Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 28, 1848, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 28, 1848 Page 3
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1*1* . ' Jf kimnlM KftiQMi UtaMn uttMLVuv SO t <muk? Tb? M? uvd nAsndtd steamer ARMENIA, C?pt J. f IVlmm. will make iui exrurnionarntind Staten Ist.nd, on Tins Jar. Tbnrnlay, and Nnurday, for thu season. lauding a: Civlar I'Xowatm Bene* Point, leaving foot of Harrison street ut 9 A. M. :<nmmond street at 9 10; I'isr No. IN. H. 9 15; and foot of Ur.uo >< o. . and foot-uf lulten street, Brooklyn 9>? ; return uj to Um cli> between 12 and 1 o'clock, affording passengers r view <-f ttio luagnitiesnt scenery of tbe Buy, Highlands,, to. Wlgpi and Toupcea_All wili> want a llral is to wig or scalp, should not fail to rail at BatoheluFs manufactory, No. 2 Wall street. near Broadway, bet're purchasing elsewhere. It if really curious to m how tastefully they are made, ar.I ?o they caunot lie dotoeted. Copy the address. For i'rt rtliient, Uenerai laylor ; for Vice l'rc-vMont, Uniard Filmore; for lice French Boots go to JONES'd, 11 Ana street, where you can got the best article and Ut for a Ioj pt:.o than any place in the city. (MRce-seckem wanting good I 1 s for tfi'j White House, will do well to call on our friend JONIu-t. t oM 1'cnal Goisl I't iia?Il. K. Wataon Ai Co., 1" '.V .1; f.i, . arc selling Bold fens of ovary description wholefale and retsilat re lived pricea. Their Richelieu Fens are admit tt d to 1m the best und cheapest Pens in the world. Use does not inptir their tiucucss or tlexibility, and tbe points are warranted forjeirs. Cold Pens re-pointed. The Plumbs- National Dntcutrrlaii Gallery a th 1 upper corner of Broadway and Murray st. should be vssited by all who wish to see to what perfection the art has arrived 111 ' 1 0 hands of the most successful operator iu this country. Tlie difftrenoe between a good and poor dageurriatype is so wide that I lie I oU should lie secu that one may be able to juugo of tlie merits f both. Lot where the people crowd In flock*, To buy tho splendid Hats of Knox; Artistic beauty, taste and skill, He luipcs and m< dels nt his will.?Byron, jun. ft is an undoubt. d fact that K.NO.X, of 12* Fulton stieet, never loses a eustomcr, I eeuusc every one is soiled to his taste iu tlie hat, cup und beaver line. His {lerMverancc, industry and jpu.d judgment rank him aniuufc ui>- prcttt iiihutu ui iuu any. in met, neis unriviuiea 111 lino. J lie attention of the Public In particularly. re jueSed t?? 1>H. LEVETT'S Patent enameled Plates for Arti licial Teeth, for whieh letters patent lor the United States have Iteenjira* ted. Cert itieates and specimens seen at DR. LEVETT'a Dentist, PatenteifUllioe, 2o0 liroadway, corner of Warren at. CUfllKUCiAb A F F A 1 K S. MONEY MAKKUT. Tuesday, June K7_6 P. SI. There was a slight improvement In the stock market to-day, but the transactions were to a very limited extent. At the first board Long Island advanced per cent ; Norwich and Worcester ; Morris Canal ; Reading Railroad fell off ; all others closed at prices current yesterday. At the second board Harlem declined There were sales of Norwich and Morris at prices ruling at the first board. The Soventh Ward Bank has declared a semi-annual dividend of four per cent. The North River Dank has declared a dividend of four per cent. The Tradesmen's Bank has declared a dividend of five per cent. The Bank of America has declared a dividend of three and a half per cent for the last six months. The Morris and Essex Railroad Company have declared a dividend of three and a half per cent, payable /1st July. The receipts of the Harlem Railroad Company from the 1st to the 25th of June. 1848, were $23,429 40. against | $18 462 17. for the corresponding period in 1847; showing an increase this year of $4,967 23. equal to about twenty-five per cent. The receipts for the month this year will not vary much from thirty thousand dollars. Last year, they were a little more than ' twenty-three thousand dollars for the same time. The stockholders of the Reading Railroad Company have unanimously accepted the law authorizing the conversion of their 1860 and 1856 bonds into preforrod stock, and given authority to the directors of the company to exchange a preferred seven per cont stock, in lieu aud satisfaction of those bonds, provided the owners of the same, to the amount of three millions iz hundred and ninety thousand dollars, consent thereto, on or before the 15th of J uly next. The time limited for this conversion has nearly expired, and we regret to learn, that the bondholders, as yet. have not come forward and subscribed, to the extent that was expected. There cannot be any question as to the beneficial result, to both the bondholder and the company. This is self-evident to any one that, reflects upon the subject; and honco those clearsighted and wealthy capitalists who are so largely interested iu these bonds, and who have thoroughly ex a mined into the present business and future prospects of the road, have subscribed. But notwithstanding this, the arrangement must fall and be defeated, unless a much larger amount than is now subscribed be obtained. By tiiis arrangement, the road wiil be at once relieved from all embarrassment, and placed in a position for the large increase of business which it must receive, aud which must make it hereafter one of the best aud most remunerating" stocks in the*Unlted States. The bondholders lose no security, no priority of the payment of interest but receivo soven per cent V1 instead of six per cent. This plan has been found to L work most admirably in England and at the eastward. S We assure the bondholders that are holding back. [ that they will, by delay, defeat their best interests; | and that if they do not come forward, all those who have signed will be released by the terms of the agreement, on the 15th of July next; and. as such a result would be most disastrous to ail concerned, we hope that they wiil act promptly. The returns of the Bank of England for several periods show the variations in the leading departments,compared with the movements previous to the revolutions rn the continent. Bank or England. , 1848 , March IS. April 1. April J9. Jane 3. Vc'es 1SSU"<1 ?*8,411.380 2-,.14 .735 20,281,825 23,8'iU.O'iO Mold com & bull a lilSSU.iViO 1J.IMS.7S1 10,5.1; 2U3 11,4.15,06.' Ulv?r bullion. . 1,524.800 1,803,051 1,70'>,011 1.404,008 B inking dry . lent 3.991.550 4,001,3+5 3, iOS.2IX> 3,885,153 Ibihl.o depoiits... 6,957.392 7,140.125 2,233.391 5.217.473 Ot' ?r ilv. 9,773,110 9,580,384 11,049,918 9,082.072 Stve i d .y St other bill* 8(19.712 926,002 1.(180,591 1,033,170 Gov'i ttecuiitios. .. 11,372,1s) 11,721 ?Vki 12.(04,028 13.970 032 Otiwr llo 12.89.>>3 12,931,2-0 12.005,431 11,438.390 Vows 10,9117,270 10,371.870 7,058,75(1 9,030,935 Cold Si Bitvercom 708.731 608,131 010,841 737,140 CIRCULATION or THE 11 ANII Or KnoI.AND. .If irrh 13. April I. April 29. Juiu X .Vol** issued ... 28,414,380 28,542,735 21.211,325 21,300,000 Votes on hand... 10.907,270 10,374,870 7,0.38,750 9,0e0,ii55 Actual circulation ?17,447,090 17,601,305 13,0U3,U75 17,779,10) With a roduced circulation, there lias been an increase of about six hundred thousand pounds in the ^ amount of bullion on hand. For four weeks previous to the last of April, there had been a steady and rapid decrease in bullion, and an increase in the circulation. The latest returns show a movement just the reverse? a change of a very desirable charncter. The Increase in reserve notes is another important item, which, in connection with the other two. is indicative of increasing strength in the bank. With these accumulating resources, commercial transactions continue inactive aod the hank lln ls it impossible, even after a reduction in the rate of interest, to employ its means. Money was plenty enough in London at the latest dates to have created in ordinary times a speculative movement in all the leading articles of trade; but now it is utterly out of the question. With reduced rtocks of cotton, there i.( no effort made to monopolize the supply so as to control the market ; with a margin for an advnuco of full pine hundred per cent, aod very llltlo probability Af a further depreciation, thore is no disposition to purchase on speculation. It is thus clc-arjy to he seen, that nothing can bo accomplished in tho commercial world without confidence : we may possess nil tho other elements of commerce, but. having not ihat, there can he no permanent pros perity. capital is useful at all times, and credit is. to a certain extent, necessary; but it is the belief that whstevir transactions are made, are upon such a basis as will give a reasonable chanco for success T (hat con.-titute?i. after nil, the true element of trade f Individual credit is rounded on this, as tho pro-poet .if productive operations and profitable Investment* gives an individual a position at all times calculated to secure the confidence of thoso with whom he tran act* business. The condition of tho Bank of France has improved, as far as the increase in the supply of gold and silver coin end reductions in tho circulation are concerned The annexed statement exhibits the movement* in th lending department* for the weeks ending the 25th and 31st of day Inst:? Bank of Francs. Af.iy 2'tlh. May .'list Rani, notes in cirulation. .. ,Fc?.302 112 750 277.511.200 < oln and Ingot* fit rttsti.363 HS fto i.Slit) Bills and acceptances in Part*.. .147.21.') lot) lot u-H full Advanc- on bullion h.fiWi.-IOO 8.030 *90 L Advance* n.i Ff. public funds... 20 0.">0 0N3 28 OtiO 4 - '. Disbursed b.ils to bore-lmburaed, 24 742 070 2S 0.10 027 This shows un improvement in all these departments, c.xoept the amount "f disbursed bill*. Tho most important feature is tho inereaso in bullion, as public e i i fide nee di ,ionds niurh upon the strength of this do,/u tme:it of tho bank. The government of Franco have It in conic, ip.nt.on to raise a large loan, and It is supposed that the bnuk would take a portion. TIiIn supposition had operated unfavorably upon the market price of the shares, M there was no doubt that henry . losses would fall upon those who took the loan, even | at the discount proposed. The financial policy of tlx government bud not. at tho latest dates been declared l'he eiinister of Finance and the Chairman of tho Finance ( oiumittee of the Convention differed very uiateI jiiflliy upon tho sourae calculated to extricate the pubilt fhteMM tow thv ainhnrfwmcat ftftd dMUalttoc with ] I which tbcy wwa surrounded. A grmt reduction had l been reallzud in the revenue (roo tasei. and every day I produced more uud more confusion in that important ' department of the gevorntnent The expenditures nro met with new loan if; ' th?re i- i-vcri prospect of a J crisis in the public (in iuc. . ?l!r,i will have an effect i upou the new goveruuiuut of the most alarming and uufortuuate character. Loans may be forced out of the bank as long as it has the power to afford them; but wheu that resource dries up, we fear there will be trou- ! ble. When the monarchy of France was overthrown, and royalty of all grades gave way for republicanism, we : anticipated a great reduction in the expenditures of the government, and the establishment of a financial 1 system ensuring economy in all the departments. W'e expected to see republicanism in this as well as in all other brunches, and a corresponding reduction in the 1 rato of taxation. As yet none of these things have been realized, and from present appearances, the time ; is far distant when the people of France will experience all the blessings of a republic. There appears to ho any quantity cf capital iu this | j country soekiug investment, judging front the amount j , of bids for tbe now leans recently advertised for by the j I general government and tbe State of New Vork. The I loan required by this Statu l'ur the uulurgetnent of the | I Erie canal and the completion of the Genesee Valley i and Black River Canals, wax bid for in a lump by four individuals; but as there were bitter bids fur a small amount, they did not get the whole. Nkw Yohk State Loan.?Amount or Bins. JfaM*. .'Imoitnt. Hale Robert B. Gage. N Y $25,000 102 10 i Robert B. Gage. N.Y 15.000 2.27 1 Robert B. Gage, N Y 10 000 2 30 Robert B. Gage. N.Y 10 000 2.63 ' Robert B G.ige. N.Y 10 OO0 2 IMS , Robert B. Gage, N.Y 10.000 2 70 | Robert B Gage. N Y 6.000 2.89 Robert B. Gage. N.Y 6.000 2 05 | Hubert B. Oiige. N.Y 6.000 3.01 ; Robert B. Gage. N.Y 5.000 3.10 1 Nathan Basxctt, Conn 2 000 2.50 , John P. Hamilton, N.Y 10.000 2.52 John P. Hamilton, N.Y 10.000 2.09 j John P. Hamilton. N.Y 10.000 2.77 John P. Hamilton, N.Y 10 000 2.87 John P. Hamilton. N.Y 10 000 3.03 Nathan P. Wells, Amsterdam IO.ooO 2.55 ! Frances Hendricks, N.Y 16.000 2.80 John W. Allen. Oneida 3.000 2.76 | Edw'd Belknap, N.Y 200.000 2.53 ' Freeman Clarke. Rochester 30 000 2.85 | Freeman Clarke. Rochester 20.000 2.50 I W. A. Searing. N.Y 60.000 2 50 I Win, C. Burroll, Buffalo 6.000 2.50 1 J. C. Babcock. Fort Plain 5.000 2 50 i J. C. Babcock, Fort Plain 6.000 2 75 ' J. C Babcock, Fort Plain 6.000 3 50 I George R. Clark. Rochester 10.000 2 85 j George R. Clark, Rochester 10 000 3 02 J. W. Williams. Ithava 10 000 100.50 I Thos. W Olcott. Albany 6.000 3.25 ; R. H. King, Albany ] Thomas VV. Oleott. Albany | Watts Sherman. Albany [-489.819 34 3.03 Cammann Hi Whitehouse, N. Y., for | Helves and on foreign account... J Total $1,025,810 34 The stock was awarded to the following persons Robert B. Gage. N.Y 5.000 103.16 1 Thomas W. Olcott, Albany 6,000 103 25 John P. Hamilton, N.Y 10,000 103.03 R H King, Albany | Thomas W. Olcott. Albany I Watts Sherman. Albany (-468,810 34 103 03 Cammann & Whitehouse, N. Y., for | selves and foreign account J Total $480,810 34 About two hundred thousand dollars of the loan was taken on foreign account, principally French and Swiss. This is another evidense of the growing confi- | douce abroad for our securities, and is but the commencement of a demand for American stocks, which j will give thousands of individuals in Europe an interest in our prosperity and in the permanency of our political institutions. Stock Kxctiance. $33500 Troas Notes Gi 1(M'4 SO elm Morris Canal lO'.j 80(H) Indiana per ct 10)4 1(H) do blO H?4 12500 Indiana (state 5a AO 50 Vloksburg Consolidated 10 1U00 Alabama As 01 35 Canton Co 85 5000 City 5s of '70 94 150 Nor &. Wore RR 35 40000 IT s Gs, '07 15 da 1<>1X 3.5 do 5l'"t 350O0 U S 6s, '08 sl3tno 101 50 Reading RR 1000 Penu 5s 70 50 Uarlem KR 55,'s 1000 Ohio 6s, 'CO ope 100*4 .100 do blO 65 X fltHH) do " lOO'J 1(H) do 55,'4 GOO Ohio 6s, 56 99?4 100 Long Island ltR 29 1000Erie RR, 7perct 99 100 do 60 ds 39 100 shs Farmers Trust 29X 50 do bl5 391* 50 do b90 30 50 do 3rJ-j 100 do b00 39% 50 Erio RR, old 4 mo 63 175 Morris Canal 1U'$ Second Board. SOahs Nor It Wore RK 2\\ 100 slis Morris Canal 10,'.. 1 50 do 3 It j 50 liar lent KK 55 CITY TUttik llEPORT. Tueapay Akternoo*, June 27. This being packet day for the Boston steamer for Liverpool, many branches of trade were languid. There, however, appeared to be a fair demand for flour, with steady sales at about yesterday's prices. The transactions embraced the usual assortment of brands, noticed in previous reports. There were some sales of wheat on terms stated below. Corn remain* d about the same ; the transactions wore chiefly contln-d to parcels of flat and round yellow. There was no change in m??l Rye was dull. Oats were somewhat firmer. Provisions showed no material change in prices ; transactions 'n pork were moderate ; lard was more active, i and beef firm. Sugars were a little more iu demand. Kor Buffalo. Albany, and UuHton market reports, we refer to the telegraph column Ashes?There was more do n;, with a hotter feeling in the market. Sates of about 300 barrels were made, including pots at *6. and pearls at f>5 87X to $ti. Bhcaditioth?Flaiir?The snli-s Amount..?1 to n limit .r',0oo to 6.000 bonis, in various NjMritt parcels or lots among wlvch were 1.000 barrels of Oswego at $5 25, witli common Geuesee at $5 25 a $5 31% ; 1 000 ilo common Oswego at $6 25 ; 700 do Brooklyn, at $5 25, including a portion at $5 37%e. Tito ab >ve also embraced some parcels of pure Gen-see at $5 68% a $6 25 ; abn i!00 barrels round lio-p Ohio at $5 811* and 100 do at $5 02%. There was no change in Southern.Thieh stood at $0 a $0 12%. Wheat?Sales of 2 000 bushels of Ohio wern made at til 15, and about 1.100 do handsome white Western sold at 11 20. Com ?Stiles of about 5 000 to 6 000 bushels Northern round yellow were made iu lots, at 53o ; and about 5.000 a 0 000 do Delaware und other Southern fiat yellow were made at 52c Meal?Sides of 200 a 300 barrels New Jersey were made at $2 50 Kye?Sales of 1 000 bu-hels were ma le at 70c Rye Flour was held at $3 81%. I Oats?Sales of ti OuO bushels Southern were made ut I 35o : canal wore firmer at 40c u J3c Cotton?Sales nmouuted to about COO laics. Liverpool Classification. N. Orle -m, Mohilr n nd Uplandi. Flo'ila. Text*. Inferior none none 5 a 5% Ordinary 6% a 5% 5% a 5% 6% n. !>'Middilig (>%?t>% ('.at1* t?%ati% Uood Middling t% a tV, 6% a ! % ?>% ? ' '? Middling Fair C% a 11% li\ati'-? 7 a 71 Fair ti% a 6% 0% a 7 7% a 7% Fully Fair 7 a 7% 7'?n7?? 7% a 8 Hood Fair 7% a 7% 7% a 7?J nominal Fino nominal none nominal ( 'offer?A cargo of Hlo. consisting of 3000 a 4000 bags change I hands at private bargain. Krcit?\Vo noticed sales of 300 boxes French lemons I on private terms; 20.000 IlHrscoa cocoa nuts at $28; anil 400 frails of dates, by auction, at 3%e. 8 months. Full coutinuedto decline.-sales of 500 barrels new. No. 3 mackerel, at $3 76 a $3 81%; und 1050 quintals J large dry cod. at $2 50 a $2 56% Krkioiits- - For cotton, to Liverpool, 3-ltld was a?ked The rates for corn were about 6%d. in bngs. and 6d in I iiulk. at which engagements were reported To Havre. I ashes were engaged at 8 a 10 cts per bbl.; and whnle! bone at % cent per lb. # There was no change to London. Molassci?The only sale reported was 150 hhds com j mon Cuba Muscovado at 20% a 21 %c?4 mos. Navai. Storks?Some few parcels of spirits were dis] posed of at 33 a 34o. cash Oils?There have been sales of 300 barrels crude i whale, at 30c. Rich?We note rales of 100 tierces at $3 25 a 3 37% SuoAns were doing better; sales of 300 hhds Porto RlcO at I1, a I'v1; and AM Musrovado at *4%c ? usual time. Provisions?Sales of about 400 libls mess pork were niadn at $10 50. Including some small lots reported at $10 62%; prime was sternly nt previous rates Sales of 60.000 lbs dry salted shoulders were made at 3%c; a lot. of hams sold at 5%e. Lard?The sales embraced, in separate lots, about 1000 bbls. at 6% a 7c? the latter flgur for geod fair to j r mo. Beef continued firm at 17 >'' a sis f. r prime me - . i> tierces, while city mess I wa-worth nlv.ut All fit) a >12 per bbl. asked. There wiik nothing ?''* butter or obeeso. Wmini'.xr North West wan worth 2.1iS, at which the taut sale* were made. Wimm.i Sales of ISO bUs Western wrre reported i ut 21'ao, Stato Prison was held at 22^,,'e. IIARKKTS KI,Si;\VHKKK. STOCK SACKS. Bai.tiwor r. June 2i'?$HKI Baltimore f.'s, 1*00, (opening) 0 %; .1 ilisr ? M'TOhant-'llnnk. n'iV, : Ad->duNi. I'nltcil Sta' i--Trf ?' Miry fi'schwi at Mil, lot1, aiknl. Maryland b'sat 8k'j m.I, H-1, a?knl lor I'"' ' |mninx Raliimnrc li s i f ISJSI, at %l4 hid, f r the opsninc, IT asked. Ila! I ine rt and Ohio Kallroal shar j at | ,V|1 H hid, .liiij n ked. | l*n11,a'i>p i 1111 a. June 27.?kent worrd? State .vs, 7(5: 2.000 ilii. 7a', i i.isvi i'nttoil States fi't '(17, i' d'a ; -rssi Lehigh Scrip, 77!9 ; ioi do. 77>? ; 2 " M ar Bounty, f>7; .vshi si.ite A'-, 7i'j . ii c Ketisiiu'len llauli, ."i? : ml Ulrard Hank, 1' 11 hi, i0'r jim i|i, i; i vj; '*! i'ltminglnn Cnpp-r (5: 7.? i no Canal, d'j. Iflrr S.lct. '2"" Clfard Hank, i'lvj. Seenn.l I flu , I'd,?l'?l I ni'.eil Slates Treasury Notes A 2-1. 1(M ; 2nn Mi > ?. 7'" ,'s; lis*' Schuylkill Navigation li s, 'liS, 11 ' l: 2n ?hs Cab n Canal, t",. The Crops. M??t of the wheat has bceti cut in Anno Arundel county. Md liy the 1st of July, itt Catootin valley, Frederick county, where tho wheat is good, but th? oats dwm'flsh. harvest will mostly liavo finished. With regard to the late rain?. th ( atootn H'Ai'rsiy-: " Vegetation iiuiv. of all kinds, is beginning I look u,. j with something like animation and n go. d crop may | reasonably ho expected yet to groet tho garden hoe." FOKKION At A It KK IK. RtO Jarfrino. Mny 2l. i ho flour market had undergone no change of Imp- rtaoco since prevoni advices kales eofttlnne making at fr in 2 00' a 2-1 is 0 f t Richmond; K'1 500 ft 17[ 000 for g oil Rail 1 tin<ieCojec. 2'jOOO ft 2|| 760 for mixed lotg of goad first unci superior, exchange on Knglnnd 2-1,Freight* loo a ?? I M I I I II rfll i i lkx, and 6 k per lb Phc paclut orrivad from England on th? 14th May, with date* to the 4th April; h?r intelligence causfd the produce market to wear a gloomy aspect.? Ejr/irtngv harks Montevideo, April 15?The country li< at present completely overstocked with all kinds of foreign produce. and in fact nothing can now arrive to pay n freight, with the exception of tlour. sperm randies, aud tar Klour is now paying something over $2 apanlsh per barrel freight. Tha last sales were at $ll<a currency on board, which will net $8 5014 Spanish per barrel, But cargoes ?re continually arriving from the States, aud it cannot now maintain those prices. Married. On Thursday, the 22d inst . by the Rev. Geo Benedict. Mr. John C. Nor:, to Miss Hannah M., daughter of Mr. William D Hammond, all of this city. By the Rev. Dr. Kvhus, John C. Guen, of the city of New York, to On ?ulot i e Acousta II. Ohef.n. daughter of t i? late John Green, of Manchester. England. Died. On Monday, the 20tli instant, in the 38th year of his ago. Mohhm Thomas, sou of the late William Thomas His funeral will take place this afternoon at 4>? o'clock, from the residonce of his hrnther-iii-law, Geo. Waldron. 40 Amos street. The frinnds and acquaintances of the family, are respectfully invited to attend On Tuesday, the 26tli, iust . in the 80tli year of her age. Ki.iz auktii. relict of the late Joseph Idley. The friends and acquaintances of the family are respectfully invited to attend her fujiornl. this afternoon, at 4.'i o'clock, from her late residence. No. 80 Prince street to St. Patrick's Cathedral. On Tuesday nioruing. June 27th. of hydrocephalus, Henry Auarrrus, youngest son of Francis and Lucy Ann Dugun. aged nino months. I lie irmniw of tun family are regpotfully invited to attend his funeral, on thin (Wednesday) afternoon, tit 4 o'clock, from No 345 Hudson struct. On the _,7tli Inst., John Ai.khkli. son of Oeo. Hitching aged 8 months The relatives and friend:" of the family are respentfully invited to attend his funeral, this day. at 4 o'clock P. M . at tlie corner of South 3d and 3d street, Williainsbureh On fifth day. morning, the loth Inst , after a lingering and painful illness, of consumption, which she bore with christian ro?Tgnatinii and fortitude. Martiia 11. Davis, in the 33d year < f her age, daughter of Joseph and Hannah Davis, of liurliugton county. N. J. THE IRISH REPUBLICAN UNION MILL HOLD IIS Continued Meeting, litis (Tuesday) Evening, at tliu Sliakspeiro llotel. " Men. Anna and Monuy, for the independence of Ireland," is our dootriuu. By order, THOMAS HAVES, ) _ ? , . CHARLES DAV1ES. )Secrutar,csM. T.O'CONNOR, ) Secret Corresponding Committee, iu ae3 TIIOS. MOONEV. $_ sion daily at the Sliaksis>aro Hotel. 10. OF O. F.?THE R. \V. (IRANI) ENCAMPMENT OF the State of New York will hold a Special Session this evening, June 2S, at H o'clock, at No. Shi Broadway, for the purpose of acting on a petition for a charter f >r a subordinate Encampment, and the transaction of such other busiuess as tnay legally come before it. By order. JOHN L. VAN BOSKERCK, Grand Scribe. New yore horse and carriage emporium, corner of Prince and Crosby streets, opposite Niblo'a Garden, baa re-opened its public sale again for Horses. Carriages, Harness, Ac., Ac.. every Friday,aommenoing at 13 o'clock. Carriages, Harness, Ac., always at private sale during the week. JOHN P. Ul l'LER, Proprietor. Important PUBLIC notice.? IC) THE ladies of new York, and strangers visiting the city for the pur l,use of Dry Goods.?Iu coDse'picticc of the daily increasing nature of our business, our present premises have become much too Biuall and eonlaat It MIT poq u.*o. U'e have therefore leased the spacious and elegant at re now occupied by Messrs. A. Arnold A Co,, which we pr p ? to enter on or about the 1st of September next?tho interna being rcipiircd for the purpose of exteusive aiteratious and enthelHehmect. As it is our Intention to elicit the now establishment w|th an entire fresh stock, we have determined to clear off, during the interval, as much us possible of our present immense and valuable stock 'if summer goods: and to ensure lieyond a d ubt this result, the goods ltuvo all been re-marked, at a tremendous reduction front or ginal prices, with an eye simply to immediate clcarjtice, and without reference to tho coat. Our stock compris-s 10"?,(I04) dollars worth of rich and chnioe Foreign aud Domestic, fancy and staple Dr> Goods, and embraces greater variety of iptality and style titan can be met with at any other establishment in the city. Extreme caution have ever characterized our purchases. The majority of the stock is of our owu importation?tho balnticc has been purchased at anctien or direct tr im manufacturers. Under those circumstances, a slight reflection will couviaee purchasers that the prosent is an exceedingly rare and peculiar opportunity, and all will embrace it, who rightly understand and properly apprecia-e the true meaning of the word " economy." UHSDELL A PIERSON, Importers, Jobbers and Retailers.wi Canal street N. B.?U. A P. take this opportunity to return their grateful acknowledgements to those numcrons friends who have so liberally twtromzed their establishment during tho last twelve years, and bee respectfully to solicit a continuance of their favors, ensuring them that the same honorable avstam of business which boa hitherto characterized the house, and obtained for it its present high character, will continue to regulate all future transactions. CLAIMS AGAINST THE LATE BRIGADES AND KEG I mcnts of Infantry in the City of New York.?New Yonk, May 19th, 1848. Notice?In pm.snauoo of an act of the Legislature of tliis State, pawl April 12tli, 1 SIS, entitled ?n act to amend an act untitled an act t<<r the adjustment of olaims incurred for Military purposes in the City of New York, and for the distribution of the Cuiumntat ion moneys roccived under the act passed May 3d, 1848, nivssed N i vcmbor 27til, 1817.?Notice is hereby riven to all persons having claims existing on the twentieth day Of Octo1st, A. Du I "-Pi. uguinsi the several Regiments and Brigades of Infantry in the City of Now York, incurred hy them for printing, stationery, room hiie, and regimen tal innsic, to present the sdmc within two mouths from the date of this notice, to the undersigned, at his office. No. I 111 Chatnliers street, New York: And all |s'rsoneha?irg such claims, are hereby further notified, that Unless the same are presented within such time, they will bo precluded from payment out of the fund to be distributed as provided by said act By order of the Division Board. C.-W. HdUHlSttB JkUjor General. T>. 1,K)R HAVRE, 'I'd SAIL 3d OK AUGUST, TOl CIIING AT Cowos.?The well-k mwn Steamship UN ITED STATES, Capt. Win. O. IInnhrtoll, burthen 2IKK) tons, will leavo for Havre on Thursday. Aug. 3, and will touch at Cowes to loud passengers and letters. For freight or passage, apply to C. 11. M1RSHALL, 38 Bnrlingsiip. IjlOR NEW ORLEANS?LOUISIANA AND NEW TORK line of packets?Uoitivoly the fir-t and only regular packet, to tril Thursday, July lith. Tlie now and splendid fast suiling |<acket bark MA/.EITA, Capt. J. Tiiat: her, having most of her cargo engaged and on hoard is now loading, and will positively sail as above, her regular day. For freight or postage, lisving splendid furnished accommodations, apply on board, at Orleans wliur*, foot of Wail streut or to ?, K. COLLINS, .Vi south street Shipten may rely upon this vessel sailing punctually an advertised, uud having their goods correctly measured. Agent in New Oiloans Mr Wm Ci-cove who will ir.i.inllv #7.sword all ,rn,?l to hisaddrose. Packet ship Clifton. J. 11 Ingeraoll, master, mill succeed the Mazeppa, and sail her regular day. Best location for a great store at flushing.? WM. H. PRINCE will louso a large lot at the corner of Bridge street Mid Clinton Avenue, which can ho extended to the depth of 200 feet. This iJb&tion is the best in the tow n f?r extensive business, icing immediately opposite the largo store of Peck R Co., Mid more convenient than that to the steamboat landing. A person possessing real capital, and not dependent solely on hank loans, could, by tolling at a fair profit, free from extort in. and by acting on hheral principles command the larger par of tho business, e peciallv as thero has long been great dissat'rfaction on those points. Lnod can be obtained iu tho vicinity for Lumber and < al Yards with every advantage for conducting buoiu- . on a Urge scale. The new steamboat Astoria, whioh leave? Peck's Slip four timos daily, greatly facilitates the couiuiuFlushu g, U ?., Jane 2ft, IS48. "V EW JERSEY RAILROAD AND TRANSPORTATION Company.? Washington Monument and Fourth July Excurti'?n.?Reduced far* to Fhiladelphia, with the privilege of returning bv Jersey City or tho Camden and Ami oy Lines. Washington Monwneut Excursion?C mmcnoing on Saturday 1st July, with thf-y A M. and 4^ |\ M. trains: 2.1 do, do. do.; 3d do. do do,: with the of returning in any train up to the4^?P. N. line of the S h July, iuclusive. Fare?From New York to Philn- ; delphiaand re urn, $6; Newark to do. and do. $1.37; Elisabeth* town to do and do $1 06; Rahway to do. and do $3,76. Fourth July Excursion?(' uiineiu in/ on Monday tho 3d J?lv. with the \ M ai I lk P. M train, md Tuesday the ftth, with the 9 A. M.; xvith the j.nvilegH of returning in any train tip to the P. M. train f 6th July ISIS, inclusive. Fare?From New York to Philadelphia and return $4 ; Newark to do. and do. $3,76; F.lizaletnt wn to do. and do. $3.60; Kali way to do. and ?Io. $3,26. Tickets to be procured at the office foot of Liberty street, which are n >t transferable, and will not be received after tho above stated dates. CI HEAP rjRKSS GOODS?LK BOUSILUER BROTHERS, f 46Canal street ii i todtasoea I their ramm retook,ate now offering, ut a ver. great reduction in price, Plain and printed Barege 1 and Tissues. Or randis, I.iiwjip, silks, Ribbons, Embroidered Collars, Laces, 11 -.sijry, Silk Gloves, &c. B??TTOMRY?ABOUT $3500 WANTED ON BOTTOMRY, ON tho Br. barne JENNY LInD, EM tone, Capt. Cleverliy, te 'si paid on arrival at Newport, Wales, to which port she is bound, via Shediao, New Brunswick. For particulars apply to CAPTAIN ULEVERLY, at the office of W. .Si J. T. Tapscott, 86 South street, where also offers will l?e received addrcsled to Capt. Cleverly till Wednf lay morning, 2Stli inst, at 11 o'oloek. WINES, tec. ?THE si BSCRIBEE B AS JUST RECEIVED from on? of tho flr.^t houses in Oporto, 2 pines and 8 half do. of London Port, well adapted for the present time. Also, Sherries Madeira, Ac. of hgh grade. Oue puncheon of remarkably fins old Rum, purchased in London at a very great price. Hocks, ( lurets. Burgundies ro. r?. ApdIv to GlLBLKT davis. 4?r> Pine, corner William at. ABY JUMPER ! PATENTIO IN THi frXITlD STATES England and France. They are an invaluable AHPistant to the mother in the care of her children, and approved by thousands 1 who have them in uk, anil tho highest modical authority. To be I hail wholesale anil retail at the central depot, .111 Broadway, N. V. <j it i i T i U, Pat, net a, VI'AI It OF BEAI'TI F1 I. JOT BLACK HORSES. MINI! tail., Hi hand. high. 7 year, old, thi. spring. well broke, and warranted sound. Just arrived from thf e Ointry, for sale, if applied for soon, at the Sale Stable, lot Was rite ton sireet. near t'ourtland'. street. For style and aclion tliey eannot be encoded. New Vork. Jun < 28th, 1-A.n BIULEMAN At AllNDT. rpoBACCO.-2,1 BAI.ES SUPERIOR CUBA TOBACCO, J. mostly wrappers, Just landed, for eala to suit purchasers, by II. C. TALI,BAN', No. 16 Coentie* slip. HARRI ON'S DAOI ERRW&TTPES?1000 SPECIMEN'S wanted. Editor* of Newsy!per.', Clsrcvmen, M meets of .< liar, tho t'oinmou C> un-1'. Imy.lciacs, Offlcets of the Ariny and Navy, Literary Ladles and Gents, and all other li stingui.hed I era ns,ari' r tinlly invite*! to sit for port raita far ihe Nea l)a gucrrcan Gallery, No. >!) Broadway, w here isihe greatest skylight in the world f r taking dkeness'ii nnd large groups in artistic style, ai d In less time than at any other room. I'leaso call at Room No. .V* Lafanie Buildings corner Keade and Broadway. c. C. HARRIS tN, S. A. Mill.SI AS. riOR SALE.?THE STATE COFFEE HOUSE AND HOTEL, t- corner Peek slip and Pearl street. The subseribct having rr.ore business than lie can conveniently attend to, offers for sale the above. Tho Hotel department is now doing a go <1 business, and tog person whoonnld <ive hi. whole attention to it, would become nro of the most valuable planes of the kind In the city, ihe baghae a good run "f genteel custom, and is constantly in oreasing. A number of the Eastern boats h ave from the foot of tlie slip, where also, therein n ferry to H'illiainsburgh, and II" orcmites lieiac situated on ,.ne of the greatest thnrouenfaies in the city, makes It one of tho liest locations f?r tlm business that cnuhl i c desired. For particuliir; enquire of M Mnt'any, t-1 i ?inn I elds, llobokcn. 8.?Nn |? r mi.* treated with,except thoso who wish to pnroha?o for cash. Dissolution or partnership?THE business cmrlod on hy the suhscriliers has boon dissolve! by i menf, and will bo Oarrlod on as formerly, by W il. K V1 >T> So-,., who alone Is authorised to sot tie up oil claims agn n?*. nod rvene nil in tavor of tho old bntdncss. Ma K1 1)1), Nil. New York, Juno 8 ,1848 WE kVl>t>, Jr. n .l (i STORK FOR SA 1,1 ONE Ol i IIP. Hi : ESI ? blinl.i"! and plcasenllv located stores in the oily, doinf a lar. o pio.-criptinn business, will bo sold at a hernain if an i Ib r is made within two wicka, as tho proprietor wishes to aiml lilnisolf of hum or interest. Without s-ttal eaali, or undoubted iwcmity, none lined apply. Address "lire Store," at this office. LI irkwoke , PI Ell OHJtfc TUB LA U - - . | OH 1 .."i4 l.i the city, miJ of the oe?f quality, > ao n ad at .hock -i t.,!.itched store, lib (Ihatnaia, c tnrr ol t)r*n ' > at ict, oqtra' s od door In ',?rarf? at sea All tleaoode a., a unnoted, at i s nt to ai-y port ol iho city or eh .n ty lr?e of ohn o P, L^lXTJTE. I.bIRER okks - LV EKV DBS 'HII riON OP RMAlsL PIES , worka, and Edge's lariro works for exMbi.tun, for aie <>y J. W, UOLilJEhTON, 73. Maidnu Lime. Do. nam, AtRrftMrtBiii-MiitirrMMui of a ? Stock of rich Albtte Wu?.-JTburadoy, M/'O oWm, at i 'AW Brnedway, hy order of the Sheriff, a (took of English A Iha ta ! Wsrt, consisting oi rich To sots, Tea anil Coflku I'rna, Castors, j I Cake and Fruit Miukets. Trays, Pitchers; Knives anil Forte, ( Spoons, Soup Lail< 5, Canl Casus, Snuff aud Tobacco Loss- kg., j ! with a variety of other housekeeping articles. n W. J. V. WE3TERVKLT, Sheriff. j A. T. IfiLi.vcn, Deputy Sheriff. j HE. WILLAHD, AUCTION F,EX.?DEALER'S SIOCK OF J Crookery aud Glassware ? lly Wm. W. Shirley.?This day, * . (Wednesday) June 28th, In o'clock, at No. 8 t'sdar (treat, near i Pearl St., all kiuds of best Hewer,blue, granite, edged,dipt, piloted, kc.wsie, in lots from the shelves; sbio,/W tdila liest tumbler*. Sale j pislrive, and worthy the notice of dealers and grocers, on tltae ] ,| cver>lWJ. ? i u BV LEWIS tt MOIITIMOK SIUKE 1-7 CHATHAM ST.? J Pawnbrokers' Sale.?This day, Wednesday, Juno 28th, at 11) >j o'clock, a large collection of Curvdeemed Pledges, vis ?lieu and Women's Wearing Amwrel, Blankets, Sheets, Pillows, Hoots, | Shoes, Pictures, Ac. By order of ABRAHAM GOODMAN, .11 Centre street i JAMBS COLE, AVCnONBBB?VALCABLB BROOK LTD 1 Property, 195 Lota?Positive Sale, by order of the Supremo I Court iu Equity, to puy taxes uud assessments?JAHKS ( til I. will sell ut auction, on Thursday, June i?J, at 12 o'clock, at the . Merchants'txuhungo, New York, Valuable Property, part of tb<- , I Jacksou lloniesnuid Estate, in the immediate vlcii.lty of Wash lngten Park and Fulton and La Fayette Avenues. Mat. III. pr | lsny can be had at the utlics of the auctioneer, 27 Wall rUcut. j| New York, or Li Fulton street, Brooklyn. * lAriiNlTi BE. lb ?1'>E I'lltNUHINQ ABTICUCS, CUM Kl . P e'c. etc.?J. W. liiuwn will sell at auction, on Thursday, I June 2iUh, at 111^ o'clock, at No. 102 Broadway, ah assortment of v tstrlor, chaiuhcr, aud other furniture, rii h giraudules, solar aud . null lumps, out glass ware, ko. Also, by order of assignees, 3'. ! A) hour, and fi day clocks, with various other article". Catalogue. : ti DOW ready. Sale |? rciuptory. ^ WANT HI)?ny A HIGHLY RESPECTABLE PROTES- (j taut girl, a situation as chambermaid in u private fatuity, or ., as mine ami seamstress, or aould make herself generally useful. 1 a Please apply at 87 Willett ?tre?t. j p W.WTK')?TWO Roys i?r UEKPKI'TA1II.K FAMILY, | j I ! I" If. yearsOf ;up\ and wUigi with their (INttg as a|>- A pr-miec* for a fancy store. Thorn, who can eoute well recotu- j uicnded. and wrlto a Rood hand, may i>p|dy iu their owu hand- , r writing to "Apprentice," I la raid Office n WANTED?BY Tilt) VERY RESPECTABLE YOUNG g Wuiuesx. situation a, <>no as Cook. Washer and Ironor. thu ji ot or as < hamU'ruiaid, Waiter, and to take care of children | liotli would have no objection to go to the country. The boht ot" j {j < ' V i t. i i.? . IvtB tilbt MB OBjj Hro dflffc Apply at M ( 1T Rivington strict in the rear, second floor. p WANTED ? JIY A YOUNG WOMAN, WELL EECOM g' mended, a hit nation as chambermaid and waiter, or to 1 take care of children and do plain scwinp;, or would do hoosework J : in a small family. Can he seen until Hinted at 116 Mottstreet. J WANTED.-TWO YOUNG FRENCH LADIES, WHO s|toak the German lauguago, and being good Fewera, arc I desirous of getting situations in private famihea. They would | . I linve no objection to travel. I'Knso apply at the Millinery store, l No 147 Washington street. A RESPECTABLE MIDDLE AGED WOMAN OF MUCH 11 Sm- cxperienco wishes a situation in some respectable family as P cook ur to do the work of a small family; can giro undoubted " rcferenoe as to honosty and industry Application may be made ,, ut 070 Greenwioh st., from W eduesday till Saturday * A YOUNG MAN OF GOOD ADDRESS AND 1NDUSTRI- ? ous habits, with about $3)d at his ouiumund. Is wanted to engage as a part nor in an agreeable and lucrative business. So- T curity given for the amount invested. Apply to the Real Estate and General Agency, No. tiA Chambers street, 0th door east of n Broadway?front office, second floor. 1 . o. \ PARTNER WAN'TED-ANY SINGLE YOUNG MAN, " A having at I.Is command two hund'Od dollars, can have nn * opportunity i f joining liersuti in a pleasant, lucrative, aud gon- * teel I'Uliue s. An Kngtishtn.ii preferred. It is necessary ho sit oihl lie of genteel deportment, and somewhat acquainted with )' accounts. Noue others treated with. For au interview, apply ? A. B? at this office. _ ffAO MAGUERREOTYPISTS?WANTED AN EXPEKIENC- ' JL ed antl capable Operator to proceed to a Southern State. To " a capable one. a -alary or an interest in the business, would be '* given. Address, (post paid) C. F. II. at this office, stating quail- 01 lleations, and salary expected. n Found-on Saturday, in broadway. a smali, sum of moooy. Apply at the desk, by leaving the names and I description of the money lost. ^ ITSILE CUTTERS.?A STEADY. COMPETENT WORKMAN, n J who can grind, cut, and temper Files, will moot with u per- M tnanent place, and good wages, at the locomotive works of t< NORRIS BROTHERS, Philadelphia. it Avimuv. runnnDA i ? i*j luiiiinrtiiainu UlUflU men, wishing t > travel <1 iirinK the summer months, an oppor- r tunity offers whereby they may clear $25 or $30 per week, upon a capital of not wore than $50. Apply at J W. H. GRAHAM'S, Tribune Buildings. 1-1 ? t, For sale?a vert superior double gun, made v la?t year hy Jno. Manton Si Son, Dover it., London. It has I been very littlo used and will ho sold a bargain. Barrels 3 feet 0 o< inches long and 13 gauge. May bo teen at Messrs, CONROY, 62 v Fulton St., N. Y. A trial can be had. d g PORTER HOUSE?THE STOCK, FIXTURES AND GOOD t< wilt for sale. A lease may be hod. The present occupant c wishes to retln^o the oountry. Apply on the premises, next to b the Bull's Heme comer 24th st. nud 3d avenue. ti - T GUTIDElTO THE SPRINGS, NIAGARA, ETC.?THE TRA- & Y seller's lland Rook fur the North, or Guide to th> Springs, Niagara, Quebec, Ito. A neat pocket volume, with Maps of the "I Suite of ew York, Hudson Kiver; Tables of distances by Rail- J road, Canal and stage Routes. By II. S. TANNER. For enlo at i the Map Store, No, 5 Barclay street, Also Pocket Maps of all e luods^ ___ 11 IOTS FOR SALE AT HOBOKEN.?ON THE MOST LIBE- h J ral terms, of all prices, according to the situation. For terms fco, tic., enquire at tho Uobukon Company's office, at Ferry 1 Landing, of IV. IV. SillIM'EN, Agent. J CU SfHl TO LOAN ON BOND AND MORTGAGE, v yJU jUUU Al?", the sums $6,(WO, nnd $4,1100?these Hutu c .-inns to lend on productive real estate, in this city. Apply in the c Bank Note Exchange Office, to JOHN I. CON HEY, I No. (HI Wall street. y NEW YORK HORSE BAZAAR, .NO 31 CROSBY STREET. ? John U. (latlield, Auctioneer. Auction salos of horsos, car- v rixges, harness, saddles, Jto., this day, Wednesday, June 2Sth com- jtneitcing at 11 o'clock with carriages, harness's, Sic, and at 12 u o'clock with a catalogue of horses. Also, at prti a'e sate, a nuni Iter of tine horses, suitable for all purposes. JOHN II. GATFIELU, r Proprietor. H M. COWAN, Salesman and Manager. Telegraph wire.?telegraph wire, twisted, * rusted, and oiled, on hand, and for snl*. and warranted to be l ei|ual. if not superior to any manufactured in this or any other J oountry. Orders ?u i> j > l i c d At tho shortest notico. r. E. HIDDEN, tfil Water itreet. ? Notice is HEREBY given, THaTthe undersigned u has sold to David Pratlovo all hit! right, title aud iaterest i/i 1 t!to Patent Agency and CoramihHinn Business, carried on at 21 J Thames street, under the name of T. Former 8c Co. tl THOMAS FOR3TER. || Summer goods at reduced pukes?james beck ? It Co. being anxious to reduce their stock of summer goods, f, have reduced the prices of thrir Uamges, Orgindiee, Jaoonets, Calicoes, Silks, Shawls and Scarfs, vantillux, ( rape Shawls, Em r] hmidene" and Laces. White Muslin and Handkerchiefs, Hosiery. J Gloves, He ,1*WOW offered at reduced bargains at EM Hroadwsy. ti CURING and summer CLOTIllNa AT TUB CITY CLOTH- I 0 ins Warelionio, 1(8 KnlUin aweet, oppoait. Ui? old North Duieli Church. Coate from $1 U>tll>, Panta fr< m $1 to $& Veata ? from $1 to ?S. A tfl 'lu auit for ?3.~D. P. SJdl l II, 102 Fulton y arr.nt |, TO I.HI HOUSES 1*1. AM) l?fi. BKtDGK STREET, DROOL- n lyn, in ov.ry ropni't ilcairaMe L.r a reaiJencr. T(? minutca J walk Ml Mm fVrry. ft. Board opposite the iiatvlry-two large and j pleasantly situated rooms auitaUo for families. Apply at Id or 17 state street. BOARD, OK TO LIT.?A RESPECTABLE FAMILY, I1AV- I ing m^re rooms they require, wonld l? pleased to taVn | tm or throe ^ent'einen, or a rcntlmnnn and hie wito, to hoard, |. * itlt private ai?rtniont?, htrri'died or nnfuntiahed: or would let \ thi apartment* to a email fa;inly. Apply at IU> Uammertly at, estt Tlndwn at A CARD?THE PROPRIETOR OP THE WADAWANUCK ^ 1 Doom 5to ington, Conxnotlnil wouldntoro thankitofcdi In muIs f??r favors, and would solicit a further continuance of | ? thorn. Tho citizens of New Y-rk. and strangers, who intend to | BM1 I '1 afagWtrm WWUilf ra iflt countr,. v 111 tmd at Sto. I [ nin^ton, f urc air, ttno saltwacr bathing, blue, black, and trout t j, | lishing, good roads for riding and b ?at* for sailing. Stonington, : | Ct., Jime. K 11. VAN KEN'SSKLaEk, c'fc Long branch, new jersey, bath buildings,? * This Sea Uatliina WMUMhBMI MMM for patron*. June __ iBtli. Completeaud ehurant repairs, addition* and renovation* ~ 11i.i" I"-n made. The iinara Oni*. Fulton Market, and B> | Lewi*,from Washington Market, make daily trips; atagos ready at J Occau llouse. No effort speered to (tivo satisfaction. di JAMES GREEN, Proprietor. w lev's mountain springs. ' N. J.?The above establishment is now open for the rooep. * tiou of visitors, having been greatly improved since the last, season- | The now building contains "?0 spacious apartments, ventilated on u;] an improved plan, possessing every advantage that b required to ai render this ono of the mos? comfortable and fashionable watering a? places in the Northern States. Boat leaves foot of Courtlandt nt street at 3 A. M., every morning, and arrives at the springs at 8 V. M. E. A. IllNCilMAN. IE GRANGE HOUSE?HALF A MILE EAST Ml' BABY- " J Ion SAMl'EL HKiBKEha . made extensive additions ^ t<> his large aud commodious Hotel, is now prepared to receive ^ transient or permanent boarders in good st)Je and upon aocom modatiug terms. Also, to let. a House in the immediate neigh- m 1 I, B*t yl Di June 97,IM rptlK QtliiTvs MOrS'UOPPt>SlTETuBUICNEKAL PU6T pr JL Otto* st. Mnrtin'tlnOnnd, Lotdtn. TUn mf Iflnwil Hotel having recently undergone oitcnsive alterations, and a great portion of it newly furnished, will he found on trial to have no rval in the metronolie, both in point of accommodation and mo- be derate charges. The Coffee room is one of the largest and most th comfortable in England. Board, $2 per day. Hot and Cold 7 b.u!.*. thomas spencer i.knnby, manager, ?' Formerly Chief Steward of the British Queen Steamship. i roi Bikwwi tn If aw farli to Mr. G a. WMf, di Cadnr atewi I " SCHOOLKTS m< ?c nt a in tkiniis marsh's iientii House.?This well known establishment having been fitted nn th in a superior manner, and provided with every convenience found | ei at the in? ?t fashionable p aces of summer resort, was opened en lei the 15th insU Unusual preparations have heen made, affording a I dc guaranty of comfort and pleasantness not surpassed at any other I y* place in tha conn ry, and with ample ftooonuKsudoin for 300 parsons. (ircat inihicornonM < .Toied to visit this cool and healthy retreat, The undersigned will gi\e Ids personal attention, as | 1 usual, anring won Date i Jam 23, isw P.. MAH^iiv. i | ("1 a S T - O f F I'l/vrillNil. JEWELRY. FIRE ARM*. fce. I (3 J Wanted.?Ladies or (lentlemcn wishing to convert their sr. ge p> rfluotu effects Into cash, will obtain hill *al' for the nmi ly " addressing the subscriber, through the post-office or other*ito, *1 who will attend loom at their raaidonoe by appointment U. en J.KVETT. Z Hell Street. Now Vnrli. <1i< WIRE RODS-MAKE FROM REVT NOR WAV IRON Foil a! tie by C. K. HAB1CHT, 89 * eetet do Notice-to creditors of the late rerrr.i.ic of Texas.?In aceortfaw a with nn act of the legislature of the hi State of lot" to provido for ascertaining the debt of the late of Republic of Totaa," approval inn March, lttts, notice is hereby given to all pert na having claim* or demands for money again-t ? the late Republic of T.x*?, to pre-ent the tame to the Auditor and *Cotnptrtdb r of I'nblle Aocotinta on or l>tfi<?e the second Monday ' in Novemlatr, 1M3, or they will tie (?>etponed. The pravialoea of ita the afo n* id act require tha Auditor ai d Comptroller, jointly, at1 t ro. eipt, under tlie r seals of office, for *11 elaima presented, sot- fet tint forth the p ,r value thereof at the thne the Mine aeemed, the pe: date and amount thereof?distinguishing between the different ! fit flames of claims, in the follow ing manner: First, the audited j w r : ?, or' nned rInime. such a? St.ok li -uds, Treasury Notes. >l,h ' tary Scrip or any other and! ted or ascertained efalm. st r.ti, n? nil claims with sufficient evidences and vouchers ta ati'horiie dr them <? audit under he late Repnbli; t.f Texas. Thirl, snch ~~ claims as are not su'ficientl" ..uthentieated by vouchers. And it I is further in*.!) the dntr of the Auditor and Comptroller, Jointlv, * t? report to the legislature, for final adjustment, the whole wa amount and character ef the pub ic debt, ascertained according to the provisions of the ?nid act. The classification and rate of be |ny nent recommended In them to I* subject to the IN vis Jon A amendment and ratification of the legislature. J"IIN M. fUVHtlRR. Auditor. * JAMES U. Sll.\W, Com ft. if Acrritx, Texas, May 13, W, oeV| A SON si atone 1 n"EUtcT\ND IJUARHYMEN WAN f Ur lf| f<J on the ?xt? nulon f the Harlem Knilroad Rrt pihe at h,y T'.o Hit * MAT ('itJ If 'II. And a* the C ' (ini-r'i ' *f)\ee. ? * SOTCll AI E IN TINT AM) QC ART RO'ITLRM FROM s?, " Tvnnent'r' celebrated brewery, in tine ordo, and uf very t it superior i|iiallty, for sale by JAMKS H FY 111' R.N, v|r U South William stieet. ud i?ow*nr theatre.-benefit of mr. joiim k D scott-wednesday EVFMNO. jwnezh. will bo i i: the play <1 BICHELIE1 CwdlMl RJ '* U n, ilr J It. feoM|l)|li. IUMm CMM da Hursts-, ( W. (Tartm Itevaller de Mwuprat. J " Hu*uet, Warden; Joteph, II. Iumy; Julie de M. rtetnar. *pi Abbott To conclude with the lew Dram*, ltyh,d the RAO PICKER OF PARIS-Jean, Mr. W. | Pierre Garonne, Tilton; Jacques Diililier, U'arden : lane Diddl. r. Vi-s Mery Tay! r. Bcim 25 w,|.; Pit. I2?e*utf ) >,.? open ?t 7 o'clock: performance to oommenre atTStf o'clock trnniselv. fcT'BIOS A.e-n- 11 PLACE BROADWAY ? WEDNElDAV ' even or Junr T1 e entoitair-uenta will o. with a *OT POL'KI To be followed hy ADVICE OR ATI?- Mr OdbodV, Mr Chi ppct.dale; I rime- Mr h'ef-on. To ho followed Gy * rami divcrtisement. OAI.T.OI' DES DRAP'AI'X hy 4H Dinnoma Viewnolaea. Grand Medley Overture. The celebrated BELll.VN GIANT will apis-urin llie tableau ofGoli&h tzolry to llattle 0 conclude with the CHINESE I1A I.A III I.E. hy 4H Danseuses '(ennoUea Tickets 50 cent*. Doorsopcu at 7 ?' clock. Performnee to commence at ft o'clock. 1 ? ><" WtVV AV THEATRE.?HEN KI'IT til' MR 11 ADA WAY. 11 \t ednntdav Kvenln*. June 1!S, ?ill Is. unisuntod the Cotnedv FED Tile. 1'I.Ol'OH?Sir Philip WanJford. Mr. Frederick* i' v - I llandy, Mr. Va< he; Hoh Handy, Mr. Daw -on: Henry. Mr. Farmer AehfloM, Mr. Halawav; Lady Handy. Mm. I i ? Su-an A-hfHd, Miin Fanny Wallack. PAS DK DECX, II u*. M ietliotf ami Min Celeste. To cnaclude with the new >r?e i ailed a MODEL OF A WIFE Drone Circle and Far. uotte, Mi rente: Family Cireioa. 2.V; Gallery 12^0. I> m pea t a quarter post seven; iwrformauoe commence at a quarter to i*ht o'clock CHATHAM THEATRE?SO' F PROPRIETOR AVI) I l.' eec, Mr. F. R. Chanfrou.?Wednesday Kvrnin* June 28th, rill lie performed the ilrnma entitled HORN TO GOOD LI'C'K ? 'an 'een O'Rullerty, Mr. It. Williams- Count Maid. Mr. Pardee: info, Mr. Tavtor; Aria, Mine lllldmth; Manraret, Mist Miles. To e followed hy the new looal piece of NEW YORK AS IT IS? lose, Mr. Chanfrau: Joe, Mr Winaiis: Charley Bates. Mr. h'eyiioir, Katv, Miss llllclreth: Rttih. Mits K. Denin. After which, be Innghalile extrevatriiiiza of THE IIAI'PY MAN?P?ddy Murhy, Mr. II. Williams; Stag Smalil. Ufa. IoitoukIh. Doors t,j?eti t 7?P?rf'.rtn?noe oontmeuoe at 7% o'olock. Rosea, 25 ecu is; Fit 1%: Private Roane, $5. NAJTLE OAKDEN?PERFORMANCE TO COMMENCE A I 8 o'clock?Admiselnn, 2.'cents?Mnnn^iiin Director, Mr. Geo Tolland?Mr. T. Y. Chuhh, Mimical Director?Painter and Doco ttor, 31*. Anaelo Monte I Ilia?Machinery, Air R. MoNaliv?l'ro. erOes. Mr. Gilbert?Wednesday evoninrr. June 2Sth, 1 SAP. will n I...r.nn..l It., '.ill. l. lnoiov.i.on.neoi, , iia?Sidney Keauchamp, ilr linker, (.'apt Klldaro. Mr Nickins >?; lagnus Tcuipleton, (III Andrews, Hector Tomptofnn. MrIlulliml: Irs Tcmpleton, Mrs Vernon. T" bo rue ere fled I y an OI'ERATIl' 1,10?Ily Miss Phillips, MrsFrarr. Mrsll Phillips and Mr (I II.,I. inn. Tn cuueluiln ivifh the fnrco of the DOVIH.E BEDDI'.'i ;OOJI?Mr Dulcimer Piper, Mr lloUnnd. Major Minus Mr Nickin* m. Mrs II,'),ni_v I,.iiiiux, Mrrttacnon, Nanoy, Miss Ntcktaaon. SARVUM'S AMERICAN MUSEUM?P. T. RVRNI M, PRO printer, F. Hitchoock. Manager.?Splendid jierforuianeea. vrv afternoon it,.'ltd o'clock, and every evening at 8. Onn weuk npir of'he 11. S. Minstrel Hand and Gloe flub. Second woek f Mr. J?lin Harrington, tho well known >uid extensively pnrm ir Auiereau Magician nod Ventriloquist. Living Oriing Ouinn. whose Intelligence and sagacity give her rank with the 11 man as well as brute creation. The Highland Mammoth Hoys, itotl nine and eleven years, and yet weighing (kill pounds. Also, he Giant Raby, only sixteen months old, and yet weighing ninety ootids. Wax Scripture Statuary. Madame Rockwall, the fatous Fortune Teller, can be privately consulted at an extra ham of 26 cents. Admission to the whole, including Museum, urfonnanooa, to., 2S cents j ehlldren, under ten years of sge, nd old enough to walk alone, 12>i cents. Reserved front seats ne shilling each extra. klKCDANIC'S nALL, 472 BROADWAY, BETWEEN YJ. Grand and Broome streets, MONDAV,, JUNE 2(1, and every ight during the week?the original CHRISTY'S MiNSTKEI.S, hose concerts during the past NINE MONTHS have been ro:ivud with such distinguished patronage and unexampled success lost respectfully annonnoa, that thoy will continue tnoir original r,l inimitable otster'ainments every night until further notice, diiilssion 25 cents. Doors open at 7. Coiioert will commence t s. Manager and Director. E. P, CHRtflTY, An klMlOtD uuoert will lie given every Saturday afternoon. Doors ope 11 at to commence at 8 o'oloch. BANVARD'S MAMMOTH PANORAMA OF THE MISSISsljipl Rivor, pal:iled on three miles of canvass, being the irgost painting in tho world, at tho Pan?rema Building, ill Broad ay, adjoining Nlblo's Garden. Open every evening, (Sunday ex ?pted) Admission (X) cents: children half price Tii# Pannraia will commence moving at '? to H o'clock pre -Isely. Afternoon ihibiUonon Wednesday and Saturday, at 1 >!? k. II7ALNUT STREET THEATRE. PIIH.ADEI.PHlA ? it Benefit of Mr. A. Bookiitt.? Wednesday evening, June 'J-, MS, will be performed the comelelta of NO' After which tho eiv local ImrlotU of MOSE S VISIT TO PIIII.ADKI,PIIIA? lose, Mr Chapman; Porgcy Bill, Elerlc. Charles Hun.l ey. Brimmi Jedide Simple. Kadch'lfe; Svkescy, Nagle; Jem Willis, 0,,,>dil; Nibbs, lloswell; Gen. ft l)? a'Beckett; Mrs. Bryan. Mrs. buyer; Clementine, Ilackurt; Nancy, Rogers; Use, Miss Fisher. rABERNACl.E -PROGRAMME OF THE SECOND GRAND Concert of Mr. MAURICE STRAKOSCH. Tlinrsday. 2!>th une; 1S4S, I'iauist of the Em|ieror of Russia, assisted by Signon Vatellina, Signor ViettU Signer De Hernia, and Maestro Aninio Bsrill. Part 1?1. Aria "Giovanni d'Arcn," Vurdl. Signor 'letta; 2. Duo "Elisnnnd Cland o," Signora VntcUiun ami Signer ienegnis: S. Sovenlr de "Jenny I.lnd" (variations hrilliantos). It 111 1> >Rl' (1 ftlkfi HYAAlltnrf VttF SlFvvtlrnugvk .1 I.ll.-k?. .- F illc," 8Ignor He ltcguts; 6. "Lucia" anil "Lucreziii." fanta?ie rnmatl<|ue, Strakoach. Part 3?1. Aria "Itrwo," Meroadante, ignor Vietti; 2. Variations on tho air "Oh! Lady liavo 1 sought m bnldlj\" from Pry's opera of "Leonora," compulsed and exnuted bv Strakosch; Tarentclla focosa, do do; 3. Aria from T.omardi,"VerJi, Slgnortl Vattellina; 4. (By request) "Krnaui," tjexnor finale, " Love Elixir." arranged and executed bv Strakosch: icksts at AO cento; to lie bad at the principal tnusle stores. Conort to commence at 8 o'clock. PANORAMA OF TAYI/OR'S CAMPAIGN JN MRX1CO ? A magnificent Panorama, representing in tho most Ismu'iftil nm nor. General Tavlor'a operations in Mexico, will bo opened for xbibition at the Minerva Rooms. 40fi Broadway, on Monday orelintr. July 3<1. at 7 o'clock. Panorama will commence moving nt o'clock, precisely. Admission 2A cents. No hall prioo. The cxiUtion no the 4th, at 10, S, and 8 o'clock, precisely. r_TANINGTON'S NEW GRAND SCRIPTURAL DIORAMAS Ll of the "Creation of the World " and "The Deluge," open very Evening, at the splendid New ilall, corner of Rroiutway and i'alker street, next door to Stoppani'a Baths. T' is exhibition omprises tho most magnificent Mechanical, Scenic and Optical [feet, with choice Vocal and Instrumental p rformances, from laydn'a Grand Oratorio of tho t nation. It is the result of many ears' study and experience, doriug which neither pains nor exemu have wen vpiarod to reader it one of tho most attractive exibitions of tl e age. The Hall is one of the most, elogaut and best entilated in the eity. Tickets All cents?Children half p-rf. Vrformance" commence at 8 o'clock First pierlorlance, Thursday evening, Jane 29th. rO SERENADERS.-A FIRST RATE C.LEE CLDB CAN be engaged for serenading, at moderate terms, by addressing note to ERIN, 35 Roosevelt street. j PURSE OF SIS.?A QUOIT PURSE TO IPE PITCHFD FOR on Thursday next, at the Red House, open for all quoit | [tchcrs: $2 entrance. Each man to pitch 42 quoits, striug inca- j lremcnt, and the nearest average man wins the purse. Pitching i commence at 3 o'clock. EXCURSIONS TO THE FISHING HANKS OlTSAN'tO 1 Si Hook, ovory Monday, Tuesibvy, Friday and Sunday dnrin. ie flr fi' in The suiis'-iiitial steamboat HI I'FAl.'J, < opt T v. sncox. will run as above, leaving the foot of Roblmun street, at o'clock, Canal street. S'4; Hammond street: SW Grand street, . K-, 9. r ler No. 1, N, R? 9t{ A M.: returning by A P. U. Ueeshments furnished on board. Itai tat cost Farii,VI cents. rilE most DELIGHTFUL IX< URMOW OF TOE ska Eon.?Tho Excursion float from Christopher anil 19' h streets, i the Klysitn Fields, at Uobokcn vihich was so vorv nonulnr st mason, has avain commented running regnlarly. This is dodedly the cheapest (the fare l?ing (',!, rente.) and pleasantest elusion, that can bo had in tho vicinity of Now York As there re nn spirituous liquors .f any ltinil to he had at tlie Elyaian lolds, ttie most ported quiet and order U observed; whilst for ant.v of view, fco., it is unsurpassed. r() THE LADIES.?260 VERY FINE ClIAINSTl'H II COL i lars ell I'lieniisctti s, at 4s each; j.'st poire Needlework Cuffs ; '.'a hd per pair; a laiye lot of Needlework Collars, from Is to 8s | ortta tla to ll's. A great bargain in Sheer Tape Bordered hand- i rchisfs, at 4f and 5e. Infants'Caps, Waists and Robes at wh ! i Jo pricea. Ijwte Capes, Veils, Trimming Lacos, ko., Ac. C1IA8. SCOTT k CO., 377 Broa-'way, JIANO FORTE FOR SALE ORTO HIRE?THE SL'BSCRIU- j era have on baud tin assortment of Tablet and Trsn.'p"?io,' | iano Fortea, from si* to seven octaves, at their manufactory, {Hi: venue, laitvieen 10th and llth streets WENWERSTRORN k BKRGGIO t/f EDALLIONS.?MAJOR GENERAL Z.VCHAKY TAYLOR rl Medallions, for sab: by WEDH.RS k MEYER, ,'<d William j'. up stairs. )R. WHEELER, OCULIST, iRI GREENWICU STREL! i devotee bis ix luaive attention t> diseases of the eye uo I op almio surgery. < itffce hours from ML M. to 1 o'clock I*. VI. t uutiMot C'attaining some great cures effected by Dr. Wheel . \ u is' had gratuitously at, his resldenee, cr the came will be for arded to r.nv ?no making application to bim by letter, p,at I lid. Artificial eyes inserted and for sale, \H. II. nOSTWI' K's THIRD LECTURF, OV SYI*IIILT>. , J and diseases of tho I Icnital tirgaris, will lie given on 11 odti, . ly evening, - ih Inst., illus'rated by drawings, corner ot Drool ay and Arutid slreot, Is'cturo free. Medical men, students and j mlcmuii, arc laid > <1 to attcml, at lialf pa. t .1 o'clock. All. JEFFRIES ANTIDOTE Is i ll MOM F.FFF.t Id*A J preparation sold for Gonorrlitca ai. i other disorders of the ?*.. d Onrana Long experience lias prove I 'hat it will radically on : ,y rase. This desirable roaul'ia ontained in from 3 to ltl da,?, :t i . I It neither creates nausea nor offends the palate, and renders tin oessury any deviation in diet or interrupt: n to unial pursuit* ; und sloep or liealUty digestion, tlio nuisance is thus removed a oedily as is consistent with the production of a thorough and id permanent cure. Its ingredient* aro entirely vegetable, at > injurious effect, either c .w.ntutionaily or locally, aau le euu.-.,: I itsnso. I'rico Si per bottle. Sole Agent for this city, C. II. [NO, 192 Broadwny, an John street j Jf BDICAL OFFH P. - DR. JOHNSON, DUANE : TRI rl near Chatliam street. a? well kn-'Wti as the : i .t nctitioner in Now York, in tlie troatin-nt of vencroal ?lo. *es. The Doctor's reputation lor skill in tlie?o old lii?lf.oui"i i eos, that have existed for years, is, t> Glact, ?tr ,> re, ulcers upon the body, or in the throat or num. imlns in tit \ ud ami bonea of tlie, effectually eiiretf. ( uistltii. mat weakness, brought on by a secret nalit Indulged in br | ting men, eansing lascivious dreams an i niglitiy emissions. | ively prevented. Recent 'vises curc'l in four days, without i \R. <;m>ver IS OONWLTRD iH RINO TIIE l.?> \' J evening at hit < Slco, No, 12 Ann St., (f.iinerly Nr.. 2). in ose dithcnlt end protracted ea*cs of Stricture, flu?i, ari'l 1> . : . te Disra 1.4 which have proved too obstinate l<r physician* c , tn experience, Private entrance thr u^h the entry to tin 'flu n* ilia Rx'raet of C iptiva, l ul-eha etc., t e most oerta r, ?? "edy enre f t delicate diseases. may bt hai at hit rt wa in tru j la li Ana it. /fO.-T EXTKAORDl N'AKY WoKK- fi> Till MAi'.KI, rA or thow contemplating mandate. Thl tnarrii. 1 vroma irate Medical Companion, oy Dr. A. M. Mawrl'caa. Sixth o, j in. Pricu$l. This work is meeting with astounding a * l,tl? copies have already been disposed of.) Every ferula j tting a copy, whether uiarriwl or unmarried, although it is in. t tided ospcially for the married, as it important seem . lish should he known to tnera particularly. llrro every lemal n discover tha causes, symptoms, and tlie moat oth. ient in: ! is. end most certain mode of cure In every caeo. T..r sale. roadway; at the INiblishing < Ifltce, 120 Litwrty street, New Y'.r. to, Zmlcr and Co., corner of Chc.'mu and Third street*. l'hir lpliia; Mule and Co., Albany; W-K. Davis, nostra. On I' icipt ot SL aoopy all( !* transmitted by mail. fn:e of p. i all parts of the C'nlted States. All letter* rau.t '-a id-car i *t paid to Dr. A. M. IL AUKIOKAU, b i IdJi. New V rko.t, ! Bon. lis Liberty itmt )R. RALPH. AUTHOR OF TH1 "PRACTICAL PRITA1 Treatise." ho., ltd Qroensrieh street, ofllcs honrs 9 to 12 A. V 0 i? P. M.. (Sunday excepted.) Those who apply in the < igos will ho surprised at the rapidity and little Itr j lending theircum It is chiefly, however, th; _> who li?<o u< " J from a certain class of people, c; otr.?rw1so, wh? cap , r rly appreciate hi* sendees. J? strietnn . from It# Or', or mr 1 :nt, to its more ad'. ouwJ ?nJ distressing etegae (from n> ." n sdvsnt^j:^ in addition to a verj M>- J, ? ,IT? c in t; ! rcjWdO he can afford a rapid, ??-*? and radical cure, which. ! 1 srotwd for stating, o*** *e oetaiuod fk *: le other source ir. >?'1oa, \R. POWELL, OCULIST, AURI'T, ETC., ATTENDS DAI ' ly to diseases of tho Bye lad, ?t Ins surgery, 2>H Dr" ,y, i r'.rsnee IW W.,rtno street. Juat pul Wieil, the a-wond <? ' j n of Dr. Powell's Treatise or the Kye. prloe N> centy, ivhh h t had ? hw orti' i; al?o Ills rreinntra self-acting Eye Fouotait. Ur*? supply of Artificial Eyea recently Impotled. JUDICAL CARD DR MORR1 ON PONTWflTBS TO consulted on all f rme of private dleeaeus, wit' that sti s which a practice of twenty ? i .care umjt warryo'. Tho * 0 have ? ilnred fr m t taUtreatmetil, would do woll t -. .1 " . VL's o'aims on 'heir c .ntldonoe. fee hit dlp'nina rtth t c natttrtsof Sir Vstley (Vie ho. In hlsottlee, 2tH\^ Ftilt >'i TO tIRF. No t'UARr.I; DR. MI'UPIIY, Of <53 ?>OI ' 1 streets i| eonMoatial v o o 'it' I on all forme of privat > d * tea He"**o11 > - * of g 'n.r'thtaa he cures in 2 to 4 days. C o Jonal debility and tr.potency sneoesfifnllv t.res'e<l hy 1>r I i mercury tired In any -see, or *re l'r"m btisinese. (ha. Uoltl iwvet, open U?m 1 A. U. w 10 U. M ^4 ?Ml tumUOBHCE BT THE MAfiX VVa?hi.wuto v June 26, 1W>J The Ball Opcuti Afr. Situ;art - Old Zack flit t'ltwe on t he lt'<i'/not Proviso, eir. To-day, In tho House of Representatives, after a peech from Mr, Fealbereton on the slavery question, In which tha names of the two opposing generals were Introduced, Mr Stewart, of Petin-ylvanla. Inunchid : right out Into tho tea of party p< titles. Ho quoted 1 two line* of a celebrated ditty, aud appended two of hie own manufacture, to niaku tbo words glngle and i to apply to Mr. Ritchie, whose poetic fanny will be grai tided by the Pegasiau Might. Ha nays thi.t "Fatbir ] Ritchie's nry of -'cheat.'' 'cheat.'- la an much ai to ray, j " whip, whip,"' or "defeat for. in 1810, the democrat* charged tbo whig* with cheating In the election of Harrison In 184:, the whig* accused the democrats I of cheating hoeieioe th..? I vl- ' ....J .... .SMB., Ull.I UUW tlio editor miJ the whig") were cheating, because th?y were going to elect old Znok ' "Oh ' Iti a gono cue remarked Mr. Stewart. " tin* democrats ure coining over an fu- t, Mr, Ritchie can't preserve the etrenglh of hlsranks." We matt, therefore, rvgar.l the <iu< stlon j tin nettled. Mr. ( lark and Mr. Thompson, of Psnusylj vanla. It will be seen froin the despatch of your repor| tor. walked into the whigs, and into Generul Taylor ? ; The ball in verily opened I Before the meeting of the Herkimer convention Mr t Mann, formerly a member of Congress. from Now York, wrote to General Taylor, and. in reply, received a letter to the effect that lie was opposed to the principle of the VVllmot proviso. Thla ban been communicated to me by a highly respectable gentleman, an ex-member of ( engross. Ou Saturday In the course of cellvorsullon. a member remarked that, such being the : ease, the whigs of the North will lly off from the sup! port of General Taylor. i The liundrcd foot polo, nnd the huge lantern. huv? been inken down from the dome of the Capitol, by or. der of Congress. FELIX" CoLUViau", (Ohio.) June 22, 1WH The Tree Soil Convention. The Kroe Territory Convention, which met hero on tha 20th inat.. adjourned last night. The call for this convention was Issued previous to the meeting of llni Baltimore and Philadelphia Conventions, in order to nominate an independent Wilmot proviso candidate for the 1'resideucy. should neither of tbo great portion put forward a man pledged ou that question It was igned by threo thousand persons, comprising men of Influence of all parties, whlgs. democrats and liberty men. About three hundred and fifty delegates were present. from nearly every part of the State. Nathaniel Sawyier, (whig) of Cincinnati, presided, with three vice presidents, and as many secretaries of various politic* creeds. The body was unite harmonious, and seemed determined and full of enthusiasm. Resolutions were adopted against slavery In the new territories, appro* ing the conduct of John I' Hale. I'reston King. Wiluiot, Giddings, Tuck, Palfrey et id oniric genu*, and recom mending a National Convention at Buffalo on the Itth of August uext, to nominate for the Presidency. Thuy also formed an elector. ! ticket. It is certain, that in the coming contest In Ohio there will bu a sundering of party ties to a very considerable extent. A latge number of whigs. especially In , Cliecsedom. as the Western Reserve Is called, will not support General Taylor The Cleveland TVue I'emoci at is their leading press, and among the democrats, notwithstanding the assertion of the hunker organ here, the Ohio Statesman, there are many barnburner* und other bolters. Of this class may be named Ell T. Tappan, hod of the famous Benjamin Tuppan, United States Senator, of Texas treaty memory. Mr Tappan has for more than two years edited the Ohio P? ?? in this city, regarded as the organ of the more radical democracy. Kit has taken an active part in this convention. and his paper (suspended since the nomination of Cass) will probably be revived aH the organ of this new party Mr. James W Taylor, of tho < Incinnatl Meriting Signal, and the Daily Sandusky Mirror, are also prominent In the democratic section of the movement. The new party contemplates a union with tb<* barnburners of New York In the support of a Presiden. tial ticket?whether Preston King and John Van Bu ren will make common cause witli them remains to bo seen. Strauger things have happened The effect of all this will tie to increase tho third part^_ vote, under whatever form, perhaps 20 DOft votes in thflk State. Ohio will, nevertheless, cast her vote for the-hero of Buena Vista, by a decisive majority. While 1 many ultra-whlgs wiil not vote for him. ike great body I of them wiil; and thousands of democrats will nolle I with thom In voting for Zaebary Taylor, believing that | lie will administer the government without rigard t* [ mere party interests Cass can under no circumstances I carry Ohio. His ' hicago letter and his ceurse on the rv muni proviso Rented lll.'ll. The revolutinnaiy movement In this State seem* to have been lunt sinht of amid tho confusion ami excitement uf the Presidential cturiM. The whig* speak of it only to ridicule ' itiiea Sinn Medary und hi* coadjutors of thi' committor of ptiblio safely, haw enough to do looking after recusant democrat". It wax certainly a bold throw f..r power on the part of our democratic hunkers. and has fallen wide of the murk, l'he honest people of Ohio are too well satisfied with the means provided in their constitution for it* amondraeut. to support any scheme of party hacks for the loaves and fishes. The Taylor men talk of a mass convention, on tho 2<)thJuly. Convention* and other political movements have absorbed all attention for some time past In our beaattftt! city. Columbus is rapidly Hsnsilng ttie ap pearance. a* it lias for some time bad the name, of a city The present population Is 12 000. The work ou the new State House Is again commenced. The Liberty Convention proper was in session to-day It adjourned wsthout any action, preferring to fall in with the new party, with the hope of contro'lng it They, however, recommended Halo to tho P jflaioCon vontion for the Presidency. W. Bali im ohk. June 27, 1S4S Hot IVeather?Death of Judge ,1rchtr?Xomination of Charley Cloud for Shtref ?The Britaunia'i A'srel? City Mortality, ipe, Tee weather continue* most oppressive, notwith standing the recent abundant showers we bave bad The prospect of the corn, potato*, anU oat crops, have, however, considerably improved. The venerable Stevenson Archer, chief judge of the Appeal Court of Maryland, died yesterday morning at bis residence, near Ilellair. The oonrta immediately adjourned on the announcement of his demise. The demo r?tie convention assembled lust uiglit. and < hurles I Cloud, received the nomination for sheriff, liy a vote of seventy-two to twruty-e'ght for (ieniral Davie* There seemed to be great unavtluiity and enthusiasm on the announcement of the result. and the probability is. that probably for the first time in the history uf politic . a political editor will bo rewarded witli a fat office. T he salary f >r throe years i* i stimat- <l at 1-20,dot). Mr l loud is proprietor of tho .'irgus, the only democratic paper in Baltimore, and lies labored many year* for the benefit of office holders and office seekers, still the latter begrudge him the nomination. '1 be number of deaths in Baltimore, during the past week lias been unusually large, amounting to 115? however, no less than fid of this number, were under two J ears of age. The number from conttimntinn ??? 11. nnd cholern infantum. '11 The newg by the Urilannla did m>t reach lial.lm iro. until 0 o'clock yesterday morning, and bad not tbu ilightest effect on our market. Tlx* Irish news, In demil. is looked for with great interest this morning. and the demand on your agent. Mr Taylor, for the svan log edition of the Htutld, with full account*, u almost unprecedented. r1111.1o1.1.i*111a, June SJT lloy J)rou tied - Trial of Eadie. fe. \ M liainci Stephen Suilivan ?M drowned yastcr 1 ilay. near Tacony. while tllhllg with a number of lil* d.mpnninns. Tho deceased went thither with the scholar , ot St. Philip de Nevl Church, on a plc-nlo. accompanied by hi* parent* While bathing, bo inadvertently went to a spot where tho water was beyond hi* depth, aud being unable to swim. peilshed. One of his companions caught him. after he had been down the tirat time, but being himself unable to swim, h? had nearly paid the forfeit of hi* life for the drowning boy carried him down aim. and it we* with great difficulty that ho escaped and got to the shore. Thomas Ka lie was thi* in'Ttiing put upon hi* trial In the Court of Oyer and Terminer forthe killtngof Patrick Mcl'arlnnti. during an affray*in a tavern in Itichmond. Two other men struck MeKiirlau I in the barroom. and Kadlo endeavored to separate them: afterwm 1* tie attempted to put McKariaml ut of the houso '.cram e he wa- drunk: the two clinched outside of th? house and Kad'e inflicted several blows and fell on til-top of Mel'arUnd Tin evidence show*that th? dan a*ed wa* a <iuarr*lsoine man and commenced tho fight in the bar-room and efierward* with I'.adie. This prosecut.on do not ?*k more than aeonviction for murder in the second degree, and it is probable that tho prisoner will b< acquitted. l'w boys .John lieegan and James I.afferty, were dreadfully seablc 1 yesterday, by a hogshead of hot slop fr- iri a distillery being sentr- red over them by tho ' horse they were driving, running away with them. TlllH.TlK.Til CON'OKKSS. pikst sknsion. geiiafc. \V??iiia<jToa. June 2k. lStS I The Si nM? mot thia morninfc at 11 o'clock. and after I the delivery of a fervent prayer by the Chaplain, The lion Vr. W'aiKra. I* S aerator elect for Win- I eoualn. pteaented h'a credi iitWla. w?j July qnabliedami I tookkn mi aoxi t< bitbrother tmneni andnd- I ,n|M Oomml DodfO. 1 heir aeata are alongside of the H lirro of San Jacinto, on the whig aide of the Senate, H which dot ? not happen t > be crowded jtt?t now H I at i na m ai at kwiMM, H THf oarr.oa ail I. H waa called up, the (juration twin* on Mr JoflUOMi D?vi- a Htuendment to the 12th aeet'on >Ir Di* proceeded to addr> 'a the Senate on tbo 12.Ii H aection. which embojlc a the W'iltnot provi-o, and n > the acveral araendmenta pr >poar<' lie proceeded to H argvn the pownr of Congre loolndtng the H alavery orertheWtrr iha I i tab ylng thathe had abataln It all participation in th.i dl?euaalon. whl< h hn.l tit' en Senate, the qtu -I' m . f idavi rv bernn. !;> eonildered them ne abetr?rt propositions having no practical bearing op ?Uect. lfc? lucaeurc Imchiii J

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