Pinl, Landtcape '"omp sit'ou, by Ary N L wrenceaN Y o >) ? wnn oraireii ny i.ogiwrn i>. V. Hoiioti WimUor Cuttle, by Doughty.... I. .II Wstenn**, A'dover Tno following naniej gentlcm*i? drew the additional picture* which were not, marked Oil th<i catalogue:?O. K Jaok*on, ,N Y ; \V. Watts N. V ; C. R. l>a??an, N. Y ; J Brnl*ted. N V j A J Horncaatle; Mi** Klemlng, N. Y.; <J. J J. Barker, Homer; C. B Hyatt,Rhlnebeck; T. W Pratt. Providence; B K Moeer, O. T Plum*. Mff. iillU. K. Mill*, R J'Tompkln*. V. Tryon, S. Millard, J. M. <!layle, C A. Fearing, D M. Moore, Salem, C. B. Lewis line ton The following named peinoaa drew Silver Medal* : ? J. M Lee. New Orlean*; W. A Wyer, Newark; F. S Randall. Newburyport; J T Brown, New York; Mia* J. Eaton, Boeton; s llallon, Piovldenoe; T. Bate*, New Vork; ' B Jane*. New York. D Ram*ay, Jr Steuben: T. Chapman. Rochester; Dr. J Brook*. Pittsburgh; W. W. Nelion, Pittsburgh, M liueen, Naw York; <i Ca*per, New York: S A Sawyer, Tennessee; L. C. Clark, St. Lnul*; (> Roberta. N V ; A. Ten Eyck. N Y.; C R Roe, N. Y : J C. Klrwin, Salem. Ma?* ; L L Bibber. S Brooklyn, II. W. D IIreweter, Rochester: K.C Uray Host ; (). Ball, Jr ,111.: R Newton, Wortenter, Ma** ; W n Choate, Bait ; J. Tbomp*on. N. Y ; J MeKnlulit, Pittsburgh; S (Jarford, Rochester; M H lUpelje. N V ; B. It. Wood, Montreal; J II Champlln, Cambridge; Barlow, /aneaville: H. WelU, Pen Yan, N V ; P Ural*tel. ( al*ktll ; N M. Wadwell, Richland; H. P Bradly, Biirlingtoa; W. Turner, N Y ; W. S Baulch. N Y ; II I) Ward, Savannah; R T. Holme*. N Y , J Slo*n, Brooklyn; MIm K. Oildersleve, N. J : J M. B Clarke. Oa : H. Cutttr. Maysville; W Cashing. Newburyport; H. J. Lawrence, Mloh ; E W Coleman V Y. New ARRANUBMKNr in the West India SiKA-iKRs.?Th* following i? thf1 HrrnnBemfiit adopted at preMut by the R VI. W I. Steam Co.. M to the intercourse between Jamaisa and tbe Spaniih Main: ? On the 19th of every month a steamer will leave Tort Royal. Jameioa. at 0 A. M . and will arrive at Santa Marttia on tbe 20th, at noon At fi P M of the *atn* rfav, it will leave Santa Martha for Cartbagena where it will arrive at 0 A. M of the 3l*t On tlie 3M It will be at Cbagraa, on the JSth at San Jusn de Nicaragua. On tbe 30th it will return to Chagres , on tbe i*t It will arrive at Cartbagena again, and from thencesail for Port Royal. When from any occorrenoe the *teamer from F.urope I* detained, tbe one from Jamaica will go direct to S?n luan de Nloaragaa. and from thence will go to Cbaffree and Carthagena leaving the correspondence for Santa Martha at the latter place. ? Sane'.Marthit M-rcjnUI, Nov. 9. IERA 1847. Suit-Id* of Count H re moil; and Attempted Murder and Suicide by Count Ulorller. The Journal $ Drbat?. of 1'arla, aunounjea tlie flist of thoM frightful events in the following terma :? Count Bresson, Ambassador from the ( ourt of Kranoe. the King of the Two Mlolliea. hu died at N'?- j pine He waa found in hia bed at d o'clock in the inoru- 1 log of the 'id inst, bathed in hia blood, with a largo 1 wound in hia throat, supposed to have been intlioted with j a riaor. l'hia awful newa waa brought to Prance by the , Ocean ateam boat, which haa arrive! at Marseilles We have no other details " Our private letter* from Naplea, however, furnlah the ' particulars of thia lamentable crime "Count 1)reason," savs our cm respondent, "had hia | formal audience of the King of Napl*s to pres?nt hit oredentlala aa Ambassador of Franca, the day befure y?sterday (Sunday, 31st ult); he was graciously received, and ! retired apparently pleased Next day he paid a nam- | ber of visits, and in the evening w?nt to the Opera with out evincing throughout the day or evening the slightest symptom of insanity or excitement On reaching home, ' however, he waa observed to be agitated Hia exolti'- j meut increased, and he oonttnued walking about his apartment until 4 o'clock, when, all at ouce, the fall of a heavy body was heard The Countess Ureaaon ran into ' hia room, and found htm lying la a pool of blood, which uoweu irom a tTignttul wound In tu.< throat, tuected l>y , a rasor. which wad found close to hlra Instant alarm was given, and almost immediately the surgeon of tb- | Brit nh Legation arrived, but th? Count was already < dead Oth?r professional persons came In rapid succes I sloe, but nothing could b? done " "It was remarked," s?ys our Pari* letter, " that Count ] Bresson, before leaving this oity for Naples last month, j seemed low-spirited. Thii wan attributed to chattrin i at the refusul of the King to appoint him to either the I British or the Russian embassy. This former he par ticularly desired lie made his will, and arranged all ' his affairs before bis departure. which occtsious a sur- j liiise that he contemplated destroying hliuse,f Never- ] theless, he appeared perfectly colieuted throughout his journey, and it was understood, transacted important business at Turin mrouts Notwithstanding appearancts, however. It Is bellryed here tuat the disappointments just ullu'led to pruyed upon his mind, and produced the mental disease which prompted him to the fatal act The Union Moncrchiqur states that the circumstances attending the early career of this untoitunate gentle man, as given in the C?ni(i(utionmI and other papers, are inoorreot According to this journal the late ootint was confidential secretary ofthe i'rince de Pollgnac when the revolution of 1830 broke out, and upon the departure of the prinoe he became master of a muss of dooudaunts of the highest Importance for Louis Philippe ; among others the confidential letters of the Duke of Orleans to Prince Polignac relative to the will of F erdinand abolishing the Salic law in Spain, to which the duke in view of tho Interests of his family wus at the time strongly onposed. Owing to M Bresson's conduct in the matter, the KiDg became possessed of the paper* referred to. and took the Prlnoe I'olignuo s secretary into his contidenoe. The Con$titulionntl bos the following: ? " Under the restoration Count Bresson was sent to the United Slates as attache, and he there married bis first wife. The different proofs of aptitude which he had the opportunity of giving on several occasions procured for him a mission in South Amerloa, in whieh he was engigod when the revolution of July broke out He did nrt delay his return to F rance, and M de Larochefoucauld. our representative at Berlin, having been obliged to absent hims'If from that residence, Al Bresson was charged to replace him It was at Berlin that M. Bresson really commenced bis diplomatic fortune; he was, it is true, assisted by some fortunate oiroumstances At that period the question of Belgium and Holland divided and threatened the future The Kiencb ministry hesitated to undertake the expedition against Antwerp. M Bresson, who at Berlin stood well with the Court, was utile to irive the Krench government the assurance that the attack on the oitadel of Antwerp would not be considered a oase of war by the European powers. I n consequenoe of the consideration which he enjoyed in the capital of Prussia, he had the title of Minister or Fran je to the government of Berlin conferred ou hlin. In this new position he was not useless to the dynasty which had divined in bin one of its ablest servants it waa M Bresson who was charged, by two suooesslve ministries, to negotiate and oonolude the marriage of the Duke of Orleans. M. Bresson seemed predestined to this sort of intimate and family affairs, for the two great points of his diplomatic career, are two princely marriages Count Bresson has left at Berllii, the most afleotlonate s< uvenirs The late Kinji Fredwrlok Wllllm 111., It is said, considered Him as a friend, and treated him with eo much familiarity as to go to vtslt him at the hotel of the Embassy, where he sometimes passed whole evening* lu playing at whist Our readers will not have forgotten the brilliant recaption wMcb the Preach Princes obtained at Berlin eu their journey to Trussia.? This reception was attributed in great part to the Influence whbh M. Bresson enjoyed. Krom Berlin M. Bres son went to Madrid as ambassador. We have no need to call to luind the recent event* which have signalited the conduot of our diplomacy in 8pain.? Our readers, besides, ara well acquainted with our opinion on the Spanish marriages Vesterday, in making known some of the circumstances which signvllsed the stay of M. Bresson In France, we omitted one, which is not withoat Importance On the last ohangea in the cabinet of the 'i9tb October, overtures were made to M. Bresson >o induce him to consent to accept the porttolio of the Marine M. Bresson refused. founding his refusal on th? few chances of duration which the ministerial replastering up presented The refusal, and still more the terms in whioh it was oouched, pleased very little, as will be Imagined, those who had taken it to heart to prop up the wavering fortunes of the cabinet. The cabinet, obliged to recruit Itself as It oould, called M. de Montebrllo from Naples, who resigned himself to the succession of M. da Mackau As to M Bresson he had to go to Naples to replace the same M. de Montebello, who had just aoceptt-d the refused portfolio. It was not without feeling bitter mortification that M Bresson deoided on golug to occupy at Naples an inferior post to that whlcn he had already filled We may consider this olroumstance, and the grief which It causad, as having oooaaloned the fatal event which has prematurely terminated bis career.? We have teen inlorined of au affecting fact respecting M Bresson, which deserves to b? sta'ed b?r?. By h.? iirst wife he had a eon, whose infirmities prevent him from leading an active life, and whose means of subsistence it was consequently particularly neoersurv to secure. Home time before his departure from Paris M. UrfOAon at length succeeded in settliug some aUaira of interest which ih? death of bis wife had left him, nod which had remained in suspense till then Belore leaving for Naples, he caused iuu of about 1 i.'> 'XXir to he placed out for that ion "Never," aaid he to one of hi* frieoda, 'never bar* I bran happier than 1 am to-day. for the fortune of my poor sou is secured!" Whatever may be our opinion of tbe Wat diplomatic acta of M Ureason, it ia not less true that bia death leavea a void in tile jtm tonntl of our embassies which it will be difficult to fill up. In the midst of the difficult ciruurn atanoea iu which Italy ia placed, tbe experience and moderation of M. Drrtiaon mUbt have exerted a happy influence on the determinationa of the i ourt of Naples, capecially if he had not hail to atruggle agalnat the ayatem adopted by M Uuiiot " It remain* to announce a m"it extraordinary and leaa appalling event, a strange coincidence We shall auff*r the Journal dtt littah to daacribe tha terrible affair, aud aball add 10 the aooount of the tranlactlon, which I take from that paper, a few worda only : ? "Count Mortier, ambaaaador from the government of Francs to the Court of Turin, haa," aaya tha Dtbuti, " been atruok with inaanity. It waa found neoessary to plaoe him In a lunatic aaylum on Hunday last. Kor some time paat. Count Mortier ahowed tome aymptoma of that dreadful malady, and without any apparent motire committed several acta of violence On Muuday morning laat. after having ahut himaeif up, with hla two children in a room of tbe apartment be occupied in tbe llotai Chatham he wrote two lettera, couched In alrailar terina, one addressed to hla wife, and the other to friend, in wkioh be apprised them that in a few minutea he and hla two children would have ceased to live. The prefect of police waa informed of tha fant ? He haatened to the hotel where he waa shortly alterwarda joined by the Chancellor, who attended In oouae! quence of Count Mortier being a member of tha < hamber of Peers. Tbe Count had barricaded blmaelftn hla i chamber, armed with a raaor, which he brandiidiI ll,u huili of hie children. At lnt**rvu.jM lie threatened bis own Hie, and in bis delirium vociferated the most horrible menaces tt then became neoessary to adopt Home resolution The Chancellor spoke to blm in a friendly tone of voice ? ' The Count replied by Incoherent "i I ies of death and blood, und then, addressing hit Ron. whom he held on Inn Knees, told the child he must die The unhappy child, who Is 11 years of age, exelaimed be did not wish to die, and struggled, weeping all the while Then, addressing himself to his daughter, a child of 8 years of age, the Count asked her if she would follow him and die with him ? The pour child replied that she would dla with her father; end It is added, that the father prepared to execute his horrible design The persons who heard, outside the door, what was passing within were paralysed with terror. A word or a movement might preolpitate the arm which was directed by insanity This scene lasted about three hours Thei ount.ers Mortier. the < hanoellor Tasquler, and M. UeleMert, the Prefect of Police, remained standing at the door, in a state of inexpressible terror At length, after the** long and cruel liours of entreaties, silence, expectation, and negotiation, access was obtained Into the apartment by a door which had been some time closed and which was opened without noise '1 he < hanceilrrand the Prefect of Polioe entered, and succeeded in extricating the trembling children from their agony, and restored them to their mother Count .Mortier still, however, held the raxor in hi' hand, and nothing could Induce hlin to surrender It lie from time to time made a gesture, as if he was about to out bis throat. this scene lasted threequarters of an hour longer He complained angrily of the persecution of which he said he was the object, aocusiag the Prefect of Police of viol ting his domicile, and the < hancellor of Infringing on his liberty, and declared that he would eomplaiu to the Keener of the Peals M Pelessert suggested to him to write a letter to the Keener of the Seals, which he undertook to deliver to him with the Intention of inducing hlra to lay aside bis rator. and which It would have been dangerous to endeavor to take by force. The Count consented to write tha Utter, but on condition that the Prefect of Police should remain at a distance at the further end of the chamber. The Keeper of the Heals, who had been apprlaed of what was going forward, replied Instantly to Count Mortier, and r< ^nested that, he wanid go to his house, and explain the matters of which ha had to complain Tha< ount then consented to go out On tha ttalrcase he closed the raxor and placed It in his i>ocki t, and In the court yard of the hotel he was selxed, lu prosenoa of the Chancellor, and Immediately lodg- d in a lunatic asyiuui " "To these agonising details I will not." continues our J1JL-JUL1J U . I L -i" J Lg. LD. Prtct Two Ctnll< correspondent, ' attempt to make any addition, fnrthar than the rumor that It ?n proponed to shoot tba mania*, I to resoue hi* poor children How lkr thin would b?v? been justifiable. 1 shall not lay; nor do !, In fact, roooh i for the report that the suggestion vat made; but I shall | observe. that this in a case of clear and confirmed Insanity I say confirmed. for the Count bad oftan previously con due tod himself In a manner ao extraordinary, tbat nothing but madn??? could amount for or ezawa It It ia raid that Nl Uulsot bad baeu for torn* tin* a war* of the auspicious nature of his conduct, and bad, as 1 mentioned to you ug jays alnca, riioUid o* superseding him In bis function* as F.utot to tba Conrt of Turin." Law Intelligent*. Hirmioa Cocit-In Bi^ao?Dec 24?Dtcigiani ? Andrew et al, administrator*, Adam Smith. ?Motion to set aside report of r*leree denied, if plaintiff will daduot from the report the Minis paid to (Jone, Stlley and Hlatr respeollvtly. aciwill amend bis declaration by Inserting counts alleging promises by tba defendant* as administrators, and pay tne cost* ot tba motion to sat aside the report; otherwise motion granted, rule to ba entered as of Not. 11. 1W47 ?The Mayor of New York, ads ?d*ard K. Mathews Judgment for plaintiff on demurrer to the declaration, wlih leave to d'-fendant to plead ou payment of cata In ten day" after service of* copy of tlit-rule Hone et ?l Iteoelvera va ih? Mutual Htifdty Insurance < orupany?Judgment for plaintiff for the amount of the verdiat. Brower, It-celver, 8to , VI. Appleby -Judgment fur plaintiff Merchant*' Mutma l'i-urnncH Company va I)?. I'uga -Mcttlou for new tria d-nieii The ?>ne v? John H Key?New trial irr?nted ; coata to atilile the event of ault Leeda udain theMerI i-hmta' Mutual lu?uiani'e i nuiptny Mn'lon for new tiial dented Hone at ala Receiver*, va (Jault Judgluent for plaintiff* Tbeeaineta Smi'h et ala -Judgment for plaiutitt'i J'bn aam? va Folg?r? Judgmen f?r plalntitf'a; amount to be adjusted Hughe* et ala udam Hone et al Keceivera?Motion for new trial denied Hone nt al.. Kaoeivera. va Ballin et al ?Judgment for plaintiff* IreUnd va MoOariah?Motion to ?t aaide nonauit denied. The Court adjourned lia die Mimnr. CoraT. t/Vc. 31?Before Judge Waterman ? fViltn.m Va I vi Jamn M liiyrr ? Thla waa an aotlon ror aeaault and battery The plaintiff waa a band on boat d one of the Livet pool packet abipa. and the defendant waa Orat male On the laa? voyage from Llver| pool, while reefing the fore topeaila, the defendant took exoeption* to the plaintiff a mode of working' aaid he waa a damned alow fellow; the plaintiff replied the yard i waa foul, and he could not go on <|uiclter; the defendant then called out to the aeoond mate to jump him down, the reoond mate ordered him on deck, after he name, defendant commenced ahualng him; then took him by the neck, knnokud him down, put hia knee on hie breast, and kicked him In the aide Jt waa alao proved that he afterward* atruck him with a rope, and that he waa oarrled from the main deck to the aalnon in a atate ! of inaenaibillty, and waa examined by the doetor, who i waa of opinion at the time that one of hla rlba waa broken, hut it turned out that h- waa mlatakea; be waa not, however, able to return to hla duty for four daya ? The defence waa, that the plaintiff violated the etiquette of the ahlp. In not replying to the mate In reapeetful language; and that after oomlng down from the rigging, he made uae of very groaa and intuiting language to the defendant; that in the excitement of the moment, the ' mate struck hi in. J he judge charged that the captain, while on board, ha* tb" sole oontrol of tbe vessel, and U supreme ever bin officers and subordinate*, and the tfloi-ra baT? no right, at any time, or under any clroumstancea,while he la on inflict punishment j If any I of the men disobey the lawful order* of the officer*, or dm diarefprctful language, the duty <>f the offloer la to bring him before the captain, and if he determine* to punlan him. he 1* to call all hnnd* aft and Inflict punishment on him In preience of the crew In regard ta the doty of sailor*, they are bound to yield Implicit obedience to the lawful order* of their officers It 1* not allowable In a Bailor to use Insulting language to hi* offloer. and when he does so he 1* liable to be punished; if thl* mate had reported the circumstance* to his captain, it would be the duty of the captain, and no dnubt he would have performed it, to punish the plaintiff The Judge then called the attention of the jury to the avldenea, and left it to them to *ay whether the exprcMton said to fee used by tbe plaintllf justified the mate in the coune he took Tho Jury fouud a verdict for $13 60 for the plaintiff. // my Jilltn v* Thamat B C< 0ppir and Jamrt M Hiy,r ? This was an action for aasault and battery and false imprisonment, brought sgaiimt Captain Cropper and Bryer It wa* tried by the Judge without a jury, and he gave judgment for the defendant*; It iippaarlng to him, from tbe teatlmony, that the plaintiff waa in fault Circuit Court, Dec. 34? Before Judge Kdmonda? John l)ar in RttharJ /foe?Thr trial of tbe feigned issue ' n? mmenced jssterday, in relation to the will of Hannah Mover. wa* concluded, when tbe Court adjourned To morrow, being Chrlstma* day, tbe Court will be closed. In rt Madam Rrtlall ?Justice Jone* ha* recurved hia decisions ou tbe two application* made in thi* case ultil Monday nest. Court or Uocril 8tssio*s, Dec J4th?Before Recorder Scotland Aldermen Smiih and Croliu* ? SmItnctd.? Kobert I'attereon. convicted of an aasault and battery ou Dr Reynolds, wa* ordered to pay fine of $itO j Washington K Jackson, for an aasault and battery ou limry I. Vultee, wa* ordered U> pay a One of $t. Tnal fur it Miidrmrattor ? Robert Karlow waa than placed at the bar for trial, for a misdemeanor in having, ou the .<rd day ot December, mdaoeutly exposed hi* parsun In the street* The jury found the accused guilty, 'the Court, on promlie of future good behavior, suspended judgment Trial Jot Uiand Laic my ? Jamra Derrick ?u then called to trial on au Indictment for graul laroanv. In bating stolen a set of sail*, estimated to be worth tM, from a lighter, tbe property of Uispben Waring The jury fuuud the accused guilty of a petit laroany only. I iiiu r rrummeuueu oim 10 mercy, whereupon the Court 1 suspended judgment in hi* r??? also. The Comrt than adjourned ualil to morrow morning | Sunr.Mi: Coi'Hi or t lit l'in an 8r a m Deo 21, 1M7. ? Orlando Kellogg. Ksq nt New Vork ??> admitted an attorney m l counsellor of thin court. No 7 Onorg* Ninlth, plaintiff In error, t? Wm Turner. he%lth commissioner lw? Tin argument of this can** wm oonoludod by Mr Webster fop the plaintiff In error. Adjourned till to-morrow, II o'olook Ktnp'oyti' en a RjUroad Sat not the tnmt claim on the Oum/iii'iy, if he mffer an injury. at a Vattengtr? surnkmb Judicial cat ht ? Jnrmia'i llaytt ? ? theWettetn Rauroad Co , for an Injury received In consequence of alleged carelessness and uejileiit on the part of th? company. The plaintiff wit* a brak'-man employed on the ro?d On thanksgiving day. 1844 four train*, eaoh with Jo or SO heavily laden oar*, were eent out of Worcester Hayes waa a brakeman on the third twin Thn second train went out one hand short, and the oonduetor, who ought to have been on the rear car, wm not there. If he had been, hn could have let up tha . brake* and s'oppnu tli? train. When about four mile* out of Woroester, and while ascending a sharp grade, the sixth car from tha rear of the *?cood train gave out, wilbou'. any apparent cause, ind the whole sli run back upon the third train, smnshlng it np. and IrJuring liayei ao much that he ha* lo*t the u-e of hi* lefc arm. and Is permanently unfitted for labor. In charging the Jury. Judge Wild* ruled, that the oompany ware not chargeable for the unsoundness of tbe oar unlets notlo* had been brought honrn upon them ; that luasmuub a* Hayes wa* in the employ of the onmpany. he could uot hold them liable for the neglect or carele mesa of tha >11 yu> miuR <111 lull mr ra[ , ni l mat ID* foot of hfirifj abort-handed on the train wae Immaterial. If the number on were eutflclent to have (topped the detached earn, it they had been upon them. Verdict for the defendant* K, \V Sawyer and D H Dunlin, for the plu'ntiIf Mid I) It ( urtln and \nnel Phi-lp*. for tba J defendant*.? Boiton rmt% Ortember 1ft. Poller Intelligent)*. Jt fiurglar Caught In ihr Jict. ? A* Sergeant Fowler, one of tlrn watchful guarditna of the tub ward waj going bin ronndi on Thurtday ulght. or. at. leant. about 2 o'clock on Krt(*?y morning he obnerve.i llgbt In th? entry ot the dwelling hcune occupied by Mr U T. Baldwin. at No. 9i Fourth ntreet .Hunplcton at onoe rented upon the mlii 1 of the officer, who concluded to watoh the premise*. In order to aanert-tn the fact And. aure enough, hie ituaplclom were realised ; for In a ihoxt. time | two fellow* made their appenranee at Ihe front ba?o nient loaaed with theirplunder , and no nooner did they ; make their appearaueo. than the officer nel*i d tbem I toth A denprrnte conflict endued, and after a revere I itrupifle, one of Ihe rancaln broke away and enraped, hilt 1 th? other w?? ncoured, and brought to the atatlon hnune, j where he gave the nam* of Jatnea Wllllamn a/in Fdw?rd | McLaughlin Officer KowUr returned hack to the premised, accompanied by Attaint t apt < arglll, and alarmed the Inroaten of the houae, when It wan iwoer lined ihe | rchbern had torced an entnnce through the front baae| nient window, and In aearchlng for plunder, had broken ! open a trunk and a bureau, strewing the content* all orer the floor. In the area *u found au overcoat. i boy s cloth cloak, a white merino phawl. and a ont'on ' umbrella, valued, in all. at f&.i . all of which tbe ran coin bad dropged, in order tn make their eacape. upon > the aproach of tbe vigilant nod determined officer, who j deaerves much credit for hln noble conduot and were | auch men more common in the department we *honld I bare hut little fault to find with tbe police The accu?I ed waa committed fbr trial, by Juntice Merritt t Ch*rgr of Fill' PrrtmrH Officer llennet'.of the I Kightb ward, arretted yeaterday a man hy the name of lame* Sherlock, on a warrant Innued by lu?tloe(>?bor?e I wherein he atnndn charged with obtaining fwi from | I. K. Tate, of ?H Walker ntreet. an atl-ge I by fait - and fraudulent repreeentatlona It appear* that on th 27th I of February lan*. Mr Tate paid the accuaed tb- above ; aura for Wiu Mllopn a* payment for four [annengi re r, ,r, I 1 n Ihli I.. -I. I 1 > ? ?? m'-'-v "H nipping 0tn?- No. 169 MaiJfn Laue, at that tlja- . and Id ord-r to obtain the monrj the complainant allegr* that ha re presented that h* owned and had the agency and control of ?hlp?. aaeurlng thr complainant that the paenengera *h<>uid he brought out to thl* olty wl'htnit fail. In?ttad ot which no paaeengrni hare arri??d, aDd Mr. Tata baa fine* ajwrrtalced 'hut tba accu??d baa net Aiiy agency for ahlpa,nor doea ba own any, eonae<|o?ntty, upon thl* o?mt lalnt tha accused waa arretted nod bald to ball in >60>) to appear at Couit to anaaer. wbleh be U ?ve, and waa liberated from custody JI Wtiot* Tkirf ? Ofloer Hereey. Of the :id ward arreated yesterday a man by the nam* of .latD*e Maanleve, who wm ranthl In the act of stealing clxfan tat g?-e?e, worth >11, the property of (ieorge I'ray, of Dntcheaa county. Justice Osborne locked hiui tip for trial. Jt Jitcrntl* Thitj K amallboy,by the name of Thom ts Koi, ?u detected yesterday In sttalluga poekat book containing %1 together w'th a (Iveftiine pl?r?, belonrfng I to I'atitck sh?rrt<toti No 3J Wlll?f,striet Deteluvd f*i | trial by Juatlce Tim peon I

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