Newspaper of The New York Herald, January 12, 1848, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated January 12, 1848 Page 1
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f-V th: Whole No, 4WTS. ADVERTISEMENTS NEW EVERT MORNING. AKK TMKATKK ? Menre. 8AN1)8, LENT fc CO.. >8 AMKU1CAN C1HCUA?Thi? mammoth KauMtma Troupt iiuow perfor minx aigbtly At the above establishment. A nooi the principal ;?erformers are Mr, H. Hindi aid nil hildnn, Maurice and Jem, MmIbi H?rnand?x, and Arraar, Mr*. Camilla Gardner, Die Queen Fqueitnan; Joe I'eutland, Sain Lathrop, and i'an Gardner, Clowns; Meiiri. 8: m. S*rge nit, MeFnrlnnd, Mnni. Cane, Big. Perec, Hu(Rlei. Johnson, Laev. (kc ?tc TTie dancing honei, May Fly, a id Bu< eph.aiut Twin Pouiei. Fightirg Pouiei. CiuderilU, Tom rhumb, &c (kc. Dren Circle and Parqnette, 50 centi; Boies, 2); Gallery. I2>? Doom open at bfc: performance to cucno.eiics ai 7 o'clock. Particulars see Dill*. N. B ?A grand Hltemoon performance on Wedneiday, commencing at 2 tf o'clock. BOW a> THEATRE.?BENEFIT OF MR. BURKE ? VVcdneiilay Even tug, Jan. IS, ltil, will be perfo'med thecmedvof the POOH GENTLEMAN?Lient. Worth, i gton. Mr. Birry; Dr. O'lnpod, Mr. W. B. Chapman; Stephen Htrrowby, v,r Burke. Previ?.u? to the comedy, will be .cteil the MYSTERIES OF ODDFELLO W8IIIP?Mr. Busymni. Mr. Burke; Mn. M'tyblosioin, Mr* Madia n. During the evening, \lr. Plnmer Will mug one of liii m-i popular Songs To coiu'lu !* ?i h the 5th art of RICHARD III?Richard, Mr. C. Burke; K lug Henry IV Mr. 8teven?,Lady Anne, Mm Jordan Doori open at 6)< o'cloek; Performance to commence nr 7. ( A iuWA M THKATREr?Solel Pronriito - Mr. J. " ' hl.L CHER?f'Kge Manager, Mr. Hield?Thit Eve JanURry 12. will be perfo'med, LOVF.. LAW. AND PHVSiC? r ' amplior. Mr. O.Taylor: F exible, Hield ? 'I'o be fjliowrd by M??rer Johnion uu the Tight Rope. After which, the MODEL ARTISTS, in rheir admired Table>nx Virauti. Alter which, Mr. Oike'i representations if tiie Bitriri of Mexico. To conclude with the performanrra ol ih' EtliiO'iu.. Melod'fti. flotea J& cts?Doort open .at C3k o'clock ? Performance will eminence at 7 o'clock A OA ri D? Vlra. McLEAN moat respectfully announce! to her friends, >o d the public generally. >h*t her Benefit an J laat. ppearance will take place at the Ch'iham Theatie m Saturday evening n*xt, Jan. 15th. on which occ.aiitm a you.ig 1 dy o; New Vork will make her fint appearance on any Stage, imhe iuterrntmg character of Hoee Redlend; alio Mr. T. Blnkely, Mr. Sh w, of the Broadway Theatre. Mr. Lac* ng Dr.Valentine,limor Moreaco Gripou, and othera of acknowledged ibiuty. Full pariicnlara in the billa of the day. Ticii'ti cm be obtaiued i f Mri. McLean at her rtaidenc*. f7 White streei, corner of Broadway. IkRUAu'Y AY THEATRE? Wedneaday Evening, JanuA' arv 17. will he irr-ented. for the a-eond lime, the a 'mi red Comedy of SPEED THElPLOlIGH?Sir Philip Blnndford, Mr. Fredericks; Sir Abel Handy, hlr. Vaehe; Boo Handy. Mr Dawson; Lady Handy, Mra. Watti; Sunn Alhfield, Mini Kauuv Wal ack; Mm Blandford, Mils Telb'n; J'am* Ashfield Mi>i Woistaolev. To conclude with the D-?ini colled the WHiTE HO?8E OF THE PEPPERS ?Gerald Pepper, Mr. Lovei; Darby Douayhen, Mr. Shaw; Msg-feline, Mrs. Hield; Agatha, Miaa Matthews Dreia Circle noil Pari|nette, 50 Cent*; Family Circle (2d tier,) 25 ceuti ; Gallery, 12H cent*. Doori open at 6X o'cloek, performance to cumineuce at 7. MITCHELL'S OLYMPIC THEATRE.?On Wednesday evening. January 12<h. wi'l be. performed the drama CuI ll - d I II VHLES XII?Muddle work, Mr Mitchell; Adam Brock, Mr. Holland. After which. WHERE'S ELIZA? hm.rh.,.,,,. v r M.OI.nH. LVil).?lmin? L'l;.. Mm Pniilipa. To be followed Mr ihe INVISIBLE PHINCF. ? Don Leamler. M*ry Taylor; Fuinond. Mr. Oonover To c>n<- ii ft with BOX St' OX?John Bex. Journeyman Piinter, Mr. Holland. 0oor? opeu at 8, certain riaea at 7 o'clock ? ])r?-?? r re'e. M onta: Boxer, 23: Pit. 1 aMIIing. AslOK Fl.sCE OF- K \? Wcilneailay, J?u. 13, will be prerened.He opera nfLUl'REZI A BORGI A?Luerexia, SisVa Tereaa Trnfli; Duct Alfouao, SV Settimio Roai; Genuaro, S'r S. Beuedctli; Oraiti, Sig'ra Liet'i ? oai; (her firat aMKi'incr iu America:) Gnibetto. 8'rSevcro Striui; Oarelln. S'r Lorenzo Bioudi; Vi.ellazzi, S'r G. Picmonteai; Ruitichrllo S'r N. Peraaai; Liverotto, Sig'ra Selina Boulard; Feciucci, S'r Francesco Gmberuau. Boxes, parquet and balcony, tl: amphitheatre. in cent* \,f JGCHANICS' HALL <73 Broadway. between Great if a and llr.ioro-1 atreeta. Crowded to overflowing with tba BEAUTY an'FASHION ol New York. OPEN EVER* NIGHT UNABATED SUCCESS Fifteenth Week of tii# Original CHRISTY'S MINSTRELS The Oldeat Etahlianad Bard in the United Statea E. P CHRISTY, E PKIRCE. G. N. CHRISTY. C. ABBOTT. J. RAYNOR, 1'. VAUGHN, wuoae original and inimitable conrtrta are aightl) Honored with caowded and highly raapeetabla auditncea, and unireraallr admitted to excel aranr amusement ol a aiinilar character offered in this city. Admlaaicn 15 cent* Children nndar If yeari, half price ? Unon open at 1; concert will commence at 3 o'clock. On Satnrdry, January 8. an Afternoon Concert. Doora open at 2 o'clock. Concert will commence at 3 o'clock BROADWAY ODEON?entrance through Pintenx'a .Saloon?Under the management of Mr E. G. Urkelt.? Thia erciiig.ijau. 11?Parti?Singing by Miaa Roberta; VEhIn I I.I lOPISVI 1... t.,? V.,l>nlmi (irrrinn ? < erci-es. Go'den Showers. kc , by Miss C. Blsnehard. Part 11. TABLEAUX VIVA NTS,or living Mar mid Female Figure* by the MODEL ARTIH PES?A mailman's Oath, Amaxoniaii Triumph. tiubcu's Virgiu, the Koie Girl, the rngilist*, the Q ieen of Flowrrs, the Lute Player, Ball Thrower. < aJjpso'a Dream. Scene froru the Peluge, Rape of the Sabines, Tableau in honor of Gen. Jackson, aud of the glorious Battle of New Orleans, Orchestra Bui 50 cents, Parquette >5 eents, Boies laX cents. >*e'form'iiee to commence at hslf past 7. B\R>UM*5" AMEttl'JAN MUSEUM?P. T- Baunuis, Proprietor?F. Hitchcoci, Manager?Splendid exhibitions ana performances, esery afternoon at 3 o'clock, and orrery evening at hnlf past 7. 'I he manager has re-engaged the eomnany ot BED 'U1N AR ABB, from the Desert of Sahara. *ra ia. Also, CAMPBELL'S ETHIOPIAN SEkEN ADEHS; Great Western -n the Loan of a Loser; lrory Crucifix; 9'ialupenan Oabmer: Mrs. iMonell. Miss Bernard, lMiss>s Julian and Whiilock Dancers; Mr. Whitlock, Mr- Prosier; lisa if Oraug Outing; Wax Figures Likenesses and Poitruits ol tie imisr.'d Carit ve blares; wax figures of Quean Victoria Fullf U-dine, Daniel O't'onnell, bather Maihew, kc. Mada. wmJRrckwell. U s famous Foituua Teller Wax Model of .he HnrnSn Boslv, to be seen prisately at extra chwsr of as cents. Admission to th# whole, 25 ceuts; rh.ldreu under tec years of age and old eoongh to walk alone, 12}6 cents. Reaerred front ?e its, one shilling e'.ch extra. TAKs.HiSAt LE?THE UKITISH PnO l ELTlVa. E M a. urmn HUMI.I I mwcumn nom? mr iiuuiii;, that a liraud CONCERT and LITERARY ENTERTAINMENV wil' be given at the Tebernable, on Friilay evening, January 14, 1MI, in aid of the Charitable Fond for which the Committee have succeeded in secnring the va'uable services of Mr LOVER, author cf ' Rory tl'More." Handy Andy." kc, who will deliver fivorite aeleetions from hii IRISH EvEN I\OS, and two of hia choice Recitationa. Principal vocal Performers?Mrs. EdwVi Coder, Miaa E Wataon, Miaa De Lace, and Miaa M. L. Leach; Mr. Arharsnn, Mr. Orea;oret and .Mr Stephen Leach; aaaiated by a Chorus, (elected from the American Musical [natitnte, who wilt aiipea- in a Vocal' onrert. and alao hi tiie iotereatnic aud popular MUSICAL ILLUSTRATIONS OF SHaKHPEARE. delivered by Mr. Lynoe Conductor. Mr. George Loder Tickets One Doll-r; to tie obtained a? the Mnaic Stores, the office of the Sjcetr 41 Cortlandt atreet, or of the lollowin* membera of the ' nmmitlee:?Th neaa Dixon, Esq., Preaincnt; E. T. Sanderaoa, Enj.. J. R. Walters, Eaq, Anthony Barclay, Eaq , John s. Hartien. Eaq , M. D .Charles Edwarda. Eaq , M Rada d tie, Eaq , W. D Cu'hbertson. Eaq .Joseph Fowls r.Esq., J. C Bealra. Eaq , M. D , Richard Bell, Ksq.,E. w. Canning, Eaq, Henry Jeaaop, Esq., Samnel Maycoelt, Kaq., Septimna Crookea, Eaq , Nicholas Carter, Eaq , Alexander T. Wataon, Krq . *1. D. SEVEN fat Oil *ND INSTRUMENTAL CONCERT AT THE TABERNACLE, on Thnrsdav Ermine, Jan. I). 1(41. by the S'l E Y ERMAHKI8CHE MUSICAL COMPANY, i-ouaiatine of nineteen performeia In their protrammel ,r thia evening will be found Overt a re, Oberon, C M Wcbe-; Overture. Fra Disvolo, Anber. Varianona for th? Flute, on a itvnrite theme, by Fmatenau, (executed bv Fr. Keitxai (legman's Morning Salute, by particular rcq?e?t Tieketa 4U centa each, to be had aa usual Dooraopen at fhi; prrfnrmaaee tj cotnuience at 7X precitely Next Concert Setu-dav tan.14. MR. INNK'I MISII;\L I"TCUSTKA I ION'S AND HEADINGS OF Ml A KSPE A RE?Female Academy, 1. roll mm at, Brooklyn Thursday Evening Jaun-ry 13. ? i HE T MPk.sT, with the whole of Purcell and Arne'a Finatc. Vocaliaia eimaged?Miaa VI. L. Leach, M??a lie l.nce, Mr. Arlhnrteti and Mr. S L Leach with an efficient choraa Conduct r, Mr lieo. Lo'rr In the comae ol the eveninx, M-aara Vthttra in a* d Leach will aiag the celebrated duett, " Loeeand War" Timeta 40 centa Dooie open att)f?to commerce at Hi o'clock. AT TtlE HALL OF NoVELTY corner of Centre aad Pearl a-rreta-TABLEAUX VIVANTS.oi the Ltyi. g Model A iiala. Male and Female every evening, in a atyle superior to auy ever offered m ihia city. Alao, the Virginia Mmat elf, Miaan West *nd Cordelia, with Mr. Sanson, Cora-e Sinner. and the Pearl Be1! lingers W. H. Coleman'a JBanjo Solos Admission one ahill ng. Doors optn at d;to eomm??e? at7. oTTa khpalak E DRAM A iTc ~ASHOCI AT ION.?The 0 mrii'bttrs nf his Association announce to their frienda *nd the public ih t their S'Cond a-nusl Fancy Dress SOIREE will t ks place at the Apolft Room*, on Friday Evening, Feb. 4tK U(* Tii keti (the p'ice of which will be two dollars) aan be obtained at the rooms of the Association, Gothic Hall; of Joo. G Taylor. eostnm-r, 61 Priaee stseet; at the Shahaprare Hnoic, 6iJ Pearl ttreet, and of any of the members of tha AaaociatiO' . BANVamD'8 MAMMOTH PANUKASTA OF THE Misitaiippi Hirer printed on three mileaof eanvaas.tihi biting a view of rountry IMA mile* in length, extending from tlie mouth of the Missouri rirertothe eity of New Orleana. and each og over ten l eerree of latitude, being the larger! minting in h' world, at the new Panorama Building, in Vioadway adjoining Nrblo's Garden. Open every evening, ( on av ?*eapte< I Admission, 60 rente; children half price The Panorama will commence moving at 7 o'clock precisely. Altera .a evhi'ntiona on Wednesdays and Buutdtya, at 3 e|k Vests aeeored from IA A. M till II P. M. _ C7u.Ni tit 1' HaLI., NKWAHK?Mademoiselle Aligns / ta. h ? the houor to announce, to the inhabitant* of Newark end its vicinity, that she jvill give three|l)allet performances, commencing on Monday evening, Jaumry IA, 1(43, when Wi'i he iieif.irmrd rise gratrl ballet ofNATHALlE. Oil THE SWISS GIRI,. with all the nriainal dances. In A rat Act? Comic Pat de Deni M'lle. and Mr. Herminn; Pas S-nl bv Mm w e'ls; Pas dn Den*. Mile. Augusts ai d Mr. lu Ac. second-Tyrolienne, hy Mies Wells; Comic Polka, by Mil*. Augusta and M. Frederick, composed by Mile. Augusta. Tone followed by the following Divtrtiaemeat:?The f/taeovienne, by Miee Welle; Sailor's Hornpipe, M. Frederick To conclude with La Castillanne, by M'lle. Augusta Doors open st 7, performance to commence at a quarter to A V?B i nTKkvT ;o.M IT. IM E NT AKV I ALL IN HONOR 1 uK LIEUT. T1I08 W. SWEENEY.?The committee appointed at a public meeting of the printers of New York, hive male arrangements for UllAND BALL, to be given in hon >r of LIEUT THOS. W. SWEENEY, at CASTLE GaI'DE >i,on ,.iOND \Y EVENING, Jan. I7.i?4?-the lf?d Anniversary nip e Oirlh-dny of Eastsm.ttv. Tickets $1, to be obt inert by application to an* of the following Committee of A"angriiient?:?"arauel It (Hen, Herald Office: David D. Re,d. Ma Nnsain st.eet; Wm Bennett, Herald Office: John Fi ch, 27 Henry st; Wm Ellison, 307 Third street; John L Bmiwii. True Hun Offi'e; Wm M. Robinson;.! oh > McK.nciuv Tribune Offier; Daniel J. O'Snllivan, cor Frank ort and llore its; Feeder,rk K. K'ttnih. 3AI Walkrrst; E. H. Hogers, Tribune Office; Wm Kello g, Tribune Office; John Wessels, '4? iVasiautt; Edward Cole, 71 Ann it; Hnjh > larry. 122 Broome at; Henry H Pea's r, . ourier tuirl Enquirer t.ffice; Roderick T. F.ntwhistle It:) I. Jridge it. A. J Williamson, Monday Dispatch Office; Job ) 'I Clark en-. Greenwich and Hammond srs; John W.M ultou; UetJ IV. Point,3 2 Monroe it; Charles V' gt, 61 Concord st, Bro< klyn; Itme N. Rice, 20 Can arine street; Msinuel Udell True Sun Office: James H. Clark,cor Montgomery and Madison sts. C^Militsry gentIrmen are reqnca'ed to ppaar in nuiforn'. aW'?fcftriWrALBALL of "the BCANDINA_ VIAN SOCIETY W||| I,, hr Id st the Coliseum.'60 BrosdsvH., on This red y the 13th int. Dodworth'a eelehrn <! Brava Band will b? in attendance. Tbe floor will be QDdrr the m%naptne.>? of Vtr J. Robert* 90. Tht door* will ,r " "a ??*ncw* commfiirp at i. J '01'1,1 *xtractinu-DH. A. C. . .. ^ AS 1 ' or*?oi Or nfnt, JBI Broadway, inf. rm. thoee f* r'j'k . ?iU I1 ^1"r' n? ol heeieg dieeee*d teeth et bv the newly encore ed method of beiiiK rendered .inn i.ercet.tire to p.m. by the eihibilion of Chloroform Oaa. that Jeie|.reparert to perform th.e operation-Mb ell the enr iral .hill which a Ion* pneare end public Ho.pnal practice E NE NEW Affairs In the Army. [rairATK caaaairOMOBKca ] City of Mexico, Nov. 26, 1847. General Scott is in a peck of troubles with some of his Generals. He arrested the gallant and d i xt i nam ah?d lliin/>nn n w^plf nr f t' n days since, for avowing the authorship of a certain letter which appeared at Pittsburgh and Washington, and in which he (Scott) was reflected on rather severely. Soon after, General Pillow was arrested for an alleged disrespect, and on Thursday General Worth was arrested for the same offence. Twiggs is the right hand man of the General now, and whether tliese arrests are the results of his jealousy and management, or whether there is something deeper in the matter, I am at a loss to imagine. Be this as it may, there is considerable excitement prevailing among the different partizans. Scott himsefi litis no great popularity with the rank and file, nor do I believe his friends, among the officers, very numerous. Worth and Pillow are decidedly more popular than Twiggs?Worth with the old army, and Pillow with the new. The partizanB of Twiggs gave him a splendid dinner the other day, in which, sentiment after sentiment were given to Ii'ib gallantry and good generalship. If Worth ana Pillow were not under arrest, their friends would follow suit, so the excitement would increase. A? T Hide with mine of the factions, it is to me rather a source of amusement than otherwise, and will continue to be as long as itdoes not iutertere with the discipline of the army. By the way, Colonel II. is involved in a difficulty, from which he may find it difficult to extricate himself; which, when added to his lawless and cruel whippings of soldiers and teumsters, may give him much trouble. About the time the train left, commanded by him, he took up a Frenchman and a Swiss, residents of this city, and without the form of a trial, subjected them to the lash severely. The society of Frenchmen here protested to the General-in-Chief, but failed to obtain justice, Col. H. being permitted to leave with the train; and seeing that there was no hope for justice here, they have published their wrongs to the world, and solicited that protection from their government which they are eutitled to, and which they will obtain. I enclose you the publication.* The news from the Mexican Congress is altogether unsatisfactory; the vote inoicates a predominance of the mongrel peace party; but there is the usual want of decision in their actions, and there is strong evidence that Santa Anna is at his old game of intrigue. He is said to be at Oajaca, though his myrmidons are at Queretaro, busy at work. * The publication baa not bean recti Tad; it is presumed it was not pre-paid, and consequently thrown out at New Orleans. A It MY INTELUGBNCX. The U. 8. steamer Telegraph will be despatched this morning at daybreak by Major D. 1). Tompkins, quer- I termaster at this place, for Brsios St Jago, Texas She takes a number of herses for the 3d dragoons, and a detachment of reernits for tha regiment of Mississippi Riflemen, under eommend of Colonel R Davis. Among the passengers we notioe the names of Mejor D. H Vinton quarter master. U.S.A., who goes out to relieve Colonel H. Whiting, A Q M Q., U 8 A., attaohed to Oen Wool's oolumn; Captain C W. Davis, A Q M.O , U 8. A., who goes out to relieve Capt. W. W Chapmen, A. Q M at Matamoras. Captain Davis has in obarge 360,000 in gold, for the ssrvioe of the Pay and Quartermaster's departments. It becomes a matter of surprise to witness the regularity of the Quartermaster's Department at this place, considering the immense duties performed, and their exceeding variety. Holders of drafts reoeived from vierloo will be to una crowding around thet portion or tbe department under tbe charge of Capt. R. E. Clary. A Q M., to wboee polite manner they are Indebted for tbelr prompt and epeedy payment. On tbe right hand side of this busy office will be found conatantly oongregrated the erews of different U. 8. transports. Around the desk of Major Tompkins' worthy chief olerk, Mr Wakeman, who, with quiok business habits, will be found possessing manners of courtesy, erer ready to reply to tbe anxious Inquiries for transportation, fce , tco It would be impossible to enumerate all the different parts performed by a collection of gentlemen so various a those by the estimable clerks of the Quartermaster's Department in thlsoity ? N.O Delta, Jan. 3. naval intelligence. We are InfesaMd by a letter t, im.Ciima?ilne Bead, dated on board frigate United States, Cadis, of his arrival at that place, ttth November, on hie way to the Mediterranean^iaving been relieved by Commodore Bolton, in tbe commend of tbe Afrloan Squadron, on 31st Oct.?Norfolk Beaton, Jan. 10. Lffiw IntclllMnsR. Si-trhuk Court, Jen. 11.? Present, Judges Strong, MoOouo, and Edwards ?The following named persona were admitted attorney*, solicitor*, and counsellors in the several courts of this Stat*Abner Benedict, Daniel Bowling, Cornelius A. Burling. George Carpenter, Rockwell Eninoa, Mauneei* B. Field. David Hawley, John O'Rorka, John Owen. Edwin T. Rioe, Thomas D. Sherwood. Egbert T. Smith. John Vanderburgher, George B. Vashon (colored), Reuben W. Van Pelt Clarke B. Wheeler, Samu*l Williams, Abraham Wakeman, Peter E. Patteriea. Circuit Court?Before Judge Mcree Let and Brewler at. JCnmont ?This cause was summed up this evening. The jury are to bring In a sealed verdict to-morrow (this) morning. Cosmos Plus? Before Judge L'lshoeffer? Still Manning vt. Ore Dtyltn, Edward V. Sprague. and ~iugutlin Jl. Tkurkrr ?This was an action of trover to reoever the value of 080 bushels of oorn. which the plaintiffs alleged they Lad sold through their broker, Mr Berne, to the defendants, Dayton and Sprague. The defence was that there was no oontraot between the plaintiff and defendants, or if so, that it was rescinded, and tha plaintiff was to look to Barns. Verdlet for plaintiff for $1104, subject to the opinion of the Court on a ease to be made. Court or Oevcrsl Sessions. Jan. 11.?Before Reoordar Soott, and Alderman Da Forrest and Kelly. John MoKeon, Esq , District Attorney. Cant ?/ Itaac R Otward?At the opening cf Court tbls morning, the above named Individual, wbo was eonvicted yesterday of having, in the monta of October lest, obtained from Lewis T Woodruff, of Weet Stookbridge, Mass., the sum of $25 by means of false and fraudulent pretences, wasoslled up to reoeive the judgment of the eonrt. On beinr asked what ha had tn >? why amtenoe should not bo parsed upon him bo rood the following appeal, via : ?M?y ft pieoae the Court, oa twelve of my fellow- olttceno hove decided that I woo guilty of taking money wrongfully from Mr. Woodruff, T hereby offer to reetore 11 to him aa aoon aa I am able, in my praotioe for many yean of reoeiving money for cduoation, and giving eituationa gratuitously, I nave alwaya thought ( waa acting jnat and honorable. If, however, the majority of the public think differently, then I humbly bow to their deciaion. And I here pledge myself to thia court, the polieo and the publlo, that I will, hereafter, do all In my power to make the New York Commercial College worthy of liberal anpport. Hundreda of peraona have told me that my oouree waa perfeetly right. If, than. I have erred, or mietaken pnblio opinion, I aaaure your honora, that I have done ao lgnorantly. I had over a doaen wltnaaaeiof the higheat reepeotablltty subpoeoaed, but my eonnael thought beat not to uae them. J am over forty-two yean of age, and afflicted with paralyeia and aeveral other eomplainta -and my wife for a long time has been not expeoted to live from week to week, and now aha tolla me she tbioka be oan never endure a reparation. In. three yeara, we have loot our two old eat daught*ra,aud tiro boya.oauaad. we believe, by poverty and persecution. Truly, your Honora, we ate broken hearted ! and cruahad to the earth I But onr lienor la itlll d?r tn n> m. remit. i ii tn utter destitution, and my fnur remaining ohlldien re In poor health. 1 cannot boar vha thought to bo torn fram my family, under ?uch_ circumstance*. I ballon It would bo tha daath of ona or mora of ua. Thereforo, I aarnaatly beaaeeh yonr Houori not to (operate me from my family, bnt Una ma aooordlng to your lonaa of juatiea. I bare frlandi who I tcuat would land ma tha money, to reitore ma to my family. Bealdea. I hare puplla now learning with ma, who hare paid for lemon* in adranoa, and are aatlsfled , and I do hope tha Court will restore ma to them alio, that thay may not auffar on my account. The Court, after commenting upon the nature of the offence of which the prlaoner had bean guilty, In con deration of ble family, eentenoed blm to 60 daya lmprlaonment In the penitentiary. Cocut Calrifoar for tmk dat.? Circuit Ceurf-3, 7, 10, 13, in, 33, 39, 39,41. 43, 43,44, 6,30, 47,40. 310, 49, 61, 63 4. 37,34 Common Vltat-lit part- 01, 106. 183. 130, 187. 130, 141,347, 143. 133. 3d part?100, 6. 8, 10.338, 18, 80 70. 30, 33, 34, 30, 40 40, 63, 00. 64, 60, 343, 108, 86, 3, 64, 4, 08, 70. 8itprrmr Court of thk Uriteo Statu, Jaw. 7. ? John Trimble, baq of Kentucky, and Jamea W. Tho aaa, K?q of Tenneeeee, were admitted attorneye and oouMellor* of tbie court. No. 100 Thomae Oopwood Fi Henry A MoUhee ?In (rror to the Dietrlct Court of the United Statee for Northern Mlaatealppl. On motion of Mr. Rarerdy Johnaon, thla writ of error waa docketed and diemlaeed with coata Noa 16 and 16. Weet Rlrar Bridge Company, plalntlffa in error, Fa the Town 0; Brattteboro.' et al. The argument ot thaee oanaea waa continued by Mr. Phelpe for the defendanta In error, and concluded by Mr Webeter for the plalntlffa in error. Adjourned until Monday, at 11 o'oloek, A M. grrrfmr Court of tri Uritcb Statu. January 10, 1848 -No 199. Alaneon Trigg, etal ,vi (iordonC Kent In error to the circuit court of the United State* for Went Tenneteee. On motion of Mr. Thomaa, of oouneel for the defendant In error, thla writ cf rror waa droketed and dlemlered with coata. No >3 Richard King, d al., plalntlffa in error, et. the United Statee The argument of thla ranee waa continued be Mr Attorney < ienerai for the defendanta in error Adjourned till tomorrow morning, 11 o'clock ? Union. The horrible etory about the murdered girl, eald to haFOeeufMad under a bridge near Albaay, prcree to i mwni mmi f . i W YO r YORK, WEDNESDAY I Theatrical and Musical. Parr Theatre.?The boure was filled last night,with a highly respectable aadianoa. the lower tier of boxes bring mostly occupied by ladies, and family parties; and Jovialtime they had of it wo ahould My; for what with all the ourious, amusing, lurprising, and unheard of feats performed by the various members of thie splendid troupe of rerformers, we should like to see the person, who oould pass an evening witnessing them without being amused. The clowns are quite raoy in their way, the equestrians dsshlng. the ponies and danoing horses vivacious, the gymnasts limber as ash poles, Sands and his sons, graceful as Apollo, and Hernandes, a speoies of Centaur. The after pleoe of the "Barber of Rouen," is^higbly amusing. We can oommend every one to make a visit to the old Park. Bowtsr Theatre.?We were pleased to see suoh a good attendanoe at this well oonduoted theatre last evening. The play of the " Stranger" was repeated, and it must have been gratifying to all the aotors to observe the frequent bursts of applause given them by the audienoe, more particularly when some of the beautiful sentiments contained in the play were expressed The aotors performed their various parts admirably. We were partioularly pleased with the manner in whiob Mr Barry maintained the character of the Stranger. BelI 1 amy acted Solomon to admiration, and Burke was. in truth, a perfeot Peter Simple, in mind, words, and actions. Mrs. Phliltps sustained the obaracter of Mrs. Haller to ths satisfaction of all, and rounds of applause were frequently awarded her. Mr. Plutner sang with much better effect than on his first appearance, and waa heartily encored by the company. In the drama of the " Witch of Hell Gate " Mr. Marshall was a perfect Captain Kyd. and in that oharaoter oould sosroely be exoelled. As usual, the " Kiss in the Dark" was reccired with roars of laughter. Chatham Theatke.?There was rathsr a slim house well played m if there had been a houie full. The drama of" St. Clair of the Isles, er the Outlaws of Barra," wis played, la whloh Mr. Brandon sustained the character of Lord Roekelyn, and Mrs. Mo Lean that of Lady Roskelyu. The Model Artists, as usual, were reoelved with applause, and are decidedly the most beautiful ever exhibited In the olty, new groups being added almost every evening. Mr. Fletcher will introduce, In a short lime, a beautiful tableau, representing Venus, with her hands resting on the shoulders of Mars, and gaslng intently into his faoe, while her riyht foot rests upon a golden apple, presented te-her by 1'arls, as a prise for her beauty. The design was furnished Mr. F. by t, lady, taken from a seal, as follows : ? 'New York, Jan 8tb, 1847 Mr. J Fletcher?Sir :? Being a frequent attendant upon your theatre, and having witnessed your admirable " Model Artists,'' in their tcbleavx vivants, I take the liberty of enclosing to you an Impression of a seal, taken from a Mexican officer slain on the battle ground of 'Cerro Gordo," sent to me by my bother, a New York volunteer; wuioh you will please add to the representations of your magnificent illustrated pictures. Yours, respectfully, A .Sister or a Brave Volunteer." The Ethiopian Melodists are also vary entertaining In their negro extravagansas, while the performance of Mr. Turner, on the dulcimer, fills every one with wonder and admiration. Steyehmarkischs Musical Society.?Last evening, the Tabernacle presented a brilliant array ot the musical dillttanti, to bear the dulcet strains, thrilling harmony, and sublime scientific performances of this welldisciplined, oelebrated band. Their soft and melodious muslo would tame the wildest heart, and exoite cheerfulness within the most gloomy mind. Ma?y of their plaintive, inspiriting sirs mirror up to the imagination by-gone scenes of the moat pleasurable character. The poetic writer, in a few words, beautifully describes the impressive quality of this delightful accomplishment: " Music the soul, song charms the sense." As the human frame, in its grand construction, is based upon harmony, the mini being the sweet instrument wbioh by its aotion, tunes the nerves, and makes them play in unity a nd concord, or otherwise, aooording to the impression it reoeives? and that health or siokness may follow its action. We don't know a plaoe in this oity where more agreeable or pleasing sensations can be excited, and consequently healthful results follow, than by listening to the bewitching strains and soul-stirring me lody of the band nowtperformlng, three timee each week, at the Tabernacle. In faot, we cannot seleot any particular piece which these inimitable performers execute? all have]lheir charms. The "Talisman Waltier," by banner, was exoelient, and the introduction to " l'Elisir d'Ansere," by Donlsetti, was given with such a thrilling combination of swert sounds, quivering upon the ear so melodiously,and (lying awey in suob enchanting bar inony. that repeated cheers followed its per ormanee The" Klauga ausder Haimath," "Hounds from Home," was the most plaintive, beautiful pteoe we have ever heard. The execution of tha -- nebet* eoiaauooaity Mei I ij id,in bit oesreet stretches and stoiri"- soalee. wMeuVreughl down the obeere of the audience. Next same " the Night's Review," a tableau f harmony, representing in muslo rhe evening, night. and universal slumber or onmii nmure ? me approicn of the hoar of ghosts?and the dawning of d?y, wuen the sweet warblers of the skies and all animated nature awake in oheerfulnesa and melody This is the sweetest, most deltghtfnl piece of music we hare ever heard : In loot, it battles description. The soft, awset, enphoneous music In this splendid oomposition should be heard by every lover of musio. There is every reason now to say that this unrivalled band will meet with thesuocess their talent deserves. Chuistt's Minstrels.?We need only say that Mechanics'.>1 all was last nig t as thronged as it has bsen any night tbess three months, ays four months Sest; it is really aatoniablng how the folks pour In to ear these ministrels. We suppose it oan only be explsined by the lntrinsio merit of their performances. Christy and his band are perfeot Napoleons in thsir way, it is vsry evident. Broadway Odeoit.?Ventriloquism and Model Artists sre are nil the go now adays; I hey take the shine off every thing within range, at least they do at tha Oieon, which Is crowded nightly, lie now gives no less than 18 distinct tableaux this evening. Mxlodeon.?The negro performances at this place of amHa.mnssd d/X/eulkae Ilk thn svMKillon ef tKa PastA. rum* of Mexico. are attracting vary good houses. White in a great favorite. Muiical. IuLiTtTXATiorffl or SHAKircARE.?Mr. Lynn* and bit musical associates will give the aecond of a series of these illustrations to-morrow evening at the Female Academy. Brooklyn. We oan endorse the encomium* whloh Mr. L, received in New York, and recommend him highly to oar frieada acroai the river. Bastard*' Parorama ?A visit to this splendid painting in Indeed a treat, and every body aeema to think to, aa crawda go every evening. It ie truly a magnificent work. i^imr.#KT mi.i., .>ewark.?>>ia lie Augu^M, naving been disappointed by the musicians she had engaged, wh under the necessity of putting off her tint entertainment until laat evening Md'lle A. takes her benefit to night, when *he will appear in " La tiomnambula" and in '* Nathalie." We bare no doubt that our neighbors of Newark will orowd the house, as a compliment to this charming and graceful danieutr. Mr. Dempster, the popular ballad singer, Is giving entertainments at Roohester. Hers and Slvori announced their laat oonoert at Charleston to take place on the evening of the 4th inst. The Heron family are still at the Albany Museum, where they are nightly reoeived with marked applause Marina Affairs. Whslino ExTBAoaoiivaav.?Or eat excitement was created at the Sandwich lslandsk(the Restart Jour says) by the report that several whalethips had been captured on the eoast of California, by privateers. The report was brought bv Captain Fisher, of the California, who spoke on the linn, the America, Nash, of Stonington I'he latter vessel reported that he put Into Margarita Bay, Lower California, a few weeks before, to whele Upon nearing the place he found whales In abundance, and aaw over a projecting point of land, the meets of eight whelaebipe, but no smoke from boiling and no boete In ohase of the whales In sight. Soon after, two scbooners, crowded with men stood out from shore, with sweeps towards him. Alarmed at their appearance, he called in hie beats, which were In pursuit of whales, and stood off The denouement of this story Is thus stated In the Polynesian, of April > " By Into arrivals It woulil seem that tha eaptnrad whalers In M arc art t a Bay, Lower California, ware actually hard at work In the mine*. though altogether on their own hook The erews of the ships Hlbernla and Brookline, (both of New London,) having dlecovered ashore a vein of aomething that glittered like gold, for ecok the harpoon, took to the plxate, and toiled away moat manfully In pursuit of the wealth whlon their Imagination# depleted aa lying each moment but a few ehovela full deep In the earth After It they dug, some fifty men, with all the tools they could raise; a hill one hundred feet deep wee soon demolished. TOO tone of earth removed, and about $000 expended. Mining stork roee faster than ever the South Sea, Mississippi, or Eastern Land eharae; $1,000, we hear, was offered for a ealtor'a chance, jack tugged harder In carrying off armsfol of the glittering rodft, than ever be strained an oar after a 960 bbl. whale. All tha spare room In the ships was soon tilled up Instead of oil, barrels were crammed with solid gold There it lay In ehinlng teaps. as In a genii's oave Esob man had but to help himself to a fortune which would put Croesus to the blush The Brookline brought some thirty barrels ef the ore here, and very generously gave It away, some knowing one having had the audaeltv to dispel the golden dream by deolartng the whole to be a beep of that very common and valueless mineral, lr< n pyrites, orsulphuret of Iron However, they are not' he urn riuiuri whom mixniui?iu>n? o>n Man etpilTaiaa nj It* gllttar Soon after tho dlaeoeary of Hudaon'a Bay, aareral ship* rotnrnod to England from that vint?r. ladan with tho aama mineral which had bean miRtakan for gold era." flmr Si ?h.?Thia *hip haa olaaradattha euftom bona*' Sha la Iniandad for tha lod)a trada, and la tha flnaat ablp Salem haa eeer employed in that bnainea*. In acocmmodxtloua In eeery part of tha ahip, and In tha elegance of flnlah. aba will eomoara with any aaaaal afloat Sha waa built by Mr. Oeorge Riyn??, under tha anparlntandanoa of Capt. Jacob W. Tboaapaon; la ownad by Maaara Tanker Daland and Hanry L.wiliiama, of Salem; and la aemnaaadad by Cant. Chart** Manpflald. Sha "KT&rJTSSafwrdag' ?d(1m4 ,B<U* >RK I CORNING, JANUARY 12 City Intelligence. PkKtSNTtTIOn TO LlKUTertAITT Bli.THAM, OF Till i Bokita ?Tbo friend* end rellow-oiti??na of Lieutenant Benbem, U. 8. dott. who commanded the U 8. eohroner uom?. one 01 me moequuo neei, si me iimci on in city of Vera Cruz, and who behaved himself io gallantly on that oooaalon, as all who raad theacoounts published at the time will remember, hare determined to prraent Mm with two splendid silver pitchers and two goblets, aa a token of their esteem for hia distinguished servioes lu that affair, and of their admiration of him as a citizen. We hare seen the artlolea, and can truly aay that they are superb. They reflcot the highest credit on the donors, the manufacturer, the engraver, and nil concerned in getting them up, and will be a magnificent present to the gallant lieutenant. The artiolea are of beautiful workmanship, extremely obaate In their design, and weigh something like one hundred and twentyfire ounces of solid silver. On eaoh article thare 1s an engraving, neatly exeouted by Mr. George W. White, of thi* olty, representing the Bonlta in front of the city of VeraCrnz andithe castle of San Juan de Ulloa. The oost of the whole is something like four hundred dollars. The following is the inscription on the goblets :? "Presented to Lieutenant Timothy Green Benbam, U. S. N ,by his fellow oitisens of Rlobmond Co New York.'' And on the pitchers, "Presented, January 1,1848, to Lieutenant Timothy Green Benbam, U. 9. Navy, by hie fellow oltlzena of Richmond county, as a token of tbeir esteem for bis distinguished services and nautioal skill on board the U. S schooner Bonita, during and subsequent to the attack on Vera Ciua, Maroh *24 end '24,1847, and of their admiration of hie deportment In private life. "Jno. S Westervelt, John C. Thompeon, Nathan T Barrett, Minthorne Tompkins, Jamee M. Croae, Charles E. Leverdge. Lawrence Cortelyou, Bonrt P. Wlnant, Henry Col*. Richard D. Little, Jno. Johnaon, John T. Harrison, Committee " The plate was mannfketnred by Mr. N. A Freeman, of No. 389 Broadway, at whoae store they oan be aeen during to-day; and to-morrow they will be formally presented to Ltent. Benbam, at the Conrt Honae of Richmond county, Staten Island. The WtiTHia -The weather yeaterday morning, was several degree* oolder then the morning previous, aa alio at noon; but, towards evening, the air became raw, and the atmosphere presented very muoh the appearance of snow. We give below the comparative difference between yesterday and the corresponding dates of 1847 and 1840: ? 0, A. M. 13. M. 0, P. M. 1848, January llth, 8 18 3-2 1847, " " 34 30 3# 1848, " u 83 3D 38 Destructive Fire in Jersey Citv.?A Are broke out at a quarter past nine o'clock, on Monday night, in a large'ihree story briok building in the rear of No. 13 Sussex street, Jersey oity, oooupied by Messrs Olfford & Perry, as a patent leather faotory, originating, It Is said, from the overheating of the metal box, in the varnish room. In cousequeuoe of there being in the building at the time,a quantity of oil,and other inflammable articles, the flames spread with fearful rapidity. The entire stock of Gilford h Perry was destroyed, and their los 1 is supposed to be $1400, upon which there w u<> insurance. The flames communicated to N? >3, a three story frame home In front, occr 1 by Mr. Perry, and two other families, who wer ' led to remove the principal part of their furnitur the flames had advanoed too far. 1next ooi ted to No. 14, also a three story frame house, wl ocoupled by several poor families, all of whoi inmates of No. 13, were rendered houseless, and the coldest night of the winter, barely escaping their lives, and some ol them with not a sufficiency c clothing, which In their flight from the burning build iukb iurj ubu leu, tu pruMoi buviu iruiu mo pierumg cold. A Urge portion of their furniture, after having been eared and plaoed In the street, vasoarried off. and has not since been found. The buildings belonged to the Hon. D. 8. Gregory, member of Congress, ana were entirely destroyed Theie was an ineuranoe of $3,400 on the bouses, by the North Amerioan Insurance Company of this city, and Mr G 'slots Is estimated at $3,000. The fire also communicated te a large three story frame house. No 17, belonging to a Mr. Dommer, whioh was probably damaged to the amount of $S, and would hare oeen destroyed, but for itsharing a briok gable lining As soon as tne dames were to be seen, two of our engine companies, Nos. 14 and 30, went with all possible speed to the fire, and we learn that it was through their exertions the fire was extinguished and the surrounding ropetry saved. The Are department of that city being very inefficient, having but two engines, who were unable to get a sufficiency of water, it 1s hard to tell what would have been the result, but for the exertions of the New York firemen. Another Fire.?A firs broke out on Monday night in the premises No. 10 Cherry street, which was put out with trifling damage. Thanes.?Messrs. Gay it Co.'a Express, favored us with Albany papers at a very early hour last night ? The oonduotois of the New Haven and Springfield route brought us Boston papers sometime iu anticipation of the mail. gJ0H^u^?i.^-I^;^^^"orwffr.hV to-go to the charitable rand of the society, comes off on Friday evening next, at the Tabernaole. At this inclement season of the year, when so many poor bewildered eml grants are in the greatest distress In a strange country, unacquainted with the customs, and unable to find work, it particularly behooves all charitable persona to aid them as far aa they oan. By patronising this oonoart, thsy will not only do a charity, but also spend a pleasant evening, as the entertainments will be of the highest order. Improtkmckts.?Agreeably to promise, we give below a description at some of the stately residenoea which are now in conrse of ereotton In the npper part of the eity. The first w? shall mention belongs to Mr Parish, and is situated at the corner of Broadway and Seventeenth street; it Is a magnificent edifice, fear stories high, with circular front, having two very large parlors on the first and second floors, with all the necessary bath-rooms, and other rooms, to make a faultless rssidencs. The walls are handsomely decorated over head, with beautiful centre pieces, and the oornioes are of the most chaste and beautiful order. Mr. Peteler is also just finishing a Bee four story house, at the oorner of Fourth avenue and Twentieth street, which is one of the largest private buildings in the upper part of the city, lie Is sparing no pains nor expense to make it one of the most desirable, finishing it In the most costly and faahtonable style. There are also a number of splendid bulldingsgoing un In Twenty-sixth street, near Lexington avenue, which are to be finished in a style not to he surpassed. Lamps Out.?At an early hour last night, nearly all the oil lamps In the city were out. In several of the streets, tbere was not a single burning light to be seen, and the Park was veiled in darkness. Isaat R. liowasd ? This Individual, long known as the president of the New York Commercial College, was convioted on Mosday, In the Coort of Sessions, for obtaining money by false pretences, from a young man who preferred the complaint against him. On the opening of the oourt yesterday, he was called for ssntsnee. He stated to the court the closely approaching death of his wlfls, and the condition of his helpless ohlldren. The Recorder spoke very sympathetically for aome time, touching the situation of tbe prisoner's family, and the necessity of pursuit* a life ot honesty; but the edict had gone forth, andSbers was nothing left but to consign him to prison tf atone for the offence he had committed: and In thl nresenoe of some of his little ehil dren, the father was-sentencd to the penitentiary. Mammoth Oite.f Veeterday, were submitted to our inapeotion two of tie moat remarkably sited and high bred ezen. that lire ever been exhibited in these marketa They ware reared and fattened by Alien Ay rani t, Esq , the oaahier of the Liringaton Bank, in the town of Qensseo. were aix years old twins isat Jane, of the Durham and Devonshire cross, and will probably weigh from 17 talSewt. They were raffled off for a thonaand dollars and won back by Calkin, Partridge and Lane, and purchased by Mr. Bryan Lawrence, 14 Centre Market, by whom thry will be slaughtered next week. They are fine specimens of corn fed oxen, and bear ample testimony to the practical skill of the American farmer. 8u?ntit Death ? Coroner Walters was called yesterday te held an Inqffest at No. 137 Charles street, on the body of Mary Ann Cotter, a native of Orange county, eged 47 years, who died suddenly on Monday night ? From evidence adduced before the coroner, It appears that the deceased was on a visit to the city, and on Monday afternoon went to the steamboat pier at the foot of Puane street, for the purpose of meeting a niece from Orange oounty. and on returning to the house ef her friends In Charles street, she was seised with an excruciating pain in the back part of her head. She was immediately oonveyed home, and medioal aid prooured, but without realising any relief, and died about midnight. Verdict, death by an effusion of serum upon the base of the brain. The Weather. We have had all sorts of weather the past forty-eight hours. Saturday nlght.snow fell in sufficient quantity to cover the earth. On Hnnday morning rain fell and ilelnged the streets, and left mad in any quantity Cenm ttAAie ...4a.A.. ?a thle mawUm ma had a all# f?l<- from thr writ and northwrrt. till tbrrmomatar Inking to tba ylolntty of aaro.?Button Tranicript, ./?? 10. Thla hM barn thr ooldrat day thai far thli wlntar Tha tbarmomatrr itood ft tbraa dagraaa abova isrro tbli morning, withaelrar atmoipbara, andbrirk nortbweatar K.ight dagrara abore, at noon ?Hartford Tranicript, Jan 10 At 0 P. M. to-day, tba tharmomator at Haaoy'i, oornar of 8tatr and Broadway, itood at 0 brlow ??ro .?Albany Artui. Jan 10. Thrra wai qulta a baary fall af mow on Saturday night? anongb to makr good alaighlng. Yaatarday was a biuatarlng, unoomfnrtahl* day. To-day it ti mora oomfortabla. thr ugh qnlta oold, and tba alaigb-balli art jiagliagmarrlly.?7Vny Budgn. Jan. 10. From tmk W*?t Iwoiai.?By the Flora. from Barbadoee, wo hATafllea of that Inland papem to thellth net , and we were yeiterday favored with flloa of St. Vineant papara to tha 14th, brought by tha leboaaar General Orant. Much aneeeineee enema to ba oauaad In conaaquanoa of tha eu?p?nelon of epncie payment# by tba Wait India Banka, alluded to In our laat, but it waa hoped and believed that thla Inconvenience would only ba of * temporary nature Itaeame to have baan oauaad by a run on tha banka for apaola to purohaaa government b'lla of tha Comnlaaariat Department, who wara fnrniahlna them t a laaa rata of premium than waa demanded by tha bank. Wa have copied one or two artlelaa on tha aubjaat af the lata prooeedtnga at St I.uota, between Colonel Torrane and Judge Raddle. Tba raanlt haa not baan made pvbllo. hat nil tha papaaa any It hna ended jmUt In lbvor of Calanal Tmi?Jirmnda JUyaJ fu., Haa. M. 11 J I. ' . \L -ULiULIJU 1 UII"HJ'IIIHP? I ERA !, 1848. Police Intelligence. Robbing the Poor of Ireland ? Officer Gilbert K Hay*, of the lower polioe. arrrated yeitcrday, e men by the name of William R Derenay, on a charge of abioonding from the county of Monagnan, Ireland, carrying with blm 600 pound* eterling. being a part of donation* *?nt from tble oountry and other parta, for the relief of the tarring poor It appear* from the facta In thl* oaie, that the aocuaed.after embexiline the money.wee traced a* far as Kranoe, and tbara all track *u lost, until a few month* after. It waa ascertained that he had Railed from Liverpool for the United Stated. Consequently, upon thla Information, Mr Thornton, a member of the London deteotion police, arrived here by the steamer Caledonia, on Wednesday last, and engaged the aid of officer Hays, who at once set to work to aeoertala the whrreabouts of Derensy In the oourse of a oouple of days. Mr. Hays ascertained that the accused had exchanged several Bank of Logland notes and gold, at the exchange office of Mr. Alexander Taylor, in Wall street for Jersey bank bills; upon this, a due was at onoe obtained respecting the iooatlon of Derensy and on proceeding to New Brunswick, it was louud that the accused had purohased a farm About three miles from that place, andjooated thereon. Offloer Hays then made application to cue of the magistrates of that piece for a warrant, in order to arrest Derensy. to await a requisition from our Governor. This applloatlon was refused by the magistrate, which, as a matter of course, threw the offloers completely on their beam ends, until a method w?b Buupvu ut mr. iiajp, wug is yutj lu^vuiuun iu suvu matters, in order to deooy the accused into this State, finding it impossible to moke the arrest there Therelore, to effect tble objeot, Mr. Hays proceeded to the residence of Derensy, and informed him that the Jersey money thus obtained from Mr. Taylor wai a grant pro- ! portion bad, or counterfeit; and to make the matter correct and satisfactory, it would be well for him (Derensy) to come to New York and see Mr. Taylor. On this information, Mr Derensy felt much snrprfsed; bnt, not being able to return on that day, gave Mr Hays a note to Mr. Taylor, stating he would be in New York on Tuesday morning (yesterday) This all went on well, and an agent was left in New Brunswick to watch the departure of Derensy, and immediately telegraph the fact on to New York. This was done aooording to Instruction, and immediately upon the arrival of the aconsed, yesterday morning, at the foot of Courtlandt street, he was politely escorted before Justice Osborne, where he beoame alarmed at his situation, acknowledged the fact, and refunded near $2500 of the funds thus embezzled This man, it seems, was acting as treasurer of the institution oalled the Commissioners of Works. It further appears that Derensv was in this oountry about six years ago, when he left and returned back to Ireland, tearing here a wile and two oblldre- Hut shortly before OlbessliBg these funds be married u, and by his second wife obtained ?300 sterling, w' be brought r his country, leaving the wife behf and on nrriring here, took his first wife again, r sed n farm In Jei v, and, no doubt, intended ireep pigs, and live Weil for the balanoe of his life l it not been lor the perseverance and ingenuity of the above officers. Justice Osborne committed Derensy to prison, to await a further aotion in the matter. Charge of Highway Rabbtry.?Officers McManus and Owens,of the 6 th ward polioe, arrested, about ten o'olook on Monday night. Kranoia McCabe, alias Williams, on a charge of knookingdown a Mr. Terhune, in November last, at Albany, with another rasoal, who is now in prii it Albany on the charge, and stealing from his pera gold watch and $70 in monev- This MoCabe is man who wm arrested a few days ago at a porter '* called the " Fashion," in Duane street, by officer seit, bat was subsequently rescued by several present, the friends of the aooused, and has sinoe evaded the polioe until Monday night. He was entrapped by the above officers in Broadway, near Leonard street The prisoner was conveyed before Justice Drinker, and committed, andoffloer Upton will convey him to Albany this morning for trial, where, if convicted, be will reeeive not less than ten years in the State prison, and probably for life. Jlrrut of e Fern ale Shop Lifter.?Offloer Edwards arrested yesterday, a Frenon woman bytbe name of Louisa Soisson, whom the officer found residing at No. 138 Elm street, on a oharge of stealing a pieoe cf black silk valued at $9, from the dry goods store No. 48d Grand street, oooupled by James A. Duffy. The property was reoovered, and Justioe Timpson looked her up for trial Charge of Manslaughter.?A man by the name of Allen Bowie was arrested yesterday on a oharge of violently beating his wife a year age, by which violenoe she died. It appears that the accused, some yeara ago, had served out an Imprisonment In the State prison of seven years, and on many oooaslons he accused his wife with having been the oause of saoh imprisonment; for which he declared he would take her life. Consequently, on a dispute between tbem one night, he attempted to put his threat into execution by holding her uown in bed; and placing his knees upon each arm, held her nose tight with one band, aud the other plaoed over her mouth, until she fainted; when, after a short time, finding that she was ooming to again, the brute blowed down her throat, for the purpose, it was supposed, of etrangu jetton These, wUh oth^^ tE? husband, meantime, abaooaded, and has since be-n among the missing, until arrested yesterday. Juatlcr Hooma looked him up for trial on tha above charm. Jlrrett of Burglar* ? Offloer* Cos tig an and Jube, of tha 10th ward, arreetad yesterday two fallows oalled Dennis MeCawly and George Hare, alia* Smith, on a aharge of forcing open tha hat store of BenJ 8 Tuttle, No. 194 Chatham square, on Saturday night last, stealing therefrom an orerooat, two new hats, together with several dollars in money. The officers found them snugly seated in a " crib,'' located at No 43 Cross street, playing seven up for drinks. Upon their arrest, an overooat and one of the bats was found oo their perso a, whiob property was Identified by Mr. Tuttle, as a portion ot his stolen property. Justice Timpson looked them both up for trial. Political Intelligence. Election Contest.?It appears that Colonel Monroe, who was the whig oandidats for Congress fer the sixth Congressional District of this city, at the last election, has petltlensd that body against the return of Alderman Jaokson; the matter was of oourse referred to a onmmlttee of the House of Representatives; the committee made an order to take evidence in this eity, in relation to tba election, and the partlee, with their respective eonneel. attended to-day before Judge In graham, in the eeoondbranoh of the Court of Common I'leae, to take the testimony Several of the reporter* were alto in attendance, and the oouneel on both side*, obeervlng them, ?tated to the Court that they did not with to have the testimony made publio Hi* Honor then referred to the itatute, and atated that it declared that all evidenoe taken by order of Congressional committees, should be taken in private, and suggested to the gentlemen of the pre** the propriety of withdrawing-eome of them, however, eeemed disposed to demur, on the ground that the statute was unconstitutional, the constitution declaring, " that all courts of justice shall be held with open doors." It was then intimated by counsel, that an adjournment would be asked for, and that all future meetings woold be held in private. Whereupon, the reporters very reluctantly withdrew. Ca.radiar Ki.kc'tio* Rituisi ?The Hamilton (C W ) Spectator, Jan. Atb, gives us the number of members returned up to that time, 3d ; of whom 19 were conservatives and 13 French and radicals. CnancsLLoa Ksrt on thi Arrsxatior or Tkxai ? This eminent jurist has left on record hi* judgment, both upon the pending war with Mexico and Its primary I cause, the annexation by Congress of Texas. In a letter to Hon. Garrett Davis, ne says:?'* I acknowledge your spssoh of January last on the annexation of Texas I have perused it with muoh satisfaction, and I deem it perfectly conclusive that the annexation of Tera* by eonourrent resolution of Congress was unwarrantable, and a usurpation of the treaty making power; in every visw violent, unjust, unconstitutional, and most pernicious and unprincipled, and will lead to the ruin of the Union "?Porte (Kg.) ffeittrn Citizen. The whig members of the Mew Jersey Legislature held a oauons at Trenton, yesterday. and resolved upon the election of J C. Smallwood as President of the Senate, and P J. Gray, of Camden, Secretary. For Speaker of the House, Dr. J. W. C. Kvans; Clerk, Col. Alexander M. Camming. From Bkrmpda?By the bri# New Orleans, Capt. Hramtiall, from Bermuda, arrived laet night, we received papers to the 28th ult. They contain very little news. We copy the following from the Royal Uazrtlr ? H. M. rttamtr Growler, under the temporary oommand of Lieutenant Coull. arrived here en Friday last, from Barbados, which place ahe left oa the 10th Inatant; being ordered to these Islands by the senior naval ofl[ oer on the windward command, In ooneequeuce of her lekly state. On her arrival here she was Immediately placed in quarantine, and lubseqneatly ordered to forts Island, so that the sick and ship's company might be landed. We understand that there are 37 oases of fever on board, reported, bowevsr, to be of a mild character, three deaths only having ooourred sinoe her leaving Sierra Leone, on the 13th November last Two days after leaving the ooast. her commander (Potbury) Wis attacked with fever, of which he subsequently died The Orowler landed the immigrants she brought from Sierra Leone at Trinidad She has now only ner own ship's company on board. We understand that ths case of fever are all of a mild type, and that her Surgeon conceives there Is no fear to be apprehended, and ihat all the cases will ultimately do well it Is supposed that the Naval Commander-inChief will deUIn the Growler, here until her crew recover* and the vessel is thoroughly purified The royal mail steamer Tay, whloh was to have left Southampton on the -id lnat . dlreot for these Islands, and was dne here about the iOth, baa aot yet arrived It Is generally supposed, that having met with continued strong and head winds, she became short of coal, and has bora up for St. Thomas The royal mail steamer Thames, having waited her full time for the Tay, left on Thursday lor St. Thomas A Urge portion ot the Gazette is taken up with the celebration of the laying of the foundation atone of a ntasonic temple. Railroad Bridoi Burnt.?An express arrived in town thia atternoon, with information that the railroad bridge, of the Hartford and Springfield Railroad Company,at Windsor, about eight miles above Hartford, had been burnt down. It wai the covered bridge across the Farmington river. As the Boston train pass* d over it, atiout noon, coals were shoveled out whilst the train wmou tha bridge, and the result was a Are that eould not be arrested.?Hertford -V?es, 10M ins(. ldT" Pitef Two CMtt. rMil Iiwi mu. Jan. 12, 1848 The Cold Wtalhtr?AwJ'ul tiluation of a Drunkard?Military Ball, frc. Thin morning was undoubtedly the coldestthst we have experienced this winter, the tliermometer having indicated uo degrees above zero, in an out-door situation, at day light. The ice merchants are preparing to plough out from the surface of the Schuylkill river their annual supply of the commodity they deal in. The Delaware is likewise seriously obstructed by the floating ice, but the arrangements for towboats this winter, will remove this obstacle to the navigation of the river between the city and the bay. A wretched j inebriate, to escape perishing from the extreme cold of lust night, crept upon a lime kiln near the Schuylkill, and whs found this morning insensible, and conveyed to the hospital. His feet were both burned to a crisp, and his face and head so much scorched that bis 1 if- is despaired of. His name is unknown, and may never be disclosed, as he remains in a speechless condition. The National Grays, of this city, gave a splendid ball, last evening, at the Musical Fund Hall, which was well attended, and g ive infinite pleasure to all who participated. Among tue invited guests was Captain McClay, of the Scotch comP i*y, of your city,who became quite the lion from his gay Highland costume. Tlie lathes became quite enamoured with his tartan, and but for the lear of rendering somebody jealous, 1 might be tempted to give an account of bis h&rmles flirtations with the belles of the ball. The Remittor Kiulrttail ('milium v have declared a dividend of twelve per cent, in script; and the North American Insurance Company lias declared a semi-annual dividend of twelve percent in cash. The latter institution is in a flourishing condition, having been able, in addition, to place $50,000 to the credit of the contingent fund. An election is to be held to-day at the olfice of the Southern Loan Company, tor directors, to conduct the affairs of the new '1 radesnian's Rank, by which it will in future be known. The receipts of the Reading Railroad during the past year, were $2,002,945, being an increase of $102,120 of the receipts of 1846. Newspaper Enterprise.?The JVeio York Herald of Wednesday, contains nearly ten columns of matter received by telegraph the previous afternoon and evening ! This is enterprise. ?Rochester Adv., Jan. 8. "A Miraci.e!" exclaims Bennett, of the Ne\r York Herald, on announcing the fact that his Wednesday's paper contained "about ten columns of matter by the telegraphic wires, derived oil tll<> ovffmtiu nraiiinn, Imm i.l,./,uu .. I 11, u distance ot nearly 2,400 miles."?Salem Gazette. AUVEHTlSlSmiSNTS NEW EVEKK fflURMNIi. S'FANISH I. ANIJU A (I K?HKNOK V I. VINOl T, Pro' feasor of Ui? . bove Ivu. u.vt;?, ami the author !' a uew Spanish Grammar on OHeuil iff's plan, will commence two new classes. The one (ur gentlemen will he npeutd the llth I nit, to meet every Tuesday, Thurtdiy, and Saturday eve ling from 7W to Hhg. at No. 9 Dey atreet and the other for liuica will be opened the 19th. to meet every Monday,, and Kriday froin 4W to P. M. 1 he scholais will receive inatiuctions gr<lis for two weeks, ao aa to jndge by themselves of the iv stem and the progress that they inay ei peel, end after which time, thoae who inay be pleated to eontivue, will form the cl sa ou the rate f (6 per each course of 21 lessons. Seuor V. will likewise give private letsone oa the came conditions at the rate of >20 prr course to one scholar, I2K lor two, and >10 'or three In ("olleses and IratittttiOM will be taught at >1 per quarter fir each pupil in a data of ten or mors. Application! to be made at Ue'monico's House, 2d Broadway, rcom (7, or at No. 9 Dey atreet, or by a note li ft at any of the above directions i'cle encea : 0. Aptil'ton It Co., -00 Broadway; Mark H Newin m k Co., 199"Uo ; Lcavitt. Trow k Co., corner of Broadway anil Day street. iThTfT-iri aC|J NIIKTH AlVtkUTi A.N IV,, YaL MAIL O STEAM "Hll'S, between Bn.tton and Liverpool, and bw tween new York and Livcpiol; railing a' Hvital to l.nd and receive mailt and insirngeta.?CACEDONI A, I apt Lott, fiom Cotton. Sn urdav, 15th January; C AM BH1 A. Capt. .from "tew Yoik, Satuiday. 29th Jatuary A Steamship trom IntOK. Satudar, l3th February From New York, Satn'day. 26th Kebrotry. Chips aail from Liverpool on the aa"ie dava for the nmt porn Patsage money gigu P*?aengert will be eh rged freight oa pcrtonal uggage when it eiceetla hall a ton meaturrment, and oo tpeeie, rieejn sBilaiTt:; i >n lie billowing ditunr uithiutf Lighta A* clear White Liint at the Matt head; Orven do on ihe Star, board Bow; Hen do on Port Bow Kor Preift t or P stage apply to K ' UN aHI), Jr.. 31 Broadway L'OK i>KW uMLbiuM)?Lo .isiaua *uu .New Yoik Line r of Packeta?Very rednced ratea of Freight ?The new audipleodid fatt tailing packet bark SHKHWuUD, J Buraley, matter, it now loading and will pontivelv tail Thursday, January Ifth, her regnlar day For freight or pataage, hat lug plendid furniahed accommodations, apply nn b aid at Orleant wharf, fool of Wall itreet. or tot. K COLLINS, M South street Agenta in New Urleana Mr. Win. Creevy. who will promptly forward all goods 'o hit addreaa. Positively no freight will be received on board after Wednesday evening, January 11th Packet ship Clifton, J. B. Ingti toll, will suoceed the Sherwood, tud tail on her regulanlay. L^OR LIVERPOOL-Ne.W LINE ?hegular Pacaet of a the 26ih J muary?The new and apleuUM ftat tailing packet thip SHERIDAN, Oeorge B Corraith maaisr. it now inadiog. and will positively tail at abort?ber regular day. Kor freight or passage, having splendid accommodations, apply on board,at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall street, or to E. It. Collins. 56 South atreet The Packet Ship OaHBICK. Moaea lluut, mister, will succeed the Sheridan, and sail her regular day; OR 8 ALE?The apleudid late tailing copi er fktteoed tbip r LOUISVILLE. Apply to E K. COLLINS, 66 South treet. M EINHAROI 'S OILDED BUASS LETTERS KOR aud a brtlliancy ol the gilding unequalled bT any olhar article in the city?which brilliancy ia warranted to Hand exioamra to tha weather. They are niao japanned to any color that Bay be deairad. Ordera left at Jonea. Bee bee It Co 'a, lit Fulton treat, will be attended to. The partnarahip heretofore ex titling between Meinhardt It Scott, waa diaaolvad oa tbelat lot* B P MKINH MtllT RA I) I i A I. < I HK OF < ()M >8, w ii hone cot ing, or the leaat pain.?Dr. 9. Flnriaceff. from St Petersburg, of Huaaia. hii the honor to announce to the ladiea ami gent err en of New York, and the pnblic in general, that he undertaken to completely extirpate toft or hard Corns, Bunions, Nails, sod every other hard snbatanc*on or betwen ihe Men, wi'hont carting, by me?iin of ?n Miiir of hit own inreatioi. Dr. 8., Chi r> pedis t, will giy? hia attendance at hie office, 61 Chambera atraet oppoaite th? Park KlKKBMID""WTAITKHSM.LHHKAVK l'OVVlltKl Thiaremedy, which from ite great merit haa gained aneh a reputation for the care of hearea, congha. colda and aimilar pulmonary cnroplainu, with which horses are sobjeet ia atill warrauted to be the heat remedy erer ated for theae diaeaera, and will cure any caae ?f the kind that can be "arared up. They are alao an excellent condition medicine, and will imfirore in every way the appearance of an unhealthy horae. by ooaening rhe hide, atrengtheniag the digeitire urgana, and nrifyinir hia avatem. Hold by A n. Gough liCo.,149 Fnlton atreet: by Buckley It Simouaon, Bulla Head, and at New York Tatteraalla. DR RALPH'S PRACTICAL PRIVATK TREATlSK on the Diaeaaea ol the Genital Orgaoa, their Nature Symptoma, Progress, I onneqnenrea, and I are: adapted to the nae of eyery individual, of both erxea. 4th Edition; S4t pp_ with illustrative Plates. Price ft. Hold by all Bookaellera m the United Htatea, Janadaa, 5tc. Sold, alao. by the Anthor, M Greenwich etreet; or mailed. Fir.-, < envelor>?- on eeeipt of (I, post paid, addreaaed Box 149, Cower Poet Office. New Yoak. DMio'okR. UDUANK HTHy.KT, between Chatham and William atreeta, haa for the laat fourteen yearn aaajoyed the moat eitensive practice in privare diaeaaea of any man in Naw Yotk. He cap cure the moat aggravated caaea of thia diaeaae; and mild caaea cared in two to five daye. Hinrtnre? fir Comer haa discovered a new method by which he can ear* the woret form of etrictare ia from one to two weeka, with acareely any pam to ft patient. ConititatioaoJ debility, bionghr on bjr e areret habit indulged in bv stung men Thia. when too freely indulged ia. begeta aytpepam, weakness of the limb* end mill of the .beck, confaeion of the intellect nad aversion to society. A cure wernuited ia every <!? or no fhtfti No m?rr>irr r???H HlL.Al)PeLPHlA MfcDItAl. KINhlCLIN, OKRM AN PHVHICl AN, IS yetre reeident irseb' t'oner in Philadelphia. The care ol all dneiies of ihe akin, maladies of e delicate natnie, end destructive habits of youth, till coatmaea to engage Dr. Kinkelin'a utinoat attention In valids. whoae complaints are in the moat deaperate condition, mtr depend on bein( alwaya condaeted by Dr K. himtelf. with a prompt, aefe end energetic treatment, to a perfeet cure Strangera travelling, supplied at a moment' notice with medt eioe snffieient to care themielvea in the moat ronvenie t and private manner. Cure warranted or no charge required Lettera, pott paid, will meet prompt attention Residence, N. W corner of Third and Union atreeta, half a square from the K*change. [T^For lull particulars. ace tth page of the Philadelphia Spirit nl'rhe Timet MKUIUAL 1 AH D?Dr. Momaon, IMH Fu.ton atrcet d* yotea hia entire time to the treatment 01 Private Diaea???* Keeent eaaea, particularly Uonorroma, he carca n al?? dnyi. Constitutional debility from a aecret habit, inducing nocturnal emaaiona, and impoteucy, ia radically eur?d by him. Strictures he enree without twin. See Dr M. a Diploma, with the signature# of Sir /Valley Cooper. Sir A. Carlisle, he , in hie Office. MtK Ku I ton street, a perlret cure guarantied. _ _________ TO P iKVKM THK I SK v.ND ABCSh, OF Me.H CURY.nnd the dreadful effectaof a seerst diaerae. call and get the advise of the phyneian end proprietor of the H lute ian Dispensary, No. J Division street. New York city?the greateat remedy and only thorough enre that ever w >i discovered for these t'rrilic diaea ei. ia to be obiainei it this place on'y, vi*. : Doct>r Mnotei Rvd Drop? . u<?? without injury to the constitution or any reatrictiou it ihe hanira of th? pi ticn'?. in from three to tight daye. Hum Hi. . mJCPUHI HOK Da.t'K ?oBk.H, olthe N'w iTX York Medical ?n>l Surgical ija:u?te 75?_ 11 amiera atreer I -??et anceeaaftilly Aco'e Rheumetiam; J Scalded Head; 4 cn" Bal.taitia; 7 ewe Q> norrt on i; I partinl Deifueai. I juaun y of hard Was 'ekco troin Kara. 4 Impoienrv; 2 ' kmnic Hhfiimintm; rtPiflicnlty in making W ater f 0i eaaea of rh? Wnmki 9 Kiamioed ta detect Diaeaaea of the Long*: ) Priijiiry Uonen motion; 9 Under Treatment; 4 Secondary Ve nereal; 14 Primary Uhanerea; 5 oa?e? of Drape aia: 2 enae,. Diirrhiet; ICun Seminal Weakneaa: JCaaeaof vVint?enf Ion* atatidina. All Diaeaae* of the Urinary Orit-.ce. and Di ea<ea peealiar to Vema'ea, are nt rd at this Inatitu e ho-, i eal Operatione ami ' met? 9 tTrinirr Kiaia'n: 1 Ujorv to Flbow Joint: ( Stjictorea cored in Ureth a; i ('a*ee <f Orarel or Hind > the Bladder; iLMwr?ion? i ?r* . . nr t"m; 3 UtuIi* remixed; 1 Fr-elnrii 3 Amputation#; IF'tlf Tumor remoeed from the Thi?h: 3 Operations for Hydro eel# or Water m tt.e Xcro'nm. t Operation# lor Phvmo#'#; in Umthra at .he Neck of -he Bladder; ? far fe.i.t int. I Operation# to remoe# Oef rmty, I ^?r,r?i'ca . ' I* iu aoo; 4 Hemortho .III To-n in remored; * hidol nt I leera of the let* cored. 1 K.alufed Tot til# r-moeedt I Dtiloeattto tad Btuveee

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