Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 21, 1848, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 21, 1848 Page 3
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w*. . y tf-wt tnd ?M Iww i!i?? fcnt) UmU. HMf! M?? #gwj roof* fr?e!* toto i&a nod hoM ' '* h?r* fliuNd ih? pit rt of U?< btlitf owl? j ?1 r.M 3?t ti.xnt retailing ?*Ue D'tW ??u at fr?a %a do { to t5 per cwt . bat ni*u at theee rates It wmld appear i buyers hare evinced no desire to opetnta b?yond their : immediate tr..nt? a< quite * large cumber r> main o?er nniold; say about 400. 40 head were taken for shipment to the Bermuda merkft Cows and Cai??s?Sales at frcm $15 to f-2i a $*0, a* in qMulity Tb? lowest average quoted laat we?*k wan $20 All cold. She? ;j and In nib a begta graduallv to corun into market more freely; but with a demand hardly commensurate with the supplies on hsnd, prices show a ooi responding decline. SaUa at Ircm $?J i5 t? $3 ftO a $6 60. 100 left over. CorKKe?The market continued quiet, and no rn'.ee were ieporttd Cot ion?Tb( re have been bo operation* in this ftap's to-ilyy, eiceptit k a few small parcels b/ the home trade. Kkuit?Transactions in foreign ware somewhat limited, ai:d were noc.flnrd to 800 boxes Palermo lemons at 5 i. and some mull lot a of wet dried ralsina at $ I 40 a f 1 50 ; cf domestic we Dote salaa of 00.000 lb*, (oli) dried faDDlrs at 4$?o.. and -JO barrels drl-d n?anhe* with I skins cn, at $1 60 cash. Khh? There w*s a Uir demand for the retail trail#, and wenote ?aes of 40 barrels (Mom ) mackerel, No. l's at $0; and 90 drums bake at $2 25 per quintal. Hay and Straw? There van a larijro attendance of country wagons at the seal** tc-day. The supplies et mpripo J<?rsev. Long Island and Weetoliester. Pric?s range ficm 70 to 80 oents per owt. Straw la selling at former ratrs, tIi : $2 SO the 100 bdls Hump? No sales reported. Lkao? Market quiet. I.imi; ?A cuitowm sold at 75 ots mui.ab?k?--New Orleans continued In fair reqrei', Rt 26)i to 27o, chiefly for th? retail trade. A lot or Cardenas was rrported at 10c, at which we quote the market firm. Mihooant?We notice sales by auotion of 120 log? (Cuba) at to 12>?e, 4 months. Naval Storks ?We oould hear of no sales worth reroiiinn. Haw turpentine was held at $ ! 73; and spirits do at 34 to 42o. Ou t - Linseed- Wo note sales of 1200 gallons English, on privst< terms; SCO oity pressed American, at, G5i:; and (wl'hiu a f?w days) 2,600 barrels releoted whale has been sold at 33e. Provisions?Sales of 100 bbls mess pork wore made at $10, and 100 do, In rutail lots at $10 li\i Prime was jneld at $9 26. Sales of 225 tierces of hams wer? male at ti?i to 7c. Beef?Country mess was quiet ?t $h, and prime at $5 25. ?alesof 150 bbls beef baius (river) ?en i made at $11 Lard?Sales of about 1000 bbis W'rem?'*, including t}u() or 700 bbls at 7^b, 1?I0 tierces ?r, 7o;20t bbls, No. 2, at 7c. 60 do at C>7U, ami U0 i!o at 7).{e, and 60 bbls prime sold at 7J?o, ana 175 ke|ts sold at 8>?o. Rick?The market was steady at $3 25 a $3 75, with moderate sales Hum-Sal-s of 60 bbla clover wro made at 7^n. Sugars ? The market was rather firmer tuan last w^ek. bat we could be?r of no transactions exoep*. 75 boxes bro*n Havana at 6X. at 4 mos Tallow?Continued quiet at pierlous rates?tiz: 9)i a 10 ots. Whalkrork?Sales of 20 000 lbs. North West were made at 27c. WHi9KRr-Th? market was Inaotlve, while prioesremained nominally the same KakioHTs?Coitoa to Liverpool was worth 6-3-2d. Beef to Antwerp was taken at $1 12>?, and oases at 20c. per foot. There woe no change to other British poets than Liverpool, or to the Continent. I'D KLsKiWHKtlKi STOCK SAI.KS. Baltimore, Mereh 18- $1060 United States Trcausnry 6's, lOa.Hi; 2CU0 dob'., ll'2'i; 1COO do G's, 102'i; 11)00 do G's, 102*; Kirn <1(1 6'? 102>?; 10 slirs Bal and Ohio KnilroadCo, (on time) 3d; 10 do, (on time) 38; 6 buiquelis-lull K.irittn,9; 14 do, (on time,) 9: 60 do, (>iu tiuie) 9; United States G's o( 1S67 closed at 103)4 bid, 104i? asked; Trea?ury6'?, 102 3-16 bid, 102>i asked; Marvlnnd t'iclosed at 88 anked; Baltimore 6's ofof ISM, at 96 bid, (for tli? opening,) 97 asked; Baltimore and Ohio Hailrond sins at 37J-? bid, :ms asked. (Hnrrled, On Monday, March 30th, by the Rev. Mr. Alans, Mr. James M. Ahthur, of Glasgow, Scotland, to Mian Jankt, daughter of James Cameron, of Stirling, Sootland. Died. On the IHth instant, Jtuci Nutle, aged 23 years The friends and relatives of the family are respectfully invited to attend his fuueral. frcm his father's residence, 167 Rivington street, at half put 3 o'elojk, P. M , tn (Tuesday) tUs day. At Jersey City, on Sunday, the 1'Hh inst, after a lingering illness, Miss Theresa P. Keeps. The relatives end friends of the family, are invited to attend her funeral on Wednesday, the 22 d inst., at 2, P. .M .from the residence of her sister, M as Wilmarth, corner of Orove and Bay streets, Jersey City. Providence papers will please oopy. Yesterday morning, Msrob 20, at half past 3 o'clock, of consumption, Lawrence McDermut,Jr , son of Lawlence and Maria MoDermut, in the 31st year of his age. The friends of the family are respectfully invited to attend his funeral, this afternoon at 2 o'cleok, from the residence of his brother-in-law, Noah Worrall, No. 20 Elm street, without further invitation. On Mnnrl*tr mnrnlnv Mnprth OOt.h \Tr Tiv A Yfi. ch eals, in the 42d year of bit use. The friends of hie brothers, William H , and Benjamin S. Micbeals, his father-in law, Mr. Richard Ten Eyck, and of the family, also, the Tradesmen's Ledge No. 314, also Manitou Encampment No. 4d, 1. O of O. F , are requested to attend bis funeral, this (Tuesday) ufternoon, at 3 o'clock, from his late residence, No. 311 Walker street, without further invitation. On Monday, 19:h inst, John Bacuvet, aged 1 year and 8 months His fuaaral will t?k? place from his father's residence, Henry Bsullvet, at 4 o'clock,to-morrow evening,39 Cannon street His friends are respectfully invited, without further notice. On Monday morning, 20th icst, Elizabeth, wife of James Ross, M D., aged 36 years. The friends and relatives of the family, and tke menbsrs of Acorn Lodge, No. 337,1. O. of O K , are requested to attend the luneral without further invitation, from her late residence, oornor of Blercker and Charlts streets, on Wednesday morning, at 9 o'clock. On the 20th icst. at Metucbtn. N J , Mrs Maboarkt Van Alstv.ik, aged 87 yeais and 7 months On the morning of the 20th instant, after short a: d severe illness, Cathahink L,w:fsof Ashur K. R. Crowell, in the 33d yeer of hi r age i The relatives and 1:1- nis cf the family are respectfully invited to attend tbe funeral. on this (I'u'i'Uy) afternoon. at 1 o'clock, from the residence of his father, Joseph Crowell, No 149 Charles street, without further Invitation. Weekly Report of Uealtai la the City and County of New York, from the Uth iUy ol iVerch to the 18;h day ol Mtrcli, !?18. Man 75; Women 73 ; Uoyt 81: Oirli 71 Total 303 diseases. Apoplezv, 10; Asthma, 2; Atrophia, I; AipMiii. 3; Dleed lug, 1; Burned or Scalded 3; Brouchitis, 6; Catarrh. 1; Can err, i; i asuaii-ej. < 11 frr.t lUiMHUin, i, i noier.i .no mis, 1; ("ou-nmptimi. lit; Convulsions, 2d; Crnnp, 8; Coniceatiou of Luuga, 3; Cy.uisis, 2: Uebilitr. 9; Delirium Treaeit, 1; Diarrhoea. 5; Dropsy,6; Dropsy iu tin* Head, 13; Dr.p?y in the Cheat, 1; Dtseutery, 6; Dyspep-ia. 1; kpilepty, J; Eryipelaa, 6; Fever, 3; K?ve', bilious, 3; Kever I'uerperel. 6; l-e? ver ? e mittenr, 2; Kever Scarlet, 3; Ker?r Typhoid, 13: Kever Typimt. 16; lier.rt. Disease of 3; Icfl tmumi.on, 1; lufl.imciatioii of Bnin, 6, Inilainmatiou of Bowel*. 13; lufhrama <on InitamsMtioa of Hftit. It laniiMttiM of Kidneys, 1; li llaminatiou <1 Lulk>, 19; l"tlamm tion of, 1; luflvnnnti >n < I Throat, 3; lull inmitlon of Liver, 4; Intemperance. 1; L ues Venera, 2; .Valfoimatioo. 1; Ma.aimu?,7; Me??les. I; Mortification, I; Old Age. 4; 1'alsy, 1; f'remature llitih, 3; Plenrisy, 1; 3er<fula, I, Small Pox, 20< Saicide I; Teething,2; Ulcera mo of Throat 2; Varioloid, 1. Age?Under one yc.-.r, 62; 1 to 2 years. I?; 2 to 5. 33; 5 to 10 16; 10 to SU. 19; 2t) to 3u. 38; 3n to 40, 29. 40 to 50. 33; 50 to bfl. 15; 60 to 70,9; 70 to 80. 10; B0 to 90, 5; 91 to ItO. 2; nnkuown, 3. A. W. WH ITf, City luipfetor. City Inspector'* Office, March 18.1R48. ffFil'1.-!1!1 ' - 1 XLUL? A ?1. Rough and uf.ady?thk whig electoks of kt FintVudiud ill totti irlra l> t" Ofn nl '/. teli it y I ay lor for the Presidency, are reipectiully invited to aitend a public mce'lng, to be held at the Broad street Hi u?e, corner of Hror>d i ml Pearl s reets, (his (Turndav) evening, 11 -t March, :>t 7K o'clock, for th* purpose of org-u. a Kirit V a d K< ti.<l. and Keudv I luh Caasius M. Clnv ard J. P,?gC"tt llill, will a idren ihe raeetinr. Bt ori'er of i reliminary to'-ting ?STKI'HEN O. TAYLOR. Sec'vI? HANCJfi, IRELAND AND REPUBLICANISM?A r Mt?? Meetingoflbe Frendt of Republican Liberty if all Nitioni vrill talic place on Tuetday hvtuing March 21??, at the Shaktpeare H te', to adopt tl e uecettnry measures to aroute and support the people of Ireland, and all who suttur finm h tiro] can despotism Men of all netioua, tins is the lima to advance A in' lie n lepub icau principles Do yonr dutr.? By oriler i f tSe < omm liee. JA Mi 8 BERGEN, (.hairm n. P. LY^CH. Secretary. WET DE LAINE' ?5000 YARPS OK BEAUTIFUL p' de liiu?s,<f all color*, slightly demised by salt water, Just received, and eff/red at great bargains. Also, 10(00 yard* if superior Entiih sheetings to l.e sojd by the pound; prints, jacojett, t>c Sec , sold in like mam e>: togetl t r with a number recent auction ptir'li'sei, c< inprising ? fi ll aajoitment of spring dry If inds an.I otrered at rremeriloii* iedurtiou fioin former prices. JAMES A. DUFFY it < o , 4A<) Graii.l st eet, enrner of ('olomiii*. "tTIVKLV REPUBI.I110E : ODIl.OV BARROT-A ? correct It be nets of. Iu. greit Frcuclimm with a hiogiaph icil iketch, will be lound iu the "Morning Star" of this day Call eolr M I0i Naas,->.n. c< m?r of Au>. ii'eet. poOPEKV NOVEL'I HIS MORNING.?JACK TiKB . or, Th? Florida R-ef, y J. i'e Cooper, 2 vols50 cents.? Fr in the I'o't:?"Jack '1 ier is real y likeold ninei?t'le t mes of the I * lot and lied Hover * oi per ha* cert iuly n t iiit?n jythi.R ) tool mice the h k rud Winir. and the book pasa cea which ate not irfei io? to t' e 1 o?a i f il e Ariel, ai d the |< tcai e of I lie Wat i v. it'll Tl e inte rat is fully kept op from beginni. g to nil; while the chnrct'r.l -Ilephen 8pi: .* it t(C mil nni? to Lea. tU'rstotkii.'i?.?lilj 1UJKS8. STfclNUER it CO , 2 2 lir. ail rprnc ARIUTOCRAOT OF NltW TOM?WHO JL the-" are, nml whstt iey were? ~3r>< k asoci.l aid I u?:nei?li >tiryol the city nr nuny; by *u old reaidei t. '1 hit wink will uiie an account of tlie rise aud , rogreit to disticiti .n ol the pr ).i.i .ent familiei in the e tf. It will aprear in a few davs. end will be for tale by nil bookteilert. A NO I'll KR LOT OK THOSK I E.MNANT8 PKINTS at 6 eetti ieri;?rd, which we li?vet Id m many ofdur'Dg the Utt three ihy?; ?i rer-l cue* Kngliah pnata, ip oiuet mill30 baleatbeetii stand th rtii'gt, cuet nlpicaa at :<a. ? larRf lot ofclotht and c???iinerea, li t# i f ailk huiiker ( hiefa, (inn dozen I u*u cn inline linudierrhie fit at ti er:i s. flrh Mil U r arli, n la (re lot e f noli da'aiut^ at IS ct?, and lot? < f d'lier Konila rt oeireil tlna ilav nn-* yeaterdiy from unction will be etpotetl f >r tale iliis inirnirg. How ever fir the d lance. ll.f ptirrlntert will I)* amply pniil for t'reir trouble. K, W & W K. OILLKV. 4M Hroid ttreet. Hook ihriN ?.-tho?k who auk d sikoks i f berotnmg romieient tail evpert Book kee; er?, arc inynfil to i* .mine the method adopted by ^ . J. Kenville, Nr, 16 Wall utrret la the nictt rwitmiible time, tlio.r v b i ?eie I ot iu the ilmlitrit deg ee c.uivtiaant with the mljeet, bec itre h, practical aRCcnu'-ntt; and 're einb r.1 to nke charge of b'ok*. anil perloiin all the dnfiet of t inrrchant't ri "> m. TV mi a Sill, w lnr.ii include peu:n hi; bir, ai.d a thorough Mww'ei e of inercmitile rrit* m?tio ALEXANDER'S TRICOBAPHK-A NEW AMD V\ 1 liable 1 itc? very. Mm n i 1 i id djc witeh imtrat<n?* 1 o?ly CParge.? the ci lo o' the h?i to a bean 1111 b own or b' rli.uilh nt 1 jury In I a rnr akin 'I lie ?iem tuperiurity 1 flintil\e coiuittt in itte.vy roi-ile < f nMilic'tinn mil inttai.inii'oi't 1 Ifert?ill other ilyei rtqa liri/mm 1 r 11 to twelve linnrt to prodacc ?n?ehti.ce. In nil I t icrll-nee w il be apparent to <ve y o?e upon ming e aprlicatltm At thi' aiticli re ? ? on me ill, not on nutckery, ? e 1 If" ?< evidence ef ita 1 x rellenre r lint. np? n'tol Afieen lliontand bines Item aol 1 of Alt 1 in'!'I i'liliRplii aince ita invention. Knr?lie by V. II. J? 0 x r- Lir?, D ii til 1 >, I' (I h 11 t u it co' i f Willi.ini 1 II .1(1 ' on, -1 Hio il'viys A !.. Wi ifh p, 71 h ,?t llroailn iv : Hu?1it 11 & Co.: Tli-mat f* ,V!a*r ell, Jnliuami 0 h Tfti li.r, 'rt: In k, rudby ihe tole a cutt lor ?u United Bute, E. Ji O. A. W riiht, rhiltdelrhia. \ "II - - litlaV. . 1 . II ' 11 1 "" 1 '! . 1 I AC OH K f?L4TT, AtitfTlONKfcK-HARDWAMfc ? ?nfl ^ncv t fiijm ?t>d )' ! ] ' s*s Oil tail; *? 1? o<k? "iruittiffi,)? hjMlwil# W ihr 1 !ur (c; uei'oanl o\ tluie'Wrlteri. &c he J?c->t? B rUtt will sell,this day at is o'clock, at J-i Platl ?rr*et,?? above Also, <30 lot* tasorted hardware ind cutlery. suitable f>r the countra aa well aa th* city; ani ing which nreroLtoa, wool aud hone cards, SO piecrs rubber cloin. 5 cases Inn, brass uud s'.ee! barrel pistols, knit in* pins, 4 cue* mirror ah?vi k Hot#*, wood frewa. |> >wi!er 11 oka. rat (ran*, fry paat, (ilea jew sharps, slste pencils, ?hoe and butcher kuives. knives and forks, cm vers, pocket a d peakaivet, pateat butts, shrep shear*, pad, cheat a .d till locks. bra la, tlioe b ll?. b jee ard h tti,tlintf,shovelsand ttrts. stocks and diet, undies, dividers, calipera. iron bilta. acew driven, snuffers, himmers, and paper, whips, tacki, bur hea. looking ijlassrs, Kimblets, saw ?;ta razors. ivory eorv't*, tobaeeo b xrs, una locka, iron squares, curry comhs, Ike. be. Alto, 2 tuus catlings, v.7. . a?le nuts, stove ornaments, stove door ornament!, pip; boies, tin pot handles, sneath heels, Sic. pay r.dvat.ces. 18 cjsea 30 hour mrhnRiny fra-rie clucks, with weights complete Also, at 11 o'clock, 1 Hull's raieut plstform scales, to set llush with floor, to weich one fan. JACOB B.PLATT. AU( TIONKKH-GOLD WATCH Chain Hiid Se?l?J. S. I'latt will sell this dav at 13 o'clock, at the auction ro<im.'23 i'-'rtt street, one u Id pa'ent lever watch, case 31 dwt 6 tfr, 10 carat tiaa gold, gold dal and balanee,4 | air extra jewels, and oue very heavy extra curb chain and ore <eal Terms, eash. JW. BROWN. AUCTJONKKR?CABINKT AND House'old Knrnittie. H use Kmuihi.-* Arti les. Ike.? 'I h s day, Tuesday, Mach 21, ft I0>< o'c ck. ?tH2BWwr.y, by ca'aloKue, a larte s ick 1 f superior luruituie, compr nut' luahog 111 y s-ifas, chair-, ottomans 4?d nivalis. couciea, ' ookrasei, marble top centre a ill - a tabKs, dining, tea, card, quartat" and oihei taoles rockii./ and easy chairs, curl map chii r?, French b?djteai's, hiir r> atrass. Sic. A lao, a l irK< a> lortinent of useful and ornamen'al h- use furnishing a'ticjes JW. nitOVV.V, \ 1JCTIONKKR ? f'LK AHUllS WA ni l.-J. W. Brnivn -juil! ?ell J,r A .Iftinn. this div. Tues div, March 21. *t 11 o'-lcck |ii No. 142 Bro^dwav, to satisfy a claim, oae hxndiome Pieaiore Wajfoa, nearly new. PIKTH AVKNUK PKOI'KHTY AT AUCTIONVarcli 22?The valuable brick home aud lot of ?rouDd, No.70 Fifth Avenue, will he ?old by Wi'liam H Franklin St >on. ?t the Merch'tiw' Kschinse, on WeduesJav, Ud,al li o'clock. Tin home it built iu the most laithful manner, and hat every modem convenience,' roton water. bethiutj rowing, water closet, he , and a hot air furnace. Ten th'uiacd dollars mav remain on mortgai e. KD. SMITH. AUCTIONKKK.?I1Y JOSRFH MUH phv. itoie Spruce ?fre*r,'I hu'sday. ?t 11 o'clock, at No.flOi'u'ton stre't; Bookbinders' Ktoek. The enti.e itock i I' i bookbindrr giving up bniineis, coi>si?ting of cuftinn imchines, stninpyiir do, stampinit press, I vine prrss-s, ruling machine. pasteboard m-ichine. stai.iiiir piesj. Iimjs toi>l?, roll* nnd stamp*. with about 5 doz. mw cco and fancy ikius. N t ?The curticg machi> e it withou'exception, the bs?t in New York. a <1 pr"b tbl y the only one of the kind in the cnun try and worthy the attention of the tride fr'ale poiiiive, without auy reservation, Kli SVITH. AUCTIONEER-BY J. MUdl'HY. Srore No 15 Spruce it-eei?Thu'sdav, at 10 o'clock, at N i, 2 Murray itreet?I^ivery Staule?l he contenti of whirh COlllataof II hone*. 8 carriage*, i sleighs 2 w.Rons 6 double a t* of linrneu-UulftlotliitM. sleich be Is. hone blankets, 2 sinirieset* of harnes> .saddles, brides, whips, c.'.aff cutting machine, I) ns. troughs, &< . air.. WANTED?BY A MAN AND HISWIFK, A >ITUAtiou in the cou'itry; he is good fatmrr, ami wr.nld tal e care of I'orses. or act us c 8he would be wi'line to gout crok.or do ventral homework. Apply at 15S Cherry str*?f. brtween Market and C?r|i*rine s'rre's WANTED?A SITUATION . BY A ItESPKC TABLK ProteUint Girl, as Chambermaid and Seamstress, or INurse awl r-eamstresi i itv reierence Can ne given. Apply tt 40 Mulberry meet up stvrs. _ WANTED-A SITUATION. BY A YOUNO WO man, to do the wath'ug and ironirg of a private famil* ; no objection to do the general housework. Apply at ihe north corner ol Hammund ai.d Fartory streets. front ro m,s?ecord tii or. overthe grocery The best of city refcreure. WANTS D, TO I O\N KOIl A SHOKT TIME, THF. mm of S300 or $H0. f..r the use of which good board and a e'luice room in p. genteel hou*r a:id f mil" in Broadway, will be given to any gfatlOTBM dispoied to mtke tuch an atinngement. fgether with ainule security for repayment of the money. Please uddrem " ft. Clair,"at thi? office. March Jl. WANTED BY A FRENCH GIRL. A PUCE AS ru-s? Mid *etm>tre??. Address bo* No. 195 Poitoflice, with place of residence Good reference given. WANTED-A LAD FROM IfiTO 18 YEARS OK AGE in n gent'eman'i Wh> legale Farniihirg Store; on* who ln? had ?oine eiperience in the bu? ness preferred. Apply at 85 William street. AI?o wanted,a Hutue? not to exceed $3f0 per ant urn. WANTICD?EMPLOYMENT, BY A YOUNO WO V AN of nndo ibted character, to take care of children; is willing to a<iiit in general, where h?r services miy be r?quired in a respe iftbl* private family. The b*it of reference! c n be given. Afply at No 2 Ja-.ies srreet, in the O ocer?. rtTANTED?APAH IMENT* FOH A SHALL KAMI*" ly, (witliont children.) within few miuntes walk rf the City Hall; t?rm< lr.nat h? moderate. Apply by note, sti!ing terms. Si" .to H, M. at this nflirp WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE g wmao, ?s eook, or to do the general housework of a rina'l'frfinily. The^bfH of city reference be given Apolv to 2t'G Division street. Wanted?a situation by a RE8PECTAble young woman, a? Inmbermaid, Cook.W*sher or Ironer, or to do the irencral housework of a small family; h-i no < bjection to go a shoit distsnie in the country. The b?it of city reference can h? eiven Apply to 76 Henry street A young woman wishing to go to ci!vcinatti. is desirous of obtaining a munition as Nu-'c, with some fimilv going to that place or its vicinity. Enquire at Merchant's Hotel, Courtlaurit street. A YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A 8ITUATION AS I liambermaid and plain sewer, or geseral housework in a small family. Good city reference given. Apply at 61 Watt street, for two dav?. AGOODCOOK-WANTED, BY A MIDDLE-AGED womin, who cm Ve highly Tecotrmended, a situation 's rook iu a gentleman's family. 8he will be willing to assist in the washing aad iroijng Apply at62 Maiion st. APART-NEH WANTED, WITH A CASH CAPITAL oftwior three thousand dollars, iu the Hardware btiaiPeM.which in now established, and doing a good M safe husin?ss. This is a chance seldom to be found, for n man wishing tn go into bnsiuets. The but of references will he given and r.'i|uired A line addressed to 8. L. N EWM AN. 333 Houston st'^ft. 'vi'l He r mfidertial.or personal application, as above. TO EDITORS.? A GENTLEMAN. WJtLL VERSED in musical matters, would lik? to tak* charge of the musical depaitment ol'som- dailv or weekly paper. Letters, addr???ed t > " Mnsician," Hera'd oflire. will be attended to. A NEATLY FURNISHED ROOM AND board Wiall4ilIIMpeoUkhPHIW f m ly where there are no other b'isri!er*. oy a vonng lady of the highest ressectabi'itv. Location mnsr be in the neighborhood of Broadway aid I'rince stieet. Veiv best' f references sivenand rrqni etl. Letter* a ldreisej to A R W.this cilice, will he immediately a teiidrd to TO . GENTLEMEN-A SMALL RESPECTABLE private family, having more room than ihey wish to occupy, wouiil I e willing to make arrangements w ith three or fonr ff-:i;lcm<n to hoard, with breakfast and tea and diuuer on Hitbd ir. .None need apply hut gentlemen of the fi r?t respectability. Add-essA B. C., Her-lil office March 20. 1R4# fl'U LKT-r BINULEUBNTLBMHN OSLY-TWU M. very handsome room*, neatly furnished, parlor mid bedroom, withjbrenkfast, if desired. at 1:9 Lernard street Kef ren'e ex^lmr.irpd Houses to l*t on fourth avenue, beiwrfii 20th and 2fith strreti; rem Sl'lO Contain baths, an! moil ofthe modern improvements. Alio 011 VGth street, 2dhr.n eastof 4th avenue. These hr uses are ndmirablv adapted for private families; lh?Tif inhhorhood excellent and eaiy of accrti' can be reached in twenty minutei by the cars ft om the City Hall. Alio a femily crncery. mme t me established (with dwelling attached), lorner o' 2'>th street and Uli eveutie. doinp an extensive *nd piofitsb'.e business. Apply to D.wid Kvnns. ttth street, 2d home east of 4lli avenue, or 10 CitT Hill Plare. dor 8als oh to reni?to one oh more r f.itniliei, a three itoiy a d nttic modern built brick house, Ni 118 First Avenue betwe?n ^'xth and Seventh streeis Re frre-ce to Jt.mrn M. Bnldwiue, office No. 60 or (I Wall strret, or No 9"> SprirR a reet. Ccottage at port richmond,h. i ?for salv. j er tn-Ijet?Plemantly situatrd uear the bti^k church, i>nl rn'y n l'"W tols f orathe landing. Alio, for ir.le, ihe fn li'ture, new last season; will be sold low. Apply t' NEW ton haves, 197 Broadway. LM>K HAI.K-A II ?NI)SO\?E ?i'I'TAGK t II'L'" i.tfd ou the Rockiwny and Jiit .uira Turnpike Knad, and within two miles fri in the Ht ckaway l'avilli< n. T' eie aie ten or twelve rooms in the h<use: there ttrr between fire Mid six acres of choice lnnd. set out lu fruit trees, attached to the house, k ith itood barn.and other out houses. The house is I'Kibly situi erf r.t the intersection of the two principal roads Alio, sev? ral oihtr pieces of laud, iu the r.ame vicinity, ^'or ln<fIs r pmtierlari fpply to JOHN L- NORTON, Jr., Kn Rockaway, (if by letter, post paid) or to John ii. Power, J29 Fulton street. N?w York. An e' egantcountrY hesidencb,forsai.e or to let. A mtnsiou tun .. twenty rooms wi'h nearly five acre* of grouud iu meadow, garden, a'.d orchard, with abundance of the choicest early uits?gmpes, peaches, pears, applet, pi mm and all ihe requisites to ir.uke a del'^litfill country residrnce. situated ni Elizabelhtowu creek, about IX hour's pa stiff from New York, v-ith four or five daily cmmuiiicMt.ui v ith the 'iiy, by stcmboat and railroad Ifert. f-tn. Anrlr t > B. U. (i?ddvd, Kfi| . No. 70 Brorid afreet. at the office ol ilm Ainrncm He mi> k Flat Co., N. Y., or T L. Wataon 41 Wiirren?tr#et. I'OR 8ALK?THK. STOCK, FIXTURES, he, OF A r H"tlii j? Bauib'iat meat, No 147 oheatnut atreet, Philadelphia, nnder the United Statea Hotel, aid orpoaite the old UlltWIdtM Bank, (now Camoa Hotlt,) an1 oneol the if, I fnMMSt lor that btHtncM ja tA4 city. roaaeaaion give" immediately if deaireH. inquire above DESIRABLE COUNTRY RESIDENCES TO LET, (iirri.heil in r'le but it* If. oil Htifen l?lmd, I mm di Monte ?The well known ?i icinua roauaion belonging to Madame 20 niiuit'ea drive from the la-.dmi;, atirromided bv lofty f 'en fees, with vi'tta coramitdmg the moi'iilfn?ive prn?i>ect of the ocean, and of ihe harbor of New York? 'J he itable carriage hruae.and ice hoi>?e ar? i> perfect order. The croumli. incltidiuK h'tf dy cultivated gardena, are well laid out, and cover 28 acrea. lucl ?ed. Aiundauce of apriig wuer AI*o, onfainia'.ed, the ani.ill cot'age on the hill aide, c iiraining liailor, dining room. v:<l f ur bed motna, b>aide* kstrhcr a u a? vu u'rooina. Li'itwiae commanding a beautiful view, and buili in ?n inclo'ed ? s k of 18 t>crea of wood|i::d For terms. apply to Mr. George Holliaa, /.nctiuieer.or >'ri (itjWW, oi the prtmjaw. (1UNS IND PISTOLS?THE THIRTEEN OAIJOK f tine donh'e (Tnn, i a aim the d mble gnn with entra rille ba re ? togeihrr witl| the ptrcmiiM dne 11?rk piatoia, nnd a fe *> i f ihe revolver* which remniced uniold or were pasaeil at ih? aale of .Vesara. H.lrri.'a k Co, oa Friday Inat. msy now lie aeen at Mcaira O\KOV 'H, Kiahinc Tackle inaktia, SI wh"| ItWH |i- W York. NAMBS OK TUB MBMBfr'HS OP THE " VI HKlN iler Denuehen \e.?.te i i Der Ptult New York" ( A?tociatiou ol (beOeim n fhyaiciana of the cil y of New Yi rk ) l'tililiaheri in accordance w itli the Bye-Liw??A Oeache d', M. I) ; Ch llen.chel, do ; W. lletmold, do : M. N Wilhelm, !>.;G. Hrtininghaitten, do : U Palmed', do ; \V. Sclurmen. | d Ir. Miller,II ; KekieLhu'gen, do.; Landeamann. do ; U. PfeifTer, do.; I Oraeulel, dn ; M Michtelii, do : Jh. I.ell- j bam of do.; 8. Hi.ath, do?New York, March 18th, 1818 ? Or. MILLER, fteeretan "I G*10N THE L M DO N PATHIOT?THB IJABV m. .'un per?The nutrition of the faculty is ve ry mnch ocrupiffd bf kb inK^nion coiitrivancf ioveil'rd bjr H. \V Tmtki nil A me r?c ?u, ami i trodnc *-<1 here by Nir. iioiffrs, of NewYork, Yho coinm over to this country supported bv ih* highest metlicnl nut .orrin < ( h t native Innu, to ill* i|?IT bntion ol the invi\r ihounnnd families who are provided v* ith this valnnb'e idditioo to the ntinerv. 'i he inrdical ?dvisersofthe roynl t mily hnve 'inmi, e I the nter.hantral frmtivemeiitar-f this inyenOon. w)n? h re *\\ ba*ed np^ti ixnato line hi i>rnifcii'.<-?, n 11*1 iip! mrjpnv \v? kmpi utlV plfntfil I i I irimi * Baby Jumper to ha anlnnitted to her approbation at | P*!?if shortly aftcrthe return ot the court to j tow I)r ?'on(|'ie?t hit ntiimd a m? ?t .l< rided opinion in r*\or of thr me * f'h?**e Bahy Jnmpert, n-i) in the nr ? edition ril' tiii " l.ftie rs to Mother," lis detrribee tlieiwurle U * l? tier to Mr Kogert, tl it lunifit i liyaictnii authorise* the Irte ii ,me in 'i?nrtioi>ing :l>e ini rument on the k. uml of I-1 ner t utility. Iheapp r. in? t hen to the palace wit nmdr of cr inion v?'v?t Mipeihlv O'l.nn enteil with gold luce, nod iIip I'*i I'tunlir* idnrfd wit* lour crowm in b >id thread; the ro?er of tli* ?iirn K? w ??*rrieh?d with litilliou fringe. Ordrrt liHveleru Rnen by leveral of th? nobility, ar.d, in fact, it i-piiw to I e 5* writ rccpivcd i < ti gland hi it hat been, fad ii, thr ughcut the whole ol the United Htt??. 11' -J 1111111 ' OOWitHY THtATRC.?1fUKIDAT tVKKINO | D V?reh lilt, 1UI?Botti.M rou; Pit, tlMI e??u UM'* : '-TIP 11! p?lf;>r!D<t!?fS tu SMAIMCC* *1 1 ? fiflttiiiht ol!h?T'<W rfiltteo e*^r???il for I (h'a Tbeatie. entitled TUB WIHTBBOV, of Macnity '?>'?! -bwmre IVirsitr. Mf. W. Marshall; Lotus, C. W. Clarke; Ab.-I ltu-h rJs, Tillo?; Edward Spencer. J.H. Unit; Dominic Matth-w. Lelluinv; Darby Doyle. Uurke; Andr Pullirau, N1r? VVoicct; Elleu arc Donald, Mr?. Phillips; Lndv Mary O'Brien,Mr* lordan. To conclude wiih the JACOBITE ? Sir Ricliard Wr.ujtuou, Mr. Tilton; John Duck, Mr. ilurlte, ladyHimtrfifd. Mrs. Jordan; Pattv. Mrs Sutherland HATH AM THICATRE.?TUESDAY EVENING. J MarcS 2l?t, will be presented the beanttful play of THE WIFE?St. Pierre, Mr. A. A. Addami; l.eonar<|.<, Mr.Hieid; Antonio, Mr Pardey: L leuz >, Mr. KAliih'iri ; Maii*ut, Mite M Piovoat After which. the l?ngl> b!e Karee <l' the PLEASANT NEIGHBOUR-Christm.liin Strap Mr.Winans; Sir <Je->rKe Howaid, Mr. 8'aflfird; L?d> Elizit.e h Howard, Mrs. Isherwood The evening's entertainment to conclu te with the KOUB MOVVBKA VIS?Peter, Mr Winani: l)ld Wiltou. Mr. Herbrrt; Mhthilda. Mits S Denin; P*gy,Miss Hildrcth. Doo-aopeu at7 o'clock? cuuiuieuc* &t7X. Bcxta, 25 cent*; Pit '**>_ MITCHELL'S OLYMPIC THEATKE?BENEFIT of Mr Seymonr ?'1 ucsday evening, March Jlst, to commence with the PRIDE OF TIIE MARKET?Isidore Ferine, Mr. Holluid; Marion, Min Mary 'laylor Af'er which, I he farce entitled the VERMONT WOOL DEALE'< ?Deuteronomy Duffel. Mr. D. Maible; < 01 rtormlty, Mr Sryrn>ar; A'.nanda.Mri. H lsherw?od. After which the farce ffnlititii n LOAN Ok A l.OVc I: \,+ n Oertrndr.MissMary Tnylor. Tocnnclude with the lurce entitle.! FAiVllLif JABS? Delpli, Mr. Holland: Durgorv, Mn Conorer; Kinily, Miu Ho' trts. Dress (. irele, fifiy cents; upper bnm 24 cents: pit 12)% cents; opej at 7 o'clock; carlain -ises at 1% nVli i'r BIIO ADWAY I'll K AT It K-Tl I- SI) A V k V KM IM O. March 21. will be acted HAMLKT?Hamlet, Mr. Auder?ou; Claudius, Mr. Urydgt'*; Horatio, Mr. K. Hhr.w; La?rles, Mr- * I'm in- ; Ueifr.ide, Mrs liield: Ojhrlia, Miss Kacnv Walick; ri.ijiT Mm O"<iou T?> conclude with SHOCKING KVi,*T3-Dr. Griffrnhaff. Mr. V.icbe; Mr. Pii'-'uf, Hadnvrsy; Capt. Ppaff, - r Dawson; Kitty, Mn, Wats; Dor th/, Mrs Sergeant Mr. Anderson will appenr i.very evenug this wrek. Time altered? Honrs open at 7 o'clock?Prrli rinaucs to beiciti nt half past 7 o'clock- Ores Circle and Paniut tte, to cents?K. uiily circles, 25 cts ? OalIrrv, 1 % ceum LPALI AN OPKHA HOUSE?9KCOND PEKIOD OK ,;ht Season?Un Monday eveoirg, 27lh March instant, the Opera will j?e resumed, aud continue t be presented, in ils mint attractive firm. rvery Monday, Wedi.isilav and Kriday tt?u UK, during the remaining Thirty Night* of t<ie HMion Applications will now he received lor tin hire of the rem lialnu Unxes and Meats, either for the whole nuiiilierof mi;tin oi lor t -eir occupaucy on any partir-ul^r evening of the week. The Secoud row of Uo<es, in the second far, ha'* been f Iterrd, aad w 11 he brilliantly lighted, so as io make ilime se >ts mnoug >he most tiaair*bl? in the House A variety of popular Operas, including the New Grand Opera < f Mal.ucco of Verdi, uow in rehearsal, Will he brought out. Mo eipcuse w,ll he t pared to make the second part of the srasou cqu-llv as : brilliiut, if not mjre so, than ihe first Astor Place, March ! 13th. 1818. PiVvlO'j OPERA HOUSE?TUESDAY, M ARCH | 21?t.?Great Aitmctiou?Illustrated I'iciures, Historical, i Mytliogical. ncd Mysiical, from tl.e cre .t Italian, Klrmish. Krturh and English Mr.strrs. Those il'ustn teU Pictures will be p.-odu-ed in a stvleof splendor ai-d efT'it hitnertu u known in America, and some of the figures will be lemoxntrd on j Horseb-c*. Tins company consist* cf twenty-live inembrri I older the direction ol Signor Moat' Lilla from Italy A beautiful Stud of Horses have besu engaged, for the greater eff et. The Pictures will be represented tlin ugh a mist \ Dress circle and p.wqtiette, $1: upper boxes, 50 cents. Dooil open at 7?in content e nt 8 MW 11 AN ICS'HALL, 472 BRO AuWAY, BETWKBN Grnudand Broome streets.?OPEN EVERY NIGHT DIKING TriK VVK.hK Unparalleled succeis. Twentyli'th w??k or the Original CHRISTY'S MIM81 KELS, the oldest otablished bartl in the Uuited State:, m der li e diiection ol E. 1*. HKISTY, whose inimitable and original en;ertaiiimrr.ts are nightly honored wit.i crowded and highly respectable audiences, and are favored with a patrona*# 1 ucpreceuemed t>y pny amusement m tli.s citr Admission 25 i centi. doors open at 7 Concert commences :\t 8 o'c!onk Kir the accjimmoilp.tii'n of families on AFTERNOON CONCE.'i'i' EVEKV S\.TU11D AV. Doors op?d at 2; c iinuum e rtt S o'elorh. DUO AG WAY ODEON?-iuNTUANCE THROUGH j U P<*t*nx'i < af? <1b? Mil'.* Colons** ? Miwstr, K. U. 1 Grtely ? Mttsieal Director, Mr. Oldtield ? Something New. Pofessor Young will produce a ttn serit* of magnificent Tableaux?The Sculptor's Dream and Vennsind Adouis, will be produced i? s'vle ol richness sad effect hitherto ankuowu ia America. Tuesday, March 21 ? Programme? IVn 1? r*bln*ax Vi*?*u ?mt Po?*s Plattiqnes, by the Modal Artiita. ran J-?M?y mid Morning Stir, &c. I'art S?Cleojntia unJ Anthonv, &c. Perfonrauce to commence at 8 o'clock. Orchestra bcx, J) ceuti; Parqnette, 25 cent*; iioxrs, 12.'-4 ce t?. AMERICAN MUSEUM.?Splendid performances, every ! ' -.<>(.-i at 3 o'clock, arid every evening at 7^. I,<st week ol' Mr- and ,V!ri. Maloue hayunnd, md their three bnutiful daughter*, who give their inimitable lri?h Muticcl Entertainments every attcuoon and evening LrU weik n'so j (I Brunetti's Vod-I of Ancient Jerns'I. in, as it was in the tune of (>ur Saviour. Great Western, the Yankee, Mis* Hei- j n*rd, the bcnpiuie Ststuarv, Sic. Sic Admission t? the whole 1 25 rente ChiMten under 10,half price. H-ienrd front seult, , one shilling sitra. I fe'J ANVARD'8 MAMMOTH PANORAMA OF THK i Mississippi river, painted on three miles of canvass, be iiiKthe largest painting iu the world, at (he l'aaorama build iug, in Broadway, adjoining Niblo's Girdeu. Open every evening, (Sundays excepted.) Admission SO centi; children piic?. ft-.* Panorama will commence moving at 7)4 o'clock precisely. Afternoon exhibition on We?Lesd?r? &*d Sitnt liny;, ai I o'clock. , Concert room. 332 bkoadway, one door above the Broadway Theatre?This eveaing. March ?i"t?fruleuorThier'a unsurpassed exhibitiou ol Tableaux Vivan.s ai.d Poses Plnstiques, will continue one waek longer, previous to his depirtuie from this city, with hi* company ol American and Foieigu Artists, ^veral humorous Glees, Songs, dances, etc., by the Ethiopian Minstrels ? Admission ! M?cenu? Door* 01 en at 7 o'clock; commence at 8. N. 13.? The strictest attention will be paid to preserve decorom, and good order, by efficient olfictrs GRA>\D CONCERT?THE ITALIAN CERA COMpany will Rive a grand I oecert at the Tabernacle, oo Tuesday evening, 38t)i March, 18JB. The programme will be published ent er on Krn'ar or Sntn'ilnv lint Jo, 104H CROWDED HOUSKb AT IRE SOCl KITLIBAAK?. co-ner of Broadway nud Leonard street.?In consequence ol'lhe ureal success itlenJinB the eutertainmrdts or Dr. Valentine's eccentric characters, and Signor Spine tlo't 100 learned Canary Bird*, they will be continued every evening until f urther notice. 'I icfcels 25 cents. To commence at a quarter bef ire 8 o'clock. Higaor tfpii.etto will perform every incining ?t hilf p'st 10 o'clock, and half past 3 in the afternoon. A CARD-MESSRS. LYNCH & KAVANAGHHAVE the pleasure of informing their fnendi atd the public, th-u their anuuil tent tit Concert will take place at th* Miu'rva Room on Monday evening, March the 27th. Tluy will be assisted on the occasion, by many vocalists of ability. For 'nrtlier particnan see bills of the dsy. CONVENTION HALL, 175 WOOSTER STREET, near blerker street ?Sixth week of the origin*! "Sab'? Brother*.'? 1 his superior bjr.d of Minstiels give their irin>ilalile and >el?ct entertainments every night this week. Their -IHUSID2 nud popular perto-mance is electrifying full f.nd f-iihii auilieuces.acd making a host of Iri'iids for them Doors i.pen at 7 o'clock?Conceit commences a: 8 o'clock. A Sa'urdav afternoon concert, March 25th. at 3o'floc*. CONCERT HALL, NEWARK. N. J.?CAMrBELL'S Minstrels have it.e pleasure to anconnce to the citizens of Newuk, that thev will give another of their populcr entertainments, this (Tuesday) evening, 21st iust, w th a clnrge of Progiainme Admission25 cett,?doors o|eu at hall past 6; commence at ha f P' ?'. 7 o'clock. IN CONSEQUENCE OF 8EVKRE ILLNESS IN the fim Iv oi ihs proprietor, the exhibition nf the Works < f ihe Olrt Merters will not take l in e nutil further iiMiru rrv:;<; VIOLIN < LASS OK THE AMERICAN MJX a*cil Lis'itut? for bt|lnMI?HI< tho?e who luve some knowledge of the instrument, commences on W<do?s<jay I veni it 22.1 i stmt, at the Lyceum Building.563 Broadtvav, | umlf r the direction 'if Mr U.C. Hill. Tne Kluie ( las*, on Tl u sdny evtLin.', 23 I instant, under th: direction of Mr W I (iroenevelt. Terms, $5 per qua.tsr. 11. AlElUOS, Principal. J T* WENTY THIRD ANNUAL EXHIBITION OF | X llie '. nrioiiAl A/-.,.-f Tn? ofrlie Ac demy are now ready lor the rejection o works for the Twenty-third Annonl Kihibition, which will be opened on the lir..f A.rnl. JOHN O.' HAPMAV.Hecetar*M A D. NEW YORK HORSE BAZAAR, NO. 31 CROSBY | street.? L. K. Hough, Aactioneer ? 'I lis nest regular Auction sales will tslie place hi this c?t>ibli>hineit, ou (Ved , ne?day, Mutch 22. at II o clock, with Ca riiges, Harpers. ttc ; I -n:l at 12 o'clock wuh k ctnli.gue of Horses, Ucutiemen having lurses lo offer will pleese register befire 5 o'clock, o-i Tuesday, or they cannot be offered by catalogue. JOHN H. FlELI), Proprietor i William Cowan. Manager. TBIIOWN, HTOMK HEAL ENGRAVER AND Herald Painter, "31 Broadway, opposite the Park? ( oats eif Arms, Crests, Cyphers, he., eugraved ou Stone or Brass Diamonds, Amerhysu, Ste., bought iu the rough, or cut to any form. Ladies' heals. Pencil Cases, Signet Kings, Sic , erumved with Arms or any device. Co its of Arm* found and , piiuted iu any stvle, Irom $2 and upwards, and forwarded to any part of the Uuited states or Casada. Books of Heraldry ! kepi with upwards of 100,000 names. Any information given iu Heraldry. STEAM sugar refinery?HAVEMEYERS k \ MOLLER are now re.irly t? receive orders at their ollice. No. 83 Front street, or at the refinery, 87 Vaud.m street, fir standard i|it ilitiea of double refined Loaf, Crnshed, Powtew, M Coffee Sugars and Sugar Home Syrup, iu the usual pankaies. and at 'he lowest market prices. PAPKK. PAPER?V? 1UTINO PAPER?A GENERAL , assortment of < heap cap and letter; also, fine and superfine, bine and white, ruled, plain, commercial and packet post! also, flat caps, hardwire, druggists, match box paper, and straw and r*g wrapping, >n great variety, lor sale by JAMES 1 NOHVAL. fto ll'B John street I CORSETS DE PARIS (NEW PATTERN). LAST , fashion adopted at Paris, amongst the most fnhionalile I idles. Most comfortable and graceful for the form, ai well as f.rthe liberty it leaves in the movetnenta of thr person who J makes use of them. To be had oily at MDMtC. PROSPERK'S, nn stairs. No. 53 t.auvl street. DA O IT E r r E A n materials.?john roach, Optician, 82 Nassau street, n. y., is manufacturing American i ameras of imported li nt g|->si, which are warranted equal to any Also on hsnd, Voigtlander Cameias, Pj'tes. t a?cs Chemicals, Sic.. Ike.; Galvanic Batteries for gilding nil 1 silvering; i< lrctr.i-M ignetic Machines for medical purpo?es; ipectacle glis?e?ol the lirat. quality, in gold, silver, . hid steel Irames. Thermometers, w liolesa'e niiH retail Havana heoarh-the subscriber, one of i the owners of the manufactory ol "El Judio Errante (the | ?l andern g Je w") "Am .zona" ai.d "( ar ota'' N-gais, in ila- < ?: no, will I eep a constant supply of I hose favorite brands IB | st 're, and camions purchasers against the eouuteifeit of the 1 . n me b* several o| the segar dealers of the city. K. MAN- ! Cll?,81 Front srreet. | ^ OFFICE OK THE QRAEFENOERO COMPANY.- | I lie Company (incorporated by act of I.e- , gi?lntuie) hncing u<nily completed its si stein ol agencies in I the United Stales and foreign countries, will now proceed to 1 the organization of Depots in the various cities of the Uninn, | tiri?iuuii'K wiin ino ciiy 01 iitw inn. kiotur mmr are wsn:ed in tvery w.i d, f<r llit ?<le nf the celebrated ; ?ir> efen" erf .Mrilicmea An agency miy be made very ?amble. Forpirticu'art, *pp!y immediately ?t ilie Company'! 1 v h lr?a * watehoute, 'jO i!ro,id wiy. iDWU. BARTON, I Bee retnre. l^UK NKw uHi.K\rs?- LOUISTA>A AND NKW 1 I . orlt Line r! f'acketa?Very reduced rate* of Freight? ! I otitively thr tint and only rejnUr packet to tail;Wedne?i!ar, Mircti 21 ?Tin new * id tnlendid fntt tailing pic.aet ihip OSWKGO, lugcrtoll, matter, it unw loadi?g, ana will I pr'titm-ly tail nt mow, her regulr.r d iy. Knr freight or pat-' nii?, hiviug tpleu'iiil Itirnithetl accommodations, apply on board, at Oil* ant Wharf, foot of Wall street, or to >. K COLLINS, : # Sontli ?treet Positively ao freight will be received on Loa d after to-morrow evening, .Vateh 23 ? I Agent in Ntw Orleans. Mr. Wm Crtrrt. who will promptly forward all joodt to hit addrett Pncket thir HICJIAHl) ( OBDKN, vll succeed the Oiwego.and tail her reirnhr 1.i()Hl,IVKKPOOl.-N \V Li NK?UM1ULAR PA' I etofJOtli March?The new a>id tpleudid fa?t tailing picket aliip HOSCIUS, Ata Kldridge, matter, it now loading and will positively tail a* above, her regular day. Kor Irr'iiht or p: hn ing splendid furnished accommodation*, api'ljr on hoard, ?t Orlemt wliaif, foot o( Will itreet, or to K K t.OLLINH, M Month ttree'. The packet tlup Widdont ' will tncceed the Rnirim, ard tail her regular day. NOTICK.-ON AND AKTKH SATURDAY, KKBru> ry loth, 'lie ttftnboat 8TATBN WLANDJCR will ovike ih e following trins, nntiI for;her notice. I.eave Uuar nline at IV, 10 A M.JIM.J P. M. J P. M. Leav* N?W \ oik at A. M.. 11 A. M-. I r M , lit t. M- t M. II 1 1 I fTTFlLJURWJ? BT THE MI1L8 INTERESTING DOCUMENT'. IBB INSTTTCTIOWa OF THK HON. JAMES BUCHANAN, THE SECRETARY OF STATE. TO Till HON. JOHN SLIDELL. d*rartmk!<it ok statk, } Washington, NoTembor 10, 1844. ] 8m : ? I transmit herewith, copies of a dwipntoh addressed by me nnd?r due the 17th September, 1845, lo John Ulaok Esq., Consul of the United states at the city of > f it nnfa K?? ?Vi. /1 <? .? <! t? Mini titer for Foreign Affairs, dated Ootober 13, 1846, Ki d ot the answer of that minister, under data October 15. 1815 Krom thru* pipers, you wtll peroeire that the Mexican government have aacepUd the overture of the fr?sident, fjr settling all the questions lu dispute b?tween the two republlos, by negooiat ion, and that oonseci antly the contingency has ooourred, iu whloh your aoo< ptance of the trust it-udered you by the President is ti take effeot. You will, therefore, repair without delay to your pest, aud present yourself to the Mexican gov?rnment. as the I'.nvoy Kxtr?ordlnary auA .Minister Plenipotentiary ot the United States. In tlifl present crisis of ihe relations between the two ocunttlcs, tbe ofliue for which you have b<-en selioted is one of great importance. To counteract tbe influence of foreign powers, exerted against the interests of the United Stuti a In Mexico, ?nd to restore tbosa ?n<*ient relations of [ e?nr an 1 good will wbioh formerly existed botwoea the gov*: nm.uu anil people of the sister republics, Mill be the principal objects of your mlsrion The wn tohed condition of the iolernal affaire of Mexico, and the misunderstanding that exists between hergovemment.aud ibe ministers of France and Kni;laud, stem to rend-T th-? present a propitious moment for the aoeomplisbra. nt of these objeots. Krom your peifent bnowlodge of tbo language ot the country, y >ur well ^noviii tiruiuesa and ability, and your taste and talent tor society, tbe President hopes that you will accomplish much in your intercourse with tne Mexican authorities and people. The ready and deoided stand which the people ol tbtUlIM States and tbetr |OTVBBIBttook and maintained, in laror of tha independence ot tbe Spanish American republ'cs on this continent, sr.cuied ttielr gratitude and good will UnfortuuHtn event* have riuce i a: ranged from us tbe sympathies of the Mexioan people. They ou^bt to leel insured that their prosper! ty u our prosperity, ana ttmt we canuwt but have the strongest desire to Bee them elevated, under a fiee, suble, and republican gc vcrument, to a high rank amot<g tbe nations of the eart'j. The nations on the continent of America, have iute reals peculiar to themselves. Their free forme oI goveinment are altogether different from the monarchical Institutiuus of Europe. The interests and independence of these a!ater cations. require that they should estallirh and maintain an Amt-tican system of policy, for tbsir own protection and Heourity, entirely distinct from whioh haa so long prevail,-J In Europe. To tolerate any interference on tne part of European sovereigns, with contiorersies la Amerioa ; to permit them to a ply the worn-out dogma of the balance of power to the free States on thia o >Ltlnent ; and ab: r? all, to aulfer them to entablith new ooloules tf their own. Intermingled with our free republioa. would be to make, to the same extent, a voluntary aacriflue cf our independence Th se truthi ought everywhere, throughout the coatioeut t f America, to be impressed ou the rublio mind It, therefore, ia the ooaere of your negotiat io as with Mexico, that governmeut ahould propoae the meuia'ion or gunrautea of any European power, you are to lojeot the proposition witnout hesitation. The United Mtates will never afford, by thtir oonduct, the slightest pretext for any interference from that quarter in American concerns. Separated as we are trom tiie Old World by u vast ocean, and still further removed from it by the nature of our political institutions, the march of tree governments on thia continent murt not be trammelled by the intrigues and aeitieU interests of European powers. Liberty bete must be allowed to workout Re natural results ; and these, ere long, will astonish the world. Neither ia It for the interest ot those powera to plant colonies oa this cintiurot. No settlements of the kind can exiat long. The expansive energy cf Irte institutions must anon spread over them. The oolonista themselves will break from the mother country to become free and independent Statea. Any European nation which should plant a new oolony on this continent, would thereby sow the seeds of troubles and uproars, the injury from which, even to her own interests, would far outweigh all the advantages which she oould pouibly promise herself from any such establishment. The first subject that will demand jour at* tention is the claims or our oitizens in Mexico.? It would be useless here to trace the history of th"?e claims, and the outrages from which the; ipring. The archives of your legation will furnish all tue necersary information on this subject. The history ot no clvlliied nations presents, in so Hhort a period of time, so many wanton attacks on the rights ol persons and property, as have b;en endured by citizens of tl:e United States from the Mexican autnoriti-s. These never would have been tolerated from any nation on the i?ce of th-j earth, except from a neighboring and sister rapubllo. President Jackson, in his message to the Senate, of the 7th February. 1837, uses tho following language, with great justice and truth: -"The length cf time since some of the injuries have been committed, the repeated and unavailing applications for redress, tht waaton character of souie M the outrages upon the property and persons of our citiiens, upon he officers and Aug of th? United States, independent cf recent insults to this government and people, by the late extraordinary Mexican minister, would justify, in the eyes of all nations, immediate war." Still, he was unwilling to resort to this last extremity, without "giving to Mexico one more opportunity lo atone for the p st, before we take redress into our own bunds." Accordingly, he reormmended ''that an act be passed authorisng reprisals, and the use of the naval force ot the United States by the executive against Mexico, to enforce them, in the event cf a refusal by the Mexican government, to come to an amicable adjustment ofthe matters tn controversy between us, u;ou another demand thereof, made from on board one ot our veiselsof war,on the coast of Mexico.'' This messige was referred to the Committee on Foreign K-lotions, whioh, on the 19th ot February, 1637, made a report to the Senate entirely in f ccordnnce wiih the message of the Tresident In regard to the outrages and wrongs committed by Mexico on citizens of the United States. They recommended, however, that another demand should be made for redress upon thMexican government in pursuance of the form required by the 34th article cf our treaty with Mexico, am the result submitted to Congress for their decision before actual hostilities should be authorised The onmmittc? say ' after such a demand, shculd prompt justice birefused by the Mexican government, we may appeal to all nation*, not enly for the equity and moderation with which we have acted towards a sister republic, but for the necessity which will then o >mp?l us to seek redrefa tor our wrongs, by actual war <r by repr'sils. The subject will then be presented before Congress at the commencement of the next session, in a clear and distinct Ir-rm, and the committee cannot doubt but th*t such measures will be immediately adopted as may be necessary to vindicate the honor ot the country, and iusure ample reparation to our injured fellaw cit'st-os " The resolution with wh'ch the leport concludcs, v:a? on the J7th of February adopted b; the uuauimaua vote if the benati. The report of the nouimittfu ou Foreign Affair*,made to tho licuse of ReprfSfntaMvan on the 24th of February, 18.17, breathes the name spirit with that of the Senate In pursuance of the suggestion of the Commlttos on Foreign Relation*, of the Senate, a special mesreuger waa Kent to Mexioo to make a tinal deninr.d tor red ret*, with the document* requited by the 34thnrttcleof the treaty. This demand *m m*de on the -JXih July, 1937. The ?nswer to it contained fair premise*. How these were evadfd jrom time to time, you will learn by an examination Of the archive* of your legation Finally, on the 11th April, 1830, n convention w.i* eon eluded (,fur the adjustment of the claim* or the cltii'n* of the United Slate* of America upon th* government of the Mexloan RepuMio " The Board of Commissioners was not organised under this convention until the 26th August, 1 e*40; and, under Its term*, they were obliged to terminate their duties within eighteen month* from thatdtto Four of the*e righteen month* were epent la prellroiniry iliaouasion*, which had arlaen on objections, raised by th? Mexican oommlaaioneri; and, at one time, there wa* great dang* r that the board would aeparate without hearing or deciding a aingle oaae It wh* not until the :24th Deocmber, IS40, that they commenced the examination of the claim* if our olt ien*. Fourteen montha only were lift to examine and d?oide upon theae numerous and complicated ia?ea. rhe claims allowed by the commissioners, without reference to the umpire, amounted, principal and interest, to |4M,IN 82 l'he amount, principal and interest, subs* ijuentiy awarded by toe umpire, was. . .. i,.">*u.74.> 9b *iOJ6,139 68 The Mexican government flndlog It incnnveniv?it to pay tbe amount awarded, either in money or in an ieme of treasury notes, according to the terics cf the convention, n new convention wag conlud'd between the two (overnmenta on the 30th January, 1843, to relieve that >: Mexico from this embarrassment. Under its term*. h? Interest on th* whole amount awarded, was tube ,>aid on the 30thof April. 184:1 ; and the principal, with :he accruing interest, was made ptyable in Ave yearn n equal instalments of three months Under this new agreement, uiaJo to fivor Mexico, the claimants have yel received only the interest up to the 10th April, 1843,and three of the twenty Instalment*. But this Is not all. There were pending befnre the ampire, when the commission expired, claims which ht<) seen examined and awarded by the American comtiii*iloners, amounting to $0!i8tW7 f8. Upin these he reused to deoMe, alleging that his authority had expired To obviate this injustice, and to provide for tbe declilon of other claims of American citizen*, amounting to f3 33d,837 Oft, which had been eubuiitt'd too late to b? ; nsidered by the board, a tblrd convention was signed at Mexioo on the -JOth November, 1*43. ty Mr. WadJy 1 liompson, outbe part ef tbe Un'ted States, and Messrs. Bocantgra and Trl|iu*ras on the part of Mexioo )a the 30th January, 1*4 I, this convention was ratlQed jj the Senate of the United States, with two amendments The one obanged the plane of meeting from in WiihltKtMt. mrtti tha Athav alrnnlr nn? ? Vim Uteenth article, wnioh referred the cUitu* of a prcuilnry nature, tbat tint two government* nii<ht 11>*v? igainn each other, to the commiefii nei a with an appeal o th? umpire in oun a m?jortt; of them could not a*ree Tbean amendment* war* m?nlfe?tly rea*onahl? m l ifccaaary. To have oompelled the claimant*, nil ot ?h<>m are citizen* of the United State*, to goto Mexico villi their documents and te*timony, would, In a great leprae, hare frustrated the objeot of the oommi**ioD t**ide*, the new oomrol*<ion wai, in faot, but a oonlluun'e ot the oil one; and it* duile* eiraply were, to oom il'te the burine** which bad keen it ft unfinished in the illy of WaahingU u It waa aom?thing m? >a the bittory of ?ov?r?igu na | to r?f?f thalr mutual sl*lsu to th? trbltrtioit' of f | % tu>*r4 oftheir o*b cK-z?p? wi'h tn ?e>n! ! Ut l<f for?tfn toifttJ+D Tit Sli) j iilty or sovereign *t*te? fortal* *uch * prcoe*dli>)? He- i sides, it never had been suggested th?t either of the two j governments had claim* upon the other, or thai there j were any claim* In exlsteaoe except those tt American ' oit<*?n? r.n Mexico, 1 It is difficult to conceive why thin convention. depart- i log frou that of the I tlh April, 1 h:io, should 1j?t* ru- i brace 1 aoy *'W"h provMoo; or why it *h<ml 1 tinve sfipu i lated for claims ofcltix ne of Mexico ;v(Htn*t tbe L'uited ] State*, when no suca claim* hud uvea be*n alleged to i I ex'sf. Upon a reference of these aca*ndiu"nt* to the govern- i interposed the Mine ev?Mnn*. did 1 oulties and delsy*, which have always charact?r<T"d it? policy toward* tUe United State* It ha* neveryet tie | olded whether it would, or would not, accvdtto them. I although the subj'ot has been repeatedly pressed upon i its consideration by our minlsteis , The result of the whole is, tha injuria* and out- i raxes committed by the au(h< riti'i of Mexico on A>ue- i rloin oltizens, which, In the opinlrn of President J?rkson, would, *o iotg a?o a* February, 1B37 have juat ,ti-.j a resort to war or reprisal* for redreg.*, jc* roinaii, whollv utrfdr?ssed, excepting only the comparatively -mail i amount received under the convention of \prlt. It will be your duty, In u | rudent and friendly spirit, to impress the Mexican government with a seDs.i of their great injustice towards the United States, as well | i.s ot the patient f orbearance which hai been ex?rcis?;d by in. This cannot be expected to endure lumh l"n/er, and these claims must now epeidily be adjusted la a s?ti?iaotory manner. Alroady have the gov?riiunnt of the Uoited States too long ouitted '0 obtain redress for thi-ir lrjured citi/.eus. But lu what manner ran this d'Jty bs performe I con- t aistently vfith the amicable spirit ot' your mission? Ths foot is, bat too w#U known to tha world, that the Mexi- I can government are not now in u condition to ratisl'y i these claims by the payuientol money. Unless the debt < should bo assumed 'oy the goverom>nt of the United 1 States, the claimants carnr.t receive wlmt i? ju?tly their I due. Kortunatelv. the iiint resoliitiriM nf Con^t??? an. < proved March 1 ?t, 1845, " for annexing Tmii to the I I,' States," presents tlift mrar? of satisfying these I claims, in perfect consistency with the interests, ua well t Ha the honor, of both republics It hMINMTttto tkll t government the adjustment " of all questions of b*uu- r uary that way urpe with other governments ' Till* I question of boundary may, therefore, lis adjusted iu t puoh a manner between the two republics. us to cast 1 the burden of the debt due ts American olnimnnts, r>n c their own goveriiiuaut, whilst it will do no Injury to Mexico. Iu order to arrive at a jait cc nolusir>n on thin subjeet, t it in neoeesary bristly to state whut, at present, ere the I tarrito\ial rights of i-'sa parties. i The Congress ot Texas. by the ant of December 10, < 18Jti, have declared Pie ltlo I) '1 Norte,from its luuuth to I l * source, to bo boundary of thai republic I lo regard to the ri/ht of fexai to the boundary of the | Del Norte, from the mouth to the IV?o, there cunuot, it la apprehended, be any very serious daubc. It would bs ; ruy to establish, by the authority of our moot eminent ' statesmen?at; a time, too. when the question of the j boundary, of tha province of Louisiana was better un- ) dnstood than it i? at present?that, to this extent at I I -:?st, the Del Norte was its western limit. Mess-s .Moil- t roe and i'inokney, iu their coruraunicationi of Jinuary s at},1805. to Don l'*dro Cevallos, then the Spanish Minislor of Foreign Kelationa. asserts in th i strongest term*. * that the boundaries of that province " are the river Per- > (lido to the iast, atd the Rio Uravoto the west " Th*y i Bay, ' The facts and principles whioh justify this conclu- t flon, ato so satUfictory to our government, as to con- t vince it that the United States have uot. a better \ right to the lelat/d of New Orleans, under the cession \ rtlerred to, (that of Louisiana) than tliey have to the 1 whole district of territory which Is above described i Mr. Jeffeiaou was at th?t t me President, and Mr v Madison Secretary of State ; and you will know how a tj appreciato tlieir authority. Iu tha cubsequent t negotiation with M. Cevallo. Messrs Monroe and I'lnotr- e nay conclusively vindicate the right of the United States 1 as far west as tbs Del Norte. Down to the very con- S elusion of the Florida treaty, the United States inserted i their right to this extent?not by words only, but by ? deeds. In 1818, this government bavin* learned that a 1 number of Adventurers, ohietly Frenchmen, had land d at Galveston. with the avowed purpose of forming a set- < tleraent, in that violnity, dospatcued George Graham, i i Ksq., with instructions to waru thfin to desist. The i following is an extract from these instructions, dated | Jd June, 1818:?" The President wishes you to proceed. I f with all convenient speed, to that place (Galveston), un - | leas, as is not imneiihuhle ?on nhmilit In tli? 1 r i be journey, learn tlut they h'iv? abandoned. or been driven from it Should they here removed to Matu- P gorda, or any other plaoe north cf the Kio Bravo, r.nd 0 within the territory claimed by the United States, you a will repair thither, without, howev ir, e,xposiun yourself , to be captured by auy Spanish military force Wheu t arrived, you will, in a suitable manner, mako known to I the able! or leader of the expedition, ycur authority from <] the government of the Unitjd States; and 01 press the s surprise with whioh the President has i'?en poaaeaaion t thus taken, without authority from the United States cf a plaoe within their territorial limits, and upon I whioh no lawful settlement can b< made without their t eaootion. You wlil oall upon kim explicitly to avow 1 under what national authority they profess to act, and i take care that due warning be given to the whole body. | that the place is within the United States, who will sul- 1 fer no permanent settlement to be made there, uuder t any authority other than their own '' < It cannot be doubted that the Florida treaty of UJ1 c February, 1*19. oeded to Spain all that part of ancient Louisiana within the present limits of Texan; and the more Important inquiry now is, what is the extent of the territorial rights whioh Texts has acquired by the sword in a rigtiteous reaistence to Mexico In your no gotiatlons with Mexico the independence of Texas must be considered a settled fact, aud is not to be callcd in q a?lion. Texas achieved her Independence on the plain cf San I Jacinto, in April. 1 K3?i, by one of the m^at <!eels ve and memorable victories recoru?d in history. She then convinced the world, by her conduct aad her courape, that she desrrved to rauk as an independent nation. To use tfce language of Mr. Webster. Secretary of Sta*e, in a despatch to our Minister at Mexico, dated 8th July, 1842: ' From the time of the battle of San Jaclnt", in April, 1830, to the present moment, Texa* has exhibited I th? same external signs cf national indepsadOMa M j Mexico herself, aud with quite as muci stability of go- I | v r,:i':enl ('radically fr?e end iud? pent!- nt, acknowls ' edged as a poll:foal sovereignty by the principal power- > of the world?no bor.tlle font finding rest within her t?rritory tor six or seven jeais; and Mexico hers If refrain iug, WT nil that period, from any further attempt to I re establish h-r own authority over that territory," li kc.,Sie. p Finally,on the QfUh March, 1815, Mexico coneentcd. r In the moat solemn form, through the intervention ( f v :he liritiah and I'retch governments. to ucknowled^e . tb? Independence of lmi| provided ah" would itlpt la'n uot to annex herself, or become eu* jaetto an 7 country whatever. ' It may, however, be ooutsnded on the part of Mexico, i that the Nueces, and not the Dal Norte, is the tiut western boundary of T'xas. I n?ed uot furnish you arguments to oontrovert this positi u. You hive b< en perfectly famt<iar with the surjeo: frooi the and know that the jurisdiction of Texas lias been ex tended beyond that river, and that representatives from i tlio country between it and the Del Norte lieve priiticii- f pated in the deliberations both of her Congreai and her Convention. Besides, this portion of the territory whs 1 erutraoad within the Umi.s of ataclen' Louisiana j Tho rise is different with regaid to New \l"xieo.? Smta Fe, its capital, was settled by the Spaniards more thaii two centuries ago, and that province Las bfea eiei- c sluco iu their jossession and that of the republic of Mexioo. The Texans never have conquered or t*U*n poiS^aeion of it, nor have its peopi , ever b < n repr -sent- t, ed In r.ny of their legls atlv? uaaer.ibli's or convention* i ? The long and nitre w valley of Nav >!exlco, or H uiti | r Fu, is situated on both ban' s of the Upper D INoit -, j ' and Is bouui'd ou both sides by mountains ltisinanv j huudred miles remote frou o.her settled port!-ns {I Mexioo; aud Irom its distance, it is both citiiruU and I expensne to defend the inhabitants against t e tribe | of ti?rce and *urlike s-iva^s that roam over the sur- | rounding country. From this cause it lus suffered Be- i vefly from tbeir IecutMod* Mexico mm', expend far | , more in lie.'rudmg so distant a possrs.-don than she can j possibly derive bene 11'. fiom couiinuing to bold It. with Mexico should no* bo established lu such n mnn 1 i nnw to prnclude all luture diRI ^ulti?^n and Ulsput-s be- , tween the two republic*. A great portion of New Mexl- v oo being on this side of the Rio Grande, and included i within the limits already claiuttd by Tex-is. it nmy h-rcatter, should it remain a Mexican province, become ? subject of dispute, and a aouro* of bad feeling between ' those who, I trust, are destined in future to bo always n friends it On the other hand, if, in adjusting the boundary, the > irofince of New Mexioo should be incluled within tha J limits of the United Htatee, this would obviate the den- , ger of future collisions Mexico would part with a remote and detached province, the possesion ct which can never be advantageous to her; and she would be re- v lieved from the trouble and expense of defending its inhabitants against the Indians. Br sides, sh? w uld thin | i purchase security from their attacks, for her other pro- | vinces, west of the Del Norte, as it would at Onco be- i > oume the duty rf the United Slates to restr&iu the sa- | , v*g? tribes within their limits, and prevent th?m from j raaiisg hrstile iuoursions into Mexico Krom these | considerations, and others that will readily su^.',?sl ! themselves to ycur mind, it wouldSoein to b equally the I Interest of botii powers, that New Mexico should belong I ' to the United Stated Out the President desires to deal liberally hy Mexico v Vouare therefore authorized to olf r t >a?suin>? the iay(uriuof all the just ol*lm??f our citli-nsagiins M? x'.co. und. In addition, to pi7 $.'>,000,000 ia casa the Mexican govi rumvnt shall agree to establish the twiui dary of the ( two countries Ircm the mouth of the Kio (irand* up the principal stream to the point wliete it touches (. ie line of New Mexico; tbenon west of the river along the exterior line <t that province, and so as to includ- the | who!e wi;hln the I nited .States, until it again internet ts r, the river; thence up the principal stream of the same to its tource, and theno* due north until it intersects the , | torty-second degre? of north latitude A boundary still preferable to this would bo an xtension of the llnefrom the north-wast eomer of New Mex too, alOLg the range of mountains until it would intnr it sect the forty-second parallel. Should the Mexican authorities prove unwilling to extend our boundaries beyond the Del Norte, you are, in that event, instructed to offer to assurn* the pay- r uient of all the jus: claims of ci Izens of the United states against Mexico, should sha agree that the line shall bi estaUished.along the boundary defined by the ant of Congress of Texas, apj roved December 10, lt?3ti to wi' ; -beginning at ' the mouth of tho RIo Grande; j thorce up the principal atrearaif aald river to its source; menoe uua norm 10 lue loriy-sroonu uegrvo o; noriu latitude " It 1* scarcely to be supppsed, howef?r. thut Mexico woull rfllc'iui?h flye millions of dollar* for the oi r*tHinin< the narrow stiip o| teriltoryin th* falley ol New M?xloo, west of the Ilio Oraiide; anl thus I "'it under two dUtirtot gofernments the small settlement? closely Identified witn ??ch other on the opposite bunk* . of the lifer BfSldeS, ail the inconT?nt?ucos to her I from holding New Mexico, whi h I hire pointed out would be seriouMy aggr?f*ted by her contlntib < to hold n th?t small portion of it which lira west of the river , ^ Tliero I* acother subject of v r, Imp.'i Unc.i to tr. United Stater, which will demand your psrlleu'^r a twotloii. From Informal! >n pi iMs-eeed by tbH depar'm <t j It la to be serlousl* apprehended 'hat both Or*at Bii'.aln ( and France hare designs upon California. 1 he flaws ol H II ' III - .mmMvt th? g(i?#mc?Tii of lh? ?.'UJ ut ?sjl fla4 fwNj'ei ' ?? ! LlltM.P, > ? ! , fluf I ^ .1 ' :'.?,!< ?* J * l?IJ, a copy ''f Wtikh h?- v ti tf An?s>?tud. Kr^tt it you w'i! p*tn< l?? that. <rhil* r.t* ?*?n>ja?r.f <? ? nat: laton'J t? inUrfrr* t?:w?- u .v.?iic> < i Morula, \r ?cuM ?ltf>;roti?lf loterjv to . r?v<-ut. th* !?tt-r from ^coming "itb- r a BrUiah or a fr'rvnah colony You win sndeavor t'> aionrtaiu whether Mexico ha* any tnt?T> tion of cedlog it to cco or th? other powar, and if ?ny inch dn?i*n .exist*. you will ?x>-rt mil your ?o?rKl-? to prevnnt i.u act. which, if rone uminated. would V , rrnui/ht with danger to the beat interest* of tha L'nitf t >tatM On thin Aut'j'Ot you may freely eorrerpon.1 ?lth Mr Larkln, taking c\r? that your lettar* ahall cot 'ill Into im?'op#r hands. The prxtfsxl'n Of tho hay ard harbor ofHan Krjr.oleert s all important to th? Uult?<l Htnte* Thi advanU X un of it* aripieltlon ir? ?o striking, that It would b? i wanti of time to enumerate thain hero If all tb*??t ihould b* turned an?io?t our country by tba c?f*:o:? if California to (irMt Britain, our principal oomiuarolat rival the eonR"ia?nc?t would be moat di.'?*lroun The government of California li now but nominally dependent < n Mexico; ar d it i? morn than doubtful ?lieth?r her uutborlty will ?*er hi r'inatnted. l/nder thejn circumstance?. it Ik the detlra of tho Pr?eld?nC that you ah uldu?? yonr b?*t efforts to oltaiu aeesslon i.ftbiit proylnoa f.-om Mexico to thn United Htates.? < ould you accomplish this oljv.t, yiu would render im mt-iiKH Btrvicn to your oountry and establish ma euviabls reputation for youriuir. Money would bo no objoot, when compared with the value of th? aoinlsition Mi ill >? 11 ? --- "*c<. miuh.. ii? maue witn great |/iu l?nii? atul caution, ami in such a maimer eh ttot to alarm the jealousy ofth? \lexloan g^vsrnineiit. Should you, after soundici* the Mnimu authorities on the sub jict, di'cover a prospsut of succei-s, the l'i?*IOent would oot hesitati to give,in addition to <h* assumption of Lh* Just claims ot our oltr/.?ns on .Mexico, twenty-Ova oilUnns of dollars fur the cession. Hhculd you deem It xpedient you are authorised to rtT?r ibis sum for a boundary running dun west from th? southern xtiMnl',y cf New Mexico, to the Ocean, or from toy >thsr point on its western Douodary whioh would etnir?.0H Monterey within our limits "If Mot. Urn y cannot 10 obtained, you m*y, i( nooe*p?ry, iu addition 10 the assumption of tVse cUiini, <IT'r tweny millions ot dollars for any boundary com nenolng ?t any point on the western Hoe cf ^Vw M- xlco, snil running duo w n to the I'aniflt, so us 0 inc'u j? tli<? buy and harbor of 8?n Francisco. T>? *rg'r the territory south cf (Lis bey, tfar bft'er Of o^i s*. when 1 spe ik of any point on the western hcua1 try of N*w Mexico, It is understood that troni the Del *Jr?:te to that poin' our boundary shall run, according : i tli? first?t?-r which you f,ave bef n authorised to make need scarcely add, that in authoring the offer of five ntlHor.i, or twenty-live millions, or twenty millions of ollars, these a:n to be c >nsl.W?*d as maximum sums If you I'.an ncnompli'h cither of the ot j?cts contemplated or a leri amount, so much more satisfactory will it prove to the l'r*sid?nt. The views and wishes r f the Trfsldent are now before pou, and much, at last, must hi left to your own dlscra,ion If you can accomplish any one of the ppsolfln cheats wbioh have been prfisnted in there instructions, rou are auiborz <d to conclude a treaty to that eifrct. f you cannot, after you havs ascertained what is praotaable, you will a?k for futtber instructions, and tLey ball hi immediately communicated Vour mission is cue of r h<t roost delicate and important trhich has ever b fn oonfid'd to a citizen of the United lutes The people to whom yen will be sent, are prcrrrbUHy jsalous; and they hnve been irritated against hi liuiied Stiles, by rec-nt events, and the inii,*,ue of foreign powere. To conciliate their good kIii Is iiiilspeiiF.ibie to your success I need not vara you MKxlost wounding their national vanity, i on miy probably have to endure their unjust 1-roach-n with nijanimity. It would be difficult to nlfO a point or honor bHwron tha United States and o treble und distracted a power ss Mexico. This reflecicn will t*ach you to hear and forbear rauoh, for the ake of accomplishing the great objects of your mission. Ve are slnocre'y desirous to b? on good terms with dexico ; and tbe l'resid?ut reposes implicit oonfldenoe a your patriotism. sfciracitv. arid nhilitv- to reafora th? .noieut relations of friendship between the two repub108 Herewith, you will al?o r'o?ivo your full powers to 'onolude a treaty, together with two maps?the on* Ar ovrsmith's, anltlie other Ktnory's? on which are de lignated the limiis of New Mexico. Vou will keep the Department advised Of your process, as often as sale opportunities may offer. Vou ere aware that Connrepg, at their last iMalou, nade the following appropriation : ' For paying th? April and July Instalments of the .lexican indeuniti-'S, due In 1444, the sum of two hunIred au'J seventy-Ave thousand dollars: provided, it hall he ascertained, to the setistuotlon of the American [orernmi nt, that said instalments hare been paid by Ue Mexican government to the agent appointed by the Juited States to receive the same, in snob manner as to Uncharge all claim on the Mexican government, and aid u<rnt to be delinquent in remitting the money to he United States " , The whole transaction between F.millo Voss, it quire, the agent of the United Htatcs, and .no Mexican authorities, is yet involveed In mys,rry which this government ban not been able to jnra7el. Vou will endtavor, with a* little drlay as visible, to ascertain the true state ef the case in realign to the aMuged payment of these instalments by he Mexican qovertim.iut to onr a/ent, and give the lepartraent the earliest Information on the anbjeot. A >iin* nf bin r??. i?t k. , ir~ 11- - -rj -- ?- - ? r --r>" " hjiuiwiiii*. I tttii, air, wHhgr*?t r?np?ot, Vour ohedtent irrrant, JAMES BUCHANAN. John slipkll k?q , Kim y Kxtraorumary and Mloir.ter Plenipotentiary from tUe United States to Nlexlc*. Washington, March 18,1848. Anolhtr Minister to Mexico. Mr. Attorney General Clifford han just. been Appointed joint commissioner with Mr. Sevi?r, with equal powers, to proceed to Mexico for' Ihe purpose of procuring the ratification of the Ircaty I>y that government. This appointment ia? caused no small sunrise. It is universally aughed at; and whil. Mr. I'olk thinks his obect ts wholly unknown, every body sees in it an ttenipt to conciliete Mr. Woodbury and his riends, in whose support Mr. CIifiord has mam' sted no common zeal. As to the gentleman's '.nesa f^r a diplomatic station, the leg* said, erhaps, ihe better. Ii would be doing injustice o Mr. Polk's penetration to suppose that fitness ^as fora moment considered in connection with he appointment. Mr. Clifford srts out with the treaty to-morow morning. Mr. Sevier will follow as soon is h'i3 health will permit. Gat.viknsis. Washington, March 1!>, 1818. Evening Memoranda. The we atiu-r to-day is a more log bank, with a frizzly gray Scotch mist, or drizzle, oozing lown from the thick, wet, and rheumatic a*rwspherc. W:! were startled here in Washington, last vening, as by a thund r-clap i i a snowstorm, vith th'5 announcement, by telegraph, of the ws from France. It is th beginning of the ;r.*at earthqu.:k" that is to sh.ike down once .v.., .i. ~r i.' u... ?i 'hmc m- iiiurii ut ij-ui'i" , ijui ?vuur ' the Napoleon to direct the r/rand convulsion T t lias begun. When will it stop, and where 1 Icho answer.i, God only kn >ws. l!ut startling an wan thi i flashing of the lightlit r. from tlie Cambria, there w h in excitement rented from another cause, which has thrown veil the news from France into the shade. A iper was circulated last evening, and thousand* f copied were sold. The cause of this rapid ile was a long, circumstantial account of the ite complimentary b-nefit to Miss Julia Dean, nth frequent hard flings and caustic personalies upon the committee getting up the benerir. nd those most conspicuous m the delivery of pplause, bouquets, at the play; the account mbracing also a number of love letters to Miss alia, purporting to b from certain ofour young entry specified in the bill of indictment. So nigh runs the current of indignation and vrath to-day, that it the person or persons itn'icated in the publication of this extra, could be dentified, they would be impalea and quartered live. The Ili 1 nor was doubtless gotten up as a .teculation, and has succeeded ; but if the sp?ulators are found out, it will spoil the profits ( the job. Mr. ClifTurd, late Attorney General, appointd and continued so unexpectedly to every body se, ns well as himself, joint commissioner with Ir. S^vit, to Mexico, left last night with Mr. ^alsh, Secretary of Legation, for Qneretaro ? Ir. S' vier expects to be well enough to foliw in two or three days. Wh understand th<t Mr. It. II Gillett, Regis r of the Treasury, takes the place of Mr. Clif>ril, hs Vttorney General. Our associate at the /ebt End, will give yen further particulars, 'he tw o commissioners cm net jointly orsepaitely io closing up the treaty. In any event, icy wiil each link'* by the operation, some wenty odd thousand dollars, with th" pay of a jll minister. The object of Mr. Clifford's appointment was 3 hurry a commissioner forward, in order to g?*t ) QuTetaro, it possible, before the present eace government is overturned by one of those mnfhlv rovnlutioild* (rOll til* ; iin?i hurrah for his excellency th? lenor Don Nichols* F. Trist. w< IIaltimork, March 20, 18 W. rhc rortign New* in Raltimore?Pnnixhmrnt of Rioltrn?Tht Taylor Mass Metting?Rtvhdy Johnson itntl Iht lVhigs. The m-w? from Iviroje lias ruised ureal i*itciiifiit in lijltimorr, and ?very other topic is >st s ght of in the discussion of th* Frmrh reilution. Fall accounts from the European 'itnti wsrc received exclusively by the Haitiore Sun, and scattered through the city hy lounands on Sunday morning. In the City Court, on Saturday, Win. Youn?, enry Smith, William Hubbard, Wm M guire, duduli'h Stubbiua, John MtAltesc, IJenj CI irk,

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