Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 9, 1855, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 9, 1855 Page 6
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IMVOVTAWT irriuww. we <?? ETU: SSwat timata with the officers of th? , Jureign I^on and hi* .dement U wau* from fr?0? wril in and from oouimunioaiioas made to U? r ltten i? formed WHiices. His statement ?? originally wrnie 1 grain urtoa.rtlcb were ??' uSi "?"?S- '? *mce.b?v* aga{nwmmcnc??bu orJer the brtUr to another manner th.n formerb, jurilldiction. eacape the pr??ecuU' u? ,inuils of the manner is which UW?2iI r" ???*???? .< ??. <Jw ^ (Issuer I* Msrcband, sent several officers t he ' T6U: hngli-h Infantry regiment, stationed at fbliftc to tbe i'nited -States, ?n order to pick out there rf alM?' ?u,i Polish officers, who would be ready to en Tut men f?r the F-nglisb foreign legion. There were soon found out a great number, aud these weie farnished with the neewai-y iniitr actions and the requisite > aud wiit to all the laiger dtles of the 1 '''ff1. . and particularly to Boston, New York, Philadelphia. Baltimore. Cincinnati, New Orleans, fcc., in order to beam their business. Consul In those citiex roorfred instructions in 1 elation to these agents from the Kug li-b Ambsssador at Washington, aud the recruiting officer* were placed under their direct order.and through the consuls they received their p^y, which amounted to $72 a mon h. The recruiUng b^taeM did not nucmd the hrsi three months, aud the Brltun government Wvuu to d ? puir. At tills Juncture a Mr. ?trobel made ? proposition to the English government t.. fuinuhHOO recruit, in the couise of three mouthy, if they would give lilin uu advance ol ?-t>.uw. This otter ?? eagerly accepted, and Sirobel received the eoonlMiun of a captain. Ktrohel wont to dilTotfU part* uf the United Mates aud Canada, but spent all the mooev received after a few months, time be furnished only one hundred rwruiti. When^is nioucy *u -pent !-trobel returned to Halifax, he win charged with robbery und dismissed wilh Thin tact instantly telegraphed to ihv Lou?ul.t;0 York, and when Mrobel aliurwuid. came to late he was turn-d "ut of doors by him. The other re cruiting officers stationed in the I nl:ed Stutos had ?ean whit* brought t age the. about l.oOO men, of whoui 8?>0 arrived ut Halifax; the remainder Wert partly k?pt back before they had been embarked, by the American offi cials, and partly ran away when the sailing was ll?[uJrf'1 by the intervention of the U. ?. l-ourts. ' ,o' cruiting officers were arreted. f?KJ of the 800 ?e" j ed at lulilix were accepted, und the remaining .100 found un at ind wer^nt bad to the Lnited btates in different Tbattallon was now formed of the accepted fl? hun dred men and divided into live companies. Although the Raitifti government in liali a\ wsde.contract with still several officer*, lu |arlieular with a 1 ole mrai Snuili'i ?k v in regard to enlistment, and did not yet thTleerolts lur.ilshed decreased every day in number for some months, dome of the recruiting officers had been uries ed and placed und.-r bail, aud others intimidated, so that they began to do the busmen carele?dy. tubers absconded with the mom-y received for enlistment, and .mly single ^ uals continued the business nc ively in Boston and >n pw York. Thei-e t-eut ox cry week u lew recruits in '"^"ent vessels to Halifax. A* 'bo su?i sp- nt by the British government in llaUfax for enll 'tm. nls in the Un'tel btates was found to amount to t'.'EAOOO towards the end of last month, and for that i nly about six hundred Acceptable recruits had been turnished. the government began to consider another plan to manage the enlistment w^morc success. All the recruiting officers who were Htill reading in the United -tates were recalled, and ar rived at Halifax about a for night ago. hum* ol _^om were instantly dismlsfod, und seut hack to the United Statea without any indemnittcatlon; others were ein P,S^rdt^ke"?^:-bestuse oftho next favorable time, the English government in Halifax has now ap pointed a greater of recruiting officers to go ^to dilferent pi*s of the United Sta tes, and to i-emain there all the winter, to appoint Agents, wh i, to avoid all conflict with the gorernroont, are to send all unemnioved men, under the preteuce of work, to Cu ngda wliei-e is now the chief depot of the Knglish >o rei*? Legion. This new plan of enh-tment has gone into oueratiou, and already this week have single reciuit iwr officers been sent to dul- reut places of the Statea. ^ose recruiting oflicers who huve till now been very ac tive, and fome of whi m will be hereafter engaged n the businetw are Capt. M. Von Carstensen, l,iojt.i>eorgenscn, Kt Kuwel, lieut. Hafer. Ueut. dchuhmacker, Ueut. Krimmisey, Ueut. Ihowan, (oiiioial fhimousky Lieut. FchwarreuUorn. Ueut. Hitter, Uout. lessen. Iieot. l.oh rer, Lieut, ^chulimann. ^c. Most of the arrest led ro cruitinc officers hare till now been declared ? not guilty, a? everything was done by the tnglisli government to turn aw-iy the United Mates government witnesses, or to make them not admissible. Iven Opl. ^n Carstensen, who played such an lm|iortaut part in tbe recruitmg bosineAs, hA? been declared "not guilty. That the enlistment a- it will now be managed w ill have u lielter result, is clem , berau-e it will be carried ou in winter, when thousands of workmen are turni-d out of employ, who slete willingly any opnortuiilty to ?rain their living. They will tlierelorc wUliugly be sent to Sbnada wheie they are pn.mi .<-d work; upon their arrival there they will find that tliey are not destined for work, but to be shot down in the service of her Majesty Queen \ ictoria, or in the alternative, to starve, in tUi,,fh^'Ple?" ait nation, most of the unfortunate men will be forced to ?alist lo lea* e nobody in the dark, however, about the toi"ion of the Foreign Uglon. 1 will give ? Kuriptiou ot the situation of the same, ail have had an nonortuniiy to become thoroughly acquainted with it ffl, four weeks rejourn at Halifax. I hsvesparedno trouble, snd avalle 1 myselt ot every mean* to inform myself concerning the situation of tlie unfortunate re Wlieo the cignal is given at the fort that a vesiel witli recruits is coming into port, the .-ecrotaryol the Oov'r" nor hurries to then harf. in company With -jneof the officers ol the Foreign Legion ptuiioned in Halifax, to receive the recruits and to bring them to (?eorge s Hand a little island two miles from Halifax. There they *re examined by A physician within _ twer.ty.four hours mad those who pass the examinatien must Uke the oath of allegiance. Those who are not acceptable, are sent back ; that is to say, they are sent to one of the wor*t boarding houses of the city, where they are noorly cared for, until opportunity is offered to send them back to the United States. He only w ho ha? iseen the wretched condition of those sent back can form an Idea of the manner in which these poor men are treat - ?l in Halifax. 1 have beeu leveral tamos an ey* witness that theee refused meu hod not even n bit of bread foi twenty-four hours, ami bad to suffer the bitterest bun nr. The providing for the recruits of the vessels in which they are exported Is the worst that can be una Kiued Tbe provisions are in the most miserable condi tion, and tbe water is mostly stagnant . Ibe stoplng ulaces for the unfortunate men are very limited in num ber so that generally only half of them can make use of tb^^' of those who have not been found acceptable hare expreased the wish to tlnd work at Halifax, bu . tht government would not bear anything about it, and they W The^mSiO*! examination is particularly severe, ?nd the result depeuds in some measure upoii the caprice ot ^wlieo the'acceptable reeruitn have given the oath of loyalty they miive, uith Hwtoniabment, only $1*> ^Arn' est money insteaa of $."0; and if one or tho other allows himself to complain, be is th eatencd w 1th arrei it by the officer. N. does the g.. vcrnment of Nova pr(?iincs. Tbe enlistment und earnest money of %M. and everything dc-iiable Is promised: but these promises are trampled under foot. Half of the promised earnest money snd a miserable existence! This is the charming consummation which await, the enlisted in the service of Queen Victoria of Kiigland. 1 was an eye-witness ot' the following occurrence: se veral recruits had takenthe oath or loyally aud received th ? $15 earne?t money , but all re.|Vios\ed the promise 1 *00, whereupon the representatives of the (ioveriior re plied that tbey did not know anything of nere were $1& and whoever was not satistied w ith it could im mediately return tt| and march to prison. As some of the recruits continued their complaints they were all sent to orison for forty-eight hour* ? that is to ssy, >nto a damp underground hole, where no beam of light could ^iTer and where they meived nothing but bread and water. When these poor fellows vine out again they were a? unwell that they hail to be placed under the care -?5SRlflftSS'.i??Hl good sod this is chiefly owicg to the efforts of Hie nus physlci-ins of the foreign legi-n, l^s Iliel and Aschenfcld. Both these gentlemen are able, sclentiBc and educated pliyalciaca. One ol tiiem waj formerly a physician in the German navy, und the other pa -ed more than eight years of his lUe visiting diflerent par*, of the world. He resided a long time in Brniil. Thorte two gentlemen entered the foreign legion at Uie beginning as phvslclans and have tried their beat to reform the medical sy-tem which is in prac tice there, but they succeeded only partially, because tbe English phlegm and the tendeiu y to fulli.w the old tratiVill not allow a fundamental re- organisation. The following i? an example of the Knglish system of routine A soldier fell sick and was brought from the iolsnd to the city nnd placed in the mllitsry ho-pltal. |lr. Wei wrote a requisition for the wanting medicament-. When they arrived, about a fortnight alter, the sick man nm already burled. Tlio*e medicaments were siinp.e in character snd could be found In every aputhecayy sh ?p la tbe world, and yet the F.nglish business phlegm re quire* tour teen days t<> proeure thein. At another time n transport of recruits arrived In |s?rt at an e*rly hour In the morning, having two sick peisnns ?n board. I?r. AscbenOeld hurried to tbe wluirf, examineil them and re quested the use of a wagon to havi them carried to the hospital. Tlie wegon came, finally, at ?lx o'clock in the rrenliV' Bo"1 tbe alck men had lieen Ivlng f>r ten hours lu His .oorching sun upon the wharf. This Is the Fnghsh buste*** war. Tb* pearaoM of the nffieers of the f r?'*n tegi.m to ward. the government and t?war<ta each other are anoma lous. The Governor nominates snd dUmlsses officers. The place, are not given by merit or knowledge, but purely by favor. The lint Uint l? necessary to procure ?a offioer's place ?t Halifax U to secure the favor ?f a certain Polish .lew and mediator, who playa a great iiart In the affair . Tiia man is an intimate friead of the clerk tn tbe O?oe of the Provincial (secretary, and the clerk ?ajoys ihs fullest confidence of the Oorernor him 'elf. II, therefoew, any one auccewls in gaining the Oiver af tbe VnUab Jew, then Is, also, that of the clsek secured , and he who hM Anally suc bere.^can reach any officer's place; and that Is hAl. >n me wnoie world no m I - SSUI" Z'ZZ TXa'L" f 7 f"U0,d M in Frenoh, Swedes Kng^aB, | of th* appUeaat lM- T,h* capacity b"l/ -tut be astonished to nn\ tneAy only wldlers On? of the T'rr f".r ? waiter in Uy^Jugen and ."a ^ 7" in New Veek for a ooat theft at the ?, NtrhMas'lTotM^ 'Hist th*re DM be no harmony In . rt ?taBC?U Uke these u cImT TfcttjTl eeeMaesl dUpat* and strife between the oBetn. I had ? opportunity to make the aoquslafsaee ef all the of ficers duruiff taj it*/ in Halifax, uJ 1 Mir il<cla-e that there i< not a single able officer 1a the whole legio?. except the major of the first hettalion, Who is a qualified Hungaiian officer, and both the above named physicians, I'm. Aschenfcld and WeL 1 ([ire here a llat of the officer* of the already formed fire companies of the first battalion, of which Major V relax Ut commander:? lat Company? Captain (?*tecsen, 1st Lieut. fcsseu, "d Lieut, vacant. Second Company ? Oapt. Ted sen, lit Iieut. Bruck, 2d Lieut, an Englishman whose name I hare forgotten. Third Company? Capt. Fudant, lat lieut. Kohi or, 2d Iieut. Rappensky. Fourth Company ? Capt. Sweubauson, 1st Lieut. 8ch welch, "d lieut. Hitler. Fifth Company ? Capt. V-lmesky, 1st Iieut. Shapolieiki, ?M Iieut. Schmidt. The troops. too, are composed of the moat diverse ele ment* and nations, ami almost all nation* are represent ed in the ti rut I .a Italian. Only the American nation makes an exception. I he Americans possess too much of honor to go into foreign serrico. No American U to be found who Is no ciegiadert us to stain the name of hU great fatherland by ha\ ing hi* name upon the list of the foreign legion. Look there, ye nations of the world upon the l ulled States of America! There exists the greatest and most beautiful national pride. No Am ri ran serve* in the foreign legion! (Jerinany, France, Hol land, Spain. D? nmaik, l'oland, Sweden ? whore it your piiile? w l ei 0 is your honor? Your m>us stand in the run!:s of the foreign legion, to announce to the world the din giace oftl.elr nations. 'ltac first transport of the foreign legion, consisting of the time first c< mpunies, sailed about n fortnight ago in the ship William Rogers, to Fnglaud, find the other two rt.mpuniea railed lu>-t Saturday in the nhlp ljmua Fugcuia, for Portsmouth. I hare seen the arrangement ol the transportation vessels, ami particularly that of the hitter vessel, and 1 have found that the arrangement for the cemtort of 'lie tioeps during the voyage is a rery miforatiU- one, and even the worst emigrant :.hlp Ls much better armnged. The chief evil consists in overloading the re ' els with troops, so that only a part ot them could l'e down to sleep during the night, the others leing meanwhile obliged to remain ou deck. The j>n vision-, ar" very bad, in particular on the vessel Emma Eugenia; ihe meat was, on the fir-d day, even, so putrid, and Ihe bread ao distasteful, that nobody w >uVl eat it. 1 had an opportunity to convince mysel' person ally. It may be imagined what the troops might li.ire to Miner on tlnir way from Halifax to Liverpool under such ciroi.m tonces. The following occurrence, which happened on one of Ihe ' m importation vessels Just before its departure, nuj furnish a pri of of the contempt with which the officer. of the foreign legion are Vetted by those of the regular Fnglisli army: ? There were on board the vessel two F.nglMi officers who, with a small division of regular troops cla loned in Halifax belonging to the 7(ith infantry regimen', and also a Muall illrision of artillery, had to acconmany the I troops. When the otlicei s sat down at th" table for the j first time, one ot the officer.) of ihe foreign legion, Capt. j Mteibach. appeared in citizen's dress, because his means I had not yet allowed him to | rocure the ordnance unl form, which, by the way, costs ?&<). Itoth of the Eng Ush officers declared instantly to the captain of the Test el, that thev would not eat at the same table with this man, as they could not respect anything in the of ficers of the foieigu legion but the uniform. All re monstrances were of no mail, and it required the per tonal f uterference of the Provincial Governor to settle the affair. How ignominiousljr the officers of the for eign 1< glon . ire treated by the government may alio be shown by the i equlsitlon of the gorernment upon the appointment < f the officers to hare uniforms made wiih the understanding that the gorernment would pay the expenses for the first equi| ment. When the uniforms were completed and in use, the gorernment doclared thut it would not pay the bills. Th* officers could not jay, as their salary is scarcely sufficient for their living As the vessel was upon the point of sailing, the tailor took measures to hare the whole body of officers arrested for debt. Hut as the vessel could not sail without the officers, the government saw itself compelled to advance the money to the ofliters with the understanding that it u ould be deducted from their future salary. This salary of the officers is very low. and amounts to: ? Second lieutenant, $35; first lieutenant, $4fi; captain, $58; phy siclnn, fff ? monthly. Ei err soldier to whom at the enlistment was promised one shilling per day, receive 1 instead three pennies. FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. MONEY MARKET. Saturdav, September 8 ? 6 P. M.# The tendency of prices from the opening was downward this morning. The only Htock that im proved wua Galena and Chicago. All other sales were at lower rates. Galena and Chicago advanced 14 per cent, and very little cash stock offered at the improvement. Michigan Southern declined 1 per cent.; Erie RR., f; Cumberland, 4; Illinois Central bonds, Reading was a little heavy, but no ac tual decline was realized. Cleveland and Toledo opened and closed at yesterday's prices. The clique of speculators engaged in sustaining this stock, hav ing been compelled to purchase largely within the pu?t week, the probability is they will soon get a load heavier than they can carry. All outride support has disappeared. The stock is now a doad weight. At the second board the market was inactive and heavy. Erie wa? an exception. Nearly five thou Fand shares were sold, about one half for cash Galena and Chicago closed firm at 113 per ccnt There is no stock offering. The steamship Northern Light, at this port from Nicaragua, brings eighteen days' later news, and upwards of one million dollars in gold on her mani fest. This is independent of drafts and gold in the bunds of passengers. The commercial accounts are favorable. The hist returns of the New Orleans banks com pared with those for the previous week, present the annexed exhibit:? New Orleans Bankj>. Augu't 18. Aui/Urf 2ft. Specie Circulation 6,098.704 lepoeit* 8.SJ.S0.878 Short loans 12.A31.2H7 Exchange 1,774,016 Due distant bunks. 9*9.125 Long and short loan*. Aug, 18 " " " Aug. 26 Actual Increase of loans for the week 9l-''>9,6t>9 MU.NT1J1.Y OOMI'ARATIVX < OM>mON OF THE BANKS ON THE LAST BATl'RDATS Or Jt*LY AN? AP008T, 1856. Specie ........ Circulation..., Deposits Short loans . . . Ixdiange Iiuc distant hunk* 1,150,1120 Long and short h*nti. July 28 . . " " August 25 Total decrease of loans for the month (191,211 The outward movement of specie from Boston during the month of August and since 1st of January, 1855, compared with the aggregates for the corresponding period in previons years, has been as annexed : ? SfKr.i Kxportxp raox Boston. To Liverpool-Per America ? Amer. Bold coin " ?' ?Amer. gold bars l'ci Canada ? Anwr. gold coin " " ? Amer. gold bam Sumatra Aux Cnjes... Jacrocl Total for August Total for .Inly Total tor .lune Tot ul for May Total for April. Total for March Total for February.... Total (pr .'sntiarv ? Total this year 911,982,914 28 Fotal for 1854 4.74rt.ri84 54 Total for 185;! 2.018 5:;:i ?.l Total for 18A2 2,181,018 95 The cause of the great increase in shipments this year is the withdrawal of the Ctinard steamers from this port, {.urge amounts of specie have been sent to Boston from this city, for shipment, which has reduced the actual direct export from this port, and increased it from Boston. The aggregate export from the two cities is considerably larger than for the same peried last year. A call of #10 per share has been made on the stcck of the Hunbury and Erie Railroad, payable 6th October. The Philadelphia Ltdgtr says: ? The ? hole amount Sxpen led on the work is abiut 92,. 540 W I) which ha* put a large portion of the road in a state of forwardness and brought forty miles Into opera lion It lelng the Intention of the company to open the ri ad to Northumberland on the 20th Inst. ' The eoncen t ration of the debt Into a single mortgage on the whole line of the road, instead of mortgaging by sections, l? a wife reform in the administration of the eo-npany. and one that will add to the credit of the loans. The Presi dent of the road. Uov. Bigler. Is assiduous in his niton ti >n? to the work, giving it all his time and talents, and feels assured that with his suggestion of a "consumm* Hon stock,' anil the Siror with which the 7 per cent loans promise to be received the road will now be carried un interruptedly to completion. I'reparatory to the pending annual meeting, the directors of the Boston and Maine Railroad have presented to the stockholder* their annual report, exhibiting its operations and its success for the year ending May 31, 1W5: The accounts show the gross earnings of the yes r to have l*en $875 998 48 And the expanses 496,101 42 Making the net earnings 9'tftO,ifteo0 There nsa been etiarged off for depreciation, end appropriated to renewals and repairs. In addition to the above $7( mo % Lc?riP( ? talaacc 9l, 9406,119 81 which two dividends have been made, of 4, ta4 oat) of 3 Mr oeat , amount ing to .. ?290,g#? 00 After which there raoutiu >14. 220 81 Wtiieh. added to the surplus on hand at tha clot* of the preceding year, malt the pre >?nt amount of undivided and unappropri ted earnings $213,648 08 This remit in held as anything but disoouragin#. A strong reason In furor of confining the dividends for the present somewhat within the aotual net earn ings, existed in the necessity for greater accorarao dntions for business at the Boston terminus; and the directors have ordered plans and estimates to be pre pared for another lire proof freight house, of the size and character of the present one, to occupy the company's ground on the west side of the main tracks, between Causeway and Traverse streets. The Lowell Net r# says: ? W> I'car that the nwnaxerd of our I -"well mill* are ac tively engaged in wcniing all the lielp that offers, a ml a:e putting every spindle and loom into ir.o'.ion a? fail as thoy can lind operatives to run them The carpet miiU, ol wbofc machinery was lying i <Ue some month aRi', are now busy in every part, with a good prospect abend. The opinion seems to be Unit all our factoring a i e able to see "a good time coming, ' ' and q uite a spell of it. TO Tint KDTTOR Op TIIK NHW TOHK IIKKALO. The receipts of coal per Alleghany Mining Company, a! Alexandria, for August, wer) 740 tons, inroad ot 21t>, a^ stated by you in to-. lay's Hkiuid. There ha.' been a break in ll<e ci,nal for three week*. Advices from Alcxin'lrls to-d?y icport auother break, requiring throe ra"aUi? to ippiiir. AGENT, rept. 8, 1866. Stork Etcnangn. .HATOttDAr, Se|it. 8. HW 360 ahs Brie RR ft.'SJ ?5C00 111 In Imp '47. . 1% MOO ill Int 73 100 SOOO Miwotn i ti's . . . Oil '-J M> 6< ( 0<i do .... b> 0 KIjJ 400 ISraoLcmts'a O's.hOO ?t 460 M0O do ,,.K0 9-: V 350 do....Hnwk 6'i do bO 53 do ..s'i 6: do *80 5'i4 Uk lOUO do... l>40 tK. ;;( CO Virgino (i'it ... 08 4 It fcO Hai J*\ mtg bit* 01 1.000 Krie ( on bs '71 8" 4 5<X) 2CC0 Kind bds ,.*0 K CO Cos Line bd*. , !'0 ?281 00 III ( en RR Ms. 85 4 '''TO 10(0<t do M 86^ fO 0 do ?i 0 86 4 10C0N VCen 0's... 911< 1(00 N Y ( en 7's. . . 103 61 00 Teru-IM&Alt 2d 80 600 Cl&l ittsDiv.. 70 fOOO Hud Cvt Bds., 7?* do. r>o do. ...hio 6>, 60 do t 6)4 60 do *10 S IX d<> 8 i 4 dn .?0 &''?% do 10 i".\ do b30 63 S 10 On, II4I) RR... 81 4 60 ( lev, C (i Oin 100 400 Harlem RK...t>60 28 Ja ."&() do ;3 28 4 800 do k3 284 200 do bflrt 28 ?? ion do ?00 28% :.0C0 Hud liivSd Mtg "(ill 100 do MP 284 ?6 nil:. UK of Com. . . 10 ' 2ft Nor & Wur RR . . s 37 10 Metropolitan Bk. 108 \ 200 Heading RR .. 680 97 10 Corn fx Uk 10J4 100 HS Continental Ilk.. 107 (8t 10 Atlantic Uk 92 103 00 Lei & Hud CI. s60 129 200 260 Nic Trnns Co. . hZ 20 4 200 100 100 200 2C0 MX) 100 100 too 61)0 100 ;,oo do boo 204 000 do 9ti\ do e 9fl!i do blO ?r>H do stiO 96 4 do *3 9rt 4 do b3 90 4 600 100 100 400 roo 400 100 do b(i0 20\ 150 Mi ih Cent Hit ... c do . ... ,b20 ?0W 150 d> b30 100 do. ... . .sflO 20 15f, MicSo&.V UKR..C 100 100 do hflO 101 \ do bOO 1014 do b60 101 10 Gal & CUiRR.... 112 r>o do sa 112? 10 do llo 10 do 112?i 100 do MM) 113 H 94 Civ h Its RR. . b.'i 70^ do h4m 20 do b30 20 \i 4^0 do h3 20^' 1C0 do s3 20 do b30 20,^ do slO 20 do b60 ?0.4 71 1'enn Coal Co. . . . 104 1 50 Cum Coiil Cc.bOO 27 \ do. do blO 274, l'55 do *00 27 4 50 do *90 27 4 300 do b.'X) 27,4 60 do c 274 do WJO 27 4 :00 Ward < o?l Cob.L'O 14 00 do 1,4 uOO Erie Railroad. t>60 64 274 600 Clev & To! RR . *3 87 4 do t3 87 4 do b'10 874 do blO 88 do bS 87 4 do nvk 87 4 do bOO 87 'J 26 Rom & Wiit'n RR 07 26 Chi At Rk lsd RR. 90,4' 60 SECOND JlfOCO Virginia 6's., 98 \ 7C00 111 Cen RR bds. 85 ?? 2.KM0 do 85 50 00 do . . . b60 85,4 5000 do . . . sM) 85 00 i>hs Nic. Iran Co. 204 100 do slO COS, 100 Harleir RR. , .bM) 284 66 little Mia RR.blO 97 60 Clev & Tol RR. . . 87,4 400 do 87.4 100 d? b!IO 87 % 60 do blO 88 100 do .... . b30 874' 25 Cal h Chic RR... 113 100 Clev & l itts RR . 70,4 84 do 704 BOARD. 100 nil* ati P RR.bSO 50 Mich. Cen RR.sBO 100 Me RB *60 60 2100 100 'JOO 200 100 100 200 250 400 000 100 100 do. do. do. do. do. do. ?lo. do. do. do. do do. do. bOO .b30 .1)10 b20 . *:;o .bl5 .b;to .ViO bio 1)20 . ^GO 71 994 53 4 63 i, 55 4 63^ 61.4 5;;4 6.14 63,4 534 63 4 53 4 53,4 534 534 CITY TRADE REPORT. Satukdat, tfept. 8 ? 2 P. M. Flour ? Common grades were 1'- per bbl. higher, while fancy and extra qualities were unchanged. The Kales embraced 7.000 a 8.000 bbla., including common to choice State at $7 60 a $7 02 % . Canadian anil Southern were without alteration of moment. Wheat.? Sales of 6,(MiO a 7,000 bushels Southern new were made, nt $1 76 a SI 80 for red and $1 % a $2 for white. Corn. ? Sales of about 30,000 a 40,000 bushels Western mixed, at 88c. a 81c., chiefly at 8Pc. a 00c. Rye.? 2,000 bushels were sold at $1 11 a $1 14. Oats were dull. Pork. ? The tjalet em braced about 2,000 bbls., part for future delivery, at $22 25 a $22 60 for new mess, and $20 for new prime. Ij?rd. ? 100 bblf. sold at 12c. Cotton quiet. ADVERTISEMENTS RFJEWED ETERY DAY? TENANTS1 REGISTER* A HANDSOME SUIT OK ROOMS, WITH BATH ROOM, Ac,, contiguous, to let, Uinclher or separately, in uw n ew house 47 West Thirteenth street, nesr Kiltu avenue. The house contains all the modern Improvement*. Family private. P.efe u nco cm hanged. APARTMRNTK-OONVENIENT FOR FAMILIES OR slcgle gentlemen? In n first class private boarding house; uLm a large uflicc, suitably furnished for a physician, locality central and pleasant; ai .testable by earn aud slaves from all parts of i he city. Apply at No. 4 Abingdon square, we<t side, iwo door* from Hank street. ( 1HRAP RENTS.? KOl'R HOUSBS TO t.RT, IN SAND \ J lord street, Willlamaburg; rent $126; brick built, three stoi y English basement houses. Apply at 124 Nassau st. FURNISHED HOUSE TO LKT-HOUSE NO. 14 NINTH street, betwet n Fifth and Sixth avenues, with Its fur niture. For particulars Inquire at 12 Ninth street. IjlURNISHKD HOUSE TO LET, IN T WKNTY-SEC'ONl) street, near Fourth avenue? three stories, thirteen roonn beside* bath anil pantries; three rooms deep first floor and basement; furniture nearly new; rent $125 per month; pos session Immediately. Apply to H. C. BEAD, 62 Tenth street, ill 12 o'cloek. Furnished housk.? house to let, the fubni lure for snip; house two storv. attic and basement In good order; luntliuie new; rent $460. Apply a: 30 Llspenard strei't. (jus. ?c. Furnished rooms to lkt in the first class bouse i 6 Broad* ay ; a splendid milt of parlors on the final floor, with extra bedrooms and exclusive kitchen; also, two single rooms on ilie upper floor, suitable for single gentlemen wL-hiuj; lo economise In lodgings. Apply before 12 A. M. HOUSE TO I.ET in BROOKLYN? TEN MINUTES walk from Atlantic street ferry, In a good neighborhood; a three siori brick house, with basement and sub-cellar. The home ts 20 let by 4H, with sixteen rooms; Is finished In excel leiv style, Willi marble raentels. ornamented eorniees, gas. Iiaths water closet, speaking tube*, hot and cold water range, Ac. It will be lei for the unexpired term of the present occu pant's 'esse (one year and eight months), at an extremely low rent. Apply at 6f. licrgen street. Brooklyn; or 203 Chambers street, New York. HOVSK AND STORK 151 OR \ND STREET, WILLIAMS burg 10 let.? Unquestionably one of the best stands in [ lie clti lor sn> business; the siore la neatly lifted up for and occupied as a hat store, the present occupant being engaged in the suction and real esiate business can give It no at'eutluu, roiisequenilv it will be disposed of al a sacrifice Any person wishing 10 engage In a tenleel profitable business, In a first rste location. will find this an opportunity rarely met with. Applt on the premises to JOHN If. COL.VHAN, Auctioneer una ltral Kstaie Broker. IOFTS TO LET, IN 0 MWXWICH STBIKT, BETWEEN j \cn-\ and Barclay? second loll well adapted for the job I , mg business. Inquire of ALFRED F. LAQKAVE, on the I remises *26 Greenwich street. NO EXCUSE FOB BROAUWAY HIGH RENTS? TO let or iensp, lli-oadwsv offices. $K per month; Broadway loits, second, third, fourth nnd fibh floors, or divided into trout end rear parts, with or without the use of counters d??ks, gas ?iiturrs, Ac., complete, $150 to $tt>0 psr annum I<ar?;r a'l l > mull stores fo lease. Apply to 0 EC ROE P. FOX, 321 and .'.'1 Broadway. _________________ Rooms and offices ro rent, in appi.etovs Building, corner of Broadway and Lannat d street ? One large front room, one small room tor an oflb-c, one large room UVJU, second floor. two rooms on the fourth lloor: an arilst's roum^the 5th floor. Apply to l> APPl.KTOS 4 CO. (JToIFe. CANAL AND HUDSON STREETS -TO LET OR O icase, the fine southeast c.rner store, thrue large shoiv w inflows and two entrances; would msk* a capital drat, hi.rdwsre or clothing atore, also, the basement door nnd Bvo noma over store. Apply to JAMES PRICE. 2ig) Hudson street. CTORE AND LOFTS NO. X BEF.KMAN STREET ? TO 0 let or lease, (he sps? Ions snd store, basement, cellar ai d vaults, suitable lor any wholesale business, ulsu. -viersl lofts, veri light and commodious. Apply to J AMEN PBlCB,SDg Hudson street SECOND STORT HTORE ANP LABfiE B VSEMENT. ON Broadway, to let. 8 T. OOltDuN. W7 Broailway. Studios in broorlvn -to let. in dodwortips new building. No. 137 Montague place. n?ar Court street, m i studios, fitted up with every convenience, nprassly tor 1 .i Keaiie or portrait artists, two having high north light* and two wltn nortn skylights t"sn be seen at any tlm? For terms ? 1 1- y on the premises, or at A. DODWOKTll'S, sod w?;. N. V rLKT-A WOBKSHOP, HITTARLR FOR 0VRPEN ters or rablnet makers, or pork butchers, h irtng a smoke J Ice bouse aUached Apply toOEOR'IK CASSKDV, M ? < sby st. ri O LET? A HM ALI' STORE IN BLEKrKKK STREET, I slxn feet (ran Broadway. Apply at 644 Rroadway rLET-THR FIBirr FLOOR AND BASEMENT OF NO. ft Mercer street, fronting on Howard, three doors from (teal street, together or Sinclv, the store Is flited up In g'Kxi order. Also, a new lire nror f building In the rear, suitable for a wnrkshnp, will be let low to s good tensnt, and possessl a given Immediate!} Inqtwe oa the pr-ml*., of " fcAVKVTA A itJURESCOALL. TBRAIRtP rkoisthr. OX) LKT? A TWO HTOKT ATTIC AND BASBMEMT 1 bouse, 09 Latijht street, near 8L John'* put; has >11 the modern improvements, i;w, bath, bM Mid COM w?Ur, Me. Kent only friOU. For particulars, apply to Mr. >' ZKOUO, 0 Dlvliiou street. rLKT-TIIK HOUHK AND 8TOBK. IM ATLANTIC Wren, between Henry out Clinton, Brooklyn, location not excelled; there are thrie (toon over the store, In each of uhlrh there are Ave room*, with an under celler and vaulta. Inquire of PETER WH ABA, at the marble factory, T3 Court street. r LIST? A HOU6S TO LKT, AND FUBNITURK FOR ?ale, both of which are quite near, and la about the beat Iwailnn In town. Apply for particular! at 16# West Twenty stcond atrcet. TO I.ET? THK HOUHK KNOWN AH THK BOSK HILL house, 107 Ka?i Tweoly fourth street; bar, km fixtures and i untie complete. A first rate place for busloesa. Inquire at the stable adjoining. rl.KT? ?210 PKR ANNUM; POSSESSION IMMEDI ately; Hit second lloor over the store In brown stone limi. e '.'?6 Ninth aveuue, near Twenty seventh street; gas, both, water closet, Ac. Also, to let, third aud fourth floor*, bou*e 166 Eum Fortieth etreei; rent JJk and per month. Apply at 266 Ninth avenue. A DAVIS. TO LKT? THREE HOUSES IN BROOKLYN-TWO IN Dean street and one in Hecond place. Will be let very rea wnable. Apply to UARVKY A CUNOLLK, 836 Broadway, rooui No. 30. r LET? TWO NKW FOUR STORY BRICK HOUSES, w ith modern improvements, in Fifty -drat street, bei ween 1 bird and Fourth 'avenues. Possession Kir en immediately, inquire of J. K.AYFKR, corner ot Fiftieth street and Fourth avenue. rjXI LET? THREE THREE STORY 1UU0K HOUSKS, IN i. Fiitytlilrd s;reet, between Fourth ami Fifth avuuuos. Rent oi each K'.UU a year. TO LKT? PKVKRAL BEAUTIFUL FIRST CLASS houses, iiica ed in the vicinity of Klrfbth avenue and Thir ty four, h Hlreci us follows: ? No. aiO Wwt Twenty -eighth street, tKHi; three tine brick bouses In Thirty Hl'ih street, near Klshih ateuue, |?UU each; Forty second street ne.uKUhih aveuue, $444); Thirty fifth street and Fourlli avenue, PUO, HO. 172. imtl l',4 West T hii i) sevenlli street, SJtifil) each; 154 and 160 W i ?t Thirty -ninth atrcel, MOO each. ltrosdWHy and sixty fourth street. A suitable reduc. ion will be tuide on the abovo prices lor the bitiiince of lliis year. Apply lo SMITH J; WO I1KLL, 444 Kigiilh aveuue, ncsr Thirty -fourth street. TO LKT? HOUR LAR'JK LOFTS AT Slid PEARL STREET. nen i- H roe (I way. Fosse.idon Immediately. Teruu easy, suitable for a printing office or nny other business. rro LKT.? ECONOMY AND COMFORT. ? Sf VOLE QE.V J tiemcii, or small families, deslrliiK to unite these o'iji'o'.*, c:ui rto mi I y furnishing llieir own apartmenta, at .11 West 'I hirt) first s'rnet, corner of Broadway, where they can h ive the advuriinw of ni'-nls serveil in tliclr own rooms, anil lie tno<t faltlifulij walled upon cu tlie terms. Apply on the premises. TO LET? SECOND FLOOR OK A VERY PI. AS A NT house, No. ,'(1 Wellington lt>i r ice, Hoboken, three minutes' w ;i!k from the ferry. Iiamedlate poasoaslou given. 11U LET? A LA I! OK FURNISHED ROOM TO ONK OR Iwoslntrle gentlemen, in n private family. Loation in Amos street, near Greenwich avenue. Refcrenees required. Address box 4,800 Post office. IIO LET-WITHOl'T BOARD, TO A SINOLF. GENTLE mim, a genteel furnished room and pantry, with use oi' hatha. Ac., in a small private family. Term." moderate; loca tion Sixteenth atreet, within ft few doors of Stuyvesant pirk, convenient to Mage and ear routed. Addruas K. L. B., lulon aqua re Post office. TO LET? THE COTTAGE HOUSE, 27 HORATIO STREET, near Eighth avenue, in good order. Lease three nan from May Inst, ?t fc'S75 per annum, Possession imm.-dlsto. Apply on the premise* or at 204 Broadway. TO LET? A HOUSE, COMPLETELY FURNISHED WITH everything suitable for a private family, or boarding house; terms WOO; the house 1* situate in the upper part of the city. Address O. O., Herald office. r LET? POSSESSION, FIRST OCTOBER; RENT, 99 per month, to a small family; one suit of ap.trtraents, of ono parlor, with marble mantels and grate, hard llnUhed rt ni newly palnteii walls, two bedrooms, do. one kitchen, having Crolou water and drain, at 390, old -No. 402 Thlnl aventie. Ap ply on premises. AIfo, store 890 Bowery, nearly opposite Sixth alreet, from Isi October. fTK> LET LOW-WELL FITTED TP AND WELL LOCATED J others, ltH> Broadway; also, ft largo and respectable bouse at Stnpleton, Stolen Island, with large irrounns, Ac., and a number of other houses and parts of houses at SUpleton and Cliiton. Apply to C. BARTLETT, 166 Broadway, up stiira. TO LET IN nOBOKEN? A NEAT THREE STORY E.VU IL"h basement house, lately bulll, lu Third streot, between Harden and Bloomfleld, within live minutes' walk of the ferrr. Inquire ol Dr. BENSON, Third street, or of A. F. LAQRAVE, 226 Greenwich atreet, New York. TO LET AND FURNITTRE FOR KALE. IN WHOLE OR part.? A very genteel three story house, 88 We<t T .vnty iilnth street, near Sixth avenue. In line order; modern Improve men's, Ac. Rent $700. Immediate possession. Applv to K. B. K1NSHIMKR, 319 Fourth aveuue, 3 to 7 P. M. TO LET (POSSESSION GIVEN IMMEDIATELY)? THE building, or any part, known as the Pacific, 100 feet west froiu Broadway; room of the first floor 108 feet by 26 wide; second parlor floor beautiful as a show room, or for architect*; the basement 00 by 20, a first rate situation for the gas, plumbing, bout, trunk, or restaurant business. Apply to Mr. MURRAY, or the ower, 003 Broadway. TO LET OR LEASE ? THE NEW FIVE STORY MARBLE front store, 94 Bowery, K by 90 feet, with hiiaemuiu. sub cellar and vaults: Possession given Immediately. Applv to M. 11. A D. CASUMAN, No. 6 Beaver slrnet. TO LET, LEASE, OR FOR SALE.? VERY DESIRABLE corner, on Broome and lileecker afreets, No. 4M Broom? atreet, north-West corner of Mercer atreet; also, No. 133 Bleecker street, north east corner of Amity place. Apply to JOHN S. KELSO, 62 William streot. TO LET OR LEASE IN HOBOKEN? A THREE STORY and basement house In Hudsou street. Apply to A. SKIS, No. 3 William street, near Hanover square. rLET OR FOR SALE? ON FAVORABLE TERMS, A handsome collate and eight lota of ground, situate on sixth avenue, between 123th and 126th streets; alao, .to let the large house No. 50 Hudson street, with the furniture; rent 91,000; also, n neat three story brirk house, gas, bath, A?., 170 West 3Wh street, near Eighth avenue; rent 9425; also, a store and dwelling on Eighth avenue, between Thirty-eighth and Thirty ninth sir.', 'Is; rent 9300; alao, a large liall In Bleecker street. J. DKNHAM, corner of Eighth avenue and Sixteenth atreet. TO MANUFACTURERS, AC.-TO LET OR LEASE LOW. A line, large, new live story building, well lighted and centrally al'uated. to a responsible party will be leased or rent ed low. " Apply to HARDMAN A OSBORN, Agents, Ac., 187 Walker, comer Bowery. The lower part of a oenteel house to let, on the east side ot' the city, w Ith whole or part of furni ture for aale, which is entirely new. The house contains bath and gas. Address E. Morton, Chatham square Post office. $10, EDUCATION. ?BOOKKEEPING, TIME UNLIMITED, WRITING, H ? arithmetic, Ac ? Prices reduced at l'AINES'. 23.1 Grand street, corner of Bowery; lfifi Fulton street, Brooklyn. Open day and evening. ? Col. M- S. Paine. This popular and n nowned teacher of penmanship has secured the largest school ever obtained in thU place.? Dally News, Newport. CARD.? THE SUBSCRIBER WILL RECEIVE APPLI cations daily this week for Instruction In penmanship, elo cutton, bookkeeping and arithmetic. OLIVER B. OOLDSMITH, 362 Broadway, corner of Franklin street. COLLEGE OF ST. FRANCIS XAVIER, 38 WEST FIF teenth street, between Filth and Sixth aveim**. (Masses were resumed in this institution on Monday. September 3d. Students are received on applying. Terms? For pupils over 9 vears, 912 90 per quarter; those under, 97 00. MICHAEL DRISCOL. INSTRUCTION.? A YOUNG LADY. EXPERIENCED IN giving instruction on the piano, would like to take a few Bora pupils ft o liu-truef i hem either ;i t their residences or her own. Apply at 177 East Fifteenth sireet. MISS STEELE'S FRENCH AND ENGLISH DAY AND boarding school, lor voting ladies, No. ft East Thirtieth trie!, between Filth and Madison avenues, will re -open oa Thursday, September 6th. Madame coutan's french and English board Ing and day school for young ladles, 270 Fifth avenue, corner of Thiriy-llrst street, will rc open on Monday, Sept. 10. An omnibus Is attached to tbo establishment. Mrs. hix's roaring and day school for young Ladies, 101 St. Mark's place, is now open for the re. eeptlon of pupils. Circulars, references, Ac., at the las'.l lution. MBS. M EARS' FRENCH AND ENGLISH BOARDING mid day school lor young ladles, (32 and 30 West Fifteenth street, below.Fiith avenue,) re-open-< on Thnrsilay, September 6. Mrs. Meara will best home to receive psrenta and guar dians who wlah to confer with her, from Monday, September 3. MKS. HAMILTON'S FRENCH AND ENGLISH DAY school will re open on Monday. September 10, at No. 108 W est Thirty sixth street, between I'roadwa) and Seven'h ave nue. circulars may be obtained at the school, and at Sbepard A Co.'s book store. 102 Fulton street. Mr. l. de (jrandval's classical, English, Frew h and Spanish boarding Institute. Hudson and Uasldiigion terraces Hoboken, N. J., Is how opoo for die re eeptlon of pupils. Circulars and relerence* altne InsUluUoo. MR. AND MADAME DON BERNARD'S FRENCH AND English boarding school for young ladles. 2d Seeo.i1 idare, Brooklyn. will be opened on Monday, September ID. Ma<lnnie l>on Bernard la at liotne from 7 to 10 in the ino.'ntn t, and from 3 to 9 lu ilia evening, to receive p?r"ou who wis. 1 10 confer with Iter. Circular* with rvfei en. es obtains I on the premiaaa. MESSRS. MAPHRTT AND VILLEPL MT'S ENGLISH, !? reneh and classical wbc?il fourth year. No. l.uj* Broad way, re commenced on September 1, 1806. Numl>er of puplla bmited lotweniy. instruction by .Messrs M. and V. aloue. rpBF. FFKNCH INSTITUTE FOR Yor.Vft flBNTI -KOTCM J. bi arning and ilay school. No. 48 East Twenty -fonrtb street, directed by Mr. FJJK CIIAK1JKK. of Paris ( former ly II. l'eugnet's school), will open on Wa<laes<U7, Sept. rrilK. MUWKH IVKR SCHOOL, NO. n PAVOJCIA PLACK. I houih Hflh *tre?t, Jtnrf Ctijr, re open* on MwtfUjr, Sept. 3. -II' H. MKHBOWft KIDINO ACADEMY, FIFTH AVE fl , nue, corner of Tblrlj ninth atrect (Murray llliii, now open for the reception of pupil*. daily <Jiu?d*y? ai.-cp'ed). Iimirn for Uidiep, fr^TO P A. M to S P. M. Ilonr* for grii;lruit>o, tV .m Mo ft A. M. and 3 to 6 P. M. The evening parties wl* i <*nimenre on th^ litli tn*t Iforaea for the r?md, or parad'*, to let; n|n\ boarding hor?c? received, with Uie privilege or Uie ow rim ualug them In 'he school. ?\ror>o ladies' institctr-no no wk.^t twk.xtv 1 fUlh ?trcct? <>prn? ou Mond*v, Sept 10. Frenrh and mm-tr are the principal object* of atuly l'riT?n> el****, for Oeiman. French, painting, piano and ?lnglnir Kolr^e mini en!, clawdqtie every monili. Principal Madaiue Va.NDKK W K.YDC, ?rndua'e tea'her from France JioTRlVO, *C. AO nnn wokth of noon i.kft off rr/vr7n?fo, nol'alde for fall and winter, w nntej. OrnUemin ha* 111* Urge or ?mnl1 lot* to dl?)??r of, will he liberally treat <d with, '?> aprlyln* perimnallj- or through po.t. to .1 \ M Fj4 MtiKOfi'KT, 11 Italter atrect, Ute Qra:ig* /^I^THIKd.-tAWKS OR (iRNTI.FMRK IIAVIMJ ASV V/ trf the ??mi to dlapoae of, ran obtain a fair ?nd cs?li price, by act.dlng (<* the ?ubar*ibcr, at lit* realdenre. No. 12 Lauren* atrect, or f.J Weal Rroadwny, ortiro i :h 'lie Piwtofllco l.adi'i aitcudca ? > m?, coht n, a, cwicBu I ?OUUMVOAHDLOKMIO. Dr?Q BROADWAY, ONION 8QB ABB.? HANDSOME COO fUrelsiud narlun and bedytmns ta let, together or ee psrate, with or wt&eut board; pevats table If prrferted, bath room, g? , Ac.; English bait-neat br a phyaM aa. 7 pro bboadway-to lbt? hand#omkly rq? I "ii niahed rooms to families or single gentlemen. The ^ Ins aU the modern impro.em nts. Pri v&te table If desired. ftOO AND^GJ* BROADWAY. BETWEEN HOUSTON U*I*J and Bleecker streets. First cluj accommodations for gentlemen aud families w ithout children. QQO FOURTH AVENUW.-A PRIVATE FAMILY uOa would accommodate a gentleman an t his wife or two single gentlemen. where the comfort* of a home can be tu joyed. House pleasant and of easy access. Apply a* above. OH/1 bkcond avenue, nkab isth strekt.-oen Aut t lemon can obtain a choir* of hamUemsly furnished rooms, with full or partial board, If desired, In a house having every modaru convenience. and a very pleasant location. 1 f\rj PRINCE STREET, NKAB BROADWAY? ELEGANT XU I ly furnished apartments, suitable for gentle me a and their wives, or single gentlemen, with or without board; bouse first claw; K?? aud bath. 1 AT TENTH STREET, BETWEEN BROADWAY AND iu I University place.? A suite of handsomely furnished rooms, firm floor, front pnrlor, :ind tiro large bedroom* attach ed, with private table, or w ill be let to single gentlemen, with or without hour J. Terms moderate. TAr WEST FOURTEENTH STREET.? FURNISHED J U'J rooms for select fanilllf >; and single gentlemen. Refe - rcnce exchanged. 8 ft ST. MARK'S PLACE.? PLEASANT FURNISHED p / room* to lei witti full or partial J, ami wlier* every efl'ort will lie made to ensure the comforts of a home. 1 he on- ? tire second lloor being now vacant, suitable for a party of slu Ule gentlemen or gentlemen and their wives. Term - rcaion able. Broadway and .Sou:h ferry stage* and u venae cars, pass the door. rt A WKST TWENTY THIRD STREET. -A VERY DESl | 1; rable suit of mom*, comprising the whole of the secoad floor, and consisting of two lar.,'e rooms and two bedrooms, with pautries, callable Cor a gentleman and his family, or two Cent learn and their wives, may be obtained, with private ta le If desired; also, one large front room on third flour, P() ifEMSKN STREET? BROOKLYN HEIGHTS ? WITH l)^ tn three minutes' walk of Wall street ferry. Nulla of rooms, fcr fsinilii ? and single gentlemen, can be procured hi the above delight1 '.illy located residence, conutuuu all the modern imoroveinents. Dinner at six. B^jpronces exchanged. f~t) BLEECKER STREET, NEAR BROADWAY? TO LET. i Jf_) with full or partial board, a large front room, on the se cond floor, wl'h bedroom and pantries attached; also, two single room*; location pleasant. /!TQ BOND STREET? GENTLEMEN AND THEIR WIVES, f.)tJ or single gentlemen, In search of comforably furnished apartments, w 1th full or partial l.oar 1, are requested to oall at the above desirable location before matins; application else where. The house posses ses all the modern improvements. 4)7 NINTH STREET? HANDSOMELY FURNISHED ?) I rorras, suitable for genllumon or gentlemen nud thalr wives, will be lot with board, In the first class house 37 Ninth street, near Fifth avenue. C )P AMITY PLACE, ONE DOOR FROM BLEECKF.K a?U street, n little west of Broadway. Elegantly furn'shed parlors and separate bedrooms to let, to gentlemen, with breakfast and tea if desired, The home is very neat and the family small. n GREAT JONES STREET.? SUITS OF PABI.ORS, with bedrooms, bath rooms, Ac., attached, handsomely furnished, to let. wiihont board; also, a large light pleasant basement, suitable for a physician. I Q NELSON PLACE ? BOARDINQ.? ROOMS FOR FA 1_? mllles or single gentlemen, with full or partial board, can lie obtained by applying at 12 Nelson place, one blo'k west of Mroadwav, between Waverley place and Kighth street, op poslte Dr. Skinner's church. 6 ST. MARK'S PLACE.? FURNISHED ROOMS TO LET, with or without board, In the first class bouse, No. 6 St. Mark's pluce. <fcf> r:rv ?board down town can be obtained at the Farmers' Hotel at the above price per week, without lodging. One week in advance required. 247 Washington street. A NEATLY FURNISHED FRONT ROOM ON SECOND lloor would be let to a gentleman and lady, with board for tin lady, iu a bouse pleasantly located below Orau4 at.; terms reasonable. Address Widow, Broadway Post ofllce. A WIDOW LADY OF RESPECTABILITY, OCCUPYING a very One house In Brooklyn, desires to receive two or three gentlemen into her family as partial boarders, where they can have nicely furnished rooms, lighted with gas, the comforts of a home, a well kepi table, and agreeable society. The house is within a few minutes of Fulton and Wall street ferric. Please call at CI licnry street, corner of Orange. A PRIVATE FAMILY, HATING M(?BF. ROOM THAN required, oiler to let n few rooms, with partial hoard, tn a iirst class bouse, and pleasantly located; also, a fine English basement, with an adjoining room, suitable either for a physi cian or surveyor, as an olllee. Relerence exchanged. Apply at 194 Second avenue, near Twelfth street. A WIDOW L ADY, HAYING A MODERN BUILT HOUSE, near Broadway, ttould let a parlor and bedroom adjoin ing, together or (Operate, to one or two gentlemen, or a gen tletnun and wile, with full or partial board; also, a lew single rooms to let. Apply at 113 Greene street. A GENTLEMAN OK RESPECTABILITY WOULD LIKE to meet with a genteel family, where he would enjoy the civilities ut refined society and the comforts of a happy home. I: desirable, he would I'ivo Ins ruction tn Spanish or French, and in the fine arts, for a moderate deduction In the terms. Address Linguist, Broadway Post ollloe. A PRIVATE FAMILY, HAVING MORE ROOM THAN they wish to occury, would let to a gentleman only a fur nished parlor and bedroom, without mesls. Location deilrable, being a few houses west of Broadway. Apply at 120 Niuth at. A FINE SUIT OF ROOMS. FURNISHED OR UNFUR nlshed, with gas and baths, to let, with board, to one ortwo genteel familes, in the pleasant location of Waverley place, near the park; also, two rooms, suitable tor single gentlemen. I'lease address M. 8., Union Square Foe. office. A FRENCH TEACHER OFFERS BOARD IN HIS PRI vate bouse to s few gentlemen wishing to learn French by practice. This language only Is spokenny his family, who, as well us himself, are from Paris. The terms will it. elude lessons and all the necessary instruction. His house, situated st 239 Tenth street, near Second avenue, has all the modern Improvements. A FEW PLEASANT AND DESIRABLE ROOMS. WITH full or partial board, can be obtained by applying at 9j Clinton place. Eighth street, between Fifth and Sixth avenues. Before new required, a party of gentlemen preft rred. AT 96 FOURTH AVKNUK, OPPOSITE ELEVENTH street, gentlemen can have furnished rooms. Those de siring may have Use of kkuben for cooking, location desir able. Family private. No children. Privilege of hath room. Reference* exchanged. Apply for one week, as above. A GENTLEMAN AND LADY CAN BE PLEASANTLY accommodated with furnished or unfurnished rooms with hoard for lady only, til a small fumlly of a widow, in the vici nity of Houston street and Broadway; gus, bath, Ac. Address Stetson, Broadway M M A LADY AND GENTLEMAN WISH A FURNISHED room, wltb full hoard for the lady and partial board for the gentleman. Address, staling terms, Ac., T. P. Harris, Broadway 1'oat olUce. A DESIRABLE SECOND STORY FRONT ROOM, WITH board, for n gentleman and bis wife ; bedroom attached If required. Abo, room for one or two v oung gentlemen, a' 1-3 Market street. ' A LADY WOULD GIVE THE USE OF A HANDSOME ly furnished room, with board, to any person that would advance her Ihc sum oi $'JOO for three months, good security given; none but those wishing to make an arrangement need answer. Please address Waal, Broadway Po<t office. Board ? a fine suit of rooms on the second floor, making pleasant accommodations for a family or sin gle persons, can be had with board, by applying at 340 Four Hi avenue. References exchanged. BOARD.-OF.NTLKMEN AND THEIR WIVES, OR SIN tile gentlemen, esn be accommodated with full or partial tial boa: d at 46 West Wushlngton place. References required BOARD-PLEASANT ROOMS, WITn BOARD, for families or single gentlemen to be obtained at 39H Fourth avenue; a pleasant house, With all the modern Improvements, untl location very desirable, being accessable to all paris oTili-. t ily by Stage or cars. References exchanged. TJOARD? A LARGE FRONT ROOM, FURNISHED, FOR J ) a gentleman and wife, vv Itli board for lady, at 8." a week, also one room for *."> SO; In a small private family. Apply at No. BO Bast Twenty-sixth street, near Fourth avenue. Board in a private house? TO let, to a gentleman and his wile untl a few single gentlemen, three or four handsomely furnished rooms, with partial board for the gentlemen, taxation central and very ptea?ani. Apply at 122 Kast Twelfth street, between Second and Third avenues, BO\RD IN EAST BROADWAY.- A PRIVATE FAMIt.Y having more room than they desire, would let a comfort ably furnished room with partlsl boinl, to two gents wishing ?o room together, or ono single gen'. No otber boarders ? Stages pass the door. Address 11. D., 4,213, Post bdice. Board up town.-a couple of oentlemen with tbelr wive*, or (wo or three single gentlemen, can be accommodated with board In a prlvale family, In which there are no other boarders. The home Is new; contains all U,e modem Improvements, and is convenient to can and ?tage*. Apply at No. 14A West Thirty-eighth strcM, between seventh and F.ighih avenues. Keteren'ces exchanged. Board fob the winter, at woodland man slon. ? Parties ' an obtain suites and single rooms, for the rail and tsln'er. on reasonable terms. House easv of ai ce?i by Hudson River Railroad, depot being at the 'loo' of tlta ? rounds Apply to Mrs. Dl'S ENBE K KY, at the Man-Ion. VKItDUHlvUlf, BOA UP Ia\ BROOKLYN.? PLKAS A NT ROOM*, WITH bonn! lor b gernl< iimn mid wife, and a frw ulntfl" gf?nr|f ffeert, run f ? tmd ai )fi/t Adiiuis Ktreet. Hrouklrn, \rttjua len mtnut< js* walk from t ujton i?fry. BOARP tn SO0TII RROOKI.VN.-TO LHT IS A AM ALL prtfii# turnll v, a front or hark bfdroom on abound ^'.ory. kh?., furnii>bnl or unfuriikahed, wiih fall or partial boiard, wt'hln ??*vpn ndnutfa* walk of South or Ifiimilion areait#f*r rlpf. and < iow to the ( out c atreai eara. Apply at Id iHnuufw I ?'r ttt. Board is HononKjf.- purnishkp rooms to ijrr, ?.th |H?rd at No. 4lluilK.>n place. Iaquiie ol C. u !- X < 'I'li.N Hl>. 46 Coulandi ?ire?i, Nrw York. Board wantf.d? bt a okvtlkman, wifk, cktu>, (:hi i e yearn old, I aii'l ?irvnnt. from or bnfore October I. frr IDf winter, btlwwn Klglith and fiventrthird a reeu ml rctirtb and Seventh avenue*: nin lame room, or 1*0 mualler <-( nner'liic, fnrnlehed, with plan- for mtvhM, Addrew, dr ?nrtitng ?lniat!?n, ro?m>. iwt term*, A. W. D.. boi 1.IM4 Po?i offli r. Ketereorei eichanged. Board wasted-bv a ubnti.kman, hih wifk. child and aerrant, lua prlvXe family, where there ?re no other t i-nHer'; lic-atlon ! >c t wren Kighth ?i><l Thlrtfeh "treeta, nixl Fourth an I Seventh aeenaea, Term* not toeiceed ?<10 per month. Addre-* hot 4,l?!7 f? ' oglce. "BOARD W.?NTFD.~\ KKiil'KiTAHI.K YOt'NO Wl Jt 'Inw lady. iuiTinu an Infant, de?ire? Ui obtain board for heraeli ln a rc?peotabli' private lamil) where Uiere are butte* or nn ntlier hoarder*. and where lite prlfe will not be btgh. I'laln Iimiik l? all thai che deelrea. Keferenre gireii. AdJrex I'. F., Herald office Mating prlee per week, and other partJeu Ml 1JOARD WANTED IMMKDI ATV.I.T-FOR A l.ADT IN J J a rehpi-< table prh ale (Wmlly ? ' .ean and riea'ijr fiimi-th* I room nnd rwpri able part of lown. TrriU'. not lo nr.-?dfh per week. Addre*? F F. f.. fin Ion aqtiare Poal offloe. ooakdino at m wapkfn stkkkt-a mrk IJ front room hi let, wtth board, to ? paft of gentlemen e ho wmdd like 10 rnom mjeiher, or ? ? a'Jeman *nd lm ?Ue J}?4 v~hUUH tCOUUIW fUi4 W.M> u*ui. r.-l.gj BWic.4.?, ?pauya r?OA*DiHo.-scrrs or furnished booms. wrra genllemen end their wives, with or without board. tnajaawm Cle and benQful location. Tbow wishing ? coro&rtahle ^ ? Will tod <*^>r ?pplyt?? at U dtuysreeaot street, betw?M Second and Third ircmw. BOARDING? ON BROOKLYN HEIGHTS, THMI HI utiles' walk from Wall street and Pulton ferries. Faini lies or nil) file gentlemi-n can be accommodated with full or par tial, permanent Or transient board, on reasonable tnrmi : *'-f a lmcd- ami- second story room vrltn cloiet u> let, unfurnished, ni 39 Cranberry street, corner of WlUow. Kcferenoas e? changed. BBOOKI.YK.-A HANDSOME SUIT OF THRU FOB ui-ked rooms oo aecond floor, excellent ao-oramndaUoiM ror a family, two couples, or a party of gentlemen. Alas. ? large room oo third floor. House first class: situation and neighborhood most diwlroble, und conronleot to Sooth and Wal hi reel ferries. 242 Ilenry street. BOABDINO.-A BACK PARLOR, OK FIRST FLOOB. to let, to a gen' leman and wile, or ault to stogie gentle men, furnished or unfurnished, fuel( or partial board, at IM A lion street, Down town furnished rooms? with or wwm out board. Families or (tingle Rfntlemen 04& b? icena modsted with very desirable room*, at moderate prioes. Trail ?lenl lodgers accommodated wi'b superior rooms, at If Km* man Htreet. Alto, a front basement, ?ulu?l>io for an ofltoa, 0 loi. T\ESIRADLE ROOMS, IN SUITS OR SEPARATELY, 1 " with board, at the pleasantly situated hon e II Lafajrettn place, between Fourth street and Alitor place. Ytleoantly furnished rooms will be lot to Hi two single gentlemen, wl'li or withou' bretkt'ast. The aparlmeut, cannot be surpassed In respect to convenient*. I* ration, comfort and quiet. Tlie family Is private? no hoarder* The house la first claw, new, with all the modern Imp rare incuts. Inquire at 73 East TweltUi street. Furnished parlobs, with bedrooms commsni eating, tor families or uliiitle gentlemen, m iy be found at No. 264 f ourth avenue, one door above Twentieth Htreet. LU'l! NISHED rooms to let to single gkntlrmbn. J; wlihout board. Apply at IT Howard street FURNISHED ROOMS to LET? WITH OB WITHOBT tKwrd, to one or two gentlemen, to a Kin^tl fatally. Ay ply at 103 Chambers street. IiMTRMSHED ROOMS? FOR GENTLEMEN, AT NO. IB 1 Lu-pcnard street. GENTLEMEN AND TIIEIR WfVE.i MAY BE AOOfMT uiodated with hoard and pleasant rooms. In a private funic v. by applying at 11)7 West Twelfth street, between tHk and btxih avenues. References required. MRS. CAROLINE A. LAWRENCE. 110 EAST POUB tecnih street, will hsve. af'er the 9th of September, a su*t ot handsomely furnUlied rooms to rent, with full board: also, one nr two single room", suitable tor gentlemen. House strictly brut class, with modern Improvements. Reference ax changed. PARTIAL BOARD WANTED-BY TWO YOUNO OEM tlemen, wlio prefer4o room together, in a social private family, or plcasaut boarding limine, between Amttv and Four I eei it ti streets, and near Broadway; terms, $4 eacn per week. Address bo* 4,233 Post office. PLEASANT FURNISHED OR UNFURNISHED ROOM to let, with board, for gentlemen and their wives, orate gle gentlemen; bath and gas in (he bouse. Inquire at Ml Ninth street, near First avenue. Firsons wishing l\rge. comfortably fur nbhed room i, with first class board, can be accomme dated at 19 Bond street. Breakfast at any hour, dinner at Ave o'clock. Rent for board.? a fine three story house. In the upper part of the cit> , will be rented low to a small genteel family, and the rent titkeu in board. Permanent arrangement desired, and good terms given. Address O. R. L., Herald office. ROOilK.? A SUITE OF ELEGANTLY FURNISHBB - rooms and two single rooms suitable for a party of three or four single geutlemen of high respectability, with or wttheat board, la a private family. The house and furniture now and Hist class. Apply at 119K Ninth street, live door* weet ef Broadway. SINGLE GENTLEMEN CAN B? ACCOMMODATED with rooms or stills of rooms, furnished or unfurnished, wHh full or partial board, at No. 3 Ninth street, between nits und Sixth avenues. The bouse is handsome and has aM the modern Improvements. UNION SQUARE.? ROOMS IN SUITS FOR FAMILIES, mid rooms for gentlemen can be had, with board, at No. 4 Union square, (east side.) References exchanged, WANTED? BY A WIDOW LADY, A YOUNO LADY boarder, more as a companion than the profits arising liom Ihe board. Apply to Mrs. llritton, 313 llleecker street. WANTED? BY A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE. A WELL v f furnished Iront room on flrsl or second floor, where there are hut few hoarders preferred; gentleman dines out; locality above Canal street. Address box 3,(574 Post office, pre pnld. Terms not to exceed 96 per month. TirANTEl) ? IN BROOKLYN, WITHIN TEN MINUTW TV walk of Wall street and South ferries, by a single gen tleman, a pleasant room. w !th or without partial board. Prl \ate lamlly preferred. Address 8., box C.'>9 Post office, MLSICAX" (trj -BANJO TAUGHT IN SIX EASY LESSONS VU. Terms, $*i In advance. Pupils taught at their rest (ienem. Banjos from $1 50 to $25. t an be seen all day, end In the evening from G to 9. S. B. J At '( IBS, Banjolst, At J. Cohen's banjo depot, No. 80 Hudson street. Academy of music.? free schools.-tiie ne ce?Kiry arrangements will be completed next week, when notice will be given of Ihe meeting of the classes. Allan irving, professor of singino.-this artist's method of producing tone and strengthening the voice became so celebrated in Italy that he received his diplo ma, electing blm professor In Ihe Academy of Santa Cecelia, Rome. For terms apply at hU residence, 10 Carroll place, llleecker street. Accordeoni accordeoni-accordeon taught In six lessons, ou a new, easy and unproved method. I crms *;t; in advance. Pupils have made excellent player:* in six le.?in?; as a proof, 1 can refer to former uuplla, aad show certificate*. original J. L. JACOltS, Room 76, Crook's Hotel, .8 and 80 Chatham street. Bargains-rosewood 6?; octave new piano, for only $175; one Gilbert's, seeond hand. In good order, $110; one (.flickering, $115; one ?>, octave m"l"1r in, for 94$. S. T. GORDON, til U roadway. FBED.K HUDSON, PIANIST, HAYINO RETURNED for the season, is prepared to continue his pianoforte and sieging lessons, as usual. Forall Information apply at the Mrs, (I)epof d' Articles de Paris,) Clinton street, t wo door* frosn At lantic, Brooklyn. Mr. II. purposes forming a select vacal data. N. B.? Schools attended. Flute instbuction.-pbofessob f. j. eben is now prepared to receive a few more pupils on the Boslun. German ana diatonic Bute. To those unacquainted with hie ability as an Instructor, he would refer to some of his present pupils on the Boehnt flute ? Win. liegeman, E??i., 106 Broadway. J. N. Tim, Esq., 32 l>ey street. J. H. shegogue, Esq., 371 Fourth street. A. Silverman. Esq.. <2 North William street. N For terms apply at No. 14 King street, or ol S. C. Jollie, $1) Broadway. Great sacrifice of a piano? for sale, a beau'lful 61, octave rosewood pianoforte, made and war ranted by one of the best city makers. Will he sold far he lew cost, price If applied for immediately, at 188 Weeerley plarc, hxtc Factory street. T A C. FISCHER'S PIANOFORTE MANUFACTORY *J ? and wareroom. 243. 245. 247 and 243 West Twenty -eigh* street, near Ninth avenue. Pianos with usiilau, the new cir etilar stale with patent tube, suspension bridge, and the bee. improvements. Pianos to let. tuned, repaired and exchanged Musical instruction? an English lady, from the Royal Academy, I<ou<t"tv and the Conservatoire, Paris. ? pupil ol HniJOnrcia ?nd the flx-t iiiMtfrs, has leisure to receive a few pupils In slnglntf, mu-Ic, harmonv or eompe Itlon; i-he prepares vocalists for publie, snd would be hanpy to Ireal with publishers for t oinposiUnn* of a -knowlragM merit. Address E. 11., at Mi. N. P. B. Curtlss' Music Ware hou-e, 447 Broadway. MUSICAL! MUSICAL I MUSICAM-THE UNDERSION cd respectfully Inform.-, the lovers of must.- that he baa just finished mid otters for sale another of his well known "sell plnylnk orpar.s." to be seen and heard dslly from 9 A. M. tlU 9 P. M., st the oflice of Messrs. Bern A Khnl, lmtiorlers of jew eli y, Ihl Broadway, second floor, room No. 3. CHARKES MAYER. J r., artist, PIANO WANTED-A7 OCTAVE PIANO. WORTH FROM $."0u to $IU0. for w hlch a prime insurance stock will be klvrn. Addrcs# II. F., Herald aOlce. piANO FORTE WANTED TO PURCHASE AND PAT X lor In paper and papering, or decorating rooms, halls or stores, or furnishing window shades, gil' cornices, 4c. Addrees J. C. J., Herald oOicc. HOTELS AND SIMMER RETREATS. "pl-XANCEY HOUSE.? DELANCEY HOUSE. No'^ti i ' V' ,corn?r "f Waverley place, (opposite New York I el,) having been recently decorated and painted, ia now pi epared to furnish rooms In aulU or single, witfi private table as reasonable aa other first class hotels. E. 8. KIDDKLL. IfVERETT nOUSE? NORTII SIDE OF UNION SQUARE.-. This establishment, erected ou the most prominent and delightful pnrk New York affords. Is approaching a finish, and when completed will combine all Uiat skill can devise and n>oney aupplv, to render It the most desirable ho sl yet eun strtieted. 1 his house Is now In process of furnishing , and this department will be In keeping wl'h the stvle and srrangeearaU of the house, both In elegenee and comfort The proprietors of the establishment respectfully snnounoe, that the hou ?? will be opened on the 1st day of October next, but that on and after the IBtb tl.?j of September next, applt.:sU(Hn will he received trc.m parties winning to make arrangements for the winter m.rfhs. t'LAPP * JOSLIN. II D. CLsrr. A. C. Joeua. THE SUBSCRIBER TAKES PLEASURE IN ANNOUNC lug to his frieM? and tlie rul.ltc generally thn< behnaee turned lr>mi the Bath House, L. L, tu the Waverley Hotel, Broadway, where he will l>e happy to show them his rootn* which are being fitted with every coneenlonee for eo n.'orl and i|UleUies?. At'aehed to and connected wltn It ts Hh*?lle r's rna^u i ant. cvtidue*esl by ths*. celebrated restaueaienr. aided by Mr. I so long and 1a vorably known to the W?er* of good eat utg In the city. JoUS L MOtlll. ? HlBINONItU. AnorMMORAl DKMLKMAN, AOIO TfllRTT, ? i?hr? 'o man y Th * My rti'ul lip rettoM, HiiualM and Ho Interview li ftf?lre | nri ii a norr hm proved thi eUftot** or V>'h p?r?l>-si \ I tr r* wiA lull partlf ular-. Med'rua. etrr i ?! fcwiiru.' ? | y Po.i Kr? York iM ? iruihlul confidential autwer will !><? r?iur??d. MATRIHONIAL.-A OK.NTI.KMAN OK 8TA.VDI WO Ana twi'*lih at*?ir<>uji to unary, M*?k* thr irquftUUvM <>t iMr to Uke rlrcti nutans, or fine uppMrur'. la m4 M atin, of p'rnd hatdta, amiable iu>d cultivated insri'T* and d? tioud i -duration. without much inrumtirnor'- (if tnrl aud M '*? '? [be ??*? M T, and y> year*. I mm liw country ar aUf. To una an rrplr (o thlo pMarmrd of tlit iborr rMalretMMk r"frr?-TX r? will IxgUen, and a n?.??t ?ln. err, re-ipaeUu J M kltid ron, .deration. Add. e*< for u-n lay?. 0. L. D. I*., U?nM office. VfATRIMONIAI. -T1IF. ADVERTISER. A TOC.VO MAW l~ 1 of re*r>e<-t*btllijr, (dMMtai m l ? molerate dc*ra? of aealih, trUnm in lotm ilie mmIhUbm of loiit youn* lit? With h vlen to m? r nimy, nli? muni be ,.o?t?j, pre ty, sad in cmd *:*nd rid Mich ia dealre to Bnd .? r impanlin who wft MM hlm?*lf i>fre**bl?\ are Invited '1 ?d Iran Memrr He raid office TjlrANTKli.? THF WI4HMI TO FOBM A vf matrimonial ?lli?n<-f alth ? ? trifle ladj or ? ? ,d >? w*?: otn efcUdrea, from twenty ?n 'h rtv or fh.rt ? flv? y?ar?Tf a*e I'.iw mid l1 If, p-tal pa.. I M \ f> ut-'iiuh 'b t* * ?<L.f db.u f H MN MUt tllMM, jo* j ' JQ,

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