Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 3, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 3, 1855 Page 3
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I?i?rnr >. Bandera on Red Brpabtlranhin In Bmopr and Blwk Brpubllwu In imir rirn-Plirrr and Herder, Cuba, Kowathi Roilln and the Cincinnati Ctnrrntlon, all mt once. TO TUK EDITOR OF T1IX NEW YORK IIKRALD. Niw Yoga, August 26. 1865. Ill ? liaMle bl tlm juii(J< awl aristocrat* is now bring ?ug!it at SebastopoL In which civilization, comiueroial reedom ami republican liberty liave but an adjournal Dtere,-;. There couM not have been selected a better pot to expose to America the Utnit of the power of all he monarchies engaged and to assure us of the little we lave to fear from any or all of them combined. And inee CViirs and Emperors have it in their power to make ur-demons of their subjects^ It la good for the world bat the ' Hell of battle" ihould devour them? that he Russian horde* who threw them solves upon he citizen soldiers of Hungary, and the fratri idal fiend* who murdered their own compatriot*, romen children and old men in the streets of 'arw and throughout all France, ihould be engaged in >oe mighty massacre of each other. By the time the rtood-hcund million shall have been slaughtered, the ed republican representative! throughout Europe will iarc matured action. The telegraphic lightning that ireak* on l.urope the otlierthrow of Louis Napoleon, wil tart the t evolution at Vienna. Berlin, Naples, Home and (ad rid lu view of the vibrations that already notify us if the rou-iu* of that great leviathan on which thrones re set ? the people ? it is well to look to the opinions of he active managers of the now well organise! lied He - lublicau movement in Europe, in matters affecting our* iwn interest s. Of one great point we are happily cer ain; any change will do us no harm? most of the ex sting governments of Europe bein; intensely hostile. This country never bad a more malignant |be than the Dutch 1'i-enchman, Louis Napoleon. And the English jovernment. civil only from prudence, never fails, on the appruhenaion of revolutionary aotlon in Europe, to use it* machinery to fomeut sectional agi tation in this country. "To set the Yankee* by the Mrs." bo as to keep their thoughts anil sympathies away from, the lur opean people. is a favorite etratagem of the BrHjah Cabinet. The uniform courtesy that has been aliown by the Hh Bald, to Mich articles ai I have from time to time desired to bring t>efore the American and European public, lead* we to the belief that you will not be unwilling to sea the gallant long enduring representatives of "red" re- I publicaaiairi in the light in which I have it in my power to present them. Bie noble but too poetic inercy of the '?rede'' of '48, 'baa shown how little deserving they were of the epithet "red" in the sense In which it wa? intended by their enemies; though they have since defiantly retained It, aa we haughtily called ourselves "rebels" In our "red1' struggle with the lion of (ireat Britain. "Our llag is red," say they, " with the blood of our patriot martyrs 1 It ia the handkerchief which has wiped the bloody sweat frem their tortured brows." The red republican* of Europe, although opposed to ?lavery under their own jurisdiction, and not the advo cates of it anywhere, are nevertheless not intervening abolitionist* of the black republican American school. A red republican in America, desirous of American aympa'hy and national support of European republican ism, mu.' t of necessity be wholly national. Neither the North, the -outh, the Ea*t nor the West, can fractional ly advance those interests, mighty in their present and future l>earing upon the world. The whole great Union must move forward in the harmonious action of all its members under our divinely balanced constitution. An Irish. German, French, Italian, Hungarian or l'olish America u. in becoming an abolitionist renounces every species of aid from the federal government towards the liberty ot' his fatherland. For it is not possible that America can turn to the sympathetic and active consid* oration of Kuropean interests, so long as the agitation of the negro question wears an aspect no threatening to her own iuV'rnal quiet. A red republican, to decide that tbi* county can do nothing towards the liberation of Eu rope until tiie abolition of slavery be consummated, gives n? exclusive home occupation for u century to come. Or. if anything more sudden should, by some Iread frenzy be precipitated upon us., we shall find ourselves in the vor tex of civil war, out of which we can come only disor ganized fragments, powerless for good to ourselves or others. Either way. America would be lost to Europe, grtatly t>. 'h* delight of all the enemies of republican lilicity. It Is only neceisary to quote largely from the republi cans to ?ln.w them thoroughly Jeffer?onian and State rights in their views on American questions. I select a few paragraphs from Kossuth's speech at liarrisburg, de livered soon after his arrival In America 1 hope to Clod that the people of this glorlon* land is, ?nd will ever be fervently attached to this, their free, great and happy home. I hojas to (iod, that whatever tongue they sjieak, they are, and will ever be American and nothing but American. And *o they must be if they will be free? if they desire their adopt-d home's greatness and continued existence. Pbould once the citUens of the United States cease to be Ameiicau*. and become again Anglo-Saxon, Irish, Cer man, Spanish, Italian, Danish, Swedish, French, America would soon cease to be what it is now ? freedom elevated to the proud position of a power on earth. I hope that all the people of the United States will never become anything but American*; and even its youngest adopted aons though fteah with sweet home recollections, will know here no South, no North, no East, no West? no thing but the whole country, the common nationality of freedom ? in a word, America. This declaration of principles, met as It was entitled to, ? generom response from the national men of the country. Now. not onl y should every rc?l republican tak? thin eolaiged view of the working of our sy*tem, ami regard tbc California, Kan uk and Nebraska act* an a final settle ment ot the perplexing negro question ? but so should every man of *en*e. For it Is by it* continue' I agitation that three-fourths of the fool* in office, North and South, keep their places. The text with the democracy la only to be "aound," and with the black republican* not to be a "dough fkee '' anil not whether a man ha* brain* and in trgrfty. S me big blockhead get- uu the Southern dele- i gallon, and because he Is true to the South on the negro Saegtioa, he 1* fastened for years upon ber representation, li* entire stock in trade Wing, that tlie Soiith will t>e ruined unless *be sustains her faithful representative*. And thus he is sustained, although hi* rival may be of the seme party, equally a- sound, and hare lire times the ability. And on the otlier hand, it wa? only nec<"*?ary Cur the muddiest dolt in the but Congros* to vote against Kansas, to ensure, if not a re election, at least the sup port of .1 powerful Northern party. So, also, thi* micinble administration expects the South to for give it* abandonment of Cuba, and generously renew < it* lease for four years, because it administer* the Fugi tive Slave law, If ant thing were required to *hnw the madness and folly ol federal government Interference in the local aflalr* of a Territory, we have Jiad it well nigh tragically exhibited in Kansas. Governor Reedwr, encouraged an I sustained by all the power an 1 pntronng ? of the federal government, with tbi additional aid ot the Northern Kmi gi alien Societies, succeeded under the guise of friendship and impartiality toward* the South In obtaining very moderate results for free soillsm. Ope u . deflant partisan ship t n the part ot the federal authorities under Chaw, a* President, and Mlaek Douglass, ** Governor of Kansas would have obtained much leas. The Northern AM So cieties could not have asked bet'< r ?<>.istance than the masked co-operation of I'ierct and l!e>sUr. Yet, the os trich-like di-cretlon, winch mark* the diplomacy of this administration, betraved tb ? scheme. New inland dic tation and federal Intermeddling caused Fierce and Reeder to be absolutely kicked out of the Territory. If we had had a Southern President an l a Southern thi Vernor, ond no antagonistic collision to r.>u-e a bi'ter ?i ctienal spirit id defiance among the settler*, it la do ibt hil if Kansii* would not have been a free Stale. Men of cool ob'et ration know thai popular sovereignty will a* sert llseit sgaioat all official or foreign intei meddling. The natnial Inclination ol the proud Western pioaaer i* to re?ist e?ery attempt to force him, even to the extent of (loin# exactly oppoaite to his tlrst intention. Aboli tionist* tl.emswre* eon pare tl.e cahn spirit In which emancipation waa oontemiAaled iu Virginia, the grand mother of Missouri ? before it beoMne religion* politics to teach negroes that it ?a their duty to rob ami mur der their masters ? with th" Irritable dlsjtfMiiion that no* pre.n l* over the South a nd south-Wit on this sub Je< t. As to Preddent Heree he uuder*tand* the American Iioiteer as little a* he dot ., the Kuropean rod republican, n hi* i>etty ambition to manaae e.erything, he is |?.r pet oally trying to imitate hi* molel. l-oui- Napoleon. I give here some extract* from a correspondence on the peculiar aspect of African tondage in our country. which took place in l^indon, June, 1864, and which was shown to all the loading 'reds" In the metropolis at that time, axeting their warm appr< val. Kx tract of my letter addie?t?d "To I/mi* Kossnth and others representative* of Jetieraoulan republicanism in to rope":? "I/ivdo.v, June 2, ISM. '?( ask. to iu- tic* to myielf and tbe question, that you ?will correct tne If, ia recent statement* of mine to friends at home. I have, through any misappieben-ion, mU-tatcd 'lie view* of the republican leader* in rogmd to >.urri|.ean interference with American internal affair*. ? From my repeated interview* with you all. during my alay in I "?dotl, ami our close aud earnest discussion of all the lending t?int* of your [eilicy, I have felt autho rtred to say that it Uy<ur delll -rale judgment that such in'erfeiettce was in opposition to tho prineipic of State right' ? a cardinal principle of th? democratic statesmen tf Italy fllliprr. . ? ?* and Germany A pa fer declaring this waa before b"ing sent to America, e*. Csely shown to Massint and fs" then sent to the Lm*? ille (Kentucky i and ? ill he found hi the ch teaoe of that Journal It state* a? the sentiment ** 'he i nrepean republican lender* in ?/'nd<>n that they have fait!. in h' nor and gen* r -sity and ja .tice of the .'???itbe n Stav?s that thev will do of tbemnelve* what is " '''the slave*, and the better ftt being I, .ft fc \ -?.*?, 1 rr,|atlr>n from any i xiernal Infl' ?a<"4 stn'eMie a f lut'i," 'reply latirr*^! tn the history of the struggles and glorious suoces* of (lie great republic of America, mu?t know that the fiUtr^ie of blaveiy in the United States i? an inheritance from the riritish government, end that it involves nt the pre-eut ?lay questions of much greater magnUmi* than the aim pie r*ar-b ulut! of the slaves ^ and that wciftl and political equalit v cannot be created hj foreign intervention. But the whole history of the United State*, an a govern ment aud as a i?ople, shown that tliey bare praetically dune more any other nation fur the adraacoinent of the African tare. And that io taking tbelcatl ot every go vernment in the abolition of thesluve trade, which wu continued many ye?r? after by the Ilritixh government "In the conilition of the negroes in the Southern Mates, who are not ai in Italy, Hungary, France and I'oloud? ? refined and civilized people ? abased and crushed by the tyranny of their ruler*, bpt a benighted race, advancing, under the care of their American masters, from the bar barism which led them to lell each other into slavery for a lew trinkets, to a highly respectable grade of civilisa tion and Christianity ; the risible proof of which in shown in the prosperity and good government of the American negio Republic of Ijberia, whose respectable I'recident is a manumitted American slave, from the Southern State of Virginia; ' In the establishment of this Americo-African colony, by the pur chime of several hundred miles of slave coast, and the appropriation, by State legislation aud individual donation, of hundreds of thousands of dollars for the comfortable passage and prosperous establishment of the American blacks, the moat generous, the mimt disinter ested act of benevolence ever shown by one people, gnat and powerful, to another inferior and weak ? through which gleams, for nil known ages, the first light which 1ms beamed upon Ethiopia ? a benevolence in which the Southern State governments and Southern masters have been the lesders aud munificent patron*; "In that the United States is the only country on eartli whore white men and women are reauy free, and where even the soldier and sailor in sendee are not under the degradation of the la>-h; ? l astly, in the heroic, republican act of the chivalrous Ingrahaui, a citizen of a Southern State, who struck a blow for free citizenship, which resouuded under every throne in Europe; "In all these instances they mint recognise a national character, to which can safely he trusted all question, of its nun internal policy, with the certainty of a solution honorable to America, to Christianity and to mankind. "'Ihey know that strife and ill blood bet ween the North ern and Southern people of the United States are music and luxury to the enemies of democracy, now enthroned on the necks of the people of the Kiiropean continent, ami must feel that at this moment, critical of the fate of millions on millions of the finest races on earth, struggling for the sway of mind over force, of free thought over brute obedience, it in most urgently im- | portant that their only onskackled friends on earth ? the people of the 1 nited States? should harmonize all dtlTer- J ences, so that they may present to Kurope an unbroken ' front aud give vi^or to the movement haying for it* aim that the virtue am; intellect of Europe shall guide 1 its destinies. ''Satisfied as i am that the republicans of Kurope. be- I cause of their appreciation of the constitution of the United States, aud of their joy in the onward and expan sive career ot our country and people, oiler the only clement of power that would be falthiul to America, in the event of the United States becoming involved in a war with any European monarchy, I am anxious that no misrepresentations, designed or accidental, should place their chossei representatives in a false position hfe lore any portion of the American people. "With these views, I respectfully ask you to say whether or not I am justified in assuring friends in the United States that the republican represent art ve* of Eu rope do in no way desire to interfere with any domestic question in the United States, and especially with ono wherein, liesldes the subject of slavery, so many other considerations of a political character are involved. GEO, N. SAN DEBS." KXTKAfT FKOM KOKNt'TH'l? RW'I.Y. " I/tHDOK, June 3, 18f>4. 11 Upon carefully reading your letter. I reply, that while deploring the txistence of slavery any where, all my principle* are ogaiust foreign interference with the domestic affuirs of another nation. Decides, though be it Irom natural necessity, he It from the impassivity of its leading statesmen, the United State* do not yet ap pear conscious of their competent position; still I consi der the strength aud prosperity of the only republican power on earth so important to the future destinie- of the world, that I certainly would never contribute any thing to its internal divisions. Nay, true to my princi ples, I cannot recognize any division in America ; I look to the brotherhood of the great republic as a v. hole, and have too high a resjiect for the American people, as one undivided body of sincere republicans, not to believe they will of themselves, with all the light before them, make their nation a model for every other. 1.. KOSSUTH." The giaud intellectual organization of the red repuhli can* ot Europe, embracing a body ot men unequalled fur their virtue, their magnanimity, their self-denial their fidelity to principle? except by the men of '16 ? enter tained towards this whole country, at the )>egiiining of the Merce administration, the highest regard. Hut Mr. I'ierce and his cabinet treated their friendly ma nifesta tions wilh a contempt of which l'ersignv and Morny would not have been culpable. For I/iuis Kapoleon ha* made every effort to win back the great spirits of which his perfid) ha* robbed France. Indeed ihe whole drift of thin administration has been to alienate from us everything liberal and democratic, in Europe, in Cuba, where not t Treachery and dark hostility to the masse* have marked its course. The fraudulent inaugural, and the lying Kos/.ta letter, were hardly cold from the press, before they were practieslly renounced. Orders were secretly sent to everv Ameri can Minisler in Europe, of a character to iull any anxiety that might have been created in royal aud imperial circles, by the open declaration of such demo- 1 cratic and American intentions on the part of the new administration. The consequence was that ministers were compelled to refuse the protection so clearly pledged in those magniloquent and elaborate documents to adopted citizens In their minority. t'a-es ot peculiar hardship came under my own notice si Consul, of wortny men, in nowise politically ob noxious, who, trusting to the promises of Fierce and Marcy. had come long Journeys, at great and embarrass ing exjiense, only to grind their teeth in useless indigna tion at finding, too late, the odious fraud that liad been practised upon them. 1 tie revolutionary movements in Europe, and particu larly the continued republican agitation la Spain ? now nearly two years in motion, and still progressing ? must make it imgnirtant to the South to have under Its notice the views of the European democrats on the acquisition of Cuba. I, therefore, present a portion of a letter from the great statesman ot France, I/slru Rollin. to myself, upon this subject, dated Uindou, August. 1861. After discussing various uiodes already proposed, he says: ? " Would it not be greater and more legitimate to assist democracy in the mother country herself t \ " Belli-ve me. it is in that ooblc and ofllcial assistance that resides the solution of the problem? a legitimate, honest, incontestable solution ? the only one Worthy of mighty America. ? ***?*? ? B y thus aerving the general c?u?e of liberty, America will liave Kecured her own enure. Tor, in the very name of the people proclaimed In the mother country Cuba. If really in nihility with America, will spontnneoualy without poeslble reclamation, unite to lhu? America to which it in mi contiguous, an<t toward* which it in at tracted by her youth, her force, and the course of thing*. By following that L<rg< and fertile method, the <{ii?*tlon is elevated and dignin?d. ? ? a ? * ? ? "Who iiahlc to retrain America while ?hei* faithful to democracy on both continents ? -lie who |H?^e<m tn exuberance of life and forcc, who alone in the world holda treasure* in reecive which permit her to ruah into the cloture* of a generous struggle without overtaxing her citirena'r ? he in a Word, who must feel that were wmo cra< y once vanquished and enchained, perhaps foi In tatrope, she hersell would become the aim of de-pot? who would attack her d.ill floating under all wind-, her immense commercial relations, her ever new and in clearing ex ten -ion? 'let tier understand that by helping democratic Hpa.n *lie wnl uisist lit the tame time all democrat!**, for tiiey are brotherly unite<l. and ahe will defend herself. Be nid' ? m the midst of her illimitct prneperltlea, is not her conscience eve, lioubtedat the idee thai the patriot* who high undvr oppression beyond the AtlantU are the sons < t those who conti ibutcd to loB'iuer her o? n iride l etvlenr e ? "lithe heart of the nativn lo - -i f*i?l fnlto memory than the frail ennm ?- v for I plrtilW If >111 tn th? walla of the Ckpitol, commemorative ot the hat'le of Vnikiown, in which the fate of the n-inir nai ina decided; nnd where the American army, rnum .ude i by I affcyetle, and the Kiemh army commanded by Viume nil, mingled their blood under the fire of the KnflUh liet'eriea, tor ihe holy cau-c o t liberty. "Mnce nearly BU yearn this picture la waiting for *? counterpart inhietory. Willi; a! length be given i?> the g> od geuiu* ol America* "1 wish I* aineuiely lor he. iwii gl'?ry I.KDIU* H' IN." 1 append an extiart from ? la'er le'l?r of Ko ,-uth'* eniaiging on ti e -ubject:? '' .Now there ure republican- in >p?in; numerous and re-i.lute lepublican- and organiied too; whatever youi ill | h/tnatUU may tell yen . however, they may trj to excuse the indi?len- ?? of tbe American government by shutting their eye* to truth, or worse yet, by helping insult i n ti e reputation id the Spanish deinoratic pert) . I know better I know there in a strong, numerous and flffiMe republican party in spain. 1 know It. Well, to make t h< I evolution repulican in i*?ue, nothing la thi world ??? wanted hut just the certainty of such '? auxiliary mean* " a? would bare enabled the republi can party to pievfnt the other |mrtia* in making the initiative their o<n. The neceaalty of some una!! *? si-t*neto them was ju-tilied by that consideration; that the lepublican* being imxt exposed to peraecnUoe because most feared, aad aeveral of their chief- driven to exile, they hid, of Our?e, not the i?mr faciinlei (or actios aa the other pa^ie> had. The leader* of other parti ea d I cot want to land, *nd to bring arm* 'Well, to whom did the republican party look t>r that countenance r To the American government To whom for a#si*!anrc t To the American people Both of them have been apprised and warned timciy and inalomal manner. I'on t tell me, my dear air of " we would not have been Justified in making a revolution " That nail a hnmbng Mr. I tell you the revolution wa* making it s< If; yon bad hut not to ignore atudinusly her making her -elf. Be -lde?, had you t>*?n no *eru|>ulon> about cepting ansurtance. a* you ?e?-tn to lie about giving a? i?t ance. what would be the Cnlted states* And who h*? made 'he revolution in Te*a?" Made. sir, not assisted. ?Had the reputdlcan party been ami ted in taking the Initiative Of ihe revolution into their hand*, the very second decrre of the republican government would h*v? Wen declaring ' 'hat the t'nlted Wales of the lliertan HcpnbHc l-,ond faithfully to adhere to the prln- Ipie. of liberty. ideality and fraternity, cannot claim tie right of keeplnir, without it- free consent. a country in a colonial condition ? a country which front it* dis tance** *c|| *? from the extent ot It. temlw; and tbe nuaal'W of it* inhabitants peaae*"* the et*aw*ta *i coo-tituiirg an lnde,*n 'ent .-t ate Therefore thev c*ll on the ('ulan* to daaide, and t? declare rhethe' the/ ehno** to maintain their eol relati'm to -pain, oi prefer to ron*titvte *n Inriej^ndcrit Hlale Weil, 1 he J I'ubin * O' ;.| have pi biblj rfcti^n to be iftdepi relent, j hs, v o. i ! h- tt, of t imn, at ewe* *ppt???l for an* i et utien t. tA aldington. I ' A rep Jnceafwrccwatst ui ^a.?(?tuilMt <?1 otherwise Could tbt? I mted State* bold a COVtiy ' Or' <i inly not No republic eon ''And be?ide> vIkmii it dH concern In America ha> ? go# i formal and timely notice of I hi.' coiilemiiwtnl l* u - That ik a nitlfr af ftiet '?Well, there you had Caba withi a the reach of your hand I do not aay that the liberal party all over the world would have ipproTf-d of thi> to tbo alave h.'ldiim iutoreat in tl.e United Htatea. I aimply record fart* na they are; md 1 feel perfectly mire that not even the im|?iuil royal cabinet* could have deviaed any pre te*t for oppo?ition to Spain selling her colony apontarv ouaiyfree." I KOnVlfl .Nutwitlu-taieling the danger to which the queation In* l.een e*p?aed by tUe malign and despotic a<-ti"<> of l're -i di-nl I'ierce. a happy volution might vut he obtaioed if at this moment we had a man at the bead >l our govern meat, and another to represent u . at Madrid. Of the practicability and eaae with which grand remlta could be accomplished, with the right sort of men at the le-ad of our altair* I hive uot the alighteat doubt. Spain would hai e declared a republic, it' our minister could have asaured th" it-public, 'm? of the active aynr pailiy and *up)?>rt of the government at Washington By bold democratic acllou we would acquire Cuba, without In the least disturbing our relation*, com mercial or political with any country; without bloodshed and without price; and thuK the Queen of the Antilles Would lieeoDie one of our sovereign State, ax easily as did California. It i' only an an independent republican Male, that tliil beautiful inland can enter our I nioa in a cm ditii.n above that of degraded liayti. Hy purchase from a mooareby ? never. Tho black republicans of the North. descendant* of the ItLirk Cockade* of llartlord, are powerfully in iho HeM aith an amalgamated force of i-m*. I/-t the red republican* of America look to Cin cinnati. Our future depend* upon the selection of citlren* of tried good sense, of high integrity, ot atlcnt and unselfish action ? brave men, that will not ose their ?cn*e*, and lie auhject to a stampede whan the artful dodger* shall spring a wretched Mexican genefil" upou the stage. No federal official alioul I have a voice at the people's con\ ent ion . lead in Iht l ath of reform . The convention ahould Hash on the dark political sky the light of American progress, and electrify tbi world out of black anarchy and stolid apathy. GSO N. 84MBHM Salk ok Tnr. Whitk Howhw Kphinos.Va ? Hie ISichmond lHrpnhh ia informed that the Greenbrier (Va.) White Sulphur, together with the huge tract of land attached to it, ban been wild far the sum of t7&0.000. The name* ol' the purchaser* are not given, hut it ia con. jectured that the purchase ik made by ii Northern com pany. One rumor is that aonie Kngtish capitalist* have a hand in it. Mils. Robin.-on.? The Trnv Tnivel/tr I' uin that Mr*. IUibinaon conduct* herm it at King (ting in a quiet and orderly manner, and give* but little trouble. She ia at praaant employed in binding cotton. So fur, she has dropped the many eccentricitiea ahe betrayed while an inmate of the jail at Troy, with one exception. We refer to the singular practice of concealing her face from ?i*l tira; in that reapeet ahe ?eema to lie incurable. When ever a viaiter approaches her, ahe haateua to hide her countenance with whatever may be within lic r reach ? sometime* u fan, and sometime^ a pie< e ol pasteboard. or whatever else i* handiest. in other reij>ects and that i* but a harrnlest Ire.ik? there appear* to be no cause of complaint. FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. MONK T MARKET. Hunoat, September 2? P. M. During the past week there has been considerable fluctuation in the stock mAet. In tlie curly part the decline watt rupid and steady, but a reaction wan realized at the close which brought about a partial recovery. The improvement is by no means of a healthy character. It was produced entirely by artificial causes and as soon as they have had their operation a still lower depth will be reached. The bcarH are decidedly in tho ascendant. All the indi cations point to much lower prices in the stock market. There is already a more active demand for money for business j>urpo-es, but it is nothing to what it will Le as soon as obligations begin to ma ture. At the commencement of this season's busi ness there were no ou'stnndiug obligations of con sequence. During the long period of inaction, lia bilities of ail kinds hnd matured and there was a greut scarcity of first class business paper. For some weeks pa.-t there has l>een a steady increase in business, and commercial paper has been man. ufnetured rapidly and to a large amount. The bunk.- have discounted this paper liberally, atul run up their line of loans to an amount greater than ever lie fore known. As soon as thin paper matures in large amounts there will be a more active demand for money than we have known lor many months. Then the banks will require the payment of the bulk ot their stock loans, and then we xhall find a tightening of the screws upon the money market. Throughou: the fall and winter months there will be compara tively a stringency In thf" money market. We have abandoned all hope of any decrease in our shipments of specie. It is our belief that a larger amount of American securities are sent back from the other side by every steamer than goes out on new orders, and that morethanone-halfof the amount of specie ex ported is the proceeds of the sales of the United State* securities on foreign account The high prices which have ruled in our markets for American stocks, has been inducement enough for foreigners to sell inde pendent of the necesaity existing on the other side for remittances of gold from this. We must prepare ourselves for a more contracted money market. The revival of business, the production of a crop of breadstuff* and cotton, unprecedented in the history of the country, will give great activity to capital, and draw it from stock investments for more legiti mate employment in the channels of commerce. Albert H. Nicolay's regular semi-weekly sale of bonds and stocks will take place on Monday, at half past 12 o'clock, at the Merchants' Exchange. The exportation of specie from this port last week amounted to only $127,48'i. The only shipment was by the steamship North Htar yesterday, for Havre. We have remarked tliat one of the most extraordi nary features of the railroad mauia was the stupidi dity and utter blindness with which some people allow themselves to be gulled into the pnrcha*e of such stocks as the Cleveland aud Toledo, the Krie and others, while there are an abundance of good, Hi I htantial, safe dividend paying and dividend earn ing flocks always to be had. We have mentioni d among the latter rlu the ',alena and f'hicago, Chit ago (uid Itock Island. Michigan Southern, Ib-ad injr Mi< bigan Centra!, Ac. We might add other, to \ i.< i-t , the slightest examination of either of wlii< h, or comparison of figures, with the Cleveland aud To ll do, oogl t, it ecms to us, to be aufltotoot to pre vent any one not absolutely incline from the com m lesion of such folly. For the purpose of allowing how great a difference e xists beta een two companies, thesto'ks of which in market value are not very wide apart, we give the returns of earning* of the Catena .m<l Chicago, and the Cleveland and Toledo, lor the j ear ending August 1, AM) CMH'Ano RllUIIlM, Aggregate warning* for Ite year sWrtal tl.TM.W f '1 erii! ing i ijm-1 - ? ?t'? r?-nl .... $S07 Itttiii-t oa boo'i ? ?l two too... I.a.?# ?''I0 ft'i'. Interest i n ?otplu? income 10.000? 030,686 Pliant* for dlvMetxU ?T7 Which on } 4 ?00 ,000 of sto< k is equal t? nine teeif per cent and a fraction. Now lit us we how 1be Clevel.uid and Toledo will compare with thi< Ct?rkM?n imi Tot wo K<iijio?t>. A(fgri>fj?t? i srning- 1.,r the war ? ?fli> ial tsFi ??&, (>l<rti?>g exprne< - ? 64 I''" rent.... fit. Interest <'ii Ttond*? 000 8*6 0*sj late i est <>n (Uatirg 2'? , 000 ? $716 ?<1Z< I'sUncc for dlviilrnl' $ M.iiQ.; Which on #3,000,000 of sU*k is equal to thr*** percent and a fraction. No one would xuppraw frr m thei-e figures that CI veland and Toledo st ick was selling it *7 a '?T) per cent, and Galena and Chicago at only Ills 1 12 per rent. Ibe^e figure ar< ni"re favorable for the Cleveland and Toledo than the most cx[Krieneed railroad men in the conntry will admit. On account of the pe?*u liar disadvantage of working this road (two tracks of different gnages), it require* at least sixty per cent, instead of tiltv five of gross ean.inits to pay ennent operating exposes. Add to this a proper sum for general depreciation, and the result show* nothing whatever left for dividends. lie Catena and Chicago lUilroad Company on the I t of May last, as per the annual rejiort of that dat? , L?d on baud surplus earnings amounting to 131.1, 7.'4 4s. On the 1.1th of Jnly the r,,mp*ny esti mated its probable surplus for August 1st. after pay Ing all expen?ea, interest on bond* ami live per rent ca4i dividend, at $1!iJ,!tU. It wrmi, howler, tha their estimate of receipts for July (tUOjOOO) wu In < low by t the ar trial receipt* for that naoalh l+tng II *6 < <wis?<|?.eutly the e.rmpanjr in rt have bad on the lit of August, an ?urp4a ? of }42 ? ,s4i, A tottrftbic (?U U^ginamg qu Uk uesr d./ideiul? one that hiip'Ij >ho?il4 satisfy the Rot' ntrtngM t? The company iu:nie tho following .rep >rt ju ?t previous to tbe declaration of tbe dividend for Aagu.4:? .urplu* caitiiugt, w" leport., .... t.lf>,7'>) 18 i ariiin?<* for M*/, 1M6, < oorrrc ted ) 2U.I06 *) I'o f"r J una, 1W>&, (appn \uuate> . . 224 .NW 00 tV for Ju'y, 18<?- i ?nUiiwtydl J.'MJ.O'X) 00 WWW (Ut !<>?.?. (|erhtin? i *j.eni<e? lor May .#70, Mo OS I>p. 'in. f <i un? ?nd Julv l -O iXiO 00 hteittt vi kMti dut A?| 1 , 1H60 M,8P5 00-288,441 08 >417,019 tiO 'Ihe f> |.er cent dividend, wlucli ha* <!?? rlarttl pa I able Augiint 1. 18i>5, cannot ex <ted '. 224,000 00 Prohibit aurpiua, after dividend $392 !?1U 0O Add for eice*? in Jul} earn i n^* over rillmate 3f>,926 52 Aetna) Mirpln.-, 1, 186.'? H'jH.HH f>2 There are very few railroads in the country that can show anything like this in the way of surplus earnings. The gross income for the present fiscal year, with the above surplus, will 1-e equal to one half the entire cost ol the road. To be on a pa with the Galena and Chicago, the New York Central rhould earn one-half of it* entire capital tliia year, or an uggregale of se venteen millions of dollars. A meeting of the citizens of I.ockport wa ? held in that town, on the 23d Inst., to devise measures tbe construction of a railroad to-eowaect wjtli tb'fUuOhlo, Corning and New York City Itailroad A resolution was passed Appointing a committee of three on the fart of the citizens of Lockport to con fer with the directors of the road named, to agree upon terms of connecting with that road and report at a future meeting the result of such consultation. The anthracite coal trade is again lory heavy, the tonnage for the week reaching 1.14 ,032 tons, by tbe three line* connecting the mines with this city. The Schuylkill Navigation Company report coal ship ments for the week at 32,794 tons, and for the sea ion, to Tuesday la-t, at G*1,ft.">3 tous, against tuns to the same time last year. The tonnage on tbe Heading Railroad for the week is 58.H82 ton*, and for the Keason 1,3*7,4X1 tons, against 1,41.1,(150 tons to the corresponding time last year, showing an increase in tbe coal tonnage alone, over that of last year, of 173,783 tons. The increase in price is near ly as great as the Increase in tonnage. Tbe ship ments of coal on the I<chigh for the week ending on Saturday last were 42,376 tons, against 3!i,!xl2 tous for the corresponding week of last year; for the sea son, 771,43!) tons, against 704, 0N7 tons to the same time last year. In tbe trade there are no changes calling for special notice. There continues to lie a very good demnnd for shipment, but vessels are still scarce, notwithstanding the advance in freights. The retail market shows some increased activity, but without change of price. I<ehigh lump is in great demand, and the supply is short. The very health) condition of the iron market is exerting a favorable infltience upon the prices of coal. The shipments from Richmond, the depot of the Reading Itailroad Company, during the week end ing Angnst 23, and the destination, were as fol low a:? Albany N. V 807 N'awbern, N. C 81 Baltimore, Mil 237 Newport. It. I 174 lint t Inn, I.. 1 70 Net* Bedford, Mana... fiHO lion too. Mac 9,200 New I'mdou, Ct 114 Bristol, I n :t20 Norwich, ft 228 Hi Odd, K. 1 190 Norwalk, Ct 130 \. J, 40 New Orlenm, la 30') 10 iilffrport, Ct 279 New York K Brooklyn A, 914 Briderbuig l'n 132 Nyaek, S. V lot) Cumbridwc. Ma** fsW I'aw tuTet , H. I 400 Calais, Me 177 Providence, K. I. . . . . 1, 7H?? Charleston, PC 036 I'otighkecpoip, N. V. . ti7r. ( liai !<-tov D, Dim. . . . 8_k PnrUmooth, N . 1! ... .1.018 CheUfa, Mn*? 4lf> I'efk-kill, S. V 210 Cooper'* l'oint, N. J.. 187 l'eter?burg, Y? . 142 < aldwrll I ending, N.J. 100 t'ort Morn*, N. \ .... IN7 t be*ter, I'a 146 Richmond, V* HO I old*' Ferry N. Y. . . W> Knibury, Mau 102 I fghton M?~< 181 llbrkport. Mf ltKl litgnitowu M??. 107 lti>nd< ill. N. Y ...... 231 F. tlreenaicli, I.. I . . . . 161 ^alrro, M??. 1,610 lull Itiver, Mac 170 hab-m, N. J 80 Fiankfoid. l'a W> IMmgertlwi, N V 214 (Gardiner. Mr 260 !->i ii(f flng N. V OUi I ;?.i gi tnwn, 1>. (' 00 HlMty l'oint, K. \ ... 120 Green l'oint N. V.... 1H8 Statrn Inland, V V 421 llullowell. M.- ?? Ht. John, N. U 200 11k keiikack, N.J te) Stonington. Ct ?.'> llotx.ken, N. J 221 Troy, N. Y 1,170 llu<'?u>n, S. Y 227 Wa>U||lnD, l?. (J 1.8 I , mi, Mam 394 Warren, It I 214 Maima Hot.k l'a 04 Wlltninfrfon N. C 200 Manliattunrllle, N. Y . 210 Wilmington. IVl 100 Mrdfird, Ma?f 211 Y"nker? N. Y. ...... 417 Mold la, Ala 100 Yorkvillr, N. Y M Npji.iiiwt, Mara VOS ? ? Newark, N.J 140 Total H7,4ft9 New bill g, N. 1 loft I'oriNXia I,02fl,7?7 New Ha*?n. Ct 1,009 Uat yrar 014, 08? The amount received at the Custom House, Phila delphia. for duties on customs for the mouth of Au giiHt, 1M&, was $441 ,422 70. The annexed statement exhibits the quantity and value of certain articles exported from this port during the week ending and including Friday, Ang. 31, ls6f>, distingtiiehing the destination and extent of aliiuments to each iilace: < <?**?!.* or nix tarr <>? N?;w Yrnu ? Tiixc or Exmra. IJlWol . Vol ik. (Juan. Vol liUTH) FW1, eka,,., n HI 4ft, W9 I K Ko<>d-. > ? 3 UN 12, OWl MatlomTjr. pk 4 2'<0 2,900 leptnll r?.. 7 1,518 M ils Tor. *hfU. h?. 0 4 0 5ft 4.562 Miwl ffra<.?.hla 8M 4,W? 1.H7 ? Hvndrtea ? 1ft an 4,136 Tilul .?1S7DTT" 920,760 Roain, bbU. 949 2,700 7 urix nllin- . 1,171 A, Ml y irflTcr.llM. 30,000 7,0 66 Ilnoba, it.... 11 Id 290 Murhin'iy hi I 2.7I5 Oara 3,0?>T I , I'.T (Tiarrnal bbla. 192 1' 741 < urnw'xHl.fofn 'V 17.' 10 l>bl . . 400 22.11ft Bow* lili'if . :'0 1.273 * 1 1 T ?.% M?v? < 2,000 rr<4 >unililo? . . . . ? 1 *> (/"tin Cot ton l>aln.l,7fU Coin, Ixinh Whfit 6.21ft I lour, bbb . . 600 < lierrr lb*.';:KJ,2i:i W liiieboM. . V 1 04 Ti t*c"), I"*. 1ST J-jIrrn. bbla. . "1 K'xId 1 267 1 lour. bMa.,3 :.<w I i ? f, Ira lOS V. hi ?t, bu?h.C.442 i hi"< ll>?. tot. , l'i0 \\ t tttrUidC IS, 056 I K, ca 61 T<iUmo,Ui?. 1 4 277 < ,1 take tr?.2.712 w RaiU 18,77ft I?mi oil, 11, 10? I"tb, M. 11 1 1? * k bi? . M iMltll, liM? 1! St^il, ft ? l'?.,0 11 B, laWa.l "'0 l.,l ?ct'> ll?. 10,907 I'otBtotii. bula 763 \\ ll?? a: '?'71 Ri cin, libit . . (<"> t !'inr 4 !' i a fk* 54 Total i-tara, em.. . . 7 . lb- 49,008 1 I' (^i^^tn, ra *?1 l'?4tlirg, bt> 2 It. ?? ra 1 \V*ti h oil I iUldvarr, ra. I I atotli X" 1 IWOll v ?Tft.All 7..Urro U .. I'.l 2,071 Ahpetn !<?<> 400 22 710 Mrlo4Nn . . . . I 16,999 mitn , , . . 9,999 H'i7 i iimlx-r. ft 7,000 92 Somlrif. ? 2, OK H**rr. ?17 1 llor>?* 1:' 599 I'lmrr't < il ra I Mb Wum I * 69 J. will- r /.? 60 ( liina -a 1 Mioaiala, ra. IVJ Ifc^a ra .... 400 FiirMfrir- .... Tilul T. arrn, II.. f. WOO Ma| !" m norm ? 1 1 ji ., | ? 70 I urnilura, ra. '2 ? InrpV, Mia 1?5 I i in M la . . 1 W 6 1 I' ' '!?, < ? 4*S? Total IIJHIli W.. MGO Itrujfa ?*? 21 ",<t)4 l'i.if?ii,. . . 1 (1. < ka. \n* . t, 1 ??? Pht? fit- 1?1 '.'.0:0 1/v WUUQ. tea i'.l l.**i hla?aa 9, .*00 tit w> f't'ofi tab* V8 Ti i -a itn>< f<f 172 7. >xrrn l.alfa 1 .Ml ''?higa'' . l|f? 149 ? *- ? 2 FI'tji-io hh'la 92 7 lar..,,|t>. 11,1152 J Mai KTir HHIH M. ? 1 7.'i0 Isigmtml t'* 1'2T1 7,772 H tiir|*nt> bM *'> 1 ,109 y.rlt '.ail blxU I I ?' 0 \ arni'll bbl i 2ft 110 I'tmllr, trt 99 ft;il? Hiirilrti a ? I >96 Ml> o, tailia. - If i niiHtfi B ha. \ i 111 -h bbU. .'-inara, M,. .. Map BOS**.. t'< rk M ia. . .SO)0 i g*r I" . .. I'Q *'< f <'j i ra 15 CV-rfca. |ii . a tf. Total fhrf i hi Mapia |-UMk luit.itorf ?. 7-'?I J / f?l?il. tra . '..'.1 Mt. wxla, hg? H<0 i.vk l?ifc . . . 9 I m n bM? ... 6* 1 1 raitar* Wttr ? To4? I kni, fc *?t? Ho-k 4 1 4 U? wimcirm: ?.' Mai <an? Ig* !?'? '70 Y*~in, bWa 100 !8( l/)p?.?.t,t'.n? lift T1"! I,ur?<lrt?'? . ... ? 422 4W T?iUl oiwitnMiru' M7,?io T?Wm, b?a v. 4 ttd I nrnilnr* lA? -1 ym I'-rt Hi 497 r hut ?!'? "?> *> \i ?iifH I wjw 1*1 r??<*j/,aa $A H> ~f tnrp ,bWa 9 Mavau 17 f??> 1M 101 ToUi UBMW. II J. I. anlai ,fl ilH.M IQn 'Mb' i irtl'laa ? 8,099 r a. "ami ?/.?*?? M. 44.ii i ? tea, 10 T79 l?a>b*r. abtaw 19 ? 1,100 3,1*10 I ? 290 ?< 197 ?27 7M ? I ft 00 4f?0 740 :,?n ft O'l ?7'? 4:' 262 92 tl? 1..VT4I 7ft IT* 4i: it ?2" .??? ?rt'2? 216 2,4i1 110 ?7 ?0 -rt 4.1 260 ? ?: vw 1.1 iu 7Hal H,T?9 ft w. ? . 7'.1 *>,000 . .. >.6 Hour. M>U I01L, bbl* I ? ??(, bbi* I itrli. tlil* Itreiia, bOi* lliick fco Ro? in. bbl.- . . , llftOt<-, c*?i ?... Furniture, bft*. '0 Wheat, bu>b 1, 700 Com, bu>h .2,600 Malt, IxiabeN. 4UI Total Hotter, lb*. ') 472 Lart, A* 13,949 ( kMM !!?? ... '."Ob BrtM, I'M*. . 27 Hardware, e (> ' Mft 10 Suitdiie* rafk. 1 Hour, bbl* ... . Wl t ill .lo, IkiH*#. 'JO ?N ,;i p , IhiIom... 2 1 11*7, balea .''0 < HI, Ui*r? M \\ ine, ra?.k?.. . . 26 Tola! , . . Dttltttl l?f til AaiMui A* I ?.M? 9*. *Jl lire Hour, W<to WV 30,801 ToMc.o lb* tf.WJti J J48 Wine. ca*k*. . . 80 188 ToIiuto, hit 'I* I ? MKJ la 1, tv . . . I.IJ0 *?> 20 Til Uraeot bbl- \X1 ?-V> T?ll.;?, 11,. 1 1. 300 MimiI- k lth<l .202 o,ft.O ( l.>thii,? ca lo 2 210 < >?r? tiii, IM B mxlrif* ? %ao 1.434 I'dOO 110 lar T7 S4T 1 soo I M 60 iimii-ji v> wr hui? 91,307 I/i-ath.go*)* ca I 1,771 Mnteh<-?, im* 4.'. 22 Ham*, Iba . I,H0u 114 Pork, bbl* ...116 IX* I Jinl oil, ght*. .320 IB.' Ileef, bbla HJO 83 Toitguri, I '.1. :il 2,4W.'I Onion*, r? .e* . 1ft 8!l ( 'urriagea.ra'f* li 41 (urn, bttabel*. l.'<2 74 Lumbar, fwt.8,000 108 Htudrlr* ? 1,393 .948, Ml ? 70 i.7? ?tn 1 w?o 33 it 2,10 b.: 7ft 470 1<>4> 111 ..HlJ Hour, bbla. . 1,67!' March, boxea 871 Tra, cheat*,.. Unral 009 I ltta(er 26 Botln 26 Twine, bale*. 360 Chi-hI?, caaea, .')0 .-p.turen..bbU 60 W. leuil, Leg*. .00 Totiil lard. II". . 41.17C W.fcjew 'lry,r? 1 Ale, bbla <4 (lard, n ixl rk 1 Tool*, mm*.. Leather, rnlb-. r-till k worm . Iron tank*. . Papar, irnnut. Tar. bbla liaa fixture ,<?* 4 I 6 ftOO 26 1 JU.KNTIVK KriVHU, . 914,682 \ araiah.Ca*** 10 3,030 K.rraeka.bx*. 1,000 2.47^1 Tobacco, lb*. 6 , 3 11 .'till Match''*. c*. ft.'' 60 Cordage, pkga, *14 48 'Woodwanyc*. 760 1.9C! l.unilx r, ft. 181,3'*, 'Wirt Host* 13 804 Sundries ? 810 ? t-i >v otiVu 93. 7(41 < Vmp'gne, bk HO 44N> I a, k- n il l II., 2711 611 WiM'imlll .... 1 072 Wirklntf I 'JO 177, lit Hull, fal?. H-. 4;i2 lli k.tlah bbl ? 17, l.llllft (.mIMmIi, 1 Rnkn H iKtO llariloare bt* 8 18* ."?uinlricii ? .914 718 ,93.i,76rt Hour, bbl 1'ork Ilutti-r, lbs I aril Km nd, bbl* Ileef ( liii'Ke, lb*. Tiibarrn .... CoiKNtlri, f> TobailM, bla. . 0 IT?o. %(?. 1 "kill Ilaulwu . , Vrv (T'Malh, r?. nmiiK, ll>' . 1,22:1 I .li|U?ri>, bbl-. tl Wine fl Trunk- 20 Total . . 328 . . l.U :i l:to . 1,1KV1 11,7 . :;7 . I,8? 8 .1,172 70 10 27 :.l 37 16 178 Total IIKITIWI MIKtll IIAH. i. ii'". I ; ? 1. .- . at... 1 2,2*7 .'?Ufar, bbl* . 18 721 I'otatiiea . ... 21 244 Kic.', tr, 1,317 ('aiii|l<,< c?... 27 Uii ,' alnt, k?|(a. . . 18 '.81* (*..,. 12 287 l>rii*? I'kHN . 41 ?,7S? (fcirmKr- ... .'1 7.". Suit* of Hall*. 4 4-*i Ka. water, bu 60 247> (a mile* 2<0 4,'Wl H|>iren, lirtj(s I ?> 2,620 (VmIIi it, ra*k* Ift 175 Shite*, M 3 1W8 I'oa, ehi-ata. . . W '8 Suit'lrlea ? 170 .913,926 978 Ml Flour, bbl* .. . 7< 0 Candle*, bia . !<0 F'drnilure.. . . 41 Vaini>li,cn... U Hour, bbla.. 7!02 ,1'ot k '.'37, Ileef 233 llutier, lb* . 2, 034 |l<;iiie?llc*. ba. 14(1 Clui'Cng.hlidK. 122 Carpet, c*. ... 1 1 n|rra> mtc*. ., h'?'(rn r* Hook* Twine, lb*... Coal. tun*. . . Silvei wine, rla Mite bitter*. I.'p>0K'*N*.r* I'rua*. Ii**.. . Hfiniwart'. . . I afer I'iiklM, | k*. . I.ralher r*. . lo(ol 1 60 3 7 MH I 84 4 V0 40 4 33 6:1 ?rw mi ?\ aim. 9I.27>0 A. aoal, ton* 802 4<12 Sundiiea ? 466 wo Total niiKA 93,400 hhoea, ra 2 4,007 Stationery . . 1 3,622 SUve., &c... 24 A.I0 I Ian,., lb* I ,(*10 7 8. 'ft WihhIwbi" , pk :10 32,709 S,ap, lb* 64 376 Pitch 120 100 Tar 120 Soalea.Oi.,pka '22 l(i>Acpi*a*,bbl* . '.*) PMtle fl*h,r?. 48 2,744 'Jonifum.bbli. .'I 200 Paint, kg* . .. 1H.) 4'i. Oordagi-, o*. . . -nnt !i8'l Sugai . b*? ... 10 ft70 Cra.-kei a 28 8('>6 (,uti*, c* :-IO CVieliial?l 18 269 (Mhrr articlei ? 81 362 220 ;ifl7 V alne 1 f mil-e eip< rl"l duilng thi' week . Ho. apecle do. do, Total exportation* T otal ini|*,rtatlniir . I xre? 1 f Import* oyer etpart* 92,296,271 Tbt- ftilUiwlnK i* a cotnparativf atrieturnl of tin- ' valm of exportu frum tin* connnem einent of th<> year to Aiiffuxt 30 : ? 1K4-1 18..V Inrw. /|.?t.>iv. Cottoa.... 910 877,210 >x 174 0i! . ? 92.703,196 Hour 6,690,616 2,706,946 ? 2,063,T70 Corn meal... 226,702 217, Wl ? 7,779 Wit. at 3,000,;?i0 10' 242 ? 1,901 118 Corn tr.Mn+l 2,72l ,!'Kli 9' 70 1112 ? Ileef 74{i,?? 96:1,066 217 163 ? Pork 977,638 2,a'l3,988 1 068,182 ? Tot ii I .. ?23,8?7.f>7? 917.018, 0?a 91,644 227 98.446,86a Net di ercaac to Augimt -'O 1868 7,961,699 Wc in. tire an outward innvemcnt of lircadrtuflW. To Liveijiool and I/ondoti flour, wh'-at and corn wrrr 8lii]i]>'d last week to a moderate extent. Erery wci'k lliin exportation will inrreaae. To the BriiUh prmlncN then- wcic large alilpmeiit* of bread* luff* and provialon*, and we nee among the ex[tort? to Conxtaotinople a large amount of pmri Mion*. The importation Into thin port laat week wi re to about the u?iu?J extent. ? HI til* r< ytgi P?rnlr l.nJ 33 22 ta H?im Itrt*t!pa Mr i) ... |lntti.n? ( liinfl 10 Hrnrt ? ? ??dr. .0,046 <v*i \.-m CUT 900 CWka 2 f"?ka 64 I hk d<xj<b. 4 IJ-'tlr. _ litttga. k< ? A It: m 160 < VidUn .... 70 (?k >i inful . a Cn-t, r oil ;,1 loClllP I'l.taal . 6 |> rfll tl?. ...... . 1 If -cur IM V ,gn' aia. ,. . ,N<.? \ I T 1 1 1<- :> . ' II DAT ? If . . , "I ? ' m I.i >rk l'?pr <41 ... . . N ?la a>h S> Mir- <f.?rillfl . Vl'l |f| M?<l , . , Minrlrll-a I ?iin i?.?, I ^?i"il I i-f'ir I ''har*' , 1/fVMil Mm(1i?4 r ,,|t , I "!.? i . . I'liritu *!? lora ^ malta ....... * pi in till) ri Pi.|l?ri? . I ralta. JN i ; ? Villi riMMiM ran i< fCafrMtofi. . . laril. w*'? . Ian. y f/" 4* ? ii ' ? .... I tab C- In# . vo 2AO -06 I ?jr. 4 4? ??I .0 I iatayla-* Mirf r pla'> I I a I < . Hi , r' 1"4 > II man l ?ir llallm f? lirfM ml?b?-r H-alla .... f.TO 2 ")? .'4A iirr "r St Vtihi' ?< V 4 4 Wft.'. I.WI M?4 II,747 13,1*1 1 61.! 15,017 24.&04 4,272 vn i.oio 1.74! U2I 4,714 2 47ft i ?< 14# Mil 1 IN :ut 2,2?4 flfj 214 :*2 17 7 jn 6,14-' I Ml 3 IM ma; urn ?ty 2 art . *<- ? wet : f. .*? ?7t It 4U 1 ,421 "tb I HI I -? sr. 1 I'D! i0: vr-i 2.IM ? , ir.'fc?i? I IT* Wll 1,647 (?,46* M ?. DM ? - 1 i ,r? . IM 171 I 444 I A. I 400 2.7*4 ?a in 277 1,1T? w Vi>?* ? Vnri or lnf>iar? /'I //. I'll./ Mmiral inat'a. iCi Mjithaiiint'l " 4 Oj.ll.aI ?' II ?Ipwilrr 30 <'il |>aiatin*>, 2 Matrliaa .... 4 I4i|uura, hi- ? AJ? 26 Hum rift Ok 'jo laathar 16 Irra?a?-.| akina 44 l ' . ? IVmiI. A I Urtk] lllWKla. ? - Oultry 76 Haiilwai* , 1.12 Oipper 4 IVrru>'BMpa 5 <.un? 4# I ~ .|. 246 Iran tona . . , . ;ci4 laa?l 2 624 Npp<II?? 11 KallrVI Iron TU.Z l <?|.| ai. Ul .... ? VI Ul *?? 4- I llo'.l irari-. 8 liar 4,704 Hp. I 41 Mtli-rf 5 fliot M V ? ?'0 IJtll 71 |l r l,2><0 <>rtnt?)r>n*? ? HMlilnr'T. 2 Wur 2 Bur 1 lavft M-Wau" i/? I'aprr ... II I> SI l't,? . a liT'l ?|<i- ?> fA .Salt ? M Mta . , , , . 26 Ha* tan ? Tab4<<aa 26 I'a*. SIS ?ut?r, h)?l? I r*0 I 1,074 ><?tl"i.pry Tii In n? toy. Tn? ?a/? 1 '...., W. ?. |a?. W IB' ? .... I ) nm I J0t>* r. . * .?4? Kth fanf I of ti tost. WiOirV w.-l , . iv?*? t Hw4rla( . , ?S m: 1.107 .7*. ?t Vali p i4 ttft' ' ha ?" k . . IV. '? r >ri<tiM p-i? '<? tl?p ?na? ?pi lurnf 4a. 417 p.71 Tlw m??t itnportMl IWoa rrf irnj^irt ?! '. r i ri tSr ww ?* frill'rin -Vr.4r?iw<l akin* 177,164; cUffj, 141 *11; milro?il Im, $117 f, 7 -ir?r, 1 1 1 7. '">4; ??|rh^a, MJ?' l??. ?II4A?. r?i" ? le u ?eirr?(n??* Aon no? differ iu urla fro?* U??4 nr*k? prt-TKr'M. ?Urk rufcanf' I -44t>l ? t'a . ... |?'| I a?li >?}?'.? M"' 4*a ft ! A> i all' 1Wio(My u -/?</ ? i'| i a t-4 lUlA 11)1??' a lr>' ?" ? j . fi ?. Vk" ?? r,. HV : ' ?? * a,r? I'.M Mi *"? | III < 1 R l"*' a i.ii 4> ].?.? d ** Ir* * ^ * i :'<T. !*?!?< J.". S'.J ? Mcvir?< |<i ik< VT 4 1'^ ,m Mm KaHr?44 '<? <la lari 1 ft <4 4<i 4-. I*i 4. **> 4? . . . I?* 4*.... ? 4a.,,. I? 4o ,, a. ?. |4? 4'< , , M /? If ? i Win KM I IT l, llfi ?4?, ?*s r. irt 104 H 12), ;m l'l* u. , *s I IIU IA9 I'M a Ms ?>i M U ? 14 fci a vi ...4 42 .. ?i I t.10 42 , kn Ms k? im y) I** M *h OA 01 21 iinj lOOtf 9 r?C {>1 fc T *? hd? ?? J> N-ir t UK w 60 .in I I, .n.* liana 1 S l 16m HK b'WI 'Mv lo ( Hj l-.iul IJH ;00 l,i ((q |f |> *B OrMIM li*tlk H.'i ,40 IWi I < lit Huil Can Co ] 1 >? ,1,, 2*0 Canton <k .. MS im) j, a,,, ltt) d?> altl **i i, 100 J,, ng J ?:o Nif Tr?? Co 1*', bi> 4n uno l'? ?l" h?'? l? ? 212 Mich (' >,..a iu> do. aeo I*i, lco a ? ui y<*? <1 ?> ?J> l'li 1'uU.un I Kit *114 107 1 00 ilo Mft ll\ * Oov, C ?n.l On IOOj ISO do ho 1* . 60 (.1ft k lit im *3 m ;:oi enn f . iU < < . . .*" 1?I>, 100 4b.. . | no y? M do liku* 17 k Our mi no* 100 do WKI 104 M .1-1 in Mi < nm foal Co. . Mi Ti,i loo do . i w) u?t Ji?? <!? bio 27# lloct.-r k TulMo .*3 hi >? d.. ikW s* loo do ia tn M? do 27% 100 da hM i'0 a.. ... r 27'. ;?*> do.... i?m -W do ?<t) ttM 100 do b*t ...? 6U> Ward Coal C ,.blO 1', 100 do b.? ?t|? If*' do... ,?10 lk <lo 91 K r>N V Can HK l?v4 0,4, ,l? M() g7 '**> 'I" bl? *?S 24 da nj| ,s Jo KChk Rock U RS MM ? ? raOOMS MAM. ?li?)\irginia 0 * aS Hy 1A0 ah* Kile KH .<? 11^ MMl Mlaeniri ?'?. l r, ftflO lWMUtig KR hlO M|L ? 1-00 N Albh>al6V hh lm llUaoin On Hit Mk 'JiOO.WIVu KH ba.*0 Vl \ ltiO IV* K Ti>l lilt a2 Mft, 60 ?h* Cauton Co. . . ??, SOOak nafcChicRlt 111 1UJ KM Trmriii Co LIO Ih HO chic \ R I 111'. US OOfe M> do t>SO If, 76 1 L'? k I'ut, lut . . TO w?' <Jo WW 1? lOU Hu lru, Kit MK 1D0 do !?', TltAIlK ItKPOHT. &kTt MUT, 1?4 P. M Ami (J- ?halo" about 100 bbl*., a' p', i', , y i K p,^ atid M 37 for |>rarl?. isuin* Huutrral | , Mi i p?,i ???I ?l ffl 60 1 lif ?t?ck ou hau>l iIk- I <t inut a I boM ?orth, wnn 7S0 tiliU. Inn 'Un ??> ? Hour? TIk1 market n< lull an I r> at a 26 r. |mt bbl., an<l In m<inc r?.fi n( Weiura al 37c a '?in- lowm Tb? ??1im finbric"<) atnut n,0M* 7 IK 0 bbl* . including ritinuion .-tnt?\ at 67 J> a >7 an<< 'am ^ wllh ? itra, at $" <?.' a M. Wi-at?rn rantr?l Iraa 67 87 :? f* bO for ml*<-l t<> fan y anil rilra braoda, roua4 l.oo|> a ?' I mill Ohio Mri r* irporlcd at M a 'Jb, tm cl'!<liUtf 1,1X10 ritri fur rxport, al 68 OinadlM waa nominal. Nmlbern ?aa dull an l Iih Iimi-! t? <lr?o?, 7 1 ? ' .?? WW bbil. were aoM at 6H <"> I" 610 f"i t>>? vhala ii<iik<- of inferior common to extra. Itra Hour vw lowot . of l,0>ai l,t.U , at 66 7ft a 60 '? < fine, an# 67 '.ft a 67 7ft for i>u|>einne. Meal ?rua iinrbaeee*. Wlirn' ? 'llio ralea rmbraord 7,000 a S,<MH) bu-bela, IneTaA i i>k Southern r?l, ut 61 7'i n 61 H". in I K>ioUiern ?hlu, at 61 02 a 1 1 Oft. in- lai<lF<1 in tlie above wera 4 *00 buaMa BikkI wbltiv for c(|Mirt, al 61 Oh, an l M?> bualtela bw Tljvrr wbiie aold at 61 '*2. tV iu? 17ia aalaa ? ere runfiaaA to ji Imhi t 211,1*10 a .'10,000 hiialinla Weatern iniiisl, at tfv. I anil anme aiuall lota aold a?i Ijr at Htk, It/* ? l,?Xi loiahi'la aohl at $1 li> Hata win* dull and Willi anlf" Waatern ami lliii mfo al 60r a 64r (Vnrv. ? Aliont 2 ftOO mata Java were -old at a t., mmt iHKi twig# lioi at 11 >i?. a Ut. . loo Marar?lbo at 11 H1*. I'?nii.s ? Tin aali'N eiiiUtari-d alxmt !.(**? Imliu, aloataf at 111. fur ini'ldllng U|4aii'ia, 11'. fordo. Mobile, MM ll',i- for Now t irleana m ? tin aitvanr* ill rat<< dei/ian 1*1 Uf own^ra olM'Cked trinaacliona To l.twijeml, l.wn balaa ol inttiii ?ti* e I. If a ire. 1 at :Mnd. for gialn and tUwr mticlea lii|(b?i ratra wnf dxaawdnt. Tliera waa ?? ihaii|p>of utmnent in ratea for tb* Contiuent an l CMl furnla. Ilat oar at 70c. a 7ftr , and dull. Ilui.\ ? 2M ton? S'NtcIl V'K were reporte<i at 6U, Mi Month*. M?i *!W ? 100 Imnela New Orleana wera aold at 3Tc Navai SroHifr ? K|.iilt? werv firmer, with bu/orw at 4?. ., *iiil?>44r. w*? a^ked raiiMMii? ? l'ork? Market Drmer, with aal?< of I M a 1 :ij0 tmrreU, ini-ludiiiR lo w ineaa at 6?S 97, and at 622 Ml, bnrer'a option. I'> dajra, and piiuie at IIP 6^ old waa i|?lei Ib-i f?llMI tiern-a repacked weatern aoM nt 61o, country ineaa and iiiuue wa? firmer at jrnalar ('jlf '? (I'ndaj) rate*, of wbii h about 260 iatrrWi warn aold. < ii' meat* arid t.arun were ijuiet and firm. TV following tnblc abowa the aim k ol pork and l-eef in packing j aida of New Vork and lir.iokl/ii, .".pt ember 1, 1666i ? I'liKX (Jualil <1. (M<i. AVk Clear ? JKl Me?. 711 14.M4 linn mom.. 17 1122 I'rline iiicmi ? 00'J Itauk., ? 217 I'dtae 7 2,Mt Hump*. Hefuie oie?a In. pilme 1 it her iefii-< I inli-i' i to<l Total* Cily nitu I o. prim* Hi-) a- ked mrui .... 1 11 t hi' mifii do . . . I'ailroad l*"f Ill foal liii'il I'ii. pi line ? 'ther icfa ? 1 ini e . Uir*. 1 lei re- pllnie lne?? I uuntrj ineaa.,.,. lo. prime .... Cnina| trIN,,., Total* .'s7? 0.MH c, Tn.' 16 110 II , Ulliaai firm, with aaiea of 200 a i<J0 bbta. , a' 1 1 v a II'.' ., <hee"o and Imtlcr un< hany d Mil * firm. M oaak* wera aohl al 6e alt, i?r Ih Hume? -The ?aji a rearb"! alxnit l'J>4 lihda (Ma mu?'orailo, at <^r. a 7,H<., With aaani Part# IUr*a at 7 ' , r The ruarki t araa ),< a ',r higher Meaara Mm aita, refiner', cairrerlid Il-t made a line owr laat iaaa*V laki ? a aim higher range for aame gradea, awl a Uinta aa fi'llnwa:? iffoihl* leflned loaf aa^ai, loi4e per Ih , don bie leflned rrnehod augar 10', r , groan! augar 0%e ? eirrle A rritahed augar. 10 Wiii??rT ? call ? were mad* of aboat M b*il* DUa and 1 riaim, at 43%'., rloaing dull. Wotklf WUymrt mf Dnlha In Iha . I*f ktpl muni J "I *?aa V'.rk If hi IU- UA'k la# ?f liifuil l? tli? 1 at 4<j , |IM Man. 77 auman fil >*?}?, Iwt ai*? MM A'lolla I'tl, ctilbJiaa, 410 in* 1m, Jn?. Inu4i. 77?, o4km ??1 pT'MXt'. 0. *?|?lijr al* , . JUbtimtnarfe k It' *ht'? of kHo#j Ap< A w It0'?1hijr from 2 HIn *1 < ih( fftn ii . * K'?fU ?<( . 2 lit* in 4ti? ?* of . . 1 Hurt' hitia *? f'6i?r*?r, 'I ('?nm of be 1 <??*irh I dM'iftltf, (by f*Jb> ? I (??.,?)! j. (hy 'i Ou4?r* I 'In .iftri tfifarit Mi fll n.'>fUi? 3 < on t4 ()*#? br?m 1 of lh" brftifi by (ml I CVriffiil' ii ?,f I ?in fi lift ?tl* n of lutHT* I ? t> n i -?* ? ? tatuOl- ?? tflfftMtf* !?? '?! f I out* .... 1 ? Mlitj inftn'll* l*yrittrn lirrr*m? I i*< rW? ?? | ifo|*f in ?h* ' w?! i M | la Iht W4 I'!' ? . .... 1 y . ' W?H? I rti|.<)'-a ... .... K-...,-la. hn UHiiM Cf?n t. i??i ? r p#-' ? i f>?ar, (??>, m'Ki I rvai , lffi*>bt 1 ?.? ft ..M? ?*T?l. l/pliUI I r?a? JT?llo? ... . .. fMUiitM tha <4 nil ... Wv tu" al tba >|>?ba UUtwU, <li?Maa of , . . Ilau* 4i??a*aaf tlxarl nltaki ii. "|rin( r -mti lafUtninad'ia of hnw^tt lafUmiiiaU'ia ?>< luata . ! nlU rnnia 1 1 ia <A llaar lilannutl'ii of liafa Inflammalim n< ?twMi b lnt'0?|<*r*i> ?-? Int-iaaiji-'p*' >n lalM ii ii' > ki'ltia/a, ilaaaw irl Kill"! M BinnWfart, KIJl'l at mn4?ia4. ? iM ?/ . . .... \j. k )?? i t?>???tilai I /iirf? H *aa?a "# U>l' in?M ii of .(nita Mtiimui a lall In'aa'ila KraaM VUntll. aU'.ii M I'll ?* lan<f? MaftMU'n. if k* Nana* ? 'rt.l ?c* . I'aiay I l< ?' Uj rmntiuilMr'li lt|i*?Miha 4 ibal.a*?l r? i ufua , Sr , f*Jl *? V'T* miiiwn ?.r .i. m lb* TarlMac I n*?-.?u l?< lb? J ? IM? In T?^?l ?m tttf I Mf*m i llrala MM or run t'A I rif ?(!*? '??*??? k I Mil alvl I i'?-1 ??? ??u i I lki<*i * >>!.!??? * k' ant afufi'ita la?ai? ...... 11'- tti k r K ih ? '?f vhl' k ftftaaa w? ? ' flaaark atbaa <n>H)wii|m ? I ara-tala -a?' a?t ???? >?1 lata" I ataaaa I iaa i ? T'.'al b rb-Wa; >?Ma I a > 1 aaaf , ? S l n_ ? , 10 la l? y 1 ia?ia I ;a.f 10 ia? U.I., ?S) I ? 2* ja ? Ii '? J?" Ta'a *mIi*. |ini.>b <air?a Ii^iH I ' > l?? ? I. a ?? ubf , I/a<aa>! . . . Twf.1 ru 1 o 4 la W f?a? to v. ia? ;aa " '4 I . 'O raari r* In ?# rMn T? *) / aara .1 I aalf/va .... ?aniUal ..... . Aaaaa a f ai'wl >?UIM I ii* iv/wa r ?? nwiiit>w? Almakoaa* HUaralaM Ha ia?l lla^iil ? 'f lf'a|4<*l f Kt f'ra torn .... I , ?-M III II a M - 1 1. Mix Arf1*m aaa'al h :i I* Uiuli' iaf'i" * b* Maaa to ? ?' * s ?> iaa I Iwaal ? ?|a*ai *n4 a la '*?< ? >*-* n '? ? a ii H .14 f ...? M ? iJ'lm+m l*f U*f*l ? ? 1 )? la. ,Va 11 1 4 l??y- ? II *? . ?* W ?? a a ' !? Ull II 1 ?m-iHW ? triwn * II ? .a ha HaOa .a H al W B .... f?if la.ya ?> t

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