Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 14, 1848, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 14, 1848 Page 3
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I "1 "I* I. II I I I I LJ.. TBLEORAPHIC INTELLIOEWCE. | ?amm?ry. Among the congressional proceedings yesterday, we perceive nothing of a very important nature. In the Senate, a motion to take up the ( House resolution, to adjourn finally on the 17th w July, was rejected. In the same body, a bill, to , enable the children born of American parents, in | foreign countries, to receive the rights of citizens'lip, was introduced by Mr. Webster. ] 1 Commercial intelligence, A:c., to the latest j 1 moment, will be found among the subjoined I i V4V Offal lb IIV-?. Tlie Court of Inquiry. I Fkedkbice, Md , June 13, 1848. i The Court of Inquiry is to-day engaged in examining \ C'apt. Kerr, of the Dragoons. | i During the examination, (Jen. Scott wished to know \ whether witness had not had his testimony impeached \ at some former Court Martial. C'apt. Kerr answered ] indignantly. " No, never.'* 1 Quite a tceue occurred. References to the pretec- 1 tion of the Court here, and of the Sword elsewhere, i wero freely exchanged. ( Gen. Scott was next examined by Gen. Pillow res- , peoting conversations with Capt. Kerr, relative to Gen. , Scott's orders to Pillow. ] A Break In Use Canal. Albany, June 13,1848. ' The canal is broken at Canajohorie, and there kwill he no navigation for six days. Political movement*. I Alb ant, June 18, 1848, , Senators Houston, Allen and Foote arrived here tonight, and will address the democracy of Albany tomorrow night. I suppose they intend to follow J Van Buren through the State. THIRTIETH CONUHU8S. Fiasr session. Senate. I : Waahinoton, June 13,1848. The Senate oonvened at 11 o'olook, the Vice President in the chair. REMOVAL or the seat of government. A number of memorial* and petitions were presented. auioug which was one by Mr. Hale, of New Hampshire, from the ciliz?ns of Ohio, praying for the removal of the seat of government to Cincinnati, in oonsequence of the slave trade being carried on in Wash- , ington. The motion to receive ttie petition was objected to. and it was laid on the table. Mr. Hale then asked leave to withdraw the petition. ] Upon this motion an interesting debate sprung up, in which Mr. Hale. Mr. Bagby, of Alabama, Mr. Mungum, of North Carolina, and Mr. Nlles, of Connecticut, par- ' tielpated i Leave to withdraw the petition was finally refused. The vote stood as follows : yeas 37; nays 31. I naturalization law. ! Mr. Webster reported from the Judiciary Committee a bill providing for an amendment of the Naturalisation laws, so as to make the children of American parents, born abroad, citizens of the United States.? I Mr. Webster explained, that under the strict construction of the present law, children born abroad, of American parents, are not deemed te be American cl- 1 tlsens. ] the adjournment. , I Mr. Berrien, of Georgia, moved to take up the joint resolution of the House, providing for the adjournment of Congress on the 17th of July next. This gave rise to an animated and running debate ; between Mr. Badger, of North Carolina; Mr. Davis, of I Mississippi; Mr. Berrien, Mr. Bagby. ef Alabama: Mr. ' Dayton, of New Jersey; Mr Athertun, of Now Hampshire; Mr. Dickinson, of New York; Mr. Husk, of Texas, and Mr Calhoun. The motion was finally rejected by yeas and nays as follows : Yeas 10. nays 21. compensation por horses killed in mexico Mr. Turney, of Tennessee, moved to take up the bill providing for the payment of horses lost or killed iu the military service which was agreed to. This motion gave rise to a debate, in which Mr. Westoott. Mr Davis, of Mississippi; Mr. Borland, of Arkansas. spoke on one sido. and Mr Daytou. Mr. Turney, Mr. Rusk, ^tr Bxdgrr, Mr. Butler, of South Carolina; Mr. Breese. of Illinois, and Mr Downs, of Louisiana on the other. The bill was then committed to the Committee on Military Affairs. removal op the lantern prom the dome op the catitol. The House resolution for the removal of the Crotchet pole and lantern from the dome of the Capitol was, on motion, taken up and adopted without a division. On the motion of Mr. Mason, of Virginia. Friday and Saturday next were assigned for the consideration of private bills, when.on motion, the Senate adjourned over till to-morrow, Wednesday. House of Representatives. The House convaned at 11 o'clock. The Speaker resumed his seat and oalled to order. The journal wsa read and approved. After the the transaction of sonio routine business, foreign literary exchange!. Mr. rAi.FRET.of Massachusetts. made an unsuccessful attempt tu hare Mr. Vattemare'a bill taken up iu relation to foreign exchanges of works of Art, Literature, tie. Market*. Buffalo, June 13, 1848.?Receipt* within the pait twenty-four hours:?Flour, 3,400 bbl* ; wheat, 24.000 bushel* ; corn. 7,900 do. Flour waa firm with an upward tendoncy in prices; sale* of 1.000 bbl* were made at $5 25. Wheat was firm at 94c for Chicago or Illinois, and 114c. for prime Ohio; sale* of 16.300 bushels wore made on private terras. Corn wn dull at 24>?c for Western mixed, and 41c far yellow do. There was no change of moment in other articles. Freight* remained the same. Boston, Juno 13.?Flour?Tho market was steady, and sale* of 1500 bbl* were made, including Michigan, Ucnesee. and other Western brands, at $0 a $6 37X. Corn?Sale* of 20.000 bushels were made. Including Western mixed, at 51c, and yellow at 55c. Rye?Sales f 600 bushels were mads at 75c. Oats? Sales of 2000 j bushels wero made at 50c. Lead?Sales of 2 900 pigs j were madn at $3 75 per 100 pound*. There was no change in other articles. Albany, June 18.?Receipts within the last twentyfour hour*?Flour, 6,600 barrels ; Wheat, 6.000 bushels. The Flour market was dull at yesterday's price*. Corn ?Sales of 3.000 bushels wore made, including flat and round yellow, at 55c a 59c. Oats?Sales of 3.000 bushel* j were made at 44%o. Theie was no change in other ar- , tloles. " Marine Affair*. Vosem ror the Gulf or Mexico.?We gee It | stated In a telegraphic despatch, that throe reagela In 1 the port of Vera Crux, wore chartered to convoy troops i to Baltimore. Major Gen. Butler had forwarded direc- i tiona to Gen. Brooke, at New Orleana, to charter res- . els enough to transport 27.000 men from Mexico to the ' United States. The government agents, we hare region to believe, will very soon, If they have not already, ( enter the market, with power to charter. Hawc You hren to Mr Hiram Anderson's, Nr>. P0 Howenr, to see his stock of beautiful American and Eng ji-ti Ihrvo I'ly Double Super Unrpets, Rugs, fco.f If not. go at once, if you arc in went; he is oiling at his olieapestablishment !U per csnt less than any other store In the United States. The Plum lie National Unguerrean Gallery, No. 7.M Broadway, upper eor.ier of Mnmv street, It is the world renowned place oouihiiiing both the excitement of actual life with the ah-iractnesa and refinement of Art, wlicro one enoounters portraits of all die ce'otritins of tlio land, exquisitely printed bv the pencil hotter* of light itself, and as accurate and lifelike ss If j the ituaeo In the miror nail teen transfixed hy magic and doomed j to reoiai > forever dnmh yot speaking: lifeless, yet o'.oquent lifelike form. __ Card?The undermined (late Proprietor) of ti e Nn'.i nsl Miniature Gollenr, 217 Bro dway, Now \ ork, would rest ci'tfnll. inform his frionde and late patrons, that he kss dlspi-ed of h i entire interest in the above na iiod Gallery. to Edivnrd White, Frq. lie focls confident that the p csent proprietor, Mr. White I whose experience, enterprise and liberality, nave condoicd towards the advancement of the Dsguorroai art) will rte th" most liberal exertions to ploase, and hope* he may receive that sonorous support which has heretofore been extended to the above establishment, J. 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" I*?r{ Brown/* "Albert 0 BualeyV' and the new and Improved ' Brown" Foil superior fro the old one, at reduced ririf. Oold t>ena and e%nrn rnwvirod. For Fn aldent, Drnernl Tnylor; fbr VIre President, Millard Fllmnro; for fine French Rootage to JOMS'S, 14 Ann street, whore you enn Ret tho lost article and fit for a lea* Krioo than anv r:ai e in the city. (KAco seekers wanting rood j i?? * for tho White Mouse, will do well to call on onr friend jon fa Knniiilrn'TiilIrt Ariii'.lr?,l)ir7alnx Cmm and rnn0v fii'lery, 147 llr adway, onnurof l.lherty itreet.. *nd 9*7 Rrnideay. The miheorlliere rrepeeifully mil the .ttentlnn of th. pn'dio to their ootlooMon of tho .hove artle'oe, whioh In point f variety, I, not ?qtvall*d in the oltr: th.v h*ee lewn raleote.1 wtlh atrlet rou.i rd *n qniilltv nnd in .11 miea *ro warranted. 0.8AITN- I IMJItS * SON, 147 end T<7 RmeHwev Or. I.oTflt'? I'nfont K.nnincllfdl Plntra for A r' i (l',,ftl Ti ath.?dVe are al way. grntefnl on lieerinff of new lnv.n- [ tlon. In t> e .eleneoot Dantlatry. Dr. I.E7J5TT. one of onr nldeat and moit. nicoeaafnl D.nti.U, hiu pmen'ed nn imit.tlon of the rttni. y whioh tho ? >!?> pl.t. It entirely eonceal?l. It ) quite n ?e?l lor.itum. nnd wo hope the Imprnv mnnt will h. generally 1 adopt, t, ?? It merit. to he, hy .11 who raqnire thie important aid. ?N. V. Stin.lny Time. Dr. I.EV1TT, Pontlat, 209 Broadway, I .orn.r of Barren at. Ilooto? Krwnch lloola, |l,AO, wnrth A,00 and aa gn?d wi th* |7 Root, wild at other atom. fin. Calf Bout. $.1 Ail, w >Tth $A. Caller, of all kind* aheaper than ean be found In any | other .tor* In the city. Oar friend. ihoald all (at their Boot, and Show of YOUNG, oonm of Pulton and Naaar.?THI DOC 1 . ' - 1 11 . 1 '!. 1 i ' 1 COIIIftClU APIlItl. HOHKY MA1UUBT. Tueedny, Jane 13?6 P. M. l'rlco* are rapidly r< .uVur a low lrvi-1. The translations in tho street to day. kli'u unusually limited, mil the broken ere complaining loudly of dull timet, it the first board to-day, Treasury notes fell off % per :oui ; iviorru uuuu, ^ ; .vorwicu ana vr ucoumr, u% \ Long Island, X i Harlem, )f. At tbo second board, Morris Canal improved X, and Long Island }( per cent, upon prioes current In the morning. The money market is steadily tightening. It is a matter of much speculation in Wall street when the shipments of specie are likely to oease. No one appears to know what U the cause of such a steady drain; to what extent it will probably go before it stops; and the doubt existing has already created considerable xlarin and anxiety. It is reported by the banks, that they are losing none of their supply, and that thus far the receipts from the interior have been sufficient to meet the demand for shipments. This may be correct, hut we have not much confidence in the authority.? l'he supply from the interior must soon cease, or the country banks will be so much weakened that their condition will be exceedingly critical ; and If the receipt from the oountry hanks does cease, the drain will oome entirely upon the city banks, and our monoy market must become very stringent. Thus far, the exportation of specie has been a little more than seven millions of dollars. The shipments for the past week wero as annexed Shipments of Specie from the Port of New York. Brig Union, Rochelle, five francs 9I3.J0U do do Mexioen dollars 1.H58 Steunsr Hibernia, Liverpool, sovereigns 117.l.Jl do do Am. silver and gold..,. 157,ill) Slilp St. Nioolas, Havre. Mexican dollars 2S.4UM do do American half dollars 12.01t? do do Amerlo&n gold do do sovereigns I*/) do do five frnoos i74 Ship Mediator, London, English silver. 14,Kt) do do Mexican dollars 3,5<il do do sovereigns 12.74U Ship tdwim, Antwerp, Napoleons N.!HX> ?'iip Yiotorit, Antwerp Napoleon* 3.21* Mark Munsaro, Matanxas, Spanish donbloons 17,0"0 Brig Aheona, Matanxas, Spanish doubloons 17 <100 Steamship United States, Havre 4W.0U0 Total week rnding June 10th $865,090 Shipments Arum January 1st to Jon* 3d $6,2V),9G8 Total, January 1st to June 10, InolusiT* $7,116,064 The steam?hip Hermann, from Southampton and Bremen, will take out between two and three hundred thousand dollars. She leaves on Tuesday, the 20th Inst. On Wednesday, the21st Inst., the Acadia leaves this port for Liverpool; she will probably take out a large amount. The receipts of tho Harlem Railroad Company, for the first twelve days in June, ameunted to $12,612. The total for the month will be about thirty-three thousand dollars. So far, the month has been oold, blustering, wet and disagreeable, and the summer travel has hardly commenced. With all these drawbacks! the receipts, up to the 12th last., inclusive averago more than one thousand dollars per day. The Central Railroad and Banking Company have doBlared a dividend of $2 50 per share for the earnings of the past six months. After appropriating twenty thousand dollars to pay six months' dividend on guarantied stock, the sum of $40,000 for new heavy iron rail, and paying the above dividend of $2 60 per share, there is In the hands of the treasurer a surplus of $10,000, out of the income of the past six months. The company will soon commence the laying down of the new rails, weighing 46 pounds to the yard, upon that part ot the track now laid with flat bar iron. The capacity of the ros d, after being thus improved, will be much greater than at present, and the value of the stock must, much enhanoed. The company has for somotlme been burdened with a heavy debt. This has been cancelled, and the payment of dividends commenced. About one-half of the road has already been laid with a the line and various other improvements made since heavy rail, opened. There is no doubt but the payment of dividends will hereafter be regular, and to the extent, at least, of that namod above. The amount of duties on imports received at the port of Boston for the quarter ending April 1, in each of the past two years, was as annexed :? Commerce op ihs Port or Boston?-Duties on Imvorts. Duties for the quarter ending April 1,1847. $1,043 336 47 " " " ? 1848. .1,300,66J 07 Increase In 1848 $266,348 60 ion iacruM? is at me rite ot tweuty-ave per ceut, which, for the year, would amount to more than ono million of dollars. At the rate of duty paid under the present tariff upon imports, the excess in value of merchandise importod for the quarter in 1813, must have been about one million of dollars. The public are oautioned against oounterfeit notes on the Sandusky City Bank, Ohio. The plate, it is said, is the same as the counterfeit 3'son the Cominer rial Bank of Cincinnati. Merely the title of the bank is altered. There were 33,216 tons of eoal transported on the Reading Railroad last week, making the aggregate for the season 487.435 tons, and the total by railroad and canal 508 044 tons. There was an increase on the rail, road for the week of about 2,000 tons; and a falling off of about 3.600 by the canal, causod, it is said, by the scarcity of boats. Freight by canal remains at % 1 70 to New Vork; but some of the boatmen are demanding $1 76, an 1 will, probably, obtain it, unless boats should become more plenty. The demand for coal has slackened off a Utile since the advance in the price of toll and freight. Thoso 'ntercsted must bear in mind that another advance of ilftoen cents on canal, and twonty cents on railroad, pur ton, will take place on the first of August. The quantity of certain articles imported luto this district for the first five months in each of tho past three years, was as annoxed : lMfOHTS ISTO Tlia PoBT OF NkW YoSK, Ja.VCAIIT llT to Mav 31sr. 1848. 1847. 1HC Brandy, % pipes 2,235 4.711 3.1# Uin, casks and bbls 1,850 4^137 3,.54'j real, tons 9,506 18,057 13.1M C.-Coa, l ags 2,094 4,338 2, XU Cochineal, coroons 87 11 379 Coffee, hags 154,429 212229 (. uttun, bales 174907 150,011 18S347 D.iok, bales ?3 173 227 " I leoes 913 240 4.211 Karthenwarc, orates k casks.. 13,900 14,174 11.319 rigs, drn-us, Ho 10,741 94613 21.803 Otn. pipes 1,2(12 1,238 1,846 Hump hales 21,008 22 255 10,?K Tuns ?1 85 138 llidsa hales. 373 013 571 bomber 259.37.3 350 854 302,379 iron, tsar, tons 8.MI l2 2w Pig. tons.. . 8,713 1S.?J1 21,1114 HIiMt, Hoop, be. bdli.... 81,088 83 643 Indig.>, uu.1 800 83i 821 ceroons 783 4.S3 h43 l.ead, pigs 79,001 96 530 (W&* Molasses, lihds 59.302 42,487 49 0:49 Tierues 3 280 S.M44 8lU87 Barrels. 14,320 14,331 33,226 Olive Oil. casks 30 70 83 Boxes and Basket* 6.083 6.312 14.344 IVprer, tap 3,886 9.321 21,890 Pimento. big* 4,777 3,367 8,175 Kam. bales 4.871 8123 11 593 Kalsine, casks 1,038 2,501 3,771 Boxee 52,906 25,015 148,615 Brume 1,521 1,184 190 Rio?, tierces .. 11254 20.055 13,903 Hum, punoheiine Mrt 1,054 !iS7 Salt, bushels 481.878 929,288 5.19,'173 Saltpetre, hags 4.149 8,467 4,891 Sugare, hnds 42,717 42,293 64,834 Tlercee .,. 163 1.81 1,341 Barreli 3,088 8.302 fi.Sii Boxee 20.i<51 78.783 43,196 Bogt 30.349 6.268 fSOll Tin, Bancs, be. slahs 9..TCI 13,440 19..V7 Plates, lmxes 83,446 40.476 fr!.. c2 Tobacco, hhda 1.693 2,083 A 560 Hale* and ceroons 6.117 4.351 10,89.3 Wines, butta and pipes 423 301 01" lllids. and X pipes 586 2710 3.500 Quarter casks 14 287 7.074 15,' .15 Indian bhls 2450 991 2,042 Boxes 6.311 6,700 10,318 3Vool, hales 7,14.5 3,26* 6,578 There has been an increase In eotton, hides. Iron of all kinds, lard, molasses, ollre oil, pepper, pimento, ? naiipuwc, PU^IIII, VI U, ?UUBUOU, Wilms, a nu WOUI, Tho falling off h?i boon tn tho minor articles. It will 1)0 seen that thoro he* boon an inoreaae in all domestic articles; but tho greatest inoreaao has boon in foreign manufacture*, particularly manufactures of iron. tVo can form no idea of tho comparative extent of the importation*. by thin table, a* it la ao limited; but ao far at it goea. It ahowi tho extent of the Import* of each article named. Tho aggregate value of merchandiae imported in tliia district for the period above named, was about four and a quarter million* moro than for the tame time in 1847; while the value of merchandiae exported waa about aix millions lea*. Tho export* of produce, bo., from BufTalo via the canal, from the opening of navigation to the 3th Instant, wore a* annexed:? Cacai. CoMMr.ncr or Buffalo? F.xroari F.ait. Flour, bhla 207.933 Butter, lba 2?i.* r.Jt Pork, bhla 40.213 Cheese, lbs 137.132 Beef, bhla 12,119 Card lba 2,62.1,733 I A*h?*. ek* 3 130 Wool, lb* 242 933 j Wheat, bushel*. . 302.073 Heed* lb* 8tb.,055 ! Corn, bushels. .. 220 379 Spirit*, gall*... . 314 3(1(1, Bacon, lba 2.240 813 I,umber, ft 0,400.270 j Stave* 21,280,000 No. of clearance*. . . 1.00(5 Tolls $137,740 04 The imports via the lake, from the resumption of na vigation to the same date, were as follows Flour, bbls 207.201 Wheat, bushels.. 1,134,270 [ Pork, bbls 37,007 Corn, bushels. . . 314 700 It appaan by thh that tb* lmporti at flour from tbo Woat ?m Marly thirty tbauaaai barrola bom than tho blpmaat* Eaat la tbo umo tlmo. Mock Kicluncr. $37000 Ttmu NotM 6a I02X 26 th( Canton Co MO SIX 3900 do 36 do dot 3iX 800 auto At, '.18 90 do t?j 33 3900 U StoU# 00,'C7 102H 19 Mohawk H R 7?k SOU Ind Scat* 9* 91 90 Nor b Wot* R R ?M H 1390 Poan 3a 79 200 do M0 33 lOuO Krio R R Bouda7? ttoU 39 do 31X 9o0t> Ohio 0* *H0 iCO 11>'X 30 da 30 V 700 Ohio U, '60 10<f 39 do 31 .i,,, ?? BB JL? AO United States Bk JV4 ISO do 2S& SO Morris Canal WO luw loo do row IS-/., M do li'S 700 do bGU W 100 do 10 1U0 do W0 Si SO do row 10 60 Harlem K R M)$ aw do W0 10 280 do OA4 m do OV SO do M? 1J0 do bio o? aw do M loUUo**Sohro'/RR 110 100 do blO *4 NUuloiOo WW 30* W do MB MK 0 da >00 SiK ?0 do ?H AO do 31)f 20 Hudson River R R M Icconil Board. $2000 111 Fand'o Bonds 44 AO sbs Morris Canal UiO 10W W ?hs Moms Canal Id* 1UQ I. Island R R UO do 10V CiTVTit UMS EUCPOKT. Nkw Yoau, Tuesday, Juno 10?2 o'clock, f. il. A "in.*.?Moderate sale* of pota at $d 60. and pearl* at $0. The transactions yesterday were 260 barrel*. Cotto.o.?Somo 200 bales changed hands at our previous quotations. Flol'b, Sc.?The demand for Western flour has greatly fallen otT.and the transactions arc confined in the supply of the regular trade, at $0 Ob>4 a $8 81A* for ordinary to straight brands Michigan, Ueuos.-e, Ohio and Rochester; $0 a $6 12)? for pure Uouesee; $6 1S)? a $0 31)^ for funoy Ohio, and $7 a #7 50 for extra. The operations are about 600 bbls. Of South' eru,- some 100 bbls sold at $0 a $0 12)*. Ityo Klour is in light supply, and firm. Wo quote at ?3 tj2>? a > '! 76 Meal Is aleo hotter; 200 bbls Jersey changed hands at $2G2)J a 2 OSJ^. Wheat?On account of the large receipts, both here and at Buffalo, is somewhat depressed, aud no sales of importance have taken place. Ityo Is Improving. We ,hear of 1600 bushels at 71o delivered. Corn?A fair demand exists for export, but as the transactions are mostly on private terms, it is rather dilllc.lit to give correct quotation*. The sales yesterday reached 40.000 bushel*, 26.000 of which were ou terms nut made public, and the balance at 01c; for rouud Northern and Jersey yellow: 56 a 67c fur commou to high mtxed. and 52c for damaged New Orleans. Oats aro firm and in demand Provisiors.?The market for pork openj dull hut firm. Small eale* of men at $10 37>tf. and prime at $8. Beef is searce, and in request, at fiill prleoe. Cut Meats aro active. There have been sales of 400 bbls and hhds pickled hams and Bhouldors. at 5Vc for the former, and 8Vo for the latter, and 300 hhds dry salted hams, at 4V a oo. In smoked meats there is a good business doing, at improved rates. Lard rules very firm, and thoro Is but little offering. We note sales of 450 bbls, at 7Vo. Batter and Cheese are dull and plonty Wiiiseev is out of market. We quota at 23 a 24c. New York. Tuesday, Jun#4b?6 P. M. The flour market was dull, and sales oF common to fair brands were made at about 12>?c decline; sales of all kinds were moderate. Sales of Western wheat were made on terms stated below. Corn ooatiuued steady, with a fair amount of sales, at about yesterday's quotations. Meal continued firm, with fair sales of Now Jersey. There was no change in rye or oate. For the state of markets to-day in other oltios, we refer to our telegraph head. Mess pork was firmer, and sales were made at an advance. Prime remained about the same. Lard oontinued firm. There was only a moderate business doing in groceries, without material ohange in prices. Asiies?Sales of 73 bbls of both sorts were made, Including pots at $4 50, and pearls at $0. Bkeadstufvs?Flour?Sales of 2000 to 3000 bbls were muds, including about 11 to 1200 Michigan, at $5 75, with parcels of Black Hook at the same price; pure Genesee, at $6 to $0 25; fanoy Ohio, at $0 18V t0 31V and fancy to extra Genesee, at $7 to $7 50: sales of 200 bbls Southern were made at $9 12V- Wheat? About 2000 bushels Ohio were sold at 125o; 2000 do Western.probably Illinois, sold at 106e. Corn?Sales of 8000 bushels Southern white sold on private terms; 3800 Virginia flat yellow wero sold at 68c; 1800 do round Northern yellow were sold at 61o; sales of 10 a 12000 bushels New Orleans were made ou private terms, aud 4000 do round Jersey yellow at 50c to 60c. Meal? Sales of 5 to 600 bbls were made, consisting of New Jersoy. at $2 62V Hye?Sales of 1500 bushels were made at 71c, delivered. Canal Oati '.vero steady, with sales at 44o to 45c. There was no change in Rye Flour. CoTTOtv?The business in this article was quite moderate to-day?the sales only amounting to 600 bales. Coffee?We notioed sales by auction of 200 bags damaged Rio at 5Vc, cash. Fihh ?There was considerable movement in fish, today and sales of 700 barrels No. 1 and 2 Massachusetts mackerel wore made at $7 75 and $5 50 respectively; 1100 do new No. 3 at about $4 50, and a cargo of cod (reported) at private bargain Fruit?Two cargoes wero disp*ied of to-day by auction?one the bark Looo, consisting of 1600 boxes Sicily mountain oranges, at $3 12V a 3 87V; 176 do at $2 60 a 262V; 1100 do lemons at $3 25 a 3 7o. The other was the Rose StandUh. and oonsisted of the following:?1000 boxes Sicily oranges at $1 63 a 2 12V; 400 do at $1 31 a 1 60; and 1000 do lemons at (2 75 a 3 12V- Wo also note sales of 500 boxes wet and dry raisins at $1 40 a 1 69; and 500 half and quarter do at 42Vo a 75c; suus were held at $6 a 5 25 Freights?There was no change In rates. Cotton continued to be taken at 3 lOd for Liverpool. Quotalions for grain were nominally the same. Heavy goods were taken at rates varying from 22s 61a 25s. The government chartered four more vossels at $5000 a $6000 each, to proceed to Vera Crus, to bring troops home; making 7 iu all for thLs port, while 3 had boou engaged in Baltimore. Lime?1600 casks Thomaston lime changed hands at 70c. which was better. Molasses?The transactions erobraocd 200 hhds Cardenas for distilling, at private bargain; 100 do do at 17o; and 80 do ordinary Porto Rico at 21c?usual time Naval Svgiiri were pretty quiet, aud no sale* of moment transpired. Protmiowa?Men pork was quite active, and salsa of aboul 1000 bbU were made at $10 50. Towards ibe close $10 62)$ was refuted, and 250 bbls sold at $10 76. at which the market closed. Sales of 200 bbl* prime do were sold at $8. Sales of 70 hhds common western bams were mado at 6>$c. Sales of 30 a 40.000 lbs dry salted short middles were inade at 7c. Saloe 30 bbls sour hams were msdo at 3o. Sales of bacon were reported at 6c a 61$. 8alos of 100 hhds dry salted shoulders were made at 3)$, aud 40 hhJs prime do. were made at 3*$?- Lard?Sales 400 bids prime were made at 73$o. C?-ef was scarce, aud the market firm, (lood city mesa was hell at $10 26. Loth butter and oheeso were inactive. Mahooasv?Sains were made by unction of 1328 crotches at 15c a 33)$c; and 340 cannon logs at 7)$c a HXc. sums over $100. 4 rnos. Oii.e?Linseed continued dull at our previous quotations. Rice?100 casks changed ban ) at $3 12)$ a $3 87)$. Scsatt?Aaoag the pai wed Of were 150 hhds Porto Itico r.t 4i$o a ' *'e uud 300 boxes brown Havana at 4Yc n 6)$c, 4 m<< Tallow?30,000 lbs were disp id of at 8c a8)$c, cash. Wi?r*??The only sale reported was 20 quarter easks swoet Malaga at 42c u 43o. 6 mos. Whiskiv?The article was lirmer. Salos of about 209 bble of Ohio were made at 23)$ca24c?and 160 do, State Prison, sold on privato terms. Cotton 'trade. The day after our last report of this market on the <10th ulMmo. the strain r L'uKcd States arrivui with au advance of an eighth of a pen nv per lb at Liverpool, on all gradea below fourpenco haif, enny. Her account! created a good enquiry for lovoral daye, and very full prices were paid, the transactions resulting In establishing the market at a quarter of a cant to three-eighths up. The sales up to 1 P. M. on Friday. June 2d. at which hour we received the aocounts by Ibo steamer Niagara, amounted to 1500 bales dally. The advices by this Steamer being directly the reverse of the anticipations of operators, created adulness. and a total indisposition to do business for the next two days?the sales of Saturday and Monday together, being barely bUO bales. On Tuesday, 6th Inst., about 1200 bales were disposed of. at pr'cei eue-eightb lower On Wednesday luOl bales, without any porceptibl# cluing,t In rati-s ; holders continued indifferent about telling and the market, although not distinctly dull, had a languid aspect, most parties exhibiting confidence in the safety of present prices, snd there was no desire shown to press mors < otton on the market than there was a legitimate enquiry for On Thursday only 700 hales wer? sold, and prices were considered a shade lower. On Friday 1300 bales found buyers, whieh included 350 bales taken for flavre, being the first purchase of any moment since the revolution. On Saturday morning wo received tho aceounts by the Acadia to 27th ultimo from Liverpool, which fnlly eonflrmiug the decline by the Niagara caused some disappointment, .end there was very littlo business done on that day, the export purchases boing confined chiefly to one party who took ' K) bales at rates railed a qnarter eent lower than those paid the day beforo,?ihs home trade taking 300 bales only. Holders continue to show s p-rfect indifference to the moderate enquiry which has boon felt during the last ten days, notwithstanding the continued unsettled state ef Continental affairs, and the very moderate general improvement which has resulted in trade in Fngland, and the large Increase of receipts at our Southern ports, without any appireut diminution of tho stocks In tho interior towns We have reduced our quotat ions about a quarter of a cent below those cxi'tlng at the date of our last, to assimilate them to the line of prices at which it can be moved, althongh It is not probahle that even those can lie maintained without a aeoidod advance In Liverpool. The sales of yesterday were estimated at 1000 bales, tho market con tlnulng quiet anil languid The moToment* of cotton In the United State* thl* neuron. lip to th? latent date*. compared with threw for the corresponding period in the prcyiou* two, h.?ro been a* annexed. Movfmkwt* or Cottox ix rue Uxirrn Sta-io. Receipt* at I'orV, of the tJ. S. idn.? Sere. 1. iM7,... hales &M*.'97 " eamo period la*t year 1,7*11,14.* " " " " veer before,.., l,>A7el F.xr^rte from r. 5*. sinco S?p?, 1; 1M7 l.BVVVd " " wiine period la** r esr 1,<**!*,7*2 year'before 1,273.634 The receipt* af thi* port since the 1 nt in/it. have been Of 00 bale*. Fx port*, "000 Taken by apiivnera, 7000. Taken on speculation, 1000, Stock in city, 47,000. Amount on lale, lO.oOO. Th* closing qnutatiou* In thia market were as annexed LirrarooL Ct,asiirrcATiow. S'. OrhiSIM, Mohil, a id Iplrinifi. ftorirbr. Ttrtit. Inferior none none 4\a.t Oruin-ry ft a 8?4 8*4 a 8*4 S*a a 8*4 Middling , rt a r.*4 8 a 61-* 6V, a flood Middling f,'4 a 6*2 6*4 a ?*J 6*4 a ??, Middling Fair B? a ?V 6* a 7 7 ??', Fair <& a & <2 a 7 Vi a 7>* rnllx Fair 7* a 7*4 7# a 7*4 7**2 * ? TOOK tlltH. Baatl*o??, JaM 18-18000 U I fa, 1H7, OOP. 108% ?00 U 8 Traarorr Notaa, aai-r'aX 1UJ; 600 Maryland (Tt, JO; lduO Baltlmora tf'i, lbOU, (oaib) V7>*| lCuO do do irfX; 000 do d? MX; 20 aba H eirem Bank lo)^; 29 do do Id**: 10 do Colon Mnnuraoturimr Co *>X: M do do U 8 6'a of 1*07, oloaad at 10,'ik bid. lOdjj aikodi Iroa.ury b'l at 103M bid. Maryland if* oloaadfai IUf( bid, 90 nakad. Bald mora 6'a or 1390, at trru bid, naked. Baltlmora k Ohio Bail road ihara* at 3d bid, 3d aakad. PxiLAoaLrMia, Juna 13.?PL-it Uonrd? $130 Stata 6'a 76VI Edo do, 76X : S2000 do do, 6d* 7SX ; $2000 I Hi noli <?#, Ml NaT O'l ioXj i Firman' lb Meuhaulci' Hauk, 51V ; 100 U, aS, 10: ioJ do. 10; 1UO do, SJa 10: 160 do 0 97j. & cond bo ard?100O U S b'i '07, Ubi \ i WOO Jo '66, 101: 10.0OO If .1 I 1UAAU1 T ll..,., I mjv ' ?,a UU X , I- -4 , 3W I-clugn Navigation Coal scrip, 78 ; 100 Morris Canal, i<\. After Halei?Ml00 Sell Nav, 40. Hoton, l.'l?Ilro'iert' Hoard?230 shares Reading Railre it, 17M, blU; do, do, 17 *--10; KW do, do, 17,S; -'3 d . do, I7>4, a 1U; 'J do, Northern Kulroad, 4 do, do; SM.V: JO do, V t Central Railroad. 74 V; 2 do, Easturn Railroad, HJ3>i; 3 do, Call Rivur Railroad, VC'X 1 do, Kiu-hbiirg Railroad, US; 1 do, WoMeru Railroad, Mi; 2d do, East Union Company Hi* blonds, No. X 7.W; t rgiila Realon & Worooster Railroai, >1 77; 4 do, Bostou 4c Main* Railroad, >1 SJ; Jil.uOU Haadlng Railroad Hoods. 1S00, 04, iS.UUU city b'a 163, WV 600 do, do, 1UU. Second Hoard?23 share* Norwloli ft IVoroomer Railroad, 321i; 71 rights Rotton St Main* Railroad, i> 73; $2,1M0 Heading Railruad llouda, 1830, to,14 DOMESTIC MARKETS. New OttLini, Juuo 3, 1848.?CotCou?The active demand which commenced ou Saturday of last wook, increased in excitement ou Mouday, and fully 0000 bah ? were taken for EugUudaud tue North, but principally forth* laltar 'The price* advanced \c; middling having been paid 3\c a fi\e, and good middling, Oc .1 1JI4C The Northeru buyers coutiuued their* ou TuusJuv and Wednesday; but as they requirud good cotious, which were very dcarco, the doled of tbode two dayn did not exceed 3000 bated. On Thursday the Caledonia'* letters cuineto hand, and although they continued the ndvauco of t*d, the orderd sent out wore few. and ul low limit*, many merchants being apprehensive Of faitAar dbtwkMM on tlio continent of Europe. To this must bu added tho receipt of a telegraphic despatch announcing the arrival of the lliberuta, and a decline of ^'1 ou the lower qualities of cotton. The oonsequcnee was that the sales of that day were confined to l>00 baled, at irregular priced. Vesterday the same stagnation coutiuued. and the sales only reached 1200 baled, token for the North, at easier rated To day, buyers iludiug factors more disposed to meet the market, recommenced operations, an l took 4000 bales, principally for English account, at u decline of >40 on Monday's prices, making the total sales of the week 13.0'jO biles We reduce our quotation* accordingly?Inferior. 0^4c a 4e : ordinary. 4d?c a be ; rniddhug 61^0 a f>d?0 ; goed middling, &X" attj; middling fair, 0>4C a b% ; fair, 7c a 7>? ; good fair. "J40 a 8c ; good aud flue, 9c u U>4; stock ou hand, and ou shipboard not cleared. 170 OOfl bales. Tobacco ? The sales of the week sum up 1400 hhds, making a fair allowance for tales which are not allowed to trasplre. Prices are flrmer, and from the information we have been enabled to collect, we quote refused 2>4c a 214c ; admitted. 4o a be, aud choice admitted, 6)ic a 0c ; stock on hand, aud on shipboard, not cleared, 94.123 hhds. SugarThere has been no change worthy of notioe during the week, and the sale* embrace 1000 hhds at previous rates, sav--l uferior. lJ4c s'2'?e ; common. 2)*c a oc ; lair, o^c a o*c ; luuy iair. o;iC ; prime. ?c a *>40; choice, 4}<c a 4J4c , arrived during the week. 1385 hhds; exported. 02 hhds Molasses?The transactions continue trifling, at 13c a 17c, in first hands, and 18c a 20c. for choice lots of ruboiled from second hand. Arrived during the week. 959 bids; exported, 175 bbls. Flour?The market bat been heavy and drooping, there being no export demand for the North or Europe, and the teles do not exceed 3000 bble., at prices ranging from $4 25 a $4 37Jv for Illinois, and $4 50 a *4 75, for St. Louis. Arrired during the week, 11012 bbls ; exported, 5877 bbls. Corn Meal?Not a sale of moment has transpired. Exported during the week, 2548 bbls?no arrivals. Wheat? The few lots arrived during the week have been forwarded to the North, not having been able to reaob the owners' limits. Arrived during the week 1525 sacks ?exported 8070 sacks. Oats?The market has been quiet and the prioe has given way, the sales having lioeu made at 28c a 31c for fair to striotly prime. Arrived during the week 9,710 sacks. Corn?There has been a good demand, principally for England, and 40 000 sacks have been sold at 33c a 30c. the bulk of the sales having lsoen at 35c. Arrived during tho week 21 720 sacks?exported 13,059 sacks. Whiskey?Tho demand has been languid and the price bAs declined to 15c a 15>4c, at which some 1500 bbls rectified have beonsold. Some small lots of raw were disposed of at 15>^c and 10c. Arrived during tho week 2.787 bbls? exported 797 bbls. Pork?In the absence of demand for export, the sales have been confined to small lots to tho trade at $9 00 a $9 75 for mess, and $7 37>4 a 7>7 60 for prime; 200 bbls prime mess were sold at f.7 75 Arrived during the week 3.204 bbls?exported 5.467 bbls. Baoon?The demand has been languid and the sales do not oxcuod 200 casks, at prices ranging from 4V a 4j^c for sides, and 3>*c a for shoulders; hams sell slowly at 3J4c a 4c for plain and 5c to 7>4o for canvassed to sugar cured. Arrived during the week 765 casks, 39iiercosand 474 bbls - exported 75 casks, and 2 bbls. Lard?1 he transactions have been very limited at 4c a 6c for ordinary to prime. The late unfavorable si-counts from Havana will deprivo us for a short time of one of our best customers during tho summer. Arrived during the week 77 bbls and 1,821 kegs?exported equal to 1.482 kegs. Beef?Tho sales are confined to the wants of the city at $11 25 for mess and $7 25 f<>r prime; 400 bbls superior B Beef wore sold at $4 25 Arrived duriug the week 179 bbls?exported 49 bbls. Hemp?No sale of any importance has transpired. Arrived during the week 141 bales?exported 270 bales. Lead?The only sale during the week was a lot of 400 pigs of Upper Mines at $3 45. Arrivod duriug the week 20 250 pigs?exported 6.630 pigs. CofTee?The demand for ltio has fallen oif, and prioes have declined to 6;Vo a 6Jfc, at which rates same 2.500 bags have been ? id. The stock iu first hand is estimated at 15.900. ilicn? Small sales at 3>4e a 4c. Tallow?Small lots of city rendered are soiling al 7c. Salt?The price from store is reduced to $1 05 a $1 10 for coarso, and $1 30 a $1 40 for flue, including ilrayago. Freights?Cotton is slilppiug to Liverpool ut *4 a 7-lOd. and to B istonnt $2 per bale A ship was taken for Marseilles at $9 por hhd. tobacco; and a bark for Bremen at 40s per hhd, tobacco Exchanges ? i'hero is a better demand, and rates are tending upwards London 6 a 9 per cent prein.. New York, 60 days, 2>4 a 2J4 per cent disc.; New York, sight, par a >4 per cent disc.; Now York, bank rata, >4 P*r cent prom. PORKIOX MARKETS. Barbados. May 25, 1848.?We are sorry to inform you that, tuls and the neighboring markets are in a most depressed stale We have a light stock of flour, but . ill, .. limit...I ilni.ta r?.l anil ? I ? . u.,,.11 ~ ?v.U? .u way at $7 60. Coru meal to small lots bring* $3. Teas and llcaus?.Sale* at $2 50 a $3 per bag of 2 bu-hels.? Cam. 51 60 per bag. Crackers, pilot an<l navy bread, not much inquiry Prime pork. *12 Treasury bills, at 30 days i480 for ?100 stg: Colonial bank bills. 00 days, $407 50 for ?14)0 ?tg. ? Corr. Phi'. North Jim Married. On tlio 18th of October, by the Iter. Horace Eaton, Pastor of the Sixth street Presbyterian Church. Mr. J VV. Tuomison. to Miss Axx Larxix, both of this city Died. On Tuesday morning, the 13th Instant. Mrs. Mart A. Ward, wife of Matthew Ward, aged 48 years. aftor a loug anil painful illness, which she bore with Christian fortitude. Her friends and relatives. and thoso of her son, Far- , rell J. Ward, and of bur nephew. Furrcll Ward, and the officers and brothers of the Pilgrim Lodge, No. 343. of the I. O. of O. F..aro respectfully invited to attond her funeral, at. 5 o'clock, this afternoon, from the rusidence her son. Farrcll J. Ward. 121 York street, Brooklyn. Of inflammation on the lungs, on the 13th instant, j Leoxarp Lapacia, the seventh son of John 1). and . .Mary Costa aged 0 years 10 months and 27 days The relatives, friends and acquaintances are res- j pectfully invited to attend his funeral, this day, 1 Wednesday, lha 14th Instant, at 3 o'clock. P. M., from the residence of his father. No 0k Barclay street, without further invitatlou. His romaius will he taken to Oreenwood Csmotcry for interment. Philadelphia papers please copy On Tuesday, aftor a short Illness. Mrs. A ax E. HiMtxt. The friends of tho family are respectfully Invited to attend her funeral, at half-past 4 o'clock, from her late residence. 137 Frauklin street. IltlSU ItBlTBLICAN UNION?AOAINT TO THE RESCUE? Ti.s a'ljoun.sJ Mfsting.?Iri-hnjen, and the friends of 11 lab pdcpea.jeece, will meet at the Shaksivar* IIoU-L at 8 o'clock, to IcoJ man. money and aruia, to Ireland. ret crdor, CHARLES pavie3, U.?,, TUOS.NOYE3. jsccrt.arisa. Ct as VI IT1 MI.?THE SUBSCRIBERS WOULD IN FORM I tha |rat,|i, that they have op tied a Ida* Fit tin* University ITaoe, lat*?n Uth and I3th s'reete, where U??y ar* pr"j>?red to ixirndiio* Gas Into public buildings, atoivhea, dwal ug?, anil ttorea witliout delay, and at tlia isaat r ?llde e?|-nx>, and from th"r long expe-ieoca in tha Mw| having been a number of yxarvlnthe amplojrof the Manhattan (la* Company.) toel onnfl l-mt of giving general satisfaction. Satiafnetnry rsferenoee ^ven. IIEI.Mt. St I1KOIVN. To nr. disposed or at a bargain for cash?a I well eeullnded wholfttlf and retail I onf.etionory. tiipplied ! with all thn uaoaa?rla ticarry on a large bnrl ore*. and at preneot enjoying an extensive patronage situated in a mnatadvaniagar naand central part ?f tha city. For further parueulara address A N? Branch I'nst Otfleo, 2U llloeclter at. UNITED STATES MAIL STEAMERS FOR SOUTHAMPTON and Bremen.?The sMp? nf this line will take their departure In the f .??.>^ i.ig or 'cr ' - T o IiLKMANN, Capt. V. < rohireo, flrmn New Votk, On the -i h Inn., |.?4S; the IV ASIIINUTON, Capt. I, JOHNSTON, front New . k, on the 30th July. I'rica et paean,;.) in toe first Ciu.i cahin, lift); in the second do, fO. An arerionced surgeon "n hoard. For freight or pasntge, apply at the oflloo of tha Ocean Steam Navigation Company, No, lib Broadwnr. THE BRITISH AND NORTH AMERICAN ROYAL MAIL Steamships, between Beaton and Liverpool, and between ' New York and Liverpool, railing at Halifax to land and receive 1 mails and pawngern are intended tosnlav f.dlnwa;?AC \ 1)1 A, I ( apt. Stone, from New York, Wednesday, June 21; AMKRI A, I t opt. .lutlKlnn, rrom Ro?t< n, Hoitnnsd uy, June Z*; HKII \.\NIA, Cap*. Lang, from New York, Wednesday. July S; CAMBRIA, ( apt. Iliirri'on, fnun Ronton, Wedneedny, July 12; CALEDONIA, Cant. Leitch, from New York, H'ednjeday, July 1!*; HIHKKNIA, ( apt. Siianntn, from Boston, Wednesday. July 2'dh; EUKOPA, Capl. Lott, from New York, Wedno*day, Au. gust2. 1'aiw money, $121). For freight or tiatnage, nptify to E. ( T" N A H D. .'in Rroad way. f.AOR NEWORLFAN8?LOUISIANA AN D NEW YORK 1.IN1 I of Packet* Pnvltively the tire* vuwcl that will sail punctn. a ly ae advertised, and only v., .Car |sie tet to nil to morrow. June l.'ih 1'Ue new and eptendid Cut-nailing packet bark ELIZAlll.TH. Samnnl Young, mae er, is now 1, nling. having meet of V r msrgn ?n~sged and on board an t will positively sail ae alcove, her regular day, whatever may be t ho state of the wether. Tor frei'ht or pn?*are, having splendid furnished aeenmmodatl na, arftv en heard, ai Orleans wlmrf, foot of Wall-street, or to E. K. ( 01 LIN*. &t tenth s'reet. Positively ne goods will lie recoired nn board after Werlreeday evening, June li. Shippers by ti ls line \ may relv npon the vessel nailing punettially as advertised. and i having their goods cm-reedy Shippers will plcaso sond ! in thew bills of ladir.g early fur signature. Agent In New Orleans ; IVM. C'KF.EV Y, who will promptly forward all goods to bin addreeei _ _ \ J") ORN'S, TtCNfONS, AND RAD N AILS F.XTR ACTrD.?DR. VV 5. Shlriakoff. from St. Peterrbtirgh.- I>r. 8. hegalenre most respectfully to Inform those who nre in any wav affected with C rns or ftuniens, that he can he consulted daily at hie office. l>r S. hlropodist, ongages to anr who honor him with a viait. to euro the aim re without the slighteet pain or trouble. It la not hie instrument alone which he reliee on, bnt engages his F.lixlr to tie tlte timet facilitating remedy fur extracting coma, whleh will not return. Any pereon who will Call nan eee a number of lettera from their fellow-citlrsns returning thanks for an immediate and complete cure. Idle office to at AS Cham ben street, opposite the rath. Union course, l t, trotting?mi ursdap, june lfl, m - P. m win i>iim 'iff a *taka nl fmim 8>r luHI r#twaan the two oelehratad bureau, Ore, Harry aul ildeety. mils btata Iwat 3 In A, in harneae. John (nee antere a. g. Grey llnrry: Jnmoe tehelploy on Urn bile in. Modesty. Immediately after, a puree or Vi), two mils heata, In harneae C. ? Hertlue outer* a. g Trustee: John Spioer antara b. g. Passenger. Tho oara will laara South tarry. Brooklyn, at 2>i ooloak. U M , and raturu aa aoon u tha aport il oyer. M. p. GREENE Proprietor. JACOB a PLATT, AUCTIONEER.?STOCK OP A fANCT Goad* Store, Cutlery, ka.. on the oornar of Catharine a a J Mad I eon atreata?Jacob S. Piatt will aell, thla day, at tan o'clock, aa abora, tha good* contained In the a Hove etora, to aloea an aouount, rlt: an eateulTa aaaortmant of Uruahaa, Combe, Hardware, Cutlery, Crookery, Ac. ho. rpiIEODOKE MALI.ABU, AUCTIONEER.-TO GROCERS DVK.K X MYI.LABY will null this day, Kill. Juno, at II o'elook, I i?t their sales room. No*. '.Hi and SIM Broadway, 10 ir c*k- Dry I Malaga, and 1 pipe Sweet Malaga Wine, fur TIIFODOHK MAM.All!', Al"'TIONEER?PERK.UPTORY I Assignee's Salt'.?<,'l<> thing, Piece Goods, Triuimlnas, Ac I f.o. Vuu Dyke unit .Wallaby will sell at auction, on 'Jhureday, t , loth iuit.. at IU>i o'clock, at their sales room, 90 unit 98 Broadwav, tho cntire lock of a large clothing establishment, consisting of ,'tn cloth sucks. IU7 brown and Tweed cloth do.. 4) floo jean coats, 12 over coats, 17 line dross ooals, 4hColored cloth and Tweed coats, 32 sti nmer and light Tweed omits. Goods Trimmed?21 cloth dress uuJ frock coa'j. 108 silk vestr, 23 do., 21 Cashmere do., 36 P-Pr I ?j?iinere pants, H brown linen sacks, 6to Vests?80 silk vests. 03 pla<i aud bi 10k satin do., lis V iloucia. .10 dmiblohru isled, 29 Marseilles, 28 Ansuiuiero do.. 100 assorted silk and oassiuicre double brsMtad do. Pauls it pair* mmIwn imilaltnrnr of black ? id (M'lcred, 2-i pars loth do, 62 pilrs satinet do., kc. Shirts?Han. II el shirts, rod d>.. mitts, 6t? Sic Piece Ooods?Clothe, easel* meres. Tneeds, satinets, li-ntucltv jaaa, Trench linen, gi thtusa Silesia, wrje. velvet, silk twist, buttons, die. Sto. Ttie whole will be catulouued, ai d ready for examination early on the morning ut sale. Terms, eaah. 1 If ANTED -INKOIP1 \ iInN tip ,|.?!! V r \ V \NAGH, 5UPM po?ed to l>e in Itulfslo. If this should meet hi] eye. lie will oniiler a favor on las sister hy addriss ng a laic to 2Vi (iold street. Brooklyn, care of Pairick White it will be attended to, WANTED - A SITUATION BT A RCSPK 1 V III.P. YOU NO woman as Mainstruss, she also understand' dress-making, and waiting 1 ladies. Hie best city reforeuce given. I'luasu uail at No. a Six'b street. WANTED?BY A MUST RESPECTABLE WIDOW LADV wIiom eliild Is dea l, asitna'ien as wet nurns. The best of references given. Aplltjr at 17\ James street WaNTED-ASITUATION BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG Woman to do the kiunien w >rV of a iwpoeta de family : Is n good 000k aud a first la!c washer aud ironer. Tin liost Of city reference fruin iuy Is t plsoe. Pieuse call at No. 122 19th street, front iiaseuicnt, between tnoOtb nndflh MMMt, Wanted to purchase?a modern built tvo Story rimiie, or a Thrco Story, without attic situated In the even ill H'nrJ, abo.o Clinton street. Adorer* box 1170, Post Office. _ WANTED- in a RESPECTABLE fOVXO ymbkiban girl. 11 sitnipI n a< chamberm ad or nnr?e in walling, or plain sewing. No objeetion to going a short dlst ince in the country. Rest of oi.y reference given. Picas* app'y at 21 Ratafia st. WANTED TO PURCHASE, BY TWO YOUNG MEN. A Public House, 1 r house that hu been ocouu ed as such, that Is or mav be fitted up In genteel style, situated In or near soma publio thoroughfare. Any pera< n having such a place to dispose of, by addressing a note to t". L, at this otfice, stating rent, terms, and mil partloulars, will meet with attention. WANTED?A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG Woman, as Chambermaid, or to take care of children, or to do th* general housework of a small family ha* no ohieotlnu to go a short dis'anoe in tho country. The best of city rerarenoo can be given. Apply at 1A1H Christie st. WANTED?BY A SOBER, nONEST VO. Nil WOMAN, A litnatlou as plain Cook; she is an excellent washer and ironer, and would do chamber work or nursing, and would like to go to any part of the oountry, where the would have a lmuir. la a private family. Perfectly good reference*. If required. Please call at Id Canal street, eeoond flour, any day for a week. WANTED?A SITITATIO 1 BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG woman, as chamhermald, cook, washer or Ironer. or to do toe general housowork of a small family ; has no objection to go a short distance iu the country. The test refsronoe oau be given.? Apply at 113 17th stiest. WANTED-AN EXPERIENCED UILL-WHldHT, COR. potent to ereot workshop*, apply water power to ruMhiuery, build railroad cars, Sic., and take onarge or the business. The best recommendations will be required as to oharaoter and competency. Apply to the Waetlngton Coal Company, No. 31 Wall street, 3d story. WANTED?A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT WOMAN, rspahleuf taking ears of an lufant, and who understands plain sewing. The best of references required. Apply to 19A Henry street. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, A situation to do clminber work: she is a first rate washer and ironer, and would have no objections to do the work of a small family. Uood city reference from her last place. Please call at ?1 Marion street, un the fourth floor, front room. A RESPECTABLE GIRL WISHES A SITUATION AT liEnerat housework: can give a good recommendation from her last place, and is with her employer till she gets suitod, No. 138 Prince street. (COUNTRY SEAT WANTED?TO HIRE, A COUNTRY J Seat or Farm, within 100 miles of Now York, of e.i;y aeoo :s by railroad or steamboat,pleasantly situated, largo house, fruit nnd shade troos, noir the water preferred, and the house furnished. Any p'rson wishing to travel for tho summer, may hoar of a careful and responsible tenant, by addressing a line to Farm, at the Herald Office. JAMES THOMPSON, WHO CAME WITH HIS FATHER, George Thompson, to this city, from Montreal, if residing lie re. will nnd his poor mother, by calling at 3d J Grand street. New York. Bit \CELBT LOST?ON THURSDAY BYE NINO LAST, either iu the 1st or Id avenue, 1st or Hth street, or in one of tho Harlem oars, a gold Bracelet, set with Amuthist, to which was attached a s nail gold chain and padlock. On tho clasp were tho initials M U. L. The fluder will be liberally rewarded by returning the same to 3 Warren street. Awnings and military tents?fancy blue striped Duck, (imitation French) suitable for the above purposes, for sale at No. 32 Pine street. Dissolution.?the co-partnership heretofore enisling under the firm of h'M. DENNIS .St CO., is this day dissolved by mutual consent. The business will be settled by i. k C. 3. DENNIS, No. 190 Washington rt. * WILLIAM DENNIS. SAMUPL DENNIS. New Vi.rfc, June 10, 1P4S. CA1YINS I EN MS. The fourth anniversary of the qetepiiho .e siau Society will tuko place M Wednesday evouing. dune llth, m the C mgreguli mat < 'nurch in Chry.uie, near lielntieei a'-. Lr.\Tlir.R AT AUCTION.?J. \1. MILLER Wild, SKLI AT auction, on Tliursda .June 13th, at ll)){ o'cl utk, I. 'J , at the store of llulklcy k Brooks No.4A Ferry street, CsOJ side* Hemlock mi i Oak tanned Sole Leather, with ether artiews in th i Hue. Green turtle soup and steaks.?a fine green Turtle will lie served up in Soup and Steaks this day, and during the week at tho Bank CofTio House, No. 11 Pine street. Families supplied as usual. N. B.?The larder is furnished with all the delicacies of the season. J.AMF.A F' i.c-ETT, OLD ROrun AND READY?T.IE -I El 11 Hit It HAS Jus' received from the eugraver. a beautiful wood cut, n udo expressly, to suit tho fr ends of Rough and Heady. Cl'lhs, and others, can have their printing dune at the lowest cash prices, by calling at the office of .Sutton's Yankee, IA'1 Fulton street, corner Nassa i. N. I). Case and UullerL'lu1 i accoui moaateu on tno same terms. aii kihui ?i i am 11101.1114 none ut thelowest oxh prices. THOMAS K. SUTTON, Prii ur. pOS SALE?A HANDSOME DOT BUG-SEATED M AGON, f in use last year, from July till October only: Ford. maker.? Also, a sot of single harness in excellent order. To be ueou at the ll-irso Bazaar of J. 11. GATK1ELD, Crosby street, between Br ne arid Grand sts. por SALE?A RETAIL LHJUOR STORE, DO i NO a good X liusinra'. Location near thu Kattery. Kent moderate. For further particulars apply to C. k. TaVLOII, (XI Nassau between lb' and I P. M. rpilE L's DKHSIGN ? D COMMIT I KE, IN BRIIALF OK THE i p.irs?ngers In fie ship FaNCHON, from Liverpool to New York, fully sensible of the general interest and attention In a ship containing 3b5 passengers, oT (.'apt. I.unt, his skill as a teaman, and laiS urhaultv iui a gentleman, ol the professional skill, ami unwearied kindness of the sura eon. Dr. Blake, aud the atteutfrn of the officer* of the ship, iodinduilly and collectively, Ivg leave to tender 0, r heartfelt nrknow leignnent* to each ami all. pon onrarrival in safety, and our hoat wishes for thu ftntro sim. ? s of the "I'snchoti,' wherever she goea Nig ,ed, on beha'f of tie pis angers. 1 HUM AS KOVYE, JOSEPH HM.VAN. DOAKB UN BROOKLYN g?IQHT8, WTHttS THREE XJ minutes' walk of Kultcn Ferry. A few good hoarder" <?. 1 to a O 'mmodiited autli pleoaiat roouis and !> ar I wi li a quiet fainIly. m here there are a :?? t'oorl rs. by uia'ain t application at CiS will ?w street, Brooklyn. llehrsncesexcliangeu. Board, ok to lct.- a kespbctabli family, bet. nig more rooms than thoy require, would tie pleaecd to take Ism or three gentlemen, or a gentleman and his wile, to b aid, with private apnrtuientii, furulsned or utifurnislied; or would let the afartmsiite to a small family. Apply at 1"S Hammer*!}- sk, near Hudson rt, TO LET?FURNISHED ROOMS FOR GENTLEMEN?Four rooms, newly furnished and painted, would lo let reasonably, if an died for so ,11. The rooms are airy an 1 pluasautly situated, ('all at US Caoal street, near Brood way. rpO SINGLE GEN ILEMEN.?GENTklL ATARIMENTS ! A with u h,i.<rd. in a beautifully bicaled ktWhllMvMltiy I of tut Battery. The aparlmants an furnished ia a superior man. I tier. Address M, office of Journal el Un a Toe. j rpu RENT-A FURNISHED FRONT BOO? ON THE UMI A 11 ,or, wl ioh will bo let f,,r an office or eleeplng r on. Aiso, a 1 p easant furnished slrepirg room, up stairs pleasantly and centrally lo ated, atAC Urootuo street, between Uroadway and the Bowery. 1 MAGA9IN JAPAN MS, .HA) HKOAHVt AY ? AN ENTIRE j inyieo of one cane Oil Tainting*. in their rough state. snd two ease* of Antiquities, Just received pr ship, in Krt. fnrdam, wil> lie told at auotfon to the highest bidder, on Thn.s- > day, June 15th, ISIS, and now ready for examination, with caia- J 1 giic*. Sal* positive, tvi'lvut any reserve. n. B. This sale it worthy the attention of dealers ana others. Sale to dummence at In o'clock. A. M. I CPRINti AND SUMMER CLOTHING AT THE CITY rl.oTlC i kJ In? Warehouse, 103 Fulton street opposite the >M North Ihttrh ('hnrnn. Coat* from (I to tlO, Fante IV m $ 1 to $A \ ?. o (rum $1 to S3. A whole full lur (3.?U. P. (SMITH, 1U3 Fulton street (CLAIMS AGAINST T1IE LATE BRIGADE* AMI ft Mil ' mente of Infantry in the City of Mew Y>>rk.?NtwYuat, May UHh, IMS. Notice?In .?f an act of the Leoislv tore of tliis State, parsed April 12th, ISIS, untitle.) an act to uncud an act entitled an act for the adjustment of claims llNllrf for Military purposes in the City of.New York, and f..r the distribution of the commutation moneys received order tho act puseeU ly d, 1- id. BMMd November 27:h, |S|7.?Notice is horwhy giv, n to all (ier?ons having claims existing on the twentieth day of October, A. II., 1*46, against the several Regiment! ami Brigades of Infantry la th) City of New York, incurrod by them for printing, stutlnm ry, room hire, and rerliuetital mtndo, to present tho euna within two months from the date of thia notice, to the undesigned, at hit oUce, No. 110 I lhamber* street, New VotU. And au i persons having such olainis, are hereby further notiflo*!, that ntilesa 1 the same are presented within such tnue, they will lie preeltid d ; fr in payment ont of thof ind to he distributed aa provided hy sa I act, By order of the Division Board. C. W. SANDFOHD, Major General. Dr. tyiieeler. oculist, a? Greenwich strcct devotes his exclusive attention to die. twee of the eye and <>pthnliuie surgery. Otlloe hours from HA. H.n lOo'ul-ok I'. M. A pamphlet containing some great euros offer led by Or. Whee'or, J can be had gratuitously at his roeidenee, or the same will le I rwanted to auy cue making application to him by letter, p.-at paid. XiWl Ann BOTTLES AND OVER OF DR. DE1VITTC ? Cek/V/j\""vy Kriling*r's Line cent have been sol,I without Complaint, It Is pit up In large bottles at SO cent*. $i dorcn. $2 21 baif doten, $42 per groan. It is ten rimea ohnamr tl m ?ny ether Liniment in inarltet. It eradicates pains, and hauls all manner of end tnitses. Offic* is) I'earl street, and of the* and xadlers generally. ___________________ j JE AAA INVENTIONS OF ALL NATIONS, AND TO 4 O.UUu which constant addition) aroletng, sod will eonturns u, ho made-may ha onnanl'ed at Gtlmy's American and Foreign Patent Ageucv, 71 Nassau street, corner of Jo' i street, | New York. For tn'r.gritr and capability, the nndersirnrd reter* to IT,.rare Greeley, Fs,j? Tribune Building*, New York, tlsrper | and Brother*. K'i Cliff street. New York; Benjamin Marshall, Es,|? Troy, New York; Benjamin F. Walcntt, Esq, New York Mills. CLINTON 0. GII.HUY, Author of tho "Art of Wen*. In*," " Ihraaticnl Trea'lse on Dyeing andCalloo Frintlog," " Tnv toral Ufk and Manufactures of th? Anclanu," - Wonder* of Na tnre and Art," etc. All Utter* oa business. ausl ha poatpaid and , iddrcnif i to i CLINTON Q. GILROT, 71 Nmmm stmt, N?w Totfc. 1 J m- . ? >? IIOWIKI THMA'l'R*? WIDVESIMT EVifcLSU, JUASU 1) WflT bf parfunuod CHKKKY AND WAIK VTAfc <lh*rry Mia Mary Taylor; Tbrack. Jlurt:*! Nour -liln, Warwick I-* > ?t*r, Mr* Walaot; 1'*, ill . ? re Sutherland. Af.?r art Ji. t) drama of FKIL.E or Ti.K MaKKAT?Marion, Mi - i'?> lor; Harm Troptard, Mr HaMituty; ? Iwvaliar <1* Hrliam* ( .? Clark*: Ialdort Farina, Bui ,?* lllli*. da \ ..'-uv. lln 1'i di.i.i I'rarlvul to tfi* paa aoie, will b* pu vstM tha medy of MAM BOvZU.NG?fllr Mmmaduk* M**u - >, Mr. U-1 umy; i aplalu Y. BambeMl*, J. U. U?li; lady M*u . ??, Mr*, lip adwy. fcona i# NiU, Fit, IJH oaul*.?lf'jort opau at 7 . par'onniuioe W evniuano* at 7H o'ofcwk NIHUT8, ASTOK FLai K, BUOA I) 4 A Y. IV Lil.N E.SDA Y YouiutJuue 14. le4H?Tho ent?ilainni<au v?;i| with a >iiuid Orarture. Altar which a ti and Irtwr'Wn nil", lw PAS HI VRIEV, hy 111 Daoii 't^ai Vsanuntro*. Ml . .. . y Ui* in it* countdy id NAVAL AM, Ail I.MM-,Trt o..n,?l k?...o.ii. K. N., \?r. Cldpptmdale; Mim Mar; M or tr, Ahe. Mauder a(ut *fl which, i'a.i ROCOCO l>y ii l>an.s? u#.i/i V m-uih i - To ihj loll "V?d by the oomJc tkctch <t iio L* -1 LKl'Eh?Mr ii? i, 'Jr. " 3 rliippernl&lr; Paul Ard'*n% \ir. f'i ! ?-r; Vin .r * W^cIm Tin* whole to conclude witn th *. i'Aii L/iuS Ailul'Mhi *h.r tj id * : Danstiuuoa Vienuoiaen. Tickets irmn, Moot* op*,n at 7?ptxforrnaaoe to ooimneu"* at H o'clock. *1] C'kiAlUAM Til X A'T RS?OOlJi t'HOi'KI ATOK AN if f, i. . v r*o, v - F 8. Cliaufrau.?VV o iii-^lay Evening, Juno UUi, wih Uj acted OUR NAII ?N.\L li?F(!\CEl Major Suapura|us, Mi. Paid . \ ;i ii (|# u ;i Jin, O. Jomk .Emi rvwliit, \i' . M ii!1Ui ; Yli*. Mm|>dru?<M . Vlr.i V> rav. To bo fdluwvd by the ?i ai?' .i. drumn of tin* Kt. v i D.\V. tliuliu liey w ot', w. II. 1*. Ura ii , ,i>. , i . . - u . ). R mi Ivacbcl ll?y woi'd, Alr?. (?. Jonci, iYu <<> conclude ^uli a <lni um ??f tutcuo 11 Us ret t omitUl ii. h E.U.F l? *L n Xtfi. R Victor Luviite, Mr. V urry; V b.utinc lamuuv, Kiohardaoti; Cop. Ia La Ro ?iirar . . . . u to oommonoe at /)* I'oU.cii. Bo***, > Fit, ak; I'liratj iio'01*, >5. t Mr oxo v v ndx ruori ... t to hi* friouJh ami the p ?blio Urn*. in* ti u ,nt ih in ' p'..i?? hi Um; BKOaMIVa Y TIIXAi *<E, on iU? r ; iy Jubi If. 1 4.H, when will bo performed the favorite cm ..i" ).\ > aSI) COL'Vi'h Y, (with a powerful cu* .) A1 ?r which, a I'l.Ai 1(J 8CEVE, iu which Mr. O. Vauucuuofir. an \mII < ro Colhits' Ode, " Tiic i'arojioni." with Sta-luc.t |uu lliu /l-.I t> .r, !' Aufar. L-?ve, .l?.Uoiuty, Itcvan^e, aif. I'd.-, cluJc ui;u iu? jcau c ' t> of TUR l.i a , VTI lii Mr. U V# J 1 | ecuanic8 ualu 4?i dbl>bviai, ta.hllxh -fl <raiid aad i>r?> . iv.u. i, JtNK 12, aid u'fio auri.'i. ?uc wocm?Uic or'.ia.D v. lib - *;? >'f4 :n l??TR?Lo. wbo*.- oou.icr ^duxiag ti.o pant MttOiif jltONT!i8 harc ooaiA re- 11 o*.iv.aI with : 1 ca patroia,.? and u^aawapMHt tfurtc.-a, ?u >it w - . ul!y aiuuouiioc, uiii thi> will o- ? t/.-u nnafti ?':'i lu.i'Ui.* u cii.i- "A ' 'I'.- l ' ; ; f*r, c'if u.?ii n ce. .11-.. oi; ii (wj a D .j vi. / *111 cotoatt^f a* M \taoM'.r iod ptrtot.xf. ii. p Ci*W5lTt. A8TLX 0ARD1 4 PER PORMANCI TO O R> < AT / 5 o'clock?A luuaaiou, l/? ccutir?.nai.Oituc'.or, Air. Oto, Holland?Air. T Y. Chubb, Miunoai L>iroc:? r?Caiiitir and Ho<0rator, b?ic. AuPcl?) M- n'o Lilla?Machinery Mr II. MoNatly?i'rol?crti?-?, Mr. Oil tyt J una lJth. 1&0 wtU b? pMv nne<I, IXNil Alii 1 iv? .>niLLlN<< . Mr. n . \Jt Mr. ilolUtud; ('apt. 1'm libn, Mr. .\ ic'iin Miv. M J--r AirsFrnry. Intormi wi ?u of i.hIi mu hour f?r !'?unvriadc, K#' uy trienu, and toviovvdio C i.aiior.iwia-. '1<' ? witii il.o ' lua lavaTEK, Th* rjiy?iognomiit~llur^ ? r tUtn aa# Mr. liollaud; John Caojor havu er, Mr. .Nicainao.i; h-nu/K, ..johj . luoou; Madaiuo lUiuim. Mun I'iiillipn. BAkLMJMS AXICUIIJAA 1. '.ai.Ni v IK pnotor; F. OitOKCt'ou, b.vua^fi ^cloiid.d j"ori?>rinai">ws 1 Tory attoruoon at 5% o'clock, and every cvwiiUv, - ww?>. of the celebrated auJ Uil -ntwl KMiiopian ?*r.aa<j#re. Aiao eniftd.ed, and will be cxkibtU;d for a few dayd, t e itia^i.t6oent Dietoivlug Vievva lite 8oo.ti.i:i llammoth 11 \*. T..v Mruauotb or Utaui ttaby, only Id ntonthe old, ^ei^au^ tirnzty |oan?is, may be teeu at all hoorf, day nuu evening; SVn^. Moript a re Statuary. Vadatne Ih^kwuii, tiie famotts tortout Tellerf oan be o tinuilod fnr 2& oonta c-rr.a. Atlanta*'k tc ?^?v?hoe , V. iBtltdltui Mtiicuni, FenorTu*r. > ;. oiu, " cnu-; ^uldxtii u*icler voari oJ ago, and old i??. to wnlfe a'.-r lVy, /tetve Ite?^rvi-d ftoxit voteta -n? rhino.? *>+y\ cirnru oanvakj/j3 mamtt<?a'u panorama of tue a?n aa Ul ai,'p> Riv?r, p*i*4?.<id oil U.iue Bitl# of r. uifaitfs, l*io,, -?2 lanresi pajnttna in in* world,** fiv KKi.onwi.Jk JVi J.ix. v a B.'Mwii), adjctolii* Niblo'n uw oa G. - e* dxyo cxoo^.od). A o :bi*ui on 60 umus* ohitdvcr .vli pr?'i. Tha Pa ttirauiA tviil ooauueno* u.? vlng it X to 8 rloek piv? Mbtf* noon on W ul mdav and Setur v>, at:? oYlooo. HUDSON'S MAMHOTEI PANORAMA OF TOE OUIO AND Mif?ni8..i? pi River*, op.m every evening at the Apollo ft'ouia. No. 410 Broadway. This Panorama cuver.i uu extent of !??t of canvas*, deliuenun* nu arc* i.f over 14'JO n.liee ..f n*tf scenery, bordering on uiue ditToreut States, being bv far 'he'ar painting ev. r tel re executed. Doors open at hall past 7 o'clock. The Panorama will commoner moving at 8 "'clock juecis?-1>. Afternoon exhibition* will b* giveu on Wednesdays and S?t. rdari, oommtndng at 8 o'olook. Tbkitt ?*? otatA A DELPHI- NEW AND EXQUISITE GROUPS AND PICturcs of Action ?The Mumdoia Cupid and Pevohe, the eves attractive Arab Curls, Fairy Pyramid4 ou the revolving column, tbs inimitable Ethiopian* Mlist and Carter ; Mr. Bryant, the ex- ~ traordinary aooordiouiat. Admittance, 1 lilliiug; ounaiu risen at 8 o'clock. Walnut street theatre, Philadelphia.?po. lilively last night bui three of tho Monpluihir Ijoupo?Wednesday evening, June <4, will be performed, ^ud time,? r. ti'l Remantle Pallet entitled DBS DEUX RO>ES?Juliuno. Hon*. Menpl.iiair; Due de Toreno, M'-tm. . rosoi; Puscartllo, M n?. * 01 by ; Gi vaai, Moiis. Cornet; Augeli a, Mad. UoupUisir; Got via, Ml" llulan ; Morilaua, Mad. Hartholouiin. Prov-un to win h, it <e l'OOR SOLDIER?Patrick, Mm.i C, Chapman; Rath Den, Mr* W It . ?.< < t > I ' ?, , 1 ' 1 M f 1 y i ' ,fci. >i up Hi* Aba UNO MATCH TO COME OFF FROM TftfR TO kTCHRD Cottage Garden, Jersey City, on Thursday next the loth instant. ht 2o'clock, P. JU? Sweep Stakes. Ti.e winning Boat to be entitled to tho Prize, which will consist of a apieudid Silver Cnu aud the eu trance money. All boats not exoeodiur; ~ > fuet iu Je gta can enter any day previous to the day of the raon by paving $15, * To start from tho Dock directly iu front of the Garden, and to ?*. ' Kail round Fort Diamond aud buck. Jersey City June loth, 18fcJ. SAMUEL 8. LYNCH. ? T\TE\V YORK HORSE BAZAAR, NO. .11 CROSBY STREET. 1 v JOHN 11.(jATFIKED, Auction, or.?Auction salosof Horses, Carriages, llarnepn, -a Idles, tec.?This day, Wednesday, J one 14, commencing at 11 o'clock with carriages, barns?*, Ac., and at li o'clock with a catalogue <>f homes. Also, a fe a pairs of duo matched horses, and a few single horses suitable for all purposes, at private sale. JOHN II. OATl ltLD. Proprietor. WILLIAM CuWAN, Manager and Salesman. HORTICULTUR \L EXHIBITION. AT FLUSHING, LONO I .-laud.?The third semi-annual exhibition of the Lour Inland liorticultural Society, will be held in the spaoioua and bcnu'ifnl Gotliic Building, "St. Thomaa' Ilall,"iu the village ? I Fltiahing, L. J., on Wedneaday and Thuraday. 14 h aud 15ih ot Juno lint., opening on Weduosdttv, at li. and Thursday, ut 10 o'clock. A. M., and ,i ?1 . iug at yW p. II.. each day. Tickete of adruiaaion J* ccnta oliildren miner 14 3 ears of a^e, half price, may be had at the door. 1 D-Weta n *. inuitdarahH* Jtlll.V A. KING, PreeiionU G. V?'. IIuaTivan, Recording S? crwtaiy. > loiters froin the cities ?1 New York a '1 Brooklyn will .'lud the excursion, wiieificr by land or water, dclighiful, and the uumeriee ami fpirdtma wortiiy of a visit. The following ? veral in ?d"* of nubile r uveyaucc oflisr. From New Y? rk?Sicamer W?:; mgton irviua, froin Pulton Ma-kat Slip, at U)?, A. M. toamcr Astoria, /'ruin Peck --lip to Astoria, ut '1 i, A. M. and I. p. M.; and flora A?toria to Pltialung by Ktagea By -tagca, via Williauinbunr, from34U P' u* 1 root, c .no, of lover (Franklin Squaje,) *t BW and . A. 1. Pi on. I'i i \\ w.hii.g'fn Irvinx, ut J>4' P. M. By ;r . \ i.i \) illiaataburg, at I and 3 V M., '.nd hy aaure to A at #rui, ui 4% P. M., and theuoe p.r -tcatm r, or croaa.n^ Hurl Gate Ferry, oy oinuilus, to 'he city. Flualiing, June IA lSii. |3XmST PRAYf H IN CONGRESS?AN ENGRAVED RET 1 has been completed, designating the tiit niK rt preaeut. ruLH' riher^ anil gent.'o i?en who liave purchased copies of rids Engraving, will f.e called upon by the Agents, aud presented wltk a Key without charv.u. Any gentleman omitted by accidti t, con obtain it fr m tho Publisher, J. N KALE, !V? Carmine str'at. New Y??rk. CI ast on clotuing aN'Ij rUKNITI tt-UaUiM) / fiaittloin.n li ?Tln< ?ii|?jrll 1 iti-irv < to Ji?n"? I if, moh n, w?iri:i^ apj?rel, finm'lie vil oLtiii i i t.ur ] rio. f.p Ui? ' Iiy lending for ihi* .u'.!' r, t!ir- ;!i th. op otlierwi p, Who ,-f tin .> ?. j. ixvbnstvn, i'iti tirna !".> op l.o<li.i attuiuied lo hy M.,. l. vem.ju. Oil SALE?A SPAN OF BLACK. PACING UOllSCVThty tun [U.C. foat. For pirtiouliirs, .utjuire t f A T. ALIfitO, 319 Bow?ry. I A SPAN OK hoksks rod sal.F?dakk SOHHKL, i hint la hizli, (triuiii. nounil, kind, tu.'l every way rufit can trut twelve mil., per Imur. ltnuiaht from the country In.t aaasun for the preMot oa'tiern. Wuriii six hundred dollars, would le f ul M>p.rate. A!"t a light leather top wa.nn, paietit aad eeti UA'td pit,. N I> '1> ,K, t. 4 11: I\v yr. laotbwokks. nilkvfouks.?Till'. LVtQKST ASSOKTF t>. nt in ttie i y, sjul of .hp h.tet <|uaJitr, oan he nad a. ti.e old uMiohod tuft. I.? t lu?t 'rif i. ooptier ; .p street, .ntrane. ^ .mid diinr la ^initt^e eire.t All.'eg ' t n e e t,r ;.nt?<i, and t I,, to luiy part, t f tie- city or rldiui y free ct vhaiv ' I'. U VUtTKE. vtotice. twb linll'kks of tlir. uono.1 o, r?uc l. e , maun j riia nun ..tiaajug r.. ctmjic ,bi.d in IW*J and ISnti, are hereby untitled that pro) i ioi.? f ir u, i ciignnrion (if mid houda into a i rct'orred H unt > ! t.i.o bearing ra?aa , ,<t runt interne, tu n i*?u?diMreealdy U< in act paaaod at to* la&i - vl u of tho I'e ,fn .MJiia U?i?n.tiuB, wi.l b* re eove I at tla lillce of J n K. Pout-Tei Hmtber, II *n . t. l^rnk y Jk Wkoelnn, i TtiladelpbU; ai l 7 JAI.UON * (*> 4- Hall .trect, Naff V>irk \(,Vi|TCIflOl ANbUorei. KOU S \LEHE T.?LEA/u'. i S 'dt and Kiurn i f tlia > tto t'n :-o 11 314 I'mii J ? i in rnur nf t'vak lip, wli.c'i ii ouo of the rnoat fkehinQ*! *a * He I rcs[*clai'lc oataMUhunnU in th? city. Tl.a nly nao.i for ! ilio inner il p ring to roll, la lutvin? oilier huaineei requiring ail f l.'n attention. To prereni niireces?ary trnuhla, ro peraon treated with except tb??? wlm ?Uh to purehoio forauah. I'm ptuiicularn ouqura at the Kliboin Kields II nine, llobokeu. * >1. HcCARTY, rpiIB VEI.I.mV t'R t IIFKTEK 3PK1NOS, KXTE.N'Sl VCLT A Enlarged, aul (irounda Improved.?Thia well known plana loranninirrniK >rt i? ciironei i t the roc .pticn of vlaitera. 11* mm* medical attention awl an'onim Uti n extended to itinxHda on |?r Hydropathic treatment in heretofore. I'*.*?:na?n kare I'll I nlclplila with the Reading am at o'clock A. M., and at I'tj I'. M. f ir Plticnixnlle. a ii-tr I "tehee will lia in raadinem nnd arrlre at the Spring* at II u l ck A. II , and at 6){ P. M. \ Sunday lire oonnecta with the Ccluaiiii * railroad* both up and m Fur further irf \ r'"' Or. GEO. LINCi ,'".N Xt CO.. CtirMtrr Spring*. CIM-hut <V, i'a. 11k. oeovkk i consumed at ills office i \r tha day tnJ av?iina in tli -a iliittoalt anl jiroirai'tad him -t mrioiorv, ylimt, anil d -li ?t? .! >, ? ,? wmah hava prurad too nb n(uM far pnMiai of l?ao aapariaoem Private ao'ranoa to Lia olii.-o, Uirnngh ilic tnuy in Nut 2, Ann at. Ilia Eatrart I' i4''ia ruix'ia, ato, no eaiuinivify |irworibu<l by pliyatniaim, may bi IiaJ at nn. pl'wei.l, oculist,, etc, attends dat- B Iy to ill. aaco? cf ,?i Eyo aul Ear, at hla oirj'Tr, .*1 Br ?<i if, oDtranoa 1X b in traae. j">' |iq llahed, tha reeoed edl i ioI i>r. i'ow. ll> li'iattoo on tha Eyo, rri'-? S" oonta, whioh ra? to hail at liia i.iitco, al*>'hla pronimia rl/aotiiwi Era Fomtatln. A lanto (ripply of Artificial K-n rar nthr lmtorl?d. Mtiir married B tli' emu nf)l:iU'j* man nt". Tha marrini roman* 1'riviv-t Mcdieui Compani . i>y Dr. A. M. Mauiiroan. Sivhnll:i :i. I'ricoSI. rhlr wrk it wealing with inoat astounding ?*!*, (?4.<M)oo|A?? lotro already hoaa l of.) hvcry f?ra?i? I* go nine copy. Iictlirr mamed or unmarriad, although it W i?. taodoil rsprcui'.y lor ll " ? fMd, na it diaclcoaa important nociw'.a, whir-h !? k> *n to thorn p rticularly. Mors ai&ry tamaia can dinetm-r tho < ?S j-T.itiiomf, and tho moot Sclent ?a>r. 41e?. arid mom oorfain of enra in every oaaa. For aala. .ry Kr .udway: at 'h< ruliliahlng Offica, 129 l.ihortr mrrct, Now t ork; us.; 1 And f"-. All" iy; IV. K. Da via Hulou. On rim .iy. wt ol VI, Oumr w' llrlraiirm < ! h> mail, five of pro ' I Dr. A. M ;: f. box HEM. Now Vork city. OiPcK 199 J.II -.ft* tpwt. nibaltb,authororthe practical private I" I'nolin," !%?., tW Qtacnn h arret, olttoe liouro 9 to 12 A V, >j I I whoanaly In tho . .<riy fr'i mil mui'n?d at U?e rapidity and littli in' nven.e' \ ?t??\.'!jng their mrr. It t? ehied/ howerar, tliosa wlio hare on' ' irt>l fioiu a nor tin daM of people, or otherwtae, o h . oan in. I -riy appreciate V* aerrirw. In iirletnro, from It* dr.: or ltd.. n ita inori' adranosd and dtatrfnong atag"* (imn unoora. ia< n adran* jf, .u ?d I linn to a 0017 ojiotiriro procii a in "Ma . ni.r'nlatl !on atiorrt a rapid, eaay *nd radios! ntra wblah, .-a nurr n I'or ateting, oau fco on-ninad ft o ne other eourou is Awertaa. \| I DIC.M. CARP-D'I. VDKRMIN ill nnanlted n all f rm? f prirale dk-eaine, wllh ti nt -oicir which a proci>K^ of twenty * )?U) mint worrorl, TT'<?e iri.. horn miPonwl from iral-'p-a'mant, woi :.1 A., mill to ?* ? lua Dr. Jt.'i alaima on tJ.oir oontidvtioo. Has Ki* iti|.l. ma with l.'-a algaatnroaof Mr Aatlay Coora Ao. In hi?.1^1 a. A?t*n Ntm Medical nrnci- dr. jomofloif.tsdvamstent i noar ( hathjm ?tn*'. o<> wall known a? rho mo?t mc.-- nf il prMtitlnntr in Now Y rk. in tho traatmrnt of vonrrsal dir. rnwr. Tha Doctor'*reimtatlin tor akill in it.sw ill hoif-o '?d ca wa that bars sxiatod for ytanv la ina-stuiusiT. 0K-\ ntia tnr*. nivwro Olrrn tha Nxty. or In ths t' r a' r i; ..' painf In ih? head aiid bonao of tha laa? nally cuirX t nrti'tttlonal wraknoaa, hM'taht on Ty a root ft hahil indntaod m ly ymin* m?n, naamnit lamdrtona drsar.ta and mahlly miudoaa DoAttrsry pmrantad. ttso?i:' ?*#? onrnl 'n '"nr lays, without mtiwj. >o alteration la diat, or j rwvauttoa 'rom battaaaa. ?

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