Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 23, 1855, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 23, 1855 Page 6
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Interesting from Brazil. OiMipm rr ~r" national assembly and irnci or TntKriBOK?Dkoau MortcriNO thi kati j OATlON OF TH* FAKAOl'AT. Wt bar* received fits of tb? Oarrrio Mtrcaniil of Rio j?Mire, extending up to tho 4th of M?y. The Legislative Assembly of tho Empire <u opened bT the Emperor with the accustomed solemnities, on the 3d. Tho Empress eu present. Tho following io n tranAation of tho speech undo by tho Emperor:? August ond most wtrthy representatives of tho na tion:?With a sentiment 01 joy which always Animates ?so on seeing the national representation assembled, I cense to open tho present legislative aossiua. Tho Empire continue- at peace, and everything pro misee that that condition of things will not be changed. My gcreinment has availed itself of that so favorable opportunity, so that the application or U# measure# which yon have directed for the pnrposs of developing the germs of national wealth and prosperity may pro. duce the most beneficial result*. The war which unhappily exists between the principal powers ol Europe, has not influenced the public revenue t o each an extent as mlgathave been apprehended. The i tats of cur finances is, therefore, satisfactory. Our international relations ore maintained in the con dition of rood understanding and amity which I have alwaye ealeavored to cultivate with ins other powers. I have colebratoo with the King oi Portugal a conven tion which hoe for object to repress and punish the Crime of falsification of money end notes of credit hav ing legal circulation n each of the two countries, when operated in the territory of the other This convention will to submitted to you to obtain your approval in the part reuniting legislative action. The disagreeable occurrence which has taken place in the relations of the Eicprro with the republic of Para gusy has terminated in a manner honorable to both countries?the Paraguayan government Muting itself to make due reparation. I expect that the mission which I have sent to that republic will also obtain a sa tisfactory accord in regard to otuar quest one The pecuniary eubstdy which my government was author zed to concede to that of the Eastern republic of Uruguay ended with the loan of the month of Novem her last. The land force wbo?e aid waa required by tna name government is, therefore, st.U maintained In the Eastern territory. Tha generosity and discipline of which this portion of my army has given proof are de nerving of special praise. 1 am pleased to announce to yon that no attempt has been mads to carry on the African slave trade. Toe adhesion of the country, and the vigilance With which the police duties of oar coast continue to be exeraised, give me the aeeurence that this criminal commerce will not re appear. My geveenment prosecutes with particular solicitude the effort to promo'e color nation, on which so essen tially depends the future of the country. 1 reckon that their enmrts, aided at they always have been by year wisdom, and by the co-operation of all Brazilians, will net bonrwitlew. My ministers will give you detailed information on the ntate of the different branches of the public adminis tration and their most urgent necessities. 1 recommend to you the projects winch await year deliberation concernicg the reforms of the judiciary and hypothecation, tbe creation of a naval council, and tho promotion of army officers, as well as the mesne indis pensable to ameliorate the oiganizAtion of the army. August and most worthy representatives of the nation ?I confide in the frank and loyal support which yon have lent to ny government, end that the present sesolon will e? as fruitful as former ones in measures adequate to the prosperity of the empire, is the Object of my most ardent vows and constant cores. This session is opened. It would appear that city property in Brazil is pretty valuable. The lot of ground occupied by the Swiss Hotel in Petropolte, StO teet front by 210 ieet deep, wis recently sold at auction for 941,000. Tbe following Imperial announcement appears in the Correio of the 3d:? Qls Majesty the Emperor, in demonstration of his grief for the death of the Emperor of Russia, of the Queen Dowager, and Queen of Sardinia, and of the Princes, the Duke ef Ssnoa, and the Infante Don Carlos, goes into maarning, with his sourt, for the spsce of two months, to oemmence from the bth inst. We transcribe the following decree affectiog the dis puted question of tbe navigation of the Paraguay, from a Portuguese translation thereof, from the Semxitario ?f 22d March. With the detire of preventing the decree of 3d October, 1864, prohibiting foreign vessels of war from entering the waters of the republi:, vithout previous license, from being given an improrw extension, it is deemed proper to give the precise meaning of that decree, limiting it to the ebjtets which the supreme government had in view, which was to guard against its terri'ory being violate a by force, or tbe abuse of Its ports; and therefore the fol lowing declaration is usned:? * Art. 1. The first article of the decree of toe 3d ef Oc tober, 1854. which prohibits fore'gn ships of war from entering into the rivers of the repiblic, without previous license of the government, is not to be extended to for eign ships of war, whi-h powers, having treatise of commerce with the repnblic, and diplomatic or conenlar ageata in the capital may send to the port of Assump tion for the service of th?lr correspondence, or for the conveyanenof any f ip.omatie agent. Art. 2. It is recommended that every war steamer which, conformably to the preceding article, may enter inta too waters of tbe republic, report itself, first, to the commandant ef the river police, at the mouth of the river Paraguay, and state its nationality and the object ?f its proceeding to the capital. Art. 3. Let it be communicated, &c., &c. CAKLO ANTONIO LOPEZ. Aseunrnoff, 22d March, 1155. The steamer Murcury, which lately left Rio Janeiro for the river of the same name, had on beard about one hundred and sixty colonist*, imported from the island of Madeira, by and on account or the Murcury Company. They were in general families of farmers, who would not perhaps have emigrated had It not been for the grape disease. A Magnlar Trial. LOTS AM) MIPPLAC1D CONFIDENCE?MONET LOANED ON- A MATRIMONIAL ENGAGEMENT?ATTEMPT TO OV THE MONET AND SET BID OF THE BBIDB. [From the Ctica Herald, Jane 20.] The cam of Emily C. Da; against Volkert H. Roth and Nelson Roth waa commenced before Justice Pratt yester day morning. The fair plaintiff appeared in court ac companied by one or two female friends. Joshua A. Spencer and Pbilo Oridley appeared for the plaintiff; T. Jenkins and Henry A. Foster for defendants. The case was opened by Hon. Joshna A. Spencer in be half ef the plaintiff, who stated that this was an action to reoover from defendants the snm of $7,600, with eome $700 er $800 interest, claimed to hare been given by the plaintiff, Miss Day, to one of the defendante for in vestment. He should be able to prove that the defen dante conspired to put this property out of the reach of the plaintiff or any of ber friends. The plaintiff is a native of England, who, while in Paris in tht month of April, I860, became acquainted with Volkert W. Roth, which acquaintance ripened into an engagement of mar riage Mr. Roth learning that the plaintiff was pos sessed or certain funds, prevailed upon her to entrust him with ths sum of 17,000. He arrived here early in September, I860, and immediately on his arrival pre pared to deposit these funds In the name of Miss Day in the hands ot Albert G G no ley, ef Clinton. As Mr. Roth conld net draw tbe. e funds In his own name, he pro cured a power of attorney from the plaintiff. In the month of September some $6,COO or more was deposited to the credit of Mr Roth. A few days subsequently he drew some $3,000, and on the 20th of December, 1860, drew tut the remainder of the amount deposited. Mr. Spencer then gave a detailed history of the pur chase ef the Museum property Jby Volkert W. Roth, in the name of hie brother, Nelson Roth The negotiations, he stated, were ell conducted hy Volkert W. Roth, while the payment* were all made in the name of Nelson Roth. The theory of the prosecution was that the whole sam nf $7,600 deposited by Day In the hand* of V. W. Roth, wss ezpende 1 in the purchase and improvement or the Museum and other property. In the spring of 1861 the defendant, V. W. Roth, commenced the conver sion of the Museum Into a theatre. It was completed in the month of September. V. W. Roth represented to Dr. Totter, editor of tne Dtiea Gazelle, that the Museum was his, and so publiflied in the columns ot that paper. An organ and other articles were ordered by V. W. Roth, In his own name. Li eome instances, subsequently, V. W. Roth repudiated bills pre sea ted, which were present ed to Neleon Roth, and were finally paid by him. At firet the correspondence with the plaintiff, Mise Day, was carried on by V. W. Roth; but in 1852 be con jured up a falsehood, to the effect that he had been made ?early bankrupt by tbe failure of a firm in Utica. for whom ha had endorsed that his property had been seized, but that he had been able to save her property axd invest it in New York Stat* stocks, bearing seven per cent interest Soon after, h* wrote Mise Day that he had resolved to try his fortunes in California, coming home by way of England, allowing her to marry some one ela* In tb* meantime, if ah* chose; he stated the nam* of the eblp in which he had taken passage, and the day on which he Intended to sail. He also wrote her that hi* bio her, Nelson Roth, would continue to ?end her quarterly remittances of ?25. Hero tbe corres pondence on the part of Volkert ceased, and Nelson took K up in hie stead. These remittances were regularly mat for en# or two quarters, bet after wards wrote her that his brother was expected home soon, and should dnfar sending farther remittance# until his return. During all this time Volkert W. Roth was eagagei in business at tte Museum. The plaintiff, becoming alarmed, wrote to Mr. Gridley, of Clinton, from whom ?he learned that she had been deceived. Immediately on the receipt *f this information she to?k passage for thUnountry, where she arrived in January last. In the medbtime, Vo'kert W. Roth has been doing busi nese in the name of his brother, in Madison, Wisconsin. Tht preeecut'on asked that the Museum property should be allowed for the payment of the funds of plaintiff therein invested Mr. Jenkins aubm tt?d whether the great mass of evi dence to be submitted by prosecution effected the tle fendsat Nt lson Roth the ether. V. W Roth, oot being s defendant in court. His Honor rated that tbe interests la this suit of ths two defendants oould not be sepa rated. Mr. Spencer road affidavits from William A. Spencer and Miss Day, that "ummoos to V. W. Roth had been issued la due form, and published as requtrod by lew Ths trial Is progressing. _ . hew Intelligence. ?V?mn'J# -Tobuuiagt Rogers rlrw ' f.r J ^t,r eppei'snt, Mr. John K. sw!si Ti No Piatt agt. Meeker ETur w'-, *?f J Brother Km M Noe. 10, CO, 148,1^3, struck out AMERTISEKKTS RENEWED EV1RY DAT. ?FKCIAL lOTlCIM. INHIBITION AT TB K CRYSTAL PALACE. JULY 3, Pi itr *b< bineht of the Sixth a??cu<j Keggod School. Tim (thiol. wLieh b?? beta tor the last year nailer tht charge ol Will Mary Ann Low, will h?TO ou exhibition of it* coaiitioti ant progress. in tha Crystal Palate, on Humday, the -4 if July aoxt, in tat afternoon. The echool arill eater th? Palace at two o'olook, and leave at eix, and dariagthat tin e there will be exhibitions by the leholare, mnsia, and addressee. llator Weed, of New York ; Mayor Hall, of Brooklyn; Rev. H*nry Ward Beeeher. Bar. E H. Chapia, Join H. v? Lite. Receiver of the Palaoe, and othera, will take part in the proceedings. Jsdge Edmoada will read the re port of the eebcol, and Mr Gerard will give an account of the Razeed Schools -n Loncon which he viaited with UUhop Weinwr'gbt. The receipt! of the day, after paving the ex pen.-oe. will be devoted to the support of tbe eehool for the i nstiirg year Dc(1 worth1! Band have kindly proffered their eervieca on tbe oceaaion, and will perform at intervals durii.g tba afternoon. The varioax ar<telex yat remaining in the 1'alece, including inert of tha etaiuary and tte paint infte. will he open to the exaniination of the vlaitari during tbe day. The undereigntd. taking an interest ia the ejhocl, end drtiroue of acting similar caea established tbreagbunt tbe city end vicinity, eelicit forthie exhibition the attention of the humane and tbeir charitable aid. Tick etc 26 cents; children andcr 12 yeare of age. half price. Ticket# to be had at the door and the principal hotele, book and mueto (tore#. Jamoe Hatpir, Jainee W. Gerard, l'eter Cooper, John H White J. W. Bdmonde, Jainee Freelnni, H. II. Bay, rami' Brevocrt, Geo. U. Joaea. Masonic.?tbe ensuing festitab or st. jocin will be celebrated by a prooeoeioa and appropriate ee rttooniM, by Westihsiter Ledge. No. 147, at New iUchelle, en Monday, V5th iaet Biethren from lodgeeof tbe Jnriedic ticn cf tbe Grand Lodge or tbie State, (under tbe old coaetl tut ion) and sojourning Brethren are iuvited to he pretest. The care trom New York will leave the New Uavea depot, Canal etreet, at 9 o'clock A. M., returning at 6 o'olook P. M. Brethren int< nding to participate will leave their namee in the Grand Seo etary'e office, COO Broadway, Mfore fonr o'clock on Friday, Kid inxt. ASONIC CELEBRATION OF ST. JOHN'S DAY-AT Bridgeport, Conn., Monday, 26th ? The new steam*r TUOMAS G. UaIGIIT will leave New York, foot of North Moore etreet, at a quarter before 6; foot of Broome atreet, E. R , at <Vi Tt nth etreet, E. R, at. 6W; Twenty ilxth street, at 03A; affording an opportunity to join in the feetivi ties, consisting of dedication, oration, banquet and ball, and will return the same night by moonlight. A due band ot niuiic on boa d. Tiokets for the excursion SI. DUNHAM A FECK, Proprietor!. MASOlilC BRETHREN, WHO INTEND TO PARTCCI; pate in the festivities gf the approaching aaniversMy or bt. Joan's Day, by excuiiionor otherwise, are respectfully Intirmed thai they oan obtain a superior article ot Havana eecars for the occatiou, at a reduced price, by calling on Bit Kiiif bt G O. BARTLETT. 6da Broadway. Ma sonic.-roBic lodge, no. 2so.?brethren are notifled or the intention to celebrate Bt. John's Day, on tbe 26th instant, byexoureion per steamer Laura Knapp, lrom tbe foot of Market street at 8 A. M. precisely. Tickets may be had ot the treasurer. P M. Jao W. Simons, 91) Catharine street M. J. DRUMMOND, W. M. K. V. Batxmab, Secretary. Mass meeting of the citizens of new york ?To bt held in tbe Third ward, oa the pier foot of Rob inkcn etreet, on Saturday evening, at 7 o'olook. Sheds aad buildiagi are allowed by tbe municipal authorities to re main en eaid pier, to the great injury ot the puhllo. Come one, come all. Thete is corruption?your rights are in danger Notice, ?fulton chowder club.-the mem here of the above elnb ere hereby notified to attend a melting to be held at 4S8 Pearl street, on Saturday evening, June 23. at 8 o'clook, 1*. M. By order et J. McGOWN. President. ORIENTAL LODGE. NO. 68, I. 0. O. F.?THE MEM here of this lodge are tequeeted to attend the tuneral of our lete brother, Thomas Stanley, on Saturday, 23d inet-, at one o'clock, P. M , from his late residenoe, 1(2 West 33d street, near tttn avenue. S. D. ROBERTS, N. G. SPECIAL NOTICE.?TAX COMMISSIONER'S OFFICE, No. $2 Chambers street, basement of Nan- City Hall.? The time for the eorreotlon of assessmeats on incorporated companies and rum residents doing business in the eity of New York, will he <xtended from Tuesday, the 25tb, to Friday, the 29th of June, inclusive. J. W. ALLEN, i GEO. H. PURSER, >Tax Commmissioners. WM. J. PACE, ) THE CORNER STONE OF THE NSW REFORMED hutch Church, on Clermont avenue, near Myrtle, Brook lyn (Kev. Mr. Elmendorf's), will, Providenoe permitting, be laid on Monday, 76th inst., at 4 o'olook, P. M. Addreeies may be expected from Rev. Dr. DeWitt, Rev. Dr. Bethune and Rev. Ilv. Polhemui. All friendly to the objeot are in vited to attend. J. C. MEEKER, ) WM. CROL1 US, > Building Committee. B. F. G RAG IN, ) fAX COMMISSIONER'S OFFICE, NO. 32 CHAMBERS etreet. basement of the New City HalL?Notloe to tax payers. The assessment rolle of the several wards of the city ol New York will be opened for examlnatiea and review from Monday, tbe 21et of May, until Monday, the 25th day of Juee, inclusive. All tax payers desirous of examin ing and correcting the said rolle are requested to make ap Clioation to the undersigned, at their offloe, between the ours of 8 A. *? ?nd 4 P. M. I. W. ALLEN, 1 GEO. H. PURSER, >Tax Commlssionera WM. J. PECK. b TIIE PUBLIC ARE CAUTIONED AGAINST NEGO tinting a obeok on the Ocean Bank, iu thii city, trom Leman H Hopkins, datod June 19, 1855, to J. 0. Toole, or bearer, lor 130 06, as payment is stopped. ?tSICAL. n PIANOFORTES AND ONE MEfcODEON TO LET? at $2, t3.94 and $3 a month, or tor aale at $35, $5t>, $75, $100, $125. $175 and one extra carved, $350. Professor LIMpDaY, teacher of the piano, Binding, guitar, acoordeon and violin at 225 Grand atreet. A CARD.?MISS M. CONTINUES TO GIVE LES aoaa on the pianoforte and singing, at her own or pu EU'a reaidenoe, but ia anxious to obtain a eituation aa visit lg governess. Apply at 78 Preiident atreet, South Brook Ijn. A TTENTION PIANO PURCHASERS!?HALL'S PA A tent eeleatial or doable octave pianofortes, Ely A Mon ger manufacturer*. Theee improved pianoa tare rapidly tak ing the ptaee of the ordinary pianorortta : lat, became they ?j^r * 1 "J "?? are itand the^ ^ BLtV^MUN'GER, No. 519 Broadway, St. Nioholaa Hotel CHEAP SAILING AND MUSIC FOR THE MILLION, to morrow (Sunday) afternoon.?A grand rebearaal tor the annual muaieal featival of the Germane, will be given at Staten Inland, on Sunday atternoon. The leland ianow in ita greatest beauty, and the muaie will doubtleaa be splendid. This may ail be enjoyed b? the ferry from White hall for 6 canta. Extra boata will be put on, running aa late aa 10 at night, charging only 6 centa tare. HALL'S CELESTIAL PIANOS-BENNETT A CO., 900 Broadway, are now aupplied with a large atoek of ihsee beautiful instruments, no peraon Should by any maana pur ?haae, whatever interested partiea may aay to the contrary, till they have first aaan thaae Improved piano*. XJO HUMBUG.?A VERT SUPERIOR ROSEWOOD 1.1 pianoforte. 7 octave, lion Mna, perfeot in all reapecta, and warranted; been m naed only three month*; maker'* price, $310; for aale for $220, with atool. Can be aeen at No. 3d Veaey atreet, near tne Aator Houae, from 9 o'alook till 3, on Friday and Sat erday. Mew music. ?"our good old friend," bt Alioe Hawthorn*; anther of " What ia Horn* withont a Mother)" Ac., Ac. Thta aong ia embellished with a beau tilnl lithographic portrait of the author. The ballad* writ ten by this lady Lave been more sueeeasful than those of any other American anthor; the beauty of the sentiment in the poetry, and the ilmplioity of the mnaic, make them just what the people want. Published by WINNER A SHUS. TER, Philadelphia. To be had at mnaio atoraa. A eopy will be sent to any address by mail, upon the receipt of 25 cents. "PIANOS.?THE LARGEST ASSORTMENT OF PIANOS X in the United State?; prices less than caa be found else where. Sole arenoy for T. Gilbert A Co.'s pianoa, with or without the xolisn; Ballett A Cnmston'a, Woodward A Brown's, and Jacob Otuckcrlng'a Boston pianos; and the only home where may be had the Horace Waters' celebrated mo dero improved pianoa, with over strings and improved ar tion. Each piano guaranteed to give entire aatiafactloe, or purchase money refunded. Pianoa to rent, and rent allowod en pnrchare, Pianos lor aale on monthly payments Second hand pianoa takan in exchange for new ones. Secondhand pianoa for sale at good bargains. Sole agency for 8 D. A H. W. Smith's melodeons, tuned the equal temperament. HORACE WATERS, 333 Broadway. gECOND HAND PIANOS AT A GREAT SACRIFICE , ror cash, aa they must be removed this week; three rose wood and ten mahogany at prices of $25, $30, $15, $50, $66. $75, ft-6, $90, and $100, and on* malodeon, p.-ioe $V>, for $35: all warranted in perfect order, at 402 Sixth avenue, near Tweaty-lourth street. R. GONZALEZ. SCHUBERTH A CO , MUSIC DEPOT, 539 BROADWAT, N. V.; pabliahlag hoaae rounded thirty years ago, la Hamburg and Leipxie. Wa request the public tt inspect our atoek of one million work*, the largest ia the United States; our own 25,OU) pnhlioationarank highest in Europe, and anablaa us to sell goad rnneie at low rates. Oar p.anoa, grand, upright, square, aombina riebnata of tons, elegance with oheapneat?are without aompatition. DXCVRNOfS, Excursion to tde fishing banks.?uk steamer GOLDEN GATE, C'apt. Anderson, forratrlj captain of the steamer Laura Knapp, will make a trip ovary d?y in the week, Sandaya excepts,I, loavlng Anot atreet at 7 o'sloCk, Spring street at 7K- Pok Mip at 3, Brooine atreet atgtq, and pter 2.N. R., at 4 o'olcck. A cotillon band wiU be on board. FOR FISHING BANES?THE SEA STEAMER MRH CURT, Ciptain Richard Yates, will love for the fish lug ban Kb even dnk touching at Fort Hamilton each way from the following places, vii:? Jaekscn street, ;? ?' ?? I ?v ?1 ' vnoaeva aviqxv, o'< look A. Delancey atreet, 6k A. M.; Catharine Market 7 A. M.; Peek slip, 7M A. H.; Spring atreet, North river, A M-: Pter N0. 4, North rtvw>BH A. M. F.ahiag taekl and tait furnished oil beard. IpORCONEY ISLAND AND FORT HAMILTON.-THE 1 ateamer Norwalk leaves New York as follows:?,-|?r foot of Amtf street at 9>d A. M., and 12k 3'. foot of Ami* street at 9H A. M., and UK and 3!i P. It ; pier foot ot Spring street, 9>i A. M.. ink endiiif P ?.; pier So. 3 North river, at 10 A >., I and 4 P. M.; leaving Corey Island, laat-ulp, at f-tg P. M. Fart to Coney leleud and back to New Y<?b, 2C csut*. No half price lor obiideen. Grand kxlttksion to tub fishing hanks?on Sunday, June 24!b, 1 ure M centa. By tee safe and oommodioue Aou.le engine etosmer MASSACHUSETTS, E. V Hank* Commander, leaving pter foot o' King atreot, at 7K o'clock, uier foot of Amor street at 8 o'olook, pier root of Broom# rtroet FSa.t aiver, at P e'eloek, pier No. 3 North river, at 9)t o'olook. Flabing tackle and bait on hoard. Masonic excursion to Bridgeport, mon day. June 25. rer steamer THOS U. HAIGHT. Tick eta for sale bv E. COMBS, 244 Grand atreet; nl-o retail i and jawals or every description, at various prices. Brothers, provide yourative* ia time. SUNDAY TRIP TO GLEN DOVE LANDING ATOOL legs Point and New RjcheHe?Tb< new aid elegant ateamer, TUOS. O HAIGHT, will commence her regular tripe on Sunday, Jun'21 leaving Catherine mar a it *lln at 8 A. M ; Delaney atreet at Bk; Twelfth itreet, 8);: and Th'r ty fourth atre?t at f o"> lock. Fare to College Point, 12k cents, to New Roubelie and Glen Cove, IS cent*. TO CHARTER FOR EXCURSIONS.-THJi SAFE AND commodious steamer MASSACHUSETTS, K. R Hoiks, Commander, being now In eompict* order, can be obar raced for excursions. She Is the lar e-t and me.t aisgaat steamer offered fcr the ptvpeae, having a Urge danomg saioou 112 loot long; a rare ebauce i* off- red to the nablio. Apply on beard, si the foot <>i King street, Nor to river, or to L. H. ChOVFR. 153 Broad"ay, upstair*. r CHARTER FCR FXCURSI IfH-THI ELEGANT ? ad oomwodieui new fir.t otgaa staamar TlloMAS S MAileMt, with #r wi'hont bargv*. A,a board, ftp, of NerUi Moaraatrt*:.. er #f AJ EX M. C\8MfTlt. ZU Waat Itnit, betwaea N'etth Maora and Saaeb r* nw urr#RnuiitBXL a-l AAA ?TO LBT, A FIRST CLASS STORK 8UITA fliVUl/) UlfetBOntltl IuiImw tituM in t dt tumble Mit of the Bewery Alee. several mj desirable bones* ia variolic localities, at different prices, DUNS COMB A McMILLEN, 111 Brotln;, room N?. 9 Building. BASEMENT TO LET?PHILADELPHIA?TO BAR here, fastlnaabl* boot or irunk maker*, an dec the els gent hat atore. 138 Cbeatant itreet. Brooklyn hiights-to rent, to a small fa bU), wi'bout children, the entire eeoOod floor eeunt ing of Ubi rooms and nee of ki'chen, in bone* 3b Willow St., witbin three minuter' walk of Faltou or Well etreet terries. Boat Slf jk* month, ia advance. Koferences exchanged. (101MB STORE TO LIT, CORNER OF FRANKFORT J and William etreet*. Aino, anctber email ttorein Wtl liam etreet, in a good lot at Ion and cheap rest Apply at Zt L' W illiaia, corntr of Frankfort eti*tt, op etair*. Factory to let-a brick building, three etoriei high, 69 foet by 25, witb an eight horse engine, yard room attached <6 by 60. with ebedr, eiabloe, Ac., all m com plat# order. Apply to W. H. LliSll A CO., Fourth averue and Twenty third etreet. Furnished house to let.-a three story and baeoment houee, with modern improvements, newly furnished one you einoo, eul'able lor n private family, or would bo let fur a boarding house, situated wost of Broad way, below Broome etreet. Apply to Mr. D1BBLKE, No, 549 Broadway. LURNISHLD HOUSR TO BENT FOR A TRRM OF J years?'J ha new, elogaat and oommediooe brown etone froit dwelling bouse, 90 last Nineteenth etreet, near IrviaE place, eapplied with all the modern improvements, and fur nished throughout with rleb furniture The owner, the pre sent coeupant, leasee lor Europe in the aatuma, nad will give posieeeUa immedietely after July 1. Can be eeea from 10 A. M. to 12 M. For cuds of admieeioa apply to HOUER MORGAN, Metropolitan Bank building, or to FRANCIS T. UARRETTSON, attorney, Ac., 74 Wall etreet. N. B Boardisg house keepers need not apply. Fine atby rooms to let, in a first class bouse, No 6 Abingdon square, west aide, tor lamttiei or ?ingle gentlemen. Care ana etagei pass the door. Terms reasonable, House to lbt-no. b b ooster street, third door from Canal street, wes'osly side, suitable tor a board lag house or business purposes. Apply to Misses PILLS, corner of Grand nnd Laurene its., or to the sub sortber. J. CRAN, BO Union place. T OLGE ROOM TO LET-AT THE MASONIC TEMPLE, JU oorner of Broome nnd Croiby streets, on the 2d and 1th Tuesday e of each month. For information apply to JNO. W. LEONARD A CO.. No 38) Broadway. T ODOR ROOM TO LET?CORNER OF THIRD AVE Ju nue and Twentieth street on Tuesday nad Friday evenings. PARTLY FURNISHED HOUSE AT CLIFTON, STA ten Island, to lot, witbin Jten minutes' walk of Yaa derbiit's landiag. The (rounds are well arranged and beea tifully shaded. Terms moderate. Inquire ot K 3. HOWES* roridiag oa the premises, or of MR. CHESTER FLOWER, 71 Broadway, up etair*. STORE TO L1T.-LONO ESTABLISHED IN THE clothing business; located ia a principal business street, and fixture* for snle. Possession given in the month of July. Apply to J. HARRIS, No. 10 Catherine Blip. TO LET?POSSESSION GIVEN IMMEDIATELY?THE roar part of the second story, the front part of ths third story, and all of the fourth story of 29 Ueekmaa street; also, the front room of the tfth story of 31 and 33 Beokman street. Eaoh apartment is snltabu for any kind of moohanloal business; also, bMoment ot 24 Bookman street. Inquire of JAMES CONNER A SONS, 29 Beckmni street. TO LET.?FURNISHED ROOMS FOR GENTLEMEN; also, room nnd bedroom for n gentleman nnd wife, with or without board, in n pleasant part of the city and conve nient to all business. Apply at 635 Hudson street. TO LET-A VERY HANDSOME SPIT Of FINE ROOMS and baaemeirt. on Twenty eighth (treat, in a fine looa tion roctn* elegantly papered and paiuted, cm fixture*, w ator oloaat, Ao.; rent $26 per month. The above room* are dlaoonneeted th. othS 'SSff&jP** cep.tato front door bntrance^ mA i.t_i VERY NICE SMALL THREE STORY LiSi ;:v,si yr sat avenue. TO LET?TWO FINE FRONT OFFICES. INQUIRE on the premieet, of U. A- BLOOD. 123 Chamheri itreet, npat aire. rV3Ti3? ^T.iS"Sr5.ra fifessjr?awaa.n?iJi^ 31 Liberty Itreet. TO LET-WITH IMMEDIATE POSSESSION, A GEN teal three etory bonae, in a cood neQhborhood. ne wly uurertd and in cider, with water, gas, Ac. Will be rented Fow. Inquire on the premiaei. No. 80 Ea?t Thirty eeoood (treat, alter 9 A. M. TO LET-IN WILLIAMSBURG, A6M) FU^ITUEE for *alo?The lower part of a three (tory and baeemeut briok houao, in a molt deairable loeaUo^ t^ae minutaa walk irom l'eok (lip ferry, to a (mail reapeotable family, at a moderate rent. The furniture, earpeta, Ac., whioh' ?? the Letter olau, will be aold low, a* the ownor ia Europe. For partionlare addren* J. C., bo* No. l.aao roit Office. TO LET-SPLENDID SPITE OF EIGHT ROOMS IN houee 346 6th are., near Twenty fonilh etreet. Inquire in the bakery. Only to a (mall, genteel familyr. Al.o two aplendid eottagei, cheap. Inquire of M. Shaw, 20 Nanau itreet. TO LET?A HANDSOME FURNISHED ROOM, OE room*, in a la?hionablo part of the olty, oommodation, km, and bath room* on the eame floor. Can be acoommodated with breakfaat aid tea if required. A p ply at 63 Weet Eighteenth (treet, right hand (ide, oorner ot Sixth avenue. TO LET?APARTMENTS IN HOUSE 86 WEST FOB tietb etreet, between Breed way *ndfctoth_aT(n?e._oen fisting ef ? parlor, Iwo ksdrtow and ? kitchen, all eom?n nicotinic; th#y nr# (niikad In n euparier manner, with mnr. ' hi* mantel*, gas, Creten water, and all modern improve ment* Rent moderate. Iaquire en the premieee. TO LET-AIRY FURNISHED ROOMS, TO GENTLE men, without board; alee to lot, a back parlor, on the eeoond door, with oloiot* attached. Term* reaeonahle. Ap ply at 43 Morion etreet, for eererai day*. mo LET-EITHER TRANSIENTLY OE PERMANEMT 1 ly, front and back parlor* in to* eeoond etory of hone# 44 Weet Weehington place, neer WMhington Parade Cronud. They are pleaeant room* and baadeomely foraieh ed; aleo room* In the fourth etory to lot. Pnrual board given if required. Houoe oontaini the modern improvement#. Reference* ocehanged. Alao furniatod roome to let in honae 78 Murray etreet, without board. TO LET-COTTAGE HOUSE NO. 6 GARDEN ROW, Eleventh (treet, near Sixth avenue. Poaeeaaion given immediately. Inquire of D. W. FKNTON, 167 Broadway, upattire. TO LET-OFFICES IN CHAMBERS STREET. NEAR tba City UelL Are large handsome room*, and eeoond to no offioet lathe etreet with reaped to their adaptation for a proftaeional buaineae. Inqniro at 12 Chambere etreet. TO LET?AT ARVERY LOW PRICE, POSSESSION given immediately, a large houae, 11 Bareley (treat, near Broadway. It la well adapted for offioea or a reatau faSt, and hotel buainea.. lb. LSSTJKSIb into a nioe barroom. Apply to F. FIJUX, 44 Murray itreat^ TO LET-FOUR ROOMS, CONSISTING OF A PARLOR, and two bedroom* and kitchen and Croton water, and other convenience*, for two or three pereona ot neat habit*. Terui*,t8 pcnnontL, partly furaiahed; *12 per month fur nished. Inquire for on* weak at 249 W eat Thlrty-aecond at. TO LET-TO A SMALL RESPECTABLE FAMILY, part oi honae No. 16 Wooater atreot, within a few deora ot Canal: term* moderate; reference required. Apply on the premise*. TO LET-A FINE PARLOR ON THE FIRST FLOOR, neatly lurmabed with mahofuny, suitable for a gentle man and hi* wile; alao, bedroom* for single gentlemen, bath in the houee. Apply at 17 Howard afteet^ I mo LET-A SUIT OF APARTMENTS. CONSISTING OF lloue parlor, with marble mantel*, hard ifinlihed and new li painted walla, two bedroom, aud a kitohen, with Lro?on water, link and drain. Rent, $8 n month to(a small Ameri can or Fngliih family of reipeetatllity. Alao, from and alter the latot Ju.y, another auit, aa above. Rent ?7- lu ,,i)ire at 814) Third avenue, between Twenty ninth and Thir tieth etreet*, aeoond floor. ItO LET, CHEAP-THE PLEASANTEST AND CLEAN ? eat apartment* in the city?only to email genteel fami ilea; No*. 218 and 220 Weat Thirty aixth atreet, between Eighth and Ninth avenue*; alio 105 and 107 Seventh avenue, ntwr Twenty-third etreet. Inquire on the premiaei. T~ O CENTEEL FAMILIES STUDYING ECONOMY.? To let. In Williamaburg. a new, beautiful Mick houae with water, gaa, chandeliere, and avary oomfort. Rant $S00 per annum. Stage* paee the door; ten minute#' walk from iirxud atreet tarry. Inquire ?t 462 Grand etreet, Williams hurg. TO LET OR LEASE-FOR A TERM OF TEARS, THE Lafarg* Houae, (weetetdeof Broadway, opposite Bond itreet,) having been rebuilt, la offered H1 ' tenant. Apply to GEO. 3. WRlwHT, 289 Broadway, up atatra. mo LEASE-A COUNTRY SEAT AT PELHAM, WEST JL oheater county, about atxteen mile* from New York, on l.oni Ielaad [Sound. The plaee oontalna fifty-four acre*, and la replete with every eomenienc* for a .entl-rnan's roei "nee for particular* apply to ADAMS A LUOEEY, 73 Nasaau etreet. TO CONFECTIONERS ?TO LET OR LEASE, A BEAU titul atore, 23 by 1U0 feet, with btaemente and upper saloons, (wait aide of Broadway, oppoeit* Bond street,) aoited for a confectioner or reetaerant en n large teal*. Alio a atore between Chamber* and Duan* itreet*, aultabl# for a Millard aalooa, 28 br 100 leet. Apply to GEO J. WRIGHT, 289 Broadway, np atatra. TO CARPET, CABINET, OR UPHOLSTERERS, AU. To let ot leave, the hone* 266 Bowery; 1* well adapted for the above buaioeee, the Brat and eeoond atari** having a alaaa (boat, which oao be entirely opened for diaplny. AU tbe eeatern car train* paas the ptemlaea, whleh make* the 1 or a-ion desirable lor oouotry at well at olty trade. Apply te GIO. W. DEAN, 108 Thompeoa at. CORPORATION NOTICES. CTOKI'ORATION NOTICE.?DEPARTMENT OF RE ) paira and Supplies. Jna# ID, 1835.- Salt of Corporation Property.?WUI be told at publio anetion, on .Saturday. Jane 30, 1SS3, nt 16 o'cloek A. M , to the highest bidder, all the material* and property of the > ew City Hall, looated in tbe Park, conafatlng ef brick*, flatting, and building atone. Sedd property will be tuld in different lot*. The ttrait of tale will be aaah, to be paid to tbe anetienear, aa eeon aa tbe aula it concleeed. The purobaaer will be obligated to remove the proeetda ef hi* purehaae from the pramlee* witt it, five daj a from the day of aula. All the retponaihIUty for th# dell ??ry ?f the property mil he borne by the pur cLaaer; and in oaae the pnrchaeer should neglect te remove aaid material* or i-rorofty within Are daya, aa specified, it ?ball be eentldareo at forfa ted to th* Corporatden, and will be (old over again for the benefit of the olty. _____ BARTHOLOMEW fe. PURDF, mnfiaeioner of Repair* and Supplied. okwtiitrt. Dmm ENTI87RY.?TEETIl, ON GOLD, ONLY SI TO W eaeo, warraeied; whole e#t* $Wi to $100; pivot teeth .u.yfil; teeth filled. Ao. on aqeally mod^te termi. Or BANlOir, dentiet, 385 iuadwey: aleo '20k'Thirty Me*nd ?tn el, near Elghlh erenoe. before tf, or after 6 P. M K? *b 'Lb d 1840 ??"T nreirinme -eee ved Referee'-e# ehetrlnl^ lfgivea Theee ietaceeaee ??" 8?a ?"? ?1- ????-* ?- ?, *n a. a?d ya ififil tl l,*i IHiagl p I ' WI 1 - " 1 nw wimoMW? Announcement or publication day ? TheNe* Novel on Fashionable Koli^i <o CARD, WHICH: THE RIGHT, tR TUB LEFT! or THE CIIVBCH Or C1IRIXT A.MJ THE CKVRCII Or SOCIETY, Will be ready Monday, July 1. CAKhRTT A CO , Publishers, 18 Abe street. Tl'ST FUBLISUID-PRIC1 BO CENT8-WI HH THE el ssretien sod ociieotUm ot the author, "lbs Blessed Sacra a en t; Or, The Works sod Wert of God " Br the He v. F. Vt Facer. D. b For sale. w holt t sir eud r.tail. b/ E. BUNIOAN A BKuTHRR, 131 Fultoa .troet. Mosaic account or Tns drowned wobld . aa<l book ol generations.?The teeoal sad last lecture nill be delivered by the Rev B. Berwick, of England, ia Hope Chapel lecture rooms, 730 Broadway, to morrow ere aiag, June 24. This lecture, lihe the former, will ho ot a literary, scientific, sod tbeolosiual character, and will be composed to as to edify and interest tbe bitlical student of every sbsde of religion* opinion, PrtUmiuary eervioe dis pensed with, *o as to commence the Iscturt precisely at eight o'olock. The united states railway security asso oiatien, for the purpose ot asceitaiueg the hatio and actual value of all kinds ef stocks, bonds, and snonritiee. Issued by or on behalf of every railroad la the oonatry It has been organised with a oapital ot two hundred thousand dollars. The tfficeof the sompaay is at No. Id Wall street. Mow York, where aay eommuaioatloss aad documents mar ho addressed to QBUBQB II. BLLBRY, President New York, Jane Id, 18J6. WILL BB BBADY ON THE 1ST OF JULY?"THE OLD Farm Di> use," by Caroline H Butier Loring. ill us trnted with fine engravings by Van Ingen from designs by Wilts; 460 ptges, 12 ms , extra muslin gilt >1 25. Tns above work is a besutilul domestic story, of deep interest. The good end evil character!-the charming views of coun try life-1 ho follies of a fashionable city life, and all the va ried tcpic* brought upon the scene sf the story, described ia tbe happiesO manner. A copy will be sent te any part of the Union, free, on reoeipt of tbo price. CHAd, 11. DAYI3, publisher, 32 Soutb Fourth street, Philadelphia. Dll* UtXIDd, ?U f>AO BROADWAY?EMBROIDERIES FROM Alfo U'xO tion, at about half price.?ISO ladles' elegant em broidered monrning robes, at 27 60 each; 60 dosen ladies' new style ot pooketbaadkerohiots, at (162 each. The above gooda are entirely new in this market MADDEN A UTEVY AKT, 645 Broadway, second doer above Bleeckor street. 100j , NEW AND ELEGANT 8UV1IBR BONNETS. 'Just received by the Atlantic from ear bramoh house, 23 rue Richelieu, Paris. This invoice comprises the latest styles in fancy crape, black laoe and embroidered etraw bats, so much admired at present m Paris. Ws confidently flatter ourselves that every lady who inspects oar present stock will be eonvieoed that for teste and beaatp or design there are no goods in this city that oaa compere with ours. At the same time our prioos are decidedly moderate. An ??fly call will be found advantageous, at MADAMS R. 11A KRIS A SON, 671 Broadway. BROOK'S BILK COTTON?FOR HAND AND MA obits sewing, superior to any thread in the world, wonnd on 200, 300 and 600 yard spool*?white, black and^all oolors, from No. 8 to No 9U0. Any number, oolorand length for sale at WHEELER A WILSON'S sowing mn ohlnc depot, 3*3 Broadway. BULPIN'S MANTILLAS. Soiling off at a rednotion Of from 40 to 50 per cent from original prices. The Fsrls Mantilla Emporium, 361 Broadway, being about to be entirely remodelled and considerably enlarged, cover ing when completed a space of nearly seven thousand square feet, with a frontage of 27 foot on Broadway, 10 on Franklin stseet, and a depth of 1G? toot, forming beyond comparison the largest establishment of Its kind in this or nay otner country; nud as a partial and temporary closing of the pre mises will be rendered neofMnry, the subscriber hue deter mined to snbjeet bis satire stock of spring and summer man tillas, crape and cashmere enawls, Ac., to such an enormous reduction in price as most effect its oomplete olearanoe pre vious to the loth of July. He deems further comment unnecessary, and will merely enum< rate a few of the leading articles presented for publio approval. One thousand very excellent blaek silk mantillas, the rlebest silk and of tho stylo for whioh his otoro baa been so much celebrated this soMcn? former prices 26 aad 27, now reduced to four dollars. Sight hundred black silk mantillas, '?Cremona"- former prices 28 and 210, now redueed to six dollars. Four hundred and fifty moire antique mantillas with laoe ruffles?formerly 210, now six and a half dollars. Six hundred very elegant silk mantillas, srith single and doable laoe ruffles, the most reekerohe styles?formerly 212 and 214, now eight dollars. And a multitudinous array of richer goods, la real gui pure laee, moire antique and lace and other fabrioa, many of whioh only just imported from l'arls?all at a similar re duo tie a Alto, a large variety of eu?hmere,Canton erase and Stella shawls, equally cheap. GEO. BULPIN, 361 Broadway. The sals at roduood prices commsaoss en Thursday, 21st of June. BOM AUCTION?120 FRHNCH BMBROIDBBBD _ sets, at 212 60 each; 2.000 oambrio and Swiss oollars; the average prices are 4s., 5s., 6s., St., 10s., 12s and 14s. saoh; 34 00 Swiss and cambric bands, at all prions, trom 2s to 26. MADDEN A STEWART,643Broadway, two doors above Blieoker street. ANT1LLAS MANTILLAS ! JBKDVCTION IIS PRICES. M. BELL, No. 63 Canal street, Wishing to take account of stook, has made a liberal roduo ticn in tho prises of his mantillas, ill* styles this teasoa being superior to any other to bo taund in the city, have met with such a rapid rale as to prevent an accumulation. The balance, consisting of real gnipure and ohantiUa lace, with a good assortment of his own manufacture; also, a small but select stook of biack goire antique and silk msntlllti, trimmed with real laoe and all the most desi rable stylet of trimming, will be sold at muoh lest than the usual rates. These mantillas have *11 been made under his own imme diate inspection, and from his well known faollitiss in pro curing the latest Parisian novelties, he can offer a really new and elegant style, at his reduced prices, as cheap as other h?uses in the trade sell their old stook, and solicits an inspection, that ladies may see the reduotion in priest it real, not Imaginary. F noram am? suwmw mmmn. ASTOR HOUSE.?THE UNDERSIGN CD HAVE Re newed their lease of tfcle house. It hM been refitted, and U now in better condition than when first opened to the public. Mew bathe and water eloeote have been intro duced upon every floor. Ite massive walle, ite improved and complete ventilation, render it the oooleit houae in thia eity during bot weather. In everything neeoeaary to pro mote the real comfort of ladiea and gentlemen it ie eecond to none. Ha proximity to the railreade onabtoe our pat reae to reach any portion of the city without deity, And at trifling expense. It la aitaated in the healthiest ward at the city, and the Park and open xrounda opposite present advantage unequaUM. Its convenient positions for Her cbanta and for all parties connected with the great public enterpriiet of the eouhtry, is appreciated, ana rooms are always in readiness for the accommodation of meetings, he. Breakfast from early morning until 11 o'olock. Dinner in Pintlemen's ordinary, S)?; ladiea' ordinary. 2}? and A? or the accommodation of business men, dinner will be aerved from 1 o'cloek until 2)? o'clook- Grateful for the past, we pledge ourselves to our patrons that everything requisite for their eomfott and happiness while under eur root, shall be provided without stint, and at a cost to them -not exceeding that of any other first class hotel in this oity. Maw York, dune, I860. COLE RAN A STETSON. AVON SPRINGS UNITED STATES HOTEL.?THIS A splendid hotel on the bluff, overlooking the unrivalled valley of the Genesee, purchased of O. Comstock, is now open, refurnished, enlarged and improved, adiacent to the renowned mineral springs, about a quarter of a mile trom sire to spend the summer in a romantic region, with the comforts and luxuries ot a first class hotel. WILLIAM VAN ZANDT. F. D. H1LLMAM. BELMONk HALL, NEW BRIGHTON, STATEN island, whposlte the steamboat lending, otn accommo date a muoh larger number of guests then heretofore, hav ing been enlarged and improved, and ie the most conveniont house on tho iiland. Families and single gentlemen are In vited te call and examine the rooms. Boats leave feot ef M hitehall street. UCKLET HOUSB, STAMFORD, CONN.-THIS DE I eirable summer house is now opsn for tne aooomtnede tton of familiee. For rooms and terms apply to or address the undersigned, nt Buckley nouse, Stamford, Conn. J. M STAPLES, lnte or the Prescott House, New Tork. COLLINS HOTEL. FOOT OF CANAL STREET, FRONT isg the North river, will let to fnmilles suites, parlors orRsgle rooms, fronting the river, on moil reasonable terms. 7 he loention it desirable in warm weather; full view of ooenn B stesmsrs and Mew Tork bay. TALLHAN A U A PES, Proprietor!. N .TEW TORK BAT HOTBL, 2Jfi MILES FROM JERSEY V City ferry, on Bergen point, plank road. The most beautiful aummer residence in the State. Fishing, bathing, ousting. Dinners and suppers at an hour'slnotioe. Private oarvlagea to and from tha house to eity. Now open for per manent and transient guests. Apply at the houae, eg to C'apt. L1ESB, Pott Office, Jersey City. RICHMON D HILL HOTBL, STATIN ISLAND, IS OPIN for the seaeon. Charges, $7 a week; children under tea years of ago, $4; servants, $4 60; horses. S6. Handsome suits of rooms, with parlors. Particulars at S, W. Bsnsdiofs store, No, 6 Wall street, N. T. J. P. RELLRTT, Proprietor. ?>ockawat sea bathino.-the pavilion ho h tel will be ro opened on tbe 20th of June. This eatab hmeat is greatly enlarged, and comprises rooms in suites for families, tingle rooms, and a number of ecttagee on the (rounds furnished, witk or without benrd at tha hotel. Sta bouses, and saloons for exercise and amusement. Rooms can he selected at the hotel, or plant teen, at No. 47 Cliff street. New Tork. Cars, in ocnnactlon with stares te tbe hotel, leave Booth ferry daily at 9 and 10 A. M..S-4S, 4:13, 6 and 7 o'olock; retiming At 7?[0. 7:66, 8 46 A. M.. end 2:10 and 6:66 P. M. JOHfJ GEO. BAINBRIDGE, SEA BATHING.-CAPI MAT, CAPE ISLAND. NA tional Ilall. This large, new and splendid first class hotel, fitted up with gas. and unsurpassed by any other. Is now open tor visiter*, on it* usual moderate terms. Having no bar, it la si distinguished for its quiet eomfort a* for it* superior seermmodatlons. National Hall oooupias an antirt square of high ground near tbe surf, with a larce garden in mat, enjoying the pure sen breeis and a magnificent view ci tl* ecrau. AARON 0ARRET89N, Proprietor. m RENT ON falls, niar utica. n. t.-thr hotel A at this plsoe of favorite resort is open fer the seaeon. Vis'ere oan now reach it direct by the Bleak River and Utiee Railroad, trains leaving Utica on tha arrival of the steam beat express train, ale* oi the Hudson river express train. ML MOORE, Proprietor. ~ NILUNERY, AO. " Tl II.LINERY ?THE LADIKfi OF NRW YORK AND IvI the vioinity are respectfully informed that in view ef the antioipeted early eloes ef the present season, ovary da soription of bonnets, incladiag every variety of silk and crape, Dunstable,|-plit straw. Leghorn. Tuscany tils wQi be sold for one half l bolr original ooet. Mantillas of every hue aud color elegantly made and obastsly trimmed, will 1>* sold nt tho i-rioee for which this establishment is noted Ihe public are respectfully Invited te eall and examine (he stock. H.YON ISAACS, Me. 6 Division street. 1/1 MK. D1MOREBT, OF 376 BROABWAT. WILL OPEN XVI a branoh of her pattern emporium at 2.W Bo?ary. oa Monday, 26tli Inst Accurate waist pat-etna, te fit the form with esse anl elegance, out at 1Hk cants Picking and crimping at the shortest notioe and lowo-t prices HK8TAURA{Irr8 ?1RKEN TURTLE SOUP AND aTEAOfi OF ABU I potior quality, every day at PETflT A CROOK'S, OH Water etrett. OUlTHIffG, AC, /CLOTHING,-LADIES OR GRNTL1MRN HtVIWr. \J ari of ?h? same to disp-ee of cae ob'aia a fair cash iriaa by seeding for Ihe s-bsoriber at hi - r siJeaoe r ?' S-ih tVl?es'>'. '1Rltn s.,eei I N DVSB?LPV*P, f.' Bi Juit.'J fi'-tw.!1.! li< Rit.DgxetHery. ?OaIumm Ajuw LUUUUIU. 752 BROAD WAY.?TO LIT, HANDSOMELY FOR ni.htd room*, to Ceiuilis* ur Angle pitlwu Pri TM table only. The boose U ttret olass, eud cantatas all the modern improvements. I QLi GRAND STREET, WILLIAMSBURO ?FtMl lOU Let mil untie gsntltmsn con woirt e.o?Went board aid ktndMDt i|.uimtuU. on vary moderate terms. by np plying immediately el tlin above address. House new and pireeantiy si'uatcd replete with every convenience, nad a it bill ttiea minutes' walk of all the ferries. mWlST E1GHTEENTI1 STREET.-TWO GENTLE ?en ean find desirable tarnished rooms Honae baa ad Uiodeiaun prove senta. Break taat and tea if desired. 49 IBRRAT STREIT?A FRONT THIRD STORY bedroom te let to a single geuttemaa. with or wt'.hsut hoard; alte, a seoend tttn treai room, very handsome.y furi.ished. ta lei with boarJ to a gentlemen and wife tr to two gentlemen; alee, a furni.bed room, at IS Murray (treat, to let without board 32 NINTH STREET ?A HANDSOMELY FURNISHED (rout parlor wi-li bedriom atttebod, aaatablt for two gentlemen; alao a sialic room. Apply aa ahowe. la the flint " ? Sixth new white atone houao a bote the Sixth ATeauo. A WELL FURNISHED SUIT Ol PARLORS TO LET, to roe ei two gentlemen, with bretkfaet If required, in A private bonaa. containing ui.dern improvements, and da airakly looxtnd near Unien p?rk Family very email?no children. Apply At 21 Irving place. A HANDSOME SUIT! OF FURNISHED ROOMS PAR JA. lor and bedrouma. commouiee'ing, to let, at 3d Clinton place. Eighth eireei; alao, an upper room, auitable tor a gen tleman who wiabaa to eoouomiee in lodging*. Uouae baa all tba modern improvement* ARESPETTABLt COUPLE CAN SECURE A HOME for n year in one ot the meat beautiful outages on State* it fund, without pay log any monay rent, and by only boarding frnr pnraona, wto are a! present th inmate*. The plac* ia inrnUhad in th* moat numplat* manner, aal nothing would bnvu to bo found except (comfortable table and pro Ser attendance. The beat or ra'erence reqairad. Address j letter, poet paid, Mr. J. Q. Thomas, Stap'etoa p??t of fice, Stnten Island. Name and addmiiof applieaata men tioned. AN AMERICAN FAMILY OF TWO PERSONS OCCU pying a pleaanntcottage in Fifty second, would let a parlor and two bodrooma, furnished, to two gentlemen or a gentleman aid wife, with beard, where the oomtorte of a borne may be found. No "other boarder*. Within half a block of Eighth avenue oar*. Term* moderate. Addresa P. Kay, Herald offieo, for one weak. AN ILIUANT 8UIWC OF ROOHS, ON SECOND florr, to let with board to a gentael family, la the finely looaUd bonee, 62 East sixteenth itreet, near Irving plaea aed Union square. The houae oontaiaa all the modernlm prevementa, and 1* quiet and private. Reference* given nud required. A STRICTLY PRIVATE FAMILY, HAVING MORE rooms than they require, would rent a choiie of elugle or double rooms, to one or two gentlemen, without board. Apply at 86 Grand (treat, west of and near Broadway. A LARGE FRONT ROOH, ON THE SECOND FLOOR ul ol a modern built houte, elegantly furnished suitable for n gentleman and wife, ean be obtained, with tall or par tial board, in n first olnaa bouaa, by applying at 322 Welt Fourteenth itreet. Referenoea exchanged. A VERY IIANDSOMRLY FURNISHED FRONT ROOM, J\. on the eeonnd floor, will be let. with or without board. The house la replete w ith all the modern improvement!, and desirably located. Term* moderate. Apply at 121 Crosby ?treat, opposite Nlblo'i. BOARD.-TO LIT. WITH BOARD, AT 8t GREENE street, a large front and bank room, ceparate or togeth er, furnished or unfurnished; marbl* mantels, gas, h*t and cold water, and within a minute's walk of Broadway. Board.?a gentleman and wife, or two sin gl? gentlemen, oan obtain a pleasant room on these cond floor, alao baok parlor on tha first floor, wither without board, nt 824 Green* strait, on reasonable terms. Gas and bath in th* bona*. K*f*r?no*a required. BGABD.-A LARGE FRONT ROOH, FURNISHED, ON eeoond itory to let, with or without partial board, in n private family down town. Apply nt No. 7 Jay (treat, four door* from Hudson street. Board.?a handsomk suite of rooks to let, furnished or untarnished, with full or partial board, in a first class house, with all the modern Improvements; also, a single room, and n basement, sultebls fir a phyaioiaa's of fice. Terns moderrte. Apply ak 76 West Twenty third ?treat. Bofersnoss exchanged. BOARD-AT A COUNTRY SEAT, ON THE BANCS ot the East rivsr. A privets family, oooupying a large house, deligbtfnUy located ia full flew of the Exit river, with extensive lawn, vegetable garden and bath houe, wish to take a family of grown persons and tws or thrss single g*nt;en.?n te heard for the summer and fall. Carriage and stable room if required. Aeceea so the city every five minutss, by the Second. Third and Fourth avenue oars. Ad dress Country Seat, Union square Post Olios. Board.-a lady having a large house, 13 desirous of aooommodnting oas or two familiss, or tws or thrss single gentlsmsn, with board. Also, a baok parlor and bedroom, tarnished or untarnished; hath and gas in tha houoe. Apply at No. 9 St. George's plase, last Thirteenth street, between First and Second avenues Or the House will be levtbioe months from the fitst of July. Board.?transient and permanent board era will find several very fine parlors, with bedrooms attached, handsomely furnished, just now vaoant at ths house No. 10 Waverley place. Also single rooms forgsntle lusn. Dinner nt 6 o'clock. Board hay be had in a private family. Apply at 16 Warren plaoa, Charles street; convenient to cars and stage*. References exchanged. Board in bbooelyn.-pleasant front rooms in a delightful location, suitable for a gentleman and wife, or two eingle gentlemen. Wi' bin fire minutes walk of the South ferry. Terms moderate. Dinner at 6>? o'olook. Apply at 46 Congress street. Board in Brooklyn?parties desiring a comfortable home, la a delightful location, English Louse, ?? ? * ' ? V with all ths modern improve wonts, within thras minutes' walk of Atlantio, and fiv* of Wall (treat ferries; single and donbls rooms. Apply at 238 Henry (treat, be tween Amity and Congress streets. Attic room veiy rea sonable. Board in brooklyn.-two or thru gentle jlcii tin be accommodated with paitisl board aad out 1; tarnished roams st No. 8 Garden street, Brooklyn. Tne boose is pleasantly sitaated, and within three minutes' walk of Atlantic or Wall street ferries. Board in brooklyn.-a trench lady, hav ing a few pleasant rooms (large and small; nnoooopied, could accommodate two or three gentlemen with partial board, gas and bath inoluded. References exchanged. Ap ply at M> Wllloughby street, fourth blook from City Hall. BOAED IN SOUTH BROOKLYN.?A PRIVATE FAMl 1/, residing within firs minutes' walk of South terry, and consisting of three grown persons, baring more room than tbey require, would accommodate two, or at most three single gentlemen ef respectability, with partial board. In quire at 187 Clinton street. Board at noBOUN.-two furnished rooms to let, for the season or longer, with or without board, U a private American family. Location pleasant and near the ferries. Apply at M Garden street, near Second street. Board in the country-desirably situated ior health and view, with fresh vegetables, milk, Ao. An invalid lady would bare every care taken. Unrurnished apartments, without board, if required. Seoond and Third avenue oars pass continually. Apply at No. 2 Clarence Villas, 108d street, Third avenue. Board wantrd-by a lady and tito daugh ters, with unfurnished room and bedroom on second floor; pries not to esoced 9700 per annum. Address B. A., 10 Fulton street. Board wanted?in a respectable private family in Brooklyn, for a gentleman and wile, ehTd and strvani; a large front room on second floor, and aooommo dstion for servant. Location must be near Wall street or South ferry. Uneiceptionable relerenoes given and required. Address Box 3,270 Post Office. Boarding.?a gentleman and his wife, or a single gentleman, can be aoeemmodated with board, with furnished parlor and bedroom, in a French family. He bousahas all the modern Improvements, and is situated within a few steps of severe! stage and ear routes. Apply at 60 East Twenty-second street, near Fog?b avenue. Boarding.?a ladt is desirous of letting to s gentiomsn and his wifs n room and bedroom on seotnd floor, vWtb board; also, s few single gentlemen oas be eoeommodaUd with pleasant rooms and board, with ail the comforts of a homo, la the first olsss modern hones Ne. H Wast Fourteenth street, between fifth and Sixth svsnste. Broadway aad Fourteenth street stages pass the deer; also, convenient to Sixth avonuo oars aad stages, f HOARDING-TWO OR THREE LARGE, AIEY JD rooms, furnished or untarnished, with fuR orpsrtisl board, in slsrge house, pleasantly situated, with hot and oold baths, gas, Ao. Tor partiouiars inquire st 174 West Twenty-second street, neir Eighth nvenne. Cars pais every three minutes. Charges moderate. Boarding.?a little girl, between the ages ot three end sight, will be boarded, clothed and eiiuoated for f 160 a year,where she will rsoelve every oomfort ef home, and be treated as an own child. Call at or address 167 Grsnd street, Williamsburg Boarding.?a large, well furnished front room on second floor ot a first oiase house, with oioeets, gas, baths, Ac., on sends Soor, to s gentiomsn sad wife, or two or three single gentlemen, with or without board. Also, n small room for n single gentleman. Apply at 222 Sullivan street, between Ble color and Amity. Boarding.-three furnished rooms, on the ssoond floor, wiM bo vacated Ms a few days; will be 1st separately or together. Family small, who will endeavor to make their guests comfortable. Full or partial board at such bouse as will be eoavsaieat, there being no other boarders. Oas, baths, Ao. Apply st No. 21 Weei Twenty second itfGk _ Boarding at im warrrn strekt.-pleasant airy rooms to lot to gentlemen, with full or partis! board. Oao largo room, with paatry attached, suitable for a gentleman and bit wifs, er a party ef gentlemen who would libs to room together. Day boarders accommodated with board. Brooklyn.- board mar the wall strut aad (rath ferriei. withia a faw minute*' walk of eithar. blatla natlian dealrowa of obtaining partial board oaa obtala pl*a?ant reoma, with olooatt, Ao., ia aa agreeable and genteel locality, oa vary moderate term*. Appl/ at ?l State a treat. COUNTRY BOARD.?TUE MOST DELIGHTFUL HOUAF la eba vicinity of New York, river front: Juat flail? t a* 62 Second atreet, oae blook from rock elip ferry. /U Hamibarg. Breakfaet and tie, K. , CtOUNTRY BOARD MAY BE OBTAINED IN A FM J vat* family, on a farm of eixty aorea, om '?our ? from tbe city, near a depot of New liavea KMIretd.aad not far from Rye Beach, lb* boas* I* waL. ehaded, the r- ome are lari* and airy, and there art plenty of fruit aa'' vraetablai on tbe premiee*. Addrea* I. W. W., TtRtaie tflce, with real name, aa no other* oaa ^aotleed DM E8IRABLK COUNTRY BOARD - t FEW ftKMH more can ottala good beard afrd dwir iKe r. AM,.'* applying at the Park Houae. Omage, Mew Jeradf trala* raaalag per day from ? J/AOLE HOTEL?LODGI will do well to rememt amgle i com a at 18 rent* poM__-. , Eagle Hotel, earner of ftJttRft ?? d Wlllfts ?*?#<<? FM L'RMSIIED ROOMS - SIVKK tf DEBIAANLE eleepirg roome, jfoatlaa on St Job' a park, JLa*"' atreat; .lao, a vtr?'?ilA*?an* froat baejmont ts/J ** 11M, fnrniabad, without toatO, er. r?aMOtu?l* t***?# Addreaa Junta Brcadwat I'ott OEo* _ 1/URN If HID ROtfNS ' *'k5SE 3m??K I 1, . 1 e ? faeifl , eattaule for *>a *le genltri*' *habone? eta* all fa ??<?<*? improve niD'a. at 1 i? In a dealer ,# ?' ??<??? ''V*; P*f ? ial bea d if required Aj,. y at |l w eat F.leventb etreet, oeteeaa i'tit* aae ?i> tp a* ?*** BUAJHtaBO AND bOO^HS. FURMSMEO ROOMS TO LET?AT Sid BROADWAY, two dNii show Union aqiiin, n builtuni out. uf rutin* on tbo firs. fl or, nlno, staple roema. I'URN'lsBKU ROOMS ?TO LET, A NICK FURNISHED rocm. suitetl) lor a lad. and gei.i leinaa, or lor two staple gt-ntlemru; nlno ? eivglo tootu, in n very plevsent bousr, nitb nil the modern improvements French eud German spot en in ibe fnmlljr. Moo. Idtfead 111 Onnnl at. HANLS.'MKLY FURNISHED ROOMS-WITH I'AR tiel hoMd, to lottoainale geutle.cen. at 02 Math timet, third while mnii- west of Filth avenue fromilu to 9i2 per week Ibe bonoe ia uew? and line nil the modern Improve melt*. HOUOKE.N EOOMa TO ART H'l I H PARTIAL BOAR* nt Mo. 4 Huiievn pmoo, opposite Franklin terrace IN NINTH STREET, NEAR FIFTH AVKNWR, CAN 1 be procured one or two very comfortable furoiahed rooms in tba orat and eeeond anurias, without board, for single gem tlemen only, llaibe, Ac, la tba houae Unexceptionable refeionoet required. Address boa 3 320 Pott tithes. XJC. 13 LKROY PLACE, BLEBCEER STRUT.-TO JLl let, handsomely furnished rootua. lu euites or single, W> f emit meu and their wives or siuxle gent emeu, with or Mil bout board. Private labia if deaired. The boose has nil tbo modern improvements. OMR OS TWO Si::01.K GENTLEMEN CAN BE AC eomwodnted with n pleamut room, with board, in h Iinvate family, w her* there are no other boarders, hy applgr* o| at 110 ttuffulk street PARLOR AN It BEDROOM TO LET-TO ONE OR TWO single (teutieiiieii. lu a private lemily. Partial board if derived Appl v person allc at bifci Houston street, or kidreas Buurd. bo* 5.UUS Post ulfire. PRIVATE BuARP IN BROOKLYN.?A GENTLEMAN end wiir, or one or two single gentlemen or ladies, oan be accommodated with foil or partial beard tn toe three ttoiy houae, 198 Bridge, near Concord street. OOMS?STRANGERS ARRIVING IN TUB CITY and wirlirg wall furnished reooii for the season, ia a private family, oan be aceommodatod by applying nt No. d Amity place. Pertinl board will be given if required. SINGLE GENTLEMEN, OR GEN1LKMRN AND THEIR wivrs, can be handsomely acoomniodated with either lull or partial beard, by addressing A. B , Herald othoe. TWO RESPECTABLE YoDN'G MEN CAN BR ACCOM modated with board, wbare the comforts ot a heme can be had; also two young ladies who work out. Refereooee required. Apply at 39 Frankfort street. TWO OR THREE SINGLE GENTLEMEN CAE BR accommodated with a lo'ge bedroom and beard, in a private family; also, two young ladies; at 91 Attorney gt. WEST FOURTEENTH STREET.?A FEW SINGLE gentlemen enn be nceommudntod with bonrd, at No 688 B udtun street, second door from Fourteenth stieet; largo rooms on drat and third iloora; location particularly pleasant tor the summer, being in the immediate Vicinity ot the Htd gon river. WANTED-FOR A LADV AND GENTLEMAN, WITH board lor the lady only, n tuintahed room. In a pleasant location, and email family praierred. Address, stating terms, which must be moderate, P., Broadway Poet ORee. WANTED?BY A SPANISH GENTLEMAN, PARTIAL board in a private and agreeable family, where there are but few boarders, and tha comforts of a hums oan be en* joyed. Looatien sot above Tenth street. Terms:?St pec week. Addrosg R., boa 4.292 Poet OBoe. WANTED IMMEDIATELY?BOARD IN A PRIVATE tamiiy in the country, f r a young married gsatleman and wile; toil board for tba lady and breakfast only for tbe gentleman. Please address, stating termi and location, T. li S? box 2,323 Poet Othoe. R UrSTHCOTIOR. flfl 9 -BOOKKEEPING. ARITHMETIC AND WRI qP-L^s ting.?Mr KENVILLE, No. 2b9 Broadway, favor ably known for tbe past ton years in this oity ai a oompatont and highly successful teacher, will receive students day and evening, throughout the enmmtr, for thorough, pragtloal ^??ruction ia bookkeeping, Ac. A LADY, WHO SPEAKS THE ENGLISH, FRENCH, and Gorman lai guageg fluently, wishes to engage eomo more eobolars tn the above mentioned languages, at vary moderate term*. Apply nt corner of Columbia and Warren etreste. Bookkeeping, penmanship, Ac., aretahcht In a superior and eapeditioua manner, by FOSTER A DIXON. 348 Broadway, whora gantieman and yauths mo qualified to discharge the dutiea of the counting news* with promptness, facility and despatch. Bookkeeping?c. c. marsh's counting rooms, for the practice of bookkeeping, writing, Ao.. 348 Broad way. Apploton Building Open daily, from 9 A M., to 9 P. 11. Call for eireulart. Marsh's complete works an book keeping, in Spanish and English, printed in ooleco, floe sale as above. ANTED?AS GOVERNESS FOR TWO YOUNG LA dlee, a lady who will bo williag to reiide la a per fvotly heal 'hy part of the olty ef Charleston, summer aadl winter. She most be eapable or teaching music and French, aa wall as tha higher hranehoe of an English education. Of agreeable address, manners and appearance, and net over thirty years of ags. Tha most ai.?xoeptienable re foresee as to ahareeter and cspsoity, will ha icquirad, aa the salary will bs liberal. For forther particulars address A. B., hex 903, Charleston, South Carolina, until the 10th af July nogt. THE TRADES. COMPOSITORS WANTED.-TWO STEADY HANDS will And constant employment by applying to LYOM A lilLLYER, 112 Pearl street, llauovci square. TX7ANTED-A SITUATION,AS GARDENER, BY A SIN TV gle man, who has a true knowledge of his business In nil its branches; has uve veers' experience in this country; has so objection to go where his services may bs required. A note addressed to M. C., Herald offioe, will meet with prompt attention. Can take oharge of n email farm. tX7 AN TED?TWELVE OR FIFTEEN FUR HAT FIN TV inhere. Inquire comer of Raymond and Wilioughby ate., Brooklyn. J. H. Prenttoe A Co. FOUTICAL. TUX THIRD ANNIVERSARY oi tbe YOUNG MXN'3 DEMOCRATIC UNION CLUB, Will b* celebrated on June30, 1866, at tho METROPOLITAN THEATRE. Diotingulshed gontlomon will deliver tho nnnnnl oddr Tho balcony, boxoo and droaa oaolo will bo rooorvod tor la dioo, and gontlomon aeoompaayiag thorn. Cards of admit - oion oan bo obtaiaod at Ring's drag itoro, Broadway and John atioot; U. B. Dodworth'*, 493 Broadway, or of tho following committee of arrangomonto. 8 WALLACE CONR, C. L, TAN ZANDT. L. F. HARRISON. 165 JHD^KbbAJVKOVB CANAL S1RXIT.- W. A H. VAN NOTXS HATH a largo aoaortmoat of tho latoit pattern* of mantd gratoo, rangoo and itoreo for tain, oi reasonable torn>? Jowolloro and braao fonndori' fnraaooi buRt and repairs* Bcatoo and rangoo tot and repaired. American platr glass, com fan t-factort, W llliamiburg, Long laland?Are now prepared to oz? ?onto ordort for rough plats glan, suitable tor fleora, aky lignto, vault and deok fixhts Promot attention will bo given to all ordtra ltft at their ofbeo, 441 Broadway, or with their agent, J. R. I'LATT, 79 Murray atroot. Farmers tare notice -one hundred loads of toothed athet for lalo. Apply at 12 Deabreaaea ?treat. They are under e?ver ainoo made, and aa good a lot oa or?r waa uatd by a farmer. Gold versus silver.?one of the many dr oeptiona practised upon tho pabho at the proaant time, of whioh no notice bai yet appeared to warn peroona, ia mbatitntina silver npon picture and glaaa frames, and iocqneting, dyeing, or ataining It ovor to tbe oolor of gold, to represent told. They ore manufactured mneh cheaper, aad are palmed off upon the publio at washable moulding aad aa being mora durable than gold; while in fact they will become black, waah off, aad no durability exists; while gold wUl boar handling, oloenlnr, and ia much more dnrable than silver gi.t moulding* (aa tbey are called). They ate oeld as gold mouldings by many unprincipled tradesmen, and are kept by nearly every storekeeper. Kelly, half trice engraver and printer, lil Fultea street ?Cards, bill bstda, bill* of exohango, ?.ote and check hooka neatly lithographed. do.; wedoiag, visiting, invitation and at home cards; wedding Stationery, b? i/? d* ?r ****" Tto? copper plate presses, and ona em Lovers of aquatic sports?at ingersoll'S. 260 South street, can a'wayi be fonnd pleaeure boats at the ffaaat build and model of any ia tha oountry. Sail boata, from 14 to 25 feet in length, can be fitted oat com plete in >4 Lours' notice. Remefflber, 200 boats always oil land at 260 South street. I Live and let livei-henrv. the last thri_, I stars with E. Phalon has opened a hairdrotslag saloon at 205 Bioadway, throe doors nbovo Photon's, where he'll taaegrest pleasure in giving everybody a good shovs and hair cut in the host stylo. PRINT WORKS?THE SUBSCRIBER HAVINO RE tired from tho oloth business, 44 Maiden lone, is now pre pared to print, extiact or refinish, cassimeros, sati net a, boraey a, Ao. AM good* insured without ohargo; now patterns end d? sign* can bo teen at JAMES BUR A, Jr.'a,, No. 2 hare lay street, Atlor House. PAINTS I PAINTS I l-FOR BUILDINGS, FENCES, roofs, do., at IK cents a pound; white load, 7 <out? do.: us*, Scents; Prsble's boils d oil at 78 coat* n gallon; oil for feuoet,roots, Ao .60 cento a gallon. Vtnbteuf *ver> dh icrlptlan, at 113 Maiden lone. JOHN B. SMITli, Ag? PATENT ELAbTIC ROOFING-CHEAP AND lsi/RA JL ble, impervious to water, incombustible,.oUatis, A ble, impervious to wator, Iaoombustiblo,.tissue, ;??? ?easing almost imperishable dualities, warranted not to crack. and iuptrtor to anytalng new ie us* "Tur* i* aa | Isephaltum, tar or pitch ia thlaaoapvs <?n, and it will no a fleet the quality oi the fit a.ntl L9?t ' rcofa made noiltc'ly iw tsf daraUv Railroad ..mfC ndmntse 4spU ^ saly Ualf thejieb of Orders far rooig, sit bo* as* rscei vtd at tytfi,, or th* eonsoaa*-, mairal A vaud.rhso \ sspbahnm, tar or pitch ia iuaaomcwr .on, and it will aa; ?fleet tbe quality of the wat4?; m and rust eaten mm PBs midt neiltetly tight and dura.: . Railroad obi ties will find It 10 OfiraAfnatwgo to ecreral) Jj,r e.p*w| with this coatlar.hA-MJa.eaiy.Unl/ the Mob if i, i J three timet as for repairing o\* raeb, No. 9 MonttJUs *??. "II Jests. JSMOT City; or *1 Mil W si. r street. Now Vc'< tic.e-Now - a rocs. 2 ants I i, r iaK* ?U tin roofs, 2] eon port*".; now r?of'. wiah I im^BiiAgMimpor fv ' imoticp-tbas, coirju.3 and sugam. ..tonwich !?eet, oora*r of Sprtr..?WUllaia Lynch attend of Wo old e?jrt#ra?-j and the pnblM to .(.to no 4fcklM)iB0?t, wMeh hae now opened with i "nine jo* of M?n. 50 > ? And oajaro, nrd in kite ?t Jt ,&4 time# ho ft dotermiaid to **ll retell V ^ Largo eoaeamero, hotel keeper* and par nkTj cooliefteot aa immonee earing bp piw>t (took before puroheeiii# eteowRero, to Snoot r.reoa and black toao ia orary tmu ltow aomo of tho choloott toai of thie j ear'* [. a ?Tho trad* enppllod on kh* moat ad 1 oaatagenw tors'. Ooode deliTorod to railroad*, ?toa n b<ati, akjM and fOrriea fro* of ohar** w ILLlAK ' 1/1 *? ? ^ontrleh itrooj, cornor ofSpilag. tvr.aIBS' ALARM !-"*o HOU8EK1EPER3, STORE JJ koeiar*. office proprietor* He ? Eaoh and orory per ?>? naieeenr* a doetded tateiy within tboir dwolllag* or rtlaca ifbuiincu at a trill in* expiate, by addreaelnz Baf# iy, It B., box *72 Poet Uffieo. DBDDINO'S RUSSIA SALTS?A BOBTOlT REMBDif TV oi thirty yoar*' (tending?A ?oro and apeedy oar* for l ira*, boil*, coma, folnaa, oil**, ohillblain* and aorol of all kind*. Roeomaaoadod by phytiolan*. 2fi eoate a boa. Slid h> *11 droniat*. Agonte?Boyd A Paul, C, V. Ctiekner t Co.. C. 11. Ring, comer of Sebngtro* , Sew Tork: John Gil bert A Co, Wm B Zefber. Ph'ladalphla REDDING A Co., Proprietor*. Beaton. fflRCBSES, SHOULDER BRACES, *0 -~A CoipLETA 1 aoaortment of tru?*o* of a-err kind, alio aider b**ov if tho moot improred ityleo, imported olaotie e.ooktnro, ItdTbo' bolt* mad* a'tor tb* moot npprored pa'tornr, had leetm merit* foe >ho ro'iof aad onro cf doform.tioa of rrory kind oonatantly on hnnd nod mode to order, by Dr UI.OTER, a? *b# Sorgoona' Beodego lai' i'nt*. Ma. 4 Aaa (treat, natec tfct Affitllckil *wtnn.

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