Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 20, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 20, 1855 Page 3
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ummmm unvn imr iat. FOR IAU. cnn -FOR SALE, OR EXCnANOE POR GOOD JJlU.OUU . real MllU-i long and wsll MllMlM mer ?utile importing business, paying larg* profits? am uppirta alty Mldom offered. Alee, to let, a three *tory house la Jersey eity. Apply at B Jeha ?treet, Mew York of stairs. &A AAA ? for sale or to let-one of those tpO.lAUU. three story handsome brown (tone front ?ngjish bueniit bouses on tbe noi ih aide or Fifty -seoond Eighth arena, and Roadway. ItUfitWd up la the beat ?aaaer. with Croton water, gas, marble man tela ornamented eoraiees, dumb waiter, waah basins, waah p*. Sfj T? wJ'A'ti'" ? QAA -for salb, a neat three story ),qUv. brown itone front house, on tAe north lido Tw'utj eerectb itreet. between Eighth and Ninth ave auee. No. 1M. It if fitted np with all the modern improve m? ?($. Inquire oa the pwatiaei. J. V. ONDICRDuNK. AO AAA ?LEATHER FINDINGS AND SHOE 4) Zi ? LTU vl. (tore for aale? the itoek, fixtures. good-will and leaae of an old established finding and ihoe store. Ap ply at IPS Grand atreet. <|?1 QAA ?THIS AMOUNT WILL* BUY A FIRST q)l-OUU. claaa family grocery, thirty yeara eetablished, in a ipleadid location. Lease ot the whole home at a low Teat. Roat of the atore eao be redaoed to 9190. Satiifac tory reasor.s for selling. Inquire at Ocl Houitvn, comer at Thompaoa atreet. <?QAA ?A SPLENDID GROCERY STORE, LOCATED vOUUi on one of tbe heat corners in the olty. Th'a ii a flrat rate place for a temperanee grocery atore. The atore will be aold cheap, aa tbe proprietor haa got aaother bual Mi. There ii a fonr yeari' leaae to ran from the lit ff Kay. For particular* apply to GLANDS R k STEEL, 91 Murray atreet. feQKA WILL BUY A WELL BRED YOUNG MARE, ?P^Ol/16 handa high, perfectly aonnd and kind in all bar Mi, anitable for road or family use. Apply at Clab stable, Downing, tear Bleeeker atreet, or s'.all No. 8 Washington Market. Wee* atreet aide. MAKE WEN A SALTERS. 3 BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY FARM8 FOR SALE-ONE 40 acrei, 11 aorei and Caere a, Immediately in tbe Tillage of Madiaon, good buildings, apod land. Ad., and well worthy the attention of thoee who aTw deeirom or an eleiant conn try raaidenoe, only Are miaatea' walk from the railroad de pot. Immediate application id n?c??.?ary to seenr* thein. They abonad ia fruits and are handsomely ehaded Apply to S. D. HUNTING. Waverly Iloaie, near the depot, Madi aon, Moma county. New Jonoy. A LODGING HOUSE OF 15 YEARS' STANDING, w th store, fixture! and furn'ture, with a long loaie, for aale, in a rood location, doin^ a good paying baainoja and will be aold moderately for caah; ni health of che pro priator la the cause ef tailing out. Apply at 517 Pearl street' A BAKERY AND CONFECTIONERY BUSINESS FOR ?ale, a bargain, for halt tta coat, with a throe years leaae. Ia now doing a good bnaineia. Tbe owner is going to California. Apply at 20) Seventh avenue. A VALUABLE FARM FOR SALE? OVaR 100 ACRES, wall watered; dwelling and oatbuilllngi in go 3d ordor, a splsndid orchard and a great variety of other fruit*, situa tion healthy, oae mile ana a half from railroad depot. The farm ia in a good itate of cultivation, about twenty acreaia wood; will bo aold on eaiy teimi and early possession given. Apply to E. Y. Rogers, Esq., Rahway, N. J. A GROCERY STORB FOR SALE? IN A THRIVING neighborhood, doing a good cash business. Inquire for A. D , Post Office, when an interview may be bad. A DINING SALOON FOR SALE AT A RAILROAD depot, where thousands ot people congregate, and this ia their prinolpal plaoc for refreshment. The furniture, Ac., all complete, will be sold at a bargain. Apply, this day, to C. B. llOWES A CO , 84 Nassau itreet. AN ELEGANT RESTAURANT, WITH BILLIARD and club rooms aitaohed, and one of tbe most profitable bar rooms ia the city. Leaae four years. The furniture, worth $4,000. The above will be sold or exchanged for mer chandize or real estate. Apply to C. B. HOWES A CO., 81 Nassau street. A RARE CHANCE.? FOR SALE, A GENTLEMAN'S turrishing store, elegantly fitted up, in a great business thoroughfare. The store now doing an excellent business, ?took well selected; also, if desired, a complete and elegant Bet offnraitur*. for parlor, bedroom, and kltohen. Apply to C. D. HOWES A CO., H Naisau street. A MEAT A VEGETABLE MARKET FOR SALE-SITU ated OA a corner, la oae of tbe beat business locations la tbe olty. Th* neighborhood unsurpaued for a general Market, and would alio be a desirable stand for a grocery in connection with th* above. Apply to C. B. HO (FEB A CO., 84 Naiiaa itreet. Beautiful farm at Jamaica, for sale? 114 mil*i from dep*t, 08% acres, highly eu I timed; over one acre *f asparagus; plenty ot truit, numerous bu-ldingt in Sod condition; plank road to city, dlstanoe 12 miles; 2% >m boat landing: well watered, good garden. Apply to 3. L. JOHNSON, 212 Broadway, room 3. /COTTAGE FOR SALE OR EXCHANGE FOR GOOD \J city property? A hand tome cottage house, nearly new, with a beautiful garden and walks, ornamented with evor greena, fruit trees aad flowers. It It enclosed in front with iron lence, and hedged within with arborvitiD. The grounds contain! about two acrei, with neat barn, carriage house, hennery, Ac., all In fine order. It is within IS miles or thil olty, and two minutei* walk to railroad dopot, irom which traini ?0 almost hourly to and from New York. A large proportion of the purchase money can remain on mort gage, and possession tiven immediately if roquired. Apply to JOSEPH W. ALIEN, No 2 Nassau street, New York. Also, for sale, by J. W. Allen, five small farms, good l?nd and improvement'. One cf 41 acres tor $2 000; one of 24. for $3,000; one of 50, 92,800; on* of 20, $4,000; and one of about 7J acrei, $4,000. CONFECTIONARY, BAKERY AND ICE CREAM 3A Icon for sale, in an exocllent situation, and now doing a paying buiiMsi; s*oo>, fixtures and saloon furniture, all ia good order. For farther partienlari apply at 346 8th avenue. Confectionery and ice cream saloon.-a ?tore ia the above line, established five years, together with stock, fixture!, Ac., to be sold on reaionable ttrms, for caah. Lease two yeari to run. Apply on the premise!, 27 Eighth avenue. COAL YARD.? A WELL ESTABLISHED COAL YARD, with all fixture! complete, lituated in tbe upper part of th* oity, for lale. An exocllent location for doing a lar -e business. Apply t? WITHE RELL A ROUSSEL, No. 31% Fine itreet. T\RUG STORE FOR SALE IN CHICAGO ? TH E SUB XJ icriber offors a very eligible retail drug store for ial?, la a good looatien, under on* of the principal hotels in the Oity, having already been in operation f cKVe Drug store for sale, neatly fitted up and doing a good business, located, In tbe upp?r part of the city: rent low, and having a leas* ot six yeari, a good chaac* for any one desirous of entering the drug buslneu. Addreis M. JULIEN, this offioe. No agents need apply. Drug store ? for sale, a neatly filled up store, with leaie, itock aid fixtures, located ia a flrtt clan neighborhood, on an old established corner, with office attached. A good ohanee for a young physician, about en tering into the buaiaMl. Apply immediately to C. G. THOMPSON, 81 Naaiau itreet, room No. 7 FANCY TRIMMING STORE FOR SALE, HAVING A small and well lelcotod stock, in one of the most ploa ?ant aad thriving localities in Brooklyn. Inquire in the music state. No. 60 Court strcot, Brooklyn. The owner r? aigas from ill health. FR SALE? AN OAKUM FACTORY, NEARLY NEW. situated in Bristol, Rhode Island. It ii furnished with the lateit aud moat improved machinory, capable of maklac eighty hales per day. AdlreM JOHN NORRIS, Bristol, Rhode I aland. FOR SALE? ONE FULL LOT, WITH BUILDINGS thereon, lituated oa the south lide of Thirty-fourth atreet, between the Seventh aad Eighth avenues; *lao two lot! oa the eaat aide of Fifth avenae, between Elghty-third aad Eighty fourth streets. Apply to J. HlUulNS, lOti Thirty-fourth street, between th* Seventh and Eighth ave nues. For sale ? a new and well finished house. in th* villag* of Jamrlca. Quteas county, opposite th* residence ot tbe lubicriher. Th* bouie is 3s feat front and SO f**t deep, aad oontains nine rooms and a basement kitch en; the lot is 00 feet by 112%, with more land if required. For terms apply to JOHN A. KING. For sale? to capitalists or others, TnE valuable brirk Louie and store, ootner of Seventh aveau* aad Thirty-fourth street (wide street), now occupied aa a family gro**ry. Sold on rerj reasonable terms. Ap ply *a tbe premise* to SAMUEL SPARKS. Jun. For sale? a child's caul, price. $ojo. let. ten addressed Mrs. M. G., Herald offic*, will be attended te. For sale? at Chatham four corners, co lumbia county, a good farm of forty- four and a half acres; variety of choice truit and good house twelve room*. Also, a farm aad carriage bouie two barns Ac ; all ia good or '?r; near th* depot of the Harlem railrsad, and oeavenient to ichooli and churches. Inquire of J SUTH ERLAN D. 04 Wall street, or N. W. Stevaa* oa th* premise*. ?or sale? at a sacrifice or *l,00i), A iiand iom? new ud well built house la A.toria, containing modern improvement!. It ie built on a larxe lot, hiring two hundred feet front en Aoademy vtreet, end one handred feet on Jamaica avenue. The houae le fitted up In the beet manner, with marble mantels, kitoben range, Ac., and i* in ereij re.peet a deeirable loeation for a gentleman'* r**i denoe, being within twelve minntoe' walk ol the ferrv. it will be Mid for *1,759, on applieation to 3tt. ANDREW SADIE, 117 Fulton itreet. Fob sale ? a saw kill, for box manufactur Ing, with machinery of 12 how* power, balldlngi, flx tnree, hereee, wagem, Ae. ThU large bad net* if one or the mm, koreei, wagent, Ae. Thin large buiinei* ia one or the n**t roopeotable la the eity. Cleat profit $H, (WO to $0.0)0 ?very year. Price *2/. 000; *1/1,000, remainder In inatal menti. Apply to A. W. STEINB AOS, Printer, 267 2d et. F? Fob sale? leas i for a terb teed (tore together with 27 (telle, k part of the eity; Te new doing a good bu R SAI.E? A FIRST CLASS SUPERIOR BUILT frame h<u?e, at Weet Mount Vernon, Weeteheater Count v, lev milee from the City Hall, and 3 minatee' walk from the Barlem or New Haven Railroad Depot. The hon?e la two (tory, garret and eellar, wita a kitchen elf the elde. The lot la a 132 x ?1 feat 6 incbo.; Harden laid oat with bo* *?<*>?. aad fruit tree*. Prioe *2,800, Apply to WILLIAM QBE, 06 Fulton itreet, N. V. of i ears qr A _ , loeated in the upper . . . ? ? ' burtneen: will be eold reneonnble to a eaeh enetoaee. Apply at No. 21 Jackeoa et. For sale or to lease? three acres of land, with coven 1 arc* baUdinze, eutteble for a glaee 'aetory or any other exteailv* manufacturing bneiaeee. within half an hour*, ride from the eity by New Karen Railroad aad by iteamboat. Apply to PECARE. BLRN STINE A PniLLIPS. 51 Libert j it. For pale? an old established butcher ?tend, including horee, wa/on, cart, two eete ofhar neee and moet complete let of tatnree; bnilt expreulr for ?be bueineie. with eteao floor. Apply to J. H. A J. /. BEA RING, No. 3 Naaeau etreet. For sali-the stock, fixtures and oood Will of a well established boot aad ehoe etore, doing a good oaeh baeineee, in one of the leadiag areanee of the eity. Apply to Alexander Blair, 158 Wont Twentieth itreet rR SALE-AT CUFTON, 8TATEN ISLAND, NEAR the etiore, cnly eix minatee' walk from Vanderbilt'e rpr, a imall cottage, with eight lot* of groaad, *arroaaded the baaecomeet ihade tr*e?, *nd in the mo/it nepse table neighborhood. Inqnlre of A. B. JAJIIN, No. 8 Broadway, eerier of Bearer ?tre?t. New fork. 1JH>R SALE? a SPLBtDID COTTAGE BUILT HOME. ?T with front and V ? portico eleven roome. and gae t* tore* tkrenghnnt, (itua-eJ la Carlton arena*, near Myrtle, overlooking Washington park. The iroperty will be ?old <Wp, an' only *O0U eaeh. The balaaeoean remain on mortgage for lire yeare or more. Apply to A. O. MAl'HIOT, 102 N a? an et , NewTtrk, or SS Carlton aronne. Brooklyn. |?OB PAT F- A CHOICE LOT OF PURE BOLTOS GREY V fowl*; else, a quantity of fre*hlay?d *?<, fer hateh ff*. Apply at (ocond home above the aew Catholic Charek. f ITIM*. ?HT* WW 9H^r |tm?. (Ml pm uu. FOR SALE.? SHOW casks and fixtures to rk ?old >try che?p at rear building No. 294 Bowery. They w.U be had It a bargain if applied for immediately >? tbor* For sale? the centre board sloop veld oily, of twaaty-fuur ton burthen, and drawing f"ur feet water when liaded. Apply to E. BUCKMAN, oyster boat, foot Springfst reet, North river. For sale? an excellent farm, in orange county, eleven miles from Ne*bur{ by plank road; two orchards of grafted fruit, entailer fruit ia abundance, well w atered, buildings good; possession eirea immediately; unincumbered; title perfect. For further particulars, la quire ol E. PRATT, Fulton street, up etaire. For sale? a genteel, old established busi aets. whore any (mart man with 9290 can clear $Vi(X) yearly. Aleo, 847 aores land in Berkimar eounty $6 p?r acre: floe chance for fame; also, a eplendid reaidene) in htamford, Conn.. S3,MV; also, "tore aad houee in Fnltoa etreet to let, rent $MW. Apply at thi United State* Agency, 212 Broadway, room 13. For sale? a nousE and lot on twenty eighth etreet, botween Sixtb^ad Seventh avenuet The hoBto Is newly bnilt in the mosi#Mroved style acooia no dating tat present fourteen tenantKthcre is water oa each floor throughout the building, togetWP with wood bouses for each tenant, and everr other aocommodation necessary. The property will bo sold cheap, as tho owner is about to leave the city 93 000 cau remain on )>oad aad mortcaze. Apply to JOHN O'CONOR, 468 Eighth avenue, between Thirty fourth and Thirty fifth streets. For sale-the stock and fixtures of a house furnishing and hardware store, situated in one of the beet avenaaa ia this city. Root law. Address for two days, Business, Herald office. For sale? one first class city made shift. ing front carriage, suitable for one or two horses, but little used; price!$330; also, one set of heavily mounted sin gle harness, price $90. Apply to I*. FAUAN, 60 West Twen ty second street, For sale? a three story brick uouse, no. 12S West Twenty second etreet, ia exoellent order, high basement, courtyard, nnd iron baloony in front, three rooms deep to second story, with the modern improvement ? pas, ehandeliers, marble mant?ls. and stationary msrbla waehstsnds. For ttrms apply to the owner, on the premises. For Sale-the old established bakery-, is# Prince street, now doing a good cash business ovor the counter, and baking sixteen barrels per week. The bake house it situated In a rear building, with two ovens, and at} the conveniences for doing a large business. To be sold cheap, For sai.e? a second hand rockaway, with partition frobt and p >nol back, all in portent order. Will he sold low, price $100. Also new carriages of ever* description. Inquire at 914 Broadway, opposite St. Ni cholas Hotel. For sale? a fine red setter doo, well broko, fetches his game, three years old: als"> a young pointer, ten months old, will be (old cheap. Inquire In the ?tore 128 Churoh street. For sale-the stock of dry goods, to gether with fixtures and lease of store 310 and 31Z Second ? '.reet, or without, to suit tho purchaser; one of ttie best locatioas in the city tor the retail dry goods busman; the property of Wolfe i Close; it must be sold. For particulars apply at the store. OSCAR WOOD, Assignee. For sale cheap? or exchanged for proper ty or domestic or two four story tenement brick houses, 312 and 314 West Thirty-eighth stroet. Terms easy- Apply to W. H. MICHAELS, 270 West Thirty third street. For sale very cheap? a fine brick nousE on Dean, near Novitu street, Brooklyn. The house Uiust finished in a tasty and substantial manner, and situated in a good neighborhood. WiH bo sold at a bargain, by MILES A BE'l'Tg, 27 Wall street. For sale ciieap-a corner set of wooden awning posts, with raits, nearly new; also a set of cor ner Iron awning frame Apfcly to J. MAUILL, ,V>I Grand etreet, corner of Essex. If not sold before the lit o? May, will be removed. nsnm For sale at east Brooklyn? tiie hannd30me cupola cottage, with seven fult lots, fine garden, stabl*, and evtry convenience for a gentleman's ra [dense. Apply on the premises, 496 Grand (treat, Williamsburg. TiiCR SALE, AT A SACRIFICE OF $2,U00-A SPLEN r did farm, in Westchester county, containing ab?it forty five acres of first rate land, withia one mile of the New Ilaven railroad depot, and twenty-one miles fr?m New York, There is on the farm a neat cottage, with first olais out buildings, two orchards of graftod fruit, and a never failing stream of water. Said farm must bo sold, with all the stock and Implements tor farming, and is offered lor $9,000, to olose a partnership. For particulars, please apply to Mr. AN DREW EA DIE, 117 Fulton ftreot, up stairs. For saie or exchange-a small farm or country scat, embraolng four sores oflsud, in hi^h state of onltivation, with spaoious dwelling house and uumerous outbuildings, in complete repair, situated oa Brooklyn and Jamaica plank read; convenient to railroad station this side Jamsiea. Price $4,000; or will exchange tor medium size house in vicinity of Twenty fourth street. Apply tt C. K MILLER A CO., Aucticneers, lio Broadway. For sale or exchange-four three story high stoop nnd ?ub cellar brick bouses, on the north side of Forty eighth street, between Briadwayand Sixth avenue; tbey are finished with all the modarn improve ments. Also, at Fort Hsmilton, a house aud ei^ht lots, with water tcenery; the Louse is brick, two stories, with pi sxza and a quantity ot trnit and ornamental trues, shrub bery. Ac., Ac. Apply to Mr. L1Y1NGSTON, 199 Broadway, vp stairs. T?0R SALE OR EXCHANGE? GOOD PROPERTY FOR X: investment ? Three lots on EijhtT-sixth stroet, running through to Eighty seventh street, 2ft? J02 feet, between First avonue and avenue A; also, on 104th street, northerly side, five lots, 26xl(M feet, and 279 feet east ot Eighth avenue. Ap ply to a W. RIOKABPS, Broadway. For sale or exchange-two three story brick dwellings, nearly new, In Williamsburg, 432 Graad street, ob the northerly side, fifty feet from Ewen; lot 23x100 feet, front liouse, with store 25x40 feet ; rear hoasa twelve rooms; good property for Investment Apply to B. W. RICHARDS, 307 Broad way. For sale or exchange for merciiavdise Uftcen houses, in different locations In the city; also, twelve bouses in Brooklyn, in good location! ; also, about sixty farms to exchange for real estate in New York and Brooklyn. At ply at oncu to C. G. THOMPSON, 81 Nassau street, room 7. For sale or to let-several larue stores and offices, in the tew Concert nail Building in atam tord, Conn., well finished, and calculated for a milliner, harness maker, tailor, ar any other bustnssa. Also, a cot tage, rear the same. Apply to SANDS 3EELY, Stamford, Conn., or TBE0DORE Mul LTON, 232 Cherry street, N. Y. For sai.e or to let-a two story house, containing twelve rooms. situated in New Durham, N. J , 3k miles from Hobokrn on the Haekensaok plank road. Will be sold cheap if spoiled for Imme {lately. Inqnire of DEMAHEST A JORAI.EMON. 100 Barclaj etreet, N. Y., or of Egbert Post, oa the premise*. BiCR SALE OR TO LET-AT FAIRMHUNT, UPPER Morrisania, five minutes' walk from railroad depot, and fifty minutes from Wall street, a handsome two story and ba lament frame oottage. entirely new, hard finished through out, handsomely corniced, sliding doors, marble mantel*, French windows, wide pUzza; the whole bnilt In the b?st manner, with eight city lots enelossd with fences; an excel lent well ob the premises. Will ho sold low orr-ntod. Ap ply to E. C CHARLES, 138 Pearl street, or J. R. FRASER, depot Upper Moirisai.ia. FCR SALE OR TO LET, ON THE MOST REASOV nble terms, focr first class brown stone houses situated on the south i Ida of Thirty eUtth street, between Fourth and Lexington avenues. Apply to E. KILPAtKICK, on the premises. For sale, or to let, furnished or unfur nisbed, a TeiyLsuperior five story brown stone front bonse. near Fifth Wvuut; situation unsurpassed. Also for (ale on Fifth avenue, a superior five story brown utono honse. full lot, oheap? $19,900. Inquire at No. ? East Thirty first street. H T?OR SALE OK TO LIT? FOUR BEAUTIFUL MODERN A three story houses, with four full lots to each, em Vraclni: a greenhouse and fruit, beautifully situated, near the Ext river, ?i Hell Gate. ou Eighty ninth struct ? fare six cent* lv Second avenue railroad. A pleasant house can be seeurd at a bargain, It application be made *000 to S. RICHA K1)S< >.N, 21J Fit'h uvrnue. Alio, to lot, lituate op. poite tbe above bnnsee the elegant mansion (formerly the of Mr i'ruae). with twenty ei^ht lots of grunnd, handsomely shaded wit), old forest trees. Rent moderate. Apply as above. GREAT BARGAIN.? (OR E-THE LEASE AVD furniture of a hotel and dining >al? in. in Pulton street, near Broadway. Inquire of W. W. BREWSTER, 86 front street. Good will and furniture or a boarding horse f<r sale, well established; lease to run from the first of May, accommodation lor eighteen boarders; tweive la ?t present. C rot on water in and bath, at a low rent, first house from Forty-second street, between Forty-second and Forty-third, wtst side e( Tenth avenue. abdware and tool store for sale on Broadway ? Tiii stuek of one of the oldest tool stores In the city, together with the lease of store and dwelling bouse. The business has been suoeessfally oarriei on far the last thirty years. The connection is very extensive, and the business profitable. For farther particulars inquire at . 280 Pearl street. r ' HAROWARK store ? TOR SALE, THIS DAT, THE old and well established store, with leajo, stock and fixture*, on one of the leading etreets in the oity. This Is a rare chance. Apply immaliately, to C. 0 THwMl'sON, 81 Nassau street, room No. 7. Houses for sali.-at tiie union square rial (state Office. No. 3 Everett Qoose, corner ol Fourth avenue and Seventeenth street, a fine four story br^wi stone house. In Thirty- second street, near fifth avenue. $17,000; d?. tift.OOO; do , $19,000; do , three housea, ?l?,000, all be tween Madison avenue and Broadway. A neat English base meat bouse in Thirty -tout street, near Lexiagten avenne, >8,600 Two fine houses in Clintcn place, $18,000 and SO 000. Sevesil elegant houses la Stnyveeant square, uniurnassed la tioellenre of finish and ">eaaty o< leeation by anything 1a the irsrket, from $18,000 to $24,000. Two fiaa foor stvrr brown stone houses on Lexington avenue, $I4,UU0 and $1SD00. Al'o, ops arts 01 one bnodred ether bosses in v aliens parts of the city, at rom $3,000 to $40 0<W. Call and examine our list. REYES * HuAQLAND OTEL FURNITURE AND LEASE FOR SALE.? THE present proprietor he vine ensured In other basiaeee, will dispose of the turniture and lease or a hotel, oontalniag ample accommodations forfortv bosrd<rs, and situated oa the lludaon river, one hour'e ride from the city of New York, at a great sacrifice, if he can do so before the 23th iast. For particulars Inquire of J. D. FOr DA, 27 Nassau street. LLOYD'S MANOR FOR SALE -THE SUBSCRIBER Is prepared to tell portions of Lis ottate to Kentlciaen desiring country residences, in farms of from five to fifty acre*. This beaatlfal property le situated fn Queens county, on the nor'h side ef Long Islaad, within two hours of New York city, b* a steamboat running daily to and from, and is also accessible by railroad. The harlwrs. bays, and Hound surrounding, fafni*h tbe finest lathing, Ashing and sailing. The plact is well watered with living spring* of an exoellcnt qualiiv; atd for the site, variety and ettent of its forest aad Miade trees is nnrivalled in thie eonutry. The laad is mostly at an elsvation of from SO to 7# feet above tidewater; the aoil strong aad dry. Far the remarkable healt hineis of the Climate generally, the subscriber hat permission to refer Jo Dr. Alexander H. Stevens, wha owns an adjriftiag p^rerty. further in tarnation may be ohtaiaed on appliea tion to R. O Gorman, Esq , 24 William street, or Wyraat .ot>rBet of IFifth avenue aad Twonlr street, end by n4*res?ie? the subscriber at Lloyd s Manor, Iluntington Feet Office, l ong island. 11BNRY LLwYD PEW IN GRACE CttURfk FOR SALE OB TO R*VT -pew No 85, e igibly sftaated in the Math transept owner lnavia*L?o> a. A parly to tmvww WftvV. w?u II , mm IrtMvtr H NEWARK PROPERTY FUR SALE. ? A LARGE FOUR ?lory ltd basement briok luildin* on lb* craw of Mul berry 1*4 North Caul street Nnwk, N. J. Hmh ?4 feat front en Mulberry street by AC feet on North Canal street, aMtk fronts. with yard fronting oa Hosdinot (tract. Baaement fitted up with gas and wikr for a ronanratsur; Stores on the first floor. Tho strot>gtb or the building U v ortl y the attention of parties desiring ?uch for itoriag or n>?n?(Boiar1an purposes. Location central, within two mln utes1 walk of Centre street Kailroad Depot and aside of the New Centra market. Tbo above will be sold on raaaoaabia Uriel. Apply at 120 Broad street, Newark, N. J. VyOTH'R -A FARM FOR SALE. IN THE VILLAGE Xl of Greenville, S>? miles iron Jersey city, on th? west side ol the plank road leading te Bargea Point. Said fsr:n oontslna about i'W acres of land, In a high state of cultiva tion, with a goad bouse, barn, eirriage house, a good well .<1 water many valuabl* fruit trees, and 1s known as the An drew van Horn property. Terms easy For particulars in quire of the subacriber, South Centreville, Hudson uountr, New Jersey. JACOB A. VAN lluKM. OM.T $?00 DOWN'.? FOB SALE CHEAP, A THREE story, basement and sub cellar briok house, rituatedin Hoyt street, Brooklyn, twelve minutes' walk from thiee f?r ries; baa hub stone stoop, iron railing, Philadelphia front, and contains twelve rooms and ll pantries 7 marble man tels, gas in every floor, Ac.; is a very convenient b->u?e. Terms $o00, ami f3,? V on mortgage. For farthtr particu lars. address Ellis, box 1 023 Post Otto*. SAIL MAKERS-*JUO WILL HUT A OOOI) STAND for tbo sbwve bnsineis, fourteen years established, and stock, fixtures, good will, Ac, wit bin thirty miles if this city. To a good bualnca* man, this is an exo-.llent opportu nity. Satisfactory account will b? given by applying t> SAMUEL EDDY, ?>! Wall etreet. ST ATE QUARRY.? A VALUABLE SLATE QUARRY, ?cry near a railroad, favorably located, aad with r?a ly access to Boston and Now York markets is offered for sale cn very advantageous terms A small capital only required. Apply to J. R BAR IH>UR A CO., 110 Broadway. STEAM ENGINE FOR SAI.E? TEN INCH CYLINDER, two feet stroke, Btirden's make, together wltn boilers and connections, all in completa running order, at JOHN TliRL'S, 314 West Twenty-eighth street. SAI AMANDER SAFE FAR SALE CHEAP. -IT IS new and in perfect order, Apply to C. FLINT, No. 15 W iiliam street, near Beaver. SEGAR STORE? WITH IIXTURES AND LEASE, FOR lalo, ohenp for cash, aituatcd 3iU Broadway, next t> Broadway Theatre. SWAM ENGINE AND BOILER FOR SALE.? A FIVE horee power t ?o cylinder uptight engine, ai d a 16 ft. by 21) in. cylinder boiler; will be aold olieap, aa the owner haj no u?e for them; also, lathes, sawbonch, Ac. Can be seon at 31X1 Blaoeker stroot, near Hammond. PRINTERS.? FOR SALE, THREE SECONDHAND fJlO printing establishments, without prcstes, each boing jlated fo " ? ' ~ " " calculated for a weekly newspaper, in oonneotlon with a very small job or card office. Also, a second hund single small eyllndtr press, 54x36 inohes, lloe's manufacture, and lust put in complete repair. Inquire ol JAMES CONN ?R A SONS, 2i>, 31 and 33 B<ekman stroot. TO MACHINISTS Olt O'lHERS REQUIRING HOUSE power.? For aale, to let, or exehangti for city property, a large suhstaitiai briok and atone bulltLng, five stories hU-h, with v& horse engine hollar, ahafting. .to , oomnlote, located on 'tenth avenue. Apply to J F. WILLIAMS A SON, StX) Eighth avenue, and daily from 2 to 3 P. M., at 115 Ci ambers atrcet. TO BUILDERS, CARPENTERS, SASH MAKERS AND other*.? The subscriber offers for sale a patented con trivance by which a window sash can, in a moment, be ta ken out or replaced, without removing the (top he id It oan readily be applied ta all windows now in use, hut i* espe cially adapted to be be put in new buildii-gs. The ovr ier being in want of a certain amount of money, offirs it for *ale lor the city of New York, and will take oae quarter in caeh, and the balance in productive city props ty. It is a sure fortune It only needs lo he seen to be appreolatod. Apply to CHAUKCEY BARNARD, 74 Broadway. TO SEA CAPTAINS AND OTHERS.? FOR SALE, A child's cm:. Apply at, or address, 603 North Front street, Ph ladelpLiu, l'a. TO ENGINEERS AND SURVEYORS.? FOR SALE. TO close a concern, theodolite tranaiia, trauaits, levels and compasses, made in a superior manner: two new English transits. HITCHCOCK A CO., lid Broadway. TO BAR BERS.-M50 WILL PUHCHASE THAT OLD established barber shop and umbrella store 324 Eighth avenue; a first rate ohanee for any man commencing busi ness; established live years. JOHN COLBY. fHE STOCK, FIXTURES, HORSE, WAGON, HARNESS, Ac. of the grocery atoie 301 East Broadway, corner ot Scammel street This la aa excellent stand for bu^inesa, and to an enterprising man would be a profitable investuisat It will bo Fold very lowfor'cash. The lean has twnvearato run, at the very low rent of $30U. Apply te HENRY G. LEASE, comer of Pearl and Chatham atreets. THE STOCK, FIXTURES AND TOOLS OF THE Co lumbian Garden bakery and oonfeetlinery for sale at a bar* ain. Established eleven years, and doing a flue business. Apply on the premises, .'DO Bowery. ? TFA ROUTE FOB SALE? A FIRST RATE ROUND IN Brooklyn ol good regular customers, aix years estab lished A rare chance .iot pedlars or grocers t? increase their trader. lot particulars apply at (14 Chatham at., N.Y. VALUABLE REAL ESTATE FOR SALE IN THE CITY of New liavei..? As>ignev'a Salo? On Tuoeilay, April 24, 18M, will be fold at puMio auction, at 2 o'clock P. M , to th> highest bidder, (if not pre vioualy disposed of at private sole,) the cle.ant dw elling house recently occupijd by Pres et is Turner, Erq , oa the corner of Dwight aad George streets, in the city ol New Ilaven. The lot upon which tills hsuse stands contain* more than three quarters of an acre, and ccmpris' s a garden of the richest soil, in u bub staid ol cultivation well stocked with young trnit trees, vines aud shrubs. The house is of wood, well lullt, furnished witn a superior furnace and cooking ranse, and baa othor modern improvement*. Altoge'ln r, It is one of the mist doslrahle pieces of property for sale in the city. Po**e.<*ion given im mediately. Term* made known at the time ot sale. F. Ci'ItWKLL, Assignee. WILLIAMSBURG FRf PERTY FOR SALE. ? FIVE lots southwest corner of South Third and Tenth atreets. Apply to T. GARN AR, 32 Spruce street. YONKERS.-FORSALE OR TO LET, TWO OR THREE beautiful residences, near the depot. E. W. CANDEE, 8 Wall street. PKRSON.viu A CERTAIN QUANTITY GUM, ORDERED OV FIRST J\. April, by n resident of Mtateu Island; particulars to be found according to the terms of stipulation. FR1EDRICH PIEPENBRIKCK, OF NEUKIRCHEN, Prus-ia. who arrived in the ship Hobenitau'en, from Bremen, In December last, may hear some iut> resting newa by addressing or calling sn Schniewlud A Co , 93 Liberty at. GEORCE W CLAYTON WILL EE VAIN IN TOWN until Saturday. Address, Aator Hnus?. LECTl'HKS. R0MAMSM-n0W ITS EVIL INFLUENCES MAY! y* counteracted By Rev. John narley, edlt .r of the Irish Evangelist. This evening, at the Broadway Taberna cle. Admission free. A collodion will be taken to meet ex penses. First lecture told at the door. FINK ARTS. Ei.LI.VS CHEAP ENGRAVING AND PRINTING office, 61 Tulton etreet. Bill heads, bnalneee canl*, bain of exchange , drafta, account*, Ac., Ac.; wnlJini, visit ing, addrera, and at homo cnrda, Ac Ac. N. B. ? fortale o< c ttr tion?irn prcsa with stand, very cheap. Alto eoiBrtop ptrplate pretzel. _ RK W ARDS. Ct~l AA REWARD. ?STOLEN FROM THE PREMISE? ?rluU of the euUcribers , ?n tlie niirht of the liith-17th inst.. ft piecee ol white Chin* pongee alike. 9100 reward will be paid fur the recovery of trie same. CARY A CO., 90 Pine atroet. OjKA REWARD.? STRAYED OR STOLEN, ON SATUR Ct/U day monism last, from corner of Sooond avenue and Twelfth etreet a brown horee, with covered bug*y nttaohed. Srid horne m li>, handa high, sevon years old, and natural tail. Any one returning too above to Met in. Underhlll A Fleet's stall e, No Itf Fourth avenue, will receive the above reward. ,,d "Mnestione asked!' ,h*l,w??lve the above Sward,' d?AT REWARD -I CRT. ON TUESDAY, THE 17TH qpU inet., a irentlemaa'a carbuncle ring. The above re ward will be paid, and the thanka of the owner, by leaving jt at PitCrcene etreet. (U'J REWARD? LOST, A LIGHT GRAY TERRIER ?TO tint; answers to the name of Jack. Upon the return ot her to 366 Greenwich etreet, the above reward will fee given by JOHN J. HILBUT. djtl REWARD.? LOST ON MONDAY NIGHT LAST, <JP an account book with Jeffrey A Sons. 73 Broadway, for the recovery of which I will pay two dcllara reward by sending, it or bringing it to J. 0. Hay nee, at Jeffrey A Sons , THOMAS HUNT. tow AND POUND) Escaped on the isth, from no. 991 Broadway, a King Charlea / raniel, mostly black, valued as from a friend. Whoever will take the trouble to return the same to the ab. ve number, shall be suitably awarded, and re ceive the tbaaks 01 the owner. Found-in broadway, a grebn gilt morocco boakekbook, containing stiadry memorandums, and a bill of sxcha^e. Apply at Dtlmonloe'a, Broadway. Loar.-w rewarp? seal rinq, ENGRAVED with coat of arm*, marked innlde M. C. L. to G. V. L. Five dellan will be paid on ite return to 61 Merchants' Exohanie Lost.? stray* d, from the risidbncb op the aubstriler. on tt.e l!?th last., a voting English blaek and tan terrier dog, he wore ? silver collar, and answers to the nam.- of ira>-k. Ihe tinder will be liberally rewarded on re turning the same to JAMES B. WILLIAMS, No. 2 Albion place, #*> t'ouith street. bank op LOST-MONDAY EVEN ISO, 1CTH INST., IV GOING from New Vork to Williamsburg, a gold Tine, "A. Deer " engraved on the ouMde. Ihelnder will b? liberally rewarded ny leaving it at 184 Water Mreet, New York. Lost? a bowbry sayings bank book, no. ft*, 248, belonging to Ktobert MelBtt, executor ot Mlobarl Hc> ally, together with seecipte belonging to said party. Pleaee tea\e it at ?l Anthony street. LOST-MC REWAKD.-A LADY'S OOLD WAti'H (TO lias maker); attached to which wat a cord ?iard and tn all key? in Casal ?trc<t, yertvrdry. The And -it will re ? eetvetheaMve reward by returning the same to the looking glass atf re, lt9 Canal itreet. PICKED UP AT SEA-OFF BARNEGAT SHOALS, ON f rtlay, the 13th, bj the New lork pilot boat Mary aad Chtharire, a lot of anils, rigimg and block*, belonging to a echtcaer cunk. Tor further Information apriy to JOHN W. AV ERY, Oi9 Water street. RFSTAtrHAICTB. T;UF. ARUTR BOWLING SALOON, 332 BROADWAY, or* door above the Br**dwa> theatre willbe opened to the pnblle en !>atnrda>. 21at ln?t Ihe alley* ere perfvetly new and the saloon liiw been handsomely redited. E P FOX A CO., Pfopri*t?{?, 1 70 BOAHIMHU AID UtDMSO. QCiO BROADWAY.'' UNION -HANDSOME GOO fnrniehed boas* to let, or illt? of r?om?, on t?ie lint and Meoad Coot a. B itk roe* , gas, Ac. witfh asu ol Kitchen or table tad phyaiciaa's office. 0/t/T{I TWELFTH S1KEET, SECOND BLOCK F ROM ii'U;1 lirtmdwav.? A gentleman aad wife, or atnglt ueu tlvmto, can to pleuaanily accommodated with furaiahed roomaaadjboard, on the hr?t and second floors, tront or bark, containing hot anil cold water; the ho wo ia ban laomely fur nished, end uoi. ulna all the mod era improvement*. Term* very KtimtUt. mWE'T TWENTY SECOND STREET-ROOMS may he attained, with board, in a firit olasa house, , replete with ail the modern improvements; no moving in Hay; dinner at ti o'clock, I'. M. Apply at above. T/JC HUDSON STREET, FRONTING ST. JOHN'S 11 (J rquar*.? Eooma tv let, tor familiea or lia.le gentle men. House has all the modern improvements. References exchanged. m NINTH STREET, THIRD DOOR BAST OF BROAD ta at .furnishoa rooma, iu suits or separately. Alio, bsek parlor and extcafioD room oa the tir*t floor, to let to gentlemen, with breakfast. if required. AUo, furniaUod rooojr at fo; I College place. Q1 BAST TWENTY-THIRD STREET. WILL BE VA OIL oaiit on the 2^th of April, a turnisbed parlor and bed room ol tint floor (a private table (iron, if required); the lo cation ii very Hue, there U a large fruit tardea belonging to the houi-e. Apply a* aboTe. FRAN E LIN STREET, FIRST HOUSE WEST OF Broadway.? T ate parhtrs on tho first floor to let, separate or together; a good location for a phj-eician; alio, five or rii single and double room*, tor lodrfngs, neatly Air aUhe<l; c.caiilineKi ttriotly obterved. CO HUDSON STREET.? BOARD.? A GENTLEMAN U/j in hi* family can find a pleasant suit of rooms, with pantries, on second flocr, together or separate; alto, two or three eingle nontiemn. Terms moderate. No moving at May. ?'4 a AM) 62 VARICK STREET, ST. JOHN'S PARK.? UU Handsomely furntahed rooma. ia auita or separately with private bath*, Ac., attached, to let, with board. Alu, roi ma Mutable lor single gentlemen. Cm, baths, &o. In quire si aborc. CC TWEN TV-THIRD STREET.? A FEW SELECT Ut) famillea and tiurle gentlemen caa be accommodated with auita or aiitKle ro >uis, with full or partial board, in that brown atoLC building, which ia newly furnianed, and containing all the modorn improvement*, and delightfully located, within one blook of Uroadway. Alio a apleadld of fice for a pbyncian. CO EaSTSIXTEENTU STREET.? A SUITE OF VERT tJ+j flno room* to let, at above, to ? gcnttel family, per manently. either with or without board. The houso la class, with all modern lmprovemi uts, and location uusur patted, References given and required. AO WEST WASHINGTON PLACE-NEWLY AND I U handsomely furiiiabed roomt to let, either singly or in toil a, with or w ithout partial board, for families or single i gentlemen; house contains modern improve aients. Refe rence* exchanged. A K GROVE STHEET, NEAR BLEEC&ER.? DELIGHT 11/ ful room* or. tirat and leoond floors to let, furnished or aufnruiahed, wiih board; house tirat olaai, oontaining im provements; location moat desirable, and accessible to oat* and stage linos. f? o children taken. OQ AND 40 HOWARD &TREET? FURNISHED OO room*, with or without breakfast andtia. Also, a tult of parlors on first floor, uufurniahed. Inquire at 40 Howard street. tirat doir from thecorncr of Broadway, out tide. References required. aO ST. MARK'S PLACE. EIGHTH STREET-A O splendid suit of furnished rooms, with or without breakfast, M let, in a first class hou.e, to a few single gen tlemen, or a family, with kitchen if required. O C GREENE STREET.? GENTLEMEN AND THEIR Zt/ wivos, or single gentlemen, can be nooommodated with handsomely furnished rooma, and full or partial boar.l. AUo, a back parlor to Int. No moving at May. References exchanged. 20 CROVE STREET.? TO LET, WITH BOARD, IN A O email private family, a large front room, with pan tiler, to a gentleman nni his wife, or single gentlemen. The home is new, oontaining all the modorn improvements. The oomforta ol a uuiet liouie realised. Two lines of stages and oars within a block of the bouae. Reference exchanged. Avery pleasant front room, on second story, lain* pantry attached, suitable for a gen*lem?n aud wife or a party of tingle gentlemen. Boarders will be taken on reasonable terms, (full or partial,) by applying at I>o. fi Lalght street. Few day boarders. No romoval at May. A I.ADY HAVING TAKEN A HOUSE PLEASANTLY fitviited in Tenth street, is desirous of taking one or two families to board, where th?y can have the oomforts'of a home, and where children are no oMecticn; the house hts extension rooma and all the modern improvements. Imiuire at b& Second avenue. A PRIVATE FAMILY. WITHOUT CHILDREN, A would let to a tissle gentlemen a furnished or unfur niKhod room, without board, in Twenty seoond street. Tho house contains all the modern improvements. Reforenoes given and requlied. Address Miller, Broadway Post Office A I.L PERSONS WISHINO BOARD OR BOARDERS, XL will Ilud l y i fHoe the turost, most rcapevtaMo and sa tiafsctory method of finding either; boardt ra politely dirootud free of charae to all parts of the olty or oou ntry. Office Clinon Ball, Eighth streot, near Btoadway; open from 8 A. M., to 9P. M. : A LADY AND 1ILR TWO DAUGHTERS W1SU TO OB tain board on or before the 1st of Msy next, in areipeot. able family in the upper part of the city, near Broadway Sixth avenue preferred. Address F., box 2,U31 Post Omce, dating term* aud location. A FAMILY WIIO TAKE BUT FEW BOARDERS, have to apnre a pleasant front room and pautriea at tuchrd, either with or without the adjoining hedroota , also, a smaller rootn. Tho situation ia central and ntigbborhooa unexceptionable. Apply at 115 Fourth street. A YOUNG LADY WISE ES TO OBTAIN BOARD, IN a private family, in exchange for which she would ?ive instruction on the piano, or devo'e a few hours in the morn ing to children under twelve years in the Euz ith bran jhos. Address C. B., Union square f'oit Office, for three days. A LADY HAVING TAKEN A HANDSOME HOUSE' XL ploarantly located in South Brooklyn, convenient to \\ all i-treet and ^outh ferries, bas several furnished apart ments to let, ,'nfter tbe 1st of May,) te ainile guntlemon. For particular-1 call at 4ti Warren street, Brooklyn, or address by note. Best of references given and required. A GENTLEMAN AND LADY CAN BE PLEASANTLY accommodated with a neatly furntahed room, and bo&rd <? r the lady, in a Tory small lamily, in the rloinity of St. Mark't place; gas, hath, Ac. Address Julia, stating when aud where an interview may be had. A SMA1.L PRIVATE FAMILY WOULD ACCOMMO date, on moderate terms, two single gentlemen, or a gentleman and wife, with board and a nicely furnished bick parlor on first floor; bouse and looatlou ?eutcel and pleasant. This is a good opportunity for auy one Wltning a comfortable home. Apply at :NI Third street, near avenue D. A FURNISHED PARLOR AND BEDROOX WANTED il ?By a lady axd irentleman, wiih board for the lady only, positively where there are uo other b: ardors. Address Laugdon, Union square Pott Office. A LADY WHO HAS A SHALL FAMILY CAN ACCOM mod ate a re'Peotible young lady with board; one who will ie out tbrouin tbe t ay. Also, somo furniture to dls p?*e of. Call at 154 Grand street. A PRIVATE FAMILY, HAVING MORE ROOM THAN XL thty require, would wish to let a parlor and bedroom at tached to tin* or two gentlemen, at$4iV>. Also, a hall bed room. at $1 76. Apply at 71 Croaby street, one block from Broadway. A EDIT (IF ROOMS, HANDSOMELY FURNISHED, to let. toother cr separate. In a private house, with all tb? modern iinpri Vemente. A physician will And it a rare chance. Apply ?' 9b Prince street, a few doora west of Broadway. Board. -to lit, to a gentleman and his wife, or to ?i'j?1e gentlemen, two or three handsomely furnished rooms, with partial board for the gentlemen; the honee i? elegant, and contains all the modern Improvements. References exchanged. Apply at 284 East Twolfth street, third block from Broadway. Board? in brooki.yn', for a gentleman and wife with reteronoe in a private family. 123 iand street. Board.? a small family, located in tiir *fcost desirable part of East Broadway, will take to board n gentleman aud his wife and two single gentlemen; those taken to hoard will receive all the oomfort* ot a home; hoase nowly fnri.lshed. in*, Ao. In; reference* exolianged. AdJress Home, Herald offlce. Board.? a gentleman desires to secure |>lea?ant rooms, with board, for himself and wifs, with a rrivato family of respectability. Bsrt of roferenoe* given and required, where quiet and agreeable society may be reciprocated. Address, stating terms and aosommodations, 11. C. S., Herald offlce. Board? a gentleman and his wife can ob tain an nnfnrnlshcd room, with board, in a private fa trily, where the oomtorts of home may be enjoyed; aleo, a nioe furnished room, for en* or two gentlemen Honee mo d<rn, pleasantly situated. Apply at No. 8 Warren place, Chirle* street. Board -a suit of rooms for a family, a room for single gentleman in a first cites honse replete with all the modern Improvements, where French and Span i?h is spoken. Dinner at 6 o'olock. R' ferenoes exchanged. No removal on the let of May. Apply^nt 131 Tenth etroet, east of and mw Broadway. "DOARD? A SMALL FAMILY, HAYINO MORE ROOM U than required, won.?d let a furnished or nnfnrnlshed bo<l ro< m to a gentleman and his wife, withoat hoard and the ok of kitchen. For particulars inquire at 283 Sixth avenue, second floor. Board-several room*, handsomely fur niched, lui'aHo for single gootlemon or gentlemen and tiieir wives, will bo let, v ith good board, in a first olass house, 37 Ninth street, near Fifth avenue. Board? in an american family, for a gen tleman and hie wife: also for two single gentlemen. 1' lefts* apply n? No. 411 Orchard street, new Grand. BOARS.? FURNISHED ROOMS TO RENT, WITII full or partial board, to familioe or single gentlemen. No hi Ting on let Mny. Apply at 22 Union plao*. BOARD-A WIDOW LADY, RESIDINO ALONE, IN A retired location, who for year* ha* been aocustome l to the icqnirements of the sick, would accommodate a lad* with board, nor. log and skilful attendanoo, previous to nnd dnrln* confinement. Address A Friend, Chatham ?iaar? Fort t/fflce, oar* of A. Swart*. Board at 2b ninth street.-fine furnished room*, large nnd small, in suitea or tingle, with board, n>ay he had no above. Flr?t class hotwo, with modorn im provements, aud newly furnished. Board in west eleventh street, near Broadway.? Front room on sooond floor to let, with board; also a basement suitable for a physician; house has all the modern Improvements. Inquire at 18 West Eleventh ?tract, a few doors from Broadway. Board in twentieth" street! between Broad w ay and Fou rt h avenue. Suits of richly furnished room*, suitable for families or single gentlemen can bo ob tained. either with or withoat partial board, by applying at 18 fatt Twentieth street. Board no. 11 tw knty siith street, between Brcadway and Sixth avenue. -Furnished or un Tor. .lulled rooms, tor married or single gentlemen, with full ot partial beard, also, hot and cold water, shower bath, Ac. Board in brooklyn-gf.ntlemen who re q< lr? pleasant nnd airy room* la a private family, <ie light'ully lecated 'within five minutes' walk of the south ltd W*n street ftWie#, are requested to call at lOOCllnten street. Brooklyn, where all the comforts of a hums may bo ertjr.yed. Breakfast a-.d tea and dlnttr on Sunday. Terms R*ft{tsew (k?ha?(?4. WAaOUO AND UNMIM. BO A It I) IN liROOKi.YN ? A GENTLEMAN AND vife. and (*o or three single <? utleaiein, can obtain Pleasant, with DuntrlM attached, ft ad i>n r 1 1* 1 board for the gentlemen full board for the Indjr, at !?o. 4Saod< str-rr, Lrookln within a few nHutoi' walk of Fulun ftrrjr. Terms moderate. Kv ? r> ?< exchanged. BOARD IN BRfrOKLTN.? A UDV HAVING A HOUSE tleasautly locatfd. with all the modem improvements, would let a su it of momi mrnishedor unfurnished. to a <?n ? tli'ui?a aid bin wife, or twu Ur*lc pontieincii, wibboarl. References exchanged. Apply at ti:.' Willou^hby *tr*et. BOAliD IN BROOKLYN ? KAMI I.I KS AND SINGLE gentlemen may bad desirable rooms, with hoard, in a lint data bouse. convenient to S.uth aad Well street fer Apply at 2W Henry street lirooklyo. B?'AEI? IN BROOKLYN.?1 1 WO OK TURKE SINGLE ge-ntlcuien, or a lady aad gentlemen, can be accommo dated with two pieman* rooim ?a atiund story, la a private family, a few minutes' walk from Voltnn ferry, by applying at 1 li Sands street. Roferenoes exchanged. Board in brooklyn.-two sinole gentle mn eats have board, with comfortably furnished rooms, in a very desirable location. Apply at 132 Dutfteld *treet, near Pulton eveeu* Board in brooklyn-witiiin five minutes walk of Fullou firry. A geutlsinan and his wifeean be accumulated vith a plet.uit *" single gentlemen can be seeommoilated. Applj at 130 Ui.ury itmt, betwMB PI?n?poal a?4^Urkrtw?i^^^^^^ Board in Brooklyn wanted? by two youno mm, in a private family, within five minute*' walk or either Wall or Fulton ferries. Address C. D. F., box 3,SM l'o?t office. Board in south Brooklyn. -pleasant rooms, with bedroom* and | entries attached, with board lor gentlemen and their wives, or single gentlemen, can be bad at No. 6 Tompkln* plaoe, eight minute*' walk from South terry Reference* exchanged. Board on Brooklyn n eights.? a okntlekan cat find a large aad handaomely fornUhad roam at .18 H illow street, tnrea mlnutee' walk from Well atreet and Fulton ferric*; al*o one single room. Board on eta ten island-three minutes' walk from the first landing; single gentlemen ran be ao oomtnodated with pleaaant rooms, wlt*> breakfast and tea, in a strictly private family; prioe from t H to 125 per month. For particulars, inquire of Mr*. Kruger, at Tompklnsvllle. Board in staten island -a few single gen*. tli men oan be accommodated with board. and ptean&ut airy rooms, in an elegantly ftruiahed house, situated on tho Ncy York avenue, near to G. Christ's Esq., Clifton, Staten Island. The bouse I* on b>gh ground, and has a flue view of the Bay and city of New York. There U alse a stable and carriage house attached to the premise*. Inquire at the above plaoe, or at 104 Fourth avenue. Board in tiie country-genteel board, for families ?r single gentlemen, may bo obtained at the Park House, in Orange, N. J. For particular*, apply on tho premise*, or 61 Maiden lane, N. Y. Board in the country.-a family of six grown persons can bo accommodated with good board, within two hours' ride of the city on the New Haven Rait- | road. Apply at 181 Foriyth streot. BOARD WANTED? WITH A parlor and TWO OR i three btdromni, for a family without imall children. | A pleasant location desired, between Eighth and Twenty tourth streets. Address A. J. U., boa 901, Post Office. Board wanted.? a pleasant furnished I room, with board, in a respectable private faintly, in | the neighborhood of Forty-fourth atreet, and west of Eighth i avenue, by a young man ? an American. Address Home, j foot of West Forty-fourth street, stating location, terms, Ac. , Board wanted-with an unfurnished room, for a widow lady, by the 1st of May. Address, with terms, for two days, M. M. M., Herald oflioe. Board wanted? by a young gentleman, in ! Brooklyn, in a private family. A house in Columbia street, with rooms facing the river, preferred References , exchanged. Address Wollya, box 2 'Jl^Post Uflioe. Board wanted-in new york or hoboken, by a single gentleman, with pnrtial board. A liberal price will be paid for suitable accommodations; a private family preferred. Address P., bos 837 Pom Oifioe. Board wanted-in the vicinity of twenty third street and Fourth avenue; a good room, with gas in, Ac.; also lircaklast and tea, and dinner on Sundays. Price not evert 91t> per month, to be permanent. Address Arte mus, Union square Post Oifioe. Board wanted-by a young gentleman, in a respectable Catholio family. Address, stating fall particulars, X. Y. !?., Herald office. Board wanted? for an interesting little girl of seven years of age, with a small family wbo have ro ohtldren, who would bo willing to bring her up and use her as one of their own, by paying particular attention to her studies and keeping her tidy. A small family ? short j dittsnco from tho eitv would not bo objected to. None that merely with to take her for the remubviation nood spnly. Her mother is w.llingto pay $100 per year. Addro.'s Mrs. Morton, Metropolitan Post Offloe, for on* week. Board wanted.- a youno oentleman wishes i a room, with bourd, by the first of May, with a widow lady, t r email private family, where there are but lew or no j boarders, and where lie oan enjoy the oomtorts of a home; if suited will be permanent. Location down town preferred. Address, stating location and terms, for three days, Augus tus, Herald offico. Board wanted? by a gentleman, in a pri- I vate family, a nicely furnished room, with all the mn dern convenient. os Location not above Twontieth street, nor West of Eighth avenue. For such uooomtuodaiious, a good rent will be paid. Address Valentine, Herald office, for three day*. Board wanted on staten island.-a youno gentleman wishes to engage a single room, with partial board, in a private family or boarding house. Address N , box 1 ,337 r oat office, a . Y. Boarding.? a large front room, on the se cond floor, with pantry attached, to let, unfurniahed, to a gentleman and hi* wl'o, where they may enjoy the comforts of a home. Alio, one or two ilngle gentlemen can be accommodated. Apply at 88 Henry atreet. Boardinc-a front suit OF ROOMS, WITH large pantries; alio, room* for (ingle gentlemen in a first class private boarding bouse: location pleasant, cool and ?i*y ; oonveiient to ear* and stago* going to all part* of the city Apply at No. 4 Abingdon square, west lido, second door from Bank street. Boarding. -a private family, occupying a j tkrst class bouse, oontainlsg all the modern improve, ments, and beautifully located In Weit Eighteenth atreet, I near i ifth avenue, will let, unfurnished, two front room* on j the second floor. Dinner at six o'clock. Address.!. B. W. Herald offico. Boarding.? ins owner of the house u la. martine Place, 29th street, between KUhth and 9th avenue*, having a large house and a mall family, will accommodate two gentlemtnt and their wive* with board; no other* would be taken. The accommodation* need only to be seen to be appreciated. The location is not sur passed by auy in the oily, having a private park In front lot the use of the resident*. Persons having boy* from 5 to 15 need not apply; a small child and aervant, bo objection. Person* orlfinally from New England preferred. Tbelbost referenoe will be leciprooated. Inquire ai above. Boarding.-a oentleman and wife can have a large and pleasant front room on the aecond or third floors, with a good pantry attached, and bedroom, if re quired. Also, a largo hall bedroom for one or two single gentlemen. Apply at 81 Henry street. Boarding -to let, a very pleasant room. suitable for a gentleman and wife, or two single gentle men, also two (tingle rooms, at 27 North Moore street, near St. John's park Baths in tbe hente. BOARDING-CJ COURT STREET, BROOKLYN, COR" ner of Schermerhorn, verv pleasant rooms, with bed rooms and pantries attached; also, room* for single gentle men. The locality is desirable, being within five or ten mi nutes' walk of all the ferries. Refers nous exchanged. Boarding.-a gentleman and wife, or two or three single gentlemen, can be accommodated with pleatant rooms and board at 37 Market Btreet. Boarding.-a private family, occupying a first olass house containing modern improvements, and beautifully lccatedin Seoond avenue, will let, unfurnished, a purlor on the first floor; alao, a room on the third if de sired; they wonld be let together or separate; convenient to cars and atajes. Apply at 40 Second avenue or 177 West Twenty-fifth streot. B Boarding.-two or three gentlemen mat find pleasant rooms and partial hour J in * convenient location, in South Brooklyn. Apply on the premiss*, (OS Henry street, or of Mr. NELSON, US Petri itreoL Terma moderate, and references exchanged. Boarding.-two front rooms to let. with or without board, is the new house No. 10 Henry street, between Oliver and Catherine. The bouse i* new, and one or the moat airy and pleasant in the eity for nnmer residence' Boardinc.-a gentleman and his wife, or two iin;;le gentlemen, can be acoemmodated with good b< ard and handsomely tarnished apartments, with use ef bath room, gas, Ac., at 53 llanry atreet. None hot genteel people need apply. Boarding in bleecker street.? families and tingle gentlemen ean be accommodated with hand somely fnrnlahea apartment a, with all the modern improve ments, at 110 bleecker atreet. Dinner at half pait ,V He ftrencee exchanged. Boarding in brooklyn-two single gentlb men ean be accommodated with separate rooms, with fall or partial board, in a flrat olass house, by calling at 108 Bridge atre?t. Reterenoea exohaaged. ROOKLTN HEIGHTS, THREE MINUTES' WALK lrem Wall atreet ferry.? Suites of rooms for faanflise and single gen tlrmon can be obtain*# in the elegant doable hones (A lemsen atreet. Tne premiaee are nndergotog thorough repair, will be readv for ooeupanoy prior to the 1st of May. and will be eorduoted in a manner oaloolated tese enre tbe comfort and approval of the Inmates. Gas, bath, kt. Referencea esehanged. Apply as above, from ? to 12 A. M. COUNTRY BOARD? FRO* 1ST OF MAT, MAT BE bad by four er Ave adnlt person*, at a plea*ant loca tion. 1M boars' from New Tork by a daily steamer. Address C. rf .Herald offics; will be attonded to previous to let. fWUNTRT BOARD? AT SOUTH ORANGE. If. J , TEN \J minutes from tbe depot, and one hours' ride from the eity. on the Morris and Essex Railroad. Private family Apply at 37# Seventh avenue, for two week*. COUNTRY BOARD-ONE OR TWO FAMILIES CAN obtain beard in a very quiet Tamil/ on reasoaable terms, or the cottage would be let famished; location delightful, 1)4 miles from ferry. Address family, Herald oflce. Elegant furnished rooms to let-with breakfast, to gentlemen only, In a flrat olass house, la Fonrth etreet, near Lafkyette pfice. Terms? Front parlor, nlth small bedroom, 111 per week; front enamber, second floor. W; l<aek chamber 97. No removal 1st ef May. Ad. 4re?sH. S. R., box 2,074 Post Office. Furnished rooms to lit-in a prjyatr family, at 860 Broadway, with gas, hot and cold vntec, Ae. Reference gj| and required. Furnished rooms to let -a private family having mete room thaa tbev require, would lit# to let tbe secondf floor, crmfortably fumlsned, and with all ths modern imi rovements, to several ilnale gentlemen. Break fhst U de?ired. Please call at lMl W eat Twenty fourth street, between Seventh jad Efahth avennes. Furnished rooms to let-suitable for one or more stiigle gentlemen. In a small famllv, the honss Is flr?t elese, an? in a desiraMe location: partial boar.l if re qaired. Apply at 91 W sst Eleven t h street, near Fifth av. tiTRMSHED ROOMS TO LPT?TWO FURMSUEO J; roems to one or two gentlemen to let at No I4tf TbvBP iva Km*! WW ''Wl Uwt?* ""Wi BOAIMMNO AMD UWCWMb "LnTRNIbllEU ROOM TO LBT-AN ATTI f! BOO*. " lor a til git gentleman, without WuJ, at 113 Fraaklia atreet. GENTLEMEN KEOCIRIXG RESPECTABLE A If* comlortable fornlihed apartment! with or irilliMl board, ?>iu)d do m?II to apply without delay Walker ?tit?t. fivedoor* weatot ftroad eay. u there ere only In or tbret' room* uul?t. li t, cold and showe bath- ia the lMph fcl'KWi exchanged. (rENTLEMEX CAN OBTAIN FURNISHED R04ML T without board, ?t No. 19 Jay ('root, of ox Greoawioh; It I* n very convenient locatun for tboae doing litiUtu down ?*VBRS WILL REMOVE, ON THE riBBT Of May, from No. 2 Lervy plnoe, t? No. #. oapartt* where, in consequence ol the gr-ater out bor of apartment^ fh? baa atill uueuaagm room, for |ti.i|gmen and wivaa iM aeveral rooms for aia*logent>?men. Ii-??kla*t tromtio'oUak to 10; dlinor at A Also, an ofbeo couvpnient for a ilontm 1' I ease inqiuie ol Mm. Mey re, No. 2 Leroy place, till lit at PERMANENT BOARD WANTBO IN BROOKLYN from the lat of May. by a laly and h?rt..n, wltMatvw minutes' walk of tho Fulton nnd tVall atraot ferries. I'H vata family preltrred. Terms moderate. RcUrenoe* ex changed. Add' ess L. 8. K., llerald otbce. rl.EASANT ROOMS, WITH BOARD, CAN BB OBTAIN - ed by applyingat 2HH Math ttroet, naar First arena*. PRIVATE BOARD.? A GENTLEMAN AND WIF^ and two single neutl.-men. ran obtaia comfortable rni?ai, with board, in a plain neat house, where but taw boarder* ara taken To perinaucut persons, termi low. Laoati<? . pleasant and e'.mvenieat. llll Nineteenth atreet, bet WOM tec on J and 1'hird avenues. PRIVATE HOARD IN WILLIAMSBURG.? A FRONT room on the second llo r, and a .mailer ruom, auitnble for *lngle or man led ?entlt m? n, can ho bad at No. 1 17 Sent* Eighth atreet. A fine location, lad within Are minuted ; wallt of Peck alip terry. Apply oa the premise*. PRIVATE BOABDINO.-A FAMILY HAVING III?*? a house In Eaat Bro? deny, liavu.g more r om than tk? ' wish to oocnpy, would let to a tew gentlemen and their i wives, or a few tingle uentlunnn, rooma with beard. far i partieulari apply at 63 orchard street. PRIVATE BOARDING -A FEW YOUNG MEN CAN be accommodated with boar 1 in a plata family alee a y. nng man hi. wile, at 26 Rlvlugtcm .treat, near tha Bowery. No aign on the deor; no muting la May. Rooms to let? furnished or unfurnish^^, to alnglo nentlemrn only, without board The hoMt hai all the modern improvement*. Apply at Xtjf ftutb itroet, between tbe Bowery and Lafayottt plaoe. Booms to let-in a private family, tw? am three furnished roomt, with or without board. The house It elegant and new, and loutaint all tha modern Im provement*. Apply at 47 West Thirteenth root, between Filth and Sixth avenue*. Rolerenoot oxo banged. Rooms, handsomely pok wished, near uu Ciiion Club, Filth avenue, may be obtained ia a pat tat o family, with or without partial board, oa Twenty -tie* ttreet, in a brown atone English baaemant haaaa, uiotk eligibly lituated. Ketere oet unexceptionable. Address lor three day t, box 2,474 Port Oflkoe. EOONS-WITH BOARD, FOR GENTLHMIN AN? their wlvoa, or tingle gentlemen; bouae pisataaUt eiHt atcd, facing Uohokeu ferry, and in the vicinity of 31. bekt't Church. Inquire at b7S Ureenwioh ttreet. No removal ia "?y STATIN ISLAN D ? A FEW YOUNG GENTLEMEN OAW he accommodated with furnished room* and partiM board, in a email private family. Addrou bos 3,836, rM OAoa. TO GENTLEMEN.? TWO OR THREE ROOMS, EVR nisbed or nnfurnlahed, eeparately or la luita, oaa bo had in a private family, 19U East Mneleeatb street, betweom First and Socond aveuuvi. The bouto contain* tho moderw ImprovtBento. fO SINGLE GENTI.IMAN. -TWO BEAUTIFUL FWR nithed rooms, with gat and t'roton water, whleh will b? let vory teatoaablo to retpootahle gentlemen, withoat board. Apply at 198 Bowery, in tbe drag etore. TO LET? WITH BOARD, AN CNFURNISHED RftOM and bedroom, in eecend story ofhouao No. 01 Kasa I Broadway, or it desired by a family of grown persoat, tha ! entire fl?or will be let. The beat or referencet given aa< required. TO LET? WITH BOARD, TWO ROOMS, WITH ON* bedroom, and pantries attached, suitable for two gen tlemen and their wive* , on the second floor in hen** No. M. Eart Broadway. ' 1 TWO OR THREE ROOMS TO I.ET, FURNIEIB*. without board, to gentlemen, at 42 Great Janet Itroetc breakfatt if deiired The house ha* all the modern improve ment*. TWO GENTLEMEN, OR A GENTLEMANfAND WIFE, can have either a large tarlor and bodroomt or taraa obamhtra, either with or without boarding, in a heuto with all the modern convei.ienoe*, at 231 Tonth ttreet. TWO SINGLE GENTLEMEN, OR A GENTLEMAN AND wife or two ladle*, oan be aeoommodatod with hoard ant comfortable room In a private family, on moderate terma. For particulars apply at 21 Rarmine atreot, near Bleecker. or to T. HENDERSON, 34 Liberty ureet WANTED? A PLEASANT UNFCRNISHBD RO*H. on tbe firit or teoond floor, with hoard, for a Udyaal bor grandchild aged tbree year*. In aretpeetable family, a?4 pleasant location, for which to $4 per woek will bo ftU. Reference given and required. Addres* box 3,007 Pott Oflieo. WANTED? BY A YOUNG LADY, AN UNFURN18K ed rotm, with board, in a respectable private family. Term* rnntt be moderate. Location between Uleeckar ail Twenty -third atreet*, aid Fourth and Eighth avonuaa. Beak of reference given and requirad. Addres* Board, Herald of fice, for one week. WANTED IMMEDIA1 ELY? BOARD IN A HOUSE with all the modern improvements; loeatioa to bebe | twren Eighth and Twentieth streit*. and between Fonrtfe I and Sixth avenue*, one square room, unfornlahad, for a gen ' tleman and wife; price not to excoed $H' per woe*; alao he | their contin, a Udy, one square room, furulahed; price IT fee week. AUdre** Varnnm, 3U4 and 206 Sixth avenue. WANTED? IN BRO RLYN, BY A WIDOW LADY and grown daughter, an unfurnitbed room and amal ! bedroom, with board; a private family preferred; term* aot < to exceed S6 60. Addreee, immediately, A. M. D., 3SH AUan ! tic ttreet, Brooklyn. Hougga, koows, dec., wanted. A SMALL FAMILY WOULD LIE! TO HIRE. BY THC lit of May, tb* whole or a part of a two story hoaae; location not above Fourth street, or below Canal; rent mart be moderate. Addrett U. V., Herald offlee. 4 FURNISHED HOUSE WANTID, ON STATIN J\. Itland, for aix montha ftoin lit ot May, or woalU ba taken for the yenr at a reasonable rent; mutt contala not less than ten room*. Alio a furnished house waated ia New York, below Twentieth *trce<t. Address R., box 2 o71 Port Office. FURNISHED HOUSE WANTED -ANY FAMILY Go ing abroad for one year or more, and having a hand somely furnished liou*? which they had rather reat to a gen tleman and wife, at a moderate rate, than *hnt up the *a ta^ may bear of|an opportunity by addressing Albioa, Herald of fice. The best of car* will be taken of both houie and furni ture. Rent not to exceed $1,200 per annum. SOUSE WANTED-BY A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE: part of aeonvoalent bou*e below Ualon square; reaa to exceed $200. Any p*r*M baring more room tbaa they require, will find this a good opportunity of procuring a gool tenant. No ohildreo. Addreaa lleary, Herald olhoe, aatA Sunday, atatlngall particular*. R?hoSMe wan2J*bD'~A ,Wo STORY ivn neii hborhoo?, ?fflee- Uouw ?n% rMP?*i*kla Hocse.-wan rin. for two small families, in the Fifth or El^th wards, a small houae or two pari* of houtea. Addreaa Henry, earo of Roe* A btanhary, corner of Grand and Mtrctr itrect*. Lower part or a house wanted in williaki bnrg? By a gentleman and hi* wif*, on* *hlld aad *ar vant. A parlor, aittiag room, kitchen and two bodroomt >? (joired; most be not more than three or four mlnnte*' walk from Peek *Up ferry. Addreaa (poatpald ) L. A. , box 401, He rald office, itating terms, location, AO. PART OF A HOU8E WANTED? LOCATED BBTWMHi Lexington and Sixth avenue*, not at ov* Twenty fifth atreet. The family i* eompoaed of two pfr*on* aud aervaak. Rent not to excecd $iW0 per annum. Addrem box 1,334 Poet Office. PART or A HOUSE WANTED-FOR A SMALL FA mlljr, first or second atorr, wit fa biuant.tu u< Croton water, la tb? upper part of the elty; mi t side ff? farr?d, by tlx mlddl* of May; rent not to ei?Md|900. Ad dress A J. S , Herald oflloe. Post office box wanted? at tor lowee or X 805. Addraaa. fivinf number of bo* and prio?, 0. J. H., So* iey. Rooms wanted.-two a entlemen ark dbsi ? rout of obtalnta* the first floor of a flret oIin hoaee, (am Rnfllih btiwnt preferred,) famished or aafamiahed. wttlt iu aid Crotoa water. Looation betwera Ei?hth and Tina tietk atreeW, near Bread way. Addreee C. 8. P., Uaiea ?quare Feet Office. Room wanted-a ladt wishes a room, wrm email room adjoining, la a private family; aot below Bleeeker (treat preferred. Addreaa M. 0.. Herald eflu WANTED. -A LODGE BOOM, SITUATED IN THB Bid die part'of the city; U wanted for cither Hoaday, Tuesday. Wednesday, or Thursday evenlu*s, throaffc .tM year. Addreee J. J^ETY A CO?s lS William street. WANTED? A STORE, SUITABLE FOR THE RBTAIts dru* business, either la thu eity or Brooklyn er WM lismsbnrg. An* one bar lag eneb a etore room to lettaa neighborhood where a dro* (tore is wanted, may seenre a da aiiable tenant by addraaeiac a Use, ataeiac location, 4c., * A. F. H.. Herald ottca. t TX7 ANTED? PART OF A HOUSB. FOB A SMALL FA* TT wily; all modem Improvements reanired, aad jooA neighborhood, betweea F earth aad Seventh aveaaee; teak from $ 330 toJMJO a year. Beet of refereace given and (?> qoired. Addreee baa 700. Poet <>Woe. "117 ANTED? BT A SINGLE MAM. A FURKI8HEB VI royal . wit boat board. Addreee, statla* fall partdaw lare, J. 1. M., Herald oflUe. WANTED IM A RESPECTABLE LOCATION B% twaea Broomel aad Foartk etreate; the whole or aa*t of a heaea with all the modern improvemoata, a twa aiaay horse preferred. Addreee TENANT, Herald oflloe, fee two day*. WANTEL-BY A GENTLEMAN AND LADT, WMH ? Inn to live retired, pert of a bonse. weet aide. aaac Bleeeker etreet. No other boarder*. Bath, Ac , pfefeeiaJ. A desirable tenant mar be bad by addressing J aaaae I. Jem ? box 8, M Poet Uiia. ? BPRCie WAMBaxmB, 1/W\ NEW AND ELEGANT SPRING BONNETS /VST lUUreeeived by the A(U. from oar branch boaee Ml Paria.?S Rae Rlehelien, oarefullr selected by oar representative whe baa directed onr boose Tor the laat fifteen yean. This aaaoN ???nice comprises the lateat stylea of emfcroldtred atraws so much tdmind la Pari*, aad which we oonfldently flatter ourselves that every one wt a tnanecta onr stoek aut ba convinced that we moat have rival a but ao eompetitloa; ea* nrices at the t ame time are limited. An early oaU wilt %? fbuad advantageous at MADAME R. HARRUUk SON S, ?71 Br?erfwajr_ LEGBOBN BONNETS AT UAI.F TnE U'BAL PRIHL and ailit millinery ia (treat variety equally lew, to wbioh 1 particularly invite the attention of the ladha of New Vett aad vicinity, aad alao conn try milliner* aupplied at t9W<Ma H?4f WM. BRCWPi U*

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