Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 3, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 3, 1855 Page 2
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?M that human ingenuity out low hardly restore flbeis to order. Toe Legislature may, Ha sheer despera tion at tbe iir possibility of pat:hiog up our dilaoiaatsd concern, overcome tbe difficulty by catting Gordian kwet, and allow us to commence business u a corporate body d* num. They must do something quickly ? tba nuat fail. Mining Hews. ?ear Columbia, at Knickerbocker, on Saturday laat, Toasbert & Co. took out twenty ounces in half a day. Steal* k Sinclair, adjoining the above, took out twenty two ouncea and 116. on Friday laat. One snare in this alaim sold for 91,000 laat week. Knowle* A Co., near the Philadelphia House, found a Ore pound lamp on Monday. Maura. Wm. Ac Henry Hudson, on Kanaka creek, two ?tiles from Jacksonville, weak before laat, took out an ounce per day to the mm. Brooks & Montgomery, at the same place, are averag ing an ounce and a half per day to the man. lhe Kanaka Bar Company, near the mouth of the creet, week before laat, took oat 980 clear to the share. There are ten sharea in the company. AH the miners a*ove Jacksonville, on Wood's creek, for thrco cr four miles, aro avenging from $4 to $ 7 per day ; and a large number are doing much bettor, the claims have paid better within the past year, on this por tion of Wood's creek, than ever before since the mines have been discovered. Diamond {"primm.? New and exceedingly rich dig gings have been discovered within a few miles of DU mord Springs. The locality is is a south westerly di rection from this place, ana includes both sides of Dry Canon, extending fiomthe r'dge near Logtown to Big Canon. Reports of an almost marvelous character are in circulation. But little work or prxpect'ng has yet yet been done in that region. Three Irishmen coin arencec some time ago, worked three woe us without get Meg the color, then ''struck it rich," and too* out ?*>2,000 in a few weeksl They are the only persons who have done more 1han prospect; but several parti's have obtained several dollars to the pan, in different places, and near the surface. Wm. MoComaer took from his claim en Sugar Loal Hill, last Monday a piece of quartz rock contamtbg about six ouncea of gold. Nathaniel Lepper, who last week found a lump weighing *-'6, tais weak found one weighing 439 50. The miners on 8ugar Loaf are all making excellent average wages. More News from Kern River. We have bad a conversation, saya the Califnrnian , with ? Mr. Houston, from Bern river, who arrived in town on Saturday ln?t, and who gives us the following items, whieb our readers can take for what they are worth; there is sueh a wide discrepancy in the reports that reach as, that we neither can nor will vouch for any thing hereafter pertaining to the subject. We have stayed with the "River'' as long asjwe could, and hive thus far managed to keep it in the lead, but hereafter the public can cypher the matter oat as they may feel disposed. He say a tbat there have not been twenty old miners who have left tbe mines. Of this ?lass from six tc eight hundred are oontentedly at work, and realizing from live to fifteen and twenty doll.irs p?r cay. A Urge number are at the forks of tbe river; par ties are scattered up and down tbe main stream and far up on the forks; several stores are in operation aud doing well; recently very ft>w have left; those who have here tofore crawu out are snch as could be well spared, and their room far preferable to their company. Mr Houston ?ays that any msn can make fire anl six dollars a day ?eitain. Ti is, even, is far more preferable than wor>; in the settlements at thirty and forty dollars a month. Affairs at the d'ggings are no v on a much bet. ter footing than at first. Lumber U being furnished in abundance by whip sawyers. Stores and blacksmith shops are afi'oiding abundant facilities for the supply of the necessaries of life and the requisite implement* for labor, *nd ihe recent rains and melting snows are fur bishing ample supplies of water in diggings hitherto too dry to beavailaoie Companies are being formed for the purpose of taking out the water from the river, and by ?Mans of canals carrying it into the richer localities. And as soon as the weather will permit new explora tkns will be made into the mountains, and over upon their eastern slopes. We have received by Bell's express, which arrived in town on Sunday last, t tie following Utter from a gentle ua who ha* been in the mines lor some time past; his statements are reliable: ? Kerx Rrvim, March 20, 185V Every old miner stems to be doing well, and is satis fled; and the best prool of this is, they always present well filled purses when they make purchases, and pay for ev? 77 thing they buy. In tie rush to tois place there has been a large num ber ot "lead beads" and loafers mixed up with tue crowds daily arriving, who, as soon as they enter the mines commence 1heir complaints, and express dissatis faction because the stores have adoptod the cash sys tem. These fellows will not work ? either from principle or Uzinees; it is, therefore, tolerably hard work for them to live here, and they leave, grumbling, giving a dis couraging accoun. of the mines? an) for them, very just ly, too. lor no one can live here unless he works, and is aot wanted here. Tbe mines are pronounced good by the most expe rienced mirers. Any man who is able, anl dues work, can make from four to six dollars por day. As scon as tbe snows melt and the weather will per mit, m:ntig operations will be carried bigber up in the mountains, where it Is thought much richer localities exist than those new worked, and ere long you may ex pect to lie?r reports surpassing any gone lortti through your columns. I have read nearly all yon have published in regard t thia place, and in my opinion 1 have read nothing that was counter to tbe truth; and 1, in common the arge majority of tbe m'nera here, can testify to your ?totem* n*s as to the causes of the discontent and conse quent departure of many from here. 1 never hava ae ,n ?s many lazy, worthless fellows as have congregated here within tie last few weeks. Two or three hundred of hem have been bere since I came, who have never struck a lick of work, or even left their camp one hun dred yards, unless it was to loaf arcund grog shops. How is it possible for snch fellows to make money ? I beard a miner offer a man four dulUrs a day and board him. to work at mining, which he refused, yiking more; ot the same time compUtning that the work was "too hard." 1 learn that some no-account loifcrs have been talking of mobb ?g you for publishing the truth. Their threats are sufficient to establish tbe'r true character <n tha estimation of men of sense, who lire by the labor of their ?wn hands. fiKDtmoN of Fare on- thk Nicaragua Steamers. ? Oar whole community will be rejoiced to learn that tne com Ligation to insure high prices, which has existed during the past year, between the Pacific Mail Steamship Com pas) and I'm Nicaragua Company, ha* been broken ? and that the Nicaragua Company, in compliance with the p )? polar wish, has reduced the tare from the Atlantic States to Ibis city, and back again. To Mr. Garrison is due tUe credit of tula important change, lie went to the East with the avowed intention of baring the onerous rates heretofore exacted reduced ; and by his influence with the company in New York, he has succeeded. Thus Is eae of the greatest obstacles to oar farther progress re ?loved. With cheap fare to this country, the tide of po pulation must (low nitberward, and help to develops the aJmos t untouehed resources of our Infant Sute. The Nicaragua Company bas now some of the fluest boats on tJbe oce an ? tit I'ncle Earn, which leaves on Monday next, being one of the best. 1'ne transit route is in good or der. loubtless the company will find, whilst yielding to the popular wishes and toe welfare of the State, the r owi interests will not suffer by the reduction made. ? San franciteo Herald, April 4. Af*K!NEKP of Apamb & O. ? On the 4th April the cre ditors of Adams & Co. voted for receivers, with the fol lowing result Whole number of votes 322 For Messrs. Cushman, Gerberdmg and Merrill 211 For Messrs. Roman, Roman, Jones and Ooheh Ill Whole amount voted Tf 62 506 F?a>an, Jones and Cohen 4:<7,9V2 Casbman, Gerberding and Merrill 111,164 Cusbman, Gerberdlag and Cohen 3,400 Messrs. R. Roman, Fdward Jones and A a. Cohen were finally appointed assignees. Tine R tuitions of Lccas, Ti'rxkr & Co. wrnt DrtcAX, Khxsm an ft Co. ? The following notice appear* in the ad vertising columns of the San Francisco pipers. ? An iropressitn seems to be in existence in this city, that we are in some way connected with Duncan, Sher man h Co., of New York. There is not a particle of foundation for it, as we are not now, nor ever have been, in correspondence with that banking bouse. Only one letter ever passed between us, and that more than a year apo, touching come foreign exchange. The coin alienee of name between Mr. Sherman, of New York, aad ("apt. Sherman here, is purely accidental, there be teg no relationship between them, not even a personal acqui intntice. LUCAS, 1URNF.K & CO. Fight at Sorora.? A despatch to the Union, from So aora, under date of Monday, 2d Apnl, says ? A general fight occurred last night at a fandango house between a party of Americans and Mexicans. From thirty to forty abota weie fired, and five or six men wounded, but none, it is thought, mortally. Marriages and Deaths. MARRIED. te San Francisco, by the Rev. B. Br'erly. Mr. Jehn C. Jack, late of New Orleans, to Mrs. Matilda Barly, of San Francisco. At PlaeervWe, F1 Dorado county, by the Right Rev. Wahow Law, of the Catholic Church, Daniel Getwicks, ?sq., editor of the Mountain Democrat, to Miss Bridget, eaJy daughter of Patrick Delaney, Esq., of Dcnegan, Tip perarr, Ireland. At Baylor's Ranch, April 1, by W. R. Grlmshaw, J. P., Jaba Sprague and Miss Maty Owen, both of lone Val Isy, Ca). At Nevada, March 27, by C. A. Laman, A. Johns to Ifiss Aseline Taylor, of Pean Valley. On Wednesday evening, April 4, by Ray- H. Wiley, Mr. Lather Knights to Miss Catherine D. Oliver, all of Saa Fraacisco. By Rev. Dr. Wirde, William H. Hale to Hannah A. ftowler. hi Mafysvllle, Howell Davis to Mrs. A. C. Armstrong, All ei Marjsvtl e. DIKD. te Baa Fraacisoo, March 31. Mrs. Isabella, wife of Wn. Bpenfs, a aatlve of Dnnrersaiine, Scotland. In Saa Fraacisoo, on Saturday, Robert Branks, of JCalrte Grove Farm, Santa Clara, aged 40 years. In Baa Francisco, at the Gardner House, corner of Vallejo aad Battery streets, Thos. W. White, aged 30 ye an, a aatlve of Clonakelty, county Cork, Ireland. la Sacramento, Kite, infant daughter of Presoott and KUsa A. Robinson. At Long Bar, Ynba river, of disease of the brain, Sanaa, daughter of 8. G. and Ann M. Bands, aged 1 year 11 months and 6 days. At Cnreka City, Daniel Ryan, formally of Wisconsin, aged about 88 years. . la San Fsaneisco, FUon Wallaoe, aged 10 years and 3 ?saths, Markets. San Fkafkjwoo, April T, IMS. There bas besn bat little business dons to-day. either by jobbers or importers? the usual business of steamer My, vts. , settling aceounts, claiming p raced enoe over all #t her considerations Flora.? SO bbls. Gallego and Haxall jobbed at 914 60; 400 or. tacks domestic, in lots, at 98 a 99 50; 400 do. do., at a not lea, at 97 7ft a 99. Barut.? flOO sacks ChUforala jabbed at 1 Jfc. a 1 #?. 900 do, Chill art reported sold en private terms. Whkat ? SCO sacks ehf ice milting sold at S'^e. hica ? 48,000 Iba. Caiollna sold said last nijhtoa pri ?ate terms Hams ? t'f> btls. Arret' ?oM from second bands at 22c. stfctp. ? 120 kegs New York sold m private terms. Camilis.- ftO boxes a-iamantinei sold at aneUoa at 27c. ; 40 do. French sperm at 44c. Matting. ? 300 rolls China matting said on private tenia. Salt Lake News* We hare received tiles of tbe Deaeret JTetot to the 1st of March. Tits Indians ? On tbe fifth of February, Poetor Garland Hont, of Ken tacky, Agent of Indian Afle'rs for Utah Territory, arrived in tbe Valley. Doctor Hunt reports that be lei t Independence January 1st. Tbe mail and passengers were escorted by a military guard as far as Fort Laramie, and tbere dispensed with, as tbe Indians were friendly, and desiroua pf establishing friendly rela tions. Government will continue to furnish each mill with an etcoit, so loog as the In Manx appear hostile. Gays it itp.? McGraw and Bee-i<le have given up their contract tor carrying tbe mail to In lepsndenoe, and that mail service is discontinued on the route. Dkatu or Walker.? It is r?po ted to the Newt that Walker, the Indian cbiet of the Utah*. had been poison ed. He died January 29tti. H? requested his brither to kill, at his burial, one Pi-ede wonun, to strangle two 1*1 ede girls, burv alive one Pi-ede boy, and to kill sixty homes and six sh*ep, ss a sterilise that he might pass in peace to tbe happy hunting grounds of tie Indian. Mirdek op Gunnison. ? Seven Pauvan Indians who were engaged in the murder of Cap*. Gunnison and parly, some eighteen months since, on the river Sievere about fO nvles from Salt Lake, were captured about tbe "lb instant, by Co). Steptoe's command, under charge o Major Be; noil's and Lieut. Allston. The prisoners were delivered up by Cfnoebe, tbe cblif, without any trouble. Tbey bave taken the prisoners to Salt Lake city, where tbey were to be tried before the Hon. J. F Kinney, Chle" Justice of I'tnh Territory, on the 17th inst. Conoahe, the chief, willingly consented to go with the officers as a witneis. M MUURD. At the residence of J. B Kelier, by Bishop Perkins, Mr. Joseph Morris and Mrs. Elizabeth Hall, both of bait late city. Jan. 26tb, by Elder John Young, Franklin H. Perkins to MaTiaTuttle. On the 4th March, by Rishop Weolley, Mr. Cnas, Walker and Mies Jem ma How?n. Feb. 3d, by fclder Richards, Mr. Tlioznaa Squires and Mis* Elizabeth Smi'h. Jan. SSth, by Bishop Perkins, Mr. Jas. L. Bess and Miss Jrsnria P. Fullmer. In Fillmore, Feb 6th. by Elder Hoyt, Mr. Asa O. Eoyce and Miss America Ann Neal. Interesting from South America. OUU VALPARAISO COKHEriPONBKNOE. Valpa ha wo, March 15, 1855. A Steam line Between Panama and Valparaiso Adoo catid ? Failures of the British Line? Detention of American Hails and Merchandise ? Advantages of a Trade with Chili ? Yankee Navigation of the Bio Bio River? Stages from Valparaiso to Santiago ? Annexa tion?The Allied Pacific Squadron ? Petro^aulomki and Sebastopol ? Peeling for the Ciar ? The Immaculate Conception Furor ? The United States Ships of War. Can you not persuade, through your world-wide circu lated Hi raid, tbe esta llisbment of a line of steamers along the Pacific coast, from Panama to Valparaiso ? The last two steamers of tbe British royal mall line have Tailed to connect with the steamer from Mew k'ork to Aspln wall, notwithstanding that the railroad finished across the Isthmus makes the time of travel from New York to Panama only nine dayi. The British steamers wait at Panama until tbe morning of tbe arrival of the Ameri can mail at Aspinwall, steam off two or three hoars before its arrival at Panama, and confessedly with the intention of obliging tbe United States government to appropriate some fabulous amount of their surplus funds to the carriage of our mail bags. Our corres pondence waits on the Isthmus fifteen dtys, between steamers, so that all American merchants ? and their name is legion ? and others along the coast, receive their letters a fortnight later than they would were tbe policy of our Anglo brethren a little more liberal. Tbe Br.thh line is one of slow coaches, and occupies twenty two days in tbe voyage from Panama to this port. Any line of vessels, even our North river tugs, could do it in sixteen days, stopping at all the principal interme diate ports. This, with nine days to New York, would be but twenty-five, and with nine more to Liverpool, or ten to Paris, correspondents would receive their letters, & o., in thirty five, instendof fifty days, or not at all, the former term always occurring, and the latter sufficiently frequent to make a connection at Panama, and the regular receipt of the mails, the exception, and not the rule. As to whelher such a scheme would be profitable or not, I will give but a single item in proof of my opin ion that it would be. Tbe price of provisions all alang tbe route Is less than with you. Coal Is not high. The present price of pacsage from Panama to this port is two nundred and seventy- four dollars, and with extras, never lets than three hundred, and the accommodations cannot, in any respect, compare with any of our ocean steamers. Now that the railroad is completed, there will be much groater travel by the Panama reu'e than heretofore, and stock wouid be taken to any ex tent, and most gladly throughout Cbili, and par ticularly here, where all are disgusted with the en tire proceedings of tbe present undertakers. Throw out a hint, near Herald, in your omnipotent columns, and It It be taken, anxious and glad thoncands will thank you with cheerful gratitude. Tbe enterprise of Charles Minturn, of your city, late of California, for tbe navigation of the Bio Bio river, in this state, is progressing successfully. Anotber Ameri can enterprise worthy of mention, is the establishment of a line of four horse stages from Valparaiso to San tisgo, tbe capital, and anotber from Talcahuano to Con ception. Beieg in Santiago last week, I saw one of them come in. Hie four horses flew along the street, and as it drew up in front of the hotel, a crowd collected to talk of Yat>kee enterprise, and some of annexation. Your capital articles, by the way, on the subject of the GaUpngos Islands seem to have given the Chiieaus b<pe that tbeir time is not yet to clo-e at hand as Philo White's annexatory purposes led them to believe; and, to crown tbeir satisfaction, old Kameb*m?h? the Third sucpumbed to rum, and it was blazoned out to the world that ,4t'ror onbotontliologcs, the King, was dead," aud tbe Sandwich isles were beyond the eager grasp of the barbarian North American. Tiiey htve made up their mindB that, If be chooses to do it, the American eagle bas an omnipotent gizzard with which be cm digest any thing, even South American republics, and after rolling them over two or tbree times in bis capacious maw, turn them out good and respectable law-abiding mtl sens ? and they even go further, and are assured, upon authority, that if the aforesaid gizzard should be over worked and give out, Congress will vote him another. Great bird tb at, by Jove! The Chile journals continue tbeir daily lampooning* against our devoted country. No one dreams of replying to them. They prognosticate everything that is terrible, and the reasons assigned for our downfall are too much like Gratiano's, in the Mer chant of \ "nice, to occupy, in reply, the time or patiense of any Atrerican. The JHarin , in one of its daily casings oil, predicts an early revolution because there are 00,000 ptnpers in New York without employment Several French and British vessels of war have arrived lately, on tlielr way to Honolulu, tbere to rendezvous prior to maVing anotber abortive attack upon Petropau lowski, which they all seem to consider the Sevastopol of the Pacific H. B. M.'s steamer Brisk left yesterlay. Great excitement exist* here concerning tbe European war. The Americans seem to be In favor of our friend the Autocrat, to whom the Ch'llans compare an eagle In (light. Beti are freely oflered of five hundred dollars that Sebastopol will not betaken. One of that amount was taken at tbe club a lew days ago. Cbili has been in a fervid state of rel'giou* excitement during some days past, owing to the I'ap il decision of the immaculate conception, and the clergv, wbo have so much, too much influence in state affiirs, are only awaitirg tbe arrival of the papal bull to show tbe w.irld of lookers on In Vienna their intense appreciation, and tbeir over boiling satisfaction at learning bsyond all sub lunary donbt, tbe finless condition of their virgin pat roness. Bonfires and rockets, theattes and processions, gun firing and flag flying will be tbe order of tbe day when the important docuaaent is published to the wjrld. We have but one vessel of war in port now, the Inde pendence, Commodore Merwin's flag ship, Captain Tat nail, con rounding. The commodore gives a ball on board this evening, aad will leave la a day or two for Talcahuano. X. Y. Z. N?w York Paltkhs Fcknished with Frm Pahpag* to Ai.hast.? It in but a few we?k* lino there iu a great excitement rained in New York because the Sardinian povernmint had Rent a ship load of pauper i to New York ? pawege free? where tliejr became AmHMI te the Commissioner* of Emigration and the New York lociil uuthoritie*. It wai claimed that It wan wrong, de cidedly wrong, a breach of international right, an usur Ction of comity, and we cannot remember what elee. rn.-e It to *ay, tnat remonatrance* were made to Mayor Wood, and he, in hla torn, remonstrated with the ac credited representative of the Sardinian government at W**hiDgton, which brought about the dee i red reeolt? a promiee, on the part of the government, " not to do *o any more. " We observe, however, that lately, there hai been quite an influx of pauper* from Slew York into our elty. who all avow that they were aent here, their pal < sege being paid by the Ovemeer of the Poor of New York. If it were wrong for the Sardinia authorities to send their pauper* to New Vork, it 1* equally wrong for the New York autboritie* to aend their mendicant* here, when they become chargeable upon the county ? upon onr tax payer*. Oar Aim* House I* and ha* been filial to repl'tion, with pauper* nent here from Montreal, New York, and other large cities, equally a* able to sup port their poor a* we are. ? Albany A rgut, April 24. Lovr, DisArroiimiKWT, and SrrcrDF ? A frenMe m*n named WiUoug hby, over*eeT for I>r. We. Goodwin, of I?ul*a, wa* t-ngagfd to be married to a young lady, and had procured a licente for the consumma'lon of the etme, when her friend* raised objection* to the mate1!, and th* wedding Wa* postponed. On Sunday laet Mr. Willooghby paid the lady a vHt, when he wa* formally discarded fneh treatment made life a burtben to him, and when be law Dr. Goodwin, he asked how much Ian danum it would take to kill a man. Dr 0. answered him and thought no more of it. On Tuesday morning, before daylight. Dr. Goodwin heard the explosion of a {itstol in willoughby's room, and hastening to ascertain he cause, found that Willonghby had *hot himself, and wa* quite dead. In hi* room were discovered two letter*, on* to Dr. O.. and the other to hi* Mater, in which the poor fellow atated that be had tried laudanum, which proved unavailing, and ?ow he bad resorted to the piatol a* a certaJa remedy fer all hi* ilj i.?JMmond Ditpa'ch, I A^tw PrealdentlsU OaadldaU. BHODE ISLAND TO TH M U3CUB? CAPTAIN PBEJ TUB BOCKS. [Fnm the Providence Journal ] Tin rKMiumcv? thk oura l oamdidat*. SPREAD Uaolsvillb April 13, 185*. To Caw. Pkro Tubbocu, Couininlar of Bolt Uncle John ? Dkak Sir? It gives us pleasure, u a committee oi a Urge and enthusiastic number of oar fella w citizen* t> address jou on a subject waicn i* near to every Ameri can heart. It mutt be evident to you, etr, aa too ca?t your eyee around tae horzon of our common ooun'rr and surrey the past and the (mure, up and down ani east and west, that a crisis is even now higu In toe heavens and ready to sweep Jo wn upon our deetlafea with broad and exulting wing. We refer to the great question of the Presidency. This question has, without doubt, often occurred to vour patnotio mind, aad we are ready to believe that in the sdeot w.tsses of the ngh*. as you ptced the lonely deck or the Uncle John, yon have often indulged the lond hope that when, In the progress of events, toe peiple of this country should again looi for a htroog head and a stout arm to preside in their councils and bear aloft the ? Star Spangled Banner," tome man might b? selected whose democratic impulses and indomitable energies would spaed the cause of hum in republicanism From Greenland'* icy mountains to the dark bine shores of beniph ea Africa, and the dark green archipelagos of the celebrated Tonga Islands. Need we saj, sir, that the citizins of Spread Kagleville look to you as a man able and worthy to raise trom the dust the ark of our politeal safety, to erect again th* prostrate standards of an onlighieaii] public opinion to rear tho down-trodden liberty .poles of an enthugiaitic nation, acd to illustrate -ho?e .great principles have always bi en inculcated in onr Ul-.trictAca.lemy Need we say that we ask the primings of eiova'ing vou 'll, to the office which Wa4hin?rton once held and to ihat mahogany ?h?ir which ie first In thi hearts of so many of hla countrymen. We trust not, and we venture to add that if agreeable to jour feelings we should like to have a recorded ex pression of your sentiments on st^h matters as may suggest themselves to jour mind in connection with the subject of our letter. We ask thia in no improper spirit, but at members of this flourishing cbmmunitj and sons of those who died at Bunker 8.11 We believe taut you are right. We believe, in the expressive langmge of those who buy and sell that nobis animal ? tho hsrse that jou are "all over sound." We solicit a reply merely for the cake of form, an l to gratify the editor of the Trombone of Freedom, who has already placed your name at the head of his columns in urgo type, ami clinch' r ?? PaWisl1 yoar letter aa a political Will yon take an early opportunity to favor as with R5?*i * Awaiting which, we are, with sentiments of the highest esteem and deepest cons* eration, your most obedient servants, I'HKStRVEO 0 JOS, TOBIAS WATrLES, MOMONQaHSLA 8WE3r. Fokkkd Radish Bond, 1 Erie Ca.nal, AprJ 14, 1S65 / Gknt3 and Sirs ? Your grat.fyin^ and inspiring letter waa handed to me thti morning juit as I wis casting otf my fasts at Spread Eagle viile. I hardly need say that I was about as much astonish*! aa if a thunder-clip had struck me, and I tell entirely unprs.ared to answer it at I onw in a manner beatting the great and glorious h ime. As I ve concluded to haul up here for the uight, I've taken my pen and ink out of til? Jocter, and ft & ?o also 1 taken my seat on my chest? my blue s?*-che*t I m?n? to reply to your inquiries, and to give jou a few of the sentiments that weigh so heavily upon my stom ich I must confess that I am not much of a scholar myself, but my cook is pretty good at reading, aod I have the benedt ot bis i dvice and assistance I'm one of tbe people, and my heart is where it ought to no, un ier this cough old oil-skin, and there when duty calls you'll always Undit. I have noiLIng to keep bac*, and 1 am ready to show hands with any man in the country. "You know an all gents," I might say in the touching language of l'a tries lUnry to Napoleon Honaparte? You know me all, and it is hardly necessary tor me to observe that I wn raised in these parts, and tu\t I grew up among tae vir tues and vegetables of your iatoers. In my early years, ere sin could blight, I was placid oa the dec* of a canal boat, and ever since I have followed the vocation t j which I wa" called by an indulgent parent, and have lived for the most part on tlits sheet of water, miking my home, as it were, -in the trough of the sea." This life bus most assurodly extended my sphere of obser vation and sharpened my wit*. There is a good deal to pee betwixt here and Albany, and a got d deal to learn in ireifhting porn and on ons, together with members of tnngrefs and some missionaries. My frequent dealings too, with the New \ork merchants, However much they rosy have been calculated to strain my morals, htve fenced to give me broader and higher v.ews or hum in nature. Yes, 1 Dave enjoyed privileges in my che quered existence, snd I nave been enabled by the bless ings of 1 rovidence and some fortunate speculations in butter aid cheese, to lay up a trille against a windy day, and to erect lor my affeciiooaU wife anl beljved children a family resin. nee, whi:h, I am proud to say, stands twenty by thirty on my own land, aad combines unt er its hospitable roof all the modern improvements inducing a wash boiler and pump in the kitchen. Still! gentlemen, nit withstanding all these advantages an?f my position m society, 1 had no dreams or political am bit on. It never occurred to me until I received your ?,'V ha<1 til0?a peculiar qua iilcatioas eminently uttiDg me to graco the capitol and adorn the constitu tion. But it bas been impossible for me to conceal my "V f'?? J?nr ptnetratiug eyee. Yon have found me soliciting the honor of using my nuns on the ticket for President, jou ask for my views on the va lious questions of the day. Now, it is useless for me to attempt to state all my opinion, in full. I know they would bs eagerly read' but with my eareful way oi writing? slow and sure ,,rok!" ***ry, and up strokes light, I shouldn't get through tbem in a week. Besides, there would -?.1*? * r00?. in tljf? canal boat to express my.feolingi Mil g **ay l""kheads, and, moreover, if ' * . tb* Mmo to y>?, gents, 1 prefer not to commit mjseit by sny nnguaroed words. There are some points however, that mast not be omitted. ?r"t' "S*"1 my political sentiments, I believe I am entirely unembarrassed, and free to accept a nomination from any party I am not exclusive aid ?Mn?ik ?tIB d'7 yl0w,B' n,ain P<><i?cs are of the E j Unum ?*ho?1- peaceabls enough to frienls, but knock down and drag out when it comes to foes and ma hf,nt m pl^nJ,P?k,D' aU ?y sentiments staight built and squaie toed, up aad down, right and left, and fxllrt .l Te, voted for Jackson, an 1 expect to co so just as long as he is a candidate. As to nW'Ii*ri*' 1 ne,Ter re*J ,hem- 1 w*ot no theories aad .?* g 1 know what I'm aboat. I aik nobody to te 1 me. I never had but three months schooling in my lite, and I'm glad of it. I'm a self made man and practice in my motto. Talk about statesmen FtL Zl 'n'v^r, con?t'y waa^ seU-ma<le practical men. Give me Daboll s arithmetic and a fair start, and I'll sgree to cjpher the constitution out of the way of snags and sand bars, and to keep the old craft snug and taut ^.r .n. i i?v b,ow low" To ,ula ?? *11, I'm for the P 5 u *f' now an<1 one and insepa ?ff, * J in tbe l?n?u?go of a fallen pa triot, I m a gone ner," I trust that our proud bird as It brushes over river ami mountain on its errands of mer?7' ''thoot regard to railroad or turnpike, will be ? nabled te point with extended wind to my humble rest ing place, and to say in unaffected accents, " Here lies a true Amencan." I am not quite fettled in my views in relation to the bank and the tariff Sometimes I thlok a bank is well enough, and then again I think it i* not. As to the ta illf, I have never noticed its effect on the " Unsle John ? but I am willing to be guided by the precept* of our Pa ritan ratners no hesitation in sajing that on the snbject of temperance I am all right. I am oppose 1 to New Eng mnn.^B1'e,|nf 1 't boldly. 1 have battled this monster cf ini<|Uity for more tnan thirty years, anl ^mted'wh^ikey1"'*'" ?U principle lo PIlL'n an<l unadul There's a barrel of whiskey at Tamnany Hall, and it has always been my custom to have a fn-e spigot nn?L?. I-Vv, i?ei .Tftr,oas mechanical and artis'ic*l hTl i? to >L f hr'" . economy. Pure Monongaheia I (n t. ^ of natnre. Vegetable in its orl^.n? the nntiicious life blood of rye, as cider l? of row f JULm ?f4 ,Cpl,g-lt corrects the frigidities lurks tn Wo!?r',, a i e'emtntal tadpole which oftoo 41* ya. ipring, and extirpates those assi uti- K f the system which will sometimes creep into "the best regulated families." ' It on y remains for me to sfeak of my religious views. Ilt>?P'T ,m* ? but IiU1" difference about these? for although religion is a very good th ng to have in a fami ly? there seems to be but little call for it down in Wash in^0" t i mlV," 7' 11 hUt*> however, that I am not at ail bigoted? and I do not confine mj self to any particu lar sect. When I am at home Sundays, I occasionally go mornings to 1 arson Gollup's meeting, and I did sub scribe my "widow's mite" towards the new bass. viol in SI oe!7,iar*i "S? bounde"1 by the Saybrook platform, nor tbe Buffalo platform, nor any other pUtform. I am neither a Mormon, nor a Shaker, nor a Jew, nor a Geo llkt'ih. aecustomed to worship idols . ? ?nd Brahmapootras-nor am I opposed to pork and beans like the ignorant Mahometans Sti l I have nothing to say againit ministers. I always keen f> 0D b0*rd for the use of passengers, and if I ve told Tom, my cabin boy, onoe I've told him a dezen times, nevsr to swear before the ladles. As I said be ,B orof ls ? general thing? and on this point 1 presume we shall have no difficulty. I am disposed to ho easy, and I trust that you will not be I have thus, gent*, In a succinct and plain manner, alluded to noc.h matter* aa were suggested bv your flattering letter. I hire no more to add at this time. I would like to bear from you in relation to the salary, tbe price* ot provision!, and tbe general eoat ot living (a Washington, and whether you think It woald be cheaper to keep houee or board out. I am rather In favor of boarding? if washing la only reasonable. If you conclude to elect me, you'll always know where to And me? hit or mlae? neck or no neck. I believe I have all the qualification* for ctrrylng out the con stitution In a comprehensive and workmanlike manner. I am alaty-two year* old? health good, system nound? decided complexion, double teeth all round? spry and active a* a eat? stand sis foot throe In boots, and weighed last week two hundred and forty three pound*. My morals are good, although I have been In tae habit of using tobacco, rather more than leea, since the earliest dawn of youth. I think I'll suit, but of couriw It i* not for me to say. G?nt?, I am In your hand*. All I ask la, aa the great .Tullu* Cipsar sail, " fair play, and no gou?ring." Your respectful and humble servant to command, PKRO TUBBOCK9, Ma-ter of the Uncle John. K amr as TiBRrrORr.? Daring the atwrnos of Go?. Reader, tbe executive head of the affairs of the Territory is Mr. Woodson , the Secretary. Governor feeder, before his departure, lined a proclamation for aa election to be held on the 2'Jd of M?v, to All vacancies that occur in six or eight districts. He alto isaaed hi* proclamation 10 convene the Legislature on the flrst Monday in July. Tire Tonawanda Swamp ? A paragraph h*a bMQ 5nhli*hed which stated that the people of Uene*ee and rlean* were to be taxed $lu0,000 for draining the Tonawanda Bwamp. The law, however, make* no such provision. It limits tbe outlay to $46,000, and provides that the expense shall ba levied upon tbe owner* of land* te kt bmltMi AfflOri of ObIm. TUB RBCENT MILITARY UTIIT AT HAVANA. W? have ft lei of thi (Abu j on roils up to 34th April. The liiario de la Marina describes, In its uul bifalutin style, * grand review held on the 2tfd April, At whlci Commodore McCa?ley occupied the Captain General'* carriage. It says there could not have been leas than 12,000 men ? Including 1,000 cavalry? present, with abundant and excellent artillery; and it reiterates the boast, which we noticed some days ago, in these wor ts : In the New World Spain occupies the rank of the first military power, ana that, too, without including among Its resources any uncommon element, e ? ? And if the number of defenders of the Spanish flag which yesterday saw detile in serried columns, was calculated to create pride in all good men. no lees worthy of note was their quality. In the first line, and beyond all com parison, were the veteran soldiers, tbe nucleos of our strength, and tbe principal support of the holy national cause. ThU aimy, valiant, disciplined, and inured to fatigue as eve 17 Hnanish army is, li an'mated by tbe most lively natonai pride? an indelible sentiment of our race. It would be an offence to establish any sort of comparison between tuch troops and the bands of ad venturers who dare to trouble us, and whose insolence the army desires to castigate I ? * * The attitude of tbe country, so much the more imposing and more dignified, as its serene resolution has not evaporated in empty declamations, speaks in clear tones that the holy name of Spain inscribed on oar banners u also engraved in the depth of our hearts. COPT OP A FILIBUSTER BOND. A correspondent of the Washington Intelligencer write? ai follows;? 1 made the copy from a filibustering bond, borrowed for tbat purpose by a friend, and whicn 1 am told can be purchased in any quantity. This, which is for $3,000, was said to bave been purchased for $1,000. The origi nal Is pr-nted' in blank and filled up w<th writing. It will, no doubt, account for some, if not miny of the fill bnstering paragraphs which we find in the papers: ? ooooooeooeooooooooeoooeooooooooo EMPRESTITO PATRIOTIC!). 0 No. 143. [Fiicnra of a Lone Star. I 83,000. 0 0 LA REPUBLIC A DE CUBA 0 0 In gar a al portndor tre 1 mil pe tot, con que hi cnntrlbu- 0 0 ido para In. cauta de la indepcndencia, quanando el teU 0 0 por den to anual detde etta fecha. 0 0 Thk. Republic ov Cuba promise* to pay the bearer e 0 three thomaud dollars, contributed to theoanse ot inslo- o 0 pendenne, with six por cent annual interest from date. 0 0 New OrUunt, March 3d, 18 56. o o D. d>: OoncouniA Tes. Qasper Betancourt, Pres. 0 o F. Elias Heuhahdkz, V Seo. 0 0 PoRFinro Valients, Seo. o 0 fFicoro of an Eaule.l o o Rawdon, Wright, Hatch A Edion, New Orleans. o o o 00000000000000000000000000000000 Theatres and Exhibition a. Italian Gsbra.? 1 The second time in America of the last and and best of Verdi's operas, "II Trovatore," will be presented to morrow evening, with the same ad mirable cast. This opera will havo a very successful run By request of many families, Roslni's grand opera cf "William Tell" will lie given on Saturday, at 12 o'clock. Broadway Theatre ? Shakspere's tragedy of "Mac. beth," which has b? en put oa the stage in great splen dor, is announced for this evening TierewlU be no afterpiece in consequence of the groat length of th'i piere. Messrs. Forrest, Conway, H*achett, and Mai. l'on'si, in the principal characters. Kiss Fanny Vining, the tragic actress, will shortly appear. BowjiKY Theatre.? Report speaks highly of the new moral drama, called tbe "Seven Temptations," which has been produced at this establishment in fins style. The icemry. dresses and decorations are of tc superior order, and tlie cast of characters very good. It will be played tn.nlsht, as alto the "Jackets of Blue," and the '?Midnight Watch. Bvrton's Theatre ? 9haksp?re's " Comedy of Errors" will be given to night for tbe last time, and it is also an nounced that it will be tbe last appearance of Mr. Harry Hall. The principal characters by Burton, Jordan, Fit her, Ball, Mrs Coo*e and Mrs. Buckland. The come dy or "Legerdemain," with a fine cast, will also be played. Wallace's Thkatiui ? The new comedy of "Elopements in Bigh Life " which is very much admired, is an nounced again for this evening. The cast of characters embraces the names of Wallack's excellent company of comedians. Tbe scenery is new and beautiful. The co medy of the "Bold Dragoons" concludes alL American Museum ? "Hot Corn" and a "Kiss in tbe Dark" are tbe pieces announced for this afternoon, and in the evening the romantic drama of the "Lady of the I?t>e" and tbe farce of "Deeds of Dreadful Note." Messrs Clarke, Taj lor and Miss Meatayer will sustain leading characters. Woods Minstreis.? Tbls company, under the 'aMs management of Mr. Wood, continues in a successful career. A fine programme for this evening. Been ley '8 Sekenadkrs ? The performance of Doni zetti's opera cf tbe "Elixir of Love" which is greitly admired, Is announced for this evening. The company sing with whi'e faces. Ptrham's Minstrels.? The benefit of J. W. Banks takes place to night. Tbe entertainment is of a varied description, such as cut hardly Jail to please bis friends and patrons. Metropolitan Theatre.? Mme. Augusta's grand com pllmentary benefit comes off on the evening of the 10th Tbe tickets aie going fast, and we hope there will not be a seat vacant on the night of the performances, as Mme. Augusta stan Is high in the estimation of the New York publie as a chaste and beautiful danseusc. Dodworth'9 Academy. ? Sicnor Bernadl and Charles We!*, will give a concert on the 8th of this month. Tne musical arrangements are such as cannot fall to pleAse their patrons. The Australian drama flourishes. The Melbourne Art, uj, of Jan. 31, says that the new Theatre Royal will be completed io four months. Eminent performers and a corps de ballet from London will be imported They are luxuriating In the equestrian drama at the Amphitheatre. Mr. Barlow and Md'lle Berg are the prin cipal art sts. Miss Eliza Logan commences an engagement at the Walnut- street theatre, Philadelphia, on Monday next. Romantic but Ferriblk Tragedy in Wisconsin. ? At Beloit, cn tbe night of tbe 23d ult., the wife of a citizen of tbat place awoke and saw a man with a dark lantern in the bedroom, and awakened her husband with ber screams. As he sprang from tbe bed the intruder fiied at bim with a pistol, the ball ju?t missing hishetl and burying itself in the pillow. Hnatshing a doibl* barrel gun from tbe wall, he discharged both barrels at tbe intruder. The contents of one barrel entered the man's head and the other his body, killing hist Instant ly. leaving the body where it fell, the gentleman and bis wire proceeded to tbe nearest neighbor, told him what had happened, and induce! bim to return with tbem to his bouse. Imagine the feelings of the neigh b< r, bimself a man universally esteemed and respected, to recognise in the mangled body of the robber hin own son I financial and commercial. HONEY IAEKB T. Wkdxwday, May 2? 6 P.M. The changei in the stock market to day are hardly worth noticing, and there appear* to be a datly decrease in transactions. gome of the leading railroad stocks fell off today about one-eighth percent. The broken complain very much of the dulness of business, and cannot satisfactorily account for the limited operations during the existence of suck a plethora in the money market. The contraction on the part of the banks is attri bated partially to the scarcity of the right kind of paper. Purchasers of stocks are waiting for later news from Eu rope and California. They are always waiting for some thing, and appear to bare a mania for coming in at the highest point of thCtarket, instead of taking hold and going up with prices. It is out of luch speculators that the brokers make tliair harvests. Holders of stocks are not dif posed to pnt their supplies upon the market They can afford, and hare the disposition to hold, feel ing confident that the chanee for coming in at lower prices is too poor to take the risk. It is within about sixty days of dividend day for tome of them, and as the rate is likely to be considerably larger than usual, as investment* they will pay well. The future Is so full of encourage stent that it would te advisable to hold on, at even moderate sa crifices. There was no marked movement to day in any stock. A few small lota of each class were sold at pricts current at the close yesterday. The Stonlngton Railroad Company has passed its May dividend. Its net earnings will be appropriated to repairs of the road. It is possi ble two or three dividends may be gassed to enable th? company to relay the entire track. ? Alter the adjournment of the Board, the following sales of bonds and stocks were made at auction ? 11,000 New York aid Harlem R. R. 7's, 1878 90 8,000 New York and Maw Haven R. R. 7's, 1860 90 ?775 Cincinnati, Logansport and Chicago R. R. bds.70 10 shares Shoe and Leatner Bank 99l{ 200 do N. E. Mia- and Quar'g Co. (iper sh. of $10).$7X Albert H. Nicola j 'a regular and semi-weekly auction sale of stocks and bonds will take place to-morrow Thursday, at 12){ o'clock, ftt the Merchants' Exchange! The steamship Pacific, from this port for Liverpool to day, carried out $1,318,787 39 in speole. The eomaiittee appointed by the stockholders of the Harlem Railroad Company to nominate a ticket for the election of the 16th Inst, have done so, and reported a list, which will be fouad in another oolumn. The ticket is composed of Keven new and six old director*. There Is no doubt but that it will meet with general approba tion. The transactions at the Assistant Treasurer's offlce to day, were as follows:? Paid on Treasury account $89,520 66 Received do. do 88,419 76 Balance do. do 2,311,498 06 Paul for Assay ofllee JbK? Paid on disbursing cheeks 67.J09 48 The warrants entered at the Treasury department, Washington, oa the 30th of April, were:? For the redemption of stock .$10,000 47 Far the Treasury department r. . 21,130 UO For the customs 0,808 56 For covering into the Treasury from miscel laneous sources 3ft 00 For the War department 70,789 44 For the Navy department 1,000 00 For the Interior department 2,238 2 3 Fer re paying in the Inter'or department 839 74 jTThe Gold HIU Mining Company e< North Carolina ha'? mad. an wMHsrat of seventy throe ewt. P? The Eagle Fir* Imuun Cosspany h?Tl declared a semi-annual dividend of ten per wot The banking houee of a H. Parker, or St. Paul, Min nesota suspended on the 21st of April. The annexed statement exhibit, the value of mer cbandUe and specie Imported into thi. di.triet during the mcnth of April in each of the put three year*:? on**. ? T?%sr ?" "ssr ???|? M?SS *t88? Warthouse JL018 091 1,260,991 Totu $16,408,711 $18,883,888 $9,107,445 There ha. been a decrease in the aggregate value of imports m April, 1855, compart with the same month in 1864, of $7,476,423. The bulk of this wli In dutlab -oodB. This Show, the extent of the contraction gouij on in this branch of our foreign trade, and also .how. that the exportation of .pecie cannot go on much longer at the rate recently realized. Exports fro* N*w York for Mouth of April ^ Domestic merchandise 'ioo'o92 Foreign do. free. .... ?????? a62'6,t Foreign do. dutiable a oi<i 447 Specie and bullion ? 3-3U'447 ^ $8,026,187 We 1<ub' from Mr. Richard H. Wood., the following are the receipt, of cana? t ills collected 1 $ii,8<>5 17 3?0U 04 Total *U'm 21 The following exhibits the receipt, of the Hudion 9140, sw ai i$i; n $2,124 56 The new Bank Superintendent of, the State, Mr. Bchoonmaker, has acknowledged the receipt of the fol lowing items from Mr. St. John, the late lnsumbent: SKCtTRrnss u. the Nkw York Bah* c3 Bonds and mortgage. .. W.822,84* ua N I0SUte 6 M?6$4 16 ft ft ft 0, 285,496 18,899,620 42 Cenal rev. certif., 6 per cent. ...... ^ 1,391,500 00 "i? :::::: i."?S ? >. "?.*?? niinol. SUM itock, S PJ' ~?t S3 Arkansas do. ? ? ?????????? 17 '2 000 00 Michigan do. 6 do "2,000 Cash in deposit 175 579 $25,280,510 87 For Trust Companies Bonds antf mortgages 97,000 00 7 100,000 00 200,000 00 N.Fy! Stated"*, 5>i per cent. 1,000 00 Canal'rev. certof.'e per cent.. 29,000 00 57,400 00 April 16, 1856 ? grand total $25,537,910 87 The coinage and deposit, of the United State. Mint in Philadelphia, during the month of April, 1854, were as '? Deposits? Gold , $294,300; Silver, $220,a00-total, $514, 52?' Pi?c? Value. %?9t' 290^785 $463,607 00 25"" . 600,000 165,000 00 S^r.:::*.:.. 28250 817,285 $629,889 60 Some time since the Secretary of the Treaiary ordered the monthly reports of the mint to be made to hi. partment before publication, and we sappow about three week, hence we .hall hare the official detailed statement from Washington. Until then tne abrrs abrtraet must answer all purposes. The amount, at the .eTeral depositories, of the United States, subject to the draft of the Treasurer on the 23d of April, were a. follow.:? Finance, o* thi Ukitsd States? Surplus Treasurer of the U. S., Washington, D. 0. *^8,764 09 Assistant Treasurer, Boiton. . . 4,019,608 U Assistant treasurer, New York.. 1,803,201 24 Assistant Treasurer, Philadelphia . -i!9, . 60 99 Assistant Treasurer, Chartoston, 8. C .... 54,140 5* Assistant Treasurer, New Orleans, La 193,204 54 Assistant Treasurer, St. Louis, Mo 3, 614,792 o 8 Depository at Buffalo, N. Y. im'893 06 Depository at Bsltimore, Md 101,893 66 Depository at Rlehmcnd, Va. ">0J7 65 Depository at Wilmington, N . C 12,941 76 Depository at Savannah, Geo 15,712 72 Depository at Mobil, a to. 60,048 35 Depository at Wa.hville, Tenn 43,93* JJ Depository at Cincinnati, Ohio 7,842 >1 D-pository at Pittsburg, Pa . W,929 09 Depository at Clnoinoati (tot.) f" D? posltory at Dubuque, Iowa. 57,863 7 Depository at Little Bock, Ark 104,474 37 Depositors at Chicsgo lll 78,578 31 Depository at Detroit, Mich. 73,878 ?1 Depo.Ho' y at Talleha.F?, FU 37,520 27 Asiar office, New York 22 Branch m'nt, San Francisco 768,783 80 Mint of Philadelphia, Pen?. 00 Branch mint, Charlotte, N. C 32, 0W 00 Branch mmt, Dahlonega, Ga. 25,850 OO Branch mint, N.w Or lean., La 2,172,763 07 $20,666,150 39 Deduct overdraft, 633,902 27 $20,032,188 12 Add eifferenc. In transfer. 231,199 44 Net amount subject to draft $20,263,387 64 The tran.fer. ordered were:? To Treasury of the United State., Wash- ? ?:??? To As.lstant Treasurer. Sau Francisco .... 1,882,500 00 To depository at Norfolk, Va 350,000 00 To depository at MobUe, Ala .... ... . . 70,000 00 To branoh mint of the United State, at 3m Francisco, Cal 200,000 00 $3,832,500 00 From Assistant Treasurer atBoeton, Maw. *3^,500 00 Krom A ssl.Unt Trwisurer at New York . 2,213,800 From Assl.tant Treasurer at Si . Louis, Mo. 876,000 00 From depository at Detroit, Mich . . ..... . 26,000 00 From mint of the United State., at Phlto dslphia, Penn 400,000 00 From branch mint of the United States, New Orlean., La 50,000 00 Total $3,601,300 6a The market priee of coal has become considerably re duced. Anthracite if now retailed at $0 60 per ton That there will be a farther redaction in price* as the season advances, there is very little doubt. All the work* for transporting this material to market are operated to the utmost extent of their facilities, and the number of men At work in the mining districts never was greater. Labor is abundant. There is more offer log than can find employment, and there is, therefore, no danger of strikes. It will be many years before we shall again have any interruption in our coal tra-le from that eause. The cheaper coal is, the greater the consumption. It therefore benefits the eonsamer, the carrier, the dealer, the miner, and we are under the im pression that it even benefits the owner of coal lands. It Is well known that the pri;e of eoal was only save! from a heavy d* cHne the past year by a pretty general suspension of mining operations for a period or four to six weeks, commencing in October; and notwithstanding this suspension, which was not voluntary, but forced, as the market woald not take the eoal, prices declined, and ooal was a drug in New York the latter part of last season. More - over, nothing but the length and severity of tfie past winter prevented a considerable overstock in the Now York and New England markets, and in Boston the stocks were so heavy, and the demand for consumption so far short of what was anticipate J, that prices fef. during the winter, instead of advancing, as usual. Now, if In such a year of general prosperity as the past, nothing but an absolute refusal to purchase, and a eon sequent inability to continue mining, prevented a great fall in the price of eoal, as was certainly the case, what can be aeeessaiy but that dealer and eonsamer should apply the same remedy voluntarily and early, in order to prevent continual advanoe* in prise, and the same humbug and excitement which we have described as ex sling the past year? Let every dealer and every eonsamer, great and small, buy during the months of May, June and July so much as is needed for present wants, and no more, and they will still have five months . smalnisg in which to accumulate a winter stock. They w>U regulate prices, as they might have done last year; they will have abundant time to lay in a sufficient quan tity to carry them through until the spring opens, and if they should be obliged to pay even a heavy advanse in price late in the year, yet the average cost of their stock will not be near so great as It would be under a regular month ly nd vance In prioe; end farther, they will bo protested from a decline in prioe oocarring after they have accu mulated a heavy stoek, which is always disastrous to dealers in this article. 1 here tan be no question that sufficient coal can bo mintd and sent to market this year fully to supply the wants of our neople. No season, not excepting the last, ever pastes without two or three Booths of a decreased demand ud price; H U for denier* and soma men to ?? whether this dull period shall ocour early, so m to check an ad ranee in price, or late, after they .v.n bare taken in their anppllM, and when of coarse every decline is to their disadvantage. < repeat, that pureha*. en of eoal have the oontrol and i egulatlon of prieee i? their own band*, and that nothing la needed bat ftrm neei on their part aod a determination not to be hnm bugged ; and moreever, that they ahoall oat be iadoa* e<i to buy more than they aetually need for pneent aaes, by the idea that one advance moat n??e? arily be followed by another, bnt let then delay large purchase! ontil it is absolutely necessary to make them, and they will find that they hold in their hands * power which they have hlther'o little suspected. There ar# al* nady indications of a resolution among produoen of coal to play last year's game over again if they can, hat it ia hoped that tbe good sense of the community will frustrate their designs. It is utterly absurd that an ar ticle which can be mined and carried to Philadelphia for shipment, under present rates of labor and tolls at a cost not exceeding on an average $3 60 per ton, to New England, should oommand nearly a dollar higher, when every one knews that one-fourth of that difference will pay the prodncar a pro* fit sufficient to afford an exceedingly handsome return for the capital invested. The production of ooal ? an anomaly in the business of this oountiy. No other article, of anything like its value in the aggregate, i M produced within so small a surface, and by so small a number; and this fact, while it makes association and a good understanding among producers ea tj aod exceed ingly profitable, makes it alio necessary that those upon whom they depend for means to carry on their opera* tions should un Sent and and be prepared to counteracts any attempts at imposition. There are no saeans by which this can be ? fleeted exoept those iadieated above, and to the use of these we noommend every purchases of the article. there is another feature of thla trade whictf is very re* markable. Certain large incorporated mining companies an in the habit of opening their books and taking large or den for coal, to be delivered during the season at * price to be fixed by the sellers shortly before delivirie* commence. Now this is doubtless a very convenient and profitable operation for tbe sellers, and no blame at taches to them for managing their business in their own way, but it Is, after all, only another branch ef the humbug before alluded to. It is perfectly astonishing that any purchaser should submit to be so whipped ia to buying blindfold. It becomes a cause of still greater astonishment when it is known that a majority of these blind purchases are made by large steamboat and man ufacturing concerns, managed by gentlemen who have the highest reputation in the community for shrewdness and business tact. There 1s one matter whieh, though universally understood among the coal trade, ia not well considered by tbe community generally. Coal cannot be piled in large quantities without heavy expense, and, for this and other reasons, it is necessary for producers to find a market as fast, or nearly as fast, as the article is produced, and this is one gnat inducement for them to secure orders for dellv ry through the season. When the price is a fair and moderate one, then is no reason why such orders should not be given; but it is perfectly plain that one month's suspension of all orden for ship ment muBt either reduce price or stop production; the latter alternative is not very probable, when the profits are so gnat. If consumen and dealers will throw away the advastages of their position, so be it, bnt we again repeat that the regulation of prices is in their own hands* S toe Ik Exchange. Wkdikejdav, May 2, 1866. $6000 Virginia 6's. . . 07 360 sha CamCoil.s30 28* 1 0000 Ind Bute 6's *3 83* 400 do s3 28* 16000 do 83* 260 do b60 28* 1000 Tenn 6's. ...90 94 60 do b30 28* 1000 Obio 6's... 60 104* 16 NY OenRR....C 93* 10(0 Erie bds of '83 93* 60 Erie RR slO 64* 6000 Ebds of '76.130 87* 260 do 60* 1000 io 87* 100 do b3 60* 110C0 III Cen BR bds. 76* 100 do bl6 60* lOOOMlcbCenFpc bds 98* 100 do b30 60* 66C0 NYCKKbes e d 89 200 do *30 60* 100 MY Cen 7's... 102* fO do s3 60* 1000 C&RIslrRRhds. 90 160 do 60 200 Cleve&Tol d Ms 76 200 do b3 60 7000 Mai stMGl.ine. 86 300 do s3 60 6 shs BkNorthAm. 102* 200 do b?0 60* 10 do 103 200 do slO 60 7 Metropolitan Bk. 108 100 Harlem BR. .b80 80* 20 Corn Ux Bank . 99 (0 do. M0 80* 10 Merck ants' Bk 136 760 Reading RR..s3 86* 100 Canton Co... b60 26* 2(0 do *30 86* 60 do b3 26* 100 do s30 86* 100 do bflO 26* 10 Nor Ind RB 101* 60 Nic Tnns Co.hoO Id 26 do. *3 101 100 do 16* lOtlev&TolRR... 76* 00 Penn Osl Co ... 108 * 25 111 Cen RR 96* 100 Cum Coal Co. b60 28* 60 Hud Riv RR..b3 40* 100 do s3 2S* SECOND BOARD. $4000 Yirgin'a 6's... 97* lOd shs Erie RR 60 1 2000 NY Cen 7's... 102* 60 do s3 AO 1 .".000 NIalstUdLine. 86 10 do 60* 6000 do .. .b'O fi?* 60 do blO 60* 2000 do .. blO 80* 200 Reading RR..b30 86; 10(0 Penn&r/.Co *3 2* 260 do s3 86 60 shs ErieRR...b3 60 16 Northern Ind.... 101 250 do sfiO 60 26 Mioh South Con. 92 CITY TRADE REPORT. TV xdxtsdat, May 2 ? 8 P. M. Asm?. ? 30 a 40 bM* wen sold, at 95 81 a (5 87 fcfr pots, and $6 12 a $6 18 for pearls. Brf.admtcfth.? Hour? Tb# market wu heavy, and tended dotvnwsrds The sales footed up about 0,000 a 7,0(0 bh's. , including common to choice State at $0 62 a 99 76, Western do at 99 KT a 910 26 Canadian at 910 a 910 87X. and Southern (800 bbls.) at 910 87 a 910 60 for common to good fancy snd extra brands. Rye flour? 160 bbli. Mid at 90 76 a 97 26. Corn meal firm, at 96 12 for Neir Jersey. Wheat was scarce and nominal. Com ?Pales 1,800 a 2.000 at lower rates. White in store brought 91 00, and Southern yellow at 91 12 a 91 12X? Barley ncminsl. Rye tcuree, and held at 91 60. Comae.? 8 Ues of 1 . 000 bags of Java were made at 14c.# 800 bags St. lwmlngo at 9Xe. a 9Xc., and 900 do. La guayra at 11c. CoTroFr.? Market continued firm, with sales of fron 4,000 a 6,000 bales, part tn transitu. Frkightb.? Rates were slack, and shippers were dis posed to wait for later foreign news. 80 tons St. Do mingo logwood were engaged for Liverpool at 16s., and tome 40 bsles citton *t 3-16d for compresied, and 100 package* tea at 10s. per plea). To Havre, cotton and bone were at Xc. There was nothing new to London or California. Fruit.? About 1,000 boxes M. R. raisins were sold at 92 40. Bat. ? Sal?s of about 800 bales were made at 91 12. Iron ? *alen of Scotch pig at 927 60, la large lots, and 928 a 929 in snail parcel*. MoiaasKB ? 1C0 bbla New Orleans prime were sold at 31c. Naval Storks quiet and unchanged. Provision >ork? Market without material ckaage. Sales 404 a 600 bbla , including oM mess at 916 AO, and new do. at $17 26 a $17 (0 and new prime at 914 37 a $14 60. Peef wax in goo* request at hlfher ratee; salea 200 a 800 bbls , including country mess at 99 76 a 912 fO, and io prime to. at $8 {0 a 99 26. Beef hams were firm. Shoulders and hams were sctrne and firmer, La?d ? Sales 800 bb)?., fair to prime, at 10c. a lOJ^e. Butter wss /Mill at ?2c a 26c. for new State. Cheese was inactive at 9e a 12c Rkal B>tatk ?By A. J Bleecker.? House and lot 201 Thir'y-Ofth street 17x98, 96,800- do. on Potty eighth street, near aecona sv??ue, 26x10?, 91,0<>0; do. onPorty second street, ne*r Third avenue, 20x98, 94,260- two lots nn Sixty-?ecoo<i street, near Tenth avenue, each 26x 100, 97C0 eieh ? $,1400; one lot corner Ninth avenue and 117th street, 26x100, 9/00; two do. adjoining, each 26x 100, 9W0 eseb? $780; one do do. 2fx'00, $400; four do. on Eighty- seventh ?tre?t, near Tirelfth avenue, saeh 26x 100, $ftf0 each? $2,200: one do on 117th street, near Ninth av?nue, 26x100, 9876; one do. adjoining, 26x100, 9366; one do do., 26xiro, 9366; one do. do., 26x1(10^ 9836; house and lot in Williamsburg, $3,600. Ricb ? About 200 casks oommon were sold at 6)^ a 04 Scoah.? Market less active. Sales of 200 hhds. Cuba museovado, medium trades, were made at 5!-?c, a HJ4&, and 200 do. do. at private term*; 60 hhds. New (Meats at f'Aie., and 100 do. Porto Rieo, at fie. We quote 8te*. art's sugar as follows:? Loaf sugar, 9Xc. per lb.; crutk ed, OX c. .ground, 8Xe ; circle A, crushed, H%o. nus ?By I . 11 Hoffman A Co ?Teas per Horatio, to: terms 0 month* -Hyson- 118 half chests, at 33U?-; N? bxs. do, 40Xc. Young Hytou? 76 half chests, 44c. ; 60 do., 38^c.; 63 do., 38c.; 239 do., 84*0.; 231 do . 84c. r 9 do., 33e. ; 82 do , 82Xc.; 28do.,3lXc.; 29 do., 30jfe.: 116 do., 8fc. ; 20 do , 27 Xe. ? 20 do., 27* ; 22 do., 26 Wo.: 16 do., 23^0.; 70 do., 21X8. ; 9 do., 21e ; 47 bxa. do., f 2Xc. ; 72 do., 46*e.; 28 do , 3?Xc.; 87 do., 88c. Oun Kwder? 40 hslf chests, at 60e ; 46 do., 43Xe.; 28 do., x? : 160 do., 87 Xe. : 26 do., 86 He ;9do., 33X&-.S do., 83c.; 87 do., 32X0.; 16 do., 32c.; 18 do., 80c., ?*? de., 28c : 39 bx*. do . 401. ; 26 do., 46Xe.; 26 do., 46c.; : 6 do , 38c. Imperial ? 80 half cheats, 47X".; 20 do., 43c.; 71 do., 86c.; 30 do., 31Xe.: 60 do. 80o.; 21 do., 28e.; 16 do , 26 Xe. ; 0 do , 20o. Hyson Skin ? 60 chests, st 21 Xc. Twankay? 36 chests, at 24 Xe.; 26 do.. 10o.; <10 half do. 24c. Tallow.? 10/00 lbs. eity rendered were sold at UXe.t and 10,000 lbs. Philadelphia do at 12a. Whiskxt.? Market firmer. Sales 800 bbls., at 87c. ft. 37 Xc. for Ohio and State bbls. Domestic Markets. i New Bedford Oil Markkt, April 30? Sperm? Ths re cent news of the scarcity of sperm oil in the Europaan market, has caused a brisk demand since our last, and tales to a const'1 era tile extent have been made for export. The transactions inelnde sales of 660 bbls. at 91 78 pot gallon; 276 do. at 91 8?; 66 do. at 91 86, and 8,066 do. upon private tsrms. Holders are very firm, and the mar ket closes with a prospect of an advance. In West port, 1,000 bbls. have been sold at 91 70. Whale? The demaM for whale continues good, and we notice a slight advance upon previous quotations Transactions for the week Inelnde isles of 636 bbls., part ground tier, at 07e.; 060 dc. at 07X*') end 600 do. at 09e. Alto 1,1*0 bbla. at a price not trantpired. In Fairbavea, we hear of a sale of 4(0 bbls. dark at 62c. Whalebone continues in good de mand, and holders are firm at full prioee. Salee to tte extent of 40,000 lbe. Ochotak have been made at 40c. and 88,000 lbe. do. upon private terms ; also 3,800 lbe! Arctic at 42 Xe. la Nantucket, we loarn of sajfs of 16 - CC0 lbs. Ochotsk at 40Xc., and is Warren, 30, WO do. do. at 40e.

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