Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 19, 1848, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 19, 1848 Page 1
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TH NO. 5312. REPORT OF THE ADJUTANTGENETAL. WAR DEPARTMENT) ) Adjutant General,'* Office. V Washington, Nov. 80, 1841. Sir I'uiHiiMit to your in<truntlons, t hiv? the honor to submit the following annutl report, together With tba usual returnn of the army, viz : ? 1. Organization of the arm; of the Unitei States, as stablUbtd by law. (A ) 2. General return of the army. (B.) 8. Position and distribution of the troops in the (a?t?rn divirion. (C.) 4. Position and distribution of the troops in the western division. (D ) 6 Position and distribution of the troops in the third >r Pacific division. (K ) 0. Exhibit ot the number of recruits enlisted from October 1, 1H47. to ItytiBkw 30,1848. (K.) 1. Tbe authorized regular force consUts of 865 commlrsioiird c Ulcers, and 8 940 enliited men?aggregate 9;806 ; and is constituted as follows Non commit$ionril ()[Kceri, Iki met ion of Corri and Commit- Mu*iri,r un Arti AggreTroojik oj the Lint. lioned ficert, mid i'ri- gut*. OJIicert. vatei. tieneral officers 5 ? S General staff 76 ? 75 Medioal department 81 ? SI Tay departwen 31 ? 81 Ottloers of the corps of engineers 43 ? 43 O^ttorr* of i he corps cf topographical engineers 37 ? 37 Oflloers of the i rdnance deparlmt-Dt.. . 87 ? 37 Military storekeepers ? ? 17 Aggregate 3C0 ? i)21 Two regiments of dragoons, 72 1,C80 1.302 1 he regiment of m>unttd 38 785 801 Four r> giments of an tilery, 219 2.BO0 28iU Kightiegiuieutsof inlautry, 288 4.192 4,480 >irgr< gate troops of the line? 012 8.787 - 8,399 One company of engineer soldiers, (rappers, miners. and pontonirrs) ? 100 160 Ordnance sergeants ? S3 63 Aggregate of the authorized military eatablihhmeut '021 8,040 9,878 The sctual number of commiMimied office li *>5; (lfty-aix holrf ocmm'stion* botli in the itufT an J line, are counted twice, and should lw Itduciuil from the uum>i?r yUl, obtained 1>? adding the full number allowed to oac'i regiment and corpi. Tnl* number (l<2l)doca not lr.clurlo tl.u military storektc|>era, (17,) 'jut these are accounted for in th? oiluma of axgregite. The authorized number of troops of the tins, consisting of cavalry, artillery, and Infantry, (15 regiments,) is b.787 n?n- com missioned officers and men. The actual force in service. n >n commissioned officers and uten, is 8,458?leaving a deficiency of 329 to be recruited. The mechanios and laborers belonging to tie ordnance department not being restricted in number by law. are not included in the foregoing exhibit. The number now in service is 495. II. Immediately after the President's proclamation of Jnly 4. 1MB annruueieg the termination'of the war between the Uoited States and the republic of Mexico, prompt measures were taken by the department for the withdrawal of alt the troops from the field, and the disbanding of both regulars ami volunteers raised for the period <>f the war, who were honorably discharged thejseivice as soon afrer their arrival at the places of rendezvous within the United States as was practicable. Tne measures adopted may be best seen by reference to ' General Orders," Nos. 25, 35. and 38, respectively dated June 8, July fl, and July 7, 1843, herewith respectfully submitted. The accompanying treturns (CI and H) show the number of regulars and volunteer troops in service ?t the termination of the war a? follows : ? MBOULAKS. f ommlfstoned officers 1.338 Non-commissioned offloers and msn 22,6W5 Aggregate regulars 24 033 VOLl'NTBKBS. Commissioned officers. 1.627 Non-commistioned officers and men 21690 Aggregate volunteers 117 Aggregate regulars and volunteers 47 160 n/ Ola r. Vil.r fnri.w in i.rvirM at. the elnin of that war ^enii'ted Mir-a.) y 418 were recruited for Ave years, and 18,277 for the parted of the war ill. It being judged proper by the President that the two military geogtaphical divisions ot the army should beoommande4by-Uia-tw?>n?j<!* a ne'#-?r raDgtuent offWe Into departments, according to Mm go 'urapblral josit'on of the Stales, has boon made for thia purnose Anoiheryivielon. called tbo Third, or Pa<vfic dlTl?iojB^-?t)ibra?ia^ the Territories of Calf irnla nd Ougo^, h?s been cretled, so tbat department* 14] and 11 maybe united under one ootPBtnder. and the military raaouroes of hi th h" thus made available for tny contingencies whfch may arise in those remote rey maa. "General Order*," No 4# dated August 81, iub?e< qnvntly amended n "General Orders." No* 51 and 68, of U48. herewab submitted exhibit the military g?ogiaihical divisions an>l ijepartmen's into which the t oit^d States and territories have been divided and subdivided, and the general arrangement of the troopa and commands. IV. The posts on the Atlantic seaboard have again been eooupied, with two exaeptlons? Boston harboi and Mobile Paint. The work* at these points not beloir completed, their gairisona have been temporarily asign'diQ Kert Adams, Newport, Rhode Island, and Pe< racola haibor. Florida. A severe gale having recently swept away nearly all the building! of the military poet of Kort Broo'<<\ at Tampa Bay, Florida. Instead of replacing them, it hat b?*n deemed more conrlrtent with the public interest that a new fort be established at Charlotte harbor, oi acme o:her locality south of Tampa Bay, and within the limits temporarily occupied hy the Seminole*. Tbli change of position, it is believed, will inoreaae the facilities for trade and better seoare friendly intercourse with the Indians, than it can be maintained by the govtrnmeot at a post like the one at Tampa Bay, which is not within the limits of the Indian country or public tiemaln. To carry out the instructions of the De DBtllllVOW lipi'U H.f DHUjruv. u.u^.n "Co ltb of October, i'1-i a hoard of officer* to convent at Charlotte harbor anil select s sultable si'e for tb? pr>|)Offd new work; bat tbeir report h&i not jet been r*ceWe<t{ The most Important cf the old established Inland posts hat* been regarrlsoned. and the troops assigned to them have already reached their destination. T? preserve good order in the new country of the Winnebsgo Indians. a military reserve has been laid off. and fort commenced >>n the Upper Mississippi, opposite the month of the Nokay. The season having beeomc too far advanced for working without shelter, the t?c companies?one of the 1st dragoon*, and one of the6tt in??ntry? employed in erecting, and destined to garrison the fort, have been withdrawn to winter quarteri at Port Knelling. Mechanics, however, were left to gel out the neres?ary timber, that no time may be lost in completing the work early next spring ' V Instructions have been issued for the o*refnl ex< mination of Texas. New Mexico, California, and Ore gon. by competent commanders, assisted by ofll 'ere o the corps ot engineer* and topographical engineers with n view to tne permanent location of military post witkln tbeir limits. .M tan while, and until all the troopi de?tmr4 to occupy them nan reach their stations. th< b> st d?y sitioa has been made of ouch forces a< wen already in the tenuorie*. or oould be at once pat ?i route, toch-ea luoiaii depredations and preserve ijuie aid toaa aider along the frontiers and PaciGr sea bo*rd. , Cf lu th^Sth military department. (Texts.) the Indlai frontier* haietofire gun Jed by Texan rangers, mas tered into seivloe fin the war with Mexico, embrace i dl-iance cf i.pwitrrta of six iiuadre i miles, and a par tion of tiie inciaoa ?re reported to b? ''now in actus bcstilii) toward* tue whin-* " I'ne lnt regiment of In lantry. lo?.r ouaipanle- id dre pnoi, iwo companies 4t' artillery, oi.e l.u vmg a I'ght t attery. and a ba tali on f six coin nan ice ..a in'aniry. ?r? no? on duty in tha department. Th? liittil ou of th,i .'Id Is under order for thu 0 h de|.siii cut en I mil be alvauced to th Paso eel Ntrtn .New Mexico. ?? l<M>u ?< the road oa be ?i r?eye<l?nd opened 1'tie Kt.h regimen*, of iuf >n try huiJ iw i oompHuie* M dragoons are en route, a i Will IllttV NTH VI II III I 1*1 11 U| I I.*" n uir iil no mi ) brut posit to oh for military <t?tujn? can he m-lec'ed. In department No. (New Mexico). It ? he.ieve that bo >erli u? di tnrbuui'? n?i-d be apprehended Tli-r? *r? now in that quarter three compnulei 1* diegoio* one company'Ju dr.*go.>n? and a light bal ??ry i.f tbe Uil artillery Aa wn an the reason wi ptrnnt a h > cross the prairie*, thi? foroe will b iiicrci. pd by lour companies ;td Infantry, In addltlo ?to tbi Mx rou-panies of tbi1 came regiment before map tionrd and Obi company of artillery Tlie &J regiment of infantry. and one addition) rfis^aui 3d artillery, bate recently embarked at N?' York lot l slifornla. (depar ment No 10 ) Attbedat of the l*Kt d''*pat"h<" from Monterey, 3teven*on'a r? tiu>nf i'f Ntw York volunteers I* repotted to hav enn dlorharged. which reduces for the pre<ent th pari.soi.a tempi rarity e'labliebed on the Tjaiflc to on company let dragoon* nd one company 3d artillarj until the itrrl??l of r Iuforceineut* cnnslstla < of t?r ?' mpunles Ids and iw (companies '21 Jra? on* d-t.ache from Mie column of the iinny on the Itlo (Iran Je 1 July lifc"t, ?lih order* to march across oountry t Mcntiny. A repi rt ?f thur arrival baa not yet be?i trclvtti. The ruk and fl'e of the riglm-nt of monnted rlfl? jnea ui.d>r order* for Oregon, (department No 11. AUAoagb OTo-tly enlisted for fire years. were al dlMhft'ited at the ef the war. pursuant t <lw ae< of COD|r?M? approved August 14, 18JN Vigor*u? measures were Immediately taken to re the rulroent, which will be prepared t take up its line of march overland before tb reaecn for aetlve operation* arrive Several compa nlca are already ri -formed ; two of which have relieve! the battalion of MU'ourl volunteer*, under Lieutenant Colonel Powell, at the new poet established. on tin Oregon route at Gfiod Islaad. I'la'te river 300 mile northweat of Wort Leavenworth. Two mioipania* le artillery, with ample e<jui|>meat?, nailr l Iron Net York, lhe 10th of November, for service In thle depart net' *t one or m"T? permanent pouts t9 be ereciec near the aioul h oi < dIuli aia r'.rar. gg E NE1 MORN The companim of the 'id Infmtrjr, mod th? four eompanirB of artillery en route lor California and OraHon* w?re iucrt-a*?d under the provi?lou? of the act of Augutl 14, 1848, to 61 piivatr* eaeh, at the expisnse Bt oi me remaining compamee 01 imamry ?uu ninuci j , > which reduces tbem (even if fall) to 80 or 40-? very inadequate complement for tbe ordinary requirements ' at of the Fervice. But it la certain, aa the reeorda show, te that on any occasion for aervice fa the field,the aver po sr? strength will not exceed oO privates per company. tb Considering our present very extended seaboard and "t frontier*, the standard of oompany organisation In ?iitm1d not be leM than 64 privates. After deducting m tbe unavoidable extra details and casualties from a fo barla of thirty-nine privates, tbe remainder of a com- ci paay for duty can be but little more than nominal. nl VI.?Distribution of the Regimenti antI Carps conititu- a ting the Military Peace Establishment. p< K A STERN DIVISIONS. fd DirttTMENT No. 1. ft Ten companies of the 'Sd regiment of artillery. n Fort Sullivan. Kastport. Maine 1 oompany. u Fort Treble. Portland Maine 1 do. p Fort Constitution, Portsmouth, Now do. o Hampshire 1 a Fort Warren, t Boston, Mass... i |3 companies. c Kurt Independence, { woika inoum .. J o Fort Adams, Newport, Rhode Island.. i , > T!, i3 d0- If* Fort Trumbull, New London. Conn. .. 1 oompany. o Departms:nt No. 2. Five companies of the 4//i regiment of infantry. Kert Brady. Sauit Ste. Maris, Mich. ... 1 oompnuy. F<>rt Mackinac do 1 do. Fort Gratiot do 1 do. Detroit do 2 companies. | Department No. 3 Five companies of the 4th regiment of infantry Foit NUgara. New York 1 oompany. text Ontario, Oswtgo, New York ... . X do. Madison barrack*, Sackett's Harbor, 0_ . New York J ~ 1 Fikttfbuix barracks, New York 1 company. Ten companies of the lit regiment of artillery and one of the 2d. Fort Columtu#, New Y<rk haro?r.. . . > Fort Hamilton, do >t> companies. Kort Lafayette do ) Kort Mitll.n, Pennsylvania 1 oompany. Fort McHenry, Baltimore, Maryland. . {2 companies. Fort Washington, do 2 do. Department No. 4. Nine companiei of the 2d regiment of artillery. Fort Monroe, Virginia 2 companies. Fort Johnston, Sinithville, N. Carolina ) 1 Kort Caswell. do do .... . \1 03mP^Fort Macon. Beaufort 1 do. Fort Moultrie, Charleston harbor. S. C. ) 0 Castle Pinkney, do do <>cmpanie.. Augusta arsenal, Oeorgia 1 company. Oglethorpe barracks, Savannah. Ua... 1 do. Fort Marion, St. Augustinn. KlorUa... 1 do. WESTERN DIVISION. Department No. 5. Ten companies of the 4th regiment of artillery, and one ' company of thelth infantry. Kort Broke, Tampa Bay, Florida S^ompanies. Fort Pickens, Pensacola, Florida ) , - . _ Kott McHea, do do J lw companies. p Ft rt Mcrgan, Mobile Point, Alabama, (works incom- d piste.) Foit Pike, Louisiana 1 company. Fort Wood, do 1 do. New Orleans barracks, Louisiana 1 do. Baton Rongo, do 1 oo. 7th inf. * Department No. 0. o: The 6th, and nine companiei of the 1th regiment of infan try- and five companies l?f dragoons. d The new post on the Up-1 si per Mississippi, oppo- | fi site the mouth of vhe } IT 1 co. let drag.; 1 co. 6th inf. c Nokay, Winnebago | n oountiy J Fort Sneiiiog, Iowa 2 companies Oth infantry. d Fort Crawfo'd, Wiscon- o: sin 2 do. do. Fort Atkinson. Iowa ... 1 co. 1st drtg.; 1 oo. tith inf.' Grand Island, Piatte liver,Oiegon route 2 companies mounted rifl'n. Fort Leavenworth, Mis- 1 ' souri 2 cos. 1st drag.; 3 cos. 0th inf. Fort Scott, Missouri Ter titorj 1 co. lit, drag.; 1 co. 6th inf. n Jrflerson barrack*, Mil- y nouri 9 companies 7th infantry. Dkuktmbnt No. 7.?Ahkama* and Ihdian cookTUN. The At h regiment of infantry, and two companiti of the l?t dragoom. Fort Gibson, Cherokee country 1 co 1st drag ; 4 coa 5th inf. Fort Smith ) Choctaw < 2 companies 5th infantry. Fcrt Washita ' fc Chick J 1 co. lft drag; 2oos 5th int. Fort Towson ) coun's ( it companion 5th infantry. Diuhtmui Na..??X?. T+e Jit <?< VIK regiment* of infan try. tlx companiti 21 ? drugoom, two companiti i'h artulery, {one tight ar- P ' tillrry company) ' Fort Po.k, Point Isabel.. . 1 company 4th artilUry. 11 Fort Brown, llio Grande, f opposite MaUmoroa.... 8 companies 1st infantr** 1 Davis's Landing, Rio v | Grande, opposite Camar- > go 1 oo. 4th art.; 2oos. 1st inf. f 1 ro ton the Medira river, f 16 m ^bovel ostroville.. 1 oompany 2d dragosns. r WeCnlloch'a station, 0 e mi:ea ?a at of the Colo- ' i ado. a nd 50 mile* above ' | 1 company 2d dragoon*. ' 1 Rom's station, on the c 1 lioFquo river 1 company 2d dragoons. * Center's station, on j> Hii bland Creek, east of Bratos riv*r 1 oompany 2d dragoons. ' Kr. deriekrbnrc, on the ' Pit dernales, 80 miles r 1 north ol Kan Antonio. 1 company 1st infantry. J Austin 4 companies 1st infantry. 1 I Sab Antonio,and along) c the line of the Rio t 2 oos 24 dragoons; 8th regt. ' I Grande and Indian: of inf. (Both #n route.) ' ; frontiers f | PirtRTUtnT No. 9.?New Meiico ft 1 The 3d i eginrut infantry, two comjianiei lit dragoom, J ' tu-o cnmpantei 2d dragoom, U companiti 2d artil- * Irry " * ' Santa Ke, near the Upper Rio Grande 1 co 2d dg : 1 It co. 3d art. 1 1 Taoa 1 company 1st dragoons. ' Albuqntrque 1 company lit dragoons. * Socorro 1 company 1st dragoons. " F.i Paso del Norte 0 companies ad Infantry. ' ' ... v . .... . ( 1 co. 2d dragoons; 2 oos. 1 Posts to beostablUhd. . . j 2d art ; 4 oos. 3d inrry. 1 1 n-o r?iri?ni nivrcrnv T """"I "** ? , I Drri*tmknt No. 10.?California.ft . i The 2 d Hi gttatnf Infantry, three Companies 1 it Dra t fount, /u <> Comptnitt 2rf Dragoon t, two Companiet od Jlrtiltery '* I Sonoma . Sun Kranil?co , , Monterey 1 company 3d artillery. , , Santa Barbara ( , Ciudad de lea Angeie*. . . 1 company 1st dragoon*. j San Diego ( hn rom* tor *ervice inde-) 2dreg inf ,2ooa. latdrag.; J . part nit nt No. 10 ) 2 oca.2d drag.. 1 co 3d art. | j DnPA?Tj<?r?T No. 11.?Orkoon ft I Near mouth of Columb'a i Regiment of mounted rifle- , Hirer.and at other point* > men. 2 coa. lat art. (fin ] to be lelected ) route) , f VII ?The Recruiting Service. , Thla Important branch rf the public aervloe la proas- I < exited with commendable an! govd *ucce?*. Three 1 s field offlcera. twelre captain*. and thirteen aubalterna. i t aT? em^loyi d for the general fer?lce. The regiment of ' * mounted riflemen labe<ng iecrui'ed by it* own offlcera. I t Tte depot* and aehooi* < f inatructton established at t Kor> Coluaabna, New York and Newport barrack", ' Kentucky, for th? artillery and inUniry arm*, and the one at t'arl'a n bariacK*. rVnti< letnia. for the a dragoon* are rontinned; aud tbe *y?tem aa hereto- I fore, greatly rondure* to economy, dlMiipllnr. and da- < a t patch. in forwarding recruit* to tbe regiment*. I VIII. I beg leave re?peotfuliy and ??ru**tly to re. I II qii?*t early amntlon to ih? Fiibjeist of a better o.gant- i i?Mcn o'tbe p. ace e?r Hliwhmen'. with re.'peot ^o tbs 1 h tauk and fi''? < t tbe si-ti rni rrgiutenti, whleh the whole if a my belli-ve *boUil not t>-leM than 640 prl?at*a each; t ; that If. 64 per company Tii?-re cen be no doubt that 'a ! efflnlurny ai<>l true economy require that the author- ' e iinl mrt n^th should oe?ei be le?* au> where, while tne 1 0' nibauli * of tre Paciliu afatlona. In New Mexico, and 1 i- on the Texan frontier*, onght to be at ieaat HO and I d Km men e If tbe provUionaoft^eact entitled "An act to auttior- 1 lie an inereaee of ih? tan'; and file tf the army of ttle ' d U ltt<i Mate*. appn.TMl MavlS 1846, and whieh lixoa I I. tbe number at 64 private* per company. 1 it o' u (1 be re enact* f, the requi ite amelioration would i t- t e tbu* eaally obtained. It xhci.ld be nnderntood that i II :h# alidlng *rnle wbleh wcml,! ?uthorlxe ar y lnerea?e ' > ntoveOd, wooiii ap;.iy only to (0|mbIm And ru,jt- | n m>gtii on lemote frontier stations, ?. jD Missouri, Te*L <* New Meileo. fcii. I l>H(f to r.-f?T you tc my re- I ' port (f July 13th, upon this subject, CT which 1 annex 1 tl to extract. (I ) IX 1 he following subject*, rtcommraltd on farmer e creation* for f*vorai>W< consideration md lei-Is Inline i- notion. have lo?t nothing In tn>Fortauc* >inc? the re? st< ration < f the peaerfnl relations of the country: ? 1. A retired lli>t for di'abled officers 2 Asylum for wounded and disabled soldier* r, 3 l?K>l provision for tb? wid >ws and c.rnbans of o rfflcers and men who may fiiil or dl? of diseaw cond tracted In the military servlee n I ask leave respectfully to refer to my last annnM o report, for a view In detail of these mbjects, and again a to urge their favorable uotioe. I am, fir. with great respect, your obedient servant, i- K JO.Nr.S. Adjutant General U. S. Army. I ) To the Skcritirt ok Wii. ] 0 'Those troops embsrked at New York in the ships Rome, Nov. j 1 7J Msiy and Adeline, N?v 1). Ilsisschu'etts, Nov. IU; Finny 1 I orrester, Nov. X; and Iowa. Nov. 17. Three oonipanics 2d In , Isfrj jet swait tran?portati"n. . 0 tTle forts in Itneton harbor not feeing eomplsted, the ooia. J e psnies intended for thoir narriaons are for the present quartered < st fort A Jams ? 1 (One lisht srvllleryeompany (A) of the 3d regiment. ) : |!Two of these eompeiiee w?U oecupy the work at Mobilo Point, . ulien ecnipleied. ' HC<>ropaei?? withdrawn to wlater quarters st Fort BhslHag, " the poet not being tinithed. t t^osts not yet || eated In this department. r 'Thieisthe toree intended f?r ofonpaMoa of the dsparbnen* thr t. la the ruht o. lumn shows what is actaally there, or m i mvtr r 1 t tPo??? not let 1 seated in these darartaeati I W Y O ING EDITION?TUESI I. Til Adjutant Gi.wrmi.'* Okfick, ' " Washington, July 13. 1818. port to tht Uun. W. L. Matty, Stcrtlary tf War. [extract ] . * * By the act entitled li An act to authorize i Inureane of the rank and file of the army of the Unld Stater," approTed May 13 1840, the ['resident m hci ?tat iwered to increate the number of private* in each of , companies of the peveral regiment* of the old army. o any number notexreedIntone hundred, whenever, 'I"* hit opinion, the exigenoies of the publio wrln in t ay require the aame. and to reduce the ?araeto*ixty- . ur. vhenev) r the exltenoieg requiring the present in- y ea?e hall cease " Thi? ! the ba?i?. therefore, recoglied by the President, ana recommended by him at Tin tufflcient force to be retained in the Kervioe during a s-, riod of peace." The minimum standard of Rixty ? 4 41.- *? I -a, A..A V,., - dot Ur priTtlVI Wll HI. lilt! 11U1W ruiouunu m uo A imminent and fixed number, being in aooordance with for- rcu ler recommendations of the department, strenuously <j rged, for years previously, by all experienced and radical men in the service, who bad, upon ho mmy to ccasions in the fitld, tested, and wofully tested, an thw no' Duals of the war department show, the utter insufll- p4| lenry and unreliable number of the skeleton syatem f forty two privates to a company. When Goni'ral ktkinson advanced with six oompanles of iufdntry du rom Jefferson Barracks, to suppress the first tl?in< n't, f Black Hawk, in 1882, bis war spirit derided he meagre force of two hundred and forty men, when t'11 >e saw the skeleton compauies consisting of thirty two (?b rivatrs each. Again: in the battle of Wlthlacoochie, . )f>cemb> r 81. 1835. Cit-n Clinch's battalion of six nom?nisH cf artillery was no stronger, the total heiug only ' wo buiHred and forty; and the two skeleton compa vei ties ?hi h met their fate under the gallant Dade, Ueember 23, 1836. bad altogether but sixty flr.* for duty only forty nine privates In both) though the day cr bey marched from Tampa Bay, their number was in- Rd ireared to ninety-seven, by transfer from other skele- . on companies. which, as the sei|Uel showed was near iroving fatal to the remaining garrison, threatened, as 1>1< t sub?n|iiently was, by a large 1 ndian for :e. Ue &e. i'lie WJ] Ike evil of this extremely reduced system was riou-ly . elt in tbe first operations of (Jen. Taylor's army. In be battles of Palto Alto and Rests* da la Palma. May, sal 840. bis oompanles did not average thirty.six mnn for B luty; and this will ever be the ca^ with so reduced a tanuaid as forty-two men. These faots I had occasion PTI Pen to repeat in person to members of Congress nu nd friends, members of Committees on Military l flairs, when respectfully urlng the amelioration f the system ; which being duly appreciated, wai ecl ventnally effected by the act aoove cited, which dri dopted the standard provided for the peace esablisbment under the aot of March 2. 1802 to ritsixty-four privates for the infantry and artillery ompsnies. being an ag/regate of eighty ofllner* and tbi jen to each company. From 1802 to 1821, the authoreed number of pnvaies In a company was never balow ixty.four ; and for five years after the reduction of be war establishment In ]S15. the number for the in- N? intry was sixty-eight, and for tho artillery, on* hun- .vi red privates. I trust I shall be excused for tho f>rn oing remarks and the mention of the faots stated, f01 'bich seem not to be out of place. At all events, I mi m conscious that,in submitting them. I hfcve no other > urpose than consideration for what 1 believe to be ue the public service in ***** tb< I have the honor to be, iio., 11 JONKS. Adjutaut General Notis.?1. The following remarks I And In my hand- oil rltiug. on Gen. Taylor's field returns of the army ma f occupation " dated Camp near Matamoras. March h B, 1846 The skeleton company aystem will never * o : forty-two privates are too few, even for a profound late of peace. Here we have an army consisting of las' ve regiments of infantry, (fifty companies.) seven ,, omjpanirs of cavalry, and sixteen of artillery ; in all. iventy-tbreo companies, of two thousand aix hundred lis' nd fifty one bayonets and sabres, for duty, including ]>ei rummers and flfers, or about thirty-six per oompany, , r twenty six privates, for an army in tbe field. ^ April 17.1846 ? B. JONES, A. G an; 2 "Tbe arerage number or privates ior duty on the S >ur memorable occasions referred to, waa bat thirty to company. tbe standard being forty-two-being a deciency of twelve men, or nearly twenty-fire per cent. ice usuming this an a basis, with the standard* of sixty- Hi] >ur. eighty. and one hundred privates, the average .. rould be fcrtj-five, flftysevun, and seventy-oae prlatea for du'v in each company, Stc. R. J., A. O. 1* ' "July 25,1848." tin Marine Affair*. Iktf.rcititto to Sitir Owsi?i -W? have been fa- 1>R ored with tbe following extraota from a letter eonHieing an account of the late disaatrous gale In the )blna seea. particulars of which we have before pub- lb labed. After deceriblng the effect* of tbe gale, and the th lestruetion of life and property, the letter goas on to ^ a~y?M?ateIy Iter* wera'Vut f?w laiiiiin ships In la prrt^WJ" T.wT*. wrrclt'd at Cnnsiagmoon. will most' irobaWy be condemned?abehta been towed to Canton j at or examination? tbe brig Charles Wirgtaan, (of Salem) en a completely wracked : the ahipa Helena, and General "l iartiton of N"*: York, both rod* out the gale In safety, pe : liiia gule baa impressed up >u me, a circumstance "I rhich, long since, should have been brought to your M< i< tice and received your attention. It ia the great de- mt Ici-ncy cf all American veasels coming this way, in dn round tacklea; I will venture to aay, had ten A me- ral lean vessels bf en in tbe harbor, eight would have gone < in rbore. Formerly, when tbe old hand<pike-windlasi Cb raa used, with our light erewa, it was impossin'e to pri leave up a h?avy anchor ; when tbe present windlass coi me into fashion, no addition wa* made to the wuight rc? if anchors There is scarcely a vessel comes here, with pr< Dehors sufficiently lnrge to hold them in one of our "I aire?without taking a typhoon into consideration kn rwo bower ancbora are not sufficient. All oth>-r on- be Ions) carry a third, called the sheet anchor; this is a ' liture in the waist, until it Is wanted. Its weight is ola atber mere than the beat bower, with a ehain of tho ba n? size I would suggest for a 600 ton ship, small I >cwer chain with anchor of 18 owt, beat b>wer to ibain l|i with anchor 25 to 26 owt A vessel is alw.ijs tbi able to lose an anchor? should a typhoon oome on Kb tefore another oould be prr.cured, she would be certain dc o drive on shore. Tbe atream and kedg-t aneho-are of mr Ittle service, except for where they are intenJed. river I U ir.... ^.1. *LWa V.*.. ?kii i>l tn rhich might bave been avoided, had sufficient atten- tbi ion been paid to anchors and chains. **1 "Another cireumstanoe demands your attention. ne Ml vessels in this trade should be coppered to what he will draw when deeply laden, and not to light wb rater mark. Frequently a cargo Is taken in whioh at ink* the vessel some two fret below light water mark? hlf be versel is detained torn* two weeks and becomes yo routed I havereen an anchor stook ruined in three sui reeks Many vessels trading in the Eastern seas, have is 1 tut Into poits, leaking, been paid by the underwriters. tul is petils of the sea?a few sheets of coppsr would > lave saved all."? Commercial. I?1 __ Mr an Police Intelligence. It Jirrtit of RurgUiri --Two black men, by the names dc >f John Hatvey and Peter Buih. were arrested yester- W8 ley, bj < fflc<-rs A. M. C. Smith and Shadbolt, on a 0f 'barge cf brekking into the clothing store corner of p{, Beekman and Front streets, occupied by Abraham j Atkinson. aDd stealing thereftom, on the 7th instant. ar k lot cf clothing Several coats were found yesterday th by the officers in a room oocupied by tb? thieves at Vo. pr i)8 Leonard street, in the rear. They were fecreted If| under the petticoats and dresses of the blaok women, banging upon the wall Both the negroes were com- ,;n mitred to prison for trial,by Justice I.othrop. cb .0 Hri^hf llusbovi ?A man by tha name of Freda- *1 rick T. hleg, was arrested, yesterday, on a ckarge of at- f j, tempting to shoot his wife and set fire to the house he fa retided in. At No 44 Ilanifnersley street. Officer Jewel m took him btfore Justice Mountfort,wbo committed him nr for trial El Jtrretl on a flench Jf'errotif Officer Norris. one of the Chlel's aids, arrived in this city. y slerday. from Bt Albany, having in cuctr-dy a man by the name of Kobert L Nojee, on a bench warrant, wherein h? stands ra Indictid, withsev-'al itbcrs. with a conepMaey in ob- ih tainicg between $60 hbO $C0 from a fJ.-rrasn cm^rnot, H( lu Ortt bar latt at Albany, under pretence of fo'**irdInj him on ss far n< Mllwauklo; but instead of wh;jh, fc, nt> arriving nt Bull*''*. Mi tlek>-t was of noavsitany rr farther and be wii? er inp? lied to re turn attain to Albi?o?. r>j fustire l.othri'p h>.lil tbe aeru-ed to bail In the sum of , (CO to answer Iht-cbarffe J t? Charge fi] tlrtov.? A ktnd cf ersry woman by tbe fcy nsuie rf < atbsrioe <tillhno!y. wa? arreted ye?terdar, tl' vu i% Li'M?ni; i?i rrvnv^ in r ?.?> vir pri*iarr? i'"' iw CJieenw'ch ?tri ?>t. On Sunday night about 8 o'cloe*, | cr tl;e *i* discurered In a back room, on tD? third tl >or; ih the beds ?n<l furniture were noatl* a>l dc.rroy<-d b'f'ie 1 t* tie fire wiw extinguished Shortly sf'er thi< occur- ! i, recce, a rrolh on the 4th stvr? ?a< found to be In a nji bime; and CD that beinn extltnulab?d, the bureau drawer ?ap dlncorert d to Imtc be?i> broken open. a'nl hi, fine Mtic'.en etiltn therefrom. whim w?re sub<e. juently found In tbe pri-oner's possesion. V lamp was ilkrv s?- feat 1 la each room, which lamp* weri prortd to belong ta tb?? accused. l7nder this- elr- ,fl p.i tneiancer, sfc? waa taken Into cu?t"dy. and detained for a further hearing {0 Cfiar/;r rj IJighuay Rvbhtry.? A yonng roan, by the tj| DaniHcf Il'enry Black, alia* Galllgber. *a* arreted , abcut fire o'clock yesterday n*ornTng, la the Bosery, fc . near tbe theatre, by officer Uowiing, on ? charge of t| Feitirg hf'ldof a sailor, t>y the bane of Mloharl Mc? ,i Qui tin. and threatening to taka big life If he didn't Hire him his money. Mctjulnn. instead of giving up ' his tr.oner, cilcd out murder and watch which * biought the a*d of the oftlcer. and I)lack was taken u to the police oflice, where he was committed to prison r<>' trial. bu L?<Ur ftrom?fn Taylor. H*i ov Hoi-uk, (La.J Doo. 5,1R4S. ?v( I an duly In receipt of your polite communication of ' Y* 16th ultimo, kindly tendering me a free pasrage on JTi I our line of steamers from Savannah to Charleston, oa ,r(J ay way to Wafhlngton. It would afford me much >iea?ure to accept thla coartesy at your hand*, if It . *rre in mt power to take the seaboard rout* to the Th apltol i but Impcrtant prlrate business which I f, 'are neglected for seme ye> rs. will compel me to take . be r?nte of tbe MUslsslppi and Oolo rlrers I beg, how- v rtr, that you will accept my cordial thanks for your u ilnd Invitation, and the aasaranta that I highly ap- ... ireclata yonr good will toward* ma " I aa, gentleman, itty respectfully, your ob't **rr't. /.TAYLOR. ?' The Moor* af Morocco hare begun toaaptnre retsels n the Mtditarranean. Tha English steamer Polyphe- . I nns had a seraro action in an attempt to ratake an be Lnglisb merchantman which they had captured. I trc ... RK H * v-i - >AY, DECEMBER 19, E CALIFORNIA GOLD EXCITEMENT. B. I UK OOI.D FEVER. It hough tb? recent bhwh received here by way of r Orleaua from California, corroborating previous pi ?menta, and ??ttin< boyond the poaalbillty of a *' bt that gold does exiat in great abundance in that ,rt?r, yet there waa a alight falling olf perceptible ie ha general excitement during yesterday and Sun- 11 The mania does not appear to rage with that Ineaa and extravagance noticed during the week. f? 9 number of veaaela bound around Cape Horn, for i Francisco, ia, however, at 11 increasing, owing, no ibt, to the drssire many now have to take that | w it in preference to the Isthmus. | bi "he various reports which have appeared from Jay day, in reference to the number of persons c w at Cbagrea, and the chances of crossing to 1y nama, have been ao vaguely given, and so much * variance with facts, that we have been in- <; eed to examine into the true state of things. >?e statements, dwelling with so much fluency npon Jt' i miseries these persons are likely to endure at p agrea, have given rise to great anxiety among the v> ends of those who have started upon their journey j n looking over our flies carefully, we And that two j. reels only have sailed for Chagres, since the appenr- ? ce of the exoiteuient?on board of which are sixty , teventy persons only; and this number, with the t dition of a few who might have left the British West 1 dia Islands, is about all that may be expected at this * ice for a fortnight to come. The steamer Falcon, i lich left some f*w days before the J?hn Ben?on, had 11 out twenty on board f>>r Cbagrea. These, If landed j* fely. can depend, with the utmost certainty, upon c quick conveyance to Panama. as there are at ^ sfent employed upon the Chagres river a suflloient J imber of boats to carry at least one hundred persons r rofs per day, and we are credibly informed th*t S me of thee* canoes are capable of carrying one hun- p ed half barrels. But. thould there be any thing like ? B number of persons at Chagres that has been stated, d is doubtful if accommodations can be obtained to j e extent necessary to ensure their speedy passage to c e Paciflo. There have been ao departures from any h the ports in the United States, for Chagres, except ? VnrV. l'or more than six weeks, and those from b is port number but two, carrying about eighty pe?- ^ ns, all told, which fall* far ihort of the calculations h ide by the papers through the oountry. r rhe Crescent City, which leaves in a few Jays, will, ? all probability, be the first to enter Chagres, under *1 s present excited state of affairs, and the owners, we 8 derstand, are determined to use all endeavors to fa. * itate the transhipment of her passengers to Pana" ei ,, where It Is lively the British mail steamer, h i'ch steps *t that port once a month, will be in diness to convey thein down the ooast. The m t accounts from Valparaiso, Callao. and from " aysqull, reported a large number of American, Chi. j,1 a, and Peruvian vessels in esch of those places. 8g b tg without employment, anil ready to embrace th? t opportunity that would lead to aotive business of ft y description. g< ilnce our last notice of the movements of ships ,r ind for California, there has been an acquiiition of o, ne Mx or eight more, among which is the brig John *>1 L), now preparing to sail, and also the beautiful brig " ,ma Prescott, daily expected from Charleston, which Z ilso to be got wady '"h despatoh for the same des- ? tion. I] ACT1CAL. DIRECTIONS TO PERSONS AHOt'T TO CROSS f Til* ISTHMUS OF PANAMA. a 1. Ascertain from the Consul of New Oranada. In w lit city, whether a passport be neceiisary. About n ree years ago, the Granadian government issued a ji ,CUL=, to*ll its egent* abroad, elating that such a g enment was indispensable to m foreigner wishing to A ud <n the republic oi 2 Upon your arrival at Chagres, take your baggage pnee *o tue custom-uoupe, wuere you will txserice but little delay. Then hurry out of the village, ilch is pestilential. Hire your oanoe. which, for exaition, ought to be of small site. -This is oalled a , jiragua." is about 25 feet long, and navigated by a .. man and two rowers. The cost of boat-hire and n to Ctuces ought not to exeted $12, unless. in- Sj i>d, an inor?a>ed traffic may hare bad the effect of >ix>K tt?? prloes. J. before leading the vessel In which you arrive at 2mgroc, get the fteward to provide for yon a basket of 7* Dvlsious sufficient for two or three days?iuoh an id fowls or other poultry, hurd-botled egjs. fresh 1.1 ?t. tr?a<l. a little tea, sugar, salt, he Milk may be ?i >cured at the huts on the river. Take with yon an *. i".ina,'' or maohine for boiling water, a tin cup. a iff and fork?in fact, bear in mind that you arc to wholly dependent upon yonr own resources. f(t I. Avoid spirituous liquors and salted mnats A f-w l'v isief of good wine, to those who have been in the bit of nsing it, can do no harm. i I would recommend every one to take from two four gnins of sulphate of quinine, the first thing in ? morning, in a glaei of wine, while on the river. culd you be detained in Panama, take a similar i 'c se once or twice a week. This is the advice of the ] P' >?t fttlneat physician in England. | *> 5. Do not sleep out of your boat, unless vou happen ; " reach a settlerceot at night: bear the heat; bear j b. Miicquitoes ; do anything rather than expose your- I ^ f to the night air. wbioh is the souroe of every 111- w ss in that climate. : *' r. There are two places on the river Chagrcs, from ?' ience arosd leads to Panama. Oorgona is the first '' which you will arrive. Cruces is about five miles A iher up. Your bottmtn will probably try to Induce * u to disembark at the former place j do not be per- j * tdedtodoso It is further from Panama ; the road | ?' wotf e ; the beatts are worie and deartr : mike them Jc le you to Cruces. i. Take ppecial car'that your baggage be reduced 11 lo its smallest possible compass A mule load oon- " ts of two trunks, one on ?aoh ei<le of the animal, C d you can put a bag crguncaae between the two. ' ie whole wrieht of tne curgo m*i-t not exceed 230 lbs. i not take lar?je chests ; they have to be placed cross- I '' ,ys on the mule, cost double.and from the nurrnwriers , " tbe path, stand a fair chance of being kaoo^eJ to c >ce? sgalnst tfce rocky fides. " >. Tbe ridirg mnles will be hired to yon with saddle ; k d bridle, and the car<o beasts with their packs , so P at jou need not provide yourself with either. The ^ rpe'r price la $4 CO for Ihe one, and $4 for the latter: j rtft giving more. J 10 'l here is but one Hotel In Tanama ; the acootnmntion itafTnrds ii wretched, and ruinously dear, the first t.rgr being $4 a day: there aro. however, many famiii'i Jj !0 receive lodgers tor $2 per dieni, or even for less ; ( " rse yen will find out by Inquiry of any respectable * elgu res'dent, of whom there are several. Do not " tempt to c.smp out. cr live under tents; they have 0 ' Itfm r.t tbe climate who suggest such a pnueeillog. c ren drrlrg the months of January, Feb.uary. and * ?reh. which are dry and comparatively pleasant, the '* tetr pt woij'd rwcnot to n)*dne?s I 11 The Patriot drnbloon Is worth at least $10 in Tama : do not take less for It: the iftegral pnrts of a coin, of course, are valuable In tt? fame propor* ?I*. ' 12 Bear ir mlnd[these gentral rules. A vol 1 tbe sun; , '' ?'P altbln the house durli g tt? day ; eschew fruit*. ' MjwWnripc; cringes in moderation m\y be except- * Do not touch t hi- ovstfrs ; Ihuj are ft ry lenjptidg, '] mt'Tmiiture of copper, *re almost cer- '' In to piduce cotlc Wear Annuel re*' to tbe sk'n, ' ' Ua> ai.d bight. lit civil and courteous to thr na- * re*, and tbey will d? Knytbiog for you. " Tbese sufgeft'f ns a? o(Ter?d by ourf who hn* twice d i sred tbe Istbmns <f Panama Their only object is 1 heb<fit of the hundreds who will probtbly uu l?r- *' k.> til" | aerate before accurate information reflect- ' ft the c lajktf and tbe cuft'nis of the couotry Ciu be ( T <te general Should any ^rjou feel desirous of if * i[* from wlieuce U?*y eoiauate, tin editor It eu- ' 1< d to ealisfy Lloi. 11 New York, December 18. 184?. F 1 XOITtMENT IN N?W OBI.KANN?[RtMf PgTSC- ? \ e. i v ?n-r. i m biv?? o. v.iv.?v,i.v?> 1 . etmUU in the Thud Municipality. yairtu*y owing , t) o fast that among tbe passengers who arrived in e ui< 1 uiQg, uD bond a British *v.ts Id. a number of tbe Irith detective psliee, wbu took * )icmi>.?at part in the oonviction or the Irleh patri- I 0 ft during tbe Ute Slate trial* lu Ireland Three of e ja*n t>?>rs, whor-u name* are KavuDafh, Kurd and ' f. Itui, * no sptcially pointed out bjr their fellow I . treDgrroad smongtbo most prominent of those ob- . ilouf iimividual*. No sooner was the rumor sprnad i ? read that such individual* were on board, tban a j 1 st and excltfd crowd of the Irbh population assem- | . d on the L?vee, opposite to where tbe ship was . m red, kI<>* only object appeared to be that or Ten- ' , ince. A lew Irish gentlemen succeeded in getting marked individuals on shore, with the vl#w of J1' iciug them In a place of **fety; but with their !. ited influence, thoy were unable iO protect them all I ' m tbe Infuriated multitude One of the men, Ka- I .. Ligh, was severely beaten before he could b? takf.n " tbe Third Municipal.ty watch house for protection. ie Third Municipality police were on the spot shortly er the commencement of tjie dlsturbanar and 4iil, lrarn, all that men could do to protect tne peace , t their eflorta to preserve order in the presaoo* of sh a vast and eseited multitude were futile and d< eerie** Kavanah wa* taken to the Hospital, in tho m irie of tbe evening, and Kord and Kearaa wan <" red out of the reach of tbe anltitvda for tbe night. o V O. Dtlta, liA tntt. pl t i* stated In the Bangor paper*, that there will not fy half the amount of lumbering dr ne upon the I'anob- y >t water* this winter, that there wa* last year. ta [ERA 1848. Court of General Hcmlom. fore the Recorder and Aldrrra*n A-lann nti*I Kohler ! Dei for Utanil l.urmiy.?Austin M*rks, F iu? William Wallace, was tiied for stealing fHIK), ia ; P: Id cfln fat-longing to Payne H. Nleketson. e*ptnia t: tb?brig< ardc^a en the 2Uth of October last The | lson> r wan a cook on board the brig ami the money t in taken from the cabin of that vessel, and sub'e- '1 it nt'y found in possession of Marks at No .'1 Antbo1 ?tr*<*t When charged with the theft, he aokuow " I'^ed it, and gave up the money. This was the testi- I o nny before thejury who at once returned a verdict guilty, without leaving their feat*. The Court sen- need the convict to the State prison for the term of ur years and nine month*. ' Trial J'or Receiving Stolen Goodi ?Jacob Seaman. a ack man. late body cervaut to Col Burnett during I le Mexican war, was placed Upon his trial, charged ' ith receiving stolen goods, knowing the name to havo ren stolen. The property alleged to have besn stolsu ' slenged to Austen Itequa, and was stolen troni his i ruse. 121 Vatlck street, on the Uth of November. It i nntlsted of a gold watch, key, seal, several brooches, ' reast-pins, and some other articles, valued in all at I bout fllO. These article* were taken fVom the house f Mr. Henua by two boys, named William Crane and htries Kalrcbild. Chahi >:t Kairchii.p, a small boy, ten years of a iff, elng cnlled to the stand testified that on Saturday fternoen, the 11th of November. hlmsuUand hie oomanion, Wm. ( rune, were going up town, when they ere uiet nt the corner of Doralnlck end Varlok streets, y the prison'r, S>-aman,who said he wanted them to ive them a shilling f< r doiug it; they consented. and j iemian then directed them to go to the roif of Mr. I 1 injuu's house, go up the back stair* to the second i toTy, and nee If there wa* a lady there ho charged | hem to mafre no noise hut to come back to him when ! I hey liad made the requisite invent Ration The hoys ' ptnt as directed, and noon returned with the infor- I ration that there wa? no | erscn in the room. Seaman j hed told thfm that he would give them another ?hll- ' ug if tbey would go again into the house, and get 1 whatever jewelry they could find. To this proposal he lads at first objected, but were finally induced to cmp'y; they made a feoond visit to the premises. and 1 iro ught off the property above nnm-d. Seaman had revlously directed them where to find him in cas? 1 hey were sneccsstul; and. in accordance with his di- j 1 ections, they took the htolen go*ds to the corner of 1 ullivau and Watt streets, where they saw a shoeoaUer's sign, on which was painted the name of the risoner Jacob Seaman. Ah they approached the j hop. Seaman was discovered by them standing at the ( oor, Inside, and looking out through the ranh One 1 t theboje. Crane, went in, and delivered the plun- ' er to the negro, who premised him half the profeds of its sale. The boy asked him how much : e should get for the whole, and was told in rely. ab(iUt $10; the boys were, therefore, to have bout $5, as their share; Crane called several times, lit the prisoner always made scms excus? about not elrg able to dispose of the property, and meantime mused him by showing him burglnrt)' tools of various ' inds; on one occasion he produced a small steel chis- ' 1 sayirg that with it he conld open any drawer; on ' ne occasion, bo sent the lad down to Duaue street, to * 'e a woman about purchasing the w^tch which was kflen. smongft the other propertv. from Mr. Re|iia; 1 f t. another time, he entertained him by telling him " bout being pursued by some person on a preceding ft b*ng, when he turned upon his pursuer and knock- r I him down with something which he carried about I is person. The hoys agreed In their statements, and 1 ie woman, to whom one of them was sent in Ouane * reet, was also in court, and corrobora'ed the state. | nits of the lad. This woman, named Margaret Toole, as a servant girl, ard only knew the prisoner by see- ! 1 ig him at a house where she formerly lived, and where j * e used to tisit his cousin, who was employed in the ' oute as a domestic J The defence endeavortd to make It appear that this ' * roiecution was urged against the prisoner at this ; * me to give effect to an investigation which is noir ling on In relation to some mon^y which was taken I * (in blm at the t'ollce Court, and which he says he ! ' ever La* received, although b!s rert.-i.ot for it stands I * n the book* of tbe offlc*. They also introduced a i lick man, named Fortune Simpson, who swore to j im? clicumitanee* which were slightly at variance Ith the statement of the hoy Crtnt. The psiioeman | bo arrested Seaman. gave positive evidence as to the : . riling of the properly In hid chop, and In fact a I the i ~ pidenee had a tendency to corroborate the testimony j 1 r the Httl* fellow* who had been U'ed a* th? lustri- j ienta to tffcot the robbery. A conipl-te set of burglar's , I ole were (onnd on the premises of Seaman, who haa Iready rerved one term in the State prison The case . J lie prolonged by the severe crope examination of the ritmtres. The cafe wan Anally concluded, and the ! ' ury. after a veiy short absence, returned a verdint of uilty. The prisoner waft then remanded, the lUttrlat ttorney telling ljlm that henhould to-morrow try him s n an indictment for forgery. (j t Superior Court. p Before Chief Justine Oaltiey. p Dir. IS.? Israel Bauer* v$. The Mayor. <$*< of Ke-v t i.i * -Thiswasan aotion to recover 6 month* and 7 days c ilary. It appeared, that the plaintiff was sppiin'ed a j Herman, and received his warrant on the 81st of ley . 1847. On the 20th of July following, a c->Bipl:i'ut j as lodged again t him with the Mayor, and he wo* g ntlc-rf to answer on the 27th. He attended on the 8 th; bnt. in consequence of the ab'enie of a witness. r e cba'ge wxs not gone inte. and the case was a Ijnura1 to the 30th. On the 28th. the Mayrr dlsmi?*?-d t m or seat an order to the captain of the district to -j iat effect. The plaintilT. through his counsel, con- 0 pded that the Mayor bad no pow*r to diimisa him Dtll the complaint was investigated and proved. He f| mtinued. tb<^r? fore, to tender his servicer* up to the h h .January last; and now seeks to recover hi< ray f <r h lat pfrlod. There was no defence; and the Court di j ctrd the jury to find for the plaintiff the sum claimed, hlch was $223 37. Verdict accordingly. n Before Judge Sanford. h Jllener Jovei ivt. G T Greene ?This was an action r alleged deceit. The plaintiff, in September. Is 17, ; 'l urc bused from dsfendunt a quantity of clothing, j a amounting to (4 (>00, at wholesale price. They were ' lected b> a Mr Kinz for the nlalntlll. and uut ud in i c !Xf? ; iifttr which they were paid for and sent to 1dk?? store, in Cedar e'reet In a fortnight after- c ardn, the boxes were opened the content* examined, Dd plaintiff alleges th.y turned out to be a medley rold-fashioned, ill made olothing. ?ery much damag?d j moths, ke.. ami were sold by auctiou for $1.0U0 ft*r the plaintiff had o'osed bis evidence. n nonsuit ?a asked (or and grantel. on the ground that the aeon should have been In the name of King, the legal tie of the goods being in him. The oourt then ad j >urned. favnge L Hi shop it. Thamat J. lla^an. ? Thin was ' n action for slander. It appeared that both parties | uside Id the Third avenue, where fhe plaintiff keeps a rrcery stcre ; the defendant's nephew was sent on an to the store, and it seems that some difficulty : appered between him and the plaintiff, and the plainft's brother; the hov went home and complained to ! Isunole; the defendant came down to the store and \ hsilerged the defendant to fight, and called him a hief. Sc. 'fhe defence was that the words were spofn in a passion, and had reference only to what isfed between the hoy snd defendant and lahrothvr. 'be jury found a veraict for plaintiff for $50. Gtnrtt W. King et nl vt .ihel K Foitrr et at ?This 'as en action for wtrk and labor, and for materials nrnished. The plaint ff* are ship builders, aod were mp'ojtd by the defendants to make repairs and put j p n mnst In the scfooner L H. Nickerson owned by i fen^ants. The work was performed, but It stems 1 he ma?t afterwords turned out to be useless, as the eferdants allege. As a deft nee. the defendants set up n spr/ement entered into by the pi tint tf?. that in are the ma*t turned out to be had they would nut up notber, which was denied by plaintiffs The jury und a verdict for plaintiff* lor the amount claimed. flPFCIAT. TKRM. Be!ore Ju<l,e Sanfrrd Dec 18 ?Wilhorn H frincr r? Xirhnlas tlninht, Uciivtr, ic.? Tht A'iu> <W'.?This was a motion 'ucd>d rii an affidavit and other p?| er? for an order t> compl the production of the boohs, p-vpi-rs and ouc'utr* of the late Benjamin VV StrrOf . <lec** 'ed in he herds of the rrceiv?r for the p irpo?e of showing hat the bond and rote upon which this suit was ro??ht were accommodation paners. and that uoconiilt-rxtioa w?v itiveri for tbnm and alleging that that " uld anptar hy an inspection o? the tx>"k? k" , of tbe >?cei>: td OtUl.sei fr r t be n oeiver oppo'eii th.( ru )on (without deayiLg the aMeg'iti .us in ttl-affl tarlt), n ibe an.rtd the rroceHflinir* w?rr irregular. and )i< uld be by petition under the Ttitb rule of <hM Su- i | erloi Court. t'ouDSel for the i>l%tatifT nnnten led th*t bis rule atrogoted by the code to 1 that the 31. d ictloD of th? crde w*? to govern, whioh provide* th*t 10 action to obtain di?ccvery under ia *td of 'he } rrrvcutton of mother action, nor an extmina'lon , f ? party be bad on behalf of an adverse party, exept In the luantii-r directed by the code; he aUo < nt? nded tbat the 342d ??ctlon of the node waa not t.tend<d to govern the 343d suction and that under hi'a lection a party eould be compelled on motien. to !o ewrytLlnir which they could be compelled to do by bill of discovery In a oourt ot equity ; that the powers f (be court of obancery extended to compelling the nductirn for examination of books and paper* In 11 caFea, especially in a care like the present, where he party wm d.'ad, and no mean* remained of purging I* conscience, the boika and papers In the recelvrr's I and* being in fact all the conscience left. He a'.*o rBtendeil that the pewer given by tb? 842d section, at wide enough to alloir the court to have full jmtiee one In thia ca e. The Judge aaid that, under the code, e had no power to compel the production of the book*; lat na to the papera and vouchers, ho would not comkI their production. unte?s the party stited partlctirly what they were : he was alio inclined to think ) prrceeding should be by petition ; an 1 tlut a* it <j a* a new proceeding under the code, he would allow * le part* to withdraw hit papera. without coats, and ithout prejudice, to renew bia motion. Circuit Cetirl. Before Judge Kdmonda 1 I)?c. 18-In the course of laat week, hla Honor or- 31 ired that a new Jury should be summoned for this rnlng; but, through some misapprehension of the 'der, the Jury was not summoned, and the court had be adjourned j( By the new rente to Montreal and Intermediate ares, by tbe Vermont < eatral Railroad, passengers i m Montreal n>*> reach B^ton In 31 hours and New P ork in 43 hours 2(10 miles ct direct railroad transpor- L' ,tlcn being now open bctweun Moatuu and Montreal. '1 ???????????I r~ ??? L> D. TWO CENTS. Common Council. Do?m> or Ai.dkmmihi Moaday, D-o 18.?Morrin rauli Id, rr^ld^nt. In f it. ph*ir Th* mlnntv* of th? m-nuirgi 01 a preceding meeun* were r?tJ aoil ap toved. /lit it at tun from the New Orleans Sertn&derp, to ati nd their concert. to to held at the rat>ernacl?, on be eight of thi> 2otb iu-tant Acoep'ed. Stivert.? Petition for a i<ewer in :17th street. RnlOLittaace of VV. B A?, against the oonntructioa t' u tiewer in t lar ftreet Engine. ? Otiiion of the nu'mber* of Kire Company <o 44 for a large engine. Referred. //ine Carriage.? Petition of the member* of Host .'ompuny No 3 for a new carriage. Referred. Piiion .liineintmn?Petition from the female department el the I'r'mon \? -otialiun for the aid of a few iu cured dollar*. Hrfi-md Invitation to atteud the Payior and Fillmore ball, to in lit id at tin- A?F?mbt; l!n?m< of the Chinexa Build* leg, on the n'gbt ol the loth iu*tant Accept* 1 eV/'/iropriafton ?Communication from th? Cotnp [roil.r, a-kind an appropriation of ft^.SOO, for the eipt lift) Of the city now i oiiie lit A J rip r ! Slrirl t'nnlrart mv - Communication from the Street *'< mniintioni-r, t<> th* ?-fT?-?*t that the contractor* of the tlrnt and recobd dixit lit* had tailed to perform lh?l' |i'ontTBctr, and praj i nn prompt actio a on the part of the Common Council, t r me payment of til we who ha? n bei'n ennaji. il t(. prf rm the wi rk Aldirmau M' ? IT r? 1 a resolution, annulling the contract* ol Mcn-ii (imrnman and iiutier. of the dictrict* 8bote name 1, aud a direction for prop jbaIj for the unexpired *'nie Aldermen I>k Kokukst Cienv, and Kit/ ;khh r> statfil that, in their respective ward* th-> Ubor*r< bad r.i t b>en paid by th? contractor.*, though tbey bad received tfctir money regularly The ilr<t nim?d jcntlernuc i tat-d tl at he hud Hinnni thu ao.i unta of the coutibttorN ayaln t hi* eon<' ien ?. an I wui 1 n ;t hav e done to, but In the hope t hat the laborer* Would tec iv jtlit ir money; but bein^ d oeived in that raupe-t, tu could not toieiu>e such u neglect of duly, l'iio ocntruct* were annulled. ichoul jliijirt>i>itoliiins ?Communication from th? Hoat d of Kuucniion. a*klnn an appropriation of fJ O'JJ lift, for rchool purport* Referred Cvinmunication? From tbo Mayor, re<iuestin? that a eomn.ittre be appointed to confer wi'.n the Commissioners cf the Code, now engaged at Albany. He itrred. fi'irtmfn't I lull ? Communication, asking for an appropriation to tit up Firemen'* Hall. Referred. Jljijiropiialion fur IN9?Communication from th? f>uiptrol'er, asking for an a->oe?Mm?nt of $J,9t!9 47.i, for tie trxpentesd 1849. Adopted, aad asreiHiu^ut oriltred lime Company No. 16?Resolution, expelling from the Kite Depurtiuent the members of Hoiie Company No lfi,. for one ye ir, for disorderly oonduot Adopted. JJr/iort? Kavc.iab.e to exempting the property hold by the i.' onera of .bu Colortd Home from taxation Adopted. Street i auht ? Report. favorable to amending the oriJI rirtnct* relative to ureet vaults. ro thnr tbey mall not be extended beyond the curb, und imputing. upon ;hoae violating, a penalty of A lopted in cjocuf ence l hatham Square - Report, f ivorable to repealing the >rdii ance a'lowing the s?le of Recoud-hand furniture iad oher property in < hutbam ij.juare Adopted Jtrtey Lily terry. Report tavorable to leading the errv ?t the toot of < orl andr. street to the prevent pronietcrt, at the actual r?-n' ?>t $4,;>10, in quiitiriy pty. iienu. and i?<|Uintg that ih- cilieija shall eojoy the ame pr.vlleg** of n mmutatiou Stu , as the citizen) of *Jew Jersey ?ry>j Aidei tin n Duu >im. riT- red a re?olti?inn, that tbe f?ry 1 put up at public auction, und given to the highlit b'd'ti r Aldernnn Ma? bar o tald, that this ci'.y hid no eoutol over the feriy lands of Jerfey City. and therefore ifld no rig) I to fell at auction the privilege of ruunlog i ferry to Jer.-ey; and aa the very mi:n who applied for i renewal of I lie lease. ownud all the lerry privileges of hat side, they could preveat the landing of any riry bfcM ot ttiat aid#, and ho hoped tbu resolution tould not prevail. The amendment was ad?pted The report, a* aaiendtd. was adopted. The Board then took arrceai of 40 minutes. APTKK RKCrsS jiuiitant Engineer.? Resolution appointing C. Vanlerbilt an ausittant engineer of the lure Department. ldopt?d. Communication from the Mayor, advising tbe Improifiety ot granting any wore f?rrles between this city u,d Crocklyn? a granting of which, would pla?e in tcpaidy 'he Independence aud Intereat of the oity? Ktiened to tbe Counrel of the Corporation, and orderid to b>* ptintid. City Library ? Report favorable to establishing a oity Jbraiy. tor the preservation of records presentations, ko. Adopted Croton .'J i/ii r it net Department ? Resolution. with a Iraft of law, to petition tbe Legislature for the formaion of a board, to bs ca led the Croton Aqueduct Deurtn.ri t whore du'y it shall be to take cue of the iioperty of the Croton Water Board, and be reapinaii!e for the performance of tho work on the re eryjir, .. Bin-', pipea, &o. Laid on the table, and ordered to be rioted St we i s - lh port favorable to constructing a sower in let'kmaii Mreet to extend from I'ark row to William treet. Adopted Report favorable to oonatruotlng a ewer in Cedar street, to extend from I'eurl to Naaaau ttcet. Adopted Feny l.eate ? Report favorable to leasing the allp at be ft.oc t.f 2^d rtrtet. for the term of fire years, to the rusteea of St. Patrick's Cathedral, at an annual rent t flf.O. to be naed for funeral purposes alone. Adopted. Kavoiable to granting to Sarah A Korbes, be widow or Aleiancer s l-nrtiti, tiirium or fow her usband having died while performing a duty assigned im by the CommnD Council. iesving bis widow ia a Wtltalt rituati) n Arhrrt and angry dlscuulon arose between Alder. ten McKnight and Smith, wbloh. how? y-r, wa< silenced y the President of ibe Boar 1 Thn report wee adopted. CVrjieraften Manual ? Resolution favorable to reu?? log the < l?rk ef the Common Couacll to compile , Manual tor IMS and '41*. Adopted lletohilinn? Favnrub'e to removing telegraph ptit at .'Iter of 6th avenue and Om?dway. Alopted. A'd Cam i.iw gave notice that he sho ild m r i a rrmMderation of the vote on ibe Jersey (,ity terry ue.'tli n. at 'be n< xt meeting of the Board The Board adjourned, subject to the ?all of the Preident. Board ok Auhtart Ai-nraMicw.?Present, the Pr?. ident and a quorum of members. The iniuutM of irterding ne t nga were read and approved (^<i t < a lumber of petitions were presented and appropriately timed. Hrpnrls of Commilleri, <f-c ?Thin Board concurred rith the Beard of Aldermen in adopting a resolution n favor of tegrading Thirty-sixth street, from Second 0 Lexington avenue*, and setting curb aod gutter ilones therfin. The same io relation to (lagging side?a k on the northerly si.teof Uiand street, from Tomp* tins to East. street, 1 h"same actiou taken in reia;tou to renumbering Fourth street A i?p< it from the l.ou.u il'ee on S'reets,of this Board, with resolution an< orditance in favor of settingenrb tnd gi.tter stones In Forty third street. be:ween Klghtb ma Ninth axvnue* was res J and adopted A rommunioatlon ?? received from the Superintendent of Streets aceomntr i-'l bv a resolution in favor Df arnulling 1fe con'reet with Oreenman an I Butler u r ole nliig tte streets of ili? compared of the Flrrt, Second. Fourth Slx'h Seventh, aod Tenth srds. an d authorising the ( on>p(r?ller to advents* 'or new proposals, no one eon'rant to Include more ban two ward . I he o >r man nation was referred t!> he t.omm ttee on ' letiilua st.vets. com u.uu nation wa- reoeived fro.n the Comptroller n rvla'i' n to tbe amount to h* rai?e I hv 'ax for the i?ar 1840 The kti ?nt r?quired f3 016 681 bein< >n Incinse of $206 214 ov r n ? amount levied for 18M. 1 he Comptroller a?*? o, a tempo*ary apptoprUtiou of MU2f>7 to meet clam s which will b.? presented in liLuarv and February n-xt. A'virnnt Aidi'mtu l-ranklio pre?i?n>?d an invitalon rn ei??d f< r m> n.b ra of th? Board to attend .rnnd I >11, in h >oor of Taylor and I illarjr*, 3ii lb* ?fi!b ifn> Accepted. eomaiuotf M?n w*? r?o?iv?d from the ~c n.pti <ll?r. ii-Mn^ tor a fmtVr appropriatioa of f.'! 610 for the bio" ioth if >? a'l'?" >alritl?,"? I'l.e Board of *ld>-rm?n adopted the ordintoqe, knit bix liiard ronaurn 1 bi? licard con ur* with the Uorlof Aldermen la drfilDg report of < <nimttira no w^arrm. Pleri, aafl 4!>|?i". in l?*< r of an aOiltMi<n*l appropriation to in tk* D ibe d>fleiecct for but d'n.?th>* t?>-ra at th? to > - of i tvtrorur, Jefferson, and i uthkrl lp*, nod f>t j>' d itjr pi*r^ at tbt f-ot of Deianct street ll*p itot tbe ' ouoiittec on Roade and Cana!?. la 'mt inf rxiiOtigtle grade nf W>V *tie?t. fr<nn i:ourtlli't to Liberty Mreet. nod tor c>o*truntiriff r -oeirnx tuiit n?t i tie iuterirouoa of IV'est and Li>erty rtiectn. Adapted. 'J LI* Board c"B''iT* " ! h the Boi'd A'deraien It* f?rluticn to pay K< k?nt>?u(,b. t.oiiner and Uatac I'i.'Jft for damag* Inquired in mi"1 i| nence of toelr call?r t?lr k ? \*rnrw.d ?ptn w-t-r dunn* tho build ng of iff ?e???r In ^ aidrO lane 10 1*47 INport dt Momw commute*, recommending th* pajnmt of tluO to tbe -xecut r? of N. S huremta, ihcmcd, for f?oj??r?' renr. of lot on Moorj* itravt, certified by Hc?e Coaipanj No 20 Hriolulni' - Bjr Aaeintant Aiderre-in Franklin, r? <rli.tloo in favor or appropriating *1011 urepair noun* si lint* I ompany No 2#. in Madia.>o i-tr?*t. Adopted. Hy Ad.-lfUnt Alderman Sobultx In favor of I i;htta? rltn k?k tho AtreetH turroundiug Union S'|uar? ? tdoptrd By AMlrtant Alderman Vranklln in favor of lingering tho ventillntinn o( th? oell* at th? ToTib*. bf aiiting the Inner doom to be grated with Iron rodaar ors. By Am Want Alderman <JeUy. in famr of lighting Jreen and Merour ftrtvU, from Canal to Spring atr??t, 1th gM. Adop?d. Court Calendar?Thla Day. Ci?cvit Court-Same a* yeeterday ktmrior Carat-2d 60. 105, 117, 118 127. 128. 132, 37. 147 160. 14 b 2.1 238, 7, 38 79 100 106 21. 210,3*, \). 2, 26, 142, 116, 6, 1u, 61, 116, 69, 69, 75, 08,143, 74, 82, !', 64, 1(3. Cor*t or Commow FIrit part? 68. 69, 61, 87, i. 73. 76. 73, <7, 70, 83, 81. s?oo?d part ? 168, :0. 172, 70, h6, 118. 92. 102, 104, 112. 116, 8, 100, 104 m, 1,128. _ Iowa?Gen. G. W. Jonr* and the Hon A C. rdiiv loooli ro?, b*ve been eitc'ad by t<in L'gielalura S. Senator* They ?r? eho?eu on the Arm baliot. he whig candidate* wot# Low and Walho*. >

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