Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 16, 1848, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 16, 1848 Page 1
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. TH] ??*??* Ha 5041 TbealrlcU and SI uslml. Pin* Theatrc.?The grand new ballat of '' Aamo deus" was prodnned last night at the Park, with all the advantages of fin? aoenary, splundid dresaes, and propyl Lies, and most of all, first rata arliitet to fill the part?, and a most num*rou* and fashionable audience to witness them MUa. Hangy wu the Flnrinda of the e\ening Mias Vallee, Meesra Weilhoff and Rouxary, were the Marietta. Asmodeua and Cleophas of the pleoe. The whole pieoe wh moat tmequivneaUv aaocessful ? t'in rations dances by Vile Slangy were performed in tbe aplondid style which thia lady is so distinguished for in ordar that aome idea may be fi rmed of the character of thia pit:o?, we will give a alight sketch of t.he pint, though no on* who witnessed It last night at tha P?rk, ceiild fail to understand the action of the pleca. The pantonine, aa wall at the danoing of Mil*. B a part, was moat admirably given, and Metani WeilholT and Bnuxary w-re el?o verv excellent. The following la the plot of this iBt?r*ai.lDg ballet: Cl'ophas, a.' young student of Sal&uiai.oa. ia at Madrid daring rartiival season, and one evening he goes to the ntisked ball at the grand theatre The great entices* bis attentions to the ladles meat, drawa bin Into a quarrel, and two jealous rivals provoke him so far as to frre? him to dra* bla sword In one of the saloona of the ball rorm. Tha guards appear, but Cleophas, proUrted by hi? maak, managss to asoape. Me eaoapea over the roef ot the house, and aeeka refuire in a neighboring glaomy laboratory. In defending into it through the windotr. b* unluckily breaks a large vaaa. and Asroodeua. hippy at hia deliverance from prison, pUeea all bit vower at tha disposal of hia liberator. Cleophas whose mind ia atlll tiled with the scenes of the evening. a?ks A?<ned?us to show him the oouatenanaes *f tha t.h r?? fenala naaka with whom he has h?en tir t ug at tha bill. Asmod'ua shows him in turn, flrat a young aempatreaa girl, then a widow of tolerably advanced aga, and fluJly, Florlnda, the flrat ianieut? at the Madrid theatre Cleapbaa tranaported ?ith thla laat damsel.requests Asmodeusta introduce him to her bodily, aa be w'sbea to make love to ber. Asmodeus puts Klorinda into a deep alumb it, and transports bar to the enchanted gardens, whither ha alse oonduota Cleophaa, who, after thla interview, ia Mora violently in iova than ev?r: but Asmodeua wiis?s him to im Klerinda divested of al; adventitious splendor. and oonduets the young man behind t he ioimi of the Madrid Theatre, iu order that he may witness the aat? of her he love*. A certain senor, who loves Florin-la, and become* jealous at the reception tk? give* <'l?ophas, whiltt the scarcely listened to blm. (wear* to buve revenge for her slights by procuring a bad reception tor bar en her appearanoe on tbe stage that evening Florlnda that biting badly received on bar appearance on the stage, and not b?i07 able to support this I humiliation, taints, and Is oarried off to her dressing room. The ballot is interrupted. Oleophas, in dtspair. wishes to eonsels Klorinda; Astnodeus with difisulty follows him; baton bis ronte. falling in with the person who had earned all this diffloulty. he commences by reI venging bis young friend, by using bis snpernatnral powers over aim and oansing the earth to open and wallow him np. Having thns disposed of the rival, be rejoins the two lover*, whom he unites, and transports th< m te bis palaee, where there is a splendid reception given them, and the whole pleoe "loses with a splendid pitdftuaire. La Cyprlotte by MUe. Blangy, Mile Tallee, MM louxary and Wielheff The ballet Is a decided hit and will be performed te-nlgbt with the same cast. The comedy of tbe Nervous Man" preoeded the balI let Brongbam and Bass, as the two prlneipal oharacters, kept the house in excellent humor, and the piece wai heartily applauded. It also will be repeated this evening, as wall as tbe farce of the "Double Bedded Room." Bewiiv Tssitii.?Mr. Dan Marble, the popular and highly talented Yankee comedian, continues to draw good house* at this theatre, and bis jokes and aotiag se< m te be highly relished by all admire?* of his line of eomie acting. The new oomedv. called ' The i People's Candidate," *h repeated last evening, and writ off well, the aadience appearing to be muoh smus d during lis parfermuti. In the course of the evening. Mr. H?rale also aerfermud la his own original piece. tba '-Haeand Cry." whleb la exoelleat In its way. Tba smasaaieata of tba evening commenced with thu "IUostrioas Straager," in which Mr. C. Burke made bia first appearance since bis Maees, in the character of BeDjxania Bovball, and kept tba audieace in a roar at bia Uughabla representation of dread at *the prospect of be* i*K burUd alive. T? marrow evening, Mr. Marbie will ia?k? bia fourth appearance, ia several of bis best pieces, ad aaaaagat thua that of the "Baokwuedsman." The variety of axaallaat performaaecs wbiah are aigbtly prodaaed ia this popalar theatre, combined with the naaeraas aad effective carps Jrnaafifu*. will insure It a conHuainae of ite deeined popularity Chatham Tbbatb* ?The tragedy of "Hamlet, Filaoa J ' of Oeaaiaak,'' was parfermedhere laat eveniag, in wbiah Mr. Addaias took the part of Hamlet, w'y|?h be personated with bis ucaal ability. During bis i ,<cent engagement at th? Chatham, Mr. A has played aearly the entire rouad of oharaeters in tbn legitimate drums, in wbieh he excels. aad his exalted talent* were more eminently displayed A this difficult pert last evening than in in^st of hie favorite pieces The scene in which he confront his mother, Gertrude, (Mrs Wilkii sod) and exbiblWhia father's portrait, the ghest scene, wasa powI erfa! aad well saitaiaed perssnatioa. The Kins, by Mr ' Bran too, w?? well performed ; and Mrs Wilklason. as | Mrrtra le, aequltted herself most creditably Mr Ad| iji?i appears this evening la the character of Brutus, in nbiah ha will be ably snpported by a highly talented aat. The enterprising effort* of the proprietor and les s >i of this popular theatre, to present its numerous patrols and snpporters wlt.b a aombiaatica of high attrscI tioas nightly, will eontlane te draw good bouses. The I Kraera! aeoeaaiodatli-ns in the Chatham, together with I the excellent. talents of the oompany, iaake it one of tbo I moat sy.ree-bv places of evening recreation at present In I the eity bee bill fur this evening I Ciaocs. Bjkiit A?iraiTMic*Taif -We oan only say of I tain cst?bll*hm?nt, that it is kept up in a first rate style, I nndall ih*t is <lon? here is capital 11 is the only oirous I i* town, bat were there a dozen othsrs it would nuke ne I 4 ff reaoe. as naae could be better kept then the AmphiI The performers, male and female, old and I yonag horse and toot, are all on the qui vivr for applause, I and tb?y sertelaly dvsarve it for tbe handsome ma iner I ia whien tbey go through their performances Th-y I are a fin* set of eqquatrinns, md bound to please Tc vj?w?rs W.B Oamll ?n? J S-reet taks a Decent and prr-MBt a T?ry iplemdid bill. (' Iim'l MlWCTHKLt.?The " *?ol?orn of negro ra)r*lr*l?y are Imriahisg a* fin* a* ivtr at Meokanies' 1Ia.11 Tlielr ** are M popuiv that they are to be fount ttirj ladt's niunUi d?*!c -a oonrinolag proof of tc? refine* feeling whioh rani through them all; in f??t. we m?y truly ** , *'?*' the f*ir *ex hi the deroted admirer* of he** 6MM *eng?t?r? \lasy ot th? ton** re r?ally quit# tcuch'ag note petition*. both word* aad ana *re fully worthy of becoming what the? are ? etii?<l?rd piece*. Thnae. howeyer. who lui? the mu?l \ ought. elio, to go and bear th-*iau?'cieB*,and thus learn, if tcey u??, tlie tr?e way to slug their melodiett f?*ei.k Buotmkb*.?Thi* band tt?Y? a concert la*t evemn* at Jer*ey City. We hare bo doabt thry had a flnt bo??e, eaour neighbor* are taity people, and know how to appr??late good thiup* To night, they return to th^lr quarter* at Convention Hall, and gl*e a flr?tret? bH. comprisiag *11 the new and CftWplU r.thiopian melodlt* CAMPaitL'i Miksthki.i. at tho Minerva Rooc* in Breed <r?y. nr? meeting * Ilk mnnh ruoce**. The band it eoiapmiwd of aceoBpliahed ooallts and mueician*, ar.O th<y hare a large buijet of *org*, j >kra. conundrum*. and a yarlet- of KthiopUn otidltie*, ruflolent auy re^ionubla maa They are pnnetutl and pato*takiag fellow*, ami no one who ri*U* then will think hi* eioaey iil apeat PiLMo't Ora?& (iot'fc will opea again thin evening, with model artlit exhibition! IjHimlwrwrf Dlaaer *r ihe ^l?w York U?r* man Society, u ila? Aiior Houno. I The Gara an Sooloty is aah?rlt*Oia Institutlo.v eomLos <1 of (i*r?K>.u g*nt'.*ai?fc, merchants, uachanlns, |r?dw??n. ka , of this ally, who contribute tbelr iuoH?J and Ihatr personal ?x?rtlon? to the aid ?nd rell?f of ;th<? poor asruag th* (Jarnians, who cosae ovar ta ibid ' !ou-tiy ?td "ho ?r? found in it aituatlon of dlntivi*. >*nt. or siak*??s. lu this city How nsaih ;h? whole |?oanniu>U; is inlabted to euoh society, inuit ha at maa epparant; f >r It voluntarily assumm upon Itself a ,nrdaa. taak. and sxpeasa. wM.'h must ofh-rwls* fall ipou the aitiasns of Nsw York, and which would be anslbly <?lt ia ir.e tnoraasad ratio of taxation, w ro tt ! iot for the labor* of this moiety. Wa baya been la, -irm?d tba? during the pan yaar, the number of dlsresaed < ?erMan# ?!?o h?f? kwn ralt-v?d kill anftiattd I y (!i? bi lira m.-wb?r* and g?narou? coutrlbutlona of hi* highly usafnl and oonavadabU society, reaobes n? incradihla a.uount of 70,#00 On*may ooneelye tba ,.lief hxruby gWan to our city, by supposi'g, for n moten*. i but thin Ifcrgi uunbar baa bean oblige 1 to thro* ail apoa mir alms hou?? nnd poor house Th* fund* ' tba eoalety aratna prodaot entirely of Indlyidutl tointary oontributiaas, by il* rarl<u< mhers, who, at ?? ??irn? time, also OOutrl&ute, as citizens, their legal iislas to the gunaral fundi of our city for suoh purges \V? have haard it atUed that the well known id wealthy John Jacob Aitor hai contributed y? ry adsonaly hi* mita to tba society, haying, on ia occtsioa, Home years ?;o, bestowed ttie ii ral turn of tea thousand dollars. fur tba cbaritaa aad banaralaat purposss of the society Could alth ba batter employ.d ' or is It beaiow-J for any I her purpose upon the favored lew. bui that lb' y may I tv fntl thair >yapathiaa and >?.,! y their riches In II reaiiog happiuaea. cnat?ntrasnt, and blessings upon I* *?T?ral athar rinitiar aroiatiaa in N?w Voik, wbiah i eooiribut* in ihia l?ud?nl? wa y, to tha a?M?t*tica and ilat of tfJiir fellow (K'ururv in??. *Moh a? tRa Naw KngaJ Sooiaty, tha KnglUh or St. Oaorg* a Sadaty, tha Ht jdraw a or ttootob. tlia Kranoli, fco , oh of whoj> i ahull notina ?t (hair reipaotWa anniTaraari'fl, inn it will ba tb? mora auKabla tuna to t?li of thair ioga and aound thair prataaa At praawnt, ? ara jit-d to th? anui?ara*ry of taa H?rm?n Society. which n celebrated on Tnaaday avanlng. 14th IniUnt, atthn nor Houae, by aplandld and ravgoitiaant pubiio diur W* antarad the goigaotia ditiiug hall of ih# After u**, lii prooaaelon with tha other gueata, at abi?t 7 ?.ik f 'h* bia*? of light which burnt upon ui m w* |T?d wm? parfeotfy dazillng. Rioh ntDjnUhrw with >uro*r?bl? wax light*. towered orer the tafclea. at alar intarfala. ill from th? high roof war* autpanded indeiiaie, aaoh oooapotlog pyramid ot brilliant lit. wbioh pnurad forth blaia ot brightuM* Iron an n?n?? rniaiior of globular burnara The aidea of lb* ?? were Uaoor?tad with large inedallione, aurroand?d I i ?uU Ieaioon* of flower*, ud in the oanir* of N?h "" ~ 7" ' ?*;-U. ' '*-* - ? !* E NE1 NRl *u iwn tbe name of toot on* of the great and 41ftI tinguiahed sons of Qernany?names familiar to all coun' tries, and which have shed a rich halo of mundane glory around tbe land which (are them birth and fostered I their genius and talent Their names wtra tba follow ] ing Kionsteck, Herder, Beethoven, Ooethe, Schiller, i Moxart., Kant, Wicland, Korner. Haydn, and Handel The effect was striking, and it wan a mode of decoration i peculiarly adapted to tuoh an assemblage of Oarmans as were now met together on thin festive occasion The two end* of the room weie decorated : I with portraits of Ooethe, Mozart, and Outtenburg, I the inventor of printing Between the two latter portraits was a gigantic full length painting of Armintus. united |n German, Hermann, a kind of nyatio hero among the Hermans, who is looked upon as the anoient. head and glory of the Teutonic race?a kind of primeval Washington, whose name has beoome a common proI perty, to be applied to streets, ships, grog shops lanes. ' alley*, dogs, men, women and oklldren. It is the very 1 same Arminius of whom Caesar speaks in hie Commentaries. who acted so haughtily to the Romans, aud whom j Cue?ar routed shamefully with terriMe iauotbter. ?lrii ving him precipitately bank across the Ilhine In the l image belore us we saw, strange enough, that the greet j Arminius rested his foot in triumph upon the Roman i fascee and tbe Motor's rods. which be proudly trampled ! under his feet. We oould only acnount tor this in the sail* way in wbloh the lion (in iEsop'a famous fables) 1 Hccounted f r a?eing in a statue thnt a man was | repre'ented as wrestling with end putting bis toot upon the neck of the noble animal. The Hon, as is well known, explained how thi< same to be, h7 saying that a man had been tbe sculptor, and rot a lion. It w?s not alloman we are rare, who painted this mam' moth image of tbe flerc* Arm'-jlu* In this magnificent saloon, thus decorated in ?, style of brllllaney which we will not attviupt any further to desuribe, the oompuny. amounting to about one hundred end fifty, seated tbemj selves at the long tables, and were speedily supplied by a ' nuDursut train of attentive waiters, with viands of the I iihoto>-?t kind and of every variety. Nor was tbe gene j rous Kalernian lacking on suoh an oocaaion; indeed, it ; eras supplied without stint, aud the ohoioest wines flowed cheerfully round tho bnsy tablet Servants were on me aieri waicning 10 renienisa your i?iass wltn tn? | deliolous and sparkling produot of the grapes of Chami pagne. while the old Hook, the guerous Madeira, the ! fine flavored Burgundy, wre olose at hand to gratify the ! palate of the well,occupied guest, liHt im. 8ueh a scene, It may be well understood, Is better aoted than described, and look* better In the reality than on paper. We shall not, therefore, detain our reader* at this Epicurean contemplation. After the repaat, when the cloth was removed, then, in fact, began the business of the evening, and then began to be more agreeably developed the kindly social feelings, warmed Into more active being by the good cheer and delicious libations in which all had been unanimously, and wminr contrndictult, engaged together. " N?n nakii Dvmine," as is usual in English entertainment* of this oharaoter, was not sung; but we forgot to say that before, nd now again at the conclusion of the feast, thanks to the Giver of all good were offered up by a German divine, In a peculiar, solemn. I .nd inpreeslve form, in a language whose expressive and harmonious tones are admirably fitted bcth for the sublimity of worship and the charms of musio. This ceremony performed, the Prtkident of the society. Mr Biorwirth. arose and addressed the meeting in a neat and pertinent speech, which was received with load applause Mr. Bierwlrth oalled to mind rhe pleasing recollections of the past ? adverted to the operations and to tbe sucoess of the scoiety? 1 commended the n?l of the members, and urged to a [ farther ext?neion ef their labors and efforts. A German song was then sang by all the aompany tegethsr, the words, in print, having been laid before each guest i The mnsic. which we fcrg t to s.y. had all along ac{ qompanied us in the proc?se of ma?ti"ati'>i). keeping I time to the motion of the j*ws, now stiusk up in ?nl! mated tones ; and the great pumber of harmonious , voices accompanying, filled the room, t>nd made the very . roof to echo with load sounds of magnificent and irnprs' iug harmony. The following regular toasts of the evening were tb^n In due order presenteJ. e?oh of them | drank with three tlm-ss three, and accompanied bv anorrDrlato remarks, with sonas and music follow- I ia? : 1, Germany, cur Fatherland 'i The United State* of Ameriea?Tlie sua that rone in '76, to light mankind in the path of Mil government 8 Th? President o!' the United State* 4. The city of New Yortc?True to the motto of our i S:at?, always ' Excelsior " A Our Sinter Sooietie* in the ("sure of Charity? I friendly star* to guide the distressed to the haven of I relief 6 The 0*rm"n People -Foremost in the laid of know| led tie, masters in the art ot harmony; m?y a happy fuI turitv await them 7 Progress ? The unchang* ibi? law of an ever-ehangi 'ing order in the world's system Happy if the llpht oi ! liberty, without Its sicrms. ah ill shine upjd its path 8 Steamboat Union between Germany and the United -<tnt?.s- - A poweiful m??us of l?Vrloping the powers ot io:h nations, accompanied with an interchange of ideas | urnin'etnjr the most g)ori>us remits 9 'I'hs Union of German rhfsicians In New York ? ! Far from tbvir father land, they are the pioneers of its scieaoo mid learning 10 The Press- Guided by solid attainments, propriety of nonduet and virtue, it is the mighty engine of hu' ciau progress and advaueement j 11. The Women In the oo?rre of the evening the Vice President read a | letter from his honor W. V Brady, Esq , Mayor of the , city, returning thanks for the iuvitation extended to Miu, and explaining the urgent reasons whioh rendered : it out ot his power to have the pleasure ol being pruj sent. The reading of the letter was received with loud 1 applause, and the expretsious it oontained ef respect for the society Mid its lnudable purposes, were received with marked approbation and loud plaudits Richard laviiv, Esq , President of the St Andrew's Society, returned thau&s for the honorable refereooe i aade t > his society in th<i fifth toast Mr l.ponslu lsd a hippy and enlightened syeeeh by {(ferine the following toast: ? The Universities of Germany -Narserie.i of free thought and proband learning. David Woldkn, Esq., President of the 9t David's eooiety returned think* oa behsif ot his Society, and oonclnded h neat addr?si by offering as a tcast, Th? .Medienl Department ol t&e Gertam Sooisty? iearned skilful and philosophical Thu President of the Frenob BereroUnt Society. | followed on behalf of hia Society, ?n J taT<*, Germany Her pons are uiatinguiah-il by their morni j qualities, as well a* by their nuperiority in art* auJ | solenoee H. GaiKNBLL, Eeq.. President of the New Kngland Sooiety thm roes, and delivered a speech. lull ot H?ely I poiata, in allnaion to tbe present ocoaatoa and Society, I and repeatedly net the (able* in a roar by tbo frond humor ami felioity of bl? remarks. Mr G conolad?d by I offering. German Emigration?.An element of s'rength In onr i national fabric. I .Mr Kiwo, President of the ?t Nicholas society. califd i up by the pleasatit ailueioua ot th? laet speaker, then i ad'lreistd tha company in a hrippy and felioitoua cpoech, I which called dovu r< p*nted applauae. .Mr. K , in ooni elusion. offered the following :? j The Om>ui< of tha city of New York?Whether here for tha pursuit* of comiaeroe. Iroin the lore of III berty. or for the enjojmeut ot equal lawa, they haro brought with tlirm the arte cf peace, tne literature of Europe, and' ha hand* for ready labor Mr. Karmkr. aftar a (peeob. in which he descanted with much effeot upou the benefit* of st.*aiu nati<*iicn. connecting Germany with tbe L'Ditad Htates, concludes by offericg tlie following tola*.: "Success to tha Hermann tnd h*r noble eotnmand?r. Captain Crabtree " Captain Ciinritr briefly returned ikai.ks. and tpeke in a nappy wauufr of Uis ship, and ot hie own deaira to do all in h!a power to promote tbe interest of tbe great undertaking and the oomfort cf all who shall embark with him iu the H-rin?nn CsptHiu;Crabtrea, ia coacla>ion, offered the tollowiog toast: Tbe Commerce between Germany and the Ualted ita'es \'ay It be pioll'aMe to ull.uud became a oeuient to the friendtbip wbiuh ought always to eiiat between he two countries The ' Lteder Kran*<n," a aorris of professional Geruan siugera, were then ialruduoed, and t.utertained tbe conifkry with some flue ;iug>ag in t.heir beat ai jie A'ter an ovening sp< ul in social harmony and enjoy mont. to which It bfoomes our duty to ray bow much hf> tantliimArilv and ii.mia.hl** nf i<oatrlbutv<; by thatr kiu'uri) and at tantiona, among nlinn wi ought to raotrl tha nimM of Mr C H. 1)?^?b, Mr. <J E Kubbmdt. I>r Ludwig, lu It*., tha oompitHjr *<>puriit.?d. and ratirt-d. bo doubt, highly gratiHad by ku ?fl?ndid an abtaitaiumaut, and adillad by tha tal anted and plrcBing di?oour?aa to whioh tb(y had li?lenad _________ Thk i.atk Hon. II. WhkaTon?Mr. Wheutnn'a lie.tiili li ih baen delicate since Ins ivlurn to this eoaniry and hr?? h*?n gradually f?llliis,but hi* frlanda ?riartainad no larioun npprehanaiona of lha fatal ?v?nt which hm just tranipirod. .\1r. W waa born In TroTidancf, Nov. 17feA In 18J7 h? waa appniniad by John Ciuli.fy \daui?. < harga d' AHlfiin-a to 1'npwubngPB. In 1 h? waa tr?natarr?d to Barlin, rind. th.< y*ar ntlar, *hi raiaad 10 tha rank of .Yl.niatai- Planipotauttary la I'raaaia Ilia a*ivicea war* long and aiuiuant. Ha stood eoufaaaadly at tho bead ol AiiHiliv.-i diplomacy, and >ai ragaruad, mora t Kan any othar inan. aa the rapraof tha Am. rin?n (ovrnmiiDt Hia raputation waa rTan graatrr in Knropa toau a' home, for thara ha w?a kattar known a?d mora intimataly ar>pra?iat?d Among tha frianda who ?ataam'>4 him. wara tha King of Truaaia. tha K mg of tha K ranch, I'rinoa Vlattnr'iich, Baron Humboldt, and M. Oaitot On hi* >aturn homa. ha aocaptad tba Chair of i'rofaaaor of International Law in Harvard Uniraratty, au.t waa about to oomiaeaea upon tha dutlaa ?t tha appoint mailt wtian ha waa attaokud with tho iiluaaa which raanitad in hi* death Mr Wh?atci'f prino'pal wofka ara a treatise upou th? Law of Captnraa. Element* of International Law. Sketch of tha Law of Natioaa Irom tha Paaoa of Wnal.phalia. an haaay on tha Right oi ivairh. twaiva volume* of Kaporti and a Digaat of tha lleporta, tha Lifa of William rtnuKnoy. tud ? M'Htory 01 ma .>nhBi?n r?rh*p? no American Minintar ha? a?*r h?m di*tingui?h?<t by no many dl'patohr* upon utinb it Tan*ty of topiai, and of Uflh uniform liitarcm and valu*. Mr. \Vn*atou di*l at Dornh**t?>r in thi* SUt ?, wh*r? h* w?c uml?r m-dlcal oar*. A poat tnortriii ?x?min?tion indicated d*?p **at*d di?fa*? of th* brain Ht? lied b*?n a great Intellectual woiktr Halrarfi a ?lt>. tmi daughter*, and a ?on ? Rmi. a Trnvtlltr, fttur< h 141 /? Th* OTer***ra and other* oonneotrd with th* l.aweil Carpet Mill*, intend flhing a pionlo to th* nirla employ *d by thorn, on th* evening oi (h* 'JOth in?t. Th* fe*tl al i* to be h*ld in th- a?? two atory mill ot th* oarp?t oouipauy, ju?t ttuiahad Th* building cover* an arett of , uauiy an acra, aud U tha largeai room la that ottj. 11 *"'' vOihwliiW W TO W YORK, THURSDAY ) AMERICAN STEAMS /K Vx T, J>~ %: . * : , w iHK&S Mr. a. Hacksl The ooean steamship United States, of which the above la a very aeourate representation, whs built in this city, by Mr Wm. H We^b, for Charts H Marshall, E?q , and others, and went on th? seoond trial trip, on Tuesday morning last. From the time when the keel of this vessel was laid, until the present, the mercantile and nautical world, have taken a great interest In her. When the was designed, it wss the determlnaMou Of all concerned to outstrip every steamship that ever erosisd the Atlantlo, as well in point of speed, as in the amount of tonnage whioh she could oarry. In order'o do so, It required that the builders and projectors should not only study the solence of ship building as it has heretofore been studied, but also to improve upon it as much as possible, nnd carry Into effect the result of their deliberations. In accordance with the results following from those deliberations, Mr. Webb, with Mr. MirBhall. Captain Hacks'.aff, and others, concluded upon adopting a model or frame, diffet lug essentially from any that, has ever before been nsed In steamsh'.p building. Instead cf having the proposed vessel sharp from the water line to the ttnrl?tba plan on which MI Amerloan steamships heretofore htra been built?they oooeluded afterdue asd careful examiaatioo, comparison. and deliberation, to construct b?r with a flat bottom, and with what i? tailed one?Tfl points. in contradistinction to convex points No sooner had they matured their plana, and announced their determination of building this steamship in th s manner, that the idea was promulgated that the v?ps*l to be built as (he would be. according to thll plan, would be a decided failure, and instead of redeemingtbe American charaoter, in the way of ship building, would disgrace it. Confident, however. of tho correctness of the resnit ot their cogitations on the subjeck/ortlfled by the opiaion? of Sir. W-<bh's father, cnino1d?4 with ?h?se of the eon, and despite of these projn^ftications of failure, which onro? from some of the b?st tuearetical ??aia?:i in the oountrv. Mr. Webh oursned his original plan, and stick by stick, and timber by timber, the ves??1 rent on to corauletion The more she wee advanced. helnuJerkud morn vehement wore the predictions af aer n'.t?r failure Ho Miglit wae the pronpent of her sucoees. when completed, that the old shlpmpster? and navel onnstraotors to whom h? had sahmiHed her nl*"? and specifications, prono'inc?d that wb?n she would be ready for sea. she would be a "tub," a Chinese jauk. or anything else in the thane of a nrsfr, from <rhiih ne Hiorecnu'd beexpecUd then from Roht Folton's rtrst boat when she made her trial trip up tba North river. Th? United Spates was however, completed and launohed. When she for the first t'?e eat on her destined eleueut, the predictions ?f her filln?e were reiterated; yat the builder, Mr Webh. and her controller, \lr Marshall, lost not thair f*Jtb in h?r On the con trary, har position aft?r she was Isunohed. only served to verify the anticipations which they hed formed of "ier success, and gave thsm additional confidence in tba result of th'ir deliberamus The naxr point was the eagin?s and machinery. and these wars contracted fov with tbe firm of T F Secor k C? , loot of Ninth str-at. K ttt river; and as this would be tba largeit machinery that was ever oast in ths United States, tbis firm, lu aceordanco with their Instructions combined ev?ry improvement which their rtwn experience and judgment might suggest They ac 3ordingly went to work. ?ndas in the case of the m"d?l, the enginec and bail?r were pronounced to b>? a failure *hen completed Despite of tho opinions of nautical nun. hs in the case of the moivl, ths completion of the .niiebin-?ry and engines was dily proceeded witb, and a course.of time were placed in tbe vessel for which ^.heyweie constructed All tbiags being finished, tho chisal. the hamm"-', and th" plene bavli r each enr.illy done its work, the voteel wa* auaoanend to be flniahrii undlitr first I ial t.rin vms mute a trio morel, at 'hi Rufiiadiou >>f the Mes?r?. M.cor, to try her enginery, and see If Hiiro ? not at l?.i?t % proSihility of it* sucinediDg. A brief account of this trip Ua* already Hp peared in our coluuins, and inasmuch a* we are about to give tbn result of h?.r seeond an-1 Dual, and we may add, triurapuant tri?l tiip, it is unnecessary to refer to it now. la pursuance of an lnritatioa directed to each, about one hundrtd aud twenty per?onj amrmbled om bo-.rd this Tessel, on Tuesday morulng las:, for the purposr of in<p* her, and ie-ln* how sh* would bsimv* h*r<*lf on th? Atlantic. Having sejit a reporter thtre, w* are e?*bled to i:!?* the resale. The 'im? ann- u io?d for leaving tha dcck was 10 A Mbut owldi? to the delayed irrivnl of several of the invi'nd guests, an 1 'ha et.iln of the tide ahe did not leave her dook.foot of Ninth s'.reet, K.ant river. until Half pa't 1). at which time .ihf grnc.<i'ully headed up stream. receiving as the went along th* congratulation*, in the form of -ell ringing, rf all the steamboats in that part of the oily After handsomely turning r.uud. she wan saluted with a canuon (root Musir*. Secor's wharf, whieh was duly answer? t on board, nud with a Mill norll.w?st wi.iJ, and very thing ia good order, ?h? head?d towards tho ,<u?. A*, however, she n> nred Broolilyu the bMl *M suddenly r'n< for if she ttad proceeded at tbe *-?m? rat-* %t whieli she was going, sae woul' hare run down m i of the Jackson f?rry boat*, an 1 the eiglne was sud J-'itly stopped while she was under a full head of s.seen The effeut of this sudden obeok on the machinery, was a jerk, which unsettled a key connected with th? lower part of tbe piston, and It was obvious that, trifling as thin derail j.-mt rit waa. it b? reutiflad before pro seeding to ax*. eajtaoially as th? wind w.j tbun blowing Tory haaTily from tho north-wrst Aoeordingly. the Mup'i course wm chan 'ed. and instead of Wading !or Sandy Hook. aha ??? *t.?fre,l up tka North KW?r m fur ks Hobnkan vhtra ah* wi? anchored, and this slight derangtmeiit r-pti.-ed. All thiug* k?ing v-tJy, this noble aUlp wan again under weigh, and at three ulniitea, six o'clock r M , ?ha *u abreast Oerernor'a Island. with her head dlr?oted tow.irda ilie llook Si.< *m considered ia fair trim hv?ingt-J> tuaa of no.I on board, ?ad drawing 14 ImI ten iunlif* We may here Mention, that I I feet Mid 1? f*et are th* extremes ol het draft With a full carg i, and m due i]annuity of coal for a voyage to Europe, aha will draw 17 f*ot, Hud lay the time alia r.-<iches tha point of her deatinatlon, eh? will draw 14. At knit pnat 7 o'clock, preoisaly, stje was anreast of tha Stndy Hook light on?e making the distance between that point and fioverner'e Mail] n I hour and M.'l minutes, something like 1A mile*. Hy tha Hut stia Uad arrived at .Sandy 11 <>it, alio ww m fair going ordor, j<ist wg It ia intended she will ba on iierouteard ?oyase, and by tha log aha want at til* rat* of 13 miles an hour, with the angina revoielug thirteen tlmas to tha minute. ,\n.i ten inches of s:.eam It coming on dark, our reporter tiad leijure to ana the co.npany nssemble.1 on thii interesting occasion which miuabated itb.iut one hundred and twenty,among whom ba reooginisd Mr. Coleman,Of tha Aator House; Capt. Bunting,of tbepacket. ahip UUdiat. i; ( npt. Uaily of the Yorkshire; Dudley rersae, K?q., Phulp Hamilton, Jr., (><1., I). Austin, Jr. K-q J. Kurnothan, Knq., Captain Stoddard, of the steamship C.-eecent City; vlr. Hirtt, U. S. .NavaH 'onstruoto.: <',n..tain Huison. I' S N?v?: i to tain Cobb, Captain KldriiiR*. tba Ma?*r*. Sbooi, l)r r?rklo*.' apt. Marshall, P. S. N^?y; Uabrlal M?ad, fvt.( , llfiit) Htnford K>q . Capt Jacob Vandarbllt, Mr Wai,b lb? h jtldnr >1111 mt?yother*. tt he!*,/ now dark tiuht.cur r*po>ter ob?orv.>d that tli? *hlp w?? heaJlug ?nu'-han*t, audcu .(Inn? no. not catting w?lking orer ik? at a m?iry rat#; ha aocaptad an inritaMon to Tislt tk? hollar a?d englo* roo * *hlohhadld and ,<a?r th?te at>uaJanneot material with whlobto b? pl?aH?d On Inquiry ha ?ra* polltal* mf?rmad by Mr Hp?nrar, tha t'.hlaf KnAlur*r. that tha hoileri, cf whioli thera are four, amltu* i|iD?a wi<r? connruoted by th? M?-c?r* S<anr* exprat*ly fur tni?T?**e|. and warn built with tha view of hearIn* lan pound* ?>f ataain to tha luoh In r?KUlar ftnli f, an 1 lu oaf? of nacaAalty, i t Ottaan and that ha wa* th?n working tha angina tu pr*cl*?ly thn ?tm? way a* hx intend* to do on tha Toy*?* to Kuropa, Til: by a pre*?iua of ted pound* to tha inch, and discharging water erery thirty nitnmaa, for tha purpo** of keeping tha ksllar* olcar Our raportar oould not but ramark upon tha admirable mannar In which tin* dapartmant ot' tha Ta**el I* arranged Notwithstanding that tour tinmen** bnliar* wara In lull hlnat, tha plana, In confaqaanca ot tha admlrabla ventilating arrangement*. wu ?o oool that ha tound It unnomfortabl* to unbutton his orarooat, and a total abaauos of *11 Ihoaa diaagreaabla uaali* - : I'. ' ' RE H 10RNING MARCH 16, IS HIP UNITED STATES. i ifv 3 k \ ^'' ^ __ taff, Commander, which so frequently ar?> found In other nteamehipi. The faraacun are oonetructed for usinn either anthracite or hittiminoiifi errnl and t.h?tr .-iraft ia mn trnnri that nn blower is requisite. In faot, while the engine wan in full play, the furnace doors were partly open Attached to the engine is an apparatus for making distilled or fresh wat*r from the condeasat on of the engine, at the rate of about two bnrrels iter J?y and a Are engine, capable if throwing a Urge stream of water to an? distance in the ship Th-?e engines were construct?d under the inmadlat* superintendence of Mr Guion. h?a ' engineer to the Messrs 9e^?r, and are un ler the direction of Mr. Spencer. chief engineer of the Uuited States, and six assistant engineers, viz: Mr. Henry Bills, first assistant engines.-; Mr Edward Curtis, second do; Isaac Stevens, dodo; Wb Skidraore, third do; Thomas Mehan. third do; and another who Is yet to be appointed. In this department of the vessel, there are also twelve firemen und twelve eoal heavers. This noble vessel will h? under the command of Capteia Hackstaff; Mr. G A. Cole Is tlie first mate; the second mate has not yet been appointed. The third mate Is Mr. Kinsley From the time tho ve? pel left the North River, until she hearled sgaln for Sandy Hook, the following is an accurate log : ? Half past 6 1* M. Got underway, wind blowing ?*rong from nortli-west. ft 3# Abreast of t'aslle William. S P M. Light ship bearing S. A. W., one mile distant 8 P. M. 'Beut ship, and steered ea?t by south half ;>outh, s?v?n'y-two miles. wh?u she wai hauled head to wind, It blowing at the time a reefed topsail breeze from the uorth-west. and a heavy sea running. Hr.ving such a comparatively quiet and easy time thus tar, all on board expeoted that when the vessel was hauled up in the leeth of such a strong wind, it woald be followfd immediately by making and working, but no snch things oocurred So far from it, and so nearly 'as stiff us a churoh'' is the vessel, that the " about" w% not known to the nautical men oa board, so easy and calmly did she rid# over the waters. About S o'clock. A M.. on Wednesday morning, a Bremen bark, the Christopher Columbus showed her oolors. and oy ner cnurm eac win unmewara oouna. naving ner t,opeail* reefed and making food headway Soon aft** this. M??jv'h pit cant lot w-te thrown overboard. and it waa fonn* the' in the t,n<tth of tain h%\m and a htjavy head *ea. the l/niled State* *h t ravelling at th? rat* of nlna and one third knot* equal to ten and a half or eleven raMeii autt.ute per hoar Thl* waa the trial part ef the 'rip, and the performance of tha United Stated under thee* diaadvtntegee, received the unqualified approbation if all th* aeafaring man on board After behaving handsomely in thia way for a^me time, 'he pas^ugeia called a meeting, Captain Hudion of the U S navy in tb* chair. Mr Oko W Blunt ?*ld th# meeting waa convened far the purple* of exprrfalcg in opinion ou the p?rformanca of tke ehip. In hie opinion she wee eminently aueeeaeful, and would merely aay that the Hutted State*, n tbi* her Qrat tri>! at aea, and in the faoe of a hard nor'winter, ma le a progress which be thought hardly )?i>?eible under the olromnetKncea He reoo(nn?n^*d "he appointment of a committee to draw up a reiolution evpreaelre of tbo n?-jn ot the paeaengera on the occasion. Mr. J.H Maraball, U S. navy, Mr Hart, U. S naval rnnetruotor, '"aptaiu Stodderd, Mr. Hunt, and Mr P. iianilton, wer* appointed auch committee; and after a few m'nutee they propoeed the following reaolntion, ?bici waa utintiimu'ly adopted, vii : Reaolved, Tnat id judgment of thi< weetiog, the parformaucea of tii* ataamatiip United States, againat a heavy north waat wini, have bean ao aatiafan'oty aa to antitle her to a high rank among flrat nlae* ateamahipa ; and that aa feel a juat prid* in moh a euceegeful I pa a initio of naval architvnturn nnd ocean *teain engine building, i Having deacrib<>d the form of the nodal, it remain* naceatary for u* only to aay, that ahe can. if naoeeaary to be used in the naval service, have two tier* of guna. auu furntak abim.'iftuce of room to work th?m. besides carrying abum'ano i of coal for a royage to Europe ? This otj^et hv< b^en striven for In Knrop? and elaewiitir#. but this ia thu ttmt. tlaae tbet it hue ?r?r beea aoconpllsbed in m steamship She in provided with four b'dlera, maJ? of the be*:. materials - two engines. with cylinlera eifhty iuohea la diameter, rhJ nine f?et stroke of pision Dnring the trip the average presanre w?a ten pound* to the rjuare Inch, and the revolution* ibirtee* to a rainut . Sua r.-acu-rt Peck aiip at about four P M , all on board well plea??i with the result, especially her butler. Mr. Webb-the conatructora of tha .-mi am, Measri S?oor and Captain Marahall, one of (ha o if ner*. Uw intelligence. Ceuar or Oykh ana Trkmikkm, .March 14.?Before J'lJge Elward/t. and Aid. Dodge and Msaerole?7'nui *f Jil*a*nitr On*lap nlia W$ore,f?r the Murdtr nf Jilxmd'r H If'ill ? Third day. After the Judges hid km their scats thia morning, the trial waa resumed, t?<id -Vm)kk Khrmopit txaroinad by the District Attorney Ili?pWciof business ia in Vuu street; rem*ni!>*r* the uiu>d?i'in Oatuber last; remembers hendiug the boy, llinlnn. out on th i niorniog of tbe murd-r; made a memorandum In writing of the time the boy w?<ut out and cameba'k; Leoameback In about twenty uinutea; it ** half-past nine o'clock when he came bank i-i ?At tha tine he came back, ha 1 tha morder b*en t iiuuiittrd, or not? ? V'??, air, the murder had b?*n committed. I atate tlii.ifrom what I saw al'mrwarJa. ti ? What dtdycu see afterwards? A. I weat dowii alter the boy came in, aud aaw tha man lyiu* on hla back W?i. Ho?oui*s, examined by the District Attorney.? Witness live* to Mercer street; worked in Ann street in October last; was there on tha J9tb of Oatober last; saw 'ht prisoner th ?re that morninir; he oamu thara at tha lamntime that I did; It wm ?bont Lw<nfy-flT* miuutea o eight >'oiook; ha opened h'eetore, and I opened mine rrieoner cama to wltn-e* and enid. "I suppose I bu?e to work nnuther day for nathlng " Wltnree pai.1 no attention. bnt went on wltli hi* work; caw prisoner tn and about the store afterwards. AV'itnce* wan afterward* v.'>ok*n In br \Ir. Talavr. and went down the step*. and ?i*w Mr N?U1'? leg* lying on the Boor Witne*so<?m* iithe * ?pi, mat vlr Math?wa, they both returned, w.nt in aud *aw th? body; they both then lelt and w-nt away. U Had you ba*n in the habit of going info the filar boture? A. ?I h*d. (The diagram ??? her* produced to witn*M, and ha asked whether the situation of the prei?ftli*"fl we* accurately de*erib-d or not) VViTitmt ?I think It i* H Wbat time did you gen hint afrer eight o'elook on tin- morniiig of the J9th? A - I cannot nay th< time y W'?< It after, or b-fore you m? Mr. Palmet? A.?lithluk the time might be about half paat ' o'olork; the *rc nd time I want down a young man named Hu? went wllti mo; be j* now out of the city. I beliara; vlr Matthew* wae alio with u?; the day before I wae down there with the prisoner; wo eut at the store, we got ttlklug about engine* at Palladelphia. and the ditfirwut aer^pea they got into; he aleo told me that Nelll owed him mo?i?y. un i what. tue boy< In Philadelphia do whon the bi?a ov .? them woiiey, and won't pay tbem; a parly of them li" In Walt for him at nighe, throw h m down. ?nd llok him. and diaflgure hla face; and the nine thing miglit be done here Crmt-mmtn'd by Col Did you on your examination before th ooronsr aay any thing about the bey* in Philadelphia lying In wait for the bJM, aud diefiguring hie lao?? A ? I alatrd before the coroner * jury tha' he told me the boy* would <-atoh the maatur, knoek him down, and dlallgure hie face -1)1.' you ?ay upon that oeoaaion that the last time _,cu aaw Alexander *m at 9 o'elrok? A. I cannot ?ay. (4 Do you reoolUot that yen etelsd to the ooi oDer k.> .i..i t..i i?r w- ... . w. got to ihe utore? V - I taid 10 the coroner'* jury that I i?w \Ntthew* Mini up th*> ?tr*et, bat I oann >t *aj wIikIOt I *aid ?uy more; uiy reooltectlin t* not yery gno.l l? nt you totry and reoolltot If yon did not o^muiuuioat* the foot of tha murder to Matthew*, alter you liad not li'to the O'llar? A I cunuot nay whether I did or not. 4 - When y< u went down, in wha: poalllon d d you Bud the .toon? A. ? Bfth *id?* of the door wera open i), ? Wfie you alitined when yon went down' A.?Mr. raimtr uomkag; suddenly on me I ?M fright* ed Uojoa rcookltet what l'aluiar Mid? ??-? ' ? ?? [era: > ><40. * ? He said Naili wm murdered down it aim Q. -Wm Palmer's manner agitated? A.?1 did not take particular notiea. <4.?f'aunot 70a raoollaot whether ha appeared to be alarmed? A.?I never saw him before, and I oannot nay. H ? What beoame of him after' A ?He went up and itood In front of the door Q ?Did he go down attain? A. No; alter Matthew* and I came op, Palmer went away. H - Where wa? he standing when yon came up? A ?He stood right in front of the door; I did not take notice of hie manner; I think I said to Palmer that the deceased might have kUM hims-ll, ?r committed suicide H - What did he say In answer? A ?I think be said it might be so; bat I won't be oertain. ti.?Did he turn directly and go to the Station House? A ? Matthew* and Ruu were looking rouud the plane; looking to se? it they oould find un/thing, I made the remark when th?y oaini up. that he could uot havu (hot himself, or 1 should have beard it, a'ter which Palmer turned and went off; he came back again, and I caw him baokwarda and forwards In the ooursn of the dav (I ?Did you see him in tho basement afterwards' A?I don't think I did (J ? Did you when von went down, taka notion of the potition of Neill's body? A. I did not, except that h? * ? lyi'ig on lii.t b*n*r, and the Mood gurgling from hi* inout>?,i otnuotstv whether th>' sashi-s of the windows m r<> op->i o uor, I am unable to tell the situation of th? room; I *aw the Iroq bar iving by (he body; 1 did not :ake notice of '.h>situation of t he eaf-il; I only saw the head aud tur. and I turned and wsut uwny; there was oousltternMe blood on th? floor nud partition H ? Did you see any other young man th#rj? A ?There mi a touu< mwu by the mb? of (Ireen* tb?r?. helping ronad y ? What wan the last t.lcin ye'i ?iw Gr*m? there? a. ?I cannot s?v exactly; i Haw him bnc.kwavd aud forward r.bere. bustling about,trimutiu* Uuu1', Sto Q By a Juror?Did arjy oue pass through wir.uesa'a to: . from th? time you opened it until you heard of the mur'Iar? A ?Only Mr Barnea. Mr Mathewa an 4 the prisoner. I never had any diffloulty with the prisoner Edwiiu C. NUthcwi -Witness's plan* ofbusineaa waa at 43 Anu street; last October he waa assistant to Mr. Barnes: knows prisoner: law him on the m?rniu? of the murder; saw him on that morning in William atrsat, between Beekman and Anu streets, rather nearer to Aon than Beekman; hs was walking towards the latter stmet, slowly, lookintt down, his faoa partially turned from witn?<sand inclining towards hla ri^bt side; witness pass?d on. and wnntto 4J Ann street.; stood at tha door of tho store; while standing there saw Taimyr go into the bailment an<i re'urn; he theu p;>sse?l; wlt"es? wenf into the store, saw Mr. Hotglin, the alerx; they both came towards witness and spoke to hira; H.'ojliu stated that Nelll was lylu* d?\t down stairs; that h- h ?d oom uiitted suiol ie. or soM?thlun to that witness imm?di tely ran down stairs, when he got flvo or ?K st> p? down, saw NeiU'aleRs in the basement; witne a went to the buck >oom and saw the body, hi ; cannot t?ll the situation of the room. Q ? Krom the time yon saw pris' ner in William itrert until you saw the body, what time elapsed? A ?About four or flvo minutes; th? prisoner was dressed In a blue round ibout j inkst. grey pantaloons and cap; it was abt-uc thirty-Ufa minutes put nine o'clock whan I saw him. li - Do you kuow of any difll.Mil'y arisinn ont of tiis prisoner's conduot In whi?h \lr Neill was involved' A ?I do. sir; Vr N i'? "??* arreeted lu mu action of tri^Dass on a ooti o! i1 ? prisoner Q -Do vuu an-iwot * ? I oh*. against prisoner in r<ispert to which wa??.ires:nl? Objected to. on lb" ground that thle "a* railing a aolUtt-ral iMur. tendin* to prejudice h? dit'unco of the nroused. and even if admitted, wotjM not, be relevant; there wan no foundation lalii for it. Mil it wasonly offered to give tri? Patriot Attorney an opportunity to su'tain hi? theo.'y in relation to the rourdapof Niilil. JuJi- Edwards declt'sd in favor of the objection. but hi* d?cisiou w?s overruled by the other two n*mbeis of the Court The unrstions ware then allowed to be put After tile teetimouy vtai in, Mr. (irahiim mov*d t? i>trik*< it out. on the ground that although it w? now out, it amounted nothlof; Alderman Vltniou: wti about to ui>kr sows remarks, when the Pisiriut Attorney requested him uot to deoidx jBtit he offered Mime reasons for retsjine* it Tne District Attorxh said he would coi:nert the taoU now sworn to with the testimonj of U.<? next witness Alderman \lr??Rei.E taiJ, ae a member of the oourt, he iiw no re sv.iney iu the testimuuy, and he wm of opiaion that it sUouU be strlskan out. it was then ordered to be ttrir.ken oat. Croii-rxitminri.? When 1 met prisoner in William Htreet, I did uot observe any bundle uuder his tin Frkulrick J Bir^ki examined?risoe ot busiit'iis is iu Ann st eet; know* pris >uer ; saw him iiiwi.usss's store ab-<ut a quarter past aloe o'clock; wii?n witness tiene in prisouer walked out, and 1 paw him loiierio? on I the sldr-weik. ati'J ab^ur th? s'ore door; J n-xt sew h!m ' t.aks sign uown towards < J old street; this was in the neighborhood of nine o'uioek ; a f?w minutes after I went aud o..llnd t)i? prisoner into N?ill's baflemont; tor.k iiim there to jriri him directions to paint tno or tbre? e'andia/ oa'ks. that I had there; I juva him the neo.s. >ary directions, 'tnd nskrd huu wha. time he w uU have then dme, as 1 wanted thim immediately; he told mens sion as Neiil came in he wooil mix the paiut, and that 1 should havethnn that day; I then oame out of the basement a id went crer te 4'2 Anu strict, across the way; 1 w*s tUere ahiut ten minutes; left there, went iu'.o the store and was thete fltteen or twenty minutes; as I was retarni-iu; o*t of the basmatnt do'ir, the .viru-iu or laborer told ur< that n man had shot himt??r in the basewnt; witness w-nt down to w!i?re Neili was; rs be ?o! down to thn footof the stairs he ! iw N"ill's 'ejslying lireoliy aeror* tba door; he was lylns on uis htvk at *h? | time. his f*>Co oorerad wicn t>n> u, una oreitcnio^ r*ty hard; two potior officers hftd him in charge, and wicb??r I name away H? Was the direction giT?? for tha ciniia Ltforv or after be paffs*d with th? aig? ? A I eeuiiol ax tha tlu><* when ha took the si<n whether it wa? b?f >r^ or a>?.er h?j tuok :ha tusks ; I think it wax about Din o'clock Q.?Hft-1 you ?r.y ocnTtrs&tion with the d'OSM'l !a regard to the mony tran?noUeu?, a which thn prituorr was present? ObJ"cted to. and 6bj**tl*'i rJInwed. Ctott rxtmined by UitNAM.-Wlitii 101 went to the basauiant, ?ud wt Neill's bsdy, wheio ti'd the i ?j?l aland ? A ? I don't k?ow; I only looked at NeUI. I think if the easel had sceod over his head, I should h?ra uotioed It U.?Vom atata the irst y n ?*w of the prisoner that morning, waff o-b nt x qu rt?r put A o'clock. Dill you see iiim go into the bunenwut during that tint* ? A.?I did not, only -wh?a k? w?-nt dowu with myclf H -Did yeu miaa him Irnaa ib? ii ie w*lk whan jou wer? in the st<jra or pa?ai?& in or out ? A ?I st.y whether I did or not <i--How lo-. sr Hitir you saw him tlrat that motoing did you see htut p .m wi'h the HKn T A ? I cannot tail; It waa in the neighborhood of cine o'?lnok I don't remember whether I aaw him ouUi up out of the cellar with the algn of not H - Did you see him retura with the giga ? A.?I did not. SaM?hl Bkktookt exaraiaad?Resides at 113 GrMtlwich street. Witne.-s wis appointed ?pprals?r by the lurrogatc Witness made a particular search of N?iU's premista; he louqd the humme- u w produced, undar the long desk. I iound it at thn est???? on 1 of the loan daak. and by tha fide of the upright deak. 1 al? > fonnd a portion of a ablrt, a round jack? t. a id *" nae jinoata. in tha aam* place Tliia search waa made .< fr>rmii<kt altar tna muriitr; "Ui i hw mj puot Mig-.i i mmi'a tDur* after the nurd?r Wu tha iilgn auw proilaaad tliare wh'n you Grit ??* it' A.? It was pla? <( on th?> ?*??! fUn lin< ov?r th* h; ,vl of Vaill; tie nhu'.tan and on^ of th* window* w<r? raited ; l.he gliu door leading to tha back room wm open. Q ?At <h? tlx** you found fh? huaim ?r, vu there any hing on It? A Van, Mir ; th?re waeblo?>l upon It and a small air.ount of blood on the paper on whi h It lay ; the blnid on tha hainuifr. a* If than ar>paarrd, pte?>nted vtrj much tli" appearance that it do?* nor I iln.i found three upon It. <4 ?1)1 I yen th* Iron b?r the Ar.? d*y T A ? Ye?, ilr [The witnea? here described the ?i'nation , of the basement ia wh<ch the body * < found, the amok ' a* the Other wll umi? described It J <4 ?1'id you ??< any paper there rhat moraine ? A?I did; I ?aw tb? mirniu, Hrruld there ; it wae open and lyln< under the d??k ; I have th? p?p<T nltil ; i I saw the ohalr now pro luo?d th?r -; I know it wan broken before the occurence of the murder, bat the Indentation was not in I; bafere. 11. r. tbe Court took a recees until 4 o'clock. KVaNING BKSSIoN Aai'HiiaL* Rei.L aia'timed by UiMrict Attorney ? Wan In Ann etre t from !> until I - o'clock the morning of the murder; about twnty m.nutn* before 10 o'clock Wd? user tha basement door, when he hr?rd of th? murder; ioiae person onui^ up and t')ld him; wltnesa went town anl Daw d?cea'*d; no other p?riOn w.ii the-e . when I firet went d<>wn r>u* Matth^we; the ram!, with the nign on It. wae over Nellie head nt tne time. Crntt-rxaminrd ? Witiuf.i it not ; ( l ire whether the anal waa raiaoTed betwa?n the time vitueee went down tlret, and the second or third time he went down Mr* MaauABtT A. Smrwi examined ?I< ms'.har to deeeaaed; liree at in Spru-e street, between Nassau and William; lha deceased oame into her houaa tha raoralng or tha oiunW. and 'unit up oaaiuj t?a witn?-??, aba w*? iick; h* **ld, "l? it two o'clock yat, tnothar !" th* qua*- j tion aarpriaa d her. and ?ha **! h<*r rya o*?r to tha ' watok. and the found It wi? ju?t nioa; ha raualnad ; about ten inlnuta*, tba cam.* of h r*in?r* about two , o'nlook w-m, tbat ha waa wicb har tha pravinui <lay. and I naid he would call at two o'aloeIt on that day, bu: did , not; tha raa*od aha din ( tha tlm* of hi* leaving ?hi cuatiog h?r f y? on tha watub; ha did tha ?tra?, b?in( in a hurry; ha w?* ?ix f*at hi^h, vary tarip and mosaular cry r ipt>rt and quick In hi* motion* Cr?n-tm imintd uy Umhim -IV? hal noeorYaina tion thai, morning other thau what I ham detailed. rlM|>t what rnLataU to mya?lf; h-t lirod with )ii? family in | Kivlagion utraat; wltuca* w*? not fi?<iuai>riy at hi* huuia; n?T?r *p?nt a night thar? Kaaari* liKcriK pxamtuait by tha Diairiflt At'orn?y ?WittifM lirad in Mrrat lift Ootnbar; j wa* atnployad by tha d?ei*a#?d ac that tiiua, >u tha morning of tha muid'r wimraa waa in th? , boarding houaa of Mr H?nry O'Naill; witn-aa wark?d 1 for dMMMd from flMt of May until ha d>achar*'i *iit . In couaf<|uauca of hi* having no work, and uol being ablfe to pay wnnaaa I l,D. I P*tnn *w? Q ?Do you know what n?m? the prisoner htm ^^B l' A He k<#Tr nim??lf 111 . nttae of Aiaxan lar Moore; witneaa never had any conversation wi'h prlaoner, *o?pt ohm that they wer? t"nether in the haaement; witne*? inked him *hit w*? the maUer wifh h'a unit; ha raplled ho fcut, It In * tl ;ht id Phil* lelphla. ai < If It were not for that he rain'** bo workln* atlil %t Philvlelphia; ^^b another '1*7 ?? were la t.he ehii> t ><> her ?n 1 he wa? ^^B talkiosc about hi? pay; he aaid that If NelU dlil not PV him. ho (the prl*on?r) would * n? w .< one of the Phil*d'lphia bo?e ifive Veil) i damn good llokl^tf; *i en 'the* day wltne?e met him Id the aire#' *oh? i?k?d him If Nelll had tfot any m>ney; h? -nil hi h id not, bu*. that he flume into the *h.>^> I ho day before >|r nnk Kdukht 1'. simi'tof examined I m? \?lll the nv in? of thu inuriler, at 10 or lfi min'ire* * t?t ?lnu o'clock; h? oam? aoroM t'i? atraet from hie mo'hdt'n. Chim.ii Bloom, policeman, w.<.,inln-d l<""i?ofth? ^^b olry pollou and I* itttachej to the chief'* offloa. Hi? attention win called to th- mmrder. WRn??< pot information ?f It from the chief, wh told >n> to (to and H-K what I ?>uld do about it I went down to Ann Atreat, vrhen I ifor th ira, there w m ? la-** ooll-'Ciio.. of peoiiie 1 went down r.o the basement and ;,.i H the body Doctor McDonnell w in tlier* ut tiie tiro.? (,eft Ann atreet to *0 in pursuit of a ynuosc mail n illed Hear, . weut to Iienrv itreet At half-pant 4 o'clock, wltu <?a and offleer .Norrie Bireg'Hl the prSi".n?r ?t th? oorner of H?n>iiton nnd Market, etreet* WitneM a'epped up to htm md -<*k?d liu whb hla na- <r- Alexander Moore ? ha laid v?'?. We aa'ied 'I'm to w*:k wiih ue Ut ?rn to ih* oMef'a oflfton He w-iii 'd to Know w). ' w.-.i urreetej for? wiuiean replied h? would iiuow iii fii'ia. then Mked If It w?? tb i, eilair ut" Neill's wlrnee< asked hliu what affair ? h? Jiaiil Hhi'U th ?u i i-v i li Witnaia >*fc?4 him when ha I?at taw Nai'i; .i eaid ei'her i.iu.i or bat ween < l/ht or ni? o'cloik thnt ign.nirK Wl'.neaa 'h?i4 a<<ka ' him if he hai! taken u eii(ii ??d with it 'o WiUiiuu ?trew"? h^ealdhahad. Wituefl* e<ked him if ha i-,d brought it ha -ka^ain T he eaid ha lid. WitNa'l nviind hiaiit Naiil Wu8 thuin wkfi thn eiini Wax ! brought I a-Jk ? he a d ?o* Wltiegn* i aim wbj ho brought it ha.-k ' h? ?aid Neill. c.u ? form i- oceaalon, iletirad him iw to le.ya .?. > k an *. * Ii < .t . 3..I for it Witnuiin a.iK'd hint wea It oiu iuar? lo i- iv- the etora in ihe day-ciaie a' J itbut It op. bn win* i hat there wna I WitpoiH a"ka.| him wnera b* went after la??iim ttia I store ? he aaid lir want to tha K*?t Hirer an I Ml la with I u nt?no drirar uamed Moiatyra ?u'i was riding with | him a j<reat pict. of t he day. By thin tiru* w* ?o(, to tb* rhiat's offlca, aud wnn-?? . >. ? In in in oliir^u to another . Ha alao stated whan ha rama baok, that Nalli , .im out thara, and ha thought ba wight as wall laava t 'lit"; ha further stated tli ,t ha hl? llot? that day, ana that whan h? laft with tha sign N-ill was that* lu u weak afterwards witness want dowu to make a 9 areb, and found a sbirt thara with part of tha tiaava _ , torn otr Tha next day wttnasi took primnor down to tU* baiaunnf whara N'ill's body wai lying j ti -- Wh r. did he say wb?u y<m brought, him in f A - lie looked at tba b< dy and bagan drumming tb? table with bis haud, and aaid to wltiieis you asked an abou';tha sign, there it in: we remain* J ih'ira a J?w mtnutis; I to" hiin to ton Second w.r.rd ifa'ion bou?a and ?? rainai.jad thara tha lu^u?4t was iver, wh?n (ha Cor"Bir inaua O'it bia, put it iato my hands, and I to. k him to thf Tombs; lie hell a^kwd in a at>oUt ?ome shirts and ml 1 if I was a in tu of m/ word I would briug them to him. Cr?n->i<uni,ied I Mftrnh* I hia room, but it *u earobort baf >re ma; Mr. D uivaaif I' Un < this sbirt,, now produced; wa fi.uxd notbiau; iu his ro >m or trunk thutnad Mood un it; ittl ier Norm had searched It bafora ma. tiao vv monam-i? oua ot me ponce 01 ins ouy; ifl attached tO tila Oulef'i 0?)?: witUMI Cam* to the i fflca about in o'oln n; the chief informed witueaa there ??? a murder oommltted at 43 Ann itreet, and deeirnd wltnoaa to go dowi. mil ?ee wha. he could do; he w ?ot down and mw I h? body, and then want and got n diacription of tbu two boyi; .t half p?*t 4 o'clock Ihey met tli? priaonar in Hamiltou str*at; etapped up to him . and arreated him, tha raoiaindcr ot the wicnnM * ?Tldeuca waa aimilar to chat of thn preceding witnaaa, n oitpt ?i to tha ''Kft'iiinHtion of tha priaouer'a rooin; wit aaae examined it in coiip. ay with > Uod^e. aboot twr> o'oiook: It VU b?l"ri tin arreat ; w aaarah'd bin ti?nk; but. ooultl aae no-bin , iu ic that w? tn< Uja:, nfC????ry to bring tiwiy. Kdm?v> Donek: poll, ii oflWr, examiued Tha teati uiony of tbia nritut*< w?a aiuilar to that ot tha two piaceding witn?dnj?, except that ha atii'ed they found aotna letter* in tha tru>iMr; witnreff ><?? alao preeent wuen tha chief of police a*k?d priafner noma qti> etiona, onf of which win whan did prisoner ? ? Noill Uat; he replied ( that h? .tain* down Ann atreat about nevn o'clock, and 1 :hat H'iil cam* in bar.w-en U and 9 o'claek, and that lia daaired nitn to go wlih a ?ign, and not l?*?a it without getting ihu moony; ho then ankad did ft* leara tha aigo; )t? *aid not; that na did not g-t tha money; ha iak*d him waa Neill titers wh. n he not b.tcg; ha attid oc>; tha (thirl then told him i lat. Neili met wi'n in accident, and aoon after told him tfiat ha wm dead Tb< j.ria>in-r then aalQ v?ii)i a kind of forced lauyli, I auppona yon don't th-nk I killed him!"? During all tha lima tha chief araa examUin^ b* had .4 aort of uarrou* twitching, and ai one lime itx.d bin , ey?a teadtly on 'ha chief a id wm twirling hia rip on liia Mngera all tha time Witneua had bun iu charge all along daring lha tc^u a*; ha mention itoaca to witii aa that what be had told him w > tha truth, and Miat tin would got n good lawyer, and he'd gat b m out of the (Crape The Di?t*i*t Arrttiir lier* propoaaU to put tha Itltar* in arid^uio Mr. Giinim said them latter* wera wri't?p by the (ather aau Kioihet- ot the pr'son?r in the uioirb of July pretituf, *nd ha did ?ot aea what r?l*TMioy they had i the mm Jar It W4a. hawe>?r, In tha dilatation of fh'i Court to arirar tftem or not The curt, attar conauitaticu, r?tun?d to alluw tbeia t > be r< ud Mr H. Paumbr, one nf tha witneraea . s>?iia4d yeaiardfty, oatna up an i aaid lia wiaht'd to cortaot a p-rt fbia tea imoay; h- e*id, that iu statir^ lha e*a-l waa | tlirown down, upuB reliecMou. ha was cow aatiailad that ur wan m.n ?khu in * i; na uoir reoouacrn mat it. *a* otandinij I'hiF 1b 'b" o ly OOlTMtlcu iiu had to m&k?. i'hw Court ht>t< adjourned Ciunr or (Ji^iiiiAL Siiiinm, March 1ft. B?: -re Recoruer ycott and Aldermen Purser &nd Tapi>*.<. Jouaa C Pbiiiipn K?q., AJelelant Dirt'lot attorney Tual/nr Kt'ping a Uuuril-rly f/?uir rii?tialof John vl .uttf mi-rv. or. an indtatima. for ? -p uj ?ditrd?.'yheu?>? la Vv* ?fr?? , w .? re?urad ac iu<- npei*> uiy; f the o< urt tins luoritin^, nbfii (ha <*mt> <111? pent 1 lor the defence A)?ul?at Aid Uiixi-tj, ou bei.ig exr.Miiad, depo??d M follows I rtiida at No 15 (berry atre.?t, a..d know Montgomery ; he nv." an upplioatiou to me about u week after hi* laat trial, to place a police loroe about hi* t'l hoaae Aidarman Pi r 'rr w*h here nailed upa to &tat* what he knew r> latiT'- to tils matter; whereupon he re warke* that'My ".'.t-ntoii w?< o?lie<J to th* pr-m'sej n. cupied by Mon'gcmary, in li'.nuiry, 18*7; I do uot ituow auy dauclu^ ir any uig?< b n* hn.ird ili?re; I i called tha attention of the pulic* to tb? prtmisej iu oou a?'( of the couip'.aiuis ui . Ja torn*.">* I'. Dahi.iu i i niti ...1 - | have kuo-vn Mm'ffomery for about 3 y.'*r?, I have r!?it i I bl? r*a'.dec< -.a often an f>ur lluirea week, my bu?ue?a Inlmt ib.<r<; Uu tire, floor i* t'Uiirig room, 1 ii < r mwnay thing improper ii??re, and I n> v?r hei.rd a ' y n?l?e wuite there; i haye acpplit'l Montgomery wi;>i I *> ifillotiB of liquor a fortnight; I h?ya ?<?n tb > ? feuialts ttiera at oue and two another time; I never ?hw any other ! miliu thera except Iw j that attend thi b-?r; I hay < ncy-r a?.*n men and womtn drinking mere; I don't k..ow hew the Usdroome w<ra occupied, or uo# mauy b U th*r.? Wira in the b>iua? Mr* ItRAui.x* exHmiurd I b?*< liyd in Roos.-relt i street 5 >?ats, and h??? known Montgomery pereonail f r i-l/uui -J yean; I w?ot to Tisit one of ble t?mily, a lie tin boy, who was tiok; my ?u<iai>u is dreeimakiag; i I ometime* went to Mr Montgomery's hcu-e on buei| rust f. ft t:> b?e the laniity; 1 un r taw any p^reer,* I .?! tho t ifcle, except thirlr own J'-?miiy or frirnd* r h At mulit rtniiu in- I n. v?r **w mt lunrn. ' pvr coaduot, or h?,.rd aty uoi'~; tti* nnu?t w?n ii?u?ily oionrd ?t xUv?Q o'clock at night; Mr. U?aoh n.i i family l.vp.i i-, til- houm f??r ?ooUC three ;'juu.h? '.fr r h.< irn p i'uii." < had bem ou.n?j down; M n Montgomery'* titer *>n re?Uin;iu the family r. mo tiiti-* iMt utniT, on 1 ocouj ied a hack room on >bn lirnc Hior kt?o ? trout room in the Mnon.l story. m Br i.tkk ax<ttaii,*d~ I am Ui? lUaghtft or Mr* Vkwm SB, wt)"? ttBtlfied ynt?rday; my fath r reoautly latroduowl m* to Mr KatWv; i then aakvd him what h> ra? golriti to do wah Mr. Moai.goin*ry; he replied th?t d baJ in i U him ?p<>nd upwards of >1100, ,ia 1 hf wonU uiitk* bun ?p?hd two or thre? th<>uiuad dollar# mnr? beforu ile had dona with hun, 1 Ttailed Mr. Montgomery'? nou?* tb ?? tlmea fa tn? tuiuumr of l?4?, I w*. t th-ri> to ?< ? iny ii?ter; nt Undtd ih* l>ar for Mr Montg inery. H rmt Oi.her m.tuennri intifted to having ?i?it?d the ftouae of defendant, and that th y had neu no improper oon-luot on tha j*?rt of the tnmaici. Th? court than adjouraod uu il to-morrow moruiog. Court ( tHii Day?C.rett>f Caurt nvan n yesterday Comman fteai, let I'arc No# J:t. 27, 44, 47, ;iJ, U, 83. 01, 99, 103 ii P?rt No*. lid. 10, AO, 14, .16, M, ?(i 70, 74 <0 Taiai, Or ax Iwniav roa Muhdkii 1 "io t.ial of 1'h' Surr. whlon hm ex"lt"d sun geuer?l Inter*' . will not take pluce during t' < preciic detelou of 'he Ckrovit Comt tt V Q Bared, i* utturnay h?*j.ig mo oe?d?d in *lf>oting a oliaof* t t-i.u- I * tr.alwiU dm oft iu Jotiuaon eonnlr, in M arch n *t n "thing iu erreiiuig to prefeiii Krcia d?T?lopaioenta alr>a>y OMD* It In l)?liiT?a th*t tht? unit*.': onuH ;? linhi ail th? particulars of th* niunl?r of L-twjtr ampboll?Chrraker. .idvottl' I'HiLAMi.rHiA, March 15, IjM-S. Sttannhii'?forthe Charlrilon /Ant?Railroad vlrridrnt ? The (Veathtrt ?!> < . 4'C The bill to charter the Philadelphia and AiInntic Stmnt Navigation Company hid jn^ed rinnl reading in the State Senate. Under tins aci ot incorporation, a. number ot our weaithit* merchants luive combined for 111,> .-? o! ' ubLahing a line ot utewmerit to Ch ?ri< -.ton (he ?ii??i? ur<- now propitious lor < r hiii . Charlto Cook, a Ud about 11 year, 'lug', died f,t t i?- hospital, this uiornitif, n m 'he ?rti? i.- ot being run over by .1 c??l tmni, t l>road street. Ili? was engaged 111 picking up co il Ironi tli? trtlCK, and wlljyru iia lie t-Lii avured to escape the approaching tr<tin , Lh* wentlo r to-day ia considered a* cold M .iny tltnt hrt? preceded it |i<ia?> ,i. At 1 uu.| the thermometer stouil at 2o" A

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