Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 2, 1848, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 2, 1848 Page 1
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" TH Wfcute la, *080. iiexuan iiemi. arrival qv a concucta. [From tbe N. 0. Delta. April ii J A con hi- ta Irom Uugnsjuato Had (Arrived ?t JVJexloo, es-<rted bj forty Mexican dregoona The nmount brought by th? ciri'luctu 1* stated to be $400 000 An^ier cen>fur(a arrived from l'ntb'a.Misoraldel Monte, and K1 Chico, brought Oi bara of ail?*r. hospital to us rkmovkd to jalapaIt is etat'd tbat the General Hospital it to be removed frjra V<*ri* Crux to J?)opa?probably oil account of tbo approaching n'ckly i*a*on. kuksch banqt'bt at vitra cbuz. Tlis French oltiaeng of Vera Cruz *er?? to jlva a grind l?*Liju?t on the uvenirg of the l*tb, In honor of the French Revolution. We learn from the free ime<-icai that a nipper w given by noma of ths French citixjRg on tli9 8 n in honor of tba Rerolution. Several Americans were invited The Frenoh comul was preaent, and, lik* h's countrymen, mxnifosted Ms sympathy for the li^ioral orincijles bj which th? Frs&oh paople will ba toverntd. , . REGIT,AK. MAIL. Tha regular mail coaches commenced running batftaan Vera Crux and the ci'y of Mexico on the 16;h, itid will leave hereafter three times a week. fatlult jakauta akrestbd. Tlio oareer of the notorious Futter Jarauta has at last been checked. A letter Irnm Oierptaro. dated April 'J. ?:at *s that thi father was arretted at HurjuMa, by the I'reftct, Don Crlitafcsl Audradp. The arrtst Is cfllcially ouuouncf d lu the Tampioo tfoliciota. ARRIVAL'* AT VKHA CBl'ZCaptain Connolly, of the Louisiana battalion, arrived at V?ra i.'rui, ?ns< rtlnp; the mail from Puebla, on the 12th iust. Cupt. C m?t with a great many gusrilias, hut they made no nppenltton to his mnrch He alio met u M*xioan train oi eight wagons the oeoduetors of which r?portfd that the guerillas had levied a contribution of ]3'i0 on their merchandise. Col Hayi, the ranger, arrived at Vera Croa on the 10;h, from Jalapa The Fret ^American understands that li.?ye' regiment will shortly be ditbaeded Col Bonhasn, M'jor Woods, Lleuts Wilcox and Tilda^ and one or twj e'.hor ofllosrs. arrived at Vera Crua, lioai Cu?rnavaca, on the lOih The health of the troops ut that pUc-i mi,i e^ntiderod good, notwithstanding several d?4ihs had occurred from sore or swelled throats. Tbreo companies ot Col. McLallan's regiment of Tennessee volunteers arrived at Veta Orns on the 14th. Ono hundred ?nd thirteen men ot the New York volunteers, under the command of Capt. Torry, arrived at Vera Cms. on the 8:h, iu the bark Nancy W. Stevens, from New York. It i? rumored that Gan. Clisting's brigade Is ordered to Jal?pa. NAVAL INT2LLIOKNCK. Tlii line of baitl* ship Vermont, whioh has been on the atoocs at the Navy Yard, Charlestown.for 15 or 30 years, is to be prepared for 1 lunching. Phil.4uki.fhia, May 1, 1943. Filial Railroad Ji.a'.Jenl?Polict Jtppointmtnli?Bank Dividend*, &c. A dreadful casualty occurred about ten o'olock this corning on the Reading RiUroad. The locomotive Er. glne whleh had bse-i employed in taking materials up the road from Heading, whan about half a mile a bo ?e the depot cn her return with some burthen ears contain iog sills, blsw out the right side and erewn of the firebox. 'Che rtgnlar engineer was not on the locomotive bur. William Nsgle, wno wag acting in that capacity, with a fireman named Christopher Oitfney, were instantly killed J'we other hand* on the train were dreadtnlly raided, one oi whom Is not expected to survive A fifth m?n who was sitting on the bumper at the time, was aiown fifteen f jet dlttaaoe, bat luckily escaped serious jnjury. The locomotive was ox Knglisn manufacture, on* of tho?e imported at tha establishment of the road About twelve years lias*. From the f?at that tha regul?r engineer was not upon h?r at tha time, it ii thought that tha aceiiient resumed in permitting tha water to become exhausted in tue builer. Tba new polio# hill goes into opsra'.iou to-day, and tha Mayor baa bsen busy all day making tha selection of his ofHcera Tha number of appointments ia tbout tkrro hundred A young man was brought into oourt on Saturday upon a charge of leroany committed at Manayunk, whan tha offiora reoegnlsed him as Frank Hughes, who a year or so sf? was at tha head af a gang of burglars, and was in the aabltof ohalking hisaign manual with his compliments to tha ocoupanta af the houaes ha rifled. Six bills of iitlctmeut far varieui offences of thla kind are registered against him, and he wlU be tried during the present trrm To-day the Philadelphia Bank deslsred a dividend of 8 per cent, the Northern Libertlea I per cent, and Bask of Commerce, 3 per cent, tor the last alx men tba The pr!noip?l part of our city banks dselars their dividends tomorrow. Philadelphia, April 30,1848. S/rir.g JVessI?Jl Trouklt in (Ac Political Camp-?Toltirtphing?Drama, $c. fc, This ia the lest day of "fiokle April," and to morrow ' graceful May" will curtsey in upon us. Wall, the oity shows evidences ef at least a commencement of spring travel; the pnblio houses, the streets, the shops, being sprinkled with srjoamers,principally, howevsr,from the North. Southern travellers will not leave their homes for sli weeks yet, when they will oome upon us in flocks of fifties and hundred*?a precious mingling of heatity and deformity, knowledge andIgaeranoe, tmertnsss. last nets, extrarjuanee and chivalry Niee ouatomorsare thee* aouthetu tourists, thongh. for onr houl folks and our tradHsmeu generally. They are above disputing a bill; I bey seldom, if ever, ssk the price of an article in the stores till they have purehassd it, and shower lsvys and quarters abent tkem, at leaal at the value of a negro H week. What with the different Pr?s!cU?tlnl candidates In the field, both poiitleal parties hera continue to be greatly convulsed The eanldron, In fact, bolls up most fearfully. Kvery day develops some new schism; and until the convections are passed, and the nominations are icade, there will he nothing but "bubble, bubble, toil and trenble, round ahont the eanldron stout," in either csmp of th? patriots The lsst excitement of this pop-beer ord?r, ehows itself among certain democrats in the ssoond ward, 8pr ug Garden. who have called a meeting and passed resolutions denouncing Cel Psge, our eolleotor, and Dr. Lehman, our Post Master, because, as Is alleged, they have appointed whlgs to offlse in their several departments. Now regarding Col. Page, the asssrtion is trus; but in the instanos whieh has roused the indignation of the Spring (isrden Patriots, be baa acted I am told, by advico item a high eonrce at Washington This Instance f*braces the appointment of a brother-in-law of citictn Franc's J. Orund, the able and brillant " Obssrvsr" of the Puilie Lrdgtr, who until a few weeks ago, end tun b gti searoe at Washington, that advised the sp ji )!ntm?i)t, w?* no lost than tha-Hen Robert J." Walker, Mr. Dallas' brother-in-law Whether this little favor wa?, m ia alleged, the cau?e of " Observer's" desertion of 1) uouanan, I leave to the crgitation and deolaion ct others, who know better than myself that gentleman's 1 rot enultj for ' tacking ship." The charge made against Dr. Lehman, in the Spring Qarden nominations, ia wh jlly without troth That gentleman bee never appuln'.ei a whig to ofloe: bat when he assumed the rein* of the department which he administeis to admirably, tip found Attain responsible posts therein filled bj oaprtie and hontst men, who reoelved their appointment from a whig predecessor; and ha permitted them to reUin their ; laoes. We state this as an aot of oommon jnsti?e to Dr Lehman who as a public officer, well aa ?>?tron of the dratoa and the fine nrts Including a lively sense of the beautiful, as developed in a pretty fine, and it well tumid foot and ancle, and is wbelly unexceptionable, because he is generous, charitable and the beat dr??afd man in Chasnut street Mr. Charles D.blln Pitfis playing an engagement at Walnut with great eclat. His "Othello," "Gisslppu*" eu<l "O^tavian. 'hare been grewtly admired, and r.e is de<tine,l to have a fine run In the country. Mr P. It well sns'.uisaJ at the Walnut, by Mi?s Alexina Fisher Richiags, Wh?atiy. Chapman, and the other members of Marshall's excellent stock sornpeny His anting is purely ot the Intellectual school, which is daily growing mere wed more popular amung us. At the Mutual Mi?* Josephine Ru.sell and Mr. Barney Williams are drawing full bouses, and Peale begins to realiia a hav^some teturn f >r his ellerts to please All Is trrxrgetl f?r business in the Msgrapbio office of the new li?i* bctwtan onr city and Ni? York, and messages have bien tram* mi tie 4 to and fro, with perfect suoocsb. iioure's ranciiire it used, as you know; and its work is m*rvtI!ou?!y noeurat* There oaa be no doubt hat thin new linx will command large thare ot bu;ine??, If for no other reason than it* connexion with th? i?? ?rn lin'f, Which are f*?t finding their w?y to the Oulf of Nlr^loo, if oot to the "Utile <f the Montr nrane " U 1? hot jimtlo* for me to eay, that Mr. Baldwin, the President, i? u delightful pnaon-and that the operators pngMged by him, aro all cnpablo and ctnrteoue In the bigheet degree BROWN J11. Colcmbui, Ohio, April 3A 1819. Fffeit oj Mr. Ciny'l Letter of 'I'ropomli for the FmiHenryVin Ohio?fright of Tom Eusing. hn fail friend ? Mure of th? Cortnin lVkigs to entiep Mr. Cloy on the Slave Quef/t m That "eternal TlRllanse le the price of liberty," ii not more tro? tha an eu*rgy that tlreth cot, and a watcb!uln?*4 whioh oeaioth not, U rasentUl to 'get tie hang aud keep It, too," of par'y wire-working*. in thee* daya o< the la*t approaching convention*. I need not (uyth?t?>;r Clay'a "anntinolaUon' lett?r produced no alight itir In tbn will* ranks of Obio. It produced no lers lu ?ny liut here, perhaps, aor? than any whare Mae, did eurmiae and apooulation run high In reK?rJ to it. The (ait friend* of Mr. Clay' at flirat] oonceWad tb?ma?>ea as having been bargained far, io aoma utideratacding between Mr. CUy and Mr. Corwln daring the several itlt-a-tti*, in which it la known these two ohampiiue ware eugaged. during tba viait of Mr. Clay to tiie K?st; that, in anort, Mr. Corwla would postpone his own cbautea (or the Presidency, on condition that hU friends bn uken into tha flr?t affections of Mr. Clay. Certain it la, that the anapicion and jealousy of th* contl.iU'd irianda of Mr. Clay were arouaed, and to auoh a point too. that tha Hun Tho'oaa Cwlng rery abruptly left fcoae, on the oTe of court in I'loka way county, wbioli be uaualiy attonda, and, it M siM.made a atralglit etreak for Ashland. Within a day or two the "aspect" of tha thing haa \ elieng?d -decidedly changed. The OAi* Stall Journal nhowa that the friend* or Corwln have by no meauM retrograded in their expectation of aaeoeas. They hare tot withdraws their sua. Instead of thU, they seem ! I % e Si to think that now they have " the old H?:iy" fn th< -corner; or at Wast. toon will hart him m ? poeitlpi which will so completely oorner him as to put hlsohano* ofa nomination by the Philad'iohia Convention out o the question, undtr rtatw of thing" whloh will give t< the Wsstern delegates the balance of power, as betwee: the slave States and the Eastern States. It appears to be the intention of the Corwln whiga t< force a " poiltion defining" letter from Mr. Clay imma d lately, in regard to "slavery" and the "territory' arq iired from Mexico ; and. reasoning from the fue that " Mr. Clay k a citlzsn of a State where elavery ii t lerated, and is himself the holder of slavtm''-as th< Journal h?n it?they conclnJe very reasonably that hi would as likely pronounoe on one side as on the other or, at Wast, make it something like his Texas anti annexat on letter, with a something like, "personally have no onjeotlon," if it on be done without this 01 that rerult. The whole tenor of the Journal's oomments on Mi Clay's letter, is on this ohord ?Henry Clay most speal oat apon the polioy of extending slavery and ite banefu influences, sooial, moral, and poiitloal; the vote of Ohic for him, is contingent on this point; there mutt hem concealment of sentiments! " O, Hurry Clay?the noble Harry Clay," was ever mai beset by suoh friends as thon oanst botst of? Here, yoi are told-avow yourself apposed to the admission int our Union of any additional slave State, and there wil he " no nana dearer to a majority of the people of Obi' than that of Henry Clayand yet, these very kirn friends are wisaiug in their very hearts that he wouli make this avewil, in the hope that In so doing he wouli be set aside by the convention! *' The pqhlte" may look for another address fros " Aebland" In a few days, and that will be Mr. Clay' "la'teard." Whether he will take the ttiok or thi trick tike him.remains to be seen. Wbitsrn Scribk. The Important & vents In Kuropo. We (Ira below a chronological tabla of all the revo lutlonary and other important areata which hare tram fired la Europe from the fir it of Jsnuary last, to thi 8th of April, inclusive. These event* were lad off by tb< Tope, Piua IX , ia granting to Italy suoh freedom ait ihi never before possessed, under the pontifical control the republican movement la now spreading throaghou Europe. Jixviir. 1. Riot ani raaaoaore in Milan. 8. Lola Montes, the leading spirit of Bavaria, arrested 7. ?spartero enthusiastically received in Madrid. i. Sanjuinary struggle in P<ivia, Italy, between tk< students and troop* 0. Straggle In Pavia continued ; fifty persons killei and wounded; the university olosed ; Tuvols in lnsui rectlon; Bergamo and Bresaia in commotion. 14. Palermo bombarded by the king's troop* ; revolt] ticn In Sicily. 16 Bombardment of Palermo continued. 14. Ab-dM-Kader a prisoner in Kranoa. 1* Ear* hquako in Lisbon; mercantile failures through out Europe. 33 Great excitement In Italy; the Austrian troops en tered Parma and Modena. !i0 Messina bombarded ; natienal constitution grant ad by the king to the Two Sioilies; suspension of ainii at Palermo. rasauABY. 1. Threatened war between Eogland and China. Sign of a revolution in tha Celestial Empire. 7. Oreek ministry resigned. 10. Proclamation of the Pope, to the Catholios of Italy 10. Revolution in Milan. 33. Rtvolution iu Franca ; a repnblio dsolartd; Loul PbiUppe abdicated. 34. Tremendous meeting at the Hotel de Villo, ii Pari*; the oity illuminated ; great exoitemeut in tin Chamber of Deputies ; the people demand a provisions government. 3fi First proclamation for a provlilenal government o Franoe issued. 38 The provisional government of Franoe proclaim ed; tha throne of Franoe burned In the itr<et. 3S Flight of the royal family from Franoe. 39. Flight of the Viceroy of tha Enpeior of Austrii from Milan; his arrival at Cot am. isanaa. S. Great financial revulsion throughout Europe; hear failures. . Riot at Petth. Archduke 8t?phen chosen King . Thsnews of tha French revolution received by tb Emperor of Russia. 9 Signs of a revolution in Bohemia. 10. Riots in England and Scotland. 11. Revolution in Vienna; S00 persona killed; Aostrii in commotion. 14. Counter revelation in Naples; proclamation ofthi Pope, granting a new and liberal constitution to his pec pie. 15 Signs of a revolution in Warsaw. Id bigns of a revolt in Denmark and Sweden 17. Revolution in Prussia; the imprisoned Poles lib* rated; the liberty of the prase granted; revolt in Lom bardy; Luxemburg declared a republic; Hungary ii commotion; gieat demonstration ia Paris; lbs Bank o Franoe suspended speoie payments. II RUt m K^nrtkhnlm- Rulirinm. Prtiulft and Amtrii remonstrated gainst the provisional government o Franca allowing thrir suljicts to mako dtmonstra'-iou agsinst their governments; inrurrte'.ion in Berlin; tsi thousand porsona killed and wounded; tremendous oon fllot in Milan; great sacrifice of life; the people vioto rious; the llusaian foroes concentrated on the Iroutieri of Niiesla. IB. Concessions of the King of Hanover to his people the oeneorship abolished. 30. Louis, King of Bavaria, abdicated; Sohleswig-Hol eteln declared herself separated from Danmark; a provl sienal government proclaimed; prepara'ions making lo war with the Dane*. 31. Alarming convulsions at Silesia, Breslau and Li ihuanit; signs of an outbreak at Aix-la Cbapelle. 33. Great excitement in Dublin. 13. Venice declared a republic, after a caoitnlatioi oonolu.led by Oeneral ZecUy with the provisional go vernment. Venice was to r*main a republic until all thi Italian 8tat?s became united and Independent cf Acs trla, Sic. 34. Revolution in Genoa. 3> The censorship af Denmark abolish*J; srpiratioi of Naples aad Sicily completed. 30 Hostilities cummenoed between Denmark and Sehleswig. Manifesto of the Kmpsror of llussla bidlini defiance to the rest of Europe, and preparing fcr a Reno ral war. Prinoe Adam C'Mrtoryski, and other leaders o: the Polish revolution, at Cologne, en rtuU for Poland Jerome Napoleon JSonapsrta on duty as guard in Paris Attempted revolution In Spain; terrible coafliot in Ma drid between the republicans and the troops 37. The constitution of Spain euspeuded; Madrid in i state of siege. The Sardinian army under King Cbarle Albert crossed the frontier, and the first division enter ail Milan 38 Sardinia declared war against Austria Bittlea Monteobleii, between the Auatrians and tha Sardinians the latter victorious. Piince Eugene, of Savoy Caveg nan, appointed Lieut. General of .Sardinia in the ab?enc< of tbe king 80. Tha Kirg of Sardinia entered Lodl; the retreat o the Anstrians under RiJetiky. iriiL. 2. Arrival of the British fl?ei in the bay of Napier >. Irish Confederation Committee received *t tb< Hotel da Vllie, in l'arls. 4. Retreat of the Anstrians from Dsseniano. 6. Havoy declared a republic 6. Savoy declared egaiu in favor of tha King of Pa:dl nla; the property of the imperial family of Lomb*rd; plaoed under sequestration by the provis onal govern meat of Milan; great excitement throughout Ireland convention or chartists met in London; their propone* meeting on the 10th; revolntion iu England autioi pated 7 Prcepeot cf a war between Austria and Pruisla fo tbe supremacy in Germany; Mad-id quiet, bat genera ditoenttnt prevalent; prospeot of a war between Oer many and Kuisla for tbe independence of Poland. 8. I'reapect of a war between Deoinaik and, perhapi Rngland and Rutsle, on tha or.a fide, and Prnista ant Htnovcr on tbe other, far the annexation of Soblsswig Hoiitein to the Uerman Confederation. 9 Conflict at Biu, between the Danes and Ilelstelni the former vlotorlous; Flensburg occupied by the Dan a inturrectlcn at lUsse-Cass?l, (he town turrendared ti the insurgents; tko Danes took possession of tha smal peninsula of Holnls, after a abort bat'le; threatened re volution in England. 10 The chartist procession in London a failure; th< petition presented; riotatTroyes II. Riot at Cologne, the Ineurgents defeated; riot a Freecham, tbe Prussiiu e*|?le torn down, aid au owl pu up In Its place Sporting Intelligence riproamiw Course, Nkw Oslkah Third day, April 92 ?Tbe three mile raoe advertised for Friday was post toned until to-day on account of the heavy rain, whlcl prevailed with " a perfect looieness" over twenty-tow honra There were four entrlea?Buena Vista, LittW tnuirtfa, Jumping Mullet, and Dundy lim ths fit* nwmed bring the favorite againit th* fiald at long odd? even u blub a* lour to on*. The high reputation of tin horaea and the pleuaant weather, draw oat a large oon court# of spectators, who, almost to a did, soon becam< " interested " In tha race. We cannot lorb -ar nottaiDg the splendid brush mid? by Jumping Mullat on the I an ijuarter ot tha first beat; we have uevrr witnessed i better sustained offort under the most discouraging clr oumitanaaa. Tha following summary gives the result Hitur.Uy, aid April.?Puras $100 ?Kolranoa 10 pal cent., added?Three Mile Heat*. D. F Kennar'a eh, f Buana Vista, by Imp (>l?noo? dam by Imported Leviathan ; 8 y. o. - 83 lb*... 11 T. B. Ooldsbv'a oh.f. Mttla Miatrosa, by Hhamroek, dam by Wild Bill ; 8 y o ? M lbs .1 5 Col. A. L. Bingaman's eh. e. Dandy Jim, by Altorf, dam by Sir Richard ; a y. o?86 lba 4 i Harmon h Henry'* eh. g. J am pint Mull?t, by Othello, out of Piano ; ay o.?H3 lb? 3 4 Tim*, #:3??6:30 Foubth Dtr, April 33.?Aa iu to be expected, thar< ?u orowded attendance in oonatquanoe of iLe excite ment produo?d by the fame of tu? tared bona*, wbiol wara to oontand ia a rioa. four mile baata At starting OHrer wa? tba favorite, but tha gelding, Varlflar, won Id two atialgbt hrata: in tha latter, batting Revenaa b; threa or tour Itngihi. IVMM1IT. Fourth Day, April SS.? Para* >700- Kntrance 10 pei cant addad.?Konr mila haata.?W. J. Minor'a eh. g. Ve 1111 ?r, by Imp. Belaheafar, oat of imp. Britinaia; 4 yeari old; 97 lbf t I Cjl \V. R. Jahnaoo'a b. a. Rerenne, by Imp. Trnatea, out ot Roaalla Somere; 4 yc ara old; I0t Iba. . .3 1 laaao Van Laer'a eh. a. Oliver. by Wagner, oat of Flight, by Imp. Leviathan; S jaara aid; M ib?... .1 3 Tlma?8.J4X, 1:17. ? .. I I III! I J/ tfj NEW YORK, TUESDAY City Intelligence. Thk WitATHKR ? Tho weather ywtertoy nna vary ehang: able. The ton rcg* from a clear horizon aad pursued his course most toautifullj uatjl about 11 o'clock., when heavy clouJs objauied his rnyif, auJ gave strong Indication!) of a itorra.acil this wlml Mn* mfut violent. ly. At two o'olock there wan a alight sprinkling of rain, ' and tho olouda atill hum? dark and hmvily, and th? t ?tronti*t?t hopes were ?nle;t*iued throughout the city a that a good ruin would yet ocuie beforo tbo woruinff. 6 May Div-Monnu Pcknks ?The city yesterday presented the most amuicng andlu!!crou*roenea that it lias for years past. It being tbe 1st of May. a oortaln class | of people who hal not b ?en punctual in the payment of their rent, were, as a matter of course, obliged to take up their beds end walk, while thousand* of tbo more * provident sought a mnro comfortable or r?s?poctable hai, bititioH than they had occupied for tho past year. The ? soenes of oontusion began to manifest themsslres about the dawn of d'y, when a ge?jer?l packing and tying up ' took pltce, eavo the stores, which w^re n'c-'eary for the Q preparing of the morning meal. About eight o'clock. . tbo moving operations begun, UTid ooice a tumbling rut or furniture from attic and cllar. while the watchful j housewives were unremitting ia their requests to the I oartmon to be careful, and th? psp?H were takicg care ol , the babies in several cases, the tnn*uts wure ao much attached to their last yetrly residences, wbioh they had entirely forgot to pay Or, tbat a writ of ejectment was nectasary i'jr the Ian ilord to got pos'oeslon of bis own property. At one cf those places, in Third street, the good wife faced the o?n?table, who had aopeored for tbe purpose of throwing out and taking poseesa! on, and declared her intention to stay. Iler good muii was able to pay iue rent, 11 us nil nor, uone bo, anu wnue ne ?m able t" pay >be would never leave. Sue wm told liy the cfflc*r tliat her liusband bad uot paid the rent - *nd that w the r?*asou tbey could not stny ; 8 it was of no uie to malic further objection, If she did not leave quietly, he would be obliged forcibly to remove ' them. After considerable difficulty and hard wards. th? ? o\J lady commenced packing up for* retreat. In rv*rj 2 street in the city there ware goueral confiuion and disor | der, and a ({antral sqiwIlirg of children and *>'gi ceuM 1 be heard all tba time. Quite a sad catastrophe oconrred in Park How, a young lady, who was on the moving principle, w?? very carefully ctrrying a handsome lock inft glHR", which she veiy frequently raised, to take a vlaw of her pretty faoe, which rhj doubtless very much admired, accidentally fell while looking at borsslf? ? when she rose the reflection had vanished, and the mirror lay in atoms ather feet. She quietly picked up th? I frame a*d moved onward Th-re was said to bo a more general changing than hod occurred for years. Ever noma who bad purchasod property were on tho eve ol i- being ejected, andin one one it was necessary tooall up on the police to quell a disturbance, in putt of a gentle man's house, who was about to suffer the mortification of being illegably ousted from his own premises. Sioret and tradesmen, as if by magic suddenly nhangnd. and tho shingle beaiiag the n*me of the new inmite a* speedily mounted tbe tojs of the door posts The moving operations were cot eonoludsd ua; it a lato bmir last night, and than only brawling uod confusioa prevailed, in many cai s?j not a bod belrg in preparation for rapose. Youko Fbiendj or irinxn ? Frittr*! zition.?A B meeting of the above society took plaoe last evening at ihs Sh*k?sp*?r Hotel, Michael O'Connor, Esq., President, in the ch?ir; A T. Gallagher, K.?q, Sicretary. Aftor the diaposal of mm? routine- business, the following preamble and rseolnMon were adopted:? s Whereas, From the latest intelligence we have received from Irrlaud. wo ore of opinion that th? time li%s a arrived when the Irith poople had det-rmined upon rna ? king a grand effort to ihroiv oil' the galling yolm of Brij ttsh oppreesioa; and whereas, wo are of opinion, that tbe chief, if not the only aid the friends of Ireland la f America oan offar, is the moral foroe of opinion, and affording pecuniary aid to the movement in IroUad; and whereas. th?re exist at present In this oity mtny societies, professing to hold the redemption of Ireland a' the basis of their org.icizttlon; but from differences ol i opinion in regard to the mode, <io thereby preelude th' possibility of a general Uiiion. It the general deliver arcs of Ireland; whe eas, by the united efforts o . all Irishmen, lor the r,ole object above stated, we cat give such aid H* will be felt and appreciated? Tuerefore resolved, That we rooommen l to the conI lideration of tbe various Irish sooieties, the propriety o appointing five delegates from such body, to meet ir convention In this city to copeert nob measure* in their judgment will best promote tho liberation of Ira, land; and that a committee of five bs appointed to meet at Tammany Hall na Thursday evening, Uch of May, B for said parpose. Tho meeting koreupon a-'j turned. List ok Firks vor tiik Month or Aran, ?Ths following Is a oompleto list of tbn fires which occurred in tbU ony during the month of April:? 21. Sis story biick, 14lDuane?t.; dimatfe tiftVOUU. 3.1. Four Btcry briflf. 2f3 Bowery; damage trifling. 34 Two story brioi, 20J Vurlek stroet, trifling. ' 3 1 Two story brick, 4i Water etc?et, trifling. on. AWPiuij uuut) uviuqi irtLcwiugwn mm Moor# streets J 9lh. Ship yard, front of 7tb street: damsgs >10,000. ' !?tb. Thieostoiy brick, reef of 7 Jlsator ftreet, trl fling. ' Oth. Casting irtop, 461 Cherry strret, trilling nth. Three story wood, rear cf 111 Orange etreot, " trifling. 1 1 ith lii'B house, oorner of Canal and Centre streets, , trifling. i 12th. Ono story house, 25 Madicon strsst, destroyed. 13th Four story brick,U7 Ann str??t; darnaje $0 OoO. 14th. Fcur story b ick, 14.1 Fourth street, trlfl:r>c 17th. Four story Drick, 77 Chatham street, triflirg. r 18th. Three lire story, six two story und two thres story houses iu Wooster, near P;ince street; dataag* * $1.50(100 19th Three story brick, corner or Bockmaa and Pearl streets, ttiUiug 1 )9th. Five s.oiy Lric5?, 10) Water strtet; damage " $10,000. 5 20:h. Two story wood, rear of 63 Jimisstreot, trifling. 20ck Two story biick, 110 Kim stroat, trifling. 2?th. Two ttory wrod, 14 Dssbroases street, trlflinsr. 20th. Smi/ke house, roar of 7o Sullivau street; damage 1 $1,000 . 20th. Two stcry wood, 112 Orchard street, trifling. 1 21st. Broadway theatro, trifling. ' 21st Threa stary brisk, 36 Spruoe street, trifling " 221. Coaoh house, 6th arenas, aod ltiuih strest, d?1 atioyed. iM. Four story brick, 111# Chatham street, trifling. 22i. Two story brisk, 441 Ureeawicu strett, trifling. 2M Wood shel, 19th street; trifling. 221. Pile of lumber in 12i.h street; destroyed. 22d. Steamboat Traveller; trifling. ? 2 l*.h. Feur story brtok, 159 Mad ton street; trifling 25;h. Two story brick, Matdeu l.aao aui Front street; . trifling . '.'6th. Two story wood, oorner of Tike and Henry it* ; ' trifling. 27th. Fcur story brick, 139 Maiden L<tno; oousl<1?roblo ' 27th. Two stery wood on 9th a?onn?; destroyed. . 27th. Four story brick, 111 Chatham street; trilling. 27th. Columbian steam mills, 19th street; destroyed. 27th. Brick stable on 17th street: destroyed 28th. Two story wood, *09 Grand streot; trifling. 24th. Two story brio1!, 263 Pearl street; trilling, s 29tb. Two story wood, 309 (Jrand street; tnflip^ 29th. Three story brick,214 Greenwich street; trifling 30th. Throe story briekj77 Chatham street; trifling aum. wuou iidina on n:n avenue; irinin{. 30th. Thr?t> small wooden houses oa U7th street, near f 7th Hvenue; destroyed i- 3t)ih. Wtod stall*, J4lh street and 8 li avenue; destroyed 1 Making a turn tot?l of 45 iime? the flr?tu*n wore called out tor aotual duty duriug the month. r Fikki.?A firo broke out about half p??t 0 o'clock, on ,1 S.inday n'.*hr. in the h?us? No 77 Cbutaamstreot, orccpied by Mrs.YVentworth, which was put out with trifling damage. A lire broke out at half-past 3 o'olook yesterday I moruiug, in tne b?sen>eiit of No. 40 Muldsn lane, oor.u I pied by Mark I.svy St Co., importer* of fancy goods, whiolt was put out wil'i trifling damage, euppixed io be the work or iui incrnuiary. A'jio at l\al'-pa>t 3 o'J;oi i yesterday morninj In the stable in tbo resr of No. 33 t Troy st!tet, wliloh was prt out with trifling d*ia?ge; a supposed to have bean Mt cn fire Also, at fjur I o'clock, in the house of Jirncs D. Sherwood, rt-ar ol No 37 Leroy street, which was eat rely d?*troy?d; the (limes oommunioatfd to boko buildings adj du:ng, tise?t ! a* (tables, which wore also destroyed, togetn-r w?r.i lour horsor; the Ore also coniinu?lc*t?d to No* -J7,'J3 and t J I, whioli wsre emy partiiliy daci?i;?d; s?il to h ivo b3*>n t S'ton Ore Also in a large pile of lumbar, <n .treet, betwnen 3d and 4th ayerr.i?n, which ?*ai destroyed; aleo supposed to have been set on lira. Also at 11 o'olocfc rn Sunday n'ght, in a etablo at the ooro?r of Xld street and I U.h aveana, whioh was put out wltii trilling d?m?ge. Also nt a iju.rtor part 11 o'clock, In a small frame building i vu jam mrmi inioR wM leatreyej, togetuer wi..h two r otberl adjr>ioio{. A boy about ilxyeuifl old id #a1d to 9 h??e pert*h?d iu the A factory n^irby , *M aliio destroyed, with three horses. The tlrealfto , oommuotcate'l to a large thro ?tory fraojo dwi-i'lng n house, on SOtb ftre*t, wbioh wai put out with trillion ilnmtft. Alto, at l'J o'clock, in i\ fttable at the oornar if i Htta aronue and -il-.h street, which was destroyod; ? [ ?er?l otiiT hou?f near by look tire, but were put on* t with trlfl'ng demnga. Alfto, at l.'a o'clock ynter I y t morning, la the rUble of J.ueph t;. As'ou, of tfj< 148 IG.aetreet, which wee denlroyej, togother with thre? home*; bI?o, two two utory trauio butldl?g* #dr joining The pickle ttfire of Mr Seolt, near by, was also destroy rd; and (teyeral tmtll houses in th# Immediate Tlclnity were partially destroyed ' Thk Muirxa at br*.?The brig Colonel Taylor, from St Ja?o da <'.n*a. allude! to yesterday, Arrival in port 1 last evening. The fjlowiog parifcuiar* In r*l<-reace to tt e murder, whioti we hiv j already montioned. ate from ' Capt. Bean : ? " Oa the Uth ulto , In latitude 23, longitude 74, at 3 ' o'oiock, A .vl , tii" mate, K. Q, Wr-enwood, of l incin nati. a?*d about II j e*r?, ordered forward Hie man at ' the wUrel, ( William Catbjle, of Philadelphia, aged li.) and put la hit steed a tick mm. A few minutes afivi 1 ward, the niixn at the wheel heard the ory of" murder " < (coin Car by le. who had gone forwnrd, and railed the c*p| taia, by the ory of a man orerboatd " The mate answered the ery himself, but the captain oauie on dock, when the mate explalnod that Carbyie had ilrawn a knife upon him, and in ** f defenna ha had knocked iiira OT?r ' boar 4 with ? tun !*piii?, and <t?oiar?d that h* should not ' <*ln eoma o i I .i ! i'ua brig w*a immHiliatqly hoT" 1 to and n boat iowtrad. The cr?w af lh? boat hoard the aria* of the man for half au hour,but bafora ih?y r*aoh-'l tha ipot wlinnni tha muud proanadad h.> hud aJnk At daylight tha taibia found a bio til hatchet in a barrel near the foramaat Ti?o iua?t waa blsodr, lht> bowcprK 1 kad a eat in it maring tha bokatay, and tha bowsprit ibroad* war# utarlj oat awajr. Thar* vru aiio blood 1 >RK I MORNING, MAY 5, 184 on tba bead rail*, bobatay and shrouds. The mate had blond upon his cloth**, and said that the man mide several blow* at htm with the hatchet, before he fell over boards The batehet was in the tool cheat the day before. All hands were below at the time, except the mat* and two men." The mate, fcilward Oreenwoo', was tab an Into oueto dy by the M. S. Marshall, on charge of murder. It ii al>o ailege.l that the prisoner endeavored to Induce th< murdered man and the (toward to aid htm in killing th< Captain and running away wUh the vessel? Greenwooc wan committed to priaon laet night. Htkamuoat AclidkiXt. ? A* the ateamboat Woroeatei waa on her way up the Sound last evening, on her uaua tilp, when ebe bad reached Ilellgate her abaft broke and she wai obliged to anchor. The steamboat NlmroJ from Uri-' <io.f, took off her passengers and brougb them back to the oity. Nkw York, Ai.bany, a:iu Buffalo talrijsarh.?B; an advertisement in onr paper this morning, it will b< seen that the office of the New Yerk, Albany, and Buff a lo Telegraph Co. hau been removed to No. sixteen Wal B'.rcel, up s;aira. Police Intelligence. Highway Jl ibh,rii. ? V??turjay morning, at ths wnteli returns before J ustloe Drinker, officer Welsh of the 4tt vrjrd police, brought before the magistrate a regular Wa ter street thief, called William K?nt, on a charge o highway robbery, la knocking down a sailor by the nam of Mark Lewi', undwh*n lown, heldlng him iathat poii Hon, whllo two olhsr of hid accomplices robbed Limb fore*, carrying oil'oyer $},>. The officer stated befor the magistrate, that a* ha wan going his rounds i Cherry street, he saw three suspioluas lookin men go up under n lamp post, apparently t ooant some money, and whlla there he haard one s iy t the others," I think he has more money." With thii they started down Cheriy stroat again and shortly after ward be heard a oall for help, aud Immediately ran do wi to the piano, wheu he saw three men pies away fron I,"wis, who said ha had boen knocked down and robbed Walsh forthwith gave tha alarm rap, whioh brought as siftanee, and all three of the suspected men werecaugh arid conveyed to the statics house, where Lewis at ono Identified Kent as the f*llow who struok him and belt him by the throat while the other two stole the monej from his pocket MacAstrate- -Well, where are the other two men the nocomplices of this prisoner ? Omen a?The captain let them go because be kne tbem, and aa Lewis couldn't iden;ifyfthem. Magistrate?Well, this Is a funny w?y of doing be sinens : these two men were, beyond a doubt, the accon pliees of this prisoner here, and yet they were let gc Lewis, are yon sure this i - tha man who robbed you ? Lewis?(The old tar then straightened himself ut turned bis quid, and hitohed up his trowaers, and said Yea, your honor, this is the chap ; he oollared me by thi throat and held me down, while the othsr two took m money, and turned my pnokets inside out, (showing th justice the process by turning bis pookets out.) one o the fellows said whtin 1 was down, "Don't kill the ol fellow this time " I was a little bit toddied, but no onougb but whit 1 kaew all tUey did; they thought bad more money aa I was paid o(T on Saturday, ?na lei with a friend ViAO tor safe keeping, and kept for pockel | money about or $34, which they took from me. Magistrate.?I see it is very evideut lint all threi were concerned la the robbery, not only from you statemeut, but from the testimony of the offloer wh saw all three together, arrosted them and brought >1 thrflft tr% (kn afaH/kn Vt/\nM nn<l net nAaaiK1 ?r tha ??r cnej who had the moaoy, were discharged by the cap tala. Those two men, according to the polloaman' story, were equally an guilty. Thay ought ceitainly t have be?u brought up as wall as this ona. Howevei the eomplalnt stands good against Kent; therefore, Co Snow, take the afli.davit of L?wii on a charge of high way rjbbsry, wbiih w.i? done, and the anouted looke up lor trial. The puuishmont for this ofTanon is imprl sonment in tho Slate prison for not l?sa thin tea years 1 and might be for life, at the optioa of the court 1 Whire are thn other two men ! ; H>thcy ? Offloer Clifford of the 6th ward, arrrested black follow culled John Wilson on a charge of knook i ing down a white man by the name of Jehu Hugbes, o ' the Fits Point!), and whlin down stole from his person > silver watch, valued at $3. The negro was Identified b the oomplainant, and Justice Urioker committed him I ' trial. i Police VigUancc.?Old Bob Satton, the oelebrate profcrsar of tha screw and lever principle, and a gra? aate for many years at tha Mount Pleasant College, i ' Sing Sing, was arrested on Sunday night, by one of tb i faithful guardian* of the peace, belonging to the 4el ward, on a charge of being drunk and very disorderly 1 Madison street, and disturbing the ptaoeful qnlet of th neighborhood Oa being brought before Justio* Driuke eatly yesterday morning, the polloeman stated that h did not -,vi*h to makn any ooinplalnt nigainst him, as b only brought him la for safe keeping, ai he had oon | eidetable money aiioul him. Macmtratk ? Vei. I tee you have brought this ol( rogue in, in order that his companions may not rob him 1 rtr) Kood feeling Indeed on the part of an ofil;er, an tbe same reason, no donbt, prevent* you from makis, nny complaints; but, on the other hand, if ho was sorrv ( puor fellow without money, the charge would be surel made. What have you to say, Bob, for being drunk ani disorderly I*st night? Bou? Well Judeo (nodding his head, with a smile, ani giving a nignifloant wink with one eye), I hav? just re turned from professional trip 80nth and Weit, am meeting *0 Liany of my friend* on my return, I aoknow ledge I took a little too much. auoutiUti?Well, you oan go, as the offloer don' with to make ucy charge. And off walkod Bobby, winkicg his eye and laugh in*, followed by two or his pot companions, who all aP' ponred to ecjoy the joke. Where is Bill Hoppy, olc Bob's son-in-law? That's the question. , Malicioui Miichief ?Offloer Stephens of the lowe polioo, orr-sted, yesterday, a woman by the name of 80 phonia Bailey, on a charge of maliciously disflgurini tht premises No 3 Duane street, by soiling the walls ai floor with soot and water, together with other filth, an likswln breaking 21 panes of glass out of 2d, dooe mere ly to spit* the laudlord, Mr. Samuel Sparks, who com pelled bar to nora against her will. She was held t answer toe oh*r??. Jlrrtit of the Kteaptd Counterfeiter.?A. telegraph! despa'c'i was received by the chiet of police, yes erJay from Marshal Tukey, of Boston, setting forth that he bai arrested the counterfeiter, Thomas (Jookln, alias Bakei and had him confined in jail. This man, it will be recol leoied, eso^pad on the 4th of September last, from thi oity prison, disguised in female attire, and sinoe tha time has evaded the aye of the police by leaving this oitj and taklrg np his quarters iu Boston, wUire be has b?ei ii iaiij |>ijwnia ' ui mttrsau i ukpj. Air. liuhoi the keeper, will leave the oily te-il?y for Boston, au< letch him back on a requisition, and we muoh doubt 1 pjtMcoa's will aoawsr a sscond time. Arrnl of an Impttlcr--A Pole by t*e name of Ed w.ird Kortiadawtki, was arrested ;e?t>rday on a ohargi rande by Jcssph Alfonce, of the Shakespeare Hotel, set ting forth tbat Clils Polo was an Impostor and a *aga bond. It appears tbat the aoouaed.a fewweeks a*c w m at Philadelphia, and applied to the French const) ia that city, representing that ho was M*jor Toohman a Polish refugee. Tho consul, belio<ing bis story, gnv hiai a certificate to that effect, and on he oame to Nei Vorli, where he bad no'tcomr arrived, than he com minced his impositions, in ordjr to collect money. TAi story he to'd, was, that he hsd been to Washington, an. railed tho President, with whom an agreement hac been made, that he should colleot all the Poles now ii tho country, and as soon as oomplotsd, he would star lor Poland, for the purpose of lighting against Russia and the only nsaus he had of getting along was bj soliciting subscriptions. Mr. Alfonce. at first bellevec his story, and gave him $1 60; but subsequently ascer tained that the rasoai was an lupostsr and swindler bavi'g imposed uj>on m?ny others in the like master Justice Di inker locked him up for trial. JLnvr Intelligence, fvrhk'mk Court. miy 1.?(Werel Term ?Present Justices Hurlbut, Paige and Kdmonds. The following doo:slom were given this morulag, aTier the court organs d? Ileri y Cothiel impl'uiti, <J-c. mlt. Tie Mechanic!' H ink.-On application for the eurplus money on a mort gago eile, it appearel that the Karmsra' Loan Companj DaJ a mortgage of S3 lots of land lor $130,000, and bad obtain*i betides, In anothor matter, a general decree K the mortgagor for $t)000. whloh was duly dock eteJ ani was a general lien against him. The Meoba nlos' Bank and Cothiel had each a mortgage against. th< "i" person oa other premises, from a silo of whlcli thi la qusation arose. whloh Cathlel olalmed under tin mortgage, and the K. L. & T. Co, uuder their general decree; ihe latter h-.J taken from the mortgager a doed of 35 lot*, In satisfaotlon of their mortgage thereon, ant It waa Instated for Cothiel that their mortgage on the 8; lot? hal been merged iu the conveyance to them of tha equity of redemption, whereby the lot* were subjected to the lien ot their general deorre, and that they ou<ht flrjt to r?sort to thoaa lot* for satisfaction, before resort ing <o a fund on which alone Cothiel had any lien. Thi in inter reported that ihe K. L. Si T. Co. waa entitled t< the surpl us, and tha as -options to his report came on to !>.< aigu?d before Justio.t Kdinonds, at the last Novembei ?p?ei?l tirm, who ecnfitm*Jthe mister's report, (set Unrlinur C lteports, Hit,) aad now on a rehearing 11 is held tUat the doctrine of merger is never rrgardec! wilh f.ivor In a ouiut of eq ilty, and is never allowed ih?r? except forepecul reut>oas, and to promote the Inteo'ioQ ot the parties ; and, therefore, the mortgage on ths f)j lots did not ra-igr in the conveyance thereof, ai to thssa lots f-.r the lien of the general decree; and it is also held that Colhirl oould not s?t up uiarj in thai mortfg'1, that b*i.;g a personal defeoee, wtilo'i oaunot tie sot up by a stranger to '.he original transection ? it Is oooflcwd to taoM persona alone who are bound by the original contract to pay tho mm borrowed. D?oree at apeeiel term, urtlrmf a with eoita. Pittr Brown t' nl vt Btyrfeiiburgh ani other* ?Decree of mflaunt Vloe-Chanoellor alttrm d with cot'* Snitk vt. Yitung.? Krror to tha New YorS Superior Court.?In an action on aloat not*.?It tu held that tha plaintiff In tha aotion ne?d not ba a worn to prove loaa, it being coapatont aud aafflolent for him to prove It by a dlalntereated witn?aj It la held that an action at Uw on a loH nolo on a i>e brought onlv by the party to whom it belonged at tho time of the If Mj ani wuather th? plaiutlif .flow wm auclt own?r, waa a i|u*k:ioq of luot lot tn* jury; and if thaie waa any eridenoe tn that reapect, an exception will not )l? to 'ha reluaai or tho court to non-auit; whether the plaintiff on the trial ahail be nonnttM I* a milter entirely iu i:>? .Hi :ration of the j;idg< pr<?Hin< thereat, where there la any evldjnaJ on that po'nt. Ju<lgm*?t affirm*,I 1. >ng Itl'ind Rain and Company vi. Mtr^mn.l it al ? Wuere a company haa entered upon and engaged preraiaea puriuant to leaae purporting to be ma to by tnelr a>i;ent, ?r\d has paid rent thorefor, It waa held thoy wert bound by auch leaae, and that the authority of theaaenl te co ?tia-.t for them oould ba proved u well by a lubae quent ratification by Ui? oompany u by direct ?vld*nM 'J- 111 IERAj 8. 1 of hit appolotment, and that he wm hlmsolf a omnpetent witussi to prove the authority. It was also hall where the loam contained a stipulation aa to wh?n the rent wai payable, that an agreement to pay quarterly would > be inferred, from the faot that the les?ee had demanded it quarterly, and that the tenant bad so paid it Judgment for defendant*, with doable oosts to dofendant ' I Bissell > Ito'art vs. RurkhiU*r.?Motion to aet aside non-suit * denied, with oosta. 1 Pitch and othtrn vt. Waring.?A trustee having, in violation of his trust, assigned mortgages whioh beloagP ed to the trust fund?an assignee, though A??a fid*, 1 and after s<iver#l mum assignments, obtained no title t to them. Decree of Assistant Vioe Chancellor, direot( Ing them to be givsn up and oanoelled, ufllrmed, t oosts In equity being not a matter of right, but in the discretion of the court. Deuree as to oosts afllraad, and no oosts of the apoeal allowed. 1 Huntington vt Mather.?Where slock Is hypothecated as security for a loan, and is transferred to the lender, i the transaction is a mortgage, and not a pledge; and on default of payment,the title rests absolutely In the lender, and the right to redeem Is barred by the same lapse of time whioh would make the statute of limitations up. t ply to the note. Deoroe dismissing bill ufllrmtd wtlh l costs Sli-ldou vs Wf iks.--Motion for ra-hearlng denied, with f costs to be taxed. , UcLtan vt IValgrtveJnJgment for plaintiff on the . speoial verdiot. y Clark vt. Spelman ?On a suit braught to recover a 9 balanoe del'dndamt left after compromise, by which oneQ half had bsuu paid, on the ground that the settlement g had been obtained by fraud. A motion was mide to sjt 0 aside tbe report of refereol, not oa ttao ground of ? merits. bat of the ruling as to the admission of evidenoe, the ruling rot belnc: rlghf. Motion denied with costs. Ch'tterman vi. McCnUm ? When a sub-contraotor on a building threatened to leare his work beoauso he could na money of tbe contraotor, and was promised by the owner ?f the balldlog that, If ha would ge on with the work, he should be p*ld It wa? held that, far all work after that, this was an original contract and need not ba in writing It was also held that a refusal to uouuuit Is g ood ground of exosption,and cannot Ye corrected on error, excepting cnly where there Is no dispute about faots; and the question is one simply of law?It ie never a ground of exception where thero is any evidence to submit to the jury. It was held that where there Is an exception to the whole charge of the judge, and any part ot it was correct, the exception^must lull, even if a part of the caarge was erronious. it being necessary in such case that the exception should point particularly to that part wbiob is feund fault with, so that it may ba altered or oorreoted in time. An aooount of work and labor does not draw lntereat from the time the snrrlces wers romlared Judgment of New York Common I'leas reversed and Tenure de novo awarded. Steel et al adtm. The people ex rel B. G'iJP n on award of mandanui ?l'ue deoision of a special term for a motiou to award a peremptory mandamus beoause of the insufficiency of ths return, cannot be tevlewad In the Court of Appeals; the only mode of carrying it to that court Is through rehearing at the general Urm, which will ba granted on a certificate of a judge of this oonrt that such rehearing is proper. A record ot judgment, therefore, on suoh motion at special term, setting out a demurrer and joinder in demurrer, la Irregular, and would be *?t aside, l'o a reoord of judgment in suoh case, setting oat the motion and dnoWion thereon, a writ of error to the court of appeals will not lie-the special term haying power to award a preremptory mandamus. There Is no power in a judge sitting at chambers to stay proceedings there on. The reoord mads up by the relator set atide for irregularity and tbe order to stay proceedings set aside. ' Sections 9 and 10 of the aot supplementary to the code ' relate as well to motion decided before as to those deoided after that aot took effeot Si-kcial Tkeu ?Before Judge Edwards?Deolsinns? Huldm et at vi alitor?Motiou to set asido writ of assistance, denied, with $lt oosts. HoyU vt. Thtmpwon? Motion to set aside default, groniad ; costs to abide the nvetit of suit. In Ihe Matter of Jlppeal of Jai Fortune, Jldminiitrator, from Order of Surru*ute.?Motion to dismiss appeal, denied on pavment of 910 costs by appellant. Motion for leave to file petition of appeal, nunc pro tunc, and to extend time to procure a transcript of tne proceedings _ bsfore the Surrogate, granted on payment of $10 costs. j Holltrman vi. Hollerman ? Order for commitment gran tad, with $10 costs. j Half or i vs Stehkf t? Motion to aet aside ordsr restraining the defendants, denied; coal* te abide the h erent. Cran<! vi. Waterman.?Motion tot reoelvor denied, with $10 costs. _ Fecdter ad in. Hart? Motion to dlssolre injunction, a granted. surrkme Court (old )?Present, Justices Whlttleeley and McKlssosk ?This Court, whloh has been continued by the new Constttntion, until the first Monday in July > next, for tho purpose of clearing the calender of the old ! causes, organized this mornlag, and soon after adjourned, d g CeuaT of Oter a*u Terminer?Before Judge Eds wards and Aldermen -The Conrt organized and ady journed to to-morrow (this) morning, no business being 1 ready. Court of Chancery.?Before Chancellor Walworth. * This conrt, whloh will be oantinued under the new oon' stltution until the first Monday of July next, to finish 1 the old business, was optnod this morning and the calendar taken up. i Court or Chancery ? Dsoislons of the Chinoellor, May 1, 1648.?Philip F. Pulvtr and John Palvtr, Jonathan Thayrr and othct ?Appeal by the complainants from an order of tho Vice Chancellor of the 3d olrouit, [ allowing tli ? defendant Anable to file a supplemental answer. Order apptalod from, affirmed with costs. Sarah J Remain, tdmV. 4'<" vi. Edwark Coprl ind.? uicree 01 me aaMatam v ice unncouor 01 mo nrei cir' cu't afflmeil, with co-ta. S John H. Croilty. adm'r. 4-e.??. Francil B. Btrgrr and d others ?Order ot the Vice Chancellor of the flrat circuit, diamlealng the petition of tho defendant Lock'vood for louve to put in supplemental answer, or to fllo o cro?a >- bill, affirmed, with coats o Joshua Fellows ?(. Henry Harrington and other*.? Order of the Vioe Chauoollorot the third oirouit district, 0 allowing an exception to a report apon a reference to oompute the amount duo upon a mortgage, affirmed with 1 coiti. 77i4?ta? Mortgomery vi. Adeline Montgomery. ? Bill dhmiaaed on the ground that oomplainant'a right waa ? barred by the iapie of time. t Horace Shepherd v*. John Sandford and other*.-Der oretal order of tha Vice Cnanoellor of the fourth oirouit, i allowing the demurrer of the defendant A. Clark, and , diamlaalng the bill aa to him, affirmed with ooata. I Ilijrutn (Varir.g vt. Ferdinand Suydasn and other).? f Order of the Vio* Chancellor,of the flrat oirouit, overruling a part of their exception*, the mnater'a report upon exceptions to the anaw*r, for impertinence and inauffl? ciancy, affirmed M to all tho parti thereof appealed ; from. i i- Jamei Lovelt E.r'r., i{-c. Jl"A?rf Buloid and other*.? i, Dicree of the lute assistant Vice Chancellor of the flrat il ciiouit reversad and modified in the parts appealed from. John H. Graham, Administrator, 4'* v> Charles Dickenson and other*.? Decree of the a^siatant vice chauoellor of the flrat cironit affirmed with ooata. Ezra M- Parsons v* William IV Mumford and other*. 1 ?Decree of the Vioa Chanoellor of the eighth circuit, 1 allowing demurrer of defendant and diamisalng the bill i aa to bim, reversed, ami cltrnnrrar'ovorrulecl, with coata. I Horace Pearce vt Jafpl IV jSlstp.Jr?Decree of the i late Tioe ohanoellor of thethi'-d oirouit, allowing der murrer and dismissing bill affirmed, with ooata. I Hathan IVatemun and other*, txteutors, .J-u. t ? Elijah Hazlttnn and Wife ? Application to dismiss an appeal . from an order of the late Chancellor of the seventh ire ait, denied, with ooata to be taxed. The tame vi. The tame- Order of the late viae Chancellor of the aeventh olrouit, d-nyinn complainant'* applieatlon for a resale of mortgaged prenmee, reversed. , Lmr.tril Harrii ami otheri vt. Harry Scofitld and t olhiri.? Decree directing an actual partition of the pre mites, and appointing commissioners to mate the ume. llobnt Mc Cartel, ailm'n'r, 4 < - ?i Catharini Camel? ' Application for a rehearing of th? appeal denied. George Rhodtt and othert vi. ifo.ry Ilhade? ? Dporee ' of the luiiatant vloe Chancellor of the firit circuit reI verted, and bill of complainant dismissed ) Ilemy llhtdct vi. George Hhodei and others ?Decree of the kjeiatant Tice ci.aucclloi of the flrat clleuii, affirmed with coats. I Jnepii Hedeman vi. Charlei J. Htnthiv) and II H. I Cm ?Order of the vloe Chancellor of the first circuit, denying application for an attachment against the deI fendant Llemhaw, affirmed with cjata. ///rnr* ItahiHii tielion and other! vi.Jamei McOi/fert I ? Decision of the olrouit jiWge.oi the third circuit ena i llshlng the last will and teatament of James Nelson, Jeoensed, affirmed with ooste. [ Charge Lovett vt. the Ctrporntion of the German Heform'd Chinch in the city oj Xtu> i'ttk and olhtri.?Ap. poal by complainant from an order of the vice chanoeli lor of the first clreuit, letting naide the order to take the , complainant'* bill m oonrerrea, ana an auDeequeni proi oeedlnga en the part of the complainant, alluwlng tUe defendant* to oome la end defend the (alt Order opi pe?led from moJlfled ; Q-argc Lovfttvi. /f.nry ftf. Ifeilttn and othe t-OtI d?r of tne vice chanotllor of the first circuit overruling I the plea of th? defendants affirmed, with rota. John Juckion vi L<w it Luilii and other I. Stafford i Duioiey vt. the tam'?Application by complainants to i o(>en an order referring oauae* to a vice chancellor for | declilon, and for leave to dlarnlt* the bill* without co?ta, denied with cost* aa to all the defendants who have ?p pcared and answered ; unlet* the oomplaiunnte within tw-uty day*, r.lpulate not to Die any new bill against the i defendant, or any of th*m, or ngainH Palmer the recei rer, to litigate any of the qaeatlana mlaed by tlie hill* in theae sulfa. If *u?h stipulation I* Riven, the oomplalatinta discontinue tho salts without costa, ?s to all the defendant*, exoept Talmadge, and ta him on payment of cost*. I The f'ttmer'i Loin and Tiuit Cornpcny vi WJu'im I Bin he and fVi/e ? Dtoree of foreclosure made by the vloe chancellor of the fourth circuit, affirmed with co?t?. Motet Taylor vi Samuel Tappen and othtri-?Dtoree i referring It to a master In Troy to appoint a receiver. I Lew i L'urtii and other! t ? Janet Swarthout and o h eti?Decree of tho assistant vloe chancellor of the tt?t circuit affirmed with oosts United Statu CoMMfitioro n'e ornea?-Berore (ommlnioner Morton?Lhaig' ./ Mnrd*r.?Itdward O. 1 OrMwood, mat* of the bug Co! Taylor to ntlonn! In tbe I In aid of yeeterdav, was brought up under u warrant granted V ??? W. Morton, K?j.. on a charge ot murder. It appear.d, from th? ifflilaTlt of Knooh M, Bran, tbe meeier of the brig, that the Railed from St Jago da Cuba, In tbo lalend of ? ubi, on tbe ?th of April | latt, bound to tills port; that between the hour* of threa awl Tout o'clock io the morning of tha IHh, ha (tba maater) d*acorer?d tiiat William < arbfie, oua of tbe 1 em, had fallen, c;wm thrown, orerboaxiJt aod drowned, ST T8TV L U. PrlM Vwa OwMi that at the time of tha occarrano*. or abortly bafora, (ircenwood Carbyle with a hatohet, wowndlng bim severely, which ni the oaase of bia baring fallen ov?rboard. Ornenwood wan committed for examination. Jluau't wilha DanftroutiVtapon?PeterCoplln.aaaond mate of tha nlilp Samanl Ruaiell, *u arreeted oadar a warrnnt granted by UommUaioner Morton, on a ohargw of having aeaaultnd Samuel Brown, tha oook, with a hate hot. on th* 8th of Aprll|laat, on t ha high aaM. Ha waa CO-rimitte.i for ximnation Bofore Cnmirlesionar A Oardiner? C.Kir it of Larttn y on the Hi/ch Seat.?Edward Roue, Robert Tyler, aa d Jamen II Hua'er, were ft Treated yeaterday, under a warrant granted by A Oardiner, K?i, on a charge o f having aer.reted, with Intent to ateal, lira owt. o t ugar, on board tha brig (ieneral Worth, on her rovaga from aomo part in the Wait In ilea to thia city. Thay were committed for examination. Court or Gspisbai. Skmioni, May 1?Before Recorder SoJtt and Alderman Kranklin and Koeka?John M Keon, Erq., DUtiiot Attorney. The May term of tbla Court ooiumeooedto day with tba following unuaually light calendar, via Poinoning. 1 ; bigamy, 1; burglary, 3 ; embeazlement, 1 ; grand laroeny, 13 ; petit laroany, 1 ; Toting illegally, 1 ; riot and aasault and battery, 1 ; pre iouiljr indicted, 5 Total of old end new OMea,30. Ofthe Kontlamon summoned to attend aa Orand Jurora, only 14 appeared to aarve : they were therefor* dlaoharged until to-morrow morning; and no builneia being reaiy the Court adjourned for the day. ^imnr uALr.nuin rm* uat?circuit tvwi.?Tit iv, lrt 17, 18. 19. an, 31, 33.34,35, 37. Superitr C?urt-*l 1, li la, 19 '2'i. '-JH 37,39 SO. to 45. C"mnnn 33, 33, 34. 35, Si 34, 35, 37, 41, 43, 44,46, 47, 48, 50. Auk est ok Jack SHurrian ?A notorious young bargUr, known J?ot Sne^pard, who led a gang of boDMbreakers in Philadelphia about a year line*, wm arretted ia that city on Saturday last. A oampanion known m Joe Blueskln, was arrested, oonviotad, and Mat to ptiaou oma time ajp. It appears from the N'wt, tbat a faw Wdaks sine*, a young man calling himself Krancis Boyd, wus committed to the oounty prison, together with two other* named JobnCarr and Richard Dougherty, ohargad with robbing tbe mill of Mr. Itrael V. Jones, in Manayuok ; and a writ of hjheat corpus baring been granted ia ths cast of tba last named, the tbrea wara on Saturday brought bafore tha Court of Quarter Sessions, for a hoariug. Boyd had.ever ainoe bla arreat.kept bla face partially oonoealed with a bandkarobiaf tied over ona of hia aye*, under pretonoe that it had been Injared In mui manner, and oould not bear tha light. This waa suspeoted to be a trick, but his purpose not being known, ho was allowed to waar It. However, a faw minutaa after he had taken his aeat In the dook, on Saturday, tha bandage waa removed, when one of the offloera of tha . court recognized him to bo Kranoia Hughe*, the young man whom It waa known had assumed tha name of Jaoit Shappard, and for whom the police had been on tha lookout for a loog time. When told by tha court tbat ha waa recognized, he atontly denied that Hughea waa hla name, but witnosaea were produaed who iwore positively to the faot. The Attorney General than praceaded to arraign him on five bllla of Indictment for burglar!** committed in December, ltUti, and January and February, 1647, to all of whioh he pleaded not guilty. Ha ia not apparently over eighteen or nineteen year* of age, but seem* to be hardened tn orima. Thk Latk Rior in Portland, Mb.?The causes which led to the late riot in Portland, Me., ar? itated la the eastern paper* a* follow* : ?Mr.Oeo. R. Davit, a wealthy and reapectable citizen of Portland, had educated and given a home to a young girl, a niece, who ha* the mtsfortuno to call the keeper of a notoriou* home of ill fame, In New York, her mother. Tha young lady 1* seventeen yearn of t<ge of great personal beauty, and her uncle ha* neglected nothing In properly cultivating her moral and intolieotual faculties The mother uas ?c various times, witnm a lew mourns, n;mpMU 10 entiee the youig lady from the house of bar uncle, bat without success. Oa Monday U4th ult., Mr? Tuttte, the mothir of the girl, called upon bar daughter, and induced her to ent*r a c?rri?i?? with her, ostensibly for the purpose of visiting Maco. slnse which neither mothat nor dau'htsr lies bs*n beard from. The friend* of the girl accused Mr. Davis, who had long been her protector, of having aooepted a bribe fron the mother, and alio, in connection with Constable DanleUon, of baring been accessory to the foreibte abduction of tba girl. Ob Thursday night a mob oolleoted simultaneously around the houses of Mr Davis in Brown street, and of Mr. Danielson. They coon proceeded to aota of violence, and completely sacked both bo usee, destroying tba furniture, window sashes, blinds, and everything moveable. The inhabitants bad previously fled. Tba mob having gratified their revengefol feelings, quietly dispersed. The Mayor of Portland appointed two gentlemen, Jossph Adams and Royal Williams, Kiqs., to proofed to Nuw York and inquire into the facts in relation to the supposed abiuotion. Mr. Dsvis acoompanied them. On the night oi the riot a portion of tba rioters prnoaeded at a late hour to the house of R. A L. Cod* man, Esq ., and commenced throwing stonea at the windows, one of which paneed through a pane, and indicted a s?vere wound on the head of Mr. Codman's daughter. It is stated that the only oonneotlon whloh Mr. C. had with this supposed abduetion was that of having boen professionally consulted by soma of tba parties. The two gentlemen appointed by tba Mayor of Portland to visit New York, reaohed that olty on Sunday last, with the guardian of the abdaoted girl, who found out her whereabouts and conveyed bar baok again to Portland. Dkstri ctiv* Conflagaration in Philadilpiiia.?About 12 oVlnrk on Saturday nisrht a fira was discovered In the carpenter shop back of BonaaU * (1 Ninth afreets, occupied by Joseph Connelly. but owned by R. Lovutt, and in a abort tin* the building was enveloped in Slmu. An adjoining abed to the Matwar.1 wu involved in the conflsgrntlon, which also apread to tbe west, driven by the wind, and caught the adjaoent carpenter shop of Joseph Lovett. Three two etory brick dwellings fronting on BonaaU street, owned by R Lovett, and two similar dwellings, tbe property of bia brother, also cangbt fire, and but for tbe exertions of the fireman would bare been totally destroyed. Tha roofs of these honsea and tbe wood work of tbe beek buildings were almost entirely destroyed. Tba families inhabiting them are severe sufferers from the damage to their furniture, the most of whieb was oooaalonad by the violence of those who entered the boaass for the purpose of saving the property they contained. A lady from one of these houses lost a gold watoh during tbe excitement of tha ocoasion. A row of five three stery bricks, fronting on Oovett'a eourt, running north from Bonsall street, belonging to Joseph Govett, were alnsoot destroyed, scaroely a vestige of tba wood work remaining. Tbe familiea in these lost nearly every thing they peasesssd. The back buildings of six nouses fronting en Lombard street, oooupl>d by John McArthnr, Joseph SUaban and Mr. Haokatt, were all more or less damaged. The bith houses attached to the above dwellings all caught tire. One or two of tbe dwellings fronting on Ninth atreet, ware also alightly seorohed. The building In whloh the fire commenoed was inanred. bat Joseph Connelly, the tenant, had alarge amount of lumber and finished work on hand. The wood work for a large dwelling on Chestnut street, and three other houses that be had taken a oontraot for, was all destroyed, amounting In all to about $J,600?not Insured. Six workmen employod by him lost their tools, amounting to about $300. The shop of Joseph Oovett did not oentain a large amount of work, and the building was not covered by insurance. The dwellings on Govett's oourt and en Bon anil street were all covered by lnsuranoe, suffloient to repair the damage reoeived.?PKilad. Ledgtr, 1st init. Ttao Titles to be given to Dm Diplomatic Agents or the Freac^ Ifeyablle, Republican and democratic governments have no need, in their diplomatlo relations with foreign powers, of tba f>retii|e of titles, of an* great display of are-emineaee at foreign courts. Tbe moral authority of their agents abroaii la in the name of the nation which they represent. Their displsv ooasists in simplicity thair rank ia In their tltla: thalr dignity ja la til* ra pact which they inspire, and in tha respeot wbieh they teetify to tha governments and nationa to wbieh they ere Bent Tha French republic oannot too aaon bring back te ihaaa principles the system of dlplematlo representation The anlform simplification of tha titlaa of ita sjents oeght to be, at tha same time, eharaetariatlc sign of its republioan nature, and a maaanra of eoonomy, by tba mduotion of the salaries appropriated to thee* high puperQnitlea of tba diplomatic body. A email number of uniform, modest, and clear title*, slgalQoatlve of the forms and order* of fanotiona of oar agents abroad, are all that ara rsquirsd to eharaoterlM oar diplomacy. Sufficient salaries, but confined to strict a ec cecity and propriety, will be given; and thoa a great economy will be effected. The amount of this remuneration, the baiee of which arc being established at prcaant, shall ba restricted In such a manner as to reduce tha budget of foreign afftirs, without Injuring tba service of tbc republic; but if a popular government oagbt to ba economical, a Jemocratio government ought not to aeoept services for nothing; for Ic weald thas render the highest political functions of the republic the menepoir of the srii'.oorasy of fortune The republic wishes to be served and represented abroad by all tba cltlsens worthy to .... i? niikniit aneotation of r?-ik, profession, or fortune. Under a deceecratio A jfiraatut every <&r*er I* open to every oae. In eoais'i'ience tea tills it auppr?ea*d, except la such exceptional cases it should salt tba republie to giro to Ita repreaeBtatlvaa mora general aad aore solemn eharaetar, m, f >r instance, for tha signature of a Knropean treaty, or ta represent the r?publio at a eongreaa. Tha foreign agents of tba republic will ha henceforward?1, eavo>e extraordinary, mlalatere plenipotentiary of tha republic; 3. charges d'affaires; .1, secretaries of legation; 4,diplamatie aspirants, wbo will replaaa tha attaebrs, the paid atucbei.and tha indooanlty receiving attaokes at present existing Thla elaea of younf dlplaaatio pupl'.a will receive a salary of enaouraganaent fiom tha atate, merely to all such families aa deatiae their son* to the d'plomatlc career, and to render all diplomat I a employ mints really aioesaihle to tha rapubliean demccraoy which wa are founding oa (quality. LAMARTINE. M lao? llunaoua. Boats commenced running on tba Delaware and Hudson canal laet Monday. Wa understand that a heavy break occurred yesterday In tha eanal, near Port Jervls, which will oati?? tha suspension of navigation for Jays ? Honeidals Haald, Jlpiil iO. ? -- -- -- ? * ' ?? ? Ik. 4.. Th* Mobile lltrald Of April ?"?? lu"* V* ' 7 previous th*r* ?H a ran ou th* Mobil* Ba?k for (jwoi*. Th* bank not only promptly m?t th* dewed, bet lepl It* doors open until S o'clock f- M> to enab.* all wko ohoi* to present their not** lor radinpion. Mr Vattelllna. tb* well-known bjijo ?in?r.'*a* robbed on tb* 18th ult. at a hot?l In Mobil*, of $W0. Tb* thieve* are *ald to bar* *?t*r*d hi* J*?m ?.,!!? key, when h* wu ab**nt, and wblUh* had the k*y of Kii rooa, u w?U u that ol kl* trunk, In hi* po?k*t. jJk

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