Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 8, 1848, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 8, 1848 Page 3
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Ashcs? Sale* of 160 bbls both iiortii with mvtn, including pot* at $4 *7>i a $5, and pe*rl* at 85 87)4 Bhkadsti'kk*?A't..i?r?'t he *?!** reached about 5000 bbi* in *epi:rate lot*, among which were a 44(1)0 bbl*. is lot*, of 0?<Mtgo. common 0?n"?f?, and lloche-ter. at 16 12)4 a 6 lfi*4 a 620,with *ou>? lot* straight Oene*ee. at 6 26 a 6 3* "4 and pure do. *5 My, a 5 76; *>0 do Viilwaukle sold at $0 02 H; W'O do good to t'auey Ohio, at $6 37)4 a *?; tod MQ do Brooklyn, at $5 25. A small let western ecratched gold at f4 10. Southern *?' in Moderate demand, at $0 a 16 12)4; sales of 30<> barrel*. Wheat?bale* of 0000 bushel* mixed lot- western, consisting of Ohio, Wisconsin, lllinoi*, Uc ., at 05e a $1 12)4, and 2V00 do Ohio,at Jl 14. Corn?Sale* <>)' 10 000 bathe)* northern round yellow were made at 64c; 2500 do, at 53c; 3600 do western mixed, at 48)4o. Several Other lot* were reported, including *onie parcel* flat yellow, at 50o. The total sale* were 35000 bu-het*. htrol Sale* of about 300 hbl* Jersey were reported, at 42 44 a |2 #0 Hy*?Sabs of 1200 Ininhel* were mndo at 7)4C. Itye Flour? Sale* of 200 lib'* common were made, at $3 60. Oafs?Further tales of canal were made at 48 a 44c, and Jersey at 37c. Cotton.?The tales tn-dsy wore about 600 bales. Prices without further change. KrxTHhx*?Sales of 1600 lbs western lire geese feathers were made at 35c. Fish still continued dull and droopiug. No transaction* of moment took place. Kbuit? The cargo of the brig \urora. from Palermo, was offered to-duy, and the following parrel* dl-po*ed ?e. *ao ............. ..?... iiw .< .n .??. J. blue (O) at $3 a 3 12.'.j; 330 (lo red (O) at $2 a 2 25, and 340 do lemons. *ed. (I,) at $3 25 a 3 50. by private ale. ?000 bushels African peanuts changed hands at 06c, 4 mo?. and 700 boxes wet and dry raisins (reported) at $1 42>i a 1 50. The auction sate was cash. Frkkiiiti?The rates to Liverpool remained about the same; cotton at 6-32d ; corn at 5d in bags, and at 6d in bulk, and heavy freight at 204 a 2">s, according to the nature of the goods. A vessel wan said to be 1 engaged for Cork to load with corn, at lOd per bushel. To Glasgow heavy goods were engaged at 20s. llav.?There have beeu sales ot 1,000 bales North River, at 40 a 45e for shipping. Molasuks.? The market was pretty quint. Sales 100 bhda Cuba Muscovado at 23c, nnd 00 do Cardenas at 17X a 18c. 4 men ; 70 hhds Cardenns sold at 17c, cash. Naval Stoiiks were quiet, though Arm. The Trade were supplying themselves at previous prices. Provisions?Sales of about 600 barrels of pork were reported, including mess at $10 50, and prime at $8 12>j. Some holders asked $10 U2'i for mess, and $8 25 lor prime Sales of 30 000 lbs dry salted bams were made at 4??c. Sales of 60 000 lbs smoked hams were reported at l&c. and 40 bbis bams and shoulders were old at 4in and 3Jac. A >mull lot of beef bains brought $12 60; in laige parrels $13 was asked Lard?Sales of 400 a 500 barrels at 7. a 7>.| a 7>io. Bntter?Sales of 25 COO lbs of Gbio for shipping were made at 11 a ll.'^'c. ( bene continued tirni. Rick was again moving. 100 casks changed hands at $3 26 a $3 .'ilper 100 lbs. Suoaiis were lather more active. We noticed Bales ef 1200 packages, among which were 000 hhds Cuba Muscovado at 3$? a 4,S,c. 300 do Porto Rico at A\ a .V4c, and 1C0 a 200 boxes Brown Havana at 5 a 5,'?c. 4 mos. Tallow.?Sales have been made of G,000 lbs rendered at 8 a K,l,'c. Teas continued in good inquiry at improving prices. Whiskey?Sales of 000 u 800 barrels were made, Including Ohio and Mate prison, at 23 a 21c. The Cro(M. ^"or some weeks, says the Franklin (La ) Banner, our planters bare been unable to work their crop*, in consequence of heavy rains, and the cane has suffered greatly. The weather is now tine, and many of our planters are endeavoring to get ' out of the grass." MAltKKT* KLSEWHtllUS. STOCK SALES. Primaid piiia. Jnlv T.?First Hoard?$500 Cam. and Amb. V Bonds. 58; 4,000 I!. S t?'s "07, B 4Ji ; I'll Isjhigh Int., 6i%; 1,050 do. Scrip, 76; 100 Wilmington f> p. e., 70}g; BOO State 5'a c., 7312; 850 i ir?rJ Lank lift, l(l'.t. Sicond Hoard?130 Wilmington KR O'f. 7'.'; 50 Lehigh Coal Scrip, 76; 700 do. Interest, M'i; 1,030 Cincinnati W IV Bonds. 1KI; 2,500 I.thlgh Mort. Loan. 81: 120 Wilmington K K C>, 7!l?g; !>5" Leb. Nav. 6's, 4.1W; 175 Morris Canal, 10; 25 Man. and .Menli.'s II.nib, ? i.lj; 2,'IUU L. S. Loan C's (:7i 104*a ; 2 Pcnn. Bank, 260. Bai.tix'ib f- July li.?Jto>k Hoard?$1000 Unfed States Treasury 0'? 161'-: 10 aliurcs Bank of Baltimore >J; 6 do do do S.'; 2dudi do 82; 2 do Marine Hank, 21'-: 21 do llalto. it Ohio it K Co; 34%; 20 do do do do 34%; 13 do do do do 34%; United " Sta'e 6 a of ]n>7, closed at 104}, l.ld, 105 aakert; Treasury 6's ut 104bid. 104?* asked; Mary land 6's closed at bid 9!) aaekod; Baltiuu r; 6'a of 1800 at idi}^ bid. 07 asked; Baltimore and Ohio Railroad chares at 31 bid, 36 asked. Boston, July (i.?Stoclc and FTehami/c Uotrd.?32 lhar ? Western Railroad,! !)}., ; 10 <i > New England Worsted Co, 74 : 8 do Boston fc Worcester Ruihrnd, 107W ; 5 do do do 107M: 6 do Boaton St Malic Railroad, 111'.,; 1 do Eastern Railroad, !ISIS<: 25 do Reading Hafroad, 17; 23 dodo, piyabls Saturday, 17; 20 do Vermont and M. . h Railroad, b.'lhj; Jo do Fitchbnrr Railroad, 111% ; I do Old Color y Railroad, 88: .VI do East Boston Co. h :?, 12), : 75 do East Boston Co. Dividends, No. 4, 4.Ml; 18 rbtbta Bo ton k Maine Railroad, 1,52; 2 right* Boston .* Worcester Ra 1road. 1.50; 8.V00 Beading liaili ad Bonds, 185", 55; $1002 Mexican Indemnity, 10. DOMESTIC MARKETS. ? Pim iDki riiiA Cattlk Market, July 0?At market. 1880 Bcel Cattle. 340 Cows aud Calves, 430 Hogs, and 1080 Sheep aud I.antbs. Prices?Beeve < are lower, and rales rangt at $5 50 a $7 the 100 lbs ; 450 head were driven to New York, and 80 head left unsold. Cows and Calves sold at $8 a $15 for dry ; $14 a $'25 for Springers, nnd $18 n $30for Fresh Cows, llogs mostly rold at (4 CO a $4 75 per 100 lb(. Sheep and Lambs nold at $1 a $3 50 lor Sheep, and }>1 CO a $2 75 for Lambs aw iu quality. Ilay?Good Timothy sold at 80 a tfic the cwt. ar.d Straw at J7 a $7 CO the loO bundles. Brighton Market?Tuntstiav, July 6, 1848.?At Market. 275 Heel' t attle, 12 pairs Working Oxen, 35 Cows and Culvis, l.'ICO Sheep and 450 Swine, Prices? Beef t attle?We quote to correspond with last week, since whicli a number of Cattle hare been sold?extra 6 50; tirst quality $6 a 0 *5; second quality ?5 50 a 5 75; third <5 a 5 23. Working Oxen?No sales noticed. , Cows and t alvus?Sales $22, 23. 23, 30, 33 aud 35. Sheep?Small lots at 1 75. f 2. 212 2 37 and $3 SwineOne entire lot at 4,le; small lots to peddle 4\i and 5.'.?c; small pigs f,\V. At retail from 5 to 7c. FOREIGN Jf AItKKTS. Oi a\ P. R . June 10.?The weather is highly favorable for the growing crop. which looks remarkably well. Our present one is fast drawing to a close, and quite a moderate amount remains now to be shipped. Sugars rate at $2 to $2 25, aud molasses 10 cents per gallon, neither of which aro in much request. In imports very little is deing, and our mnrket is abundantly supplied with provision*. Lumber of all kiuds, including coopers' stock, is dull; the demand is likely to increape. and prires must improve. Vessels are much wanted, and freights are plenty, at 50 cents for sugar to the United States. Married, In New Votk, on Thurrday evening, July (1th, by the Rev. Dr. Stark, Sami-ei. Johnston, to Dorotiit oTKvr.nson, doiu ?i r ra mill name, uutone?H county, New York. Ricltniond papers please copy. ' On Mb .Inly, nt St. Peter's E'liureh, 20th street, by the Her Hugh Smith. S. WHttuR, Keq . of Brooklyn, to Mien Nancy B. Sr.innitn, of this city. Died. On Friday, the 7th inetant. nt hie eon's residence, in the t)7th year of hie ape, Mr. Daniel Jenkinson. His friends and the friends of the family, are respectfully invited to attend his funeral, from the above named place, at 3 o'clock. P.M., on Saturday, the 8th inst.. to accompany his remains to Greenwood Cemetery. Yetteulny morning. iu the fourth year of his age. Richard B . son of John and Jane Turner. The friends of the family nro respcrtfully invited to attend his funeral, this day, at 4 o'clock, from 438 Tcarl street. Df.lta phi convention.-the uenru al con yentii n nf the Delta l'hi Society will I/O held in th- city of New York on Tliurrday. 27th, anu Friday, 2N:h of July. lHtN. The Delegates tire tonnes ted to c.vcmbic at tht National Hotel, in Coortlaiidt itrcot, on Thursday evening, the 27th, at 8 i.'eloek. . All metnliers ef the Si clety, and especially Graduates, ue cordially invited to attend. By order. The national Washington muniment sociei y ?Chartered, by Congress, for the purpose of erecting at the ceat of eovorr.nicnt, in the city founded by Washington, and on territory common to the whole t'nlon. h monument, purely national in its character?have laid the oorner slono, and intend pro< reding at once w ith the erection. Tho estimated cost is about SICK i,I tin, of which a hen t $?(1,000 is now on htnd, consisting in part of $2f.000, which w aser llectod in suhseriptionH of :$1, khent tm yours since ($2,WX? of which was collected hy Ehontacr Bin rill, the scent for ihc State of New York}, with the accumulated interest, and in part of oollectioni made by mrenta r?eei.tly appointed, under die direction of Hon. Etisha Whittlesey, general agent. Collector* are now hting appointed in all parts of the counliy, and ti o returns which are ramie gire every uneonmgcmi nt to the belief that He American people wall cordially respend to this call for en ohjeut in no way -actional, and appealing to every M'ntin-?nt of pride and patriot! m. A committee of gen tic men m rtiw urt nnu nrookivn, having been re'inMtotl to nid lie Society in it* collon;inii?, hare 'eleetoa John A. I'ndTweod, Era, .i < their fl .-tit. He ha* given bonds, approved hy tho Committee. to the l rewurer nt Warfvlngton, for payment a t > him of nil inn minis collected Hi* office in nt No. 22 Merohanta' Exchange, Hanoi -r ?lna*t, whare the Addrc-e of the Committee may Ic obtained, urd the best aaattrancea received that the fnnds will lo ex|ictided in the w*y propoaod, wl li ilue i-eeirJ to prudence and economy. Fo cTy siibacrilicr of Si or mor? i> furniehed with a i1 Mm "f the Monnment, ft liltone n of Wa?hfngto?. or both, mid i- iMjiiired to write hie nunc in n book, to lie hereafter dept lit Monnment. N. It.?'ft* HaHnnnl M nmnent tnual. nut ie cnr.fotnidvd with the propoidl <\lt) oreetlon in New York, v Itli w l ] li it in wet Inlendtd hi ciiufliet. Ui'.l itillll'M NOTlfT.-Tlir, 3d REFORMED PUHBYTK. tl?n thnreb. I'm*. I h Men n, formerly nl Waverly Place, will wuinc ptiMie wrr.-hip t -morrow, Sabl-ath, at the lianal hotitf. In the loi i ment of their new edifice in 11th atreet, between the lit hand 7 th Avcnne?, were thuy w ill continue to worahip every Terd h nay, tintil tlie etidltery of the new building in finished. . It. The Rev, Ilr. tl ileon, of I'lneinneti, will |ironoh in the i teuiny. bi rviec* to commrnce at 1% IV 11. MR. 1 l>,TOR-< MN YOU I Nit) KM Id WHY TI1K BKI.Ii 11 St. i tike J < Inn 'i v?h not ran* ou the morale* of the Itli Inst., *.1 i' in rung inert morning throughout the year? MAM RESIDENT- OK TDK NINTH WARD. flVtNNKRS I MVKR9AI. ATI,AS. HAPJ. fcn-A FKVf Jl ropirsof Tai ncr'*elr<r*nt AtUr, containing mapecfeveryenonry in the n r!d. nr.d on* . fet. h of the 1 clttd-Htat* : together with (MkTmaim of tim worl.l, Europe, A?i?, Africa, iinited State-. North ai d South Amnio*. Tie rung Map* and r.oidca for ?t!s t the nnip ntore. Net A Dam'tyi tnwt. Asri rvptn w,m k im?sf? tor rii e-isx hands high : -onnd, gentle, fre" from vice Vir-t rn'e ,addle hona, m. : t'tgnt.i <1 tee. Arv'j a' *"' Ncaau slroet, M Hloty, bark ffiee, I- fere Tnerdg) nut. IK.r F V PI: Y IM'DY KNOW THAT THE SOCIETY FOR J the I'rente'ieii i,l Knit-1 tre - 'nd i all kind* el book* pubii, I,,-d in Nen 1 "H, pi five, to all ptl'tc nl tIf I nlott. Ad >r",a (pe-' i-i ,I,with remit' nee) to raitmt, Mr. TADIIOT It M T>, 1(2 Nh?.?ii alive t, which trill b< iwat primptly attended In. fl'i'i. I, . i KAlJV VMJ'.h It' \ N. \ NEW FIRST CI.ASH I i'amilt J, r 11, I tl. < day, Jnly A. an 1 every fleecedii .< r trk. i nl 'i i f? of Pie. I She i.lrca; 'Ilie Death Teat; The I I ; tut . -(*- !?, - Ie th.tcr; In.' a I of (he Mo?|nn of tie llhrdr Pact! t.< ; Moviea ..f N'mtdetona; l.imarline'a I'll*i,rtit,.r; lie Pel ,1 Re.i, i.ifdiimal Prayer: Til* ted,Inn Rule; , ll.e ' nit Rin: He'ioln ,n , looine. Ol-dgelea; FaMei from I eatim* ;"f)nr I'lnn and Hnd,t| Tli> Fourth of July: Wa-hingtui (nr.; t i,uinitii?"ment of N. V. lfnltoraity; tritieal Notloea; Dramatle Jliiatenl; Arrival of the f .ttnhrla; I'roapMtna. T*nr?? fS |?ryear: idngln nunihere, fi'i oenItnlwhad at B*rfnrd'a, llnrge-a It .stilnirer'a. oruhama, Axlord'a, lflh Bowery, and paper denlera grnerally. Rnleetdt'tior* nnd itdv*rtiw<tnenta re? ertvrd it n?r np-tnwn Agency, ttll.LKR'S llo-ik Store, tttT llrcad g wry (J I*. QUACK K.N DOS. Editor and Proprietor, 'a* i I Ann atrcet. A Or en to all the w orld?4. it rat sr. uwaik* Sweepstake?WOO M?eiil eri at Lfieieh. The party for a bom ths Hint Lorm* is drsvn to receive ?7BJ0nO; tiic?e<aid honr, ?10.1* Or tMH h?r-n. ClO.tM'; |o )*j divided a-*mn* pur tic* tliu.\ii , ** I ho," lld.W; the liao .m >?.x f?#?Htsrtrrf ,' ClO.MiOi Swfsnjti'^ki'ii, Nn. 3? tt>*?l Mhu-.n1-ers at ?2 ei.cb- I1r-t horse, ?1(1(100; m ond lor*-'. ?.V"00; tiiird horse. dnided imur^ Star tern. ?3.'A"; divided aino;ig Non-Sttrtrrs t.'U* 0. SvcepHtahon, No. A?I'i.d'Ni Su>-ftori?<er8 at ? leech?Lip* !.i rrc, ?4, ; eo?^d hor e, JtiU*1; third uorae ?2.H1?; *tririT, C1M* <; di\ided anion-: Son-Starters, ?&'*H Parties desirous of i-ccuting rhnncen in ei ii r ??f the ti'urre Svce-p. * 'I n,I ri I O Bm) r i DIII Ik a . mi ? u-i BS( p will te drjwo imiiiidiately it in fu?i. 'H o run; It f the drawing v ill le cdurlitid in the ** Times," "Relf* Life," and the L ndon daily [. pre To give Ltd res i.n oppirtunltjf of taking thares, m i.)' v>ill be isvut-d iu initisU. at the option <?f he *ulr writers, Al c?-in nmn Rations, to insure attention, inuat contain s rrinittunce. Foreign orders may I** made payable in London; lot nil loiter* must he addressed to Richard Mcholl* and James i'uikinson, Temple Square, Aylesbury, England. The thir I horse to 1-c decided by "Hell's Lite." Prise* |?aid any day after the race, k>a 1(1 per rent. The race will lie iuii at Doneaster, on the 14 th of September, 1H4?. To prevent fraud, no scrip will lie genuine unlet* the letter containing it hear* the Aylohury poetr mam. juiwniers?i>iiinuiii ai uii nana .>otes nan lienor wild bslvte by ditlerent posts USE FED ME l>K CUAMBUE, FKANl.'AHE Oil ALUlmumle, sxchant cnillcr, fain) dee rnbrj ?), wnn|j?wl parfallen eut run service, tronvera one bonnn pliocet d'eioullaus pages rn s'u>t res aunt an No. t2<> Broome street. en'r* dix heuros dn matin et midi. Unexigeque In personne s?it raunie da bona eertifeatr. A FRENCH OK HERMAN CHAMBERMAID. WHO UNderstunda hair dressing and dressmaking. and who ia porf. otly acquainted with her duly, w ill And an excellent aitn.uin , and good wages, hy railing at v n. I'.'G Uroutna street, between 10 and it A.M. Rcb-rsrres required. 11 ANTED?A MIDDLE ABED MAN AND WIFE. KITH Kit It Ingllsh, Scotch, or Irish, to proceed to one cf the West India Islands, tor a lorm of not less than one y ar. The man for n roadman and the wife for n e?olt. None need apply but those who thorongly undcrshiud their business, and can give the very Is at of references Address hox 18, Post Otftco. Wanted, the fi\tire< or a small doto STORK would purcho-e tl * st.iok of Drops nod Modi lne?, if sold elesp. A pply to l)r. W BTI1EUKLL, one door from Jam a, in Cherry s'tvrt. WANTXD-A PARTNER, WHO I' a S PRUM flPl TO aeven thoufund dollaia i.ish, to anx'pa in ? ver profitable Biarufactaiinfc business, already establish'd, one of tho pirtnara about to retiro from bnsine H. Addie.-e, with name audreference, Pact or, Brool iy? Pm CKfiw. Wanted? hv a kfspei table voonq man. who is a good per,man and ti cunmant, a sitnalion in an oitiee or store. as Porter, to copy | a pern in a lawyer's nlBee. or anv plaoe whet e he would render himself use!ill. Salary not an much an object as employment. Heferenro and 'trinity will be given as to intigrity of character, tie. Address W. W , 12 Hudson au 1WANTED?A YOONG man ABOUT the Ml OP TT 21. well ac<itiniiitoil with the drug business, In attend a drug note. None n-cd apply huttliose that can hriug g'>od references as to ability and honesty. A pply at DK WlTHEREtL'S.81 Cherryat. WANTED?A RESPECTABLE YOl TH?ONE TKITIJA9 been in a fancy dry good* store w- nld Is1 profound. peter ROBERTS, 573 Broadway. WHERE'S THE SPOT.?WANTED-AFTER MAV NEXT, for a term of years, at a r.ioilcm'c rent, a homo f r the siok. Theloi aiion must ho pleasant, h-althful, and aec ssi' 1c. and near a large town cr city, with advantages of fresh and salt water bathing. Any person having tl ? above, may lind a good tenant, hy addressing Dr. H. 8. HUNT, New York, poat paid, stating all Interesting particulars. AN ITALIAN LADV, WEI L QUALIFIED, AND DP PER. feet experience tis a Teacher, (having taught in too tint schools in Paris and Italy,) inf nils giv ing leasoiis in thn French and I'uilan languages. Nic feels oontident ol' eiistiring the rapid rumple-s of hsr pupils. A line adilr ssed to Box 2J!Si, Lower Post Office, will meet prompt attenthm. T OST?AT THE ASTtilt HOUSE l)V TIIK simvivn oe -Li the Ot>th nit, or on the way fr m 'hat to the Troy lioufe, in l'roy, a roll ot hills, all on the Freeman's Hank, at It ?ton, amounting to ahont $1290. Any perron having found the mine, and will leave it at the Astor House or Troy 11 uu e, shall receve u reward or $Ht). LOST?YK-TERDA Y MORNING, AT TUT. U HARF. O.V landing from the steamer I jm Newton, a Chrystal SEAL, gold mounted, in the form ef a straw bee-hive. ofarm u eiiflin eiiant, foot resting on a Catharine wheel, Hire*griffin lieads mil vertical whee1, motto in Latin?"Rsto quod esse vidorie." The hack dr iver raid lie observed a man pick something tip hy the side of the carriage, where the loser flood. Five dollars reward will he given for the return of the seal, by leaving it at No. JOB Fourth Avenue. &6} REWARD.? STRAYKD FROM THE CORNER OF 27TII yp/m* street and 7th avenue, a sow i ig, vert largo, eolor black, ar d spotted white, her right ear was partly off. Tire above reward will l>e paid ly calling at the above mentioned place. michael ledwigs. G1ARUF.Nl.NtJ, fcc.?JOHN FAKI.OW. Ml WEST T11IRI teenth ttieet, three door* from Eighth uvonue, New York, will lay tut Gardens, Flower lied-. Grass Flats, tile. &< ? and tastefully keep them by tho your orotherwifc, aa may 1st agreed on. No payments requiicd until the year cols. Parter intending laying out new work in esotir or botanic styles, may find it to their advantage, by giving the above a call, as work will be dm o in brabrate style, at half the pries charged hy others; plain grass cutting end cleaning of bower*. Bee., will be dime for a small Trifle, by the Job. An order to clean and repair small Howcr beds, or gius* plate, lliut may only cost two shillings, w ill mn.;t prompt a tention. Please address above, in care of Broadway Post office , CI ON VERNATIONS FKAN'CAISES, OR FRENH TAUGHT J on the Oral System, enabling to sneak from 'he First Lessors, and insuring ease and fluency to Pupils more advanced, but . defi. rent in . leaking. Tuition at home, in clas-os, $>; privately, $1 tor month. J'ainilirsand Schools attended. Fleas address RONS. UK .s'i' PIERRE, Nutif I l a ..' >* llrnadway, TO TAILORS?THE I1EINO WELL Acquainted with every brunch of the hn.une a, and having ha l twelve years exjiericnoe in Loudon, wishes for a situatroa as foreman and eutter, in some respectable csuhli.huient. Address, J. S.. at this Gllice. New code of procedure.?1the new yore legalObfcrver, edited ly Samuel Owen, will contain tho earliest d. cisious of caiOB under the new law. Published at 75 Nassau st. at $4 a yenr in advanoc. Hie first cumber of Volume ti was nub. < n the 1st ot January Int-t. Hotfl Kr.rrEiis. r\\ ili*,?, sc., i:a-< be supplied with superior English mustard, pickles, sauce, preserves, I etc.; likewise, a splendid article < > ready prepared salad droaslnfr, flavoring extracts &< , eiilierby the bottle or d sen. of the importer, CEO. RAPHAEL, Sl.11'enrl ,-trvct, Franklin Square. | ARElONETIE URAM1V I.ANDINO-iffl HALF PIPES, lfiti quarter eacka, 1U0 eighth do, of the old and r"uuine brand, and of very siiierier quality; the carro of th? brig Oorvo, Just arrived front Kujhelle, now lauding, and for sole by 8. T. KICOLL At It), i; :t:,.i <M front street. Also, So holt pipes, I'll quarter casks, t Hard, Dupuy & tin. Bran* dy ot various t intngus and if chi ie- quality, Ian Jin* as aliove. New obixire canal and iiankim; t-oar.tNV-A semi-annual dividend of three per cent has boon deslarod hy the New Orleans Canal and Banking Company. piiju11? at the Bank of Commerce in hew Vork. on tho tlr-t Monday in Aufoist I next.?New Orleatia. June 26th, IK1S. PORTER HOUSE FOR SALE, IN ONE OF THE BEST i situations in the First ward. It is a new location, titled up since the 1st Msy last for a jerson. who has reocntly received an appointment to an office, which renders it impossible for him to attend to that business. There is a lease of 3 years; to an notivo i young man of moderate mean*, this ia a rare opportunity, ax it j will be disposed of cheap, if applied for soon. For particulars, inquire el LEWIS S. FOKO. Srt Nassau street. DR. WBXXLIR, OCULIST, lit ORUJQriCU STRUT ' devotes liis exclusive attention to dlnlVToT tho eye and op- ( tba'tnio mrf-sry. OfBce hours from H A. M. to 1 o'elook P. M. A 1 pamphlet eei tefnirxtoine great tureii effected by Br. Wheeler, I ran be had gratuitously at his residence, or tlie same will be for- | wrrded to r.rv ene making application to him by lettor, post raid. Artilieial eyes insertod and for sale, TUB QUEEN'S HOTEL, OPrOSITETUE GENERAL POST Oflice, St. Martin'aie Grand, London.?This magniiiocut [fo tel bavin* reel n tlv nndcrronn atlAtialm I? ,o. - - ..I - ?? C portion o? it newfy furnished, will bo fonnd oo trial to bar? no rival in the metropolis, both in point of aooommodation and moderate charges. Ttio Colfea room is out of tho largest and moet ermfortahle in England. Hoard, $2 nor day. Hot and Cold Batha THOMAS SPENCER I E.VNEV, Maiuger, Formerly Chief Steward of tho British Qnren Steamship. Xelerence in New York, to Mr. 0. A. White, A6 Cedar street Long branch, nfw jf.rsey. i:\th buildings.? Ihis Sea Bathing eatehlislnm nt c oots fcr patrons, June J6U1. Complete and elegant repairs, add>li'<u* at-J renovatf ,>ts have been made. The steamers Urua Fulton Market, and tL Lcwia.frtm Washington Market, malic daily tripe; aUgvH ready at Oeera Honsa. No effort snared to give satisfaction. JAM F.8 nkl-KV, Proprietor. tiilY llUTEli NF.'.V YORKa-F. BLANCARD HAS THE > honor to Ii.f, rm his filends and the public, that he has taken t! e above Hotel, tinder a long lease. Since the let of May ho has rrtltted ai.d furnished it in an elegant and ooramodioui mannor, at d it is now etjuel, in iveiy res poet, to the Ant establishment* of this description in New York. Us thsrcforu trusts that hit firn-.' r friend?, ss well as the constant froquonlors of the City Hole!, will eoutinne to fan r him with their patronage ; and ho snores tLem that they moy rely on his best ever ion f^r Cielr comfort and convenience. P. LI.ANC.VKI>. (Late of tho Globe iloteL) City Hotel, kih Jure, 1 IN. The pavilion, new rkicuton. states bland ? This fashionable and extensive catablishmont is now in full ojh ratios, snd persons desiring to take apartments can meat tiio an! ttrilcr t very day at tho City llotcl, or he will le h-ippy to wgi; upon thctn at New Brighton nt any timo they may appoint Or.o groat advantage of the Pavilion is that it requite* only from i'A to SO minute* to go from landing to lauding. Ily a careful comparison of Ihermcnu'ters, during three yearn, it has hoc a pro that it in a)uayafr> in7 to 10 de,:rees cooler at, the I'avilien thr.n in New York. P. ULANCAKD. proprietor. A nunmboat haves New Blight, n at 8 and II A. M.. and at 2*nd a,minutest t "> P. M.,and No. 1 Pior.Noith I'.ivcrat 0 api J1 A.M.,aud at half-past3and 6 P. M. I^O KENT. -THE BEAUTIFUL BKuWN STONE KMl'T F. about eighty feet square, known n.i ".dsraiia's Building." nlh-esM corner of Chcsnut and hen-nth ?trc--t?. the tnos' . cnttul 1 nrlnc.-s prt of Philadelphia. The ttr;t flo-r is divided into fitir leautiful adores, and well oaloulalod for who' -ale or ail trade, with extensive cellars under each, finished for st-ir,?, with vaults front and hack. The second au'l bird etoijc , for show . iumj> (i'Htuis or ouiiT | ; f:<* fnnr'h ami ' firth itor.oa, f'T un cxlii! ilion rex m. being tighly feet s mare, by Iwiiity aevon k) .h. and rapahle nt aeatfr.,; fift-vn hiinlr* I feranna. Addrcaa JAMAS SWAIM, Revouth atrovt, l*!ou Uhoeout ?(rx?t, Philadelphia. fpOLBT-TBCSM U.I, 11011.1,. NOW NEARLY IIMSIIKD, X on the i 'i;, Or undo in Murray xli "t. The h"n<o contains about lilt) rooms. orran d In auitaa?It has hath", w iter eh fi ts, and pa* i n i reir liner. and la in every retpe. t a ei ?t cm ph-to eatnhliahmeiit. T.. a tra il tnnnt n long Ira- ) would to given. Apply atSOPineiliwt. .SOR S.U.I H1F. KT.llK MOTEL lUH'S'". AM) Holm, Ml e<m?r of Peck flip and Pearl afreet. Thoaubaeriber having tr.ore bufdnem than 1- ocn ennu'nionlly altond to, olVrt fur salt) tho above. Vfcc Hotel department if now doing a good buainoiw, and t? a person who could give bis whole attention Io it, would I n orne one of the roost valuable iihirea of the kind in tho etty. li e Lar line a food mn of pyutix;! ru <toin, and la Constantly Inrrotsiiig. A number of the Raftcrn hoatf bare from the foot of | the slip, whi rt alto, tbnro if a ferry t> H illiirnsbuigli, end tha picunlats being situated on ono of tho greatest thnrom-hfarua in itoeily, makes it ore ef the liea*. looatlon.i for the hu?ir w that oonid 1 o dor irod. For periii-ular* ini|uire of M. McCarthy, Elylien Fields, IIoIhiIccb. I*. 8.?No persona treated with, aaoept tho;e whu wi?h t? purchase for eaafi. (I AST OI F C'LOTII IN (J AND Fl.'RNITl'RR?liADiStt AND - Cent lemon having superfluous oHeoU! to dispose of. anoh aa wonting aj i ittl, furniture. S r van obtain a fair price for the (Ohio, by wndinr for the autwriliOT t ! trough the put otfloo.. r olhriwinH, wi n will altcnd al their residence. J. LEVEN3TYN, 160 llroadway, upstairs. I ulies attanded to by Mrs. Leven.tyn. BCARI), OK It) 1 ET.-A REtiUECTAIlI.E FAMILY, IIA Vn r more roeraa fhun they re iulra, would ho plenaed to uka two or three gentleman, or a g on tinman and hit wife, to board, w ith private afwrimc-uta, furnished or unrumlfhad; or would let thatrartoMntato a tmall family. Apply at KM Uammotdy to, B4M KloaSCf) il 1.1DR I1AVKE-TO SMI. ON TIIF. Ml OF AUQ1 ST. X touching at Oowea. Tho well known ateamehip United Males, Capt. William fl. lUrkatalf. bnrthen 3000 tons, wi I leave for IIhtw. on >vatnrtlAv, Anjnut Aih, and will touch at. Coww on tho outward paataga, to land paaaangora and letter* The United Ptaleawill Ivavo Ifarre for New York, on Saturday, 2d of Soptrraler. For freight or paaeser, apply to C. II. MARSaAM, ? Dnrlina Slip. LI OR MD ORLEANS LOUISIANA AM) NEW YORK X line of ]?< !. -Positively to tall Monday, July 17th. The in w and splendid fiat eniliag|ni'kot iwrk III'Ma, Win. H. Wooden, maater. ia cow loading, and will positively sail ae aboro, her regular day. For freight or raaiage, having splendid tarnished aeenmmoditlone, apply on board, at Orleana w hart foot of Wall afreet, or to E. K. CDl.lJNS, M South atroet Agant in Now Orleant, Mr. Wm. f'reevy, who will promptly forward all gooda to bia addreaa Paakat ahlp Uliftoa.wiU aaoceed tha llnma. and Ml bar rage lar day. > J'MIIH >M<1 "Twari nci BOW I mK'TRR-SAirRUAV EVr\|VO, JIII.V ". I will l? n i? .1 < >! tl.e >VI/\Ki-nf TIIK WAVK-Di , [>'i | 1?. ->.u<.&l hr, Mr. . W. ClvrW; limym 8 u.Vr.l; < .?rU** , Fanlkm r. Kr. Vir-Ull; Timothy Twu If, itniVc; If#t?r.y I'l-lfonl, * Air J. i.\ !'i.f!; D rra F-b'ncht. Mro. Pl.'iJipi: ?)? u&i ? JWft With which will l? performed tho -rjic** of ' 71'hTLh Dl -NTINCS? rr?>n. Mr. 1 it, Mr J. IV. Unit; Tiui'w i tin I?a?deli??r. Mr llurfcr: Mr. Hurt'*, v r. Tl tot.; Mr-. Turtle, j Pirn Mary Te.vlnr 'ft e \+rf? ru.a? ?** wit ? ?. i n me M*e with *.M I < M l hS \i 11 E- Tjifrj <VC?l;r. Mr. Curkn: Mar \ : ?Mhvnd, J. II. litII; Driurlv. Mr. DtUum)': Kr.? H-dlund, Vr-< Jnri.v. ' , r?'XW teutfl; Fit. tent#. (Boora opm ar. 7. perform a a to frn'trrnr# rt 7V? nVlrrl (t?t kh1v. ? j < 1W- ' ? i ?i #41 ATTR >Af .JULY ! Hth-Tlw |w (nilar PlirrcttArail dllVMCIOHIUhi'S Vi IKK. I . ? Mr ft-inert n, ilr. I'aluirr; Brown, *r. Dawson; Smith John | ' Seftui ; BC i ?. ."v-meiton, JM : r Kate Torn: Mr . Rrowt.. Miiww H?.I ->rs ' , Blrff'wiih, Mtt. Henry. After whir's the mw tfeiioCa in tiailri ' i ili4 LB DliBJLB kOVi B Ikrta k i ntiffd sotdier, m. \ Antninr; fount t a'unt-einla, Bl. I erin. lituidetti, M. Sch-ni It; A"u < M. ManeHi; SilraafeXa. Mile, Matt ildr. Tick*?.*. Fifty ' cut*. D?.? ri> open ar 7 *'ol?*)k. Performance t-o oommcusn nt H ' L 1 BKOaDWAY THIATflt'?rROPKIETOR", Mcura. A. MANN i 1 fc K. A. W. U. Ill,AUK? l>?or 0|M!l I ?t7X o'clock, |? rlormaLte to continence at 8 o'clock.?.Hummer ' Sea m?h.? The mariKeuient n pcctfuIIr rwinotinre the engagement < o! the VOM'I.AIMK French Bullet C ompany.?Tim put.lie in re- ' y tprctfolly inforn r-| that an extensive apparatu , f-r tlie perfect I rct.tiluti* n of the entire building, in now in operation.?.da. j tnrdav Evening Ju'y H. IMS, will tu pre anted the prund Aviat- ' ir Belief, in two net# k-no fix table Ub ealltHl L'ALMKH, or, An | toi'n'ul VUi n?hadliir, Mens. II. Monp'iMr; Kikthir. M??na V. j , Baithoh ; Il>*id?e. Mod. A dele Uottp uitlr. Dress (^i rule nod Farqnelte, fO ? nta; Family''ireln, Sf? rent*; Gallery, 12S nenls ' ( CbAlDAlA THUTKMOLI FBOPIUBTUB AMD LBS ! fee %*r. > S. Chan its u.'?iknefii of Mi s E. lfestayer?Sat. 1 nrt'at Even ins. July h, will l?e aced the Faice of tlte ll\SIIF?rh I IhlMIMAN ? O'tiallaal tr. Mr B. WPliuti <: .Mr*. Qu;ikcly, Mns. | Wrny. To be followed by tut Farce of the \V I DO VV .S VICTIM? Jart iniah C lip, Btr. c I ni frau; Jeno Chrtterly, Mica R However. I Afitr e liirh, a loeal >keteh, entitled aGLANCK AT N> W YOKK. IN IMS?Mnt, Mr. K. H. 1 anchfran; Uuy, 11 m Mc-tayer. Tl.o ] Ierfi imai ten tocihm lude *1th ilio Fare* of ti e ONE IltiNOKKl) POUND NOTI ? O'siinnghi tw/, Mr. II. WUHmmi itarrial Arllrg'on, Mim K. MeMaytr. Door# op. n at 7 ?! tr er ^a tea " ciBerrral 7\o'clock. Boxea. lia-uU; Pit, l?'Xi Private liozr P.'V>. C~< AM'LJt OA RDBN?FAKE W El L BENEFIT OF THE HADJ ttr taoil'y.?PctfoTmai < ? to eon.iiono) nt S o'clock? ! Admh??n, U> ere i;.?llanafinr Din;#tor, afr. Oot.rgo llo!- ! lard? Mr. T. Y. Chubb, Mtuioal Director?Painter ami Dceorator. Sit. Acgn.o Liiia?Xarhtwary, Mr. R. MoNaliy ?Proportion. Mr. fillbart?Saturday Evening, July A, i^lll I* presented the comedietta of the HOUSE LOO?Clinekacale*. G. il. Andrew#: l)u?t, Holland; Cecelia, Mine Ni,d.intou. After which iho hai sek FAMILY will apteariii a Conceit Toeoaotada with 1 the farce of the OMNIBUS?Pat R oucy, Mr Niukinaou; Tom Doldie, Andrew#: Julia. Mies Nickinaon. BURTON'S THEATEK, CB iMBIRS STREET, 1TIU.OPKN i for the teaeon. Mouduy, July lOtli, 1S4S.?The win lei of thia tauHitdittu ut lua undergone a thorough venoTaiitn.: u new proaceninui litis trcn erected, private bonus onstnieteil; liand.l ine gold ornament#, highly huruiahed, by Vi'm.t'. Long, decorate j i the interior. The teat# have been newly stuffed and covered Iho , lohhiea car|?ted and new elandeiiers mpplied. A new drop scene lias I ten painted by Mr. IItelle. The Company lias liten carefully selected, and will liear comparison with that of any principal tl eatre In America for Mpcriov ewh talent, v . til ability, and a powerful Ballet department. St igo Mvuagar, Mr. Brougham; Mnaloal liirector, Mr. O. Loden llailet Master, Mr. Tredetickr; Principal Machinist, Mr. Do Wilt; Acting Maui *r, Mr. Bin to a. Tba ViANNOlSBt BILDRJUti wadav Iht dittotion cd' Muelamu Weiss, will appear in three popular danoea. Mb# Clia;man, the very popular aetreaa and voeo'ist, from Pbilad.tphiu, will appear. Mr. Crisp will appear in a favorite part. Hint, lime here ft r two yearn. Mr. Brougham will cuuot the piiueipel elaracter in a ncev farce. Ti e entertolum-n ts will aomuieneo with a burletta called MAIBKNS. BEWARE!?Ros.elio, Miss i'l.npinum Tin- Viennoireie Liar: en. ea will ap|?- er in the e corral favorite, IMS DES FLEUR8. The hmghaMo CtmofHilSIN'U 'JDK WIND?Jeremy Dlddlor. Mr. WTlI. Crisp. The Vicnnoian | Cl tldrtn wi'l danoe the PAS M1RROTR. A new farce, tint time, celled the 1K1SII DRAGOON?Paddy Murphy, Mr. Brougham; Mrs. nincmlv. Mra. liroiiuluem. Tlin Viontmlu.e will .1?'.... u?. nc? < lilurtc La labile, TC'nlNG, 1( ll^NU, TL'IIUNG, ocknow- j ledged to be their most popular effort. Box B"ok now open. Admission, fit) ecuta to all parts of the housu J. C. BARNKT, , Trr UOnA ID IHHMC'S HAM, 473 BROAD',VAV, BET'.VfcKN lvl Gland and Broome shnwis, HON DA V, JULY .1, and evsry n.'ght during the week?the original CHRISTY'S XIiNST.tIi.iA whote eencerti during the past NINE MONTI J 3 have boon rooeived with track distinguished patronage end unexampled snec is. inert rerpcctfuUy announce, that they will continue tneir original ar.) inimitable oct4>riainu.< nts ovary night until further notion. Adiciwdon ?5ocnt*. Doors open at 7. Concert will commence si 8. Mnniwer and Director, K. J'. UIIRISTY. An Afternoon t onocrl will be given every Saturdnv afternnnn l>>?ra npnn nt 2, to eerorrenoe at 3 o'clock. On Tuesday, July 4th, Grand Afternoon Performance. Do. rs open ?t Si cnmnicnier at 3 P. M. AkilKll'AN MlSF.l'M.?V. T. HA UN CM, PROPRIETOR. F. Ilitchcock, Jdanager.?Thursday, July (ith. Solo did per- i I. rroaneea, both afternoon and evening. The manager has engaged liontieur Bihin, ihe celebrated Belgian Giant, 'ho tallogt man iu 1 the v orld. Hung lull 8 feet high ! well built, and every way prorertloned. By hit. side common men appear like mere Pigmies. 1 Ic has I ecn visited in I.oiidun. Paria and other cities of the old , World, by all the Nobility and Gentry, nod is universally pronem eed the Greatest Wonder!?tho must extraordinary Ifnman I of the J!)th century, lie will bo scon at all hours, day and cv> ning. between II o'elock, A. M., and 10 o'clock, P. M.; 1 together with the enormous Giving Serpent, tho three Giving . (lurars-Outtings. die. itc. The United States Minstrel Band and (lIccf'Tuh; Mr. llarr ngten, Ventriloquist, bte. Sto. Admission to j the whole 25 cents t'l.ildron under 10 years of age an.l ohl enough to walk alone, cents. Reserved front .cuts, one still- ( irg cue extra. |)ANVAKP'S MAMMOHI PANORAMA OF THE MISSIS . MJ etppi River, pamt.d on throe lulled of e.'.nvasa, being the Urged painting in the world, utthe Far. rama Building, in Kms 1- \ way, cdjuini.g Niblo's Harden. Open cry evening, (Sunday ex. ecpted). Admi**i< o 60 oenta; ohifdror, b a If price. The Pantrrfc- I B3i will eommenee nit v it. a at X to H o'c'cck precisely. Afternoon eahil itirr r-n W and Hatt.rdav. at M o'clock. i (1 HANI) PANORAMA OK TAYLOR'S CAMPAIGN IN JF Mwtoaat tin VUuva Imma 40? HiiiMlyry Sherman u Toutcy's Mammoth Panorama, ahowe in tlie moat ixirfeet ami beautiful manner, the Marcher, Encampment*, Baltic* anil I all tie stirring incidents of General Taylor's nitration i in Mexico, the greatest Painting in the a "rid. op i ' every evening?Panorama commences moving at H o'clock. , precisely. Admitcii n S5 oents?no half price. No charge for dercriptive pamphlet*. YV A I, N U T STREET THEATRE, l'llll, U.KUTI! V? T? Third of the Summer Season?Saturday evening, Jttly S, thid, will be performed, the rporalin drama if MA'LA> 1KLI.O?Guireppc, Mr. lie Bar; Fcnella, Mis* Vnllcc. To cenelnde with A GLANCE AT PHILADELPHIA?Sykesev, Mr. Pa liar The General, Mr. A'Beokett Charley. Mr. Bruaton; Nihb*, Mr. F Orwell; Peter Simple, Mr. -Radcli."f: I.eafor, Mr. (londall; Surry, Mies Fisher; Nancy, Mrs. Roger* Harriet, Ml*a Harnett. /~1 BAND CONCERT.?BROOKLYN FEMALE A< IDBMYc? *JF M' Mnurieo Stmkoscli, Pianist of the Emiwr r of Kusn.a, mill give his first concert in Brooklyn on Monday next, the ll'ih inn., assisted by Miss Julia E. Northnll nnd other*, Particular* In the programme. | rro THE THEATRICAL PROFESSION?A THEATRE, ! X now in course cf ctuition In Boston, by Mr. Bland, fur the t ' representation of burlcsiinos and vaudevilles will bo opened early in cept enter. Lsdii; and gentlemen .if acknowled|j"il ability, do- , rirous of engagements, v 1U please a .'.divas (poet paid) Mr. Ill .AM), No. i Pitt* place. Pit'ii *trwtt Bottom. PIAN" lotn KIR BALM OB TO III Ki:?THE SI'llMCHI IIcra bave on band an assortment of Tablet and Transposing Piano Fortes, from six to seven octaves, at tlicir manufactory, 5th Avenue, between 10th and 11th street* WKNNERSTRORN fc BERGGIOST. , Dancing academy. no. not;:: \\dSTREET,SECOND tloor Knot of Broadway.?Mr. Snraeen, tint only profevor of tho now dances, well know n in America, lias the It nor to infonn j the visitors of Saratoga, Newport, Niatara l ulls, that hit salons" aro open every day: and those ladies and gentlemen who may honor him with their patronage, can be assured to loam (ly 1 his tit )<(?? mctliod) in a few lessons, all the fashionable dan. s. I fNXCURhlONS TO THE FISHING BANKS, OFF SaNDY 1 J llcok, every M. ndsy, Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday, during the Mason.?Tho Stcamir Buffalo, Cat tun Ilaueox, will run aj above, leaving Rcbinion street, at 8 o clock: Canal, ; I la rain or. 1, ; ( atharino ttieol, E. U., hK; Grand itroet, 9: I'ier No. 3 N. K, 9j( A. M.; returning by 5 P. M. Dinner on board; bait at e.a-t : Fi.-hii g tackle on l eant. WW50Cinta, Baby jumpers: patented in the united states England and France. Tbey are an invaluable assistant to tho mother in the oare ol her eiiiUircn, aud approved l y thousands who have thtm in nso, and the highest medical authority. Tube bad wholesale and retail at the general depot, 311 Broadway, N. Y. I G MTTTl.E. Patentee. ( Matrimonial secret.?this important and 1 valuable Secret I* the discovery of a celebrated French physician. It It intended for those whose menus, health, or other j circumstances, do not p.ermit an inryr . < of family without soHons injury or inconvenience. The mean" of p.cvcntlon cost 1 nothing, and arc within the reach of all. The knowle Ige of using tl no means is contained in this reerct; the right to lilvalge it in the United States, has been pur based by Dr. tVelsselhoir, late of Paris, now of New York. It is new, safe, infallible, harmless, < convenient simple, and cunnot Injure the most delicate. No ) I dtes it curtail matrimonial prfvil.^ges in the lecst. This secret ( w i.l he s. at, to any married person, for SI sent, post paid, to Dr. K. M. WIISSEI.HOFF, New York City. Tb -e interested may rely npon this secret. ' Dh. JEFFRIES ANTIDOTE 19 THE MOST EFFECT!" M, , piejsiration sold l'ur GonorThaia and other disorder* of t ho Six- 1 uul Organs. oxperienco has proved that it will radically cum I any men. Tl. is desirable result is obtained in from 2 to 10 days, and | as it neither creates nausea nor offends tho palate, and rentiers nnnoccrssry any deviation in diet or interruption to usual pur.ui Swonii sleep or lieolthy digoation, the nuisance is thus removed as 1 Hv.dily as is eonrirtent witii the nroditetinn of a thnron-b ami ard permanent cure. It* ingredient* are entirely vcgetnblo, und no injurious effect, oitlier constitutionally or Ijoally, can bo ran. :S ' l y iti utc. Piiro $1 per buttle. Sole Agent for this city, C. H I If I Ml, 1VJ I'.rraow v, corner Job n street. r.iift heward-crosss specific aiixturk for i ^7 tlv/W the cure of ponon-lnca. Of all unit-dies yel dl?<v- ; rend for A* itni onnpauat, Alt to the mmt rartotot itmnv.s i a sp ody ami peimnront con- without the lenit reetrlcthn in diet, tli In It. cxporuie, ir charge in application to Lturincw'. Ilia pro- ' piictcr challenges a sit Id iiutanoc of rcocnt gi non-bora ti ho r brought which the mi.v.nif will not. ure, undor forfeiture of I^V*' Many arc mrrd in two days. bold by Dr. JOHNSON, at2r.1 Tlr-adway. corner of Chamber. street, Granite Bntldicg , and ly 1 SAMIM, Ilk) I ultcn, comer of William street. Nocvuno pav.-dw. <oruitt, i? doane street member of the Royal College of Surgoora, London, may bo consulted in treatment, of delicat* tHfWiacs. No matter how long 4 y. u may ha-re gleet, uloere upon ui? notly, or in the throat or note, | pnine In the head and be nee of the lege. A practiue of four toon . yiare. devoted to venereal diseases, enable* Dr. C. to ouro thj worst form of (hie dieeaee. Kocent caeos caml in fonr day a? I No mercury tt-ed. Strictures cured in one or two weeks with p rearcely atty pain. CunetituUtmal debility. Thoae indivtdnali , who have indulged in a certain loathaome luabit ran po.iitirely be , lvetnrad to health and fudety. lima ember, 1# Duaau itroot, op- ' positc Dr. Johnnnn'a (| Dr. GLOVER 13 CONSULTED DURING THE DAY AND !' ermine nt Lu oflloe, No. II Ann et?, (formerly No. 3). in thoer difficult and prrotri-otad ea*e? of R'riotum, Gleet, and DiE- C ttte Ihaeeut* tebkh l uve ptvred too ohetiuate foe pbyaiciana of 1 lcee experiences Private through tho entry to tho office door. HU latraet of Ccpo Ive, Cubehe, eto? ao exte&alvaly preartibedb* phjrleiano. may ho hid?t hU etore in front. No. 12 Ann street, (formerly No. Z) Price >1. Most aUmUORDINART WORE?TO THE MASKED ?r tVre contemplating marriage. The mariied woman'* Private Medical Companion, by l>r. A.M Maurioeau. Sixth edition. Price $1. Tbia work ie meeting with moot astounding aale, () (IN/MI copies have alr'ady Nun disposed of.) Every fewalo ie gcitirc a eopy wbrlber married or u.imarriod, although it ia In- ' tended et |c mily for the married. a? ii s'.ooloecs important secrets, . which should be known to them parti'nlarly. lCefe every female an dieooviT ibc causes. e>nip;. ina, and the meat effleicnt reme- \\ die*, end most rertain mode of euro in every uaac. For nde, ?13 Htondwayi at the IN:1 Ijddng OfSeo, I ZD liberty a tree*. New Ynrfcj A rh.o. Elebtr and Co.. eivrner of Cheennt and Tt>lr<l etreetv PhllaiMphla; LitJe and t'o_ Albany; W. R. Davis, Boston. On tlie r?wi ij t of 31, a copy will he transmitted by mall, free of po-tare ? to all part* of the United State- Ail ie iters must be adtfrrMod Bt paid, to Dr. A. M. MAURICEAU. bra IB* New York alky, r re. 120 liberty etreat h M DK. RALPH. 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Dnviann that occaiii n, it would peihnpH be indelicate in me r?> pro* r ounce nn opinion on n matter of-:o much delicacy; | nt, neveitlielesn, if is but luir t<? say, that ^reat injuMice han been done to Mr. Foote in many of I lie jmity journals. His tone waseoneiliatory and I'liuiteoiiH all through the dii-custion ; and it when, in the lace of his re|teated disclaimer of any ili'winti fit 11111111 f < * fit Ltv niilli>!iir?t i n f.? i> f i <u? . I i.: n. lice to General Quitman, Mr. Mavis still threw out i the intimation thai ifhe hadsuspected lii.rcolleague 1 i t making su? It imputations ujaiu him, 44 In* would 1 not have replied to him here, but would have re-oitnl to a dill'erent uihitrainent for satisfaction," that Mr. Foote declurcd, that 44 thoughBeekiir; no ( altercation with any one, whenever lie (Mr. Divm) shall feel inclined to take the course which he has i toft mated, lie will find trie as ready to nccouimodate him an any man in Christendom." Mr Foote I t thus did nol impute to Mr. Tiavis any hostility to I ' Hi neral Quitman ; but it is nevertheless currently j In lit ved in this city that Mr. Uavis is vehemently ; hostile to the General; and further, that he intrigued ngmntt his nomination for the Vice Presidency. I , do not vouch lor the truth of the charge, hut men- | tinn it for the purpose ol throwing light on this i eutueet. lint however this may be, then- can he no doubt that the first American llag raised over tin* nationid palace of Mexico, was hoisted under the immediate orders of Gem ral Quitinati. General .Scott, in his report, (Executive hoc. I, page tJ8d,) H.iysr 14 Quitrnaii proceeded to the "rent pliza or square, planted guards, urul hoisted the colors of the United States cm the national palace, containing the halls of Congress and executive apartments of federal Mexico. For the grateful service, Qntiinin might have been anticipated by Worth hut for tny express orders, halting the other at the head of the Alameda, a green park, within three squares of that goal of general ambition " (lpnrnil Onilnifin liim t If in li'w ftuve.? i "Captain Roberts, of tiie riile regiment, who inul led the advance company ot the storming parly at Chnpultepec, and had greatly distinguished himself during the preceding day, whs detailed hy me to plant the star spangled banner of our country upon the nationul palace. The flag, the first strange banner which had ever waved over that palace since the conquest of Cortc*. was displayed, and saluted with enthusiasm hy tli-.- whole comniaud." It was certainly a strange oversight, to say the least, to omit the name of Geni ral Quitman in the presentation of this flag. Gai.vikn.his. Wasiiisqton, July 6, 18W. Politin?Mr. llix?The. Pilot Imich?Mr, tt'inthrojft Oration. The political firmament is still obscured hy ini[eiietrable clouds. The most weatlier-wt. are non-jilussetl. It is vuin to sj>eculafe, and nobody any longer makes the attempt. The only opinion generally expressed, is that the election will prolubly go to the House of Representatives, und veS of that there isgreat doubt. In Louisiana the lemocr&cy is exceedingly sanguine of tin; result n that State, while, on the other hand, the whigs leclnre Mr. Greeley is only playing a concerted >urt in New York, and that he w ill come out at he proper time for Taylor. The proper time means it u\. ii in. man nave oueu'M. UCU III Ul'IIllllll 1111^ <1 ! urge number of "free soil" democrats to the sup- j wrt of Mr. Van Burcn. The Prtning Pout, of New York, seems to he perfectly satisfied with the course of Mr. i)ix oa he question o| free territory. The Pott must itself je deceived, or it has attempted n gross deception t>n its renders. It declares that the Senator's speech will a (lord the most unquestionable satislaction to men the mo6t scrupulous?that Mr. Dix's views on the question coincide entirely with those of all the friends of free labor mid Irec toil. Now, it matters very little 011 which side of the question Mr. Dix chooses to he, hut it certainly is not lair that he should be on both sides. Further, perhaps, the best position he could occupy in New iork, at present, would be one of neutrality, and it is not at all incumbent on him, a- a Senator, to throw himself into the arms of either faction; but it is monstrously disingenuous to play the part heat present enacts, lie declares he adopts the principles in the barnburners, and yet supports the candidate of 1 he hunkers. He avows the sentiments of Mr. Van , liuren, and yet pledges his aid in electing Mr. Fuss. Trotting along quietly and demurely in the traces, he Mill wishes to make his disorganizing 1 Iriends in New York believe that he has kicked loose. Here he is regarded 11s perfectly docile?in New York, he strives to produce-the impression that lie is wholly intractable. Is the Post a party 10 this imposture, or its dupe 1 Hoes it happen to know tliut Mr. Dix is pledged to support Mr. Cuswl js it aware that he dares not do otherwise ! Docs it suspect that lu: has no inclination to do otherwise, and that Mr. Van Burcn is the man of all others he would least desire to s?e elected to the presidency ! What can he said of this trickery on the part of Mr. Dix '! and is the J2 rating Post 1 turned political thimble rigger to represent the "little joker," now under this cup?now under J that?while in reality, he is neither ! lb-ally Mr. Dickinson's conduct is much more honest, lie went down 011 his knees and thanked the Baltimore Convention humbly, fervently, and beyond ill question, sincerely, lor giving him and his as- i ?ociates a candidate, whose patronage would he ! sure to (low upon them in a copious stream of cxe- 1 cutive bounty. This was open and honest, how - 1 ever humiliating and discreditable. , While taking the liberty of mentioning Mr. Dix's , iimiih , a miiri uu iiiik mr jn.iiut 10 Miy m il in* irih it length niiici^ u beginning in lh? case ol' the New York pilot*. But this is not enough. Mr. Dayton bus movrd a postponement, i.i ord r to inquire a s|>eerh un the question, anil he lias nil time to prepare ten speeches. Mr. Dayton's ler.r mind seldom requires much time for preparation. butt it is. of course, his aim to delay the ;onsiucrutinn of the question until the close of the -rssion. This Mr. Mix should not permit. It is lis iluty to display ti little more energy i'i this natter : making a speech is of no earthly use, miess it he followed up by such parliamentary action s is necessary in this cuso. This hill must he ought through, and Mr. Dix should not give his opponents breathing time. The pilolB are pencilled, because they happen, a majority of them, to irlong to hia own party. Mr. Wtnthron's oration, on a thenie so hacknied is the lite of Washington, was. perhaps, as good is could be expected, and yet it disappoints one. have heard hint make a better 8|>cech. Pas-ages here are, interspersed through it, of great h uity, mil his Latin quotations were apt and well chosen. Hie passage ol the greatest beauty in the oration, the following: ^(leaking of the monument, ami '.({dressing liis fellow citizens, he sajs: " ISuild it e the skies ; you cannot outreach the loftiness of is ptinciples! Pound it upon the massive and lei mil rock ; yon cannot make it more enduring ban his fame! Construct it of the peerless Parian nnihle ; you cannot make it purer than his life! \haust upon it the rules and principles of ancient nd modem art; you cannot make it more proporioratt than his character." This is, in sublime i range, the sublimtty of encomium. Mr. NVinhrop, in another ,'rtion of the speech, attempted (a old c) to make sublime a figure. * liicli Putirh I BO often lllarle ridiiiiliiu.' wMra mm" ? ?!,? 1 n ut upward and downward trains on the track ol j union freedom have at lust come into collision !" 't <tai,viknsi?. Washington, Julyti, 1MI8. < TTir Crttr of Major Tochman. , M:\jor Tochmnn's case, wincli has excited a g??d enl ol interest, came op before the criminal court J, ' day, by agreement; bat whh again postponed, on fi mtion of the llietriet Attorney, for mini - cause ? liich we did not understand, ft in now fixed for <1 londay next. J,; In the meantime, a petition has been got up by large number of .Senator* and members of Conre>s, to the President, setting forth that the prorution of Major Tochman i* altogether n politic- " I matter?that the quarrel arose in consequence , I the interference oT the l.'ussian Minister with tl lajor Tochman, who was appointed by the heirs t lvosciosko, their agent, and praying that the pro euiion be dismissed. The jietition is signed by m wards of n hundred inenibrrs, and wns pre*ent- i" i to the President yesterday, by a deputation con- [' sting of Senators ll innegsn, Poote and Atchon. j There can be but one opinion as to M. de Ho- ' lil isco's mteilerenee with Major Toehman, and we list the day is far distant when the Minister of | desjiot can make his iron rod frit in this land of ; t fi.-? !< in. Major T? rJajia*i w m a promm-nt m m in ihf L'liitii in struggles wiiifli Jmv* ihi nortili/.'J | Polar il : ant) m' li .ve reason to know tlnit hi* |>tv- ! Mi.t i' in now gray id Inr t.y m my o; In-, t l!ow ?ut- , '? m in Ktirope, to assist in another (-m I every All" "(Mil 11.iiki hoye, iiooegal. I,) n'tTiigt to wrest l{it ir b?l< vi i! < mntty from its |ne. -tit -I ivish fiosi- I li. n. He, however, r inn of so, in cons -qu-n :o of I the |.ci>(iit.;* pioKciriiiii n vvtiioii (.' niini him licre.? , li is in in- IuijmiI ilit* President >vill runt tin* |iriy- ; ir<l the j < tit ifii, Kimiriiitini'. as it >( > .m, irom ao h?t;li n nwriv. In jntnicc to Major Toeliuian we timy n!?I. ihnt the petition was gotten n;> wholly vi ni in t I.i.s knowledge, and is a npoiit.iti"iitia act on the jiaiCnf the signere. Omkoa. THIRTIETH tO.\<lHENS. FIRST HKNSIO.V. S?? ale. Wkkisotos, July A. 18IS. Til* OPrilON Hill ?THE WII.MOT CIDIIIH). Til* Or*gen liill was, with various |?vii|ei-1- I lion* pending t? amend or strike nut the l'.'lli unction, j which i xcludr* rlaviry fr< in Oregon. Mr. Ma?ow. (of Via ) rom to mi examination of the injustice and unconstitutionality of th|? VVlli?i*?t proTim. thu* innght. hy thi* twelfth section. to ho altlvd n* a principle in the territorial government of Oregon. Up pursued the fmi* gonial ground of urgmnant a* I hat pursued hy Mr. inllionn on thl* i|u?'tion: anp-nlli g to the guaranties of the onnniltutlnn, and the noressary compromise* which murt exi t between the Mates of n confederation extpinlinir over all the variolic* of climate and product* within the temp, rate tone Mutual concession* hy the parts of no extensive a confctleraey were agreed to in the federal compact, und for the common pood; and for the common good they roost continue to he maintained, or the tonality i f the member* of the Union |* destroyed. I . very i otnprcmlre found in the constitution fs a guaranty; every guaranty is a fixed obligation upon the St;:tt *. V. here will he there compromises if ihis proviso 'hull be pirmiMcd to pass Into a law? They will be dissolved, and the nlleglanee of the South to tlmconst!lutton will he voted away. Curry out thi* principle, nnd what hi come* of the alavc* of the South f Them arc three million* of slave* in the South, and from their nippy condition they incrraro mrre rapidly than the whit>*. What shall he done with Iheni, if you draw tlii* line of cirrumviillation around Us. anil hem U) up. ncrording to the reennunendatlou of the Senator frmn Vermont? What shall we do with our field* worn out, a redundant *lave pi pulatlon?the white population broken down in th< Ir effort* to support their negroes, nnd there negrne* increasing constantly upon their their hand*? What shall they do? What shall we do with these people, thu* penned up and accumulating upon u* ? Suppose we scud out th? surplus aa freemen?where will they go? Is there a place for tin mi ? Notone of the fro'' Slate* would receive thcin. .It hn Randolph by hi* will. manumitted his five hundred .slaver, providing a location for tliein in Ohio. Ili* ereentor purchased the location in Ohio. These live hundred manumitted slave* were eurrled there and provided for. But. sir. they were exfielleil from Ohio by force, hy the people of the very neighborhood where thi* home had been prepared for this unfortunate colony. Thu Senator from New York (Mr. I)ix) had truly said that the black raeo decreased on this continent and in thi* Union in a state of freedom. look at the condition of the free blacks in the Northern Mute*. esicrlnlly in your Northern cities? See the bitter prejudices which crush them down, and drive them into the dark holes, nnd dunk cellars, nnd noisome stews of your Northern oities. Would you seek to destroy this African race, by compelling the Sontli to throw the unwelcome surplus of her Mark population into this most unwelcome freedom, which they uieet. with in the North? What else cnu be done with this whII of elrcnmviiilation which you propose to throw around us? Mr. Mason. In answer to Mr. l'helt s. insinuated that slaves were properly? lliat they wi re first brought here from the shores of .tfrien as slaves, recognised :is such by law. nnd the r< cognition continued hy nil eiib*ri|Uout leglslatlen. down to the recognition and guaranties of the constitution. .Mr. Wst sea. of Wisconsin--I would ask the Senator fn ni Virginia if he considers slavery a natural condition of man. and that his emancipation is a mere incident of the authority having control over his servitude? Mr. Mason?The nnturul condition of man is just llint condition in which lie came from the hand of his Maker. No more. The circumstances which grow up around him, tho establishment of taws eoutrolling bis condition, establish the position ill which lie stands among his fellow men. Circumstances and line irmuiKiivu u<n cuiiu?kti ill lur iii 1ho South. It la .'in existing institution; and once fixed. it in to till abolished by law. Slavery wan never established by nny one of tlit* Southern State*. It was introduced ami recognised by tin- Hellish government. The first slaves were brought over hy a Dutch ship of war into Virginia, in ]t!20. They were sold and bought as slaves, nud tlm relation of master and slave was acknowledged, and the importation from Africa became a branch of commerca. It requires uo spocial law to cri lite slavery) but it does require) a special law to abolish it. I am opposed to any infringe* nient of the guaranties sustaining u? in our rights of property under this institution; because any interference whatever hazards the compact of our political existence. Not one of the precedents cited by the benntor from New York (Mr. Dix) can be sustained as authorising a suspension of the right of all the citizens of all the States of removing into any of the territories of the L'uion with all their property. This suspension was not authorised by the Missouri compromise. 'I hat was a crmeessb'n of the South; not u power Incident to Conprass. Mr. Mason concluded by reviewing the startling efforts made in the Umpire State and ill the North, for the organisation of a geographical party, which, If It be permitted to come to maturity?a Northern party an I a Southern party? must end in the disruption of the l 'uion. lie hoped ibis organisation would he arrested, and was prepared, in a spirit of concession, to submit again to the humiliation of the Missouri compromise, as toe only alternative, if there be no oilier, of re-toi l n i the harmony and maintaining the stability < f the I uion. Mr. Johnson, of tieorgia, secured tha itu< r. and on his motion the bill was laid aside till to-morrow, ssvir. a r pr or a s.i t ions. On motion < f Mr. At iichton, ( linirinaii on Kinauee, Lite Home bill of Naval Appropriations was taken up. Mr. at hi a ton moved to strike out several items for tl.o erection of marine hospital:' at various points from i hi' ago to N< w Orleans, lor he did not consider it upprop'late to this, bill. '1 he motion was discussed by Mcs-r*. Johnson, of ...... . ..... ?.v..o.. ...11., VI .liar-., IMII9,U1 i-ireipjii. Denton, and Sebastian. [Several niessogcs from tho President of tho United States the treaty messnge supposed to be among them ] Meters. Westcott. Phelps, Underwood, and Athcrlou, continued the dismission; when, at the instance of Mr. lUsttuis, tho hilt was laid asido until to-morrow, whrn tho President's message, announcing the ratitication of tho treaty of pence with Mexico, end en rinsing the official correspondence 011 the subject,lie., * as opened and read to the Senate, as follows : ? Tiir rnr.iincsrr'* mksxauk. 7\i Ike Stymie and /louse of Ilrjjrrteniati. n of ike f/nileil Slate*:? I ley before Congress copies of a treaty of pea/c, ! friendship. limits, and settlement, between the t.'nited i {tales and the Mexican republic, the ratification* of sliich were duly exchanged at tho city of Querotaro, n Mexico, on the itOth day of May. lHjrt. 'I he war in which our country was reluctantly Inreived. In the necessary viiidieation of the national ighte and honor, has been thus terminated: and 1 'ongratulate Congress, and our common constituent', upon the restoration of an honorable peace. The extensive and Taluable territories oed"d by Mexco to the t'nitcd States constitute Indemnity for tho ;>a*t, and the brilliant achievement' and signal sucresses of our arms will t-e a guaranty of t>ourity for he future, by convincing all nations that our rights must bo re?pi rti d The results of the war with Mexi-o have given to tho t nitcd SHitos a national characler abrondwhlch our country never before enjoyed. Our power und our r? source" have become known, and arc respected throughout tho world; and we shall probably Ire saved from the necessity of engaging in another Virclgti warfor along series of years. It is a "abject of i onsiH'nlntlon'.hat we have passed through a war of < acre than two years' duration, with the business of i lie country uninterrupted, with our rcsouraea uncx- I inflated. and the public credit unimpaired. I I communicate for the information of Congress tho I icc< mp inyiiig document-' an t correspondence rela- 1 ng to the negotiation and ratiilentloti ot the treaty. ] Before tho treaty Can be fully executed on the part >f the United Klatcs, legislation will be required. It I t111 be proper to make the necessary sppr 'prtatlons for I be payment of the twelve millions of Joltirs, stlpula- ; ed by the tw< lfth nrtlclo to he paid to Mexico in four i ijual annua) iiiKtiiin.i uts. Three millions of dollar* ] rero i ppropriatcd by tho act of March it. 1SI7, and i hat sum was paid to tho Mexican government after he i-xciiango of the ratillcations of tho treaty i The fifth nrtlclo of the treaty provides, that uin ] Tder to designate the boundary line wllh duo preel- i Km upon authoritutiio map*. and to establish upon i ho ground landmarks which shu'l sli.iw the. limit* of Kith republics. a* described in the present article, the <! wo government* shall each appoint a commissioner ? .nd a surveyor, who. before the expiration of one year fi ri m the dale of the exchange of ratification* of this * reaty. rhall meet at the pun of Sun Pi"go. and pro- t red to run and mark f ho said b<>undury in it* whole n nurse to the mouth of the TMo llravo del Norte." It e rill be necessary that provision should bo tnldo l>y l< aw for the appointment of a commissioner and a snr- <1 eyor on the part of the t nlted state*, to art la eon- p unction with a commissioner mid snrveynr appointed r >y Mexico, in executing the ftlpulatlOBs of thia article. o It will ho proper nl-o to provide by law for the ap- ii inintment of a "board of commissioners" to a Iju liate anriNlcr.idn upon nil claim* of our eitlren* a ' ilu <t li he Mexican rnprnim ut. which, by tho treaty, h wo II men xmuiio d by tho 1 nlted State* a New Mexico and Upper California have been oe led r iy Mexico to the United State*, aud now constitute a t art ofonr country, kmbracing nearly ten degrees of v ititude. lying adjneent to the Oregon Territory, end t] xtending from the Pacific oceau to the Illo (in idc. x t) ie*n distance of nearly a thoiimnd mile*, it would l>1 rt iflirult to estimate the Talue of these possess! >ns to ci '.el nlted States. Tliey constitute of themselv < a n onntry largo enough for a great empire, and their sr. o> ni-ilion I* second only in importance to that of l.oui- u ana in 1H03. Rich in mineral and agriculturtl re- | i oirces. with a climate of great salubrity, thev emb ten ? Inwsl Important porta on the whnla Panlne nmI of ti hr continent of North America. The pomnlt i of a he* of San Ricgo, Monterey, and the Bay of San tl rauolrro, will enable the United States *e command t> ho alri ady valuable ?nd rapidly increasing romn if" a f tho rac'iflc. The number of our whale ships time, rl ( w employed in that sea, exceeds seven hundred re- m n'rlrp i*"re thun twenty thon??nd seamen to nwliito them; while the capital Invested in this part ru. n . i.. I l et 'i MM i* estimated at not less than i t*t r '111 r r ? e f dollars The excellent harbor I of hi pi r * sllfornia will, under our Hag. afford security it: i.J r'l'f to our commercial marine; and American gi 11 nl< s will soon furnish ready mean* of ehl,-- u tilng i r.d i< pair, which are now so much wanted m i i hut uhtant sea. Ily the tnjulsltion of there possessions we are it rght Into immediate proximity with the west eoaat w! " .. of Amer'ra. U< in < ?r- H..n. to U>? IturaU, no. .asiona liorih ?f Ot.?. n ; ?nU ib? -anna i.f u,? v?.-MU oeian ; and. by a dir. .a ti J**- U atea.uaA. *? mil , in lei* tb*n thirty day* of C'auti u mil other i. rUof China. ' i I u tbl* rant region, who.,e rirb re ur. < < ^r? auu ^ ^ be developed hy Anwlrin energy andenterprise,great } n.uat be the augmentation of oar COmm.rro ; and with it. new and profitable demand" for me. htnlo labor Id all iti bmticLer. arid new and valuable markiU f.roar n. nr. ufnctnre* and agrirultturnl prod'" ta White the war ho a been conducted with givad humanity and forbearance, and wi h c mplete aucocae . ii our r?rt, the peace hue been coocludnd on tcrma Ihr inoat liberal and magnanitneua In viesieo. In her ha tula, the territories now ceded had remained, and, it 1* hell, vi d, would have continued to remain aliu nt nn' coupled. and of little value to her or to any oth-r nalion ; wbilet m apart ef our Union, they will bo productive of vast benefit* to the Un fed Stat* t . the roniinerelai world,and to tbe general int'-rent* of n aikind '1 be Immediate establishment of territorial g v rnn'ri.te. and the extenriun of our law* . ver the o valuable pnreessioil*, are (termed to bn not only lui ortant, but indispensable to preserve order anil tho due adliiltllltrailou of Justice within their Unit", to ilford protrction to the inhabitant", and to Noilita'e tho deviloptnent of the vaat resource* and wealth which their acquisition baa added toour country. The war with Mexico having terminated, the power of tin; exerutive to e.itablleh or to continue temporary civil governnicnta over these territoriea, which existed un.ler the lawa of nations whilat thev were regarded ae conquered prnvinevs in our military occupation. bu ooril. Ily their cession to the United States, Mexico ba? ro longer any power >>ver them; and. until Congress >hall act, the inhabitant'* wilt he without any or* gurnard government Should they lie left in thia eonliltion. eonfusion and anarchy win ha likely to prevail. Foreign commerce, to a considerable amount. U now en riled on in the porta of Upper California, which will require to be regulated by our laws. As noon moot system shall be extended over this commerce, a revenue of considerable amount will lie at once collected, and it in not doubted that it will he annually increased. For these and other obvioua rea ana, I deem it to lie my duly earnestly to reeomnend the action of l oagrees on tlie subject at the present acs-ion. In organising government* over those territories, fraught with such vast advantages to every portion of our Union. 1 invoke that spirit of concession, cone lalion. and compromise in your deliberations, in which the eonstitntion was framed, in which it should be administered, and which is so indispensable to preserve and perpetuate the harmony and uuion of the States. We should never forget that this union of confederated Mules was established and cemented by kindred blood and by the common toils, sufferings, dangers, and triumphs of all its parts, and has been the ever augmenting veurce of our national greatness, aod of all oar blessings. There baa, perhaps, been no period since the warning ro Impressively given to his countrymen by Washington to guard against geographical divisions and sectional parties, which appeals with greater force than the present to the patriotic, sober-minded aud reflecting of all parties and ef all section* of our country. * W ho can calculate the value of our glorious Union T It 1* a model and example of free government to alt the world, and i* the star of hope ami the haven of rest to the oppressed of evory clime. By its preservation, we have b>-en rapidly advanced as a nation to a height of strength, power and happiness, without a parallel iu the history of the world. As we extend its blessings over new regions, shall we be so unwiso as to endanger I;.* existence by geographical divisions and dissensions ? With a view to oneourage the early settlement of these distant possessions, I recommend that liberal grunts of the public lands be secured to all our eltUen* who have settled, or tuny in n limited period settle, within their limits. in execution of the provisions of the treaty, orders bnve been issued to tur military and nam! forces to evacuate, without delay, tho Mexican provinces, cities, towns aud fortified places in our military occupation, o nil nililell A en %w\t amheana.l 1 ?? 4l>.? - A ? tho United States. The army is already oil its way to the United States. That portion of it, its well regulars as volunteers, who engaged to serve during the war with Mexico, will be discharged as soon as they can be trunsported or raurched to convenient points in tho vicinity of their homes. A part of the regular army will be employed in New Mexico and Upper California, to afford protection to the Inhabitants, and to guard ottr interests in these territories. 1 he o d army, as it existed b fore the enuimnneoment of the wit with Mexico?especially If authority be given to fill up the rank and Ale of the several corps to the maximum number authorised during the war. it is believed, will be a sufficient force to bo retained In service during a period of peace. A few additional officers ill the Hue and staff of the army hav been authorised ; and tlie.-e, it Is believed, will bo necessary In th" peace establishment, and should be retained in the service. The number of the general officers may lie reduced, as vacancies occur by the casualties of the service, to what it was before the war, While the people of other countries, who live under formH of government less free than our own, have been for ages oppressed by taxation to support large standing armies in periods of peace, our experience has shown that such establishments are unnecessary In a republic. Our standing army Is to be found In the bosom of society. It is composed of free citizen*, who are ever ready to take up arms In the service of their country, when an emergency requires it. Our expcrleueu in the war just closed fully conffrms the opinion, that such an army runy be raised upon a few weeks' notice, and that 1111 r i'iti?>n anliilara o??? annal ? nnt? # v.??? ?? I % ik.? vorld. No reason, therefore, Is perceived why wo hi ould enlarge our land forces, and thereby subject the treasury to an annual Increased charge. Sound policy requires that we should avoid Ihu creation of a large standing army in a period of p-ioa No public exigency require* it. Much armies arc not only expensive and unnecessary, but may become dangerous to liberty. besides making the necessary legislative provisions fi r the execution of the treaty, and the cdaoll-hraent of territorial governments in the ceded country, we, upon the restoration of poHee, other Important dntlv s to perft rm. Among these, I regard none as more nipoitniit than the adoption of proper measure? for thw speedy extinguishment of the national debt. It U ngalnst sound policy und the genius of our ln^tKulotns. that apnkllc debt should be permitted to exist a day luxgcr than the means of the treasury will enable tie government to pay it off. Wo should adhere to the wise policy laid down by I'roddent Washington, of "avoiding the accumulation of debt, not only by shunning occasloua of expon-r, but by vigorous exertions. In time of peace, to dNcliargo tin* debts which unavoidable wars have occasioned, hot ungi nt rtusly throwing npon posterity tbc burden we ourselves ought to bear." At the commencement of the present administ ration tiie public debt amounted to $lf."H8.7?0 6'J. In cou.sequt uco of the war with Mexico, it has been necessarily increased, and now amounts to $0.V77fl.l5O II. including the stock and treasury notes which may yet be Issued under the act of January 28. 1847. and the sixteen million loan recently negotiated under the aet of March 31, 184M. In addition to the amount of the debt, the treaty stipulates that twelve millions of dollars -hall bo paid to .Mexira in four equal annual instalments of three millions each; the first of which will fall due on the 30th of May, 1840. Tht treaty also stipulate* that the United States shall "assume and pry" t" otir ow n cillz 'OS ''the rluims already liquidated and decided egnin*t the Mexienn repabllc," and ''all etaims not heretofore decided gainst the Mexicangovernment,'' -to an amount not i xci edlng three and one quarter millions of dollars." 'i'lie -liquidated" alaim* of ritiv.ens of the United States against Mexico a* decided by the joint board of commissioner* under the eonrentlon between the United State* and Mexico, of the 11th of April, 1889. amounted to J.:),<>28.139 ti8. This una wax payable in twenty equal annual Instalment*. Three or them have been p-tid to the oliiimnnte by the Mexican government. and two by the I nited States; leaving to be paid of the principal of the liquidated amount assumed by the United States, the sum of *1.319.004 70. together with the Interest thereon. These several amounts of' liquidated ' and unliquidated claims aniamed by the United States. It is believed may be paid as they fall due out of the accruing revenue, wit hoot the Issue of stock or the creation of nny additional public debt. I cannot too strongly recommend to Congnse the importance of bnsbandlng all our national resources, t limiting the public expenditures to necessary objects, ted of applying all the surplus at any time in the Iren ury to the redemption of the debt. I recommend that authority be vested in the executive bylaw to anticipate the period of reimbursement of such porllon of the debt as may not be now redeemable, and to purchase It, at par, or at the premlnm which It may roaimnnd in the market, In all cases In which that authority has not already been granted. A premium has been obtained by the government on much the larger portion of the loans; and if. when the government bejemes a purchaser of its own stock. It shall command a premium In the market, it will bo sound policy to pay t. rather than to pay the semi-annual Interest upon It. 1 ne Interest upon the debt, if tho out/tending treasury notes shall be fnnded. from the end of the last focal tear until it shall fell dae anil be redeemable, will bo rery nearly equal to the principal, which must itself be 1 um?M7 I " w* W ithout changing or modifying the present tariff of lulle*. so great ha* been tha lnere*?e of our commerce md*r it* l>enlgn operation, that tha revenue derived rem that source and from the tale* of the public land* ill. It U confidently believed, enable the government a discharge aunnally eevcral millions of the debt, and t the eamv time posses* the mean* of meeting ueces?ry appri prlation* for all other proper object* Unae Congrc e eball anthoriee largely inerea*cd oxpenitmes.for object* not of aheolute necessity, the whole utile debt existing before the Mexican war. and that rented during He continuance, may be paid off. wlthut any increase of taxation on tha people, long before . will fall dua. I'pon the vert oration of peace we ehonld adopt a pocy nuitvd to a -tat* of peace. In doing thie, the car net practlcabia payment of the public debt ehould be rardlual principle of action. I'rofltlng by th? cxpeh-nce of the past,*# ehould avoid the error* into which he country was betrayed shortly after the cl we of the araith (treat Itritain in 1815 In a few yearn after hat period, a broad and latltudlnous con*trnctinn of i.. power* ? !' the federal government an fortunately vivid but too much coontenanee. Though the untry was burdened with a heavy public debt, large ti<lin cine inatanoea unnecessary and extravagant ip< nditnrec were authorised by < ongre** The con-.iienco was. that the payment of the debt wa* poatinrd for move thau twentv year*; and even then, it a* only etermpllslied by the stern will and nobeud:g pr.i'cy of rresldent Jackson, who made its payment b ading uu-asar* of bit administration. He restated attimpt* whlcli w?re made to divert the public onoy li oRi that great object and apply It in wa*t?f\it i d tVisvagunt expenditure* for other object*. enin<* I tin in of more than doubtful constitutional authority .d expediency. If the rnmcnt of the l~ tilted Stele- shall observe pr?p?r ecenomv In It* expenditure*. and be nndned t it* action to tbc conduct of wur foreign relationml to the frw gcoeml object* of It* care, ennuier vted i lh*e. iMiitution. Ivaviug all miioielpal and local l?sioli. ii io the Mat* *. our gr< a'n<-* km a nation in i ial end phy.iir.Nl pouv*. and iu wualtii and w u.v.'i. iim t Lr calculated. 1'j pur-uing thi? policy, oppressive atea*uv>-* cperaic iii.irji'.illy and unjustly upon sctloni and et.i?*e'I! be iiiili'cil: *n J I he people, having no ecu** of tti

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