Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 2, 1848, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 2, 1848 Page 3
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I 1*wi from Shu-ope. Tlie new steam-ship Niagara^ is now in htr thirteenth day. The United States made the passage in a little over thirteen days. The N. had not arrived last night at ablate hour, as ascertained by the Boston telegraphic line, which was in fine working order. , Weekly Herald. The Weekly Ha aid of this week will contain the Tory important European Intelligence received at thin port by ttao splendid steamship United States, and per* haps new* from the name quarter, of a date latvr by three days, per the Niagara, of the Cunard line; also the closing scenes of the Baltimore Convention, proceedings of Congress for the week past, and a variety of other interesting domestic matter. It will be pub iished at 9 o'clock to-morrow morning, at sixpence per copy. Palmo'i Opera Hotue?Now Is the height of Uir rush, and about tlie during uf the exhibition of the moat beautiful Living Models that ever illustrated stituary anil painting. '1'lioy have been chosen for this exhibition front those who have been selected at the institutions in Europe for models, In a nude state. Mow is about, aud his "gal.* I.itc, calling forth the mogt uproarious mirth, besides admiration, at the perfect person! tication. P opular n|>iiiion ia In tlia ascendant, and curiosity uu tijitue to sue all the tableaux before cloaing. Mr. EditorI pcrcclve by nil nrtlcle In relation to tho Steamer Crescent City, in tho " Sun" of May .lint, that paper states that the upholstering work wan dono by Mr. D. U. Taylor, l!>2 Broadway, Such is not the case. Tho rosewood work, consisting of aotuj, couches, etc., in the after culiin. were all done l>y Mr. Ceo. Iloyt, 57 Suffolk street, a young nian just cuminencing business. It wm? hardly fair to nivc credit to Mr. Taylor that belongs to other*. Bv giving the above a notice, you will oblige A SUBSCRIBER Hint to Hoiufketpen.?If you wltlt to save 26 per cent in buying your Carpeting, Oil-cloths and Rugs. Stc., go at one# to Mr. lliram Anderson's, No. !<:' Bowery, the cheapest Carpet store in the uity. Splendid American auu bngiioh 8 ply ingrain and superior Carpets he ia otrcriug at very reduced pricea. Trial of Joe Jewell for Kape?The Police Dinette, published this day, coniaina a full and complete report of the exciting trial in Boston of Joe Jewell, for a rape on the person of Elicalwih Lvnch. The report occupies several columns, and ii unabridged. Vfllee, 108 Nassau street. Hair Cutting and Trimming Whlsk erg. _ A11 who hare difficulty ill dressing or keeping dressed either of the above, through a want of skill displayed by the workman, can depend upon having the misery remedied ny calling on IIILL, the inimitable llair Cutter, at No. IS Nassau street corner of 1'ine St. BoofaL-Krench Boots, 94,50, worth 0,00 and ns good as the $7 Boots sold at other stores. Fine Calf Bo. ts $3 50, worth $5. Caiters of all kiuds cheapcr than can be found in any other atore in the city. Our friends should all get their Boots and Shoes of YOUNU, corner of Fulton and Nassau.?Tn? DOCTOR. Them ?3 Dollar Suits I n redeemed Pledge*. ?300 Summer Coati, Alpooca. Tweed. Caohinerett, Linen, Gingham, fee , $1 to $3 eaeh. Dress and Frock Coats $2 to $10. Vesta 10 cents to $2. Cloaks and Overooata cheap. Boy Suits $3 to (4 eaeh. Also, a few of them $5 suits, eornar Nassau and Beekman. Saundei*' Toilet Article*, Dreaslng Cases and Fancy Cutlery, 147 Bradway, comer of Liberty street, and .<187 Broadwav, between White and Walker streets. Tho subscribers reapeotfully call the attention of the publio to their collection of the above artioles, which in point of variety, is not equalled in the city; they have been selected with strict regard to quality, and in all cases are warranted. 0. SAUNDERS fe SON, 147 and 387 Broadway. Free Territory.?An an tl-abolition 1st will deliver three Lectures against the extension of Slavery in new States and Territories, at Clinton Hall, on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday Evenings, June 1,2 and 3, commencing at 8 P.M. The subject will be treated without reference to parties, and on gronnda historical, constitutional, legal aad politico-economical. Admission 28 oents. Show your Tlctet*, Gentlemen..James S. Gamble, late conductor on the New York and Philadelphia Rail road, has the honor to inform his friends and the publio, that he has, in oounection, with Mr. William Sharp, opened the saloon on the corner of Broadway and Dev street, (entrance in D?y street) a* a Restaurant. Their study shall lie, by a personal attention to business, to contribute to the comfort and pleasure of those who may favor them with their custom. Emigrants !_The Miseries and Troubles of sickness from change of clhsiate, can, in a great degree, he saved you, if vou procure and keep hy jou the Brandreth Pills. t? bo immediately resorted to, should your health become affected. Days, months, uay years of sickness may be thus prevented. For they cure sickness of all kinds, because they take those matters from the blood upon which diseases feed. Man cannot have his diseases cured but by removing the cause, which is generally inteinal No effect can take place withont a cause. Therefore, no rheumatism can affect tho head, the foot, or any part of the body, save from the actual presence of those humors, whose acrid or peccant qualities produce the pain. No bronchial disease can be present, nor othor affections of the throat or windpipe, or consumption, but from these malignant humors having become seated upon, or near the air vessels of the Inns;*. It u in truth these acrid humors which are the occasion of all the aches and pains, all eruptions and ulcers; all skin diseases, and swellings of the feet, and all inflammations; all cancers and tnmors; all piles and eostiveness; all fever and agues: all dyspeptic affections; all head aches and bilious affections whatever. And all without exception, to rely removable, and thoroughly curable, by purgation with the Pills of Dr. Benjamin Brandreth. Brandreth s PtUs are sold, with full directions, at 2S cents per box, at 241 Hudson street, 274 Bowery, and at Dr. BRANDRETU'S Principal offioe, 241 Broaddway. Gold Pens_Ijet all those In want of a first rate diamond pointed gold pen. try one of the "Kichelieu's," made and sold hy B. E. Watson k Co., Ii Wall atreet. The points are warranted to stand Ave years. Also. SOU dozen gold pens, assort etl brands, at man ufau lurvr'r prices. Oold pun* carefully repaire<l. Oold l*eti*__"6rratoii'i celebrated warranted Diamond pointed Oold Pent" lire now admitted to be the bestand cheapest pen In the world. They can be had only at 71 Cedar street. ono door from the post office. AIM), Joxiah Uayden St Co's, Pioneer Ik Rendell's, Albert 0. Bailey's, Levi Brown's, Edward Y. Prime's, and the new " Brown" Pen, superior to the old pen, at reduced prioee, wholesale or retaiL Oold Drns and ease* repaired. Wlgi and Toupeei.?Tlili warm weather ahould admonish all wig wearers who regard their own comfort, to procure ono of Batcnolor's new invented wigs or scalps For lightness, durability, and natural appeanuioe.they are unequalled. Call and see them at Batchelors, No. 2 Wall street?private rooms for fttting win*. Beware of tiie Spurious Artlcle._Congtlpntlon, (costiveness) however habitual or inveterate, permaucutly cured, without medicines, injections, or baths, by a delieioua vegetable food?the celebrated "New and Improved Warton's Ervalenta." I'ackaps of eight pounds, $!J .10?of two pounds, $1. SoH only by the subscriber, sole agent for the I'ni ted States, at the drug store, (Utterly llaminimd St Co., and MoCotter It Co.). 27* iiroadwav, corner of Chambers street, three deors south of Stewart's marble building. B. F. MOSES. COMMERCIAL AFFAIRS. MONKY MAJIKKT. Thursday, .Tune 1 G P. M. There is nothing now in the stock market?no material change imjuotntions or in extent of transaction* Although prices rule at reduced points, it is difficult to get them up more thau one or two per cent, before they Call buck again to the starting point, and sometimes below. The principal cnuse of this state of things in the market, ia the fact that most of the fancies are in the hands of brokers, and are held in the street. Outsiders hare not been induced to purchase to any extent this spring; and prices depend entirely upon the ability of the brokers to carry the stooks they have. If the money market remains easy, prices may be sustained ; if the shipments of specie continue to any extent, prices must give way. A few weeks will settle these points. At the first board to-day. Long Island advanced percent; Harlem Norwich and Worcester 5tf; Morris Canal S; Heading Itailroad Krio Railroad 'j; North American Trust 3,'; Treasury Notes >4; Canton At the second board. Harlem fell off x? per cent; Treasury Notes V; Long Island }?; Illinois Canal Canton advanced l.;. and Norwich and Worcester The steamship L' uited States, front Liverpool, brought *12,'..000 in sovereigns, and the Northerner, from Charleston. $28.&00 in spccio. One of the most important works now under consideration ?t Hi? South, is the Mobile and Ohio railroad. to extend front Mobile to the Mississippi line at Columbus. Kentucky. The road could more properly be called the Mobilo and Mississippi railroad. Nearly six hundred thousand dollars havu been subscribed in Mobile. This is only ubout one-sixth part of the estimated cost: but if the people of the State of Alabama enn raise one million of dollars, it Will ensure the construction of the road. It Is estimated that the aggregate cost of the rood will be $6,306,603; and the total distance from Mobile to Columbus, Kentucky, is 40C>? miles. Two estimates of the probable cost of the railroad linve been made, varying with the weight of the rail used?one with the 3 weighing 70 lbs. to the yard, and tho other with the 1 . or bridge rail, weighing 40 lbs to tho yard. The cost of the railroad with a heavy ? rail weighing 70 lbs. to the yard, from Mobile to the terminus on the Tennessee river, with depots, water stations, side tracks with a lighter rail. &c., for a single track, is estimated at $4 775.71.1. and with the U, or bridge rail, 40 lb*, to the yard. $3 687743. To which amount tho Mini of $430,300 is added for locomotives, freight, baggage and passenger curs, to the railroad in complete and effective working condition. The estimato of the probable cost of tho railroad from Mobilo to Columbus. Ky., with the heavy rail, Including depots, ke. as above, is $3,300 503, and with the 40 lb. 'all. $4 0(14.12.1; to which the sum of >.">47 000 for motive power. Is added. The entire route surveyed for this line is exceedingly favorable. The route recommended commences at the oily of Mobile, proceeds up tho valley of tho Chickasaw bogne to tho dividing rfdge between the waters of the Kscatawbft and Tonibigby rlvcr?; thence on this ridge to tho head of the K.scatawlia; thenco to tho valley of 'he Uuekatunna river; thence up tho valley of that riv er anil Its heads to the east of Marion, Lauderdale county, Miss ; tlienee east of Narkeetn. Kemper county Miss . to near Macon, Noxubee county; thence to the Intersection of Old Town, Cliowuppa. Colberts nndTul labliinela creeks, imssinir about ilk miles west of Al...r t., , the Hatohle river. whlek Sow* into tfau MUalMippi riv- i er; tbenec down the Ttasoumbia and mmm it. pasting lo the we?t of Farmington, Tishamtngo oounty, Mid., , to the Tennessee river in the State of Tennessee, below the -Bin Ueud" shoal*. from which p'jlnt to the mouth 1 of tin- Tennessee river there are uo obstacle* of eonsequence to navigation. From the Tennetsee river the route proceed! in a direction forming a tangent to the great bend of the Tennessee river, down the valley of , tb? south fork of the Forked Deer river to the town of I | Jackson. Madison county. Tennessee; tbenoe to the I 'owu of Trenton. Gibson county. Tennessee; thence \ \ crossing the Obion river, near the junction oftho north , and south fork of that river, to the town of Moscow ' Ky.; and thence to Columbus. Ky., the terminus on the Mississippi river. The line is nearly straight, and for its length, if constructed within the estimate, will be one of the cheapest roads in the country. If tho subscriptions along the line are in proportion to those made at Mobile, the whole sum required will be raised, and the construction of the road guarantied. It is stated that most of the six hundred thousand dollurs raised in Mobile, has Iwen subscribed principally by working men. and persons of small means?capitalists, real estate owners, and men of property generally, having, up to the last accounts, subscribed but a very small sum. This, however, is nothing strange. Men of property, those who are in fact most interested in the construction of works of internal improvement. never come iorwaru ana ouoscriDH an mucu, in proportion to their means, as meu of moderate means. It in the middle class that give* an impetus to all species of | enterprise, and afterwards capitalists come in and reap < the benefit of it. AU the risk and responsibility rest j at first upon those least able to bear them; and when : the work has becomo established, when it is no longer j a matter of any doubt, the wealthy classes step in and < invest their capital in it. As a general thing, the rich men of this country are the most narrow minded, short j sighted. Illiberal, miserly class of people iu it; and if the public depended upon them for the success of 1 any public improvement, it would look in vain for its j completion. The people of Mobile must not depend i upon their men of capital to till up the subscription to the railroad they have in contemplation. We have had experience onough in this city upon this subject, < and know that there is no public spirit in tbat class. ' The annual report of the Susquehanna and Tide ( Water Canal Company of Maryland, states that the work is in good order, and is annually performing the purpose for which It was constructed. The trade of the past year has exceeded that of the largest previous receipt for a like period, by the sum of $21,46U 38. < This Increase would have been considerably augment- ( ed but for the freshets which occurred about the middie of October last, which so injured the State works 1 that the Susquehanna Canal was deprived of full six j weeks of its most profitable trade. Tho financial af- { fairs of the company will admit of much Improvement. ' Its debt is too large in proportion to its capital stock, | and it is suggested that such measures be adopted as will ensure a speedy reduction of the debt, and an increase of stock. With a capital of twelve hundred and j fifty thousand dollars, the company havo constructed a work which cost three and a half millions, the re- ' suit of which is, that so far there have been no divi- j dends paid upon the stock. Most of the Indebtedness is past due, having been issued at short dates, and the i company have been subject to demands for payment, which it was unable to satisfy. The annexed statement exhibits the receipts and expenditures of the company for the year ending Dec. 31, 1847:? Sl'Kil'KHANNA AMU TlUt "WATER CANAL. On band, appropriated to the payment of Interest due let January. 1847 $0,552 Balance in Treasurer'* hand*, per laat report. 12,934 Received of agent 14 Toll* at Wrights villa 90.517 Tolls at Havre-de-Urace 83,380 TolU at Conestoga 1,189 Towages at Conettoga 863 < Fines 185 $154,027 Taid interest to the State of Mary land. $06,550 Interest on Susquehanna Canal preferred intercut bonds 13,507 Interest on Tide Water Canal priority bonds 4,310 Expenses of the line. dams, steamboats, fcc 31,762 Salaries 6.350 l Office and incidental expenses 1,454 Offices at Wrights ville and H?vre-deGrace 679 Land damages, liquidation of old claims. counsel fees and costs of court 7.358 Kxtra repairs of 1846 (oomuleted) 3.612 Deposited to indemnify sureties for the company 2.600 Appropriated for preferred interest due ? 1st day of January. 1848 9,275 'i In hands of Thou. M.Abbett. Treasurer, January L 1848 8.270 ( 164,627 1 The downward tolls in each of the past five years. 1 were as annexed:? 1843. 1844. 1845. 1846. 1847. Tolls 50.153 69.501 72 502 80.433 96.517 j Tho upward tolls in each of the past three years were as annexed:? 1845. 1846. 1847. 1 Up tolls 25.823 28,302 33.380 It will be perceived by these returns that there has been an increase in the upward and downward toll each year. This is sufficient to satisfy all interested | that this work must ultimately b? productive property. It shows that tbe line is favorably located?that its bu- ' siuuss Is yearly growing?and as the country increases iu population, and its resources become developed, this 1 as well as every other work of internal improvement in the country, must become correspondingly prosperous The following table of mcrcliandixe transported from < tide water to tho interior, in each of the pant three yeurs. shows the amount of up-business done, and tbe annual increase. < COMPARATIVE StATKHKNT ok I'PWARO Toi.i.som T1IK Sl'?. yl khanisa anii tlt)K-w a TEH canau 1848. l?4;i. 1847. Ale, Ibis :u7 SB 386 I lioats cleared, numliar 4,018 3,996 4,7111 , Ilsi'im.jNirk aud l*>ef, lb* 211,040 440,908 SJI.'.sJl' llune inist anil guano 183,183 ? 263,490 Bricks 1,279,752 879.642 1,971, 88S Burr blocks, cement,mill ?tont>?, 88,835 95,460 124,'US.'! I Clay, German anil line 74,3*1 430,920 886,600 | Coal 218,tot ? 862,080 Ktali, bb'i 14,444 16,337 21,248 Flour, ? ? 1,720 t Glass, lbs 86,020 77,609 73,472 1 Grain, bus 14.93) ? 1.1.17S Grind stoaes, lbs 72.480 97,289 1X6,013 1 lr>n S7II.M14 383,877 1,408,983 ] Iron ore ? 942,M0 532,90.1 Iron citing*, 174.77?i 30.U6 219,.186 , Marble, IAVi.118 828,264 319,293 ' Merehandito net spovlfisd, 17,li 23,,' lli 16,384,028 25,088,719 ail*, kegs 1,372 2,498 2,354 Passengers, number 80 89 197 Plaster, lbs 9.298 11,9*5 fl,14."k Salt, 131,008 123,3X3 197,365 i Soap stone, lbs 291,680 413,.340 486,844 Sundries 726, 806 395,301 33*,.'.25 1 Tar, rosin utul pitch, bids 838 968 791 Tonnaoe Kicinrin at Havre i>?: Grace from Intermediate Points, on the Svmubiiakna and Tide Watch Canals, in the Year 1846-7. 1 1846. 1847. 1846. 1847. < Iron, bar and Stimae, lbs... 73,2?>? 09,9u0 i rolled, lbs.. 543.813 711,849 Iron ore 336,010 ? Iron, pig,. . . 2,883,282 4,396,192 Sundries, 188,808 140,786 ' Iron,blooms.. 278,7'!4 183,738 Railroad ties, Steel, . . 421,934 484,407 e. ft 8,100 82,129 Slate 1,16a480 1,632,380 Wood, cords.. ,882 *>9 , Bark, grmind, 139,318 1,091,088 Grain, bus .. 813 9.580 Stone, dres*s. Flour, bhls..,, 4,769 4,2ts> Oil 103,040 164,880 Hark, corts. . 18 27 1 Limestone. .. 187,100 1.10,(100 leather, lbs.. . ? 9,500 ' Chrouie ? 210,>W> Timber, e. ft.. ? 101,688 l The company anticipate a large increase of both up ward and downward business this year; and in the ' event of no interruption by freshet*, breaks. ke.,wn < have no doubt their anticipations will be realised. The ] company have perfected a plan by which its financial difficulties will be removed, and its affairs be placed upon a better basis. It will ?o*n be developed J Ktnrk Rxrhnncr. $ 000 Treat ury notes (V? 102"? ItlO )> Slorrii Can MO 1I V ' 3UU0 IndianaStale 5'? M 300 do ll\ , 1000 Penn A'l 74%' 10 I'tlo* & Peheneetady 117 l'lMO .lo bS 74', 2.1 Jo llt% H?*l i:. 1M K If IMs 7> int W\ ."*> Canton 32 !V> sh? i'nion Ilk 117 2ft do hnw S2'.t ftO J'lienix Ilk .0 10 < do opij 82*4 ' HD North A Tnut S'a li"> Xor&H'orR tt 87I V) do MO !''i 75 do 2.-,? W do 1.10 I'W M do ?10 27 \ 21 Jo !!% 10(1 Res,ling R R 87,Si 1 50 do 1.10 9*2 AO do 8* flOO Ohio (i n, AO- lttil'J ,V.t.ons Island R R 2?V 550 Farmers' Tnigt 2H 100 do a n w 2!*'( AO do 1.10 2'* liiO do hnw 2!''i X Ohio Lifo It Trait SI loo do blO 2si'.i V> do 80*4 150 Harlem R R W 5 N Y Fire Inn ?l 80 do hSO ft"1!, 5 ) Morris Canal II'. 100 Erie K R new, Ml 70.'. 225 do II", 10 do do 70& 1 11*1 do 1.30 llj?' Second lion i ll. $ 7000 Tren Notes 102,'-- SO oh* North A Trust 9% I 100*10 do h 5 ili 10.1, Ml Nor ft M'or R K nfiO 2> .JVI?lis Harlem R R ft7*n ftO Canton eo '12% ' |W1 do b 4 d* ft?7, 26 Morris Canal 11'. ] 1011.onK Inland R R : *= * CITY TKADK UK POUT. Thuiudat ArtH'Oo*. Juno 1. 1S4N. Tin' flour market remained at about yaaterdny'* quotntion*. with sumo lei* brisk ties* in the market. The hh1.'? chiefly embraced lot* of Oswego, Michigan. and common Uenoce. Southern remained Meady. with moderate f-aie*. There wa* no (inne?c?> wheat nf con- i ptM|Ucnco ofTcrinn The sample* consisted principally i of Ohio, with small Hale*, turn nolit freely, and nearly nil the lot* offered werw purchased. on term* utatcil I lielow. I'rime Northern round nnd Wertern yellow 1 were in Rood demand, anil in *?me decree for export, i Suit * of lueal were inado on previous term*. Kye was dull. Whit* oatn remained about the name Wo refer -?1 1 ^1. !?.??. ett?nt, wipeolally In pork and larj. without tnuUrWJ I change In priat*. Sugar* oontlnued to toll freely. but I itlowpriosi. MoUimi, howerer. were heary. Salt* of coOeo wer* light. Aimt?Salsa of 200 bbln pot* were made at $4 25. nnJ 100 da reported sold at $4 u7>?. l'e arl i wero steady lit $5 25. Hictijiti down (Ac lludion liiver for two i iaut. A*hea 680 barrel*. BitEADiTi rr*?Flour?The galea of flour footed up S a 4000 barrels, Including Oiwego. Michigan, Rochester, ice at $5 25. Some lota pure to fancy Genesee lold at $5 75, 5 87*. and *6; and 100 bbls .Michigan pure utra ghi brands, aold at $5 31 ^ Sales of 200 a 300 bbla fanoy Ohio aold at $0 The aalea of Georgetown. Baltimore, lie. amounted to about 5a000 bbls at $0 a B 12,S. Some of good quality wns held at $0 25 W'Acat ?The only transactions we heard of were small sales r>f Ohio at 125c. Coin?Sales of 2600 busheU Jert>ey yellow were made at 58c; 4000 do Western mixed at 48c. and 2000 do do at 4y<:; 1000 do do at 51u, an<l 2500 do Western yellow at 52 cents. Stiles of 't -luuo uusueis noumerii nat yellow were made at 47c, to arrive. [t was reported after 'change, Lluit salt < of 15 000 bushels Jersey and Northern yellow wore niad.> ou private term*. Meal?Sales of 500 bbls New Jersey ; were made at ?2 50. llyt was dull, ill 09 a 70c. Oats i exhibited uo change. I Receipts down the Hudson Hirer for Ilie past 2 Jays. Klour 22.038 burrclf. i Wheat 4.200 bushel*. Oats 3,300 Kye 1.211 Bkfswa*--Sales were made, iu two lots, of 3100 lbs. Northern yellow, at 21c. cash. Coffee.?The transactions embraced 100 bugs St. Domingo, at 6*? a 5',. and loo do common Java, at 7.V ; Cotton?The market was very firm to-day. with | moderate sales, which wore chiotly for "jxport. Liverpool Classific at ion. V Orleans, Mobile and Uplands. Florida. Texas. Inferior noue none m>ue Jrdinary 5k a 8^ 5>i a 5J? 5>? a Middling , (i? a ti\i C1, a 6l* til4 a tiJa 3ood Middling C}l a ti1, a (>,'? ti5u a ti% Middling Fair 6?, a 7 7 a 7 7'? a 7l.i Fair 7Ha7K 7?*7? 7>, a 7>i Fully Fair 7* a 7); 7)1 a 7>? 7)4 a 8 joud Fair nominal. none nominal Fine nominal do nominal Kkkiohts?Kates to British ports were more active. For cotton 5-32d was paid, afterwards 3-1 lid was asked. 10.000 bushels of coru in a British ship were engaged for Liverpool at 3.7>d in bags, and 10 000 do do in an American vessel at Id. and the same price was offered 'or a much larger quantity, while 4>jd was asked, and id in bulk. Lard und heavy goods were engaged at iOs. including bacon at the same price. Kmi? Sales were reported of 200 bbls No. 1 Massachusetts mackerel at 25 a S 50; loo do No. 3 at {<4 92>a< and 500 quintals dry cod (old) at $2 50; 3.500 do :hangcd hands yesterday at private bargain. Hemp? Dew rotted American continued in fair inquiry with sales of 150 bales at $130 pur ton. Laths?There have been sales of 30,000 Eustern. at $1 26 per M. Leau?We neticed sales of 1000 pigs Missouri at f,3 75, cash. Molasses was selling to f fair extent at our previous quotations. Naval Stores of all descriptions wero firm, but we :ouldhear of no transactions. Oils?The demand for linseed continued good, and prices were rapidly advancing. The sales were 0000 gallons English, at 68c. 59c and 00c; now held firm at the latter figure; and 2000 do. city pressed American at Jlo a 62c. Sales by auction of 600 cases betty oil at |2 a $6 60. Proviiiohs?Sales of SOOalOOO bbls. pork were made. Including mess at $9 87>;a$10. and prime ut $8*3 123a: "0 bbls. mess of extra quality, sold at $10 50. Sales of ubout lUO.OUO lbs. dry salted shoulders worn 111 ailu at 3}?'c; 60 tleices sides, without bone, sold at 6,la'c; 1000 bbls. sour mess and prime sold on private terms. Lard ?Sales of 2&300 bbls. were made at 6and 100 do were reported at a higher figure. Sales of 200 kegs were made at 7>4C. Beef?There was but little country offering. City mess was held at $9a$9 60. and prime at $6. Butter?Sales of 60 packages of Ohio were mado at 12al4c. There was no change in cheese. Receipts down the Hudton River for the past two day*. Pork, 6.001 barrels Boef, 319 " Lard 4.775 pkgs. Plaster?A cargo, deliverable up the rlvur. wold at $2 50 per ton. Rick?The market was quiet, at $3 37,S for prime. Sugars?There was considerable speculation going ou in sugar, and prices were a shade better. The operations embraced 1100 boxes brown Havana, at 4J,c a a 5'4C ; 50" lihds Cuba Muscovado, at 3'* a 4JjC ; nnd 300 do Porto Rico, at 4'4c a Shto, 4 months. Teas?A sale of 100 packages was made at 18c. 6 mouths. Whiskey?Sales of 150 bbls State prison were mado at 21,'a'c a 21?4c ; and 100 Ohio, at 21,l?c ; the last sales of drudge were made at 21c. HARKUTS ULSUWHKUK. STOCK SALES. Baltimore, May 31.?$1000 Baltimore 6'*, 1890, 90?f;500do li's do IHiJ,; 1000 do li's do 1*7; 1000 do li's do i#7; 100 do (i's do 97: 2 sin Merchant's Bank. .v7; 7 do Union Hank. 1 do do IX); U S 6'8, '07, olosed at llM>i bid, 105}j asked; Treasury tj's at 10iK bli, 103 asked; Maryland b'l closed at 88>a bid, SU asked; Baltimore li s, "4*?, at bid, 97'4 asked; Baltimore Ik Ohio Rll alia at 35 bid, 3&% asked. Philadelphia, June 1?$2i00 Sell Nav 6's. '65, 45; 4 Much Bk. 0. 24>4; $1000 Tennessee 5's, 751-a; 3 Meeh & Mau Uk, I'tg, 4"'; 1IM> Morris Canal. 11*,; 50 Reading KK, s5, 19; $750 Lehigli 6's, fiO; S45 do Mt Loan, 80'4; 125 Morris Canal, II;*,; $.">1 l.eliigli Ml L'iau. 81; 7 Ciirurd Hank. 10',: $400 Slate ti's. 741>; HI* Reading, IS!; 101) do, 19; 50 (Jirard, lok; 50 Morris, l>5, 11*,; 50 do ll\: Second Ho,i rrf?21*1 V S li's. <>7. 104J?; M?*> II S Tr Notes, Vs, 10J1,'; 1000 Slate ti's. NO; .'MHJ State 5's, 74'.; 6000 Soli Nav li s. 68. +;>; 150 U S Hk, 3; 2 Toon Uk. 270; 100 l ifloa Canal, 10'4; .Ml Morris Canal, 11s,; 28 Mech Ilk, 24,After Sulci?KM) Statu 5'a, J4%; 3000 Soli Nav 6's. 'OS, 45. Boston, May 31.?13 slis Palmer Manufacturing Co, 735; 15 do 'it\ Hunk, 9.*'; I do Massachusetts Bank, 1*6; 2 do Boston lias Light Co (liar ?.">UO). 047,'a; 15 do Northern Kallroad, !l,:1.t; the rinht to iulmoribe to 503 slia Western H It, PHI a ion1.,. Hrokeru' Hoard?25 slis Heading K K, *10. 174,; 50 do do slo. 17li; 10 d . I'itehliurs Kailroa<l, 117^; 2 do Portland, Snco and Portsmouth K K, 100fj: 5 do Western Kail road, 1031,; 20 do Roslon and Providence Kailroad, 92; 150 do Enst Boston Co, 12V,. 4 do Eastern Railroad. I04la; 0 do Northern Railroad, !l7; 5 d > Merchants' Hank, ll*l}j; 3>5 riirtits Boston S: Worcester Railroad, $1 55; 2 d Jo do SI l<ij; 482 d" do do $1 55; 7 do do do SI 5ti; 71 < 1 Concoid Ivailroad, $1 20; 71 do do $1 12^; 54 do ltoston and Maine Kailroad, $1 97; 4 do do do $2. - I.. ?J -J. J Man-led, Yesterday morning, in St. Bartholomew's Church, by the Rev. L. P. W. Balch, Mr. W. H. Redin. Jr . of Kentucky, to Catharine K., daughter of Ralph Peek, jf this city. Louisville and Lexington papers please copy. On the 28th of May, by the Rev. Mr, MoKenna. Mr. Miciiael Di ss to Miss Catharine T. Clark, both of this city. On Thursday, 1st instant, by the Rev. L. P. W. Balch, Nathaniel B. Ho\ie to Miss Saiiaii Jane, eldest daughter of John S. Jones. Ksq . all of this city. On the 1st inst., by the Rev. Henry !)e Kover. Mr. Alexander Kiersted, of Tannersville, N. Y . to Miss Ori-sili.a B. Beach.only daughter of MosesY. Beach, of this city. DM. On Thursday morning, of inflaimnation of the liver. Catharine Zilema, the infant daughter of Samuel W. ind Zulema Claugbley. aged 1 year, 3 months and 4'* lays. The relatives and friends of the family, are respectfully invited to attend her funeral, on Saturday aftcruoon, at 3 o'clock, from 25th street, between 1st and 2d avenues. On Wednesday evening. May 31st, Henry Creev*. in the 83d year of his age. The friends of the family are respectfully invited to ittond the funeral, on Friday. June 2d. at 4 o'clock, P. M.? at Trinity Church Cemetery, Manhattanvillo. On Thursday, June 1st, Waiter R., infant son of Stephen P. and Margaret Russell. On Wednesday morulng. of remitting fever, Maria in tho ,'ilst year of her age. Her friends, and these of her brother, Daniel S. Bayle*. arc respectfully invited to attend the funeral, from her late residence, 31 Sheriff street, at 5 o'clock, this afternoon. In this city, on tho 31st ult., Mrs. An-* Hklm, a native of Kngland. in the 73d year of her n^e. The friends and acquaintances of the family are reipectfully invited to attend her funeral, this afternoon, it 3 o'clock, from her late residence, No. 04 Suffolk itrcet, without further invitation. PURSE?CINTREVILLE COURSE-TR(ITliN(i.? Ptlvl/ Wednesday, June 7tli, at 3 o'clock, I*. M., parse three nindred dollars, two mile heats to skeleton wagons. For which ire entered Lady Suffolk, the peojilc't favorite, with the faux d Lady Moscow and Auicricus. JOKL CON KLIN, 1'roprietor. CENTREVILLE COI'RSE.?TROTTJNCS. Jp mttJxJ A puric of two hundred and fifty dollar* will If given ?mile hcata?boet three in Ave, in harnese?free for all trotting wrsee?fifty dollars logo to the soeond horse. To conn* off June 19th. Entries t*> elose Monday, June 5th, l?y 10 o'clock, I*. M., at P. Lovejoy's hotel, Mereer street. Three or more to make a field, md two nr more to start to make a race. JOEL CONKL1N, Proprietor, Removal?ball, tumfriks ihd black, (Lati Mar<|and & Co.,) have removed to No. JJ47 Hroadwev, (bouthrly met f Murray street,) ppoeite City Hall, wnei* n e found an extensive minor imnni of Diamond and cither rich Jowilry; Silver and Silver Plated Ware; Cutlery, U'atehef, Clocks, kc., Slc. Since lat March lust, EU nt/.er Munroe hns been atfociaicd (as a co-partncr) with H. T. k it., under the same uaioe and Irm as heretofore. Sign of the Golden Eagle. T AMES BANK?TUE NOTES OF THIS BANK ARB RE- ' .1 oeerned at l.alf per cent discount, at 44% William at.. ,nc juor fri>m Wall St., opposite the Exchange, by . S. KKI.l.otir,. j INTEMPERATE IIA BITS ARE KASil.V REFORMED ItV tho un.1 of Br. Conk's Remedy. A person will mo it hut a few iljys, when he will conceive ?n utter disgust for all kinds ofliirawr. il^ will net tolerate mnHMMtlltf it* Price$U Sold wholesale and retail, at l'.'l Fulton at tho B >ctor's r. ;iiiencf, Madison St., ntul by Br. White, .'IT'.' Houston st. PACKET OF T1IE THIRD JI NE. FOR LIVERPOOL?THE splendid new picket ship BE WITT CI.INTOV (wing unavoidably detainol. will positively sail on Saturday, tf;e .Id instant. She ran accommodate a few more cabin and s< nd cabin passenIters, Thoso who wish beautiful accommodations for cabin or second cahin jiasfasc, should make enrly application on hoard, foot of Peek slip, or to the subscribers. Colli, K.N V BOIIEUTY, 12 Pulton street, or 111 Smith street. CI AST OFF CLOTHING, JKWilRT, PIKE ARMS. U J Wanted.?Ijidiea or IJentlemen wishing to convert their superfluous offccta Into cash, will obtain fnll value for the snmc by nddressing the subscriK'r, through the post-office or othorwl >, who will attend them at their residence by appointment. 11. I.F.VETT, > Wall str-et, New V-rk. ril BROWN, STONE SEAI, ENGRAVER ANB IIF.RAl.D 1 JL Painter, removed to 2M Broadway, corner of Murray trrct, up stairs. Seals, Signet Rings, Pencil Cases. He , engraved wtih Coats "f Anns, Crests, Sic. Arms found and painted from $J upwards. Booki of Heraldry, with upwards of umiioi. Information given in Heraldry. THE VF.I.I.OW OR CHESTER SPIUNOS, EXTENSIVE! V Enlarged, and Grounds Improved.?T!i:s well known pi,-ice f?r ummer reanrt is now open for the reception of viaitcrs. The aaine medical attention ami accommodation extended In invalids under Hydropathic treatment as heretofore. P*<soti?rj leiva I'hilndelphin with the Reading ears at 7H o'cli uik A. M., and at 2)< P. M. for PhfrnUville, where good ooaeliei will be in readiness, and arrive at the Springs ? . II o'clock A. M., and at V4 I'. M. A Sunday line oonnoota wilii tjie Columbia railroads botji up and I down. Tor further information pleue addrew Br. UXO. LIN ? I AI<V kRTMKMBRT.l nit EMIGRANT WH.VRF Ql ESTtON. 1 . rpflf: COMMITTEE OF THE UTIzl.SS OF THE FIFTH I ! X V ard. on th? subjeet of th# landing of all (migrant! coining ' J to th? port of Newlork, at the foot of Hubert street, hav* . ' deemed It right that the juiLliv be aware of the effort* I . which have been made. MM are milking, to avert, by every pond- I Mo means, a memuni fraught with tulamity and irreparable in- i * Jury to the belt interest of thu ward anil city, and, a* the Coin- . f mlttee aro persuaded, to the emigrant* themselves, To this end, they have appolutod the undersigned a iulw;ouunittee, to present " a concise statement of tlieir proceedings, through the public priuu; o t! at if, despite the means used to prevent It, the proposed rotasure be carri d into effect, it may appear, that tiie Committee and "*1 cki:eiu of the ward have exhausted every r.asona'.le and paaor- f able method of avoiding the evils that may follow, and that the , responsibility may rust in the proper quarters. The undersigned r really tielleve, tliu' among Uie grea'-cit sntferors by tho proposed plan 'would be the emigrants ucceu.i*rily, from the crowds, pecu- u li:;i'ly liable to infectl' ii, being brought together and remaining, V even for a short tiui confine I * ithin narrow limits. Iu discharge , of their duties, the sub-committee itato, that remonstrance! niiinst thu continual) c- of an oruinanca appropriatug tlie pier at the loot of Hubert street to the Coutmlwiuner* " of Emigration, pa'sed by the last Common Council on tho las" night of their politi. al existence, with undue haste, and in violation of tlij plainest common law right* of the citizens of the P ward, aild praying for its repeal, and tlf the selection and appropriation of a site for the landing of emigrant* beyond the crowded ' portions of the oity. signed by nearly 1J0U resident citizens, and j' otiiers, workmen in tho ward, an' before tlie present Hoard III Assistant Aid.mien. That on the 3Hh instant, there was presented " t>> tin' II- aril ni Health ot the city n similar memorial, occompu- ? iM tf tbtcwtllettM ol iMitaiii hmio MMkil That at the j u tlag of mob li wd i i i iith, n. Uwm ii'tfe mv lnfomvd, i;. u inniion to ap|H>iut acommittee to confer will tho Commission- ji i r of Emigration on the subject. wan laid on the table, In n vote I of 11 to S, and that tho ii >ard adjourned nine die without taking | liny action. That the OOIQiuittM I* informed tlmt MM IS QUI ban , 1 of tin' Hour.i have intimated tfcoif 4bqMi w to ytfl j ,,,, mtiucness of the cerliticntcs presented, ami others Imve asserted n. that the certificates were given under a mistake of facta. Tiiu | t'oinmittce declare that both pretence* are groundless in |ioint "I of fact, and frivolous and further state that all such ccitlSieatea 1 were voluntarily given w ithin a period of three days; that many ge more to the same effect could have been obtained had time allow- an ed; and that a* to cither of the above allegations as to genuineness or mistake, they court and duly invent igatiou. Thoy hereto "1 attach Cepies of the aforesaid certineatu*. 1 F. R. T1LLOI*, ROBERT IIYSIjOP, I r"' El.I WHITE. IIK.NKV K. Dl'NIIA.M, I u ANDREW ROWDKN, JOSEPH E. COFFEE, ROBERT PATTISON, WILLIAM WEST, 1 DANIEL LOUD, JAS. W. BLEEt K.ER, HENRY CAUV, Rl'Pt'S I.ORD, n DAVID LVDKJ, CHARLES DF.NISON. Jr. l" A I. EX. r. A WHENCE, JOHN I.. IlltOWEK, I i OEOROE J. CORNELL, MASON THOMPSON, 1 NICH. QUACKENBOSS, Kl.l AS Q. DRAKE, IIIMtEUT JONES, PETER IIOOO, !,. JOHN It LACK. WM. A. THOMPSON, jositra oikai i>, "i Cvrtiticntes and Opinion) of l'hyiicians:?Tho undersigned physi- . ciaus, having understood that it is in coutemiiiation to establish a . depot fur emigrants in a populous portion of the city, would r?- , spveifully represent to the lion. iheCommon Conncil. that iu their opinion the adoption of *u<h anioasuiv would In fraught with ? treat dancer to tM health ol those rending iu the neighborhood. ! ^ inasmuch u it is u ell establldied that fevers and other post!Iontiui j n, di-cases to which emigrants lire subject, are peculiarly liable to bo V propagated when IntV" number* of those persons aro collected iu plu. es alien iv thiekly populated?they, therefore, re speetfully reootnmend, that in the selection of the site for such de- ? pot, an endeavor should l,c made to pluee it at as great a di*. ril tancc us possible above the centre of the eity. Signed, John C. JM Chcesctuan, M. L).. (iurdon Duck, Jr., M.I).. Physicians to the City Hospital: W. l'arker, M. D, John T. etcalfe, M, I)., 8. Coiidnt Foster, M. I)., A. Oreele Elliott, M. D., John O. Stone, M. D., i Wm. II. Van Huren, M. I)., Physicians and Surgeons to tho Belle- X vno Hospital: Seth (Jeer, M. I)., Resident l'hyaietnu; W. S. Bowen, w 11. I)., Attending l'hysieiau tit the Northern l)is|ieusary; 11. M. ' 2! Cray, M. I)., Visiting I'hy icinn to the Penitentiary Hospital at IliiickwcH's Island ; S. S. I'urple. M. D., Attending Physician at 1 the Central Dispensary ; WilliaiujRoekwell, M. D., Former Health 1 Officer; James It. Wood, M. I)., Visiting Surgeon to Bellovue; ('. bi ){. Oilman, M. D? Visiting Physician to Bellovue; Jared Linsley, at M. D? Henj. Drake, M. D? E. Lewis, M. D? E. Campbell Stewart, m M. D? Marcus L. Tuft, M. D., Qoo. A. Peters, M. D., Abr. T, Hunter, tt 101 Hudson street. It is my opinion that the landing of emigrant* in any populous part of our city la improper; there cannot be a | doubibut that a highly Infectious and fatal disease ia brought with ? thorn, which is constantly known to spread among healthy persons tv who tiro obliged to have latercouive with them. All professional w in u see and know this very well. Therefore it becomes their duty, " as care takers of the Kick, and guardians of public health general- ni ly, to seriously advise the public authorities, to guard every ave- _ line to the introduction of loathsome and infectious diseases? I Valentine Mott. New York, May IS, 1S4S. We cheerfully concur in the above. Richard S. Kissatn. Edw. U. Dixon, A. Follin, Jas. a< D. Bliss, Alfred C. Post, Stephen Brown. New York, May 12, 1PW. Having been Informed tiiat the Corporation of New York have I decided to laud the einigrnut population at the foot of Hubert St., and knowing tho contagious character of the ship fever, the hazard of thus spreading this fatal malady throughout the city will, iu the fjudgment of the undersigned, be much en tin need by this act of the Corporation. C. S. Bedford, M. D.; J. M. Nelson, M. D.; Alfred fl C. Post, M. I).; II. T. Jndson, M. D.; J. Sergt. Kilbourne, M. D.! i. Charles E. Pierson, M. D. i John R. M'Coinb, M. D.; James L. Lyon, M. D? No 4^ Hudson st.; J. Randolph, M. D? 123 Cham- r bcrs st. New York. May 13th, IMS. There t an bo no difference of opiuion among medical men, touching tlie inexpediency and ,,< even hazard of |ierinitting emigrant josaetigers landing at any jr UOCK UK UIU CKIY, W1U11Q lilt* HUlllS ?I ft U0I1.MJ population. THO I SJ small-pox, and the ship-fever, bo called, are well kuown to be j ni often introduced among us by passengers of that denomination; jM the contagious nature ol these disorders are acknowledged by all ; (j practical Ileal men. And the mischief thus arising (ton the ji ugorgcmciit ol suchl materials amidst a crowded people of a lnrgp city, can scarcely be too seriously considered, or too can- g tionslv guarded against. JOHN W. FRANCIS, M. D. New York, " May 13, 1*48. 1 understand tho city authorities have leaned a it pier at th* foot of llulicrt struct to tho Commissioners of Emi- fx (IttJ . I n (VM t J 1:11 SUOha pltoe, in so populous a part of the city, has been selected, as it must expose all the inhabitants in 1 that vi? initv, <<r in that part Ot the city, to small-pox and the J contagion of ship>fover. i fcul it my duty to say, a different part B (if the city ought, at ail uvonts, to h?ve f??cu ik?looted; a place w here there are no settlements. W. PARKER, 7M Bowery. I fully H agree with Or. Parker in the opinion lie has given above, and am J convinced the emigrants cannot 'kj lauded in a populous part of ! I) tho city without imminent danger to the inhabitants. F. U. ~ JOHNS FOX. I concur with Drs. Parker and Johnston in the views L they take on the lubjeet stated. EDWARD DEL AFIELD, M. D. 1 May 13. IH48. 1 concur in opinion with Drs. Parker, Johnston ;nd Del a fie Id as to tho danger to tlie vicinity named, by leaaing the "I wharf for the poroses htated. J. R'\ RODOERS, M. D. May _ 13th, 184*. I entirely concur in the opinion* above expressed. J. p II. BORROWE, 274 Ninth st. Jt is very apparent, in ray opinion, that a densely populated i?art of the city should not be selected for the landing or emigrants. The evils to l>e apprehended are obvious. RICHARD K. HOFFMAN. M. D. Having resided in this J oity as a physician for the luat twenty years. I have no hesitation in saying tlmt I fulfy agree with th? opinious expressed by Dr. *c Parker and others upon the impropriety of landing all, or even ^ any, emigrants, a populous portion of the city. E. W. | JB CLEAVElaND, M.D. 1 fully concur with uiy fellow practitioners ! W in the opinions ahovti expressed. S. S. KEENE, M.D., 290 Fourth st, IP I I live not the least hesitation in expressing iny opinion most de- ; J. cidc llv as to the impropriety and danger of landing immigrants in n part of the city mi don.ely populated as Hubert street uud its neighborhood. 11. I). Bl LKLEV, M. L)., 43 Bloecker st. Having be n requested to Rive my opinion as to the eligibility of cstab. ' . lUhing a depot for emigrant passengersat the foot of Hubert st*, 'J North River, it ap|>ears to me evi leut that it would be unwise, i a* it would operate on the fears of those living in its immediate ( ^ vicinity, and be deleterious to the public health by congregating j a mass of indigent, feeble amU unclean persons in a densely v, populated part of the city. EDWARD S. LUDLOW. M. D., otl llr <adway. New Vork, May l.r?th, i<"'48. The general landing jj, and depot of emigrants, at the foot of Laight street, in the Fifth ward. 1 should consider very olrjectisuable, as it would t.0 be really landing and introducing si I foreign aud cunt a- co gious diseases at once in the midst of our city. JOHN JAY LA- ... S11E It, .VI. J).. No. 0 Walker street. New Vork, 1.5th May, IMS. j<t 1 hereby certify, that in my opinion, the concentration of the emigrants at the foot of Hubert street, in a crowded portion of the ? city, would tend very much to the diffusion of contagious <|is |_ eases in our city. The contagious character of typhus or ship fo- ()f ver, small pox and other diseases, prevalent among the crowded 2'"> inmates of the veerage, require the utmost care or our city an- itj tliorities to isolate, as far as practicable, the recent immigrant ul from tho mass of our citizens, and if it is dccined advisable, thai mi thov should be landed at only one pier, it would l?e better to so- to lecf one of the piers in tho upner part of the city, above the mass th of the population. It has fallen to my lot lu counectiou with one of the Dispensaries of the city, to seo much of typhus fever, and 1 am satisfied that much risk to the health of the city at large, ? will result fr <in the establishment ol* a focus of contagion in any 11, portion ol ) crowded part of It JOHN W. 'IT, M. D., , So. 1 Tenth street. near nth avenue. I fully concurin the above. 'j A. J. IIENRllt?PKS, M. D..* Bedford street; T. M. MARICOE, , ti M. 1)., 2tW Ninth street; WM. C, HlCKOK, M. 1>., I1J Frankhn [J' f in t. To whom it may concern.?I hereby certify that the land- tj( ing ??f emigrant pm* ngers at any particular place in the city, and tj especially the buildin sh< Is ind ithcr receptacles for baggage, would, in my opinion, endanger the health of th?* inhabitants in ?. tlicimmediate vicinity. BEEN' \Y. BI'DD. M. D. New Vork, M.iv 14th, 1 18. ' IS .1 M 1> IH . oplnion having l m asked by your ?li and nomerous other citi* ' 1 sons of the Fifth and Eighth wards, as to Uie propriety ?.f the Com- k 111 on Council j<eiinittii.g the landing of emigrants at any of the ,uwharves in tho.H* ward*. 1 have eonsiderwl the matter in itsseve- : ral bearing"; aud in iny opinion, it is extremely hazardous to the jp health of the citizens t?> allow any ??f sueh whars es t?? lie used \\ for that purpo e. as emigrants freijuently arrive at our shores with \ contagious diseases. But that portion of the city should be chosen for tlieir landing that is thinly settled, aud where there is a gn at fcoin* for a free circulation of air. Yonrs n?9pectfully, ( EO. IlERRfOT, M P New York, Nu lAtl I ' r m h >m i it may concern.? I hereby certify, tlist the landing of emigrant : ro passenger? at any Particular place in the ci'y, and more e?i*cially fo? in a populous portim, is fraught with gniat danger to the liv and health of tlie coram unity, as repeated instances hare shown L during the late epidemic, and moiiKI, in my opinion, violate the j most clearly established laws regulating sanitary police. S. S. tf. PI ItPLE, sf. D., 177 Hudson street. New Vork, May l.Vh, 1MH. dr 1 also concur in the above opinion. C. II. 034.00I), M. D., LNi m Spring stree . 1 concur in the abovo opinion. A. D. CLEMENT, . en M. I)., AA> lli uston street. Having lieen nMpicsted to give ray j foi opinion as to Uie danger to the inhabitants reading in the neigh- foi borhoc?d of the dock or pier at the foot of Hubert street, proposed | <1* t ? be leased to the Commissioners of Emigration for the purpose tl. of landing iminigrints, I have no hesitation in saying, that 1 | 111 to two thou.and) daily together with their baggage, just from i m, tthip-hoapl, find as it will in many catos, saturated with the r?* e mtagiotia miasma of ship?fevor, cannot hut be highly dangerous ti< to the linmt diato ioiuitv of that donsel* settle1 portion of the o? city, and would be a #ufflii*iit cause of alarm and apprehension Ci to other |H*r??n5 in on? remote from said pier, at leant ax far an t<> r?> th? phiecs fr-tu which they would mostly diverge to scatter toother ?|i i irtsoftheciry. STKPHfcN IIASHUOL t'K,V.l>. N. York M \\ l\ ty 1- i*. I fully concur in tho above opinion,ami from my experience n w* the Alms liouse fi??spitnl. a: d the Institution of the Commission- Sj f Emigre VI Island, think thtft esaaot *t i much care Mn protecting our cltiteif from immediate ewnta t with ti in ly healthi cm if ran who* miftMi ?. 1 earry the seeds of disease with thorn, and manifest them in s few * day-niter landing. I-ENKU'N llASHIiOl CK. M.I). NewYorl', *' May l/?, J&IH. Him nndorMgncd. I eing informed that the Common til Council of this city prop ? to appropriate a ecrtaln dork or eer' in the r?th ward InoiTfly to UnUnllntof piMBiirf from immigrant ahl)?: fr >m whi -h generally tliore 1* disgorged all that is Ion I and pestiferous would respectfully suggest to o*ir * Aldermen and Assistants, to weigl) well the matter before they J,*1 pi eed In the business rhe consummation of sueh a mtasnrt [ would rndanger tho li\r* of thousands in that populous section ?i immediately, and mediately, all otl.t r j?arts < f our city. And the J*'. rej>eated warning* which w e have had during tho last" year only, W in tht dsatlt of many of rr ""ini-iMc *it|?tnis hy tho malignant . in t ought 1 i eiont to u ep our ?'?tir ?Is n j??n the alert, and to induce them to Jr ad ?pr -tcli measures ?m will i >urc toprevent the Ingre s of di*? cn-e through any inlet which Uiey can control; and we hope that tu they v ill promptly n j< ' all Applications which may have in !}." view the lauding of immigrants upon our city shores. Respectfully, II. \t . < A1UNS M l) . !l?l llmlson strict. Physician Mil e i 'j Northern l)i-|H n.-nrv. New York. May loth, IMS?New York, ^ May l'?th, 1MK The undendgned, oelng advised by parties interested in the matter of landing emigrant* nt tho foot of 1 In- j IK" hert street, an1 a profeh^lona' opinion loin/ desired, as to the cmseunenoes likely to result from the mingling of large masses | . of sneli jtersons, a p r:ion of whom carry w ith them the seeds of i disease. although no hymptmn* may have manifested themselves, ! e with the inhabitants f the nei.Jiliorhoo I and of the city in gene- j JT ra). is of the opinion that thoi < i.- danger of spreading Jucaxj in i . the profH sfd arrangement; and as it appears to tlie undersign* d i ijuite possible to avoid such dangcf, to n very great degree, w ith- ' j1' out viidatii ' the dictates of humanity, it w ould feem that the | _e inhabitants in the neighborhood haw* just came of complaint in g \ m \ 11 1 \ I N x 1 ; 1 We. tho ^ ed, cheerfully concur in the above, lllll. T. IIL'NTKK, Ml), .1 \MK.S ANDKR^ON. M.IV, tiH), I'. CAMMAN. M.D.? This eertilie. .that it is the <le<-ided opinion >f tht undersigned, pra-- w! titioners of medicine in th" city of Nc'^ \o-k, that tho plan in contemplation by the Corporation, ot landing all the immigrants at any partieular loc ality, in t!io densely populated p??it*ons / our ?ity, isa measure f*aught with danger to the citirens, not only in the Immediate ^ iclnity of tho dei-ot, but t?v concentrating x th-Miiorhiflc eniiFes, Incident to f. ret n imnnxratlon, would he *!} likely to .;?ncra'e a malign it? of diseare t)>e lam?nta)>le effects of which wou'd probaitlv he lelt ihrtmgiiout the whole eiiy. The I* ox|"ensnct of tho undersigned l?as perilled the fac, that recent immigrants often remain Just loi*g en<mgh in the immediate JJj er it v of their plaeo of landing, coi greeted in large numbers in hi ill, filthy, and illy-ventila'ed a|-ar'ments, t<? generate in t' eir "( r> ?. i.js di eivse, witch, in a tew days after they are scattered in all fArls of Mir city, develops itself In t malUnant form, aiid is ruely entirely oonflnad to tlie individual in whom i' originated. 1 Others, with whom th< y as<?ooiate nee??ssarily, are often mom or th 1. -. i mt iminate !. an I the result i< an increased sj?ee'1 of disease 3 i in our midst, and lar Mr Mil* of nior ality. The welfare ( f the ha eommu ity strongly induce tlie undersigned to hope that the P'i proi e.| n ?.ii2 e w ill not 'e e?.i?*umuiat* d. A. N < * I* N M. ui I)., Itv; ivnrthst; (i. n.GI'NN, MI). EWD. SA HI.F., Ml).- ev New York, May 17. I MM, The landlnp: of emigrants In anyden?e- TI ly populated part of tho city, I regard as decidedly objectn na? Is, an Inasmuch as it endangers the health and lives of eitisens, by dis- ro< humiliating disease. ALKX. 8. IIOSACK, M<D. 1 concur in the th< JACOBS. PLATT, AUCTIONEER.-SALE OF 0OLI> A*D SiW#r W at?*h*?. Gold Jewelrv. Funcy Condi. Sc.?T \COB s *L\TT will !>oH, IV. a Day. it 100M.0V. * f the An^'on H- m. - Mat* itiwt. a* *l? 'Ye?of a Ihh^t'i *tock. without ro rve. vlw?Hold Lever wat<h??, ftill, exim nod 13 j.wrll.d, ho- , lion*. I silver whu*Ii?-m. with nod uith<>iit >? vmiH*. lilver atoh and ?ward ^hain*. 12 not id ko|i| rinir' In a-? 1 'Mmmnnd n?, fine *<11 rlnnand diamond mid brilliant rltnr* and ro?fh??, aterllnc wilver knlvei. f?rl nod ^ ...n^ c,.1,1 || mn cal and ?n?lT b;?\*H. rinnx. *tud?. *ilv?*r Apect.u ten 1-1 |n ms and imcil ch'mm, tooth ploki, Oernian +W\?r |*mh and l>old*r*. ullvnr ?n hol<tor?. *t*el HpeHaole-*. mlnlatm* frame*. wnt/>h main irlngd. innffhnxei. tooth broshea, taM#. de*??<rt m i t?** ?pn<.n*. ^eker anil |*?nkiiire? on eard*. hi?nr?, 6lc. K1 *0. hair nnlion. tooth dn, p'irac', Joap. ovtrao'... ^r^-fT 1 x? - >-nr f-av-, okln? and tnjlet iflas.*eu, ptirw ringa. &e hm. a Wo. c d 7. Palm it-*. Aim. *00 fold p*ns iu lot* of I'*' each. to )*-> . ?1.i \. ?rily and without r*?erve. to tlm highiat bidder. 1. r v-U n U'i>rv. AUo. olty mide g?dd Jewelry. Aa lot t 1 id n \,\ . r >11;. Alio, a Int of hamlkerolitofi. hoy*'cap*. ha*l*??U ^are \i v*ki andoyo*. gil* and plated. IJ oast iron ! * ;?ri ?i "Us, K.!-. A'h 'JM larre and el^tnt <old pen-*. t?? l?e *?M ?in 1 ?*tail valn?* and $10. Term*. oaih nn delivery, ctirrtnt m jy. ___ I tflW FORK I/)DOR. Sq Ki I O I <> ?' THV WH ^1 bera of New York I^fi\ No. 10. I. I). of o. F.. md l'w'iy lifted to attend at their Lodge room. National Ifall.Urawd mtv^t, 1 Friday afternoon, at half pa t one o'clock. to pav th? la*t tHtt# of ro4pect to our latn llrother. Uoh#?r* Fn'*??n. fr-'tn hi* late ddenoe. No. Ill Watt .street. JAMES O^IIORN. N. (j. IT ANTED ? A SITUATION. Il\ \N F. V PK'MFNi; I.l> iw Booi-ke>ptrwl and wrl ' 1 1 >anl?h rcholar. Addron immediut-ly \< eoiintant." thron^li In office. I yANTBD BY v REAPS PAR! R Y?>r*l R MA v situati.m aiOooV: in a ?oo<l Wanlnr and fr?m?r cm gh'<od city or enunlry relnrenoe Please call at iVT Greenwich nt, > *tairs. Can bo >*M*n for two^ayi. MTANTBU?PRR1IANKNT HOARD. IN i FRENCH OH * Spanish private family, or I'-ardinit honne, hy iliive youn < ntl?m**ii. Th? lnir?p i???t nf ?lu *?li? I 11 i? 1 d B? this office] ' ' VAN'TKD-uv A YOUNG MAN, \ in ITION TO travel witha gentleman or family : be understands three ? r tir ?lifTerent lanMau^ws. Please to address through the post to ft. , AULTON, 40 Monroe street. K7ANTKD A SITUATION. BY ^ RESPECTABLE YOl SO y woman oh ohambermaM, washer or ironer, or cook or u irte or seamstr*??. liest of city reference can l>e nivon, by op* ying at No. 296 Madison street. 17ANTED BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN. A situation a* chambermaid a-d waiter, nr chamiier rii i?l plain sewing. Please call at 91 Third Avenue, near -1st str-it, > stairs. ?ANTED^A~SITUATION BY A YOl NO woman, as chambermaid and wsi'er. or at onokina, washn and ironing in a private family, and has no ob|ectlon to iro a ort. distance in tlie eonntrv. The lest of city relV?rcnce from j tr last place. Apply at !>.*> Madison * , VET NURSE.?A YOUNG T!E\T,T?1Y WOM\V. wmr A fresh breast of milk, who has lrst l?er on n infant wMios a I iby to nurse at her own residence. Apply t" Mr*. HHANNAN, o. 90 Oak street k M8P90TA*L1B YOl HO WOMAN WI3HMB \ OTITA a. tion as (Children's Nurse or Chambermaid. ?t t?? do the hp no .1 housework of a small family. The l>e?t of city reference ran 1 (riven. A note addressed to S. II. L., at this office, will meet j ith immediate attention. I YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A STTUAMTOV AS CHAM. jL hermaid : is a coed waster and ?roner. or can do the house ??rk of a small family. Good city references. Please to call at \ 14 Mulberry street, on U\o second floor. 30ARI) WANTED?A young married lady from the South. ! J spending the mmn'r iu Xew York, is desirous to obtain I inrd in n small 'pilotfninily, there arc no otli r ' id where she will And the comforts of a home. Tim location mt be pl*a?ant ami agroeable. ami tlw vast side of 'lie city up >wn, would be preferred. iddm- 0. B. 3? at this oBn JOARD.OR TO LET.-A RESPECTABLE FAMILY. HAV. J Inpt more rooms than they require, would Ik> pleased to take vo or three gentlemen, or a itentleman and his wife, to hoard, ' itli private apartments, furnished or unfurnished: or would let le apartments to a small family. Apply at 108 Himmerily St., far llndson st. TONE LARtlE ROOMS OS THE SECOND FI.OOR. I I . wished or not, together witli board, may be had on application t No. 43 Walker, VTARLOR ANT) nED ROOM TO LET, FCKM'MED for a single gentleman, with breakfast if required, at 44 Warin street rO LET?ELEGANT PtTRNISHED ROOMS, TO SINGLE Kcnt'eni?n, or gentlemen ami their wives, on r*nsonaMe ' irm-, at M Walker street, two doors west of Broadway. The cation Is beautiful. rO PUBLISHERS OF NEWSPAPERS, PKKH iMK'Al.s. Magazines, be.?The advertiser takes tills method to inform 1 nbllshers and others, Ulathe Is prepared to undertake the foldIt. directing and mulling of newspn[iers, pamphlets, he., at tielortest notice, and on the most reasonable terms. Merchants ail others wishing to send to anv par' of tho IInton. can , j furnished with a list of the principal Merchants of every ciiy iroughout the Union, by addressing a note to " Business," at til [erald office. 3CEAN IIOl'SE, CONEY ISLAND?THE OPENTNC nl this House is postponed from the 1st until Saturday, the .H.I ist. on which day Sr. A. CLARK will bu happy to see his iends. 3IRDS, BIRDS?FOR SALE. AT VERY REASONABLE prioes, a line lot of Singing Mocking Birds, just arrived from altinioro. To be seen at Lovojoy's Hotel rILBl'RY FOR SALE.?A HANDSOME TILBt'RV, WITH substantiftl and eloiraiit rinrnci* ei.miiloiu r,.r Em HwiM ()Bw. I ATS? HATS?ME\ S STRAW HATS. \\l? 8TRAH M. Braids.?Just received, a lam assortment, which are ofred for i?ale cheap, by J. 1IERZBERG, No. 101 William atwot, I > .stair*. JEW YORK. MAY 30th, 184&?THE COPARTNERSHIP ^ under the firm of Bartol Sl Ormfchee is this dsy dissolved l?y utual consent. The affairs of the late firm will be settled by tie Ormsbee, \rho in al no authorized To use the name in li<iuid&< an. SAMUEL F. BARTOL. OTH ORMSBEE. The business the late Arm (window shades) will be continued on his own I count. OTIS ORMSBEE. 5 REWARD.?LOST?ONE PAIR COLD SPECTACLES, supposed to be in a wooden ease. The flnder will receive ! e above reward by returning them to WETMOKE & CO., 81 ,?sey street. 1 1 1 ?T() IOAN' ON IMPROVED iMjori:! i \ 1 X 1- j4Ul/ in this ci'y, $11at 7 per rent, for u t.-nn year.*; or it would be divided in two mi iis of and SI WO .ply to (iLoiUiE 11 THILL. I Astor House, I sit ween II and 1 loek. fIYlBE'8 TO VOtJ,HARR1 CLAY.' PC RSI iNTTOA x"l resolution of the Gcue-al Committee of lb uocratie Whip an V( n, th i u hi of the City t ( nntj I 1 rl ?ers friendlv to the nomination of HEN IIV ( L \ Y as the can.late of the Whig p^rty at the next Pr aid* 11111? 1 Election, are refuted to meet on the ground formerly known as Nihlo's Garden, j rmr of Broadway a?.d Prince street, on Friday evening, the ho i nd day of June. IMS at 8 o'clock. JOSEPH M. PRfC'r. Chair- 1 ?n of Committee of Arrangements. E. Do afield Smith, Robt. M. rcbeifgh. Secretaries. TALI \NS' Tin; ITALIAN- RESIDENT IN NEW YORK are resfieetfully invited to meet next Monday morning, the f?th 1 June, at lJ o'cloc k, A. Al.. precisely, at the < olumMa liall, N". li Oraud street, to form a process! -n t*.?r the presentation of the \lian national flaj* to Capt. (3. Corruo. of the brig Car-lim, 10 was tho first to arrive in this country with our Italian tional flu;. The Italians, united. take this opportunity invito all the friend* of liberty, of all nations, t ? take part hi is celebration. By order of tho Comiuittoe. Lroncs is herxbt oivxn to m i sari ini , n i " jects, deaerters, or any others now liable to eonscrin1 i n, I- v. by an ordinance dated 81st March last, and stoned by i Royal Highness, the Prim e Lieutenant, lias been pb h ? .| . re. '* the penalties to which they hove exposed themselves, in villain of existing laws, by leaving the country : fc graciously n'd o\pin to reenter with their ranks a< soldier., ami invi'.lmr urn to return to their respective provinces, and | . ieipa . it? e ;?aimnud glories of their hrethr u now eng.u.'* I m li'? ? rin . , Jy, their country, from foreign occupation. . . DACOHSl' ting Sardinian Consul General. tfoT'ICE?THE COPARTNERSHIP HERETOFORE F.\ 1 lid betweea ? wader . . reps, ha.< this day 1-ecii dissolved by mutual i.^ nt. All t bts due to the lute firm arc t" l c paid t ? Waller J* Kn ps, u onearo authorized to receive them, and who will discharge I;^ ?bili(ie-^. 'i"i*e business will be eondnctcd heiv.if.rr by J. i.ih N aller and Henry Kreps. New York, hint* I. Iwls JOHN ^TKF.N':ON, JOMAil A. WALLER, HENRY KKEPS, l.'i :\>ru reet. JOTICB Hit 81E 1MB(>A1 ARMENIA < 11 1 SI I I Tallman, will resume her trirs to Albany and Tr v n -io rw, Siturlay, morninp. June ,'l, IMS,at 7 o'clock, A M.. from pi ?t of Robinson sirec . 1IR8T DI>ISI '' H 1ORK rATR 1IILI1IA Nl York, May ."'.NJ, I I*.?'lhe undert<i^n<' l p i- tf illy int. iose of our ci'i/oii who are liable to the performance of mhi'r.rv tv, that by the Act t?f May 6tl?, IS47. t!uv ur?^ pn\ile^ d I ? ute said nervlee in each year, 1>\ the pivment ??.' ?f\e-,t;. nt* to the Receiver of Taxer, at lu < ?fico in ti e Park, whi* nns a fund for the fiayment of the ^ary e\i?cn < f i; ? u'tinned military. An enrollment of nil persons liable to t i . tty is about to le made, and as the quota <?f arms distribntcd j e State of New York ffotn the l'nited States tlefwnH * upon thf i tutbereur*.dled. it is desirable liiat the enrolment shall if an i rate as poHiihle, and contain the names ?f all al le bodied * i'-ale citizens between tho apes of h and 4ft, whether ex* mpt l* a son of military ? i fire v Tviees, vt h ?hc cam* of such - v ^ u and it Is h<>ncd that every ftfility for the attainmeot of tin- I ject, will be affortled to thoie oniaired in making the enr? llm | tizena who are not exempt from military duty and whoari'de^:. , us of relieving themselves from the ^ rf' nnfvtu e l. ereof, an.' rt i? fted to commute at early as possible, and that avoid the i a!imttofcd by law for delinquency. Th??i?e who have < '"mm i 1 ill til case state the fa*'t to the enrolling officer. ( HARLKS \\ 1NDFORD, Major (iencral Commanding 1st Divi. ion New ^ r. .i to Hflitk J EMOVAL?MRS. CARROLL'S MEDICATED VAI'Ol i; V and Sulphur Baths, removed to ,YJ Br-adway, two * i - ve I^eonaru stirs u In operation fr?m 7 o'clock in the raocain;* I110 o'eloel st ni^h*. t'IZOT LAUGHED IMMOOF.RATELY," THE I?AV ftP tJT fr?ro he fell.?The IIroadway Tailors do the nine af my rLietnentJ. Their 'lay. perhaps, >111 I* a*-- rlrnti I, when il? id out that f rail Cashm ?refte Coats at to fli>: r*n' Pr , ?' e, at $f to **; Tweed, at $.'?; Merin ?. at $.">; $fcelei'>a, at $.{ t I. WTiite Vest, Satin do.?*nd make French Cloth !>; <? measure, for $16; tery finest 1 ?in (J. li. < LA11KE, li illiam stieet. < LA I MS AGAINST THE LATE I'lMtiADKX AMI FK'.I ' menta of Infantry in the City of New York.?VkwS ?y l!?th, 1X4*. NcTfCr?In pursuance f an aet < f the !. . ro of this State, istaaod April I2ih, I MX, entitled an a?t : ? nrr- ? i act entitled an act for the adjustment of ckiiui* inrurrc ! J' ilitary fnirposesin the City c.f New York, and for the dUirlht:. >n of the commutation money* r ?<Mv.-.| under r !ir? act ] ty 3d, Iski, nasaod November */7lh, IM7.?N<i- ** is !x n i.v * \ > all persons navlng claims exi-on the twentieth day of !> : . r, A. D., l&l'i, again ?, the several K'irinienU und Brigade* < t I utry in the City of New York, incurred l-y tliem for prin in,, iti nery, room hire, and regimental music. to present the -a... thin two months fr?m the date of tlds notice, u> the und? isi^ i- | , at his office, No, 1KH hamher* street, New York. Ar ! . rsons having such claim**. are hereby further uoti'.e ', that tin!. r s same are presented within sr li time, they uiil Iks picclthh t.? payment out <?f the fund to he distri'. ut ii as tir >vi<l. ,| v< t, Itv ordor of the Di\isiou llouiJ. C. \V. SAN LlFOKl), \lsj'i neraL 11TY LOANS. TEMPORARY LOAN IN ANTI / of the Revenues of the City, will he received it th..? oft- . iiui of Two Hundred and Fifty Dollars and upwai ?h. f r *..Vt '? Is i ' Ci'.v .%i!I 1 e I-.H.:. ?. ;.:iya? n tr i th interest at th? ra'e of six per ceut per annum. Co.n;iioikr | lioe, May Jt?, 1*48. JOHN fiVYKN, Comptroller. Torn n-TIIK 1IOLDRIU OP THE DONT'X ? i fH 1 Fhladclphia and Heading R?ilr< t1 C- < ! '">r, ine ir. t d KVJ, are hereby nottfled that nr- v .sirior f< r ne c ivi r-. said bonds into a preferred stock of dw company, be.-?riii* vt r cent interest, to he issued agreeably ?,< an art |?**sed at tl-. -i ?n of the I'ennsalvunia Loaislator.*. will he received at u lee of B. Thayer* lln?rhvr. t hamley* Vi lu- . kila4elphia and a. JAl*l>?>N k Ci>.? ^ Wall snout, 'u>rk. PO CALICO PRINTERS, ENGRAVERS ANf> OTIIERX.L The adversers, conuneneing another 1'iifineea. will dispone ! eir calico enKravinf nmohinery, tools, and tittnns, c<uisi?tin;?t naohineti, 2 t?j?and Jlilde pressure, .1 pair* elarnp*. p wer an-l nd turning olfiathe, foming tnaehine, |>>li?hlng la h< <, mill an-l , inch blocks, a larto nuiulir of win. kUnIi, ground u .d oih? i illn, dies a- d pr.nehea, together w ith the shafiin^, heltj, l:o , %ud erythinjt nect^iiy to esrry on the ^ojlvo engraving hue!nf aie ah*?r? will he sold very l-'W and <m 1 il eral terms. I'lje n- ?ni * d power will l-e rented reasonably to the imrehoser, who will I ceive tlat beneAl of an established and good boaineaa. For fur r information, duply to NOKTll It GALLAGHER, Jersey I y, &ear the raiixoad. 1 I niu liiitATuc. l.vsi' .sionr Bit r>m. Wr li JT UAW!>EU8*3 VIKVNOI?lj< 4* .. nut. .?r. or dlnotWa of :/? l?m? J'.* rl ?? WV k I .' s ( uu J Th, }?vtjrtr.?iiwo will i' mm. w ? it? aj;iM.- ? >1?i PlS iloStiKol.-v 4 CI lUi Vi.Mii. i . ii. i. .. . mliltcl ill# jwtlte n iii' .ly (' IIA H i KM The A .. I.? IV,n, Ui. iiair). Uarie. Mr. K.. i, ?. Mur wlnc!i u - 'I gran-l dl?crtl?*:i.<'ut, l.\ Vi 'Of.:K\ F. 'y .1 H.n ..?< ? V' 11 *#. to whiob will 1*1 li-IUt-l It-I 1-. ' t . . Ij -1 a NAl'Mll Hm AN' lil'L'lt?Pfaiuiiu.u, H. fcurv'U; Mtni I ..1.14, iia?i.; JJ.m I.etwr, Mi*? K*?'u II..i>i 'lli .* . ij. : with tL? I'Aa l>ta AROlRtm !->' Is 111 '*1. M ? V il nO'ijl**. PARK. TIIEaTRK.? liAV P 1.1UOK M.A \< K t?l Jill; VlaUBotM CliiUr?n, on .>:iiiii lai I , .1 ... J, mini.mlii< at 2 '.'cluek, IV U. Tin1 'inn ;.' r r' u tli i COaipllan i with t).? ? i?trn if | pen 11 i?m w lU ippoar '.n H?iur<lay m at 2 /elm i. in 1m .: i.n. I l/l\ 1 i'tirOII Clil*? tLo " i?'( till -1 i tt It >', [ .. A t.'l\Uf.'-ul -t, au<l tin' I'** l.i.i'i.iin.'Mi . |1.,. .i. i. . . ! i(.,? m: I II.1, und th,* Itcn tTOtlH will i*. f'.nvif1. with '-llirr tn'r "i.imci l> , n it halt.; -i I, ?tJ,l t>.. fj?tti .li v 1 U'l'iitiiuuvu at 2 u'cliiuh. IJHWKKV TIIKM'KS ?FRIDAY. ITIXIKO, JIKC >, " 'Mill.. t.-.t. H:? tn., .Ij I III llr.l I u-K .11.. !.- J. i 1; . I'V'.i t ; i n ... .1. II. ||;. . c, int.... i,. I. | V " " ',r Vl I' > mm ?r .l..t ji. I . . J. i.11 . os r. i i. IH:.N -I... . 'iwi Mm. .-ull . il: ,, liiil li... . Mr. .1. II; Mr |W . l.i. I * ,l'uli; U'llamy. \a, , ,-.k? . .V m. \!a. .i : 1;. Maliw, Mi \t., |. . , i , u*-7j |??rt<iiuiani ... f Kituciu- v .. (< U4T1I i"i 'i'i. i' . i.; t . , ; , : J Mr. 1. S. i , T 2 wi'l I.. n< ted th.i itramn i.f tli II l.i \ . i . i . i . , .. Mi Varnr: ilr, Mr In . . ., \ , .. Mr-. .lull,". Tn I- I.1K ..I : I ; S V, . I.'?f ui Mr I 'lm?> (V?? I. ,i l* ". - . " ? .'i i i ? . h . ik f; kftfy. mr? i??? j'. tf? ? ! ". \. t i'a'i.aj# snow .s'f'ol{ \i- (lovtti col .wrfm - h,'. . \ , , t'fiint .mr. kiriiur?i n.; .m -j " .j. 4, at 7?ivrfwrwmnv to '*mm*i*rjt i? 7?,, u'ej . .. i. . pit 12.^. private hojro>\ $"#. droadh a) thea1iii . - 1:1 v i fcvknlm d l-j*, will !? j.-rt riimil sl? i r-l? / < i.m. 1 tlm si '111 h ii. roll si'a viia i. i:iiaili. surfw. isr ail sir i'dfr tcule, mr. itl.iku; :-ii i'i>.. r s una. c, mi. v-.-i. s;irf?.mr. i'r.'-l. < : . i ,v. .... mr ?v sv : l.-ul ti'iul . mi l(. i h i.. . m:irimi. . ?i? i.i c i i mi h'iinlaiili i ; l.ii.iv , > v i : i i. i r the now lui i i onful n dkk i' hi i l<. n i li mr. h eeteni. mr. vaehr o'chelan, mr. e shaw; i.-. i l.-. mr marti . wctern, mrs. w in?!aiiley; k. vi in ,'li. . |{. i ilii u. dr. i circle and pai'.|iiette. .*1 cents; i .mily t in lc, . i.nt> < i2l? rent*. l)? r.? i.jhiii at 7, rl. i n in .<; i a'r-i u \| kcuanic8 i'ai.i, ?72 ji - ?. a i. i'.tfittxvf it i C.r-'A n il ' i" i.ii )i.\ \, ? \X . .'. 'i., t: i. \v i i k .i.t. ...? ?f ,i. i '- i iwi?. i?.i ... . , - m.i : months ..... : i t. '.vi'l -. .in 'i ji.. i i |.ui ai d m.-'iuiij.: ' i ;< lull) i i i.i . at Uh y will e< ii. nuo ... iofi.'iv . it.. .. , . uv, night further i a.1 r , . i ,, , c.i.m.t-1 v.11 rnirn. "i > *;! v-. ?u i . l> i. , christt. i j a r 1m vj.: i; . u ' i : r. i. . v , . ? ' pr. ' <" "' i i. mi:': ?ri enlirt i el 11': ... . ev -ry alieriio- ii at h., o'clock, .r d (irrnn n.. . i i.u '. :i .i hot lias ei.fcufril tho l,i' |.ian sci-, ? . ?i . every at.o.i:., j. ihi'iiin;', i.iagnil ccni dissolving views. mil l;r.ln..i:' cl>r'.ui"lriipe ; mr. jam i. hull, comi. sinircr; Mi a. do enir.T'j. on lliu hull mi accordion. the matm 'li t i.iuiil lia'v, i<ul> l(j m.mtlii olil, .if liwiiiiurul fao? uinl lnilur?h, .m.l ?\ci f m?y inl?ii.'?unir, kciiilmip niuetv w .x >n imih! iniimrj j th? american pin* kin?; \lu.utne hwvwoll. ui>- laun na i ..rtur.u '1 tiler, may be privately o n?uli??l at an vitrt hnvj ol lit ctmi. ailauiwlon to tbc whale, iooln-unt wu'?iu? har.itinv i > ., vo.. 'j4 oar.t* ; 'ihlldrcn, oi..irr ic.. veer- < t i^ in i ..lit 'o aloiic. 1?^ k..irf-rf-j oir,* -v'jv'.'. rtr.? nillin^ ?i??- 'kin. Banvarl.s mammu.jj 1 a;h?ik.\?ia uk 'fi'l uppi kl'iii. pa.n&.! <.<n tip miicf if .au>i?a, huuia i* Imh-*' i?!ni;dg ( > worl i. *i ait, urwlway. a<l).j.>.iu< nitln * i.trli'b. dim. otihv iv .;,. itayn cxccptcil).!i.n iii' w.iito: chil'irvii iiail pnev. 1'^? hvunnuua will com-cenw tnu'luf, at 'a to b o'uluca pr*m? iy. .mti im csblmtioi. tu wmii ?r<'/arirday, at ? o'ak. i. PALMii'S opera 1iou8k.?; t!ik mokfcf. artlriin?frl.lay, jiuia 2.? l'r>.k ainuif?l'art l?.luuu of ar?. tlio ljiite player. Mom- ri utinc on tho hutt, venus of il'i .shell. tli? three lirainis. Souk, pna .leu graoe.i. lntertnl9hioi\ 'f tun minuted part ii?sappho, neptune an.l ampuitrito, m'.se anil l.ku in the kutliig houw, scene of the i 'eluse, ualmen. song, daupo. intermiiwion of ten mlnuten. part 111??<reek slave, veiius tie medicia. fairiei danw, mumm the model artlila- in 3 tableau*. tableau final*. dan. e. doors open at lialf-p^.ht 7?eominence at m o'ulook. dru<? circle ami paruuette, 50 centg; upp't Hom's, Z'i eentu. N1hl0s, a--tor pi,ace, broadway (i.ate italian oinrn). ononink nkhf, monday, june.'). those womlers'of tho iuje, tiie vienmnse children, will kiv,- tiiref ohand dances. mes-rs. clitiiieiiilale, waloott, john 8efton, ami mrs. m mler, will appear in twu i u.hlc i'lhes. tickeis, .ml cents, llegin at 8. Walnut street tuea1kk, philadelphia.? mr, chttpiuan's llenellt fii.lay evening, june 2. l^t-*. will l? (lerformeil the llranil o|ieraiio and scmie di n ol til p. enchantress.?ratnii. mr. rltchi ins; brscelii.. i k. uett; s'l^nei, limnton; duke d'a.|iiila, loiuau; tialais j. ruon; den .-'slvi... wlientlcv. d". tor nathanamius, chapman, trtisiiha, mis ii i:.'r..; stella (the knrliantr ?.'), MIhs fisher; f,va, mis* duly; spirit of o.....i. miss walters: spirit ol f.vil: mr. c. fo?ur 1' ns to which the new FOOTMan?llobby hrea^windf w, mr. clutpnian. on saturday, mr. kiehiins' bei.etlt tlie mor.plaiair ballet trt upe arc en^ed, and will up;cur on monday evening next. Rlt0er8 female instpfltte, madison strekt.? . the denvort f.'inity will give a 11 rand vocal and iii..irutnental concert, at the ftutger female institute, on friday evening, june 2d, is4s.?miss marian derwurt. aged 12, y ioo. violin slid piano forte; .miss llita, aged 10, vo ee. violin and piano forte; mi- ( ar> line, n -.i voice. vio . i and l'iaao corte; master will am, r : ?i \ vniro and vlololftello?tickets, . ents; children hall' pii> p. to Ijc i ad of i'rofo f?.r derwort, iw i ;roen street, oral iliu .1 r. u tl.e cvenii ..f the |?rlorniancc. "|k n a! 7 o'eb. con. crt to eommence a: s u'clock. rpile mammoth of illeouio and misx slmiplu rivers (n?w exhibiting in baltimore) will so-n open ?t the apollo rooms in this city. due notice will be given of its first apptarance. it o..v. rs 22.m10 l'eet of canvass, iw.rtrnnng nin* different states. the ohio river is shown the whole extent from cairo to pittsburg, over 1u0u uiiles; the extent of country reiuilie* over 1400 miles. _________________________ A kern an dram > iii' find associ ation.-a speeial meeting of the directors will be held at the st. c!iarles( hotel, . o friday, june 2d, at .1 o'clock i'. m., to revise the rulec and regulations. john iikot oil\>l, secretary. all m.1:111111 moan mis nv-i-oflur^ ;ti" i ta^oenuton may Ihj addrua9*i to .Mr. lir'MJXMuin's n -. ' .57 ' 'hnrnl?om nt, \ II ERIC AN DRAMATIC- FUND ASSOCIATION.?-ASH&. . rial Geri'TJil .ii < ,i? ,, ??; tin* nieiiil* of tJo laaociation !.> ht.*\ eoim ued (pir>mtnt to (lie older of the directors,) at tKn St. < li.irlw*' llnN-l. on '! in i.r. .1? i at .'! o'eb i it. r tip- jam-' ?! elr< io.r a pre io? nt, and <-f tvrniving initiation t JOiiN IlKOl i JiA.M, Se ?v.i ry. All ? >ininuuica a n i re. |h lii!/ the ;Ji>:i .,f tliv a? ? ? in': n iu..^ ho addrojt to Mr. liiou/ham'* i?_ ri?I '.J < huml? i tret. HKNRV WI.U.S, OF Till. FIRM OF WELLS & CO., AND l.ininprtt u, \V I'.- . i .., hi. .ik.-ii into co-par u- r<Mp wjth him Mward 'I'. iv iti ? .? .\? x York, and Johnston IJvm;'<*tenf of the linn of Llvir y t I : ilndelnhia; ami tluj vtjii carry on, aa heretofore. the fcxprt>\ Forwaniing and CoTnmi*o.:u burincM* tin fulb-w h : Tho doint.-ti- Kxpr- bitumens will !?? do in the nr?m?- of Wells Si Co*: tbe f'???vi?r*t lnumiw* in t'.ie uttuie I ' . ' n. \ V 1 '. ? '!- . V- . I. rpiiK liiMTi. :r and \t?r: n av. wirvN ROvvi, mai* 1 >t? ???m iiijii!, i- v.( ? -i lit 1.4*. n j ??.. ia .< rp i and 1 < ..*< n new i iU n?itl livitj- ?i, <' 111 < l!i.? ?to .1 and . :\ and |..k-cii * r ?, 1111. n?I .lilii. - r?!! v. I11 Ul;?. IN . \, >ha!iu?>n, from ;v \ >'.<, \\ > 7 '? June; ( >ij,\ Kyrie, fr* i Ii -. n. \\ ! \ : .V v I?! Cr;> . Sume, from Sew \ ik. U lu? 'uv. 2l Jo i .? > i. io' iivy $\J>. F- r freight or ! ? I'pb 1- i NAUD, Jr.. ,';s Rr -iitiway. V? i^l.i will ' < i*.. I i ' r>! ii tiiKruU al'.'T 1'J oVIock "ii 'lif - Ifiy i t!f ofh "r rro UKM.<;Krs ANJ> APOTH:^ foij >AL? i . i|., tl. r.'l . ! fix I tho !> i'tv', t li!i"rlv " 'T|.o4'l l>v ' ' \\ i K ilrc j-t No i ht- it i oi - I" ? -.'l '1 . m 11. . i a .. tail I . . 5? <: >-' ' iiu. i u. k-iu.i'.; ) I a iii-- rati- . . la \\-i? r < r." '? till II." : j u r ?ttn i r ummi laotutifK t!;?* vat?-r c>n?;i wt.rki.oc or?ior. J!id n'.-uvrt . * ?ro w i i 1 < a v. ry imblo t io Tor aay p-i -o \vir,J. ii , t > H'lTtni 'ii * the <lro;^ hu. is.- in the y, ! ? ?-i 'ubliahH I '.rtUlv kno^n tn tho pu^ii f s the "i.i-l !.*?>? ,r^. An'v .Mi:- I ' Mt l?l. t'.i (1UL0GNS, \ rai $T I. 1 17.-J KAN MARIA FAHISA iIk only ?! .- il'fr f the ; mtiro K.ui <lf Col- if. l.oto i. f ii.o bi.4 < i?U?ii. I frU'loH h*- lu.< Ulti'n ;i roi tii |4. aihoi, lit X .Niltn.. JImII i t . ' inn hi . ^!1 < foi w .:?Icm 1 t?> thin j ' ? * tviil mi i?h f roaipt a t- -ition. A' - i : it . j j ' >- i ' ' u!.-<4 of t'ariuu'h Lnvctol vi Water, in I j ii: I in! I t t-<!i- tifi'iM. i > avi'aita n" vock ft.wi: : < ;i sat j:. n m t ? C ti.u-.'t . , .. ft. .,-r*. \ ..liln Mill it t > tila?l\ifi ? aiaii' ni\ V i i I irr, i> c,-m, i:,'ii i ! in- v 'li-.nly on t!i" Kappa'iano' ' -i?.'r, ab?*tt( nlli s Uiow Kr?ii rio'K*1.111-/, I' .ii I ?' - n ai.?l ;:?n> r r?*, . !.?(Ii (frotitii./ i to in" ii.i'r! v ' > ? ri. i) an* ^j'lal in any ?: ! in lli? r niv Other .;? ill 'lif r- . on, for . .; ;1 purl* i; r*> i It o i a; 1.1 |r . hirflv f-.r ' > ? ri-i-.' t - f v. * . lormt, t"Mlar, c!: -inut. !i t : r. ? % ' l'|n.n t:. \ ii ' |?.r i??o ni** i i? r -" <t ?..?> at*nua! n fal of \ i. I a' - -t $ >:*). This ate i. ?. <, itly ?Alnc?l l?v rotnir.!*. m i i in who have r*? i>l< .1 i-tl l. ir Uvim ei.her nj u crinitiii..* . rinity, at810,772. Ileing in urgent ml 1-. t oiler it ? !. 'i n?lii% ?. r . m arn^iiat w (?ich f' iifol ai"l < ..nv^stio capitaliat? mi^hi i vllw :n tl ^ liii' t r arid w.^ .l afow. The 'earner Mary Uiulil >*: r?. | I?+n - u Ilultim i :?i ! Fre. ri ' -' >.r.'. j ? weei;l> 'i: . u 'I would laod tliuaa tl -ir-oiH uf c- niinii / it. */% '>% : : -t i it r Tan; ahn-iiioclr, I ccd?t?>wu, Ul^tant ei/ht mi ?. A. N'. HKK> AKu, Prwkriol i? "?v. ^ 1 KAA n/iA n AND OVETl OF DILFEWITT t)UU,UUU Kellli: :?> t I .-.'ii; I f. Ml ^l.i uidi o f<?*)jplr int. r i piit up in Ih il?< at W c. nti'. $4 doaen, f." t'. a-. * i; ; r a- -.1. .ii cm ; ?-nper any otba I... imeot in market. ! ? ra?li-a - | in?,ar.<J hr?i> all warmer f a?ol bniire . Oflleo St"1 Pearl li'tvet, hud of tiie ? ! ami sulleri ?' i erally. j |if. ViWziA* orn/.-r, \rr<i- r, etc., aitends d 1 " !y t? lid i. "* ' i :uv a ' I' ^r. alb'.: i/;r>. 2('?l i-t way. cntrunoe I Warran . Jont put hgh. I, Use we : i tioa i>r. I'o-v ii'w Tic i' m on Gjc, Price 5?'renta. whi h ?? 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IW? r..?traec e. *>i uhota,rtr. ! >?*? ? y i1,1 rl'I l>y j-hv- <iau?, iuiijt be iiad at liis Kfcire in frw.\ N'-. 2 \nn. 1 rim ?1 (<vr bi.f. OK. itALI'I!. At Ut'lK Of TUB i'U.U H At. PK!V.\TB i ? i..'-V - > Or iv'!. nfiioj t.? IJ A.M. f. ? D r. " . (A i .1 y !' ) I" ? 1 Tl'Iy In -. tI* -v: will In "irpn i rain^i./ an t hula in nvenlnir* i .t,.lint t'. ir .ir". U .1 *. i. th'mj * ... ? -uo Mu ; r?l Ironi 3 i.( r atn < f j.- i U\ nr nti.-rwif , wtm rati pi p?riy appn:< i?t? lu? nf.rvi, ?. iu < ' rtctur#, (run . ? -i>1. ni,-.I lout, to it* nv>s? vtv v .! n l tr -w. ? i-??, (fr .in unur'mn In ii'lii ' u t? # rvry s nuivr prac . - in il n 0 .u piainl) i.c c a ft.1 pi n;> I, ?.'. > kn<l ntJtcal . i..', i . Ii,' hit ;lib 1 v rtstini;. t? .>u?.i ;J fti"? & >< > ..or , t <a Amtiinv M ?.T>K Al PA tlX?1>R. MOKHt-ON CONTIM'KS f?? UK . .i ill- I i :iiI I t .. [ir\ a: ?.i ci > i .? > . . ? | i ' i.f twenty.* x \f:ir? i H in ' Ti"" w o hn\? -iiflrri'l I'rma uiaUtr itnunt, u > i !1 i oxn nir..' Dr. *V. 'i -.n ti t'ir . i ?..o M! div 11 vr *li tlir.ifn?ttin-?i.f sir Ant' j *.' ?irer. tr, in lm Kn i-m -?. Most RXTRAOIIIUVAHY nu:iK-Ti> THK ir 'h i.1. i c i u {I a 11!1 ' 'iini..". : t .... ! \r :*c' ? l'r;v#'f Mi' tiriil (' ipn', .. ' I>i \. II. 'I niri i < H eili;i.> . I'rlti $1, Thin wur t is i in.' wi i i >t u.'i"" ?!?. (.4 uloc.Mii i l.avu ilif., l> 1 i ill"!" - i 1 ' ) K . > f' i!? i? a onnr. ?l - h?r r>rrl?l or iniii?rrl?l, atttviii^li it ;? in. tcuduU anpa<*iaUjr for tho mhi'i <1, i' >li.* '< Imfvu-taht. tcr -:1, whi^h sh ul.t Iv !< n il 'ii ii p*i It'lllai'ly. Hrv \ y '1 aiai.1 1 in fii.^'fiver Jir III ' ?i M v i l lh< i.;" ' .:t I" M * dM?. I nl in.. *lmii. p . i* i i v ' H. 1 Hr ! I'll1' 1 I .i , *> i 1 al*% '/.*' r "i nil .it tmt 1 4 '.Ft.:' iUI|. . I , i t i . All *? K "? r-'.'.-ipt ' T >1. .t ?"t V * iil '? ir ,1 ft l.i nl. * ?l 1* U> all iiartt "t V m . 1 . \ r. .. '+ s<>(iR?l, paid, I k it i>I . i >, * . * " A e?y. 1 /ttion, UJ Ubaity <u?vb * M

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