Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 19, 1855, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 19, 1855 Page 7
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uraiusKim lEinvn ktkit hi. TMAHTS? RSKSI8TEH. $650. -TO LET, A NEAT THREE 8 TOBY AND w j ba*eujout hoa>?, pleasantly located, near Stay voMot ruu arc, thrve minnt** walk (oath of Dr. Tyng'* efcwrehithia houae la worth $H60 a J ear, bat will bo leased tor Ibid, to a party that w?U purchaao the furniture, worth 11,200, wbloh wn purchased (very low for ea**.) ou and after last November. This hocaa i* In flrat rate or lor; ha* been pwiated last weak, and complete with modern lraproro menti, aueh aa *a*, ga* flxture*. dumb waiter, speaking trumpet, wash tab*. nieth ran**, hot and oold water: marbl* wa*h ktandf, Ac., throughout th* houae; water closet, large yard; the upp< r half *f ' he house can be rented for $100. Ap ply to GEO. WHITE. 167 Broadway, up ?tair?. CQQ BROADWAY.? TO LET, A LARGE SECOND t /t/O stery room, Cfl feet by 64. beet location in the city, ?nitable for a ahow room *r?ay tight respectable business. Can be altered to rait the ;tenant. Kent moderate. Apply to Mr. CARTER, Broadway. Otf, AND SOO BROADWAY? TO LET, THE SECOND VY* ?ocr *?I Broadway, next to Thompson'* aaloon; alto th* fr ont part of the atore 300 Broadway, to b? occupied for tL* aal* of music and amall muaioal inatrumenta; the atore hM been eeeapied by Br. Jollle th* laat tan year* for th* iwl ?' mmio i&d muaioal instruments. Apply f )., Ml I BENNETT A CO., 361 Broadway ? CARD-TO RENT? HOUSE AND STORE NO. ffl A Bridge atre*t. Apply to HENRY 11 DERMOTT, at Br id ge atreet, A FIRST CLASS HOUSE 1* WAVERLRY PLACE, A few doora from Washington park. will be let to a tmall reapeotable family. How bath, Ao , and contains nineteen room*, U well finished throngboVt. Rent low to a good tenant. Address Bra. L. M. w7 Htrald otto*. A" COMBINATION OF ONE OR TWO FAMILIES, IN Ninth atrt et between Fifth and Sixth av*nu**, will ad or ^o ot^i. Iwythln, wUl b* done to makean eiecant family home. Thoae f urn iahing pre. 'rred. Private tabl* or no"? For particular* addrea* f. S., Union aqnare Fait Office, Immediately, giving raal nam* and n amber, A FURNISH ED HOUSE TO RENT, ?* A P^kRT^II_3 delinhtfujly aituated, near Waabington Park. l?on tain* all th* modern Improvement!, and 1* In eTery reape?t dciiiblerJudtuE Apply by letter f?r further In formation to H. O. SMITH, Broadway Po?t Offlee. "a N FIEOANTLY FURNISHED HOUSE TO LET? AVa^iith avraue? fU nt 1 m ofNorem b?r, or longer if deaired. Apply at COlHEAL A CO. *, no. 1 beaver atreet, up stair*. a CONVENIENT AND SPACIOUS OFFICE TO RENT, A with an^ exoellent aafe, Mtuato on ^e oorne^ o^Plno Broadway. a sits a.- sssf j ?? ss: A VINE SUIT OF ROOMS TO LET? FROM THE FIRST of May in a family of the highest reapoctabilitv, loca .. VlthS one block of Wa*hiigton *quare. Fwaitore would be taken in exchange foi boyd and room*. Reference* required. Add rasa Comfort, Herald offlc*. MK?;K."ixsmVi5rte^Js'.'ss; between Sixth and Seventh avenue*. TvnfiA nWAY OFFICES AND ROOMS TO LET? tN TnE B hW,?U lighted building No 331 Broadway, (Cooper Houae.) eornor of Anthony atr?*t, at very low rata*. * to Mr. CRUGER. on the premUea. SM Broadway. Alto treat yarlor on Broadway, elegantly furniahed. Taun A nWA Y ' TO LET. ? THE NEAT LITTLE STf^RE, B with baek reom, and two rooma above, Stere la handaomely fitted up with (helving, counter, ga?, mad water Fo**e*alon immediately Rent moderate. A p "y to jamBS PRICE, 200 Hod*on atreet. Broadway stores and lofts at moderate rani* ?To l*t or leaae, *ev*ral *tore* and upper P"*? on Broadway, well located aad raltable for any rc?P???<>lj light bnaiuuaa. Possession of loma of them can be aad at onc*-r*ntto e*mm*nymKM^.B AP^o^^^ |W, COTTAGES AC ? TO LET, TWO OF THE THREE .ten houae, No. 77 V^I^SlCE.'^o' Hudffi.&t. /WATTAGE TO LET.? -A BEAUTIFUL COTTAGE IN CAR* C " "v'lle, wfthcoMh houae and .table. and aixlo ta of ground on 132d atreet within one hundred andfi rty yarda o r the Hadion Klver Railroad depot. Apply on the premUe*, ?I at N*. 261 Broadway. OTTAGE TO LET? AT WINDSOR TERRACE. 'LA.T baah, oorner of Vanberbllt atreet and Coney. Ialand nk read with atable and garden attached. The building f, arranxe d tor a .tore, but if desired the -tore will he alter; A tea parlor. R??t UW. Apply to E. BELKNAP, 62 Wall ttreet. COTTAGE TO LET IN WILLIAMSBURG? A VERY C *?A? haid.omt eottage, M South Flrat atre.^ four blanks from f*rri*s; yard very hand?om*, and HUM wltj grapevinia. runniing ro**?, w^bln.^ Ao. Bg^noe and Security riqnirad. Apply to HUGHES A GREEN, 1M Brand atreet, H ilUamabnrg. COUNTRY SEAT TO LET? AT PELHAM, ter county, containing about 64 acres, beautifully *ltn ated o!> Lob, Uland. and with all kind* of fruit, A*. Ap ST te ADAB? A LfccABY, 76 ?tr*ot. COUNTRY SEAT TO LET- AT PELHAM, WESTCHES ? Mrlou.tvoontalning about M ??*, beautllullyaita ^lng\h..Utw.nt?5; ?d witain a fe; rodao^'T.^ Kwlre of ioNGlBF A lAYLOtt, 02 Broadway. TTlNlsnill ROOMS? A SUIT OF WELL j t,?rl? ra on the main floor of dwelling houae 84 Broad r *?pofite Trinity Church; alao, two lodging toom?, warl'ura aHaolied. to'let lor lodging*, wttkont, b*ard. Th* Cna* 1* kept Ih th* b*?t of order. Apply on the premlee*. SR RENT? THE SECOND AND THIRD fkOJR'.Pi .. u. ?i/ Bowery; al*o, the baaement and cellar itore No. 36 Bowery. For term* Inquire on the prcmnea. -W1111SHINO ? TO LET? A DESIRABLE HOUSE ON Wail ? treat. tttr&SS'ftSS of tbV higheat '?JP?4' g^/fe;-rW\Vi^t. tBqniI* *tJ- ^ c*lby' F^^^a ^ngl'^ge^tT^a^withcmt^b^r^ ^ bt?droom will he let a, if dealrel. Inquire a* abov*, any time during the day. TTIL'RNISBED ROOMS TO LET? AT 97 FRANKLIN Ksr.'rsr.-ss " ... cheap. Apply nt 97 Franklin *treet. _____ Houses and dbuq store to l b t.? sm all gen a.* i bouB?s with oUnnt m^rbls mwitflls, J' aad with every modern improvement, In iT" ? Broadway and Sixth avenue. Apply to W *. A. BRAPSHAW , 64 John *tr*et. Rent low to good tenant*. House to let? thbee stories high, and at tie, with all ?h? modern Improvement*, In th? beat onadttlon Ne 698 Uouaton atreet, near Broadway. ! **??? ^.^"atelv. Apply at 26H Broadway. HOU?E TO LET.? A VERY N EAT SMALL THREE at cry and basement maatle front brick houae. No. ? IS Weat Fort, fourth .treet, with all ?ho modern improy* ?enta. Inquire oa th* premla? . TTOBOKRN ?TO LET, PART ??F A PRIVATE HOUSE, H No. 17 Third atreet, net five minutei ^ -in, Cruuj marble mantela and |*?. "Ill be lot 22?i ta a aulet family, without childron. Poaaeaiiom given taTidUtil? Fo? PXjcuiar-.pPly atth. engraving o?cS corner of Broadway and Uarolnj, baaement. Houses to let in hoboeen-within three ?limit#!' walk of th? ferry; ajlew a?w tirst class honses ittver terrace, with court yard*, commanding a beautiful view of the river And olty of New York ; cMgitni hot Mid cold Va<Mt, Ao., Ac.; and will be let to private families of th? Mali hi respeotahility only. Inquire it the offloe oorner ?f Bndscn u<l 4e*ond atreots, Hobokon. of E. MARTIN. ' HOUSE IN SOOTH BROOKLYN TO LET? NO 27 XI jjvmmit htrort, near Hamilton avenue ferry. Huomont house in (irlMt order. Hot and oold water to iieoond story; bath room;taa throughout; chandoliers. Ac. Poateeaioa Im mediate, and rent ineuerate. Apply to MAR81I A CO., No. 2% Maiden lane. DDSON RIVER PROPERTY TO LET OR FOR tale.? The Inn- mansion home and f rounds at Eighty alath atreet, en the river bank, suitable for a boarding honse, hotel, or ecmn.ary. Alao, a oottige, for a email family, at Btglity-Afth atraet. Alao, glaaa worka and factory building*. j?TL?"h at fo8t ?f Eighty sixth atreet, or of WM. F. LEE, Houston and crosby streets, close to Broadway.? To let or lease, the t-wo four atory aad meat huuaea Noa. 565 and 557 Houston street, are eon aeotod, contain together over *J ruomi, aad have the mo den i?provement?; would i,e let icparate if desired. Apply *? JAMEB PRICE, aoo Hudson street. LOKQ BRAN<n? THE SUBSCRIBER, HAYING ?reeted a commodious bouae on bia farm, at Long Branch, aear the aea ahore, will rent It for a boardiag boaae or siBDir residence. It la inished in modern style, with mahogany doors, marble mantle*. *c. Rent very moderate. ApplyJoB. w . r.(,WVKK. 119 White Street, N Y. < T OFTS TO LET,? THE LOFTS IN THE SPACIOUS ?J store 12S William street, 25xImi feet, well lighted and T?7 d?i-lra?le will be rented low. Apply to JOH.N LL1YD, lAjsaaraa street, corner of Pine, ever Bank of Common wealth. LOTS TO LET? TWO LOTS ON HOBOKEN STREET, dtreotly opposite the Hndsoa River Railroad passenser atatioa, and close to Collina' steamship dock ami lloboken fbrrv? nuva a front of 00 feet. Apply to JAMES PRICE, 2UU Hudson street. ?eTaSPBTH, L. I.. 2X MII.ES? FROM WILLIAMSBURG JVI tarries ? Tolet, a small cottage and halfanacreof laad, with a stable and plenty of shade trees. Rent SH5. Apply t? S. E. H Eh BAKU, near the Mappeth Hetel. PART OF A HOUSE TO LET, CONSISTING OF three rooma and two bedrooms on one Boot, with gaa aad Croton water, to n small. pent?el lamily. Sent low to ? good tenant. I nqnlre at 60* Eighth avenne^ ^ PART OF A HOUSE ?A CLERGYMAN WISHES TO let, to a email respectable family, the second and fourth Honrs of hla hoaae, ccusistUg of Ave rooms. Inquire at 17 Bedford stret t. ____ PART OF A HOUSE, MIDDLE FLOOR, TO BF. LET, X fr<.m the let of May, consisting of front and baok rooms, with dark room and eloseta l.atween, [and|hall bedroom, alao n room oa the third floor. with privileges of kitchen, batn. timers, Croton water ani yard. Apply nt 19U Second t, frem I to Ao'clock. RT OF A DESIRABLE HOUSE TO LET, IN SOUTH Bfooblyn, eonabtiag of aecond Snor, (four rooms aad ??.) tr?.at basement, with privilege ia hack, gas fixtures, and water ia th? honae. Iaqulre eontb side of l.uqner street, second house from Court Beat $ISU, to a sassll family. Trairrr HMmnk PART or A IIOUSB TO LET? TO A~ SMALL AMERI o*> family, ths lo??r part of tho three story and base m?nt bouse, No. 17S Went Thirty sixth itrest, consisting ?f three rooma on the first floor, two oa third floor, and back bMcn?t, with privilege of bah. Uu throughout the bonis. Rent very moderate Apply to HENRY Fit AN K LYN, No. 71 We?l Thirty sixth strWt. PAVILION HOTEL TO LIT OR FOR SALE, OR MX change for eity property. The Pavilion Hutu at Port Washinitun, N-. J. The house psnly furnished, a beautiful garden, bora* stablss, carriage house, situated immediately opposite the landing dock. Also, a oottage with nineteen lots attached to it. Applj to N. BUNEL, 000 Houston ?trsot. New York. Rare chance for tailors.-a fine new shop to let chesp, atlRye, Weatohsstsr county, New Vork, on the Nsw York and New Haren railroad. A good man, with StiCO, can do a splendid business, as thsre is a large trade, and ao tailor. Apply to X. LYON, 102 First avenus, or to S. LYON, 190 Fulton sitae*. Room, with or without steam power, to let.? The front part ot the third story of Nos. 83 and *4 Beekman street, having thirteen windows. Apply on the premises. STEAM POWER. -ROOMS, WELL LIGHTED WITH steady steam, to let. Apply at JOllN KENNEDY'S steam marble works, oornst of Thirty -fifth street and Broad way. STORE TO LEASE OR LET-RARE CHANCE FOR A broker's offloe, patent medicine, or temperance drinks store; in fact, a superior stand for any kind of business, whsrs no large room is required, in the very best business location duwn town, a few doors bom Broadway. Inquire at 104)4 Fulton street. STORE TO LET? THE STORE NO. 202 SEVENTH AVE nue, occupied for the past two years as a shoe store; will be let to a good toiant on reasonable terms, and tho fixture* will he i eld low. Apply on the premises, or of C. Z. POND, 108prucs street, second floor. STORE NO. 63 MAIN STREET. BROOKLYN, TO LRT A good stand for olothinz, hardware, boot and shoe, or store business. Apply at 17 Fulton street, from 8 to 10 o'clock A. M. STORE TO LET ON GRAND STREET, WILLIAMS burg.? That convenient store andldwelling, containing seven rooms and cellar. No. li? Grand street, in the vary centre of the business part of the oity; rent only *iW. Also, the three story biiok dwellings No. 08 South Tenth street, and No. 7 Fourth street, near Peck slip ferry; rent $325. Also, the corner store corner of South Fifth and Seventa streets. F. KIS3AM, 81 Maiden lane, N. Y. SUPERIOR APARTMENTS TO LIT.? THE SECOND third and fourth story, each consisting of two large rooms, with mar ie mantels, two bedrooms, kitohen and one attic room, Croton water and gas, all handsomely fitted up, in the new brick housn in Broadway, oorner of Forty-first street, to small, genteel families. Apply at 127 Rivington street, from 4 to Oo'clock. TO LET- NEAR FIFTH AVENUE, BELOW TWEN tieth street, neighborhood unexceptionable, a superior bouse, 2.1x0, lot 2AxloO feet, in all eighteen rooms, newly painted throughout; two baths, gas, and chandeliers; to a sood tenant a three years lease given with immsdiate pos session. B. W. RICHARDS, 307 Broadway. TO LET-VERY PROMINENTLY LOCATED IN BROAD way, a small hotsl, with the lease and furniture for sale at a bargain. Everythiac oomplete, in nioe order, with gas and Croton water throughout. For immediate posses scssiou arrangements may be entered into immediately. B. W. RICHARDS, 307 Broadway. TO I.ET-A HOUSE, 30 ANN STREET, UPPER PART used at preseat as a dwelling for a small family; tho first story as a tailor's store, and the basement as a bottling cellar. For particulars, apply at Mo. 127 Fulton street, third story. B. OALBRAITH. r LET? TWO OF THE EOW OF THE TWO STORY basement and attio briok houses in Seventy -third street, betwsen Third and Fourth avenues, with an adjoining lot of ground to each hoase. Said houses are handsomely finished, range, grate, Croton water. Ac. There is attached to one of the houses, on the adjoining lots, a large and good stable. For further particulars apply to BAKER A WEEKS, No. 1 Pine street, near Metropolitan Bank. TO LPT.? A FURNISHED PARLOR, TO ONE OR two single gents, at moderate rent; breakfast given, if required. Apply at No. 140 Mulberry street, coal office. TO LET? THE FOUR LOFTS OF THE NEW STORE. No. 43 Cortlandt street, adjoining the Merchants' Hotel. The best looation in the city foe any kind of Jobbing busi ness. Apply on tho premises. TO LET-THREE HOUSES, IN FLOORS, ON THIR ty- sixth street, for small families, wishing to Uto respec table and clean. Gas, wash house, splsndiAyard. Inquire at 216 Thirty-sixth street, between Eighth and Ninth avs. TO LET? THE NEW THREE STORY AND ATTIC briok house 172 East Fourteenth street, with all the tuodsrn improvements; the same for sale. Store No. 240 Broadway. Also, the three story and attio dwelling house 64 Bleecker street, oorner of Malberry. well adapted for a bearding house. Inqnire of JAS. L. PHELPS, JR., 02 John street, or of JOHN LOYD, corner of Pine and Nassau streets, over Bank of Commonwealth. TO LET? IN BROOKLYN, THE LARGE THREE STORY brick house, 022 Atlantio street, third house beyond Powers street, in a most healthy and pleasant location. Bent $300. Apply to W. J. HOPP1N, 04 Wall street. TO LET-FOR MANUFACTURING PURPOSES, LOFTS in the new building. 79 Ann street, sixc 24 by 63 feet. Good light. Possession nrst of May. Apply to EDWARD DUNN, carpenter, 28 Spruoe street, in the rear. TO LET- A NEW THREE STORY BRICK HOUSE South Brooklyn, would be rented, it desired, as now genteelly tuinished. The present occupants would board for rent. For particulars apply on the oremisos. No. 101 President street, or to DaVIL HALL, No. 37 John street, N. Y., fourth story. TO LET? A FACTORY. 80 BY 00, WITH NEVER failing water power, calculated for moulding, printing, bleaching, engineering, Ao., Ao. , situated at Monroe Works, Orange county. New York, ninety minutes rids from this city, a few yards from Erie R. R. depot. Also, houses, barn, and 20 acres laad. DR. M. PRICE MOORE, 77 JTnrren street, New York. TO LET? TnE TWO STORY ARD ATTIC BRICK houEe No. 91 White street. Rent <700. Apply to JAS. a. HUNT, CO WaU street. TO LET-TO TWO OR MORE SINGLE GENTLEMEN, X or a gentleman and his wife, without ehildren, a front and back parlor, on the second floor of a house in Hubert street, near ?t. John's park. For particulars inquire at No. U Vandam street, from 0 to 0 P. M. ? siSthtetlenl?' M* M FRiinMdAN*^COX; TO LET? TWO FOUR ts'ORY MODERN BUILT basement houses, situated on southeast corner of Se cond avenne and Twelfth street; also, ths house a IJoining. The owner may be seen on the premises. Mondays, Thurs days and Saturdays, betwsen 12 and 1 o'clock, or at his of bee, 074 Sixth avenue, on the above days, from 10 to 12 o'clock. TO LET? THE UPPER PART OF HOUSE 85 SEVENTH street, , consisting of three rooms on the seoond floor, and two on the third floor: gas and Croton water in the houss. Apply at 307 Pearl street. TO LET? A PRETTY TWO STORY GOTHIC COTTAGE, with four lots of ground attached, situnted on the oor ner of Fifth avenue and 131st street. Inquire ot WM. BLAKE, 119 Pearl, or 72 East Twenty-third street. TO LET-ONE OF THOSE HANDSOME HOUSES, ON l.amaiHne Place, with all the modern improvements, won Id be let at $700. Also, a three story brown stone house, in Twenty sixth street, uear Sixth aveatie, bath, fas, Ac.; would be let lor $800. Also, No. 204 Wsst Thirteenth street, near Ninth avenue, baths, gas, Ao.; rent $000. Alto, a neat briok house, on Seventeenth street, near Eighth avenue; rent $400 Also, a neat three story house, on Hudson street, near Fourteenth street (tor one family), $390. Also, the large four story store and dwelling, oorner of Hudson and Horatio strests. $C00. Also, ths store and dwelling, corner of Fourth and Perry streets, would be lot at $380. Also, soms stores and dwellings, on Eighth avenne and other places. Offloe open from morniag to 9 in tho evening. J. DEN IIAM, Eighth avenue ana Sixteenth street. fi o LET? IN SEVENTY-SECOND STREET, NEAR J. Broadway, tho entire npp?r part of a neat and retired cottage house. Kent 1100 te a good tenant. Stages pais the bouse every five minutes. TO LET-CORNER STORE-1HE FIRST FI.OOR AND basement o No. 90 John street, eorner of Gold. Apply up stairs, as above. TO LET? A VERY SUPERIOR TWENTY-FIVE FOOT bouse, on East Twentieth itreet, three room* deep on first floor, three itory and baiement, Kent $'JOO. Posses slon probably before the 1st of May. Apply to E. B. KIN SlllfcER, 31W Fourth nv., from 3 to 7 P. M and 8 to 10 A.M. rr o LET? T1IE UPPER PART AND BASEMENT OF i. tbe new firit cUsc house No. 241 Dtan street, Brook lyn. Gas, range, to. Apply om the premises. r LET-IN TUE VILLAGE OF TARRYTOWN, A neat cottage built honso, within walking distance of tbe depot. Fine garden attached, with an abundance of oboiee frnit treec. For JMurttonlars apply to l(rs. B. J. MESBRuLF, by mall, orifipwison, at her reeideoee in the above named plaoe. TO LET-TO A PRIVATE FAMILY. A DWELLING bouse, neatly furnished, with tbe furniture, tor one year Irom tbe 1st of Hay, or frill strfMhe furniture and r it tbe bonse. All are in good order. Apply at Iki Fulton street, Brooklyn. TO LET? THE NEW WHITE MARBLE STORE NO. 14S Chamber* street, Ave stories hi?h, with spacious cel lars, near tbe depot* of the Erie and Hudson river rail roads. and well suited for a dry coods Jobber or bardwaie merchant. Apply to C. P. WHITE, at SH Broadway, or be tw ten 10 and 12 o'clock to 8. B. HUTC'HINOS, 36 John st. TO LET? IN TUE HOUSE 1 14 ST. MARK'S PLACE, Eighth street, a large back parlor, beta* the extension, or third parlor, suitable for a physician or dentist ? rent Sato? board can be had if desired. Inquire ?! Mr*. DE ANCEI.I9, 1W East Thirteenth street. r> LET-IN THE CENTEEL HOUSE 352 NINTH avenue, between Thirty first and Thirtv second streets, tbe seeond or fourth floor, consisting of five rooms each, C'roton water, pas, marble mantels and sliding doors? rent ?2 2ft, nnd $1?? for the tourth story. Inquire within. TO LET? POSSESSION 1ST 0? MAY, A OOOD FOUR story and basement brick hoime.lNo. 89 Nassau street, three blocks from 1- niton street, Brooklyn. Rent, $4fV'. Also two cottage houses In Sonth Fifth street, between Eleventh and Twelfth streets. Williamsburg. Kent, $IS0 each. Inquire of A. M. FANNING, 433 Houston St., N. Y TO I.ET-THE TIIREE STORY BRICK HOUSE, NO. 21 Hudson street. Mtuatrd between Reed and Euftne streets, at the terminus of the Hudson River Railroad. A mperior stand or any kind of businoss, especially a rostae rant or an auotlon establishment. Rent $700. Inquire of II. MAH1 IN, corner of Chambers and Hudson streets; or of Washington K. Nichols, No. 5 New street. TO I.ET-TIIE UTPER PART OF A MODERN FOUR story bonse, containing baths, 7 as, gae fixtures, water closets, Ac . throughout ; remainder oeoupied by owner; fa mily tw n persons. Kent to a small family, $4 JO. Addrees box 3,tiSA i'ost office. TO LET? THE PROMINENT SOUTHEAST CORNER of Csnal and Hudson etreets: has ? front ef flOfeot on each street ; upper part contains 10 rooms. Cioton water nnd f?\ with a eepsrate and genteel entranoe on Canal street. The store would make a capital stand for the clothing or bardwaie business, etc Apply to JAMES PRICE, 200 Hudson street. f|>0 LET-TO A SMALL FAMILY, PART OF A GOOD 1 house, In West Twenty firth street contesting of frml and back perlers. on seeond anor; marble mantels, pantries, two bedreoms, together with front basement; rent, fc!00 A| plj at 282 littcnwich itntt. mo LIT- POSSIS SION IMMEDIATELY? THE NBW, 1 ilxut, brown atone front English basement ktnae No. 1)9 Itit Thirteenth (tract, containing nil the modern 1m Cvemeati Location ansur pasted. Rent tow to n good nnt. lorDnrtiunlarv apply to TRUSSlLLO A FRAN ? CHI, Agents, 106 Wall street. mo LET? RENT *475? A GENTEEL AMD DESIRABLE X brick cottage house, being two story aud basement, ud having all the modern improvements; ehandelieri and oil cloth permitted to remain. Garden in front, yard in rear, in rood neighborhood, and in first elate condition Apply to J.1L J. ROLLER, m Fifth avenue, near Thirty sutb ?treat, wu t to b t'oloait F. U. TOLET-A HOUSE PLEASANTLY SITUATED. NEAR Fourteenth (treat, to a gentael private family. Arrange ments may be made to board out the rant. References ex changed. Inquire on the premieo(, 212 Sixth avenui.J rl.ET-THE UPPER PART OF STORE 63 LIBERTY ?treat, near Broadway. Inquire of N. W. A R. STUYVB3ANT, No. 9 Wall (treat. mo I.ET- TWO FIRST CLASS BROWN STONE HIGH X basement sub-cellar houses, with modern improvements, in frit rate order. tsO and 82 Adams atreet, Brooklyn, near Fulton terry, laquire of Rom A Erring, 48 Eighth avenue, or Foater A Loper, Mo. 4 Sands street. mo LET'THE SECOND FLOOR Of HOUSE 3G4 SIXTH X avenue, to a respectable tenant. Rent mo lerate. TO LET? PART OF A WELL FINISHED HOUSE IN Aewark, N. J., consisting of two parlurs. with marble muuteU and sliding doora. dining room and kitchen an the first floor: al(o thtaa well finished rooms in the attlo, within lire minutes walk oi either depot Water and gas fixtures In the house. Rent $175 per annum. Inquire of WM. E. fRICli, No. 0 Spring atreet, N Y., or of liatthaw Ely, Unlbarry Hall, 79 and 81 Mulberry (treat, Newark, N. J. TO LET? THE STORE AND DWELLINO NO. 179 WEST Seventeenth atreet, between Seventh and Eighth avo nuea. Reut very low to a good tenant. Inquire of JAUE3 1>AVIS, No. 2 Counties (lip. TO LET? STORE NO. 89 WEST TWENTY NINTH (treat; a good stand for a grocer. Will be rented low to a good tenant. Apply to B. F. PERR1S, No. 15 East Twenty seventh atreet. TO LET? THE LOWER PART OF 184 LAURENS ST.. three doors from Bleeeker, consisting of front sitting room and two bedrooms on the first floor, front and baok basement, and one room between. Rent moderate. mo LET? A HOUSE ON STATEN ISLAND, FROM X the lat ot May neat, with targe garden, on south side of the island, about five miles ttom Vanderbilt lauding, and one mile from the plunk road. The house is new. contains eleven rooms, basement under tho whole hinso, with every convenience, and a fine view of the ocean. The sontb side stage runs past the house. For particulars apply to WAL TER HARRISON, on the island. O LET? PART OF A HOUSE, TO A SMALL GEN teel lamlly. Apply at 91 Madison street. T TO LET? THK STORE 208 CANAL STREET? THE (tore ia sixty feet long, and twenty feet wide. To a good tenant a leaso would be given. Rent $600 a year. TO LET? THE SECOND FLOOR NO. 33 DOWNING street, consisting of four handsome rooms, elegantly papered and painted, and an extra room if wanted. Tae halls and stairs wilt have new oil cloths 1st May. Rout $16. E. B. KINSH1MER, 319 Fourth avenue. TO LET? THE HANDSOME, LARGE SIZE DWELLING houso and garden, on Main street, next door to Mr. Van Velsor's millinery store, Flushing, L. I. This handsome country residence i( only forty minutes' travel from the city. Inquire of I.ICHTEN8TE1N, 90 Bowery, corner Hester at. TO LET.? THE FIRST FLOOR OF A FOUR STORY brick bouse, consisting of a grocery store, two bedrooms, and a large sitting room and oellar, or if required, the whole house will be let, on very reasonable term*, to a good tenant. No. 237 East Twentieth street. Inquire of THOMAS BUTLER, 146 Wert (tract. TO LET.? CORNER OF BROADWAY AND BARCLAY street, a large oflloe, on the flr(t floor, No. G, in building 229 Broadway, and three offices on the third floor; rent low. Apply to S. B, HUTCHINGS, 36 John (treet, from 10 to 12 o'clock. mo LET? A YERY DESIRABLE HOUSE ON BROOK X lyn Heights, convenient to two ferries; three atoriea and bai emenl, brick, with gas and gas fixtures. Rent to a rood tenant, $550. Inquire at 282 West Twentieth street. New York. TO LET? THE THIRD AND FOURTH FLOORS through, in the new briok house 477 Ninth avenue, one door above Thirty-ninth (treet, aud one block from Eighth avenue Railroad, eonsistlng of o rooms, 4 fireplaces, Crotou water; rant $110 and $100 per annum. Inquire of P. NEILL, in the marble shop opposite. TO LIT? POSSESSION GIVEN IMMEDIATELY? A beautiful cottage, In a very pleasant and healthy loca tion, three minutes' walk from the Harlem Railroad Depot, at Fordbam, with about a quarter of an acre of land; rent $2tO. Apply to JOHN VALENTINE, opposite the premises. TO LET? A GOTHIC COTTAGE, CONTAINING EIGHT rooms, near Canarsie Bay landing, with two acres ot good land, enclosed with pioket fenee, seven miles trom Ful ton ferry. Stage oonveyances two or three time* a day. Good chance for a gardener. Apply to J. W. JONES, 35 Fulton street, Brooklyn. TO LET? IN THE VICINITY OF TWENTY-NINTH street, near Eighth avenue, a superior three etory Bug Ush basement house, in complete order. Yearly rent $660. with gas, chandeliers, bells, speaking tubes, baths, Ao. The carpets and oilcloths must t>? purchased. Apply to B. W. RICHARDS, 307 Broadway. TO LET? FURNIiHED ROOMS FOR GENTLEMEN only, in an entire new house, with all the modern im provement*, between Fifthand Sixth avenues. These rooms are well adapted for professional and other gentlemen boarding at hotels, who may wish steeping apartments, or offlees. Apply at the first new white marble house in Ninth atreet, on the left hand aide, above tie Sixth avenue. TO LET.? LOWER PART OF HOUSE NO. 11 TniRD street, two parlors, one room on third floor, and baok basement. Rent $4b0. Apply at 132 Canal street. TO LET? THE SECOND STORY OF A HOUSE IN Twenty-eighth stieet, near Third avenue, to a small genteel family; house pleasantly situated, containing the necessary modern imsrovements; rsnt $12 per month. In quire on the premises, 128 Twenty-eighth street. TO LET? A FINE BASEMENT ON THE CORNER OF Tenth street and First avenue; also a (mall store and two back rooms, anitable for fancy store; also a room and three bedrooms. Inquire in the drug store, on the premises. TO LET-A COTTAGE AND TWENTY LOTS OF ground, corner of First avenue and Fifty sixth street; has a line view of the East Biver. Inquire at 260 Fourth atreet, opposite Washington square. Price $500 per annum. mO LET-ON WEST TWENTY-FIFTH STREET, BE X tween sixth and Seventh avenues, two nioe four story English basement houses, containing about twelvo noma, with all modern improvements; very desirable; rent $650; possession at onoe. E. B. EINSHIMER. 319 Fourth ave nue, 3 ta 7. TO LET-ONE OF THOSE TASTEFUL TWO STORY and basement brick cottages, 322 West Twenty-fourth street, between Ninth and Tentn avenues. Has oourtyard in front, gas, Cr>ton water, water eloset. Rent $400. Ap ply on the premises. TO LBT? THE DWELLING nOUSE, (EXCEPT OFFICE on first floor,) now being put in good order. PoMeaaion before May. Alao, the small two and a half story house 53 Watts street, (except basement floor;) will be put in order. Possession of upper part given at once. Also, upper part of 2*2 Hudson aid 1d7 Canal streets. Apply to JAMES PRICE, 20j Hudson street. TO LET-IN NEWTOWN, L. I., THREE MILES FROM Houston or Grind street near the railroad, one acre tf ground, well (tasked with (trait ud ornamental trees, two story house, carriage home end outbuildlurs. Kent. fSOO per year. Apply to the anbecriber, G. M ED WARDS, 201 Cbryatie street, N. Y. TO LET.? A NEAT TWO STORY BRICK COTTAGE, at Tottonavilla, Staten Island; a few minute*' walk from the steamboat landing and convenient to Biddle'a liroTfe. The hause 1s new and haa all the noceaaary acooinmo dationsiattaehed. For further particulars inquire of ED WARD E. MURPHY, Eldorado laloon. Mo. 6 center street, posseaiongivon immediately. TO LET? IN A FRENCH (STRICTLY PRIVATE) family, to a tingle gentleman, of good habits, a front parlor and bedroom, on th? second floor, with new and ele gant furnitnre. Rent, to a good tenant, S18 a month, la quire at 3t> Walker atreet, Aral bloek weat of Broadway. TO LET? A THREE STORY BROWN STONE FRONT houae, three rooma deep with gaa fixtures, hot and cold water, furnace and every thing complete, situated at No. Sin Second avenue, near Nineteenth atreet. Inquire of NOAU NOR HI*, No. 270 Weat Eighteenth atreet, between the Ninth ana Tenth avenues. TO LET-THE LOFT* Of 139 FULTON STREET. NEAR Broadway, very eligibly, situated, and well oaleulated for a faney business. Will be let aeparate or together. Apply to JOHN LLOYD, IS Nassau street, comer Pine, ever Bank of Commonwealth. TO LET? THE STORE 17# GREENWICH STREET. AD-' joining the Paciilo Hotel; alao the store 3W Broadway, and a number of good officer on the 8rat and eeeond floors. Alao large offices to let in the bnilding 206 Broadway. Ap ply to E. BLOOMER, 20M Br.. art* ay TO LET? ONE HOUSE ON WAVERLEY PLACE, $1,010; do. Ninth atreet, SI, 200; do. Twelfth atreet, *1,201); ?o. No. 211 Weat Thirty Brat atreet, #*W; do. West Twenty firat atreet, $?"S. Also one honse on Warren ttroet, Brooklyn, *700. DkMAREST A BASSET, No. 4 Aator place. mo LET-STORE, BACK ROOM AND BASEMENT, 81 A Elizabeth street, a first rate stand for any buetneos, possession immediately. Alao for sale or exchango for a house near Third or Fourth avenue a first rate house in De lancy street. Apply to E. VAN RANST, 51 Canal (treat. mo LET-PART OF A THREE STORY BRICK HOUSE, JL in Brooklyn, in one of the best looatlone in the city. Reference given and required. Apply at 127 Willoughby ?Meet, Brooklyn. TO LET? THE WnOL* OR PART OF A TWO STORY attic aad basement bouse, known as 170 Deiancey street} with nine fire places, well situated for tenement*, apply at SfiX Waabiagt on street. MICHAEL SHAY. TO LET? THE THREE STORY FURNISAED HOUSE. No. 3ft Seventh etrnet. This dwelling is handsomely and completely furnished, and haa all the modern Improvements, gas and water all oyer the honse. Apply to M. OIBI.IN, lit H all streot, or USURY * RAN KLYN, 71 West Thirty fttth street. mo LET? IN TWELFTH STREET, NEAR BROADWAY ' 1 a very pleaiant, well finished, three story house aad basement, at a moderate rent. Fnrnitare in good order and for sale cheap. An arrangement may be made with a small, pleasant American family, for the advertiser and wife tore main as hoarders at toe honse, Apply this day at room No. 6 Gilsey baildlng, up ataira, Broadway, corner of Cortlaadt street. TO LET. UPPER PART OF A HOUSE. CONTAINING all the modern improvementa, with back basement, range, bath and gas, to a small American family. Inquire on the premises, 163 West Thirty sixth atreet, la the row near Eighth avenue, from 10 to 4 o'clock. r> LHT? THE LARGE STOBE 279 WASHINGTON street, between Warren and Chambers Inquire of WILLIAM FORSYTH, 177 Franklin street, TO LET-PART OF A TWO STORY HOUSE, 107 AMOS street, near Bleecker. Inquire on the premises. TO LET-THE FINE, FUIL SIZE TWO STORY AND attic house 112 Twenty-first street, between Seventh and Eighth avennas. in complete order; gas and Croton wa ter throughout; rent SRSO to a good tenant. Apply to JOS. RUSSELL; 7* John (treat, or SAMUEL MOORE, 131 Broad atieet. ft O LET-THE THIRD STORY OF A NICE HOUSE. J consisting of eight rooms, for the law price of *100 a j ear. to a small genteel family. Inquire at 111 Weat Thirty ? Ixth street, between Seventh aad Eighth avenue*. VUiH* TO LET? A SMALL 3TOR1 I M NASSAU STREET of the muit desirable location* for a ?<>mr or any fancy business. Kent ibMp. Apply at 87 Nuitu it root. r? LIT? Till THREE STORY HOI sk NO XI VEST Thirty foar h itrvot, replete with modern ooBvenieac*. Rent lew. Apply t? J. M. FUST, 243 W est Thirty tartU strict. mo I.1T-A GENTEEL THREE STORY BRICK HQCSE X in W?it Tbiity foartb street, btlwMi Ninth aad Tenth avenues, with *11 < be modern improvement*. Real $460 per ODBVflli luyiiwvf JOHN W. LAlgON, 142 Wbautbert rt. TO LET-TO A SMALL FAMILY, THE UPPER PART of bouse No. l.Hft Went Eleventh street, between ftlltll and Seventh avenues, front room, baek roem, bedroom ad Joining, with basement and room in attic. Apply a? above. r LET? THE UPPER FART OF HOUSE NO. 470 Fourth ttreet, near Kir It avenue, consisting of front room, back room, with marble mantele, with three bedrooms o n taeh Door. Apply on the promises. TO LET-A Large FOUR STORY HOUSE, FURNIS3 ed or untarnished, in a delightful location, near With lagton square, tor WOO leie than the value, with bathe, (as, chandeliers, ranee, Ao. Thie la a beautiful residence for a respectable family. Possession immediately. Inquire of B. W RICH A K US. 307 Broadway. TO LET.? A LARGE STORE, SUTIABLE FOR ANY business; stable* and other accommodation*, corner Smith and Bergen streets, Brooklyn. Inquire on the premise*. mo LET? FOR THE FIRST OF MAY, IN A PRIVATE X family, together or separate, to oue or two gentlemen, a basement, suitable forun olBoo. and a furnished room on the seoond floor of honne 11 Thirteenth street, corner of Cnl versity plac. No board given. Keferenoes required. Ap ply at 87 Amity street, from 9 to ft P. E. TO LET? WITH BOARD, AN UNFURNISHED ROOM and bedroom, in second story of house No. til Bant Broadway, or it desired by a family of grown persons, the entire floor will be let. The best of references given and required. TO LFT? A LARGE NUMRER OF GENTEEL TIIRRE J. story brick houses in Brooklyn, finished with grates, marble manteld, sliding doors, Ao. Cars and stage* pius tho h- uses every few miuut** On aecount of thelateuess of the season will be let for $250. Apply to H. STREET, 3tyj Pine street. TO LET? THE STORE 13 BUANE STREET, NEAR Chatham; has been occupied as a hair dressing and shaving saloon for the last forty years; also the large nouso 56 Beet man street; also apartments aud single rooms. Ap ply at 13 Mott street. TO 1ET, DOWN TOWN? THREE FURNISHED ROOMS, on one floor, without board, suitable for single zeatle inen, or would be routed to a small and uaobjeotlonable pri vate family. Apply at 88 Murray street. TO LET TO A SMALL FAMILY? A COTTAGE HOUSE, gsrden, fruit. Ac. pleasantly situated at East Orange, near Newark, N. J., 46 minutes' ride from tl.s city, via Mor ris and Essex Railroad, not three minute*' walk t'rom tin depot. For particulars inquire 01 E. A. WALLACE, 20 Washington market. West street, near Fulton, or W. S. WALLA'. E, on the premises. TO LET IN GRAND STREET WILLIAMSBURG? AN elegant brick store, 88 feet deep; as dry goods or tea store would do a large business. Inquire 46J Grand *t., Williamsburg. fO LET IN WILLIAMSBURG TO SMALL GBNTEEL families.? The last of a row of new elecant brick oot tsges. Kent $17& per annum. Also beantiful suits of rooms with water, gas, kitchen and all the modern improvement*. Rent $100 per annum. Also the same, $100 per annum, 10 minute* walk from the ferry, stage* pa*a the door. A* these houses are new and eoitly none but persons highly respect able need apply. Inquire 463 Grand st., Williamsburg. TO LET OR LEASE? THE FIRST LOFT OF NO. 26 Beekman street, extending through 185 feet to Spruce street, lias fine entranee and boistway on both streots, and is fitted up with gas, water. Ao., complete. Possession 1st of May. Apply to JAMES PRICE, 300 Hudson street. mo LET OR LEASE-ON EIGHTH AVENUE, WEST A side, first bouse south from ) iftieth street, a new four stotv brick house and store, 30 feet deep, seeend story very handsomely finished, front and baek basement all finished. Will be rented for $000 Inquire at ANDREW WARD'S hardware store, corner of Fiftieth street. TO LET OR LEASE? A STABLE, WITH 16 STALLS and room tor hay and teed, together with a floor 80 by 23 feet, for wagons or carriages. Apply to NICUOL3 i BLACK, 18 Morton and 17 Leroy streets, near Bleecker. TO LET OR LEASE, CHEAP TO GOOD TENANTS, two very neat and comfortable cottages in Bergon, Hud son Co., N. J., Just being remodelled and painted and papered throughout, fences, eistern, well, Ao. to be thor oughly cleaned, and everything around and about the pro mises to be put in unexceptionable order. The houses set baek some distance iron the street and have noble yards and fine shado trees in front, besides being on stage route and but twenty minute* ride from Jersey City. For further 6 articular* apply to S. GARABRANT, 14 Front *t. , or at i* reaidenee in South Bergen, N. J. TO LET OR FOR SALE-SEYERAL LARGE STORES and offices in the new Concert Hall building, in Stam ford, Conn., well finished, and calculated lor a milliner, harness maker, tailor, or any other business. Also a oot tage, near tLe same. Apply to Sands Seely, Stamford Conn., or Theodore Moulton, 252 Cherry street, New York. fO LET OR FOR SALE-THE ELEGANT BROWN stone house, 139 East Eighteenth St., in oomplete order, ea bracing all the modern conveniences and improvements; location unsurpassed. Tbe furniture eau be purchased, lint a small amount of money down as a greater part oan remain on mortgage Appiy toT. B. VOORHEES, Appleten Build ing, 340 Broadway. fO LET OR FOR SALE-A HAN DSOME STONE FRONT house, on Thirtieth street, near Fifth avenue; house twenty-five feet front, three stories aad basement, with all modern improvements. Gas fixture*, Ac. Rent $1,100, or will be *old at a moderate price. Apply to E. B. K1NSU1 MER, 319 Fourth avenue, from 3 to 7 P. M. TO LET, OR FOR SALE-AT FORDHAM, A COTTAGE and garden, with all kinds of fruit. Also, a large stone house. The whole or part will be let to a small genteel family, Iaqulr* on the premises, at the depot, or at 70 1 rannklin street. TO LEASE-THE DESIRABLE STORE 26 BEEKMAN street, with basement, sub-cellar aad fireproof vaults, very suitable for wholesale hardware, paper, or other busi ness?possession 1st of May. Alto, the throe upper loft*, Ught and commodious ? possession immediate. Also, at a greatly reduced rent, the fine store 18 Spruoe street, with basement, vaults, Ao. ? possession immediate. Both these stores are in good business looatlons, not far from the City Hall and Pest Office. Apply to JAMES PRICE, 200 Hud son street, or E. W. C AX DEE, No. 8 Wall street. mo RENT-THE TWO HIGHLY FINISHED BROWN J. stone front houses, Nos. 227 and 229 West Thirty fourth street. These are the most elegant and bost built house* in the city of their ola**, and will be leased at a very moderate rate. For card's apply to J. B. ULENT WORTH, No. 3 Broad street. r RENT-IN SOUTH NINTH STREET, WILLIAMS turg, three English baiemeat brown itone, Grecian fiont houits in South Ninth street, between Sixth and Se venth strtete, finished ia first class style, rent $000. Also, a mouernbnllt house in South Tenth *tr*et, near Second rent $500. Stable aad carrlase house ad lolning for $100. In quire of C. WILSON, 17, South Tenth street TO RENT? IN THE VILLAGE OF MORRISANIA, BE tween First and Second street*, and between the Mor risania and Melroae stations, llarlem railroad, a large and nearly new dwelling house, containing sixteen rooms, stable, ben be use, Ao., snd 19 city 1<. ts or land, all in g?od order. Rent $360. Apply to A. FINDLAY, 11 Spring street. West chester property for sale. TO RENT? THE FIRST CLASS FOUR STORY ENG tUh baiemant brown ?toD<) honae on tbe northeast corner o? Second avonno and Twelfth streets, with every conve nience. KeLt t?U0. Apply to ROSWELL G. PIERCE, I'loe atreet, comer of Broadway. TO RE.NT CHEAT IN HOBOKEN-A FIRST CLASS three atory and butmenl brlek dwelling boose, newly atid conveniently built, with all tb* mud?rn Improvomonta, eight minutes' valk from tbe ferry, In an excellent nei.?h borlood. will be let cheap to a genteel family. Inquire at 1M) Washington itreet, Hoboken. TO CARPENTERS AND OTHERS.-TO LET. IN whole or part, the three atory brick bailding, ?> by 126 feet, on Forty third street. between Fifth and Sixth avenues, balr a block from the tixtn avenue ?ars and stages, auitabl* for cartentera or any kind of manufacturers. In<|ulr,. at 27 Weat Forty Hut itreet. r ARTISTS.? TO LET? IN TnE HUILDINO Broadway, tbe spaciuua room with akyli^ht, anil tbe front room on Broadway in the third itory; alao, two largo i.fAcei in tbe second itory, and a numberof otilces to let in tbe bulking 2U8 Broadway. Apply to it. BLOOMER, 3l)H Broadway. TO CARTMEN AND OTHERS.-TO LET, ONE HALF OF a random two story and attio house, with onn extra lot of ground, with stables, carriage house, Ac., anitabie lor a cartman or expraaaman. Kent <120 to a good tenant. Anply n the premise* No. 2 Claaann, near Flushing avenue, Beat. Brooklyn. Alao, the three atory and baaement heuae So. 7 Claaaou avenue: full lot: ten room*, Ao., Ac. Apply aa above, or of G W. SMITH, In the rear of No. 68 bookman ttreet, ?iw York. TO MILLINERS AND DRESSMAKERS.-TO LET, AN elegant large aalearoom, with workroom attached, on on* of ti e bett corner* ou taahionable aid* of Broadway. Apply to E. B., Herald offlce. TO r.AKERS.-TO LET, A VERT DESIRABEE STORE, with large bakebonae, with oven, Ac., in tbe rear. suit er le for a cracker baker or wholeaale conteCtioaer. HENRV FRANKLYN, 71 Weat Thlrty flftli atreet, near Umadway. TO MILLINERS, DRESSMAKERS AND TAILORS.? To loase, together or separate, the upper pari of the loir atory building 5(>5 Broadway: th* second floor ia titled upaaaatorc, with gaa fixturea, Ao ; Croton water, bath, water cloaeta, Ac. This ia an excellent location for bnslnoss purpciea. Apply ia th* stor*, or to J. STOUVRNIL, 094 Broadway. . . ?,i TO JEWELLERS, DIE SINKERS. ENGRAVERS, AND other*.? Two well lighted rooms to lit, at No. 12 Dutch atreet Kent for tbe who!*, $2(K>, or Id per month eaeb. Alao tor rale, one drop pre**, foot prea*, acraw press, portable an 1 other forgea, rolling mills and other tool*. Inquire *n the premises. TO TAILORS, UPHOLSTERERS, AND OTHRRS. Stor* and basement 466 Sixth avenue to l*t. It. in a first rat* bnsia*aa place. Alao, a*cond floor of 57 Fulton atreet. A pply at 81 > ulton street. Tbe upper part of house ca third avenue, to let. The liouae contains all tbe modern improvement*. Inquire en the premlres. Wall street oifices to let.? whole of first floor, and alao the fourth floor and loft, laqair* of EDWIN F COREY, No. 52 Wall atr*?t. L ?ATRJMOIVlAIaa A PHYSICIAN, AGED THIRTY, ENTIRELY RR siiee table, and posaeeaad ef ooaaideraM" property, wuhta to correspond, with a matrimonial vl?w, with a lady movina amongst refined and elegant aociety. No interview i* d> tired nntil a cnrreapoadence has proved the *liglbUity of both parties. Addreas A. D. S., Post oflkc*. TV'ANTED.-A YOUNG GENTLEMAN, ABOUT 28 TT year* of ag*. b*inr weary of aingle life, wishes to b* u?i!*d to soma young lady of good and geatle disposition, whi would make home happy and attractive. She must b* well edueated aad polished in her manner*, and of domeati. t al ts. Money la of no importance, aa the gsatlemaa la la sfflieat clrcumatenees. Tbo advertiser poa**ss*a all th* qns Itie* that ar* attractive ia the eyas of a lady, aad ear nertly recommends all those who ar* la pursuit ef a haabaad to ? mbrae* this favorable ovportanity, a* th* natWman aan fmnUh the molt undoubted reference. Nona bat those woo really intend entering th* holy saadl of matrimony need sri'ly. aa th* fentlemaa 1* strictly siaosre in hUIatanttona. All rnmmnateatioas will be eoasidared strictly confide atlal. Pit an a4dr*** CUftw Uviagrt**, Huald vfflc*. TO ROADWAY THEaTKE ? E. A. MARSHA!, L, SOLI JL> IfMM -Doi ri Opet it 7; oomniaaca U 7V. o'clock. Thursaday evening April 19, will be performed VIKGINIU8. T r.'inrai Mr. Forrest Icilius Mr. Conway I Cneius Mr. Wright Arrius Mr. Uanohett | Dintatua Mr. Whiting Lf/U* Mr. Gio>?euor I Virginia Miu Tltti...... Mr. Seymour | Scrvia Mr*. Abbott Pas de Deux... Misses Price and Henry To conclude with the tarce of ?.... ii ? ''0"R P1LL1CODDY. ?' Daridrel Mrt. P...MIm A. Gougcnheim ht' I *?? O'Scuttle. .Mr*. Seymour WALLACE'S TUEaTRK, BROADWAY. NEAR Bioome street.? '1 bur. day evening, Ai>ril 19. THE STA'IE PRISONER; Lord Harvey Mr. Leiter | Capt I airhead.. ..Mr. Dyot* Lucy MMdleton ..._ ^.....MIm W B^tt Sir George Thunder Rover Mr. Lester I John Dory. ...Mr, Brougham | Tim . Mr. Vincent Smooth Mr. Peter* Harry Thunder... Mr. Aland Mr. Blake Gammon Mr. Stoddart f???P Mr Chippendale lady Amaranth... Mrs. Hoey Mri. Stephens Amelia Mrs. Cramer C^ BO. CHRISTY A H OMO'S MINSTRELS, NO. ?7J T llroadway, (Meohaaios' Hall.) Froprieters Henry Wood and Goo. Chriity This week, a varied and pleasing ETHIOPIAN PERFORMANCE, commencing every evening, at7W o'olock. To conclude wMk THE HOTEL D'AFRIQUR. Tickets, 26 cents. AU business transacted by Henry wood. CARD.? THE COMMITTEE OF MANAGEMENT OF the Italian Opera ha?e the honor to inform the public that tbs Stabat Mater, anuounocd for Thursday evenin* the lUth instant, is withdiawn in order to afford the necesaary time (or tho rel.eaisals of the new opera of II Trovatore. W ben the committee consented to ita performance at the Academy of Mnsio. it was diatinctly and positively asserted by Its composer tbat "tvo fuH orchestral rehearsals wero all tbat would bv reiiuirvJ;" whereas it turns ont that already tbret rehearsals lave been given, and on Monday even Ins a paper, in the handwriting ot the composer, wai handed to the niusical director, M Maretiek. ins sting on tour more full rehearsals, thus completely monopolii'ug the whole time and resoaroesof the ettabiishment up to the day ot its final performance Under there circumstances, tho committee, finding that the new opera Is likely to be endangered for want of suffi cient preparation, and the large iutureets they have at stake proportionately sacritloed, they have unanimously de cided to make no further concfsaions to the unoxpeutod ami unreasonable demuoda of tho oomposer of the Stabat Mater in question. They have consequently ordered the immedi ate resumption, in ita stead, of tbo Interrupted rehtaraaU of tb? forthcoming opera ot 11 Trovatore. The committee iiave thought tit to trouble the pubHc with this brief explanation touching the Stabat Muter annotinoed for Thursday evening, in order to anticipate any possible misrepresentation of their motives. Tho following card from tho matter of the chorus is crnclusive proof of the exacti tude of tbe statement row put forth M Msrettek, Musical Director :? Sir? In reply to your no tification to commenc* the rehearsal of II Trovatoro thi* morning at 11 o'olock, I bei; to inform you that it is oloarly impossible for tho ohorua to go on with the rehearsal of two musical compositions at once. Tbey have boon laboriously occupied for ten days past a* you nro aware, with tho Sta bnt Mater, aLd in rp t? of tbe latigue attending the arduous performance of " William Toll," and yet '.he composer de clares he 'I not satisttod, and muat have more rehearsals, even to the extent of forty or fifty. If he thinks fit. I shall be at my poet at 11 o'olock, aa n it tied, and you wiU be good enouuli to decide which of the two oompoaition* we are to gn on with? II 1 rovatore or tbo Stabat Mater. I repeat what is self evident, that one must niv? way to tbo other. April 18, 1865. A. TOKRIANI, Chorus Matter. "I EAN1E REYNOLDSON, O THE QUEEN OF SCOTTISH SONG, AHA I STS'll nv SEVERAL DISTINGUISHED ARTISTS, W ILL ?1VE A GRAND BALLAD ENTERTAINMENT, At TDK Stuyvesant Institute. ON WEDNESDAY EVENING, APRIL 19. To commence at 8 o'clock. Tickets 00 cents. JOHN R. SMITH'S GRAND TOOR OF EUROPE, AND SIEGE OF 8EBASTOPOL, ? At Empire Hall, 690 Broadway, showing orm hvkdrkd views, forty feet wide, of tho principal CITIES AND OBJECTS OF INTEREST IN EUROPE Every evening, at 7>? o'olock, and every Saturday after noon. at 3. The music by Mr. Alwyn Field, of London. Admittance 26 oen'i Franklin museum, no. 53 bowery, nea'RLY oppo*Ue the Bowery Theatre. Performances evary-ai ternoon, at 3, and every evening, at 8. N. B. ? Strangert will observe that the Franklin Museum is the only place in tbe United States where tho Model Artists are exhibited, with other original entertainment*. Remember, No. 01 Bowery. <m nn -wanted immediately, a man to take half a share in throe monoy-making and res pectable exhibitions, now ready to travel. This is a rare chance to make money. Apply at 163 South street, near Peck (lip, from 9 till 6 P. M. WATCHES, JEWELRY, &C. CALIFORNIA DIAMOND PINS-?3 TO $10; CALI FOR nia diamond earrtnr*, $6 to $2 5; California diamond rings, $5 to $16; California diamond studs $6 to $S each; California sleeve buttons, $ 16 the set; all mounted la 18 carat gold. Diamonds set to order in any style, by L. A J. JACOBS, *07 Broadway. SEDUCED PRICES I WATCHES, DIAMONDS AND JEWELRY. Tho Htibacriber ia selling all description* of the following artiolei at retail, mush lower than any other house ia the city. > jvrcirus watches. Warranted perfect time keepers, from $110 to $250 COOPER WATCHER, Duplex and Lever*, from $136 to $276 1HDEPEHDKRT SECOND, And Quarter-Second watches, for timing horse*.. $126 to $2S0 CHRONOMETER*. Splendid Gold Pocket Chronometers, perfect time-keepers $126 to $260 EIGHT DAT WATCHES, Which run eight days with ono winding $140 to $186 SSARKl WATCHES, For ladies, loxe In hunting oases $36 to $100 DIAMOND WATCHES, Fer ladle*, *ome in mafic ease* $66 to $30$ MAGIC WATCHES, , W *hange into three different watchc*. ..... to $173 WATCHES WHICH W1KD UP And turn the hands without a key $36 to $110 ALL KIND* or WATCH C* AT LOW PRICE*. Fin* gold Lepiu* watoho*, 4 hole $26 Fine gold Detached Levers 30 Gold enamelled watobes, for tbe ladie* 86 Gold EngMsh Patent Pever* 36 Cold English Patent Levera, hunting case* 68 < Silver Patent Lovers as low a 16 Silver Detached Levera at low as 14 Ladies' gold sets, ear rings, pins and braoelets$16 00 to $76 00 Bar rings. $2 to $t 36; pins, $2 to $^6; bracelets 6 00 to HOOO Gold Locket*, one, two and tour glaaaea 3 00 to 25 00 Gold Guard Phains 10 00 to 30 00 Gold Chatelaine Chain* 10 00 to 110 00 Geld Vest Chains 30 00 to 86 00 Gold Fob Chains 6 00 to 26 00 Fine Gold Wedding Rings 3 SO to 7 00 Gold Guard Keys 1 00 to 6 00 Gold Fob Kays 2 00 to 6 00 Gold Fob Seals 3 00 to 12 00 Geld Thimbles 2 60 to 6 00 Gold Pencils 1 25 to 7 00 Gold P*n* and Pencils 3 SO to 16 00 Diamond Rings 7 00 to 260 00 Diamond Ear Rings 100 00 to 300 00 Diamond Pins 16 Ou to 900 00 Gold Crosses 2 00 to 12 00 Gold Finger Kings with stones 2 00 to 16 00 Gold Sleeve Buttons, per set 2 50 to 12 00 Gold Studs, per set 1 30 to 10 00 Gold Spectacles, per pair 6 DO to 900 Gold Eye Glasses 1 76 to 6 00 Silver Teaspoons, per set 6 00 to 9 00 Silver Table Spoona, per set 12 00 to 21 00 Silver Table Forks, p?r tot 13 00 to 23 00 Silver Cupa for children 6 00 to 16 00 8ilv*r Napkin Rings, each 1 60 to 3 60 Gold Armlets for children, per pair 2 60 to t> 00 Plain Gold Rings 76 to 3 00 Chaaed Gold Ring* 1 00 to 6 00 Silver TbimUes silver tops 37 Gold Scarf Pins 1 00 to 7 00 GEORGE C. AI.LEN, Importer, Wholesale and Retail, No. 11 Wall street, Second flsor. near Broadway. N. Y. TWO MAGNIFICENT DIAMOND BROOCHES FOR sale to close a consignment. Coat re-pective.y $1,800 and $1,200, and will be sold for $1,360 and caah. A. DE LA CHAi'ELLE, 48 Nassau street, near Maidenlan*. MKDICAL. A CARD TO TUB LADIES.? DR. DUPONCO'S OOL den f>illa are infallible in preventing, remoilng, cor ri cling >n<i permanently cnrmt; all thoeo diaeaaea to which yi>urtvx ure liable. Try tb?m ; they will nut fail to roatore you to health. Price $i per box. Sold atwholeaale bv C. II. Ring, corner of Bicadtray anl John atreet; C. V. Clicke ne r A Co., 81 Barclay ?trect; llnll. Rnckel A Co., 2A) Crcea wich atreet; Mra. Ilayea, Brooklyn, alio at tho Court llouae Iiru* iter', do.; and by all druuiata throughout thin oity, Brooklyn, Wllllamabarg, and the Lotted Statea. Ladies, by encloeinp SI to Dr. I 'UP AN CO, Broadway Poat Oflioe, .New York, tan have them aaut confidentially by mail. DrTwa brenT mIm her or toe college or sor geoua of xoudon and Ediaburg, atteoda to private prao ticc, at bia old catabliihAd office, 71 Madiaon atreet, now rath'-riie, where he ia pcrioruiing the moat aatoniahlng curea on rcourd, without rcatraiut In diet or badnoM par ?ulfa. DU. HLN'IER, NO. 3 DIVISION STREET, -NEW TUU, *o loan and favorably known to the public, may It eonaalted ai bia old oatabliah&d office, where ha baa pia? tiaed ia una branab of medleiac far tha laat U year a, aal sad* mare onrai than aay other man in the oity, in maaj in ctancei of paraona aoaaidered incurable, Mm of which IM baa porta iaaion to refer to aa heretofore. Cfcacgea moderate and in all caeca a cure guaranteed. Caution ? My great remedy, Hanter'a red drop, that carae certain diaeaaea with out drying ita pciaom in the blood, can only be had aa aba** Priae $1. Call aad gat tba Monitor or Health Dr. war d~m a e es~ the only sure curb? nis onfortunatc'a friend cures when aothing elae will ? enrea when all other thfaga fail. Thoae who hare Buffered from pratendera warranted a oare. Office No. 30 Canal atreet. one door from hroadway. Eatabliahed maay yeara. Curee warranted. Ladiea Golden Periodic lllla, for the removal oi irregularitiea, Ac. Nervoaa aatidote for debility. I A * . JOHNSON, 1? DUANE STkKIT. BAI PBRPOMfr J ed more aarea tbaa aay other madioal aaa la Maw ork. Dr. J. 'a treatment la aafa aad mpadittoir, hi* modi ainea aan be taken without fear of Jateetton. Cham* me arata, aad the money refunded if aattafaotion la not givoa. lTcoOP ER j 4 D OA MM STBMT, SO LONO KNOWS to tha eitlaena af New York aa tha meat aaaeaaaM practitioner InttrU country aan heaat af, aonUnata ta 1H aoramltcd at bia old office, relieviac the aafortanata. aal ring flonao1a*loii to uiant aa aeblng heart, M. B. Dr gaarantees a care la all aaaae nndartakaa. DrT WARD S r N FORT U NATES' f run D CUKES certain diaeaaea in twdve houra, If rcceat, and never requirea more than a few daya to terminate and cradieata tbornngbly t h? moat ohaUnate and protraotad oaaaa. This amaainir medicine baa been hail -d by thenaanda aa tba great est beoato lumanity. All anxioua for a cute, are, by thia incomparable remedy, certain of obtaining the aaae without any delay A care guaranteed. Said at 90 Canal atreet, one dooreaat of Broadway. MLARBONT, PAHS AND LONDON PHYSICIAN ? and anrgeop, author af the Mad leal Adviaar and Mar riage Guide, (mailed by bia, leaded eloaely, to any addrea*. for#l,l ia conaalted at Na. 4J Reade atreet, corner ot Broad way, fr< m 11 A. M., till 2, and 5 to 9 P. M., Sandaya except ed Tboaa at a dlatance treated by mail aad axpreaa. Wa concur with other panora la recommending Dr. L. and hi* treatiae ? IHapatch, Coarfer dee Etata Unla, Staata Zeltuax. Day Book, Ac. N. B.? Not tha drag atora. TO N E R V O U 8~S CF FB RRRs7?IM PORTAN T NOTICE Z. The anaaaaa the remedy ao highly reoommanded by tha R?v. John M. D agnail for the oare of aarvoaa weaknaaaand general nervoua debility haa attaiaad aakaa cavioaa. aaii oioaa and nn principled parties, who ineert libeloua atatementa In the pablie priata. To prove tba falalty of theee aaeertiona, teatlmoalala of tba moat aatlafaotory nature have been reoelv ed from peraona of tba higheat digtiactlon, aa wall aa from la dividuala of ovary grade ln aoeiaty, wboaa oare the reaudr ba* been tba meaaa of effoetlag. The preemption need, nat ttraa). Direct aa heretofore (tba only addraaa) Mav. ?'oh a M. Dai nail, 81 r ml toa (treat, Brooklyn, If. T. BURTON'S TUKATKE, CUAMBIBS STREET? THDES d?y. ? The flvo net play of _ JANfT PRIDE. Tb* DM at aneoe.iful pi.ce of tbu Muol-Th? moat iaUrsat* iag dramau tbe atagt? Tbe moil exciting p4?o? Hit pity *4. New sooaecy, capital cm) Mil groat iltcU. Mr. Burton, Mr> A. F Uaker, Mr. ruber, Mr. U. Jordan. Mr. Moore, Mr*, Burton, Mr Uolmaa, Mr. Caaoll, Ac. Mr. Harry 11*11 In the funny furot of MORE BLUNDERS THAN ONE. To morrow-Til E SKRloUS FAMILY u4 THB TOODLEB. BOWERY THEATBE.-PRoPBIETOR AND KAMA* (Or, I. P. Waldron; Stage Mmun, Rtkrt JmN Price* of admission ? Box**. ? sent*; Pit aad Sailer*. 12* Matt; Private Boxes $6? Thursday evening, April If, Complimentary Beuefit to Major Joba Crawler. THE RUSSIAN nERT. HI THE LOTTERY TICEET. SWISS SWAINS. TiIE_OMNIBUS BUCELEY'S SB RENADERS, A SJ BROADWAY.? MOM da* evsaing, April lb, anil all thit week, NBGKO MINSTRELSY, aad the celebrated burle-que on SOMtf AMBULA. Amine Mite Eieaaorl Lita Mix* Andre wa K I vino 0. S. Kuckley Roaolpho W. Porcival Tb<re.? T. S. Waddl -ton | Allito K. B. Baoklty Cunoert couim< ucee 7% o'clock Tickets, 25 eoat*. N. B.? tin Friday ereoing, April 20, complimentary b?n** Bt to G. SWAIAE BLCKi.aY, when bo w&l appoar ia twa In* orite Opera*, alxo Unit the .rand romanta, from LOCRB* ZIA BORGIA, ae sung by NIBLO'S SALOON.? UK AN D CONCERT, OK TUBS ??4NLre,ll,?. A',ril SI0NORA CATTBRINA D| KBRRAR]. lrom the Conservatory of Milan, Prima Otau of |t. Charts* leltce'a, in Geneva, and her ttret appoaraao* in New York, will Le aasiated on tbu occasion by the follow-* ing diatlncni<aeil artuta: ? MISS ilk. I.K.N 1'KMlMj, a native American lady, ker flf itt appearance in any concert r?om. SIGNOK lEL'EKICO Bfc.NKVEN TANO, tha emin*a? Baritone who has volunteered hi' valuable ataiataaoe us ro-> f;ard to Signora Ferrari, mid positively hie la at, appearanoa n thl* country, aa be ia compeil* d to tulbl bia engagements in London ana l'arie,at MMo's Garden office. MK. OSCAR COMETTANT, celebrated and well kaowa Pianiat, MR. THOMAS BAKER, great American Pianiat; aad M. DE JANON, dieting uiabed Gnitariat. Tickets tl each, to be bii<l at tbo principal mode itoroa, alio at 412 Broadway, at Mblo's Garden otflae, aad at tbo door on tbo evening or tbe Concert Further particulars will be ylveu in the programmes. Doors open at 7 o'clock; Couoert to noiameaco at 8 o'clock* BARNUM'S AMERICAN MUSEUM.? MAMMOTH 6IRU over dUU pound*, Maine Giantena, nearly eight toot high Dwarf Lady, only 27 inoliea; tho reuowued Fejoo Mermaid* Ac.? Thursday, April 1U. ? Evening, at o'clook, cha PLYING DUTCHMAN. Afternoon, at V TUB PARTITION SUIT and MAN A* D TIG Kit. Admittance, 36 ooata; ohlld ren under ten, 12)? cents. GRAND NATIONAL BAB? SHOW, Jane A. 6, 7 ?nd H. Proirinme $1,000, for tbo fine** infant#, Including very larno prizes lor twins, triplet* and quatcrns. Circular* to bo had at th* Unlearn. Grand juvenile oration.? l. a. benjamin respectfully announoos bia n?w Juvoello Oratorio* "The 1'riesteM," at the Broadwav Taboruaole, for fir* sue eefive nigbta, commencing April "M, with a*olaiia ofjona thoneand two hnndred young ?ingera, ard a largo orcbcatr* ot young mualciana. Tbe fxcrctae* to commenoo with tbe new and beautiful cantata, " Alioc Dale," (two qaesn par tiea: nineteen for " rri-atuaa," thirty one for "Alioo l>ale. ") Saturday, (fifth night,) will l>e given a molt brilliant eatof tainm?nt. Ticketa 26 cent*; sncured aeata, AO oontt; tickets admitting one gentleman and two ladle* five night*, S3. FERHAM'S BURLESQUE OPERA HOUSE, M>.1 Uroadway. I'ERIl AM'S MAMMOTH ETHIC PIAN OPERA TROUP*. i'erionr. ance every evening, at 77i o'olock; aad oa Wed noxday and Saturday afternoons, at 3 o'olook. Last week of tbe laughable burlerquo, entitled DAN AND POMPBY. Admiadon, 25 cent*. Perham'* Gift Ticket* admit fotlR porion* each. Bowery theatre ?notice ?to avoid com. fuuon, hackiuen and coschmen hrinaing eompanj to tlM GRAND MILITARY FESTIVAL, ?hi* evening, are requeatid to torn tveir horte* towards Chatham iqutre when arriving, and take op la tho reveroo order . BOWEKY THEATRE -A FEW MORE RESBRVBO aeata in the tint citole, lor to-night, con bo aeeured hj applying, early thia mort ing, for tho GRAND MILITARY FESTIVAL, whieb takes place this evening. EEMBMBER TONIGHT, THURSDAY.? BO WERX THEATRE. CBXATrrr iiii.l. or r>ia ssaiox. FIVE PIECES. Dancing, Singing, Ae. BATTLE OF LEXINGTON.? BOWBRY THEATRB.? THURSDAY. GRAND MILITARY CELEBRATION. Tremendous attraction. Come early. See or* your **ata> mO-NIGHT, THE GBAND JUBILEE D KM UN STRATI OH 1 to MAJOR JoHN CRAWLEY. All the military corps wUl attend in loll uniform. Theatrical.? ladies and gentlemen vm almn? of engngements until July 6. will addreas W. Y. BRUNTON, or R. C. GR1ERS0N, Utica, N. Y., atating terms, A*. SPORTDfe, <kC. For sale? a very handsome young English pointer dog, waa Lrought from England laat fall. Ha ia worthy the attention of ihote in waut of a good brood dog. He will be aold low. aa the owner has no place to keep him. Apply at 116 Chamber* street, iu the store. Newfoundland dog for sale-warrantro one of tbe fineat und largsat full blood dog* in the conn* try. Can bo ?een at KYKltSoN A llO WARD'S livery stable, corner of Broadway and thirteenth street. _ PIGEONS 1 1'IGEONS '. PIGEONS I? FOR SALE. FAN cy pigeons, of all kind*, auoh aa carriers, ?tunWert, B rioters mapplcr, Ac. Ac. Firiale by JOHN F. RAHE, S3S pi log street. TO SPORTSMEN. -TOR SALE. NINE FOLLBRRR tetter pnppies, of superior breading aad beautifully marked. Tbty are well wortny the attoatioa of aportsmea or others fond of well-bred fancy dogs. May bo aeon at SI Shippenvill* *tro*t. Hobokon, M. J., a short diataae* from tho Boboken Riding School. MII81CAU FOR SALE, VERY CHEAP? A NEW PIANOPORYB. ?even octave, at 24 Sullivan atroot; the owner Is ebDged to toll immediately. FOR SALB AT A BARGAIN-TWO SUPBRIOR pianos, made by Newball, in Hoaton; one aeoondbaad up right on*, made by Reyel, in Pan*, for $140; one Firth, PonC A Hall, for S100; one for SCO. Tuning and repairing. Piano* to let. 3U2 Bowery, second floor. OR SALE AT A GREAT SACRIFICE-A SEVRX oetave grand piano from on* of tnu bett piano maker* ia F Vienna, which originally coat $1,000, and which was taken for a debt, will bo told for $400, or a part of the amount will be taken in eloth or caaalmere in payment. Apply (at No. 131 Fightb avenue, between Sixteenth and Keveateentlx street*. Great bargain.? splendid seven octavb pianoforte, finished all round, metallic frame, hut ma ker, and warranted; eoat $3A0; been used a few months; will be sold for $236. tan be aeon at No. (i Coll eg* place, fro* 10 to 3 o'olock. MUSIC AT REDUCED PRICES.-HORACB WATERS, No. 333 Broadway, is tolling the choice and populac music of his extenMva catalogue at prices leas thaa oan ba bad elsewhere in the United State*. Dealer* supplied on tha moat liberal terma. Piano*, melodoons, at>d musical iartra ments of all kinds, at prio*a which defy oompotitioa. MUSICAL.-MK. EDWARD BARTON. PROFESSOR of the concertina, gui ar. and pianoforte, boft to an nounce that he continnos togivo instruction at his residence, 222 Sixth avenue, or at the residences ol his popils. Masioal instruments for sale or hire. New music ? ?- i ight and shadb" famtasib, by Oacar l omettant. One of tbia popular eompooor'* very host prodnctiona, and well worthy tho attention ot every lover o( choice muaic? AO oents. "When the willows la thw vale" trio, by Jofcn Fletcher, on* of the favorlt* metropoli tan vocalists, by whom It is sung with great su**e** ? 25 cents, line of tb* largest and li*st selections of choice musio in th* United States, at the rotlnciHl price*. HORACE WATERS. 333 Broadway. PIANO FOR SALE.? A NEW AND ELEGANT ROSE* wood p ano will le aold very cheap lor cash. Apply ak S46 Broadway, eorncr of Leonard street, office No. 6. SECONDHAND JCOLEAN PIANOS.? ONE T. GIL* birt A Co.'a a-oleonpiano, all ruun>. corners with mould* it>ga, fret deak and ftnoy lege, rricc $/iOU, been used about eighteen months, will be sold for I37A; one tcoteaa piano, I rice $3?A, will tie sold for $200; ore k!x ootave Chi?korinc piane, price $,<D10, for $2?A; ? be (laruiore, prioe $2',6, tor $176; on* for $1U0, tKi nnd $75 To suit some purchasers monthly payments will be taken. HORACE WATERS, 333 Broadway. KXTH.A PAT. Boumt lands.? all persons entitled to land warrant* under the Into act of CongrnM, MB have the name properly collected, on application to WM. ? HAWS, 173 Canal i treat. Lett en from the ooaatry turaatyt ly aarwerad. Bounty land- all soldiers, teamsters anh ?ailora, or tho widowe of thou* who nerved oa lea ok aahor* in any war *in*o 1776, aro entitled to 100 aorea at bonnty land, and can obtaia the aatse ot the agent, P. t. BEIT'S, M V? all itnet, baaement. No chant* oatil the war rant !? collected. Bounty land, Ac.? soldiers, sailors, an* all othera who nerved Id aay of the ware, (and tbeic widow* or minor olilldren,) caa obtain thalr warraota by ay ply in* at tba eld entabUebcd office, 37 Chamber" atraot, aeat io Ilurtoa'a. 1). S. BROWNE, Attorney for Waited iHatea Claim*. Bounty land and extra pay.-lb horat * CO., dealera in land warranta, are prepared to *oll**b all elalma for bonnty land, under act of lungrao* of 1M. All wbuJawe eerved on b?ard the United Stala* ahia*(Yaa dalia, KYwIVata and Savannah, ean procure their *itr? m a pen application to ni, No. t Wall atraot, corn** of Now. Bounty landTmoacres? claims under th* reoent and all other act* of Coarro** lilllllfllll proioeotod at the old etUbllabod agency, M Chatham, o*m> alt* Chamber itreeta; muter rolle on tie CALVIN W. (SMITH, Hnoooaoor to Ink* N. Haight. Land warrants -all persons entitled to bnanty land, andor th* la*o act of CoaipoM, **a ka<ff th* earn* properly collooted. on aprltoaMoa to tiTLOW BROTHERS, bankora, 7* Wal< atroeTT eeraw P*act NAYT BOUNTT LAN? OFFICE.? ALL ?I"*S State* nation and * then, wM for over dnrtag th* lata Mexican war, aerred In any United StaMfl ?a*y or ro**n?o ve**el la th* 0*1 f of Mod**, or la tb* PaaMg ocean, on ooatt a of California and M**io<>; alw, all Dalle# State* navy gallon *a ocean, bar ben, or the la***, la IM war againat England for more than >??!*"" )? war ainoo 1790: alio, the widow* *f Ml the ajyeo-namodj ^ now *arh ontitlod lo land warr^ for l?W 2* obtaia th* aamo? froo of .ban* A re at aid (|>??iPiww8TI. N. <7 Fallitrwi AVY BAILORS' EXTRA. fAY OFflC^?i __ , US. aallora, A*., wfc*, botwo*m IMS aad ?erred la any V. 8. ?****? _ta_P uiit, *a ooaM* o_f_ Led State* recovered by Aront and flat* pJ Sfr&SS'ffc QOI.D1ERS, SAILORS, TEAMSTERS. WHO HAY* Q wrved in anrwar of tke United State* dato 17W. *? their widow. *r minor children. yon are oa titled ?o llOaoro* of land. Oa anlipatioa to n* yro oan got It promptly. Charge* modeme. Noohargo* watll warrant* aro ebiaTnei. WarraaU located oa e> oloe land* W a aentw of the ira w**t. BARKER A OtiTEANDER, 147 Broadway.

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