Newspaper of The New York Herald, 12 Nisan 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 12 Nisan 1855 Page 2
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FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL* MONEY M.lKKKT. WkuwMDay, April 11? ? P. M. There in a b?tt?r feeling in the (took market to day. Beading and Erie Railroad (took* continue the favorites, ?t Improving price*. Thar* was a little more activity te da j ib State stock* and railroad bond*, but prise* do act show an y material alteration. At t^e first board) Msw Jersey Zinc advanced per cent; Nicaragua Transit, >4; Cumberland, ; New York Central Railroad, X; Erie Railroad. X , Harlem, X; Reading Railroad, X; Michigan Central Railroad, *4 ; Michigan Southern Rail road, %. Hudson River Railroad doclioed *4 per cent; Panama Railroad, X ; Galena and Chicago Railroad, % ; Cleveland and Toledo Railroad, The law pre ceeding* against certain directors and managers of the Nicaragua Transit Company have terminated ju*t a* we antici fated, and the pirtie* concerned havanot accomplished the object aimed at. The market price of the *took has ?etvaried more than a fraction during the argument*, and those who sold stock, with the Impression that a pan is would be created, and lower price* rule, have lim ply made a mistake. 1 'an a ma Railroad stock U sailing again below par. The extravagant statement* made npen the opening of this road, regarding its future earn If, have not thus far been realized, and probably will net be. The stock advanced largely and rapidly, in an tic pation of immense receipt*; and it waaour opinion at that time, that a more favorable time to realize would not soon occur again. The following sale* of bond* were made at auction to day by J. Thompson : ? ?87,000 North Carolina Sixes Flat. 98% a 99 22,000 Tennessee Size* do. 93% a 933{ 14,000 Michigan Sixes do. 90.^ 8, 0< 0 Ohio Sixes, 18(0 do. 107 ^ 47,010 Virginia Coupon Sixes do. 96 K 7,000 Missouri Sixes do. 93 4,100 Louisiana Sixes do. 90 11,600 Indiana State Fives do. 83 V 10,000 New Orleans City Sixes do. 83 2,000 Great Western (111.) RR, 10s.... do. 77 % 5.000 North'n Inda Goshen Rrancb RR do. 86.^ The following rales of bond* and stock* wero also made at auction to day, after the adjournment of the board : ? $6,1)00 Ohio Slxes^.. . Int added.107% 7,000 N. Y. and New Haven RR 7's, '50.. do. 86% 6,000 Ohio and Mississippi RR 2d mort.... do. 55*^ 5,f00 Cleveland and Toledo Income* do. 82 1,300 Cin.. Wilm'Ktn k ZaoetivUle RR 2d rag do. 70, 1,000 Cincinnati soil Chicago RR lit mirt. do. 40% WO Intercut bonds Cin. and Indianapolis RR 60 2(0 Hamilton and Dayton RR. scrip 79%" 10 chores Shoe anil Leatnor Bank 100 26 do. Market Insurance Co 78 ^ 40 do. Hamilton and Dayton RR 73 22 do. Little Miami RR 104% 20 do. Cincinnati and Indianapolis RR 60% At the second board the market w?s well sustained, but not active. Cumberland coal advanced % per cent; Krie Railroad, %; New York Central Railroad, Hud son Hivte Railroad wax weak, and closed with a down ward tendency. The transactions at the Arslstant Treasurer's office to day were as fellows : ? Paid cn Treasury account $100,827 03 Received do. 63.591 17 Balance do. 3,233,021 12 Paid for Assay office 170,841 16 Paid on disbursing checks 46,378,79 We are informed that Page, Bacon fcCo. have exenuted an assignment to Daniel Haadley, of all treasure and pro perty of whatsoever kind, which may have been forward ad from San Francisco to this place, since the 16th of March, and up to and including the 9th April, to pay in fall all draft* drawn from the 9th to 10th of March, both faelaaive? then to pay, not exceeding fifty per cent, oa drafts drawn subsequent to the 16th of March, and up to aad including 9th April. After the arrival of the remit tance of the 9th April from San Francisco, should there be a surplns in the bands of the assignee, after payment fa full of the first named drafts, and fifty per cent on those subsequent thereto, then said surplus is first to be used pro rata , or in payment In full of said last named drafts, aad the balance, if any, to go to the general creditors of the firm, share and share alike. We understand the ceasoas for preferring the drafts drawn from the 9th to 16th March, are, that parties who came forward to the house in resuming business, by buying their t7 ehange and giving them money foriame, under such cir cumstances, are entitled to considerations which those who came in subsequently, and after the house had re named, and purchased In the regular course of busiuesi, are net. Holders of drafts ihculd retain them and not ?end them'to San Francisco, for all the funds of the firm far their liquidation will befplaced in the hands of the assignee here. The steamship Asia, from Boston for Liverpool, to day, carried ent $690,000 in American gold, and ?126 in Eng lish silver. The warrants entered at the Treasury Department, Washington, on the 9th Inst., were: ? Far the redemption of s'oek too 01 1 07 Fer Hying Treasury debts ,'iii For the Customs Forthe War Department * * ' ' " " 131 70! w in HieWar Apartment 16>.4 CO Far the Navy Department 117 fUM 7a For the Interior Department I,'fi87 co The notes of the suspended free banks of Illinois are ?ew redeemer at par by the Auditor of that State; he having, in compliance with the law, sold the stocks which were pledged for security of the notes. The sus pended hank notes of Wisconsin are also redeemed in the same way. The sales of lands of the Illinois Central Railroad Com pany from the 12th of February to the 1st Inst., were:? Pre emption lands, acre* 2,419.00 Mortgage lands, acres 9,888 14 Free lands, aens 966.98 Total acres 12,274 72 Anoont received In cash $10,824 66 Mote* 126,763 18 Tot* I rale* (137,683 81 Of these f?le? the mortgage land* averaged $10 14 per acre ; and free landii $24 12 per acre. Id the Senate of this State .Vfr. Spencer, of the Bank Committee, read a note from E. J. Brown, Kan., Presi dent of the Hanbattan faring! Institution of thin city, stating that an error exist* in the report of the Bank Committee on Baring* Banki, which doe* great injustice to the institution over which he presides. The error is is showing a deficit of more than $130,000 in the cash item of its assets, whereas a correct statement shows a surplus of more than twenty one thousand dollars. Mr. Bpencer reail the following table showing the true con dition of the bask : ? Loans on bonds nnd mortgages $737, 229 CI ttocks anil bonds owned by the institution 129,49} QQ I/Mnsonrall $lo6,020 87 Cash in banks 06.S88 94? 222 909 61 14 I total $1,099,63 1 02 Amount due depooitors, prlu s pal and interest, to Jan. 1, 186ft $l,068,f 69 96 Pnrplus 21,064 06? $1,0?9,634 02 The Commercial Dank of New Orleans has declared a dividend of four and one- half per cent, rhe Suffolk In sarance Company of Boston has declared a dividend of fonr per cent, pajable on demsml. The Cocbituate Fire las nrsnce Company a seml-snnual diridsnd of four per eent. The receipts of the Chicago, Burlington and Qui icy Railroad Company for the months of January and Feb ruary, 1866, amounted to $41,023 61, against $28,732 81 for the sans time last jear. It will be remembered that the road was entirely closed by snow from January 20 to February 27, while from the 7th to the 13th of February It was only operated 18 miles of its length. From the SM to the 27tb of February, likewise, no trains run npen the road. A eossparlaoa of the aggregate movement in the lead, ng departments of the banks of Boston, during each of the past three weeks, exhibits the annexed results ? Basks or Boston. AfareA 26 April 2 April 0. 1 aans and dlsc'ts. . . $62,666,306 62,242 260 62,390 465 >peste 8 344,361 $.288,318 3 362,213 1 me from other banks 7,*f3,83H 7fihrt,a>>6 0.641.347 lne toother banks.. 6,677,321 6,460,630 1.3M.676 I epotita 14.2^9.3.14 14.241.363 lft.lMt.3l4 < Ireulation 6,937,199 6.844.631 7.94S..r>97. Tbeie has been an increase since the returns for the Id Inst., in every department. The groea receipts of the Bouthern Michigan and North ? rn Indian* Railroad Company for the first three months ia each of the past two years, hare been as folio w? ? Michiuak Soithki* AX? Norths** Iwoiaxa Railroad. 1864 1851. January $** 326 32 $120,171 87 February 93,797 <?? 106. 'XM 00 March 149,586 94 196,677 00 Total $331. 7C9 34 $122,916 37 increaaein 1866 $91,207 0$ But for tha obstructions from deep 'Sows in Februa ry, the increase in receipts that month would have beeo mueh greater. the following is a description of ceunterfelt fires on the Bank of Commerce, Boston, which have recently been put in circulation: ? The vignettd consists of a fe male. the Goddess of liberty, holding ? spear on which a liberty cap ia placed, m her right hand; th^Jeft hand paints to a scroll on which the words "Agrlcurture and Connie: an" are inscribed. On the left hand aide of the ?male is a train of railroad ear?, under heedwaji eo^ lag aramd aearrs. Ob the tight U a itrcr, os which two iteeaaboeiU are rUlbli m* a'. a dManoe Mid the otter apparently quite nsar. Balei of ? ntiiaihi and bundle# of fruit lie scattered around the female. The counterfeit ie a new one, agd ikely to daoeire the un wary. Wreatha of flowera encircle the flgurei "6" on tba bill. Tbe Banker t' Magazine furnishes the return! of cir culation of the private and joint at >ek bank! in England and Wales for the four week 4 ending the 17th of Feb ruary, and givee the following a< the average weekly circulation of those bank! during the put month, vis:? l*rivate banks ?3 813,786 Joint itock bank! 3,0(6,434 Average weakly circulation ?6,819,219 On comparing the above with the return! for the preceding month, ending the 30th of January lait, it showa? A decrease In the circulation of the private bank! of ?128,677 A (^crease in the circulation of tbe joint stock bank! of 07,869 Decrease on the month ?226,636 And, ai compared with the return for the corresponding period of last year, viz., February 18, 1864, it shows? A de-rfase in the circulation of the private bank! of ?83,166 A decrease in tbe circulation of the joint stock banks of 62,026 Decrease on tbe year ?136,190 On comparing the above with tbe amounts of the died issues, the following appears to be the comparative state of the circulation,? The pr.vate binka are below their fixed issues ?787,933 Tbe joint stock banks are below their fixed issue* 319,423 Total below their fixed issue ?1,107,366 The annual accounts of the Dank of England juit pre sented io Parliament, show that the amount of ail Ex chequer bills, Treasury billi, or other government lecurities which were purchased by the Governor and Company of the Bank of England, or on whish any aums were lent or advanced by the sail Bank of Engltnd, during the year ending the 6th of January, 1866, Includ ed the following sums, vis : ? In the quarter ending the 6th of April, 1864, ?3,711,201; in the quarter ending the 6th of July, ?790,000; in the aame quarter, ?6,862,(48; in the quarter ending the 10th of October, ?600,000; in the same quarter, ?4,029,289; and in the quarter ending tbe 6th of January, 1866, ?2,460,682. All these advance! were made on the growing produce of the Consolidated Fund. There were also advanced on Exchequer blHs two sumn of ?1,7(0,0(0 and ?300,460. All these amounts were paid ofT during the year, except ?236,900, which remained undischarged In tho hands of the Bonk on the 6th of January lait. The balances issue J for tbe pay ment of dividend! due and not demanded, ani'for the payment of lottery prize! or beneBts not olaimed, amounted as follows, viz On the 6th of April, 1864, to ?1,099,209, of which ?990,963 was advanced to govern ment; on the 6tb of July to ?1,079,164, of which ?979, 164 was advanced to government; on the 10th of October to ?1,(13,293, of which ?913,293 was advanced to gov ernment; and on the 6th of January, 1866, ?1,066,081, ef which ?913,293 (the same sum as in the preceding quarter) was advanced to the government. The sums left in the Bank of England consequently amounted on the above quarter days to ?>08,266, ?100,000, ?100,006, and ?162,788, respectively. An account of the recsipt and expenditure of the sum of ?2,794,722 during the year 1864 by the Commissioners for the Reduction of the National Debt, shows that the greater portion of the receipts accrued from "cash received at sundry times from the Exchequer," and that nearly all of this cash, or ?2,771,697, was expended in the purchase of Ex chequer bills. Tbe rest of tbe receipts were appropriat ed to the purchase of ?2,974 Consols, and ?24,921 Re duced Annuities Consolidated. A supplementary return states that on the 16th of February, 1864, Mr. Gladstone, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, applied to the Bank for advances on Exchequer bills of suth sums as should not leave a larger amount of the said bills in the hands of tbe Governor of the Bank than ?1,000,000; and that on the 8th of June, 1864, a similar advance was requeited to Ihe amount of ?760,000. Both sequeet* were com" plied with by the Court of Directors of the Bank of Eng land. Stock Eiehang*. Wxdmkpay, April 11, 1855 $10,000 Ind. State 5'a 84 60 shs Erie RR. . b30 52* 600 Virginia 6'i. 96* 200 do s30 62* 2, POO do 90* 60 do g\0 52 * 10,(00 do 96* 260 do b30 52V lO.OCO do...btm 96S' 850 do s90 62V 5,000 Miasourl 6's. 96* 100 do bio 52 V 0011a. Ut m b.s3 95 100 do b80 52V 8,000 do.... 1)3 0ft 300 do b00 53 2,000 do. ...tftO 04 * 60 do i60 62* 2,000 Erie 2d m. b. 101 '200 do. ...b3 62 V 5, COO Kr b.ot >7? .3 88* 250 do I.'!. b30 62V 20,010 do b30 88, V 50 do.....?30 62 1 60 M WK 26 Harlem RR 31 6,600 111. C. RR. b. 79* 160 do s3 31 V 6,000 do 76* 100 do ....M0 31V 6,800 N.Y. Cen. 7 'a 100* 60 Reading KR SOU 1,OOOC. fcR. l.RH.b 96* 200 do b30 89V 1.000T. H. ftA.latM. ?0 1350 do h3 86*5 2,000 CI. & Tol.d'd b 73 * 300 do .... 89 '2 o?,0??? ?5o--;'l>c0 1*X 200 do ?90 86* 20 aba Ocean Bk. . . 76 200 do b60 87 5 Metropolitan Bk. 108* 100 do ... . 89?' 8 Hanover Bk 9b* 260 do." o b9v 10 8t. Nicholas Bk. 99* 200 do ?9* 200 Can*?n Co. ,.s3 27 * 120 Hudson Riy RR. . 40 7C0 N. J. Zinc Co.. *3 6 100 do nl0 39* 50 do 5* loo do i90 39?/ 160 Nic. Tran. Co.s3? 10 'i 100 do a?0 39 ? 650 Cum. Coal Co.... 10 600 <<o 39V <?? <10 ?00 29 * 10 Mich Cent RR!!; 83 J?2 ?? ba0 30 '? 50 Mich Sou RR ... 98v 18? do ''30 30* ftOPanam* RR..t>60 100 200 do b30 30* 14 do 100 2?| do blO 80* 50 do bBO 100* 100 do a?0 30 50 do 99 * -! Mvr110;".'^ c a01* 18 N Ind Construe. 90 76 NY Central RR.. 94 37 Gal t Chi RK..a3 90 310 do . . . . sOO 94 20 do s3 90 V JlSr-- J"*,:--;-0 94li 36 Clare ft Tol RR.. 74 iOO Erie Railroad .. . 62'4 200 do.... b80 74U ?*? 52% 100 do b30 74* JM* do 52* 70 do 73 V v00 do >60 52* 80 do 73* SECOND BOARD. ' 500 abrt 111 Cen RR bd 76 * 500 aha Erie RR 52* 7,COO do 79* 150 do b3 52?i UONIcTian 0o...^3 10^ 100 do 52?.' 4,r>0 Fear it e RR 89* 100 do giJO 52* <00 do b80 87* 100 N Y Cen RR .... 01* NO <o c 89* 100 do bOO 94* *00 do btO 87* 100 Hud Riv RK...*3 39^! 2(0 Cum Coal Co.... 30'? 50 do.... al5 394' 150 do t>3 30'i 150Clcr & Tol RR... 78V 100 Erie RR 62* 100 do s50 73 100 do b30 52* 1C0 do b'?0 74 CITY THaDE II ic port. Wednesday, April 11?6 r. M. <\?il!s quiet. %RKAne*tnn< ? Flour? Common brand* of State were about 6*c eanier. The aalea o( all kinda reached about 7,000 a 8,000 bbli., Included in which were common to good Hate at $9 44 a $9 68: Western brands at un> (Hanged pi let a: C?iia<limn at >10 20 a$U 26; and South ern at 910 <? $10 60 (or oomtn.n to good, and at $10 69 a $11 76 for fancy and extra. Rye flour aella in email parcels at $9 50 a $7 62. Meal waa unchanged. Wheat ?The only cale of moment reported waa 1,660 buaheW good to prime Southern white, at $2 55 a $2 70. Carn ?The aales reached about 28,000 bushels, part to ar rive, at $1 06 a $1 07 for mlx?J, white and yellow Southern; one cargo of Southern yellow sold at $1 08. Rje waa baa buoyant; 200 bushels were ao'd a*. $1 46. Oatn were unchanged. Rarley and malt were eanier. The beavlcees in rye and barley waa attributable in part to the prospective aflccta of the State Temperance law on tbe eplrit tiade. Oorm ? The market was mere active; sales of 1.600 bags Klo were made at 11c. all*c.;1 604 do. native Ceylon at p. t.; 6,000 do. it. Domingo at 9*e., fir ship ment to Trieste, 100 bags Maracalbo sold at 12c. Cotton? Owing to the unfavorable news from the Fon (h regarding the effects of frosts, and advanced prices in Gulf ports, there was a speculative movement, and the aalee reached about 6,000 bales. Including about 1,600 a 2,0(i0 In traasltu. The market advanced *?. on (rales above middling. Khuohth ? To Liverpool 750 bales of cotton were engaged at 3-16d. for compressed, and 150 toos logwood at 17s. 6d , snd 860 barrels rosin at la. 3d. To London there waa nothing naV. To Havre eome cotton was taken at 3s. 8d. . other articles were nominal. To Cal ifornia rate* varied froaa 'tOc to 36e Facrr.? Salea of 200 boiea of bunch raisin* were made at $2.46, with a*?ne layers at $2 76. Hav.? Small salea were made at 90c. a $1. Iionsv. ? '?ales of 42 hhds Cuba and 81 tierces wer< male at 45c., and 60 tierces do , oa private term*, all for cash and in bond. Mnuiwn ?About 600 hbda. New Orleans prime eold at 2Vc. Navai. Btomb ? Small aales of spirit* were made at 41c. On. ? Unseed waa better, with aalea at lie. a 83c. Pkovisiom* ? Pork, tbe market waa tolerabli active, and the aalee embraced about 1,200 bbls , included in which were old mean at $16 87 a $16 60; and $17 37 a $17 80 for new do. At the cloae. holdera refuse! to sell old mesa at $15 87, am1, in the afove salea were 600 bbls. eld mee*. esoh to day, at $16 44. Beef sold to a moder ate extent at oil prices 60 bbls. Indiana beef hams were sold at $20. Salea of 260 boxes bacon were made, a ahort rib in, at 8^o a^i. About 400 or 500 packages abouldera and hama were aotd at 7c. for the former, and ?e a 9<<e. for the latter, laid waa firmer, the sales embraced about 400 or WO packages at 9*c a loe., and 900 kegs prime at lie. R*4l Km at*. ? llouae and lot HO West Twenty -seventh street, 20x98, $6,000: 1 lot corner of Seventh avenue and Thlrtv flttb atreet, 24x76, $6,1M?, 1 do on rcrtr fourth straat, near Third avenue 25xl0)>, $*.vv, 1 <je. adjoining, 26x100, $680; house and lot on Kighty-fourtb street, near Fourth avenue. 26tl02, $2,400. ,lo adjoining, 2'ix 100, $$,000. Rkh ?The market ont'nued with mo<ierate aalea. Srr.aa ? Salea of 260 hhda. Porto Rlcn were made at 4*a. a 6e aa<l 100 hlxta Cuba nine. ?vl-i x\ |*e {jraN,? -Hkla* ?. eavWMa ?*a 4a/? lerma ?U month*? 13 do , 38*0. ; ?! do.. 87 *?. ; Is do , 37c. :*?? do., M?c. : (1 do., 3tc. \ 81 do., 36X?.:#6 do., 36c ; 7?do., 84\e ; 30 do . 34; 87 do., 33 Xe.; 88 do., 38c.; 80 do.. 82e ; 22 do.. 82>,c., 89 do.. 31 Sc.; 272 do.. 31s.; 347 do., 30 Xo J 70 do. ; 80; 118 do., "49c ; 138 do , 28 Xe.. 68 do, 37 Xc.; 160 do., 27o.; 198 do., 2A^o.: 180 do , 26 Us. ; 110 do., 26c.: 84 do., 24*0.; 78 do.; 24; 60 eases da., 61c. ; 38 do., 44e. ; 10 do, 42*0 ; 32 do., ?0Wc. ; 10 mats, 43c.; 60 do., 30e., 26 do., 33o. .? Hyson Skin? 44 chests at 3c. ; 41 <o., 20?. Hymn Twankey? 111 half cheats, tt 30o ; 160 do., 2?Xe.;77 do, 27>;c.;106 do.', 26Wo.. 100 do., 26)40. ; #2 do., 28 We. ; 81 do., 22c. Gunpowder ? 60 half cheats at 41Xe.: 18 do., 40c.; 24 do., 34c.; 110 do.. 38Xe.; 11 dt., 83c. ; 80 do., 29*0. Imperial-83 half ehstts, at 67c. ; 26 do.. 63c ;22 do , 60o ; 80 do , 49c.; 161 do., 40e. ; 86 do., 86c. ; 23 do., 33 We. ; 28 do., 32o.; 18 do., 31 X; 23 do ,31c.; 30 do , 30*0.; 37 do., 30; 98 do., 29 X ; 26 do.. 29; 66 do , 26. Imperial Hyson 8* in? ?9 half chests, at 24c. Oolong? 92 half ctests, at 26c ; 210 do., 26Ue." C0D|0U? 66 chest# at 21 Xe Pouchong? 60 half cheata at 23c. Go'oog? 47 boxes at 16X? WhiBkkt. ? The market <lecUntd from lc. Ho 2c., and 800 bbli. were sold at 32\o. a 33c., closing at about the inside flguie. New York Cattle Market. Wkdotbday, April 11, 1864. WASHINGTON DROVB TAKD. The supply of cattle this week waa much more liberal than It hai been for some time pait, and the quality of the offerings, in general, was somewhat bitter than usual. Prices, however, are unyielding, and, la conse quence, buyers are disposed to hold off a little. Most of the cattle ia the yards to-day were from this Statt and the West? chiefly Illinois. Few cattls worth speaking of were sold under 10 cents; the average may be quoted at from lOXc. to 12Xc. the pound. Some transactions at 13c. were reported, but we could not trace them to a re liable source. The market at the close was dull, with about 200 head left over unsold. The show of other stock at this market this week was not of muck adeount. Pricet. Beef cattle, extra quality, per 100 lbs . . . $11 00 a $13 BO Do. good quality 10 60 a 10 76 Do. common. ? a ? Co. inferior ? a ? Cows, extra ? a 60 00 1)0. good 30 00 a 46 00 Do. ordlaary ? a ? Sheep, extra 6 00 a 800 Lambs 2 00 a 6 00 Swii>e 6a 0 AT BROWNING'S. 260 beeves $9 00 a $10 20 Do. extra ? a 12 60 69 cows acd calves, first quality ? a 60 00 Do. do. good 30 00 a 46 00 66 veal calves, (live weight,) 4X a 7 2,362 sheep and Iambi? sheep 8 60 a 7 00 ? lambs 2 00 a 6 00 The market here for beeves is a shade lower than last week. Veals are very dull, especially as regards inferior quality. Cows ?nd calves slow, but pricex steady. Steep are firm, at about previous rates, but the salos axe not quite so ready. Mr. McCtrthy reports the market g6od. The following 1h a memorandum of his sales: ? 186 iheep, at $816 00 100 do. 'at 600 00 100 do. at 656 26 1 do. at 5 00 80 do. at 13c per lb 479 44 133 do. at $6 60 731 60 74 do. at 36 4 60 624 sheen, at $3,642 69 The following is a memorandum of sales by Mr. Mc Graw: ? 60 sheep at $331 26 60 do. at 309 26 64 do. at 290 25 61 do. at 327 87 64 do. at 288 60 *3 do. at 237 75 56 do. at 810 76 72 do. at 416 78 420 head at $2,607 50 .Alto, 18 sheep at 13% cents per lb , 98 at 18 oant*, and through the week 30 at from 10 to 13 cent*. Mr. McGraw also said one pair at cattle to Win. Lalor for $2b7 CO, owned br J. G. l'omeroy & Co., and ted by Jamex Cowan, of Cortland county; alio, tvo piir of extra worklog cattle to the Nary Department for $600. AT chambeklain's. 206 beef cattle $8 00 a $11 60 03 cows and calves 30 00 a 60 00 120 veal calve* (live weight) 4 to 6){c. 3,040 sheep and lambs $3 00 a $8 00 There was at this market a substantial increase of the several description* of stock. Prions for beevee were hardly fco firm as last week. Quotations havo a rather wide range. Other cattle steady at previous qotatiom. AT u'BBIEN'B. 216 beeves *8 op a $10 50 86 cow* and calves 2H 00 a 66 00 44 veals (live wsight) 3 a 6 a $c. Market dull, and pnces of beeves and calves a frac tion lower. RECAPITULATION. Co lot and Wal Sheep an I Beeves. Calvt. Calve*. Lambs. Alltrton's 2,300 25 800 1,100 Browning' .? 200 59 65 2.352 Chamberlain's.,.. 206 08 120 2;940 O'Brit dh 216 86 41 ? Total 8.101 268 520 6,302 These aggregates show an increase over the stock of fered last week of 624 b<eves and 1,768 sheep and lambs; and a decrease of 178 in veals. ADfEtTlSEMEMTS RMKWBfl ETEEY DAI. gPEClALMOTlCKI. A CARP.? CLAY FESTIVAL j ASSOCIATION.? THE Committee on Invltatitus regret the necessity to an nounce to their associates that tney h?v? Jait received a letter from Hon. John P. Kennedy, accompanied by a note fren his physician, by which it appears that Mr. Kennedy wi I bo prevented from bring present at the festival this evening, in consequence of sivere indisposition. JAMES L. 11F.RRIAV, i WM. FA K DON, S Committee. J. H. UR.MSHEE, Jr. ) ("1U.?ll'T ROLLER'S OFFICE, CITY OF ST. LOUIS, J Mnroh, 26, 1866. ? Great closing sale of the Third sub division of the city commons, St. Bonis, Mlssouii? 1.7U0 beautiful building lots/at auction? By order of the Mayor and Conncil of the eity of St. Louis, Missouri, on Wednesday, May 2, 1865, we *111 sell at put, lie suasion the entire number of lots In Ibe city eosmons, belonging to the eity. remaining unsold. This property comprises Ms* subdivisions of city commons blocks N'os. *5, 2ti, 27, 28, U and 4fi. These bloeks have boen subdivided into smaller lots of twenty-five feet tmnt each, by a depth of one hundred and twent-flve feut, each lot fronting on a broad and beautiful avenue. The ground is most beautifully situated immediately hack of the present eity limits, on a ni#h and commanding point, afford Ing a magnificent view of the entire city of St. Lonis, the Mississippi River on tho east, and the beautiful undulating prairie on the west. Broad and splendid avenues have be?n lain off and opened wi< bin the past year through the gronds, and many of them are already macadamised; litres tracts have been reserved and retained by the city for p:irks, whieh tre beautifully looated, some of wbioh are already in a high state of improvement. Team of sale? Onesiith cash; the balance in equal pay ments, at one, two, three, four and five years, with interest a* the rate of six per cent per annum, socured by dueds of trust on the property. II. OY ER3TOLZ, Comptroller. Fur further partioulars apply to KENT k OBEAR, Anctlmcrs, Office No. 71 Chesnnt street, St. Lonis. Delta rm convention.? an oration and poem will be pronounced before the Delta Phi. on Thursday, the 12th inst., at the chnrohof the Divine Unity, No. /MS Bread way, at7)? o'clock P. M. Orator, Charles E. Whitehead, Esq., ol New York; poet, Anson O. Chester, Irq., of Buffalo. Mnsio by Dodworth's band. Green turtle -a fine lot of green turtle, just arrived, and tor sale ohoan, by J. W. A CO., 71 Vesey street, eoraer of Ureenwleh. DASTY LEGISLATION.? A BILL WAS PASSED ?1 Hst evening, in tho Senate of this State, and Is to be hurrlul through the House under oover of grading and pav ing Atlantic avenue, whereby steam locomotives are ts iuu through the heart ofthe cityot Brooklyn, forever. Masonic notice.-tiie members of york Lodge 197 F. A. M., are hereby requested t> attend tho tnneral of our late brother. E C. Bretef, at 1 o'clock P. M., this day, from the corner of Twentieth street and Sixth avenue. Tfce iraternitv are respertiully invited to attend. A. NORfllROP, W. M. Johw MoColu'm, Secretary. Masonic notice.-the brethren of pacific Ledge. No 2S3, of F J. A. M., are hereby notified that the propn?ed amendments to fav-laws will be acted upon, and election for Secretary lie held at eommunieation of (this). Thursday evening, April 12th. Prompt attendance qnested. THOMAS J. KEI.SV, Secretary protem. ROBT. THOMPSON, JR., COMMISSIONER FOR PENN sylvania, olBee, Irvtng Bank Bniiding, Urasnwich and Wsrren streets, New York. SPECIAL NOTICE.? THE ANNUAL FESTIVAL OF the United Plumbers' Benevolent Sooiety will b* held at tba Florence Hotel, corner of Broadway and Walker street, on Wednesday evening, April 18, at 7 o'clock. Members can iroeure tickets of Messrs. Nathaniel Sawver, John I'carce, Ym. O. Creamer, or of the Committee. No tickets will be sold after Monday evening, tho IfUh inst, ALEXANDER KAQLESON, ) JAMES INGRAM, > Committee. L. W. LEANEY, S TO T1IE PUBLIC.? ^OTICE IS IIBRERY GIVEN THAT Richard Sale ceased to be In my employ on and after the laurtli instant, as collector and salesman. DA Vrl D STEVENSON, brewer, Thirty ninth street aad Tenth avenue. New York, loth April, 1".V>. WORTH LEOION.-THi OFFICERS OF THIS OR' ganisatien are hereby notified to meet a* the Mercer House, en Thursday next, UMi inst. at 1% P. M., on bnsl m ss o! great importance.^ ^Ry^or.Ur JAMES C. ni'RNII AM, Colonel. REMOVAL. JOSEPH LEE, MERCHANT TAILOR-HAS REMOVES _jfro? 9U Broadway to Oilsey'i bnlMlngs, 160 Broadway REMOVAL.-F. A T. BAVIS BEG LEAVE TO INFORM their pstro s and friends that they have remdved their taraitnre establishment from M Ann street, to 104 Sarins street, under the St Nicholas Hotel, and that they hive greatly added to their steek of snperb parlor dialog room ? lid hambir furniture. They take this opportunity to in vite thai ublle togjve then a call and also to tbaai their patrons for ^ast favor*. EM OVA I ?HOLMES A BVTLEE'S ALOM PATENt ssfe depot has beaa removed to N#t. n Maiden Isne, (telow Liberty,* where an assortment of thetr new patent slnmfil'ed safee may be s-en, at well as the lorlglaal) sate made by them, whieh retaivad the first aad only mrdal si the great Crystal i'ala. a leet ef twenty feat boars, in 1CM, Js. B ? A written warrantee af dryneae given with aeak safe. *nRrniALWM. SPIRITUALISM -MISS f RULING, A tVEITINO Atl) tipping me.iinai, eaa be consulted, free ot eharta, daily, frees lti i? U A. It., at J3to5 P M.. at W I'vaftJi AT taut, bet wean Elevsath tad TweMlh street*. mtHCl&L. $1,000,000 posala will be received for the whole or any p?rt of tfca ?tovalssoe of bonds. Thuy art dated lot July. l&H ut payable to bearer, in the city of Now York, on the 30th Jane, I'M, with interest ooapona attached, attho rato of 6 per oent Kr annum , pay able semi annually at tho Bank of Ameriok on 0 Ut of January and July ot taoh yaar, at d on? half their amount convortinle into tho stock of th* oompany at tho op tion of tho holder. These bond* are iaaued under full authority of the stookholders, lor the pnrpoae .of finishing and equipping tbe road, and tbey are eoonre J by a second mortgage an the road, with all the real estate, fixtures aad equirmeat*. trauohiaea, appurtenances and privilegea apper taining thereto. The flrst and prior mortgage li for (1,300,000, of which $1, 000,000 wai taken by the State of Virginia, oa the following very advantageoua termi 81* per oent la teieat, aad the principal to be liquidated by payment a annu ally of one per oent for thirty-tour years, commencing oa the let of Jaly. 1861 The remaining $500,000 ware sold at DM. The capital of the oompany la (3,000. (Ml, three filths of waieh ie held by tbe State of Virginia, and tbe whole amount paid in is 12.976,100. The length .of th* road, (torn th* oity of Lynchbura to the Tenneaaee line, 1* 201 mile*, of whleh 196 are entirely finished and ia operation. The remaining aiity nin* mile, require only (236,000 to complete them, aad ten month* labor 1* only neceesary to pnt the entire road iato foil operatioa. There baa been expended on the road abont S 5.000, 000 in construction, rolling nook and axponses, a aum oubl* th* amount of both mortgage*, whioh together do not exceed (13,000 per mile of road. Tbe road form* a link in th* chain of road* wtlch are to become probably the moat impor tant rout* in the Union, giving an almo*t straight line from tbe Northern aad K a. tern cities to tho*e on th* Oulf of Mexico and the Mississippi, ahortening the dlatanoe more than tw? hundred mile*; and there i* but one more link to be finished to afford a continuous railroad tranaportatlon irom th* city of Washington to Montgomery, Alabama. But independent of the travel that will ootne toil a* a part of tbe great South and Nirth line, the Virginia and Tenne**ee Railroad ha* a certain looal buainea* of it* own, whioh U ?learly aaeertalned by the earning* of laat year, with only (ishty Ave mile* open, ((163,0*9 78.) as being sufficient of it sslf to support the road. It passes almost its whole length through a region abounding wjth a variety of minerals of the most valuable nature, aueh a* lead, eoal, iron, eopper, aalt and gypsam. all of whioh exist in great abandinee. whioh have been hitherto neglected, bat whioh are fast being deve Iop*d now that th*y oan be oonveyed to market. In abort, tbe proapcota of the road are moat flattering; and faltered a* it ha* heen by the Stato, and lupported generally by tne people *f Virginia, with ?o large a oaah capital aotually paid in, ft i* believed ao security ha* been recently offered of a better character. The Company have agreed to *et apart one per cent, annually on the amount oi their bonds from the earainga of tbe r'wl, aa a .inking fund to meet the pay ment of them at maturity : aad th* stockholder* hare aaopt < d a* a line of policy, to declare no dividend oxoeptlng from a caah surplus, alter tbe interest and sinking fund have been provided tor. The terms on which tbe aal* will be made are 25 per cent, down, and the balanee in payment* of 10 percent, every thirty day* till all paid. If the whole amount ia paid at once, intereit to 1st July to So allowed. The right or reject ing all or any part of th* bid* ia roaerved. If deemed for the interests oi the Company to do ao. The bonds will be lodged In bank, to be delivered when the whole amount is paid. Full information will be given on all *ubJ*ot* con nected with tbe financial affair* of the Company, whioh eonld be derived by parties wishing t> offer for th* bonds, and document* and references obtained by applying to Adrian II. Muller, Esq , No. Wall street, N*w fork, to whom offer* muat bo **nt, aealed, and marked " Tender for Railroad Bonds, " on or befoie the 24th day of May next. JOHN ROBIN McDANIBL, President Virginia and Tennessee Railroad Co. Tbe Board of Director* are : HENRY DAVIS. THOMAS 1,. PRESTON, CEOKUE S1UART, WM. T. ANDERSON, W 1 LI. 1AM A. READ, And C. F. M. CARNETT i* Chief Engineer. 1 will receive aealed proposals for the above loan, which will remain with me unopened till three o'olock P. M. of Thnraday the 24th day ot May next, to be then opened in tbe pretence of the President, or tome other authorised agent of the oompany. ADRIAN n. MULLER, 38 Wall street. New Tork, 6th April, 1*66. *7*0 nnn NIW YORK and harliii rail <P I UU.UUU . road, leeoud mortgage 7 per oent bond*, part of an lira* of on* mlllioa. Thia mortgage cover* a large amonnt of real eatata in tbl* oity, a* well a* many Streets on th* line of tbe road, not Incladed ia the first lortgage; tbe branoh road to Port Morris, on th* East River, with wharf and ground belonging thereto, and all the rolling stook aad farnitur* ot th* road. The bonds are iasatd with interest coupons attached, pay able oa tbe first day* of February aad Angaat in aach year, and tb* principal reimbursable on th* flrtt day of August, 18tvi. Th* mortgage 1* mad* to th* Farmer*' Loan and Trust Company, of this city, as trastee for the bondholder*, and recorded in all the aoaatiea through whioh the road pa**e*. Thia issae, added to tbe flnt. will mak* the mortgage in eumbrance upon tke road lour million dpllar* ? le<* than fifty Cr cent upon It* coat up to tbl* time. The proceed* of the nd* now offered, will be a**d? flrst to extinguish the floating debt of tha Company; and, aecond, to complete the double track to White Plain*, and erect aom* f?w station bona** required on the line of the road, all of which, it i* ex pected may |b? doae (*o aa to cioae " coustruotion ac count " at tbe and of tbe year. The aoenrity upan whleh the** bond* art based i* believed to be la all mpeet* ample, qalle aa reliable a* that ot tbe flrit mortgage. The earatap* of the road are constantly In ereaiing, and it* bu*ine*a, present and pro*p?otive, never *o satisfactory a* now. Proposals for all or any of these bonda may be addreased to William B. Draper. Treasurer, Uarioin Railroad Com York, endorsed " Proposal* for 2d Mortgage til the fifteenth day or May next, when they will and should state whether the offer be made ia living the bond*, or in in ?tatment*]of twenty -five yable respectively on th* 16th of May, 15th of of July, and loth of August. Tho right of re easy, New York, endorsed " Proposals for 2d Mortgage Bonds," aatil tbe fifteeath day or May aext, when they will be opened, aad aboald atate whether tho offer be made ia caab oa receiving the 1 Sir oent, payable reap une, 16th of July, a .. jectlng all or any part of thi bids la reaerved, if deemed for the interest of the Company so to do. By order of the Board of Directors. NICHOLAS DEAN, Preaidont. Wm. B. Dbapbr, Treaiurer Note. ? Thi* road terminate* In the oantreof tbo oity or New York, 1* one hundred and thirty mile* long, con necting the city with Albaay, and all the trade or the great We*t, together with a portion of that of the North. The annual grou earning* of tb* road new exceed one mlllioa el dollar*. N*w York. April 3d. 1A65. HftA ?MONEY TO LOAN ON DIAMONDS, ?J)vJ\JU.UUv/. watches, jewelry, aegara, pianoforte*, merchandise, and personal property generally, (or hoa<ht foressh.) Busiest* confidential, aad executed promptly at 78 Nassau itreet, firat floor, back office. FLORENCE A CO. nnn -money TO LOAN ON DIAMONDS CUOu.UUU . watch**. Jewelry, dry good*, stgars, Atx, or bought for caah; city stocxa, note*, bond*, mortgages aa* bill* of *xcbange negotiated. Buslneu confidential an 4 prompt by THOMPSON A CO., broker* and oommissine merchants, 102 Nassaa (treat, corner Ann, room 2, seeoa i floor. conn nnn T? loan ?N valuables? in ant ?P^jUV/.UUU required anrna, lor ahort periods, at the City Loan Oflci, 75 amiio atreet, rear building, Moond floor, room No. 1. nnn T0 LOAN at seven per cent, on ipDU.UUU good jniproTfd or unimproved real oatate ia thin oity, or Brooklya, In aumi from tl.OUU to $U,UOO.? AUo 948,000 to invtat in tba puroiiaee of mortgage*. Apply to J. k. COOK, Junior, No. 4 New atroot, near wall. q?/rf: nnn TO lend? on bond and mortgage, iftlUiUUu in auma to tuit applicanta. tor a term of year*, on good productive real citato la thia oity belew Thirty fourth atreot. Apply to 8. 8. BKOAB, |3 Wall at. nnn T0 loan, on bond and MORTGAGR, iT?v(vUU a pon drat olaai improved prooorty. In a h la city, in itima of about $&,00f . Nona bat print ? ala need apply, Addieaa Mortgage, Herald office. (tin nnn wanted-in a MANUFACTURING flU.UUU and wholetalo buainaaa, well eatahliahed. of the biiiheat reapootability, and in tbe beat loeality in the city. Party will be amifty aecured, either aa apecial partaer or cither* im. If apecial partner, referenoea muat he unex eeptioaable. Apply to BARKER A OSTRANDER, 1S7 Broadway. <*Q Ann (3,000 WANTED? AT SEVEN PER JIO.UvU cent, on property in thla oity worth four tiroea the amount. A note addreaaed to llenry. Herald ofliee, atatlng when and where an interview may be had, will meet with prompt attention. No brokage allowed. (tqnn -WANTED (SOU, FOR WHICH GOOD 3ECU ipOUU. ritv will be given. Addreaa J. It., Chatham e>(uaro Poat Office. A l.ADY WISHING TO ENLARGE IIKR BUSINESS, would like to meet with a party of one or two gentle won who would loan her $1SU or U00, for the uae of which aum ahe w< uld give gt od aeourlty, or would let a nicely fur niabed room, with partial board, In a private family. Ad dreaa Haritana, Broadway Poat Oflloe, atating where an in terview may be obtained. North Carolina biz per cent state stockb ? Treaaury Department, Raleigh, N. C., March 11 lets.? Sealed tropoaal* will be received at thia office aoM 10 o'clock A. If.. of the Mth af April next, for the purcha* of eaa million dollar* In bonda, ruoning thirty yearn. Tneai bond* are mued by the State of North Carolina for th> aoaatraeticn of the North Carolina Railroad; and la add! Moa to the faith ot the State, all the atook held by the Stela ia raid road, and the dividend* ariiing from aaid etoek, aa pledged for their redemption. They will bear data 3 Irat day of April, 18M, and will have ecupon* attached faj the intereat at an rer eent par annum, payable the An day* of Arri) and October In each year. Both lniareat and priaeipal will be payable at the Bank t tbe Republic, in the oity or New York, unleae where Ik puehaeer praferi to have them payable at the Trearacp ? North Carolina, They trill bo lined la an me of one thenaard dollar* eaofc Theae bond* at* by eipreet onaotmoat, exempted from tar atloa tor any purpo?e Partiea bidding will (lo?M ad dree* their letter*, eadonai "Propoaal* fer North Carolina atooka," te tbe anderelgnoA at Raleigh, h. C. They will alao atate at what point, aad B what Kind of fond* they proaoea to pay. The bid* will bo opened at 10 o^lock A. M., of tho MM April a*xt ia the preaenoa of tho Coventor, the Secrete^ and Comptroller of State, aad otfl. W. Mordoeal, Prcaidea ?f the Bank of the State of North Carolina. Tbe uader*ifB*d reaerve* the right of aeeeptiag raoh bid* la whole or la part, aa Bay bo deemed moitadvaatageoa* It tbe State. Soecaaafal bidder* will be re roqalrcd. a< eoon a* Inform* if tbe aooeptanee of their bid*, to depoett ia bank the arwow* }f their bid*, wjth the aceraed Intereat from the flrat day O April, 18#6, to the etedit of the Traa*uror of the State * North Carolina. Thia dopoait may bo mad* ia the Bank* the RepnhUo. Now York, the Book of tbe State of Marti Carolina, or the Bank of Cape Pear, Raleigh. Document* allowing the extant ot the reeoareeo of the SIM tad the amoant of her ladebtedaeea may be had at thff >fl*e, or oa applieatlo* te Mccara. BROWN A Dl RotSMTI Htyof Mow Yotk. D. W. COURTS. Public Treararar af North CarallMA Railway acceptances and otiier business paper ptirehaoed by JOHN B. MURRAY, No. 44 Wall atrret, over Bank of North America. Caeh advanooa made upon flour, grain, provision*, indigo aad other merohandixe, and aa voiael* at *ea or in port, aad on all moaeyed *oou lit le*. mo CAPITALISTS -TUB POX AND WISCONSIN J. Improvement Company offer te *apuall*ta for lured ment the remaining half ot their 8 per oont bonda, payable February 1 1873, intereat aemi annually, at tht Bank of North America, city of New York. The** boadl a?" aernred by a tint mortg age upon landa worth, at a low ?aluatiou, more than double the amount, alao npon the In provewieat itnelt, together with It* procoeda, ?at?r power Ac. Inqnlre at tho oflloe of tho Compaay, 14 Wall atreet C1ASH ADVA NO kD IN ANY AMOUNT, OR PUR j ebaaed at aight; Iliamoada, Watchea, Rich Jewelry, aad valuable perianal property generally. R. WOOD, l<9 Fulton atreet. Second floor, front room ; 8 A. M. to 5 P. M. Debt of Tns* republic op iexaj bought by OLIVER W. STANTON 81 Froat atrote. f RVING SAVINGS INSTITUTION, WO. M WARREN 1 atreet, oae dnor from Green wleh? Open dally from 10 A.M. te I P.M., aad 4 to 7 P.M. Inlereata4tber?te of *is rw} teat allowed oa all *um? from SI to ?Son. The rand* of th* iaatltatiaa ar? *?eur*ly ln?**t?d(n bond* aad mortgagee* the eltr of New York, worth doable the amount loaned. aW ia boa if* la tM* city. CALEB B. WOODHULL, Preeideat. W. M. Pi'MJ*, i Tine Preaiiieate. ?. ?. Vab Ph.t,J TmotlBiiT L. Brtrow, Seoratery. Money liberai ly advanced. B* PRr ARBS, BERNSTEIN A I'fTtLMPS, ta. t'cc o or*. No 81 liberty atr?'t, na? door fVos> Maeeau. oa a*< rbt v?val> ?ral **? "o '.i? '. w?. rfeturea, ?cr?'>aadt** A? 1 l.rt wHk B* for *aU. culm, address a itcte ?treat. CORPORATION notices. 1 tut river, now oocopied %y the UuitsS Statu, and tho pier ?Ht 01 pier No. 1, built for the purpose of i ferry to Staten Island, Including the latter pier, except tuob portion! of the kurfaoe of the pier on the welt tide thereof u may be required for the accommodation of a boat honae and liming place for email boate from Governor's Island, and from pub lie veseels of the United States and of foreign governments, according to a plan now uader consideration in the Common Council; It being distinctly understood that this ferry grant ie to confer ao privilege to oeoupy any portion of the water ob the west side of said pier, bat the same is reserved to be rented, or nsed temporarily by the Corporation of the City of New York until the same is otherwise disposed of by the Common Conneil, in altering the line of the battery wall, es tablishing a second ferry slip, or until interfered with by the operations of the contractor In completing the wall or the Battery enlargement. , It is also to be understood that the ferry grant is not to in terfere with pier No. 1 by landing on it, but tbat the (Jnitad States government is to have the sole use of that pier no cording to tbe terms of their lease, and as the same has been oecnpied bythem. The lease to eontaln covenants for the usual ferry fran chise from the foot of Whitehall street to the Quarantine dock on St a ten Island, or suoh other convenient plaoe as may be selected by the lessee, to be approved by the Mayor or Common Council. Also, that thelesiee will provide safe and comfortable steam ferry boats, adapted to the naviga tion between tbe city and island, and to be approved by the Commissioners ot the Sinking rand; that suitable, con venient, and comfortable ferry booses shall be erected and maintained, during the term ot the lease, at the several ferry landings for the shelter and accommodation of pas sengers; thai the docks and slips occupied by the lessee sball be kept la good repair aaa secure condition for the protection of passengers and property: with such other covenants at may be required by any act of the Common Council, provided tbe same Is passod in time to have notice given at the auction sale. Also, covenants on the part of the lessee that he will oon duct and manage the said ferry agreeable to inch rales, re ? illations, ordinances or by-laws, as now are, or may hereaf sr, from time to time, bo mude or passed by tbe Common Council or the State Legislature. Tbe grant of this ferry Is not to interfere with the right of the Corporation to grant other ferries to and from Staten Island, or to and from any other plaoe. Seoul ity for the faithful performance of all tho covenants will be required, to be approved by the kayor ,tnd Comp Ten per cent of tbe annual rent, and tbe f6es of the aue tloneer. to be paid on the day of tale, and ihe residue of rent in quarter yearly payments. At the same time sua plaoe. separate bids will be reoelved for tbe temporary uee of the slip and dook or pier on the west side of the ferry pier. The use of this privilege will be rent ed to the highest bidder, from month to month, subjoot to the conditions and reservations set forth in tho preceding part of. this advertisement. rdit m asi: rnOH uarci.ay street to The ferry established frem the toot of Barclay street in the city or New York, across the North river to Iloboken, in tbe State of New Jereey, and commonly citlied the Iloboken ferry, will be s*ld at public auotion at the same time and plaoe as befire stated, under the direction of the Comptroller. This sale will embrace only the ferry franchise, as no por tion of the property at the foot of Barolay street belongs to tbe city: and on tbe Jersey tide the present lessees, John C., Edward L., and Edwin A. Stevens, are tbe exclusive owners. Tbe conditions of the present lease will be embodied in tub new lease, one of whioh Is, that the lessee takes It subject to whatever may be tbe right of the hairs or legal representa tives of ffm. Rbinelander, deceased, to the bulkhead at the toot of Barclay street, or anv part thereof, or to the wharf age or profits to accrue therefrom. The terms of tbe present lease will bo followed, and in the general provisions are similar to the foregoing, In relation to the States Island ferry. HELL GATE t'ERRY, AT THE FOOT Or EIGHTY - SIXTH STREET At the same time and plaoe, tbe ferry lease Irom the foot of Eight} -sixth street, Eatt river, to Astoria, will be sold for ten years from the first of May, 1847, in obedience to the requirements of the following resolution, vlt. Res lived, That the Comptroller be, and ho Is hereby, di re oted to advertise the lease of the Hell Oate ferry, running from Eighty sixth street to Astoria, tor ten years, for sale at pnblic auction, by a notice in the Corporation papers for ten days*; and to lease tbe tame to the highest bidder who will give adequate security; and that the Corporation coun sel prepare a lease to said highest bidder, in pursuance of the provisions of the seventh seotion of the act further to emend tbe charter of the oity of New York, passed April 12th, 1233. Approved by the Mayor. Dee. 28, 1858. 1 he Corporation owns toe land and tbe piers and slips on both sides. A map of the premises has been prepared, whioh may be examined at tbe omce of the Comptroller. The new lessee, in the cases of all tbe ferries, by the seventh section of tbe charter of 1853. is " required to purchase, at a fair appraised valuation, tbe boats, buildings and other property of the former lessees, actually neoessary for the put poses of such ferry.'1 An C. FLAGQ, Comptroller. * The ehsrter requires thirty days. troller. HOUBKS, ROOMS, jtC., WASTED. A GOOD TENANT WANTED? FOB A CONVENIENT tbrie story baiement and under-ocllar brick home, with gu, bath, range, fee., No. 1& Smith itreet. Brooklyn, near I ulton street, seven miuutes'lwalk from Wall itreet ferry. with board, if desired. FOSTER A LOPEH, 4 Sanaa street. Apartments wan ed? for a man and his wife without children, part of a respectable bouse west ot First avenue, net higher up than Twenty second street. Rent moderate. Address M C D. , Herald office. A HOUSE WANTED? FURNISHED OR PART? WHEKE the rent will be taken In hoard, by n widow lady, with out any eactimhranoe, and who has been keeping a board ing house; a few select boarder* w-uld be ttken ; or would take a housekeeper'* situation in a first claaa houim or hotel. Unexceptionable reference given. Address B M. B , Herald office. ? FURNISHED ROOM? WANTED, THE DAILY USE OF a furnished room, by a gentleman residing out of town. Location np town in a quiet psrtot the olty, where there aie no boarders or children. Addtuas/'New Brighton," <Jniou tqaare Post office. House wanted-by a small family, ameri can, part of a home with modern improve monta, in a genteel location. The west or npper part of the city prefer red. Rent about $260. Address Mrs. Jones, 121 Clinton place. Eighth street. Half of a modern house wanted.-use of bath and gas, by a genteel American family of four, no email children; between Tenth and Thirty second street*. Apply at 477 Broadway, to Knapp, from 10 A. M , to 4 P. M. Kent from >900 to MOO. , Lower part of a house wanted in williams barg? By a gentleman and hi* wife, one child and *er vdnt. A parlor, sitting room, kitchen and two bedroom* re uu (red ; must be not more than thro* or four minute*' walk frcm Peek *llp ferry. Addreu (poatpaiii; L. A. , box 404, He rald office, itatlng terms, looation, Ac. OARS WANTED-FIVE hundred FINISHED ASn oar?, IS to 19 feet eaoh. Apply to KRE13LBR A WARD, 6 South William *tre?t. PART OF A HOUSE WANTED-FOR A SMALL FA nlly, situated within ten minute*' walk of the City 11*11. Addrea* H. C. R., Herald office, with deaoriptlon of rccm*. PART OF A HOUSE t WANTED-BY A SMALL RE apcctable familv of three peraena; looation between Grand and 1 wentieth street*, and not ?^st o f Second avenue. Any person having the above may find a good tenent by ad dressing J. J. B., box 161 Herald office. PART OF A DESIRABLE HOUSE TO LET, IN SOUTII Brooklyn, eoniiatlng of aecond floor, (four rooma,) front basement, gi* and fixture*, and water in thj hnnae, good yard and collar. Inquire *outh tide of Lniiner atreet, second hcuse from Court. Kent $1N), to a a email family. POWER PRESS WANTED.? CASH WILL BE PUD tor an Anatin power pre**, with ateam head, if eheap. Addreaa box Si-fi, Post Office, atatlng aise and price. SMALL FURNISHED HOUSE WANTED. ON THE outekirta of thi* ?lty, Jeriey City or Brooklyn. Eight oraine room* will be required. Rent not to eiceed Si-10 i" r unnum. Immediate possession wanted. Addre** T. J., 1)0x 802 Poit Office. TO LAWYERS.? WANTED. AN OFFICE IN WALt *treet. with a lawyer having a library. ^Addn** Lawyer, Herald offioe TWO ROOMS AND A BEDROOM WANTED? IN A genteel bou*e and neighborhood, by a (mail, quiet, re ?pectable family. Addroa* II. M. U., box 2,045, Post Offioe. WANTED? IN HOBOKEN. A TWO STORY HOUSE or cottage, in *ro?pectable neighborhood, for a family of tour person*. Oa* preferred. Rent not to eiceed or taoo. Addrea*, with particular*, Uoboken, Herald office. TErANTED? TWO OR THREE ROOMS EN SUITE, YV furbished or uafurntiibed, the latter preferred, without board, in a drat cla?* home near Broadway, or one of the public eqnaree, by a gentli man and wife without ehlldron. A private family, having more room than they wi*h, will find tbia a good chance to make a jleaaaut arrangement Addrea* box 1,880 Po*t Office. WANTED? A SMALL, GENTEEL HOUSE, OR A part of a hr.use, botween Seeond and Seventh eve nun, rot above Thirty fourth itreet, rett nut to exeeed *4C0. by a rmall American family. B?*t of refereaoea given and required. Addrea* L. W. M-, atating fall particular* and teim*, Herald office. WANTED? IN A QUI IT, RESPECTABLE FAMILY, two unfuroiabed room*, without hoard, in the vicinity of Blesekcr atreet Unexceptionable reference" required. Addrea* E. B., HI Marion atreet. i WANTED TO PUBCHASE-A SMALL COTTA'iE bouae and let, below JVSd street, aad between Mh ave nue and Broad* ay, or ia llobokea. The priee mn*t be low. Addreu J. v., Herald office, stating prioe, terms and loco Hon. WANTED-PART OF A GENTEEL HOUSE. FOUIt rooma and liassmint, la ? respectable a*l?hborhood.? Addret* bo* 3)4 Pott Offioe. TL ANTED? UNFURNISHED, A PARLOR OR PAB W lor*, with on* or two bedroom* aad baaement.with mo dern improvement*. for a amall family, without children, in a good location, between Second and Slith avenaee, aad Bard aad Twenty Ihird atreet*. R.feteuoes exchanged. Addre** Herald offire, foi two day*. WANTBD-A PART OF A HOUSE WITH MODERN improve meat*, by a family of three rrown peraon*. Reference exchanged Rent nut to eiooed S2.W; tho npper part of the city preferred. Addre** P. I. R., Herald office. WAMED TO niRE? A ROOM SIITABI.B FOR THE ?torage ?4 the furniture of a amall faffilly. Apply at 174 Chryttie street, near Rlvington. ~\l] ESTERN LAND? IN' MINNESOTA- WANTED IN fv eirharge for merchandise AI*o, to let, a three story and basement lioase, located in Jersey City, a few minors' walk from the ferry. Apply at fil John itr et, ap atalr*. MtXJAKJD*. 8 ANN STREET. AN BNTRANCB 140 FULTON RASSFORb'S old rooma? 10 tabla* for playing, of metal and (late. A large ituek of table* with hi* only patent cushions aad other late improvemeata, cloths, ball*, ones, ene points, Ac., at reduced price*. Factory A3 aad dS Cratra street. SI I V KB MEDAL AWARDED TO LEONARD A BIN jamia it th* World'* Fair. ISM, for the beet Millard ? able, ?ith special approb*t4ea for werkmanahlp. The Jar# nneideied our ceshien* alone entitled to the almve award. We | ave a splendid stoek of billiard table*, clothe, ball* C*e?, |m|| era. Ac , Ae. cheap f?r sal*. LEON *BI> IAVIV t irheet tremlwtn w>?li?r* XXI Broadway N. B.? 4 no eooebd haad tahie*, cheap, L- ONI TED STATU HAIL 8TE? Jot. J. Corns took. ?oiomAider. ?^l dspsrt with the Unite A SUtee Mils Enrepo pogfeoly o? W.da.idey, April 18, at 12 o'clock Item h?? b?th, ?t the foot of Canal .treet. Fur freight paaaage, aaeanalled inwmMni fox Ac aad ocniort, apply to EDWARD E COLLINS. M Wall atree PiiMaim ara requested to be on board at 11 M o'cloel H. The ateamahipPaoifie will aueoead the Bal tie, aad May 2. Shipper* pleate take notloo that' tha ship* a I line cannot parry any good* contraband of w? TBI NEW TORE AND LIVERPOOL UNITED 8TA Mall Steamer*.? Tha (hip* eompoiing thi* lia* Ht following:? ATLANTIC. Capt. Wait. BALTIC, Oaft. CeaneV* PACIFIC, tapt. Nye. ADRIATIC, Capt. Thaaa ships haT* bean built by contract, exprvaely far era most Mrrioa. Iviry oar* baa boaa taken la their-, (traction. a* alio la thair eagtae*, to UltM atreagtb ?pood, and thair accommodation* for pafllSfUt are na*? lad for ulaganoo and comfort. Price of Jtmp Bras ' York to Liverpool, la flrat ilu* aabia, SUO; in eecon ? ?76; exclusive uaa of litn *i*a ataUrooia*, tSXS: fron erpool to Naw Tork 90 and 20 guineaa. An experUaeei |eon attached to aaah *hip. No bartk *eourod aati" ?> OMIID DiTH OF lilUM. -T?..0" "J* rmom uraaFOOL W.dM*da>; May U...M66 Siturdly; Aprii 2B.".V Wcdaeaday, May 30.. ..1806 Satarday, May For freight or paaaage apply to EDW'D K. COLLINS. No .86 WaU *tmt, Naw Tan BROWN, SHIPLEY k CO , Liverpool. STEPHEN EENNARD A CO., V Austin Frair*. 'an B. 0. WAIN WRIGHT A CO., taria. OEOHQE H. DRAPER, II at re. , Tha ownar* of thaaa ihlp* will aot be atcouatable tor , I aflvar, bullion, specie, Jewelry, preeioa* *taaa* or mail uulee* bill* *f lading are signed therefor, aad tha v I thereof Uiar?in expreaaed. f Shippera pleaaa take notloa that the ahip* of thi* Una mot carry any good* contraband of war. The vanderbilt european line or ste ?hip* ?The flr.t claaa steamship NORTH STAR, S toa* Wamack. matter, will leave Naw York, from pier 90, foct ot Chamber* (treat, at noon, preaiaaly, A 21. for Havre, direct. First claaa paaaaco, SUO; (**? $60. The N ortli Star will be fallowed by the new ataam Ariel, In May. The owner of thaaa voaaala will not b< eoantab'e for gold, ailvai, bullion, apeole, Jewelry, aree ?toner, or metal ?, unless hill* of lading are aigaed tnen and '.be value thereof therein expreeeed. Specie aad ?? taKen at uaual rate*. No freight received after aoon of day before tailing. No berth secured aatll paid for. tar* prepaid, 12^ oeata per half ounce, will be receive the office-up to 11 A. M. of the day ot aalltag, aad wil carried In atrong India rubber baga, under loek; and oi rtvul at Havre, will be Itfiaediately depoelted in Poat 0 there. fixkd datbs or (Aiuao. no* mw Tons. no* havii. . North Star April >1. North Star May L Aritl May IV. Arid Janafl North Star ? . .June 16. North Star JulyB These cteamshpa arc classed A 1 at the Insurance elM and apeole and gooda will be lnaured in them at aa r rate* of premium aa In any other ateamahipa that croaa I ocean. L For freight or paaaare, apply to D. TORRANCE, 26 S<fl William (treat, New Toik, ? SUMNER, MONTANT k DRAPER, 26 Rue N. D. Virtdir. H, Pari*. ? ALBERT N. CHRYSTIE, 27 Qnai Carimir Delavlfl Havre. r N. B? On and after May 1, D. Torraaoe'i office wil at No. A Bowling Green. rriHE LIVERPOOL AN U PHILADELPHIA STE A MS J X Company intend tailing thair favorite ateamahipa? I CITY Of MANCHESTER 2,126 tone, Capt. WylieJ CITY OF BALTIMORE, (new,) 2,688 toaa, Capt. . 1 CITY OF WASHINGTON, do. 2,700 toa? Capt. S. U Saloon 1*0, 966, and >66, according to itata room. _ A limited number of third elai* paa*eager( will be tafl from Philadelphia and Liverpool, aad found la provialo^ From Philadelphia W0 J From Liverpool !L Partiea wlehing to bring oat their frleada can obtain ofl 6oatea of paatage and draft* an Llv sterling and upward*. A 17 Walnat ?tr*et. PbUadi York. rafta an Liverpool, la rami ofl Ipply to SAMUEL 8MITH, Agl elphla, aad No. T, Broadway, ]? qteamships between havu and new m P direct -The steamship ALPS will sail from Ham d9 for New York, (without calling at an; port in England ,? Saturday, 26th of November. The rat?i of freight and ? sage In Ant and second cabin I will b? l?j moderate. ? sailing of the auconedini ittamin will bo short! nounoed. Tbe rata of ininrnnoe In France ia liu kj from Havre direct far Naw York than in ship* oalling English port. Apply in Havr* and Pari*, 17 Boulerards| Italians. to Donald Cnrri*, or In Naw York to B CUNi No. 4 Bowling Greta. FOR SOUTHAMPTON AND BBBMEN. ? THE UNI1 Statoa mail tteamar WASHINGTON, B. Caeeady. e_ mandcr, will aail for Bremen, touching at Southampton land tbemailaaad passenger* for England and FraaeeJ Saturday, April II, at 12 o'olook M., troaa pier 37 North Bif Prioa ot paisage:? In tbe flrat cabin, mala saloon la tbe tirat oabin, ltnror aalooa In seoond oabin Aa experienced surgeon la attaahed to each ateaa. _ letters must cua through the Poat Office. Speoie deliv^ in Havra and London. For paasaga or freight, apply to C. II. SAN D, Agent, 11 8oatbWiUlam atrae Tba ateamer Hermann will aaooead the Washington, aail May 19. FOR SOUTHAMPTON AND HAVBB.? THB U.l mall attainahip ST. LOUIS, J. A. Wotton, command will leave for Havre, touching at Sonthampton to land L maila and paaseagera, on Saturday, May Mb, at 12 o'elfl from pier No. 37 North river, foot uf Beaah atreot. Frier passage, Brat eabln, $130; second oabin, 173. Luggage I wanted daring the voyage, abould be aeat on board the | before asilin/, marked "bel after Thur sailing, marked ''below." No freight will be ta Thursday, May 3d. For freight or pasaage apply t MORTIMER LIVINGSTON, Ageat, &S Broadws Rhkduction or fares to suit the timb H New York and California Steamship Line, via Nia gas? The Aeoesacry Traaait Company, of Nicaragua proi tore.? Tbrsugh in advance of tbe snail; 7(10 mllee aho than eay other route, avoiding the deadly Panama fever two milea of dangerous boating in Panasaa bay. Tbe sp did double engin* steamship STAR OP THE WEST, a tons burthen,) Captain Turner, will leava pier No. 3, N< river, at 3 o'cloot P. M., precisely, lor Puata Area Thursday, April 12, 1HM, connecting with tba stea. Uncle Sam (2,000 tens,) ovrr tbe Nicaragua Transit i_ having but twelve miles of land transportation by ftrits carriages. Several new and awift iron steamboat* bava ll iy been nut on river and lake, wbieh shorten th* tlm* cnl transit from eeeaa to ocean. The** staam*r* are nasarpfl ed in *heir veatillation and accommodat Ions. Far lafvrB tion or passage at tbe reduced rates, apply only to CH| MORGAN, Agent, No. 2 Bowling Gr*en. Letter bags up at the offloe. N. B.? Commencing on the 20th or L the davs of leaving New York will be ehaaged to the Mb] 20th of eaeh month. UUI1ED STATES MAIL LINE FOR CALlFORNp via Aspinwail and Panama.? Callfornians art latorf that the Panama railroad is complsted, aad ska traasi| the Isthmus will be mnde by railroad from oeeaa to e< No more mule travel I No river boating.? Oa Friday, _ 20, at two o'clock P.M., from pier at foot of W'srrea strl North river, will be despstched tbe fleet stea ma ILLINOIS, Captain , t) connect at Panama with | new aud auperior ateamshlp John L. Stephens. A spar* I alwsys kept at Panama to prevent detention, in accident. No freight received after 1 o'clock oa th* day. For passage apply at tbe company's office, 1 West street. * J. fr. RA vfcoN m UNITED STATES MAIL S1EAM8IHP COMPANY1 Havana and New Orleans ?On Tuesday, April 17, P H., from pier foot of Warren ?trees, North river, kjj n*w and elegant ateamshlp URANADA, Capt. ? ? ease eon be aeeured at the company's office. Freight to Orleans. 30 cents per cubic foot. Shippers will be suppH with nlank bills of lading of the form signed by thefeompM on application at their ofio* No other farms signed, atfl bill* of ladiag will be signed after the honr of sailing- I or passage, apply at the offlee of the company, S 177 Weit street, corner ot Wsrrsn. M.'O. ROBEI1| Dispatch line for san francisco -ouabw teed to sail on or before the day advertised.? ff Mficent A 1 first claaa clipper -hip Roitliv HOOD. master, ia now reeeivlng cargo at pier No. 7, Emit river,: will positively aail forSan Francisco on or before Tued 21th Inst. Shippers will plea** send th*ir freight nrorc on board 17th incl lng. Australia pionfer line, carrying I nltcil States mail*.? Tbe celebrated elipper Ot'FAN STEED, 1 hos. Cunningham, master, i* nowatlj berth, pierS East river, loading for Melbourne. This i" going out on her second voyage in this line, haviag last p New tore and new Orleans steamship c<M p*n>.? For New Orleaae, stopping at H tvtana, <? rying the United Stntes mail. Tbe ?teamchlp CAUAWll K W . Sbufeldt, commander, will commence recei* freight cn Saturday, April 21, end sail fer the abive p. nn Vedreedey, April &>, at 12 o'clock, Tic m pier at fee' Beach street, North river. Freight for the Interior aad Mobile, consigned to our agents In New Orleans, ' 'J a Connoly k Co.," will be forwarded free of eoeamleei. Pasrea|.era for Havana mast procure paaepart* before li lng port. Hill* of lading uiuat lie s*nt in far signing ?v. ning previou< to the ship sailing Far frelsht er pact apply to LITINGSTOM, CROCHERON A CO., Agent. llr< adway. N. B.? The Black Warrior, J. D. Bullock, e msndcr, will aucoeed the Cehawba and aail Wo* May 9ih. Fob savannah? fare reduced? thb unit States mail ateemship K EY STONE STATE, Captait Uerdie, will leeve Philadelphia for Savannah oa Wedacae April lMth, at in o'clock A. M. Fare 1M: steerage, SB. Keystone State will leave as above Wednesday, Mai Agents In New York, S( HAN TON A TAI.LMAN. I? slip, where staterooms may be secured. Fob savannah and fi.orida.? un ited sta Mail Line.? 1 he new and elegant ataaaahlp EN VII. It, (". I). Ludlow, will le.ive Sew Yerk fer Savaanal Saturday, April Ulh. fn>m pier No. 4 Ifwih river, o'clock r. M Billls <'f ladiag rigned onboard. Fer Are arply on board, or tor passage, to SAMUEL L. MITCKl IS II road way. For Florida, through tickets from New V to Jaekconvlll*. fcil. to Pll.itkt.tft3 Tli. Florida Capt 8 ftMhlll, will saeeead and l<ave oa w /April f?h. I 'OB * IIARI.ESTON AN H FL0BIDA. ? HBMI Vnlted States Mail I Ins.? Tbe aew aa< fa*? g Bt(amer JAMES AliUER. S. C T era st Cemmaadar have pier No. 4 North river, on Satarday. Apnl I*, o'o'ock, P. M , precisely. For freight apply a? beatd, w all hlllc of ladlrig will le r<g> ed, antffor paeea?e at ' ITlee af IPOTTOID, I I I.K? roN A ( II , 9> ?eessi Ihroasb tickets to Florida sa followi":? To JaekeoevUle. to Pllalka, m Ths Marlon will succeed, and leav. Wedi epday, the lSth^ 1i>OB CHARI ESTON, 8. C.? THE SI DKW HBBL STB 1 ship UUAKER ' 1TY, i. II, Hodsdoa. J ??w?* will leave Philadelphia ftr Charleston. , April, at N A M Cabin paesage, tweaty dellam, etecr eight dollars. For freight or ?HUM * MARTIN. 37^ North Wharves, rhll.delphla. ^ | TfOB NOBFOLt, PKT1R? nURO ANP BirBMON Parrialh will" CTSS Saturday TSfffifSj ^ tbe Mat afUraooe, aad PH'rebnrgaad Wabme^ proct ed^Vra' froad diSsct ticket* ifttgj Son * W^lmlnston. ^ g price, through K A PLEASANT., ? Kreadws | "TBATItLBBf MJIMi N1W JEBSEY B A 1 1- BO AE^FO ifpH! DBLP1 and the sXuth and West Ala jereef City mail cspresa lires. ? I-eavs New York *? aad 10 A. M . wad i Fete M T? ta *, s?A ?S Ia H aed 10 A. M., a. p M.: second claee. tJMtn 10. aad tl M al W, ctappla *11 wav atatioas. Thron/b tK?*U sold frr OieeiaaMi the Weet aad for Baltimora, Wa?a-a?tea, ViwMfeAe., Ibeenrb bagea?s eheahed te H aeli'agtoa la# and M A axes r. B.

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