Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 18, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 18, 1855 Page 1
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THE NEW Y WHOLE NO. 6899. ORK HERALD. -WEDNESDAY, JTJLY 18, 1855. PRICE TWO CENTS. ADVERTISEMENTS RENEWED EVERY DAT. at Ue salesroom, 11 Broad street, a linn Invoice of ii'nva, brandies, tegtri, Ac., coaslsting Is pert o' ? 1,000 -?<eeaHt Julian duel wii?e, 700 c?n?a Chateaux Mar g?gi 60 cases 8t Eatephe, 15 etM Heut Banac. 176 catea Bant Hanteroa, 26 octaves cognac bran iy, ptl?; 20 qr octaves CO ; 23 half pl^ax do . 18 bal? p pao do , IV ucUlt'b tojirnc brandy, d?r<; 21 quarters <>>faac trsixtj. iai+; 21 half Dip** do , 15 Ualf pipes do.. 160 bsfeket* H 11 cbampawca, 75 baskets rotal *rap? cheat pegst, together wltn 12?,' 00 itopor ad Ha>aue aegars, warrantee , alto 26 dozen superior (fcbnise (iorman co lr* ti? The wbo'a will b- ?o <1 m orixotl p*6ta?e<, aod celivered (iud bonded warehouse. Kvery article war rai t* ( at nftunM A LOTION NOTICE.? CROCK EBY, OL\>b AND OtllNA. j? |l ?J. 8 H UAKlUTf, auuli?u?er, will aaU, ca Wc-CKsdny, July lbtb, at 10 o'clock, No '81, k*etrl Btr-rl, in 'i>ta i? ault purcha-ers, a large a ?ot?tn"nt or white x, Uoirn blo*a b'ue, olue anJ b'o ?o pnn'.wd, jainter. Ho:?ln(|banD and yellov ?ir?j cut %ud ,?re-md ikec, cb oa v ih*h, ball lauterrs, ?ir*oilole*, japanned ?Qfes. and eprtntiers. AUo. tba stock ot a dealer de eflstrg 'b? bu?lnass. Sale perrraptory . A UCT10N NOTICE? M. IXUJGHT, 4UCCI0NBER ? J\ "lh'sdsy, at 10* o'clock, at t?* iilxrioai, 27 Can' re s'iet"t, a large assortment of houanoold furni ture viz : tan down mebugauy parlor chair* of d UT r rat kinds. sofas, t*>tea-V*?es, s>f* ana louaje bsdstoad*, Lyne tn*1 plain makoganr bureau*. black walnut and ebtrry tabl-a, enention, centre. card, and fancy tabla*; book ract*, foot txncbea, French and cotttge tedsteada, bair trattieesae, bookcases, aocd chalra, ubloii crock ' ery and glasa vara, easy chair*, 4c Bale peremptory . A I'CTION NOTICE.- HENRY T. LIED^, AUCriOM nor, by N. B. WOOI.LEif A CO , elll sell thla day, Wednesday, at 10J4 o'clock, attbe s'ofes No. 31 sod 38 Beckman i treat, the wboie contents o' their a ore*, (a ale postponed yeat-rday on account of lUnsas of tha auc tioneer ) consisting ot on? excellent organ a mMoJeoa, two splendid rosewood ptanoj. na<le by 1'iac^er & Cbick ?rli it and *vtry variety oi hoaaebotd farnitare, <nz.? i^olia ron-won au tan, in Krfncb broc?tal; taree onauiel ad cofagu 8mUa,ri>aawooi humua, waabataada, cnatra, alrto aBd w4 tablaa, m.rMi topi; mibo^aoy aifaa, chalra daaka, waabatan'ia boingaa, badataadii, inattre.ia M, anlrrora, oil paintlnja, plated ware, Ac., Ac. A DC ION NOntE.? TH03. BELL AUCriOSEER.? A Bill A Buab will aell thla day, at 11 % o'clocx, at their auction ToomH, 12 North William atreat, a fine ?to k ot fancy and dry gooda, autiabla for ladies, faniiita and ibe aaaaon cotopr alnr a daaii-aile aa?orv Bie- t, aKo tbe balaaca of tha gantlem^n'a fura nhtng got'on, liavdk archie'* ho*>ery, Tectinga, auapondan, abirt* rrawara, millinery, perfnmert, Ac.: alao, floe cnOrry. three foparb riflea, ona apiandld London gun, la ewe. jewelry, Ac.; alio, an loreise of Mgara. Tbura ?5ay the futnituie of a gan'eal marly . A tOflON NOTIOR? J. BOOART, ADCrtON'EfcR ?BY J\ rt Bog&rt ? TbUday. at 10^ o'clock, at tha auc tion rooiDH, corner or Frankftrt and William a treats ? ' H'.D?*b?ld furniture, dry good*, fancy good*, Ac ; aofM, tablea, chair*, Mdataadt, bureaus, cooking atova; alio, an aa>ori?ent of dry gooda and fancy articlaa; ooa aup* rior dnubie imrrel gnn and eaae. Alao by Tlrtua of an ?xecution, tha coniantaof a bar room, large mirro*, en gravioge, decanter*, table*, a' to two aplaadid bar eount-rn ItlC'SlKL DO JDY, Coa*Ubl*. BY JOSEPH HEGEMAN, ACCriONEER ? WEDN1W day July 18, at 3 o'clock P. at 193 Atlantic etreet, Rrr.&klj n.bouaehold farnitare, carpet*, oilcloth*, bnreau* A'e., Ac. -VTIUGICKK B. FRANKLIN, AUOCIOSEER ?BY FRANK Fj LIS' A Nlt'BOhi.? Thla day, (Wedneaday) at 10 H o'clock, at 7a Naaaaa etreet, between Fulton %al Jobc Htneta, an immenie. varied and ipleadld stock of cabinet am bouantiold farnitare. comorlslng twelve ' elegaiitlj carved suite* of rosewood parlor farnitare, eoveied In rich and beautiful French eaun broacde. A ? large assortment of aofaa, bedsteads, chalra, bnreais, waabaUnda. tate a-taiat, lcuagea, ao'a bale, glit frame, French plate pier and oval mirror*; oak, walnut and mahosaoy ?xt>nslon dining tablea; rosewood and mabo gany marble top centre, plar aod aofa tailee In grant ?ar tty. with almost every o'lier article In the farnitare line. Aleo, oa acooant of tne assignee*, abiut $3,0 )0 wort I j of at rir plated ware, from a droadway house, to be *old without reierve, eomprielag rich tea sets, castor*, caka beaketa Ac , owing to alterations la the ?tore. Ibtats tbe first lorn ture sale we have had for noma weeks. It compr sea a splendid aa?ortment, which ?wtll be sold withoat reserve, to pay advance*. Every ? facility for packing. ?Al.JDft AT AUCTION. J OHV W. SOM ERIN DYKE. AUCTIONEER, StORE corner Franklin aod Centre atreet*. Mala of board ing house furniture, an Thursday, Jaljr 19, >t 10% o'clock. at AS trreenwlcb *tr*ev conilatlng of 80 o*l ?t?*<t*, loo fitlkir b?<i?, mtttmm, counterpane*, ?breta, vubilu'i, looting gl***os, Ac. ; bar room far hitaro counters, gilt frame looking (1mm*. picture*. Mah<**i>y aud pin* tab]** and cliair*, clo 3k, Ac. A lot of oo:Uit and glaii ware, tin and iron war*; also, ? larg* coding rang* and copper boiler (new). -jU ORTOAGK SALE.? JOHN W. MOIIERINDYKE, AUC JH, wooe-r, *tore corner of Ontr* and Franklin ?treat*, nil! sell thin day, July 18, at l'J o'closk, at the impOe Work*, loot of E?st Twenty fourth *nl Twenty fiitb ?tr**u, on* douii* high prewure eondea aing iteam teg'n* and th* boiler* attached, together with a l*r*e gear wbeeL J(M1N W 80XERISDYKE, Att'y for Morten**. MORrGAGE PALE - A M. CRISTaLAK, auction **r, will *ell on Thuriday 19th inat., at 10}? ok, at 157 Uraid *<rv*t, William* burg, the ?to j* and I (taw ut a cry gooJ* and fancy store, compriiing in pert o; nviiu d*iau>*?, lawn*, calico*, lac*, linen, lac* collar*, mita, lo*l*ty, gkves, thread, naodle*. table ?loth*. Ac . Ac. A1 o. a lot of furniture, consisting of hareeur, rlialre, table* bedstead*. *ofa*, looking gla****, Ac., kr. Uy ord*r of 1L Htcrn, attorney for mortgagee MN CROFT, ACfTIONFJtR-BT CROFT AND s B lliogn ? will aell at their sale* room, 03 Wil etieet, corner of Oedar, thi* day ( ?edne* lajr) 18th mat . a large and choice a**ortm*ntof new and ele gant household fmniture, soger*, clock, fancy inlaid wart tab**, lounge*, bureau*, sofa*, rock era, parlor ehair*, Ac 0 1 1(H ?WILL BE SOLD AT PUBLIC ALVTIOH, AT J.1 the lublic Pound. Forty second atreet and Seventh nventie one oow and two goat*, on fhuraslay. Jalr 19, IBM, at 12 o'clock M. B? order of R. V. BARKER, Touod Matter. MFJl PARK AUCTIONEER ?TO LITHOGRAPHERS aad stationer*. ? lh* *ntlre stock and flstoroe of llttcgnphlo eatabliahmant S8 Cedar atr?et, oocn " prising pr ****?. atone ana copper and steel engraving, aeraa pree* and copperplate pre**, fixture*, Ac., will be ?old o* Fiiday, the 20th intt , at 12 o'clock. Hale port tire for cash, and a deposit required. XJ1RFMPTOKT SAIJE ?JOHN REDOINO, AUCTION x *er, will sell thi* day (Wednesday) 18th lnat , at lOfc o'clock, A. X , at 404 Broadway, a larg* aaaort ?n?nt of beautiful furniture, coaaisting of parlor, hall, Miosn and kitchen f arnitnr*. K AWN BROKER'S SALE? A. X CRIftTALAR, ACC tloorer, 23 Bowery, wtll sell thi* day, at 10 S' o'clock, iy* *> sortm?nt of men aad women 'a w taring apparel, consisting of coat*, pasta, Teat*, remnant* of clot a, ,#tlk, aat'n, dtlaine, and calico dre***a, A*. , alae, watchee anoj?w?ity. By order of H htrj. pawnbroker, No. 7 Laur- n* street Thi* I* worthy the attention of the trade a* it I* th* flrat aal* hy bin. BPJl IAL AlHTIOV? THW MOBNINO, TO COXXENCC jrec **ly at 10J< o'clock, with double plat <4 Hirer ware, nf extra qualify, constating of ice ptteuer* and table a ate, spoons, for**. As. Then auperlor furniture, of aU kiu<l?, including flrat claai parlor suite*, corarad with satin and hair cloth; wardrobe*, ext*n*io:i table*, Ac , woithy the attontion of apeculator*. Al*?, met t?*?*e*, of lint aad second quality curlel ha>r, hand rod* painting* and gilt frame mirror*, refrigerator* of *ti sizes, gilt border window abed**, *ofa and lounge boc*t?a1s, rxtmalve ateoriment In aU. Atcon-lision a l.ipe vioca of sagara, of choice brand*, in lota to an it purtli>**ra. air ng wholesale buyer* th* ctianc* to tata entire lot* No reserve , cel. vary immediately after sal*. Term* cash. TCNfS MORRCLL, \acnooeer, 81 Naaaan atreet. * MK1.I/)R, ACCTH >N K.KR ? BY H9UOHTON A ? MEIJXiR, minor ow. Thur*d*y. at !?){ o cloe*, at lib Naeaan atreet. elegaat noueeuold furniture, tare* npcrior ton* *tv*a ocUt* piano<ortea. pier aad oral mm i a, Bruseel* rarpete, ch<na war* oil pamtlage. ca Mnet furniture, conaleta ia pert rceewood parlor auita. la brocatel, p1u?b and hair cloth; c?atr* aad piar taeUe, ?t*w?r'f, corner ataada, fancy Inlaid taetaa, reception and TurViah eaty chain, chamber furniture, la great variety *n*m*U*d cottage anna, library 'and tea -eta ry hookcatae, dining root* furniture, tn eulta to mttk . oak. mahogany aad ro*ewood tiUnaioe dining taiiee, 14 Itet long . baauialta, hail ttanitiaad cha rs to match, togeUer with an ondlaaa rarlaty of awdlum cla** furai ture oval an* pt?r mirror*, painting*, clock*, taaMU, Jkc. At 12 o'cioeA, 3 rosewood piaaofort**, fully war raatrd We InTtte the attaat>oa of couatry merehaat* aad th* trad* to tb?e aalo, which will be without rw aain, to pay advaaeea, aad make room for other *a!*a. Also by erd*c of mertgag**, olrer plated warn, being about t?0, forks, tpooaa, caster*, Ao., to eatlnfy a mort gage Catalog nee ea motmiag of aalo. W If. MAX T. BOTD,, OFFICE MO. 77, Nasaan atreet, (to whoa it may concern,) will fee sold at public auction, to pay ??pcas*? of etorago aad freight*, on Friday, inly Ma iaaL. at IK o'clock, at No. f78 Waahlagton *tr**?, th* foUowlag goods ? lever jack*, 9 bom* (anaparUla, 3 do bod* toad*, 4 do ladi**' boo net*. 1 d*. nl**t*r dgmree. t bundle* eeet lag*, 1 box clothing, 1 ca*k nuta, 1 eh* it vuadrt**, 1 boa ofboota, 3 de. furaltnro. A*. 1 do b*d*. mirror*, Ac., 1 at raw * utter. 1 hot and ahwt of dry go*4s, *llks, A* . 1 *l*%h, two rob**, Ac. rho ah*** goods having b*oa on* j*ar aad nptrnro* *a iterage H' AINRJOHT, 8AYRE A CO. WILT. MCI J., Of* FKI ft day. Jaly 90, at M o'cloak. A. M , at tte r (tor*. V*. VMJ Waablngtoa atreet, the balaaee of their a toe* navos fioaa tk* Ire of the 4 th iaetant, coo-l*tag of Igaoaw, harteu, pail*, tub*, m?U, A*. ?W POBUCATHMIi Jew pr But BID? TBS REAL EffATK JOURNAL? Containing a r??t*trj of all plaeoe u> Ut for eaie, be , in (be cit> tad conntry, ????, naleeeUaaaoaa reed Ids, Burbot* Ac. Read it For eaie Of all agent*, price ihiee c?nie. STARR 4 00 , 188 William street ?Ult Ul?U?K lillkfftM A SPECIAL MEETING OK THK IJQ70H DEALERS' tacitly of t> a Firat wari will be bald at tbe Waab itg'PU Headquarter* on *?,n??d?y evxnmg, at 8 o'clock. A foil areudanoe In requeeted, aa important buetnias vi Ul be traaaactel Bj on'or of J BLaCKBOKS, Preaident Author Bore*, Secretary. Finn WARD LIQt'Ott DKALERs' SOCIETY WILL bold a apecial n ?e.lo?slay evening, Jniy ]R st H o'?-!n. k, at Filth W??r<t Hotel, corner of Frannliu ?'n?taid VfitBroduf. fcvarjr mamoer is request*] to be puietual in attanflaaoe an ouxiotM* of importause wii; b? tranracted. J aH H WELJii, i'<en dent. K. P Dawiihojv, Secretary. "VJ UTICE ? A MEEIINQ OF THE 1JQU0R DKALERS JJM oi the .ueco?d ward will n? held at R. C. U >ot f< men's Hotel Noa. lh At, 17 Reekmaa itraet, this l Wednesday) evening, ?'")/ jb at 8 o'olook. 1'unc'ual attends nee 1* request* V. HOW FIX, Chairman WitLUH Vaw Sam*, .-a. A8CA1I CONVENTION JF I.IQt'OH DEALERS WILL be brlii at tba City of Hyr?cune. agreeable to the iwing call, wDlcb waajt lnily and unanimously adapt ed by tba Ltquor Kealeis' Soc.ettes of the cities of New York and Brooklyn, July 18: ? Whereas, The ui constitutional, coercive and infa mous ProbihJ'ory Liquor law, pasaed by tb* last Legis lative of thi* .-tau>. baa already elicited and rooeived tba merged contempt. of every friend of conatltutioaal liberty atid the tcallnnii'.'.e personal rights of the ott ten aad whereas, tbe battle of oooatitutlonal liberty and per M-nal fr??dom baa yet to be fought at the ballot biien ?t tbe next "lection, aga>nrt tbe fanatical and hypocri tical co?toion<sta, who wtll bo untriog in their eifirU to eff?ct tbe aiection of members of tna n?*t Legirla ture who wonld make aucQ a modification of the pre ?en? liquor law a* weald reodor it le?e stringent in i'.a detail*, aad therefore more effectual in it* tyrannical operations; t>erefore. Resolved, That tbe Liquor Deal-rt' Societies of the citie* of New York aod Brooklyn do horeb/ jointly re commend to the liquor dealer a of tne Sta'e, including importers, botel keepers. bMeera, diatillera, saloon ke* pert, jobbers, grocers, bot'lira, makarx of cldnr aad dealer* tbrreia. to acno tbr?e of their number from each Ar??mb j diatrict, aa delegate* to a Liquor Dealer]' Con tention to be held atSyraeuae on the Hth day of Aufaat next, for tbe purpose of adopting a system of orgaaiza tion of a'l Ibcee iutere^te ! in tbe mainttmanae of tba inalienable personal riihta of the people, and the ronetitut onal and just rights of the liquor dealers of the btate, including tbe various branohea aforesaid, by tbe formation of a balance of power party, separate anil distinct from all other political parties, to prersnt, as far as tbey ran bjr all honorable means the nomination cr election of any candidate who is not emphatically and asequivocaUy opposed to a oy prohibitory liquor lasr whatever. J. N HaYWARD, Prasileat, N. R. BUNCE, Vice President. D. 8. Paiok, Secretary. Officers ef the New York Liquor Dialers' Society. THOrt TOYNBKE, Prseldaat. ALFRED RONKE, Vioe President. P. Cuwitho]*, Secretary. f'ilicers tf Kings County Liquor Dealers' Society. t? UTTON TO MEMBKR3 Off THR LTQUOK DEALERS' .?i.ciety again it sn loipnator who falsely rspi (leant < lurotflf hi the Collector ol the noa>?f.y. No per?on will bo permitted to make toy sollections uilaii h* 1* 4:st (uinltbed with a ctedetftml signed by the proper *igu? tui?M of the officers of tin loswty, N'o member should pay any person without first ageing hla authority to re ctive it, aa bo person has yet been dirested t> do as. J. N lUVWAUD, Prwldent. N. R. BUNCE, Vies Prseiioat. P. B. r>i<iK, !wrtuy. I1QUOR DEALERS' 80C1KTY ? Ar A RRGULAR j meeting of tha Liquor Dealer*' So ilety, bald at Odd Fallow*' Hall, on Monday evening, July in, the fol lowing preamble and resolutions ware unanimously adapted : ? Kefolveo, That liquor dealers or good character may become members of thta sceieti by applying at the of 600 of the Liquor Oealera' Society, second story of Odd Fellowa ' Mall, oomer Grand an 4 Centre street*, any day between tha hour* of tt A. M and 0 P. M.p Sunday* ex cepted. Circular* of tha newspaper to be-<il>trlbuted through the ward* can be obtained at French'* Hotel J. N. HAY WARD, Preetdant. N. R BUnCE, Vice President. D 8. pAior, Secretary. Liquor dkai.khs society. ? .vr a regular meeting of the M iuor Dealer*' Society, hal 1 at Uod Fellow*' Hall, on Monday evsolnj, July >8, th* fol lowing preamble and resolution* were unaaimouiily adopted ? Resolved, That liquor dealer* of good character mar become number* of thia Society by applying at tb? of fice of the Liquor Dealer*' Society, wcond atory of Odd bellow*' Hal', corner Grand and Centre etreeU, any day between tha honi* of 4 A. M. and 0 P. M , Sunday* ex cepted. Resolved, That the chairman of each ward oommlttee of the Liquor Dealer*' Society are hereby notified to call a meetlrg of tbeir reapective warJa on Weinea (lay, the 18th Instant, for the transaction of burin'** of the utmoat importance. Circular* of th* newspaper to be distributed through the ward* can be obtained at French'* Hotel. J. N. HAYWARO, President. N. R. BUNCE, Vice Preaident. D. S. Paiui, Secretary. fpilF. IJQUOR DEALERS OF THE TWENTIETH WARD I are requested to meet at Hugh Moooey's. N'o. 452 Bghtn avenue, on Widnasday evening, at 8 o'clock, on busmess of importance. Hl'iJfl MOON l.'Y, Chairman. Jawm WallaCC, Secretary. Twelfth ward? the liquor dealer? of ths Twalf h ward are reqaested to meet at th* Irving House corner of E'ghth avenue and 126th street on Wednesraj evening, July 18, at 8 o'clock. Member* are requested to be punctual In their attendance, aa basl nes* of importance will be brought before tbem. L? Lislky, Secretary. T. T JACKSON, Chairman. f AA CASKS OF SUPERIOR CLARET, FROM fi OUv (botiles returned) to $1; Ix> ndon and Dublin porter, Scotch ale*, bran me s, win**, runt, flcbledam sebnspps, Loedcn cordial gin, blackberry braniy, white braidy, for pr> earring; and all other imported liquors, segars, Ac., Tor sale by UNIjERHIIJ, A MATTER-iON, iSO ilroome street. LOST AND FOUND. Dog Lost.? strayed, on la*t Saturday, from 266 East Twelfta street, a white Better daw, with buck ears Any owe return in *him to the owner atabove addreaa will receive $# reward. fjtOCND? ON THK N GHT OF JULY THK 12TH, A JO boat, 11 feet 0 inchea long, and 4 feet 0 tehee wide, en ted green, with a blue (treak. the owner can have ' by proving property and paring the charges, by calling at the foot of Third street, on board the sloop Harriet, Kaat river. T OST-ON BROADWAY, A LOCKET, CONTAINING 1 J a miniature and hair. The Under will be rewarded on tearing It at room 114, As tor He use. T OfiT-UO BEWARD-ON STATIN HLaSD, ON Aj Saturday evening last, a gentleman's gold watch. The Bndtr will receive $21 on bringing th* ssme to Mr. Btancard, of the Pavilion Hotel, New Brighton. T Otff-ON THE 7TH INSTANT, A SMALL BLACK Li trunk, marked W H. M., supposed to have been left at or near the Fulton ferry, N. Y. The finder will bo liberally rawnrded for It. Address W. H. M., Herald oflce. LOW? ON MONDAY, JULT ?TH, A FIFTKKS FOOT raw toat painted red, wbiie an l blue inaide, and red. white and blue outeide, with a red star painted on each side of her bow. Whoever gives la/ormatioa where she can be fenad| will bo liberally rewarded. JOHN J. BCKUVON, foot of Perry street, North river. OUT OB STOLEN? ON TUESDAY, JULY 17, A bank book oa the Knickerbocker Savings Beak, 40 Wall street. A liberal reward will be gWea to the tinder, by applying to Wm. Horen, 273 Weet Twenty slath street. Mislaid or stolen? a ykixhw, mark ed D Me' ertan, M Great Joase > treat. on the late ? ncampment o* the Seventh Regiment at Kiagaton. A reward of Ave dollar* is offered for tae isae oa tbo del. very at the above number, M Grant J oaaa street, aad thaaks of the owner. S'tB A Y i D OR BTOUN? ON THE BTH OF JULY, A light bay horse. It bands high, loaf tail, clipped aosre, white bind feet also, on* blaea mare, oa tae th lnstaat, or thwraaboa'a, I* It haada h<ah, loaf tad, I white bind feet Any information neat to Elm Park Ho 'el, or the her*** rataraod at Ninety aero ad atreet aad Bloomingdale toad, ixaia*** and troabln for the anam will bo paid. AICH STOLEN? $40 REWARD W1I.I. BK PAID by the advertiser far the recovery of am gold haatlaf caae levar watch No. 2.122, made by Morrta Tobiae, aad oao hanvy gold want chain, links plala aad obanad tftarnately . Pawnbroker* aad others are oaa Gonad against pureh?ria( them , owner '1 aaaas sagravsd oa the watah. Addrees 8 , Herald oMee. . DtRTUTRT. napoleon prktebbe s new and beaiti I ful artificial teeth are inserted without pal a. for oao dollar, which are w arrested for life. Teeth eaa ha inserted without epilogs or claspa, aad wtthoat extract lag tha old note. Call aad see specimens, aad ha eoa vteood, Mi Broadway, eoraer of Howard street. COAL. Coal-cheap andoood -the nubhcrirer wax deliver, for two days, large ? se aut coal, fr A hnat, nt oaly M yer tea. Terms poeitivelr eaah. Fall weight warranted. JACOB W. OWWIU, 47? Iftiai 1 atreet Board of vd*wUbi?. This Board m?it oo Woo Ut af teraooa la the (bwm* in the Ctty Hall, tbe l'rvoceat, D. O Coo over, 1a tie chair. The ail not ?? of tb* lut m*atag were read aud appro rad 'et'tione were flrat la order. Bit two war* preaented? one in r?<?'d to Bra alarm, aad oae from Jaa MsPoagal aad otaer* agaiaat contrattieg o it tle c'r?n<ng ef be attact a . hota of wbleh vara referred Iirport* ?*r*L?xt iu order, but awaa war* preaeatatl ?ic'|?wdi( it i^ird to iibprort?(Ufiri 0' ' tlio ittoiutioa* ?too ad n< dm calling for la or nation iroin ibe Sirvai CjTtnU*ion?r la relatloa t? Mount llbrr* *qu*re, nod *Uo tb- following: ? Korol'td Ttat tbe Co mp roller npw the aim of monev be tu paid urn,-* the Hrat of Janu.ry Uat 1 1 Wm 11 too* kiiu Ueurge Conklm. olera* la the Merer < office Jo ? Vau'larpoi, Alfred Chancellor, John MaCU <J kD(t W'lICO Mil >11 Ke-olved lhat a oemmlttee be appointed ti Inquire iitottenp?uficj ot appoin iog mapectur* of pjulu ?tup-cvaa out* eewara ter, < oaiDiioltaunai were next la nr<Vr, wb*n ih* follow ing ?? rn? vd livin nil Uunor th? Mayor, ta4 orl'MI to ba plieteil ? M-itoe'm Orfira, >?w Youk July 14, 18S5. To TDK Bo* TIIK liOAKIl Of ('ODnCIUUI, (iK.vrL*Mtji? I retnru. without my approval tk* or dnance propoem* to further nm-ol tbe orduaoie ragulat n* tba making of Con'racta jiamei Mar 3> 1K4V In an j opin on, tf adopted, tbia an ulm-ot ait ? in | *H*ct mat. r ?l y RobUint with that *e;ti >a a' t >e oo*r tar wb ch ptMHw that all con recta " abatt ie given to the loweat tiidrer " Aa tha or <inance nor tuata, the low at Mirier la entitled to the contract. aolttte head ot tba department li au'burir.el to ewaid it to bun f the bid be regular In 'oral, and al*q*ia'a aeouruy ba given. All blda are op*n*'l In the praivnoe o' 'he Coaap Holler, and aa appropria'.ion baa ba?n made for be purpoae It apteara to ma that tne?e cinir.tona are about all that the charter eaema ta retire; in aad, to go further ma; defeat tha object of tn? enrur al to* etbar 1bia anbjest of mating eontiam, a?l the maty tft cultiea aurruundiug It, haa not e inapel mf attinvioi It la lull of OifHcalnea uner tha very beac regulat one which onvan wiadom cau d'Vit*. In tba meaeagt eu> m it led b j me J muary 11 Uit. I alluiel to it la thi* language : ''ibe pr?eent mode of making contract* it iwtclivi. No wltbatanding tha UDprov?m*nt o' lava yaar# in axaotlng more publlci'y in 0|>eain4 blia, anl In guarding aga'oat laroriUam In granting oontr*eta, >et it la anppoai-d much wrong atUi ex<ata. Tha re ia no doobt that trauda aie attll p r^eir.tixl in thla oraaob o( the public at rrice. Bid/ ara frequaatl/ pat iu tbe naati Of Hctitloua persona, ranging th* u> li?m a ti<gb to a ><>w entlmnle, pptcola'ora Blinding ready to taae alrtn tage of any ttnoarr??i<m?nt. to th* department owing to tte son apprarance of the fa'ae bi i hr, and t>gnt ibr contiwB M tbe hlghvat po>ai>jle i.nt ui n, it (a tag practical* put ia eetimatea, not with tha expectation of making eoa performing a c in raet, but to be baagbt od bj rome more rtapocalble party wno r>aa b?ea un leroi I. Yarloaa other way a, th? det&lia of abloh ara known oaiy to tbe ioltiatod, are In toga* by which to derreu i the treaanry. If the bead of a department a at a in collu Hon wito tbeae oatai'era, it ia next to i mpoeaible to pre vent frauda uader the preaent e< atem " Hubaeqoont experience ia the office of Mayor ha* con firmed tbeae view*, but I ant eaUaSed toa' graat 1* required in tbe a opt on of any p'an, for th* better ptoteotion ol tbe pub 1 1 inieieet in thi* matter, leaat we open the door at'll wider for wroag noing. One of the featnra* of tbe prupoait oa no? presented 1*, that do contract aball be mu'e although ail tbe re quiramrnte ol tbe charter be compl ?d wlta, until the COiEinon Council ha* continue 1 it. With r-ipeut, per mit me to any, that io ui; jnigment, th'* altsratljo will be unwl*e, inarmoch a* it may practically defeat the contract ttaelf. J'*opera*lon will be. that ' the la**et blddtr," alter undargi. ng a con>p*t"Ion wlta o'btr old df r* aa to price, end the a. ru'ioy of ibi* hid by tte beaJi of tbe department anl the Ocmp'.roUer, am In caae of docbt alao by trie Ouan el to the Corporation, ae ma it in edri'.ion ' run 'he gauntlet ot the Commas ' Council, when tbe retultmay oapenl upon otbar c <a?lde rat one than thoae apper ainlcg to the nid i taeit. I ; ub mit whtthrr foci aooitlonal requlremanti aiedamtode.1 by tba^pnblic mteieeta, and whether the* may not be piodnotiee of yreat lojcry not only to tbe indlTiiluiil bidder but to th* public treenary ilea Id an, it require* no htietch ol imagma ion to lee that t?e wi*e a?tegu*r la of the charter rould thu* be entirely dlHn girde.l An uneucceaelnl bidd>r of wealth and lnflaeaie coull bare little cifftculty ia defeating tbe coalrmatioa of a eon tract ia the Common Council, which in eaaea o' orgeat teitaal'y would gira the liaad of the department an ex cute for going into the open market, with nit auy con tract whatever; or tbe bt'td of tbe department ouneelf cculd, in tbe extrciee of tbe Influaace whlih tbe patroa a?e of bia poaxtloo xeceaaart'y givaa, accomptUi tha purpore io<t thue mate all the agreement* h ni>l( with out contrac** It weuld oe a Hurt of Ap peal*, to which na*uccee*lul bidder* wonld have re n.uiR* ? hen dlNappontei Inatead of leeurtiog t ? ibe couite, ihe projier couree of tno e wtio ar dtiHatiatled w th the action ot tbe offloat* wao bar charge of daridicg upia the b'.d*. it will aead ta?m t your loMi'ts. aan no ic.con*i<leratile portion of yoor Urn will be taken up lo liateaini to tbeae comp'aloti. Ibe etarter plaoee tbeae matUra in the d-partmenta wb*r* tbe j diould te parmltud t* r-m?in, hii.iwM, o courae, to *uch legulatfoua aa the C?m>io tioun ill m?> direct, tatlag lor their object tbe mam eoauoe of th prlBCiplta of the charter whUh mum |gorern ua at a tlmaa We ahoulU not forget that contractor* and biMer* bara r<gbt? aa well a* the e rporatioa, waic'i are equiTy antl'lod to protection from the frau-i* which too o't?o govern the making of contract*. I ran aee no equity in forcing a raaa Into the tV>mmon Council for tbe avert of a conttart after lie lia* bonortbly omplie-1 with tbe charter aad tbe oriiinaoce* : ha* *howa nimaelf fat>ly and honestly tbe lo?e*t bidder, and ben awarded tbe contract bt tbe Comptroller and tha hea> of tbe aepartaMat. Wbilnt meb a regula loa will be opprvaalve to the Individual, it will en ire to tbe f.laar vantage of th* oorporatlia by compelling bidder* to make provlaioa in their eetimate* for the eaat ami liouble attending *u?b a prose* ling, and fie -x penie to tbe bidder can ba no incoeiderable earn in?a muc 1 a* it frequently occur* taat ?b*cur* man, wi h limlteil iilluence, are oolged to proinre-tl.e atd of ?<oun?e " to ??* BMaaure* "through," even wb*r* tbe nirrit* of tbe metaure* tlemaeive* are entirely auffi clent and beyond any doubt- Thee* expenae* will, of n or?e, be ailiied to tbe co*t of tiie work to th* txjrp-ir* Hon, aad thu* naterially iacreaaetheexpen*e of the alty gc vi rnmeDt, already too oaer ma forth'* teaaon it li ImpoMible for mo to approve of th* amaadmatt proposed. I aa aware that an improvement tea be made ap?a the preeent mole of giving oat contracts, but do not t bint that thi* will be an Improvement. I fear that it will tubjerft u* to atlll further evil*, aad ad l to the al reedy rivaling difficultly aurroumliag tbe whole matter of giving contract* to tbe low*at u,?? fide hid fere. Vary rMpectru'ly. FIJtNANDO WrxH), Mayc. Braid** tha above, there wa* alao real from the Mayor a menage rofuamg to concur In tbe reaolutltn d>re:tin< the Commie* loner of rtreet* and lamp* to with jraw tbe advertleementa inviting propotal* for cleaning the itrnota until tbe farther art ion o' the Common Council 1 be Mayot '? object! >n to thie wae that tbe advertlaa menta bad already been made, tbe bid* had been handed la to tha I'omm aaioner, anl ware being aonaidered. Tbe reeolntion, therefore, came Uo late A reao ulicn waa then adopted calling upon the '?om- | mltteeof land* aad I'lace* to report by what rightlarge warebonee* were bnilt upon the bulkb?ad* between Li berty atreet and th* Battery. 'Ihe Board then adjourned. JrLT 15 ?A me*'log of thin Board *u beM la?t nl*ht In tba City 11*1 Us* I'rMidaot, l>. I> Uaotn, In tb* ?hair. Th* mlouM* of Uw laat nMOtlof war* road aad ?(STI *M rttlt on? ware firat la ordar, bat all that war* pra**at (dtw in r*f*r?>ue* to a treat Inproaamanta, axcep'.ng ob* from tb* eiUwne of tba -l?tb ward, a?tln*t th? am playataat or ma- htnaa in th* cleaning of tba a treat*, i bit laat petition wu referred to it a appropriate com Blttr*. Resolution* were oeit in or<l*r, bat bod* of Import toe* w*r* pr*?*nt*<l. Th* resolution oflbrvl oa Moadey Bifkt, upon tb* Comptroller to r?>ert U>* amount o( miif; polil to oaruia dark* la tb* Major'* oBc*, waa adopt* <1 lb* next bualafa* waa a motion to ooacar with tba Boart of Al<l*rmea la tb*lr report la favor of era- t'n* a Konumrat oa Hroadway, e?rn?r Taentr fifth itr'*t, to tb* m*Biory of General Worth. Tb* report of th* ccmmitte* of tb* 'oancilmen upon tb* *abj-et *".ce.t w) tii* ??l(o* aa<l plaa* of tb* Board of Aldarman a* adopted by that Boarl a 7*ar *(* aal p>ibUah*d at tb* tlmt A loo( ilebat* took place upon thla mni a* to concur, la which Mather, <1*ney, MeCahtll aad iia<w*ll took part. Tb* motion to ecneur waa laally *arri*d b y a larc* majority? .Mi vbtlag la tb* affirm at ?? aad 2 la t>* n? (all**. Tli? intl annual report of Mr. Al*rad K. Rakar, th? Fir* Marthal waa thaa pteeaatad and ordor*! on 111* llil* raport wa* a leaftby aad ablo loeament aonuta In* many valuable atatittlca, from which w* *?*eet tb* following ? m DaU. Damaf. Ism. Innirrmei. Jfo. I)*c. 1*M Bj lr? aad water, fl 74,077 ??7.<i40 2? Jaa UM.. do l3*.*jV 32i, 700 24 Frt. ?? .. do 6S7.070 3J March " .. do 47,3*9 W. 0*0 S3 April '? .. do *1,4*0 !N7 ,?60 Map " .. do 303,444 377,1*0 27 Total MT#,*48 SM&M70 171 Total No. Iraa. loa* aad la auraoe* during Brat tlx mcathc, fxa lm report. ?507,Mft 11,240,0m 1*3 Total No. bM, loa* aad la ?uraar* for year anmmea da? l?t Jaaa, 1U4, aad la| flat May, 1*66 91,39mm tS.OOd.Md 1*0 or tfc?M ITS If** I* wa* ranN*d|kat 0* war* th* wort of HMaadlartea, aad 10M war* fi* r*a*H of aoei 4**t Or MHlMMM. After mmbo fart bar a aim parte at bwteaa*, tba Board adjoaraod till th* Int Maaday la Aa?<ut a*rt J*iwp Cttjr iat*ll%**iB* Pkyvooht Aiutd ? 1 aaterday ?flag a maa who law hi* mm aa tiotwg* WUUaaw, wa* *aafht la th* Mt of p4*?a? U* pa*k*t of John C. Plaate. of H yd* Park, Lwaara* wutr, r*aa*ytraala. la tk* dopot *f th* N*w Tarft aad fete Malttaad. 8* had akrtaaotel a pa*? *t hart whi*h Iiminl a* rnaaay rMB*ar falrfeaak* tart h'm lata tvt?4y, aad aa*4art*d htm hB'ara R-*w ?** Oatter, ft* naimUVd kirn te Jail f tr*i ot tb* aait t*f* ft ???rt. Cttjr Intelligence. Th* ala.vtiii'm 1'kii ? Tux Woim ? Th# offmtir* aioma arla'tg from th a treo h?? ?ow a 'J wH>to tha cavilteta and grimblera trtill continue tbatr on) plalnta egalnut thm really o*,*llent plant. U Iim no* put (art ball Ita leavea, and the de?p urrau f and rtihehlnin* b-o?ro tf Hid bloaoom give it aa apptarcnoo of mora th.a Orien'al niagntOmne*. K.>r beauty of c > hoi a od for ibedr, tba plint baa no aup rit>r ?to in* ftia r?? id itc ruvnitj of tbe et'j. 'h? o(f?n*i*? olor e??timr* itu of la ob,<*rr?hie on'* a' a can *10 ee*on < f h< y-*r *od la t'lao ?iont>ne J u> only ou > m?i j? fh? trrn ? ? lii ib uu<* oar iialUutry /ort>"t? u* l > m?u *V>n We h??? b??u very Tor u??>.? wit1! tile * >r<na M? )??r r*>? li->??y ra'ai in the early p?it of th* ?ma r t??t tiieon off tlia t, '??*?, t?i'. a'tt' ti? r a?.(>< n? viiihix on ?v?ry trto but toe alai b?a. Tb? a)<--aiui? tba *l-n. tli? wbitowuol, in>\ ?tn* d and aia aH mv.f c lift a* a ,liam Bajot'a plume. and oojipire in Mt ui?fn-r?>ir wit th* m>i l) nb>i*? I %' t nth it* Hut ?r? are n ?t dona with ?t>* ?ormi> ?*t Some of tb? in li^rr e iar i{ft into i writ* miliar*, while ? f.eia ar* id tha yr ?<"?* of tr?o? liiB>etifi? ? !?' f.'f'roval. l'ia tl?a' 'ktb b* *'Ij (i*p)*>i>i1 iu th? bark w II aiMn b? imo ? >ri? i loto ti?xM>m* V'ttu'ii Tba ke*p?i? ol Hi-* i><i Uto giounda eboul* n~ ttft tb**> idiw* t* *'o fiot'rjyd 'ii"y cii i>? a-*? in n jt at' * in ttsa bro*?a hirU of tv *rvi? In I tba rbtikao' lb* a'>ii>?a nod in.a*i-ry ?? t ?l>"' an I Iij teiatira \h<-< c?u cifiplsto A g"<vl will no 1 ? c?o t btoou, fo lha h?o !? i.l a atont felloar pi *t<?ulo^ Ui'b would work ?"nd*t* in a f?? daya. ?ii<1 ?riult <1 > Bitirb ?o??r'l# prv???>1lii({ the raturn tbw ?uti?oitfor tbia pfrio^it-al naUaora " PVDMC foatraa' Aa?>ciArio.v. ? Iha anotial to" ?tl a* of the I'nblifl Prrtara' A*noctat'00 wan b>>1J K't n;i<h at No ?8 Nor'b W llla n a r.-at. Tta foil i wis { l M<aa w*rti i l-pt*<l rfll^ra for the ena lino J??' ? I'rw !?? ant, 1'ft'nca Ktnn<-i1y , Vica l'r???l*ol, J tin 'x (.? Kl% barty , ln>*?qr*r Jobo Cain ; Rac trlio^ Sfc., ilu:3??l P Mangaw Kit boom S?? , iKimlDtvk FolUa Kcn*I1?L or <;*(> l? (Jradt ?Tua uo iy of tbn yo jo^ m*n, who waa dro?nad on ''unlay w*k b / *bd alul n / . of tba j? u; tir.a* K*rr, off tba 'Uuffa of ?iattn liUal, J w?a r*oo??r?d on Mood?y, and hia racntio* wrri< ta<<?a j?*t*rti?j to b* mWrel in (il*ar? (Vmatry. Il?? l < ? mpt (amptojr .! <> Koyina Oimpioy Na H, botb ?>rg>D xatH'Da of wbirh ha ?a* a m?tn J?r, a icoiup ?r,i?4 tba <ooarai iitr ty to tb? grare. aHanti>k l.i'KCH *nn Kixinh? Bsct'Mali)* l)it*s tbk Bay.? Tkr C< ninoD Council of Albany ( II ri .it th i llniltb (>IIie*r at Qnarantlo* to-mmow at 1'2L{ o'*l<iai> 1', ? M Tie t'ommliat'ioara of Kmmldtratioo, |tba Cut h i ?:0Dt-r* of Firalth aoO auudry cUIikqh of tba Stata biva txai in?lt?'l to da pre -ot AfMr I jo 'Ii'q< , with tha Health Officer, Cap*. A If. Shu ? ' s wl 1 i(l?* th* purtj *1 e?roraioD dowo tb? bay with bla atea'dar tut Sua ?n 1 on bla return will lam bla ptaaaa^ara at '-Ckttla Oar ???a ?a it la." t'ouca ('Arrni* ArpoixTio ? Tba Polio* C?timlaa'On?r? la?e appointed Prase a J ronm?y. Captain of tha Nine teenth w*rd police, rim 111 r 4m Wayn ard, whoaa tarn of <iflir* hta *i ^lr o W? bop* tba nppo btintnt will turn out to b<- a good one Koi'Mi ItHowwkn at StATrjr Itnnn ? Porontr N'obla, of Stapleton, Htmtac Inland, bald an loq a* tit on Moo lay a't'-rooon npon tba body ot an unknown boy. 14 T*ar*ofat.-e wbo w*? found floa log io tba at'tr n?ir tb* ligLtooua* on ibe iaitnd. It la auppoaml -bit till la the body of a txiy that waa i*ro*oa>l a', if >k > an on ?uodai tracing, but tba Uct baa no', j ?t ban fu ly vt lnbli>n?d. Fau. or a Kt ilmxu. ? An old iKlapida'ail three aUrf i.l irV building en tba rear ol tha bit No. 24 Troth ? treat fall dnwn at noon on Mon 'nr, no I lurirl oa? of tbe laborer* in too ru'na lie waa, with aomt dull ultj , fxtr.eaua ato col*?j*<3, In a dangtroua eon1ltl>n, io tbe eut.on bouta. (trs tTnn.'K ?Catharine Hnyder, a womin ahont V yrare of nge, fell down auo ntruc* at tha noruer of Mix re an 1 Ponth atraeta, on Mondar aft rn'ion. Hbe ?a* taken to tba City H -apltal. KnucLAN F*cap* or a Painoxm. ? A mm nun i Cbartrn i ollina waa arretted on Monday an l l*k*? t > tua Twenflatb ward atation bouae Here be wan lo'it d op in a roll, to toe a?m? manoer at o'.lmr p*r?oa* 'ro iiar aittrwarda tba olllc?r entered tna will, bat lionl tin pii*oner gone IN htd opened an a^O'tura t.t>rnu?h Ibc bark wall, asd paaMd by Iba officer unuo.i.ed and *roopad. Polio*, InUIHiraM auiuid LiiKtNv or II, 0<>0 woitru or ran HaTH. A colored porter, named Andre**, ejmm-nlv U' ?o ?? ' Kir ABdrowi," in tikea into cuatoly v'"'1*.' ?f >Sc>r ti?tir>ot, dm of tkt l/'tnl'i ildi, ?? charg- o eiaailcf * cum of lanama liate, valued it $1,0.0, in prrjerty of llurtoe, 1'erktoe k Ca> , of No V H?iit| W I liam etieet. From the ?-vioeo-- ad4u?ed tt app?ar? tie a <r? i* * > a BfO tfj? good* is qtMm wr? mi *?? '. fnm tbe ?*ore o' Mtitri. W on, r*rktn> hi Co lnform?tloi> ? ar given to tt>e < blef of lViee of t'erob-iery (Uw Mlt'irno we* 'letailed -or the porpo*e, if p.*>lb'e, o' ferreting out the whereabout* o the tbief aad the pro pert/ II* at odn euepe-ted 'hit Aflrir?w*, who had wor.rd It the *tor* be ? por'-?r. we* tM b??t p noi from wliom any In nrtnalt >n on tbl* Imprrlaut p:ln' rontd b? ellcted, and ae< oriling ly ba arrca'el blm <m lurp et?.n at hit plana of ree'nenee, t-urnmr o' On ire i and AD'brsi rtr?et* Ha waa taken be'or* Juetls* 1 ov r.oliy . at the l<ower police ronrt, where he waa com n't t?d for examination. 8'nea the an eat of tha alcatel ? vldeneo h?i bMB i btelned going to *tiow that Andrew* bad be*n bu?ily engaged eom? daja a'ur lie (oM >erj )o peddling 1'a.i.ama hat*, liom wbtch ba raallied a an n >001 , F1CKIN0 rOCKXTR ON Till BTBAMflHIP AltAOO. A notorious pickpocket (U arroeted on Mw Hya* n Irg by officer Ha*?r, of tba River polloe, dbergot with having picked tba pocket of a tad/ pareenger 00 boer! the iteamiblp Arago, aai floating from bar about lh? in)} caught tba folio v in the ac'-, wben ba Immedl. ?tely .liopp. fi tba poeaetbiok containing ftbe ai >ner the alarm waa rau*?i when tba kiiaf we* iapt'ir?d by 1 ha officer and beaded over to 00a of tha Fifth werd pi Lea Ba ??? ib.o Min^id tn it* iMnkNwm (ba remain* ar of tba evening. la tbo mora'og lie waa ?akan to the I ower i'ollea Court, irbara tia magistrate ?aa compelled Ui ? lacliarg- aim on ae.-ounl of I'M *t ?lt< or tfe c'Dpl'Inint, who, being obliged to laara ?to city Immediately afur bar arrival at tbia port conll not 1 m ain U> prmaruta tba raaeal? to ba got olT " reot fraa," anfortanataly for tha end* of publu; juatlja. ROWPYUM Uf TBI BOA L DI 8THICTB. AI ?a early haor 00 Monday morning, ?n? of tba ofll. care of tha Nineteenth ward poliea founl a Oaroian named John Inhataa, lying la aa axhtuitad coalition in aa opaa lot ib Hlub avanoa, near Kbtb (traat, from tba affitcta of a tavara baatlag received tba n>gbt prarl one a* thi baa a of a gaag of rc.wdla* that for "toe time paat hava infaeted tnia neighborhood an 1 alt tha polita at daflaac* Tba poor fallow laid that alter kick mg aid beating blm oatil ha wan aaarly io*en?lble, they <ben rifled ble pocaeia of x.raa trifling artlcUa an 1 de camped, laaelag bfai a bed for lb* remainder of tb? B'ght upon tba rol'l grouod Ilabilaa ?aa fo m I to bo ?everely woond?l and waa theref,.ra conreyad to tha Ballatua boepital for madical tmtment ALLMIP FgLONIOCd AMAl'LT. E< ward l>arrow, a ahoemtker, waa taken into custody jeatarday, charged wflh bar In* fatoaloualy aaaaoltad Jaaei Henry, a itepaati af ble, whila angag ?d In a ?juairel about aoisa trivial matter. Tba eomplaleant ra calefd a aevera rut la tba hreaet Tha wound la, fortu natily, net a (atal ona, although It la aaaara Itarraw aaii 'bat ha eomalt>ed tba act Merely to pritant bis aalf agaiaat tha uaanlU of Henry, lie waa nmuit'at f> r eiemlnation by JaiUca fireanan, at tha riaeoad IHt tint Poliea Court. ALLBIIBB BMBRZXLgMBirr. A paraon namad Jamea I). 1'itcher waa taken lata coa tody yaater^ay, by c Blear Moore, of tba 8aeoad dletrlet I'olica Court, ebargad wltb hariag em^arrla<l aboot 0 la faada froai C'barlaa J. Watioae of *0 WO ( hambara a true t. Iba aaeaaad. oa balog broagbt bafore Juatlca Branaaa at tba -aeoad lletrlrt Poll -a Caart, aa laoalaegad baring appropriate! ftOQta hia owa ..aa but alleged that wlan be too* tba fund* ba ha! eeary intension af ruetonng tba aama to tba owaara, but it waa out of hta power to fulfil b<a wiahae, Toe ma* nrale baU the aeeuaed to batl a the eum af $1,1(0. BBMIHa TBI BLBFH aJTT AT A MALL COW. Two yoaag naan aaated Rl'bard Wilao* aad llaary William* ware take a lata <? uatody oa Hoaday a>ghA, by liter Farley, of tha Kaearrw eorpa, aa charge of aa at tempt at highway robbery Tba ac?oaad. It la ailagal, naked upa eouatryoaaa lialllag from *eeteae<ter aoaaty named Ueerae ?ler, white tae latter waa eJgbtiy aader the iflecta of ardent aytrtte aad ndaoad blm to fcceom paay them fa aa op>a let ia fifth araaee, where t*ey tied a baadierehiaf over the eetdaat e meo'.h aai throat to prevent k m from g'^ag net alarm, aad tbea Iimmiuil to rite hla pocket* <*?<*! 1 arter, who bad beea a wltaeee to tha wbaia proeee-j eg, atviaa followed tha trio fro* tha Mart, taaa earn* ferwerl m* peeaead a pea the geaUeMra. who wore, ae may ha wall imagined, take a eo am what ?b?eh at tne aheap' la terfereaee af the policemen, f he aneeeet were broagbt before Juitioe Hreoaaa. at the Boeaad l? atret rwwe Oaurt, who committed thorn for ovemlaataoa oa 'barge of a 'tempt at highway r?a>*ry. I'aler, wbe oaly leet a few oeppera tbroughomt tae vwtire tour of pleaeare amy reagra'ulato bimoalf a now baring bad a ?git of tbo elephaat aad other woadLreue thing* that Oothaa leatalae, at an mmJI a pnao. roLoun mb> AarBO>a rBBawraa vrra wcb. Two gglaul ladlvtdaeia atmid elhort WilBamona aad Ckailaa ImwU, vara amiM oa Imlay aight by el ?m Hwv, ?f the rftt waH poBaa, ibarH with gam VHnf Tim a? ' ?ead , it le aitec*4 were aoeilr ea?e?*4 a thiewiof > lea foe email raaae af tm?f. w?*o lie agtaer mnli hie apfareeea aad arre-tad '.baa ft a) ? era MBWlBd to p? Baa, nayur'a Oillro. err h kit im-thnh am'k- imtukvikw or tbk t*?r bTMKT t KtiCK&XTa WITS TIIC riaTxtt. Ou V(Lda> n. "ru n 11 d -|? itation ? f imrcbaotj ?r?!t?o oo tfca V 'j or for (h? parp'va of calling U.< , ktKDlU'o of bit II it or to a nnl"*n ?* wh it m ?? 11 to <? < it at feud u.-?r tli* lt> >1 of 1 > j fiaat, la ronsofuaoc* of U>0 1 large LUBilwr of utfcr at oagou* *ul:L litiralljr bljc<a.|? ibeatrrit/, to tbe compirio o4a'xu tion of ota?r r*l>i ' elf*, ana ?*rlou ? t ill* tra ?? aod cu?t>iu of m?rob?nt? dolrg bur tn< n* la tor vicinity. 1 hi o?jiii ? of ihe <? ??40? i ar> in th? habit, tb? m-rsbaof* atata cl bark.** ttnai oil t.. i idaaal* at b III ?IJai *>f the ; kti<x-la, aid keeping thau atauitiB.; iu that pjnt.ou i uciti tin whole Stock if T'KOianUa, fru t?, ti.o, or abotavrr ?l<e it u i.? lw, la >uU oat, ouion ooailotM j vny of tM ft >oj 4 o'clock, o. earlier, in tOu <nora<a{, a .?> i % 10 i r '.J O wing tj i hit, of ejurao, tin ouutvut re t . preia 17 tli< fame1' jiortioo) of tti? ?.ri.u? t ?i?a i.i >bi tic't1'.! ar* pivteaHd from ap i pttaebiig ibe toi<*? a ?h> u tury coal, mi ugti f-ir ?>( (??I'M ktpt >?4 rj| balf *o bo-ir Off mora to oea?- 1 ijii* l ev of thm iri^ia fti4di?'lN. 1 fia c?ru *B I ?t^i|' ^ > boon ? g Uj ? .**?? atoir* al o tic* it tnj;>oaeii>lr f i k ?*. mflu out ?;??? kMr in* aUtr e>l i>.r tor loalinrf or a ? j low Kir, 'ha ???*** u?ajr b* At > imhU'.i c?u?<?- j i j m* ' i i^a 'barcloK', a :o'j? i pi'ov??V! i^ ? o :i>ai u 'A'**, ail I | wtiai ij? * *nr, o baavj ,'oa-, la aXiarteowl if thiajar- | cfc?m?, * ?, t rid o' j? ail r?uiua*'.rt'.ia{ mi u tba i kci tro w^;oo< bare e*!ttyt?4 too is<a?'ir? of "f-ptyl'V t>l ?nkanito ihrt fi.-at f(iffi?d WI Tat Mirror, ;il it u?? li t II n.t.o!o w tJ o. Ml LUf u rc'i><IM ??|iaia olji aot Uaard thru c>cupU:'it, M'oruixl iU viMirr* in ?t it?i!r??i?i lu a i'rl*ia UMaf irit *1 hit n>* ratirol, inff iliU to ?., i'i ??r'im i p ,t m, ?io,?, *? f*r '? |m?* n bo '4j tiiH cuiaao - nonpi ioi-i of, 0/ oa lalitK too p..ii> vuiru ?tal .i ilia tb'i *i 'M y tj eo<np4t lo*< at;oM m. at l???'. ;ot ? Hi i rhTO clb III* u >na?r m ci i> t ruii-u no' rv 1 n t abo ill h- ra 1 6?, ue naid, to iKiic'toair ir?|o< l?i>4>tiirlM in^wti'l o' oriMoli*. la f " a'mli iu an u h ?? Ms tar ttiu papmpr (i1 piuMtllSMtaii TOulcia^ lit 1 104 OM?aloa 10 < psKii throii|(b ihn mi | Tlx1 run' ?t tli* 1 Til, it U 'hi.'t<h'. I ?? In 'ha pm i*iit ' 1 ol>tiuetloo hy Maii'I'i, i>?n. I >> lun i.ii ?u to < ??? I |iro<luro of U.i' 'urinrra o' J?t 17, l^m 1 l?!%u>! t'i I ?>' b>r , fiiaiii ? (it tin apot of m on I Ul up ml htf ut >ij in ; ti or?il for too oar and ai*omtni>d?t'00 of lu? f?r oara | tbiKHItn, n t*Mobbn> bt?t %!??<? nusflitulf in<l topolir"<l bj a toi-wraba aat ot apaiaLatora It <> II i>? ] : iiniro>h>i?ij thav (.:>? 0! ???>>. Al. a o 'Ul? uirtUit brou hi l>?ior? ili? ?. ? or bf a daput*'ioo of ?foi*r?, 1 | ktii) Xbat th? eovirn* i?> ai'i. o lart feyr but H.m if aa i?;a< I | Ut* RMMt 1 ro|?r "at to .? In a uti 10 t t 1' t: mi mob <<iOLvil f mil un off ? hi o^t'i" 0 I wr ? r ?? ?o ? hi, '0 wh Icli ilia Uijir oh. in 1 to ,||1? Mi own .ni?l ir? Tula eou tao ?aa toloar-i an t t1.* Mayor tartna' ti >* oecn ita0 to roromoirti l tb?"i-?r<fa< i(i"t?ritwt of mi i ?ulijrnt to lo? < oiuoion O'tiocil ia ? iu"h-i<? 10 tbat ! boor. Tba iiii'lcr waa pr'>myUf actttl ii|i>a !>/ tha ; K> aril of Alilarat'O, an I a roau'u'4>o pm I orKrinf tha (rnora1 of tt n thant I'l Iroui tli? pUi:#i n I, ? 'm 1 lo tka lioanl of ? 'cinicilisi o, bovtvar, It ill I oo. inn-t mm ?i|uai rucci ?/>, bat *?? 1 ?frrro<l to a com n n?<i to In iDquitt'd !i?to ?n-ral?atii ?r^nt tUeka. Vh* tliyir th>riior?' atviiir'l tba drpatati'io wb i j ridtad blin 00 Monday u> I'tart 0<jia<f |iri-iiniirc . j> >a tb* nomuK' t'S. nu'i to rxpiuin to tbo m> oii <"i'i 1 1; opo?nK it tbf i^ratt *,crr??lt'fa for ripadlt'ooa aud iudl4loa* ?"'*o i I tia varonaol vbMb th* eoaipl* 11 >r id* btimffpria I* pa'iy to lb" farOi'ra. ? .?. 1 . oU'.-o arb cb Hffalf ?o J lo iquitj is tbrir o>n ?k*u bf o'.bar u?r? ?u<, 1 r?? fo/i>U lo 111 oaitiii i.m in4 tojnro tho 'ma'iV'a* of tb* iimn batl* 1 b? lal'< 7 lo't tt a Mtyor'4 praoaoea ? if) tb?i Ictrntiori, ?a bal"-r<>, o' b??iof an 'tit?rria m wi'b tbi* m (Rt?r? of tlia roantntMo 1 1 ?nlrti tha nil' or *a* ruftrWi It rfuialoa t?> bo hue* arlih trba* auctaia ti * filiowloff out of to* v aj or "a ? : t i' a will ?>? at; u I Til* ALLRMKI) POHdKAV CAHM. 1 b* anamination of Mr P|W W. Johnaoo, rb?r^?il wltli banlo/ '01, a- 1 ran ml ebackii ou tba Btttk ol mf hiiiff wlib tb' ? ((tiatiira r'uporilnr nh-t.^t ' " Hot t^rmati tba W* r*l?n of II. a taia I'rir hi, will ? ? ? '1 \a or* Vhurada* n oroloff, at 10 o'cloci. Mr II. Jt-n ia l aul Mr C. t'ordi-ll ap >a?roi j??t-rMy mo 1. or at t >o i'ajor'a ' f'r', an I nia<*a alii la-. It t > l tj* latl t . ?' 1 ?o forjrd pha k* bo<t Man ptmwd np"n firm li> .l i'i iiig no tbo Hack of pio< f'lif, ooa for it 10 42, an I tba otbar lor 1 fc4 N?w Voili Munilay R< hnul Ttathrii' A mo^ ?lallxdi A ul*r r un'.fc If n.atliarf f f tba nt* , i?tlnn w ? b?ld !??i *Vfmo< at tba Ami'./ aUw* I church, Mr H IdiitUlit lb tli* cbalr. Aftt-lbwr utlnft of tb* artnlnf hi t b"*n cut < 1: ??), Vr V . C. MeUorui'et, Jr., datir arol an a J tiro oj-on tb* i"inli; *ul K if 41. 1 Mrbn.iU of Orrat llnldl, id4 tk>('mti|raL Hira'air?l partfularl) tn 'he cli'f of tb?* Srbonl Como of 1 ior lb* I'itt )<ir. trow ni* i*a>ark? w? 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It n< Mtlui?(?' that it l*Tf?r anwi'ixr ll.m il ii ??> rnTiilaid fwF, aa 1I1* (r*at?r prop rtloa of tb* *<?&?>?* bad o-.t a*nt in th?lr rat irn- |'n?*a ??<? nam ir tb* jf??r to .ipw r 1* of 4ii0 oof* ?t<l (ill-, wl o bk b?iJ Ktnitm* f ir two ?* Bootm -o 1 1<? ??ti?(?i '.fin of Mi* r nnpl j)f fb?r* ?r? *1 p rm en' a n* T?tiin*? for m^Ua *o 1 an for f?m?W<, ?f fiit flE(i vrcxj'ii'f*^4 ? * '"fi for a ion M) tfifl, *0 1 160 fr i < 1 I'ur r( tb* Jiaf to M?r*!i Uat i?i?n t?' l Imjt bt'l b??o a nt to tb* ?iloai*?, m I ?m ntin w?r? on tba p?H- t 01 im:<ra'ia< K? '?rni.(f 10 lb* flaanrial rlrturm'jta. -* ut tb* arb'io!*, tta <:ooat oun and ?u'n ripil <u? ia<l oaan aa ltr/- ma a il) pr?r out T?ar, alth?->fli Ui la*p jp tba tfKi i*n?r of tbtlt opvratleaa tba turn of Jt'rfm abova tun tn?on* ? ?t r*i|ulrwd Tb* r*turo> rnada i t ll'i in *1 ?rliooU ?i . ? ad r-r?lp?a iiumi tba y?*r t/i tta amnio! 1 f ?17, acd nt'Dtra ?IU 1 .4 Tb* nturti Irra a 1 tb* ? b mla ?'? M'lmtUd to ? oar r?oaip'a if tt: <??>>, abli'i, a11?l to tfca (*earaJ load, woulo mat a a t/i'nl ol tlA, Vri in aJrV-lt of tb* l!a?4*1 Urbnol iro**B*ot Tt> ?p*ak*rsaTaa tunixr of m *r*ttm( in/- >n't In rtyaro to tb* eondit-on of lit* p*o;il* aa^ aap**'* if ha nbililira o ' llolburn. ?>* 1 la*a ao<l o b?r <:t?W <? ?? of I oil' 1 ri h<Ha?iir(. It*ifa*l, kr., wl'b lll nUa'l.Kia of tb* matlioda and rouraa of la<trar Ion. and aibi ii>*4 a ana b?r of apretrnwaa nt tb* b? lka In ua*, ?i*h 'Ita nlrralara, kc. , abira ar* di?ini.ul*4 an?a< tba wluilut lm ao'toD of K. M. I'niiU a rota of thaa?> *a? Ua dartd to to* ?|?ak?r T- * roll w?a tb?a euM, *b>*lt tit found tbat flft/ Br* ??? l.'w.l ? w?r* r?praaao> I fiy atcut (1 (I 4al*taUa. M???r? H. fl. (>>ntt*at R. t: M Cnrnluk, Jr and R v#? ??tbjr ?rra app<>iDt?l d*'*ftta? to tb* tir poalfi I ikio, for Aufuat Mr. I'artburat, of ilt'on 'ban Bad* a br.*f a'drata, aad tV.a maatmf fc^j' arn?d Pitta I* Haw Yofk. 4! AKM III LIMI-KKanl* aTMlaT. Aly<Qt half paa' II o'eloet j?*urda/ morel . ? aa alaim of Dra ?aa raoa?d b/ tba rbir.ia*7 of iha 't?r Mm 1 * la i lapaaard atraat, tokiof bra It **>a baroal aul w itl out <!otl( aa j daaaa^a ax at. tan in ma H)vmr> At, nut a qaarlar la 1 o>!o?k laat aaaalaf an alarm of lira ?aa caaaad b j tba tijiiatlaa of tba (aa la Iba ball of <b* bull< o( -c 1*1 llnvarr. nattJ bf Mr Wm imt \ lit Ibt ?irta<* la aa lalaaM; ttraal, ta4 tlwa it* i?nia ll(bti?c taa (a ? turi?*d It um aa 1 apai at iba aairli tra (aa rar*<<*il ia tb* pi a* fb* )?i?ia a?p p<.?ia( It a li| rit *n?W ma all tt'inufb tb* p p* aad bio* ar tba Iiulldiac (at* tba alar* To* li^ot ??* ? J?r ua a frmn tba p p*, vb*a It *f?lo-t*i ah*t>r 1 a If iba abada to atwa aad dama?>a( tba pip* fiKB in *k araitr. Abtst * o ctoefc laat bi(bt a (ual a' ? ad Maa aoaaa P'WI at 1 a p.'a lalo tba jaa'^ai ta tba dart <93 Cm nt aMtat, nara^M b jr H n.i.n K?a*a .all aa a fa*'; 4i; inwi- atoia Mr Kaatalill baa ti " la a?rwn<a. %t i<Hi ta Iba I'ai.Aa aad IV, VM ia <b* ,lU*a ib* aaia^a waa tr flla( Wllllara**>atr? ( Uf lnlalll?riar?. Aman tvi KlU. ? Jol.a *Mpa art* .n..i?l aaaUr daj bj o?r*r hlMi a' ' la* " * ? ' -a ?. pol ~* 'b?rc I ?rtk at'?ap'la( u>tb<?t Mi ?ifa tni ri * Ma *1 lla ? a* takaa bofora \M*r?aa MHaa. tad riaan I I I'M! r? o? a ftrii*i*a ? T nlatla; a <?*??*? ?' **' ? oaiad U(?>, at <??*?? Mat a*? <i*aia j fall j froai a t*aflold *bl a patl aj ap a oral#*, aad 1 laka ] bia ana aad alaa taalai*ad la'*r*al -a. ?n** Tba tat rant * a* *V>at ibirtf'**? l?* ? ???y*d Va ).<? rta ' aa'*, vbara ba raMitad ?*licalaiual.ia Taa rvaata ? b* Maraba a *f Iba -?.*'*aatb *ar4 baa a tatab*>l llai l*?*?a a*') rat t>a tba p?p*ta?aa *f tb* aatd at 1,444 la l?b" Ua* ?ard uia'ataa^l a pay a latk a '<f I "* T>>* la'raaaa la <bla aarl af paaf t ta ba Laffar tba a aa/ aul ia tb? citf . Rumt lab f?ucif?? Ur rtdtt k. OwHe. % vary ?Ot kf Maairtoaa. aad raapaataMa a?Ua-a af Okaaa* tar .a Uia mat* kaat klwnlf lia? Ma bai yaat bjr a aaaia of tarn, aa Paaaaf aaiaiaa Fraa a ?**f a* I ta 1 ia a*aa. aad 'r*? 'b* laat MMt bla raaar Wf aaaf ?r It ia aappm 1 ba flrat attaaaiMl ta fat a* aad ui aU lit* by aattiaf bia ItiaM. fWa Bain af tbia daat aaa ' 4 araad of aatarMf ta Ha bad baa* aoata*4 I fa* aaaaral aaaba trttl a aary paiafal iat la avraba daaaaa, tad dartac thai Vat bit aaflartaf* ?aia a) Mat IlliMinilli ta at'b aa Mai b* lia-,a*auy ra^airtil b<a (l)tMiaa ?a afaa tb* Ibal tataaU la kla ima Ibal fca alfbt dla aaay H* aalt ba d d aat taar bait, bat lm ba ?? r *?'??*? aa< aaihaaa la ba aaw bat WM t??a t?aa aa wbi-ab ba waul ba AaaM ba aafWt u *adar* if a* by b-a riaaaaa, a*i a*aa?t**atly taib Iba *ac?'? a**a#a ftaai tbaa Ha ?aa fr?*?lr '?aa ?? laap ablr*. bat baa r*?td*4 la tb a maaa ab^at i*ra* fawi Ha aaa aaa It ?.t?a aw* ytara ta1 j 17 Tlw T?if. vsitm c m?>, l. i.? rmorriKO. In-MT, Jul/ 17 -1'itn aod itlkl. ?160, nil* kr?W, | t?? il raa n flr* tn bmwa '' unn*4 | f r IMHagball. . lit V. n?oi?d*t> h .'aba 8 9 7 I MAmiiuii namad br m K?'T l%rl og ..... . J 8 8 , Jan. * h?|l?j kr k t<MB Taarab, ..... dl?.* I *1 -????> numh . aat * ih<>? ooth? Brat half wblta ?u tt?? iV? , ?nj ?>. ,t?Pn?i Ma wulkad In by Mr. Wti?fpl*y LlVk<?. r4T>**?i>N vh. cr.rvfl. Hi* Aral g?mr batwa.B thaw two cl *? .u pl*T*i a* I'at'r oo N J., oa tbo'r gnmnd w? th* Kail*, oa %oe I day, Ju'y 1ft. It ?m atraugad l*b* > oa* roy'a pUf : ro? wqcntl; a? 'tl#j could no' ?*t Miniu^i Id ue* d?jr, j llar.i m ?u c?*clar?- tb* ?luo? oo th? tint lanlnga bf H?f r?B?- a ir*Uj g*ni?, nr?'1 mil MttwiM lit w?rt> 1h? Inning* * ''Inoag "?? pr<i?idad by In l'a'*r rou pub ?? Mr. lira h 'a, tb* r?'l?4' oa th* Cliff ml righV w?ll dd mm* boat *at?it*lu tb*a> Mr Cuvp umplnt, *b4 Mr Hbaw a-or?! fur t?* I'ataraaa < 7u?; aod Mr Brown umplr*, ??0 W r t*t aall ?awwl for llaibm. I'tUlioe b?ll| won tb* to**, MB* IWrUra la, tD<1 tli?; opuinj tb* ball with H'bll* aad lltUa U liw> howlng of H?Jiaaa asd Pi'VlBfioo WbH? ?unoliiiy In both limnga Rata*. tbsagb roa oo*- la th* Qnt, ?>?<** tw?i?* in tb* modiI. Yoiidk ?r'gbt piarad *?#, but Withy who followiad. via tba rard of tha d?f, IM latUag wa* beautiful; b* ??< all u?*r tb* (laid, aad m*d? ?'ghty four la tba two laalnga Hjnia, thumb ka got bin W g Iwfor* wUkat, inkukfwl to ruu up t*a r*M faai U i<ght di<l aot do munh witb th* bit. b* g >t eii|bt out I olb inning" hi tb* ho*l-r. Tick n.f an old 'atari I* rrkbator, ought to btn don* b*tt*r (iuodwta, Um lr??'il?ot uf th* Hub. furl bla l?f In aom* way; but for ? II that a?aag*d ?o ?.v>r? *Ut*a la tb* two lanlac*; wbil* hl? mn, wbo flaiad unnnitiinoaly wall ?*<*? 'our t??n th* boaliig of llalla** w** ?*r ? go^H, tb* Hold leg uf Pal?r*-io r*f*bl* o' m*e>i HDpm'**n<at i n tb* rat*r*oa Mil* r?*r? n aad ^mlth niam<aoal t.i i|i? of Wiilbf aad J-a m Wriab* Ttm >*a m>n it'll ant Co mui*b lla taa* ?int ?<it wl>h a ra?a4 i Hi'tlni nalt m?d? 'our wh?n Wlllbf iowt*d In a* '?w ' ur ran Miaw ou'l> th* a or* if tb* day far tb* l'a'*i?(iD I'oj* aad HianhdlT* w?a tb* aaat ; bat ta* ?i-r>r? ? Id up m<f- f'oin t?<* ?>*/ fl?l Hog of ib* llarlMa, i?>o'r b??a ?nd wid*? batiag !m*b |li>a tb*ai Hta V 1 1* la bowled a ?oo niant wldra , ?? ha>* aaaa bla 4a Vcttar tbioga Ih* ?ro?* "'ood a? fulluwa ? ii a at ?N cii h Am' Inning' ,S.r./tv/ /imnji Vt I Hi> at nbaw. b I'm ton 0 b ll.Uaaa 0 ? Ikba run oat 3 b Li* II Ik 11 Wnght, pr e. I.*w h I' Ik atoa u b H?Haa* 1 10 Willby inn nut ... .17 c llnliu b. I*w,. 47 H?r?n V| baorawlnict. 10 aot out 8 IS b<m Wiifbt e. and b. 1 |IW DgUiD 0 0 aad b II -liaaa . f? I Tie! d*i I'llkii'gloa 0 h I'llliiigf io 4 4 J Oik! wId. .1/ it Khaw 10 run "at 4 II fivdwia ."?r. b llallaaa 4 b. Ilal'aaa. 7 11 Oaten* l*g t*for* wckt. i|? i'i'iu.""1". ... j 0 * I'ol>* oo' rut f r aa'b llluobbtla. ? ? |l|*B, 'I. lag liji*, 1.. .1 bj**, ?. I*f bfM, 3 !? I* Total *1 M 174 rtTBBMi/* rirx. A tr?' /aninjM. I'mihb e * lilbr b Wrgbt * bBith b. Wiiubt ?> llallaaa ? * III * b W light 0 liu'lar b. W| Iby 4 Hbaw b 1UI? ?... ... '1 law lag bafnr* wlrk't 4 Unhurt* r and h Wright li Hutbanas at Hat** II !?*? a b VlMM 1 l'il*ia<toa kni out I How*il *i . Iiataa % H>?*. 10, lag b) a 1. wl 1* ba'la, V M Tofal 7? Oa *V i.aadar, tba aacaa I al?i*t ? * Vuik ?*. Hi. Oaorga pi*; at llohokaa. A goo 1 luaUtli. iiuc iun lh? fif?t mtUli In \ar Jtrtt; >u Ml frUaf, it >jMt Ni?uk, Wlwa.a tb? Navarta iid IHyaiU slaba, ?M ift?r ?/?? vary ?(Hr1'?d play oa iba part at Uw N?tirl clab, tbaj atra 4arlara<J in wlaa*r>, aitli Ua to rpata 1 laa folio a| | U ib? ?COM \rtmirk f'ii I . Hum. l/tympu- I'lub flaw. !..*? I>?. I J 3 | Yaa Houloa 3 ?1. Van V??. 4 2 Woidruff I 8..F C. IK> 4 d .1 lianniata' .... I ? ..Wiio'ioM :i 4 ? fc..< ilal-.o 4 I Wild I t ? fall I 7 Van lloulaa. 2 7..Hial?a 1 * Vartln I I |t|y I V. "bad I # I'maaar 1 T?.UI II Total 19 l'it<-h>r Wm p-j.W Mubar VialloaUia. < a>r bar Ita *>m CJauhar Wm4?'. JB'lj* Waft Jo. 'fa. Wbaala*. l.*!rf aa Gal. J.jaapb i? Alias. Ktaal lutalllffamra. Tb* (r'gata < b: ua.4 t-. tta MadHarraaaaa , nilai! fioot (Juaiiatlaa fMtirli; inoratai Tfca I' at'tR.ffr Wi h'ra" 'aal. Niataolana la eaa ? itl urifid In pur; ta Htlirtii. W? ia'arat*nd tni' MUUI '>>(!?? ? ? ' 'aaaa |.U-a la bar olw l llll. ? a |>t Ma4doi, of IK uiarta**, kaa b>M liiu f?rra4 to ta* Sat Y< rk (Utna ? o avaaaaM aa 7 ad baa ?aaa i|i|.aiiiti'l l-?aqt laib.t baa lakia l*ia plaaa of 1,'atat I'aaiaoaa aa<! I aaawt Hutalilpaaa Ma^aaaa baa t??ll l^?l to it, a I, at 1 uvular II, am i.ia'aai ordarad to t"aa liuaia a|>ia>*r<n> Mr Mrllr.asld takaa bia plata. Parotid Aaaia'aat lifiaaf llo'iij, aad IblrA Aaalalaol I fgiaaar I aa. baa,?f raatgnarl Maaars HbaaA an ) M.rrar baia baaaordaradliara ? ?a/ila J4<ariuar, Jflf lo. ___________ Marl if a Affalil. Taa Pr*m*ni r tmirtmom, at H??ra fraai lb la pirt la ata^aM In Molitfnaat'i Ifraa mper Ul haaa aipwliarid % 4alay of foar br.uri oa bar paaaafa, la ? cjuaBfa of mm* kaaldaal ta aaa af bar vbaall. Paraonal latalll(anaaa 'acaaraor Ikfglar baa aoaap'aal aa lBTti*Uoa ?? daiirav tba aaa tal an> raaa at Iba Ag rtraiinral fib laal on la ha bald at Coiallet, idth aard tA I'&llarlaiftk'a. oa tba lit*, I2tb, lilb aad 141b of Hrytaaibaa aait, Jara.aa M Huakar. of Naala'iat. baa lac.. Bad tba a# pr.ia' n.aa.1 of Ounailaaloaar, an)?r Ilia I'arar.aal lJk?rtjr act "f Uaraaab'iMlU, '?a iba grooad Ibal Ha ^fat aaat of lha la* la la dlract eoaftlct a lib tba eoaautauoa af tba I Bitot -lata* Hob Kl?ar-t 1 aarall la la ?fawaoct, tba fi?at Hot. '.aorga MajKrofL l?a#fail?? tba P"H. '? aJ?a a* f"t?(r*t lUITilJ. At 'ka 'HnOa a.aa II t- *. ? Oaa WMta niit?rta? ?I It' ti la Valor A K Bai*? I' k Krm t ? ? *aaa?a?, (i?? Hm |*(< 1 |4?m, t J ' 4ii4b? <??% iJUftikM* Ni U*ii l? * T ^ ? 1 ?. it. U?ti . .. A ' U? killvHli'M W<l, * * Il?? ?!?#?. If ??rj V? II ? A I a ?a 4? i r4i?. r?ni * O ^ I. fttai h ? ? 4*1 f k AlMii. ?? ^ ^ * ?? I J*!.* p 1 k ***>>? f ft 'i l>r f fiwifc, l? l?al# ft II *.IU. ? * a -.a?. Ha><iaw?fa. tl I at < ? ?4. a. kt Laaia. M I -koad IkoaAalHMa. A. tartar. (i>a A'tl.a?> Kklr'ir la?? la la fau. faraaaa* , i A fil ial .,t la ? a* i a Ifaa II M failar Tb . ? H^aaallf. kt J *>a la A *?r All?l>.i M fr*rkat4aa t A i tl. ??t? It .? B I !?a?a MaMla; a ap atraa* aal taa, ? ' a'.aa a ) aa I Maa, Taaaa A # Baft r.a I ? i mat k laiaaaaak |a| . >||a Wat A'aa*, I Uav4* ll .? ki.i a |la?? (.1 . Cal tl HuaUoai Alaaat ; h M 4 I' ta ? ? la. I kaaaaaaai. Majar ri'a', V * A , la- a * lit , 9m Om Marrla T' llada.akla ? ? n< lua^ai lltaaa- liatk lataa, It l.? ^a a J W Iria* aa 1*1 .a4<ll>-B. A4"t|.ka Vataila B <J 17 (la Baal HUB tkiaa ? u , m*t? Mall~aa ?i T. I Ita ta'aaia' . la ataaailll Alalaaa>l ) katiaM taa ta B . raaa'. v lat ? M.idl C H la?m r ?T ai.aa If .a t IUI a> a Mr. kaarai la llat .a aal Ilia Ira H*r-l' . ?a a. a a r.aald Mtaa N i <aaal? H .a ? ft a,< T aaa'r a. a 'aa .fta lira lib ad f aad la'aal. iaka t Ma< '? kraalaK la Shall, II U Baala* b H a.'arau J ? r%-?a-. kaa H I I'Bflaaa Naa* A t Ciaaasi. Btaa A ? ? ' lira IMrd. I. Paaita ?: 1 Ward. M (Uraaaa Ira I a aal la'aat 1 k < aria Mtaa fa-*aa*a Ha. tar aa' ? ????. ? A Maaatar / iaaaa, Hlaa <"ai'i?af B?? Dar III tan Or A J r<r? t 4 A /aa f Jaa lad/ aa id . I aaraaa a J | Waaaar I M iaala ? laa M ? **w** '' < baaa??rtB a *IWa *???. * ' '?** ' ' ' * "? k V a ad lad t J bra tilla .a?B, Niaa rillaaM^ tm J taw. Bad .a* Haa W aa ?n,l. V C WaAaa t> M Mil T ?! laaaapa* y Bad la-1 f li*?'t* ?? ???, V A [I'Bra.a, Jaaa, la Var'ia If a/a Aaa * a r?aa* . ?n l?a Ivti", a 'aal ?aa aal a?raaai Bra I '**" ViM ftltsa Irlak. la I A - a?4 la^T tta. ? C4M. lad. a.4 tas ? b'ldraa iMaAadwa ?r. Aa?ajB^ JJU? A 1 I* laa laal ? aa ? Bra Maraiall aal aaT'aat I't iaaa laal laar ? aaAI?a?a4a? Mra A r.(lai lliaaa fraau ?. r^a i - ?>!%*' J ? >M-aa. Jaaa?l Haw. fcd. i, t I raaa fcra <>? ?a?l Bad Bar ?a?? Haanar ? M?a?da. i a?a 1 I ikBtttB. I*4f Bad aaa. A far tar II la aUi r rara ' tartaaaaa. la etaaedAif Maaiaa- Mwa ? Pbbb?. Mra 'aaa, > ad?a ttllainat aad Wf. Haa* UUaknaa Maaa d 4 ? aakarda. Mr* 0 ? ftlitaa. r Oaaaaaa A a laaaai tk 1 l.itaa A T-laaa 4 t iaadf, ? U ?*a*k In ? ??< '? kartaa Btaaia ? Vllltasa. 4a f ?| ? Ja*a?a ? A ora*as,. Ml Aklld ud aataa, 4 ? iaaa* J ft ?ad l??< I I !>aala. J feaal. ? f a aakald ad? Bad 'kJ'd k I f*' bar ? ft (.-BMiaal. 4 ftallf. ft t lKa*a? ? J aart C Ikall 0 A TV*a|aaa I '"ll^ aw>a. 4 ft pa >.aar / laak A t I .a? aad lal i ?*?/*? ? ?I All IMIiaa. N ? l??f a?a ran raakarlr^ Bra 1 ra.v. aad d?a?taaa 1 ?''!?<? 'V. ata* Iaaa lag kaa aad t a ua C??? A I ?* ila Haaraaa. fra? lataaati la baft t A rw*f*-9* Ma aad bar abltdraa. tVaa ftaartaa ?aaj l<M ?'a?Bl D l-rd. 4alra r Oalaa, 4aaaaja #raaa?? rraaa l>rald?. IB aaarlagla-lr J?l ftaaal-M ??ti- a k.. r !?? ftal-'aara ?>aa a r a, ?aa?.'laaaaaa lira aad aaraa aaa.Araa. Wra?.- % mm ^ 1 Mi rra* fH Airan, ' a Va?a l?"t'a? i <i ?

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